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#yang and blake

Weiss had an internal conflict with her father, her home and her position as heir, but in time she managed to overcome this on her own. 

Blake and Yang developed a trauma with Adam, but soon the two conquered that trauma together, killing him.

All I hope for now is Jaune and Ruby together overcoming their blockade with Cinder who murdered their friends.

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If I could draw, I’d draw this. A sneak peak to the next chapter of this musical adventure. The fic is available at:

I can feel at home with you (reprise)

(adaptation of “Can you feel the love tonight” from The Lion King)



I can see what’s happening

(Pyrrha: What?)

And they don’t have a clue

(Pyrrha: Who?)

They’ll be best friends and here’s the bottom line

Our trio’s down to two.

(Pyrrha: Oh)

Ze sweet caress of twilight

There’s magic everywhere

And with all this amazing atmosphere

Disaster’s in the air


I can feel at home with you

The peace the evening brings

The world, for once, in perfect harmony

With all its living things


So many things to tell her

But how to make her see

The truth about my past? Impossible!

She’d turn away from me


She’s holding back, She’s hiding

But what, I can’t decide.

It will not change the way I feel right now

 I’ll keep it deep inside.


I can feel at home with you

The peace the evening brings

The world, for once, in perfect harmony

With all its living things

I can feel at home with you

You needn’t look too far

Stealing through the night’s uncertainties

Love is where they are


And if they are the best of friends

It can be assumed


Her carefree days with us are history


In short, our pal is gone. 

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“So, what did the doctor say?” Blake asked, her eyes wide in excitement as Yang closed the door behind her. There was a small curve on her lips. After their study session, the blonde had talked to her parents about her struggles with reading. She had never felt brave enough to speak to her family about them until now. She didn’t want to be a disappointment. She didn’t want to cause any more problems. She didn’t want anyone else to leave. But now there was a possible answer to her plight. There was hope she could improve and somehow she didn’t feel stupid anymore. 

“You were right” she smiled “I’m dyslexic. I have rapid automatic naming dyslexia to be precise"  the blonde further explained. Her parents had felt horrible that she hadn’t trusted them before with her situation. So, in an attempt to make up for lost time, they had solicited Beacon High to have a specialist evaluate Yang as soon as possible. Two days later, Yang met with the expert after school hours. 

"That’s great!” the black haired girl celebrated, carelessly choosing her words. When she heard them outloud she realized how they could easily be misinterpreted “Oh… I don’t mean like good that you have it I mean like… now that you know…” her rambling was cut short. A certain blonde had suddenly embraced her. Blake did her best not to melt as the blonde’s strong arms held her waist and her hands rested over her shoulder blades. 

“Thank you so much” Yang whispered in Blake’s ear. It was clear she was doing her best not to cry: her voice was weak and slowly breaking.The yellow eyed girl wanted her friend to let go, she wanted her to know that she didn’t have to hold everything in anymore. 

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Some loves are just meant to be.
Some loves overcome time and space.
Some loves have many versions of themselves.

A collection of Bumbleby fic ideas that may or may not have more chapters. Hope you enjoy this collection of false starts. If you’d like to read more of any of them I’d love to read you in the comments.



Reasons (1)

Yang looked through the window as she snored. Why did she agree to do this? It was 3am and she was about to fall asleep right there and then. The phone hadn’t rang all night. Ruby told her it might not. When she agreed to cover her younger sister in their university’s suicide hotline the idea of not having any calls was certainly reassuring. However, now that she had been there for about five hours, she’d do anything for some human interaction. Pyrrha had stopped replying to her texts so she assumed her roommate had fallen asleep. Ruby and Weiss were at their fucking concert. She looked at her phone and changed the song. She was wearing her purple headphones and music sounded so damn beautiful.

“You were standing with your girlfriends in the street” she sang along. She wasn’t a very good singer but it didn’t really matter. She just wanted to have some sort of fun that would make this night less of a torture. “Falling back on forever. I wonder what you came to be”. Yang kept on singing as she stood up, holding her phone as if it was microphone. “I was new in town the boy with the eager eyes”.

She loved The Killers with all her heart. The first vinyl she bought had been Battleborn and Miss Atomic Bomb had an special place in her heart. Even now, that she had a considerable collection, that very first LP was always in display. When the chorus arrived she stood on her chair dramatically. However, right in the middle of it she heard a familiar sound. A phone was ringing. It was the hotline and it was loud as hell. Yang removed her headphones and sat down. What was she supposed to do? Ruby had said that most people that called the hotline were just lonely and needed someone to talk to. She had given Yang a series of documents on their university’s counseling services. Beacon took mental health very seriously. And yet, there she was, not knowing what the fuck to do. She had to answer. Someone on the other side of that call needed help. She took a deep breath and held the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hi, is this the suicide hotline?” a male voice replied.

“Yes, this is it. Do you need any assistance?” she asked, looking through the papers her sister had given her. She recalled something about a script that she had to follow when answering calls.

“Not really”. She heard a laugh that certainly didn’t belong to the person making the call. “Thing is… My best friend just fixed things with his ex so I was thinking about dying before he gets bored of me”. More laughs.

“Look, pal, this hotline is a serious thing so I hope this is the last time you call to make a fucking joke” she said angrily as she hung up the phone. A part of her was glad it was a prank call. At least she didn’t have to deal with an emergency situation. Before she could relax the phone rang again. She answered almost immediately.

“I already told you to stop calling. I don’t have time for your…” she couldn’t finish the sentence. She heard someone crying on the other side of the call. “Hello?”

“Hi” a female voice replied over the sound of her own sobs.

“I’m so sorry I just had a prank call and…” Yang started to panic. What was she supposed to do? This person obviously needed help and she couldn’t find the fucking script Ruby gave her. She was about to improvise when she finally found it and read it out loud. “Beacon University Suicide Hotline, how can I be of assistance?”

“I think I’m going to do it” the girl said, her voice cracking.

“Please take a second to breathe and think before you do anything. Your life is precious and things will get better” the blonde read. She couldn’t help but to wonder if Ruby herself had written that script and if she had actually tested it in a real suicide situation.

“There’s nothing left for me. It’s over”

“I assure you things will get better in time. Even if it doesn’t seem like it. What’s your name?” the blonde said, following the text in her hands.

“Blake” the girl replied. There was something about her voice. Something about her name. Yang’s heart skipped a beat. That was a human being on the other side of the call. She looked at the script one more time before putting it aside.

“Hi, Blake. I’m Yang. I’m here for you. I care” she said and somehow it wasn’t a lie. She cared.

“I can’t handle this anymore. There is no reason left for me to be here”. Blake’s voice was like whisper, hidden among the sound of her cries. She had to do something. She couldn’t let this girl kill herself.

“Where are you?” Yang asked impulsively. There was a short silence before the other girl replied.

“Why do you care?”


“Why do you care?” Blake asked, her voice adopting a somber tone. What kind of question was that? Of course she cared. Why wouldn’t she care? This was a life at risk. This was someone that called for help.

“Because I do” she replied finally “Where are you?”

“Library. Roof” Blake said before hanging up.

“BLAKE!?” Yang shouted. The sound of a disconnected call was her only answer. She grabbed her cellphone and ran out of the small office as fast as she could. She had to get there before that girl did something stupid. She couldn’t let her jump to her death. She couldn’t let Blake die. When she could finally see the library she wondered if she was too late. Then she saw her on the roof. She had black hair and bright amber eyes. She was a cat faunus, or so would the animal ears on her head imply. The blonde did all she could to remain out of her sight as she entered the library through the backdoor and started running up the stairs.

As she got closer to the roof she started hearing what seemed to be music. It was getting louder and louder as she finally reached the roof. She couldn’t believe her ears but the song that was playing was the same one she was listening to at the office. Miss Atomic Bomb.

“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone”

She saw Blake’s back, her feet dangerously close to the edge as the moon shone above her. Should she sneak up on the faunus? Should she just make a run for it?

“Racing shadows under moonlight.
Through the desert on a hot night”

Blake looked down and moved slightly forwards. Fuck subtlety. It was never one of her strengths. She ran as fast as she could and when she saw the other girl started to fall she jumped and grabbed her shirt, pulling her back until their bodies collided together. She held her in place for a short while, her hands grabbing the other girl’s waist. She could hear Blake crying.

“And for a second there we’d won.
Yeah we were innocent and young”

“I told you I cared” Yang said. Blake turned around surprised and the blonde’s heart skipped a bit once more. The faunus’ face was a mess. Her makeup was melting into her face, her eyes were puffy and red but somehow she still look beautiful.

“Why did you stop me?” Blake asked, visibly upset.

“Cast out of the night, well you’ve got a foolish heart.
So you took your place but the fall from grace was the hardest part”

“Because you were going to kill yourself!” Yang answered, her voice coming out harsher than she had originally intended it to.

“I told you I have nothing left” Blake said as she hugged herself. Yang wanted to hold her but she didn’t.

“It feels just like a dagger buried deep in your back.
You run for cover but you can’t escape the second attack”

“I bet you do” the blonde replied and Blake looked up into her eyes for the first time. Amber met lilac.

“How can you be so sure?” the faunus questioned, her ears flat on her head.

“Your soul was innocent, she kissed him and she painted it black”

“Let’s make a bet then. Give me a week to show you that there are things worth living for” Yang proposed. “If at the end of the week you are not convinced then it’ll be your choice to do whatever you want. I won’t stop you”.

“You should have seen your little face,
burning for love, holding on for your life”

Blake looked at Yang with questions in her eyes. Who was this girl and why was she here? Why did she care so much when everyone else in her life had left her? Why was this stranger so fixated on stopping her from ending her life? Why did she care?

“Fine” the faunus replied finally and Yang offered her a handshake.

“All that I wanted was a little touch
A little tenderness and truth, I didn’t ask for much, no”

“It’s a bet then” she said as Blake shook her hand. When she felt Blake’s skin against her own a strange shiver came down her spine. She looked at their hands holding each other and it made no sense. This was a girl. A girl she didn’t even know. What was going on with her?

“Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time”

“You sound very sure that you are going to win” Blake said as she picked up her phone, the song still on.

“Oh, baby” Yang replied with a grin. “I always do”.

“Miss Atomic Bomb
Making out we’ve got the radio on”

Blake smiled timidly at her statement and it was the single most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed. They walked towards the stairs together and Yang couldn’t help but to wonder what she had gotten herself into. All it took was to remember the faunus’ smile for every doubt to disappear. She was going to show Blake how great life could be.

“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone”

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