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Obi-Wan Kenobi Spoilers
I can't believe Qui-Gon Jinn spent the 23 years after his death being one with the Force and learning enough to manifest himself as a Force ghost, only to find out that every time he shows up when Obi-Wan is literally calling out to him for guidance his bum ass padawan can't even see him
Like I'm just imagining Obi-Wan close to tears, angstily crying out to his Master while Qui-Gon is standing right next to him looking like this
Tumblr media
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425599167 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I love that every character in Star Wars regardless of Force Alignment or sensitivity has at one point gone:
“Today, for both personal and professional reasons, I will be committing murder. This course of action is 100% valid as a means of reaching my long term goal, and 1,000% justified by my sense of dramatic irony and simultaneous desire to be a petty bitch TM. Thank you for your support…”
And then that was it. That was the plot.
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Anakin: So you think I would choke to death if I swallowed my straw?
Ahsoka: No, it’s got a breathing tube.
Anakin: *tries to swallow his straw*
Padmé and Obi-Wan: Ani, no.
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Tumblr media
Sam Witwer meets Master Yoda
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Tumblr media
Hayden and Natalie both doing late night talk show interviews on the same day after so many years🖤 forever iconic. I just see Anakin and Padmé
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Bloody Skywalker | Pt. 2 | Anakin x Reader
Part 1
Summary: Obi-Wan knew that putting two young people together would result in too many emotions to handle, yet he just stood there and watched it all unfold for years. The most interesting things, however, are happening right where he can’t see the bloody Skywalker.
Content: Anakin x Female!Padawan!reader, bits of angst, fluff, no mature content (yet 😏), Revenge of the Sith references
Word count: 3.2K
There’ll be a part 3! Tagging as requested @50svibes​  @ssophiebirkas​
Tumblr media
Time was flowing agonisingly slowly while she was anticipating that meeting. She had her own obligations to focus on, yet found herself constantly thinking about the upcoming event. Every time she and Anakin met on the roof, they could talk heart-to-heart, and these were the conversations that partly made her fall for him. They stopped them when he got together with Padme, even before Y/N knew about it, which only confirmed it was something really intimate.
When the time came, she felt extremely nervous yet excited at the same time. She thought she was early, but Anakin was already there - standing by the barrier and enjoying the view. She had to take a deep breath before getting his attention, but he had already sensed her - and turned to face her first.
"Hi." He beamed, standing there without the robe, but just in the outfit he always wore underneath it. With his hair a bit ruffled by the wind, and his toned body leaning against the railing, he was as dreamy as he could, making her weak in her knees.
"Hi," she replied, taking another deep breath. "I suppose neither of us wanted to be late, huh?" she added, hoping to release the tension.
"We're both in time for the night views. Come, take a look."
She approached him and leaned against the barrier, too, making sure she didn't touch him in the process. He seemed to notice it, but didn't comment, keeping that few inches long distance between them.
For a moment, they stood there in silence, enjoying the views, but the atmosphere was definitely tense, and they could both feel it. When it became too much to handle, Y/N spoke:
"You know, I miss Naboo at times. The landscapes, I mean. But... Coruscant at night is breathtaking, too. Certainly has some..." She turned to glance at him. "Views to enjoy," she added, then quickly looked away, realising what she'd said.
"We can agree on this," he replied, also looking at her. A shiver went down her spine, and she wasn't sure if he noticed.
"You're so cheesy I can't stand you." She rolled her eyes, smacking him on the arm.
"You started!" he argued, and they both started laughing as they smacked and poked each other teasingly, as if they were just kids again. As the laughter started dying down, Anakin suddenly grabbed her wrists gently to stand opposite her and look into her eyes, causing her to stiffen.
"Y/N, there are no words to express how much I've missed you," he admitted, still breathing heavily. "And all of this."
"Me too," she replied before she could think about it, but it was the truth. "But you know... I didn't want to... Make things awkward. I mean, if I had a boyfriend like you..."
"What do you mean like me?"
At this point Y/N thought that it would be best if someone just severed her tongue before she talked to Anakin at all.
"I'm not going to compliment you because I won't hear the end of it," she said, freeing her wrists from his hands. "The point is, I wouldn't want some random girl hanging out with my boyfriend so much."
"You're not a random girl. You've never been," he replied, making her heart skip a beat yet again. "But I understand what you're saying."
Y/N turned away from him once again to be able to calm down.
"While we're at it... Has anything changed? How are you feeling?" she asked, not looking at him.
"I haven't been better in a long time. And you? Tell me you don't want to leave the Order anymore."
She took another deep breath. "No, I don't."
"I'm so glad," he admitted, still looking at her while she was trying to avoid his gaze. "I was so scared. This place wouldn't be the same without you."
She didn't comment, afraid she might embarrass herself even further. Instead, she really focused on the view, the sparkling lights of the night reflecting in Anakin's eyes she tried not to look at.
"You know, I almost forgot how beautiful it can be around here."
"That's why I hope we can come back to meeting here."
"Because of the view?" she asked just to say something, not expecting his answer at all.
"Because of you."
Y/N turned her head to look at him, more confused than ever. These weren't even jokes anymore and she didn't know how to react. What was he saying?
They were standing opposite each other again, closer than before. A small, almost shy smile didn't disappear from Anakin's face as he carefully put his hands on her shoulders, sending shivers through her body.
"You look beautiful," he admitted, and she closed her eyes as if in pain.
"Oh, why did you have to say that..."
"I'm sorry. That's just what I see," he replied, unaware of what exactly he was apologising for. "I know I've never told you this before, but I have always thought that."
At that moment, Y/N didn't even know what to think anymore. Her heart was racing, but she tried to stay conscious and not miss anything he was saying. The Force was tingling inside her as if hinting that something was about to happen.
"Oh, I just remembered... That guy... The one you fell in love with..." Anakin began suddenly, lowering his head.
"Anakin, he doesn't exist," she cut him off, panicking. "No, I mean, he does, but... Oh, can we just pretend like I've never said that?"
Anakin could sense even through the Force how nervous and clearly embarrassed she was. He wasn't sure whether to drop the subject or try to help her...
"Y/N, if something's wrong, you can always talk to me..."
"Nothing's wrong," she whispered, but it was a lie, and she couldn't even look into his eyes as she said that.
"But you know I can sense it, right?" he said with sincere concern. "Oh, Y/N, just come here," he added as he opened his arms to envelope her with them, causing her to hold her breath.
They've never hugged. Not like this.
It was so warm and comforting, and of course she didn't want it to end, but at the same time she was panicking. This embrace wasn't helping her case, if anything, it was worsening it, making her wish he would hug her like this more often.
"Better?" he asked quietly as he pulled her even closer, so close she could hear his heartbeat, and if that wasn't only making her fall harder...
"Better. Thank you," she replied, sighing. "But we should stop, someone might see us," she added quickly, taking a step back that clearly took him by surprise.
"We're not doing anything wrong," he said, and she could swear she saw something gleam in his eyes when he did, sounding a bit darker than usual.
Well, if I weren't falling in love with you as we went, then yes, we wouldn't be.
"You're not exactly the one to trust when it comes to rules," she said with a chuckle, once again trying to relieve the tension.
"Oi, don't act like you've never broken them," he retorted and she sighed again.
I'm breaking them every time I see you.
"Obi-Wan says it's you who demoralised me," she said truthfully, leaning herself against the barrier again.
"He didn't stop me, though," Anakin said proudly, and they both laughed again.
"And you don't seem ashamed at all!"
"Hey, but what did I do? Only made you race with me once or twice..."
"Or twenty times." She nudged him with her elbow.
"It's not like I put a lightsaber to your throat, you agreed to it."
"But if you weren't there, I would have never even thought of such races."
"But you enjoyed them!" he argued teasingly, and both of them were unbelievably happy that the atmosphere changed to such a relaxed one. "And now we don't race because you know you can't defeat me."
Y/N smacked him in the head with no hesitation.
"Hey!" he yelled in surprise.
"Not everyone was piloting aircrafts from the moment they were born!" She smacked him again, leaving him flabbergasted. "I only wanted to grow plants and stuff!"
A cocky smile quickly appeared on his face.
"But if you stayed on Naboo growing plants, you wouldn't be here with me now.... And isn't now a better option?"
Her first instinct was to say yes immediately, but then she realised...
If she had stayed on Naboo, at least she would have never fallen in love with him. But then, when they were there together, laughing, teasing each other, relaxed...
"Maybe it is," she admitted. "And maybe I just like you too much, bloody Skywalker," she added quietly, avoiding his gaze again. It was somehow therapeutic to tell him this without him knowing what she actually meant.
The cockiness on Anakin's face turned into sincere happiness as he grabbed her hand again, making sure to use his real hand instead of the metal one.
"Me too," he replied, and before she could melt into a puddle right then and there, she cackled, crossing her arms.
"Oh, yes, you definitely like yourself too much."
"Hey, you know that's not what I meant!" 
They began laughing again, hysterically at that, not having felt this relaxed for ages - and they would be doing this for much longer if it weren't for a familiar voice that interrupted.
"There you are."
They immediately composed themselves and looked to their side - Obi-Wan was approaching them with a small smile on his face.
"Oh," Y/N cackled one last time, then took a deep breath to calm down. "Hello, Master."
"It's nice to see you two in high spirits," he said, then looked pointedly at Y/N, as if asking how things were. She replied with a face that clearly said everything was alright, even if it wasn't.
"Nice to see you too, Master," Anakin replied with exaggerated happiness.
"I have news. Anakin, it was decided that we'll be trying to rescue the Chancellor in a few days."
"Finally," he said eagerly.
"And am I going?" Y/N asked, and Obi-Wan frowned.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. We're taking the best at piloting."
"Oh, of course." She laughed, then patted Anakin on his shoulder. "And here we have the best pilot of the Galaxy."
"At least you're admitting that now," he said proudly and she shook her head.
"Shut up or I'll use the Force to do it."
"You two are still kids, aren't you?" Obi-Wan shook his head, too. "I want to leave you to yourselves, but who knows? Maybe you'll blow up the temple if I leave?"
"Oh, Master Kenobi. You know I am responsible," Y/N claimed, giggling.
"But are you responsible enough to handle him?"
"Are you both against me?" Anakin asked, pretending to be outraged. This was when Y/N seized the opportunity and walked a little to stand next to Obi-Wan.
"What do you say, Master Kenobi?"
"I can't believe this." Anakin stared at both of them, then sent Y/N a look that made her want to shout at him for doing it next to Kenobi. No matter what his intentions were, his gaze was so suggestive it made her feel hotter. Obi-Wan, however, seemed to have missed it.
Soon they returned to the temple and all in all, that evening turned out to be much nicer than Y/N anticipated. Her nerves were gone and she was eager to meet with Anakin yet again, this time ready to talk to him, even if her feelings were still devouring her from the inside.
However, on the night before Anakin's departure, things went downhill. Fear filled up her heart and the scariest visions - mostly those of Anakin dying - began to haunt her. This was when she began wondering... If she were to never see him again, maybe she should confess to him?
Would it haunt her forever if she didn't?
Unexplainable were the feelings that led her to his bedroom that night. The moment she saw his door, however, reality washed over her. It was ridiculous.
Little did she know Anakin wasn't asleep, either. He was staring into the ceiling above his bed, thinking about the upcoming mission, when suddenly something disturb his thoughts.
A familiar voice, echoing in his head... It didn't take him much to realise it was Y/N's voice.
Her thoughts were so full of fear and so loud he could hear them through the Force even without intending it. She was close, and he really wanted to know why.
"No, I can't go to him, this is so stupid... Why did I even come here? Why would I even tell him? I can't tell him the truth..."
These words ignited his curiosity even more. He left his bed quickly, then walked to the door even faster as he could feel she began walking away.
"Y/N," he said, causing her to stop dead in her tracks.
"Anakin?" She gulped, turning to see him, and then she immediately gulped again when she realised he was shirtless. "Oh, what are you doing here?" she asked as if she didn't expect him to be there at all.
"I sensed you. And I know you came to see me."
Her heart dropped. He couldn't have heard, could he?
"I'm sorry, I didn't want to wake you. You have the mission tomorrow, so I'll just go back to bed now, good night."
Anakin wasn't going to let it go and he used the Force to pull her back towards himself, causing her to gasp.
"Y/N, tell me why you came." He put his hands on her shoulders as she tried not to stare at his bare chest. "You know I would never... I don't know, do anything to harm you in any way. Why are you scared?"
She didn't have any response to this. Looking down, she just hoped it could just pass...
"Come inside, let's talk." He gestured towards his room, then let her in before closing the door.
Another silence enveloped them, one that Anakin wasn't going to endure.
"After our meeting on the roof, I thought we were okay again?" he asked and she just gave up.
"Kriff, I'm just scared for you, okay?" she said eventually, dropping her hands. "I'm devastated by the thought that you might die during this mission. And now more than ever I regret all these moments when I was avoiding you. That's it."
That was not it, of course, it was just part of the truth, but already more than she had intended to tell him.
Anakin's expression softened immediately. His heart fluttered at these words, and he thought it was high time he stopped lying to himself, too.
He moved closer to her. "Oh, Y/N..."
"I know I should be used to this as a Jedi, but..."
"Shhh," he whispered, then suddenly cupped her face to make her look at him. Warmth filled her up immediately; she didn't expect that of him, but at this point it was only between them and the darkness around... 
"I understand. I will be scared for you, too," he admitted. "But I will come back safe. And with the Chancellor. I assure you."
"Promise me?" she asked before she could stop herself and he nodded, smiling softly.
"I could promise you this and much more."
Everything was getting warmer - her body, the atmosphere, the air in the smallest gap between them, the hands that were still holding her face. They were both looking into each other's eyes with their hearts racing, the Force tingling them as if trying to foreshadow that something was about to happen.
"I trust you, Skywalker."
"And I'm... So happy to hear that." Anakin's gaze suddenly wandered to her lips... And they have never been closer.
"Y/N, maybe before I go..." he began quietly. "Maybe I should do something I should've done much earlier."
"What is it?" she asked, almost shivering under his touch.
His eyes wandered to her lips again, and then it happened so suddenly she didn't have time to stop him: he kissed her, full on the lips, bringing her as close to himself as possible.
And at that point, nothing else mattered as she responded to the kiss, deepening it immediately when she put her hands on his bare chest for support. Her heart was racing faster than ever, even though her mind hadn't registered what was happening yet. Her body seemed to be acting on its own, knowing that the only thing it wanted was him. It was electrifying; they were lost in each other, and neither of them cared about anything else other than the person before them.
But when Y/N’s back hit the door under the pressure of his kiss, she woke up.
"Anakin, we can't," she almost cried, pushing him away from her with as much force as she could.
"Did you not want that?" he asked in disbelief, his heart shattering just a little when he saw the look on his face.
He had realised how he really felt about her a long time ago and wanted to prepare her for it a bit more delicately, but since the opportunity came... He just could not let it go.
"It's not about what I want, it's... We can't." She was saying all of this with a knot in her heart, knowing very well how much she wanted to stay with him right then and there, and give into the night. "I'm sorry, I... Have a safe mission," she added and before he could stop her, left the room as quickly as possible.
Anakin stood in the same place for the moment, as if glued to the ground, then plopped onto his bed with his head hung low.
He knew they weren't supposed to do this. But if so... Then why did it feel so right when their lips met mere minutes ago?
Now he knew the mission was the least of his concerns.
Y/N was walking as fast as she could back to her bedroom, running almost, holding back tears of frustration. That kiss, that few seconds were the most blissful seconds of her entire life, the happiest she's been in months, maybe years even... And yet, she wasn't allowed to feel this ever again.
Maybe the Jedi weren't as perfect as she had perceived them... If they didn't even allow happiness.
Eventually, she couldn't hold it back anymore - she stopped in one of the corridors and let the tears flow, her sobs echoing in the sleeping Jedi temple. With her face covered, she didn't even notice she had company.
"No need to cry there is."
Y/N almost jumped at Yoda's voice. She looked up and wiped her tears at once, composing herself.
"Oh, Master Yoda." She bowed slightly. "I didn't expect you here."
Yoda gazed at her searchingly.
"Conflicted you are, I sense."
She knew there was no use in lying.
"Yes. A lot," she whispered, not looking at him, and he fell silent for a moment.
"Take a break you should," he said eventually. "So many bad emotions the way to the dark side are."
She nodded, bowing again and thinking that a break might really help her.
"I will, Master."
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Force Ghosts as Enlightened beings, each representing a Theme
Tumblr media
This meta presents a theory that all characters who become Force Ghosts were reincarnated souls close to nirvana that needed to master one final lesson before becoming eternal in the Force.
Once they do, they are allowed to become Force Ghosts, serving as bodhisattva-like entities for the Galaxy. I propose Jedi (or force-sensitives) are these particular reincarnated souls close to nirvana. This explains their "powers" in the SW universe. Importantly, only a few of even the Jedi are close enough to nirvana to reach Enlightenment - thus becoming Force Ghosts.
A bodhisattva is a person or entity who can reach nirvana but they basically stay behind to help assuage the suffering of others. As a follower of buddhism, I have always sort of assigned the Force Ghosts this role in Star Wars because even out of the Jedi they are special. This is only my personal interpretation and application of the concepts mishmashed with Star Wars. To me, each of them represents a Master over a different version of Suffering.
In their latest incarnations (aka the Jedi characters we know them by) they are tasked with trials and tribulations by the Force that are intended to be insurmountable, these tasks are intended to test them to see if are ready to leap over that final hurdle towards Enlightenment so they can act as guides to humanity (bodhisattva-like entities or Force Ghosts).
They are already all good people- but to reach this final stage requires immense inner balance and understanding of the true Way (as reflected by the Eight-Fold Path). The EFP is a buddhist guidance system which does not rely on concepts of "good" or "evil" but rather personal integrity and things like "right effort", "right intention" which can include taking actions or POVs which may be seen as morally ambiguious to others. This guidance system is used to prevent "the painful cycle of rebirth" and free oneself from, essentially, physical/psychological/spiritual deja vu.
Obi-wan: Forgiveness
Tumblr media
Obi-wan begins his journey as a Jedi as an uppity, arrogant young man. He is portrayed in TPM as rule-follower with an intense dislike of deviation from "the books" so to speak, and is baffled by his Master's lackadaisical adherence to the Code. He finds it difficult to bend tradition and holds himself to very high standards of his own design.
He meets Anakin who is his litmus test, his foil, and his eventual partner. It has been said many times that Anakin taught Obi-wan adventure, energy, freedom, flexibility. His other half. The one person he finds purpose with and literally cannot live without. So what does the Force serve him? Betrayal. He is betrayed by Anakin. His rock. His defining partner. The person by whom he defines himself.
Not only has Anakin failed, but ergo he himself failed. An insurmountable grief it takes him years to come to terms with.
How does one learn forgiveness? To find detachment from the need to hold onto grief? To anger? To sorrow? To define oneself by loss as much as by love?
To free those who need forgiveness (ourselves or others), one must free oneself from judgement - judgement of ourselves and others. This judgement comes from a desire for control. This is Obi-wan's journey.
And each time Obi-wan succeeds - he forgives Maul for the murder of Qui-gon and Satine, and helps him die with compassion. He understands Maul's pain, even if his actions were painful. He knows it truly has nothing to do with him. Experiencing emotional pain is different from mentally centering oneself as the target of suffering.
He has an extremely important conversation with Maul here. As Maul is dying he asks Kenobi, "Is he the Chosen One?" to which Obi-wan replies, he is. Maul, with relief, dies in his arms with the last words, "He will avenge us all."
This exchange is extremely important! Not only does Obi-wan make the step to forgive Maul, but through that effort he gains more understanding of Anakin and Vader (his biggest hurdle!). He gets closer to overcoming his greatest challenge.
Along the way he forgives Padme for lying to him about her marriage to Anakin and raises her children. He forgives himself for the blame he carries for Qui-gon's death and Anakin's fall. He forgives Anakin.
Until finally, most importantly, he forgives Vader by realizing there is still light in him, too. That Vader suffered and is a Being of suffering, made of suffering, making others suffer.
He has compassion for Vader! Because one only suffers if they have goodness in them, if they are in moral conflict with themselves. And so he understands Anakin has always been there in Vader. He is not lost and never has been.
This is why he smiles when he dies. He knows neither of them are lost. The circle is now complete. He reaches Enlightenment.
This is how Obi-wan becomes a master of Forgiveness.
Anakin: Balance
Tumblr media
Anakin of course is a demi-god and agent of the Force's will. His entire life he is torn between two ends of a spectrum. IMO if we follow Buddhist tradition in this example, the Force is the entirety of dark and light, all-encompassing, the unit, the whole. There is no nominal "good" or "evil", just well-intended deeds and unwell-intended, failures and successes, both dependent one another.
As an agent of the Force with no real "free will" Anakin is tossed back and forth between extremes and opposites his entire life, fighting desperately for an identity and freedom. The Sith or the Jedi. Obi-wan or Padme. His mother or his duties. Ahsoka or the Council. Republic or Separatists. Sage or Warrior. The Son or the Daughter. Anakin or Vader. Good or Bad. Slave or Master.
This duality tortures him until he finally accepts something most people cannot accept or comprehend about themselves (even the Sith and Jedi): he is both.
We all must balance and accept we belong to the dark and the light, to every edge of our desires, to take responsibility for ourselves - without judgement, to stop fighting, stop warring with ourselves and one another, to see we are all struggling, and to most importantly, not become slaves to our engineered suffering.
When he dies, like Obi-wan, he is smiling, because he sees his son Luke. The person who was able to finally help him see he is not a monster, torn and tortured - he is just a person, like everyone else; and he is the Force, like everyone else.
This is how Anakin becomes a master of Balance.
Luke: Failure
Tumblr media
Luke's arc really is intriguing and my personal favorite. He is a wunderkind and Light of the galaxy. He is revered, worshipped, loved, -- he can do no wrong.
But soon, the Force begins to test him. Grogu rejects his teaching. His Jedi Academy fails. He finds himself distanced from Leia and Han. He takes on the apprentice Ben Solo and fails spectacularly to protect him from the Dark.
He considers ending Ben's life, in a mirror to Vader's slaughter of the younglings, and comes to the personal notion that the Jedi way itself is corrupt. If it wasn't, wouldn't it protect these souls? These children? Wouldn't it make him strong enough to resist that urge.
He feels the Jedi Way (or any adherence to a Way that creates duality) is what corrupted not only him, his father, his nephew, his relationships, but the whole galaxy. He is convinced the Jedi need to end and flees to isolation.
He considers himself a failure to his father, his legacy, his apprentice (Rey), his masters, Obi-wan, Ben, and the Galaxy.
Yet when he seeks to burn the sacred texts he hesitates. Yoda appears to make it clear to him. The greatest teacher failure is.
Luke the Wonderboy needed to face the fact that he was fallable man, not just Luke Skywalker: untouchable son of the Chosen One.
When he faces Ben Solo he accepts that he failed. He wants Ben to know it is okay to fail.
To fall.
And that is how he eventually saves his nephew and gains Enlightenment. The Order fell, not the Jedi way (aka "goodness"). And that's okay, because the Order was only an institution. Maybe it was wrong and corrupt.
And so from that Luke understands the Jedi Way did not fail, he did. And that's okay, even if he's Luke Skywalker.
He says "See you around, kid" because he knows with this last lesson he has finally given hope to a new generation of Force-sensitives. He knows he will not be the last Jedi.
This is how he becomes a Master of Failure.
Leia: Acceptance
Tumblr media
We don't get to see much of Leia's life on screen but it is easy to surmise what her lesson from the Force is. Fierce, independent, fiery Leia, rebel leader Leia, who is convinced she can do or achieve anything - must learn to accept things she cannot change. Must give up control. Understand that some things are unchangeable. Some things you cannot fight.
Leia cannot know her birth parents (Obi-wan tells her only what he can). Leia cannot save Alderaan (an impossible choice). Leia cannot save her son Ben.
It doesn't matter if there is still light in Ben (she can't save him alone and must have Han). She cannot bring Luke back alone (she needs Rey to do that). She cannot save Han (he sacrifices himself). She cannot win the war (that is left to another generation).
No matter how hard she fights, she must admit to herself there is no winning, no "end" to conflict. That the conflict and need to heal it is also within herself.
Leia the fighter must finally lay down her arms. And how does she finally bring her son back to the light? Not kicking, not flailing, not burning into the night - no, she literally lays down, and rests. She finally rests, giving the last of her life to help him survive Rey's saberhit.
And that's when Ben finally hears her.
Leia dies at peace, asleep. Knowing she will never again see her son, knowing the war is not won, knowing Alderaan is not entirely avenged, knowing she cannot fight her way through the truth. Having to accept her effort was enough, even if they never outright win. That winning is not victory, but simply a resolve.
This is how she becomes a Master of Acceptance.
Qui-gon: Responsibility
Tumblr media
With Qui-gon we go briefly to the EU here. Qui-gon was considered for the Council but rejected it on the basis that he would not align with their POVs. He was a freethinker and disliked the Council's orthodoxy and adherence to the Senate's will. This stems from his suspicion about them following Dooku's fall, which wounded him deeply.
He trains Obi-wan but is so damaged from the absence of his Master Dooku that he stays distant and unattached to Obi-wan, causing the boy to seek perfection to obtain respect from his peers. He shirks the Council and insists on training Anakin. He makes jokes of levity about "not being there to free slaves". He leaves Shmi on Tatooine.
Qui-gon avoids responsibility because he does not want to disappoint anyone as Dooku did. He does not entirely trust the Council, either. He can't stand the idea of that failure and is so, so damaged by it. And so, he never commits to anything and rejects responsibility.
So what does the Force hit him with? Maul. The first Sith in ages. And Anakin. The freaking Chosen One. The two biggest responsibilities to ever exist in their time!
He is tasked with protecting the Queen of Naboo and preventing an all-out Galactic War!
When he dies, fighting the first Sith in memory, he finally is putting his money where his mouth is. He steps up and sacrifices himself for his beliefs. He begs Obi-wan to train Anakin, knowing his importance and commiting his only padawan to that belief.
He is the one who figures out how to become a Force Ghost! He is tasked with training all the masters and sent back to rehabilitate Obi-wan in the desert - his apprentice who deserved his attention long ago. And he gives it, taking responsibility and committing to Obi-wan.
This is how he learns to be a Master of Responsibility.
Yoda: Loss
Tumblr media
And of course, last but not least, Yoda.
In a lot of "anti Jedi"-centric meta is it pointed out Yoda had a huge part in the making of the past 900 years and thus takes a large chunk of responsibility for the path of the Jedi/Sith through the SW timeline.
The fact that Yoda has an enormous influence on the ebb and flow of the SW universe is undeniable at least. Yoda's attachment to the Jedi Order and way, to the outcome of continual balance, to the search for Force-sensitives, to teaching, to leading the Council is something the Force needed to challenge to test Yoda.
Of course we know Sidious defeats Yoda and the Order crumbles. Yoda himself admits the Jedi's attachment to the war, Senate, and rules contributed to the end of the Order as they knew it. He was blind to Sidious' plans because Sidious preyed on Yoda's weakness -- his faith in institutions. Sidious became the institution, something Yoda would never suspect. I am the Senate.
In the end, Yoda dies a hermit. At peace at last. No Order to serve, yet he gets over his shame and fear of his failure and starts again by training Luke. He warns Luke he will be scared. Just as he was to lose the Light, Goodness, and Order of the World. And that fear is sometimes the biggest challenge and roadblock of all.
He leaves Luke with one final warning, no longer a Jedi High Master but an old reclusive man living in a bog.
"There is another," Yoda says. He means Leia, of course, but symbolically he is always giving Luke pivotal life advice that he has finally come to understand after 900 years.
Whatever way you think you must go, never forget there is another.
Let it go if you must.
Fighting endlessly to keep something is sometimes much less valueable than letting it go.
And never forget that this alternate path might be worth walking.
This is how he becomes a Master of Loss.
Of course there are only the Force Ghosts we have seen on screen! So assumedly others may also reach Enlightenment.
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ofkyberandwhills · 2 days ago
Found a meme and wanted to respond:
Tumblr media
1. At first they treated him with skepticism and rightfully so. When your hippie cousin bursts in the room claiming to have found space Jesus, and the kid has yet to learn emotional discipline at the age he is (and with pre conceived favoritisms and whatnot), of course you're going to be skeptical about letting him in and teaching him to harness the powers of the Force.
2. He was "isolated" because being a Jedi means giving up your own life and serving the greater good, Qui-Gon warned Anakin and his mother being a Jedi is not easy. And I'd even argue that the Jedi became Anakin's new community which clearly embraced him (along with him embracing them) up until he joined Palpatine. People also forget that Anakin wanted to be a part of this religious group.
3. Free his mother? They very could have, but what kind of messed up would that be to just leave the other slaves. (And no, they do not have the power to just "free the slaves" that's the Senate and government's roll)
4. The council had plenty of proof to expel Ahsoka, and her running away and being caught in incriminating circumstances didn't help. They had every right to be suspicious. Ahsoka even asks "how can I trust myself" after the trial.
5. The Jedi constantly praise Anakin, and even letting him on the council in the first place was a huge honor. Jedi like Mace and Yoda respect him plenty, and it's only when Anakin is acting unreasonable do they get stern with him.
Memes like this can be fun, but all too often the intent is serious. It's unfair to make these assumptions, especially when the evidence of the contrary is quite clear (at least in my opinion.) Party pooping rant over.
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abla-soso · a day ago
Jedi apologists often claim that Luke saved Anakin because he loved him like a true Jedi is supposed to love everyone, including their enemy.
But here's the thing: Luke didn't just have unconditional, selfless love for his father (the kind that the Jedi interpret as "Jedi compassion"). Luke was deeply attached to his father. He never had the type of abstract, emotionally detached love/compassion that the Jedi preached and tried to practice.
He was so damn attached, in fact, that he very quickly accepted Vader as his father, very quickly felt the good in him, and immediately wanted to save him and went to insane lengths to do it. Which is something no other Jedi was able or willing to do. Because this level of insane and almost suicidal, all-consuming attachment is inherently dangerous to the Jedi.
Yoda and Obi-wan lied to Luke about his father because they were too worried about Luke's intense attachment to his father and they were terrified it might lead him to the Dark Side. Because they viewed all intense attachments as a gateway straight to the Dark Side.
The Jedi code is all about "letting go", but Luke did not let go of his father. He accepted his father's death after it happened and mourned him in a healthy way, yes, but while his father was still alive he tried absolutely everything in his power to save him.
That is the very definition of "attachment", btw.
Please don't give me the usual bullshit about how the Jedi were only against unhealthy attachments and selfish love. Please spare me. The Jedi were literally paranoid about ALL types of intense attachments, period. Anything more than the abstract, emotionally detached notion of love was suspicious to them at best and downright terrifying at worst.
The funny thing is: Someone can make a very strong argument that Luke's intense attachment to his father wasn't even a healthy attachment anyway. And - realistically speaking - they wouldn't be wrong.
What's healthy about feverishly believing that a heinous war criminal is secretly good? and what's healthy about risking your very life - and the lives of billions of people - to prove this goodness and to save that criminal?
That's not Jedi love (Jedi love is notoriously collectivist in nature and never prioritize the love for an individual over the love for humanity as a whole).
And yet it worked.
The galaxy was saved because Luke rejected the Jedi definition of non-attachment love (abstract, emotionally detached love for everyone.. but never intense, clingy love for one person above others).
If you are a Jedi apologist and someone described Luke's actions to you - without naming him or Vader - you won't praise him for practicing the so-called "Jedi's love/mercy". You'd accuse him of having a toxic attachment to his father... that is: if you were honest and consistent with your Jedi apologia at all  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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everydoodleday · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✨baby jump✨
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morphmaker · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they want me to forget about the tube top but i will never forget
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curioscurio · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
run over villagers in my 2001 honda civic i must
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nicostiel · 5 months ago
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kamino-coruscant · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please, old friend. For her. One last fight.
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ewan-mcgregor · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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providence-park · a month ago
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abla-soso · a day ago
I know that Jedi apologists like to pretend that Yoda wasn't sometimes fundamentally wrong about how the Force works and his wisdom is always 100% true, but... the guy literally said:
"Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will".
And guess what?
Luke proved him wrong.
Anakin was saved ONLY because Luke proved Yoda was wrong (not just about Anakin himself, but also about a very essential fact concerning how the Dark Side of the Force works).
Obi-wan gave up on saving Anakin not just because he believed Vader killed Anakin, but also because he believed Yoda was always right about how the Dark Side of the Force works.
If Vader didn't confess to Luke that he was his father= Luke would have killed him and Anakin would have never been saved.
Anakin would have been truly lost forever if Luke never questioned Yoda's "wisdom".
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jedifisto · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The (infamous) disaster lineage
Bonus based on this post:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anakin: you owe me 10 credits, snips
Ahsoka, filming: can’t we just leave it on?
Yoda: *nods sagely* luminous beings are we
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