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#yang xiao long

Yeah I came up with it since I needed to figure out exactly how Yang would lose her arm without Adam, both because he isn’t a villain in  AZRE and I hate that it was him doing it since it tied Yang to a storyline that wasn’t hers. Still, I wanted to keep disabled rep since I’m not a fan of removing disabilities even in AUs, so why not make the Grimm actually threatening?

And I picked an Ursa especially because of Yang’s allusion! Plus they’re very bulky and strong, so it makes sense that they can tear limbs off with just a bite.

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Ruby: *groaning and sitting down* That’s the last of them…

Qrow: *panting and leaning against his weapon* So… many… grimm…

Jacques: And this is the last of the dust mines I need assistance with.

Ruby: Then that means we can start going-

Jacques: Your team can. I need you to stay here, Miss Rose.

Raven: *glaring* Oh no, we are NOT letting her out of our sight!

Tai: *nodding* She’s our team leader. She gets to come home with us.

Ruby: Jacques, I dont know what exactly it is you want from me, but I’m not interested.

Jacques: *frowning* You cant-

Qrow: Back off bud, she said no.

Jacques: *walking off to the airship* We’ll see about that.

Raven: Let’s find another way back to Beacon. I’m sure another airship will take us around.

Ruby: That’s a good plan.


Summer: *going through a small lockbox* Come on dad… you had to have something…

Yang: *laying back onto her bed* So… you never did tell us about that thing you did.

Summer: *sighing* I said we weren’t-

Blake: You did but… we’re your team. You should be able to trust us. Which reminds me…

Yang: *sitting up as Blake took off her bow* You’re a faunus?

Blake: *nodding* Y-yeah…

Summer: First, I’m offended you’d even hid that from us. And second, why hide that? I know not everywhere is okay with faunus, but you shouldn’t have to hide from us.

Blake: *putting her bow back on* I want people to know me for me. Not because I’m a faunus.

Summer: *pulling an old scroll out of the lock box* I definitely understand that.

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Animal instincts

Ilia:*kicks door down* CODE RED! AERO IS MISSING!

Blake:What!? How!?

Ilia:*sniffling* I don’t know! I put him on his cot to take a nap while I cook! My back wasn’t turned too long but now he’s- he’s-

Yang:Calm down! We’ll find him. He’s only two, couldn’t have gone too far.

Ilia:He has wings!

Yang:Right….forgot about that. Maybe-


Blake:Not now sweetie. We’re dealing with something important. Go-why are filthy?

Kovu:Hehe, I brought you both a present. *drags in a sleeping Aero*


Blake and Ilia:……..



Ilia:It’s not funny!!!

Yang:*tearing up* It sh-should’ve b..b…be bu..but

Blake:Just laugh.

Yang:Pppfffftt HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! K-Kovu, please give Ilia her child back! *hunches over* Ooooo my sides!

Kovu:Okay! Here you go!

Ilia:*holding her baby* How did you even get in my house!?

Kovu:I’m a good climber!

Blake:Kovu dear? Please never do something like this again. You made somebody very scared. Next time just give us hugs as presents.

Kovu:*hugs Blake’s leg* Okay!

Blake:I am…so, so sorry.

Ilia:I’m taking a paid vacation.


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