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Every night I stay awake until I pass out just so I can be with you every second, but now you went to sleep before me…

Now I can’t stop thinking about you. I want to be by your side so badly… I want to smell your scent, I want to feel your warmth, I want to hear your screams.

Bunny… you turn me into an absolute monster

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You’re so wonderful to me, darling~

Despite you being so busy with work and things like that, you always make time for me and I adore you so much for that, though I’m noticing something very curious with you, my love… it seems the obsessive tendencies that I thought only I had might be showing themselves even more in you!

In fact, even the other day when I told you of my job searching you seemed SO adamant on wishing to visit the moment I’m settled into whatever job I’m in regardless of the distance… sweetheart, do you not care of having to drive much farther to see me? Even though it might be just for a few minutes?

Seems you’re just as parched for my presence as I am for yours~

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I can’t wait to kidnap you.

I wonder if you would fight.

I wonder if that would make it more fun.

I wonder if you’re just as excited as I am.

My heart starts pounding out of my chest when I think about it.

Creeping into your room while you’re asleep and stealing you away.

I bet you look breathtaking when you’re asleep.

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let me hear your voice one more time before you fall asleep… i just want to hear you say you love me..! ♡

again… say it again… again… again again… again again again… ag♡ain agai♡n again ag♡ain again a♡gain ag♡ain ag♡ain aga♡in again aga♡in again aga♡in again again♡ again ♡again agai♡n again again ♡again again ag♡ain aga♡in!!!

please, angel, never stop… ♡

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