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#yelena belova x reader
manhattanminute · a day ago
Natasha: While I'm gone, Yelena, you're in charge.
Yelena: Yes!!!
Natasha, whispering: Maria, you're secretly in charge.
Maria: Obviously.
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falsescarletwitch · 2 days ago
hold me while we wait
Summary: Y/N just went through a break-up and has been locked in her bedroom in her shared apartment with Yelena Belova. But Lena has let her be alone for two days now and decided it was time for her to comfort her friend in her own way. Pairing: Yelena Belova x Reader Theme: Fluff / Moderate Angst Word Count: 1.5k Warning(s): Mentions of break-up | Hurt Author's Note: Had this kind of planned/drafted for awhile, decided to finish it tonight cause I couldn't look at it any longer.
Tumblr media
It was a universal thing to grieve after going through a break-up, the five stages of grief were inevitable. Everyone went through it, some worse than others, and you were certainly on the latter end of that. After your fight with Wanda, resulting in substantially one of the worst break-ups you’ve had, you’d locked the door to your bedroom and threw yourself on the bed. Yelena had tried to pull you aside, being a worried best friend above a roommate, but you only shrugged her off and told her you need some time alone.
A few hours locked away turned into a full night, then into a day, and another. Every so often Yelena would saunter past your door, glancing at the doorknob and hesitating to push it open. A flaw or not, she wasn’t generally one to knock, but she knew how upset you were and didn’t want to probe you past your breaking point- as if you hadn’t already hit it.
But her patience had quickly worn thin when the third day of you hurting in silence had begun. She’d left food outside your door occasionally, even bringing home leftovers when Natasha dragged her out of the apartment instead of letting her worry about you. You were thankful for that, not wanting your best friend to be standing around waiting for you to come out of your hovel. Yelena had done her best to respect that, waiting for you to come to her, but tonight she’d had enough. She wanted to make sure you were okay, alive at that, but above all she missed you.
“Come on, Y/N, open the door,” her knuckles wrapped against the wooden door, inciting a groan from you at the interruption of your pity party. Her accent was thick, and you knew by her tone that she wasn’t exactly leaving you room to argue. When the knock didn’t bring her the answer she wanted you were greeted to your door swinging open and an impatient blonde standing in the doorframe, arms folded firm to her chest.
Your head tilted, pressing your cheek against the pillow as your eyes tracked over her figure, tearing your vision away from staring longingly at the ceiling. Her brows were furrowed momentarily before one of them arched in silent question. She wasn't necessarily acting cold, but she also wasn’t going to baby you, especially due to the fact you probably had not left your bed within the last 48 hours. You lifted a hand, gesturing over her appearance, “Do you ever take that thing off?”
Yelena tucked her chin, looking down with a hidden pout as her eyes scanned over the army green vest. This time her brows furrowed, leaving to admire the frustrated crease as she huffed out in frustration. “I like it okay,” she muttered, her fingers playing across the zippers, “it has a lot of pockets.”
You rose both of your brows simultaneously, a half strewn smile breaking across your lips for the first time in days. A breath of a laugh fell softly from your nose as your head turned to avert your gaze back up to the ceiling. The silence that overtook the room brought you a sense of comfort as you felt the blonde’s eyes scanning over you vicariously. She was obviously concerned for your well-being and you appreciated that, but you wanted nothing more than to continue to mope in your own company.
“Lena, why are you in here?” a sigh fell from your chest, still keeping your eyes focused to the fan spinning slowly above you. When you didn’t receive an answer, you turned your glance away from the fan and back to your best friend. You pulled a noticeably confused expression as she approached you, watching her climb onto the opposite side of the bed from you and throw her legs atop the mattress. She was rather silent about it, resting her hands on her abdomen as her breathing leveled laying beside you. “Lena-”
“If you’re not leaving this room still, I’m staying here with you,” the words came out slowly, almost drowsy as she settled into her spot beside you. A hint of a smirk grew at the corner of her lips when she felt your hardened glare land on her. If there was only one thing that frustrated you about Yelena Belova it was her pure stubbornness, but most of the time the care she held for those around her was a consolation for that.
“Lena-” you sighed out, her name barely audible as your eyes studied over her features. The smirk once there now ebbing away as she tilted her cheek to meet your stare with an arched brow, strands of stray blonde sticking out across her forehead. Her eyes were soft, much softer than they had been when she’d just confronted you a moment ago, specks of blue still visible in the dark lighting of your room. “You don’t have to do this.”
Yelena matched your sigh, pulling one of her hands away from her abdomen, taking you by surprise when her fingers laced through your hair. The touch made the emotion you’d swallowed, bubble back up into your chest. You never were generally one to be so taken aback or infatuated with touch, but right now you were deprived. Her contact was minimal, but enough for you to finally shut your eyes in an attempt to dissuade any tears. The sensation of her playing through the y/h/c strands, her fingernails scratching gently against your scalp, made you gradually untense. A shaky breath expelled from between your lips before you spoke, “I cared about her, Lena…”
The blonde’s resolve softened further, the fingers she had previously entangled into your hair abandoning their task. You couldn’t deny the whimper that escaped her throat, making your roommate laugh sheepishly. Before you could cast her a glance of disapproval, you felt that same arm wrapping around your far shoulder, immediately feeling yourself being pulled flush against her side. You wanted to shrug back, knowing that this was only going to compel the emotions you were concealing to come loose, but you didn’t. Instead, you fell into her hold, clamping your eyes shut as a mix of her sweat and perfume ran past your nose. “You could’ve at least showered after training,” you muttered, burying your face into the soft muscle of her shoulder.
A throaty laugh played out of Yelena’s throat, her other hand reaching over to pinch your hip playfully. You yelped at the faint tickle that ran up your side, immediately firing back a jab into Yelena’s rib cage that made her laughter only grow. The laughter coming from both of you only increased, still keeping yourself flush against your best friend, until you started to come apart like every cliche film. Your breathless laps turned into sharp sobs, and the tears caused from laughter turned into those of hurt.
She caught wind of the change, bringing you impossibly close against her as gentle sounds of ‘sh’ left her lips. Your chin tilted, burying your face back into the pit of her shoulder. At first you thought about pulling back, not subjecting Yelena to this, until her thumb began to rub your shoulder reassuringly, and her cheek pressed against your forehead. “I got you,” she muttered, her breath washing across your ear as she spoke, making you cling to her further. You craved touch far more than ever before, and to have it for someone that cared for you the way she did set your skin on fire.
The weight of her cheek shifted against your forehead, moving to rest it on the crown of your head. You heard her draw in a breath, feeling the coolness of the inhale against your scalp, bringing you another unknown sense of comfort. Her thumb continued its soft motion along your shoulder, closing her eyes along with you as you both laid in the silence of the room. Over time your breathing slowly began to settle, your other arm at some point having moved to drape across Yelena’s stomach and tugging her closer along with you. She didn’t object, or pull back, at any point in time, keeping her body positioned in whichever way brought you comfort.
“I got you,” the softness in her accent made any hurt seem to dissipate, in the comfort of your best friend’s arms you felt at peace. Even if it was only going to last for a few hours, you let yourself fall into it. Within another few minutes you were falling asleep against her, Yelena looking down past her cheeks to watch your eyes twitch underneath your eyelids in a deep sleep. But she didn’t dare to move.
She said she had you, and she did, and she stayed with you like that for the rest of the night. No prying, no talking, nothing more than physical comfort from someone you trusted.
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peabrain112 · 2 days ago
Y/N: I love you.
Yelena: *Panicking mess* Thanks?
Natasha: And they say romance is dead.
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wannabe-fic-writer · a day ago
Yelena Belova x Reader : Fireflies
Tumblr media
Summary: After all this, you think it’s time for a break.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,556
* * * * * * 
Your fingers deftly card through blonde strands of hair. Intricately pulling it all into one braid that would soon circle the woman’s head. 
She sat between your legs, playing with her fingers as she quietly watched the nonsense going on around you both. 
There were two, no, three arguments going on. Sam and Bucky have been at it all day long before you sat down here. Tony made a comment on something Bucky said and that pulled Steve into it which now puts Steve and Tony on hour two of arguing. And, while they were being fairly quiet about it, Natasha and Wanda are bickering about something Nat did this morning. 
As funny as you found it all to be, your girlfriend didn’t, not anymore anyway.
Having just moved into the compound not but a year ago, she’s still in a bit of an adjustment period. She’s used to being by herself or around people who were fairly similar to her. So you know living with all these chaotic morons is a big change. 
While at first she found amusement in Sam’s and Bucky’s bickering, everyone else fighting as well became overwhelming. She didn’t say anything but you could tell the second she got quiet.
Her adorable little laughs stopped coming and her apparent need to move despite you braiding her hair stopped as well, reduced to her twiddling her fingers. 
Just knowing she wasn’t in her happy mood anymore made you want to pout, more than that, it makes you want to bring that mood back. 
As a plan to do so forms in your head, you stay quiet and finish her braid. Once you’re done, you drop your hands down to her shoulders. 
Squeezing then gently you lean down to her ear,“ go put your shoes on and meet me out front in five minutes.” You whisper, then kiss the top of her head. 
She gives you a curious look as she gets up but your soft smile in return is what makes her huff and turn around. You chuckle softly at her reaction. Your girlfriend never liked not knowing and she made that known in the cutest way, to you at least. 
In the next five minutes you slip into the kitchen and throw a bag of snacks and drinks together, then grab a blanket. As soon as you make it to the front door, your girlfriend does as well. 
Her eyes drop to your hand held out to her and she takes it, lacing your fingers together, then following you out of the compound.
Despite her many questions as to where you’re going, you don’t answer. Her curiosity is amusing to you. An even greater feeling washes over you when you step into the clearing in the woods outside the compound's perimeter.
She stops in her tracks, her fingers squeezing yours gently as her green eyes look around. 
The small pond sits no more than six feet away, nestled into the front of the small hill, catching the water that flows over the edge of the cliff. It’s a simplistically beautiful scene. 
Flowers are scattered around, quiet sounds of the forest accompanying the rushing water, and Yelena’s favorite sight, the flicker of light coming from the fireflies in the tree line. 
You smile softly at the childlike gleam in her eyes. You could blame the shine in them on the light bugs but you knew that was a natural light that came from her own happiness. 
The feeling in your heart swells and it’s almost overwhelming, your urge to just blurt out a confession you’d been holding in for months now. Instead of saying those three words, you go for the next best thing.
“If you keep looking so cute I’m gonna have to kiss you.” You speak into the quiet. 
She looks over at you and smiles, tugging on your hand to make you lean down. Your lips meet in a short but very sweet kiss. When you part, it’s only so she can pull you into another one. 
With a quiet chuckle you tug on her hand to pull her closer to the pond. Spreading the blanket out over the grass, you drop the bag and sit, letting her use your hand as support to lower herself to the spot beside you. 
You wait for her to get comfortable, smiling in amusement as she turns to face the pond and kicks her shoes off, scooting to the edge of the blanket to stick her feet in the water. When she lays back and crosses her arms behind her head, you lean forward. Resting one elbow on your leg, your other hand reaches out to Yelena’s head, your fingers combing through her hair.
“I know it’s a lot.” The softness of your voice draws the blonde’s eyes to you. Her eyebrows pinch together in confusion so you further explain.“ They may be earth’s mightiest heroes but they’re pretty damn chaotic. And loud.”
“And annoying.” She adds, her accent alone makes you smile but her words make you laugh. She has a point so you nod. You went through the same thing when you first joined up and if her adjustment feels like yours did you know it’s rough.“ You make it better.”
Your eyebrows raise and this time when you smile, you’re sure it’s not going to go away.“ I do?”
Pulling her feet from the water, she sits up and scoots closer. Her thigh brushes your knees and her hand slides around your neck.“ You make everything better,” she pauses to pull you close then whispers,“ it’s one of the reasons I love you.”
It hits your ears quickly, but it doesn’t register in your head until her lips are on yours. This kiss instantly becomes so much more than all the others you’d shared.
Two years of having her in your life. 
She came unexpectedly, brought in by Natasha who revealed that they were sisters. One training session with Steve and yourself and it was clear what she could bring to the team. Like everyone who joined after the original six, she wasn’t an Avenger right off the back. 
It took months for her training to be up to Steve and Natasha’s standards, then she had to be cleared by the government which took a while. All that plus her first few missions. She didn’t officially become an Avenger until a year after you’d met.
Being one of her many mentors in the compound meant spending a lot of time together. You two became fast friends. Out of everyone in the compound, she sought you out the most. You weren’t as closed off as the others. Unlike the many people she’d met, your honesty with her didn’t come with stipulations or hidden agendas. You were just you and she was just her. 
Friendship turned to something more and you could admit that falling for Yelena had been as easy as breathing. There was nothing you learned about her that you didn’t like. The good and the bad, you accepted and loved it all. She proved every day how incredibly strong she is, how brave, how funny, how human she is. Even when she didn’t see it herself. 
God, it broke your heart when she would have her insecure moments. You’d seen nothing but how amazing she is and on occasion she failed to see herself like you did. On those days you gave her extra care, extra attention, extra love. You wanted her to love herself like you loved her even if she didn’t know if you did at the time. 
Either way, it all led to this moment. You always saw it being you to say those words first. Yet again she surprises you.
When you pull away, both your chests heave with each deep breath you take. Your hands raise to cup her cheeks and you look into her green eyes.“ I love you too Yelena Belova. So much.”
This time when she smiles, it’s brighter than usual, a light smile in her eyes like no other. It warmed your heart that your love made her so happy. Just for this moment you get to see that you bring the same feeling to her that she brings to you.
Laying back on the blanket, you pull Yelena down to lay against your side. With your arms slipping around her, she snuggles close into your side, resting her head on your shoulder and raising her other hand to rest on your chest. The gentle touch of her fingertips dragging along your collarbone sends a small shiver down your spine. 
With a soft kiss pressed to her head, you both allow the calm of the clearing and surrounding forest to settle around you.
As you revel in the moment, so does Yelena. Her thoughts can’t help but settle on the fact that this very moment just so happened to be in this clearing with hundreds of fireflies around. While it might not have seemed like an important detail to you, she remembers every second of her childhood. 
All those times spent at that small park with her sister, the fireflies flickering and flying in the tree line. Those had been some of the best memories of her life and these inconsequential little bugs were present. Now, at the best moment of her life, they’re here again. 
She hadn’t been a superstitious person but maybe, just maybe, these fireflies were a sign. 
* * * * * *
Taglist: @lostandsearching @natasha-danvers @yumusak-yastik
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peterbarnes · a day ago
wrapping your legs around your lover's body as they lift you with little beef!cake yelena? 🥺
Your eyes burned as you stared at the TV, determined to stay awake. They flittered away from the screen quickly just to check the clock hanging on the wall.
"Ugh, fuck," you groaned, snuggling closer to the pillow. Though the couch was a bit lumpy, the pillow was soft, inviting. It felt like it was almost begging you to fall asleep on it.
Well, maybe I can just rest my eyes...
It was as if all of your plans to wait for Yelena to come home had faded away and been replaced with the promise of a dream-filled, peaceful sleep.
As soon as you allowed your eyelids to flutter closed, dreams consumed your mind. Dreams of her. How her blonde hair felt between your fingers, how her nose felt against your neck. You finally understood what people meant by sweet dreams.
You stirred when hands slipped right around your torso. Your first instinct was to jump up, but as the person pulled you to their chest protectively, you knew you didn't have to be scared. The hold was familiar, loving. You recognized the ridges of Yelena's arms and the pace of her heartbeat. So, instead, you hummed, snuggling closer into her as you wrapped your legs around her waist.
"Ah, I knew you couldn't be fully asleep," she whispered, her voice husky and her accent deep. "Let's get you to bed, okay lapochka?"
You nodded into the crook of her neck, and she pressed a kiss to your forehead. It didn't take long for you to fall asleep again. She didn't even finish carrying you to your bedroom before you were out like a light, your soft snores filling her ears like a lullaby.
She gently placed you on your shared bed, allowing you to spread across the sheets like a starfish, no matter how much she disliked it when you did that. She chuckled softly before slipping into bed next to you and wrapping her arms around your waist.
"Night, night, lyubof. Sweet dreams."
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alotofpockets · a day ago
Distracted (Yelena Belova x Reader) | Part 4
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yelena Belova x Reader
Summary: Yelena is your best friend. You like her as more than a friend, but won’t tell her that. What happends when you get distracted on a mission.
Word count: 520
Notes: Sorry for the long wait! I re-wrote this chapter and parts of it many times, not really knowing what I wanted to do with it. Hope you like how it ended up :)
Read on AO3
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Yelena led you to her bedroom and plopped down on her bed. “Hey, are you okay?” the blonde asks seeing the frown on your face. You sit down next to her “yes, just really confused about what just happened.” Yelena chuckles “yeah, same here. But now that they had their little bet, maybe they’ll calm down” she gives your hand a reassuring squeeze. “I really need a shower, mind if I use yours?” you ask. “Go ahead красотка" She kisses your cheek.
As you get done showering and you’re putting on your clothes you realize that you had to put on some bandages again. “Lena” you say popping your head out of the bathroom door “could you help me put on new bandages? Your mom said I should put them on at least two more days.”
Yelena walked into the bathroom to help you, her eyes falling to your toned stomach now sporting a small row of stitches. She walks closer to you, reaching around you to grab the bandages you left on the sink. When she’s done putting on the bandages she reaches around you again, this time to put the roll of bandages away, one hand on your hip.
You stumble back a bit under her touch. Not because you didn’t like it, quite the opposite actually. It felt like you melted at her touch. Your back met the cold sink. A blush rose up to your cheeks, but before Yelena could see, you pulled her in for a passionate kiss.
“What happened to sticking to cuddles красотка?” Yelena says as she pulls away from the kiss slightly. “ehm I eh I” is all you manage to get out, avoiding Yelena’s eyes. Yelena lifts her hand to your chin, lifting your face so your eyes meet hers. “hey, I’m not complaining” she says with a smirk “I just wanted to make sure that this is what you want, I don’t want to hurt you again.” You move closer to Yelena and kiss her nose.
“Do you want to go out for dinner?” Yelena asks as she hands you back your shirt. “are you asking me on a date?” you say with a glimmer in your eyes, Yelena nods. “I’d love to Lena, just let me get changed into something a bit nicer” you chuckle “meet me back here in ten minutes?”
Ten minutes later you hear a knock on your door. You open to greet your girlfriend “you look great babe” you say, giving her a quick peck. “Thank you, you look beautiful. Are you ready to go красотка?” You nod and take her hand.
Yelena drives the two of you to town, where she leads you to a cozy looking pizzeria. You get seated and order your drinks. “Like what you see?” Yelena teases as she catches you staring at her instead of looking at the menu. You blush at being caught “I do.”
You each order a pizza and start talking. “This is great, Lena. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner.” You say with the biggest smile on your face after finishing the food.
@yellowvxbes @ailenepuff​ @xxxtwilightaxelxxx​
Please let me know if you would like to be tagged in any of my works! :)
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allfiguredout · a day ago
Complete Misunderstanding
Yelena Belova X Fem!Reader
Warning: SUGGESTIVE THEMES but no smut, people have dirty minds, mild language
Prompt: You’re trying to give Yelena a massage, but some people think something else is going on in your room
WC: 527
Tumblr media
A/N: Yes, another unproofread mess by yours truly, Bolts :)
I don’t own marvel.
The Avengers tower was relatively quiet. The space in the facility was relatively large so it meant that it was possible for every avenger to get their own private time. Though, it seems that two new recruits take that time very seriously.
At first, it was Bucky who was walking by the sleeping quarters when he had heard an interesting set of noises coming from your room. Except the noise was strangely high pitched which would be followed by a series of grunts and questionable remarks. “Ah, that feels really good, Y/N.”
That was all it took for Bucky to keep walking straight forward.
It seems that hallway was popular that day, but that’s because all the Avengers live on that floor and most of them were home right now. When Sam walked by several minutes later, the same noise Bucky was hearing earlier persisted from within your room. This time, he decides to make commentary on it, shouting through the door, “go get ‘em!” He screams.
The noise still went as if Sam hadn’t said anything and he walks away, laughing. “Damn, FRIDAY needs some more soundproof walls.”
Then, it was Natasha who was walking down the corridors after a workout and training session with Steve. As a spy, she didn’t sense anything off in the hallways, but when she passes your room, her ears were traumatized by the sound. “Jesus Christ, Yelena! Can you two keep the sex to yourself? I don’t need to know what that sounds like!”
Suddenly the groans and grunts stop coming out of Y/N’s lips. “What?” Yelena screams from within the room.
“I said, stop grinding on each other so loudly! I’m trying to have some peace after kicking Steve’s ass for the five millionth time. You’re lucky Wanda isn’t home or the poor woman is going to have to-“
The door in front of her swings open to see both women fully clothed. Neither of them with much evidence of going down on each other. “Do you mind?” Yelena asks, clearly annoyed. “I don’t bother you when you’re trying to relax from a mission?”
Natasha looks inside the room. You were still fully clothed, sitting on the desk chair with a bottle of lotion beside you. She points at it, “that’s an interesting choice of lube,” she comments.
You give Natasha a quizzed look, “oh this? I was massaging Yelena.”
“That’s some bullshit. I know you two were doing it-“ Natasha replies in disbelief.
“Believe what you want, but, I’m really sore and Y/N has magic hands. Let us be.”
Natasha huffs, “Fine, but just be quieter. I don’t want poor Wanda getting traumatized from all the noise you two are making.”
“She has telepathy, not super hearing, dipshit. She’ll know we’re not doing anything.” Yelena replies rolling her eyes. “Now, leave!”
“I will, I will. Can I get a massage after Yelena, Y/N?” Natasha asks peering her head once last time through the door.
But it was Yelena who grabs Natasha by the collar and throwing her outside the room. “No, she’s my masseuse.” She says before slamming the door shut in her face.
Thanks for reading! Two fics in one day? Yes, I went there because my brain decides to finally function a week of a final. Anyways, have a great day/night, and may you always stay safe. If you need anything, I’m right here! -Bolts :)
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hoe4flo · 7 hours ago
Losing Her
Tumblr media
Yelena Belova x Reader (more mentioned), Natasha Romanoff x Reader (platonic)
Synopsis: It’s been five years since they have seen Yelena Belova due to the blip, but Natasha and (Y/n) are sent to Vormir with Clint to retrieve the soul stone in order to reset what Thanos did to Earth.
TW: suicide (via sacrifice), angst
Word Count: 1,195
Tumblr media
It had been five years since (Y/n) had seen her girlfriend. Five years since she grew into a close friendship with Yelena's sister as they tried to think of a way to bring back those affected by the snap. Five years since she felt Yelena's soft touches, Yelena's kisses, and heard Yelena's laughs and sarcastic remarks. The last five years had been hell for (Y/n). So, as the opportunity to get Yelena arose, she was quick to join Natasha and Clint as they headed to Vormir. The goal was to retrieve the mind stone. One of the infinity stones. Once they were all collected, all the stones would create a way to retrieve all those who were blipped away. However, the trio was surprised when the man with the red face told them just how they had to get it. One of them was to sacrifice themselves.
This led to them sitting in a small circle as they argued with each other. Well, more like (Y/n) sat down as Natasha and Clint argued. They were both reckless, not thinking about the families they would leave if they jumped off of the cliff into the abyss. Clint had a wife and kids, Natasha had Yelena, Melina, and Alexei. (Y/n)'s family died a long time ago in an accident that caused her to get captured by Hydra at a young age. She supposed she could be considered Wanda's younger sister, something the woman claimed constantly, but now wasn't the time to get technical. "Let me do it." (Y/n) stated, causing Clint and Natasha's heads to snap towards her. "Clint, you have kids. Natasha, you are like the aunt to those kids. Plus, you have Yelena, Melina, and Alexei." She listed off. However, Natasha was quick to protest that.
She had her sister in mind. Natasha knew Yelena would be distraught if something happened to (Y/n) and she wasn't there. "You have Yelena, too. You made a promise to me a long time ago that you wouldn't hurt her. This wouldn't just hurt her. This would destroy her. You two just got a house before all this. You were about to get a dog. You are not going to give up on that. Do you understand me? I've lived my life. You're still in your twenties. Live a long life with Yelena." Natasha looked at Clint to back her up, but he was quiet. He had nothing against (Y/n), but he did miss his kids and he didn't want to lose his best friend. Natasha narrowed her eyes at the man before noticing that the girl was slipping away.
Natasha quickly went to go after her, Clint standing up slowly. He knew even complicating letting the girl jump was wrong as he went to help Natasha get her back. This also led to a fight between the three as every one of them attempted their jump. However, as Clint and Natasha had both fallen over, it seemed like it was (Y/n) who had succeeded. (Y/n) sent one very scared look over her shoulder before she nodded at Natasha. "Tell her I love her, will you? Tell her she was my sun." Swallowing thickly, (Y/n) jumped causing Clint to struggle to his feet. He tried to find the arrow to pull her back, but due to (Y/n) powers of static electricity, he had a fuzzy mind still. Natasha's was just as fuzzy but seemed to sober as she watched the love of her sister's life jump from the cliff. Hearing a thud, Natasha winced, tears falling down her cheeks as she stood up.
The red-faced man gave Natasha the stone and the woman clutched it in her hand tightly as she stood there for a long moment. Clint moved towards the edge, looking over to see (Y/n) on the ground, eyes still open. Shaking his head, he looked at Natasha. "She's gone." He stated, walking over to her before leading her back to where they came from. It was time to go. Time to go to the Avengers, (Y/n) being left behind.
Making their way back to the Avengers, Natasha handed the stone over to Steve. The man looked at Clint and Natasha confused. "Hang on. Where's (Y/n)?" He questioned the two, staring at them as he waited for answers. (Y/n) was like a daughter figure to Steve. So, of course, he would wonder about her. About the fact, his daughter figure hadn't returned with his teammates. Natasha's eyes filled with tears, making her emerald eyes glassy as Clint shook his head solemnly. Steve opened his mouth to speak as Tony placed a hand on his shoulder. A sense of quiet filled them as they began assembling the infinity stones. Natasha couldn't help but think about how she was going to have to be the one to tell Yelena about (Y/n).
"Natasha," a familiar voice called, making Natasha wince before turning around to see a wide grin on her lips. Arms were thrown around the red-head as a sigh of relief escaped Yelena's lips. "I've been so worried. Neither you nor (Y/n) have been answering my calls. Speaking of, have you seen her? I heard it's been five years. I must see and tease her about how she's now an old lady and I haven't aged at all."
In reality, Natasha knew Yelena was just anxious that within the five years, (Y/n) had found someone else. But, she didn't. She was so determined to get Yelena back that she sacrificed herself so she could bring her back. Natasha looked at her sister causing Natasha's smile to slowly turn into a frown. "Yelena, she's... Clint, (Y/n), and I went to retrieve the mind stone. We all fought, but she won. She sacrificed herself to bring you back. She's gone. I am so sorry." Natasha whispered to her sister, tears welling in her eyes once more.
Yelena stared at her sister for a long time before a hand fell on her stomach. A wave of nausea hit her. "But, I... I was going to propose. We were supposed to be together forever." Yelena said, her words trembling as she tried to hide the tears within her eyes. "I can't live without her Natasha. What about the dog? We were going to get a dog." Yelena whispered more to herself than to Natasha. Natasha sighed, slowly taking Yelena into her arms. Yelena fell into them, losing herself as she sobbed loudly. Clint, who should be happy with his family, saw this. Guilt filled his stomach as his eyes met Natasha's for a moment before stepping away to go find his kids. The kids who have been waiting to see for five years. And, his wife. The woman he has needed to be with for years. His family. In order to be with his family, and in order for Natasha to live, he had to tear apart another.
Of course, it wasn't his fault. It wasn't Natasha's. But they would forever live with this guilt as Yelena's broken sobs never left their minds again.
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w4ter-you-doing · a day ago
Come Back, Be Here
Tumblr media
Yelena Belova x Reader
*Not My GIF
Word Count: 2.1k
A/N: here is the part ii to "Best Of Luck"! I want to dedicate this one to @3and30aresoultwins, @thorya22, and @wankyy-bitch! I have never had someone enjoy my writing so much that they ask for a second part, so I really thank you for being so very kind <3 hope it lives up to any expectation you had! and if not, what fic? it doesn't exist (: hehe nah i'm just kiddin' but here ya are! enjoy! xx rocky
Precautions: MAJOR BLACK WIDOW SPOILERS, lotta angst, sad reader ):
Part I, Part II, Epilogue
Yelena was dead. She had to be. Once news broke out that the Red Room was gone, Natasha and Yelena being the cause of its downfall, you could only figure. A giant platform in the sky that only caused immense pain and suffering would certainly have killed everyone on it in its plummet to earth. Although you tried not to jump to the worst-case scenario, you just couldn't help but wonder. Wonder not only about that, but also about what you two could have been.
You desired deep down in your heart to give Yelena everything that she could have ever wanted in life. Her childhood home, a swing set, two daughters. The dog. How badly you wanted to get Yelena her very own lifetime pet. Not a night went by in your tiny farmhouse in the plains of rural Ohio when you didn’t clutch your pillow in grief. Wishing that circumstances were different, that your life wasn’t burdened by so much: the red in your ledger, your right to choose being stripped away from you, the whole of your past. But perhaps the biggest burden you bore was that of remorse.
If only you had kissed her just one last time before she left. Or told her how you felt, how you would give up your very last breath just to ensure that her happiness was secured. You shouldn’t have let her go. God, what a selfish thought that was. Her and Natasha Romanoff saved millions of girls just like you from ever having their lives stripped away from them. But you sat in the kitchen every morning, faucet dripping in time of a metronome, wishing that the world didn’t strip Yelena from you a second time. It was unfortunate enough that the Red Room put a psychological killing-machine lock on you and her, keeping you two apart. Parallel, both working at each other's sides. Yet, still diverged by the fact that you were both trained killers and nothing more. The memories of whispers in the dark and dreams of a better future ended up shoved out of your minds and hearts forever. You wish it wasn’t this way, but life proved time and time again that anguish is the theme of your years on earth.
It’s difficult to mourn without a body, to cry over an uncertain loss. There was still a small sliver of your heart that wanted to believe that Yelena was still out there, trying to find her way back to you.
“I’ll see you soon, my love,” she had called out to you.
You hated yourself immensely for believing such stupid things. Love was such a stupid thing. Existing in this world meant nothing but false hope and empty promises. “Soon” is a word binded by expectations, as if you know something is coming but you’ll never be certain when that time exactly is. After years and years waiting for Yelena to come back to you, it was deemed a hopeless thought. For you, that something would never arrive.
That’s why every Sunday afternoon you took a long drive to a particular graveyard to try and find some closure in the loss of Yelena. You had found it by accident, following a beautiful path of summer fireflies down a dirt road, something Yelena used to gush about remembering when she was young. Even in the changing seasons Rosewood Cemetery reminded you of her, how she’d probably make a morbid joke around Halloween or tease you about being a wuss for the cold in the winter. It was almost as if she was still there, right by your side as always.
Today’s walk through the rows of headstones was average. The temperature was cool, the leaves had a nice crunch to them with every step you took, and the sun peeked through the trees, casting a gobo of patterned branches on the path.
Since it was the middle of Ohio, there weren’t a lot of frequent visitors to the cemetery, aside from yourself. That gave you the freedom to choose a random slab of stone to mourn Yelena at. You would have picked just one, but you didn’t want to risk someone’s actual grieving family member to see you talking to the ground where they are buried, so you decided on a new one on every trip. Sometimes you’d bring food and sit to have lunch with Yelena’s headstone by proxy. Other days you’d tell her about your week, or what dinner you had made for yourself the night before. But you always cried, without fail. Wishing she was right in front of you to hear all of the things you had to say for herself. Yelena was always a good listener, and she said it was because she learned from you listening to her rambles about nothing all of the time. But they weren’t nothing. They were everything to you.
There was a nudging feeling in your gut to explore part of the cemetery today that you hadn’t gone to. Since you started going here, you had simply raked the rows and put a pin on whatever stone looked decent for the day. But something in you had brought you to the northernmost side of Rosewood Cemetery, to a faintly used gravel walkway that led to a big tree. You figured that the spot was good enough for you to carry out your weekly routine, so you walked all the way down to the path with no outlet. Your demeanor for the most part was indifferent as you browsed through the names of people who had passed many years ago. Until one headstone caught your breath and rendered you motionless. It was freshly dug into the ground, brand new flowers and gifts hugged the bottom and the name in bold, black letters spat right in your face.
Cautiously, you approached the headstone, being delicate with your steps so as to not move the things surrounding it. It was probably the complete shock of the fact that Natasha Romanoff was dead, but your eyes stung with unshed tears. A million thoughts raced through your mind but one reigned above all of the others. Who put this here?
It could have been anyone, you knew that Natasha had a lot of people in the world who cared about her. She was an Avenger, well liked and admired by all. But who would put her headstone in the middle of this random Ohio town?
Gently, you kneeled before the grave, fingers gingerly running themselves over the smooth carved lettering.
“What happened to you?” you whispered, as if she could answer you right there.
You knew that Yelena and Natasha were sisters, and this newfound loss felt as though you had something to grieve with Yelena about. You didn’t even really know Romanoff, just having the connection that both her and you were close with Yelena at some point in time tugged at some heartstring that was still inside of yourself way deep down.
“I’m so sorry,” you quietly sobbed. “You didn’t deserve this.”
Your gaze went to all of the gifts and photos down at your knees. More tears spilled from your eyes. You wondered if she knew how many people cared about her, because based on the amount of lovely items below, you could tell it was a fair amount.
“You saved a lot of people, you know?” you cracked a smile before your lip quivered a bit. “And I know that whatever happened out there, you did everything you could to try and save Yelena.”
Your arms collapsed on the top of the headstone and you threw yourself into a weeping mess of tears. Through Natasha, you gained the closure for Yelena that you had been desperately trying to search for in this little Ohio seating chart of death. Whatever went on during the takedown of the Red Room, you know that Natasha Romanoff would have done everything in her power to keep Yelena out of harm's way. For that, you were forever grateful. Grateful for a woman you had only ever seen a few times, and you wish you could give her your life for always protecting Yelena.
After a long while, you stood and swiped away some remaining tears, though your voice remained shaky.
“You did it,” you hoarsely said, getting ready to turn away. “There’s no more red in your ledger, Natasha.”
With a deep, lingering breath you took in the stone one last time. Silently giving Natasha every last grace you had in yourself, you prepared for this to be the last time you ever come here. It was now time for you to move on, to let the past go, come to terms with the fact that Yelena was gone and never coming back. From now on, you had to give it up and find a way to make your life worth it. To ensure that both of their sacrifices didn’t go to waste.
“Lyubov?” a husky voice sounded from behind you.
It was as if a lightning bolt had come down from the sky and shocked you straight through your spine down to your feet. You knew that voice anywhere, and turning around, you were correct. Standing there in front of your eyes was Yelena with a pale, fluffy dog panting at her side. Her mouth sat agape, with tears immediately falling down her cheeks.
You could cry, too. But every single inch of your body was frozen in time and you weren’t sure if you were hallucinating or not. She looked so real. So different, like she was exhausted and full of sorrow. You probably looked the same, but it didn’t matter because as far as you were concerned the love of your life was standing before you.
“Yelena?” you breathed, taking bounding steps closer to her.
“Detka,” Yelena exhaled as dropped the leash and did the same.
Your bodies crashed into each other with arms desperate to embrace. Yelena sobbed into your shoulder while you still were trying to find the air in your lungs. She was here, Yelena was actually here. It was a dream come true and a relief all at once. You pulled apart but caressed Yelena’s face with both hands.
“I thought you were dead,” you said in between sobs.
“Oh sweetheart,” she responded, softening in your touch. “I’m so sorry. I looked for you. I searched and searched but I couldn’t find you anywhere. I even had my boss try and track you down, but I just couldn’t-...I-...what are you doing in Ohio, my love?”
You brushed your thumb across her cheeks, flattening the round tears on her face.
“You said this is where we’d always be,” you replied with a sniff. “Where we’d make the life we always wanted. Where we’d have our kids.”
Yelena’s eyes looked at you with pure love and adoration. She leaned forward to press a kiss to your forehead and then rested her own in the same spot.
“Is it too late to do that?” she genuinely asked.
Instantly you shook your head and tears finally broke out of your eyes.
Yelena brought your face up to look at her. She leaned forward to press a long, deep, passionate kiss to your lips. Her lips fit perfectly with yours and she kissed you for what felt like hours, making up for all of the time the two of you had lost in just a single embrace.
This is what the other side of hope felt like. Seeing Yelena again was the embodiment of the reason why people yearn and dream for the things and souls that are loved most. Just when you were about to give up on it all, when you thought you had finally come across the answer to your most sorrowful mystery, the universe plopped a surprise right into your lap. Something where all of the pieces finally came together and everything made sense. Now that you had Yelena back into your arms, you were certain that this time you weren’t going to let her get away, that you will always be the home that she could come back to in the home that was stripped away from her too soon.
You had the opportunity now to give Yelena everything that she ever wanted in life, and you be damned if you weren’t going to make every last thing happen for her. She had been looking at you expectantly to answer her question.
“Come back,” you pleaded with a whisper. “Be here.”
Yelena closed her eyes and kissed you once more.
Her hands held onto yours tightly and replied, “I’ll stay for forever.”
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empyreanwritings · 14 hours ago
but how’s mob!yelena going to make up for it? i feel like after 1 day of sleeping on the couch she’ll be so pouty ☹️
Yelena spent one night on the couch and regretted ever making you cross. The couch wasn't uncomfortable, but it felt wrong not having you by her side when she slept. Which she knew was hypocritical given that she ignored you for three days taking care of your stalker.
She knew better than to apologize with flowers. You always mentioned how much you hated apology flowers because they weren't sincere; they were just a temporary fix. A flimsy band-aid on a deep wound. And often you noticed when men were apologizing, they went with red roses which is why you despised them so much.
When you came home to a homemade meal and a box of chocolate covered strawberries from your favorite place, you tried to keep your annoyed demeanor. You really did. But she looked so cute with her little apron and sheepish smile that it didn't last long.
"Are you trying to poison me?" You teased as you took your seat at the dinner table. "You don't ever cook. I'm pretty sure this kitchen doesn't even know who you are."
"I just-" She took a deep breath. "I hoped we could talk over a nice meal, so I could say sorry."
You hesitated. Her mention of an apology made you remember why you were mad in the first place.
She quickly rounded the kitchen island and took your hands. "I'm sorry for not speaking to you for three days. I shouldn't have reacted that way, even if I felt it was justified at the time."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," you murmured. "Can we just agree to talk about things a little better and move on?"
"I would love nothing more."
You glanced down at the food. "Is this going to poison me?"
"We should probably order in," Yelena laughed.
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keiriwee · 2 days ago
Sorry Yelena Belova x fem!reader [ oneshot ]
im finally making a oneshot for my beloved Yelena Belova 
warning : mentions of cheating and death. Andddd some cursing. Also some sex.
It was Yelena’s day off and school ended quite early today, she would always pick you up from school but today was pretty different. “Lena you’re supposed to turn left” you were confused and quite worried, your girlfriend was never this quiet before so you decided to ask about her day. “So what did you do today?” she just continued driving without saying something towards you. 
“Fine I’ll just shut the fuck up then.” you were quite mad at her. “We’re here.” she just got out of the car and signaled you to get out quickly. Both of you were at her house. “Jesus- Yelena I have other stuff to attend to later, will you just tell me why are we here?” Your were running out of patience. “Other stuff? Fuck you mean by ‘other stuff’?” She scoffed, taking a small glass shot out of the cupboard. “College stuff.” You started to panic inside, did she found out? How did she do it? Did someone told her about it?
“College stuff huh? Give me an example” her accent got thicker. “Oh for fucks sake Yelena can you tell me what’s the point of you bringing me here and just asking random stuff-” She gave you a death stare. “Jason.” That name. You knew who that person was. What the both of you did. “Yelena no-” You wanted to avoid her confrontation. “Don’t you ‘no’ me, I know what the both of you did okay? Did you really think I am that stupid? I’m a fucking spy Y/n I know everything, I know.” Her face was filled with anger but deep down you know that she just wants to cry. 
“I’m sorry.” You weren’t able to do or say anything else other than apologising to her. “Oh yeah? You’re sorry? I know this Y/n, you apologise now and after a few weeks you’re going to go back sucking the fucking life out of that Jason guy.” You knew she was right. “You know if you would’ve told me earlier that you never had feelings for me-” You cut her off, “I do Yelena, I really do.” 
“No you don’t you never did, you only said you liked me back because you wanted to pity me. I may have lost my childhood, my sister, my family but that doesn’t mean I need someone like you to pity me.” Her eyes were filled with tears, you were able to see your reflection. 
Suddenly, she stopped crying. “Y/N MOVE” Your reflexes were quite slow and you wanted to see why did she scream at you. Then you felt it, your clothes were soaked with your blood, you look at your hand. “Yelena I think- I think I got shot.” She was focused on shooting the guy. “Yelena?” Your vision was getting blurry, your eyelids were getting heavier. Yelena managed to get the guy and afterwards she turned to you. “FUCK” She was panicking. “No Y/n stay with me, stay with me please stay with me.” She cupped your face. 
“It’s okay Yelena, it’s okay. I’m sorry for-” You coughed out blood, you knew that even if the ambulance got here, you wouldn’t make it. “I’m sorry for cheating on you, but please know that, I really do love you.” You tried to crack a smile. And the last thing you felt was Yelena’s tears on your face. 
She hugged you tightly. “I love you too Y/n.” Well it’s goodbye for now. “I’ll see you in the next life.”
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mahvericks · 2 days ago
over-bored and self-assured // john wick
Tumblr media
Summary; y/n and john spend the day trying to find someone to spill out where Viggo hid his son but this doesn’t turn out too well even if they start to learn how to trust each other.
Warnings; swearing, blood, violence, gunshot wound, car chasing, murders and alcohol consumption.
Not to tease or anything but y’all getting a Yelena flashback next chapter <3 + I hate myself for accidentally deleting what I wrote- it was so much better the first time I’m sorry :(
@xxxtwilightaxelxxx @mcgrathandwives​ + 😌 anon
что за хуйня = what the f*ck
Гори в аду = burn in hell
Words count; 5k. ( oops)
prelude | chapter one | chapter two | chapter four
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
John and you spent a good part of the morning going to places he believed you might find someone to snitch on Viggo but while he had been right for the first places, the next ones weren’t really used by Viggo’s men anymore- or you didn’t come at the right hour to find them.
Ever since you had killed this man, you noticed John giving you a few side glances, which you weren’t sure why. It wasn’t as if John hadn’t done that in the past, you knew how big his reputation was and how he was considered as a legendary hitman, of course he hadn’t only killed people who deserved it.
It wasn’t something you minded, he could have the opinion he wanted about you- cold hearted, cruel. You had been taught to be like that all your life, people didn’t change, especially when they had been conditioned to be like that their whole life. You would never be able to wash out the blood you had on your hands, why would you bother having more when it was needed?
“ Your leads sucked John. We didn’t even learn one single thing. ”
“ Yeah, I kind of know that. I didn’t promise they would lead to anything.”
“ Then what was the point of this? I don’t have time to waste. ”
“ It’s not wasted time when you’ve been scouting to get to know something. You have to be patient. We can keep looking around, we’ll end up finding something. ”
“ What if we don’t? ”
“ We will. ”
“ Or better yet, we go back to the club and we make them speak up.”
“ That’s not the smartest thing to do. ”
“ Well if tonight we have nothing new; I’m going back there. ”
John shook his head and stayed silent, probably trying to think of a place you didn’t already go, “ the only place we haven’t been to yet is little Russia. But at least 95% of the people living and working there are either loyal to Viggo or terrified of him.”
“ We should have gone there first. Loyal or not, if you know how to pressure someone, they’ll end up talking.”
“ We’re not going to torture someone in broad daylight.”
“ Then how?”
“ Like we first did earlier this morning. Scouting. We find a place close enough, analyze to find who might be the leader of the group, wait until an opportunity and take him with us.”
Sighing, you already could tell what was John’s plan and you didn’t like it, that seemed like a waste of time again, “ So basically scouting and stealth. Great. I hate doing that.”
“ If you want to be a good hitman, you have to be able to do stealth without struggling. ”
“ I said I didn’t like doing it, not that I was bad at it. I’ve been doing that for years, it’s just boring to me. ”
“ Well you’ll stay bored until we find someone to take with us. ”
Muttering a sarcastic “ nice”, you entered the car and sat in the passenger’s seat, “ next time I want to drive. ”
“ We’ll see. Start by putting your seatbelt on. ”
“ We’re trained killers and are looking for a man we wanna kill and you’re asking me to put the seatbelt on? You don’t have to be such a dad.”
“ I’m serious y/n. ”
Annoyed, you simply put your seatbelt on and felt like a child being told what you had to do, “ happy? We can go now? ”
“ Yes. But I need to stop to put gas first. ”
“ You’re kidding, right? You couldn’t have anticipated or something? Who the hell goes hunting people and forget to put gasoline before hand? ”
“ That’s not my car. ”
Now that was something interesting to hear, you wondered if he had stolen the car before getting to the Continental. A new found interest in the conversation, you straightened yourself on the seat, “ did you steal it? ”
 “ A friend lended it to me. “
“ Oh. That’s not as fun as stealing one. ”
“ You have a strange concept of fun, you know that? ”
Snapping your head toward John, you frowned not understanding what was so weird about your concept of fun, “ At least I have some concept of it, can you say the same about you? ”
“ I do, but you’d probably call it boring. ”
“ You can’t say that and not tell me. ”
“ I’ve spent some time during my retirement fixing my car, walking my dog too, trying out things I didn’t have the time to do before.”
Hearing everything John listed, all you noted was that he had a dog, ever since you saw one on your way to the airport in Morocco, you hoped to meet one and pet it, maybe even become friend with a dog, “ You have a dog? What’s his name? Where is he? Can I pet him? ”
“ I had one. Her name was Daisy and Iosef killed her. ”
“ Oh... I’m sorry. That bitch deserves to die even more now. ”
“ Yeah. So, you like dogs? ”
“ I don’t know? Maybe? I never really met one- just saw a few in the past. They seem really friendly and cute. ” 
“ They are. ”
Nodding, you couldn’t help but be disappointed and even felt a hint of sadness for John, killing a dog seemed so cruel- even for you, so much that you couldn’t even wrap your mind around it.
Keeping a frown on your face until you got to the nearest gas station, you mentally added another reason to kill Iosef, as if you didn’t had enough already. But now, you also understood why John wanted to see him dead. Your reasons were so different yet, those reasons had brought pain upon the both of you.
“ You can stay in the car if you want, it won’t take long.”
You nodded again and decided to stay inside the car, not seeing any utility of going outside- you only opened the window to get some fresh air in. You noticed a car parking at the next gas pump, at first you didn’t really pay attention to that car, however when you heard voices speaking Russian, this sparked your interest.
Noticing three men were in the car and another was putting gasoline inside of it, you directly became suspicious of them. When you realized one of the men still in the car was staring at you, it became obvious they weren’t here by accident. 
Scrunching up your nose, you glared at the man who was still staring at you. Once John had finished filling up the car, you grabbed his wrist when he walked past you and whispered, “ the car next to us, they’re here for us. ”
John gave you a look that directly made you understand what he was thinking. You let him go to the cash register to pay while you discretely took your gun out, checked if your magazine was full- you were starting to get how John thought and knew he wouldn’t want to engage a fight right here if they start it first.
You played it off as if you had no idea who these men were and waited for your friend to come back so you could leave before they would attempt anything. Since these guys had been sent after you, you hoped that they would at least be somewhat useful, you really didn’t want to waste any more time.
Once John came back inside the car, you realized that the men were basically just waiting for you to leave so they could follow wherever you would go next, “ what do we do now? ”
“ Just trust me on this one, alright? ”
“ I don’t really have a choice, do I? ”
“ Not really.”
Giving a last glance at the car close to John’s, you heard the engine starts and drove out of the gas station, unsurprisingly the other car started right after yours and was following you. While having some advance on them, they were starting to get closer, when they managed to be at a close enough range, two of the men put their head and machine guns out of the windows to start shooting at your car.
While being aware they were most likely sent to kill the two of you, you didn’t actually think they would have the balls to start shooting during this chase or that they would at least wait to be somewhere not in the middle of the streets of Brooklyn, “ что за хуйня ?! "
Now you were upset because of them and if it wasn’t for obtaining important informations, you would find a way to kill them right there by shooting in the tires or shooting at the driver. That being said, the only thing you had to do was not to kill them, or at least not all of them. You weren’t going to let them shoot you without replying.
Unbuckling your seatbelt, you turned around on the seat and made your way at the back of the car. Fully opening the window, you got the top of your body out of the car, and aimed at the car behind.
“ What are you doing?! Come back inside. Now! ”
You didn’t answer as you were too focused shooting the car- it took a few bullets but you got to shoot one of the men dead and hit another in the shoulder. You had to hide back in the car as you had to reload your gun, “ I took one out, another is hit in the shoulder! ”
“ Don’t do that again. Stay down. ”
His voice was stern and dead serious- it was the first time he truly ordered something at you. But they were still three and could literally shoot at the tires and eventually kill you by making the car crash, you couldn’t let that happen.
“ Get us somewhere to stop then! ”
Going back to the same position you were in right before you took cover behind the backseats, you started to shoot at them again, the first three bullets hit the windshield who already had a few bullet holes but didn’t seem to shatter just yet. Your next bullet was the one who made the glass shatters and made it so much easier for you now as the two men in the front row had nothing to protect themselves anymore.
Right at the same time, you felt the car slow down and went back inside to not be easy to be shot at- it was only now that you realized you were in a completely empty parking lot.
“ Come out! ” said John in the same serious voice as he got out to hide behind the car which made a way better cover, ” don’t forget we don’t kill them ! ”
Hiding right next to John, you went to the back of the car to shoot at Viggo’s men while John went to the front. Shooting at the man you had already injuried in the shoulder earlier, this time you went for his knees. John on the other hand took down the third man by shooting him in the chest- which only left one still able to fight back.
For not longer than a second you forgot about the remaining man and looked at the one you had hit in the knee who was crawling on the ground to find a cover, this single second was enough for you to be shot at and actually be hit this time. Hiding behind the car again, you cussed at the man responsible for your wound.
Taking a few seconds to calm down, you came to realization that you had been shot in your upper arm- as of now, it didn’t seem to obvious thanks to your dark jacket hiding the blood, however the pain was real, even with the adrenaline.
Noticing that John had made his way to their car, you distracted the remaining man by shooting at him and intentionally missing each time from a few centimeters- only stopping once you saw John handling the man. Keeping your gun in your hands, you went to John who had thrown the man on the ground and was already questioning him, “ what were your exact orders?”
“ I’m not saying a damn thing! ”
Gritting your teeth when the man spat on the floor, you crouched down to his level and raised your gun on his forehead, “ you will. I can make it quick or so much slower that you’ll beg me to kill you. ”
“ Like it’s gonna happen. What a bitch like you is going to do, uh? ”
You had used all the patience you had today and didn’t want this to take too long as you were suffering from the shot- of course, you had seen worse but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell, “ you don’t want to find out. ”
Your warning didn’t seem to be heard as the man only smirked just as if he was daring you to do something, “ left or right? “
“ What? ”
While the man didn’t seem to get the reason you were asking him that, John had already understood the meaning of your question and warned you, “ Y/n don’t do that. ”
Ignoring John, you lowered your gun to the right knee of the man, “ I’m asking you which knee do you want me to shoot first, right or left? ”
“ Гори в аду!  “
Unhappy to not get an answer, you chose to shoot his right knee and lowly said “ You’ll be there before I do. Now, onto your left knee. ” 
“ No, don’t do it please! ” begged the man, finally understanding you weren’t joking, “ Viggo is offering 4 millions for the two of you! ”
“ He puts a bounty on our heads? ” 
“ Yeah, he did! ”
“ Good. Now, tell us where he or Iosef are hiding.”
“ I don’t know that! He told no one! Only him and the men with Iosef know. ”
At this point, it just felt like a curse- no matter who you found that worked for him was useless. No one knew a damn thing. All you learnt was that you had a bounty on your head, funny for someone who was supposed to stay hidden.
You were about to finish the man but John put a hand on your gun and lowered before making you walk away with him, telling you that Viggo would most likely kill the man himself as he was useless to him now.
“ You’re bleeding. ”
John’s voice wasn’t dead serious anymore- it almost sounded as if he was worried. You thought you could hide it until you’d get back to your room but it seemed like you hadn’t done a good job at that, “ yeah... I’m fine though, it’s just a scratch. ”
You played it off as if nothing had happened or that you weren’t in pain when in fact, the hole in your skin was burning and blood had been dripping on your arm down to your hand and sat back on the passenger’s seat of the car. 
“ Let me check. ”
“ What? No. Seriously, it’s okay. That’s not going to kill me- but the doc might definitely kill me when he sees me again. ”
Your friend sighed, annoyed by your constant stubborness, “ Stop joking for a damn minute and let me check how bad it is. ”
“ You got stabbed yesterday, I got shot today- you didn’t make a big deal out of it, I’m doing the same. I’ve been through worse. Now, start the car or I’m driving myself. ”
“ I won’t start until you let me check it. ”
Being fed up with John’s insistance, you didn’t reply and let him have a look. You had been shot in your upper arm right below your shoulder, as much as it hurt you knew it wasn’t that bad and was nowhere near to be fatal- and even if it was, you would have to deal with it, after all you shouldn’t have been distracted during the shoutout.
“ Take off your jacket. ”
“ What? No. I told you I’m fine. ”
Loudly exhaling, your friend started to look around in the car for something, and you weren’t sure what exactly this was, ” can you for just this one time do what I say and don’t talk back? ”
For a bunch of second, you considered replying to him but that would only make the situation worse, and now was clearly not the time or place for that. Instead, you stayed silent and took off your jacket, but not without being in pain.
“ What are you searching? ”
“ Something to wrap around your wound to stop the bleeding. ”
“ Yeah good luck about that, we’re literally in the middle of nowhere. ”
Just as you said that, John stopped searching around just as if he found what he was looking for. Not even having the time to contest, your friend took your jacket you had folded on your thighs and ripped one of the sleeves off, “ What the fuck! It’s ruined now! That’s the last one I had! ”
Huffing, your partner started to wrap the ripped off sleeve around your upper arm, “ buy another one.”
“ It’s not that easy! Listen, I have no money, okay? At most, I have like 20 dollars I stole and everything is so fucking expensive. ”
“ How can you be a hitman and have no money?”
“ I’m not a hitman. I’m an assassin or a trained killer whatever you prefer. It’s different now but I didn’t get money before. Those clothes are not even mine, I stole them from the airport when I got there days ago. ”
“ Sounds complicated.”
That was an understatement, complicated wasn’t even a strong enough word to describe your life right now. And now, it didn’t help that you had just talked about you and your past for the first time, it felt strange and couldn’t put a name on the emotion you felt which is why you switched back onto talking about your poor jacket “ yesterday I forgot my other jacket at the club and now you ruin that one. Where the hell I’m supposed to stock my mags and bullets? I ain’t carrying a bag everywhere, I’m gonna look stupid.”
“ I’ll buy you a new one.”
“ That’s… That’s not why I was saying that.”
“ I know. Alright, that should do until you see the doc.”
As the engine started, you fastened your seatbelt and looked out of the window- or whatever remained from it and stayed silent during the ride. You weren’t sure if John liked the silence better or if he was waiting for you to speak up and as you didn’t want to start another argument you felt it was better for you to keep your mouth shut this time.
A part of you was starting to feel shitty for talking to him like you did when all he wanted to do was to help you. The reason was that you didn’t feel like you deserve to get any kind of help after all the pain you had caused- you weren’t used to someone wanting to help, someone who cared without wanting something in return. In fact, you were struggling to adjust to this new life for you.
Even the person who had shown that she cared for you in the past had to be controlled just like you and couldn’t do that anymore as she was so far away. You missed Yelena a bit more every time you thought about her and wished there was a way to just even hear her voice once. 
You needed to hear her tell you it would be alright, that you had only made a small mistake today but would get back up and finish what you had started- but there was no way for her to say that, she didn’t even know you were after the Tarasovs instead of staying hidden.
Back at the hotel, you directly headed to the elevator while John went to ask for the doctor at the reception. On your way through the hall, you couldn’t help but discreetly side-eye everyone you went past believing that they might attack you right on the spot to get the reward offered to kill John and you.
Once John had joined you inside the elevator, you felt relieved to see that no one seemed to care about neither of you- Dreykov wanting your head was enough trouble for you, you clearly didn’t need to have hitmen after you too, “ thank you. I know all you wanted was to help me. I’m just not good at... I’m not good at being around people and trusting them. ”
“ I get it. I don’t easily trust either. ”
“ Than why you’re trusting me? As far as you know, I could try to kill you right now. ”
“ But you won’t. Viggo wants the both of us dead, I’m pretty sure you have no one else than me to have your back right now. ”
You hated how right he was, you only knew John for not even two days and he was the only person you could rely on right now, “ I guess you’re right. So, what do you suggest? ”
“ Now? We wait for the doc and rest for the night. Tomorrow we’ll head to Little Russia and find a way to get Viggo to shows up.”
“ Sounds good. But why “ we ”? You didn’t ask for the doc to shows up at my room? ”
“ No. I told Charon to send him to mine. ”
“ For what reason? To hold my hand? You know I can handle having a bullet removed, right?
“ Now don’t put words in my mouth.Having a bullet removed is painful and unpleasant. Having someone with you and holding someone’s hand to handle the pain are two different things, yet they both help. ”
“ Whatever you say. ”
You didn’t really get why John had asked for the doctor to shows up at his room instead of yours but now, you couldn’t do anything about it besides following John to his room. Sitting down on the same chair as yesterday, you waited for the doctor to come.
Studying your friend’s movements, you watched him get the vodka bottle you had left in his room yesterday, “ want a drink? ”
“ Warm vodka sucks. But I guess it’ll do for tonight. ”
“ I can call the room service. ”
“ Would you order something too? ”
“ Yeah. ”
“ Than I’m not against a cold vodka. ”
You let John calls the room service and orders a vodka for you and a glass of bourbon for him. Meanwhile, the doctor already showed up, which was quite surprising that two days in a row he came by so quickly, you didn’t know how much he was paid but that must have been quite enough to make him work so quick and well.
“ You again? What happened today? ”
“ Got shot. Sorry to bother so much, doc.”
“ If I wasn’t bothered as you say, I wouldn’t have a job anymore. ”
Up until it was time to remove the bullet, you barely flinched twice, your fists were closed, trying to deal with the pain however you could. You had rarely felt this weak when you felt tears threatening to fall. During your time with the Red Room, you had been in pain so many times that you had lost count a long time ago, yet you couldn’t recall having a bullet removed being so pain.
Your bet was that while your bain had been chemically altered, you didn’t feel pain the same way as you did now that your mind was free from any manipulation. Now, you felt incredibly stupid to have almost made fun of John for wanting to help you deal with having the bullet removed and wished that you would have kept your mouth shut once again. 
Having to look away and try to find something to distract you as the doctor went to take the bullet out, you wished you could hold onto John’s hand even if it would take the pain away. You needed something to help you handle the pain but had nothing to help.
Just as if he had understood what you were thinking, maybe because he had noticed how you looked at his hand when you thought about having a hand to hold onto, he simple extended his arm over the small table and offered you to hold his hand.
Almost ashamed, you held onto his hand with your free hand. Tightly squeezing it, you felt like the pain became easier to handle because of the distraction you now had. It seemed to take an eternity for the doctor to finish tending to your bullet wound. Once he was done with cleaning and patching you up, the doctor lended you some painkillers and left right after.
Not daring to look at John’s in the eyes, you let out a soft thank you. Before an unconfortable silence could settle between the two of you, the drinks were brought at the door which John went to take and bring back inside.
“ Here.”
Thanking him again, you directly went to sip your cold vodka and soon after, you felt the pain starting to ease. Vodka always worked for you.
“ Can I ask you a question that you’re going to find stupid? ”
“ Spill. ”
“ Like I told you, I got here only days ago and before that, I wasn’t working for the High Table. I heard about rules in this hotel and I was wondering what are they? Also, how do you get and use those gold coins I saw? ”
“ The gold coins are like a standard currency for the underworld. Everyone serving under the High Table use them. You can use them for any kind of service you want and you get them by taking jobs. However, outside of our world they have no monetary value. They’re more of a commerce of relationships or a social contract you agree to partake. They’re about respect. ”
Listening, you mentally took note of everything John was telling you as you were aware this would come to use at some point in the future, especially if you chose to stay around after dealing with the Tarasovs.
“ As for the rules, they aren’t many but are very important to follow. They’re the same in each Continental Hotel around the world. The first rule is that no business is allowed inside of the hotel, which obviously mean no murder but also no fighting. If you had to only follow one rule, it’s this one. As for the rest, no collateral damage is allowed. “
“ Is that why you prevented me for shooting when Iosef took that girl with him in the club? ”
“ Yeah. ”
“ Your rules suck. Where I come from, we had no rules, we only had to accomplish our mission no matter what. ”
It was true, during your long time working for the Red Room, you were never given any rules besides the ones you had no other choice to follow during your years in training. When it came to killing, spying, stealing intels or whatever you had been tasked with, you had to use everything you could to succeed.
“ You need to follow those rules no matter what. You don’t get a second chance. If you happen to violate one of these rules, you get excommunicated- and by that, it means death. ”
“ That sounds lovely. Thank you for answering me. ”
“ Of course. ”
“ Do you mind if we turn up the tv for a minute, I’d like to check if something happened. Not that I mind talking with you. ”
John didn’t seem to mind as he lended you the remote to turn on the television- which you quickly did and listened to the news. Sadly, it didn’t look like what you were hoping for had happened yet and that was becoming worrying.
Yelena should have sent the vials to her older sister, Natasha by now and she was supposed to do something about the Red Room with the rest of the Avengers. She had been through the same hell as you did, you knew she wouldn’t just ignore it, she couldn’t.
Desperated, you sighed as you put the remote back on the table. It made no sense that they hadn’t taken care of Dreykov by now. It had been days since Yelena and you had been freed- it had to happen quickly. Your days without having the other Widows sent after you weren’t large- you had at most three to four days before they’d get to you.
“ Not hearing the news you were hoping for? ”
“ Nope. Sounds like it didn’t happen yet. ”
“ What are you hoping to hear? ”
“ I’d rather not talk about it now, but when it happens, you’ll understand. ”
John didn’t insist, probably because of how weak your voice sounded without you wanting it. It just came out that way without you expecting it. As John finished his bourbon, you focused back on the television and hoped for a breaking news about the Avengers taking down the Red Room. Sadly, you knew the chances of it happening in the following minutes were almost down to zero.
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peabrain112 · 5 hours ago
Y/N: *Accidentally runs into a table* Oh, fuck me!
Natasha: *Without hesitation* I would if you gave me a chance.
Y/N: What?
Natasha: What?
Yelena: They said they would if you gave them a cha-
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mcu-fan-fics-blog · a day ago
Thrifting iv
One Shot Mini Series: (Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3)
Yelena Belova x Fem! Reader
Word Count: 1469 Approximately 
TW: Uncomfortable Sexual situation. Child Abuse (Implied).
A/n: Here it is as promised! There will be one more installment in the series! Love you all! I am willing my self to finish the next chapter for The Helping Hand, hopefully it will be up next week. See you soon!
Tumblr media
“You know you can be such a buzzkill sometimes?” Your sister playfully scolds you. “Oh, shush. You know I’m right.” You say laughing. “Oh thy great Y/n why must you be right... all the time.” You laugh, briefly considering whether or not you should listen to her. “Well if we make it back in time for your appointment we could.” You reason. “Y/n, please!” You smile and stand up looking for the keys. You know this could very well be the last time that you get to spend time like this with. “What are you waiting for?” You ask as you start heading off towards the door. She laughs and runs along with you. That day was one of the best days of your life, if not the best. You spent time with her in the hospital, but outside of that she never got to go out much after her diagnosis. “You know that we aren’t going to make it back on time for my appointment?” She asks wearily.
You laugh and nod. “I was kind of hoping we had this silent agreement going on.” You laughed nervously. She smiles. “But since you mentioned it, I thought you would enjoy the day. I mean you have…” She cuts you off before you could finish. “I’ve got the rest of my life to be in the hospital.” You nod silently agreeing. “So we’re going to be late, by… a day or two? What do you think?” She laughs, but shakes her head. “We’ll have just the day. It’ll make it that much more special don’t you think?” She says smiling You nod, focusing back on the road. Looking back you should’ve known what she was trying to tell you. Later on she did confirm your theory, she was too tired to go on for more than the afternoon. That day came at a great price to you both, your parents' wrath was an inevitability. Consequently, that memory was one of many tainted by your them. Just like that day you tried your hardest to forget it, it was too painful to remember it all together. Today though felt exactly like that, that extreme high after you saw her again. And the inevitable low of watching her walk away. The differences in each situation were astonishing, but the feeling was the same.
 So you did what you did when you wanted to forget that feeling, you drank. “Mike, let’s drink!” You announce walking up to the bar. He laughs and shakes his head. “Now, why are we drinking Y/n?” He asks teasingly. “Well, can’t a girl just drink with her best friend, without being interrogated?”  He nods, serving you both a shot of tequila. “Oh… I see you’ve brought out the good stuff.” You point out to which he smiles and nods. “Well only the best for my favorite client.” He quips making your cheeks burn. “Right then Mike, come on drink with me.” You don’t even remember how much you’d drank, nor did you know what time it was. “Alright Y/n time to get you home. How’d you get here?” He asks as he closes the bar. You chuckle lightly. “Lucky for you I walked here!” You state victoriously. “Lucky? Why do you say that?” You point at him. “That's because you get to take me home.” He smiles. “Oh great I have the honor to take you home, well you might be a little less enthusiastic when I tell you that my truck is at the shop.” You pout slightly making him laugh. “We’ll just have to walk you home won’t we?” You nod regretting your decision to drink tonight.
Much to your earlier feelings about walking home you were having fun, laughing with Mike on the way home. “Oh you remember that school show, what were we doing? Ah… we were dancing, and you kept stepping on my toes.” You laugh, and he nods. “You can hardly blame me, I was distracted!” He exclaims, making you laugh. “Oh yeah by what?” You ask incredulously. “Well, You.” He admits sheepishly. “Me?” You repeat. Then you realize, you stop talking altogether, and walk a short distance back to your house. “You liked me?” You ask when you were at your door. He nods slowly. “I-i like you Y/n.” He reveals and it physically hurts you when you see the hope in his eyes, that very glimmer that you saw in them all along it finally made sense. So when he started learning forward you froze, you didn’t move or push him back, but he didn’t stop. Soon his lips were on yours, his hands moved to your hips, and you can’t for the life of you seem to push him away. Still he didn’t seem to get the hint, your body was rigid and tense, he tasted like alcohol and you hated it. You didn’t even feel the tears rolling down your cheek, until his lips were off yours. It took you a moment to process, when you heard screaming you zoned back into the event unfolding in front of you.
You couldn’t help but feel a little relieved when you saw Yelena standing there. Well not just standing there, she had Mike in a headlock that did not look particularly comfortable. “Let him go.” You say softly, when she hears you her eyes bolt to you and look at you like you're crazy. “Let. Him. Go!” You punctuate your words carefully yet sternly your voice never wavering. Before she could protest you looked at Mike wiping your tears away. “You should go.” You say before walking into your home and sitting on your couch. You heard a small scuffle outside and shortly there after you heard your door opening and closing. You didn’t see her come in but you felt her sit next to you on the couch. “Why’d you do that.” She asks with irritation clear in her voice. “He loves me.” You say easily which seems to stump her, but only momentarily. “That doesn’t make it okay.” She continues. “No it does not.” You laugh bitterly. “I could never place it.” You state quietly. “I never understood why he looked at me like that. I didn’t realize...” In this moment you could not hate your parents more. Realizing you cut yourself off you finally take the time to look at Yelena.
There were tears in her eyes. “When I was away… I would imagine you, and your life. It was perfect.” She sighed. “The white picket fence, and a big family.” She sighs. “Everything was fake.” She stated. “Everything was fake except for you.” She points in your direction. “Natasha knew it was fake, she knew all along and she let me believe… Believe that, that I could have it all. She let me believe that my future was mine for taking.” She cries. “It was cruel Y/n.” You nod. “Did you talk to Natasha?” You asked carefully. She nodded. “She helped me, she saved me.” She proceeds to wipe her tears. “Did- did you think of me?” She asks quietly. You sigh. “I thought about you all the time, I mean it was ‘I wonder what Lena is doing right now.’ Or a more recurring one like ‘man I really hope Lena still isn’t being a sore loser about me winning.’ Damn.” You shake your head. “Oh please, you won one time Y/n.” You shake your head. “The first of many I’m sure, Lena.” She laughs. “You want to test that out?” She challenges, and you nod never being one to step down.
Stepping out into the fresh air was so relieving it felt so nice and calm altogether. “You ready?” You didn’t answer, instead looked off into the distance. “Lena, what the fuck is that?” You pointed behind her. When she turned back you booked it down the street. “What? Where… Y/n, Oh you minx!” You soon realized your mistake as she started charging towards you. So this time you made a mental note to not slow down at the second turn, and instead got a magical second wind, but Yelena was not letting up, eventually she did tackle you to the ground. “You’re a cheater!” She exclaimed. You could only laugh at her expression. “I’m sorry I just had to try.” It was only after you stopped laughing that you realized the position you were in. She was laying on top of you, her breathing was staggered as she tried to catch her breath, but her eyes were on yours. Her eyes shift to your lips, and she looks back at your eyes. “Is this okay?” She asks as she slowly leans forward, watching you carefully. You nod slowly, you meet her half way and kiss her. 
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lowkeyerror · 5 hours ago
Car Troubles
Yelena Belova x Reader
Word Count: 1444
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
When you got the news that your car was going to be in the shop for an entire week, you were devastated. You never felt comfortable on public transport and the weather wasn't the most forgiving this time of year.
Luckily Natasha had some time off from work and offered to take you where you need to go for the week. You tried to decline her offer but she wasn't taking no for an answer.
She said something about the streets being dangerous and not wanting you to get mugged.
So that's how you found yourself a couple of doors down from your own apartment, inside of Natasha's, looking for a ride to the grocery store. The door was open so you just let yourself in.
" Natasha, I need a fav- oh you're not Natasha"
Sitting on the island in Natasha's kitchen was a blonde woman with light brown eyes. It looked like she was eating apple slices with a knife, which was definitely something Natasha would do.
" I'm her sister, Yelena"
She had a beautifully thick accent that mimicked her sister's.
" Nice to meet Yelena, I'm Y/n. Is your sister around perchance?"
The woman shook her head and hopped off the countertop," Natasha is out, she won't be back for awhile. Maybe I could help you?"
" No, it's alright. I just needed a ride to the grocery store because my car's in the shop. Your sister offered her services but maybe this is my sign just to walk"
Yelena put down her knife," Nonsense, pretty girls don't walk home with hands full of groceries. I'd be happy to take you"
You could tell by her tone that she wasn't asking to take you. She was letting you know that she would be taking you to the store. It definitely felt like the woman had you swooning.
" Thanks for the offer Yelena but are you sure because-"
Before you could finish the blonde was walking toward the front door. She grabbed her keys off the rack and didn't stop as she exited the home," Let's go, pretty girl"
You looked around the empty house for a minute before stumbling after the woman," I uh okay"
She followed her silently to her car. She opened the passenger side door before walking around to the driver's side.
" So where are we going?" She asks you as she buckles her seatbelt.
" There's a target a couple blocks from here. I'll give you directions"
While giving her directions you slipped in some small talk," Natasha's mentioned having a sister a few times but I never thought I'd be meeting you"
" Why is that?"
You subconsciously tilt your head," Well she said you worked in a field like hers so you were always incredibly busy"
Yelena nods," I am usually very busy but now I have finally decided to take a long break from that type of work"
You agree," I'm sure you've earned a break. Doing work like that can be exhausting, I've seen it first hand in Natasha."
It was quiet after that besides you giving Yelena the directions. When she parked the car, you both got out. You grabbed a shopping cart and made your way into the store.
As you walked down the produce section Yelena spoke up " What do you do for work?"
" Well technically I guess I'm sort of an interior designer. I get paid to decorate offices, arcades, hotels, stuff like that. I pick out furniture and accessories but my favorite part is when someone wants a mural of some sort because I also paint. So instead of outsourcing an artist, I do it myself. It's pretty cool actually. Sorry, I'm rambling."
You blush but Yelena just dismisses your rant," It sounds like you're very passionate about your job."
You nod vigorously," I love it."
You pick up a few more items before addressing the blonde again," I know you can't really talk about work, it's confidential and such, but what about things you like to do"
The blonde shrugs," I don't really like many things. I've never really had time to explore extracurricular activities. I like to drink, I like to fight, and I like spending time with my family"
You see the emotions change on Yelena's face as she speaks. She goes from serious to confused to happy. You find it adorable. She's a family kind of woman and you definitely didn't expect it.
" Well now you're on a break, that's plenty of time to find something you like but for now tell me what Natasha was like growing up. Did she always do the pose thing or is that new?"
Yelena chuckles," You noticed the vanity pose too?"
You join in with her laughter," Even I know it's not practical fighting stance"
Yelena starts diving into her past with Natasha," I don't know how much you know about our childhood but it was not the most ideal. The time we spent together was the best we were ever going to get. She was a lot similar to now when we were kids. Stubborn, over protective, caring to a fault. Except then we were children so she couldn't always exude those things like she wanted. Now she's an Avenger, she gets to be like that daily"
" What about you? What were you like?" You glanced at the woman to find a small smile on her lips.
" I wasn't as… serious as Natasha. I think optimistic is the best way to describe it. I tried to see the good in every situation"
" And now?" You asked curiosity to get the better of you.
Yelena's eyes met yours and swore that you could melt on the spot," I'm still optimistic. My future looks brighter now, than it ever has before"
" Can I ask why?"
A smirk forms on Yelena's face," Well, I'm grocery shopping with a pretty girl and I think it's something that could see myself doing for the foreseeable future"
You sputter for a response," I- um, you are also very beautiful."
Yelena sends a wink your way," I know"
You had everything you needed from the store so to save yourself of any more embarrassment you went to check out. When you went to pay for your groceries Yelena stopped you. She insisted on paying and there was no use arguing with her.
" I could've paid for that, you know. You already took time out of your day to drive me here and now you've paid for my groceries"
The woman smiled as she got in the car," Y/n, pretty girls don't pay for the first date"
That's the moment that truly fried your brain. Date? Was this a date? It kind of felt like one with all the personal talk but it couldn't be. All you did was go grocery shopping. Is that considered a date? For an established couple, maybe? It was such a domestic activity. The real question was why did you want it to be a date so badly.
" Well… then I guess I'm paying for the next one," you spoke after you had dealt with your thoughts.
" You can try to but I will most likely be picking up the tab for that one too."
You put your foot down," Not going to happen. I already owe you for this one. Not only am I paying for the next one, I'm planning it too"
Yelena couldn't help the soft laugh that escaped her lips," Ok, pretty girl whatever you want"
When you pulled into the parking structure, Yelena grabbed most of the groceries before getting out of the car. She did let you carry the two bags left because she didn't feel like making a second trip.
You lead the way to your apartment which had only been about 3 doors down from Natasha's.
When she sat the groceries down you decided to thank her," Thank you for taking me to the store and paying for me groceries. I really liked spending time with you"
For the first time today you could see little patches of red form on Yelena's cheeks," It was my pleasure. I guess I'll see you for our next date"
She started to leave but you stopped her with a 'wait'. She turned looking at you expectantly.
" Let me at least cook you dinner, for a proper thank you"
Yelena broke out into a smile," Only if you let me help "
You rolled your eyes," Fine, but one of these days I'm going to get you to let me do something for you"
The Russian, still beaming at you, said, " Whatever you say, pretty girl"
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ficnation · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
♡ - fluff
● - angst
❧ - platonic
✿ - female reader
➼ - male reader
Tumblr media
coming soon!
Tumblr media
coming soon!
Tumblr media
coming soon!
Tumblr media
coming soon!
Tumblr media
coming soon!
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alotofpockets · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Yelena Belova x Reader: - Distracted [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4]
- Finally free [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6]
- Hiden weapons
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
- With the right person
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marvelsdc22 · 8 hours ago
The One Where Things Get Be-Wait
Intro: I totally did not just write this in class... Totally didn't... Anyways1 Hope you guys enjoy this next part!
Note: Learning a bit about what Clint remembers as the drugs start to wear off, Yelena gets... Well-
Word Count: 1149
Part 1 2 3 4 5
Tumblr media
When you woke up, you saw that you were in an unfamiliar house, sitting up with a wince, you saw it was a small cabin that you were in “Where-” you muttered, going to turn and letting out a silent gasp when you felt a harsh tug, looking down to see your stomach was wrapped and a small spot of blood was leaking onto the bandage on your right side “Oh right… The arrow” you muttered, taking a breath before forcing yourself up, you could mentally hear Natasha scolding you as you did so, all the times she had cleaned you up after a mission and vice versa flashing through your mind.
Making your way out of the room you heard voices, one being Yelena and the other being… Clint? When you got into the living room, holding onto the wall so you wouldn’t fall flat on your face, you saw that Yelena was poking the fire she had more than likely started while Clint was in one corner of the room, his wrists and ankles tied, you knowing he could easily get out of them if he wanted, but he looked almost… Guilty for something, meeting your eyes when a part of the floorboard creaked under your foot “Y/N, I’m so sorry, I didn’t… I wasn’t… I-” He tried, the drugs obviously still wearing off so it was still playing with his mind.
“Don’t…” You said, not wanting an apology since you knew that it wasn’t truly his fault “How are you feeling?” You asked, looking at him and glancing at Yelena when you felt her eyes on you, her expression clearly scolding you for getting out of bed but neither of you said anything “I don’t know… Everything's fuzzy, I don’t remember anything after about three months after Nat’s funeral” Clint said, obviously trying to wrack his brain to figure out what he had been doing over the past few weeks.
You looked at him, watching as he seemed to get more and more frustrated for not being able to remember anything “Why don’t you tell us what you last remember then?” You offered, taking a step towards the couch and stumbling slightly since whatever pain medication Yelena gave you was still heavily affecting your motor movements, the blonde instantly at your side and helping you sit on the couch, sitting beside you and making sure to sit between you and Clint, almost like she was trying to add a buffer between the two of you.
Clint nodded some and resituated the best that he could with his limbs tied up “Last I remember is heading off for a job, I told Laura I’d be back in a few weeks… Last I remember I had walked into the building for the job and then I’m here” he said, looking at the two of you, Yelena’s full focus on the fire in front of her while yours was on Clint, your brows furrowing “You don’t remember anyone doing anything or you touching anything weird?” You asked, watching as he struggled to think before shaking his head.
“Maybe we should give him a few more days, whatever he got in his system was obviously strong, besides-” Yelena said, turning towards you “-You need your rest, you’re still healing” she said, giving you a scolding look which made you roll your eyes but nod, knowing you wouldn’t win with her “I can trust you not to do anything stupid if I leave you in here?” She asked, turning to Clint and watching as he looked up at her before nodding, her nodding curtly before she stood up, heading into the hallway, the creak of a door opening being heard before you heard it shut and she returned with a pillow and blanket for him, setting it down on the ground beside him.
Once she knew he was settled, she turned to you “Lets get you to bed” she said, helping you up from the couch before helping you back to the bedroom, having you sit down as she used a flashlight to check your bandages, apparently there was no electricity “I did what I could to stitch it… It’s not perfect, but it’ll hold” she told you, gently running her hand over the bandage to make sure it didn’t budge before she had you lay down and tucking you in “Thank you” you told her softly, making her stop and glance at you, her hands resting on the blanket over your legs “I couldn’t just let you bleed out, Fanny would be angry with me” she said, the dog in question passed out of the floor at the end of the bed.
Unable to stop yourself, you laughed and looked at her, wincing when the movement tugged at your stitches “Its totally not because you would miss me” you teased, looking at her and watching as she averted her gaze “No, you stay with me, it’s not okay stay with me” you teased, imitating her voice as best as you could “It’s not funny, Y/N” Yelena said, a certain edge to her tone that made you feel bad for mocking her “I’m sorry” you apologized, looking at her and the entire mood shifting as silence hung between the two of you.
“I almost lost you…” Yelena said softly, not meeting your eyes as she focused on a spot on the bed “I almost lost you to that man in there… You know why I let him live? Why I brought him here with us? Because I wanted him to realize what he’d done, that he’d killed not one but two friends… I didn’t know if you were going to live or die!” she said, her voice raising the more she went on “I almost lost the one that in just a few weeks… Means the fucking world to me and you just want to what? Joke about it?” She questioned, watching as you dropped your head, having not intended to make her mad, you had meant to just tease but she didn’t take it that way, not that you blamed her.
“I’m sorry” you said softly, looking at her once more and watching as she shook her head “It’s going to take a lot more than a simple I’m sorry” she said, imitating your voice before she rolled her eyes and stormed out of the room, shutting the door behind her a little harder than intended which woke Fanny, who stared at the door before looking at you “She’s not mad at you, she’s mad at me” you sighed, looking down at your hands, hearing Fanny’s claws hitting the hardwood before you felt the bed move when he jumped onto the bed, you wrapping your arms around him when he settled down on your lap with a huff, you had to make things right… The question was… How?
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kassies-take · 10 hours ago
If You Met Someone For The First Time Again
Amy is around 60
You: *stands at the door, letter in your hand* There she is. The strongest woman I know. *waves the letter*
Amy: *in bed* you’re being to kind. Look at the gem you are. You haven’t aged a day *coughs into handkerchief*
You: *sits on the bed, gives her tea.* It’s part of the curse.
Amy: who wouldn’t want to live and be young? *drinks it and fragilely hands it back to you*
You: *puts the cup down, holds her hands and looks at the few painting around the room* You should be proud of yourself Amy.
Amy: I did live a life didn’t I. Got more years than Aunt March. *reaches to touch your cheek* I’m sorry
You: *frowns* what for, love?
Amy: You didn’t get to live yours
You: I’ve lived many lives, Amy
Amy: *hums* Do you ever miss having someone to love?
You: it’s not the same when you can’t grow old with them. *whispers* plus what can a woman do when she’s in love with another woman. A married woman in fact.
Amy: *gasps* scandalous
You and Amy: *laughed like you did when Amy was a young adult*
Amy: Do I know her?
You: you do
Amy: *gasps* Tell the servants I want this information printed for me immediately! *laughs and coughs*
You: *hands her tea*
Amy: *places it on her lap* Are you going to tell me? *sips her tea*
You: *reaches and places her hand on your heart*
Amy: *pulls her hand away* Don’t do that. *shakes her head* Don’t do that. Why did you not say anything?
You: Amy, you have spent your whole life loving Laurie. You deserve someone you could grow old with. I never could have given that to you. Not when the world would hate you.
Amy: *smiles* Always putting others first. Promise me in your next life you will find love and put yourself first?
You: *tears up* “Life is too short to love you in one. I promise to look for you in the next.” And I won’t stop until I’ve found you.
Amy: *takes your hand and kisses it*
You: *crying and kisses her forehead* I love you Amy March. *whispers* You can rest now.
You and Your Mother: *in a Lexus LC convertible*
Mother: *driving* Of my long life feeling the wind in my face is still a pleasure. Though I do prefer cars to carriages.
You: I was never the type for carriages. Horseback was better
Mother: What a shame, you never sat side saddle.
You: I did. Just never liked it
Mother: What’s your favorite in your long life, my beloved
You: Amy March
Mother: *sighs* Darling it had been a century and a half
You: Mother, a century and a half is 15 years for the common man
Mother: 15 years is still a long time to grieve, don’t you think
You: grief can come at you in many different ways. Sometimes it’ll hit immediately like Joseph. Sometimes it’ll hit centuries later like Katherine. Plus a common man can spend their whole lifetime missing, grieving, craving for someone they couldn’t have
Mother: Oh, I guess you’re right
Yelena: *walking on the side walk towards your direction*
You: *looking out, gasps, spots Yelena and follows her with your head* Stop the car! Amy! Amy. *unbuckles seat belt and jumps out of the car*
Mother: (Y/n)!
You: *chases after Yelena, taps her on the shoulder* Amy, I found yo-
Yelena: *flips you*
You: *gasping* Not Amy! Got it.
Yelena: who are you
You: *smile fades* someone who was missing a friend
Yelena: I think you’ve got the wrong person
You: *rests on your elbow* I know that now! *reaches your hand out to her* the best you can do is help me up.
Yelena: *contemplates, looks you up and down and helps you up*
You: *dusts yourself off and looks at Yelena* wow, you just look *releases deep breath* I’m sorry *scratches forehead* you just really remind me of someone. Someone I miss dearly. I Uh I’m (Y/n) by the way *extends hand out to Yelena* Can I take you out sometime?
Yelena: you are unusual.
You: you wouldn’t know the half of it
Mother: *shouts* (Y/n), dear!
You: one moment mother! *takes out business card and holds it out for her* call me please
Yelena: *takes the card*
You: *holds her hand, eyes glow gold*
Yelena: *sees visions of Amy*
You: *goes to your mother*
Yelena: *breaks out of trance, looks for you, sees you getting in your mother’s car*
You and your mother: *drives off*
Mother: *frowns* was that necessary? The girl managed to throw you onto the ground and you managed to make a fool out of yourself
You: It’s Amy
Mother: No. She looks like Amy. Don’t start a relationship with a person you think you know based on their past lives. God knows how that went.
You: I learned from your mistakes mother *smirks*
Yelena: *looks at the business card*
Tumblr media
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emilyprentissslut · 22 hours ago
if you guys wanted a part two on any of my whopping, 3 fics, which ones would they be?
1. dark nat
2. dark wanda
3. daddy!yelena
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