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yedumb2 years ago
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Yedam: 鈥淗yung is really tall and good at singing. He鈥檚 a lot of fun, and also takes care of me, and is more like my friend than a hyung鈥 I only have 5 seconds left鈥 really love you hyung.鈥 -hides in junkyu鈥檚 back-
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hcneysunoo2 years ago
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Reasons Takata Mashiho deserves to debut:
- he can sing
- he can dance
- he can rap
- he鈥檚 an amazing center
- the boy is leader material
- he鈥檚 a cutie (especially with other trainees) *cough* junkyu *cough*
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chocafe2 years ago
鈥 yedam as your boyfriend
pairing: boyfriend!yedam x reader a/n: thank you to the anon who requested a yedam scenario! i made this with the thought of you uwu. sorry if the ending is a little serious- i was listening to a playlist called 鈥渋鈥檒l be fine without you鈥 when i got to that part in the writing omfg. also can we all just talk about how good yedam looks in this gif?
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yedam never planned on falling in love
he鈥檚 been trainee ever since he was a kid and he couldn鈥檛 ruin this opportunity by getting into a relationship
but when he met you
he couldn鈥檛 help, but to fall for you like a shooting star
all of yedam鈥檚 self composed songs are based off of you
black swan?
he wrote that back when didn鈥檛 have the courage to confess to you
to unleash his desire to be your boyfriend, he wrote that song
but ya鈥檏now the song didn鈥檛 help much because he still wanted to be yours and ended up confessing
kind of like how lara jean writes letters to the boys she has loved to help her get over her long crush for them
that鈥檚 yedam in this situation
it鈥檚 just that he writes songs
and instead of getting over you
he fell in love with you even more
since this is the first relationship yedam has ever been in, he鈥檚 very cautious about everything
it鈥檚 not that his first thought is 鈥渕uST BE CAUTIOUS!!!!! WE DONT KNOW THIS PERSON THAT WELL!!!! ERROR 404鈥
it鈥檚 just that he wants to make sure you鈥檙e fine with everything he does
he wants to always be on your good side and never wants to rub you off the wrong way
with that being said, at first, yedam used to always ask you for permission whenever he wanted to engage in skinship
鈥渃an i hold your hand?鈥
鈥渃an we cuddle?鈥
鈥渃an i kiss you?鈥
after a while, you got slightly annoyed because you wanted yedam to feel comfortable enough to do whatever he wanted to do
there was no need to ask for permission when you two were dating after all
鈥測edam, you don鈥檛 need to ask me if you can kiss me.鈥 you lectured him. 鈥渨e鈥檙e dating, so you can kiss me, hold my hand and cuddle me whenever you want to.鈥
you then leaned in and kissed yedam鈥檚 lips
you know
to teach him a lesson,,,,
鈥渏ust like that! if i could abruptly kiss you then you could do the same whenever you want to. the time or location doesn鈥檛 matter at all.鈥 your lips stretched into a smile as you ruffled yedam鈥檚 fluffy hair
as you finished up your mini lecture
yedam copied you and unexpectedly placed his hand on your waist, pulling you in closer to him, and then proceeded to kiss you
it wasn鈥檛 the first time you two have kissed
but you were shooketh
because this was the first time yedam has ever kissed you without asking beforehand
after you two were done kissing, you covered your mouth with your hand and then asked 鈥渨hat was that for?鈥
鈥渨ell, you did say that i can kiss you whenever i want to for now on.鈥 yedam broke out into a goofy laughter and then went back to kiss you some more
he鈥檚 a big fan of back hugs!!!
he would back hug you and rest his chin on your shoulder
the two of you would stand there and talk or the both of you would sway side to side
ever since the little 鈥榶ou don鈥檛 need to ask for permission鈥 incident, yedam came to love back hugs solely based on the fact that he does it to surprise you
he just hates back hugging junkyu lol聽
many of your dates occur at night time due to yedam鈥檚 busy schedule
the two of you usually stargaze while hanging out at the park
or you would both be at yedam鈥檚 dormitory
one time, while you were both cuddling, you accidentally fell asleep because yedam just felt so warm and soothing <333
as you were sleeping, yedam found you absolutely adorable as you clinged onto him
but there was one thing that was off
you were using yedam鈥檚 arm as a pillow and his arm became numb because of that
he didn鈥檛 want to move his arm because he was afraid that it would wake you up
but man鈥 yedam was sure getting thirsty at that very moment too
[txt] yedam: doyoung
[txt] yedam: can you grab me a glass of water pls
[txt] doyoung: why can鈥檛 you get it yourself?
[txt] yedam: bc y/n fell asleep on my arm and i can鈥檛 wake them up uhhh
[txt] yedam: also my arm fell asleep too so i think i鈥檓 in a crisis
[txt] doyoung: omg youre so lame i hate u both
the next moment, doyoung walks in with a glass of water
but yedam is hushing him down at every footstep he took because he didn鈥檛 want doyoung to accidentally wake you up
in all honesty, you were so dead asleep that seunghun could be screaming in the same room and you鈥檇 probably wouldn鈥檛 wake up to that
you find yedam鈥檚 voice so dreamy
that he sings to you whenever he has the chance to
if you鈥檙e not able to meet in person, then he would call you and sing you to sleep through the phone
balancing training and school work can be quite hard
especially if you鈥檙e yedam who has a high percentage of debuting, so it鈥檚 either make it or break it
since yedam hasn鈥檛 been top of his school work lately
on some days, you come over to help him with his work
鈥渃ome on, yedam! it鈥檚 not that hard to understand.鈥 you nag at him while pointing at the math equation he is currently stuck on
鈥渓isten, i鈥檓 trying to become a singer- not some mathematician!鈥
鈥渋f you keep this up then you鈥檙e going to lose your spot as one of the top students in class! don鈥檛 you want some bragging rights?鈥
yedam rolls his eyes, out of frustration, and then rests his head on the desk
you poked yedam with a pencil, but he remained quiet and lifeless
鈥測edam,鈥 you moved in closer to whisper into his ear 鈥渋鈥檒l kiss you for every question you get right.鈥
yedam immediately brought his head up
he was ready to gET A 100% IF THAT MEANS HE COULD KISS YOU
this may explain why he鈥檚 still one of the top students, despite his schedule
he鈥檚 not really into pda, but he鈥檚 always down for skinship when there鈥檚 no one around you two
yedam is such an apologetic person
no matter what, he always feels sorry and feels as if he鈥檚 always in the wrong
you two don鈥檛 usually get in fights, but there was a moment where everything between you two almost came clashing down
鈥渉ey, is everything alright?鈥 you questioned him
yedam smiles at every chance he gets, but this time, it was just different
he鈥檚 your boyfriend after all
so it was easy for you to detect how his mood has suddenly dropped that very day
鈥測eah, i鈥檓 fine. why wouldn鈥檛 i be?鈥 yedam brushed off your question as if it was nothing
you were surprised by his cold response.聽鈥測ou鈥檙e not fine. i can see right through you. tell me, yedam, what鈥檚 wrong?鈥
you placed your hand on his shoulder, trying to give him reassurance that you鈥檙e hear to listen to him and his worries
instead, yedam took your hand off of him and kept a distance between you two
鈥渄on鈥檛 you ever think you鈥檙e better off with someone who鈥檚 better than me?鈥 he mumbled underneath his breath
you were completely shocked by what was running through yedam鈥檚 head
鈥渨hat are you talking about?鈥 you asked once more
鈥渢hink about it, y/n.鈥 he began to explain his point.聽鈥渨e never have time to meet each other. we hang out once in a blue moon, and even though we go to the same school, we鈥檙e both in different classes, so we don鈥檛 even come across one another. there鈥檚 other boys out there that can give you the time and attention, and i just think you鈥檙e better off with them.鈥
you didn鈥檛 want to listen to what yedam had to say because it was far from how you thought of him and your guys relationship
鈥渄o you love me?鈥 you interrupted and asked him a simple question
鈥渙f course i love you.鈥 he slowly raised his head to look up at you
鈥渢hen why would i be with someone else when i have you, someone who loves me just as much as i love them?鈥
you grabbed yedam and embraced him into a meaningful hug
鈥測edam, it will always be you.鈥
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parkaiur2 years ago
yg: omg my trainees will love this new show !! theyll all wanna fight with each other and gain popularity and debut without their original members!! yes !!
Yedam: *cries when he sees team a members out of guilt*
Haruto: *cries when he sees team j members out of guilt*
Jeongwoo: *cries when he sees team c members out of guilt*
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ygtbtrash2 years ago
WHAT IS THIS 2015?????
((buT I'm glad they have their own IG acc becaUSE CONTENT AND IM LIVING))
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