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#yes. i am FULLY aware that this sucks <3
firefistlaw · 7 months ago
Could you do how would Shanks, Benn and Mihawk react when their s/o trips and lands in their lap, in a public setting( like at a party )? I can imagine Shanks would make the most jokes out of it
a/n: hi! even though my requests are closed, i would be alright with doing more parts to this bc i thought it was really fun! <3
❀ ──────── ❀ ──────── ❀
Would notice you falling immediately and grabs your waist mid air to swiftly pull you on his lap himself
It would take approximately one second for him to muster you and when he finds you being totally fine, his typical shit eating grin would appear instantly
This man doesn't care where the hell you guys are, he won't be acting differently just because there are people around. Even though this would happen at a party, the ones closest to you two are the crew members anyway and they've gotten used to you already so no one really bats an eyelash at the scene unfolding
He'll have you sit on one of his thighs and starts caressing your back softly enough for you to notice, but for no one else to see it. His face would be pressed to your cheek and Shanks would tease the living hell out of you the moment you touched him, like--
I'm talking he'll press the warm tip of his nose against the side of your face and squeezes your body cheekily even though you're obviously flustered and embarrassed but your buttons are so easily pushed and how can Shanks just not when you look so lovely when you squirm?
"Eh, couldn't help but miss me already?" The words were muffled against the heated skin of your face, the Sake still fresh on his lips as they pressed against you. His facial hair would tickle you slightly, a fact that he knew all too well. "Had to come and practically fall to my lap, love?"
You can't help but softly push him away then, lips bitten in fluster as you think of what would have happened if he hadn't grabbed you just at the right time, "You're so annoying, Shanks." His eyes were a bit glassy already, red strands of hair already falling messily on his forehead, strands that you softly push out of his face. His amusement grows when he sees the slight pout on your lips.
"Annoying, huh?" The grin grows wider. "Not annoying enough for you to leave my lap, it seems. Am I that comfy to you?" His fingertips would then press against your sides, softly tickling your skin and with another wave of embarrassment, you'd try to get up - only to be pulled back down with an amused chuckle and another set of teasing words.
"Ah, pretty yn - you're so easy to tease... "
Would circle his muscular arm around your waist before you fully landed on him with concern written all over his features
Similar to Shanks, he wouldn't really mind who was surrounding the two of you and again, it would mostly be the members of the crew anyway - but if he catches anyone snickering or, god forbid, commenting on your fall, he will shoot them a glare that could even silence the notorious captain of his.
He'll let you sit on his lap for a few seconds and asks if you hurt yourself, cupping your cheek in his large hand. When you shake your head and try to ignore the warmth that runs to your face, corners of his mouth rising at the sight
You being you, you'd start smiling right back at him and it would be rather cute, even if the moment would last only a few seconds
Benn wouldn't necessarily care if you decide to stay seated on his thighs or change the position to be seated next to him instead, the only thing he'd care about would be if you feel comfortable and honestly? I wanna see someone try and make you uncomfortable when this man is around holy shit-
"You sure you're alright, yn?" Even though you had assured your well-being already, you couldn't help but appreciate his concern for you. Now seated next to him, Benn's hand grabbed the wood of your chair on your other side, arm curling around you in a way that almost made you melt. Long strands of hair were framing his partly scarred face and you let out a soft sigh.
"Yes, I told you already. I just tripped." You answered, eyes teasingly rolling. Accepting your words, he'd nod one last time and turn his face to the countless alcoholic beverages on the table in the middle of the little grouping of yours.
"Do you want me to bring you something to drink? I know you're not necessarily a fan of warm Sake." He'd say, raspy voice still clear in the bundle of people screaming and celebrating around you. With one look to the side, Benn would grab the drink he was sipping on previously and brought it to your hand.
"I think this is the only drink that's still somewhat cold, darling."
I think Mihawk would be aware of his surroundings almost every second of the day and because of his nature, I don't think he'd be the one to let his attention waver in a place where several people dance and celebrate. So when you tripped, he was already focused enough to steady you before you could fall to his lap.
Knowing there could be the possibility of you being embarrassed at you tripping however, he'd turn your body swiftly so you were seated in his lap - something that he'd normally save for the privacy of your own home, but he'd never let you stutter and embarrass yourself in front of other people.
Speaking of, I think the people around the two of you would steal one single glance at you and then turn away immediately before Mihawk could catch them stare and it's funny, really, how much they respect (and fear) his presence. I also think some people would sigh jealousy at your position in his lap but oh well, sucks to be them xoxo
Your fingers would grab his coat tightly and when you thank him, he'd just nod his head and place his hand against the small of your back.
"Have you hurt yourself?" He'd ask you after a few seconds, fingers still stroking the small of your back soothingly. "I fear you twisted your ankle, dearest."
It would be the point where you muster his handsome features, own hand grazing the side of his exposed neck. With one experimental turn of your ankle, your head would shake softly. "Thankfully not. Nothing hurts - maybe my ego a bit, but nothing physically."
At your words, he couldn't help but let out a quick chuckle, yellow eyes mustering your pretty features himself now. "That ego of yours is easily hurt it seems." You'd notice the teasing undertone immediately, but the moment it appeared, it disappeared again. "Do you enjoy the celebration, dearest?"
Your answer would be a slight shrug. "It's nice, yes. I do miss the silence of our castle, though."
And he'd let his hand on your back wander a bit. His answer would be a nod, "I agree. Do you wish to leave?"
A thankful sigh.
"I do so, yes."
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just-iimagine · 7 months ago
Anthony Birdgerton x reader - Requested
Warning: smut
Word count: 2k
Note: Lemme know your thoughts!!! I adore feedback
Tumblr media
Anthony Bridgerton was married. Was he aware of this, yes? Of course. He proposed to you, he practically chased you to get you to marry him. Even danced with you at balls, just to have your attention on him for those few minutes. The wedding day was the happiest of his life so far. You looked gorgeous, breath taking. His family adored you, made you part of the family from the moment he told them his intentions of marrying you.
So yes, Anthony Bridgerton was married. Happily married. But did he often forget this? Yes. Always.
So when he went out with his brothers to a card night down at the club, he completely forgot about you back at home. For a few hours anyway. The drink flowed between the brothers. Card hands were dealt, money lost and won. It was a good evening. So good in fact that when they arrived home at 3 in the morning, drunk as anything. It didn't dawn on Anthony that you'd be there waiting for him.
Anthony and Benedict dragged Colin into the Bridgerton household. He was not used to drinking such high volumes of alcohol. So when he passed out on the walk home, Anthony took his arms and Benedict his feet. Laughing the whole way home. They came into the house as quiet as they could, knowing everyone would be asleep.
They hadn't expected to find coming out of Anthony's office when they came through the door. You had been in their reading, waiting for Anthony to come home. "Is he alright?" you asked, worry in your voice as you came over to the brothers. Placing a hand on Colin's forehead to check if he had a temperature.
"[Y/N]?" Anthony blinked a few times as he looked at you. "Why are you up?" Benedict slurred out, also blinking. The lighting in the hall so bright. "Because I wanted to see my husband. Now let's get your brother up to bed. And then you to bed" you noted Benedict's red cheeks. They all needed a bed. To sleep. Though clearly, Colin was the worst, then Benedict. Anthony was obviously was the responsible one tonight. Semi-responsible.
You helped them up to their bedrooms before bringing up a water jug for each of the three rooms for the morning. Knowing their heads would suffering in the morning. Once Colin was tucked into bed and then Benedict. You found Anthony sitting against the wall.
"Room spinning?" you asked softly, trying to keep your voice as low as possible. He nodded, "a little bit but I'm ok. Why did you wait up for me? You knew I'd be out late" he looked up at you.
"Let's go downstairs and talk" you whispered, helping him up and taking him downstairs to the drawing-room. Sitting him on the couch before checking the fire. Making sure it would stay alive while they in the room. You came back over to him then. Watching home his eyes followed you, smiling as his eyes met yours.
You came over and straddled his lap. Undoing the top buttons of his shirt. Taking off his belt and loosening his pants. "Better?" you whispered and he nodded. "So what did you want to talk about" he whispered slowly.
"I have some news and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to tell you. So even though technically it's tomorrow now as it's past midnight, I still wanted to tell you" you explained. Fingers running through his hair. Massaging his head softly. He closed his eyes briefly as he listened to you before finally opening them. "News?" he whispered.
The news was never good. The news was always bad. Always. You could see the panic in his eyes as it set in. He pushed you off him and stood. Pacing a bit around the room. Trying to think of what it could be. His mind racing. "Is it money? The bank?" he asked, looking to you and judging by your face it was not.
Good. That was something at least. And if it was important, you would have come and found him. If someone was hurt. "Is it one of the girls? Are they hurt? Please, god no" again your face told him that wasn't the case.
"Gregory then?" he stopped pacing now. Stopping dead in front of you. Benedict and Colin were with him. So Gregory was the only one left. "Anthony, please" you whispered and stood. Making him shake his head again.
"Then my mother? She had a cough this morning, it's gotten worse?" this was the one negative thing about Anthony. Well, there were a few negative things about him but this was the worst. His fear of the unknown. Of death. He had told you all about his father. One night you both stayed up till dawn. He explained everything he remembered about his father. How kind he was, what a good man he was. Even the day he died.
It allowed you to understand him better. How his mind worked. Everything suddenly made sense in that new light.
"Tony..." you whispered his pet name. Taking his face in between your hands. "Stop and listen before you jump to conclusions" you warned and he nodded a bit. Completely sober now as he waited for you to speak. "I went to the doctors today..." you started before he made a whimpering noise.
It was you. You were sick. He couldn't lose you, no he really couldn't. You were everything to him.
You squeezed his face and hushed him. "I'm perfectly well but your mother encouraged me to go" you could see that drawing this out any longer would just bring him more pain. "I'm pregnant, my love" you whispered and he stood there for a moment. Just staring at you.
Pregnant? With his child. Pregnant! With his child!
Suddenly his face lit up and he laughed a bit. A shaking laugh but a laugh none the less. He brought you into a tight hug before spinning you around. "Oh my darling," he said. Settling you down before kissing all over your face. Before kneeling down and kissing your stomach. "Hello little one" he whispered, nuzzling his nose into your stomach. "Finally!" you heard him say as he looked up at you.
"Only took us three months of trying" you pointed out. "Didn't your mother bet mine that we'd take at least six? And my mother said nine?" you teased and he nodded. Standing and laughing. "We beat them all" he whispered, rubbing his nose against yours. "Well not quite. I believe Benedict and Colin said four months. So if anything they'll win. We'll just make them buy the baby a present with the winnings" you suggested and he chuckled.
"Perfect" he whispered before kissing your lips again. Pulling you onto the floor as he undoes his shirt fully. "Tony, what if someone comes in" you said as you helped take off your nightgown. "It is almost four in the morning. We'll be in bed by the time anyone is up. But for now, I want to show my wife how happy I am that we are having a baby!" he told you as you both got naked.
"Anyway, as the Viscount and Viscountess of the house. I think we should be allowed to fuck anywhere we want" he whispered in your ear before biting your earlobe softly. You chuckled a bit, "don't be a rake, my love. It's not very becoming" you teased. But you couldn't help circle your hips against his, his length hardening against you. A moan leaving his throat.
"My darling, I think you'll find there are two rakes in this room right now" he added as his fingers slipped between your folds. Circling a bit as a moan let you too. "Dripping wet" he winked before kissing your lips. "But let's not tease, yes?" he whispered against your lips.
"Please, let's not" you agreed. Knowing that you would not last long if he did tease and you could feel his cock against your leg. Feel the wetness of his pre-cum as it leaked out. "Alright then" he pecked your lips before lining himself up at your entrance. Pushing in slowly.
It still felt as tight as the first night, your first time, your wedding night. He swore that night to you, that he'd never ever stray away from you. You were more than enough for him and he wanted you to know that.
He already swore to your father, that his rake ways were over. He swore that the day he asked for permission to marry you. He never wanted to hurt you, in any way, shape or form.
He moved one of his hands down. Cupping your breast. Leaning down slowly and licking your nipple, a whimper leaving your mouth. "Anthony...." you whispered. "Oh, it's Anthony now? What happened to Tony" he wondered, still slowly licking your nipple. Circling around it before leaning in fully and sucking softly.
"God, imagine these when you are round with our baby. They'll be bigger and full with milk" he whispered as he let it go. A slight pop echoing in the room as he did. He moved to the other nipple, giving it to the same treatment. "Tony...." you moaned out, a smile forming on his mouth.
"So good, my darling" he whispered to you with a grin as he moved up to your face again. You chuckled as a response and kissed him as you bucked your hips against him. Letting you know you were ready for him to move. Which he gladly did. Thrusting into you at a slow and steady pace as you kissed you.
He broke the kiss as you moaned, walls closing in around his cock as he pumped in and out of you. Hips hitting against one another as he moved. You arched your back up, groaning in pleasure. You didn't want to wake the others, you didn't need them walking in on you. So you tried to stay as silent as possible.
His hand moved back to your breast, kneading it as he moved. You knew you were going to have bruises tomorrow morning. You always did, but you loved them. You moved your hips against him as he thrusted his own. Pumping against him to aid him in reaching both your climaxes.
Neither of you were going to last long. He whispered then how much he loved you, how he couldn't wait to meet your child. Everything being poured out from the pair of you until you both climaxed and finished.
Anthony collapsed beside you on the floor before kissing you again. "That was incredible" you whispered and smiled. He nodded and hummed. "It is always incredible" he pointed out as he caught his breath. Slowly standing and picking up all your clothes.
"Best put this back on before we leave" he handed you your gown to put on which you did as he put on his undergarments. Letting the fire die down as you both went to bed.
Lying down on the bed together, his hand found your stomach. Gently rubbing it in circles. "Two becomes three" he whispered smiling as you both fell asleep in each other's arms.
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randomoutsiders · 8 months ago
also ik it's a bit random + might be a bit niche but being in a poly relationship w the marauders and maybe like james + sirius kind of take the piss out of u + remus for not speaking as eloquently as them... but maybe u find them trying to immerse themselves into mire working class culture or smth? idk if this is any good but it's just such a funny concept to me - 🦕
warnings/content: marauders x fem!reader, bimbofication, objectification, degradation, swearing, a little bit of thigh riding 
guys: the reader is going to be called dumb in this fic. the boys are not referring to her actual academic intellect, they’re referring to her being a ‘dumb little cock slut’ when she gets all subby. they don’t actually think she’s dumb
hi angel!! could u possibly do a bimboification and/or objectification w the marauders? obviously if ur not comfortable + just don't wanna do it then it's all chill <3 - 🦕
There’s a dull throbbing in your temple that seems to churn angrily, as if mad at you (of all people) for the incessant blabbering of your professors and the three exams you’ve taken thus far. The Fat Lady titillates in your ear, irate over but a simple misunderstanding that had occurred but a few hours ago with a few second-years. 
“I’m sure they didn’t mean it,” You drawl with an exasperated roll of your eyes, feeling no remorse with the way it thunks harshly back into place when you step inside. 
Although there’s a thick slab of stone separating you from the rest of the castle, you can hear the sharp trill of the woman’s perturbed complaints. Your lips almost automatically downturn with discontent as you see the couch at the far end of the room taken up by three lanky males, sprawled out with no one else in sight. 
Yes, they’re always there for support, but you can feel your heart grow laden with intimidation, with frustration with the fact that you’re unable to be by yourself for but the few moments that you’ve been craving ever since you handed in that last test. 
Before you can scurry away and avoid your three boyfriends, your gaze catches onto that of Sirius’ the swirling depths of his pearly irises twinged with a mischievous exaltation. 
“Hi, Puppy, y’gonna go upstairs without saying hi first?” Although he’s only teasing, you can feel a twang of guilt twist in your gut.
“Sorry,”  You murmur, a sudden surge of blood pooling in your cheeks until the flame of it is liking up your cheekbones and exuding an uncomfortable warmth. “My head just hurts.” 
“Did you drink any water today?” Sirius inquires quietly, observing as you drop your bag at his feet and slowly but surely curl up on his lap. 
“Yes,” You groan, shifting atop his thighs as you try and find a comfortable position. “I just used my head so much today I think I’m going to explode.” 
“Awww.. did Daddy’s dumb little puppy use her head too much? Moony, I think our little girl’s a little tired, huh? Can’t even use her head like a good girl.” 
“I am a good girl!” You object, eyebrows pulling in in a show of anger as you swat angrily at your boyfriend’s shoulder. 
Before you can retract too much, Sirius is latching onto your wrist, halting all movement as his top lip curls back to reveal his top row of pearly whites in an illustration of dominance. “Just because you’re stupid doesn’t mean you get to fucking do that. Hands off.” 
“Aww..” Remus chortles, a patronizing simper tugging at his lips as a thick, dominant fog swirls tendrils around every nook and cranny of his brain, sinking in until the sight of you in his line of vision is only that of a toy. “Did bunny suddenly forget her manners? Is she so daft that she needs us to remind her?” 
“No!” You’re squirming, pent-up emotions swirling with no restraint inside your skull as you slide off of Sirius’ lap and go to find James, who’s reading an old Quidditch book, at the other end of the couch.
“What’s wrong?” He truly has absolutely no idea as to what’s going on, the oblivious boy, as you come crawling onto his open lap, straddling his waist. 
As he adjusts, his knee bops, dragging quickly over your clothed clit as he winds an arm around the small of your back in anticipation for your next response. “Don’t make me ask again.” He chides lowly as you nose under his jawline; a desperate effort to hide your rouging cheeks from the teasing boys. 
“She’s our dumb little bimbo, huh?” Remus reaches over to drag a lazy palm up and down your spine in a patronizing manner. “Don’t worry though, bunny, I know it’s hard to think. Bimbo’s a big word, huh? That’s why we’re here, huh? To teach you?” 
“Answer him.” Is James’ curt response when you don’t verbally answer your dominant, and with an annoyed huff,  you straighten up, straightening your spine and pressing your lips into a forced smile. 
“Yes, Daddy, you’re here to help me.” Although you appear confident, your words come out in a mumbled garble of words, your cheeks so hot with burning flames that you can barely focus on what you want to say. Your response is way too sarcastic for their liking. 
And that’s why the sudden slap against the unsuspecting flesh of your cheek is that much more afflicting, the sting coaxing a warbled cry from your lips. “Ow!” 
James moves once again, the rough fabric of his slacks creating even more friction against your clothed clit. Fuck. 
“Oh, don’t give me that self-absorbed bullshit, you asked for it. You deserved it. Don’t use that tone with me, y’fucking-” He’s cut off by the guttural moan that tears itself from your throat. “What the fuck d’you think you’re doing?” 
James’ stilled hands are hard against your hips as he grips bruises into the bone, eyebrows furrowing in confusion before he glances down to see you subtly rolling your hips against the end of his thigh. So that’s why you moaned.
“Holy shit.”  He scoffs, the cerulean iridescence of his optics growing in size as he watches you subconsciously get yourself off in the middle of a reprimanding. “Are you really getting yourself off right now?” 
You shake your head with fervor, your bottom lip jutting out in a desperate pout before Remus starts again. “Y’fucking can’t even talk to us without getting all needy, huh? Your daddies really do need to teach our baby some lessons, huh? But don’t worry pet, that’s what we’re here for. To teach you how t’be the perfect little cum slut for your daddies, hmm?” 
And then there’s another rap of his fingers against your cheek, this time not nearly as harsh but the affliction of it still tendrils down your spine to then pool ink your knickers in a form of your slick. 
But your visible reaction is much more different, a fog so thick inside your skull that you can’t, quite literally, think for yourself. Your bottom lashes are growing heavy with the impending weight of foreboding tears, your bottom lip trembling with the effort it takes not to break down and sob. 
But, alas, you fail, and miserably. Tears are making twin paths down your warm cheeks before you can even fathom to stop them, and you sniff, suddenly so bashful for all their incessant, exuberant taunting. 
“Awwww, baby!” James coos, unable to stop a few rumbling chuckles slip from his lips. “My baby. My sweetheart. No need f’tears, bubba. Don’t be a whiny baby.” He taunts, although, through your bleary mindset, you can barely catch onto the cruel connotations his words carry. “Good girls don’t cry. Good girls don’t make a scene when they don’t get what they want, especially when they’re being all needy.” 
You're whimpering into the junction between his clavicle and his jugular, frustrated with what he’s saying to you, but fully aware that what he’s saying is true. You were just trying to get yourself off on his leg. 
“Now come out if y’want Daddy t’keep those wankers from teaching you a lesson, huh? If y’wanna show them how you’re not just a dumb bimbo bunny for them to use, you’re gonna get to your knees and you’re going to show them how well you’ve learned how to suck my cock. S’that clear?”
You’re already sliding off his lap while drying your tears. “Yes, Daddy.” 
“See boys?” James is working at his belt buckle. “That’s how you teach bunny.” 
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elenamiria · 11 months ago
The Jedi
Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader
Tumblr media
Rating: 18+ Word Count: 4.8k Summary:  (Direct sequel to this maul x reader fic) After the events of the day you have to reconcile what happened with your master. Obi-Wan for a change expresses himself through actions instead of words  Warnings: Master and Padawan relationship (Padawan is of age and I never write with the thought that the master has known them for a long time or since they were not of age), mentions of bruises and bite marks, Fem reader, oral (fem recieving), piv sex, unprotected sex, creampie, inappropriate use of the force Masterlist -- Tags (send an ask or message me if you’d like to be added):  @fishswimbetterunderwater  @a-dorin @blxwjobsforclones @lynnie51 @katrynec  @mistermiraclee @theelvenvalkyrie @crazycatladyjenga​ @stonegoldsecret-v2​  @blackirisposts​
You paced around the room aimlessly as you waited for your master to show up, nothing to distract you from your thoughts. You tried to squash down the fear inside you for what lay ahead not wanting to add to your already long list of un-Jedi like behavior from that day. When the sudden noise of a second set of footsteps joined yours you froze. The sounds grew to a thunderous level in your head before silence fell through the room, your back was to the entrance and a pit formed in your gut as you slowly turned around. Obi-Wan stood there in his usual attire, looking as composed as ever and yet as his cerulean eyes took in your form you felt yourself tremble under his gaze. You were the first to break the silence with a quiet, "I'm sorry," not knowing what else to say.
Obi-Wan shifted and took an audible inhale, the breath catching in his chest before he could say anything. His exhale was equally as loud as he shook his head, looking away briefly, your heart was in your stomach as you felt tears gather in your eyes. When his gaze turned back to you he noticeably softened as he called out to you, "Oh no, none of that. Come here darling."
His arms opened and in seconds you were across the room slamming into him and pulling him close to you. Obi-Wan returned your tight embrace one hand coming to grasp the back of your head firmly as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head, his other arm firmly wrapped around your waist. You weren't even aware that you were crying until you gasped for air and Obi pulled away enough that he could cup your face softly. His thumb brushed away your tears as his eyes roamed your face, "It's alright, I'm here, it's ok."
You bit your lip as you took deep breaths mimicking his breathing in an attempt to calm yourself. Once you had stopped your tears Obi-Wan offered you a toothy smile and your eyes darted to his mouth before locking eyes with him.
"You aren't angry with me?" You questioned hesitantly, almost afraid to hear the answer. Obi's countenance darkened for just a second, you would have missed it if you did not know him so well, before switching back to a more neutral look - though he couldn't hide the relief in his eyes.
"No little one, I'm not angry with you. I am relieved that Maul didn't hurt or kill you...I don't know what I would have done." Obi-Wan's admission came a surprise to you, though it was obvious the both of you cared about each other a great deal it wasn't a fact the two of you often discussed. Especially when your feelings for him ran far deeper than a simple master and padawan bond should. You offered Obi-Wan a small smile as he continued, "We can deal with what happened here later, for now let's get you back to the ship."
His words gave you pause as you remembered the whole reason for being on-planet in the first place, for a moment you panicked as you gasped out, "The troopers!"
Obi once again soothed you, his hand slipping down your spine to rub gently at your back, "They're fine, they contacted me when you didn't make contact with them and they all have been picked up and are back on the capital ship. I had come down myself with a few men to look for you when you..."
Trailing off Obi-Wan abruptly pulled away from you, his face red, as he cleared his throat and straightened up, nodding towards the door, "Like I said we can discuss that later. Why don't we go back to the ship for now."
The speeder ride back to the troopers was silent and awkward, as was the ride back to the main ship. Obi was quick to escort you back to your quarters and away from prying ears, something which you were immensely grateful for. When you entered your room there was another spot of silence until both of you were speaking at once, “I don’t know how it happened and I-”
“You moaned my name. Twice.” Obi-Wan’s words intercut with yours and you froze as your brain processed what he was saying. Eyes wide you sputtered for a moment until you managed to spit out a lame, “Yes.”
You could see Obi-Wan’s cheeks reddening through his well groomed beard and you felt your own face heating as well. Looking down at the ground you mumbled, “I did. I- when I heard your voice all I could think about was you and I....”
Trailing off you really hoped he understood what you were going for and didn’t ask you to elaborate. A surprised little ‘oh’ left Obi-Wan’s mouth before he cleared his throat and questioned, “Have you thought and I before those moments?”
You were sure his question was innocent, there was no way Obi-Wan felt the same way you did. He had never shown any outward interest - always the picture perfect Master, however you felt shame rising in you at the sheer amount of times you had thought about Obi in that light. You nodded and heard Obi-Wan take a deep breath before letting out a long sigh, it was then that it all became too much. You didn’t want to hear his rejection of you and you didn’t want to hear another lecture about the ways of the order, and you especially didn’t want to have to talk about having fucked your Master’s worst enemy. Instead you glanced at Obi-Wan muttering, ‘I need a shower,’ and fleeing to the bathroom.
The mirror was finally defogging from your extremely long and probably too hot, but much needed, shower. You stared at your appearance in the mirror, fingers brushing over the faint bruises blossoming on your hips, only just noticeable, before you tugged your underwear up. The room was hot from your near scalding shower but you pulled a spare undershirt over your body anyway. Your fingers lingered on your neck, 3 large marks decorating the skin there and you sighed lightly. The shirt did little to conceal the marks and so you tugged on the robe you had thrown on the floor earlier, pulling it tight around your body. A knock on the door startled you from your thoughts and you responded with a short “Come in.”
Attempting to find something to busy yourself with you found yourself picking at imaginary dirt from under your fingernails. Obi-Wan’s call of your name had your eyes darting to meet his in the mirror. Your breath hitched at his face etched with worry.
“Are you sure your alright little one? I-I know you said you were alright but it would make me feel better if I could check you for injuries myself.”
Your eyes hardened for just a second, fully prepared to say no, but the pure desperation you found in his eyes had you giving in. Giving him a short nod you whispered, “go ahead,” so quietly Obi-Wan nearly missed it. Looking down at the floor you slowly turned to face him, his hands landed on your arms trailing down to lace fingers with you. A soft squeeze had you finally glancing up to meet Obi’s eyes. Though just moments ago looking him in the eye had seemed terrifying now that your gaze locked with his it was the only thing convincing you that everything was going to be alright. 
You were the one who unclasped your robe, shrugging it off your shoulders and allowing it to fall to the ground again. Obi-Wan’s breathing stuttered as he caught a glimpse of your neck, his fingers immediately hovering over the marks almost touching them. His hands dropped quickly as he seemingly realized they were made by Maul’s mouth and a displeased look covered his face. Obi’s eyes trailed down your body and his hands settled on the hem of your shirt. When you gave him a slight nod his palms began sliding up your shirt baring your upper thighs to him, once the shirt made it over your hips he paused. Blue eyes picked up on the faint marks on your hips and his fingers brushed over your left side causing a small hiccup in your breathing as your face heated at his tender touch. Obi-Wan’s eyes darted to your face and he whispered out, “Does that hurt little one?”
You nodded and Obi-Wan started to bend down as if he was going to examine it further until you spoke, “It’s not necessarily the bad kind of hurt though. It’s uh, more just sore.”
You offered, not wanting him to trouble himself over something so insignificant. However Obi-Wan continued his path downwards and as he settled on his knees in front of you a teasing glint entered his eyes as he questioned, “So, you don’t want me to kiss it better?”
Your jaw dropped at his brazen words, face burning hot as a squeak escaped you. Swallowing deeply you glanced down at your master while he stared expectantly up at you, waiting for a response. You nodded again though all that earned you was a slight head tilt and you pouted lightly realizing that you would actually have to admit what you wanted. Taking a deep breath your hand reached over to cup his cheek, fingers brushing through his scruff lightly as you breathily requested, “Kiss it better, please Obi-Wan.”
Your words came out a bit more sensually than you had planned but with the way Obi-Wan’s eyes darkened you couldn’t find it in you to care. Obi’s eyes trailed back down to his target, a spot just above where your panties ended, and suddenly he was pressing forward and placing a hot open mouthed kiss the the bruised area. A gasp flew from you as Obi-Wan suckled lightly at the affected area, sending a pleasurable shiver down your spine. His tongue lapped gently in between sucking and experimentally he nipped at the area causing a startled yelp to fill the room. As Obi-Wan made his way down the area, beard scratching at your stomach and leaving your hips to buck unconsciously, his hands slid to your ass - groping firmly. His mouth made its way to hover just over your clothed and absolutely soaked pussy. Taking a moment Obi-Wan looked up at you once again as he cooed out, “And what about here, darling? Are you sore here too?”
Truth be told you were sore from the thorough fucking that you had received from the former sith lord but there was a part of you that was aching for this so strongly that you couldn't hold back any longer. Gliding your hands to your panties you grasped the edges and pulled them off, muttering sweetly, “I bet you could make my cunt feel so much better Obi-Wan, it’s aching for you.”
Obi audibly choked at your words, his hands settling on your thigh as he guided your legs open and exposed your slick swollen lips to him. A low groan slid from his throat as he took in just how soaked you were for him and you caught the way his tongue darted out to wet his lips. Moments later it was you who was letting out a groan as Obi-Wan flattened his tongue and licked a broad stroke up your lips, catching on your clit and causing your legs to tremble. Repeating the motion Obi took in your taste, your freshly bathed scent, everything about you that he could take in he did - desperate for every part of you. As he repeated the long lick a third time his hands squeezed your thighs gently and before you knew it Obi-Wan was diving in, lapping and sucking at your clit like a man starved. You cried out, partially in surprise partially in pleasure, and your hand buried in his hair as bliss shot through your body. 
Your hips canted towards him unconsciously, enraptured with the pleasure you were receiving and delighting in the way his scruff rubbed against you. The way you continually ground against his face along with the perfect little whimpers and whines you were causing Obi-Wan to harden, cock swelling with need, desperate for you. As he continued his ministrations one of his hands left your thigh to grasp at his aching length over his pants, needing some form of contact. When his hand left you, curiously you had looked down and you could immediately tell what was going on. 
Your breath hitched and though Obi had worked you up so close to reaching your peak you decided there was another place you’d rather cum. Reaching down you tugged lightly on his hair urging him away from your dripping lips with a cry of his name to draw his attention to you. His dazed expression almost tipped you right over the edge - his beard and lips glistening with your juices, the way his tongue darted out to clean his lips, and the way he stared up at you like you held all the stars in the galaxy. A breathless smile covered your face as you guided Obi to stand again and crashing your lips together once again. His arms were wrapped around you in and instant, pulling you close as if he were worried you would disappear. You could taste your tang on his lips and on his tongue when you parted your lips for him, the taste combined with his causing you to whimper into his mouth. When you finally broke apart with a soft moan you trailed your hand down to stroke his cock as you pleaded, “Please fuck me, Obi.”
A deep pleased rumble left Obi-Wan’s chest and he captured your hand to tug you out of the bathroom to the small bed within your quarters. Sitting down on the bed he tugged you onto his lap, legs on either side of his thighs and your cunt just barely brushing his bulge. Obi kissed you soft and sweet this time while your hands made quick work of undoing his breeches to tug his thick length out. As you hands brushed against his cock Obi-Wan let out a strangle sort of groan as his head jerked back, eyes squeezing shut for just a moment. His reaction had your lips parting before curving into a soft smirk and you ran your fingers up and down the length of his rigid dick, eyes watching his reactions intently wanting to commit each one to memory. After a particularly needy gasp of your name you took mercy on your master and lined his tip up with your entrance, your hips brushed back and forth slightly, coating his tip in your juices before you sank down onto him. The first few inches took your breath away and you could tell Obi-Wan was feeling it too as his hands landed firmly on your hips. You let out a small hiss as his hands squeezed over the bruised areas and quickly he relocated his hands to your waist with an apology. Your hands landed on his shoulders and you gave them a squeeze as you whispered out, “It’s alright Obi-Wan.”
Taking a few deep breaths you raised yourself up slightly before sinking back down onto the hard cock below you, taking a little more of him into you each time you repeated the motion. When you felt like you could take him all you allowed yourself to sit hard on his length and he bottomed out deep within you. Your walls fluttered hard around him as you nuzzled into his neck, smothering the moans that flew from your mouth. Obi’s hands tightened as he breathed out your name and swearing seconds later when you clamped down on him. As you adjusted to the feeling you slowly started to grind your hips against his, whimpering while his cock brushed up against your most sensitive spots. Gasps filled the air as both of you took in the pleasure and you leaned back in order to start bouncing on Obi-Wan’s length. 
Your Master guided you, using his hands to help you keep your rhythm, and this time he was burying his face in your neck. He left light kisses and gentle nips over the areas where Maul’s teeth had bruised, soft and gentle where Maul was rough. Obi-Wan didn’t seek to mark you as his only to soothe and comfort, he hoped to let you know that it was alright and that he still loved you despite what had happened. His softness had your walls clenching at every brush of his beard and every time his lips touched your neck, it was all so overwhelming you found you were barely able to keep your pace. Obi-Wan must have sensed your struggle as he lifted you off of him, despite your protests, in order to lay you down on the bed below him. Settling in front of you he lined back up with your entrance while your legs wrapped around his hips - urging him forward. A light laugh filled the air as Obi-Wan smiled down at you and teasingly chided, “Patience, little one.”
You couldn’t help the pout that covered your lips until Obi-Wan leaned forward to kiss it away. You giggled softly against his lips, unable to stay annoyed with him especially when he was kissing your thoughts away. His hand that wasn’t holding his weight found the edge of your shirt and slid under it, forging a path up your stomach and sternum before settling on your breasts. Gasping as Obi-Wan’s lithe fingers tweaked at your nipple he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth while you arched your back below him. In the midst of this Obi’s hips finally relented and his cock prodded at your entrance before you reached down to angle him properly so as he shifted forward his cock pushed into your depths. 
Your cunt clenched around his tip desperate for more and Obi-Wan was happy to oblige, pressing forwards as he he broke apart from your lips to sit up straight. His hips thrust forward the rest of the way until his hips were flush with yours and you were both sighing in pleasure. You whimpered under him and bucked your hips with a soft cry of his name, Obi-Wan smiled down at you as his hips dragged backwards. The slow pull of his cock against your sensitive entrance had you whining below him as your hips chased after his only to loudly cry out when his hips snapped forward again. He repeated these slow drags and quick thrusts for several long minutes until you were writhing beneath him, babbling and pleading for more. Obi-Wan teased until a cry of, “Master, Please!”, left your lips and he finally caved. 
Your words had him growling out your name as his hips sped up to a steady rhythm, the sounds of him dicking you down filling the air. His grip on your waist tightened slightly as his cock pounded away and you were shocked by the fast pace he had set. You had expected Obi-Wan to want to take things slow but after all the buildup it seemed he was as desperate for you as you were for him. His grip on your waist had pulled your shirt tight against your body showing off the way your tits bounced on every thrust into your slick cunt. Obi’s eyes were trained on them and his hips sped up as he adjusted his grip, one hand fisting your shirt to keep it tight while his other grabbed one of your tits. Squeezing softly he ran his thumb over your peak, quickly finding your nipple and rolling it between two fingers, causing it to stiffen and for a squeak to fly from your lips. Your hand shot down to your clit as a deep thrust hit something that had you seeing stars and your orgasm fast approached while Obi toyed with your nipples. Panting your fingers rubbed tight circles on your clit until both your arms were wrenched over your head and pinned there by unseen hands. Obi-Wan’s use of the force had your walls tightening around him as he growled out, “Let me take care of you little one.”
His hand which had been wrapped in your shirt slid down your tummy to find your clit, mimicking you movements and rubbing in tight circles that had you crying out for more. Your hips bucked in time with his thrusts as his cock slammed into you over and over. You were so close to tipping over the edge and your eyes met Obi-Wan's as you simpered out, “Obi, please I’m so close. I need you Obi.”
Shifting his weight his pace slowed as his arm slid under your body to grasp at the back of your neck and he leaned down, his chest pressing into yours as his lips captured yours. His adjusted position allowed him to press deeper into your tight cunt, once again brushing up against your g-spot and hitting it consistently on each thrust. He swallowed down your cries as you tipped over the edge, pussy spasming and clenching around his length, his fingers working you through the orgasm. Your chest expanded as you wiggled below him, pressing the two of you together impossibly close, and you whined into his mouth as his fingers continued toying with your clit, prolonging your pleasure. Muttering a protest against his lips at the overstimulation you were silenced by him pulling back just enough to whisper, “It’s alright darling, I have you. You can give me one more, I know you can do it my good girl.”
His words sent a heavy aftershock through your body and your walls fluttered much to Obi-Wan’s delight as he let out a light moan. His slow, sensual pace continued and your cunt squeezed constantly around his length as the stimulation on your little bundle of nerves got to be too much. Your hands clenched, fingers digging into your palm, as you attempted to smother your noises as they grew in both frequency and volume the closer you got to your second orgasm. As Obi slammed into you particularly hard you couldn’t hold back the blissed out noise that slipped between your lips as your eyes unfocused for a brief moment. Obi-Wan repeated the motion causing the same reaction as you lost yourself in the pleasure, Obi grunting as you clamped down on him.
“You like that little one? Want me to fuck you like that until you cum for me darling?” He questioned, continuing the same motion and increasing his speed without waiting for a response. Though it was just as well since you were fairly incapable of responding to him as your eyes glazed over and you cried his name out as you were swept up in your second release. As if determined to blind you with pleasure Obi’s fingers sped up against your clit, rubbing furiously and causing your whole body to tighten - spiraling higher and higher until it was all too much and your body went limp. You felt a rush of liquid as you gushed around his thick cock and the obscene squelching noise that filled the air as your Master fucked you through your orgasm caused an embarrassed moan to escape you. The slick tickled at your clit and soaked his fingers, which he finally removed from your aching nub, and you whimpered when you felt it slide down your asshole to land on the bed. At the feeling your weak cunt clenched and Obi thrust a few more times, until he stilled deep within you as he reached his own peak. His cum shot out in ribbons, painting your walls and filling you up more than you thought possible. As he came inside you up his grip on your hands through the force faltered and your arms were free, instantly clinging to his shoulders as soon as you realized you could move, tugging him to you for a soft kiss. 
The two of you lay together for a long moment, him nuzzling into your neck and you laying there thoroughly exhausted as you stroked his hair gently, arms still wrapped around his shoulder. Obi-Wan was the first to move with a regretful groan as he separated from your heat, you flinched as he withdrew and for the second time in 24 standard hours you felt cum sliding from your sated pussy. A whimper left you but you were far to exhausted to do anything about it, not even noticing that Obi-Wan had disappeared to grab a warm damp cloth along with a meal bar and water. Having removed his outer layers he came back with just his undershirt and underwear on as he knelt by the edge of the bed. Tenderly he moved your legs so he could clean up the mess of your combined cum in slow gentle strokes. When he was finished he helped you sit up in order to eat and drink, sliding back onto the bed behind you and his arms winding around you waist. You eased back into him with a contented sigh and he accepted your glass and trash, laying them on the floor, when you were finished. The two of you maneuvered until you were comfortable, Obi-Wan laying on his back with an arm tugging you close while you used his chest as a pillow and pressed yourself to his side. After all the recent events your brain was running a mile a minute and yet you could barely keep your eyes open. Drowsily you went to ask Obi-Wan a question but all you got out was his name before your eyes fluttered shut. That last thing you heard before drifting off was, “Just rest now sweet little one, I’ll be here when you wake.”
It was dark. Pitch black, and yet someone else was there - you could sense them. Cautiously spinning around you attempted to peer through the darkness to no avail. Your hand reached unconsciously for your lightsaber only to find it missing and you tensed. Finally something broke the silence, a recognizable deep angry low growl that sent a shiver down your spine.
“You’ve been very bad my little Jedi. Such a little slut you let your Master fuck you not even a day after I did. Do you really have such a greedy cunt?” The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time and you spun trying to locate him. You could feel your annoyance at the Sith build as he refused to show himself until you froze as his golden eyes glowed at you in the darkness. You had to bite back a whimper as he stalked towards you, a mix of arousal and anger filling you. His voice echoed towards you, reverberating off of nothing in a way that had you quivering, “Don’t worry my little whore, the next time I see you...I’ll make sure you get what you need.”
In a sudden flurry of movement he was inches from you, his hand pulling your head back harshly as his teeth bared in a fierce scowl, “I’ll have to remind you that you belong to me.”
A yelp flew from your lips at the unexpected closeness and suddenly you were shooting forward, sitting up quickly. Blinking blearily you tried to regain your bearings as you looked around for Maul frantically. It wasn't until a sleep filled call of your name met your ears that you convinced yourself it was just a dream. Obi-Wan’s hand met your spine as he called to you again and you turned to meet his furrowed brow and concerned blue eyes. Smiling you nodded with a whisper of, “Just a bad dream, that’s all.”, before you allowed him to pull you back down to him. Nuzzling into his chest you allowed yourself to relax as you repeated softly, “It was just a dream. Just a dream.”
Maul’s piercing yellow gaze bore into the ceiling above his bed. A smirk tugged at his lips, he had never planned on fucking you again - figuring he would use you against Kenobi the next time he found you, and then disposing of you. But now? Now that he knew your Master had feelings for you it was going to be so much more delicious to ruin you for him. He groaned as he felt his cock twitch as recalled all the depraved things you and he had done last time before thinking of all the things he was going to do to you the next time he found you. Maul’s eyes slid shut as his hand wrapped around his aching length, for now he’d just have to be content with his own imagination.
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mandosbinkie · 11 months ago
The boys x taking a girls v card headcanons?
Kylo, Anakin, Obi Wan, Din, Boba fett,
as you wish!
> so i think for kylo, he’s pretty experienced sexually but he’s never taken a virginity before - so when you tell him you’re a virgin he’s like ........wat do
> i genuinely think he’d be kind of afraid of hurting you at first cos he’s so huge i think he knows that hes not fully aware of his strength?? so he would constantly be glancing into your eyes to make sure you didnt look uncomfortable ever 
> tbh i think he’d be fascinated by you being a virgin, he’d be eager to get your panties off but as soon as he has he would do a lot of slow touching, spreading you open and looking at your holes, trying to gauge whether or not you can take him 
> “It’s going to be tight. And it’ll hurt. But I am going to try.” he’s pretty blunt djdfjjd
> would make you cum around his fingers atleast 3 times before he even gets down to it, to make sure you’re wet enough 
> “Yes, take me. Fucking take me” his breath would catch in his throat when he finally sinks into you, beyond turned on by this point 
> he’d go slow but his fingernails would be digging into your hips cos he’d be holding back so much 
> yum where do i begin, tbh his dramatic ass would make such a show out of it, standing over you slowly pulling his shirt over his head and all that extra shit LMAO
> king of questions throughout.... like he’d do so much “does that feel good baby?” cos he lowkey has such a praise kink. 
> i genuinely think Anakin has the BEST stroke game. like he’d grind his hips into you so well that despite it being your first time he’d be hitting the spot and making you cum first try which is rare
> surprisingly really good at keeping you calm when you start getting a bit overwhelmed with all the feelings going on, like if he noticed your breathing starting to pick up in a panicky way he’d stop and stroke your hips, shushing you and telling you “it’s okay baby, breathe for me. is it too much? you need to relax princess” and all that soothing shit
> even tho its your first time i still think his kinkiness would slip through cos he literally cant help himself... like making you suck on his fingers to keep you quiet & calm..... saying shit like “you’re so fucking tight around my cock, angel” etc
> this man looks IMMACULATE during/after sex. like truly, anakin doesn’t look a mess like someone usually would after sex. i genuinely think he thrives when he’s all sweaty, hair slightly dishevelled, lips plump and red from all the kissing......mmmm plEASE
> would occasionally break into grin throughout the sex at how innocent and cute you are, he loves to feel like he’s teaching you stuff so when you go to touch him and look a little unsure and afraid he’d take your hand and guide you
> honestly the man for the job. i actually think that no one in the galaxy could make you feel safer/ more comfortable. he’d ease you into it so slowly, it would take all night in the best way possible 
> he’d make light jokes throughout to ease the tension and make you feel less nervous, and whenever he had a hand free it would be holding yours, telling you that you can squeeze it as hard as you like 
> before you even get down to the sex, he would eat you out for like an hour no lie, giving you orgasm after orgasm until your legs are shaking and your inner thighs are red raw from his beard and sore. now imagine him coming up from between your legs, beard drenched, asking if you’d like to go any further ...yeah
> tbh i can see him putting you on top, telling you its so that you can control the initial penetration, and how fast it goes in etc. and he’s the king of patience so he truly would let you control the pace and do whats comfortable for you, not bucking his hips unless you asked him to. he’d also have a thumb over your clit, grinding into it as you ride him slowly 
> two words. body. worship. he’d kiss you head to toe, and tell you how beautiful each part of you in DETAIL and that shit alone would get you wet wet, cos his voice is yummy and his word choices are so eloquent 
> would call you the cutest pet names, like ‘bunny’, ‘angel’, darling’ or ‘sweetheart’ aaaaaa
> would pull out after you cum so you dont get oversensitive and in pain and if he didnt cum with you he’d brush you off when you say “what about you?”, pulling you in to cuddle saying some shit like “dont worry about that sweetheart, tonight was all about you” 
> so non judgemental. not that i think the others would be, but i think he’d treat it the same way he would if he were teaching you how to shoot a blaster
> when he stands over you laying down in your underwear waiting for him he’d see the slight fear in your eyes as you look at him, cos he’s kinda big and bulky, and the bulge in his pants would be HUGE, so he’d move slowly, coming to sit beside you and talk to you like “Don’t be afraid, I can...make it feel really good for you, okay? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do” 
> i think before you have the actual sex, he’d make you straddle his bare cock without panties, and hump his shaft, sliding your pussy up and down it getting it nice and wet 
> as fucked up as it sounds, when he slides it in finally and you grip him and whimper in pain, those noises would turn him on the most and he’d have to pause for a moment to collect himself 
> when your mind starts to drift because you’re feeling insecure about your body, especially because his helmet stops you from seeing where he’s looking/ what faces he’s making- he’d notice and gently take your chin between his fingers making you look at him, saying something like ”Hey, come back to me” 
> maybe would only put his dick in half way for the first time, cos it’s pretty big and he doesn’t wanna push you
> genuinely wouldn’t understand what insecurities you could have, so if you tell him he’d be very confused. he likes you because of who you are, and everything else is just a bonus.
> virginity kink go brrrrrrrrr
> he’d be so honoured to be the first person to get to touch you and make you feel good, and lets be real the cheeky fuck would get off on the fact you’re ‘innocent’ so much 
> ‘How did I get so lucky? All this, just for me to enjoy’ cos he’s that possessive 
> riding his thigh on his throne until you’re begging for him to take you, and give you his cock 
> soooooo much praise. “good girl. take my cock so well” “look at that pussy, so fuckin’ pretty” 
> calls you princess/little one......iykyk
> he would hold you afterwards, share his water with you, and ask you if he hurt you at all.
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onebizarrekai · 8 months ago
undeniable proof that shuichi and kokichi were gay in v3
Tumblr media
prepare yourself for the most big brain thing that has ever bigged your brain
chapter 1
shuichi saihara spends this chapter following kaede around because they were just trapped in a godforsaken killing game and everything seems to suck. when faced with a situation such as this, the natural inclination is to either find someone to latch onto or to distrust and stick to oneself. shuichi does the former because he is a twiggy little man who would probably die in a fight before anyone even attacked him.
what is kokichi doing in this chapter? sticking to himself? stalking someone? that is the real question. nobody knows what he is doing because he is not the protagonist and not the obligatory party companion. however, since v3 follows a theme of fiction, it is totally logical to believe that some system must be in place, but kokichi is not bound by such a system because kokichi represents anarchy.
he does not stick with another for all to see, nor does he remain alone. alas, he searches for a secret companion and has not found one yet. who shall he find? shall he find any? the truth is, he gravitates towards shuichi. it’s supposed to be in secret, but there is a way in the game to see what really happened.
if you speak to tsumugi right before everyone is asked to gather at the cafeteria a second time, she mentions sonic the hedgehog. kokichi runs by, saying “got to go fast”. this means that kokichi has either played sonic the hedgehog or is at least well-versed in sonic memes. if you get this dialogue, and only if you get it, later, kokichi makes another sonic reference, saying “faker? I think you’re the fake hedgehog around here!” while he confuses everyone, the dialogue makes the odd choice of stopping on shuichi, even though the dialogue box only includes “…” and nothing else.
chapter 2
if you have unlocked tsumugi’s sonic dialogue and go to the monomono machine, you now have a 5% chance of getting sonic merchandise. if you give this merchandise to kokichi, you get some interesting dialogue. he says “wow, shuichi! how did you know that I grew up playing sonic and that it’s my absolute favorite video game series of all time?” this immediately maxes out all 5 of his friendship fragments, and you can get all 5 of his hangouts without giving him any more presents. you’re probably wondering why this is important, but you will see.
as kaede is now dead, shuichi finds himself horribly alone. while kaito is there and starts calling him his sidekick, the force of protagonist syndrome has caused shuichi to gain the courage to hang out with anyone, including kokichi of course. I don’t need to talk about kokichi’s hangouts. they literally end with “I stole your heart, so now I’m satisfied!” and it doesn’t get gayer than that.
or does it?
if you investigate the bathroom part of ryoma’s lab during this chapter and click on a very specific spot in order to enter one of the stalls, you can click on the toilet 5 times and shuichi will lie down on the floor. while it’s to investigate the underside of the toilet, and there is nothing to be found, the words “kokichi was here” are written on the ceiling above the stall. if you’ve already hung out with kokichi at least once in this chapter, shuichi will sigh and wonder what kokichi is doing right now.
if you’ve given kokichi the sonic merchandise, and you reach kokichi’s final free time event in this chapter, he will actually question shuichi after he finishes bandaging kokichi’s finger up, briefly commenting on how shuichi managed to get close to him so quickly and asking him “what his trick is”. he says “you must like me a whole lot, shuichi. I hope you don’t bail on me after this.” word for word, literally just hear me out.
“kokichi places his warm hand on mine, and I feel like he’s prying much deeper than he usually does.”
“I didn’t think that was possible…”
chapter 3
little did you know, giving kokichi the sonic merchandise unlocked a bonus hangout. yes, you heard me right. a WHOLE bonus hangout. you can hang out with him again whenever you want in this chapter. kokichi only says “good to see you.” you can select yes or no.
the screen will fade to black.
you have used up a free time.
if you have reached this hidden part of kokichi’s relationship sequence, random dialogue that isn’t in the normal game starts getting sprinkled in, as well as certain easter eggs. when angie starts her whole shtick, since you’ve already hung out with kokichi 5 times, there are a few things he has to say straight up, like how he’s going to teach shuichi about cults so shuichi doesn’t accidentally join the student council.
chapter 4
now that you’ve finally reached chapter 4 and activated the secret kokichi pathway, you get a hidden scene, much like the others that are triggered by having specific items in your inventory. in the middle of the night, kokichi breaks into shuichi’s room and shakes him awake, telling him that someone stole his almond milk.
shuichi tells kokichi to shut up and rolls over.
fun fact, if you get the hangout with miu where she checks whether shuichi is a virgin, she does, in fact, say “ha, I can’t believe this!” and if you zoom in the window behind her, you can barely make out kokichi’s face. peering in. watching you. if you click on him at any point during this hangout, you will hear a voice clip of kokichi’s laugh and shuichi will internally respond to miu’s dialogue differently. he will think “miu is the last person I need to know about this…”
in this sonic dialogue route, shuichi responds slightly differently to kokichi revealing that he is the mastermind. although his dialogue is mostly the same, he counts approximately 22 extra crying sprites, implied to be caused by additional heartbreak.
chapter 5-6
these chapters play out mostly the same way until the very end, the only exception being when you’re investigating kokichi’s lab. if you click on kokichi’s throne 13 times, one of the bookshelves will slide out of the way to reveal a hidden bathroom. there is an envelope taped to the wall that says “for my beloved detective, who habitually smacks things over and over.” it says “if you’re reading this, I’m probably dead. or am I? wouldn’t you like to know? nishishi.” shuichi comments about the fact that kokichi literally wrote that stupid laugh out, only to start crying again.
make sure that you have kind lie equipped as one of your skills before you start the final trial.
if you’ve done everything exactly according to plan up to this point, the ending is different.
tsumugi decides to show kokichi’s audition tape instead of kaede’s. he says “I’d love to be a part of danganronpa! I can finally be a bad guy without being scared!” but then kokichi looks directly at the camera. he says “naw, just messing with you. guess who?”
the screen cracks.
kokichi has suddenly entered the scene of the trial. tsumugi looks horrified. her wig falls off. everyone is at a loss for words. suddenly the screens and lights around them start to black out until everyone is left in almost complete darkness.
shuichi finally asks kokichi how he’s alive. he’s like, “you DIED” and kokichi is like “or did I? it’s the grand finale, shuichi! I owe you the truth this one time, because you’re my favorite.” everyone listens intently. “you see, by observing your irrational actions, almost like that of a main character… I was able to conclude that we exist in a fictional world that plays by certain rules. but we all been knew, didn’t we? not quite! someone forgot to test for exploits.” himiko just goes like “what the fuck you smokin?” and kokichi just laughs. “my self awareness has given me more power than you can possibly imagine! let’s just say I learned where the hit boxes are broken and installed a few cheat codes in the meantime!”
“no… that’s impossible! this isn’t supposed to be part of the ending at all!” tsumugi doesn’t like that one bit. she just kinda breaks down crying. shuichi isn’t paying attention to her though. he had accepted oblivion only to be greeted with kokichi being alive. as annoying as kokichi is, they are hopelessly in love. maki is a little disturbed.
after passionately reuniting with shuichi, kokichi says the thing. “this world is mine now, tsumugi! you got nothin on this! it’s time to say goodbye to this trash dump and create a new reality!” tsumugi just kinda goes like “noooo!!!”
everything goes black. shuichi has a vision about entering creative mode. kokichi has opped him. they take hands. “let’s create someplace way more fun.” maki and himiko and keebo look at each other because they’re floating in the background and watching this happen even though it’s supposed to be an internal vision. the screen goes white.
shuichi graces us with some internal protagonist dialogue about how he doesn’t really understand what’s happening anymore or what’s waiting for them outside of this world, but he thinks that things might turn out ok.
after unlocking this ending, you unlock a super secret video that you can view from the main menu. it’s a fully animated video of kokichi and dice dancing to world is mine. this is what they spent all their budget on
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its--fandom--darling · 9 months ago
Famous Last Words ~ chapter 8
word count: 2,476, chapter rating: PG-13, chapter warnings: little bit of angst, lots of fluff, domestic!Sy, drinking, we say goodbye to Sy’s curls
a/n: I’m am fully aware that the small amounts of research that I did for the whole military court thing are not enough and the way that story plays out in this chapter isn’t how it really goes, but I implore you to just go with it and use your imagination because it seems very, very complicated to deeply research. However, if someone is familiar with the process and wants to be helpful and not critical, I welcome the advice and guidance. Beyond that, thank you for the love that you continue to show this story and ENJOY!
Tumblr media
(gif not mine, I take no credit for it! Divider by @firefly-graphics​ )
Sy swallows thickly and wipes his hands on his thighs, then steps into the living room after Hawthorne. “So, what brings you by Major?” Sy asks, running a hand over his head and taking a seat opposite of the older man.
             “I came to give you some news, son. Colonel Grey is fixing to have you court marshalled for insubordination. Now I just caught wind of it and I wanted to give you heads up. I’m on your side Captain, I’ve never known you to be an unreasonable man, that’s why I’m sure that you had a reason for the call that you made. I’ll be in touch about finding you some representation. I don’t know when they’ll be deciding on whether or not you’ll actually be court marshalled but I suggest getting yourself in order, follow the regulations so that if they show up unannounced you look every bit the part of the perfect soldier. Lastly, if there is anything that I can do for you, here is my cell.” Hawthorne hands over a small piece of paper with numbers on it.
“Thank you, sir,” Sy breathes, leaning over to clutch the scrap of paper in his thick fingers.
             The major nods and stands, “Well, I best be on my way. Sorry to drop that news on you and run but I’ve got a meeting to get to at the local base.”
“I understand, Sir,” Sy says standing and walking him back out towards the front door.
             Before he leaves, Major Hawthorne turns to Sy and holds out his hand.
Sy takes it and gives it a firm shake.
             “You’re a good man, Syverson and an even better Captain. I’m not worried about this and neither should you be.”
“Yes sir. Drive Safely, Sir,” Sy says with a half-smile.
             With that the major turns, heads back towards his truck and drives away.
Stepping back inside of his home, Sy mind is reeling. Court-marshalled? Sy lets out a hefty sigh and moves away from the door and tries to tamp down on the panic that is building in his chest. He checks his watch and bites back a groan at the fact that it’s only 10 am and he’s ready for a drink. Running a hand down over his face once more. He mutters, “Fuck it,” before turning off his phone and heading towards the kitchen to get himself a drink.
Tumblr media
You check your phone again as your legs to bounce under the table. You cross your arms and pull your bottom lip between your teeth nervously. Being late wasn’t in Sy’s nature and the worry in the pit of your stomach was starting bloom in full force. Never once had he been late in your 3 months of dating and now 20 minutes past their agreed upon date time and being radio silent, you were panicking just a bit. Picking up your phone once more and dialing Sy’s number once again. When he didn’t answer again, you decided to get your beat-up Honda from the student lot and heading over to his house.
You stomach was in knots as you pulled into his driveway and finding his truck home. Putting your care in park, you take a deep breath and get out of the car. You clasp your hands together to keep them for shaking as you approach and ring the bell. You were met with silence so you checked the knob, you breath a sigh on relief when you find it unlocked and you push inside of the house. The house is pretty much in darkness as you close the door behind you
“Sy,” you call out, setting your purse on the floor by the door and kicking off your shoes, “baby? Are you home?” You wet your lips before walking deeper into the house, searching the living room you find no one and so you head back towards the hallway and poke your head into the bedroom and breathing a sigh of relief when you see your massive boyfriend sprawled across his bed.
Stepping into his room and crossing to the bed, you kneel on the edge of the bed. “Baby?”
             Sy groans slightly, “Bug?”
“Yeah, it’s me,” you murmur, stroking his freshly buzzed head, “Is everything okay?”
             He groans rolls slightly and looks up at you.
You suck in a sharp breath as you take in his freshly shaven face.
             He rubs his face and curses when he grabs his clean-shaven chin.
You run your hand over his head again and smile slightly as his eyes fall closed and he presses his head my firmly into your hand like a cat. When he sighs, he sends a warm, whiskey laden breath into your face and your heart sinks a bit. “Wyatt, did something happen?”
             He shakes his head, “Why do ya ask, Bug?”
“Because your breath smells of whiskey and you missed out lunch date?” you murmur, stroking his soft hair.
             “Fuck! I’m sorry, baby,” he grumbles, rubbing his nose.
You lean down and press a kiss on his forehead, “It’s okay, I’m not upset. I’m just worried, this isn’t like you.”
             He groans once more and you sigh.
“Let’s get you sobered up and then we can talk alright?”
             He nods, slowly and rubs his eyes.
“Think you can manage a shower while I make you some coffee?” you ask, gently as you stroke his cheek.
             He shakes his head, “room spinning.”
“Alright, you hang out here for a moment, I’ll put the coffee on to brew and be back to help you alright?
             “m’kay, Bug,” he mutters, huffing out a large breath and rolling back over on his side.
You press a kiss to soft head and then push yourself off the bed to pad to the kitchen. You pull his death wish coffee out of the cupboard and scoop the grinds into the filter, filling up the water storage and then pushing the brew button. When you turn around you spy an empty bottle of jack and a empty glass on the edge of the island. Moving the bottle to recycling bin and the glass to the sink, you pull Sy’s favorite mug from the cupboard and then head back to the bedroom.
             Sy has moved himself from the bed to the floor, thankfully upright as he leaned against the bed, his head between in his bent knees.
You crouch next to him and touch his shoulder gently. “Ready for that shower?”
             He nods, slowly and you lean in to kiss his head again before standing up and moving to the bathroom to turn on the shower. You head back to the bedroom and kneel in front of Sy.
“Come on, Baby, let’s get you up,” you say, with outstretched hands.
             Sy looks up at you and for the first time since you’ve known him, he looks small. You give him a soft smile and he reaches up to take your hands in his and allows you to help tug him to his feet.
             He wraps an arm around your shoulders as you walk to the bathroom. Silently, you help him strip off to his boxers and put him in the walk-in shower. He rests his forearm against the tile and leans his forehead against his arms as he lets the hot water cascade down his muscular back.
You strip down to your undergarments and open the door to join him. Sy glances at you sideways, through his thick, wet lashes and you offer him a half smile as you pull his loofa off it’s hook. You lather it up with his soap and begin to scrub his back in soothing circles. You proceed to finish the rest of his torso that way, silence filling the bathroom with the heady steam from the shower. Sy remains stoic, but you think his eyes look a bit brighter every time you catch his gaze. You step out of the shower before him, grabbing a towel to wrap around you before you drop your under garments to the tiled floor with a wet slap and leave the bathroom. You return a few moments later, dressed in one of his t-shirts and a pair of his boxers, you arms full of a clean set of clothes for him. You place them on the counter.
“I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re all done, baby,” you say, watching him scrub at his legs, his skin turning pink under the heat of the water.
             “I’ll be out shortly,” he mumbles, briefly turning away from you and dropping his boxers against the shower floor with a splat. You feel heat surge through your core at the sight of his pert ass and turn on your heel quickly, heading towards the kitchen to resist the temptation on legs that was your boyfriend.
Fetching your favorite mug from the cupboard, you fix yourself a cup of coffee and settle yourself onto one of the barstools at the island. You’re about halfway through your mug when Sy pads out into the kitchen in a pair of gym shorts and blue tank top. He fixes himself a cup of coffee and then settles next to you at the island. You sip your coffee, waiting patiently for Sy to break the silence.
“I’m sorry for missing our lunch, Bug,” he murmurs, a bit later.
You look up at him and reach over to touch his arm. “You’re already forgiven,” you whisper, squeezing his arm gently.
             He looks up at you and gives you a tight-lipped smile, his eyes shining with guilt.
“You gonna tell me what happened today?” you ask, sliding your hand up his forearm to slip your hand into his.
             He lifts your hand and presses a kiss to your knuckles. “my super officer, Major Hawthorne, swung by today to tell me that Colonel Grey was fixin to get me court marshalled for insubordination and I just couldn’t handle it.”
Mirroring his earlier action, you lift his hand to kiss his rough knuckles. “I’m sorry, I’m sure that is not easy to deal with.”
             “Major Hawthorne said that he’s not worried, but just thinking that I might be discharged after giving the majority of my live to this job set me off. Military life is all I ever known and imagining being forced to change careers at my age was overwhelming.”
You nod, “I can understand that. The unknown is always scary but it can also be exciting, especially when you’ve got someone to walk into it with.”
             Sy smiles at you, “So you don’t think less of me because I’m being court marshalled?”
You shake your head, “Never. From what you’ve told me, you made the right call. How could I hold that against you?”
             He sighs heavily and your free your hand from his grasp to cup his cheek. “You are too good to me, Bug and I don’t deserve you.”
“Nonsense,” you murmur, running your thumb across his cheek bone, “you deserve the world.”
             “So, do you, (y/n/n),” he replies softly, and you smile at him.
You kiss him gently, “Are you hungry?”
             He nods.
“What do you feel like?” you ask him softly.
             He shrugs, “Don’t know, to be honest I don’t have much in the house. I was gonna do the shopping today but…”
You kiss his cheek, “I’m sure I can find something to whip up.” You slip off the stool and start to search through his cupboards until you find a can of tomato soup, moving to the fridge you pull out the end of a loaf of bread, the butter, and some cheese slices. “How does a grilled cheese with tomato soup sound, baby?” you ask, pulling a small pot and a frying pan out of the cupboard.
His stomach grumbles in response.
“I’ll take that as an affirmative,” you chuckle, as you crack open the can and put it in the pot on the stove to warm while you pull the heels of the bread out of the package laying the cheese on the rounded edges and then buttering the smooth sides before putting the sandwich into the pan to fry. “Sy, would you get yourself a bowl and a plate for me?”
             You hear the stool scrape on the floor slightly as he moves to fetch the bowl and plate, setting them on the counter next to you. Without warning, Sy wraps his arms around your shoulders and rests his cheek on your head and sighs happily as you finish up his food. Pouring the soup into the bowl and slipping the grilled cheese on the plate, you turn off the stove and hum in contentment. “Alright, you big teddy bear, lunch is ready,” you say, smiling as you feel him kiss your hair and then unwrap himself from you.
             “Thank you for this, Bug,” he says picking up the plate and bowl and moving back to sit at the island.
“You’re welcome, Bear,” you murmur, wrapping your arms around him and resting your cheek against his back. You feel his chuckle rumble through him and smile to yourself.
             “Bear,” he murmurs, “I like that.” Then he hunches over to eat. You sit next to him and Sy pushes half of his sandwich towards you and you take it wordlessly. Together, sitting side by side, you finish your lunch together. You put the dishes in the sink and when Sy goes to do them, you shake your head. “That can wait, let’s just relax,” you say, taking his hand and tugging him through the kitchen and into the living room.
You move the two huge, plushy throw pillows to the end of the couch and then pulling his thick faux fur blanket from the back of the couch, you gesture for Sy to lay down. Sy lays down with a soft grunt and you grab the remote, before settling next to him and resting your head on his chest with a sigh.
“What do you wanna watch, baby?” you ask, looking up at him, resting your chin on his chest.
             He smiles at you with tired eyes, “Whatever you want to, I’m happy just to hold you for a bit.”
You smile and turn the channel to a home improvement show before pulling the throw over the two of you.
             Sy wraps his arms around you and pulls your tighter to his chest.
The show drones on in the background and between that, paired with the steady thump of Sy’s heart you start to drift off. Sy shifts slightly and you snuggle closer to him as he starts to rub your back in soothing circles.
             “I love you, Bug,” he murmurs into your hair, his voice thick and husky with sleep.
You smile against the soft cotton of his shirt and sigh, “I love you too, Sy.”
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imo-chan-imagines · 11 months ago
『 As your boyfriend | BNHA Headcanons 』
From the good, to the bad, to the downright adorable.
Characters: female!reader, Aizawa Shouta
Tags/warnings: Boku No Hero Academia (anime), 18+, explicit descriptions of sex, smut, fluff, soft dom Aizawa, relationship, headcanons
A/N: Right, so I'm simping for this man biG TIME, but I'm only on season 3, so no spoilers or anything, please. This is my first BNHA post (and it turned out way longer than I was intending 😅) Please let me know if you want more in the future!
Also, I have a repetitive strain injury, so typing stuff is taking a while at the moment. Sorry about that. Thanks for reading! Please enjoy ♡ ~Imo
Tumblr media
☆ Aizawa Shouta ☆
I'm not going to lie. Shouta can be a big ol' grouchy pants sometimes, and it's basically impossible to win an argument against him makes you want to tear your hair out, sometimes
But most of the time, he's just tired and in pain, and he doesn't mean to be so crotchety
He's not the type to make excuses, though. That's childish. He means his apologies, even if they're simple
He'll normally initiate an apology by gently wrapping his arms around you from behind and resting his forehead on your shoulder 🥺
Physical contact is incredibly personal and intimate for him. He doesn't just touch anyone, or allow them to touch him
You're special 💞💫
Soft, gentle touches, like his fingers interlacing with yours, or his leg brushing up against you, are basically his way of saying 'I love you'
Catch me crying in the corner, a'ight? 😔
He rarely ever raises his voice. Like, ever he doesn't need to, and is aware that it can be scary
He's definitely the kind of guy to forget to tell people that you're dating, simply because he doesn't see how it's relevant or anyone else's business 🤦‍♀️
I mean, he ain't wrong, but–
And his mood switches between 'antisocial' and 'clingy' like a mechanical metronome did someone say 'cat'?
Sometimes, you'll be lucky if he speaks more than three words to you together in a whole day nothing personal 🤷‍♀️
But on other days, he literally won't let you out of his arms for the world he's complicated, okay?
You have missed many a parcel delivery because he wouldn't let you get up from his lap to answer the door 🙄😂
Boundaries and responsibilities are key and highly respected by Shouta, and he would NEVER erase your quirk without your permission, unless he literally had no other choice like someone's going to get hurt, or something
Is generally quite serious so what's new? but you're one of the few people he can relax around when he feels like it
9/10 of his jokes are dad jokes 😎 hell yeah
Takes a hard stance in financial debates, but is constantly broke af 😶 says he'll buy you dinner and presents you with some instant noodles with a 'Reduced To Clear' sticker on them
Will take a bite of your food/steal some off your plate without asking, and literally say nothing to defend himself #gremlin
Is incredibly shy and uncomfortable about being ~le horny~ until you've been together for literally forever
Even then, he's still shy about it when he has to bring it up and it's pretty cute, let me tell ya
It took him forever to admit to you that he gets turned on when you eat ice lollies
Guess what you do whenever you want to mess with him like a little brat 😛
But if he's in the mood, he will 100% whisper something dirty in your ear, even if you're completely alone and probably well past third base
He does it because he knows your pussy will clamp around him at the sound of his voice 😳🥵
*fans self profusely*
Genuine, unadulterated smiles are rare with Aizawa, but when he does 🙌 Heaven hath opened its gates and allowed an angel walk amongst mere mortals 🥺🤧
If he lays his head on your chest, he will fall asleep like that *snaps fingers*
Surprise nose and forehead kisses to show he loves you ❤
Calls you 'Kitten' this is basically already canon at this point
And he's all about those deep talks with you at 3 am when he can't sleep
Speaking of insomnia!
It's cheesy, but you're like a soothing balm. The warmth of your body makes him feel safe, your touch helps him relax, and your voice soothes him to sleep
He's never slept as well as when you're beside him 😭🤧
When cuddling, he likes to be the big spoon but will accept being the little spoon if you if you press your boobs against his back and ask really nicely 🤭
And he loves you stroking his hair and running your fingers through it 🥺
Netlix nights and pillow/blanket forts!!
Rainy days are a godsend. Staying inside all day under the blankets, with the soft sound of the rain falling outside and no-one to interrupt you – literal paradise
He makes mean hot cocoas and Irish coffees 😋 I feel like this man lives off Irish coffees 😂🤣
Wears a lot of black and grey sweatpants at home 😗 which highlight the outline of his dick just right, if ya know what I'm sayin' 👀
Doesn't like going out for dates and prefers staying inside and doing stuff together same, honeyy
But if you really like going out, he will somewhat begrudgingly agree to it and get all dressed up for you, just so long as he gets his fair share of home-dates, too 🤗
But if you also don't like going out... the two of you will basically never leave the house, except to get groceries in your pyjamas from the 24-hour convenience store down the road at one in the morning oddly specific, I know, but you get me
And sorry, but I don't make the rules
Well, actually, I do. But shush
We all know that Shouta cleans up *chef's kiss* So when you go somewhere ~fancy~ he always looks so damn fine 😩
But he has very little idea that he's hot he sees himself as a tired, walking dumpster fire🚶‍♂️🔥
Shouta will 100% turn into a crazy cat dude with 15+ cats if you don't stop him I never said you should, though 🙃
And is a 'minimalist texter' – basically, if he can't answer a text with 'yes', 'no,' 'maybe', or 'OK', then he probably won't answer it at all 😭😂
Especially if you try and sext him or send him your nudes while he's at work. He'll probably lecture you when he gets home and depending on just how much you turned him on, he might proceed to teach you a lesson...
But wear his shirt, and just his shirt or his hoodie and he's yours
Heart eyes, motherfucker 😍
And, depending on how you two are feeling that day, you may or may not end up getting dicked down on the nearest semi-flat surface right then and there 👀
But don't misunderstand. This is an incredibly tired man you have here, and his libido actually isn't through the roof sorry, ladies so this kind of thing isn't an everyday occurrence
But when he dicks you down, he dicks you down goooood
Shouta's not big on PDA, but makes up for it in private. We're talking hands and kisses all over your body he leaves nothing unloved 😏
And while he's not big on PDA, he is big on sneaky displays of affection or 'SDA', as I like to call it
Like subtly grabbing your butt for a second, or his hand on your thigh under the table at a dinner etc. especially around other people
But what really gets him going is slowly removing your clothes and taking you fully naked, spreading your legs wide and holding them open he likes the view 😍
He lowkey highkey worships your body 🙏 and will literally not shut up about how fucking pretty you are, and how fucking good it feels inside you his words, not mine 😳
Groans and growls a little when he's getting close/cumming especially when he's being a little rough and likes to cum together, but knows it's not always practical
He tends to be a gentle dom, but can get just a teensy bit 🤏 rough if he's too into it – but nothing outrageous
We're talking rough thrusts and a brutal pace, maybe holding onto you a little too hard and, waaahh, he gets so embarrassed if he leaves bruises
Is also into a little bondage, but again, only light stuff – restraining your wrists with his hands or his tie or his Capturing Weapon 👀 maybe blinding-folding you if you're okay with it
If you're not blindfolded, then I'm afraid he's all about that eye contact
Eating out your pussy? Eye contact. Pounding you into the mattress? Blazing eye contact. Rearranging your guts in front of the mirror? Fucking eye contact
But all jokes aside – he's too used to taking without consent with his quirk, that he's kind of paranoid about it comes to sex but it's adorable and sweet, and honestly, still kind of hot
And speaking of eating pussy – goddamn does he like to please you. Like cream to a kitty 😛
Oh, and he just loves it when you suck on his fingers as he's pounding into you 🤤
And he likes to leave love bites in personal, inconspicuous places and sometimes on your neck
He's marking his woman 😌
When he gets suuuper horny, he likes to fuck you from behind, standing upright in front of the mirror. It's a specific kink he has of watching himself stretch you out as the length of his cock disappears inside you...
I can get behind that, lemme tell yaaa
I said he tends to be dominant, but female doms – fear not!
Shouta is quite flexible when it comes down to it and is kind of lazy, lmfao so he definitely has time for laying back, having the control taken away, and having his dick ridden
For him, it's really all about communication and what you're both comfortable with
I will say this, though: sometimes, his cat watches you while you're banging 😅😂
The first time it happened, you freaked out and refused to continue because – how could you??? But eventually, you just kind of got used to it 🤷‍♀️
The same way you've got used to it following you to the bathroom every time you go to take a shit 😭
So now, you just kind of laugh about it, which helps keep things a little lighter 🤗
After sex, he does like to snuggle, but you'll be lucky if he stays awake for more than 30 seconds it's one of the few times he actually can sleep well
If you're ever out and about, or even inside, and cold, he'll wrap you up in his clothes/scarf/blanket like a sushi roll like Eren wrapping up Mikasa in his scarf, all deadpan and everything 😐
It's not that often, but when he gets drunk, he gets all soft and emotional, and starts babbling about how he can't believe he got so lucky to be dating you, and that he's sure he hasn't done anything to deserve it mah heart
He's pretty sure he wants kids, but he doesn't feel like now is the right time, and is lowkey afraid that it's never going to feel like the right time
He also constantly doubts himself, wondering if he'd actually able to look after them and protect them the way a father should class 1-A got him second-guessing himself 🥺
Besides, it's not all about him. You clearly have a say in it too, and he doesn't want to force you into anything
Again: communication and comfort zones
Dating Aizawa definitely has its ups and downs, and it's not smooth sailing, but he's prepared to work for a life with you because he's found a connection with you that he hasn't feel with anyone else
He knows that you're both far from perfect, but hopes that, for once, you might just make something good, and make it last 🥰😇
Tumblr media
© imo-chan-imagines 2020
Tumblr media
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the-tubort · 5 months ago
After scrolling through Tumblr all of 5 minutes after seeing love victor s2 I have come to the conclusion that not enough people are talking about the way Victor as Felix's friend just. Did not talk to him at all when his mom got sent to the psych ward. Yes he gave him shelter but that was more of Isabel being a caring mom and less of Victor being aware of the situation.
I know that Felix was purposefully distant with Victor about well. Everything the past two seasons and Pilar and Lake were the only ones who could even hope to grasp but the fact that the writers had 3 different conflicts all happening simultaneously that basically prevented Victor from comforting Felix in his time of need on screen is kind of annoying.
Felix was the first person outside of Simon and the NY Gang who Victor came out to and to me that shows Victor really cares about Felix more than S2 wrote him to be. It just seems weird that out of EVERYONE in Felixs life that Victor was the most absent in his struggles. I do understand that Victor was struggling with his mother and Benji drama but would it really have hurt to have Victor say just ONCE something like, "Felix I am so sorry you are going through this but I am here if you need anything. Anything at all. I might not fully understand what's happening but I'm sure you and your mom can get through this. I mean, you got through the Lone Stone phase, right?"
Obviously the end part of it could be changed but I think that Victor would try to lighten the mood. Instead the closest thing we got was when both of them were struggling with their relationships and just kinda coming to similar conclusions that their partners don't like seeing them in pain but this kind of conclusion literally could've come from any other character talking to Victor.
I'm happy that Victor got the time with Benji this season especially with everything that was built up from S1 but the fact that Victor's friendship with Felix got so sidelined this season when Felix needed his friends THE MOST kind of sucks.
I do like a lot of the writing they did for Venji but the fact that its leading uo to this weird love triangle with Rahim is so forced and wasn't properly built up to unlike Mia's and Felix's conflicts which felt like such a natural progression from what they set up last season. The stuff with Victor being new to being gay and having to deal with that was a very good progression but to back pedal into the love triangle so quickly with so little development was really sudden and I just wish they could've had more time with Felix and Victor being friends since it just seemed S1 wanted to show us yes the are very good friends and have each others backs.
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acaceta · a year ago
Choose Me Instead II Draco Malfoy x Reader II Chapter 7 of 27: Lies
Summary: Pretending to be in a relationship with Draco Malfoy to get back at your ex might have not been the smartest idea you ever had. Especially during your last year of Hogwarts where you should be focusing on exams and your future plans. However, you were just pretending. There was no way in hell you could actually catch feelings for someone like Malfoy. … Right?
A/N: Okay, well, in Germany it’s know a few minutes past midnight so it’s technically sunday even though I promised to post this chapter on saturday. Sorry :D I hope you’ll like it! And once again: THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, ILYSM <3
Words: 3445 Pairing: Draco Malfoy x fem!Reader, post war Warnings: none
Tumblr media
“Y/N, wake up!”
You groaned when someone grabbed you by the shoulders.
“Wake up!”
“No,” you mumbled sleepily and tried to turn around. It was way too early for this.
“Come, wake up, we’re missing breakfast!”
Slowly you opened your eyes. Ginny sat in front of your bed, a stressed look on her face.
You groaned a second time before propping yourself up on your elbows. “What time is it?”
“Too late,” she replied. You noticed that she was already fully dressed and ready to go. “McGonagall announced last night that everyone from grade six and seven who misses breakfast will get detention.”
“What?” Now this just confused you. “Detention? For what?”, you asked and yawned. „For missing breakfast?“
She nodded and pulled away your blankets, ignoring your sounds of protest. “Yes, for the party last night. Now, come on!”
The party. Malfoy. Oh, for a brief moment you forgot about what happened there.
Suddenly you were wide awake and got up in a swift motion. Ginny, who must have thought that you really didn’t want to get detention, looked relieved though that you finally started to move. Hastily, you walked to the bathroom, grabbing some clothes on the way.
While getting ready, memories of last night came flooding back to you. The talk with Astoria, fleeing from Filch, hiding in that broom closet … and the spider. You chuckled softly when you remembered how Malfoy jumped up and down while trying to get the animal off of him. Then your smile froze – you were his fake girlfriend now. Merlin, that sounded ridiculous; like straight out of some cheesy muggle romance novel. And the more you thought about this the more nervous you became. All sorts of questions raced through your head: How were you supposed to act? Was he going to acknowledge it today? Did he even still want to do it? Did people know?
The last questions got answered when you walked (or more precisely: ran) down to the Great Hall with Ginny. If someone in Gryffindor knew than she would have be aware as well – and if that were the case, she wouldn’t care about detention or anything else. No, she would pepper you with questions. However, some of the Slytherins had overheard your conversation with Greengrass and Malfoy last night. So you guessed that it wouldn’t take long before it would come out.
You were among the last students who arrived at the Great Hall, barely managing to take a seat at the end of the house table before the big door fell shut behind you. There was no food yet, everyone was sitting silently, looking at the teachers.
The teachers looked … pissed. There was truly no other way to describe it. You could imagine how much homework you would receive in the next week simply by the way they glared at the students in front of them.
“I don’t know what the big deal is,” Seamus whispered from a few seats away, “it’s not like this is the first party that went down in Hogwarts.”
“Yeah,” Dean nodded. “And nothing even happened!”
Then Headmistress McGonagall got up from her seat and slowly walked around the table. She had a stern look on her face. Before she began to speak, she cleared her throat. “I will make this announcement short but make no mistake: all of us are deeply, deeply disappointment by the behavior of the sixth and seventh graders last night. I am aware that this isn’t the first time something similar happens in Hogwarts.”
As if she had heard Seamus and Dean talking before, she let her eyes linger a short moment on them.
“You are young, you are far away from your parents and you want to celebrate life. You have every right to do so. Do not think that we haven’t been aware of your little get togethers at the beginning of this school year. The past years have been trying times for all of us so we, the teachers, collectively decided to look away as we were certain it wouldn’t go on for very long. But as Headmistress, I am responsible for my students well-being. I promised your parents to take care of you and after everything … after everything we endured, I understand that there’s nothing more important for them. Not only from dangers arriving from magic but from dangers arriving from your classmates,” she paused. “Most of you who attended the party last night are old enough to drink. The younger students, especially the second and third graders, are not.”
Ginny and you shared looks of confusion. Who was dumb enough to do that? And why hadn’t you noticed it.
“That’s what’s the big deal is,” Seamus mumbled.
“We will not tolerate alcohol on school grounds and we will much less tolerate you giving it to your younger classmates,” her voice got even sharper. “We have not caught everyone who attended. However, as a punishment, we will set back all of the House Points to zero and cancel all Quidditch games until January.”
The students began to murmur, disappointment and anger was seen among them. McGonagall raised her hands and it got quiet again.
“Now, enjoy your breakfast.” She turned around and with that, food appeared on your tables.
“That sucks,” you said to Ginny and reached for a croissant. This was the first and last year at Hogwarts that you got the chance to play for the Quidditch team. It annoyed you that you were now forced to miss out on games.
“I know,” she rolled her eyes. “Who’s dumb enough to bring twelve year olds to this?”
You shrugged. “I don’t know. They probably just heard it from someone and snug in.”
There didn’t seem to be any other topics than last night or the canceled Quidditch games among the students for the rest of the breakfast – for the ones who were able to eat, anyways. More than one student stumbled out of the Great Hall with wide eyes and a pressed together mouth, accompanied by the hooting of their friends and the judging looks of the teachers. Ginny and you tried to find any upsides to the canceled games. For you it was quite clear – more time for practice. But she dreamt of joining the Holyhead Harpies which made this even more disappointing for her.
You felt tense throughout the whole breakfast; your eyes constantly wandering over to the Slytherin table, looking for Malfoy. Spotting him, you realized he literally couldn’t sit farther away from you. He looked down at his plate, not noticing you. Astoria was next to him, talking. It confused you as you had expected her being still mad. Unless they made up already. But why would he do that after your talk in the broom closet?
You didn’t even notice that you were staring until Zabini, who sat on his other side, nudged him with his elbow, nodding in your direction. Malfoy raised his head, locking eyes with you immediately. You didn’t break eye contact, trying to figure out what he was going to do.
He smirked.
It threw you off completely. You blinked a few times and then it clicked in your head: he played his role. He still wanted to do it and Astoria sitting next to him meant nothing. Well, if he was committed, so were you. You sent him a soft smile back. Malfoy winked at you and then turned to Zabini to say something.
You chuckled to yourself, amused by that bizarre moment. When you turned back to Ginny, she was in a serious argument with Dean about the Holyhead Harpies. More chipper than before, you joined in.
Malfoy and you didn’t cross paths again until lunch.
After a particularly boring History of Magic lesson, everyone was quick to grab their books and hurry out of the small classroom. You were one of the last students in the room and were surprised when you saw Malfoy leaning against the door frame, watching you pack your bag. He was waiting for you.
“Thanks for waiting,” you said when you were done and approached him.
“I heard that’s what boyfriends do for their girlfriend,” he replied when the two of you started to make your way down to the Great Hall.
“Does this sound as weird to you as it does to me?!”, you snorted. “Refering to us as a …”
“… a couple?”, Malfoy finished your sentence when you trailed off. He nodded. “Obviously. You’re a Gryffindor.”
“As long as that’s your only concern, Slytherin.”
He shrugged. “At least you’re a pureblood.”
You glanced at him from the side, frowning.
He noticed it. “I’m joking, Y/L/N.”
You relaxed a little and said with an ironic undertone: “How am I supposed to know? You’re a Slytherin.”
He chuckled. “True. You can never be sure when it comes to us.”
Wondering, how close this statement was to the truth, you stayed quiet. There weren’t many students that the two of you passed on the way downstairs. The ones that saw you however, looked at you with curiousity. We must look like an odd pair, you thought. After all, house rivalry was despite all the efforts of the teachers still very much a thing in Hogwarts. It had gotten better yes, especially among the younger students. But between two seventh graders? Between a Gryffindor and Draco Malfoy? He was the last one people thought of when the topic revolved around interhouse friendships. You were relieved though that none of them were your friends as you were not quite prepared yet for them to see you with him. You wanted to enjoy the last moments of peace before you would enter the Great Hall.
“What do you think about the whole Quidditch situation?”, you asked after a while, remembering that he used to play. “Are you playing this year?”
He shook his head. “No.”
You had expected that to be honest. “So you’re not disappointed?”
“Not really.”
It must had looked to him as if you were simply trying to make small-talk. This bothered you. You wanted to make him understand that you were generally interested in his life. Not that it was required for your whole charade but you figured that if you were forced to spend time together you might as well make it enjoyable. Besides, the fascination for him didn’t seem to be fading any time soon.
You heard how Malfoy let out a sharp breath. One more pair of stairs and the Great Hall would be right there in front of you. The voices of students and clinging of cutlery and glasses could be heard all the way up to here.
This was it.
“May I take your hand?”
Confused, you looked at Malfoy.
He repeated his question. A lot slower this time, as if he was speaking to you in a foreign language: “May I … take … your hand?” After a brief pause, he added: “It’ll look more convincing.”
It was such a simple thing to do and still you kept thinking of the last time you had touched him: on your first meeting in the broom closet. This was different, you remembered. He played a role now – both of you were – and he was surprisingly good at it.
Before you could overthink this, you took a deep breath and reached for him. Hand in hand, you walked into the Great Hall.
It was quiet in the common room. Most of the students either still had classes or spent their day roaming around Hogwarts. The fire was already cackling as it began to grow darker outside. Autumn was over and Winter almost here. Everyone felt it.
You sat on one of the couches, now in more comfortable clothes. (Getting out of the school uniform after a long day was the best feeling ever.) Ginny and Hermione were across from you. As the Weasley girl was staring into the fire, processing everything you just told her, Hermione fiddled with her quill. Her homework laid unfinished in front of her.
The lunch had gone considerably well. When you walked in, you felt as if everyone was staring at you. All of your friends were for sure. Ginnys smile froze and Hermiones eyes widened when they saw the way you were holding hands. You were expecting them to run up to you or say something but they remained in their seats. No, they watched you as you awkwardly said goodbye to Malfoy. You weren’t sure of what the appropriate thing to do was. Kiss? Merlin, no. Hug? What were you – twelve? So he simply squeezed your hand and smiled at you before going over to his friends. You could tell the smile was forced. The situation was still feeling strange to the both of you. When you sat down, the two girls remained quiet, staring at you in complete disbelief. Then – after what felt like an eternity – Ginny stood up abruptly, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you along with her. Hermione followed.
Up here in the common room, you told your story carefully but leaving out almost all of the important details. No matter how much they meant to you, they couldn’t know that the relationship was not real. It pained you to lie to them. It’s not for long, you kept on telling yourself. In a few months, all of you will laugh about it together.
“Why though?”, Ginny finally looked at you. “It’s fucking Malfoy.”
“I just told you,” you raised your hands in a defensive manner.
“No, you told us how this whole … how it happened,” she corrected you. “You didn’t explain why.”
You were dumbfounded, realizing that you should’ve thought about this. After all, you needed to pretend that you were actually in love with him. Or at least, crushing on him. “He’s not that bad,” you finally said.
Ginny raised her eyebrows. “Sounds like true love to me.”
“We’re just dating.”
“Just dating,” she mimicked you and rolled her eyes.
You sighed. “Come one, Ginny.”
You had expected them to be mad. Dating a Slytherin would have been reason enough for your friends to have a serious talk with them. You weren’t just dating any Slytherin though – you were dating the one they hated most. Considering all of this was built on a lie, you felt even more guilty for upsetting them.
“I don’t get it either, Y/N”, Hermiones voice was unusually cold as she still played with the quill in her hand.
“I’m not surprised.”
She raised her head, sending you a sharp look. “It doesn’t make sense. You never liked him before.”
You shrugged. “I never talked to him before.”
“You saw how he talked to us though, right?”, Ginny reminded you and crossed her arms in front of her chest.
Hermione nodded. “All the name calling, the bullying, you can’t just overlook that,” she shook her head in disbelief. “You do remember how he treated us, don’t you? Your friends?”
It was a painful and unnecessary reminder and it caused you to rub with one hand over your eyes. “Yes, of course.”
“There are really no excuses for his behavior,” Ginny continued.
They were right. Malfoy had been a bully and an asshole with his whole pureblood-bullshit. Two months ago, you would have even agreed with your friends that he still was all that. However, something had changed inside of you and you felt weirdly defensive even though it was all a lie anyways.
You took your time with an answer.
“He was a shitty person before the war. I admit that,” you finally began, choosing your next words very carefully. “He treated you like crap and believe me, if I still thought that he’s that same person today, I wouldn’t be doing this.” This was the truth. You leaned forward a little. “Please, trust me. I don’t want to hurt you or lose you because of … him.” Again, the truth.
Hermione and Ginny looked at each other. To your relief, their expressions softened when they turned back to you.
“We know, we know,” Hermione smiled at you. “But still –”
“He’s a Death Eater, Y/N,” Ginny suddenly interrupted. “Don’t you want to be an Auror? I don’t think messing around with a Death Eater will help you with your goals!”
“He was a Death Eater,” you corrected her.
She frowned. “How’s that any better?”
“I don’t think he wanted to be one,” you explained.
“You don’t think?”, she scoffed. “Well, that’s reassuring.”
“I actually agree with Y/N, Ginny,” Hermione chimed in, staring into the fire.
You were thankful for her support but then remembered that she had actually seen him once during the war. She never spoke about this day but the faint scars on her wrist told you everything you needed to know. You shifted uncomfortably.
When Hermione looked back at you, her face was serious. “Which doesn’t mean I approve of this. I don’t believe this will end well for either of you.”
Ginny nodded eagerly. “He’ll treat you like shit because that’s what he does.”
You watched your friends carefully. Then you made a decision that would maybe end this whole game right then and there. However, you felt it was the right one: “I do believe there’s more to him and I’d like to give him a second chance. But I know what he and his family did and I don’t want to hurt your feelings,” you paused for a second. “You mean too much to me and if this really bothers you … then I’ll end it.”
Both of them seemed surprised by your words and exchanged long looks. Finally, Hermione sighed and leaned back against the cushion. “Alright.”
Ginny rolled her eyes one more time. “This will end in flames, I’m telling you. I might as well start preparing for the inevitable heartbreak that ferret will cause you,” she predicted and continued with narrow eyes: “I swear to god, if this idiot hurts you, I’ll kill him.”
You chuckled, more relaxed know. “I know. I think he knows too.”
Ginny didn’t return the smile. “And one more thing – I consider you my family, Y/N, but if you … if you start acting like your sister now, I won’t be here for you. There are lines you should never ever cross.”
This took you off guard. “Do you really think I’d do that?”, you stammered.
“No”, the Ginger shook her head. “But you never know with Slytherins and their mindgames.”
You didn’t reply. The accusation echoed in your mind and you felt the sudden urge to get up and leave.
Hermione seemed to have sensed the question as she looked back and forth between the two of you. “You still haven’t answered Ginnys question,” she tried to change the topic.
“Which one?”, you tilted your head.
“Why Malfoy?”
Oh. That question. You still hadn’t thought of a better answer. “Why …?”
“Why you’re in love with him, stupid,” Ginny said and shifted into a more comfortable position. Her voice sounded calmer now and she even smiled at you. “Do we have to call him Draco now? Or do you already have nicknames for eachother? What do you call him? Dray?” Ginny giggled at her last question; you and Hermione joined in.
“Right, that’s my cue to leave,” you grinned at her.
“Oh don’t go, we want to know more!”, Hermione exclaimed. “The serious part is over, we promise!”
You got up from the couch. “Yeah, right.”
“Come on, Y/N. I want to hear more about Dray-dray.” Both of the girls started laughing before Ginny had even finished her sentence. You chuckled to yourself and then made a very explicit gesture, explaining what you thought of that name. It caused them to laugh even harder.
You felt glad at how well this talk went in the end. It could’ve been a lot worse. Although now that it was over, guilt began to creep inside of you. There was hardly anything in this world that you hated more than lying. Yes, you never told Hermione about what happened with Ron during the summer and this had caused you a lot of sleepless nights already, leaving you feeling like a bad friend. Now you did it to Ginny as well. Gritting your teeth, you prayed to all the muggle gods there were, that it was worth it.
When you reached the staircase that led up to the dorms, the girls had calmed down a little. It was then when you heard Ginny say: “I bet he still has that mark on his arm.” *** A/N: lol i just realized how often Ginny rolled her eyes in this chapter :D Hope you liked it!!
“Choose Me Instead” Masterlist HP Masterlist
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Springtime ☆ Chapter One
Mommy and Me Day
Summary: Demeter, noticing a slight decline in the latest harvest’s quality, grants Persephone a rare visit in order to investigate. 
★Paring: Hades!Corpse Husband x Persephone!Reader ★Genre: Greek Mythology AU, fluff, angst, friends to lovers, slow burn ★Word count: 1006 ★Warnings: Bending of Greek Lore™️ for narrative convenience lol
Author’s Note- Like I mentioned in my last post, this is a Mommy and Me Day :) It’s boring worldbuilding shit yk the drill as if the intro wasn’t enough worldbuilding oops- Anyway lmk what ya think! Taglist is still open- if you asked to be added, tysm!! It means the world to me <3 And Corpse is gonna have a proper appearance next chapter, I promise!
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☆Taglist☆ (If your @ is in italics it means I couldn’t tag you!) @lunariasilver @jazzydoesstuff @neenieweenie @rosy-feels​ @open-minded-chip101 @delicrieux
The sun dipped past the peaks above you and nighttime crept forth in return as you sat at your kitchen table with your mother. Loafs of bread, sweet spring fruits, and chilled water blanketed every available surface. Demeter visited so rarely that, along with the gifts she provided, you deemed it necessary to shower the occasion with every expense possible. She wiled away the hours, deftly spinning charming tales and recounting the most entertaining moments of life on Olympus- all of which, despite your best efforts to suppress it, tinged your delighted laughter and awe with a sense of bitter loneliness. You gawked openly at the recounted tale of Dionysus’s latest feasting hall exploits, cooed in amazement at the imagery of Artemis’s latest hunt, and swooned at the description of Aphrodite, which you only needed to gently pry from your mother.
If Demeter noticed your subtle envy of her colorful life on Olympus, she hid it well- her kind, glimmering eyes peered at you fondly over her chalice of wine, a small, sly grin of muted amusement gracing her weathered features as you gushed over this season’s harvest. The harvest, after all, and the months leading up to it, occupied much of your rather dull life. It was your duty, your raison d'être, and who were you to defy it?
Eventually, Demeter set down her chalice and uncrossed her legs, shifting her elbows to the table, slowing your steady stream of chatter to a halt. The shift in atmosphere was ever so slight, but you knew better than to challenge it. Mother had something important to discuss with you, and much like your very nature, Demeter’s will was not something you could ignore. You braced yourself, settling your wavering gaze on hers, and folded your hands in your lap expectantly.
“Tell me,” she began, her gaze piercing, “what else has occupied your mind, child?”
Your carefully constructed cheery façade failed to fool her, it seemed. You furrowed your brow in contemplation as your mind began racing. Did she know about the shadow haunting the penumbra of your woods?  If so, she would surely put a stop to his visits, and as much as you dreaded the thought- as frightening as his presence may be, any company is good company in your eyes.
As such, you weigh the consequences of granting Demeter the truth. You are well aware of her brother, Helios, and his all-seeing eyes. It was him, after all, who informed Mother of the darling Nymph Eurydice and her husband- what was his name? Orpheus?- which lead her to send a viper after her, putting a swift end to her visits. You considered divulging the information you had to offer, but indecision wracked your reeling mind, and you could scarcely open your mouth to answer her before she made your decision for you.
With a low hum, she rested her chin on her hand, supported by a propped elbow with a sense of casualness that only you could have the privilege to witness, and pulled you out of your thoughts.
“You are lonely, aren’t you, dear?” she muttered wistfully, her eyebrows pulled together in a gentle expression of worry. Your eyebrows shot up, folded hands unfurling in surprise, and you cocked your head to the side.
“Mother, that should come as no surprise- you know full well how lonely I am.”
She nodded, eyes slipping shut momentarily, before continuing. “Of course, I’m aware, Kore. That much has never changed.” Her eyes drifted back open and her gaze returned to yours, unwavering as ever. “But something must have happened,  dearest. Something to upset you, to scare you, to…” she waved her hand in the air idly, and let it drop to the table with a discontent huff. Pausing for a moment to collect her thoughts, she brought an apple to your attention. Its shiny surface reflected the gentle amber glow of the nearby candles dully as you studied it, confusion clouding your thoughts.
“This, dear, is not your best work.” She set it back on the table and directed your attention to a head of lettuce. “Neither is this.” She leaned back in her chair and, in a broad sweeping motion, gestured to the contents of your little feast. “None of this is your best work.” She crossed her arms loosely, eyeing you in a way that felt like she was picking you apart, and raised an eyebrow. “Why don’t you explain yourself?”
You felt heat rise to your cheeks at her pointed criticism. Did she find your apples sour, or your lettuce bitter? Did pride not blossom in her chest as it might have in prior seasons? Frankly affronted by her words, you mimicked her body language and crossed your arms over your chest stubbornly.
“I’m not sure what you mean, mother.” You pouted ever so slightly, careful to downplay your genuine frustrations, ever vigilant of her temperamental nature. “I’ve been hard at work, day after day, just like always.”
She nodded to herself, almost distractedly. “Yes, my dearest, that much is clear to me. However,” she chirped, and you braced yourself for her inevitable lecture, “your foul moods effect those beyond the fringe of your glade, you know.”
You groaned loudly and slung your head back, followed by a carefully placed forearm which you masterfully crashed across your eyes, and wilted into your chair. “Mother!” you wailed, deep in feigned agony. “I know, I know!”
Demeter sharply sucked in a breath and jolted back, fully offended by your childish display. “Tut-tut, child, who raised you to act in such a way!?” She stood briskly and marched her way across the table, a jovial spring in her step as she fell knowingly into your usual lecture-avoidant trap.
You brought your free hand to your mouth, trying (and, to Mother’s delight, entirely failing) to muffle your giggles as Demeter descended upon you. She grasped your shoulders playfully, bending down to scold you, full of the warmest mirth and affection, allowing you to deflect the incoming storm.
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I answer @ditzylildyke ‘s :
50 Actually Interesting NSFW questions! 💞
(because none of y’all asked but I wanna answer these so deal with it 😤)
All credits go to OP, I just really liked these and wanted to answer them without waiting to be asked 🤧
Don’t reblog if you’re cishet or republican lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1. If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would your sex toy collection look like?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just to give you an idea ;)
2. If your body was indestructible, what things would you do?
I desperately want a group of wlw to violently gangbang me 🥵 use me however, position me to your liking, and stuff my pretty holes with anything and everything until I’m passed out because I can’t take it anymore 🥺💗
3. What kinks do you like in theory, but not in practice?
Ddlg and slave/master type kinks. Like in theory I LOVE the idea of a pretty wlw owning me, but for it to go beyond just that instance in the bedroom sounds irritating to me 😭 I’m just deeply independent and hate being told what to do, and I’m also mentally unstable so I genuinely can’t see myself dedicating myself to someone like that 24/7 😔 you guys keep doing you though <3
4. What’s your favorite physical sensation?
Soft subtle touches that are barely there, especially around the neck area or down my arms/thighs 🥵🥺💘
5. Have you ever gotten off to a TV show or movie?
Not really, I don’t really watch any shows that turn me on
6. What kinks do you wish you liked more?
Slavery & Ddlg, it looks so hot in practice but I’ve honestly tried to like it but it’s so TIRING AND ANNOYING UGHHHH I hate that I don’t enjoy it sorry y’all 😭😭😭
7. Do you like candles or incense during sex? If so, what scents?
I love the idea of it, it sounds so romantic and gorgeous 🥺💘 I’m a sucker for classic smells like vanilla, rose, and other cliche fragrances
8. What would be the gender-makeup of your dream threesome?
Idc what gender identity they have tbh but I personally would only feel comfortable with people who have female presenting parts because that’s my preference and I don’t personally get off to other parts in my own sexual pleasure 😌 that said all gender identities are valid regardless of how they present or what body parts they have or don’t, I love you all and keep being awesome 💗
9. Would you want a FWB? Why or why not?
GOD YES 😩🤧 I want a fwb so bad but I haven’t been able to get one where I’m at and I suck at texting so online ones don’t go great 😔🥲
10. Do you enjoy taking/sending nudes?
Taking? Hell yeah 😌💅🏼 Sending? Ehh...
11. Would you have sex with a drag queen?
Hell yeah
12. Would you be a stripper and/or visit a strip club?
In theory I’d love to be a stripper, however the idea of having cishet men perceive me and receive joy from it ? 🤢🤮🤮 it’s different online because I just block the creepy ones, but irl I think not 😷 I’d love to visit a lesbian strip club if that’s a thing though 😌💅🏼
13. If other people weren’t an issue, what public place would you want to fuck?
My top places that come to mind are in a school/work setting where you just fuck me over a desk while I try to pay attention and not cum as you pound me 🥴 but also on like public transport and having to deal with it as you fondle me??? 🥵🥵🥵 sounds like heaven
14. What would you change about your sex life?
Well I want one for starters,, SKKDFKKDLSLS—
15. How fast do you cum? What’s your record?
I’ve never cum 😔 I usually just edge myself because when I get close I get loud and I currently still (unfortunately) live with my family that’s religious & old fashioned so they can’t have any clue what I get up to in my room 🥲😅 also I don’t own any toys because of this situation so the best I’ve got are my fingers and a hairbrush 🥴
16. Would you ever go to a Kink convention?
I’d go but Lowkey I think I’d be a little intimidated 💀💀💀
17. Do you consider yourself part of the BDSM community?
I deeply admire the bdsm community but I don’t think I’d consider myself apart of it? I’m hella kinky but what y’all get up to in there doesn’t compare to what messed up things I think of LMAO 😭😭😭
18. What’s your safeword? Have you ever used it?
Don’t have one & have never had to use one
19. Whats your favorite type of porn? (Gifs, videos, audios, animated, erotica, etc)
A little bit of everything, namely videos, gifs, and erotica 😌💅🏼💓
20. If you could have sex on any drug with no repercussions, what would it be?
This is probably my most fucked up kink but I wanna get high beyond all reason until I’m only vaguely conscious, but unable to fight or do anything for myself and then let my partner do whatever they want to me 😋💓 I’d have them record it too so I can watch myself fully aware of everything that next day ☺️💘
21. Would you fuck any of your exes?
22. Favorite after-sex food?
Don’t have one, didn’t realize this was a thing 😂
23. What’s your favorite room in the house to fuck?
The idea of getting fucked on a kitchen counter? Elite 🤤
24. What was your first kink?
R*pe kinks because before I realized I was a lesbian I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy sex with a man unless I was in pain to kinda ignore the sensation? But also specifically women who r*ped other women because I WISHED I could have sex with girls, I just didn’t know I could so I’d watch those videos where lesbian “seduce” straight girls and think I wouldn’t mind if that happened & that I could explain it off as against my will even though I secretly really enjoyed it (thank god I realized lol also sorry for the semi-tragic backstory there)
25. Do you like being scratched/scratching your partner?
I have long nails for a reason yk? 😈
26. How much pain do you like during sex?
I think on a scale of 1-10 I’d cap my pain tolerance at a 7, maybe an 8 on a really good day 😂
27. How long can you keep a sexting convo going?
If I could find someone decent to sext with I’d do it as often as I text my best friend 🥴 but people hella suck at sexting so I actually hate it 😤😭😭 either they wanna skip straight to sending nudes & put bare minimum (if that) effort into the actual conversation, or they literally never responded/only care about making themselves feel good and then fuck off once they’re done 🙄 y’all don’t deserve the privilege to sext me
28. What’s your favorite sex story to tell?
I’m a big old virgin 🤪 sorry 😭
29. On a scale of 1-10, how kinky would you say you are and why?
Definitely a 10, I get turned on easy and am always dtf 🤤💘 the second I move out this house and get to be my true kinky self, it’s over for you bitches 🤪🥴💓
30. Have you ever cried during and/or after sex?
31. Do you like to dress slutty in public?
It’s not my style 🤷🏻‍♀️ I actually dress completely different irl than you’d expect me to based on my tumblr lol
32. What’s your favorite thing to do to someone else?
Teasing 🥴💓 subtle teasing where you can’t tell if I’m just being nice or there’s something more. A little touch here, brush against you there, and it goes on and on until I’ve driven you so far up the wall you’re one smile away from snapping and railing me into next week 🤪
33. Are you into temp play, and if so, do you prefer cold or hot? (ice or candle wax, etc?)
I like the idea of temp play with ice but I think I’d be too nervous to use candle wax 😅😭
34. What would you consider taboo? And what would you say is your most taboo kink?
I still have a bit of a r*pe kink but only directed at other wlw, also important message :
I’m taking the word taboo as “messed up but still legal” because anybody who ACTUALLY gets off to r*pe, p*dophilia, inc*st, or basically any situation where one or more parties cannot consent is disgusting and you deserve the death penalty 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s one thing to have a kink & do roleplay or something with A FELLOW CONSENTING ADULT, it’s entirely a different thing to do anything with someone who legally or physically cannot and does not consent to you.
35. What’s the highest age you would sleep with?
Someone please find me a hot milf in my area 🥵🤤💓 (probably up to someone in their 40-50’s)
36. Do you like cucking? In either position?
Absolutely I do ☺️💓
37. Could you get off on your own porn/nudes?
I think I’m hot but I don’t think I can jack off to my own nudes lmao
38. Do you have any unpopular opinions about sex or kink?
Y’all need to learn the difference between a kink you can Roleplay or do with a consenting adult and what’s straight up disgusting and not only illegal, but also immoral. Also just because someone is into super vanilla sex doesn’t make them “boring” or a “prude,” and you’re no better just because you’re into some fucked up shit. People have preferences and as long as you’re not hurting anyone or breaking any laws, mind your damn business and let people enjoy what they like.
39. What’s your daily orgasm record?
Never have orgasmed but I have gone days where I’m just constantly horny and edging myself 🤤💗
40. Can you have sex when you’re sick?
Nope. Sorry I get cranky and sleepy, please do not touch me when I’m sick or I will cough on you.
41. What’s your least favorite thing about sex?
The ✨ vulnerability ✨ . Do I want you to rearrange my guts and fuck me until I pass out? Yupp. Do I want you to perceive me or any of my insecurities in any way, shape, or form? Absolutely not.
42. Do your friends know about your kinks/sex life?
43. In your opinion, what kinks are overhyped?
Slave/ddlg/dom-sub relations that go beyond the bedroom and/or home life. I think maybe I personally don’t understand the appeal, but I feel like it just sounds like a chore or hassle to have to live like that all day? Idk, it’s super popular but I don’t really get it (no hate to y’all ofc, it’s nothing against you it’s just my personal taste!!!)
44. In your opinion, what sex toys are overhyped?
Slskdjdksks maybe I’m just a coward but things like nipple weights or clamps, idk they look painful but not in a sexy way to me 😭
45. What would your dream porn/erotica consist of?
Lesbian orgy where they have me as the entertainment and use me however they want all night, passing me around to do whatever they want just for their pleasure 🤤
46. What is your favorite way to tease and/or be teased?
I can’t think of one off the bat? Sorry
47. Bra or no bra?
Bras are evil unless they’re cute and being used for pictures or sex only 😤
48. Do you like being naked during sex? What about causally?
I feel like the idea of being still dressed or half dressed during sex sounds like 1000000x more sexy to me than being naked and idk why 🥵 like damn okay, you wanted me so bad you didn’t even wait for me to take off my panties? Go off 😩😩😩 but also sleeping naked/in just panties and nothing else is awesome and I stand by that
49. What is your favorite thing to hear during sex?
I have both a praise and degradation kink so throw in a nice mix of both and I will absolutely come undone 🥴🥵
50. Answer any number that you want to!
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misfitneo · a year ago
the ten [10] things i hate about you
Tumblr media
pairing | lee donghyuck (haechan) x reader
genre | fluff, sprinkle of angst, suggestive content
words | 2.8k
author’s note | hi, i suck at making headers,,,,
hey haechan, it’s your birthday so i thought you’d like to know a list of ten things you do that piss me off!
i. how you never let me sleep peacefully.
"what?" your voice comes out more brutish than intended, probably because it's three AM and this is the third time hyuck interrupts your beauty sleep.
"i think i might be falling in love with you."
silence settles in the room as you take in his words, now wide awake and with a furiously thumping heart beating in your throat. you're suddenly glad that the lights are off and the curtains are drawn because, if this is just a joke, you'd surely get teased to death over the blood rushing to your cheeks.
"hyuck, it's 3AM, you're not thinking straight, go to sleep." you feel him shuffle beside you, propping up on one elbow before reaching for the duvet you fist so passionately with your hands.
he pulls it down so you can no longer hide, and smiles briefly at how wide your eyes are, unable to contain the shock from a random midnight confession.
"i mean it." it's possibly the first time you've seen hyuck be so serious about something. even though there's still a hint of a smile in his face, his voice is low, reassuring, he's telling the truth.
"hyuck, i..." and at that exact moment, his heart drops. he's not sure what he expected, after all you two have a really good friendship going, maybe that's all it was. "i think i'm falling in love too."
did he just... hear correctly?
"with me, right? you're saying that about me right, because it's kind of vague without-"
"yes, idiot, you." you cover your face with your hands, hiding away from sight so he can't see how flustered you've become, but he tugs them apart, wide smile growing in his features.
"say it."
"pretty please?" you sigh. it's truly a lost cause.
"i think i'm falling in love with you too."
ii. the fact that you never let me win a game;
“y/n, where are you?” your boyfriend’s voice sounds from your right side, prompting you to take cautious steps in his direction, laser gun secure in your grasp, ready to fire at any moment.
“you must think i’m too dumb to know how this works!” you huff out, rolling your eyes at the way his laugh echoes through the place, although you have to bite your lip to stop the smile from growing.
the bet you made replays in your mind again and again and again as a sweet reminder that you cannot lose this game. honestly, what was the point of agreeing that the loser has to pay for the next 3 dates when he is literally loaded and you can barely afford 2 ice cream scoops from those shady corner shops?
although the whole point of reminding yourself of what’s at stake was to concentrate on shooting donghyuck right through the chest, it just ends up being the biggest distraction on all.
he corners you when you least expect it, one hand on your waist, the other pressing the toy gun against the wall as his breaths fan the side of your neck.
“found you.” he whispers, amused smirk growing when you whine and try to push him away.
“hyuck, there’s literally cameras in here.” your complaints are to no avail, if anything they just fuel his ego even more and, before you know it, his lips are mere centimetres away from yours.
“i know.”
he’s pressing his lips to yours, feeling you kiss back despite all the cute arguing, and pressing you further into the wall. his tongue grazes your bottom lip and, though you shake your head, enters your mouth, lightly touching yours. he pulls away breathing heavily, much like yourself, and presses a chaste kiss to your forehead.
you two stay like that a while, feeling the warmth radiating from each other’s body. once again, your mind is too busy wondering to react once he pulls away and shoots you square in the chest.
“i won!”
iii. when you lie;
“hyuck, you should rest, seriously. you’re having 3 comebacks in the span of 2 months, it’s not gonna kill you to take a day off.”
donghyuck looks at you, plopping down on the bed tiredly as if there’s a massive weight on his shoulders.
everyday is the same thing: he comes home at 2AM, leaves at 9AM and smiles at you when you complain about his schedule, completely missing the point.
“i’m fine, just come cuddle me.”
as a matter of fact, he’s not fine. he’s exhausted from moving around constantly, frustrated when he gets the choreo wrong or his voice sounds weaker than it should, and he can deny it again and again, but you can see right through him.
“well, since i knew how you’d react, i’ve already called the managers and they said you don’t have to go in tomorrow.” you claim and sit beside him, and it’d be a lie if you said you weren’t nervous to see his reaction.
“what, why would you do that?” it’s clear that he wants to sounds angry, but his eyes barely open, he’s too tired for this.
“i mean, look at you! you can’t even argue back.”
he sighs because you’re right, the energy has drained from his body and it’s not like he wants to fight with you anyway.
“just...” he’s clearly given up, opening his arms as an invitation for you to lie on his chest - after such a tiring day, there’s nothing he wants more. “just cuddle me already.”
you scoff and do as he says, feeling his warmth envelop you beneath the blankets.
iv. and how you know exactly when i’m lying;
“y/n, just tell me what’s wrong.” he pleads for the third, fourth, fifth time today, but you don’t seem to be backing down.
“haechan, just drop it, i told you i’m fine.”
“i know that ‘fine’ never actually means ‘fine’, y/n...” he sighs, looking at you who is across the room, entertaining yourself with cleaning up the mess on his desk. “is it me, someone else, work... life?”
you can’t stop the wave that hits you when he says that. it’s almost automatic how the tears start falling from your eyes, shoulders shaking, and you’re sure you can’t say anything back - your voice would fail you.
donghyuck gets up from his bed and turns you to him, sighing when he sees you sob and pulling you tight into his chest. he’s relieved, in a way. he hates it when you bottle everything up.
“it’s j-just-” your broken voice tugs at his heartstrings, hand soothing through your hair in an attempt to calm you down as his arms tighten around you. it’s like he’s holding you together as you fall apart. “s-so hard sometimes.”
“i know.” he doesn’t once tell you to stop. he listens and drags you to bed and listens again until you fall asleep in his hold.
he hates seeing you like this, but he hates it more when you lie to him about it.
v. the way you act with kids (because it makes me think of a future with you);
“i saw the way you were looking at me throughout the interview.” hyuck suddenly says as you’re making your way back to the dorms with him, looking at you with his usual teasing, amused smile.
“yeah, and what way was that?” your lips press together and you can’t bring yourself to look up at him, who’s sitting beside you in the car.
“the way that says ‘damn, i really wanna fuck him and have ki-”
“haechan, shut up, oh my god.” you slap your hands over his mouth, flustered when the manager looks at you two suspiciously through the review mirror. “it’s not that, it’s just...”
“just?” he encourages, voice still muffled by your palm.
“w-what you said about not being able to live the full school experience because of debut.” he looks at you knowingly and the mood falls for a second. you’ve talked about it before so it’s not that unexpected, but you can’t help but feel for him. “...and how good you’d be at giving advice to our kids.”
the words roll out of your tongue almost too quickly for donghyuck to process - almost. he’s throwing his body over yours, tickling your sides and having a hard time containing his smile. “is that so?”
“don’t make me say it again.”
he doesn’t need to hear it again to know he wants to build a future with you, and the thought alone makes his hear beat faster.
vi. how you hug me when we argue;
“are you even listening to me, haechan?”
as a matter of fact, he’s not. he hears your voice in the background, right beneath the sound of his game through the headset, and he knows you’re angry. this the way he runs from confrontation, ignoring you when it gets too much.
“you’re so childish.”
you don’t even remember how this started. you’re both tired and on the edge and neither of you wanted to argue but it somehow happened anyway.
you plop your head down on your hands, the ache subsiding ever so slightly before the sound of shuffling echos through the room. donghyuck has decided that it’s gone too far, and he was definitely to blame for that, it hurts to see you like this.
and so, he’s pulling your into his hold, squeezing a little tighter when you struggle against him.
“haechan, let go, i’m trying to be mad at you.” your words contradict your actions as you soften in his hold, feeling him bury his head against your neck comfortably, kissing the skin from time to time.
“i’m sorry.” he sighs.
the way he deals with these kinds of situations, by shutting down, is wrong and he’s aware of that, but it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt you with his words. he can be quite unforgiving towards other people, he doesn’t want it to be the same with you.
“i hate it when you do that.”
“i’m sorry.” he repeats, and he’ll say it again and again until everything goes back to normal between you.
“i love you.” you say, knowing fully well he’s beating himself up. whatever the petty fight was about vanished from your mind the second his arms engulfed you.
“i love you too... so much.”
vii. your dumb jokes;
“come on, we’re gonna be late y/n!” he shouts from his place by the front door, looking at his watch once again before walking up to the stairs.
“i’m coming, i’m coming.” well... not exactly, but that’s probably more reassuring than saying ‘i’ve been struggling to put my shoes on for a good 2 minutes now’.
you hear him whine exaggeratedly, and that’s your cue to scramble out of the room and straight down the stairs. of course that the ‘weird shoes’ and ‘running down the stairs’ combination ends in disaster and has you loosing your balance.
if not for haechan’s quick reflexes, you would’ve ended up with a broken ankle and bruises for days.
“i think you just...” he starts, his growing smile confusing you. i could’ve died, why are you smiling, lee donghyuck? “...fell for me.”
silence, filled with sheer disappointment, settles between you.
“put me down.”
viii. and your (even dumber) insecurities;
“i don’t see what’s wrong with it.” you state, focusing on the fancam your boyfriend is showing you. you’ve seen the same part about 5 times now, since he keeps replaying it and telling you to watch again, and his frustration only grows at that.
“look. my mic kept falling and then the mic pack fell, which made me miss the whole first part of the chorus.” he rants, closing his eyes out of pure embarrassment. not only did his mistake get posted online, it also has 50k+ views.
“yeah and what about it?” he looks at you incredulously as if it’s you who’s in the wrong and he has to explain it slowly like speaking to a toddler. “the mic kept falling but you still kept trying to sing and, honestly hyuck, what were you supposed to do when the mic pack fell? whip it around?”
you do have a point, it’s just that donghyuck is so deep into self-hatred he always seems to find something else to pick on.
“also, my stage presence was crap, i don’t know why i was so out of it.” he mumbles.
“haechan, i-” it baffles you. how can someone so talented, so loved, say such thing about themselves? how will he ever deep the fact that his definition of disappointment is so different from everybody else’s? “have you read the comments yet?”
he shakes his head, almost panicked at the thought. he knows, for a fact, that the comment section is something he should never look at.
“alright.” you sigh and click on it, much to his displeasure. “‘i’ll never shut up about how talented haechan is’, ‘can’t spell haechan without ace’, hyuck there’s literally nothing about your ‘mistake’.”
he takes the phone from your hand and scrolls through the comments himself, and when he hits the bottom, he’s surprised to see you’re telling the truth.
“now will you please shut up about it and go to sleep...”
ix. how you can’t go a day without embarrassing me in front of your friends;
“guys are you gonna come out or not?” johnny shouts on the other side of the door - his room’s door, to be precise - that had been locked shut for a good 20 minutes now. not that he minds that, though, he’s just tired of waiting.
it’s haechan’s birthday and doyoung offered to pay for the dinner party (well actually, he lost a bet) so he’s confused as to why in hell you’re taking this long when it’s literally a free ride. maybe not confused, more like annoyed instead.
and after he hears some mumbling and shuffling and ‘haechan stop’ a few times, the door is finally unlocked, revealing you, with disheveled hair and reddened lips, looking apologetic.
“sorry johnny, i lost track of time doing... stuff.”
as if on cue, donghyuck comes up behind you and smiles innocently at his roommate, hair and attire just as much of a mess as yours.
“i’m stuff.”
johnny didn’t know what you were trying to hide at this point but it was amusing to see, nonetheless. he sighs, shaking his head at the two of you, and walks away, which in turn prompts you to slam your heel on your boyfriend’s foot.
“ah! what was that for?” he whines.
“for making us late.”
x. and although you do these 9 things that annoy me to death, the one thing i hate the most is when you’re not here to do them.
your ringtone echoes loudly through the room, stirring you awake (as if you ever even fell asleep in the first place). haechan's name on the screen warms your heart but, before you can answer, you force yourself out of bed and turn on the light, running your hands through the mess that is your hair in an attempt to look somewhat presentable.
"hi baby!" he drags out the last syllable and the smile that beams through the screen is swiftly replaced by a frown. "fuck, i didn't check what time it is over there. i didn't wake you up, did i?"
worry drips from his voice through the speaker and you see him trying to calculate the time difference, but you're quick to comfort him.
"don't worry, i couldn't sleep anyway." you try not to sound too sad but donghyuck is your boyfriend, he knows the look you have when something bothers you and how your voice wavers when you talk.
"y/n..." you wish he'd just drop the subject and tell you about your day, but that's not how it works between you two. "are you still having trouble sleeping?"
you can‘t even bring yourself to lie to him at this point.
he sighs, heart aching at your state. "it won't be like this forever, y/n, i promise. plus, you still have two dates left to pay for, remember?"
"how could i forget when you can't literally go a day without reminding me..." you scoff but seeing that hushed smile is enough for him, though he wishes it'd be wider.
"how about i sing you to sleep?"
now that is a deal you could never refuse.
"i'd love that." your voice is barely above a whisper but just clear enough for hyuck’s tummy erupt with butterflies, the feeling you gave him he loved the most.
“go turn the light off, come on.”
you do as he says and plop back on the bed, letting his voice lull you to sleep and, though you’re thousands of miles away, if feels like he’s right there, holding you in his embrace.
love, y/n ♥︎
ps. don’t make this list grow c:
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glaciesdraco · 8 months ago
Shizuo trying to get Izaya's attention while he's working. He tries kissing his neck, poking his side and Izaya keeps shooing him away. So he just ends up sitting on the floor next to him and rests his head on his lap.
Stephhhhh I love youuuuuuu have some of my nonsense!! And some sick fic. :3
“Give me a minute.” Relentless typing on keys for the next thirty seconds. It was maddening. There was no way he was typing that much. 
“OY!” Shizuo complained again. He peeked over the arm of the couch at Izaya again. Though he couldn’t see the other’s face, he knew he was scowling. Even though he was aware Izaya wasn’t happy about having to work- or so he claimed- Shizuo still felt a bit of indignation at not having his eyes met. 
“Shizu-chan, just one hour. Can you give me that? Just one hour and I’ll be done?”
“Ugh. I guess!” Shizuo huffed, throwing himself back down on the couch facing the other direction. He laid a hand across the back of his burning neck. Inside, he wondered if his body was boiling. “I don’t feel good.” he muttered.
Izaya sighed. “I know you don’t.” He rolled over to glance at him from the side of his computer. “Why don’t you drink the tea I made? Wouldn’t it be nice if that could soothe you just for a minute...”
He said the other bit mostly to himself, eyes squinted and mouth twisted in an annoyed frown. Shizuo shot him a glare. 
“As if!” he snapped, sending an offended glance at the tea cup sitting in its dish on the table beside me. “You gave me the nasty tea. Did you even add any honey to it?”
“We don’t have any honey. I need to go to the store.”
Shizuo huffed some more. “Since when do you not have your shit together when it comes to your teas?” he asked. “Are you just trying to make life more miserable for me?”
Izaya sighed exasperatedly. “You’re going to be annoying like this all day, aren’t you?”
“No worse than you when you’re sick.”
Izaya was scowling at him whenever he looked, which only sent a mild sense of childish satisfaction to his chest. He knew Izaya had to work, but it didn’t mean he had to be happy about it. Finally, Shizuo was the one to break.
“Just hurry up and come take care of me. It sucks not being able to at least have you teasing me.”
Izaya’s face was unreadable, but the glint in his eye said he was likely amused. “Yeah yeah, I’m getting to it.”
Izaya had been hired by a group of investigators to assist in tracking down a serial killer that had been popping up on social media as of late. They always popped up with a new handle, and location or whatever the fuck, so they hadn’t been able to collect anything concrete on the guy’s movements or habits. Izaya, who was a master at memorizing patterns people took when in social environments because he was a freak, was meant to find a group of suspects on the websites that the killer had recently visited. It was a typical Izaya bullshit job. Shizuo knew he was good at it, and it was probably pretty cool that he could identify people based on their speech patterns and social media habits alone, but honestly Shizuo didn’t get why Izaya wasted his talents by letting private investigators use him as a resource when he himself should have been the P.I. Not that Shizuo really wanted Izaya to be one of those either.
One thing that was different about this job than others was how underwhelmed Izaya seemed by it. Usually he would be tormenting Shizuo with all the obnoxious details, but today he seemed just as antsy and frustrated as Shizuo felt. 
“Fuck,” Izaya muttered from behind the screen. Then just a minute or so later, muttered “fuck” again. 
Shizuo sat up, rubbing at his head. Was Izaya making bad progress? Was it going to take even longer now? 
“Not like you to get so pissed off about a job,” he remarked. “Figures you’d only be bad at it whenever I ask you for something.”
He was being petty. He knew he was. In fact, he purposefully diverted his eye contact from Izaya’s desk after saying his petty thing. If record held up, Shizuo making a little jab like that would never fully puncture that ego. 
To his surprise though, Izaya’s chair made a rolling sound and the other’s soft footsteps could be heard stomping across the carpet. He walked past the couch and up the steps to their bedroom on the second floor. Shizuo could barely make out his silhouette as he was tucked against the couch. He was gone for maybe a minute or two. Had Shizuo genuinely pissed him off? Just as he was considering trudging up the stairs in full pouty fashion, Izaya came back down and stomped back over to him. 
“Here,” Izaya said a little forcefully, but when his finger brushed across Shizuo’s lip it was so gentle. A strange paste was then gently smeared over his top lip. He wrinkled his nose in disgust. “That should help with some of the head clogging for your monster brain.” 
His eyes were unreadable, his face a mask of contemplation. It made Shizuo jealous to think that Izaya was so focused on this job that he didn’t have any interest in taking care of Shizuo. It was so rare that the other got sick- didn’t Izaya value getting to take care of him every once in a while? Not that Izaya didn’t care for him in his own sardonic, misdirected ways, but… 
Shizuo grabbed his hand as he started walking away.
“Aren’t you the one always monopolizing my attention?” he asked. “So what, am I not interesting enough today?”
Izaya stared at him for a second, before his face broke out into a hateful smirk. “You really have the patience of a little kid with a fishing rod, huh?”
“As if you’d be as valuable as catching a fish.” Shizuo said snappishly sitting up. They glared at each other for a moment longer before he finally let Izaya go. Izaya sighed, petting him on the head once, a modicum of his true feelings appearing on his face for just an instant, before walking away. Shizuo watched him out of the corner of his eye, mostly because he was turned at the wrong angle to turn and watch him. He laid back down on his back thoughtfully. The slime on his nose smelled nice, and his headache lessened the more he breathed in through his nose. 
The typing resumed. This time the speed at which Izaya’s fingers were moving was unreal. There was no way legitimate Japanese speech was coming out of those keys. Was Izaya having a tantrum? He tried to be quiet and let Izaya work but his jealousy still jabbed at him uselessly. He rolled onto his stomach and looked back over the couch.
The typing ceased. “Yes?”
“Quit working and come lay down with me. I don’t feel good and I want to be coddled.”
Izaya was silent for thirty seconds. He leaned over the side of his computer, staring at Shizuo with a strange frown. Shizuo glared back at him, trying not to let the fact that he felt like an entitled inconsiderate ass. Izaya met his eye and his emotion was difficult to read. Annoyance? Frustration? For some reason he felt like Izaya felt a bit tempted to do just what Shizuo asked. Then his face bloomed into an arrogant smirk.
“Ah, how difficult it is to say no to that stupid face of yours, Shizu-chan.” he said, returning to his work.
Shizuo scowled. “Fuck you. I’m not asking again.”
“Oh how scary. What, you gonna break up with me?”
“Yep.” Shizuo said, leaning his chin on his arm on the arm of the couch so he could glare at Izaya better, “I should have broken up with you a long time ago. You’re the worst and I hate you.”
The delight in Izaya’s voice when he responded behind his computer screen made Shizuo roll his eyes, “Ah what a shame. Feel free to limp out of here then.”
Shizuo huffed again. Izaya continued working. 
It was pitiful really. How often they both did the opposite of what they wanted. They would both be so much happier if they were both just honest about the way they felt. Shizuo knew that just because he decided to be honest for once didn’t necessarily mean that Izaya would be, and who could blame him? Shizuo deflected Izaya’s affection all the time. However, sickness dragged out a certain side of Shizuo that he didn’t mind getting to see in himself from time to time. He scooted to the edge of the couch before rolling off it completely on all fours, which inevitably made a sound.
“What are you doing?” Izaya asked, “Are you actually leaving?”
Shizuo crawled over towards Izaya’s desk subtly. Izaya watched him the whole time, eyes looking dubious. He probably thought Shizuo was getting closer so he could pick up his chair and throw him.
Maybe he would. 
He stopped behind Izaya’s chair, where he finally sat up on his knees. He was sure he looked absurd and Izaya’s death glare was giving him more than enough evidence to prove that. However he didn’t care as he reached over and grabbed at Izaya’s pants leg.
Immediately he was hit with the other’s foot, albeit gently as it tried to push him away. Shizuo kept pulling him anyway, and the other’s chair slid out from under his desk. Izaya made a little yelp, but surprisingly he did not fall out of his chair and instead just turned enough that Shizuo could get a better look at him. There they were, staring and scowling respectively. Izaya had that little glint again, like he might be pleased but wasn’t acting like it, and Shizuo with his assessing look. He leaned up, straining his knees and kissing Izaya on the chin.
“You’re annoying.” Izaya told him. 
“I’m sick.”
“I know. You won’t let me finish working so I can take care of you.”
“Take care of me now. You can help serial killers later.”
Izaya laughed softly, smiling bitterly at him. “I wish that was what I was doing.”
“Why, cause then you’d be good at it?”
Izaya grabbed him by the chin, squeezing his cheeks with a maniacal grin on his face. “Oh you think I’m so bad at my job? Well I’ve always been pretty good at stabbing you while you’re down!”
The next instant, Izaya threw himself out of the chair and onto the floor on top of him to mess with Shizuo in various ways like messing up his hair or swiping at his chest.They ended up laying on the floor side by side after they were done playfighting.
“This is making my head hurt.” Shizuo complained. Izaya was looking at him with a smile.
“Why don’t you sit up then.”
“Cause then I’ll have to be sitting up and that’s no good.”
Izaya sighed, sitting up himself. “Fine then,” he said with a grunt, getting to his feet, “You can lay on my lap while I finish this compiled file of information.”
“Oh so you are making progress? Guess you’re not useless after all.”
“You just think you’re so cute, don’t you?”
Shizuo didn’t look amused at all, meeting Izaya’s nasty smile at being teased. Still he accepted the other’s offer to lean in his lap while he worked. Shizuo poked at his sides and bit him once or twice, but Izaya didn’t give much reaction besides jumping and sending him nasty looks. He even seem contented by this new arrangement, a genuine smile blooming on his face. When he seemed to be finishing up, he removed one of his hands from the keyboard to gently pet Shizuo on the head. 
“Alright,” Izaya sighed, “I’m finally done, Shizu-chan we can move to the couch now.”
Shizuo didn’t answer. When Izaya looked closer he realized the other had fallen asleep like that. Shizuo was so unused to feeling so sluggish and sore from any kind of bodily reaction, he probably used up all the energy he had begging for Izaya’s attention. Oh how badly Izaya had wanted to give it too.
He smiled though, running fingers through those blonde locks. Sometimes it felt like Shizuo knew just what to do to get the perfect result. He leaned back in his chair, chuckling slightly. 
“Maybe you’re right, Shizu-chan. I am bad at my job.”
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romanticdrift · 9 months ago
What Would Happen if VMin Were Real?
I’ve actually been prepping this post for awhile, but there’s been some interesting discussions about Vmin being different, quiet, etc—to be honest, I’m just not sure I have the right context to have a real opinion, without knowing what’s in the pipeline for 2021 for BTS as a whole, or Tae & Jimin specifically. This seems like a 2017 situation, where we’ll only know (kind of, not all the details, but some) in hindsight. All I'm sure of is that their relationship itself is still solid (Tae looks happy, Jimin looks happy, there can't have been a great rupture if they're still complimenting each other on Run/BB/social media, and of course, soulmates & 95z=love is a forever sort-of promise).
Instead, I thought it’d be helpful to take the long-view, and consider what’s really at stake here, if Vmin were real, and how it might shape our current thinking about them. 
This is inspired by two asks:  
From @archishalovesvmin—I hope you are good. you know, where i stay, i can't even tell my mom about vmin being my ship! Just becuz they are both boys :( So, IF. IF vmin (or any other bts ship?) turns out to be real, and it's public, then what would happen?? bts would get 100% more hate becuz of stupid homophobes :( the world is still so cruel towards LGBTQ+, idk. I am just really scared abt it. Sorry it's a really depressing Q, but i had to get it outta my head. I love your posts<3
From anon: I'm a closeted bisexual woman, and I have mixed feelings about the idea of vmin being romantic and us talking about the possibility because what gives me and them (if real) freedom is hiding behind heteronormativity. By challenging it, we're doing something morally right for societal progress, but potentially harmful to individuals who hide behind the shield of heteronormativity even if they hate it. But I think it's so important to not bro-zone them either because we don't know. I'm conflicted!
I actually have a pretty distinct vision of how things would go if any ships were real within BTS, and it shapes how I feel about the potential “safety” of heteronormative lens. I’m going to imagine if it were VMin here, because 1) I find them by far the most likely of all the ships to be real; and 2) there are certain aspects of this that are personality-dependent, and it’s easier to discuss in specifics. But broadly speaking the “strategy” would be the same, regardless of who the couple is. 
To frame this discussion, first, this is fully in “delulu land”. I'm starting with the assumption vmin is real, in order to see where it takes us and what logical strategy emerges. And second, I’m not in the K-media industry or PR/media broadly, though I sometimes work with cultural companies. So professionals might have a different (more accurate probably haha) view of things - this is just based on what I surmise about how things work.
1. Pre- & during military enlistment: personal matters will be kept on strict lockdown. No one will be “outed” or “come out.” 
2. Post-military enlistment: there may be more experimentation and pushing of boundaries around relationships & sexuality, both in terms of music/art and in terms of their personal behavior. We inch ever closer to the idea of a glass closet. 
3. Long-term: Depending on the state of Korea and the rest of the world, as well as the couple’s personalities, there may eventually be a “coming out.” For VMin, I think that’d probably be the case. 
I hope that all makes you feel less anxious? Because if any ship is real, or - more likely - at least one member is queer, I think ultimately it'll be okay. Yes, the heteronormative protection sucks and is uncomfortable, but in some ways convenient. And it wouldn’t be forever, or something that can’t be negotiated around. I know this might sound blase (and of course it’s much easier for me to speak when I’m not the one at risk)—But a lot can change in 7-10 years, there are already tides of change in the industry, the boys have world-class teams around them, and they themselves are both resilient and not alone. As has been the case for the past 7.5 years, I truly believe they will make it through with each other, their brothers, and ARMY by their side. 
Tumblr media
[Personal notes to the asks: 
To archishalovesvmin: Thank you for the kind words <3 I’m sorry to hear that you’re not currently able to share your ship and the joy you have with it with your mom like you’d like. If it helps, my shipping—and my general fannishness towards BTS—is a pretty solitary as well. My workplace is pretty serious/corporate, and my family is also Asian conservative, so aside from one or two real-life friends, I’m pretty lowkey about being a Vminnie & ARMY outside this blog. But I’ve had so much fun chatting and making friends here, and I hope you can also develop similar friendships/community too so it feels less isolating!! (and of course feel free to DM me if you’re over 18 (as I’m in mid-20s), I’ll be happy to be your friend :D) Perhaps I’ve just been very lucky, but my friendships (from other fandoms, not just BTS) have been able to transverse the divide from online and offline super well—I truly believe in the power fandom (and art) to make us feel connected and seen. As BTS Connect posits, hahaha.
To anon: Hi-five from one bi woman to another, even if rather on the low end of the kinsey scale. The way heteronormativity helps and hurts is... all squirmy. I don’t have a good answer for you, but commiseration and virtual hug. The cheat answer is I don't think we shippers rejecting that heteronormativity will change what happens at a broad level, especially for Vmin, so I'd honestly ship away - though being old school, I'm still eager to keeo the 4th wall, though I know it's pretty well shattered by now, haha]
1. Pre- & during military enlistment 
All BTS members, as Korean citizens, will serve their mandatory military service in the near future. This of course includes Jimin & Taehyung, who as 95z would serve together. 
[A side bar on Korean military enlistment: I know there’s some speculation in fandom circles that they’ll eventually get an exemption, especially with their catastrophic rise in the past 6 months due to Dynamite. However, I’m of the pretty firm belief that they will not seek or receive exemption from military service.
I honestly can’t overstate how important military service is to Korean men, culturally. It is, essentially, the most significant coming-of-age experience for men in the country. I used to live and work in Asia, and I’ve never seen two Korean guys interact who were strangers/acquaintances and didn’t bring up their military service as a bonding strategy.
Even if the government exempted BTS—which would be quite a step, it’d have giant ripple effects throughout the entertainment industry—I don’t think the boys themselves, as Korean men who are so humble and very proudly Korean men, would take it. As Jin stated himself, Korean men all expect to serve, and in the entertainment industry, people plan around their enlistment for years. They create strategies, bank content, etc. etc. I’m positive that’s what BH is doing right now as we speak for BTS.
My hunch now, with the new law pushing back Jin’s enlistment date, is that the hyung line & the maknae line will enlist together, respectively, since this speeds up the timeline for when they can be OT7 again.
If my dates are right, say hyung line enlists end of 2022 (before Jin turns 30 in international age), this means maknae line would enlist in... 2024? And be out round late 2025/early 2026?
EDIT: Quickly noting here because I got an ask that suggested timeline wise we wouldn't see OT7 with this current contract. But in fact, their current contract ends June 2027! So if they do indeed enlist as hyung/maknae lines, this gives us about 1.5 years with them as OT7 after everyone finishes enlistment. They've expressed wanting to be together for 20+ years, so my assumption is they will renew, but that far out, who knows what everyone's plans are. I also wouldn't worry too much about if we get to keep BTS. Whatever happens, as they've said, they'll always be a family. And Vmin are "staying forever."]
Anyway, during their hyungs’ enlistment, Jimin and Tae (& JK) would have additional freedom as they explore solos/subunits activities (and if we wish really really hard maybe we’ll get a VMin subunit that solo-promotes :O). So that’ll be really fun, just look at how Taemin of Shinee has come into his own while his hyungs serve. But I absolutely don’t see the needle moving on anything in terms of their relationship and how public it is before or during enlistment. This would be for their own safety. 
If you weren’t aware, according to Amnesty International, homophobia and violence are serious issues in the Korean military. Jimin & Taehyung would probably try to have as “normal” an enlistment as possible, and we know they’re absolute angels, super hardworking, and of course their level of fame absolutely affords protection, but also additional scrutiny and risks. There’s the baseline level of risk from being so famous in the military (I don’t want to get down the rabbit hole of what happened with Gdragon, but google will fill you in on the details. During enlistment, fellow soldiers invaded his privacy; netizens, rightly or wrongly, criticized him to hell and back; various “scandals” occurred etc). Now add to that the risk of being queer, in a relationship, and being in the military at the same time (though likely not the same unit/division)... Yeah, Jimin, Tae, and their team & company would lock that down. Tight. 
Sure, they can be best friends, they can show love and care (would have to, given how authentic they are), they can even fanservice to the extent they want to, maybe even edge the borders sometimes. But they'd have to constantly monitor themselves to be on the right side of plausible deniability, negotiating the line between themselves and their real relationship (which itself must be dynamic, changing and growing) and the public and their fame (which is also very dynamic, or rather, fickle). So the right line might shift over time. For example, maybe they won’t state their care for each other so strongly after Tae releases particularly romantic music; or if snow kisses are considered just cute, maybe like the handholding they will do it more often; if they win the Grammy’s and become a whole new stratosphere of artist, maybe fanservice for all of BTS would dramatically decrease across the board, etc. You get the point. 
All that is to say, in summary: It’s a complex situation, and they’d have to adapt to protect themselves, each other, and their bandmates.   
[And if you’re thinking that Phase 1 maps quite well to what Vmin are already doing, you’re not wrong.]
Honestly, whether or not they’re in a relationship or are themselves queer, the prequel to enlistment would be much of what we already know and see. But their actual enlistment frankly, makes me nervous and even scared, a bit. This may be my prejudices showing, as I consider military institutions some of the most toxic institutions on the planet—but people drunk on power and access can be ugly. Jimin and Tae both strike me as the type to really fray at the edges in the military’s machismo culture, and I worry about their treatment and mental health during enlistment. 
But. I digress. My hope/expectation is that they’ll make it through, and if in a relationship—though we know as they’ve said they suck at long-distance—come out stronger than before. 
Okay, now that I’ve killed the mood enough, have Jimin & Tae saying gay rights in front of political power (aka the President of South Korea). 
Tumblr media
2. Post-enlistment
We get to the fun stuff!!! The positive flip side of military enlistment is that those who come back are considered by South Korean society as “grown.” If you follow K-entertainment, you’ll see this is when the media and even fans will shift how they view and interact with celebs, including idols. They get to make more “mature” content (both more socially-critical and more sexual), they get more freedom to date privately from their agencies, and—if discovered by Dispatch etc or by their own initiative—will go public with their relationship. 
Jimin & Tae along with the rest of the BTS members I am sure will take full advantage of their additional creative freedom. I mean, they were honestly quite controversial and racy in their earlier albums (*cough* Dark & Wild), and then starting with HYYH started pulling back a little—and have gone full family-style pop in the West since BwL & Dynamite (me, bitter? No, never). So I fully expect to delight in this period of time, as they go all Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar on us. I barely survived Singularity & Filter, I literally will forget how to breathe if Jimin or Taehyung ever do like... full-on (r&b/neo-soul, respectively) bedroom crooners. And of course, through their music, we’d glimpse their sexuality, relationship, and love (or continue to glimpse, anyway, if you read my song analyses you know I fully believe we do already, lol, though whether or not it’s romantic is debatable). 
Jimin & Tae would also take some advantage of their newfound personal freedom, I think. I imagine Jimin & Tae will still be very private, as is Jimin’s preference (and I’ll talk about this in a different blog, but Tae is in his way quite careful himself, and always respectful of Jimin’s preferences/cues)—but they might, for example, make statements about their music that imply their relationship/sexuality, speak publicly in support of queerness and align themselves with queer art, shift the phrases they use to describe each other (from say, best friend to something like life partners) (or other members will do it for them)... They’d definitely push on their public expressions of affection too, I think. As crazy as it sounds, there are currently boundaries they don’t push publicly that I think we’ve gotten enough hints to conclude are pretty habitual for them, like sitting/lying in each other’s laps, kissing cheeks/foreheads, holding hands any time they physically can, lol. Anyway. You get the idea. 
In total, at some point, plausible deniability is pushed farther and farther, until we end up in a glass closet. I really see this as the least risky strategy (sort of like, slowly ramping up heat on a pot of water, until suddenly it boils over). I also think it’s the most suitable to their personal styles, as it provides them honesty in their music and more freedom to express their love outside of it, while maintaining their privacy and avoiding the worst of hate. 
By the way, you might be wondering: if they’re this public, won’t people—ARMY, toxic folks, and the public— call them out on it? Won’t Dispatch? And no, I don’t think so. Deniers may very well continue to be deniers, the public will treat them as they do other queer figures that aren’t fully out (some jokes, but generally a gentle aversion of the eyes, it’s notable that this where the Asian conception of “giving face” actually very much helps, lol). As for ARMY... their fanbase is also already so large, and in 5 years time, the frenzy will probably have died down and left something more stable in its wake. So think about like, the power of an equally famous but more established and respected BTS. I think broadly ARMY will stand by them, and the ones who won’t won’t matter. Anyway, I touched on this in my post on The Bravery of BTS, but this would definitely fall under the category of “risks worth taking” for them, I think. 
As for paparazzi or saesangs, the rumors of BH’s contract with Dispatch aside, Dispatch seems to actually have a policy of not outing queer couples, because it ruins careers. Anyway, Vmin are group members, so they spend tons of time together anyway. They also act like, you know, them. That makes it real hard for you to out them. You’d literally have to catch them making out in broad daylight to prove they’re dating. 
Tumblr media
3. Long-term
If it’s VMin we’re talking about, at some point—7 years from now? 14 years? 20? Who knows—I really think they’ll come out. 
Of course, the time frame depends on how open South Korea is about homosexuality and what goals Jimin & Tae have for their lives at that point. I’m specifying South Korea here because South Korea is really the only country that matters in this decision-making. Despite their identity as global pop stars, Korea is... their home, you know? They can stand not to tour in this or that country that’s anti-gay (like, I’m not sure they could ever go back to Saudi Arabia), but Korea is in their blood. 
“Impossible,” you might think. 
But remember, right now, Jo Kwon—their labelmate, who’s in the musical about a teenage drag queen Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (which is a fabulous musical, high rec the OST)—exists. Right now, Holland—apparently a friend of Taehyung and considered the first openly gay kpop idol—exists. Right now, anti-homosexuality sentiment is dropping year on year in Korea, especially among young people, who are obviously the drivers of pop/idol culture. 
And a lot can change in the time frame we’re talking about, especially on the topic of homosexuality, which I think is one of the fastest-moving social issue of our time (the other being finally the recognition that capitalism sucks). Change happens slowly, then all at once, and all that. I might be biased because I’m American—and certainly, I can imagine a variety of setbacks—but I think about how, a little bit more than decade ago, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was still a thing in the US, gay marriage wasn’t legal at the federal level, and you rarely saw gay couples/people on TV. And now? There’s a lot more to do (especially on the queer representation in media at once). But it’s not the deafening silence it once was, and we’ve got the basic rights that enable public figures to take the risk of coming out. I think that’s where Korea is heading, and I think BTS could be at the forefront of that wave.
What complicates this for me is Jimin and Tae’s career ambitions. They’re both (obviously) quite ambitious, but Tae’s ideal of a career I think could stand up better to the controversy of being out than Jimin’s. Tae could do “indie” music, acting, photography (not that he could ever be anything “indie” really, with his level of fame, but you what I mean, he could go auteur). Whereas Jimin is a born pop performer, a dancer and singer and entertainer who thrives on mass appeal in the mold of Michael Jackson. I think it’d break his heart to risk leaving that behind before he’s ready (or honestly... ever). 
But ultimately, I think the question would be of timing, rather than whether or not it’ll ever happen. It’s not that I think they owe anyone a coming-out. I just think it’s the natural endpoint if they are in a relationship. Think about how seriously they take the idea of being role models and of embodying the sentiment of Love Yourself—I’m sure they’d take into account how deeply they’d affect millions of lives. And remember Tae in both 2017 & 2018 (before he had quite as much cultural power or confidence as now) went on live to essentially lambast his label for not allowing him to sing a romantic song with Jimin, in a way that feels distinctly personal. 
And you know, in 10 years’ time, they’d be 35. They're obviously family-oriented (they’re so close to their families, they love kids, pets); I imagine there’ll be a time when they’re ready to settle down, and be sure enough of themselves, their relationship, and their careers to be like, “Okay, we’re ready.” 
Tumblr media
I just keep coming back to these boys in 2014, and how they were ready to sacrifice all their dreams, to throw out their years as trainees, to go back into mainstream Korean society without any real money, in order to donate to the Sewol Ferry victims’ families—in order to do what they thought was right. Now that they’re millionaire artists who’ve already left their mark on history? Something tells me lack of bravery isn’t going to be the barrier that stops them from living out the lives they want to live. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Sihtric x Dane Reader
Prompt: Y/N has been traveling with Uhtred and the Cookham trio for almost a year now. She has proven her worth multiple times, both on the battle field and as a friend. She loves the men like they are her own family, all except a certain dark haired Dane, who she cant seem to loose feelings for.
Warnings: SMUT!!! 18+ Only (fuckin, heavy kissing, mentions of Sihtric having a hair pulling kink because he OBVIOUSLY DOES) , Swearing, Sihtric being the goofball he is, maybe season 3 spoilers?
Word Count: 2.5K (SHE LONG)
Tumblr media
You have known Uhtred since you were young, having grown up in the same village, he was your mentor, and taught you everything he could before he left for Wessex, so when you heard he was now a lord, and looking to build an army to take back Bebbanburg, it only seemed fitting that you joined.
You had rode into the camp and demanded to speak with ‘Lord Uhtred of Cookham’ and seeing you were still in your Dane clothing, you didn’t recieve the warmest welcome, having been met with swords as you approached the gate by a Monk, an Irishman, and a man who appeared Dane. It sounded like the start of a bad joke.
The Dane especially caught your eye. He was handsome, and seemed to be around your age, he was tall, and as his eyes met yours you noticed they were different colors. You only looked away when you heard Uhtred come out of his tent.
“Can I help you?” Uhtred asked, motioning for his men to stand down as he eyed you closely, not quite knowing why he recognized you.
“Yes” You said, dismounting your horse and approaching the man, pulling out your sword to point at him “Yield to me”
Uhtred’s face lit up in a smile, before he quickly closed the space between you, engulfing you in a hug.
“Y/N! It’s been so long! I hardly recognized you you’ve grown so much! What are you doing in Cookham?” He asked, causing the three men who had welcomed you to relax a bit. 
“I heard you are trying to retake Bebbanburg, and seeing I am the best warrior you’ve ever met, I figured I’d give you a favor” You said smugly, causing Uhtred to roll his eyes before ruffling your hair.
“We’d love to have you” Uhtred said slinging an arm around your shoulder, before introducing you to the rest of his men.
A year later and it was as if you had know them for your entire life. They were skeptical at first, not fully trusting a Dane. But after a few drinks, a couple jokes, and proof that you were a worthy fighter, they accepted you openly.
You were currently in Mercia to help Lady Aethelflaed. You had spent the last week fighting off soldiers, but the fighting was slowing down, allowing you some downtime. You sat by the forest, watching Osferth and Sihtric spar, Osferth wanting to be better prepaired for the next battle. You were up next to practice, needing to freshen up on your sword skills, but your mind was somewhere else.
While you were friends with all of the members of Uhtreds group, you and Sihtric had a closer connection. You would spend more time with each other that with the others, there was the occasional flirty joke, and some nights you could spend hours talking. You had fallen hard for the dark haired Dane, and as much as you would love to peruse it, the fear of rejection from both him and the group was enough to suppress it.
“Enjoying the view?” Aethelflaed asked from beside you, causing you to jump out of your skin.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” You said, regaining your composure while attempting to look unbothered as Aethelflaed came to sit by you.
“So you haven't been sitting here giving bedroom eyes to Sihtric all day?” She asked teasingly, making you blush a bit.
“I am not giving him bedroom eyes, I am simply observing” You said calmly, making Aethelflaed laugh.
“Whatever you say” She laughed, deciding to watch with you.
A few minutes later and both Osferth and Sihtric were breathing heavily. They stopped sparing and Osferth was dismissed so he could take a break, meaning it was your turn to fight Sihtric.
“Ready?” You asked, grabbing two training swords and approaching Sihtric.
“Always for you” He replied, a smirk on his lips.
You rolled your eyes, trying to fight the smile on your face as you handed him one of the wooden swords. You stepped into position, and as soon as Sihtric nodded, you lunged, starting the fight.
As you continued into the day, the sun kept rising, and the air continued to get hotter, causing a thin layer of sweat to cover the both of you. You had been fighting for a while, and while you were able to block all of his strikes, he also blocked all of yours.
“Lets take a quick break yeah?” Sihtric asked, to which you nodded.
You put your hands on your head and walked around, trying to catch your breath, only for you to turn and have the air knocked out of your lungs.
Sihtric had taken off his leather armor, and was now removing his tunic, exposing his bare torso. You had only caught a glimpse before you turned back around, pretending to still try and catch your breath, only to make eye contact with Aethelflaed, who had covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing at you. You glared at her before taking a breath and turning around.
You were met with the sight of his muscular chest, adorned with tattoos and scars from his past. You had only looked for a few seconds, quickly returning your eyes to his, but it was clear he noticed.
“See something you like?” Sihtric asked with a cocky grin.
Oh hell no, he was not going to get you like this.
“No, I just think its a good idea, it is pretty hot after all” You said, watching Sihtrics eyes widen as you reached for the laces of your own leather armor.
You took off the heavy piece of protective clothing, followed by your own long sleeve shirt, leaving you in your trousers and a sleeveless, form fitting tunic.
You tuned to drop your things down, and once again made eye contact with Aethelflaed, who eyes were now wide with a shocked smile on her face, giving you a quick wave as she left to leave the two of you alone.
You turned back to Sihtric, his mouth slightly open in shock as his eyes met yours, then moved down your chest, then quickly back to your eyes.
“See something you like?” You teased, quoting him from before.
He shook his head smiling before getting back into fighting position, you following his movements, and then you were fighting again.
After a few moments, you landed a hit to Sihtric, an surprised expression crossing his face that made you laugh.
“That doesn’t count you distracted me” Sihtric defended, resuming the fighting.
Jab left, block, swing right, block
“So? You’re distracting me and I’m still fine” You replied
Block, dodge, block, jab
“How am I being distracting?” He asked, suddenly impossibly close as your swords crossed, causing your face to heat up a bit.
“Um... I mean your-” You muttered, trying to find the words to defend yourself, which Sihtric took as an opportunity, sweeping your legs so you were now on your back.
You yelled in surprise, before groaning in frustration as you looked up through the tall grass to see Sihtric looking down at you, a smile on his face.
“Yield to me” He grinned, pointing the sword at you.
“Fine, just help me up” You grumbled, holding out your hand.
Sihtric put down his sword and grabbed your forearm, you grabbing his as well, before using all your weight to pull him down, flipping him over so you were now straddling him with your sword at his throat.
“Your turn to yield” You said smugly, Sihtric looking up at you with a feigned hurt expression.
“That’s not fair” Sihtric whined, causing you to laugh.
“To bad” You shot back, causing the both of you to laugh before suddenly becoming serious, realizing the position you were in. 
Sihtrics large hands came to rest on your thighs as you straddled him, slowly moving the fake blade away from his neck and dropping it next to you. The other hand having landed on his chest meant you could feel his heartbeat, which began to quicken when you met his eyes.
Before you could say anything, Sihtric had moved his right hand from your thigh to the back of your neck, pulling your lips down to meet his. The kiss set you on fire, and you found yourself diving deeper as his tongue ran cross your bottom lip.
As your tongues fought for dominance, your hips began to grind down into him, making you aware of his now hardening member. His hands moved to your waist, an arm wrapping around your back to support you as he flipped you over so he was now on top of you.
His mouth moved down to your neck, sucking and biting at the flesh that would certainly leave marks in the morning, while also slipping his other hand under your shirt, trailing upwards. Your fingers raked through his hair, pulling at the roots and making him moan into your shoulder.
And then the fucker pulled away.
“Are you sure about this?” He asked looking down at you.
“Obviously, ya fucking arseling” You replied, making him laugh a bit.
“Just checking” He said, suddenly standing and pulling you up with him before leading you to his tent.
You snuck throughout the camp, hiding behind small structures before sprinting past others. You finally reached Sihtrics tent, and you couldn’t but giggle as he pushed you inside, his lips instantly reattaching to yours.
He knelt down and grabbed your arse, lifting you up allowing your legs to wrap around his waist. He walked backwards until the backs of his knees hit the cot, allowing him to sit down with you straddling his waist. 
You pulled away from the kiss, allowing you to quickly discard your tunic, Sihtric taking his time to look you up and down, his eyes dark with lust when they returned to yours.
“Too distracting?” You asked smiling
“Nope” He said, flipping you onto your back before masking quick work with his britches, you doing the same with yours, discarding them to the side of the tent and then Sihtric was back on you, his mouth crashing into yours.
His hand reached between you, guiding his length to your entrance before slowly pushing into you. You broke the kiss to let out a gasp, his size stretching you almost painfully. He started off slowly, pulling out half way before thrusting back into you, picking up speed with each stroke until you were a moaning mess under him.
Sihtrics mouth was continuing its attack on your neck, biting down to stop his own moans from escaping while he continued to thrust into you. However his attempts to stay quiet failed when you pulled at the roots of his hair, causing a deep growl to erupt from his chest.
“Sihtric I’m... ah” You breathed, attempting to let him know you were close.
“Me too” He grunted back, moving to lift your leg over his shoulder, creating a whole new angle that allowed him to bury himself even deeper into you, causing you to gasp loudly.
Sihtric began snapping him hips into yours more quickly than before, his hand moving between your bodys to circle the bundle of nerves at the apex of your legs. The combination sent you over the edge, waves of pleasure wracking though your body that made your head fall back and your toes clench, Sihtrics name falling from your lips like a Saxon prayer.
Sihtric continued to thrust into you, helping you through your high before his pace became sloppy, his own high coming over him as he emptied himself into you.
You both stilled, Sihtrics forehead resting on yours as you took a moment to catch your breath. After a moment Sihtric slowly pulled out of you and rolled to the side, now laying next to you. He put an arm around you and you cuddled closer to him, looking up to see he was already smiling at you.
“What?” You asked, smiling at his blissed out expression.
“You’re amazing” He said simply, causing you to laugh
“I’m amazing or the sex was amazing?” You asked jokingly. Sihtric put a hand to his chin, pretending to be deep in thought before he answered.
“Both” He said simply
“Well thank you” You said jokingly “You’re not to bad yourself”
“Really? I think I deserve better than ‘not to bad’ after I just had you screaming my name” Sihtric replied, a smug smile crossing his face as you slapped his chest.
You were going to shoot back a comment about his hair, when footsteps from outside caused the both of you to quiet down.
“Sihtric, you in there bud?” Finan asked from outside the tent.
“What do you want?” Sihtric replied, loud enough to be heard from outside the tent.
“Well, we were looking for ye and found yours and Y/N’s clothes just lying about. Care to explain?” Finan asked, causing you and Sihtric to look at each other with wide eyes.
“There were.... bees” Sihtric replied, causing you to have to slap a hand over your mouth to keep yourself from laughing outload at his pathetic alibi.
There was a beat of silence.
“She’s in there with ye isn’t she?” Finan asked in a defeated tone.
“Hello Finan!” You shouted
“Just make sure to clean up after yourself next time.” Finan said, throwing their clothing at the tent “Heathens, the both of ye” He mumbled as he walked away.
The next morning you walked to the dining hall with Aethelflaed, having snuck out of Sihtrics tent to yours earlier to not cause suspicion. The whole walk to the hall, Aethelflaed kept giving you looks.
“You look happy this morning” She said curiously “Did you kill someone?”
“Can’t I just be happy?” You defended, causing Aethelflaed to raise her hands in apology, but she still looked at you with suspicion the rest of the walk.
You entered the hall and made your way to the long table, sitting in between Sihtric and Osferth, Aethelflaed choosing to sit between Uhtred and Finan on the other side of the table.
You gave Sihtric a quick smile and turned to eat, moving your foot so it was touching Sihtrics under the table. A small smile crossing him face, before he continued his conversation with Uhtred, all the while Finan was eying the both of you.
“What's on your neck?” Uhtred asked between bites of food, moving to point at a spot that was just poking above the collar of your armor.
“Hmm?” You asked innocently, before the colar of your tunic was suddenly being moved by Osferth, exposing a large purple bruise.
“What happened?!” Aethelflaed asked, worry in her voice.
“Umm...” You started, trying to come up with an excuse, before making eye contact with Sihtric, a smile crossing your face “Bees”
Finan spit out drink, choking a bit as you and Sihtric laughed, the rest of the group slowly starting to realize where the marks came from.
“Ah, bees” Sihtric said, desperately trying to suppress his smile and laughter, followed by the sound of Finan slamming his cup down.
“Ye need Jesus, the both of ye” Finan said, pointing at the two of you, now causing the whole table to erupt with laughter. 
A/N: My first ever ‘The Last Kingdom’ Fic! I hope you guys enjoyed, feel free to leave any feedback or requests. Also if anyone writes TLK fics please tag me, I’m in need of love from the pretty boys :(
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borntobethequeen · 5 months ago
Okay i have so many feelings about SHADOWGAST...
1. I do think that liam fully aware of what he is doing. From the beginning liam actually said that essek is what bren looking for but not caleb. Bc what caleb needs is stability and security... being with essek will not help with that.
2. Essek needs to disguise and hide around, yes he has a gull life ahead of him but full of threats and again as someone with trauma of watching loves one died in front me, I FULLY UNDERSTAND CALEB PUTTING A STAND ON HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH CALEB. Bc my god that would be so taxing having to worried about my lover every time they go out.
3. BUT i do think caleb loves essek and he spends the rest of his life being with essek as a compromise of wanting something but not being able to have it. Caleb putting himself first his well being and at the same time making decisions for essek (stupid really they should have talk about it) in calebs’s mind this is the best way so nobody is hurting... having each other but not fully, I guess a glimpse of what life could be if he was born to a different race.
4. AND ESSEK IS FULLY AWARE OF THIS AND AGREE TO this kind of relationship, LIAM ASKED MATT ABOUT “if essek keen on it...” and matt said “essek is very keen on it” so not only caleb putting a stand but also essek. Essek lives caleb but losing someone you love to death even after years of being together HURTS, and essek who so used to be alone will bot know how to cope with that
With that being said i am sad that we get no confirmation of them being canon bc that would means so much for the bisexual community. But this is way more narratively make sense and more in character
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maliby · a year ago
When The Night Comes | CH. 3
Tumblr media
↬ Pairing: Jimin x Reader | Taehyung x Reader
↬ Story Genre: smut, angst, vampire!au
↬ Warnings in this chapter: blood, explicit language, smut
↬ Word count: 4.9K
↬ Summary: Your school has two courses: the day course, and the night course. Rules say that it’s strictly forbidden for both courses to interact but can you really follow the rules when you see the same eyes that have been showing up in your dreams for months on a mysterious hot guy from the night course?
A/N: tag list below, if you want to be tagged feel free to ask <3
Tumblr media
“Wake up,” you jolted up from your fortress of blankets to an alluring voice whispering on your left ear.
“Who’s there?” you asked looking around the dark room. Your sleepy eyes were having trouble focusing but nonetheless you were able to see a dark figure right in front of you which made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
“Don’t be scared, it’s just me,” you immediately screamed as your eyes adjusted to the darkness and spotted the red eyes and hair of your intruder.
“Don’t worry love, I’m not going to hurt you.” Taehyung came closer to you, his hand reaching for your cheek to caress it. “I could never hurt you...that is, of course, unless you ask for it.”
His evil smirk made your instincts kick in and make you want to get away from him, but your body wasn’t giving in. It was like it wanted nothing more than to receive his affection and the danger that came along with him. 
Suddenly, you remembered your roommate Yujin was sleeping in the same room as you and couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread coming over you at the potential hazard that would arise if she woke up and saw Taehyung.
“Y-yujin,” you pointed out.
“Don’t worry love, I concealed us from her. She won’t hear or see a thing…” And then his lips were on your neck, kissing and sucking as tiny moans left your mouth.
You should be getting away, you should be screaming, you should be pushing him away, but you wouldn’t. This man had deceived you so you could give him your blood, he had lied to you and tricked you, he was dangerous and yet you couldn’t help but get wet by his touch and you hated yourself for it.
“Why can’t I say no to you? Stop using your supernatural powers on me,” you said, trying to come up with an explanation as to why you couldn’t stop him.
“You think I’m using my powers on you love? I’m offended,” he chuckled. “You better believe that when I have a girl it’s because she wants me to have her, and you…” his hand travelled down your body and entered your pyjama pants and underwear, massaging your lips and clit, “are dying to have me inside you.”
“Fuck,” your hand reached for his arm as a reflex, not really expecting to find such toned biceps underneath his studded leather jacket.
“Am I making you curse now? I love corrupting good girls…” his nose was moving through your neck as he inhaled deeply, probably getting a good whiff off his meal. Soon, his sharp fangs were scrapping through your neck. It seemed like every move of his was made with the intention of luring you into his web of seduction - he started at the nape of your neck, slowly going up, probably leaving red streaks on your neck, as his finger smoothly glided from your entrance all the way up to your clit. It was like it was designed to make you fall, the climax being when he bit your lower lip with one of his fangs and entered you with his 2 long digits.
“Oh my-”
“Scream it louder love, he can’t hear you,” his fingers started pumping into you faster as if encouraging you to let go.
“Fuck yes,” you screamed, your brain not registering what he meant by ‘he’. Was it Jimin?
“I love the way your tight little pussy is clenching around my fingers,” his velvety voice was like fuel to the fire, rilling you up even more. “I can just imagine how good it must feel to have you squeezing around my cock.” 
When you thought it couldn’t get any better, Taehyung’s other fingers reached your clit and started rubbing circles on it, making you go completely wild.
“Mmmm,” you moaned through your shut lips, trying hard not to make a noise. Yujin couldn’t hear you, but that didn’t mean the people in the other rooms also couldn’t.
“Scream my name for me love and I’ll let you cum.”
You couldn’t think about what was happening anymore. You couldn’t think about the fact that this vampire was here in your room after he had tricked you. You couldn’t think about all of the dangers. All you could think about was that you wanted to cream his fucking fingers and scream his name. “Taehyung…”
“That’s it love, let them all hear. Let him hear.”
You were in a trance, his smooth voice and long fingers guiding you to your sweet release. You could feel it building up. You could feel your walls clenching tight, ready to let go, but just as you were about to cum you woke up.
You frantically got up and looked around the room - only Yujin was there. You sighed. It was just a dream.
Being aware of your current state of arousal you couldn’t help but hide your face in your hands - the freshly healed cut on your hand throbbing in unison with your pussy. You plonked back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.
Was this your life now? Dreaming about hot vampire boys? You wouldn’t mind if it was a harmless sex dream, but seeing as the protagonist of that dream had, just the night before, tricked you into giving him your blood just so he could track you things were a little different.
You looked outside the window that stood on the opposite wall of where the beds were and noticed the absence of the silver moon in the sky. You sighed. You hated when it was the new moon. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but you felt like it had to do with the fact that everything felt much darker.
Your mind reverted back to Jimin. Why was he so pissed that Taehyung had drunk your blood? You were glad that he was worried about you but the fact was that he barely knows you. Why was a vampire so worried about the fact that another vampire has fed on someone? He didn’t seem to mind the affairs going on in the hangout place of the nightwing, so why was he so worried about you?
Your thoughts started to subside and soon sleep started to take over you. As the leaves of the trees outside danced around in the wind, your eyes started to close shut. You nuzzled your cheek on your pillow and sunk under, oblivious to the pair of silver eyes watching over you in the trees.
------------------ 1 week later -------------------
You read the text your friend Lisa had sent you out loud so your roommate Yujin could hear it. 
Lisa McGuire
Get to the cafeteria now!!! You won’t believe what happened!
When it came to getting ready, you and Yujin were one and the same - you were always late. You both liked to take your time doing things, especially in the shower. Since you were getting ready to have breakfast and not to go straight to class you both felt in less of a rush, but your friend’s message surely intrigued both of you.
“What could it be?” Your friend asked as she quickly applied mascara to her already long lashes.
“Knowing Lisa? It’s probably about a boy.” You finished brushing your hair and placed down the brush, now being fully ready.
“You think she’s already over that Chanyeol boy she hooked up with last week or she secretly sneaked into the nightwing to have sex with him?” Yujin placed her mascara back in her little cup and made her way to her bed so she could pick up her bag and join you.
“I truly don’t know…” You hoped it wasn’t the latter. Chanyeol was Taehyung’s friend, and if he helped him pull his little stunt where he ‘made you’ give him his blood then he was just as bad as the vampire with the red hair.
When you and your roommate spotted your group of friends in the cafeteria you felt your whole world shake. They had company, someone that was currently biting Lisa’s earlobe making her giggle. Someone that made your blood freeze over.
“Oh my god-” Yujin interjected.
”Lisa!” You called in a volume way louder than your normal register, getting the attention of everyone around you, including all of your friends.
“Y/N! Yujin! Look, it’s Chanyeol!” She happily pointed at the boy sitting next to her with a huge grin. Just the look on his face was making you physically sick.
“What is he doing here?! Isn’t he from the night course?” You tried not to sound too angry, but you just couldn’t help it.
“A portion of the night course moved to the day course and Chanyeol was picked!” If she noticed the level of aggression in your tone she didn’t let it show, being really excited about the boy with the silver hair’s presence.
After registering her words you looked around the cafeteria and noticed several people wearing the characteristic navy blue uniform of the night course - dread soon took over your whole body. If Chanyeol was here then...was Taehyung also here?
“He didn’t come,” the man with the deep voice said as if reading your mind. You turned your head back to your own group and couldn’t help but feel the creeps at the smirk he had on his face.
“Who’s he? know each other? Y/N you never told me!” Lisa looked between the two of you all confused. She was probably upset that you had pretended like you didn’t know him all the times she gushed about him.
“We met through a mutual friend.” Chanyeol broke eye contact with you to look back at Lisa, but you couldn’t stop looking at him. You needed answers on what the hell was going on and you needed them now.
“Oh my god! Is it the mysterious hot guy?” Lisa interrogated her crush before she turned back to you. “Y/N you didn’t tell us you finally got together with him!”
“Mysterious hot g-”
“Yes!” You interrupted Chanyeol before he could question Lisa further. You couldn’t have them know about Taehyung, it was way too dangerous. “I was with him at the Halloween party.” Technically you weren’t lying, you were with Jimin at the Halloween party.
“Oh my god! And you kept that a secret?! What happened?” Eunbin who was currently spreading strawberry jam on her toast asked.
“I-” You were struggling with what to say, especially because Chanyeol was right in front of you. You looked straight at him and quickly got annoyed - he was enjoying this. He certainly was Taehyung’s friend.
“Good morning,” a voice you recognized perfectly said from behind you, saving you from this embarrassing moment - it was Jimin. Your eyes, that were looking straight at Chanyeol, noticed how he immediately changed demeanour, the smug on his face disappearing and his head hanging low as if he was submitting. Weird, you thought.
You turned around and there he was. His dark hair softly hanging across his features, his (now) brown eyes that you knew oh so well looking straight at you, his soft plump lips making your heart skip a beat, and the way his navy blue uniform hugged his lean and fit body making your thighs squeeze harder. You know he noticed the way you were ogling him up and down because his soft neutral expression quickly turned into a teasing one, a little chuckle leaving his perfect set of lips.
“I’m sorry to take you from your friends but, would you mind having breakfast with me today? I’d really like to talk to you.”
The way all of your friends gasped at his request made you embarrassed beyond belief, but the worst was when Lisa decided to respond instead of you. “Of course she will!”
You turned to your friend to give her a menacing look that failed to intimidate her, a wink being all you got in response. You glanced over at Chanyeol and his eyes were still on his lap, making you question their dynamics. You wondered for a second if you should ask Jimin about it but then you remembered that he was still waiting for your response.
“Sure,” you ignored your friend’s excited faces and joined Jimin, being terrified to look back for just a second.
“Find a table, I’ll just go and get my breakfast and then I’ll join you,” you turned to leave, but the cold hand he placed around your arm stopped you.
“No need, I got it for you,” he lifted up his tray filled with food making your eyes double in size at all the food he had there. “I didn’t know what you liked so I got a bit of everything.”
“Oh,” you interjected feeling touched at his gesture. “You didn’t have to.”
“No, I didn’t. But I wanted to.”
You two stayed silent for a moment, a blush creeping up on your cheeks until Jimin found an empty table and signalled you to sit down.
You were feeling kind of nervous if you were being honest. You hadn’t heard anything from Jimin since the incident at the Halloween party. He had taken you back to your room but had said little to no words, making you think he was somehow angry at you. But the fact that he was being so nice right now kind of calmed you down.
Looking down at the tray of food you noticed your usual Oreos were missing. But, as the number 1 Oreo fan, you always carried a little package with you, so you reached for your bag and picked up the package so you can dip the cookies in your milk.
Jimin chuckled. “I didn’t realize I was having breakfast with a child. I’m sorry, I’ll get your cookies next time,” he joked.
“Hey! It’s really good okay? Don’t judge me,” you stuffed your mouth with the first Oreo dipped in milk and hummed in approval, Jimin finding your behaviour amusing.
He lifted up his hands in defence and apologized. “I’m sorry, I promise not to make fun of the Cookie Monster anymore!”
You laughed, choking up on the Oreo a bit.
The mood between you and Jimin had never been this light before, a form of tension always being present, but you must admit that you really enjoyed it. Then your mind went back to that Halloween party again and the tension grew once more.
“I’m sorry,” you picked up another oreo and dipped it in your glass of milk, avoiding his gaze.
“For what?” You could tell from his tone of voice that he was confused at your sudden apology.
“For giving my blood to Taehyung…” 
You weren’t looking at his face but you saw him clench his fists, giving you a strange feeling in your chest.
“It’s not your fault. I should have been there to protect you.” You looked up at him in shock, but he averted your gaze, looking away into nothingness. It was as if he was being transported to that moment, his jaw locked tight. Why was he blaming himself?
“Jimin, you couldn’t have known…” You cleaned your fingers on your napkin and placed your hand on top of his cold one, immediately feeling something similar to a spike of electricity running through the skin that was in contact with him.
He didn’t answer. 
Jimin’s eyes locked with yours for an instant, and as much as you tried to decipher his emotions you couldn’t.
“So,” you removed your hand from on top of his and picked up another Oreo, getting ready to dunk it in your glass of milk, “why did people from the night course change to the day course?” You asked, trying to change the subject and lighten up the mood again.
“The director liked how well the Halloween party went and how the students from both courses seemed to get along, so he came up with this little one-way exchange program.” 
You didn’t know why but you had a feeling Jimin wasn’t telling you the truth. Not only did his answer seem rehearsed but the university had been structured like this since 2 years ago when you first enlisted and not once had the director showed this much interest in the two courses socializing. Something fishy was going on but you decided not to press Jimin any further on that matter.
“Does the director know that you’re-”
“Vampires?” He whispered with a teasing expression, seeming to poke fun at the way you got embarrassed to say the word. “Yes.”
“And is Taehyung also going to be around here during the day?” You really didn’t want to bring Taehyung back into the conversation but the thought hadn’t left your mind since you first learned some vampires were transferred and for your own peace of mind, you had to ask.
“Don’t worry, I made sure that worthless rat wouldn’t step his feet in here. You’re safe.” 
You couldn’t help but release the breath you now realized were holding. Since the incident, your dreams had been filled with what you would describe as pure porn, all of which involved Taehyung. What bothered you most was how realistic the dreams were. Like you woke up and you could still feel his teeth sinking into your skin and his long cold fingers playing with your pussy. At first, you thought your mind was just acting upon you being around sexy men so often, but for the last couple of days, you’ve begun to wonder if it’s some side effect of you giving him your blood. You wanted to ask somebody who could answer you, but there was no way in hell you were about to tell Jimin you’ve been having erotic dreams with Taehyung. He already despised the guy and seemed to hate even you just mentioning him, much less this.
“Have you been sleeping well?” Jimin asked in a soft voice as if reading your thoughts. You now realized you had spaced out on him, feeling a little embarrassed.
“Hum...yes,” you answered in a not so affirmative tone. “Why do you ask? Do I-?” As on a reflex, you let go of your Oreo and touched your eye bags, wondering if your concealer wasn’t doing a good enough job.
He chuckled. “You look great cara mia, don’t worry,” his hand reached for your cheek and you couldn’t help but feel your whole body burning up. How could it not, when a man that looked like he was carved into perfection was complementing you in a foreign language?
The sweet gesture didn’t last long though, him getting his hand back on the table and clearing his throat. “I was just worried because of the events of last week. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright,” this time his voice was more serious, giving you whiplash. No matter how much time you spent with Jimin, his hot and cold persona was something you found difficult to deal with.
“Don’t worry Jimin,” you reassured him which seemed to ease up his mind.
As you downed your glass of milk - having finished all your Oreos - you noticed your group of friends passing right by you, Lisa holding hands with Chanyeol, and you couldn’t help but worry for her.
“Hey Jimin, can I ask you a question?”
“Of course.”
“Is he a bad guy?” You pointed to the man with the silver hair currently grabbing your friend’s ass, feeling your chest tighten at their interactions.
“You’re worried about your friend?”
“Yeah…” you trailed off.
“I think that all you need to worry about is that he may be a womanizer. Other than that...he’s not gonna eat her,” his sincere and warm smile ease up your mind.
“I never thought I’d have this response at someone being a womanizer but thank god,” you sighed in relief.
Your response made Jimin laugh and you found that you liked him best like this, his eyes turned into crescent moons and his beautiful smile on display.
“Well then, shall we go to class? I hear Mr Moon is a pain in the ass.”
“You’re in my class?!” Your eyes doubled up in size at the revelation. You hadn’t even thought of the possibility of him being in your class.
“Mhm,” he nodded, his teasing expression back on his face.
Well, if you had trouble paying attention in class before then you really were in trouble now.
Tumblr media
Jimin was annoying. Not only did he know the answer to every fucking question the teachers asked him, but he also had the audacity to look like a fucking god sent from up above while doing it.
He sat at the back of the class, probably trying to avoid attention, but the truth of it was that most girls (and even some guys) spent the whole class looking at him. There was just no way you could not when he was sitting there, leaned back, gaze focused on the teacher spinning a pen so effortlessly between his fingers. 
The way you spent your time in class went straight from doodling random things on your notebook to drawing full on portraits of Jimin. You just couldn’t help it. You were looking straight at his profile and when you came to it you were already halfway through your drawing.
“Miss Y/N,” professor Moon called, interrupting the shading process of Jimin’s voluptuous lips. “Would you mind paying attention to the class or am I bothering your drawing time of your new colleague Jimin?”
You choked. Everyone was laughing at you and you could swear you’ve never felt more embarrassed before in your life. Then you looked at Jimin and he had an amusing smug on his face. Nope. Scratch that. This was the most embarrassing moment in your life.
“I-I’m sorry,” you looked down and quickly turned the page to a blank one, trying to show him your commitment to the class.
“Don’t let it happen again. Alright everybody, the show’s over. I want everyone doing exercise number 15, you have 5 minutes!” He broke his gaze from you and went to sit back on his desk, waiting for the whole class to finish the exercise.
You sneakingly tried to look at Jimin again and noticed he was still smirking. You quickly turned your head to look for exercise 15, feeling your cheeks burning up. How were you supposed to look at Jimin ever again in your life? You were gonna have to move schools, you simply had no choice.
Tumblr media
“Alright class, see you Monday. Don’t forget to do exercises 16 to 20 for homework!” Mr Moon recalled after the bell rang and everyone started to pack up their things.
You were dreading this moment. You hadn’t looked at Jimin ever since the professor had called you out. You had passed a little piece of paper to Lisa begging her to stay with you at the end of the class to save you from further embarrassment, but you felt the evil sting of betrayal as you saw her and your friends promptly leave class with an evil smile on their faces.
They were sooo gonna pay for this, you thought.
“Can I see it?” 
You felt his presence behind you even before he spoke u, his teasing voice making you dread the next minutes. Was there a way the whole floor could swallow you right now and save you from this moment?
“Jimin you scared me,” you fake jumped, hoping it would distract him from his original intentions.
You failed.
“I’m sorry. Can I see it?” He repeated, the smug on his face never dissolving. He was onto you.
“S-see what?” You closed your notebook and tried to put it inside your bag, his palm pressing it to the table, making it hard for you to store it.
“The drawing you made of me.” The way he almost sang those words really pissed you off. He was enjoying this.
“It’’s really not good…” you trailed off, half saying what you really thought, half expecting him to not want to see it anymore.
“Don’t doubt yourself like that, I’m sure it’s great.”
You felt warmth spread through your chest. How could you say no to him after that? How dare he be so confident in your skills? 
Giving a sigh of defeat you lightly swatted his hand so he could move it out of the way and opened the notebook, quickly flipping through the pages until you reached the object of your embarrassment.
He didn’t say anything. He didn’t even make a sound. He picked up your notebook and just observed from up close. The expression on his face was unreadable, he seemed to be lost in thought and you were terrified that he didn’t like the drawing. Worse, you were terrified he thought you were a creep.
“See…” you said in a small voice while taking the notebook out of his hands, “I told you it wasn’t good.”
Your words seemed to wake Jimin up from his dazed state, his eyes looking straight at you. “Y/N, that is amazing.”
As in most cases, you were your biggest critic. No matter how much your friends told you how good your drawings were, you always found it in yourself to think that they were absolute crap. Usually, your friends’ complements only managed to raise your opinions of your drawings up by a little bit, but something about Jimin made you feel that much more confident in your art. You didn’t know what it was, but you liked the feeling he was giving you.
The way the crescent moons appeared on his eyes as he smiled at you made your heart skip a beat and you were damn sure you were probably blushing again.
“But next time, try to pay attention in class,” he got closer to you and whispered in your ear: “For as much as I love having you stare at me during the whole lecture, I’d hate to be the one responsible for your poor grades.”
You couldn’t move.
Jimin’s cologne and the way his saccharine and enticing voice had delivered that teasing line had completely paralyzed you. All you could do was watch as he winked at you and turned to leave, his perfect ass filling out that navy uniform.
“Come on cara mia, you’re gonna be late for the next class.”
How in the world were you supposed to not stare at him?
Tumblr media
“Nice to see you again, love.”
You jumped up from underneath the safety of your blankets and immediately spotted the man with the fire-like hair sitting at the foot of your bed, red silky shirt halfway opened. 
You were dreaming again.
This was just what you didn’t need. After spending a lovely day bonding with Jimin and your friends you had, for the first time that week, been able to forget about your sinful dreams with Taehyung. So, when you went to sleep that night you didn’t even dread to close your eyes (like the previous nights) because Jimin was the only thing on your mind. Now, though, that you were seeing Taehyung’s dream form right in front of you you felt weirder than usual; you felt like you were somehow cheating on Jimin, even though you weren’t even dating.
Without saying anything you simply lay back in bed and covered your head with your blankets, hoping he would just vanish.
It took everything in you to deny him right now, especially with that shirt he was wearing, but you had to put your foot down. At the end of the day, he was no good, no matter how hot he looked.
“Are you ignoring me love?” You felt the mattress dip closer to you and soon enough, his hand was running over your leg on top of the layer of blankets. “Mmmh...could it be that lover boy finally made his move?”
Your eyes shot wide open, your head peeking out of the blankets to look at him. Was he talking about Jimin? “What are you talking about?”
“He doesn’t know what you want love,” he continued trailing up his hand until it reached your neck completely ignoring your question. “What you truly need,” he then mounted you, his hand firmly grabbing your neck but not squeezing, completely asserting his dominance over you and you immediately felt your panties getting wet.
You were starting to cave to the sex appeal of the man on top of you. Suddenly your thoughts were fuzzy and your thighs were rubbing up against each other, making Taehyung smirk.
His mouth got near your neck and you felt a chill run up your spine as his breath hit your skin. “I know you can’t resist me,” he licked your neck and by the way his head suddenly moved back and the hand on your neck made you move your head to your right you knew he was about to bite you.
Suddenly a scream coming from the next-door room woke you up - it was Lisa and Eunbin’s room. You turned to your left to look at Yujin and she too had woken up. “Was that screaming?”
“I heard it too, I think it’s coming from Lisa and Eunbin’s room,” Yujin confirmed as she quickly got out of bed and put on her slippers, you following her suit.
You two rapidly made your way to the room next door but immediately stopped as you noticed Eunbin’s figure standing completely still at the entrance of the room.
“What happened? Is everything alright?” You asked as both you and your roommate entered the room walking past a petrified Eunbin. 
The sight in front of you completely terrified you - Chanyeol was feeding off of Lisa’s neck, rivers of blood running down her chest.
“V-vampire,” Eunbin stuttered.
© maliby, 2020. Do not copy or repost without permission.
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j0succ · 6 months ago
replies to asks under the cut to avoid even more dash clogging!:
Anonymous asked: just wanted to say i love ur ine of the writers who write characters who like ppl like me who aren't skinny at all. its sad but i always imagine myself skinny or 'desirable' in fics and its unhealthy bc im not loving my body at all, these headcanons make me feel so much better and somehow ease my fears that my faves would still look at me even if im a little heavy. pls keep doing you! im staying and if mfs cant handle ur headcanons then they can keep away and never come back, it's their loss bc ur writing is top notch!
i just think that we should all be able to find ourselves in reader-inserts, there are plenty of reader-inserts that already talk about reader being so cute and small and petite so i wanna provide extra positivity and write for chubby readers like me when i’m asked!!! <3 
Anonymous asked: So like imagine Toji with a chubby s/o and they’re worried that they should cover up because people have made comments and given them looks in the past as well as previous asshole partners who told them to cover and Toji is like. Babe. Wear what you want I can fight.
YES i mentioned in my hc post but i feel like toji would really push for you to show yourself off, he loves it when you feel confident enough to show off your body with him and his hands are absolutely all over you. when ppl who might be assholes look at you, they then look at all six foot plus hard muscle and scars of toji and think ‘perhaps not’ !!
joo-joo-bee asked: Like not to be super lame but your writing has absolutely helped me better accept myself. Reading fanfic with the same type of reader inserts never felt... personal? They always felt like something I had to gloss over, and when I was in a bad place about myself they’d make me feel even worse. I love others writings but yours and others like yours has absolutely helped me a ton. Idk man it’s just nice to think that an absolute himbo like Anasui or Caesar or some pretty boy twink like Melone or Gojo would think I’m hot. Also I saw the Fatgum posting and I’m here for that 100%.
honestly i love and support you you have been here for so long!!! i am glad u can see urself in my writing and that it’s helped, i think all of your faves would think you’re hot and thats just how it is!
Anonymous asked: Nanami is so perfect husband material! I cry and want give him hugs and cook yummy meals for him.
YOU ARE RIGHT AND YOU SHOULD SAY IT. marrying nanami is the absolute dream. perfect husband, perfect man, perfect in all ways <3.
Anonymous asked: Aight hear me out 😩☝️ Mahito, horny and curious, manifests a pussy because he can and he wants to experience having one. Y/N offers to make him cum and ofc he accepts. What he never would've thought of is y/n reducing him to a blubbering mess with how well she eats him out and fingers his cunt. She has him creaming and gushing all over the place and whenever she goes to remove her fingers from his pussy, he stops her and tugs her hand back because "it feels so good!" and "make me cum one more time, just one more!", and who is she to deny him?
yes yes yes, we’ve talked about the possibility of mahito experimenting with his genitalia before and i think he absolutely would and he’d probably be a squirter which i love, the idea of him all blissed out and over-stimulated and wet and trembling is just <3 <3 <3
katestrophes submitted: as someone who’s both short and chubby, thank u so so much for your chubby reader docs (and all your fics!! they’re all so lovely) i hate reading fics about a short y/n where they’re described as petite and tiny (p much saying that they’re tiny in more ways than one) and my 5’2” fat ass can’t relate 😐 and you’re RIGHT!!!! all my faves would LOVE my body bc i love them!!! (also unrelated asjdks sorry but.....chubby okuyasu is my hc)
yesss we match, i am also 5′2′’ and chubby!!! <3 you’re right about chubby oku, i hc that he has a sweet tooth but he is still pretty muscular just from the way he’s built, so he’s got a layer of chub on top of it! 
Anonymous asked: Hello!! Isnsos omgg I totally agree that Naoya would love a chubby reader!!! Like I know that he would prefer a delicate, soft and sweet reader, however I pretty sure he means that in the emotional sense not the physical sense! Like chubby readers can be delicate and soft and sweet and all that???! Like also hes a total ass and chest man, and just a chubby reader would drive him insane loll Also! I think he would be rlly possessive anddd would love leaving love bites on your chest and thighs and all thatttt sijsosksos >.<
AGREED ANON. he’s an ass and a chest man and he can’t stop staring at either of them, and if you’ve got child-bearing hips to go along with them - oof, he’s weak! he’s very possessive and you always end up bruised and bitten and marked, but that’s just proof of how much he wants you!
Anonymous asked: Wait wait wait, imagine being Megumi's tutor and on your way out Toji drags you into his office. You were already seeing each other but Megumi didn't know. So you're sitting on Toji's lap, sucking his tongue and he's smirking, hands all over your hips and eventually rests under you thighs. Your phone rings but you ignore it. Then Megumi walks into the office, his head down looking at his phone while asking his father if his textbook was in the room. Hhh
the corruption kink of reader being a babysitter or a tutor for megumi and toji just ruining you has me going brr. god. you go all stock-still and megumi doesn’t look up and you’re so grateful for it, but toji’s an asshole so his hand squeezes to try and get you to make a noise with the implicit thought that ‘if you do, you’re gonna get punished for it’
Anonymous asked: Tbh with certain jjk characters I really enjoy the thought of how a relationship dynamic would shift with a sorcerer!reader. Like 👀 a mahito or sukuna x a reader that's fully aware of who and what they are, but being seduced by them anyways 😩
you’re so right! i love the idea of reader going from ‘i’m going to kill this creature’ to ‘i’m going to talk to it’ to ‘i’m going to kiss it?’ to ‘maybe i’ll . . . fuck it?’. them goading sorcerer reader into becoming a curse user, making them straddle the line between the two worlds and angst and not know what to do . . . good shit! <3
bubbleu asked: Yaaay chubby reader time❤❤ honestly I feel like naoya would definitely be all over someone chubby ESPECIALLY if he wants an heir the wide hips would be a turn on for him and the boobs he'd comment on your body not in a rude way per say but be like "you're body is meant to breed" would grab your body in front of your clan family while.saying this cause I know he doesnt care if they anything
YEP for fem afab readers he is looking at you as breeding stock and if you’re wide-hipped with a big chest and a nice ass he’s already imagining you on your back for him <3
Anonymous asked: I'm all for protective and possessive Naoya. Like HE'S the only one that gets to insult you in any way. Everybody else can fuck off lol.
yesss yess yess. i’m a big fan of degradation with naoya but never like, body-shaming type degradation; more ‘oh you like being used? you like being treated like a toy? you’re that desperate?’. if anyone else ever dared to imply the same thing, though, naoya would defend your honour. b-but not because he likes you, silly! b-because it reflects badly on him if he lets them say whatever he wants to you--
(it’s because he likes you. a lot.)
Anonymous asked: For some reason the unhinged army admirer for Sorlato won't leave my mind. Just thinking about them coming to terms with witnessing fucked up things and starting to go down that path too, stitching together cut off ears as heart ornaments to put into an envelope addressed to "Gel and his man <3" together with a poem or letter written in blood. They want Sorlato's attention but fear the moment of getting found. What if Gelato doesn't remember them? What if him and his man didn't like the gifts?
ooh the thought that at first sorbet and gelato are actually a little freaked out; but maybe then gelato recognises the handwriting, the style, and starts keeping an eye out for a familiar face -- he confronts you before sorbet does, because sorbet gets jealous easy and he wants to warn you off . . . but you’re all breathlessly looking at him now you’re caught against a brick wall and gelato recognises the look in your eyes and his grin is a little savage as he tells you his ‘man’s’ name is sorbet and would you like to meet him--
kyojiros-camgirl-gf asked: he is just,, orb.
A PERFECT ORB. fatgum would treat you right and definitely has a massive [redacted], i absolutely know it <3
Anonymous asked: me: i wanna be a cute little housewife for my fave 🥰 also me: messed up cooking an omelette today and is a menace in the kitchen
this is me thinking about prosciutto. he is italian and i am british so i’m going to fuck up but he can’t help but be soft when i’m in a cute retro dress and an apron in the kitchen pouting at him <3. 
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