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marvelsmostwanted · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(*me whispering quietly to myself* Worry, don’t panic. Worry, don’t panic!)
If Manchin stands by this statement (it’s worth noting that he has done this before for the Drama and gone back on his word), he will single-handedly cause of the end of American democracy. He is enabling gerrymandering, corrupt election officials, and voter suppression with this vote. He has the ability to stop those things and is choosing to let Republicans take over instead.
The end of democratic elections will not be Biden’s fault. Not Schumer or Pelosi’s fault. It will be Joe Manchin’s fault. We should make this extremely clear to him and any other Democrats (Sinema) thinking of voting the same way. They are effectively working as Republicans right now. They will go down in history as the downfall of this country. has resources if this is your Senator or if you’re just looking for ways to help.
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rachealsaccount · 11 months ago
you know I don’t think those anatomy students actually finished their degrees if I’m being honest
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drakenology · 7 months ago
Hi hi it’s me again😅 I have this funny little thought you might like so imagine Sukuna fucking you in his Domain Expansion😚🤌🏽
good grief- tw: double penetration, anal.
big old sukuna sitting you atop his lap as he relaxed on his throne, sinking you down onto his long cock with fervor.
sukuna lifting you up and down on his cock, two hands lifting, the others exploring your body; thumbing your clit, harshly pinching your nipples etc. laughing at your desperate cries into the realm he summoned you to, thrusting his hips upwards, stilling his arms as he worked you over for hours.
sukuna fucking tears into your eyes, the king of curses working his new plaything so good she’s creaming all over his tattooed cock. spitting foul words into your ear as you attempt to bounce on his cock again, a fruitless venture when he inserts his other cock inside your a-
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yandere-vent · 4 months ago
I don’t care that you’re poly!! I try hard not to react when you talk to your other partners and it drives me insane, but do you know what drives me more insane? The fact that you never told me about any of them!! I had to find out by watching your interactions with other people every! single!! time!!! Don’t you know how much that hurts?? Don’t you know how much that fucking hurts me??
Okay time out,, , if you’re partners with someone and they have partners they haven’t told you about, that’s just cheating. Poly or not, if their other partners (romantic or sexual) aren’t agreed upon between you, that’s not okay.
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brummelliana · 14 days ago
Can I snog George?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mean... you can.
But... I wouldn't. Just look at those teeth! Aw!
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beserkerjewel · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Nice to know that this person is still espousing absolutely freezing cold takes on ao3!
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astriiformes · 28 days ago
The laptop saga really did a number on me mentally, especially since I was bracing myself for not having one until late October at the earliest. I keep being like “Ah yes, this is another temporary stopgap measure, like using Scribe’s or my other friend’s, and I shouldn’t plan on saving much data to it” and not being able to grasp that I just.... own an actual working laptop, that is mine, again
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hungryfictions · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some unhinged drug-addled journal pages from 2017
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cindersart · a year ago
hey psst if ur immediate response to wlw pointing out biphobia/lesbophobia is ‘shut up u got ur breadcrumbs already stop being mad that u got made fun of repeatedly’ then i am absolutely begging you to log out of tumblr and get back to your clown lessons, you have an exam coming up
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lumityaf · 5 months ago
sasha having to drop herself off toad tower to potentially save anne after fighting her / sasha having to leave behind marcy’s bleeding body to escape the king...yikes!
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katsoul · 6 months ago
just saw some strange zvkka clownery in the zk tag. i’m praying for their fandom because... the ignorance is unbelievable.
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shimmering-horizons · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wildfire smoke is pretty bad today, so we're finally taking time to set up an actual play through of the HZD Board Game!
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scungilliwoman · 7 hours ago
May I have 18, 21, 23 for the otp ask? Charlie and John 🥺
Of course you can, Taylor! Lemme use this as an opportunity to drop the gorgeous banner @blissfulalchemist made for them
Tumblr media
18. Do they prefer baths or showers? 
They definitely prefer baths. I like to imagine John has a fancy clawfoot bathtub in each one of his bathrooms and these two make use of them. Both of them like to sit together and wash each other after a long, hard day. It’s both romantic and saves water.
21. Who’s more romantic?
John, by far. Charlie has her moments of being romantic, but she struggles with being that vulnerable and open with her feelings. John definitely makes up for it by being romantic enough for the both of them.
23. What is your OTP’s biggest fear? 
Losing each other or the little family they created! I don’t think anything else could be worse for them.
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yukitsunoda · a month ago
not charles blocking pierre 😬😬
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acesian · a year ago
always terrifying to see how many people have more understanding and compassion towards homophobes and transphobes than towards queer people who want to avoid said bigots
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