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y/n: oh please my dick is bigger than yours
bucky: you have a dick?
y/n: yeah its not on me now but yeah- i mean ask wanda if you don’t believe me
wanda: i’d prefer to be kept out of this conversatio-
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Love in the Silence
Natasha x Widow!Reader x Yelena (Siblings)
Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Requested by: @tightrope-mindsets , Thank you for this, I had loads of fun writing it.
Reader’s thoughts in red
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yelena was curled up in the cot besides your hospital bed, reading a Dr. Suess book to your unconscious body.
"Y/N/N, you really should wake up, these books are absolutely insane. What even is a green ham? If I was there, Sam would've been punched already... No means no... Why is this cat wearing a top hat? What drugs do you have to take to write this, it's so unrealistic." She grumbles, only receiving the sounds of the heart monitor in response, and a tired sigh tumbles passed her lips.
*It's a book for children Lena...*
"We miss you Y/N/N... Nat's been nearly killing herself in training, thinking that if she'd just been faster, that maybe you'd be awake right now...”
*It's nobody's fault besides the Hydra agents that poisoned me, I hope you're telling her that... I miss you guys too...*
"Nat! I'm surrounded, there's no way I'm getting out of this on my own..." You grunted into your coms, as you looked around for an easy exit.
All exits are blocked by massive crates that would make too much noise to move, and the only hallway out is surrounded by massive Hydra agents.
"Y/N, just stay hidden, Clint and I are headed your way!" Natasha replies, and you shift uncomfortably in your spot.
All of a sudden there's a loud scuffle, and all the Hydra agents scurry out of the room. Everything in you screams trouble, before you could run you see the mysterious grenade like can in the middle of the room.
"Nat, I love you." You blurt out, then as the can bursts you cover your mouth and nose then make a run for it.
You felt fine—truly, as you made it down the hall, but as Nat and Clint made their way to meet you at the stairs you began stumbling.
"I'm gonna take a nap..." You slurred out, then tumbled down the stairs, hitting the slab of concrete rather hard before anyone could reach you.
"Y/N/N!!! Hey, wake up, we need to get out of here."
Clint took off down the hall you came from in search of the canister for analysis, and Nat scooped you up and ran you to the awaiting jet.
"Please, Y/N/N, you have to be okay..." Natasha sobbed against your legs, as Bruce hooked you up to a bunch of monitors.
"I'll do my best Natasha." Banner sweetly states, trying his best to calm her, but his words held little comfort for your self destructing sister...
"Well, I have to go bother the red man child, but we'll be back at dinner. The newest member makes amazing Sokovian food, it's pretty similar to Russian cuisine, it's like home Y/N/N..."
*Bye Lena*
While Yelena collected her items, you began to hum along to a Russian lullaby to soothe your mind. It's one that your sisters used to sing to you back in the red room whenever you were scared—which was quite often. You've always been sensitive, so learning to develop a mask for your feelings wasn't exactly an easy feat. Being unable to open your eyes, or move your limbs was weird when you were fully aware of your surroundings.
Wanda had been in the kitchen preparing ingredients for tonight's dinner when she heard a subtle humming. She tried to shake it off, but she honestly couldn't, so she began to wander the halls in search of a source. Living in the compound has been pretty strange for the girl, going from a city reduced to rubble, to a cell, and now to a fully furnished room was a bit daunting. She got a basic tour given to her by Steve, but she'd never been down this hall before. The further she traveled, the louder the humming got, and it was truly calming for her. All her consistent anxiety was fading as the tune vaguely reminded her of home, and being caught in her daze she failed to see the blonde before her.
"Hey! New girl, what are you doing down here?" She growls, instantly taking up a protective stance as she blocks off the entrance to the medbay.
She heard what happened to her older sister upon their first meeting a week ago, so her trust in her was rather minuscule. Sure, she'll eat her food, but letting her near your vulnerable body didn't seem like an option.
"I-I'm just trying to find where that lullaby is coming from. Don't you hear it?" She stutters out, honestly intimidated by the blonde.
Wanda's powers aren't new to her, but certain aspects of them are still rather foreign to her. She'd only ever been made to infiltrate minds in a terrifying way, and to use her tendrils to ensure chaos. So, hearing other's simplest of thoughts was hard for her to grasp. The sounds also never seemed to be in her mind, so she never registered it as such; until she faced awkward moments like this one then it would instantaneously click.
She turned on her feet at the sign of a confused Yelena, and embarrassment flooded her body. Before she could scurry off, Yelena had caught her arm, and spun her back around.
"Wait! Describe it!" She frantically shouts, and Wanda felt her grip on her arm get that much tighter.
"The lullaby." She clarifies as the witch stands before her with a quirked brow.
Wanda immediately hums a portion for the assassin, and Yelena's face contorts into something completely unreadable to the witch.
"Come with me!" She says, while not even allowing the girl a chance to decide as she simply drags her into your secluded room in the medbay.
Wanda's eyes softened at the sight of your unconscious body connected to all the wires. You were rather beautiful, even in the state you were in, and she couldn't help but to smile. She's heard about you in passing, and she'd be lying to say she hadn't been curious about you. She could easily sense that your missing presence around the compound was an obvious displeasure for most. You'd been everyone's ray of happiness, and without you around the compound was rather dull—not that Wanda would know the difference.
"This is Y/N... I think you heard her, that lullaby was what Natasha and I used to sing to her in the red room whenever she was scared." Yelena solemnly confesses, hating the vulnerability of it all, but she wasn't willing to pass up on talking to you if at all possible.
*Yelena.. Why are you back? I thought you were off to disturb Tony's peace and subsequently allowing me mine..?*
Wanda subtly smiled at your sudden communication, as she found the sound of your inner voice to be rather calming.
"Ha! She said something! What was it?"
"Um, she asked why you were here..."
*Not entirely sure who you are, or how you heard me, but your accent is rather enticing. Anyways, please don't leave off the remainder of my words...*
Before Wanda could continue for you, Yelena was already in her—your—ear.
"Oh my goodness! Ask her if I can—."
"She hears you just fine." Wanda interrupts, and Yelena's gaze falls back to you.
"Malen'kiy pauk, if you don't wake up, can I have your limited edition holographic Charizard card? Please?!"
(Little spider)
*Damn, so happy to see you're rooting for me...*
Wanda smiled as she could hear you chuckle internally before continuing.
*How about… Over my dead body, and even then I'd like you, mystery girl, to ensure it to be added to my will that they'll be going to my grave with me. Please, tell my wretched older sister that I'll literally haunt her if she goes anywhere near my priceless collections.*
"Do you want the short answer or the long?." Wanda asks through a snort.
"That's a no then?" Yelena grumbles, as she crosses her arms over her chest, and frowns.
"A hard one at that, she threatened to haunt you if you were to touch them."
"Too late.." Yelena laughs out, then smirks at you as she awaits a response.
*Oh, it's on Belova... I can't wait to wake up, maybe I'll ask Kate out for a simple cup of coffee. Tell her all about your obvious to literally everyone but her crush.*
"Um.. She.."
"I suggest you don't do it again, or else Kate is going to find out about your crush." Wanda uncomfortably relays, and watches as Yelena gasps.
"I have to go... Don't leave! Natasha will want to talk to her too..." Yelena relays as she scrambles out of the room, and Wanda gently sits beside your bed.
*So, newbie that I've fortunately heard snippets about, do you have a name?*
*Oh, wouldn't you like to know...*
*Woah.. Are you like in my mind? It's rather trippy*
"Sorry..." She sheepishly apologizes, and starts to anxiously pick at the skin on her fingers.
*No, don't apologize, I'm more than okay... Are you though? Picking at your fingers isn't really a good habit to pick up.*
*Wait? How did you—.*
*My ears are rather sharp as of late darling, plus it's in my nature to pick up on subtleties.*
*It kind of slipped my mind that you were once a spy...*
*Pretty girl, I'm very much still a spy.*
*Pretty huh? You haven't even seen me..*
*I don't need to see you to know that you're pretty, I can just sense it...*
Wanda's honestly grateful that your eyes are forced shut, because your ability to fluster her this immensely is honestly embarrassing. A few pet names, and a baseless compliment and she feels like her brains about to short circuit.
*So, the suspense is killing me... It's only fair that I get to know your name since you know mine.*
*Isn't the mystery of it all more fun though?*
*If I could move my face right now I'd be pouting...*
*I'm sure it would be an adorable sight.*
*See! You know my name, and what I look like, so many advantages over me...*
Wanda giggles out loud, and you have to fight off your internal monologue on how adorable it sounded, and thankfully for you the rushed steps of your eldest sister becomes obvious.
"Wanda! Is it true?? You can hear her? She's still in there?" Natasha chokes out over the sobs she's desperately suppressing.
*Ha!* You think, and Wanda fights off the urge to roll her eyes.
Your heart honestly twinges with immense guilt after at the sound of your sisters voices. Yelena had covered it better, but you'd still been able to hear her obvious despair. Hearing Natasha sound so broken though honestly shocked you, because she'd always been the hardest to break of you three. Always taking it upon herself to absorb the weight of the world on her shoulders. Knowing that your careless steps caused them this much pain shatters you.
"Yes. She's here..." Wanda gently assures her, then you vaguely feel a pressure on your cheeks, and forehead which you register as your sisters touch.
"I miss you so much moye solnyshko..."
(My sunshine)
*I miss you too Natty...* Wanda resorts to simply connecting her mind to Natasha's, so she can directly hear your responses.
"I'm so sorry I didn't get to you in time, if I'd just been a little faster then you'd be okay."
*Hey, slow down, don't be stupid Natty. Hydra is the only one at fault here. My mind is still here, my bodies just taking a minute to catch up, so we can register it as I'm okay...*
"I just need you to wake up please, I can't imagine a world without you in it, so that's really more an order..."
*Aye Aye Captain Romanoff..*
Natasha can just imagine your goofy smile, and it brings a tear to her eye when she pulls back and instead only see your blank expression.
"I'm holding you to it... It was great hearing your voice, but I'm late for a mission briefing so I'll be back for dinner..." She rushes out, placing a lingering kiss to your forehead before moving to leave the room.
"Thank you Wanda, truly." Natasha sincerely thanks the witch, and she sheepishly nods her way before turning back to look at you.
After a comfortable beat of silence you decided to break it.
*So, Wanda, is it? Are you going to talk or just keep staring at me. I know I'm hot, but I'm so much more than my pretty face, and killer body.*
"Well, someone's a little full of themselves." She laughs out, and your heartbeat picks up at the angelic sound, and it becomes obvious to her as your monitor lightly beeps.
*Shit... is she trying to kill me?* You think to yourself, and she simply smiles.
"Malyshka, if I wanted to kill you, I would've. It's not like you could put up much of a fight anyways..." She chuckles out, running her fingers up your arm before she squeezes your shoulder.
(Baby girl)
*Jesus, it's not exactly fair to fluster a girl when she's in a coma, you're cruel.*
"I'm not even sorry..." She laughs out, and you hear her retreating footsteps.
*No, don't leave me alone, please...*
"Don't worry, I'm certain to be back with your sisters, but that won't really work if I don't make the dinner"
*Fine by me, I spent a lifetime with them, this was meant to be Y/N and Wanda bonding time so that I can secure my lifetime with you.*
"I'll see you later Y/N, promise." She murmurs out, leaving with a rapidly thumping heart at your bold proclamation.
As the weeks flew by, Wanda's solo visits to you had become rather frequent, and your sisters had honestly become wary of allowing it. However, Natasha could see the genuine smile on Wanda's face from whenever she would enter or leave your space, so she decided to just keep a closer eye on it all.
Wanda was currently sat at your beside with a book in her hands while your mind was at rest. Her focus was solely on you though, as she trailed her fingers over your face, committing your features to her memory. This last month had been shockingly calming for the Sokovian, getting to interact with you so intimately had really grounded her. She'd yet to hurt you, so you weren't all that wary of her, and it was just refreshing for her. The recent loss of her brother left a gaping hole in her heart, and even if you didn't have the ability to fill it, you somehow helped relieve some of the ache.
You were essentially a blank canvas for her, blissfully untouched by the carnage that often came with her powers. Something as pure as reconnecting a family wasn't on her powers radar, but you'd afforded her this opportunity. Without meaning to, you'd brightened her world with a simple lullaby, and nothing but warmth blooms within her chest at the simplest thought of you. She often finds herself replaying moments with you whenever everything would become too much, or even when everything was calm—like now.
*Psst... Witchy, are you up?*
Wanda groaned at the sudden sound of your voice, because yes—she was up, but with it being 2AM and all she knew she shouldn't be, let alone should she be indulging you.
*Go to sleep, it's 2AM...*
*Let's go to the beach.*
*What?! Y/N, did they hook you up to a morphine drip? You're literally in a bed three floors below me, in a coma.*
*You could easily create the scene in my mind... I'd love to finally catch a glimpse of you, and I'm losing it being trapped in this endless darkness.*
Wanda's nerves had kicked in, talking to you was one thing, but using her powers on you felt forbidden. Fear plagued her mind that she'd somehow hurt you, but your pleas were insistent. Eventually she caved, sneaking into your room, and pulling the cot that your sisters occasionally slept in up to your bedside.
*Y/N/N, please don't hesitate to tell me if I'm hurting you.* Wanda brokenly pleads.
*You could never hurt me Wands.*
She took a shaky breath, then laid beside you, and linked your hands together atop of your bed. Red tendrils floated up from her empty hand, slowly traveling up to your ears before seeping in and consuming your mind.
Waves of red began to swirl around your darkened mind, then after a moment a clear view of the horizon was before you. A rather large smile occupied your face as you could genuinely feel the sand beneath your feet, and the stinging of the ocean breeze as it wafted across your face. Your view was obscured within an instant though as a weight settled upon your back.
"Guess who..." She giggled, and a warmth settled deep within you.
Having her this close to you had been a dream, and it was finally coming true...
"Taylor Swift? Is it really you? Wow, dreams really do come true" You playfully gasped, and broke out into a fit of laughter when you heard her muttering angrily in her native tongue as she dropped off of you.
You quickly spun around to face her, and your heart was thumping within your ears at the mere sight of her. Stood before you was one of the most beautiful women you'd ever seen, you'd honestly liken her to a goddess. Her eyes were the first to reel you in, as you easily got lost in the sea of green, with the faintest speckles of red floating around them. Your eyes ran across the entirety of her face, tirelessly working to imprint a copy of her features into your mind. The sound of her loudly clearing her throat brought you back to reality.
"Hi." You sheepishly greeted with a gentle wave, and shy grin.
Wanda hardly recognized this shy side to you, as you've been rather bold up until now.
"Since you'd wanted Taylor, I think I'll be on my way." She teased, turning around to walk away, but your arm wrapping around her from behind halted her.
A shiver ran down her spine at the intimate grip you had on her, and she nearly melted into you when you whispered against her neck.
"Please, don't go..."
She never was planning on leaving, but she's glad the trick led her to this moment.
"Okay, I'll stay." She cooly relays, then places her hand over yours and slightly leans into your body.
After spinning her around for a brief hug, you had let her go, and failed to see the scowl upon her face at the movement. Your giddy form as it ran across the beach quickly turned her mood back, as she watched you in awe. The rays of sun bounced off of your smiling face, as you played like an innocent child, and Wanda's heart fluttered at the sight. She was finally seeing why everyone at the compound was so down without you around.
After a brief moment of watching, she waved her hand and a collection of toys fell before you. She approached you with a smirk, and challenged you to a sandcastle—off.
"You're on Maximoff..."
She watched in amusement as you worked tirelessly to build the perfect castle, simply unaware of her empty plot. You dug around until you found the wet sand, then began to fill your molds. You flattened an area of sand, then carved out the perfect rectangle to create a moat. Then you settled your identical side molds down directly to the sides of the center of your plot, leaving enough space for a walkway. Then you took your cylindrical shaped molds and settled them beside them, finishing off the front of your castle. The remainder of your castle was just molded sides to close it off. For finishing touches, you placed two twigs with tiny leaves into the cylinders to imitate flags, then formed an alligator within your moat.
Once you finished you smirked at your handy work, wiping at the sweat atop your brow, then you finally looked up to see Wanda sat in a lawn chair with a lemonade and book in her hands. Her eyes met your obvious stare and she narrowed her eyes to view your castle.
"Finally, now it's my turn." She giggled.
Then, with the flick of her hand you watched the sand beside you swirling around—reminiscent of a tornado. You watched in awe as the tower came to life, and a wave of betrayal also washed over you.
Tumblr media
"Moshennik" You grumbled as she approached you, and you were faced with her monster of a castle
"Ah-Ah malyshka, it's not cheating. I simply chose to work smarter, not harder, as the American's say."
"Yeah, and American's are cheats." You grumbled once more as you stood to level with her, and snatch her lemonade from her hands.
"Lemonade is meant for hard workers."
"Careful there dorogoy, wouldn't want your precious castle to be under attack..."
You gasp over the glass at her threat, watching in mock horror as the red in her eyes deepens, then see as tiny sand men begin to take aim at your castle.
"You wouldn't."
"Wouldn't I?" She quips with a head tilt, and a flick of her wrist.
Your castle tumbles down, until all that's left is jagged fragments, and Wanda cackles wildly as you fall to the ground in absolute horror.
"You're horrible." You whine, and stomp away, while she just clutches at her burning stomach and tries to compose herself.
She finds you stood at the shore, unable to remove her stare from your extended lips, as she wants nothing more than to just kiss your pout away.
"Dorogoy, it was an adorable castle, but I really wanted to see that adorable pout of yours."
"I could've just shown you one." You grumble, while your pout deepens, and she giggles.
"It wouldn't have been real."
"No more talking allowed, I want to watch the sunset in peace." You state, with a hardened glare, but she sees right through your facade and simply nods.
You didn't move your gaze from the horizon, your hand however extended out to hers; she wasted no time in accepting it, and you simply pulled her into you, then used her shoulder as a headrest.
Peacefully watching the sun setting together, and for a blissful moment the two of you'd forgotten this was all an elaborate illusion.
"Malysh, I really need you to wake up soon..." Wanda whispered against your hand as she placed gentle kisses to your fingertips.
Bruce had said you honestly should've woken up already, that the poison had long been flushed from your system, and this was clearly a side effect of your tumble down the stairs. Natasha, Wanda and Yelena all kept the faith though, because your mind was ever present. Tony had tried to convince everyone to let go, trying to be a realist, but all that got him was a target on his back when he'd briefly mentioned a long term facility.
An alarm blaring caught the witches attention, so Wanda placed a sweet kiss to your forehead before taking off to the briefing room.
You'd heard her, and desperately wanted to reply, but your head was honestly pounding. The pulsing pain in your head was all you could comprehend, not a single thought passed through your mind. All too suddenly, a wave of nausea had flashed through you, and within a second your eyes snapped open and your body shot up as you hurled into an awaiting bedside pan.
As the Avengers sat in the meeting room, Fury had been stood there waiting to inform them that he was moving you out of the medbay. Sighting that you were proving to be a distraction to the women at the compound, and you'd be safer with his team. Natasha had to physically hold Yelena back, while she simultaneously also planned a way to end Fury, and Stark for their suggestions. Wanda was sat there in shock, red swirled around her irises, and her hands that sat just beneath the table.
Natasha then stood abruptly, raising her widow bites, and glared at the entirety of the team.
"You will do no such thing! Our sister stays here, or leaves with us, there's no middle ground to reach." She growls, and Yelena stood at the ready.
Wanda had stood to assist them, then her head suddenly started to throb, and she fell onto her hands against the table as she felt a wave of nausea hit her. The entirety of the team looked her way, even the assassins who were ready to brawl spared her a glance. She shut her eyes tightly trying to place the sudden feeling, then her gut told her it was you. She locked gazes with the women, a silent understanding was reached, and the three of them booked it to your room with no further explanation.
Every part of your body ached from being dormant for what you were told was nearing three months. Your thoughts were jumbled, and you were struggling to grasp onto what was real. Lights were far too bright, so you sat in the bed with your eyes tightly shut, having become accustomed to the darkness that had consumed you for so long. You sat in the silence for quite some time before a flurry of footsteps graced your ears.
Wanda burst the door open with her powers, having had an abundance of energy coursing through her at the fear of something tragic. The women stood in the doorway with their eyes wide, and mouths falling in line at the sight of you upright. Natasha was the first to break free of her trance as she ran over to cup your cheeks, and look you over. Her arms tightly wrapped around you, and she cried against your hospital gown.
"'Natty, I promised you I'd return, but if you don't release your grip I might suffocate." You playfully quip, and she whines against your body before lightening her grip.
"Cyka! Back up!" Yelena shouts, as she slams Natasha out of the way with her hip, then yanks you in for a brief hug.
"Oh my gosh, Y/N, you stink." She gagged out, and you weakly pushed her away, but she had been reluctant to actually let you go.
"Well, three months without a proper shower will do that to you." You deadpan, before smiling widely at your sisters, who'd already been doing the same.
Your gaze shifted to the doorway where you saw that Wanda had not yet moved.
"Hey, you must be the newbie." You say, and for a second Wanda's heart aches at the thought of you not knowing her.
Natasha and Yelena see right through you, nudging your shoulder, and you giggle.
“I’d hug you Wands, but apparently I stink, and my breath is honestly a crime against nature.”
Wanda ignores your words of warning, and crashes into your body anyways.
“We’ll send Bruce down to check you over, we’re off to ruin Fury and Stark.” Nat relays, as she winks at you from the door, and not so subtly trails her eyes from you to the beauty in your arms.
“I’m not even going to ask.” You yell out after them, then tighten your grip on Wanda.
“She’s right, you do stink, but I don’t mind it.” Wanda murmurs against your chest, and you lightly chuckle.
“Wands, honey, that’s absolutely disgusting.” You laugh, then try to pry her off of your body, but she keeps herself attached to you until Bruce arrived.
Bruce had cleared you to return to your own room almost instantly, but recommended that you take it easy for the next few months. Wanda eagerly helped you to your room, and then waited for you while you took a very lengthy shower.
You exited the bathroom while towel drying your hair to find Wanda sat on your bed with bowls of paprikash, and a gentle smile.
“Is that my hoodie?” You asked with a raised brow and she just shrugged her shoulders with a wink, then ushered you to the bed with her.
Wanda had turned on some older sitcoms while the two of you ate in silence. Once the bowls were empty, she’d taken them to the kitchen, then returned in the blink of an eye. She crawled into your bed, straddling your lap, then with slight force she’d pushed you down against your pillows.
“Sweets, I think we should address the obvious elephant in the room.” You coo, while rubbing soothingly against her back as she kept her face buried in your neck.
“What is it?”
“Exactly, what are we?” You quietly ask, and the vulnerability lacing your tone is obvious.
Wanda pulls back from your neck to hover her face above yours, looking down at you with gentle eyes, and you see the hope swirling in them as well.
“Y/N, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m falling for you.”
“Is that so?” You playfully muse
“Very much so, I kinda thought it was obvious.”She gently relays and her minty fresh breath fans across your face.
“Well, in that case, what would you say to being my girlfriend?”
Wanda smiles widely at the question, honestly it felt like she’d been waiting a lifetime to hear you ask it. Her answer is expressed physically as she catches you off guard with her lips capturing yours
“Was that a yes?” You pant out, and she giggles against your cheek as she pecks at the corner of your mouth.
“It was a hell yes…” She shrieks before leaning forward to initiate another make out.
“Just so we’re clear, I’m irrevocably falling for you too Wands…” You whisper against her lips and smile at the way she cuddles into you, as you guys settle in for a night of reruns and cuddles.
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(Can’t remember if you guys said all, or a specific character, please let me know if I’m posting you under the wrong imagines. 🥺)
5,041 Words
LOOK! It’s FLUFF. Don’t expect it again 😂😉
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Yelena: Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have feelings for Y/N.
Natasha, looking lovingly at Y/N across the room: I don’t have feelings for Y/N.
Yelena: Natasha, you are nowhere near my eyes.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 days ago
Natasha: Congratulations. The three of you have just won gold, silver and bronze in the Moron Olympics.
Peter: Who won gold?
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freakyquill · 2 days ago
Yelena: *putting away the groceries*
Kate: Lena could you please pass me a peach? I'm hungry
Yelena: Sure baby hawk! I also bought some granola bars if you want some..
Kate, fake innocence, Bishop: Nah, I'm in the mood for something sweet and juicy...
Tumblr media
Yelena, banging the cabinet closed: Ok, let's go.
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nat-romannoff · a day ago
hcs about jealous Yelena... pretty please 🥺
My thoughts on how Yelena deals with jealousy;
- let's get one thing out of the way yeah?
- Yelena is not the best at dealing with emotions.
- if she happens to get jealous of you, you're most likely not gonna hear her say "I was jealous" right away.
- if she spots you across a room with someone else;
- someone who's looking at you, touching you, with more intent than they should;
- she will keep the feeling to herself at first.
- feeling jealous because of someone she loves, is very new to Yelena;
- and she's not happy with how much it can hurt and bother her.
- however, she will keep it to herself;
- Yelena was trained to endure pain and hide emotions, so that's exactly what she will do;
- that feeling will be locked inside until it forces itself out.
- if your relationship is new, or you're not even in a relationship with her yet;
- Yelena will keep her distance;
- for her, she has no right to feel that way, so she suffers in silence;
- until you decide to come to her;
- then that feeling starts to show itself through some witty and sarcastic remarks;
- Yelena may say something a little harsh about your relationship with the specific person that triggered her jealousy;
- and more often than not, her words may hit you as well;
- she'd never want to hurt you, but she's hurting too.
- Yelena can be insecure;
- she's had fake relationships before and that fear lingers sometimes;
- if Yelena keeps that feeling bottled up for too long she starts to get quiet and distant;
- with her mind making up unkind scenarios;
- so hold her, tell her she's the only one you have eyes for;
- in certain situations you may even find yourself gently wiping away her tears and insecurities;
- but she'll settle eventually, if not, just kiss her pout away.
- other times, most likely when you're already in a relationship;
- and jealousy doesn't make Yelena insecure anymore, just makes her blood boil and some light possessiveness appear;
- she can end up coming up to you and whoever you're talking to;
- she's gonna stay there with a steady hand on your waist or holding your own hand;
- you're gonna feel her fingers tracing your skin in a pattern that you quickly learn to associate with her jealousy;
- her firm grip on you and more evident PDA are also a telling that she wants people to see you're with her;
- you may tease her later just to see her blush, and deny it;
- "I wasn't jealous детка, I just missed you."
- her jealousy makes her touchy and affectionate;
- subtly showing everyone who you belong to;
- and don't expect her to leave your side anytime soon.
- and if you fancy a story with a jealous Yelena, I give you this ;)
Yelena’s taglist: @alotofpockets @simpforflorencepugh1
Let me know if you wanna be added to her taglist.
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p-taryn-dactyl · 2 days ago
me: getting idea for angst fic
also me: remembers Soul for a Soul
...should i do it again...should i bring the pain
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kurosakiichigoat · 2 days ago
Kate: So what’s your favourite direction to travel?
Yelena: What?
Kate: You know when travelling, whats your favourite direction to go? Like North or South
Yelena: Oh I see now. Down!
Kate: Down?
Yelena: Yes I like to go down, would you like me to show you?
Kate: I think I could benefit from a demonstration!
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jobethdalloway · 2 days ago
[crashing sound]
Yelena: What was that?
Kate: My shirt fell
Yelena: It sounded a lot heavier than that
Kate: I was in it
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kate-yelena7 · a day ago
Yelena, trying to flirt: I like your name.
Kate : Thanks. I got it for my birthday.
Natasha, whispering in Yelena’s ear: Are you SURE you want this one?
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emilyprentissslut · a day ago
misc fics masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
scarlet bitch of the west
lost in sub space
daddy yelena
pícnics and snow
carol’s secret stash
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141414a · a day ago
kate: im going on a date with yelena
wanda: aw where is she gonna take you?
kate: we’re going on a picnic
y/n: thats more gay than gay itself-
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Natasha: Sorry it took me so long to bail you out of jail.
Yelena: No it's my fault, I shouldn't've used my one phone call to prank call the police.
Natasha: And what did you do with your phone call?
Y/N: Ordered pizza, duh.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 23 hours ago
Kate: Not all dogs are good boys.
Yelena: Blocked.
Kate: Sometimes they’re good girls!
Yelena: Unblocked.
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ckm-writes · 20 hours ago
Yelena: *whistles* Whoa that spider lady is kinda hot!
Kate: *smacking her arm* Rude! We’re on a date. Who are talking about anyw… I don’t know how to feel about this.
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wannabe-fic-writer · 3 hours ago
Yelena Belova x Reader : Talk Sweet to Me
Summary: You’ve always been able to understand her.
Warnings: 18+ Alcohol Consumption, Slight sexual themes
Word Count: 4,520
* * * * * * * *
You flitter throughout your apartment, eyes trailing all over the open space observantly. Everything is already in place: a stack of games beside the coffee table, the karaoke machine connected to the tv and your laptop, drinks set on the counter beside pans of chinese food, plates, cups, and silverware out, and music playing at a low volume.
There is nothing left for you to do, yet you’re still up, moving around with purpose.
Suddenly the buzzer beside your door sounds. You go over and press the buzzer, your best friend’s voice coming through saying,“ let us up kid.” And you buzz them in with a roll of your eyes.
Shortly after, there’s a knock on the door. Pulling it open reveals a blank faced Clint and a smiling Laura. 
“Act a little happy to be here aye Barton.” You say to him, your usual teasing in your tone as Laura passes by him to stop in front of you.“ Laur, looking as beautiful as always.” You smile at her, accepting the one armed hug she gives you.
“Flattering as always.” She replies while walking in to set the bags she’s holding down.
Clint steps in enough for you to close the door, that bored look morphing to a teasing glare.“ I thought we discussed not flirting with my wife.”
With a snort, you pat his shoulder.“ That was not me flirting. If I were flirting with Laura you’d have a serious competition on your hands.” Your words gain a giggle and laugh from Laura, prompting you to wink at her.
“Alright enough.” Clint mushes the side of your head, chuckling and rolling his eyes as he moves over to Laura.
A moment of silence passes before Laura starts to tell you everything she brought: some cake and ice cream for dessert, more vodka because two of your six guests could drink a whole bottle a piece, and a game called ‘Hot Seat’. The game looks very interesting and with the group you have coming tonight you know it will be.
“Good choice, I’m sure Clint’s gonna love it.” You tell her jokingly, sparing a glance at Clint who doesn’t even look up as he flips you off, making you laugh.
You and Clint have been friends for years. When you started at S.H.I.E.L.D decades ago, Clint was the first person you went on a mission with. Things started off strictly professional between the two of you but somewhere along the line you broke through the ice and started a friendship. You always had each others backs and even though you were the more enthusiastic one of the two of you, something Clint wasn’t always fond of, you spent a lot of time together.
Your thoughts are cut short when there’s another buzz. Going back to the door, you press the buzzer. When no one speaks on the other end you know exactly who it is.
“I’ll let you up if you ask nicely.”
There’s a pause of quiet where you faintly hear some bickering, followed by Wanda asking,“ can you please let us up?”
Smiling, you hit the button and stay by the door until there’s a knock. You open it, stepping back to let Natasha and Wanda in. 
“My favorite people.” You smile at them, giving them both a hug and ignoring the sounds of shock from Clint and Laura.
Wanda smiles sweetly at you,“ I brought kartoshka.” She says happily, holding the small silver pan a little higher.
“For me or your girlfriend?” You quirk an eyebrow at her, glancing between her and Natasha who narrows her eyes at you.“ I’m kidding. I know you brought it for Nat, but I also love your baking so thank you.” 
A brighter smile crosses her lips and she takes Nat’s hand. Natasha nods at you with a friendly half smirk.“ Hope you got drinks.” She raises an eyebrow at you expectantly.
“Uh duh. Like I’d invite you over without having vodka,” you tell her,“ and Laura brought some too.”
Natasha makes a face that lets you know she’s happy about the drinks, then heads over to the counter to fix one. 
Turning back to Wanda, you see that all too familiar look in her eyes as she watches Natasha walk away. She’s so absolutely in love with her.
You’d actually been there to see them get together.
Being such close friends with Clint and working for S.H.I.E.L.D meant you were there when he brought Natasha in. She was reluctant, to say the least, to let you and Clint in. It took a while, years after she defected to S.H.I.E.L.D for her to even hangout with you and Clint, but it happened.
Natasha turned out to be that perfectly missing piece in your friendship. She created this balance between you and Clint. Surprisingly, she wasn’t as reserved as Clint was and she wasn’t as out there as you, but she was just enough of both to blend your friendship with the man while also allowing you to get close to her as well.
Both of them became your best friends and you were all inseparable. Years of being in S.H.I.E.L.D together and being Avengers together brought some issues but it was nothing you couldn’t get through. Somehow your fights, while bringing tension at the time, led to you being closer to the point where you’d all realized you weren’t just friends but family.
That family of course included Laura and the kids, then extended when Wanda came around.
Wanda took to Clint pretty quickly and with the amount of time he spent with you and Natasha it was almost unavoidable that she got close to you and Nat. She’d become a sister of sorts to you, someone you felt protective of. While she and Natasha formed a much more romantic relationship.
You’ll always remember how much you and Clint teased the two when they were even remotely close to each other. Natasha was a relentless flirt and Wanda was incredibly shy to her advances. There was rarely a time that Wanda wasn’t blushing around Natasha. 
Neither of them made a bold enough move to shift their relationship from flirtatious to something more. So you and Clint played matchmakers, and you gloat about it to this day. You both tease them, saying they wouldn’t be the adorable couple they are now if not for your help. It’s not really true but you definitely helped.
They make each other insanely happy and that is something you’ll always be glad to see. After how much both of them have been through, they deserve it.
“Come on, you gotta show me these kartoshkas.” You tell Wanda, lightly placing your hand on her shoulder blade and guiding her further into your apartment.
While Natasha, Clint, and Laura stand on the living room side of the bar, you and Wanda are on the kitchen side. She shows you the desserts she made,  then a light conversation begins, her expressing how much she misses having you around at the compound and you saying that you miss it as well.
While waiting for your last two guests to arrive, drinks are served and you all nibble on egg rolls and wontons. It’s fun to catch up with them, especially hearing about the kids from Laura, you’d have to visit soon.
By the time your buzzer goes off again, everyone is fixing plates of food and situating themselves on the couches. You’re quick to go to the door, pressing the buzzer and saying,“ what’s the password?” A laugh sounds on the other side, followed by Kate saying,“ blueberries.”
“Absolutely not.” You respond but buzz them up anyway.
In no time they’re knocking on the door and you’re opening it.
Kate beams when she sees you, shifting the multiple boxes from her front to her side before she pulls you into a tight one arm hug that you happily return.
“I brought all my favorite games,” she says as soon as she pulls away from you,“ I got Candyland, Monopoly, and Uno. It’s a special version too, guaranteed to make us hate each other before we leave.”
You snort out a laugh, gently squeezing her arm as amusement courses through you. You can’t help but love her.
Kate was the second to last person to join your family. The young woman having gotten caught up in some trouble with Clint that led to her becoming his protege. Despite his seeming reluctance to have her around, you could tell how he felt drawn to her, that father role coming into play between the two. Also despite that reluctance, she’s still here which speaks volumes.
Kate became a good friend of yours, your personalities matching in ways you hadn’t expected. You’re older than her so there’s a level of maturity in you that she doesn’t have just yet, but you still bonded and you consider her a close friend.
“Maybe we shouldn’t set a goal to hate each other by the time we leave,” you tell her,“ especially since everyone would hate me most for winning.” 
She laughs, giving you that ‘you sure about that’ look that makes you roll your eyes.“ We both know I’m better at Uno than you.” She lightly pats your arm as if to soften the blow of her words, still you give her a slightly shocked look.
“Just- go fix a plate and sit down.” You tell her, making her laugh as she walks away. Her greetings to everyone else faded to the background as your eyes land on the woman she arrived with.
Her long blonde hair is pulled up into a messy ponytail, black eyeliner making her green eyes pop, while a pair of mid-thigh length shorts accentuate her legs and hips. She’s so beautiful, a thought you get literally every time you see her.
She steps past the threshold, eyes trailing over your body then back up to your face.“ Hi detka,” she gives you a small smile, one you immediately return, followed by you dorkily waving at her.
“Hi.” You nearly stutter back.
Taking a small step closer, she opens her arms with a raised eyebrow and you nervously hesitate before closing the space and closing the gap and hugging her.
“Ya skuchal po tvoyey ulybke.” She says to you, making you flush. 
A familiar heat rises through your body. Her words accompanied by her accent makes your heart flutter, something that she has almost always been the cause of since you’ve met her.
Yelena was the last person to join your family/group of friends and with her came a whirlwind that you never expected.
Natasha had told you and Clint about Yelena a couple years into your friendship. You both instantly could tell how deeply Natasha cared for her sister, how much she missed her and regretted leaving her behind. Still, her past was something she didn’t talk about much and you respected that, never pushing her to talk. 
Whenever she did choose to share stories about Yelena you listened intently, always curious about the blonde even though you never met her. When you finally did, that curiosity turned to intrigue. 
You knew she could tell how interested you were in her but she never made any obvious statements about it. In fact she simply answered all your questions and seemed happy to accept the company you offered her, expressing subtle interest in you by asking questions of her own.
The relationship between you and Yelena was nothing like you expected, nothing like the friendships you’d formed with everyone else around you. There was always something lingering underneath the surface of your friendliness.
A few months into your friendship you realized that it was romantic feelings lying underneath your friendliness.
You had a massive crush on the beautiful blonde woman. She made you laugh, comforted you when you needed it, enjoyed spending time with you, took an interest in the things you liked even if she didn’t like them, and she trusted you. Yelena opened up to you slowly but surely and you found yourself loving everything she revealed to you.
There was the usual doubt in the beginning, you being unsure about whether she reciprocated the romantic feelings you had. That quickly went away though.
Yelena, after realizing her true feelings for you, started to make the most flirty, yet very sweet, comments possible. Whenever the two of you hung out alone or with your friends she said or whispered things to you. 
‘You have the most gorgeous eyes’, ‘I love your smile’, ‘I love making you laugh’, or the best one yet, ‘Your mind is just as sexy as your body’.
All those comments were made in Russian so Yelena had no reason to believe you understood her. When you smiled and ducked your head or covered your smile, she thought it was because you loved hearing her speak in Russian, when in fact you understood every word.
With all the time you spent with Natasha and all the missions you went on as an agent and Avenger, learning other languages was basically a necessity and one of those languages was Russian. Every time Yelena told you something in Russian you got all giddy, her words letting you know how much she likes you alongside her actions.
That’s why her current statement, ‘I missed your smile’, makes you squeeze her softly before you part from the hug. Her hand stays in yours as you shut the door then pull her over to the bar.
“How’re you?” She asks you, ignoring that blip of disappointment she feels when you drop her hand, then watching with a smile as you start to fix her plate. She loves that you always remember the things she likes, or how she likes them.
Piling her favorite foods onto her plate you answer,“ I’m good. Glad everyone came.” 
A smirk pulls on Yelena’s lips. She caught the slight inflection in your voice when you said ‘everyone’.
Much like you’d become aware of Yelena’s feelings towards you, she became aware of your feelings towards her. While you didn’t whisper sweet nothings to her like she does to you, your tone of voice and body language does the talking.
You have a much sweeter, more deeply interested tone when you speak to Yelena compared to how you speak to everyone else. Even when you don’t notice you’re doing it, your body makes it obvious that Yelena always has all of your attention. When you talk you make it a point to face her as much as possible, even if your eyes can’t look directly at her the whole time. If your body can’t face her you try to be as close as you can without making it blatantly obvious you want to touch her.
“I’m glad about that too,” she says, green eyes looking dead at you,“ I hate I missed the last one. I heard things got very interesting.”
You flush, freezing for a moment before resuming to make her drink.“ Yeah, Laura had a card game that got everyone out of their shells to say the least.”
Between Natasha and Kate, Yelena knew all about what happened a week ago at the last game night. She was pleased and amused to hear about your drunk confessions, some that were just adorable and kind of innocent, others having to do with her and things Natasha wishes she could erase from her mind.
“Hopefully tonight is just as entertaining.” Yelena says, thanking you as she accepts her plate and drink from you with a wink.
You watch her as she walks away, having to shake yourself from the daze of what her words might have implied, then you fix your plate and drink before following her over to the living room. The only spot left is beside her, Laura and Clint taking up the love seat, Natasha sitting in the armchair with Wanda on her lap, and Kate and Yelena on opposite ends of the couch.
“Okay.” Kate, as usual, is the first to speak up.“ What are we playing first?”
Laura practically jumps out of her seat,“ oo, oo, we have to play Hot Seat.” She says excitedly, setting her plate down and picking up the black game box.
With no protests from anyone, she opens the box and starts reading the instructions, explaining how the game goes. You all eat while talking about the game, Kate and Yelena polishing their food off in record timing.
Then, like always, you all take a shot before starting the game.
As the game starts you make the mistake of thinking it’ll stay tame. The questions all get good laughs and answers out of everyone. All of you each get a turn in the “hot seat” where you read a question, everyone else answers as if they were you, and have to decide which one actually came from you.
Plenty of laughs are shared and a lot of teasing ensues as per usual with this group. However, as the drink continued to be poured and everyone’s inebriation levels rose, answers got a little more brazen. As well as some of the questions getting a little more risque.
Now sitting in the hot seat, you reach forward and grab three cards. You read each question, setting two aside then placing one on the table and reading it out loud.“ Which of my possessions would disappoint my mom the most?”
Everyone looks at you and then at each other before writing their answers down. Each answer is placed in a bowl on the table and you pick it up. Mixing the answers up a little, you stick your hand in and grab one.
A snort falls from your lips, followed by drunken giggles.“ This one says-” you can’t stop giggling and the blonde sitting across from you can’t help but smile, absolutely loving the sight of you so happy and carefree.“ Okay, it says, my vibrator.” 
Clint makes a shocked exclamation while everyone else laughs, voicing their amused shock.
“Oh my god, this says handcuffs.” Tears brim your eyes as your laughter continues. When the next card says ‘dildo’ you nearly fall over with laughter.
As flustered as you are, the amount of liquor in your system has eliminated your initial embarrassed response. 
Little did you know, Yelena was melting. The thought of you owning the things on the paper was enough to steer her thoughts in a very inappropriate direction.
She’s pulled from those thoughts at the sound of you calling her name through your giggles.
“Which one do you think I wrote?” She’s glad you’re holding each answer up because she missed you reading the last few out loud. 
Humming in thought, she answers,“ the uh weed one.”
After getting Kate, Laura, and Clint’s answers you put the papers down.
“One, you’re all very inappropriate. Two, Yelena is the only person who knows me. I said weed, cause my mom would never find out I own sex toys.” Then you fall into another fit of giggles, a single tear running down your cheek.
Yelena shifts in her seat, thighs pressing together as she reaches for her glass and chugs the rest of her drink.
You practically stumble into your seat beside her, your bodies pressed together closely. When your hand lands on Yelena’s thigh in an attempt to steady yourself, her eyes snap down to the action.
“Ty ponyatiya ne imeyesh', chto delayesh' so mnoy.” She breathes.
Eyes wide, you sit up a little, still pressed against her as her words register in your mind.
Clint and Natasha share a look, knowing you know exactly what she said and has been saying to you all night. 
Shaking his head, Clint suggests you choose a different game and everyone agrees. 
You all play through a few more games, time ticking away as you sober up some and bring dessert out. Wanda’s kartoshkas are eaten in the blink of an eye, everyone raving over how good they taste, then you all snack on the cake Laura brought and the cookies Kate brought.
As the night winds down the board and card games get put away for something that you all decided required less thinking. 
So, with empty plastic cups on the table and two plastic balls in circulation, you all take turns shooting a ball into a cup and drinking. On some turns, instead of a shot there’s a dare or challenge or something of the sort given.
Currently, Clint and Kate have a ball each. You sip from your wine cooler, now leaned back against the couch, subtly cuddled into Yelena’s side. She gently traces circles on your arm with her fingers, her touch causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.
“Alright, loser has to stay for clean up.” Clint says, holding the ball up to take his shot.
You frown,“ um no. Everyone stays for clean up.” You look around at your friends.“ It was clean when you got here so we’re all going to make sure it’s that way when you leave. Now choose a different bet or whatever.” Your hand waves dismissively at Clint’s and Kate’s groaning.
Then a ghost of a breath fans across your ear, Yelena whispering,“ ty yeshche seksual'neye, kogda komanduyesh'.”
Biting your lip, you turn your head to look at her, feeling heat rise to your cheeks. You’re sure you might combust if she says something else to you tonight.
A moment of reprieving is found when everyone takes a bit of a break to use the bathroom or get more water to sober up. With everyone walking away it’s just down to you and Yelena.
You reach forward and grab a cookie, leaning back into Yelena’s side comfortably. Breaking a piece off, you eat it, then break another piece and offer it to her. She smiles a little, then accepts the piece of cookie, moving with purposeful slowness as she lets her lips graze your fingers.
The action keeps your eyes glued to the blonde, your face flushing as far from innocent thoughts race through your mind.
Yelena hums,“ spasibo, lyubov’. Na vkus ochen' sladkiy, pryamo kak ty.” She says, that smile morphing into a smirk.
Her words, coupled with her action, and your thoughts does something to you. She’s been teasing and flirting with you for so long, her little comments driving you up a wall. The whole time you’ve allowed her to do so without a single reply from you.
With the last bit of alcohol in your system giving you just enough courage you say,“ pochemu by vam ne uznat', pravda eto ili net.”
Yelena freezes. Her eyes bore into yours, shock filling those green irises.“ D-did. . you-” she huffs, looking down confused, then back up at you.“ Have you always been able to understand me?”
“Of course,” you frown a little confused,“ I thought you knew I spoke Russian.”
“No, I didn’t. Why would I know that?” Her eyebrows pinch together and she looks away.“ God I thought you couldn’t understand me.”
Slowly, you heart sinks and you find yourself scooting away from her.“ I didn’t realize it was an issue that I could.” Her gaze snaps back to you, noting how you wrap your arms around yourself as if in search of comfort.“ If you didn’t mean what you’ve been saying or it was just a joke or something that’s fine. I just thought-”
“No it wasn’t just a joke,” she quickly says, turning to face you, hands reaching out to grab yours.“ I meant every word I just- I never would’ve been so bold about it if I knew you understood.”
You look down at your hands, her thumb rolling over your knuckles.“ Why not?”
Her green eyes soften,“ because I was never sure if you had feelings for me. I mean,” she drops her head with a sigh,“ you could do much better than some trained killer.” For the first time ever you hear insecurity in her voice and it nearly breaks your heart.
“You are better than that, because you aren’t just some trained killer. Especially not to me,” dropping one of her hands, you reach up and gently take her chin between your thumb and finger, lifting her head so she looks at you,“ to me, you are incredible, Yelena Belova.”
Both of you look into each other's eyes, a bright light shining in her beautiful orbs that draws you closer. While you lean in slowly, Yelena surges forward. Your lips crash together in a very long awaited kiss.
Her lips taste of vodka and cherry, and very faint remnants of the hot sauce she put on her food earlier. It’s all completely her and it intoxicates you more than any liquor ever has. Her kisses almost instantly become an addiction.
When she pulls away you pull her back in, needing to taste her again. She smiles against your lips and it breaks the kiss, which makes you smile as well.
“YA mog by tselovat' tebya vechno.” You tell her and she blushes, forehead dropping to rest on your shoulder as a feeling of pure euphoria rushes through her.
“Oh about time,” Clint’s voice cuts through your moment like a knife,“ you finally tell her you know she’s been hitting on you in Russian?” He looks directly at you as he sits and shovels some ice cream into his mouth.
Yelena’s eyes widen at him as she thinks that he knew and didn’t tell her.
Natasha comes in alongside Laura with Kate behind them.“ What happened? You tell her you know Russian?” She asks you.
“Okay no,” Yelena leans away from you a little, hand still in yours.“ All of you knew she understood me and none of you told me?”
Everyone shares a look, then Natasha says,“ I feel it was very obvious. I mean, she practically fainted every time you said something to her. What did you think she was reacting to?”
“Well I-” she gets a little self conscious,“ I thought she liked my accent.”
That causes everyone to burst into laughter, Clint spluttering over his bite of ice cream.
“Awe detka.” You say, leaning in and kissing her cheek softly.
Even though her cheeks tint pink she maintains her shocked expression.“ I can’t believe you all.” She says, though no one really hears as they start to tease her.
She concedes and looks at you with a pout that makes you pout as well, then you glare at all of them.“ Stop being mean to my Lena.” You say to them but it doesn’t help, not the laughter that is. It does in fact help Yelena who dwells on the fact that you called her yours. With a bright smile she pulls you back into her side and kisses your cheek softly. As you cuddle into her side as you had before you can’t help but be glad that now you get her sweet words and her sweet actions.
* * * * * * * *
‘Ya skuchal po tvoyey ulybke.’ - I missed your smile. ‘Ty ponyatiya ne imeyesh', chto delayesh' so mnoy.’ - You have no idea what you’re doing to me. ‘ty yeshche seksual'neye, kogda komanduyesh'.’ - You’re even sexier when you’re bossy. ‘spasibo, lyubov’. Na vkus ochen' sladkiy, pryamo kak ty.’ - Thanks love. Tastes very sweet, just like you. ‘pochemu by vam ne uznat', pravda eto ili net.’ - Why don’t you find out if that’s true or not. ‘YA mog by tselovat' tebya vechno.’ - I could kiss you forever.
* * * * * * * *
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Some of the best mcu/star wars duos of the decade so far (basically everyone):
Obi-wan and Anakin
Steven and Marc
Peter and MJ
Sam and Bucky
Wanda and Vision
Stephen and America
Boba and Fennec
Mando and Grogu
Clint and Kate
Yelena and Natasha
Loki and Mobius
Add on?
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kurosakiichigoat · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kate-yelena7 · a day ago
Yelena : You’re having trouble running straight.
Kate : I’m also having trouble being straight looking at you.
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y/n: todays the day.
fury: are you finally letting that teddy bear go?
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