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this is the yasugap dynamic in a nutshell imho
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well whatever
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Dibujo + speedpaint
Es solo un doodle, jajaj que paja hacer lineart
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1 hora de trabajo resumido en 30 segundos..
Creo que esta vez se puede ver el final(?
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鉁 饾悏饾惃饾悾饾惃饾惉 饾惐 饾悊饾惃饾惈饾悽饾惀饾惀饾悮饾惓
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Josuke photographs the beautiful Yasuho馃専馃崏
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No thoughts, head empty馃様
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鈾 麓锝メ礂锝 `鈾
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馃挄 paisley park 馃挄
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馃崜 yasuho
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Soft and wet + Paisley Park 馃挄
In honor of Jojolion ending: I offer you
Gappy and Yasuho 鉂わ笍
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green orange and pink
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fanfictionatic 5 months ago
I don鈥檛 have the energy to write any full things right now, so here are some low effort headcanons with my favs for their S/O asking if they can lay down on top of them and put their head on their chest
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馃惉If you are in the car or something and there are other people there, he will be less likely to agree to it.
馃惉 If you are alone though, he will begrudgingly agree to it.
馃惉 Secretly likes it when you do this. It feels really intimate and you can both just kind of....relax without even saying anything if you don鈥檛 feel like it.
馃惉 10/10. His chest is too comfortable and you won鈥檛 want to get up. The only downside is that he smells like cigarettes so RIP if that bothers you.
馃惉 If you end up falling asleep like that, he might run his fingers through your hair.
馃惉 He thinks it鈥檚 cute but will not tell you openly.
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馃Ц Will probably agree to it because he is down for a lot of cute things like this.
馃Ц Will stay weirdly still the whole time and will not move like AT ALL.
馃Ц Will be really talkative, but his voice is super relaxing. Will probably go over all of his ideas and just talk about life in general.
馃Ц Will most likely let you do this outdoors somewhere if its warm out unless you invite him to your house, so like, probably a nice towel or pick nick blanket spread out on the ground.
馃Ц The entire experience is really soothing.
馃Ц 5/10 it鈥檚 nice, but his chest is probably kind of hard and he likes to lay down on other people instead because it is probably better that way.
馃Ц聽 You will not fall asleep on him because his chest is too hard.
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馃Ъ Will tell you how cute you are for suggesting this.
馃Ъ Will hum and wrap his arms around you after you lay down on top of him.
馃Ъ Probably lightly kiss your forehead as he takes one of your hands in his.
馃Ъ He will tell you how much he loves you while you are just laying there.
馃Ъ He is probably pretty warm.
馃Ъ 7/10. An amazing experience!
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馃 Smug about it. Will lay down and sprawl out on the sofa, bed, ground, or sleeping bag when you bring it up.
馃 Will not only wrap his arms around you and pull you close, but will wrap his tail around you too. It isn鈥檛 very often that he is this close with anyone, so part of him just REALLY wants to hold you.
馃 Probably talks to you about how nice it feels and tries to make sure you are comfortable.
馃 Might nuzzle the top of your head without even thinking about it.
馃 He will probably fall asleep like this before you do if one of you or both of you does. Which is a problem because then you won鈥檛 want to wake him up when he is like this.
馃 6/10. Still really good, but again he would probably be better laying on top of you instead.
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馃尯 Will agree to it and also likes having you lay down on her lap. She generally seems to like touch as a form of affection.
馃尯 If you are her S/O, then she probably feels very comfortable and safe around you when you are like this.
馃尯 She will put her hand on your shoulder or arm and slowly pull you closer to her.
馃尯聽 She鈥檒l talk to you and probably have somewhat normal conversations even though the two of you are laying down like that.
馃尯 You will probably both end up falling asleep cuddled together like that.
馃尯 鈭/10. God tier.
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goodbye jojolion
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