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#yes this is a joke
tobi-smp · 3 days ago
when dream eventually breaks out and tries to kill quackity I’m gonna start a conspiracy theory that quackity pretended to be a villain on purpose to teach dream a lesson in valuing friendship
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is-the-owl-vid-cute · 3 days ago
Are owls nocturnal because they don’t eat worms?
Tumblr media
Yes, of courseth. Thou flying beastes MUSTETH come out under the moone, for daylyte belonge to the worms.
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itsliterallysophie · 2 months ago
Plot twist where the unexpected visitor in Good Omens season 2 is Castiel stopping by to complain about Dean
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uncanny-tranny · 6 months ago
You're still cis in 2021? Grow up.
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slut-for-komorebi · 2 months ago
“Azuki isn’t Canon”
Really? Then how do you explain This?
Tumblr media
Can’t believe so many people forgot about this part in the comics 🙄.
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grimaya · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
margaret atwood, “half-hanged mary” / lynn crosbie, “no evil star” / jack harlow, “i wanna see some ass”
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promptis-imagines · 5 months ago
Text very gay for Noctis also very gay for Prompto
this is what I learned from ffxv
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rulerofpurple · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Feeding my bf the best tonight…..y’all don’t understand the housewife life
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dryourtearsaway · 9 months ago
it’s 2021, harry styles has more fruit songs, one of which is named banana fantasy, and the music video is just him and various models eating a banana while staring straight into the camera. het harries find a way to make it about having sex with women.
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serafinaspiccolo · 4 months ago
The way Patricia Carmichael clears her throat as:
- an exhibit of her absolute no shits to give
- a greeting somehow????
- & a passive aggressive dismissal
y'all wish you had this range
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kdk-12 · a month ago
props to the marble hornets team for actually burning down an apartment building just for realism, keep it up guys
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deathgod-ben · 3 months ago
no but like honestly, I believe in ben supremacy. idc about other characters, im only here for benny boy, the rest are side hoes 
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spy-again · a year ago
Proof that the Starkid fandom has bad taste:
Both Hatchetfield shows have fake musicals that are supposed to be be really bad but we all want them to be real
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sendhelpimstupid · 2 months ago
Where do I go to divorce my tumblr wife?😑
@reinawritesbnha you know what you did
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helloitsvehere · a year ago
Shane’s stans: Hey there big guy!! Just wanna pass by and say that I love everything that you do <3 You went from screaming on a bridge to make a company with your friends, then give us more of your amazing songs. Despite how much we joke about you being a demon, you’re still a human that need a break here and there. So just know that!! Remember to drink water, we love you Shane! :D
Ryan’s stans: You dumb fucking himbo I’d die for you
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