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freckledwinterfallsa day ago
carnival dreams
*yeonjun as your boyfriend*
Tumblr media
requested by @yeonyeonyeonjun:
bestie can I request a yeonjun anything... like ANYTHING yeonjun written pls
rated G
warnings: n/a
word count: 0.19k
a/n: here you are, chibi <3 This was already in my drafts lolll i might make this a fic when i have time uwu
His eyes are soft as they gaze upon you. Under the carnival lights, the dark depths glimmer with soft golds and rosy pinks and precious blues.
鈥淗ere,鈥 he whispers, holding out a stuffed bear. Yeonjun won it for you in a rigged game, somehow denying all the rules of physics in the universe in order to give it to you.
As you take hold of the bear鈥檚 soft, plush body, he uses it as leverage to pull you flush against his chest, one hand flitting to the small of your back. 鈥淚 love you,鈥 he says suddenly, eyes raw with innocent adoration and the glowing lights.
鈥淚 love you, too,鈥 you whisper, mesmerized by him. The merry-go-round behind him is like a halo, giving his soft hair a silver lining as perfect as that of a cloud.
As the fair鈥檚 playful, lighthearted music wafts through the cool night air, harmonizing with laughter and conversations, he kisses you sweetly, holding you as gently as though you are the teddy bear, as tenderly as though he never wants to let you go. And in this moment, you want nothing but the same.
{{{[[(never say goodbye, 雱堨檧 雮 頃橂倶雼堦箤)]]}}}
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tyunsie2 days ago
Tumblr media
yeonjun is good at many things. things such as dancing, singing, looking absolutely great in crop tops and dominating every hair color he has to wear. but cooking, specifically pancakes, isn鈥檛 one of those things.
it鈥檚 around 6 am when you had heard the smoke alarm beeping, which was what caused you to wake up from your deep slumber and wander towards the kitchen to spot your boyfriend who wore a plaid shirt and some grey joggers while scooping out the burnt pancake.
"yeonjun? what are you doing? it smells like something's burning." only to see the slightly pink tinted haired boy to look back up at you with wide eyes that grew into a pout on his lips.
"no, no, no. you're supposed to be sleeping. go back to bed." he groaned, pressing a quick kiss on your lips before ushering you back to your room. your lips turning upwards at the realization that yeonjun was planning to surprise you with breakfast.
you decided to give him some time, knowing that sometimes all it takes is for him to give it a second try. pancakes aren't that hard anyways, right? so you made your way to the bathroom to quickly wash your face and brush your teeth. not even bothering to fix your very messy hair. but it wasn't even ten minutes later when you heard him let out a yelp from the kitchen.
you couldn't help but give into going to help him, leaving the bathroom to go find out about all the ruckus. "junnie? is everything okay?" you asked him, seeing him sigh in irritation. "i'm sorry, i really wanted to wake you up with breakfast to make up for how busy i've been. but i can't even make stupid pancakes." he told you, letting you walk up to him, your hands wrapping around his waist with your head leaning on his chest.
"jun, it's a really sweet thing you tried to do, okay? don't feel bad about it. plus, i'd rather cook with you instead of snoring and drooling all over your pillow." you told him, seeing him look down at you with adoration in his eyes. "i love you, you know that?" he spoke, earning a soft chuckle from you.
"it'd be stupid if you didn't. now, come on. gordan ramsey, aka me, will teach you how to cook." rolling his eyes at your cocky comment, he was actually quite impressed at your ability to make pancakes so easily. stirring the new batter and then pouring it onto the pan (but spreading butter all over the pan 鈥 something yeonjun had not thought to do).
"hm, take a bite." you told the boy who was peering over your shoulder. ripping off a piece of the pancake, you raised it up to his mouth which he gingerly took. groaning softly at the taste. "you cook so well, what else have you been hiding from me?" he teased, wrapping his arms around your waist and sneaking his head into the crook of your neck.
you giggled softly as yeonjun pressed kisses onto your cheek and jaw. "nothing much. now stop distracting me before i turn this pancake into the one that's currently in the trash bin." you teased, causing him to complain about how mean you're being to him.
maybe yeonjun isn't good at cooking and that's okay. it鈥檚 better to have a commentary sidekick clinging onto you like a koala bear as you make pancakes anyways.
Tumblr media
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yeonjunskitchenbitch2 days ago
16 days | CYJ
Tumblr media
Yeonjun x reader
Genre: angst, fluff.
Word count: 800
16 days.
16 days ago, Yeonjun promised he would finally give up the life of a crook, stealing and gambling.
He had been raised in the environment, nights alone, wondering when the next meal would be.
But once he met you, things looked better, he didn鈥檛 have to steal or get himself into trouble, although it felt like he attached himself to the life and you got to a point where you had enough of it, he and you had everything you needed without wrongfully owned items and money.
Counting the days since he found himself out of trouble, 16.
You smiled, finally feeling content with the way things were heading for the both of you.
The next thing you know Yeonjun rushed out of the atm dispenser to where you had been standing and waiting for him.
He looked a a bit distraught and flew down the stairs to grab you by the hand and quickly pull you with him.
You almost tripped with the force he pulled you with and you scurried you catch up with his fast strides.
鈥淲oah Yeonjun slow down鈥
You laughed at him.
He returned a small gesture of a laugh and kept his fast pace of steps
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want us to miss the movie babe鈥
You looked up and admired the boy,
Shiny black hair, a white tank top that for him perfectly fit.
A charming smile and eyes that looked like they could give you the world, the lights that lit up the dark night radiated off of him.
He was so unreal and you couldn鈥檛 help but think it was too good to be true.
Yeonjun looked away from straight ahead and quickly swerved his head behind him, he looked a little distraught from what you could gather.
鈥淗ey what are you looking at-鈥
You went to turn your head around but the boy grabbed you suddenly pulling you into a dark alley.
He gently pushed you up against the wall and held you close. He leaned down smiling.
鈥淚 just wanted to kiss you without everyone watching, that鈥檚 all鈥
You felt your cheeks heat up at the close proximity, you鈥檝e been with the black haired boy for months but he never failed to make you blush after so long.
He stared down at you before leaning down and jointing his lips onto yours, he brought his hands up to caress your cheeks.
鈥淚 love you y/n鈥
You smiled into the kiss, Yeonjuns always been good at showing you affection but you were none the less surprised at the sudden confession.
You kissed him back and felt your self get lost in the kiss for a bit, you heard his black duffel bag hit the ground with a thud as he began to pull you closer.
Pulling your arms up to his neck, you thought for a second.
You only remember putting your perfume spray and his water bottle in the duffel bag, so why didn鈥檛 it clank against the ground
You slightly opened your left eye to peck down to see the black bag slightly opened with a thick wad of cash poking out from the zipper.
When you heard the sound of police sirens zoom past it all clocked in your head and you felt your stomach drop.
Yeonjun noticed you weren鈥檛 kissing back and opened his eyes to see you staring at him with an emotionaless look.
鈥淲hy鈥檇 you stop, are you ok-鈥
You pushed him back off of you with a scoff and this only made him more confused.
鈥淵ou promised me鈥 You only felt that it was a whisper that came out until you gathered the courage to look up at him again with tears in your eyes.
鈥淵ou promised me you鈥檇 stop鈥
He looked down at the bag on the ground and reached down quickly to zip it fully.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not what it looks like y/n鈥
鈥淭hen what does it look like Jun! Because it looks like you pulled me in here and kissed me so that I didn鈥檛 know you were lying to me!鈥
You finally let a couple tears roll down your cheeks.
鈥淏abe, baby, i just needed to g-鈥
鈥淒ont lie to me鈥
You cut him off suddenly and he looked at you with a sigh
鈥淲hen鈥檚 it going to be the last time, because I鈥檓 sick of worrying, I鈥檓 sick of having the constant fear you won鈥檛 be okay, I鈥檓 sick of feeling like I鈥檓 not good enough, because if i was you would stop鈥
鈥淵/n don鈥檛 say that, this is the last time I swear鈥
He gripped the bag onto his shoulder and went to reach forward to grab you, but you knew if you let that happen you would be able to forgive him.
鈥淵ou said that last time鈥
You let out a sob and pushed his hand away.
鈥淕oodbye Yeonjun鈥
You turned on your feet and walked out of the alley and onto the street.
鈥淵/n! Come back, y/n鈥
He ran out onto the street and watched as you walked away down the street.
You knew this was for the better.
This was how it was going to end in the first place.
16 days, until he broke the last promise.
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tomorrowxtogethera day ago
27/11/21 Soobin鈥檚 Tweet
韺 甑樃 鞝曧暣歆 雮 觳橃潓 毵烄栋氤 鞚胳偓聽
The day we decided on our team slogan and tried out our greeting for the first time
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