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(220517) yeonjun ✙ twitter blueroom
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19/05/22 Yeonjun’s Instagram post
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when my eyes are on you; yeonjun
bad boy!yeonjun x rich girl!reader
word count: 2K
genre: fluff, angst if you squint?
warnings: none i think, lmk if i missed something
i got this idea while listening to the song BTBT by B.I (hence the title of this drabble) and i highly (!) recommend you to listen to it on loop while reading this. enjoy :)
Tumblr media
"now my lovely daughter y/n will say a few words!" the obnoxious voice of your mother chimed in the microphone as she stepped aside and gestured for you to come and speak up.
you tried to steady your breathing as you walked towards the microphone. your heart hammered against your chest, the nerves making you nauseous.
dozens of rich and entitled people looked at you in their fancy suits and dresses.
just like your mother and father, all they thought about was business; how to get richer, bigger, more powerful. the fact that this whole event was a charity event made everything more ironic. they didn't care about the people the money was going to, all they cared about was to get new connections at this event. new ways to climb higher. new ways to walk over others without feeling a single ounce of remorse.
they disgusted you.
the microphone made a high pitched sound the moment you wanted to start your speech and you let out a nervous laugh. "sorry."
you gripped the paper tighter in your hand as you began reading the dumb speech your mother prepared.
as the words were leaving your mouth, the only thing you wanted was to get out of here.
and you knew someone who could, would, take care of that. the only person you wanted to be with right now. the person who was on his way to you right now.
the only reason you were able to keep on going now.
your eyes scanned the sentences on the piece of paper and you wanted to let out a laugh at how fake everything was. all of the nice words, the gratitude and good deeds. all of it was forgery and you knew it.
it felt wrong to pretend like it was not.
you knew he wouldn't want you to do anything that didn't feel right, either.
so you decided to take the risk and abruptly shorten the speech, completely skipping the parts where you had to thank some big names personally.
"well, that was it!" as you spoke the last words, you felt the burning stare of your mother and father in your back and the confused looks of the guests made your confidence rise somehow.
"oh and don't get too drunk tonight, the wine is pretty strong, people," you smiled innocently, making the eyes of the guests widen.
your heart was racing as you walked off the stage.
you immediately thought about him, about how proud he was going to be of you for not following your parents like some dog for once. it made you feel giddy as you started making your way through the crowd.
you picked up your pace as you heard your mother call after you. she must have followed you off the stage.
you looked behind you after running through the hallway and exiting the venue to check if your mother was still trailing you but luckily she was not.
you panted as you got your phone from your purse, checking if he had texted you. you felt your heart skip a beat as you saw the notification.
cyj: i'm almost there babygirl
a smile crept on your face as you felt your cheeks heat up. the chilly evening air didn't bother you anymore.
the sound of a car honk made you look up from your phone and your heart immediately started hammering against your chest, this time in a completely positive and exciting way, as you saw the black mercedes pull up.
the car stopped in front of you and the window of the passenger seat rolled down revealing the man you were waiting on so eagerly.
"yeonjun," you breathed, your face practically glowing.
"hey, pretty girl."
there was a smirk on yeonjun's face, but you caught the glimpse of a real smile behind it, too.
just as you were about to make your way to the car door of the passenger seat, your body froze when you heard the sound of your father's distant voice calling your name.
your eyes widened as they locked with yeonjun's dark ones.
"y/n, get back inside right now!" the voice of your father was getting clearer which meant he was getting closer.
yeonjun's eyes widened a little as well as a cheshire cat smile tugged at his lips. "get in now," he whispered and you hastily nodded as you ran towards the car, opening the door and stumbling inside.
you quickly closed the door and put your seatbelt on.
the moment your father stepped outside and his eyes fell on the mercedes, yeonjun stepped on the gas pedal making the engine roar as the expensive vehicle drove off. away from your father, from your mother and from all the false luxury.
your chest heaved up and down with heavy breathing and your pulse was erratic as a laugh escaped your lips. you couldn't believe what you just did.
yeonjun laughed too as he pressed the gas pedal even harder.
you leaned back in the leather seat and took out the clips in your hair, letting out a content sigh as you relished the sound of your boyfriend's laugh.
"you saved me out there," you mumbled still slightly in shock at your actions, making yeonjun chuckle.
"you know i'd do it any day for you."
a blush covered your cheeks as you stared at the white skirt your mother had picked out for you to wear. you disliked white on you, but you knew yeonjun loved it so you didn't object when your mother showed it to you this morning.
"i missed you, babygirl," yeonjun spoke, his voice low as he held the steering wheel with his left hand, his right hand sneaking to rest on your thigh.
you looked at his veiny hand and fingers that were covered with rings and smiled as you placed your own hand on top of it.
"i missed you more. i couldn't think of anything but you the entire night." you felt yeonjun's eyes flicker to you but you didn't dare to look at him as the words left your mouth.
yeonjun was the only person that made you so vulnerable and honest with your feelings.
he smiled as he looked straight ahead, feeling himself fill up with pride at the fact that such a beautiful girl like you only had him on his mind.
you were rich, well known and could have anything you wanted but still all you wanted was him, a boy who was known for the wrong reasons only.
you saw through the facade, through the rumors. you saw the real him. it made him want to do everything for you.
you made him go crazy.
"do you want to talk about it?" yeonjun asked as he softly stroked your skin with his fingers.
you shook your head, your eyes closed as you let the wind coming through the open window run through your hair. your mother would lose her mind if she saw the state your hair was in right now and the thought of it made you feel even better about taking out the clips.
"later," you mumbled, "right now i just want to be with you and not think about anything else."
yeonjun nodded, "okay, then we will talk later."
he turned on the radio and the aux immediately connected, making the song btbt by b.i start playing.
you smiled as you turned up the volume.
bright neon lights illuminated the city making it look even more alive than during the day.
you turned your head to look at the flawless side profile of your boyfriend.
your eyes glanced to his eyes that had thick lashes hovering over them, then to his perfectly shaped nose and eventually they fell on his plump, pink lips. you unconsciously traced patterns on the back of his hand as your stare rested on his lips.
"i'm trying to focus on the road, you know, stop staring," yeonjun mumbled, trying to fight the smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
most of the time you'd get embarrassed whenever he caught you staring, but right now you didn't mind.
you felt too good, too confident to care. you had disobeyed your parents for once and you were now with your favorite person driving through the city while your favorite music was playing.
nothing could bring you down right now.
"then stop the car somewhere."
the smile fell from yeonjun's lips as his left hand gripped the steering wheel a little tighter.
his eyes glided to you and you looked up from his lips to meet his eyes. you didn't look away even after three seconds of staring at each other.
yeonjun let out a breath before nodding.
yeonjun drove towards a parking lot and turned off the engine after parking his mercedes.
you immediately unbuckled your seatbelt before wrapping your arms around his torso and nuzzling your face in his neck. the console was pressing against your thigh but you did not mind one bit as long as you could be in yeonjun’s arms.
yeonjun felt his heart speed up as he wrapped his own arms around your frame, inhaling your sweet scent. you always smelled like home to him.
"how have you been?" you mumbled against his skin, making a shiver run down yeonjun's spine.
"busy with college and competitions, but perfect now that i'm here with you," he responded and your heart skipped a beat at the mention of 'competitions.'
yeonjun had been doing street racing for years now and he was terribly good at it, but still it made you nervous every time you thought about it.
"please be careful," you whispered.
it must have been the thousandth time you told him this, but yeonjun didn't mind. he would always appreciate your concern and care for him.
"of course, my love. how could i ever be reckless when i know i have my girl waiting for me at home?"
you felt your face heat up at the way he called you his girl and you sat up straight to look at him.
yeonjun's hands lowered to rest on your waist as he lovingly gazed at you.
your eyes fell to his lips and you cupped his jaw before softly tracing his lower lip with your thumb.
"you're pretty," you mumbled making yeonjun's lips form in a smirk. the blush coloring his cheeks gave the fact that you made him flustered away, though.
"says you," he responded before slowly looking you up and down and shaking his head slightly, "you look insanely stunning, y/n."
an eye smile grew on your face as your heart sped up. you placed your other hand on his sharp jaw as well before tilting your head slightly and leaning in.
yeonjun met your lips halfway and you closed your eyes at the feeling of his plush lips against yours.
you stroked the soft skin of his cheek with your right thumb and yeonjun was now afraid you would actually hear the sound of his heart hammering against his chest.
there were a lot of things in both yours and yeonjun's life that felt wrong as you were both born in an environment not made for you.
but you knew you could endure even the worst backlashes as long as you had each other.
it was ironic how your parents forbade you to be with yeonjun because he was trouble in their eyes, and still nothing felt as right as being in his arms.
you loved no one the way you loved him.
after what felt like ages, you pulled away to catch your breath. you rested your forehead against his and placed a few more pecks on his lips before looking in his eyes that had a hazy expression in them as they looked at you.
"thank you, yeonjun," you whispered, feeling overwhelmed with love for the man in front of you.
"i love you, y/n, more than anything."
you smiled, believing every single word because you knew he meant it.
"i love you more, jun."
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# # 𝙋𝙝𝙤𝙣𝙚 𝙩𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙨 ⋆ ୧˚
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genre : smut ! mdni ( > <) o —
warning : oral ( male receiving) , nothing much i guess
bella's note 4 u : totally loved writing this 😩 my 100 followers event is open btw you can find it here <33
You cannot help but sigh softly as Yeonjun peppers kisses across the expanse of your neck . His lips trail towards your collarbones , and you let him kiss and lick down your body . Yeonjun groans when he finds the soft flesh of your breasts and he takes one of your nipples into his eager mouth . " Jun " you moan as you thread your fingers through his blonde locks , the pleasure making your eyes roll to the back of your head . He hums around the nipple and the vibration sends a jolt straight to your cunt . You both are half dressed , way too horny to even discard your clothes completely . The moment you closed the door of your shared apartment , Yeonjun had got you pressed against it , one of his hand holding both your wrists over your head . Your shirt is half unbuttoned and your skirt is bunched around your hips . His sweatpants are pushed down enough to release his straining cock , but you are already dripping wet with the desire to have him inside you .
Then you hear the distinctive sound of Yeonjun's phone going off in the distance as he stops kissing down your body .
" Who is it ? " you ask breathlessly as he reaches for his phone to see who has called him .
" Maybe Taehyun ? "
" Answer it." You say and wait until Yeonjun moves to sit on the edge of the bed . " Beomgyu. " He answers the call , the arousal not gone from his voice . You can't help but bite your lips as you attempt to hide the smile .
You can hear them talking about an upcoming vocal session and the arrangements needed to be done for it and you sit up as well . You hover over Yeonjun who is still on the phone and start trailing kisses on his neck and he tenses slightly . Yeonjun gives you a warning glare that translates to ' if I were you I would not do that ' but you enjoy being a brat . At the end of day even if Yeonjun punishes you , it ends in your favor , you getting fucked dumb on his cock . You slowly straddle his lap , grind down on his cock as your lips continues your assault on his neck .
" One second Beomgyu . " Yeonjun covers the phone with one hand as he harshly tugs your jaw with the other and whispers , "What are you doing ?"
" What does it look like jun?" you fake pout at him before diving back in to capture his plump lips in a rough kiss . " Don't mind me " you say before moving down between his legs , your hand reaching for his angry cock as you slowly start to stroke it . " Keep talking baby ."
Yeonjun cant help but stare down at you as your small and soft hands are stroking his dick , your eyes never leaving his as you challenge him silently . He debates with himself internally but is cut short when he feels your soft , wet tounge leaving kitten licks across his tip . He bites his lips at the sensation and puts the phone back to his ear .
" I'm still here " he tries his hardest to mask the groan and want in his voice .
" Hyung , are you busy ?" Beomgyu asks on the other end .
" No i just had to finish doing something. " Yeonjun watches as your eyes raise in amusement as you continue to tease his cock with small kitten licks , but not giving him any relief . You start to trace the vein on the underside of his cock , with the tip of your tongue , kiss his hot skin as you scrap your nails against him and he almost lets out a hiss . You feel powerful knowing you had complete control over him right now . Well , almost because you realize Yeonjun's hands has found its way into your hair as he grips it . You let him guide yourself to his dick , open your mouth and suck the tip of his cock and you swear you heard his voice drop octaves .
" 9 AM would be fine with me ." His eyes droop in pleasure of your warm mouth around him , his fists automatically tightening around your locks .
" Are you sure you're alright hyung ? You sound off. " Beomgyu's concern is apparent and Yeonjun almost wants to laugh . " I'm good ." he says , " so , so good . " He tries to hide the groan that slips out him with a cough as you start to deep throat him . You can feel him pulsing in your mouth , his abs tensing little more by each second as your wrap your hands around his cock more firmly . You twist your wrists as your start jerking the part of his cock that you cant fit inside your throat as you start taking him in with more fervor .
Yeonjun cannot help but bite down his lips as you continue to bring him closer to the edge , and he tries his hardest to listen to what Beomgyu was ranting about on the other line , but he cannot focus on anything else except your touch . He gently thrusts against you , slipping his cock further down your throat . When you start to gag around him , you feel his thighs tense and that sends a surge of arousal , watching your strong boyfriend loose his composure . You continue to suck him harder as your other hand moves to play with his balls .
The stimulation got Yeonjun reaching his orgasm so quickly . The thought of covering his phone slips out of his mind as he groans and sees you mouth wide open , your tongue lolled looking at him innocently . It was his last straw as he spurts out his warm and silky seed on your tongue , his hands still holding your hair as the pleasure overwhelms him .
You maintain eye contact with him as you swallow him down your throat with a smirk on your face . As Yeonjun looses his grip on you hair , you straddle him again and gently take the phone from his hands . " Sorry Beomgyu , Yeonjun hyung is a .... little preoccupied at the moment." You say as you kiss him on the mouth , letting him taste himself . He chuckles into the kiss and manhandles you on the bed , throwing the phone away .
" Y/n , if there is one thing that i could have gone my whole life without hearing , it was that . "
navi !? 💕
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yeonjun - weverse magazine
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DAILY TXT #14 yeonjun, 2019
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"There are memories only Taehyun and I have.” ↳ happy birthday @slowrabbitpd ♡  
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txt (mostly yeonjun) messy headers by me (give credit), like/rb if u save/use
find them on my pinterest too
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(220520) yeonjun ✙ 'good boy gone bad'
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so pretty!!!
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17/05/22 Music Korea Fansign ©unplugged_yj | Do not edit. 
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prev. masterlist. next
warnings. swearing, family issues, stress, hints at domestic violence, emotional distress, first love experiences, possessiveness, and jealousy. obsession with perfection, mild panic, tension. A / N : I think this chapter was complicated to write in a sense because it's not really angsty but also not fluffy so the lines are super blurry. Also this update was meant to be longer but I had to cut it because I was burning braincells just trying to finish it lol. Still, I hope you guys like it and let me know your thoughts! Have a good weekend !!
taglist (open) at the end of the post !
Tumblr media
Soobin doesn’t understand how feelings work at all. Well — maybe he does, he just has a hard time digesting them. His stomach doesn’t let them sink in properly. Most of the time he wants to drag his weakened body through the ground to reach the nearest toilet over them, because to some extent he doesn’t feel precisely ready to process anything that goes out of the ordinary for him and does not fall into a routine but that’s the thing! His dad has talked about this briefly once. He said whenever his wife was around back when they were still dating as youngsters, he had difficulty letting the butterflies everywhere because the feeling of liking her too much scared him. 
His mom has also repeated to him time after time it was pointless to lose control and let your heart make the decisions your brain can perfectly take, so why was it that whenever you were around Soobin was unable to work properly and simply weigh down his options? He’d get sidetracked and stop by to enjoy the most mundane things he could. It was unnerving but sort of comforting to not follow anything and everything at all. 
He had grown up being terrified of the odds that could be presented to him and in order to appear stronger against the things he could not control he pretended to not care. He’d put on a brave face and simply accept his fate but in reality, he cowered and whimpered like a beaten up dog soaking wet in the middle of the street; whenever something minor happened he’d crumble to pieces and shake in fear so palpable and breathable his mom would smell it and automatically give him a warning over his behavior. She’d savor the waiting until he eventually broke down and just when it looked like he was already on his knees and hopeless she’d take everything from him: his sanity, his remaining happiness, his strength. She’d remind him why it was so important to think and then feel. How he’d never be perfect if he didn’t try until his back broke and if he didn’t follow careful steps then she’d be the one to break all his bones until he was ready to do better. 
Maybe that’s why he was so adamant about the things he could not control. He got planted a seed of paranoia and fear so big since very young and now he had a whole forest with flowers that fully flourished and birds chirping. He was his own facade of almost perfection and controlled happiness but the deeper you wandered in between the trees, the darker it became ‘till there was nothing else but pitch black and humidity. 
He was just a hot spot of cowardness. 
Soobin was, by all means, a fucking coward. Or at least that's what he thought he was. You could say behind his shy smiles and overly exaggerated persona, he hid no secrets and to some extent, you'd be right. For him things were simple, it was either black or white and sometimes grey but not purple because that wouldn't make any sense, right? 
As far as he could tell, he had never made such a 'purple' decision in his life and truth is, he never had the balls nor the need to do so. Purple meant problems and punishment. It won’t get him anywhere. But then you had chosen to pick every stupid color in the palette besides white, black, or grey, and shove it down his throat as if it were a dessert he could genuinely enjoy, and much to his demise, he did. He savored it with fervor and fear but the rush he felt made his heartbeat be different. There was no genuine threat in changing directions and trying to be less in control for a second because you were trustworthy and completely used to not doing what you were told to which meant you could guide him and help him out through this. 
“Pssst! Soobin! Pss — hey there!” You wave your hand up in a greeting, letting go of the small pebble you were holding on your covered palm. 
Your red leather gloves appear to shine brighter than the dimness of the moonlight, making him catch a glimpse of your hands and arms firstly before he can divert his gaze to your darkened eyes. There are big bags under them, showing more than clearly how little sleep you’ve been getting, and to some extent, Soobin understands where this comes from. He (much like every other student on planet earth) has been going through an extensive couple of weeks, if not months, filled with stress and preparations for graduation which had resulted in many sleepless nights reading books and digesting information just to survive the last chunk of the year, but tonight you were finally free. All exams were done and all there was left was to get the grades and throw a little party to celebrate. 
“What are you doing here?” Soobin whispers, opening the window and peeking over the frame just to see you point your index finger to a paper bag laying against the nearest tree trunk. “It’s one in the morning!”
“Come down already. We are wasting time!” 
“Wasting time for what?”
“The meteor shower you told us about!” 
Soobin pulls all the brakes in his mind and furrows his brows in confusion for a brief second only to end up smiling and retreating back once the realization hits him. “I will come down in a second!”
He had mentioned a bit shyly how a meteor shower would occur exactly on the night of the last exam day which also meant by then everyone would be staying at Lia’s house to rest and prepare to receive the results, plus set up the graduation party she’d be throwing afterward. 
Despite Soobin voicing this fact, he was only met with little to no interest from anybody in his circle of friends, and even had to hear Beomgyu joke about how he wished a meteor would directly fall on his head and kill him before he could receive his exam scores — as if he wouldn’t be the one with the best results out of everyone in his class due to his incredibly high IQ. 
Soobin just assumed everyone would let his words slide and to some extent he was right. As soon as the group was settled at Lia’s they all went to sleep, too tired of their minds to really care about winding down together, which only left the aforementioned boy wondering how pretty a meteor shower would look like in such a high spot away from the city. 
The big mansion was luckily located in the middle of nowhere. A two-way road passed in front of it as some sort of bigger version of a driveway and the rest was desolated. There were plenty of trees to one side and nothing on the opposite one, picturing the clearest of skies at night. 
It was a shame no one wanted to stay awake to see such scenery when they were at the best spot ever to see it. 
Luckily though it seemed Soobin could count on you to not let his words and wishes slip so easily because right on time you showed up below his and Beomgyu’s window, throwing pebbles with your million dollars worth of smile and excitement just to share this moment with him. 
“It took you ten minutes to come down? Really?” You express with a bit of annoyance, toying around with your old phone and Soobin pouts, shoving his hands onto the pockets of his overcoat, hiding with a bit of shame the blue pajama with small bunny prints he’s wearing. “You are lucky you are cute because in any other case —.”
“Don’t try and threaten me. In any other case, you’d do nothing ‘cause you are harmless. You won’t hurt a fly.” 
You tsk your tongue and pick the bag with snacks you’ve successfully grabbed from Lia’s kitchen. “In my mind, I’m choking you to death, just so you know.”
“In my mind, I’m thanking you because anything will be better than going back to my room to hear Beomgyu’s snores.” You both laugh over Soobin’s words and begin to walk around the house to find the road and cross it so you can reach the empty space with no trees to watch the meteors. 
“How come Beomgyu is rooming with you though? I thought the house was big enough for everyone to have a room of their own.” 
“If I tell you you promise me you won’t tell anybody?” You nod eagerly and stop in your tracks just before crossing the road. Soobin bends down a little to whisper his words to you as if anyone could hear him at any second. “We’ve been hearing this podcast in our free time with Gyu, it’s about horror stories and today he told me he’s been having trouble sleeping without the lights on. So I suggested we slept together? That way he will be less scared and won’t need a light for the night.” 
“But he snores —.”
“Yes, and he also moves a lot and hoards the blanket but he’s scared and I knew this would happen. Honestly, Beomgyu is the biggest scaredy-cat I know. I shouldn’t have left him to hear those stories with me.”
“Now you sound like his mom,” you roll your eyes and wrap your hand around his wrist, pulling towards an empty spot of the many just to settle down quickly. “It’s starting!”
Your grip tightens around Soobin’s wrist making him borderline sink on the ground just to sit properly and just as you say, the sky shows some sparkles and traces of lightning coming from one direction and quickly disappearing into thin air leaving you two in awe. 
Your brains keep themselves entertained on the show, pointing out occasionally to some spots or muttering small words of surprise. 
At that very moment, it fazes neither of you that it is too late and tomorrow you got a set of classes to attend together before a party, nor it really bothers you how unusually cold of a night it is or the way your stomachs grumble for some food. All you can really see and focus on is the scene unfolding until it eventually stops being entertaining enough. 
Meteor showers can go on as long as two to five hours, sometimes even more, and with them popping up every other minute the scene becomes repetitive while still strangely pretty and maybe a bit scary too. Looking at it so directly gives you both a sense of closeness that opposes a threat to your beings, as if you could ever get hit by them, and after waiting for the initial shock to subside the panic and perhaps the exhaustion plays with your perspective a little bit, making you shift on the ground uncomfortably. 
Soobin feels this emotion of deep awareness first, retreating into a small human ball position with his knees pressed to his chest and arms wrapped around his own frame for support. His eyes are glued to the star but his mind is elsewhere. His thoughts follow every meteor on its way to its disappearance, jumping from the irrational fear that this is how the earth could end to this is how everything looks lately. 
His back still sports a few wounds that are about to heal but the burning the cuts produced back then are still engraved deeply on him and they begin to hurt each time he thinks about them too much. His fears slowly creep on him, sending chills down his spine and he falls down a rabbit hole of paranoia over the future. 
School is ending and he has yet to receive his acceptance email from HYBE. Try-outs have been held a few weeks ago for him only and he had played himself to the point of passing out, losing hours upon hours resting when he could have studied and his mother had let him know about this in one of the worst ways. 
Just thinking that he might fail to get into his dream college leaves a taste on his mouth so sour it nearly makes him gag in front of you. If he doesn’t leave his house soon it will be game over for him; his mother will never leave him alone. He’ll be forever his puppet and that cannot happen, not when he has finally tasted a bit of what life can be when he gets to be free. 
He had never been this close to walking out until he finally found the courage to do so and in a strange turn of events he had found the strength to take the steps needed to be out of this situation by hanging out more with his friends and you. 
It’s not like he and you had anything in common, but more like you opposed to everything he had ever known and he found some sort of thrill in trying to follow through your steps. You never said what you truly wanted or what you felt at all; no one knew how things were for you but you moved everywhere and towards everyone all at once without any regard for anything and Soobin loved it. He loved to have a fresh mindset accompanying him without asking too many questions about himself or the things he wanted to do. 
He was so minuscule yet so important. He could fall off the radar and do whatever he wanted and you wouldn’t care but he could also say something as uninteresting as the meteors appearing tonight and you’d still hear. It made him feel unimportantly important and the moment he realized that was the moment he understood why someone like Beomgyu liked you so much. 
The thought of you was just a breeze and it felt calming and refreshing. There were no ties needed nor worries to have. 
It scared him to no end, make no mistake, he hated it with every fiber of his bones just how easily you could make things look like when he was out there suffering so painfully and panicking over the smallest of them, but he appreciated how uncaring and happy you could be. You brought this strange sense of comfort with you that he had never seen or felt before. He didn’t feel like asking for a hug or some reassuring words just like he had pleaded many times from his parents and peers, but quite the opposite, he wanted to have the freedom to not expect or want anything from anyone just like you did. 
It was in the opposite of what he always thought he needed that he found the solace to truly be at peace and that’s what — sadly enough — attracted him so much to you just like a magnet. 
And God, he hated himself for it because you clearly didn’t see him as anything but a friend. 
“I read on the internet that most meteors fall on earth during the day so it’s really common to not see them,” you break the silence after a while and Soobin hmms, sinking onto himself further. “And most of them hit the ocean, not humans…which is pretty annoying because sometimes I just wish a stupid rock would fall on my head without warning and put me in a coma for a few days.”
“And then what? You sleep?” He inquires trying to sound playful and nudges at your side but you only sigh, kind of agreeing with his words in a less than upbeat way. “You must be really tired to think that way.”
“Aren’t you too?”
“I guess so.”
I am. I’m beyond exhausted. 
“I will go sleep now, Binnie. I think if I keep on being here I will actually fall asleep on the ground. You can keep the snacks, okay? Just don’t stay up too late ‘cause we got classes tomorrow.” You offer your friend a sympathetic smile and gulp, pushing yourself up with your shaking hands, and once you are on your feet the same quivering fingers dust off the excesses of dirt on your school skirt.
Soobin hadn’t even noticed until now that you were still wearing your uniform and must be freezing. The school’s jacket was nothing but a thin overprized fabric that covered almost nothing and was oftentimes re-styled or re-made to fit more extravagant outfits that could follow the school rule’s codes while adding a bit of flavor and personality to everyone, but you always kept your things intact. Nothing was really touched or re-invented. 
Becoming strangely aware of this fact and your shaking figure, Soobin slides down his own oversized jacket and extends the cover to you with hopeful eyes but you shake your head in negativity, pushing it back towards him. 
“You will get cold, don’t worry. I’m going inside anyway.” Soobin nods after a bit of hesitation and you bow down to him weirdly like a goodbye before starting to walk back to the house, leaving him behind on the ground. 
He can’t help but follow carefully your figure until you are so far away he can only make dots of you instead of a proper form and even then when you are basically nothing but a blur, the thing that Soobin can clearly picture on his mind is your red gloves embracing tightly your waving fingers. 
You must have been freezing this entire time while he was comfortably wrapped in blue cotton pajamas and one big jacket enough to cover his legs, and he didn’t even notice. How uncaring could he be when usually he was the one that paid the most attention to details when it came to you — God, he was so dumb. 
Tomorrow he’d wake up earlier and knock on your door with a warm breakfast for the both of you as an apology and a thank you for staying by his side until late. 
Yes, he’d do that. He’d spend the morning dotting around you silently and friendly. 
Tumblr media
You like eggs fried with the yolk partially half cooked so you can dip the tip of your bread on the orange and eat it. You don’t care if the outside is half burnt, completely soft, or plain okay, you just like the yolk. You always cut out that part and separate it for later as if it was a dessert, and with less than an ounce of interest you munch on the white and take sips of your tea or juice until you are almost done eating half of it, and only then you begin to truly enjoy your eggs and downing them more slowly as if wanting to taste the flavor deeply and caringly. 
Soobin knows this because he always tends to observe rather than speak early in the day and he had caught habits and small things from his friends in every breakfast they’ve shared up until this point because of this. 
While people like Hyunjin begin their breakfast with small and trivial chats as a booster, Lia prefers to walk around as she eats, nodding and agreeing or adding small comments while she checks three to four times her appearance or all her belongings in her school backpack; Beomgyu doesn’t eat simply because he never wakes up in time to grab anything and he always arrives late to school too because he likes to stop by at the very last second on the kitchen to have yogurt. And you tend to wake up earlier to prepare the table and make sure the food is ready to eat carefully as if it was rocket science to simply swallow things. 
Soobin takes his sweet time observing his friends during those mornings they all share. Every two Thursdays one person from the group has to absolutely invite everyone to stay the two days and the weekend at theirs as if it was a tradition, — except for you of course because your house doesn’t have enough space for everybody. And in each occasion this happens, Soobin absorbs the morning habits of his friends like they were lines on a newspaper.
Hyunjin only eats toast on Fridays and enjoys it when you wake him up to help you do them for the rest. Lia drinks iced water with a slice of lemon before munching on food even during winter. When Yeonjun miraculously joins these events, he tears his sandwiches in a half and brings one portion up to Beomgyu’s room, getting him to eat before the sleepy boy goes back to snoring for another hour. You like to bring your own mug to drink anything for breakfast. 
And Soobin.., he can say he eats whatever is given to him in the morning without making a fuzz about it as long as he gets to sit quietly. He isn’t much of a talker and he doubts he’d ever be unless it’s absolutely necessary, but sometimes when the day is specifically packed he likes to sit on your right and go over the schedule. Much like him you also like to keep a mental list of things you all should do, so it’s easier for him to go over the brackets with someone else in case there’s something he has completely forgotten to add or a detail he missed and/or glossed over because he thought it was not important only to turn out it was. 
“Good morning,” Soobin takes a bit of of his strength to smile despite the fact that he’s struggling tremendously to hold onto the small foldable table that holds yours and his breakfast. “Did you sleep well?”
You smile back to him, opening your mouth and pushing the door farther away from the frame to let him in but the moment he sets his feet on the carpeted floor, he’s greeted with a view he would have never expected to see. Criss-crossed on the bed lays Beomgyu on his cellphone with the hood of his grey hoodie over his messy hair and one blanket tangled around his limbs. 
Soobin clears his throat mostly in shock rather than to call out for his cousin’s attention and the sleepy boy nods his head towards him in a greeting motion. 
“Did I interrupt something?” 
“Gyu said he couldn’t sleep well so he came over earlier to lay down,” you explain vaguely and walk towards your belongings neatly set in a corner of the room. 
Soobin stays glued to his spot, debating whether he should tell you about Beomgyu sleeping more than perfectly during the night but then he chooses not to. It’s too early in the morning to start a conversation and even earlier to be getting mad at his cousin for lying. 
The truth is, Beomgyu had actually been woken up by the sound of the pebbles hitting the window hours before but once Soobin said he’d go out to watch the meteor showers his cousin only groaned and turned to the opposite side of the bed to continue sleeping. When Soobin returned fifteen minutes past 3AM, Beomgyu was up again waiting for him with his legs folded and a look of annoyance. 
Not many words were exchanged besides the usual “she doesn’t like you” and “stop being so lovey-dovey with her, you know I like her,” from Beomgyu, to which Soobin could only nod and roll his eyes. 
The tall boy regretted the day he let slip how he liked you too because since then he’d been annoyed and borderline threatened for only breathing near you. He couldn’t catch a break; whenever he got comfortable enough to enjoy your presence Beomgyu would stop by and steal your attention in one way or another and it was tiring. 
Soobin tried to remind himself time after time that Beomgyu wasn’t in a good state of mind at the moment and life was getting tougher for him, that you were possibly the only thing right now he could remotely cling to, so it was only fair he’d be so overprotective but it was not fair. Soobin had done nothing to really make a move on you and he was content being friends only, he didn’t need anything else but that and now he couldn’t even get it because his cousin couldn’t stop hissing and acting like a cavern man around you. 
You were not Beomgyu’s possession, hell, you weren’t even his girlfriend — if anything, Soobin was convinced you liked Yeonjun, so why was he the one to pay the price for this? Why couldn’t he just spend some friendly and healing time with you? 
“He couldn’t sleep well? Dude, he slept like a rock yesterday,” Soobin spats finding some courage to speak. “Didn’t you? ‘Cause I remember you stealing my blankets and snoring your ass off.” 
“I got a nightmare.” Beomgyu simply states.
“When? When I woke up earlier to make breakfast?”
That could have been the only possible explanation as to why Beomgyu was there, to begin with. When Soobin woke up and went down to the kitchen to cook, the boy might have probably run to you and come up with an excuse to be there and spend some time with you. 
“Yes..,” He shuffles in bed a bit uncomfortably once you pause your movements, retreating your wrapped mug from your bag just to observe them both. “I just don’t like being alone lately.”
“I can tell,” Soobin brushes off with disdain and finally moves towards the bed, setting the table on the corner and diverting his gaze towards your figure. “I didn’t know if you wanted tea or juice today so I brought both,” he drums his fingernails against two small jars that are closed off. You nod and softly smile before quickly disappearing to the bathroom in your room to clean your mug before using it. “What the fuck you think you are doing?” He snarls in Beomgyu’s direction and the boy only giggles. 
“Breakfast in bed? Really? That’s so stupid.”
“If it’s so stupid then why did you, out of all people, woke up this early to join us?” 
“Listen up, Soobin —.”
The chat gets cut short when the sound of the water running down the sink stops and both boys look up to the bathroom, following you with their gazes as you walk out unbothered. You take quick steps to the edge and sit on the floor, raising a hand up with your mug to Soobin and pointing at the tea with the other. 
“I made eggs and toast,” Soobin pours the liquid for you. “I heard the school is gonna make pancakes for breakfast today in case anyone wants to go and eat there before class. Maybe if you are still hungry after we can leave earlier and eat there too.” 
“Oh my god, that’d be —!”
“Expensive,” Beomgyu interrupts you before you can continue. “Breakfast is usually the most expensive thing at school.” Your expression slightly deteriorates upon hearing these words but Soobin doesn’t intend to give up on the topic. “I can buy you —.”
“I will buy you some pancakes,” Soobin talks over his cousin. “I owe you for staying up to watch the meteors with me. We can go eat in the cafeteria after the first period is over, what do you say?”
“I’d love that, Binnie. Thank you.” The smile blesses your face again and you take a sip from your drink with more eagerness. 
The bed sheets and blankets make a soft sound once Beomgyu twirls around them before getting up fastly. You both look at him a bit surprised but mostly concerned. His expression looks somber to a tee and that’s not a good sign. When he finally has the decency to observe you back he almost looks hurt over the small conversation you’ve both shared without inviting him. 
“Since you two won’t shut up I will go somewhere else to sleep.” The boy declares sternly and turns on his bare feet to the door frame. “And thank you for inviting me to your breakfast, by the way.”
“Beomgyu…” You breathe out softly and pass your mug to Soobin with the intention to push yourself up from the ground to catch onto your annoyed friend. “If you want —.”
“Join us,” Soobin finishes off before you can and luckily for him you aren’t facing him, otherwise you’d catch onto his angry expression as well. “You’ve been working hard too like everyone else. I will invite the rest. It can be a celebration breakfast.” 
“That’s a good idea!” You exclaim with a bit of desperation and walk the few steps that separate you from Beomgyu, putting yourself in between him and the exit. “Join us, please?” 
“I will see.”
Your friend walks around your figure, walking himself into the corridor, and disappears with loud steps and one slam of a door, making you jump in your place in surprise and perhaps a bit of fear too. You turn around to look at Soobin a bit shocked and see him holding onto his and your mug with an unreadable expression. 
“I — I’m sorry, Binnie. I don’t think I’m hungry anymore.” 
“It’s okay. You can still eat the pancakes later, don’t worry.” 
Neither you nor Soobin gets a bite of anything for the entire day. Mugs are left on the sink with their drinks filling almost to the top, the eggs turn cold and one of the toasts gets eaten by Lia in a rush while she checks onto her backpack. 
You end up not attending the cafeteria either, even when the rest of the group tags along because of Soobin’s request, and Beomgyu also shines for his absence. For Soobin it becomes nearly unbearable and almost disgusting to get a piece of his ordered pancakes and after ten or fifteen minutes of toying around with his food, he passes the plate to Hyunjin. 
You stay the entire last day of class with HueningKai. Beomgyu skips three classes only to show up for the last one and glare at Soobin, and Soobin tries and fails to become smaller on his desk while he desperately ignores the negative attention he’s receiving. 
Once the day is over and everyone regroups to go back to Lia’s, you and Beomgyu trap yourselves in a room after arriving and don’t come back for nearly an hour only to reappear with your arms interlocked and big smiles, excited to finally help set up things for the party. 
It’s funny because you both are able to move on from the situation while Soobin gets stuck sulking and panicking, worrying that befriending you might cause more harm than good, so for the next few weeks he weighs down his options more coldly just like his mom has taught him to, and he reaches a conclusion: if the problem is to get too close to you then he will stay away and only really interact when Beomgyu is okay with it.
Not because he really does care about his cousin but mostly because there’s something that isn’t really completely clicking in there. The way you were shaking the meteor night and how you automatically reacted to Beomgyu’s sudden mood change seems a bit too odd and familiar. It worries him because it reminds him of himself and he’d be damned if only for a second you get to feel a fraction of the fear he deals with every other day.
Tumblr media
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yeonjun x weverse magazine ♡
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night time ft. choi yeonjun
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: choi yeonjun x gn! reader genre: fluff
the cool wind let itself inside your room through the wide open windows. oh, how much you loved night time, but you couldn't let yourself relax even for a minute. weeks worth of work had piled up because you kept postponing them till the last minute. you did have enough time; well, that's what you thought.
you were busy squinting at your computer screen when you noticed a small object being thrown through your window.
you stood up from your seat instinctively and bent down to pick up the small rock wrapped in paper. it was one in the morning and you wondered who was up late outside your window throwing rocks.
unwrapping the paper, you saw the words scribbled on it. you knew who's handwriting that was. you peered out of your window, holding the curtain in your hands.
'look out the window', it read.
there he was, head up high, smiling at you. all the exhaustion and stress from your previous hours seemed to have left your system. he waved his hands and held up his phone. he made a sign of calling with his hands, it looked as if he was asking you to answer his calls.
you nodded at him and quickly retrieved your phone from the other room. you kept it there to not get distracted and concentrate on your due assignments.
the screen lit up with yeonjun's name, you picked up his call
"i'm here to pick you up."
"alright, wait a bit."
yeonjun chuckled at your response. normally a person would have asked 'what, where, why?' if it wasn't for the fact that he had a habit of calling you out at night and roam around the city together.
you put on a pair of shoes, combed you hair and climbed downstairs. he greeted you with a hug as you came out of the back door.
"aren't throwing rocks a bit outdated, choi?" you raised an eyebrow amused.
"well, i wouldn't have done it if you answered me." he shrugged.
"i like it," you grabbed his arm as you walked side by side.
"you mean the rocks?"he seemed confused by your response.
"yes, let's keep it that way from now on," your lips quirked up,"where are we going?"
you turned to him, his hair, it looked so fluffy. you felt like running your hands through them. well, you would have done that if it wasn't for his height. he was an inch shorter than a titan.
wondering how his hair would feel on your hands, you didn't hear his answer as to where both of you were headed. you didn't bother asking him again and let him lead you.
"bend down abit," he obliged without asking any questions, he bent himself to height where you could reach his hair.
you ran your hands through his brown hair. as you thought, his hair was the softest.
"it's all natural, you know?" he said it with a hint of smugness.
"alright alright, no need to flex, but if you had brown hair all the time, your scalp would thank you."
"i need to talk to my hair dresser," he ran his hands through his hair.
Tumblr media
the wind blew past your hair, tangling it up. the air felt fresh, you breathed it in contentedly. every detail of that night seemed normal yet so beautiful ; the wind, the stars, the roof, the rhythmical sound of breathing.
the two of you were seated on the rooftop of a random two-storey building. you turned to his face, the stars barely illuminated it, but you could still see that his lips had a faint smile, his eyes crinkled.
god, why did he had to be so gorgeous?
having spent most of your time together, both of you didn't bother for small talk. you sat next to each other, leaning on each other. you brought your focus back on the starry night.
yeonjun searched for your hands to hold, you intertwined your fingers with his. one thing about him you loved is that, you could stay there for hours without uttering a word or talking without a stop and he will make it a good time. you had no idea how he did it.
"i hate it when you can't see the stars because of all the pollution. in country sides, the air is cleaner than the city so the stars lit up the sky even without the moon," he spoke up.
"even the moon in the city is dim," you sighed,"let's go to the country side someday."
"yes, someday. but let me ask a question, do you like stars more or the moon?"
"stars, definitely stars."
"i don't really have a reason but maybe because i can catch a a glimpse of the stars most of the days , i can't say the say same for moon?"
"because it's constant?"
yes, like you.
Tumblr media
a/n: let me know if u guys want this imagine for other members or other groups!
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2022 May Weverse Magazine
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Tumblr media
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heartstopper is coming! <3
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