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#yasha nydoorin
c-kiddo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ok i spent too long on this skjnfks ✨
(its a redraw from the cr Variety photoshoot, if yu are wondering)
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lyrifaun · 2 days ago
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✨Thursday is imminent ✨
Please enjoy Yasha’s window (3/??) — featuring four tarot cards (Temperance, The Tower, Two of Swords, and The Hanged Man) and four flowers (white lilies for rebirth, snowdrops for enduring love, violets for The Gay, and clovers, because we all know why.)
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twistedseart · 7 hours ago
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When the sky is beautiful but you can't help but stare at your boo instead
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janmenart · 20 hours ago
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Cabbagetober Day 14 - Tender
//still catching up oops//
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anklesbit · a day ago
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here’s a quick WIP of something im working on :) will hopefully finish coloring and post it soon !! and my commissions are still open :)
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casukaga · a day ago
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Tumblr media
sometimes (a lot of the time) @flurryofbleaus will just say something and i’ll go— yeah :)
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thebeaubar · a day ago
So I see people talking about a rotating cast for C3 and I can’t stress this enough, where we are right now and having no announcement of that it would be an absolute disaster. First there is no greater pain then seeing one of your favorite characters taken out of the narrative as a fan of Yasha it sucked legitimately every time. Second it would divide the already divided community, I can just see the shit storm that would happen if Ashley or Marisha is rotated out and not Liam. People already have a massive disdain for Liam’s characters because of how the fandom reacts to and treats them.
I’m all for new people coming in and even down for a new permanent cast member but rotating the cast seems like a god tier type mistake, especially considering how invested some people get into these characters. I really hope they don’t do this because it would be bad for show in my opinion, the cast would get hate, the new people coming in would get hate and it would divide the community even further making it even more toxic.
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urfaveisakillsbian · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
yasha nydoorin from critical role is a killsbian!
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imreallyfckingstrong · 7 hours ago
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Please someone redraw this as Beau and Yasha pretty please I beg of you!
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annemarieyeretzian · a day ago
beau, turning mid-battle to quip sly sexual innuendo at yasha, is Peak Lesbian Disaster and I love/am proud of her
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flurryofbleaus · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
you can't do a vague justice league inspired mighty nein AU & not include at least ONE aqua-fjord
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peach-the-owl · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chaos? With the Mighty Nein? Never…
Tirck or Treat
Child of the Nein (Mighty Nein & Child Reader)
This is set post-campaign so… semi-spoilers?
If there was one thing you loved about this holiday, besides the free candy, it was the different pranks you could pull off. Grab some eggs and lay waste to an annoying nobleman's house, or better yet dress up or disguise yourself and scare the living daylights out of others. That is exactly what you set out to do, you and Jester easily using some paint to write messages on walls and simply causing chaos around Nicodranas. Fjord tried to keep you in check but it was pretty obvious there would be no stopping the two of you, especially when you gave him a near heart attack jumping out from around the corner looking like a ghost. The evening was well spent, playing keep away from those you pranked as well as guards, and if you were careful enough not to get caught you were still able to go around a get free candy, easily being spoiled by your grandparent at the Lavish Chateau. Finally when the day came to an end you would spend the night going through all your goodies at either the Lavish Chateau or aboard the Nein Heroz, all while recalling your actions to your favourite archfey/god who was sipping away at the drink in his hand and munching on some of his own "free" candy while listening amused by your tales.
A night where you could go out dressed up as whoever or whatever you wanted, demand for free stuff and then get said stuff without question? Sign you up this instant! No longer having to worry about things like the end of the world and just getting to spend time with your new family was also a bonus. You and Luc eager to go out and collect as many treats as possible, unfortunately you had to wait until Veth and Yeza were ready to take you both but once you were out and about there was no stopping you. The thing is, unlike Veth you had been a goblin from birth, so a lot of those traits still stuck with you after your transformation, including an itching of greed. Luckily for you, you now had a new partner in crime in your brother, the two of you sneaking away from your parents to… indulge in more of the festivities, and by indulge of course we mean the two of you managed to steal candy from other children. You two may have also broke into someone’s house because you heard they had giant cookies and wanted them all for yourselves, no big deal or anything. To say your parents were worried is an understatement, they were freaking out when they realized the two of you snuck off on your own. To make a long story short, when you were finally located it was by the town guard, you and Luc held the biggest and proudest smiles on your faces as the guards dangled you both in front of your parents. Veth was admittedly impressed but you were both still grounded for a week. Best night of your life.
One part of you wanted to use Polymorph to have the best "costume" the other part knew doing so would give you the intelligence of the animal you’d change into, but that still wasn’t going to stop you from trying. Caleb was in a near panic trying to dispel the wolf form you had decided to turn yourself into, but you were being extra slippery from his grasp, your mind in that state thinking he wanted to play a game of chase. Two more familiar faces appeared during your little chase, Astrid and Eodwulf trying to corner you so they could also attempt to dispel your polymorph, again try is the keyword here as you manage to find an escape route before they’re close enough to stop you. People were backing out of your way as you dart around the streets, your original objective having been completely lost to you by now. The town guard were called which only put Caleb farther into a panic (my goodness you wild child, how dare you make your father worry so much) now needing to get to you before they did. You finally skidded to a stop in front of an elven man who looked familiar yet didn’t all at once, a simple wave of his hand and your back to being yourself again with a dark blush of embarrassment. Caleb was beyond relieved to see you were okay, being calmed by a disguised Essek, he still had to tell you off for your irresponsibility with your magic. You also weren’t allowed to use spells without supervision for a good while, stating that you weren’t adventuring anymore so things would be a little different now. You sigh in defeat, knowing he was right, although on the plus side since no one really knew you were the culprit you were still allowed to go around and collect your candy under the watchful eye of the adults, this time no Polymorph for you.
Living in the grove you didn’t go out much to celebrate these little traditions, and there was nothing wrong with that, after all a graveyard could provide all the spooky happenings one would expect this time of year. Caduceus did make some baked goods for you as well, hearing from Jester a bit about the traditions she adored so much, not wanting you to be completely left out. You and Clarabelle were playing around, you using your Wildshape abilities for added entertainment as she'd try to catch you while being a squirrel or small bird, when you were both called back to the temple. Being greeted by your grandparents telling you Caduceus had something waiting for you, heading over you greet him in a hug before marvelling at the plate of sweets meant for you. Being the kind soul you are you happily shared some with the family, but still kept a good amount for yourself. It was a calm and pleasant evening, a warm wind blowing by like a comforting hug as the day came to a close.
You were excited, Fjord was reluctant. He wanted you to enjoy yourself but as we all know he isn’t the biggest fan of spooky things. Still he’d tough it out for you, besides it probably wasn’t so bad and you had Jester to accompany you as well, making for some extra fun. A tiefling, half-orc and half-elven child walking the streets, you three sounded like the start to a bad joke, course this "joke" took a wild turn when some random kid thought it’d be funny to try and scare you and some of the other kids. The last thing they were expecting was your fast reflexes in the fight or flight response, you easily choosing fight and ending up holding your weapon at the kids neck. They ran off in tears, calling for their mama and dada while you now had a crowd of other kids awing at your talent. Things calmed a little afterwards but of course that kid had to come waltzing back, and of course they just so happened to also be the head of the guards kid. Lets just say it ended up being a mad dash back to the boat to avoid any heat on your tails for a while, at least you had fun and you still had your candy.
You were a little torn on what to do, on one hand you could go out and get your free candy, on the other you could stay back and help sniff out any traitors or corruption. You choose candy, unfortunately Beau couldn’t come because she was knee deep in paperwork making you slightly rethink your choice, however fortunately you still had Yasha who was willing to go out with you. After getting ready and some extra reassurance from Beau that she was fine and wanted her two favourite people to enjoy themselves, you were off. It started off normal and fine but somehow, by one means or another, gathering candy turned into betting to see who could beat you in a fight and win the jackpot of sweets (some kids got cocky and you put them in their place real fast). One would wonder where the parents are in this situation, and while some mothers and fathers were opposed, ushering their kids away, others were surprisingly on board with this. After all you weren’t being lethal, a bloody nose at worst, the way to win was to pin someone down for 10 seconds. It was going great, until the guard had to get involved and break the whole thing up, those worried parents earlier being such killjoys. You came home on Yasha’s shoulder with a bruised eye, bags of candy, a proud smile and a story Beau found to be very entertaining.
To be completely honest, this was more so Beau’s idea. Although what she'd all told you about this little tradition did seem interesting to you, why not give it a shot. Having some free time the three of you set off to the streets, Beau telling you all the ins and outs of what people would do for the holiday. A lot of it didn't make much sense to you but others seemed to enjoy it and it was kinda fun getting all dressed up in a costume. You being an Assimar we’re able to add a bit of an extra wow factor you yourself with your special ability, shocking some and scaring others with your appearance when you did. Of course with your natural ability came some slight property damage to the streets, but at least you put on a cool show before having to flee from any angered guards or civilians. You spent the rest of the evening back home in the garden with Yasha while Beau got back to work, the two of you happily tending to the different plants and maybe snacking on a few of the bugs you managed to catch.
A free chance to scare people, plus free candy!? You'd have to be crazy to think the two of you wouldn’t relish in this tradition, sometimes going a little over the top. Who could blame you though, put you both together in the right situation and it’s bound to turn into show of sorts. One of your favourite things to do was tell the other kids scary tales, by the end of which Molly would pop out scaring them all, you both laughing and savouring in the stacks of candy the others would leave behind in their panic. You’d happily indulge in as much candy as you could before having to make a run for it to avoid any angry parents coming after you. Rinse and repeat in a different area of the city and soon enough you're off, hiding out at Beau and Yasha's place for cover, easily sharing your large bounty of candy with them while telling each other scary stories. All in all it was good, and no one got arrested this time.
It was kinda hilarious how you had to teach him about this tradition… again, he was fascinated by the idea of course and agreed to go along with you, though it really wouldn’t have taken much convincing anyways. You kept it pretty simple, and by simple we of course mean you dressed up multiple different times to get as much candy and sweets and possible from the same houses. Kingsley very much taking a liking to the scaring aspect of the holiday, maybe too big of a liking, using his naturally intimidating looks to really rile up people. It started with the ship crew, the two of you getting a great laugh when you made Fjord nearly jump overboard, Jester chuckling in the background. Unfortunately, one wrong step and he was suddenly in the hands of the guards, so of course you put on your little childish charms, with some bardic magic for extra help and talked them into letting him out. You laugh as the two of you exit the jail when he comments how he doesn’t regret a thing and would absolutely do it again.
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Almost (Sweet Music) is a BeauYasha song from Yasha's perspective send tweet
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anklesbit · a day ago
me: doesn’t consistently post my art
also me: who’s gonna commission me right now so i can be allowed to spend money
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