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#yoongi enemies to lovers au
animeniacss · 5 days ago
From Afar - Prince!Jimin x Merman!Jungkook - Part 1 - Namhae and Wildetide
Tumblr media
Synopsis: 'Vae part wiol now’ // "We part for now" When two worlds collide in the most unexpected of ways, will the young Prince of Namhae and the young prince of Wildetide find the same happy ending as the one in their favorite story book?
Genre: Royalty AU, Forbidden Love AU, Mermaid AU, Star-Crossed Lovers, Enemies to Friends to Lovers AU, Mermaid Prince!Jungkook and Prince!Jimin, Romance, Angst,
Word Count: approx. 16k words
Part 1 - Namhae and Wildetide
Park Jimin was raised with only one path in life: succeeding his father as king of all of Namhae, and if necessary, fulfilling the royal mission. Jimin knew well of his duties, trained, and studied hard from the moment he could hold a pencil in his hand and write his name. From the moment he was old enough to toddle through the palace, he found a second home among the ocean. As he grew older, wiser, smarter, he became more focused on this goal, and he was destined to fulfill it, even before he ascended the throne.
“Your Majesty.” A voice called from the front of the grand room. Jimin, who had his nose deep in a book, looked up from his spot. His father rose from his seat, the large throne set right in the middle of the lavishly decorated room, and he made his way down the steps, towards the messenger who stood patiently waiting, a piece of paper in his hand. Jimin was quick to jump up as well, following his father with a quick pace. As the duo approached, the messenger turned to Jimin and nodded his head. “Your Highness.”
“What news do you have?” The king asked, his deep voice cutting through the room like butter, it almost made the messenger flinch.
“The last fleet of ships just returned to the port…” He said simply. A smile crossed Jimin’s face, the thought of men who had been out at sea for more than a month finally returning home, hopefully with plenty of food to be sold at the kingdom. “But-.”
There it was, that dreaded ‘but’. Jimin’s eyes immediately cast up to his father, and he could see the man’s eyes darken at merely the thought of what could be remaining behind the man’s words. “…Two boats didn’t come back….”
“Damn it.” The king groaned, a hand rubbing his face. “Who were the men on those ships?”
“Mok Hyun-Ki, Im Chin-Mae, Baek Du-Ho, and Bi Kwang.” The messenger said. “All of whom have wives and children awaiting them in the village. The other boats said-.”
“Stop. I want to talk to them.” The king said. “You may go.” The messenger nodded, and with a bow to both the king and Jimin, left the room. The King turned to one of the men. “Get my carriage ready.”
“Can I come?” Jimin asked curiously. The King turned to his son, who had immediately begun following him when he exited the room. “Baek Du-Ho’s daughter works as one of Mother’s maids, I know her well. I want to come.” A smile formed on the man’s face, a soft one as he looked down at his son who stood before him.
“Alright.” He spoke. “But you’re not to speak. Use this as a moment to observe.” Jimin nodded, watching as the King turned to another servant in the halls. “Call for the daughter of Baek Du-Ho and get her transportation to her mother’s home.” With his commands settled, Jimin and his father headed down the long corridor towards the carriage awaiting them outside.
The carriage ride was quiet, only the sound of the wheels crushing tiny stones heard. Jimin watched as his father looked out the window, his finger tapping his chin. The young Prince pressed his hands against his legs. His father was a good man, but he was still the King of Namhae, also meaning he was a stoic and scary man.
“Father…” he said softly. The King looked over; eyebrow arched to signal his son that he was listening. “Do you think the missing boats are…due to Wildetide again?” A look of despair clouded the King’s eyes, and Jimin knew the answer before his father even had to say it aloud. “I thought so…They said they were going out to that territory when they left.”
“We can never be certain, not until we find one of these people of Wildetide and have them confess to their actions.” Jimin nodded. “But I agree with you, son, it seems likely this was another one of their dirty tricks.” The King scoffed. “These make ten missing boats and men in the past six months….” Jimin watched as his father’s eyes darted back out the window, bitter anger and grief swimming through his eyes like sharks searching for their prey within the water. Jimin turned to his father quickly, eyes widened.
“Don’t worry!” he gasped, making his father turn back to him once again. His eyes were sparkling – no – his eyes were ablaze with vengeance and determination, ablaze with a fire that could not be put out by even the most powerful of ocean waves. “That’s why I’m learning everything I can, so I can find them even long after you have to stop! I know you’ll find them because you’re a good and mighty King…but if you can’t…” slowly, Jimin face softened into that of a still naïve and innocent young man, and he nodded. “Know that I won’t let our family mission die, so help me, Father…”
A warm smile formed on the King’s face, and he patted Jimin’s head, making the teen chuckle a bit. “I know.” He said simply. As the carriage slowly began to reach the beach, the King faced forward again, eyes once again going stone-cold and serious, his smile tightening into a line once again. “Now, look sharp son, we are approaching the beach. Many are grieving. Remember the pain of having to grieve and bring sympathy to these women…” Jimin nodded, looking out the carriage window once again.
“I will…” he said simply.
“Where is my husband?” Mrs. Baek shouted, staring at the men who were standing beside their boats. The men, all tired and exhausted from their month-long fishing expedition, rubbed their faces as they watched the woman, hair covering her face after falling from what once was a neat and tidy bun. She was being held back by another woman, tears streaking her cheeks as well as Mrs. Baek. “You were out there, what happened?!”
“It was sudden, and we were too far out to see well. We don’t really know.”
“Liar!” The woman shouted. She tried desperately to rip out of the chains that were the arms of the other woman but failed when another latched onto her to pull back. “I want my husband! Where is-.”
“Sh.” Someone in the crowd gasped, and immediately people in the surrounding areas went silent. They listened quietly, turned in the direction of the individual who commanded them to be silent. “The King…” People watched, silent and curious as the carriage pulled up, stopping right by the entrance to the dock. A few men came to open the carriage door, revealing King Park and Prince Jimin. The duo approached the scene, and everyone immediately bowed their heads low, welcoming the royalty onto the docks.
The King wasted no time. “What are the details you men can share from the day of the wreckage?” he asked.
“We had been out all day with no luck-.” One man began. “Baek Du-Ho and his ship suggested we move out just a bit farther to see if we could find more fish. So, we did, and we split up just a bit.” The man sighed, running a hand through his hair as he thought back to that day. “Next thing we know, the boats flip and we hear screaming. When we tried to course our boats towards them, but we were too far away…we could only save two of them, the current took Mr. Baek and Mr. Im under…”
Immediately, the widows began sobbing in hysterics, clinging to one another and their children as they began to grieve. Other women, who have lost their husbands in past expeditions, swarmed them and hugged them, attempting to soothe them with gentle words and warm apologies. Jimin watched them silently, eyes cast down to the floor as he took a moment to silently think about the two most recent victims to the sea. When he looked back up, he saw a few men glancing in his direction. They were two tall, handsome men, most likely in their twenties like Jimin was. Both had long black hair, one’s slightly curled while the others slightly slicked back, stopping at the ears. The one with curls was rubbing his relatively broad shoulders, while the other stood still, staring silently in Jimin’s direction. While the other man glanced away upon seeing the Prince’s gaze, the other held it for a moment longer. Jimin snickered, facing forward again just in time for another man to speak.
“I saw a fin.” Another man added, and Jimin and his father looked up. “It was blue and it practically sparkled in the sunlight. I tried to grab onto it when we got close, but it was gone and-.”
“Liar!” Someone in the crowd shouted. Jimin flinched at the sounded screech he heard, turning towards it. A little old woman, fixing her hood as she approached, pointed a finger to the fisherman. “Liar! He lies about what happened to those men! It was not those of Wildetide! They have been known to be innocent, peaceful creatures-.” Jimin had to snicker as a few men in the crowd tried to shush the old woman up, others grumbling at her ramblings. Despite the negative air around her, she continued her sermon. “He says he saw a fin to throw you all off. Your Majesty-.” The woman staggered forward. Jimin watched his father step in front of him, blocking his view as the woman fell before the king, practically pleading. “You must listen. To fight with those of Wildetide is a mistake, we should bring peace and-.”
“Enough.” The king hissed. Jimin, again, had to giggle at the sight before him. “Someone remove this woman from my presence. Take her home, see to it she gets some rest and some…help, for whatever may have plagued her mind this way.” A few men gently took hold of the woman, who continued shouting, pleading for the King to listen as she was taken away. With that handled, the King turned back to the men standing at the shore. He pointed at the man who spoke. “Bring him to the palace so I may speak with him further.” The King demanded, turning to one of his servants. “As for the rest, get them medical attention as needed.” his finger towards two men with dark black hair, who immediately stood at attention when the King pointed to them. “They shall unload the fish from the boats and have it prepared for transport into the village. These men have worked hard a whole month, send them home with their families.”
With the King’s orders made clear, the docks finally began clearing out. The two men headed to the boats docked at the shore, and Jimin watched for a moment before he was led back to the carriage, and helped inside. He could still hear the distant wails of recent widows, screaming towards the sea in hopes their husbands would hear them and come swimming home. No such luck…Jimin thought softly, and the carriage rolled along in silence.
“Are they all gone yet?” One of the men asked, looking over his shoulder from the docks.
“Jungkook-ah, don’t look back!” The other man whispered a panic gasp in his voice as he barely hid a thick, foreign accent. When Jungkook looked back, a grin formed on his face. “It’s because of you we got stuck doing this manule labor for such a stupid-.”
“Manule?” Jungkook asked. “You mean manual.” Seokjin cocked an eyebrow. “You have to say it correctly. Manual labor…”
“Look who has been hitting the books.”
Jungkook couldn’t help but giggle. “Everyone is gone, Seokjin-Hyung…” he said, standing upright and running a hand through his hair. “Quick, a few of these little guys are still alive. Get them back in the water…” Seokjin watched as Jungkook slipped a few smaller fish out of the sacks, some flailing helplessly in hopes to get back into the water. Seokjin quickly followed suit, setting a few fish back in the river. They splashed around slightly, catching their breath in the water before disappearing within the drifting tide. Jungkook smiled as he watched them go. “There…”
“But what about the ones that didn’t make it?” Seokjin asked, turning to the piles of fish sitting lifelessly in their carts.
“…We won’t be able to take it home, it’s too heavy.” Jungkook sighed. Seokjin patted Jungkook on the back in an attempt to comfort him. “Let’s just leave it and head home. Let the guys who robbed us worry about bringing them to the village or whatever.” Jungkook nodded, watching as Seokjin headed to the shore, sticking his feet right where the tide ended.
“Now can we go home before your father kills me? We shouldn’t be out here.”
“Yeah…” Jungkook said. He followed Seokjin to the edge of the water. Both planted their feet in the water, watching as the tide washed back in and enveloped their feet. Slowly, they stepped deeper and deeper into the water, Jungkook running a hand through his hair. The water increased to their knees, their thighs, their waist before both quickly ducked their heads under the water.
A few feet out, the men’s heads poke out just slightly. Jungkook ran a hand along his cheeks, now adorn with stunning light blue scales. He glanced at Seokjin, who rested his head on one of the rocks lining the shore of Namhae.
“Don’t look so down, Hyung. We didn’t get caught.” Jungkook hummed, rubbing the blue diamond-shaped gem now glowing on his chest.
“Yeah, this time. But you almost got caught by that guy who said he saw your fin. You are so lucky we swam fast enough and were outside the parameters of the palace or we could have been caught.”
“Okay, okay, Mom.” Jungkook pouted. “But I couldn’t just stay behind the rocks today…” Jungkook lifted himself slightly to rest on the rocks, his waist rising from the water to reveal his waist fade from his skin color to a beautiful aquamarine fin. “That was the closest I’ve ever been to the prince…”
“Yeah, too close,” Seokjin said. Jungkook hummed.
“He looked so stoic; don’t you think?” Seokjin rolled his eyes, watching as Jungkook stared ahead at the empty shoreline. When Jungkook heard no response, he turned to him: “You know, stoic. We say,-.”
“I don’t need a lecture, Jungkook,” Seokjin grumbled. Jungkook only shrugged, turning back to the shore once again. Seokjin tried to follow his friend’s gaze, too, for only a moment, try to get into Jungkook’s mind and see exactly what he saw when he looked out onto that shoreline. But he saw nothing, only problems, and annoyances. Nudging Jungkook, he motioned his head back towards the water.
“Let’s go…” he said. The young male frowned but knew his friend was right. Being out here longer and they risked chances of being seen. A soft rumble in the distant sky alerted both men to turn their heads, seeing dark clouds roll into the area. “Yeah, let’s go before some kind of nasty storm hits us…” Taking one last glance at the shoreline, his eyes quickly traced the outline of the distant palace walls, before he followed Seokjin back into the water and out of sight.
The duo swam for a little while in silence, before Jungkook turned back in the direction they came. He couldn’t describe it, but something was urging him to go back to the shore, just for a little while longer. Slowly, he allowed a gap to form between him and Seokjin, before ducking behind the nearest group of rocks and cliffs he could find. Seokjin continued swimming, not realizing that not only had Jungkook pulled back, but had disappeared altogether.
When Jungkook knew the coast was clear, he hurried back to the shore.
“Do you intend to stand out here all day, Jimin?” A curly-haired male huffed. Perched up against the wall, he watched as Jimin paced side to side in front of a grand door. “Jimin.” The young prince looked up at the male calling his name, eyes still deep in thought. “Let’s go outside and do something. You’ve been cooped up here all morning, ever since you got back.”
“I want to know what happened out there, Taehyung. Father said he’d tell me as soon as he was done.” Jimin pressed his ear to the door as if he could hear something beyond the thick wood and metal bolts that held it shut. Just then, he felt a hand on both of his shoulders. When he turned around, he could see Taehyung, who slowly began dragging him away. Taehyung was a bit taller than the prince, so doing this was no difficult task for the man. “Wh- hey! Wait, stop!” When his cries didn’t work, Jimin tried to struggle. “Kim Taehyung, as your Prince and future King, I order you to let me go!”
“No~.” Taehyung hummed, completely disregarding the angry prince’s empty threat. Jimin huffed. When Taehyung had Jimin far enough away, he released the Prince, resting against the windows facing the ocean as he watched the man fix his slightly wrinkled robes. “You’ll waste away standing by the door all day, and that means I will too. So just wait until your Father is ready to come and talk to you.” Jimin sighed, walking towards the window and resting his elbows on it, staring straight ahead. Jimin may be the man destined to rule, but Taehyung was the one who was wise beyond his years. A moment of silence fell over the two men, like a blanket that covered them in a way they didn’t know how to escape from. Taehyung finally ripped the blanket off of them when he asked: “Do they really think what they saw out there was a fin? Do you think they were by Wildetide?”
Jimin could only shrug, knowing any answer he gave was as accurate as anyone else’s. “Who can say? Days, months even, on the sea with little food or water, you’re bound to go insane. Seeing your friends flip over and drown in the sea, too? It’s enough to make a man believe anything he wants to….” Jimin spoke, but his eyes never left the sea as it pulled and pushed itself against the shoreline. “…Let’s go for a walk on the beach, Taehyung.”
“Yeah?” Taehyung cocked an eyebrow. “Why? It looks like a storm is coming in.”
Jimin pushed himself slightly back from the window, fixing his hair a bit as he turned to his friend. A small smirk peeked out of the corner of the lips of the prince. “I’m your Prince, and I say so.” He said simply. Without any further explanation, he turned on his heel and started down the hallway. Taehyung watched him for a second, before turning towards the sea one last time.
“…Fair enough.” He said, before following behind him.
The trip to the shore was silent after Jimin threw on some more casual look, a pair of slacks, and a white button-up with a few frills. Taehyung grabbed a carriage at the front of the palace, waiting patiently to help the Prince in before they journeyed to the beach. When they arrived, Jimin was first to walk onto the sand, slipping off his shoes and burying his toes in the sand. Taehyung followed behind, watching his friend and superior look down at his feet, shifting them just slightly as sand rolled around them. Jimin looked up, towards the water. He stared at it as if that alone would solve generations of the kingdom’s problems, like the water, would suddenly spit up the bodies of those lost at sea, alive and well. As Jimin stared off towards the horizon, where the sun met the sea in perfect harmony, Taehyung approached the docks.
“Jimin, there’s a bunch of sandy fish here.” When Jimin approached, he saw the fish lying in a pile, and it looked as if there had been less than before. Jimin immediately clicked his tongue in annoyance.
“Those two men will be as dead as those fishes when I find them.” He hissed. Taehyung watched Jimin turn to the carriage rider, who hurried up to him. “Grab some men from the village and bring them here so these fish don’t go to waste and those men didn’t die at sea in vain.”
“But what about-?” The man was cut off when Taehyung approached.
“I’ll be here to watch the Prince while you go.” He assured. The carriage driver, seemingly unconvinced, nodded his head before returning to the carriage and slowly heading off. With the boys alone, Taehyung sighed, tugging his shirt off. “Well, if we’re stuck here for a while, I’m gonna go sit on the sand and relax.” The Prince watched his friend find a spot on the sand, wadding his shirt up and setting it down to use as a pillow before sprawling out his entire body. His eyes returned once again to the sea, to watch the waves come in and spread out against the shoreline. What mysteries were held beneath those stunning blue waves? How many bodies lay hidden, forgotten, under the depths of the sea?
How many homes and families were ruined because of the dangers that lurked within?
Jimin headed onto the nearby rocks, hopping up on top and them in hopes it would allow him to see farther out. It didn’t, not by much, but he acted like it did, and leaned forward to get a better look. All he could see, for miles and miles, was an ocean. Jimin slowly squatted down on the rocks, reaching his hand into the water. It engulfed his hand, the cool sensation washing over every one of his fingers. The tide was wild, waves splashing up against the rocks as water flew into Jimin’s face. That didn’t deter him, however, and Jimin continued standing on the rocks unbothered by the sea, which slowly began to rage before him.
While Jimin was staring out into the sea, a familiar figure swam close to the shore. Jungkook had returned, but he stayed hidden, finding a home on the other side of the beach, where another set of rocks piled high helped cover him from the royal and his friend. Jungkook could hear a distant rumble in the sky coming closer, and he knew any minute, he’d have to return to Wildetide in hopes to remain safe. However, he didn’t want to move yet, keeping his gaze on the Prince. He watched as Jimin walked around on the rocks, hands crossed as he stared ahead. A tingling sensation bubbled in Jungkook’s stomach, and he rested his head on the rocks, watching silently.
“Prince, maybe we should go right when the carriage comes back with those men. It looks like it’s going to storm any minute.” When Jimin didn’t answer, Taehyung frowned. “Prince, the waves look bad, you should come back to the sand where it’s safe.”
“I’m fine,” Jimin assured, turning to Taehyung and waving a hand to dismiss his friend. Taehyung huffed, opening his shirt and wiping the sand off it, slipping it on as a chill rushed through the air. As Jimin turned back around, his eyes spotted something. Quickly, his entire body turned to meet his gaze, facing right towards the rocks on the other end of the beach. Jungkook immediately ducked his head when the duo made eye contact. Despite the distance, Jungkook knew exactly what Jimin was looking at.
“…Sir?” Taehyung raised an eyebrow. It looked as if Jimin had seen a ghost, his eyes staring straight ahead, unmoving. When Taehyung looked over in the same direction, he saw nothing but rocks. Why on earth was the Prince staring at rocks? Just as Taehyung stood up from the sand, dusting himself off. “Jimin what are you staring at?”
Jimin quickly hopped off the rocks, splashing into the water right as the tide brushed up against his ankles. Quickly, he began hurrying down the shoreline, towards the rocks. Taehyung watched as the Prince headed farther and farther away. “Sir where are you going? What’s over there?”
“I saw someone hiding behind the rocks!” Jungkook could hear Jimin’s voice shouting through the loud cracks of the waves, and he dare not show his head.
“Sir, there’s nobody there! Come back here, get out of the water.”
“I’ll be fine,” Jimin assured, continuing his trek. The dark clouds were rolling in farther, waves rising slightly. Jimin had to go out slightly into the water to reach the rocks he saw the man behind. Normally where one could stand with the water to their thighs, Jimin’s hips were being tickled by the water. It made him stumble, but as long as his feet touched the ground, Jimin ignored the rumbling noises and chilly air, heading closer to the rocks.
“Sir that’s really not safe,” Taehyung shouted, hurrying after Jimin along the shoreline, careful not to go in. Jimin huffed, turning back to his friend, his back now to the rocks.
“Taehyung, what if what I saw was a mermaid from Wildetide?! This is my chance to catch it! I’m not worried about some stupid waves; I know how to-.” Before Jimin could finish his sentence, a large wave came up behind the young Prince, engulfing him like the mouth of a predator that had stalked its prey quietly, undetected. Jimin didn’t even realize what happened before he was tossed like a rag doll in the sea. All he remembered it a pain running across the left side of his body, his head in particular throbbing before he felt himself go unconscious.
Jungkook, who had been clinging to the rocks as soon as the waves began to get a bit more violent, watched in horror as the man’s body disappeared under the waves and beside the rocks. Quickly, Jungkook used the shield of the rain to poke his head up, turning to see Taehyung run to the water’s edge, the waves even there high enough to graze his inner thigh. Jungkook knew that man stood no chance in the storm, especially if Jimin was pulled out any further. Biting his lip, he dove under the water. Frantically, he sped through the nearby water, searching every which way for the body of the missing prince. It was hard to see, even underneath the force of the waves, the rain causing an extra obstacle for the young merman. However, just past the end of the rock, he caught sight of the prince, floating helplessly several feet away from where he was pulled out. Any farther and getting him back would have been a lot harder. Jungkook wasted no time grabbing Jimin by the waist. He could see hints of red seeping from the man’s forehead, and Jungkook knew he had to hurry. Gently placing one hand on his wound, he turned to head back to shore.
Taehyung stood in shock for a moment as the wave came and went, taking Jimin with it out to sea. “Jimin!” he shouted, rushing forward until the water wrapped around his ankles. The sound of rain began pelting down among the shore, a rhythmic beat pounding in Taehyung’s ears as he tried to search the nearby area for any sign of Jimin’s body. A carriage finally approached, and he turned to see the driver, with two men he’d gotten from town, hurrying over. “He got dragged into the water!!” The men raced towards shore, trying to hurry into the water and battle the waves. “Hurry!” When Taehyung tried to step closer in, hoping to offer assistance, the driver they sent to get these men pulled him back, not wanting to lose two young men to one storm. As the workers tried to make their way through the waves as they grew quicker and quicker, a large one crashed against the rocks. They stepped back, careful, as the wave finally receded. On the rock, Jimin laid motionless. “Prince!” Taehyung practically fell to his knees in relief at seeing the prince and watching as the men trekked with all their might towards him.
The next thing Jimin knew was that he was coughing, his chest burning as the water rose out of his throat and onto his chest. His head was numb, he couldn’t feel it. All he could feel was that he was cold, shivering as rain pelting his chest, and bumpy rocks poked at his back. Groaning, his head lolled to one side, allowing for any extra water to come out and land beside him. As his eyes began to adjust, as much as they could in a dark and rainy ocean, he saw someone poke their head up. A boy with shaggy brown hair and big, curious doe eyes. He looked familiar. That was what Jimin thought at first.
Then, the tail poked up from the water, flapping quickly. That doesn’t. Jimin thought. Groaning, he continued to stare at the male.
The male finally spoke: “Feel better, Prince. Vae part wiol now.” Before Jimin could even try to get a word out, the male was gone, disappearing under the water and out of Jimin sight.
“…Bye…” Jimin could choke out. The next thing he felt was the feeling of being scooped up, body limp as he was carried back to shore, back to the carriage.
“He has a head wound!” he heard the man shout.
“Bring the carriage!”
“Thank God you’re okay.” That was Taehyung. Lolling his head, he starred back towards the sea, until his eyes grew too heavy and he fell back asleep.
“I cannot believe you thought it would be a good idea to go to the ocean right before a storm!” The King shouted, pacing back and forth. “Actually, I can believe that part. What I cannot believe is you just strolling out into the ocean during the middle of this storm for no reason!”
“I said I had a reason, Father,” Jimin said simply, shifting in his bed. He had been wrapped and bandaged, bedridden for a while to nurture several broken bones in his arms as well as a mild concussion on his head. “I thought I saw a mer-.”
“Thought. Thought.” The King clarified.
“And I saw him before I was rescued too! I saw the one thing you have dedicated your life to finding and now you make me sound crazy!”
“But I don’t send my men in the middle of storms, nor do I send my men because of what they thought they saw in the waves or what they thought they saw with a head injury! I cannot lose yet another son to those bastards because he had a thought in his mind!”
The room went quiet. Jimin immediately felt a sharp pain in his head, and he covered his eyes with a deep and pain-filled groan. The sound of footsteps approaching his bedside, before a large pressure was put on his shoulder. When he looked up, he saw his father standing above him. The King’s hand gently pressed down on his son’s shoulder. “You are not to go beyond the palace; much less to that shore, do you understand me?”
“Father, I-.”
“I know what you think you saw. But as not only your King but your Father, I order you to stay in the palace.” Jimin sighed, frowning as he reluctantly nodded his head, watching as his father left the room, leaving Jimin alone. He turned his head towards his window, the one that outlooked the sea. Sighing, he continued to stare, as if staring long enough would confirm his thought of seeing the merman once again. When his eyes began to strain, he simply closed his eyes and rested into the comfort of his blanket.
Jimin’s recovery was a long one, mainly due to his father having several servants watching over him at almost any moment. Even after he had recovered, Jimin still had to be escorted everywhere throughout the palace. Privacy no longer meant anything for Jimin, it was as if he had become a prisoner in his own home. He couldn’t take it, but his father had no intention of letting up soon. He insisted that Jimin was not well enough to leave the palace. “The strong light of the sun could easily knock you off your feet during your recovery.” That was what he always said. It angered Jimin more than when his Father simply told him not to return to the beach.
“Don’t you think it’s ridiculous for my Father to forbid me from the beach?” Jimin asked, turning to Taehyung. The duo had spent the afternoon in an art room, a beautiful place with large windows on every wall, allowing for a complete view of the world outside. Any angle could lead to a stunning painting. Taehyung was taking full advantage of this, painting on a once empty canvas. Jimin rested against an open window, arms crossed in frustration when his friend did not answer. He quickly shuffled along the wall, blocking the view that Taehyung once had towards the nearby forest. Taehyung looked up, eyes narrowing in annoyance.
“I’m talking to you, Taehyung.”
“I don’t know what to tell you. I’m sure your father doesn’t mean forever and probably just wants to make sure that you fully recover before you go out anywhere.”
“I am fully recovered.” Jimin huffed. Taehyung shrugged. “Are you even listening to me?”
“I am. I’m trying to think of what I say to the King about how he’s raising his son. Not only that, but I might as well prepare my will and final words when he hangs me from the highest palace window.” While Taehyung snickered at his joke, Jimin scoffed, shaking his head. Without waiting for Taehyung to say anything else, Jimin stormed out of the room. “Wh- Hey! Prince, I was kidding! Wait!” When the door slammed behind him, leaving Taehyung alone, he let out a frustrated groan, rising from his spot and leaving his painting abandoned for the time being.
Jimin had already closed himself off in his room, practically fuming. Taehyung is absolutely no help. He thought, walking towards his window. Resting against it, he stared out towards the meeting point of the skyline and the ocean, wondering how the two seemed to blend so easily. He rested his head on the window, eyes cast up to the sky. “Hyung, you’d know just what to say…” he said softly to himself as if someone was around to hear him. “You wouldn’t make crude jokes like Taehyung does…” As Jimin sat in silence, his eyes cast once more towards the beach. He could see a few fishermen on boats nearby, seeing if they would have any luck catching fish. Most of the time it was hard to get enough so close to the shore, and the farther out one went, the easier – and dangerous – it became. As Jimin watched, his eyes fell to the rocks where he laid under a sheet of rain and waves. Just then, his mind flashed to the moment he locked eyes with a familiar creature. Dark hair, big eyes…
….a tail.
Feel better, Prince. Vae part wiol now.
That was all Jimin could remember him saying before disappearing with the coming waves and out of his blurred sight. Jimin squinted, as if it would allow him to see so far away, or perhaps even under the water. If that truly was real, and what Jimin saw was a resident of the infamous Wildetide, then why was he rescued that night? Why did the merperson not drag him into the darkest parts of the ocean and watch as Jimin slipped away with every second he couldn’t breathe? Why was Jimin growing ever more curious. “I need answers.” He said softly. “But I won’t make it two steps without being seen.” Turning back towards the sky, he could see the sun slowly beginning to lower in the sky, and a wave of determination as big as the ones in the ocean washed over the boy. He knew what he was going to do.
Later that night, under the cover of darkness, Jimin bunched up the layers of blankets on his bed, while using some old clothes to make a rope. He tossed the rope over the window and peered over to look down. It was a long way, and Jimin knew he had to be careful if he wanted to make it out without any of the nighttime guards hearing him. Jimin walked towards his bedroom door, opening it and poking his head out. The hallways were dark other than a few torches that lit patches of the walls. No footsteps could be heard, it was as if the hallway was completely abandoned. Jimin closed the door, gulping as he walked back towards the window, peering down again. He had to go soon; every second that passed was a second closer to being caught by someone. “Hyung please help me not die…” Jimin breathed into the midnight air. Taking a deep breath, Jimin hoisted himself up, grabbing hold of the rope and slowly beginning to shimmy down.
“Jungkook what are you doing?!” Seokjin gasped, quickly swimming up towards his friend. Jungkook turned on his back, continuing to swim as he watched his friend. “Where are you going this late?”
“To shore. I need some air.”
“You get yelled at by your father and you think it’s a good idea to go back to shore in the same night? Do you want to die?”
“I won’t go too close. Besides, it dark. If I hide behind the rocks, I won’t be seen.”
“You said that when you did that last time, the Prince saw you!”
“That wasn’t what you thought. He got hit in the head when the wave got him, he must have thought he was hallucinating from the head injury.” Seokjin rolled his eyes. “I will be back before morning, I promise. Cover for me, Seokjin.”
“…What?! No way!”
“Fine, then don’t,” Jungkook said simply. “But have fun telling my Father, the ruler of Wildetide, that you couldn’t do your job of stopping me from staying away from the shore.” With a devilish grin, Jungkook sped through the water. Seokjin’s eyes widened as the younger male fled, disappearing beyond the walls of Wildetide. Seokjin could only follow him to the door before the male was gone, and Seokjin was left with a problem. Letting out a groan, he rested against the wall.
“I hate that brat…” he muttered to himself.
Jungkook swam as fast as he could, hoping to get to the shore soon. He wanted to go onto the sand, rub his feet deep into the sand, and rest. Since his father learned of his actions at the shore, he was furious, demanding the young future ruler of the kingdom would stay away. However, Jungkook had no intention of listening, not now, not ever. He wanted to see Prince Jimin as often as he could, and if that meant of scolding or two, so be it. When he arrived at the rocks, Jungkook popped his head up. He was quick to start scanning the area, the sound of the waves rumbling nearby filling his ears. He watched the waves crash by the shore, only to tumble back inward to recover. As Jungkook scanned, however, a silhouette on the beach caught his eye, and Jungkook quickly ducked back down. After a moment, he lifted his head back up and scanned the black figure. It was smaller in stature, but stood tall, confidence exuding from the form without any defying features. It knelt, scooping something up from the sand. After a moment of shuffling, a flame lit up on the shore. Jungkook watched intensely as the figure turned around, the light now exposing its features. Jungkook had to squint, but he knew exactly who it was. Prince Jimin. Jungkook ducked back behind the rock, heart beating in his chest louder than any wave. He was nervous to look back up, worried he would be seen and have to flee. Would Jimin chase after him and risk getting hurt yet again? He had no idea, but despite that, Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from looking for too long, even if it was just a dimly lit figure in the distance. He watched as Jimin sat down on the sand, knees pulled up to his chest, most likely trying to push through the chill that came the closer once got to the ocean.
Jimin waited. And he waited. And he waited. Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the sea. He tried to remain patient, not wanting to give up too quickly. If a merperson did try to sneak on land, particularly the one Jimin saw, he wanted to be the one to catch it. He wanted to talk to it, to hear whatever explanations it had for the actions of its people. He needed answers.
However, answers had no intention of coming to the young Prince that night. Jungkook watched as the sun began to poke over the horizon, and Jimin rose from the sand. He had stayed the whole night, but as Jimin began to silently retreat home, Jungkook knew it was time for him to do the same. That night had been uneventful, but as Jungkook swam home, he only had two questions for himself: How long had the Prince already been sneaking to the beach each night? How long did he intend to come back and do so?
Just like the Prince of the land, Jungkook of Wildetide had questions that he needed answers to.
Before either Jimin or Jungkook had realized it, a week had gone by of Jimin sneaking to the beach through the cover of darkness, and sitting with a lamp on the sand, waiting patiently for the moment of truth. Jungkook, every night, sat behind the rocks and watched the Prince, for hours on end, neither doing anything. Jungkook never attempted to make contact, wanting to each night, but fearing what harm it would do if he did. As he watched Jimin, he noticed some changes with each passing night. Jimin once brought a book, most likely to pass time as he waited. He also brought a coat to keep warmer as he sat through the ocean’s cool breezes, something Jungkook found undeniably adorable. However, every time, as night turned back to the morning, Jimin would pack up and sneak quickly back to his room, Jungkook doing the same in hopes he would not be caught.
As Jimin stared out into the sea one week after his continued adventure out here, he grew frustrated. Was his Father, right? Was what he saw only a figment of his injured imagination? A piece of him wanted to believe it, to know that he was so close to finding the mystical beast, and yet he slipped so easily out of his hands. However, another part of him vaguely remembers the sensation of a hand tightly on his waist, a hand gliding over the open wound of his head and pulling him to shore. Jimin remembered all of that, it was no fairy tale, at least not to him. As Jimin stuck his book into his satchel, he hurried back home as quickly as his legs could carry him.
Jungkook poked his head up when the coast was clear. Any moment fishermen would come by to get their boats ready for the morning hunt, so Jungkook had little time. He watched as Jimin vanished from sight, and he let out a sigh. How he wanted to see Jimin up close again, and how he wanted to speak with him, laugh with him, get to know him more than just the Prince of the distant enemy. As Jungkook sank back in the water, he knew what he had to do.
“You look tired, Sir,” Taehyung said, watching as Jimin rested his head on his desk. The duo was in class with Jimin’s tutor, an older gentleman. As he stepped out, the boys were tasked to read a passage in their history textbooks, but Jimin took that as a sign to rest his head. “Are you ok?”
“I…haven’t been sleeping well,” Jimin replied.
“Are you getting sick?” Taehyung asked curiously. “Maybe getting nightmares? My mother knows a good recipe to help people who have nightmares.” Jimin offered a polite smile to the grinning boy across the table, but Taehyung didn’t seem convinced his friend was ok. “Maybe you should go to sleep earlier tonight. Catch up on your sleep.”
“…Maybe.” He said softly. “That might be a good idea.” When the door opened, the boys hid behind their textbooks. The tutor began to speak again, but Jimin could barely listen. Not only was he tired, but he was anxious. I can’t let Taehyung get more suspicious of me. He thought. I’ll go tonight, but if I don’t see anything, I’ll call it quits.
“Your Highness.” A raspy voice called. Jimin slammed the book down and looked up at the man. “Please read me the next passage.” Quickly, Jimin’s eyes darted to Taehyung, who pointed to the next portion for the Prince to catch up. He had to flip a few pages but quickly began to read.
Once again, under the cover of darkness, Jimin tossed his rope down and shimmied down his window onto the floor outside the palace. By now he had a fool-proof route to take to the beach, one that no guards nor late-night strollers would find him in. Jimin hurried towards the beach, satchel stuck tightly over his shoulder and the torchlight clutched tightly in his hand. As he ducked around the corner, the feeling of cool sand rubbed in between his toes. Jimin walked closer, and something caught his attention. On the beach, and a figure was sitting in Jimin’s usual spot, knees pulled to the chest and unmoving. Jimin’s heart stopped for a moment, and he remained still, like a deer in headlights hoping to camouflage into the darkness as if it were a large blanket covering him. The figure remained unmoving, however, and Jimin slowly took a step or two ahead. Jimin lit the torch, holding it up slightly to get a better look. As the light flashed, the figure looked up. Jimin caught a glance of dark hair and a set of wide eyes before he shrieked in surprise, dropping the torch and snuffing out the light, falling back onto the sand.
A giggle was all Jimin heard, before footsteps approached. When Jimin looked up, a figure was hovering above him, the torch in one hand, and the other seemingly extended out to help Jimin up. He hesitated but took it. As he was listed up, the other man handed him the torch.
“…I don’t know how to light this.” He said softly. Jimin raised an eyebrow.
“…Okay.” It took Jimin a moment of going into his bag, but he was able to relight the torch. Holding it up, he finally got a proper glimpse of the man before him. Once again, a set of doe eyes looked at him as the man smiled, running a hand through his hair. “…You’re one of the guys my father had clear out the fish when the men returned from sea.”
“Oh! Heh, that’s me.” The man grinned. He quickly nodded his head. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, Your Highness. Sorry about the fish, I-.”
“Don’t worry,” Jimin said simply, walking past the man and plopping himself down on the sand. Jungkook watched as the Prince took out a book, flipping it open and beginning to read. Jungkook hummed, before walking over to him. Jimin glanced up, seeing the light of the torch faintly light up the man’s feet and legs; faint sparks lighting up his cheeks too. “I’ve never seen you around here at night.”
“I only come now and again. When I feel the ocean is calling to me.” Jimin nodded, looking back down to his book. “…May I sit beside you? I can hold the torch so that you can read easier.” After a moment of silence, Jimin nodded.
“Please…” Jimin said softly. He watched the male sit down beside him, holding up the torch with a smile. “…I might as well ask your name if you plan to stay around.” Jimin chuckled a little.
“Oh, uh, Jungkook, sir…” Jungkook said simply. “Jeon Jungkook.” He pursed his lips before quickly adding. “My father owns one of the fruits stands in the market.” Jimin nodded, not once looking back up to see Jungkook wipe some beads of sweat off his brow and hopefully bury his lies deep within the sand. Turning back to the Prince, he watched as Jimin closed the book and looked up, eyes fixated on the sea. Jungkook followed his gaze. “May I ask what has you coming here?” Jungkook asked. Jimin glanced over at the man. “You’re staring at the sea so intensely as if you’re questioning it.”
Jimin couldn’t help but laugh. Jungkook could hear the pain and uncertainty in his voice. “I have so many questions for the sea I don’t think I’ll ever get answers too…” Jimin pulled his knees to his chest. Jungkook watched the Prince silently.
“I hope you get the answers you’re looking for, Your Highness,” Jungkook said softly. Jimin turned to Jungkook, a smile brushing his lips as the torch flickered on their faces.
“Thank you.” He spoke. “…I’m glad you were here tonight…” he admitted. “Nobody knows I come out here, so I must admit it gets pretty lonely every night.” Jungkook scooted a bit closer, holding the torch up just a bit more. Jimin was thrown off by the sudden movement, however, did not feel the need to widen the gap.
“Could I come to sit with you again tomorrow?” Jungkook asked curiously, softly as if to make sure nobody other than Jimin could hear him – if there was anyone around. Jimin felt his heart beat a little quicker as he listened to the taller male whisper his request, and he was quick to nod.
“Yes. I’d like some company.” He smiled. “Just don’t tell anyone, or I may have to banish you out of the kingdom.” Jungkook laughed a bit as Jimin turned back to face the sea, resting the palm of his hands behind him to hold himself up. Jungkook watched Jimin silently for a moment, before turning to the sea as well. “What do you come here for?” Jungkook asked.
“...Must you really ask?” Jimin asked curiously. “I come here to find the people of Wildetide.” Jungkook felt his heart stop for a moment, his breath catching in his throat.
“…I thought that was merely a myth,” Jungkook replied. Jimin snickered a bit.
“They say it is, but my father and I know it is true. I know for a fact we will find the palace one day soon. I’ve started coming here to see if any of them happen to sneak on land at night and stalk the kingdom. I plan to catch the next one that tries, at the very least.” Jungkook laughed nervously, looking out towards the sea as he felt his heart pounding. Every second that passed, Jungkook feared sitting this close to the Prince. However, every time he turned to speak with – much less look at – the handsome Prince, those moments turned to hours, and suddenly Jungkook didn’t care how long he sat there.
As the sun was seen coming over the horizon, Jimin gathered his belongings and stuffed them into his satchel. He snuffed the flame of the torch, just barely dimming his view of the man beside him. “I have to go before the sun gets any higher. My butler will come and wake me up any moment.”
“Be safe getting home…” Jungkook said, standing up to meet the Prince with a polite bow. “…I will be here again tonight. I hope to see you.” Jimin smiled a bit.
“I look forward to it. Goodbye, Jungkook.” Jungkook watched as the Prince headed towards the paths, ducking out of sight as his legs carried him back towards the palace. Jungkook stood in the sand silently for a moment, running a hand through his hair. He turned back toward where Jimin had disappeared to. A part of him contemplated following him to the gates, if only for another few moments to the conversation.
No. He thought. I’ve already put everyone in danger by seeing him again tonight. Jungkook felt a sense of guilt wash over him, and he slowly turned towards the sea. Stepping toward the mouth of the ocean, Jungkook waded through to his waist and dipped underneath, swimming further before emerging above the water with his fin flapping up a bit behind him. He could hear the faint noise of men heading towards the beach from another entrance, most likely prepared to go to sea and work for the day. Jungkook was quick to disappear before they could see him. As he swam away, he thought about what time he would have to sneak home if he wanted to meet Jimin again.
It had been six nights since Jungkook had started meeting Jimin at the beach. The duo would sit together, talking to one another underneath the stars as they watched the waves. The company provided a sense of warmth against the chilled night air, or maybe it was the fact that Jungkook held himself almost on top of Jimin. He didn’t mind, it was nostalgic in a way he could not understand. Sometimes Jimin would read his book, and Jungkook would hold the torch for the man to see. Every moment Jungkook spent with Jimin, talking about their lives, sharing stories or jokes, or simply sitting in each other’s company, Jungkook felt more and more elated. He would think about it for the entire next day, only growing more excited when he could see the moon rise from his bedroom window, and he knew it was almost time to head out to his meeting spot with Jimin.
Meeting spot. Jungkook had no idea if Jimin thought of their late-night moments as meetings, but Jungkook sure did. Even if they did virtually nothing, from sun fall to the peak of sunrise, Jungkook was at his happiest each day. Did Jimin feel the same? Jungkook would wonder as he watched the young prince read silently, or bite off a piece of bread he snuck from the kitchen. Every night, Jungkook would wonder if he should finally tell Jimin the truth about himself if Jimin would be the one human to understand. However, when Jimin would mention his desire to find Wildetide, or the desire to find the person he saw that night, Jungkook’s fear got the better of him, and he bit his tongue.
Jimin was growing ever more curious of Jungkook with each passing night. He never saw the man on his trips to the market with Taehyung, which had grown more frequent, nor had he gotten any clues as to where he could be. What was his story, and what were the pieces of it ripped from the book and scattered along the path for Jimin to pick up? Would he even get the full picture, the true ending? It frustrated Jimin almost as much as his desire to find this mermaid, however, Jungkook’s laugh and endearing smile made Jimin eager to feel that frustrated sense of confusion for a little longer every night.
After what felt like a while of silence, Jimin shut his book and looked back up to the waves, flames lighting up his dark eyes. “I think I should stop coming here,” Jimin said softly. Jungkook frowned.
“I haven’t seen anything. I’m starting to think what I saw was just from my injury and nothing else.” Jungkook thought back to Jimin laying on the rocks that rainy night, bleeding and barely conscious as Jungkook fled back into the water and out of sight. He hated the look of disappointment on Jimin’s face. “I thought I was so close too…” a huff escaped his lips.
Jungkook could only say: “…I’m sorry you feel that way.”
“…You’re easy to talk to,” Jimin said softly, turning to him. “If I stop coming here, I’d still like to see you. Would that be alright with you?”
“I’m not sure my father wants me talking to you. He says it isn’t appropriate.” Jimin frowned.
“Well, if you change your mind, ask for me at the palace gates, I’ll let you in.” The Prince smiled warmly. Jungkook bit his lip. If Jimin did not return the next night, Jungkook knew he would most likely never have time with him like this again. He didn’t want that, he enjoyed these hours spent together, alone on the beach. “What’s wrong? You look like something is on your mind.”
“I’ve appreciated your time sitting and talking with me these past few days,” Jungkook said softly. “I want to repay you. But I must admit that I’m worried about what you will think.”
“Please don’t say you’re a criminal or something.” Jimin sighed. “I’ll have to be torn on if I should pardon your crimes. Was it theft? I can have my father pardon that.” Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh, but it was forced.
“…Will you come into the water with me?” He asked softly. Jimin turned to the crashing waves by the shore and shivered a bit. “I know your accident has made you hesitant, but I promise I won’t let go of you.” Jimin looked at Jungkook, who had turned the torch out, and stood up, offering a hand to Jimin. “Your Highness, it would mean a lot more to me than any pardon you could give me. I love the water very much, so sharing it with you would make me incredibly happy too…”
Jimin felt his heart speed up just a bit, gulping as he hesitantly stood up, reaching his hand out to grasp Jungkook’s. Any sense of hesitation was washed away at that moment, and he felt completely content with this. Jungkook made him feel at ease and made him feel safe even if the idea of getting closer to the water has his throat tighten and his stomach flipping. Jungkook smiled. “Thank you, Sir.” He said softly, leading the Prince to the water. “The waves are pretty calm now, but we can still just go to our feet.” Jimin walked along the sand, turning for a second to see if he could catch his footsteps forming behind him in the dark sand. He could not. Just then, he shrieked when a cold sensation hit his ankles, and he jumped back. Jungkook laughed a bit. “It’s cold, though.”
“Now you tell me, right?” Jimin snickered a bit, voice shaky. He stood by the edge of the water as Jungkook stared ahead. Every few seconds, he would back up, dry his feet off in the sand, before ultimately stepped back in. Every time the water brushed Jungkook’s feet, Jimin watched as the man took a deep, satisfied breath. “Do you really like the water this much, Jungkook?”
“I do.” He smiled. “Despite being the son of a…fruit man…” Jungkook shrugged. “The water feels as though it’s my home.” When Jimin turned back towards the water, Jungkook’s eyes cast down to his own feet. His feet, his lies were staring right up at him. He glanced back at Jimin, who had looked down at his own feet now, watching as the waves wrapped them in a cool hug before pulling back for a few seconds. “…It is my home.” Jungkook finally said. Jimin looked over. “…Prince Jimin I-…” Jungkook gulped. “I’ve been watching you for a very long time, and every time I do I think about how badly I want to be around you more and more, closer and closer, longer and longer. But I know the minute you know who I am, you’ll run screaming. I’m scared it’ll hurt more than what I’m about to do.” Jimin was confused at what Jungkook was saying to him, and as Jungkook slowly turned to him. “I feel I can trust you, Your Highness. Please let me show you something very important. “
“I may ease your worries as well.”
“Okay, I said.” Jimin pouted. “The sun will be up any moment, don’t keep me waiting.” Jungkook sighed, walking a bit further into the water. Jimin watched him, crossing his arms, a confused expression still on his face. As Jungkook slowly began submerging some more of his body. Jimin’s eyes widened. “Wait. Jungkook-.” Jimin began, but it was already too late. As Jungkook’s torso became enveloped in the waves, Jimin’s ears suddenly heard the downpour of rain, and his head began to pound. Just then, he caught a glimpse of the mermaid boy from that night.
Feel better, Prince. Vae part wiol now.
“Jungkook, you-.” Before Jimin could speak, Jungkook turned to face him right as a big wave knocked him back and he disappeared. Jimin immediately jumped back, toes buried in the sand as he watched the wave flatten and recede. For a moment everything was still, and Jimin was wondering if this was a dream. Before he had time to pinch himself, Jungkook popped back out of the water, and behind him, a blue tail poked out. “Oh, my God-.” Jimin covered his mouth and looked around the beach, trying to see if anyone else was around to witness this moment. He was the only one. Jungkook slowly began swimming towards the shore again, and Jimin kept stepping back. “Stay back.”
“Wait don’t-.” Jungkook returned to the shore, grabbing the wet shirt and pants that got discarded when he slipped under the water. Jimin could catch a glimpse of something glistening under the moonlight on Jungkook’s chest, but before he could get a good glimpse of it, Jungkook slipped on the shirt. Just as Jimin looked down, scooping up the unlit torch, and pointed it at Jungkook, the man – no the merman – had already grown legs again and was beginning to walk towards him. “Your Highness.”
“Don’t say that, you monster! He-!” Before Jimin could begin screaming, Jungkook lunged forward, covering Jimin’s mouth, the other hand grasping both of Jimin’s wrists in its big grip. He could see Jimin’s eyes widen. Muffled screams came from under Jungkook’s hand, and Jimin began flailing.
“No. Please, don’t call anyone here, I beg you.” When Jungkook pulled his hand away, Jimin was panting, most likely sweating as Jungkook still clutched his wrists tightly. “Please, let me speak."
“You were trying to pull me into the water and drown me just now, weren’t you?!”
“No!” Jungkook gasped. “No, of course not. I have no intention to hurt you.”
“Oh please, spewing a speech like that so I’d trust you to go to the water. Had I not caught on soon enough and ran away you would have dragged me into the water by my ankles!”
“Prince Jimin I’m holding both your wrists in my one hand. If I wished to drown you, I could have easily carried you into the water whenever I pleased.” Jimin’s eyes widened the merman slowly pulled his hands back farther. “I do not wish to hurt you in any way. I meant everything I said to you just now.”
“Why should I trust you?” Jimin hissed, pain in his voice. “You and your people are nothing but murderers and criminals. I knew my intention of you was correct.” Jimin looked down at his held wrists. “Release me at once, do you understand?!”
“If I do, you’ll try to have me killed.”
“You’re absolutely right, I will!” Jimin hissed. “I’ll have you killed, and my father will see the rest of your people-.” Jungkook frowned, feeling a lump in his throat as those words hit his ears. Jimin took a few more shaky breaths. “…Why did you show me yourself if you knew the risks?”
“I told you, I trusted you. We’ve gotten along well…”
“I thought you were a human. All I have been saying is how I wish to find your people and how my people wish to end yours, and you still think I’d react anyway else? You’re a fool.”
“I am,” Jungkook said. Jimin could hear the sound of Jungkook’s voice shake, and he felt his hands relax, dropping the torch that was once gripped in them. “But I mean what I said. I felt as though I could trust you, Prince Jimin…”
“…Your people have killed my men…Even if you find me trustworthy, the widows and the orphans and those without sons will not be as calm as I have been.” Jungkook glanced down at Jimin’s hands, which he still held tightly. “Now release me.”
“Killed? We-.”
“Release me.” Jimin’s eyes narrowed, and Jungkook felt compelled to listen. “As the future king, I will one day rule over this kingdom and the water that surrounds it, and that includes you. Now, do as I say and release me.”
“We have our own ruler. We do not listen to you.” Jungkook said simply. However, he did comply. Jimin rubbed his wrists.
“As I said, you are all murderers who have destroyed families simply looking for survival food.”
“And as I was going to say, we have done no such thing. Your men have fished in our ecosystem for years and take all of the food from our families.” Jimin blinked. “My father, the ruler of Wildetide, sends his men to scare you away by flipping your boats. We don’t mean to kill you. It’s not our fault you humans can’t swim.” Jimin’s eyes widened, and he had to snort at the comment.
“What? That’s a ridiculous excuse, had I ever heard one.”
“Well, it is the truth,” Jungkook said simply. “My father is a kind man but stubborn, he does not realize what he is doing. Your King would not listen anyhow, so talking is absolutely pointless.”
“I don’t believe you,” Jimin said simply.
“I know,” Jungkook said simply. “…If you don’t want to see me anymore, I’ll leave. Just please don’t tell anyone. I already put my whole home at risk…” Jimin watched as Jungkook plopped down on the sand. Jimin followed suit, keeping a safe distance. Silence fell between the two young royals, a silence that was more deafening and painful than any Jimin had ever experienced before. He looked up towards the moon. Daylight would break soon, meaning local fisherman would soon come to start their days. Jimin had no match for Jungkook in terms of strength, but maybe he was in terms of smarts. Leaning forward, Jimin pressed his hand to his chin.
“So, you’re really a merman?” he asked curiously. Jungkook looked up.
“Yes,” Jungkook said simply. “I’ve been sneaking up to the shore since I was around 12 or 13.” Jimin nodded.
“And can all your people turn into humans?”
“People who work for my Father start learning it at a young age. My Father taught me when I was around 10, but I’m not supposed to use it…” Jungkook shrugged. “I’ve always been kind of a rebel.” Jimin watched as Jungkook ran his hand along the sand. “I’m sorry if I scared you, Your Highness.”
“…Wh- uh, you didn’t scare me.” Jimin pointed out. Jungkook had to giggle a bit. “You surprised me.”
“Right.” Jungkook agreed.
“And anyway, have you known all this time that I am the Prince? You already said you have your own ruler.”
“As I said, I’ve been coming up here without my father knowing for like 7 years. I snuck into town one of the first times and saw you and your father walking through. Everyone called him King, and so I just assumed you were the Prince. You were both dressed up compared to everyone else.” Jimin blinked. “You asked your father to buy you an apple, even after the worker said he would give it to you for free, you insisted.” Jungkook smiled a bit. “I thought it was very admirable.” Jimin watched Jungkook reach forward. Jimin flinched, but Jungkook grabbed hold of the torch. “Let’s see if I finally know how to light this.” Jimin watched as Jungkook fumbled with some of the matches in Jimin’s bag. Pulling his legs to his chest, Jimin thought back to that night. He was around 13, going to town with his Father was treat back then due to his age and his intense focus on studies. To think that then, a time of such innocence and naivety, he was already being watched. The thought made him shiver, just in time for Jungkook to light the torch, lighting up the area and finally allowing Jimin to see Jungkook’s face once again.
Jungkook was smiling gently as he looked at the prince. It almost made Jimin’s breath catch in his throat, watching intensely as the flames flickered amongst his features. When Jungkook saw Jimin staring for a long time, he smiled, and Jimin saw his nose scrunch up. Cute. Jimin thought. He blinked. Wait a minute….
“…So, you’ve been stalking me for like 7 years?”
“You ask a lot of questions.” Jungkook pointed out, the grin still prevalent on his face. “But yes…”
“That’s creepy.”
“Sorry.” Jimin looked up to the water, and Jungkook followed his gaze. The sun was slowly beginning to rise, Jimin could feel his chest tighten. People would be arriving at the shore any minute. “Prince Jimin.” When Jungkook piped up, Jimin turned to him. “It’s almost morning…”
“What do you intend to do?”
“I-.” Jimin glanced back at the water. He had only moments to think this through. If he took Jungkook now, any trust this beast had for him would be washed away with the incoming tide. He could play this out, he should play this out. He could only think of his father at this moment.
Know that I won’t let our family mission die, so help me, Father…
“My Father will kill you when he gets what he wants.”
“I don’t intend to give it to him, then.” Jungkook smiled. “As I said, I’m a rebel.” A small smile formed on Jimin’s face. He stood up, taking the torch and tossing it into the sand, the flame snuffed out as the sun overtook the sky even more.
“The morning fishermen will be here soon. If you hurry, you’ll make it out of their range in time.” Jungkook’s eyes widened, but Jimin only shuffled him to the sea. “Go. I have to go, too.”
Jungkook looked back to the sea, then to Jimin, who began to collect his belongings into his satchel. “…Prince Jimin?” he cooed. Jimin glanced up, and once again saw Jungkook smile. “Thank you. Will you be back tonight?” Jimin nodded.
“I have to catch you eventually, don’t I?” He spoke. Jungkook giggled a bit. Without another word, Jimin headed back to the palace, and Jungkook towards the sea. After a moment, Jimin quickly turned around, watching as he just caught of glimpse of Jungkook again. The break of dawn made it easier to see Jungkook swim away, tail and all. He couldn’t see him for long, and as he returned to the palace, all he could think to himself was:
Is he going to come back tonight? The worst part of this thought was that Jimin was unsure if the reasoning for Jungkook’s hopeful return was for Jimin’s plan, or something else.
“So, it looks like the farthest spot these boat accidents occur is here.” The King said, drawing a bright red ‘X’ on the map sprawled out in the main hall. His best men had been gathered to help him create a baseline for where Wildetide could be. Jimin was there as well, after constantly begging his father. After what he saw the night before, he felt even more determined than ever before. The King turned to Jimin, motioning him closer to the board. “We’re finally starting to get a clear picture.”
As Jimin stared at the circle of ‘X’s that were drawn around the map, each indicating yet another tragic loss, he tried to picture it. Wildetide, a kingdom of merfolk who swam through the currents and beside the biggest of sea animals. Individuals, no, monsters, who caused the deaths of thousands over generations. He tried to get a picture in his mind of Jungkook, swimming around in the deep blue sea with the other mermen. He tried to see if he could picture them flipping boats, injuring men, ruining lives. None of that popped into his mind.
All he could see was Jungkook, sitting across from him, nose scrunch and all. It made Jimin’s ears turn hot, and he quickly ran a hand along the back of his neck.
“Yes.” He said quickly, looking to his father. “It seems we are…” As he watched his Father continue to talk, he crossed his arms. The blue paint on the map was no match to the crystal blue of the ocean, Jimin was unable to fully immerse himself in his fantasy. However, what the color did remind him of was…a shimmering aquamarine tail flickering in the moonlight. Damn, where was his mind going today?
“That briefing went well, don’t you think, Son?” The King asked, turning to Jimin. They had left the meeting and retired into the King’s chambers of the palace. Jimin looked around, watching as the King nursed a cup of ale on one of his spare chairs, overlooking the window. Jimin walked along the King’s wall, admiring pictures the man had adorning every section of his main room. The walls each had a picture of kings of the past, Fathers of fathers, and past kings with a noble story to tell. As Jimin’s eyes reached the end, he saw a space on the wall, which made the entire lineup look uncentered. However, Jimin knew exactly what that space represented.
“I know you’ll have your face on that wall one day, Son.” The King said. Jimin looked over at his father as he began to speak. “Whether or not you find the kingdom of Wildetide, you will do great things as future King of this land.” Jimin turned back to the empty space on the wall. “When you take over, your portrait will complete the wall.” The King looked up at his son, who turned to meet his gaze. “It will complete the legacy and put this whole royal mission to rest. I know that to be true.”
Jimin felt a smile form on his lips. “Thank you.” He said softly. The King chuckled, taking a sip of his drink and turning back to face the sea. Jimin followed suit, standing behind his father as the duo stared at the distant ocean waves in comfortable silence. Neither of them knew what the other was thinking as they looked out into the shore, but neither had the intention of finding out. The uncertainty in the other’s thoughts kept them quiet until dinner was served.
Jungkook had gone to see Jimin several times after that. Jimin was a bit hesitant, though Jungkook expected nothing different. He would sit and read to himself, while Jungkook sat at the water’s edge, knees pulled up as he looked towards the sea. Every so often, he would turn and look at the Prince, the small light of the torch the only thing that gave them even the slightest bit of light in the area. However, Jimin rarely looked up to return the gaze.
“What are you reading?” he asked curiously, finally making the prince look over. “You read it al the time, and look so interested, but I never asked.” Jimin looked back down at his book, before holding it up for Jungkook to see the cover. Jungkook stared at it, a blank expression on his face. When Jimin heard no response, he pulled the book back.
“It’s called A Man’s Tales and a Woman’s Tails? Haven’t you ever read it?” Jungkook shrugged.
“I don’t know how…”
“You can’t read?” Jimin asked curiously. Jungkook shook his head. “Hm, I’m not surprised, those who can’t read have little intellect.” Jungkook pouted.
“I can read, just not your language. My people and I only learned to speak it by watching you all the time.” Jimin cocked an eyebrow, so Jungkook made himself comfortable by Jimin’s side. Jimin protested by scooted away and creating some distance, but Jungkook didn’t seem to mind. “My home has Wilde, a language thousands of years old, it’s where the kingdom gets its name.” Jungkook grinned sheepishly. “It’s a beautiful language.”
Jimin was unconvinced, another one of Jungkook’s merman schemes, he was sure of it. “Oh? Then tell me something in this Wilde.” Just then, Jimin could see through the sparks of the torch’s flame that Jungkook’s ears tinted red, and he giggled shyly. He knew it, Jungkook had been caught in a lie before he could ever spin the tale. However, he waited, curious as to how on earth the pesky merman could get out of it. Finally, Jungkook looked to Jimin.
“Ono hávr nuanen eyes.” Jimin’s eyes widened.
“What?” he asked curiously not even sure where to start with that sentence. Jungkook giggled a bit. That pesky nose scrunch; made Jimin glance away for a moment, until Jungkook cleared his throat.
“You have really beautiful eyes…” When those words hit Jimin’s ears, he lit up brighter than any torch could hope to do on this large stretch of beach. Immediately, he turned his head, the sound of Jungkook laughing was heard behind him. It was a high-pitched, amused laugh, like of a child who had just seen a sibling or a friend do something funny.
“That was…inappropriate.” He said, looking back to Jungkook. “Don’t say things like that to me. Have you forgotten who I am?”
“No, I know what you plan to do to me,” Jungkook said simply. He smiled softly. “But that doesn’t mean what I said was a lie.” Jimin watched, still stunned as Jungkook gently rested a hand on his chest, where the blue diamond would shimmer if given the chance. “My home is lovely, you know.” Jimin’s once bewildered expression softened, and he listened closely. Would this man give something up so easily? He didn’t think so, but he listened closely anyway. “It’s large and welcoming to everyone. My home is right in the center, and the rest of the homes of my friends surround it. It’s like a wall of protection, that’s what my Father says…” Jungkook looked back out to the water. “A wall of protection built out of the greatest thing one could ask for: relationships with others.” Jimin glanced back in the direction of his palace, watching as it stood high and mighty above the kingdom. “Learning your language was one of the hardest things I have ever done, you know,” Jungkook said. “Our dialects and languages are so different, but it was the most fun I ever had. I remember I learned how to properly pronounce your name because so many men on ships talked endlessly about you. ‘Prince Jimin this’, ‘Prince Jimin that’…”
“How did you think it was pronounced?” Jimin asked curiously. Jungkook smiled.
“Prince Jaymin. That was how I said it with the Wilde accent.” Jimin blinked, eyes wide. There was a moment of silence, before immediately covering his mouth and stifling a loud belly laugh. Jungkook gasped. “What’s so funny? Prince Jimin!” Jungkook watched as Jimin continued to laugh. “Is it that bad? Jay-.”
“DON’T say it again.” Jimin turned to him. Despite the frantic beg, Jungkook noticed a smile on Jimin’s face. “That’s a good one. I’ve never heard that before.” Jungkook smiled, watching as Jimin glanced down at his book, which he was nearing the end of. “My Hyung gave me this book when I was 16…” he said softly. “I never read it until I started coming out here…” Glancing back up at Jungkook, he flipped the book shut and pulled the bookmark out.
Jungkook cocked his head. “What are you doing?”
“…Well, you’ll be confused if I start reading from the middle. So, I figure we can read and reach the ending together.” Jimin said. Jungkook nodded, smiling as he watched Jimin flipped open the first page. “When the story ends, I’ll finally keep you here until morning and have you caught.”
“Right…” Jungkook laughed with a roll of his eyes. He scooted close to Jimin and listened as he began to read.
“Oh no, I’m not going to make it home in time.” Jungkook gasped, swimming as fast as his little fin would carry him. The idea of what would happen if he didn’t make it home. He could only remember shooting straight up when the sensation of the light hit his eyes. Just as he did, he felt a grip on his hand, and for a second, his blood ran cold. Was this the day? He turned back to Jimin, who was looking up at him from his spot on the sand. The book was still opened, pages fluttering from side to side in the wind until Jimin stop them with his bookmark. Jungkook gulped, looking down at Jimin, who stared up at him quietly, unblinking and unmoving. He was stalling, waiting for someone to come and find them.
Finally, Jimin spoke. “How…do you say goodbye in Wilde?” Jimin asked softly. Jungkook had to admit, he was taken back by that comment.
“Uh….” Jungkook looked down for a moment, thinking. “We don’t really have a ‘goodbye’ as you do…” Jimin slowly stood up, still holding tightly onto Jungkook’s wrist. Panic was clear on the merman’s face as he turned to the sea once again. Slowly, he looked back at Jimin and relaxed his muscles. “We say ‘Vae part wiol now’ to one another…” When Jungkook saw Jimin raise an eyebrow, Jungkook had to only smile above the panic he felt in his body.
“That…sounds familiar,” Jimin said softly. Jungkook nodded.
“I said it to you the night we met.” He confessed. “When I saved you from drowning…”
Jimin looked down at his grasp on Jungkook’s wrist, then up to the rising sun. The day he was going to be late coming home was the day he planned to bring Jungkook back to the palace with him. Now was his chance, now was his opportunity to.
“I have to go…” Jungkook breathed, and Jimin could hear the shaky panic in his voice, something he’d yet to see from Jungkook. “…Do you plan to keep me here now?”
“…We part for now…” That was all Jimin could say before letting go of Jungkook’s wrist. Jungkook stepped back, watching for a moment as Jimin gathered his belongings into his satchel. “…Go.” He said softly. “Before someone sees us…”
Jungkook nodded, watching as Jimin hurried away. Jungkook was quick to do the same, taking a deep breath as he sank into the water. He didn’t even waste time returning to the surface to fix his hair or anything, simply swimming for his life to the palace gates.
“Jungkook!” he heard a familiar voice call. When Jungkook looked up, he saw Seokjin waiting at the palace gates, arms crossed. Jungkook swam closer. “You’re late.”
“I know. The time got away from me, I-.” Jungkook sighed softly.
“You’re running a risk here. This isn’t safe to do anymore, regardless of who you’re going to see. What if you get attacked, mistaken for a fish, and eaten by a big shark? Anything! Jungkook-.”
“I know, I know, I just…” Jungkook sighed, knowing he had no valid excuse, not one for Seokjin nor his father. “Please don’t tell my Father…” he said softly. Seokjin was silent for a moment but ultimately nodded his head.
“I won’t.” Jungkook could feel a sigh of relief as he exhaled, smiling up at Seokjin. However, when he did, he noticed a sudden change in his friend’s appearance. Jungkook watched Seokjin rub his temples, and let out a deep sigh. “Seokjin…?”
All Seokjin could say was “Sorry”, before a deep shadow appeared behind him. Jungkook knew if he was still standing on two feet right now, they would buckle and collapse the poor boy. He watched as his father showed his face, his unhappy, no, furious face. Jungkook gulped.
“…Father…” he said softly.
“…Get my son inside, Seokjin…” The ruler said before swimming away. Seokjin only nodded his head, before leading the reluctant Jungkook behind the mighty ruler and back into the palace.
Those wandering the palace walls, wherever they may be, heard the wrath of their ruler as he lectured his son. They were used to that, the ruler of Wildetide was known for being brash, stubborn, and loud. But, as the yelling went on, there was something the workers of the palace soon began to learn: so was his son.
“You put the lives of everyone in this palace in danger because of your foolishness!”
“You don’t know what I’m doing up there! How can you assume it’s dangerous?!” Jungkook shouted.
“Oh, so you going up to the frontlines of our enemies is just something as I’m supposed to see the hobbies of a future ruler?”
“Yes! When you die, I plan to rule Wildetide so that it can live harmoniously with Namhae. His father narrowed his eyes.
“And how do you plan to do that?”
“Befriending the future heir, that’s how,” Jungkook said smugly. “I’ve been visiting him, and he’s not either. I’m willing to bet his father is not either.”
“Nonsense. Those men cause famine in our homes and you consider them friendly? You’re being brainwashed, Jungkook.”
“Me? The one who actually sees everything that’s you’ve sent your people to do to these men? I see the lives you’ve taken, the families you’ve destroyed! It’s no wonder they want to hurt us!”
“We do not go around killing them. Do you know how many times our people have come back home with one breath in them that we have had to nurse back to full recovery? How many we have lost? We try to keep them away but they don’t leave, what do you want me to do?”
Jungkook’s eyes widened. “…Do you ever leave the palace walls?” Jungkook asked curiously. The Ruler was silent as his son continued, with no intention of letting his father speak. “No, you don’t. You only send your men to die. Let me tell you something, did you know the humans of Namhae can’t swim?” Jungkook crossed his arms. “I didn’t either until I swam up after a group of men you sent up to disturb the men fishing nearby. They flipped each boat, one of our men got stabbed in the shoulder, so they all retreated…” As Jungkook thought back to his memory, the grip he had on his arms tightened, and so did his eyes, anger surging in him. “I watched every single one of them get pulled under the current and drown.”
The Ruler said nothing, and Jungkook shook his hair out, running a hand through it. “The Prince is a good person; he will be a good ruler. I know if you just stop hurting these people-.”
“These people you have grown so fond of are the reason some of our best men are dead.”
“But not you.” Jungkook pointed out. “The ruler of Wildetide, the best of the best men there can be. So then why is it that our best men are dying, our women are starving, when you claim to be the best there is?” Jungkook nodded.
“I’ve had enough of your insolence, boy.” The Ruler scoffed. With a slam of his staff on the floor of the room, the doors swung open, and Jungkook watched as men came flooding in, surrounding the king until eventually, they surrounded Jungkook, making any chance of swimming away impossible. “I will not allow you to turn traitor on your people all because of some boy who most likely is tricking you into getting what he wants – for us all to be dead.”
Jungkook frowned. “I know that’s what he wants,” Jungkook said softly. “But there is good in him just as much as there is tainted determination. Besides, at least he is honest with himself and what he wants, regardless of how much it hurts me. You’re a coward…” A smirk formed on Jungkook’s face as he felt two hands on his shoulders, from the guards behind him. His father’s face twisted in rage, but Jungkook only continued. “And I cannot wait to bury your legacy underneath the deepest depths of Wildetide.” With that, Jungkook followed the guards out the room, leaving his rage-filled father alone with his anger, alone with his thoughts. Just alone.
And Jungkook no longer cared one bit.
Jimin somehow found himself in the planning room beside his father, once again surrounded by some of his best men. They were staring at the map of the ocean, one of the men putting red ‘X’s on two more spots on the map.
“That’s two more boats shipwrecked in the ocean, Your Majesty.” The man said, looking up at the King.
“And in the same place, too...” The King sighed, turning to Jimin. Jimin had been watching but had been quiet. “Your Highness?” The man said, making Jimin look over. When he saw the faces of all of these men staring at him, he coughed into his hand. “You looked like you were drifting off. Is everything alright?”
“Yes,” Jimin said simply, glancing over to his father. The King was quick to put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder, making the young prince smile reassuringly. “I’m just thinking.”
“Ah, yes.” The King grinned. “Can’t you men tell he is my son? Thinking hard about strategy and battle tactics before he speaks. Truly the making of a good future king.” Jimin laughed sheepishly as his father continued to boast. “Once you’re ready, son, speak up.” Jimin nodded, watching as his father turned back to the map and continued to speak. Jimin felt the smile on his face slowly fade as he turned to the large window outlooking the sea.
He couldn’t help but wonder about Jungkook. Ironic how that is where my first thought goes. Jimin thought to himself. As he watched the distant waves crash onto the shore, he thought back to the nights he had spent with Jungkook on the beach and the things he had said to him.
Your men have been taking our food. We only wish to scare you away.
Your King wouldn’t listen, so talking is pointless.
“Have we ever-.” Jimin began, alerting the attention of his father and the men. “Had cold, hard, tangible proof of Wildetide even exist?” Jimin watched his father’s expression turn slightly confused; that was not what the King expected to hear his son say.
“What do you mean?’
“People have said what they have seen, but has anyone found any true proof? The fin of a dead merman, the scale of a mermaid? Artifacts from their home? Anything to just confirm there is actually a place somewhere in the water?” I have. He thought.
“Not as far as we’re aware, Sir.” One man said simply. “Anything found generations ago may have been destroyed.”
“So, the answer is no,” Jimin confirmed, nodding his head. Not true. He thought.
“Why do you ask?” The King asked.
“I just…wanted to make sure we aren’t…on a wild goose chase, I guess…” The King turned to Jimin, and the young man bit his lip. “It was just a thought. Because what if we’re just losing to rough currents in that area? You said so yourself, that we shouldn’t be certain-.”
“I know what I said.” The King said simply. “And it’s true. But at the same time, the pattern is obviously there. No current is ever this consistent.”
“Besides, Your Highness…” one man said. “Wouldn’t all of the boats be flipped and pulled under, then?”
“…I suppose, but…”
“Don’t let yourself get discouraged, Son.” The King said gently. “They’re out there, and we will find them. You said so yourself, didn’t you?”
“I did but…what are we going to do when we find them?” Again, the King raised an eyebrow.
“What do you mean? The only way to stop them is to eliminate the entire species. The entire invasive species.”
“But is that really the only way?” Jimin asked. The King was silent, so Jimin continued. “What if, when we do find them, they’re willing to form an alliance? Make peace? It’s like any other alliance we have on land. Wouldn’t it benefit us to befriend someone who knows the water rather than eliminate them?”
Silence. Jimin could only hear the sound of his heart pounding in his chest. What was running through these men’s minds? What was running through his mind?! Jimin could only wait with bated breath for someone to speak.
“What has you thinking like this?” The King finally asked.
“I just…was thinking about it last night…” He said softly. “So I thought I would bring it up.”
“Jimin, these creatures of the sea do not intend to ever form an agreement. I know that much because they have never tried. Why have they never approached a set of boats, or come to shore themselves?”
“They’re afraid we’ll kill them, Father,” Jimin said simply.
“Son, these things have done nothing but kill for years. I have no intention of ever allying with them, even if they came crawling to me on their fins. Not after they’ve taken everything from our village, not just our men. Our sense of safety, our sense of security and justice…” The King looked down. “Namjoon knew that well, and wanted to protect that…”
Jimin felt a deep exhale of a breath he didn’t even know he was holding to escape him, and his chest and muscles relaxed slightly. He nodded, lowering his head. “I know…” he said softly.
“Have you been getting enough sleep at night?” The King asked curiously.
“No,” Jimin said simply. “I keep dreaming strange things…” They aren’t dreams… he thought.
“Go rest.” The King said simply. “As your King, I order it.”
“I don’t think you should use your power like that, Father. It’ll make you egotistical.” Jimin offered his father a playful smile, trying to keep any curious or worried feelings in his father’s mind to a minimum. It worked; the King chuckled.
“Fine. As your Father, I’m telling you to go take a nap.” Jimin sighed.
“Okay…” he said. The men stood up and bowed to the Prince as he exited the room, where Taehyung was waiting. He was sitting against the wall, head lolling back and forth as boredom sparkled in his dark eyes. When he saw Jimin, Taehyung perked right up.
“About time. How did it go?” Jimin could only shrug.
“I was ordered to go rest.” Taehyung looked confused for a minute. “Can you take me to my room? I might listen to his advice…”
“Sure…” Taehyung said softly, and he did just that. Neither of them spoke to one another, they just walked down the palace corridors in silence.
Jimin rested on his bed, sprawled out as he looked up to the ceiling of his bedroom. He felt his stomach doing flips in his stomach, like the largest set of waves kept crashing and receding, only to come back and slam into him harder. If he tried hard enough, he could probably throw up because of it. Rolling onto his side, he saw his book resting on top of his satchel. They were on the chair in the corner of his room. Rising, he walked over and picked the book up. They had only read two chapters together last night, and before Jungkook’s panicked retreat, he looked excited to read the rest. Jimin could remember the wide, childlike smile on his face as he listened to each character’s plights.
“Do you think they’ll end up together in the end?” He remembered Jungkook ask curiously. Jimin did not respond at that moment, unsure what he would say. As he flipped open to the page they stopped at, Jimin looked towards the sea.
He hoped Jungkook would come back to the shore tonight, if for nothing more than to allow Jimin to give him an answer.
~~This was a fic I did for a discord mood board fest so I hope you enjoy it~~
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jeojahari · 6 days ago
02 | kiss it better | myg
Tumblr media
🠒 summary: you're one of the lucky ones, everyone else tells you. finding your soulmate the day you turn 18 isn't something that happens to a lot of people... but you and your other half are going to have to make a lot of progress to be able to tolerate each other.
or, you and yoongi can feel everything the other feels, and you're hell bent on causing each other pain.
🠒 pairing: yoongi x reader
🠒 genre: angst, fluff, e2l!au, soulmates!au, college au, crack?
🠒 warnings: profanity, implied smut
🠒 word count: 2.6K
🠒 notes: omg tysm for all the love im literally about to start happy sobbing rn TT i hope you enjoy this chapter!! <3
btw if my writing is not up to par at any time pls let me know, i'd hate to give you low effort writing TT
Tumblr media
part 02: two band-aids
(series m. list)
Tumblr media
"I am so fucking stupid."
"I know."
"I can't believe I just ran out of there without saying anything!"
"Ah. I can."
"How is it Yoongi, though? I don't understand! How can two people who are so obviously different and have zero chance at getting along be paired like this?!"
"Hey," Jimin places a comforting hand on your shoulder, "maybe this is the universe trying to prove that you can find love where you least expect it!"
You shoot him the nastiest glare you can conjure up in the moment. "You sound like a children's fairy tale synopsis. Please shut up."
"No, but think about it!" Jimin sits upright, pulling the nearest pillow into his lap. "You don't like him, and he probably doesn't like you. You hate coffee, and he's practically in love with it. The only reason you guys ever interact is Taehyung, who you happen to be in love with."
"I'm not in love with him!"
"Sure," Jimin rolls his eyes. "Anyways, this is literally the perfect recipe for romance. I feel like I have front-row seats to the best enemies to lovers story ever."
"Don't make me hit you."
"It's true, though," Namjoon pipes up from beside you. You're sandwiched between both of them in an attempt to extinguish the growing dread in the pit of your stomach. "You don't really know what he's like, Y/N. People aren't always what they seem at first glance."
"I had more than just a glance," you snap. "And I know him for exactly what he is. A fucking sociopath."
"I mean, he's nice enough," Jimin explains. "I've spoken to him a few times in passing. Maybe he just wasn't having a good day when you talked to him?"
You pause and think, because your friends are right. It's plausible, isn't it? Not every grumpy person you meet goes out of their way to be antisocial... but you can't shake off that feeling you've harbored ever since you first met him.
"I don't like this," you whine, hiding your face under the blanket. "I don't like him. I don't want to be his soulmate."
Namjoon chuckles. "Soulmates aren't always lovers, Y/N. If he's actually a sociopath, or you genuinely despise him after giving him a chance, you're not obligated to love him."
"True," Jimin nods. "My parents were never soulmates, but you know how well they get along. They had me, after all," he adds as an afterthought. "They couldn't have done that without loving each other."
Namjoon winces. "Okay, no. Didn't need to hear that."
You let out a frustrated groan, kicking your legs under the sheets. "I hate this," you grumble. "And I can't even do anything ab — oh!" You sit up, suddenly enlightened and an imaginary lightbulb over your head. "I can!"
"You can what?" Jimin asks, clearly confused. In response, you simply beam at him before doing an impromptu somersault over his legs and tumbling right off the bed, landing on the ground with a loud thump.
"She's insane!"
"She's gone mental!"
"Is she having a seizure?"
"Do we need an ambulance?!"
"Is she okay?"
"Joon, I'm too broke to pay for the ambulance!"
You throw them both off of you. "I'm right here, very much alive, and very sane, thanks."
"Well, what was that, then?" Jimin demands. "If you were trying to show off your gymnastics skills, it didn't work. You look like a clumsy baby koala."
You point at Namjoon. "He's the clumsy one. And no, I wasn't trying to show you my nonexistent gymnastics skills." A huge smile spreads across your face. "I just discovered a great way to release all my frustration."
"By falling off the bed?"
"No, but yes." You lean in like you're about to tell them a secret. "You know... I bet Min Yoongi is cursing the heavens right now, isn't he? For pairing him with someone like me."
Namjoon stares at you incredulously. "Don't tell me..."
"She's going to do it anyway," Jimin tells him, before turning to you. "You're just going to hurt yourself to hurt him, Y/N? Are you for real?"
"It's perfect!"
"It's stupid, and usually I would tell you to go for it if you were planning to kick some dumbass's butt, but not if you're getting hurt in the process."
"Well, I'm doing it anyway," you say. You're 100% decided; you've just found the one part of your bond with Yoongi that delights you the most, and with that comes your singular goal: irritating him to no end. "And this isn't even that bad, Jimin. Wait until I'm on my period. Then he's really going to wish he never knew me."
Tumblr media
Actually, you're screwed.
"Ouch!" you hiss, your body jerking at the pain that courses through your arm. You're forced to stop writing mid-word, the dark blue ink a mess on your paper due to these constant interruptions of your sudden movements. "What the fuck?!"
The girl sitting across from you raises her eyebrows at you, half concerned for your sanity.
"Sorry," you whisper apologetically. "My soulmate's a jerk. Honestly, I probably caused this, but I don't regret it at all."
She laughs, eyes turning into small crescents. "Hate at first sight?"
"More like at first conversation." You sigh, letting the pen fall from your fingers. "I don't know how I'm supposed to get along with him, let alone love him. We have absolutely nothing in common, and I'm pretty sure this dislike is mutual. Which reminds me—"
You bang your knee against the table in retribution for Yoongi's attack on his own arm, a satisfied smile on your face.
"Wow." The girl stares at you, rather taken aback. "That's some serious beef you two have got."
"Yep. Can't stand him," you confirm. "What about you? Have you found yours yet?"
"Not yet," she says, trying to look indifferent — but you catch that wistful look in her eyes. "Someday soon, hopefully."
"You'll find them," you say, the exact words you've repeated to Jimin multiple times over the years. "Time is all it takes. I hope yours is less of a jerk than mine... and if they are, I'm more than happy to instruct you in the ways of torturing them."
"Noted," she smiles, before returning to her book.
You, though, can't focus. Actually, you haven't been able to concentrate on anything lately — ever since this trivial back and forth between you and Yoongi turned into something more desperate and warlike, it's all that's ever on your mind.
Sighing, you stand up, leaving your place at the table to go fetch a book from one of the many shelves lining the opposite wall of the library. It doesn't take you long to find what you're looking for, but you immediately stumble over and hit the ground, nearly knocking your head against the wood of the shelf.
"Fuck," you hear someone curse in the next aisle. You know that voice, you realize after a few seconds, immediately ducking your head around the corner in amused curiosity.
"What'd you do to yourself this time?"
Yoongi scowls at you from the ground, as irked as always. "None of your business."
"It kind of is, actually, now that I feel it too."
"Oh, really? Where was that concern when you were hurting yourself just to get back at me for doing absolutely nothing?"
"You did it back! You have no right to be telling me what I did was wrong if you decided to do it too!"
"Why the hell did you do it in the first place?"
"Shh!" The librarian walks past the two of you, giving you a sharp glare as she replaces a few books with the ones in her hands. You nod apologetically to her, head bowed.
"You're so loud," you whisper a few seconds later, just as Yoongi gets himself off the ground and has managed to gather the books he'd dropped.
"You literally started yelling first, Y/N."
A deep frown makes its way onto your face. "You know what? I still don't understand why you're like this. Can we not have a civil conversation for once? Every time I talk to you it turns into a goddamn argument!"
"Yeah, well, maybe if you'd just minded your own business, we wouldn't be having this argument!" Yoongi pauses for a breath. "You always make it an argument, Y/N, I don't go out of my way to pick a fight with you!"
"Isn't that what you're doing right now?"
"No! I just don't understand your problem with me! Look," he says, a little calmer, "I know you don't want to be my soulmate. And I'm not particularly in love with you either. But you can at least act like I'm human too, right? Or is that too much for your inflated pride?"
"Did you just call me arrogant?" you ask incredulously, trailing after him as he walks back to where he was sitting. "You think I'm doing this because I'm conceited?"
"Well, for your information, I'm not. I just really dislike you."
Yoongi tongues his cheek in frustration, slamming his book down onto the table. "And for what?" he demands. "I like to know it if and when I fuck up, Y/N. Stop repeating the fact that you hate me and just tell me why."
You flinch at his harsh tone and the sensation that sends a painful twinge through your palm. "You're just... you're so hard to talk to," you accuse. "Like, really? How am I supposed to wrap my head around this whole thing when I can't have a conversation with you without feeling like shit?"
He's gaping at you now. "I'm making you feel like shit? And you're not doing the same by basically trash talking me to my face?"
"I'm not! I'm just telling the truth; and besides, you asked!"
"Who are you to go around judging the way people are? Not everyone is bubbly and cheery, you know? Being grumpy for a second doesn't mean being grumpy for a lifetime!"
"Well, I can't tell, can I? Not when you always act like you hate the rest of the human race!"
Yoongi doesn't reply to you, just staring back at you for a few moments. Instead, his jaw clenches as he turns away without any kind of rebuttal.
"Alright," he says gruffly. "I'll go first."
Your eyes widen slightly as your frustration dissipates. You'd only meant to check on him out of curiosity after his fall, you hadn't intended for it to escalate to this scale at all... "Wait—"
"Don't bother to talk to me next time," he interrupts you, a hint of bitterness to his voice. "Since I always make you feel like shit, anyways."
"No, I didn't m—"
Yoongi's gone before you can give him any miserable excuse from your side, bag slung over his shoulder and that cup of coffee in his right hand. You catch a glimpse of his fingers wrapped around the cup, two band-aids covering the knuckles of his smallest digits, and you can't help but wonder... did you do that to him? All those days you spent wrapping bandages around your legs and arms, was he doing the same?
But you hate him, right? No matter how closely bound you two are, you're allowed to do this, aren't you?
You don't know.
You recall the sight of his worn out expression and sigh, shaking your head. Whatever it is about Min Yoongi that draws the worst out of you, you'll never know. All you're sure of is that apparently you're supposed to love him, apparently you're supposed to be his and vice versa. But you just can't.
As you trudge back to your seat, you notice that the girl from earlier is still there, still taking diligent notes — except her eyes now follow you, a mixture of concern and curiosity.
"I'm fine," you state. The words come out far harsher than intended, but she doesn't seem to take offense.
"Really?" she asks instead. "S'great if you are, but if you're not then you're just lying to yourself, Y/N."
You blink at her, surprised. "Huh? How'd you know my name?"
"You guys were yelling," she explains. "I could hear him from over here."
"Aish. Sorry."
"Don't worry about it." She chews on her pencil for a second, seemingly contemplating something. "Mind if I give you my two cents?"
The girl's awfully blunt and gets right to the point, and it reminds you of your friends for a moment. Something about her just makes you want to trust her, to let her in.
So you shrug your shoulders and say, "Sure."
"Second chances only come once."
She nods, tucking her hair behind her ear. "You don't really know anything about him," she says. "You don't know what's happened to him before. You could be his second chance, and he probably just took a blow after that whole debacle you two had over there."
She chuckles softly, and you find yourself rethinking your stance on the situation. She's right, she's right, your heart tells you, but your brain is saying something else entirely, and it's maddening.
"Give him a chance, Y/N. Everyone deserves one."
Tumblr media
Hours later, you're still thinking about what a random stranger said to you at the library earlier.
Yoongi? A chance? No, thank you. You don't need to waste any more of your time on guys that aren't going to give you the time of day once they're not interested.
And yet, a small part of your conscience says otherwise. He's not just any guy, it reminds you. You're soulmates for a reason.
You're so frustrated you want to tear your hair out. "Soulmates are stupid!"
Jimin walks into your room with two cans of soda, an eyebrow raised as he tosses one to you. "Yikes, Y/N. What's gotten into you today?"
"Min Yoongi," you grumble.
Your best friend gapes at you, nearly spilling his soda all over himself. "I'm sorry, what?"
"Already, Y/N?!"
You're confused as you take a sip of the sweet drink. "Already what, Jimin?"
He's opening and closing his mouth, eyes so wide he looks like a clown out of those children's cartoons. "You and Yoongi — you guys — I can't believe you finally got laid!"
This prompts you to spit out the liquid in your mouth, dissolving into a coughing fit as you try and regain your breath.
"There, there," Jimin says, stroking your back gently. "I won't mention it again if you don't want me to, I'm sorry. Was he a bad lay?"
"A bad what? Jimin, I don't know what you think I'm doing, but having sex with him is most certainly not on my list," you frown.
Your best friend, on the other hand, looks totally dumbfounded.
"Huh? But you answered with his name!"
You smack the side of his head gently. "That's not how idioms work, dumbass."
"Okay, sheesh, sorry," he apologizes, rubbing his temple. "But really, though. Everything okay with Yoongi?"
"Not really," you say truthfully, "but it's fine. Neither of us are expecting anything from the other."
Jimin looks skeptical as he eyes you carefully. "You sure?"
He tilts his head back, draining the can of soda as he swallows. "You know, Y/N, maybe you should give the guy a chance."
There it is again, that word. The one thing everyone tells you that you need to give.
But is it worth your time? Is he worth your time? Or is he just going to walk away and leave you broken again? Maybe you're being selfish, but you'd rather spare yourself the heartbreak process than willingly go into something you know won't be good for you.
"Yeah, okay," you lie through your teeth, soda can still nearly full in your hand. "Maybe I will."
Tumblr media
taglist: @meiadore @kimnamjoonluvbot @im-gay-no-matter-who-i-date @fangirl125reader @helenazbmrskai @min-yus @janeelizabeth1216 @chimchiekookie @chimchoom @igotnotype @beach-bitch-bitch-beach
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Tumblr media
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orangie-drabbles · 8 days ago
Kingdom [Chapter 01_1/5]
Tumblr media
The story is inspired by the Daechwita MV 
Yoongi x OC [18+] + Subplot with Jungkook & another OC + everyone from BTS has a role in this story and will appear sooner or later.*
Tags: fantasy, romance, drama, slow burn, arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, magic, secrets, jealousy, troubled past, angst, eventual smut
( *you can read this even if you know nothing about BTS )
01_The Wedding 1/5
It is commonly believed that every woman anticipates her wedding day with endless excitement. This is the day she is to remember as the happiest of her life, a day that promises her a future filled with love, comfort, and security. A day she has been dreaming about for almost all of her life. 
For Ayomi Nori, a Princess of the Kingdom of Ilsan, this day, this wedding, is not a blissful dream - it is a dreaded and horrible nightmare. Despite the music, the cheers, and the colourful decorations, there is not a trace of happiness in her heart. 
Naturally, she knows that a Princess could never dream to marry for love. A Princess should marry for the good of her country. She should rejoice to enter a union that will bring peace and prosperity to her family.
But how can one feel joy when they are about to be married to the most notoriously cruel, violent, and dangerous man on this side of the Great Sea?
In all Eastern Kingdoms, no one is as feared and as hated as King August the Second, ruler of the Kingdom of Daegu. The very man Princess Nori is supposed to marry today.
Sure, he has his admirers and supporters, people who claim he is incredibly smart, strikingly handsome, and a capable ruler. Even his enemies are impressed with his military tactics, fierce fighting skills, and strong will.
However, Princess Nori doesn’t like him. She heard enough about him to know he is not a good person. She can picture him in her mind – arrogant, controlling, selfish, and cruel. Nori doesn’t fear his reputation as much as she despises his vile character. 
She knows that a man like that will only use her as a toy; treat her as another object in his possession. She knows that once he has had his fun with her, he will toss her away and enjoy his evenings with countless other women. 
The Princess is to be a prisoner in his palace, without friends, comfort, or escape. That if she survives at all; that if he never finds out her secret.
The music and voices outside are getting louder, but the servant girls are still busy adding decorations to the Princess’s hair and adjusting her clothes. At least they are excited.
“You look beautiful, my lady!”, one of the court ladies exclaims.
“The King will love you at first sight!”, another girl says and they both giggle happily.
“You will love him too, Princess, he is really handsome and quite passionate”. 
They giggle again, louder than before. 
Nori’s face remains cold and emotionless as she stares at her image in the mirror - it is hard to recognise herself in the ceremonial clothes. She is slowly becoming someone else, an actress preparing for the role of her life. 
“The way he fights, the way he handles his sword… wow! All servant girls gather to watch him in secret when he trains”, the court ladies keep on praising their King.
“He is so amazing! His eyes sparkle with fire! No one dares to oppose him! He is the most attractive man in all Kingdoms”.
“Quiet, you two!”, the senior Court Lady shuts them up as she enters the room. “Since when have you become so indecent? I will have you both replaced! This is the future Queen you are talking to, be respectful of her husband to be”. 
“But we are showing admiration for the King”. 
“Yes, literally any girl wants to be in her place tonight”.
“I said silence”.
Nori hasn’t met the King yet. She only saw a portrait of him two weeks ago, a portrait that gave her chills. With his piercing cold eyes and the confident smirk of a man too full of himself, he looked unpleasant to her. He could be considered handsome, yes, but something about him made Nori feel uneasy and troubled. She did not like him. 
Not only Nori did not like the King, she did not like his Kingdom either. She arrived in Daegu only a week ago and didn’t have much time to adjust to the locals’ manners or the specifics of their dialects. Everything here was foreign and unwelcoming.
The woman selected to be a Queen usually lived in a secondary palace and studied court manners for months before the wedding. But since Nori is a foreign Princess and the wedding was arranged in a hurry, it was decided that some things should be done differently.
The local tradition is for the King to fetch his wife himself, but in this particular case, another person has been chosen to escort the bride. Nori is to be taken to the Palace by her stepbrother, Prince Kim Namjoon.
Namjoon himself had requested this change because he wanted to be next to his sister for as long as possible. He knew exactly how much she hates the King.
“The palace officials are here, the ceremony will start soon”, the senior Court Lady announces and the servant girls hurry to add final touches to the Princess’s look.
The first ceremony to be performed today takes place outside Nori’s temporary residence. During this ceremony, the young Princess will be officially appointed Queen of Daegu. She will be then asked to accept her new role and taken to the palace to greet the King.
There are many rules to follow during the ceremony, many unfamiliar customs to consider. Nori learnt them all in the hope that she won’t make any mistakes and embarrass herself, or worse, offend the locals.
Ayomi Nori of Ilsan was never supposed to be a Queen; she was only to ever be a Princess. Her lineage was not considered pure enough to marry a King.
Her mother, Sasha, was a Princess from a faraway Kingdom, all the way across the Great West Mountains. Nori’s father was a cousin of the King of Ilsan. He had chosen the life of a traveling scholar to that of a politician. During one of his distant travels, he met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and they fell in love.
Against the will of her parents, the foreign Princess eloped with the scholar and they both returned to Ilsan to get married. Sasha’s angry father gathered his most loyal soldiers and rode after them, determined to kill the scholar, and take his daughter back at all cost. He arrived in Ilsan exactly on the day of their wedding and sneaked into the capital city with murderous intent. 
But when he saw his daughter smiling, unseen before happiness in her eyes, something in the King’s heart shifted and he finally gave them his blessing. As a wedding gift, he gave his daughter Sasha one of his most powerful and precious rings to protect her. The same ring is now on Nori’s finger, a gift from her mother.
Nori’s newlywed parents lived happily for a while and she remembered her childhood as a carefree and blissful time. But as years passed, the scholar started dreaming of traveling again. The thought of the places he wanted to visit didn’t give him peace. When Nori was only ten years old, the scholar went on another journey, one he never returned from.
All those years the King of Ilsan had secretly wanted Nori’s mother for himself. Her beauty, her kindness, and her sweet smile had enchanted him ever since he first saw her. Therefore, soon after her husband got lost at sea, the King begged Sasha to marry him. For the good of her daughter and to forget her pain, the Princess agreed. 
Many people in the Palace looked down at their new Queen for having foreign blood. Some considered the King’s decision to marry his cousin’s widow to be outrageous. Others simply envied Sasha for her beauty and for her ability to make powerful men fall so deeply in love with her.
The King of Ilsan had two wives before that: one he divorced for not being able to give him children and another who passed away from illness a few years into the marriage. From his second wife, the King had two sons, the younger one being Namjoon, Nora’s closest friend and advisor. 
Nori was disliked and misunderstood by many in the Ilsan Royal Palace. When she first arrived there, everyone thought her to be strange and unrefined. She never truly adapted to certain aspects of the royal court life. Even after she became an official Princess, Nori still preferred to spend her summers in the Province, far from the Palace rules.
Many people avoided Nori and gave her the cold shoulder. But not Namjoon. He accepted her willingly. Both Nori and Joon loved art, literature, history, and long walks in the gardens. He was appointed to be her guardian but he became her friend and brother. 
Nori is glad that Namjoon came with her to this strange Kingdom to represent her family. Her mother’s health didn’t allow her to go on a long trip and the King himself doesn’t care much about his stepdaughter. Nori would have felt much worse if some of the ministers were sent with her instead of her brother.
The Princess is not an ambitious person, she doesn’t want power, she only wants time to entertain her many hobbies and interests. She would prefer to never marry if possible and stay by Namjoon's side, read books, paint landscapes, and travel around the country.
Now her life is about to change drastically; she might never be free again.
The preparations of the bride are finally over and Nori is allowed to step outside where Namjoon is waiting together with the Princess's guard, Jungkook. They both look at her with astonishment; her dress is indeed magnificent, her entire persona transformed into a figure of power, grace, and beauty.
Jungkook remains with his mouth open for a whole minute, his eyes look triple their usual size. Nori thinks he looks cute, and for a brief moment, she smiles. Jungkook is a young and loyal soldier who was appointed as her guard a few years ago. Nori trusts him endlessly. He makes her feel safe and protected. Jungkook has all the qualities she likes - he is honest, brave, strong, and kind. If her future husband could be at least a little bit like him, this day wouldn’t be as awful. Or if that cruel monster could be at least half as wise, as generous, and as sweet as Namjoon. But he is none of those things.  
“You look beautiful!”, Namjoon says and Nori blushes under his gaze. 
“She is gorgeous, yes? We did our best! The King will have no choice but to fall for her! He will want her immediately!”, the younger court lady brags about her work. 
Both Joon and Jungkook look uncomfortable, looking away in different directions. They wish they didn't have to give their precious Princess to that vicious King.
“Are you ready?”, Namjoon says, extending his hand to Nori.
“I am ready”, she replies, her eyes locked on his, her heart beating faster. The point of no return comes closer. 
The first ceremony passes in a blur. Nori follows the protocol to perfection, as a machine that works precisely as designed.The palace officials are pleased and impressed.
It’s good that each step is already decided for her. Helps Nori not to think, helps her to find the will to keep going until this dreadful day ends. She will not stumble or hesitate - she will walk all the way to the nightmare that awaits her proudly. The Princess might be a puppet in a play but she wants to be applauded for a great performance. She wants to make her brother proud. 
They are entering the palace. Many people have gathered along the streets to watch the Princess' arrival. She sits in her palanquin and can only hear them cheering. Nori looks down at her hands and notices they are trembling. The palanquin is too small, her clothes heavy and suffocating. A strong desire to run away rises in Nori’s heart. 
She takes a deep breath. Nori is a Princess, not a pig for slaughter. She is strong enough to survive. She will not let that man ruin her. Her trembling hands close into fists. 
The palanquin comes to a stop. Namjoon helps the Princess to go down the platform and leads her on. She takes each step slowly but decisively, finding courage in the company of her brother. But after a few meters Joon steps aside.
Nori has to continue alone.
The young bride asked for only one addition to her ceremonial dress - a veil to cover her face until she is presented to the King. It’s an old tradition in her mother’s Kingdom and Sasha made a beautiful veil for her daughter as a present. Carefully embroidered with flowers and birds, painted in red to fit with her royal dress, it is an item made with love and dedication. Nori is grateful for the veil shielding her face from all the curious eyes that are now staring at her. 
The Princess wants to raise her head and look up bravely but her eyes are glued to her feet. All the fears she thought she had already defeated are coming back. She finds it hard to breathe. No more running away in the gardens, sneaking around to go out and watch the stars by the fishpond. No more reading forbidden books and dreaming forbidden dreams. A Queen should not dream about adventures, she should be humble and kind. She should serve her King.
Nori gathers the courage to look up. She notices the King through the cover of her veil – a small figure in the distance, standing right in front of her.
He is real and very close. What will he do to her? Cold shivers run down Nori’s spine as an image of that beast touching her appears in her mind. She wishes to jump into the wild sea and be done with all of this. But she can’t do that. She has to help her Kingdom. Maybe happiness is forever lost for her, but Nori can ensure it for others. She did not fear this King before and she should not be afraid of him now.
Two court ladies assist Nori to climb the flight of stairs leading to the open balcony where her husband-to-be awaits. The heavy ceremonial dress is making each movement a challenge. Time drags forever but doesn’t stop. Nothing can stop the inevitable now. 
As the Princess reaches the last step, the cheers from all around get louder. She hears a voice saying some words but she cannot understand their meaning. Her eyes are glued to the red clothes of the King in front of her. There is a golden dragon embroidered on the silk fabric, staring at her and mocking her, threatening to devour her. She can’t look at the King’s face yet. Not until he raises her veil.
The music stops, the cheers stop. It’s deadly quiet. The whole world stays still in anticipation. It’s so quiet that Nori can hear her own heart beating faster and faster. She sees his hands reaching out. Long, exquisite fingers touch the brim of her veil.
She takes a deep breath. She is ready, she can do this. She can withstand this, she will survive. This man can’t break her, this man can’t hurt her, he has no power over her.
The veil is lifted: slowly, gently, carefully.  
Nori slowly raises her head to meet the King’s gaze.
At the moment their eyes meet, time stops.
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a/n : I would love to hear your feedback on this story :) 
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biaswreckmepls · 10 days ago
Talk Nerdy to Me
Author: notyoongs
Rating: Mature
Relationship: Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi
Status: Completed
Chapters: 2/2 (24450 words)
Tags: College AU
“you might not get how much i like studying, but i don’t understand how you can like working out so much. why would you want to sweat that much when you could just… not?”
“working out gives you endorphins,” says jeongguk. “besides, it’s not just about working out. the end result is that i’m better at hockey. if you put in good studying, you’ll perform well on the exam. and if i put in good workout and practice time, i’ll perform well in a game. i guess it’s not that different when you think about it.”
yoongi snorts. “so studying is just working out for your brain?”
(or: yoongi is a nerd. jeongguk is a jock. they meet in the middle.)
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fave-bts-fics · 12 days ago
And my heart is set on you (You better shape up)
BY: Bandit4Life
Yoongi has dreamt of being a star since he was a little kid and so has Taehyung. Yoongi wanted to make it big as an actor while Taehyung wants to make it with his band.
The rivalry between those two increases when both audition for the same role for this year’s musical – especially because Taehyung is breaking their only rule. Do not interfere with each other’s hobbies. Both get cast – but nothing turns out as they imagined it.
Where Taehyung can’t stop flirting and Yoongi thinks it’s some ploy to piss him off further but with their school’s interpretation of Grease they have to work together and may find out that the other isn’t as bad as they thought they would be.
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jeojahari · 12 days ago
01 | kiss it better | myg
Tumblr media
🠒 summary: you're one of the lucky ones, everyone else tells you. finding your soulmate the day you turn 18 isn't something that happens to a lot of people... but you and your other half are going to have to make a lot of progress to be able to tolerate each other.
or, you and yoongi can feel everything the other feels, and you're hell bent on causing each other pain.
🠒 pairing: yoongi x reader
🠒 genre: angst, fluff, e2l!au, soulmates!au, college au, crack?
🠒 warnings: profanity, implied smut
🠒 word count: 2.2K
🠒 notes: here we go!! i'm so ready for this, i hope you are too <3 also i literally live for bff!jimin omg
Tumblr media
part 01: one gaze
(series m. list)
Tumblr media
"Happy eighteen, Y/N!"
"You're an adult now!"
"Hey, why don't I kiss you and see if we're meant to be?"
You zero in on Jimin, his playful eyes twinkling under the chandelier's light. "Try it, I dare you. It'll be the last thing you do."
"You're so mean to me," he pouts, taking another bite of your birthday cake, leaving a smidge of white frosting on his lips. Namjoon pats his shoulder comfortingly, chuckling.
"You know that's not how it works," he explains. "Your signs are supposed to match, and I'm pretty sure an apple and a moon are two very different things."
You remember that, too — your best friend and roommate screeching profanities from the shower the morning of his birthday, making you rush to the bathroom in worry.
"Jimin-ah? What's wrong?!"
"Y/N! This is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me! I might as well jump off a bridge and die!"
"Are you alright?!"
"No, Y/N, how do you expect me to be? Do you know what my fucking soulmate mark is?!"
And he'd showed you his wrist after he was done with his shower, the outline of an apple resting on his pale skin. You, of course, had found that extremely funny... unlike him.
"Yeah, yeah," Jimin says, stabbing the cake again. "Laugh all you want, Y/N. I bet I'll find my soulmate before you do."
"No way," you scoff, leaning back against the comfortable chair. "I highly doubt you ever will."
"Take that back!"
Namjoon eyes you two somewhat warily, but he's used to things like this. Having been stuck with the both of you since his junior year of high school, this isn't something out of the ordinary, and it definitely isn't the worst he's ever seen.
"You're not hot enough," Jimin retorts.
"You're not hot enough," you return pettily. "Plus, you're literally the size of Jeon Jungkook's brain, and that's saying a lot."
"Did you really just compare me to the campus fuckboy?" Looking around quickly, Jimin grabs an unused spoon off the table and hurls it at you. Ever the archery ace, his aim is not to be underestimated, and he hits you square in the shoulder.
At the same time, a strong wave of pain hits you directly in the knee, and you instinctively cry out, your sudden yelp alerting both of your friends.
"Y/N?" Jimin's eyes widen in surprise. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean—!"
"No," you shake your head mid-grimace. "I mean, no, it's not you. Actually, that was a pretty weak throw, Minnie."
Namjoon offers you a sympathetic smile. "Soulmate?"
"Yep." You sigh, wincing as you shift your leg to the side. "It's been happening a lot recently. Either they're a complete doofus or someone's hurting them on purpose."
"I don't know about yours, but Namjoon is the biggest doofus around," Jimin points out, retrieving the spoon from the floor. "Do you know how often he randomly hurts himself while walking out the door and not looking where the hell he's going? It's a wonder Sejung isn't covered with bruises at this point."
"He still is the clumsiest person I know," you agree, laughing. "Oh, and she is covered with bruises, just not the kind you're talking about. At least, her neck is."
Namjoon is blushing furiously at your words. "Wait until you find yours," he defends, glancing down at the small leaf etched into his skin. "You won't be able to keep your hands off of each other."
"You would know," you giggle, mouth closing around the last chunk of cake on your fork. "Anyways, that's the deal. If they keep this up, I might just rage-murder them and live out the single life."
Jimin doesn't hesitate to point out, "Y/N, you would also die. That, or get really close to it."
"No, she definitely would die," Namjoon confirms with a nod. You take this opportunity to kick them both under the table, stifling a giggle when you see the visible winces on both their faces.
"You guys," you sigh, shaking your head, "are the absolute worst."
Tumblr media
Evening rolls around and you're just hanging out in your shared apartment, home alone and still feeling a bit lazy from all the cake you ate at lunch. Right as you're about to get off the couch to grab a glass of water, your phone goes off with a single notification.
[06:38 PM] idiot #1: !! y/n y/n y/n
[06:38 PM] you: jimin jimin jimin
[06:38 PM] idiot #1: please help me pls pls pls
[06:38 PM] you: what did u do now oml
[06:38 PM] idiot #1: i didn't!!! i just need u here pleeeeease can you come to table 17 at the library plssss
[06:38 PM] you: ?? why? are u abt to fail another exam? i thought u were studying with taehyung and he's basically a genius
[06:39 PM] idiot#1: no and yes bUT THE POINT IS he brought his friends, one of whom just so happens to be the insufferable jeon fucking jungkook and i need to show off my own amazingly awesome best friend or this is gonna be SO humiliating
[06:39 PM] you: jungkook is literally not that bad what do you even hate him for ???
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: bro he's literally so fucking arrogant i swear you only like him because he sweet talks u or some shit
[06:39 PM] you: he does not!!! fuckboys have hearts too sheesh, he's really sweet
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: yeah yeah whatever. he's so pathetic that he had to ask you for help on that paper
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: bruh okay fine but please will u come y/n
[06:39 PM] you: yes but only because taehyung's hot
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: oh my GOD y/n he's basically my brother
[06:39 PM] you: but he's hot
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: okay will u just... come here alr pls.... drool all over tae you want just pls be next to me rn
[06:40 PM] you: okok chill man give me 5 mins
[06:40 PM] idiot #1: THANK YOU !!!!!!!
And that is how you find yourself staring down your tiny collection of clothes, trying to figure out what to wear to make yourself look pretty enough. The fact that Kim Taehyung is going to be there sends butterflies fluttering through your being, your cheeks burning at the thought of him talking to you... holding you... kissing you...
Okay, that's too far, Y/N. Too fucking far.
But an idea pops into your head, just as you're slipping the white sweater over your arms — what if he's the one you're meant for? What if the mark on his skin matches perfectly with yours, a dainty little crescent moon on his wrist? It is possible; his birthday was only around two weeks ago, after all.
What if, what if, what if. Your life is filled with uncertainties and doubts — who's staying? Who's leaving? Who's the one breaking your heart this time around? It's safe to say that Jimin and Namjoon are the only two constants in your equation... along with your future soulmate, that is.
(If you ever end up finding them.)
It's quarter to seven when you push open the double doors of the library, clad in warm jeans and a coat over the sweater you'd decided on earlier. January weather is not too kind, and you probably would have frozen to death if you'd spent a second longer outside.
Sure enough, someone is waving you over to table 17 — it's Jungkook, curly black hair peeking out from under a dark green beanie and sporting a genuine smile. "You came!"
"Hi, Jungkook!" you greet him, not missing the disgusted look on your best friend's face as you take the seat beside him. "Yeah, I couldn't just ignore Jimin when he texted... that wouldn't have ended well for me at all. His temper is a bit, um—"
"I didn't call you here to slander me," Jimin grumbles, kicking your foot weakly. You elbow him in return.
"Glad you could make it, Y/N," a deep voice adds from Jungkook's right.
Of course, it's none other than Taehyung himself, donning a patterned sweater and a pair of glasses perched on his nose. He looks like such a boyfriend that you wish he was yours.
"We don't see each other that often, now that I think about it!" he continues. "We should all hang out together more, don't you think?"
But there's something missing when he looks at you, his earnest gaze meeting yours. You brace yourself for something, anything — but it never comes. The euphoric sensation Namjoon described before doesn't hit you, and you're left hollow.
Is Taehyung not for you?
The universe says, no. And yet you can't help but be endeared to his grin, all those little mannerisms he has that you've picked up on, the sweet and caring way he talks to you...
No, you're not in love, and you're certainly not going to spend the whole week crying over the fact that you're not his soulmate. But you're just a little miffed, your heart sinking a bit as his sleeve rides up to reveal a perfect little cloud resting on his skin.
"Yeah," you answer, smiling nonetheless. We definitely sho—ah!"
"You okay?" Jimin asks as you scrunch your face up in displeasure again, wincing mid-sentence. "I'm gonna fucking kill your soulmate for this, you know."
"Not if I beat you to it," you grumble, your legs still throbbing from the sharp impact. "I swear they're always hurting themselves."
"Sounds like Yoongi," Taehyung chuckles. "I already feel bad for his soulmate, he walks like he's drunk if he hasn't had at least one cup of coffee each hour."
You scoff. "Min Yoongi and his coffee addiction," you say, rolling your eyes. "He makes it seem like such a big deal. He's literally an adult, like, deal with it."
"How come you hate him so much?" Jungkook asks curiously. "Like, he's not the friendliest person around, but..."
"Precisely," you huff. "He's so... it's a wonder he's even living as a part of today's society! It's like he's an old grumpy dude who's resolved to be as anti-social as possible for the rest of his life and it's so. Annoying. The one time I said hi and tried to start a conversation with him, he literally told me not to waste oxygen and walked away."
Jimin exhales. "Damn."
"Right? And I don't know how Jungkook and Tae find him so likable and shit when all he does is make anyone else who tries to talk to him feel like a stupid fool. I mean, really? Now I feel like a total idiot."
"For the record, you're not."
You whirl around at the new voice, startled at the sight of a brown-haired guy before you, coffee cup in hand, and you have absolutely no words.
Had Yoongi been standing behind you the entire time you were shit-talking him?
But that's not even the worst of it — the real issue here is that all of a sudden you feel like you're flying, your heart soaring higher than any bird, your breath taken away in all of one second. Is he? Is it possible? Is he actually?
You refuse to believe it, shock coursing through your veins. It can't be him. "Which one of you... which one of you is it?"
Jungkook and Jimin give you confused looks, while Taehyung stares blankly, trying to comprehend the situation. "You okay?"
"Y-yeah..." You're breathing quickly now, heart racing a thousand miles an hour but your mind repeating words of denial like a mantra. No, no, no, no, no.
But when you finally gather up the courage to look up into Yoongi's eyes, you're rendered speechless again, because he's mirroring your expression back to you, completely gobsmacked.
He's looking at you the way you've always wanted Taehyung to look at you, like you're his entire world and nothing else, but you know it's just a farce. The fact that you're suddenly enraptured by his presence disgusts you, knowing that this is only temporary and he'll go back to being cantankerous in just a few minutes. You're desperately wishing this is one big prank the universe has decided to play on you both, that the ink on your wrists will go back to being black like they used to.
But no. They continue to shine silver, glittering under the soft lights.
Your brain still refuses to process this information, but you don't need to see the mark on Yoongi's skin to know that unfortunately, he's the one for you, whether you like it or not. You're going to have to spend your life with someone you'd rather you'd never met at all.
Funny how just one gaze can completely change your life, for the absolute worst.
Tumblr media
taglist: @meiadore @kimnamjoonluvbot
taglist is still open! send an ask if you'd like me to add you <3
Tumblr media
next | series m. list | main m. list
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fave-bts-fics · 14 days ago
BY: notyoongs
“what the fuck, hyung,” laughs namjoon. “jimin and taehyung said you were trying to help an injured werewolf, but i didn’t know you were going to cuddle him.”
“i’m not,” growls yoongi, trying to wiggle out of jeongguk’s grasp. but even in sleep, his grip is far too strong—and somehow, he’s still sleeping even with all of the ruckus. all it does is alert jeongguk that yoongi is trying to leave, and he gives a sleepy hum before hitching his leg over yoongi’s thighs, effectively trapping him. “oh, for god’s sake.”
“yoongi-hyung has a booooyfriend!” crows jimin, still giggling madly on the floor. “and he's a puppy!”
(or: against his better judgment and despite centuries of animosity, yoongi, a vampire, lends a helping hand to a werewolf. it doesn’t go well.)
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jeojahari · 14 days ago
(m. list) kiss it better | myg
Tumblr media
🠒 summary: you're one of the lucky ones, everyone else tells you. finding your soulmate the day you turn 18 isn't something that happens to a lot of people... but you and your other half are going to have to make a lot of progress to be able to tolerate each other.
or, you and yoongi can feel everything the other feels, and you're hell bent on causing each other pain.
🠒 pairing: yoongi x reader
🠒 genre: angst, fluff, e2l!au, soulmates!au, college au, crack?
🠒 warnings: profanity, implied smut
🠒 notes: i own up to being a soulmates!au hoe... and here is the attestation for it. i hope you enjoy reading this!!!
Tumblr media
🠒 01 | one gaze
🠒 02 | two band-aids
🠒 03 | three roses
🠒 04 | four o'clock
🠒 05 | five dates
🠒 06 | six idiots (plus yoongi)
🠒 07 | seven days is all it takes
🠒 epilogue | lifetime with you
Tumblr media
send me an ask if you'd like to be on the taglist!!
Tumblr media
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bts-fic-collection · 17 days ago
do u have any romantic comedies? as in long fics with any jin ship as the main focus? thank u!
I do :)
Tender at the Bone by moromi
Rating: E
Pairings: Seokjin/Yoongi
Status: Complete
Word count: 70,437
Summary: Kim Seokjin, a loaded son of a fish magnate, wants to throw his cash at the up and coming genius chef, Min Yoongi by proposing that they open a restaurant together.
Will Yoongi sell his soul to this chaebol? Will he be ready to prevent Kim Namjoon from breaking all the plates? Can he handle the rowdy madness of the maknae staff? Will he survive the constant barrage of dad jokes? Should he have placed a clause to not fall in love with a global handsome icon?
Whatever happens, Yoongi knows he'll have fun one meal at a time.
you've got a Friend in me by tangowithsuga
Rating: M
Pairings: Seokjin/Yoongi
Status: Complete
Word count: 68,730
Summary: Seokjin's starting his first year at university, and well- everyone seems nice and friendly. Everyone except one Yoongi Min.
Or, how Seokjin quickly upgrades virtually everyone he meets from Acquaintance to Friend, Drinking Buddy, College Bro, and so on, but struggles with finding the right category for his roommate.
“I picked the bottom but-” says Seokjin, peering up at Yoongi. “We can switch. If you like. I’m open to both the top and bottom.”
Yoongi blinks at him. Then blinks again. “Nah. Ti’s okay,” he replies, sticking some earphones into his ears. He closes his eyes.
learn me to learn you by AndreeTrash
Rating: Not rated
Pairings: Namjoon/Seokjin
Status: Complete
Word count: 61,858
Summary: Kim Seokjin hates violence with a burning passion, as any one should, in his opinion. He hates people who watch karate matches on TV, parents who sign up their children to kickboxing lessons, wars, just anything that had something to do with blood and physical pain.
Imagine his surprise when boxer Kim Namjoon moves in with him, harbouring a secret of his own.
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fave-bts-fics · 17 days ago
the grand witch's boy
BY: shouramyun
“I always knew witchfolk were nicer than they looked.”
“And I never thought bakers to be so off-putting.”
Yoongi keeps his fake smile on and doesn’t respond, eyes glinting with impatience. Taehyung matches it, letting seconds of silence stretch on and on and on.
Taehyung accidentally runs over a baker with his broom, who blackmails him into being his delivery boy for the season. Taehyung would like to make one thing absolutely clear: He hates Min Yoongi.
(Dear reader, he might be wrong.)
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vyduan · 26 days ago
I just found out shameless and read it all during the night, totally worth it! I truly loved the story and how you talked about serious topics, made me love the oc and her whole development, I would say that this story is very mature and absolutely touching. It became one of my favorite fics that I have read 💗
THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!! I am super fond of Shameless because it was my first BTS fanfic and it literally was 2.5 years of my life in terms of thinking and plotting and then finally trying to write. Thank you for taking the time both to read and comment! It warms my cold, dark heart. 💜💜💜
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borahaebich · 28 days ago
Strawberry Milk.
Summary - Your future as a trainee is at risk and the only way you can secure a position in the company is by winning the showcase,but you can't do it alone. TraineeAU!
Pairing - AngstyYoongi × reader
Content warning - Angsty, swearing, mentions of toxic relationships.
Listen along!
Chapter 1
Trainee life wasn't glamorous in the least. At times you felt like the universe was glitching, and you were living the same day over and over again. Hardcore choreography, tiring vocal lessons and balancing a college education was proving to be more difficult than you had ever imagined.
However you had no choice to work hard even though you were in a top ranked team for the following reasons -
1. You knew you weren't pretty enough to be called the main visual.
2. You weren't the main dancer of the group.
3. You could barely put in enough studio time because unlike the other trainees you actually wanted to attend class and learn, not mug up for tests and do online school.
So, the only position that you could fill now to ensure a flowery road to debuting was the main vocal position. Unfortunately for you, the remaining trainees had also arrived ay the same realisation.
The competition to appeal to the producers with vocals was heating up, girls you had been calling your friends, now practiced in secret and lied about their schedules.
It couldn't be helped though, all you could do now was focus on solidifying your spot by winning the annual winter showcase.
It was 5 in the morning when your phone started buzzing like crazy,as you peeled your eyes open you saw the trainee group chat going crazy, reading their messages a wave of dread crashed over you.
The showcase was set to take place in 7 days.
Holding your head in your hands you picked up your favourite team member's call,
"Y|n are you awake?" she practically screamed.
"No this is y|n's dead succulent talking, of course I'm awake Nini"
"Don't fuck with me, I'm panicking so hard right now"
"Okay remember what we practiced? Inhale for 7,hold for 4,exhale for 8. Come on do it with me"
You had picked up this technique from your Counselling Skills lecture,
"Okay, now speak"
"The showcase is literally a week away and that is absolutely not enough for us to prepare anything for fuck's sake and they want us to compete in pairs how does that even make sense we're not even officially allowed to interact with the male trainees how can they just spring this on us?"
You drowsily listened to your best friend rant,
"Mmh mmh and how does that make you feel?"
She rambled on,
"Y|n this is not the time to therapize me okay?we need to find a partner, come up with a stage, think of the performance, the styling, oh my god do you think we'll have to do our hair and makeup?I'm so bad at doing it"
"I can see you're feeling overwhelm- wait what? We need a partner?"
Nini was in rage mode now,
"Have you been listening at all?"
You had just woken up but you already wanted to go back to sleep,
"I can't deal with this Ninz, my brain is literally going brr, I'll talk to you later"
With that you hung up the phone and lay back down.
A partner huh.
You wondered if it was mandatory to have one of the opposite sex. god knows you'd much rather perform with someone you're comfortable with but the panic in your friend's voice had already answered your question.
It was 2 in the morning but there you were,sprawled across the floor of the dance studio. You had decided to tire yourself out so your anger towards the company would dissipate, no luck though. Crunching your neck up,you looked at yourself in the mirror.
Your white t-shirt clinging to your body because of your sweat, your hair in a messy state, and your dark circles illuminating your face - you were officially looking a mess.
Dropping down back to your starfish position on the floor, you looked at the ceiling. With no music in the background, an empty silence filled the dimly lit room. Chest heaving up and down, you closed your eyes and hummed a little tune, not realising you had company now.
"What the hell are you doing?"
You crunched up again to find a head sticking in the doorway and instantly recognised the figure even with his black face mask on. Although, you were too tired to care about your impression and appearance.
You replied as the back of your head returned to the floor,
"Just practising for the Inevitable kiss of death"
He sighed,
"Of course you are"
He stepped inside the studio.
"You can set up your music or whatever, I just need a minute and then I'll be out of your hair"
He nodded,
He began fiddling with the sound system, occasionally stealing a glance at you laid out like you were the chalk outline at a murder scene.
He spoke up after a few minutes,
"What the hell did you to tire your self out this much?"
"Nothing much just a few hours of dancing and the occasional YouTube workout"
He sighed again,
"You really don't know when to stop huh"
You shot him a look that could kill,
"Wow is the great Min Yoongi concerned about little old me?"
"Did you hit your head on the pull up bar?" He asked while sitting on the floor, facing you.
"I must have good karma from my past life for you to give me a minute no, even a second of your precious time."
He interrupted you before you could fully descend into your Shakespearean monologue,
"If you're so grateful for my time,how about you stop wasting it?"
He spoke sternly and with a cold stare,
"You really wanna know what's wrong with me?"You sat up now.
"I mean we don't have all day to discuss what went wrong with you but yeah tell me what's bothering you right now"
Confused at his concern even though it was wrapped up in an insult you looked at him, Yoongi maintained his famous blank expression.You couldn't tell what he was thinking at all,
"Well where do I begin uh I'm pretty sure I'm going to be cut from the program if I don't win the showcase oh and the other girls are definitely going to be competing with me for the main vocal spot and on top of that I want to study and actually learn something in college but when I'm there I'm thinking of training and while training, I'm thinking of studying and I-"
You stopped yourself from ranting any more. Sharing your anxieties with Yoongi felt weird given your history with the guy.
He noticed your hesitation,
"Why'd you stop?"
"Nothing uhh, I just realised how annoying the sound of my voice is when I'm whining and I'm obviously cutting into your practice time so I think I'll go now"
Taken aback by your abruptness he replied,
"Oh okay"
You were packing up your things when the little plastic bottle of strawberry milk you had bought from the cafeteria, rolled out of your bag.
Yoongi picked it up and brought it over to you. You dryly remarked,
He stared at you in your frazzled state,
"So you're worried about finding a partner huh"
"Yeah, finding a guy to perform with and deliver a performance worthy of securing a spot to debut in just 7 days seems impossible - wait, how'd you know I was stressed about finding a partner?"
For the first time in a while you saw him flustered,
"I just have good instincts,always have, you already know that"
Picking up your bag and taking the bottle from his hands you said,
"Sure, let's say that,and yeah finding a guy for this duet thing is really annoying"
Yoongi was nervous to say what was on his mind. He stuck his hands in his jacket and put on his best cool and laid-back voice as he spoke,
"You could always partner up with me you know"
You titled your head to the side and asked,
"What do you mean?"
Was he making fun of? you could barely read him because every emotion of his seemed to be conveyed through a cold and blank stare and it was tiring being at the receiving end of it; aside from that, why would he want to help you of all people?
The first time you saw Yoongi was when he introduced himself infront of your class. You had had found out he moved from Daegu to Seoul to train in the same agency as you,so he was a final year transfer just like you.
Pumped to find a friend who was going through the exact same things as you were, you did your best to strike up conversations with him. However, the relationship never blossomed as you had expected.
He barely talked to anyone in class, his earphones were the only thing he treasured and on the other hand, you were able to form close knit friendships with a few people very easily, a skill Yoongi wish he had.
Back in high school being involved in after school activities wasn't really a priority for you. After all, you were training relentlessly and couldn't be bothered to take on anything else on your plate. So, during the hour of free time you had between school and training, you decided to learn how to skateboard.
The residential area was perfect for you to skateboard safely in the afternoons, and you were skilled enough to have never injured yourself while doing so. Until of course, he appeared.
You were whizzing past the tall buildings and riding on your familiar route when you decided to poke a hole in the small strawberry milk box you had been waiting to devour since lunch. With precision and force the straw pierced the box but when you turned your attention back to the road in front of you, an unexpected presence made you lose your balance.
You had just taken a dive off your skateboard and straight onto Min Yoongi.
"Can you not comprehend basic sentences any more? I mean, do you wanna perform together for the showcase?"
Blurring out your response you said,
"Why would I wanna work with you?" You knew you had fucked up as soon as the words left your mouth.
Even if you didn't get along, you still didn't want to be mean and rude to him.
His blank stare had morphed into something else now,
"You're right, why would you want to work with me. Got it. No worries, thanks for your consideration"
Before you could even apologize for your word vomit, Yoongi stormed out of the room.
The alarm you had set of DJ Khaled screaming "another one" was too effective for its own good.
You woke up feeling completely drained and exhausted but you had promised to call Nini as soon as you woke up.
Being a good friend was really a pain in the ass,you thought.
You groggily asked,
"Hey Nini, how are you feeling now?"
"Y|n hiiii I'm feeling so good you won't believe what just happened - this random guy came upto me in the cafeteria and asked me to be his partner, I can't believe it,he's so cute".
"Ayy I'm happy for you, what's his position?"
"I have no clue but he's really hot so probably visual?"
Am audible sigh left your mouth, you were afraid Nini had been scammed by a hot but unskilled trainee and in true Nini fashion she had done no due diligence before committing.
You were too tired to scold her though,
"That's great Ninz, so happy for you. Manifest a partner for me too now"
"Babe I have a great lead for you,so apparently all the vocals want to pair up with this one dude who gets in a ton of studio time and duh a producer who brings out the best of your vocals is exactly what you need"
Nini may be distracted by pretty things easily but she was as resourceful as they could come,
"Please tell me you have his name and phone number, if the other girls are trying to pair up with him then I need to throw my hat in the ring quickly"
"I've got you girl, I'll send you his contact info and details ASAP"
"Thank you, I love you"
"I love you too now get to convincing him, bye"
She ended the call and you quickly pulled up your chat with her, you kind of wish you hadn't though truth be told.
Nini had just sent you the only offer you had received and rejected the day before.
Karmic justice was carried out as you saved Yoongi's number in your phone.
Read the next chapter!
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yoongsisbae · a month ago
Handshakes of a Lifetime - Chapter 5
Tumblr media
You snag exclusive fan meet tickets, but as you shake hands with your favorite idols, something strange happens…
BTS soulmate AU. OT7 x Reader / Yoongi x Reader focused in this chapter, slight Jungkook x Reader
Here we gooooo. I have a special place in my heart for Yoongs, I think this might be my favorite handshake yet. Enjoy the craziness!
Warnings: death, blood, guns, stabbing, fighting, bondage, drunk sex, rough sex Yoongi and y/n are just two kinky idiots in love, ANGST so much angst why, let me know if I need to add more I know it’s dark.
Word Count: 10.6k
“So you think if I touched her, it would happen to me too? Is that why-” Taehyung turns to a defeated Jin.
“I don’t know.” He can’t stop thinking about you, his body hurts, his chest hurts.
“I want to try, this is so unfair.” Taehyung whines.
Namjoon sighs, “Well…”
You hear a knocking at the door. Your legs felt numb. How long have you been sitting here? You were too lost in your thoughts, reliving moments that weren’t yours.
“Hello? Unlock the door.”
You know that voice. No way.
You’ve listened to his solo songs on repeat so many times, his deep voice and sharp tongue playing in your ears for hours at times.
For lack of better judgment, you decide to stay silent. You slowly unlock the stall door trying not to make a sound as you tiptoe to the door. You rest your ear against the wood hoping to hear something. You consider maybe it was just another delusion. There is just no way.
“We know you’re in there.” You flinch from the door, the idol’s voice is as clear as day.
“I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t mean to do what you think I did..I-I don’t even know what I-I just want to go home. Please...” You put your palm on the door, a superficial gesture you know won’t make a difference, much like a nod to a person over the phone, and rest your head on the door waiting for his response. There is a long silence.
The weary idol stands in front of the bathroom door. He should have let Namjoon handle it, he thinks, why did he volunteer? When security came to tell them you had locked yourself in the bathroom, it brought up old memories he didn’t like thinking about, it made him want to help you. So before anyone else could, he volunteered to get you. But now he felt inadequately prepared, he should have just let Namjoon handle it.
He gestures to the security to give him some space. He rests his head on the door and sighs, instead of reaching for the door handle he rests his hand above it.
“Can I please come in? Open the door, it will just be me, I promise.” The idol switches to Korean, hoping you understand him. “I just want to talk to you. And then you can leave.” Actually, he doesn’t know if it will be that easy, but at this point he would tell you anything to get you to open the door.
He hears the slow scrape of metal as the lock turns. He gives security one last look to stay back before opening the door. You shuffle back quickly as the door opens and in walks Min Yoongi of BTS.
Yoongi shuts the door and locks it again. You try to give him space, but he advances towards you. So you keep giving him space and he puts his hand up in surrender, like someone would when approaching a scared animal.
“Hello.” He greets you in English. This was a bad idea.
“H-Hello.” You both face each other awkwardly.
This was the last thing you’d ever expect to happen, standing alone in a bathroom with BTS’s Suga. You feel like you’re burning up, you wonder how you haven’t managed to pass out as the rapper watches you in silence.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I freaked out. I’ll just go home, I promise I won’t ever talk about what happened. I-I mean, I don’t know what happened, nothing-“
“It will be okay. Breath.” He speaks in English to you again. “Take a deep breath. Count to ten.”
You’re shaking again. He’s being so nice to you, it makes you want to cry even more.
“C’mon, count.”
You start counting in shaky Korean, glancing over at the rapper who tries to hide a smile at the way you recite the words like a school child taking a test, you finish and feel like laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, your own lips curving upward as you begin to relax.
“Do you understand me when I speak Korean?” Yoongi says in Korean. You nod.
“Do you understand me when I speak in English?” The rapper nods back. “Most of it, yes,” he confesses.
You stand there awkwardly too scared to speak, gripping the sink counter to steady yourself, your reflections stare back at you in the bathroom mirror. The rapper looks perfect in his button down and styled hair, you on the other hand-
You laugh, “Oh god, I look horrible.” You turn on the sink and splash cold water on your face to get rid of your dried tears.
“No you don’t.” The rapper leans on the counter looking at you, grabbing a paper towel to hand to you. He is making it very hard for you to pretend he’s not there.
You watch him through the mirror’s reflection, “Thank you.” The words barely come out of your mouth. You turn around and lean on the counter beside him, making sure to keep your distance. ‘This is the weirdest night of my life,’ you can’t help but let out a small laugh.
The two of you stand there next to each other in silence for a painfully long time.
Finally, Yoongi lifts his hand palm side up and gives you a sideways glance. “I owe you, don’t I?”
You stare at his hand, study the silver rings around his fingers.
“...A handshake.”
“What?” You can only gawk at him.
“You paid all this money for handshakes from all members...”
That was not what you expected. “It’s okay. You don’t have to.”
“I want to.”
You grip the counter tighter, “I don’t want to, really, it’s okay.”
“I insist.” You can hear the frustration in his voice.
“No...It’s okay. I won't hold it against you.”
Yoongi frowns, slowly lowering his hand, feeling stupid. How is he supposed to get you to touch him?
He chews on his bottom lip and sneaks a glance at you again. Against all his instincts, when he realized he had another chance to see you, he took it with no question. You scared him and yet he felt himself gravitating to you. Everything that transpired had given him so many questions, and you were the only answer. “Please, I want to know-I want to know if it’s true.” Yoongi pauses, “I just want to understand why I feel the way I do being around you.”
You realize just how close the rapper stands next to you, your shoulders almost touching, had he moved closer and you didn’t even realize it? Did you?
You glance over at him, he looks so vulnerable and lost, nothing like the intimidating idol who stood in front of you at the fanmeet. He seemed so untouchable, now he’s asking you to do just that. You want to give in, you think it’s the least you can do for him, and then he’ll realize his mistake and let you go home.
You brace yourself and push away from the counter behind you, turning to face the rapper.
“Okay, but you’ll probably regret it,” you whisper, extending your hand.
Yoongi goes to grab your hand but you move yours just out of reach before he has a chance to, “Don’t say I didn't warn you...” Yoongi nods to you. He grabs your hand.
“Can you let go of me already.” You whisper as Yoongi holds you in a death grip.
“Yeah, let’s just blow our entire cover.” Yoongi hisses. This was not how the mission was supposed to go. Yoongi doesn’t do field missions, his talents are long range. Away from people, especially you.
“And can you stop looking at me like that, you’re supposed to be acting like my wife,” he warns lowly in your ear, you think he’s going to dislocate a finger the way he’s squeezing your hand. Yeah right, like you would ever marry a man like Min Yoongi.
You’re annoyed. Annoyed at the man next to you, annoyed they required you to have a male partner at all, like you needed a babysitter to do your job. On top of it all, it had to be him.
The gala you walk into is being held for top diplomats and politicians from all over the world. You let Yoongi pull you through the crowds as you scan the room for your target, a corrupt delegate who has a swath of information that could be useful to the state. You pull on Yoongi’s arm to get his attention, “Your left, 9 o’clock.”
He pulls you closer before you can advance on the target, grabbing your chin to face him instead, to anyone else it would look like a romantic gesture, for you it’s just another tactic Yoongi uses to keep you leashed to him. “We should make sure there aren’t any threats first.”
You’ve never been a woman to accept the cages men tried to confine you to, you have claws and you know how to use them. You lean into Yoongi, you can feel his body stiffen as you press your chest against his. You place a kiss on his cheek, bringing his arms around you until he gives in and grips your body instead, “That’s your job isn’t it, let me do mine,” you give him your best smile, but your eyes show him your true emotions as you glare at him with hatred. And with that, you were able to slip away from Yoongi’s grasp.
You drop your suitcase onto the only bed in your small hotel room. You know you needed the sharp shooter to complete the mission, but why did you have to share a room with him too? And why do they keep assigning Yoongi to you? You’re a top agent, you could easily complete this mission with an amateur, anyone but the smug sniper who is making his way toward you now.
“We need to be on site at 23:00, so go do something while I sleep.” The agent starts unbuttoning his cuff, paying you little attention.
“So I’m not supposed to get any rest?” You cross your arms and frown at the jaded man in front of you, “What the hell am I supposed to do while you’re getting your beauty sleep?”
“Not my problem.” Yoongi is sleep deprived and more irritable than usual. “You slept on the plane ride here, I know because your snoring kept me up the entire flight.”
You feel your face go hot with anger and embarrassment. “Well, I’m not leaving. This is my room too!”
“Do what you want! I don’t care.” the sniper yells. He needs to sleep so he can keep you safe, he thinks, ‘ungrateful brat.’
He moves past you shoving his shoulder into yours. In your anger, you shove him back. He turns around glaring at you, then decides to shove you again, this time with his hands. Yoongi is stubborn, but you’re more stubborn, you push him again, and now you’re in a shoving match with your own partner.
“Will you stop!” he yells, pushing you so hard your back hits the hotel wall.
“You first!” The next time you push your hand into his shoulder Yoongi grabs your wrist and pulls you hand forward, slamming his chest into you and crushing you between his body and the wall.
He glares down at you, his eyes flicker down to your lips.
Why did he do that? ‘Ugh idiot,’ and now you're thinking about his lips, the thoughts make you glance down. ‘Fuck, why did I do that?’ He catches the movement of your eyes.
You stand trapped against his strong frame, you think about elbowing him away, sweeping his feet and knocking him out for daring to test you like this, but you needed him at the top of his game for tonight. You squirm in his grasp while he stares down at you with an unreadable expression.
Eventually, when you feel like the pounding of your pulse might give you a heart attack Yoongi removes himself from you and goes to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. You hear the shower start. ‘Why does it have to be him,’ you wonder, rubbing your temples with your fingers. You decide to go grab some food. There’s a pit in your stomach, it must be hunger you think.
You walk the perimeter of the house, leaving the man you coaxed into bringing you into his home asleep in his bed. The sleep sedatives you laced in his drink made sure he wouldn’t bother you while you search his mansion. You had to work quickly and quietly.
“Two guards, headed your way.” Yoongi’s voice comes through in your earpiece, letting you slip into an empty room undetected.
“Clear.” Yoongi’s deep voice crackles in your ear.
You make your way down the third floor hallway until you reach a large door.
Yoongi watches you through heat sensor binoculars. “There are five guards behind that door, do not engage.”
“I guess I’m getting warmer then.” You remove the knife around your thigh. “Do you have a clear shot on any of them?”
The sniper sees three windows, two blocked almost entirely by a curtain, the last only slightly covered, the situation was not ideal. “Negative. You’ll have to push them to the far open window so I can get a better shot.”
You look at the large windows of the hall you stand in. “Do you have a clear shot on me?”
“Don’t tempt me.”
You smirk, “You ruin your perfect record? Doubt it.”
You knock on the door, ignoring Yoongi hissing in your ear, “So much for the element of surprise.”
“This is not the bathroom!” You stab the first guard in the neck. As he falls, clutching his throat and spluttering for air, you hug your body to the wall. When the next guard runs out you kick the pistol out of his hand. He fights against your advances, he’s strong and trained, but even then one can only take so many stabs to the body. The rest of the men advance on you, two drop, you see the bullet holes in their skulls.
“Thanks-” the last man lunges at you, putting you in a chokehold. He’s tall, he lifts you up and you lose your footing. You swing your knife, blade piercing his arms, but his hold on you stays. You kick in his grasp, your legs make contact with the wall and you both go down.
“I don’t have eyes on you. Get him in my sight!” You’d like to yell at Yoongi that that’s exactly what you were trying to do, but the guard’s hold on your windpipe makes it impossible. You aim your knife for his sides until his grip on you lessens. You roll off of him and start crawling, hoping he falls into your trap. He grabs your leg, you use the momentum to twist your body and kick him in the chest, before he falls on his back, he’s already dead. You can always count on Yoongi to never miss a headshot.
“Like I was saying, thanks.” Your voice is hoarse. Yoongi scoffs in your ear.
As you work to open the safe you’ve located, you hear Yoongi’s voice again, “Get out of there now! Twelve guards headed your way!”
“Just twelve?” You grab the dead mans’ guns and barricade yourself in the room. You pull every curtain you see down and fall to the floor just in time as gunfire fills the room.
Yoongi watches you take the men down one by one. You move in a chaotic dance around the room, there’s a preciseness to your movements, and also a wildness in your actions. You’re like a feral tiger, eating your targets alive. Yoongi’s impressed. The sniper lines up shot after shot, giving you as much cover as he can offer. He tries to keep your bloodshed to a minimum, you set up the pins, he knocks them down.
He is more than happy to deal the final blow. As he adds another tick to his total body count, he hopes you’ll be okay. Physically, he knows you’ll be fine, but mentally, he worries about you. Memories with you after similar missions still haunt him, the quiet anguish that fills you after every big bloodbath. It’s become a ritual to spend nights together after a mission, neither of you able to sleep soundly, you’d often wonder out loud to Yoongi if the dead men had wives or children, ask if it bothered him, ‘destroying families.’ It didn’t, if he’s being honest, they were horrible men and their families were probably better off without them in his eyes, but he knew it bothered you.
So, he doesn’t mind killing for you, it’s not because he cares about you, no, it’s just easier to get through missions that way. He would rather have everyone think you’re a tiger, Yoongi knows the truth.
Yoongi pulls you back, concealing your bodies from the advancing enemies. You look at him questionly. He places a finger to his mouth to keep you quiet. He signs with his hands, ‘two,’ ‘ahead,’ ‘you wait,’ ‘I’ll go around.’ You nod in agreement. You wait, straining your ears to hear signs of struggle. You hear footsteps running towards your direction. You grab the enemy and knock him out before he can make a sound. Yoongi is pulling you away, handing you a black bag you assume is full of data your agency so desperately wanted. You make a quiet getaway, grateful you can hide in the shadows and follow Yoongi to your escape: a boat that can get you to international waters. You stretch and watch the night sky as Yoongi starts the engine. “I didn’t die.” you hum.
“You say that like you’re disappointed.”
You snort, kicking the bag you and Yoongi risked your lives for. You turn to him, “Thank you, comrade, you saved my life.”
Yoongi shuffles uncomfortably, you’re being pleasant and it’s weird. “You’re welcome.”
“We make a good team, hmm?”
You sit on Yoongi’s workbench. In his space. The two of you work in silence as you put together the pieces of your handgun. He cleans the parts of his sniper rifle. He hands you the last piece of your weapon, it’s easier working here with him, his office is quiet. He doesn’t try to make small talk with you, you hate small talk. Your days are not “good.” You’re sick of using your body to lure in your targets, having to do things more than what you’re comfortable with on multiple occasions to complete the mission. But as a female agent, sometimes you think that’s all you're good for, and they would kill you if you tried to leave now. Escaping and living a quiet life without the man who sits next to you, not being able to protect him, you don’t want that either.
You hop off the table, Yoongi had also gotten up from his chair to grab more rags and you collide into each other. He grabs your waist to steady you. You bodies press against one another. You hold your breath. As his strong hands move you to the side, he mutters a sorry.
Yoongi is livid. He is slamming drawers and yanking open cabinet doors as you slowly make your way to sit onto the medical table. The safehouse is empty except for you and him.
“Are you insane or just stupid?” Your partner advances on you hastily, a medical kit in his hands.
You roll your eyes, “It’s just a scratch, I’m fine.” The blood seeping from your side and over your fingers betrays your words.
Yoongi yanks your hand away and grabs the tattered corners of your blood covered shirt and rips it. You try to stay stoic as you sit in front of him in only a bra while Yoongi works to clean and bandage your wound. His actions are so aggressive your body jerks back and forth from his movements. He pulls a bandage particularly tight and you yell, glaring at him. He glares back at you.
“You could have died.” Yoongi says softly. He keeps his eyes trained on your wound, adding the image to the list of reasons on why he doesn’t get close to people.
“And you would have died.”
His hands drop to the medical table as he cages you in. His dark eyes bore into yours, you hate how it makes you feel: vulnerable. “Don’t risk your life for me.”
“Don’t tell me what to do.”
“Tell me how much you want me.” Your partner’s low voice whispers in your ears. You think you’d rather die.
His fingernails scratch your scalp as he grabs a hold of your hair and yanks back, pulling you against his front. Your hip digs painfully into the dresser in front of you, as he pushes his body closer to yours. Your face feels tight, the pain burns your scalp, a reminder that you still can feel something. Everything in your life makes you feel numb, but Yoongi makes you feel alive. You hate how addicted you’ve become to his touches.
“If you don’t say it, you won’t get anything,” he tuts, tightening his hold on your hair and a moan escapes you. He pulls your head back and places soft kisses on the column of your neck.
Yoongi waits, his lips attached to your neck as he grinds his hard erection into your ass until you lose yourself to pleasure, unable to take his teasing any longer.
“I want you.”
“I can’t hear you.”
You grind your teeth, “You’re pushing it.”
Yoongi grabs your breast, “Tell me, kitty.” His rough hands on your body is exactly what you want, makes you drip with arousal, but you’ll never tell him that. Instead, you move your hands behind you and grab at his hard erection.
“I can’t seem to remember what I was going to say, do you?” You run your hand down his length and squeeze, his hold on your hair loosens ever so slightly as his breathing turns shallow.
He’s used to your stubborn nature by now, but this kind of fight is something you’ll never win. Yoongi grabs your wrist and holds your arm in place, twisting your arm in a lock and bending you over the dresser. You struggle against him, as he opens your legs wider with his own. “You know kitty, you’re not invincible. Always ready to start a fight. If you’re not careful, someone might decide to teach you a lesson.”
You can see him out of the corner of your eye. He normally looks so composed, but the way he stares down at you so hungrily, he looks wild, eyes blown wide by lust.
“And is that you?” you laugh, grunting as he pushes down on you, grabbing your other arm and locking it behind your back. The weight of him against your back increases, stealing air from your lungs. His low voice whispers teasingly in your ear, sending shivers down your spine, “Do you want it to be me?”
Yoongi stands, watching you struggle against his hold. He knows it would be easy for you to get away from him if you really tried, and the knowledge that you’re submitting to him in your own stubborn way makes his body hot and dick throb. He squeezes your thigh, his thumb rubbing against your center. You’re so wet, your underwear drenched in arousal. He bites back a moan, pressing against your sensitive bundle of nerves, rubbing deep circles into you and forcing a whine to escape your lips. He lifts up your skirt, yanking the wet fabric of your underwear down to your thighs. Then his touch becomes slow and teasing. He runs his fingers along your slit, drenching his digits in your essence and bringing them to his mouth. You taste so good, fuck he can’t get enough of you, Yoongi is going to wreck you.
You watch him licking his fingers, the erotic scene making you clench unsatisfyingly around nothing. “Please…” you whisper, the sight of him had broken down your walls.
Yoongi unzips his pants and pulls himself out. He takes no more time, plunging into your heat suddenly. You shudder, it feels so good to have him inside you. He finally lets go of you to grip the flesh of your hips, slamming into you over and over. The force of his thrusts takes your breath away, as your body shifts up and down against the hard surface of his dresser.
With every thrust you feel the tension in your body uncoil, you never want this to end, you’d rather drown in the pleasure he’s giving you then come up for air and deal with the pain of your life. “You feel so good-fuck me harder!” The words leave your lips without thought. You don’t want to feel anything else but his bruising touches, you don’t want to think of anything else but him.
Yoongi grips your shoulder with one hand, moving your body to meet his thrusts as his pace becomes brutal. Your entire body vibrates with pleasure as he manhandles you. You pulse around him as you let go. Yoongi goes faster, using your body to climax, you let yourself moan freely, losing yourself to the pain and pleasure of overstimulation. You can feel him filling you up as he shakes against you.
Your world comes back into focus as you gasp for breath, your body slumped against the desk. “Is that all you’ve got? Hardly a lesson.” Yoongi laughs, wrapping his arms around your middle. He lifts you up and throws you onto the bed. You land with a huff.
The silence is deafening as you lay across from your partner. The twin bed in the cheap motel room you share makes it impossible for either of you to have your own space. Neither of you can sleep, and you’re both too tired to complain about the situation, so you stare at each other in the darkness, the neon lights outside your window bathe your faces in soft hues of blue. The cheap sheets scratch your skin, you can feel the hard edges of your gun underneath the old thin hotel pillow, but the soft fabric of Yoongi’s long sleeve shirt feels nice against the back of your hand. You absentmindedly brush your hand against his arm, your fingers play with the baggy material, rolling the fabric between your fingers. Yoongi places his free hand over yours to stop your actions. You’re too tired to question him, nor do you want to break the silence. Yoongi’s features are calm, his hardness is all gone tonight, when he relaxes you think he looks quite soft. Tonight Yoongi doesn’t look like a trained killer at all, his messy hair frames his face and his usual cold eyes radiate warmth. You study each other through half open eyes. Eventually, Yoongi closes his eyes, but doesn’t remove his hand from atop yours. “Go to sleep,” he grunts.
You take a deep breath out. You focus on Yoongi’s steady breathing, trying to keep your heavy eyes open, scared of what you’ll see once you close them, faces of the dead petrified corpses that always reveal themselves against the darkness of your shut eyelids. You study the soft features of your partner instead, able to memorize the details of his face while you’re so close to him. You think of him until sleep takes over.
You groan in pain, not ready to open your eyes to the morning light. Your throat is sore and dry, and your entire body aches, especially a certain part of you, the realization snaps you awake. You realize you’re not alone in your bed, you open your blurry eyes to a head of jet black hair. A man sleeps on your naked chest, you can feel his lips against your breast as he quietly snores. You realize his messy locks, the slope of his nose and contours of his muscular arm are all familiar to you, because he’s not a stranger at all. Memories of last night come back to you slowly.
Images of your partner offering you his bourbon, and you gratefully accepting. The pleasant conversation you had together, no arguing or superfluous challenging, just meaningful stories and gentle banter. You remember your partner’s flushed face, the timid smile he tried to hide against his glass, his dark eyes pulling you in. The drunker you became the more you gravitated towards him, until you were pressed up against him, moaning against his lips as his tongue explored your mouth, and you begging him to fuck you. No no no no no.
A wave of mortification and humiliating arousal hits you. You shove your partner off you.
“What the fuck!” Yoongi’s head is pounding, and your punches are not weak. It’s too damn early to be fighting with you already, Yoongi thinks. He pins you down, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He yells, not understanding why you’re here or why you suddenly decided to attack him.
The way his hands pin your wrists brings on another wave of memories that invade your mind and makes your face burn hot with embarrassment. He looks down at you and notices the purple bruises littering your neck and chest, your chest that is absent of a shirt, and your very naked body, against his very naked body. He let’s go of you in his shock. You scoot away from him, pulling the bed sheets up to cover yourself. He stares at you, mouth wide open, trying to place the pieces of last night together. “Oh fuck.”
“This will never happen again.”
His eyes scan your body as his hazy mind replays the events of last night, his face goes red at thoughts of you writhing under him. Yoongi was so desperate to explore your body, make you moan his name. He prays you were too drunk to notice how badly he wanted you. “Never.”
You spot three guards in front of the door, ‘a little excessive,’ you think. You grin to yourself as you run through every possible take down you can use against them. They’re big men, and big men always underestimate women.
Yoongi sits patiently, the blindfold doesn’t permit him to see, but he smirks to himself as he hears the sounds of struggle outside.
He hears the door open and close, feet circling him. He struggles against his restraints. Suddenly he feels a weight in his lap. The blindfold is pulled off and he meets your self satisfied face smiling at him.
“Took you long enough.”
You pout. “I should leave you here.”
You press your lips against his. Pulling him close by the hair. He grunts into your mouth. You press yourself down on him, grinding into his hardening length.
Yoongi struggles against his restraints, wanting to pull you closer to him. “Untie me.”
There’s a glint in your eye as you pull away from him. You kiss his neck instead, sucking hard on the sensitive skin behind his ear.
“You’re going to regret not listening to me, kitty.” Yoongi growls.
You laugh against his skin, working to undo his belt. Yoongi groans as you grip his length.
“I thought you were supposed to be rescuing me.”
“I am,” you lick your lips, “but then you had to go and let yourself get tied up.” You hop off his lap and kneel between his legs, Yoongi flexes his arms against the ropes, watching you intently. You bring the head of his shaft to your lips and kiss. The chair shakes as he pulls against his restraints groaning, you give him mercy as you suck him into your mouth, enjoying the way he struggles to keep his composure.
“You’ve had your fun,” he tries to hold in his moans, “you’re going to get yourself captured too because you're such a needy slut for my cock.” He thrusts his hips up, making you choke. It doesn’t deter you, as you press yourself deeper, your nose against his stomach, he shudders and the ropes dig into his wrists as he pulls harder against his restraints.
You pull off of him and look at him with a smirk. “I took care of the guards.” As if you already know Yoongi's next words you say, “I took care of all the guards.” Bringing your mouth around his length again, you suck him hard. You suck him down until you gag, over and over again until you can feel him swell, close to release, and you pull away. If looks could kill, you would have been added to Yoongi’s headcount. You jump to your feet and start cutting away the ropes that bind him.
“I’m untying you only because we are running out of time, not because you asked me to.”
He grunts, thinking of all the ways he’s going to use your body. “Noted.”
When free, Yoongi brings you into a crushing kiss, wrapping his hand around your neck. “Dangerous girl, you deserve to be punished.”
You allow yourself to rest against the cold concrete floor, making yourself comfortable in the dirt and grime. Your muscles are sore, and you’re tired. You’re tiredness doesn’t just come from surviving the mission, you’re sick and tired of it all. You were the first to make it to the scheduled rendezvous point, maybe the only one left. You hear footsteps and turn to see your partner jogging towards you, his equipment bag slung over his shoulder, he’s winded, skin covered in dirt from his hasty escape. When he sees you, he runs over to you, his eyes scan over your body but he doesn’t touch you. Your clothes are drenched in blood, but it’s not your own. You look like the walking dead, and you think you deserve to die, you’re a monster.
Yoongi sprawls out next to you, massaging his sore muscles. “If you had let them live your identity would have been compromised.” He knows you had no choice but to kill them. “You did what you had to do to complete the mission.”
“Stop talking, please.” You stare at his dirt covered face, you’re glad he made it out alive, and you wished you hadn’t. Your target had brought his wife and daughter, the agency didn’t warn you, or maybe they knew and didn’t care. You think about the love they must have had, so great he couldn’t be apart from them, and you not only took their lives, but took that love and destroyed it. You knew you were a killer, but you never thought you’d be a villain. You reach for your partner’s hand. He grips you tightly, his fingers are black with dirt, yours are stained with blood. You feel the weight on your chest become even heavier. You wonder if he could ever love you like that, you wonder if you’d just end up destroying that as well.
You lay asleep in Yoongi’s bed. His fingers run along your arm that rests on his chest. During the twilight hours, while you drift off to another world in your slumber, Yoongi allows himself to fully love you. He intertwines his fingers with yours and kisses the soft skin of your wrist, wrapping his arms around your sleeping frame. He let’s himself pretend you’re not in each other's company only for convenience, but because you love him as much as he loves you. He shouldn’t love you, love is too dangerous for people like him, love is a risk too big to take. But until the sun comes up again he gives in to his weaknesses. When you wake, he’ll be strong for you again, he’ll be your shield and protect you from everyone including himself.
“So you don’t want to work with me anymore?” You barge into Yoongi’s workspace. He keeps his face emotionless, choosing to ignore you.
So you press on, “I’m with Petrov now, I didn’t request a new partner, so it had to have been you. Why? Answer me!”
Yoongi leans back in his chair and crosses his arms, “You’re overreacting, he’s new, they probably want you to show him how it’s done-”
“Don’t fucking lie to me!”
“There’s a good reason-”
“You’re lying, you’re doing that thing with your hands when you lie!” You yell.
Yoongi shoves his hands in his pockets, his anger getting the better of him, “Fine, maybe I don’t want to be your partner anymore!” You stay silent. “You’re reckless, you never listen to me, you almost died on our last mission. I’m...I’m tired of worrying about you.”
Your chest tightens in pain, his words sting more than any blade or bullet you’ve ever taken. You try to meet his eyes, but he refuses to look at you. ‘Coward,’ you think. You scoff, “Fine...Good...I don’t want to work with you either.” You turn on your heels to leave.
“Wait!” Yoongi stands from his desk and rushes after you. When you refuse to listen, he wraps his arms around you and pulls you against him. “Please, stop,” he whispers in your ear.
You place your arms over his, let his warmth envelope you. You don’t understand him, he’s holding you like you’re about to break in his arms, but he’d let you go off into a mission without him? How could he do this to you? You thought you were a team, you thought you were...friends. You used to feel safe in his arms, now you just feel betrayal. You bite your lip, your sadness turns into bitterness, your bitterness into anger.
You dig your nails in his arms until he hisses and lets you go. You give your partner one last look before exiting his office, you give him one more chance. If he takes it, you’ll find a way to forgive him, to fix whatever it is that made him angry enough to break the bonds between you. But he stays silent, his silence speaks volumes, “Like you said, you don’t have to worry about me any longer. I'm not your problem anymore.” You slam his door shut.
Yoongi’s body is shaking. He slams his fist against the door. He rests his forehead against the wooden surface and swallows down the growing pressure in his throat, processing everything that just occurred. He made the right choice, this was for your own protection, he wouldn’t allow you to care more about his life than your own, he knows he’s right, so why does he feel so sick?
Your reputation precedes you, the tigresse, a top agent. You pull off impossible missions. Maybe it’s because you just don’t care if you can finish the job or not, you’ll choose the riskiest plays, find yourself in the most dangerous scenarios; you’ll choose the more daring escape route, and because of that people are afraid of you, even in your own agency. No one wants to work with you for too long, and you don’t want them to either, so you finally get what you wanted, to work alone. You’re at the top, all alone, there’s no congratulations in your line of work, no happiness.
Yoongi doesn’t have to worry about anyone anymore, even himself. On missions he used to view his sniper rifle as an extension of himself, now he feels just as cold and hollow as the barrel of his rifle, he’s become an empty killing machine. He can’t sleep at night, he wakes up to nightmares of you dying over and over again. Eventually, when he can’t take it anymore, he convinces his superiors to let him act as your backup without your knowledge, they only allow it because you’ve become too valuable to lose. He still can’t sleep at night, slowly losing his mind in solitude, trapped in a cage of loneliness by his own doing. He becomes a shadow, a ghost, making sure the legacy of their best agent survives.
You search for cover, the bullet holes in your body make every movement slow and painful. The holes in your leg keeps you on the ground. You pull yourself through the sea of dead bodies as bullets fly through the air.
You feel a hand on your shoulder, you start to aim your pistol.
“What are you doing here?” The gunman ignores you as he pulls your bloody body into his arms and runs.
Yoongi watched you from his post get shot, one, two, three times until he couldn’t take it anymore. When he couldn’t protect you from a distance anymore, he left his post, his decision as instantaneous as a traveling bullet.
He hides you and him, holding you close, looking over your wounds. He tries to put pressure on the bullet holes, but there are just so many. “I’m sorry,” he mutters, “I was supposed to protect you.”
You touch his face, you can feel the warmth of his skin against your cold fingers, he’s real. “You’re here.”
Yoongi’s trained ears listen to the gunfire as it becomes louder, a sign he needs to move again. He reloads his assault rifle, heaving you up to your feet. You groan as more blood gushes from your wounds. Yoongi uses his assault rifle to make another path for you and him. Your ex partner drags your body along, hiding again to reload.
“You need to save yourself. I’m not going to make it.” You say as you cough up blood. Yoongi pulls you up again, ignoring your words, refusing to accept he can’t save you. As he runs a stray bullet hits his shoulder and you both go down. Yoongi shoots to where he thinks the bullets came from, but his shoulder makes it difficult for him to aim.
“Stop! You can’t die too!” You aim your pistol at the two men advancing upon you from Yoongi’s blind spot. You manage to shoot one, but your blood loss makes your vision hazy and your aim too wide. The second man’s bullets hit Yoongi’s side. Yoongi adjusts his rifle and takes quick revenge. He doubles over in pain.
You grab his hand, your breathing is too shallow to tell him all the things you want to say. “Save yourself...”
“And leave you again? Never.”
Yoongi holds you until you take your last labored breath, and holds you still, until his own blood loss becomes too much.
Yoongi doubles over, crashing into you. You try to hold the rapper up, but you are faring no better, your body shakes in phantom pain. His entire weight is on you, you move against the wall for support as both of you try to catch your breath, his head leans on your shoulder, and he groans in agony. You grip his arms. Should you push him away? But you don’t want to. You want to pull him closer. You grip his arms harder, frozen, your mind and body remembering, remembering everything, and it takes every last bit of your willpower not to react.
Finally, after your breaths have settled, he steadies himself on his feet, still pressed against your frame. He lifts his head, you can feel his breath on the side of your face. He laughs weakly against you, “I don’t regret it.”
“What-“ his eyes pierce through you. You realize he hasn’t moved away from you still, you stare back into the idol’s eyes, it all feels so familiar, too familiar...
His nose brushes against your cheek, you hold your breath at the sensation, it’s so familiar. His lips ghost over yours and when you don’t pull away Yoongi presses his lips firmer onto yours.
You feel electricity in every vein, to the tips of your fingers, to the ends of the hair. Emotions that felt like distant memories scorch through you. Your legs buckle.
Yoongi had only meant to give you a quick kiss, just to see how it would compare to his wild memories, but the feelings that came over him overtook every sense of reason left in him. He deepened the kiss. You pulled him closer to you, it was automatic.
He felt his sanity slipping away with every inhale of your scent, a sprouting desire burst through him, a need everlasting lifetimes, it made him desperate to devour you. He pushes his leg in between yours to hold you steady when he feels you falling against him. You yell against his lips, his touch is too overwhelming and you feel yourself slipping away, you try desperately to stay in the moment, remember who you are to him actually. You push him away to catch your breath. “I shouldn’t have done that. I-“
You both jump at the pounding from the door. “Both of you need to come out now.” His voice is muffled, but you’d recognize the distinctive cadence of the BTS leader anywhere. Yoongi mutters words you don’t understand. You yelp as he grabs your hand, leading you to the door.
Namjoon is greeted by the sight of his bandmate and you looking particularly guilty as you leave the bathroom. The way Yoongi holds your hand does not go unnoticed by the leader.
You walk in between the rappers, security following behind you. You can tell Namjoon is annoyed, the way he glances at the nonexistent space between you and Yoongi and clenches his jaw. What are you supposed to do, not hold Min Yoongi’s hand? The firm hold he has on you is the only thing that’s keeping you from falling apart into an anxious puddle on the floor. So instead you spend the walk mentally screaming at yourself.
Namjoon opens an unmarked door and walks in, Yoongi follows directly behind him, pulling you along. You realize where you are as five more pairs of eyes meet yours.
They are all staring at you. You want to run and hide. You move behind Yoongi instead. He hasn’t let go of your hand, and every man in the room notices it.
Namjoon goes first, “We all need to talk.”
“So now do you admit it!” Jimin looks between Yoongi and you with a frown.
“He promised he wouldn’t touch her.” Jungkook whines to Namjoon.
“I didn’t promise. I said I wouldn’t...I changed my mind.”
You listen to the group argue glancing over Yoongi’s shoulder, you make eye contact with Jin. His eyes are still red, like he hasn’t stopped crying. For the first time since he grabbed you, you wanted to let go of Yoongi’s hand. Jin is the first to break away, he turns around, overwhelmed. Your face is still perfectly clear in his mind. Your words replay like whispers in his ear, ‘find me.’
You break away from Yoongi and address everyone.
“Uhh, I don’t know...” you start, “I don’t know how any of this works, or why it’s happening in the first place. But it is happening right? It happened to you too?” You look around at their faces, you look into Jimin’s eyes, “You saw me too, I was with you, you looked different, but deep down, it was you.” Jimin shifts uncomfortably under your eyes, he feels his chest tighten at your words, “and you saw me in her too.” You turn to J-Hope. “Right? Please tell me I’m-” you whisper the last part, “I’m not crazy.”
“You’re not crazy.” Hoseok answers you immediately, looking at you with a guilty expression.
Jungkook is nodding up and down at you rapidly.
“I was with you..” Jin walks over to you, but stops before he gets too close, “It felt so real...I was there with you on the cliff…” his eyes are so sad it makes tears well up in your eyes.
“How is this even possible…” Jimin speaks up, “I just don’t understand.” Jimin looks upset. He doesn’t want to believe any of this, none of it makes sense to him.
You can see the pain in their faces clearly. You feel like you’ve done something horrible. All you wanted to do was meet your idols and thank them for making your life better, but you ended up making their lives worse, and you don’t know how or why.
You rub your eyes before you start crying again, “I’m sorry. I should go home, it’s-" you check your phone screen. “One thirty in the morning?! I should leave!”
You jump as the room fills with protests from the men. They all quickly stop as soon as they start. You all stare at each other.
Namjoon takes charge. “How did you get here? We can have a driver take you home! We have to go to the hotel now, before you go home, we can finish talking there.” There is a finality to his words.
You stand there wide eyed, ‘hotel’?
So now you sit alone in the back of a large car with four managers. They have given you forms to fill out. A stack of papers full of NDAs. You felt like you were signing your life away. You wanted to tell them to take you home, but you stayed silent, you didn’t want to cause anymore trouble.
You follow the managers through the hotel into an elevator, to the top floor. They lead you into a massive penthouse and shut the door behind you. Jungkook is already inside waiting for you. He’s still in his fanmeet clothes, the other men were still showering and changing, he couldn’t wait any longer to see you again, for a chance to be with you alone.
You stand in the center of the room, unsure of what to do. Alone with the idol, your nerves skyrocket again.
Jungkook slowly makes his way closer to you. He stands in front of you, mirroring much like the way he stood in front of you at the fanmeet, his arms rock nervously by his sides. He bends down a little bit closer to you, and offers you a lopsided smile. “Hey beautiful.”
You shut your eyes, you can’t bear to look at him, you can’t accept that he just said that to you. His words make you ache inside.
The idol waits and gives you space, feeling shy. You can’t take it, his words throw your thoughts into a whirlwind, you want him back, you want what you had together again. You and the idol are worlds apart, but the Jungkook you had felt when your hands touched, he was your entire world.
“Please.” You beg him, offering your hand to him. You don’t know what you’re asking for, you don’t know what touching him will accomplish. You feel just so alone, exhausted from fighting against everything you’re feeling, Jungkook all but gave you permission to give in.
He smiles at you, places his palm against yours. It feels so good, so warm. He clasps his fingers around yours, reaches for your waist with his other hand and pulls you against him with one fell swoop. You already know why, you wrap your free arm around his neck and hold him to you. You can feel his heart beating wildly against you, you know he must feel yours as well. He rests his forehead on yours. It’s there again, that spark that explodes inside you, threatening to detonate all your sense of reason. Neither of you move, frozen in dance. He begins to hum a tune, a tune that pulls a smile from you-
The door opens and you jump to sit on the edge of the couch, much to Jungkook’s displeasure.
The rest of the group files into the large hotel room, they are all changed into more comfortable clothes. They look clean and refreshed, you realize just how tired and achy your body feels, you want to take a shower too.
Namjoon gives the youngest a hard look, “You didn’t change. You were in here the whole time? After we said we’d speak to her all together. How long were you alone with her? I told you-“
“I arrived only a couple minutes ago, nothing happened.” You interject, feeling the need to defend the youngest member.
Namjoon looks at you surprised. “Your Korean is good.”
You start to feel shy again, “Not really,” you speak in English instead.
“Okay, so let’s figure this out.” Namjoon starts, “Jungkook, do you want to go first?”
“Wait!” Taehyung interjects, “I thought-Joon don’t you want to hold her hand?”
You stiffen. Namjoon goes red, “I-first let’s gather information.”
Taehyung goes to stand. You recoil in your seat. You turn to Namjoon, pleading, “I can’t-I can’t do it again.”
“You don’t know what you’re asking for, Tae-”
“Says you, you already got to touch her-”
“And that’s why I’m telling you not to do it-”
“No one is touching her-”
“Joon, can you please talk some sense into them-”
“Can we please focus-”
“If you get anywhere near her I’m punching you in the face-”
“Can we all just calm down-”
“I’ll punch you in the face-”
“No one is punching anyone!”
“I thought we were supposed to be talking this out, not starting fights-“
“I knew this was a bad idea-”
“How am I supposed to talk it out when I don’t even know what it is-”
They all talk so fast and over each other you can barely understand anything they are saying, but you know it’s not anything good. This is getting nowhere. “I-I’m so tired, I should really go home. I need to shower. Today has been...a long day.”
“You can stay in one of the rooms! We have the whole floor-Ow!” Jimin hits Jungkook in the shoulder.
“I-I need to go to the bathroom.” You feel trapped again. You go to stand and you feel a hand tug on yours, it’s Yoongi. “Take a deep breath. Nothing is going to happen to you, I promise. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. You should at least rest before we take you home.”
You bite your lip, looking around at the men. Jungkook looks at you with hopeful eyes.
“I’ll take her!” Jin, Yoongi, and Jungkook speak in unison. They look between one another. Jin, stands up, “I’ll take her.”
You silently follow him out, hearing the boys start conversing again behind you. You stay behind him as he walks down the hall. Your face heats up again as you stare at the idol’s back. Is this really happening to you? You should leave.
Jin takes a keycard out of his pocket and opens the door, holding it open for you. You walk in, it’s smaller than the other room, still larger than any hotel room you’ve ever been in. Jin picks up the suitcase from the middle of the room.
“I’ll find another room to stay in.” You feel your chest tightening again at his words. “Rest now, y/n, and then we can get to the bottom of this in the morning,” he smiles down at you. His eyes linger on you, about to speak again but he decides it’s better to wait.
You tug at his hoodie as he goes to leave. “I…” you want to tell him not to leave you alone, “I don’t have any clothes to change into.”
“Oh, I can give you some of my clothes!” You bite your lip as you watch Jin set his suitcase on the bed and rummage through his clothes. He pulls out a collection of hoodies, shirts and pants, way too many clothes for one sleeping outfit.
“Thank you…” you walk with him to the door. He lingers there with you.
“This...this is a good thing.” You cock your head to the side, Jin pats your head, “I found you after all.” And with that he leaves you to your thoughts.
After showering you feel so much better. You stand in your towel, looking around at the room. 'This must be a dream,' you think. Your hands run over the stack of Jin’s clothes. This stack probably costs more than all the clothes you’ve ever bought in your entire life, you think. You sigh and pull on a shirt and sweatpants, and decide to throw on a hoodie too for good measure. You start to laugh as you look at yourself in the hotel room’s mirror. You’re sure you're going to wake up tomorrow and this will all be a wild dream. You’re about to settle into bed when you hear a knock.
Jungkook stands in the hallway. He stares at you with wide eyes before looking at his feet. “I brought you clothes to wear.”
“Oh,” you look at him shocked.
“I see someone already gave you theirs,” he looks crestfallen.
“Yeah, Jin took care of that.” You pull on the strings of the hoodie in embarrassment.
“Oh well for tomorrow morning, you can wear this.”
You don’t have the heart to tell him Jin gave you enough clothes to cover an entire week. “Thank you. I’ll wear it tomorrow.”
You hold your breath. You want to keep talking to him. “Your English is good, you sound like an American now.”
Jungkook smiles, too shy to meet your eyes. “Thank you.”
“You can speak in Korean too, I understand. I am not that good at speaking it, but I guess now is the best time to practice.” You laugh. Jungkook nods at you, his smile growing wider.
“Goodnight, beautiful.” He winks at you. You feel your heart tighten at his words.
“Jungkook!” He turns back around. “Um, sweet dreams.”
Jungkook looks you over. “Can I?”
“Huh?” He steps closer to you, you stay still. He reaches his arms out and wraps them around you in a hug. His head rests on the top of your head as he holds you close to him. It feels like you remember, his embrace feels the same. You grip onto the material of his long sleeve shirt. He holds you closer. All you can smell and feel is Jungkook.
Jungkook holds you close to him. He doesn’t know how to feel. His heart aches in anguish over the thought of losing you again. He doesn’t want to let you go.
In his arms you feel so safe, you relax against him. A wave of sleepiness crashes over you. Jungkook helps you into bed.
“I’ll come get you in the morning.” He runs his hands over your forehead. The intimate gesture doesn’t go unnoticed by you, but you're too tired to react. Your heart is full. Is this what true love feels like?
You stretch in your bed. Your muscles ache, you feel good after a night's rest. You snuggle into your pillow, it’s so fluffy and soft, softer than you’re used to, you pull your covers closer to you. You notice the large sleeves of your hoodie, and your sleepiness drains away. It’s not your bed, and that’s not your hoodie. You sit up, looking around the unfamiliar room, you feel like you’ve been doused with cold water. Everything from the night before comes back to you. You pull the covers over your head, so much for a good morning.
You grab your phone. You have a text message: ‘call me when you get home <3’ and two missed calls. You bury your head into the pillows. You're about to call back when there is a knock at the door.
“One minute!” You change into Jungkook’s clothes, a black long sleeve shirt and black sweatpants. Staring at your reflection in the mirror, you decide to change your pants for one of Jin’s joggers.
“Hey!” You expected Jungkook to greet you, this was not who you expected.
"Hello." The deep voiced singer stands in front of you. You stare back at him. He walks into your room and takes a seat on the bed. You close the door behind you and walk over to Taehyung.
“I’m so sorry about last night! I would have never touched you without your permission. I’m sorry I made you feel uncomfortable, I’m so sorry. I just-I just needed to find out. I have to. I know you’re scared, I’m scared too...Jungkook and I talked last night and he told me what happened, he said it was more than just memories, it’s awakening. I mean, that’s so cool. If we had another life together, wouldn’t you want to know? Please y/n, I feel like I’m going crazy not knowing-“
“Speak slower please, I’m still a beginner!” You laugh.
“Sorry! Please y/n, please. Before the others wake up.”
You sigh, sitting next to him. “I think Jungkook is leaving out very important information...”
You continue, “We not only lived, we died.” You shut your eyes and wrap your arms around you, “I’ve lived and I’ve died 5 times now. It’s horrible, it’s heartbreaking, it’s not something you can just forget.”
Taehyung sits quietly. “Do you regret it?”
You bite your lip. Do you regret it? You feel it still, the warmth of their love for you. The way they loved you, the way you loved them. Would you give that memory up? Even the lingering feelings in your body are stronger than anything you’ve ever felt in your lifetime. Could you let it go now that you know what you’re missing?
Taehyung presses, “Jungkook says he's happy it happened.”
You inhale sharply. You have to make him see. “Jungkook died in my arms. He died after we tried so hard to run away together.” Taehyung eyes widen. “He was murdered...” You shudder, Taehyung stays silent. “Is that the kind of ‘awakening’ you want?”
He raises a hand to his mouth, stroking his chin. “He didn’t tell me about that...” And then he says something that makes your heart stop. “And he still said he's happy it happened, that he doesn't want to forget about you y/n.”
“Please, I want to try, I think it would be worth it, you’ll be worth it.”
‘Why did he have to say that,’ you wince, looking over at the idol. He is beautiful, way out of your league, above you in every way, and he’s looking back at you like his whole world hangs in the balance. How could you reject him now. You groan.
You stand up. You place your palm in front of his face, your fingers splayed out, you can see his wide excited eyes in the gaps between them. You look at him expectantly. Taehyung nods, places his palm to yours, interlocking your fingers together.
Uh-oh the boys don’t want to let you go now! I hope you liked this chapter as much as I liked writing it! It’s kind of cool, all the different worlds. I neverrrr thought I’d write an actiony spy enemies to lovers AU ever, trust. I had to get a lot of help with all the specific terminology, like me - guns - what - totally clueless, I just hope I did the story justice.
Hopefully this tides you over for awhile because we have a problem...I don’t remember anything about Tae’s handshake! Cries. I know what’s supposed to happen, but I also have no idea what happens lol. I know movie, but not movie name, if you get what I’m saying. Please bestow some patience on me for the next chapter. Asks are always open, maybe you can give me some inspiration! <3
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fave-bts-fics · a month ago
BY: mortals
Jungkook and Yoongi are workplace enemies. At least, Jungkook has decided to start a prank war, and Yoongi refuses to retaliate. Until he does. ----- Yoongi wants to slam Jeon's infuriating face into the mess on his plate, covering it in cream, just like Jeon did to his presentation board.
If he also wants to lick it off after, well, no one needs to hear those thoughts except him.
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cinnamontoasttaes · a month ago
Till Death Do Us Part - myg
pairing: Yoongi x reader
genre: Assassin Au, eventual smut.
word count: 5.972k
warnings: blood, gore, lots of cursing, action, violence, sexual content.
summary: Assassins are not supposed to fall in love.
Tumblr media
author’s note: I don’t know what the fuck I just wrote but I hope you enjoy this. Let me know if it’s good enough for a second part. Have a lovely day my beautiful peeps.
Making a run for it, you jump off of the edge of the high-rise building. The chilly wind slapping you harshly in the face as you brace yourself for landing. Knees tucked in, arms spread out as the balls of your feet come in contact with the flat surface. 
It has been a week since you last saw him, a whole fucking week. Yet, you keep coming back here, but not intending to do what you should have done a long time ago. Instead, you were here searching for a Yoongi that didn't exist, one that would comfort you and tell you he didn’t mean what he said. 
                                   ——Flashback to that night——
“I Love you--”
Your eyes widen and a gasp escapes your lips, afraid of the words that had just come out of them. Searching his eyes, you pray he didn’t hear it. But eyes that were once clouded with euphoria were now overtaken with shock and disgust. 
You panic and push him off of your sweaty and naked body. Wincing at the sudden loss of his cock as cum oozes out of your pussy and trickles down your thighs. Not wanting to believe you just said that, you look up at the seahorse fairy lights on the ceiling wishing that they would come alive and carry you out to a galaxy far away.  
“What did you just say?” he asks, his voice raspy and low. Your heart pounds loudly in your chest, so loud that you could hear the thumping rhythm in your ears going...LUB... DUB... LUB... DUB... LUB... DUB. 
“What did you just say?” he repeats, and your blood drains from your face as you stare at nothing but the dim light coming through the sheets. Biting onto your bottom lip, you realize that there was no escaping this, that you would eventually have to tell him. And just as you say the words in your head, he pulls the covers off of your face in one quick motion. Your eyes widen, quickly locking onto the seahorses again, not daring to look at him.
“W-what,” you stutter as tight knots take over your stomach.
“Look at me y/n,” he growls...but you didn’t want to... you didn’t want to face him just yet, afraid of being rejected by the one guy you said those words to.
“It just slipped out, I didn't mean it...just forget I ever said that,” you say, trying your best to keep your cool but hearing as your voice cracks at the end.   
But if only you knew what was going through his head at that moment, that he didn't just want to forget about it. That all he wanted was to hear you say those words over and over again. Just like that, with you underneath him, your beautiful brown eyes glazed over and your soft lips curled up into a smile, pulling him closer as he filled you up with his cum. 
Wanting to use this as an opportunity to tell you that you were everything he had ever wanted, to tell you he felt the same way. That all he desired was to hold your hand, to wake you up with kisses every morning, to hold you when your nightmares struck, and dry your tears when you cried. That he wanted to do all those things and more because ever since you stepped foot inside the agency. Your small body soaked with blood from head to toe, a big smile on your face as if you hadn't just finished killing someone with those small bare hands of yours. Since that day he hasn't been the same and he hated you for it. Hated you for making him feel such strange feelings he thought he would never feel. 
It was frustrating to think that you could be the one to warm up his icy heart. How? When not even his mother or his brothers, the people who cared for him the most made him feel the way you did. He wanted to tell you the truth, to tell you that all his life he has tried his best to ignore his feelings for you, convincing himself that he could never like an annoying girl like you. 
To apologize for always breaking your toys and making you cry as if it was his full-time job. To tell you he didn't hate you, but the boys who played with you, held your hand and made you things during art class. To tell you he never understood why your face lit up every time they gave you something, that even if it was ugly or falling apart, you cherished it deeply. 
You seemed so strange to him, like an alien from a different world, that knew something he didn’t. How could a person be so kind yet so evil at the same time? He would ask himself, always trying to figure you out. While secretly wanting to see your face light up like that for him. To tell you that that was the reason he stayed up all night the day before your 12th birthday, making you a clay ring that looked like a frog because you were always jumping around. And just as he pushed the ring into your hands the next day... it happened. Your big brown eyes widened like a beaming sun on a summer day. Burning through his corneas, but he couldn’t look away as it was the prettiest sight he has ever seen. Then you smiled at him, a smile that made him feel things he couldn’t quite explain. 
That what he meant to tell you when he threatened to kill you if you told anyone about the ring was that he hoped you liked it. To tell you how he almost struck a bow into Jackson's head that same day when he caught him kissing you under the same place where he had given you the ring. Upset that you didn't even push him away, upset that he wasn't old Yoongi who would have felt indifferent and done nothing just because he didn’t have feelings. But he wasn't that Yoongi anymore, but one who suddenly felt hurt and betrayed just at the thought of you being someone else’s. 
He wanted to be your first kiss... just like you were his first everything. 
But even though he felt this way for you and wanted to tell you all these things. The walls he has built from years of conditioning, brainwashing, toxic relationships, near-death experiences, depression, and other issues he swears his brain blocks out to protect him. Keep pushing you away, not allowing you to get too close. 
Even though he’s always his best when he’s with you. He hopes you can find a better man one day, one who knows how to love you and treat you the right way.
 Now there was only one way of ending this and that was to hurt you, like always.
“We both agreed that this was just a sex thing, nothing more. We are assassins for god's sake, we know nothing about love,”
A chill runs down your spine and you knew you should have stayed quiet, but your traitor of a heart betrays you once again, “You're wrong...because if that was true I wouldn’t be feeling this way for you….tell me you feel nothing for me!” you cry out, your face turning hot. 
“Y/N what the fuck are you talking about, you were just a way for me to pass time. Shit of all the women I’ve fucked I would have never thought that... you, someone who is as lifeless and cold-hearted as I would be the one to say those words to me-” He pauses but continues, “I hope you're not getting confused with the other stuff we have been doing in here because if you are I should’ve just stayed with Juna or-” 
Before he could even finish his sentence, you strike him on the side of the face, so hard his head turns. Your hand tingles as it falls back onto your lap. You don’t realize, but you’re sitting up now, the sheets that were once hiding your upper body now pooled around your thighs. Your chest heaving up and down as you feel your eyes water. Angry at yourself for catching feelings for him, angry that you allowed yourself to be blinded by the moments you’ve both shared, mistaking it for fucking love. 
“You're a real piece of shit you know that right, how dare you bring her up right after I-... after know what Yoongi just leave, go fuck her for all I care,” You shout, biting onto your quivering bottom lip as you look at him. 
His hand is covering his right cheek where you had slapped him, but you could see the red hand mark from the gaps between his fingers. His furrowed brows accentuate the pale ridged scar that runs down from the top of his left brow and stops right in the middle of his cheek. His cold eyes glaring at you intently as the corners of his mouth turn into a smirk.
“Don’t worry, that’s where I’ll be tonight because you can’t honestly think, that you have been the only one I’ve been fucking all this time,” he says, venom dripping from his voice and you feel like throwing up. 
Putting your trembling hands into fists, ready to lunge at him, you stop yourself, a low chuckle escaping your shaky lips. He wasn’t fucking worth it, you should have known better, you should have stopped yourself before it got this far. “I'll burn this place down tomorrow,” You push the words out, trying to ignore the tightness in your throat.
You remove the frog-inspired clay ring from your ring finger, the one he had made for you when you had just turned 12. And place it on the bed beside him, your finger suddenly feeling naked without it. Not giving him a second glance you get off the bed, the cold air hitting your naked body traitorously. You pick up your clothes that were scattered around the floor, get dressed, and before you know it you are out the door. The cold air greeting you like a fake friend as you push your way through the thick fog. 
You make your way down the building and once in the comfort of your car;  you rest your head against the steering wheel and let your tears fall.
  -—-Flashback Ends----
                                                                                                                                       With a sigh, you pull out the lighter from your pocket, twirling it around your fingers as you stare up at the house. 
Remembering when you both found it, on top of an abandoned skyscraper in Busan. The day you were both forced by the chairwomen of the academy to go on a mission together, as a punishment for almost killing each other again in Poison lab 101. Threatening us that if the mission wasn’t a success that she would send us both to the basement and no matter how cold of a killer you were, no one wanted to go down there. It surprised you that locking the both of you in the basement wasn’t their first option. 
In all honesty, they should just lock Yoongi in the basement because he’s always the one to start fucking problems with you. Ever since you came to the agency at 7 years old, he’s always been such a dick to you, for no fucking reason. But as the years went by and you guess that as the dick grew bigger, he turned into an even bigger dick than before. There isn’t a day that goes by when we are not trying to kill each other. 
Like how last week Namjoon, the boss in charge of the baddies (aka the 3rd years) made the both of you clean the first year's locker room…. was that a good idea? No. Because we came out of there drenched from head to toe after fucking Yoongi tried to drown you in the hot tub, so you tried to drown him first, and of course, we got punished. You fucking hated everything about him, hated how he always got first in exams/training and you always made second. Hated how he always ruined your uniform, hated that smug fucking look on his face. And fuck, you hated how his exes or little crushes were always on your ass, telling you to stay away from their man and shit. Like bitch, you can fucking have him.
The mission was fairly quick and easy, and you knew Namjoon had to have chosen it. Knowing us that if we had to work together for more than an hour, we would kill each other for sure. To stop that from happening, we separated our mission into separate tasks, Yoongi was to take out the bodyguards who were on the lookout for anything suspicious, surrounding the abandoned book shop like statues. Not knowing that there was a shadow creeping up behind them like a thief in the night. Your job was to kill their boss called Mo, a big old wrinkly guy who ran an illegal organ trafficking business, and who was processing a transaction from two corrupted cops, on top of the shop's semi-slanted rooftop. The shop was just a few buildings down and the abandoned house you were in aided as the perfect hideout. In less than two minutes you had sniped them one by one with your pink bedazzled sniper, watching them fall to the ground like flies with blown-up heads. 
Then the unexpected happened. Before you could set your gun down, you sensed a presence behind you, and just as you turned around you were pushed against the wall by no other than Yoongi. He had splotches of blood on his face, almost making him look like the wings of a ladybug. His eyes clouded with lust and something else you couldn’t quite wrap your head around. You froze, your heart beating fast, as you stared at him confused. And before you could push him away, he kisses you, and you could have sworn you heard fireworks going off behind you. Your eyes close at the softness of his lips, which pull you deeper than any tidal wave. The stench of blood tickling your nose as he wrapped his arms around you. Holding you tight as if you’ll suddenly vanish. You couldn’t explain what you were feeling, but it almost felt as if you were soaring through a sky full of stars. Just as you breathe him in, he pulls away, his face flushed as he touches his lips in shock. Taken aback by his actions, you hear him mutter an apology. But before he could walk away, you pull him back into you. That same afternoon he took your virginity away on that dusty floor, in that abandoned house on top of a skyscraper.
And now you wish you hadn't let him take that one thing away from you----
Cocking your head to the side, you stare at the house, suddenly in awe at its unique beauty. It was a small house, the kind of house you would see in the countryside or by the beach. With vibrant wisteria that cascaded over the flat rooftop and arched window. A few green vines growing out of the bricks here and there. The house we had turned into our escape house, the place where we would go that wasn't our own homes or the agency. The place where all we did was take our pain and anger out on each other by fucking. 
Until it got rather strange and we sort of started to do things as if we were friends. It wasn't the same friendship/relationship like the one you had with Haemi and Mina, but it was okay. We did things, like read together, argue about why blank manga was better than the anime, indulge in ramen, chips, and candy at 3 am without having anyone tell us not to, play Overwatch, shit our pants while playing Amnesia, and binge-watch anime and Disney movies whenever we had the time. 
All our years of hatred for nothing.
With a sigh, you walk to the wooden door and push it open just to take one last look inside before it all turns to dust. The horrible paintings you both had painted still hanging on the wall above the bed. The makeshift bookshelf in the corner of the room was now empty after you came and rescued all the graphic novels and books, not having the heart to burn them. You glance at the two broken bean bag chairs by the window, the ones he had refused to throw away after we popped them during drunk sex. Pushing those memories to the far back of your mind, your eyes land on the black iron bed we got from IKEA, which had to be the best thing in there. It was the place where you always found him sprawled out, snoring with spit and all as he waited for you to get back from your mission. And of course, the bed where you had mind-blowing orgasms. 
Your thumb rolls against the spark wheel of the lighter in one swift motion, pushing down onto the ignition button until a vibrant flame appears. You rest your thumb firmly on the button to keep the flame alive as you rummage through your coat pocket and pull out a white piece of paper. Still not daring to step foot inside, you lean against the door frame and light up a corner of the crumbled paper. Watching as the flames race toward one another, hurrying to consume every inch of the paper. But before that could happen, you fling both the lighter and the paper somewhere inside the room and close the door. 
Moving a few feet back, you grab onto the fire extinguisher you had stolen from the agency last night and wait. A few minutes pass and still smoke, no house engulfed in flames. But when you close your eyes you see it, the fiery inferno. The beautiful petals of the wisteria falling to the ground and turning into nothing. You could hear things falling, shattering, and popping from inside, the fire becoming bigger. Dark gray smoke escapes through the crumbling door and shattered window. Embracing you in a death grip, poisoning you slowly until all you see is black. 
“No,” you scream and open your eyes to see the house was still intact, no fire ablaze. Positioning the fire extinguisher on your arm, your feet moving on their own as you push open the door. Your eyes widening when you see that one bean bag was on fire and traveling up the side of the arched window, smoke slowly filling the room. Pulling out the safety pin, you take a hold of the black hose and squeeze down on the lever, aiming at both the bean bag and window. Watching the angry flames die down until there's nothing left, but a disfigured piece of burnt-up nylon and a half black window frame. You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding and set the fire extinguisher down.
You just couldn’t do it.
Your phone vibrates in your back pocket, and you pull it out, almost dropping it when you see the time--- 8:43 AM. Along with 10 unread messages from both Mina and Haemi, 3 missed calls from your brother, and a notification from Uber Eats saying you had 8 dollars off your next order. 
“Ooh nice I can get a pizza or some---fuck this is not the time for that.. I’m late,” You freak out already seeing Namjoon, Kai, Sora, and Haemi’s dark ominous faces as they cut your eyeball into 8 equal pieces and eat it with some dipping sauce. Fuck, the more you think about it, the more you realize that that is something they would do. You grimace at the taught, wondering why you choose to traumatize yourself like that.
“You're not normal,” the little voice in your head finally shows up to clarify that you're indeed not sane.
 Closing the door behind you, your combat boots are heavy on your feet as you run across the rooftop. Making it to the edge, you look up at the sky seeing that it has now cleared up and turned into a soft blue. A bright yellow sun peeking out from behind a sea of fluffy white clouds. 
Swinging your right leg off the roof, you jump. Watching a distorted image of yourself in the dusty windows of the skyscraper as you free fall. Your hair is flying all over the place, slapping you in the face and getting into your mouth. Until it stays put in a Goku-like hairstyle when he turns into a Super Saiyan. A chuckle escapes your lips at that and you close your eyes, enjoying how the cool breeze feels like gentle kisses against your skin. And just as if it was a natural-born instinct, you swipe your finger against the rim of your heart-shaped Daith, activating your magnetic levitation shoes. Opening your eyes, you grin when you see you were just a few millimeters from the concrete ground. Silently thanking Haemi for being such a genius and making you these for your Bday. Landing successfully, you tap your finger against the rim of your Daith two times to turn it off. 
Wasting no time, you run across the desolate street to where you had parked Kai’s black motorcycle, putting on your helmet you hover over it, zooming out of this ghost town and into emerging traffic hoping to make it to the agency before 9:00 AM.
 9:05 AM
You slip through the doors of the main conference room that was always empty except for important days like this one. The room crowded to the point you couldn’t even see the long oval mahogany table in the middle. Chiming your way through you try your best not to bump into your colleagues, knowing how grumpy they usually were in the morning. Your eyes frantically searching for Haemi and Mina, but everyone was wearing the same fucking thing: a black hoodie and black jeans. As if we all had agreed to wear the same outfit today, the night before. A smile creeps onto your lips right as you catch sight of them standing near the front next to Boss. But before you could go any further, a hand grabs your arm and pulls you away.
“Why are you late? The meeting ends in like 5 minutes?... Didn’t I wake you up this morning and tell you to get here before me, Mina even told me she saw you leave around 6... what the fuck took you so long!” Kai scolded you quietly as he bombarded you with questions.
Damn, you spent 4 hours contemplating on burning that fucking house and in the end did nothing.
Kai pulled you to the far back of the room, stopping next to a small table filled with sweet pastries and four boxes of hot coffee. Made of course by the sweetest/deadliest grandmas in the world, aside from the chairwomen. They shouldn't even be in charge of the academy's bakery due to their obsession with poisoning people. 
But no one has died people like you who enjoy balancing their lives on a thin line instead of making their own coffee and sweets or going into the city to a normal bakery with normal owners who aren't psychopaths. Like some of your semi-sane classmates would do...still nothing could ever beat their rice pancakes topped with edible flowers and honey. In all seriousness, you would die for those. Your mouth waters just at the thought, your stomach begging you to give it something to eat. Reaching over the table, you grab a foam cup just for it to be slapped out of your hands within seconds.
You gasp and turn to your brother ready to kill him watching as he picks up the cup from the ground. Crushing it in his hands as quietly as he could, the squeaky sound making your eye twitch. He signals for you to stand by him and you roll your eyes as you walk two steps and lean on the wall beside him. 
“You know you can’t drink fucking coffee on the days we have missions...especially not today, do you want to be shitting yourself all day?” He questions, his bushy brows furrowed as he crosses his arms across his chest. You stay quiet, not knowing what to say. Of course, you didn't want to shit your pants, but why did he have to do your cup like that, you weren't even going to use it for coffee. You were just going to fill it up with rice pancakes because there weren't any plates or napkins.
  Kai suddenly sniffs your hoodie and you raise an eyebrow, looking at him weirdly. “Why do you smell like smoke?” 
You were about to fidget with your ring but then you realize it wasn't there, “I almost burned a house down,” you tell him blankly. 
He does a double-take, making sure he heard right, “Wait did what, why?”
You shrug him off and before he could keep nagging you; he gets interrupted by Namjoon’s booming voice. Kai looks at you with the look of we’re going to finish this conversation at a later time.
“Ok, I'll see you all at the venue, be on time!” Namjoon shouts and everyone disperses, some leaving while the risk-takers stop by the table to grab a cup of coffee and sweets. 
Some of your friends came up to you and congratulated you and before you could ask them for what they would just leave. And then there was the fucking Juna’s of the class who stared at you with utter hatred, something that wasn’t new to you. But you flipped them off anyway, not understanding the fucking memo. 
“Kai, what are people congratulating me for, what did I do?” You ask as you turn to him, he shrugs and stays quiet, ignoring you. 
You catch sight of Haemi running towards you at full speed and you spread your arms apart, hitting Kai in the face as you do so. You hear him groan as Haemi melts into them. She wraps her arms around your waist and squeezes you tightly. Satisfied at the sound of your bones crushing, she loosens her grip. Her arms now on your shoulder blades as she looks at you quizzically, a frown making its way onto her lips.   
“Why were you late and why didn't you answer our messages... NamNam is fucking angry at you,” She says through clenched teeth as she turns to look at something in the distance, biting onto her lips her face flushes into a bright pink color. You didn't even have to follow her gaze to know that she was staring at Namjoon and fantasizing about her fake dirty relationship with him. You nudge at her arm and she turns to you, now with a mischievous grin.
“y/n my panties are all soaked because of him... oh did I tell you my dildo came in this morning and I named it after him...dude, I fucking squirted all over--” Kai clears his throat making it known that he was right next to us.
“Ay! go away if you don't want to listen, this is some very important info I’m catching y/n on,” Haemi says as she shoos him away with her hand, but he stays put against the wall.
You raise a brow at her, certainly not wanting to hear about how she squirted on her Namjoon dildo. All you wanted to know was why Namjoon was angry at you---
Ah shit, and then it dawns on you... that you missed the 6 am meeting.
“Omg y/n I’m going to kill you for not answering, oh and congrats--” Mina appears with a steaming cup of coffee in her hand. Kai puts his arm over her shoulders and whispers something in her ear. She looks at you for a split second and then nods. 
Before you could ask her why she was congratulating you, Namjoon’s voice rips through the air again. “Y/n and Yoongi, can you both come here now,” 
Your breath hitched in your throat as this could only mean one of two things. We were in trouble—which couldn't be right because we haven't seen or talked to each other for 4 weeks. Then it could only mean—- that he was going to assign us to work together in today’s mission.
“Well, I guess we'll see you at the venue,” Kai says. Haemi squeezes your shoulder and with a wink she lets you go. You watch them walk away, wanting to tell them not to leave you. 
With a sigh, you turn on your heel and walk towards Namjoon who is now sitting at the end of the oval table. His head is down, his fingers drumming loudly on top of his black manila folder. The room was empty now, as the voices from outside became less and less. 
Your eyes search the dim-lit room for Yoongi, but you don't see him and you feel a little better. Namjoon clears his throat and your eyes land back on him. Without looking at you, he signals you to stand by him. You do as he says, seeing a hooded Yoongi appear from the shadows and stand next to you. 
“Awe fuck,” you groan in your head.
“Why were the both of you late today when I clearly said to be here at 6 am before the meeting started,” He says, his voice strict and eerily low. 
You say nothing and neither does Yoongi. Namjoon stops drumming his fingers and leans back against the chair, resting his arm on either side. He moves robotically in slow technical movements until his face is facing forward, his eyes locking onto yours. With a gaze of a snake, waiting for you to say the wrong thing to snap. 
You open your mouth, but no words come out, unsure of what to say when it was your fault for forgetting about the meeting. 
“I was busy,” Yoongi announces in a rather bored tone.
Namjoon taps his finger again, now against the armchair, the taps sounding softer than the rigid ones on the table. 
“Hmm, what were you busy with… little brother? was it with the girl Jimin told me you had over...Keep messing around and I’ll tell father to teach you a lesson.” Namjoon snapped.
You feel a stinging pain in your heart, but you try your best to ignore it. Yoongi says nothing but shrugs.
“What’s your excuse,” He asks you now.
“I burned a house down,” You lied wanting to get a reaction out of him but got nothing. He just stood there, his face hidden by his black hoodie, unbothered. 
“Why?... instead of getting your ass here on time, you decide to do that. You know what if the both of you pull this shit again, to the basement it is,” 
A chill runs down your spine and you focus on the piece of paper that was stuck under the wheels of his chair.
“You both are getting married...with each other,” he exclaims. The corners of his mouth twitch upwards, almost as if he was about to smile, but he doesn't.
You choke on your spit and cough loudly, staring at Namjoon as if he has lost his mind. Ah, this was what they were congratulating you for, for this shit.
“You have to be fucking kidding,” Yoongi shouts, and you could hear the anger in his voice. 
“What? This is perfect... I've seen that you guys have stopped fighting for a while now, so this will be easy peasy,” 
You shake your head no, that he's got it all wrong.
“Anyway, remember the bride and the groom I made each of you study for these past few weeks...You guys are going to be them.”
“What! but isn't there already a groom and a bride?” you ask, thinking back to your notes, pretty sure that there was a bride and a groom already.
“Ah, about that… If you both would have come on time, we would have more time to discuss...But long story short, we killed them off because it was just going to complicate stuff. Plus, you both kinda look like them and with the power of makeup those old fucks won’t even know the difference,” 
Your mouth drops, taken back by the subtlety in his voice. Why the fuck would they kill them when the plan was to kill them at the wedding. The sound of a clap brings you out of your thoughts.
 Namjoon is now standing, Manila folder in hand as he looks inside it, humming an upbeat tune.
“I don’t want to fucking marry this asshole!” 
“I don’t want to fucking marry you either!” he fires back.
“Silence, it’s fucking fake you both are acting as if this was real... it’s not. By afternoon tomorrow, everything will be back to normal.” 
You look at the sparkly marble floor, pressing your lips into a tight line.
“Before you both leave to get dressed, I want to say a few things… you both know how each of them acted towards each other, I even made you both a list of the things I need to see happen at the wedding which will be in your rooms. You both can study your vows while they do your makeup or in the car… Yoongi as the boy you studied remember that he is possessive, he is crazy about his woman and all that toxic bullshit which I’m sure you’re good at….Oh and one last thing, the bride’s father is a creep and is going to come and check the morning of after you guys fake sex or you can-“
“No,” you both shout in unison, and Namjoon looks at you guys weirdly. 
“Chill I was just going to say to drip a bit of fake blood on the bed that will be in the room already. So that when he comes in with his wife to see you know what to do… well, take care of the rest,”
“Don’t disappoint...have fun, enjoy the 1-day honeymoon, and sorry I didn’t tell you both sooner.  I just didn’t want the both of you to kill each other before the get the fuck out,” he said with a crooked smile, falling back onto the chair as he pointed at the door.
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fave-bts-fics · a month ago
Roommate to My Soul
BY: justananpan (allodoxaphobia)
He squints his eyes and brings his wrist closer. It’s almost like a triangle, except the top is flat instead of pointed. From the middle, there’s a diagonal line going up to the right and outside of the triangular-like shape. With a tilt of his head he realizes it looks almost like a metronome.
When the hell had he gotten this? Did Jungkook convince him to get a tattoo while he was drunk? He supposes it would be payback from when Seokjin had done that to him some years ago. Tentatively, he touches it and is surprised it doesn’t hurt. Then as his brain wakes up more, he realizes it looks completely healed already, like it’d been there for a while.
Seokjin finally realizes what he’s looking at. This is his soul mark. He had met his soulmate last night.
-- Seokjin isn't as happy to meet his soulmate as others would expect him to be. He'd honestly prefer to have nothing to do with him. Too bad Yoongi makes it too hard to dislike him
2 notes · View notes
fave-bts-fics · a month ago
Clever as the Devil, Twice as Pretty
BY: deepslowpanic
Gold is one of the best in the business, quick and quiet, a thief with few rivals. When he and his team are hired for a new job, the potential for a big payout has them taking on the gamble. But Gold's luck can't last forever, and when things go sideways the only one there to save him is his rival, Gloss.
Teaming up with the enemy makes his skin crawl, but there's something about the other thief's silver hair and sharp eyes that draws him in.
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bts-fic-collection · a month ago
Hello!!! Thank you for allll the hard work you put in!💕 Please suggest the longest Fics possible!!! Absolutely any ship I just want them to be good! And fluffier the better. (Medium angst... think AGW) 100k+ pleaseeee
Thank you! ^_^ I’ve done my best to find some fics like that! :)
Shades of Wrong by maeumin
Rating: E
Pairings: Jungkook/Jimin
Status: Incomplete (Updated 16 Apr 21)
Word count: 116,189
Summary: When CEO Jeon Jeongguk is offered a deal he can't turn down, he requires the assistance of a right-hand man to assure everything goes according to plan.
What a shame the perfect candidate is no other than Park Jimin, the best lawyer in Seoul and Jeongguk's sworn enemy.
Box of Flowers by YeetMyself
Rating: E
Pairings: Jungkook/Taehyung/Jimin
Status: Complete
Word count: 109,401
Summary: The three of them made plans to meet by Han River, and Jimin was going to buy ice cream and a bottle of wine to celebrate his own courage. He was going to tell them how every time he looked at them his heart fluttered. How he dreamt of them, the three of them, staying together, forever. They would be happy and in love and… and it would be perfect.
In the span of a text message, a photo, and Jimin’s tears, those dreams crumbled.
Park Jimin has been in love with his best friends and housemates – Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook – for almost ten years. He finally has the courage to tell them, and then it happens. Taehyung and Jungkook fall in love with each other, leaving Jimin on the sidelines, alone.
The Prince Who Kissed A Dragon by Curionenene and YeonAh
Rating: E
Pairings: Seokjin/Taehyung
Status: Complete
Word count: 258,139
Summary: The smart reaction would be to take a step back and not engage in a deadly game of chicken with a thousand-pound flying reptile. But Taehyung's nannies hadn't raised a coward.
So, in what was the stupidest move in an increasingly dangerous list of stupid moves, Taehyung leaned up that extra foot and pressed a cheeky smooch to the centre of the dragon's snout.
Behind him, Jungkook let out a strangled sound, even as Jin pulled back, the cave shaking from his stumbling steps. "Did you just kiss me?"
(Oh, and yeah. There's black magic, intrigue, and a plot to claim Taehyung’s life and plunge the whole land into a cruel war. But we all know what you're really reading this for.)
I am your beautiful boy by NamjoonieSprout
Rating: Not rated
Pairings: Namjoon/Yoongi
Status: Complete
Word count: 272,049
Summary: There’s something so comforting with knowing your lifetime is limited. It was a morbid thing to say, to think about, but in some ways a comforting idea nevertheless. Because while this lifetime may be hell, this hell is short, confined within a set amount of time. It will end, as all things had a tendency to do. It gets rather depressing if you think too long about it though, just as all bad things will come to an end, so will all the good things. There is no judgement made, no clear separation between the two, it all merely leaves. You can’t even have second thoughts, no get out of jail free cards, no takes backs. Sometimes you don’t even get a goodbye.
Even then, it is your life, ultimately. A short time so unconditionally, lovingly entitled to you. Yours to make unhellish in so many ways, with so many attempts, a constant cycle of trial and error. The world wronged you with circumstance, and you will wrong it by staying alive and thriving within it.
This is how Yoongi views the world. In this world that had wronged him since birth, he will spite it by surviving it for as long as he can. He promises himself that he will come out the over side victorious, having lived a life that was more than just existence.
State of Our Affairs by ninadaydreams
Rating: E
Pairings: Jungkook/Seokjin, Seokjin/Taehyung
Status: Incomplete (Updated 5 Apr 21)
Word count: 328,807
Summary: Reporter Kim Seokjin has always wanted his byline on the front page of The Bangtan Times. But he didn't end up writing the lead story. . . because Reporter Kim Seokjin himself became the lead story.
An imagined modern Royalty AU also featuring Editor Min Yoongi, Socialite Jung Hoseok, Anchorman Kim Namjoon, Photojournalist Park Jimin, Artist Kim Taehyung, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Jeon Jungkook.
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