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#yanderedev is stinky
zehmocha · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Yanderedev is stinky but I drew Oka in casualwear/streetwear because she’s baby and deserves better than her owner.
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weeaboobot · 2 years ago
Yebby and YandereDev went on an adventure but one ended up stinky.
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Okay, so YandereDev is not a perfect person. Yeah, we know that. Do you want him to be perfect? Is that why this blog exists? Because even though he might not be perfect, he's infinitely better than any of you shitheads will ever be.
stinky kitten go eat a mouse ugly
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anti-yandere-dev · 2 years ago
Cheapy the Cheapstake
You know, I was looking at a video about useless files from Yandere Simulator until I saw a guy named EpicMealDev, who developed a game called Watashi on Mono, which seems to be better than Yandiary Similater. There he was, defending the pedophile known as Alex “YandereDev” Mahan, and then, this reminded me of the relationship of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. EpicMealDev does his game with love while Alex messes up the Yandere Simulator in search of fame and attention, and perhaps money, but especially fame and attention, something he has always wanted since the times of Skullgirls. The difference in the quality of a fan-game made by a person who has a passion for what he does, especially a fan of YS, for an isolated selfish pervert who still lives with his parents and does not seem to care about his creations since he has gained attention not deserved that he wanted is remarkable. But just as SpongeBob defends Mr. Krabs, even though he’s completely crazy about money, EpicMealDev defends Alex Mahan regardless of Alex’s defending the Columbine massacre and being a crude and superficial version of Light Yagami. I mean, at least for the first few seasons, Mr. Krabs cared about Squidward and SpongeBob, so SpongeBob has some good argument to defend him. But EpicMealDev does not own it, because Alex is nothing more than a crazy incel by breasts of generic anime girls and does not care a bit about fans, unless you kiss your stinky feet, otherwise he’ll ask you to kill yourself and call you retarded, and then he will forget you, because his childish mind only holds 5th category Hentai and video games. Well, at least SpongeBob acknowledges how cheap Mr. Krabs is, and I hope EpicMealDev recognizes them as well.
P.S: About the comment from the guy who wanted to go home: This is a lot of barnacles!
- The YandereDev Wiki Guy
I think this is a pretty accurate comparison, if not funny. I do agree, I have seen some of Epicmealdev’s work, and while im not invested, I can say the models are very nice! -Mod Squig
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