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#yew tree

Happy Christmas, dear people of tumblr!
Hope you are having nice holiday despite those unusual circumstances!
Stay safe, healthy and happy!

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I have a new sticker sheet up in my Etsy shop! I really enjoyed making this because all I really love to draw is plants 🌿🌲

Update: I have now added FREE SHIPPING to all my sticker listings (they will not have tracking), but you will still have the option of paying for tracking if you need it!

Order as soon as possible to get your items in time for Christmas. I will be shipping out all this weekend and all next week still.

Reblogs are very appreciated! Thank you so much!! 💚

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Day 30 of my Poisonous Flower Fairy series is this cute little round Yew-berry-themed friend!

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When Ieuan Morris, a film history lecturer, wandered through St Peter’s churchyard in Llanbedr-Ystrad-Yw, Powys, he stumbled across something that stopped him in his tracks – a chair placed inside a yew tree. “A lot of these old yew trees are hollow,” he says. “I did laugh out loud when I saw it because I just didn’t expect to see a chair inside. I wanted to sit inside immediately.” 

(via Tree of the week: ‘Sitting in this yew was like being in the belly of a large creature’ | Life and style | The Guardian)

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Muckross Abbey Tree of Life by Matt Anderson

15th Century Abbey Cemetery near Wicklow, Ireland featuring this majestic ancient yew tree in the courtyard surrounded by brilliant masonry archways.


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Huh, either my body is a though lil bitch or having a good relationship with a tree really ‘pays off’

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Things not to do to a yew tree…

A Yew tree is not a lollipop! And the maintenance must be a nightmare….

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The Llangernyw Yew


The Ankerwycke yew


Fortingall Yew- oldest tree in Europe

Yew (Taxus Baccata) is a marvellous tree of myths and folk beliefs. Tree associated with longevity, death and rebirth, as it is quite common from young yew branches to spring from the dead trunk.

All parts of a yew plant are toxic to humans, with the only part of yew that is not poisonous being the flesh of the berries.

Yew wood not only makes excellent bows, but is widely used all over Europe in making of good luck and protection amulets for humans and livestock alike.

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Sunburst against an ancient yew tree.

I came across this beautiful old tree in a churchyard in Stanmer Park just outside Brighton. I was visiting with @sammyrevill, who told me her children used to play in it when they were young. That’s a lovely thought.

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