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Mo Ran ( @ashbound​ ) whispered: ‘ sorry for waking you, baby. go back to sleep. ’ (soft tired prompts)


♢ - Eyes began to open, cracking open slightly as he felt the bed SHIFT for what felt like the millionth time. What the absolute fuck was going on? Normally, movements from his partner didn’t wake him up, especially since he’s now become a HEAVY sleeper since now he was always safely sleeping with his husband but it seemed the shifting was NEVER ENDING.

“What are you doing?” The question is SLEEPILY muffled as Xue Yang began to wake himself up. “Is something going on? You’re moving around like your ass is on fire.”

Sorry for waking you, baby. Go back to sleep, came Mo Ran’s reply.

Xue Yang decided that he wouldn’t go back to sleep until his husband had his arms wrapped around his frame once more. How could the BRAT even begin to sleep if this lover wasn’t snuggling him like he ALWAYS was? It was NEARLY impossible for the deviant to do so! He was now so used to the other’s arms wrapped around him that trying to sleep without them was just asking for a nightmare to come strolling in.

“I’ll go back to sleep once you settle down and wrap your arms around me again. Seriously, what are you doing? Are you alright?”

The last question though it was still mostly spoken through a SLEEPY tone, it was a general question that he asked, wondering with CONCERN if something was bothering the love of his life.

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Mo Ran Taxian-Jun ( @ashbound​ ) whispered: “ oh… that… wasn’t a clever choice. ” (Dark sentences 1/?)


♢ - Something was TERRIBLY wrong here, this wasn’t his Mo Ran, this was SOMEONE entirely different. His appearance remained the same BUT the attitude and mannerisms belonged to someone else entirely. Mo Ran was full of WARMTH, LOVE and matched his SARCASM perfectly but this entity seemed to be the complete opposite of that.

It prompted to the deviant to draw Jiangzai and point it at the other man in front of him, it wasn’t a clever choice, but at the moment Xue Yang didn’t know what else to do. His sword was the only defense he really had and FUCK, he wouldn’t even be able to use it IF anything were to happen.

Yang racked his brain for a split second, thinking if he could come up with ANY possible explanation yet he came up empty. It was decided that for now, he was going to keep his DISTANCE while keeping a close eye on this… STRANGER.

“Perhaps it isn’t the most CLEVER way of keeping you away from me, but it’ll suffice for the time being.”

His tone was ICY and VENOMOUS, his silver eyes observing the other’s features that seemed so FAMILIAR yet so WRONG. A smile cut through his features, but it was RAZOR SHARP and NONE too welcoming.

“Let’s cut straight to the chase, who are you, hm?”

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location: halloween festival
who: @lonclyroad

There were many standing traditions in the Sastre-Mendez household and attending Mapleview’s annual Halloween festival was one of them. Ocean⎼deemed by their youngest sister as the coolest in the family⎼had driven the two of them separately in their bid to enter the costume contest. Admittedly, it wasn’t Ocean’s favorite activity but with their sister on the crux of becoming a teenager, they felt as though they had to make the most of their time.

Thus, dressed in coordinating Boo and Sully costumes, the pair joined several others onto the stage. Ocean, immediately grateful for the warmth their full body costume provided, leaned playfully into their sister. “Tiempo para ampliar la competencia. ¿Quién crees que se ve bien?” Their sister giggled in response, her fingers moving to point inconspicuously at a figure several feet away. “Ellos se ven tontos!” The individual in question was dressed in a costume Ocean didn’t quite recognize though they felt their mouth go dry. It left little to the imagination and it was all they could do to tear their eyes away from the stranger’s chest.  

Elbowing her gently, Ocean chuckled. If their sister wanted to be funny, they could be funnier. As the contestants were lead off the stage while a round of voting commenced, Ocean linked arms with their sister. “Let’s go meet your #1 pick. I’m sure they’d love to take a picture with you.” They grinned as their sister weakly protested, easily maneuvering through the crowd as they made their way towards the stranger in question. 

Clearly their throat as they reached them, Ocean spoke in an easygoing voice. “Hey,” they begin, an smile tugging on their lips.  “My sister thinks your costume is super cool and she wants a picture. You think that’d be alright?”  

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i think i’ve only mentioned it to nine , but in regards to shipping it’s important to know that yang will only have feelings your muse from an aesthetic standpoint at first. my yang is … very demi and i’m certain this is a defense mechanism with her abandonment issues ? a sort of ‘ if i only think you’re good looking , i won’t develop actual feelings because that scares me ‘ thing.  it’s very possible for her to start realizing her feelings are just More than liking someone for their looks , but it does take a hot minute to get there.

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ok so I just dreamed I was living in the among us map and then had spent like 7 months on quarantine and was just recently free, but then it started again idk why and I was stuck with a friend I wanted to kiss and a bitch who wanted to cut my hair and her minion. anyway how was yall night?

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