#yeah and you should say that
skeletalheartattack · a month ago
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alicenpai · 2 months ago
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YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!! ☕ someone made an austin powers & edgeworth comparison a while back so here it is. i put a lot of effort into the “credits” bc i think it was funny but pls don’t take it too seriously
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minty-bunni · a month ago
AU where Danny makes a youtube (or similar) account exclusively to post safety videos of himself as Phantom. He likes the idea these videos could help people, but viewers mostly watch for his humor and ghostly abilities.
Ghost durability means some of those videos can be a little horrifying to those who aren't prepared. (Like the ones where he uses clips from ghost fights or straight up jumps into dangerous machinery to show why certain things are a bad idea) A few of his videos are light-hearted though.
Ghost safety videos are his most popular, but people also seem to enjoy his school and general safety stuff. He did a few lab safety videos and refuses to do more because people started asking uncomfortable questions about why he died in a hazmat.
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titans-trash · 4 months ago
Jason should get his red hair back because it sounds like a Dr. Doofenshmirtz origin story.
Jason (in the Doof voice): When I was a boy, my father missed my older brother so much, he made me dye my hair black to match his-
Bruce (tired): It was to protect your identity-
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aliteralchicken · 2 months ago
I’m gonna be so mad if they don’t keep up Bernards classic batshittery, because in the less than 10 comic appearances he has had (off the top of my head) Bernard has:
• openly checked out Tim
• wouldn’t talk to Darla because of a crush and/or her mob connections but then when they met through Tim they almost instantly became absolute besties
• straight up asked Tim if he was gay
•claimed there is a mass grave of Robins and secret orphanages where batman gets them from
• firmly believes that the ‘shadow government’ runs everything (and that Batman works for them)
• openly checked out Tim’s step mom
• correctly assumed batman had multiple Robins, back when Batman was still and urban legend and that Stephs Robin wouldn't survive long (ouch)
• regularly met up with Tim to study, go to diners and play video games (the video game being batman and Robin)
• threatened to sell Tim to organ pirates
• apparently had so many conspiracy theories that his friends coined the term ‘vintage Bernard idiocy’
•took his until recently dead friend (who levitated him and destroyed his car) to a diner and asked her to give him super powers
• became part of a cult
• learned how to fight and took on said cult
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theshmeepking · 7 months ago
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has anyone done this yet
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hoepran · 25 days ago
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cutemeat · 3 months ago
pov, you are the most miserable couples therapist in philadelphia:
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egophiliac · 5 months ago
What other twst characters are your favorites? i love your diasomnia comics a lot but whenever you draw another dorm it makes me really excited lol
aw! thanks! ❤️ I like most of the characters a lot, so I should probably just bite the bullet and draw everyone. I think there's a couple guys I haven't really done yet?
I did pick Leona as my free starter card, pretty much because of the cat ears (look they make you pick IMMEDIATELY and this was when it first came out so all I had to go on were the website descriptions which are TERRIBLE). though I ended up enjoying his brattiness a lot so it was a win as far as I'm concerned! especially when Cheka’s around, I am such a sucker for the “grumpy tsundere being sunshine-and-rainbow’d to death against their will” dynamic.
also there’s a scene where he calls Malleus a coat hanger, which is just. chef’s kiss.
Tumblr media
and he’s not a student but I am also unspeakably fond of Crowley, I love that he dresses Like That but he's actually kind of a stodgy bureaucratic headmaster who just happens to also be goth. sure he's got ~shady secrets~ and might be masterminding everything somehow, that won't change the fact that he mostly stands around going "please don't explode that building, we JUST rebuilt it, do you have any idea how many permits we'll need to reapply for". he had his opening ceremony exploded by an amnesiac teenager and a talking cat and he was just like “hmm, I know a GREAT way to halve all the paperwork that’s going to come out of this!”.
(not to mention he canonically wore shorts and a fedora. we all saw that, Crowley. no amount of shocking plot twists will erase it.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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evakant · 6 months ago
not to constantly go "okay but i get it" whenever i'm talking about any given jiang cheng moment but the scene where he finds wangxian at the ancestral hall...... wei wuxian literally doesn't even look at him until he feels he has to defend lan wangji. and i'm not talking about not making direct eye contact, wei wuxian keeps his back to him at all times. he turns away the second jiang cheng steps further into the hall.
and we know why he can't make himself meet jiang cheng's gaze but, listen, the idea of my sister refusing to even fucking look at me when, hey! you've been dead for more than a decade and you're back home for the first time after being resurrected, and having.... no fucking context at all as to why?? yeah just the idea of it makes my blood boil, i won't lie.
fuck, i'd pick a fight too. i'm not saying it's right. i'm not saying there's not nicer ways to do this. i'm not justifying it. i'm just saying..... yeah i might get the sentiment.
you won't look at me? fine, i'll make you look at me.
#and the thing is that the second wei wuxian turns around jiang cheng is right there making direct eye contact as if his life depends on it. #like ah there you are. so this is what it takes. i'm only worthy of having your attention if i act like /this/ fine. okay. watch me. #and i'm not saying it's literally canon but right after he goes 'oh should i be nice to him? (takes another dig at lan wangji)' #you know it's both impulsive and so.... controlled. so planned. there's logic behind it despite the fact that it's all emotion at its core. #attention is attention after all and sometimes you want your sibling to pay attention to you so much that you are #willing to let it be... not the good kind. so what if they're looking at me to scold me or because #i poked and prodded a little too hard and they're done with it? at least they're looking. #and before you come for me: no. i do not treat my sister like this. well.... it's not a habit at least lmao. #i might have done it a few times when i was a kid because i was.... a brat. really. not often yeah but can't deny i've done it. #sometimes you just gotta make your sibling mad #cause you have that power. you know how to make it happen. and you know how to make it happen fast. #this is a terrible post. i love my sister very much and i would kill and die for her i'm JUST saying i kinda get it. #don't know how people write pretty + eloquent + well structured analysis #i'm like 'well to be fair older siblings bring out the worst out of you' and then let the people of tumblr do the heavy lifting #me sighing: brothers! #francesca speaks. #untamed.txt #wei wuxian #jiang cheng #yunmeng shuangjie #rs: he cares so much about you in his heart #this IS nonsensical but hopefully it makes just enough sense to be understood
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starbuck · 3 days ago
knowledge is being aware that Billy doesn’t actually die in 1x06, but wisdom is recognizing that he’s never truly alive again from that point on.
#black sails #like. they do a funeral for him and everything. you can’t just undo that #and of course the real problem is Gates #bc you have Gates presuming Billy to be dead vs. Billy returning and initially presuming Gates to be alive (because why wouldn’t he be?) #but of course he Isn’t #so you have Gates as a ‘dead’ person who should be alive and Billy as a ‘living’ person who should be dead #and he has to go through Silver in order to re-enter the living world #which he only manages because of the Walrus crew’s love for him overpowering Silver’s threats #his 'life' at that point is symbolically 100% hinged on their love #which begs the question: what happens when they don’t love him anymore? #i define 4x06-on as the point at which Billy has become self-aware that he is dead #because that’s the difference between 2x05 and 4x06 #in 2x05 he Wanted to live #in 4x06… it’s not a smart thing to set a person who’s accepted their death loose in the living world again… #(full meta on this coming up soon… one of my favorite topics bc I’m just so obsessed with how the show does this) #but YEAH. #my point is: though Billy has always been Dead to a certain extent (kinda comes with the territory of being who he is) #he’s Really Dead from his s2 return-on - it just takes him until s4 to figure this out #at which point he says ‘fuck it’ and goes full-on Vengeful Ghost #channeling Gates through the use of Avery’s journals because of course this all connects back to the Original Issue #‘it’s no accident that Billy chose [Skeleton Island]’ is such a good line bc yeah it’s for all the reasons Flint says (that it’s spooky #and will put everyone on edge) #but Also he chose it because Gates told him about it and utilizing the stories Gates told him… ‘bringing them to life’ you could say… #is his way of keeping Gates’ memory alive #and of course the Black Spots fall under the same category #so you have the irony of Billy’s desperate attempts to keep Gates alive being what ultimately kills him #finally bringing the symbolic truth to literal fruition in the most tragic and narratively-satisfying way imaginable #(not even to mention 'Mr. Gates' heart has given out.' because like. You Know...)
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haebe-doesart · 2 months ago
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I miss La-hast Life
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ringpop-poppy · 3 months ago
Crying, sobbing, cumming, throwing the fuck up when you come from your date with the guy eren doesn’t like. Giggling and being way too handsy as you enter your house with him. God they are fucking fuming. Your phones turned off, their beds a fucking mess, and you went on a date with this fucking loser. Yeah yeah this is all I’m gonna think about )-:
Yeah :(((( you've been a real bad girl :((( what you imagined happening isn't far off, though, its a lot less....sweet. i mean, you expected armin to mock you a little but now you've gone off and pissed eren all the way off.
he's so conflicted, getting that video...you'd send in the gc the three of you sometimes use for mundane things like asking what you want for dinner nd such, so he and armin saw it at the same time. first he'd felt shock, then shame, shame for the way his cock got hard, then it was just pure infatuation nd lust, at your voice, the words you were saying. how you wanted to be his and mins girlfriend, how you wanted their cum, their love, how you called them 'daddy'
and then he got angry, because, what the fuck are you trying to pull? on their bed? he thinks, well he plans, originally, to just send you to your room after he yells at you for being so inappropriate. but then you don't answer your phone. he can't find your location and you're not home when he and min get there and then they go up and see the fucking mess you made....that's your fucking pussy jucie, god damn.
hes so out of it, armin has to calm him down. he's smarter about these things so he knows to look up all your friends Instagram stories. Hes calm, but inside hes fuming too. Fuck you for that, you know? He can't stop thinking about you moaning his name, and he can't stop glancing at where you'd stained their bed, ruined it, where they fucking sleep. You're such a fucking heinous brat, fuck you.
It all comes to a head when he finds that guys insta story. Sees you all happy and flushed, eren looks over his shoulder to see too, and they're both just kinda quiet, simmering in that rage as they watch a video the guy taking a lemon wedge from your mouth, dangerously close to kissing you.
The phone nearly cracks in armins hand. He's more angry then He's ever been, and he's waiting for eren to go into a rage but he doesn't.
He just takes armins phone and turns it off. Then he takes his hand and walks them to the couch, he doesn't bother turning on a light.
Armin knows eren has finally seen through your daddy's little girl act, so. They sit and wait.
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titans-trash · 4 months ago
It blows my mind that people act like Dick suggesting Tim go to therapy is a bad thing, like bruh tell me you didn't read RR without reading RR. Tim needed therapy that whole run, Dick is literally in the right here.
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“the government has no right to tell you what kind of education you need to give your kids” I’ll do you one better. schools have no right. public, private, I don’t care. teachers have no right.
you’re the one who chooses for your child. and if you don’t know what’s good for your child, get smart. educators don’t have any special knowledge about your child that you don’t have.
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lake-lady · 5 months ago
Why are there so many "commie" people like the guy I talked to yesterday who don't think we have any responsibility to help each other....like hello....the only way we can make communism or even socialism work is to change our cultural mindset like YES you do have some responsibility towards other people lmao
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radishnt · 8 months ago
y’all really going “how could we let this happen” as if it’s any surprise that blaming us for a global pandemic caused a spike in acts of anti asian racism
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safekeeperscosm · 9 months ago
So... Amphibiababies AU? This sounds like a really interesting idea
I see that you've already post a few things about Anne and Sasha, so that make me thing about the last member of the trio.
What if Yunnan became Marcy's big sister by accident? One day, a really young recruit named Yunnan was asigned as part of Marcy's escort during a short travel outside Newtopia. At the first, Yunnan was annoyed with this, because "nobody wants to be little creature's babysitter" but then, after they suffered an attack (Maybe a few bandits or some kind of dangerous animal), Marcy started asking questions like "What movement was that?" "How are you so strong?" "What's your weapon?"... And Yunnan is... Really touched? There's not many people interested in her skills and we know that she loves getting attention, so Marcy's non-stop rambling questions about herself were what make Yunnan's perspective about the princess change.
After that day, Yunnan started to get fond in the little princess, telling her stories about her incredible adventures every. Single. TIME. she's got an opportunity, teaching her how to defend herself (Maybe behind Lady Olivia's back? Olivia doesn't look like the woman who would let her "adoptive daugther" play with knives) and perphaps boosting Marcy's arrogant and adventure side
Rxally your mind.. (๑♡⌓♡๑) here have these.
Tumblr media
I see her as an aunt or her other mom (maybe cause I ship Yunlivia?), but sister is also very fitting!! Now I'm gonna see her as a mix of all 3.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Since they all know Marcy is A Child, Lady Olivia wouldn't want her daughter outside of Newtopian gates, but she doesn't control her. Marcy would want to join this quest or expedition to gain outside experiences and generally just see the world and Lady Olivia knows better than not to deny her daring little princess. She'll just sneak out like last time. King Andrias is cool with it and encourages her!!
Tumblr media
Marcy would definitely wander off, but she's not wandering!! She's exploring!!
Tumblr media
What else can I say to contribute? Absolutely nothing everyone READ THE ASK IT'S TREASURE
Tumblr media
Marcy being Yunnan's Number #1 fan is so good I'm so glad you gave me an excuse to draw this.
Tumblr media
I don't talk about the newts enough so this was so lovely of you.
Tumblr media
i receive: fanfiction, you receive: low quality sketches
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hyperfixation-hideout · a month ago
Qrow: Heh. Never change, kid.
Qrow: Shit wait-
#qrow branwen #oscar pine #rwby incorrect quotes #quinpost #oscar like 'oh yeah great advice hadn't considered that one' #change is a good thing though (in general that is - not all change is positive) #but stagnation upheld by the fear of or refusal to change is inhibitory to growth #everyone changes second by second; choice by choice we rebuild ourselves #why should the ozcarnations be any different? #wanting to stay the same in an attempt to hold onto one's sense of self is often the thing keeping a person from becoming themself #Change doesn't detract from identity; it's an addition. A recreation. Change is a symptom of choice. #ofc the merge complicates that ideology. But it doesn't negate the importance of viewing oneself not as a collection of traits and beliefs #but as an ephemeral and intangible consciousness in constant flux. Identity is a manmade and self-inflicted phenomenon #a concept we use to feel we know ourselves as something separate from others; from the universe at large #but it's a dance - as you change yourself; the universe changes with you. You're a part of it after all. It isn't the same without you. #'Never change' - while good-intentioned - suggests an ultimate you defined by this instant of you. Always change. In small ways and big. #I'm not saying you should change the things you love about yourself or shouldn't take pride in who you are right now #but keep in mind there is no one version of you and that's okay. Change and grow and experiment and make mistakes; try and fail and laugh. #live your life not as a thing; 'things' don't exist inherently. The idea of 'thing' is a product of human perception just like identity #because we like to define things and experiences to better understand them #and that's a beautiful quality of ours - our curiosity and examination that drives us to look deeper #just remember you're more than a definition you give yourself or others give you #ever heard the phrase 'you can't step in the same river twice'? #the only reason we consider it the same river regardless of the water and ecosystem changing is location #and we consider our consciousnesses to be located within ourselves. So we see ourselves as we see a river on a map - by its name. #even if every fish is replaced; as mountains replenish the water; if every rock is eroded and carried to the ocean; if it changes course #or even if we ourselves reroute it with a dam; we don't see it as a new river #much like the Ship of Theseus: it has the same name even though every part of it has changed. Is it the same ship? Are we the same person? #It's a false dilemma. The metric by which we determine 'same' is how it relates to us. There's no intrinsic sameness in nature. Nor in you.
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bleedingastigmatism · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
self indulgent cas doodle bc today its the 30th pride march in Argentina and as always I can't go bc chronic illness sucks so I'm coping with my fave character
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