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#yeah like i totally could.
funnyincorrectmcu4 days ago
(Loud Bang) Tony: *runs in* What is going on out here? Harley: *on the floor covered in glitter* Peter: *hanging upside down from the ceiling by one foot and covered in webs* Morgan: *standing on a chair holding onto Peter* Peter: Well...uh.... Tony: You know what? Never mind. Don鈥檛 wanna know. Tony: *walks away*
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spielzeugkaisera year ago
Tumblr media
I love, love, LOVE all the 鈥渢here is only one bed鈥 fics out there, and I love the softness, the fluff, the pining and the smut. But I also think, especially with two men their size, at really close quarters, and with them seeing each other naked all the time (all these baths!) and already used to a certain degree of physical contact (*cough* chamomile *cough*) they are just. Two dudes sleeping naked on each other. (But the moment Jaskier gives Geralt a little nose kiss before sleeping, Geralt is like: !!!) also, side effect of having exceptional hearing:
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messedupessy2 months ago
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Tumblr media
AHOY THERE!聽(汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳) 鉂
So while on VC the other day, so did @catler00 ask if I could draw Pass in a virgin killer sweater, and how could I not? So here ya go Boss! My Pass boy in the sweater, with a bonus no sweater version as I want to show off his ecto a bit more properly, even tho the underwear I quickly added takes it away a bit pft
Still this was allot of fun to do and he turned out so good! Not sure if I got across fully how chonky and like square I want Pass to be, but it works and it looks good so I鈥檓 letting it be haha! Still he turned out really good and I am happy with this yes!
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worstloki3 months ago
the miss minutes stuff is too cringey too me. I don't understand it. wandavision and TFATWS weren't so dark no kid could watch them or anything like that. but at the same time they felt like they were shows for adults. sometimes this feels like a show for little kids. what?!?!
treating the audience as stupit is the only way to get comedy done now
#i do think the show lacks in subtler witty and more nuanced approaches to things#much of the general feel is cringe and a lot of the camera work is leaving me questioning why they would do that#but i do think the show will get better when they get around to addressing darker stuff like how the TVA are totally bad#and the Time Keepers better not be used for a gag istg#that they essentially sidestepped any discussion on Thanos' torture/Asgard's abuse is a big yike#but im over that#i would rate the show 6/10#im literally just here for Loki C-20 Sylvie and B-15#as in the characters#i am crossing my fingers and hoping episodes 3 & 4 go with 'oh yeah loki needed to fool the TVA so he acted obnoxiously loud'#AND WHERE IS HIS MAGIC AT#I expect more magic#sliding across mall floors and using a vacuum and a roomba is funny#but whaaaat???? he weighs like 525 pounds???? he has literal MAGIC he can use at any time????? not even a shield he can put up????????#he didn't have to fight just Not Get Beaten Up#i also think it could all be part of tricking everyone into thinking he's weaker than he is#but Marvel has the untrustworthiest track record and canon generally sucks with this stuff#the way the dialogue was so cringe in episode 1 even in moments that were obviously going to be projected and repeated later#this is kids show levels of narrative#im still finding it fun though with Loki getting to be chaotic and do actual *mischief*#but it does feel like they're telling far more than showing#then again we're only a third way through the show!#the Loki show#loki spoilers#loki show spoilers#my expectations with marvel tend to be 6 feet underground so im not really disappointed in anything other than dodging the torture/abuse#the abuse part which makes sense to me to do with the characters#the torture part which makes less sense to me because of whatever happened in deciding loki's interested in power and entitlement XD#reminds me of comic loki but not the modern one
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akvilenotfound4 months ago
I can genuinely imagine Wilbur getting more personal details and deep thoughts out of George in one night than some of his other friends in years. Wilbur is just that sort of person lol
ikr which makes me so happy. i love the idea of george just opening up to someone, being asked things that maybe no one else has thought to ask before? i feel like wilbur is that kind of person, who thinks of questions you would have never heard before. it makes my heart warm
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fairycosmos7 months ago
people in relationships are so patronizing when they find out you鈥檙e single. imagine if i was like no no no i think it鈥檚 really cool that you鈥檙e incapable of being alone and don鈥檛 have an identity outside of being someone鈥檚 partner. like you鈥檙e really strong
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aro-culture-is4 months ago
[empty paragraph in case tumblr eats it]
i鈥檓 not technically an engineer yet since i鈥檓 currently closing out my third year of undergrad, but i鈥檓 currently set to graduate with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in spring of next year! I will basically do a lot of engineering of material properties / processes to achieve those properties, with a specialization in metallurgy (the study of metals) and I鈥檓 currently adding a minor in Nuclear Materials :)
- mod kee
#not aro culture#mod kee#馃憠馃憟#yeah so y'all might see why i'm so uh. rules and tag oriented#if i don't know what things are and check the rules for them i could aboslutely do Not Good Things#like y'all wouldn't believe what amounts of bullshit you could sabotage with very very small differences in what types of welding or metals#ooh and some fun facts for y'all: there is a type of welding called explosion welding#it is exactly as it sounds. you make a (small) boom and slam the two materials into each other very carefully#kinda has a distinct wavy interface look between the two metals#uhhh one thing that i'm very used to but y'all might not know is that there is often more than one solid phase possible in pretty much any n#non polymeric material and that's only me saying it cause i'm shaky about what's considered solid phases in polymers#also never put gold coating on a silver ring or smth someone mentioned that to me once and the phase diagram is literally totally miscible#aka silver and gold will completely diffuse into each other in time and you'll just have a silver ring with sparse amounts of gold in it tha#on the other hand a true pure gold ring is p a bad investment the added impurities in gold for jewelry are to improve the quality not cheape#pure gold is kinda shitty for the purpose of holding shape#we usually add impurities to give it a more rigid structure that isn't gonna deform the first time you like... accidentally have life happen#ooh also impurity is a neutral word in my field#like sulfur in metalworking tends to be Very Bad because it changes a WHOLE lot of properties in very small amounts (like. it straight up re#reverses the flow of liquid metal in welding)#but like semiconductors wouldnt do shit without added impurities#silicon is just a really really good material to use with tiny amounts of added impurities#uhh i'm p rambling a lot but!!! i like my field!!!#also rip me all the time because metals and ceramics have crystal structures so i do a lot of searches relating to cyrstallography#can you guess what google thinks i want ads for. because i didn't#getting weird healing crystal ads is not an anticipated outcome of an engineering major and no budy i just needed to know what the#lattice constant of a particular quartz phase is to do some estimates#or like. last night i was checking out the phase diagram of hmm i think titanium and aluminum so i could double check that they had intermet#intermetallic compounds (sorry tags were eaten)#and BOY do they. kinda want to see if any of my profs can tell me more about why that's a Thing#disimilar metals really like to form absolutely useless and awful IMCs when you weld them
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clingylilkoalaa month ago
Hi hi this is your sign to dump your toxic or abusive partner. You are deserving of way better than what they put you through
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redemptiionss5 days ago
It鈥檚 barely been a week and I鈥檓 already stuck in a situation with another guy (a stranger no less). I am so dang STUPID lol
#txt#@ God: I get it. I'm pretty okay?! 馃ゴ Stop throwing all these guys at me please#look my very unfortunate tendency is to give them what they want because 1) i feel rude saying no and 2) to make them go away/to leave faste#and it always bites me in the butt#i need to have responses ready in my back pocket for this type of situation from now on#anyways yeah i was grocery shopping and a worker approached me saying that he thought i was cute and if i was single; and if he could have#my number#tbhhhhh i was starting to feel very hot and overall feeling sick to my stomach with anxiety when i was thinking of what to say#i told him that yea i was single but that i wasn't looking to date#he left and then#right before i left the store he approached me again asking if he could still have my number and that we'd just be friends#i just gave him my number like a dumbass lol#so i could leave#but yeah he texted me#he was cute and he seems nice. but he's also a total stranger#and i'd have preferred to just have seen him at the store period and nothing more#it would be icing on the cake if he turned out to live in the same apartment complex as me since the gorcery store is literally next door#ha ha please no.#so like uhhhhh yeah now i gotta think of what to say to his text lmao#i'm a frickin dumbass#i should have told him that i was not single#and/or that i don't give out my number to strangers#it's just that i'm never able to THINK in moments like that where i'm taken by surprise/feel cornered lol
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letusshineea month ago
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Food log (11-08-2021): SNACK DAY
Apparently eating a sh*t ton of protein / granola bars while simultaneously over-caffeinating myself is a call I鈥檝e chosen to answer 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 And hey ngl, I鈥檓 good at it鈥
- Caramel protein bar (202 kcal, 20g protein).
- 鈥淰eggie Puff Sticks鈥 (116 kcal, 3.3g protein) it鈥檚 like baby / toddler food.
- Carrot puffs (119 kcal, 2g protein) again with the baby food - it鈥檚 actually decent.
- Hazelnut protein wafer (189 kcal, 7.8g protein).
- Cookie dough protein bar (211 kcal, 20g protein).
- 6x Alpen Light granola bars (396 kcal, 6g protein).
- N盲kd cocoa coconut bar (133 kcal, 2g protein).
- Barebells crunchy fudge protein bar (204 kcal, 20g protein).
- 2x White Monster Ultra (11 kcal each).
- 1x Pepsi Max (1 kcal) + 1x Coke Zero (1 kcal).
Total = 1,594 kcal, ~81g protein.
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