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shortcakedoll · a day ago
Oh gosh... I wish I could cook for you every day. I would make your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, and also your lunch box to go to work.
I would bake cookies, cakes, breads, pies, cupcakes, brownies and your favorite sweets... All for you! All because I love you so much that I want to be part of your life and help you with everything you need, give you everything you want!
You're everything to me; everything i need, everything i want and everything i love, dear.
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yandererat · 2 days ago
I want you to emotionally isolate me. I want you to completely own my mind. If you're jealous of my friends, tell me not to talk to them. If you hate something I do, tell me not to do it. Condition me to be perfect for you, dear ... It's what I want, after all!
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k-kn1vez · 2 days ago
whenever i see you my heart starts going thump ! thump ! thump ! and i cant think straight . . .
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dangandreams · 20 hours ago
Can you do yandere Kokichi and yandere Shuichi polyamory 😳
DEFINTELY! I love those two a lot and seeing them share a darling together just seems funny to me.
Yandere Shuichi and Kokichi polyamory general headcanons
Tumblr media
TW ⚠️ Drugging, kidnap, scolding, isolation, possessive behavior, obsessive behavior.
❥: Kokichi and Shuichi weren’t exactly the best-est of friends. Shuichi didn’t like Kokichi. Kokichi saw Shuichi as someone else to mess with.
❥: It was a game of both of them trying to trick or avoid the other. Some kind of tag.
❥: Then they met you. The person of their dreams. To them, you were a perfect angel. The perfect creation. As if you were artificially created to be perfect!
❥: You we’re doomed from the start. You have a manipulative liar and a skilled detective who has been experienced in research falling for you. You were outnumbered.
❥: At first, they were against each other. They didn’t want anything to do with each other. No way!
❥:They realized that if they were alone, they couldn’t get to you.
❥:One day, they met up and decided to work together. Even though they absolutely hated each other
❥: In Kokichi’s dorm. They decided to plan it. Shuichi could see millions of pictures of you. From every angle. But, he wouldn’t judge. He has those too.
❥:Kokichi made a plan about drugging you. Maybe with chloroform.
❥:Shuichi wanted to make it a bit more..peaceful. They had so much disagreements. But eventually, they had a plan.
❥:The next day, they decided to talk to you. Maybe over some food? You agreed!
❥:It tasted delicious but, you felt dizzy. You fell unconscious.
❥:You woke with Kokichi over you, and Shuichi telling him to give you some space. He grumbled and did. Just for Shuichi to be able to hug you.
❥:You could tell this was gonna be chaos.
❥:Shuichi doesn’t like doing these all too much, Atleast, that’s what he claims.
❥:Kokichi however, loves teaching you that you were being stupid and that you need to be punished!
❥:Shuichi wanted to it be psychological. While Kokichi may or may not wanted it to be physical.
❥: They set some ground rules for the punishments. If you did something wrong, don’t think it wouldn’t go unpunished.
❥:The intensity of the situation decided the intensity of the punishment. Just refusing affection? A simple scold was enough. An escape attempt? That’s where it gets horrible. Don’t attempt to escape without have a full thought out plan. Trust me. They’ll catch you.
❥:Kokichi handled the physical ones, Shuichi handled the psychological ones. Sometimes, they did it together. But that would be if it would be terrible like, as I stated, an escape attempt.
❥: They could be very aggressive. They just want your love! Just behave and it’ll be fine, alright?
I enjoyed writing this! Stop by some other time!
~Mod Shuichi
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cozymoko · 14 hours ago
What if reader ask yandere furukawa to break with them BUT, they have to pay all his money he have spend with them. How would he react if reader manage to pay and reader doesnt manage to pay?
Tumblr media
The OC mentioned in this post: Furukawa Hachiro
WARNING: Yandere themes
Tumblr media
What exactly does he gain from accepting your offer, I wonder? Entertaining a proposal for your freedom, surely he must have ulterior motives. With the possibility of being forsaken by his beloved, to rot like a departed corpse. But no, the situation plays rather well in his favor, or so he thought. I'm truly intrigued.
A time limit is required. As he simply could not bear the mere thought of you slipping from his gaze. Granting you a year, perhaps two if you are fortunate enough. Required to exert yourself with multiple jobs until exhaustion overcomes you. That being the only thing that could free you from this madness.
Vision this, thousands - no, millions at your disposal! Submerged in wealth with glistening jewels dancing across your skin. Under a gaze so devoted, whipped beyond repair. A touch ever so subtle as if it were handling the finest glass; crafted with such diligence, determination of a kind - unmatched.
FAILURE: Ah, I can still remember that smile, it's quite the sight. That vile twitch at the corner of his lips, concealed behind his ghostly hand. You could not meet his eyes out of sheer fright. Of being mocked and ridiculed, subjected to god know's what at that moment. My, my, what a deal; do think more next time my dear.
"In this filthy world," He clenches his jaw. "Only I can satisfy your needs; it would be best that you remember such before you make another foolish bet, dear."
SUCCESS: If you do manage to repay your debt, run. Far, far away until you can run no more. To a distant place where no one knows your name, your whereabouts. With enough money to start a new life, one where you can finally be happy! Run, my dear, do not ever stop unless you wish to suffer once more.
"This is mad, truly. Heh, to think I'd let you go is merely a delusion," His steps remained amble. "After tempting me so, how could I possibly let you go?"
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n0fac3chan · 2 days ago
fighting the urge to bake him treats with my blood mixed in (๑_๑)
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yandererat · 2 days ago
There's no one else for me! No one else in the world! As far as I'm concerned, we're the only people who exist.
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kowai-yume · a day ago
Tumblr media
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lollipopsandcrimson · 13 hours ago
wanna spam him so bad
i just want him to immediately wake up and be greeted with every thought i have so he can know i've been thinking about him
i wanna talk to him so much that he just doesn't have time for anyone else, but i don't wanna annoy him because he'll probably abandon me and i can't take that
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