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I’ve heard people say that before, but P101 aired in May, and they were both announced as Untamed cast members in April. But even if the casting had still been a secret at that point, that would still be no reason to pretend not to know each other. They had already met publicly in 2017 on DDU.

This is just another example of them being weird about when they met, and about how well and how long they’ve known each other, etc.

TBH I think they were already either dating or close to it by that point, and they felt the need to hide their familiarity. It fits with my timeline of how they got together (although I will be revising that timeline a bit soon, because my thoughts have shifted a bit on it - I think they were together probably before Untamed even started filming).

Acting like they don’t know each other is more eyebrow-raising than familiarity would be. Their paranoia about certain things draws more attention to their connection than if they just acted like they knew each other already. It’s the sketchiness that makes people feel like there’s a bit of a story there…

Fake, fan fiction of course.

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I am looking forward to yibos and xiao zhans new dramas I hope both will successful 🥺

I also wish one day we’ll get to see them act together again 🥺

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Reposted from @xiao.yibo #xiaozhan
#bjyx #yizhan

~♡*💙 Blue 💙*♡~
DM me if you want me to remove your post and I’ll do so. #loveislovenotgender (at Grenada, Mississippi)

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Some asks with short answers (I like to keep my blog compact 😜)


Hi, anon! I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’m not sure what you’re asking about. I suppose you’re talking about some fake rumours from the fake rumour house, something about gg visiting dd on set and dd buying sushi for him (?).

I personally think that this one is probably false, because there were lots of people on those first days on SDoC, people that didn’t stay for long. I think it’s an unnecessary risk to take, to visit dd there when he could just as well wait for him somewhere else (and for all we have lots of fake rumours, there has never been photographic evidence of visits and whatnot, so they’re fairly cautious about what they do in places with people potentially observing them).

So what happens on set isn’t necessarily a secret (not with that many people observing them, there was a hilarious meme somewhere in w/ibo about the sheer amount of people around them while they “flirted” on CQL set), but it’s private. I mean, we aren’t talking about bts here (in which they don’t just acknowledge the camera, they even interact with it sometimes), so if there aren’t cameras rolling with them in the know, it’s private.


Hi, anon! This is a reference to this other post.

In short, no, it’s not, I think you’ve read too much into it. She’s merely saying that she hasn’t seen them in a year, but she doesn’t imply anything about them in particular.

It wouldn’t make sense because this interview happened on the July 29, and Sina interviews, TTXS and Tianjin fanmeeting all happened before this date, and she must have known about it since she’s a producer of the series.

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for the last time about the fansite bts videos since people don’t seem to understand what they’re talking about and spreading straight up nonsense

- ALL the footage is official in that it was filmed by staff on set with consent of the actors who knew they were being filmed and anything filmed on set could end up being released to the public (xz and yb literally talk to the cameramen in several clips so i dont even know how people got the idea that they were ignorant of the filming)

- the actors dont seem to have had too much of a say on what was released and what wasn’t. that was in the hands of directors and crew and likely details were discussed as part of their contract as they started filming

- after the initial bts releases and the 160 extended version, nda expires and so what’s essentially hundreds of hours of footage is left to either rot on a harddrive or go to people who want it

- fansites pay really high prices for the footage and then share the content for free with the stipulation that no one reposts on other platforms.

- the footage is 80% the same footage that’s been officially released, just either extended or filmed from another angle. others are videos from photos that had been previously released. so idk if you’re thinking people are buying makeout footage or some sort of scandalous heavy petting but it’s p much the exact same stuff we’ve seen already

- so no, none of this is footage that’s going to endanger anyones career or anything people are being really dramatic. one bought hotsearch popped up regarding one clip and it was swept under the rug the same day bc it was hardly worth caring about & it was a pretty obvious clickbait attempt cause yb was shirtless. now go calm down and drink some tea

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but maybe unnecessary.
but I miss ox necklace?? :d

dd has not been wearing the necklace for a long time. He hadn’t even taken off his necklace at sea, for the first time in about a year, dd openly wore his necklace in sdoc… Maybe we will never know who bought the necklace, but. So much fighting is solo fans and bjyx fandom bc the ox necklace. But dd wears ox necklace, clearly, on TV, wore it while dancing! 
I was sooooooooooooooo happy that he clearly showed the necklace.
He had not taken off his necklace in the race last year.

btw, I never saw the “lucky” necklace he wore at this year’s race and I haven’t seen it after the race.

mh, unnecessary, but, I miss.

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