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Another dumb idea (probably worse than before) but I want to see Yuri and Viktor at banquet night and Yuri’s all nervous again so Viktor (being Viktor) is like *yo do you want something to drink* and Yuri just forgets everything that happened last year due to his nerves so he’s like *yeah sure* and then they both get drunk and fuck and it’s even better than last year.

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Yuuri: Hah, it’s crazy how everyone thinks Yurio is so tough, while he named his cat “Missy”

Viktor, thinking about how Yurio named his cat “Missile Launcher”, but Yakov threatened to take the cat away unless he changed it: Yeah, insane.

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I just rewatch Yuri On Ice for the 3th times and I’m like : wow even after two years is still sooo good ! I mean, if you haven’t seen this anime yet I don’t understand why, it’s so beautiful ! And the OST are amazing !

(sorry for my bad english btw)

Je viens juste de regarder Yuri On Ice pour la 3ème fois et je me suis dis que même après 2ans sans l’avoir vue, cet anime est toujours aussi bien. Il est agréable, les musiques sont géniales, si vous n’avez pas regardé encore je vous le conseil vraiment car il est magnifique !


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