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have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to boop his nose? yeah me too :(  ↪ for @onelifelefttolive {cr. namuspromised}
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I'm a king, I’m a boss
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D-2 SECOND ANNIVERSARY    ↳ 대취타 dir. Choi Yong-suk (Lumpens) / insp
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D-2 POSTERS | 2 yrs with d-2! | doolsetbangtan | ig ; twt
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“Why so serious?”
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When He Calls You Mine ~ BTS Reaction
His eyes widened as Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, keeping you right by his side. “Y/N’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving you around the room with him away from Jin.
“Y/N is mine,” Jin frowned, trying to reach out to grab a hold of you, but Jungkook swerved you away once again.
You couldn’t help but chuckle as the boys fought over you, “why are you guys doing this to me?” You smirked, not knowing what was going on between them.
“I’m stealing Y/N because you stole my snacks last night in the cupboard,” Jungkook explained to Jin, pushing you behind him to shield you from Jin.
“You said they were to share,” Jin protested with a huff.
Jungkook’s head shook, folding his arms across his chest, “I said that you could share with all of us, not finish the packet for yourself.”
“Y/N is worth a lot more than a bag of snacks anyway,” Jin told him, “I’ll buy you some more if you just give me what’s mind back again.”
“You promise?” Jungkook quizzed, “you should buy me two bags I think.”
“I promise, just leave Y/N alone.”
Tumblr media
Your smile was wide as you shook the hands of the new members of staff that Yoongi introduced you to. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” several of them told you, smiling at Yoongi.
“How can I not tell you guys about Y/N when I’m lucky to have someone so incredible as mine?” Yoongi asked them.
His question took you by surprise, a rare moment for you to see some softness in him. “I hope you don’t bore these guys by talking about me too much.”
“He has plenty of stories to share,” one of the managers told you before Yoongi could speak up, “he doesn’t shut up some days, you should see him Y/N.”
“Is that true?” You teased back across to Yoongi.
His head slowly nodded back to you, “I might talk about you every now and then, but that’s only because I love to tell people how great you are.”
“I never realised you felt that way,” you smiled, feeling your heart race, “how many more people do you talk to me about when I don’t know?”
“Everyone,” Yoongi laughed, “but I really can’t help that I do.”
“Don’t worry, I find it adorable of you.”
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His eyes followed the point of the fans to where you were stood, instinctively smiling as soon as he looked at you, scrolling through your phone. “Who’s she?” The couple of fans asked him.
“She’s mine,” Hobi proudly smiled in reply to them, turning his eyes back across to look at their expressions of surprise.
Their eyes were still on you, watching you closely. “Is that your girlfriend? The one that’s a secret?” The fan on the left side of the group asked Hobi excitedly.
“She’s still a secret,” Hobi laughed in reply to them, “please don’t let on to anyone that you’ve seen Y/N, I don’t want for her to get too much attention just yet.”
“She looks really nice,” one of them complimented.
Hobi nodded in agreement with them, “she’s very nice, which is why I want to keep her safe for a little while, until she’s comfortable.”
“We won’t tell anyone that we’ve seen the two of you,” they promised him, “but when people do find out, we’ll tell them how nice Y/N Is.”
“Thank you,” Hobi grinned, “I would love for you guys to do that for us.”
“Of course, we’ll support you like fans do.”
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The smile on Namjoon’s face grew as soon as the interviewer showed a picture of the two of you. “How would you describe your relationship with Y/N?” She asked Namjoon’s smile.
“She’s mine,” Namjoon began, feeling the smiles on the faces of those around him grow too, “I feel very lucky to call her that.”
The interviewer’s head nodded as she looked around at the rest of the boys too. “How would you guys all describe Y/N and Namjoon’s relationship as well?”
“She’s his,” Jungkook chuckled in reply to her, “that’s the one thing that makes sure to remind us every day so that we stay away.”
“Is that true?” She asked Namjoon with a chuckle.
His head nodded proudly, “I like them to know that there are boundaries with Y/N, plenty of them like to tease me from time to time.”
“We definitely know where we stand,” Jin assured everyone, “Y/N is his, but we’re definitely close friends, so it’s a good balance.”
“They adore Y/N,” Namjoon added, “but just to be sure, not as much as I do.”
“No one could adore her more than you.”
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Your smile was wide as Jimin grabbed your hands and pinned you down on the bed. “I’ve got to go,” you laughed, but Jimin’s head shook back across at you, “my friends are waiting for me.”
“You’re mine, I don’t want you to go out with your friends,” Jimin sighed, wanting to keep you to himself all night long.
Your head shook as his continued to shake too. “You know what Y/F/N is like, if she knows that you’re holding me up, she’ll make sure that you pay.”
“Y/F/N doesn’t scare me,” Jimin chuckled, “you’re not hers anyway, you’re mine,” he repeated, trying to convince you to cancel on your friends.
“I have to go, we’ve had this planned for weeks,” you sighed.
Jimin pouted down as he hovered over you still, “if you go, how long will you be gone for? You won’t be gone for too long, right?”
“Maybe a couple of hours,” you told him, only for Jimin to groan. “Surely you can occupy yourself for a couple of hours, you won’t even miss me.”
“I will,” Jimin clarified, “I miss you whenever I’m not with you Y/N.”
“I won’t be long, I promise you.”
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Your head glanced across as a figure appeared beside you, noticing the look of frustration in Taehyung’s eyes. “Hello?” Your colleague smiled, meeting Taehyung for the first time.
“Yeah…hi,” Taehyung trailed off, suspiciously looking across at him, “do I know you? Are you a friend of Y/N’s or something?”
Your heart sunk as you heard the bitterness in Taehyung’s voice. “This is H/F/N,” you told Taehyung, “he’s one of the newbies in the office that’s started.”
“I see,” Taehyung murmured, still unconvinced, “I hope you’re treating Y/N well in the office, she’s mine, so I like to make sure that she’s taken care of.”
“Y/N talks about you all the time,” H/F/N replied.
Taehyung nodded, tightening his grip around your waist, “so you know that she’s mine then? And that she’s taken too, right?”
“Taehyung,” you whispered, pressing your foot on top of his, “do you have to do this now?” You whispered, feeling the tension begin to grow.
“It’s fine,” H/F/N told you, “there’s nothing wrong with a protective partner.”
“I’m her partner, don’t you forget it.”
Tumblr media
You were a nervous wreck as you walked slightly behind Jungkook, meeting several new faces at his family party. “Who’s this?” His aunt asked as soon as the two of you approached her.
“She’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving a protective arm around your frame, “I’m just kidding, this is Y/N.”
Her eyes lit up as soon as Jungkook introduced you. “The Y/N? Oh, it is so good to finally meet you, I have heard so many stories about you Y/N from everyone.”
“I hope they were all good ones,” you joked, trying to ease your nerves as she laughed back at you and nodded her head, poking Jungkook’s side.”
“Most of the stories come from this one,” she teased.
Jungkook smiled sheepishly back across to you, “I don’t lie to any of my family members, I just tell them how amazing they are.”
“He does,” his aunt agreed, “I think he’s very lucky to be able to call you his judging by all of the things that I’ve heard about you,” she noted.
“It’s lovely to meet you,” you told her, “even though you’ve heard a lot.”
“It’s lovelier to meet you, trust me.”
Tumblr media
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"Inspire me, baby" — Min Yoongi | One Shot
— all rights on this text reserved by dreamypjm.
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Pairing — Yoongi x F! Reader
Genre — Idol AU, Producer/Rapper Yoongi, Smut, Fluff, Pwp (with a little plot but not really), sub reader & dom Yoongi, a little humour, adoring, intense loving, some aftercare
Age rating — 18+
Word Count — 5.1k
Summary: Casually (or not so casually..) checking on your producer boyfriend, who's been working all day, escalates a little after he told you about his current lack of inspiration.
Warnings: swearing, unprotected sex (kinda imposed but with indirect consents as it's been badly craved for a while), domintating, obey & follow the instructions, a little overstimulation, controlling the climax, teasing, making fun of you but in a humoured loving way, kinda blackmailing but with loving intensions
Another Disclaimer: Since english isn't my first language, it's possible it contains grammar and any other kind of mistakes. I apologise in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're standing infront Yoongi's studio with your phone in one of your hands and stare at the locked door. He once told you the code but also said you shouldn't disturb him producing new tapes and only use it in case of "emergencies".
Well, this is an emergency you think to yourself and tap the code into the door lock. You hear a quick clack, slowly open the door to the studio and peek through the door gap before stepping inside. It's silent and you wonder what Yoongi would be doing right now. Finally, you slide the door wide enough open to step inside the room.
Y/N: "Babe, you haven't left the studio in hours"
You softly close the door behind yourself and walk across the room towards Yoongi's desk before you realize he's not here. You sit down on his super comfortable chair and put your phone on the desk. You start to lean back and forth in his chair a few times, impatiently waiting for him to get back here.
Y/N: "He must be in the bathroom" you mumble to yourself and rotate the chair in circles a few times until you stop and stare at the computer screen. You don't know a lot about those things but to you it seems like Yoongi barely got anything done today.
You take a closer look at the screen trying to figure out what he's been working on.
YG: "What are you doing there?"
You turn around to see Yoongi right infront of you, freshly out of the shower with his lower body wrapped in a towel.
"Oh", you say in a suprised tone as your eyes wander up his body, over his lightly defined abs towards his face. His hair is dripping a little on his shoulder.
 "I didn't know you had a shower down here", you say amused.
YG: "Babe"
He walks towards you and when he reached you, slides his hands over your cheek. He grabs your chin, tilts your head a little up and leans down to place a tender kiss on your lips.
YG: "Get off that chair", he laughs and you obey. He lets himself fall into it with a sigh.
Standing beside him, you softly run your fingers through his wet hair.
Y/N: "What's wrong?"
YG: "I don't know"
He looks at you and his expression quickly changes from exhausted to a slight smirk.
YG: "Didn't I tell you to only come down my studio in case of emergencies?"
Y/N: "Well yeah.."
You blush a little and avoid his gaze.
Y/N: "I though it kind of is an emergency..", you scratch your neck.
Y/N: "And also, I've been feeling a little lonely up there since you haven't left your studio in hours"
YG: "Mhm.."
He squinches his eyes and watches you carefully.
"I might need a little inspiration..", he says in a deep, low voice while still looking at you as if you were a criminal.
YG: "Look at this"
He points at the screen of his computer. You step infront of him and take another look at the screen.
Y/N: "So? I can't see anything"
YG: "Exactly"
He suddenly grabs your hips and pulls you backwards onto his lap. He warps his left arm around your waiste and gently places his chin on your shoulder.
YG: "I kinda have a block today. I took a quick shower to clear my mind but it didn't really help"
He sighs while his right hand on the computer mouse clicks through some apps.
Y/N: "Can I help you somehow?"
You place your hand on top if his, slide your fingers between his and then take it off the mouse. At the same time you lean your head back onto his shoulder. Yoongi turns his head a little and you feel his warm breath on your neck.
"Yeah..", he whispers and kisses your neck. His soft lips on your skin cause goosebumps over your whole body.  Right from the beginning, he didn't seem to be mad about you entering his studio without an emergency. On the contrary, he seems to be glad you're here.
"Turn around..", he whispers.
You obey, get off his lap just to turn around and sit back down on the towel on his lap. He then grabs your head and starts kissing you passionately. You run your hand over the naked skin of his upper body. After a little while of making out, you break the kiss, lick your lips and look at him a little insecure.
Y/N: "Does anyone else know the code to your studio?"
Yoongi smirks.
YG: "Are you scared of getting caught and being accused distracting me from work?"
Y/N: "Mhm.. I just wanna make sure the two of us won't get disturbed while you're finding new inspiration.."
YG: "Don't worry"
He pulls you back in and kisses you again. His kisses now slowly wander sideways down your face to your neck. He presses his lips against your skin.
"You're the only one", he mumbles and continues kissing your neck.
A relieved smile forms on your lips while you kiss him back. Yoongi wraps his arms around your body and slides his hand under the shirt on your back to open your bra a second later. You quickly slip your arms out of the straps and let the bra fall out of your shirt, down to to the floor. Yoongi looks down. "Interesting.." he says in a flirty tone as he sees your red lace bra lying on the dark floor tiles.
YG: "You planned this, didn't you?"
You smirk and slowly slide your hand down his body, over the naked skin.
Y/N: "The text you've send me earlier gave me a strong feeling you needed this today"
Yoongi quickly looks away and laughs.
"What do you mean?", he asks innocently.
You raise your eyebrows, grab his chin with your free hand and turn his head towards you. A little while ago before you got down here, Yoongi had sent you a text message saying that work.. or something else.. is extra hard today.
"IT.. is extra hard today.." you imitate Yoongi's text in a sarcastic tone.
"I've been talking about work", he tries to suppress a mischievous smile.
"Sure", you say and get off his lap.
"Babe?", he looks at you confused with raised eyebrows as you stand infront of him.
YG: "Wait, I didn't mean -"
He abruptly stops as you open your jeans and slip out of them without a warning.
Y/N: "Alright"
You look at Yoongi who's staring at you suprised with his mouth slightly open. Just a few seconds later, his facial expression radically changes to a playful smile and his gaze wanders down your shirt to your red panties that are matching your bra that's laying on the floor.
YG: "Damn, babe"
He leans forward, grabs your butt with his veiny hands and pulls you back onto his lap. His hands slide into your shirt and wander up your stomach to your chest. He strokes over both your nipples before he softly grabs your boobs and starts kneading them. A slight moan escapes your mouth as you enjoy his touch. He suddenly grabs the hem of your shirt and you immediately lift your hands so that he can pull it over your head and arms. He aggressively throws it into the room and burries his face into your breasts.
"I love them so much..", he whispers against your chest. One of your hands grabs his neck while the other one leans on the chair armrest and you slowly start grinding your hips on his lap. Yoongi lets a low moan out, breathing against your skin.
YG: "Keep going"
He takes his face off your body and looks deep into your eyes as you start grinding a little harder on his body. Feeling his thing getting hard and pressing against your panties through the towel, you start placing kisses on all over Yoongi's neck.
"You know exactly what I like", he exhales contently.
YG: "And I know what you like"
His hands let go off your boobs and slide into your panties, one in the back and the other one in the front. He grabs your butt while the fingers of his other hand glide into your cleft and he starts rubbing your clit with his index- and middle finger. They intensively go in circles, again and again until you start breathing faster, let go of his neck and lean your hand against the chair's back. You softly bite Yoongi's shoulder as his fingers starts moving faster and you let out a few louder moans.
YG: "Yeah, moan for me.."
His hard thing under the towel starts twitching a little. Yoongi pulls his hands out of your slip, grabs your waiste and lifts your body up.
YG: "Take those panties off"
You do like he says, strip them down and quickly slip out. Before he lets you down on his lap again, you pull the towel off his body and look down at his errection that literally leaps out at you as soon as it had the chance to. Yoongi searches for your gaze and as soon as you look back at him, he smirks and gently lets you down on his hard thing. You moan out loudly as he penetrates deep inside you and seems to feel extra pleasuring today. For a little moment, you hold in and take a deep breath as a thought crosses your mind.
Y/N: "Babe.. the condom -"
YG: "It's alright, isn't it a safe day today?"
Yoongi seems to know exactly about your cycle. Of course he does, he's always keeping track of that incase of something going wrong, such as a torn condom and stuff. It's not like he strictly doesn't wanna start a family with you someday but it's just not yet the right timing since his work doesn't allow it yet.
Y/N: "You're right but.."
To be honest, you and Yoongi never had unprotected sex before even tho the both of you have been craving it for a long time. But Yoongi always insisted wearing a condom since you're not on birth control pills. In fact, you totally understand that. And besides the fact that he would never make you take any hormone changing pills, you would never force him going all unprotected. The more suprised you are now, that he suddenly goes for it without any warning. But well, you wouldn't complain.
"It's okay, let me feel you.." he whispers. You slightly nod and let yourself sink more down on his lap, letting out a savoring moan as it pushes him deeper inside of you.
YG: "Oh fuck"
He sharply breaths in and throws his head back against the chair.
YG: "It feels so much better like this.."
Your body gently starts moving on him as you grind your hips back and forth. Yoongi looks up at you, smiles in errection and straightens his position up. He then pulls you closer to his body and looks deep into your eyes while you keep riding him softly.
"It feels even better than I thought", he groans before he starts thrusting his hard thing into you. Both your breaths start getting faster and the both of you moan out in passion. You lean in an start kissing him roughly while he increases the pace of his hips. Pounding even deeper and faster into you with every minute that passes, you lean yourself back into his arms and your boobs bounce up and down right at his face.
"Just like that..", he says under strained breathing. The chair under your bodies starts squeaking through the extreme pressure of bouncing up and down.
YG: "The studio luckily is super soundproof"
The both of you laugh a little in heavy breathing. You lean forward to Yoongi and starts sucking the skin on his neck.
"Mark me like I'm yours.." he moans and so do you. You leave a few dark hickeys on his skin what turns him even more on. The longer you keep riding him like that, the louder the squeak of the chair gets. Yoongi suddenly slows the pace down, grabs your waist and lifts you off his lap onto the desk behind you. He strokes his hard cock up and down your labia to tease you while you bite your lip and wait for him to slide it back into you. He keeps doing that until you get impatient.
"Stop teasing me", you sigh.
Yoongi smirks but you grab his buttcheeks and pull him closer.
Y/N: "Give me all your hard work until I spill the inspiration.."
Yoongi widens his eyes astonished before he suddenly pushes his fingers into you. You moan out suprised since you didn't notice his hand down there until now.
"I can feel how bad you want me", he says as he moves his fingers in your wet pussy. He pulls them out and quickly pushes them right back into you, again and again, faster and faster, until you almsot can't hold it anymore.
"Yoongi- ", you moan his name and burry your head against his chest.
Y/N: "Slow down, slow down - "
Out of breath, you lean back onto the desk as he finally pulls his fingers out of you.
Without either one of you noticing, your elbow accidentally got on the keypad of his computer on pushes some of it's keys.
YG: "We're not done, baby"
He spreads your legs and steps between them. Then he reaches for a button under his desk and pushes it what makes the desk start to slowly go down.
YG: "It's really nice to have an automatically adjustable desk.. You can get up while working, move the desk up and continue doing ,whatever, while standing for a bit. That's good for your back."
The desk keeps going down while you look a bit surprised at Yoongi who's fully focused on that. Astonished about Yoongi who's even while making love still the technique nerd he always was, when it's about studio equipment, you giggle a little.
You love that about him.
YG: "In our case.. however, let's continue to lower it..."
While you patiently wait for him to find the right position, you adore his body that's slowly being revealed infront of your eyes by the desk, the more it goes down. It's like a presentation of a product and you're waiting for his "product" to be finally shown.
He lets it down a little lower until you're in the perfect position right infront of him to simply slide his lenght, that's now reaching over the edge, into you. He moves closer to you, presses his body against yours and starts kissing you passionately.
You softly grab his hard thing that's pressing against your lower belly and stroke it up and down a few times before you gently push it down and rub it against your clit. Yoongi moans while you're still kissing. His breath heavily blows out of his nose as you keep rubbing it down there and pleasure yourself with it. He takes his lips off yours, quickly slides the keyboard behind you aside and pushes you down on his desk. You grab the edge of the table with both hands and hold on tight, ready to have Yoongi thrust his cock deep into you. He leans onto the desk with his left arm while the other hand goes down on you, grabs his cock and a moment later pushes it into you while letting out a highly agitated moan.
"Oh my gosh, baby", he leans down to you and whispers into your ear.
YG: "You're so wet and I love to feel it"
Before you're able to say anything, he starts moving and thrusts deeper into you what makes you moan out in passion. His hip is getting faster with every breath, roughly moving back and forth. You start moaning louder and so does he, until you press your lips together and hold yourself a little back.
YG: "Don't"
Yoongi groans into your ear.
"Don't hold it back, baby.. moan as loud as you can. This studio is safe", he whispers in a shaky voice of excitement. His hands slide down your naked skin to your thighs and pull them up. You give into to it and wrap your legs around his body.
As he keeps roughly pounding into you, a strand of his dark brown hair falls into his face and tickles your nose. It's still wet and starts dripping on your face. You take one hand off the table and stroke his hair back when suddenly your body slides to the back, due to Yoongi's power.
YG: "Hey, where do you think you're going?"
He laughs, grabs your hips and pulls you back forward right on the edge of the table, which makes it possible for him to go deeper on you again. He straightens himself up, puts his hands on your waiste and holds tightly onto it as he starts taking out even further with his hip to thrust into you even harder. Everytime he pushes into you, he also pulls you towards his body with his grip on your waiste so that he hits just the perfect spot inside of you. Your body arches itself up in errection and you moan out really loud. Yoongi starts sweating like hell while he keeps going like that. The sweat runs down his face and body before he suddenly slows down and pulls you up to sit. He lays his arms on your shoulders and breaths heavily as he smiles at you.
YG: "Damn, I'm getting so close already"
He laughs and let's his head down on your shoulder aswell. He holds in like that, not moving for like a minute, just breathing deeply to calm his body a little down.
"Me too", you giggle and breath as if you've been running a marathon. He places a soft kiss on your shoulder and lifts his head.
YG: "I'll be able to create a masterpiece after we're done"
You both laugh and he gently starts moving his hips again. He keeps the pace down for now and kisses you in such a passionate way, that you feel like levitating until his tongue starts getting involved the kisses. You let out a low sigh in memory of what his tongue was able to do to you whenever he went down on you. Well, dating a rapper had it's benefits.
YG: "What are you thinking about?"
He stopped moving as he notices your thoughts drifting away since you unconsciously stopped kissing him back. You feel caught, turn away to avoid his glance and blush slightly. Yoongi squinches his eyes and smirks as he saw you blushing over his questions.
YG: "Babe"
He grabs your chin and turns your face back to him. You look at him sheepishly.
YG: "I think I know what it is"
He provokingly licks his lips while you're eyes carefully follow his tongue.
"You're tongue..", you mumble a little embarrassed.
YG: "Oh you mean.."
He smirks and disappears out of your sight as he starts licking your neck. He runs his tongue over your skin, downwards your body. You take a deep, sharp breath when his tongue reached your belly. Out of sudden, he stops, pulls you close to his body and lifts you up. Out of reflex, you immediately wrap your legs around his waiste.
"What're you doing?" you ask a little confused. He doesn't respond but suddenly walks across the room with you in his arms. He steps towards the black leather sofa that's standing on the other side of the studio and gently lays you down on it.
His hands clenched into fists, he props himself up on the leather as he leans over you.
"Giving you what you crave so badly", Yoongi whispers and disappears above you. The next thing you feel is his tongue on your belly slowly sliding down until it gets between your legs.
Y/N: "Yoongi.. "
You put your hand on his head, run your fingers through his still a little wet hair and let out a sigh of enjoyment as he starts licking you down there. He starts off gently and slow, sucks a little here and there and licks gently over your clit. You let a few deep breaths out of your nose, trying not to freak out yet while he didn't even start to put much effort into it. You try your best to hold back but you just can't resist it since he's so good with his tongue. You start moaning but a little self-conscious.
He chuckles amused, seeing you try so hard not to give in and continues going soft and slow to tease you a bit longer.
"You're so mean..", you groan, look down on him and pull his hair to make him look up to you. When he returns your gaze, he laughs and nods slightly before he continues what he started. He grabs your thighs, spreads them a little more and starts going faster.
Yoongi could move his tongue faster than anyone else you've ever known. And if he wanted to, he could take you to heaven just by using his tongue technology.
He finally understood the assignment and kept going faster and faster while your body arches itself up and down. He tightly holds on to your thighs as you're body is starting to get out of control.
"Wait-", you moan heavily but Yoongi keeps going.
Y/N: "BABE - "
Right before you were about to literally explode, he emerges his face out of your legs, quickly slides his body onto yours and pushes his still hard thing into you again. It seems like hearing and seeing you like this turned him on even more.
A loud, lustful moan escapes him as he shoves it deeper into you. He let's his whole body sink onto yours and gets so close to your face, that his lips softly touch yours. He then slides his arms under your arms along your back, places his hands directly under head and grabs it, so that he's completely holding you now.
His body tightly pressed on yours, he starts grinding his hips onto you, back and forth, thrusting faster but softer into you than he did before. You wrap your arms all around his body and grab his head aswell. Holding on to eachother so close with your lips and noses touching, you look intense into his brown cateye shaped orbs that are deeply craving and adoring you.
As he keeps thrusting into you with such a passion, you close your eyes for a moment and groan.
"Please don't stop looking at me", Yoongi whispers in heavy moaning. You immediately obey and open your eyes just to see him smile relieved and still look into your eyes with such a deep glance.
YG: "..even if you feel like floating away.. keep looking at me, please. Don't take your gaze of me. I wanna see it in your eyes when I take you there"
He pulls one of his arms out under your body and the next thing you feel is that he intensively starts rubbing your clit while bouncing his lenght into your cunt faster and faster. His fingers down there match their pace perfectly to his hips. Your moans start getting louder and more ragged with ever thrust until you can't hold it anymore and your body starts shaking underneath him. You do your best not to let your eyes fall back but to keep looking him in the eye as the tension in your body increases. The sound of him slipping in and out of you gets more slippery the wetter and closer you get.
"Inspire me, baby", Yoongi moans in a highly agitated tone as he increases his pace until he can't go faster.
When you finally give into it, your eyeballs slightly roll back and you loudly moan his name as you cum on his thickness. He keeps thrusting deep into you and his lenght starts wildy twitching inside of you.
"Fuck", he groans and watches you closely arching your back up the couch, moaning in such huge pleasure that the combination of you moaning so contentedly and cumming all over his cock, almost leads himself to a climax. Yoongi tries to hold everything inside while his breath becomes extremly ragged. He doesn't slow down at all what makes you immediatly build up tension again right after you just had one of the best orgasm you've ever felt. You start to purposely squeez your cunt to tease Yoongi and get him close to cumming inside of you.
"Fuck, baby", he moans so loud it almost sounds like a beg to stop.
"I want you to cum so hard like you never did before", you whisper into his ear with a low moan.
"I want you to cum right inside of me and fill me up", you go on in a ragged moaning voice.
"Oh damn, baby" he moans in a tone like he couldn't believe your words.
YG: "Are you sure?"
You nod and continue teasing him by squeezing your pussy more and less around his cock. "You feel so fucking good" he moans at you out of breath.
Yoongi keeps slipping his thing in and out so intense, that you feel like your next climax had to be right there any moment.
"Fuck babe, I'm so close again" you say as you scrape your fingers down his back and grip his butt while Yoongi heavily moans his soul out in a deep agitated tone.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Yoongi", you yell as he keeps hitting just the perfect spot inside of you. He seems to be way too close aswell to respond. Both of your moans get escalating loud and ragged as you still look at each other. Yoongi never took his glance off your eyes at any time since he's been laying on top of you. He desperately sighs your name as he couldn't hold it back anymore and finally cums right inside of you, in the highest pleasure he's ever felt. You pop off aswell as you feel him filling you up and the two of you cum together full of passion. Going through another intense orgasm under Yoongi's gaze, your legs shake so hard that he grips your thighs and holds on to them to calm them down. Trying to calm your pulse after two so fucking good highs, you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. "Wow", Yoongi sighs extremly satisfied and burries his face into your shoulder.
You turn your head aside and stare into the studio while you're trying to process everything that just happened. But Yoongi still hasn't fully stopped moving inside of you what suddenly causes a few aftershocks intensly rolling through you.
"Oh damn", you jerky moan into the room as your body arches off the couch in torture and pleasure at the same time.
Yoongi laughs mischievously and pushes his cock a few more times deep into your soaked pussy before he lifts his hip and gently pulls it out.
He lets himself sink back onto your body and places his head next to yours on your shoulder. Still totally out of breath, you wrap your arms tight around Yoongi's body, who's nestled all up on you. You suddenly start to giggle as you remember you kind of distracted him from work.
Y/N: "Shouldn't you use the inspiration I just gave you to produce something?"
YG: "Hold me just a little longer, please" he mumbles and closes his eyes.
You chuckle. The next few minutes go by without either one of you saying a word until you raise your voice again.
"Did you really just fuck me like that?" you laugh in disbelief as you realize this had to be the best sex you've ever had.
Leaning his arms on the leather, he pushes himself up and looks down on you.
"I did", he smirks and jumps off the sofa.
He grabs a pack of tissues and your clothes and softly throws it at you with a satisfied chuckle before walks out of your sight into the bathroom to also slip back into his clothes.
You grab a tissue, carefully wipe off his cum that's dripping out of you down there and put your clothes on. You then lay back down on the couch, totally exhausted. Yoongi steps back into the room, fully clothed and lets out an amused laughter when he sees you laying there as if you've been going through the hardest sport exercises someone could ever make up. He then takes a pillow and a light blanket out of a closet and walks back to you.
He gently lifts your head, puts the pillow under it and then spreads the blanket over you to cover you up. Before he turns around, he places a soft kiss on your forehead.
"Is it okay if I stay here a little longer?", you yawn.
YG: "Stay as long as you want, babe. Take a rest" he smiles and takes a seat at his desk. He puts on some of his super stylish headphones and gets back to work. You peacefully close your eyes and snuggle up into the blanket.
A little while into listening to the sound of mouse clicks and keyboard tapping, you're about to fall asleep when Yoongi suddenly bursts out in laughter.
YG: "What the hell?"
You squint your eyes in confusion and also a little annoyed since you almost fell asleep.
"BABE", he yells in a weird laughter. You refuse to open your eyes but respond with a low "mhm?"
YG: "I guess I have my next hit here..".
He can't stop laughing, plugs his headphones off the computer and starts playing an audio through the studio speakers. A few seconds later, you suddenly tear your eyes open and hardly believe your ears as you recognise the sound of it.
"OH MY GOSH, DELETE THAT" you scream embarrassed as you blush until your face looks like a ripe tomato.
"You could've told me that you wanted to record such kind of tape", he smirks.
It seems like you accidentally pushed the recording button on the keypad while Yoongi and you we're wildly humping on his desk.
"I would've changed something in the setup first", he continues teasing you, "but it still has a very clear sound, no chance I'll just throw this away", he turns around and mischievously grins at you.
You pull the blanket all over your head in embarrassment as the sound of both your loud moans keep blowing through the speakers.
YG: "I'll keep this masterpiece until we created an even better one, hah.."
The next thing you hear is his dirty lustful laugh and a few mouse clicks.
Tumblr media
Author's note:
Hope you liked it! If you did, please leave a like, follow & reblog to help me reach more potential readers! ♡
Feel free to also leave any thoughts on it in the comments! I'd love to receive some feedback since this was only the second time I ever wrote smut but I kinda start to like writing those things and will probably do more soon!
Thank you for reading!!
- Ami Xx
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So what, if we live like that, so what My distinction is your ordinary My ordinary is your distinction
D-2 by Agust D Released May 22, 2020
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water deer yoongi is back !!!
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Proof of Inspiration - 슈가 (SUGA)
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Home (20)
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Hybrid Min Yoongi x Female Reader; Platonic OT7 x Female Reader; Namseok; Jinkook
Summary: After helping Yoongi get away from his abusive former owner, you’re left to focus on your relationship and how it progresses. That is, until you find six other hybrids who need your help, and their former owner decides he’s going to make your life hell. Genre: hurt/comfort, angst, fluff Word Count: 2,247 Rating: M Warnings (updated per chapter): stalking, wild animal attack, major character injury, blood, implied homophobia, slight internalized homophobia, starvation, hospitalization, discussion of sexual assault, discussion of physical assault, discussion of controlling behavior, heavy petting, marking, slightly toxic relationship, spiraling thoughts, fictional discrimination
Major thanks to @eatjeanjin for beta-ing this and for listening to me complain almost constantly. You’ve been nothing but helpful and sweet, and I’m so grateful for your opinions and assistance.
banners by @mintkims
Tumblr media
Sequel to Fix You. Read it first.
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Tumblr media
“Wait. I’m sorry. Tell me one more time?”
Yoongi rolled his eyes but obliged. “He doesn’t hate you. He just doesn’t trust you. Or humans in general I guess.”
“But that makes no sense.” You checked your phone to make sure you were still walking in the correct direction. “If he doesn’t hate me then why’s he an asshole all the time?”
“That’s just Jin-hyung.” Yoongi shrugged. “He’s overprotective of all of us.”
You hummed. For it being a Thursday afternoon, the neighborhood was surprisingly quiet. The heat of summer was still trying to hang on, but nights were starting to get colder, days were getting shorter, and the wind had a distinctive fall bite to it when it blew. You and Yoongi were on a mission. You had scheduled a tour of the apartment you’d found on your phone a few days before, and you’d decided to walk the 40 minutes instead of driving. You weren’t quite sure what the parking situation was like at the apartment, so you figured it was safer to walk.
Yoongi was, for the most part, familiar with the walk. The apartment you were going to look at was in Seokjin’s neighborhood, only a few blocks from the quokka hybrid’s home, and Yoongi had made the trek twice the day before. He held your hand tightly as you walked, every once in a while giving it a little squeeze as if to reassure you he was still there at your side.
You still weren’t feeling the greatest. Your late-night talk with Yoongi on the couch did a lot to help you feel better and mitigate your worries, but it didn’t fix everything. Your anxiety about the other hybrids was still there, niggling at the back of your mind. And maybe the cat hybrid realized that, because every time you felt yourself retreating into your thoughts, he would squeeze your hand, or his tail would tickle your elbow, or he would point out a squirrel or bird, anything to distract you, even a little.
“Jin-hyung did say he was glad you helped Jungkook, though,” Yoongi continued, pausing at an intersection to check for cars. “And he said he was happy that Namjoon, Hobi, and I were happy.”
“Well, that’s a start.” You hummed, checking your phone before pointing to an apartment about halfway down the block.
The building was brick, with a wrought iron gate at the bottom of 12 concrete steps. The front door was a beautiful crimson and stood out against the sandstone coloring of the bricks. The entire row of apartments looked the same, except for the colors of the doors. Beside the front door, the wall curved outwards, with four large windows looking out over the street. There were three levels of windows on the front of the building. Three floors.
The door to the apartment opened as you and Yoongi approached the wrought iron gate, and out stepped a man who looked to be in his late 40s. He wore a deep blue button-down shirt and a pair of grey dress slacks. His shoes--brown oxfords--tapped pleasantly against the concrete steps as he descended.
“Hello hello!” he greeted pleasantly, shaking your hand after opening the gate for you. “You must be my two o’clock.”
You introduced yourself, your focus flitting from the property manager to the small concrete patio beside the steps. It was a little small, but it might be a cute place for Namjoon to have some potted plants or something. You weren’t sure you liked how the property manager eyed Yoongi as they shook hands, but you let him shuffle you inside anyway.
Once inside, the property manager--whose name, you learned, was Les--generally showed you around, but aside from showing you the layout of the apartment, he left you alone. You started in the kitchen. Just like in the photos, it was smaller than your current one, and there wasn’t a lot of counter space. But the backsplash was pretty, and the appliances were brand new.
“This could work,” Yoongi said, opening some of the cupboards. “There’s room for a table, so that could be more prep space.”
You hummed. “We could get one of those moveable islands, too, if we really needed.”
The living room took up the rest of the first floor. It was large, larger than what you had now, with space for a couch and a loveseat, and maybe even a chair. The apartment came unfurnished, which was honestly fine, because you liked your furniture. You pointed out to Yoongi how your current couch could fit along the one wall and get the perfect sunbeams coming in from the window. His tail flicked happily at that.
The second floor had three bedrooms and one of the two full bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms were in the front of the house overlooking the street, and the third and the bathroom were at the back of the house, overlooking the small backyard. Between them was an open, square-shaped hallway that would be a nice place to put Namjoon’s bookshelves and Hobi’s crafts. The stairs, both up to the second floor and down to the basement, had exposed brick and a wrought-iron handrail.
The basement had you excited as soon as you walked down the stairs. It only had two bedrooms--the main and one smaller other bedroom--and another full bathroom. The main bedroom was huge, all of the windows overlooking the small concrete patio area beside the steps.
“This would be ours?” Yoongi asked softly, inspecting the built-in storage in the closet.
“I’m thinking bedroom and office down here, yeah.” You wrapped your arms around his middle, scanning the room over his shoulder. “We wouldn’t have to hear Namjoon and Hobi going at it all the time,” you said chuckling. Then, you dragged your finger up Yoongi’s arm slowly. You could see goosebumps appear on his skin. “We would have privacy, too.”
He hummed, nodding slowly. “Privacy is good.”
“Might want to get some thick curtains, though.” It was true. The windows of the main bedroom were street-level and you were almost certain that everyone passing by had a great view into the room. “Unless you’re into that sort of thing,” you joked, squeezing him gently before letting go.
He was blushing. “Privacy is good,” he repeated.
The whole house was hardwood floors, except for the bathrooms, which were all a mocha-colored square tile. There was a small backyard, just big enough for the hybrids to relax. Honestly, the whole apartment was beautiful. When you met back up with Les in the kitchen, you could feel yourself smiling.
“You like the apartment!” he exclaimed upon seeing your face, his eyes drifting between you and Yoongi. Beside you, the cat hybrid’s tail flicked excitedly, and he squeezed your hand tightly.
You nodded. “It has a lot of potential. We need a serious upgrade.”
“Perfect. Were you looking at other options, or did you want to chat contract now?”
You looked at Yoongi, who shrugged and motioned vaguely. You knew what he meant, though. Your paycheck, your home, your choice. You considered it for a moment. This was a really nice apartment, for the price, it was practically heaven in 1,200 square feet. And with Namjoon and Hobi’s income to supplement your own, it was affordable.
“Let’s chat,” you told the property manager.
He clapped excitedly, opening one of the kitchen drawers and pulling out a folder. The rental agreement was fairly standard. Rent included electricity, water, and trash, but you had to pay for any other utilities you might want. The landlord and property management company would handle all maintenance in the apartment, and Les made sure to show you the emergency number for their maintenance department.
“We do require first and last month’s rent up-front,” he said, pointing to a paragraph in the packet. “But we allow pets for no extra cost. All cats and dogs up to 50 pounds.”
You nodded, curious to know how he would react if he knew one of your roommates was a wolf. Scanning through the paperwork, it all seemed straightforward and agreeable. Until you got to a small clause on the last page of the packet.
“What’s this?” you asked, pointing to the section.
“Our hybrid policy.” Les nodded, his eyes never straying from you. He refused to look at Yoongi. “At the moment, we don’t rent our apartments to hybrids.”
“What if the hybrid isn’t the renter?” you questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“We uh… reserve the right to terminate the lease if we discover that the rental agreement has been broken.”
“That’s discrimination.” Les shrugged, and you frowned. “Why did you even show us the apartment?”
“People bring friends to look at apartments all the time. I try not to assume anything anymore.” He looked at you sharply. “Are you no longer interested?”
You shot him a look that said ‘no shit’ and grabbed Yoongi’s hand. You walked out, leaving the beautiful apartment and its perfect bedrooms and its affordable price behind.
It was only when you were blocks away that you let yourself explode.
“Fuck that guy,” you fumed. “And fuck his stupid perfect apartment.”
Yoongi squeezed your hand gently. “There are more apartments out there.”
“I’m not even that mad about the apartment,” you protested, pausing at a crosswalk to wait for the light to change. “It’s the fact that he showed us the fucking thing knowing full well what his policies are.”
He shrugged. “He probably didn’t want to assume.”
“Fuck that. You held my hand the whole time. I’m sure he assumed.”
“Why are you so mad about this?” he asked, sighing. His thumb soothed across your knuckles in an attempt to calm you down.
“Why aren’t you more mad about this?” you countered.
“You get used to it.”
Your heart broke. “That’s bullshit,” you said softly, reaching up and cupping Yoongi’s face. “That’s such bullshit.”
“That’s life.”
The resignation in his voice crushed you. Sometimes you forgot just how difficult his life had been. The fact that he wasn’t riled up by the obvious--and, you were pretty sure, illegal--discrimination was the easiest and least of many injustices he had faced. At least the guy hadn’t tried to hurt Yoongi.
You kissed him tenderly, your lips brushing against his for the briefest of moments before you pulled away, your thumbs caressing the soft parts of his cheeks.
“That’s such bullshit,” you repeated, softer this time. “I will find you the best apartment, Min Yoongi. With amazing sun beams and enough privacy and the best kitchen you could ever dream of. No stupid fucking property manager, no dumb discriminatory policies.”
“I know you will.” He bumped his forehead against yours gently before taking your hand, leading you to continue walking home.
You only made it a few blocks when you heard a whimper from one of the alleys between two buildings. You wouldn’t have stopped--living in the city had made you weary of strange and sudden noises--but the deep voice that followed the whimper gave you pause.
“Shut the fuck up, stupid hybrid.”
You stopped. You were already pissed. By that point, you probably could have fought a small army. You were halfway into the alley by the time Yoongi tugged on your hand to try to stop you, but you just shook him off. The asshole heard your footsteps almost immediately, his head whipping to you.
“This is a private matter,” he said coldly, fixing you with a sharp glare.
The hybrid sat on the ground in front of him, cowering away. His arms covered his face, but you could see a spot of blood on his shirt, and a bit of crimson on what little bit of his chin you could see. His ears--a delicate white--were pressed to his head in fear.
“Somehow I don’t believe you,” you said dryly. “Leave the poor guy alone.”
“He’s my hybrid,” the asshole said before nodding to Yoongi behind you. “I’ll handle mine, you handle yours.”
“He your owner?” You directed your question to the hybrid, who whimpered. But eventually, you saw him shake his head ‘no’ ever so slightly.
Unfortunately, the guy saw it, too. “You stupid son of a bitch.” He pulled back, his hand in a fist, ready to strike.
A blur from behind you distracted you, and before you could even register what was happening, Yoongi had the asshole’s arm pinned behind his back. “Try it,” Yoongi growled into his ear, baring his fangs.
“Shit, dude, let go of me,” the asshole said, struggling against Yoongi’s grip. “Fucking let go.”
“Leave him alone,” you said sternly. “Get the hell out of here.”
“Whatever dude.” Yoongi let the asshole go and he stumbled a little bit. “He’s fucking useless anyway.”
He stomped out of the alley, leaving you and Yoongi alone with the hybrid cowering in the corner. You watched the asshole go, making sure he was completely out of the alley before turning your attention to the hybrid.
“You okay?” you asked, crouching in front of him.
The hybrid whimpered, his hands falling to his lap. He was pretty, his features somehow both sharp and soft at the same time. His eyes were wide with fear, but there was kindness to them that intrigued you. His lips were full and plump, and a little bloody from where the asshole had apparently hit him. His hair was such a light blond, it was almost white. Behind you, Yoongi gasped.
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As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to pop into my ask box with questions or comments about the series!
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hey, have you forgotten what I do for a living?
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he is Hobah's happy place🥰
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namjoon 🐕🗝📔
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BTS Reaction: Another member finds a hickey on you.
You were late to your meeting with Yoongi, who was going to help you edit a draft of your proposal for work. You were a little embarrassed to admit why exactly you were late… because Namjoon had come home after a long morning at the studio. And he was inexplicably horny. So Yoongi casually scrawls indistinguishable notes in his notebook when you walk into the room. He nods at you but then does a double-take, not because of the coffee for him in your hands- but he zones in on your neck. 
“Hmm. Did you have fun with Namjoon before you saw me?” He chuckles. 
You blush, sloshing the iced americano before rushing to the mirror in the studio. Yoongi pulls his hood up before laughing more at you being flustered. When you get to the mirror, you see the glaring bruise on your neck, just next to your throat. 
“I’m going to kill him,” you mumble and rub your neck. Yoongi rolls his eyes before standing and grabbing the coffee from your hands. 
“Don’t think that’s what you were saying half an hour ago,” He snorts as he sips the cold brew. 
He just manages to duck and avoid the notebook you subsequently lob as his head. 
You, Namjoon, and Seokjin were going to an opening of a new gallery together. However, Jin got called into a work meeting at the last minute but insisted on you and Namjoon going anyway because he knew how excited you both were. 
Before leaving your apartment, Jin took out his frustration on you. You didn’t mind at all, but It made you a little frazzled, and you didn’t double-check your appearance. As you get out of the car at the gallery, you see Namjoon in the glass foyer, talking to the curator. You walk in, smoothing your flyaway hair. 
“Oh, here is y/n- oh my god,” Namjoon sees you- his face screws up, his cheeks flare red, and he stumbles with his words. The curator is still back on to you- Namjoon is now quickly pulling the grey knitted scarf from his neck, all without breaking his conversation. He tosses it at you, gently holding the curator’s elbow to ensure he doesn’t turn to you. You wrap the scarf around your neck without a word and finally join them. Namjoon is stifling laughter, cheeks still red. He doesn’t mention it again, but you see several hickeys adorning your neck when you finally get home.
 Dammit, Jin. 
Yoongi is asleep on top of you, his hand lazily running over your thigh. It was his day off after an insane month, and after finally being reunited, the two of you wasted no time catching up. Well- not a whole lot of words were said. But you definitely missed him. You felt sore but very content until you heard Yoongi’s phone buzzing. And buzzing, and then buzzing again. 
Yoongi groans and flips onto his stomach, grumbling. “Answer it and tell them to leave me alone,” Yoongi muffles, still face down. You grab the phone and answer it- before realizing it was a video call from Jimin. Jimin’s angelic face looks shocked, and then his laughter rings through the room. 
“Oh my god, your neck-”
Before crawling under the blanket, you hang up and throw the phone across the room. Yoongi is now laughing loudly. And Jimin didn’t let you live it down for nearly a week. 
You and Hoseok had decided to have a dinner party for the boys, their partners, and some staff to celebrate the start of their vacation. You were a little nervous about all the cooking, but you're feeling more confident after a day of prep. However, Soekjin offered to come over a little early to help and make sure everything looked presentable. 
Hobi is behind you, his arms around your waist, his mouth against your neck. You were trying to focus on the soup- but were too lost in the sensation. However, a flurry of knocks makes you two jump apart. Hobi is flushed but runs to open the door, and Jin walks in with barely a hello- already barking out instructions as he walks into the kitchen. He places the bottles of wine onto the marble counter before ushering you away from the stove so he can look at the pot of soup. 
But, as you step back and he takes the ladle from your hand, you can see him smirking. 
“Might want to go look in a mirror,” Jin tells you. Hobi covers his eyes while you let out a squeak and run to the bathroom. 
You were in the tub for the past hour- only just drying off the lavender bubbles and slipping into a pair of sweats. You turn your head so your neck is in full view. Jimin loved leaving marks on you; to show everyone that you were with him. Last night, he left love bites down your neck, collarbones, and chest. You didn’t mind, though- you loved it. But, it was hard to hide sometimes. 
You walk out into the living room, where the baloney door is wide open to lead the summer heat in. Taehyung sits with Jimin on your balcony, squashing his cigarette out on an ashtray. He looks up at you before snorting loudly. 
“Jesus. It’s like a vampire bit you,” He says, laughing. You blush, but Jimin only smirks and winks at you. 
“Babe- can you get the door!” Taehyung calls out from the bathroom. 
“Yeah- hold on,” you respond and get up from the couch, pausing your movie to the front door where the knocking is coming from. Taehyung invited Jungkook and Jimin over for the night, and one of them has arrived. You open the door to see Jungkook. The grinning boy is in a baggy black hoodie and matching sweatpants- but his grin falters, and a deep, red blush immediately creeps into his cheeks. You raise your eyebrow and feel confused at his sudden reaction. 
“Um- er- neck- your neck. Has a- erm,” Jungkook is stumbling over his words, but you suddenly feel fuming. Taehyung had barely kept his hands off you, even though his friends were coming over, and he definitely left you marked up. Taehyung suddenly appeared behind you, smirking before kissing your cheek. You swat him away, but he only laughs. 
“Sorry, couldn’t resist. Also, come in, Jungkook- you look like you’re going to pass out. You’ve seen a hickey before,” Taehyung mutters. Jungkook rolls his eyes, but a blush is still on his cheeks.
Jungkook, Hoseok, and you had decided to start doing workouts together. Mainly because the three of you always laughed together, but also because they’re helping you with strength training. 
You had rented out a private room at the gym so you could work out unbothered. You and Jungkook were on time, but Hobi was late- unusually late. Jungkook is sitting behind you, his hands on your hips, as he pushes you forward so you can stretch more. You smile and let your head fall onto his chest as his hands start to massage your thighs. 
Before you know it, his lips are pressed to your neck, and you could feel his boner against your back. But, just as you’re about to turn and climb into his lap, the door opens, and the bright fluorescent light turns on. 
“Hey- sorry I’m late!” Hobi chirps as he walks in happily. 
Jungkook leaps away from you before running to the corner of the room, hiding behind a mat and cursing lowly. You roll onto the ground, face in your hands; unable to face Hobi- who stops, slowly looking between both of you before his loud, infectious laugh fills the room and he doubles over. When Jungkook finally reappears- his cheeks and ears red- Hobi points out the hickey blossoming on your collarbone and teases you relentlessly for the rest of the day.
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Baby Kicks ~ Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
A groan came from you as you sat yourself up, feeling a slight discomfort in the small of your back. Yoongi’s eyes immediately looked to you from across the room, taking a few small steps towards you to make sure that you were alright, giving you some space until you looked across at him and nodded your head reassuringly.
“I think someone’s having a little wriggle today,” you chuckled as Yoongi sat down on the end of the bed, watching you closely. “They’ve not been this restless before, I don’t know what’s going on today, I don’t think I’ve done anything to make them uncomfortable.”
Eyes full of concern continued to study you, with Yoongi fretting just as he usually did. Ever since you had told him that you were pregnant, he had kept an eye on you, especially as your due date slowly got nearer and nearer too. He barely left your side, preferring to have you where he could at least hear you if you yelled.
“Maybe they just want a cuddle with their dad to make them feel better,” Yoongi suggested, encouraging you to lay down on the bed as he fell back too, positioning his head as close to your bump as he could get it.
“That seems to help a lot,” you weakly smiled, “I don’t know what it is about you holding onto them, but it seems to do the trick just about every time.”
Yoongi’s arm soon draped over the top of your bump, drawing over it with the tips of his fingers like he usually did, hoping that your baby could feel what he was doing too.
“Are you comfy now?” Yoongi asked you, still slightly worried about the pain that you had felt moments before. “I can go and get you a cushion or something if you want it.”
Your head shook in reply to him, “I feel much better lying down again.”
“If you need anything, then just tell me,” he told you, bringing his eyes down to look over his hand that was drawing, “you know that nothing is too much trouble for me these days.”
You had lost count of the number of times you’d heard Yoongi tell you that nothing was too much trouble, chuckling to yourself again. “You know one day; I’m going to figure something out that will be too much trouble.”
“That would be impossible, you’ll never find anything.”
“I’m pregnant, can definitely find something.”
Yoongi’s head shook defiantly, “if you can find something that is too much trouble for me then I’ll do it just for the fact that you think it might be too much trouble.”
“Is this a challenge?” You quizzed, “because I’ve got plenty of time on my hands with this bump to do plenty of thinking to find something that you won’t be able to do for me.”
“I bet the baby knows that I’ll do anything for the two of you already as well.”
Your head shook, but as Yoongi began to trace along the left side of your bump, a sudden thud took you by surprise. His eyes looked up as yours looked down, both staring at each other to make sure that what you were sure that you had just felt was really what you thought, and not some sort of dream for you.
Yoongi’s head nodded at you first, keeping his hand exactly where the thud came from out of anticipation. You could still feel your baby wriggling, silently trying to encourage them to do what they had just done again to make sure that you both knew that it had really happened.
“Has our baby just kicked?” Yoongi asked you after giving himself a moment to let it all sink in. “I think they kicked because they were agreeing with me,” Yoongi smugly told you, sniggering as your eyes rolled and your head shook, refusing to accept that your baby was already taking Yoongi’s side over yours.
“It was just coincidence,” you tried your best to argue, “I’m the one that’s growing them, they should know that I won’t stop until I come up with something.”
Your baby’s first kick couldn’t have come at a worse time for you, knowing that Yoongi would hold it against you for the rest of your pregnancy too. You couldn’t believe how perfect the timing was, as annoying as it was to think for a second that they sided with Yoongi.
“I’m never leaving your side again now that the baby is kicking too,” Yoongi suddenly told you, “I never want to miss a single one of their kicks, they’re just incredible.”
“You’re not coming with me to the bathroom,” you quickly established, “those are the kicks that unfortunately you might just have to miss out on I’m afraid.”
“It wouldn’t be so bad.”
“It’s not happening,” you assured him.
Yoongi’s eyes rolled as your hand tapped against the top of his head. “I wonder if there are things that you can do to encourage babies to kick more. Do you think me tracing around your bump has helped at all?”
“Even if it’s not helped the baby, it’s helped me,” you joked, “I’ve lost count of the number of times you doing this has helped ease some of my pain.”
“I don’t want you to kick though, I want the baby.”
Your hand hit against the top of Yoongi’s head once again as he continued to tease you. You managed to lift your leg up to, reaching across to kick it against Yoongi gently, making sure that he knew that you were more than capable of kicking too.
“I didn’t even do anything to you,” Yoongi asked as he tickled your foot away, “I think pregnancy is making you mean, you just attack me for anything these days.”
Your shoulders shrugged innocently back across to Yoongi, “maybe me kicking you will encourage the baby to kick more because they can see how it’s done.”
“You definitely can’t use our baby kicking as an excuse to kick me more.”
Your foot reached across again, but Yoongi quickly grabbed hold of it, stopping you in your tracks. A laugh came from you as he placed your leg back down, moving his other arm to rest over both of your legs to stop you from being able to move either of them.
His other hand still continued to trace over your bump, desperate for a little something from your baby. You had never seen Yoongi so keen, hopeful that if he kept drawing hard enough, your baby would give him something in return.
“I wonder how many kicks we’ll be able to feel over the next few months,” Yoongi whispered across to you. “I wonder too whether they kick for certain things, do they kick harder when they’re uncomfortable or tired? Do babies kick not so hard when they’re having their own little party in the bump?”
Your shoulders shrugged in reply to all of Yoongi’s questions, “why don’t you search it up? I’m sure there’s some case studies somewhere.”
“Maybe we could case study you,” Yoongi suggested, “that way I have to feel every kick.”
“Not this again.”
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Tumblr media
220524 J-Hope’s Instagram Story
Ticket translation:
Hyundai Card Super Concert 17
Date: August 19, 2012 (Sun) Venue: Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium
Reservation no: Name: (Mr. Phone number:
Standing R seats Section A Entrance number #2599
Price: Hyundai Card 20%(105,600 won) Payment method: Credit card Date of reservation:
In the case of misplaced tickets, please note no reprints will be issued.
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for Instagram !
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Tumblr media
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orithyia-eriphyle · a day ago
15 Minutes
Jung Hoseok x Reader
Synopsis: Whilst scrolling through his YouTube feed in the early hours of the morning, Hoseok comes across a video made by a fan titled "Y/n L/n and Jung Hoseok Being in Love With Each Other for 15 Minutes Straight."
Warnings: Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Hoseok sighed, rolling over on his side. He was swaddled in the comforter on his bed, his shoulders and head peeking out over the edge of the large blanket. He struggled to fall asleep that night, which resulted in him mindlessly scrolling through his YouTube recommendation page. He was a little embarrassed at the number of fan edits of you were on there.
You were the only female member of BTS, one of the main vocalists alongside Jimin. Your dancing skills were on par with Hoseok's, which helped kindle your friendship after your initial meeting. After the group was put together in 2010, the eight of you were fast friends. Your presence in the group brought about instant joy. You were funny, charismatic, and respectful. You were always sure to check on your fellow members, hoping to brighten their day if they were in a sour mood.
Those were some of the many reasons that your best friend, Jung Hoseok, had been crushing on you for a painfully long time.
Hoseok paused his scrolling after noticing a video titled "Y/n L/n and Jung Hoseok Being in Love With Each Other for 15 Minutes Straight." He chuckled quietly to himself, in doubt that you actually returned his feelings. He clicked on the video out of pure curiosity, wanting to see what signals from you the fans picked up on that he managed to remain oblivious to.
After the short intro, a title screen popped up with the first form of "evidence,"
"They are always sitting next to each other in interviews." Said the first slide. The video proceeded to show small snippets of interviews that the group had done together, starting with their WIRED interview, BTS Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED. You and Hoseok sat in the back row along with Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook. You sat between Jimin and Hoseok, a pretty smile on your face as you introduced yourself to the camera. The video then cut to one of their many segments on the James Corden show.
You all stood bunched up as James introduced you all to the crowd and the many cameras. You just so happened to be standing beside Hoseoke, both hands placed on his shoulders while you bounced excitedly behind him. The man also had a blinding smile on his face, only dimming slightly when you took your hands off of him to stand to his side. James explained the rules of the game, you just had to stand behind a wall of plexiglass as the fruit was thrown at you at high speeds without flinching.
"Alright! First up, Y/n and J-Hope!" The group of boys and the crowd cheered as you danced your way behind the glass. Hoseok stood to your right. You ruffled his fiery red hair, laughing as he swatted your hand away. Namjoon smiled at the two of you cheekily before speaking in English for the crowd to understand, "J-Hope is going to hide behind Y/n for protection because she's the hero." James turned back around after putting the fruit in the machine. "You think he'll flinch?" Namjoon smiled teasingly as he looked at Hoseok, "He's the coward of the group."
Hoseok didn't take lightly to that, staring dead at Namjoon, "I'm never afraid." He was quickly proven wrong as the fruit was launched at the plexiglass. Hoseok yelled and fell back behind you in shock, grabbing your arm. You, however, did not move an inch, eerily staring into Jimin's soul. Jimin didn't do anything to you, he was just the first member your eyes locked onto.
The crowd burst into laughter along with James and the other members. You laughed shortly after, helping Hoseok up. You stepped out behind the wall, the rapper only able to repeat "wow" as you walked back to the group.
Hoseok smiled to himself fondly. He remembered that day well due to your incessant teasing afterward.
The video showed a few more clips of the two of you sitting next to one another before moving on.
The next form of evidence slid onto the screen. "When Hoseok laughs, he always leans toward Y/n" Everyone in ARMY knew of Hoseok's habit to fall over or lean on the nearest member when he finds something particularly funny. He never really noticed that he did it to you though.
The video showed clips from one of the Run BTS episodes. It was Episode 33, the one where BTS played Manito and Games. Hoseok remembered laughing quite a bit while filming that episode. In the clip, it showed every time Hoseok leaned on you when laughing or when the two of you would collapse to the floor together in a fit of hilarity. A small counter was on the corner of the screen counting how many times this happened. In total, Hoseok managed to come in contact with you an impressive 23 times. It seems small in retrospect, but that was nearly every time he laughed.
It showed more clips from the sleepover episode, the zombie house episode, and the cooking episode. Each noting the multiple times Hoseok collapsed onto you in a fit of laughter.
"They're always hyping the other up" Was the next form of evidence. It cut to the behind-the-scenes of the group filming the music video for Permission to Dance. You were dressed in westernized clothing. You had a baggy silk button-up tucked into your dark-wash jeans, unfortunately, you also had to wear cowboy boots. Hoseok remembers you laughing at him as he walked out of the dressing room with black chaps on, the smile on your face instantly putting him in a good mood.
The video showed the eight of you filming a dance sequence in the desert. The director yelled cut, to which you immediately ran over to Hoseok. The mic barely picked up on the words you spoke to him, "I always forget how good of a dancer you are, Hobi." The cameras definitely didn't miss on the way Hoseok's smile brightened. It then showed the two of you exchanging a conversation of basically just complimenting each other.
Hoseok felt his heartbeat pick up steadily in his chest, a smile stretching onto his face. He vividly remembers how flustered he would get every time you went to compliment him after filming or after doing well in practice. Hell, you even complimented him between songs at concerts. Hoseok feels the familiar warmth rise to his cheeks and ears as he thinks back to all the times you have made him feel good about himself. You never did it out of pity, you genuinely saw the talent that Hoseok held and you made sure that he and the rest of the world saw it too.
Hoseok watched the rest of the video giddily. Other forms of evidence are listed.
"They are more touchy with each other than anyone else in the group"
"They do a lot of V Lives together"
"They are constantly put side by side in photoshoots and in performances"
After fan edits of you and Hoseok being shipped together began to emerge on the internet, your management took full advantage of it. They purposely had the two of you do shoots together, not that either of you minded, they paired you up a lot in Run BTS episodes, they even had you dance side by side in music videos and live performances. ARMY loved the two of you together, which meant positive publicity.
Hoseok shut his phone off after watching the video a second time. He set it on his bedside table and stared at his ceiling, completely lost in thought. Before, he didn't think you could ever return his feelings, assuming you saw him solely as a best friend. And even though he was still unsure, the video did point some things out to him that he hadn't noticed before.
You would always seek out his approval subconsciously after completing a routine. One clip showed you knelt down, completing your solo dance. It was at a concert, he couldn't remember which. Your eyes immediately moved in Hoseok's direction, only relaxing after he gave you a dazzling smile and a cheesy thumbs up. There were more clips similar to that, whether it was practice, behind-the-scenes, or a Run BTS episode.
He also noticed the ways your eyes would light up when he would turn to conversate with you or how you stared down at him with a gentle smile every time he would collapse onto you in a fit of laughter. He also noticed that you were the first by his side anytime he would get hurt while filming an episode or performing live. Your concerned gaze was ingrained into his mind.
Hoseok felt the drowsiness finally kicking in. He rolled over and pulled the blankets up to his chin, shutting his eyes.
Maybe he would finally confess to you.
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