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My ex from a few years ago crawled out of the woodwork 😂. I’m fucking dead hahaha

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Janet: Oh really? Is it an error to act unpredictably and behave in ways that run counter to how you were programmed to behave?

The Good Place 1.11

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i’ve been talking to this guy on tinder snd hes my friends freshman year roommate. small schools literally make me contemplate death

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Still haven’t forgiven Louis for singing Copy and then immediately moving on to Defenceless as if he hadn’t just changed my entire world forever

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I don’t know, I think people are touchy about that…

…….Because they’re touchy about EVERYTHING!!!

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it’s all fun and games until the ghost drops a fucking chandelier at you (for science)

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just going to use this old tumblr to vent/ try to get some of these thoughts out of my head. if you wanna tag along, feel free to follow. 

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Me: doesn’t teach my dog to close the door when she comes inside

Me everytime she comes inside and leaves the door wide open: thank you for once again not closing the door behind you

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As someone who is bad at geography, I understand if people sometimes just don’t know about countries. You don’t have an obligation to give a shit anyways!

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Me: *working fairly productively in the middle of my workday*

My brain: Hexaspecs

Me: what?

My brain: Hexaspecs

Me: What are you on about?

My brain: Get hexaspecs

Me: Why?

My brain: Because

Me: *losing patience and also getting distracted* but why?!

My brain: Hexaspecs with the spiky zip dress

Me: yes that sounds fun as fuck but we are at work

My brain: *chanting* Hexaspecs! Hexaspecs! Hexaspecs!

Me: *groaning and getting up to dig through three separate piles of $2 sunglasses to eventually find said hexaspecs in the car* happy now?

My brain: add leather trench

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the festive candle is in acnh

and was renamed to celebratory candles

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i keep on saying its the last pee pee joke but it always turns into a lie <3

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