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#yashiro nene
xxlisagamerxx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
lil nene doodle i forgot to post xo
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gothsmoon · a day ago
TBHK breathing styles but I just started watching demon slayer
yashiro nene: breath of love / mitsuri’s breathing technique.
aoi akane (f): breath of insect / shinobu’s breathing technique
amane yugi: breath of moon / kokushibo’s technique (i’m not even sure about this one, he might use serpent.)
kou minamoto: breath of sun
teru minamoto: breath of flame
yako: breath of flower
sakura: breath of water
tsukasa: breath of wind or stone
mitsuba: breath of thunder
tsuchigomori: breath of moon
shijima: breath of mist???
and that’s it for now…
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oceanicflora · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
give me can't sleep love
i want that can't sleep love
the kind i dream about all day
the kind that keeps me up all night
give me that can't sleep love 🎶
- can't sleep love
hanako hAUlloween day 6: teen school drama
someone get me out of the timeline where amane likes furries and into the one where he likes nene
extra artist notes below:
rubber duck on amane's wardrobe - people who often program carry around a rubber duck as a method of debugging their code when there is an error they can't find in their massive block of code. the method goes that the coder reads out and explains every single line of code to the duck until they discover what the error is. i thought it would be a nice fit since amane is implied to be into robotics in this au.
vega and altair: the two constellations associated with the tanabata story.
the lovers / three of swords: two tarot cards. the lovers often represent lovers, relationships, or harmony. the three of swords represent heartbreak, loss, or emotional grief. a red string runs through each card.
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kermitbread · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I got nothing to offer today, so have this looping animation of nene eating crackers or something bye lol
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