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#yes i have posted these on my art instagram idc
pickledlesbiantoes · a month ago
Tumblr media
It's been 8 bitter years since I've been seeing your face/ And you're walking away/ And I will die in this place
dtiys after @wuntrum
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badgersettlement · a year ago
I'm gonna post my b*tch*ss art here as well.
OKAY OKAY IDC ANYMORE (yes I made a spelling mistake on the pic)
So I am very very very frustrated since I have drawn this for a while now, bc the headcanon is hot as f*ck. But I think I read it on @cigarettebreath666 blog so HERE U EFFING GO MATE THANK U FOR UR AWESOME SELF BTW
(Instagram: @praise_satan_bro)
Tumblr media
(tap for better quality)
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washymylifeaway · 6 months ago
SunaOsa fanfic recs,,, well writer recs LOL
HI! Can you tell I’m excited? Well I’m very excited! I have been stuck in SunaOsa hell for the longest time and I enjoy it very much down here :D Come join me, you won’t regret it LOL. But seriously, I love SunaOsa and I meant to do fics, but then the sheer number of writers I had compelled me to make a post for them ahahah.... I’m here to finally prove to everyone that I am actually in love with SunaOsa and that I have not been lying to you all LOL (ik no one actually cares, but it’s an important matter to me). LEGGO!
As always, pls check WARNINGS, TAGS, and SUMMARIES for fics before reading and make sure you’re taking care of yourselves (since mental health is key!) Stay healthy loves <3
Each author is DIRECTLY linked to their SunaOsa works LOL. I actually didn’t think about this until now, and I didn’t know it’d work but here we are LOL. Whooooh internet :D Also, ignore that some of these writers have like less than 3 fics for SunaOsa,,,,,, I like their writing, okay? :’))))
I’m gonna preface this with I love all of these writers (if I didn’t, they wouldn’t be here) but I can only come up with so many ways to say I WOULD DIE FOR THIS WRITER and THEY WRITE BEAUTIFULLY so to save you from recursion, preface.
DeathBelle // one I haven’t recommended and this one also got finished semi-recently, An Inconvenient Espionage by DeathBelle (E) 26.6k // a SPY AU! Where Osamu and Atsumu are separated due to necessity over anything else really, and both absolutely hate their partners :) I love their interactions as the fic progresses and how do you accidentally fck somebody? READ TAGS AND WARNINGS, SMUT!
tookumade // because I really can’t rerecommend the same mf fic for the 2384230 time (and cause this one deserves some love), colours in the dark by tookumade (G) 1.3k // an injury recovery fic :D The focus on the fic is on the recovery and the relationship more than anything, but I just love it so much! This is such a comfort fic, and I love their back and forth banter (but it’ll make you feel really single LOL).
rosegoldwriting // sjdkhjdslhf I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVEN’T RECOMMENDED THIS ONE ANYWHERE WHAT come on with the rain by rosegoldwriting (T) 6.5k // SOULMATE AUUUU! I love my soulmate AUs and this was no exception :D Also I love singing in the rain (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but ik it’s a great movie), and ngl I agreed with Suna,,,, kissing in the rain just feels like it’ll be wet... Regardless, I love the ending and I love this fic too so :) (also ryan gosling cameo LOL)
bastigod // A COLLECTION OF FICS cause I love them and I haven’t recommended this yet :0, i've got you in the end i wish i had you from the start by bastigod (T) 8.2k // this is a collection of 7 one shots for sunaosa week! I loved the prompts for that week, and I loved each and every single fic on this list :D They’re all so freaking good and my favorite chapter was ch 3 hands down ljdfadjsf it’s GREAT :D
pancake_surprise // CAUSE CHOCOLATE and honestly the dove wrappers are say some stupid things sometimes like who’s writing these LMFAO, Melt with You by pancake_surprise (G) 2.8k // Osamu is doing what any sane person does with dove chocolate advice, he follows it. Not that it has any good advice, but I mean ig it worked? Trust the process? Anyway, I agreed with Atsumu in this (LOL) but hey it ended cute and I think that’s all that matters :’)
badreputation // OKAY THERE’S ONLY TWO BUT I LOVE BOTH WHAT YOU GONNA DO? FIGHT ME?????? (pls don’t, I’ll lose) Take a hint by badreputation (T) 5.4k // UGH I LOVE THIS ONE! One of the first SunaOsa fics I read and one I keep rereading! I absolutely agree with the fact that Osamu is a Neanderthal and I love food as a love language (feeding me would make me swoon over you, however, if you WERE flirting with me, I would not know LMFAO).
minie_ai // again, only two but like I said what you gonna do about it >:( And I'll Feed You Again by minie_ai (G) 7.3k // MYTHOLOGY cause Suna is a cute fox who causes problems LOL. Also, I love the setting it’s in (ik random, but I wanted to put it out there :D). And SPAM NUMBER made me laugh (maybe my humor is a little too broken) but idk I just thought it was really funny akjshflkjasd.
miyarinnnn // PLEASE not everyone clowning them,,,, someone smack off the stupid grin I have on from reading it :)))) Call it passive or aggressive by miyarinnnn (T) 10.4k // OMG this fic was so much fun to read!!!! I loved how there was the Osamu + Omi bonding moment and the BONUS AT THE END AOSFJOIAS,,,,, There’s like a slight smut scene, but other than that, Osamu is the sappiest man ever. Yeah, it was really funny and cute and I had a great time reading it :D
sketchedsmiles // honestly, I have no words because I was like no way this would happen, but then the a/n and yea anyway double vision by sketchedsmiles (T) 18.3k // I do wanna know how this worked irl, but that’s beside the point LOL. This is why communication is key, but I mean ig I can’t really blame Suna LMFAO. The situations are just tailored so well to misunderstandings and every time is a near miss :’))))). But also shout out to beer pong king Osamu LOL.
sieges // parallax if you want some hanahaki, the art of keeping up by sieges (T) 12.3k // I actually did watch this movie (though you don’t need to in order to read this LOL) and I was really surprised cause I didn’t think anyone would’ve made a fic based on it! Honestly, I don’t think I would ever be able to agree to help my crush write a love letter to their crush, so props to Suna (lol maybe I’m just lame like that okay?) :’D
sifuhotman // even if you don’t wanna read it, go look at the photo at the very end, Paint by Numbers by sifuhotman (T) 5.3k // jealous Osamu because Suna stares at Atsumu LOL. BUT the discount combee comment make me cackle because I CAN SEE IT AJFKAFFJSA (esp with the picture provided, it’s been burned onto my brain). I like this fic because it has some cute twin moments and I love their relationship! (BUT THE COMBEE AFIOJOD.)
SilverMoonT // I love his cat, atypical confession by SilverMoonT (G) 15.5k // I’ve said this before, but I’m not a big fan of body switching fics. HOWEVER, I am a big fan of this,,, say what you want idc idc it’s a good fic. I love the Suna Akaashi best friend agenda in this, and I fully support it :D
spiritscript // I almost sent you all to angst town ahahah,,, maybe I should LOL,,,, two drinks by spiritscript (T) 4k // I saw the instagram post and then OF COURSE I had to come read the fic itself! And like the panic ordering is hilarious as well as the misunderstandings LOL. It’s a wild ride with a lotta coffee Suna doesn’t like LOL. BUT THE ENDING IS CUTE and no kiss kiss cause consent is important :)
lunarins // YES I LOVE THIS ONE JKASJD you taste like strawberries on a summer evening by lunarins (T) 4.4k // I LOVE THIS ONE! I adore all the character cameos that happen (POOR SHIRABU) and THE ENDING AJHFKSJA. I love the ending. Also the food explanation by the writer was really cute and creative!!! (and I love how Osamu tells us what love taste like JADSJK!)
unrequitedangst // 3 fics but I love them all, working backwards till it rhymes by unrequitedangst (T) 4.2k // I love this fic, like loveeee. The plot is funny (I love pushing in the right direction to figure things out) and the way they plot against Atsumu is hilarious. Like gotta make sure that this makes him angry, yes.
sunablinks // there’s also only 3 fics so you should read all three :D, Cherry Bomb by sunablinks (T) 5.4k // CHECK TAGS AND WARNINGS cause they drink a lotta alcohol! But this fic is just Osamu being a mess and everyone makes some very bad decisions. Also, poor Meian san having to dead with their poor decision making skills LOL.
Surprisingly enough this didn’t take that long...... Like I think this is the fastest I’ve ever made a list,,,, Anyways, revelations aside, I had a lotta fun making this list cause like I’ve been saying, I’m in love with SunaOsa. They also definitely have some of the MOST tooth rotting fics I’ve ever read before (physical pain because of the fluff), so if you’re into that, you don’t have to look too far :)
Also sorry for not being super active in terms of new content, but this might continue through next week cause I’m getting busier :( Hopefully not though!
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nc7dr3am · 8 months ago
“hello my loves!! let’s chat~~”
TAGLIST (lmk if u wanna join! it’s for all of my lily verse content, even the other oc blogs): @aqueenieme​ @moonbeamsung​​ @atinygracie @jinsoulorbitzen12​ @btshook
Tumblr media
“how are you tonight? could we have a tmi?”
i am very sleepy. i’ll be going to bed soon, actually.. for the tmi... i’ve had three coffees today
“lily!! read any good books lately?”
YES!! i am reading ‘to live’ by yu hua and it’s very .. thought-provoking, i suppose. i’m reading it in chinese, as well, to practice. mila and evie help me occasionally if i need it. please read it!!
“nct siren!!! i’m so excited- can you tell us about hyeyoung and evie?”
i’m excited too~~!! hyeyoungie unnie is very talented at dance and singing. she is a kind and caring unnie, and she calls me her baby. she is one of my very best friends, and i rely on her a lot. evie is also extremely talented, and her voice is very unique. she is a really cool unnie and plays with me a lot. she is also one of my best friends. i love them so much🥺
i know you all will love them- support them, okay? they deserves the world.
“how is the dorm these days? honey and mr. darcy are PRECIOUS... but isn’t jeno allergic?”
yes, jeno is allergic, but you all know that won’t stop him from cuddling them .. dummie. but at least mr. darcy is hypoallergenic! honey sheds quite a bit, though .. also, i’ve actually recently moved out of the dream dorms
LMAOO I NEEDED THIS BABE HAH jimin na is too much of a lil wimp for the streets. but! i live with my nct siren members now! i love it!! it was hard to say goodbye to my dreamies, but i literally see them constantly anyway
“have you been resting enough? i love your solo and your promotions but i hope you’re eating and sleeping well :((“
thank you for caring, babe!! don’t worry though, i’m okay. i appreciate your kindness more than you know.
“lily babe what smells do you associate with the dreamies? and siren?”
*answered on ten different instagram story posts, one for each member*
oh my god there’s so many of them .. mila is definitely oranges and green tea. she uses green tea lotion, but the smells just remind me of her as a person since this is what we’re basing it on
i know we’re not really doing LITERAL scents, but hyeyoung unnie uses this givenchy perfume, l’interdit. it smells floral, but with spice. she reminds me of clean laundry and roses.
evie unnie is like paint. she’s an artist, so when i smell paint, i think of her. and champagne!! floral scents remind me of her as well, but bright floral scents, not the soft ones like hyeyoung. and rain. mixed bag
jaemin oppa reminds me of clean but slightly floral smells. i think if i had to pick a smell for him, it’d be this one aloe and rose toning spray i have. lavender is also a good one for him. calming smells
jeno oppa is like a soap? yknow just the regular body soap with no added scent? it still smells good and it’s just nice and familiar. also, like when something is baking in the oven on an early morning.
fullsun is like if you’re walking somewhere nice and catch a scent of some nearby flowers and freshy cut grass. the way summer days smelled when i was a child. i also would choose honeysuckle for him
renjun oppa is like a forest? he also reminds me of the smell of books, or paper. i’d also pick a beach, but on a cloudy day and there aren’t many people around and the air. he’s like nature
jisung reminds me of the summer nights smell where you have a bonfire. do you all know what i mean? i dunno, it just fits him! and he’s like a nice fresh smell. maybe like when the air smells colder.
chenle reminds me of a pool and i don’t know how to explain that. on another note, mint. he always has a bit of a minty smell in person, too, so that’s probably why. also cologne because he has a lot of it
mark oppa really reminds me of just... that comfortable home smell? and candles? i think amber and cashmere too... those warm, comfy scents. laundry and clean hair. nice smells. he doesn’t wear cologne btw but he always smells nice
“if you can’t talk right now and are doing hot girl shit, what are you doing?”
deadass just rewatching the twilight saga
“should i get a sugar daddy”
i feel like i will get in trouble for answering this
“me love you long tim”
who’s long tim
“do you also still use l’interdit for your perfume?”
OKAY so i use it every now and then!! it’s hyeyoung’s signature smell, and i liked it so sometimes i switch it up and use that. my regular perfume is amazing grace bu philosophy. i’ve used it every day for years
“do you watch crack videos? ily”
ily too!! +yes and i ENJOY THEM it’s very much my sense of humor. johnny irritated me when he only laughed a little. i also watch edits you all make of me >:) i see a lot of czennies posts.
and yes that should scare you
“do the kitties get along with beetle? and are there any other pets in the siren dorms?”
our pets get along pretty well. honey was very hostile at first, but she got used to mr. darcy pretty quickly and they’re best friends. the cats are indifferent to beetle but sometimes they cuddle. and there’s not anymore pets yet!! well, mila has a goldfish too- she just got him and his name is bird.
“bestie i would drink your spit”
i KNOW you didn’t think i would see/respond but i’m built different
“jimin my love what should i do if my ex is trying to get back with me? he kinda broke my heart nd cheated but i still have feelings :(”
um babe he is a FLOP for breaking your heart nd a FLOP for cheating. please don’t get back with his bum ass. idc if it’s harsh- no excuse for cheating. if you trust someone with your heart and they cheat, you know they’re not to be trusted with them again. stay strong bub- i believe in you!
“lily babe your solo was beautiful shskdhs can we expect more solo/lily-written things soon?”
okay i. cannot maybe should not say anything but uh .. LOL
“jimin may i please have your hand in marriage”
okay so i definitely scrolled your account, i definitely think you are beautiful, and i am definitely in love now. also i accidentally liked an old photo gosh i seem creepy i am so sorry
but basically she said yes
“who have you texted most recently?”
*the photo for this story is the cats*
i feel like you wanted to hear a member or one of my friends but i was texting in a group chat with me and my parents. i sent them this picture of my cats, and i also told them i miss them
“ma’am what are your favorite shows”
favorite show of all time is euphoria! i also love the end of the fucking world, joe pera talks with you, the office, seinfeld, i’m now very into steven universe!!!”
“cat girl?”
maid costume is better
“what did u get johnny and jisung for their birthdays!!?”
OO yes!! he loves hats a lot so i got him a balenciaga cap. he really loved it. i also made a decorated corkboard with pictures of our members having fun. i put string lights around the frame and put pretty things on it with evie’s help
johhny is hard to get presents for because he buys whatever he wants. i ended up getting him a pair of vetements slides and a bottle of wine i know he likes. 
also!! i got seulgi unnie and i matching bracelets <3
“why is no one talking about the fact that her favorite show is euphoria oh my GOD”
hhhhhh it’s literally art. the best show i have ever seen in my entire life. a few of the other members have watched it, as well, but evie is also really into it. it made hyeyoung cry the whole time.
“favorite food and song right now? i love you you’re so precious”
i love you more, darling!! food is gyoza, but i really love all dumplings right now. my favorite song at the moment is lovely day by bill withers
“STEVEN UNIVERSE OMG tag siren as the crystal gems”
OKAY hyeyoung is def pearl, shes our mom. mila is garnet, for obvious reasons. i’m steven :D
and evie is amethyst but my mind also is saying greg universe so do with that what you will
“answer 100% honestly there’s a gun to your head who is your favorite member”
“will you flirt with me queen”
no problem baby :) your recent is fine as hell i’ll be in your dm’s waiting
“are you in love”
how can i not be when i am living on the same planet as you
“girl don’t be shy send us hand pics”
“do you have any western artists you’d like to collab with?”
it’s britney, bitch
“i really hope the dating rumors with renjun didn’t but strain on your friendship :(”
okay i actually really wanna address this because a lot of y’all have been saying this stuff, but it didn’t mess up anything. we’re adults now, we’ve known each other for years, and none of us are stupid- including the other guys. we know there will be rumors about us, it’s fairly obvious, but nothing will ever change the fact that we are all best friends, and nothing more. i’m so, so grateful for all of you that were kind, and believed me us when we told the truth. renjun and i, once again, for the people in my dm’s and asks, are not, and never were, dating. our friendship is as strong as ever, babes. 
it’s time for me to goooo, i’m sleepy! goodnight, petals! see you soon~~
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pauleonotis · a year ago
Rules: Answer 21 questions and tag 21 people you want to get to know better.
I was tagged by @rosabella1315, thank you!! <3
1. Nicknames?
Pau (and various others as Paul, Lina, Paula, Pauli... idc you choose lmao but I like to introduce myself as Pau)
2. Name?
3. Zodiac
4. Favorite musician or groups?
Bastille, Coldplay, Owl City, Fall Out Boy, Nickelback, Evanescence, Simple Plan, Santiano, etc... idk, I listen to a lot of music actually so there’s no particular group or musician that I‘d prefer so these are some examples of groups- or bands (...I feel so stupid to ask but is there a difference between bands and groups?)
5. Favorite sports teams?
I’m not a big fan of sports I have to admit, so I don’t know any teams lmao.
6. Other blogs?
I don’t have any other blogs but I am on other sites so ima just link my Instagram, Twitter (there’s nsfw art tho!), and Ao3.
7. Do you get asks?
Yes I do sometimes. I want to thank everyone who takes their time to leave an ask, I really appreciate it! (As long as it isn’t anon hate lmao but in case anyone who does that sees this right now, I delete these kind of asks so you‘re basically wasting your time by leaving negative comments but thanks for your time anyway I guess.)
8. How many blogs do you follow?
About 550 or so.
9. Tumblr crushes?
I don’t have crushes as in... really crushing on them— but uh... I do have crushes as in... I absolutely adore their blogs/posts/art/writing and the person behind it seems really nice and I love them (AS A FRIEND OR FELLOW MUTUAL OR FOLLOWER-) and admire their work and would try to be there for them always. Am I making sense? I hope I do.
10. Lucky numbers?
4885. Lmao no, I actually don’t have one. This number is just the current word count of the first chapter of a fic I‘m currently working on (still need to finish that chapter and then I‘ll have to look for a beta reader but I‘m kinda scared to ask for one on discord LMFAO)
11. What are you wearing right now?
My pyjamas.
12. Dream vacation?
I wanna go to London someday with my best friend. Aaaand I really want to travel to Pompeji someday.
13. Dream car?
Nothing really, just gimme something comfortable and with enough space for more than 2 people and enough room for maybe 2-3 suitcases or big bags in the trunk and I‘ll love it.
14. Favorite food?
Atm apples probably. Apples and bananas.
15. Drink of choice?
16. Instruments?
17. Languages?
German, English, bad French, worse Spanish... and I can understand a little bit of Dutch.
18. Celebrity crushes?
Don’t really have one.
19. Random fact?
I sometimes realize I totally forgot to answer people and then I’m scared to just... slide back into the dm‘s. And then I get sad because I wanna write with those people and I miss them horribly but I was the one to randomly vanish for a whole month and I actually feel really bad for it but somehow it happens again and again. ;-;
20. Favorite ecosystem?
Uhhhh... forests probably. And grasslands, if I‘d have a horse... I don’t have one but I recently had this dream of me having a horse—
21. Favorite cat species?
I love cats in general. Idk what species exactly Ivory was (I actually think something mixed-?) but she was a gorgeous cat with really long and elegant legs. She was really clumsy tho. But still adorable, calm, sometimes playful and overall really gentle.
Tagging @rockmarina @samyistrying @drarryruinedme7 @april-thelightfury115 @aceveria @ohheavenlylord @parkkate @triggerlil @keyflight790 @practicefortheheart @xx-thedarklord-xx @qmortentia @nourix-png @jackofallplagues @fictional @teruyo @mslyramalfoy @sirene312 @big-draco-energy @cibeewastaken @latibaris (well, I tagged some blogs I normally wouldn’t tag because I‘m hella afraid of annoying anyone so in case someone wants their tag removed please tell me and I‘ll do that or feel free to just ignore this. I’m so sorry in advance!
And of course it’s up to everyone if you wanna do this or not, no pressure. <3)
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hovhi · a year ago
So no one’s probably going to read this, but I figured I should post it anyway! 
Um, Hi! I’m new here to Tumblr. I was finally convinced to tun thanks to a thsc blog.. so yeah. Uh, I guess I should write a bit about myself?
My name’s Casey, but I mainly go by Hovhi (Or Red, idc), I use He/Him pronouns and am Omni/Demi! I am a large supporter of the LGBTQ+ and BLM movement. I uh, I have instagram which is primarily what I use. if you want you can follow me, my user is @_.hovhi._ I post my art there so ye...  I don’t know what else to really say about myself ^^; sorry, I’m really new to this kind of stuff! Um, but yeah! If you want to be friends feel free to message me, I am very lonely XD Uh, I like all sorts of shows and video games. Obviously I enjoy the henry stickmin games, but uh, I also have a lot of fun playing Among Us and Minecraft. I really like The Beginner’s Guide, for anyone who knows what that is. I watch all sorts of stuff on youtube, mainly animators or theories (cough), as well as people screaming at each other while trying to speedrun a specific game. 
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I’m always up to talking to people, even if we have nothing in common! I do have to sleep and go to school sometimes too, but I’m off on fridays, saturdays, and sundays and almost never sleep those days ^^;
But yeah, I guess that’s it, thanks for reading this far if you did!
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ying-yan · 10 months ago
Lmao you guys won’t believe me but when the App Sketch was still alive, I think I was the one who had the most fangirls...everyone always wanted dating me ( of fun ofc ) I know that’s sounds cringe but it was just for fun huh, I’m not a mf- ( yeah we had a really weird Humor)
So, anyway, one day, I posted a collaboration...for people who remerbered the collab of ship...everyone had to ask a random ship ( FriskXSans for exemple ) and a girl asked me « do you ship me with you » dang I laughed so hard. And for fun I said « YES YES YES MARRY ME MF!!! » and...we both started laughing for a long time...THIS B1YACH STARTED FLIRTING ME. It’s was really awkward and I felt a bit unsecured and I was still here laughing like a
✨💅 Moron💅✨
Bruh. So yeah we started drawing fanart for each other’s. I didn’t find the drawings again but I still remember. I drew us...hum...I was like « nOtIcE mE sEnPaI » and she was running and crying lmao
Da girl dared to do a bit the same thing. I was here...with bl🅾️od on my clothes...with à winky face ;)))
and she was like
( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Aaannnddd everyone started asking « yo what the freak is happening??? » « I love that face tho » « you both have Brain damage » 💀💀💀
And she dm for an weird RP...
You actually :
Tumblr media
Bwahaha 💀
She started with a « come here babe~ »
Bro just imagine flirting someone not on purpose lmaooooo...just before answer her I saw her profile and...
My fucking god💀...
She’s 10 yo...
Okay have some things you should know.
It was 2 years ago...She’s now probably 12-13 yo today okay?
I’m not a pedophile or a MAP supporter (also I cannot be a pedophile bruh)
It was still for fun even if it’s started being really REALLY WEIRD.
(Anyway her name was Coline if I’m not wrong)
It was like :
Y: nah bru...Naaaah bru you cannot date me. I’m older than you.
C: idc~
Y: but I’m a dude...
C: it’s okay I love guys
C: I don’t care I still love you~
Y: what the fuck? You know what? I’m a dude and I’m suffering with ✨Pedophobia✨
(Fear of children’s...what the fuck do actually someone is really afraid of children’s???)
Anyway. She locked me in a chest and then she locked me in a truck (with the chest) then she took me to her house and after that she locked me in her room...
WHAT THE FUCK !? don’t wanted to lost my virginity so I tried to escape...
She came with KFC...
May god guide us💀...
So today, I’m in instagram with soon 300 followers (2.8k in sketch) :(
But as you guys know, instagram don’t really like Artists...Algorithms pissed me off so damn much (that’s why I’m here) and one day...
You guys won’t believe me again...
But this girl FOUND ME AGAIN!!!
Nah she changed, she’s still a weirdo but she stopped "bullying" me lmao
But every time...when I chatting with her ( and a another friend) they always calling me
Daddy 💅✨
Damn I hate those awkward emojis...
Soooo one day I drew this...
Tumblr media
Yes...I write a long story just for a single drawing...
But at least you know why I stated that thing.
And also you can know how my art looks like a bit :)))
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catneylang · a year ago
I honestly love your SDC Caesar design exactly bc of how simple/straightforward it is and how well it mirrors Joseph. Idc how much it "makes sense", I think it's just lovely (the same way I find it fun when people draw DiU Kakyoin with white clothes or pins to mirror Jotaro's journey from a school uniform to the same thing) I'm sorry the fandom has not been kind to you, I know how heartbreaking that can be. I really do love your art
Ahhhh! Im really really happy to know that you like the mirroring to josephs! I said on instagram and twitter that although yes, they are separate characters outside of their relationship as a ship/partners, Their partnership is something I absolutely adore whether its romantic or platonic so I just wanted to reflect that in their outfits.
Overall the jojo fandom isnt bad at all compared to some other fandoms ive been in, its just dealing with dudebros that has been the most frustrating. I like making both ship and non-ship content - the non-ship content usually bringing in dudebros. So its just a balance that I gotta deal with. Overall I have loved my experience but god the dudebros make me want to just post ship content 24/7 instead of regular, platonic content.
But anyways, thank you so so much. It does mean a lot when others send messages like this! keeps me going <3
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Survey #248
“i was unprepared for fame, then everybody knew my name.”
Are you more positive or a debbie downer? I don't think I'm either, honestly. I'm realistic. How many meals do you eat a day? Since getting a calorie & macro counting app, I try to aim for three, but sometimes I only manage two. I have to be conscious of how I'm spacing out what I eat. If you could have any talent in the world what would it be? Be realistic. Draw exactly what I see in my head. Do you brush your tongue with your tooth brush? Bitch you better brush your goddamn tongue. I didn't know until I saw this as a survey question a while back that there were people who didn't. How many times do you brush your teeth a day honestly? Once. What are you favorite type of jeans? I don't wear jeans anymore, but aesthetically, dark, skinny, torn jeans. Do you pop your bones, crack your knuckles? NO it disgusts me omg. There's this girl who sits in front of me in Women Writers class who cracks her back ALL the time and I have to fight cringing so, so hard. Do you eat your nails? YO NO. I may peel my nails when they get long (to me, anyway) but who the fuck eats their nails. Do you eat the ice in your drink? If it's that good cronchy type, fuck yeah. What do you order at Chic-Fil-A? I used to just get the classic sandwich and fries, but I stopped going there forever ago due to their connection to anti-LGBTQ organizations. By now I can't even stomach the thought of eating something from there. Damn are their sandwiches good, but I'm not giving them business. If you had to go to Mcdonalds what do you order? "Had to" lmao. I have no problem with McDonald's, honestly; you couldn't make me go, because I'd be quite willing. I love their cheeseburgers and, of course, their fries. But because I'm a fatass I have to at least get a double cheeseburger. Have you ever been addicted to cigarettes? No. Which do you use more? Facebook or Instagram? Facebook. Are you a student? If so, what classes will you take next? Yes. "Next," I don't know, considering I haven't chosen classes for next year. Currently I take Painting, Women Writers, Psychology, and Biology. Are you a good kisser? I don't know? How many real bf/gf have you had? Two. Did you enjoy your past relationships? Sure, save for the one with Tyler. That was pointless as shit. Would you ever get back with your ex? Sara, if certain conditions were right. Jason, I honestly don't know and hope I'm never put into the position to need to decide. Other exes, no. Do you like 80’s music? Rock and metal, absolutely. It was a great decade for the genres. Name a comedy that you like. Rush Hour 2 popped to mind first because we mentioned it in school yesterday. Do you like homework? ??????????? WHAT IS THIS QUESTION???????????????? NO??????????????? Something you want to buy real bad? Ugggghhhhh a lot. Being unemployed is a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! Something you would buy a friend as a gift? It depends on the person, of course. I try really hard to give very personal gifts, so what it would be would greatly vary. What is something that would be a good birthday gift for you? Donate Big Bucks to my tattoo fund and I'll give you smooches. Something you would gift yourself? Still tattoos lmfao. Favorite candle scent? Cinnamon rolls mmmmmmmmm. Do you watch beauty videos on YouTube? So here's the tea I genuinely love Jeffree Star and I'm digging NikkieTutorials lately LOOK idk I guess because I find makeup to be an art, I like watching that stuff. My YouTube interests have become seriously diverse lately. Have you ever questioned your sexuality? Ha ha obviously. What is the best thing about life? Man, that's a loaded question. I suppose having people in it that make it worthwhile and a true privilege to simply be here. What do you think will happen when you die? YO, HONESTLY, I don't know, man. I've even questioned reincarnation lately. I 100% believe we are not hollow bodies meant to just decay after death, but creatures with spirits that live on in SOME form or way afterwards. I don't believe in the concept of a "Hell," but I don't really think I accept there being a true "Heaven," either? I think there's just... something. What, I don't know, but guess I'll figure it out at some point. Are you superstitious? No. What kind of surveys do you like the most? Random ones, especially the ones that make you think. Do you go to church? No. Do you like Christian music? No. I get frustrated from just bad memories/associations. Have you ever skateboarded and failed at it? Never really tried. What show/concert have you went to that you didn’t like much? N/A Is sex a must in your life? Nah. Could you wait until marriage for sex? Lol I was the abstinent one years ago, so obviously I could, because I understand it. What do you think about weed? Medically, it's fantastic. Too much evidence of it being so to argue it anymore. For other use, I feel the same way about it as I do cigarettes: bad idea, but whatever. I personally don't care if it's made legal for recreational use or not, so long as it's treated similarly to alcohol, ex. illegal to drive while high. If you found a baby turtle on the side of the road, would you pick it up and keep it? With it being a baby, I'd probably take it to an animal rescue or something. Did you and your mum ever have a big fight that caused you to move out? I stayed at Dad's for a handful of days. Has the last person you kissed ever been to your house? Yes. Does anybody have a tattoo with your name on it? My sister has my initial, anyway. Who did you last see shirtless? My mom. Do you like to make the first move? NONONONONO I'M SHY. Do you think you will ever be married? Probably. If the last person you kissed saw you kissing someone else, would they be mad? I don't think she'd be mad, no. Do you understand football? Nope. Who last called you beautiful? Probably Mom. If you fell pregnant to the last person you kissed, what would you think? We're both female so like- Do you think the body is the most beautiful thing that was ever made? No. Name five things you did today? Stayed at the hospital for my beautiful niece to be born :'), slept far too little after getting home, and that's... kinda it. What kind of phone do you have? It's literally a Tracfone, BUT WAIT! I actually wanted it, ha ha. Mom has one and it is *genuinely* a good phone, so I got one for my birthday. Hell, it's cheaper than paying monthly, so I'm fine with it. When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings? 5 in the morning when we were all still with Ashley. Do you like fire? Sure, I like watching it. Have you ever been to a spa? Noooo, not my jam. Do you know how to do a cartwheel? No. Who’s the funniest drunk person you know? Ehhhhh. When he drank, my dad was either hilarious when drunk or hateful and short-fused as fuck. 50/50 shot. But yeah, if you got Version 1, he'd crack anyone the hell up. Now that he's sober and happy he's always like that. What would you do if your partner still kept pictures of their ex? Well, I'd say it depends on the picture's context. Like, a picture of you two kissing, then I'd be uncomfortable as shit. If you have prom pictures or stuff like that but don't like go looking through them regularly, idc. It was a special event. What if your partner went through your cellphone? BYE, CUNT. What if your partner was flirting with another girl/boy? BYE, CUNT. Is there really a difference between Coke and Pepsi? YES. I can absolutely taste it. Pepsi sucks. Are there any mistakes with your recent ex you wish you could have changed? Stupid and/or impulsive shit I'd said, sure, but for the most part, no. We had a good relationship. Has anyone ever been with you while you were throwing up? My mom always is if she's present. I am terrified of vomiting and even at my age still want her there, even though she can't do anything, obviously. I turn into a baby when I'm about to throw up. Background on your computer? My favorite picture of Teddy. Who has hurt you the most? Jason. Or hell, my own head, idk. Are you happy with where you are relationship-wise now? Sure. What language do you want to learn? I wanna be fluent in German. Who’s the last person that came to your house? A family friend. Is there anyone you would like to fight? God no. I'm not a fighter. Who did you dance with last? Sara. Who is your best friend(s)? Sara. Song playing? "It's A Raid" by Ozzy feat. Post Malone. The album's out T O D A Y , B O Y S. Who is your arch-enemy? I don't have one. What's the most attractive thing on the opposite sex? GODDAMN shoulderBLADES Do you want platinum or gold for your wedding band? Not normal gold, I know. Rose gold is my ideal one, but I really don't care much. Have you ever paid to have your eyebrows waxed? I mean my mom has, seeing as I didn't have an income then, either. Got that done regularly in high school. Not because I asked, but because it was just "normal" since my two sisters did it, too. Do you think that the tobacco companies should pay for people’s medical bills? No, it's not their choice to use the product. Sure, they're making it, but it's really too late to cease production of tobacco. It'd be catastrophic in terms of the job industry. Do you curse in average conversations? Yes; I have to actually make an effort to not curse if needed. Have you ever bought a shot glass? No. Do you have a therapist? Not anymore after my previous one that I loved and trusted gave me every reason to break her jaw. I kind of want another one, but also don't. I'm supposed to, considering my history and that I'm on a lot of medication, but I just do nooooot want to go through the whole trust process again. Do you ever fall for spam mail? No. What color do you wear the most? Black. Do you only eat cough drops because you like the taste? No. Have your parents ever walked in on you having sex? No. Do you like getting stoned? I've never been so and aren't interested in ever getting there. Have you ever gotten a bloody nose from snorting cocaine? YOIKES THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY lol no, I wouldn't touch coke with a ten-foot pole. Red, white, yellow, or pink roses? Pink. What’s the worst name your mom has ever called you? I don't know. She hasn't called me anything too awful that I know of. Have you ever done acid? No. Were you at a rave? Never been, definitely not my scene. Do you post pictures where you look good but your friends look bad? Well, I don't hang out with like... anyone, so, lmao. But I wouldn't. Are you friends with any of your exes? Yes. Would you ever dye your hair pink? ACTUALLY! Pastel pink is on my list. I tested some soft colors out in Photoshop on me and it actually looked really cute. I think I wanna be a smaller size first, though. Do you ever masturbate? I haven't since I came off that godawful birth control that drove me batshit insane in terms of libido. I still don't think it's a bad thing, my interest in that is just, gone. Are you embarrassed about your sex life or lack there of? No. Who’s the last person you said I love you to? My sister. Did you like your life when you were in middle school? Actually fuck middle school with a maul. If you went on American Idol, do you think you’d go through to Hollywood? Nope. Have you ever received an anonymous gift? No, I don't think so. What kind of laugh do you have? A loud and obnoxious one. Do you hoard anything? "Hoard" isn't the right word, no. Are you afraid of flying? I am, but I feel it's only a realistic apprehension. Especially going back and forth to Sara's a few times, you kinda have to get used to it. Most recent Facebook ‘like’? Shit man idk, I "like" a load of stuff. Have you ever camped out somewhere for an event the next day? No. Do you do anything regularly that could damage your body? Can someone please eliminate soda from the face of the earth???? What do you love most in the world? Those closest to me. What woke you up this morning? Ugh, the sun. I need to put my curtain back up after Roman tore it down. Who was the last person you rode in a car with? My mom. Is anything bothering you? There's always *something* bothering me to some degree, but nothing seriously at the moment. Are you in a good mood? My niece was born overnight and is gorgeous and healthy so I have to be. :') When were you the saddest in your life? 2016. Do you own more than one cell phone? Ha ha, I have two old ones. One I used for pictures because the camera was good, and the most recent old one, I just need to get some pictures and contacts from... but I'm lazy. Have you ever had a song written about you? No. What songs make you happy? Depends on what I'm feeling. Next concert? No clue now that Ozzy had to cancel his, bless his old heart. As a child, did you ever get the chance to go to Disney World/Disneyland? Yes. When was the last time you fought with your significant other, if any? I’m single. Do you know anyone, personally, who is in an abusive relationship? Are you? No, thankfully. When was the last time you were on a boat? Where did you travel on it? Not since I went fishing with my old best friend a few years back. We were just in a pond. Are you planning on going anywhere with someone, some time today? Probably not. Do you like cereal? What would you consider your favorite kind of cereal? Hell yeah. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is *maybe* my favorite? Idk, I like a lot. Are there any people you don’t like for your significant other/crush to talk to? This doesn't apply to me, but even if I had one, they're not my damn child. I'm not gonna police whom they talk to. I mean I guess there are exceptions, like, talking to a drug dealer to name one, but talking to most people, that's their business. Just don't hide it from me. Have you ever forgotten your birthday? Did you soon figure it out? No. What color are the curtains in your room if you have any at the moment? Maroon. Is there anyone you are currently trying to get out of trouble? Why? No. Have you ever wanted your significant other to get rid of a friend? Well, calling back to that other question, there was one in a previous relationship that I really couldn't stand, but it wound up working out. If you have siblings, have they moved out or do they still live with you? It's just me and Ma now. Do you ever go to Blockbuster? How frequently would you say you go? WHAT A CALLBACK!!!!! Omg did I love BB. Went like every weekend to rent a game, and sometimes we'd go there Fridays before a sleepover to grab a movie. Do you ever listen to music so you can actually change your emotion? Sure, sometimes.
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vitrei · 2 years ago
jascnbrody said:
all i want........ is someplace warm........ id love another island. and yeah like im Pretty sure theyll have more but im also worried that ubisoft will try to stop while theyre ahead?? but i also. i know thats not their mo at all. assassins creed is STILL going. but im still like Worried bc i bitch but i rly do love this series just bc i feel like i Have To. going back to like the early 2000s tho would be lik e super fun.
there was like more than one bomb it was like............ it was a lot rly?? sort of?? way more than it should be?? for lil old montana?? which is? mainly empty in that area?? also why even hit montana to begin with. for the volcano?? is it to fuck up the volcano?? theres a theory it didnt even happen its just bc of all the bliss joseph threw around and im inclined to believe idc what new dawn says. its just too much to think abt if the nukes were real.
i ts funny joseph got Fuckin Nancy the dispatcher to join the cult but not like.. the actual cops. or even the mayor.
god i loved all of primal............ i love being a massive dude who pets wolves and tigers in the woods and just collects a gaggle (two.) of kids to bring home to his like 10 spouses. it was just a really Sweet game to me n it rly Felt Different.. it wasnt so on the formula and the characters were actually like.. as a Whole interesting..
sssammmee on peaches shes literally the sweetest companion. shes SO cute when she like headbutts ur knee when u go to pet her like............. shes literally perfect
what gets me abt it is like...... theyre actively Chosing to do that for money.. like no one forced you to get into that lifestyle. and im not saying they Cant Complain like work. is hard. but lik e. . . its also smthn they can get out of and still have money to fall back on.
hhh yeah its like... all tropic pictures Are Good but if i can place them. on the island im like HELL yeah. home? theyll look so cozy even tho rook islands like... shouldnt be. tho after j gets rid of Basically everyone else it v well could be........ who all is there to run the slavery operations...... no one... i Dnt think vaas would, if he doesnt have to. like itd just be too hard with like 1% of the pirate population left.
hed still Fuck w tourists that come to it but he doesnt like... actually have many people to help him like. capture people. bc i dnt think j would thats rly not his scene. its too organized; its not as fun if youre not Also being shot at.
with the strange assortment of animals too no one would be able?? to place the island? and with the tasmanian tigers like theres like a Thought that its like a Fake Island even? like just a photoshop. but its Really real looking. it all Looks legit it just seems like it Cant be legit. there cant be Tapirs there. there cant be Mountain Lions, From america, There.
jll take just abt any phone vaas tosses his way (another way hes just. Spoiled)if vaas told him yes js mind would be B l o w n. n o doubt he fluxuates between thinking vaas can honestly read his mind and thinking not. which also just..... v flattering to vaas....... that he can be so in tune w j that j thinks he Really Reads Minds.
yea. yeah. like the actual game would probably be more grueling than it would be fun and idek what a story would be like. like so many people would give up so fast... making it too would be Heellll.. itd have to be a Tru Passion project. but all i really really want are little things... like just a Hint of something real ill take.
I rly rly wanna play metal gear solid 3 now only bc i learned abt all the like.. Lil features and shit. Like the food and tranq darts having like.. Better zones? Like hitting the head makes them go down faster i love… just the Little things
i fall asleep during vaas' insanity speech honestly now but i still lOVE that one line........ like no matter how j is looking at vaas i t really Is so telling abt how he acts in just day to day. h es just Like That.. Pissy.
its a Good ( "Good" ) Relationship... j gets spoiled and never has to do anything and vaas gets to feel like hes the Worlds Smartest Man.. j would basically be a giant lapdog in like 2 weeks. n yeah. yeah. if j gets too much to handle vaas’ll just fuck off. and sulk for a couple hrs before either he gets ready to go back or. j comes up to pester him. (hes not smart and he cant put words to things but hes a lil tired of vaas being mad at him (then also getting mad at vaas for smthn else later)). they'll find their Balance as they age..
Collectables are so like. . lazy bc theyre p much exactly that but like.. If they even only have like a 1 sentence description ive got a Deep Need to get all of em……………. Like i like to 100% games but ill be more into the actual story most time n ill just.. Ignore extra shit unless its like rly fun. N Yea like.. Theyre always such weird voicemails and its always in like.. Mystery movies its like they call and reveal tons of info… in a mystery…
Ive got big baby eyes and low framerates n resolutions rly hurt my head. Im so fuckinhfs snobby abt cgi…………… i kno its like.. Easy to pick out but i feel like i have a ~keen eye~ so i always notice.. Tho yeah cgi never really has to be Impressive it just needs to like……… fit. And not be distracting. And esp in games like… as Long as the story is good the game can look p much however it wants to.
I dnt mean it like excuses it like…. I still hold it against them its jus t like the only way i can Rationalize it.. Like id rather lie 2 myself abt them being just dumb instead of being blunt w myself.. Lik e i already distance myself from it i rly only follow 1 other fc3 blog and i follow em specifically bc they have basically no personality. I just assume they post anything real on like.. Facebook i s what i mean.. Like they dnt come off as fun by any means and also like that tumblr just isnt their medium.
Hhhyeah. Like art is really relaxed honestly. Even like High Art its still like.. Just doing what you like to do?? It can honestly be anything you put your mind on To Make. i hate when people who DOnt consider themselves creative talk abt how theyre so jealous that they cant make art to the same standard as people who do it all the time like…… you CAN! You Can do it!! Stop putting yourself in a box!!! Dont be scared to just Get Smthn Down..
no company in the history of media has ever stopped while theyre ahead lmao. just look at the simpsons. looking back now, everyone wouldve wanted that one to end in 1997. i dont think anybody thinks that shows in its prime rn. but people still tune in. it still makes money. thats the kinda future i see for most franchises thatre currently 10+ y/o and still running. for better or worse.
fc3 is kinda pushing it in terms of how much current day tech i can tolerate in a story, the 1 cell phone was already pretty annoying to me. but for the most part the technology people have access to on the island is from like the 90s. so. thats neat. im okay with that. i just really hate how action games set in current times almost always use some sorta future tech. like, little things, just phones having more capabilities than they do irl, or weapons tech thats still only in development. i hate that. id be fine w/ a game set in 2019 if the tech is limited to what normal people actually have. i just do absolutely not want any orbital strikes or laser weapons or autonomous Anythings, thats a real immersion breaker for me
yea like, thats the same thing as w/ all the drugs in fc3 (and 4 even). you introduce an element of hallucination — i get to say everythings fake. if you wont even tell me the specifics of the bombs that you apparently used? i get to say it was a hand grenade and the dep was just tripping. you dont get to say im misreading your intent if you dont communicate it in the first place.
did they even like try? to get the cops on board? and if they refused then. how much time has passed since. and why did joseph just let them carry on after. like. just. did he think about the politics of it for one fucking second? what about like, building permits? a lot of people whose large amount of Crimes are open secrets end up getting taken down thanks to technicalities like that. taxes may not be an issue if they got recognized as a religion (which is like real easy in the us aint it?) but there has to be Something. wait isnt putting bliss in the water supply like. uh..... bioterrorism? if they dont even have the local cops on their side for shit like that, how is the fbi not doing anything? How Does Any Of This Work?
yea primal is nothing if not Comfy. it had a real human element to it for once. even the color palette of it reflects that. like when i think primal i think the color of a cave wall being illuminated by fire. 4s color palette/mood is a lot colder. but i kinda like... consider primal and blood dragon to be fiction inside of the bigger far cry universe (which is primarily defined by hurks presence). so like, they both have sth dreamlike to them. im having a hard time seeing primal as its own thing. idk. those two games are in a very weird spot for me mentally
if the next game doesnt have animals to Tuch im gonna be so upset. they dont even have to be useful. they dont have to be predators. i just.... i kinda just want every game to be either Dad Simulator or Lizard Touching Simulator. ideally both. i dont mind games having the standard open world formula, even though its objectively bad, like w/ the radio towers n all that shit. ill accept that. and i actually find it really rewarding to get those. its a lame logistical brand of fun but i like it. fc6 can be generic as shit if it wants to, i just want animals and likable characters
idk why influencers never just talk about money. if youre willing to post shit like that on your instagram youre already flexing to start out with. your very content is flexing. so youre clearly not concerned with being humble. do your sponsors just not let you? is that a thing outside of youtube adsense? like just be straight w/ your audience dude. people are dying to know what you actually do for money. i mean, we live in times where “six figures, i was only four” is an acceptable thing to put in your song, and where lil tay can say “im nine and im a self-made millionaire.” so. though no ones saying it directly, youre clearly not ashamed to strongly imply that its actually your parents’ money. so just come out and say it. tell me what your dad does. tell me what you do when youre not Influencing. thats all i wanna know.
parts of my Original Storie are set in 1960s vietnam and 1970s indonesia too, so it doesnt even have to be specifically rook, but yea, i just need to be able to connect the pictures to something. a completely neutral and boring picture of like, the sun reflecting on the water, is interesting to me bc i can picture either my characters or the characters from Something Im Into looking at that light. thats how i interact w/ most pictures i see. i dont care for pictures of cold places or places in europe or whatever no matter how beautiful they are, bc nothing i write or want to read about is set there. everything i consume i (have to) relate to my writing or fandom or both
yea like. i can imagine people looking at all the generic tropicalposting i do and thinking “why would you reblog the same picture four hundred times” but to me theyre just really comfy. even if they are all basically the same.
yea thats an option. the island just basically going back to normal. Healing. but w/ how little info theyre actually giving me on the political situation, like, idk, it could go any which way. the easiest option, like the one that requires the least worldbuilding from Me, is that things basically go on as they are now. and not to be all “but i need all the horrible things to continue to happen to innocent people for the DRAMA :-(” but....... i wanna know how j would act in that situation. doing what vaas does. how hes both more ruthless and more of a liability. like i just find that Incheresting to think about. so far i dont think ive seen any other writer handle it well enough. but i like the concept. and since i dont buy hoyt as the actual head of his organization anyway, i figure hes just another head of the hydra. therell be others to succeed him. but yea vaas is definitely just in it for the money, and bc hoyt has (personal) power over him that any new boss wouldnt have. so. idk. thats potentially a whole new source of conflict for them, vaas trying to get away from this life while js sinking into it. i do like to picture their relationship playing out in Many different ways, and honestly? a lot of those ways end in a murder-suicide. i do like media thatll make me feel like shit. and its not unlikely that j being the worst person ever combined w/ their inability to communicate leads to something Bad. like, maybe they live the rest of their life in harmony and peace, fishing and planting mango trees and building a house, or maybe vaas grows to realize the only person whos ever accepted him for who he is is an actual monster, and that the legacy of colonial occupation doesnt vanish overnight just bc hoyt is gone. i like both of those about equally tbh.
arent tigers at the point where like. some species/coat colors only exist in the possession of south american drug dealers anymore? and most of those drug dealers, no one can get to, bc they live in the jungle. i figure its about the same w/ rook. i mean, why not. its the closest thing to a logical explanation i can come up with.
fdfkjs yea you could just up and tell him “yea im literally a wizard actually” and he would buy it. like theres skepticism there and sometimes hell be like “this is so stupid hes obviously just saying that to get under my skin,” but at the end of the day the part of him that believes in like, ghosts n shit will persist. and yea vaas definitely finds that flattering. he keeps j guessing not necessarily to fuck w/ him, but bc he likes the attention.
i mostly like media thats committed to realism as like, a contrast. like, just putting an episode of csi side by side w/ a documentary about real police work. not bc the documentary is all that interesting to me by itself. i like videos like, “real lawyer reacts to episode of law & order.” and id just like a video game version of that.
metal gear looks literally incomprehensible to me. like an alien made those games. and like itd be a whole big year-long project to get into that. seems like people thatre into it are having a good time but god i wouldnt even know where to start
most of vaas’ lines arent.. that good..... its really 100% in the performance w/ that one. on paper, or like, when people use real dialogue in their fanfic? honestly? pretty cringe. i think one of my least favorite lines (that he ony said to mclovin, but still) he ever said was “that is a subjective, philosophical point of fucking view.” its SO clunky. that has to have been adlibbed. its terrible. and he has a lot of lines like that, lines that just have no flow, that just sound awkward to say. he sells them alright, bc hes a charismatic person, but. the writing itself just. is not Good
yea i mean. ofc good is relative. they are codependent, and destructive towards themselves, each other, and the world around them. theyre two terrible people being terrible together. that maybe like, shouldnt be ignored. but they do work together remarkably well. i really cant think of a better term than Soulmates.
im not really after the 100% as like, a number for its own sake, i just want the Feeling of having seen everything. for instance ive never completed a pokédex, but i know literally every pixel of sinnoh, and i have every berry, thats whats important to me. i dont need it to say 100% as long as im subjectively Satisfied w/ how much ive done.
i do always notice cgi unless its really really really good, like the blood in david fincher movies. youd never even know its cgi. which imo is the only acceptable way to use cgi. but i only mind it when its in a very serious context. like, theres one scene in band of brothers (which is like, objectively the best fucking show ever made, its like a 9.5 on imdb, its a masterpiece) where theres parachutes catching on a roof and.... its this shitty 2001 cgi........... it stands out like a sore thumb. i hate it. its like a shitty matte painting in the background of like, citizen kane. its such a shame and i dont understand why no ones fixed it for subsequent home video releases. urgh. but like, in less serious or even bad movies? like in spawn? or dceu movies? the bad cgi is definitely part of the charm. and in video games i care about art direction only. id rather see a vibrant, original world in like 240p than a beautifully rendered concrete brick in 4k.
yea lmao i definitely prefer blogs that never show any personality. for my Aesthetic content anyway. and when they do talk i scroll past it as fast as i can to not absorb any Words. yea like i mean, all people do like.. have an interior life..... like i dont wanna sound like a right-winger calling people npcs here. and of course people are “allowed” to be Boring, youre not put on this earth to entertain me, but. some. people on here. are so boring it almost makes me Sad to look at their blogs
yea its honestly so annoying when people are like “i wish i could draw too but im just not talented :-(” like youre not fucking complimenting me w/ that! your entire worldview is wrong! and i probably dont feel like explaining that to you rn! and im definitely too much of an asshole to take the time and truly encourage people. unless its kids of course. but when fully grown adults are like “youre so talented” bc they apparently never fucking learned what the word Practice means? infuriating. nothing short of offensive. i hate it
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dotzines · 2 years ago
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Introduce yourself I'm aaron and I'm a filipino artist in California! Tokyo Mew Mew was the first manga I ever owned, and my favorites are Ichigo and Lettuce!  I also love Kiyotaka Ishimaru from danganronpa, musicals, and the color yellow. When did you start drawing? Are you a digital or traditional artist? I've been drawing ever since I can remember! I used to draw random people, teen titans, or inuyasha. In high school, I got a hand-me-down wacom tablet from a friend and from there, I started creating my own ocs with backstories. I've been a digital artist since then. Do you use any traditional mediums? If so, which are your favorites? I use mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens. I really like using pink, blue, and purple highlighters to color in values, but recently I've been trying to collect actual artistic markers. I think they're calligraphy markers tbh, but they're double sided and they give me more colors so idc XD Why do you prefer traditional over digital? (or viceversa) I really like the accessibility of traditional- I can draw wherever I want, as long as I have a pen and paper. But for showing off my work, I'd much rather it be digital. Digital gives me access to so many colors and I can zoom in to create more details. It's also a lot cleaner than taking a picture with my shaky phone quality. What do you think is the most challenging part about being a traditional/digital artist? It's difficult for me to choose the correct colors. When I only did traditional, I'd only color in greyscale because that's what mangas did and that's all the colors I had. I can't really work with more than 3-5 tones/colors or else it'll get scared it'll look too busy. I always have to filter my colors to give them a little more life, because the first ones I choose are usually washed out. What inspires your pieces? I draw my ocs a lot! Drawing them in different ways and scenarios helps me solidify their designs and personalities. I will often have phases where I'll draw a LOT of my current favorite oc. Explain your "everyday" drawing process I'll either draw one single character in a flowy pose, or two characters interacting/posing together. I'll digitally sketch something out and keep erasing and re-drawing the lines on the same layer until I have my line art. I block out colors with a binary pen so that my basic color palette looks good and then select each color so I can put detail in it. Depending on how much energy I have, I'll do simple shading or I'll keep the lineart layer a little sketchy and just color over it for a lineless piece. I don't have a lot of practice with lineless because it takes a lot out of me, but sometimes I get really into it
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Do you have an artist you admire (or more than one)? (lines/ colors) (THICK lines, very cartoony) (plush shaped characters, cute blush) (designs) (recently followed, bright colors. interesting shapes/flow)
Is there an artwork you are most proud of? Why?
I really like this one because it's lineless and I put a lot of effort into the hair and giving it different colors
I am also proud of this one because it's TWO full body characters with a background and soft lighting. It took a lot of effort out of me but it was really satisfying to finish!"
Do you listen to music (or tv shows/films/anything else) when drawing? Yes! I listen to musicals, chill beats, or 80's/90's music. I can't hear what I'm thinking when the music is too jumpy and fun. I also get distracted when there are people talking, so I can't listen to films or letsplays when I draw
Johnny Balik - Honey khai dreams - through and through NIKI - I Like U Forrest. – Your Soul Lemon Boy - Cavetown Lyin' Eyes- Eagles Billy Joel- For The Longest Time Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love
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What makes art interesting for you? I like making things! I like how my brain comes up with things and i can make those things become a reality through my art. What do you do when art block strikes? If I want to draw, and my art is looking Ugly, then I draw big and messy. Whatever comes to mind naturally, I'll just put it down. I'll draw random people, or big anime eyes. I'll redraw something with a premade design so I don't have to think of the designs myself, or I'll draw someone in a spine-breaking pose and over-exaggerate the features. What’s the most valuable art advice you’ve ever received?
Experience things! When you experience things, it gives you a personal connection to use in your art.
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Let me just answer to all of them (1) Do You Sleep With Your Closet Doors Open Or Closed? Open. (2) Do You Have Freckles? Yes I do (3) Can You Whistle? No (4) Last Song You Listened To. Seventeen Boom Boom. I'm listening it right now. (5) What Is Your Favourite Colour? White. (6) Relationship Status. Single. (7) What Is The Temperature Right Now? Hot? A little hot. (8) Did You Wake Up Cranky? Yes. (9) How Many Followers? 189 (thank you all so much) (10) Zodiac Sign. Leo. (11) What Is Your Eye Colour? Dark-ish brown. (12) Take A Vitamin Daily? No. (13) Do You Sing In The Shower? No. (14) What Books Are You Reading? Lately, I don't read that much. (15) Grab The Book Nearest To You, Turn To Page 64, Give Me Line 14. "I don't think Rowley understands to handshake at all." Yes I love Greg. (16) Favourite Anime? Lucky Star.(idc if it's old ok.) (17) Last Person You Cried In Front Of? My mom. (18) Do You Collect Anything? Nah. (19) What Did You Have For Lunch? Nothing. (20) Do You Dance In The Car? Nope. (21) Favourite Animal? Parrot,cat,dog and panda's. (22) Do You Watch The Olympics? Nope. (23) What Time Do You Usually Go To Bed? 3:45 or 4:21 AM. (24) Are You Wearing Makeup Right Now? No. I didn't wear makeup since I was 5. It was one time though. (25) Do You Prefer To Swim In A Pool Or The Ocean? I don't know how to swim. (26) Favourite Tumblr Blog? Don't have one right now. (27) Bottled Water Or Tap Water? Bottled water. (28) What Makes You Happy? Art, Music, k-pop and BTS. (29) Post A Gif Of What You’re Currently Feeling Right Now. - cue the depressed dog- (30) Do You Study Better With Or Without Music? Without. (31) Dogs Or Cats? Both. (32) If You Were A Crayon What Colour Would You Be? I feel like pink or yellow. (33) PlayStation Or Xbox. Idk (34) Would You Swim In The Lake Or Ocean? Lake.(but again, I don't know how to swim.) (35) Do You Believe In Magic? I don't. (36) What Colour Shirt Are You Wearing? Pastel blue. (37) Can You Curl Your Tongue? Nah. (38) Do You Save Money Or Spend It? Spend it. (39) Is There Anything Pink Within 10 Feet Of You? Yes my bed. (40) Do You Have Any Obsessions Right Now? K-pop? (41) Have You Ever Caught A Butterfly? I don't remember. (42) Are You Easily Influenced By Other People? Yes so much (43) Do You Have Strange Dreams? Yes so much of 'em (44) Do You Like Going On Airplanes? No (45) Name One Movie That Made You Cry. I don't watch movies that often. But in Suicide Squad where Deadshot was going to shot the bomb but Enchantress made a illunison that his daughter tell him to don't shoot the bomb, but he did while crying. That showee me he still had a heart and how much he cared for his daughter that he cried. (46) Peanuts Or Sunflower Seeds? Sundlower Seeds. (47) If I Handed You A Concert Ticket Right Now, Who Would You Want The Performer To Be? BTS (48) Are You A Picky Eater? Yes (49) Are You A Heavy Sleeper? These days I am because of my depression is getting heavier (50) Do You Fear Thunder / Lightning? Nope. I love 'em. (51) Do You Like To Read / Write? Yes I like both (52) Do You Like Your Music Loud? With earphones (53) Would You Rather Carve Pumpkins Or Wrap Presents? Wrap present's (54) Put Your Music On Shuffle, What Is The First Song That Came Up? BTS-Outro: House Of Card's. (55) What Season Are You In Right Now? (Weather) Summer. (56) What Are You Craving Right Now? Happiness (57) Post A Screenshot Of Your Tumblr Feed. Nah (58) What Is Your Gender? Woman. (59) Coffee Or Tea? None of them. I don't like coffee and one time my butt burned because of tea (60) Do You Have Any Homework Right Now? If So, What Is It About? No I'm still on Summer (61) What Is Your Sexuality? I don't know yet (62) Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning? No (63) Favourite Pokemon? I don't watch Pokemon (64) Favourite Social Media? Tumblr? (65) What’s Your Opinion On Instagram Stories? Idc (66) Do You Get Homesick? Sometimes (67) Are You A Virgin? Yes (68) What Shampoo And Conditioner Are You Using Right Now? I don't remember their brands (69) If You Were Far From Home And Needed To Sleep For The Night, Would You Choose To Rent A Crappy Motel Room For $60 Or Sleep In Your Car For Free? Sleep on my car. (70) Are Both Of Your Blood Parents Still In Your Life? Yes. I am living with 'em (71) Whats The Next Movie You Want To See In Theaters? Idk (72) Do You Miss Your Ex? I never been in a relationship (73) What Is Your Favourite Quote Right Now? "It's going to be okay." (74) What Eye Colour Do You Find Sexiest? Blue (75) Did You Like Swinging As A Child? Do You Still Get Excited When You See A Swing Set? Yes (76) What Was The Last Thing You Ate? Döner.(It's a Turkish food look it up.) (77) What Games Do You Have On Your Phone? My Candy Love (78) Would You Give A Homeless Person CPR If They Were Dying? Why Or Why Not? Of course I would! Someone is dying, isn't that enough to be a reason? (79) Been On The Computer For 5 Hours Straight? Not computer but phone. (80) Stalked Someone On A Social Network? Yes? I tottaly did but i don't remember who it was a long time ago (81) Do You Like Meeting New People? Yes (82) Do You Wear Rings? If You Do, Take A Picture Of Them. Nope i don't (83) Do You Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Open Or Closed? Open (84) What Are Three Things You Did Today? Sleep eat and look at my phone (85) What Do You Wear To Bed? My pijamas (86) List All Of Your Different Beauty Products You Have Right Now. None (87) Are You A Day Or Night Person? Night (88) List All Of Your Video Games On Your Phone, Console Etc. MCL (89) Tell Me About A Dream That You Had And When It Happened. I don't want to share it (90) Favourite Soda Drink? I don't pick one (91) What Sounds Are Your Favourite? Rain and thunder (92) Do You Wear Jeans Or Sweats More? Sweats (93) How Do You Look Right Now? Depressed (94) Name Something That Relaxes You. Rain (95) What Tattoo Do You Want? Idk (96) Favourite YouTuber? Shane Dawson, Nick Dominates and CoryxKenshin.
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