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It’s that time of the year when we think about what we want to accomplish next year.  What issues do we want to overcome? What goals we want to achieve? Where we want to be in 3 months, 6 months, this time next year? But we often miss a couple of steps before planning out next years goals.


We plan without considering where we are now and what actually went wrong in our year as well as what has actually went right.

We must start there first. We must look at what went on this year before planning the next. So grab a pen and paper and lets have a Goal Setting Session right here, right now!

What goals did you create and why did you create those goals?

What went wrong this year?

Write out all the things that you wanted to achieve, attempted to accomplish but you just couldn’t seem to make it come to fruition.  If you have a hard time remembering, you can look at your previous goals if you wrote them down, or think back month by month to come up with your answers.

What went right this year?

In the same fashion as the first question, write out all the things that you actually did achieve, all the things you set out to accomplish and did accomplish. If you have a hard time remembering, you can look at your previous goals if you wrote them down, or think back month by month to come up with your answers.

Did you have to pivot? If so what did you pivot in and why?

(ex. You started out with the Keto diet but decided a more plant based lifestyle was more agreeable and easier for you to maintain and still allowed you to accomplish your health goals. Or maybe you decided to start a youtube channel but realized you didn’t have enough lighting at the time of day you needed to film and found that you didn’t have to consider any of those things to podcast-so you found a pivot to podcasting the best thing to do, to allow you to be consistent and share content)

What accomplishment did you enjoy the most and why?

What failure made you feel like shit a little bit and why?

How did your wins/losses impact other areas of your life?

What do you wish would have gone differently?

Now that you’ve had a look at what happened last year, It’s time to use The Process to do a deeper look at why all the things happened last year.

But first


What is The Process?

The Process is an adaptation of a coaching model created by Brooke Castillo.  For me I look at her method as a combination of The Law of Attraction, A Course In Miracles and The Work-so for me, I truly get it.

I’ve adapted her coaching model with a heavier Feelings Based approached because that’s my background as a student of knowledge in the area of Old World Crafts and Women’s Lost Empowerment Methods and I truly believe it’s what is needed for women to create the home and life they desire.

Break Down of The Process

The Process consists of 5 important layers or steps for you to evaluate

  • Your Situation
  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Feelings
  • Your Action or Inaction
  • Your Results

Each layer has dependency or a rope tied back to the layer that precedes it. Here’s what that looks like-

The results you achieve or don’t achieve are because of the actions or inactions taken

The actions or inactions taken are driven by the feelings you experience

The feelings you experience are created from the thoughts you have

The thoughts you have are about the situation you find yourself in

You understand?  Let’s go over it one more time.  Just take in each layer slowly so you connect them.  Write them out if you need to see it on paper.

Let’s go again-

The results you achieve or don’t achieve are because of the actions or inactions taken

The actions or inactions taken are driven by the feelings you experience

The feelings you experience are created from the thoughts you have

The thoughts you have are about the situation you find yourself in

You can also look at it this way-

  • You have thoughts about the situation you find yourself in
  • Those thoughts create feelings-negative or positive
  • The feelings you experience drive your actions or in many cases inaction
  • The action or inaction you take creates the results you see

Whether you look at The Process from start to finish or from end to beginning the flow is still the same.


Where do I start-

Honestly, you can start on any layer in The Process, it will always lead you to the next layer, but I find it to be easier for my clients to start on the Feelings layer.

The reason for starting with your feelings is because it’s SO super easy to point out how you’re feeling or don’t want to feel.  For whatever reason, negative feelings are easy to spot and articulate than talking about the positive feelings you want to experience.

So we start with your feelings. Let’s do that. Grab your pen and paper or if you’re driving, you can simply listen and work it out that way, but you’ll definitely want to take this process to pen and paper!

How do you feel about your situation? In the decluttering world, the most used feelings based word I hear is-Overwhelmed.

People feel overwhelmed about their clutter for many different reasons. It could be that-

  • It’s just too much stuff to contend with
  • Or I don’t know where to start
  • It could be that you don’t know what to keep or what to throw out

Well, here’s the truth in all of that-

Your feelings of Overwhelm are coming from your thoughts. Not the situation. The situation is actually not doing a damn thing-it’s your mind and the thoughts your mind is conjuring up about the situation that are creating the thoughts.

Your thoughts are-

It’s just too much stuff to contend with

Or I don’t know where to start

I don’t know what to keep or what to throw out

Those are thoughts

Those thoughts (which are about the situation) are what are making you feel overwhelmed!

This is an important truth for you to understand and agree with, within yourself because as I’ve said, each layer is dependent upon the other-from end to beginning or start to finish-whichever way you look at it-the layers are tied, they are steps-up or down!

The reason I need for you to get that layer is because the next step is regarding the oh so important action that you take.

All of your actions are feelings based. All of them.  We only take action based on the feelings we have and the feelings we have come from our thoughts!

  • If you’re not taking action its purely because of the feelings you are experiencing.
  • If you are taking action it’s purely because of the feelings you are experiencing

If you look at any movie, you’ll see that ANY action taken by anyone in the movie, is totally driven by their feelings.  You can see The Process in every movie, show, documentary you watch!  You can see the total flow of The Process.

Think about the last show or movie you’ve watched.  What happened in it? And why?  You can follow The Process in the movie.  Break it down for yourself.  If you can do that, then you can do that for your own life! It may be a harder break down, but you can do it!!

When you break it all down, you’ll see the outcome or the result that came from the action or inaction.  

Right now, I sit here writing this and I am hungry!! LOL If am feeling physical hunger pains!!  I want to make a distinction between Physical Feelings and Emotional Feelings-although one can be tempered by the other, for the purposes of The Process, we are only dealing with Emotion based Feelings.  

If you have a physical feeling-like pain-that is not something covered under the guide of The Process. We are only talking Emotion Based Feelings. Got it? Good! I’m not going to tell not to pay attention to your physical needs. I can’t make that determination. Only you can decide what you’re going to push through.  At this moment, I can push through my physical hunger pains, but I would have to stop to take some painkillers if I had a headache or toothache!  I can’t push through those!

Whatever action or inaction you take, will show up in the results you see.  If I don’t put my clothes where they belong when I get home from work and take them off, my lack of action will create a pile of clothes for me to deal with!!  

If I do put my clothes where they belong when I get home from work when I take them off, my action will create less headache over having to deal with a pile of clothes, I’ll feel better about myself, it’ll give me more motivation to continue doing right by by myself.

Whatever action you take will show up in the results you see. And vice versa, whatever inaction you take will show up in the results you see.

The results you see always come from your action and they are also always tied back to your thought process.  Whatever thoughts you are having are going to dictate the results you see.

Grab your pen and paper and jot down the results you manifested this year or didn’t manifest.  Can you give an example of what you were probably thinking to produce the result? Share your results in the comments section.

Great.  Keep working with these steps to have a look at each of the goals you accomplished and the goals you didn’t accomplish.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at Change and Setting your 2020 for success using The process

All the best, A

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Had my aunt read my palm, and across the boards my horoscope for 2020 is great. I already felt great about the direction 2019 turned, and now to keep that energy flowing into the new decade.

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- Complete Melody from Another World (will probably end up being somewhere between 90-100 chapters)

-Take a break from serious writing for a few months (not writing completely (I think I’d die if I tried) but no major projects, nothing with a set schedule, just a little something or two every month whenever I get it completed. I’ve been writing MFAW continuously for going on 3-4 years now, lol, I’ll need a break)

-complete Nanowrimo once again (I will keep up this streak even if it kills me)

-collaborate with my friends on more creative projects

-come back from my break rested and ready to start my next major project

Bonus goals (possible, but won’t be mad if I don’t do this)

-complete one of the MFAW side projects (likely Baby, There’s Magic in You, since that has the shortest set story since it’s not a different retelling of MFAW)

-get into digital art, which I’ve been wanting to do for years

Hopes for 2020 (things that are mostly out of my hands)

-Get more patrons

-Publish one of my original novels through an actual, honest to god publishing firm

I thank each and every one of you for your support this year and hope for your continued support in the future.

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2020 Goals!

This year I’ve decided to whole heartedly throw myself into art and improvement. So my official 2020 goals are~

To consistently improve and be kind to myself

To push to show my work to the world, which I haven’t really consistently done, ever.

To learn to be confident in what I create

And most of all,

To make friends and to support them on their journeys as well.

So good luck, good vibes, and love yourself too!

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The other week I reminded myself of what my goals for the year are: First, I wanted to continue my focus on my mental and physical health. If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll know that I haven’t always taken good care of my body. I took my youth for granted for a long time and figured I’d deal with old age when it came instead of being proactive and taking care of the only body I’ll ever have. So for these last several years I’ve been trying to do that. I’m eating better, drinking less, meditating daily, spending more time praying and reading the bible, and most especially not letting every single thing get to me. I’ve been taking Plexus supplements which have really helped with my overall health, sleep, and moods. And my anxiety has been almost non-existent as a result of all of these things, so that’s huge. 

Second, I’ve been working on my writing goals. I put out my very first book last year, which was a dream come true. But I don’t want the dream to stop there. I’ve always written fiction and I am working hard toward making my next book published a novel. I just finished the first draft of my brand new novel and I am really happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to start getting feedback and sending it out into the world. 

Third, maintaining stability in my life has always been a big thing for me, something I’ve always wanted and strived after but that has remained illusive. I’ve lived in LA for seven years and I’ve had eight addresses and seven jobs. So, as you can see, stability hasn’t exactly been something that I had going for me. Part of this goal, in particular, was to stay at the same job. Which I am proud to say I have done for two and a half years - that’s the longest I’ve worked anywhere in Los Angeles and I honestly really love it here so I plan to stay for as long as they’ll have me. Getting married last year has, obviously, helped a lot with this pursuit too. It’s nice knowing I have a stable, healthy relationship to rely on with a partner who really has my back. 

Fourth, it was a goal this year to work on paying off my debt. I have gone into the details of why I had so much debt in recent months so I won’t do it again - but I am proud to say that the only debt I now have remaining is my student loans. That is a huge weight off my shoulders. Especially since just a few years ago, I thought I was going to have to file for bankruptcy. 

There haven’t been many years where I have felt like I am crushing my goals, but this one I can confidently say I feel really good about my progress and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds. 


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goals for 2019

daily gratitude

go outside more.

talk to God more.

eat food that actually nourishes my body.

make more music. record that sh*t.

take more pictures.

join a new student organization.

read more (at least one book a week).

explore birmingham.

waste less.

get up and move.

be more honest.


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Life is full of traditions and rituals. One of my favorite traditions this time of year is the New Year’s Resolutions. Every year after the Christmas season, my social media feeds get flooded with posts about goals for the upcoming year. Tina’s confident this will be the year she loses that twenty pounds and sticks to her new diet. Bob plans to go to the gym every day until he has a body like Hugh Jackman. Pauline has given up cigarettes, and John plans to go back to school and get a degree. Optimism is in the air as everyone dreams of their accomplishments in the coming year. Life is good.

By spring, most of those resolutions have melted away with the frost. Bob hasn’t gone to the gym in weeks, Pauline still smokes a pack a day, and no one mentions their discarded goals.

But why? Is it because we aren’t serious enough about our goals when we set them? Perhaps, but I’d wager a guess it’s more complicated than that. In my experience, the most achievable goals are the ones with manageable and realistic steps between where we are and where we’d like to be. This applies to all areas of life, especially writing. The years I said I would “write more” or “read more books,” my progress wasn’t measurable. By spring, I’d all but forgotten to stop by the bookstore or devote an hour to my manuscript instead of Netflix.

I’m a big fan of starting with the “big picture.” I like to start with my goals for the year, then divide that into more manageable quarterly goals. As always, I have my ambitions set high and my eye on the prize. Without further ado, here are my writing goals for 2019.

  1. Finish drafting Daughter of Nightmares and Harbinger of Nightmares (the first two books in the Renegade Guardians series).
  2. Write at least 6 short stories.
  3. Publish Daughter of Nightmares and at least two short stories.
  4. Read 50 books, at least half indie publications.
  5. Attend at least one writing conference.

As you can see, I’ve made sure each goal has a numerical and measurable value. These specific steps give me a much better idea of where to kick off my year. If I’d written, ‘publish a few books’ or ‘read more,’ I’d have no idea where to start. Later, I’ll discuss how I break these larger goals into smaller bites in a quarterly calendar.

That’s it for me. What are your writing goals for the year? Are you pleased with your progress from 2018? Any bad writing habits you’re working to correct? Let’s chat in the comments! As always, much love and happy New Year.


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I can never make goals for a whole year. Every time I try, everything falls apart by February. Thinking that far ahead is difficult because you don’t know what the year’s gonna throw at me. So I decided to switch the focus from hard and fast goals to things I’m hoping for out of the year.

1. Move!

Yuppp, ya girl’s moving again! For those of you who didn’t know: this was my first time living alone (to clarify: not independently alone, but without other people alone.) And it didn’t suck? If anyone could thrive this way, it’s me. I’m a very independent person who can make herself laugh. But when my life started getting less hectic, it got depressing and isolating. I’m moving back home just for a transitionary period before I go off to university so yknow…I’ll actually have somewhere to come home to, and I’m actually excited about it.

2. Read more romance, litfic, and screenwriting books.

New discovery this year: I actually do like reading romance! Especially female/female. (Another discovery: my God, most romance titles are shit.)

I also want to explore literary fiction. My style has shifted slightly towards more lyrical writing, and I wanna see more of it.

Finally, it’s no surprise that I’ve been wanting to improve my screenwriting skills forever and haven’t gotten around to it as much as I wanted to…fuck me. I’m taking a screenwriting class though so that’ll kick me into gear :p

Hit me up with any recommendations!

3. Finish Mysterious New Book and start editing it towards the second half of the year.

WHOOT let’s do this folks!!

4. Watch more sitcoms.

why tf do u have a goal to watch tv tho

I’m Studying My Craft ok. Community and Brooklyn 99 are calling to me the most, and I want to finish Frasier.

I have a few more personal goals (mainly exercise related lmao) but here ya are! What are your hopes for the new year?

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1. Pay down my credit cards and close two of the three. 

2. Go to at least one Broadway show in Tampa.

3. Go to at three concerts.

4. Go to Busch Gardens and ride as many roller coasters as possible. 

5. Find a bathing suit that makes me feel sexy.

6. Go out for a movie night at Centro Ybor. 

7. Go explore Tampa during the holiday season. 

8. Buy New Goal Pants. 

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At the start of the year I decided I wanted to make a real effort to write more since writing makes me happier. I also wanted to try out bullet journaling. The latter I hadn’t managed so well in the end but I like keeping up with my fanfic page in my journal and filling it in.

I’m now half way to my annual target of 104,000 words XD (this is only counting what I’ve posted so far, so I have written a fair bit more in reality).

My secondary goal was a fic a week on average and I’m so far at 22/52 unique fics or 28/52 if I count chapters for already started fics.

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Hey, guys! So I wanted to start off this year right, and I decided to make a goal for the end of the year and try sticking to it. I’m going to rely on you and the others who run this blog with me to help motivate me and hold myself accountable if I ever just stop or fall into deep, deep depression. So this year, I want to focus on my sides and my back/butt. Of course, I’ll still work out every part of my body (and try to eat healthy), but these are the parts that I want to focus and improve on this year. Losing weight isn’t a concern, and I can honestly say that there will be days I’m gonna slack. Even though we are a motivation blog, all of us are humans, and will have our days “off”, so please do be kind to us and others. I do encourage loving your body and yourself and having a group of people who will love, support, and encourage you no matter what so that if you have bad days, it isn’t going to impact you so badly that you’ll spiral back into bad habits–and if you need to, we can always be that group of people for you. Anyway, if you want to follow this, I’m going to update my progress every end of the month (yes I know it’s late and yes you will get another post at the end of February). If asked, I’ll post workouts I’m trying or doing to achieve this goal (and recipes if you guys want that), but most of all, this series will just be a personal post to hold myself accountable and see the changes with myself throughout the year. Oh, and if you want to send us workouts/recipes you guys think we should try, feel free to! As always, keep it positive and help others around you.

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Goals update:

So far for the year I’m down 4lbs, I’ve continued to train 3-4 days a week and over all I’m feeling ok.

I have not been crocheting or writing as much as I said I would try to but I’ve been working more than I normally do (not that it’s a bad thing just leaves me with less free time).

One month down in the first quarter of the year.

To hit my 1st quarter goals I’ll need to lose 6 more lbs by the end of March, continue training 3-4 days a week and begin making spring/summer crochet things.

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