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Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING — Yang Jungwon x Fem!Reader
synopsis: let's get one thing clear, Jungwon wasn't a superhero. So what if he woke up one day with the ability to read minds? His lifestyle didn't need to go through a drastic change. Needless to say, he went on with his life, carrying the weight of responsibility that came with the whole 'having ESP ordeal'. But it wasn't until his 18th birthday where his life took a new turn once letting his barriers slip and he found himself lost in your thoughts—your thoughts that revolved around him and maybe, just maybe he finds the quiet daydreamer (you) and the inner workings of her mind intriguing.
(alternatively: in which Yang Jungwon can read minds and he finds himself slowly falling in love with Y/N, an avid daydreamer, through her thoughts that strangely enough were full of him).
Tumblr media
GENRE — one-shot, highschool AU, strangers to friends to lovers, fluff, kind of a character study, a smidge of angst.
WARNING(S) — swearing lol, mentions of death but like from embarrassment
WORD COUNT — 22.9K (that definitely exceeded my expectations 🗿)
ADDITIONAL NOTE(S) — Jungwon is a kind of a geek, MC is on the quiet side this time (really, poor thing is so shy) and gets flustered easily, Jungwon's 'love language' is teasing, brief time-skip at one point.
AUTHOR'S NOTE — well, this took longer than I originally had expected 💀 I know a few of you were really excited for this and I really do apologize for taking so long! Without further ado, here's a long and fluffy fic for all you Wonie lovers out there <3
Tumblr media
For as long as Jungwon could remember, superheroic abilities only existed in the comic books he and his older sister would get up to flipping through as soon they grew bored of having to focus on any academic reading required.
It’s a little tradition he and his older sister, Jiwon, had come up with when she, with little Jungwon in tow as he clutched the hem of her sweater, ventured into the deeper and more secluded part of the library. To him, it felt like he was on his own adventure, going against his parents' wishes in favor of trudging into unknown territory, faced with shelves upon shelves of what was predominantly Marvel and D.C comics where time wasn’t particularly kind to what was once the pristine conditions of each issue. 
But Jungwon never paid much mind to the weathered appearance.
As a kid, it only added to the appeal as he eagerly accepted a Spider-Man issue Jiwon handed to him, his eyes wide and full of wonder as he followed suit, sitting across his sister when she had sat against the shelf and opened her copy of an Iron Man issue with gleaming eyes, mirroring his own.
Since that particular encounter, the Yang siblings made it their mission to free their Saturday schedule by doing their chores in a much faster and efficient way. Jungwon, more or less, complained at the additional effort he had to put in (emphasizing his exasperation by pouting, which only puffed up his cheeks and for her to coo at), but Jiwon was patient enough to listen to her little brother’s objections and successfully calmed his growing impatience by the promise of asking their grandmother to give them a slight increase in allowance for ice cream after their weekly trip to the local library.
Jungwon was still in a sour mood even after the bargain. Nonetheless, he still does his chores, albeit his reluctance was ever present in every sweep of the broom, but he still does his part and finished his share of household chores just before their grandmother called the siblings for a well deserved lunch.
Their newfound vigor doesn’t go unnoticed.
In fact, it raised the eyebrows of not only their grandmother, but their parents too. It also raised a slew of silent questions from Mr. and Mrs. Yang as they watched their children go about their set weekend chores. Both Jiwon and Jungwon were both hardworking in their own ways, that’s a known fact and both parents were extremely proud of their children—their absolute pride and joy—so the curiosity quickly faded as they both thought the siblings deserved time for themselves anyway.
They were good children. They deserved to have their fun every once in a while and so Jiwon and Jungwon pretty much made “reading superhero comics until our brains rot” a permanent fixture in their lives. It had gone to the point where they both started looking into buying their own copies to start on each of their respective collections.
Little Jungwon wouldn’t say he was obsessed with having superpowers of his own, but he thought having some sort of ability would probably come in handy if it meant that it would make his life easier.
(He was quite dramatic as a child; very imaginative too).
He dreamt of having a handful of superpowers, one of them being super-speed as that would definitely aid him in completing his own set of tasks which included homework and household chores. The ability to fly came into mind once he found himself watching a flock of birds flying from his bedroom window while in the middle of doing his homework, but then he thought how teleporting would probably be more convenient.
As often as he would find himself imagining all the possibilities if superpowers existed in this world, Jungwon knew those would have to remain in his dreams where anything was possible.
Well, that was until he turned eleven.
On the morning of Jungwon's eleventh birthday, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. 
It was a typical cold, February morning and perhaps Jungwon did wake up earlier than usual due to the chilly weather; still, nothing seemed out of place. It could be that he was anticipating another surprise from either Jiwon or his grandmother which made him feel a tad restless—Jiwon held the most birthday surprises—and that could be the reason why he was on edge when he left his bedroom; eyes still heavy with sleep and hair messed up from tossing and turning.
He was right in expecting his older sister to surprise him.
Jungwon had been waiting for Jiwon to strike since last night—it was his last thought too before he dozed off—and yet, she still managed to elicit a scream from the moment he stepped out of the bathroom after freshening up and that ended up in Jungwon pouting the entire time they ate breakfast as Jiwon and their grandmother doted on him. His sulking was short lived however, because he immediately cheered up when a cupcake with a tiny lit up candle was presented to him, his older sister singing a very off-key version of the birthday song while their grandmother laughed heartily, eyes brimmed with overflowing fondness she had for her grandchildren.
And the cool Monday morning was a happy affair after that, the joy following the siblings towards the designated bus-stop to wait for the next one to take them to school. It wasn’t due for another fifteen minutes, so Jiwon thought of entertaining themselves by choosing a color and to see how many vehicles of said chosen color will pass by them until the next bus comes. Since it was Jungwon’s birthday, he got to choose first; he picked silver while Jiwon picked red.
When he noted down his fifth vehicle, that’s when he heard it.
Jungwon’s gonna freak when he finds out I got him the first two volumes of My Hero Academia.
He turned to Jiwon, surprise etched all over his face and touched at the fact she remembered what he wanted,  “you got me the first two volumes of MHA for my birthday?”
She froze, slowly turning to look at Jungwon and mirrored his expression, “how did you know I got you that?”
“I heard you say that you did,” Jungwon said as if it was the most obvious answer because he did, in fact, hear her. It was her voice, there was no mistaking it. After all, he grew up listening to Jiwon’s voice every single day since he became aware of it and it would be literally impossible if she were to claim it was someone else when it was only them at the bus-stop.
“So did you?” Jungwon asked, slightly bouncing in his seat as an excited smile bunched up his cheeks, “did you get me the manga?”
“How…” Jiwon can’t help but roll her eyes at how earnest Jungwon looked, “okay fine. I did get them.” Then she knit her eyebrows together because how on earth did her baby brother figure it out? Sure he was observant for his age (maybe a bit too observant), but Jiwon thought she and their grandmother did a good job on hiding it from him. Not once did she even move this gift from its hiding place either. “But how did you know?”
This time, it was Jungwon who rolled his eyes. If this was his older sister acting, she’s doing a damn good job at acting clueless. Maybe she should become an actress. “I heard you say it, Jiwon, I told you.”
“I literally didn’t say anything!” Was Jiwon’s indignant reply.
“Yes you did! You said ‘Jungwon’s gonna freak when he finds out I got him the first two volumes of My Hero Academia’.” Jungwon even made it a point to try and imitate his sister’s pitch to annoy her even more, but Jiwon was too shocked to even react, only managing a strangled sound coming from her throat. “I heard it loud and clear!”
What the fuck… he said that word for word too!
Jungwon gasped, scandalized at the cussing—scandalized by his twelve year old sister cussing, “Jiwon! You said the F word! Mom, Dad and grandma told us not to say that!”
What the hell! Can he read my mind? There’s no way he can!
Jungwon’s eyes narrowed at Jiwon appearing as if she was on the verge of a mental breakdown, “how can you talk with your mouth not moving?”
Jiwon held her face in both of her hands and sighed heavily. It kind of reminded Jungwon of their mom when she was particularly stressed or frustrated by something from work. Sometimes it was both. “It’s because I wasn’t, you brat.”
Jungwon, if by any chance you do hear my thoughts, we’re going to Lotte World later. They told me it was a surprise. Mom, Dad and Grandma are picking us up after school. They’re getting off early from work.
“We’re going to Lotte World later?! And Mom and Dad are leaving work early?!” Safe to say, Jungwon was absolutely elated by the prospect of their parents getting off early to take them to an amusement park. “Okay but really, how are you talking without moving your mouth? That’s so weird…” His face scrunched up.
Not as weird as you reading my mind, Jungwon-ah.
Jungwon doesn’t even get to rebuke her statement with Jiwon already opening her mouth to say, “Jungwon, don’t freak out, but you can read minds now… I think.” Say ‘Jungwonie’s stupid’ and I’ll buy you ice cream for a week.
“You’re not tricking me this time, noona, even if it’s for ice cream.” 
Worth a shot. Jiwon shrugged. You do know I’m talking to you through my thoughts, right? See? She gestured vaguely to herself, my mouth isn’t moving at all.
And that’s when the realization dawned on him.
Jungwon’s face falls entirely, “I can read minds now?”
Jiwon slowly slid closer until their thighs touched and patted him gently on the back. “Yeah, I guess you can.” Looks like you’ve got yourself a superpower.
He giggled. It is true, but it’s still weird that it is and it surprised him that he’s taking this well. “How can I save the day with mind-reading?”
I dunno, but you’ll figure out!
“Okay you can stop with that now. You already proved to me that I can read minds.” Jungwon wondered if this could work on animals too. “Do you think this is an unconscious thing? Like, can I turn it off ‘cause I don’t really want to hear multiple people’s minds going off in class.”
Jiwon shrugged, “I didn’t gain mind-reading powers when I turned 11. You’ll have to find it out on your own.” Jungwon sighed through his nose. Isn’t he too young to have an ability like this? And he’s certain there aren’t even books out there that would help. There’s a chance that he could be the only one in the world who manifested such an ability right at this very moment.
“We can talk more about this when we get home.” She said, getting on her feet as she dusted off her skirt and Jungwon followed suit when he spotted the bus coming. “For now, maybe you can find out which one of your classmates has a crush on you.”
Jungwon snorted, gently pushing Jiwon by the shoulder. “Whatever.”
In the end, Jungwon found out who exactly had a crush on him. Three people to be exact and as much as he was flattered by the new found knowledge, it was kind of odd hearing them gush about him in their heads while they did their best in keeping their faces as neutral as possible. 
(It was kind of funny though, now that Jungwon had the time to think about it; Funny in a way that their thoughts were so damn loud when their outer appearance was the complete opposite—stoic, shy and reserved. Perhaps having this ability would come in handy when Jungwon had to deal with liars).
A hand waving in front of his face brought him back to the present. 
“Jungwonie, you okay there?”
Jungwon blinked and looked up to see Jiwon regarding him with slight concern. He shook his head and promptly got up from the couch. “Sorry, I was just thinking.” He peered down at his sister who seemed displeased at the vague answer.
“You already do a lot of that these days. Can’t you give your brain a break at least once?”
Christ, when did this guy become taller than me? Their height difference wasn’t even that great, yet Jiwon can’t help but to complain every time she was reminded of her younger brother’s growth spurt. 
She immediately glared at him once spotting the smirk. Don’t even answer that, you brat.
Jungwon complied, shrugging as he picked up his backpack.
It was way too early to be subjected to his sister’s wrath anyway and he’d prefer arriving at school in one piece. “Yeah well, keeping my brain occupied helps with the mind-reading thing so…” He trailed off while adjusting the straps. Even if he pretty much had a solid grasp on controlling his new found ability he gained exactly seven years before, Jungwon thought he still needed to keep it in check. One slip up could overwhelm him and he does not want that to happen ever again.
Jiwon snickered, “is this your way of telling me you’re overthinking?” Jungwon’s bland expression told her it wasn’t, making her grin. “Anyways, here.” She pulled out something wrapped in brown paper from her bag and handed it over to him. “I’d ask you to guess what it is, but I know you already used your freaky mind-reading shit on me.”
It’s volume 32 and 33 of My Hero Academia.
“Grandma would smack you if she heard you cuss.” Jungwon snickered, flipping the wrapped gift in mid interest and completely ignoring her bristling, “and it’s volume 32 and 33 of My Hero Academia.”
Jiwon’s expression quickly morphed into disbelief. “God, I hate it when you do that. It’s really hard to surprise you at this point. Mom and Dad think you’re so hard to please now too.” She whined.
“Sorry,” he said, not at all sounding the least bit apologetic. A small grin pulled at his lips too, earning a scoff of disbelief in response, “I really can’t help it sometimes.”
Jiwon parrots what he said in a mocking manner and Jungwon snorts as he unwrapped the two new volumes to add to his ever growing collection of MHA manga. “You say that every year on your birthday.” She grumbles, “happy birthday, by the way. Ugh you’re 18 now too! You make me feel so old.”
He let out a good-natured laugh, “you’re only two years older than me though?”
“I’m turning 20 this year, Jungwon. I think I can say I feel old now that I’m nearing my twenties.” Jiwon started ushering him out of the living area hurriedly, “now let’s go, birthday boy, I gotta take you to school. Consider me giving you a ride part two of your birthday gift.”
“Wow, lucky me.” Jungwon said drily, letting himself be pushed out of his own home. “Don’t you have classes too?”
After saying their goodbyes to both their grandma and their recent addition, a rescued Bichon they named Maeumi, Jiwon pulled out her car keys from one of her bag’s pockets, “my classes aren’t until later,” Jiwon reassures him. It’s one perk being in college. You can build your own schedule for your own convinience, “so I have plenty of time to fuck around before then.”
Tap tap.
Jungwon blinked once, twice, three times before he huffed at Jiwon’s amusement, “do you always have to do that?”
“Of course,” she tapped the middle of his forehead twice again with her index finger just to prove a point, “who else will remind you to not overuse your superpower?”
Tumblr media
If someone asked Jungwon about his peculiar fixation on anything superhero related, he could say in confidence that he wasn’t as obsessed compared to how he was in his younger days.
He wasn’t as obsessed, yes, but did that mean he completely turned his back on the one thing that brought him and his older sister closer? Of course not, and the keywords here are “Jungwon wasn’t as obsessed”; it doesn't entirely mean he wouldn’t pick up a comic book ever again. His fixation dwindled throughout the years of spontaneous growing pains that came with puberty and his obsession had been demoted to a healthy interest, so Jungwon liked to think that he wasn’t the same starry-eyed boy that viewed Spider-Man as a god during his childhood.
His current interest in the manga his sister had gotten him doesn’t count, obviously. Nevermind that he started collecting an appropriate amount of figurines along with the thirty something volumes of the mentioned manga. Afterall, it was completely normal for a teenage boy like him to have some sort of interest other than Taekwondo and while he was thankful that his parents had kind of forced him to partake in the martial art to improve on his socializing, sometimes he needed another outlet to unwind; some sort of hobby to keep him grounded and not succumb to the pressures of being in his junior year of highschool.
A light smack on the back of his head launched Jungwon out of his bubble of concentration, letting out a surprised sound that got caught in his throat in the process. Jungwon hissed and quickly grabbed the nearest thing to use as a bookmark—a ball-point pen—for the meantime, before looking up to glower at the early morning perpetrator, rubbing the same spot he was hit.
“Happy 18th birthday, loser.” Jungwon immediately rolled his eyes when he saw the shit-eating grin spread on Wonyoung’s lips from his visible annoyance of being interrupted. “I see you’ve already started the day with your nerdy book.” Wonyoung unceremoniously plopped onto her desk which was on said birthday boy’s right-hand side.
“Very funny,” came Jungwon’s bland reply as he picked up the ‘nerdy book’ (which was volume 32 of the MHA series, thank you very much) again to continue. “Is that how we treat the birthday boy? And here I expected my best friend to play nice for once.” He paused from his reading to look at the girl expectantly with an arched eyebrow.
She mirrored his claim with an all too sweet smile, “eat shit, Yang.” and she placed a box of chocolate onto Jungwon’s desk. The two broke into peals of laughter as he said his thanks.
“By the way, class representatives are required to attend a StuCo meeting later.” Wonyoung said through her mouthful of chocolate.
Jungwon paused in his chewing, eyebrows knitting together, “what for?”
Wonyoung shrugged and looked elsewhere, “Not really sure either. I’ll wait for you to finish cleaning up the classroom.”
If he says ‘no’, I’m gonna physically drag him out of this damn classroom myself. We planned this birthday dinner for so long. We’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer.
The corners of Jungwon’s lips twitched and hid the growing smile behind the manga in his hands, swallowing the chocolate. “Alright, if you say so.”
“Great! I mean… great.” And if Wonyoung’s sigh of relief was far too obvious than she intended it to come out, Jungwon doesn’t mention it.
Thank God. Sunoo would have chewed my ear off if his efforts of getting a reservation were for nothing.
Even if he did consider Jang Wonyoung as his best friend, Jungwon never really made it a point to tell her about the whole ‘oh, I can read people’s minds by the way’ thing.
He never found a need nor a reason to let her, or any of his friends, be informed on the matter; and knowing some of them, they’d probably use his ability as some kind of party trick to amuse a new face, or an exploit to earn cheap bet money from an equally cheap thrill of a guessing game. He can already feel the upcoming Riki-induced-headache from the thought of asking an unaware stranger to think of something for Jungwon to guess.
On the other hand, it’s not like Jungwon lived a double life as a superhero.
He was just a boy who had somehow woken up being capable of reading minds. It didn’t really make his life any different; other than the fact that he can hear an array of voices entangling with his own inner subconscious from time to time. Still, his life was pretty normal. He had no desire to dramatize it either and he would prefer to live a structured and stress-free life too. Really, there was no point when he already had full control of his capabilities.
Though, there were a few rare instances where Jungwon’s attention was not all there—a very very rare feat, mind you—which ultimately led him to forgetting that none of his friends were informed of his clairvoyance. Suspicions were thrown his way whenever these slip-ups happen; he already expected it, but Jungwon always made sure to be one-step ahead of everyone and chalked it up to him just having ‘good intuition’.
It was enough from the looks of it, because they didn’t question him further and they knew he spoke the truth and nothing but the truth. He really wasn’t one to joke around. That was more of Riki’s job and Jungwon considered himself as the moral compass of his friend group; the one who would usually pull everyone back before they even get the chance to think of something that would regrettably get them into trouble.
Someone has to be, especially when most of them screamed trouble.
(There was one time where Sunoo made an off-handed comment about him probably having ESP. Jungwon had to apologize profusely when the latter fell victim to his spit-take).
Out of all the things he had learned throughout the experience of having a glorified sixth sense, lying was the one skill he had a little difficulty getting a grasp on.
Can it even be considered as a skill? It comes natural to everyone, doesn’t it? Maybe with the exception of himself, considering Jungwon never felt the need to falsify any detrimental information to save his own ass. He’s as honest as they come, and prior to gaining his ability,  he knew fully well that he was shit at lying. He couldn’t lie even if it was the last remaining solution to save humanity from any outside threat. Consequently, having a new  responsibility to mind, might as well learn the art of deception; anything to keep his secret safe.
Jungwon was subjected to more birthday greetings right after that initial morning run-in with Wonyoung, then he powered his way through an embarrassing moment where their teacher for second period had everyone sing happy birthday to him, all thanks to his best friend announcing that it was indeed Jungwon’s ‘special day’. While he was extremely grateful that his classmates had collectively said their warm greetings (even if most of them were prompted by his friends and teachers), he really wasn’t sure if he’ll be able to survive another barrage of ‘happy birthdays’ once he leaves the classroom for lunch.
And boy was he right in assuming there would be a long line of people that wanted to greet him.
Maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration on his part, but there were still indeed some people he was fairly acquainted with that actively sought Jungwon out just for that, and all he could do was smile and express his gratitude with a soft-spoken ‘thank you’.
In the middle of all that cacophony, he may or may not have let his ‘mind barriers’ open briefly to (accidentally) hear some thoughts. Most of them were, again, internally fawning about how pretty, cute and handsome he was—your typical musings when it comes to admiring someone, really, and it was still strange that he could find out just who exactly harbored a crush on him just by doing so.
Jungwon was still flattered by the compliments though, if the light blush kissing the apples of his cheeks were anything to go by.
* * *
Yang Jungwon… man, even his name is so cute.
The boy in question immediately looks up from his manga in quiet surprise, eyes roaming around the currently silent classroom where most of his classmates were still working on the activity their teacher for the last period assigned to keep them busy; and it’s clear that Jungwon had no problems completing everything in a short amount of time.
And it seemed that he wasn’t the only one who had more time to fool around before the bell rings.
It’s not often that Jungwon lets his control over his own ability slip, but when he does, he comes across a multitude of mindscapes that were unique to its beholder and he’s seen and heard quite the variety of thoughts; the human mind is truly amazing, Jungwon would muse.
No mind is the same. That’s his number one takeaway from reading more minds than he could count; just like how his clairvoyance wasn’t limited to only voices, sometimes when he tries hard enough, Jungwon can see into someone’s mind. More often than not, the times where he does dive into a person’s mindscape, it was more or less accidental. It’s still lost to him on what actually triggers the ‘deep-dive’ aspect of his ability, but he supposed it only happens when he honed every ounce of his focus on an individual. That was always the common denominator.
Back to the situation at hand, Jungwon swore he recognizes that voice. He wasn’t entirely sure if the person he thought of was the same one who just spoke in their mind and so he kept alert; eyes still scanning the classroom’s expanse until the voice from moments prior pierced through his mind again.
It’s been two years. When do I plan on actually talking to him? Is this what I get for being the ‘quiet and reserved’ one in the class? Man, fuck this. Maybe I can tell him happy birthday again? We’re cleaning partners today anyway.
Jungwon suppressed a smile, using a hand to cover the lower half of his mouth as he held back the giggles fighting to escape his lips.
Oh he knew that voice, granted it wasn’t often that it was heard because 1.) you were definitely known to be the quiet and reserved one in the class. It’s basically your brand. 2.) You barely spoke, only speaking when spoken to and as embarrassing as it was to admit, it kind of played into the fact that Jungwon barely paid that much attention to anyone who wasn’t part of his circle and 3.) he hadn’t the chance to take a peek into your mind either; again, please refer to number 2.
His manga laid forgotten on the top of his desk now, in favor of observing his current object of interest who was currently gazing out of the window, cheek resting on the palm of your hand and he can’t help but to think that the sight before him looked it belonged from your typical shoujo anime; with you sitting right beside the window as the afternoon sun shone on your figure. It kind of made you look like you were a main character.
A tiny smirk tugged at the corners of Jungwon’s lips as he thought to mirror your pose.
You were quite something, now that he had some time to further assess you, who took the whole mysterious girl trope and ran with it for the years he’s been aware of your presence. Jungwon thought that you were indeed the stereotypical shy, quiet and reserved girl who no one really paid attention to, but still aware of because the whole image interested anyone who was curious to what made someone like you tick and he was indeed curious.
As quiet as you were now, your mind was a different story and that intrigued him the most.
You were very loud in your head, a stark juxtapose to how you were in real life. Jungwon could probably equate the tumultuous train of thought to some muted category of overthinking, if it weren’t for the fact that your thought process was nowhere near close to that. What he heard did not go on the same spectrum overthinking belonged at all, not when the voice took a dreamy lilt as it echoed in his head.
What if I confessed to him?
Jungwon’s eyebrows raised in interest. So you do have a crush on him. It was already a given; you did mention that his name was cute.
Shaking your head, you let out a dejected sigh through your nose as you turned away from the window to peer at the open notebook resting idly on your desk.
Nah, that’s too soon. Besides, he barely knows who I am.
While that was true, he was relieved at the fact that you respected his boundaries because if that were to happen, Jungwon wouldn’t really know what to do if you did pour your heart out to him.
He watched you turn to look out of the window again, gazing at the sky for a brief moment before you breathed out a heavy sigh, folding both of your arms to rest your head on top of them.
Might as well be single for life. It’s probably my destiny to be alone if it takes me almost three fucking years to grow a pair and talk to Jungwon. Your inner voice this time took a defeated turn as you buried your face deeper into the comfort of your arms. At least let me experience what it would be like to confess to your crush. Sulky. That was one way to describe how you sounded right now.
Then, he felt the all too familiar pull of being brought into someone’s mindscape that he ended up closing his eyes and clenching his jaw from the initial uncomfortable feeling. Even if Jungwon knew it would eventually fade, he still can’t get used to it.
It didn’t stop from there either. Entering someone’s head always affected his senses in a way where Jungwon had concluded that the phantom feeling of ice-cold water washing over his skin, or even a jolt of electricity running through his veins were a few examples of a person’s way of greeting his presence every time he did trudge into the depths of their mind. The difference ranged from person to person and Jungwon had also chalked all of this up to being some type of prognosis that would give him an idea of what he would expect to see once he gets a clear view of the mindscape he’s in.
The two examples given obviously meant that he wasn’t at all welcome to take even just a tiny peek, so he had already expected to go through something similar when it came to you. Sure you held Jungwon on some type of pedestal, but that clearly became a catalyst of your slight aversion to simply talking to him and really, he wouldn’t hold it against you if your mind greeted him in the most unpleasant ways.
With all that to expect, he was, however, proven wrong when he entered your mindscape.
For one, it was not the sharp pain from being electrocuted that extended its welcome. The barriers your mind had set up parted easily and he immediately felt warm all over, as if he was being engulfed by a hug from an old friend who was beyond ecstatic to meet him again. It’s strange, Jungwon thinks, this doesn’t happen often and knowing the two of you hadn’t really spoken much to each other, he alluded that this ‘warmth’ may have something to do with what you’re thinking right now.
And it’s one thing he got right.
Upon opening his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of the same classroom. This time, it’s like everything before him was bathed in some type of lovely camera filter (something akin to rose-tinted glasses or however the saying goes) that made the whole scene a lot more romantic than what the room looked like on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps there was a reason why it appeared so, when his eyes took in the two individuals standing in the middle of the otherwise empty classroom.
“Jungwon… thank you for coming to meet me here.”
Huh, it’s me and Y/N. Jungwon sits on one of the desks, curious as to what you could possibly be daydreaming about at this moment.
It’s quite strange watching a version of himself smile down at you, “your note did say to meet you here once our classmates left.” and the Jungwon of your mindscape lifted the said note with a quirk of his eyebrow, making the real Jungwon snort from his perch. 
Is this how you saw him? You weren’t too far off, if he was being honest. Though he definitely wasn’t as charming as you made him out to be as he grimaced when Jungwon’s daydream variant graces you with a coy smile; an expression he wasn’t all too estranged to, yet it was a tad disconcerting to witness it etched on his face as a spectator.
I don’t actually smile like that… do I?
“So?” Jungwon prompted with an eyebrow raise and it’s almost laughable how flustered you seem to get as he rested his hip against the desk. To think quiet and stoic L/N Y/N was so easy to embarrass. It was rather adorable, tilting his head as he observes you fumble with your words while under his clone’s stare. “Why are we here? Do you have something to tell me?”
“I do actually,” you mumble and he assumed it was loud enough to hear when Jungwon of your mindscape’s smile stretched wider as he pockets the note you gave him. The action flustered you even more, now avoiding looking into his eyes completely and instead gazed down at your fiddling fingers.
Jungwon rolled his eyes when the other Jungwon’s posture straightened, a light sense of smugness lighting up his features. “Yeah? Let’s hear it then.”
“I like you.”
“Yo, earth to Jungwon?”
Just like that, he was  immediately pulled out from your daydream.
The change in scenery was so abrupt, in fact, that it sent him lurching forward as if a wave of motion sickness had hit him full-force. It was only thanks to his fast reflexes that he managed to steady himself by placing both palms onto his desk to prevent him from hitting the desk first because that would have been difficult to explain, especially if you were dealing with someone like Riki; always so curious, always wanting to be up everyone’s business so he wouldn’t feel left out and Jungwon would rather give up his growing MHA merch and manga collection than to tell the sophomore what he was up to.
Though Riki doesn’t appear to be fazed by Jungwon and the minor glitching he went through. If anything, the sophomore was more interested in what he was staring at and that immediately pulled a shit-eating grin from him, nudging Jungwon playfully as he made a series of sounds that tried to goad him.
He immediately shuts up when the older nudged him back hard enough in the ribs to make it hurt, completely disregarding the kicked-puppy look pulling on the taller boy’s face as Jungwon sends him away so he could help you clean up the almost empty classroom.
Contrary to how you were in your mind, you really did keep up the shy and reserved facade, bowing and smiling politely when you met eyes the moment everyone else, but the two of you, left the classroom for them to attend their respective club meetings. You didn’t talk either and somehow, there had been a silent agreement where you would sweep, Jungwon would wipe the white board clean which left the both of you to arrange down the desks and chairs together.
Then again, this was the usual routine when it came to maintaining the classroom’s cleanliness. There really was no need to exchange a few words since the cleaning system had already been ingrained into anyone who had been a student of the school for a significant amount of time; and since Jungwon had a vague idea of how you are when it came to socializing, he’d rather not force you to talk to him when it was clear that you were still apprehensive of the thought.
Needless to say, tidying up went on without a hitch and the silence that surrounded you both was comforting in a way; it was the type of silence that filled in the spaces in between the two of you that the need to talk wasn’t at all necessary. In all honesty, he was expecting it to be a little awkward; what with you and your bashful nature, though he can tell that you were starting to ease up around him when the restless thoughts and worries that went a mile a minute through your mind were replaced by short light-hearted musings this time around.
Although you never really made any attempt, your thoughts were more than enough for Jungwon to get to know you a little bit. You were awkward, shy and timid for the most part, but man did you have a very colorful imagination and he had a really hard time trying to tone down the cheesing. The amount of times that he had to hide his giggles with fake coughs was getting so ridiculous that you started to look at him weird, worry dancing in your eyes to which Jungwon promptly waved off in lieu of a verbal confirmation to let you know that he was okay.
As strange as it was to hear you fawning over him in your head, Jungwon thought it was a tad endearing. He sensed nothing but genuine admiration too and he wondered how he had never picked up on your pining during the three year he’s been with you, always in the same class. In addition to that, he was rather impressed that you kept your feelings from him for this long.
Moments later, Jungwon scanned the classroom one last time to check if you both had missed anything in particular before calling your attention. That caused you to straighten up from fixing your belongings, slowly turning to look over your shoulder with your eyebrows slightly raised in silent question.
A tiny grin found its home on Jungwon’s lips, “great work today, Y/N.”
Your lips part in a silent ‘oh’ as you slowly nod in response, returning the gesture with a bashful curl of your lips as you tuck a hair behind your ear. “Yeah, you too, Jungwon.” He notes that you were soft-spoken too; voice reminding him what clouds would probably feel like: soft and airy and so unlike the brazen version of your inner subconscious. It was pleasing to the ears, really, quite different from the myriad of voices he heard on the daily and pleased he was by your reply, turning to fix his own belongings, satisfied with the brief interaction.
Just before Jungwon could take the first step out of the classroom, he felt a light tug on his blazer, “Jungwon?”
He didn’t waste any time to twist his torso, enough so that he could face you. “Yes? What is it?”
“Um, happy birthday—here, hold out your hand,” you inquire softly, “please.” You added it as an afterthought when you thought you sounded too demanding and Jungwon was quick to oblige, mostly to quell your nerves. Then something wrapped in pastel blue was placed on his outstretched palm and as Jungwon peered at you closely, the state you were in right now reminded him of what you looked like confessing in your daydream: fiddling fingers, head bowed slightly to avoid eye-contact.
In spite of your apparent hesitance, Jungwon doesn’t bother to suppress his smile at the thoughtfulness, gently closing his fingers around the book-sized gift as he flipped it once, then twice to get a feel of what it may be. “You got me a gift? You shouldn’t have.”
You wanted a hole to swallow you whole. Great going, Y/N! What if he thinks you’re some weirdo?
It took a lot for him to not burst into laughter right then and there. You really do worry a lot.
You’ve never felt this nervous in your life. Ever, and that’s saying something because while it was quite normal for you to feel uneasy when it came to socializing with someone you weren’t particularly familiar with, this was by far the most anxious you’ve ever been; in front of the boy you’ve harbored feelings for, no less and you just hoped that you won’t end up embarrassing yourself.
“Thank you, Y/N.”
In the next second that followed after hearing your name fall from his lips, you threw caution to the wind and chanced to peer at him through your lashes, only for your lips to part slightly in awe at the peculiar sight.
The sweetest of smiles graced Yang Jungwon’s equally sweet looking face while gazing down at your gift. That alone was enough to send your heart soaring at how devastatingly adorable he looked right at this very moment and the warm rays of the late afternoon sun only added to the breathtaking view of Jungwon.
He is so pretty.
For a short moment, it's as though you’ve forgotten to zip your mouth shut. Really, you thought the comment somehow bypassed the barrier that was there to keep yourself from spilling anything that would cost you your dignity because you found yourself gazing at Jungwon head-on and some traitorous voice in your mind said, he’s smiling because of you, you know? And while that could be the truth, you still felt like the face you were making right at this very second gave away your feelings that were supposed to be locked up.
But Jungwon didn’t say anything that alluded to him figuring you out. On the contrary, he appeared elated by the surprise, even if he hadn’t even opened it yet and that was enough to alleviate your anxiety as you beamed at him and responded with a soft, “you’re welcome.”
* * *
Dinner with his friends was quite the loud affair.
Regardless of the ruckus caused by mostly his friends, Jungwon still enjoyed the surprise. He was grateful that they made time to celebrate his birthday even if they had their own responsibilities that needed attending to. His friends obviously had fun throughout the entire time they huddled the two joined tables, shouting over each other as Sunoo took charge with grilling the meat.
“You can sit down and relax,” the senior started as he flipped the last of the thinly sliced pork belly sizzling on the grill. “We’d rather not have the birthday boy char our precious meat.”
And the scream that left Sunoo after Jungwon pinched his side was one of the highlights of the night; probably many of the quaint barbecue place’s patrons considering Sunoo’s screams were known to be loud, almost ear-piercing too.
As much as Jungwon wanted to enjoy the little ‘surprise’ party, his mind can’t help but wonder off towards his earlier interaction with you. True that it wasn’t really all that special as you were more bashful than the image of you painted in his head, but the way you looked and spoke to him left such an impression that it was the only thing that was occupying him throughout dinner; that, and the neatly wrapped gift from you that sat idly in the confines of his schoolbag.
Jungwon didn’t waste any moment as he stepped into his bedroom (making sure Maeumi got in safely with him too). His bag ended up being flung onto his desk chair right after he had fished the pastel blue wrapped gift from its depths and made a bee-line towards his bed to which he had unceremoniously jumped on, Maeumi quickly following in his foot-steps.
Why he was being gentle with unwrapping it, he didn’t really know, but he continued to be as careful as he could by peeling the tape, letting out a small cry of success when no visible harm was done to the wrapper and hurriedly slipped it from the hard material of the gift.
He didn’t even try to mask his surprise and elation at what he was currently holding. An artbook he desperately wanted for as long as it has been available to purchase for the public stared right back at him and he wasted no time unwrapping the plastic protecting before opening it.
What he saw in a white envelope with his name on it and seeing you did put a lot of effort into gifting him something when you clearly didn’t need to, he owes it to you to read through the letter before he could even think of flipping through the artbook, no matter how excited he was.
First of all, happy birthday! I hope you had a nice time celebrating since turning 18 is quite the big deal for most people. You might be wondering, ‘why did L/N Y/N give me an artbook of all things’? I could go the poetic way and say that it reminded me of you, because it did, and while that does hold some truth, I’d rather be honest than put up a front. I accidentally ordered two copies of the artbook and really had no idea what to do with it. My friends aren’t into MHA as much as I am, so giving it to one of them was already scratched off the list before the thought came into mind.
But then I remembered seeing you read some volumes of the manga in class and during lunch a few times before and thought that maybe you were also a fan of the series, so I decided to give you the second copy since I assumed you’d probably like it. If not, well, still, keep it. It’s a gift after all, and even if you may not like it, the fact that you still kept it is enough for me!
— Y/N ♡
Oh he’s definitely keeping it, he already knew where he’s placing it too. How can he not when other than the manga Jiwon had given him earlier in the day, this artbook from the manga author himself was high on his wishlist? Jungwon wasn’t sure if he should be calling this a miracle even if his racing heart told him that it should be. This was the same artbook he had been eyeing for months, but luck wasn’t really on his side since every time he tried to scour the internet for the nth time to check if there was at least one online store, he was only left to be disappointed when big, bold and red letters that said ‘SOLD OUT’ mocked his every failed attempt on getting his hands on one.
To think you of all people had another copy. This was like fate at work and Jungwon doesn’t know what to think of that. First, he had heard you calling out his name from the depths of your mind, he got to swim in too and now you’ve given him the artbook he wanted? 
He doesn't know what the world will have in store for him next, but what he does know is that he should thank you as soon as he gets the chance to.
Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough. He spent all night coming up with what he should say, taking your bashful nature into consideration too because he was not going to risk possibly intimidating you if he somehow came off strong from expressing his gratitude.
And Jungwon thought he did well on that, if the bright smile was anything to go by as you said “you’re welcome” for the second time with the same softness laced in your voice.
Tumblr media
A week after Jungwon had taken it upon himself to—what he would like to call it—investigate, he had come to a final conclusion.
You, L/N Y/N, liked to daydream. A lot; and that was no exaggeration on his part. It’s simply what he observed from the week-long investigation. It’s not like there was anyone who’d disagree, not when Jungwon was the only one who could see—could hear what the average human couldn’t.
More often than not, getting lost in the depths of your mind was definitely one of your favorite past times when you couldn’t find anything else to invest your utmost attention to (one could even consider it a hobby from how often you get lost in your own musings) and through that, Jungwon might have been entertained by the slew of scenarios you were able to visualize. 
It’s like your mind recorded everything that resonated with the idea of romance—the idea of what romance was to you. While some are more cliché than others—then again, aren't rom-coms built on them too?—there were times where you picked one of the many clichés from a metaphorical box to pick apart whatever media you’d taken inspiration from and put it back together again, but it wouldn’t be quite the same. Either there would be a new piece present, or there were one… two… maybe even four pieces missing; other than the technicalities, you still recreated those clichés to brandish something new every time he’d willingly took the plunge to explore in the deep corners of your pretty little head.
Other than yourself, he, Yang Jungwon, was a recurring character in your daydreams and that was more than enough to tell him that most of your thoughts did revolve around him.
It was also obvious that you were quite the imaginative one; still as loud as the first time he got to take a peek into your mind and it reflected how colorful it was too. Everything in your mind was just so vivid that there was a point in time where Jungwon wondered if you had any creative outlet that would do all your vivacious daydreaming some justice.
There must be something, right? You might be some version of an open book to Jungwon, an open dream journal perhaps, but your thoughts alone could only do so much and so in order to find out more about you, he’s going to have to get you to talk to him… like actually talk to him; living and breathing Yang Jungwon and not the Yang Jungwon you’ve curated in your head.
He hadn’t a clue just why he was so dead-set on getting to know you better. One would think that finding out that someone had a version of you living in their mind rent-free would certainly be an ick. Jungwon knew he should be feeling some type of reluctance, now that he was aware of how much you possibly adored him, yet he still was rather curious, intrigued even.
Just how could you think so highly of him when the longest conversation you had was when you gave him a gift?
“Dude, what's with the whole thing staring at Y/N?”
Jungwon almost jumped out of his skin from Riki’s sudden appearance, “I’m not staring. I’m observing.” He clarified and then paused, eyebrows knitted together as he looked at the sophomore, “what are you doing here?”
Fighting against the urge to smack the smug grin from Riki’s face was no easy feat, mainly because the opportunity was right there. Though to Riki’s unknown relief, Jungwon remained lucid enough to not act on his bordering on violent urges as he really wasn’t in the mood to set a bad example for anyone else who had already viewed him as ‘the one who could do nothing wrong’.
Jungwon’s frown deepened, while Riki’s grin widened in tandem, “it looks like you are staring at her to me.” Riki teased, playfully poking the dimple that appeared when the object of his teasing pursed his lips, no doubt annoyed. “Does Jungwonie have a crush? The quiet ones are your type, eh?” The younger one poked his cheek again, “eh?”
“I don’t.” He ignored Riki crying out in pain when he had pinched his side in retaliation. “Don’t be stupid—and even if I do, how is that any of your business?”
“Okay wow, someone’s being touching today. How mean.” The younger pouted, then immediately ducked to dodge Jungwon’s attempted smack.
He sighed, “just… tell me what you’re doing here.”
“It’s lunchtime, airhead. You were taking too long.”
Jungwon peered at his watch, “it’s only been 5 minutes since the bell rang.”
“Too long for me.” Riki whined. “Are you coming or not? I’m hungry.”
The older of the two rolled his eyes, chair emitting a screech from pushing it back, “alright, let’s go.”
* * *
You must be dreaming, you were sure of it.
“Erm… hi?” you trailed off, swallowing your mouthful as you looked up at the looming presence that stood on the other side of your desk, a tad startled by the appearance as you gently put your pair of chopsticks down.
The classroom was devoid of its usual crowd, which was expected anyway since your classmates and friends preferred having lunch in the school cafeteria where they were free to be as loud as they wanted. It was always a rather rambunctious affair and there were times where you just needed a break from it all—some time for yourself while you enjoyed a hearty meal before subjecting your brain to absorb the information that you won’t probably even remember once the semester came to its end.
Somehow, the universe was set to listen to the niggling thought in the back of your mind about wanting some time for yourself that earlier this morning, your mother had insisted on bringing the packed lunch she had generously prepared for you, and who were you to say no? It wasn’t often she’d go out of her way to cook two separate meals in one sitting. She was a busy woman herself and if the world was trying to tell you something, might as well listen to whatever vague sign it presented, especially when you had an inkling that it was going to benefit you, one way or another.
And what joy that the universe was also capable of taking your true heart’s desire into account alongside it, gracing you with Yang Jungwon’s presence, holding up what seemed to be a sandwich pack and a carton of apple juice.
Oh my god… it’s Jungwon. What is he doing here? Do I look okay? What if I have something in my teeth—
Simply put, the traitorous thing called your brain immediately came up with every worst case scenario that could screw all of this up. Be that as it may, it didn’t shake off the hope that some kind of positive, outside force chose to be on your side for once in your meager life. Should you hail it as Lady Luck somehow taking pity on your God-knows-how-long pining? 
Whatever or whoever decided that entangling your destined path with Jungwon’s was a stellar idea, they could have at least given you a warning.
Gratitude was always granted to those who only had pure intentions with their services, but you weren’t too sure if this whole predicament fell onto the same scale of benevolence. Not when Jungwon left you feeling a multitude of things on the daily and most notable of them all was how one eyeful from him—from those gleaming, cat-like eyes—could instantly render you a flustered and painfully shy mess. It’s like some kind of deity was messing with you.
And frankly, you were feeling less and less grateful the longer you had to sit there, feeling as if you were about to explode from how hot to the touch your face was.
“Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” 
Then, you were lulled back to reality; eyes blinking a few times as you dared to actually look at his face this time, only for it to appear to you that Jungwon seemed rather pleased when he finally had gotten your attention, letting out a light chuckle at your timidness.
He’s not making fun of me, is he? 
“Don’t worry, I’m here with only good intentions.” And the reassuring smile he gave you immediately got you thinking that your assumption might have been a teeny-tiny bit off; a common theme that was always present, now that you thought about it (you really had to work on that). Besides, you knew that he wasn't that kind of person. Then again, it was kind of his fault that all rationalization just straight up left your brain.
He’s still smiling, not minding that you didn’t answer right away, “I just wanted to know if I could eat lunch with you?”
You froze.
Jungwon, again, didn’t even pause for you to give him an answer. If anything, he was amused by the lack of reply and instead went on to place his lunch down on the available space your desk had—you made some space in haste once you realized what he was trying to do—and took it upon himself to grab and pull the chair in front until the backrest touched the edge of your desk.
“So…” Jungwon trailed off as he rested his chin on his arms resting on top of the backrest, tilting his head. It really took everything in you to not melt into goo. For one thing, this is the closest you have been to him that it was certain you were invading his personal space (not that he looked like he minded from what you can tell) so it completely caught you off-guard when his foot nudged yours under the table—and he looked so cute that it kind of made your heart ache a little bit.
“What’s for lunch?”
The hold you had on hope was almost bruising, to say the least, probably having it in a chokehold too as you prayed that you did not look like a fucking idiot, gawking at the abruptness of it all. Well, it was an assumption that you might’ve been so, because Jungwon’s smile widened a fraction as you hesitantly picked up your chopsticks to tell him exactly what your mother had packed, using the utensil to point at them too.
“It looks really good.” He said and you could see his nostrils flare slightly, taking in the sight of your lunch before giving you a brief glance. Your breath hitched and immediately looked elsewhere. 
Unbeknownst to you, he smirked, watching your subtle panic.
“Thank you. My mother cooked it.” Why would you talk about Mom? Get a grip, Y/N!
Jungwon giggled at your apparent regret from word-vomiting, “oh relax, Y/N. It’s just me.”
“It’s just me,” he says. Yeah, that’s exactly the problem why I’m going insane. 
“Let’s just eat, yeah?” Jungwon suggested, fingers curling around the plastic-wrapped sandwich. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll become less shy after.” He teased with an arched eyebrow.
Your face was burning at this point, fumbling to get a proper grip on your chopsticks. I’m actually going to die.
With another smile that was lethal to your poor heart—you fear that you actually might die—Jungwon added, “let’s eat well,” before he took a bite, taking that as your own cue to eat.
This all gave you a sense of deja vu.
Much like the time where you were both assigned to clean the classroom together, the silence wasn’t as awkward, though you can’t help but feel so when he was literally only a table away. A table, smack-dab in between you both, acting as some type of barrier. In complete contrast to yourself, it seemed that the close proximity wasn’t bothering him in the slightest. If anything, he was completely at ease scrolling through his phone as he chewed; and every once in a while, you’d feel his foot nudge yours, but you knew that was more of his subconscious acting upon it.
Still, the small action caused butterflies to flutter about in your belly, struggling to keep a straight face that you resorted to peering down at your lunch as you tried your hardest to fight off the smile that threatened to break through your facade.
It was absolutely absurd really.
The thought of an action that small was enough to have you going haywire was admittedly laughable, now that you had time to process just how ridiculous you were being. If a simple nudge to the foot had you acting like this, who knows how great of an effect it might have on you if fate was kind enough to merge yours and Jungwon’s path that you ended up having your fingers intertwined as you walked side-by-side.
Hearing a chuckle after having that train of thought caused you to stiffen.
You didn’t say that out loud, did you?
“I can feel your eyes on me, Y/N.” Jungwon didn’t even look up from his phone when he spoke, holding a half-eaten sandwich in his other hand. “What’s worrying you this time, hm?” 
You didn’t even realize you were staring right at him until your vision refocused, only for your eyes to widen at the smug grin that tugged on the corners of his lips.
“I wasn’t worrying!” You denied with frantic waves of your hands as if it’d hypnotize him into thinking that, no, you were not staring at him as you imagined how soft his hands could be. “I was just… wondering why you’re eating lunch with me,” you winced at how rude that might have come off, “no offense.”
But Jungwon doesn’t seem to take your sudden defensiveness to heart, if anything, he seemed curious and answered you with his own question of, “why are you alone eating lunch in our classroom?”
You blinked, letting the tips of your chopsticks push slightly against your lower lip, “I wanted to be alone for a bit.”
“Oh…” he trailed off, now appearing sheepish as he placed his sandwich on top of its plastic wrap. Jungwon did kind of barge into your space with all of this, so he never really thought about the possibility of you wanting to be alone. Of course you’d need some time for yourself every so often, now he felt guilty for pushing this whole thing onto you.
“Do you want me to leave then?” He asked gently, picking up his carton of juice to drink.
You shook your head as an answer, and then added, “I didn’t say that. it's just…” How do I say this without sounding pathetic? “I don’t know… and don’t take this the wrong way but, it’s kind of strange that you suddenly want to eat lunch with me.” Your voice took on a quieter tone, unsure as you sighed and placed your chopsticks down.
It was all of a sudden, wasn’t it? Abrupt as it was, you’d be lying if you went on and said that you weren’t the least bit elated by the surprising turn of events. Having a simple conversation would have sufficed, yet you really had no room to complain—not when you’re having lunch with your crush, of all people.
It took you almost three years to simply talk to him, so you’d obviously take this as a chance to do so.
“I mean, we’re friends, aren’t we?”
Tilting your head, you eyes him with a questioning gaze, “we are? Since when?”
Jungwon shrugged, “you gave me a gift, something that I really wanted when you didn’t have to and I think that’s enough for me to consider you as something more than an acquaintance.” You weren’t sure, but you felt he meant something else by that statement. But that could have just been your delusional side talking. Not really the first time it happened. “But if it makes you uncomfortable, I can back off a bit.”
“No, it’s okay really. You just took me by surprise and I—um—I like how things are now I just—please be patient with me? I think it’s quite telling that I’m not good with the whole socializing thing, sorry.”
“There’s no need to be sorry, it’s alright.” Jungwon reassured you. “I mean, I already knew what to expect since you are on the shy side and I think I came off stronger than expected.”
“A little, yeah.” you giggled, “if it makes you feel better, my friends did the same, so I guess ‘coming off strong’ was needed when you’re dealing with someone like me.”
“I don’t really mind. You’re not the first shy person I’ve met.” He explains, a smile curling around the straw in his mouth, ”then again, they weren’t as interesting as you.”
“What do you mean by that?”
He settled on giving you an enigmatic smile as an initial answer, cat-like eyes gleaming underneath the warmth of the afternoon sun as if he knew something you didn’t. Whatever it was, you just hoped it wasn’t something as embarrassing as your crush on him.
“You eat pretty slow, did you know?” Good on him for diverting the topic because what he said prior almost had your heart burst out from your chest and the fact that there was some kind of looming mischief behind those kind looking eyes was a bit too much to handle today. “We only have 20 minutes left before the bell rings, Y/N.”
Was saying my name really necessary? Does he want me to go crazy?
Jungwon masked his snort with a cough.
You arched an eyebrow, pausing mid way from picking up a rolled egg omelet, “is this your way of saying you want a bite?” Now it was you he didn’t let him answer as you swiftly pulled out another pair of chopsticks.
He gave you a dubious look when you handed them over, “why do you have an extra pair of chopsticks?” Despite the questioning, he still took them from you.
“It’s not what you think,” you started before he could even think of possibly teasing you from being extra prepared. “My friends have a bad habit of picking my food with their bare hands,” you shuddered, “so I made it a point to bring an extra pair.”
“Ah. Remind me not to do that next time then.”
“There’s—there’s a next time?”
“Only if you want to.”
You let yourself chuckle at the persistence, “okay. So are you going to help me finish all of this before the bell rings or not?”
(If there was one thing that you’ve learned from talking to Yang Jungwon, he’s a mischievous little shit and you meant that in the most affectionate way possible. He loved to tease and you’d suspected it to be his love-language upon seeing that he’s also like that when it came to his friends).
Tumblr media
In all honesty, it surprised Jungwon that friendship with you was relatively easy.
It didn’t mean you’ve suddenly gotten over your natural timidness from befriending him, but in the sense that you made it easy for him to get to know you better which in turn made the progress of your friendship significantly faster then he initially predicted. Jungwon supposed that your shared love for the MHA franchise was the starting catalyst of the fast-growing bond between the two of you, but other than the mutual fixation on the anime slash manga, you did have a handful of similar traits.
It’s beyond him why it took you both such a long time to meet on the same plane too. Not that he was blaming you or your apprehensiveness for halting what could have blossomed all those years ago; Jungwon would and could never, and he was also partially to be blamed for the delay as well, because if it wasn’t for him honing his focus on that voice that called out to him during that fated, quiet afternoon, he would have never felt so curious to the point of wanting to get to know you better.
Since the day Jungwon took initiative to join you for lunch in the classroom, it became a regular thing that by the fifth time it happened, you two had joined heads (prompted by Jungwon) to come up with a viable schedule so you both could have days where you could eat with your friends too.
(“You do know that we can all eat together at the cafeteria.” You pointed out as you watched Jungwon knit his eyebrows as he stared down at his phone. He huffed, the air causing his fringe to fly up briefly as he gave you a quick glance. “Why are we brainstorming a lunch schedule?”
The boy focused on his phone again, “have you ever thought that maybe I want to be alone with you too?” You also learned that Jungwon was as straight-forward as they come; sugarcoating wasn’t part of his vocabulary and he always said what was on his mind to avoid any misunderstandings. 
“How does every Tuesday and Thursday sound?” Judging by the tone, he really was set on continuing the now dubbed tradition of sharing each of your packed lunch between you both.
The only thing you could do at the moment was pinch the bridge of your nose in hopes of toning down the warmth that had started to creep up your neck, while Jungwon had gone on and set a reminder for those two particular days. “Yeah… yeah okay. Tuesdays and Thursdays work just fine.”
You would have put up a fight, argued that the whole set-up wasn’t at all necessary and that you were content with having to ‘share’ his time with your respective friend groups. But when Jungwon had set his mind onto something, most of the time, it was difficult to talk him out of it, not when he’s as stubborn as a boulder that was impossible to move and you can tell how dead-set he was on it becoming a thing between you two.
Nevertheless, your inner subconscious was squealing in delight at the prospect of having him to yourself for an hour, twice a week at most and you liked to believe that perhaps your newfound friend felt something similar from witnessing his adamance on the matter.
Well, there’s no harm in hoping).
Other than the set lunch plans, Jungwon had also made it a point to seek you out whenever school activities and/or assignments required to complete them. It was already an automatic response this time around that anyone who had the mind to test out their luck and ask Jungwon promptly gave up once realizing the new development between you and their dependable class representative. 
Wonyoung had even expressed her wonder as she shot Jungwon a look when he loomed behind you in the middle of pulling out what you needed for the activity. She was only given a shrug as an answer as he leaned low enough for you to tell him your suggestions, and Wonyoung’s eyebrows raised significantly when catching the soft smile that brightened Jungwon’s face while listening to you ramble.
While you do have a handful of friends yourself that you can ask to be partners with, you can’t help but to feel like you’re burdening them, being an unwanted liability no matter how many times they reassure you that no, you weren’t a burden, that it wasn’t a crime to ask help when you needed it. When it came to Jungwon, however, the worries were always so quick to fade away, leaving no traces as if they hadn’t materialized in the first place. He was known for quickly adapting into situations where one would normally stumble at the very first attempt of getting ahold of themselves, and you were no exception to Jungwon’s inborn skill.
To you and from what you had observed throughout the weeks you had the pleasure of being a part of his orbit, it’s like Jungwon just knew what to say whenever you were on the verge of succumbing to your anxiety; always knew what you needed to hear during those days where you weren’t really feeling like yourself and there was no doubt that you thought it was quite amazing, like he was attuned to how your inner workings functioned.
Curiosity had you bringing it up during your one of many ‘Jungwon and Y/N only’ lunch sessions. You didn’t mean to pry, but as much as you were amazed by his possible sixth sense when it came to you, it was a tad odd that Jungwon just knew.
He settled on answering with a tentative, “good intuition, I guess?” as he picked a piece of chicken from your lunch box, popping it straight into his awaiting mouth. “Well, that and you’ve always been easy to read to me.” Which wasn’t really that far from the actual truth, considering he can read you—that he can read your mind, to be more specific and he’s beyond relieved that you immediately bought his explanation, asking no further questions as you used your chopsticks to pick up a rice ball from his lunch box with a pleased hum.
“Am I really?” You asked through your mouthful, “guess what I’m feeling right now then.”
Wow, his grandmother’s cooking is really good.
And without missing a second to show-off whenever he could, he quickly answered, “you really like my grandmother’s cooking. You always do that little dance when eating something good.” He grinned coyly at your momentary awe, “also, don’t talk when your mouth’s full.”
Face twisting at being scolded for the habit you’ve been trying to fix, you clicked your tongue, “fine. Maybe I am that easy to read.” You grumbled, snatching your carton of mango juice. “Or you can just read minds.”
It took a lot for Jungwon not to falter at the spot-on claim as he masked the millisecond surprise (thankfully without you noticing) with a scoff, “don’t be ridiculous, Y/N.” Then he reached over to flick your nose, causing you to yelp and kick at his foot in revenge with a soft string of curses.
On the topic of his clairvoyance that now extended to you, your daydreaming hasn’t been as frequent as it was back when your interactions with one another leaned on the more tentative side of things, nor has he been hearing much from your mind either that it kind of worried him. 
He wasn’t starting to lose his ability, was he?
The answer was no; his ability was 100% intact. His assumption was quickly proven false once he tried testing it on Wonyoung with the knowledge that she tended to overthink at times, being someone who was overly worried about her future and all and hearing the barrage of frustrations was enough as confirmation.
Listening to you internally ramble on and on about him in your pretty little head was what started this whole friendship after all and Jungwon considered it to be a normal thing he dealt with on a daily basis that the sudden decrease of your frequent internal monologuing was jarring, to say the least. It was a feat he had grown used to overtime and now that he was so used to your brain going miles a minute, he might as well condition himself again with the longer bouts of silence this time around.
After some more deliberate thinking, Jungwon had come up with the conclusion that the absence of your restless thoughts was the result of your ever growing bond. It made sense considering the two of you were friends, close friends from the amount of time you had started spending together that Jungwon had to reassure Sunoo, his senior, that he wasn’t replacing him or any of his friends for that matter. 
It’s possible that the need for conjuring scenarios between you and him had waned over the duration of your budding friendship, now that simply striking up conversation with Jungwon was easier for you now. You were still a little timid, sure, but you were gradually getting out of your shell; now being able to hold eye-contact with him for more than five seconds and he was proud of the development, to say the least.
He was pulled back from his own thoughts when he felt a tapping sensation on the middle of his forehead.
“Won?” Jungwon’s eyes refocused to find you standing in front of his desk, the hand that you used to tap his skin retracting to hold onto the strap of your backpack, concern written all over your face. “You okay?”
Oh, were classes already over for the day?
“Yeah…” Jungwon trails off, “yeah I’m okay. Was just thinking, sorry.” He promptly pushed out of his chair to gather his belongings once he realized it was only him and you in the classroom.
“Well, that can’t be good.” He found you grinning slyly, once his head snapped to give you a withering look, the very same one he‘s given Riki plenty of times. You get a pass this time. It wasn’t often that your playful side came out to—well… play. “What were you thinking about?” It came out as an innocent enough sounding question, though Jungwon knew better and he liked the challenge.
He kissed his teeth. Two can play at that game.
Jungwon hiked up his backpack on one shoulder, stood at his full height and smirked, “You.”
You blinked once, twice, three times before you burst into laughter, “haha, very funny, Yang.” Very funny. I might actually faint right now. You tried to sound dismissive, waving him off as your laughs diminished to nervous bouts of giggles, yet Jungwon still managed to catch how your voice wavered upon turning your back to him. “C’mon you promised me ice cream and I’m getting that free ice cream.” With that, you shuffled out of the room, leaving him behind.
Jungwon barked out a short laugh as he jogged to catch up, “what? You don’t think about me sometimes?”
“No.” You denied.
“Bet you're thinking about me right now.” He teased on further, matching your steps.
You immediately quickened your pace, not wanting him to see just how flustered you’re becoming because of his incessant teasing. “No I’m not. My head is empty. Nothing is in there.”
“I don’t think so,” Jungwon didn’t relent, however, and his hand swiftly shot out to grab onto one of your backpack’s straps, pulling on it to slow you down. “You must’ve at least thought about me once.”
Seeing that struggling against the newly branded nuisance (affectionate) to your life was obviously futile in regards to his physical advantage over yours, you let out the heaviest sighs and allowed him to walk with you side-by-side.
An irritated huff flew past your lips once the two of you stepped out of school property, “trust me, Jungwon, if some version of you that lived inside my head, you’d be the first person I’d tell.”
He tugged onto the strap again, “I’ll hold onto you on that.”
He doubted that you'd tell him of your daydreaming habit, not when you yourself felt embarrassed by the absurd amount of times you had pictured yourself with him in a romantic setting in your mindscape. There was no need to anyway, since Jungwon was already aware of your peculiar hobby.
Problem is, how could he tell you he knew that some version of him did live in your head without you freaking out?
Jiwon was looking at him weirdly and Jungwon didn’t know why.
Judging by the numerous faces his older sister had made during the past hour of them both studying in the living room, he’d assumed that Jiwon was trying her damndest to figure him out, even if she looked like she’d been dragged to and from hell, one of the effects of experiencing a busy week of college.
Having enough of his sister’s eyes burning holes into him, Jungwon sighed and placed his pen down to comb his fingers through his hair. “Can I help you?”
“You seem happier recently.”
Now it was his turn to look at her weirdly for the equally weird conversation starter “...am I not allowed to be happy..?”
“Okay one,” Jiwon held up her index finger to emphasize, “I never said that. Two, it’s a girl isn’t it.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement as Jiwon gave him a wide-eyed look, daring him to deny her assumptions.
“How did you even get that from just looking at my face?”
“Maybe I’m an empath and I forgot to tell you?”
Jungwon squinted, “are you?”
“Of course not.”
“I hate you.”
“No you don’t.” No, he doesn’t. She was his sister and it was impossible to hate his literal partner in crime. “But I am your older sister. I just know shit and I know you.” she clarified. “So, you and… girl.”
“For all you know, it could be a boy,” one look from Jiwon had Jungwon stop from whatever smart-assery he was about to spew out. “But yes… girl.”
Satisfied, Jiwon lets out a pleased hum at the thought that she didn’t have to resort to extreme measures (e.g: selling all of Jungwon’s hard earned figurines and manga. She’s promptly met with a hard glare coming from the boy himself. Crap, she forgot he could read minds).
However, Jiwon didn't let it bother her too much and spoke, “tell me about her.” 
Jungwon did so without further question.
She learned your name, listened with rapt attention when told of how the first meeting went and ended up having half of her torso resting on top of the coffee table, assignments long forgotten as she, once again, listened attentively to every word that flew past Jungwon’s lips. This time, he was rambling on about what had transpired before the two of you took a detour to get the free ice cream he promised you.
It’s until he went on a tangent about how adorable you looked when you were having a dilemma on which flavor of ice cream should you get; eyebrows knit together paired with the slight pout pulling on your lips were the few tell-tales that you were taking this very seriously. In the end, Jungwon couldn’t help but laugh when you settled for plain old vanilla and chocolate, grumbling at how the complex sounding flavors did nothing but overwhelm you.
“Sounds like you have a crush.” Jiwon concluded once she was sure her brother was done with his babbling. “I gotta admit, I thought you were emotionally repressed or something ‘cause this is the first time I’ve heard you talking about someone so fondly.” and she was just as fond of the idea, “it’s kinda gross.” Very fond.
The last string of words didn’t get a chance to register in Jungwon’s brain when ‘you have a crush’ started running around up there in circles; took a while for him to respond too, after he using up all his sweet time opening and closing his mouth repeatedly from the initial shock Jiwon had given him with her ‘hypothesis’.
“A crush—I don’t think… me? I have a crush on her?”
Jiwon arched an eyebrow. Wow, he looks absolutely pathetic.
Jungwon felt a vein pulse on his temple, “shut it.”
She squinted, “don’t you?”
“I… don’t know? I mean, I know for sure that Y/N has a crush on me.” Why the fuck was he blushing? He already knew that. “But me? Having a crush on her? That’s…” He ended up trailing off in uncertainty, not really knowing what to add and not really knowing how to rebut whatever Jiwon was throwing at him.
“My brother in christ, have you heard yourself, Jungwon? You’re telling me, I sat here for more than an hour, listening to you going on a tangent and spilling every obscure detail you remember of Y/N’s, only for you to tell me you don’t like the girl?”
Jiwon hurled an eraser and it hit him right in the middle of his forehead.
“You’re an idiot actually.” The hand that threw the eraser was now back at her side. “You like her, Jungwon. Usually you would actively avoid getting close to anyone you knew that liked you so you wouldn’t give them any false hope. Yet somehow, Y/N, the daydreamer, is an exception to that?”
“But Y/N’s different. She’s my friend.”
“She only became your friend because your nosey ass decided to take a deep dive into her brain, which, let me remind you, is full of fake scenarios of you and her! You don’t find that a little strange?”
“What? She has an active imagination! And it’s entertaining hearing her ramble in her head!”
“Again, are you hearing yourself?”
Okay so maybe, he did find you cute.
He’s allowed to find his friend adorable without having any other reason except that he just finds your smile cute, especially when it was him behind it. It’s not that big of a deal, was it? So what if he thought you looked extra endearing whenever the two of you were engaged in a passionate discussion of who your favorite characters were in the My Hero Academia franchise? Watching you gradually get worked up everytime he rebuts your explanations has a little something fluttering about in his chest too.
Who knew that shy and quiet you had so much to say?
Not only that, but Jungwon liked to spend his free time with you. The weekly library visits with his sister have been replaced with weekly cafe visits with you, now that Jiwon has her own life and friends, so that definitely gave him more time to hang out with you in a non-school setting. To him, it was always a treat to see you waiting for him at the meeting point, watching a smile light up your face as you waved in greeting before Jungwon makes his way over to you with a matching smile of his own. 
“Oh for fuck’s sake—Jungwon!”
“Huh?” He quickly recovers from his stupor, “what?”
“’What’, he says. You were smiling like some lovesick fool. You like Y/N.” He didn't even get a say as Jiwon continued to prove her point of his alleged ‘crush’ on you. “I know you Jungwon, and I know for a fact that you have a hard time connecting with some people, but with Y/N, It was different, right?”
“Yeah, but—“
“Yeah, it was different, and not only that, but you were willing to be friends with someone who already had feelings for you. Weren’t you the one who told me that pursuing someone who already likes you wasn’t as fun? Not to mention it made you feel awkward befriending them, yet Y/N somehow gets a pass.” Jungwon didn’t really know what to say to that and so Jiwon, smug as she was, continued on with her spiel, much to his chagrin. “I think that’s enough evidence that you don’t only intend on being a close friend of hers.”
“I don’t have any other intentions besides being her friend.” He grumbled.
“So you’re leading her on then? You said it yourself she really likes you, yet here you are.” She makes a vague gesture. Then Jiwon’s face quickly twisted into anger, “I swear to god, Yang Jungwon, even if I don’t know Y/N all that much, I am willing to disown you if that was the case.”
“No! I’m not leading her on! How could you think that, Jiwon?” It kinda stung that his own sister would wrongfully accuse him of such a possibility… Then again, he could now see why she had come to that conclusion. 
However, Jungwon never intended on leading Y/N on. That never crossed his mind at all. He really did want to get to know you better. “I like having her around! I like her—huh…” he blinks, furrowing his eyebrows, “I like her.” 
“Took you exactly 20 minutes to realize it, wow.” Jiwon mused as she peered down at her watch,  “How come it’s always me, making you realize shit. First the mind-reading thing and now you liking someone.”
Is that why Jungwon always looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays? The days where lunch was spent with only you in the comfort of their classroom? He’s got to admit, spending lunch with you and and only you always left him feeling at ease, always soothed by your soft and airy voice as you tell him the tidbits of your day-to-day life and some anecdotes that you would recall as you pick your food; and more often than not, he found himself gravitating to you more and more.
And the more he thought about all of the times you spent together, the more it made sense. Jungwon never really understood it at first, but as he recalled the constant persistence of his own inner subconscious seeking you out was more than enough for him to accept that what you felt for him wasn't completely one-sided.
There was something there, stirring in the depths of his chest the more his mind lingered on you and how much you adored him, even if you tried your very best to hide what you really felt.
Other than Jiwon, ever the perceptive one, his friends too were quick to pick up on the new development. In hindsight, the budding friendship wasn’t meant to be kept a secret anyway, nor did he think it was that big of a deal to retell every single detail of what has been brewing between Jungwon and yourself. Furthermore, it’s not like the two of you were hiding it from everyone; they were free to gawk at the unexpected pair and he didn’t need to spell it out for them. His friends each had a pair of perfectly functioning eyeballs, didn’t they?
That doesn’t stop them from pestering Jungwon for more details, however, and as displeased as he was with the idea of having to rehash everything he had told his sister, he had let Wonyoung, Riki and Sunoo drag him to the StuCo office for the long awaited discussion.
“So…” Wonyoung took her time to pop her bubblegum before continuing, “you like them quiet.” Much like Jiwon’s approach to starting the conversation from before, that too came out as a statement.
“That’s what I said!” Was Riki’s helpful input.
Jungown gave him a pointed look, “again, why are you here? Don’t you have a club meeting?”
“This looked more important so I skipped it.”
“I’m not even surprised,” huffed Sunoo, “so, Y/N. When did that happen?”
“Around… 3 months ago? A week after my birthday?”
Sunoo’s eyebrows raised in awe, “a week after turning 18… interesting.”
Riki nodded in a solemn fashion, “cuffing before senior year starts. Understandable.”
“Shut up, Riki.”
“I think he meant how and why,” Wonyoung corrects, ignoring whatever that side conversation was about. “But yeah, how in the world did that happen?”
“Remember when you guys took me out to dinner for my birthday?” The ‘guys’ who were present all voiced their confirmations, all leaning closer in unison. “Well, before that, Y/N and I were assigned to clean the classroom that day. Then she gave me a gift which I really liked.”
“Oh! Was it that artbook on your desk?” Riki asked, shaking in his seat with glee. “I heard it was hard to get a copy.”
He nodded, “yeah, that one,” it was definitely one of the best gifts he’d ever received, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it a routine tk flip through the thing at any given opportunity to admire the artwork. “And I don’t know, I thought she was pretty interesting… always getting lost in that pretty”— he completely ignored the varying levels of surprise each of his friends showcased as he went on —”little head of hers—I was curious.”
Can’t really say I was literally inside of her pretty little head, now can I?
Riki then got this thoughtful look on his face as he pinched his chin, “they did say curiosity killed the cat.”
“But satisfaction brought it back and I’m pretty satisfied with where we are right now.” Jungwon then gave him a look, “what was with that analogy anyway?”
The youngest shrugged, “wanted to sound smart.” He told him before shoving a handful of M&M’s into his mouth. He gets a withering look in return. “Also, what do you mean by ‘being satisfied’? You don’t plan on asking her out or something?”
He pursed his lips, contemplating Riki’s question, “I… haven’t really thought about it yet.” After all, it was only recently that Jungwon had his eyes pried open to the fact that he may harbor not-so-platonic feelings for you. He didn’t feel rushed to ask you out right off the bat either. He knew how skittish you could get and the least he could do was to sort of ease you into it; maybe subtly show you that your pining wasn’t exactly unrequited, preferably with small, calculated gestures that would get his point across.
Jungwon wasn’t all too sure. He really hadn’t thought that far and he obviously wasn’t expecting anything romantic to culminate from his attempt at friendship. To think all of this stemmed from his own curiosity.
“You like her enough to consider that though, don’t you?” Wonyoung questioned further.
“I guess so—“ He was cut off by a series of knocks on one of the doors before it slid open.
“Ooh~ speak of the angel, and she shall appear.” Came Riki’s hushed teasing the moment you had poked your head through the small opening you created.
Sunoo beside him snorted as Wonyoung lightly smacked him on the back of his head.
Eyes wide, you looked around before your gaze settled on the very boy you were looking for, “Jungwon, hey.” A mix of a bright and sweet smile curled on your lips when he lifted an awkward hand in greeting, which was a little strange since he always took the opportunity to grind your gears a little bit with his teasing.
Now that you strayed your gaze away from the guy who always left your heart in shambles (in a good way, of course), your lips formed into a small “o” shape at the sight of Jungwon’s friends who all appeared expectant of something.
Suddenly feeling embarrassed, you gave all of them a wobbly smile and shrunk slightly underneath their curious stares. “Hello. I wasn’t interrupting anything, was I?”
“Oh, not at all!” Sunoo waved off, “were you waiting on Jungwon?”
You nodded in response, fidgeting with your fingers, “yes. Well, he was actually waiting for me since I had a club meeting, but I got a text that if he wasn’t outside waiting, I should come here. Obviously he wasn't outside waiting for me so I—” Your eyes widened slightly before you tensed, “sorry for rambling.”
Wonyoung flashed a good-natured smile, “you weren’t. We didn’t know Jungwon had plans after class, so we kinda dragged him here for a… discussion—don’t worry about it.”
“Yeah, we didn’t mean to steal Jungwonie from his girl. We’ll ask you next time—ow!” 
“Thank you, Riki.” Jungwon gritted out, hand returning to his side. “Very considerate of you.” It was a struggle getting all of that out, trying not to sound like he wanted a black hole to materialize right then and there to escape the situation. “Would you mind waiting for me outside? I won’t be long.”
You gave a little shake of your head and he could tell that you were trying your very best to not let Riki’s unwarranted comment get to you, “I don’t mind. We’re still going to that cafe I told you about, right?”
Jungwon cracked a smile, “of course, wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ll be with you in a bit, okay?”
You know how in romance-centric movies where a character would have their own moment of piecing everything together until everything made sense to them? 
Yeah, Jungwon was experiencing that right now.
You smiled at him plenty of times before. Hell, he was one of the reasons why it graced your features on a frequent basis, so it wasn’t too far-fetched for Jungwon to believe that most of them were caused by him alone. He’s seen you smile, grin and laugh countless times, but the way you were smiling at him right at this moment caused his heart to stutter until he felt it thudding against his chest, as if it was about to burst out any second.
Sweet. Jungwon always labeled your smiles sweet and to anyone else, it probably wasn’t all that special. Yet looking at you right at this very moment, the way you were poised at the door, how your eyes glittered under the warm afternoon rays of the sun—Jungwon wanted to be the first to bare witness to this and if possible, he wanted to be the sole reason why this particular smile of yours existed.
He swallowed thickly when you let out the softest of laughs that twinkled like windchimes in his ears, before regaining your usual bashful mien, the wide grin that stretched your lips shrunk to a more demure curl, “okay. Take your time.” Then you pulled yourself out of the room, gently sliding the door closed.
One by one, minus Jungwon, all craned their necks to gaze at the shell-shocked boy with matching knowing looks as he fumbled with his backpack.
“Well,” Sunoo started with an all-too smug expression as his foxy eyes squinted slightly by his grin, “you’re fucked.”
It takes Jungwon exactly five seconds to recover from what you’ve put him through before he spoke, voice calm and leveled, “not really,” he started as he looped each of his arms through the straps of his backpack. “An inside source told me this isn’t at all one-sided. I think I’ll be fine.”
With a wry grin, he said his goodbyes and headed straight for the door, ignoring the three pairs of eyes that burned with curiosity trailing after him.
Tumblr media
With superpowers came a few set-backs that would ensure no one would think of ever overusing them to the point it’ll become detrimental to one’s body.
At least that’s what Jungwon knew of as he’s seen that exact concept many times from one fictional character who broke his bones often from overusing the strength he was gifted.
When it came to his own clairvoyance though, he wasn’t too sure if he had any setbacks that would rival Deku’s broken bones. It was a passive ability, which meant he didn’t find the need to focus all that much to guarantee its effect, but instead, he had to concentrate hard enough to suppress it, to not let the array of entangling of voices distract him. 
Jungwon didn’t even take a second to look up, not when it was you calling out to him; though he quickly realized it was a bad idea when a brief pulse of nausea went through him from the abrupt action. He didn’t even get to mask his wince as he did so and the concern plastered on your face was already warranted as he tried his best to flash you a smile, a tiny grin that he hoped was enough to placate whatever was starting to brew in that head of yours.
Still, your obvious worry for him failed to subside, noting how your eyes appeared to look rounder, having some semblance to a pair of puppy eyes paired with  how you chewed on your lower lip, one of your nervous tics, at the pitiful sight of him. “You don’t look too good.”
And it was true. Even Jungwon knew himself that he didn’t exude his usual gait that radiated confidence, nor did he look his best (paler than normal complexion; dark bags underneath his eyes) and he had to stifle a chuckle when you winced at your own words. “Are you okay?”
His grin dimmed, just a tad that it wouldn’t worry you too much, “yeah, ‘just didn’t get much sleep last night.”
Though, it was obvious that you didn’t believe him—not one bit, when a pout pulled at your lips. It seems he wasn’t the only one who was good at reading people. You have gotten good at it over time. “You sure?” 
“I’m sure.”
Lies, lies, lies.
Jungwon wasn’t okay, he felt like absolute shit. He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to hold out until class was dismissed. Lying was the last thing he’d want to resort to doing, but if it meant that it’ll stop you from worrying, then so be it.
The moment he had woken up earlier this morning, he was greeted by a niggling feeling at the back of his head. It was the reason why he got out of bed a little later than usual and he got matching looks of confusion from both Jiwon and their grandmother. Jungwon shrugged and came up with the excuse of sleeping later than he intended from the homework he was assigned to do. It wasn’t painful, wasn’t as painful or annoying as a headache or a dreaded migrain, but in a sense that there was this… pressure pushing at his temples and the dip where the lower part of his head and his neck connected.
By the looks of it, their grandmother believed his reason, not without scolding him and ended it with a reminder that sleeping late will do him more harm than good.
On the other hand, Jiwon saw right through him. The very same cat-like eyes that mirrored his own narrowed into slits and that action was enough to put the message across that his sister didn’t buy his bullshit.
In the end, Jiwon didn’t push him further for answers, but he did get a handful of pointed stares during breakfast when their grandmother wasn’t looking. That usually meant his sister would be waiting for him to talk to her about whatever that was about and if her patience wore thin, she'd just force it out of him—you know, the usual.
Taking a pill to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling seemed to be a viable option. A bottle of aspirin that sat idly on the bathroom counter prompted the idea and he wasted no time in downing one with generous amounts of water to wash it all down right after he had finished getting ready for school. Aspirin doesn’t take too long to kick in anyways, just twenty to thirty minutes and by the time he reaches school, It’ll probably be gone by then.
Oh how wrong he was.
The pressure digging into his head was still there an hour later as Jungwon stepped foot on school property and he was a little relieved that it wasn’t bad enough for him to consider turning on his heel to march straight back home, so he walked on, deciding to focus on something else entirely because all the pressure could just be in his head. It’s possible that it could be the residue of stress left behind from powering his way through his final exams and that was enough for him to stop thinking about it.
And it was definitely not because Jungwon has spotted you sitting on one of the benches. Could you be waiting for him? Maybe; you did beam at his approaching figure and immediately got onto your feet when he got closer, hiking up your bag higher as you said your greetings.
At least you and your chattering proved to be a good distraction, good enough that the dilemma he was facing was momentarily forgotten as you both weaved your way through the crowd to get to your classroom. 
“Alright, just… let me know if you need me.” You then gave him a pointed look, though the way he sees it, the face you were making honestly reminded him of a small puppy trying to be intimidating; like the one time his Maeumi stared him down for more treats. Devastatingly adorable.
Jungwon huffed in amusement at the thought, “yeah yeah, I’ll let you know if I’m dying.” 
You only grimaced at the bordering morbid answer before you skulked off to your seat.
See, he would have been happy to tell anyone that he wasn’t dying, wasn’t on the verge of keeling over, but holy shit. He felt like he was going to pass out if the voices resonating in his head didn’t quiet down right at this moment.
Fuck, he should have brought a few tablets of aspirin if he knew this whole thing—whatever it was—was going to get progressively worse as the day went on, or, you know, go home; but Jungwon was quite the stubborn one and he was well aware that that feat could be his downfall one day. He just wasn’t expecting that day to be today.
It took a lot to get where he was now; being able to grasp full control on his mind reading abilities to the point where he can only hear voices only when he wants to. As he’s said before, it was a passive ability and while it was, Jungwon still would like to have his own terms when it came to it and for some reason, his brain, or more specifically the ability his brain had decided to go against him and his wishes.
In retrospect, this is probably not the first time where he felt like his head was going to split open. 
Come to think of it, the earliest memory of something similar happening was when he was a week into being clairvoyant; same school setting, same pressure he felt that morning before it exploded into a head-splitting headache that he started crying during his English class because of how bad the pain was, how impossibly loud it was in his head.
It was apparent that the teacher in charge didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what it meant when little Jungwon had complained through the onslaught of his tears that it was too loud. They were entirely lost and made the ultimate decision to send him home, calling his grandmother to come pick him up from the clinic where Jungwon spent an hour whimpering and clutching his head as salty tears kept leaking out from his eyes.
He was in pain, yes, but present Jungwon knew he could handle it without bursting into tears this time around. Now if he could just sneak out of the classroom to rest on one of the school clinic’s beds… maybe it could help. It won’t be too hard to attempt his escape considering there was a week left until the semester ended, meaning the teacher’s wouldn’t mind too much as there wasn’t much to do anyways. He could text either his sister or grandmother of his situation too if it didn’t get any better.
Just as he was about to haul himself off his seat to do just that, however, a sharp pain pierced through his skull that had him clutching his head.
Unbeknownst to him, you’d kept watch the entire time. As much as he reassured you that he was fine, that nothing was going on, you didn’t believe him. To you, it was obvious that there was something wrong. It was palpable through his body language and no offense to Jungwon, but he didn’t look his best today. So soon as he curled into himself with a grimace, you quickly got off of your seat and rushed towards him.
“Christ, Jungwon,” you hissed, ignoring the few looks you were getting from your outburst as you tried to assess the situation. “What’s wrong? Tell me.”
“S’loud… really fucking loud.” he gritted out, hands sliding down to cup his ears. “Stop. make it stop… please.” Your eyes widened at that.
Loud? I don’t know how to tell him this but… No one has been talking that loud.
Whatever, you didn’t dare question his odd choice of words to describe why he looked like he was about to pass out as you scrambled to remove the headphones sitting around your neck to slide them over his ears. Might as well counteract whatever was bothering him with some music. You could only hope that your taste in music was decent enough to calm him down.
“C’mon, let’s get you out of here.” You told him. Well, it was more to yourself since he can’t really hear you, but when you went and boldly took his hand into yours, Jungwon was quick to pick up on your intention and you both left the classroom with you once again brushing off the multiple, curious stares you’ve gotten from your classmates.
The clinic was the best place you could think of. It was usually quiet anyways and it seemed that Jungwon was pleased by the choice as he dropped heavily onto the bed with a heavy sigh. At least your headphones were enough to drown out the mass of voices. The ache head dulled down to the same pressure as before as he took his time simply drowning in the sweet melody that sang into his ears.
On the other hand, you sat on the bed opposite to him, keeping a watchful eye to gauge him for any discomfort he might feel. This went on for a while, both of you sitting in absolute silence with you waiting for Jungwon to gather his bearings until it was he himself who removed the headphones.
“How are you feeling?”
“Better, I guess.” He sighed through his nose, smiling wryly as he lightly patted the pair of headphones that hung around his neck. “Thanks.”
“It’s no problem, but…” you ended up trailing, not knowing how to bring up your own curiosity about what he meant about… something being too loud for him to have this type of reaction. You had working ears and from what you heard in the classroom, no one was being too loud. There was a teacher present and your classmates knew how to respect them by keeping their voices on a decent decibel that wouldn’t be grating to the ears.
“Actually, nevermind. I’m just glad you’re okay, even if you did scare me a little.” You joked, laughing softly.
Besides, it’s none of my business anyway. Makes me curious though. What was that about?”
“No, I’m sensing a question there, Y/N, what is it?”
“Um, you don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to. I just found it a little…” weird?
“Weird?” Jungwon voiced out for you, snickering when surprise twisted your face. “I’ll answer anything you ask me.”
You can trust him on that. He might as well be honest now. Back then, letting someone know of his ability was the last thing on his mind. Jungwon thought it was for the best since he never really deemed it an important subject anyways. To him, it was like an extra something to live with and he learnt how to do so just fine with just his sister knowing.
However, if he wanted to pursue something beyond friendship with you, he was ready to lay himself bare and tell you all about the hidden ability he had. You trusted him, that was already a given and Jungwon knew he could trust you too, especially when it came to his mind reading tendencies. Also, he thought it was unfair that he has been aware of your crush on him without you knowing; might as well come clean now too. He just hoped you wouldn’t resent him because he was expecting for you to drown in your own embarrassment again.
Jungwon could only wish that you’d let him pull you out of there because there was nothing to be embarrassed about, he can assure you on that.
“When you said that it was too loud… what exactly did you mean by that?” Ah yes, the million dollar question. Though to be fair, he had thought of a bunch of other questions you could have asked that belonged on the same spectrum, but this one made a lot more sense when taking the current situation into consideration. “Because none of our classmates were being loud.”
Jungwon winced slightly. Yeah, he knew that and he couldn’t really fault you for thinking it was strange that he claimed that it was too loud.
“If I tell you, will you promise to let me explain first?”
“Yeah, of course.”
Here we go. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, “I can read minds, Y/N, and you can imagine how loud it was in my head, hearing all of our classmates' thoughts at once.”
“W—What? You… read minds… what?” Jungwon nodded solemnly at your broken sentence. “That’s impossible.”
He snickered, eyes now opened as he gave you a lop-sided smile, “it isn’t Y/N, I’m literally an example that it can be possible. I’m not sure if there are others like me though.”
“Prove it then. Prove that you can read minds.”
If you can, does that mean you know that I have feelings for you? That I like you and that you probably knew all this time?
“Yeah, I know that you like me Y/N, I’ve known since my 18th birthday.” Of course, Jungwon couldn’t resist teasing you just a little bit, “I also know that you daydream a lot and that I’m always present in them. And you say that you never thought about me.” He clicked his tongue.
Your face blanched. I crave death.
“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Y/N. If anything, I’m very flattered that you think so highly of me.” As reassuring Jungwon tried to sound, you can’t help but feel so. You thought you were doing a good job keeping what you felt for him buried, only to find out that he knew all this time? Gosh, all of that really had you considering moving to some remote location and changing your name while at it too.
“Please do not move and change your name. You’re gonna break my heart if you do that.”
At this point, you avoided all eye contact in favor of looking somewhere else to placate the growing need to burst into tears. It still didn’t stop you from saying something back. “Don’t. I’m very embarrassed right now and if you tease me one more time, I might actually cry.”
Jungwon couldn’t help but to laugh at the sight of you burying your face into the palms of your hands. It was cute, you were cute and maybe he did like teasing you just to see how flustered you can get. “Okay, I’ll stop teasing you, only if you look at me.”
With your face still hiding in your hand, you let out an exaggerated groan, “I don’t want to.”
“Pity, and here I thought you’d never say no to your crush.”
“Were you always this insufferable? I thought you felt like shit, why are you still teasing me when I specifically told you to quit it?” Well, at least that made you look at him, disregarding the fact that your whole demeanor screamed ‘someone please get me out of here’ or was it ‘I’m going to murder you’? Either way, you still looked absolutely adorable even if he could see murder in your eyes. Cute.
“You’re cute when you're mad, what can I say?”
You gave him a blank stare, “you’re insane.”
“Must be a side effect when you’re given mind reading powers.” Jungwon grinned, eyes twinkling in amusement when you made a weird noise. He guessed you were still reeling from the fact that he was psychic. “If it helps, I think your daydreams were pretty creative. Do you write fan-fiction during your free time?” He posed it as an innocent question, but you knew better to look right past the facade.
Sometimes you refused to believe this is who you were absolutely enamored with. He’s lucky you were willing to accept the little flaws he had; one of them being an absolute menace when he felt like it.
“I’m leaving. I asked Wonyoung to call your sister, by the way. She’s going to pick you up and take you home.” You explained as you got onto your feet.
“Wait what? You’re leaving me? Here?”
“Actually, you’re leaving me.” You corrected, “how are you feeling right now?”
He still felt some pressure pressing onto his head, so not good. “Like shit still, though this is not the first time I’ve felt like this, so I’ll be okay.” Jungwon grumbled as he massaged his temple, then peered up at you questioningly, “you do know we still need to talk, right?”
“I know. I don’t always run from things, you know?” Though the urge was still there, definitely, yet something in you told you to at least hear him out, and it’s not like Jungwon had rejected your feelings, nor did he appear like he was put off by them too. He did tell you that he was aware of it before you even started talking. “Look, I can drop by your place after class if you want.”
Jungwon’s grin was sharp and you apologized in your head for the person you will become once he opens his mouth. “Oh? What’s this? L/N Y/N taking initiative for once? You must really like me.”
You marched up to him to swat at his arm, huffing in satisfaction when he yelped on contact. Deserved. “Don’t push your luck, Yang. I can un-crush you if I want to.”
There’s another teasing smile curling at Jungwon’s lips as he soothed the spot of impact, “something tells me you won’t.”
“Stop reading my mind!” you whined, “that’s like… an invasion of privacy!” Your eyes then trailed over to your headphones still resting around his neck, “you can give those back to me later. Those can be connected by bluetooth so you’re free to use them if you want.”
Sweet. The sound quality was amazing. Jungwon briefly wondered if he’ll get more privileges if ‘the talk’ will go smoothly later. “So I’ll be seeing you at my place then? Promise?”
“Only if you promise to tell me everything about you being psychic.”
* * *
Jungwon was startled awake by a knock on his bedroom door.
With a groan, he sits up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he lets out a big yawn, “come in!”
It’s Jiwon. She poked head through the big enough gap of the door with a smug smile, “your girlfriend’s here.” She sang, snickering at the rising blush on his cheeks. “She’s in the living room playing with Maeumi. Turns out, she also couldn’t resist the fluffy thing. Right after introductions, she immediately dropped to her knees to play with him.”
Jungwon promptly smiled, completely forgetting how tired he felt at the thought of you getting along with his companion, “did she now? What time is it?”
“Quarter past 5. She just got here 5 minutes ago. Do you want me to send her in?”
“Yeah. We have some… things to talk about.”
That immediately caught her attention as she arched an eyebrow, grinning, “oh? What kind of things?”
He rolled his eyes. “None of your business. Now can you please tell her to come in?”
In retrospect, you really were ready to accept the fact that your crush on Jungwon would never be reciprocated, otherwise you wouldn’t have started imploding on yourself the moment his older sister led you to the boy’s bedroom as you held Maeumi to your chest. Who knows, maybe the little furry thing would help in keeping things less… tense.
Jungwon’s room was cleaner than you’d expected. Sure, there was some clutter here and there but it wasn’t too overbearing; call it an organized mess if you will and besides, it’s not like your room was in an immaculate state so you didn’t linger on the details for too long. Instead, you trained your eyes onto the sole reason why you willingly forgone a late afternoon nap.
The only bed in the room was pushed up against one corner and there he was, lying flat on his back, head resting on a pillow with his forearm covering his eyes.
You snickered as quietly as you could, adjusting Maeumi in your hold while you lifted up your free hand to knock, “knock knock.” you sang as you pushed the door wider open so you could crouch. “I brought a peace offering.” and that piece offering immediately jumps from your hold in favor of barking at his owner, demanding to be picked up.
There’s a small grin playing at his lips before he lifted his forearm from his face, “my own dog?” His gaze momentarily strayed away from you to give his dog some well-deserved attention, hand reaching out to pat the fluffy thing on his head. “Can’t say I’m not pleased. You may enter.” His eyes returned to you kicking the door closed with an eye roll, taking careful steps as you shrugged off your backpack.
“No, it’s okay, you can lay down if you want.” You waved him off when he was about to sit up, “I figured you’d still feel out of it.” The backpack now laid to rest against the foot of Jungwon’s bed which left you to plop with little to no grace present on the plush rug.
You weren’t wrong. He still felt groggy as shit even if he has been awake for more than twenty minutes now and you don’t seem to mind, yet he still tried to sit up a little bit, grabbing another pillow to pile it up on top of the one he was already using.
“So…” you started, placing an arm on his bed for you to rest your chin on; your free hand monopolized by Maeumi, willingly, running your fingers through his soft fur as he laid onto his stomach by your knees with a content huff. “Tell me everything.” 
“Does that include how I found out you like me?”
You burrowed the lower part of your face deeper into the crook of your arm, eyes trailing off to the side. “... yeah that too.” He resisted the urge to pat your head.
And that he did, not leaving any detail out. Jungwon told you everything you needed (read: wanted) to know; from waking up on his eleventh birthday and finding out that he can read minds, how learning to control it wasn’t as easy as he made it out to be seven years later since he became clairvoyant and of course, as per request (well, on his insistence, really) how on one fated afternoon did he find out that the token “quiet one” has been crushing on him all this time.
“And you continued being friends with me even if you knew that my intentions weren’t really platonic,” you reiterated, eyebrows furrowing at the thought, “why?”
A hum fell from his lips, “why not?”
You let out a sigh, letting your cheek meet the smooth and soft surface of his bed, “I don’t know, wasn’t it weird for you to find out that I do… like you?”
“I’ll be honest, it did catch me off-guard, but I didn’t feel… weird about it, if that makes sense.” He admitted, eyeing you for a moment before shifting his head so that he was staring up at the ceiling in contemplation. “It did make me curious though, made me curious about you since we never really talked that much, yet here you are, harboring the biggest and fattest crush on me.” 
His eyes were on you now and for the first time since you’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted with Jungwon, you didn’t shy away from his gaze and instead, met him head on, not minding the steadily spreading warmth creeping up your neck and across your cheeks as you processed the later half of his response.
The thing is, he wasn’t exactly wrong with the whole crush thing. You were very much used to the knee-jerk reaction of your face heating up whenever the guy said anything of similar caliber that involved getting a rise out of you and more often than not, he came out victorious at every attempt. Unfortunately for you, that also included this moment right now.
“You know, if you’re gonna poke fun at the fact that I like you, I might as well leave.” you muttered, pressing your face flat against his bed for a second to relish the softness of it. A few seconds later, you settled on resting your chin onto your arm again, giving Jungwon a withering look.
He made a noise of somesort. A sound of protest maybe? Point is, he didn’t look too thrilled at the idea of you leaving. “I don’t want you to though, and you’re really cute when you’re sulky. I can’t help it.”
“Charming.” came your dry reply as you sighed, grunting when you got onto your feet. “But flattery isn’t enough to make me stay, Jungwon, especially when all I’m hearing is someone who isn’t taking all of this seriously.” There was no heat behind your words, but you did try to sound sharper than your usual soft and airy lilt to get a reaction out of him, standing up for an added dramatic flair.
Needless to say, it worked, if him scrambling to sit up with the unmistakable look of panic plastered across his face was enough of a reaction, you’d say you were pretty pleased that you had some sort of leverage against him… for once.
“Wait, don’t! I just—“ Jungwon cut himself off with a groan while his head fell forward, the hand that he wasn’t using to support himself raising to cradle his forehead. “This wasn’t the way I was supposed to ask you out.”
Your jaw promptly falls open at his admission.
“What?” You repeated in spite of the fact that Jungwon could probably hear you say the exact same thing in your head.
He gave you a sheepish smile in response and shrugged, “well, I did plan on telling you about my quote-unquote superpower,” he cracked his own version of a bashful grin, petting the space he made for you on the bed, then as quick as it came, it melted into a smile; much like the same demure smile you had on as a default. “But obviously it didn’t go according to plan, as you’ve seen earlier.”
“That doesn’t happen too often, right? Whatever that was.”
Jungwon shook his head, taking his time to watch you settle onto the space while he settled on resting his back against the pillows, “no, it doesn’t. It did happen often when I was younger though, so I thought that was just because I didn’t have much control over it.”
“You did mention that, yes.” you hummed, shifting to lift one of your legs up to feel more comfortable perched on top of the soft surface. “Or else it would’ve been so inconvenient if you had to go through that daily.”
“Yep and I wouldn’t want to wish that upon anyone.” He cringed at the thought. It really was one of the most unpleasant sensations he had ever felt throughout his whole life and there was some hope in him that he wouldn’t have to go through that anymore if possible. But enough of that, you weren’t here to talk about the downsides of his ability, you were here to talk; talk about whatever this is between the two of you, now that the feeling was mutual.
“I figured. As much of a nuisance you are, I guess you still have some compassion in you.”
“Oh? Was that why you were going all moony-eyed at me whenever I wasn’t looking?”
“That’s one of my reasons, sure, and I’m gonna keep it at that.” 
“Good thing I can read minds then,” he teased before letting out a light-hearted sigh, “and I am being serious about this. I do want to try all of this with you. Believe me or not, I thought it was rather cute that whenever you weren’t entirely focusing on academics, I was always the first thing—well, person you’d think of.”
The fire you had earlier from Jungwon’s banter gradually fizzled until you were back to your timid disposition as you realized the gravity of the situation; sitting that close to him and in the comfort of his bedroom too. The boy himself doesn’t seem to be perturbed by the fact that there wasn’t as much space between you both now as he continued eyeing you with an emotion you couldn’t quite figure out, swimming in the depths of his dark eyes.
“And you still thought it wasn’t weird at all? Now that you’ve basically seen everything that goes on”— you made a show of tapping your temple —”up here?”
“Well, if I did find it weird, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to befriend you, now would I? C’mon, I've seen everything and I’m still with you, aren’t I?”
“Still… if you do plan on rejecting me, I’d totally understand.”
“Y/N, I like you. Probably just as much as you like me.” Jungwon chuckled upon hearing your breath hitch right when he reached out to tuck a loose lock of hair behind your ear. “And not to sound dramatic, but I’d lose it if somehow some rando replaced that version of me prancing around in that pretty little head of yours like he owned the place.”
As hot as your face felt from all of that, you can’t help but laugh brokenly at the description because it was kind of true. “Wow, you really have a way with words, huh? You can’t expect me not to go insane after saying all that.”
“Not as insane as me growing attached to the little scenarios of us you thought of.” It’s beyond you how Jungwon could admit all of that as if he was just talking about something ordinary, like the weather for example. Though you supposed that was one of his charms, how he wasn't really afraid to speak his mind, always ready to face whatever consequence that waited for him. “I think my favorite one was of us having a picnic in the middle of a flower field. You looked really pretty in that white sundress.”
“Yeah, you are definitely insane, taking interest in me ‘cause of my chronic daydreaming.”
“Maybe, but you still like me, right?” he spoke quieter this time, leaning in close that your foreheads pressed against each other’s, “tell me you like me.”
It was more of a soft spoken demand than a request as you took in the tone he used; firm, yes, but it still held the same type of softness he uses with you in the syllables and who were you to deny him of a request? Now that it was clear to you that this wasn’t at all one-sided, that it wasn’t unrequited like you had made yourself believe in the uncertainties that plagued your mind when the nights became too quiet.
A verbal confirmation wasn’t at all necessary. Jungwon was already made aware of the feelings you harbored for him. Still, you humored him, but not in the way either of you were expecting.
He was closer than you needed him to be, so that made things easier for you, reaching out with one hand to cup his cheek, you angled your head and kissed him.
It was a simple press of the lips. Nothing too special considering your inexperience on the matter, but pressing your plump lips against his slightly chapped pair seemed to do it just fine for him; it was enough to have Jungwon unravel in your gentle grip, having to anchor himself to reality by cupping the back of your neck as he breathed out a pleased sigh at the sensation of your lips melding together.
You weren’t faring better on your end either. Quiet as you were while having Jungwon this close to you, relishing in the fact that you could possibly be the first one who has ever gotten so close to him like this.
“I like you,” is the first string of words you breathed out when both of you parted from each other, eyes closed as you took in deep breaths to calm yourself down. “I really like you, Jungwon.”
All of this felt so surreal. You never saw yourself as the type to kiss on the first date, nor were you the type to kiss before a date could even be planned, but kissing Jungwon before you could even talk about this being official felt so right—felt so natural and you really hoped he thought the same too. Though something told you he might. Going through what he had confessed earlier, he did kind of imply that your daydreams kind of pushed him to where you both are now.
The laugh Jungwon let out was airy, out of breath, but most of all, fond as he nuzzled his nose against your cheek before his lips replaced it, “I know.” He whispered, warm air grazing his skin before actually pressing a kiss there.
You snorted, letting him do as he pleased, “of course you do, Professor X.”
“If I can remember correctly,” he pulled away as he said this, “he has telepathy. I can only read minds, not talk through them.” He corrected, leaning in to kiss the corner of your mouth. “And I like you too, Y/N. Even if you daydream too much about me.”
God, he was too much for your poor, weak heart, yet you don’t even try to stop him as he went on to press feather-light kisses across your face. You might as well die right here and right now from how fast your heart was racing. “You’re never gonna let me live that down, aren’t you?”
“Can’t say I won’t, dreamer.” 
“You’re terrible, actually.” You don’t mean it and Jungwon knew that simply because you didn’t push him away even your annoyance was evident. He was far from being so too. He wasn’t really capable of being an actual asshole even if he tried. “The worst.”
“We both know that’s not true.” He grinned and you really couldn’t deny it either, so you kissed your teeth in lieu of an actual response, making him chuckle as he tilted your chin with a finger, “kiss me again?”
“Well, since you asked so nicely…” you murmured, stealing a quick glance at his lips before your eyes flickered to meet his half-lidded gaze.
“Ah. It seems that things are going well between you two.”
Both you and Jungwon pull away from each other to look over your shoulder to see the eldest Yang sibling poised against the doorframe with the door wide open, arms crossed with a huge, triumphant grin pulling at her lips. In contrast to you who felt like spiraling in embarrassment from being caught, Jungwon looked rather annoyed at the interruption, glaring over your shoulder as Jiwon went on ahead and lifted Maeumi up in her arms, still looking far too amused at the scene before her.
“Just what do you want now, Jiwon?”
“Now now, there’s no need to be catty, Jungwonie.” He huffed when hearing you giggle, “grandma was asking if Y/N would like to stay for dinner. We can take her home later.”
“I don’t know… I don’t want to impose.”
“I’m pretty sure you’ve done a lot more than impose, kissing my baby brother and all.” At least you now know where he had gotten his playful side. The sharp cat-like gaze that matched with her grin almost mirrored Jungwon’s that it was an almost uncanny resemblance. “Speaking of, he looks like he doesn’t want to let you go just yet.” Jiwon chuckled, “I’ll leave you both to it then. Just let me know if you want to, okay?”
“Bye, Jiwon.” Jungwon promptly answered and Jiwon cackled, leaving the both of you alone.
After a beat of silence, you eyed Jungwon with uncertainty, “are you sure you want me to stay?”
“I’d love for you to stay for dinner, yeah.” He pressed a tender kiss to the space in between your furrowed eyebrows, effectively smoothening it down. “You always overthink.”
“Good thing you’re there to remind me not to, huh?”
“Well, you can definitely rely on me to quiet down the ugly thoughts in your head,” He said with so much conviction that you wanted to believe him. “And leave all the pretty ones in there for me to look at. I always thought we’d be a pretty couple, you know?”
You laughed, shaking your head, “you’re absolutely ridiculous, but I’ll hold you onto that.”
You wanted to put your faith into him, really, and looking at how determined he was, there was no doubt that Jungwon would fulfill the role just fine; and so you did, pulling him in for another heartfelt press of your lips.
Tumblr media
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heeseung-min · a day ago
Yandere Jay as a ceo(he's rich²) and y/n as his personal assistant that he always favors. Then someone started a rumor that y/n sleeps w/ jay(if u're comfortable to write that) and ofc jay unalived the person who started the rumor
You started to work as Jay's assistant two months ago. At first, you thought you will not get accepted to the company but thankfully you did. The salary is good enough to pay your rent and your groceries.
You also noticed how different your boss when he talked to you than when he talked to other workers.
When he talks to you, he will stare at your face and nodding at everything you say. Sometimes, he even treats you to lunch or dinner when you work overnight and he will gives you gift when he back from overseas trip.
But, when it comes to other staffs he didn't even consider to look at them for a second and the way he sounds also very cold. So, these things cause a rumor to start.
"I think y/n is sleeping with boss."
"She must begging him on knees to let her stay here. I mean look at her, she's not suitable in this place."
"What a whore"
"She should resign at this point. I'm sick of that bitch face."
You were holding your tears inside the stall. You can't protect yourself even what they said were false. Why people always like to assume things without checking the truth first? You waited until they went out from the toilet and started crying for few minutes before washing your face to hide your puffy eyes.
You were reading the event for today in front of Jay's desk but then he interrupted you with his curious face.
"What happen to your face?"
You stunned. Had you didn't hide it very well with your makeup?
"What do you mean, sir?"
"You looked like you just finished crying."
Shit. How did he know? You controlled your face from having a shock reaction and just let out awkward smile with some confuse look.
"I- I didn't understand what you said, sir"
"Nevermind, you can go out now."
You decided to make a tea to quench your thirst. Just when you wanted to pour the hot water, someone talked to you.
"Oh hi Y/N!"
"ahh hi"
"Are you making a tea for Mr.Jay? What a good assistant you are. You really tried hard, huh?"
"No, I just made this for myself."
The woman in front of you rolled her eyes and fake a smile to you. You continued pouring the hot water into your mug but then the woman pushed you on purpose and made the hot water splashed on your hand. You screamed loudly because of the shock and your tears running down without stop. The woman became scared and panic at what she had done. She ran out from there leaving you hurting.
Nobody even come to help you treating the wound. You winced when you rubbing the antiseptic on the wound.
After two hours spending your time to calm down from the incident, you got a call from Jay to come inside his room. You hid your hand so he didn't see you getting hurt.
"Do you need anything, sir?"
Jay stopped looking at the files and stared at you. He stood up and slowly walked closer to you. You couldn't step back because he already put his hand on your waist and another hand was holding your hand that was hurting.
"Who did this to you, y/n?"
"huh? no-nothing happen, sir?"
Jay squeezed your hand a little bit made you shouted a little. You looked at the man's face who started to change to a cruel one.
"You were hurting, baby. Just tell me please."
Jay's soft voice made you cracked sobs and leaned to his chest. Jay hold you and murmured some words to comfort you. You told him about the rumors and who hurt your hand.
"I told you, didn't I? You only need me no one else. Now, I want you to rest on the couch and let me take care of everything."
Jay said lastly before he gave you forehead kisses. You just let him because you were too tired with what already happened. He brought you to the couch and put his coat to cover your body.
"Kim, I need you to do something."
Well, that would be the last day for those one who decided it's a good idea to mess with you.
Hello😄😄😄 how is your day? Is it good? If yes, then I'm very glad that happen. If not? Don't be sad. Rainbows always come after rain so, your happiness will come soon😆😆 I hope you guys enjoy thiss
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goldenhypen · 6 hours ago
;; hoodie season. ⎯⎯ ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing ! yang jungwon x reader
genre ! fluff
wc ! 0.3k
song rec. ! hoodie season — stray kids
Tumblr media
“take off your hoodie.”
jungwon looked at you, puzzled for a moment at your sudden order.
“take off your hoodie,” you repeated casually.
“because i’m cold,” you smiled innocently.
jungwon sighed, rolling his eyes lightheartedly.
even though he knew you were just being playful, he adored you, especially in times like these—because truth be told, he loved seeing you in his hoodies.
you watched as he removed his hoodie from his body, something which was always so attractive to you. that was one reason you loved receiving his hoodies, though you’d never admit it.
being the gentleman of a boyfriend he was, he helped the hoodie onto you, your head quickly popping out from the fabric, and jungwon’s eyes crinkled into a smile of adoration for you.
once you got the piece of clothing on, you sighed with a grin, more than happy to be in one of his extremely comfortable hoodies.
jungwon quickly looked you up and down, butterflies erupting in his stomach at the sight of you in his clothes, a feeling that never seemed to fade even after all this time. he couldn’t help but lean forward and place a soft and short kiss on your lips with a smile. and once he pulled back, it left you wanting more. you frowned.
noticing your sad state, jungwon chuckled before bringing you closer and kissing you more.
as he pulled back, he continued to leave a few last pecks, not only on your lips again, but also some on your cheeks, nose and forehead.
lost in the moment, even after jungwon pulled away, you were snapped back to reality when his voice started, “better?”
your eyes immediately met his, slightly out of it, “hm?”
“are you still cold?” he clarified.
you paused for a moment as you smiled, “no, i feel much warmer now.”
“good,” he sighed happily with a smirk before adding, “you look cute in my clothes.”
Tumblr media
a/n. i’m unfortunately going through a major writer’s block rn for the first time in literal years,, but i managed to push this out. it’s not much but at least i got smth out finally <//3 likes, reblogs and feedback are always appreciated! thank u! <3
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jeonwonwoo · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aeonged · 2 days ago
𝑺𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕 – (jungwon, y.)
Tumblr media
genre ㅡ ⋆ vampireprince!jungwon
cw ㅡ ⋆ mentions of blood (c’mon.. he’s a vampire)
word count ㅡ ⋆ 6.6k
synopsis ㅡ ⋆ at last, he found you, again
request by ㅡ ⋆ anon!
note ㅡ ⋆ sorry this took forever since i was busy with college and work.. hope this is worth the wait!
⋆ masterlist | request/ talk?
⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺
           Cold. That should be a proper way to describe vampires. Cold skin, cold blood, cold heart. The vampire prince himself was no exception, at first. For his whole life all he felt was coldness, not until he smelled the smell of his lover. He can smell it even from miles away. Having a lover weirdly brings warmth to him, his heart burning whenever his lover is on sight, or on his embrace, he always wanted more and more. Almost every night will he snuck himself out of the castle, careful enough to not be caught by the villagers, and kissed his lover under the ray of the moonlight. It was romantic – sweet.
Not long did it take after the whole village discovered, the enchanting girl who lives at the house by the well was indeed a witch, her collecting herbs, flowers, and questionable things should be something noticeable from the very first time, they said. To the stake did she was taken, and to the fire they let her body be devoured by. From the windows of his castle did the vampire prince witnessed his lover slowly and painfully turn to ash upon being burnt. Aside of being able to feel warmth after the existence of his lover, he finally felt something else burning in his chest. It was pain – bitter.
He also longed to taste the blood of his lover. Everything inside of him screaming to just pounce on her and devoured every single drop of blood out of her, though he didn’t want to rush things and ended up waiting. He had never smelled something so sweet, agonizingly sweet like his lover. Now she’s gone, left to ashes that the wind had swept away, he was left with the excruciating ache and hunger. To his room he went, inside his coffin he rested. Not just a regular rest he’s about to get, but a painfully long rest he’s getting. Closing his coffin from inside, he lets himself rest, no one even himself knows how long.
Jungwon, the vampire prince drowned himself to a long rest.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ.           .           .
The moment he opened his eyes, Jungwon knew, it wasn’t a 50 year rest he had taken, it was even longer than he guessed. Climbing out of his coffin, it wasn’t a shock for him to see the castle filled with spiders, dusts, and rotting furniture, not even close to the word neat, clean, and expensive looking like how he would describe before his eternal slumber he had just gotten out of. Dusting anything it is from his cape, Jungwon walked out of the castle.
Shouldn’t be a surprise for Jungwon to see the village he used to see on the distance is no longer in sight. Trees and vines now decorating the body of the castle also blocked the view to where the people, who despised him, who wanted to hunt him used to reside at. Also the same people who burnt his lover alive. A pang of pain and anger could still Jungwon feel, but there’s nothing much he can do, it was long time ago.
Jungwon then left his castle. He lost count of how far he had gone, until a bright place he saw. Tall houses, which then he knew were called buildings, soared against the sky. Jungwon was confused, he had never seen anything like this in his whole life. People, with their new clothing and styles walked here and there on the busy streets of the night. All of them were chattery, with lots of words Jungwon didn’t get to understand; modern language, he thought. He was also bewildered upon seeing a small slim brick on the hands on most people he saw. Them touching it endlessly, or pressing it against their ear, with devices… or whatever it is hooked to their ears. Jungwon needed a time to breathe and calm himself down.
It took Jungwon quite some time to adjust with the modern life served in front of his nose. Technology and new changes did freak him out, but he had to adjust with everything he’s looking at right now. Wandering around for months it is until he realized it was a 300 year rest he had taken, and he’s familiar with nothing right now. Relying on his bat figure for some time while inspecting how ‘modern people’ live, Jungwon finally managed to find a place to stay. A small, neat cozy apartment with quiet neighbors, he liked that. He thinks now it’s time for him to find a job at least.
“Hold the elevator!” a voice yelled one night. Groggily, as he just learnt how elevator works, Jungwon held the open button of the elevator, waiting for whoever the person was.
A young man showed up, almost tripping on his own feet for how rushed he is trying to catch the elevator. With an embarrassed smile, he was about to press on the button then realized the tenth floor button was already pushed by Jungwon. The elevator door then momentarily closed, before it takes them upstairs.
“So… a neighbor.” The young man said, not long after they passed the second floor. An awkward smile did Jungwon flashed. Great, it was a 300 year slumber he had taken and there’s no way he’d be that good on socializing also with the fact that he was a prince, and he only had little to no interactions on his prince days.
“Are you new here? Don’t think I’ve seen you before.” The young man continued, resting his elbow on the elevator railing. Looking over to the young man, Jungwon pushed a little confidence on himself to at least give the young man an answer, “Yes… I just moved here last week.”
“Cool.” The young man continued. Silence wrapped, while the elevator kept on bringing them upstairs. Jungwon wanted to break the silence, he just doesn’t know how.
“I’m Jake.” Jungwon looked back at the man, reaching his hand out to Jungwon. Glancing to the young man’s reached out hand for a while, Jungwon then finally get a held of it, shaking it.
“My name is Jungwon.” Jungwon said with a smile.
Jungwon’s first friend after 300 years; Jake. A freelance writer with a really messy way of living; sleeps at sunrise, drinks coffee more than water, and snacks more than actual meals. A struggling college student lifestyle, that’s how Jake would describe as he was a fresh graduate himself and still couldn’t live without the lifestyle he had been living with for the past years of him going to college. Jake’s messed up sleeping schedule keeps him awake at night, that’s why Jungwon thinks they’d go pretty well together. It didn’t take long until Jake started inviting Jungwon to hang out at his place by night, which Jungwon gladly came over. Of course, he still needs to adjust with the modern lifestyle he’s going to live with now and needs at least someone to show him things.
“How about you?” Jake asked one night, popping some popcorns to his mouth, gaze fixated towards the TV as Vampire Diaries played. Jungwon, despite being overly focused on how the media describe his kinds on screen then looked at Jake and his hanging question in confusion.
“You haven’t told me much about yourself.” said Jake, without sparing even a second to look at Jungwon.
Jungwon hummed, internally panicking of how he should describe himself to Jake. Of course, regretting how he used the past nights before getting too amazed with TV until he didn’t realize, he hadn’t thought about a new identity for himself. A mask identity that he’d be using to hide his real identity. He wouldn’t just pop out and tell Jake that he’s a vampire, would he? Either Jake would freak out, or Jake would think Jungwon’s an absolute lunatic. Jungwon doesn’t even plan to tell Jake who he really is anyways, and hope Jake wouldn’t find out at the end of the day.
“Yes… I just moved to the city.” Jungwon said, managed to not sound groggy, or Jake would probably catch him suspicious.
“And… still in need of someone to rely on, perhaps.” Jake then turned to look at Jungwon, chuckling before turning his attention back to the TV.
“That’s why you speak so formal and didn’t know about technology?” Jungwon didn’t give Jake’s words an answer. Didn’t even catch that Jake was joking, in fact he agreed on that. Sleeping for 300 years, used to be a prince, there’s no way he would speak so modern-like nor understand that well about technology.
Jake turned to see Jungwon after hearing his silence, thinking Jungwon was probably offended by his joke. Jake then nudged Jungwon’s shoulder slightly, “Joking, mate.”
“Ah… not to worry. I simply agree on that.” Jungwon said, quickly flashing out a smile to not give Jake the wrong idea even more.
Another laugh from Jake, returning to munching his popcorn while attentively watching the TV, “Right.”
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ.           .           .
Jungwon should’ve known better. He should’ve known what Jake is into upon realizing how oddly often would Jake put on vampire related themes on movie nights. Of course Jungwon wouldn’t disclose to Jake that he is a vampire, but couldn’t help himself but to secretly throw gaze to Jake whenever the movie’s playing. Worry burning deep down beside him if Jake ever noticed Jungwon’s fangs, or how Jungwon had his slumber on mornings and afternoons, how Jungwon’s apartment room would always be dark, concealed away from the sunray. Unless Jake never brought the topic to the surface, Jungwon shouldn’t actually worry about it.
Then there’s one night, where Jake finally had something to write, and decided to not start a movie night, like he used to. Though it’s still more than welcomed for Jungwon to crash at his place, just for a good company. Jake was sat on the dining table, with the sound of typing against the keyboard and his sighs alternating each other. His glasses started sliding half his nose bridge, and his cigarette half burnt on the ashtray. He didn’t manage to budge either, must be too stressed or too focused on whatever he’s writing on his laptop. Jungwon, on the other side, sprawled on the couch, with a phone on his hand. Finally getting a grip on how phone works, he’s on it almost 24/7.
An hour or two passed. Having his phone battery almost depleted, Jungwon then asked for a charger, which Jake then told Jungwon to get it on his nightstand at his bedroom. Quickly retrieving the charger, it was a shock for Jungwon upon seeing something on Jake’s room.
A shelve near the door, filled with encyclopedias of vampires. First Jungwon was amazed to have found the fact that Jake, had an obsession for vampires. Right, he should’ve realized when Jake wouldn’t stop watching shows and movies about vampires. Though the worry inside of him started to rise upon seeing the other books on the lower shelve was filled with vampire hunting topics, how to kill a vampire – vampire annihilation. Then it shocks Jungwon the most upon seeing a small jar… filled with perhaps two to three pairs of sharp canines, which he can guess, vampire canines. Vampire encyclopedias should be acceptable, but books about killing vampires and even their canines in a jar?
“Found it?” Jake shouted from the dining table. Jungwon snapped out of his thought, realizing it did take him long at Jake’s room.
“Yes. I’ve found it!” said Jungwon, hurrying his steps back to the living room.
Jake, now had his laptop closed, started stretching his limbs upon hours and hours of sitting down and brainstorming. Jungwon then sat down beside him, just sitting there, nicely, as he knew Jake wouldn’t let him return back to his room until sunrise. Jake then took off his glasses, folding his arms then resting his head on it before momentarily closing his eyes. Curiosity filled Jungwon’s mind, as it aches him more and more to know. After waking up from the slumber, and on his prince days, he wasn’t much of a curious individual himself, but he can’t bury this question, he needs to know.
“Hey, Jake.” Jungwon called. Jake opened his eyes almost immediately.
“Quick question,” Jungwon proceeded on his words, “Yeah?”
“I saw your shelves… You like vampires?”
Jake chuckled, rubbing his eyes before sitting back straight. Taking one of his Marlboro Red out of the cigarette box, lighting it up before resting his back on the backrest of the chair. He didn’t speak out anything, other than blowing out smokes while looking at Jungwon ridiculously long.
“Do you believe in vampires, Jungwon?” Jake questioned, taking another puff of his cigarette.
“Yes… they’re… amazing?” Jungwon answered out impulsively. Should’ve thought about a more acceptable answer, but Jungwon doesn’t want to make things weird by him thinking long of just a simple question Jake had asked.
Another chuckle from Jake, tapping the ashes off the burnt edge onto the ashtray in the middle of the dining table.
“We’re pretty chill already so I think it’s okay for you to know who I really am.” Jake said, soothing his chair closer to Jungwon’s. The first time in hundreds of years did finally Jungwon felt his heart beating fast again, just the worry that Jake might find the fact that Jungwon’s a vampire himself.  
“I’m a freelance writer,” now Jake’s body did he move towards Jungwon, and to Jungwon’s ear Jake whispered, “But I also hunt for vampires.”
Jungwon hid his worries and shock with a smile, as Jake scooted his chair back to give out some space between him and Jungwon. He should’ve known better. Resting his back, Jake slipped the cigarette between his lips. Jungwon would be lying if he said Jake’s side occupation doesn’t scare him. It is indeed dangerous, being friends with someone who actually hunts your kind down. It’s best for Jungwon to run. But thinking he might be able to find his kind, and live with them if he sticks around with Jake a little while longer, he just had to be careful of his actions and words.
“Do you despise any mythical creature?” Jake broke the silence. Jungwon hummed in response, thinking of anything he could remember from 300 years ago.
“Werewolves?” Jungwon remembered it clearly. How he was taught that werewolves are the kind to not interact or mess with, as it was said they were the vampires’ originated enemies. That’s the way it has been, and always will be. 
Jake nod in satisfaction upon hearing Jungwon’s answer, “Any reason for that?”
Jungwon paused for a moment. In fact, he doesn’t, not even one. He had just seen one werewolf on his entire lifespan, and it’s just from the distance. He was obedient, of the values that he had been taught since the moment he was born. Jungwon doesn’t even know what separates both vampire and werewolf.
“Uh… full of furs?” innocently Jungwon answered. Jake threw his head back with a loud laugh, a long one, he must find Jungwon’s answer funny. Ridiculously funny. Jungwon was confused at first, but decided to play along and just lightly laugh between Jake’s bursting laughter.
“God, you should really meet my friends.” Jake said, clutching his abdomen in pain of the loud laugh he just combusted.
“Your friends?” Jungwon asked. Jake nodded, giving out one last puff before pressing the cigarette edge to the ashtray. Jake cleared his throat, looking at Jungwon.
“Yeah, they’re just like me.”
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ.           .           .
Jungwon really thanked the heavens or anything out there as Jake said he would meet his friends at night. Though it rings a bell inside of Jungwon’s head, who are Jake’s friends, and what did he mean by the statement that they’re ‘just like Jake’?
A few hours after sunset, Jungwon was awaken from his slumber upon hearing banging sounds coming from his door. With a yawn and annoyance, he then walked towards the door, eyes half closed. Opening the door, Jungwon saw Jake leaning against the wall with a mocking cocky expression.
“Ready to go, handsome?”
Of course, not yet familiar with the concept of alarm as he used to rely on his servants on waking him up. Jungwon didn’t take long to get ready, as he puts on whatever it is he can find in his closet, for a moment hating the way he looks with a pair of hoodie and sweats. He do believe he look like a sack, but whatever, modern day fashion. It was around a thirty minute drive away from the apartment building where Jungwon and Jake lived at, and in front of a house Jake parked his car at. Beyond the house Jungwon could see trees and a river, then Jungwon could guess the house exactly locates at the end of the city.
“Jake, what’s up!” A voice greeted upon the arrival of Jake and Jungwon. A wide smile Jake pulled out, giving the girl greeting him a high-five.
“Yujin! All good, all good.” Followed up with a high-five with a boy sat next to the Yujin girl. Awkwardly Jungwon stood there, both his hands clasped in front of him while Jake started a conversation with the guy, about whatever it is, an update of their new hunt Jungwon supposed.
“Oh, are you new here?” Yujin kindly greeted, which caught Jungwon off-guard, didn’t expect she would actually talk to him.
“Ah, yes,” Jake said, turning his attention away from Sunoo’s laptop and walked his way towards Jungwon’s side. Throwing an arm around Jungwon, he then looked back at Yujin and Sunoo, “Should’ve waited for everyone else, but…”
“Meet Jungwon,
he’d be joining us on our next hunts.”
They’re just like Jake. Jake did find the most proper way to describe his friends here. They’re a bunch of people, with their own occupations, real life occupations, most of them pays good and even had the job lots of people dreamt of. Then once the moon had replaced the sun at night, they would turn themselves into hunters, mythical creature hunters. Jungwon seriously had no idea what their motives were, killing creatures whose existence even leave normal people to skeptic.  
Jungwon came to learn some things that he had learnt from there; there are approximately fifteen people of this… somehow underground association. So far he had met Jake, Sunoo, and Yujin for the first few days, then other members he came to learn the names; Sunoo, Chaewon, and Yeonjun, then other members he hadn’t had the chance to meet. He then also noticed that not only vampires did they hunt for, Jungwon also noticed that they had sell body parts or possessions of mythical creatures to the museums or crazy rich collectors, let it be preserved mermaid tail, the lower body part of centaur, authentic witch hat, and the list goes on, for an unbelievably high price. High enough to probably cover one’s rent for a year or two. Jungwon would think it’s vile, scary, and very inhumane of them, but he wants to know where his being existed at, to come for their aid and unite with them, therefore choosing to not flee himself away.
“(Name)!” Sunoo greeted as someone arrived to the ‘headquarters’. Jungwon, on the other hand was too busy reading werewolf articles or whatever it is. At least he’s pretending that he cares or even placed interest in it at the first place, as that’s not what he’s here for. Jake, being all excited and giddy told the group that Jungwon’s here as a werewolf slayer, therefore Yujin, also being in charged to do so then delightfully taught Jungwon everything she knew.
“Gosh, it’s good to be back.” You said, giving Chaewon a hug, missing her the most after weeks of not stopping by to the headquarters. Slaying vampires did give you good cash, buying things that you used to save up for months to even consider to buy, it’s now a lot easier. Though still, you can’t just leave your real occupation, and having to serve ungrateful bitchy clients for weeks drained your mental, you decided to put the vampire slaying activity to a halt, therefore not coming to the headquarters for weeks long. And it feels like home going back.
Still with his pretentious interest, Jungwon didn’t even lift his gaze away from the book. Too busy pretending to look engrossed with the encyclopedia as you chattered along with Jake and the others, catching up for the fun and the new things you missed. Not an interest passed by Jungwon’s mind to look at you until he couldn’t help but to smell something. Something so good, so warm, and so alluring. Something just as familiar.
Jungwon raised his gaze, as it landed on you. He froze, feeling somehow an electrocuting feeling of shock spread throughout his body. It’s you. Yes. Not even worth a minute of denying that it isn’t you. It’s you, who he had been missing all these time. It’s you, who he had been longing for all these time. It’s you, who brought love and warmth to his heart 300 years ago. It’s you, his lover. Looking just as beautiful.
“Oh, a new face!” gleefully you said, fleeing yourself off from Chaewon, making your way towards Jungwon.
Disappointment did fill himself. Did you forget him? Did he get the wrong person? It can’t be. It is you, his lover, on his prince days. Jungwon was expecting you to be shocked as he was, momentarily pausing, then ran your way towards him, like you used to secretly under the gleam of the full moon, pulling him to your arms and starting the rendezvous with a kiss, like you used to. It’s a total contrast now, did you not die upon being burnt on the stake? Were you resurrected? Or you’re just born again? Impossible to him, you looked and smelled just the same.
“Yeah, he just joined a week ago.” Yujin answered, putting more werewolf documents in front of Jungwon, he mentally groaned, only if all the readings can be put to a halt, he just found a new interest here.
“Nice to meet you, I’m (name).” reaching your hand out, Jungwon had his shock state back. Staring your hand for a while before snapping out of his thought, “Jungwon.”
Jungwon then could feel himself internally aching even more, as he realized even your hands felt just as soft.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ.           .           .
Jake had been teasing Jungwon non-stop about you. At first Jungwon was too naïve, and thought Jake is able to read minds. No, silly, Jake said. Jake said Jungwon made it all too obvious, that he had just fallen in love at first sight. If only Jake new, he was indeed in love with you, even after hundreds of years of a deep slumber. Even Chaewon sometimes would tease Jungwon while you’re not around, asking when will he make his move, and bombing him with non-stop compliment about you. Jungwon was moved to hear all the facts he can gather about you, you are indeed his lover, a modernized version if he could say – you’re just the same.
You on the other hand, thought Jungwon was super cute – but so far, that’s it. Not going to repeat your mistake on thinking you’d ended up dating those who you found cute. Moreover knowing Jungwon’s a few year youngers than you (or that’s what you thought), you always had soft spots for younger ones. And facing a younger one with absolute cute chipmunk features? You don’t think you can resist that.  
Chaewon and Yujin did joke about setting you up with Jungwon, multiple times. As multiple times did you rolled your eyes playfully at them and told them to not overdo it, or else the outcome might usually be total contrast. Though at the end you can’t help but subconsciously got yourself closer with Jungwon, starting conversations, would place your elbow on his shoulder while attentively listening to someone who’s talking to the whole group. On his shoes, Jungwon’s heart would beat like crazy, running seven laps every time you pulled out that familiar smile, or whenever you started talking to him, and the small skin contacts made between the both of you. He felt like he was taken back 300 years ago.
Then the talking stage continues, as it gets more intense, Jungwon would want to know about how your day went, or constantly assuring if you’re okay, patting your shoulder or even pulling you to a hug when everything at work that day is just beyond shitty. It may sound weird or rushed, but every attention he’s put in you made you feel so secure, so protected, so… homey. Then it's only a matter of weeks until Jungwon plucked up the courage and finally asked you out on a date. You’d be lying if you said your heart didn’t pound like crazy, even almost jumping out of your body. With a sheepish smile, you then told him it’s a yes.
You love Jungwon, you really do. After some sweet cute night dates with him and endless talking on texts, phones, and meeting up at the headquarters, you can finally feel the warmth on your heart that you’ve been craving for years long, and it’s now here, all thanks to Jungwon. Although sometimes when Jungwon kissed you sweetly, locking eye contact with you, or when you’re wrapped in his arms, you sensed a strong feeling of familiarity. Whatever, this might be a true everlasting love like how your grandma used to tell you for bedtime stories when you’re little. Everything with Jungwon just feels so right.
Thanks to your packed 9 to 5 job, you can only meet Jungwon at night. At first, guilt filled you up as you thought you were just bothering Jungwon’s rest time, little did you know. Jungwon would always assure you that he’s fine with night dates, or coming over to your place at night, even sometimes keeping you company while you finished up the job you brought home. You would usually sit on your dining table, typing away, while Jungwon would sit next to you, chin on his hand, taking a view of your beautiful, perfect features, smiling to himself, he’s lucky to be able to get you twice. Sometimes taking one of your hand if you’re not busy, peppering soft kisses on it, you think it’s sweet, it would give you butterflies, while he gets an even closer sniff of your scent.
It was then one night something happened. Work was shit. A non-stop complaining client, your work superior yelled at you for something you didn’t even do, the coffee shop you usually stopped by at ran out of your favorite vanilla latte, your laptop didn’t work for some reason – everything was wrong. You were almost on your last straw, and with a simple agreement from Jungwon for him to come over to your place at least did calm you, just a bit. You were ranting, blabbering, on the verge of tears while you rambled everything about your day to Jungwon, while he patiently acted as your emotional punching bag, stroking your hair, having you in his embrace.
“Don’t worry, you did your best today.” Jungwon reassured once you’ve closed your ranting talk. Heaving out a sigh, you continued on resting your head on Jungwon, just enjoying yourself in the embrace of someone who really matters to you.
You looked up to him from his chest, while he was already looking at you too at the first place. Admiring every single perfection on his face, little did you know he was doing the same thing. Dazed in love while looking at you, the love of his life, closing the gap between the both of you, your lips then met with a kiss. Sweet, like it’s always been. Jungwon never wanted to let go whenever the both of you kissed, though at the end you just had to, to catch some breath. You tasted sweet, like candy, or even way sweeter. His mind screams he wanted more and more with the sweetness, he wanted it forever, he never wanted to let go. Jungwon was too busy with the thought, he didn’t realize he lost his control.
“Ow!” you gasped in pain, pulling away from the kiss as Jungwon looked at you in shock. Was too carried away by the kiss he didn’t even realize he accidentally bit your lips, hard. Your fingers grazed to your lips as blood trickles down your lips.
Jungwon’s eyes widened in shock, his heart pounding loudly he can even hear it from his ears. Feeling all of his senses sharpened, his gaze fixated on your lips, where your blood visibly drops out. His lover’s blood, the one he had been dying to taste for achingly too long. His brain started going fuzzy, also perhaps feeling his breath getting shorter and shorter, even started lightly shaking.
“Jungwon? Are you okay?” A miracle that Jungwon could get a grip of himself even after you spoke, as he started panicking, for hurting you.
“I- I’m… I’m sorry.” Jungwon started muttering out apologetically, started rumbling around in search of tissues or anything that can hopefully stop your lips from bleeding. While you think it’s not such a big deal, then tried calming the panicked out Jungwon as if he had just committed an arson crime and got caught for it.
Jungwon couldn’t stop thinking about it a few days afterwards, feeling nothing but guilt filling his insides. You actually thought he’s overreacting, but of course not telling it as it might hurt his feelings for caring for you too much. For some span of time, Jungwon avoided kissing you, on the lips. Only planting his lips on your cheeks, hands, temples, or forehead, just never your lips. He’s trying his best to minimize any lip contact for now on, fear that he might actually ended up hurting you. Foremost, fearing that he would actually lose control seeing his lover’s blood, the one he had been dying to taste for achingly too long.
A normal Friday night for you and Jungwon then. Now your turn to stop by his apartment, just holding hands and cuddling by the couch, watching TV and talking about each other’s days. While you were blabbering about work, then switching to the hot topic of how Chaewon just got back from wherever it was she travelled to, and managed to hunt down a siren. With eyes gleaming and a bright smile, you of course were so proud of your best friend, counting her achievements, this should be her third attempt of successfully hunting down one. Though you’d appreciate more if Jungwon paid attention to your words, Jungwon doesn’t seem to care about that. His eyes gleaming as well, taking the view of you, so lovingly. He thanked whatever it is out there that blessed creatures with life, for the luck hooked to his fingers right now. Deeply falling in love with his lover ages ago, and getting to fall in love with the exact reincarnation of his lover now. He doesn’t want to let you go.
“Are you even listening?” You complained, realizing how minimum Jungwon’s responses are but for his cheeky smile and gleaming eyes that lingered his attention to your face for oddly long. Jungwon snapped out of his thoughts, chuckling at himself for getting so lost in you, your beauty.
Jungwon cupped both side of your cheeks, leaning closer to place a sweet cute kiss on your nose, “I love you.”
Your heart fluttered as his words, as per usual. Though it’s not the first time Jungwon had said that he loves you, but still, it’s still something so exciting for you to hear.
“You know…” Jungwon said, once he leaned back and rested his back on the backrest of the couch, now placing his gaze to the TV.
“Back in my place… there’s this one castle… which people said used to be a vampire prince’s nest.” Said Jungwon. Your eyes brightened, as you then turned to look at him. Going with Jungwon to his hometown and even having the chance to visit the place that aligns with your job? You’d sign yourself up any time.
“Really? We should tell the others. Maybe we can go for the hunt with Jake too?” You suggested gleefully. Thinking Jake lives a few rooms away from Jungwon’s, he should probably know this news tonight.
With a small smile, Jungwon shook his head, placing his hand above yours, “No.”
“It’s just the two of us.” Jungwon said. About to frown, you then swallowed it immediately. You then realized it would be romantic; just the two of you, in his hometown as he would show you here and there, probably introduce you to his relatives or family as well. Appreciating how Jungwon puts up with the idea, you thought that would be a marvelous idea to spend the weekend.
“I want the time just for the two of us.” Jungwon get a hold of your hand, bringing it close to his lips to place a soft kiss.
Jungwon’s up for an idea.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ.           .           .
Your mouth did gape in amaze upon seeing the castle lying before you. Your entire vampire hunting career, you have never witnessed a ‘vampire castle’ before. It’s somehow similar like stereotypical vampire castles that’s usually drawn on books or on vampire related contents. Big, dark, in the middle of the forest… scary. Jungwon who stood behind you couldn’t conceal his proud smile. So proud of himself for finally making his return home sweet home, back with his lover.
Scared, a bit, you got to admit. It surely would be embarrassing for you to admit that you’re afraid of something you’ve been hunting down for all these years. It was cold upon entering the castle, as cold as getting closer to winter. Weirdly, you just can’t brush off the feeling this place kinds of hint warmth inside of you. You swear you feel weird – oddly warm and familiar. Almost the same as Jungwon, as he felt warm and familiar with his own home.
“Wow… wish everyone’s here right now.” You said, switching your phone flashlight on for some sense of grip, also breaking the ice as Jungwon had been ridiculously silent ever since the both of you entered the place.
“Yeah.” Jungwon managed to reply, shortly. Both his hands behind his back, as he relaxedly tailed on your curious steps.
Your gaze swept here and there. It was just like you imagined, tall walls decorated with red and gold curtains and furniture. Looks so lavish, classic, and expensive yet so dirty at the same time with the dusts and cobwebs covering each and every spots. Small smiles in amusement formed on your lips whenever you realized how awesome it is, as halls and halls you and Jungwon walked through.
“This castle used to look so royal.” Jungwon said, when the both of you were on the dining room. You nodded at his words, continued on examining exactly one set of gold, expensive looking cutlery set on the table. Jungwon must be right, someone, or even a particular creature must have lived here before.
“Used to be all so red.” Continued Jungwon on his words, while you were walking even deeper to the part of the castle. It gets darker, and colder, you can’t help but to feel more scared upon the situation.
“So cold…
yet so homey…”
Shivers ran down your spine, your fear risen up, as well as you feeling more and more uncomfortable. It was great for Jungwon to spare some time and idea to explore this part of his hometown, but he made you afraid now. Being so talkative most of the time, then being silly silent once the both of you entered the castle and saying out-of-the-blue things on all sudden. You’d be a champ if that doesn’t scare you.
Jungwon and you went inside a room by the end of the hallway. You can barely see anything, but thanks to your flashlight, you can easily identify that this room is a bedroom. King sized bed, vanity table, all red red red. In the midst of your fear, you can still feel a little bit amused of how royal and classic this room layout looks. Then that’s it, you really wanted to get out of here.
“So, what do you think of the castle?” Jungwon asked, finally saying something after the spooky remarks he had been saying earlier that left you scared and upset. You turned to look at him, accidentally flashing his face, quickly squinting his eyes and blocking the light with his hand as a response.
“Uh…” You hummed, tilting your phone away for the light to shine somewhere else, “It’s… classic and beautiful?”
Jungwon nod his head hearing your answer, a small smile formed on his lips.
“But it’s funny…” you said, “how I think I’ve seen this castle lots of times before in my dreams.” You confessed, Jungwon eyes shot up to look at you. A proud smile and expression painted his face, as it fuzzed your head even more. You are scared and confused… of the castle and how Jungwon acted.
“I don’t feel good, Jungwon.” You said, feeling of fright started growing even more inside of you, due to how minimum Jungwon responded to you, and the castle itself, “Let’s just go home.”
Jungwon stood silent, right where he was, a few steps away from you. Didn’t budge to reply even a word from you being so scared of the situation, and the things he said earlier that pushed you to the edge. Jungwon pulled out a small smile, still with his wide eyes. So small it scares you, very much.
“My sweet lover.” Jungwon said, taking some steps closer to you. Thinking he’s going to aid you with secure, you had it for a few moments. Seeing his eyes glow red, you can’t help but pull your arms back in disbelief and horror, “You’re back.”
Jungwon gave out a wide smile, allowing you to witness a pair of sharp fangs from his teeth. You froze, from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head, not being able to move even a muscle even though your brain screams for you to run. Strangled gasps escape your lips, whatever it is blocking your throat to release an actual scream of terror. You were shocked, you couldn’t believe it. After all this time hunting down his kind, for the sake of money and pride, he was one of them? All these years you’ve slaughtered his kinds, you ended up falling in love with one of them? You’re that blind of this?
You couldn’t move an inch, even after Jungwon swiftly looped his arms around your neck. You finally pulled out a scream in fear, while Jungwon, in between his chuckle then punctured your neck with his sharp fangs. Tears started pooling in your eyes, as you weakly reached for Jungwon’s arm, too shocked and too weak to even move while Jungwon continuously milked out your blood. Gripping on your shoulder, you can even practically feel his nails digging on your shoulder, he must like it. Too much. You always loved when he playfully placed his lips on your neck, but not for now. It hurts, like hell. Probably a taste of your own medicine after what you’ve done to his kinds.
“You smell as sweet as you were,” Jungwon breathily said, eyes still gleaming red, as red as the blood dripping from his fangs, down to his chin and neck. Your visions grew darker and darker, knees getting even weaker. Falling down, Jungwon still have your body caged around his arms, as he leaned down to your ear, pressing his lips to your ear, whispering out the sentence caught by your ears before totally falling to the darkness;
“And tasted just as sweet as I ever imagined, my love.”
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binniebutter · 9 hours ago
you belong with me | yang jungwon
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yang Jungwon x gn!Reader
Genre: fluff; friends to lovers au
Word Count: .9k
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Jungwon watches as a raindrop splatters onto the living room window from his spot on the burgundy couch, a blanket haphazardly thrown over his legs. The voices of the characters of the random movie you had chosen on Netflix drone on in the background as he follows the path of the raindrop. It flows down before splitting apart into smaller drops, eventually coming together again, but not wholly. His observation of the raindrop is interrupted as you walk back into the room, a bowl of buttery popcorn in your hands.
You’re wearing one of his hoodies, the splash of blue and orange contrasting with your black sweatpants. Jungwon’s heart squeezes at the sight of you in his clothing and he resists the urge to grab his phone and take a million pictures of you. You would probably not appreciate that and just think he’s a creep, which is not an unreasonable conclusion.
You’re not aware of his feelings for you and if Jungwon had his way, you would never be aware of them. The two of you were friends before anything else and he couldn’t risk destroying the precious friendship you both have had since the day you met in 2nd grade. He still remembers the day clearly, as if it had only happened yesterday. 
“Ew! No, you can’t play with us! Your toys are old ugly.” The little boy stuck his tongue out at you before running away, his minions following right behind him. Jungwon watched from a little ways away as you turned around and started to wipe your eyes. Even at your young age, you hated letting people see you cry. Jungwon summoned all the courage he had in his 7-year-old body and walked towards you.
“If you want, I can beat them up,” he said timidly, not sure if you would like someone talking to you right now. He just wanted to cheer you up a bit. Your head snapped up at the sound of his voice and your eyes widened as you realized that he was talking to you. You and your family had just moved to town and you hadn’t been able to make any friends so it was a surprise to you that he had approached you. “I mean, I just started taekwondo but I’m gonna get better and I’ll kick all their butts for being mean to you.” He had a determined expression that looked so ridiculous on his chubby-cheeked face that you burst into giggles.
A fierce blush crept onto his face as he watched you laugh, your eyes that were filled with tears moments ago, were now lit up with happiness and what he later found out was relief. Little did he know that from that very moment, a seed planted itself in his heart and wouldn’t stop growing and growing until it fully bloomed into a beautiful flower.
“Hello? HELLO? Earth to Jungwon!?” You were waving your hand in his face and practically screaming in his ear when Jungwon came back to the present, snapped out of the pleasant memories. He winced and quickly covered his ears before you started actually screaming which had happened once too often. You snickered as you realized what he had done and plopped back down on the couch, getting comfortable. You squirmed until you found that one perfect spot and then nudged your legs onto Jungwon’s lap as if they belonged there.
Which they did. Just as you belonged in Jungwon’s heart. Jungwon sighed internally before focusing his attention on the rom-com playing on the TV. The main character had just confessed his love to the female lead and by the looks of it, she reciprocated his feelings. Jungwon could only wish that that would happen to him, but it was less than likely. You had never shown any interest in him before and no matter how many times his friends try to convince him to tell you of his feelings, he never will. It’s one risk he’s not willing to take.
While he is lost in his thoughts once again, Jungwon doesn’t notice the way that you’re looking at him. If he had been paying attention, he would see that you look at him the same way he looks at you when you’re not looking. Jungwon thinks that you don’t have feelings for him, but he’s completely wrong.
You’re in love with him.
And you know he’s in love with you. Although he tries hard to keep his feelings in check, it’s painfully obvious to you and everybody around you that he has more than platonic feelings for you. When you first learned of Jungwon’s crush on you, you were overjoyed that he returned your feelings, and you waited and waited for the moment that he would confess to you. Alas, it’s been 5 months and he still hasn’t said anything. Your eyebrows furrow in frustration just thinking about it. 
God, if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. Or whatever the fucking saying is.
“Hey, Jungwon,” you say innocently. Right as he turns to you, you grab his face with both of your hands and plant one on him. A big fat smooch that is honestly more of a pressing of lips than a kiss. But that doesn’t matter because the awestruck look on Jungwon’s face as you pull away reassures you of a redo.
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enzenwriting · a day ago
attention, please!
extra 30.5 - no context jungwon
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
extra 30.5 - no context jungwon
♡Summary: When Enhypen are forced back to attend class, Jungwon is determined to fight or flight; by tying to get out of school or trying to make the best of ordinary school life. What would happen when he comes across the rumoured bully who happens to be his aunt’s neighbour who is really good at making cookies?!
an: yn’s love language : teasing - also jungwon’s downfall 
♡ taglist: (open! pls ask to be tagged!)  @hiqhkey @lovnayeon @rrvvby  @i6hoons  @tenten-67 @angel-hyuckie @wonloop @itsjynop @myjellyboo @lil-iva @r3esieeee @nieeeeeeeeeeeee @yjwnoot @caty-catts     @mierumiko @rionah @mqndnolia​ @chirokookie ​
♡ masterlist     previous/ next
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jongseongsnudes · 2 months ago
the enha universe (masterlist)
Tumblr media
welcome, to the enha universe! 
in this universe, the seven boys live their own respective lives as normal everyday people. a fuckboy, a boss, a roommate, a stepbrother, a best friend, a co-worker and a bad boy. follow them as they have fun, learn, grow, break some poor hearts and of course fall in love... with you.
Tumblr media
warning/genre; fluffffff! angst! crack! smut & perhaps kinky shit 🤪 (obviously only for hyung line!)
note; hi~ i’ve decided to start a small ongoing series where each member has their own respective stories and from time to time, i’ll update with random drabbles that revolves around their said stories! 😊 
the enha universe asks
!latest update! first impressions (park sunghoon)
Tumblr media
popular/fuckboy!heeseung x innocent!reader
you and heeseung are very different. while he’s out partying and getting pissed drunk on saturday nights, you opt for a cosy night in with your fluffy blanket and old reruns of your favourite shows. but somehow the universe brought you both together one night and one thing led to another... before you found yourself in the handsome boy’s bed the very next morning. what came after that was an awkward breakfast for you but an unexpected proposition from him.
“wanna be fuck buddies?”
one (1.5k) (smut)
two (1.2k) (smut)
Tumblr media
boss!jay x assistant!reader
you luckily score yourself an assistant job at a very reputable company, working under the president’s eldest son, Park Jongseong. being his assistant meant that you were by his side for almost all hours of the day, running errands, dealing with his contacts and schedules and of course travelling alongside him when necessary. the constant intimacy required for the job gradually brings you closer to your handsome cold boss... sometimes even a little too close. 
one (0.9k)
two (1.8k)
Tumblr media
roommate/badboy!jake x goodgirl!reader
due to your best friend’s stupid mix up, you become roommates for the next six months with the resident bad boy, Jake Sim. you were quite flustered at first, having to share such a close space with a boy, especially when the said boy enjoyed walking around topless at all hours of the day. so you try to avoid him. but what would you do when you keep finding yourself in such compromising positions with the boy? is it really all a coincidence or was it actually his purposeful doing all along?
one (0.7k)
two (0.8k)
three (1.2k)
four (1.3k)
five (1.8k)
six (0.9k)
Tumblr media
stepbrother!sunghoon x shy!reader
you become the new step daughter of one of the most richest families in the city after your mum remarries. you were ecstatic about the thought of having an older sibling at first but you’re quick to find out that their only son, Park Sunghoon perhaps doesn’t like you very much. not only was he cold but he would treat you like you were a complete nuisance. but what happens when you’re forced to live with him in his penthouse apartment... to bond?
first impressions (1.2k)
one (0.7k)
two (1.7k)
three (1.6k)
four (0.9k)
five (1.1k)
six (1.2k)
seven (1.2k)
eight (0.8k)
Tumblr media
bestfriend!sunoo x reader
you’ve been best friends with Sunoo since that time you were coupled with him for an assignment in junior year. you both have been inseparable since. sometime during it all, you unknowingly fell for the cute boy but did not dare to express your feelings, afraid of ruining the friendship. but what can your poor heart do when he’s just so oddly sweet to you, constantly showering you with hugs and always holding your hand... did he perhaps like you too or were you just overthinking his kindness?
coming soon...
Tumblr media
coworker!jungwon x reader
you first met the cute barista with the dimples when you began working at the small doggy café during your summer break. you end up spending most of your summer with him, working, going to the movies, eating ice cream and taking long walks on the beach, his hands often accidentally brushing against yours. of course you both secretly fall for each other at some point but coincidence is a funny thing and both of you are too scared to confess... until another co-worker suddenly declares his love for you instead. so what now?
one (0.6k)
two (1k)
Tumblr media
badboy!riki x goodgirl!reader
you hated him with every ounce of your body. the tall popular boy in your class, the one they all call Riki Nishimura. you’ve known him your entire life, somehow always ending up in the same class as him. but the sole reason why you despise him so much is because he would never leave you alone, always finding ways to annoy or embarrass you no matter when or where. since then, you’ve opted to stay as far away from the bad boy as possible... until your teacher requests you to tutor him after school... one on one.
one (0.8k)
two (0.8k)
three (0.9k)
four (1.1k)
five (0.9k)
Tumblr media
©jongseongsnudes. please do not copy, translate or reupload.
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yeongwonie · 3 months ago
lost cause — yang jungwon
Tumblr media
tags. high school au, friends(?) to lovers, slow burn warnings. cursing, one mention of piss 
word count. 8.5k
note. thank u in advance for reading! i’m kind of nervous about posting this but i hope you enjoy and look forward to more writing from me in the future :))
playlist. MIMI by youra, 몰랐어 (just a little bit) by enhypen, 긴밤 by seori ft. GIRIBOY
SYNOPSIS. since your brief friendship with your crush, yang jungwon, ended in radio silence, you’ve been determined to keep him at arm’s length. jungwon, convinced that you’ve grown to hate him during your months of disconnection, is equally as determined to win you back.
Tumblr media
Between the way his dimples poke into his cheeks when even a hint of a smile crosses his face and the sound of his laughter breaking through the murmur of the cafeteria every so often, the amount of time you spend reminiscing such menial details shows how much of a chokehold the boy has on your mind.
Even in the classroom, he’s diligent and well-spoken in a way that can only be described as admirable. Although the two of you are now freshly seniors, he’s been a shoo-in for class president quite literally since your first year. Although you’re always at the top of the class rank, Jungwon is never far behind, and one semester, he’d even taken the top spot for a few weeks.
Not only does he excel in every subject, but he’s also insanely sociable, which is something you lack. Your mind drifts back to the prior Valentine’s day, when the poor underclassman volunteer had spent 10 minutes handing out his candy grams alone. Or the day he’d gotten a homecoming proposal during every single passing period. It’s honestly a miracle the popularity hasn’t inflated his ego.
You’d formally met Jungwon two years prior when you’d been partnered together for a history project. Initially, literal chills had shot up your spine when the pairings were announced.
You were terrified that Jungwon would slack off and leave you to do all the work, or worse, that he’d be the nicest person ever and you’d let him down and he’d never want to work with you ever again. The two of you ended up talking for hours over a video call the same night, long after the project had been finished.
Three weeks later, you’d realized your feelings. In your mind, putting distance between you and him was the best solution. Jungwon was all kinds of unattainable, and you almost felt bad every time you texted him, the little voice in the back of your mind telling you that he had more important things to be doing and that you were a hindrance.
Your relationship dwindled down to waves in the hallway, then to brief eye contact, then nothing at all. You doubt you even passed the classmate-zone in his mind.
Nothing much changes, when you and Jungwon stop talking. You both continue your studies, you and him remain at the top of your class rankings, and you push your feelings aside.
You spend a year completely fine without having Jungwon in any of your classes to distract you, and the second you’re sat next to him, you fall back into your old ways.
In the year that you don’t speak, Yang Jungwon gets all the more intelligent. Unfortunately, his intelligence also comes with a keen sense of observation. You can’t stare at his side profile, one seat away, without him noticing.
You find this out slightly too late.
“Need something?” he inquires, with a smile so polite it almost hurts.
It’s so weird speaking to him again, with the thick curtain of awkwardness strung up between the two of your chairs. You feel more like a student asking a teacher for help with a math problem than a classmate talking to another.
“Oh, um. I’m good, Sorry,” you stutter out, turning your head back to stare down at your notes so quickly you almost get whiplash.
Five minutes ago, your teacher had seated you next to Jungwon, and not even halfway into the class period, you already want to move.
The said teacher walks to the front of the room and addresses the class with a tight-lipped smile.
“Tell the person sitting next to you about one fun thing you did over break,” she says, then promptly sits at her desk and opens a book. You’re not surprised; the first day of school means playing random icebreakers in every single period, even though your entire class has known each other for years now.
Slowly, you turn back around to face Jungwon, forcing your eyes to meet his. You’re only able to hold his sharp gaze for a few seconds before fixing your stare on your fiddling hands.
“Do you want me to go first?” Jungwon mercifully asks (although you feel slightly ashamed, knowing he sensed your discomfort).
“I just started a few college applications, but I think that’s about it,” he chuckles.
You nod; probably 99% of your classmates are saying the same thing, which is why your teacher’s choice in question is so ridiculous.
“And I played with my dog.”
“Aww, that’s nice, where are you applying?” you ask, smiling softly at the last comment. He’s still as endearing as ever, unfortunately.
“The usual, I guess. SNU, Daegu, Gwangju. I applied to a couple in the U.S. too, but I doubt I’ll even get in.”
“Of course you’ll get in, I can totally see you at Harvard or something,” you smile. You don’t even have to lie, if anyone can get into such a prestigious school, it’s your class president.
“I think you think too highly of me,” he says, finally breaking the one-sided eye contact to glance up at the front of the classroom. “What about you, where are you applying?”
Your conversation continues until the end of the period, with Jungwon picking up all of the slack that you leave in your nervous state. Eventually, your comments start to flow more naturally, as they had those months ago through the FaceTime call plastered in your head to this day.
It’s sort of unfair, the way he makes you feel like he actually cares about what major you’re planning on pursuing, giving you false hope that this could turn into something more. That’s what everyone else thinks, you suppose, and then they end up as one of the discarded candy grams or the homecoming posters sitting in the trash.
So yes, it’s way too easy, falling for Jungwon, especially when you know firsthand that getting over him is one of the hardest feats in the world.
YANG JUNGWON CAN’T FIGURE OUT why you dislike him.
He would even consider you a friend, despite the distinct lack of interactions between you two, save for that one history project a year or so back. You had been surprisingly easy to talk to, and Jungwon would be lying if he said he wasn’t at least a little sad when your conversations grew drier and eventually subsided.
He knows the two of you were buried in work, thanks to the ever-looming prospect of college applications on the horizon during your junior year. But still, it wouldn’t hurt for you to not act like he’d hit your dog with a car every time you make eye contact.
Jungwon knows what you’re normally like. He’s seen you with your friends; how you act when you don’t think he’s watching you. But the second your eyes meet his, your posture stiffens and your face twists into discomfort, as though being within a one-meter radius of him is equivalent to being dunked head first into a tub of ice water.
Sure, there are plenty of people with valid reasons for hating him, he thinks. People who project their insecurities about their grades or their social life onto him, who paint him out to be some perfect valedictorian golden boy. Or the people he’d had to reject in the weeks leading up to homecoming (he had nothing against them personally, honestly, but he’d have felt too bad choosing one person out of dozens he really didn’t know that well, and there was no way having 20 dates to homecoming would go well).
But, you don’t seem to be either of those things. Your own grades are pretty good, good enough to rival his own, and there’s a distinct lack of your name on all of the love letters he’s received in the past few years.
“I’m sure they don’t hate you, Jungwon,” Heeseung says. The older boy bumps his shoulder, breaking him out of his daze as his eyes continue following you down the hallway. It’s a little scary that Heeseung knows what he’s thinking, although he’s sure the way his eyes trace over your every step makes it a little more obvious.
“I don’t know. What if they’re mad that we stopped talking?”
“Didn’t you say it was mutual? I’m sure they understand how busy you were—they were probably just as busy.”
“I guess,” Jungwon’s voice trails off as he readjusts the strap of his book bag on his shoulder like a soldier, bracing for combat. In long, measured strides, he follows you into the classroom, making sure to greet the teacher standing by the door with a kind smile before scanning the room.
Jungwon’s a little scared to choose a seat. You’re probably the only person he’s had more than one sentence of exchange with in this class, but the months of radio silence between the two of you has built you up in his mind to be some sort of intimidating shadow figure.
Typically he’d just pick another seat, branch out, make new friends. But, at every single other pair of seats, there is at least one girl who has sent him a candy gram or sent him a love letter or even confessed in person in the last 24 months. There are still empty seats, but somehow leaving his partner for the rest of the year up to the hands of fate seems even more formidable.
Basically, Jungwon spends about 45 seconds standing at the front of the classroom, doing mental gymnastics to justify taking the seat next to you, before his legs actually walk him towards where you sit.
As he sets his book bag down and slides into the metal chair, he feels your eyes flit over his frame. Steeling himself, Jungwon turns to face you, but you’re already looking away, hyperfocused on the whiteboard, then the teacher, then the clock ticking on the wall.
He doesn’t know if he’s relieved or terrified when the teacher announces an icebreaker activity. On one hand, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to you and prove that he’s not the asshole he’s sure you see him as. On the other hand, something about the way you purse your lips at the announcement is insanely intimidating, and a flash of doubt shoots again through his mind.
But he refuses to let this period go to waste. Yang Jungwon will not spend the entire period sitting in awkward silence, especially when the conversation had once flowed so easily. Hesitantly, he begins, telling you briefly about what he’d done over the summer break.
By the end of the period, Jungwon has to bite back a wide grin now that you’re talking to him again. He’s not sure why this fact relieves him as much as it does, maybe you’re a representation of simpler times in his mind, when he wasn’t so worried about the future (or maybe he just missed talking to you).
By the time the boy waves goodbye to you and steps back out into the hallway, he has only one goal in mind. Jungwon is determined to become friends with you again, even if it takes him until graduation.
TWO DAYS LATER, YOU DON’T think you’re making any progress. Jungwon is still cute, and you still want to rip your hair out every time his eyes meet yours.
You tell yourself you no longer care what he thinks about you, yet you start waking up earlier and taking extra care while buttoning your uniform and tying your tie in the mornings. The thought of walking into your literature class fills your stomach with equal parts of excitement and dread.
Tapping your foot slowly against the tile flooring of the classroom, you keep your eyes focused straight forward. You’re almost militant about avoiding eye contact with Jungwon unless absolutely necessary now.
You feel a nudge against your shoulder.
“Do you want me to share the lab notes with you?” Jungwon asks, bearing his signature smile. Your brain is split in half between wanting to poke his cheeks and wanting to scream in frustration.
“Yeah. Thank you,” you reply stiffly, missing the way the corners of his mouth drop just a fraction.
You open your laptop with one hand, then grab a pencil in the other. Today’s classwork is relatively easy, typing out observations on some pictures of various plants under a microscope. Your fingers switch between flying across your keyboard and writing in your notebook as your mind drifts elsewhere.
“Woah, that looks so cool. Can you teach me?” Jungwon murmurs, his voice cutting through the daze of your tired brain so early in the morning.
You stare at him, then down at your hands, finally realizing you’d been spinning your pencil. As you look down, Jungwon winces in embarrassment, letting what he’d said replay in his head. He probably sounded like an idiot, and now you’d ask the teacher to move seats and ignore him for the rest of the year.
“Um, yeah. I learned it from a Youtube video like three years ago, so I might not be the best teacher.”
Positioning your pencil in your hand (and praying the slight quivering of your fingers isn’t visible), you look down at Jungwon’s hands to make sure he’s copying you. You demonstrate how to bend your fingers to make the pencil spin around, then stifle a laugh as he fails on his first, second, third, and fourth attempts at following suit.
“Here,” you say, adjusting his grip on the pencil with a feather-light touch.
Jungwon swallows before attempting to give the pencil a slow spin. The grin makes its way back across his face as the pencil actually moves instead of flying out of his grip.
“There you go,” you smile, turning back to continue typing on the document. Jungwon’s eyes linger on your profile for just a second more before he, too, returns to his work.
While you sigh, frustrated at your lack of success less than a week into the school year (because despite your efforts, the feel of Jungwon’s hands against your own was definitely still enough to make your heart race), the boy seated next to you replays the memory of your fingers brushing against his own.
Jungwon thinks that if things continue like this, you’ll be best friends by the end of the month.
BY THE NINTH DAY OF your senior year, you are wholeheartedly convinced your literature teacher is trying to kill you.
“Who the hell assigns a partner project one week into the school year?” you scoff under your breath, copying down the rubric into your notebook and pressing extra hard with your pencil into the paper out of spite.
Thankfully, the period ends right after your teacher, Mrs. Park, gives her announcement. You need a little time to process the situation before you can even think about facing your seatmate. Jungwon thinks about staying with you after class for a bit, just to discuss what time you’ll work on your slideshow and script, but you’re already rushing out the door.
He’s a bit disappointed, but you seem frantic to get to your next period. And besides, he has a whole week to talk to you and get the project sorted out. Jungwon lets himself worry for the five minutes between class periods, then moves on.
“I THINK YOU SHOULD TRY just being friends,” Sunoo suggests later that day, completely aware that your gaze has been stuck on Jungwon for the past 10 minutes. Even though you and Jungwon have been speaking more and more in class and you’re now able to hold a conversation without picking at your nails or bouncing your leg frenetically, you’re sure a literary analysis project will undo any progress you’ve made.
“Yeah, because being friends with Jungwon turned out so well for me last time,” you groan, rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands.
“I don’t know, it could be like exposure therapy or something. I just don’t think this whole ignoring him and then screaming at me over the phone about how cute he is every night is working. I could be wrong, though.” At this, you shove him in the arm, causing his light chuckles to turn to full-on giggles.
“I don’t scream about him,” you protest, brows furrowing as your friend eyes you sideways before turning back to his food.
“Sure, and I don’t have pink hair,” Sunoo sighs as you stab at your rice with your pair of chopsticks. “Don’t you think you’re, like, putting him on a pedestal? That boy is literally a puppy dog. The little white ones with the crusty eyes.”
You know Sunoo’s right. He knows you know he’s right, too, and he’s way too smug about your clear internal conflict.
“Maybe you’re right. People always say you can’t be friends with someone you’re attracted to, so maybe if we become friends I’ll finally get over it.”
“I don’t think that’s what that means, but yeah!”
Deep down, you know it won’t be such a simple fix. But, you also feel incredibly guilty, meeting Jungwon’s attempts at conversation with terse replies and avoiding his gaze at all costs.
Across the cafeteria, Jungwon is having an incredibly similar conversation.
When he tells Lee Heeseung about his predicament, his senior stares at him for a solid 30 seconds.
“Hey, are you gonna give me advice, or what?” Jungwon complains, waving a hand in front of the elder’s face.
“Sorry, I just don’t see what the issue is. Your project partner isn’t making enough eye contact with you?”
“Stop making me sound stupid. I want things to go back to normal. Y/N and I used to just click, but now they’re acting like we barely know each other,” he says. Heeseung eyes the younger boy, whose brows are drawing closer together, skeptically.
“I don’t know, from what you’ve told me it just sounds kind of awkward. But that’s pretty normal, you guys haven’t spoken in a long time.”
Jungwon’s brow furrows even more.
“Okay, here’s what you’re gonna do.” Heeseung pulls out a spiral-bound notebook and tears a page of lined paper from the binding. After rummaging for a pen and uncapping it, he begins to write:
“1. text Y/N about the project
2. invite them on a study date”
“Date?” Jungwon interjects, and Heeseung rolls his eyes. He adds “(platonic)” onto the end of the line before continuing.
“3. get an A
4. go out to celebrate somewhere
5. friends!!”
Heeseung finishes the list with an obscene amount of smiley faces after the final step before sliding the paper over to the boy next to him. Jungwon regrets asking for help in the first place.
“Thanks, I guess. I was going to do most of this anyway.”
Heeseung flicks Jungwon’s forehead, then stands and stretches out his legs. “No way, you probably would’ve gotten nervous and then done the entire thing by yourself.”
“No, I swear. Here, watch,” Jungwon whispers as he sees you approaching the same doors. He tugs Heeseung by the arm through the swarms of his classmates, eyes never leaving you. Once he’s close enough, he sets the first phase of the plan into motion. His hands are only a little bit sweaty as they fiddle behind his back.
“Hi, Y/N” he calls out, adding a small wave.
His bright voice makes your head snap up. When your eyes finally fall on his face, you want to bang your head against a wall.
“Hi, Jungwon,” you reply before remembering what Sunoo had told you. “Do you wanna start planning out our presentation tonight?”
“Yeah, that would be great,” He’s a little shocked (but even more relieved) that you’re carrying out his part of the plan all on your own. “I’ll text you?”
“Sounds good.”
After a momentary pause, you continue on your path to your math class, thinking about looking back at Jungwon’s retreating form but never actually doing so because you still have some little sliver of self-control.
Jungwon grins at Heeseung, who gives him a thumbs up. The list remains safely in his pocket.
AT 10:13 PM, JUNGWON SITS on his duvet and kneads his lower lip between his teeth. Your contact is open, the last message sent from over a year ago glaring back in mockery. For some reason, it’s so hard to come up with a way to say “Hey, do you want to work on the project right now?” without throwing his phone across the room.
Suddenly, three dots appear, as you’ve started typing out a message of your own. Jungwon nearly leaps off of his bed.
“hey, r u free to work rn?”
Grinning like an idiot, he starts typing out a reply, fingers flying at light speed over the screen of his phone.
Like Jungwon, you sit perched on your own bed, phone in your hands (which are quickly growing clammy). You reread the message you’ve just sent, searching for any spelling errors and contemplating if you’d been too informal or too forward with your wording (even though it was only 7 words). For two minutes, you wait, opting to put your phone down and look around your room, but still picking the device back up every 10 seconds to check for notifications. Eventually, you get a reply.
“yeah, fs! i’ll share a doc w/ u :)”
Satisfied, you flip open your school-issued laptop and click on the new link in your email, smiling when you’re greeted with a blank page and Jungwon’s cursor blinking on the screen. As diligently as would be expected of the student council president, Jungwon begins typing, listing out ideas for your presentation topic, and occasionally texting you to clarify specific details.
At first, your exchange is a little awkward, neither of you wanting to cross the careful boundary between project partners and friends just yet. But, as the night stretches on, you find yourself falling back into the same comfort you had years ago. It’s a little aggravating, seeing firsthand how you still click so easily with Jungwon.
At 12:45, you’re complaining about your various annoying teachers and your coursework. The project remains long forgotten; the two of you had done far more than you’d needed to anyways, seeing as the whole thing is due in 2 weeks.
Suddenly, Jungwon remembers the lined piece of paper, folded up and sitting on his desk. It’s not explicitly written in the plan, but things have been going so well tonight, and he slowly types out a new message. It sits in the little bar below the chat for a solid 30 seconds before he winces and clicks send.
“after we present and get a perfect score, we should go out and celebrate!!”
“what if we don’t get a perfect score?” you reply quickly, though you know better than to doubt the abilities of Yang Jungwon.
“we will.” he shoots back, and you smile a little at the addition of a “>:(” at the end.
At 1:09, you move on to the topic of family and learn that Jungwon has an older sister. By 1:27, you’re back to the topic of colleges, but this time, you find camaraderie in your and Jungwons’ mutual fear of the future and what lies after graduation.
And by 1:58, when you’ve started checking for notifications a little too frequently for your liking, because yes, you are still desperately trying to push any romantic attraction toward Jungwon out of your head, you power your phone off and force your eyes shut. Sleep eludes you until 2:36.
Once you stop replying, Jungwon sets his phone down beside him and flops onto his back. He closes his eyes and breathes in, then out.
A smile crosses his face as he falls asleep.
OVER THE NEXT WEEK AND a half, you and Jungwon fall into a routine. During lunch, you spare no small amount of glances his way. By the time the sun sets, his messages fill your hours until you break away from your phone to go to sleep. When you wake up and go to school, he’s waiting for you, never failing to be one of the first few students to arrive in class.
Your resolve crumbles a little more with each passing day.
And now, you’ve allowed him to infiltrate your afternoons. Sunday, three days before your project is due, the two of you meet up to practice presenting. Jungwon had offered up his house, seeing as he’d have the place to himself for the afternoon and early evening, and instantly, sirens went off in your brain. Eventually, you resigned—you know firsthand just how persistent Jungwon could be. And, as if that weren’t enough, he’d bribed you with pictures of his dog.
You and Jungwon sit on the wooden floor of the small study tucked into the corner of his house, slideshow pulled up on the laptop that rests in the space between the two of you.
The door is left ajar, allowing Maeumi—Jungwon’s dog that somehow has the exact same energy as he does—to walk in and out on occasion. Maeumi, who is the only reason you’d agreed to come, rather than insisting on working in the library or a cafe or even over video call.
Being inside Jungwon’s house is so nerve-wracking. It’s not the classroom, or the hallways, or the cafeteria, the places you’ve grown so accustomed to seeing him in. There’s no screen separating you from him, allowing you to hide behind carefully thought-out messages or a well-timed sleep schedule.
There’s just you (sitting cross-legged on the floor and trying so hard to take up as little space as possible that your legs are starting to hurt) and Jungwon, whose catlike eyes seem to peer into your soul.
“Okay, let’s run through the whole thing and time it to see if we need to cut anything out,” Jungwon begins after clearing his throat.
“Sounds good,” you mumble, reaching for the mouse plugged into your laptop to scroll to the top of your shared script.
Jungwon has the same idea.
You feel his hand bump into yours as you rest it over the mouse, and you swear you’re getting heart palpitations even though you’re near 18 years old and absolutely should not be getting so hung up over something as simple as touching fingertips. Quickly, both your and Jungwon’s hands shoot back into your laps, and you take great interest in examining the frames lining the walls of the office. Your ears and cheeks burn in embarrassment.
Hesitantly, Jungwon moves his hand back and scrolls up, and you open a stopwatch on your phone. With a nod, you signal your partner to begin speaking and click play.
“Hello everyone, I’m Jungwon, and this is my partner,” he trails off, leaving the end of the sentence for you to complete, as you’d planned. Instead, you stare at the screen of your laptop, chewing your lower lip.
As the silence registers in your mind, your eyes widen.
“Sorry, I, uh, got distracted rereading the script.
“All good, let’s try again?”
With a nod, you restart the stopwatch. The two of you make it exactly four more lines before your rehearsal is once again brought to a halt. This time, Jungwon is the one who forgets to chime in with his part, instead opting to stare at the floor.
“Jungwon,” you whisper. His ears start to match yours in color.
You think that if you can get through today without embarrassing yourself any further, the presentation on Friday will be a walk in the park.
Just as you take a deep breath in, mentally preparing yourself for a third try, Maeumi trots in. The small, white dog wags his tail and runs up to Jungwon, and the project is thrown to the back of your mind.
“Hi, Maeumi,” Jungwon coos, and you reach out a hand to stroke the dog’s fur. At this, Maeumi starts to leap around, excited about seeing the new guest in the house for a second time.
Jungwon stands up, smiling softly and saying he’ll find some treats for you to give the dog. Once he’s on his feet, Maeumi perks up, walks into the center of the room, and starts to pee on the floor.
Jungwon’s smile drops. He looks like he wants to die.
“Shit shit shit. I’m so sorry, he doesn’t usually do this,” he cries, grabbing your arms and ushering you out of the office.
Once the two of you and your laptop are safely outside, standing in the narrow hallway lit by the afternoon sun streaming through the windows, Jungwon’s shoulders slump and he releases his grasp. His lips pull into an even deeper frown and his brows draw closer together.
You look at him, then back through the doorway into the room, and your lips quiver. He looks so distressed, but you can’t help it as laughter wracks your body. Soon enough, Jungwon joins in, and the two of you remain in the hallway, chests hurting and cheeks aching from smiling too hard.
“Um, I’m gonna go clean that up,” Jungwon chuckles as your laughter dies down. “We can just work in my room.”
You nod, and he directs you up the stairs and into a small room. You sit down a little hesitantly on the bed at his suggestion, and then he bolts out of the room, presumably to find paper towels.
Jungwon’s room is somehow exactly as you’d pictured it (not that you spend your free time imagining what Jungwon’s bedroom looks like, obviously). A few pictures are scattered across the white walls, and a navy blue duvet is draped over the full-sized bed. The white desk positioned in the corner of the room is spotless, scattered with a few sheets of paper and a desktop.
A few minutes later, Jungwon finally trudges into the room and collapses down onto the bed, hand covering his face. He peeks through his fingers at you, sitting next to him, and promptly starts giggling again.
Jungwon notices you look a lot less tense, relieving the tight feeling of anxiety in his chest and making his stomach flutter (in relief, he tells himself). He supposes he has Maeumi to thank for cutting through the previously awkward atmosphere, even if it did mean he had to clean up dog pee. He pushes himself up so that he’s upright and peers over your shoulder at your laptop, which rests in your lap.
Your eyes flicker to his face, a few inches away from yours, so close that if you were to turn your heads at the same time, you’d be touching.
“Let’s just run through it first, yeah? We can time it after.”
Stiffly, you nod.
This time, the rehearsal goes without a hitch. Once you’ve said your final line, you both pause, faces breaking out into two matching grins.
Jungwon pulls you into a brief hug, arms tightening around yours. You’re stunned for a second, and then you’re reciprocating, wrapping your own arms around his waist and giving him a quick squeeze before you both pull away.
“See, I told you we’re gonna get a perfect score,” he says as he resituates himself on the bed.
“We better, isn’t it worth like 15% of our grade now?”
Despite your first impressions of Mrs. Park, the woman knew all too well that more than half the class would slack off once college applications were submitted and their grades no longer held as much importance. It adds a whole new layer of stress to the already nerve-wracking project, but you’re just glad it’s happening now, rather than in a few months, when the entire year will be focused solely on their future schools. You’re also glad you have someone like Jungwon.
You’ve decided the two of you work well together. And you’re beginning to hope that he feels the same.
DESPITE ALL OF YOUR DOUBTS, Jungwon is right. Your presentation is probably the best run-through you and he have done, and at the end, you see Mrs. Park’s genuine smile for the first time this year.
As you both return to your seats so the next group can go, Jungwon shoots you a smug look, and you can hear his voice in your head saying he told you so. As you watch the pair of students standing near the whiteboard, Jungwon slips you a bright orange sticky note.
“do u still wanna celebrate later?” is scrawled across the slip of paper in looping handwriting. You shift so that you can write your own reply underneath.
“we haven’t gotten our scores yet”
Jungwon frowns at your pessimism.
“did u not see mrs. park smile??? we def got a 100”
“wtv u say”
He unsticks the note from the table once you’re finished writing and resticks it in front of himself. Then, he moves his arm so that you can’t see what he’s writing. Annoyed, you face forward and actually start paying attention to your classmates’ analysis of the poem you don’t know the title of. Jungwon taps his pen to his lips a few times, deeply contemplating his next words.
Eventually, he sticks the note directly in front of you, then swivels to the front, watching your reaction out of the corner of his eye.
“are u free friday at like 7”
You’re a little surprised as you read it; you hadn’t expected Jungwon to actually stand by his suggestion of celebrating after the project ended. You would consider him a friend now, but you didn’t think he’d actually voluntarily want to spend time with you outside of class if not for schoolwork.
“think so,” You write back, trying your hardest to sound noncommittal. The last thing you want to do is turn down the implied invitation, but your palms are sweating a little and your handwriting is a little shakier than normal at the thought.
“great, you’re coming over,” Jungwon pens with finality, effectively shutting down any protests you might give as he grabs his backpack. It’s then you realize that the period has ended, and you watch his retreating figure strut out of the classroom in slight awe.
With a few seconds delay, you also make your way out of the classroom, meeting Sunoo in the hall to walk to your second class of the day.
“Jungwon just asked me to hang out again,” you immediately tell your best friend as you start to walk side-by-side down the hallway. “At his house.” When Sunoo sees your grin, his eyes immediately narrow teasingly.
“What happened to becoming friends so you can get over him?” he drawls, and you immediately look away. “It’s fine, I’m sure he likes you back at this point.”
You almost choke.
“What are you talking about?”
“He asked you out literally five minutes ago and you’re acting like I’m crazy?” Sunoo says incredulously, crossing his arms.
Luckily, you’re only a few feet from your next class. Sunoo glares as you wave to your teacher and practically skip into the classroom. Soon enough, you get a text message from the said boy.
“u know i’m right.”
You roll your eyes and tuck your phone back into your pocket.
The next three hours are spent with you completely tuning out the various lectures and wrestling with your own thoughts. Part of you does know Sunoo’s right; knows that there has to be some deeper meaning behind the lingering glances and touches shared between you and Jungwon. The other part believes that such a thing is impossible, and that you’re delusional for even entertaining the idea.
By the time your lunch period arrives, you’ve psyched yourself out to the point where you think you’ll throw up if you see Jungwon in the hallway.
Of course, this is exactly what happens (besides the throwing up). Heeseung and Jungwon stand by a row of lockers, engaged in animated conversation. Thankfully, there are still more than a few other students walking through the halls, so you’re sure you’ll be able to pass by unnoticed. The two also seem extremely engaged in their own conversation. Jungwon looks a little flushed, while Heeseung wears the condescending grin you’ve seen far too many times on Sunoo’s face.
Briskly, you walk past, ducking your head down, but you’re still able to catch a snippet of their conversation with how loudly they’re speaking.
“See, I knew you guys would get an A,” Heeseung exclaims, clapping Jungwon on the shoulder. “My plan worked perfectly, you should listen to me more often.”
“Of course we did, Y/N’s one of the smartest people in our year,” Jungwon replies, swatting away his friend’s hand.
You nearly forget to keep walking. It feels as though your heart is sinking deep into your chest and pulling your lungs down with it, and you suddenly feel nauseous for an entirely different reason.
In your haste, you miss the second part of Jungwon and Heeseung’s conversation.
“You speak so highly of them,” Heeseung smiles, finally lowering his voice. “It’s nice.”
Jungwon’s eyes widen a little before he, too, starts to smile.
“I think very highly of them.”
“I don’t think you ever needed the plan, honestly,” Heeseung’s smile shifts from genuine back to teasing. You’re both whipped and it hasn’t even been a month.”
Jungwon hums in thought before closing his locker and briskly strutting down the hallway, leaving Heeseung standing a little dumbfounded for a moment before he follows.
During lunch, the last two people you want to see sit perfectly in your line of sight, as usual. Contrary to your normal routine, however, you refuse to look over and bear witness to Jungwon’s joyous laugh or his bright smile. Now that you know, you can’t help but feel he’s laughing at you.
If Sunoo notices your dramatic shift in attitude, he says nothing. It’s not that you don’t want to tell your best friend about what you’ve just heard, but the entire situation has filled you with humiliation so deep that you think you’ll need a few weeks to even admit to yourself that you’ve been completely played.
Eventually, the lunch period ends, and for the rest of the day, you solely think about Jungwon. The boy had occupied many of your thoughts before, but now, instead of reminiscing on his dimples or his cheerful voice, you’re stuck wondering how you’d gotten here in the span of a few hours.
The worst part is that Jungwon seemed so earnest when asking you to hang out just hours before. If you hadn’t overheard the conversation with your own two ears, you’re sure you wouldn’t have believed it.
As you lay in bed, ignoring the couple texts from Jungwon trying to start your usual idle evening conversation, you feel like an idiot.
WHEN JUNGWON WAKES UP THE next morning to a distinct lack of a response to his messages from the night before, his heart sinks. He wants to believe that you just fell asleep early or were extra focused on a difficult assignment, but he can’t help the little voice in his head telling him he’d been too pushy the day before, and drove you away.
This fear is only confirmed when you sit down next to him. To your credit, you do respond to his little good-morning wave. But Jungown can see from a mile away that your smile is a little too forced, and your posture is completely closed off.
Rummaging through his backpack, he finds the pad of orange sticky notes and sticks one onto your shared desk. He uncaps his pen and writes in his looping handwriting.
“everything ok?”
When you read the note, you want to cry. You stare straight forward and give Jungwon a single, sharp nod. In your peripheral vision, you don’t see his shoulders slump as a frown is painted across his face.
Luckily, the rest of the period is taken up by more presentations, allowing you to look extremely invested in what your classmates are saying so that Jungwon doesn’t try to start any more conversation. When the bell rings, you quickly sling your bag over your shoulder and walk out. Jungwon peels the orange paper from the desk and crumples it into his pocket.
Jungwon hopes against hope that the sudden shift is temporary. He tells himself that maybe your phone has been broken for the past two days, or that your pet fish died and you’re just too deep in mourning to talk to anyone that isn’t Kim Sunoo.
But then he walks into the cafeteria and sees you and Sunoo, crowded around your phone screen and giggling at a video you’re showing him.
He envies Sunoo, your best friend since freshman year and probably since junior high. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that you and him are not meant for a friendship that lasts more than a month.
His messages still go unread. Your next shared class period on Friday morning is possibly the most awkward hour he’s spent, although he’s opted to join you in your vow of silence towards him.
It’s the final day of presentations, and after the class period ends, Mrs. Park says she’ll be releasing scores. Jungwon, who’d been insistent on your success from the beginning, doesn’t even want to check.
This time, he’s the first out of the two of you to leave the classroom. Even though you’re supposed to be angry, you’re equally concerned. You know that Jungwon cares about his grades just as much as you do.
As you’re gathering your notes, you hear heels clicking against the tile floor.
“Y/N, I just wanted to let you know that you and Jungwon gave the best presentation I’ve heard in years. You’ve both earned a perfect score, please tell him as well,” Mrs. Park tells you. At the moment, she looks strangely maternal, so different from the strict, tight-lipped woman you’d known for the past month.
“Thank you, Mrs. Park. I will.”
FOR SOME REASON, YOU STILL show up to Jungwon’s house at 7 o’clock on the dot.
You ring the doorbell, still contemplating getting back in your car and driving home. Before you have the chance, the door swings open, leaving you face-to-face with Jungwon himself. He’s clad in plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt, looking at you as though flowers have started growing out of your head.
After he’s scanned you from head to toe, toe to head, and back down again, he steps aside and lets you enter.
“I didn’t have anything planned,” he mumbles. “I didn’t think you were still coming.”
“Sorry,” you say, because you can’t think of any other way to properly portray how you feel. And you do feel sorry; sorry that you realized too late, that you’re still so willing to show up at his doorstep even after learning the truth.
Jungwon ushers you into the living room and offers you a seat on the couch. Once you sit, he rushes into the kitchen, telling you he’ll be right back.
For the millionth time that week, you've left him completely and utterly confused.
As you listen to Jungwon pacing around the kitchen and flip through different movies with the remote, you begin to hear a faint tapping. When it grows louder, you peer out the window and are met with a rainstorm.
It’s already dark, and with the rain, you would feel completely uneasy attempting to drive home. You get the feeling all of your exits have been sealed.
When you finally decide on playing the first Harry Potter movie, Jungwon re-emerges from the kitchen holding two bowls of ramyeon.
“Here, I didn’t know if you wanted any so don’t feel like you have to finish it.”
“Thank you. Sorry,” you mumble again as you pull your bowl closer to you and pick up the pair of chopsticks resting on the side. The word is quickly becoming the only one in your personal dictionary.
Jungwon spends about three seconds seemingly deep in thought before reaching for the remote and pausing the movie.
“What’s wrong?” he whispers, turning to face you on the couch.
“Nothing, sorry,” you reply, chewing your lower lip and picking at the skin around your nails.
“Why do you keep saying sorry?” he continues, and you almost feel guilty with the way he looks at you.
Your mouth is completely dry. You can’t think of an answer.
Jungwon sighs. “I’m gonna go for a walk.”
Then, before you can even blink, he’s out the door. You sit in slight shock for a few moments, wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do in a situation like this.
And suddenly, all of the sounds surrounding you rush back into your ears. It’s raining, probably harder than it’s rained all year. With the realization, you’re on your feet, slipping on your shoes and racing outside.
The neighborhood is dark, only dimly lit by streetlights. The moon is hidden behind the storm clouds.
Quickly, water soaks into your hair and clothes, the short sleeves and thin sweatpants doing nothing to keep out the frigid temperature.
You nearly cry when you see Jungwon, walking alone in the middle of the empty road, his figure growing smaller and smaller.
“Jungwon!” you call out, cupping your hands around your mouth in a futile attempt to magnify your voice amidst the torrents of rain pouring from the sky.
A few meters ahead, he pauses, shoulders heaving as he catches his breath. You can see the hesitation in his movements as he contemplates whether to turn around or keep walking away. Shivers start to run through your body.
“Jungwon, please,” your voice breaks, rasping from the frigid weather and the tears pricking your eyes.
Finally, he turns around. He inhales, exhales, opens his mouth, and you finally see Yang Jungwon lose his composure.
“I don’t know what you want from me, Y/N,” he says, with such a sharp look in his eyes that you’re almost taken aback. You grit your teeth. He starts walking closer.
“You,” he huffs, “are so confusing. We talk for the first time in a year, and you can’t even look at me. And then just when I think we’re finally becoming friends again, you completely shut me out.”
Your stomach clenches as remorse and anger simultaneously course through your bloodstream. You have to reassure yourself that no, you’re not being irrational, no matter how much you want to believe that Jungwon hadn’t just been using you.
“I’ve been trying, so hard, to talk to you,” he continues, each word accented with a step in your direction. “I can’t keep chasing after you when you’re making it so obvious that you want me to stop.”
“So why don’t you?” you hiss. “It’s not my fault you see me as some sort of extra credit assignment or something, right?”
You know you’re being unreasonable, but you’ve been wound so tightly this past week that you can’t bring yourself to care.
“Is class president not good enough for you? Do you have to make everyone fall in love with you to fuel your sick ego? I don’t want to be used to keep up your GPA.”
“What are you talking about? Do you really think I’m like that, after all these years?” He spits back at you. “I thought we were friends, but you really can’t trust me enough to believe that I would spend time with you just because I like being with you?”
“So then what did I hear you talking about on Wednesday? Your plan to get an A on the presentation?”
You can pinpoint the moment realization washes over his face like a bucket of ice-cold water.
“You heard—Heeseung, he,” Jungwon begins out, face quickly overtaken by remorse. His shoulders rise, then fall. “The only reason he came up with that stupid plan was because he knew I missed talking to you. I was…”
He runs a hand through his hair, the wet strands still clinging to his forehead.
“I was desperate, okay? I didn't want to lose you before I had a chance to figure this out.”
It feels like you’ve been punched in the lungs.
Even in the noise of the storm, his words sound out clearer than anything, resonating through your head like it’s an echo chamber.
“Sorry, I don’t really know what I’m saying,” he says after the silence stretches out indefinitely. You can see the wall separating the two of you slowly being built back up, right before your eyes. “I can, um, walk you home now. And then I’ll leave you alone.” You swallow.
“I’m sorry for not trusting you, Jungwon.”
“It’s okay,” he chuckles bitterly, still refusing to look straight at you.
Another pause.
“You didn’t lose it,” you whisper. It takes everything in you to keep your gaze off of your shoes as his eyes finally meet yours. “Your chance, I mean. I didn’t even know I had a chance with you, and I still couldn’t get over you after a whole year.”
The rain, the distant sounds of traffic, all of it goes completely silent, and the world stills around you.
Jungwon’s eyes search yours for one, two, three seconds, and then he’s curling his fingers around the collar of your soaked t-shirt, crushing his lips against yours, and breathing you in as the rain beats down on your backs. The tension seeps out of your body in waves as his features draw into a sweet smile.
Everything is so much, the now-soaked fabric of your clothes clinging to your skin, the feeling of his hands running up and down your bare arms, lacing around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer until you swear you can feel his heart pounding against your own.
Your fingers hover over his cheekbones before finally threading through his hair, and he shakily exhales into the kiss. You’re only a little satisfied that he feels equally as overwhelmed as you.
Eventually, the two of you pull apart, though you maintain the close proximity.
“You could’ve just told me, you know? Then I wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to move on,” you tease, heart still soaring.
He ducks his head into the crook of your neck, and you feel his smile press against your skin.
“I know, I already feel stupid.”
“I think that’s an oxymoron or something,” you simper. “I should tell Mrs. Park her star student thinks he’s stupid.”
“You’re really annoying, you know,” he complains, lifting his head and dramatically sliding a hand down his face before turning around to glance along the road.
“Come on,” he says, holding out a hand for you to take. “Let’s go back before we both get hypothermia.”
Something in your chest flutters, and you smile for probably the hundredth time in the span of 10 minutes. Tugging on Jungwon’s hand to pull him towards you, you press a chaste kiss to his lips before releasing your grip and starting off down the sidewalk, giggling.
Maybe you’ll have to give up on getting over Yang Jungwon for a while.
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seungstarss · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING. ex-student president/bad boy! jungwon x fem! reader
SYNOPSIS. after spending months suffering from amnesia in the hospital due to an "accident," you return back to your normal school life where your close friends who you remember stick by your side 24/7. Unexpectedly, you cross paths with ex-student council president yang jungwon, who you failed to remember but feel oddly drawn to. however, after the meeting things start to get odd and you slowly begin piecing together the mystery behind your accident.
GENRE. social media au, high school au, angst, fluff if you squint, crack, ex-friends to lovers(?), betrayal
WARNINGS. mentions of traumatic events, mentions of amnesia, swearing, tba.
FEATURING. enhypen, p1h's intak, ive's wonyoung & rei, itzy's yuna, treasure's jeongwoo
STATUS. COMPLETED (Feb 9th - April 16th)
NOW PLAYINGS. GHOST by Justin Bieber
⁺ please note that these are NOT the actual representations of the idols.
⁺ ages of the members are adjusted for convenience.
⁺ yes jungwon was the winner🏆sorry for all the hoon stans who wanted his smau, I promise I'll get to that too! This series will officially start after "prove it" is completed
Tumblr media
01 / gasoline situation
02 / I'll push you off a cliff
03 / keep your mouth shut
04 / coming for your head
05 / right? (written)
06 / a letter?
07 / a lil rendezvous
08 / the principal's office
09 / you disgust me
10 / more than grateful
11 / newfound fear
12 / useless
13 / obsessed
14 / practically begged
15 / make it clear
16 / "our spot"
17 / on thin ice
18 / I'm done for
19 / be careful
20 / a pure bonding (written)
21 / the key
22 / memory one (written)
23 / Robert Pattinson simp?!
24 / rigged election?
25 / wait a second
26 / now that's fucking low
27 / tame yn? where did she go?
28 / memory two: the record (written)
29 / dumpster socks
30 / hello Mrs. Yang
31 / the fake blond
32 / yang jungwon, you know better
33 / you need to see this
34 / realization (written)
35 / you're fucking selfish yang jungwon
36 / please just let it all go away
37 / bloodshot eyes
38 / did he not tell you?
39 / In another life, I would make you stay
40 / the one that got away
Tumblr media
@moonsclover @berriniki @luvrjn @fiantomartell @shoftiiel @sthinqsz @acciomylove @abdiitcryy @ielaa @baekswoons @sunshinehanjisung @candidupped @missmadwoman @ja4hyvn @yangrden @liliansun @hutao-s @httpheeseung @todorokiskitten @primorange @uanel @babygay-stay @woniecf @yourlocalhotgf @ddeonubaby @luv3iza @mykalon @soobin-chois @pshwyfie @jjun4thitboy @yenart @solitxre @enhacolor @i43wons @hobistigma @yooo-gurt @iv-en @haechanhues @heesplanet @mika-monalisa @ielaa @alo-ehas @kyleeanne @wonvelvet @blank-velvet @stealanity @rrvvby @jakesim-p @chirokookie @mochisnlix
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lov3niki · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING — non idol!yang jungwon x non idol!reader
GENRE — ex friends to lovers, reader ignores jungwon in first bunch of chapters, reader is closed off, fluff, angst, reader is stubborn asf
SYPNOSIS — yn and jungwon, the middle school best friends everyone thought would get into a relationship when they entered highschool. well, they were definitely wrong. after entering highschool, jungwon finds new friends and slowly starts to ignore yn. as much time went on, they became strangers once again, until yn decided to leave. jungwon never noticed that she left, that was until he went for family dinner at yn’s parents house. regret, pain, guilt, is all the boy could feel when her parents mentioned that one of her best friends decided to ignore her, like they were strangers again. as the years of highschool goes past, jungwon becomes closed off, only talking to his friends, wishing he still had her. but what if yn returns for the last year of highschool? will jungwon make an effort to become friends again? or will she be the one ignoring him this time?
FEATURING — aespa: karina, itzy: lia, nctdream: chenle
WARNINGS — talks about being unproductive, cussing, jungwon kinda did reader dirty, MUCH angst
STATUS — coming soon!
TAGLIST — closed!!!
A/N — okay ngl im excited for this one hella much bc me and angst 🤝 best friends, also DAMN i have a mf long sypnosis and for what😭😭😭also posting this rn while i work on my niki smau!!!
000. PROFILES — #wehatehimsquad | simps🤣
001. dawg stop simping over her💔
002. shes back????
TAGLIST (closed) — @soulsdeadplants @hiqhkey @yunki4evr @lovnayeon @axolotlboo @deeznutsriki @kimjiho1 @emoworu @tomorrowbymoa-together @jwsflower @ayayiiie @yeonjunsleftboob @caty-catts @sunghoonsblackgf @jungwonnieee @sophhloaff @cyuuupid @i4cho @imyuna-06 @viagumi @kimmchijjajang @y4ngjungw0nz @arizejkt19 @lil-iva @stickersim @wonluvrbot @rrvvby @swnheo @facelesswrittes @talks-with-meena @scarfac3 @crazywittysassy @shawkneecaps @cwsana @misavenue @heystarlette @99outros @lachinitaaaaa @jiawji @straykidz0914 @tobiosbbyghorl @mklhyvn @kaeslily @rendezrei @meowtella @ineedcoffeeandtherapy @denleave1088 @blearis @3nh4luvr @k-pop-shining @stephaniekim15 @pjongbb204 @nvertheless
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en-galaxy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you’re the prettiest scenery, 정원. 🍃
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taeghi · 6 months ago
the classics : an enhypen series
Tumblr media
a series of the classic fanfic tropes : written about enhypen, written for engenes <3
genre : ROMANCE, cringey tropes, fluff, angst, *hyung line volumes contain smut*
also this is def not inspired by a tiktok trend.... anyways....
release dates : volume 3 : jake : february 13th
volume 4 : sunghoon : april 10th
volume 1 ☆ lee heeseung - the older brothers best friend trope
Tumblr media
"what if he comes home early?" "then we're fucked, but at least we'll be fucked together."
summary : keeping your crush on heeseung a secret from heeseung was hard, but keeping it a secret from sunghoon was even harder. what do you do when you accidentally fall in love with your older brothers best friend?
you sneak around behind his back of course.
read volume 1?
read part two?
volume 2 ☆ jay park - the hates everyone except you trope
Tumblr media
"hey! focus on the assignment!" "well stop being so fucking pretty and i might be able to!"
pairing : badboy!jay x good girl! reader
summary : being the smartest one in your whole year had its perks, but it meaning that you would have to tutor the students that were behind in class was definitely the ultimate con- except for it allowing you to get to know the school’s bad boy in a way no one else has before.
includes smut
read volume 2?
volume 3 ☆ jake shim - the first love trope
Tumblr media
"oh shit, sorr- wait you like one ok rock? "yeah?" "no way, what's your favourite song?!"
pairing : popular boy!jake x shy!reader
summary : you, a quiet girl who is the introvert of all introverts, never thought you would befriend the most popular boy in school by having the same music taste. what songs are you going to show him next?
includes smut
read volume 3?
volume 4 ☆ park sunghoon - the boy next door trope
Tumblr media
"are you okay, y/n?" "yep, 'm just fine." "don't lie, i know you're finding it hard to not picture me shirtless again."
pairing : shy figure skater sunghoon! x extravert!reader
summary : park sunghoon, the quiet figure skater from school has moved into the house right next door to your own. you never really paid attention to how cute he was until he starts walking around his room shirtless, knowing that your windows were adjacent to one another.
includes smut
read volume 4?
volume 5 ☆ kim sunoo - the soulmate trope
Tumblr media
"can i help you with something? or are you just stalking me?" "i- uh, i- you're my soulmate!"
summary : in a world where everyone is given a necklace that connects to their soulmates, you’re getting fed up with not finding yours, until you are forced to take another bus route for once and bump into a pink haired stranger who just so happens to have a necklace that is similar to yours. if only he would wear his necklace outside of his sweater you’d be able to confirm.
read volume 5?
volume 6 ☆ yang jungwon - the childhood friends trope
Tumblr media
"earth to y/n! are you even listening?" "wha- yes of course i am!" "no you weren't! what were you thinking about? was it me?"
summary : being born only one day after yang jungwon was something you always thought was a special gift from god. being platonic soulmates with someone since birth is fun, until you start day dreaming about holding the other’s hand with three little words dancing right on your tongue, ready to speak them out loud.
read volume 6?
volume 7 ☆ ni-ki - the enemies to lovers trope
Tumblr media
"god do you even know how the geometry of interactions relates to the balance of bodies?" "um yeah, obviously i do." "really? because the awful way you do your pirouettes doesn't really show it."
summary : when you were younger, you thought you were lucky to only have to see nishimura riki at your dance academy, but your lucky heavily changed when you end up going to the same high school together. and it especially got worse when the two of you are forced to be partners for the upcoming science fair.
read volume 7?
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jaysunghoon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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inhypen · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@txt.bighitent  update  with  taehyun  and  jungwon  —  “my  baby  😻”  
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enzenwriting · a day ago
attention, please!
30 - triple s (saturday study session)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
30 - triple s (saturday study session)
♡Summary: When Enhypen are forced back to attend class, Jungwon is determined to fight or flight; by tying to get out of school or trying to make the best of ordinary school life. What would happen when he comes across the rumoured bully who happens to be his aunt’s neighbour who is really good at making cookies?!
an: who’s the real third wheel fr?? 
♡ taglist: (open! pls ask to be tagged!)  @hiqhkey @lovnayeon @rrvvby  @i6hoons  @tenten-67 @angel-hyuckie @wonloop @itsjynop @myjellyboo @lil-iva @r3esieeee @nieeeeeeeeeeeee @yjwnoot @caty-catts     @mierumiko @rionah @mqndnolia​ @chirokookie​
♡ masterlist    previous/ next
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maiwon · 4 months ago
boyfriend application, yjw
Tumblr media
you signed up for the vice president position in decelis academy as a joke, but the joke quickly faded when they announced you as the vice president. you decided to make an application and post it on your twitter account because you were tired of not having a love life outside of school. but what if the president of the student council sends you his application?
Tumblr media
pairing stuco president!jungwon x stuco vp!reader (fem)
genres/troupes fluff, angst, slowburn, acquaintances to lovers, social media au, highschool au, mutual (?) pining
warnings cursing, over-used jokes, jokes about death, reader is dense (kind of) + more tba
featuring enhypen, ive, itzy, txt, aespa , cravity, xdinary heroes, an oc
author's note hello this is my first time doing a smau on tumblr so pls bare w me T^T im not rlly used to making smaus on tumblr so it might not look good. anyways ive been having a jungwon brainrot and thought that i should write a smau for him so here i am :] send an ask to be added to the taglist!! <3
taglist closed.
status on-going, updates irregular
Tumblr media
y/n and friends jungwon and friends
01 j*ngwon making moves ???
02 won?
03 he did what
04 he told me u liked cats!
05 we'll pay you back
06 she's desperate
07 chill jungwon ur omega side is showing.
08 tell me why im getting emotional over this
09 what if we give it a try?
10 ur so down bad for me
11 grow some balls man
12 woot woot he did it
13 what if we kissed in front of wangshu inn
14 he's salty becausekoddksm @*#*?#(×
15 congrats
16 status: feeling like shit
17 this is why i kin diluc
18 miss u2 ig..
19 she's back
20 ditched?
21 guess who she likes
22 school tmr?!
. . . special chapter: ynwon's first date! (what if yn didn't go with euri)
23 this is gaslighting
24 i don't understand
25 @/YN_isAjerk
26 reported and sorry
27 we're okay #Yass!
28 g eff?! WHAT!!?
29 lotte world date <3
30 #DecelisPromSlay!
Tumblr media
© maiwon 2022. rbs are appreciated. <33
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246sn · 4 months ago
mc enemiez! ( ✶ ) idol! jungwon x gg idol! reader ˃ᴗ˂
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⸝⸝ SYNOPSIS ‎𐪆 despite jungwon being a #humble leader, he was kinda salty about the fact that his almighty title of the “youngest leader in k-pop” has been taken by blackpink’s brand new juniors. the world goes against jungwon’s wishes in staying as far away from her as possible when they both end up being the new mcs for ‘the show’. ₊˚✸ ༘
⸝⸝ GENRE ‎𐪆 written + social media au, (one-sided) rivalry to lovers au, idolverse + bad attempt at humor :p, angst
⸝⸝ WARNINGS ‎𐪆 some yge slander, messy timestamps, my attempts in being funny lol, some swearing
⸝⸝ STATUS ‎𐪆 completed : 03.09.22 % START : 12.30.21 !
⸝⸝ UPDATE SCHEDULE ‎𐪆 every two days !
⸝⸝ TAGLIST ‎𐪆 taglists are closed !
Tumblr media
◖ MASTERLIST ?! — plz stop flirting! ꔛ the emos + sunoo
prologue . . . soompoopy
OO1 . . . mama (socmed+written)
OO2 . . . so what!
OO3 . . . og big 3
OO4 . . . maybe i should
OO5 . . . jungwon urge
OO6 . . . you’re all delulu!
OO7 . . . first time
OO8 . . . oh shoot
OO9 . . . where’s updog
O1O . . . business casual (socmed+written)
O11 . . . ladies man
O12 . . . cat café (socmed+written)
O13 . . . good day
O14 . . . bet ur jealous!
O15 . . . sunghoon (socmed + written)
O16 . . . must resist
O17 . . . i miss her
O18 . . . first episode (written)
⠀⠀⠀ ˓ bonus chapter . . . operation : ynwon (text + written)
O19 . . . ggs
O2O . . . is this a date? (socmed + written)
⠀⠀⠀ ˓ bonus chapter . . . manifestations (socmed + written)
O21 . . . like, like like
O22 . . . i did it again
O23 . . . immense heartbreak
O24 . . . officially doomed
O25 . . . overpriced qtips
O26 . . . janitors closet (written)
⠀⠀⠀ ˓ bonus chapter . . . after school (written)
O27 . . . pretty girl
O28 . . . tug of war (written)
O29 . . . moving out
O30 . . . busted (socmed + written)
O31 . . . sad and disappointing (written)
O32 . . . bf and co-worker
O33 . . . this is a date. (socmed + written)
⠀⠀⠀ ˓ bonus chapter . . . family approval
epilogue . . . first and last
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