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5 June | LCDrarry Fic:

We Built This Right

Prompt: #48 | “Yuri on ice” - 2016 - Series
Author: Anonymous
Word Count: 15,344 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Homophobic Language, Anxiety, Strained Relationship with Parents

Notes: Based on the anime Yuri!!! on Ice. There isn’t really an equivalent of Yurio in this AU as I didn’t really want to focus on a third character. I changed things up a bit because in this AU, certain outcomes just made more sense to me. Also thanks Joanne for having no Asian male characters in your story. Made it a real treat when trying to pick characters to be from other countries. Regardless, I had a lot of fun writing this for Light Camera Drarry 2020! Thanks for reading!


At last year’s Grand Prix Final, Harry had an accident that left him with a lightning scar on his forehead, a concussion and a twisted ankle. Now everyone is waiting to see if his career is over - including former rival, Draco Malfoy.

Read it now on AO3.

Please help promote the fest by sharing your favourite submissions, so more people can enjoy all the amazing new Drarry works of LCDrarry.
Thank you!

Author and artist reveals are on 15 June.

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1. Through a Mirror Sideways.  Minako sees something of herself in Yuuri, though they are different in many ways. It’s part of why she agrees to help him train.

2. Barre Girls.  minako’s advanced ballet class

3. Two Weeks and a Day.  It only took Minako Okukawa two weeks and a day to figure out that Yuuri Katsuki had something special: his stamina.

4. Ten Times with Yuuri & Minako. Ten moments with Minako and Yuuri, from their first meeting on.
AKA Minako plays favorites

5. Minako Knows Best.  Yuuri’s parents had always been there for him with a bowl of katsdon and comforting words. Minako, on the other hand, was the one who pushed him forward (sometimes literally). Every major event in his life had Minako in the background, even if she wasn’t the nicest about it.

6. Little Chick in a Nest.  It took Victor an embarrassing amount of time to connect “Minako-sensei, Yuuri’s ice-skating obsessed ballet teacher who owns a snack bar to help make ends meet” with “Okukawa Minako, prima ballerina and winner of the Benois de la Danse”.

7. Tiny Dancer.  Minako-sensei and Yuuri - the early years.

8. Mother’s Day. Minako finds Mother’s Day to be difficult but when Yuuri invites her out to their celebration for Hiroko she can’t say no, but why is she getting a ton of attention as well?

(Minako is basically Yuuri’s other mom and this is a reflection/celebration of that)

9. A Piece of Paradise. Yuuri took one look at the room – Viktor with hearts in his eyes as he stared at a terrifyingly familiar album, his mother smiling and clearly on the verge of squishing her son-in-law’s cheeks together, Mari hovering over the two with naked amusement in the twist of her mouth – and fled.In which Victor is busy admiring his husband’s baby pictures, and Yuuri stumbles into a sake-induced conversation with his mentor.

10. Destiny.  Yuuri will never forget that first day when Minako suggested he try skating, and he’ll never stop being grateful for her.

11. The First Lesson.  Hiroko’s having a hard time keeping up with her unborn baby so Minako decides to help her out a little bit. Thus begins Yuuri’s very first lesson well before he is born

12. Reach for the Moon and Land in the Stars.  Minako always dreamed about being on the stage and her dreams take her to America.

13. MundaneYuuri goes with his mother and sister to Minako’s Dance studio.

14. Learning How to Dance. Yuri Katsuki and his first dance lesson.

15. Lonely Hearts.  After Yuuri wins his first senior national title, sparks fly between his former ballet instructor and his current coach, leading to Minako and Celestino spending a wonderful night together, making each other feel a little less lonely on Christmas Eve.

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Fanservice - Yuri killing his liver Episode 6



YURI GETTIN’ KRUUUUUNK!!!! Sorry I had a good day that turned into a bad day and making these ridiculous gifs at 3am helped. I also like the motion they give for a drunk impression. Although i dont drink so I wouldnt know lol.

I do not advice alcohol as a medicine for anxiety, but omg wouldnt Yuri. He cant fight his fathers genes.To bad there’s no poles nearby. Please Sim Yuri, spare the load baring poles of Yuutopia from the choke hold of your thick, sexy thighs. Next episode is basically just all the glorious blurry gifs of Sim Yuri being a beautiful drunk ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗).

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Victuuri’s Daughter Part 1

Yuuri and Victor have a daughter. Only the press doesn’t know.

Victor had grown up most of his life in the spotlight. He knew the effects it had on privacy and affairs. This coupled with Yuuri’s anxiety around reporters made the couple decide to keep her private for as long as they could. 

There was one flaw in their master plan. They took her to competitions.

With Yuuri still competing, and Victor coaching both Yuuri and Yurio, they were constantly traveling around the globe. It wasn’t too hard to manage, as many skaters eagerly volunteered to babysit the four-year old whenever they needed. Besides, little Catalina loved to come. She pointed excitedly as Uncle Phichit did a jump. Gasped and shook her current babysitter as Tetya Mila performed her step sequence. Told her Dad she wanted to skate just like him and Yura when she grew up!

Yuuri and Victor watched her with pride and love from their place near the rink boards. Most of the time keeping her out of sight is easy. Most. 

Yuri took a breath. He was one of the last skaters to perform today. He wasn’t worried though. He could beat Giacometti and Crispino in his sleep. He scoffed at the thought of those losers. His only real competition was Katsudon.

The man in question was sitting quietly next to him, squeezing Victor’s hand as he listened to his program’s music and searched the audience for his daughter’s face. 

“Yuuri, it’s time to go to warmups,” Victor said as he brushed himself off and stood. Yuuri graciously took Victor’s awaiting hand and rose as well. 

“Where’s Lina?” He asked quietly to Victor, once again scanning the audience. Yuri couldn’t help but roll his eyes. On top of his performance anxiety, he now had dad anxiety.

“She’s with Mila, zolotse. Do not worry,” Victor said, kissing his husband’s hand.

“Oi, Katsudon! You better be in top skating position! Don’t make this easy for me,” Yuri yelled at the older man. Yuuri only smiled warmly, a genuine look of appreciation twinkling in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Yura. I’ll be on top of the podium tomorrow.” 

Before Yuri could retort, the couple hand already walked away. Yuri sat alone for just a moment of freedom from the disgusting couple before his phone buzzed. 


Yuri scowled at his phone.

To Mila~ Fuck off, Hag!!


Yuri froze.  A little four-year old should not be walking around a competition alone. Yuuri and Victor would also slaughter Mila if anything happened to their precious daughter. And, although he would never say it out loud, he was worried about her as he would a little sister. His phone rang loudly.

“Mila,” Yuri said angrily. “Where is she?”

“I don’t know! She started crying because she missed her parents. I thought I calmed her down, but I looked away for one second and she was gone!” Mila sounded panicked and on the verge of tears, which was pretty reasonable given the situation. 

“We’ll find her,” Yuri said. “ But you owe me big time!”

“You’re a lifesaver, Yurio.”

He grimaced at the nickname. “That’s not my name, hag!”

He hung up the phone and stood from the bench he was sitting on. Thankfully, the search was over in seconds as he saw little Catalina wander through the entrance of the doors that lead to the boards and the ice. How she got through security, Yuri will never know.

“Catalina Ava!” He yelled as he stocked towards her. She blinked up at him, small tears running down her cheeks. Yet her tears turned to sobs when she spotted her brother-figure.

“Yura,” She cried as she held her arms up pathetically for him. He swept her up, holding her close to his chest as a wave of relief hit him. It was only a few seconds without knowing where she was, but it was a few seconds too long for Yuri’s liking. She sobbed into his shoulder, little fists wound in his jacket.

“What were you thinking, kotoyonok? Something could have happened to you,” Yuri asked, an irritated edge still present in his words.

“I’m sorry,” She mumbled, wiping her eyes with her tiny hand. “I missed Daddy and Papa. I saw them sitting over here so I came to find them.”

Yuri sighed deeply. This child was going be the end of him. She was too clever for her own good. Yuri glanced up and noticed the cameras pointed at him. He glared at each and every one before pulling Catalina’s hood over her head. They had probably already caught her face, but Yuri was going to protect her for as long as he could.

He pulled out his phone and dialed Mila.

“Are you looking on the screen?” Yuri asked sarcastically.

“Yes, I see you. I’m on my way.” Mila said, huffing as she ran. Yuri hung up and gazed at the little girl in his arms.

“Who’s that?” She asked, pointing to the ice. 

“That’s JJ. We stay away from him,” Yuri said with a sneer. Catalina erupted in giggles. 

“You’re silly Yura.”

“I am not silly! I am the Ice Tiger of Russian!” He said with an indignant expression on his face. She laughed again and hid her face in his neck.

At this, reporters started approaching, making Yuri tighten his grip on her.

“Stay quiet, Lina,” he warned. She nodded briefly and hid her face.

“Mr. Plisetsky, who is this little girl?”

“Yuri, what is your relation to this child?”

“Where are her parents?”

Yuri settled his best glared on the group. “No comment.”

“Mr. Plisetsky–”

“I said,” He growled for effect, “no comment. If you would like to attend my press conference later, I suggest you leave, now. Victor has no problem banning reporters.”

The reporters hesitated at the threat, eyes going from him to the little girl in his arms, before backing off. Yuri sighed in relief.

“Yuri! Catalina!” Mila called as she ran up next to them. Catalina tightened her grip around Yuri’s neck.

“I want to stay with Yura,” Catalina said stubbornly.

“Linachka…” Mila said gently, slightly wary as she felt onlooker’s eyes on them. It felt like the whole stadium was staring at the trio.

“No! I want to stay with him!” Her eyes became glossy in a threatening way. Mila and Yuri shared a look.

“I have to warmup soon,” Yuri attempted but the girl held strong.

“Until then!”

And could he really resist her pouty lip and sad eyes?

“… fine. But just until your Papa gets back. Then you have to go back into the stands with Mila,” He negotiated. Since Catalina had been brought into the family 6 months ago, Yuri had learned the art of negotiation. Two pieces of broccoli for one piece of chocolate. Leaving Yuri alone for 2 hours and a promised movie night later. Not going through his clothes and buying her her own tiger print jacket. It was an art. And no one was better at it than Yuri.

While Yuri settled on negotiation, Yuuri was strict. Catalina knew not to mess with him. Victor on the other hand, was a pushover most of the time. She could get whatever she wanted from him 90% of the time.

Catalina nodded her head and then settled against his shoulder. 

Yuri sighed loudly and walked back over to the bench, Mila in tow. What a turn of events. He hummed his program under his breath, hoping it would calm the flames under his skin. There was at least one camera on them at all times too, which did not help his nerves. For the next 20 minutes, the trio watched the ongoing performers until it was Yuuri’s turn. 

Victor and Yuuri appeared on another side of the boards not too far away from them, both concentrating on each other and speaking in whispered tones.

“Daddy! Papa!” Catalina squealed loudly, making the other four freeze.

Victor and Yuuri both turned towards the noise.

“We’re so dead,” Mila whispered fearfully. Yuri could only nod.

The couple was… shocked and confused to say the least. The entire stadium was watching them, even the commentators had gone quiet. Yuuri shot a cool look at Yuri and Mila.

“So dead,” Yuri repeated. 

Victor didn’t look too happy either with them, crossing his arms and a pensive look on his face. He glanced over at Yuuri and the two seemed to share an entire conversation without words before nodding to each other.

“Lyubov moya, подойди́ сюда́!” Victor called, a large smile on his face. The girl grinned and squirmed out of Yuri’s lap. Cameras followed her movement as she ran towards Yuuri and Victor and jumped into Yuuri’s arms. He smiled fondly at his daughter and kissed the top of her head.

Rationally, Yuuri and Victor knew the truth would come out eventually. They were famous competitive skaters. Yuuri was surprised they were able to keep her secret for as long as they had.

“I missed you, Daddy.”

His heart warmed at his daughter. His muscles relaxed and for the first time today, his mind was clear. His family was here, supporting him. Nothing, no reporters or news sources or even competitors, could take that away from him.

“I missed you too, Cat-chan,” Yuuri murmured. The stands were loud as people shouted their confusion, but the small family ignored them. Yuuri rested his forehead against her’s as Victor encircled them from behind. A moment of peace for the family in the storm of competitions.

This was why he was skating, Yuuri reminded himself. For his family. For himself. For love. 

Victor gently pulled Catalina out of Yuuri’s arms and into his own. 

“I’ll make you proud,” Yuuri said, eyes meeting Victor’s with a determined look.

“I know you will,” Victor said, giving his husband a firm nod.

“Wish your Daddy good luck, Linashka,” Victor whispered to his daughter.

“Ganba, Daddy!” She said, pressing herself into Victor’s chest.

Yep, the stadium definitely heard that.

Yuuri smiled and stepped onto the ice. He skated towards the middle and set into his beginning pose.

The media was going to have a field day.

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Ey!! It’s my birthday!

So, I thought why not post some party pictures? These are from a dinner party, held in Yuuris family home backyard. The guests are a mixed bunch of characters, that probably wouldnt attend the same party since they live all across the world… But that is not a problem in the sims!! And it sure makes me happy seeing all of them together like this.

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1. The One in St. Petersburg. Yuuri experiences a fall (and mild non-specified injury) while training in St. Petersburg which brings his anxiety roaring back. Luckily, this time he has the remarkable love of not only Victor, but the entire Russian skating team. Each team member tries their hands at helping Victor help Yuuri, and in the end, Victor and Yuuri find something that can help them both.

2. Altschmerz.  Yuuri has trouble adjusting to St. Petersburg.

3. you’ve taken all you can bear.  Thirty thousand feet off the ground, Yuuri learns that he is enough.

4. Decompression.  Yuri had thought through alot before moving to St. Petersburg, but he hadn’t considered how much stress would come just from sharing the ice with the Russians…

5. Momentary Relapse. Being engaged to a living legend isn’t always easy, especially when your traitorous brain is always looking for an excuse to remind you that you don’t deserve him. On a date night, Viktor attracts once again the attention of a pretty girl and Yuuri doesn’t handle that very well.

6. Lemon Lungs. Yuuri’s been dealing with this his entire life, but it hasn’t gotten easier.

7. here comes a thought. Yuuri struggles with being forced into retirement by an injury, Victor struggles with getting Yuuri to talk about it, and they still love each other through all of it.

8. Scale of 1-10.  Yuuri Katsuki swears he has been handling his anxiety better, but one mistake during practice will prove that the beast will never truly be tamed.

9. salad tongs Having Viktor hold his hand through life is the greatest gift he could image, but it’s not an antidote for his anxiety. Yuuri just wishes he could’ve conveyed that in a more reasonable way than snapping at Viktor to stop touching him because a shop attendant gave him a condescending look for not knowing the Russian word for ‘salad tongs.’

10. By a String. Katsuki looks like he might break at any moment, so Yuri keeps his mouth shut.
(Yuri Plisetsky gets a taste of Yuuri Katsuki’s anxiety and he’s not sure how to handle it.)

11. Isn’t that Enough?.  Rumors of Yuuri Katsuki having anxiety start flying around and before Yuuri and Viktor comment on it, a fan does.

12. Yuri! On Anxiety.  After a letter from a fan (and some convincing from Viktor and Phichit) Yuuri decides to talk about his battle with Anxiety.

13. But Baby, Let the sky fall on me if I ever hurt you.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned.
Or, Victor and Yuri’s first attempt at BDSM fails miserably.

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Our little valentines have been hard at work these past few months, and we’re so happy to give you guys a sneak peak at what they’ve been up to! To help you stay in the holiday spirit, we’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes looks at our progress, and here’s the first one!

Thanks so much to @theliteraryluggage , @zenphoenixa , and @lalionnepublishing for helping us celebrate the occasion by providing your WIPs! <3

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