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#yikes thank gosh i have touched my eyebrows in like a year… although i am going to fix them a little once i get out of this funk
noona-clock · 2 years ago
Which One? Ji Soo - Part 1
Genre: Coffee Shop!AU
Pairing: Ji Soo x You
Warnings: Mild cursing
Prologue, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Epilogue | Words: 1,924
Tumblr media
“But here’s the real question,” Jane said as she leaned forward, her voice low enough so only you could hear. “If you had to choose one of them, which one would it be?” 
A look of extreme distress immediately overtook your features, and your gaze flew over to the register.
Ji Soo was still standing there taking orders with that dazzling smile.
And then Joo Hyuk walked by, his casual stride like that of a model walking down the runway.
Oh, god.
You turned back to Jane and shrugged, your expression still clearly saying ‘how am I supposed to pick?!’
Jane simply let out a soft, amused chuckle, leaning back in her chair and sipping on her decaf Americano.
“Well, then, who would you choose?” you retorted as you quirked your brow.
Jane pursed her lips slightly and set her mug down on the small table in-between your two chairs. And then she looked over at you with the most impish expression. “I will have to abstain from this question.”
You quirked your brow even more at her mysterious answer. “...What do you mean?”
“I mean, I shouldn’t pick one because I have an almost, kind of boyfriend,” she replied.
A horrified gasp almost immediately escaped your lips. But you were horrified because why didn’t you know about this already?!
“What?!” you exclaimed. You were more than glad you hadn’t just taken a sip of your latte because you surely would’ve either choked or spit it out all over her.
Jane then proceeded to tell you about a guy she’d randomly run into at the grocery store about a month ago. She’d kept it to herself because she hadn’t wanted to get her (or your) hopes up, but... after going on an official date this past weekend, she was pretty sure it was going to work out.
You, of course, wanted to know all about this guy. What was his name? How old was he? What did he do for a living? Hair color? Height? Did he wear glasses? What was his zodiac sign?
Jane knew you well enough by now not to get annoyed with all your questioning; she’d actually come prepared and had a quick answer for every single one of them.
“So,” Jane began after you emptied your reservoir of curiosity. “Now you see why I want you to pick one of these coffee guys.”
“What do you mean?” you asked, setting down your empty mug.
“How fun would it be if we both had boyfriends at the same time?” she whined, reaching over to take your hand and squeezing it desperately. “We have to!”
“Oh yeah, it’s so easy for me to just get a boyfriend,” you retorted sarcastically. “My years of being single definitely attest to that.”
“That’s why we’re coming back here from now on,” Jane nodded.
“...Come again?”
“There are two of them! And they’re both extremely attractive!”
You almost rolled your eyes, but you stopped yourself. You simply gave Jane a very skeptical look instead. “Yeah, which means they most likely already have girlfriends. Or boyfriends! We have no way of knowing!”
You knew that wasn’t true, but it was at this moment. And that’s all that mattered.
Jane opened her mouth to reply, but she quickly closed it. Her eyes flitted off to the side. Her eyebrows raised.
“What are you --”
“Hey, can I get you anything else?” a familiar (and very hot) voice asked from behind you. “A refill, maybe?”
You glanced over your shoulder to see Ji Soo standing there with an expectant look on his face.
On his handsome, perfectly proportioned, radiantly beaming face.
“I’m good on drinks, but this one here needs a boyfriend,” Jane said, gesturing to you.
Your eyes immediately widened as a hot flush overtook your cheeks.
You waited for Ji Soo to make a really awkward response because how could Jane’s comment not make him feel awkward? But instead... you heard him laugh.
A for real laugh. Not a nervous ‘I don’t know what to say’ laugh.
“If you were trying to embarrass your friend, it seems like you did a good job,” he said. “Although, I can’t really talk. I say embarrassing shit -- stuff -- all the time. Joo Hyuk constantly rolls his eyes at me.”
“I’m guessing he would roll your eyes at the fact you just said ‘shit’ in front of customers,” Jane added.
“Oh, absolutely.”
“Y/N here is just easy to embarrass, though,” your best friend said with a smirk.
And you felt your cheeks get even hotter.
“Is that so?” Ji Soo asked as he moved to sit on the arm of your chair. You could hear the amused note in his voice, and you truly would rather take your empty mug and smash it over your head than turn around and look at him right now.
Just feeling his presence by your side was enough to make your stomach fill with gigantic butterflies.
Jane nodded in response to his question, throwing you a sympathetic glance. “She’s probably going to kill me for bringing up the fact she needs a boyfriend.”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Ji Soo murmured. “At least you had the chance to visit our lovely establishment before you get murdered.”
“Oh, my gosh,” you piped up with a slight whine. “I don’t need a boyfriend, and I’m not going to murder anyone!”
You felt him nudge you gently with his elbow, and those gigantic butterflies practically screeched in panic.
You know you’ve been single for too long when a cute guy literally just touching you with his elbow can cause that sort of reaction. It was honestly pathetic.
“Seriously, let me know if you need anything,” he remarked as he stood from your chair. “I’m always down for a round of good, old-fashioned teasing.”
Jane shot him a knowing grin as he began to walk away, but he only made it a few steps before he turned back around to look at the two of you.
Although, now that you could actually see him, you noticed he was mainly looking at you.
“I’ll work on that boyfriend thing and get back to you.”
And before you could look away in embarrassment -- yes, apparently, it was possible to be even more embarrassed than you already were!!! -- Jisoo did it.
He actually did it.
Tumblr media
Who was he?!
How could he just wink at you and not make it weird or creepy?!
Your eyes were still on him as he turned and approached another set of customers, and you felt Jane tapping your arm wildly.
“Did you see that?!” she muttered through clenched teeth, obviously attempting to keep her exclamations to just the two of you. “He winked at you! You need to flirt with him!”
That, of course, made you tear your gaze away from him.
“I most certainly do not,” you laughed in disbelief.
“Yes! Y/N -- he just winked at you! That is a clear invitation to flirt! And he said he would work on that boyfriend thing and get back to you! He meant him!” Jane stared at you, agape. Her unspoken words were ‘How do you not get that?!’
Because you were you! That’s how! You were pretty much Forever Single, only ever going on five dates in your whole life. The longest you’d ever seen someone was three months.
Jane knew this! Why did she expect you to suddenly be knowledgable about the whole dating and flirting thing?!
She kept pestering you about it until you finally promised her the two of you could come back here every Wednesday for a while, and yes, you would talk to Ji Soo.
In a more than friendly manner.
You would try your very best to flirt with him.
Tumblr media
By the time your conversation with Jane came to a natural stopping point, the shop was nearly empty. 
Your watch read 8:59pm, though you hadn’t noticed an operating hours sign when you’d come in earlier. It had been raining much too hard, and you’d been focused on getting inside.
“What time do they close?” you murmured as you stood from your chair. You grabbed your rain jacket and draped it over your arm, but one glance outside a nearby window alerted you to the fact it was still raining much too hard outside.
“Uh... 9, I think,” Jane replied, craning her neck to try and see the sign from here.
“Oh, yikes,” you chuckled. “We better get going. We don’t want to be those customers.”
The two of you headed over to the door, and as you were slipping your arms into your jacket, you heard Ji Soo’s voice call out to you.
“Thanks for stopping in! Come back soon!”
Jane lifted a hand, and before you could stop her, she replied: “Oh, we will! Don’t you worry.”
It took everything in you not to groan as you, yet again, felt your cheeks warming.
“What?” she muttered to you. “We will be back!”
You simply huffed as you pulled your hood over your head and pushed the door open.
Both you and Jane made your way back to your cars as quickly as possible, and when it became clear the two of you were heading off in different directions of the parking lot, Jane cried out, “Let me know when you get home!”
“Okay!” you assured her, holding up one thumb just in case she couldn’t hear you over the downpour.
There were only two other cars in the parking lot besides yours and Jane’s, and they were currently pulling out of their spots and leaving. To be honest, you were a bit embarrassed to be the absolute last customer to leave, though you weren’t exactly sure why.
When you arrived at your car, you unlocked it and got inside in record time, letting out a deep sigh of relief once you were out of the rain.
You managed to get your rain jacket off, and after you flung it in the backseat, you buckled your seatbelt and stuck your key into the ignition.
When you turned it, however... the engine sputtered and creaked and your dashboard lights flashed and then...
...Oh, no.
You tried again just in case, hoping it was just a one-time thing.
But, again, the engine sputtered and creaked and your dashboard lights flashed and then...
You tried two more times because you wanted to be absolutely sure your car was not starting.
After the fourth attempt, you became a bit panicked. So you took a deep breath and turned to look in the direction of Jane’s car. She was just pulling away, so you quickly grabbed your phone and navigated to her name in your contacts.
“Hey, what’s up?” she asked, and you could see her car stopped at the parking lot exit.
“My car won’t start, will you come back and give me a ride home?” There was no way you were going to try jumping the battery in this weather, and frankly, you were too tired right now. You just wanted to go home.
Jane took in a breath, obviously about to reply... but then she stopped herself.
“...Jane?” you asked in a somewhat pitiful voice.
“There is no reason for me to help you when there is a perfectly capable, perfectly handsome, perfectly flirty coffee shop owner right inside. Go in and ask him.”
And then she hung up.
And then she drove away.
Part 2
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