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In Honor Of My Four Year Anniversary In KDrama land(it was January but posting now)

Some of my top top favorites I watched this year.

The Heirs *

Touch Your Heart

The Secret Life Of My Secretary

Cinderella And The Four Knights

Angel’s Last Mission Love *

Crash Landing On You********


Meteor Garden*****

Accidentally In Love *

*ones I was extra into and properly binged.

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a/n: this story is really special to me, as it was the first one that I “created” and developed rather than just a one shot. It’s been a tough journey and when I started writing this story I was in a dark place. I would like to say I’ve come out of that, but I’m on a journey of my own. This Jamie and Claire will always hold a special place in my heart. When I began writing this story, I didn’t exactly know why I called it “Four Years” or what the end would look like, but this is the ending I feel it needed and as the writer of this story, I am satisfied with the story that I have told. It’s bittersweet to post this and say goodbye, and I want to thank everyone who has commented on this story and shared your own life experiences with me. If I was able to help anyone with this story, then that alone is worth it. Thank you all for sticking with me over this last year and enjoy the last six chapters best you can xoxo 

The First Year | The Second Year | The Third Year

Year Four - Available on AO3 

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FOUR YEARS |YEAR FOUR - Coming August 9th, 2019

Follow the lives of Claire Beauchamp and Jamie Fraser through a period of four years on specific dates. This is a story of a love so strong it endures through all the trials of life. 

The First Year | The Second Year | The Third Year 

  • a/n: I will be posting the final year, all remaining six chapters, this friday on ao3. I’m sad to see this story come to an end, and these were the hardest chapters to write. I love this family and I hope ya’ll will like the ending. I will post the entire year so you can binge and not have to wait! Moodboard by @julesbeauchamp
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Hey all, I finally made a sideblog lmao

I’ve been think about it for a while but starting year 4 has pushed me over the edge

Care of magical creatures! Professor Kettleburn!! Charlie!!! My mind is made up, this is the best year with the best characters, and I’m so excited to see where it goes from here and start interacting with other fans!

(i’ll be following/liking from my main @canipetyoudragon)

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