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#yandere x you
yandere-romanticaa · 21 hours ago
Warnings, nsfw, gynecologist! Albedo, Fem! s/o, abuse of authority and power, a bit of misogyny, Albedo just being a massive perv! Is this dub con or non con? I dunno the difference?
Tagging @albedosangel bc you love this boy and @cinnamonest because you know your shit when it comes to this stuff and I'm super inexperienced with this ;)
I've been having thoughts about this AU and I can totally see Albedo pulling a nasty stunt like this! Maybe he's a still college student or he's a full fledged and respected doctor, everyone in his field knows him. He's already so good looking, of course all the ladies know him! It's not uncommon for a few more unruly patients to try getting into his pants but he always puts them all in their places, keeping the relationship purely professional. All of those other women are just patients in his eyes, or just scantily clad whores that are just begging to get some attention of the opposite sex, even if they do profusely deny it. "I don't need a man" they say, "I can take care of myself, I'm just doing this so I can have some fun!" he hears them screech every single day behind his office walls.
Liars, the lot of them.
He sighs to himself daily, pinching the bridge of his nose as his blue eyes flare up in frustration as he angrily scribbles down notes in his notebook.
None of those disgusting women could ever compare to his favorite little patient, not a single one.
You're different than them, you're so much better and prettier, can't you see that? Can't you feel him staring at you, how his eyes hungrily eat up every little nook and cranny he possibly can? How he always touches you, but you always brush it off as just him just doing his job?
How cute, how naive of you.
He wants to devour you.
Don't be surprised if he starts telling you to come for a check up almost daily, him telling you in that monotone voice of his that you're not healthy, your period flow is too heavy, amongst other things. You do your best to reassure him that it's fine, that this flow is normal for you but he always gives you that look of his, that look that always leaves your throat dry and body sweaty. He knows what's best, he's the doctor right? Therefore, be a good little patient and listen to him, don't be stupid and go looking up crazy things on the internet, who knows what you'll come across? You're so impressionable good grief, he really needs to spell everything out for you doesn't he?
You lie down on the table as per usual, but something feels off about him today. The intensity in his eyes is hard to ignore, and his normally bored voice has this sort of edge to it. He practically commands you to spread your legs, his eyes never blinking as he stares at your half naked body. You're so close next to him, you can feel his cold, gloved fingers nearing your entrance, but he's so slow with it, it almost feels sensual.
Out of instinct, you try and shut your legs but you can feel his shoulders keeping them in place, trapping you in your current pose. He tells you to stay still, to trust him, he's your doctor for goodness sake, he knows what he's doing...
You gasp when you feel his fingers inside of you, his gaze never leaving you alone.
Your future check ups will be a little more messed up from this day forward.
This all your fault you know. He likes cute little things, you shouldn't have tempted him like this. You were so easy to take too, and he finally took his chance.
Tumblr media
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yandere-daydreams · a day ago
Diluc knows how hard it can be to find good help.
In Mondstadt, especially, where carelessness tends to be indulged well beyond the point of reason and civilians are taught to rely on the Knights of Favonius for every little thing, often to their own detriment. He might be absent caretaker, when it comes to the Dawn Winery's upkeep, but he rarely allows himself to be neglectful, and as much as Adelinde protests, he tries to take on as much responsibility as he can, conducting interviews and keeping an eye on new hires and cutting off loose ends, if any of the people he brings in prove to be less useful than he'd hoped.
He doesn't want to be cruel, but he needs to be careful. Not everyone has the patience and the diligence to work in an industry that requires so much attention to detail, that requires so much dedication. Not everyone's cut out for it.
Not everyone can be like you.
You were Adelinde's pick, admittedly. An assistant, a secretory, someone to organize his paperwork and scan through contracts and deem what's worth him time and what's not, considering how little he has to spare. You're careful, and meticulous, and you have more of mind for it than he does, more of a willingness to spend hours at a time pouring over budgets and vetting proposals made by foreign distributors eager to sell his wine for half of what it's worth inside the city's walls. You willing to rise at dawn to receive guests, to stay in his office until the small hours of the morning, discussing the merits of a new, experimental recipe or lending the Dawn Winery's name to a up-and-coming tavern in Liyue. You're willing to do whatever you have to, whatever he asks you to, as long as you're compensated for your time.
You're willing to let him keep you in that cramped, isolated office for a few more hours, too, to let him shove the paperwork you've spent so much time perfecting onto the floor and bend you over his desk, the desk you seem to admire so much, the desk you look so stunning pressed up against, panting and disheveled, too worn down to care about your oh-so-precious professionality, anymore.
You used to fight him, claw at his wrists, scream when he caught you by the wrist and thrash until you were too exhausted to put up a proper fight, but you're more docile, now, more compliant, and you're smart enough to get on your knees when you feel his hand on your shoulder, to open your mouth before he has to threaten to dock your wages. You still don't enjoy it, kneeling on unforgiving wood, his cock in your mouth, his hand smoothing over your hair, but you tolerate it, and you don't pull away every few minutes, anymore, gasping for air, swearing that another second would've killed you. He's more responsible, than that, more assiduous. He knows how to train away what he doesn't like.
He's still working on your nails, the way you claw at his chest whenever he doesn't bother with restraints, and your teeth, not sharp enough to do any real harm, but prone to snapping at his neck in a way he can hardly call 'romantic'. You're coming along, but its slow progress, painstaking work, and you're still too stubborn to admit its happening at all, to let him treat you as anything more or anything less than his assistant, his secretary, his hired hand. You're lucky that he's so patient, so diligent, and he can only be thankful that you're a quick learner, obedience coming to you too naturally to be staved off by avoidance and self-preservation alone.
You're a sweet little thing, even if you're not ready to admit it, just yet. He knows you'll come around, eventually, with enough encouragement. You've always been such a good employee, after all, such a good worker.
And he knows you can be good for him, too. With enough guidance from your loving, doting master.
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love-like-thorns · 2 days ago
Can you write Yandere! Niki general headcannons?
~ c!Niki yandere headcanons ~
Warning: Yandere themes, stalking, animal death, vomit, gore in general, rotting corpses, kidnapping, control freak behavior, forcing marriage
A/N: We've been putting this off for quite a while now, so let's get around to writing them, shall we?
Tumblr media
- While it doesn't matter too much how Niki falls for you, how you meet and such, one thing is for certain: She's taken an interest in you.
- And things she's taken an interest in is something she watches.
- At first it was just keeping an eye on you whenever you were near each other, but soon it evolved to following you around.
- Yes, some may count this as stalking, but she was just curious about you! Nothing harmful at all.
- Though she soon developed feelings for you despite never having talked to you. This caused her to feel a tiny bit bad due to her relationship with Puffy, but soon was brushed off as they hadn't spoken for quite a while.
- So here she kept on watching you from afar, as her feelings soon blossomed into something that strangled her heart.
- Stars, it hurt to have all these feelings pent up, so to release a bit of them she started to give you gifts. Baking and handcrafting stuff that she left at your doorstep.
- She never signed them, and if you approached her about it she would just say she had no clue what you were talking about. And afterwards scramble off to fangirl over the fact you just talked to her.
- Eventually the feelings became too much again, so she started to steal your stuff.
- Nothing too bad. Just things you wouldn't miss.
- Such as that old sweater you haven't worn in ages! She has much more use for it. Which would be putting it on a pillow to pretend it's you as she falls asleep.
- Or how about one of the many pens you own? She can write you lots of love letters that she'll never send with them. Hell, maybe she'll even write a love letter for herself and pretend it's you.
- But all things good must come to an end as soon jealousy floods her mind.
- You're getting awfully close to others, and that can't do! You're supposed to fall for her- or well, supposed to eventually fall for her.
- So she tries to do it the easy way first. Befriending them and asking them not to go after you do to her crush.
- If it works then it's a heavy weight lifted off of her chest. If they're nice they'll probably even misguidedly help her!
- But if they don't back off? Then things are gonna get ugly quite quickly.
- Small dead animals appearing on their doorstep, disgusting shit like vomit being smeared over the clothes, their house literally getting trashed, rotting corpses being hidden in their basement, and so on.
- She tries her best not to get caught too! Which she often succeeds in.
- I mean, who would even blame Niki? She's just a sweet girl crushing on the same person as them. She even asked them not to go after them so it can't be her!
- The harassment of your other love interest will continue until they stop perusing you, and then Niki can go back to her usual routine.
- But she has to approach you eventually, right? If she doesn't then your picture perfect relationship can't begin.
- So she approaches you, wishing that her blush isn't too noticeable, and that her awkward body language would fly under your nose.
- If not then she just seems like your regular girl with a huge puppy crush on you, and isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?
- So after your conversation, even if it was just brief and you two agreeing to meet up again, she goes home while flying on cloud nine.
- She finally did it! She finally got to befriend you and your road to love could finally begin.
- And with that your friendship begins. Niki obviously being in love with you, and you just deciding to let it slide.
- As a friend she doesn't act any different. Just the same type of behavior while this time having the nerve to approach you.
- Though soon she decides to take it to the next step. Confessing to you in a cheesy romantic spot she built herself to be absolutely perfect.
- Finally being able to let out all the bottled up feelings. Spilling them out and a heavy blush apparent on her face.
- So now you can either reject or accept her.
- Let's start with the first option.
- So you reject her, the happiness from her eyes draining, and her smile faltering too.
- A simple "Oh-.. Okay" being the reply as she stands there for a minute before walking off if you haven't already.
- That night she's trying to hold in all her tears and failing at it too.
- You were so cruel to reject her, so now her heart is broken and hurting.
- But she hasn't given up yet! Deciding that if you aren't willing on your own then she got ways to get you to accept.
- Those ways are the same things she would do to her rivals- gifts of goods turning to things that make you wanna throw up. Only this time notes appears with them.
- The notes going on about how all this is your fault, that you should've accepted her confession, and that she's done so much for you.
- Hell, you even ate all her pastries, kept all the things she made for you, and kept her hopes up for a romantic relationship during your friendship! You really were cruel to lead her on like that, sweetcheeks.
- So you'll either have to try and shake her off of you, which I doubt you can since she stalks you relentlessly.
- Or accept her!
- Which leads me back to if you accept her confession.
- If you do that then her eyes light up like stars, happy that you accepted.
- From then on you'll go on dates and everything seems normal- even if you rejected her at first. I mean, you don't want to make her mad again.
- And your relationship stays like that. Seemingly normal, and probably even to you if you never rejected her.
- Yes, she's a bit intense, but you don't mind too much.
- Though cheat on her, which can be as much as hugging a friend or laughing at a persons jokes one too many times, and you'll be confronted afterwards.
- When alone she asks you if you could not do that, that it made her jealous.
- Comply and she'll continue to restrict you like that, eventually getting so bad that she cuts you off from everybody else.
- But if you refuse to comply then it gets a bit grim.
- Getting into an argument that is closer to a screaming match at the later stages.
- And if you still persist in not going along with what she wants, then you'll get a swift hit to the head, knocking you out completely.
- The next thing you know you're waking up tied to a chair in Niki's dimly lit basement.
- No matter your response she'll just act as if everything is fine. That your little dispute just prompted her to have to keep you in line.
- You just don't seem to get how much she's worked to get to where she is in your life. All the horrid things she's done to keep you to herself, and how much she's longed for your love.
- So she keeps you there. Sticking to the classical yandere trope, but with less murder of humans and hybrids.
- Eventually she deems you fit enough to get out of the basement, but you can't leave the house.
- She's decided you'll be her stay-at-home spouse, and that you'll be married soon enough.
- She's planned out the ceremony in your backyard, and it's going to be perfect down to every little detail.
- You don't really get a say in this, and if you say no at the wedding then it's back to the basement and a retry once she deems you ready for the ceremony again.
- Basically any misbehavior will get you back in that damned chair again. And depending on how bad it is she wont feed you, wont come to see you, wont turn on the lights, and will make sure it's cold.
- But try to escape and the punishment's will result in another's death. Picking somebody she sees fit and beating them to death in front of you with a bat or another heavy object.
- Brains, blood, guts, skull pieces, eye gunk, and other disgusting mushed parts, splattering everywhere- even sometimes landing on you.
- If you look away and she notices she'll stop, get up, and force you to look.
- You were the one to get yourself into this mess, so please just take the punishment and let her take their canon life faster.
- The more you refuse, the more she has to stop to make sure you're watching, and the longer it will take for the poor soul to die.
- So choose wisely, dear. It's either living a semi-free life with a bunch of restrictions and complying, or refusing and causing so much suffering for yourself and others.
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youryanderedaddy · 15 hours ago
No easy way out
tw: obssessive behavior, starvation, depression, hinted non - con, hinted mind - break (not the sexy type, unfortunately)
The change was small at first. Almost unrecognizable. He would still comb your hair oh so carefully at night right before sending you to bed, slowly running his fingers through the silk as if the tiniest hint of pain would scare you away. He would still hum quietly your favourite melodies when he felt your body tense against his chest or whether your voice broke into a tiny whimper.
He still told you he loved you, even more so now, constantly, like a broken record or an old radio repeating the same song over and over again. But you could see it clearly in his eyes. The tilt of his chin each time your orbs glazed over the full plate with little interest. The spark of annoyance when you felt dizzy and had to lean on him for support. The ever - growing freezing silence haunting you in the rare moments you were sober enough to feel it in the air, creating tension so thick you could sense it vibrating around your neck when his hands met your waist. He hadn't touched you yet, not really.
It took two months for Evan to break. To snap out of his terrible monotone passive aggression and fucking do something, anything. Your boyfriend was shouting frantically, crying as he towered over you when in reality he had never felt so small before in his miserable life.
You're a mess. You look like a fucking ghost.
He screamed for hours, restless, relentless in his pitiful attempts to draw a reaction out of you. His throat was on fire, burning, possibly bleeding but you didn't seem to care. You wanted to answer him, you really did, to at least show some defiance, but you couldn't. You were just so tired, so sleepy and light - headed that your legs were shaking, and you felt awfully warm, yet really cold too, hot, cold, freezing, cold, hot, hot, hot...
You woke up in his your bed six hours later. Your lips felt swollen, red and bruised.
Eat something. I am begging you. You have gotten so thin.
Evan had pinned you to the floor. You could feel his breath on your neck - mint, whiskey and sweat mixing together in a terrifying, magnetic, beautiful chaos of teeth, tongue and hushed words you hoped to never hear again.
You are so fragile, baby. I could break you with a simple kiss.
And he did many, many times. It was true though, every hurtful little thing the man said - you had let yourself go. You were starving yourself. You were drinking, crying, emptying everything that had managed to stay in your stomach, then repeating the process until you could hardly remember why you did it in the first place. You had made yourself vulnerable in front of him. You had grown tired of fighting every single day for a life that just didn't belong to you anymore.
If you don't care about your body, I won't care either.
Evan always kissed desperately. Like his survival depended on claiming your lips and taking the soft breaths out of your black barely functioning lungs. His left hand was gripping your hair, pulling on it with force uncharacteristic of someone usually so gentle and considerate. The man whispered in your ear, confessing to every dirty detail, every twisted fantasy, brutal in his honesty yet tender as he cried his soul out to you. He wanted you. He had always wanted you just like this. On your back. Crying. Broken.
Absolutely and undeniably his.
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yandere-toons · a day ago
Yandere Jumba and Pleakley (Platonic & Romantic Headcanons)
TW: Mentions of Violence, Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - Rewatching older Disney movies has been a barrel of good times.
Tumblr media
When Jumba and Pleakley wish to eject their mutual friend from a conversation, they have conflicting methods that they often execute at the same time. Pleakley is given to telling fantastical stories about an alien invasion or fire in Nani's kitchen to overwhelm and frighten their friend into going with him. Jumba is far blunter in his approach, providing a quick excuse and physically pulling them away from the situation. He cares not for how his behaviour appears to onlookers, but Pleakley tries to appease any disagreement or suspicion from others before he is inevitably snatched by Jumba.
The two aliens are prone to discussing the private affairs of their friend without including the friend in the discussion. This is done less out of intentional rudeness and more out of, in Pleakley's case, a combination of negligence and impatience and in Jumba's case, the belief that the solution is clear and undeserving of further debate. They make decisions about and pass judgment on various aspects of their friend's life in the name of improving it, only to deny that these meetings ever took place when asked.
The most common conflict is their friend not having enough free time or willingness to give Jumba and Pleakley the amount of attention they require. Jumba has a virtually endless supply of inventions and wishes to show how every machine can enrich their life and each experiment is a pinnacle of scientific genius that warrants great praise, but Pleakley wants them to listen to his lectures on Earth studies and read gossip columns in the newspaper with him. Favouring one at the expense of the other results in whichever alien has been sidelined shoehorning himself into the conversation.
Pleakley is the more well-intentioned of the duo, for he treats violence and intimidation as a brutish last resort that should only be employed if diplomacy fails. However, the impression that he is being ignored or avoided will awaken his selfish side. He resolves this crisis of companionship by first begging for their partner to include him and if that fails, staging dramatic distractions with the begrudging help of Jumba that compel them to postpone their original plans and pay attention.
Jumba criticizes him for his naivety, asserting that they should always have a failsafe or backup plan armed and ready in case the initial strategy goes awry. Pleakley counters this argument by disparaging the scientist's apparent cynicism and promising that a nice conversation full of good manners will settle the issue. This notion is discarded as soon as their partner expresses an unwillingness to cut ties with someone, and the responsibility of delaying Jumba from weaponizing his inventions once again and terminating the relationship himself falls to an indecisive Pleakley.
Neither alien is opposed to lying when it comes to deflecting guilt and persuading their partner to trust them. Jumba offers simple lies that have some degree of believability due to his nonchalant delivery, but he is ultimately remiss about the situation and if confronted with proof, will shamelessly admit to everything. Pleakley clings to his story far more desperately, confessing the truth only if repeatedly pressured and accused.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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arcanedaemon · 16 hours ago
Little Red Riding Hood
⊱⋅ ────── ❴ • ✿ • ❵ ────── ⋅⊰
✿Yandere!Hunter X Red Riding Hood!Reader✿
✿Warnings:Yandere themes,Male!Yandere, Dark themes, Age difference (Hunter-35,Reader-21), (maybe a slight mention of nsfw) ✿Note:I wanted to get out of the little routine I made of writing about slashers and I wrote this, I hope you like it and I'm sorry for the mistakes in writing and English. ⊱⋅ ────── ❴ • ✿ • ❵ ────── ⋅⊰
Tumblr media
Little Red Riding Hood, the sweet maiden with the bright, gentle smile who wore a pretty red hood, known and adored by everyone in the little village, but someone adored her more than anything, loved her and wanted her more than anything, and that was the hunter. He remembers when he learned that the blacksmith's wife was pregnant, the kind woman always treated him very well and he created a fondness for the caring girl and when the little child was born the boy swore to care for and protect the little baby at all costs. Over time the little baby became an adorable child and then a beautiful and sweet maiden. He doesn't know when it started, but his feelings that were once fraternal and platonic love became totally different, he looked at the sweet maiden with hunger, as if he could devour her at any moment. The love he felt for the little red hood she was fierce and needy and possessive. When the hunter saw her sweet little red hat talking and laughing with the baker's son, her blood burning with fury, he wanted to drag her away from the boy and take her sweet, soft lips to himself.He knew his love was wrong, he knew his love and his desire for the young lady was sick and wrong, but he couldn't help it. The serene and innocent image of his beloved young lady filled his mind and clouded his sense of right and wrong.He wanted to kiss her, touch her soft, smooth skin, he wanted to hear her calling to him totally needy and needy, he wanted to take her for himself, totally devour her and make her his alone! The stories they told to the children were of a big bad wolf that ate little children and young maidens, these stories scared the sweet little red hat for a long time, but there was something much more frightening and voracious than the wolf, who followed her through the shadows and watched the sweet maiden with hungry and needy eyes, full of love and sick desire.  ⊱⋅ ────── ❴ • ✿ • ❵ ────── ⋅⊰
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naviavu · 3 months ago
pairings: Yandere!Diluc x Reader
summary: Diluc was hit by an aphrodisiac and comes home to you, his favorite maid. 
tags: MINORS DNI, maid!reader, virgin!reader, insecure!reader, implied chubby!reader, lovesick!diluc, he just wants to you so bad he can’t help it :<, reader has a female body, noncon, aphrodisiac, diluc wants you to be his little housewife, manipulation, gaslighting, breeding kink, misogyny, someone get diluc an oscar for his a+ acting to get y/n on his bed
words: 3.9k
notes: whew, this was a hard one to write (kinda???) but anyways, here is the promised yandere diluc fic! i do not know if certain plants are available in the genshin impact universe, but eh. i’d like to think of this as my experiment in my writing style. thank you and enjoy, diluc fuckers! <333
Tumblr media
It started off as rumors, as most things in Dawn Winery do.
Groaning, you bitterly count profit from your bag of mora—if underpayment can even be considered as profit. It’s not the first time you came back from a fruitless search for healing herbs in Springvale; and it’s also not the first time that you sold these rare herbs in Mondstadt General Goods only to end up with little payment for exchange. You can’t blame Blanche, it’s not her fault that most of the healing work ends up with Barbara. Herbs and medicine barely have any use in this city.
Disheartened, you continue to meander the busy afternoon road of Mondstadt. You pleasantly inhale as you pass by Floral Whisper, trying to think of other jobs you can take. Maybe you could have a talk with Sara later if they have any open spots in Cat’s Tail. If not, you’ll have to use up your savings to live up until next month. After that… well, you’re officially flat-broke.
You could really use a drink tonight.
You open the door to Angel’s Share and sighed, before stopping in your tracks. A newly posted notice on the bulletin board caught your eye. Job hiring in Ragnvindr Manor, it says on the parchment paper. For those interested, kindly arrive on weekdays at Dawn Winery between 8:00AM to 6:00PM for inquiries.
Huh. A job serving the owner of the most expensive wines in Teyvat doesn’t sound bad.
You rush to pack your bags so you could arrive before the night settles. 
“Master Diluc is currently out for business, so the Head Housemaid is assigned to proceed with your interview.” The man who posted the job announcement and greeted you at the door-- Elzer-- said.
Adelinde had quickly swept you away from the lounge to the maid’s private quarters. What dishes can you cook? Have you worked as a maid before? Are you prepared to devote your time in keeping the Manor at its best state? Everything inside was owned by generations upon generations of the Ragnvindr Clan, hence a simple mistake will be unacceptable.
You grit your teeth and bear it. No matter how uneasy you feel, this was a crucial shot in landing full-time work that paid more than enough for your basic needs.
But… “Do you have a significant other?” …should have been the first red flag. 
“N-no, I don’t.” You unconsciously step closer to the wooden shelves. Adelinde hummed. 
“Good. Distractions should be minimal,” She chastised, and sweat starts to accumulate on your palms. You attempt to wipe them on your clothes and hope she doesn’t notice your distress. “Such affairs are... allowed, but not encouraged as to prevent scandals that can damage Master Diluc’s reputation. Do you have a field of specialization?”
“I-- Yes. I’m thoroughly educated in herbs with healing properties.” After a few more questions, you were escorted out to the patio where you closed your eyes and let out a huge breath. Adelinde must have decided that you met her standards because Elzer ordered you to come back on Monday to officially start your new job.
Two days later, you run your hands to smooth the creases on your maid outfit that felt more expensive than all your clothes combined. With shaking knees and wide eyes, you tread upon the staircase to officially introduce yourself to your boss.
Three swift knocks. “Come in.”
Master Diluc sits on his chair in the middle of the room, usual stoic facade painted on his face while filing reports. The grand room was so quiet you almost didn’t notice him if not for his occasional grunts and shifting of papers. “Adelinde, I thought I told you to send in the new maid—"
You clear your throat. “Good morning, Master Diluc.”
Ruby eyes slowly looked up to acknowledge yours. The man behind the desk modestly puts his pen down, eyelids heavy, waiting patiently. You shift on your toes. “My name is Y/N, and I will be serving as one of your maids from now on. It’s an honor to work under your management. Thank you for accepting me.”
Diluc remains quiet as he motions for you to come closer.
It might be your imagination, but you swear the crimson of his eyes dilated and scrutinized your whole being, within the boundary of violating to perverse, the way it leered from your face to your figure and settled there like predator locked on fresh meat.
He acts as if he doesn’t notice you tremble and cower, with one gloved hand daring to reach out to twirl a lock of your hair. You fight the urge to recoil from such invasive touch.
Diluc murmurs, barely above the threshold of your hammering chest. “Good morning, Y/N. I trust that you will follow Adelinde’s orders properly. Feel free to approach me on my quarters if you have concerns,” A shift in his gaze, and he speaks as if nothing happened. He lets go of your hair. “Until then, you are dismissed.”
You hastily bow and make your escape. Diluc grips his pen a little tighter for the rest of the morning, with fire pooling in his loins.
Tumblr media
Snow fell the first night that you were alone in Dawn Winery.
Everyone had gone home, even Adelinde and Elzer taking the time off for the weekend. There would be no other person to assist Master Diluc except for you, who is currently placing the dishes on the counter while he has yet to arrive, dealing with… business.
You pieced the puzzle within the first few weeks at the Manor. The tycoon’s alter ego was an unspoken secret between every staff, a subject brought up in quiet hours and between ones that had previously accompanied him as an ally to his missions. The dangerous implications of his job was not your concern—as long as you get paid handsomely for your service, there was no reason to stick your nose in someone else’s business. The Darknight Hero is only doing his job as Monstadt’s protector, no matter how much of a bloody, ravaging beast he is on the battlefield leaving no enemy unscathed.
Diluc Ragnvindr himself was another story. Aloof and straightforward, but well-loved by citizens for his gentle words and sense of righteousness. His reputation is perfect and fits that of a true nobleman but…
You can’t shake off the feeling that something is off about him. Was it his frequent summons for you in his office ask about ‘updates’ on your personal life? Or when you bring your cleaning materials inside an empty room and he just so happens to be there, standing and waiting for nothing? Maybe when he approaches you, tucks your lace headpiece between your ears, hands delicately placed in your waist as he does so?
But you stop yourself from assuming too much. Perhaps it was just your boss’s peculiar nature and truthfully, you can’t imagine a man of such high status taking interest in an insignificant and boring commoner like you.
(However, crawling in the back of your mind, your first encounter made you realize that maybe you’re in more danger than you think. Maybe Diluc Ragnvindr is as much of a beast like the Darknight Hero, only in other ways.)
You close your eyes and put the remaining dishes on the high shelves, hoping to control the unshakable dread creeping through your veins.
You almost drop the porcelain plate as the front door of the manor slams.
“Archons! Master Diluc?” You rush to help him as he limps toward the couch near the fireplace then retrieved the first aid kit conveniently placed under the wine-colored sofa. 
There was too much red. His hair, the fur coat he wears, and claymore that hung by his back left a trail of his enemies’ fresh blood on the carpet. His eyes were exhausted but triumphant like a dignified huntsman winning the battle, hands wiping snowflakes from his face. Only then you noticed that he was shivering from the freezing air that seeped inside from the open door. You bolt to secure the main padlock of the lever handle, sealing you both inside the manor.
“This is not my blood, I’m fine. No need to fuss over me.” The vigilante stills, rasping as he clutches his ribs. You kneel by his side and hurriedly unbutton his vest to investigate the blooming red patch. 
“It is your blood—you’re bleeding! The wound needs to be cleansed and I need to rip a portion of your shirt to properly treat it, Master Diluc.” His skin was unnaturally hot all over, your hands heated under the warmth he emits. Your eyes drift to his equally red face, inspecting further damage. He stares back. “Please let me do my job.”
He grumbles. “Fine.” 
The gruesome slash running from his waist up to the center above his pelvis didn’t take too long until you finished neatly wrapping it with gauze. “It will scar, but nothing too deep. I also put some crushed elm bark, but it’s… still strange that it heals rather quickly.” You scan his condition as he lays down placid, arm draped over his forehead. You are relieved to find that his shivers have passed, and he’s now puffing out easy gentle breaths.
Curiosity won. “Master Diluc, did you see if the weapon that sliced you was laced with any poison?” 
You thought he had enough of your prying, but the businessman just sighed. “The electro cicin mage is brewing some pink concoction on their camp,” He mutters. “When a hilichurl’s spear sliced me, the wound felt searing hot.” You nodded uncertainly. Frankly, you haven’t encountered such potion and could only hope that your herbs had kept whatever poison at bay. In case things get worse, you have no doubt Diluc has private doctors anyway.
For now, you just need to be by his side. “Do you want me to accompany you to your quarters?”
He grumbles but allows you to put your arm around his torso and walk toward the stairs.
Diluc opens the door to his bedroom and collapses on the loveseat, pressing his wound, white gauze still intact. “Does it still hurt?”
You cursed yourself. Of course it does. “Please give me five minutes to brew some tea to reduce your pain. I’ll excuse myself.”
“No, Y/N. Stay,” The injured man barks and thunder rolls, flashes of white illuminating the poorly candle-lit room seconds before it dims again. “That’s an order. I need you to assist me just in case.”
But your wound stopped bleeding already, you wanted to appeal, but it’s a command you can’t refuse. “Alright. If you insist, Master Diluc.”
You sit on the sofa opposite him and took note of how his office also belonged in the same room as his bedroom, fully divided by a wall lined up with hundreds of books that once belonged to his father. Instead of luxurious enjoyment, you sensed sullen loneliness upon seeing his king-sized bed-- warm with expensive comforter and red hues, decorated by the softest of pillows, but he never had someone to share the bed with or come home to.
It’s painful to think that even the perfect man does not have a lover. You frown at its implications.
Diluc traces your gaze and puffs. “Do you not trust me?”
You sit up straight. “I do trust you, Master Diluc. Why?” 
His brows furrow. “Then why do you always cut our time together whenever I call for you? I see it in your eyes that you’re uncomfortable,“ You stifle a sigh. Every moment you spent with Diluc has been a topic of crude gossip, proved by their suspicious glares and loud whispers behind your back that left you singled out from their circle. “My workers have tattled, haven’t they?”
You forced a smile. “The rumors they spread are not exactly kind.” The words stumble out before you could stop them. “Not that being… involved with you is considered an insult! You’re one of the most eligible bachelors in Mondstadt and I’m… I’m no one. Just a person with a penchant for medicine.”
You cut yourself to the chase, eyes downcast. You’ve utterly humiliated yourself. “I just don’t think of myself as worthy of love and desire… especially from someone like you. Please excuse my rash words.”
Outside, lightning tears through the dark clouds. “You think you’re not… beautiful?” 
Alarms blared inside your head. “Master Diluc, let’s drop the subject--”
“Surely, you’ve felt my eyes on you, yes? My blatant show of desire for you is what started the rumors in the first place,” Your eyes dart towards the closed door, feet dying to take the first step and run. “Just because they’re rumors doesn’t mean it’s completely baseless. My staff knows me long enough to understand when something—or someone has caught my eye.”
He stands to approach you, distance slowly closing in. “Do you know how much I’ve fantasized about you since the day we met? Wanted to bend you over my desk right at that moment.”
You charge towards the door and it takes you three measly steps before Diluc catches you in his arms, your back hitting his firm chest. Out of desperation, you brought your hand to his ribs and punched hard. Diluc staggers, hands gripping the table behind him.
You ought to run away but--
The gauze fell on the floorboard. The wound was completely gone with no trace of scarring—not even a speck of the bloody gash it was once before.
“A pink concoction by witches could only mean one thing,” Diluc growls, stance feral and about to pounce. “Don’t tell me a healer like you didn’t realize it was an aphrodisiac? You then proceeded to offer yourself to accompany me to my bed. You wanted for this to happen.”
Tears start to well in your eyes. How could you not know better? “No, Master Diluc! I didn’t-- hmph!”
You closed your eyes in fear as he captures you in his arms again, before feeling the chill table on your back. Your legs dangle at the edge where he stands looming, hands holding your hips in place as if to say behave.
Diluc leers at the ravishing mess you made: hair sprawled out on his desk, skirt bunched up on your hips, knees shaking from wanting to close your thighs but you can’t, not when he stands between them stubborn and ready to feast. “Master Diluc, I’m not fit to satisfy your needs—please just find another person to-- ah!”
He bites your neck and you wail, his wet tongue quickly tries to soothe the purple bruise forming.
“I tried so hard to stop thinking about you, Y/N. I couldn’t bear it. My head is still full of you,” He whispers with such misplaced sorrow that your heart almost grieved for him. Head nuzzling in your neck, he kisses the tip of your ears. “Most of them… resembled you too.” 
“Your hair,” He kisses a stray lock that fell by your nose. “These beautiful eyes,” He tenderly presses his lips on your eyelids, so you dare open your eyes to look at him.
Devotion and fondness radiated in those ruby orbs, and beyond that you can now see the underlying obsession: possessive, greedy, and absolutely depraved. 
“This plush chest… no one could compare to your beauty. I’ve been suffering for so long it’s about time you give me relief, won’t you, my love?” His fingers search your back and for a split second you thought he was going to comfort or even ease you for the impending doom but he reaches the zipper and starts to tug your dress off.
Humiliation swallows you as you lay bare, self-conscious, and insecure in front of a man for the first time. 
Diluc thinks you’re the most pristine thing he’s ever seen. His hands itch to touch your soft skin as he finally discards his gloves. “Crying does not decrease your beauty, darling,”
“Master Diluc… I’ve already let you do whatever you want with my body,” You stammered, weak and desperate as you try to cling at your remaining dignity while nails dig to your skin, disgusted and repulsed by your state. “Please don’t mock me more. It hurts me more than your actions ever would.” 
“I’m not mocking you, Y/N. If my words aren’t clear… then I’ll just show you. Come to bed with me.” As if you had a choice as he lifted you up from your feet. Cold breeze enveloped your body and you lean on his chest to seek warmth, which he mistook for affection and kissed your temple. His auburn locks tickled your cheeks and you would have marveled at how silken it is, if not for the tragic circumstances that brought you in his arms.
You were gently placed on his sheets and Diluc removes his coat and vest, placing them on the chair facing his vanity table. The silence was too loud it suffocates, breathing down your neck like death sentence. “I will not hurt you, darling. I promise.”
“You already have,” You sobbed, pitiful and desperate and most of all, resigned. There was no outrunning and fighting a man as powerful as Diluc-- and even if you did manage to escape with the heavy snowstorm, what will happen next? He’ll use his men to hunt you down so he can keep you locked up in his room like a caged bird? You knew of his connections all over Teyvat, both the good and the terrible. You have no doubt he’ll use it on you. “Please… just be gentle. You’re my first.”
A plead. Genuine concern flashes in your captor’s eyes, and if you think that he’ll try to hurt, hit, tie, or burn you so that you’ll undeniable evidence for your freedom, he won’t.
The bed dips as he sits in front of you, bare of his dress shirt and pants. He takes one of your hands and pressed a chaste kiss, up to each tip of your finger and the same on your other hand, ending with a kiss on your wrist. “Thank you for giving this to me, my love. I will treasure it forever. I will treasure you forever.”
The next events were hazy: hands on your neck, breasts, waist, and thighs, hot mouth following every touch that sent your nerves in a frazzle. Excitement and fear blurred their lines as you feel slick arousal gush from your virgin cunt, which Diluc eagerly lapped up like it was his last meal.
When his thick, throbbing cock presented itself, panic rose again. You dug the balls of your feet on the mattress, planted firmly as you try to shut your thighs, but he held your feet still. “I told you to trust me,” He scowls, and the familiar rise of fear showed up once more and hot tears flow down your cheeks into the pillows. “I’ve prepped you enough. It will feel strange at first, so please bear with me.”
You have nothing to compare on his size, but you’re pretty sure he was huge in girth with the way his veiny cock sunk into your core, gripping his shoulders to bear the strange sensation. Your pussy stretches out to further accommodate his huge cock, and you chase for air when he finally bottoms out.
Diluc was enraptured. He grunts as he slowly pumps in and out of your sweet cunt, until he’s jackhammering into your spread legs, lost in the sensation of your soft gummy walls around him. “Master Diluc! Please, slow down! I can’t—you’re too big! Too deep!”
“You can, my princess. You feel like paradise around me,” He moans, biting your ear. “So innocent and gorgeous. I’m so glad I finally get to have you all for myself.” He fucks you like it’s his first and last time all at once, strokes you full of passion, nipping on your collarbones, and sucking on your pert nipples and the scene would’ve made a perfect display of lovers by the way he holds you: secure in his arms, while you struggle no more and let yourself take the ruthless pounding. “Being a maid suits you. But being my wife would be--” A thrust that had you squealing around him. “So much better. I come home to see your pretty face every day for the past year anyway, you cook and clean and do everything for me. The only thing missing is planting my seed inside your womb.” 
The implication of his last words made you hitch a breath and reflexively tighten your arms around his neck, and he takes it as a sign to go further. He raises your legs on his shoulders and bends down to kiss your lips. He’s going to breed you. “Take this as a reward for such hard work, my love. After this, you’d never have to lift a finger ever again except when taking care of our child.”
His cock stirs your insides and you keen. “No other person has caught my eye as much as you did. You have me under a spell,” Your helpless sobs sound like music to his ears, one that he would do anything to hear over and over. “And you dare to call yourself unworthy of love. The moment I hear you say such words to yourself in the future, expect me to ruin you more than the last time.” 
Heat pooled in your stomach as your release start to bubble over. “So fucking tight. Are you gonna come for me, sweetheart?”
“P-Please, Master Diluc, I want to cum,” You babbled as tears of humiliation burned your pretty doe eyes, making Diluc piston faster at your hot wet cunt, skin slapping against skin. He reached to rub your swollen clit and you arched in pleasure, eyes rolling in the back of your head as you lose sense of control, shaking and trembling over his huge cock that stuffs you so full it felt too good. He was pushing you over the edge! “Master Diluc!”
The edges of your vision went white as you scream and shudder while Diluc pulled your body tight to face his, slams inside you hard one last time hips stuttering as he empties his balls inside filling your sticky pussy with his hot cum. Lips planted kisses everywhere on your sensitive skin while you continue to moan in euphoric bliss, head floating and hands clutching the sheets.
You slowly come down from your high, the smell of sweat and stench of raw arousal filling the room. Slick oozes down your thighs. “Did-- did you cum inside me?” 
Diluc’s flaming kiss was a certain answer. You are permanently his. Whatever semblance of freedom you have is now stripped away while your captor basks on your warm embrace, looking forward to the future for the first time in what seems like forever. He cages you with his arms and places your head against his chest.
“Even without the aphrodisiac, what I feel for you is true.” He whispers. You close your eyes and let the distant sound of thunder and coldness of the snow lull you to sleep.
Tumblr media
taglist: @mo0o0milk  @vanessa211  @shigarakiplayertwo  @shigaraki-is-my-master  @feral4adamdriver  @picklejuiceboba huge thanks to you guys! <333 i love u <3 please click here to be added to my taglist!
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novasdarling · 11 days ago
Pregnancy Glow
Kinktober 2021
Summary: Nanami didn't realize just how good pregnancy looked on you until you were basically taunting him with your body.
TW: Pregnancy, Sex
Tumblr media
It wasn’t something he knew was a thing. No one talked about it. Not anyone he knew. At first, he thought it was the pregnancy glow that made you so radiant. So beautiful, so appealing. But as the months progressed and your stomach swelled. It was something else stirring in Nanami, something deeper and more primal. Something that made him want to kiss you all over, have his hands roaming your body. Have you nude and ready for his use. Nanami felt wrong with his desires. After all, it had been six months since the two of you last had sex. When he first found out he was too worried about hurting you to try. He kept you satisfied though, mainly oral and slight penetration with his fingers. You hadn’t seemed to bring up the lack of sex much. Seeming satisfied with his mouth and fingers. Having you cum on his mouth over and over again. Watching you wither and beg for him to let up, but he just couldn’t. He needed something and maybe he could get it if you cummed enough.
Nanami thought he was satisfied with just watching you receive and the occasional relief he gives himself. Usually choosing to finish on your stomach. That should have been a sign. A sign that it wasn’t just your pregnancy glow that was making Nananmi want you more and more as the months went on.
It had finally come to a breaking point when Nanami had caught you walking around the house in one of his home shirts. It barely covered your ass, letting up to reveal an amazing view when you went to grab something from a high shelf. Especially when it rose enough to reveal bits of your stomach. Why was the image of you in his shirt one that was riling him up? Making him hard. This was embarrassing, he shouldn’t be thinking of you like this. Not when you were just complaining of back pain a few moments ago. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair to you. But how could he resist when you looked like an angel walking around the kitchen in his shirt.
Nanami couldn’t stop himself, getting up he made his way to you. Before you could ask him what he wanted his hands were on you, sliding across your belly. His mouth attacking yours. The kiss was filled with hunger, filled with his desperation for you. The lack of sex the last few months was harder than he thought. Had more an effect on him than he’d like to admit. It was as if all that pent uptime of no sex had come barreling in. Demanding Nananmi fulfil the months worth of missed sex.
Moans and whimpers escaped his mouth between kisses. He wanted more and more. Yes, it was selfish, but fuck, you were the spitting image of perfection with that belly. A goddess he was terminated to worship after months of neglect. Soon his hands dove down under the shirt. Feeling the soft skin. As his hands roamed your belly all he could think of was it covered in his cum. An image he desperately needed to see again. It had been too long since he covered you in it.
He picked you up loving how you squeezed. Carrying you bridal style. Leading you to your shared bedroom as quick as he could. Laying you on the bed while he undressed. You knew better than to question him or ask what he was doing. It had been so long since he got in this mood. Demanding and desperate. Nanami knew you could tell he needed you. You were so sweet, laying there watching him undress. Waiting for him to let you know what he wanted you to do. Once he was down to just his boxers he was positioning himself so he was under. And you were hovering over his face. As you opened your mouth to ask him what he was doing, his hands grabbed your hips to pull you down. You were fully sitting on his face with all your weight. Nanami relished the moans escaping from your lips and he lapped at your cunt. It felt so good to have you like this, even if you were trying to speak, trying to tell him that you should get off. You didn’t want to hurt him. How cute were you? Thinking you could hurt him.
As his hands roamed your stomach, he only got harder and harder. Feeling you how big you were. Hearing your moans and pleas. Your taste on his tongue. Your stomach is the most beautiful thing he ever saw. Besides you overall. You were willing to carry his child. Willing to be with him for the rest of your lives. He never wanted this to end. And has he tasted your cum on his tongue he knew he never wanted this to end? Nanami got you off only to reposition you on your side so he could lay behind you. Spooning you, he lifted a leg of yours to make his access easier. Pushing his boxers till his dick sprung out. You were about to turn toward him when you felt him by your entrance. Nanami couldn’t help himself, words fell from his lips. Praises about your body. Telling you how badly he’s been wanting you all this time. How fucking hot you looked with your swollen belly. He wanted to fill you and cover you in cum. He was a desperate little puppy who wanted you more than anything. His words were filled with lust and want. He couldn’t help but let out the fact that he couldn’t wait to pump you full with another kid after this one while he filled you with cum. It wasn’t long until he began to move again. Determined this time to cover you in the cum this time.
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belovedyandere · 15 days ago
title; Beelzebub’s treat
summary; you caught the heart of the demon of gluttony, and it turns out you are the only thing that can fulfil his hunger.
warning; contains nsfw
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Beel- Ngh! That’s cold!” You whined at the brother who didn’t pay much attention to your objection and continued to pour the whip cream over your chest. You jolted at the cold foam that touched your nipples, you tried to understand how you got to this point.
This all led back to months after you had arrived at the House of Lamentation. One of the brothers had grown a particular interest towards you, greater than how the other brothers did. That was the second youngest, Beelzebub. The brother who seemingly never held much attention to anything other than food began to, at that point, bring his attention to you. It started with offering you small bites of his own meals, then he would ask for you to feed him and cook for him, and would even attempt to feed you himself, just so he could watch your cheeks puff up. He would always attempt to find a way to be near you, and even to your protests, he would act as your bodyguard and ask for his reward which was always food. Today, he had asked for food…and you.
Towards him, you found his behaviour to be adorable and less strange than it actually was. Maybe that was because you were never aware of the full extent of his hunger for you. How he would fantasise ‘eating’ parts of you. The way he would sneak sniffs of you when you walked past. The nights where you were asleep and he would sneak in to touch himself while watching you. When he would catch those that had their eyes on you, and unleash torture until they perished using his powered strength.
And all those months of pining led you to this moment. Beelzebub on your bed with his legs crossed and on him was you. Your shirt had been taken off or more like torn from you revealing your bare chest. The cold air hitting against your nipples that hardened. You couldn’t escape this position as Beelzebub used one of his muscular arms that wrapped around your waist to hold you in place. The other would supply the whip cream over your nipples and he would lick, and suck them clean.
His violet eyes would stay on your face, his own face flushed and orange hair in a messy state. He relished in this moment. He was eating such a sensitive spot of yours and to hear this symphony of your moans— he could feel his lower half throb for you. His hunger had reached a new level. And you were his meal about to be devoured.
From the overuse of his sucking, your nipples sensitivity level heightened but that didn’t stop him from continuing. You gasped from the intensity, and instinctively you bent your back backward but he pulled you closer to him. He adored your heat.
“You’re so tasty but…I wonder how you taste down there too.” He said through his sucks and licks, pausing momentarily to look at your expression. You weren’t able to think of anything but the pleasure that came from him. He grinned seeing how far gone you had gone. He did that. He made you feel ecstasy from even simple nipple play. Only you could make him feel this way. Only you. “Do your juices taste as good? Hmm? Tell me.” He pulled away from your chest and raised his head to look at you. He arms wrapped around you tighter when you weren’t answering. You weren’t able to. It still felt like his mouth was there teasing your chest. “Tell me, does it?” He whispered, leaning closer to your face. Your watery eyes finally looking back at his own as you tried to catch your breath. The two of you stared at each other with only the sound of only heavy breathing that came from the both of you echoing within the room.
Tumblr media
idk why but beelzebub and belphegor make me feel things
it’s like we got a hungry gentle giant, and a clingy mellow moomoo— 🧎‍♀️
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myuni-moon · a month ago
Tumblr media
#good job today too
their reactions to you giving them headpats pt.2 ft. zhongli, venti, xiao, and albedo
warnings: yandere content, yandere cult stuff, mentions of violence, slight gore
Tumblr media
zhongli is overjoyed by your affections. you're praising him and acknowledging all his efforts as someone who serves you, and it give him such a power trip. he feels so high and mighty when you pat his head like a good guard dog, and he's ready to snap his canines at whoever it is that comes close to you. he whispers to himself while you press the pads your fingers against his head. no one else deserves this than him. he's worked harder than any other, so be sure to praise him to the fullest.
venti feels calm when he feels the massage of your fingers against his scalp. it feels so much more refreshing than the brush of wind against his skin. it feels invigorating but relaxing. it feels strange but familiar. what a miracle you are to be a perfect juxtaposition. well, you are his god; you are a juxtaposition and more-- you are everything. he thanks you for the praise, and he promises to finally work even harder for you. he'll eve sing until his throat bleeds if that's what it takes.
xiao's pain washes away the moment you touch him. how fitting for a god, he thinks. to cleanse him of all his sins and even give him well-deserved praise really does sound like what a kind deity like you would do. for once, his head doesn't ring with deafening screams and static that haunt him from day to day. he feels thankful to have met you, to have you touch him so tenderly. he's never known love, did not know kindness until you. so please touch him once again. don't dare stop until he's satisfied, unless you want him slaughtering thousands just to have you touch him again.
albedo accepts it with grace like a prince. his long eyelashes flutter close as he sinks to his knees. his head is bowed to make sure you can give him a nice and firm pat to his fluffy hair. he's not tired of the good progress, but he starts to feel the weariness in his bones as you tell him that he did a good job. there is so much more he wishes to do to further progress his research, but he's stopped in his tracks by none other than you, lovely you. how can he go back when you make him want to stay? he's sure that the trash that rudely bumped into you the other day could wait. albedo's sure they can withstand all the chemicals he pumped into them until daybreak.
Tumblr media
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random-yandere-fandom · a month ago
The Genshin self aware au characters receiving compliments
Zhongli works hard every day and night to take care of you, to ensure your health and safety and happiness. He has heard your thanks multiple times by now and he still feels his chest warm and his mind haze whenever you do it. This however, is a bit different. It’s the first time you complimented him, out of the blue and without prompt, he had just stopped talking as you hummed and smiled at him. He could already feel his mind clouding and then- “You have quite the nice voice, you know?”. He froze for a moment as he registered your words before thanking you, almost stumbling over his words as he promised to talk as much as you’d like. Otherwise you will barely notice, but your words keep replaying in his head for the rest of the day, pride and warmth seeping into every part of his body as he recalls your gaze and the way your lips moved and how relaxed you looked and - basically, he’ll have that moment memorised, engraved in his mind forever.
Beidou was sitting across from you, a beer in one hand while desticulating with the other as she described one of her many adventures on board of her ship. She loved the attention you were giving her, you leaning forward and attentively listening was giving her a rush of energy. It was always like that, your presence alone energising her beyond belief. The captain had just finished depicting how she had defeated the monsters, allowing her crew to finally keep on sailing and took a gulp of her beverage as she heard you mumble: “You truly are selfless”. Almost chocking in surprise she quickly set her drink down, laughing loudly as she felt flustered at your sudden compliment. “Well, that’s just the kind of responsibility a captain carries”. Even though she herself saw it as natural, she couldn’t deny how good your acknowledgement felt and how light her heart seemed. She also couldn’t deny the surge of protectiveness that almost flooded her system, telling her to destroy any threat to your existence, to swing her weapon down on anyone who believed they could try to harm you. Beidou will keep the conversation going but you can’t help but notice her red ears and how refreshed she seemed, all weariness seemingly having been lifted.   
Sucrose was fidgeting beside you, nervously glancing at you, trying to gauge your reaction as you read through the file you had requested. She was so excited, you, her god, were interested in her research! Oh how lucky she was to have you. At the same time the alchemist feared your response, she didn’t know what she would do if you ended up disliking it, or maybe she rambled too much or- your eyes lifted to meet hers and she froze, all attention on you. “This is really interesting, I can see that you put a lot of work into this”, a small smile grazed your lips. Sucrose flushed and stuttered, managing a thank you and maybe, but just maybe and if you want to, she could go more in depth or do you have any questions or opinions you want to share or are you interested in anything else? Even after she has left the teapot after your conversation, all the way to her home and even in bed she’ll keep on replaying your response in her head over and over with a shy grin decorating her face. Sucrose vows to herself that she will work even harder if it means that you’ll compliment her again. 
Ganyu is barely able to reply, her cheeks flushing as she fumbles with her fingers and finally a small “thank you” leaves her lips. It feels as if she was dunked in sunshine, warming every part of her body and fresh air cooling her hot skin all the same. She’ll take her leave after you’ve granted her permission but this interaction is far from over, at least for her. “I admire your hard work, Ganyu”. The words keep repeating in her head and she can’t help but grow weak at the way her name sounded and how genuine you looked. If you admire her hard work, then surely you’ll compliment her again if she works even harder, right? She has heard that you sometimes, on rare occasions, give head pats or even hugs for exceptionally good results or efforts and she can’t help but fantasize about your touch, your hand brushing back her hair or your arms engulfing her form. The adepti wants to achieve that at least once and surely your compliment meant that she was on a good way to her goal. The next days and even weeks Zhongli’s shrine for you will be filled to the brim with offerings from Ganyu, each day something new accompanied with some qingxin flowers in hopes of repaying you and hopefully, and she knows she shouldn’t dare, but hopefully gaining even more of your praise.
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dearly-sanzu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Shh. I know, baby. I know…”
As much as he hates himself, it’s not enough to stop the steady back and forth of his hips, head buried in your neck as he peppers gentle kisses against your skin.
Soft whimpers tumble past your wetted lips, little pleas incoherent through the way your voice trembles, hiccups making your upper body lightly convulse in his arms.
The crushed up pill in your drink now has your limbs growing weaker with each passing second. Strained tugs at the restraints binding your wrists to the headboard doing nothing more than causing the chains to lightly rattle.
In contrast to your alarm, he plants a trail of tender kisses along your collarbone, up your neck, then finally to the wetted apples of your cheeks. Doing his best to take your pain away, each kiss an apology to what he’s done, what he’s doing, and what he’ll likely repeat no matter how many times you ask him not to.
His hand cradles the side of your face, while his voice permeates through the hazy fog settling over your mind. “I know you’re scared, love. S’okay to cry, I’ve got you…”
You can feel yourself slipping, mind wandering off into darkness before the heat enveloping your body pulls you back up. It’s impossible to fight the way pleasure curls around you, tightening each time he sinks into your warmth. Grinding against your swollen and sensitive clit, how he knows impossibly well of all the things that make you fall apart more and more.
It’s all just too much, you think, a suffocating panic rising in you as you realize you’ve lost all control. “P-please…don’t wanna—“
The words are just barely choked out, no more than a mere whisper. But the rest of your plea is stifled by the searing hot waves cascading over you, unwanted and mind numbing in every way. The pleasure is all encompassing, taking everything your body has to give, and then some.
“Atta girl…just let go for me.” He can practically hear your racing heartbeat through your chest, gently praising you in hopes of calming your worried thoughts. His hips slow, gradually stilling inside you as he lets you come down from the intense high.
Part of him is relieved to see the pills have nearly taken full effect, as he watches your eyes flutter with exhaustion. Knowing he doesn’t have to watch you helplessly struggle against him—it sedates the shame lingering in the back of his mind.
One last incomprehensible and weak sounding whimper leaves your body, before you fully sink into the sheets, heavy eyelids closing shut.
For a moment he simply takes in the way your breath remains heavy, looking upon your sleeping face in awe—questioning how you’re always the most precious sight to see no matter what you’re doing. 
And after months upon months of earning your trust, you’re finally right where you need to be. With you deep in the throes of slumber, in his bed, where he can tend to you in every way you deserved. You might be asleep the first time he gives you what you need, but that means nothing when he has all the time in the world to show you again and again. Until he has the trust he broke tonight back.
“...Promise, m’gonna take good care of you, pretty girl.”
Tumblr media
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yandere-daydreams · 2 months ago
The first time Zhongli came to you, he presented himself as a beggar.
A wanderer, a vagabond, a man with little more than the clothes on his back and a false name. He'd been bleeding, bruised, barely dragging himself along, and he caught you at sunset, tending to your garden while you still had the light to do so. It might've been raining, or it might've just stopped, or it might've been starting to. Such minor details escape him, now.
"Do you have a place for an unlucky traveler to rest his weary head?" He asked. "I'm afraid I have nothing to offer you, in return."
"I run a household, not an inn," You said, already ushering him inside. "Tend to my hearth, and you may stay as long as you desire."
And he had. He kept a healthy fire burning through the night, allowed you to tend to his wounds with burning powders and cooling ointments, and as the moon rose and the stars began to shine, he told you stories of adepti, of beasts the flew through the air and burrowed beneath the ground, of monsters he had known and foughten and befriended. He recited legends, myths, long-forgotten recipes for wine that you attempted to recreate with varying success, and you responded with mortal tales, of heroes and lovers and reasons such a young soul would chose to live in the barren outskirts of their homeland. He kissed the back of your hand, and you allowed him to. He asked for nothing more.
By sunrise, the hearth burned low, and he was gone.
The second time he came to you, he presented himself as a wealthy merchant.
No less disheveled, but his rags had been traded for ruined silk, his rusted dagger for a proper polearm, his name for one you might've recognized if you'd been one to frequent the markets of Liyue Harbor. He allowed himself to linger, to wait on your doorstep, and when you returned, your sleeves damp and an empty pail balanced at your hip, he allowed himself to speak fondly, too, to act as if he had the right to such familiarity.
"Do you have a bed to spare?" He asked. "I'm terribly lost, and I'm able to walk no further, today. I can repay your hospitality handsomely, in return."
"I have no need for mora," You said. "Fetch me another bucket of water, and you may stay as long as you desire."
And he had. He returned within the hour, and helped you to harvest and wash the crops that had only begun to sprout, when he first stumbled across you. He told you of the world as the two of you worked, of Mondstadt and its endless summer, of Inazuma and its strange beauty, of other archons and other nations, and in exchange, you offered stories of your hometown, of your sister, of dead gods who required more than just devotion from their followers. You showed him how to dice vegetables, how to cook over an open fire without getting burnt, and he paid for his lessons with exotic seasonings, with dried fruit and sweetened honey imported from the other side of Teyvat. He kissed your cheek, and you allowed him to. He asked for nothing more.
By sunrise, your pitchers had run dry, and he was gone.
The third and final time he came to you, he showed you only himself.
Not his true form, for he had no desire to carve such a terribly divine visage into your fragile mortal mind, but a version of himself that was closer to the truth, a version of himself with great horns that curved back over his skull, with eyes that shined gold when they caught the light of the setting sun, with a stature so great and so refined, he could not possibly be mistaken for anything human. You did not welcome him, when you dared to step out of your humble home, nor did you invite him inside. He allowed himself to believe you were simply too shocked to think to.
"Come with me." It was not a question. "You will be the consort of an archon, and know nothing but bliss from now until the end of time."
"I can't." It was not an explanation. "This is my home. I have no desire to leave it."
And yet, you had. You sobbed and shook and clawed at his chest, but you did not try to run, or resist, and you weren't capable of struggling in any way that might harm a god. He told you of the life that you would have with him, of the many faces he's worn, of the hardships you would no longer have to endure and the cruelties that would never touch you, and you failed to respond. He kissed you, truly kissed you, and you had no choice but to allow him to.
By sunrise, he had you in his arms, and he couldn't imagine ever letting go again.
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love-like-thorns · 22 hours ago
~ A splintered heart and a thousand tears [ Part 7 ] ~
Warning: Yandere themes, drugging, being close to vomiting, being 'sick', a list of not-so-good side effects
A/N: The amount of shit I have planned for this series is fucking mental.
Part one: X Part two: X Part three: X Part four: X Part five: X Part six: X Part seven: [ You’re here ]
Tumblr media
Laying under soft warm blankets and barely awake, the sun shone into [Y/N]'s room. They'd been feeling terrible ever since they got revived, but Philza was kind enough to take care of them until they got better.
Though they barely got out of bed, and in turn their legs were weak, and they truly doubted they could stand on their own for too long.
They looked at the clock in the room. 7:58 AM. Usually Phil came in around 8 AM to give them their breakfast and medicine, so at the moment they were just waiting.
Their stomach growled and in turn they groaned. Couldn't time go by faster for just- but before they could finish their sentence the door to their room opened. Finally Phil came to your rescue with something to stop your stomachs complaining.
Good mornings was exchanged as he sat down besides them in bed and got out the medicine. It was a liquid in a semi small bottle and it tasted horrid. But he told them it was going to help them get better, and they trusted him, so they swallowed it anyway when he gave them the spoon with the medicine.
A bit after they felt like they were going to vomit, holding back their stomach fluids, and the winged man besides their bed patting their back. This was a reaction their body had to the medicine, as whatever was infecting their body wanted to get rid of it to survive.
Afterwards [Y/N] ate their breakfast, consisting of a few things they had told Philza they wanted the day prior, and afterwards laid down in their bed again as he left.
They didn't have much to do besides sleep, look out the window, and talk with their caretaker. If they did anything but that then said caretaker would freak out, lecture them about how they have to stay in bed to get better, and bring them back.
So they closed their eyes again, deciding that drifting off to sleep was the better option out of all of them. They didn't want to be a bother after all.
The next thing they knew their eyes shot open, stomach turning, their room spinning, and body feeling weaker than ever. Their room was dark only being lit up by the moonlight shining trough their glued shot and barred window.
[Y/N] knew getting up would get them in trouble, but it was night, they felt absolutely terrible, and they just wanted some medicine to get it all to stop.
So they got out of bed, almost collapsing by how weak their body was from almost never moving. But they pulled it together, slowly and quietly walking around the house.
They had no clue where Philza actually stored the medicine, but they guessed the kitchen would be a good place to start looking. And luckily it seemed to be right on the kitchen counter.
They hurried over to the bottle, wanting to be back in bed before Phil could wake up and get mad at them for being out of bed. But as [Y/N] picked up the medicine they noticed the strange label they never got the chance to take a closer look at.
So they read it. A string of words they didn't understand were on it, and They just assumed it was chemicals they didn't know. But what caught their attention was that it said to not consume it, along with a long list of symptoms if you did.
Vomiting, feeling faint, stomach aches, and more that slowly devolved into coughing up blood, nosebleeds, and even heart attacks.
The world around them seemed to stand still. Surely this wasn't what he had been giving them. Phil would never! He was so kind and almost like a dad to them. Surely this was some big misunderstanding!
"What are you doing out of bed?" The sound of Philza's voice came from behind them. A gasp escaped their lips before they could hold it back. And as they turned around to face him they dropped the bottle, making it shatter onto the ground and making a mess.
This instead made him focus on the hazard {Y/N] had created for themselves, shooing them away from the broken glass and starting to clean it up. Though as he did, and [Y/N] stood awkwardly to the side waiting for the lecture, his eyes widened as he recognized the bottle and label.
They knew what he had done now. They more than likely saw the label, and he had to act quick to make sure they didn't try to escape his loving and protective grasp.
Though how exactly would he do that?
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just-average-writer · a month ago
Yandere Childe Drabble
Pairing: Yandere Tartaglia (Childe) x Reader
Warnings: Yandere behaviour, overall creepiness??
Tumblr media
“It’s gonna be alright.” Childe’s soft voice snaps you out of your thoughts. He’s gently stroking your hair. Until now, you’ve never thought about how nice he really is.
You sniffle a few more times before you bury your head back into his shoulder and continue crying, tears beginning to soak into his jacket.
“W-why a-are you doing t-this for me?” You ask, shaky and overwhelmed.
“I understand how you feel, I guess.” He admits, a sad grin on his face.
“I’ve never really been one to be… part of the flock so to speak. Plenty of people didn’t like that I was thirstier than them. I wanted more for myself than they could offer me.”
“T-they j-just l-l-left me to di-“ You begin, but he cuts you off with a knowing look.
“Left you to be killed by me and the Fatui, yeah.”
“I-I d-don’t under-“ You try to get the words out, but Childe presses a finger to your lips.
“Don’t worry about it. I mean, you should really stop thinking about them now.”
Even as Childe speaks gently and lovingly to you, stroking your hair and wiping your tears, you have to ask the burning question on your mind.
“W-why am I-I still-“ But before you can finish, he interrupts you again.
“I know, I know, you’re wondering how you’re still alive.”
It’s like he reads your mind again. 
His cheery face flickers to you, waiting for confirmation. You meet his stare for a second, and then quickly look down.
He seems content with your reaction, and goes back to staring at the horizon.
“I don’t know why, but I don’t think I’m going to kill you,” He says finally, turning back to you. You’re still shaking, wrapped into his side.
“I pity you, sure, but you’ve also piqued my interest.”
Childe pulls you closer into him, with one arm, forcing your head to press further into his jacket.
The gleam in his eye has become slightly feral, his mouth still in an unsettling upwards curve.
“You remind me of a cute little bunny.” He says, but for some reason his eyes tell you there’s more.
Your shaking slows, and you gaze up at him, wide eyed.
He reaches out to your face and brushes the pad of his finger against your nose.
“I wonder how fast you can hop away from a predator.”
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yandere-romanticaa · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
... the roaring thunder that plauges the gray sky, the storm growing more and more ferocious, the sounds of blades and other weapons clicking and canking as they're hurriedly being pressed against each other, mutual blows being exchanged from both sides as the horrid stench of metallic blood filled the air, forcing you to cringe and cover your nose in a vain attempt to mask the smell of death. Painful grunts and last breaths surrounded your very being, the look of the battlefield sending icy chills down your spine. Harsh rain hit the ground like angry arrows, the storm only further worsening as you desperately tried to flee, your legs shaking like leaves that were being blown by the wind. You felt torn on what your course of action should be - in this battle, should you take up your blade and join the fight, right here, right now? Or, do you stick to your original objection and flee from the land of eternity with the skin of your teeth?
The goddess, your goddess would still look for you regardless of your actions.
This battle, this carnage, it was all your doing. The Vision Hunt Decree received their usual orders upon entering this fight but this time, they had an ulterior motive.
"Bring (y/n) back this palace, bring (y/n) back to me, those are your orders."
You heard her say those words yourself as you hid behind a decorative pillar like the coward you are. Do you step up and face divine punishment? Do you back down and hide for the rest of your life? There is no time to think, time has run out. A thin blade rested on the base of your neck, it's tip prickling the flesh as fresh droplets of crimson blood stain the muddy ground. Your vision is murky, your body is shaking and you can feel her chuckle in delight as her other free hand makes its way towards your chest where your heart it.
"Should I rip this little thing out? If I do so, you could never run away from me ever again. That way, you would surely be mine for eternity."
Despite the icy amusement in her voice you can tell that her face is dead serious. Her fingernails are sharp like daggers, you want to scream out, to call for help. Cold reality hits you like a tidal wave as she rests her chin on your shoulder, her blade dangerously close to ending you for good. There are only so many people who can help you right now, especially if an Archon decides to favor you as much as Baal does. With no time left to lose she drags you away, her grip tight but there's a stiff smile on her face. Perhaps you can worry about the future and what awaits for you on a later date.
For now what you really needed to focus on was to survive this exact moment.
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lolita-lollipop · 2 months ago
Hello~ could I request soft bakugo and deku with a sick darling who refused to take medication and eat. So deku uses the kangaroo method with them keep them from squirming, while bakugo feeds them and coo’s them for being good…
Tumblr media
You were absolutely and completely miserable, you’d woken up with a small cough this Tuesday, thinking it was just a little bug in your throat or something, then by the end of the day, your head hurt, your nose was clogged, and every cough was met with painful tingles down your throat. It was relatively easy to hide your newfound sickness at first form your captors, but when the fighting got worse, and all you could muster up to do was lie down and take a nap, willingly at that, they knew something was either really right, or really wrong.
They’d just been skeptical though, but the next morning, when deku placed a hand on your forehead, and felt a temperature almost matching bakugos? That’s when he knew, his little baby was sick. It was just about 10 minutes of chaos and panic between the two, as you were jsut so tiny, that just a little cold could probably kill you! Then they were brought out of it by the raspy whimper drawn out of your throat, guilt pretty much overcame them, they’d just let you suffer! You were hurting and they didn’t acknowledge it!
They’d immediately had one of their private doctors come check up on you, keeping you asleep so you wouldn’t have a freak out when you’d woken up, it turned out it was just a really harsh case of a common cold. And they had the medications and directions to help you immediately , it’s not like they really needed the directions though,deku had made both himself and bakugo take a four hour class in how to take care of a sick child. You needed to stay at a moderate temperature, they needed to pay extra care and attention to you, you couldn’t overexert yourself, and you needed to maintain a healthy diet.
There was a slight complication though, you were refusing to eat, or take the medicine.
It wasn’t like you were doing it to rebel, or just because you could, today your throat was really, REALLY, in pain, it was burning so much that just breathing hurt, this morning during breakfast you’d really tried to consume the plate of (favorite breakfast food), but going down, it felt like a thousand tiny needles were slowly piercing their way through your neck, it just hurt SO bad, combine that with your already queasy stomach, headache, and lack of being able to breath through your nose, and your just thrown it all back up by the end of breakfast, only being able to keep down a glass of water.Katsuki had tried to hand feed you some oatmeal, but you’d just turned away completely.
Both of the males had thought maybe it was just a morning problem, that maybe you were still a little sleepy, and that you jsut werent ready to be awake yet, so bakugo had taken it upon himself to rock you back into dreamland, sitting down on the wooden rocking chair in his room, patting your back, and slowly rocking you back and forth until your eyes had shut. It made him feel upset every time you coughed, it would cause a bubble of pain to form on your throat, and it made you cry, very little huff causing lots of tears.
And the medicine… oh it was terrible, just purely horrid substance, they’d called it cough medicine, sure, it was flavored seeetly, but every time you took it, you felt so dizzy, you were so tired you could barely see straight, it would make your arms feel like lead, so heavy you couldn’t lift them up, and it jsut made you feel more drowsy, you hated it. So you refused it, causing as much as a fuss you could manage whenever they pulled the small bottle out, you would cry to no end, really pulling at all their heartstrings, and when they would bring the small syringe up to your mouth, you would thrash and scream as if it would burn you.
By the time lunch had rolled around, you were still exhausted. Bakugo had piled all the cats on you in a cuddle pile, and it made you smile for once, you hadn’t done much of anything that day, not like you did anything before, but you’d just been a lazy potato, sat in the couch and watched Elmo, not that you had any objections. Anytime you did actually try to get up, the baby monitor they had out in the living room would alert them of it, and one of the two would rush in and lecture you about hiw you couldn’t move your little body too much, and that he is sure that this is the correct procedure for such a sick little baby like yourself, not at all exaggerated so he could take care of you… not at all.
It was a big worry that you weren’t eating properly, or taking the medicine that would make all the icky feelings go away, not only would this stunt your recovery, but it wouldn’t be good in the long run either, they both loved you way to much to let you absentmindedly hurt yourself, of course you didn’t know what you were doing! You just couldn’t understand it, and that’s alright! You have them to help, you don’t need to do it all for yourself, they needed you to at least eat something, and bakugo had an idea, and for once it hadn’t included blowing something up.
They’d done this before, quiet a lot actually when you were felling grumpy or fussy, and wouldn’t cooperate, of course you would have your dark moments, so they would never get mad, instead wrapping you in the firm fabric piece, restraining you from kicking or fighting, shushing you and bouncing you up and down slightly, until you’d calmed into a deep sleep. It was perfect for your… situation
The thick fabric was wrapped right around your bare back, it tied your arms around deku, and rendered you basically immobile, you had been shed of all clothes (void of your underwear, as they’d learned it made you uncomfortable) his bare chest pressed flush against your own. You were still asleep, it was a hard task to keep you in dreamworld while getting this ready, but they could handle it.
“Oh! Looks who’s awake! Sleepyhead, you took a long nap didn’t you? It’s almost dinner time” deku stayed the moment your eyes peeled open, wearing that signature smile he only gave you, not the one he’d learned in school, not the one he gave any passing citizen, no, his genuine, real, smile. you just stared in confusion, pretty much still asleep, the warm fabric bundled around you felt like a tight hug, you’d gradually gotton used to it, and at some point it felt nice.
That was until that hacking cough came back to bite you, forcing it’s way out of your throat, and causing that same pain taht you’d grown oh so tired of. It freed a cry form your lips, and you buried your face back into his chest, he just rubbed your back, patting slowly up and down in calming strokes. His husband was off getting softer food in the kitchen, he knew the second you saw if you would start fussing, you have the right to, he gets that eating is hurting you right now, but you also need it to be healthy again, so it’s best to keep you at bay.
“What time is it? How- auhgh- how long wa so asleep?” You questioned, taking a moment to yawn, the words came out muffled, as you hadn’t raised your head from his chest, deku met eyes with bakugo, who was sneaking in as quiet as he could form the door, holding a small tray, with an assortment of colder foods that you could eat and not feel as bad. He chuckled, and you could feel it rumbling under you.
“It’s almost 7:00, kinda late huh? You’re probably still feeling sleepy, you’re fevers gone down a little bit, so that food right? Now, you need to eat, and I don’t want to be a big meanie, so I’ll let you choose, are you gonna feed yourself? Or are we helping you?” He asked, the moment the word “eat” came into the conversation, you realized why they had you tied up like this, it wasn’t because they wanted to snuggle, as they usually did, it was because they were going to actually make you. Well, you don got roped into a mess. You started to move around, squirming under his hands and the fabric containing you to him, he just stared down at you, his question already answered.
Your whining never faltered, as the warm blanket now instead felt like a cage, you knew you could do virtually nothing in this situation, as your arms and legs were tucked under the, making you completely unable to move.he cooed at your confused state, mumbling a “look how cute” at how you were being so shy, shoving your face into his chest like that, how adorable. You just stared up at him, at this point you jsut felt pathetic, and you knew that he knew that, he knew taht you were hurting and could do nothing much about it, that’s why both him and his husband are helping you now. Because you NEED them to.
“Oh I know- you’re still feeling all icky and gross, I know , you’re gonna take a nice-long bath after this though, well even use bubbles if you want! We just gotta finish this and you’ll be all better soon, alright?” He continued on, turning so yoj wouldn’t be able to spot katsuki sucking up the bubblegum flavored medicine into the syringe, not wanting to make you cry even more, bakugo hurried with the medicine, taking the few moments you’d lifted your face up out of the bundle, using the lightning quick reflexes he’d developed after years of heroing, he shoved the tip into your mouth, prompting you to either suck the liquid out, or he would push it into your mouth, which he did end up having to do, as you refused.
The moment the sweet- but still vile liquid flushed into your mouth, you cringed, letting itt hurt yet another cry as you were forced to swallow by the scary man holding onto you like a baby.
“There it is, you just need to eat something, it’ll only hurt you more if you don’t okay? You’re being so good for me today huh? That’s my good little (girl/thing/boy) “Bakugo spoke, bringing the tray closer, he sat on the side table with a burnt, spreading his legs to set the tray ontop, the small soft plastic spoon he’d bought for these special cases when you could probably find a way to hurt yourself with a fucking spoon, had been picked up and was held tightly in his hand, some cold mangos scooped up on it. You liked mangos, and chilly stuff would feel nice going down your throat, a win win.
“Open up hon” bakugo coaxed in taht signature voice of his, significantly softer when he spoke with you. Deku tilted your chin up, continuing to lag your back with his other hand, keeping you as calm as he could would help out in this situation, especially if you stayed sleepy enough that you were too tired to fight. It was clearly working, or you just gave up, but most of your whining about the food had ceased. Instead you just chewed slowly and swallowed, realizing how hungry you’d grown after two days. You happily ate the sweet fruit, it felt really nice, either the fact that it was satisfying your hunger, or cooling down your fever, but it just felt amazing. Bakugo chuckled at the sudden content smile forming your face, while deku just stared at you.
Then the medicine hot you, and your eyes immediately felt like closing, your head dropped over, having to be supported by Deku’s chest while bakugo took hold of one of you r hands with his own free hand. A little dribble fo drool made its way out of your mouth, escaping the corner, you stared at bakugo with a “fucking help me” look, blinking a few times to try and wake yourself up again. Little did you know, thsi is kind of what he wanted in the first place, it made you sleepy, he knew that, thsi way you wouldn’t be able to feel your throat, and you would let them bathe you.
“Yummy right? We have to fill that little tummy up, you’re still a little sleepy aren’t you? My sleepy little baby, you’re so sweet aren’t you? Yes you are! Ye stil are” deku cooed form in front of you, bouncing his leg up and down, he talked to you like a literal baby, something that used to annoy you to no end, but you’d gotton used to it at this point, you didn’t necessarily hate it, still didn’t like it either, you were too hungry, and tired to care. You were able to finish the whole bowl without throwing it back up, and bakugo was holdi by a sippycuo full of Gatorade to your lips while deku pressed a firm hand to your foreheAd, holding it there for a moment before grabbing the no-touch thermometer.
“Well. Look at that- 100.04, your going down! Guess we’re gonna have to stick you to one of our chests more often, it ~clearly~ has healing properties”
“You’re gonna be all better soon,‘don’t worry” deku cooed one last time, laying back slowly to ease you closer to him, he dragged shaped into your back, patting up and down in comforting touches, meanwhile bakugo layed back in his own chair, enjoying the wonderful sight of his cute little girl, and his husband, thsi was just so perfect. You were getting better, no more icky coughing!
Of course, they were still gonna take care of you, forever, and ever, and ever
And ever
And ever
And ever
Have a great day today anon:) goodbye
I also apologize for any grammatical errors, or spelling errors.
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sugarfairychan · 2 months ago
Yandere Cults
My head has been brimming with ideas on the various Yandere Cults that could exist. None of them are fandom orientated and are all able to be turned into AUs that I will probably totally write about later on. You guys can request them once my requests are open.
What are Cults? As answered by our trusted sidekick Wikipedia, the modern term for “a cult” is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal. It is a sense of “excessive devotion” and holy shit are you in for a round if you are the object of their worship. 
Here, I have written 4k worth of words for 3 different type of cults. I had way too much fun writing this that I kinda got carried away a little a lot lmao. Enjoy!
The Typical Cults
First, you have the typical cults. These are the lame ones, the typical “we believe in this random ass god who doesn’t actually exist and you are a vessel for said god”. This cult is— yes, while it is a cult, given its size and many worshippers, it is also not a cult. Because this cult was formed on the arrogance and ego of one guy or gal who decided they wanted attention and created this fake religion to do so, like Rika from Mystic Messenger. This is a cult of lameass wannabees who are hella niave and think that just because they praise some random god that all their problems will be solved. They won’t.
You are the “chosen one” or the “sacred one”, only because the leader decided you were cute and hot and wanted you as theirs and the only way they could do so without jeporadising their position was by claiming you to be a vessel of a god or some shit like that. Their goal of eternal peace is a farce but you’re the only one that sees through it, yet no matter how much you preach that, no one listens.
They treat you like a goddess of sorts and the leader watches with pride as you get the worship you deserve. They’re the only ones that are privileged enough to lay with you and anyone who gets too close gets killed. No one will be able to help you because the leader’s teachings are too hypnotic and drilled right into their heads. 
Basically, this cult sucks and I don’t like them so let’s go on to the better ones where I will proceed to write at least 2k worth of words for each of them because why the fuck not. 
Barbarian Cults
You know those typical Yandere Bakugo posts you see where he’s the leader of the barbarians? Yeah, those guys. They’re the worlds’ worst people alive. They pillage villages and towns, kill countless of people (mothers and children alike). They have no respect for nature, for people, for lives, for animals. Nothing. Only themselves. Their goal in life is to just live wild and free and burn everything.
Until you came along. Now, their goal is to worship you.
But their worship is...slightly twisted. 
They snatched you away from wherever you came from, your village, your town, even if you were alone whilst bathing in a waterfall. Well, to be honest, that’s probably how they all fell hopelessly in love with your holiness. It was night and the moon’s melancholy glow shone brightly across the lands. The barbarians were slowly making their way through the forest on their horses with only lit torches to guide the way. They heard the running of a waterfall and decided to take a short break and that was when they met you.
With your back to them, half your body was submerged in the moon’s reflection. Your skin danced with twinkles of light and the water that trickled down your skin were like diamonds. Everything about you was divine. You were like an angel sent from heaven. 
And that was when they formally became a cult, becuase you just becme their sacred one. 
The leader of the barbarians sent everyone away before they could scare you off. He was the one to approach you first and when you saw him, you immediately ducked into the water, hoping nothing had shown. He tried to be gentle at first, praising your beauty and your wonder. Then he’d go on to explain what they wanted from you (they’re all a bunch of straight forward brutes. They’re not going to skip around the bush. They’ll get straight to it). If you recirpocate their feelings and accept it, they’d be absolutely delighted, but if you don’t...they won’t hesitate to snatch you up and force you.
That being said, I’m a fan of smartass readers who manipulate the cults in order to get what they want so I’ll be focusing on them in all these AUs rather than the typical placid readers. 
You had heard the gallops of their horses and their boisterous chatter as they made their way into the forest. You had just hoped they wouldn’t notice you and if they did, you’d planned to submerge yourself in the water and swim into the cave you had found hidden behind the waterfall. So when the leader approached, dubbing you their valiant, treasured one, you were shocked. You knew of the barbarians and their savage ways, how they would stop at nothing to get what they want and kill whoever was in their way.
(Oh, and am I picturing the leader to be Bakugo Katsuki is all his glory? Yes. You should, too. You won’t regret it). 
So seeing the leader kneel before you was a shock. He reached his hand out for you to take and while you did want to take it, you were, uh, still nude. There was a warm glow to your cheeks as you told him to turn around. He was amused and said that it would not matter, seeing as how they already saw you naked before and god, you just wanted to melt into the earth right then and there. Despite your unwillingness to be seen naked, you still went out of the water with him facing you (since you had a feeling if you didn’t, he would manhandle you in your birthday suit all the way to his men— and that was not what you wanted). You stepped out of the lake and while he did want to take a second to enjoy your nude self, it was cold. He shrugged off his thick fur coat and wrapped it around your body. “Come,” he said. “I’ll have my men start a fire to warm you up.”
With a hand on your back, he guided you over to his men and you were met with the feared barbarians. Their battle scars and muscles were threatening but it all cancelled out as soon as you saw their expressions. They stared at you with such revernce, it almost touched you. 
The leader barked orders for them to start a fire and they scrambled off their horses to do so. To your surprise, rather than just putting sticks together and burning them, they prepared a whole ass space for you to relax. Using wolf furs, they cushioned the ground in order to stop you from sitting on the dirty ground, and another brought a few cushions for you to lay on. And when you gave them a grateful smile and sat down, they all practically died, their hearts spasming and their chest tightening.
- The barbarians treat you as the most precious treasure to ever exist. You are showered with luxury and gold and everything they find when they pillage the villages. It’s a thing amongst them to find the best gift to give their queen at every village they go through. 
- They never stay in one area for longer than a week and when they settle down for a couple days, you reside in the biggest tent with the barbarians’ leader. He caters to your every need and want. Whatever you want, you get, even if they have to send someone over a thousand miles to get it. 
- You have a lot of power and say over their actions, really. If a village has earned your favour, they won’t touch it at all. None of them want to make you upset. You are their queen, their precious treasure. To bask in your presence is to be basked in glory. 
- When they’re off to pillage villages, you will remain elsewhere in a magnificent tent with many to surround you and worship you. These are a mix of some of the strongest barbarians but also the lower ones. The lower ones are the ones that service your daily necessities. If you want food, they will go out to hunt. If you want fruits, they will spend hours picking. It is a delight to bring you whatever you require, and there are many competitions to hunt the biggest livestock for you. Of course, the leader wins them all. That’s why he’s the leader.
- And what do they expect in return? Your loyalty and your affection. If you so much as praise one of them, they will swoon, and if you do it in front of the others but don’t praise them, there will be jealousy and conflict brewing. Creating conflict and problems is how you enjoy your days trapped in this cult, and while the leader does know everything you’re doing, seeing as how you’re enjoying yourself, he won’t say anything. Besides, it’s good to never have too much peace. It gets annoying that way.
- Of course, at night, the leader is the first to have the privelege of worshipping you. He will take you in his tent after you’ve consented (as long as you’ve consented to being their queen) and make sure your moans are loud enough for the rest of the barbarians to hear. It’s a sign, to show them that this is the privelege they could be blessed with if they do well. Only the ones who have hunted the most and provided for the group the most get the privelege of having you in bed. Or whoever you want. The leader [oop. I almost wrote Bakugo there lmao] won’t reject anything you say and neither will the barbarians.
- The barbarians are rough and as lovers, it’s all about passion and worship. They are aggressive in everything they do and at most times, this aggression is also poured into loving time. They’re rough, but at most (with the more skilled lovers), the only pain you will feel is the bite marks and the hickeys they suck into your skin. They always prepare you well, taking their time to eat you out, to tease you, everything.
- Not all of them have the privelege of being able to bite you and mark your body. You’re not a big fan of pain so you’ve managed to take advantage of their intense devotion in order to survive properly. Only those who have earned your favour that week are allowed to mark your body in any way they see fit (no piss, though. Even if you are savages, you’re still humans and humans don’t piss on each other). Those who don’t have to work hard.
- Of course, this does not mean there are no consequences at all. If you do show a bit too much restraint and unwillingness or even try to run away, they will chain you and man handle you into submission. By they, I mean the leader. He’s very strict if you don’t comply. Just be a good girl and take their worship.
- And they will put you through horrible situations to show you how much you need them. You need to be protected. You may be the greatest treasure on earth and they may be your guard dogs, but it makes you very very vulnerable and as far as they’re concerned, you’re weak. You need them to keep you safe. 
Nomadic Warriors Cults
Nomadic warriors are hunters, gatheres, brothers and sisters (not really related) who hunt together and move together. They use local plants and animals to sustain their lifestyle. They are a tribe of strong men and women and while it is their greatest strength, it is also one of their most vulnerable weakness. Was it because they were too strong? Would blessing them with fertility tip the balance of nature? Whatever the answer was, none of them knew. What they did know was, none of them were able to concieve children and no human around fit their taste. None of them would be the perfect mother for their children, no one but you.
They have no permanent resident, the warriors are constantly on the move. They treck through hills and valleys, villages and dirt. Where do they want to go? Everywhere and no where. They do not set up camp at night unless they are planning to spend a couple days in the same place (never too long. They’re none to get restless from remaining in one place). What they do is pull out their bedding made from fabrics and animal skin and sleep atop of it, feeling the gentle caress of the winds on their skin. This is how they sleep, basking in the goddess in the moon’s gentle touches. 
These Nomadic warriors conquered villages that they passed through, demanding tributes and supplies in return. They are more civil compared to the Barbarians but they are just as ruthless. If the tributes did not satisfy them, they would not hesitate to blaze the village. 
Fortunately, your village had the best tribute; you. They offered you as a sacrifice and immediately, all the warriors fell smitten with your fierce attitude and those eyes of yours...they narrowed with bitterness and vigour. No doubt if they were not prepared, you would’ve bolted as soon as the villagers released you. 
The leader, the strongest hunter of them all, grabbed you as soon as you were loose. You managed to slip past most of his warriors, but slipping past him was a dream that would never come true. Still, they were all amused and intrigued by your ability to give them all the slip. It was then they decided you would be theirs. 
- The tribe is family, it’s evidenced by how they refer to each others as brothers and sisters. You are their precious beloved, their bride. A precious gifts from the gods. They will take great care of you, as they do each other...though, shh. There’s a bit of favourtism. 
- These men and women are built like fucking bears. They are huge. Their muscles bulge out and their chests are practically bara titties at this rate, which, for you, who is a bara titty fanatic, is heaven [if you cant appreciate the bara titties, you dont deserve them]. They are ruthless warriors and whilst that should scare you, it didn’t. Probably because they didn’t treat you as prey or as a fragile being, but rather, they treated you as an equal and respected you with the reverence a devoted follower of a religion would. 
- Suffice to say, you quite enjoyed being with them. Despite how they were primitive in their ways and how they didn’t enjoy the luxuries many in your village did, they accomodated you well. 
- They treat you with the utmost care, knowing that you were brought up in a way much different from theirs. They don’t let you do the hard labour, they’ll take care of all of that for you. They carry the beddings, the carts full of their belongings and tents and everything else. You would think they would use horses or some sort of animal for this, but they don’t. They refuse to rely on anyone but themselves. It’s a sort of belief shared between the warriors. If they couldn’t do something as simple as carrying their belongings, how would they be able to protect you? But when you do push yourself to try to help, even if it’s as little as carrying the water satchel, they would all swoon. 
- When you first went off with them (unwillingly, mind you), you were terribly pissed at all of them, refusing any of their help or advice for even a second. They all took amusement from it and shared knowing looks. They knew you would break within a few hours of walking under the sun dressed in those clothings meant for villages and not for their tribe. 
And break you did. With the sun beating down on you, the sweat piling up all over you and attracting bugs that bothered you incessantly, and the fact your stamina was practically non-existent, you almost passed out. If not for the leader who had predicted this, you would’ve hit the floor with a loud bang.
When you woke up, you found yourself under the shade of a large tree, feeling much cooler than you were before. And when you realised why, you shrieked loudly.
This alerted the warriors all around you and they all shot up to kill whatever scared their beloved, but found that it was because she had woken up and realised she was missing a few article of clothings (honestly, you wore so much as a barrier between them and you. You knew they wanted you for sex, so you weren’t going to give them the pleasure of seeing your body. You felt safer that way).  
One of the warriors who was skilled in sewing came over to give the clothes he had prepared for you. You wanted to decline and reject it (knowing he would take great pride in seeing you wear it — and that was the last thing you wanted them to feel), but after hearing some very good advice from the leader (that you would overheat greatly if you continued walking dressed in those heavy clothes), you begrudgingly changed.
But you barked at them all to turn around so you could change. They did so with quiet chuckles and laughter. And when they heard your timid, “you can turn around again”, they froze right on the spot. Dressed in animal skin, the clothes that had covered your body were now gone and they could witness your beauty in all its glory. You were absolutely breathaking, and coupled with how embarrassed and shy you were feeling, timidly trying to pull down the animal skin around your chest down, they could die right then and there and they would thank the gods a million times.
“No need to be shy,” the leader was the first to break out of his trance as he walked over, gently reaching behind you in slow movements. They were used to hunting prey, any sudden and fast movements would scare them off, and the last thing they wanted to do was scare you off. You knew they were huge but feeling his big hand at your back, you realised just how big he was. 
- They all walk barefoot, their feet have hardened to accomodate the rough paths they journey through. Yours, however, haven’t and when you walk, your feet throb with aches and pain. You are always relieved to dip your feet into cool streams of water you pass by. 
Yet despite your aches and the fact that this is the most you have probably ever walked in your life, you push through. They commend you for your perseverance. Your tenacity amazes them continously. Still, they are not above long rests whenever you need it, knowing you would collapse if they did not find some shade. I told you before, they take great care of you and prioritise your needs.  
The leader tends to lead the tribe on a path more suitable and safer for your feet. They stick to the paths near rivers and in the shade of jungles, stepping on soil rather than rocks. They choose softer lands. The last thing they want to happen is for you to cut your feet.
Still, if it is unavoidable and they are forced into a rocky pathway, you will find yourself swept off the ground and into one of their arms. The first time it happened, you blushed furiously and tried to get off, but the arms around you were tight and for once, you were told, “no.” They would give you the world but they will always proritise your health and safety over your stubborn wants. 
- That being said, life isn’t all fun and games with them. If you don’t reciprocate their feelings, that’s fine. They’re a family. You will end up falling for them one way or another. Maybe you’ll get lonely one night and only have them to satisfy your needs or maybe you’ll recognise how worthy these warriors are of your love, whatever it is, you will end up bearing their child eventually. It doesn’t have to be now or in a year. They can wait. 
- As stated before, they do not set up camp unless they intend to stay in that location for more than a couple days. They choose the location with a bountiful surplus of resources to sustain their lifestyle, preferably near a stream and once the location has been chosen, they will set up camp. And of course, similar to the barbarians, you reside in the biggest one. Only the best for you. Unlike the barbarians, there tents are not massive and grandeur. It would be unreasonable and insane to carry such valueless things across valleys and mountains. 
- But when they do not set up camp, they simply start a fire and sleep in their bedding, curling up to share warmth and camaraderie. The very first night you were with them, you were forced to share a bedding with the leader. He laid down on his double bedding (because his gorilla ass was too big for anything) with an amused smirk, leaning on his elbow and watching you try to inch away from him as far as possible. 
They said they didn’t have a spare. They were totally lying, and you could tell by the amused smirks they shared with each other as they watched you attempt to stray away from their leader.
You weren’t dumb enough to leave them. They were the nomadic warriors you’ve heard plenty about before. If not for the fear of the unknown outside your protective little bubble of a village, and the fact that they might return to your village and raze it down in revenge (though they would never do such a thing really), you would have darted from their sights immediately. But you weren’t dumb, so you stayed.
You sat on the leader’s bedding as the others prepared dinner. After all that walking, they figured you’d need to eat a bit more than usual. You were tired and exhausted and your body needed the energy to keep up. So while they filtered around the make-shift camp, you sat on the bedding, lightly massaging your sore feet. Lotion would be really nice right about now. You could feel your ankles on the verge of cracking and that was honestly not a nice feeling. 
One of the more gentler giants came and sat down with you, gently taking your feet to massage them for you. She propped a few pillows behind you for support as you leaned back and you tipped your head back with a low groan as she pressed her unusually big thumb against your heel, massaging the aches away. The rest of the tribe watched with fond, warm eyes and expressions, smiles spreading across their faces. Yes, you were perfect. Everything they ever needed.
That being said, when it was time to sleep, you were confused at how none of them had blankets. It was freezing! Though the bedding was soft and cosy and the fire warm, there was a shrilling chill in the air. When you voiced your opinions, the leader merely chuckled and scooped you into his beefy arms, pressing you right up against his chest. You squeaked loudly and your hands shot up to push him off — to no avail, obviously. The man was a gorilla. He could not even be budged. 
“We keep each other warm,” he said, loosening his hold enough for you to huff and turn around. If you were going to sleep with him, your back was going to be warm first! He draped himself over you and was big enough to turn himself into a make-shift blanket. Despite his body warmth, you were still a bit cold and your feet numbed with the cold. But you were a stubborn bitch and you said nothing about it. If they can sleep in the cold, so can I!
- No, you couldn’t, and everyone learnt that lesson when you ended up sick the day after, unable to walk a step without collapsing. They were forced to set up camp and tended to your every need with a creepy amount of worry and guilt.
- When you do get pregnant, they will be the worst you have ever seen. This would have been the first time children would be born into their tribe in the past two generations. They are at your beck and call and are constantly worrying and stressing about your health. They will carry you whenever your feet start to ache (not that they already don’t), they will set up camp for however long once your belly grows to a rate where you are no longer able to walk, and they might just set up their camp next to a village who are on alert at all times. I mean, who wouldn’t be? If the nomadic warriors set up camp and demand for a midwife and doctor to constantly check on their bride? You’d be scared, too! God forbid the child or wife dies from birth complications. 
- But the sex is to die for. They are very very skilled lovers and the tribe mostly consists of middle aged men and women who prioritise your pleasure above their own. Not to mention they look like god sent warriors with their scars and the men with stubbles or beards know just how to eat you out to have their beards and stubble tickle you into an orgasm.
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schwarmerisch · 13 days ago
uhh can i request xiao, red velvet and for the word "desperate"?
Tumblr media
request 2: anonymous asked "Red Velvet with Xiao? hehehehe"
this event has ended! i will not be accepting any new requests for it!
you can find the event masterlist here
i went ahead and combined both of these requests bc one didn't add a word they wanted.
notes: yandere, gn reader, not s/fw, non/dubcon, somnophilia
Tumblr media
You could never guess what was going through his head. The dead eyed stare he gave you was ever staying. Trying to get him to show you anything else was like attempting to move a mountain. It seemed his will was in becoming one of the many stones of Liyue. He was immoveable on that.
But he liked it. He couldn't explain the feeling it gave him when you fret over him, when you begged him to speak, when you asked him to smile for you just once. He could never bring himself to cave to your demands for the worry you would leave him as soon as you had your fill. He wanted you coming back, wanting something from him.
Xiao, how abominable he was socially had no clue the actual message he was sending to you. He was far from adept at the mortal art of relationships. From his cold stance, you assumed he simply wanted nothing to do with you. He barely talked when you tried to chat with him, he vehemently denied showing you any indication he felt anything toward you other than deep-seeded frustration.
In your eyes, he wanted you out of his life. You knew how to take a hint.
What an awful thing you've done to him. You lead him on so willingly only to slide through his grasp like dust.
Not once, not ever would the worlds ever leave his lips, but the facts were undeniable. He was desperate. Such mortal trifling should be of no concern to him.
Yet here he was, hovering over your peacefully unaware body, ready and waiting to enact his vengeance for the state that you've reduced him.
You really made the best faces when you were asleep.
Your legs hitched limply around his waist, his mouth occupying every bit of skin his hand could not. Your hair splayed out over your pillow, and your chest rose and fell so calmly despite every bit of energy he thrust into you. Your lips, parted so slightly, and full and soft-looking, you couldn't blame him for beginning to devour you whole.
He wondered what it'd be like to take you awake, fucking you, stretching you out like he's longed to since the moment he laid eyes on you. What would make you scream, moan, whimper his name?
Your body was quite formidable. He hadn’t woken you up…even if there was a part of him that wished you would.
Yet he doubted that'd last long with his waning self-control. This soft, pliant fucking was barely enough to please him, far from enough to sate him.
Ah, what would it look like when you woke up to him, the yaksha who held you so dearly?
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belovedyandere · 15 days ago
title; the noblemen’s temptation
summary; nobleman Diluc spots you at the soirée, and follows you to a room. this will be a night to remember.
tw; noncon, mention of forced marriage
warning; contains nsfw
Tumblr media
The both of you had locked eyes with one another, both across the room and both sending a pleased smile to each other. The regal party had gone on for hours, and you were more than ready to leave. You attended to represent your household name, yet your parents tagged along to guide you throughout the party so it would assist them in bettering their connections with others. You were acquainted with a handful of those that attended, and one that you had associated more so than others was the noblemen Diluc Ragnvindr. Popular for his winery, but mainly his good looks, the two of you shared several conversations. To you, he was someone you could enjoy speaking to without the need for being posh. You planned to speak with him at least once before leaving this soirée but for now, you were being called to meet another family.
He was glad— no, he was ecstatic to find you at the party. And oh to see you lock eyes with him and smile, how could he ever resist you? Many people would create a conversation merely for beneficial contracts, but you? No, you never had that stained and greedy heart. No, you were dignified and undeniably alluring. The way you spoke so eloquently and how you would become so energetic over a topic you felt passion for. Ahh, he needed to stop himself from thinking any further or else he may expose his lust and greed in front of everyone. His red eyes followed your movements, and they glowed with hatred at those who would practically throw themselves at you. How shameful. Do they not know that you were above people as lowly as them? Well, no matter. It was always easy to extinguish someone from your life. Rumours would do wonders to tarnish a person’s life, and he would do that in a heartbeat if it meant you wouldn’t spare them a glance.
Lifting his non-alcoholic drink, he was about to have a taste but stopped himself when he saw you walking out the doors on your own but not without gifting him a glance, tipping your head slightly motioning for him to follow. His eyes widened, and instantaneously he dropped his glass, not giving a second thought when it shattered and trailed behind you like a dog following his master. He was in a trance. Even from your backside you were enticing.
You entered into one of the rooms that were empty, and moments later he followed. “I’m glad to see you at the party, Diluc.” Even the way you said his name. How could a simple thing such as you saying his name tempt him so?
“How could I miss it? Especially when my parents gave me no other choice.” You nodded in agreement and walked over towards him with a smile, “Did you see Lady Dionne? She had to fake a faint just so Lady Elias would catch her! Honestly, I pity Elias, she has to deal with women and men trying to claim her constantly.” You giggled at recalling the scene, however Diluc didn’t share the same amusement. No, he was too busy in awe when he heard your laugh. Everything you did was truly…magnificent. He took a step closer, closing the gap between the two of you. His hand trailing up to your chin, resting under it and his thumb separating your bottom lip from the top. Taking the chance, Diluc planted a kiss but he couldn’t part with it so he began to go further by entering your mouth.
You froze from the sudden contact, but you had completely shut down the moment his lips met yours. Once his tongue entered, you finally gained some sense and used all your might to push him off you. Your cheeks flushed and your hand went to your lips instinctively. You looked at him stunned and he stared back at you but his eyes were full with yearning. He couldn’t end it like this, not when he already had a taste. You wanted it too, right? He know you do. The way your eyes lingered on him and how you would smile at him. Of course you wanted him to have you.
His legs took steps towards you, but you turned to see if there was another exit. However, you turning your back on him was a mistake. Grabbing you by the arms, he pushed you against the wall and the sudden impact left you disoriented momentarily.
Without missing a beat, Diluc had already pulled down your undergarments, revealing yourself to him. The way your body was pushed up against the wall with your legs spread apart just for him so he was able to see everything down there and the way your eyes became glassy from the tears surfacing— he had come to a realisation. You were a seductress. No man nor woman would be able to deny you.
He made sure not to miss a single detail for he would want to recall the first night he had you, though he hadn’t thought it was going to be this way. Unzipping his pants, he positioned himself behind you and gently entered you. You were tight and warm, clenching around him like you were welcoming him and never wanting to let him go. This feeling was heavenly for him. “(Y/N)…! Even your body treats me well.” The moment he thrusted within you, it felt like you had woken up. You started your attempts in shaking him off of you but he couldn’t let you go. His hand grabbed your necklace and began to pull it towards him leaving you to struggle to breathe while feeling his cock throb inside you. “Now now, don’t you think that is improper, (Y/N?)” He asked lowly behind your ear, his movements leading to faster and much harder thrusts.
The intensity of his thrusts combined with you struggling to catch your breath made it all the more harder to use your strength. But all plans to push him off of you fell out the door once he had hit a specific spot. You gasped and trembled, the shockwaves of pleasure travelling around your whole body. Diluc caught on and started to target that one spot, your hole getting tighter every time he hit it. “I am going to have you, (Y/N) and once I do, this will be us. Me fucking you senseless no matter the time, day or place. You cannot deny me, my darling.” Thrust after thrust, he felt like an animal and you were the one thing that could make him go insane with longing for you. With a few more thrusts, he finally came inside you and you cummed over his cock. You trembled from the release, the pleasure still lingering within you. Diluc’s hold on your necklace loosened and after a few minutes of staying inside you, he finally pulled out, stepping back and watching you use the wall as support to hold you up. Your bottom half convulsed while his and your own liquids mixed together and slid down your leg.
“Our families will be quite pleased with our arrangement, my darling— no…my spouse to be.”
Tumblr media
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