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mybrknhrtt · a day ago
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yasha my beloved i miss you dearly
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gorgynei · a day ago
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caleb got yasha a tangle bc he noticed that she doesnt have any proper stim toys and just uses her clothing/hair accessories/random stuff
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violent-backed-starling · 18 hours ago
Beau: We’re getting married, bitches!
Yasha: And we're about to make it everybody else's problem.
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marvelousbelladonna · a day ago
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Her hair 😩
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critrolestims · 2 days ago
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yasha cosplay gifs 🍃 source
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flurry-of-beaus-pop-pop · 2 days ago
Yasha charging in to the hag's hut after finding out that Beau offered to walk away has so much more meaning now that we know that she fell in love with Beau just shortly before this.
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friendsandcookies · 2 days ago
My favourite part about the date, besides the obvious, is that we get to see what Beau considered the important aspects and moments of their relationship up until this point. There is the time they first met - and we know Beau was attracted to her from the beginning. The bathhouse, where they had their epic battle of chicken and she saw Yasha naked for the first time. The fish tacos, a reminder of their first ‘date’. The fight because that’s where Beau kept looking over her shoulder, just to see. The wildflowers and Xhorhas where Beau’s feeling started to slowly develop from a simple crush to something more. And the dogs, not only something Yasha loves but also a reminder of the moment Beau knew she was in love with Yasha. 
And the best part about it all is that while it was Beau’s view on their relationship, every single part was added with Yasha in mind, so that they could relive their highlights together and create new memories at each of these steps.
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melancholic-frog · a day ago
how the mighty nein would play just dance
i made this post about vox machina after re-watching the just dance party vod, so i'm making one for the mighty nein as well. remember this is just my opinion <3
mollymauk: slays. an icon. the matthew mercer of the group. perfects every move and does it with flair. his favourite one to do is "umbrella".
nott/veth: she loves it, and she and jester do a lot of the dances together. they're a powerhouse duo and laughing the whole time.
jester: she's having the time of her life. she's the one convincing everyone to try it, she's hyping everyone up, and even though she may not be the greatest at it, she sure is having the most fun and puts the most energy into it.
beau: she says it's stupid and that she doesn't want to do it, but when she is finally convinced to try it, she's surprisingly good and ends up doing it a bunch more and has a great time.
caleb: he spends the time sitting with beau, hyping up nott/veth, who he does a few dances with. he's average at it, and having fun. on occasion he sends frumpkin into the middle of it to try and mess the dancers up.
fjord: he spends more time watching than trying it, he prefers watching the others have fun and struggle to do the moves correctly. but he does enjoy it when he plays and does pretty average at it.
yasha: she is not playing. she is watching everyone else, encouraging them, and laughing at beau when she is up. if they convince her to try it, it's only once and she's reluctant and not great at it.
caduceus: like yasha he is not really playing, he's sitting with her watching everyone else and making sure that everyone is drinking water when they get tired. he does try a couple of times, not with a lot of energy and a bit clumsy, but overall enjoyed it.
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wildflower-booknerd · 13 hours ago
I have just learned that Marion means star of the sea.
What a big brain
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beauyasha-week · 20 hours ago
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This is your reminder that Beauyasha Week begins next week (Monday the 23rd). 🥳
We accept animation, art, cosplay, edits, fics, headcanons, memes, mix-media, playlists, etc. We give participants the freedom of interpretation when it comes to prompts. The prompts are:
DAY 1: Angst or Champion
DAY 2: Class Swap AU or Hair
DAY 3: Domesticity or Sentinel
DAY 4: Falling or Feywild AU
DAY 5: Hands or Warmth
DAY 6: Pining or Post Campaign
DAY 7: Free Prompt
To take part in the event, tag your work with #BeauyashaWeek2022. And if you are observing, consider liking and reblogging the content you enjoy. 😊
Like last year, we will be participating in Critical Heroes and highlighting amazing charities, organizations and movements every day. We encourage you to advocate, educate, share, volunteer, and be a hero. 💙🤍
Other platforms: Instagram, Twitter, AO3 collection
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demigoddessqueens · 13 hours ago
HEAR ME OUT!! (insert Mighty Nein member) who has a crush on a certain cowboy-like member (you) who seems to always run back into the Mighty Nein before actually becoming an actual member? You're very much radiate suave and tough energy, but really your just a big teddy bear along for the ride. +Bonus: You lending them your hat as a way to show feelings <3
Time for some pining and yearning!!! 😉😊😁
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Of course Jester is head over heels for you, like something out of her romance novels. She thinks you’re the bee’s knees and that you’re so cool! Beau was at first hesitant to know you but she can’t deny that your wink and a smile towards her doesn’t make her faintly blush. Plus you and her trade stories from both pasts.
Yasha, Caleb, Fjord, and Essek are total Simps™️, hanging on to every word you say about what daring escapade you encountered along the way. Just the air of how you carry yourself sorta rubs off on them, and when you notice it with some flirty remark, yeah that façade drops real quick. 😆
Mollymauk sees a match in you, both with charisma and charm. He feels he can share his stories from his past with the the circus, and the two of you stay up late by the fire just laughing the night away
Cadeuces and Nott are intrigued by your tales, more or so Cadeuces, given that he wants to know how you’re faring and if you’re taking care of yourself. Nott/Veth asks if there were others you were involved with along the way 😏
The added bonus is that the Nein always like your hugs, both coming and going. It’s a warm goodbye and welcome. They hate seeing you leave but love watching you go 👀
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sharpdim · 5 days ago
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gorgynei · a day ago
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the convo in e106 where yasha hugs caleb for no reason is very underrated i think. i drew this in january but i just never posted it :) yasha and caleb r good friends
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lesbeauien · a month ago
Some of my most favorite completely pivotal, campaign-changing moments from Critical Role Campaign 2, in no particular order:
-mail fraud
-walking through a literal, not-space-related, massively long tunnel-like worm hole from one continent to another. with no DM prompting to do so. they chose this.
-blueberry cupcakes
-almost killing a weird purple dude with a weird geometric object, letting him go only for him to get killed by the government an instant later, and then being like “well I don’t want the GOVERNMENT to have whatever that is” and stealing it back on a whim. and then just. carrying around a powerful magical relic of unknown significance. for months. just jangling around in their bags and occasionally being whipped out for a once-a-day reroll. this thing started a WAR and then disappeared from under the noses of TWO NATIONS and these random adventuring chucklefucks had it the whole time
-appearing for an audience before a queen of a foreign land wearing BDSM gear and whipping out one of their lost religious relics
-The Wildmother loving her weird pink son enough to give him THREE successful divine interventions
-relentlessly attempting to become best friends with a war criminal even after learning that he started a war
-accidentally stealing a pirate ship. not ~accidentally stealing~, actually on accident stealing a pirate ship with no intentions to do so prior to stealing the pirate ship. and then going “I guess we’re pirates now.”
-Fjord flipping off a sea god and destroying his weird sea sword and then refusing or forgetting to get rid of the weird sea orb inside him and then going out to sea after he pissed off the sea god. multiple times.
-Yasha cannot make a wisdom saving throw to save her life her free will and it changed the course of the story. multiple times.
-negotiating peace between warring nations, and then dipping out to go organize and attend a cult convention
-going to their first ever big city and being like “what do we do now? crime? is crime what we do now? crime?” and committing treason and conspiring to murder a city official and joining a crime syndicate led by a wet dude who later turned out to be Jester’s dad
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mophamsa · 19 days ago
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We’re at it again folks.
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criticalmedia · a month ago
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Critical Role cast + excitement over player-characters being their previous class (1/?)
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flurry-of-beaus-pop-pop · 2 days ago
Did Ashley and/or Liam ever confirm/deny who they were talking about when Yasha asked "do you love her?"
I know a common theory was Jester, but actually rewatching, that doesn't make much sense. Yasha was gong for the majority of any development that could possibly be seen as romantic between Jester and Caleb. The only individuals she would have a potential reference for would be Nott or Astrid.
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casukaga · 2 months ago
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was thinking of ep 110 when the nein said they were wearing armor with their formal clothes for the dinner with trent…….then proceeded to think about yasha with that tuskborn breastplate over her dress.
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jinxknight · 2 months ago
Yasha's collection of flowers I'm crying 🥺
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All the bts of M9 is killing me 😭
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khalliys · 3 months ago
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Hi, yeah, more of this. These screenshots (the first is from ep 93: The Cupcake Moment, the second I don’t know) have nothing to do with each other, but I’m still going to present them to you as Beau having a rough time and Yasha looking like she wants to beat someone (preferably Thoreau) up about it. 
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