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Roger Dean in Yu Yu Hakusho

While watching episode 98, that scene when Yusuke, Hokushin and the others were running toward Raizen’s country, I remembered these Makai landscapes were inspired by Roger Dean artwork. They were also used in YES and Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe album covers:

1. Yes - Yessongs (1973);

2. Yes - Relayer (1974);

3. ABWH - An Evening of Yes Music Plus (1993);

4.  ABWH - Blue Desert (1989);

5. Yes - Union (1991)

Never gets old!

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11:57 PM EDT June 6, 2020:

Yes - “Arriving UFO"
From the album Tormato
(September 8, 1978)

Last song scrobbled from iTunes at

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