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#year in pixels

a year in pixels stars ⭐✨🌟 

so i’m sure you all know the year in pixels thing that people do in their bullet journal. in 2019 i wanted to try it out, but idea courtesy partially of my sister, i decided to make an origami star each day instead of coloring in a square. i kind of like the fact that at the end you don’t see which stars are from which days, the year is just a conglomeration of different feelings.

i also write the date and a six word summary of my day on each one before folding it up. i know i’ll probably never look inside them again but it was a nice way to end the day with a bit of reflection.

on the left is my jar in january after 1 month. on the right is from now, the end of november! i was really happy to see that i actually stuck with a new year resolution for once haha

at the very end of the year i think i’m going to count how many of each color i have, just for fun

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I really like the concept of year in pixels. Like, tracking how you feel, and then maybe when and why you feel what. I suppose that can really be helpful.

The problem is, I find it really hard to put an overall emotion for a day. Some days may be the same all over, but most aren’t, at least for me. Days may start shitty and become better, or the first half may be great and the latter part may become shitty. And added up, it’ll always be the middle, the “fine” one. But that wouldn’t be true, because I barely, if ever, actually felt that way that day.

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Back at it with that Year In Pixels~

I don’t know if I could’ve survived this month without my boyfriend. He kept me up so many times I would’ve fallen into an episode. All the teachers thought it was a good idea to have everything due this month so we’ve been hella stressed. We’ll try to get back on a schedule though!

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day 1/100 of 100 days of productivity!


( picture on the right doesn’t belong to me, all credits to owner! )

7:05 PM | Jan. 7 | Today was my first day of school after winter break! It went pretty well, and a plus is that there’s no schoolwork being assigned this week. So all I have to do is attend classes. I made this Year In Pixels during New Years Eve, and as you can see so far I’m doing well! The picture isn’t that good quality though, I wish I had a better camera!

Anyways, for the productive part of the day I didn’t do a lot, but it’s a good start. I drank plenty of water today instead of being hydrated, I ate less than usual, I cleaned up (don’t know if this counts because I do this on a daily basis), and I practiced on my Italian.


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Hello. I found an interesting app and I wanna share it with you. It’s like a daily journal. It’s called Year in Pixels. I want to list down what I feel throughout the day and at the end of the year, I wanna look back to all those moments. I’m bad at writing on my planner, I don’t get to finish it all the way to the end. This app is quite simple so I guess this might work for me.

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I LOVE that beautiful is an emotion in your bullet journal. I love that 💝

I thought it was perfect for those days when you are just absolutely feeling on top of the world, ethereal, and light, you know?! Or when you’ve done your hair and makeup and went out with friends and it was perfect. Or maybe when you didn’t do anything at all but you went to the beach and felt beautiful under the sun for a day.

 I want my year in colors page to be lots of happier emotions this year, I hope your 2019 is filled with lots of ‘beautiful’ as well!!

If anyone didn’t see, anon is referring to this post! 

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I completed my 2018 In Pixels! 💖🌟 This was so fun to do and it allowed me to track my feelings over the months.

I left my windows open one day in July and the rain messed the ink, but I think it gives it a bit more character! 🤣📄

Totally recommended! I’m starting this again for 2019 📝

Happy New Year everyone!!

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