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#yes i've read the king's two bodies
elucubrare · 6 months ago
"As to why they follow me," she went on, more to herself than to the King, "why do soldiers follow any leader?"
Sedry considered this gravely, smiled finally. "In your case because they love you," he said, adding dryly, "and in mine because I am King, and they must."
Ru Emerson, The Princess of Flames
I really liked this (the book as a whole, but this exchange particularly) because Sedry is a bad person - a traitor, a weak king, a kinslayer - but I still have a lot of sympathy for him here because he recognizes his failings - that people follow the office because they have to, not the man, because they have affection for him.
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i4nanami · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mercy be damned.
— minors don't interact.
— wc: 8,5K (yes, i got excited writing this one)
content + warnings: 18+, including: hard dom!getō, dub-con, a bit of manipulative getou here, sir kink, fingering, orgasm control + orgasm denial, choking, creampie, pet names, heavy degradation, breeding kink, thigh riding, tummy bulge, manhandle, dumbification, dacryphilia, use of aphrodisiac, maybe a bit of medical play (?).
pairings: getō suguru x reader.
• sukuna x reader is mentioned.
— note: this here is almost like a continuation of this here with ryōmen sukuna, but you don't have to read one to understand the other because I put the whole situation into context! lastly, I want to say that it took me a long time to finish writing this because I didn't want to do something with non-con at the moment, so from the bottom of my heart, I hope everyone who reads this enjoys it, especially since it was the longest one-shot I've written so far! thank you (for the 450 followers)!
Tumblr media
She was extremely tired. Extremely. To the point of collapsing onto whatever bed or sofa was closest that came into her field of vision and hibernating for days. Sukuna was not a merciful master, that much is obvious, and Y/N's dream of getting away from the lands of Japan to escape the war between jujutsu sorcerers and that cursed beast seemed further and further away.
It was still winter, so Y/N was still locked up at home. Not her home, obviously. But, yes, the fortress in which Ryomen Sukuna resided on the days when he wasn't smearing extensive chunks of land with the blood of relatively innocent shamans. It was his home, with his servants.
And don't be fooled: even if it were summer or spring Sukuna wouldn't let the girl out of the fortress, he wanted her entirely near him because, while he wasn't dumb or stupid, you were the closest thing to humanity that resided in that place and you were also the only person who knew almost all the plans of the human side of the war, after all, months ago you were on that same side, before the King of Curses literally fucked you over in his domain expansion and dragged you over to his side in the successive warlike endeavors that came next.
It wasn't as if you wanted to help him, in fact, the most desired thing for Y/N at the moment was to flee the lands of the rising sun and, if some deity allowed, never to return, yet you two had a blind vow. The vow would end when Sukuna wanted it to, literally. He said: "So I offer you a binding vow with me, where I promise not to kill you even after I have already used all your knowledge of war strategy, and in return you promise not to betray me under any circumstances and give me your all. Everything, no exceptions. Your intelligence, your soul, your life purpose, your body. Every single thing.“At no point did the King say that he would not induce someone other than himself to kill you, but in the current situation, the cogs of the oath keep turning with no intention of stopping and that is why you are exhausted.
Sukuna made you write maps and review them almost every day, made you plot new routes by which he could kill more people using less cursed energy, made you a direct accomplice to his cruel actions, made you feel... empty and, at the same time, dirty. And the King was amused to see the disgusted look on your face every time his massive body arrived at the fortress bathed in still fresh blood; there were days when that same blood had been washed from his body by yours small hands compared to the entire enormous size of the cursed spirit, and on those same days your legs opened for him and the inside of your pussy was filled with cum. In reality, you didn't complain because you were in no position to do so, there is no "no" for Sukuna.
— Shit... — Y/N sighed heavily feeling her tense shoulders ease slightly after the long minutes she spent submerged up to half her neck in a huge onsen, which is basically a hot spring.
And then you felt strange. Strange because there were none of Sukuna's grotesque servants watching over you as usual. "What is he up to?", Y/N wondered mentally and frowned. Was Sukuna gradually beginning to trust you? "He'd be dumb if he was", Y/N thought again looking around calmly before straightening her posture and standing out of the water to the height of the middle of her breast collar.
— Miss? — You heard a voice resonate, and it sounded a bit peevish.
Y/N turned to the left diagonal, where one of the two exit and entrance doors to that part of the fortress was located, and frowned when she saw that it was Uraume, a curse-user who almost always accompanied Sukuna in the trenches of war. It was obvious that the King trusted them. Not blindly, but he trusted.
— Yes?
— The master is calling you. — Y/N held back from rolling hers eyes.
— Couldn't he just force me into his domain expansion?
— You would go naked into the master's domain expansion? — "It wouldn't be the first time and you know it, Uraume", you thought biting the inner side of your cheek to avoid giving a rude answer.
— Can you get my clothes and towel over there, please? — You asked, indicating the low stools that were a little away from the onsen so that whatever was on top of them wouldn't get wet.
— I don't take direct orders from anyone other than.... — Y/N interrupted their speech.
— It wasn't an order, didn't you hear me say "please"? — Her wish was, in fact, to ask if they were stupid. — Whatever, I'll do it for myself, just don't stare at my body. You don't have that right.
And yet Uraume's unyielding, serene gaze continued to fall on Y/N as the girl stepped out of the warm, comforting waters to face the icy breeze slowly making its way through the place because, obviously, Uraume had left the door open as soon as they entered. You dried yourself as slowly as you could, obviously wanting to irritate Sukuna's servant, and put on the simple kimono you wore on the rare days when the King didn't make you stay in a room writing and drawing for hours on end.
Without waiting for you to adjust the back of your kimono, Uraume turned around and started walking down the hallway, and you struggled to finish getting ready to follow them. In any case, they were heading for the room where Sukuna was devouring, in various ways, the offerings from the village near the fortress, so it would be no problem to find out later if you had fallen behind. As soon as the two of you arrived in front of the door, an unfounded nervousness began to spread inside Y/N.
Had she done something wrong? She could not recall a single time that she had failed him as a strategist. Was Sukuna angry? But at what? He only called you into that room when the matter was considered too urgent to wait.
— Come in. — His voice, which sounded eerily calm, reverberated through the door and the two of you entered at almost the same rhythm, but unlike you, Uraume entered with the head bowed in respect and a confident pace, yours eyes were locked on Sukuna's indecipherable face and your body looked fearful, which made him crack a wicked smile.
— Afraid, human?
As you saw him get up from the huge spacious bed that also served as an altar and squeeze yours eyes shut a little to be able to visualize that there was a human female body residing next to him, a few buttons in your consciousness were pushed. The first was the notion that he couldn't kill you, the second was the reminder that although he couldn't kill you because of the biding vow, he could still easily inflict as much pain on you as he wanted. So, therefore, as soon as Sukuna began to smooth the kimono around his body using his four arms, Y/N lowered her gaze to the ground and tried to straighten the posture.
— No, sir. — You replied.
— Then why don't you look at me like a good toy?
— Do I have your permission, sir? — You asked, not taking your eyes off the dark floor of the room.
— Why don't you try your luck today? — Of course he was teasing you, as always.
— May I look at you, sir?
— No, you trash. — Sukuna answered, walking towards you and Uraume and starting to walk around the two of you as if he were analyzing two easy prey. — I have a job for you, woman. — He stopped right in front of you, and you couldn't be more intimidated by the height and width of his body.
— More maps, sir?
— No. I want you to go to the village and get some scriptures from an ally of mine. Simple, isn't it? Even a creature as small and stupid as you could do that, right? — He asked, bringing one arm around your face and grabbing you by the chin to make your face lift.
— Okay, sir.
— I'm feeling merciful today. — Your heart skipped a beat as he looked from you to Uraume and opened a cocky smile with a massive air of superiority as soon as his attention fell on you again. — Then I will give you a week to go to the village, make contact with my ally and return.
— When does the carriage leave, sir? — Your eyes locked on his lips, not exactly because you wanted to kiss them, but because you didn't have enough courage left to look him in the eye. — And what is the name of the ally, sir?
— In two hours, at dusk. — Sukuna squeezed her chin tighter, and this time her attention was actually on his eyes. — His name is Suguru. Getou Suguru.
— Thank you for the information, sir.
And then he stared at you for a few long minutes, not turning his attention away from you for even half a second. Suddenly his hand on your chin slid down your neck and reached the nape of your neck, pulling you closer to him as the King leaned in to whisper in your ear:
— Do you remember your vow, or shall I refresh your memory and put you in your place, pet? — A shiver ran down her back.
— I remember, sir. I haven't forgotten it at any time. — Y/N answered and controlled herself not to sigh with relief when she saw him walk away with a sarcastic smile on his lips and dismiss you and Uraume with a previous gesture.
— Get out. I haven't finished my meal for the day yet. — As he walked back to the spacious bed, you and Uraume took a brief polite bow and left the room.
You two didn't exchange a word because they left walking down the corridor while you stayed behind just to calm the heart that was beating fast against your chest, feeling like it wanted to pierce it. After recovering the sensation of reasonable internal calmness, Y/N walked slowly towards her room, which was farther away from the other rooms of the fortress precisely to make escape attempts more difficult.
The next few hours were made up only of you getting ready with the best and warmest uchikake that Sukuna had provided you during these months in which you two had cooperated with each other. It was dark blue, with designs of herons and flowers all over it, and sleeves in a light blue gradient turning to white in a matter of a few short centimeters. You also organized some papers that might be useful and clothes, since the way the King of Curses had put it, the task of contacting his "ally" would take more than a day. And then his mind seems to remember something: Sukuna never said how you would find Suguru.
"It was too good to be true, mercy be damned", Y/N mentally complained and took a deep breath. And then she tried to convince herself that it wouldn't be difficult to arrange lodging in the village nor to find that man christened Getou Suguru, since all the humans in the village knew that you cooperated with the worst beast walking the face of the earth and perhaps feared you as much as he did.
Sighing heavily, you walked to the front of the fortress and there you found only Uraume. Which was great, you wouldn't have to deal with Sukuna, but if they went with you to the village it would be just as uncomfortable. But fortunately, the only thing Uraume did was to guide you to the carriage and instruct the servant who would guide the way to the village. From inside the mobile, your ears caught the King's right arm saying the name of the inn you would be staying at and that the servant was to keep "an eye on that human". You almost laughed in mockery and irony, but preferred just to lean back against the window and try to sleep.
And you slept the whole way, so much so that, as soon as the carriage passed the entrance to the village, the servant under Sukuna's command had to wake you up, and he did it with a gentleness and delicacy that left you somewhat stunned and surprised. Shaking your face slightly, to scare off as much sleepiness as possible, you stepped out of the carriage and found yourself in front of a dozen people. None of them looked friendly, nor happy. It was almost as if you were a messenger of death, and honestly? Nothing in your soul blamed them for treating you with hostility, even though you suffered from the war as much as they did.
— What does he want this time? — A woman of about middle age asked, looking from you to the carriage, and seeing your clothes much neater and more elegant than hers, she shrunk a bit.
— He sent... a human? — The man who seemed to accompany the first woman who opened her mouth asked, and you frowned, looking at Sukuna's servant.
— Did they know about my coming? — You asked.
— They just saw the carriage approaching. — The servant answered, and you brought your hands to your temples and massaged them.
— Good. — You laughed nervously before you finished getting out of the carriage and stood in front of the oldest man in the dozen or so people who seemed to be the one leading them. — I came here on behalf of Sukuna looking for a man. His name is Suguru Getou and it would be great if you could take me to him. — Your tone sounded more authoritative than you had intended, perhaps it was the almost daily contact with that beast.
— Mr. Suguru? — A second girl said. — What does that thing want with him?
— Are you going to take me to him or not? — You asked impatiently. — If the answer is no, then I can go back the way I came and tell him that you really are the worthless bunch that Sukuna thinks you are, and maybe after that he will double the number of girl offerings you owe him. — Your arms were crossed and the look on your face was mortifying, the Y/N from months ago would never approve of the current posturing, but for you, it was a chess game of survival in which acting was essential.
And then all the people in that small group representing the entire village looked at each other and finally the oldest man in the group gestured with his hand in your direction.
— Let me take you to Mr. Suguru, ma'am, but he is, to say the least, self-centered. — He bent one of his arms toward you, and you hooked one of yours in his.
— And you... — Y/N turned to Sukuna's servant. — Make sure my room at the inn is ready, please, I am so tired I could be dead. — He, unlike Uraume, nodded and began to guide the carriage to an establishment in the opposite direction from where you were going with the "boss" of the town.
— May I know your name, miss? — The man asked as you continued walking at a slow pace.
— I don't think it's important, sir. — Y/N answered, looking at him out of the corner of her eye. — Especially since Sukuna doesn't allow me to go out much, we certainly won't see each other again.
— I see. — He answered with a gentle smile that you certainly missed during those months of almost imprisonment. — Is he as bad to you as he is to us? — The question caught you off guard.
— It depends... On many aspects. — It was the only thing you could answer, and the old man nodded.
— Are you the strategist they talk so much about? — So you were still remembered; somehow this warmed his heart, even though now they probably treated you like a traitor.
— Do you all speak ill of me?
— Only if the treason rumors are true, but you wouldn't be the first nor the last to betray a platoon of soldiers. — And then he stopped walking suddenly in front of a house that seemed much more refined than the others in the village, there were two reddish Japanese lamps illuminating the entrance to it, and it seemed that the smell of strong herbs escaped through the crack in the door that was ajar. — Here is my time to say goodbye, I think. — A cordial smile appeared on his lips and his arm came away from his. — Mr. Suguru prefers that you knock before entering, but there is no need to wait for him to open the door for you, just knock and let him know who you are.
— Okay, thank you. — You looked from the door to your handlebar. — Not for bringing me here, but for treating me like a human again. I missed that. — He looked at you for a few seconds before shaking his head positively as if silently telling you that he understood exactly what you meant, and then soon it was just you, alone, standing in front of the door, which your closed fisted hand slammed before you entered the room speaking: — Excuse me, I am Y/N.
There was no one there. Not a single soul there. But the smell of herbs seemed to grow stronger and stronger as the seconds passed almost to the point of irritating your nose.
— Excuse me...? — You spoke again, and through a curtain of glittering crystals that you hadn't noticed in the room, a man, with loose black hair cascading down his broad shoulders, emerged wearing a black kimono with prints resembling flames of fire in vibrant red running the length of it. — I... — He didn't let you finish speaking.
— I thought Sukuna would send Uraume. — His eyes fell on your face and a shiver ran down your back as the intensely dark orbs of Getou seemed to scan every line and contour of your countenance. — But you look fine. — Using a yellow ribbon, he secured his hair in a low, rather loose ponytail with strands still falling to the sides of his face. — I admit I was surprised to see you alive after all these months, it seemed Y/N was just a legend.
— Surprised? You know me too?
— Who doesn't, doll? — You had trouble swallowing your own saliva when you heard him claim the right to give you a provocative nickname. — Sukuna is not the kind of creature that likes to have many human allies, if you know what I mean. — Suguru ran his gaze over your body before turning to go and organize a shelf full of bottles with substances you didn't know and didn't recognize.
— Are you ... a healer? — Y/N asked, looking around the whole place.
— You could say so, the residents of the village see me as a savior. — Suguru replied. — And it makes sense that they would think so, since I have helped them in many ways. — Again you felt his attention wander curiously through your body. — Aren't you tired from your trip?
— I can rest at the inn assigned to me, spare you the worry. I came here with clear orders to take some kind of deed with you.
— There is no reason to hurry, doll. The night is so young. — You frowned, watching him carefully and taking half a step back. — How would you like to have a few cups of tea with me? — From his suggestive and slightly excited look, Y/N knew that refusing didn't seem like a viable option with Suguru.
— An hour is the most time I will devote to you today, Mr. Suguru.
— One hour is enough. — He replied with a slight, restrained smile of satisfaction before gesturing with one hand for you to follow him somewhere beyond the crystal curtain that separated the room you entered from the rest.
The corridor hidden by the curtain was rather narrow and, despite the dim lighting, you could notice two doors on either side of it and a fifth and final one at the end. This is where Getou was leading you, and you felt suddenly anxious as soon as he opened it and made room for you to enter first. As you entered, your eyes found yourself in front of a large room that looked like a bedroom, but at the same time looked like an office, there was a small low table in the center of the room where two cups and a medium-sized porcelain teapot were placed, in front of it were two pillows placed one on each side of that furniture. It was almost as if he knew that you would arrive that night. Next to that table with the cups was an even smaller table with a pipe rack and a pipe that looked as if it had been accessed a few minutes ago.
— Sit down, I insist, madam. — One of his hands landed on your lower back and guided you toward one of the cushions, which you sat on before you could register all your actions in your brain. — I hope the tea will help you relax. — You straightened your clothes so that you could sit more comfortably and watched the dark-haired man sit down in front of you, fill the cups using the bulb quietly, and place one of them in front of you.
Ooh, the smell was so good. It was as if lemon and almond essence had been mixed together, and if you told yourself that you weren't looking forward to tasting that tea, it would be an outright lie.
Y/N took the cup as elegantly as possible without taking her eyes off Suguru and brought it to her lips only after seeing the man himself take a short sip of the liquid before leaning to the side, taking the still lit pipe and placing it between his lips for a long drag.
— How are you feeling? — He asked, and you choked on your tea before coughing and looking at him with confusion. — About having all these people treat you like a traitor.
— It's understandable on their part, but I don't need redemption at anyone's hands. — You shrugged, taking another sip of the tea that seemed to slowly warm your body and relax you at the same time.
— You seem to be lying to yourself, doll. That's your defense mechanism, hm? — Getou asked with a bitter smile before he arched his eyebrow and took another drag on his pipe.
— May I ask how you met Sukuna?
— I am a simple man, ma'am, I see a winning side and am automatically willing to help because of the perks that come with it. When a war starts, there are provisional winners and historical losers. And then there are the real winners, which, as events go, will be Sukuna. — You twitched your nose internally wishing to say that he would only win over your dead body. — Didn't you ally yourself with him also because of the perks that came with it? — Your shoulders shrugged slightly, Getou was making you feel guilty for your choice to try to stay alive. — Of course you did, but I don't judge you, we are in the same boat.
— Do you also have a biding vow with Sukuna? — Suguru looked at you in disbelief for a few seconds, before returning with a question.
— Do you have one? — You looked away, feeling stupid, like a child, and then Getou let out a short laugh before he put the pipe aside on the table, got up from the cushion in front of you with a rustle, walked slowly towards you and knelt down behind you. — You are less clever than you look, the best strategist falling for a foolish mistake like that.
Suguru's breath hitched against the back of your neck, and you could feel his icy hands running up your kimono-covered arms to your shoulders and slowly pull the sleeves of your uchikake down just enough to expose them to the man's prying eyes. And then your head began to dizzle, thoughts seemed disordered, cloudy, throat drier than usual.
— You seem to have gotten into a lot of trouble lately, Y/N. — Getou whispered, brushing his lips against the back of your ear in a warm, wet kiss before sliding them down the side of your neck gently, and now you didn't know exactly if you wanted him to pull away or continue, logical thinking was slowly leaving you. — What do you think about me giving you one night when all your problems will disappear, hm?
At the same time that your mind seemed to be in slow motion, your heart and breathing seemed to be racing faster and faster. Suguru's fingers drummed along your bare shoulders now and seemed to press the right spots on your skin to make you relax more and more and melt into his touch, soon they slid down the sides of your body to reach your hips and remove the layers of fabric of your kimono from in front of your legs.
— Please... — You swallowed hard, looking over your shoulder and unable to focus your vision on any fixed point on his face.
— What exactly are you asking for? — He brushed his fingertips against your warm inner thighs, making you shiver and press your back against his chest. — What do you want, little one?
— I... — Your conscience whispered, "for you to stop", and your body grumbled, "for you to continue", but your mouth answered: — I don't know. I...
— Of course you don't know. — Suguru held her face with one hand while the other continued to reach for her thin undergarments around her pelvis. — You need someone always guiding your movements, so naive, so stupid.
It seemed that all your senses had been amplified in such a way that any slightest movement from Getou would make you squirm intensely, and this was even more evident when a simple rubbing of his fingertips against your still covered clit made you arch your back and try to force your hips against his palm. As his ring finger tip exerted more pressure on the most sensitive part of your pussy, you choked on your own saliva trying to get in more oxygen as if the air could clear your thoughts and your body felt hotter than the tea in the bulb.
Of course Suguru had adulterated the liquid, but not enough to make you unconscious. He wanted you awake, only partially knocked out, because his main goal was to make you feel everything, especially when Uraume had visited him days before only to make it clear that he could do whatever he wanted with you because "Y/N is so docile". To be honest, you did want to feel something besides overtiredness, but not like that, even if your body was begging for any kind of touch.
— Please... — You gasped as you noticed Getou's slender fingers finishing their way through your undergarments and brushing against the full raw length of your pussy, wetter than usual from the herbs in the tea.
— What? Don't you want me to make you feel good? — He asked, sinking his face into the curve of her neck to leave light nibbles there as his hand closed around her jaw to lift her head enough to expose her neck more to him, her hand closed around his wrist tightly at the same moment his fingers began to make small circles around her clit.
It felt so good, his touch. But it was not possible to discern whether it was because of the previously drunk tea or because her body really craved any kind of pleasure. His hand ghosted across your pussy for a few seconds before two of his fingers, middle and ring finger, entered your tight, warm interior as his palm pressed against your pelvis and the sensitive little nerve bud that sent electric waves of pleasure through every cell of your body. Instinctively your legs closed over the sudden intrusion and in response, Getou curved his fingers against that spongy spot that made you shed any sort of reluctance and force your hips against his hand, vision going white for a few seconds before your pupils tried to focus on the ceiling of the room that had an odor that once stank of pipe and now of sex.
Suguru gave a few short, light thrusts inside you, as if to see the way you would respond to the stimuli, and yours teeth bit down hard on lower lip to keep any sound from escaping your throat, and then the man with darker hair than the night whispered in your ear:
— Give me your sweet sounds, pet. — The way he used the same nickname Sukuna used with you made a shiver run down your back slowly, and his digits began to move gradually faster and faster inside your pussy, alternating intensity and force, which occasionally to your legs giving way and opening wider and wider, your breasts rising and falling because of your rapid breathing and your mouth surrendering to the temptation to moan Getou's name. — Yeah, like this, what a good and beautiful toy you are. — The dirty sounds his fingers made as they slid in and out of you made you bow your head so that you could look at the spot they were burying themselves in and your cheeks warmed as you realized how wet from the liquid of your own arousal they were.
Her hands fell on Suguru's legs, which were each on the side of hers, and gripped the fabric of his clothing as a way to relieve the tension being built inside her with how quickly her orgasm was approaching. His other palm pressed harder and firmer against her pelvis, and her eyes closed before her head fell back on Getou's shoulder as his fingers continued to widen her insides in a way that refusing to cum was almost possible. And that's exactly what happened: as her body surrendered to the orgasm, her mind seemed to blackout for a few seconds before her back arched, her thighs closed around the man's hand that remained between her legs, and hoarse moans escaped from deep in her throat. Fuck, her body was on fire. Almost literally.
— Well done, pet. — Getou whispered against your ear as he pulled your thighs apart to remove his hand from the space between them and moved away from your body, causing you to suddenly snap back into orbit and try to brace yourself on your shoulders before falling backwards onto the floor. — Some people told me that you were really a cheap whore, and in the end they weren't wrong, I guess. — Over your shoulder, you watched him bring his wet fingers to his lips and suddenly felt guilty that you felt so good, despite the middle of the adulterated tea. — Why don't you come see me again tomorrow, hm? I can make your worries and tiredness go away, isn't that what you want?
Without answering him, Y/N tried to straighten her own posture for feeling in a position that, besides being delicate, was vulnerable and humiliating, and started to pack her own clothes in order to at least reach the inn designated by Sukuna in the least suspicious way possible. Not that she owed anyone an explanation, however, arriving at a place smelling of sex and with disheveled hair is somehow vulgar. As soon as she stood up and, feeling her legs trembling a little, her hands slapped Getou's hands away when he tried to approach her through them.
— I don't need your help. —  Y/N spoke, glaring at him before walking towards the door of the room. And, before leaving, she aimed at the face of the black-haired man who seemed indifferent to her actions. — And don't touch me again without permission or I'll break your fingers.
In reality, Getou was quiet and concentrating again on finishing his pipe because he knew that Y/N would need to return to his establishment precisely because the objective assigned by Sukuna had not been completed, so why stress at that moment? And you felt anxious, as you left the luxurious and elegant house belonging to him and walked to the inn, because you knew the same thing.
In the period that followed the other days, Y/N cared only about trying to remedy the compromise of going to see Suguru in his territory where he could analyze her without problems and play with her in a game of cat and mouse that made the girl's anxiety overpower her tiredness. But at least it was great to stay in remediation for a time of good five days, because the girl's body and mental strength were slowly recharged after a long period of almost extreme stress and fatigue next to the King of Curses, although her body was still a bit sore in some parts of her shoulders and back. Also, the people in the village treated her as an untouchable queen, almost as if a crossed glance or a misunderstood face from you would cause some kind of celestial fury to fall on the poor people forced to send sacrifices to Sukuna.
However, the only bad things about having a brief stay in that unfinished city project were: the exorbitant cold that seemed to plague more of the frail bodies of the humans residing there, including Y/N's, and the fact that Sukuna's servant didn't miss an opportunity to remind the girl of her unfinished engagement, which led her again to the place previously visited that week: the entrance to Getou Suguru's establishment.
From a distance, as you approached minutes earlier, you could see two women leaving the place with satisfied faces, and your mind vaguely wondered if he treated the other girls of the village the same way he treated you. But that was a subject for another time, so the only thing you did when you arrived at the front of the house was to repeat the same procedure as the other day, that is, to tell them who was entering the place before you opened the door and entered.
— What brings you here again, doll? — Getou asked, and you felt your mouth go dry as you again saw his dark gaze on your figure that seemed less alert than on the first day you met
— You know well, don't you? As far as I know, I was sent to this crumbling village to get some kind of deed from you.
— Oh, how great that you have refreshed my memory. — A half-jolly, half-ironic smile opened his lips and a shiver ran down her back. — I thought you came back because you liked what I did to you the first day we met.
— Fucking pretentious. — You walked toward him next to the shelf full of glasses containing different colored substances and tried to lift your head to face him, even though your shoulders hurt and it was impossible not to contort your face in pain. — Could you for God's sake just give me what Sukuna wants? It's less than two days before I have to go back to that hellhole.
— Of course I can, ma'am. — Getou slid his gaze from her face to her shoulders. — But why don't you take advantage of your stay here and use my skills with substances to take away some of the pain you are feeling? I swear I could help you with that.
— I'm afraid I'll have to decline, sir. — He took a step toward you and you instinctively tried to move back, but Suguru quickly raised his arm, slung it over your left shoulder, even though you tried to slap his hand away, and eventually pressed a few points in that area that caused your body to briefly relax and your serious expression to melt into delight at the relief of the pain.
— I know you want this. — He spoke, assessing your expression and pressing his fingertips more firmly against the area of your shoulder that was throbbing the most, which made you grab his forearm suddenly because of the feeling that your legs would give way and your body would become unbalanced. — Why don't you spend a few minutes here today, hm? In the end I'll give you what Sukuna wants, and you'll even get a pain-free body as a bonus. — Suguru looked at you suggestively and he knew you were considering the idea.
— Don't you dare touch me without permission. — Getou ran his tongue over his lips and stepped away to approach the same crystal curtain that you two had passed through the other day.
— I would never dare do that. — You could tell he was stifling a provocative laugh, and then, in a matter of a few steps, you found yourself inside a different room than the one you had entered the other day.
It was bigger and the walls were thinner, almost crimson colored walls. And there were several shelves and bookcases with books of different sizes, jars filled with folders, bowls that seemed to have been preserved for quite some time. Somehow, everything in there smelled of health and well-being. There were also three rather tall and wide, clear beds, they reminded you of doctor's beds, more or less similar to the makeshift ones in the war camp you had visited months before.
Getou guided you to the bed placed in the middle of the room and instructed you to stay only in your underwear, which was thin, claiming that you wouldn't feel cold because the walls there were thick.
— What is all this for? — Y/N asked, watching Suguru approach one of the shelves out of the corner of her eye as she got rid of her thick, warm dress and pushed herself up onto the bed, sitting on the edge.
— I treat the habitants of this village, I'm pretty much their parameter of what... maybe we can call 'doctor'. — He picked up two different bottles, one with a transparent paste-like substance and the other with a pinkish powder. — Now lie down, face down, but rest your head on your arms or on one of the pillows. — You nod positively and do as you are told, with Getou leaving your field of vision as soon as you lie on your stomach and rest your face on your arms. — Legs apart. — Your frown creased, but there were no objections, your legs spread slightly and a shiver ran down your back as his long fingers opened the white ribbon that made your white nightdress representative of your underwear remain glued to your body.
After placing the two vials beside your body, Suguru spent a few minutes analyzing your back and sliding his gaze along the curve of your buttocks until he reached the area of yours thighs. The minutes that passed consisted only of Getou mixing the powder with the pasty substance, spreading the mixture over your shoulders and some points on your back and lowerback. You would be lying if you denied that it felt good, too good even, to feel his fingertips tightening the knots of tension in your muscles, and that the nervousness that had begun to permeate your body when the dark-haired man climbed onto the bed and sat on the back of your thighs with one leg on either side of your waist had already become anxiety and sexual tension, especially when his thumbs pressed against your lower back in short circular motions while Getou's other fingers closed around your waist to hold you still firmly in place.
At one point you found yourself pressing your lips against your forearm just to make sure that no lewd or erotic sounds escaped through it. But Suguru's gaze was always on your reactions, it was as if his dark orbs could see into the threads of your soul with the aim of messing them up into knots that wouldn't let you think straight.
Getou leaned over your back and rested his chin on one of your shoulders, which by now had dried substance on the skin forming only a thin, inconspicuous pink layer. When his quiet breath hit your ear you gasped and he whispered:
— Do you want me to touch you more than I'm already touching you, doll? — At your lack of immediate response, he slid his lips down the side of your neck dangerously leaving light bites through the skin, which made you let out a moan against your forearm that reached Getou's ears despite your attempt to suppress it.
Suguru pulled away slightly for a few seconds before he stirred on the bed to spread your legs further apart and put one of his thighs between them before one of his arms went around your hips and pulled you up while his other hand closed around your neck still not strong enough to restrict your access to oxygen. So now your bare back was pressed against his chest as your pussy covered by a thin layer of fabric pressed against his firm thigh and your breasts were almost bare because your nightdress was too loose from the man's earlier action of undoing the tie that held it to your body.
— You lose your confident posture so easily. How pathetic. — He brushed his thigh between her legs and her instinct was to try to move her hips in such a way as to get more friction against her clit. — Tell me that you want me to touch you and I will do it.
To be honest, Suguru didn't necessarily need a statement to know that he could touch you. He knew your body couldn't lie, but he wanted the feeling of power over you. And indirectly you gave that feeling to him.
— Please, sir. — Your voice was no more than a whispery breath with rapid breathing. — Touch me... however you want and desire. — Cheeks heated with the humiliation of being subjected to this situation. — Use me.
— I should use you as my personal cumdumpster? — Getou squeezed your neck harder to the point where his fingers almost marked your skin and his other arm was busy forcing your body up and down against his flexed thigh, starting a rhythm of friction against your pussy that made you wet the thin fabric covering it and made you stop suppressing your own moans and try to rest your hands on his arm that was still firmly planted on your hip. — Or, perhaps, as my favorite fucktoy? In either option we would both come to the conclusion that you really are a pathetic whore. It's so easy to have you spread your legs for anyone that I almost feel sorry for you. — His words made you choke on your own saliva, even though, on the other hand, they managed to have you almost reach orgasm.
It was so easy to give yourself to him that after minutes of him speeding up and slowing down just to control your climax, your body was spasming and some areas of him, like your neck and breasts, were extremely sensitive. At one point not registered by your clouded mind your moans alternated between coming out of your throat in the form of Getou's name or in the form of "Please", but what exactly you were asking for was still an unknown. Were you asking Suguru to replace his thigh between your legs with his cock? Or for him to let you cum?
But, anyway, Getou didn't let you cum at that moment and kept slowing the pace of your hips against his thigh whenever your moans got louder and indicated that you were dangerously close to reaching orgasm. Mercy? He didn't possess a shred of it.
— Shall I destroy you, doll? — He whispered close to your ear, his eyes half-closed, focused on the hypnotic movements of your body against his. — Shall I make you my cumslut? I bet you'd love me to breed you, that I wouldn't let you use up a single drop of my cum, wouldn't you? — Without answering vocally, you simply tried to shake your head positively in a desperate way, and his fingers pressed the skin of your body more firmly before he spoke with a harsh tone. — Answer me, slut. Or are you already so fucked up that you can't do anything but moan like a whore in heat to me?
— Y-Yes, sir. I-I want to... — He pressed his knee against your clit forcefully, and your words stuck in your throat for a few seconds before you regained your train of thought. — I want you to destroy me completely, please, s-sir.
At the end of her sentence, Getou let you stagger forward and against the bed as he removed his arm from your waist and his hand from your neck, after which he turned you to face him and finished removing any clothing that was still attached to your body, knocking the bottles of pain-relieving substances from your shoulders to the floor with a light thud that neither of you paid much attention to. Before he spread hers legs, he concentrated on slowly removing his own robes, intent only on making you gasp in anxiety and nervousness mixed with anticipation.
After this, Suguru placed himself between your legs and spread the lips of your pussy with his fingers opening a provocative smile at seeing you so wet from him and squirming around for nothing. Lifting the head a little, you could look at his veiny dick and maybe, just maybe, your first instinct was to get wetter, at which Getou slid his hand to grab your chin forcefully and face you.
— What a greedy little slut you are, aren't you? Always thinking with your pussy instead of your brain. — And still maintaining eye contact with you, he slowly entered your pussy, making you feel every inch of his cock and squirm with your back arching and hoarse moans escaping your lips. — Yes, let me hear your sweet sounds, doll. — Getou grunted with a satisfied side-smile before sliding his hand to the top of your neck, pressing his fingertips without too much force on the points where your jaw joined your neck because he knew that a brief pressure there would make you lose track of how much air was going in and out of your lungs; he wanted you dizzy so that only then would he fuck you dumb.
As soon as Suguru gave a slight initial thrust after withdrawing completely from you and going back inside, you could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against your cervix; the sensitivity of having your orgasm controlled and denied and the sensation of having it widen you in an almost painful and sudden way made little tears start to form at the corner of your eyes.
— Oh, how cute, are you crying? — Getou gave another brief thrust and bit his lower lip to suppress a groan as a few tears streamed down your left cheek at that sudden stimulus. — Crying for me? — And another thrust. — So delicate, so pretty, so breakable. — And another. — Cry for me, I want you to choke and no longer know pain from pleasure when we're done.
And so, resting his other hand on the bed below the two of you Suguru began to move his hips against yours in a brutal rhythm that made you move up and down according to his movements. It was obvious that the sheets beneath yours bodies were soaked with both sweat and the liquid from the mixture of your own arousal and his escaping around the edges of your pussy every time he withdrew from you only to thrust himself harder and faster.
And truly, you didn't want his mercy. You didn't need it, you wanted to be fucked until you couldn't think straight anymore, and he was giving it to you. The two of you needed only half words to establish a cohesive relationship. At the end of it all, what really mattered was the hallucinatingly good way Y/N was choking on her own saliva at the pleasure and how the salty tears falling down her face excited Getou enough to make him move against her like a beast whose sole purpose in life was to enjoy and obtain carnal lust.
Yours hands were too busy scratching and digging their nails into the once pristine back of the dark-haired man; hair that was now extremely messy and this contributed to making Suguru's irrational aura increase. Your cunt was taking him so well that he almost felt proud of you. His cumdump that was so useful for him. Trying to repress his own emotions that were out of line with his own pleasure, Getou leaned over your body and stared at you for a few seconds loving to see your fucked out look before sliding his attention down your face, landing it on your lips and taking them in a fiery, restless kiss. Your brain was slow, processing everything late, so it took a while for you to return the kiss and migrate one of your hands to the back of his neck to deepen the kiss.
— P-Please, sir... — You gasped as soon as Getou broke the kiss and focused back on fucking you in the same ruthless way as before without breaking eye contact. — May I cum, please? I-I need to cum.
— Sure, be a good slut for me and cum. — Suguru whispered against hers lips before placing over her clit and stimulating him with the hand that had previously been helping him support himself on the bed.
A few quick thrusts were briefly needed to make you finally cum, with your body temperature rising and your head falling back with Suguru's hand still around your neck. He held your body to keep you from falling completely against the bed and kept pushing himself against its walls that now seemed tighter than before. And it wasn't long before your insides were painted white with Getou's cum, and he didn't contain a series of low-pitched hoarse moans. Trying to normalize his own breathing, the man withdrew from inside you slowly, as if he didn't want to lose the feeling of having you squeezing him, and watched the exact moment when the white liquid began to almost leak from your wet and sensitive hole, then two of his fingers collected what little had come out of you and pushed themselves deep inside your pussy to keep you full.
— I said I was going to make you my cumslut, didn't I? — He asked rhetorically to you before leaving a light kiss on your collarbones and pulling you up to wrap your body around his arms. — So maybe you'll have to visit me more often in the coming months, right?
Before you could object, Getou was already carrying you down the same hallway that the two of you had previously passed through in order to take you to the room where the bathroom project of the house was located to make you shower.
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whatever-itakess · 3 months ago
my love, forever and ever
Pairing: boyfriend!king!Loki x princess!Reader
Words count: 1,6k
Summary: Loki prepare a romantic night just for you to ask something important: a marriage proposal!
N/A: I simply loved to write this one shot, in an ancient and cute way that I imagine Loki is when he receives love haha - poor boy.. I really hope you guys like and reblog this post to help the blog grow. feedbacks are very appreciated :) good reading!
Tumblr media
The sky of Asgard was as starry as never on that pleasant evening, lit by the biggest moon of the season. The cool breeze ruffled a few stands of your hair when you finally arrived in the huge balcony on the ground floor of the palace, looking for your boyfriend. There, a large table set for a dinner for two, with plenty of wine aged in the oldest barrels in the kingdom, a basket of colorful fruits, and cuisine worthy of one of the great local caught your attention as soon as you put your feet at the place.
The dishes on the wooden table were beautiful and used for special occasions. And as far as you could remember, today wasn't a celebration date. Thor's birthday would be in the next week; the birthday of Loki - your boyfriend - had already happened, and the next special holiday would be two months away. So a puzzled expression settled on your face, trying to figure out the reason for that mysterious and secret banquet in full moonlight.
"I must say that this green dress looks wonderful on your body, My Queen.." the voice whispered in your ear, accompanied by a cautious hug from behind was able to make every hair on your body shiver, and then a playful smile appeared on your lips soon after a kiss was deposited on the side of your neck.
"I'm not your queen yet, Your Majesty." slowly you turned your body to appreciate your handsome boyfriend, who carried a characteristic perfume that you loved and owner of the seductive voice that stirred your senses. When you were face to face, a quick kiss happened.
"Of course you are!" Loki said with conviction as he glued your body to his body. "If I am king, you are my queen!"
"Your mother always said that you become queen when you marry a king." your comment, although subtle, it was capable of poking your boyfriend a little, even because your giggle and the look you was directing at him made it clear that you drop a hint. Loki just laughed timidly and pulled the chair out for you to sit down.
"Was that a hint for a marriage proposal, miss Y/N?"
"Take it any way you like." he loved your sense of humor. "Is this dinner for us?"
"For what reason?"
"Do we need a reason to have a romantic moment of our own?" the brunette questioned as he poured you a glass of Asgardian wine.
"No… but with the elaborate meal, party drinks and these dishes your parents used on their wedding day, I thought l had forgotten an important commemoration."
“Technically, it is an important commemoration.” Loki had a dubious smile on his lips and intriguing look in his face, which made your curiosity grow.
"And what are we celebrating?"
"Our love!" you immediately smiled, as did your beloved, who raised his glass for a toast. "We're celebrating the most delicious, true and magical love I've ever experienced."
"I'll make your words mine, honey." exchanging smiles and caressing hands, you toasted to the sound of the crystal goblets clinking, and Loki brought your right hand to his lips, kissing it like an exemplary gentleman.
"So…" you repeated with a chuckle.
"Would you like to become queen?" the brunette asked as he left the drink on the table and then put his napkin on his legs, and only then served himself the appetizing mutton steak, which smelled very good by the way.
"Well, it is a luxury that I'd like to submit myself to." you concluded." "But is not something I want with all my might."
"Wait, so you don't want to marry me?" the God of Mischief pretended to be offended by placing his hands on his chest and raising his eyebrows in surprise, which is why you laughed and nearly choked up on a piece of baguette with fresh herb butter, you had brought to your mouth.
"Do you want to be my husband?"
"I asked you first!" the weak smile that appeared at the corner of his mouth before he took a sip of wine was the responsible for making yours appear without difficulty. This man, however often as he made mistakes, had still won your heart at the moment you met each other in your childhood, in Asgard. Of course, you wanted to marry him. And this desire was inside you since the day you played make-believe a long time ago, when he was the king of Asgard, and you were the beloved queen. "Are you really not going to answer me?"
"What do you think?"
"What do I think about what?" his expression was confused. "If you won't answer me or if you don't wanna marry me?" you laughed at his confusion.
"Do you think I don't want to marry you?"
"Well, given the circumstances and the three years we’ve definitely spent time together, plus the thousands of times you’ve hinted directly about marriage - including less than five minutes ago - I believe you wanna be my beautiful wife." although Loki was considered dangerous, manipulative and very well articulated in some situations, you couldn't disagree that he had the gift of hypnotizing people with words optimally used. "Am I right?"
"Yes, you are. As you have never been in your entire life." your calm smile reassured the brunette’s heart, who, despite knowing that you were going to marry him, still felt insecure when it came to companionship.
"Wow… that’s hard since I'm always right." he joked.
"Always?" your brow furrowed, and a slight smile settled on your lips, making Loki to laugh.
"OK, most of the time."
"You are too cocky, My King…" in a sexy way, you rose from your chair, eating a few green grapes from the huge fiber basket, and walked slowly over to the man to finally sit down on his lap.
"Do you think so?"
"Without a shadow of a doubt."
"Maybe the correct word to use is optimistic. That way I'm not feel so offended." he joked again, and you laughed. The brunette loved to hear the sound of your laughter, and to watch - dazzled - the scene of your sincere and spontaneous smile show up every time you were together. Loki was obsessed for each trace of yours, from your piercing eyes, soft skin, fragrant hair, unique curves and stunning smile. Each and every part of your body, and your soul, was loved by him with each passing day, and the brunette couldn’t see himself without you throughout eternity. "Have I ever told you that I am completely crazy about you?"
"In what way?" you asked with full mouth, still sitting on his lap, allowing him to stroke your face very slowly, staring deep into your eyes.
"In all of them... from the silliest, like you waking me up in the morning every day, to the most important.
"And what is the most important?"
"Loving you unconditionally every second that I have." your cheeks flushed in that instant, and your heart crumbled with love and tenderness as you heard your boyfriend’s sincerity directed exclusively at you.
"I love you just as much, my love." the brunette smiled passionately and tucked a stand of your hair behind your ear, so that he could see your face better.
"Do you have any idea how much your presence in my life has changed the way I live today?" you denied. "Well, know that it has changed a lot! And if today I am a better person, a better man, it is thanks to you, My Princess! Because it was your love, your true and beautiful love for me, that rescued my best version… although I may have some mischief around… but that’s beside the point." you laughed again. His silly and funny manner was certainly one of your favorite characteristic of the strong personality made up the figure men you were in love with. "What really matters is that you, Y/F/N are the woman of my life, my soul mate that I have waited so long for. And I know that with you, I'll never be alone… so I want to make a proposition." your heart raced as soon Loki's words came out of his mouth, and your eyes widened, eager for what was coming for. Slowly your boyfriend moved his fingers inward, doing the green light of magic be activated, and then a little velvet black box appeared in his hand. Although he hadn’t said anything, your exciting smile was already on your face and the tears of emotion was caught in the corner of your eyes by the very suggestive object he was holding. “Y/N, the reason of my life, do you accept to be my queen, my wife and my companion forever and ever?
"Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes!" your joy couldn’t be understood at that second, however Loki was able to capture each feeling you felt with a delicious, sweet and lovely kiss, which expressed all your love and passion for your king, and now your fiancé. "We'll be very, very happy together, Milord!"
"I have no doubt about it, Milady!
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stray-kids-react · 7 months ago
Shy s/o doesn't think they deserve them
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
° He loved your shy personality, he just wanted to cuddle and praise you all day long. Even though you are a naturally soft person, that also comes with a lot of insecurities.
° Your boyfriend is a hot aussie leader with a heart of gold who fans call daddy, you can't but feel that you don't deserve such a God like boyfriend. And he can see it bothers you.
° Chan is a sweet heart who will check in on you as often as he can even with his busy schedule, he knows having an idol boyfriend can be stressful and he wants to comfort you.
° Felix was baking brownies, which you usually helped him out with even if it is just to cheer him on as he does his thing. But both of the aussies noticed your missing presence.
° Chan waltzed up to his studio, where you often hung around when you were at the dorms. Once he walked inside he noticed your figure curled up in a chair.
° You were scrolling through some messages that were sent to you via Instagram. None of the messages were pleasant, and Chan's heart broke as he read the truly gruesome ones.
"Maybe they are right. Maybe I don't deserve you." you sighed, slumping back.
"Don't say that, you are a beautiful person inside and out who I couldn't survive without." He reassured, taking your phone away as he cuddled into you.
Lee Know
Tumblr media
° Minho always liked you since you first met during the shoot of hellevator. He was pretty obvious with his fondness of you, but you never believed that he could like you.
° Later on once you began dating, he soon realized how low your self confidence truly was. So he made a promise to himself to try and increase it as much as he can.
° Many fans would threaten you for 'taking Minho away', but Minho would shred the letters before you could see how many there truly were. He knew it would hurt you.
° Minho is very affectionate towards you and likes to show you his love through touch. Whenever you seem down, he will cover your face in small pecks until you begin to smile.
° Has seen how come fans and staff treat you, pushing you around and telling you that you aren't worth his time. Minho took it into his own hands and protected you from them.
° He doesn't like seeing you upset or feel like a burden to him, especially since you are so special to him. Minho asked Chan and JYP if he could take at least a week off, they said yes.
"You didn't have to take a week off just for me, I am okay with your schedule." You explained, ruffling his hair.
"I know you're okay with it, but I needed to get away just for a while. And I miss you everytime you're not with me." He replied, gently placing a kiss to your head.
Tumblr media
° Will do anything to make you see for at least a second how important you truly are to him, he usually sends you hearts and does an adorable aegyo voice when talking to you.
° When you first began to hang out, you were very distant and almost never said a word. Changbin wanted to get to know you, so he constantly made efforts to befriend you.
° Once you opened up you Changbin, he noticed how self conscious and self critical you were of yourself. His confusion as to why you hate yourself only grew stronger.
° Every morning when you both get out of the shower, he will stand you in front of the mirror and poke every feature on your body saying that it is gorgeous and perfect.
° Likes knowing that you feel comfortable around him and that you have him to go to when you are feeling down. He wants to always be there for you and support you.
° Won't admit it to you, but he once teared up while you were asleep because he picked up a hate letter that was directed at you and he was worried that you read it.
"Your eyes, stunning. Your tummy, adorable. Your ears, cute. Your lips, kiss able. Your butt, squishy. Your shoulders, gorgeous..."
"Binnie you have five minutes before dance practice, you should really get going now."
Tumblr media
° Hyunjin is known to be a visual God in all of kpop, even though he is also VERY talented. Many people have a crush on Hyunjin, and you happened to be one of the many.
° His personality was addictive to be around, his looks were God like, and his talent was insane. Thus making it harder and harder for you to see how much he truly adored you.
° You saw yourself on totally different levels, you alwere at a ten while he was in the thousands. Your thoughts always doubting a scenario where you two would date.
° Assuming Hyunjin was just being nice to you, it became very hard for Hyunjin to clue you into that fact that he liked you. Everyone knew this except for you it seemed.
° Jisung, being a close friend to both Hyunjin and yourself. Took it upon himself to try and arrange a way for you to not be so self critical and completely oblivious.
° The next afternoon, you walked into the dance practice room which was now turned into a full on romantic dining area. Shocked as you saw Hyunjin with a rose in his hand.
"Is this for me? It can't be... There must be some sort of mistake or-"
"No mistakes, I've liked you for a while and thought I was being obvious enough. But Jisung told me that I should simply confess."
Tumblr media
° You and Jisung have been dating for a while, and you watched proudly as Stray Kids gained more and more popularity as they deserved, since they are talented kings.
° The hate comments sent towards you, and the jealous fans or occasionally staff members and idols. Those never used to bother you, but they became more frequent.
° This slowly picked away at your already small amount of confidence, over thinking everything you do or ever did. And Jisung began to notice your distressed state.
° After a performance he went up to you back stage and leaned in for a kiss, when you barely responded to it and looked around the room nervously, his heart twisted sadly.
° Jisung took you to an unoccupied dressing room, and locked the door behind you. He cupped your cheeks gently as he rested his head against yours. A small sigh escaping him.
° You felt all of the built up sadness and anger rise out of you, as tears slowly sprinkled down your cheeks. Your hands clinging onto his back as he embraced you.
"Shh shh shh, it's okay. Just let it all out, it'll be okay. I'm here for you, you know that."
"I'm sorry, I just felt like I don't deserve you and I shouldn't have been so distant, their words just really hurt."
Tumblr media
° Felix knew it was going to be a bumpy ride seeing as he is under a huge company and his band is very popular, but he was willing to go through all of that with you.
° You and Felix were best friends before you started dating, he knew you were shy and quite distant when it came to people. He started to find it cute after a couple years.
° JYP himself has criticised you for interfering with his idols's lives. Even though you didn't interfere and honestly helped Felix calm down throughout the schedules.
° Felix was disappointed by some fo the fan's toxic behavior towards you, knowing that those types of comments will stick with you for quite sometime. You made him happy and he wished others would see that.
° The other members and artists under JYP saw you as part of the big jyp family, but even their support couldn't stop the sadness that brewed as more hate letters were sent.
° You didn't want to stress your already overworked boyfriend, so you tried to find a quiet spot to cry in. But Felix knew you too well, and knew where you would hide.
"I'm okay Lix, I don't want to stress you out since your already on a hectic schedule today. I'll be fine I swear."
"I won't leave until I know for a fact that you are okay, the practice can wait. You need me right now and I'm going to be here for you."
Tumblr media
(He looks so cute! I couldn't help myself lol)
° You were also a beloved idol, and many eoopel actually found your relationship with Seungmin quite adorable. You felt lucky that there wasn't so much hate directed at you.
° Even though you both seemed to have it easy compared to other idol couples, you couldn't help but feel insecure when Seungmin treated you like a queen/king.
° Many fans of yours knew that off stage you are an adorable shy bean, but no one except for Seungmin knew why you would become so shy and distant towards others.
° Your shyness came from extreme anxiety and self image issues. You never had much confidence, and Seungmin made many goals to try and bring your confidence up.
° One day after a hard performance, you sat in front of your dressing room mirror and let your tears slide down your cheeks silently. Letting your anxiety take over everything.
° Seungmin walked in with a box of celebration cupcakes, only to have hsi smile fade once he saw the tears rushing down your features. He felt his heart sink.
"I'm sorry Seungmin. It's stupid really, but I just don't feel like I deserve you."
"Y/n, we are perfect for each other. I spoil you with love and affection because you always make me feel special and loved."
Tumblr media
° You knew how beloved Jeongin was, by fans, members, idols, netizens, family... Everyone. This sent a large amount of pressure towards you once you began dating.
°Jeongin loved your quiet and calm personality, it was a nice break from the loud JYP building and Stray Kids dorms. Your shyness is what attracted him to you.
° He liked cuddling with you in your apartment, talking about nothing and everything as a random movie played in the background. It was his favorite place to be.
° You both were open with anything that was bothering you and never let something stir inside of you for too long. He wanted to be your safe haven for when you need one.
° One weekend when he was staying at your place, he noticed you seemed more quiet than usual and asked you what was bothering you. Since something clearly was.
° You snuggled into his chest as you clung onto him tighter, sighing in defeat knowing you will have to admit your feelings even though you think they seem silly.
" I feel like I don't deserve you. I mean, you are Yang Jeongin a literal angel."
"You deserve the universe and everything in it, I love you and only you. Don't put yourself down, remember how much I care about you."
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bakugohoex · 8 months ago
Porco Requests? I've got plenty. This man is running through my mind 24/7 now. What about Porco with a super shy s/o? This man would treat his S/o right. Uncomfortable? Just tell me why. Too nervous? I'll tell everyone to shut up and listen to you. UGH I LOVE THIS MAN.
“i’ll make them listen, don’t worry baby”
Tumblr media
pairing: porco galliard x gender neutral reader
cw: modern au, langage, fluff
word count: 1300+
a/n: brooo porco is so baby i love him so much, i’m a simp 
summary: in which you the shy reader are in a relationship with porco
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Tumblr media
He’d definitely be the one who came up to you asking for your number, you’d probably be walking outside of uni or something and he saw you and he needed your number.
Asks for it with the worst pick up line ever, something along the lines of I seem to have forgotten my phone number, can I have yours? You were an entire mess refusing to meet his eye and even forgetting that numbers have 9 digits and not 8.
You don’t even give him your name; you just say your number and leave in a hurry. 
His bad pick-up line clearly did wonders to you. 
He’d definitely text you straight after with his name and start asking questions, can’t lie he’d carry the conversation until you became comfortable with him.
He would definitely ask you to dinner or the movies on the weekend, you aired him for 20 minutes in shock. 
No words, he’d see the three dots in the bubble multiple times and then it’d disappear.
Half an hour later, a simple yes comes through. You’d never told him how you texted and called all your friends for advice on the mysterious man. 
You make your friends follow you both on your date, they actually take notes on how he opens the restaurant door for you, pulls the chair out, pays for the meal, he's such a gentleman and he does the talking after he realises, you’re shy around him.
He would walk you home, you’d both do that thing where your hands keep brushing against each other before he finally just grabs your fingers.
You’d give him a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night and this man would blush so hard. His ears would prick pink and a redness with speckle across his face. He hides it so quickly and before you can go inside, he’d ask for another date in the quietest voice possible. 
You accept, who fucking wouldn’t.
A couple months into your relationship, the facetimes and texts were equally split between you two. 
You’d scream down the phone to tell him about the new anime merch that had just arrived or complain about your day. You do not talk half an hour to send a message to him anymore.
Your friends think you two will marry, it’s certain, they have it all planned. 
Even with your shyness around new people you got along with his friends having met them a couple times. Pieck was always your favourite person to see at parties and gatherings but you were often talked over a lot when the louder confident ones at the parties spoke. 
Porco would notice this in an instant and always try and get your opinion out knowing that you liked the topic and had insight on it.
This man will literally tell everybody to shut the fuck up (politely to not make you embarrassed), just so they can hear you speak.
He also does it just to listen to you ramble on about your favourite topics.
*heart eyes*.
Or if someone makes you uncomfortable by getting too close or trying to get with you, this man will be at your side, lacing his fingers with yours and taking you to people you’re more comfortable with.
All in all this man is a simp and would bring but the best in you. 
“Y/n, Porco, you guys finally made it.” Pieck laughed a drink in her hand as she slouched against the sofa, the sound of music blaring and lights flashing sent you to grab onto your boyfriend's arm. 
He could already sense your unease at your surroundings, your grip tightening as his arm wrapped around you. “I’ll stay by your side the entire night.” 
You smile nodding at the boy, his blonde hair pulled back as usual, he gave a soft smile back before kissing your forehead. You had expected a night filled with drinking and being around friends, but you seemed to have been taken by Bertholdt and Reiner with Porco following along to the living room. 
They sat down as you situated yourself next to Porco, his hand in your hair as you leant against his body, the conversation had been boring, talking about some game on the PS4 that you had heard Porco shouting at a couple weeks ago. 
“I won that match.” Porco took a swig of the drink, your own drink on the table as you stared at it bored out of your mind. 
Reiner raised an eyebrow leaning his arms around the sofa, “fuck that you know I won it all together, one-win doesn’t make you a winner.”
Porco scowled at the boy before the conversation turned to something you enjoyed a lot more, “this guy really said Ichigo would beat Naruto.” Your ears perked at the conversation; it was between people you hadn't met but Annie had noticed how your eyes widened knowing you’d have the best input. 
She smiled starting to converse with the boys, “what the fuck really?”
You had always loved Bleach and Naruto, your favourite being Bleach and having talked to death about it to Porco and now with Annie including you, you had started to break off from your shyness, “Y/n’s up to date on both manga’s actually.” Annie was often cold with people but you two had become friends with ease having the same interests and her coldness and your shyness became an unlikely duo. 
“Let me guess another Ichigo simp.” One of the guys said and you gave a wary look, Ichigo was hot. You knew that and you knew that being a girl involved in a manga that had been directed towards teen boys made you become quiet. “She probably read the manga for the guys.”
“Not really.” You muttered, “I read it because it was actually interesting especially when Ichigo fights Ulquiorra”.
Your entire statement had been ignored and Annie had tried to include you, but you continued to be dismissed as just another girl simping for the characters. Of course you were a simple but to exclude you too one category was disheartening. You moved closer to Porco, he had watched the scene, how you had been ignored and now with your head leaning against his chest once again. 
“I’ll make them listen, don’t worry baby.” His voice was a soft whisper, leaving a soft kiss against your forehead before starting to converse with the guys. “You guys are talking about who would win?”
“Yeah, some guy saw Ichigo and thought he’d win against Naruto.” Porco started nodding, acting like he knew who these characters were, of course he had some idea of who they were, but he hadn't watched either as he got bored of how long it was.
“Oh, my girlfriends read and watched both, she’s better suited to this.” He pointed to you as you smiled at him, he was never going to tell them to our right shut up as it’d be a dick move, but it allowed for you to talk.
You gave a soft smile before you joined the conversation properly, the guys seemed intrigued by your opinion. Explaining both sides and why other anime fans would believe it to occur, as you sat upright rambling and talking. Porco watched with an intense look, he didn't need to speak, just watch and admire. He knew how you’d talk and talk and talk about anything you were interested in, but he saw how even with your initial shyness and dismissiveness they listened. Adding their own input, his hand went to reach your fingers, you felt it lacing your fingers.
He could listen to you talk forever, listen to every single word you ever said. Because he loved you and in those moments. Just staring at your beauty, the way your fingers gripped his own, the soft necklace he had bought your across your neck. He knew you’d be the one he’d spend the rest of his life with.
Tumblr media
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simplysparrow14 · 2 months ago
Nasiens Is A Girl And Is Disguising Himself/Herself As A Boy.
Tumblr media
So after binge reading most of the sequel manga to Seven Deadly sins -- Four Knights of the Apocalypse -- And ruminating for quite some time, I've had this weird sneeking suspision about one of my favorite characters so far, Nasiens.
Nasiens, the Mad Herbalist, is in fact a girl disguising herself as a boy. One of the things that really stuck out to me about this is Nasiens's eyelashes. Call me crazy, but the fact that Nasiens bottom eyelashes are so profound in so many of his pictures and manga panels is something that has had me whipped and curious since the moment he strolled down the stairs of his home to make Percival his Guinea Pig.
And you may be thinking, 'eyelashes is a weird thing to notice on a character?', and you'd be right. Most of the male characters in NNT and 4KOTA don't have bottom eyelashes. The Mangaka clearly has a gender drawing style -- Females are often drawn with full bottom/top lashes, while males are drawn with full top lashes and hardly any bottom lashes at all.
Some examples:
Tumblr media
'but wait, Gowther has lashes. But Gowthers also a boy! and Golxinia has eyelashes and he's a boy also' and you'd be right. But people tend to forget that in the case with Gowther -- Gowther is a doll, specifically a doll made to resemble Demon!Gowther's lover -- Who was, in fact, a girl. Everyone needs to remember that the Gowther that we know was created with the physical appearance of a male, has the voice of a male, who canonically uses He/Him pronouns, but ultimately has the face and softness of a woman.
Tumblr media
And when it came to Gloxinia , the first fairy king, we all remember that wig-snatching revelation where we all thought that Gloxinia was a weird female demon who used tentacles as a magical weapon, only to do a Rupaul's drag race level wig-snatch and revealing that Gloxinia was in fact, not a woman, but a very pretty man who also happened to be the first fairy king. Gooped and Gagged we were, truly.
But anyway the whole point for that little comparison is that the Mankaga clearly likes to set up expectations regarding characters appearances and then subverting that expectation. A normal average fan who didn't hear Gowthers masculine voice and only saw a picture of him in the maid outfit would clearly think that he's a woman, only to be whiplashed in reality. Same with Golxinia, as we were when Golxinia did his wig-snatch.
Meaning that the Manakga could just be doing the reverse -- let the audiance beleive that Nasiens is a boy, only to rip the rug out from under everyone. Nasiens isn't a boy -- He's a girl.
Another thing:
Do I think that Nasines is one of King and Diane's kid? No, not really. Mostly because it just seems unlikely, mostly on the account that 1) Nasiens doesn't truly look like a KingXDiane child. Yes, I know that the mangaka has same face syndrome, but I've personally seen worser same-face syndrome by other mangaka 2) It be a weird plot thing to have the child of DianexKing be seemingly lost/abandoned to a random gorge.
I could be wrong, but personality I think that King and Diane's Kid is Gawain, a Arthurian Knight who also shared the same ability as Escanor in that his power waxed and waned with the sun. Like, its obvious right? Escanor's power that made him grow extremally buff in the daytime and scrawny in the nighttime would be a perfect match for a child between the extremely tiny, lanky fairy race and the extremely tall Giant race, who's body is already a weird amalgamation of two different races?
Another thing that I noticed is Naisnes other pysical attribes -- specifically his lips in the color spread. And I know, 'his lips, really?'
Tumblr media
Yes, really, because I find it so strange that one of the male characters had his lips colored specically like a womans. Case in Point, A few of the women in the color spreads and manga covers. Elizabeth has her lips colored. Rosa had her lips colored. Even Anne has her lips colored.
Tumblr media
Now, you could say that it was most likely a coloring accident and that the mangaka made a mistake in the coloring.
While, yes, valid, I argue it’s not. Mangaka’s, especially ones that use copies and other alcohol based markers, do rough sketches with the markers, swatching them multiple times to see what colors would look good together. Meaning that during the mangaka’s sketching process, he clearly picked out the copic marker and liked it’s color so much that he used it to shade the mouth of one his “male” presenting characters.
‘But why doesn’t he use the lip color for the other colored drawings?’ Because 1) most of the time, Nasiens doesn’t have his lips flat — either he’s shouting or has his mouth open. And 2) sometimes magaka’s are lazy and copic markers are expensive to replace if used frequently. 🤷🏻‍♀️
another color spread: Its kind of hard to see, but you can sorta see that Naseins bottem lip is a lighter pink-ish beige shade than the normal tan shade used for his skin color.
Tumblr media
'but what about his chest? If he was a woman, wouldent he have breasts?' Yes and No. I say this because, biologically speaking, if Nasiens was indeed a girl, he would have breasts. But I also say no in that throughout Seven Deadly sins, there were quite a few female characters who were very, very flat chested.
The last thing that I wanted to mention is some manga panels that I think really drive in the notion is a few manga panels that are just… interesting in hindsight.
The first one Im going to point out regarding Naseins is Anne's initial meeting with him. In this panel, Anne clearly remarks to herself that Naseins "has a secret" about himself. Now I know this panel is pretty vauge, considering that that secret could be literally anything in the world. But again, I find it so fascinating that
Obviously we have Donnie's comment about Nasiens. When Donny and Percival are leaving to restart their journey, Donny kind of jokes about how Nasiens was crying like a girl over the fact that Ordo was back to normal. He also jokes about Nasiens giving Percy a farewell kiss of gratitude, and then when Nasiens is trying to tell Percival that he is his first, true friend, Donny is freaked out because he believes that Nasiens is about to confess romantic feelings for Percy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I bring this up for two reason s-- 1) This mangaka loves to foreshadow the shit out of something, and from my experience from reading Seven Deadly Sins, I am often in fear for every single sentence this man writes in his manga panels. 2) I find it so weird that donny would joke about Nasiens' feelings, especially within the context of him acting like a girl, not once, not twice but three times.
The next is with Anne, Percy and Nasiens. Anne and Percival are clearly having a very tender and somewhat romantic moment as Anne is forcing medicine down Percy's throat by kissing him, very much like Elaine did with Ban. But what's special about the scene is that Nasiens' expression is that its one of shock -- almost as if he didn't expect it to happen (and he didn't). He then looks away, almost as if he's looking at something that shouldn't be viewed or gawked at. Its a very tender moment between Anne and Percy, and he's choosing to respectfully look away in order to give Anne and Percy privacy. I've also heard a bit of a theory that Nasiens may be a little bit jealous of Anne. A lovely mutual by the name of @arcl has a pretty good post pointing it out, so you should definitely check it out here.
Again, this could be just me Pepe Silvia-ing it up in here and reading too far into things, but its fun and I love the thought of this mangaka doing another wig-snatch, double-take, knocking you on the floor type reveal like he did with Golxinia.
Well, if Naseins isn't Naseins, then who is he/she?
Simple: Naseins is Iseult of Ireland.
I know that sounds a bit of a stretch, considering that we're not even 30 chapters in with Four Knights of the Apocalypse, but hear me out:
I consider Iseult for two things: 1) Iseult's role in her story with Tristan and 2) Nasiens' vaguely weird backstory.
There is a wonderful video by Jopseph Campbell that speaks about Tristan and Iseult. Its very fascinating and very informal and you should defiantly check it out if you have the time.
I would also like to point out that in most retellings of Tristan and Iseult, one of the main plot devices used in order for Tristan and Isuelt to meet is that during one of Tristan's fights, he gets poisoned and in order to get healed, he heads to the one person who can cure the posion within his blood. Now granted the stories, its often Isuelts mother (somehow also named iseult.) who could cure the poison, but the point still stands.
and it just so happens that in 4kota, we somehow have a person who deals in poison within the party.
Tumblr media
again, this could just be me having my tin-foil hat on too tight and reading too much into things.
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beerecordings · a month ago
Marvin's Cage
Story One l Story Two l Story Three l l Story Four l Story Five
This is part 1 of the sixth story, where Marvin's secret comes to light. Tws for extreme distress, imprisonment, Anti's general creepiness, and mentions of human trafficking.
Thanks for reading! Let me know if you love to hate it. I'll hopefully have the next part fairly soon. But also this is quite long, as a heads up
Okay, here we go...
They stack cards in terse silence, racing through decks, climbing up to Jacks, Queens, Kings. They both grab at a black seven of hearts at the same time and end up slapping at each other's hands, JJ yanking the card back just before his opponent. Anti cackles and keeps flipping cards, waiting for the next one to snatch.
“Peanuts,” signs JJ suddenly, and Anti swears and laughs and starts picking the cards up to re-deal, doling them out in piles, and they're playing again, without a word, stacking decks, up and up and up.
After a few rounds, JJ reaches for a bottle of water at his side, sucking it down and brushing at his sweaty hair. Anti rocks on his thighs, chewing at his nails. “Where's your sweet Big Brother today, child?” he asks.
“Comes and goes,” signs JJ, setting his bottle down and getting a granola bar out of its box for lunch. “Birthday week. Celebrate, family. But he will come see me soon. He loves me because I've been very good.”
He stacks up a fresh set for another game, yawning.
“He ought to let you come play with me in the real world,” purrs Anti, stroking his thumb across JJ's chin. Jameson shivers, but he does not protest. “He's so mean to keep you from me. Now all I get to do is come visit you and play silly games. My warm flesh... don't you know I miss you?”
JJ sorts his cards quietly, avoiding his eye. Anti reaches forward and grips his neck, squeezing gently.
“My warm flesh,” he repeats softly, licking his lips.
Jameson breathes through his mouth as Anti begins to strangle him, keeping calm. The easiest thing is just to get through it. If he talks back or makes Anti angry, then he'll really get hurt, and there will be nothing he can do to stop it. Anti gets up on his knees and crawls into JJ's space, pushing him down onto the floor of his cage. He straddles his waist and increases the pressure on his throat. JJ gazes up at him, still.
“We had such a good time together,” hums Anti, feeling his thready human heartbeat beneath his hands. “Didn't we?”
JJ doesn't remember much good about his time with Anti. He knows the taste of a human heart in his mouth. He was once chained against a wall so tightly he couldn't protest when the rats began to gnaw at him. At one point, he was so delirious and hurt that he believed he was dead for two weeks straight.
That's the good thing about his Brother. Not being allowed to leave this box doesn't matter, and neither do the occasional beatings or possessions Anti causes him, because Brother would never let anything half as horrible as the things Anti used to do to him happen anymore. Brother protects him from Anti – and protects everyone else in the world from Anti using his body.
He shudders at the memory of his teeth clamping down around the beating muscle his hands pulled from a stranger's chest. Blood leaking onto his tongue, warm as it filled his mouth. He was laughing. His fingers dug into soft, squishy organs, the filth filling up his broken nails, and his heart beat like the wing of a hummingbird beneath his ribs, making him dizzy with Anti's sick delight.
Yes. Brother protects him. Brother protects everyone. That's why he's here.
He's just beginning to lose consciousness from the cut-off of his oxygen when something stops Anti.
His head tilts and his ears perk up as he stills, paying attention to something JJ has not sensed yet. His mismatched eyes flicker back and forth as he thinks – and then a wide smile grows on his face.
“Please let go,” signs JJ, squirming.
“Someone... other than Marvin,” Anti mumbles. “Oh, this will be really good.”
JJ stills, blinking. Anti creeps to his feet, gazing through the front of JJ's box from the corner, trying to look without being seen. His eyes light up with a venomous light. He turns his smile towards JJ, eyes gleaming.
He crawls back into JJ's space, tucking a strand of his brother's hair behind his ear. JJ holds still as Anti leans close to him, whispering against his ear:
“Things are going to change for you now, my darling. But I'll see you again soon. I promise. So don't forget about me, child – not even for a moment.”
A cold kiss presses against the side of JJ's head.
Then Anti is gone, leaving only a faint and fading trail of glitching colors behind him.
JJ waits for a few moments, but he's so used to Anti's mannerisms he can't even be unnerved. He sighs, scattering the cards across the floor. Well, if Anti is gone, he'll have to find something else to do.
He reaches for his violin, getting to his feet and stretching a little before setting the bow down. Still, he can't shake a feeling that something in the air has changed for good.
Jackie treads on the solid floor of the endless mirror, his head tilted as he listens to the music.
“What the hell is this?” he whispers, creeping forward.
It's certainly not a portal to anywhere, not like it used to be, or at least this isn't the door. Instead there's some kind of box, a shed or a tiny house like on TV or maybe just a really weird puppet theater. The words “JJ's Jolly Jaunts” is spread across the top of the inside layer, behind bars, and it makes Jackie's stomach do a weird, foreboding turn that he doesn't understand.
Something about this is fucked up, that's all he knows. But if it has something to do with his missing brother – well, why wouldn't Marvin tell him? Has he been trying to find him? Is this some freaky memorial to him? Does Marvin think he's dead?
His next footstep lands heavily, echoing a little in the expanse. The music that he thought must have played from a speaker cuts off with a timid release of the violin bow from its strings, and he stops dead in his tracks.
Something is in here.
Someone is in here.
Being alarmed and weirded out, however, is only a catalyst for Jackie's curiosity, and the not-knowing becomes almost unbearable. He races towards the box, setting his tense fingers on the side of the barred window as he looks in.
There are decorations like fairy nights and pinned-up drawings of animals overhead a big red rug and a mattress with blankets and pillows disarrayed on top. A small curtain covers a corner in the back, stuffed animals stack against the wall opposite, and there are tupperware containers and cardboard boxes full of granola bars, dried fruits, cookies, and more. Art supplies scatter across the floor – paper and charcoal and bits of fabric and buttons. Jackie leans a little farther over the sill, his face nearly pressing against the bars around the outside, and he sees homemade puppets among the felt and sewing materials.
“This is fucked,” he mutters, turning to the left. Pressed closer, he can see some cleaning supplies. He turns to the right and –
Jackie rears back with a shout, his heart leaping into a double-time march.
Silence in the mirror realm. Nothing moves.
Deep breaths, Jackie. Deep breaths.
“Jameson?” he whispers, stepping cautiously back towards the cage. “I... is that you?”
It looked like him, for the moment where Jackie's eyes landed on him, a figured pressed against the closest corner of the box, clutching a violin like a shield and staring back at Jackie with wide eyes. But it couldn't be. Why would he be here? None of this makes sense, but the idea that comes closest – of course.
“Not Jameson,” he realizes, face darkening. “Anti. Right? Marvin caught you, didn't he? And he's... trying to get you out of Jameson's skin. Trying to make you let him go. You fucking parasite.”
There's a slight scraping of cloth on wood. Jackie tenses, licking his mouth, and waits for Anti to start laughing and step out to see him.
But nothing moves.
“If you're trying to get me to come closer, you missed your opportunity,” snarls Jackie. “Fuck, I can't believe – why wouldn't he tell me about this? It must have been just the last couple weeks that he caught you, since we fought just before. You've been possessing him this whole time, then, bastard? You're a creep. When I figure this out with Marvin, you'll never touch him again.”
And Jackie waits again, but... nothing.
This isn't like Anti. Not taunting? Not snarling and snapping or teasing Jackie over every failure he's ever been haunted by?
Why the pictures on the wall? Why all the stuffed animals? What the hell is going on?
“Forget you, then,” Jackie scowls. “I need to go talk to Marvin.”
He turns to walk away, back towards the portal, mind racing. He needs to talk to him before he gets more confused.
He touches the portal to leave.
Why the pictures? Turtles and bears and butterflies?
That's not Anti.
It must be.
Why the stuffed animals? A well-loved puppy, ratty with hugs and petting?
Anti wouldn't do that.
It only looks like Jameson because it's Anti. It has to be Anti.
Why any of this? The obvious time that's been spent in that box even though he saw Anti not a month past? The scared look on Anti's face as he hid from Jackie, something he's never done before? The violin music? Does Anti play violin now?
That is not Anti.
But it has to be, so –
“I need to talk to Marvin,” he repeats to himself, heart racing again. “I need...”
Marvin lied to me.
Marvin didn't tell me about this. Hid this. On purpose. Denied all of it a hundred times.
No. That's my little brother. I can trust him.
He lied.
And that –
It's Anti.
It's not Anti.
It has to be.
It isn't.
Looking back at this moment, Jackie will wonder what would have happened if he went through that portal and asked Marvin what was going. What he would have said. If he would have lied, if he would have made excuses. If he would have just been silent.
It doesn't matter now.
He knows that something is not right, and he can't trust Marvin – shit, he's never had that thought before, not once in his life – so he has to figure this out on his own.
He walks back towards that cage in the middle of the endless reflections of himself. In the mirrors, he can see himself walk towards the box from behind – steady, tentative steps, tense shoulders beneath a red jacket, hands in black gloves squeezed into fists. He can see himself from the side, with his mouth parted and his eyes fixed ahead. He can see his own face, looking into his own eyes, looking into the face he shares with his younger brother, the first younger brother he had, the one who made everything else worth having.
As he comes back towards the box, he realizes that whoever is in there must have thought he left like he said he would, because now he hears soft sobbing coming from inside. He hears the moment the violin is set aside with a slight thud, and cloth slides against the wood as the prisoner sits down on the floor. Jackie stands outside, listening, his eyes beginning to burn.
Not Anti. Not Anti. He knows. In his heart, yes – in his heart he already knows.
“Hello?” he calls.
The crying cuts off. Jackie closes his eyes. Deep breaths. Deep breaths, Jackie, even if this can't be true.
“Look, Anti,” he says. “If that's you, well. I hate your guts, but I still don't think you should be trapped in a box like this. Nobody should be. Come out and tell me what's going on and we'll figure this out.”
The prisoner doesn't bite.
“Okay,” sighs Jackie. “Um. Listen, I... I'm sorry I yelled. If you're not Anti, please let me know. I'm not going to hurt you. I was just surprised. And scared, I think. I don't know what's going on.”
A soft, shaky breath moves through the air.
“I'm going to come closer now,” says Jackie, straightening up. “I'm going to look at you again. Please don't scratch my eyes out or anything. Okay.”
He leans in for a second time, bringing his head close to the bars.
There he is. The prisoner in the corner. He's sitting down now, arms wrapped around himself. His face is mostly hidden in the knees drawn to his chest, but his eyes –
Big blue eyes look up at Jackie from beneath overgrown, mousy brown curls.
Jackie has never claimed to be good at reading others. He actually tends to miss plenty that other people seem to find obvious in mere expressions and gestures. But this...
No. He could never forget this exact look, these exact eyes. The eyes of the little brother that stared up at him for hours that night so many months ago when he lost him. The eyes that were looking at him when he lost consciousness and woke up to an empty bed and a missing piece of his heart. The fear and the confusion and the hope and the love all at once.
His Jameson.
Jackie bows his head and cries.
For long minutes he's bent over the side of that ledge by the box, one hand clinging to the bars behind which his youngest brother has been kept as a prisoner, and he can't seem to stop no matter how hard he tries. There is no noise from Jameson. Jackie can't look at him again. Can't bear it.
And then the soft brush of something against his hand startles Jackie from his breakdown, and he looks up to find a tissue pressed against his fingers.
JJ has brought him a tissue.
Jackie stares at him and Jameson looks back, ducking his head shyly now, even as he pulls Jackie's fingers around the Kleenex, plucking gently at his hand. Jackie takes the tissue. JJ backs away again, still holding that battered violin to his chest like a shield.
“Thank you,” croaks Jackie.
Jameson nods just a little, eyes fixed on him.
“Do you... remember me?” asks Jackie. “We were... it was so short. Just that night. And you were sick and confused. He'd been possessing you a long time and I just – do you remember at all or...?”
Jameson scoots a little closer, chewing at his nails for a second.
His fingers reach out to touch Jackie's again. Curl around the back of his hand and settle there. Soft.
He nods just a little a second time.
Yeah. He remembers.
“Jameson,” breathes Jackie.
He reaches for his hand in return. Their fingers lock together through the bars.
Laughter bubbles up in the empty coldness of the mirror realm, and after a moment Jackie realizes he is the one he's laughing.
“Yes,” he laughs, squeezing his hands, and JJ looks back at him in awe, letting his violin fall to the side. “Yeah, Jameson, my little brother. You remember me. You're alive! You're here! JJ, JJ... how do I get you out?”
He wants to be holding him. Now. Wants to wrap him up like the kittens Marvin used to sneak into the house and take him back to the world and never let him the fuck out of his sight again.
Jameson glances to the right of his box and Jackie goes racing around the side to find the opening. There's nothing but a half-door carved into the side and this is locked by a padlock with no keyhole. Jackie grabs the chunk of metal, frowning, and there – carved into the back of the metal are sigils that burn with heat even untouched in the coldness.
He returns to JJ, taking his hand again.
“I'm going to get you out of here,” he says, and it's so true and so important in his chest that it hurts somehow to get the words out. “I'm here now and I will not let anything more happen to you.”
He wishes JJ would smile or nod or anything like that. But he just stares at Jackie with that big, starry awe in his blue eyes, and squeezes his hand softly, shuffling closer to him, staring. Jackie holds his breath as Jameson leans his head against the bars of his prison so his forehead almost touches Jackie's. He picks up the discarded tissue and presses it against Jackie's reddened cheeks, mouth parting.
Jackie clings to his hands and closes his eyes, letting his little brother brush his tears away.
“Jameson,” he says, just soft, though everything seems loud in the silence, in the emptiness, in the endless cold. “Tell me who did this to you.”
JJ draws away. There is a pause where he looks down at his toys and his animals and his art. His hands wrap around each other. He shrugs his shoulders weakly.
“Tell me,” says Jackie, reaching for him again. “Jamie, my Jamie. Tell me.”
His head already knows, but in his chest –
Jameson chews at his nails for a second, big eyes flashing up to Jackie, and then he turns and points at the picture pinned to the wall above his mattress.
In JJ's charcoals, Marvin is thin and tired, but whoever drew the curve of his sorrowful mouth and detailed the light in his eyes loves him.
Jackie's heart stays steady. His eyes do not burn. His lets out just one more shaking breath.
Very well, then.
“Jameson,” he says. “I will be right back.”
“No! No, not even like that.”
“There's no scenario in which this works, Chase.”
“Guys, hear me out!” Chase cries, re-adjusting on the couch between them and snagging popcorn from Marvin's bowl. “Okay, so the earth is round – ”
“Well, he's got that much right,” says Marvin.
“Already better than I was expecting, to be fair,” agrees Henrik.
“The earth is ROUND,” re-iterates Chase, shoving them both. “So theoretically, if I got enough momentum, and there was a path that went all the way around... I could Heely the whole way round the earth.”
“No,” groan his siblings, throwing popcorn at him. “No, that still doesn't – ”
“Haters! Haters, the both of you!”
Marvin's laughing and antagonizing Chase by pushing him with his socked feet, trying to throw him off the couch while Henrik shields the cat from the fighting on the other side of the cushions. They've been talking about stupid shit for so long he's completely lost track of the plot of the movie they're watching, but it doesn't matter.
Nothing matters but them. And you know what, he feels good today, feels light and painless for the first time in a long time. For them to actually set aside the time for his birthday... well, that's the only thing he could have asked for. That and some earrings. And food. And a couple other things he wanted. But really the time together is the important stuff.
And here comes Jackie to complete them.
“Good afternoon, my darling, and will you be joining us?” he crows, letting his feet fall into Chase's lap instead of continuing to try and shove him off the couch. “Sit down with us and let's – um, Jackie?”
Why is he standing like that? Too still on the stairs. Wild, bouncy Jackie frozen stiff with his palm spread out against the wall, steadying him like a statue with a weak foundation. In his other hand: his fighting staff, extended and clenched so hard in his fingers that they have gone red with blood.
“Jackie?” asks Chase. All three of them are staring up at him by now, the TV playing loudly in front of them. “Everything okay?”
Jackie blinks at him a couple times, his face blank.
Henrik and Chase look at each other, eyebrows raising. Marvin's eyes are just fixed on their oldest brother. He realizes that his body has gone just as tense as Jackie's, his legs swinging off Chase's lap and setting firmly against the carpeted floor, a hand pressed against the cushion beside him.
Jackie starts shaking his head. Head low, eyes haunted.
“What's the matter?” asks Marvin.
Jackie shakes his head at him. His mouth is taut and his eyes narrow, angry like a wounded dog.
Marvin's throat is dry.
“What's the matter?” he repeats.
“Chase, Henrik,” says Jackie. “Go to Stacy's and stay there til I say you can come home.”
Chase pauses the movie, gaping at Jackie. Beyond the bizarre suddenness of the request, he never calls Schneep 'Henrik.' After a second, he moves to rise, but Henrik reaches across them to grab his arm and pull him back down.
“I don't think we're going anywhere, my friend,” says Henrik softly. “What's going on?”
“'Maybe Marvin can tell you,” Jackie answers.
Marvin can almost feel his own neurons firing. In a second, he has made the decision to lie through his teeth.
Because this isn't happening. He won't let this be happening. Jackie does not know – you've been scared that he does a million times before and they've all been false alarms, don't overreact, this is just some kind of misunderstanding – and he will never know. He will never, never know.
“Jackie, I don't know what's going on,” says Marvin sadly. “Tell us, please.”
“Yeah, Jackie, shit, you're freaking me out,” Chase agrees. “You want me to turn the lights off? You can lie down and – ”
“I'm fine,” says Jackie. “Marvin, you know, you – ”
“I don't know what's going on.”
“I went in your room.”
He laughs. Doesn't know why. “Okay?”
Henrik and Chase just look between him and Jackie. Jackie starts coming down the stairs. Heavy footsteps on the wood.
“Let's go look together.”
Marvin's smiling at his brother, his lip snarling a little.
He nightmared over this moment so many times. Is it really here? He always thought it would make him scared.
It just makes him angry.
Jackie doesn't know shit and it will stay that way. Stupid, naive Jackie. Marvin will lie his way out of this if he has to gaslight Jackie til Chase and Henrik call him crazy.
“There's nothing in there,” he says.
Jackie grabs him by the arm.
“Jackie!” calls Henrik, getting to his feet and setting his hands indignantly on his hips. Marvin wants to laugh again. Schneep is using his big, bad doctor voice, just like he would with any other argument in their house. Like they're fighting over who flooded the sink or whether to keep the kittens Queenie's pregnant with. Like it's just any other day.
There's no inkling in either him or Chase that this is Marvin's apocalypse. Somehow, it makes him feel powerful. Even if Jackie does have some idea of what's going on, only Marvin knows how deep this really goes.
“Don't grab him like that,” Henrik is scolding. “Now tell us what's going on or – ”
“Don't bother, Schneep,” says Marvin, staring right at Jackie. “He's angry. And you know Jackie when he's angry. He doesn't listen to anyone.”
Jackie's ears draw back and his mouth clamps tighter. He's gazing right back at Marvin. Heat like a geyser in his blue eyes.
“Let him drag me, whatever,” Marvin continues. “He'll realize he was wrong with whatever he's talking about later and come sobbing to me for forgiveness. 'Oh, Marvel, I was so mean, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry...'”
Jackie yanks him hard towards the stairs, ignoring Chase and Henrik shouting at them. Marvin lets him march him towards his room, but it's becoming less funny. His eyes burn and it seems difficult to breathe. His heart pounds against his ribs hard enough that Jackie might be able to feel it from his grip on him.
He can see Anti under Jameson's skin in days gone by, signing slowly at him, promising him that he'll regret what he's done. He laughs weakly as Jackie tears open the door of his room and shoves him inside.
“Jackie, don't push him!” shouts Chase, tugging on the back of Jackie's sweatshirt. “Hey, look at me!”
“Tell them what's in the mirror, Marvin.” Jackie advances on him. Marvin tries to move past him, but he won't let him. Pushing him back towards Jamie's mirror. “Tell them.”
“You've lost it, Jackie,” snaps Marvin.
“Jackie, what's gotten into you?” cries Chase. “Leave him alone! Marvin?”
Marvin wants to call to him – baby, it's okay, amata, don't worry – but how is he supposed to say that now, with Jackie pushing him towards that prison he created? In his heart, he wishes Chase would save him.
“Tell them what's in the mirror!” screams Jackie, and he lunges forward as his composure breaks, slamming Marvin into the wall beside the mirror. Marvin shrieks as his brother's hands wrap around his throat and pin him hard to the plaster. One of the cats is yowling in the doorway and Chase and Henrik are both yowling too, grabbing at them and trying to pull Jackie off, but he will not be moved.
“Tell me you're Anti!” Jackie howls. “You're possessing Marvin! Or he's blackmailing you! Tell me, tell me! My little brother! Tell me you didn't do this to him!”
Marvin does not know if he laughs or sobs in that moment.
Jackie throws him hard to the ground when he does not answer, his staff striking the ground beside his head. “You let him out of that cage, Anti! Now!”
“I don't know what you're talking about,” chokes Marvin.
“Jameson's in that mirror,” shouts Jackie, whirling on their younger brothers. “He's locked up like a fucking dog! Like an animal! This isn't Marvin, it's Anti!”
Marvin stares at the ceiling, writhing beneath Jackie's hands as Chase and Henrik back off, asking questions and exclaiming at Jackie as their oldest brother starts to relate what he saw. Marvin can't breathe.
A little box. A box with bars on the front and a magical lock on it. Him just lying all small inside, with his toys and violin and drawings and snacks. Jameson. Jameson.
Jackie knows.
Jackie knows!
A nightmare – it's a nightmare. It's a nightmare!
“Get off!” he screeches, and when Jackie doesn't budge Marvin opens his mouth and sinks his teeth into the hand holding his chin down.
Jackie yelps and draws back. Henrik jerks forward to keep Marvin down, now, clinging to his clothes.
“Marv, Marv,” chants Henrik, holding him carefully. “Hey. If you're in trouble, we'll figure this out. Just let's be calm. And if you're Anti – there's no point to running.”
“But Anti can't get in here,” Chase puts in, frustrated. “You guys know that. Marvin warded the place to hell and he doesn't know where the mirror that comes to our house is.”
“Chase, go check the warding,” orders Jackie. “Anti might have compromised him instead of possessing him. He must have been at it for months. That's why he's been acting so weird. Blackmail or something. I didn't think it was Anti because I thought you would have come to me if he were hurting you!”
No, no, no! Marvin grips at his head, giggling again. This is just a half-truth and their disapproval and fear and distrust is already too much to bear. If they find out the truth – if they know –
He was right, though! He had to do it!
“Come, my brother, up we get,” says Henrik, wrapping an arm gently around his waist. Jackie still looks like he wants to beat the demons out of him, but he lets Henrik handle him. Marvin slinks to his feet with his brother's arm around him and Henrik sits him down on his bed.
“Okay, now, tell us what's been going on,” he murmurs, brushing a few strands of hair from his eyes.
Marvin grips his wrist, dizzied. He doesn't want him to step back. He wants Henrik to stop this from happening.
“Has Anti been talking to you?” Henrik asks in a hush. “What has he done, my dear? You can tell us now. Is Jameson really there?”
His Schneep. He's as feral as a rabid squirrel most of the time, but then, when he needs him, his brother melts into soft touches and a quiet, even voice. Unflappable, reliable, steady Henrik. Marvin cups his chin, staring up at him.
“Don't touch him,” says Jackie darkly, standing posed like a toy boxer behind Henrik. “Don't put a hand on him.”
“The warding is fine,” calls Chase, coming back into the room. “Nothing smudged or anything.”
“Anti may be manipulating him from a distance,” says Henrik. “Threatening and holding things over him. Jameson... did he threaten to hurt him? Marvin, you were trying to protect him, yes?”
Jackie's stance slackens, his fingers loosening around the staff, and Marvin sees the moment where his eyes soften for him. Chase comes close too and stands beside Henrik, rubbing a hand along Marvin's shoulder.
“Breathe, amata,” he says. Sunny, starry Chase. His Chase. “It's gonna be okay, Marv. I promise. What did Anti do? He hurt you, huh?”
Marvin stares up at him, mouth parted. His eyes flicker towards his own figure in the mirror.
He knows JJ is back there. At this time of day, he's probably napping or playing his violin. Anti could even be in there with him now. He can see him now, black eyes and a wicked smile twisting up Jameson's mouth. He'd bite his teeth at Marvin behind the bars of the cage or coo threats and dark promises. He'd leave Jamie bleeding and ill and laugh about it.
He can see Jameson helpless in the middle of everything. Months and months of Jameson's helplessness. Curled up around himself, silent and dead-eyed in the corner, begging for Marvin's attention, scared and crying, playing with his puppets and toys like a two-year-old, writing music for Marvin, praying devout rosaries on his mattress, sleeping the day away. Hollow eyes. A big smile and then nothing on his face. Eating noodles with his hands and looking over new llama-patterned socks like they're a gift from God. Nosebleeds and fevers and coughs, enough to shake his whole chest.
And on the other side of that mirror, on the other side of the helpless intruder and the mad spirit that wears his flesh like an outfit: Marvin's family.
Chase. Jackie. Henrik.
Yes. Yes. He did what he had to do.
For months it has tormented him. Now Jackie knows. Lies won't help. Even this one, this tempting lie being offered to him by his hopeful brothers – the lie that Anti made him do it. They're looking so gently at him, but it's just another web to tangle him up and choke him for months. In the end, it won't protect him.
He did what he had to do.
He will make them see that.
JJ sits in his box, chewing his nails down to the bit. He takes a hangnail between his teeth and pulls it til the blood runs down his thumb.
He doesn't know what's going on.
He decides to pick up his violin again, setting the bow down and trying to breathe in and out, in and out, in and out, steady. Marvin always makes him take three deep breaths when he was beginning to freak out. Marvin hates it when he freaks out. So he will be calm. He will breathe – one, two, three – and play his music.
He feels that he can hear Marvin in the movement of his improv. M-Brother. The only person other than Anti he's ever really known.
His voice started out stern and hot and distant. His eyes would flash and he would stand at a distance as though afraid of Jameson biting him. He stayed with him very little and never touched him.
Marvin became scared, later. Jameson remembers the first part of his illness, when he was so sick he could barely stand on his own, but the second half, when he stopped being coherent, is lost to him. The only thing he recalls is the frantic rise of Marvin's voice, thinner and louder as the days went on.
Scared Marvin. Screaming Marvin. Cold Marvin. Comforting Marvin.
Flashes and glimpses. He rarely stays more than an hour.
Jameson plays long, sweet notes across the violin.
My brother protects me. Because I'm dangerous. Because I'm bad. If I'm good, maybe someone will hold me for just a few minutes.
Long, sorrowful notes.
He realizes he has transitioned from improv to the tune he wrote for Marvin's birthday. He lets the long notes pull across the violin. He will play it til it's perfect, so that, when Marvin is finally ready to hear it, it will be so excellent he will have to like it.
He misses a note and re-starts. He draws a rest out too long and restarts. He plays it too lifelessly and restarts. Restart again, again, again, one, two, three. It must be perfect. For Marvin. For his brother. His brother who protects him, and the only person in the whole world whom JJ loves.
He cannot see or hear anything beyond the mirror realm, but a part of him hears when Marvin starts to cry.
“I locked Jameson up to keep you safe,” says Marvin. “That's all.”
Large eyes looking back at him. Chase and Henrik exchange looks again, passing thoughts between gazes. Jackie's just staring at him.
Marvin raises his chin and stares back.
The tears are running down his face, but he doesn't sob and he doesn't wheeze and he does not let his expression break.
He did what he had to.
“Keep us safe?” Chase repeats.
“It's not his fault,” says Marvin. “I know that. But Anti uses him as a weapon and there are few few things we can do about that. The two of them are connected – Anti can find him anywhere and Jameson has no defense against that kind of power. He's just a mortal kid. I've been looking for a way to protect him from Anti's interference, or at least stop Anti from being able to locate him, but it's complex magic. In the meantime, I had to keep him away from you. That day he stabbed you...”
Marvin's eyes flicker to Chase's chest. He remembers the dark wound in his shoulder and the ache in his brother's movements for weeks. The fear as the blood poured out and Jackie dragged the thrashing monster off Chase's body and choked him til he passed out.
“I couldn't let that happen again.”
They still don't say anything. A part of him screams at them to speak, begging for anything in reply, but the other half of him is desperate for the quiet. If they tell him how they feel it could break him in half.
“I didn't tell you,” he continues. “And I lied to you about it many times. I'm sorry. I don't know how to express to you how much it has hurt me over the time it's gone on. I know that doesn't make it right, but I want you to know I have always wanted to tell you. But I knew that if I did... you wouldn't agree.”
A faint, thin laugh from Chase. “This is a joke, yeah? Of course we wouldn't agree. How could you think that – ?”
“Because none of you have the guts to make this call,” replies Marvin before he can even finish, voice raising. “Don't you see? You all wanted him to just live here with us, hoping we'd be able to restrain him if Anti came! But that's not realistic. He would have fucking killed you! Jackie, you're too empathetic, Chase can't even kill a spider, and Henrik – ”
Henrik is staring at him, face unreadable. Marvin deflates, shaking his head.
“Henrik didn't deserve to have to make that call, even if he could. I'm older. I was the one with the means to hide him away. I – ”
“This is a lie,” Jackie interrupts him, sudden and loud. “This is a lie.”
Marvin says nothing. Meets his eyes and waits.
“Marvin?” asks Chase. “This isn't true, right?”
Chase – well, his eyes Marvin can't meet.
Chase looks to Henrik and Jackie, mouth open, bewildered.
“My little brother?” he asks in a small voice.
“Boys,” says Henrik, sighing. “Okay, deep breaths. Let's not get worked up. Of course it is not true. Anti is... he still has something over him. Marvin cannot speak freely. He is protecting us I would guess. Anti has made threats, perhaps cast spells or things like this. Forced Marvin to cast spells. Or he has a way to possess him. We must find Anti and deal with him before we can get anywhere.”
Henrik's voice is sure and cool, but Chase and Jackie don't respond to his call to action. Henrik turns firmly back to Marvin and cups his chin, stroking his thumb across his beard. “We will make this right, my brother,” he says. “I promise.”
“You said Anti didn't have Jameson, though,” says Chase, pushing forward. “Anti told you that, the last time you fought.”
“The second to last time we fought,” Jackie corrects. “Yes, he said that he didn't have Jameson. Then I saw him not a month ago. He didn't say anything about Marvin. But... right after that was when Marvin had that encounter with him.”
“Guys,” Marvin offers wearily. “It's not – ”
“Marvin wouldn't do this to our younger brother,” scoffs Henrik. “Locking him away! It's terrible.”
“I've taken care of him,” cries Marvin. “I have, he – ”
“Can I see him?” Chase's voice seems to be fainter with every sentence he speaks. “I never got to meet him, just Anti. We've talked about him for so long.”
“You – you used to help me go out looking for him.” Jackie whirls on Marvin again, eyes burning. “No, tell me this isn't true.”
“He would have killed you,” hisses Marvin, his eyes watering again.
“So that means you caged him like an animal?”
“Marvin can't have done this,” Henrik insists. “Marvin can't have.”
“I don't know what's going on,” says Chase, starting to cry. “Can I please see Jameson?”
“Maybe Jackie's the one possessed,” says Henrik, backing suddenly away from his oldest brother and putting a hand on Marvin's shoulder. “Maybe that's why Marvin is acting this way. Anti will blame him for what he's done to Jameson.”
“He's in a cage in there! When was the last time he's been out of there? How long has it been?”
Jackie's question seems to quiet everyone again. All eyes turn back to Marvin.
“How long what?”
“How long has it been since you let him out of there?” asks Jackie, voice dangerous again. Stance dangerous.
Jackie has never looked dangerous to Marvin before this moment.
Marvin breathes in through his nose, trying to find an answer. He wants to come clean – wants to show how justified he was – but it sounds so cruel when it's said out loud.
“He's been missing for seven months,” says Jackie, voice trembling. “If this is true, what you're saying, then he's been your prisoner for seven months. Right?”
“Yes,” says Marvin softly.
“Marvin. Has he been inside that box this whole time?”
Silence. Silence. Silence.
Jackie turns away from him, breathing thinning out. Chase is just shaking his head. Henrik's still at Marvin's side.
Jackie looks back to them, poised like he's about to pounce.
“Jackie,” warns Henrik, holding a hand out. “It's not true, it – ”
“Just let him out of the box,” whispers Jackie.
Marvin licks his mouth.
Draws a breath.
Shakes his head.
Jackie cocks his head at him, frowning. “What? What was that? Are you saying no?”
The disbelief in the air seems heavy on his shoulders.
Helpless Jameson. Snarling Anti.
Chase. Jackie. Henrik.
Chase. Jackie. Henrik.
Chase. Jackie. Henrik.
Had to.
Has to.
“Yes,” says Marvin. “I said no. Jameson is a threat to you. I won't let him out of the box.”.
Jackie has a grip on Marvin's shirt collar in a flash, shoving him down onto the bed. Henrik yelps and tries to pull him away again, and now Chase is sobbing openly somewhere in the background, and the cat starts to mewl again. Jackie's screaming. Jackie's screaming at him. Jackie's screaming everything Marvin was ever afraid that he would say.
“Like an animal, you locked him up like an animal! You knew I loved him and you took him away from me! You – you knocked me out that night! Fucking traitor! Marvin, Marvin! How could you do this to me?”
Marvin cries against the bed. Jackie slams him back, once, twice.
“Jackie,” Henrik wails, and honest to God Marvin has never heard him that scared.
“How could you do this to him?” Jackie screeches, squeezing his shirt til the buttons below pop. “He didn't deserve it. He was just a victim! You lied to me so many times! I wanted him, you knew how badly I needed him back! You let me think that Anti had him, and then that he was missing from everybody! Do you know how many sex trafficking rings I busted looking for him? How many times I spent my nights under bridges or in drug dens looking for him, trying to make sure everyone was safe?”
“Jackie,” sobs Marvin. “Love, you do all that anyway.”
“But I didn't use to wonder if it would be my baby brother when I found homeless men dead in the streets,” Jackie answers, and it's now that Marvin realizes he's sobbing too. “I didn't use to carry teenagers to the emergency room after they'd overdosed because they just got mixed up with the wrong people, people who should have looked after them, and then spend the rest of the week wondering if anybody would carry my baby brother like that if the same thing was happening to him. I didn't used to clean up trafficking victims and see every one of those bruises and cuts and markings and diseases on his skin too.”
Marvin's crying too hard to breathe. He takes hold of Jackie's sweatshirt and cries, shaking his head up at him.
“I love you,” he manages, choking and sobbing. “I love you, I love you.”
“I searched for him! Cried over him, nightmared about his little body washing up on the beach! That one night I had him, he looked up at me like I made the world spin, just because I showed him a few minutes of kindness. He had just finally in his life gotten some kindness. Why did he deserve this?”
“I love you,” Marvin chants, because what else can he say? Jameson never deserved it. He always knew that. It's just that his brothers also deserved better – deserved to be safe from Anti – and that was all that mattered.
That is still all that matters.
“Let him out of there,” wails Jackie. “Now, now, fucking traitor, let him out!”
But Marvin keeps shaking his head. No. No!
Jackie screams in frustration and draws his arm back. Marvin flinches and jerks his head away.
And in the middle of all the chaos and all the turmoil inside his chest, he thinks that that moment is clear as day to both of them, because they realize at the exact same time that Jackie almost hit him.
Marvin gapes up at him. Jackie still has his fist drawn back.
His big brother almost hit him.
Marvin lies there, breathing thick, wet breaths. Jackie holds that fist up, shocked.
Then his hand lowers, and for just one second, his fingers stroke down Marvin's cheek.
It's bizarre, later, that Marvin knows exactly what Jackie is seeing in that moment – his little brother. His only little brother, back before any of this. Bright green hair and a silly Game Grumps cape. A cat mask and a blue shirt. They go racing through the city causing trouble together and come home laughing like wild. They make Old Fashioneds and drink while they watch comedy specials on Netflix til the sun comes up. Marvin brings his first cat home and they both spoil her rotten, spending hours playing with her or just watching her run on her wheel, til their phones are both full with pictures of her. They cook together, setting the fire on kitchen more than once, and they catch bad guys like real life superheroes, cackling with triumph as they review their victories over sweet wine and take-out. When they get sick, they look after each other, even if they do make fun the whole time. Marvin runs away once and then comes home again, and Jackie squeezes him so tight it actually leaves a couple bruises on him, and Marvin allows himself, for the first time in his life, to be loved.
He promises Jackie he will never run away again when his hair is still bright green, and Jackie hugs him again, and the world is right there – the world is that place where their hands wrap around each other. The world is the syncing of their heartbeats and the vibration of Jackie murmuring his thousandth “I love you” into Marvin's ear, and Marvin giving his first one back.
There was nothing else that mattered.
A young man with green hair and a blue cape. His baby brother, smiling.
Jackie's fingers pull away. The spell breaks.
“Get out of my fucking house,” Jackie whispers, releasing him with shaking fingers.
Marvin shakes his head, letting out a long breath. “What?”
“I said get out,” says Jackie.
His voice is tight, and it trembles just a little, taut with stress, but he forces it calm.
“You've lost it,” says Marvin. “It's... Jackie, it's me. I'm not going anywhere.”
Jackie doesn't look at him anymore. He straightens up, wiping his hand down his face.
“Jackie,” Marvin repeats. “I'm not going anywhere.”
“If you stay here,” says Jackie, voice very low. “I'm going to lock you in the garage with a box of granola bars and a pile of stuffed animals. Then we'll see how 'justified' you were.”
Marvin stares, a faint laugh coughing its way up his throat. He looks to Chase and Henrik, but Henrik seems to have gone numb, just listing between the three of them with his hands held out like he's not sure what to do, and Chase is turned towards the door. His face is scrunched up and furious, and there are hot, swift tears running down his face.
Marvin's heart aches. “My little brother, amata,” he says. “Look, I'll make this right. Just tell Jackie – ”
“I,” says Chase, very clearly. “Am not your brother.”
Even Jackie winces a little. Henrik stares blankly at Chase, unable to register the words.
And Marvin –
Oh, he's been punched in the stomach. He can't get any air in.
“And I think you should get the fuck out,” spits Chase. “Cause I never want to see you again.”
He leans down, scoops up Queenie, and vanishes through the door of Marvin's room.
Marvin might honestly collapse. He's taken back to every time he's gotten so stressed over holding JJ captive that it made him sick, and suddenly, all of those moments seem like a cakewalk, and he knows that he could more easily have lived with the guilt and the crushing weight of what he did for a hundred years more rather than hear Chase say that to him even once.
It leaves him so hollow that he can't seem to think of anything else, and the pain of everything else fades too, like he's reached the max of some limit he didn't know he had and now he'll just be a confused zombie for the rest of his life. Before he knows what he's doing, he's packing a few of his things into a bag. Henrik is gone somewhere, he doesn't know. And Jackie is standing there like a prison guard, in silence.
Marvin's in the entryway of their house in what seems to be a half-second, staring at the mirror that will take him back to the realm of the world. He manages to regain just enough awareness to turn back to Jackie behind him, dizzy.
“Call me in a couple days,” he manages. “Let me know where we're at. I'll find someone to stay with for a little while. But once you talk to JJ and see that I've treated him well, that I loved him – and once you have time to think about why I did what I did – you'll understand.”
Jackie doesn't say anything. He's staring at the wall.
“Promise me,” Marvin chokes. “Promise me you'll call.”
“Fine,” says Jackie quietly.
Marvin turns to the mirror, and then looks back again.
Jackie walks away from him without another word.
Marvin steps through the mirror. He's taken the portal that's closest to Henrik's hospital without thinking, and now he's practically in the middle of the city, standing in an alleyway with a single bag over his shoulder and a crushing weight in his chest. The people are rushing by around him. Everything is loud and bright and bursting, but he can't seem to take any of it in.
Just... just this terrible combination of dissociation and debilitating pain.
“Marvin, Marvin.”
Hands cup his face. He blinks and looks up.
Henrik. His Henrik. He followed him through the mirror.
“It's okay, I'll go with you,” promises Henrik, pressing their heads together, a bag of his own packed up on his back. “We'll figure this out. I know it wasn't you, Marvin. I know you wouldn't really do that. We're going to be okay, my poor brother. Here I am, Marvin. Here I am.”
Marvin collapses into his arms and weeps.
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I'm having way to much fun reading the comfort series, its wonderful. So is the Twins AU, speaking of which, would you mind adding Will's reaction there ? Finding out that his childhood best friend is now going to be Crown Prince, is brother to the king and courting a knight? Gwaine would have not one, but two people saying his body won't be found if he ever hurt Merlin. Morgana says he probably won't have a body left, and he wonders if he should start freaking out.
(Did you mean the Control Series? Here's the Twin!AU as well)
Thank you so much Starshine!! I love you!! You're one of my favourites (yes, I have favourites😁)
AND YES ABSOLUTELY THAT'S A BRILLIANT IDEA AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T THINK OF IT!!! THANK YOU!!! Yeah, Will is gonna turn up, take one look at Gwaine and say "When I said Fuck Nobility, I did not mean literally." Gwaine will all nervously be "Uhhh I'm a knight mate, I'm no noble though" and Will is gonna raise one eyebrow, look him up and down, and go "Bet?" because Will is a bloodhound for nobility, he can sniff them out. And also "You're fucking second in line for the throne??? For a Kingdom you're not even from?? Bro????" And Merlin will go "I mean technically yeah, and TECHNICALLY I am from here, but Morgana's definitely going first. She's so much better at this that I am, I've only been here like... a month."
Will will threaten Gwaine and it will be all "I've already done this... twice actually. Both were Arthur, but still." and Will's gonna say he doesn't care and do it anyway. THEN it will be Morgana and Gwaine will have gotten a little cocky at this point and is all "This is the FOURTH time are you sure you wanna-" and Morgana will verbally FLAY him and he doesn't sleep for three days and can never look at her the same way again.
I LOVE you⭐️<3
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queenquinzel715 · a month ago
King Alfred 18+
Tumblr media
Y/N P.O.V 
          Being a servant I always knew my life would be the same.  When I was a young girl I remember finding Queen Judith in her chambers crying when Alfred went to Rome. I became close to Queen Judith, as well as Alfred when he came back. He was a very quiet boy for the most part, and I was his shadow. 
         When only Ragnar and his son came to Wessex I knew everything would change. I followed Alfred when he would play chess with Ivar, he would stand in front me when he met Ragnar, I also helped Queen Judith when Alfred got ill, and she took me in when my mother died in the marshes. 
      As we grew older I knew I was hurting myself for falling in love with him, and because I was in love we did unholy things. Like right now as we are in his chambers with his hands roaming my body. 
"Alfred, we can't keep doing this anymore." I pull back. 
"Why can't we?" He asks with a confused face. 
"You are going to be crowned King tomorrow Alfred, and you'll need a Queen." I stand up, fixing my dress. 
"I'll make you my Queen." He declares as he pulls me back to him. "I don't want some spoiled princess when I can have my smart…" He kisses my forehead. "...breathe taking" He kisses my lips. "...caring Queen I've loved my whole life." He kisses along my neck making me moan. 
        I couldn't stop him, the way his hands take my dress off, his lips move down my body, and the way he whispers to me as he takes me. His one hand is gripping my hair as the other is gripping the pillow above my head, his forehead is leaning against mine, and he moves against me. I wrap my legs around his waist as he goes faster, and I scratch down his back. 
"Oh Alfred." I moan out. "I love you."
"You are mine." He groans in my ear.
       Out of nowhere he flips us, so I'm now on top of him with his hands moving up my body. I hold onto his knees as I lean back, rocking back and forth. Alfred sits up with his arms holding me to his chest, but I can only gasp from how hard he's pounding into me. 
"Alfred!" I practically scream as we release together. 
        He slowly lays me down as he softly kisses me, and when he pulls back he smiles down at me. He doesn't let me go as he lays down, making my head lay on his shoulder. As I start falling asleep he kisses my forehead.
"I love you." He whispers.
          Over the next month it is like Wessex isn't a Christian kingdom, but what surprises me the most is that his own brother is running some group. This group is many Noblemen coming together to try to dethrone Alfred. Alfred has been so worried he became ill again.  The treason was getting so bad Queen Judith couldn't even believe her own son, so she made the worst decision anyone would make. I fell sick through all the troubles, but only Alfred knew. As Judith and I sit with Alfred, she looks at me with her piercing eyes that felt like she was reading my soul. 
"(Y/n), come here." She orders. 
"Yes ma'am." I ask once to her side. 
          She turns me side to side, 
moves my dress around, and holds my hand as she stands. 
"You are with child (y/n)." She simply says. 
"Wha.." I look at her, to Alfred, and then to my stomach. "Oh heavens." I sit on the edge of the bed.
"(Y/n)." We hear behind me before she can ask anything.
         I look behind me with a gasp, as I stand next to Queen Judith.
"Oh Alfred." She excitedly hugs him. "Thank God you're awake." She smiles down at him. 
        He looks from her to me, and he reaches for me with a small smile. I don't think as I take his hand, but when I look up to see Judith looking at me I regret my choice. Once we helped him move, we sit him by the fire to feed, and once he was almost done with his food Queen Judith sat next to him. 
"Alfred, I have some news." She smiles. "(Y/n) is with child." 
        My eyes fly to the floor, as his moves to my stomach, and from the way he is looking I know Judith figured it out.
"I knew you two would love each other at some point." She sighs. "Well it looks like we have to hurry with a wedding."
Alfred clears his throat. "Mother, can you give us some time?" 
       She smiles as she walks out, and as soon as the door shut I sit next to him. 
"I told you you'd be my Queen." He laughs as he sips his drink.
"Oh shut up." I push his shoulder. "You're lucky I love you." We laugh.
"That I am." He smiles at me, and kisses me deeply. 
       When the counsel found out Alfred wanted to marry me they erupted in disbelief, but it didn't last long. Alfred had them arrested for that awful group they made, and gave Bishop Heahmund his title back. Who married us in the company of the Vikings, and before God. I gave birth to our son Edgar a month after Queen Judith died. As our kingdom expanded I gave birth to our daughter, Judith. 
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lady-latte · 6 months ago
Hi hun, I don't know if your requests are open right now, but I could really use some sort of comfort Imagine right now and I was hoping I could come and ask you. It doesn't even have to be a full set of Headcanons, just a short blurb about some Characters will do if that's fine with you.
I've been really struggling with my chronic illnesses lately, and I keep imagining the Fellowship taking care of me, so I thought I'd ask for an Imagine about that. I have a really weird condition where my right leg is physically longer than my left, which causes really intense pain in my hip and leg and also difficulty walking, so I've been really struggling with that lately. There's also the chronic fatigue from my sleep apnea, I'm absolutely covered in bruises that I don't remember getting, the classic anxiety and depression and executive dysfunction.. it's just been a difficult week tbh.
I'd appreciate any kind words right now. Thanks for being so kind and supportive to me, it means more than you could ever know. I hope it's alright that I ask this of you. Godspeed, hun 💕
Comfort HC’s
Platonic!Fellowship x Reader
Post LOTR; Comfort
Warnings: Mentions chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD
A/N: Hello Ro! I’m sorry this took a while, I hope the pain eases soon and that these headcanons help. If you ever need to talk, my DM's are open anytime!
Tumblr media
You’ve known the Fellowship ever since you were a little girl. You met them when your parents sent you off to Imladris to seek the aid of Lord Elrond, one of the greatest healers in Middle-Earth. For you had an unusual physical condition, where your right leg grew longer than your left. It made walking difficult and a burning pain to spiderweb from your hip down.
Lord Elrond tried everything he could in his power to help you, and yet there was little he could do except ease the pain. No amount of magic can prevent physical growth.
The tears that welled up in your eyes that day pained him more than any wound can. A child, barely twelve years old, experiencing such excruciating pain right in front of him, and yet he can’t do anything about it. And from that moment on, he promised to you that he’d do anything he can to help you, and care for you.
So with the permission of your worried parents, Lord Elrond gave you an offer to stay in Imladris for as long as you wish. To heal and receive the care you need. Which you kindly accepted.
For years up to adulthood, you lived in Imladris; drinking Athleas tea every morning and night for the pain and sleep apnea. While it wasn’t a cure, it helped make life much more bearable. Allowing you to enjoy certain activities and walk around with only half the pain.
During those years you became great friends with the Fellowship. For they travelled often to Imladris to visit and rest between trips. They became your family, always joking and telling stories of their travels; teaching you new tricks and how to defend yourself. And in return you’d tell them stories of the elves around you. How the Ellon in the smithy loves to tease the Elleth in the bakery. Or how the children would braid flower crowns for you.
The boys know of your difficulties with your leg and illnesses. They’re constantly worried for you; asking how you are, helping when the pain begins to spike and holding you when you begin to cry. Everytime it starts getting bad again, they tell you it's okay to feel weak and to cry. That you don’t have to be strong all the time.
Aragorn is surprisingly soft despite his tough exterior
He believes that crying and venting about your frustrations is the most healthy way to deal
So on days you are having a rough time he’ll sit down with you in his lap, holding you tightly into his chest. One arm around your body and one hand in your hair
Aragorn will let you cry and yell into him, all while pressing small kisses into your hair
He’s not a very wordy person, so it’s not often he will whisper sweet things, but when he does. It’s always so soft and helps relax you
“Deep breaths Hun, It’ll be okay”
A soft baby- an absolute angel when it comes to comforting you
Legolas is very big on grounding yourself and staying focused on your surroundings
So when he notices you’re beginning to have a rough time, nearing a panic attack, He preps a cup of Athleas tea and brings you to a private area
He’ll have you sit between his legs, and his arms gently wrapped around you torso
Legolas will have you ground yourself by telling him 3 things you smell, feel, hear and see
“Close your eyes, little one and listen… Listen to the birds sing”
As you begin to relax, he whispers praises, proud of how strong you are
“You’re doing so well, I’m proud of you”
I love this man oml
If you’re bedridden due to the pain he’d 100% do whatever you ask of him
Need more pillows? Steals them from every. Single. Bedroom.
“Boro- holy crap how many did you take!?”
“Uh.. all?”
There is now a national shortage of pillows
Need more warmth? Will make a nest of blankets and wrap you up in his cloak
Boromir is there for you every step of the way
If you start crying, He might cry with you- absolutely hates seeing you in such pain
“I’m sorry- Im so sorry Darling. I wish there was more I could do for you”
In true Gimli fashion, when he notices your anxiety he 100% wants to fight whoever triggered it
He gets a bit aggressive in the beginning, insisting to fist fight your problems away
but when you tell him that it’s something that can't be fought off, that its a constant thing, he calms down and just
“Oh oh wait Im so sorry”
Cue soft Gimli
Will rub your back affectionately while speaking softly
Asking if there is anything he could do to help
Another babe who will do anything you ask of him
If the panic attack happens in public, Gimli will bring you somewhere more private
He’ll shield you with his body from the eyes of the public and glare at anyone who dares stare
Not very good with soft comfort but if you ever need to feel safe and protected go to him
“Dont worry Lassie” (head pats) “I’ll protect you, You’re safe now”
Sweet darling baby angel bean
He completely understands your anxieties and pain
Frodo did carry the one ring across middle earth after all
He absolutely has PTSD from it, so there have been many times the two of you would stay up late together when you can’t sleep, drinking tea
You find comfort in the fact that he’s quite similar to you, and vice versa
Most often, you guys will talk about what's going on and comfort each other
On the nights the two of you don’t wish to talk, Frodo will read stories to you
His voice is so soft and comforting, It never fails to lull you to sleep
“None of them noticed a large, tawny owl flutter past the window” He reads aloud, peaking up at you and notices the way your lips part, a soft snore emitting. He hums, “Goodnight Y/N, sleep well”
This hobbit is such a softie
He understands that with mental disorders, you may forget to eat or care for yourself
So he always watches you, making sure you’re eating and you aren’t
Oh boy
Will cook your favorite meals and make you sit with him to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner
“Ah, I hope you enjoy the meal. I made your favorite!”
“Thank you, Sam..”
Ensuring you drink your water
Or if you don’t like plain water, make some tea. Anything really to make sure you get your fluids
As a gardener, Sam is busy quite often, tending to, well, gardens
He’ll set up a picnic nearby for you with finger sandwiches, drinks, and fruit that way you had company and can relax fully in the peacefulness of nature
Definitely will give you a bouquet of flowers at the end of the day
“I picked these for you Y/N!”
Merry and Pippin
Okay so these two are together cause well. They’re always together
Except that one scene
Absolute kings of distraction when you’re feeling depressed
You might want to just sleep it off- but we all know that never really helps
They’ll make so many jokes and sing and dance around just to make you laugh
Which often leads to them singing even louder and cruder, annoying every elf in the area
“Lucky Annie was a lady who’d been pleased by many men- They all would sail away but then they’d come right back again”
Yes they sing sea shanties
On days that you don’t have the energy to deal with such shenanigans, they’ll tone it down
The three of you will often be found in the field during these days, Tossing a ball back n forth
Or giggling amongst yourself, gossiping about the rest of the fellowship
“I don’t know Merry, Gandalf is kinda hot in an old man way”
“Pippin what the hell”
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elucubrare · 6 months ago
"Ten Sedrys are not worth one of thee, canst not see that?" He knelt before her and clasped his hands. Elfrid gazed at him in astonishment. "There is no way to convince thee save to swear to thy service."
He cleared his throat and slowly spoke the words that would bind him as liegeman. "I, Baldyron, Baron of Korent, son of Eavon, vow from this day forward faith to Gespry, most honored." Grey eyes met, held his as he continued. "And Elfrid, Lady Princess of Darion. This do I swear, by Alayya, by Elorra, with sincerity, without ill intent, with fealty. By the Two do I consecrate myself to this end, forsaking all other swearings, for all my life, from this day onward." And, before she could move or speak, rose to his feet. He gazed down at her momentarily. "Do not rise, friend Gespry. I know my way out."
Ru Emerson, The Princess of Flames
For a little bit of context, Elfrid is the bastard daughter of the King. She was exiled when he was overthrown by his sons & has returned disguised as Gespry, a battle-bishop & mercenary.
This is the romance in this book. It's so good. I've got a thing for fealty, of course, but more than that it's 1) calling her Gespry at the end ("I know your secret and I won't betray it") and 2. showing himself out, because there's nothing he can say or do to make it more sincere than it already is.
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let-them-read-fics · 6 months ago
Blackpink Reaction To Their S/O Struggling W/ Drug Addiction
Tumblr media
Warnings / Misc. -- ⚠️ Sensitive Topic ⚠️, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
A/N: Hey everyone! This request covers a sensitive topic that I haven't been personally exposed to, but I hope that I do it justice. I did my best to handle it with care and be as realistic as possible. Let me know what you think!
PS -- I didn't specifically name any substances or describe them in too much detail; I wanted to leave you room to picture whatever you had in mind, especially if you happen to be struggling irl.
👩 Also, I wrote this as Fem!Reader because nothing was specified. I hope that's alright, anon! Thank you for your patience :)
♡ Happy Reading ♡
Tumblr media
Discovered it after a few weeks of dating
She's amazing at reading people, so she had sensed that you were struggling with something; she just didn't know what. 
She wanted to wait for you to tell her about whatever it was, but one fateful day she witnessed something that explained it all. 
It wasn't meant to happen; she wasn't meant to see you like this. But, as fate would have it, Jisoo stumbled across something she never saw coming. 
Her footsteps grow louder as she walks her way through the house, peeking her head into various rooms in search of you. The two of you invited some of your mutual friends over, and they've all been curious as to where you slipped away to earlier.
"Baby, are you in here? Everyone's wonder--" 
The sound of the latch clicking out of place makes your heart drop and sets you into motion. Before you have enough time to fully react, though, Jisoo opens the bathroom door to find you sitting on the ground, attempting to shove a foreign substance into a plastic baggy. 
Your hands make quick work of moving it out of view and sitting up on your knees, but she picks up on what's going on. Her eyes land on the material as you shift it behind your body, looking up at her with wide eyes. 
"Jisoo--" Tears are already beginning to work their way into your eyes, slightly blurring your vision. Too many people have walked out on you after witnessing this, and the thought that she might go too is overwhelming. 
She keeps her tone level as she steps into the room and quietly shuts the door behind herself. "Y/N, please explain yourself." 
"I-I'm sorry Jisoo, I should've told you sooner." You shakily say, bringing a hand up to swipe away the few tears that've already leaked out. It's not usually like you to get so emotional so quickly, but seeing the pained look on her face is reason enough. 
"Come here," she utters, plopping down next to you and pulling you up against her body as she leans back on the side of the tub. Her fingers rub soothing circles on your back while you rest your head on her shoulder, lightly dampening the material of her shirt with your tears. "I'm not mad at you for this, but I need you to tell me about it. I want to help you, my love. I can't watch you hurt yourself like this." 
"Okay. Just promise you won't go," you softly say, the syllables of your words breaking here and there from the raw emotion you feel. 
"I'm not going anywhere, Y/N." She presses a light kiss to your temple for reassurance, and her heart breaks when she feels your hands grip at her clothes out of habit. How many times have people told you that and still left you in your time of need? She cradles you in her arms, realizing just how fragile you are in your current state, and tells you to take your time. 
With a steadying breath, you begin to explain your struggles. 
Road To Recovery
Constant check-ins
"Hey honey, we're at the studio now. Are you taking care of yourself for me?"
Helps you deal with the symptoms of withdrawal when they hit
Focuses on distraction and redirection as ways to help you cope
If you're at a party and feel tempted after seeing someone use, she leads you away to distract you from the urge
Helps you find safe alternatives 
Celebrates the little victories
"Yes, Y/N, 4 and a half weeks clean is plenty reason to celebrate. Now mark it on the calendar and get over here so I can put this hat on you." 
Playdates at your local dog café to keep your mind occupied (and bringing Dalgomie so he can make new friends, of course)
Takes you indoor skydiving. She wanted to find a way to give you an adrenaline rush while still being able to participate with you, so that was a happy medium. She battled her fear of heights to do that with you.
Not letting you lose hope if you relapse
"You're not a burden, and I'm not letting you give up on yourself. Not after all the progress you've made. I believe in you." 
Accompanying you to rehab and recovery meetings, if you want her to
Bringing you your favorite snacks and candies when she picks you up
"I got you a little something," she smiles, leaning over the center console of the car to kiss your cheek. "You deserve a treat, baby." 
Whenever you decide to tell everyone about your struggles and recovery journey, she's right next to you for support 
Spends all the time she can with you
Early on, she would get really worried when you missed her calls or took a while to respond, but eventually she got over her fears to some degree
Still checks up on you when she's away for work
"Sorry for missing your call, Chu. Dalgom tried to kill me when I was giving him a bath and I couldn't get to the phone in time." 
Overall, just a very proud girlfriend who sticks by you no matter what
After You've Recovered
Annual "recovery party" to commemorate your sobriety 
Sometimes you invite the girls and your other friends, and sometimes you prefer to just spend the day at home with Jisoo
"Look at how far you've come, my love. I'm so proud of you."
Tumblr media
She would be the only one who figured it out on her own. She picked up on the signs fairly quickly and always subtly helped steer you away from any potentially tempting situations
If you two watched a movie that happened to have a triggering scene in it, she always noticed how you'd look away and subconsciously tense up a bit
"Hey, babe. This movie's kinda boring; why don't we watch that new Netflix documentary instead?" 
If the two of you were invited to parties that were likely to have a bunch of alcohol and drugs, sometimes she'd try to suggest staying in or doing something else instead
You eventually caught on to her diversion attempts, and sat down with her to have a talk. 
"How long have you known?" You ask, pulling your legs up towards your chest as you sit back against the headboard of your California King. 
"A few weeks," she starts, running a brush through her hair until it's untangled. Her damp locks stick to her shoulders as she approaches you, some strips slightly drier than others. "Were you ever gonna tell me?" She inquires softly, facing you as she sits down beside you on the bed. 
"Of course, Jen. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner, I just… I was on my own with it before you. I didn't have anyone to turn to because everyone left once they found out." Your confession makes her chest ache -- it's a physical, honest pain that she feels as she imagines you battling such an unforgiving foe with no one in your corner. She places a warm hand on your thigh to comfort you, knowing just how much her touch helps when you're upset. "Hey, it's okay. There's no point in worrying about that now. I know it's hard to open up, babe, so thank you for doing this. I'm here to listen, alright?"
"Thank you, Jennie. I don't know what I'd do without you." 
"You'll never have to know, either, because I'm staying right here." 
"I love you," you whisper, leaning forward to press a kiss to her lips. 
"I love you, too," she sighs against you, preparing herself for the emotional night you're about to have. For now, she takes a moment to just pull you into her arms and rest her forehead against yours, finding comfort in your steady heartbeat. 
"We'll start whenever you're ready." 
Road To Recovery
Makes various arrangements to ensure that the media won't know of your struggles
Keeps things on lock, especially if you decide to remain private on the matter and not tell the world
If you make a public statement about it, she still does everything she can to keep you protected from the negativity. She knows first hand how tough it can be to deal with, so she never lets you face it alone
You both help each other work through things
"You're my rock, Y/N/N." 
"And you're my world, Jen."
Takes care of you during bouts of withdrawal 
Sings to you to calm you down and help you relax
Takes you to theme parks and rides all the big coasters with you so you can get a similar high that you did from the drugs. She gets to be clingy with you and spend the day having fun, so she doesn't mind it, and you enjoy it just the same.
Suggests fun activities for you to do together 
"We should visit that pottery place tomorrow! I've heard a lot of good things about it." 
You stick close together when you're in public, especially when paparazzi are near
Your presence helps with her anxiety, and you hold her close and tell jokes to keep her attention off of it
Random surprise celebrations waiting for you when you get home
"Hey Jen, I'm home." You announce, shrugging your coat off before hanging it up on the metal rack next to the front door. 
"In here," she calls from the kitchen, effectively pulling you in with that sweet voice of hers. When you reach the doorway and peek in, a dumbstruck smile slowly parts your lips as you see the set up she constructed. 
"Happy 3 Weeks" a multicolored banner reads, displaying the phrase above your dining room table where Jennie sits. "Surprise, honey," she says softly, glancing down at the cake she made for you as she scoots it closer. You approach the table and examine it, practically feeling your heart grow 10 sizes from the love you hold for your girlfriend. 
"Is this why you left practice early?" 
"Mhm," she nods, kissing your cheek before she reaches into a small gift bag next to her chair. "I'm so proud of you," she grins, sliding a thin, glittery headband into your hair. It has two springs attached to the top that bounce in every direction possible, surely making you look like a dork. 
"God, I love you." 
"You'd better keep that same energy after trying the cake. I think I might've added too much baking soda…"
You shake your head and pull her in, pressing kiss after kiss to her lips until she's grinning just as hard as you. 
Going on adventures with Kuma and Kai
Especially to dog parks and other national parks 
Helps you fill things out for rehab and doesn't let you get too stressed about it
Helps you regain confidence in yourself if you relapse
"This isn't the end, Y/N. You're strong, I know you can beat this."
Is right next to you through it all
After You've Recovered
Go on an annual vacation to get away from everything and celebrate your sobriety. You take the opportunity to escape the media and reconnect with each other
"Where to this year, Y/N? Bora Bora, maybe?"
Intimate celebration between the two of you on vacation, and then the girls throw you a party when you come back
Tumblr media
You were really good at hiding your secret from people -- especially those that you care about most. You're always afraid that once they find out, they'll pack up and leave. 
Rosé was one of the first to actually stay
She had been fairly oblivious to your struggles since you masked that side of yourself well, but one day the two of you attended a little get-together at your old friend's house, and your dirty laundry was aired.
"Bro, come on, let's play Truth or Dare!" One of your old friends says, perking up at the fact that he remembered the game even existed. He's already a little tipsy, but so are some of the others. 
"I don't know, dude," you hesitantly start, missing the way that Rosé curiously raises a brow beside you. 
"Come on, we'll keep it tame." Another person adds from the couch opposite you, their voice low. You recognize her as Cho, a sort of frenemy from your high school years. Something doesn't sit right for you with the hint of mischief that shines in her eyes, but your friends' pleas eventually push the feeling away and you relent. 
"Fine, but if Austin gets dared to do some dumb shit like last time I'm dropping out." 
"Like what?" 
"Like what?" You ask back, disbelief evident in your voice. "Are you forgetting the fact that I had to bail you out after you got arrested for streaking down the neighborhood?" 
"Okay, fair point," Austin holds his hands up in surrender. "Just a few rounds." 
As everyone's once boisterous laughter finally dies down into quiet chuckles, you turn to Rosé for a quick kiss. She reciprocates and holds you there for a few more seconds, loving the way your lips feel against her own. As you brush your nose against hers and garner a sweet giggle from her, Cho interrupts the moment with a phrase that makes your blood run cold. 
"So, Rosé, has Y/N told you about the time she got arrested for drug possession? Word on the street is that she still can't shake her old habit..." 
Rosie feels the way you tense up at the question and pull away from her, cringing at the exposure you just received. The room goes silent, enabling a pen to be heard if it were dropped. 
"Hey," Austin goes to defend you, about to yell at her for bringing up such a difficult topic. 
"It's fine, Austin," you say, sticking your hand out in front of him to keep him from approaching her. The last thing you want right now is a screaming match about your struggles. 
Rosie finally speaks up after what feels like an eternity, turning to Cho to say, "No, but that's none of your business. And I strongly advise that you don't speak on her name like that again." She cuts her eyes at the other girl, sending an icy glare at her to show that she's serious before giving her attention to you again. 
When a few tense moments pass with no one really saying anything, Jackson, the host, speaks up. "I think you need to go, Cho." 
"Ah, what a shame. The fun was just starting," she mockingly pouts, stopping next to you on her way out the door. Rosé strokes the back of your hand to soothe you, tracing mindless patterns with her thumb until your shoulders relax and you look into her eyes. With Cho now gone, your friends decide to go out into the backyard and give the two of you some time to clear things up. 
"So, I guess we should talk." You start, pulling your legs up onto the couch to sit criss-cross. She studies the way that you begin to nervously fidget and drop eye contact, and the sight breaks her heart. 
"Your past is your past, Y/N, and I won't ever judge you for it. I wish she wouldn't have brought it up like that -- I really wish she didn't," she says, emphasizing the word to remind you of how upset she is with Cho, "But I can tell that you're still struggling. I want to help you get better, and I'll be here with you every step of the way, babe. You mean the world to me." She smiles sadly, trying not to think of how much it would hurt to lose you. 
"Okay," you breathe out, accepting the honest help that she's extending to you. You've been burned and lied to in the past, but you trust Rosé to stay true to her word and assist you on the hard journey laid out before you. "Let's start from the beginning," you say, preparing yourself to retell your struggles from the moment they began all those years ago. 
Road To Recovery
Takes care of you when withdrawal hits hard
Isn't afraid to take the day off if it's bad enough and she needs to
"Hey, Teddy. Tell everyone that I'll be staying home today, okay? I've already let the girls know, too." 
Reassurance to the max
"You're doing amazing."
Is your shoulder to cry on when times get tough
On a weekend trip, the two of you snuck away to the beach to go cliff diving. It was a thrilling experience, and you'll always remember that day with her
Helps you find healthier alternatives to your addiction that can make the transition easier until you fully recover
"Baby, look at this." She says, repositioning her laptop so that you can see what she's looking at. The two of you are sitting on the bed, and her legs are stretched out over yours. "These herbs are safe to smoke and they can help with a lot of your troubles. These over here," she says, pointing to a section of the screen, "help with stress and anxiety. They make it easier to relax." You nod, logging the information in your brain as you run a hand over her smooth skin to keep yourself calm. It's a habit that both of you love. "Thank you, Rosie. Nobody's ever done anything like this for me." You say, keeping your head down as you remember all the people that have left you behind in your time of need. 
"You'd do the same for me, and I'm happy to be here for you." She declares, holding one of your hands within both of her own. She cradles it delicately, just like she does your heart. "I'll do whatever it takes to make you feel my love. I'm not going anywhere, babe." She leans in, connecting your lips in a sweet kiss. 
Keeps your spirits up if you relapse
"You're not a failure, Y/N/N. This is just a setback, and we're going to get through it together."
One of her friends told her about a fun art class that's supposed to help people in recovery let go of some of their resentment and negative feelings, so she brought it up and you agreed to go
It was structured in two parts:
Part 1: Everyone went out to an old car lot that had various old vehicles, electronics, and other things to smash up. Once you let loose and relieved some of your tension, you collected scraps of the things you destroyed.
Part 2: With the scraps you brought back, you were told to create any type of artwork you wanted -- whatever felt right. Collage, graffiti, scrapbook, etc. At the end of the class, you were informed of the driving message behind it: Though the negative feelings and aversions you dealt with in the past may have left you feeling broken, you never really were -- you've always had the power to piece yourself back together and continue on.
After You've Recovered
Taking a month off work every year to travel and experience new things together. Usually consists of going to another city (or even country) and exploring their art museums and other artistics outlets 
The new experiences help remind you off all the reasons you want to stay sober, and they help her have new material for her songs
Lots of pictures and drawings to remember all of your adventures
Collect trinkets to hang up / display, especially around the holidays
The girls have a special celebration waiting for you when you return
Tumblr media
She could tell something was wrong when your behavior started to change over the course of a couple weeks
She suspected other things, but after finding a substance in your bag while on a vacation trip, she was blind sided by the reality of the situation
"Hey Lis, have you seen my swimsuit?" You casually ask, strolling into your hotel bedroom in search of the item. "I thought I left it--"
Your words catch harshly in your throat, nearly making you choke from how quickly you cut yourself off. She's sitting on the edge of the bed with the baggy in her hands, and tears brim in her eyes. 
"Fuck," you wince, closing your eyes as you put your face in your hands. "You weren't supposed to find out like this."
"Why didn't you tell me?" She asks, staring straight ahead, though her eyes don't focus on anything in particular. Knowing you hurt her is bad enough, but seeing her like this makes the pain even more evident. 
"I was going to, I promise. But I've been trying to wean myself off of it," you begin to explain, slowly walking across the room until you're in front of her. You squat down and put your hands on her thighs, staying quiet until she meets your gaze. "I've tried to quit cold turkey in the past but it didn't go down well. I figured I could handle this on my own and not get you involved."
"Baby, I want to be involved. You've been different lately, and having you shut me out didn't help ease my fears. I want to be a part of this, okay? You can turn to me when you feel alone," she says through the occasional tears that roll down her cheeks, "It's my job to help you and keep you safe. So let me," she crouches down next to you as she says the last part, wrapping her arms around you when she notices your lip tremble. "I'm not gonna let this get between us," she says against your shoulder, reminding you of how strong her love for you is. 
"I'm sorry I waited so long," your words are muffled against her shirt, but she can hear how the emotion in them changes your voice slightly. 
"We have to start somewhere, and this is just as good a time as any. I'm right here, Y/N/N."
Road To Recovery
Sweet texts and reminders throughout the day
"Hey baby, have you eaten today? The girls and I miss you like crazy." 
"Don't forget about your check-up tomorrow. I already told my manager that I'll be taking the day off, so I'm all yours 😉"
"*image attachment* Question: Do you think Lego would look cute in this or do you think Lego would look cute in this? Because he WOULD." 
Stargazing trips to talk about how far you've come
Making treats for the cats together if you have a bad day
Sometimes your withdrawal leaves you with weird cravings, but she never hesitates to race to the store at any hour and snatch up your favorite treats
Learning how to cook together to keep you occupied and give you a hobby (plus she's always wanted to get better at it)
“If you fling that at me, I swear to God I'll--”
Day trips to random parks and open locations to have little photoshoots when she has free days
Once took you bungee jumping for the experience and adrenaline rush
Bringing you into the studio if you're having a hard time and don't want to be alone
Always listens to you and shows how much she cares
Opts out of events if she suspects that drugs will be there to tempt you (considering you're always her plus one)
You still send her to enjoy herself at the events without you sometimes, though it does take a lot to convince her to leave you at home
"Okay, okay! But we're binging that new show when I get back." 
Makes you laugh often and cheers you up when you need it most
She's your sunshine
After You've Recovered
Considering that you're her muse and she's the artist that she is, she hatched a plan early on to document your journey to recovery
"One more, babe. Just like that." She instructs, holding the camera up to her eye one final time. "Perfect." 
"Alright, close your eyes and turn around." She commands while returning to the coffee table that sits in the middle of your living room. Her hands make quick work of putting the finishing touches on her gift for you while you patiently sway and hum to whatever song is stuck in your head at the moment. 
"Annnnnd done!" She shouts, approaching you with a wide smile tugging at her lips as she holds the book out in front of herself. "It's a photo album. I started it the day you told me you wanted to try and get better," she says, smiling softly as she slowly walks you through the beginning pages of the book. "I thought it would be nice to see how far you've come," her eyes remain glued to the pictures she took as she continues flipping, and she fails to realize that you're staring at her now. 
"I'm so in love with you. I can't thank you enough, Lis. This is beautiful." You shake your head in quiet disbelief, genuinely surprised that someone would work so hard on something for you. It shouldn't be a surprise with her though, considering how much she loves you, but it still baffles you sometimes. 
"This gift only shows a fraction of my love for you, but I'm happy you like it. This is nothing, baby; there's so much more where this came from. Thank you for letting me in." She captures your lips in a meaningful kiss, and finds it hard to pull away. You seem to be her drug of choice, but neither of you care to end that sweet addiction.
Annual trips to photoshoots and fashion shows
Being her favorite model (seriously, she could look at you for hours on end)
Always feeling so loved and cherished, no matter what the two of you are doing
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kingandfireheart · 6 months ago
Cassian's Love: words from a guy who speaks through actions
Something I love about Cassian is that he doesn't really hide the ball when it comes to his feelings for Nesta. He's most definitely an actions speak louder than words person (physical touch is his love language), but he does use words in ACOSF. I read someone say that Cassian didn't show his love for Nesta, and I completely disagree. Even though SJM never showed us Cassian saying the actual words, we see it so often through the small touches like flicking her cheek, the way that he never makes fun of her (many) questions, or the way he's always there, but he never pushes her too far.
In ACOWAR he confesses his love
" I have no regrets in my life, but this. That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta. I will find you again in the next world -- the next life. And we will have that time. I promise. "
Yes, there is a lot he doesn't say - that they are mates, that he wants more than just sex, that he loves her. He even goes far enough to attack Lanthys to prevent him from revealing the truth. (I can write a whole post on why he wouldn't tell her about being mates, but I think Nesta's reaction to Lucien's declaration at the end of ACOMAF can suffice as explanation).
After his heartbreaking confession in ACOWAR, it makes sense that he's more reserved with Nesta. When thinking about his almost confession on solstice, he even says, "He hardly managed to walk away with some semblance of pride. Over his cold, dead body would she do that to him again." He is protecting himself by ignoring the mating bond too ("Some small quiet part of his brain whispered otherwise. He ignored it. Had ignored it for a long time now.")
Still throughout the book, he owns up to his feelings for Nesta when given the opportunity -- he just doesn't say the words "I love you" or "You're my mate". This post goes through some scenes in chronological order, since they show how Cassian does care.
(I could write another whole post on how I feel cheated of two months of happy Nessian between Solstice and Starfall, but that's what fanfiction is for, right?).
When Mor asks if it pains him to see Nesta like this, he says:
"All of it pains me... It pains me that Nesta has become... this. It pains me that she and Feyre are always at each other's throats. It pains me that Feyre hurts over it, and I know Nesta does, too. It pains me that ..."
When he's pleading her to train, she asks him why he isn't negotiating harder, he says.
"For you, I have no strategies."
Then there's the confrontation before, "I'm always thinking of that look on your face". (Yes, he's goading her here, but I don't think he's lying)
"Why so many questions tonight?" // "Because we're talking like normal people, and I want to know. About all of it." // "Let's nor retread old territory, Nes." // "It never mattered to me whether you took half the Cauldron's power or a drop. It still doesn't matter. // "Why?" "Why do you even bother?" // "Why did you stay at my side when we went up against the King of Hybern during the last battle?"
Answer: because they're mates.
After Nesta fights with Elain, he tells her he'll be there for her.
"Whatever you need to throw at me, I can take it. I won't break." No challenge laced the words. Only a plea. // "You don't understand," she said, voice rasping. "I am not like you and the others." // "That's never bothered me one bit." (emphasis added)
When Rhys gives Nesta a mental warning about Gwyn:
"I'm pissed off that you can't seem to believe one good thing about her. That you refuse to fucking believe one good thing about her."
When they are discussing the Dread Trove and pushing Nesta to scry: Yes Cassian for arguing against only protecting Elain
" There is an innate darkness to the Dread Trove that should not be exposed to." // "But Nesta should?" Cassian growled.
"It's not right to wield Elain as a threat to manipulate Nesta into scrying." "There are harsher ways to convince Nesta, boy" "You're a fool if you think threats will make her obey you." ... "If we manipulate Nesta into scrying, even by using Elain against her, then we'll do what is necessary." "I don't like it."
After Nesta's nightmare:
"Hey." "Hello" "Are you all right?" "Yes." "Good" "You want to talk about it?" "No" "That's fine." "You want breakfast?" "I like your priorities, General." (italics added)
When Rhys and Feyre mention bringing in Helion:
"He'll help...If only for another shot at her." // Nesta rolled her eyes, and and the gesture was so normal that Cassian's smile became more genuine, edged with relief // You wear your heart for all to see, brother. Rhys said without turning Cassian's way. // Cassian only shrugged. He was past caring.
When they finally have sex , we have this short back-and-forth:
"I'll hurt you." // "I don't care" // "I do."
and my personal favorite
"I'm beyond lies right now, Nesta."
When Nesta asks whether Cassian enjoyed their previous encounter, he tells her:
I enjoyed myself too much. I've thought about it for days and days.
"Whatever you want. Whatever you need from me." He knew those were a fool's words, knew he offered up too much.
And when Nesta asks "How can I need you again so soon?" Answer: because they're mates.
"I've needed you from the moment I first met you. And now that I get to have you, I don't what to stop
When they find out about the new Dread Trove, he's quick to defend Nesta to others:
Tumblr media
This scene isn't really dialogue, but I'm including it because I love Cass.
They moved on to far merrier subjects, but Cassian mulled it over throughout the evening. The fighting was only part of it. The Training would sustain her, funnel her rage, but there had to be more. There had to be joy. There had to be music. (emphasis added)
When Nesta breaks down at the end of the hike, we see that Cassian doesn't just love Nesta, but he likes her, he may even admire her.
"I don't know how to get there. I don't think I'm capable of it" // "You are. I've seen it -- I've seen what you can do when you are willing to fight for the people you love. Why not apply that same bravery and loyalty to yourself?"
"You don't need to become some impossible ideal. You don't need to become sweet and simpering. You can give everyone that I Will Slay My Enemies look - which is my favorite look, by the way. You can keep that sharpness I like so much, that boldness and fearlessness. I don't want you to ever lose those things, to cage yourself."
"I'll be with you every step of the way... Just don't lock me out. You want to walk in silence for a week, I'm fine with that. So long as you talk to me at the end of it." (emphasis added)
When Cassian and Nesta go to the prison, there are some more telling moments:
"What if my presence would go unnoticed, but yours sets off a trap? We can't risk that." // His throat bobbed. "I can't risk you." // The words slammed into her heart. (emphasis added)
Tumblr media
and later,
"I have always been your friend Nesta. Always"
When Nesta and Cassian return from the Prison:
Nesta brushed her fingers against Cassian's in silent understanding. His own curled against hers, meeting her stare as if to say, See? We're the same after all.
But when Rhys suggests having Nesta dance with Eris, Cassian is territorial to the max
"You're not going to use her."
"Over my dead fucking body," Cassian exploded.
"Nesta hasn't agreed to anything," Cassian snapped. "Even one dance with that prick is too much --"
"I don't like it."
He also agrees to go with her to the cottage in the human lands, and is so damn supportive and kind to her there. Action not words here but I love this himbo so much
Cassian stood beside her through all of it. Not speaking, not touching. Just there, should she need him. Her friend -- whom she'd asked to come her with her not because he was sharing her bed, but because she wanted him here. His steadiness and kindness and understanding.
And of course, the amazing and wonderful solstice scene:
"I'm sorry for how I behaved last Solstice. For how awful I was."// "I know. I forgave you a long time ago."
"Because I was fucking jealous!" He roared, wings splaying. "You looked like a queen, and it was painfully obvious you should be with a princeling like Eris and not a low born nothing like me! Because I couldn't stand the sight of it, right down to my gods-damned bones."(emphasis added)
"You're not going to marry Eris." "No" "There will be no one else. For either of us." "Yes" "Ever."
The big ole fight
"Say what I've guess from the moment we met. What I knew the first time I kissed you. What became unbreakable between us on Solstice night"
"I am your mate, for fuck's sake!" "You are my mate! Why are you still fighting it?
"You promised me forever on Solstice," he said, voice breaking. "Why is one word somehow throwing you off that?" (emphasis added)
And the conclusion that just wasn't satisfying enough:
"What do you want? // "You" // "You've had me from the moment you met me."
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flower-slut00 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: YN decides to have fun with her English professor
WARNING: Smut, Sir kink, teasing, Oral ( both receiving), denied orgasm.
Daniel tried to ignore all the eyes on him as he explained the theme of Hamlet to his college class. Every girl and some of the guys just couldn't keep their eyes off of their handsome teacher. His piercing blue eyes to his soft lips that lead to his chisled chin. He shook off all the lustful looks and turned his attention to the back of the room.
His eyes landed on Yn who stared back at him. He kept talking as he viewed her features. His eyes trailed to her nose to her lips, he let out a cough as he realized what she was doing with her lips.
Between them was a pen,a pen she kept twisting in her mouth. She smirked at his reaction as she bit the pen with a wink. Daniel felt his pants get tighter as he kept watching the girl. He went behind his desk to hide the bulge as he finished the lecture."You may now read the next chapter to yourselfs" he says in his accent.
The class groans but not Yn. She continues to watch him and starts to admire the way his white button-down shirt would fit so tight around his biceps and his black jeans would make his ass look even more perfect if that was even possible.Or how his large hands would grip his coffee mug as he stared back at her. YN started to fantasize about his hands wrapping around her neck as she bends over his desk.
The two began to have a very intense staring contest. Lust forming in both their eyes.Daniel began to fantasize about how her ass would bounce on his throbbing cock. He grunts as he brushes his crotch on the desk. YN smirked as she finally made the move getting up from her seat. He watched her come up to him with book in her hands and teasing look in her eyes.
“Mr.Teacher Sir?" She whispers as she leant over the desk. "It's Mr.Sharman, Miss LN" he corrects. "Sorry Sir.." she bits her lip. "It's just...I don't understand this part..." she continues as she came around his desk to sit next to him.
He smirks "That's a shame Miss Ln... I was explaining it earlier but it seemed to me you were daydreaming""Couldn't help it...this class just sends me to another world" she whispers softly. Daniel smirked as he grabbed the book from her hand making sure to brush his fingers with hers. "What exactly didn't you understand Miss Ln" he asked.
Before she could answer the bell rang. Daniel felt his heart drop as he grumbled at the bell. "Don't worry Mr.Sharman...I have free period" she whispers in his ear as the last person left the class. Her hand traveled up his knee to his thigh"You're lucky I have planning period Miss Ln..." he looks down at her hand with a smirk.
She let out a small sigh as she removed her hand to remove her jacket leaving her chest to be exposed by a little. Daniels eyes wondered around her chest.Yn giggled as she took her finger under his chin to raise his face up. " eyes are up here" she whispered dangerously closed to his lips.
He looked down at her lips and back into her eyes. "Fuck It" he grumbled as he pulled her towards him on to his lap.YNs eyes went wide as she was bent over his lap. She gasped feeling his large hands pull down her skirt and rest on her ass.
Daniel smirked as he rubbed her ass making her let out a soft moan. Yn was enjoying the feeling of his large hands on her ass that she didn't realize his hand lifting in the air.He brought the hand down with a great force and smacked her right cheek making it jiggle.
YN let out a yelp and Daniel smirked. "Naughty girl" he tsked slapping her ass again. Yn let out a muffed moan as she bit into his thigh.
Daniel let out a hiss as he pulls her up so she's facing him.The two of them had a intense staring contest until Daniel took off his shirt along with hers. "You're so beautiful" Daniel mumbles playing with the straps of her bra.
Yn just giggled and crawled off of his lap, fiddling with his belt buckle.She slid down his jeans and underwear in one pull. She got on her knees in front of him, and took his member in her hands, pumping it slowly. "You know Mr.Sharman, you're much bigger than I ever imagined you'd be." She smiled and kissed the tip of his member, causing him to moan softly “Call me Sir love".
Yn chuckles as she looked up at him "okay sir" she teased as she took his length in her mouth, his member hitting the back of her throat. She bobbed her head slowly, as his hand found its way to her hair, gripping it tightly. Leaning his head back in pleasure, he closed his eyes and moaned out occasionally. She started going faster, and his moans became more frequent and louder.
“F-Fuck," he stuttered out. "I can't last much longer." She smirked and bobbed her head faster, him coming apart under her. He came in her mouth, and she swallowed it all.She smiled fondly at her professor , and sat back down on his lap, rubbing his chest softly. "You taste good, sir." She said as she kissed his lips.
Grabbing her hips, he pushed her onto his desk. He moved forward, making sure to lock the door to his classroom .On his way back he began to flex his biceps with a smirk. She grinned as he started to reveal his torso. She could feel the muscle underneath, felt it tremble under her touch.
Grinning, she leant back and knocked graded tests to the floor.He gripped her face as he kissed her. He was soft at first; kissing her bottom lip, then taking his time with the top one. He then pressed her back to his desk and smothttered kisses over her stomach.His light stubble rubbed against her skin and she groaned, pushing her legs onto his shoulders.
He moved up her body and sucked an already hard nipple through the sheer fabric of her bra. [Y/N] pushed off her ballet pumps and dug her heels into his back, wanting a rougher touch.
“Talk to me," she groaned as he teased her other breast.He looked up from her body and smirked. "Like a bit of dirty talk huh?" he teased as YN grabbed his neck and pulled him down for a hard kiss, all tongue and teeth. She left him gasping. She closed her eyes as she felt his mouth touch her neck, placing a long kiss there.
While his hands moved to her own waist to remove her jeans, she dug hers into his hair. It was so soft. [Y/N] moved him back up for another kiss. He tasted like tea and metal and just a hint of something dark at the back of his mouth.
“I never got your answer darling " he mumbles "Yes." She gripped his hair tight. "Please talk to me, got a thing for the accent, do you?"She rubbed her thigh against his aching cock. "Yes" she moans removing her jeans, he dropped to the floor gingerly and started kissing up and down her thigh.He pressed his mouth again and again to the inside, sometimes brushing the lace of her panties.
After a moment of writhing on his desk from the feel of his mouth, he dragged her underwear down with his teeth and moved her legs over onto his shoulders as he buried his face in her pussy.
“Do you remember anything from class today?" He asked before sucking on her clit. He removed his mouth quickly but dragged his tongue over it in a long stroke. "Sorta"She moans, dizzy from her surroundings. She was going to come quicker than expected if he kept going like that.He traced the outside of her clit with his tongue, barely going near the real pressure point. He pressed a kiss there before looking up at her.
“What do you remember?" He finished that off with a long swipe at her clit followed by his teeth. She tried to grab onto something but couldn't.All she could hold onto was him." is disgusted by the marriage of his newly widowed mother, Queen Gertrude, to his Uncle, King Hamlet's brother, Claudius, who now has the throne when he came home" she stammered out.He rewarded her by slipping a finger inside her, slowly teasing her before moving in and out.
It felt so good."Anything else?" Daniel asked again, his accent getting thicker as he grew more aroused.She tried to remember what he had talked about but as he traced her folds with the tip of his tongue, she couldn't think.
Suddenly he pulled away from her and she was left with nothing. She tried to remember and eventually she came up with it."Revenge and justice! That's the theme of the story ."He smirked before returning to her pussy, taking her clit between his lips.
She grinded herself into into him and groaned as he sunk two fingers inside her. She bucked her hips, desperate for more friction. Any friction. His free hand moved up to grasp her breast and kneaded it roughly.
She was overwhelmed by it all and found her head starting to swim.She was so close; she could feel her release growing in her stomach.But then he pulled away from her and was moving up her stomach and back up to her neck.
He kissed her jaw before grasping her face."I'm going to let you come in a second..." he growled.She moved her legs around him instinctively, needing his complete touch in that moment. This was better than any fantasy.
“I just need to know you remember how he died." Daniel asked as she pressed her finger against his mouth and he nibbled at it.He waited anxiously, one hand pulling down his boxer shorts. He was going to be inside her, his cock was going to be inside her and Yn couldn't breathe. Practically naked on his desk, soaking wet from his mouth and fingers and ready to scream his name.
“Poison sword ."she whimpers.He grinned at her "Good girl." His mouth nipped at her neck, no doubt producing a love bite she could show off to class tomorrow. He pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her as he pushed inside her. She groaned as she felt him pulse between her legs and bit down on his shoulder.
He was hot and thick and she needed him deeper, she needed him all over her."Oh Fuck..." Daniel groaned against her collar bone. "You don't know how many times I've thought about fucking you while I sat in this classroom ."She gripped him harder then, trembling as he thrust into her once, twice, so many times. He moved his angle so he grazed her clit every time he went in and out.
After the fire started to grow again, she anchored herself to his shoulders, clinging to him.Eventually he pushed her right over and she howled his name."Daniel"He slammed his hand over her mouth in an instant and she immediately realised her mistake.
They were still in office hours , and they were breaking several rules doing this.He stilled for a moment, checking for sounds. When he was sure no one was coming to around he continued to fuck her, gripping her ass and sucking on a breast.
[Y/N] stroked his hair, loving every moment of this. She didn't want it to stop.She kissed his forehead as she felt him grow close.
“Cum for me sir” she purred “Cum for your favorite student” And he did, growling her name as loud as he could against her skin.
She slipped on his shirt and knelt by his chair. She rested her head on his leg and he stroked her hair, looking down and smiling at her.
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inseongsfoxybae · 9 months ago
Overstimulating SF9
Pairing: Member + Female reader; established relationship
Genre: Smut 🔞
Warnings: Overstimulation, dom!reader, sub!member, blowjob, handjob, dry humping, edging, lap dance, striptease, bondage, nipple play, use of sex toys, unprotected sex, some dirty talk, orgasm denial and a little of creampie
Requested: Hello! I was wondering if you could do overstimulation with sf9? Where sf9 is being overstimulated. If you can't then that's okay. Could I maybe be the 👾anon?
Author’s message: Dear 👾 anon, I’m so sorry it took so long to be done TT. I struggled a little to think about different scenarios for each member, but, at the same time, I enjoyed writing it so much, so I have to thank you for this request. Plus, I’m very thankful to my moots and friends that helped me with ideas and tips - Hannah, Rosie and B. Okay, I’m talking too much. Let’s read it! Hope you enjoy it and send in new requests later. Foxy kisses 😘
P.S: As english is not my mother language, it may contain misspelled. Also, sorry for any other mistakes :) (I was lazy to review it, so it surely contains some - maybe a lot of - writing mistakes hehehe)
Tumblr media
Youngbin was sitting on the couch watching some Avengers' movie when you approached him from behind, sneaking your hands through his shoulders and down to his chest.
He didn't pay much attention to you due to the movie, so you headed back to your room to think about something to catch his undivided attention to you.
As you were feeling a little *very* horny, you decided to tease him and have some fun with him in your living room.
So, you walked to your closet for look for your secret special dirty box. When you found it, you picked your bunny lingerie-costume and wore it, put some make up and a sweet perfume and back to the room.
Youngbin was still concentrated on the film and didn't realize you were back till you placed yourself in front of tv.
He looked at you surprised. "What do you think you are doing, baby?", he questioned staring up and down at you. "I'm not thinking about anything, Binnie. I'm doing", you said crawling over the small coffee table between you.
You stand in front of him and leaned in closer for him to inhale your sweet scent - the one you knew always turns him on. When you felt he was getting a little lost, you spread his legs and straddled him, sitting right on top of his crotch.
You let a small sigh slipped through your beautiful parted lips as your nose trailed on his sensitive neck and your hands sneaked inside his shirt to run through his chest, making he shiver.
You captured his lips to a hungrily kiss while his hard nipples were abused by your thin fingers. Youngbin chocked out a moan into your mouth when you started to grind against him in a torturous slow pace.
Your lips left his to attack the sweet spots in his neck while you increased your ministrations on his nipples and clothed cock. His breath was heavily while his moans filled the whole room, encouraging you to go faster against his hard, you feeling his high was close.
"Babe, I'm close", he grunted shamelessly and you stopped all your movements. He looked at you confused and you simply said: "I want you in my mouth".
You got up of his lap and kneeled between his wide open legs. "Take off your shirt", you commanded while you took care of his jumpers and briefs. When he was completely naked, you took his hard member and stroked it a little, before licking and nibbling its red tip, teasing him, making him a mess only for you.
Youngbin's hands tugged in your hair while your swallowed him, fully, deeply, into your mouth and started to sucked it harshly. Your hands massaged his base and balls, before you slide them up to attack his nipples again.
His cries were louder and more desperate ans you could feel his member twitching inside your mouth. "I'm gonna cum", he screamed this time, the burning stimulations being too much for him.
And with a few more sucks and licks and nibbles, he came undone into your mouth, his hot seeds going down your throat as you tried to swallow all of him.
Youngbin's grip in your hair loosened and his arms fell to his sides. Tired, he could barely keep his eyes open. Your hands softly rubbed his hips and thighs while he recovered his senses. "Did you do all of this just to have my attention?", he asked still panting. "Yes. Fortunately, it worked", you replied and gave him a bright smile.
"But we didn't finish yet, love", you told him and he looked at you shocked. "I still have a dripping pussy here and you have to take care of it", you got up and tossed your panties away, sitting on his lap again. "Look I don't have choice", Youngbin said and carry you to bedroom where you had a long sex.
Tumblr media
You were accompanying Inseong at a company dinner and he was so damn hot in the black suit that you couldn't help feeling horny - very horny.
Although you were loving seeing him gorgeously dressed like this, you couldn't wait till you back home and rip that clothes off his sexy body and see his drop-dread pretty face under you.
You stared at him holding a glass of red whine, leaned in the wall, talking with some of his bandmates. Your eyes looked at him like a starving wolf, mentally undressing him, while the hot pool between your legs started to bother you.
However, you had to wait for more two hours till you opened the door to your place and dragged him to your bedroom. Inseong looked at you a bit shocked, but simply gave in your passionate kisses, you grinding on him, his hands roaming through your sides, waist and hips.
"I've been waiting for his the whole night", you whispered sensually against his lips before take his blazer off and pushed him in your bed. He plopped beautifully in your matress, spread legs, breath heavy, lips slightly parted.
You reached for your phone and played a sensual playlist. "I'm ruling tonight", you said placing yourself between his legs, leaning in to unbutton his white shirt and tossed it to the side. "I'm all yours, my queen", he panted while your hands teased his bare chest. You finally untied his necktie and used it to bind his wrists on the headboard.
You could see his bulge pressed against his pants, but you wouldn't take it easy that night. You moved back his back and started to dance slowly, following the beats, your hips wiggling around sensually as you slid your dress up inchmeal, watching Inseong bitting his bottom lip.
You wore a pretty black lingerie, one of Inseong's favorite, and your movements started to get bolder with your hands running through your body - from your neck, to your breasts, where you took off your bra, sliding through your stomach and waist, roaming through your hips and tights, till stop on your clothed pussy, where you played a little with your clit and wet folds.
Inseong was squirming desperately on bed, begging to be touched as his hard length was almost ripping his pants off. "Baby... I need you", he cried out, but you simply smile while slid your dripping panties down your legs and continued your little show.
Now you were completely naked in front of him and he started to moan your name. You leaned into his body and started to pepper his neck with hot open-mouthed kisses and deep bruises on his sweet spots, driving him crazy underneath you.
Then, you made your way down to his collarbones, chest *nipples*, stomach, till reach the waistband of his pants. You took off his belt and put his trousers down, leaving him only on his briefs, his hard testing the strength of its seams.
You pressed your hand flat on his clothed shaft, making him moan louder and arched his back. You gave him a devilish smirk and sat on his bulge, wiggling in the rhythm of the music.
You had barely started, and his member was twitching under you already - your weight on his manhood, the vision of you moving on top of him while playing with your breasts, the sexy song playing on the background, all of this was pushing him over the edge.
You suddenly stopped your motions and, when he was about to protest, you ripped his boxers away and pushed him inside you in one harsh thrust, causing you both to moan loud. You then set the fastest pace you've ever ride him, the sound of two slamming bodies and both of your pleasurable screams filling the room.
Your hungry mouth returned to the sweet spots on his neck and ear, kissing, sucking, nibbling and sighing against his hot skin. With a few more teasings and hard rides, he spilled his powerful cum inside you, but you didn't stop your thrusts.
"Just a little longer, love", you begged him. "Make me cum...", you scream while you rode him faster, stimulating his already sensitive member as he screamed with the feeling. You brought your hand to your clit to rush your climax and with some harsh circles, you clenched around him in a strong orgasm.
You collapsed on top of him and slid his member out of you, the remains of his seeds slipping through your swollen pussy. When you looked up at Inseong again, he was almost crying due to all the overwhelming pleasure he just received.
You untied his wrists and kissed them softly on their marks, then you moved to his face to kissed away all his little crying pouts. "Sorry, I guess it was too hard", you whispered sincerely against his forehead.
"Why did you do that?", he asked after a while. "You were so sexy in that suit that I couldn't resist", you confessed hiding your face in the crook of his neck. "Okay... I think I must dress it more often, then", he told you and you both laughed.
He cupped your face and brought it to his to kiss you again, deeper this time. "But you know? You were pretty hot in that dress too. I think it's my turn to rule, huh?", he winked at you. Inseong turned you down and hovered over you, waiting for you sign. "I'm all yours, my king". It would be a long night!
Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend were bored at home during one cold sunday’s afternoon. You couldn’t hang out due to pandemic, so you didn’t have choice but be entertained inside your own shared apartment.
Since you couldn’t go to the gym, you decided to do some exercises in your room and invited Jaeyoon to join you in a couple yoga session. He was convinced when you told him it could improve the couple's relationship and it demanded a lot of skinship.
Neither of you had experience with yoga, so you started with simple positions for beginners. You were seated on your rug stretching, leaning over each other's body - you pulled his arms towards you, his face reaching the spot right below your navel, his hot breath fanning against your bare skin uncovered by your cropped top and low waist shorts. You didn’t know exactly how or why, but it turned you on instantaneously. 
It was your turn to being pulled and your lustful eyes didn’t lose the opportunity to calculate where you were going to land on Jaeyoon’s body. Your lips curled up in a malicious smirk when your head hovered above his clothed cock, leaning in to kiss it. You realized he wasn’t wearing any briefs and took the chance to let go of his hands and grabbed his hips strongly. 
“Baby, what are you…?”, he was interrupted by your skillful fingers pushing his joggers down, exposing his still soft member for you. “I’m gonna take you right here, right now, honey”, your voice was sexy and full of desire. “Take your shirt off”, you commanded and he obeyed a little shocked. “Stay here and don’t dare to move”, you whispered in his ear, making him shiver under your hot breath.
You walked to your bedroom and took the buttle of lube and a band and back to the room where a naked Jaeyoon was scattered on the floor. You placed yourself on top of him as he looked at you with curious eyes, following your movements that reached for his head to cover his eyes with the band. “Honey…”, he whined, but you ignored him and got up to take your clothes off. 
You opened the buttle and poured a good amount of lube in your hands, wrapping them around his soft dick. A moan escaped from his mouth as he grasped the smooth rug under him. “Shh… You’ll be a good guy to me, right?”, you whispered against Jaeyoon’s lips as he only whimpered into your mouth. “Say it, babyboy! Are you a good guy?”, you asked increasing your ministrations on his member. “Y-ye-yes, I’m a good guy”, he said in grinted teeth as your hands rubbed his tip mercilessly.
You hovered above his hips, put some lube on your already soaked pussy and slid his now full hard cock into you in one go, both of your cries filling the room. Jaeyoon placed his large hands on your hips, waiting for you to ride him, but you took them off of your skin and pinned them up his head. “Nothing of you touching me today, baby”, you said. “Nor moving”. “What?”, he asked breathlessly. 
“Keep inside me without moving and I’ll make you feel better than ever”, you replied sliding your lubricated hands through his chest, teasing his hard nipples, going down on his toned abdomen. He moaned heavily under you, but didn’t complain, his covered eyes increasing his sensibility to the highest. 
You leaned down into his body chasing his sensitive neck, immediately attaching your hungry mouth to his sweet spots while your fingers abused of his nipples. You licked and kissed and nibbled and pinched all his erogenous zones on his upper body whilst your starving walls embraced his bury-deep dick.
Jaeyoon’s moans filled the whole room, his forehead and chest were glistening with sweat, his heart pounding hard in his rib cage. The poor guy was trying his best to not thrust harshly into you, but the overstimulation on his neck and nipples were pushing him over the edge already and his member started to twitch inside you.
“Wanna cum, baby?”, you asked kissing his shoulder. “Yes, please… Please, don’t stop. I’m close”, he begged you, but you purposefully stopped your all your assaults on his body. “No, please”, he cried out and ripped the bang in front of his eyes, looking deep into yours. 
“Looks like someone is a bad guy…”, you hummed tracing a tentative trail from his neck down his chest and abs with your fingers. “and deserves to be punished”, you completed when your hands reach where you were connected. “Look over here and don’t take your eyes off me”, you ordered and pulled out of him, sitting on his lap, spread legs and a soaked pussy ready to be fucked. 
Your fingers slid through your clit before started to rub it roughly, your moans replacing Jaeyoon’s as his eyes ate you entirely. You watched your boyfriend’s mouth opened as heavy pantings left his throat, the view of his girl touching herself in front of him pushing him over again. His twitching member bounced between his stomach and your thigs while your body shook in pleasure.
He couldn’t hold himself anymore - neither could you -, so you grabbed his dick and slammed it inside you, riding him desperately. Jaeyoon screamed when he finally came into your pussy, you following right away, filling the room with moans and wet sounds of your orgasms. 
You two struggled to come down from your highs. You had collapsed on top of him and his soften member had slipped out of you, both of your cums overflowing from your pussy.
“Does this always happen in couple yoga?”, he asked and you both laughed. “I don’t think so”, you replied lifting your head up to kiss him. “Anyway, I wish our yoga session could always finish like this”, he said sweetly cupping your cheeks and your smiled at him. 
“But maybe you could let me move next time”, he teased and you chuckle. “Okay, I will”, you whispered and kissed him again. “By the way, next time can be now, I mean, if you like”, you murmured against his lips and looked at him. “Oh, I like it”, and he kissed you once more. Looks like much more “next times” would happen that afternoon.
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend was playing games on his cellphone for the past two hours and you were trying to get his attention since then.
You were lying down beside him on bed, whining and sulking, but Dawon didn't even mind looking at you.
"Baby, look at me. I'm need some cuddles", you whined at some point, but he just hummed without taking his eyes out of the screen.
"Dawonie, I'm needy, please give me attention", "Lee Dawon, I need you to look at me", "Sanghyukie, I want your arms around me" - you tried everything, but Dawon wasn't listening.
Then, you came closer to his ear and whisper your last hope to catch his eyes: "I'm horny". You could feel him squirming next to you as he hands stoped on the screen, but he only paused the game and look at you saying quickly: "Can't you wait a little bit? I'm on the middle of a battle here and can't let my partners alone now". You just scoffed in response and got off the bed.
I know exactly what to do to take him away this stupid game and beg for me, you thought to yourself while walking to your closet and catching your secret box.
You came back to bed and put the box on your nightstand - Dawon still focused on his game. It's time for the show to start, you whispered opening the box e reaching for something inside. You lifted your nightgown a little, spread your legs and started to touch yourself, moaning sensually to catch Dawon's eyes.
He glared at you and smirked, but continued to play. So, you grabbed the little purple vibrator you had catched in the box and moved it slowly along your wet folds, increasing the volume of your moans beside him.
Dawon was still struggling to focus on his game, but the bulge growing between his legs was taking his breath (and mind) away. "I want you now, Lee Sanghyuk", you came closer to him and held his wrist as he finally let of his phone, giving up.
You slid your hand through his arm, chest and abs, till reached his crotch and squeezed it slightly. Dawon let escape a choked out groan as your fingers pulled his boxers down, his hardening member now free in your palm.
You started to stroke him, his breath catching on his throat while you moved to between his legs. "You want me?", you asked as your moves increased. "I-I... I want you, babe", Dawon growled into groans. His eyes were closed tightly, so didn't see you smiling slyly nor your other hands reaching for something in the box again.
"You're not going to have me tonight, love", you said and Dawon could hear a buzzing noise close to him. He opened his eyes only to see you putting a masturbator around his hard cock, swallowing him whole and embracing him in a powerful wave of pressure.
"Bae... No!!!", he begged as you cocky smirked at him. "That's what happen when you don't listen to me, love", you explained calmly. "Now, be a good boy and accept your punishment", you completed giving him a passionate kiss, he moaning into your mouth.
As you distracted him with your hot kisses, your hand grabbed the vibrator you used before and brought it close to his ear. "I think it's not enough yet, babe. Turn around and ass up", you said sensually, your hot breath fanning his crying eyes and nose as he shook desperately. "Obey me!", you commanded and he complied, turning around like a dog style.
You squeezed the cheeks of his butt and slapped them, leaving a red mark on his soft skin. Then, you put some lube in his ass and on the vibrator and slid it slowly into his hole, making him scream in pain and pleasure. "I-I'M CLOSE", he moan loudly into the cold air of your room, the double intensity of the masturbator and the vibrator being too much for him.
"Cum for me, babe", you said slipping under him to look at the contortions of his face. "Let's see how many times you can come for me tonight", you teased him pinching his hard nipples. It was like a button for his orgasm hit him hard and his body collapsed on top of you.
Dawon was shaking, moaning and tears washed his cheeks, but you kept the two toys on him, stimulating him once again right after his first high. He screamed and contorting above you, crashing you under him, the vibrations operating on your slit as well.
Before long, you heard a loud crying of him again as he came for the second time and you could feel your orgasm getting closer too. "Ba-ba-be, I can't handle this anymore", he moaned in your ear. "Ju-just a little longer, huh?", you were moaning as well. "Let's come together soon", you breathed pulling the vibrator off him, but pushing the masturbator even more deeper around him.
The two of you scream with the new pressure and both of you came all along, moaning each other's names in pleasure. You managed to turn off the toy and took it off of Dawon's dick, that fell flat and completely covered in semen between you.
"How do you feel?", you asked a worn out Dawon who hided his face in the crook of your neck. It took a while to him to answer as he was still recovering his breath, and you wondered if it was too much. "It was unexpected, but I think I somehow liked it", he finally said and chuckled.
"Are you okay? Do you feel any pain?", you queried. “I’m okay”, Dawon murmured against your skin before moving his head up to kiss you softly as your hands ran through his hair. “Let’s clean up and sleep, huh?”, you whispered against his lips and he hummed. “Let’s stay like this just  a little longer. You’re so warm”, he mumbled cutely and you could never resist his cuteness. 
And you ended up sleeping like that as slumber suddenly hit both of you.
Tumblr media
Rowoon didn’t have schedules that day, so he was spending it with you at your place. Actually, “spending it with you” maybe was too much to say, as he was focused on reading his new script on your desktop. 
You know how dedicated he was with his work and that he should be done with his lines till weekend, so you let him be for the time. However, you missed him, badly, and watching him practicing his lines wearing just some loose shorts and a sleeveless shirt, was making you a little horny. 
You tried to control your burning desire, but the wetness between your legs were getting on your nerves. Plus, you were sure your fingers or any toy wouldn’t be enough to grant your wishes today. You needed him. You wanted to feel everything of him once again, even if for that you had to sacrifice your own pleasure. 
So, you picked your vibrator and inserted it in your pussy inside your panties, but you didn’t turn it on yet. You walked to Rowoon and wrapped your arms around him, trying to catch his undivided attention, but he was to busy and just shrugged. 
“Babe, I need you now”, you whined very close to him, your hot breath fanning his ear. “Let me finish this, baby. After that, I’ll be completely yours for the rest of the day”, Rowoon said with a done tone. “You fool! It’s almost night already and you barely glanced at me today!”, you sulked giving up of his body trying to take his script away, but he grabbed tightly and stared at you serious. “Y/N, I don’t have time to play with you right now. Let me work”, he was talking serious and you retreated, “accepting defeat”.
But you knew his concentration was already gone and you willing to take advantage of this situation. Then, you kneeled and crawled under the table, setting yourself between his half-parted legs. By the little tent in his shorts, he wasn’t wearing any briefs and you smirk at the new discover.
Your hands started to roam along his long legs, making him squeal in surprise and shiver immediately under your digits. “What are you doing here?”, he asked lowering his head to look at you. “Trying to make you relax while you study your lines”, you said innocently as he rolled his eyes. “Don’t mind me and keep reading it. I’m sure you’ll feel pretty relaxed when I finish this”, you reassure him and he stared at you suspicious, but follow what you said. 
Now, Rowoon was back to his lines and you were free to make a mess of him down there. You continued rubbing his shins and thighs and could feel him tensing every time your hands went up a little higher. Minutes later, you finally reached for his crotch and he groaned with the suddenly stimulation. 
Thenceforth, you picked up a slow pace on his clothed hardening cock and Rowoon seemed not to care about his script anymore, his moans and gasps reaching your ears. “Keep reading”, you commanded. “I can’t”, he breathed muffling a groan. “Keep reading or you won’t cum today”, you persisted and could hear his shaking hands taking the papers again. 
“You you should be practicing your lines out loud to better retention, love”, you told him, “Let me hear your pretty voice”, you completed as you heard a harsh hiss leaving his throat. Rowoon was struggling to read his lines as he was more lost in his pleasure. “Say it clearly, honey”, you talked while your hands set a faster pace into his dick, his shorts still on. Rowoon increased the volume of his shaky voice, trying to swallow his growing moans as his orgasm was closer. 
The beautiful sounds that left his mouth was driving you crazy as well and you finally turned on the vibrator inside your whole on its maximum mode. The buzzing noise and your moans reached Rowoon’s ears and pushed him over the edge and he came with a loud groan. 
You pulled his soaked shorts down and took his soften cock in your hands only to stroke him again, the movement being too much for his sensitive member. “Babe…”, he cried out. “Shut up and just relax”, you commanded. “Forget about the shit of your script. I just wanna hear your moans for me”, you growled before embracing him whole with your mouth, choking your own moans when his dick reached your throat, your pussy being abuse by the powerful waves of your toy. 
Rowoon was already a moaning mess being sucked by you, one of your hands stroking what your mouth couldn’t swallow, the other one going up his chest to pinch his nipples. You blowed him senselessly while the knot in your low stomach was getting tighter and tighter. 
A few more buzzes and your orgasm explode through your body and your choked out moans vibrated on Rowoon’s dick, making his cum spilling warm into your mouth. You made sure to swallow all of him, but your thumbs and forefingers continued to abuse of his nipples, not giving time to him goes down of his high.
You pulled him out of your mouth when you felt both of your climaxes coming again. And two or three minutes later, Rowoon’s body shook desperately with his third orgasm, this time caused by his nipples, that spilled on your face and neck, you following right after. 
You finally stopped your assaults on his now weak body and turned off and pulled off your vibrator from your swollen pussy. A spot on the floor beneath you covered by the remains of his seeds and your juices. 
You pushed his chair back, so you could get up and sit on his lap. “So… relaxed?”, you asked with a naughty smirk. “Oh yeah”, that’s all he managed to say, but a tired bright smile lighted up his gorgeous face. “Shower?”, you suggested. “Cuddle me first”, he pleaded and of course you granted his cute wish, hugging tight right there on his chair. 
“Thank you. I think I needed this”, he said softly. “Always at your disposal”, you smiled and Rowoon pulled you for a passionate kiss. Both of you are relaxed and even more in love with each other.
Tumblr media
It was late at night and a storm washed the world outside, with raging thunders and burning lightnings running through the dark sky. You and Zuho couldn’t sleep, so you just cuddled together in bed, occasionally making out when you craved for each other’s bodies. 
“Seems it’s not going to stop soon”, you mumbled snuggling closer to his chest. “Yeah. But you know…”, Zuho paused looking a bit uncomfortable, “I suddenly got a boner here. Why don’t you enjoy it for now?”, he completed taking the sheet off you two and revealing his bulge. 
“When did you got it?”, you were really surprised, you barely had touched his crotch. At least, it was what you thought. “In our last making out session. Your thigh was grinding down here. Didn’t you feel it?”, Zuho explained. “Oh, no. I’m sorry”, you spoke bitting your bottom lip as your boyfriend looked at you with a dark gaze. “Don’t be sorry, baby. Just fixed the mess you made with me”, he talked running his hand through your hair, pulling you closer. 
You chuckled and kissed him hungrily, your tongue invading his mouth as he pulled you on top of him, his hard cock against your low stomach. “Will we need a condom?”, he asked breaking the kiss for a moment. “No, I’m on my pills”, you breathed quickly and took his lips again, using your legs to spread his a little more. 
You straddled him as your hands push his shirt off his body, giving total access to his torso, your hips grinding against his, feeling his dick hardening under your core. Your lips started their work on his neck, kissing and sucking his sweet spots, drawing soft moans from Zuho, his hands grasping your hips to try assume some control.
Your hands reached his and removed them from your hips, pinning them above his head as your pace increased up and down his body. His moans were louder now and his breath was heavy and uneven as you were attacking all his weaknesses. 
Your mouth traced a tentative trail of open-mouthed kisses down his chest, your finger dancing just above the hem of his pajama shorts. “Let me take this off”, you said and didn’t wait an answer, quickly pushing his last piece of clothes down his parted legs. “So, here is my lovely mini boyfriend”, you whispered very close to his cock, your hot breath making it twitched. “How cute you are”, you said and kissed his red tip, glowing with precum.
“Baby, please”, Zuho whimpered looking desperately at you. You only gave him a cocky smirk and stare at the hard laid on his low stomach. “Do you want my mouth or my pussy?”, you asked, eyes still stuck on his dick. “Everything. This stormy night is long and I want all of you tonight”, he stated and you mumbled a sweet “okay” before your flat tongue lick all the extension of his cock, placing a soft peck on the tip.
“I’ll start with my mouth”, you pointed and taking his member into your mouth, swallowing him slowly, his moans filling the room while his hands grabbed the sheets in despair. You put your hands on his hips to stabilize him while you do your job, blowing up and down his length as you felt your wetness flood through your pussy.
Your pace was steady and fast and you could take him deeper into your mouth, drool escaping your lips. Zuho was a messy underneath you moaning your name and curses, trying to thrust up into your face, but you held him tighter and looked up at his contorting pleasure face. 
“Baby, I’m close, he breathed as his dick twitched into your mouth. You sat a faster pace and he came, his cries echoing into the room, legs shaking uncontrollably as you swallow all his seeds harshly poured in your throat. You dropped his dick with a pop and went up to kiss him passionately, spitting some of his semen into his mouth, as your dripping core grinded against his throbbing length. 
Zuho groaned into the kiss and managed to slid your panties down your legs to let your raw pussy takes him properly. His long fingers gently rubbed your slit causing you to moan against his neck and whined his name when he found your clit and circled it. “Take me, Y/N”, his voice was hoarse close to your ear and you immediately sat on him, your hole pouching all of him inch by inch till his balls deep inside you as you cried out in pleasure.
You adjusted your position a little and started to ride him, slowly at the beginning but setting a fast pace when Zuho started to thrust up into you mercilessly. You reached for your clit to rubbed it harshly as your mouth bit the sweet spots on his neck, leaving small love bites all over it. 
You had barely started, but you were so close already, clenching around Zuho’s twitching cock, both of your moans and whines getting higher and higher into the stormy night. A few more thrusts and Zuho spited his cum into your pussy, filling you up completely, you following right away, your body spasming on top of his. 
“Don’t pull out yet”, you softly asked and of course your lovely boyfriend complied, kissing you sweaty temple while his hands lazily ran through your back. Your breaths were still uneven but both of your felt so relaxed and loved, Zuho’s arms embracing you as your fingers massaged his scalp. 
“How do you feel?”, you asked moments later, leaning back to look at him. “Amazed… spectacular… complete”, he mumbled between pecks. “Me too”, you confessed and kissed him tenderly, cupping his face with your small hands. 
“The storm is still on”, you wondered when you parted for air, glaring at window. “Still up for another round?”, Zuho played and chuckled. “Why not?”, you teased and you both laughed. “That’s right I love you”, he murmured against your lips turning you down on the matress. 
You still had a sex session as long as that stormy night. After that, Zuho wrecked you till your squirt all over your sheets. But not before you made him cum more three times that night. 
Yoo Taeyang
Tumblr media
Taeyang got home specially horny that night, dragging you with him to the bathroom so he could eat you on top of the sink and take you from behind in the shower. Now you were tangled in bed, still naked, your head resting on his chest as your fingers dance along his abs; his arms around your waist, lazily running through your back, soothing your tiredness after a rough sex. 
“Do you have any schedules tomorrow?”, you asked him. “No… I’m completely your tomorrow”, he answered and buried his face into your still wet hair as you hummed satisfied. “Tae, do you remember that conversation we had some weeks ago? About me dom you?”, you questioned a while later. “Sure. Do you wanna try it tomorrow?”, Taeyang looked excited. 
You pondered it for a moment. “Actually, I wanna try it now”, you shyly whispered looking down on him, trying to imagine how beautiful his cock would be into your mouth. Taeyang stirred beside you and you swear you saw his member twitching between his legs. “Now? Are you sure?”, he inquired, now visibly working up. “I’m absolutely sure”, you assured him, leaned a little to kiss him. 
He kissed you back and it turned into a heavy make out sesh, the heaviest you ever had, with you grinding against him while his hands touched your pussy. You left his lips and moved to his sharp jawline, his sensitive long neck (letting some bruises there), going down his collarbones, chest and stomach, softly nibbling his immaculate skin, his breath catching on his throat.
Now, you were face to face with his hard dick, his tip begging to be sucked and that's what you did, licking and sucking him till you got all his length into your mouth, his tip poking your throat. You glanced up at Taeyang and saw his lips being abused by his teeth, his eyes shut, his fists grabbing the sheets, trying to control his groans. 
You started blowing him in and out in a torturous slow pace, your hands roaming through his abdomen and hips, his low moans were the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever listened to. You picked up the pace, now merciless, and only harsh groans and little “fuck” left his parted lips, his legs starting to shake under your fingertips. 
“Y/N”, he moaned your name out loud while his cock twitched hopelessly into your mouth, as he came like a jet down your throat, you gladly gulping his seeds. Taeyang's breath was heavy and his whole body shook, but you didn't let go of his cock. One of your hands held his balls gently, massaging them, while you restarted to blow him. 
He tried to protest, but the pleasure was too much for him and he couldn't talk anymore, just moans and cries leaving his pretty mouth as tears formed in the corner of his eyes. His hands now moved to tug your hair in a desperate way to control your thrusts against him, but he failed. His body was too weak and lost in bliss to stop you. 
You kept your steady sucks for a while and pulled off when you felt his dick twitching as his next orgasm was close. Taeyang looked at you with a little pout, not believing what you were doing. "Babe, please… Let me cum", he begged as tears rolled down his face. You locked your eyes with his and smirked. "What do we do? I wanna play with you a little", you teased and pecked his tip, before swallowing him again. 
Your pace was slowly, teasing, one of your hands still massaging his balls, one finger of your other hand occasionally poking his hole. Taeyang was helpless under your touches, moaning and crying, wanting to come. You teased him a little more and let go of his cock once more, making him punching the mattress in despair.
"It's okay, baby, it's okay. I think it's time to make you see stars, my sunshine", you told him sensually, his eyes shut as tears escaped from their corners. You grabbed roughly his base and put his dick into your mouth one more time, blowing him mercilessly, willing to let his cum all over you now. 
Taeyang was screaming, cursing and fisting the sheets, his whole body in convulsion due to overstimulation. He didn't last even two minutes this time and you pulled him out quickly, receiving his cum all over your face, his semen hitting you as a harsh jet. 
You leaned up into his upper body, kissing his sweaty chest on the way, till reaching his quivering lips to make him taste himself. He was breathless, but still kissed back, weakly wrapping his arms around you. 
"Are you okay?", you asked softly when his breath was steady again. Even so, it took him a while to be able to talk. "Yes", he said and gave you a weak laugh. "What? Did you enjoy it?", you teased him. "Oh god, yes!", he assumed. "Can't wait to do this again", he continued and looked at you, "but not now. I don't have energy anymore", you both laughed. 
"C'mon. Let's clean up and sleep", you got up off the bed and helped him to do the same. You two took a quick shower and headed back to bed, where you cuddled to sleep.
Tumblr media
You were watching Mermaid Prince in your bedroom, waiting for Hwiyoung to come home, when suddenly his character shows up shirtless, his toned abs, chest and arms being revealed shameless on the screen. Your thoughts flew high and you were almost drooling at the blessed view of your man with no shirt on. 
That was when you realized how much you missed him and needed him. When you saw him like that through the screen, all you wanted to do was pin him down the mattress and fuck the life out of him. 
You felt wetness between your legs but there was no Hwiyoung at home yet and you refused to touch yourself. You wanted him, wanted to wreck him just like you knew he loves, making him scream your name and beg for mercy under you. 
About an hour later, your boyfriend was finally home and you waited for him to take a shower before trying anything dirty. You walked into the bathroom when you heard the shower stop and admired his beautiful naked body through the glass doors. 
"Hi, baby", he smiled when saw you at the door frame. You smiled back and watched him drying off. "I think you won't need this clothes", you said to him and looked at you a little confused. "I want to wreck you tonight", you confessed getting closer to him to touch his fresh flesh. 
Hwiyoung locked his eyes with yours and bit his bottom lip, already feeling around only by your touches in his chest and abs. "I think we should take this to bed, then", he said wrapping his arms around your waist and leading you backwards to the room. 
On the way, he took off your shirt and slid your panties down, leaving you naked as well, his mouth chasing yours for heated kisses. Before you reached the bed, you turned him around, so you could pull him down the sheets, where some "funny articles" waited for you. 
Hwiyoung positioned himself in the middle of the bed as you reached for your fluffy handcuffs, tying up his hands on the headboard. You parted his legs and placed yourself between them, slowly massaging his hard cock as little gasps escaped from his lips. 
You leaned in to kiss him roughly, your hips wiggling on his member, causing both of you to moan into each other's mouth. You broke the kiss and took your lube, pouring a good amount in your hands, that moved to lubricate the binge of nerves on his ass. Then, you grabbed a little vibrator and did the same with it. 
Hwiyoung watched you hornily as his dick was harder and harder, twichin on his low stomach. You turned the vibrator on and inserted it into his hole, making him cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. As the toy made his work down him, you moved to straddle his lap and slid his cock into your pussy up him. 
You rode him slowly, moaning out his name while massaging your breasts and clit, his own moans louder with the double stimulation and at the beautiful vision of you touching yourself while riding him, the pretty sounds you were making for him. 
Everything was leading him to a blissful state, the pleasure dominating his body, and with no warning, his dick twitched and his legs shook as he released his cum inside you, crying out curses shamelessly. However, you didn't stop pounding against him, neither the vibrator stopped buzzing inside his hole, and he groaned due to extra sensitivity. 
With a few more thrusts and your orgasm hitted you like a truck, your shivering legs stilled your pace for a while. Your pussy let go of his dick, but it was replaced by your mouth, tasting the mix of both of your fluids, giving him an unforgiving head as he begged for you to stop. 
You were hearing his desperate cries, but your lust, desire and hungriness for him were stronger than the urge to pamper him. You setted a rough pace, swallowing him the best you could, his tip poking your throat, tears escaping from the two of you. 
Hwiyoung's moans were getting louder, hopeless, as you both knew he was close again. Your hand reached for the vibrator into him and removed it, throwing it away somewhere in the room. 
You wanted him to come just with your mouth, you wanted to wreck him by yourself, making him roll his eyes to the back of his head and grabbed the sheets desperately in pleasure. 
And that's what you did. You blew him quickly, roughly, mercilessly, and he came strong into your mouth, his white creamy water sliding from the corners of your mouth, your name and a bunch of fucks being screamed into the room. 
You let go of his dick and looked up at him: his body was all drenched in sweat and quivering, his chest moving up and down with heavy breaths, his lips parted and his eyes shut. It seemed like he was lost somewhere else, so you climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom to catch a wet towel to clean him up. 
You slowly rubbed the cloth through his hot skin, cleaning all his sweat and both of your cums. He didn't move, so you ran to the kitchen to bring him some water. "Baby, are you awake?", you sweetly asked, but no answer. "I brought you water. Come here, drink", you carefully put your hand behind his head to lift it up as he slightly opened his eyes. 
"Hi", you whispered and kissed his forehead. "Hey", he finally said, weakly, giving you a little smile. "You okay", you pulled some strands of his hair away from his pretty face. "Yes, just tired. And feeling amazing", he confessed chuckling and pulled you in for a little kiss. 
"You did so great, my love", you said and he opened his famous gummy smile you loved so much. "So did you", he murmured and kissed you again, more passionate this time. Hwiyoung wrapped his arms around your waist and hugged you tight, till both of your steady breaths softened to sleepiness.
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful morning. You could tell it by the way the sunlight invaded your room through your curtains and you could hear the birds chirping out there. 
You had just woken up of a dream - a wet dream - and it was still possible feeling the wetness between your thighs. Chani was still soundly sleepy, spooning you, his bare chest pressed against your clothed back. But you were a bit disappointed that you didn't feel his bulge against your butt. 
You were horny - VERY horny - and all you wanted is Chani's dick in any part of you. Unconsciously, you snuggled closer to him, molding your bodies together, and started to grind against his soft cock. He grunted still sleepy and tightened his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck. 
"Baby…", Chani murmured in a hoarse voice, woken by your little gasps, his cock responding to your motions in no time. When he made out what was happening down there, he immediately grasp your hips to stop you. “What are you doing?”, Chani questioned blushing. “Chani-aahhh, I had a wet dream and I’m so needy right now”, you whined and turned around to face him, wearing your purest puppy eyes. 
“Fine”, he sighed, “just give me a second”, he completed and threw your sheets away, moving his hands to take off his hardening member under his loosely pajamas shorts and stroke it till it’s fully hard. Meanwhile, you got ride of your panties and slowly rubbed your clit, you were so wet you could swear your waters were dripping down your thighs. 
Chani looked at you and said: “Okay, it’s out. Do what you want”, pointing to his dick, and your mouth almost watered staring at it. You knew Chani is specially lazy in the morning to make any effort, so you were completely free to make a mess of him in these moments. 
You moved to between his legs and kissed his tip, his dick twitching with the smallest touch of yours, and you got the sign to take him in your mouth, licking and sucking him slowly, almost as lazily as your boyfriend. Chani’s throat let escape some little groans as his heels digged into the mattress, his mind already transporting him for its own blissful world. 
You were sucking him roughly now and his moans got more uninhibited and his breath erratic as his orgasm was approaching. Chani usually comes faster during morning sex, due to his more sensitive cock in that period of the day. He twitched again into your mouth and his legs shook as he filled your mouth with his cum, moaning your name in a low tone.
Chani loved when you gives him a head so early. It makes his mind travel to a place only him knows, lost in his own pleasure, unable to caught up anything that happens around him for a while. 
And of course you took advantage of this weakness of his. He was so high and inattentive, his eyes closed and little moans still leaving his mouth, that he didn’t pay attention that you didn’t let go of his soften cock. It continued inside your mouth, being licked while you swallowed his seeds down your throat. 
Now, you were blowing him again AND massaging his balls, in a steady pace. It was only when you gave a stronger suck on his tip that he opened his eyes and looked down at you, incredulous. “What are you doing?”. Obviously, you couldn’t answer but Chani knew you were skirming cockily at him. 
You patted his abs to warn him to just enjoy the moment and got lost in himself once more. It seemed like he understood, as he lay down and started to moan and contort his body under you. When you realized he was getting closer again, you pulled his dick out of your mouth and moved to straddle him. 
Chani stared at you sinking on his hard before closed his eyes and rolled his head back in pleasure as you rode him in a impatiently pace. Now, both of your moans filled the lit room, his cock rubbing all the sweet spots inside your pussy, his balls slapping hard against you as you took all of him. 
Your hands moved to his chest to pinch his hard nipples, making him scream your name. “FUCK, Y/N”, he breathed as his legs shook uncontrollably under you and his orgasm painted your walls in white. You still rode him a little more before the knot in your stomach explode and washed over you. 
You fell on top of him and slipped out of his dick, both of your fluids dripping from your swollen pussy. The two of you were breathless, sweaty and trembling, and Chani seemed to be lost in his mind again. You lazily kissed his collarbones, neck and cheeks in an attempt to bring him back to reality and it worked as he slowly brought his hand to caress your hair. 
Chani locked his heavy eyes with yours and opened a small smile, now his hand stroking tenderly your cheek. “Can we get back to sleep?”, he whispered against your lips and you kissed him softly. “Sure”, you whispered back and pecked him again, before settling yourself on his sweat chest. 
His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you even deeper into his body, inhaling the scent of your hair and sighing in bliss. “I love you, baby”, he said sleepy. “I love you too, my love”, you replied and pecked his chest. 
Both of you smiled to yourselves, eyes closed, feeling relaxed and loved, and fell asleep in each other’s arms, breath and heartbeat synchronized perfectly.
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bubbleteatae · 8 days ago
Puppy Love - Part 7
Read previous parts here
pairing: idol!Taehyung x reader
warnings: mentions of virgin reader, language
tag list: message me if you wish to be tagged in future updates of this story :)
authors note: this one took me way too long to write and was changed so many times..
Tumblr media
After imputing the code that Taehyung gave me to his apartment building's security system, I rolled my suitcase into the elevator, Kana pulling on her lead insistent on taking in all the new smells.
I tapped my knuckles on the dark wooden door of my boyfriend's home, my tummy fluttering from the mixture of nerves and excitement he still caused when I was around him. Loud footsteps hurriedly approached the door, followed by the light paws of Yeontan.
A series of beeps chimed and the door swung open, revealing Taehyung's handsome bare face. His hair was fluffy, as if he had yet to style it since getting up. He wore baggy black pants and an oversized white shirt, and I immediately wanted to snuggle into his chest. Before I could say anything, Taehyung knelt down to greet Kana, giggling as she licked at his face.
“Nice to see you too” I pouted, jokingly. Yeontan immediately ran up to me, pawing at my legs, and I knelt down to pick him up. Taehyung and I clearly knew our priorities.
“He must really like you” he said. “He’s never chosen anyone over me”. I couldn't blame him.
I put the tiny dog back down, only to stand up straight and be met with Taehyung's face only inches from mine, a soft smile on his face.
"Hi" he whispered.
"Hi" I replied, heat rising to my face. Just when I thought he was about to kiss me, he picked up my suitcase to carry inside, grasping onto my hand in the process. This boy always kept me on my toes!
The door shut behind us beeping to signal his security, as Taehyung led us into his main living area. Before I even had a chance to take in his luxurious apartment, I felt his hand wrap around my lower back and pull me into his body. His lips pressed against my own. I closed my eyes, moving my hands that were quickly pressed against his chest to wrap softly around his neck.
Just as my lips began to melt into his, our moment was cut short by the sound of both our dogs barking, and I turned to see the two of them running around the house in excitement. I giggled at how cute they were, expecting to see Taehyung doing the same, but when I turned back to him I was met with his relaxed eyes still looking at me, that same soft smile on his face.
"I've missed you" he said.
"I've missed you too" I smiled in return.
"Would you like a tour?" he asked.
"Yes, please!"
Taehyung's apartment was everything I would expect from a high profile k-pop star, but still had all the charm and uniqueness of him.
A small hallway led into an open space living area, with a white marble kitchen complete with dark accents connecting to a cozy lounge area containing two large dark couches and an even bigger wide screen tv. Sophisticated dining table separating the two.
I walked towards a set of dark french doors that led out to a glass balcony overlooking Seoul. A sea of buildings spread out in front of me, and I could only imagine how beautiful it looked lit up at night time.
"You can come put your stuff in my room" Taehyung said, picking up my suitcase once again. He led me down the hallway showing me his office and pointing out (one) of the bathrooms.
Taehyung's bedroom reflected him perfectly. A floor to ceiling window stretched across one of the walls, covered by a sheer, soft white curtain. While his bedroom was minimal, quirky pieces of art were placed around the room, and expensive jewelry and clothing could be seen in his ajarred wardrobe. A white king size bed centered the room, and I could only imagine how small he looked sleeping in it. And it might have been because of the giant mirror, but the ensuite was bigger the my own bathroom, with both a shower and bath.
I turned back to see Taehyung sitting down on the bed (I was right, it did make him look tiny).
"Your place is.. incredible" I gaped.
Taehyung rubbed the back of his head, looking embarrassed. "Ah, thank you. As a kid, I never even imagined of living in a place like this."
"Well you've worked hard for it. I admire that."
Taehyung looked up at me and smiled, seeming to appreciate my comment. "Shall we order takeaway and play some video games?" There was the laid back boy I knew.
"Sounds perfect" I smiled.
It might have been the little bit of confidence that the red wine had given me, when I turned to Taehyung and said “Truth or dare?”
He looked at me, slightly confused “huh?”
“Truth or dare? Oh, do you not play there here? Um, you have to answer any question, which is usually something personal. Or you can choose to do something the other person says... I guess like..” I was struggling to try and explain.
“Oh! Yes! We played something similar. Sounds fun!" he replied. We asked each other the usual questions; most embarrassing moment, first crush, the usual. On his next question Taehyung thought for a moment, before asking "would you still have gone out with me if I wasn't who I was?"
"You're kidding right?" His silence told me he was not. I had never realised that he had this insecurity. "Of course, Tae. You're the best thing that has happened to me since moving here" I said shyly.
I looked up to see him smiling softly at me.
"You probably thought I lived under a rock" I laughed.
Taehyung shook his head "not at all. It was refreshing. And you actually spoke to me like a person, not a celebrity."
"Well, I really only said yes to you because of your dog" I teased, ruffling the fur of the small dog sitting next to me.
Taehyung put his hand on his heart, bowing his chest over as if he had been shot. "Well, at least it got you" he smirked.
After a few more embarrassing questions, a prank phone call to one of the boys that left Taehyung in hysterics and another glass of wine later, Taehyung asked his next truth question for me.
"What was your first kiss like?"
My eyes shifted away from him, embarrassed.
"Come on, Y/N. It can't be any more awkward than mine" he laughed.
I sighed "Fine." I refused to make eye contact, but couldn't help but smile at the memory. "It was in my apartment. He was a guy friend that I had only met recently, but I had been falling for him since the day we met. He had brought rice and noodles over for dinner, and he had finally confessed to liking me as well. We ended up falling asleep on the couch, but he had to run off the next morning because he was late for a meeting.." I finally made eye contact with him.
"I was your first kiss?" he asked softly. I nodded. "Now I wish I had made it more magical" he sighed.
"Tae, it was the most perfect kiss, I couldn't have asked for anything more. I.. it's just embarrassing you know.."
"No it's not. It just goes to show how stupid all the guys in Y/County are! I feel very lucky to be your first kiss" he smiled sweetly. "And I'm going to make every kiss from now on even more magical."
I laughed at how cute he was, trying to make me feel better. "Okay Romeo! I'll remember that!"
"Wait" Taehyung suddenly said, slightly cocking his head to the side. "Does that mean.. you haven't.."
Shrugging my shoulders awkwardly, I shook my head. "You probably think there's something wrong me. I feel like there's something wrong with me.."
"Jeez Y/N, I don’t understand how you can’t see how amazing you are. You’re kind and caring, passionate and hard working. And god are you gorgeous as hell!”
Never in my life had someone spoke about me the way Taehyung was right now, which I think he noticed, as he pulled me into his chest. "And when you're ready, I'm going to show you just how beautiful you are."
A few days had passed since I arrived at Tae's, and I was curled up on the couch, waiting for him to finish having a shower. Bored in what was playing on the tv, I was wasting time scrolling through instagram. Especially since I had began dating a kpop star, I had tried to stay off twitter, and only had close friends and family on other websites. While scrolling through the lives of people I hadn't seen since moving, I accidently opened the search page. Normally I would just click out of it, and was expecting to see a range of posts of dogs, beauty products or clothes.
Not a picture of Taehyung and I at the park.
Of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I clicked, bring up a post from what seemed to be a Korean media news page.
"BTS' V spotted with mystery girl! The two were seen hanging out at Yeouido Hangang Park in Seoul, walking V's dog Yeontan, and what is assumed to be the girl's dog. There is nothing to confirm the two are dating, however, this is the first time V has been spotted with a girl since 2017"
I felt my stomach twist, and unable to stop my hands from opening up the comments.
she’s too ugly for Taehyung
Aww look how happy he looks! Another dog lover, she’s perfect for our Tae! I hope it’s true 💜
Bitch ☠️
What’s her name? 🔪
I fucking hate her!! She stole our Tae!
"Y/N!" I jumped to find Taehyung standing beside the couch, drying his wet hair with a towel. "I called your name about three-" As soon as I made eye contact with him, his face dropped. "Baby what's wrong?"
It was only then I realised that tears had formed in my eyes.
"What is it?" Taehyung pressed again, immediately sitting next to me on the couch. I could still feel the heat coming off his skin from his shower. Unable to say anything, I passed the phone to him, noticing how shaky my hands were. His brows were furrowed in concern, closing his eyes as soon as he saw the photo, a heavy sigh leaving his mouth. He began to read the comments, but closed my phone after reading the first few.
"I'm sorry" I whispered, wiping the tears as they began to fall down my face.
Taehyung moved my hand away, gently wiping another tear from my cheek himself. "Why on earth are you saying sorry?"
"Because" I sniffed "You'll get in trouble from your company. And everything is going to be so much harder for you, from your fans and the media."
"Would you stop worrying about me. I'm so sorry that I brought you into all this" he said sadly. "Are you okay, jagiya?"
I tried lying to myself and saying I was okay, mainly for Taehyung's sake. But I wasn't. I shook my head, more tears coming as Taehyung pulled me in tightly. My tear-stained face pressed against his chest, wondering how I would ever fit into his world.
"Please. Don't listen to those comments."
"How can I not, Tae? Your fans will-"
"These people" he cut me off, holding up my phone "are not my fans. I don't have time for anyone who sends disgusting and hurtful comments like this. The ones who left kind and supportive comments are."
I knew he was trying to cheer me up, but it scared me to think this would be what publicly dating Taehyung was like. I heard Taehyung place the phone on the coffee table.
"I'm sorry for bringing all this into your life, Y/N." Hurt and sadness evident in his voice. "I'd like to see these people say it to my face, I wouldn't let them get away with saying it. They think they own me and control my life." I could see the anger and frustration was building up in him, years of having to deal with this sort of attention.
I pulled away to look at him, holding his hand in my own and causing his features to soften. Taehyung kept his gaze on me, his brown eyes darting between my own. The slightest smile appeared on his lips, even with things feeling as shit as they did now.
"I love you, Y/N."
My whole body tensed, feeling like my heart had stopped. "You- you what?" I stammered.
"Ah. I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have said that! And now I've freaked you out." His voice was just as shaky as my own, and he began to get embarrassed. "Aish! I know we've only been dating for a few months. And it's definitely too soon to say such things. And probably not the most romantic way to say it. But it's true, Y/N. I- I love you. And I need you to know that." He stared into my eyes, searching for my reaction.
"Tae" I smiled, eyes still red and swollen from crying. "I don't care when you say it, or where. I love you too."
I immediately noticed Taehyung's face relax, as his eyes squinted into a smile before pulling my body onto his own. Taehyung leaned up, pressing his forehead to my own. "I love you. And I'm not going to let anyone hurt you while I'm here."
I wasn't sure whether the reason for my crying now was because of the photo and comments, or because of Taehyung's confession. He placed his warm hand on the side of my face, firmly pressing his lips against my own. I felt my whole body immediately melt into him.
With my hand pressed against his chest, I could feel Taehyung's heart begin to race, confident that mine was doing the same. My breathing hitched as he softly dragged his tongue against my bottom lip, causing my mouth to naturally open and let him in. My breathing increased as if trying to catch up to how fast my heart was beating, Taehyung's low breaths doing the same.
Taehyung placed his free hand above my hips, pulling my body even closer to his, rubbing his hand up and down. I moved my hands from his toned chest to the hem of his shirt, fiddling with the material in an attempt to remove it. Taehyung sighed into my mouth, which is why I was so surprised when he shook his head.
In confusion, I sat up, my lips already feeling swollen yet lost without him attached.
"Not like this." He said, my silence urging him to continue. "It's not that I don't want to, trust me" he laughed. "But I told you I want to make it special, and I don't want to look back at our first time and remember your face when you read those comments."
I sat back on my knees a little flustered, and slightly embarrassed. Taehyung moved a strand of hair away from my face "Patience my love. I promise I'll make it worthwhile" before pulling me back on top of him.
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readerdogxdorian · 7 months ago
You are Dorian's girlfriend living in with him in Adarlan. Some soft banter and angst before you fall asleep and are awoken by a nightmare and he comforts you until you drift back to sleep peacefully.
You're safe here in my arms
I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere
This is my first prompt and story guys so please don't forget to show some love❤️
Prompt credits: @whumpster-dumpster
Character belongs to Sarah J Maas. I do not own anything
Part 1: Warm Kisses and Sleep
Tumblr media
You shuffle the pages of the report that you were reading for at least an hour, and run a hand through your H/C hair, sighing tiredly.
"Why don't you go and sleep Princess?" Dorian looks up from his work desk. It was after dinner and you both were here doing your paperwork "I'll do the reports for today" You smile at his warm gesture.
"It's okay, I can manage" you say, getting up from your own table which was covered with papers and documents.
You stretch out your tired arms. "You haven't really slept in a long time Y/N", he reminds you gently. You stretch out your legs
"I know but you haven't either", you reply and try to tidy up your table a bit.
He sighs. "Come here" You walk across the room to his desk and he pulls you down to sit on his lap. You put your arms around his neck, while his arm circles your waist and pulls you close, all paperwork forgotten.
You rest your head on his shoulder. "It never gets better huh?", You ask. "Nope" came his answer. You smile and shake your head as he combs his fingers through your hair, untangling the H/C locks.
You lean into his touch. Being the King's girlfriend was demanding but you never knew it was this hard.
Of course, Dorian has never asked you to stay up nor help with his work but you did it anyways because you loved him. If he wasn't getting any sleep because of work, then you weren't getting any either.
"Did you read that new book I got you Princess?", He asks, still messing with your hair. You then remember about it and sit up excitedly to meet his oceanic blue eyes.
"Yes I did! I loved it and it has the best protagonist and love interest ever!" His eyes sparkle with amusement. "I'm glad you like it"
You grin meaningfully at him.
"And the love interest has wings with a good wingspan too. It totally got me reading", you exclaim. His lips quirk up at the corner, showing a hint of straight white teeth.
He dips his head and kisses your neck, right where it joins the shoulder.
Without helping yourself, you arch it as he speaks against the sensitive skin, teeth scraping slightly. "Did you forget that I can shape shift, princess?", he asks and your toes curl.
"No", you breath, trying not to think about Dorian with that specific set of wings and what it would do to you. "Good", he murmurs against your skin. You shudder at his touch and he lifts his head, eyes gone dark.
He looks at your parted lips and crashes his mouth on yours. You gasp softly into his mouth while his kiss turns hard, unrelenting.
I've missed this, you think as your hands slipped into his silky black hair, deepening the kiss.
-time skip-
After a few hours or minutes which you didn't know, you feel a tug on your dress. You look down at Dorian who was busy kissing down your neck at the moment.
You loosen your fingers which was tangled in his hair. "Dorian", you call out. He doesn't look up.
Each press of his lips made you come undone but you tried to keep a straight head. Something tugged your dress again.
His "magic" hands probably.
"Hm?", He still doesn't stop kissing you. You close your eyes for a moment, savouring the feel of his lips on your skin, before pulling away.
He looks at you in surprise. "That's it for now", you say, breathless. He makes a face. "Come on now Princess" You shake your head before frowning slightly.
"We have a lot of duties to still finish Dorian. We can't afford any distractions like this"
His tilts his head and watches you closely as if you were a meal he's yet to finish. You had to restrain a shudder that ran down your sine at that heated gaze of his.
"A few hours won't hurt Y/N" he smiles playfully. You look at him, amused and burst out laughing. He grins, unable to hold back a chuckle himself.
You both knew exactly how long a few hours would last between the two of you.
Shaking your head, you kiss his cheek and move to get up. He lets you. "If you could get all the paperwork done by tomorrow, we can take a day or two off from working", you think out loud, hands on your hips.
Dorian smirks, though he distinctly looks relieved.
"How about taking that break right now and working later?" A little brush of fingers along your arm.
"No", you glare at him as you make way to your desk across the room. It is placed there exactly for this one reason.
Both of you couldn't stay away from each other even for a few hours. You really don't know how you managed to do it all these days.
You sit down and shuffle through the documents.
The workroom you were in right now, was set up specially for you both, filled with shelves and shelves of your favourite books.
You sometimes used this instead of the library to read, though most of the days, it ends up with you falling asleep, and Dorian carrying you back to your room.
You look up to find that he is watching you, still trying to make you change your mind.
You smile at him triumphantly. "Nope. That look is doing nothing on me"
He says nothing and continues watching you with that cool expression. You stick out your tongue at him and continue reading the reports.
-time skip-
As hours pass, your eyelids droop helplessly as you try to read the same line again and again.
"Careful princess, you might bang your head on the table if you keep that up", Dorian observes, smirking.
You look up and try to collect yourself, when clearly your body was not even trying. "I'm not sleepy", you mumble even as your head struggles to keep up.
"Come on let's go"
Dorian comes over to you and you jump up, unsteady on your feet. "I can go back by myself" You insist, yawning. Dorian catches you as you almost trip over your own feet.
"No I'm taking you back", he tells you as he scoops you up in his arms as if you weighed nothing.
But he did it every time you fell asleep in there, you think but didn't even have the energy argue. It's been so long since you slept properly anyways.
The reason being work and Dorian mostly.
"Give me the privilege of doing at least this, Princess"
You smile slightly as his beating heart lulls you back to sleep. He cradles you in his arms and you feel a small press of lips on your forehead.
"I love you Y/N" is the last thing you hear before disappearing into darkness.
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sasukes-sweetesttreat · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
quotes from, The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur
cheater sasuke x fem! reader
trigger warning: none
“i could be anything
in the world
but I wanted to be his”
I looked outside of my bedroom window watching the man that I loved. Although he was just observing the scenery of the backyard while drinking his chamomile tea I still found his actions interesting.
He was perfect to me. No matter how big or small his actions were, he still amazed me. I loved how he held a stern visage in front of others but I was the only one who knew how sensitive and emotionally damaged he was. He was strong and not just because the workouts and training he did in order to maintain his role as an avenger, but because he was strong enough to try and work on moving forward from his past.
I join him, sitting by his side and allowing him to rest a hand on my waist to bring me closer. We said nothing to one another while enjoying the beautiful view of nature in our backyard. It was comforting.
"I love you Sasuke." I break the silence not able to contain my emotions any longer. I was like a fangirl whenever we were together, though I'd never admit it out loud. I felt him shift from his original position in order to place a kiss on my forehead.
"I love you too."
“you're everywhere
except right here
and it hurts”
[A Month Later]
The clock repeated its well-known tune while I sat in the living room bathed in darkness. I was dressed in nothing but a king-sized, heirloom quality linen, duvet. I was sitting up with my back against the comforting white cushion waiting for you. Your presence was due more than an hour ago but I still waited trying to trust that you'd arrive soon. Light illuminated the room as cars passed by successfully building up my hope only to knock it down. It bothered me to admit that you weren't going to show up. It pained my heart to know I'll be falling asleep alone. I lay on the couch allowing tears to fall as I close my eyes imagining what it'd feel like to be held in your arms.
"What were you doing in the living room?" I awake to see your face merely inches from my own. I ignore your question and close my eyes. Yes, you're here now, but it's no longer fun seeing you after waiting multiple hours. I dreaded every second.
"You can't stay mad at me forever, can you?" You laugh pulling my bare body close using your cold hands. I couldn't be upset when you did such things.
"Could you forgive me?" You purposely made your voice softer than it usually was and it worked in your favor.
"Where are you going Sasuke?" I sit up and see that you're fully dressed with your keys in hand.
"You were just going to have sex with me and then leave? Where are you so eager to head off to?" A sigh escapes from your mouth and you relax your shoulders.
"Don't get sad, you know I have to work. You knew I would be leaving soon."
"Are you not off, on Thursdays?" I turn watching as you adjusted your dark blue tie and grabbed your case.
"I changed my schedule to get more hours so we'd have more money for the future."
"I appreciate the time and effort you put into work but working too much will have a negative effect. Besides we have enough money in our saving accounts so you honestly don't have to keep pushing yourself." There isn't a verbal response instead you kiss my forehead and leave.
the rain tried to imitate my hands
by running down your body
i ripped the sky apart for allowing it
- jealousy”
There was a fifty percent off sale that I happily attended. I leave the store with its wonderful fragrance stilled wrapped around my own scent that you loved. Nothing crossed my mind as I walked down the street heading to my car until I noticed you standing in front of a small food place.
I smiled and was about to wave in order to gain your attention, but it seemed someone already had it. My smile slowly leaves my face and I get in the car purposely ignoring the fact that you weren't alone. If I didn't acknowledge the scene I would still feel as if you were only mine.
However many questions ran through my mind refusing to let me give you a pass or cover it up with an excuse. My mind was forcing me to think about the situation. Who was she? I never have seen her before and you never mentioned having a girl for a friend, but not that I would mind. You could be friends with anyone you want, I trust that you'd never cross that line. But then again, why would you need to hide her if she's just a friend?
Why are you two at a restaurant? Maybe the two of you were just catching up since she was some past friend that you haven't seen in a while. So why conceal her from me? Was she an old crush? You never mentioned having feelings for anyone back when you were younger. Who is she to you?
I slam my breaks preventing what could've been an accident. Lucky for me the person just drove off instead of exchanging harsh words. Only for my sake, I put the thoughts aside until I reached home.
I dial your number into the keypad and call your phone. "Hey, where are you right now?" I tried not to show a hint of how I was truly feeling by using a stoic tone of voice.
"Why?" You sounded as if you were ready to argue and it made me question you and that beautiful girl from earlier.
"I need you to pick up a few things for me, if you don't mind." I was using the same trick I always did when I wanted you to retreat from your current location. You sigh in the phone obviously bothered.
"Weren't you just out at some sale? How come you didn't get it then?"
"Sorry, just forget I asked." I hang up the phone after that sentence just to leave you feeling terrible for being that way, though whether you would care or not was debatable.
“what draws you to her
tell me what you like
so i can practice”
Lately I've been catching the two of you together more often and it was never once my intention, however, the town isn't that big so it's not unexpected. I look into the mirror examining my body and the shape it took. No matter how much I despise the woman you were around and point out her flaws I always remember something, you still gave her what I wanted. Whether or not I feel like she is not good enough, you provided your time to her and not me.
I run my hands through damp hair. Maybe if it stood out like the pink haired girls did, then you'd notice me often. My hands travel from my hair down to my breast and to my waist. Do I have to be her size in order to make you look at me with the same dark lust filled eyes that explored her? I run away from my thoughts when I hear you approaching the room.
"Hey." You carelessly plant a kiss on my forehead and go to the restroom ready to take a relaxing bath like you usually did. These little kisses weren't making me any happier, I wanted more proof that you were still into me.
"Welcome home. How was your day? Did you meet anyone new?" My eyes widen as the question runs from my mouth.
"Um, not really it's all the same people just different situations. Why do you ask?" You take off your clothing ready to cleanse yourself in the already made bath probably washing off her scents.
"Is there a problem with me wanting to know how you are?" To avoid any serious conflict I talk in a cheerful tone that makes you shrug it off.
same people, different situations
but how different?
Even though I would have never done this in the past, I pick up your phone while you‘re cooking and typed in the memorized numbers. I try to be quick opening and closing out apps searching for her. I knew she was hiding somewhere in your contacts. I close out the contacts app finding nothing but head to the messages feeling more confident because I knew you always kept them. Scrolling through the list of conversations you had with people, I look for one with an unfamiliar name.
"Sakura" I whisper the name when it pops up on the notification. She texted him. My eyes begin to roll over her words but a pair of hands rush from behind and steals the device. Tightening one arm around my stomach you pull me closer resting your head onto my soft hair. You read the message you received and casually put the device in your pocket.
"Dinners ready."
different situations?
“they leave
and act like it never happened
they come back
and act like they never left
- ghosts”
"Happy Birthday Love!" You kiss my forehead and present a gift. I unwrapped it seeing a necklace and card. I know that you didn't have to spend your money on me and that the necklace was thousands of dollars, but it was hard appreciating a stale card with cheesy words when you and your new friend sat across from me.
"I hope you enjoy it. I spent hours around the store searching for the right one." My smile was plastic as I held up my hair and allowed you to put the cold jewelry on me. I was uncomfortable with her being here.
"I love it." Why did she need to be apart of this special occasion when you were supposed to be focused on me today? I hold the emerald that was outlined with thin layers of gold to smooth the sharp edges.
"Is something wrong? You seem bothered." I hate that the pink haired woman, Sakura, acting like she cared. She knew she was the thing that was wrong. She is the one making this whole situation more complicated than it needs to be by adding herself to equations. She's not suppose to be here! I slam my hands on the table raising up from my seat. "Sasuke can I talk to you for a minute?" You get up following me into another room that was far from the kitchen. She didn't need to hear our conversation.
"What's the matter?"
"Are you... Does she..." I look away unsure of how to ask the question I've been holding in for quite some time. I didn't want to create an issue between us if it turned out the two of you didn't have anything going on. You place a hand on my shoulder trying to ease my nerves.
"What?" I sighed closing my eyes. Even if I asked it's not like you'd tell me the truth. No one likes being tackled by their lies.
"Is there something going on between you and her... that you aren't telling me about?" An unsettling silence welcomed itself in the room for a few seconds.
"Sakura and I are just very good friends. We grew up together. It's just nice to see her after a few long years."
"Is that all?" I ask wanting to be sure. It would make me feel a lot less negative about their relationship.
"Yes, I'm sorry that I made you feel like this. I would never intentionally make you feel miserable." I'm embraced by your warmth and cologne as you hold me close to your chest.
"Sorry I doubted you."
"Let's go cut the cake." You lead me out the room with our hands entwined into one another. It didn't faze her at all, she just smiled like the relationship was hilarious and I was the joke.
“you ask
if we can still be friends
i explain how a honeybee
does not dream of kissing
the mouth of a flower
and then settle for its leaves
- i don't need more friends”
Salty tears roll down my cheek as you continue to talk about being cordial whenever we see each other. You place a hand on my shoulder and I shrug it off feeling as if things wouldn't be the same. "I'll see you around, won't I?" I ignore your plans for us since it was pointless.
"You said nothing was going on between you two, but you leave me for her?" I recall when it happened as if it took place yesterday. "How come you didn't just admit it when I asked for the truth? Why carry on faking your feelings if you hated it so much?!" Your face shows me you were searching for an answer although you weren't quite sure of what you should say.
"I wasn't going to break up with you on your birthday, that's harsh and I didn't want to hurt you like that." My face contorts as I listen to the excuse you came up with.
"What about the days or weeks before that Sasuke?! Why'd you wait so late?!" I hit you out of anger but it doesn't hurt.
"You clearly made up your mind when you were taking her out and lying about work." I argue while trying not to break out into heavy sobs once again. "There was no reason, you just enjoyed having me hurt and broken." My head drops into your shirt and I start to cry against my will and being the terrible person you are, you comfort me. It was never supposed to be like this.
"I love you, just not how we first thought I did. I'd love to come around you still." The cries grow louder and I break out of your grip.
"It's not the same! There's no point in you being here if you aren't giving me what I need!" I walk away before I have to see you leave me forever, which was something you said you’d never do. I hear the door shut and fall to the floor laying down. What am I going to do?
“the hummingbirds tell me
you've changed your hair
i tell them i don't care
while listening to them
describe every detail
- hunger”
I sat in the booth listening to my friends go over your social media account and how they disapproved of your choices.
"Why is he smiling like that, he looks awkward." I watched from the corner of my eye as they scrolled through your pictures and quotes. You were different in more than twenty ways, but seeing your smile is what hurt me the most. You even went as far as having her in your profile picture and biography. I roll my eyes in false annoyance when my friends make a negative comment on your beautiful deep blue hair.
"He should cut his hair like he usually did, it was better with the little spikes." I say staring into my drink. I look up to see Hinata and the others staring at me as if they were confused. My face heats up and I take a sip of the cold beverage. "Or not, I really don't care what he does. It's his body after all, right."
"Hmm, you still care, don't you?" She places a hand on my shoulder. "It's okay if you do."
"You've been together for years so it's natural to still have something lingering behind after that jerk ditched you for Sakura." Tenten added forcibly bending her utensils.
"Maybe you should cool it." Hinata said barely above a whisper as she took the damaged spoon and forks.
"He's not the only one who was wrong!" Ino yelled balling her fist. "Sakura knew you were together but she didn't care!" I know they all meant well and cared for me deeply but I'd prefer them adding on to the pain in a more private area.
"I should be going now. Thank you guys for inviting me here. I appreciate it." I lay my portion of the bill on the table and leave.
“day by day i realize
everything i miss about you
was never there in the first place
- the person i fell in love with was a mirage”
Seeing you at an event that was hosted by someone I introduced you to was strange. You no longer complained about the hours taken from your work. No matter how many people stared at you, you had no issue displaying the affection developed for her. Although when it was me you were annoyed. When you talked to strangers you maintained a genuine smile and avoided harsh criticism, but in the past, you'd cut the conversations short since you were easily irritated by them. You became an open book and shared your emotions since it was no longer seen as a weakness by you.
There was nothing I was used to seeing. You were renewed and cleansed of your old ways. Maybe you weren't the best thing for me. It seems as if I created a false image of you and hoped that you'd mold into him. Maybe she was better, after all she had you doing things I couldn't get you to do and you looked like you were enjoying this new you.
Trust was hard to give when you started becoming scandalous, but deep down I wonder if it was my delusions that pushed you into her arms. Love that was supposed to be mine, went to her and all your attention followed. I accompanied myself since time with you came by rarely just like your respect. What if you never thought of making a deeper connection with her until I accused you of cheating? What if I was the reason things went terribly wrong?
Then again whenever we were in public you grew bothered when I attached myself to you and that was before she came back into your life. So what made me fall for you? Especially if I was a nuisance. Why did I want you so badly? What did you do that the next person could not? Was it the lust for you or my desperation that made the relationship last as long as it did? Why didn't I find any of these clues or notice the many hints I was given?
Maybe you were right about the two of us not being great together.
The end.
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croissantcitysucks · 4 months ago
Hey, could you explain how Prince Dorian is transphobic in whichever book of the ToG series? I'm not denying the claim BTW, I just want to understand the situation better and haven't come across any good posts addressing the scene. I've only read flippant sentences, as compared to the in depth analyses the Anti-SJM usually offers to me, ye average Tumblr user.
Also I'm an avid reader of your posts, they help me sound out subliminal faults in my own writing and are super entertaining too. I hope you continue with them. <3
hello! i'm getting to this slightly late but i've found the scene this is talking about! it's in king//dom of as/h & the gist of it is that d0rian decides to flex his shapeshifting powers by shifting into the body of another witch, and transphobic commentary ensues. under the cut for length.
(& ty!! i'm glad my posts have helped you out! 😁 i'm taking a small break atm bc it's the end of school & i have like 10 million library books i'm reading on a deadline, but my ac0tar read through will definitely be coming back soon!)
Being in a female form wasn’t entirely what Dorian had expected.
The way he walked, the way he moved his hips and legs—strange. So disconcertingly strange. If any of the Crochans had noticed a young witch amongst them pacing in circles, crouching and stretching her legs, they didn’t halt their work as they readied the camp to depart.
Then there was the matter of his breasts, which he’d never imagined to be so … cumbersome. Not unpleasant, but the shock of bumping his arms into them, the need to adjust his posture to accommodate their slight weight, was still fresh after a few hours.
He’d kept the transformation as simple as he could: he’d picked a young Crochan the night before, one of the novices who might not be needed at all hours or noticed very often, and studied her until she likely deemed him a letch.
This morning, the image of her face and form still planted in his mind, he’d come to the edge of the camp, and simply willed it.
Well, perhaps not simply. The shift remained not an entirely enjoyable sensation while bones adjusted, his scalp tingling with the long brown hair that grew out in shining waves, nose tickling as it was reshaped into a delicate curve.
For long minutes, he’d only stared down at himself. At the delicate hands, the smaller wrists. Amazing, how much strength the tiny bones contained. A few subtle pats between his legs had told him enough about the changes there.
And so he’d been here for the past two hours, learning how the female body moved and operated. Wholly different from learning how a raven flew—how it wrangled the wind.
He’d thought he’d known everything about the female body. How to make a woman purr with pleasure. He was half-tempted to find a tent and learn firsthand what certain things felt like.
so uh. yeah. there's that. not sure i entirely have words for it, but? okay, let's go-
1. transphobic tropes!! creepy adult man focuses to an undeniably creepy degree (he admits himself) on a young (SPECIFICALLY young, the narration says that multiple times) woman & her body, shifts into her body, and then immediately considers masturbating! because that. sure does have no similarities whatsoever to any transphobic tropes used to malign trans women! sure does not evoke stereotypes of trans women ~secretly being cis men who just want to harass women~ or anything!
2. also. him wanting to masturbate the body of a real (YOUNG) person who he presumably made uncomfortable with his focus is played straight! the narrative does not even register the idea that this might be a bad thing to do! it's just there!
3. more cisnormative descriptions of women vs men! "delicate curve" "delicate hands" "learning how the female body moved" (hint: the exact fucking same as the male body!) "how much strength the tiny bones contained". these women are WARRIORS who fight regularly, i doubt they fucking have "delicate hands". like, where's the muscle? where are the calluses from wielding swords/spears/etc? but ofc she is a woman, you see, and WomynTM cannot have calluses or visible muscles or any features that are do not conform to a eurocentric cisheteronormative version of gender! bc that is simply Not Right!
4. the fact that it takes him two fucking hours to figure out how the female body works??? tf?? it's not that complicated, s/jm should know, & all this ends up doing is othering afab ppl by making their bodies out to be Wacky Confusing FemaleTM things.
5. what UNIVERSE does s/jm live in where a woman's breasts smack against her arms when she walks??? that's not how this works! that's not how any of this works! especially when you're wearing a bra/corset/stay/thing to keep them in place like he SHOULD BE bc this woman is a warrior in training who would logically be wearing smth like that??? like okay i'll give her that large breasts could be notably heavy to someone who's never had to deal with them before, but again! chest garments! okay! like those are things that the witches should logically be wearing and they're MEANT to take some of the weight off.
6. don't even get me fucking STARTED on him having to learn how to WALK differently bc his hips & legs are somehow SO different that it makes him consciously have to walk differently, okay? no one has to move their LEGS differently bc they've got a vagina, istfg. what, is he over-exaggeratedly swinging his hips??? god i've lost like ten fucking braincells while reading this snippet.
that's all my brain can supply at the moment, hope it helped explain why we all view this scene as pretty transphobic!
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elucubrare · a year ago
can i name this "The City's Two Bodies," as in "The King's Two Bodies" or is that Too Much 
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