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So guess who’s doctor 100% supports them in dropping their Spanish class for their mental and emotional health and sanity and then just got an email back from the registrar office approving their withdrawal form and is feeling a lot better cuz they dropped their class and hopefully won’t go through crushing rsd total melt downs every week because they’re failing to learn and keep uuuuuuupp

And I’m back on my meds 😄👍

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Ah, yes nothing like a panic attack about politics in the middle of the night when no one else was awake to make you feel really worried and stressed and alone.

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I’m not sure….

Favorite animal(s)

I like tigers and lions because the look so fluffy and adorable! squishy squishysquishy

Average hours of sleep

4 or maybe 6…..?

Current time


Cats or dogs


Dream job

I would like to open my own bakery/café boutique or work for the Japanese embassy in France 

When I made this blog

20th feb , 2020

Why I made this blog

To communicate, read works by people around the world, have fun with people who share the same interests as me. But in all honesty I love you guys a lot.

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Yesh I was in my fluff feels for ten I’m glad you enjoyed it

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