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#yew berries

Day 30 of my Poisonous Flower Fairy series is this cute little round Yew-berry-themed friend!

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Year Of Drawing Day 364: Yew Berries

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Hello everyone! As a person weirdly passionate about plants, I’ve decided to post information about poisonous and edible plants, starting with the one that has intrigued me since I was a child.


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Yew berries with long shadows

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Fruit of the Yew tree.

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furynz replied to your photoset:Garden pics, part 2

Ooh, the fifth pic - the little red berry - I haven’t seen those in ages! We grew up with a tree just out our front door with those, but moved at 13 years old and haven’t seen them since. I was obsessed playing with those little berries.

:-D That’s yew berries. We have a small bush behind the shed. Unfortunately they’re poisonous, but I know exactly what you mean about playing with them - I did, too ^^

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I have a new sticker sheet up in my Etsy shop! I really enjoyed making this because all I really love to draw is plants 🌿🌲

Update: I have now added FREE SHIPPING to all my sticker listings (they will not have tracking), but you will still have the option of paying for tracking if you need it!

Order as soon as possible to get your items in time for Christmas. I will be shipping out all this weekend and all next week still.

Reblogs are very appreciated! Thank you so much!! 💚

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