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1. Blake vs Torchwick (Volume 2)
+actual culmination of Blake’s arc to that point and actual history with Roman
+technically sound
+arcs with Yang (mentally fresh and healthy partially thanks to her) and Weiss (working with her by supplying the dust) pay off here for Blake’s triumph
-Roman kind of goes down really easily
-aura inconsistencies (what else is new)

2. Qrow vs Tyrian (Volume 4)
+/- legit looked like two masters compared to RNJR
+soundtrack was excellent, I love the Bad Luck Charm leftmotif
+sets up rivalry for the future
+nice use of the environment to enhance the fight
-weird pauses in the action break up what is otherwise a really good fight
-Tyrian just holds out his tail so Ruby can cut it off
-the action with RNJR beforehand was a bit underwhelming

3. Yang vs Adam (Volume 6)
+best fight animation of the Maya era, probably
+the sound design was super on point, Yang’s rapid punches sounding like a machine gun going off was beautiful
+some actual clever choreography with Yang avoiding Adam’s sword
+”Gotcha” was a really freaking good moment for Yang
-Blake interrupts the awesome action to explain away Adam’s semblance
-Blake in general was kind of disappointing in that fight honestly
-Adam and Yang both forget they have guns near the end

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does anyone have the yang can’t be a lesbian she has big boobs tweet i need to show its full stupidity to my roommate and searches are doing nothing for me

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Jade’s First Laugh. Finale

Oscar: ♩ She’s sweat, wet, Got it goin’ like a turbo ‘Vette! ♩

Jade: *Laughing*

Ruby: ♩ So, fellas ♩

Oscar: ♩ Yeah! ♩

Ruby: ♩ Fellas! ♩

Oscar: ♩ Yeah! ♩

Ruby: ♩ Has your girlfriend got the butt? ♩

Oscar: ♩ Hell yeah! ♩

Ruby: ♩ So shake it! ♩

Oscar: *Starts shaking his ass* ♩ Shake it! ♩

Ruby: *Slaps Oscar’s ass while she raps* ♩ Shake it! ♩

Oscar: ♩ Shake it! ♩

Ruby: ♩ Shake that nasty butt! ♩

Oscar: *Turns around to face Jade again* ♩ Baby got back! ♩

Weiss, Blake, and Yang walk into the room

Ruby: *Unaware* ♩ One more time from the top! ♩

Oscar: *Notices the visitors*…

Ruby: ♩ I like big butts and I cannot lie! You other broth…♩ *Sees her teammates*

WBY: *Just shakes their heads*

Oscar: Ruby, please, that is so inappropriate! *Quickly walks away*

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An: you got it fam!



Originally posted by inx-yourx-dreamx-galaxy

  • She’s excited to see him alright after all the chaos and danger that came after the fall
  • Even more so that they are managing to take care of themselves and stay out of too much danger
  • She would be very instant that he come along and help them on their way
  • But she can sense his tension once the question was out of her mouth
  • When he gives his reply it gives her a moment of pause
  • Then she takes a moment to think it back over
  • Before she has to point out that a medic can’t save everyone, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try
  • Especially if they happen to be as talented as he is



Originally posted by zaya-chan

  • She is very relived to see him safe after all this time
  • She knows that he had probably struggling and she can’t blame him
  • Everything that had happed took a toll on everyone
  • And especially someone who just wants to help his team it must have been awful
  • She tentatively invites him along with them
  • But she isn’t surprised that he refuses
  • And she doesn’t push outright but she does want him to consider that he can only get better by moving forward
  • And he knows that they’ll give him plenty of chances to grow with how much trouble they get into



Originally posted by yumeshirayukiblogs

  • It is a huge weight off her shoulders to see him doing okay for the most part
  • She had thought about him from time to time in her travels
  • And seeing him in one piece makes her feel so much better
  • She implies that he’s welcome to come along more than outwardly inviting him along the way
  • But when he responded and she could see how tense he was
  • She isn’t going to force him or argue she knows he has his reasons
  • And sometimes she knows that it can be easier to work through it on his own
  • But she offers their support and he can always catch up if he changes his mind



Originally posted by rwbysquad

  • She’s so happy that they got to run into him
  • She had hoped he mad it out in one piece
  • And knowing he was still kicking and doing his best makes things a little less bleak some how
  • She wants him to come along but it doesn’t take a guineas to see how uncomfortable he is when the subject comes up
  • She can’t blame him they weren’t always super close
  • But his reasoning doesn’t resonate well with her
  • She insists that he should definitely come along with them then
  • Because no matter what she knows he’s going to be the one to pick them back up
  • And they can support him just as much
  • They’ve all grown a lot and she is ready to prove that to him
  • He would have to just try and see how it went
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Weiss: Here are two pictures. One of them is your room, and the other is a garbage dump in the Philippines. Can you tell which is which?

Yang, pointing at a picture: That one is the dump


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Today’s janurwby is swap day, so here’s an outfit shuffle!

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I don’t usually ask this stuffs but I need someone to step up and draw Yang’s dragon transformation but it’s Mushu from Mulan cuz u know her name is basically “little sunny dragon”.

I’ve been trying to draw it for the past few days and it looks like a WORM 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

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Our Home Away From Home, Away From Home

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PART 6 – Prophetic

They decide very quickly that fancy dinner dates are most certainly not for them. They laugh too loudly and make a mess even the waiters stare at, and the alcohol is so expensive that they outright tell the waiter he shouldn’t bother refilling the over-priced water they pretend is wine. And when they come out, they’re reminded that the chauffeur winced when they drove here on a bike. They tell him not to bother fetching it and they just snatch the keys from his hands.

“Never again?” he asks, taking a helmet she offers.

“Never again,” she confirms. “Would sooner go out to sea, catch myself lobster, and cook it on the beach.”

“Actually,” he says contemplatively and pulling out his scroll, “that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

She gets off her bike to see what he is looking for. “Renting a boat?”

“Yeah, but you can’t actually fish for lobster. We’ll have to sit around and wait for traps to trigger or – and I think this is a great idea – we can go snorkeling!”

“I’m into it,” she says, but then a jolt runs through her skin and her smile widens. “Okay, I'm really into it,” she says with a laugh. “When’s the date, lover boy?”

“I’d like to say a week, honey bunch,” he says sarcastically, “but at the speed we take to get ready, I should say two.”

“Hey, we got ready for this date pretty quick.”

“Leisure pace, Xiao Long. Let’s try not to wear ourselves out like tonight. We can just get takeout dinners on the couch in the meanwhile.”

She rolls her eyes playfully. “Riveting. You sure know how to excite a girl.”

“It’s not supposed to be riveting. It’s routine.”

“Yeah, we don’t get take-out all the time for dinner. Wait, no, that ain’t right. We’ve been getting take-out for a while now…” She realizes that Jaune’s been ordering take-out subsequently.

Jaune shrugs. “I can only cook so much. Don’t got much variety under my chef’s hat, and I don’t have time to find new recipes and get them down pat for basic, human consumption.”

“You don’t have to get them down, y'know? I’ll be your guinea pig for your practice cooks!”

He deadpans. “I don’t look forward to poisoning you.”

She punches her chest. “Hey, my stomach could use a workout too. Gotta catch up to Nora somehow.”

He sits on the bike and slips on the helmet. He turns on the comms for it as it links with hers. “That’s a lost cause,” he says through her inset speakers. “Ren and Nora used to rough it in Mistral for years before coming to civilization. Nora can spot a bad plant like it’s glowing in the dark and Ren can make just about any of it useful. We city folk probably shouldn’t be bothering.”

Yang pulls out of the parking lot as he hugs her waist. “It’s so easy to forget that they haven’t lived a life like ours,” she says. “They certainly don’t show it.”

“Ha ha! Ren secretly takes pride in that. He’s glad no one can guess it without somehow being told.”

The city zooms by them and Jaune is grateful that he doesn’t have to figure out how to get home. He knows that will change once he gets a car, but that’s a concern for another day. One day soon, though.

“I’m glad they’re back together,” Yang says. “They had me worried there.”

“I wasn’t worried. It was bound to happen, really. Though I am glad Joan saw it in herself to help.”

“She might have impressed Nora more than she did Ren with that stunt. Hey, she ever tell you why she gave up on him?”

“He rejected her.”

“Oh, what?”

“Yeah. Said she knew he’d turn her down, but she wanted to give it her all.”

“That’s mature of her.”

“She does want the elder hoodie back though. Says she earned it.”

“I can give up the coziness of a good hoodie for that. Have half a mind just to set her up with somebody just so she can find someone for the dance.”

“Oh, shit! I almost forgot the dance!”

“Firstly, yes, I’ll take you.”

She can feel his deadpan from behind her head. “You didn’t even let me ask…”

“Secondly,” she presses on, “since when do you curse?”

“Since I started going out with a brash little blonde.”

“Hey, I’m not little!”

He chuckles. “You really are Ruby’s sister… And you are to me. The day I have look up at you when we talk, we’ll negotiate.”

“You’re taller than most of the campus! You’re taller than most teachers. God knows how tall you’ll be in your twenties!”

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t be caught dead calling most of them little.”

“And how the hell did I end up an exception? You see these guns? I can total a car if I needed to. They’re certified artillery!”

He squeezes her stomach. She squeaks. “Like you’d hurt me, Xiao Long. You love me too much.”

“…You’re a cheat. You know that?”

“So I’ve been told. By a local blonde, you might know her.”

“A trustworthy source, I hope.”

“She’s been honest with me so far but she’s got no class in a fancy restaurant. Boisterous one, she is. Decides that having good time is better than hanging out with a bunch of hoity-toits.”

“How deplorable!”


“Preposterous! She probably has terrible taste in men to boot!” She throws back her head in an exaggerated fashion.

“Oh, I can only imagine!” he scoffs dramatically. “Scraggly blondes from the sticks, maybe. Little more than a farm hand!”

“How grave!”

“Horrifying is what it is!”

They laugh.

“Still… sounds like they’re made for each other,” she says quietly but her mic picks it up and he hears it like a whisper in his ear.

“Yes, well… ruffians and riff-raff have to find love too, don’t they?”

“Perhaps we’ve been too harsh, Reginald.”

“Reginald?” He reels, dropping character.

“Just roll with it. We’re still not even in the right district. Got twenty minutes of driving ahead of us.”

“What do I call you then?”

“I don’t know. Think of something.”

“Hm… how about Barbara?”

“Ooh! I like that one!”

“Alright, then I humbly request to not be Reginald.”

“Well, what do I call you then?”

“You’re the clever one. Figure it out.”

“You’re the strategist!”

“Doesn’t mean you’re not clever.”

“You tryin’ to compliment your way outta this?”

“You making excuses not to?”

“Fine… how about…” She steals a glance at her dashboard. “Oh, Miles!”


The hours wind down quietly in Jaune’s apartment. His eyes are drawn to the vanity against the wall, its cracked surface a memoir from the previous tenant when she left it behind. Landlord didn’t even bother cleaning up the mess. The empty ring box that smashed the mirror tells a story all on its own.

He wonders what might have happened. What love came into this room and how much left violently through the torn hinges of its front door (another thing he had to fix on his own). Jaune told Yang the story, guessing as best he could. Yang muses that a wounded heart is like a hurricane. Jaune says his was more like a sickness eating him from the inside.

“I hope I can fill the gaps,” she says, nestled into his back as he’s sitting on the bed. “I hope I can heal what’s tearing itself apart.” She reaches around his chest and clutches her arms around him with her hands pressed against his chest.

He smiles cause she sounds like she hasn’t already healed most of him already. It’s only then that he realizes that she filled the gaps in his heart on her first day in this apartment. “You’ve done plenty,” he says, hand over both of hers.

She hums appreciatively and, before he can say anything else, he hears her snore against his back.

He lays her in bed and can’t help but kiss her forehead. Then her cheek. Then her lips. His chest is full to bursting, hands clammy and sweaty, and so comfortably and uncomfortably happy that he only realizes the full smile until it’s hurting his cheeks. When alone with her he feels a happiness that drowns sunsets in the quiet reverie of a starlit sky, as if he is finally completely sure of something. As certain as night turns to day. Inevitability and the peace that comes with it.

When he kisses her again, he knows she’s half-awake cause she grabs him by the ears and pulls him in before depositing him against her shoulder blade. “Sleep…” she mumbles.

He slips out of her grasp. She huffs angrily at the missing warmth.

Jaune sits by the vanity again, watching the cracked glass split his reflection in two on the corner of it. Yang is in the background of the mirror behind him. The splintered glass doesn’t reach her.

Months back he cautioned her not to love him, that it was too easy to trick herself. Because emotions are fickle and perhaps something inside of him is as well. Parts of him still lingers on that doubt, a tiny part of him that refuses to die or to see the genuine affection radiating off of her.

“A wounded heart is a like a hurricane…” And he worries how deep a scar that hurricane might leave behind.

He opens a drawer on the vanity, and the empty ring box is still there. “If you were so sure you wanted to be together, then why did you stop at the finish line?” The splintering crack on the vanity calls to him, poisonous doubt ebbing out of it.

The drawer shuts. He stands and only gives the mirror a final glance. “Whoever you two were,” he thinks, “we’re not you.”

Settling into bed, she snuggles in unconsciously to fill the empty space. The warmth carries him adrift and he dreams of them at sea, diving for lobsters like they’re buried treasure.


Yang is alone for a rare moment in the apartment. Jaune’s out with his team and Ruby, while Weiss and Blake offer to come over for the afternoon. But here, in the long yawning stretch of a lazy Saturday morning, she is alone with her thoughts, but she knows she will not be for long.

There is a tap on her window and she already knows who it is. With a pop and a slide, the window comes open and a crow flutters in with the rest of the autumn wind.

The bird morphs into a man, and Qrow Branwen’s feet settle quietly onto the floorboards – as weightless as one of his feathers. “Heya, kiddo,” he says as he dusts himself off. He turns to find her crashing into him. “Woah, hey!” She grumbles when he doesn’t hug back. He pats her head instead. “Someone’s in a good mood.”

She pulls her head out of his chest. “If you have to ask why, then you’re a poorer spy than I thought you were.” Releasing him, she ambles over to the kitchen. “Thirsty?”

“I, uh, I shouldn't…”

“I meant water, Uncle Qrow.”

He looks around the apartment. Worn wallpaper, a skewed window frame, discolored wood glue over the scars in the walls, everything’s mostly brown. It's clean but it looks it’s seen a lot of bad over the years. Maybe even a body. At least one. Definitely at least one. “You sure the taps are safe?”

“I haven’t taken any chances on that,” she says, already filling up a pair of glasses, “I’ve got a filter. Installed it on my first week here.”

His eyes are drawn to the coffee table. There’s a wireless speaker there that hasn’t seen use for a while, judging by the gathering dust on its surface. “Jaune told me he’d blast Seven Rapids at your door so you don’t stay in bed all morning.” He picks up the speaker as Yang comes around. “Looks like he hasn’t needed to in a while.”

She rolls her eyes at the wideness of his grin. “Before you say anything, we didn’t do it. We just snuggle and I bite him sometimes.” She sets down the drinks before plopping onto the sofa next to him. “Okay… maybe every time.”

Qrow raises a brow. “Didn’t know he had a thing for hickeys.”

She snorts. “It’s not for pleasure. Consider it my only real trek into sadism.”

“Hope you don’t torment the kid too much.”

“I’d have stopped if he clearly didn’t like it.”

Qrow winces. “You tellin’ me blondie’s a masochist?”

“No, sorry… Poor choice of words. And this is gonna sound weird but… sometimes it feels like it’s about the only thing really holding us back.”

“From what?”

Her blush deepens. “You know what, Uncle Qrow…”

“Oh, I do. Just don’t see how neck biting is supposed to be some substitute.”

“Can we… not get into this?”

Qrow shrugs it off and reaches for the water. He pauses for a bit because, in the low light of a cloudy morning, it almost looks brown. Then he realizes that it isn’t water when he picks it up. “Orange juice? You really are your mother’s daughter.”

“Raven never did this,” she says dismissively.

“I meant Summer. I still love my sister, but she wasn’t your mom. Not where it counted.”

“The legalese would disagree,” she says, leaning back against the sofa and tipping her drink down her throat like it’s alcoholic. The tang is welcome. It’s a sting to the freshly healed cut on her lip. “Law still says she’s my mom. Somewhere down the line I’m still her next of kin. Maybe one day she’ll pass on and I’ll find a tribe at my doorstep cause somehow they’re suddenly my responsibility.”

“I wouldn’t let that happen.”

“Could you even stop them? I’ve met Vernal and she barely even respects me. And it wouldn’t matter how weak Shay is as just another forerunner on the tribe. He’s stubborn like Raven is.”

Qrow chortles. He’s got secrets of his own because the way he’s looking at her makes her feel crazy. “They’re only trying to mess with you. You’re young and haven’t had the chance to beat them up yet. Give it a few years and they won’t even try. One year they’ll be scowling and laughing behind your back and come the next they’ll stiffen like boards and bowing to your highness.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“You’re still a Branwen, they’ll come around. ‘Course, it’d be easier just to show you once you graduate, but that’s a few years off still.” He finally takes a drink of his orange juice before the tang floods his cheeks and he think of Summer for a moment. “Oh, wow. This is good stuff.”

“Freshly squeezed,” Yang says. “Jaune does it manually. Says it gives it a rustic quality that reminds him of home.”

“Speaking of home…”

“Don’t bother explaining,” Yang says quickly. Not frustrated but impatient. She pulls out her scroll and sets it between them on the table. One click and it opens on a message from her father. “Dad already reached out. Yes, I’m coming home. Yes, Jaune is tagging along. And, yes, I know Raven will be there.”

It doesn’t so much sting as it presents a burgeoning sense of inevitability, like an oncoming train and she’s strapped to the tracks.

Qrow scrolls through Tai’s message briefly but… “This isn’t a message. This is a thesis.” He’s still scrolling.

“Yeah, you can smell the nerves radiating off the screen…” She bites her lip just like she did when she got the message, and it feels like her teeth have settled into a groove on her healed lip, ready to cut in again. “Dad’s overthinking it. I wouldn't not come home. I would’ve taken zero convincing.”

“Even if Rae’s there?”

“She doesn’t get to factor into it,” she says, and it almost feels like a lie. “It maybe gives me something to look out for but I’ll be going home for Dad. She doesn’t get to stand in the way of anything.”

Qrow doesn’t tell her that her cold, stoic front reminds him of Raven. Maybe being stubborn just runs in the family but she’s got a willingness to see this through that he almost sees in himself.

“What does she want?” she asks, hand clutched onto her other arm.

“She wants to show you that she’s changed.”

“So she can what? Win me over?”

Qrow shakes his head. “She’s not so optimistic. Just wants to prove a point.”

“So… she’s showing off?”

“Ha! Almost, but no. She’s there to prove she’s changed and whether or not you forgive her or even remotely want in on that is just a bonus.”

“No apology?” Yang doesn’t know if she sounds hopeful or dryly sarcastic.

“She’ll probably lead with it or think it isn’t worth trying.”

“She should at least try.”

Qrow sits back, amused. “That sounds like something Summer would say.”

“She is the one that wound up being my mom after all.”

“Yeah, but you and Summer are wired differently.”

Yang’s eyes are almost afraid. “…What do you mean?”

“I mean that Summer expects apologies because she expects forgiveness. She gives people every chance to bounce back.” He leans in her direction, meeting her eyes. “You don’t expect to forgive her. You’ve only taken Summer’s lesson but none of the reason behind it. To people like Raven – Hell, to people like me – we don’t apologize to people we know won’t forgive us. To us, it’s an empty gesture.”

“But it’s the principle of it!” she defends, even if it’s weak passed her lips.

“Principles we don’t share,” Qrow says but doesn’t need to. He knows Yang gets it.

She growls. “She doesn’t deserve it.”

She feels his hand clutch her shoulder. “I know, kiddo. And Summer knew that too, but if Rae walked through the door and asked her to be part of the family again, she would let her.” There’s something else behind Qrow’s eyes as he looks through the window. Something in the steady breath he takes before speaking. She hasn’t missed how Qrow talks about Summer as if she were never gone. “To Summer, forgiveness isn’t an act of balance. It isn’t about righting wrongs or burying hatchets. That’s just the neat little bow they come in. No, to Summer, forgiveness is an act of kindness. Love: unconditional. That includes the bad. Especially the bad. Even if it hurt her.”

Qrow is still elsewhere, wandering through a memory Yang can almost feel. His hand rises to his chest, clutching the angled cross of his necklace.

His eyes widen when he feels her hand over his on the sofa. The squeeze is reassuring, familiar. “Ruby deserves to know, Uncle Qrow.”

He chuckles, hollow and spent. “When I’m done being an absent father, sure. But not before.”

A knock on the door. Yang gets up to answer it but Qrow gets up and closes his arms around her.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry,” he says quietly into her hair.

She clutches his back. Defiant. Unwilling to see his faults. “…You aren’t the one who left.”

“I did. I was just there more often than Tai. You’ll have to forgive him, too… I don’t think he’s healed quite yet either. Doesn’t want to show that a part of him is still… lost.”

She doesn’t deny it. Can’t. It would have spat in the face of her hardships having had to act as Ruby’s mother. “…I already forgive him,” she says honestly.

“I think he should know that.”

He lets her go and she opens the door. Blake and Weiss greet her with a tin box of assorted chocolates.

“Hey, I heard voices,” Blake says. “I thought Jaune wasn’t home.”

“Oh, he isn’t. It’s just my –” she turns around at the sound of fluttering wings and feathers drifting out of an open window. “–Nevermind. I’ll explain later. Come on in. Jaune squeezed some oranges this morning and you should try this stuff fresh…”


“Qrow was at the apartment the other day,” Yang tells Jaune in the hallway after class. Oobleck whizzes by them all by a speeding car that no one is somehow afraid of.

“Oh?” Jaune intones as he fixes his hair. “For how long? He could’ve stayed for dinner.”

“He was only there for a drink. Didn’t even get to see Weiss and Blake.”

“A drink? How much of my whiskey did he take?”

She chuckles. “None. We had orange juice.”

“Oh… did he like it?”

“Pfft! You’re such a dork. Yes, he liked it. More than he thought he would.”

He blushes. “So, why did he come over?”

“To try and convince me to come home,” she says easily. It almost surprises her how easy it is to say. “He didn’t need to, really.”

“Are you sure you want to?” He’s leaning in now, long neck craning over her like a mother bird’s protective shadow.

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I?”

“Yang, please don’t tell me what you tell them. Tell me how you really feel.”

She blinks because he looks so dead serious that she almost laughs before shoulder bumping him. “Sweet of you to ask but it isn’t like that. Maybe I was a little more apprehensive about meeting Raven than I let on but I really have no trouble being in the same room as her.”

He’s a little embarrassed he jumped the gun on that one. Of course she’d be okay. Yang hasn’t needed to go clubbing to forget her problems for months now. And neither has he. His flask has been largely untouched all week.

“I guess we’re both doing a little better than I expected.”

“There’s that smile,” she says, beaming. “Now we should probably talk about that fishing trip.”

“Way ahead of you. So I was asking Sun about diving gear and–” Jaune feels a tap on his arm.

It’s Cardin. “Don’t slow down,” he says dryly. “You don’t wanna be late for Leadership again.” He walks ahead of them with Ruby matching his pace. She waves. It’s strange to see them get along.

“Right,” Jaune says, wincing as they pull out of earshot. “Sorry about this,” he says, shrugging sheepishly. “I’ll see you at lunch?”

“Sure. I’ll save you a seat, but don’t take too long. I can only hold off Joan for so long before she starts teasing me again.”

“Great,” he kisses her cheek, “I’ll hurry back.”

When he’s jogged off, Yang suddenly can’t help but feel something unsettle in the air. The hallway seems unnaturally still.

Jaune stops at the sight of Cardin freezing in place and staring at him. Then he realizes that much of the students in the hallway are stood around staring at him too.

Jaune and Yang exchange glances until they realize they haven’t made their relationship public.

Someone in the crowd breaks the silence. “Okay, what the fuck.”

Jaune is still late for class, but so is Cardin and Ruby. They spend detention gossiping.

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Ironwood: *facing the group, Penny and Weiss on one side of him, Winter on the other* With the way everything is going on in Mantle, it pains me that I dont have a choice. I will be declaring martial law-

Nora: You cant do that!

Winter: He can if he thinks it will help keep Atlas safe.

Ironwood: And right now, between the attack on the election rally, the vigilantes down in Mantle, and the possibility of a serial killer thought to be dead loose, it’ll be easier for me to keep the peace. That means I expect each of you-

Yang: *taking a step forward, glaring* This isnt the answer! All you’re going to do is divide Atlas and Mantle further! We should let everyone know what we’re trying to do! They can help us with Amity-

Weiss: Yang. Stop.

Blake: You… cant really think this is the right course of action, can you?

Weiss: The general knows what’s best for Atlas.

Jaune: *sighing* There has to be something else we can do-

Ironwood: We dont have time. I’ll be speaking to the council tomorrow to let them know what’s going on. After that, we’ll start preparing for the worst. With everything that’s going on, we’ll want to be prepared for Salem’s arrival. Its only a matter of time before she decides to attack Atlas.

Nora: And then what? We let everyone panic, preparing for an attack that’s coming? We should be helping Mantle now-

Ironwood: And I have made myself clear. You should all go to your quarters to rest. We have a long day tomorrow.

Yang: *glaring at Weiss* Do you really think this is how Ruby would want things if she was here?

Weiss: *looking away* She’s not here. So it doesnt matter.

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Cane we get some d…amage done to a person also translates into their soulmate’s body (cuts, bruises and all) soulmate au? @theramblingfluff

Ruby sighed as she pulled up her collar, trying to hide the scars around her neck. She could still remember how it felt when they appeared when she was younger, the searing pain that suddenly shot through her neck, burning her. It was the first of many scars that had suddenly appeared on her body over the years. She wasnt any older than eight when her back was covered in scars and cuts. Bruises would randomly appear on her face. And all it did was make her feel sorry. Sorry that whoever was going through all of this didnt seem to be getting a better life.

Ruby looked at herself in the mirror before deciding to wrap a cloth around her neck like she normally did. Sure, it didnt give her a great reputation: everyone knew she was hiding something. Most assumed it was nothing, while others always assumed the worst. But after nearly being taken away from her dad after the scars started appearing… 

“Sis? You ready to go yet?” Yang peered into the dorm room, smiling at her sister. “The singles matches are about to start.” 

“I’m almost ready.” Ruby finished tying her cloth collar around her neck, quickly adjusting her cloak “Who do you think you’re going to be fighting?” 

“Not sure yet. But I really hope I can fight against Pyrrha or Penny.” 

“Although, you’d lose to both of them.” 

“Ouch, no faith in your sister?” 

Ruby smiled and walked past Yang. “I have faith that you’ll lose because Pyrrha can just use her semblance on your gauntlets and you’d never be able to touch Penny.” 

“Okay, you have a point.” Yang followed after her sister. “Still, you’ll at least cheer for me, right?” 



Ruby stood at the top of the tower as she watched Cinder turn Pyrrha to ash, feeling the palms of her own hands heat up. She quickly grabbed her weapon and rushed after in fury. 

Cinder smirked and used her new powers to create a sword to block Ruby’s strikes. “You really think you can do anything after Pyrrha just failed?” 

“I’ll stop you here and now!” Ruby’s blade sliced across Cinder’s cheek, causing her to hesitate when she felt her own cheek rip open and start to bleed. 

Cinder pulled back, amused. She quickly cut her wrist, watching the younger girl wince in pain. “Guess we’re more intertwined than I had thought. So you’ve felt everything? Seen all of my marks?” 

Ruby nodded, tightening the grip she had on her scythe. “You dont have to keep doing this. I get it, life hasnt been fair to you. But there are better ways than this!” 

“No, Ruby, you dont seem to understand it at all. This-” she motioned to the school, burning and infested with grimm. “-is what happens when you put your faith into men who dont care. Men who think they can make all the rules and watch as those who cant help themselves starve and are tortured. You’ve felt everything that I have. We are soulmates. Destined to feel all the pain the other does. But we can make things better for everyone else. All you have to do is help me.” She extended her hand out to Ruby, smiling a bit. 

Ruby took a step back, shaking as her eyes started to glow. “I… I wont let you!” 

Cinder covered her eyes as the flash of silver engulfed the top of the tower, catching her by surprise. “What?! NO!” 

Ruby could feel her body burn. The pain proved to be too much for her to handle, her body shutting down and dropping once the light faded away.

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Ruby: is he okay.

Weiss: should we do somethinng

Blake: jaune!

Jaune: oh god sorry.

Yang: the hell was thay

Jaune: oh uh nora bet me 50 lien if i could stand still for 30 minutes. How long has it been

Weiss: 30 minutes


Nora: grrrr fine

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