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Yandere m!Jock x f!Reader | SMUT/NSFW/⚠️18+
Lucky Charm
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: non-con/dub-con, possessiveness, obsessiveness, abusive relationship(no hitting), slight gore(not on reader), alcohol, oral sex, degradation, praise, mirror sex, fingering, forced relationship, manipulation, blackmail, slight homophobia(f-slur is used once), public sex,
Summary: from the outside all you seem to be is the quarterback’s sweet, supportive girlfriend, but anyone who took a closer look could see otherwise. unfortunately for you, anybody who notices would rather keep it to themselves than help you in favor of saving their own skin, just what you get for getting the attention of the most influential player on the team.
Author’s note: this work was partially inspired by this one by yandermis, and by one other that I, unfortunately, cannot find. Also, AAAHHH! DON’T DO THIS! This is one of the most realistic non-cons I’ve done yet! If you find yourself in a situation even REMOTELY similar to this one please seek help! There are people out there who can help you! Remember loves❤️, the only good sex is consensual sex. There is a difference between fantasy and reality, it is okay to fantasize about non-con but actually experiencing it is straight up RAPE. Non-con is just a nicer way to say rape on Tumblr. Stay save loves❤️ ALSO NO PICTURES ABOVE BELONG TO ME!!!
The crowed roared as your boyfriend’s team scored another point. The players cheered with them, celebrating.
Under any normal circumstances you would be cheering along with them. But no, all you could do was watch in anticipation, anxiety coursing through your veins.
Despite the small victory, the scores were still close, making you nervous.
Usually you wouldn’t care who won. You’ve never been a big sports fan in the first place, but when you met your boyfriend everything changed.
When the two of you had first met he teased you often, taking things from you and holding them high above your head to the point that even if you were standing in your toes you couldn’t reach it. He’d tell you that the only way he would return it is if you kissed him on the cheek. Seeing no other option and already being late to where you had to go, you did it, and then scurried off.
This was just one of the many inappropriate things he did.
When walking by you in the halls with his friend group he would grab your ass, making you jump. He would drape his arm around you for no other reason than, “wanting to be close to his girl” as he called it.
The two of you weren’t even dating by this time, not to mention you had made it blatantly obvious that you were not interested. Sure he was attractive, hot even, but you personally just did not vibe with who he was.
The day he decided that the two of you were dating was the day when he caught you off guard and alone. He pushed you up against the wall and kissed you deeply. You tried to wiggle out of his grasp but the man was BUILT and refused to let you go.
Afterwards, when you attempted to tell someone about this, he stopped you before you could even get a word out. He pulled you to the side in an undisclosed area and gave you one of the most terrifying looks you’ve ever seen in a man.
“You’re mine. Mine, y’hear? You try and leave me and there will be consequences.” He told you.
When you challenged him and asked what kind of consequences there would be, he showed you what he had on you.
How did he even find out about that? Nobody knew about that, how could he have found out?!
He threatened to tell everyone if you tried to leave him, and with that little bit of blackmail…you were his.
Ever since then he referred to you as his “luck charm.”
The first time he called you this, it was just a few minutes before his first game of the season. He lead you back to the empty sports locker rooms where he laid you down on one of the benches and went down on you.
It was the first time anyone had given you oral like that. He sucked gently on your clit and used his fingers to play with your opening. You couldn’t help the cries that left your lips as he mercilessly toyed with you.
He worked you through your orgasm swiftly and left you there a blushing, sweaty mess.
Before he left, he told you to “Pray I win princess because of I don’t, I won’t be as forgiving.”
And that was the start of your little routine as his lucky charm. He did this before every game as if it would grant him good fortune. You learned quickly that he expected you to meet him in the lockers ten minutes before his game where he would eat you out as a ‘warmup’ for what was to come later.
After his games he would always fuck you. The first time he did you were so scared. You were a mess and you couldn’t stop yourself from shaking even when he was barley touching you. Your heart was pounding in your ears and he noticed this. Thankfully he had won that first game and was more gentle than he would have been if he hadn’t.
In fact, he was very gentle, took you back to his place and everything. He wouldn’t admit it but he wanted you to feel good too, he took things slowly for your first time. Whispering praises in your ear as he slowly thrusted his hips against yours
“You’re doing so well. Just a little longer baby. Just keep whining for me. Ah~ you make me feel so good. You’re taking me so well princess. Ugh…yes, just like that. Oh…oh don’t move, I…I’m…Ah~” and as much as you begged him through teary eyes not to, he finished deep inside of you.
Ever since then, after every game he would do the same. You prayed he would win them each time, because if he did, you learned he was much more gentle than if he didn’t. If he won he was very gentle, granted still rough, but it was definitely better than if he lost a game.
And god help you if he lost.
He would be pissed. He was a very competitive man and would march over to you and not let you leave his side for the rest of the night. Of course he was always like that, but his grip around your waist or on your wrists was far harsher than usual.
The thing is, if he won a game he would wait till the two of you got back to his place before he had his way with you. He’d drive you there and use one of his hands to play and stimulate you so that you’d be ready as soon as the two of you got back.
But when he lost the two of you wouldn’t even be out of the parking lot before he was pounding into you from behind. He wouldn’t even prepare you, he’s just slam you down, face first into the back seat of his car, pull down your pants or lift your skirt and just go to town.
In those moments, you were thankful for his ‘warmups’ he insisted on carrying out before every game.
He was far crueler too, instead of his usual praises he would degrade you as if you were a common whore.
“Yeah, you like that slut?! Fuck! You’re so fucking tight! I bet you secretly like this don’t you?! Ugh-fucking whore. Pretending like you don’t want this just so I’ll fuck you harder. Ugh! Are you really that much of a slut for my dick?! Heh…f…fucking pathetic-Ah! Shit!” He would talk nonstop throughout the round up until the moment he came where his voice would begin to tremble and he’s go completely silent. All while you’d be practically screaming at the top of your lungs.
You’d always end up a sobbing mess from the emotional turmoil, in which case he would be sure to cuddle you until your crying stopped and would drive the two of you back to his place before fucking you more gently this time. His twisted way of an ‘apology.’
You were either his reward for winning, or a way for him to let off steam.
There was really no in between when it came to him. He’d either fuck you dumb and degrade you, or make love to you, rather roughly but still sweetly, and praise you.
However, tonight was different, because tonight, some common drunk didn’t quite understand who exactly you belonged to.
You sighed in relief as the game ended, his team being three points ahead. A very close call.
His team cheered and all got together with their friends and significant others.
Your boyfriend ran up to you and kissed you deeply in celebration. You had learned over the past few months of being his little lucky charm that he expected you to kiss back, and you did.
He wrapped his arm around you possessively and took you with him to converse with his friends.
You stayed silent throughout the whole conversation, only giving the awkward smile here or there. You missed your own friends, but he isolated you from them. He couldn’t handle the idea of you hanging out, or even talking with, other people other than him. And if you did hang out with someone it had better be while he was there to make sure they didn’t try anything.
He didn’t care if they were male or female, in his eyes, everyone was a threat, which was part of the reason why he would always be touching you in some way. No matter where the two of you were or who you were with, he’d always have his arm slung around your shoulders or waist, or simply holding your hand was enough for him, so long as it was clear to everyone one that you were his.
As you stood obediently by his side, you got his attention to let him know you were going to use the restroom.
“Be quick about it.” He ordered, before kissing the top of your hair and reluctantly letting you go.
You made your way to the public bathroom building and saw a couple making out on the side of the building. You paid them no mind, just ignoring them and making your way inside of the dirty building. Once you were finished you began making your way back and noticed the girl from earlier was alone.
She looked pissed and seemed to be angrily tapping away at her phone, most likely texting someone. Complaining to her friend perhaps?
You wondered how badly the dude must have screwed up to go from making out with the girl to have her venting about him in under five minutes. But you didn’t have time to come up with theories before your path was blocked by the same guy.
“Um…hello.” You awkwardly greeted.
“Hey babes, what’s a pretty thing like you doing over here?” He was drunk, really drunk.
“Um…just minding my business.” You stated bluntly trying to walk around him, be blocked your path again “Excuse me.” You said whilst attempting to get around him. He kept on getting in your way.
“Oh c’mon baby, I don’t bite. Listen, my girl was being a bitch and I’m lonely.” He whined.
This guy didn’t seem dangerous to you, just desperate. The only thing you were afraid of was his alcohol levels which could make him more violent than usual. You did recognize him. He’s been at the games before and he seemed like a pretty decent dude, that still didn’t excuse this behavior though.
“Sorry, I have to get back to my boyfriend, he’s waiting for me.” You told him, managing to slip by and begin walking back to the field.
You were suddenly stopped when your wrist was harshly grabbed. “Boyfriend? Aw, don’t tease me like that bunny.”
“Let go of me!” You firmly warned, pulling your writing back.
He just rolled his eyes and threw your wrist back at you. “Whatever, fuckin’ bitch.” He uttered, before taking and other sip from the beer in his hand.
“What’s going on here?” A familiar voice said from behind you.
You turned around and saw your boyfriend standing over the two of you.
“Nothing.” You told him before trying to walk off. He just caught you in his arms and spun you so your back was against his chest while he held you close.
“No, no obviously something is going on. Who the fuck is this guy?”
“Listen man, I didn’t mean no harm. My girl was being a bitch and I just wanted to see if yours could give a guy the time of day.” The man explained. He seemed bored, as if he hadn’t’ve just tried to get with the girl of the most temperamental man you have ever met.
“So what you’re saying is is that you tried to fuck my girlfriend?” He asked, his voice surprisingly calm.
“Heh, why you offering?” The rando jokingly asked.
You were suddenly let go of and witnessed your boyfriend begin to beat the ever living shit out of this guy. It was a secluded area, dark and there wasn’t anyone around, otherwise he probably would have waited to knock the guy out.
All you could do was watch. You were far to frightened to stop him. Your hands were shaking and your knees felt weak. Once word hand gotten out that the two of you we’re together, nobody tried to mess with you. This was the first time a guy flirted with you since your boyfriend entered your life and you were terrified of what he’d do to you.
Would he get angry? Blame you? Finally give into his anger and hit you? He’d never done it before but you felt like he was close to it sometimes.
You worried if he was too delusional to think properly, to see how this wasn’t your fault.
Once he had finished you didn’t dare look at the bloodied body. Was he dead? Knocked out? Still conscious and feeling everything your boyfriend had inflicted on him?
You didn’t have time to find out before your boyfriend violently tugged on your wrist and lead you back towards the stadium.
He was walking in a different direction than you expected, he was taking you underneath the bleachers where who knows what goes on.
He was mumbling to himself, you didn’t hear much of it but what you did hear was along the lines of, “trying to have his way……unbelievable……like a piece of meat……my girl…….like some common whore…….dead by tomorrow……god damn faggot.”
You were terrified.
“Hey…I…I didn’t try to-I wasn’t. I tried to get away from him.” You explained.
The two of you were underneath the bleachers now, be pushed you against one of the metal posts. There were scattered cigarettes and joints everywhere, the floor was slightly muddy and a broken mirror laid a few feet from the two of you.
“Did I ever say I blamed you?! God you really are dense huh?!” He raged. He only implied you were dumb when he was truly pissed. “God I should go back there now and finish him while he’s down.” He was squeezing your arms so tightly, you knew they would be bruised.
He quickly shot his hand inside of your underwear and shoved two fingers in your pussy, not bothering to prep you. That was what your little warm ups before the game were for anyways.
You yelped at the sudden intrusion but was quickly silenced when smashed his lips onto yours. He moved his fingers in and out of you while his tongue played with yours.
He managed to shake off his pants, leaving him in his boxers. He still had his football jersey on, you didn’t think he’d bother to take it off. When he fucked you out of rage he never usually took off all of your cloths, just to desperate to get to your pussy.
He practically ripped you away from where he had you pinned and turned you around. The two of you were facing the mirror now.
“Look away and I won’t hold back.” He threatened in your ear before continuing to fondle you.
‘Like he wasn’t going to already,’ you thought.
“Wait…wait not here!” You pleaded. “Someone might see.”
“If they do they won’t live to tell the tale.” He muttered, taking your shirt from your body and discarding it to the ground.
God, this man was capable of killing. You didn’t want to think about what he could do to you, how much he was holding back even while fucking you roughly. You were too scared to defy him. Too terrified to do anything other than what he demanded.
Would he get fed up with you one day and end up killing you? You didn’t know. You didn’t want to think about it. All you could do was take what he put out like an obedient slave.
He tore your jeans and underwear off, leaving you in only a bra. Be grabbed you by your hips which caused you to lean over slightly, the two of you still standing up.
He took a fistful of your hair and thrusted into you.
“AAH-” you yelp, squeezing your eyes shut.
He began to thrust into you at a rapid pace, his grunts and groans filling your ears while you desperately tried to keep your voice as quiet as possible.
He took hold of the underside of your jaw and leaned his lips to the lobe of your ear. “Eyes. Up.” He told you.
You quickly did as he said, looking up to the mirror where you saw him relentlessly fucking into you.
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes as you took it.
“God, look at you, my fucking angel.” He whispered before placing a kiss to your cheek and peppering your shoulder with love bites.
He abruptly stopped his movements and moved the two of you two your knees, you kept a firm gaze on the mirror while he held you up against his chest where he began to thrust into you again. He reached his hand around and began to circle your clit with his middle finger.
The feeling was euphoric. He wasn’t speaking as much as he usually did, he wasn’t even degrading you which was different. Usually when the two of you would have rough sex he’d degrade you until you were crying, but he wasn’t this time despite his rough actions.
“Oh…oh god!” You whined.
“Yeah, yeah just keep whining for me. Keep looking beautiful like that.” His eyes seemed to be staring into your soul through the mirror.
Eventually he got bored with the position and flipped you over and slammed you onto the dirt ground.
“Goddamnit! You see what you do to me?!” And he thrusted back into you. He held your legs open for him while his pace only seemed to grow rougher.
“Wait! Wait you’re…ah~ you’re going too-too fast!”
“Am I? To bad baby, you’re gonna take it. I know you like it. Stop trying to convince me that you don’t like our little sessions before and after my games. Your body betrays your mind love.”
A stray tear began to fall down your cheek but the man above you bent down and quickly licked it up before it could get far. He let out a moan and uttered your name into your ear.
You couldn’t help but clench around him when you heard that, only making him more eager.
“Look at me.” He ordered, not giving you a choice since he just grabbed your face and turned you to look at him directly in the eye.
“You belong to me. Nobody else. You only talk to me, only look at me, only touch me, only think of me. Everything you do from here on out will only involve me.” He went on and on about how he wanted to be the only person, only thing in your life.
You felt trapped, and not just by his arms that caged your body, this man had practically took you prisoner. And nobody noticed.
If this was his reaction to someone else trying to take you away from him…you seriously didn’t want to see what he was willing to do if you, yourself tried to get away. All you could do was take it…like he said.
Unfortunately for you he made it so easy to take. The way he thrusted. The way he connected his body to yours. You wished he was more selfish, you wished he was more concerned with his own pleasure, at least then it would make it easier to hate when he fucked you like this.
But he was just so good at it. Giving you attention. Making sure you felt good to, even if it was a little painful at times.
He was even, I guess you could say ‘considerate’ when he was pissed off. If he was just fucking you to let off some steam he never left you unsatisfied, even if he came first. If he came first and was all fucked out but you still had yet to finish, he’d go down on you until you were shivering underneath him.
This time was no different. As he thrusted into you, waves of pleasure washed over your body. It almost felt as if the ocean water was crashing down on you.
“I love you.”
And that sent you over the edge. You didn’t expect to react that way. Those three words, he had never said them to you before. You never expected him to. You thought you were just some toy.
You wrapped your arms around him tightly as your body shook violently from the intense orgasm those words caused you to have.
It was humiliating.
He continued to fuck himself into you for only a few more seconds before he finished himself, your own orgasm sending him over the edge.
“Ah~ Ah-oh fuck! Oh shit! Ah…baby…aah….hmmm.” He groaned.
The two of you stayed still for a minute, simply enjoying each other’s warmth. He was at least.
This man…this man who took you, took your innocents, took your body, stole you away from your friends and family, isolating you from them. This greedy greedy man whom you hated, and now look at you. Desperately cling on to him like he was your life line. As if you’d fall if you let go of him.
Truly pathetic.
But I’m his eyes, it was beautiful. He had won. He caught you, and now you were his. Only his.
His little lucky charm.
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yandere-romanticaa · 2 days ago
❝ i could be a better boyfriend than him, i could do the shit that he never did. ❞
yandere! light yagami x fem! reader.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He sat in his usual spot at his desk, the room would have been pitch black had the lamp not illuminated his surroundings. The notebook was placed neatly in front of his as he stared down at it, his hand just itching to grab the pen and scribble the bastard's name down and give him the gruesome death he saw fit. Light Yagami never imagined that he could ever succumb to the ridiculous feeling known as jealousy but the universe was testing him, clearly.
Light was smitten with you, shamelessly so, and he wanted you so bad that it was unreal. You were another reason why he was doing what he was doing, why he was purging the world of its filth, taking out the trash if you will. You were so sweet to him, it was hard for him to keep his head clear sometimes because of you. He would often laugh at himself for being so weak for you, but he really couldn't help himself, you were just that special.
Which is why he can't comprehend the fact that you decided to date that loser boyfriend of yours.
He was angry, downright infuriated with how that moron just decided to sweep you off your feet and ruin Light's plans. You were supposed to be his by now, you were supposed to me hopelessly in love with him that it would drive you insane. Light would be good to you, he knew that he would.
But he saw this situation as a challenge of sorts.
With a heavy heart but a determined mind, Light decided that he would indeed play this game that was set up. He wasn't going to go for the easy way out, not yet. He wanted to prove to himself, to you, that he was the ideal option, that he was your prince charming, that no one would ever come close to him and his affections for you. He was already down bad, so there really was no going back for him anyway.
It was time for the games to commence, yeah?
Tumblr media
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mayullla · 2 days ago
Hi hi! My team comp is Xiao, Venti, Zhongli, Shogun! All archons and the adopted son of one :D
Tumblr media
Note: Hello Hello~! ^^)/
Team Comp: Xiao, Venti, Zhongli and Raiden Shogun / Ei
Dear, sometimes Venti wonders if it was a bright idea to make someone who was not archon the main dps... Really you could just feel the tension in the air sometimes. While Zhongli was proud that someone from Liyue was your main dps particularly someone that he even trust, and with how often Zhongli tells Xiao to always keep you safe, you would think that he was content but Venti knew the old man the longed and he saw the envy and jealousy in the old archon’s eyes.
Ei was no better, Venti thought that out of the three archons she was the most hostile towards Xiao for being your main. Venti could see that she was pushing herself to hit numbers similar to Xiao just so you would pick her instead of him.
And Venti himself keeps a smile on his face even if he was envious of your attention towards Xiao and sometimes he would jab Xiao when you aren't there with the excuse that he was under the influence of alcohol and then soon apologize. Only to then repeat the next day.
All the while Xiao either didn't notice all this or choose to be ignorant it, Venti couldn't decide. Sure Xiao noticed Ei's hostility towards him and choose not to back down to her challenge, and he would just sigh when Venti jabs him with insults as if almost disappointed when he is “drunk.” He didn't understand that they want to be with you fighting just as much as him, and that it was just for protecting you but being with you. But the boy was ignorant to Zhongli’s envy and Venti wonders when you or Xiao would ever notice it.
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drabbledealer · a day ago
No but hear me out 😭
Imagine yandere emperor zhongli who doesn’t allow you to the leave the palace or the entire empire at all
You get lost in the palace as you try to escape, you can't see him but you can hear his voice as it bounces off the walls. He tells you there's no escape, that this is your home now. You keep running but as you do you look behind to see if he's behind you. Suddenly you bump into something and fall down, for a second you feel hope as you think that it must be a door. But soon you felt despair as glowing amber eyes stare down at you.
"Caught you~"
My asks are open to yandere ideas, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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yandere-toons · 13 hours ago
Yandere Mr Wolf, Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, Mr Shark, Ms Tarantula (Platonic & Romantic Headcanons)
TW: Mentions of Violence & Murder, Implied Stalking/Cyberstalking, Mention of Robbery, Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - Yippee-Ki-Yay.
Tumblr media
Each member of this criminal gang thinks of themselves as the unspoken favourite, and their methods for proving it can either work well together or end in chaos. Ms Tarantula crashes a stock market of their friend's choosing while Mr Shark hands them a push pop so they can cool off and watch Wall Street panic at the same time. The real conflict begins with Mr Piranha dubbing himself the favourite as soon as their friend says anything positive about him, which is seen as a challenge by Mr Wolf, who steps in to call himself the favourite because he introduced the friend to the rest of the group.
Mr Snake broods in the background of most of these contests, only getting involved when one of his teammates or the fighting itself is hijacking his time with their friend. He seizes the opportunity to ask them if they want to hunt guinea pigs together and deliberately chooses a spot far away from the other members. The rest of the crew finds him anyway thanks to Ms Tarantula's skill in tracking their friend through surveillance cameras, but if anyone doubts him, Snake blames the guinea pigs for running away instead of admitting that he did not want any chance of someone else coming along.
Mr Wolf enjoys prying into their friend's personal life and making jokes about the information he receives to ease suspicions. It is his way of being prepared for anything that they may say or do to get out of a job, and if he catches them in a lie, Mr Wolf exposes it where his comrades can listen and add to the peer pressure. Even though Mr Piranha and Mr Shark tend to trust their friend without much difficulty, Mr Snake is a cynic. Plus, Ms Tarantula has their personal information on file, so she can fact-check any story they give.
If their friend is seeking to deny any involvement with the crew, its members conspire to make this as difficult as possible. Mr Wolf tosses a stolen pearl to them from the window of the escape car, Piranha does not stop waving until the car turns the corner, and Tarantula probes the traffic cameras to plan each crime around when they will be present. Shark chats about life with their friend when he is supposed to be undercover or on the lookout for security, which results in a balagan on the comms as half the team tells Shark to focus and the other half asks questions about what their friend is doing.
Snake is of the mind that their mutual friend should be the one reaching out to him, but he will not be stopped by police sirens or a blaring alarm when he has something to say to them. He is rather mean-spirited, especially when he feels betrayed, so Mr Snake is not above public humiliation by way of tossing a piece of evidence at them that places them under the suspicious eye of the law. Crushing their reputation until they have to resort to crime to pay the bills is his fallback plan, one that his teammates come to support before Mr Wolf has a change of heart.
Despite his cantankerous attitude towards their partner interacting with people outside of the crew, Snake is ready to threaten and bully whoever fails to give them what he considers their due. Piranha is equally poised to attack others for doubting their partner and evoking any kind of negative emotion in them. However, Piranha's impulsiveness and Snake's hostility have led to many unnecessary fights and close calls.
A common situation would involve this: Snake eats someone for jaywalking in front of their friend's car and nearly causing them to crash. Piranha cheers for him in the background, while Mr Shark performs the Heimlich maneuver on Snake to force him to cough up the latest victim. Mr Wolf then charms their way out of another attempted murder charge, schmoozing any witnesses and first responders just long enough for Tarantula to wipe the camera footage.
Piranha believes that they are privy to his inner thoughts and assumes that anything they say or do in his presence is directed at him. He either forgets or does not understand why this may affect how they react to him sprinting at them with a handful of flowers still wet from the vase he broke. Along with Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha is the type who likes to take the microphone from Tiffany Fluffit and repeat a special message to their partner on national television while bags of stolen money are draped over his back and Mr Snake is shouting at him to get in the car.
Governor Foxington condemns the Bad Guys' actions in public, but in private, she advises Mr Wolf to stop the chase and argues that he and his team are jeopardising their own redemptions. While their partner is swimming in bad publicity and cannot turn the TV on without hearing Rupert Marmalade bash them for being an alleged accomplice to the Bad Guys, Mr Wolf holds a team meeting. He discusses how to win their partner's loyalty and takes suggestions that include everything from bribing them with gold bars to robbing their place of employment until they seek alternative work.
The bait is taken in an unexpected way when Chief Luggins jumps at the obvious connection and issues an APB on their partner, charging them with conspiracy to commit grand theft and calling for their arrest. Piranha and Shark are infuriated by the news and start plotting an explosive jailbreak within seconds of hearing it, but Wolf and Tarantula urge their teammates to pursue more subtle methods. Snake is bitter about the fact that their partner has not officially joined the team and suggests that the crew should let them sit in a cell for a few days.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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yandermis · a day ago
could you write some monster and/or breeding concepts pls 💗💗💗
I'm a sucker for breeding, especially monsters. I was only like sorta confused, cause I wasnt sure on what type of monster so I did a stereotypical monster, (cough cough lycan werewolf thingy), aswell I wasn't sure if you wanted like monster sex, so I had them be able to transform into a human with wolf like properties. [Definitely thought about writing about a tentacle monster OR OR the monster under the bed] ANYWAYS! I hope you enjoy and thank you for the request!
Tumblr media
❝Right time and Wrong place❞
♧Published: 05.14.2022
♧X Female Reader♧
♧Noncon, Breeding, Implied Kidnapping, Knots, Lycan/Monster♧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Count as being at the wrong place at the right time
You should've listened to your mother when she told you to return before sundown, that the next village over wasn't that far away. That the creature could easily turn a five-hour carriage ride into an easy outta town trip. 
You really should've listened when she told you to be quick.
With begging lungs and tired legs as you ran deeper and deeper into the dark woods, cloak torn and face bloodied. Eyes filled with tears. Everything a blur as you ran. Though you weren't fast, nothing compared to the beast, the monster that hunted you. That followed you with ease. Jaws hungry for another bite of your flesh, the full moon shown high.
“You really ought to listen.”
The voice teases as you stumble into a well-concealed clearing, sobs, and pants for air forcing your body to stop for a moment. A moment you'd regret. A force strong and heavy against your back, knocking the wind from your lungs. Leaving you gasping and writhing in pain as the creature with piercing eyes pinned you to the ground. 
It lets you wiggle and cry, begging for your life. Watching you curiously, before stepping off you and circling you. A snack is what he came here for, something to eat for the time being, but you. With fearful eyes, a bloodied nose, and soiled face, he found you oddly beautiful. 
Watching you shudder in the cool wind. 
Count as being at the wrong place at the right time
You choke, hands clawing at the monster's wrists, legs pinned down by the monster's knees. Piercing eyes staring into yours, bringing you to tears, saliva rolling down the sides of your mouth, trying to breathe. One dirty bloody hand shoves into your mouth, his middle and ring finger flat against your tongue making you gag. 
“A human woman…” 
He mummers, a few seconds prior he was a creature of sorts, moving on all fours, acting as an animal, changing into a deranged human man, with the characteristics of a creature.
He stares at you with blown pupils, his nose brushing against your face, before pulling away. Allowing you to breathe, your chest heaving and shuddering. 
Nothing made sense
His sharp black nails easily ripping the front of your shirt,  your hands fly down and he easily catches them, shoving them away.
He makes you his.
With knees nearly up to your chest,  nails digging painfully into your thighs. Throat hoarse and skin bruised. You're his. His monstrous dick reaches deep with each painfully snap of his hips. His drool dripping onto your face, he doesn't hold back. 
It'll all seem like a blur.
With minutes molding into hours.
Pain that turns into pleasure, that turns back into pain
Filling you with his hot cum, his knot nestled deep inside you. He seems more than pleased. Ecstatic to have bred you.
Count this as punishment
You should've listened to your mother when she told you to return before sundown. Then maybe you wouldn't be claimed as his.
Tumblr media
©Yandermis 2022. Do not copy, modify, use without permission, or otherwise plagiarize in any way.
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random-yandere-fandom · a day ago
Akame ga Kill, how delightful!!! 💕❤️ If it's okay, mind writing up some headcanons about the Yeagers with a very bubbly, affectionate and cheerful s/o? I hope that's not too vague!
OH MY! OH HELL YEAH! Getting a request from you... wow... I'm... I... wow... Even if I haven't been active lately on tumblr in general, your blog has been one I've been following for a really long time and one I'd recognize in a heartbeat! 
Yandere Eren with a sunshine type of darling
Tumblr media
Eren is unsure how to act around you at first. Sure, there are happy go lucky kind of people, but the circumstances make it somewhat hard to meet someone who finds so much joy in this world. Your bright eyes and happy tone just don’t seem to fit into something like the military, but you make do and fight and work hard, so he supposes there is nothing wrong about that.
The hellish training makes everyone quite close but he has to admit that he has taken a liking towards you. You are not unnatural, you aren’t forcing yourself to act like someone you aren’t, instead you managed to hold onto a childlike curiosity and a big heart for the world around you despite the cruel reality you reside in, your cheerful attitude lighting up the atmosphere after a hard day. 
He will start to feel drawn to you, asking you if you could help him with training and vise versa, helping you and making sure you are not treated as harshly. The smile you send him when he aids you makes him grin just as brightly and he listens attentively while you excitedly talk to him about anything and everything. Before long the two of you are close friends.
His feelings will be quite obvious, especially with how he blushes and loses his composure as soon as your hands so much as brush together and with you hugging him regularly and his resulting stammering while he tries to calm his heart he will quickly become the target for a lot of teasing. You’ll eventually notice, too, and might even bring it up yourself the next time the two of you have a free minute.
The moment you tell Eren that you want to talk he is a wreck, his face blank as he silently follows you but his hands sweating revealing how nervous he is. As soon as you see it you reassure him before laughing awkwardly, quickly going over to confessing to him that you like him, too.
Eren will be incredibly happy and relieved, too. He was growing worried, he was feeling quite possessive but he was unable to reasonably make you rely on him more, spend more time with him and less with the others. This was perfect.
If you believed him to be the more awkward guy when it comes to affection, you can forget that. As soon as you are his he has to show it to everyone else too, always having an arm around your waist, your hand in his or at very least your shoulders touching. He still blushes every time you initiate though but is almost hasty to return just as fast, holding you just a bit tighter than he has too. You are finally his, you make his world brighter and happier and he will make sure that he makes yours as safe for you as possible.
Yandere Zeke with a sunshine type of darling
Tumblr media
In his world there aren’t many things that bring him joy. His smiles are more often than not fake and even though he believes himself to be friendly to others, there aren’t many that he is actually close to and cares for. So it comes as a surprise for him when he suddenly starts smiling when seeing things that remind him of you. One second he’s out shopping, the next he’s standing next to some strawberries with a dazed smile because you once shared some with him.
The realization will be pretty calm, he has no choice, he can not reveal his feelings because of multiple factors, yet at least. He will go about his normal day, with the only difference being that he bought a bit too much of the red berries, maybe he should ask you if you want some.
His flirting will be extremely subtle, while he does not want to burden you with someone like him whose days are numbered, he can’t help but enjoy your cheerful reactions when he offers to spend some time with him. Not so subtle is his blush when you suddenly hug him though he quickly gets himself under control, coughing and diverting your attention somewhere else.
His love will quickly spiral into obsession, he could listen to you talk on for hours and recount every single word you said afterwards. He’s an attentive listener, using everything you’ve told him to his advantage and he quickly becomes your closest friend, don’t mind the others that just get in your way of spending time together.
The thought of not confessing to you because, once again, you deserve someone who can offer you a safe future, is abandoned along the sidelines. Zeke tells himself that he could offer you even more and while that might be true with the special treatment he receives, it also puts you in a dangerous position. Most of his free time will be spend securing you and your future and whenever you smile so brightly at him, whenever you randomly wrap your arms around him and with every minute he spends with you he knows he made the right decision. 
This guy would honestly do everything for you, not that he would let it on. Instead you’ll only know him as your gentle and loving boyfriend who plans out fantastic dates, laughs at your silly jokes and becomes just as affectionate as you are. You know that he is in the military, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine him on the battlefield when he looks at you with such devoted eyes and an incredibly earnest expression.
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ziovxnia · 11 hours ago
So imagine if the reader becomes the life of a really crazy party, with singing and dancing and stuff and people are cheering her on and she’s having fun. How would yanderes Deku, Tanjiro and Rengoku(Separate) react?
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya
You're having fun!! That's all that matters. Just try to remember who you belong to. Don't make Izuku put you in your place in front of every party goer.
Sometimes he likes to join in with you, holding a tight grip on your wrists. He loves to see you smile and enjoying the life of the party.
No other person can get close to you, they wouldn't dare to. The death glare that they are given would have them six feet under.
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado
He's scared. With everyone surrounding you and you being the wild card, he's afraid that you might get carried away.
He tried to pull you away, whispering sick things into your ears. Gaslighting you into believing that people think you're embarrassing yourself.
Of course his words work, he feels a bit bad because of the look on your face but he's glad that he finally has you in his arms once again.
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
There's no way he's letting you go to a party. End of story.
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yan-bts · a day ago
Little one (jjk x reader)
👁‍🗨Part -4 👁‍🗨
For disclaimer and part 1 ,please refer to ⚜️part-1⚜️
Previous | Next
Tumblr media
An again tiring day you faced at school. Why can't student's pain can be understood by adults. The more and more generation goes by , the more and more toughness in studies can be faced by the students . This is the complaint that was always regarded as an excuse according to our teachers and parents. Life can be happy if you chose to be , not by how you day goes. With that pain, you went on your regular bus to go home as your school was over.
Skirts were the thing you didn't liked as it can trigger and attract many perverts , especially when you are on public bus going home. But the one you are really afraid if is a school boy around your age, but not as same school as you. As always the seat beside him is always free , but not anywhere else. You hated him , you sat beside him twice due to obligation and couldn't help but control your anxiousness as he always tried to have a convo with you . Never really looking at you , but somewhere else. His eyes were always on your chest or below skirt.
You always ignored his words , eyes and his presence, even if he had a seat beside him , you never really sat next to him . Another ride and you could feel his eyes as always . Why can't everyone let me live in peace . Why you are the only one to suffer so much . Maybe you are facing a karma or you have done enough sins in past life to let you be the broken one in this life .
You came home with the glommy mind . Ready for today's study session , but you know how much you study , you never had your name in the toppers list. “Mom , I am home” . You informed , you knew that she doesn’t care actually.
You got into your bedroom to change your clothes , only to be shocked by seeing someone sitting on your bed. You stiffened as that person’s eyes finally noticed you. “Hey” . He said with a sweet tone that can melt a girl’s heart. But for you , this was more than a nightmare. “You careless girl , you haven’t told me that the schools topper is here to teach you, even your sir informed me, pay attention in class you lazy hag” . Your mom came to the door and shouted at you .You swear nobody informed you about that , but you knew that your mom would never believe you .
“Jung kook son , please teach her well and yes sorry to disturb you too , this lazy hag would not pass without your help , really thankful to you too”. The day couldn’t be bad , when your mom is insulting you in front of a scorer. “Don’t worry aunt , I will teach her ever well”. Jungkook was holding his anger so much , when she called you lazy hag , how much burden and pressure this old woman gives you for a small girl like you , he again saw how much scared you were leading him to feel more pleasured.
“If you want anything just call me , I am in the kitchen only , ok son”. Again a sweet tone which you never heard from her mouth for you . Why not she be this sweet with you , she always used this tone for your sister also. This hurts you more than not scoring good. Hopefully when you will become something in your life , when you will make her proud you will get to hear that.
“Y/N”. His deep husky voice called you , making you slightly shy and shiver . You turned around slowly and faced the boy , well actually a man. Even if he is in the same class as you , he is a man from his looks. “Jungkook , I-I guess I have s-said , no to y-you yesterday”. You recalled your memory about yesterday and you were 100 % sure you said no . “Well, you said no but looking at your condition , the teacher himself gave me the permission for it , and you can’t go against sir , right y/n”. You failed to notice the smirk , but still your unconscious brain flinched.
“Oh o-ok , as y-you say”. After saying this , you immediately went to take out the subject books from your bag and cupboard and he seems to notice your every move . You felt a little bit shy under his gaze too . Jungkook was noticing how much you were panicking to take out the books and being clumsy that you dropped a book but failed to notice . When you came to know that you forgot to take the pen from the cupboard , you practically ran towards it leading the book you dropped came in between and making you slip.
Jungkook knew that would happen , so he managed to catch you on time. On the other hand , you . Your soul was stiffed , being touched by a boy was such a big shock for you unlike other girls , whom are very comfortable . Being holded by jungkook is many girls fantasy , but for you it was a bad dream and you wants to get out of his grip as soon as possible. Your anxiety was building up once again , but you held yourself together and pushed him off you. You didn't know that why you're were afraid of people and more specifically him.
“Be careful , Y/N , don’t panic little girl , I don’t bite” . Hearing a nickname from his mouth made you shiver. You just nodded with hesitation ignoring his sweet tone. “Th-thank you , Jungkook” . With all the formality you bowed towards him. “You really is a very good girl , don’t you think?”. “Sor-sorry”. You didn’t knew how to respond to such comments , you lacked social skills like that .He chuckled seeing your clumsiness and awkwardness , maybe you were looking cute like that.
The study session was going smoothly, although you were wishing for it to stop and Jungkook leave you peacefully, but unfortunately you had to. Jungkook was getting out of hands all along for 1 and half hour when you were sitting beside him . “Remove your top”, you were not sure why he said or you heard it correct. “Huh?”, “I said remove your top and sit on my lap”. With no shame and guilt on his face he threw his wordings on your face . You were baffled, you couldn't process his words. You mindlessly thought , it maybe a nightmare but no , his evil expression suggested something else .
“Wh-what are you sa-saying ju-jungkook”, extremely tiny and scared voice you had that turned him on more and more. “Hmm , it looks like someone don't know about the physics test happened a week ago”. With a smirk he ended his words and you knew you were dommed , you were finished , how did he came to know that you bunked the test. He would use it against you ? Or he is indirectly threatening you ?
Watching you being all puzzled was his fav thing. He knew he won the war and now you will submit to him like a cute little cat you are . The thought of it alone made him thinking lewd. “Y-you don't have a-any e-evidence”. Awww his mind wondered how cute can be to think jungkook is that dumb . “Awwie is my baby looking for this?”. In his hand he had a photograph of you at a local park in school uniform. He knew if your mama would see it you were not having to see any daylight for the next few months. You looked so scared and small really right in front of him . Being threatened by him and almost tears in your face .
“Wh-what do y-you w-want . In a small teary voice you spoke”. “Didn't you heard me?” . You didn't knew that all these plans he made was just for you to be trapped in his arms. You were looking down as if you wanted to disappear and don't want to be standing rather just frozed. “Hurry babylove , or else this photo and your mom's reaction both would wait for you ahead” . You began to broke , you were having panic attack at this point . With all the courage you gathered and started unbuttoning the shirt you were wearing, you were beginning to afraid as if someone would walk in most likely your mom . Thankfully the door was locked.
For the first time you were feeling so defeated and powerless, everyone took advantage of you for not standing for yourself and being a careless failure . You accepted all of it , it is a punishment for you for bunking the physics test. You removed the top , giving the lusty man in front of you a full look of your bra and cleavage. Jungkook was losing his mind and was shocked by seeing you looked even more sexy than he imagined all night long.
With all the strength and courage you sat on his lap . You didn't even bothered to look at him as you knew that he would give you a smirk or a wink. You looked down in shame and sat on his lap. “Is my babygirl shy ?”. His voice in your ears tickled you making you shy and embarrassed. You didn't responded just hung your face low . “Awwie she is ! A small cutie is shy in front of daddy , but she don't know what she does to him even though she is wearing a cute pink bra”.
All these words were sugar coated in honey . You didn't knew that a failure like you can do this to a topper boy or maybe you are encountering a creepy boy and got used by him . Either way it was the fact screaming that you were dommed. He tried to reach for your neck with his lips , but you repulsed. It was making you uncomfortable and teary . He held your waist tight and pulled you back to kiss your neck . This time you didn't reacted as you knew the consequences would be devastating if you rejected him .
You gave in and along with his lips he trailed your neck and started sucking at the sweet spot , in order to leave a mark. Your eyes were right shut as if you didn't wanted but still giving in too much. His lips were drop wet on you and his toungue knew what he wanted to do with a subby like you. You won’t be able to hide the mark he would give right now and you were sure for it .
The door creaked open and you almost screamed but before you can , you heard a shrilly young voice. It was your sister standing right in front of you with a disgusted face and question mark. She was witnessing you and the School's hot boy like this , like she just got a nightmare. It was triggering her and making her jealous too. “Wtf ?, So you two making babies while mom is outside huh ? , Should I tell her that and the hell in my dreams I expected that from my ugly sister”. She was fuming with anger and ready to proceed to reach for phone probably calling mother.
“You know you should first reach for Charlie , maybe your married sugar daddy knows how to tackle the problem”. At this point of crying your eyes poped out if the socket what does he mean by married sugar daddy and why he is saying that to her sister. A lot of questions and fear ran to your mind. “H-how , TF you bastard”.Your sis snapped upon him making him smirk more and held you more tight.
Charlie was an income source for your sister and he sugar daddy which she kept the fact secret from everyone. Charlie was your father's very close friend and his partner in everything . He even attended many parties together with you and your family. He is a happily married man with a wife. But what just jungkook said was still a dream. Your sister and him together the thought itself made your nose scrunch up in disgusting manner . You couldn't believe it.
“From losing the virginity to the Louis Vuitton purses in your wardrobe should I tell this first to your mom then you can continue with ours”.You listening to the threat he was giving to your sister on his lap in an ashamed manner . Meanwhile your sister looked like her soul just got traded. Tears welded in her eyes , and in few seconds you saw her on her knees begging for him not to say anything.
You just wanted all this to be a dream , you were exhausted and ashamed to the point where you wanted to die. Jungkook nodded and let your sister go. Obviously your sister was a cock blocker which made him furious and mad and on top she called you ugly also what a bitch. He almost wanted to plunge a knife to her throat but seeing your little afraid state , it melted him to let go of her and play with you. She ain’t worth his time , it’s you .
“Awwie now me and you are alone small one , don't be scared”. The last words you hear before you passed out. All this was too much for you to handle.
💠To be continued💠
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yandere-daydreams · 3 months ago
Not-So-Scary Moments With The Yan. Genshin Boys.
Characters: Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Xiao, Scaramouche, and Ayato.
Word Count: 3.1k.
TW: Borderline Shitposting, Imprisonment, Unhealthy Relationships, Mentions of Physical Emotional Abuse, and Slight Codependency.
Tumblr media
He stalled in the doorway. “What is it, angelface?”
“I just wanted to ask…” You trailed off, fishing the empty glass vial out of your pocket. “Do you know what happened to my perfume?”
Childe turned away pointedly, dropping his eyes to the floor. Despite the dark sky, despite the raging snowstorm that’d only just let-up, he was fully dressed, his attention currently focused on his boots. “Nope. No idea. What’s perfume? Some new trend in Liyue?”
You hummed, leaning against the nearest wall. “I guess you won’t mind telling me where you’re going, then.”
“Oh, it’s uh— a mission! A big, secret mission, from the Tsaritsa herself.” He was a terrible liar, especially to you. His voice shook, he stumbled over his words, and his expression gave it all away – distracted, distant, vaguely pained in a way he couldn’t quite hide with a tense smile and a stilted laugh. “The messenger just left; you must’ve missed him. It’s very, very important, and very covert, so don’t ask me anything about it.”
“The Tsaritsa assigned you a mission personally? Out of all her harbingers, she came to you?”
“What can I say? She picks favorites.”
“And she sent out a messenger in the middle of the night, during one of the worst snowstorms of the season, to your cabin in the woods, miles out from the nearest village?”
“Happens all the time. You’ll get used to it, in a few months.”
“He came, told you everything you need to know about a mission so important you can’t tell me anything about it, and left while I was in the bath? Three rooms away? Which, by some miracle, was just far away enough for me not to overhear your conversation or notice we had guests at all?” You paused, taking a step closer and crossing your arms. “And none of this has anything to do with the fact that your breath smells like Inazuman Sakura Bloom?”
He opened his mouth, then closed it again just as quickly.
“You were taking so long, and you locked the door, and—” He slumped forward, pouting. “It smelled so much like you. I thought I could get away with a sip, but I didn’t realize the bottle would be so small, and I didn’t know when you’d come out, and I knew it’d burn a little but I didn’t think it’d actually hurt that much—”
“Do you want me to walk you to the healer?”
“Yes, please.”
No response, predictably.
“My love.”
Silence, utter and complete.
“Darling, light of my life, precious and only gem of my heart,” He sighed, knocking softly. “Please, open the door.”
You didn’t move, doing your best to keep your voice steady, monotone. “Section D, Clause IIII, Item 2.”
There was a moment of quiet, followed by a slow, agitated exhale. “But I am your husband.”
“I am married Morax, Lord of Geo, God of Contracts. I don’t know anyone named ‘Zhongli’.” A useless point of contention, but one that was easy to dig your heels into, to grasp and hold onto and refuse to let go until his annoyance bordered on anger, until you were on the precipice of earning something more dangerous than his irritation. It was petty rebellion, more a reminder of your stubbornness than any meaningful show of defiance, but after spending so long by Morax’s (now Zhongli’s, you supposed) side, you’d learned that nothing frustrated him more than being forced to play by his own rules. “You were the one who insisted that I never share my bed with anyone but my rightful, legal husband. I’m sorry you didn’t take the time to consider the weight of your demands.”
“You’re being—” A low growl, soft and throaty. “You know very well that ‘husband’ is a situational title, and I’d still technically be considered—”
“What's that? Did you die and come back as the God of Technicalities—”
There was a sharp, sudden crack from somewhere above your head – a scaled, taloned fist breaking through solid wood like damp paper. You stepped back, clasping your hands in front of you, preparing to plead innocent, but the harshness of his scowl as he tore down what was left of the ill-fated door stopped you from voicing your naivety.
“I think,” He said, taking you by your robes, his glare only growing more bitter at the sight of your beaming smile. “it’s time that we re-assess the terms of our contract.”
A sharp inhale, followed by an airy, hitched sigh. His back arched, briefly, then he bent forward, bracing himself against the mirror, resting his forehead against the glass. He tried to breathe, but it was shallow, hitched, more akin to a gasp than anything else, anything more substantial. He was flushed, his pale skin tinted red, and when he tried to straighten himself, to regain his dignity, he faltered quickly, failed even faster, his knees nearly buckling as he struggled to hold himself up, despite everything.
You loosened your grip on the corset strings. “…are you sure you’re alright?”
“I’m fine,” He snapped, barely glancing in your direction. “Keep going. I only have a few minutes before I’m supposed to be downstairs.
Right. You could already hear distant voices from the first floor of his mansion, soft music playing just loudly enough to cover the sounds of whispered conversations and aimless footsteps. You weren’t sure what the party was for, or if it was actually a party at all and not a gala or a banquet, but you knew better than to pry for details. Asking would only make you want to go, and that’d only bring on another lecture, another scolding, another day kept at a comfortable distance from every other creature with a pulse, lest you allow yourself to be swept out of his oh-so-suffocating embrace. It was better not to try. It was better not to get your hopes up.
It was better not to wonder why you still had to help him get dressed, despite knowing you wouldn’t be leaving his bedroom for the rest of the night.
Mistaking your silence for confusion, he went on, bracing more of his weight on the mirror as he spoke. “It helps with—” A pained groan as you tugged, followed by a string of muttered curses, each more unbefitting than the last. “Fuck, it helps with back support. Have you ever tried to lift a claymore?”
“Would you ever let me?”
“When Teyvat freezes over, maybe.” One last pull, more forceful than it absolutely had to be, then the final knot, a simple bow just over the small of his back. He took a second to gather himself, to roll his shoulders back, to pull his coat on and check his reflection before starting towards the door, leaving you trying futile to rub the deep, stripped indents out of your palms. “I’ll be back in a few hours. Can I assume you’ll still be here to lend a hand?”
“I’m more than willing to take another stab at choking you half to death, if that’s what you mean.”
“I can only hope you succeed.”
He was later than he usually was, tonight.
By the time you head the door to his apartment unlock, it was already well-after midnight, hours past when he said he would return. You were perched on a loveseat, your back against the arm and your attention flickering half-heartedly between the novel in your hands and the window carved into the farthest wall, just big enough to provide a modest view of Mondstadt’s residential district. The streetlamps were just starting to burn out, windows dimming before going completely dark, and if you looked closely enough, if you stared long enough, you could make out figures, knights making their scheduled patrols, drunkards stumbling home from bars and taverns. You could see stray dogs wandering through alleys, hounding shopkeepers for spare scraps, and crystalflies circling lazily around the city’s tallest spires.
You could pretend Kaeya hadn’t already found you, that he wasn’t already stumbling towards you, struggling to keep himself on his feet. It took you a moment to process why his grin was so crooked, his eyes so glazed-over, his laugh so erratic as he tripped and fell to his knees in front of you, his face soon buried in your lap. When you finally reached your realization, it wasn’t a pleasant one.
Oh, Barbatos.
He was drunk.
And happy about it, too, judging by the way he nuzzled into your thighs, how he chuckled as you placed your book to the side and raked your fingers through his hair, tilting his head back, letting him lean into your palm and remember how to use his tongue. “Pretty baby,” He slurred, an arm wrapping around your calves, forcing himself that much closer to you. “Did you— Do you know that I love you?”
“Of course. You never talk about anything else.”
“And you know that I miss you, whenever I have to leave. You're all I ever think about. I’d open you up and crawl inside you, if I could. Live just underneath your skin, so we’d never have to be apart.”
Grisly, but not unexpected. Intoxication certainly made him more honest, but sobriety had always been something he only grudgingly subjected himself to, and you were no stranger to his visceral declarations. “I’m aware.”
You glanced towards him. He was facing you, his expression hopeful, his visible eye bright. “…and?”
“And you love me too, right?”
You could’ve said no. He wouldn’t hurt you for it – he was a lot of things, but he wasn’t sadistic, wasn’t the type to maim what he aimed to covet. He’d be dejected, crestfallen, and he’d spend a few hours locked away with a cheap bottle of wine and only come out when he thought you’d fallen asleep, when he thought he could slip into your bed and hold you close without leaving himself vulnerable, open to attack. He thought he was above you, above your misery, above caring whether or not you returned his feelings, and in his current state, it wouldn’t take much to drag him down, to leave him sobbing in your lap, to prove that you hated him just as much as you'd always claimed to. You could’ve. You wanted to. He would’ve deserved it.
But, you didn’t.
You wouldn’t. Not tonight. Not when it was already so late, and you were already so, so tired.
Idly, you carded your fingers through his hair, raking your nails gently over his scalp. He grinned, in response, drinking in your affection, your gentleness. Acting as if you’d never dream of showing him anything else.
“Is it done?”
“No, Xiao.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Xiao.”
“It looks done.”
“Well, it’s not.” The water was still boiling, the ingredients only just beginning to meld together in the pot, but trying to explain that to him was useless, a lecture delivered onto deaf ears. His scowl deepened, but he kept his hands on the countertop, his narrow gaze on to steam rising from the pot. “When was the last time you cooked something?”
“Cooking is a mortal pastime. Such indulgences are unnecessary for Adepti.” You could’ve figured that out on your own. It’d taken you weeks to convince him to add a decent kitchen onto his abode, another month to coax him into bringing you something other than withered flowered and bitter herbs to actually use in that kitchen. Even now, you could tell he was hesitant, reluctant to let you use a knife or let you get too close to the open flame. Honestly, you were surprised he’d kept as much distance as he had, resigned to pressing himself against your side rather than latching onto your waist and peering over your shoulder like some overprotective, hyper-vigilant bird. “Is it supposed to be doing that?”
“How long, Xiao?”
“Several centuries.”
You pressed your lips into a thin line, then batted his hand away as he reached for the bubbling water. “Be careful, alright? You might get yourself hurt.”
“You might. I can’t afford to be so fragile.”
“Whatever you say, oh great and mighty Alatus. Just try not to touch anything while it's still hot.” You pulled away, drawing back just far enough to lay your spoon over the rim and kiss his cheek – a small gesture of affection, fleeting and unsubstantial, but enough to keep him content and distracted while you moved to a cabinet along the opposite wall, to your meager supply of spices. He was stubborn, but not impossible, and with enough time, with enough promises and pleas, you could let yourself hope for something more, something less controlled. Fresh vegetables, exotic fruit, smoked meat and prime cuts of fish. A garden, even, if an adeptal realm was capable of that, if his hidden sweet tooth proved to be linked to his sparse sense of generosity—
Metal crashing against tile, water sloshing out and spilling onto the floor. A sharp cry, then a low growl, then your name called out, drawn into something cloying, something apologetic.
If you didn’t throttle him, first.
“How did you get in here?”
You turned the object over in your hands, touching it with care, but doing what you could to show it as little reverence as you could. A ceramic heart, made of rough clay and painted sloppily, the red already peeling away around the harsh edges. You could remember buying it from a child’s stall in the commercial district, having the agent Scaramouche sent to keep an eye on you pay double the listed price, but you could’ve sworn he’d broken it, crushed it under his heel as soon as he’d found it – or told you he had, at least. You were sure. His threats tended to blend together until you couldn’t remember if you’d be caned or collared for refusing to let him rest his hand on your thigh. He could’ve been talking about something else. He could’ve been lying.
“The door was unlocked.” You brandished the heart, flashing it across his line of sight before returning it to its designated spot on his desk. On his desk, of all places. If you’d found it in the back of his wardrobe or lying on some over-crowded table in a room he didn’t frequent, you would’ve figured that he’d forgotten to get rid of it, set it down somewhere and didn’t deem it worth the effort of destroying. He received guests in his office, spent long hours discussing convoluted plans with minds just as twisted as his. You couldn’t imagine what it would've been like to sit across from the Balladeer, dark and sadistic and feared, and his little clay heart. “I didn’t realize you still had it.”
“My beloved brat isn’t exactly showering me in gifts.” The words were dripping with something vile and sardonic, too cynical not to make you cringe and turn away, eager to look at anything that wasn’t his unabashed sneer. “Is it so strange that I’m willing to take what I can get?”
You didn’t respond, not to that. Anything you might’ve said would only feed into his distorted perspective. “Do you still have the note?”
It’d been short, simple, the ink stolen from his personal collection and scrawled across paper you’d torn out from one of your books. ‘So Scaramouche might finally have a heart’, or something similar enough, a cheap stab at his past and his cruelty. You could’ve tried to be more clever, to come up with something more cutting, but you hadn’t expected it to matter, hadn’t thought you’d ever have to remember it again.
“Of course not. What kind of idiot do you think I am?” Needlessly cruel, but what else had you expected? He’d never been one for flowery language. “I’d be the laughingstock of the Fatui. Your behavior puts my authority in enough peril already.”
“Ah, poor thing. I didn’t realize my imprisonment was so inconvenient for you.”
“Greatly so.” He moved, stepped past you, allowing his fingertips to brush against your arm. You allowed him too, despite your better judgment. “If I had any sense, I would’ve tied you up and thrown you into the deepest trench I could find ages ago.”
“I’ll be glad I caught the eye of such a fool, then.”
“Don’t push your luck.”
“I have an assignment for you.”
A gloved hand splayed over your collarbone, your chest, pushing you back, forcing you against the stone wall. He was close, too close, his body pressed against yours, his lips ghosting past your ear as he leaned forward, closing what little space between the two of you might’ve ever existed.
“I’d hate to ask anything of my favorite little assistant, but I’m afraid it’s of dire importance.”
Your eyes darted towards the entrance of the alleyway, towards the people walking past, unaware of what dwelled in the shadows. It was unlike him to try something like this in broad daylight – in the privacy of his chambers, perhaps, or the darkest corners of his estate, but not in public, not somewhere as crowded and as open as a marketplace. He’d never been one to hold his reputation in high regard, but he liked to keep his cards close to his chest, to limit his affection to wistful glances and chaste glances pushed into the backs of hands, nothing so unveiled, nothing so blatant. Nothing so telling, certainly.
“You see, I’m desperately in need of a favor, and I’m afraid you’re the only one I can turn to.” His fingers slipped beneath fabric, his mouth fell to the edge of your jaw, and you felt warm breath fan over your skin, the faintest hint of teeth against flesh. “I’m just not sure if I can turn to anyone else with my burden. You’ve always been so kind, and so patient, and—”
“For the Shogun’s sake, Lord Kamisato,” You cut in, planting your hands on his shoulders, pushing him away. “If there's another salesperson you want me to talk to, all you have to do is ask.”
Immediately, he deflated. “She’s just so—”
“She’s pushy, and you can never turn her down. I’ve seen you speak to her, my lord.”
“And she always asks—”
“She always asks about your day, but you don’t know how to answer, and you’re afraid you’ll start rambling. I’ll take care of it, my lord.”
He fell against you, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “I love you so much. I don't know what I'd do without you.”
“Pray you never have to find out, my lord.”
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izalemon · 21 days ago
Yandere m!God x f!Reader | SMUT/NSFW/⚠️18+
“My Little Goddess~”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: smut, non-con (turned dub-con if you squint hard enough) implied stalking, obsession, possessive behavior, unhealthy power dynamics, praise kink, hunting kink, forced touching, oral sex (fem receiving), fingering, overstimulation, pet names (darling, love, princess, etc;), manipulation, talk of religion, fucking in a church, slight delusion, semi-public sex
Summary: a god has taken an unhealthy liking to you and is determined to make you his
⚠️minors are not welcome, come back when you are 18+ ⚠️
Author’s note: so I’m not really one to post smut but I just felt like sharing one of my darker fantasies y’know? I have just had this story/fantasy in my head for a while and decided to bring it to “life.” I do not condone any kind of behavior shown in this piece. There is a difference between sexual fantasies and real life. Nobody deserves to be sexually assaulted in any way. This is purely a fantasy and nothing more. Please, if you are in an abusive relationship, please please please reach out for help.🙏 There are people out there who can help you. The only good kind of sex is safe and consensual sex. Stay safe loves❤️ Also! NONE OF THE ART ABOVE IS MINE!!!
Run. That’s all you could think. Run.
Don’t let him catch you, because if he does…who knows what he’ll do to you.
You had only met him a few months prior, but he’s known you much longer. Much longer.
He was an immoral god, a god that for some reason wanted you, and only you.
You ran along the empty road of the country side, a strong storm brewing above you. His storm. You weren’t entirely sure what kind of god he was, he didn’t get that far in his explanation before you made your escape. For all you knew he could either be a god among many, or simply just the god.
The clouds seemed to move like a wave over the evening sky. The wind began to push against you. How long had you even been running for now? Ten minutes? Thirty? An hour? You didn’t know. The only thing that ran through your mind was him. Surely he’d catch you, he was a god after all. It was only a matter of time.
Your pace began to slow, your legs ached and your lungs burned. You needed to rest, but you were terrified to stop. You knew he was chasing you. Even though you couldn’t see him, you knew he was there. He was everywhere.
Your heart felt like it was in your throat, you couldn’t breath. You came to a halt on the side of the vacant road, resting the palms of your hand on your knees, breathing heavily as your breath caught up with you. A single tear ran down the side of your cheek, everything ached, and you were shaking.
A large lighting strike followed by the sound of thunder struck. You yelped at the sudden noise. He was doing this on purpose. Taunting you. Teasing you. You knew he was having fun with this. This sick game he called ‘love.’
You looked ahead, the road never seemed to stop, it just stretched on for miles and miles. You felt hopeless. You desperately needed to rest. Hide somewhere. Anywhere.
Another lightning strike went off. Much like how the storm grew closer, so did he. You saw an abandoned church up ahead, the one you drove by daily on your route to town. It was your only option.
You took off, ignoring the burning sensation in your chest and your legs that felt like they were on fire. For an abandoned church it held up quite well. It was only put out of use around a year ago, so it wasn’t really surprising when you entered the house of god that the only thing the stood out as abandoned were a few cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling and the broken windows.
Another thunderous boom was hear outside, you jumped in your skin as you slammed the church doors shut and tried to locked them, not like that would keep him out, but realized the doors didn’t even have locks.
You ran in between one of the benches and collapsed on the floor, covering your mouth as your lungs desperately tried to catch up with you. Your chest rose and fell rapidly. You tried to stay as quiet as possible as you hid. Even though he wasn’t directly on your tail, you didn’t know exactly what his powers consisted of. For all you knew he could barge right through those doors at any moment.
Why was he even after you? Out of all his years of living, the infinite number of life times he’s lived and millions of years, he chose you. You. Why you? What made you so special? You were ordinary. Your life was average, mundane even. Your looks weren’t anything special either. Nothing about you stood out, and yet this man. This god. Is obsessed with you. Chasing after you.
The last thing you had seen on his face was pure obsession. A look in his eye you had seen in no other. It terrified you. It terrified you to think about what he was capable of. What lengths he would go to to get what he wanted.
Soon after you had hidden yourself in between the church benches, your breathing was able to calm down, but your heart continued to race. Thunder continued to boom outside but no rain of any sorts had started. You didn’t know how long you would have to wait, how would you even know when it was safe again? Would it ever be safe for you?
As these thoughts races through your mind you heard the doors to the church slowly creek open. You quietly squealed to yourself. You felt like you were about to burst into tears, yet none had even begun to form in your eyes.
The slow pace of his footsteps echoed through the empty house of god.
“Princess~” he called out. “Don’t be like this. C’mon, I don’t want to hurt you my love.” He sounded like a concerned lover rather than a sadistic god who got off to hunting down his prey
You slowly and quietly shifted yourself underneath one of the benches rather than laying in between two.
His footsteps grew closer and closer, and it felt like your chest was about to burst open.
“Darling…I know you’re in here. Come out, I want to show you something.” His voice sounded like sweet honey, anyone else wouldn’t think twice about it.
You heard him walk past your hiding spot and up to the front of the church. He sighed audibly sigh. “Don’t make this difficult darling. There really is no escape. I see all. No matter where you go, I will find you.” He threatened, his voice sounding harsher.
He started walking back down the aisle, looking between the spaces of the church benches, once he made it to the back of the church again he groaned, growing annoyed.
It was quiet for a while. You hadn’t even realized you were holding your breath until you started seeing black splotches in your vision. You tried to take in a slow and quiet breath but your body was so desperate for air that it came out as a sharp quiet, yet audible, gasp.
You were so startled by it that your hand shot up to your mouth you cover your breathing but sharp breaths still entered and exited through your nose. And in the empty, quiet church, it was obvious to anyone where the noise had come from.
You heard a puff of air come from his direction. An amused laugh you thought. It was over, he found you.
You shot up from your hiding spot and stared him in the eyes, the only thing blocking him from you being the large bench in between you two.
“There you are.” He sung.
“Please, please leave me alone. I-I don’t want this.” You begged.
“Darling,” he began, fake empathy coating his voice. “I want to give you the world. The universe. Everything is at the tip of your fingers. All you have to do is submit to me. Worship me, the way I worship you.” He coaxed as he held his hand out for you to take.
“I…I don’t want to submit. I want to live a normal life.” You pleaded. You were stricken with complete and utter fear. Despite his tone and demeanor, you knew what he was capable of. You had seen it, and that was only a mere fraction of his power.
“You can! I will give you everything your heart desires. Anything you could ever dream of. The only thing I ask in return is that you be mine.” He requested.
You were shaking now. You crossed your arms over your body in an attempt to hid yourself from him. You couldn’t even form words. All you could do was shake your head ‘No’ as you began to back away from him.
His face shifted. The caring look in his eye replaced with a dark and threatening one. “Darling.” He called out sternly, as if scolding a disobedient child. He began pacing towards you.
You kept on shaking your head “no” which only enraged him more. His steps sped up as he made his way towards you. You quickly bolted to the side and out of his reach. You ran for one of the doors inside the church, thinking it may be an exit, but it only led to a flight of stairs.
You ran up the stairs as far as they would allow, until you made it to the very top of the church building. There was noting up there, and one of the walls had been completely removed and broken down, which revealed a perfect view of the dark grey and blue storm in the distance.
You turned back around only to see him standing in front of the entrance and only exit of the room. He looked at you with threatening yet sultry eyes.
Yours only widened in fear now realizing you were cornered. Of course you could make the argument that you were cornered from the beginning, but now you were cornered in a way a mortal mind could comprehend.
“You shouldn’t have run from me darling.” He spoke darkly as he approached you. You tried to back up but slipped slightly once you made it to the edge of the room, which was a good story story drop. “Carful~” he called out teasingly as you regained your balance again.
He approached you menacingly. “Please.” You pleaded.
“Begging won’t get you anywhere…well…it might in certain conditions.” He flirted with you. You felt disgusted.
He stopped when he was right in front of you, towering over your small frame in comparison to his. Cornering you against he ledge of the three story drop and his warm body. His face now barley an inch away from yours. You turned your head away, blushing in embarrassment.
“Look at me.” He whispered, nudging his face against the side of your head. He brought his hand up to cradle the base of your head in an attempt to coax your head in his direction.
“Look at me.” He repeated. You only turned further away.
He sunk his head down the side of your face slowly. Trailing his lips and nose along your soft skin. You let out a shaky breath and stiffened. He moved the shoulder of your shirt out of the way and began to kiss your skin lovingly. Trailing up your neck and back down to your shoulder again over and over.
“Stop.” You muttered. He didn’t listen.
He used his other hand and wrapped it around your body and placing it on your lower back and pushing you into him. He held you in a close embrace now, continuing his sweet abuse on your neck.
Thunder tumbled behind you, it was quieter than before, more gentle. But the room darkened. You looked behind you and saw the sky covered by clouds that looked almost black, rain still having yet to fall.
“You’re so perfect.” He whispered in your ear, making a shiver run down your spine.
“Please stop. Please.” You begged, beginning to squirm in his grasp.
“Why would I? When I have a goddess in my arms.”
“Please.” You begged again. Squirming harder.
“Stop struggling.” He warned. “Just relax.”
“Ugh! No!” You shouted, pushing him back. He stumbled away from you and you attempted to run around him. But as you did he caught your wrist and threw you back to where you were. You fell down and were only around a foot away from the edge of the drop.
“What did I say about struggling?!” He spat venomously.
You attempted to get back up but he only pushed you down with his foot on your chest. He stood over you, you were completely powerless.
Panic surged through your veins, the cold wind of the storm caused goosebumps to coat your skin and you tried your best to stifle your cries.
“No!” You cried out, now struggling violently. You kicked your legs and hit his shin with your hands but none of it seemed to affect him. He simply stared down at you, a bored look in his eye.
“Just let me go! I didn’t do anything! I don’t deserve this!” You exclaimed through broken cries.
“Oh but you do.” He responded, getting down and now straddling you. You gasped in surprise. “You deserve it all my love.” He tucked a piece of loose hair behind your ear. “You deserve to be treated like a goddess. To have people worship the ground you walk on. This world, all of it, is yours. I am yours, and I too, will worship the floor you walk upon, I’ll prove my loyalty and devotion to you, my goddess…just let me.” He stroked the side of your face. Normally anyone who was spoken to like this would be flattered, but the context of his words only made you fear the worst.
“Let me show you how I feel about you, let me worship you like the goddess you are, here, in the house of what you mortals call god. Let me make you mine.” He emphasized the ‘mine’ as he slammed his hands down next to your head, caging you under him.
All you could do was whimper as a rouge tear fell down the side of your face. The love sick god above you smirked and grabbed hold of your jaw with one of his hands and brought your face up to his, where he sensually licked the tear away.
He moaned in ecstasy after the slaty taste of your tear met his tongue.
He suddenly lifted himself up to straddle you again, and looks down on your vulnerable body. You didn’t even want to imagine the things he was thinking.
You flinched hard when he unexpectedly began to roll his hips against yours. You raised your hands in an attempt to push him away but he only grabbed them and pined them to your chest as he continued to rut his hips against yours.
He started slowly, a smile plastered on his face as he rolled them in a sensual motion. You could feel a hard bulge begin to poke through his trousers as he grinded it against your clothed pussy.
You gasped unexpectedly when he hit it at an angle that felt better than the others. “You like it there princess?” He asked, continuing the abuse at a faster pace.
You could only turn away embarrassed, shame welled up in your cheeks as the god continued to rut against you like a desperate dog in heat.
“Fuck~” he moaned. He hadn’t even penetrated you and he already sounded like he was in the brink of climax.
You called out his name sternly in a last ditch effort to get him to stop, but that only seemed to excite him more.
He began to unbutton his shirt, all while continuing to hump your covered cunt and make intense eye contact with you when you dare look in his direction. His smile never left his face.
You whimpered in fear. There was no way this was happening. Surely it was all a bad dream, it had to be. I mean, getting forced on by god himself in a church? This had to be some sick joke…right?
He called your name, more like moaned it, in hopes to get you to look at him. It worked. You turned you head towards him fearfully and saw his toned chest. If it wasn’t for the current circumstances, you would be quite flustered.
I mean you were flustered, just not in the way you wanted to be.
He grabbed your shaky hand, that now dare not to fight against his unbreakable body, and placed it on his stomach, all while continuing the roll of his hips.
He guided it down along his body until reaching the top of his pants. You took a sharp breath, dreading what he would make you do next.
He placed your hand on his bulge and began rutting into your hand now.
“You feel that?” He asked. “That’s because of you darling. That’s all you.”
You closed your eyes tightly. Paralyzed by fear, too scared to fight him knowing he can easily over power you.
He placed his hand onto your clothed pussy, making you jolt in surprise, and he began to rub the cloth against your clit.
He was teasing you.
You were ashamed to admit that his actions were arousing you. You could feel a small wet splotch in your underwear that made your cheeks burn with embarrassment, knowing that he would see it eventually if he continued this torment.
He suddenly stopped his hips and shot his hands inside of your pants, nudging your underwear to the side.
You yelped in surprise at the suddenly violation.
“Look at you, so sensitive to my touch. We’ve only been at it for a minute or two and you’re already so wet for me.” He taunted.
You shut your eyes and turned your head away from him.
“Don’t turn away love, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I meant I’d as a compliment really.” He tried to assured you.
He made small circles over your leaking hole, smiling down at how it made you shiver with anticipation. “Do you want me to make you cum?” He asked.
You stayed silent.
A small ‘hmf’ left the back of his throat before he shoved his middle finger knuckle deep into your lubricated pussy. You let out a loud, almost pornographic, yelp and arched your back slightly.
He hummed in satisfaction.
As he began to slowly pump his finger in and out of you, he used his other unoccupied hand to grab your jaw and made you look at him. His stare was so intense that you not dare look away, no matter how much you wanted to.
He trailed his thumb against your bottom lip gently before shoving it into your mouth. You gaged on it at first as tears pricked out the corners of your eyes. You went to grab into his wrist as you used your other arm to help sit yourself up slightly.
“Hmm~ my love. You look so tempting like this.” He cooed.
His thumb explored the inside of your wet mouth while his other hand worked on your aching pussy, adding more fingers the more lubricated you became. You were letting out light moans while he worked his fingers.
“Now let me ask you again, do you want me to make you cum?”
You shook your head ‘no’ too stubborn to give in to his abuse.
He huffed in annoyance and removed all of his fingers from your body. You let out a sigh of relief as you laid back down into your back. Hopefully that was it. Hopefully he wouldn’t stoop so low as to go beyond simple touches.
What a foolish thought that was.
He began to tug your pants, along with your underwear, down your legs.
“Hey! Hey, stop! What are you doing?!” You cried out, beginning to kick your legs again.
“Again with the struggling. You’re practically begging to be tied up darling. Or is that what you want? I wasn’t intending on our first time together to include such kinks but if you insist….” He teased you.
“No! No please don’t do that!” You pleaded with him.
“Then stop with the struggling.” He sweetly replied, giving you an innocent smile before continuing to tug your garments down.
You attempted to close your legs but he took hold of your knees in his grasp and forcefully shoved them open and down, making you yelp at the sudden force. You were startled when he suddenly leaned down over your face, you noses touching one another.
“Be still, you’re gonna like this.” He whispered to you before he began to pepper kisses all over your face. His affection slowly began to move from your face down your neck and body. He shifted his hips in between your knees so you wouldn’t be able to close your legs and he could put his hands to better use.
The better use being him moving them up your shirt lightly grazing your sides with his icy fingers. You shuddered at the light touch and flinched when he began to run his bulge against your inner thigh.
His mouth trailed further and further down your body until he was right over where your panty line would be.
“Wait, wait, wait! Please wait!” You pleaded with him yet again, beginning to squirm under his steel like grasp.
“Shh shh shh shh shh…” He purred, looking up at your terrified face. “Trust me my little worshiper, and let your god handle you the way you deserve to be.”
He swiftly dove down, latching his lips onto your clit and began to suck. You wailed in ecstasy, not expecting it to feel so unbelievably good. You didn’t want it to feel good. You wanted it to feel painful, horrible, but all it was was euphoric.
Shame burned throughout your entire body as well as exhilaration. You let out an audible gasp followed by a moan, making the god chuckle. His laugh sent vibrations through your sensitive nerves, making his cruel torcher on your clit even worse.
He devoured you. You couldn’t focus properly because he didn’t spend more than five seconds in one area. He explored every bit of your pretty little pussy like there was no tomorrow.
Circling his tongue around your clit. Going back and forth between sucking violently and giving soft kisses. You gasped desperately for air that felt like it wasn’t their.
Your body couldn’t keep up with the torment he was inflicting on your body.
“Oh! No! Uh…oh god…st…staaahh~” You couldn’t keep the vulgar noises from slipping through your lips. You felt two of his fingers make their way into you. He reached deep inside of you and curled them…all while sucking your poor swollen clit.
You yelled out in ecstasy. Arching your back while bringing your hands to your face, scrunching your hands into a tight fist. You needed to hold on to something. Anything. But not him. You didn’t want to give him that satisfaction.
“Do you want me to make you cum?” He asked again.
You shook your head, not daring to open your mouth to respond, knowing that only a loud moan would be the thing that would come out.
“You don’t? Why not?” He asked playfully, while adding a third finger, going even deeper.
You squeaked out and shot your hands down to your sides, your fists squeezing even tighter.
“C’mon, say you want me to make you cum. Let me hear it princess. I wanna hear how good I make you feel.” He cooed.
“Stop. Stop I- Ah!” Was all you managed to let out before he began sucking on your clit harshly again.
You hadn’t even realized your legs had been squeezing around his head until you subconsciously wrapped them around his neck and shoulders while crying out pathetically as your orgasm coursed through your veins.
Your entire body shook while you clutched the cloth of your shirt, needing something to hold on to.
He continued to eat you out throughout the whole ordeal, but even after you had finished all over his mouth his actions did not cease. In fact, it felt like he became rougher.
Your orgasm was soon replaced with a stinging burn as he overstimulated you.
You cried out his name. Begging for him to stop. But he just continued. He felt as if he couldn’t stop, as if you were addicting. Your voice, practically singing his name, only made it that much harder to stop.
He worked you through two other orgasms with just his mouth and fingers. He was grinding his aching dick through his pants against the old wood of the church for any kind of relief as he did so.
He soon stopped once he worked you through your third orgasm, not wanting you to be all fucked out before the big finish.
You took a breath of relief, finally feeling like you were able to breath once he got back up on his knees and away from your leaking cunt. Your hands had been tangled in is hair, giving in to the desire to pull the thing that was making you feel so good closer, and once he pulled away your hands fell to the side of your head.
“Please…please no more. I-I can’t…” You begged him breathlessly, barley holding back a sob.
“Yes you can. You’ve been doing so well already. I just need you to cum for me one more time princess.”
You shook your head ‘no’, silently crying to yourself. Sure it had felt good, exhilarating in fact…but this was wrong.
“No. No please god no! I don’t want this! I don’t want YOU! I…this is wrong, this…this is rape!” You cried.
His hands slammed down on both sides of your head, taking hold of your hands and roughly interlocking your fingers.
“This. Is not. Rape.” He spoke through his clenched teeth. “This is me, showing you all I have to give. Everything that you deserve.” He stared you down with the most terrifying look you had seen all night. Your breath, yet again, got caught in your throat and you couldn’t look away.
“Don’t you ever accuse me of doing such a thing. I want to give you the world. I am going…to give you the world.” He abruptly flipped you over so that you were laying on your stomach. Your hands reaching out in front of you slightly, and your fingertips just over the edge of the three story drop.
He grabbed hold of your hair, not to harshly but still enough to pull up your head to look at the brewing storm that had grown even darker than before. It had been booming through the entire ordeal, vibrating the earth along with the church you were about to be fucked in.
“You see that? That’s because of you my love. All of this…it can be yours.” He whispered in your ear.
You whimpered fearfully as his hand began to trail inside of your shirt and up your back. He played with the bra strap for a bit, all while whispering about how much he was going to give you. How much he loved you, and just how special you were to him.
His little goddess.
He unclasped your bra and threw it to the side after growing bored of the teasing. The only thing that reminded on your body was the loose shirt that barley protected you from the cold of the storm.
Your eyes widened when you heard him unzipping his pant.
“No…” your voice had devolved into only a small whisper now. “No…it’ll hurt.”
“No no no no no no…darling,” He cooed in your ear. You could feel his erection rubbing against your ass. “It won’t hurt…I promise. I’ll start out slow.”
And with that, he began to push his aching cock inside of your swollen cunt. You will admit, it did not hurt as badly as you though it would, but it was still slightly uncomfortable.
You hung your head down while you tried to take everything he had. You began to shake nervously…this was not how you wanted this to go.
When he had completely sheathed his cock inside of your wet walls, you heard him sigh blissfully above you.
“Y’know…the minute I saw you…I was waiting for this moment.”
He thrusted.
You yelped.
“Just waiting to completely fill you up with all I had…give you everything that you deserved.”
He thrusted.
You yelped.
“All those years of watching you, wishing I could just touch you like this.”
Again…he thrusted, and you yelped.
“And now here we are. My little goddess. My perfect angel. All mine for the taking.”
His pace began to speed up.
“Oh fuck~ you feel so good! Better than I ever imagined.” He wined out. “How do I feel huh? Am I everything you imagined? More perhaps? Oh I want to ruin you my little goddess. I want to fuck you dumb, dumb until the only thing you can think about is me. Ah~ only me!” He rambled on and on, his voice only growing more desperate.
His pace soon quickened, and he closes the gap between your bodies, wrapping his arms around you tightly while you gripped on to the edge of the drop for some kind of grounding.
You tried, you tried so hard not to make any more noises, but you couldn’t. You simply just could not deny the fact how good he was making you feel. How blissful this feeling was.
You looked out to the storm as he slammed into you, the bright lightning illuminating the sky. The thunder ringing in your ears. The wind rushing against your flushed bodies. Everything about it was euphoric.
“Oh fuck! Oh god!!!” You called out, finally just giving in to the torture.
“Yes! Yes just like that! Say my name! Let me know how good I’m making you feel!” He begged, burying his face into the crook of your neck. His hips never seceding and grip never loosening.
“Oh~ oh my love! My darling! My little goddess! I want to make you mine. I want to marry you! Would you like that? Becoming my little wife? My cute little bride, spending the rest of eternity together.” He went on.
The more time went on with his cock inside of you the more delusional he became, turning utterly and completely love sick.
He reached up inside of your shirt and pinched at your nipples harshly, making you moan even louder than you had been previously. He then bit your shoulder, rough enough to surly leave a mark. Your nerves felt like they were on fire.
Tears were streaming down your cheeks along with a small string of drool down your chin. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head.
Yes, yes this was complete and utter bliss.
Thunder rumbled through the sky, starling you and making you jump slightly.
“Shh~ it’s okay~ you’re alright.” The sadistic god soothed into your ear. “I’m never going to let anything hurt you again. You’re all mine. Just mine.” He whispered.
His thrusts became more sporadic and messy. He was loosing his ability to think properly. The only thing that ran through his mind was you.
The way you felt.
The noises you were making.
The way your body reacted to his, even when he was just barley grazing your skin.
Everything about you filled his mind, clouded it.
He was yelping for you. Moaning with you as he thrusted in and out of your warm body. The sounds the two of you were making were so sinful despite being inside such a righteous place.
“Tell me. Ah~! Tell me you want me to make you cum. Say it! Scream it to the world. Let them know who’s making you feel like this princess.” He begged, his grip on you becoming even tighter as he began to approach his own orgasm.
You had given in, accepting that he would have his way with you fully. He was making you feel so good, you didn’t want it to end. Shame burned through your cheeks and throughout your whole body, as you said you wanted him to…no…begged him to make you cum.
His thrusts somehow became even faster, almost inhumanly fast and before you knew it you were shaking and quivering in complete euphoria.
Both of your moans seemed to echo throughout the rumbling of the storm. It seemed to last forever.
You couldn’t deny that that was the best orgasm you had ever experienced. He finished deep inside of you, and you could hear the quiver in his breathing while he struggled to think properly.
He grabbed the underside of your jaw and leaned you all the way back, arching your back, until you were looking up at him. He kissed you deeply and passionately, you didn’t even try to fight it.
When he let go again you collapsed back down onto your stomach, your lungs desperately trying to catch up with you.
“That was so good princess. You did such a good job for me.” He praised, leaving loving kisses on your head.
You whined as he slowly pulled out of you. You could feel his cum leaking out of your abused hole once he was completely out.
The thunder continued to boom in the distance and the wind picked up. You shivered as it rushed over your sensitive skin.
While you were catching your breath you hear the shuffle of him putting his clothes back on from behind you. And once he was done he laid down next to you again and held you in a tight embrace.
He only had his underwear and shirt on, the shirt still unbuttoned. He wanted to be as close to you as possible and deemed too much clothing as a barrier.
“Fuck I love you so much darling.” He told you while he began to pepper kisses around your face while whipping the tears that still remained on your cheeks away with his thumbs.
Wind rushed over your exposed bodies again, making you lean in closer to him, seeking the warmth his body provided. He happily accepted the embrace and made sure your bodies were as close as possible as he tangled his legs with yours.
“Relax, just breath. Fall asleep.”
“I’m…I’m cold.” You weekly replied.
“Oh?” He responded. “Do you want me to take us back home?”
You shook your head and buried it into the crook of his neck, your hold on him tightening. “No…no no. I don’t want to go there.” You whimpered.
“Hmm~ okay. Let’s just stay here for awhile.” He sighed, his body relaxing around yours.
Your only stiffened. You were petrified. You didn’t want to go to the place he called ‘home.’
As the sky continued to lighten and darken while the storm grew closer. You felt small beads of rain begin to sprinkle your body as it blew into the room.
It was somewhat soothing.
You let out a shaky breath before you allowed sleep to take you over, and your worn out body to finally relax in the arms of a god who, you knew now, you would never be able to get away from.
Hi! Sorry if it wasn’t that good lol. This is my first smut so my apologies if it just straight up sucked. I just wanted to get this fantasy down on ‘paper’ finally and thought I’d do that through posting it here. ✌️
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yandere-romanticaa · a month ago
Tumblr media
I'm just imagining darling running away from Liyue because Childe would not stop pursuing them. It was actually really nice having him around in the beginning, he was incredibly attentive, sweet and just downright caring! He was like a little jealous puppy, he always craved your attention and archons forbid you give it to someone else... But you didn't mind it one bit. He was needy, beyond so, he always valued your criticism and your compliments even more than that. He took everything you said to heart and while a lot of people would complain to have such an intense person by their side you somehow couldn't be helped but to be smitten by the strange ginger man. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and before you knew it it was time to travel and you just wanted to see Inazuma.
Wait, where were you going? Childe was so confused what do you mean you're traveling? Aren't you cute! He lays thick pressure on you these next few days, his gaze much less loving and a lot more stabby as he ponders whether or not he should just lock you away for good. One evening before bed, you pepper his face with sweet kisses and even more addicting promises, promises of your happy lives that you would have together in the future. It would be just the two of you, you said.
He was smitten, he believed you.
Big mistake on his part.
Come day break, the other side of the bed was cold and empty, the window was left wide open.
He spilt a lot of tears, blood and liquor that night.
Thanks to the borders opening up, coming to Inazuma thankfully wasn't too big of an issue. You fell in love with the mysterious nation the moment you stepped foot into it, it's pretty pink sakura petals almost beckoning you to venture further and find a new home for yourself. Due to your excitement however mora started to become a rarity in your life, forcing you to find a job. Thanks to some good luck you managed to land a job as a maid in the Kamisato estate, a decently paying job which you were satisfied with. You heard a lot of things of the Kamisato pair, even saw them on a few occasions and made sure to be on your best possible behavior.
You didn't even notice the ripple effect you caused by accident.
He kept an eye on you, the head of the Kamisato clan found you oddly endearing. He noticed how nervous you got once night would fall and on one occasion he remembers quite vividly handling you a good quality drink of fire-water and he spotted just how shaky that delicate hand of yours really was. There was a petrified look in your eye, as if you had just suddenly recalled a horrible memory that was still fresh in your mind.
He chose not to dwell on it. He was cruel, but not that cruel.
He was going to be the only one who would occupy your mind soon anyway.
Tea time with Ayato became a daily occurrence, but even that wasn't enough for the young lord. In a similar fashion like your old captor, he monopolized your time and attention, forcing you to stay in one place, never allowing you to leave his sight. His cold, gloved fingers would delicately caress your soft cheeks, promising you an eternity of loyalty and happiness if you just remained by his side. In a perfect world you would love him as much as he loved you but he knew that was impossible. Simply being there was enough for him.
You were done.
You could not take this anymore.
You had to run away once more.
Vanishing into the night, you made your way to Ritou, praying for a ship to pick you up. You had the mora, who would ever turn down such a ludicrous amount?
Officers of the Yashiro commission would.
You were banned from leaving, they said.
The head of the Kamisato clan requests your presence, another guard told you.
No matter where you went, it always felt like you were doomed to drown in the deep end.
Tumblr media
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mayullla · 18 hours ago
My main team is Xiao, Bennet, Zhongli and Kazuha. They've carried me for so long now
Tumblr media
Note: Hope you like it~!
Team Comp: Xiao, Bennet, Zhongli and Kazuha
Super proud really, being with you for a really long time they had a certain pride that even if they tried to hide it shows sometimes that it just makes the other characters annoyed when they see it. Zhongli would sip his tea as he taught Bennett how to make his burst stronger so that you would be more pleased with the damage that him and others do.
Kazuha and Xiao would work together when you are online and on the game fighting monsters maybe to use your resin, dailies or event missions. But when you are gone, dear these two fight often. You would think that they would get along if not just ignore each other. But they just crash so often that Zhongli had to take Bennett away from them sometimes when the pryo boy tries to help them out... which usually turns out for the worst.
It is not like one side didn't want to protect you or anything like that but more like it was the small things. Xiao didn't like how Kazuha's personality while the same could be said for Kazuha, they both didn't understand how you like the other person when they were just unbearable to be with. Xiao wanted to protect you, he wanted to keep you safe in Liyue while Kazuha had a different mindset where he wanted to travel the world with you. They just crash often.
Zhongli and Bennett have no choice but to watch from the side.
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drabbledealer · a day ago
I heard you wanted yandere hcs sooo I come with diluc ones
-Has a secret drawer of tons of photos of him and you (mainly you though) that he keeps at both the tavern and his personal office
-Paid the traveler to take said photos as commissions
-When Diluc would get a little *ahem* needy he would pleasure himself while admiring the photos
-Why go through all of the trouble with the photos? He wanted to keep you safe from himself. He didn't want to take away your joy and innocence for his own selfish reasons
-However, soon his cravings would need to be indulged by you and you alone
It's not like the other regular commissions traveller gets where they have to fight or deliver something but it's an easy and simple one so they take it.
They easily snap pictures of you and even go up and talk to you asking you to pose for them which gets Diluc pictures with amazing shots and quality. Because of that Diluc doubles the money and quickly leads traveller out so he can be alone and admire you in peace. He pours himself a cup of wine and sips it as he holds a picture of you in his hands. You're smiling and if his guess is right you were smiling when the picture was taken.
He sighs and swirls the drink as he thinks about you, he thinks about holding you, wrapping his arms around you and never letting go. Nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck and breathing in your scent. He imagines that you're sensitive and dreams about how you'll shiver and shake from his touch. The thought gets him hot and soon he has to relieve himself with the same picture.
He imagines your sweet smile as he makes love to you, he'll tell you how much he loves you and that you'll say the same to him.
I have a few more asks to get to so this is all ^^; I'll make a pt 2 later
btw I used they/them for traveller so you can imagine it with either Lumine or Aether!
My asks are open to yandere ideas, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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shiny-jr · a month ago
why are you leaving me...?
Warning: Pinch of yandere. Gender-neutral reader.
Characters: Ayato Kamisato.
Summary: One day you approach the one you loved, the one person you had a strong friendship with that was on the way to blossoming into a lovely romance. However, you cut it short. Before you could fall too deep into this thing called love, you cut it off, realizing that the relationship would not work. But, your beloved had already fallen far beyond saving.
Note: I decided to write Ayato’s part anyway, because I had ideas and I was feeling motivated to do so. 
Tumblr media
Ayato Kamisato
The head of the Kamisato clan was extremely busy. 
It got lonely whenever you longed to see him again. Sometimes he would be gone for days, weeks, at times even months, all his time devoted to his work as the head of his clan. It was not something that could be helped. Everyone looked up to him, people depended on him, and his duty was the uphold his responsibilities and continue to work for the betterment of his clan and all of Inazuma. When he was present at his home in the Kamisato Estate, you would drop by for a visit and find him amongst a sea of papers and files. 
It was very hard to find some private time with him. The majority of his time was working, and when he wasn’t working as head of the Yashiro Commission, he was juggling his duties as leader of the Shuumatsuban; spending time catching up with his younger sister, Ayaka; and hearing the concerns of the estate servants with Thoma. 
Every time you thought of him, you were impressed. It seemed like there was always a hurricane raging around Ayato. The storm brewed by the constant responsibilities and tasks thrown onto him as commissioner, its cold and sharp raindrops that pelted the skin made out of the papers he signed, and the howling winds fighting to topple him over were the rumors and comments made by the common folk that watched him from afar. But Ayato was like the eye of the storm. In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet. No matter how much chaos was going on outside, he remained calm and composed, as steady as how he skillfully wielded his blade. 
For a moment you considered yourself in his position. You would never be able to brace through such conditions. 
If you were to one day become romantically involved with him, you would be placed right beside him in that storm. You skin would sting from the raindrops and the constant signing and writing would make your wrist ache, then the howling winds would surely succeed and topple you over as the offhand comments and remarks of the common folk would bury themselves into your mind where they would become engraved. You could practically hear them already. You were not fit to be the significant other of the prestigious head of the clan, Ayato Kamisato. 
This became the evident truth when you finally got a moment to be with Ayato once again, but heard news of issues among the elite of Inazuma. A daughter of the Hiiragi clan within the Kanjou Commission was in love with the second son of the Tenryou Commission, but her father did not approve and soon rumors spread, insults and vile remarks towards both sides were common. That was what resulted when two members of esteemed clans and commissions had fallen in love. You could only imagine the uproar it would cause if news spread that the very leader of the clan and commission, Ayato, was in love with a commoner. 
No matter how much you wished it weren’t so, you couldn’t bury the feelings you held for Ayato. You loved him. And he loved you, you were certain of it, but he had yet to find the time to properly begin courting you. You knew this much because of how Ayaka and Thoma not so discreetly urged you to spend more time with him and you once even overheard them planning more opportunities for you to meet with the young man. They even mentioned how “Ayato is at the age where he should be choosing his suitor, don’t you think?” 
This suitor would not be you, you decided. Accepting Ayato meant giving up your freedom and subjecting yourself to responsibilities, it meant trying to work hard to attain other’s respect, some of which would never respect you solely because of where you came from. You saw the way how both Ayato and Ayaka were viewed, what they dealt with on a daily basis. This was not the future for you.
The outcome was predestined, even if you both held love for each other, Ayato was far too busy to even consider a romantic relationship let alone maintain one, and you would not be shackled by the expectations that came with marrying an Inazuman elite. There would be no happy ending here where the couple gets married and disappears off into the sunset. Considering all this, you made your decision and planned to still maintain a friendship should he agree. 
So when the day came over a break in the garden with boba tea, when Ayato mentioned the prospect of courting you, ignoring the fact that’s practically already begun by sending flowers, kimonos, and accessories weeks prior, you finally gather your courage to spill the thoughts that had been swirling wildly in your mind. He listens, his gentle smile dropping for a moment to a look of shock and hurt, before he regains his composure in the blink of an eye. You’d never seen him lose face like that before, not even when he’s in meetings with important figures like Yae Miko, Kujou Sara, and even the Raiden Shogun herself. Ayato was as calm as the eye of a hurricane, he knew this, yet he felt inner turmoil upon your words reaching his ears. 
With a placid smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, he nods in understanding and agrees to remain friends. Then you go, leaving quietly as if a burden had been lifted off your shoulders, while he remained with a heavy heart. 
Ayato was fine, he was okay. Taking a deep breath, he clutched his sleeves and attempted to remain composed. You seemed okay with ending things here. You were okay, you were fine. Exhaling shakily, his grip tightening on the cloth of his outfit, his fingers beginning to shake so he couldn’t even hold up his blade or a pen steadily if he wanted to. He was not fine, he was not okay.
It was true, he realized, he had not cherished you enough. The one person who gave him the motivation to keep working, keep writing, keep calm, was you. You, who caused him to drift off into daydreams while he was supposed to be examining important paperwork, fantasies of one day being able to properly court you. It was you that kept him from drowning in a sea of paperwork, you were his key to keeping composed, and yet now that you were going to be distancing yourself away from him... 
For you, he had rejected proposals for political marriages not only in Inazuma but from abroad, he had carefully sent Shuumatsuban ninjas to pick off anyone that may have been getting too close to you, he purchased the most luxurious gifts so that they may be to your liking, he made every effort to meet you when time allowed. Was it all for nothing...? You were his whole reason to keep going. What was he now without that? More importantly, did you truly think you could go on without him? When he so graciously allowed you to borrow money from him in order to pay off a debt, when he hired the best doctors in the land to treat your sick parents when you could only afford a bit of medicine, when he even used his influence to get you the job you had now, all that was from when you depended on him. 
Now alone once more in the Kamisato estate, he took another breath and composed himself as he always does, and called forth a messenger. Ayato was a man with incredible power and wealth. He could easily take away the things he provided for you or he could use other methods to back you into a corner, so you depended on him once more just as he would depend on you for eternity.
After the death of his parents, he was alone, he was a child alone with a baby sister and tasked to continue upholding the Kamisato name. So when he found you, he clung to you immediately. He became so incredibly attached to you that he was unsure what he were to do or what would become of him if you were to suddenly vanish and leave him all alone. He was able to hide his desperate attempts to be with you under the guise of simply favoring your company. His sister and dear friend Ayaka and Thoma, unknowingly helped as well by bringing you closer to their inner circle with Ayaka considering you as an older sibling and Thoma seeing you as one of their closest friends, while also organizing the dates for him. 
Make no mistake, things will return back to the way they were soon. You will be dependent on Ayato, and Ayato will be dependent on you. There was no way he would function without you, he needed you to keep himself motivated to work. You would need him too. You were the one person keeping him afloat, keeping him sane. One day you will come to understand, you will accept him, and come to terms with your new husband. As long as it takes, he will wait for you to resign yourself to fate in his arms. He swears things will change, you will be brought with him on business trips so you no longer have to be alone, you will be taken care of, you won’t have to go out into public if you don’t want to, you won’t ever hear the malicious gossip, you will be treated to a lavish luxurious life he will provide, and Ayato will love you. 
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naviavu · 3 months ago
Wind’s Destiny
PAIRINGS: yandere childhoodbestfriend!kazuha x reader
TAGS: noncon, full nelson, fingering, creampie, mirror sex, breeding, insecure reader, implied fem!chubby!reader, childhood friends to lovers, forced marriage au, brat!reader, kinda mean!reader, manipulative!kazuha, reader has self-esteem issues and is afraid to get pregnant, kaedahara ‘just the tip’ kazuha
WORDS: 3.5k // crossposted on ao3 // my masterlist
NOTES: this is for @miniatureneckpandamug​ who won first place on my milestone raffle! thank you for giving me such a big brain prompt that i got carried away, i honestly loved writing this. this is for my big girls and kazuha fuckers out there, come get y’alls food!
Tumblr media
Kaedahara Kazuha’s return shocked everybody.
After the widespread news of successfully stopping the Musou no Hitotachi, he became a hero to Inazuma and your hometown’s pride. It’s hard not to reminisce childhood memories when he’s the talk of the town; that big cherry blossom tree in your uncle’s courtyard was where both of you would chase finches when the sun rose and rest under the shade as the sun sets. He was a mere boy when he left to train as a samurai, and now he’s grown to his features and became a formidable young man known for his swordsmanship and artistic poetry.
The future of the Kaedahara Clan is now on his palm. And with the rise of a clan, a new heir shall come.
“You may now kiss the bride.” The priest announces, and for a second, you hold your breath– until Kazuha gently lifts up your veil and seals your fate with a kiss.
Tumblr media
In the reception, you were all fake smiles and thank you’s while your husband seemed to be having the time of his life mingling with the townsfolk who hadn’t seen him in years. They swarm and ask him questions about his travels, ignoring your presence. You stay still and look pretty like a porcelain doll until he finally waves them off with a smile and move on to the next guests.
Sensing your discomfort, Kazuha looks back and squeezes your hand every once in a while. You brush him off and continue to stare up ahead.
The crowd was on the peak of their joys—drinking, chattering-- when he finally takes you to meet Captain Beidou, the traveler, and his floating companion. ‘They’re the most special to me,’ he says and he wasn’t wrong. The captain charmed you with anecdotes of her wild adventures, and the traveler made great conversation along with his companion who never ran out of stories to tell.
You exchange pleasant goodbyes. A brooch on the captain’s collar glints and catches your attention.
You remember crafting the very same brooch in your small workstation in Inazuma City just a few weeks ago.
“Pretty, ain’t it?” She chuckles. “I would refer you to the store, but last time I heard of it, the owner closed off. Shame.”
Anger welled up on your chest. Shame indeed. A year ago, you launched your jewelry business; you were dedicated, hard-working, and quickly made a name for yourself in the industry before Kazuha came back and you were forced to leave it all behind. For his stupid desires and a stupid wedding.
Resentment flooded your veins. You excuse yourself to the balcony, and the image of your work is ingrained in your mind as if mocking your demise.
Light footsteps follow you. “My love… are you alright?” You avoided looking at him all night and the stupid red and white montsuki that adorned his frame. It’s a painful reminder that he wasn’t the little boy you grew up with anymore; he was your husband.
You lean against the wooden patio, fidgeting with the shiromuku that must have been his mother’s. The crest of the Kaedahara clan is embroidered on its right shoulder. “I already told you to not call me that. I’ll be fine, just… trying to keep myself together and–”
“‘I don’t do well in big crowds, Kazuha’ I know, you’ve told me before.” A frown etches his face. “I understand that this is a bit sudden for you, but you deserve to be happy at your own wedding. I’m sorry about the guests, we can leave early if you’re tired.”
A bit sudden? You face him. “It’s only been a month since the Vision Hunt Decree ended. Everything was going well with my life, and—and—my work, my passion, then you suddenly came home and announced your marriage. To me.” It’s hard to keep your voice down as your temper flares, but attention is not what you want right now. From the corner of your eye, you see residents of the Alcor mingling with his old friends just a few meters away. “Just because we pinky-promised to marry each other a whole decade ago doesn’t mean you can gatecrash in my life like this!”
Ever understanding, your husband only nods. ”It’s not just about our oath years ago. This is also for your own safety.”
You grit your teeth. “And how is this for my own safety?”
He sighs and speaks slowly as if talking to a child. “I’ve seen the world out there, (Y/N). Both the beautiful and things that are better left hidden. As I wandered aimlessly after my friend’s passing, I couldn’t get my mind off you no matter how hard I tried.” He takes your hand and presses a chaste kiss on your ring. His lips leave a tingle on your skin. “What if something bad happens and I’m not there to save you?”
You attempt to pull away, but his grasp was as firm as his word. “I admit that this arrangement was brought by my selfish desire to… keep you safe, but I swear that I only have the best intentions.”
“And in our honeymoon?” You finally ask the question that plagued your mind. “Do you intend to ravish me, then?”
His palm is calloused and warm against yours. “Nothing has to happen, and I will never do anything you don’t want. Just say the word.”
When he wipes a stray tear with his thumb, only then you realize that you were crying. “Everyone expecting an heir soon, Kazuha. Don’t lie to me.” You gulp and try to stop the fear from taking over. It was an undeniable truth; the pressure that crawled on the back of your head, hitched your breath, and left you terrified of anything and everything that could happen in the following months. “I can’t– I don’t want to–”
“Don’t let your worries get to you, my love.” He says, and you barely miss the deception in his eyes. “You’ll be alright. We can get through this together just like how we always did.”
Tumblr media
The honeymoon cottage was paradise on Teyvat.
You remember this place. Its every Kaedahara’s official start to married life— his parents stayed here during their honeymoon, and so did his grandparents. Just one carriage ride away from the reception and was decorated with lit scented candles with an overlooking view of the island. Kazuha left over an hour ago, and since then, the maids have been scrubbing and washing you in the bath.  
It’s foolish to trust the man who wedded you by force, but did you have any other choice? Even before the wedding, he already poured a waterfall of apologies for putting you in this situation. Deep down, you want to trust him.
(But if he meant his apologies, then… he would’ve stopped. There would be no wedding, and he would’ve courted you properly.)
You look at yourself by the large mirror facing the bed, robed in sheer lingerie that barely covered anything. The maids did a great job of cleansing your skin so soft and supple, plump as you are already.
You hide under the thick blanket. Was the wind always this cold and piercing at night?
Kazuha enters, and the wind blows more laboriously that it bites pinpricks on your body.
“Well,” He stares at you. “You look like a little burrito.”
You force out a chuckle. “It was shivering out there.”
He undresses and hangs his kimono by the dresser. You don’t know whether you clenched your fist out of habit or unease. “This village used to have a normal climate before, back when we were kids, remember? Until one summer, my dad received a letter that their icy winds never stopped and the residents need help moving out.” He removes his ponytail and turns his back to you. You marvel at his scars and notice the oldest one from long ago where he fell from a Kanzan tree while reaching to pick flowers. “Some believe that it was punishment for angering the winds, but my senses say that it was a natural change that was bound to happen. Interesting, no?”
You don’t know if he’s just buying time, but it works on calming your nerves. And getting on them. “So what I get is that you’re saying that everyone in this town owes you?”
Kazuha laughs, light and airy. As if he’s not the reason why you’re on this bed. “This used to be my sanctuary when the clan residence closed off. Memories cannot be replaced, and that includes you.” He looks at you, sincere and nervous. “After this, I wish to take you on a journey with me, (Y/N). Just like the old times.”
You roll your eyes, done with his pretenses. “Look what Mr. ‘I’ve-seen-the-world-out-there’ is talking about now.”
He sits on the bed and makes sure he’s not invading your space when he catches you grasping the blanket tighter around your body. “You’ll be under my protection, sweetheart. Captain Beidou has already agreed to take you in when the Alcor sails again. Only if you want to, of course.”
The Captain knows, it dawns on you, and she’s tolerating it. The lump in your throat grows along with your discomfort, lips quivering. “I have no choice, do I? Screw you, Kazuha. I should have never shown my face in Ritou when I heard that a fugitive was looking for me.”
He remains placid, used to your sharp tongue and dripping sarcasm. His fingers thrum on the maroon sheets, and you notice how big his hands are compared to yours. “I heard that the next stop will be Liyue Harbor, so give it a chance, will you? To see distant lands is not an opportunity to pass up, and you won’t regret it. This reminds me of a poem I once wrote…” He trails off. “Rewards come in many forms, in a slash of a sword--”
“Or in the light of her smile.” You reply, and he stills, eyes wide as if contemplating what to say next. You cut him to the chase. “Don’t look so shocked. I read your poems about me.”
“The lock of the box we kept under the tree disappeared one day, so I opened it and imagine my surprise when dozens of papers flew out, and they were all journal entries about me,” Your words almost stuck in your throat, distress seeping in. “Why did you put that there knowing that I’m the only other person who can see it?”
He’s stunned to silence, and you wonder if the maids can hear you down the hall. “This dream girl you’ve been chasing on those letters… that’s not me. I’ve changed, and you’re just going to be disappointed.”
“Everyone changes, (Y/N),” Kazuha doesn’t move from his side of the bed. The candle lights illuminate his tense shoulders and concerned gaze. “I was one of the most carefree kids around town because you brought me out of my shell. After losing countless people, I couldn’t bring myself to be happy again unless I was thinking of coming back home to you. You were my savior, and you still are.”
Frustrations bubbles on your chest, and the sheets crumple under your balled fist. “You don’t understand; you’ve been away for so long! It’s hard being friends with me, being a relationship with me, and I don’t think I’m worth all this!” You heave a breath. “A few years down the road you’re going to wish you made a better choice. I’m rotten work, goddammit.”
The bed dips beside you, and his warmth makes your shiver fade. “Is this what this is about?”
“Yes! Yes, Kazuha, this is what this is about,” You grit your teeth and look away. Why is it so easy for him to probe you? “You wrote haikus, poems about me, describing this hometown beauty that you never forgot because she was so kind, so selfless, and you were sooo lucky that you made a vow to marry each other someday.” Tears escaped your eyes as you sob and he takes this chance to wrap his arms around you.
“Let’s not forget that you wrote about how you’re not going to hesitate to use your sword to eliminate those that stand in the way of our ‘love’ and you plan to plant your seed inside me once you get back–- I mean, what the fuck was that?”
The revelation startles him. Or at least he acts like it. “Darling, you need to understand that I was miles away from you for so many years. There were times that I was driven to the brink of madness thinking of you.” He whispers in your ear, his hot breath sending chills down your body and your mound. He kisses the red tip of your ears. “Pay no mind, those words are only half-meant. I would never do anything so brash.” Except when it comes between us.
Your body turns feverish in his embrace, and you don’t pull away when he begins to press kisses on your neck, trailing for your shoulder. He treats you so tender, like the most delicate piece of treasure owned by a royal. “Calm now, love. You’re safe with me. Always have been.”
He lays you down on the bed and takes your lips with his. Your fists move to his shoulder, gripping, anchoring yourself for what was to come. “Kazuha, wait!”
“This is just customary, darling. Can I not admire my wife on our first day together?” You shake your head, trying to push him away.
“Just relax and let me do this for you, alright? I won’t go too far.” He lifts your wrist and kisses it from the back of it up to your arm, your shoulders, capturing your lips in the end. His hands travel and roam upon the unexplored breadth and expanse of your aching body until his fingers find your folds and dips inside.
It makes your head dizzy, his digits going in and out so slow. “Ka-Kazuha,” He adores how sinful you look: tresses all tangled on the pillows, breast spilling out from your lingerie, pussy leaking a syrupy mess, and your head thrown back on his shoulder like a panting goddess sent in his arms to pleasure. His cock swells and twitch, swears in the back of his mind that he could devour you right now. “Your fingers…”
“Feels good? Told you it would.” You moan, and he smiles a depraved smile, and adds another one. “You’re so good for me.”
In your dazed head, all you hear is the rhythmic squelch from his fingers stretching you out before you were lifted and plopped on his lap. “What are you– I’m too heavy, wait!”
He only sucks on your tits and flicks your nipples in response. “Do you think so lowly of me, (Y/N)?” He pins your thighs further with his to settle yourself properly, and you squeal. You cling to his shoulders for support, fully conscious of your weight against him. “I’ve fought countless enemies, stood against the sword of an archon, and you think I can’t carry your body against mine, sweet girl?”
A strangled moan came out of your mouth as he softly bit and groped your breasts. “This body was made to be held, loved, cherished– you are what poems are made of, my muse.” You’re all up in your head, dizzy and dumb, that you don’t notice his thick, throbbing cock nudging against your entrance until it touches your clit, and you tremble.
You look down and see the engorged tip of his cock, glistening with precum. He grabs your hips and lowers you down. You jolt against him. “No, no no, wait, I said we can’t– I don’t want to put it in yet, Kazuha, please,”
He presses a kiss on your arm. “Okay, okay sweetheart, I won’t.” The shadows overcast his cunning smirk. “We can do this, alright–”
“Just the tip, darling. Just the tip,” He flips you over again, this time laying your head on his chest as he lets both of you face the mirror. It’s both debauched and borderline romantic seeing yourself tangled up with a man whose only goal is to make ruins of your body and songs of your broken moans in the air. “Spread those legs for me, love. I want to see that dripping hole of yours.”
You reluctantly part your legs, and he spreads them wider once he takes hold of your ankles. “Look at that honeypot just begging to be licked… for someone so worried you seem to be enjoying our time a lot, (Y/N).”
You want to smack his stupid face. “I don’t– I don’t want you getting me pregnant this first night, Kazuha. You better just put the tip in.”
“As you wish,” He whispers, and his cock drags to your folds, tapping your clit, until it finally enters your hot core. A mere inch in, and Kazuha looks like he’s about to explode when your perfect cunt is so snug against his aching cock. “You feel that, baby?”
“Yes, yes, just stay like that, you’re so big– don’t move too much,” You let out a gasp, a shudder, and your nails dig to his arms.
Kazuha isn’t contented, though; now that he’s finally inside you, all he can think about is warmth, give you my seed, mine, breed, fill you up like his brain is fried. There’s nothing left but his primal desire. He loves you, he really does, but why would you make him suffer like this? Stopping him from entering you when you’re finally at his reach for the first time in years.
“I’m sorry, baby, you know that I love you, right?” He whispers in his stupor and you lean your head to look at him properly. His gaze burns with yearning, guilt, and desire. “What—Kazuha, why?”
He starts to push further, and you panic, reality hitting you at once. “Nonono, stop!”
He drags his cock, stretches you inch by inch, and your weak tiny fists hit his chest. “Please, it’s too big, no…” You beg weakly and try to find reason why he’s not stopping. At this rate, you’re afraid he might split you apart.
Kazuha can only mutter apologies, hands softly prying yours from pushing him away. He knows he can overpower you by strength, but he doesn’t want to scare you more than he’s doing right now. “I know, I know baby, I’m sorry, I’ve wanted you for so long, and you’re so tight and irresistible around me,” His words melt to incoherence, praises left in the air as both of you are overwhelmed in the sensation of your bodies connecting together.
It was just you, his greedy hands, and your breaths mingling together under the ocean blue sky of your hometown, and Kazuha couldn’t care about anything else. His hips stutter and jackhammer into your womb. You remain locked in place, watching yourself in the mirror as he fucks you full nelson, soaking the sheets with your juices. He grabs the plush of your thighs, travels to the round of your stomach squeezing the ample flesh, and you mewl.
“(Y/N), I’ll make it up to you, alright? You’re giving me everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I wanted you for so long now, ah!” The room spins as he manhandles you to your back again, trailing kisses from your stomach to your neck as he climbs on top of you. He slides his cock inside again and continues his rigorous pace. His balls tighten, and his cock is about to spill his cum inside while you whimper and cling to him like he’s your last lifeline.
Kazuha takes a moment, breathes, and kisses you passionately because his heart knows that it’s not just entangling of tongues and slapping of flesh that’s happening on this ravaged honeymoon bed, but the worshipping of the person who saved him in his past, present, and future. The highest offer he can give you is his seed, so take it, will you? “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart, I’m gonna cum,”
“No, not inside Kazuha, please!” You cry out a confusing mix of moan and desperation as your hot core is all ready to snap if he keeps fucking you this way, almost touching your cervix. “Anything but that– you’ll get me pregnant.”
“Then so be it.” He thrust forward, hips jerking, convulsing, with globs of thick cum threatening shoot out from his cock onto your womb. “Ready?”
“Kazuha, no! Fuckfuckfuck–” You cry out, and he grips your hips on one hand and takes yours in the other. “Here, hold my hand, we’re gonna cum together, alright? I love you so much,” Were his last words before both of you exploded in ecstasy, fluids mixing with each other inside your womb and he’s thrusting it all inside to prevent it from spilling. Your pussy clenches, feeling the juices still inside you.
Kazuha lays still, his cock resting inside your warmth. As you doze off, he lays you on your back. The moonlight glittered your skin and he hopes that your cries of pleasure are heard by the wind and makes it clear that you were finally his and no one else’s. “Thank you, my muse. I’m finally home.”
Tumblr media
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yandere-toons · 5 months ago
If you’re fine with going to see the movie, then yeah, because honestly Pepa and her family would be a interesting set of platonic yanderes imo lol
Yandere Madrigals (Platonic Headcanons)
TW: Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - I wasn't sure how much of the family you wanted, so I did all of them at once.
Tumblr media
A silent war is waged in Casa Madrigal, and the entire town of Encanto has a stake in it. When the skies darken and pouring rain arrives in gusts of howling winds courtesy of Pepa, every citizen reaps the consequences of the family having an argument with or a disagreement over their friend. Each member has a unique idea of how best to treat their friend, which breeds an endless amount of petty conflict but also a powerful sense of unity.
As the perceived golden child, Isabela expects to be the centre of their attention. She attempts to dazzle them by blooming rows of the flowers she has been told are beautiful and praised for growing, and if this fails to win their everlasting admiration, Isabela is at a loss for what to do. For much of her life, her chlorokinesis was hailed as her best quality, leaving seeds of envy to sprout when their friend is impressed by another member of the family.
In addition to her own insecurities, Isabela encounters great competition in the form of her cousins. None of these threats are greater than Camilo, who is rich with a need for attention and is determined to steal the title of their friend's favourite Madrigal. Camilo shapeshifts into random civilians on the street, important people in their friend's life and their preferred member of the family if not himself – all to interact with them a little longer and, in his mind, build a rapport with them.
Luisa is not as hungry for attention as her cousins and older sister, but she does have a robust want to be seen as useful to their friend. She refrains from intruding on their engagements with other members of the family and instead waits for them to seek out her, asking for any tasks and chores that she can do for them every time they meet. Luisa measures her worth by how much stress she lifts off their friend and encourages them to transfer the smallest and most insignificant duties to her if she has not helped them for a while.
Before Bruno is accepted back into the family, he goes unnoticed by their friend until Dolores enlightens them or they catch him raiding the kitchen in the dead of night during a sleepover. Bruno fears the wrath of Alma and resigns himself to speaking with them through tunnels in the walls, sometimes trying to persuade them to visit his hideout. Antonio is informed of this via his nocturnal animals and Bruno's rats, but the kid is happy to keep it secret as long as he can come with their friend and receive extra time with them later.
As a magic-less individual in a household full of supernatural abilities, Mirabel struggles to retain a presence in their friend's day. Among her family's nonstop ventures to enthrall them with superhuman feats, she feels that anything she can offer is doomed to be inferior to the gardens, rainbows and heavy lifting. This does not deter her from trying, however, and Mirabel seeks to claim her piece of their attention by rushing to talk to them and bring them to the privacy of the nursery when a family member steps away.
Regardless of how much their friend tries to keep their private life to themselves, Dolores hears each thought mumbled in secrecy and every twinge of fear and discomfort that sneaks into a laugh or step. She is quite loose-lipped when it pertains to secrets and wastes no time recounting everything she learned to the eager ears of her family. As a means of vengeance whenever someone interrupts her time with their friend, Dolores withholds information and tells her other relatives not to keep the offending member updated with the latest news until either she forgives them or they apologize to her.
Mirabel and Antonio shed doubt on the fairness of this process, and while she does not approve of its underhanded nature, Alma deems it a necessary invasion to ensure their safety. As far as Agustín and Félix are concerned, eavesdropping is a silly byproduct of joining the Madrigals because their friend might as well be a member of the family. Julieta and her motherly instincts support Alma when she encourages their friend to move into Casa Madrigal, citing it as a way to provide them with the happiest life possible.
After he is accepted back into the family, Bruno lives in constant fear of giving their friend one too many negative prophecies and losing their companionship forever. He wishes to only share the good news, but the thought of them facing a hardship unprepared when he could have warned them drives him to track down their whereabouts and deliver the brutal truth. Whether Bruno slips up or Dolores overhears him, knowledge of the adverse prophecy flows back to the rest of the family and causes an uproar at dinner.
Alma leads the discussion, with Julieta and Pepa throwing in the odd comment here and there. Agustín and Félix are the jokesters of the group and fail to understand why the situation has to be so tense, aiming to keep the room stable with humour. Isabela casts hidden glares and the occasional snide remark at whoever she thinks their friend prefers to her. Dolores exposes her, and Isabela's denial leads to Pepa succumbing to the emotional chaos and summoning a storm.
Camilo seizes the opportunity to mock and impersonate whichever family member he views as his biggest competitor. Luisa is crying about how she has supposedly disappointed their friend, while Mirabel comforts her and tries to keep a foothold in the conversation at the same time. Antonio is an anxious observer for most of the event and excuses himself to play with his animals far from the dining room.
Just as it seems like the discussion cannot be salvaged, Bruno stumbles out of a hole in the wall – sand in his mouth and a rat in his hand. He lies and announces a second prophecy that negates the first. It is a desperate ploy to ease the tempers and fears of his family, and if the real prophecy comes to pass, Bruno suggests a way to fight it but paints the suggestion as a forgotten detail of his vision to preserve his innocence.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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yanmaresu · 3 months ago
💖Happy Valentine's Day 💖
TW: Riddle // Yandere, non consensual drug use, implied kidnapping, toxic behaviour
TW: Trey// Implied fluids in food, yandere (?)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♥ Yandere Female!Riddle and Trey x Viewer (Chocolatier edition)
Click for better image / textless version under the cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wish you all a very happy day, enjoy it to the max (◕‿◕)♡
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yandermis · 12 days ago
❝Uninvited House Guest❞
♧Published: 05.04.2022
♧X Female Reader♧
♧Noncon, Somophilia, Dark Content♧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He wants to partially apologize.
For any bumps and thumps in the night, he swears it’s only because I want to be near you. Hiding beneath your bed or in your closet, in the darkest corners of your room. He’s really sorry if he scares you, it’s not on purpose. He swears it’s not. 
The goosebumps you fee on your arms, or the sudden shivers. 
It’s just the way your body reacts to his touch and he’s sorry, you're so pretty, so wonderful he can't help but try and cross the barrier that keeps the living and dead separated. He’s so sorry. So don't get too mad or scared when you wake up with random bruises on your legs or a weird ache in your wrists or arms. When your mouth feels different and your closes are torn or wet. 
He swears he’ll be gentle next time.
So gentle when he slowly pulls the blanket from your form, slowly pulling up your shirt. He’s sorry for the cold kisses he leaves on your skin, the cold ghost-like tongue that runs over your nipples. 
The unconscious moans you make, make him so happy.
His cold dead hands hold your legs up to your chest, moving your underwear aside to plunge his dick inside you. Fucking you with no restraint. You'll make up and see nothing, but scream in pain at the intrusion of your barely wet spongy walls. He’s sorry that his cold hand slams over your mouth, whimpering as your wall tightens. 
Your hand claw at the air, moaning into the invisible force that fucked you, making you cum again and again, till youre nothing but a mumbling whimpering mess. Begging to be left alone, for it all to end. Yet it feels good, better than any physical mortal man could bring you and he knows it. 
You'll wake up sore.
With dried tears that streak your face, a sticking coldness between your legs. He’s sorry and broke his promise once again, he just struggles with being gentle, he swears it's not on purpose. It'll go on for weeks, with little time for your body to fully recover, it’s hard to go to work or school, everything just hurts. 
He’s so sorry, but he makes up for it.
You'll have such good luck.
Tumblr media
©Yandermis 2022. Do not copy, modify, use without permission, or otherwise plagiarize in any way.
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yandereaffections · 23 days ago
Ooo can you write about Loid Forger from Spy x Family? :0
Tumblr media
Honestly he probably wouldn't have noticed you at all, too sucked up in figuring out where he'd find his supposed 'partner' to marry in time of the deadline, if it wasn't for Anya slipping out of his hold and running up to you in public, politely asking for some of the candy you were just thinking about having
As embarrassing as it was in the moment to have to apologize for her behavior Loid couldn't forget how kind and sweet you were, much like the candy you happily gave his kid. Not to mention Anya has certainly taken a liking to you, enough to find you again in a crowd the last time he went searching for someone to play the role of the one he'll marry
He may have thought it dangerous for her to take suspicious candy from you, the fact he can't get you off his mind is that much worse. Loids natural ability to focus on nothing but the mission at hand is being tested by nothing but a stranger, he'll go out of his way just to see if this feeling is a new way of spotting a perfect partner for his marriage cause he refuses to believe he's been this unbearably infatuated with someone who isn't related to his work
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