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taee · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
211207 Yoongi’s Instagram Post:
인스타 너무 어렵다 :( Insta is too difficult :(
211207 Taehyung’s comment on Yoongi’s Post:
유투브 강의 듣고오세요 편함 👏 Go listen to/watch the lecture on Youtube. (It’s) Easy 👏
211207 Hoseok’s comment on Yoongi’s Post:
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bts-trans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
211205 RM’s Tweet
#진생일ᄎᄏ #슈퍼참치 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
#HappyBdayJin #SuperTuna Hahahahahahaha
Trans cr; Laura @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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youmyjhope · 2 days ago
my friend made me come here and ask for a yoongi audio 👁️👁️
It's been 84 years... Enjoy. 💌
do not repost
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v-hope · a day ago
Tumblr media
@rkive: “finding yoongi”
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jung-koook · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
yoongi on instagram
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bisexualrapline · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
agustd: insta is so hard :(
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yooboobies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you. just simply you. because of the fact that you are you. i love you. so much.
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bts-trans · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
211207 Suga’s Instagram post with V and Jin’s Comments
S: 인스타 너무 어렵다 :(
V:  유투브 강의 듣고오세요 편함
J: 이 빨간건 뭐야?
S: Insta's so hard :( 
V: Watch a tutorial on YouTube it's easy
J: What's this red thing?
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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blu-joons · 2 days ago
When He Invites You To Spend Christmas With Him ~ BTS Reaction
Your heart sunk as you realised that there no flights left to be able to get you home in order to spend the holidays with your family. You slammed the lid of your laptop down in frustration, glancing across at Jin.
“I guess that’s it then, I’m all alone for Christmas,” you sighed, taking a deep breath to try and stop yourself from getting upset.
Beside you, Jin felt terrible as he watched you try and hold it together, shaking his head gently. “You don’t necessarily have to be alone for Christmas Y/N.”
“You saw what the website said, all the flights are fully booked,” you reminded him.
“I didn’t mean spending Christmas with your family.”
Your eyebrows furrowed as the corners of his mouth slowly turned up into a smile, “who else can I spend Christmas with? Are one of the boys staying here for Christmas too?”
“No, I meant you could spend Christmas with me, and my family,” Jin grinned, watching the shock in your expression.
Your head shook in response to him, “I can’t just gate crash your family’s Christmas uninvited; I’ll be alright here at the dorm by myself.”
“Y/N, it’s not for debate, you’re coming and spending Christmas with me,” Jin assured you, taking a hold of your hand, “my mum adores you; she’ll want you there to.”
“Really? Oh Jin, that’s so sweet of you.”
Tumblr media
As you began to tell Yoongi that you had no one local that you could spend the holidays with, he felt terrible. For weeks he had been excitably telling you how excited he was to see his family, unaware of your situation.
“I don’t mind too much,” you tried to assure him, forcing a smile to your face, “I’m quite used to spending the holidays alone.”
Straight away, his head shook back across at you, refusing to let it be the case for you for yet another year. “I’m going to ring my mum, this isn’t happening.”
“No, Yoongi I don’t want to be a burden to your mum when she’s busy,” you told him.
“She won’t want you by yourself either, trust me.”
You smiled a little more naturally as Yoongi pulled out his phone, beginning to search for his mum’s contact. “Please tell her that she can say no, I’d understand if she did.”
“If she says no, then I’m staying here,” Yoongi established with you, “I mean it when I say you’re not going to be alone.”
Your head shook at just how serious he was, “I don’t want you to miss out on time with your family like I’m going to.”
“You’re my family these days,” he whispered sweetly, pressing a kiss to the side of your head, “trust me, my mum won’t see you alone, she thinks the world of you.”
“Does she? Your mum is the sweetest.”
Tumblr media
As soon as you finished telling Hobi about your plans for Christmas, or your lack of plans, he reached across and took a hold of your hand, squeezing it gently whilst offering you a sympathetic smile to match.
“You don’t need to feel bad for me,” you quickly tried to tell him, “I always knew that this was probably going to happen.”
His head shook back across at you, “I’m having no arguments from you on this one, but you’re coming home with me, we’ll find a way to get you there.”
“Flights will be sold out by this time of year,” you tried to explain, but he didn’t listen.
“We’ll find a different way, maybe even a road trip?”
Your smile continued to grow at the perseverance that Hobi had, “it will take hours for us to get to your home if we drive, anything could happen, we could even get stuck.”
“That would be pretty cool,” Hobi mused, finding the appeal, “it would be like being in our very own Christmas movie.”
You couldn’t help but chuckle at the way that his mind worked, “are you really willing to risk all of that to see me not alone?”
“Of course,” he instantly grinned in reply, “whatever it takes to get me and you to my parents for Christmas, I’ll do. No one should be alone for the holidays Y/N.”
“You’re right, not at the most wonderful time of year.”
Tumblr media
You looked up at Namjoon as he placed two plane tickets in front of you, watching on as you took a closer look, reading the passenger information, the departure point and the arrival point, unable to understand.
“What are these?” You asked, picking up the tickets and waving them in front of his face, “why have you got two tickets?”
Namjoon took his out of your hand, keeping yours tightly in your hold. “They’re tickets so that we can both go home and be with my family for Christmas.”
“But I thought you said that your mum’s house was full,” you enquired to him.
“I managed to pull a few strings with her.”
Your eyes went wide as his head nodded back at you, assuring you that everything was above board. “So, I’m coming to spend Christmas with you? It’s not just a joke, is it?”
“You’re coming to spend Christmas with me,” he grinned, “I’ve got a few favours to do for my mum, but they’ll be worth it.”
You smiled appreciatively across at Namjoon, “I really appreciate you making the effort to be with me for the holidays.”
“The last thing I wanted to do was leave you to celebrate alone,” he admitted, “one way or another I was going to make sure that you spent the holidays with a family.”
“You’re the best, thank you for doing this.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes looked to the bedroom door as Jimin returned after scampering out of the room once you’d finished telling him about how you had no plans for Christmas, except for a simple day all by yourself.
“Where did you go?” You innocently asked, instantly drawn to the huge smile that was plastered across his face.
He sat back down on the bed, nudging your arm gently. “I went and rang my mum and enquired about whether we had any extra spaces at the dinner table.”
“Jimin, I told you that I didn’t mind being by myself,” you instantly scolded him.
“There’s no way that I’m leaving you to celebrate alone.”
You smiled appreciatively as he threw his arms around your frame, tightly holding onto you. “What did your mum say in that case? Is there room for one more at the table?”
“Absolutely,” Jimin laughed, “she was more enthusiastic about you coming for Christmas then she was about me.”
Your head shook back across at him, “I’m sure that that’s not true, it’s been ages since your family all got to see you Jimin.”
“And ages since they got to see you too,” he pointed out to you, “my mum is more than happy to host you for Christmas, that’s if you want to come to Christmas with us.”
“Of course, I would absolutely love to come.”
Tumblr media
He couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing when you told Taehyung that your family were all out of town for the holidays, and with your work schedule so busy, you had no chance of being able to join them.
“Right now, my plans are just a cosy day and night in the flat by myself,” you concluded, only to be met by his head shaking.
Immediately, Taehyung knew he wasn’t going to allow for that, “you can come and spend Christmas with me, I’m busy just like you are, it’s the perfect match.”
“Aren’t you going home to see your family for Christmas,” You asked him in reply.
“They’re coming to Seoul because I’m so busy here.”
Your heart sunk at the effort his family made for him, only wishing you could have gotten the same. “So, you can spend time with them and not worry about me,” you tried to tell him.
“Christmas for us is at my house, which means my rules,” he laughed, “I can invite whoever I want to invite to Christmas.”
You tried to protest, but Taehyung wasn’t having any of it though as he took a hold of your hand. “Will they want me there with you?”
“They don’t get a choice,” he continued to assure you, “if they want to spend Christmas with me, then they’re just going to have to accept that there’s a plus one too.”
“I really appreciate you doing this, thank you Tae.”
Tumblr media
You smiled weakly as you caught Jungkook’s eye as he continued to pack up his suitcase ready to head back to Busan and see his family for Christmas, hating the feeling of having to leave you behind with no one to celebrate with.
“Are you excited?” You asked him as finally he finished off his case, throwing it onto the bed and zipping it up comfortably.
His head nodded in reply to you as he knelt down underneath the bed and pulled out another suitcase, “I’m excited, but I want to know if you’re excited?”
“To spend Christmas all by myself, I’m over the moon about it,” you scoffed.
“Who said anything about spending it all alone?”
You looked on in confusion as Jungkook opened up your beside table, taking several pairs of underwear and throwing them into the case. “What are you doing with those?”
“I’m packing your suitcase to come home with me for Christmas,” Jungkook told you as if it were just meant to be so obvious.
Meanwhile you still had no idea what was going on as he did so, “it’s not fair of you to mess with me like this Jungkook, I’m staying here.”
“Did you really think that I was going to leave you here by yourself?” He chuckled, “this suitcase won’t pack itself, and I’m being serious too, you’re coming with me.”
“I don’t have to spend Christmas alone after all!”
Tumblr media
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sunshinee0-0 · a day ago
Hello I really like your stories they bring a smile to my face every time 🥰. And could you do maybe 11 or 4 with taehyung, Jungkook and yoongi
"If we broke up, I would get back with my ex"
♡Paring♡ Yoongi x reader, Jungkook x reader, Taehyung x reader
♡warnings♡ Tae calls your ex "ugly" possessive Jk, Grammer and spelling mistakes, anything I missed lmk :)
A/n: Hi babies sorry for the late post! I decide to go with 4 and Tbh yoongi's can go two ways, 1 he can not believe it no matter how much you try to convince him he'll be like "nice try" or 2 he can believe it and be calmly pissed, I picked the latter :)
Back to the TikTok event
Tumblr media
You watch as Yoongi order something before he turns his head to look at you and ask you what you want. Giving him your order, you watch as he repeats it to the McDonald's employee, she tells him to pull up to the first window which he does. Boredom consumes you as the two of you wait in line, you try to think on what to do when the TikTok you watched an hour ago pops into your head and you decide why not do it on Yoongi. "Baby if we broke up I would get together with my ex." There's a few beats of silence before Yoongi slowly lifts his head from his phone at you, he ask you to repeat what you just said which you do. His face scrunchs in disgust, "why?" He gives the employee his card and turns back to you, "Because he's super kind and talented and he's very cute and hard working." Yoongi looks at you for a few seconds and although his face looks calm there's a raging storm in his eyes. "Why not just date him then." He pull up to the next window and grabs the both of your guys food handing it to you. "Yoongi, baby you would be my ex." He stares at you for a few seconds before his face breaks out into a gummy smile, "That was stupid." A faint blush dust his cheeks at your praise from before as he pulls out of McDonald's.
Taehyung's head is in your lap as you run your fingers threw his hair. The peacefulness makes your heart swell with content but being the little minx you are you decide to mess with it. "Tae?" He hums eyes still focused on the tv, "if we broke up, I would get back with my ex." The peacefulness washes away and Tae sits up, taking his head out of your lap. "Why?", "Because he-" before you can finish your sentence he cuts you off. "He's ugly." "Tae!!" You laugh. The expression on his face is priceless and the fact that he just called himself ugly without knowing makes a laugh form at the back of your throat. "He is not!" You aurge back, Taehyung gives you that bitch face and you let out another laugh. "He's the most handsome and funniest guy I have ever met." Taehyung gives you a face of disgust and a little bit of betrayal. "A blobfish is better looking then him." You laugh even harder at that and you decide to stop messing with him, "Tae you would be my ex!" Taehyung's glare turns into a little boxy grin, "oh okay then, nevermind."
There was a movie playing on the tv but you aren't paying attention instead you were paying attention to the TikTok on your phone , looking over at Jungkook who peacefully watching the Ghibi film. You decide to mess with him (again) "Hey Kookie, ask me what I'd do if we broke up!" He looks at you, eyebrows furrowed "why?" He whines not liking the idea of breaking up with you. "Just do it!" You whine back, "Fine, what would you do if we broke up, Jagiya?" He sighs, fiddling with your fingers. "Get back with my ex." You instantly reply back, he tightens his hold on your hand and gives you a soft glare, "why would you do that? He cheated on you and he smells." He srunches his nose at the end and you let out a little laugh. "Plus I wouldn't let you cause your mine!" You giggle as butterflies fill your stomach. "You would be my ex, dummy" He stares at you before letting out a small "ohhh." He chuckles a bit and pulls you into his lap. "Good cause I would never give you up and you can't get rid of me." He then kisses your lips.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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btsaudge · a day ago
Bangtan ~ VOGUE | GQ KOREA
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jinpanman · 2 days ago
Maybe I Love You, Maybe You Love Me
Tumblr media
summary: It’s something you’ve known since you were five and it’s only grown stronger as the decades passed.
pairing: yoongi x reader
wc: 2.9k
genre: pg, fluff, f2l
extra info/warnings: minimal cursing, spreading the husband!yoongi agenda once more lmao
a/n: SURPRISE @fluffyydumplings​!!! you’re such a cutie! you know who else is a cutie????? MIN YOONGI!!!!!!!1 also i saw your a/n in your fic... i would never hurt you. i mean i definitely tried at first. i know you like pain LOL but i couldn’t do that to you for CHRISTMAS so there is No Pain here <3 i promise hehe but i’m sorry it’s so short 😭😭😭 i really hope you enjoy this regardless 🥺💞 with greatest love, your pretty snowflake santa 
thank yous to my trashy possums for the support! the biggest thank you to @reliablemitten​ and @calixwrites​ for helping make this so much better with your input! i would probably be crying alone in a ditch rn if not for all of you <<33333
selected prompts from @btswritingcafe​: “Love in the form of handholding is ideal…so allow me to never let go.” + “You said we would be happy…why did I believe you?”
Tumblr media
“Min Yoongi! I’m going to marry you one day! Just watch! We’re gonna get married and you can’t stop me!”
You groan loudly into your hands, grimacing at the TV screen where an adolescent version of you continues to spout absolute nonsense to a boy with a tragic bowl cut. The now much older boy—who thankfully no longer sports a terrible haircut—sits beside you, very badly stifling a laugh.
Yoongi’s eyes are crinkled despite his otherwise cool expression and you just know he’s got something to say. Your gaze wanders upwards to his freshly dyed hair, courtesy of none other than you. He’d begged you just a few days ago to “please dye my hair back to black before both our moms kill me” to which your reply was “wow I’d love to see that.” But because you are weak to all things Yoongi, you spent the rest of that day together in his bathroom. It’s a strangely intimate thing, touching someone’s hair. It doesn’t help knowing that Yoongi’s always been so particular about who gets to touch his hair. Just as your thoughts begin to veer off tangent about what else happened that night—
“You’re staring,” he whispers and you jerk in your seat when you notice how close he’s gotten to you in the short time you spaced out.
“No, you’re staring. Get back on your side of the couch!” you hiss and push him back to his previous spot.
He goes easily, but not without showing off the biggest and brattiest pout. Do not fixate on his lips, you tell yourself, but your attention latches on anyway. It’s hard not to when those very lips were pressed against yours that same night his blonde hair turned black. You retaliate by flashing your tongue before turning to your parents.
“Do we really have to keep watching this?”
Your mother, who cuddles with your father on the adjacent couch, laughs. She laughs at your humiliation and you have never felt more betrayed. Are mothers not supposed to protect their offspring? You respond to this treachery by jutting out your legs like a petulant child and flailing about. Your hand smacks Yoongi right in the nose, effectively wiping off the smugness on his face. It’s not what you were going for, but it is a victory nonetheless.
Good, you think. Serves him right!
Mrs. Min, the cheeky woman with a tongue as sharp as her eyes, raises a hand to her mouth and lets out the daintiest giggle you have ever heard come out of her. It leaves you absolutely dumbfounded and you can only gape mid tackle when she responds to you.
“Why would you ask such a ridiculous question? Of course we do, honey! It’s practically tradition at this point.”
Tradition unfortunately means reminiscing about all the most embarrassing things you and Yoongi have ever said or done in the past twenty plus years of life. Oh, the joy of having parents attached to the hip with your best friend’s parents. There are absolutely no secrets left to hide from the man, but you suppose it’s not such a bad thing. He’s literally seen and heard it all and still, he is here.
It’s too bad he is a completely useless comrade.
“Yoongi!” He meets your desperate gaze and raises his brows in a silent question. You motion wildly in the direction of both of your parents. “Stop them!”
He shrugs. Yoongi shrugs because he is a menace. A very stupidly cute menace but a menace nonetheless.
“It’s only fair they laugh at you today. I already got my fair share yesterday so I’m not stopping them.”
An embarrassing whine escapes your lips at his obvious lack of assistance. You hate that he’s right. Yesterday you had the pleasure of watching the parents gush and coo over ten-year-old Yoongi’s heartbroken letter to you—with tear stains and all—when you got your first boyfriend. He’d asked you then to never have another boyfriend because it made him “very sad”. So sad that he never wanted to eat ice cream again. You, of course, didn’t listen to him and his then very tearful, very desperate request. What ten-year-old girl would say no to the popular and funny “it boy” at school? Not you!
A screech from the TV disrupts your train of thought.
The much younger you screeches out a very loud, very obnoxious “HOLD MY HAND!” You don’t have to look at the screen to know who it’s directed at. You bury your face into the arm of the sofa with a resigned groan. You hear both then-Yoongi and now-Yoongi giggle and your heart does this weird flopping around in your chest that you do your best to ignore. 
Your hand twitches in your lap. Oh to have the gutsiness that kid-you had. You absolutely would like to hold Yoongi’s hand right now. You want to curl your fingers around his and never let go. This feeling is very not friendzone-appropriate. A mutual friendzoning, if you will. An unfortunate mutual friendzone. A zone that you very much want to get out of, and if the kiss you shared a few nights ago is anything to go by, you hope to be moving onto greener pastures some time very soon.
You should have known this would be the most prevalent pastime for your and Yoongi’s parents during your week-long holiday at the Min’s cabin. Yoongi had been the one to suggest it and your parents ate it up in an instant. You all worked hard to make it happen. The Mins are a second family, a second home. This is the first winter holiday you’re spending together in the past three years, but you should have known the consequences of your actions.
In your heart of hearts, you know that you truly don’t mind. Being the only children of your families, you and Yoongi have both long stopped trying to dim the delight in your parents’ eyes when they retell stories about the two of you a hundred times over, always giggling as if it were the first time.
Knowing you don’t really mind doesn’t mean you’ll ever stop complaining, though.
“Dad! You said we would be happy and have a fun time this week! Why, oh, why did I believe you?” He grunts in response and you know that’s as good a reply as you’re gonna get. “Okay. Well. While I am so honored that you are all getting an absolute kick out of my embarrassment, I have decided that I am going to go and shovel the snow. Outside. Where there is snow that needs to be shoveled. So. Enjoy yourselves.”
You quickly dismiss yourself before your dad has the chance to convince you to stay. He’s good at that. Sweet talking you into doing things you’d otherwise detest doing or things you know you’ll regret. Like that one time he persuaded you it was a good idea to swap out ketchup with sriracha when you were making your mom a sandwich. The only good thing to come out of your suffering that day was knowing that your dad suffered just as much as you did.
You’re about ten steps onto the patio when you hear the front door open and shut behind you. You don’t need to turn around to know who it is. There’s only one person in the cabin that would follow you out in the snow. Would follow you anywhere. You continue on your way over the stepping stones, shovel in hand, and maybe it’s stupid but you regulate your breathing to fall in step with the crunch of snow behind you.
“I can’t believe you would leave me all by myself in that den of lions,” comes a voice behind you.
“Someone had to be the sacrificial lamb. Figured you wouldn’t mind. After all, you were the one who said it would be a great idea to celebrate the holidays together this year.”
“But I —”
You cut him off before he can argue, wanting to see how much you can wind him up. “I knew I shouldn’t have given in. I am considerably less than happy right now. Unhappy! Miserable! Glum! Regretful! Woeful, even—!”
Yoongi sniffs loudly behind you.
The next thing you know, he’s stepping in front of you, reaching for the snow shovel in your hand and you’re falling, falling, falling until your back crashes into the snow. It’s cold. The chill immediately passes through the layers of warmth you’ve put on, but you can’t bring yourself to care. Not when your attention is wholly captured by the view above you.
Yoongi has fallen with you and landed directly on top of you. Small puffs of air fall from his parted lips and fall over your face. Would this count as an indirect kiss? Would he let you nudge his head down closer so your lips can meet once more? That first time was simply not enough.
Your eyes trace over Yoongi’s face and you take in the way his front bangs fall down his face, so tragically alluring and so long. It was a mistake not to give him a haircut along with the dye job. He’s much too dangerous with this longer hairstyle. The rich brown shines under the near blinding white surrounding you and your fingers twitch with a need to push his hair back so you can see his face better. His cheeks and button nose are tinged a light pink and you are half tempted to take him home so he won’t have to endure the cold anymore. You don’t, though, because he has you caught in the most scandalous position ever. It’s too much to compute.
“I- you- You need to- You’re heavy. Get off before you break my back.”
You watch his curled lips inch ever so slowly closer. He’s leaning in dangerously close and now you really are frozen. You both know you don’t want him to move. If you really wanted to, you could easily overpower him. You don’t though, and that knowledge has his shit-eating grin growing wider. The ever devious Cheshire cat.
“You talk too much,” he says, earning him an affronted glare.
“I do not!”
“Baby if you don’t shut up, I’ll make you shut up.”
You scoff and level him with a cocked brow. “I’d like to see you try.”
He mirrors you, raising his own brow. Smirks. Then with absolutely no hesitation—
“Marry me.”
Well, holy shit.
“Min Yoongi.” Your voice comes out in a tremble. You clear your throat and start again. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut up right now.”
“You’re what’s good for me.”
All at once he drops his weight onto you and smothers you whole. You’re so blindsighted that all you can muster is a muted grunt. Oh sweet, good heavens above. You are not a strong soldier. You are weak. You are so weak.
“Yes, wife?”
You whine. You squeak. You whimper. 
You thank your lucky stars that both of you are wearing coats. Coats thick enough that you know for certain he won’t be able to feel how quickly your heart races. Who knows, though. If your own mother can betray you, why wouldn’t the very fabrics that clothe your body betray you too?
“I can’t feel my legs. It’s too cold.”
He stiffens on top of you.
“Oh. Crap. I forgot about- Shoot. Okay. Let me- let me get off.”
“I’m certainly not stopping you.”
Yoongi quickly pushes himself off and pulls you up with him—right into his strong embrace. He’s never been much of a hugger. Self proclaimed hug-hater even, so it always makes your heart flutter at the way he always hugs you so tightly. The way he hugs only you this way. The way he’s always hugged you this way.
His breath fans across your forehead as he asks, “Can you stand okay or do you still need a moment?”
“I-I still need a moment, yeah.”
He gives you exactly five seconds to recuperate.
“I know we’ve been so busy with this trip that we haven’t been able to talk about that moment in my bathroom. The kiss.”
Your legs have once again turned to mush and if it weren’t for his arms around you, you’d surely have fallen again. You nod weakly. It’s all you can do with the way his very being is taking over all your senses. He pauses again, warms up your ears between his fingers.
“I love you, you know? I know you love me too.” You nod again, blushing at how easily he’s able to say it. “And I know we both know we’ve been kinda terrible at… this.” A laugh. Another nod in understanding.
“Yeah. I- you’re right. We’ve sucked. A lot.”
“I love you and I wanna take you out on dates. Proper dates. Then after the third date or so, I’m going to ask you to be with me. Like, be my girlfriend. And…we’ll date for maybe a year or two before I propose. You’ll say yes, of course. And um, well we can figure the rest of it along the way.”
He speaks so casually and so matter-of-factly. It’s driving you a little crazy. More than you’re already feeling.
“You sound very sure of yourself there. Who says I’m gonna say yes?” Your voice is shaking. Your entire body is shaking and warm all over.
“I’m confident in our love.”
He shrugs like the nonchalant fiend that he is. Oh, good lord. You burrow your face into his scarf and groan quietly when you hear his soft, breathless giggle. It tickles your ear.
“Marry me,” he repeats. “Maybe not today. Maybe not even next year. But I would like to marry you one day.”
“What is this?” you grumble. “Where is this even coming from?”
“Sorry. I have terrible timing. I just- I saw you looking so pretty in the snow and I just… I didn’t want to wait anymore? I’ve already waited for so long and I’m getting too old and selfish. If I could have my way I would’ve married you like five years ago.”
“Terrible timing is right! You’re saying we could’ve been in wedded bliss for all this time?”
“I also just really wanna hold your hand without having to use the excuse that my hands are cold.”
“So hold my hand then!”
This earns you a hearty laugh. You remove his hands from where they’ve rested firmly on your hips and interlace your right hand with his left. You’ve held hands many, many times in the years you’ve known him. The thrill of being connected never dims, and now with the confirmation and security of his feelings for you, the tingle that runs up your arm buzzes even more.
There’s a calm sort of giddiness building up inside of you. Years of yearning, of anticipation, have led to this moment. It was inevitable, you think, for the two of you to fall in love. This lifetime of friendship has served as the perfect foundation to the longing and affection for one another. It feels right in an easy, comfortable way—a warm blanket of love covering the two of you even as the blanket of snow on the ground sparkles in the chilled air. It’s something you’ve known since you were five and it’s only grown stronger and more defined as the decades passed.
“Just so you know…” he mumbles, his eyes glued to where your hands are connected, “love in the form of handholding is ideal, so allow me to never let go.”
“Oh my god. When did you get this cheesy? Why are you only revealing this side of you now?”
He chuckles and gives your hands a squeeze. “In case you forgot, I’ve been hanging out a lot with the Great Wooing Master Seokjin these days. He’s recently taken me on as his apprentice so you can blame him.”
“I’m gonna kick his ass when we get back home.”
Your faux scowl transforms into a wide grin when he cackles at your statement. He pulls your hands up, kisses them. “Okay, well now that I’ve gotten my Christmas wish, what do you say we go back inside because I don’t plan on freezing to death before we can get to the wedding planning.”
Yoongi leads you back toward the cabin, and you follow him easily. Just as he would follow you anywhere, you would follow him to the ends of the earth. Would follow him to your doom. Including the doom that waits inside the very cabin.
"Our parents are not going to let us live this down if we go in holding hands.”
“Dude. They’re going to make fun of us the moment we step inside. They’re going to make fun of us even on their deathbeds."
"If it's with you, I don’t think I’d ever mind. Dude.”
You snort and push him away. Then you make a run for the house. He shouts. The crunching behind you grows louder and just as your hand brushes against the doorknob, a pair of arms attach themselves around your waist. You erupt into a pair of uncontrollable giggles as he pulls you in close.
He purrs your name into your ear, sending a shiver straight down your spine. “I’m going to marry you one day. I’m going to marry you and you can’t stop me.”
Tumblr media
a/n 2.0: uuuhhhh so apparently i just….really like the idea of yoongi getting married???? Hahahahaha but…. can you blame me?????? He’s just… so, ssooooo HUSBAND. also the title is inspired by “Maybe” sung by Lee Haeri from Davichi for the Her Private Life kdrama aka The Best Rom Drama In Existence am i right or am i right @sunshinejunghoseokie​
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casuallyimagining · 2 days ago
Fix You Bonus: Personal Heating Pad
Tumblr media
hybrid!Min Yoongi x female!reader
Summary: When you don't feel well, Yoongi is there to take care of you
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 905
Rating: E
Requested by @rosquilleta: I would love to request a scenario (? ngl i'm not sure if this is an scenario) about Fix You! I was thinking about Y/N having pmdd (very painful period cramps, i struggle with this and it sucks, sometimes I can't even move) and Yoongi takes care of her and they even cuddle..... 🥺 sorry i just love fluff so much :( thanks for sharing your art 💖
banner by @kerikaaria; thanks to @eatjeanjin for beta-ing! 
This fic is not canon compliant. Consider this an alternate timeline in the FYU (Fix You Universe)
Check out the Fix You masterlist here.
Tumblr media
The tv volume was almost too low to hear, but any louder, and you wouldn’t have been able to stand the pounding in your head. You were exhausted, despite not doing anything all day. You had woken up with a horrible headache, and based on the pain you were experiencing, either a small alien was getting ready to burst forth from your lower abdomen, or your PMDD was flaring up again.
The door to your bedroom opened, revealing a very concerned Yoongi. Copper eyes scanned your form, his ears pressed against his dark hair. He wasn’t used to you staying in bed all day, and you assumed that you looked similarly to how you felt: like death warmed over. Thankfully, your symptoms weren’t often this bad, but this was the first time Yoongi was seeing them, and he was understandably freaked out.
The cat hybrid approached the bed, handing you the bottle of pills you had asked for. “Are you okay?” he asked softly, head falling to the side as he watched you swallow down two pain killers.
You hummed, rubbing at your eye. “Eventually.”
“Can I help?”
“I’m craving pancakes,” you told him softly, stifling back a yawn.
Yoongi nodded, a small smile playing on his lips. You could just barely see the tips of his teeth peeking out. He reached out, his hand finding your forehead. “I’ll be back.”
It only felt like seconds had passed, but when you felt Yoongi’s lips on your forehead, you knew you had somehow slipped into a light sleep. You hadn’t been able to sleep at all the night before, and you had so little energy now that even thinking of getting out of bed tired you out. Luckily, you were ahead on work and could afford to rest for a day or two.
“Brought you pancakes,” he said, helping you to sit up and get comfortable before handing you the plate.
He sat beside you on the bed as you ate, copper eyes focused on the tv. It was an old episode of the bar rescue show you both were obsessed with, but he didn’t seem to care if it was a rerun. He could watch all the episodes a hundred times. His tail wrapped gently around your forearm, careful not to drag through the syrup on the plate you were holding.
It took you longer than normal to eat--fighting through the nausea from the cramps and your lethargy took effort. But Yoongi sat beside you the whole time, his shoulder against your own. It was comforting to have him there, all soft and warm and tender in his presence.
He had come so far since you had known him, and even since April when you both admitted your feelings for each other. It had been almost a year since the trial, and though he was still a little skittish and nervous at times, it was clear that he was at ease. His personality, which you had gotten glimpses and hints of in that first year, was now on full display. Who would have guessed that your shy, scared kitty would turn into a dry, sassy caretaker?
“I give up,” you said finally, staring at what remained of the pancakes. Yoongi had brought you four, and you had done your best to eat two and a half of them. But the last pancake seemed like too Herculean a task at the moment.
Yoongi hummed, gently taking the plate from you. “Didn’t you like them?” He sniffed at the plate experimentally before cutting off a piece of the fluffy pancake and stabbing into it with the fork.
“No, it was good.” You winced as a sudden stab of pain jolted through your abdomen. “Just not super hungry right now.”
He chewed thoughtfully, brows furrowed as he watched you try to breathe through the pain. After a moment, he stood, taking the plate with him. He returned shortly after, a glass of water and his basketball blanket in hand. He sat the glass of water down on your nightstand, leaning down so his eyes were level with yours. His copper eyes scanned your face as if checking to make sure you were okay.
“You don’t have to take care of me, you know,” you said softly, cupping his cheek. “I’ll be fine in a few days.”
Yoongi leaned into your touch, eyes falling closed briefly. His tail flicked contentedly behind him. “I want to.” He pressed a tender kiss to your lips, his soft mouth moulding to yours briefly before he pulled away.
He flashed you a shy smile before spreading his blanket out over you. He climbed back into bed then, his arms wrapping around your middle and his head gently resting on your stomach. He did his best to curl around you, enveloping you in his natural warmth. Your hand fell to his hair, scratching at his scalp and playing with the soft bit of fur where his ears met his head. He hummed and snuggled in closer, a stuttering purr starting to rumble in his chest.
The longer he laid there, the more relaxed you became. His body gave off a surprising amount of heat, serving as your own personal heating pad and soothing your pain, even just a little bit. You found yourself drifting in and out of sleep as he laid there, comfy and warm under the care of your favorite kitty.
Tumblr media
As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to pop into my ask box with questions or comments about the series!
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Taglist: @softbbyg0rl, @eddievoid, @horanghae18, @rosquilleta, @madjanmil, @namecannotbblank, @http-himawari, @halesandy, @lostatthebarns, @cuteipat​, @agustneeds, @overtherainbow35​, @xjordynary​, @seolaquotes​, @huearmy​, @staerryminimini, @chimchoom​​
Tumblr media
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