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#yeah i'm back

from admin 2 to admin 1 who’s trying to sleep with the sound of heavy rain drumming on the roof. i just can’t get rid of the image of garlic standing there in the rain all Kathy-like and Danchik being her Heathcliff, and i want to make you feel better. so i wrote this.

Onion skies

In this farm, it’s pissing down

Your ogorod looks like buterbrod

In my eyes, in my eyes

Where can I find your warm hands

Please take me there oh take me Dan

I’ll be your garlic yeah

Your garlic yeah, your garlic yeah

I’m alive, I’m alive

Can you see me I’m outside

I’m alive, I’m alive

I kill onions and cry

Danchik take me theeeeeeere

Show me your farmussy

Wanna see it with your eyes

Danchik take me theeeeeeere

I’ll be your garlic

Beneath the Onion Skies

On the day you made your farm

The heaven’s opened, rain poured down

Down, down

Luk and luk and luk and luk

The ones you stole, the ones you loved

You were so young, so young

We were all so young

I’m alive, I’m alive

Can you see me I’m outside

I’m alive, I’m alive

Can I be your garlic bride?

Danchik take me theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere

Show me your ogorod

I’ll be there on the ground

You don’t want me theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere

Then garlic will kill ya

Beneath the Onion Skies

Oh oh oh

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