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#yesss 🥰
sems-diarie · 9 months ago
us after taking our husbands credit cards for retail therapy: pussy wet, diamonds on my neck 🥰✨☺️
izuku and bakugou after they come home from work to the house filled with expensive looking shopping bags: my hands look like this so hers can look like that 😣🙄‼️👊🏾
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cqlfic · 3 months ago
Free Wifi for Heroes
link to AO3 AUTHOR: JJSparrow E, 50023 words, 20/20
RELATIONSHIPS: Lan Wangji / Wei Wuxian BLURB: BNHA AU, inventor!wwx
Wei Wuxian, Founder of Wifi Industries, is the most sought-after Hero Equipment Engineer on the market. From the Yunmeng Lightning Whips to the now commonly used Compass of Evil, his inventions have revolutionized the Hero landscape. It is thus no wonder that the Twin Jades have now secured an appointment.
creator chose not to use archive warnings, alternate universe - pro heroes (my hero academia), switching, engineer!wwx, hero!lan zhan, ceo!wwx, tooth-rotting fluff, inventor!wwx, top!lan zhan, top!wei wuxian, bottom!lan zhan, bottom!wei wuxian, explicit sexual content, alternate universe - everyone lives/nobody dies, fluff, alternate universe - modern setting, alternate universe, fluff and smut, first kiss, first time
[link to all bookmarks]
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coldercreation · 2 months ago
Hello! I love the series you have going on! is it being posted anywhere other than ao3?
Hello!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it, that means a lot!🥰 And no, I only post on ao3. If you see it somewhere else, that’s not me and would appreciate if yous would let me know so I can then take care of it😩
Thank you for the message, I hope you’re well!! x
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neversatisfiedwithlife · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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beanixwright · 4 months ago
when glass animals said “you can’t breathe without me”
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cherryvmin · 2 months ago
Guysss i'm now taking suggestions for moodboards! Please send your requests in :D
(Note: Your request is just a suggestion! It's my decision if i want to do it or not <3)
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mammonswhore · 4 months ago
Heyy🦎 the brothers with an MC with the main "personality traits" of Beel, Bel, and Levi? just eat, sleep and watch anime, you can do with this what you will
only if you're comfortable🤗
remember to drink water and eat daily🥰
This is literally every single one of us during quarantine lol ♥
MC with the personality traits of Levi, Beel and Belphie.
Fuck you,he's already been through this more than once. Just do your tasks and do good in school,please.
He is not completely bothered with your personality since he is familiar with it.
Is completely concerned about your health since he can't have you dying (again) and tries to have a good talk with you about why you can't just sleep,eat and watch anime.
Changes the internet password if you don't do your tasks and threatens you to don't let you have access to human world wifi if you don't go out of your room for at least an hour.
Such a dad behavior honestly.
We have a match!
He loves this type of energy for the sole fact that it not only reminds him of his brothers but also because he knows how to trick you into doing dumb shit.
But if you start slacking he will warn you that Lucifer won't like that and that you should do something every once in a while.
If you eat a lot like Beel he will try to get you to cook for him (if you cook) but if you don't cook then both of you will make a mess in the kitchen and be scolded afterwards but hey you tried.
Calla you "normie" but he knows you ain't not normie.
Recommends you a lot of animes and games anime related that you can actually have fun playing.
He loves the fact that there is someone who understands his rambling but it'a kinda scared to show how much he appreciates it.
He can cook and will cook you anime related foods because thats his way of saying "Thanks for being my friend,normie."
If you sleep a lot he will ask you to stay awake more often so both of you can play together or just talk more.
He is such a baby,honestly.
He is annoyed by your lack of action but laughs when Lucifer struggles with you and threatens you but you don't give a fuck.
Tries to get you to read something because he thinks anime can't teach you the amount of worthy things you can learn from a book.
He thinks you have depression when you sleep and eat only and makes a little research on how to help you but eventually finds out it's just your personality traits.
He thinks that after you made a pact with Levi,Beel and Belphie some of their traits got to you.
Boy is waiting for his trait to manifest on you.
He does not give certain importance at first becaise he lives with Beel and Levi so it was not weird.
Until he remembered that you are a human and that your skin is way more sensitive than his and his brothers.
Gives you a 10 step skin routine and practically begs you to do it.
"Pleeeeeease MC,do it for me!"
You better agree because this man is not going to stop whining until you promise him that you will do it.
Tries to get you out of the house more often to hang out with you but also becase that's the whole point of the exchange program.
He attaches to you because you remind him of Belphie and boy is hurt.
He shares his snacks with you and hears you talk about anime even tho he doesn't understand most of it.
Both of you have more in common than only eating so it's not hard to bond with him.
He likes that you eat so he can be sure you are not starving or just hungry.
Sometimes he will make you a healthy snack and bring it to your room when you are binge watching anime.
Such an understanding person I want to hug him.
He is willing to teach you how to cook healthier and actually waits for you to learn and remember the recipes.
But if you don't remember the recipes he will write them down and hand them to you.
Yesss! Nap buddy #1
Just like Beel,your personality reminds him of his twin and loves you for that.
This little shit is tempting you 24/7 about having another nap with him.
It's so good to sleep with Belphie because he can control your dreams while he is sleeping and honestly you have such good dreams it's impossible to not give in to his begging.
Likes to see how pissed Lucifer is when he finds both of you sleeping instead of doing something.
Fights Lucifer for it because he knows he is doing it for you (and for your shared naps).
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tetsvhoe · 4 months ago
hewwo, congratulations on getting 800 !! 🥳
for the event, can i request suna + this song (focus by h.e.r)?
— i think angst would be perfect for this, but i’ll leave it up to your wonderful creative freedom !! i hope you’re having a great day heh giving you tight hugs for this v wonderful milestone !! 🥰
character/s: suna rintaro x gn!reader
warning/s: neglect, hurt no comfort so much for me not writing angst no comfort y’all what have i become
gwen's notes 🤍: thank u for requesting suna with this song it’s so fitting ugh i hope u enjoy and i also hope i understood u correctly with the angst, not angst/fluff jshdjhsda
Tumblr media
it’s so unfair. suna has completely taken over your life and it hurts to know how you’re not even worth an afterthought to him.
sleep still clouds your mind but your hand feels for your phone aimlessly in a seemingly endless sea of fabric. you squint your eyes at the sudden invasive brightness, but you find no notifications from suna. no calls or texts even as you ended the night before on a sour note, he didn’t bother checking up on you. you sigh, rolling out of bed and making your way to the bathroom.
you stare at your reflection, barely able to recognize the person in front of you. your cheeks are sunken, eyes are puffy and dark circles underneath appeared more evident. your lips are chapped and hair lay flat and lifeless on top of your head. you heave another heavy sigh, turning the faucet on. you hope that the sound of running water washes away your thoughts and the heaviness in your chest you can’t shake off.
you shut your eyes, splashing your face with cold water but an image of him appears in your mind. it almost knocks you off your feet. you tried steadying your breaths, hunched over the bathroom counter. you have no idea how long it took for you to get ready.
you made your way over to his place in a blur too. he opens the door and rolls his eyes when he sees you. he leaves the door open and you let yourself in. as much as you hated being the one to come over to try and fix things, you knew nothing would happen if you left it up to him. besides, in the back of your mind, you knew you might walk out of the same door without fixing things—rather leaving them permanently broken.
you sit on a chair reluctantly as he lays back on his bed and scrolling through his phone again as if you weren’t there.
“suna,” your voice croaks and his name tastes bitter on your tongue.
“what?” he mumbles under his breath.
“we need to talk.”
“we’re talking right now, aren’t we?”
god, how painful is it that you’re barely able to keep yourself together from the sheer amount of pain and yearning in your chest and he sits right there. he’s right there and he doesn’t even feel half as miserable as you did, he didn’t even care.
“please god, please just pay attention to me. this is the last i’ll ever ask you to,” you sobbed, the aching in your chest seemed to claw its way from inside out.
he puts his phone down and looks at you, sees your for the first time in weeks, months even. he wonders if you always looked this pale and distraught.
“i can’t do this anymore. it hurts so much, so fucking much.” your entire body trembles as you sob, if he listens closely he could hear how the fragments of your broken heart rattles against your bones.
you get up and leave, not even waiting for him to say something. you on the other hand had so many more things you wanted to say but you were just tired. what difference would it have made anyway? he didn't listen then, we wouldn't listen now.
suna is too stunned to even chase you before you're out the door. he mulls over if he even wants to. you didn't mean it, right? you've said such things before but you always came running back to him. however, he can't shake off the look on your face. you looked so broken and hurt.
he wonder if he looked up from his phone and gazed in your eyes sooner, would he have seen the same lifeless void? maybe he wouldn't even be seeing it at all. if only he looked at you. even once. even if it was for a split second.
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isimpoveryou · 14 days ago
anniversary and suprises
harry styles x reader
fc: bella hadid
Eleonora Styles: Kenya Jackman
more bella hadid/reader x harry styles posts plssssss!!!
AN: honestly im gonna post more dad!harry content because its just so cute. also some the bellad hadid and harry styles ARE NOT MINE so all credits to the owner!!!
warning: english is my second language
tw: -
𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐬 ★ 𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐚 𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐬
harrystyles ✔︎
Tumblr media
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harrystyles happy 2nd anniversary my love xx. H
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harryfan289 SHNSNSBZJb
lizzobeeating happy anniversary to my baby daddy and sister wife 🥰🥰
harryfan09 this arrogant son of a bitch posted this photo 2 years later.....WHY?! anyway happy anniversary to my parents
arianagrande happy anniversaryyy to you and y/n
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram 🤍 6//10//2019 🤍 @harrystyles
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y/nfan289 it feels just like yesterday the got married
harryfan809 I just love how intimate harry and y/n wedding are
gemmastyles happy 2nd anniversary y/n. i still cant believe you stayed with him for this long
yourinstagram trust me its hard
harryfan27 i just love how simple their wedding but still yet expensive as hell
y/nfan91 💕💕
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram my whole world
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harrystyles ✔︎
Tumblr media
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harrystyles me,mama, and your sister are excited to see you lovie xx H
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gemmastyles ✔︎
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gemmastyles missing my little niece
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y/nfan270 i swear Eleonora has good genes
yourinstagram El misses you too
gemmastyles facetime me in 15 xx
yourinstagram on it
harryfan189 i cant believe shes going to be a big sister
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram we have 15 mins to do a mini Q&A. ask me some question and i will answer some
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y/nfan28 whats your pregnancy cravings?
yourinstagram i have a lot of cravings with my pregnancy but currently im craving pizza and ice cream
harryfan278 which pregnancy is harder Eleonora or this one
yourinstagram both but on the first trimester
florencepugh me or harry
yourinstagram you ofc 🥰🥰
y/nfan729 do you know the gender yet??
yourinstagram yesss we do
styles_update what was Eleonora's reaction when you told her y/n was pregnant
yourinstagram she was dancing and jumping because she was so excited to be a big sister and she loves putting her hand in my belly
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ahhrenata · 3 months ago
I read you were taking requests, so if you’re up for it, Codywan, but cowboys! I’ve been reading @glimmerglanger “Home (On the Range)” fic and Cody is a cowboy hehe. If you haven’t read it yet I HIGHLY recommend the last chapter is coming out Friday :3 Also I love your art it makes me so happy, have a lovely day!
Aw thank you! ❤️ I’m happy you enjoy it! And yesss I binge read this entire thing the other day and I LOVED it! That porch scene after they get caught in the rain was my favorite thing ever 🥰 this whole fic is full of soft and cute moments, I definitely recommend giving it a read if anyone hasn’t yet.
Also, @glimmerglanger you’re an absolute genius and I love you for sharing all your amazing work with us 💕
Tumblr media
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hereforhalstead · 2 months ago
"What was it you said about that begging?”
Tumblr media
*Photo not mine, credits to the owner* 
 • Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader.
• Requested: yesss
My bestie @halsteadlover requested this a good few months ago and threatens to block me on a daily basis when I don’t post it💀🥰
BESTIEEEEEEE okay talking about the IG vids can you write something about reader and Jay working out together but they can't keep their hands off each other like they tease each other and stuff like that I'D DIE TO READ IT PLEASE AND THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️
• Warnings: swearing - smut implied
• Summary: From the moment you wake up, you decide it was the day to tease Jay. During an annual training session you take full advantage to push him to the edge but when he corners you in the locker room, he reminds you who’s in charge and the power he has over you.
• Words: 5119.
• A/N : So I’m reeeaalllllyyyy not sure on this one lmao but if i don’t post it now, i never will and i will well and truly get blocked hahah. I have 3 ongoing reqeusts in my drafts that I’m hoping to post this week and sorry for how long they take but i promise I’m not ignoring them xx
Hope you enjoy!
“I wasn’t meant to stay here” you moan, sensing the usual arms tightly wound around your waist as the light shines through the window and directly into your ears. “Hmm?” you feel Jay mumble into your back, pulling you closer to him as he stirs in his slumber. 
“Jay, we said I wouldn’t stay here on week days” you push your head further into the pillow as you rant “Why do you always have to get your own way?” you tease, feeling the hairs on your neck stand up as he breaths a chuckle into your skin, grabbing at your shoulder to plant a kiss on your cheek.
 “If I recall, you didn’t put up much of a fight” you can hear the mischievousness in his voice, even first thing in the morning this man still knew how to make your stomach flip “I hate you”.
He lightly pulls at your shoulder, causing you to flip over and now be face to face with him as your head lands on his pillow. He reaches to caress your features as you close your eyes at the soft contact, he leans forward to place a chaste kiss to your lips as you smile “I think we both know that isn’t true, baby”.
You nestle your head into the crook of his neck, earning a low groan to escape from his throat as he grasps at your hips “We’ve got training today” he digs his fingertips into your skin as you jolt “You feeling up to it?”.
You look up to see the gloat on his face, knowing full well if you weren’t, it would be on him and he would take guilty pleasure over watching you struggle due to your late night antics “If I fall, I’m bringing you down with me Halstead” you tease, feeling his chest vibrate as he chuckles, planting a kiss to the top of your head as he jokes “You’ll get no objections from me”
After what had already felt like a long morning you’d finally got Jay to get out of bed and could hear him moping around as you showered, whining about how you wouldn’t let him join you was truly amusing you. “We won’t be late, just let me in for 5 minutes” he pleads as you hear the electric toothbrush he was using switch off.
 “Jay, stop acting like a child who isn’t getting their way” you respond, withholding your laughter as you could tell he wasn’t enjoying this half as much as you. “I won’t even touch you, I swear I just want a quick shower before work and if we shower together it saves water” he innocently adds, causing you to roll your eyes before shutting off the water and pulling back the curtain to poke your head round, seeing him leaning his back on the counter with his arms folded.
The amount of will power it took to not pull him into you was stronger than ever, the veins on his arms protruding, the frustration sweeping across his brows and the tension in his stance had you weak but you stood your ground.
You quickly jumped out of the shower, engulfing your body in one of the warm towels before placing a kiss to his cheek “Showers free” you wink, strutting away but stopped in your tracks as he pulls at the material on the towel to bring you back to him. “Feeling in that kind of mood today, are we?” he teases, eyes running over your body as you feel the water drip from your skin.
He grasps at your hips to stand you between his legs as you feel your heart skip a beat at the hunger in his eyes “It’s gonna be a long day for you if that’s the case” he threatens. You innocently shrug, pushing on his chest to release yourself from his hold “Hurry up, I don’t want to miss the class” you put an extra swing in your hips as you walk away, feeling his eyes burning into your back as you prance.
“If I’m in a bad mood today, it’s on you” he calls out after you as you chuckle “Get your ass in the shower Halstead” you hit back, hearing him let out a groan from behind you “It’s just not the same alone”. 
After leaving Jay’s apartment to head home and pick out some clothes to wear, you decided it was going to be a day of teasing Jay given how the morning had already started. You set aside the loose baggy tshirt you’d planned on wearing and swapped it for a tight tank top, a sports bra which definately exetuated your chest and some of the leggings he’d picked up for you when he saw them in a store and instantly sent you a text with ‘I need to see your ass in these’.
You got the reaction you’d been thinking about since you changed into the clothes this morning as Jay’s eyes fell on you “What the fuck are you wearing?” His voice was stern and his tone was serious as he watched you drop your bag besides him “There better be a baggy jumper or something in there” he growled, lips pursed in anger. You tied your hair up in a ponytail with a soft sigh “You don’t like it?”.
“I know what you’re doing Y/N” he whispered so only you could hear, crossing his arms across his chest to resist from touching you like he so desperately wanted too “It’s not big and it’s not clever” he warned but this only spurred you on more as you chuckled “Oh baby, I’m just getting started”.
“I feel quite underdressed” Kim joked, eyeing your rather exposing outfit with a scoff “What?” you innocently questioned, hands on your hips and full aware Jay was watching from the other side of the room. 
“What do you mean, what?” Hailey taunted with a shake of her head, you knew they were judging you but not in a mean way. In the same way you would if either of them had turned up wearing what you’d chosen but little did they know the intent behind your actions. 
You turned to see Jay stood still with his arms folded, practically hearing the heavy breathing coming from his lips as he still couldn’t take his eyes off you despite being in full conversation with Kevin.
You decided to have some more fun and invited yourself into their discussion, bounding over to them and leaning your elbow up onto Kevin’s shoulder which Jay didn’t appreciate in the slightest.
“Looking good Y/N” Kevin innocently commented but paired with the way his eyes roamed up and down your body you could already predict how Jay would be internally fuming. “You don’t think it’s a bit too revealing?” Jay asked, sinister chuckle soon following but Kevin just shook his head whilst still having his gaze on you.
 “Not at all, she can wear what she wants to wear. Right?” you nodded to Kevin’s answer, trying your hardest not to laugh at how wound up Jay was getting by all of this.
 “Atleast someone is nice about it, Halstead has been nothing but a dick to me since I got here” you rolled your eyes and watched as Jay shifted slightly “You know what they say, boys who pull girls ponytails is because they have a crush on them” Kevin teased, causing Jay to scoff “She wishes”. 
“Right, you need to pair up for the next one so Atwater you go with Upton, Burgess with Halstead and Y/L/N with Ruzek” the instructor called out and you can’t ignore the way your heart skipped a beat at the thought of being paired with Adam. Part of you wanted to be with Jay, giving you full opportunity to continue your teasing but the furious look Jay was currently shooting across to Ruzek was making it all the more fun. 
“Lucky me” Adam mocked, slinging an arm round your shoulder as he made his way over to you “Just keep your hands to yourself Ruzek” you batted his chest, fully aware Jay was intently listening to everything you were saying which added to the flirtyness in your comments “No promises” he shrugged but Kevin laughing from besides you caught Adam’s attention “All in the name of training and becoming better Detectives, right?” he defended himself but the smrik on his face told a different story “If you say so Ruz”.
If the session seemed never ending to you then it definitely did to Jay, you were having a great time and enjoying yourself immensely but this was at his expense. The daring looks he was shooting to Ruzek who was only doing his training but to Jay, his hands were on you when he didn’t want them to be. 
The way he was gripping at your waist to bundle you on the floor as part of one of the tasks nearly tipped him over the edge, when Adam pulled away the red marks from how tight his grasp on you was made him lose it. Not concentrating properly and therefore not holding Kim right was the least of his worries. He only had an attention span for you and it was being tested.
“What’s Halstead’s problem?” Adam whispered in your ear to which you shrugged “Seems normal to me” you innocently commented, watching in the mirror as even from the other side of the room Jay clearly was struggling to hide his rage. 
“Are you kidding? If looks could kill, I would’ve been dead before the session even started” he remarked, causing you to let out a loud enough chuckle for Jay to hear “I’ll have a word with him after” you reasured, knowing full well in your mind there wouldn’t be much talking going on between the pair of you after all of this.
You were starting to regret how testing you’d been with him, you knew he doesn’t have much patience when it comes to this type of thing but it had already gone on for long enough, why stop now?
Even though it was all for work you’d convinced yourself he was enjoying himself with Kim a little too much, the giggles you could hear coming from them as everyone else was silent, the arm resting on her shoulder during breaks and even down to the fact he had volunteered them to give a demonstration hadn’t gone unnoticed by an equally jealous Adam.
“Atleast she’s putting a smile on his face” his forbidding tone made you jump as you watched the pair of them exchange conversation over the drinks fountain. You acted surprised, like you hadn’t been watching them out of the corner of your eye the entire time, Jay was starting to win the game of who can make who jealous and that wasn’t sitting right with you. You patted Adam on the chest with a laugh “Believe me, it’s not a smile on his face that he wants”.
“Time to switch partners” the intructor called out and you didn’t know whether to hope you’d be with Kevin or face the rath of Jay. You could tell you’d taken it too far but now he was choosing to also play the game, it spurred you on so you had no intentions of stopping.
“Upton with Ruzek, Atwater with Burgess and Y/L/N with Halstead” Your heart dropped at the way Jay’s expression didn’t change, he still stood with a slight frown, brows knitted and fist clenched round his water bottle as you made your way over to him.
“Look’s like your fun is over” he sighed before he took a sip of his water, little did he know how much the fun wasn’t over and what you had in store now you were partnered up with him.
His eyes widened as you took the bottle out of his hand and quickly downed the liquid, allowing the small trail of water that had escaped the side of the bottle to trickle down the side of your lip.
Slowly lifting your thumb to wipe it away before bringing it between your lips to lick the cold liquid off. Watching as his eyes were on your every move, even though he knew it would’ve been best for him to look away, he just couldn’t. The satisfaction of seeing the harsh gulp told you everything you needed to know as you handed back his near empty bottle “Oh Halstead, who says the fun has to be over?”
“You two?” you flinched as the instructor clearly wasn’t impressed by how little attention the pair of you were paying as he called from the front of the room “Care to tell me what I just said?” he questioned and you knew neither of you could recall hardly anything that had happened in the past few hours, let alone the recent minutes. 
“Pay attention or we can switch partners again, if you don’t work well together?” you tried your best to keep the smile from your face, you worked well together, too well and that was the issue. Neither of you liked losing and were now very aware it was a competition to who can make who the most jealous, even though not so deep down you both knew you were very much winning. 
“We’re good, thanks for the offer” Jay grimaced through his teeth, the thought of you going back to Adam wasn’t an option and didn’t want anyone to suggest it again. You rolled your eyes and turned back to Jay, listening to the instructor call out directions over your shoulder.
The words soon became pure background noise as you stood staring with Jay, feeling his hitched breath from frustration made you feel weak. The way his arms were flexed and his jaw clenched was a sure sign of how his patience was wearing thin, exactly how you wanted it.
It’s not that you and Jay aren’t an ‘active’ couple but sometimes you craved that need of being desperately wanted, the excitement of ‘i have to have you now and It doesn’t matter where we are’ was on your mind and you weren’t going to stop until you got it. Jay was more than happy to go along with your plan as everyone knew he had the ‘you’re mine and I don’t care who knows it’ vibe but they didn’t realize how bad he had it with you. 
You were the exact same, sensing your heart tighten at the sight of a girl flirting with Jay or merely a suspect being a little to nice to him was enough to set you off so safe to say you were as bad as each other, but you both loved it. 
“So, you’re going to throw your arm round your partners chest, pulling them towards you” the words boomed across the room, catching your attention and bringing you out of the trance you were in with Jay. You turned to face the front, positioning one leg in between Jay’s with the other stepped to the side to copy the demonstration. Jay latched his arm around your front as instructed, pulling you back so you were flat against him.
“Don’t get too excited” you teased under your breath so only Jay could hear, to your disappointment you didn’t get a response. A mere grunt was all he could fathom in fear of saying the wrong thing and landing himself in a position he didn’t want to be in right now. 
“Detectives, you’re going to grab onto your attackers arm but being sure to keep your weapon hand free and ready to use” the instructor added, you did as you were told and grabbed onto Jay’s arm, noticing it flinch under your slightest touch. “Watch yourself” he threatened, so close to your ear you could feel the warmth from his harsh words. 
Adjusting your grip on his arm to graze your fingernails along his skin you huffed “Just following the instructions, Detective” you innocently responded, taking a glance back to see the darkness in his eyes was the best thing you could’ve hoped for “Think you’re the one who needs to watch yourself” you mocked but he was not amused. 
You watched as the instructor demonstrated the next steps, effortlessly slinging the ‘attacker’ over his shoulder and onto the ground. “Sorry, you’re expecting me to do that with him?” you questioned, aware Jay was easily towering over you and the idea of you being able to lift him over your shoulder was laughable.
“Yes Detective, what if you’re being attacked and he or she is bigger than you. You’re just gonna allow yourself to get hurt because you don’t think you can defend yourself?” he retaliated but you were confident there would be other ways in which you could get yourself out of this situation, without trying to lift someone who could have you on the floor in seconds over your shoulder. 
“Why can’t we learn another way? I’m not about to swing some big drug dealer around and probably injure myself when I could just use my elbow to dig into his gut and my knee into his southern region. Boom he’d be on the ground and I could then present my weapon to keep him there” you shrugged, feeling the vibrations from Jay’s chest as he chuckled “I could demonstrate?” you offered but Jay was quick to interject “No I think he gets the point Y/N, we don’t need to see that”.
The instructor called out for everyone to do a round of push ups for your attitude, slowly making his way over to you as you finished your 10. “Quite the mouth you’ve got on you, huh?” he questioned, clearly feeling dominate as his arms folded across his chest. 
You watched as even whilst doing his set, Jay was watching the mans every move and the internal laugh at how quickly he would have him on the floor if he tried anything with you. Even you were sure you could take him, he talked a big game but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. 
“Like you wouldn’t believe” you taunted, watching as his face dropped after clearly not recieving the answer he expected. Used to people bowing before him and clinging onto his every word, you were different, you had a backbone and he didn’t like it. 
“10 burpees and then you’re done. Get to the lockers to cool off” he demanded before storming off, you were grateful to see Adam and Hailey laughing at the whole episode but Kevin shaking his head with an eye roll.
You held your hands up in defeat as Jay stood up besides you “You just want to piss everyone off today?” he mumbled to which you nodded “You want to stand behind me as I do these Halstead?” you propositioned, placing your hand on his chest to gently move him back as you stood in front of him “You can tell me if i’m doing it wrong”. 
You started your set, being sure to slow your movements as you bent down in front of Jay. Looking around to see that everyone else had continued with the excersise, giving you more confience as you knew no one else was watching apart from Jay. He wanted to move, he wanted to look away but he couldn’t. His eyes were glued to you and he couldn’t stop.
As it got closer to the end of your burpees, you noticed how Jay had inched closer and closer to you throughout your set. So much so that when you stood up from your last one, feeling slightly light headed, Jay settled his hands on your hips to keep you from stumbling.
Forgetting where you were and that everyone else was around, he didn’t care. He saw the oppertunity to have his hands on you and took it, even going as far to have a little fun of his own as he whispers “Careful baby, don’t give up on me now”.
Jay was quick to remove his hands on you as he caught the instructor peering over, withdrawing his gaze as he notices Jay staring back at him. 
“Y/L/N, what did I say about being done? Get yourself to the lockers to cool off, you can re take the training another day” he demands, eyes back onto Jay as he almost seems to stare him down “When you don’t have as many distractions”. 
You stifled a laugh at his comment, happily slinging your jumper over your shoudler and picking your water bottle up from the floor. Again, making sure to position yourself just right in front of Jay as you do so “It’s been fun” you comment to Jay as you stroll past, luckily being the closest to the door to make your exit. Noticing the serious frown he had on his face as you turned, hands on his hips as he watches you in the mirror with a glimpse of dissapointment. 
You hurried yourself down the hall and to the lockers, throwing your plastic bottle in the bin and shoving your jacket down on the bench next to you. You leant your elbows on your knees and rested your head in your hands, you’d fucked up. 
You knew the training wasn’t serious and no one else was even paying attention for it to be worthwhile. It was something the unit had to do yearly but you used it as an excuse to still get paid despite being off shift and all the more reasons to banter each other about. Even Voight refused as he knew it was a waste of time and none of you needed it. 
As you heard the sound of the door open and close you almost dreaded looking up to see who it was, your gut feeling telling you that you took it too far with Jay and he was not in the mood to find it funny. The relief washes over you as Kim sits herself besides you, huffing as she rests herself on your back that was still hunched over. 
“What a bastard, kicked me out for laughing after you’d gone” she mocked “Think he just needs to get some”. You both chuckled at the mess of a day you’d experienced and how it had just been another year of pointless training. 
“You’d think by now they’d realise we learn faster on the job rather than some dick telling us to throw someone over our shoulder?” you groaned “One kick to the balls and they’re down, job done” you remarked, feeling her laugh against you before sitting up in an instant. 
“You get kicked out too?” you heard her ask, looking between your fingers to see the trainers Jay was wearing, now stood in front of you.
“Nope, just came to see if Y/N was alright. She looked a bit faint before she left” he sweetly remarked but of course you knew this was a lie, a ruse for him to get you on his own and have it out with you about your actions. 
“She seems fine to me?” Kim asks but Jay wasn’t in the mood to converse as he snaps “Can you just give us a few minutes? Think she needs someone to remind her who’s in charge”. She pats you on the shoulder as you keep your gaze to the ground, unsure of what you’ve let yourself in for as you hear her footsteps get quieter as she heads for the door “You mean in charge of the training, right?”. Jay turns and wipes the smirk from his face at Kim’s comment “Yeah sure, the training”.
You both sit in silence, feeling him watching over you was hardly giving you motivation to stand and face him. Even without looking, you could see the way his arms would be folded with his brows furrowed, waiting patiently for you to give him the attitude you’d had all day, but you didn’t.
“Do you feel okay?” his voice broke the silence, even in a mood with you he still wanted to check you were alright which added to the lust you had for him. You nodded, finally bringing your attention onto him to see his glare back at you, even darker than you’d expected. 
“I’m fine” you croaked out, standing to your feet and examining the way he barely flinched as you came close to him “Love watching you hold onto Kim a little too long, really makes my day” you taunted, instantly regretting the words falling from your mouth the second after they do. His brows raise as he runs his thumb along his jawline with a huff of laughter “Don’t start” he warns but after you tilt your head in innocence, he loses it. 
“You wanna talk about making someone’s day?” he raises his tone, arms gesturing as he rants. “Adam was sure as hell looking happy with you out there, you were all over him during a work training session Y/N. How low do you wanna get?” he questions and before you can even speak to defend yourself, he continues "Then you have the audacity to do all your little tricks when you knew full well what it would do to me”. 
The motion of his chest was rising and falling in frustration was pushing you to the edge, you could barely think of how to respond but you explaining yourself wasn’t on his agenda as his anger continued to flood.
 “Don’t even get me started on what you’re wearing” he lifts his hand to pull at the waistband of your leggings, letting them snap back against your skin as you let out a yelp “You really chose the wrong day to test me Y/N, the wrong day”.
You wanted him to push you back against the locker, you wanted him to attack your neck with his lips but he didn’t. He was beyond frustrated and he wasn’t about to give into what you wanted.
“You want me to apologise?” you offer, pressing your hands against his chest but almost the second you create the contact, he steps back to allow them to the drop. “You want to see me beg for your forgiveness, is that it Jay?”. He stayed staring at you, a silence forming again as you use this to your advantage.
"Is that something you’d like to see?” you move ever so slightly towards him, watching as his eyes flick down to your lips but then back up to your eyes as if he never let it happen as you continue your taunt “Me on my knees?”.
You lightly press your lips into the crook of his jaw, praising yourself as he becomes rigid under your touch “I tell you, if I go down there. It’s not gonna be to beg”. You feel him groan, smirking against his skin as his hands instantly grip at your hips. 
“You don’t get to do this” he mutters out as you continue to trail chaste kisses along his jawline “You don’t get to piss me off all day and then act like you’re the one in control” you flinch at the way he digs his thumbs into your skin, a sinister chuckle escaping at your noise “You angered me Y/N. Really angered me”.
In an instant, it was you that was against the lockers and despite this being what you’d thought about all day, you hadn’t gone as far to plan for the way he’d look at you as he did so.
One hand on the cold metal next to your head, the other locked on your waist as he lightly licks his lower lip with his eyes firmly on you. Both having a slight pant at his fast action and the intensity that had grown in a short space of time “I-i di..” you stumble your words, at the point you need to think about what you say before you say it. Not wanting to make things worse for yourself than they already were.
“Don’t act shy with me baby, we both know I’ve got you right where you want to be” he sneers, bringing his fingertips to graze your upper arm “All that because you just wanted me to remind you who you go home with at the end of the day” you flutter your eyes closed at the soft contact of his lips on your collarbone. 
“The one who you know makes you feel better than anyone ever could” he continues his teasing as his lips trail up onto your neck and below your ear “The one who should be the only person to see you in these clothes, before ripping them off” he lightly nips at your earlobe, placing a kiss to the red skin merely seconds later with a chuckle “Oh baby, you don’t seem to confident now?”.
He pulls back to see the weakness grow behind your eyes, the way you lean further back into the lockers to keep yourself standing gave him that glint of a smile. He knew after everything you’d done, he was still the one who could make you this way whilst barely even touching you. His hand holding you in place, your fingers getting entangled in his hair as he litters your neck with kisses.
“Now, what was it you said about that begging?”
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baejso · a month ago
hi! i saw that the requests are open n i was hoping if u could write a cute fluff abt bf!jeno taking care of his stressed s/o because of univ/school?? THANK YOUUUU!!!!
oh yesss it issss 🥰🥰🥰!! thank you for requesting!! sorry if this is kinda bad. i feel like i could’ve wrote it better, but this is from an experience anddddd i just hope you enjoy it anon! the title doesn’t really come up with the fic djenfjne
FOOLS — lee jeno.
PAIRING. idol bf!lee jeno x reader
GENRE. established relationship au, pure fluff with only a hint of angst.
Tumblr media
you don’t get it.
how do you not get it?
your professor thought it would be fun to discuss a difficult topic then have a pop quiz tomorrow early in the morning. what’s worst is that you don’t understand the lesson!
your hair has gone messy with all the times you run your fingers into it, or how you would pull them from frustration and silently scream. you’ve been sitting on your desk for straight 3 hours and still, nothing comes into your mind. sighing heavily with tears threatening to spill from your eyes, you threw your head back and stared at the ceiling.
you need to pass this exam to make the people around you proud— you just have too.
“maybe i just need water” you mumbled to yourself, sniffling and grabbing your notebook before dragging your feet out of the room to the kitchen.
after chugging the glass of water, you wiped your mouth using the sleeve of the sweater of your boyfriend and leaned towards the kitchen table, scanning through your messy notes.
“i can do this, i can do this, i can do this— who am i kidding? I can’t do this” you sobbed out, not realizing a tear escaped your eye and fell down on the paper of your notebook. you never thought of yourself as clingy or dependent, but right now, you desperately need jeno here with you. and to be honest? you miss him.
lately, jeno has been so busy with his comebacks that he never comes home back to you anymore. he stays at the dorm where the rest of nct dream lives at.
“why are you thinking of him, y/n? focus! he’s already busy with his work, don’t be a burden” you scolded yourself and took a deep breath. wiping your tears from the stress and started reading the words you don’t seem familiar off out loud, trying your best to understand them.
your going to pass that pop quiz, even if it means death.
Tumblr media
okay, you never thought the world would take you seriously. right now, you feel like dying. your stomach and head hurts, and you couldn’t even concentrate on your studies anymore. your eyes starts to blurry as tears filled them once again. feeling defeat, you slowly sat on the floor, devastated.
all you wanted was to make your parents proud, was to make jeno proud. why is it so hard?
meanwhile, jeno happily slipped out of his shoes, thinking about how happy you will be to see him after many weeks of just talking on the phone. he imagined you running in his arms, hugging him tightly and pretending that you don’t miss him when he could see the love in your eyes.
oh how he missed you.
jeno impatiently typed in the passcode and opened the door. he smiled widely as he inhaled the fresh air of the apartment, “y/n, baby, i’m home!”. no sign of you, weird.
“baby? are you in here?” he asked once again, closing the door and removing his coat. huh, maybe your already asleep. jeno smiled at the thought of you resting peacefully and taking care of yourself. he really loves you and wishes you could see what he sees and love yourself more.
so with that said, he didn’t expect to see you curled on the floor of the bedroom, crying silently to yourself while desperately clutching on your notebook. “oh, gorgeous…” jeno gasped and immediately sat near you, lifting you at ease and pulling you in his arms.
“j-jeno?” you hiccuped and immediately bought your hands up to wipe your tears. you tried to stop sobbing, causing your breath to grow heavy as you try to act okay. “babe, your here already? wow, that’s great! tell me, how was the comeback? did you skip any meals— and if you did, i’ll spank you!” you joked, despite your situation. jeno was not buying it. he knew you better then that.
“why were you crying, hmm?” he asked in a gentle voice, wiping your dry tears. you scoffed, “m-me? hah, I don’t think so! i just got something in my eye…”.
“no. you didn’t” jeno spoke, eyes roaming around your pale face. his worry increased when you started visibly sobbing again, yet, you still try to stop. “i-i’m not lying!”, your voice cracked. “baby, you know you can’t hide anything from me…please cry, stop holding it back. I won’t force you anymore, just tell me when your ready” he once again cradled you in his arms.
feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted, you finally let yourself fall apart and lean more into your boyfriend. you tightly wrapped your arms around his torso as your muffled sobs echoed in the room. jeno rubbed your back and pressed light kisses on your forehead. he knew you hated being babied and depending on someone, but he wants you to know that he’s always here for you. you don’t have to keep it all in, share your pain with him.
“i-it’s stupid,” you murmured and slightly pull away from his hold, looking down to avoid his eyes, “i have this pop quiz tomorrow and I couldn’t understand the lesson no matter how hard i try to study. it’s stressing me out…all i wanted is to make all of you proud of me…”. jeno slightly frowned and cupped your cheeks to make you look at him, “what do you mean..?”.
“I don’t know. both my parents are lawyers and your a successful idol while i’m….i’m just…y/n…” you whispered.
jeno’s frown only deepened as he shook his head. “baby, no. i love you but no. your not just y/n, your the y/n— and not only that, your my y/n. your the most sweetest, most beautiful, kindest girl i ever met in my whole life. I don’t know if you know, but everytime i see you, my life turns better. every second, every minute, i’m loving you more deeper and deeper. it hurts me that you keep beating yourself up like this, love. your so much better then you think you are”.
your cheeks flushed different shades of pink as you try to look away from him again. you opened your mouth to speak, when nothing came out. god, jeno sure has a talent to make you speechless sometimes…
“i’ll help you study for your pop quiz, hmm? how about that?” he offered. you nodded your head and passed him your notebook, “i-i couldn’t understand the words— their so unfamiliar that i—“
“—baby i see the problem now. these words you don’t understand, are really not words” jeno chuckled as he read your notes. “what…?”.
“it’s polynomials not nomynials. who gave you these wrong notes?” he asked, glancing back at you.
you chewed on your bottom lip, remembering that you had to skip half of the class that day since you had to help one of the professors. you asked help from a classmate to take some notes for you and— oh.
jeno laughed and grabbed a pen to correct all the wrong notes. then, he passed them to you. almost immediately, you read them and finally, you actually start to understand. “see? your so smart, y/n. me and your parents are so proud of you whatever happens, as long as your healthy and happy”. he wrapped one arm around your shoulder as he stared at your side figure. “I wouldn’t say that, i mean, i was fooled by my classmate and worst is I actually cried about literally nothing”.
“don’t worry, your not alone. i’m a fool only for you too” jeno grinned, obviously lovesick, causing you to weakly pinch his side and chuckle.
“tell me about your day while i read these notes. i’ll just scan them when i wake up tomorrow” you hummed. jeno huffed and started to talk about how annoyed he is with haechan and how jaemin keeps trying to kiss him.
“…and then haechan really had the audacity to prank me like that! how could i not see that coming? i’ve been living with him ever since my young teenage days! and oh, don’t get me started with jaemin—“
you love jeno, that’s one thing for sure. and he’s someone you can’t afford to loose…it’s not like he’ll leave you either.
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simpforsadbois · 3 months ago
Sksnnsjsn Ash you said “preferably someone other than aizawa” and my request is aizawa....’s son Shinsou 😭 but hey🤷🏽‍♀️I’ll eat anything you dish out, you feed the masses <3 n e wayz I notice everyone writes a very dom Hitoshi but how about a Hitoshi/reader (any gender) where he’s a soft top🤔fluffy nsfw all de way maybe? I don’t have any specific scenario but maybe reader n tosh have been stressed and drained from their jobs and rarely had time for each other until one night they’re both awake and feel each other 🤔🤔🤔 that is if ur ok with it! Love u, bye :)
Yesss, there needs to be more soft Shinsou 💜 love you too, nonnie! 💕🥰
NSFW, Minors DNI
Pairing: Shinsou x reader
Warnings: daddy kink
Tumblr media
Daddy's Home
You were curled up in bed, eyes heavy from the long work week you'd had, but you were determined to stay awake until you could at least see your husband. Share a goodnight kiss with him for what would be the first time in weeks.
It wasn't often like this. Despite your busy schedules as pro heroes, you both usually managed to have the same time off and plenty to spend together. The team-up cases that you'd been working on had changed that, made it so you'd only seen each other in passing recently and it was killing you.
You missed falling asleep curled up in his warmth, the feeling of his fingertips dragging across your back as he whispered how much he loved you. If you closed, your eyes, you could almost imagine he was right there beside you, doing just that.
The shift of the the mattress stirred you, bidding your sleep-addled eyes to open as a blurred vision of lavender clambered into the bed beside you.
"Babe?" Your voice was a foggy whisper as you propped yourself up on an elbow.
"Sshh. It's me, baby," the voice that answered was soft, but tinged with something darker as his lips moved against yours, taking your chin between a thumb and forefinger. "But it's Daddy right now."
The words flipped a switch in your brain, encouraging the moan you offered against his mouth as it swallowed yours. His fingers moved from your chin to grasp behind your neck, another hand sliding beneath your night shirt to grasp at your breast while his tongue tasted the inside of your mouth.
He pulled you closer, keeping your lips locked together as he rolled onto his back, taking you with him. You followed his lead, casting a leg over his body to straddle his hips, grinding eagerly against his erect member.
"I've missed you, Daddy," you mewled breathlessly into his ear as he sat up, stripping you of your shirt and massaging both of your breasts as he covered them in a combination of kisses and love bites.
"Not as much as I've missed you, baby," he rutted his hips up into yours, groaning as his cock slid against your folds. "Need to feel you." His lips moved to your collarbone as his hands seized your hips, stilling them long enough to slip two fingers beneath you and pull your panties to the side. "You ready for me, Kitten?"
Your hands found purchase in his violet locks, tugging as he slipped one finger into your dripping entrance, pulling a needy whine from your throat, "Yes, Daddy."
"Such a good girl for me," you could feel his lips curl into a smile against your neck as he lined himself up, sinking you down onto his cock with a low growl.
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gothmommyuwu · 13 days ago
true love is being molested 🥰 especially in public or casually, talking to our friends at a party when you start fingering me without even looking at me or pausing in your conversation. like yesss you own me, molest me molest me molest me and make me cry from being so embarrassed that i came from being molested in front of everyone 🥺
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otptings · a month ago
The Unexpected
Tumblr media
⇲Idol: Ten Lee
⇲Requested : Yesss Can I request ten as fwb? Smutty-fluff 🥰 thank you so much!
⇲Genre: Bestfriends(wb) to Lovers (18+)
⇲Word Count: 3,010K
⇲Warnings: explicit sexual content, marking, unprotected sex, other idols mentioned, Beomgyu appears, marijuana mentioned, sounds like dubious consent (it is fully consensual), raw sex, oral (f receiving) , multiple orgasms (badly described)
⇲Synopsis: Ten is the most easygoing person you know, especially since you've been with best friends (with benefits for years). Those lines you thought were still strong - although blurred - disappear from under your feet and for once you don't know what to do.
⇲A/n: not one of my best works but I am proud how this came out after editing, as many of y'all now I was moving and packing up into my new apartment, the school year doesn't start up until next week so I will be trying to push these requests out quickly while I have free time. thank you for sticking around with me and I hope you enjoyed this. if you do enjoy this request they're open for SVT, Treasure, and Enhypen. Also please like, reblog, or donate to my Ko-Fi in my bio. Requests might be opening for the The Boyz soon, if you would be interested in that please request something for them, or any other idol you would like.
You would’ve never predicted - or even thought - that the scrawny Thai exchange student who clung to your side all of highschool, would join the college dance team and gain more confidence than you ever thought he was capable of, alongside a glow up that left him utterly gorgeous.
You’d also never thought that despite him helping your ‘promiscuous’ reputation by encouraging you to - safely - sleep with every attractive person that glanced your way he’d the one that you were regularly fucking on a weekly bases.
Expect the unexpected.
Ten had successfully pavloved you into getting aroused at the sound of Korean R&B, and now in your dark bedroom with the music quietly emitting from your speaker was no different. From his position in between your legs the red led lights reflected off of his hair giving him an incubus like appearance, with his fingers lightly trailing over the inside of your thigh as he placed soft kisses to your clit. Teasing.
“Ten stop playing.” Your childlike whining made Ten laugh. Situations like this brought out your bratty side, anything to stop his incessant teasing but when he harshly sucked on your clit pulling a surprised gasp from you all thoughts of being a brat flew out of the window.
“Patience baby, patience.” You clenched around nothing as two fingers circled your hole, a whimper leaving your mouth, “Be a good girl for me.” You relaxed as he pushed in a finger, running your fingers through his hair as he sucked on your clit causing your hips to jerk off the bed. You were met with his free hand pinning your hips down so he could continue his assault against your clit. There was no way to maintain your moans as his fingers continuously massaged your g spot. This was pure bliss.
Which lasted all of two seconds due to Ten’s phone ringing, marimba blaring through the speakers causing you both to jolt up. Ten inserted another finger before grabbing his phone, curling them up to massage your walls as he answered it.
“Kinda busy. What do you want?”
“You’re fucking joking.”
“Give me ten.” Another whimper left you as he pulled out, pressing his soaked fingers to your lips. Opening your mouth you happily sucked your arousal off of them until Ten deemed them clean, patting your cheek with his still wet fingers with a quiet ‘good girl’. You whined as Ten stood up from the bed, grabbing his wallet and keys from the nightstand.
“Where are you going? I thought I had you all night.” Ten laughed at your pouting as he leaned down, placing his hand on the back of your neck.
“I forgot about a group project. I gotta go to Sicheng’s.”
“You promised we’d have a movie night.”
“I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
“Wasted perfectly good lingerie for this.” Ten sighed before pressing his lips to yours, kissing you sweetly before he was walking out of your bedroom. The sound of your apartment door closing behind him caused you to groan and flop back against your bed.
You were horny. Even more now than when you were waiting for Ten’s class to finish. The telltale sound of the speaker disconnecting meant Ten was officially far enough away for you to not feel guilty about finding another sneaky link. You had needs after all, ones that he couldn’t satisfy.
Opening Snapchat you scrolled through your list. Who to replace Ten?
Mingi? He was strong enough to safely hold you against the wall why fucked you - an act he’s done on more than one occasion, always causing you to squirt. Taller than anyone else you knew, with a dick that was in perfect proportions to the rest of his body. In fewer words, he was hung. Mingi is too emotional though, always asking you on a date after you fuck, and also believes in love at first sight. For every girl he meets. Hard pass.
Haechan? His dick isn’t half bad, not the biggest one you’ve ever seen - certainly not the smallest - but he could work his hips and give you a blinding orgasm 45% time. Not even close to being comparable to Ten, and the other 65 percent%? Him cumming off of giving you head, while it is hot his refractory period is too short so you won’t be able to have a good orgaasm. Plus he refuses to act his age, and his roommates never leave the dorm so you’re forced to bite a pillow and hide your moans. No thank you.
Joshua? An incredibly pretty American boy, almost prettier than you. Almost. Your toes are constantly curled due to how immaculate his head giving skills are AND how excellently he’s dicking you down. Despite the fact that he tends to cum too quickly an orgams is guaranteed - read:head - and treats you like a gentleman before, during, and after sex. Con? He cums once and his dick is out of commision. No gracias.
Yoongi? Your praise kink is at an all time high whenever you see him, knows exactly how to sweet talk you out of your panties. Always says the right things, and if you don’t like it will happily change it to make you comfortable. His tongue is magical in the way that he raps, and in the way that he can make you cum after one minute of sucking on your clit. But he puts his music over sex so it takes weeks to see him. Having to make an actual appointment for dick? Yikes, hell no.
Beomgyu? The only person on this list that could rival Ten’s dick in every way, it seems almost perfectly made for you, and with how pretty it is you want it in your mouth at all times. Your mouth is starting to water just thinking about the weight on your tongue. His presence is comforting, and he is prone to making jokes in the middle of sex. Everything flows naturally with him, there is never an awkward moment. Plus he never lets you leave his apartment hungry, prone to ordering late night take out just to make sure you’re fed. Perfect.
You up?
sleep is for the week
u coming?
Of course
Rookie mistake to visit Beomgyu on a Wednesday night. The soreness between your legs tempted you to crawl back into bed, ignoring your class on the other side of campus. You wanted to pass though, so you had no choice but to turn off your alarm and force yourself into the shower. Walking became your last problem when you looked into the mirror.
It looked as if you were mauled by a bear. The right side of your neck was covered in hickeys, ranging from small purple bruises to an actual bite mark at the base of your neck from him biting down as he came. There was no way you’d cover all of the marks and make it to class on time. After your shower you opted for a hoodie - ironically one of Yoongi’s you’d ‘borrowed’ after you dress ripped on a drunken night - and booked it down the stairs, being met with an apologetic looking Ten and an iced coffee.
“Sorry for leaving, in my defence Kun almost murdered me for forgetting the project.” You took the coffee, muttering a thank you and taking a sip from it. Three pumps of caramel, one extra shot of espresso, two sugars and oat milk. Your favorite order. Tossing his arm over your shoulder you both started the walk to class.
“I shouldn’t have agreed to this group. Lucas spent the whole night flirting, and Hendery was too distracted by the flirting to do work.”
“Did y’all even get any work done?”
“Nope. Instead of getting my dick wet I watched WinWin and Kun attempt to get us to listen and do work. YangYang was there so I got free weed.” As you approached the building hosting your class you saw Beomgyu standing outside. How could you possibly forget his studio was in the same building? You weren’t ashamed of your reputation, you did prefer your hookups to remain unaware of each other, especially when you went to Beomgyu directly after Ten left you high and dry.
“My classmate will walk me up. Bye Ten.” Ten only watched as you brushed his arm off and ran over to the boy with a mullet - Beomgjun? He felt weird. As if his chest was empty as he stared at you smiling brightly at him when he opened the door for you, both of you disappearing into the building. The feeling remained as he jogged to his own class in a feeble attempt to be on time.
Ten’s pen and paper remained unused throughout his class. He would usually watch Netflix to pass the time, but today all he could do was analyze the moment you shared with Beom-seok. His chest felt as if it was being drained every time he thought about you looking happy to see anyone else, you hadn’t even smiled at him that brightly when he brought your favorite coffee order, only giving him a tight lipped smile and a quiet thank you. Not even a kiss on the cheek.
He shot up when his class ended, putting his empty notebook into his backpack - he’d get the notes from Xiaojun later - and sprinted across campus. Your class lets out only 15 minutes after his, and he wanted to wait for you and hopefully make up for running out yesterday. He had expected to catch you as you walked out of the Arts building and ask you if you wanted to come over, he hadn’t expected you to be carried out bridal style, by the same mop headed guy from earlier. He felt as if he could physically growl at the scene.
“Put me down!” Beomgyu only spun you around before finally placing you on your feet. Your first instinct to smack him even as the world seemed to move around you.
“Do you feel love now?”
“Only hate.” Beomgyu giggled as he wrapped his arms around your waist, helping you keep your balance. “How am I going to write an essay about love if I’ve never experienced it?”
“Ask the lover boy behind you, he’d been glaring at me ever since we walked out.” Furrowing your eyebrows you turned around, meeting eyes with Ten.
“We aren’t like that. I’ve dropped hints but he doesn’t see me that way. Do you think it’s because of my hook ups? I don’t tell him about them anymore but I think he knows.” Beomgyu shook his head and you couldn’t help but get memorized by his long hair.
“We talked about this last night, but you can’t keep running to me to forget about your feelings. You don’t deserve that, and neither does Ten.”
“I don-”
“You literally fucking admitted that you’ve been in love with him since the 10th grade. What’s the worst that could possibly happen? You’re already sleeping with him.”
“What if he realizes I’m a terrible fuck, and an even worst friend and leaves me? I can’t lose him.”
“If you don’t tell him you’ll lose him. You’re one of my closest friends, and I love you to death so I am formly telling you that 1. He’s in love with you, and 2. You are the best fuck I’ve ever hard in my life.” Groaning, you push Beomgyu’s arm, ignoring his obnoxious laughter. “I’m being honest. And by the way he was looking at us earlier, he definitely likes you even if he doesn’t know it.”
“You really think so?”
“Of course I do, I’m right also. Go get your lover boy.” You thanked Beomgyu before turning around, only to be met with the sight of no Ten. Glancing over your shoulder Beomgyu only sheepishly smiled before gesturing for you to go find him. Frowning, you decided to just head home.
You weren’t expecting to find Ten in your apartment, sitting on your bed. Closing the door behind you, Ten finally looked up from his phone, placing it on the nightstand before standing up.
“You wanna get comfortable.” Grabbing the hoodie strings you went to tighten them, but Ten stopped you. “Take it off.” You don’t know what got into Ten, but you weren’t going to disobey him when he seemed mad. Slowly you unzipped your hoodie, throwing it across the room.
“Ten.” When his name left your mouth he pinned you against the door, one hand gripping your waist tightly while the other gripped your jaw tightly, tilting your head to the side. Ten tsked as he stared at your neck, his breath along your neck making you shiver.
“You really just let anyone mark you, huh?” Ten gave you no room to answer as he kissed over your old bruises, before biting down on them. You whimpered as he ravished your neck, replacing the old hickeys with fresh ones, trailing them over your collarbone and down your chest, popping the top three buttons from your shirt in the process.
These would be impossible to cover.
Pulling away Ten admired his masterpiece, fresh bruises covering both sides of your neck, your shirt unbuttoned bordering on ripped open, your chest rising and falling quickly showing his effect on you.
“Need you to remember you’re mine.”
After that it was a blur of clothes and movement, somehow you ended up on the bed with Ten between your legs. You weren’t complaining though, only trying to hold in your noises as Ten’s tongue worked over your cunt in ways that made you want to cry. Warm, salty tears were running down your face before you knew it as your legs threatened to shut around Ten’s head. You didn’t even think it was possible to cry from head, Ten left you corrected. It took no time for him to bring you to your first orgasm, a few tears running down your cheeks. Stupidly you assumed that would be the end, but Ten wasted no time inserting two fingers.
“Too much!” Ten only smirked as his tongue continued to assault your clit, flicking it and sucking it between his lips. His fingers quickly found your g spot - at this point it wasn’t a skill, almost as if his fingers were connected to it - massaging it as his fingers continued to thrust into you. Your toes curled at your cunts sensitivity, more warm tears running down your cheeks. If it was possible you might’ve ascended, his fingers steady thrusting combined with his plump lips wrapped around your clit your second orgasm was brought to you all too soon it feels like the fire steadily grew until he pulled his fingers out, slapping them against your clit. You were completely boneless as your second orgasm hit you, all of your limbs relaxing against the bed. For once you weren’t even bothered by Ten’s cocky smile, welcoming it as you pulled him down into a searing kiss.
This kiss seemed different. Ten was letting you dominate the kiss, allowing you to lick into his mouth and control the kiss. This was unusual, but you realized why when you felt the thick head of his cock at your entrance.
“This okay?” Ten spoke into the kiss.
“Please.” He bottomed out in one thrust, forcing a moan out of you. Ten gave you time to adjust, waiting for your signal before setting an aggressive pace almost forcing you up the bed. Your arms wrapped around his neck, keeping his chest pressed against yours. There was one thing you could never find in anyone else but Ten. He knew your body inside and out, knew exactly how to angle his thrusts to reach deep into you, just what speed to make you feel as if you were having an out of body experience. Your neighbors surely hated you with how your bed smacked against the walls and your loud moans that you couldn’t bother trying to quiet - even if you could there was no way you could be quiet. Besides that, Ten knew exactly what to say.
“You’re mine. Thought I’d never find out?” There was no way you’d be able to answer Ten’s question, especially as endless moans continued to flow from your mouth. “This pussy is mine.” That got an excellent reaction out of you, your legs tightening around Ten’s waist as you whimpered. Ten’s pace slowed almost microscopically as he placed his hands on the back of your thighs, moving your legs so that they were over his shoulders, forcing him so much deeper. You could feel him in your stomach as he started thrusting again.
“Who’s pussy is this?”
“Yo-” Ten knew what he was doing, one well placed thrust making you scream out.
“Who’s pussy is this?”
“Yours.” If you thought crying after one orgasm was bad, you were sobbing now, nails digging into Ten’s shoulder as he continued to spear you with his cock.
“Good. Fuck, i wanna ruin you for anyone else.”
“Please.” You’d never felt Ten’s pace falter before an orgasm, but that made him slow down as he looked down at you, eyes wide and filled with tears. He already had, without even knowing it.
Your last orgasm was a surprise. You heard liquid gushing before realizing that you squirted over Ten’s stomach and thighs, soaking the sheets beneath you. You must’ve passed out because you came to with warm water running over you and Ten gently rubbing a washcloth over you. Sighing you wrapped your arms around his neck and placed your head against his chest, feeling exhaustion hit you all at once.
“You up?” Ten only laughed at your answering groan, continuing to clean your sweat soaked skin. “I was serious.”
“I was serious about what I said. You’re mine, I don’t want anyone else touching you.”
“I’ve always been yours.”
You attacked my neck Beomgyu
How can I hide these????
Thank me later
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yourstrulyo · 2 months ago
2am rant
- no one can convince me that jasper hasn’t tried to use his powers on himself to calm down...could you imagine? jasper getting caught up in his head about the past and he has to soothe himself with his powers. love to see an emotionally intelligent king. nonetheless...
- carlisle is the epitome of your actions of the past dont define you. he is literally so soft like why is he so nice??? and you can tell he’s doing it because he wants to be nice. all in all carlisle is all that matters in my heart
- esme, underrated af. first off jealous. secondly, she will always be needed, loved, and appreciated. why doesn’t she get more credit? idk. also...shawty kinda bad slide the snap
- we talk about how this man deserved more screen we don’t and that’s a problem. literally he doesn’t have enough lines...i want a book about how emett met rosalie and their relationship. someone make a petition for that
- rosalie..literally love!! but “my monkey man😏” it’s not giving what it’s supposed to give. like wdym?? anyways, screw her fiancé he’s so messed up for what he did her. but rosalies comeback??😝i was like YESSS QUEEN WORK WORK
- edward....he’s the comedic relief no one can tell me otherwise...his facial expressions?? took me out every movie. also, team edward!! stand proud. anyways should he have let jacob live that long in the one movie was enough, victoria should’ve came in clutch.
- bella, no one compares. she has this main character thing and rose isn’t having any of it. also, i would’ve been a bit nicer to see bella have some more backbone when talking to jacob or edward.
- alice🥰 that’s it. that’s all there is.
- jasper...whether you like him or don’t like there’s nothing you can do about it because he’s number one. (let’s ignore the whole confederacy/racist thing for a min)
overall twilight just hits different, like the movies are good i love the movies 🤨 fanon😚 is where it’s at
never try to convince me that there is anything better than twilight out there.
is it me or are twilight fans also apart of the harry potter and percy jackson fandom?? it can’t just be me right, like i’m one of them but it’s not just me
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