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#yeah ill put that in the main tag
guillerhomo · 11 days ago
guillermo link me to where you bought your fucking bra babe​. hes bresting so boobily
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newtlesbian · a month ago
pacific rim is not a love letter to monster movies its a love letter to newts tits
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headphonemouse · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If Ishigami village really is on the Izu Peninsula, and the weather there (in the current age) gets as high as 76°F on average in the summers and the Earth's axis has tilted so much that summer/winter high/low temperatures have become more extreme (can't remember when exactly Senkuu figured that out), then how the fuck is Gen still alive wearing 3.5 layers of leather all the time? All those clothes have got to be heavy, and he's decided to use it as a storage device as well. How many blood bags does he carry at a time? Liquid isn't light, and who knows what else he's got up his sleeves. No wonder he's hunched over all the time, the weight on his shoulders must be awful.
Remember the swimsuit illustration? He was carrying a utility belt cuz he can't hide anything under a speedo. Apparently he's not too particular about fashion and only cares about the amount of pockets he has. So why doesn't he have a utility belt all the time? Please he must be dying from heat exhaustion show this man some mercy
I like to think the undershirt is sleeveless but I guess we'll never know for sure
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nonbinarygerard · 24 days ago
when my pride and prejudice emo retelling drops for the bandom historical challenge on December 31 its gonna blow all your minds. its a Victorian era gay crossdressing au with every single plot beat of p&p, it parallels them all with a gay twist obviously and has all 50 character of pride and prejduce as a band member of some emo band haha.
I’m writing it for nanowrimo and im 23k words in and its literally so insane. its going to be about 35 chapter, depending on how long scenes talk to write. pride and prejudice the book has 61, which i have summarized them all, so i’ve combined the scenes with without Mr Darcy and its is insane. Frank is Lizze Bennet and Gerard is Mr Darcy.
You might be wondering who I made as Mr Wickem, oh you will see ;)
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sirenshadows · 6 months ago
👏 More 👏of 👏 robot 👏 Minato 👏 Please 👏
i dont even mean art you can gush about that au i want more details!
Ooooo I'm glad you're interested in him! People liking my AUs/content makes me really happy!
I'm going to assume you're talking about p3 chariot/fool swap au, because technically I have another robot minato au, that being robot revival au hcfbdjdhjdhd (ok im putting this under a cut it got long oops)
In this AU, Aigis and the Arisato twins swap roles, so while Aigis is the human leader named Aiko Yuki, Minato and Hamuko are two robot siblings who join SEES at the same time. As well, Metis and Ryoji also swap roles. The overall plot of this AU stays relatively the same as canon, but I wanna talk about The Answer because that's probably where the plot kinda differs the most (though not by very much)
Minato is a lot like Aigis in canon, where he doesn't have much emotion and finds it hard to really understand emotions, whether they be his own or others'. Hamuko, by contrast, shows emotion quite well, where she's very cheerful and almost always has a smile on her face. The two of them are basically on opposite ends of a spectrum. Minato DOES slowly start to develop emotion, however...but the timing for him truly awakening to them is awful because soon, Aiko dies.
Hamuko is absolutely crushed from Aiko's death (I fit hamugis into my AUs wherever I can, so thats her gf that just died rip), and at some point before March 31st, Minato goes to her to see if he can try and comfort her. Hamuko ends up lashing out at her brother for claiming that he understands how much it hurts, because she genuinely thinks that he doesn't, or rather, can't feel any sort of sadness towards Aiko's death. It's after this argument between the two that Minato wishes to discard his newly gained emotions, and from there, Ryoji is born.
So which one of the robot twins awakens to Aiko's wildcard power? It's Minato. And Hamuko is NOT happy about it, although she initially tries not to show how much it bothers her. Y'know what else bothers her? Ryoji calling her his sister, just like how he calls Minato his brother. While Minato is completely fine with it, Hamuko repeatedly tells Ryoji to stop calling her that, but he never does lol
As you'd probably guess, Hamuko is part of team "lets use the keys to save Aiko" with Yukari and Mitsuru, and as much as Minato hates having to fight his sister, he has no other choice here. After they're defeated, comforted, and learn the truth of Aiko's death, Hamuko feels awful for how she'd treated her brother, especially after learning who Ryoji really is. Yeah, the reason Ryoji considered Hamuko his sister is because he's a part of Minato, and Hamuko had ended up pushing him away too.
I'll end this big ol ramble off with one more detail I use in this AU, that being that prior to the end of The Answer, Minato has never smiled before. Not even Hamuko, who's been by his side since her activation, has ever seen him do it. But pretty soon after that part in The Answer where everyone thinks he died for a hot minute but he wakes up just fine, for the very first time, he smiles, a warm smile directed towards his friends. And all of them are initially like "woah..." cause that's the first time he's ever smiled, they weren't even sure if he could, but they're then warmed by the fact that for the first time in his life, he's genuinely happy.
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messed-up-gal · 8 months ago
Idk man, there's just something off-putting about george stans shipping dnf so hard one second, then turning around and talking about how hot george is the next.
It seems contradictory at first, but then if you consider the possibility that their desire to ship dnf comes from a foundation of finding the concept of dnf attractive... then it becomes less contradictory, and actually makes complete sense
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reanimationstation · 7 months ago
ok, look, to preface this, this discourse is fun and all, etc etc, and i really do enjoy answering asks and hearing your opinions. but some of yall seriously would punch first ask questions later?? huh?????
yes, Felix did assume his father was in danger. anyone would, given that its a stranger, possibly posing a threat, and theyre right next to your very fragile father. now, felix rushes forwards and roughly pulls TC away. cool!! yeah, a bit brash, but yes, understandable, he wants to keep his father from potential harm. thats a normal thing to do, and want to do. i understand, and its valid, and in a similar situation i would probably do the same, as would many others
but??? beating him with a stick?????????????? is a BIT far?? and the fact that he wouldve continued had TC not run out???? excuse me??????? he doesnt know shit about TC, and resorting to attacking him is not?? a good thing in the slightest????
and this isnt even touching on the worse aspect of this of felix seeing an "ugly" and "scary" person and immediately resorting to violence (and some of you agreeing), but i personally dont think its in my place to talk about that
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autistic-azul · 11 months ago
man idk which twst fan needs to hear this tonight but jade, floyd, and azul are all actually friends n they all care abt each other. thank you for ur time
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nezushi · a month ago
watching bad romance/together with me and hnnngrgrgr miscommunication and jealousy are two things i hate and its korn and knocks entire relationship and its driving me insane
#just TALK to each other what the fuck#together with me wasnt as bad with this as bad romance was#i think#honestly i cant remember i already finished twm so its all but left my brain#i need to be done watching shows for a while after finishing bad romance i cant handle all the drama in it its so grrr annoying#though i was going to watch together with me the next chapter and just finish out the whole series#but i also heard that that season was bad and not worth it so who knows#anyways back to korn and knock on the rare occasion when things are actually going well for them i like how they interact#thats the only thing helping me put up with the mess of the show#yeah also together with me had the absolute worst side pairings#i was so glad farm and the doctor didnt work out but whyd they have to go and make farm a creep at the end#there was no reason to give him high school bfs#anyway love the inconsistency between the shows on how korn finds out about knocks shrimp allergy#yes kings dont reference back to the season youve already made when making a new one#add different contradictory details for the fun of it <3#ok damn shawty sorry for the long length of the tags ill stop here for now so its not a mile long#none of what i said would probably makes sense unless youve watch the show my apologies#im back in my bl watching era girl help#but at least this one im willing to finish unlike what was it until we meet again?#or something like that. i hated the main pairing and had to drop it#i was only interested in the side pairing for that one but even that wasnt enough to make me continue#and then i stopped watching bl altogether until now#yeah im really done now#goodnight#just realized i went on so many tangents and didnt even talk about what i wanted to lol such is the curse of my mentally ill brain#ok goodnight for real#and sorry to anyone who clicks on the see all for tags
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your-lover-crutchy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
So anyway like here's just. Crutchie having a breakdown because all I know how to do when I'm upset is draw Crutchie really upset too !!
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stillunpainted · a year ago
Shout out to the person who commented this on the Shadowlord theme from Nier.  I am losing my mind
Tumblr media
(I.D: Youtube user TheWarrior commented “are you winning son?” with the response being “No one’s winning in this, dad.” end I.D)
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