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Hi doll moth! Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader that still has her dreams powers from the last request about it but the reader dies in their sleep to something and the family is distressed, but then they keep seeing her in dreams in her dream world form with the little clouds on their hair and they uses the clouds to help guide them into their main domain in the dream world where she controls everything and they tells them that even after death, they are still here for them.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  after your death they both fell into a state of disarray and sadness trying to find out anyway to bring you back whenever she would actually get sleep at this point she would see you and always try to run and get you but you would always disappear Without a Trace
💙Julieta and agustín  they probably miss you the most trying your best to help the town you overwork yourself to death sometimes they still see you in your dreams even though you're slightly different they always try to get you back they always kept your body but it was practically useless but for some strange reason you can't decay
💙 Isabela  she always decorated your room with flowers so she probably missed you the most even though you were gone for such a long time she couldn't get over it she wanted to see you again so she would always fall asleep to see if you were in her dreams you were but you were different but whenever she would try to get you you would disappear
💙lusia  she probably was one of the worst affected by your desk thinking that it was her fault that you died but of course she knew that wasn't true since you died in your sleep you would always try your best to even help her in her dreams even though your dreams form with your final form you couldn't go back to your body you are too weak
💙Maribel  when she figured out that she felt a great deal of sadness you what are one of the only people that actually respected her and treated her like family despite her not having a gift so you being gone really affected her instead of being happy and getting a she would be resentful and bitter even in her dreams she would see you as someone who left her but she missed you too much to be mad
💛Pepa and Fèlix  they missed you a lot don't get me wrong they felt so guilty when you passed away because you passed away in their room you never wanted to leave even though everything that they did was terrible even though you wish you had freedom you love them or is that Stockholm Syndrome oh you don't care your parents love you
💛 Dolores she wouldn't stop crying for hours you know she was really close to you since you would be the only person that calms her down in her dreams or from overstimulation from loud noises you had to do something but you tried to help her even in your final moments
💛 Camilo he blamed you you would always be there by him but there is nothing you could do about it you were dead and he knew it you would never come back and he felt guilty for hurting you for so long but he knew it was necessary he misses you so much but yet he still blames you
💚 Bruno  not even his Future Vision could bring you back it and he felt so building he didn't know what to do he missed you so much and you would always be there to calm him down but you are no longer there even when he was sleeping and you were in his dreams he couldn't bear to be by you
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🌸 How the Yandere HQ Boys would react to you wearing their jacket.
Tumblr media
These Hcs include ; Ushijima , Tendou , Atsumu , Oikawa and Bokuto .
Tumblr media
A/N: I've seen SO MANY Hcs on hq boys lending you their clothes/jacket , but I haven't really read one with slight yandere themes. So I tried writing for them. oh and please note that I'm not at all familiar with writing for oikawa- i was hesitant to write for him as I felt as if I might mess up- but Once again, Enjoy and please be kind I tried my best <3
Tumblr media
💌 Ushijima Wakatoshi :
Ushijima stood with tendou in the corridors. It was an early winter morning , yes it was cold. You cuddled into your own arms , Hugging them at your chest. 'You had to forget your jacket today huh?' . You were never the type who could adjust to the change in weather so quickly , All you could do is freeze in your own warmth until. . .
A sigh of relief fluttered its way out of your lips as you spotted the two , leaning against the wall , chatting away. "It's so good to see you both here!" You had been familiar with their faces a lot recently. Especially Ushijima , he was more than just a acquaintance now.
You fidgeted with your fingers. Too shy to ask him for his jacket after tendou left , leaving you both alone. "Are you not cold?." Much to your surprise , he was concerned before you said anything. Ushijima's eyes trailed down to your body , raising his brow after noting how you weren't wearing your jacket. "Ah yes about that- I forgot it at home . ." He didn't chuckle or continue to stare at you. Instead he began to strip his jacket off himself. "Here." The boy offered it to you , No questions asked about whether or not you'd like to wear his. The blush on your cheeks only darkened , blanketing yourself up in the warm fabric. Stained with his scent.
His heart nearly leaped out of his chest as he saw you snuggled up in his clothing. Warming him with a smile. "Thank you so much Wakatoshi-senpai! I'll be sure to return it to you after school ends." The words rang in his ears like fire alarms. His love had called him 'senpai'. He couldn't help but grin to himself. He'd do anything just to hear those words again.
Ushijima randomly found himself staring at you in the midst of his lessons. Watching how you would find comfort in his clothing. His mind wandered around the thought of you laying in his bed , wearing his hoodie or clothes. They're his after all , and so are you.
A grin was seen , smeared across his face while watching you , wrapping your arms around yourself in his large jacket for more warmth just made him feel twice as good. He made his 'soon to be' lover feel good. Oh how happy he would be to hold your small frame in his arms. For now though , he just watched.
"Thank you for your jacket senpai . . I appreciate it so much!" His love cheerfully handed him his jacket back , he accepted with a small smile in return. How adorable he found you. So sweet, so innocent. Was there possibly another way you could wear his clothes without having to forget your own ? Oh. . . There is one way.
Tumblr media
💌 Tendou Satori :
The red haired boy sat across you. Watching carefully as you took down notes. His eyes wandered , sometimes you'd catch him staring or leaning towards your notebook. You didn't mind though , he was your lab partner and was probably just observing how neatly and carefully you were taking down your notes.
"Cold weather today huh?." Tendou slowly began to lean further in , grinning at you. He must've noticed how you forgot your jacket. "Oh yea.. it is cold." Tendou pouted. Was his love cold? No worries!
He began to take off his jacket, handing it to you with another small grin. "I won't mind if you are interested in wearing mine." His offer was sudden and quick. A blushy mess you were, humbly accepting his jacket and thanking him right after.
Through out the next few classes, he happened to be staring at you more than usual. It made you feel uneasy. 'Does he want his jacket back?' 'Is he also cold?' Thoughts lingered in your head whereas tendou admired you from a distance. So beautiful, so small, so cute. Its his jacket you're wearing! Surely that must mean you feel something towards him.. maybe you feel the same way? You're cuddling into his clothes right now, you might as well enjoy the warmth his arms would bring if you let him hold you.
Tendou randomly found himself taking out his phone and snapping a few quick silent shots of you. He knew that if you caught him staring a few too many times you wouldn't be so comfortable with his jacket resting upon your shoulders. He'd observe the pictures he had taken. Admiring each and every single one of them. They looked adorable. Even though he sat behind you, a few seats away, he couldn't help but be grateful for having pictures of you in his jacket! Something fun to add to his collection.
Once you would hand him his jacket back after school , He insisted on you to keep it , but you were quickly to softly rejecting his offer and thanking him either way. Afterwards ,Tendou would as usual , walk you home without your knowledge of his presence. Once you'd safely make it back home , he would always peek through the window, making sure that you're all warm and cosy , then , he'd make his way to practice after leaving a small love note for you , slipping it inside your house , via the gap between the door and floor.
'Ah' the redhead moaned into his jacket. it smelt like you . . . on second thought , he was glad you didn't take it with you. How else could he smell you scent at night other than cuddling up to the jacket you wore?
Tumblr media
💌 Miya Atsumu :
His eyes wandered on your figure , watching with slight frustration as you answered osamu , his brother's questions. Both of you were talking about the nationals that were about to take place , nothing special. But still , it angered Atsumu. He knew he was better than his brother in every way possible , but he didn't like the idea of you talking to 'samu while he , himself , stood right beside you. "The sudden change in whether is also a pain." Otsamu complained , tilting his head in disgust. "Yes it's very cold . ." You were quick to respond , blushing as you hugged yourself. "I forgot my jacket today. I was in a hurry . ." with a sigh you kicked the air lightly , looking to your left before accidentally making minor eye contact with Atsumu. He was a good friend. But you preferred his brother. . . Atsumu sometimes made you feel uneasy. His stare and touch was noticeable and uncanny. You never said anything about it though , feeling as if he already knew but thought it was okay , plus , you didn't want him to get the wrong idea and think you saw him as a 'creep' or 'pervert' , you guessed it was just a part of his personality . . . being handsy.
"You can borrow my ja-" osamu was cut off by his brother who happened to already strip himself off his own jacket , handing it to you. With a smile , the boy spoke "ah osamu we all know how 'well' ya handle the cold . . . Don't be shy y/n , accept this. It'll keep ya warm for sure." Looking down at your feet , not wanting to make eye contact with him again , you reached out to grab the jacket from his hands. "Thank you Atsumu . ." you spoke in a soft tone , close to a whisper , but he heard it. A grin smeared across his face at the thought of how shy you were. So cute.
The day went by slowly. In between your lesssons, you snuggled into the baggy jacket like it was your very own. Atsumu never shared any classes with you , so you didn't have to worry about him staring at you. It was comfortable and warm , 'maybe Atsumu was a good guy?. . it was nice of him to lend you his jacket on such a cold day.'
During lunch break , you were headed towards the cafeteria , like you normally do , placing your books in your locker and skipping down the hall with the jacket drooping over your shoulders. You felt as if someone was watching you , but chose to ignore it.
Letting out a small gasp in shock , after someone happened to slam their body right into yours , Toppling you over into an empty class. You were horrified , at the thought of who would've targeted you so roughly , it couldn't have been a mistake right ? Unfortunately you were too naive to accept the truth. There , his beady brown eyes stared right back into yours. It's Atsumu. Immediately getting up after he pulled his body away from you , you began stuttering up an apology ; "I'm so sorry 'tsumu! I didn't see you there!--" The blonde ignored your unwanted 'excuses' and proceeded to step closer. What was he doing ? This wasn't like him! To just push you into a classroom and then completely forget about personal space! His grin , wider than before this morning , kissed you neck. It was so quick , you couldn't react in time , attempting to push away from him was of no use after . . he had , locked his lips with yours. They were rough and tasted dry , slightly wet , unexpressable. In shock, you didn't kiss him back. 'What was that for?' So many questions wandered across your head , but none came out.
He chuckled. "Can I not get a kiss back doll?" You didn't answer. Frozen against the wall , his figure towering , closing the gap in between you and him. "I lended you my jacket didn't I? I deserve somethin' sweet in return right?" Your cheeks began to turn into a deep shade of red because of just how embarrassed you felt . . and vulnerable. No answer , so he made the decision for you. Locking jaws with you once again , this time , pressing hard on your cheeks , forcing you to kiss him back while tightening his grip around your waist. Your hands trembled across his arms. Nails digging into his skin as an attempt to push him off , but it was useless. It was so sudden , you couldn't think.
For now , he didn't 'punish' or go any further with you , he was just there for a small kiss. As a reminder , of who you belonged to , as he didn't want to risk 'losing you to someone else'.
"This ain't for the jacket just so ya'know. It's because of how many times ya've been teasing me. With that 'goody two shoes' attitude..and of course.." He leaned in , close enough for his hot breath to mark your skin. "That cute little smile of yours." Flushed, you still didn't know how to respond. You didn't cry or scream . . Did you want him too? No! That's ridiculous isn't it??
You were terrified , had you upset him ? Whatever it was , you wished he could forget about it , hoping for this nightmare to be over.
Oh and his jacket , please don't take it off. It makes him happy , he just can't control himself and ends up wrapping his arm around you whilst leaving cute small hickies against your neck. You look adorable with his clothing on , but his marks suit you better.
Tumblr media
💌 Oikawa Tooru :
You walked to your classroom quietly , brushing off the regretful feeling of forgetting your jacket at home. 'Just get through this. It isn't that cold'. Lost in thought , you didn't recognise the man before you , it was oikawa , your classmate , and somewhat , a close friend. He happened to help you out often , since the day you met him , he's always been a show off , wanting to spend more time with you in hopes of showing you his moves in volleyball and perhaps talk more with you. You never found his actions suspiciously sweet or perfect , he was a great friend and was just looking out for you.
"Y/n chan! Ah how are you today?" The brunette chuckled , resting his hand upon your shoulder , pulling you close. "I'm good. A little cold though . ." you expected him to tease you for being forgetful but instead he continued laughing. He loved talking to you , it made his heart skip a beat every time. Something about your soothing voice and no reluctance to his touch whatsoever , made him feel special. Since day one he had his eye on you and was glad to know that you were exactly the type of sweetheart he thought you'd be. "Darling, you can wear mine! Wouldn't want you to catch a cold." There you were , blushing again. He was an angel. Accepting his jacket and not thinking much of it , you carried on with your day.
What you didn't know was that every time you'd take your eyes off him , his focus would go straight to his phone. Making sure he held it at a angle that could perfectly take a smooth shot of your body , basically a image of you wearing his clothing.
He wouldn't take pictures of you often , unless he thought he might want to see them again , but knowing you had accepted his jacket , stained with his scent , he couldn't hold himself back. His lips curved into a grin , a mischievous smile. 'What would she look like with only my jacket on?' He groaned at the thought. Adorable. Just adorable.
The day went by , you'd skip to his practice matches afterschool , with the intentions of wanting to return his soft , cosy jacket back. You enjoyed cuddling into it , so warm.
His eyes were on you the entire time. He chose to sit next to you in the cafeteria and in your lab classes , his excuse? Oh him and iwaizumi were in a 'small fight' , he wants space , your attention. His hands would randomly caress your hair saying they were long enough to get stuck in between the zipper so you should be careful. You knew your hair weren't as long as he was making them out to be, nonetheless, you didn't have a problem with him running his fingers through your hair.
You let him touch you! A little more than usual! His heart can't take this , someone he loves wholeheartedly seems to be comfortable with his touch. Staring at the pictures in his phone , a separate hidden album he made just for you , gave him comfort. Motivated , Oikawa asked you for lunch later that day. You accepted.
Tumblr media
💌 Bokuro Koutarou :
Doesn't miss the chance to come into physical contact with you. You never found his clingyness annoying or bothersome so you'd let the silver haired boy spend time with you every now and then. That includes, after or before his volleyball classes.
The moment your small hands began to tremble around your shoulders and arms, in hopes of warming yourself up, bokuto had no problem with lending you his own jacket.
"It's awfully cold today. Is it bothering you?" Bokuto would ask with a hint of curiosity in his eyes. He wishes he could lock his hands with yours, having the intention of removing the frosty feeling from your finger tips, before placing you on his lap and cradling you in his arms. Exactly how he felt as if his 'love' should be treated. But of course that's not the case, he can't just latch himself on to you whenever he pleased, the thought of losing you or scaring you was the last thing he desired. Bokuto wouldn't take any risks just yet.
"Ah yes.. it's a little cold." You weren't willing to admit it. But once your fingers began to trail down your thighs, as an attempt to let your short skirt cloth the exposed skin, without hesitation, bokuto gave his jacket to you. Huddling it over your shoulders before grinning at you. "Don't worry, You can borrow my jacket any time! I wouldn't want to see you unwell." A shade of bright pink decorated your soft cheeks. You thanked him and carried on with your day.
Bokuto was teased by his teammates often during his matches, after they saw you wearing the ace's jacket. He didn't complain though. . . He felt as if the jacket might have been acknowledged by many of his fellow classmates as well. And he loved that. The attention he received from just a simple share in clothing was what he craved at some point. Even though you didn't tell anyone that it was infact, his jacket, it was obvious as it happened to be baggy, very baggy on you, Further more, bokuto would confidently wrap his arm around your shoulders whenever he'd get the chance. He knew that physical contact between you and him was something you're not used to, that's why he would joke around often ; "you know I'm a little cold too! So theres no problem with me wanting to snuggle into my own jacket. Even if you're wearing it." He'd tease, sometimes his fingers would meander across your shoulders to your waist. Pulling you closer towards him while whispering how the heat from your body is keeping him warm. You wouldn't object. It's his jacket after all and he was kind enough to give it to you. It's colder than usual so it's okay if he snuggles up into your neck while caressing your lower back right? . . .
He had this all planned out. The moment he saw you without your jacket, he could just hand you his, as an excuse to get closer without having to scare you all that much.
Afterschool you returned his jacket back to him. Thanking him once again. Bokuto was blushing, you both walked opposite paths back home. A grin painted itself on his face. 'Thinking . . . ; 'Maybe next time I won't need an excuse to get physical with you.'
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can you do yandere adult trio (hxh- Hisoka, Illumi, and Chrollo) reacting to reader saying something along the lines of "i'll never love you" or "i'll kill you one day i swear to god" i dont think ive seen somebody do it yet
(sorry my grammar is bad)
first ask for my tumblr \(´ ∇`)ノ
Warnings : yandere tendencies, manipulation, death, gore, sexual indicators.
Tumblr media
It really depends on what you say and then how should he respond.
Hisoka isn't the one to beat around the bush with you. If he knows you need to get punished you're getting punished.
If you say something emotional to him ex. " I'll never love you. " He sees it as a challenge almost like, " If you cant love me, I'll make you. " He was being serious on that statement.
After saying that you have to keep looking behind your back because a few days after you said that he completely disappered.
Of course the only reason he did that was to see your begging face as you pray for him to come back since all he left you was some bread and tap water.
If its something physical ex. "I'll kill you one day." He justs gettings horny. He gets aroused seeing that look of desperation as you try to kill him time and time again.
Though after you try and kill him expect some sexual~ punishments
Tumblr media
Illumi being Illumi hes just straight up delusional.
He will 1. Either Convince himself you didn't say that or 2. Convince himself you didn't mean that.
But in extreme or rare cases you catch him on a bad day or say something a VERY bad for him he will resort to physical punishments.
Him being a Zoldyck he isn't afriad to use his experience in the assaination profession to harm you or harm the people you "used to" love.
The worse your words or depending on how bad the day was, he will punish you accordingly.
These punishments can rage to, killing an uncle in small cases and to straight up torturing you on extreme cases.
He doesn't like physically punishments because he doesn't want his "wife" to die before they can give birth.
Tumblr media
He wouldn't hurt you physically but he'd hurt you mentally.
Everytime he'd hurt you mentally, he would fuck with your mind by wearing that same poker face he always wears.
Wether it be standing over a relative's body or manipulating you into believing everybody is against you but him, he still wears that closed eye smile.
At first a few seconds after you said, that he would chuckle to himself then just leave them room after saying, "You'll regret that."
You don't know whether he said that to fuck with your mind or to seriously warn you.
Either option you didn't like.
He didn't show up for weeks after he left. Then after two weeks the power shut off. You knew he did it on purpose to 1. Scare the shit out of you, and 2. Beg you for him to come back. (Like hisoka)
He shows up after a month still having a closed eye smile holding a basket.
The basket was filled with different fingers all belonging to ur classmates.
He hugs you as you sobbed on the floor only saying, "It's your fault."
Tumblr media
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Yandere!Heisenberg X Reader
Warnings: Yandere Behavior, Violence, Kidnapping, Sexual Conduct, Body Horror(?) and Foul Language
Words: 4875
Hey, guys! I know I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been very busy but now I’m back with a Yandere Karl Heisenberg one shot! I wanted to try and write for Heisenberg for a while now and I finally got a finished product. I do apologize if he’s out of character as this is my first time writing for him but I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless!
Tumblr media
A shiver ran down my spine as a gust of cool wind blew a light powder of snow at me. 
My hands tightened around my crutches as I tried not to slip on the uneven ground and multiple rocks that were littered every so often.
I grit my teeth so they wouldn’t chatter as much due to the chilly weather.
Come on, Y/n. You’re almost there. 
I pushed myself to continue along the bridge even as my body begged me to take a break. This whole trip had been grueling but I knew good waited for me at the end. That’s it. Keep going!
Mentally chanting in my head brought me to my destination faster, a small smile coming to my face. However, that smile didn’t last long as it was soon replaced by a gulp. 
Behind the barbed wire fence loomed the intimidating Heisenberg factory, the only residents being lycans, the mutilated bodies of corpses mixed with metal, and the Lord himself. Being a member of the village, I have heard many stories of the man who had the power to control metal, most of them not pleasant. Among the villagers he was known for his temper, my parents often warning me to be wary when bringing our family’s offering to the gates. Even now as I stood before the very barricade I have visited so often I couldn’t help the fear that crawled around in my stomach, my nerves getting to me. Everything is going to be fine. Father already spoke to Lord Heisenberg. All you need to do is get this taken care of.
“Well, well. What do we have here?”
My head shot up at the sound of a male voice. Behind the gate stood the Lord himself, a cigar in one hand and his hammer leaning over his shoulder with his other hand resting on the handle. Quickly I attempted to curtsey, but with my crutches it was difficult. “L-lord Heisenberg.”
I stood back up as he shifted the cigar to his lips, a puff of smoke emerging into the frigid air. “You didn’t answer my question.”
“O-oh! My apologies. My father spoke to you the other day about making a metal prosthetic.”
Another puff of smoke left his mouth but this time his lips curled into a slight smirk. “Ah, yes. You must be Y/n then.”
“Yes, sir.”
Nodding, he tossed the cigar to the ground and stomped on it with his foot to put out the light. I gulped. “Follow me.”
He lifted his hand and gestured his fingers to the side, the gate opening slowly. I took this as my chance to go inside, the gate slamming closed behind me. I jumped and looked back to see the doors rattling from the force. “Come on. I haven’t got all fucking day.”
“O-of course, Lord Heisenberg.”
Silently I followed after him into the factory. The sounds of gears clicking and machines thunking filled the air. 
The smell of grease, oil and rust filled my nostrils.
Although the lighting was kind of dim in the walkways, I was still able to see everything as we passed by. 
Soon we arrived at what I assumed was his main work area due to all the workbenches and tools scattered about. “Take a seat over there.”
He gestured to one of the many tables in the room, this one being the cleanest. I made my way over only to look at it. The table was quite high and with my crutches I wouldn’t be able to lift myself up. After setting his hammer down, Heisenberg came back over to see me still standing there. “Well aren’t you going to get up there?”
“I don’t think I can get up there, my lord.”
He sighed. “Come ‘ere then.”
He set a few tools down on the table before coming over to me. Grabbing my crutches, he leaned me into him to balance me, my cheeks flushing slightly at being so close. He set the crutches to the side before wrapping his hands around my waist, gently setting me on the tabletop. A small shudder graced my body as his fingers gently slid away, the feeling like they were still there giving me goosebumps. Raising his arm, Heisenberg sent a chair flying towards him, the top landing in his hand. Setting it on the ground, he flourished his coat outwards as he took a seat in front of me. “Would you mind lifting your skirt there, sweetheart. I need to see what I’m working with.”
I nodded. While it was embarrassing I knew I had to. Grabbing the fabric around my thighs, I scrunched it up in my fists to allow easier access. Upon seeing my legs I squeezed my eyes shut. My left leg looked relatively normal, save for the few deep claw marks that were still healing. My right leg on the other hand had not fared as well. All that was left was the upper part of the limb, everything below the thigh was gone. Heisenberg gently grabbed my deformed leg and inspected it, a frown coming to his face as he noticed the dirty cloth wrapped around the end. “May I?”
He gave a curt nod and slowly untied the rag from my leg. The cloth was the only thing my family had to try and stop infection from coming in. Surprisingly it worked. As he looked over my leg Heisenberg mumbled to himself, his brow twitching every so often. “D-do you think you can fix it, my lord?”
“It’ll take me a few weeks to get something put together but yes. It can be fixed.”
Oh thank god.
“I just have to take some measurements to make sure your prosthetic will fit correctly. Hold still.”
Picking up the tape measure from the tabletop, he put it up to my left leg and began writing things down in a notebook. Every once in a while he would compare measurements to my right leg. The two of us sat in silence except for the background noise of machinery and the occasional mumble from him. “So, what exactly happened?”
I lightly shook my head. I had spaced out. “Hmm?”
Heisenberg rolled his eyes as he took off his glasses, his grey eyes narrowing. “Your leg. What the fuck happened?”
“Oh. I-uh, I, I was being careless with an axe and accidentally chopped my leg off.”
The lord stopped his movements and stared up at me through his brow. I gulped. His eyes seemed to stare deep into my soul. “I can tell you’re lying, Y/n. Now I won’t ask again. What. Happened?”
I sighed and twiddled my thumbs. It was still a sore subject for me to talk about, the events still fresh in my mind. “Okay, you got me. It’s just my family doesn’t like to discuss what happened.”
“And why not?”
I paused. Do I tell the truth or the lie my father forced me to say every time someone asked?
I glanced up at Heisenberg. His focus was completely on me. Truth it is.
“Because it would shame my brother.”
“M-my brother was supposed to protect us,” I took in a sharp inhale of air, “he was supposed to keep us s-safe!” I could feel tears well up in my eyes, the events flashing before my eyes. “What happened, Y/n?”
I attempted to bite back my tears but I could feel them slipping. I really didn’t want to tell him but I figured he wouldn’t continue until I did. “M-my parents were out for the night in the next town over. My big brother was put in charge, l-like he always is. He was to make sure my younger siblings and I stayed safe. As soon as my parents left, his secret lover climbed through the back window and they went to his room for some alone time. I stayed in the main room to watch my little brother and sister. Suddenly we heard screaming in the village. I looked out the window to see my fellow neighbors being attacked by lycans. I rushed my younger siblings into one of our cabinets and told them to remain quiet. As soon as I shut the door on them, the front door was ripped off its hinges and in strode a lycan. I screamed for my big brother to come but he never did. T-the lycan charged at me and knocked me to the floor and began gnawing on my leg. When the creature pushed me down it also knocked my father’s shotgun off the kitchen table. I had never used a gun b-before but I had seen my father and brothers work it many times. I hit the thing over the head and crawled back before firing. The next thing I know the lycan is on the ground dead, the gun was on the floor, and my younger siblings are grabbing at my shoulders. They were crying and were terrified. My older brother and his girl came out of his room to see the display before them, her screaming and running off while my brother could only stare me down. I knew I would have to have my leg cut off so infection and the lycan’s DNA wouldn’t set in but I didn’t realize I’d have to do it myself. I had my little brother grab my father’s hunting knife before sending them away with my older brother. Then I started to hack away. The last thing I remember before I passed out was my parents rushing to my side. After the local doctor patched my wounds to the best of his ability, my parents decided to keep the event hush-hush. If we were asked about what happened my siblings and I were to reply that while I was chopping firewood I cut into my leg and my older brother saved me.”
“That’s a load of bullshit! Are your parents aware that your brother was fucking his side bitch while you were saving your family’s ass?”
“Yes. That’s why they came up with the lie. My brother is due to inherit the household and family business after he marries his fiancee. If word got out that he was having an affair and that he didn’t protect his family, our household would be shamed. Nobody would want to deal with us ever again.”
“Perhaps that’s the right thing to do. If it shows how much of a coward your brother is-”
“I couldn’t do that to him! Besides, if I ruin my family’s name then my betrothed wouldn’t come.”
Heisenberg froze. “Betrothed?”
I nodded. “That’s why my father has asked for your assistance. He wants me to be walking normally by the time my betrothed comes to the village. Almost like nothing happened.”
He growled. “So he’s not doing it for your benefit, but for his.”
“I know it sounds harsh but it’s for the best. After all, this is what I was born to do: be married and prepare my children for their futures.”
Heisenberg grumbled something that I didn’t understand before he grabbed the tape measure again and continued where he left off. The silence between us felt tense, almost as if he was holding back his true feelings. 
After twenty minutes, he slammed the tape measure shut. “There. All done. I should be able to have it done in two weeks time. Will that be sufficient enough?”
“Yes, my lord.”
Standing up, Heisenberg grabbed and lifted me from the table before handing my crutches back. “I don’t know how I can ever repay you, my lord. You’re doing my family a great service.”
He smirked as he slid his golden rimmed glasses back on. “Consider this a favor.”
I grinned before quickly giving him a big hug. I could feel his muscles tense beneath me. And just to show how extra grateful I was, I gave him a light kiss to his cheek before pulling away. His expression was hard to read as I looked at him. Dread filled me as he quickly turned away. Did I do something to upset him? Please tell me I didn’t do something wrong.
“Come on, I’ll walk you back to the front. Don’t need you getting lost.” he said in a gentle tone. Okay. Nothing to worry about.
The silence resumed between the two of us as I followed him back to the gate, my head full of worried thoughts. “Here we are.”
I snapped out of my thoughts to see we were in fact at the main entryway. The wind had picked up while we were inside so more snow began to dance in the air. I shivered as the white powder stuck to my clothes and hair. “Well I best be off. Thank you once again, Lord Heisenberg.”
“Take care, Y/n.”
I nodded with a smile before turning to walk out of the gate, the lord opening it with his powers. “Oh and, Y/n.”
I looked over my shoulder at him. “Just call me Karl.”
“Of course...Karl.”
He tipped his hat in acknowledgement. “I’ll send your family a message when I have your prosthetic ready for fitting.”
“Thank you. Goodbye now, Karl.”
“Goodbye, Y/n.”
I thought I heard hesitance in his voice to call me by my name, however I rode it off and made my way down the hill back home.
The next two weeks were very stressful for my family. My betrothed had sent word that he would be coming to the village in the next week. My parents were frantically trying to piece plans together, such as where he would sleep when he arrived. My father was the most antsy, always pacing back and forth and yelling at us for little hiccups. I knew he was mainly waiting for my prosthetic to be done. I had to be absolutely perfect after all.
A few days before my betrothed was to arrive a neighbor reported that Lord Heisenberg was done with my prosthetic. My father sent me alone as the rest of the family was preparing. Just as I was starting for the factory, I ran into a familiar wagon. “Ah, Miss L/n! What a lovely surprise.”
“Hello, Duke! How are you doing today?”
“Very well, thank you. Where are you headed off to? Don’t you have a suitor to prepare for?”
“Lord Heisenberg has finished my prosthetic. I was headed up to his factory to have it fitted.”
“Care for a lift? I’m headed that way.”
“That would be great! It would definitely save me the hassle.”
“Hop in.”
 The back door to his cart creaked open and I made my way inside. As soon as I sat down the door shut and the wagon creaked forward, my journey beginning. “So are you excited to finally meet your soon to be husband, Miss L/n?”
“Yes and no. I’m more so nervous. I mean, what if we hate each other? It’s not like I can just reject his proposal, my whole family is counting on me.”
“And what if he loved you? Would you be happy?”
I didn’t answer him right away. I had never asked myself that, mainly focusing more on the negatives. What if (F/n) really did love me? Would I be happy, truly happy?
“Miss L/n?”
“I, I-I'm not sure.”  
“All relationships take time I suppose.”
I quirked a brow. “What do you mean by that?”
“You’ll learn in due time, my dear.”
The rest of the trip the Duke and I talked about his wares and places he was going. It was all so exciting to hear that time passed quickly and soon we were at the factory. “Here we are, Miss L/n.”
“Thank you, Duke. I should have a few Lei in my pocket-”
“No need. You’re a valued customer! Save your Lei for something you’ll actually want or need.”
“Oh, okay. Well thanks again, Duke. I really do appreciate it!”
“You’re very welcome, Miss L/n. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon. Take care now.”
“Will do. Bye, Duke!”
“Farewell, Miss L/n!”
I waved goodbye as his cart pulled away, him waving back before he disappeared over the hill. As soon as he was out of sight, I made way towards the gates, Heisenberg already waiting for me. “Y/n, glad to see you made it.”
“Of course, Karl. I wouldn’t miss this for the world!”
He chuckled as he gave a smirk. “Well come on then. We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting.”
The two of us headed inside the factory and as soon as we did I was struck by surprise. The place had been cleaned up compared to the last time I was there, not a scrap out of place. As we walked I even noted that the lights seemed to be a bit brighter. Deep down something warned me to run, that something wasn’t right. However, I kept walking behind Karl as I knew I had to get this task done. We eventually ended up in the same workshop room that I had been in before. “Need help getting on the table again, darling?”
“Yes, please.”
He gave me a sharp nod. Leaning my body into him, he set my crutches off to the side and lifted me up onto the workbench. Just like last time his fingers lingered on my waist but this time I felt his thumbs rubbing against the fabric of my dress. A chill ran up my spine as gloved hands slid down my legs and grabbed the edge of my skirt, bringing it up just enough so he could see my disfigured limb. Moving his right hand to the side, something large came flying into his hand. I realized it was my prosthetic. Heisenberg looked at me over the top of his glasses, his eyes shining in the light. “May I?”
I nodded. Pushing his glasses up, Karl gently attached the metal limb by wrapping the leather straps around my thigh. He tightened the straps till the prosthetic fit nice and snug before pulling away. “Care to take it for a spin?”, he said as he held out his hand for me to take.
“I’d love to!”
Grasping his hand, I slid off the table and landed feet first on the floor. I wobbled a bit as I took my first few steps like a newborn, but happiness filled my body still. I didn’t even realize Heisenberg had let go of my hand until I twirled towards him, a big smile creeping on my face. “Look at me, Karl! I’m doing it! I-I’m walking!”
He chuckled. “You are. Now is it comfortable? Nothing digging into your flesh?”
“Nope! It’s perfect! Thank you so much, Karl!”
I ran up and gave him a big hug. His muscles didn’t tense this time as he wrapped his arms around me. Just as I was about to pull away, I felt his arms wrap tighter and I could have sworn that he leaned down to sniff my hair. I grew uncomfortable when one of his hands came up and started to push my head towards his. I knew where this was headed so I quickly pushed him away, my gut twisting in fear. He growled and the shadows around his face darkened. “You’re a fucking tease, you know that? Being right there in front of your legs. I was so tempted just to take you, but I promised myself to be a good boy.”  
My eyes widened and my uncomfortableness grew. I had to get out of here and fast. “I’m sorry, Karl. I, I should be going. My father is probably w-wondering what’s keeping m-me.”
I moved to grab my crutches just in case I needed them, Heisenberg latching onto my wrist. I gasped and looked up at him. Even though he had his glasses on I could feel his intense stare. Just as I thought he was going to lash out, he moved his grip to my hand and pulled it towards his lips. A small kiss landed on my knuckles before he said, “I’ll let you go. For now. But don’t think this is over, Y/n.”
As soon as his grip loosened, I tugged my arm away and quickly grabbed my crutches. With those in hand I rushed out the door, not even bothering looking back. I just wanted to get out of there as I felt his eyes digging into my back, my gut wrenching and my heart rushing.  
The day my betrothed was to arrive came so soon; my whole family was on their toes. I was especially nervous since this was the first time I’d actually be meeting my soon to be husband. My father had made arrangements with another family on one of his business trips and didn’t bother to tell me I’d be getting married in a few months until recently. I thought about my life and how I was about to be given away to a man I had never met as my mother got me dressed. My father had picked out a white dress with a pink and blue floral design all over the garment. Great way to sell the idea of me as a blushing bride.
As my mother attached a simple silver necklace around my throat, I heard her sniffle. Slowly turning, I saw tears in her eyes. “Momma, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, dear.”
“It’s obviously not nothing if you’re crying.”
“I’m just sad to see my baby go. I’m going to miss you so much, sweetheart!”
She wrapped her arms around me in a bear hug, her emotions getting the better of her as she sobbed. I could feel her pain as I knew in a few hours I would be whisked away from the village I grew up in to a new place entirely. How was I supposed to be happy when I basically had to hit the restart button on my life? Just as my brow furrowed, a knock brought me out of my deep thoughts. I looked over to see my father in the doorway, dressed in one of his best suits. “Am I interrupting something?”
“No, no. Of course not,” my mother replied as she pulled away and dried her eyes, “I’m just being emotional is all.”
“I see. May I talk with Y/n alone for a minute?”
“Of course, dear.”
My mother quickly gave me a peck to the cheek before walking out of the room. My father watched her leave and as soon as she was out of sight he turned back to me. “You look stunning, honey. (F/n) is going to be so lucky.”
I turned my back on him and looked at myself in the mirror, my fingers on my right hand coming up to play with the silver chain around my neck. I heard his footsteps come up behind me before I felt his hands on my shoulders. I looked into the glass to meet my father’s gaze. “Y/n, promise me that you’ll be a good wife. Your mother and I raised you to be the perfect bride. All you have to do is step up to the role. Can you do that for me?”
“Of course, father.”
He lightly kissed the top of my head before he walked out of the room. I continued to stare at myself in the mirror, my hands becoming fists. Make him proud, Y/n. That’s your only job. Make him proud.
Slowly my eyes had made their way down to the hem of my dress, my prosthetic hiding under the long skirt. My thoughts drifted to Heisenberg and our last encounter. I didn’t understand why he acted the way he did. He knew I was getting married, whether I wanted it or not. So why try and make a move?
I fell forward as the house shook. Grabbing onto the wall, I quickly spun around as I heard my family screaming, hissing, and mechanical whirring. Moving as fast as possible towards the main room, my eyes widened at what I saw. Lycans and soldats filled the house, weapons aimed at my frightened family. Karl stood in the middle of the chaos, his hammer resting on his shoulder. “Lord Heisenberg, what is the meaning of this?!”
“I don’t mean to cause any trouble. I’m merely here for my end of the favor.”
“If it's money that you require I’m afraid we don’t have much. B-but as soon as Y/n is married-”
“I don’t want your fucking money.”
“Then what do you want?”, my mother asked as she huddled close to my father.
The older man set his hammer down before looking back at my parents. “Merely your daughter’s hand in marriage.”
I gasped. All eyes swiveled to me and Karl held a smirk. “Well there you are, sweetheart! Was wondering where you were. Why don’t you come and join the conversation.”
He raised his hand and made a tugging motion, a yelp coming from my throat as I was sent flying towards him. I landed in his arms, one of them quick to wrap around my shoulders in a vice grip. I tried to squirm my way out of it but stopped when he applied more pressure. “There we go. Now the family’s all together.”
He let out a chuckle and struck a cigar, letting out a puff of smoke into my father’s face. He coughed and sputtered before returning to a frightened yet serious face. “I’m sorry, my lord. But Y/n has already been promised to another suitor. We were waiting for him to arrive before you came!”
“Oh he won’t be coming.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Let’s just say he was meant for the army rather than a relationship.”
My eyes widened and as I looked at all the soldats I couldn’t help but shudder. My father’s face went pale as my mother gasped. “Now, since I don’t see any other men in my way I can finally take what’s mine.”
Stomping on his cigar, the arm around my shoulders wrapped around my waist as Karl began to drag me away. My family began yelling at him, screaming to give me back as I kicked my legs and clawed at his arm. Just as we reached the door I landed my elbow into his ribs, causing him to let me go as he let out an oof. I ran towards my family’s embrace and looked back at Karl, a scowl set into his features. “I always liked your fight, Y/n. However, now I don’t really appreciate it!”
“What do you mean by that? We barely even know each other for god’s sake!”
“Maybe on your end, dearest. However, I’ve been watching you for such a long time now that I can tell what you’re thinking.”
My brows furrowed. “W-what?”
“Oh come on. You never felt my eyes on you when you always delivered your family’s offerings? Besides you don’t think those lycans just attacked randomly did you?”
I froze. Oh my god. He didn’t mean... 
“Yes. I sent the lycan to attack your home. I merely meant to frighten your family into offering you to me but he got a bit carried away, and you know what happened then. At first I thought the plan was fucked but then when your father came to me, everything just fell into place.”
“Y-you did this to m-me?”
“Tragic accident. But don’t worry I’ll make it up to you, darling.”
He took a step towards us and my father stepped in front of us. “You won’t be going anywhere with our daughter. If I knew you would do this I would have never asked for a favor!”
“What’s happened has happened. You just have to learn to fucking deal with it. I learned that a long time ago. Now I’ve been a very patient man with you all, but I won’t be for long. So if you excuse me I’ll be taking what is due!”
Heisenberg swung his arm towards him and I felt my body follow. My family anticipated this though and grabbed a hold of my arms and pulled back, the opposing forces making me grit my teeth in pain. Karl growled and motioned his other hand at his minions before giving one final tug. My family screamed my name as I flew into the lord’s arms and soon I was hoisted over his shoulder, their screams becoming more pained. Quickly lifting my head, I saw the soldats and lycans going in for the kill, my own screams ripping from my throat. I began to pound my fists into Karl’s back and kick my legs as he continued to walk off, grabbing his hammer and swinging it over his other shoulder. My family’s cries echoed into my ears as I was carried off into the night, my own tears streaming down my face as I realized my fate was sealed. I wasn’t getting out of this, not now, not ever. 
“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ll take good care of you. I owe you that favor after being so kind to me.”
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spoughette · 6 months ago
WARNING ⚠️ bl00d ⚠️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
:I am shameless
I’m gonna leave this here though, if you have an idea of how I should draw Peter or Yb let me know :D
Peter belongs to @invertedmindinc @y0urb0yfriend
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deru-shigaraki · 7 months ago
Yandere Satan (obey me imagine)
"Kitten~" His voice purred, a sharp blade dragging along the wall as he walked down the dark hallway. You were trembling uncontrollably. You're hands covering your mouth, carefully trying to calm yourself so your breathing wouldn't be loud enough to give up where you were hiding. You had been lucky to get out of that cage. It was a mistake that most certainly wouldn't be tolerated again. This was your only chance to escape. You had to stay strong. All you had to do was get to the outside. You were certain that the woods surrounding the house would give you enough cover to out run and loose him. The thought was simple, but execution seemed more and more impossible the closer he came to your hiding space. The cabinet hardly held you, it was small but it was the only place you could think to hide in such limited amount of time. You stuffed yourself inside, ignoring the scrapes and bumps you gave yourself as you struggled. The door hadn't closed all the way but you didn't think the crack seemed all that noticeable. You shuttered as Satan's footsteps entered the kitchen. His heal clicked on the tile floor in a threatening way. Everything he did felt like an attempt on your life. After being trapped there in the house with him for a few weeks you learned your lesson about under estimating him. You knew better than to doubt that at any given second he could snap. You were unaware of his constant mood swings at first, and that cost you a lot of pain. "It's really naughty to hide you know." He was angry, you could hear it in his voice, even though he masked it with a smile. You allowed yourself to peak through the crack, wanting to see where he was in case an opportunity to run came up. You sucked in a breath as you seen how close he actually was. His legs stood right next to the counter, only about a foot away from where you had stashed yourself. You were too low on the ground to see much more. The view under the sink was limited and you didn't care to try and test those limits. Satan sighed deeply, leaning against the counter. "You couldn't have gone far..." He mumbled, not really talking to you anymore, it was a comment to himself. He didn't think you were in ear shot, maybe that meant you were safe for now. If he didn't think you were in the kitchen, he would have to look further into the house, leaving the front door open to break out of. You took extra care to stay still, you held the bell on your collar tightly, not wanting it to give you away. It had been what drawn him this way in the first place. The jiggle of the cat bell had rang almost violently when you entered the cabinet. Now that you were sitting still it wasn't much of a threat but you knew that if you wanted to get out of here you would need to ditch the collar completely. You had tried before, Stripping it off when you were left alone in your room. However that action was forbidden and when you break a rule...Well...You know. He wasn't light on punishments. He was a cruel sadist. Seeing you in pain seemed to get him off even more than when you're good for him. Not to say that he wasn't more pleasant when you cooperated. Some nights you were even able to relax. The two of you would sit in the living room, he'd force you onto his lap which of course the first few times where a bit uncomfortable, but after you quit fighting, he would reel you in. His body was always so warm, so comfy. He would pet your hair, kneading your head in a some what affectionate way. He would be reading or listing to music. Sometimes he would just talk to you about his day, discuss his work, or what he seen on his daily runs. You weren't as difficult to control at that time of day. It was basically the cool down of the night. To get you ready for bed. You actually felt yourself relaxing slightly as you thought back to those moments. It was quickly ruined by the sound of Satan slamming his fist onto the counter above you, before his footsteps stomped away into the house. You then fiddled with the collar around your neck, deciding to ditch it, before it gave you away. peaking out of the crack in the small door, you didn't see or hear him. You figured now was as good as ever to bolt out of the house. You crawled out of the cabinet slowly and silently. You avoided going down the hall way that you had seen Satan go down and you crept down another, hoping that a door would lead to the outside. You tip toed, holding your breath. It was incredibly tense searching the house. You hadn't ever made it this far, and you doubted he would ever let it happen again. You heard footsteps riding up on you and you hurried to find an unlocked room, slipping inside. The room was dark, not having time to find a light switch, you backed up just a bit, watching a shadow move past from underneath the door. You held your breath, only releasing air when you couldn't hear his footsteps any longer. You sniffed the air around you, catching a whiff of something unsettling. The scent of the room was damp and rotten, the wood floor underneath her feeling wet and sticky. You gagged on the heavy odor, feeling as if you were being strangled by the disgusting smell. Your body froze as you heard an unsettling noise. Every hair on your body stood up as a low growl came from the corner of the room. Turning around slowly, you seen a pair of glowing yellow eyes staring back at you. The eyes lunged forward and you screamed running towards the door as you heard a chain scrapping across the floor. You were slipping on the liquid that spread over the floor. You panicked as your feet went out from underneath you. You laid on the ground a slash of pain going through your leg as you felt the creature pawing at you. You crawled away swiftly, feeling blood drain from your attack wound. You didn't hold back on your screaming, at this point you were hoping that Satan would find you. It was dark and the monster behind you was thrashing and making horrifying noises. The door in front of her was bashed open, the light from the hallway lighting the room. Satan stood there in shock, seeing you on the ground covered in blood. You looked down at your hands and noticed the the liquid that you had slipped on was blood, but not yours. You erupted into another fit of screaming, causing the creature behind you to freak as well, looking over your shoulder and seeing that the monster was an actual tiger. Your mind felt like it was about to explode, your fear causing you to tremble uncontrollably. You couldn't believe it. Satan on the other hand looked calm, but annoyed. He walked past you without a word. You watched him as he approached the big cat. The animal seemed to cowar when he got close, it's tail going down between it's legs, its ears going back as if it was ashamed. Satan didn't hit the animal, he raised his arm up as though he was going to but once his hand lowered, he only flicked it's head. The big cat meowed upset and then walked into the corner, where you seen a few bones. That had explained the body everywhere. He was feeding that tiger people. Was he going to feed you to the animal too? When his attention finally fell onto you, your heart dropped. You started to tremble, your eyes welling with tears as he stepped closer to you. He kneeled down shaking his head. "You're such a naughty girl, if I didn't love you so much, I would have let Coda eat you." He told you and your lip quivered, glancing past him and too the tiger. "C-Coda?" You and and he nodded. "yes, my cat." He stated before lifting you up. He held you bridal style, your face instantly pushing into his chest. You couldn't help the tears that were falling from your eyes. Satan sighed deeply. "Don't you start that, if you cry now you're going to get tired and wanna nap, then You'll be up all night." He warned. You were surprised at his attitude. You were crying over fear, over loss. You had tried to run, he caught you. Why wasn't he more upset. He of course sounded angry, but he wasn't blowing up at you, just scolding you. Satan carried you out into the kitchen and set you down on the table. He then started to look at your cuts, seeing that they weren't deep at all. You were slightly embarrassed that you were screaming so loud for just a few scratches, but the tiger was pretty scary. He raised an eyebrow to you and your faced blushed. His mouth quirked into a half smile before turning around and filling a glass up with some water. You watched him closely as he brought you the glass, handing it to you. He seemed suspiciously clam, not like you had expected him to be. As you sipped at the water, his hand reached up to pat your head. "Where's your collar kitten?" He asked you choked on the water. He grabbed the glass before you dropped it. "It's *cough* under the sink." You spoke out, face red as he chuckled. "Is that where my little pet was hiding~" He cooed, retrieving the collar and returning to your side. You flinched as he wrapped it around your neck. "There you go, all better now." He purred and kissed your forehead. You were shocked at how sweetly he was treating you. As he adjusted your collar you swallowed the lump in your throat, speaking softly. "Satan..." his eyes met yours. You bit your lip. "Are um...are you going to punish me?" You asked and he tilted his head. "Oh? Honey why would I punish you?" He asked. You hung your head, feeling ashamed. "Because I was naughty..." Satan smiled at you, placing his hands on your thighs, spreading your legs so that he could place himself in between them. "I thought about it...I was very angry at you, Hell, I was actually excited to have a reason to play rough with you." He explained and you frowned. "You're not going to?" You asked and he sighed, leaning his forehead against yours. "I messed up today. I didn't keep a good enough eye on you and you ended up getting hurt. It could have been a lot worse. My cat could have eaten you, you would have been dead...It I lost you MC..." He bit his lip, shaking his head slightly. "I don't want to think of what I would do, if you weren't with me. I love you." he whispered the last part. You thought a moment. "It did hurt me...Just a little, but you...You sometimes hurt me more than this...I know I make you angry, I'm just so scared of you that sometimes I make mistakes on accident." You told him and Satan nodded. "I get carried away sometimes, and for that I apologize. I won't try and deceive you, I like to make you cry. When I hurt you, You cling to me, you beg me to stop, you make promises to me...It's so much power, and you hand it over so willingly." He explained, pressing his lips against yours. You didn't fight the kiss, instead you actually found yourself leaning into it, your mouth opening for him but he pulled away. He stared at you satisfied. "You're warming up aren't you? Pretty soon you're going to be the one stealing kisses." He teased and you blushed shaking your head. His hands cradled your cheeks, loving eyes staring into yours. You let your eyes flutter shut, expecting another kiss, but instead, you felt his thumb slip into your mouth. You frowned, opening your eyes, looking up at him confused. He smiled, pushing it in deeper. You whined, but did what he wanted, sucking on it gently. He leaned his forehead against yours, feeling as your tongue swirled around him. Your lips made a sucking sound as you suckled the tip of his finger like a bottle. Satan chuckled. "Don't be too good at that, I'll have to give you something else to suck on~" He purred and you pulled away from him, your face red. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close, your legs wrapping around him as he picked you up. "Let's get you cleaned up." 
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Yandere Babysitter x Reader
Tumblr media
⚠[Warning: Neglectful parenting, judgmental thoughts, and light mention of attempted murder]⚠
"Now Y/n don't bother the keep while we're out. Your allowance will be cut if I discover otherwise." Your mother silently glared at you as she leaves the estate with a baron from the kingdom over, leaving you in the company of the young 'keeper.' You roll your eyes and point the bird to her exit before turning around heading straight to your room. You definitely weren't about to entertain this fool into thinking he actually had any real authority over you, as your peer. He was probably a year or two older with a young face, slim, sturdy body and an air of maturity which probably got her hooked from day one. "Aren't you going to say "hi" to me?" You hear him shout before you close your door. As you settle yourself on your bed you hear hurried steps up the stairs skidding to stop before your door. He knocks and you ignore him putting your noise canceling headphones on while you pull out your phone to read. After an hour or two you decipher that he's given up, hearing no more knocking or muffled shouting you decide to head to the kitchen to make something yourself. You'd have your chef do this but she had the day off and so did the rest of the staff. So you were alone with a boy who probably goes to your school and probably has no intention of taking care of any of your whims-Gee thanks Mom. Ever since your father's death she has been endlessly chasing after men of a lower ranking than her. At one point you thought she was being non-discriminatory towards those in lower tiers of the hierarchy but you now know it's only because she can control so many of them at the same time. It was disgusting and you couldn't defend her because she hadn't even seriously cried at his funeral. Naturally you rebelled against her noble ideals by wearing what was comfortable, sneaking out past curfew, and actually working to help the community. Of course she couldn't mentally make the comparison to see her hypocrisy and instead decided getting someone to watch you was the answer. "So you decided to show your face, huh?" The melodious voice of the intruder nearly made you jump out of your skin. "Yeah, I came out to eat in peace. So can you leave me alone?" Ignoring your plight for privacy. "Oh did you like my pot pie?" Is this guy on somethin? "What on earth are you talking about?" "Didn't you see my note on the counter?" You looked at the granite countertop and sure enough there was a little post it with a cursive message saying 'Dinners in the fridge ♡' You open the fridge to see a matching sticky with a heart posted on a tin foil covered plate. "Well as much as I (hate/love) pot pies, I’d like to eat my food that isn't poisoned." He feigns a hurt expression putting his hand where his heart would be. "What makes you think I'd poison you princess?"
You grab the rest of your food and (f/d) out the fridge heading on your way out. You turn and say, "because what else would my stalker want to do with me." You quickly head up the stairs, return to your room and lock it.
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jquiles410 · 9 months ago
A/N: I'm gonna right a yandere Trickster and a gender neutral reader. So here we go, this is part 1
Poor (Y/N), they were alone when they got back to camp, they were in a trial with Ghostface, but were the one to get killed first. The other survivors were either gathering supplies or doing trials for the Entity. They huffed as their phone appeared with their earbuds. "Thanks, Entity!" They said as they turned on their phone and connected the earbuds, putting on their favorite song and jamming, the trial with the Trickster had just stumbled upon the survival camp, hearing (Y/N) sing along to the music, shaking their hips and dancing. The Trickster smirked as he watched from behind a tree. Once the song was over though, the Trickster started to clap, walking over as (Y/N) jumped.
"Wh-what are you doing here!?" They yelled, the Trickster chuckling as he looked at them. "I was listening to your song, aga (baby). I thought it was cute." He said as he stepped closer. " You should sing again, nabi (butterfly)." He continued until he grabbed them, spinning them around and dipping them. "Such a lovely voice, darling." He said as they gasped, pulling away from him. "As if I'll sing for you! You better get out of here before the others come back!" (Y/N) said as they pushed the Trickster away. The Trickster huffed and looked at them. "Yeon-in, please don't play hard to get." The Trickster winked as he smiled at them, he then sighs and walks away. "I'll see you in the next trial, nae salang (my love)." He said as (Y/N) sighed.
A/N: Come back for part 2!!
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carmeninnocte · 6 months ago
Dragon’s Den, Prologue
Female Reader, Yandere, Dark Content, 
Tumblr media
The village was bustling, full of energetic cheer as songs filled the air. Underneath the glow of the moon, You stood smiling, perched atop your balcony. the yellow fairy lights flickering as it reflected in your eyes. 
Ribbons were tied around the large trees, balconies filled with flowers and the people slowly filling the Plaza one by one. Despite the rumors out and about, the festival made you a little calm. 
Though the quiet made you dread,
As a Chieftain's daughter you were loved by everyone residing in your small town, Everyone’s White Flower. Someone they are willing to protect.
You were never introduced to violence, Your village liked peace and accord. Enforcing such values and maintained a humble stature, No one liked the thought of stealing, violence and overall evil intent. 
it is simply horrifying In their eyes. 
Which is why no one knew how to react, You froze as the wall that surrounded you village shattered like it was piece of glass, the stone bricks flew away and on towards your subjects which made you scream in terror. 
“Father!” You shouted. 
The dust clouded your vision, causing you to back away and cough. Your ears rung at the loud sound of explosions and instantly you fell into a mix of panic and daze. 
Dizzy, You fell down as your head ached. The scent of burning wood overwhelmed your nostrils causing you to cough once more, the suffocating smoke invaded your lungs as you tried to get up. 
“Lady (Y/n)! Run! I beg of you!” 
Your eyes widened as you felt a presence towering over your body. Making your spine crawl at your skin. You simply froze.
“Found You”
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thevanillerose · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Cuddly. Fluffy.
He never got grouchy. He was your big friendly teddy bear, and you were his darling. “Ah! [Y/N], you're not cold are you?” Another chilly night atop the wall, though you could bear it. But when Bertholdt came over with the offer of a warm blanket to wrap around yourself, you couldn't resist. Taking his offer gratefully, you smiled up at him with a blush. Bertholdt wrapped you in the soft material like you were a croissant, and stood behind you so you'd get some warmth from his own body too. He was still shy about these things even though you had been dating for two months now, but his arms boldly wrapped around you and pulled you back against his long torso snugly. You wouldn't necessarily call yourself short, but Bertholdt easily towered over just about anyone with his impressive 6'4” frame. Funny, it was a wonder the Colossal Titan didn't consider him competition. “...I'm so glad we can be together like this, even when times are so tough.” you smiled all the more, resting back in his gentle hold. When you were with him like this you always felt so safe and protected, like nothing could touch you. Bertholdt held you a little tighter and nodded. “Me too...I...I love you so much...” Vermilion danced on your skin and you closed your eyes serenely. The night watch wasn't so bad when you had one another like this. Bertholdt had never felt happier than he did right now. There was a time in his life when he had felt so lost. Like he would never change, like he would never get over what happened to Marcel. Like he would never be able to surpass that side of himself that he hated so much. Forever destined to pretend. Yet your genuine love for him had changed things. It had made that tender facade of his a reality. Now all he wanted to do was care for you, hold you softly in his clutch and stroke you, speak sweet words that would bring that familiar blush upon your pretty face. Truly.
“Y'know Bert, you're one lucky guy.” The giant shot Reiner a sheepish glance, rubbing the side of his neck. “Oh?” “You know what I'm talking about.” Reiner winked and nudged his side as they walked together down into the cellar, checking on supplies for the night. Always good to make sure nobody had snuck in and stolen anything...it could make the difference between life or death when it came time for a mission. “Or should I say, who I'm talking about-” “Alright Reiner, I get it.” Bertholdt shrugged away from him, but his best friend could tell he was crimson. Reiner let out a hearty laugh when he noticed. “Hahaha! Ah, you'll never change. That's okay though, it's not like I want you to.” He scanned the canisters and spare blades on the racks, noting that nothing was out of place in the torchlight. “You really are blessed though. I mean it's not like Krista and I don't get along well, it's just that sometimes I feel like she has better chemistry with Ymir...” Bertholdt had been busy looking through his corner of the room but he tensed up and looked around when Reiner mentioned it. “What...made you bring that up?” Reiner shrugged and turned to him in the amber glow. “I dunno, I guess what I'm saying is that you're lucky to have someone so faithful to you. That's all.” There it was. A tiny twitch, not noticeable even to someone who knew him so well, thanks to the dim light in the room. “That's...ahaha-” Bertholdt laughed stiffly and closed his eyes, sweating a tad and touching his neck again, “-O-of course she is! [Y/N] would never cheat on me or anything like that...” “Yeah I know, that's why I'm saying it. Relax Bert-” Reiner pet his shoulder on the way past as he headed for the stairs again. “Come on, it all looks good. Let's get to bed, I'm exhausted...” Yet while Reiner had so easily moved the topic onwards, Bertholdt was still lingering in ten seconds ago. Maybe it was silly of him but...he kept thinking about it. Borderline...obsessing about it. Even when they went to bed he stayed awake, laying on his side with his nails in his mouth, thinking of all the boys you knew and the relationships you had with each of them. There was him, your boyfriend, of course. Then there was Reiner, who had become your friend because of that. You were close with Eren and Connie but it was clear to see they were purely pals and nothing more. There were so many others though...and not everyone was so easy to read. Hell, could he rule out the girls? Maybe you were secretly crushing on Ymir like Krista was... A little bile rose in his throat at the thought of you ever cheating on him, ever abandoning him for someone else. It happened with other couples all the time, but surely not with you two, right? Right. He had to believe that. Otherwise he'd never get a wink of sleep again...
Bertholdt did his best to convince himself. To believe it, to buy into it. She will never cheat on me. See? Simple. “Hey Bertholdt, you're out of it today.” Jean's hand slapped down on his shoulder (though he had to stretch and pretend it wasn't a strain), and Bertholdt spun around to face him with a jolt. “O-oh! Jean...” “Uh, yeah.” Jean scoffed before sighing and scanning the other corps members who were so busily setting up for more pre-mission training. He'd been tasked with putting together a mock Titan cut-out but it was heavy work. “Mind helping me with this?” Bertholdt didn't of course, never one to really refuse. He helped Jean prop it up, hoisting all the pieces into place. It was simple work, and didn't require too much focus. Maybe that was why his mind started to drift dangerously again. There were a lot of people helping out here, including you. He could see you across the way with Armin and Sasha. Two more he didn't suspect...and yet...maybe he did? You seemed so close with everyone...so if something like that ever happened, it really could be anyone. You may have just seemed to be friends, but hadn't your own relationship with him bloomed out of a close friendship in the first place? That was when he noticed something, while letting Jean up onto his shoulders and allowing him to put something in place. He smelled like sandalwood. It was distinctive. Okay, then it was even simpler. He wouldn't have to worry. If you were ever intimate with someone then surely he'd smell them on you? ...Dammit. Who did he think he was, Mike? No...this was going way too far. He needed to clear his head, take his mind off it all. He needed to ignore Reiner's words from before, they hadn't meant anything. He just needed to trust you. So he did. He trusted you.
He trusted you...maybe for a week longer. Then it came back again. This time around, with a vengeance. This time...carrying the scent of sandalwood. Everything had been going so swimmingly up until that point. You had been waiting there atop the wall for him, watching the sunset and preparing for the next lot of hours during which you'd have to stand to attention and pretend not to be too bored. “[Y/N]-” Yet it was Jean who approached you before Bertholdt could arrive, looking haughty as ever and carrying a small book in his hand. When he raised it high with a smirk your eyes widened, realizing it was your personal journal. “What!? Jean how did you get that!?” “You dropped it in the hallway this morning.” “And you didn't tell me until now because...?” “Heh-” Jean drew closer, and as he leaned over you he did something shocking. He leafed to the most recent pages and started reading in a mock feminine tone: “'Dear diary, today Bertl gave me the biggest hug in the world and I felt sooo special when he did-'” “Give it back! Jerk!” you swiped for it and he quickly spun around to block you, laughing as he carried on reading: “'Dear diary, had another nightshift today but luckily my big sweet teddy bear'- teddy bear? - 'was there with me-'” Quickly you latched onto his back and tried to pull the journal away from him, arms reaching around his front frantically as he just kept moving around to stop you. “You're such a bully!” “I'm not a bully! You can't blame me for being curious, can you?” he chuckled, but then finally stopped shifting around and turned with it. “Fine fine, here you go-” You reached out to take it, but he suddenly raised it in the air again, higher than you could reach. You jumped for it. “Jean!!” He cracked a mischievous smile. “What? You've got long legs, can't you get any higher?” Jean and you got along well enough, and you knew he was just messing around with you, but your patience was wearing thin now and you really didn't appreciate him reading your private thoughts. Stopping your futile efforts, you almost said something to scold him, when suddenly another person intervened. Bertholdt came up like a massive shadow behind him and snatched the journal with ease from his grip. Jean quickly spun around with fright, gasping a little and stumbling back beside you. “Oh shit, Bertho--!!” He was cut off. Now you were the one who gasped with shock and horror, as Bertholdt held your journal in one hand, and Jean's tender throat in the other. Easy to grab, and so easy to crush. Just a little squeeze and it would snap right in two, wasn't that funny? “BERTHOLDT!” He ignored your loud cry and how it echoed into the night, dropping the journal as he pivoted his stance and swung Jean's limp body over the open drop beyond the edge. He watched callously how he writhed and clawed at his arm so desperately, choking with a petrified expression: “A-CK-!!” “DON'T!!” you cried again, this time seizing his other arm and jerking on it. At first he didn't budge, but then he slowly turned his gaze down towards you. The moonlight reflected in those eyes, but they might as well have been solid black. There was no life in them. They were hollow. Like pits. He was angry. “L-listen to your gir--” Jean started talking but wheezed when Bertholdt compressed his windpipe further. You desperately tugged on his arm again, tears filling your frantic gaze and glittering in the pallid glow. “Please let him go! Please, I'm begging you!” He stared at you for a good moment longer before finally obeying. Jean was switched back to solid ground again and allowed to drop. As soon as he met the stone he was on his hands and knees, scrambling away until he could reach his feet and sprint. Who knew what he would tell the others...yet Bertholdt let him scurry off into the darkness anyway, feeling that it was no matter to him. Everyone could be dealt with somehow when you had strength and size on your side. Including you. Speak of the devil, you only looked at him with disgust. Your journal now lay there ready for the taking, but you didn't care about it anymore. It was mostly filled with fawning over your 'teddy bear' Bertholdt anyway, as Jean had proven. Now though...now you wondered if any of those words held water anymore. “Why would you do that!? He didn't deserve that! You could have killed him!!” Bertholdt raised his hand to his face and rubbed his temples. Yes...he could have. Maybe he should have. Maybe he should just kill everyone who ever looked at you? Everyone who ever so much as breathed the same air as you? Then he really wouldn't have any reason to worry at all. Just you and him. Forever. No risks. “You're not going to tell me!? Huh!? Just going to pretend like it didn't happen!?” you were growing more and more enraged with every passing minute. You stormed past him to pick up your journal, but something stopped you. Much like his hand had seized Jean's neck, it now snatched your arm. You yelped at his abrupt iron grip upon you and stumbled a little, trying to pull free with a few desperate jerks of your body in the other direction. “B-Bertholdt stop it!” “Are you going somewhere?” His voice was cold, his actions colder. He jerked you closer and seized the 3DMG straps crossed on your chest before you could get away, hauling you to the precipice. “S-Somebody help! HELP!” you yelled, but the tall boy only let out a cruel chuckle as he dragged you, heels digging in and all, to your doom. “It's 2 in the morning and we're on the quietest side of the wall. Do you really think anyone is going to hear you?” Before he could fully push your helpless feet off the edge, Bertholdt leaned in closely and inhaled your scent. You shuddered and whimpered as he pressed his nose and lips to your neck, going limper in his hold. “Mm...there it is. I knew it...” He suddenly pushed you over that last inch and you squealed as he held you out by the front of your shirt, the straps tugged up taut against your skin as they struggled to support your dangling weight. “N-NO!” “He's all over you...” Bertholdt uttered darkly, staring at you without a single scrap of mercy in his typically calming eyes. It would be all too easy to guarantee right here and now that nobody would ever associate with you again. Your final moments would be with him and him alone...and he'd prefer that to a lifetime of wondering what you were up to when he wasn't around. Yes...just like Marcel, he'd toss you away and rid himself of the burden. Granted, in Marcel's case he'd fed him to a Titan but still. Just like Marcel, he loved you too deeply to let you live. For if you stayed alive you'd only be tainted by others. He had to do this. “D-Don't! Please, please don't do this!!” you pleaded tearfully, hot salty water streaming down your cheeks in copious rivulets. Bertholdt tilted his head in that cute manner he often did, though now it was only creepy. “What? Would you rather I killed you differently? Maybe crush you to death in my arms? Choke you out right on top of this wall? Or perhaps I could just transform and eat you, then I'd have the chance to take my rage out on some other deserving people...” he pondered his options. “I-I don't deserve this!” you whimpered, and he frowned a little. “Don't you?” Was this it? Was he really going to do this!? “L-Let me go!” you begged, but soon realized your mistake as his grip loosened. “No problem.” “NO! W-WAIT!!” You were stuttering. You were scared. You were shaking. Yet you at least managed to clutch his arm and gave one last look into those eyes, desperately. He was a psychopath...a psychopath, but you'd appeal to him. You'd find some way of keeping him happy for now...because at least then you'd be safe. At least then you'd survive. “I-I mean it! I love you Bertholdt, I t-truly do!! I promise, I promise I'll never even look at another guy again!” Bertholdt paused, and narrowed his gaze, gripping you tightly again. “And what about girls?” “No girls!” you quickly insisted. “Nobody! Only you! I'll only have eyes for you!” Those startled orbs of yours did flicker to the journal lying there, and back to him again. “Y-you're my teddy bear...a-and I'm all yours, okay?” It took a moment. Bertholdt mulled over your words like tasting a fine wine, but eventually he took the merciful route and pulled you back onto the ground again. He always had his leverage. He could always do what was necessary if it came to it, for he'd done it once before. So he believed you. Thankfully he couldn't smell a lie. “Th-thank you...thank you...thank you...” you repeated it a few times, legs buckling as you almost fell to your knees. Yet Bertholdt was quick to pull your sobbing self against him. He held you just as he had done so many times before. His once secure yet now malevolent hold took your back flush with his chest, his arms wrapped around your front. As he kissed your ear in silence it almost felt like you were both pretending that it all had been a dream. A horrific, torturous dream. That was certainly where Bertholdt's mind was right now. He'd forgotten all about Jean and Marcel and any suggestion of betrayal. His frightening rage became a tight little ball that he could swallow down again and just pretend didn't exist at all. Until the next time someone forced it out of him of course. He was hopeful that would never happen though. In fact, he was convinced. Yes...everything would be so sunny and perfect now. He truly had nothing to worry about. Yet as you stood there, basically trapped in the hug of the boyfriend you had once loved, you knew you were never going to see him the same way again no matter what he did from now on. You'd thought once upon a time that he was this cute, sweet, gentle thing...someone who would never even dare to hurt you or make you tremble despite his domineering presence. In the end though, he wasn't like that at all. Deep down, he was feral. Deep down he was angry. Deep down he was a killer. And there was nothing cuddly about that.
♡ ~ WRITING COMMISSIONS ~ ~ PATREON ~ ~ KO-FI ~ Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own anything except my own writing. All properties belong to their respective creators.
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ssoftforu · 8 months ago
yandere mid fight masses : reaction to ” i love you ” ( swap ver . )
warning . slight yandere themes
reminder . ( swap ) sarvente and ruv don’t belong to me , they belong to dokki.doodlez
note . sarvente and ruv are swapped , if you don’t understand the swapped version of the two , their personality is just swapped ( plus their color scheme , a slight change in their outfits , and that ruv is a joyful killer ) .
SWAP ! SARVENTE will cover her mouth with her hand ( like when someone puts their hand on their chin ) and look down , blushing slightly while covering her small smile. she’ll say she loves you as well , still blushing as she’s pats your head. she’s delighted by your words , and secretly hopes you’ll say it again. it seems to effect her much , just by the way she seems to act a tad bit softer towards you.
( “ Oh , I see .... I well , I love you too ... very , very , much .... ” )
SWAP ! RUV will snicker and ruffle your head , telling you how sappy you are and how he loves you too. he may seem unbothered or annoyed be your words , but it really does mean a lot to him. eesh , now you got him all warm and lovey - dovey ! it’s only right for you to help him out , isn’t it ?
( “ Shortie , that was soooo cheesy ! Saying you love me like that ! But I love you more , m’kay ? ” )
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dollmoth-productions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🧡 Platonic yandere Carlos 🧡
🧡 if you thought Camilo was bad this guy's way worse Carlos is mean and no hesitation to be mean he will put you down no matter what if you try to actually need someone to be your partner she will definitely put them down to the point where they don't want to go by you anymore especially with his shape-shifting involving animals he person likes turning into your favorite animal to cuddle with you otherwise he's a complete dick
🧡 this guy may be a little bit more violent than Camilo he personally likes killing them in front of you especially when he's jealous then he'll comfort you later"Mi preciosa I'm sorry you forced my hand you will thank me later you'll only need me" and then he'll leave you with the bloody body in front of you as extra punishment
🧡 he puts you down so much that you believe the things that he tells you now you're in the palm of his hand and he loves it. He loves control when I mean he loves control he wants to take control of everything how you dress how you talk or even how you look at things this man is jealous if you even stare at someone that's not him for too long she will grab your hand and squeeze it until he hears a crack and then you look up at him trying not to cry from pain he only smiles 
🧡 you to start matching outfits because he likes the idea of people knowing that you're a part of his family and it doesn't really matter your mother just things you two are cute and matching little do you know he's just marking you as his little sibling and people won't mess with you especially with him because they know how ruthless is pranks will be
🧡 you just try to be happy in the moments that you have time alone whenever you're in your room you normally just have some peace and Casita doesn't gives you that piece unless it's night time even then whenever you go to sleep you can still feel Carlos's eyes watching you like a hawk
🧡 unlike Camilio where he would never punish you Carlos does painfully whether you like it or not you're staying in the family his family he sees you as his only connection to his family whether you be is cousin or sibling you will forever be a part of this family no matter what and you will never try to escape
"Mi preciosa I'll always be here for you"
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tendousdarling · 7 months ago
🌸 "Soft Neck Kisses" Yandere Tendou x Reader ( Tendou Shares His First Kiss With His Love )
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A Soft Comfort Fic With Yandere Tendou.
Warnings : nothing extreme, just neck pecks, kisses and physical romantic contact.
A/N: OMG IM SORRY FOR TAKING SUCH A LONG BREAK - been busy :c anyways heres a short hc with satori ♡ I was in the mood for something soft <3 apologies for spelling errors etc in advance lmao
Tumblr media
Summary : Tendou is resting with his love after a tiring practice match. A few moments in , he feels the need to get a little handsy.
Tumblr media
His slender fingers meandered across his love's skin, massaging her resting figure in between his thighs.
A few dim incandescent lamps seemed to be the only awoken things in the room. Tendou caressed your hair, brushing them behind your ear, focusing on nothing more than to satisfy his love, making sure she isn't disturbed while swiping through soft aesthetic boards on her phone.
Schools out. Tendou just finished with his volleyball practice and as usual, decided to spend some time with his sweet paradise. Instead of going home, the two planned on staying back in the auditorium a little while longer.
"What do you think?" Y/n spoke with a hint of excitement in her voice, pointing at a random image she had saved from one of her boards.
Tendou blinked , analysing the sets she held before him. "It looks beautiful y/n." Watching as his love giggled at his comment , adjusting herself comfortably against his chest once again. This was a heart felt moment for tendou. Why? Because it's his sweet paradise, the one and only person who had ever accepted him truly just for being himself. Never had you ever made disgusted remarks on his appearance or interests. You were such a loving being , and tendou knew for a fact that he had fallen deeply in love with your presence . . . To the point where he could no longer keep his eyes off you. Not even for a split second if you were in the same room as him. Something, as soft and simple as, you smiling at him during a lesson, would leave him in a daze , his attention, now diverted from the lectures to nothing but you. Everything in the room would seem like nothing more than just an illusion. The thought of you would calm him so much, he couldn't resist himself.
Her presence made him feel so safe. His paradise , he loves you so , so much.
Tendou remembers that very day , the day his shoulders felt heavy , his arms stiffened as if he were about to turn into glass and shatter. The day tendou told himself , he would make you his.
His motivation? His confidence? The only thing that hyped him up were his thoughts. Yes, he had shared his true feelings about you with wakatoshi , but a simple 'if you like her, go ahead and tell her', wasn't enough to back him up with his confession. The rest of the team disagreed. They felt as if after telling you how he feels , his friendship with you would crumble and eventually fade away into thin air. Thinking you'd reject him and leave him heartbroken. Something he has felt far too many times.
His grip around the small packet of 'Hershey's Kisses' tightened. He knew you loved Hershey's candy , it was adorable. Tendou hoped you wouldn't find his actions creepy or annoying after he would confess, it would all be over then. Another heartbreak. He should be use to it by now right? But you're different ? . . . You wouldn't hurt his feelings , he'd never , never do anything that could possibly hurt yours.
Tendou bit his lip flashbacking at that very moment. Almost shedding a tear of pure happiness at the sight of the woman he has loved and watched , secretly , for so long , laying on him , innocently scrolling through her phone. She had accepted his love. Oh how kind you were , how sweet , 'I love you so much.' He thought , his hands now trailing from her waist to her cheek , caressing your softness with his thumb.
Would this be okay?. . . If he just, wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in, just a tad bit closer ?
"Tori?" You questioned, a small chill ran up your spine, you felt his arms slithering around your waist , pulling you towards his chest. "This is close enough." He spoke, his voice as faint as a whisper. "Is something wrong?"
Tendou hardly swallowed the lump in his throat , he worried if he had made his love feel uncomfortable , that would've been the last thing he had would've wanted to happen . . . He just wanted to hold you closer . . .
"Tori. . ." You waited for a response. He didn't answer , afraid his next few words might cause you to get up and leave. But instead , you let out a soft sigh and leaned in , kissing his jaw gently. Tendou felt as if everything had stopped working. The moment your soft candy lips pressed against his skin, he froze. Your gentle , calm voice had reassured him enough , about just how much you trust him , your actions nonetheless , made him feel loved.
He looked down at you , bright red eyes admiring , with a small patch of pink blush painted on either sides of his cheeks. Would it be okay?. Tendou asked himself. . . his breath trembled once he leaned closer , pecking at your nose twice.
Was it too late to back away? You had no intentions of doing so , telling yourself he won't take it any further , not here , not in such a public and open place. You were lost in your thoughts until you realised he stopped. Raising a brow , you looked up at him , it was unexpected. He didn't say anything. Perhaps he wasn't ready? Or maybe he felt as if he took it too far . . .
Tendou couldn't help himself , as badly as he wanted you , he couldn't. He was obsessed, a bit too much , but he always , always feared losing you over his obsession , forcing a kiss on you , might make you feel uneasy.
The urge, The urge, The urge
It's too strong.
Without even noticing , there he was , stuck with the voices at the back of his head.
You placed your hand on his cheek , causing the redhead to quickly snap back into reality. Your hand , softly stroking his cheek and lips slightly parted , leaning in once again . . .
The fear faded. His love had locked her lips with his. Your hand began to wrap itself around his neck , pulling him close. So close , you could smell his cologne. As much of a blushy mess you were , you waited for him to pull away. Tendou was definitely grinning against your lips , you could feel him getting rather handsy , his hands would travel lower , he'd tug onto your skin, allowing you to rest your thighs upon his lap. This was his love.
His sweet , kind , understanding love. He couldn't ask for more . . . Or for anyone else.
His lips parted , hoping you'd give him permission to slide into your mouth. A gasp escaped from your lips once his tongue effortlessly welcomed itself into your mouth , it was wonderful. How obedient you were , how much you trusted him and how much you were willing to give him. It was just a kiss. . . A kiss he shared with his first , one and only love. He hoped you felt the same way.
A few moments later you both pulled away breathlessly. His lips already missing the sensational feeling of yours. "Satori-kun. . ."
"I love you." His bright red eyes seemed to be glowing upon hearing those words. He froze again, smiling. After a few mere seconds, he caressed his loves hair. Returning the sensational feeling , "I love you too."
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waterllama666 · 23 days ago
Simpbur x GN! Reader
Requested by: @sardonic-the-writer
Tw: swearing and obsession at the end, also talking about murder
It was a normal day, (like always) you were just cleaning the dog shit off your doormat. Reminding yourself that you had other things you had to do as well.
You weren’t looking for human interaction since you’ve been in a bad mood because every single fricken day someones dog or a wild stray dog decides,” hey i should take a shit on this!” LIKE WHO THE FU-
You needed to calm down so maybe (your favorite thing to calm you down) will calm you down.
You were just cleaning the last of it off with a sigh. Until you saw some man was.. looking at you? Staring? Wait.. what- They started to notice you and look down back at their phone they were holding.
Odd. You thought.
Something started to take over your body and you walked towards him.
Wait.. what the fuck?
Why am I-? Never-mind. You were already too close to him now.
“H-Hey! It’s a nice weather out here isn’t it? Heh..” You decided to say to him.
“Uh- I- yes! Its nice to see you uh- Y/- uh it is nice!”
Was he about to say my name-?
(Omfg I love this font sm :D )
“I was just doing some work wanna chat?” You said decided he was cute anyways.
“S-sure I would love to!”
And that was where a friendship began…
“And that’s how we met!” Wilbur said finishing the story.
“Oh right! I remember! I remember that you were a fricken shy guy!”
“Says the one who couldn’t remember how they met their best friend!”
“HA! Your still a weakling!”
Simpbur’s p.o.v-
They are amazing. I love them with everything I have and ill kill for them even more!
Oh love you are so handsome/beautiful/ attractive!
I would do anything to make you mine!
GUYS AND PEOPLE AND WOMEN I AM SORRY FOR NOT POSTING!! I didn’t have the motivation to right but ill try harder! (Sus ;) ) anyways, be prepared for a Minx x female reader next!
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bonkers-4-hatter · a year ago
Coils of Love
This is part of a yandere commission from a lovely dear! Please read at your own risk, some of this could be triggering to some. Read the warnings below before moving on. Thank you! Also, as always, all characters are 18+
Fandom: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Pairing: !Yandere !Naga Rin Matsuoka X Reader
Word Count: 1,436
Warnings: Kidnapping, Yandere themes, physical assault, mentions of sexual thoughts/talk
Tumblr media
Humans were vile, they needed to be eliminated.
That’s what Rin has stuck to for many years, every time a human came into his woods, he killed them no questions asked. He felt no sympathy for those he killed, they caused nothing but destruction and misery.
Glancing down at the scars running up and down his exposed arms, he grimaced at the memory of the humans that hurt him years ago; slashing at him with knives and even trying to shoot him before he could even utter a word to those damn trespassers.
No matter, he killed them like the rest and from that day, no human has been able to leave his woods alive...except you. You were different.
You moved into one of the few cabins littered around the woods, turns out it was a cabin that has been passed down in your family. It was a bit run down, but you’ve been out there doing work on the small cabin.
Rin’s watched you for hours on end, so far it’s been eight months since you moved into the cabin and he knew your routine by heart. You kept to yourself, read a lot, gardened and just minded your own business. The few times he heard you talk, it was beautiful, like a Siren singing their song. Every time he went to go and kill you, he just couldn’t. Each time he’d loom above your bed, his golden eyes racking down your body; memorizing the curves and dips of your body, slivers of skin on display for his pleasure as you slept soundly in what you thought was the safety of your house and bed.
No, he didn’t want to kill you, he wanted to keep you. You’d be his own little human pet. He already knew your routine, so capturing you wouldn’t be an issue and after watching you for months, he knew what he would have to grab to take so you would feel a little better - hopefully. After getting his cave ready for you, he was ready to take what was rightfully his. Slithering up the stairs, a few creaks emitted from the weight he put on the old wood, but you were a heavy sleeper so he paid no mind to the haunting sounds of the cabin as he made his way in.
Setting off, he moved around your place grabbing some of your things and placing them in a sack carefully and after that was done, all that was left was you - the most important thing. Entering your bedroom, he smiled as his eyes lingered on your sleeping form. Clad in nothing but a tank top and shorts since it was Summer, he had to restrain himself from ravishing you on the bed right here and now, but he didn’t want to wake you up.
There was plenty of time to pleasure you once you both were back home. Quickly grabbing some clothes from your drawers, Rin put them in the sack with your other things and turned around to find your bed empty. Red eyes widened at your empty bed before a shrill yell echoed through the silent house and something rushed him, hard metal hitting his chest multiple times. Rin knew you were feisty, but this was unexpected. With a wicked grin, he turned around, his Red eyes easily adjusting to the darkness as your shaking figure stood there, metal rod in your hands and a determined look on your face. “Get the hell out!” He could hear you gulp as you gripped the metal rod, reeling it back and swinging it forward intending to hit him again. Smirking down at you, Rin easily grabbed the metal rod and ripped it from your hands.
It was actually adorable, thinking you could hurt him that easily, but he did give you props for trying. The bewildered look on your face was wonderful to see, the fear in your eyes was the icing on the cake, you knew you were in danger and there was nothing you could do about it. “Nicccce try (Y/N), but we both know I have the upper hand.” Chucking the metal rod to the side, he noticed how you tried to be a bit sneaky by slowly inching back toward your only exit - your bedroom door, but Rin was superior with his enhanced seeing and hearing.
Before you could even make it three steps, Rin slithered quickly over blocking the door, and as a split second decision just to instill a bit more fear into you he wrapped some of his tail around your ankle and brought you crashing down onto the floor.
Seeing you thrashing around so helplessly as you were awakened something in Rin. Of course, he wished you were thrashing around for another reason, but that can be for later. A smirk made its way to Rin’s face as you tried to kick his tail off and undo it from around your ankle.
With his smirk still plastered on his face, he tugged at your trapped ankle to make you inch closer to him.
“Sssstop ssstruggling, we both know you’re not going to get away.” For a brief moment, you stopped struggling and looked up at him, your eyes trying to search in the darkness for something. Without taking his eyes off your still shaking form, he flipped on the light to your bedroom.
Your eyes squinted as the assault of light, but thankfully you could see properly and hopefully find another escape route. Surely your eyes were playing tricks on you…In front of you, was a snake...a man....a mixture of both, something that you’ve never seen before.
“Why?” That was the only thing that slipped from your mouth as you continued to stare at the thing standing in the middle of your room with its tail wrapped around your captured ankle. It didn’t answer you verbally and just tugged you closer to his towering form. Your arms flailed about hoping to grab something that you could use to defend yourself with, but alas, nothing was within your reach.
You were suddenly pulled from the floor, warm hands grasping your flesh as you were promptly thrown on the bed. You felt the weight of his tail pin you down onto your bed, you could feel the roughness of the scales rub against your exposed skin.
Towering above you as he continued to pin you where you were not even ten minutes ago, he just smiled down at you, showing off his sharp teeth to you. Honestly, you weren’t sure if it was a type of power move on his part or not, but, either way you knew you were not going to get away from this....man easily. He cupped your face with one of his free hands and stroked the skin, his hands were cauloused and even the pads of his fingers had some variance of a scale to them, the mere stroke of your cheek from his fingers brought a chill down your spine.
“Why am I taking you,” He only laughed and licked his lips, his eyes skimming over your pinned form as if you were his prey. “That’sss easssy (Y/N), because you’re mine, my darling, lover… play thing, whatever I ssssee you fit for.”
With his verbal claim on you, he sealed the deal by capturing your lips with his, of course, you tried to struggle, but once he wrapped a hand around your throat and squeezed the sides you decided to stop.
With his hands still in the same place, he rose up once more, this time a more menacing look was present on his face. “If I sssqueezed hard enough,” His hands tightened around your delicate neck emphasizing his point as it became more difficult to breath. “I could easssily ssssnap that pretty neck in half...that’sss ssssomething you ssssshould remember before doing anything brasssh.”
With a smirk, Rin added just a bit more pressure, making you grasp his hand , nails digging into his rough skin; as sign, a silent plea for him to stop. Sharp red eyes made contact with your terrified ones, tears were appearing at the corners of your eyes, he knew you understood his point crystal clear. Releasing your throat, you greedily took big gulps of air.
Your hands flew up to feel your neck, it was sore and tender of course and a few places hurt and you knew you were going to have some bruising show up. This...man was crazy enough to carry out his threat, you knew that for a fact. You didn’t see a way out of this mess.
You could feel his hand run up and down your waist, nails scratching the supple flesh; a gentle reminder that he could instantly kill you if he wanted...a reminder that you were his and there was not a damn thing you could do about it.
“Now,” Your eyes snapped up to meet his own piercing Red ones. “My name’sss Rin, you’ll get to know me better sssoon my dear, and don’t worry, I know everything about you, after watching you for a few monthsss, I’ve come to know every sssssingle detail about you...even the intimate onesss.”
A chill ran up your spine at his words as you tried not to make a disgusted face at the realization this man has been watching your every move for the past few months. All the times you thought you were alone...was a false facade.
Before you could say anything, Rin hoisted you up and over his shoulder, your eyes were met with even more scales red and black shimmered back at you. If you weren’t in this dire situation with this maniac of a man, you would even say that his scales were beautiful, but you knew any form of a compliment would only fuel his insane desires.
“Now, let’sss get home...dear.” With those words, Rin slithered out of the room, his beloved in his grasp and you trying to come up with a plan to escape this new life...but, deep down you knew there was no way out of this snake’s coil. 
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deru-shigaraki · 6 months ago
Yandere Lucifer (one shot)
Tumblr media
You were not good at your job. You really did try your best. No one could say that you were ever late. You made it a habit to be early considering that even with the extra time you seemed to just barely get your task done before the others arrived. You were clumsy, awkward and had the worst of luck. Things broke whenever you used them, you were too shy to say much to anyone and you were only there because your grandfather was a member of the board. It was obvious that you would have never gotten the job without him. To some that was infuriating, but  not to Lucifer. Being one of the head managers of the company meant that he was in charge of a majority of the company. He ran the building, and that meant that he was your boss. You were thankful for him. Unlike the others, he didn't avoid you. In fact it seemed like he was always going out of his way to talk to you. Mostly in the mornings when you were in the break room, making coffee. Lucifer leaned up against the door of the break room. He watched you struggled with the buttons of the machine. As soon as you managed to brew one cup he moved in behind you, flinching as he purred in your ear. "This for me?~" He smiled genuinely. You blushed slightly before nodding your head and returning the grin. "Yep! I hope it's good! Yesterday I was told that it was too bitter." He huffed. "I enjoyed it." He took a sip of his new cup. He hid the dislike. It was nasty, but he couldn't cringe with you looking straight at him so he nodded and 'mmed' falsely. You light up, happy that someone liked what you did. Going back to his office he dumped the coffee into one of his plants. He then logged into his computer, going onto his secret program to access the cameras he had set up around the office. Clicking through them he found you, still in the break room, setting up more cups of poorly made coffee. He hummed to himself, elbows on his desk, head leaning into his hands lazily as he watched you. You were so goofy on your own. The way you moved, the expressions you gave when you thought that no one was watching. It was incredibly entertaining. It was also very alluring. Lucifer felt blessed that he was the only one that got to catch this side of you. He felt entitled to it, to you. The only thing that could ruin his hobby of watching you, was seeing you be cute and happy with someone that wasn't him. The boys were the worst. He silently viewed you on the screen as the men in the office attempted to flirt with you. Granted he couldn't hear what they were saying, but he knew in his gut that it was something idiotic. He knew how the others seen you. Just because you were clumsy, doesn't mean you were stupid. They were preying on you thinking that you were an easy target. He admired you for escaping them daily, avoiding the larger groups for you own safety. Today however, he noticed that one of the usual trolls were harassing you a bit more aggressively. He finally had enough, the last straw being when one of the guys sharing the break room with you started to cage you in. Lucifer was out of his desk in seconds, not exactly sprinting, but he was fast enough where every person in the break room was startled when he  burst in. He didn't hesitate in grabbing the one man by the back of the collar, forcefully pulling him back. He sent the man flying back into a table, him struggling to get to his feet. You were completely astounded. You were shaking slightly when Lucifer's eyes finally landed on you. His gaze was strict, jaw tight, anger clearly displayed on his face. His attention snapped to others entering the room, obviously confused at what was happening. "Sir is there a problem?" One lady asked. Lucifer offered her a soft smile, it wasn't genuine, you knew what his real grin looked like. The one he was showing off now was fake. "Everything is fine. This young man got a bit tripped up..." He glanced at the guy who didn't respond, just cowering away, running out of the room. You grabbed Lucifer's wrist to catch his attention. "What was that about?" you whispered to him. Lucifer's face frowned, not understanding what you were upset with him. "I'm protecting you." he stated and you're face flushed a light pink as you put your head down, slightly embarrassed. "I...I was fine...he was asking me out on a date..." you told him, your voice just above a whisper. His jaw tightened and his eyes heated up with pure rage. This couldn't be true. No one would have Dared to take you away from him. He bit at his bottom lip in thought, his gaze not leaving yours. You didn't like the vibes that were coming off of him. He was usually so calm and sweet to you, but for some reason he seemed really, really pissed off. You didn't want to stand there and take you, you made a move to get out of there but he was quick to grab your upper arm. He refused to look at you, bringing his free hand to cover his mouth. You heard him mumble. "Would you have said yes to him?" He asked softly. You froze, 'yes to the date?'  You didn't understand why he was interested in that. "I...I don't know." You said to him. His hand on your arm slid down until it was now holding onto your wrist. "Would you say yes, to a date, with me?" He asked, turning his head so that he could now look at your properly. You couldn't believe what was happening. Your boss was asking you out? When did that ever happen. Your face must have looked horrified because he looked away quickly, you sensed a tad bit of embarrassment from him. He cleared his throat. "answer me..." His voice was colder than your have ever heard it. The only time you heard him this upset was a few times in a stressful meeting, but his tone was much more sinister than when he was upset with board members. Even worse, his anger was towards you, and you felt every ounce of frustration. You didn't know what the right answer was. You certainly didn't want to upset him so you considered that he wanted you to say yes. But was that a trap? Was he testing her and wanted her to say no? You thought for a moment about what you would want, and so you said, "Yes." His head snapped up and you felt a bit of pressure. Lucifer's mouth curled up into a smile. "Then tonight?" He perked up, along with your heartbeat. You were stuttering, not able to get words out. He chuckled at your nervousness. "You're adorable. I'll pick you up, you have my number, I'll text you the details alright?" He asked, and you just nodded. Your face was beat red. You were so shocked, not able to process what had just happened. The rest of the day was a blur, It seemed to drag on a little too long. Getting home, getting dressed. You had no idea what to wear. What was this? A business dinner? Were you suppose to look really good? Or was it a casual thing? You were so confused. You decided on a dress. It was simple, Black, and maybe a bit too short, but before you could change you got a text. Lucifer was waiting for you outside. You were shaking slightly as you walked outside, seeing him leaning up against his jet black car. He looked so handsome. He wore a dark red shirt that was tucked into his black dress pants, a matching black tie loose around his neck. He had his hands in his pockets, his gaze was casted out into the street, watching other people. When you greeted him, his head snapped towards you, a smile instantly forming onto his face. You smiled too, glad that the make up you pout on was hiding some of your blush. He held his hand out of you and you took it, not expecting him to bring it up to his lips. He kept his eyes on you as he pressed his lips to your knuckles, giving them a soft kiss. You felt your stomach do flips as he chuckled, almost darkly, knowing the affect he had on you. He opened the passenger seat to his car, you sliding in. The drive to the restaurant was a quiet one. You were shifting a bit uncomfortable on the leather seat. Lucifer noticed you wiggling and placed a hand on your thigh. You yelped as he rubbed your leg up and down. You let out a breath. "Um...sir," "Lucifer, You don't have to treat me like your boss." He told you as he parked the car. The restaurant was nice and the food was fine. You had actually started to relax, laughing and smiling. Lucifer seemed to be happy too. You never would have thought that you would see a different side of him. This part of his personality was laid back, charming. He was very sweet to you, the constant complements, making you blush. Everything was going great until the two of you were approached as you were walking out of the restaurant. "MC! Hey!" You recognized one of your old friends. He didn't hesitate, coming up to you and grabbing your hand. Lucifer glared daggers at the man, grabbing your hand away from his. He looked embarrassed. "Oh, I'm so sorry, are you two together?" He asked and you shook your head. "Just dinner, it's good to see you though David." You beamed and Lucifer made a move to leave. You frowned, not liking that he was being so rude. David looked upset, not being able to talk to you. Lucifer scoffed as the two of you walked outside. "Who was he?" He asked and you shrugged. "He's just an old friend. I haven't seen him in a long time, that's probably why he was excited." you explained and Lucifer's mouth twitched in irritation. "even so, what an idiot, touching you like that." He growled and you raise an eyebrow. "He only grabbed my hand. There was no harm done." She said and Lucifer turned to her, leaning against his car. "Were the two of you that close that he thinks he can just grab you like that?" He asked and you shook your head. "What are you even talking about?" You were starting to get a bit frustrated, but not as much as he was. Lucifer rolled his eyes, opening the passenger seat door, waving for you to get in. You shook your head. "I think...maybe I should get a taxi." You told him and his head snapped towards you, a glare clearly displayed on his face. He took a step towards you, grabbing your arm. You yelped, a bit scared of his sudden aggression. He leaned in, whispering in your ear. "You're not gonna run away from me...Get in the car." he spoke softly but his tone was threatening. You looked up at him, your lip trembling as he pulled you back to the car. You got in reluctantly, not likely how he was treating you. Once he himself sat down, he acted as if everything was perfectly fine, he started the car, giving you a smile. "Slide over here." He urged but you stayed put. He then grabbed your thigh, and with almost inhuman strength, he pulled you over to him. You shivered as his hand remained resting on your leg as he drove off. You kept your eyes down on the ride home, not willing to look up at him. You were so embarrassed. His fingers were dragging up and down your thighs, dipping in between your legs. You shut them tightly, not wanting him to have any access there. You heard him chuckle, as the two of you approached your apartment. You instantly made a move for the door but Lucifer's hand caught your arm. "MC, hold on." You refused to turn to face him, Lucifer's other hand gripping your chin. "You're being such a brat right now...To think the night was going so well." You had your eyes closed tight, sniffling as if you were about to cry. Lucifer sighed. "I've upset you...I apologize." He said before turning your body sideways, pushing you down onto the cars front seat. You started to panic as he got over top of you, holding a hand to your mouth. "Don't scream, you'll regret it." He whispered, his voice husky and impatient. He spared no time in grabbing the hem of your dress, pulling it up past your belly button. You yelled, trying to pull his hand away from your mouth. He forced one of his legs in between yours, his knee, pressing into your crotch. You gasped, your head tipping back. He leaned down, placing a kiss to your head, and then whispering, "I'm going to do what I want to you, that's for certain. You can either be a good girl and I'll make it enjoyable, or you can be naughty and I'll violate you in the most obscene ways imaginable." He growled the last part, you not being able to stop the tear falling from you eye. He smiled at you. "Are you going to behave? I'll take my hand off your mouth if you stay quiet." He offered and you nodded your head. You were in no position to fight him, he was stronger, taller, smarter. No matter what he'd get away with it. You were terrified of him but you also noticed how gentle he was being. All of his moments were forced and you were nervous, but the way he was being so considerate of your body. He was being gentle, compassionate, and because of that, you allowed him to have his way with you.
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lovelyyandereaddictionpoint · 2 months ago
Yandere Billionaire x Reader
Tumblr media
Picrew: Mochiibon 
⚠[Forewarning: Forced marriage, harassment, financial power dynamic, and sexual undertones]⚠
He didn’t like you at first, he was sure of that. He was sure he was annoyed with the way you barged into his brother’s office during their meeting. He was more than peeved when you didn’t even acknowledge him until after you were done hounding his brother to sign something.  He really hated it when you came with his brother to his work parties; dressed in a luxury jumpsuit that hugged all your curves just right. He hated that during his parties you would show less skin as you scurried around with your clipboard. He hated how commanding you could be when your voice was so high pitched. So to say he hated you, he wasn’t really lying to himself. It only made sense when the gossip of his own employees were heard: the queasiness every time you came around, the words scrambling into incoherent answers, the inability to look away and everything else in between. 
Accepting that he loved you was better than the feeling of relief after crushing an opponent and he was happy. Happy to watch you be your intrusive-bossy-self knowing that all that was left was to woo you. With hard work and his best attempts to seem friendly he eventually scored a lunch date with you. Granted you didn’t really understand the date part but he knew this and was ready to use this as the first steps to his dream relationship. 
“So-uh Mr. Madeur, thanks for inviting me this weekend. I don’t usually have lunch so this is nice.”  
You scrambled to fill the awkward silence of this meal with unnecessary small talk-something you definitely hated but if it kept your job then your feelings be darned. Unbeknownst to you this awkward silence was very much enjoyed by the other party as he realized how much he enjoyed watching you shuffle and shift uncomfortably. 
Breaking him out of his trance with your voice he maintains his straight face as he answers, “It's my pleasure. Call me Ivonov.” He couldn’t have his significant other referring to him as his father’s name, he’s going to kill this professionalism right here and now. 
“Yes?” You were gassing so hard right now. 
“I want you to be mine.”
“Mine as in marriage. You don’t have a choice” 
Your mouth hung open in complete shock, the audacity of this b- He wasn’t wrong though. The amount of power he had over you not only from his relationship with your boss but as a man who was currently running the monopoly of the world. An oil tycoon so influential he was above the media and nations conceded to his whims at a moment's notice. During a visit you witnessed him demand a private jet in the span of 30 minutes and he got it. His power over the world itself was concerning to say the least but his intrigue in you was just as if not more concerning. You could feel his gaze on you when you were writing on your clipboard when organizing events. You weren’t oblivious to the weird patterns of his speech-I mean sure he always talked weird but it was weirder around you. The only good thing about this was that you can write off the theory that he wanted to kill you. Phew.
“O-ok should I consider this a proposal?” It sounded stupid but you were serious. You didn’t know if it was different for rich people but this wasn’t how it was usually done. 
For the first time, his eyebrows lifted unevenly, curious before he chuckled lightly. “It can be considered as this, yes.” 
You began to scowl. “Where's my ring then?” 
His eyes widened slightly in shock, this was new; you on the other hand, were serious. Does this rich-boy have the audacity to ask me on a whim without a ring, on one of my only days off, and before we even get our food to marry him and expects me to just go along with it. You cross your arms now glaring at him-who is still confused and returning your glare with a stare of his own. 
“U-uhm I brought y-your salmon miss.” The waiter shivered at the energy these two exuded only for it to be broken when (Y/n) snaps their neck to beam at the plate of goodness that has been delivered. You express your gratitude before digging into your plate like your starving, intentionally ignoring the Ivonov as he is served his own plate. 
He knew how much food was a priority for you so he waited before trying to talk with you again. When you finished your plate he opened his mouth only to be stopped by your hand as you used the other to call over a waitress.  She hurries over almost feeling the stab of knives from how hard the billionaire was glaring. 
“Do you have something sweet? Or salty? Or just anything cool that I can eat fast but still be satisfied?” 
The waitress lights up, pulled back into her element, ”Oh yes, what about (F/D)?” Hardly containing a squeal of “yes” you agree, receiving her confirmation nod before going off to fulfill your order. Both of you forgetting Ivanov who was less than pleased at such wonderful expressions and noise not being made towards him. When you turn back to him your glare returns and he’s ready to verbally throw down.
“Sh.” You put your finger up to your mouth. “Listen, Ivanov I know my position and I know yours but if you really want me you have to show me you love me.” You huffed some more, “Show me you can care for me emotionally if you want to be my husband so bad.” 
Ivanov swore his pants tightened at that. Still holding his poker face he didn’t even let the blood rush to his face when you moaned while eating your (F/D). Gosh, he had to have you.
As you finished up and let him pay you took his arm letting him escort you to the car. All the while letting the sounds of the car and the smoothing of your clothes to fill the silence. His driver pulled up to your apartment building, letting Ivanov get out of the car to follow you as you made your way up the elevator to the door of your apartment. As you opened the door, committed to closing it as soon as you got in you stopped. 
“Hey you’re not gonna fire her right?”
‘What?’ His eyes basically said. 
“I-I won’t” He totally was. You bid him goodnight leaving him turned on and even more in love standing creepily in the hallway of a commoner’s apartment building. 
To be continued?
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jquiles410 · 9 months ago
A/N: so ya guys liked part 1 of the Trickster x gender neutral survivor, so here is part two.
A few days later, (Y/N) had to deliver food as it was one of the many tasks of being in the Entity's realm. The Entity loved making (Y/N) the person to give the killers food, as they were kinder and less afraid of the killers and plus the killers actually liked them. Anyways as (Y/N) stepped into the killer's camp, they sighed as they took the pot of stew from their wagon, putting it on the hot coals of the fire and letting the stew cook, the smell making the killers come out. They sighed as they tried the stew, grunting of disgust and going to get some wild spices that grew in the forest, finally coming back and adding them in. "Ahhh, so you're back, Aga." The Trickster said as he sat next to them. "Yeah, its my job to bring a big pot of stew to the killers and tweak it because it got cold... Also because the survivors who were making it made it bland as ever... So you're welcome, I guess." (Y/N) chuckled as they tasted it again, humming in delight as they started to fill bowls. The other killers coming out and getting their share. "Eat up everyone, I know it's nasty, but it's good." They smiled as the killers ate, humming in delight, all except the Trickster. "Aga, are you serious, this is not food, this is dwaeji eumsig!" He scoffed as he picked at his food, (Y/N) sighed as they took his spoon and shoved it in his mouth, making him eat. " This food is good, see?" (Y/N) replied as they smiled, the Trickster then started to eat himself. "Dodaeche mueos-i." The Trickster replied before taking some more bites.
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carmeninnocte · 6 months ago
Scenarios Covered in The Downpour
!Female Reader! !Yandere! 
Tumblr media
You loved the rain, 
It gave you a sense of comfort, nostalgia and overall relaxation. You took every opportunity to sleep whenever it rained, whether you were at home or at a café. You always absent mindedly just plop down in your arms and sleep till it went away. 
Always dressed comfortably. You never gave thought about it nor care what you looked like to others, what mattered to you the most is the sense to feel safe.
You are an interesting person in everyone’s eyes. A dull-eyed look with little to no sparkle, Always intrigued with little amount of caution.
And by little.
they mean little...
There was a time where you somehow had followed a butterfly with no reason, You simply had the urge to follow it and you lost all sense of time and place. 
Yeah, You walked into a pole that day. 
Easy to say you were easily amused, distracted and absent minded. As if nature only favored you and let you live because you looked too amusing
You lift your head from the table, dozily looking at the blue-haired individual. 
“Oh, Nejire-san....“
“It’s raining very heavily today isn’t it? Did you sleep well?” She asked. sitting across from you. 
“Somewhat. It’s still raining...” You replied looking out at the window that is at least three seats away from you. The rain wasn’t heavy but the cool breeze entering from outside and into the room made you all the more drowsy. 
“Where’s the others?” You asked, looking back at the gaze of the friend you know all too well.
“Tamaki and Mirio are currently discussing with the first years! Our little kitten has chosen a student for the upcoming work study! Isn’t great? Mirio has already chosen one too! I bet it’s Midoriya!” 
“Slow down, Nejire-san..” 
Staring at her continuing her unanswered questions and rambling loudly you couldn’t help but pull out a tiny smile. This friend of yours never failed to effortlessly lift your mood. 
The rain continued to pour, as you and Nejire entered the dorms by night, The sounds of plates and cups were heard clanking from the kitchen as well as a faint sound humming. 
“That’s Mirio isn’t it?” 
“You betcha!” 
The blonde waved, chopsticks evident in left hand and a bowl of rice on the other. His usual smile present radiating the same energy as the sun as Tamaki would say. Mirio is seated at the dinner table and is currently alone by himself. 
“Where’s Tamaki?” You asked, making your way towards the counter, grabbing a tray. 
“He went off somewhere, said he needed to buy something.” Mirio stated. cheeks puffed up from the food in his mouth. 
Nejire skipped over to Mirio, sitting down next to him. “Welll~~? Did you take Midoriya?” She asked. Hands cupping her face. 
You continued to grab your food while listening in on their conversation. Faintly looking outside from time to time. 
“Yep, Turns out I did. Haha! He’s a very bright kid I gotta say.” 
While the two had been engrossed in their conversation you took your tray and headed out once more, you sat on the patio and waited while watching the rain. Remembering and forgetting to put food in your mouth every 4 minutes. 
A figure brushed past you as they slowly walked towards the door. 
“Tamaki.” You muttered eyes glued to the wet weather. 
The male jolts as he hears your name, Ears tinging a very prominent shade of red. “(Y-Y/n)” He whispered, trembling as he walked towards you, though not from fear. 
And you know that.
His hands shook as he caressed your hair, eyes glinting red. “What’s in your bag?” You asked off handedly.
Tamaki snaps out of his reverie, and gulps as he stares at you in bewilderment. “I-I...”
You sighed, taking a piece of meat in your bowl, you chewed it shaking your head. 
“Hand it over.” You say, putting down your chopsticks in your tray and holding out your hand to him. 
He whispers inaudibly and hands over the plastic bag with shaking fingers. The contact made him shiver and you know that as well. 
The bag is heavy, you almost dropped it to the ground. Looking inside you chuckle. 
“Ah Tamaki...”  You clicked your tongue. Putting down the bag you beckoned him to come over, in which he obliged hurriedly. 
You patted his head while chewing on your food and he leaned on your shoulder with blushing cheeks as both of you watched the downpour that is growing heavier and heavier by the minute. 
Ignoring the poisonous chemicals present in the bag he just bought. 
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thevanillerose · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
He was like oil to a boiling pan.
Reiner's broad chest encompassed you. His thick arms felt like iron branches wrapped around your upper half, keeping you pressed taut against him, ensuring that regardless of what you wished, you wouldn't be going anywhere.
This was how he slept with you every night in his dorm, ever since you'd started dating him. The blonde haired German tank of a young man, someone who looked like he could topple trees regardless of what form he was in...
Yes. You knew the truth about him. It was a sick secret you had to keep contained to your chest, for if you let word of it spread he'd know you were the source, and that would be enough.
How badly you wanted to tell people what he really was. His friends who smiled and joked with him, reveling in camaraderie, they didn't realize how twisted he really was beneath that wide grin, that brotherly demeanor.
They thought they could count on him. You knew better.
You knew he'd fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, and you'd been forced to listen to the cruelest of words spill from his mouth, words about your dearest friends, targeted, sharp and pointed, flying spears of vocabulary that chastised them for even so much as thinking of you, breathing near you...
“I'll destroy them all [Y/N], do you understand? If you ever betray me...if I ever see you holding their hands, or with your lips by their ears I swear it...I'll make you watch as I tear them apart. You'll see me pummel them into the ground, and then I'll see to you...”
Shutting your eyes tightly never helped you escape from this nightmare. Sleep eluded you when he was at your back, you were so worried that you'd accidentally jerk in the night and make him think you were resisting.
You weren't such a fool.
Once upon a time, you used to think you stood a chance. When you began to realize the true nature of this beast you'd allowed yourself to become romantically involved with, you thought it best to try and leave him. You were even polite enough to tell him personally.
He silenced you that night.
Even now you could recall the cold chill of being curled up in that corner, clinging to your knees, quivering as you lay on your side and felt his shadow growing upon you. When his touch turned gentle again it was like a cruel trick. He wasn't going to treat you kindly, no.
Those days were gone.
It had become a sick game for him. He knew the power, the sheer leverage he held above you. A dangling Sword of Damocles threatening to plunge itself into the skulls of each and every person you knew and loved. Whether friends, family, past or potential lovers, it didn't matter to him. If he thought they were trying to take you, he'd personally see to it that they never saw another sunrise.
You were forced to see them with him. Always sleeping by his side, always present. Like a doll he could keep and toy with as he pleased, all the while insisting it was out of some sort of love. That you were lucky to be spared, that when his 'duty' was done he'd see to it that you'd be the happiest Queen imaginable.
Queen of what? The rubble of the Wall? Corpses of your comrades?
It sickened you. Bile rose in your stomach but you forced it down and focused on the hands around your middle. If you could just pry these off, you'd be free. You could leave and never come back. Surely there was some way of escaping this nightmare for good.
You started to get hopeful. With hope, came an inevitable naivete.
...Did you really think you stood a chance?
Some part of you suddenly wanted to try again. So many days of giving in, perhaps just this once, while he seemed so sound asleep, you could get out. You urged his hands away, delicately clutching his fingers and tugging them distant. You heaved in to make your tummy smaller, and slipped downwards, trying not to focus on where you had to pass by as you were heading for the bottom of the bed.
Yet before you could get far, a firm hand snatched your wrist and hauled you right back up to the pillow again.
Amber eyes greeted you like daggers. He glowered fiercely, cold and stoic, yet filled with an unimaginable fury broiling over bit by bit. His grip crushed you and you squealed.
His sudden roar buttoned your lip quickly. Teeth bared in a pure white snarl, he lowered himself over your shrinking form, and began to smirk. That blossoming fear in your eyes. The adrenaline in your neck, veins and arteries pumping so hard they were fit to burst out.
How he loved to see you like this.
“...While I was trying to sleep and everything. It's like we're back to square one all over again.” he swapped his hold on your arm for a similarly painful one around your jaw, squeezing your cheeks in and forcing your head deeper into the fabric of the pillow behind you. It felt like he wanted to grind your cranium right through and down to the floorboards, maybe deeper.
“-Do you just enjoy getting punished, is that it sweetheart?” he hissed callously, and you were quick to shake your head in a frantic, wild gesture.
“N-no! I...I just need some water. M-my throat was so dry I had to-”
“That's bullshit. You know it is.”
Reiner deliberately laid his weight upon you. The size of a full grown, torqued up man like that on top of your comparatively minuscule frame was enough to make you wheeze, and those hot tears spilled out over your cheeks.
“P-please don't...please don't hurt me...”
“...Why do you have to make me so angry then? Why can't you just be happy-” he dug his fingers into your plush skin and made you squeak again, “-that I'm not going to destroy you like the rest of them? I worked hard to convince Zeke to let things be this way. It's an allowance, [Y/N], do you understand? Your life is on loan...”
He pulled back just a little, but was hardly any further away from your trembling self,
“Even Annie and Bertholdt are willing to agree, as long as you behave and I ensure that happens. But how can I keep an eye on you if you run away, hm? How can you promise me you won't just tell everyone everything? Ruin all that we worked so hard for?”
How badly you wanted t-
Your thoughts went blank as he started shaking you and choking you and reminding you. All the memories of all those horrendous times hit you like a wave and suddenly even the slightest inkling of defiance was wiped out. You begged and squirmed and kept on denying it:
“No! NO NO NO I don't mean to! I WON'T!”
...Sometimes it was enough.
Sometimes, he let up.
Luckily he had only just awoken. That small part of himself that was still weary and reluctant to rise before the alarm decided instead to pull you back into that cage again, and nestle against you under the covers. His kiss on your brow was like poison.
“...Good...I knew you would understand...”
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