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Leia: If we're walking together, please take into consideration my smaller legs. I can't keep up with you. Please think of my legs I don't want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll you TITANS.
Han: Just get a pair of roller skates and hang onto my sleeve, sweetheart, we haven't got all day.
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“What is a Jedi? What have we become?

We strive to maintain peace, yet we now lead armies in war. We have always sought to preserve life, yet now we send some to their deaths. Sworn to uphold justice, we serve a Republic grown increasingly corrupt.

Some ask ‘Are we still ourselves? Are we truly Jedi?’ We honor those questions. We still seek the correct path but, as always, we pay a price to do so.

Today the price was paid by Master Cei Vookto.

'Energy becomes matter; matter becomes energy.’ This is truth. 'There is no death; there is only the Force.’ We also hold this to be true. We release Master Vookto’s matter to again become energy, one with the Force.

This does not mean we do not feel sorrow at his passing.”

A Jedi funeral in Jedi: Mace Windu (2003)

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Revenge of the Sith

“An unintentional opportunity, the Chancellor has given us,” Yoda said gravely. “A window he has opened into the operations of his office. Fools we would be, to close our eyes.”

“Then we should use someone else’s eyes,” Obi-Wan said “Forgive me, Master Yoda, but you just don’t know him the way I do. None of you does. He is fiercely loyal, and there is not a gram of deception in him. You’ve all seen it; it’s one of the arguments that some of you, here in this room, have used against elevating him to Master: he lacks true Jedi reserve, that’s what you’ve said. And by that we all mean that he wears his emotions like a HoloNet banner. How can you ask him to lie to a friend to spy upon him?”

“That is why we must call upon a friend to ask him,” said Agen Kolar in his gentle Zabrak baritone.

“You don’t understand. Don’t make him choose between me and Palpatine-”

“Why not?” asked the holopresence of Plo Koon from the bridge of Courageous, where he directed the Republic Navy strike force against the Separatist choke point in the Ywllandr system. “Do you fear you would lose such a contest?”

“You don’t know how much Palpatine’s friendship has meant to him over the years. You’re asking him to use that friendship as a weapon! To stab his friend in the back. Don’t you understand what this will cost him, even if Palpatine is entirely innocent? Especially if he’s innocent. Their relationship will never be the same-”

“And that,” Mace Windu said, “may be the best argument in favor of this plan. I have told you all what I have seen of the energy between Skywalker and the Supreme Chancellor. Anything that might distance young Skywalker from Palpatine’s influence is worth the attempt.”

Obi-Wan didn’t need to reach into the Force to know that he would lose this argument. He inclined his head. “I will, of course, abide by the ruling of this Council.”

“Doubt of that, none of us has.” Yoda turned his green gaze on the other councilors. “But if to be done this is, decide we must how best to use him.”

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you know that trope where a character is telling a story but it’s wildly inaccurate

yeah that’s this issue. let me introduce you all to Gollum Yoda

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A concept- “Shatterpoint” but Depa is the one going to save Mace.

Haha you thought I hadn’t written something for that already. Well YOU WERE WRONG, YOU’VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED.

(this scene is basically the same one from the boot by Matthew Stover, just paraphrased into my own writing)


“This is not darkness. There is no darkness as there is no light here. This is the jungle: the natural and inevitable destruction of life. There is no stopping it. 

"I know you’ll want to stop me, because you think I have gone dark. But I have not; I have become the shadow of the jungle.  I’ll see you soon, Depa, and soon you’ll see that there is no fighting the jungle.”

The recording cut out, and Depa stared through the datapad, her eyes unseeing as she went over the words in her mind. I have become the shadow of the jungle… the natural and inevitable destruction of life. There is no stopping it.

There is no fighting the jungle. 

“I will go to Haruun Kal.” She said at last. “Alone.”

Yoda sighed sorrowfully in agreement,the chancellor looked at her, shocked. “Master Billaba, surely it would be better to send a team of Jedi to handle someone as powerful as Master Windu.”

“His power is why we can’t.” She responded dully, remembering all the times she had seen him fight with fury, darkness lapping at the edge of his presence and him controlling it, pulling it to him before releasing it into the fight.

“Oh?” Palpatine looked from her to Master Yoda. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Master Windu is one of the two living practitioners of a variant of a very powerful lightsaber form that makes him virtually unbeatable in combat. He could easily kill any other Jedi sent if he so chose.”

“If gone dark, he has. Difficult to apprehend him will it be.” Yoda said slowly, sadly. 

“If he is so dangerous, are you sure that-”

“I have the best chances.” Master Billaba interrupted. “ I am the other user of Vaapad.”

The chancellor’s eyebrows rose, then crinkled. “Vaapad, isn’t that some creature?”

“A nickname it is, by the students of the form.” Yoda supplied. 

“Students… You said there are only two who use the form.”

“Yes, now. Master Windu created Vapaad. He taught it to a few others and then to me as his padawan.” She could remember as clear as day the warnings he had issued her, to not let the thrill of fighting, of tearing down another’s defenses and rendering them helpless, consume her. The natural and inevitable destruction of life… “The others could not handle the power Vapaad brings. Mace and I are the only two to have ever mastered the form.”

“You were Master Windu’s padawan? That is why he spoke directly to you, he knew that you would be present.”

Depa nodded. “I know Mace, he wants me there for a reason.”

“Know what that reason is, do you?” Yoda’s tone indicated that he was not asking just for the politician’s benefit. 

Master Billaba had a few guesses, but none of them she was going to share in front of the chancellor so she shook her head. 

“This is all very shocking.” Palpatine said after a few moments of tense silence. “To think that Master Windu, of all people, could have gone rouge!”

“We’re not sure he did.” Depa reminded him quickly. She wanted to hope that the recording was faked, that it was some sort of ruse or misunderstanding. But her instincts said otherwise. 

“Well, then.” The man bristled slightly at being contradicted. “You did say you were his Padawan, and from what I have heard you two are still quite close. If you must stop him, are you sure you will be able to?”

The question was far too prying for Depa’s liking, but she was imposed to give him an answer. She breathed deeply, trying to loosen the knot that had formed in her chest. “I hope and pray, Chancellor, that I will not have to find out.”

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