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I feel incredibly mixed on the dp remake art style. It looks cute, yes, but the models(that were shown, and will likely be updated(I hope)) do feel like they belong in a mobile game. Furthermore, the battle animations still feel subpar, and considering the current philosophy of making games really easy by Gamefreak, I am scared that the game will be dumbed down in terms of difficulty. As for legends, it seems to be making the jump to better quality, and I believe that the Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor were a little taste of what they were working on, with their environments and emphasis on the natural world. I do plan on buying Legends when it comes out, but I’m not sure about the dp remakes.(may add onto this rant later)

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no one:


absolutely no one:

not even god:

me: *flopping around the room like a jellyfish* 7PM LET IT SINK IN I’VE BEEN LIVING IN THE DARK IN THE BACK OF THE DEEP END NOW IT’S 3AM EVERYB-

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Min mor sagde, at jeg godt kunne blive ret vred som lille. Da jeg var 2, var vi på ferie på Kreta, og jeg blev så gal på hende, at jeg bare løb væk og ud på en parkeringsplads fuld af kørende lastbiler SKJFFKD

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That pokemon direct was amazing. I can’t wait to play that Legends game. Just,,,, loving the idea of pokemon far in the past

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Back from holidayyy~

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Disclaimer:NOT MY VIDEO!

Just a very funny skit I found on #witchtock 🙃👌

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Send me your first anime and I’ll rate it.

Or, send me your comfort character and I’ll give you either a song I think fits or my opinion.

Or, send me a description on yourself and I’ll do a matchup :D

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Willumity feat. Luz and Amity admiring Willow in her element for a kofi request!! ;v; I really love how this piece turned out, esp the background since I don’t usually do them so you all get a close up and a just-bg ver!

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Question: when medusa felt too overwhelmed and had a self care day, did she go and smash the statue of men who tried to attack her until every part of them is in pieces? 

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Trust - Chapter 1 - NevaRYadL - The Mandalorian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Sit outside, close your eyes and listen with your heart.

The sound of crows chirping through the air as they fly by. Cars engines roaring as they drive passed a busy street. Footsteps of people walking in the grass, with their dog occasionally barking. The low hum of the ac unit on the floor under you. The sound of two people talking and laughing as they walk along the wellness path right outside your apartment.

What do you hear?

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