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Please, Don’t Go…
Yelena x Fem!Reader(Romantic)
Natasha x Fem!Reader(Bestie)
Clint x Fem!Reader(Step-Daughter)
Baby, Don’t Kill Him! (Part 1)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yelena was curled up on a chair in the corner of your hospital room, listening to the taunting beeps of your heart monitor. Her mind was willing you to wake up, desperate to see your gorgeous eyes staring back at hers. She'd never seen you look so fragile before, your skin was cold and clammy, and it's more painful when she knows it was all her fault.
Clint quite literally had to carry her off the side of the rink after paramedics had carted you off to the hospital. No amount of words would break through the barriers her mind had put up. Kate was rushing towards them when he'd finally made it to his car, and after seeing the distant look on his face she'd remained silent, and wordlessly entered into the back.
The two expert assassins, who'd literally been engaged in a brawl with one another less than twenty four hours ago, now sit in relative silence, as they watch the rise and fall of your chest, and the jagged lines on your monitor.
"You need to eat..." Clint eventually murmured into the silence, as he tentatively approached the assassin with a tray of hospital foods.
"No." Yelena brushed him off, with a glare to rival Natasha's, but Clint isn't one to budge that easily.
"Listen kid, my daughter is rather frightening when mad, and if I don't keep you healthy she'll unleash her wrath on me. Then there's your sister, who will further haunt me for the rest of my days if I don't make sure you at least have a bite to eat."
"Not hungry."
"That can't be true, that fight was intense, and it's been nearly twelve hours..."
"I will eat when she wakes up."
"That's just unreasonable... Look, this isn't your fault... Y/N is stubborn, and strong willed, it seems you two have that in common. We were in the middle of a pretty heated fight, I know you just thought she was another tracksuit."
"Or Kate Bishop." She playfully grumbles, briefly interrupting him.
"Yes, or Kate." He chuckles, then takes the risk, and loosely throws an arm around her shoulder.
"My point is, I see the way you look at her, I know that you'd never hurt her on purpose, and she knows it too. She talks about you all the time, you make her insanely happy, and that means it's my job to take care of you while she can't. So eat, this isn't a debate..."
"Wow, you really are such a dad..." She playfully groans, as she appeases the man by grabbing an apple, chocolate chip cookie, and tiny water bottle off of his tray.
You groan as your consciousness returns to you, there's an immense pounding in your head, leaving you to feel as if your brain is being crushed beneath your skull. The sensation only seems to increase tenfold as you try to open your eyes.
It's rather blinding, as if you've been placed directly under the sun, but surprisingly there's no heat whatsoever. Instead, a chilly breeze, and utter silence surrounds you, which only confuses you further, and then you hear a voice breakthrough.
"Dorogoy, open your eyes..."
Yeah, you're definitely dead...
"We are on borrowed time, and have quite a lot to talk about Y/N/N..."
Your eyes curiously flutter open, an all too familiar face is smirking down at you, as a flurry of red hair cloaks your face, and fortunately blocks out the blinding light.
"There she is... Now, up you go." She cutely remarks before yanking you up from the ground, and apparently into a different scene.
You're now in what appears to be Central Park, which was where the two of you'd always spend most of your downtime together.
"The all white vibe was a bit too clinical, so I thought I'd make it more comfortable for us." She interrupts your thoughts, with the obvious answer to your minds wonderings.
"This is my mind playing tricks on me right? Like I'm dying, and it's showing me all my deepest desires?"
"Eww. Natty, no! I just—."
"I know dorogoy, I miss you too... Now, to answer your question, no. This isn't a mind game, it is more so the realm between life and death, where souls reside in limbo. You, my stupid little baby, died for about a whole minute, and your body is in quite a state right now. I'm simply here to see you because after I send your ass back, I don't think I'll get the chance again..."
"Well, I'm sort of trapped in this realm, bound to it by the sacrificial bylaws of that damn orange stone. So, when you actually die, and obviously make your journey downwards, I probably won't get the chance to see you again." She says, laughing rather loudly at the annoyed face she pulls from you.
"Asshole..." You grumble, slightly nudging her, then purposefully falling forward into her arms, and holding onto her for dear life.
"I never wanted to leave you guys behind Y/N, but I also refused to return to a world that didn't have my two favorite girls in it."
"It isn't fair." You sobbed against her chest, and she silently hummed out a tune, while giving you a moment to have your big feelings.
"You're right, but life seldom is dorogoy..." She relays to you with a sad smile on her face, as she wipes away at the tears staining your cheeks.
"Did you see why I'm here?" You humorlessly chuckle out, as you pull back and get yourself together as best you can.
"Yes, that was a lot, and it requires unpacking."
"Please, don't kill me, well—more than I already am I guess..."
"Oh, you talking about your relationship with my dear, little sister? I already knew before I died, I had actually come to briefly visit you before the lost battle. However, upon arriving to the diner I tracked you to, I saw you and Lena hitting it off. Once I heard the genuine laugh you pulled from her, I knew that it would be too important of a moment for me to interrupt. I mean, you being able to get a girl to laugh at one of your corny jokes? It was as if I had witnessed a miracle." She says, smirk never once leaving her face as she confirms your suspicions that she did in fact know.
Natasha always knows...
You slapped at her arm, as she laughed boisterously at the dig she threw your way.
"You say that like I'm not the funniest person you knew. I always had you laughing."
"I was your best friend, I had to laugh..."
"Your Russian is improving!" She gasps, as she lightly shakes you by the shoulders and you giggle.
"Yeah, perks of dating a beautiful Russian blonde." You beam as you stare down at your swinging feet as you sit beside her on the bench, completely missing the genuine smile that takes over her face.
"She's never had it easy Y/N, and I just knew if I let you two have your moment it could potentially be something beautiful, and that's something the both of you deserved. I couldn't have picked anyone better to love my sister, and I just knew she'd be perfect for you as well. The only regret I have is not being around to mercilessly taunt the two of you, well that, and not getting to hug you both one last time."
"You deserved more too Natty, so much more." You sobbed out once more, losing all former composure, as you threw yourself into her lap and aggressively cried into her shoulder.
She tightened her arms around your waist, slightly swaying the both of you in an attempt to soothe you. Much like she always used to do throughout the years, as you were navigating the world of heartbreak.
"Please, don't cry for me dorogoy, I lived my life to the fullest, knowing very well that it came with risks. I made many wrong turns along the way, all of which led me to the end, and I died at peace with that. I wouldn't leave you guys fatherless, and I wasn't going back empty handed knowing you and Lena had so much left to discover together. I lived an entire life while she was still held captive Y/N/N, it was only fair that I gave her the same chance. I knew she was safe with you, so I made the only decision available. I'm sorry for the hurt it clearly caused, but I'm not at all sorry for my decision."
As you listened to her, the flow of tears wasn't stopping, if anything it just fueled you on. In the two years that she'd been gone, you hadn't actually allowed yourself to feel the loss. Having always focused on everyone else's pain in place of yours. Natasha suddenly pulled you back from her shoulder when she'd noticed you gasping for air. She was genuinely worried that this will have some effect on your physical form if she didn't get you to stop...
"Y/N/N... I need you to breathe okay, come on, ." She tried, but clearly failed, as your lip continued to tremble, your head shook wildly, and your hands gripped her shoulders far too tightly.
"Dorogoy" ... "Detka"
Clint had left Yelena alone in the hospital with you, stating that he was going to switch out with your mom at the hotel she just checked into. This way a desperate Laura could come see you, and so that the kids wouldn't have to see you like this just yet.
"Just be cautious, my wife can pack quite the punch, tread lightly." Clint slightly jokes, before patting her on the shoulder and making his departure.
Yelena genuinely appreciated the fact that she was alone now, feeling like she could truly lower her walls, even if only just for a moment. Not wanting to waste anytime, she scurried to your side, and began to cradle your desolate face within her hands. Her thumb traced over your severely chapped lips, before she leaned down to gently peck them.
Her fingers then traced the outline of your face, as if she didn't already have your face memorized, and a whimper tumbled passed her lips. You've always been a light sleeper, so even if you usually fight getting out of bed, you'd always wake at the slightest of touches. She has always loved being able to kiss you into consciousness, but at the moment, your eyes aren't even fluttering beneath the lids, and it's breaking her heart.
It's me, Yelena, your—hopefully—girlfriend. I have to say, this is not exactly how I'd planned on meeting your parents..."
"I had a plan for this week you know, it was simple—kill Clint Barton, then pick up a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and drive up to spend the holidays with you and finally meet your family. I have wanted to meet them for so long, wanting to see who could've possibly raised such an angel. On the ice I was blindsided by falsified rage, that I didn't want to believe you. I was convinced Barton was a monster, but now I see the bigger picture, and I'm so incredibly sorry you got caught in the middle. I never wanted you anywhere near this part of my life, Y/N/N, I'm not exactly proud of it, but, it's also all I've ever really known."
There's a beat of silence, before she continues on with a story about her childhood experiences.
"You know, I've never gotten to celebrate Christmas before, well not a real one anyways. When Natasha and I were kids we were on a mission of sorts. I'd had no idea at the time, but the only part of Christmas I got to partake in was sitting by a tree. The boxes I had opened were empty, but I was young, and naive, so I didn't know any better. I'd honestly been looking forward to having my first real Christmas with you this year, I couldn't think of anyone more perfect for me to spend a magical day with. You need to wake up for me. I-I won't survive if you don't..."
"Please, Y/N/N, the life I've imagined for myself only works if I have you in it. Please, don't go detka, our story is only just starting..."
Suddenly your tightly shut eyes shot open at the sound of Yelena's broken voice. Natasha's eyes found yours, as she also focused in on the sound of her sister's voice, as she held you closer to her chest and swayed the two of you.
"...You need to wake up for me. I-I won't survive if you don't..."
A sniffle can be heard, a telltale sign to you that she's crying, and you can tell by the rasp in her tone that she's been doing it on and off all day.
"Please, Y/N/N, the life I've imagined for myself only works if I have you in it. Please, don't go detka, our story is only just starting..."
"Dorogoy, I think it's time you make it back, she sounds so broken, plus you don't want your to meet her alone..." She sadly chuckles out, while pecking at your temple.
"One more minute, please?!" You whimper as you smush your face against her.
"Okay, that's a fair request..."
"Well, let me say a few parting words... I believe it's time that you finally take Fury up on his offer and become a Shield agent Y/N/N. You're basically just a mini version of your mom, and while doing so, bring Lena with you. She should take over my mantle, but make sure she doesn't take my title, she can be like the White Widow or another shade of Widow. Please, take that poor Bishop girl under your guys wings, so that your dad can finally retire... Lastly, be careful with that ticker of yours, I don't want to hear or see you anywhere near this place for at least another fifty years."
"I'll consider it... I love you Natty." You relay, as you finally relinquish your hold on her.
"I love you too Y/N/N..." She coos, as a bittersweet smile takes over her face, and she cups your cheeks, then places a firm kiss to your forehead.
The affection makes your heart soar, your eyes close, and familiar woodsy scent floods your system. Her hands slowly drop from your face, and you feel a rather large gust of wind.
You're rather worried about opening your eyes, everything is rather dark, and the space around you is slightly warmer. Suddenly, your eyes fly open at the sounds of beeping flooding your ears, and at the sensation of your girlfriends forehead falling to yours, and her tears that fall upon your cheeks.
"Pretty girl, don't you cry, I'm okay..." You weakly croak out, and her body practically fly's backwards in pure shock.
"Detka?" She tearily questions, as her hands shakily reach for your face, and you turn to place a scratchy kiss to her palms.
"Yes, I'm right here sweetheart, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay, for as long as you'll have me, my damaged heart is all yours."
"Forever.. That's how long I want you..."
"Then forever it is." You reply with a simple smirk, and she rapidly kisses the entirety of your face before gently cuddling into you.
After an additional night in the hospital, and a very delightful—awkward—introduction between your mother and girlfriend, you're finally able to just embrace the holiday in all of its glory.
You're currently sat around a table in the living room of your parents house. The fireplace is roaring, you're lazily watching ahead as your mom expertly wrap the last of the gifts, your dad had almost immediately been benched to bow duty. The shaking beneath you makes you privy to your girlfriend's laughter, so that's when you peep open an eye to see your father fighting with a bow that's stuck to him.
An instinctive smile takes place upon your sleepy features at her happiness, followed almost instantly by a yawn. You're still not one hundred percent yet, so even though it's only 10:30PM, you could feel your eyes growing exponentially heavier as the time flew by. Not even a half hour later, do you shift in her lap to push your body further into hers, allowing her warmth, and loving embrace to lull you into a peaceful sleep. 
"Merry Christmas detka..." Yelena whispers into your ear as the clock strikes twelve, and she finally picks your limp body up bridal style, and bids your parents goodnight.
"Merry Christmas Lena..." You groggily slur out, as you roll around to snuggle into her.
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Levitate (Wanda Maximoff/Reader)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey you! I finally managed to write something about MoM.
So, I'm pretty new to all this marvel stuff and I only know the basics, but I'll try to work it out here. I've created my own crazy universe that definitely doesn't make any sense, but that's life.
Hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think! Sorry in advance, I'm sure it will be bad.
Grabbing the popcorn jars, Yelena went to the kitchen and set it in the sink. "Ok. Bed time." She said, getting behind the couch and laughed when the twins whimpered.
Natasha pouted a little and looked at her with bright eyes. "Why? It's so early! Mom, tell her it's early." She turned to you, cringing when she saw your serious gaze. It was time for the responsible mother to show up. Bye fun mom.
Taking Billy's hand, which was already up, you looked at her and for Yelena. "I want you in five minutes upstairs with your teeth brushed and in your bed. Don't let her convince you, you're the adult. You give the orders, not her."
"Oh poof. I know! She won't convince me. Not like last time. Or the last five. No chance." You raised your eyebrows and looked at Billy who had the same expression as you.
"I know how to get dressed, you better stay here with them." He said, nodding.
Yelena put her hand on her hips and looked at the two of you with indignation. "I know how to take care of my daughter! In five minutes she will be in bed. Go, you two."
Deciding to give her a vote of confidence, you brought your index and middle fingers to your eyes, pointing at Natasha. "I see you. It doesn't matter where. I am seeing you." The little blonde nodded and swallowed, putting her best innocent smile on her face.
Shaking your head, you and Billy went upstairs, your son looking at you like he already knew what was going to happen. "It wasn't a good idea, mom. It definitely wasn't."
You hated knowing he was totally right.
Downstairs, Yelena stared at her daughter who was standing in front of her, her green eyes gleaming. Anyone who looked at her from afar would say she was a little angel. Little did they know. "You heard your mom, let's brush your teeth."
She nodded. "Of course, mommy. I'm on my way."
Yelena crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows. She knew her daughter, knew that easy acceptance and her look of false innocence would end in tremendous chaos. And she wasn't excited to sleep on the couch again. "Okay, what are you up to?"
Taking her hand to her chest, looking a lot like herself, Natasha gasped dramatically. "Me? Nothing! I just saw that fighting with the best mother in the world for something so silly is... silly." She gave a crooked smile and put her hands behind her back.
"Natasha Y/m/n Belova, I know you. Speak up, what are you up to?" Her tone grew stronger, but it was obvious that it was just a facade. Yelena was softer than jelly.
"Okay, I just wish I could eat one more piece of cake before bed. I know mom wouldn't let me and was going to say that it was going to make me sick of the stomach and that Billy didn't eat any more either but... it was so good." She pouted and clasped her hands under her chin. "Please."
Yelena averted her eyes and clenched her jaw. She hated not being able to say no to her kids. Maybe that's why she was always caught up in the middle of the pranks — Natasha more than Billy. "Fine! Just don't let your mother find out. My back can't take another day on that couch."
Nodding, the blonde ran to her and hugged her waist, giving her the biggest bright smile. "Deal."
Even though she dreaded another night downstairs, Yelena took a plate and cut another slice of cake, gave it to her, and waited for her to eat. "Now go brush your teeth and go to bed. Y/n is going to kill me if she don't see you there.x
Natasha put her hand on her forehead and nodded, saying a 'yes mommy' and walking up the stairs as quickly and silently as possible. Laughing, Yelena went to the sink and piled the dishes, set the glasses on the other side and started washing them.
A shiver suddenly crept up her back and she looked around, seeing that everything was closed off, no gap for the wind outside to get in. Shrugging, she went back to what she was doing and started humming softly, not noticing when her face that was in the picture on the wall next to her moved, now looking at her. The glass of the window in front of the sink started to shake, a strong wind and from nowhere coming in.
Startled, Yelena dropped what she was holding and looked around, her eyes widening as a woman appeared in the windowpane. She took a few steps back and gasped when something stopped her, a sharp pain starting to ripple through her entire body. The first scream tore from her throat as her left shoulder was pushed back, her eyes closing and squinting.
No one seemed to hear her, no one heard her screams of agony and the words wouldn't come out of her mouth, preventing her from calling you. Even trying to fight whatever it was, it didn't stop. Nothing would stop it.
And then, like a momentary storm, everything calmed down.
Straightening her posture, Wanda blinked and looked around, smirking when she realized she had made it. "Yelena? Don't you come to bed?"
Her heart then stopped and her breathing caught. "Y-yeah. I'm going, krasivaya." She said, still not turning around. Her body relaxed completely when she felt your arms around her waist, your front pressed against her.
She had missed that. She had missed you. "It's okay, tomorrow we'll wash these dishes. And if I may say so, I'm glad you didn't let Natasha talk you into whatever it was she had planned this time. You need a break after taking care of the most mischievous twins ever, and so do I."
Nodding, she took your hands that were resting on her stomach and turned around, not holding back the smile when she saw you so close. "Sure. But I want to give them a kiss. Can I?"
"Why are you asking? Of course you can!" You smiled and pulled her lightly. "Come on, I'll wait for you and then we'll finish that show you like."
Wanda agreed. "Okay. I'll be there in a minute." As you were about to leave, she pulled you by the hand and cupped your face, caressing your cheek lightly before leaning in and kissing your lips. You still felt the same. "I love you, medovyy."
"And I love you."
The two of you went upstairs together and parted ways in the hallway, you entering the first door and she continuing to walk to the door on the left. Opening it, she smiled softly at the sight of the twins lying together, Billy's hand holding Natasha's. Wanda knew that she was afraid of sleeping alone and that she never could if she didn't have someone holding her hand.
Walking over to them, she pulled them tighter in the blanket and smiled, her eyes watering. "I love you. I will do everything to protect you and your mom. We will be together again." And then she kissed their foreheads, got up and went to the door, staying there for a while before close it.
You were her family, nothing and no one, not even a universe totally different from hers, would stop her from being with you. She would find a way to be by your side again, even if she had to destroy the earth for it.
ok i think this is acceptable. I created this with the intention of not making any sense and I thought a lot about putting Tommy, but as it was another universe I decided to bring a mini yelena named natasha. Hope you enjoyed, kisses!! (maybe a part two? thinking.
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Fanfic idea! This would be with Yelena and fem!reader. Yelena had tried to tickle Kate to death earlier, yet the archer had managed to escape. Yelena still feels the need to wreck someone as she walks into the living room, seeing fem!reader on the couch playing video games. With a mischievous grin she goes to talk to her for a bit, before announcing she's going to tickle her to death. While the reader tries to protest or talk her way out of it, Yelena starts counting down from 5, causing the reader to run away with a shriek. It's only a matter of seconds before Yelena catches her and tickles her friend to death, just because she can!
Hey friend! Thank you so much for this request! I definitely had fun writing this one, and I hope you enjoy! ;) <3
Word Count: 2615
Today was an exciting day for you. You had just gotten the new video game that you were saving up for, and you were eager to get started. After settling in on the couch, you began to play, fully immersed in the game and nothing else around you.
Meanwhile, Yelena had spotted you on the couch and came over to talk to you.
“Hey, Y/N, whatcha up to?” Yelena asked casually. You were too focused on the game that you didn’t hear her, and were too busy to respond.
The blonde smirked at your focused expression, your tongue hanging out slightly in concentration. She then reached out to poke you in the ribs, causing you to yelp and jump away from her.
You turned to glare at her, as you had failed the task at hand for the game you were playing, and were met with an evil grin.
“What was that for?!?” You cried, struggling to keep yourself from giggling from the lingering sensation from the poke.
“Well, I asked you a question and you didn’t respond. I had to get your attention somehow,” Yelena explained, as you pouted playfully. 
“Oh come on, don’t pout. Why don’t you tell me more about that game you’re playing?” Yelena offered.
You playfully rolled your eyes, but went ahead and explained. 
“It’s a game where you play as Mario and complete different levels, while taking down opponents, like Bowser, Koopa Troopa, and others,” you explained, turning the Switch to show her the screen.
“What happens if you hit one of those blocks with the question mark on them?” Yelena asked, clearly new to the game.
“It can either give you coins or you can get a powerup, like a big mushroom, or the ability to throw ice or fire!” You explained enthusiastically. 
“Oooh, that sounds interesting!” Yelena replied, as you happily nodded and returned to your game.
“So, Y/N, what else are you going to do today besides playing games?” Yelena asked after a short silence.
“Hmm, I was thinking maybe I could draw something later, but I’m not too sure yet,” you responded, while still focused on your game.
Yelena nodded with a mischievous grin forming on her face, knowing that you weren’t fully paying attention to her.
“Aren’t you going to ask what I’m doing later today?” Yelena asked, pretending to be offended.
“No,” you responded, while smirking and continuing to play.
Yelena rolled her eyes, knowing that you were in your playful and teasy mood.
“Fine, then I’ll just tell you,” Yelena insisted.
You waited for a bit, as the blonde didn’t immediately say anything. 
“Y/N, you’re in big trouble,” Yelena warned playfully, finally getting your head to snap up, as you looked at her with wide, fearful eyes.
“What?!? Why am I in trouble?!?” You exclaimed, quickly sensing that mischief was about to occur.
“Because…I’m gonna TICKLE YOU TO DEATH,” Yelena announced, as you quickly set the Switch on the coffee table, trying to scramble away from the scary blonde.
Yelena was still in the mood to wreck someone, as she had tried to wreck Kate earlier that day, but the archer had managed to escape. Unfortunately for you, she had decided to target you instead.
“You have five seconds to run, Y/N. I would use them wisely~,” Yelena warned, as she began to count down.
“Wait no! Why are you doing this to me?!? I didn’t do anything!” You protested out of fear, knowing that your snarky behavior was always going to cause you to get wrecked.
You quickly jumped off the couch and began to run out of the living room. You sprinted up the stairs, as you ran towards your room for safety. Little did you know, Yelena had stopped counting and was already chasing you.
As you reached the top of the stairs, you turned around to see how much of a lead you had. To your fear, the blonde was right on your tail, skipping steps as she sprinted upstairs. You let out a shriek and sprinted down the long hallway.
“Just give up now while you still can!” Yelena called out, sprinting after you, as you giggled madly from the adrenaline of the chase. 
“Never!” You shouted back, as you quickly had the option to enter either your room, Yelena and Natasha’s room, or Kate’s room.
You had originally planned on going into your room, but you decided to enter Kate’s room to throw Yelena off. Unfortunately for you, Yelena was close enough behind you to clearly see which room you entered, as she immediately followed you.
You turned around and let out a yelp, as you were tackled to the bed by the blonde. Within a second, she pinned your wrists under her knees and was already smirking down at you.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Yelena asked teasingly.
“Let me go!” You shouted back, trying to squirm your way out of her hold.
“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere, Y/N. At least not until I tickle you to tears,” the blonde remarked, as your eyes once again widened with fear.
“Now, where should I start first?” Yelena asked out loud.
Before you could protest, you felt ten fingers wiggling on your stomach, as you squealed and tried to hold in your laughter to the best of your abilities.
“St–stahahahap plehehehease dohohohohnt,” you giggled out, clearly unable to hold in your giggles.
“Awww, poor little Y/N, can’t even hold your laughter in for even one second,” Yelena teased, as she began to add a little more force into her scribbling, occasionally kneading your sides, causing you to burst out into full on laughter.
“AHHAHAHAHA NOHOHOHO YOHOHOHOU JEHEHEHERK,” you laughed out, as your face was already red from laughing.
“Maybe you should’ve asked me what I planned on doing today and you wouldn’t be in this position,” Yelena teased, moving her hands up to lightly scratch at the front of your ribs.
You shrieked with laughter, knowing that a light touch was awful for you.
“STAHAHAHAHAP IHIHI LEHHEHEHEARNED MY LEHEHESSON,” you screamed, clearly lying like always.
The blonde just shook her head, and moved her hands down to knead your hips, right in the dip where it tickled the most for you.
You let out a snort of laughter, trying to buck the girl off of you, but of course, with no success.
Yelena gave you a quick break, getting off of your wrists, but kept a close eye on you to make sure you didn’t try to escape.
You laid there panting, playfully glaring at the blonde who had just wrecked you.
“You…are…such…a…jerk,” you said breathlessly.
“Y/N, you know you deserved to be wrecked,” Yelena commented back with a smirk.
You didn’t respond, but were instead looking for an escape route. You looked around Kate’s room, looking for anything that could distract the blonde. 
You noticed that there was a stuffed teddy bear on the corner of the bed, which Kate slept with every night. A smirk of your own formed on your face, as you devised a new plan. 
While the blonde had started to let her guard down, assuming that if you wanted to escape you would have tried already, you reached over for the bear and quickly threw it at Yelena’s head.
“Ow!” Yelena cried out playfully, as you quickly dashed out of the room, just barely avoiding her outstretched arm.
“GET BACK HERE, Y/N,” Yelena cried out, as she once again chased you around the compound.
You quickly ran down the stairs, and found yourself back in the living room where it all started. Yelena had caught up to you, and you two were separated only by the coffee table.
The two of you stared each other down, waiting for the other to make the first move.
The blonde tried to fake you out by going right, then left, and vice versa. However, you were able to counter all her moves, slightly frustrating the blonde, as you giggled in glee.
That giggle was enough to cause Yelena to lose her patience, as she leapt over the table and tackled you to the couch.
The blonde wasted no time, sitting on your shins and lightly wiggling her nails over the tops of your knees.
You squealed and let out barrels of loud laughter.
“NOHOHOHO NOHOHOHT THEHEHEHERE,” you cried out, flailing your arms helplessly, as you tried to sit up, but couldn’t due to all your laughter.
“Not so tough now, are you Y/N?” Yelena asked teasingly, as she continued to torment you with a light touch.
You couldn’t respond, as you were giggling and squealing too much.
Yelena then turned around and took something out of her pocket. Since her back was now facing you, you couldn’t see what she was doing.
“Wait, no, stay away from my feet!” You cried, as you felt something spiky touch your foot. Yelena began to scribble back and forth over your sensitive feet, as you realized that she was now using a comb on your feet.
“AHAHAHAHAHA NOHOHOHOHO STAHAHAHAHAP PLEHEHEHEASE,” you shouted, taken aback by the new sensation.
“Awww, but Y/N, I thought you were so tough and strong?” Yelena teased, as you felt tears forming in your eyes.
“PLEHEHEHEHASE IHIHIHI CAHAHAHAHNT STAHAHAHND IHIHIT,” You cried out desperately, knowing that your pleas were falling on deaf ears.
“That’s the point, Y/N. It’s supposed to tickle so bad that you laugh, squeal, and squirm until you cry,” Yelena explained calmly, while you were still a squirming mess.
You felt the comb scribble over your heel, and you could feel the sensation travel through your entire body, like a jolt of electricity.
When your laughter fell silent, the blonde decided to give you another break.
“My gosh, Y/N, you’re just way too ticklish everywhere,” Yelena remarked, as you couldn’t deny that because you knew it was true.
“You’ve tormented me enough, please let me go!” You pleaded, trying to use your puppy eyes to your advantage.
“Not yet Y/N. I still have to test one more spot,” Yelena said, while grinning evilly at you.
“NO! NOT THERE NO!” You cried out, trying to clamp your arms down before she could grab your arms. You wrapped your arms around your torso to make it extra difficult for the blonde to grab your arms.
Yelena just tsked at you, and began to knead your hips once again, causing you to shriek with laughter and attempt to push her hands away. This just made it easy for the blonde to grab your hands and pin them above your head.
The blonde slowly moved her right hand towards your left armpit, as you desperately tried to pull your arms down. Instead, you felt a single finger wiggling softly in your armpit.
You wheezed with laughter, unable to hold it in, despite the touch being light and soft.
“Oh come on, Y/N, I’m barely touching you,” Yelena teased.
You responded with more giggles and frantic laughter.
Yelena then switched her position, to where she was now sitting on your hands, but they were still above your head.
You looked up, and to your horror, you saw Yelena take out two long, stiff feathers.
“NO! DON’T YOU DARE!” You cried out, now really trying to break free. You couldn’t stand a light touch on your overly sensitive underarms. You had really regretted wearing a short-sleeved shirt today.
“Oh Y/N~~, open wide! Here comes the choo choo train!” Yelena teased, using her best voice for baby talk, as she slipped both feathers inside your sleeve holes, and began to stroke away.
“BAHAHABY TAHAHALK DOHOHESN’T WOHOHORK OHOHON MEHEHEHE,” you insisted, as you laughed your head off.
“Oh really? I thought since you are such a baby it would work,” Yelena teased, while still expertly stroking the feather over every sensitive part of your skin she could find.
“Oh I know, Y/N. That’s exactly the point,” Yelena remarked flatly.
“AHAHAHAHAHAHA OHOHOHOHO GOHOHOHOD PLEHEHEHEHEASE NOHOHOHOHOHO MOHOHOHOHORE,” you laughed out, as Yelena was thoroughly enjoying torturing you.
Once Yelena felt that your overly sensitive body had enough, she finally had mercy on you. Or so you thought.
The feathers had finally stopped moving, giving you a chance to breathe. However, Yelena still felt like being a jerk, so she quickly devised another plan.
“Get those feathers out of my shirt!” You insisted playfully.
“I’m trying Y/N!” Yelena replied back, as she slightly pulled them out, and they stroked your underarms again.
“STHAHAHAP IHIHIT,” you screamed, as Yelena pulled the feather back and forth, insisting that it was stuck and that she was just trying to get them unstuck, causing you to lose your mind once again.
When you were finally out of breath for good, Yelena removed the feathers after one last stroke, leaving you a giggling mess on the couch.
“I hate you so much,” you grumbled, as you sat up on the couch.
“Oh really?” Yelena asked, as she slipped one of the feathers under your shirt to lightly stroke your lower back.
You let out a yelp of surprise, and quickly jumped away from her, all while giggling once again.
“Oh my gosh, Y/N, you’re just the cutest little baby ever,” Yelena cooed, while cupping your face gently. 
You rolled your eyes, but once again, could not deny the truth.
“Awwwww, little baby Y/N is so adorable and so ticklish and she can’t deny it,” Yelena said, still in a teasing mood.
You eyed her carefully, knowing that she had more teasing left inside of her.
“You’re like a little puppy who loves belly rubs and belly tickles,” Yelena cooed, reaching over to tickle your stomach softly, as you squirmed around in the same manner that a puppy would. 
“Exactly. Proving my point once again,” Yelena said with a triumphant smirk.
You reached over to squeeze Yelena’s side, trying to get a small amount of revenge.
“AHAHA Y/N NOHOHOHO,” she laughed, quickly shoving your hand away, and grabbing you in her lap, while wiggling her fingers rapidly in your armpits.
“NOHOHOHOHO NOHOHOHOT AGAHAHAHAIN PLEHEHEHEASE IHIHIHM SOHOHOHORRY,” you cried out, clamping your arms down and trapping her fingers.
“Alright Y/N, I’m done for real this time,” Yelena promised, helping you sit up properly.
“Yeah right, I’ve heard that one before,” you said, rolling your eyes playfully.
Yelena tackled you into a hug, catching you off guard in a much less torturous way this time. You leaned into the touch, knowing for sure this time that her hug was genuine, and not just a trap to tickle you some more.
After a short silence while hugging, Yelena began to speak.
“You know Y/N, I’m surprised you were able to even last a little while when I chased you,” Yelena commented.
“Well yeah, I have long legs so I can easily outrun you,” you said with a bit of sass behind your words.
“Yeah, long and ticklish legs,” Yelena teased, while squeezing your thighs briefly, causing you to giggle once again.
“There really isn’t a place where you aren’t ticklish huh?” Yelena asked.
You thought for a moment, but were stumped by the question.
“Good to know for next time. I didn’t try all the spots I wanted,” Yelena announced, with a sly smirk on her face.
You gulped in fear, knowing that next time was bound to be even worse. However, the thought of that made you smile, and you couldn’t wait until the next time Yelena pinned you and wrecked you.
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Y/N: I never saw myself living with someone.
Yelena: That makes total sense, considering nobody you dated ever expressed any interest in that.
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The Third Widow - Part II
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff X Fem! Belova! Reader.
Summary: Y/n Belova is the younger sister of Yelena Belova and Natasha Romanoff. Saved from Red Room by Melina & Alexei she now must adjust to a new normal. Going to school, recovering, and finding love in the eyes of another troubled teen, Wanda Maximoff. All while General Dreykov has his eyes set on claiming back what he calls his most powerful ‘widows’.
Word count: 4.2k
Warnings: PTSD, Swearing, Mentions of Red Room, Flash backs, Anxiety, Mentions of death (murder), Mentions of violence. Each chapter will have its own warnings!
Translations: Сестра (sister),
Type: Fluff & Angst
Author’s Comment: Thank you for the feedback on chapter 1!! I personally wasn’t sure if ya’ll would like it or not so I’m very happy you ya’ll do! Please excuse any small-time jumps. I’m also switching how I write this.
Tumblr media
Gif from you-said-yes.tumblr
Tossing and turning in bed took over me tonight, I hated how it has always taken me so long to fall asleep at night, it didn’t matter what I did to make myself super tired it just never happened. My eyes instantly drew to my bedroom door that slowly creaked open, “are you awake?” Yelena’s voice whispered. “Yeah” I whispered back. She slipped into my room and closed the door, careful not to wake anybody.
“Can’t sleep? I can hear you tossing and turning”
“Yeah” I mumbled.
“Move over” Yelena insisted as she made her way over to my bed. I shuffled over to the other side of the queen-sized bed, coldness making me shiver. Yelena lifted the cover and slid into the warm side of my bed. It felt like the times she’d come to comfort me through a thunderstorm when we were younger. I don’t remember anything about our biological parents, but I can remember moments with Yelena that I held onto tightly.
“Why didn’t you hang out with Kate and I today?” Yelena spoke softly, turning on her left side to face me. “I thought you were annoyed with me because of what I said about Melina and Alexei” I admitted, remembering the facial expression she had pulled.
“I wasn’t annoyed. I wish I could feel what you feel for our parents, that’s all”
“Trust me, you don’t” I mumbled quietly. “It’s an emptiness feeling. Like something is missing, they’re missing…” I added.
“I already feel an emptiness” Yelena brushed stray hairs behind my ear gently. “You do?” I asked. She nodded, “I want my sister back” she whispered, “my sister who was always so happy and full of life, my sister who would get scared in thunderstorms and hated eating the crust on her sandwiches. I know you’re still in there” Yelena trembled, making my heart sink.
“You always seem too busy for me…” I confessed, “You seem happier when you spend time with Natasha, I don’t know how to be around people anymore. I don’t even feel human Yelena…”
“Don’t say that…Natasha helped me a lot when you were still in…. in Red Room. I said so many mean things to her when I cried for you. I thought about you every day and night, I helped Melina and Alexei make you feel safe with them when they found you that night… you are my sister, my baby sister and I love you.” Yelena’s Russian accent was thicker than mine and it always showed when she was expressing herself.
“I want to kill Dreykov for what he did to you, Natasha feels the same, the 3 of us have our reasons, but we’re free now. We have lost too much time already and I don’t want you to keep hiding from me anymore. I want to know how your day is, what you are thinking and feeling, I want you to trust me again as you used to” she added.
If it wasn’t for Dreykov and Red Room, who knows how much different I would be, how all 3 of us would be.
I didn’t know what to say to Yelena, but I knew I wanted to hug her. “Will…” I paused as she searched my eyes for a sign of what I was about to say, “will you hold me…like you did when-“
“Yes” Yelena cut me off, “like I did when there was a thunderstorm, right?” she smiled. I nodded. “Here, let’s swap places” she smiled back at me as she sat up. I shuffled back to my original spot before Yelena came in. She lay on her side behind me and wrapped her arm around me.
Soon enough I found it easier to fall asleep. Yelena always made me feel safe as a kid. Sometimes I’d wake up to a loud crack of thunder and already feel Yelena next to me snoring lightly. We’re only a year apart but she’s my big sister and I missed her dearly.
The morning sun warmed up my bedroom nicely as the sound of Friday morning broke through the house. “Natasha, where’s Yelena?! She’s not in her room!” Melina stressed to Natasha who had just woken up, “I don’t know, have you asked Y/n?” she suggested with a yawn. Melina knocked on the bedroom door before slowly opening it, sighing with relief when she peeped her head in to see Yelena and me asleep. Yelena’s left arm rested above her head while my right leg hangs off the side of the bed. “She’s here” Melina whispered to Natasha, “look” she added, opening the door more. The two smiled at the site before Natasha walked off to the bathroom and Melina came in to open the blinds.
“Good morning girls” she spoke as the sun hit my face making me squint. Yelena rolled over to avoid the sun with a groan. “5 more minutes” Yelena pleaded. “Yelena your 5 minutes is actually 2 hours” Melina chuckled. I slowly opened my eyes to adjust to the morning light before sitting up, running my fingers through my hair. “Morning” I spoke softly to Melina, she smiled, “What do you feel like this morning?” she asked. “Coffee” I answered, looking over at Yelena who started to snore softly. “Yelena? Coffee?” Melina spoke, “meh” Yelena groaned. “Dad will take you girls to school today; I have errands to run” Melina added before leaving the room.
I rubbed the sleep from my eyes before landing my feet on the soft carpet. “You should skip school today with Kate and I” I heard Yelena say in her thick morning voice. “Won’t Melina get mad?” I asked.
“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt” Yelena sat up looking at me with sleepy eyes.
“I…I don’t know Lena, I would feel bad”
“Oh come on, it’ll just be you, me, Kate and Wanda”
“W..Wanda is going?”
“Yeah, who do you think got Kate and I to skip sometimes?”
“Where do you guys go?”
“The park a few blocks away, we just sit and talk really”
“Girls!!” I heard Melina call from downstairs.
“I’ll think about it,” I said to Yelena before grabbing an outfit out of my wardrobe.
I didn’t want to ever upset Melina or Alexei as they have already done so much for me and I’d feel really bad if I skipped school and they found out but I also want to go and spend more time with Yelena and get to know her friends more. After my morning shower and skincare routine, I went downstairs for breakfast.
“Good morning young one!” Alexei’s Russian accent filled the room, “Morning” I smiled at him, Melina handed me a mug of hot coffee and a banana, “thank you” I gave her a smile. I made my way into the dining room where Natasha sat, eating cereal and reading something on her phone. “Good morning Nat,” I said with a happy tone, she looked up from her phone and smiled, “good morning, cестра” she spoke as I sat down.
“Ты хорошо спал?”
“Well look at you! I did sleep well, how did you sleep?” Nat asked, surprised.
“The best sleep I’ve had in a very long time”
“It seems like it” Natasha chuckled.
“How is college?”
“Stressful but it’s good, I’m enjoying it” she tilted her head slightly in my direction. “How are you feeling today?” she asked me. Her eyes squinted ever so slightly.
“I’m good! I’m excited about Art class today, I missed it yesterday”
“You enjoy art?”
“I like looking at it and I hope to learn more about the paintings I have seen” I replied before sipping my coffee.
“Well, I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home” Natasha stood from her seat, taking her dishes to the kitchen. “She seems happier today” she looked to Melina while placing her dishes in the dishwasher. “Whatever she and Yelena spoke about must have lifted her spirits” Melina commented back.
Alexei came in and sat across from me while I finished off my banana. “What classes do you have today?” he asked me, placing his mug on the table. “I haven’t checked but I know Maths, Art and English are before lunch” I smiled.
“Melina told me about yesterday. She’s not going to like me saying this so keep it between us, yeah?”
I nodded.
“My girls are the strongest girls in the world, don’t let anybody give you shit. Use your words, Melina won’t like it if you use your fist”
“I heard that!” Melina called from the kitchen; Alexei gave me a playful wink. I chuckled at the interaction between the couple. They weren’t very affectionate around others, but they had some understanding between each other.
“Alright, I’m going to look at those pigs I mentioned last night” Melina spoke as she handed Alexei the newspaper and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Pigs?” Alexei questioned.
“Yes, I told you I was going to find your long-lost cousins”
Alexei looked at her slightly offended at her comment, Melina smirked, “don’t make the girls late” she said leaving the room. Alexei slowly looked at me, “did she just call me a pig?” he asked in a confused tone. “She’s not wrong” Yelena made her presence, patting him on the back as she sat down in front of the bowl of cereal that Melina made her earlier.
“Y/n and I will be late home tonight, we’re hanging out with Kate and Wanda” Yelena looked at the two of us, I shook my head in her direction while Alexei wasn’t looking. I finished my coffee before making my way upstairs to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
“You haven’t left yet?” I asked Natasha as I noticed she was sitting on the end of her bed. Usually, she’s already left by now.
“Huh?” she looked up from her phone, “oh, Uhm, I don’t have class until after lunch today” she smiled. “Are you okay?” I asked, she looked worried about something, she just smiled at me once again and nodded, “exam prep is stressing me out a little bit” she added.
“Y/n! We’re ready to go!” Yelena called from downstairs before I could reply to Natasha. “Go, have a good day” she stood up. “You too” I replied.
“I’m coming, I just need to brush my teeth!” I yelled back to Yelena.
Yelena walked for Alexei to leave the street before she and Kate started to walk away from the school grounds. “Are you coming?” Yelena turned to me. I looked between the building and then back to Yelena and Kate as they waited for me to respond. I knew skipping was wrong but going to class worried me. “Y/n are you coming or not?” Yelena demanded.
“Not today guys, I’m under strict rules and the teachers will call home if I skip again” Wanda’s voice came up behind me. Yelena rolled her eyes, “I have history today!” she groaned. “So do I” Wanda huffed. “Well I have P.E” Kate added.
“What do you have?” Kate asked me.
“Oh man you’ve got Loki” Yelena laughed.
“You’ll see”
“He’s fine, don’t listen to Yelena, she failed the class last year” Kate playfully slapped Yelena’s arm before the two started to bicker between each other.
“Hey..” Wanda turned to me, “I’m sorry I couldn’t help yesterday… I just don’t like using it in public” she added which confused me, “use what?” I asked. “Yelena didn’t tell you?” she questioned. I shook my head. “Oh… well, I guess forget what I said” she played it off with a chuckle, “are you feeling better?”.
“Yeah, I feel fine today” I gave her a smile. The bell ran loudly causing Yelena to groan again as the four of us started making our way to our classes. I checked my timetable to make sure I knew where I was going, only to find out I actually had Business first instead of art.
Once we all got into the crowded hall we said our goodbyes before finding our way to class. I found Miss Potts's class pretty easily, I walked in and saw Peter and Ned already seated.
“Hi” Peter spoke with a smile. I smiled back with a wave before taking a seat. “You can sit with us if you want” he added. Slightly turning to look at him over my shoulder, “thanks” I said softly before pulling out the notebook and pens.
“Oh, I also took some notes for you from the classes you missed, well the ones we have together” Peter kept my attention, handing me some loose papers. “Thank you” I smiled at him again. “We have a project for history class, would you like to join our group?” he asked. I looked to Ned and the other girl who was looking at me, “This is MJ” Peter introduced her, “Sup” she said with a head nod. “Hi,” I said to her before looking back to Peter, “sure why not” I replied. His face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.
Shortly the class filled up with other students before the second bell rang. Miss Potts walked in and got herself ready to start the lesson as the room was filtered with small talk from everybody.  
“Alright guys, settle down, we’ll pick up from where we left off yesterday” she announced as she started to hand out paper to each student. “Today we’ll dive more into consumer affairs, your rights as a customer. Does anybody know what consumer protection is?” She asked the class. Nobody answered. “Right, it stops unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices-“
“Sorry, I’m late!” Ethan cut the blonde off. She frowned at him as he disturbed the class. “Ethan, this is becoming a habit” she spoke sternly. “It’s not my fault, I had stuff to do” he argued. “It’s always something with you!” she sighed, “take a seat, we’ll discuss this after class” she added. Ethan looked for his seat, not that it had his name on it. “I would but the mute is sitting in it” he mumbled while looking at me. “Ethan just sit a seat and sit!” Potts raised her voice before he slumped into an empty seat, shaking his head at me.
At lunch I found Wanda, Kate and Yelena sitting at a table outside, eating and chatting as I started to make my way over to them. Making my way through the small groups of people a young brunette bumped into me. “I’m sorry” I mumbled as my eyes trailed her figure. “I bet” her voice spoke as my eyes connected with hers, a small gasp left my lips, “Asya?” I questioned. Her jaw clenched at my voice, “so it is true” she spat, “you made it out…” she added, her eyes full of hate and hurt. “Asya…I didn-“ “Save it” she cut me off, “you killed my sister and now you’re free” she continued.
“Wait, what?” I asked, confused. “I didn’t kill Gia,” I said softly. Asya grabbed my arm harshly, pulling me to the side, away from others. “I watched you do it!” she twisted my arm slightly.
“Asya, if I did, I don’t remember”
“How can you forget the way you looked into her eyes while I stood on the side-lines huh?!?” she let go of her grip, shoving me against the wall. “Does my screams not haunt you?!”
---------------Flash Back------------
“Y/n don’t do this, please” Gia pleaded as you were both forced to spar against each other. “Shut up” I spat back before pulling her into a headlock. “No!! Please don’t!!” a scream covers the sound of Gia’s neck-breaking. Her limp body fell instantly to the floor as I loosened my grip. “Very good Y/n” Dreykov praised me as I stood straight up. “Quiet her!” He spat as Asya rushed to her lifeless sister. Dreykov’s men dragged her away before she could touch her.
“Let this be a lesson. Not all of you will pass this exercise but those who will are to move into the next stage.” Dreykov spoke as he looked at the line of young girls staring blankly at him.
-------------Flash Back End-------------
Asya’s sniffle brought me back to reality. “Asya…I’m…I didn't have any control, you know that” I explained. She shook her head, “you didn’t have to do it! You could’ve stopped!” she said angrily. “Believe me, if I could, I would’ve but….you knew what it was like”
“I do and yet, I got out without killing anybody”
“You didn’t hear? He left me for dead… he threw me away like I was trash. I was found by an older lady who took me to the hospital. I spent months there recovering from the wounds. Now I see you here and you’re fine?!” she explained. “Did you go back to your mum and dad?! You got to go back to Yelena”
“No. I…don’t know where or who they are. Asya, I’m so sorry I asked about you but nobody knew what happened to you after that day”
“Don’t lie to me! Gia was all I had, and you took her from me!” she stepped closer to me, her hands formed into a fist. “Asya, please understand I had no control, none of us did” I spoke. Asya’s left hand was quick, pushing up against the cold brick wall with her hand around my neck. “Maybe Yelena should feel the same hurt I feel, or maybe your new mommy and daddy should suffer like I do every day because of you!” she expressed as her grip tightened, making it harder to breathe. She watched as I felt my face start going cold, she smirked as I looked into her eyes.
“Let her go” a familiar voice spoke as my vision went blurry. Asya looked over her shoulder and to see Wanda’s eyes glow red. “Mind your own business!” Asya huffed, tightening her grip on my neck even more. I fell to my knees as Wanda used a red aura to force Asya to let me go. “I suggest you get out of here before the school finds out you're trespassing” Wanda suggested before releasing her power, freeing Asya. “This has nothing to do with you!” she walked over to Wanda. “Careful, you don’t like how this plays out” Wanda smirked which only angered Asya more. Wanda flashed her red glow once more before Asya gave in. “I don’t care who you are but she deserves what’s coming” she looked to Wanda before walking away.
Wanda rushed to my aid, helping me up off the ground. “Are you okay?” she asked, I nodded while rubbing my hands softly over the front of my neck. “Who was that?” Wanda questioned. “No...Nobody” I struggled to speak, “What…what was th..that you did?” I added.
“I’ll explain later. Come on, let’s get you out of here” Wanda insisted as she threw my right arm around her shoulders, walking us away from Yelena and Kate. We walked for a few blocks in silence as I gathered myself together, her grip around my waist was protective.
“Where are we going?” I asked, breaking the silence. “My place” she spoke softly as we crossed the road. “Wanda, the school will call your parents if you’re skipping” I worried. “Don’t worry about it, it’ll be fine” she argued. My neck felt hot where Asya’s grip was tight, I found myself rubbing it to soothe it. “We’ll put an ice pack on that” Wanda spoke as we entered her front yard.
“Mum, Dad, Pietro?” Wanda called out as she opened the front door. “Wanda if you’re skipping class again, you’re in big trouble!” a woman’s voice replied before we emerged from the living room. “I wouldn’t be skipping if I didn’t need to” Wanda huffed, “she needs an ice pack, please” she added while her mother looked between the two of us. “What happened?!” she wondered, walking into the kitchen while Wanda leads me to the living room sofa. I shook my head at her, “please don’t say anything” I whispered. Wanda nodded in understanding, “Uhm, just a stupid school fight” Wanda replied as her mum returned with an ice pack.
“Thank you” I softly spoke to her as she handed me the cold pack. It was a relief as it soothed my need with coolness. “I’ve never met you before, but you look familiar” she smiled at me.
“I’m Y/n, Yelena’s sister”
“Oh wow, are you guys twins?”
“No” I smiled, “Yelena is older by a year”
“Would’ve had me fooled” she chuckled.
“We get that a lot”
“Does Melina and Alexei know you’re here?”
“Yeah, I texted Melina” I lied but she brought it. Wanda looked at the two of us, “Do you wanna go up to my room?” she asked, I nodded, “sure”. I slowly stood back to my feet before following Wanda to her room. Once I heard the door close behind her, I turned to look at her. “What was that?” I asked.
“I...Have you ever heard of Hydra?” she walked over to her bed and sat. I shook my head, “no”
“When my parents died in an explosion, my brother, Pietro, and I were taken in by Hydra. We were really young, hurt and confused… they took us and at first, they were nice and made us feel safe again but then…after 2 years they started doing experiments on us. Pietro gained superspeed and I can do things like what you saw today. I can also read your thoughts and manipulate your mind. I hate it and I only use it when I need to, like today” Wanda explained.
“I’m sorry if this freaks you out and I understand if you’re scared of me now…” she added, slowly looking up at me.
“Scared? Wanda, you helped me. I don’t think I have a reason to be scared of you” I sat beside her. “You saved me today,” I told her. She sat with her hands in her lap, eyes tracing the creases of her skin.
“I don’t know who my parents are anymore. I don’t even know if they’re alive or if they are, are they looking for Yelena and I”
Wanda looked at me “What did Asya mean when she said you deserve what’s coming?” she asked. I took a deep breath, “Has Yelena ever mentioned Red Room?”
“Not in detail, just here and there”
“Yelena and I spent years until the control of General Dreykov, he takes girls who have nobody to protect them, and he trains them to be killers to do his own dirty work. The training is intensive, and we were all subjected to his commands. He stripped us of our freedom and choices. I had to spar against Asya’s sister, Gia. The only way to pass that test is to be the last one standing…” I explained.
“You passed?”
I nodded shamefully, “I did. I killed her sister, and I couldn’t even stop myself. Dreykov threw Asya out after that day. I never heard of saw her again until today” I added.  Wanda took my hands softly, “How long have you been free?” she asked. “11 months, Yelena got out before I did” I answered. “So yesterday, what was that?” Wanda questioned.
“I…I have moments where I feel like I’m back there, in Red Room…Melina has been trying to help me a lot with that and yesterday I just had a trigger I guess”
There was a moment of silence between us, I didn’t know what to say to Wanda but somehow, I could feel the hurt she was feeling. “There’s a party tonight…do you wanna come?” she asked, looking at me. “A party…like a kid's party?” I asked. She chuckled, “No, sometimes people from school throw parties when their parents are away, I sometimes go just to feel normal,” she told me.
“So it’s just a lot of people at a house? Do you play games?”
Wanda laughed once more, “oh you’re cute” she commented, “People drink, there’s music, sometimes there is beer pong, you should come” she added, “you’ve had a drink before, right?” she asked for I could say anything. I shook my head, “I’m 15” I told her. “Surely you are almost 16? I’m the same age as Yelena and I turned 17 a month ago” Wanda cocked her eyebrows. I shrugged, “I don’t know”
“What do you mean you don’t know? Do you not know when your birthday is?”
“No…Dreykov destroyed our birth certificates. I only remember my age because of Yelena”
“Oh…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“
“It’s okay, the party sounds fun” I cut her off with a smile.
“You sure? I don’t want to pressure you to go if you’re not feeling up to it” “No, I want to. Like you said, if you go sometimes to feel normal, maybe it could help me”
“I mean, yeah. It helps me feel like a normal teenager and not what I am” She sounded hurt once again.
“Well, then we shall go” I smiled at her. “I should probably get home before Melina worries” I added, handing Wanda the ice pack back. “I’ll walk with you” she smiled. “Sure”.
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ynscrazylife · a day ago
Yelena Belova Masterlist
Marvel Masterlist | Main Masterlist | Join my taglists 
SR - Sister!Reader | No letter - Platonic
Tumblr media
Forever Running — When in trouble, Y/N is forced to turn to her ex-friend for help.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer — When Y/N is sick, Yelena has to call in some reinforcements.
Saving Each Other — Y/N and Yelena have to save each other.
Stuck Between two Sides [SR] — Grief proves to be a very powerful force, even against sisters.
The Party That Went Wrong [SR] — A party ends up leading to 5 years of regret.
The Tales of Sleeping Beauty — Different stories of Y/N falling asleep.
The Unknowns [SR] — Kate and Yelena are forced to get along when Y/N is hurt.
The War Against Night — Yelena helps Y/N deal with her nightmares.
To Find a Home [SR] — Y/N realizes that she has a home with Yelena.
We’ve Gotta Stop Meeting Like This — Yelena and Y/N keep reuniting on opposite sides of a fight.
Being Yelena’s Younger Sister Would Include . . . [SR]
How Marvel Characters Would React to Seeing you After the Blip . . .
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lovebugism · 4 months ago
kate bishop 🤝 yelena belova
being the new it girls of the mcu
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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call-me-fanvergent · 10 months ago
me the first time i saw yelena:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thatonebrazilian · 3 months ago
Y/N: *looking at Wanda, Natasha, Bucky, Steve, Tony, Peter, Yelena and Kate*
Y/N: Everybody's tragic backstory gave them mad skills and all I got were trust issues and anxiety…
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lesbian-deadpool · 8 days ago
Yelena, trying to flirt: I like your name.
Kate: Thanks, I got it for my birthday.
Natasha, whispering in Yelena's ear: Are you sure you want this one?
Yelena: You wanted Y/N.
Natasha: Touché.
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plxviofiles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
has this been done yet
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simpforflorencepugh1 · 16 days ago
Y/n: *talking about their crush to yelena* and she's so badass and don't get me started on when she talks in Russian like her accent is just UGHH and her gorgeous green eyes
Yelena: *gives y/n a weird look*
Y/n: *looks at yelena coz they noticed the weird look* what?
Yelena: we're still talking about your crush right?
Y/n: yeah why?
Yelena: ....
Yelena: oh thank go- YOU LIKE MY SISTER?!
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incorrectlycorrectfun · 3 months ago
Natasha: *Accidentally hits Y/n in the face* Natasha: *Trying to decide between saying 'I’m fucking sorry' and 'Are you okay'* Natasha: ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?! Y/n: *On the verge of crying* Yelena: What’s wrong with you?!
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darkestfireee · 7 months ago
SAM: so y/n, we know that you are having problems in your life right now.
BUCKY: yeah, how big your problems?
Y/N: *looks at steve* steve, how tall are you?
STEVE: what?
BUCKY & SAM: what?
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manhattanminute2 · a month ago
Natasha, holding a rock: Y/N just gave this to me and said "I feel like you deserve the moon but all I can give you is a rock".
Yelena: If you don't marry them, I will.
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capryuk · a month ago
{in a meeting}
Y/N: *Gently taps table*
Pietro: *Taps back*
Natasha: What are they doing?
Wanda: Morse code.
Y/N: *Aggressively taps table*
Pietro: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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bisexual-chupacabra · a month ago
Y/N, drunk: I love her so much. I don't know how to tell her.
Yelena: Tell her what?
Y/N: Weren't you listening? I said I love her!
Yelena: Who?
Y/N, shouting: Natasha fucking Romanoff!
Yelena: Good. Now turn your head to the side.
Y/N, turning and seeing Nat: Hey Nat. *Turning back to Yelena* Now as I was saying, I love her. I don't know how to say it.
Wanda: Someone murder them.
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lovebugism · 4 months ago
men: “natasha is 100% heterosexual”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 months ago
Y/N: If your arm got cut off, would it hurt?
Yelena: Yeah.
Y/N: How?
Yelena: Cause… your arm got cut off.
Y/N: But where are you gonna feel the pain?
Yelena: On your… arm…?
Y/N: How are you gonna feel the pain…
Y/N, Yelena and Kate, simultaneously: -if your arm is gone.
Natasha: You guys are idiots.
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thatonebrazilian · 5 months ago
Kate: You know, Natasha gives Y/N flowers every day, I wish you'd do that too.
Yelena: Okay.
Yelena: *gives Y/N flowers*
Y/N: ???
Yelena: I don't know, I'm confused as well.
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