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#yoongi fake dating
bangtann-bangdamn · 7 days ago
I feel like my irritation is less with Yoongi and more witg YN. All of this could have been avoided if she'd simply made it known her feelings about Jimin had changed. Yoongi would have stillen be stubborn and ended the arrangement, but at least he would have felt less trash. Especially after she decided to be a punk and flee the country instead of addressing her problems like an adult.
I agree with you there. When YN realised that her feelings for Jimin had changed and started helping him in dating her brother, she had a choice. She could have told Yoongi what was going on. But by that point, she kind of loved the arrangement and she was scared that he would break it off because he didn’t feel the same way as her. Obviously as the reader (and author), we know that’s not the case. But people don’t always think logically. We make up all sorts of things to explain stuff and to YN, Yoongi was a really good actor (when reality is the man was never acting).
And I can tell you this for free, Yoongi wouldn’t have ended the arrangement. He would have asked her out for real. But more on that in the last part
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alpacaparkaseok · 11 days ago
Memoir of a Fake Girlfriend
Tumblr media
“I need to ask a favor…” “Nope. No way. I am not pretending to be your girlfriend again.” “Oh, c’mon!”
→ Chaebol!Yoongi x secretary!reader, feat. ot7 BTS
→ word count: 7k
→ warnings/tags: SFW, fluff, angst, slow burn, fake dating au, lots of pining lol, I guess like a Secretary Kim vibe? mentions of a mentally abusive relationship
→ a/n: and so it begins! this is the first of the summer requests! idk how long each request is gonna be, but I really wanted to do something like this so it turned out to be a little longer than I originally intended. hope you guys enjoy, feedback is always encouraged and appreciated!
Tumblr media
Four long years, you’ve labored at the 7th Son Firm under Min Yoongi’s watchful eye as his secretary. 
Four stupid years of doing way more paperwork than you realized possible, memorizing approximately 100,000 names (of course you’re known to exaggerate upon occasion), and presenting a happy, smiling face for all visiting clients. 
Four years spent getting to know Min Yoongi a little too well, somehow falling in with his rambunctious group of friends that make up the other six spots in the chairman’s board. 
Four excruciating, exhausting, egregious...let’s see, what else starts with ‘e’...ah, entropic years you have spent sitting at that stupid desk right by Min Yoongi’s elaborate office (see, I knew I could sneak another ‘e’ adjective in there) and doing the worst thing you could have ever done.
Pining after him. Wanting him, but always two steps behind and short on courage.
So when the Cinderella-like opportunity pops up to pose (quite literally) as Yoongi’s new girlfriend at an upcoming gala, what were you supposed to do? Say no? 
Carpe diem, losers.
“I thought you said you never loved her,” you huff, keeping your back to Yoongi as you furiously paint your front room wall a pristine white. You’d left early today just to come home and paint your new apartment. Yoongi hadn’t been too happy about it, but then again, was he ever?
Actually, you take that back. You saw him smile yesterday, when you brought him his coffee.
“I didn’t,” Yoongi defends, and you can already picture how he must look right now. Arms crossed, brows furrowed, and cheeks an impressive shade of pink. “I don’t. But I just need this. Just this once.”
You snort, throwing your paint roller down and avoiding the paint droplets that go flying everywhere. 
“For never loving her, you’re acting awfully jealous.”
Yoongi hardly meets your eyes as you turn to face him, his eyes trained on your hands that are covered with paint. “Just once. I promise.”
Perhaps these past four years of unrequited love have left you weak, because you find yourself wanting to help him out. One night, one date-night, pretending to be his girlfriend. All in an effort to piss of Ana, his dreaded ex. 
Of course, it might have to do with the way Yoongi looks right now. Indeed, his cheeks are red and he continues to avoid your gaze. His shy stance is so at odds with his dressy attire; wearing his signature black slacks and button down shirt. The top button is undone, and there’s no tie in sight. He probably took it off before coming up to your apartment to plead his case.
“Fine.” The word has barely left your lips before Yoongi’s bursting out into a howl of excitement, making you hiss and roll your eyes even though your lips are fighting a smile. He’s still in the middle of his weird celebratory dance (which involves wiggling his butt and making you dissolve into laughter despite your best efforts) when a figure appears in the doorway to your apartment. 
“Do I even wanna know?” Jungkook drawls, stepping inside and wrinkling his nose at the strong smell of paint. You rush over to him and grab some of the groceries hanging off his arm with a grateful smile.
“Hey, you got groceries! Thanks, Kook!”
“You actually asked her?!” Namjoon’s voice comes ringing from down the hallway before he’s walking through the door with another bucket of paint and a shocked expression. “Hyung!”
Yoongi pauses in his celebration long enough to glance over at Namjoon. “What?”
“You’re actually gonna do the fake girlfriend thing?”
Even the mention of the word ‘girlfriend’ has you sucking in a deep breath, busying yourself with your groceries. Yoongi launches into a debate with Namjoon, leaving Jungkook looking a little dazed. 
“Hey,” Jungkook sidles over to you, starting to pull the groceries out of the bags. “Wanna come eat dinner at our place tonight? You’ll get sick if you stay in here all day with that smell.”
“I’m fine-”
“Yes! Come eat with us!” Namjoon interrupts, looking a little desperate. “Our treat. Consider this our way of bribing you to not tell HR anything.”
Yoongi has finally calmed down, meandering toward the door. “Right. Come over later tonight...” he pauses, resting his hand on the door knob before glancing up at you. With a toothy grin he says, “We have lots to discuss.”
He cackles as you groan, disappearing into the evening air. 
Tumblr media
“Wait, I have to dress up? Like, actually dress up?”
You’re currently sitting at a crowded table with Hobi, Jin, Namjoon, and Jungkook. Taehyung and Jimin sit at the kitchen island, snickering at your shocked expression. Your best friend, Chae, sits with them at the island, watching you with unabashed amusement. She busted up when you told her what you got yourself into, and wanted to come along tonight in order to get the first-hand experience. She’s Jin’s secretary, although the two of them hardly speak outside of work. Something about his blinding good looks...?
“...yes,” Jin explains. “It’s a charity gala, remember? And Ana is hosting.”
“Right. Ana.” You shove some food into your mouth in an effort to hide your disappointment at the mention of Yoongi’s ex. “See,” you say through your full mouth, “what I don’t why...he still cares? It’s been like...” you shake your head, counting on your fingers. “Like, almost a year!”
Taehyung scoffs from the kitchen island. “Jealous, are we?”
You whirl around, staring daggers into him. “Jealous? No way!”
“Wait, you don’t like Yoongo, do you?” Jin asks, making you spin back around to face him. He feigns a look of shock, which has Hobi rolling beside him. 
You try to play it cool, rolling your eyes. “I don’t like him. In fact I-” 
“Loathe me?” 
You snap your fingers, turning back around to face the where the voice just came from. “Exactly-oh! I didn’t see you there.” 
Yoongi hovers in the doorway to the kitchen, smirking at having caught you off guard. “Right. Sure you didn’t.” He sweeps inside, grabbing some of the food off of Jimin’s plate and greeting Chae. “Anyways, what are you wearing to this thing? So I can plan for it.”
Before you can even open your mouth, Chae is speaking up. “Well, that depends. What kind of vibe are you going for?”
Yoongi pauses. “What do you mean?”
“You know, the vibe.” Chae makes a show of cracking her knuckles and preparing to explain. “Like, are you going to be the cute, lovable couple? The sexy couple? Chill?”
Yoongi stands in the middle of the kitchen with his jaw dropped, no doubt imagination running wild with this new variety of options. You jump to your feet, pointing an accusing finger at Chae.
“Chill! We’re just chill!” You shout wildly, making everyone burst out into laughter. Yoongi looks a little upset, but in a blink the expression is replaced with his typical uninterested persona. 
Chae nods thoughtfully. “ Great.”
Jimin howls next to her, slipping off his chair and making you snicker in sweet revenge. 
“” Yoongi frowns, sounding a bit uncertain. “I can’t do sexy.”
Rolling your eyes, you nudge past him and yank Chae off of her chair. “Rise to the occasion, Min.” Pulling your friend out the door with you, you call over your shoulder, “I expect to be amazed!”
You’re fairly certain you hear him swearing under his breath, but it’s drowned out by Jin’s laughter as he says, “Remember, this was your idea.”
Tumblr media
The rest of your night passes by in a flurry of excited squeals from Chae and a couple of half-hearted ones on your part. You’re quickly losing your excitement now that you realize just what you’ve gotten yourself into. 
“Yah,” Chae gripes, plopping down beside you on the side of your bed. “You’re sulking.”
You hide a yawn. “I am, yes. Thanks for pointing it out.”
“Why are you sulking? Haven’t you been dying to go out with Yoongi for years?”
Falling back until you’re staring up at the ceiling, you groan. “Yeah, but...not like this. Won’t it make things weird? I mean, he’s my boss still.”
The bed wobbles, and Chae lays down beside you. It’s quiet for a moment before she mumbles, “Yeah, maybe. So...what are you gonna do?”
“I promised him I’d go, didn’t I?”
“Yeah, but you can back out. He wouldn’t hold it against you. Or even just go as his secretary, nobody would think twice about it.”
You shake your head, mind already made up. Besides, the thought of going as his secretary and possibly forcing him to ask someone else to be his date has you clenching your jaw. “No, I’ll go. If only to help him as a friend.”
“...and to piss of-”
“And to piss of Ana, yes.”
Chae snorts, and you laugh beside her. “You’re hopeless,” she croons. 
“No!” You defend. “Just...spiteful.”
“Right. That’s better.”
Tumblr media
When your phone buzzes at 2am, you stir a little but ignore it. Flipping your pillow over to the cool side, you settle back down with a content sigh. You’ve still got five hours of sleep left, how glorious-
bzzz bzzz
You freeze, frowning a little now. What’s the big deal? Who’s messaging you at this hour?
Are you really that much of a grandma that you can’t stand 2am text messages?
Exerting all of your strength to throw your dead arm atop your nightstand, you grope around until your fingers find your phone. 
“Ah, c’mon!” You groan as your phone tumbles to the ground, blinding you as it lands screen-up and lights up. “Ugh!”
It takes an embarrassing amount of time to finally get out from under your covers and grab your phone from off the floor. Approximately three lifetimes later, you finally have it and nearly drop it again once you see the message that drove you from your peaceful sleep. 
boss yoongi 🙃: are you asleep?
boss yoongi 🙃: can I come over?? wanna talk for just a minute 
Bolting out of bed, you realize a little too late that your sheets are tangled around your legs still.
A groaning, cursing heap on the floor, you roll over and kick off your sheets. Taking a deep breath, you finally manage to reply with shaking fingers.
me: yeah, I’m up. is this work related?
You’re already wracking your brain for some sort of file you may have missed or a mistake you might have made throughout the course of the day. You were a little distracted today; too excited about your new apartment and getting started on painting. 
boss yoongi 🙃: sure
boss yoongi 🙃: be there in 5
With that non-committal response in mind, you scramble for your slippers and to maybe run a brush through your hair. The sight that greets you in the mirror is certainly one to behold, but you decide that’s Yoongi’s problem. If he wanted to see the typical Madame Secretary - hair pinned back and shoes shined - then he should have waited until at least 8am. 
Your front room still smells strongly of paint when Yoongi quietly knocks on your door a few eight minutes later. Opening the door halfway and retreating back into the comfort of your kitchen, you watch as Yoongi quietly wanders inside and shuts the door quietly. 
Yoongi blinks, looking exhausted. “Oh. What kind?”
“Yes, please.”
Hmph. Looks like Yoongi turns into a gentleman at two in the morning. Interesting. 
He doesn’t sit even when you tell him to, instead opting to stand on the other side of the counter and somberly watch you place the kettle atop the stove. Once that’s been settled, you turn to him expectantly. 
“I, uh...” Yoongi rubs his arms, looking around your dark apartment as though he wasn’t just here a few hours ago. “Do you mind if we talk outside?’s a nice night.”
You shrug, following him out the door and leaving it ajar. He’s right, it’s a beautiful night. The stars and bright above you and the moon is nearly full, providing ample light for you to take a seat atop your porch step. The little light above your stove illuminates your back, giving you a false sense of warmth. 
Once you’ve settled, you wait. 
It’s takes a minutes for Yoongi to begin. He stretches a little, yawning and readjusting his black sweatshirt. You’ve seen him in a similar state countless times; often having the undesired honor of being his wake-up call on business trips. 
“Why did you say yes?”
You blink, glancing over at him before jerking your attention away and directing it heaven-ward again. He looks too soft right now, you might say something stupid if you get lost in his timid nature. 
Instead, you play it off. “To what? The gala?”
“Well, yeah. I guess.” He sighs. “To me. Why did you say yes to me?”
“Because you asked nicely.”
“What?” Yoongi chokes out, sounding much more awake. “You’re joking.”
Scowling, you pull your robe a little tighter around you. “No, I’m not. You’d be amazed at what can come from asking nicely, Mr. Min.”
“Are you implying that I don’t ask for things nicely?”
“No, sir. That’s half the issue, you don’t even ask most of the time.”
Yoongi scoffs, eyes alight with an inner flame. Pride, most likely. As you’ve already stated, you know him a little too well. 
“Of course I ask, I ask for your help all the time at work-”
“No,” you interrupt, matching him in stubbornness. “You used to ask, like three and a half years ago. Now you just- you just-”
“I just what?!”
“You just...” groaning, you bunch up the fabric of your robe in your fists. “You never ask! You snap your fingers and expect me to understand what you need! Like I’m just some sort of dog you’ve spent the last four years training, when in fact I have my own thoughts and issues of my own!”
Yoongi gapes at you for a moment before launching up to his feet. “’re not a dog!”
You rise to your feet as well, laughing drily. “Is that so? What else could I possibly be, Mr. Min?”
Yoongi flinches at the second use of the formality tonight, although he doesn’t allow it to slow him down at all. He clenches his jaw, furrowing his brows as he levels you with a determined glare.
“You’re my-” he stops, closing his mouth before trying again. “You’re my...mine.”
Suddenly all of the fight deflates out of Yoongi, but you don’t feel like you’ve won anything. In fact, you’re more confused than when you began. 
“Yoongi,” you venture, but he waves you off. His brief moment of eye contact is long gone, and he stares at his shoes before speaking up.
“I didn’t- I just meant...I feel that I’m responsible for you. This gala...I roped you into it. Just...” he shakes his head, huffing out an annoyed sigh. “I wanted to make sure you didn’t agree to it because you were worried about your job stability. That’s all.”
That is not all. You can tell from the way he fidgets on your doorstep and pulls his sleeves down to cover his hands that’s there’s much more going on in that head of his, but you don’t push it. 
“I get it, though, if you don’t want to go. We obviously have some issues-”
“I’m going.” Yoongi’s head snaps up at your firm response, but he just gives you a curt nod before stepping away. 
“Good. I mean- thank you.”
A flicker of fire remains in you, just enough for you to muster a smirk. “Don't thank me yet.”
Yoongi departs, briefly apologizing for leaving you with more tea than you expected. He decided it would be best for him to leave instead of imposing even more. 
It’s fine. Something tells you that you’ll need the extra chamomile. Your brain is still whirring after your spat with him. When was the last time you lost your temper with him? It’s been well over a year, at least. 
You’ve just started your second cup of tea when your phone buzzes. 
boss yoongi 🙃: take the day off tomorrow. go pick out a dress - my treat.
Sure enough, a second later you receive a notification from Venmo for a ridiculous sum of money and a caption that has you nearly throwing your mug across the room.
woof woof 🐶
Tumblr media
It was fairly easy to sweeten the deal and convince Yoongi and talk to Jin and give Chae the day off as well. “For emotional support” after your little tiff last night. 
Chae was all too happy to assist, oohing over every little thing. Oh, and also still strongly supporting the ‘sexy’ aspect of things. 
“Sleek and sexy,” she repeats for perhaps the twenty-second time. “Ooh, like that one.”
You step out of the dressing room, flanked by consultants that apparently know and love Yoongi and were instructed to assist you today. They gush about the dress and how it hugs your curves just right, the deep red pulling all the attention toward you. The off-the-shoulder sleeves are what has Chae raging, declaring that this is the one. 
“How do you feel?”
You grin, staring at your reflection. “This is it.”
As you march out of the store with the dress and a new set of earrings for both you and Chae - who’ll be going as Jin’s secretary and holding down the fort from afar - you feel lighter than you have in nearly four years. 
You’re not going down without a fight. Yoongi is in for quite the night.
Tumblr media
Throughout the rest of the week you hardly cross paths with Yoongi. He silently passes by your desk each morning on his way to his office, greeting you with a simple nod of his head. In fact, the only words you recall him saying to you was when he buzzed you into his office and requested the last quarter’s reports to be enlarged and printed out for a meeting. 
You scurried out before you could even realize that he’d not only asked, but added on a please at the end. 
Needless to say, you were shocked when you sat down at your desk to fulfill the request and noted that he had indeed asked nicely.  
Friday arrived at last, and the entire office was buzzing with excitement. The gala was tonight, and that meant that today was a special ‘early-off’ day for all employees. Most everyone was invited to the luncheon before the gala, however only the chaebols and their associates were going to the actual gala.
“What are you gonna do with your Friday?” 
Jung Bo-young carefully unwraps her sandwich at her desk as you walk from desk to desk, laying out the itinerary for Monday’s meeting. Bo-young appears to be engrossed in her food, her neighbor eyeing it greedily. 
“Me?” You blink, finishing up your task and edging towards the door. “Oh, er...I was thinking I might visit my grandmother. She’s getting awfully old and frail-”
“She’s going to the gala with me.” 
Everyone falls utterly silent as Yoongi steps inside the room. He pays them no mind, keeping his eyes trained on you. 
Bo-young sputters, choking on her sandwich. “The gala? You- you’re going with Mr. Min?”
Everyone looks as though they’re watching a tennis match with the way their attention keeps swiveling back and forth between you and Yoongi. You open your mouth to speak, but close it again. 
“I- uh,” you mumble, now striding toward the exit in earnest. “Oh, would you look at that! Mr. Min, don’t you have an international call to take in a few minutes? We should go set up for that-”
“They called early.”
“Huh, is that so.” You clap your hands, throwing caution to the wind and grabbing Yoongi’s arm to yank him back. “Oh, looks like they’re calling again! Can’t you hear your phone ringing?”
“They called my mobile phone, I have it right here-”
“We’d better hurry, don’t want to miss that call!” Dragging him along, you shoot a desperate smile back to the bewildered employees. “Work hard! Fighting!”
You hear a couple of confused “fighting” in response, but you’re mind is far from the sales staff right now. No, you’re still dragging a wild Min Yoongi behind you as though reeling in a marlin. 
“What are you-”
“Just, wait!” You seethe, turning the corner and making beeline for Yoongi’s office. Throwing the huge doors open, you march inside and make sure Yoongi isn’t going to escape before turning and closing the doors behind you. 
Leaning up against the door and panting, you shoot him a glare. “What. was. that.”
Yoongi has the good sense to look afraid as he stands between you and one of the leather couches and adorns his office. “I...what? They asked what you were doing today!”
“And you go off and tell them that we’re going on a date?!” 
“Well, we are, aren’t we?”
You pause in your berating, staring at Yoongi like he just grew a second head. “Wait, what?”
“I mean, sure,” Yoongi takes a step back, leaning against the back of the couch and ruffling his hair in a very unprofessional way. “The circumstances are a bit strange-”
“Yoongi, you literally asked me to be your fake girlfriend!”
He winces, crossing his arms. “When you put it like that, it sounds messed up. I’ll give you that much.”
“Does this...” you shake your head, steeling your nerves. “Does this classify as a date in your book?”
Yoongi shrugs, looking up at the ceiling and squinting his eyes. “I don’t know...does it for you?”
“...I don’t know.”
Your lungs struggle to function as Yoongi finally looks your way for a single heartbeat before averting his eyes again. When he speaks up again, his quiet voice sounds too loud in the silent room.
“I’ll pick you up at seven.” He pauses, glancing at you once more. “Ok?”
If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he was nervous. 
Tumblr media
Yoongi arrives at 6:58.
You aren’t surprised. In fact, you’re standing by the door waiting for him to arrive when he does. He mentioned something a couple of years back about liking to arrive two minutes early. Said something about it being the golden time, and how he always felt like the 58 had a warm feeling to it. 
You’re not sure if you remember because it made sense to you in the strangest way, or if it was because you were on your third night in Morocco for a business trip and Yoongi had finally donned a normal t-shirt in lieu of his typical sweatshirt. He sat out on your balcony with you for hours, watching the sunset and talking about business before slowly dissolving into different topics. 
Sitting there in the golden sunset and admiring his pale arms finally exposed by his white t-shirt, you hung on his every word. 
So it’s no surprise when there’s a soft knock and you open the door at exactly 6:58 to reveal Min Yoongi clad in a black tux with a black bowtie. No sight of those pale forearms he almost always hides, but the fact that you know what he looks like in basketball shorts and a t-shirt makes you feel a little strange. 
A little giddy. 
Ah, right. Back to you.
Yoongi doesn’t even bother to hide his amazement as you stand before him in your deep red dress, holding a small clutch that has hardly any functional use other than holding your phone and chapstick. 
While his eyes fall to your exposed shoulders for longer than necessary, it’s not the dress that he first mentions. 
“Your hair is down.”
You give him a small smile, suddenly feeling unbelievablely soft. “Yes.”
“ did you curl it like that?”
“Like what?”
He shrugs, one hand reaching out as though to touch a stray curl before he drops it back down to his side. “Like that.”
A couple of short honks stops you in your sarcastic comment, and Yoongi waves at the car waiting for you below. “Jin’s riding with us. He probably bribed the driver into honking.”
You laugh, missing the way Yoongi’s eyes light up at the sound. “He probably did. Should we get going?”
Extending his arm, Yoongi smiles softly. “C’mon.”
Sure enough, Jin is waiting for you in the car when you pile in. He reassures you that Chae will be there, but that she’s already there waiting for him. “Preparing my spotlight,” he explains, winking. 
Yoongi is quiet the entire drive there, although you swear you feel anytime he sighs or fidgets. It’s almost like there’s some sort of electric current pulled taut between the two of you. 
“Here!” Jin chants as the car pulls up to a large event center. The name of the charity is in bright bold letters above the entrance, gold banners adorning either side. The front is swarmed with good looking attendees, making you suck in a deep breath. 
Jin clambers out as soon as the car comes to a stop, opting to rip it off like a bandaid. As the oldest member of the 7th Son Firm, he’s automatically swarmed with cameras and reporters. 
“You ready?” Yoongi asks, and you jump a little. You'd nearly forgotten he was still in the car with you, you were so engrossed in the events going on outside. 
“As I’ll ever be.”
He gives you a toothy smile that you don’t have the time to return before he’s stepping out of the car and rushing to your side. 
Right. Girlfriend. That’s what you are tonight. 
You take a few seconds to slip into the persona you carefully crafted the night before with Chae. 
Cool, calm. Yoongi’s counterpart. His equal. 
In every way.
When Yoongi opens your door, you step out with a purpose. Tonight, you don’t have to mingle with possible clients and remind Yoongi of people’s names. He assured you before that tonight, your utmost priority would be to sell the part. 
Consider it sold.
Your legs aren’t shaky in the least as you step out of the car and face Yoongi with a close-lipped smile. He blinks, the only surprise he’ll show in public, before offering you his arm. 
Like water through the Nile, the two of you carve out a path of your own through the crowd. Cameras flash, people call out Yoongi’s name and your own. With a start, you realize that they recognize you. Min Yoongi’s faithful secretary, his most constant accessory, and now, his lover. 
You’ve nearly made it inside the building when you first overhear the whispers. 
“Isn’t that...?”
“Ugh, the secretary? How unoriginal.”
“She looks beautiful, don’t you think?”
“Of course she’s beautiful, Mr. Min wouldn’t bring her if she didn’t fit the mold.”
You school your features into neutrality, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. 
Yoongi squeezes your hand, the only sign that he’s also overheard the comments. Once you’ve stepped inside, he leans over to whisper in your ear. 
“They’re just jealous.”
You scoff, nudging him with your elbow. “Right, not everyone can get with Mr. Min.”
“No,” he shakes his head, nudging you back. “You’re everything they’re not, and they’ll loathe you for it.”
He gently guides you deeper into the building, nodding at a couple of acquaintances along the way. Continuing to speak, you have to strain to hear his words over the music flooding the halls.
“You’re intelligent, successful.” Jimin waves at you from across the giant ballroom, Hoseok beaming beside him once he catches sight of you two. 
“You’re a contradiction that they don’t understand.”
You see Chae to your right, hovering a couple of steps behind Jin. She looks beautiful in a pale yellow dress. She’s completely oblivious to the way Jin keeps glancing back at her, looking a little dazed as he takes in her appearance and laughing a little too hard at what she says.
“A contradiction?” You ask, looking all around the room and missing the way Yoongi is looking right at you. Your roles are reversed for a moment, with you looking everywhere but him and Yoongi completely immersed in your eyes as they flit about the room.
“Yes,” he breathes out. 
“Give me an example, Mr. Min.”
There’s a forgotten smile on his face as you address him so formally, sarcasm clear in your tone. 
“You’re ambitious, yet carefree.” He leads you down the stairs, onto the packed floor. An auction already took place earlier, which is partially was Chae was here for. She bid on behalf of the seven chairmen. Now, the room has been transformed into a true ballroom, a live band playing on one end. 
It’s before the throng that Yoongi stops, releasing you in order to stand in front of you. You finally focus on him, a little bewildered at the expression on his face. 
“Stunning and absolutely terrifying.”
Suddenly Yoongi is all you can see, your focus whetted with the shock of his statement. Your stomach leaps with your heart at this new development, but you find that you’ve gone mute. 
Yoongi doesn’t ask for an answer, instead extending a hand. “Now that I think about it, I think that makes you more terrifying.”
Finally, your tongue is loosed. Against all odds, you manage a smirk. “What, my stunning-ness?”
“That’s not a word.”
Your smirk grows into a silly smile that you have no control over, and you’re delighted when Yoongi mirrors it. “Don’t try to detract from the fact that you just confessed that you think I’m scary.”
He does his best to frown, although the smile on his face hinders his ability. “I pointed out several qualities, and that’s the one you remember?”
“Yes.” No. You remember them all as though they were etched on your skin with a red-hot flame.
“Dance with me.”
You do.
You’re not quite sure what happens between taking his hand and weaving your way to the center of the dance floor. Mind still reeling from the events of the past thirty minutes, you let Yoongi spin you around before pulling you in a little closer than before. 
Again, you spin. Again, he pulls you in a bit closer. 
The song changes, something a little slower. Deeper. 
Again, he spins you. Slower this time. 
Once more, he pulls you closer. Too close your mind screams at you, but your body automatically reacts and you lean in a little closer until your temple meets his cheek bone. 
Yoongi’s breath dances along your shoulder, a testament to his close proximity. Despite the heat of the crowded room, you tingle with chills as he exhales again. 
Your eyelids feel heavy, the slow rhythm nearly lulling you to sleep as Yoongi continues to sway back and forth. His hand squeezes your own, thumb running absentminded circles on the back of your hand. 
As the music fades out and a jazzier tune replaces it, you wonder for a moment if Yoongi will let you stay out here all night. However, just as you go to ask, you notice someone staring daggers at you over Yoongi’s shoulder. 
Ana is wearing black tonight. Black, as though attending a funeral.
Perhaps your own, judging from the way she looks like she wants to strangle you. 
“Everything alright, jagiya?”
The pet name sends you reeling as Yoongi pulls away just enough to see your face. You blink a couple of times to clear your head, not daring to look up at him and see the lovesick expression on his face. 
A pet. That’s what you are, remember? The evidence is standing behind your boss, dressed in black with a diamond necklace worth more than last year’s entire payroll.
“Uh...” you mentally curse yourself for your lack of eloquence. “I- oh no.” 
“Oh no?” Yoongi cups your cheek, effectively lighting you aflame with the simple gesture as he tries to look into your eyes. “What do you mean-”
The sickly sweet voice reminds you of what hell must feel like as Yoongi jolts and spins around to face Ana. She smiles timidly, fiddling with her diamond necklace as though it were a three dollar chain.
You start at Yoongi’s cold tone, staring as Ana seems to ice over at the sound of it. To her credit, she recovers quickly, shooting you a smile over Yoongi’s shoulder. 
“You brought your secretary,” she scrunches up her nose in what you think is supposed to be a cute way. “How fitting.”
Yoongi’s tense, hardly breathing as he stands with his back to you. “Fitting?”
Ana smiles again, and you realize Yoongi’s mistake a second too late. He’s playing right into her hands. 
“Fitting to bring a charity case to a charity gala, don’t you think? That’s what you used to say to me, wasn’t it?” She frowns, trying to remember all those months ago. “No friends, no job...honestly, I always admired your kind heart for taking her in.”
In your overdramatic imagination, the world stops spinning. The music stops, and people gasp at the audacity of Ana for her bitter comments. 
But nothing happens. 
No, the music keeps playing. People are laughing, spinning around and chatting with old friends and new acquaintances. You spot Jin in the corner, one hand scratching the back of his neck while Chae shows him something on his phone. 
And there’s Yoongi and Ana, both clad in black and looking as though they’re seconds from ripping each other’s throats out. 
“What are you playing at, Ana?” Yoongi grinds out. Ana smiles even wider, and you note with a start that there’s no love in her eyes. No sense of longing. 
Just mirth. 
“Can’t I just play for the fun of it? Isn’t this fun?” she asks innocently, stepping a little closer. To anyone else, it looks like she’s trying to hear him better in the loud room. She glances at you over his shoulder yet again, white teeth looking sharper than before. “This was always the most fun, you know. Riling him up. It’s easier than you’d think.”
The verbal lashing you have ready for her dies out as you notice the way Yoongi’s shoulders deflate. With utter horror you realize that she’s means it. 
What kind of sick person lives to play mind games with their significant other?
Suddenly you remember Yoongi coming to your house just a few days ago, begging you to come with him. To pretend to be his girlfriend.
It wasn’t in an effort to make Ana jealous. No, he wanted to avoid her at all costs. The thought of Yoongi alone with her, cornered as she launched her mental attacks nearly has you punching her right here and now. Yoongi would never fight back against her, that much you’re certain of. And Ana...she views him as free real estate to play with.
You aren’t here as an accessory. You’re here as a protector, even though Yoongi couldn’t quite muster up the courage to ask you for help. 
“Funny, from what I remember, your secretary never shut her mouth. What changed?” Yoongi doesn’t answer, and Ana continues before you can form a response. “You’re quiet, too. Don’t you want to chat with me, Yoongs? We’ve got lots to catch up on. Let’s go somewhere a little more private, let your secretary do her work while we catch up.”
Ana gestures for him to follow her, and you can practically see the gears turning in Yoongi’s brain. He realizes that Ana didn’t fall for the girlfriend façade you were supposed to be playing at, and that it didn’t deter her from her end goal. Instead of sacrificing your well-being, he’ll go with her. Disappear into some dark corner and let her wreak havoc in an effort to save you from her. 
As Yoongi mumbles something to you about going to Chae and takes a step after Ana, you leap forward. 
“Wait!” You place yourself between Yoongi and Ana, ignoring the thrilled expression on her face as she waits for this new development to unfold. “There’s, uh, someone you should meet!”
Ana tilts her head to one side. “Oh? Looks like you can speak after all. A little loud, if you ask me, but that’s fine. Beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.” She directs the last bit at Yoongi, who visibly stiffens. 
You offer Ana a sugary smile, dropping all pretenses. 
You can’t play her game. You won’t play her game. 
Let’s see if she can keep up with yours. 
“Have you met Mr. Wu?” You ask, striding forward and linking your arms through Ana’s. She stumbles back a step, a little shocked before composing herself. “He’s our latest partner at 7th Son, and actually owns several companies internationally. Word on the street is that he’s planning on buying out Ernst & Young. Can you believe that?”
Ana blinks, allowing you to tug her along once she realizes that Yoongi is following. “O-oh, is that so? I really have no interest in meeting him, though, I’m actually quite busy-”
“Mr. Wu!” You wave at the old man who sits in the far corner with his cane propped up on his leg. “Mr. Wu, it’s so great to see you here! I’m so glad you could make it!” 
Mr. Wu smiles warmly at you, remembering you from a meeting you had just last month. You sat by him, translating his notes into Cantonese for later use. 
“Oh, it’s so good to see you darling,” Mr. Wu says, patting a spot beside him.  
“It’s great to see you too! You know what’s crazy?” You keep Ana in your iron-like grip as she pulls against you. “This is my close friend Ana, and she actually loves cooking. We were just discussing how to properly prepare Eight Treasure wouldn’t happen to have any tips for her, would you? She’s pretty helpless when it comes to preparing traditional Chinese food.”
Mr. Wu’s eyes light up with utter joy at the mention of cooking. “Oh, my dear. Sit down, sit down! Let me tell you all about it!” 
Ana pushes against you, but you manage to direct her toward the empty seat and lightly trip her into it. She sputters, looking at an excited Mr. Wu who has already begun his lecture. 
“Now, have you ever been to mainland China? That will greatly affect how you prepare this dish, obviously.”
“Have fun!” You call over your shoulder, turning and grabbing Yoongi before scurrying away. Yoongi follows after you, looking nothing less than shocked. 
Once you’ve escaped into a dark hallway, Yoongi stops to catch his breath. 
“What...was that?” He pants, looking up at you from where he’s doubled over. You grin maliciously. 
“I changed the game.”
“You what?”
You shrug. “I’m a secretary. It’s literally my job to know everything about everyone. And I knew for a fact that once you bring up food - especially traditional Chinese food - to Mr. Wu, that he’ll instantly launch into a long-winded lecture that nobody can escape. Not even Ana.”
Yoongi straightens up, staring at you with wonder. “ changed the game.”
You nod, smiling softly. “Yep.”
“I...” he runs a hand through his hair, effectively mussing it. “You’re not just a secretary.”
“You know, you should’ve told me right from the start that Ana’s evil.”
“Did you hear what I said?” Yoongi asks, stepping forward. 
“Like I said before, you never ask. If you would have asked me properly for help back when you two were together, I would have helped-”
“Yah! Didn’t you hear me?” Yoongi grabs your shoulders, leaning down to stare you straight in the eyes. “You’re not just a secretary to me! I...I need you to know that!”
Yoongi’s bowtie has come loose, and with shaking hands you reach forward to fix it. “...what am I, then?”
His lips answer the question well enough. One moment you’re fixing his bowtie, and the next your eyes are drifting shut as Yoongi cups your cheek and crashes into you. 
He tastes like cold sea-air and a golden Moroccan sunset. 
He feels right, like arriving exactly two minutes early. 
And as he breaks apart to look you in the eyes, he looks like he’s yours. 
Suddenly he’s laughing, pulling you back in. You punch his chest, fighting a laugh of your own. “Yah! What are you laughing about?”
He grins, tracing your spine and sending tingles up and down your body. “I need to ask a favor…” 
You shake your head, cheeks aching with how hard you’re smiling. “Nope. No way. I am not pretending to be your girlfriend again.” 
“Oh, c’mon!” Resting his forehead against yours, he gives you his best puppy-dog eyes. You melt instantly, although you’ll never admit it. “ about a date?”
You roll your eyes. “Finally. It only took you four years.”
Yoongi laughs, leaning in again but stopping just shy of your lips. “Wait...what did you say?”
Instantly your cheeks turn red. “Oh, uh...”
“Four years?” He steps back, gasping. “You’re joking.”
“Yah, leave me alone!” You whine. Yoongi chuckles, taking your hands in his again. He brings your knuckles to your lips, kissing each one and nearly making you dizzy with the action. 
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, it’s actually been five.”
“...what?” You frown. “But I’ve only known you for four!”
Yoongi shakes his head. “Remember that cafe you used to waitress for?”
You nod slowly, not understanding where he’s going with it. He pulls you in close again, looking absolutely lovestruck.
“Tuesday evenings, corner booth. I always wanted you to be my waitress, but you never were.” He grins like a schoolboy now, and you realize with a start that you recall a suit-clad customer always making an appearance on Tuesdays. You’d been too intimidated by him to serve him, begging your coworkers to take the table instead.
“Imagine my luck when you applied to be my secretary.”
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fake dating au bc fake dating aus will never ever go wrong  ∞ roommate yoongi
Tumblr media
“Yoongiiiiiiiiiii –”
“No.” His back is turned to you as he scours for some instant coffee in the pantry, but you can hear the flat-out rejection of your suggestion loud and clear, making you scowl.
Min Yoongi can predict a major sulk fest coming on like a storm, and sure enough the glance he sneaks to where you are sitting on the couch showed the telltale signs; a dark cloud settling down and casting a heavy glum look on your face. He controls the twitch of his lips and conceals it under a mask of what would be called apathy – knowing all too well any hint of a smile or amusement would bring the simmering anger to a full blown volcanic explosion on your side.
“Pleeeease. I only have you.”
If his heart stuttered at your words, Yoongi was sure not to let it show in his explicit movements as nimble, pianist fingers curling around the mug that he brings to his lips for a sip of the strong drink. Yoongi lets the warm caramel coloured rivulets course down his throat, eyes closed in deep rumination. Out of all the wacky ideas you had, this way by far the one that clinched the golden trophy. Although Yoongi wasn’t sure if he really disliked the notion of being your boyfriend, even if it was a pretend one for a period of two weeks.
“What do I get?”
You huff. “I don’t know. Whatever you want.” As soon as the words carelessly tumble from your lips you grimace, knowing you’ve practically sold your soul to the devil by letting Yoongi decide on the price.
“Whatever I want?” Yoongi repeats the tempting offer, interest piqued.
A groan sounds from the couch. “Yeeees.”
“You must be really desperate,” Yoongi lightly comments, setting the mug on the counter.
“I am,” you retort. “My ex-BF and my ex-crush will be there and I accidentally revealed I didn’t have plans for the week so…”
This makes Min Yoongi perk a brow. “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” Your face pops up from the back of the couch, arms waving the misunderstanding away.
“No no, ex-best friend. Who is currently going out with my cr– err.. ex-crush.”
“Yikes,” is all Yoongi has to offer.
“I know,” you respond, slumping back into the cushions. You’re already racking your brain for ideas on how to bail, but with your mind a tangled mess like your hair, searching for a shred of an idea was equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack. You groan out loud, flopping back into the cushions, almost missing Yoongi’s quiet sigh of fine.
You jackknife up into a sitting position, grabbing the edge of the couch so hard your knuckles turn white. You were pretty sure you heard it, but you needed to hear it one more time just in case.
“What did you just say?”
Yoongi downs the rest of his coffee, wiping the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand before turning to place the mug in the sink. “I’m not saying it again.”
He hears some trampling going on and before he can wonder what the fuck is going on, you’ve launched yourself towards his back in a hug, almost making the small man stumble at the sheer force of it. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you, I could kiss you right now,” you squeaked into the back of your roommate’s shirt, and Yoongi thanks the heavens because you can’t see how he shifts his gaze like he does when he’s shy.
“We don’t have to, though.” You quickly interject, almost placatingly. The most we have to do is hold hands in front of them, I think that should be enough,” you add.  “So don’t worry about doing anything you’re not comfortable with.”
Yoongi just hums boredly in acknowledgment at the same time your phone rings. He doesn’t miss the roll of your eyes when you read the caller ID before you swipe right to pick up the call.
You hang up after a brief string of ‘yeahs’, turning to Yoongi who just  gives you a curious look.
“So. When is it?” He drawls out as lazily as he starts to lay on his side on the couch.  The sheepish look that crosses your features never indicated a good thing, and Yoongi pauses in the middle of retrieving his phone from the small coffee table to narrow his eyes suspiciously.
“I can’t fucking believe you,” Yoongi grumbles as he shoves the remaining stash of clothes into his duffel bag. The zipper looks almost ready to pop with the way he forces it over the other end of the bag, and you wince pitifully for the innocent thing.
“It’s the same thing, we’re gonna stay together and all, except this time it’s going to be in a nice little resort in the hills. Just consider it like a getaway,” you say, stringing the sentence as sweetly as possible. The dark haired boy just glares at you from his spot on the floor, and you immediately purse your lips.
“Fucking finally,” he rolls his eyes when the bag zips all the way. “What are you standing there for, kid? Don’t we have a train to catch?”
You frown at the nickname he’s plastered on you for the past year, shaking your head in response to his question. “They’re picking us up. And stop calling me that, we’re supposed to be a couple.” You remind him with a flick to his forehead.
“What’s wrong with someone calling their significant other kid?”
Yoongi never liked people. He didn’t like small spaces either. He definitely didn’t like small spaces full of people.
Which was why there was no rational explanation to how he ended up in a 4-seater car crammed with 6 people. Yoongi was never one for technicalities, didn’t give a shit about them, but at the moment he has a headache because right about everything didn’t make sense, but he’s hanging in there with at least Namjoon isn’t here to preach about how nothing in the world makes sense. That with a side of 5 chaotic boys to add on to the dull throbbing in his head, amidst the background of music booming in the car – these people should be banned from getting aux cords – but. At least you were here to agree.  Even if you had fallen asleep on his shoulder a for little more than half a hour, and he regretfully had no one to talk to now. It was a little disappointing, even for Yoongi who didn’t particularly enjoy talking.
Yoongi tilts his head in some sort of reaction to his inner monologue, a sudden pang of damn, he really doesn’t like a lot of things hitting him like a flick to the forehead. He would’ve pondered on about any rational, logical possible explanation to why he was in this shithole of an idea, but a niggling, all too-knowing echo of an answer in the back of his mind was all it took and Yoongi quickly decided he didn’t like to think. Especially if it was going to involve you.
He feels you shift slightly in your seat, huddling closer to his arm that you had claimed for yourself. If Yoongi leaned back far enough, he can see your lashes fanning over and lightly dusting the apples of your cheeks with how tightly shut your lids are, down the slope of your nose to your parted lips where your breath escapes in small, even, warm puffs.
For some reason, a sigh swells up in his chest, and it escapes the seam of his lips quietly just as he tears his gaze away to focus on the moving scenery out the window.
At least he was given the window seat. This was going to be a long ride.
“Wake up, sleepyheads.”
You’re being shaken awake, not all too gently by Yuna, who then moves to nudge Yoongi in a significantly softer manner. It takes a while for you to get your bearings, because all you can see is greenery around, and after a few minutes you stop caring and let your head fall on Yoongi again, who appeared to be fast asleep. The boy had waken up the first time he was told to, eyes instantly searching for your sleepy figure that was still latched onto his arm. He swears internally when he sees your sleepy eyes and right cheek lined with creases from the sleeve of the jacket you had slept on, because that has got to be the cutest fucking thing he had ever seen and he thinks he’s probably still dreaming, and decides to continue sleeping a little bit more.
“Yoongiii.” His brow twitches. “We’re here. Wake up.”
He feels a soft, terribly aimed poke near the corner of his bottom lip, and with much difficulty opens his dreadfully heavy eyelids to see you regarding him the droopy eyes, laced with almost lazy catlike curiosity.
Before Yoongi can gulp down the sudden lump that had formed in his throat for whatever reason, you blink out of it and grab his hand to tug him out of the car. There’s a chill in the air, not so sharp it pierces through bones but just enough to tickle your cheeks pink and make your breath fog – something that you’re entertaining yourself with, as Yoongi notes. He takes it upon himself to unload your baggage and his combined, frowning extra hard to hide the smile tugging at his lips when you come running like an excited puppy upon his summon to retreat towards the luxurious lodge up front.
Dinner was all too dreaded. It also came all too soon. That was how you and Yoongi found yourselves sat at a table opposite two other couples, Yura with Hyunsik, and your two ex classmates Mina and Jin (whose parents owned the lodge).  You had done introductions a while back, and Yoongi remained pretty neutral until he was introduced to Hyunsik. He had the gall to give you a disapproving look, even showing a three out of ten under the table and then shrugging when you give him a death glare.
“So, how did you two meet?” With a cock of her head, Yuna twirls a perfectly curled lock of hair around a perfectly manicured finger. Yoongi pays her no mind, continuing  to stuff some chicken into his mouth with no intentions of answering. You resist giving him the stinkeye for leaving it all up to you, but then again you considered yourself lucky he was even sitting next to you at this table.
“Well, we met at school,” you start off promisingly, slowly munching on a piece of meat in a way of stalling some time while your mind quickly worked on pieceing together a story.  “I didn’t like him at first.” A snort was all that was elicited from the boy next to you, which you trampled down on by stomping on his foot. “But we had to spend some time together on a project… and everything just kind of hit off from there…?”
From the corner of your eye you see as Yoongi shoots you a look of wow, so very convincing before shoving an entire lettucewrap in his mouth, and you grind your heel into his toes harder.
“Romantic,” the word drips from her lips, sickly sweet, with a maraschino cherry on top. The colour painted on her lips was of the same shade as well, pulled into a smile to show a set of perfectly lined teeth. “I would tell about how me and Hyunsik met, but everyone knows it’s all thanks to you.”
Despite being over Hyunsik for a few months, Yura’s words sent a bitter twinge of discomfort in your chest that had you tightening the grip on your spoon.
“Can you pass the fish?”
All heads, yours included, turned to Yoongi, whose tone, while not overbearing, cuts through the conversation like ice. Jin is polite, and so hands over the plate of grilled fish with all mannerisms of the perfect gentlemen. Yoongi stabs at the content on the plate with his chopsticks and puts a tantamount too much for someone his size, but no one says anything. He picks the meat apart from the bones, handing you the better portion of the fish, before picking up an eggroll and plopping it into your bowl of rice.
As always, his expression is unreadable when you turn to regard him, a quizzical look on your face. He finally looks up when he thinks you’ve stared long enough to burn a hole into the side of his face.
“What? Eat.”
You quickly gobble up the rest of your food.
“Thanks for that.” You murmur, suddenly wanting to swallows your words and hoping your voice was small enough to drown under the sound of running water and dishes clanking.
“For what?”
“Back there,” you hesitate, looking down at your hands after passing the plates to Yoongi for him wipe dry. You and Yoongi were stuck in the kitchen with the dishes, only because you both that agreed that you would choke from the noose of thick, awkward air if you hung around in the living room any longer, and then Yoongi whacked you in the head with an empty bottle for making a stupid pun.
Yoongi doesn’t respond to your mention of thanks, only looks down when he feels you tug at the bottom of his shirt. You signal for him to come close enough so he can hear you whisper, and he bends down in an uncharacteristically compliant manner.
“Hyunsik’s watching us right now.”
At the mention of his name, Yoongi feels a something akin to irritation crawl up his neck like an annoying gnat.  
“And…?” Yoongi is close enough that his breath tickles the shell of your ear and makes the hair on your skin rise in goosebumps.
“And… I don’t think he’s buying our little act.”
“…And…?” You whine at his blatant disinterest in the conversation and where it was going.
“And…!! I don’t know,” you sigh, feeling all sorts of unmotivated and hopeless as you draw away from Yoongi. He can practically see the life whoosh out of your frame with  how deeply you sighed. Hyunsik wasn’t wrong to be curious – the two of you had barely done anything that bordered on romantic – just sat next to each other the whole day, although Yoongi had ardently insisted that was actually, quite romantic as hell.
But Yoongi also sees the way your brows are wrinkled with worry, and guesses you’re probably thinking about how stupid you are and being regretful and guilty for dragging him into this. That first part he would agree with, but something uneasy stirs inside him knowing you’re probably thinking up a storm about feeling like a burden to him because you never have been and never will be. Something cool touches your forehead, and you can barely restrain the soft gasp that slips from your mouth as you look up. Yoongi is pressing his forehead to yours in the most innocent but affectionate gesture, arms surrounding you, depthless eyes dark as ink fully focused on yours.
“Don’t worry so much.”
“I know.” You hear him tsk at your stubborn reply. “I just…”
“You’re overthinking again. Stop it.” He expects a retort, but is presented with a pleasant surprise when you lean into his warmth submissively, burying your nose in the front of his jacket that held a faint lingering scent of his familiar, musky cologne.
Yoongi doesn’t get to decide in time what to do with your sudden display of need for affection before your names are called from the hall. You pull away as Yoongi internally groans how he just missed his chance to run his fingers through your very soft-looking hair, appearing from the kitchen with a deep scowl on his face.  
“Truth or dare? What are we, 16?” This was Yoongi’s 142nd complaint in just a span of four hours, and the 143rd time you had shushed him. You pull him down to sit next to you on the floor, making a circle with the others around the beer bottle in the middle.
Yura spins the bottle, and of fucking course it lands on Yoongi first, whose lips cannot get any more pursed.
“Boooring,” you jeer and Yoongi wants to gag you, and then kind of swallows because actually, actually. That is kind of hot. And the images that begin to play in his artistic, creative and predominantly detail-oriented mind is enough to make his mouth go dry.
“How far have you gotten...with _______?” Yuna asks,  a little glint in her eye.
He answers with the calm before a storm.
“We went on a trip to Daegu together once?”
It’s so silent you can hear Jin blink from the spot opposite from where you are sitting, before your laughter ripples through the room. It echoes off the walls of this too-large house, and you can’t really tell whether Yoongi is answering seriously or just smartly avoiding the prying question, and because it’s Yoongi it could mean either and that just makes you laugh until you’re panting for help and clutching your belly.
“What I mean is, how far have you gone…intimately…” Yura huffs, obviously not finding it as funny as you do. Wet blanket.
“That’s another question that you could ask me that at the next turn,” Yoongi winks, and you noisily shoot him some finger guns for that snarky comeback. He says nothing, just spins the bottle, which slows down to halt arrowing straight at Hyunsik.
He smirks, jaw set in challenge. “Dare.”
Everyone looks expectantly at Yoongi, who is sitting and looking like he gives zero fucks about this game.  
“What? I don’t know, someone else dare him.”
Mina giggles, and she sounds like a spirited forest dryad in comparison to your previous werewolf howling on a full moon kind of a laugh. “Okay, I dare Hyunsik to kiss whoever the bottle points to next. But not on the cheek,” she adds quickly with an impish grin.
Hyunsik just perks a brow, moving to spin the bottle.
Sometimes, you had premonitions about imminent inconveniences. Like the sinking feeling in your gut you get in class when the professor’s eyes land upon you when no one else wants to answer his question. This was one of those times.
For once, you hated being right when the bottle comes to a halt pointing right at you. Your first instinct was to turn towards Yoongi, who just gives a little nod. You don’t know what you wanted him to do, but somehow that was all the assurance you needed. There’s a rush of thrill, nervousness and a little bit of everything shooting up your spine as you slide over to Hyunsik.
“Where do you want me to kiss you?” You balk at the question that leaves his mouth so  casually, as if he’s asking where you want him to place some books he’d helped you carry.
“Uh…” you toy with the sleeves of your sweatshirt, mind full of nothing but white, static buzz. He chuckles, rich and velvety smooth drizzling like fondue from his lips and – lips. Was he going to kiss you on the lips? There wasn’t time to think, because Hyunsik dips down, eyes fluttering shut as he plants his lips on the curve of your shoulder.
His eyes flick up to yours, deep brown piercing yours and you feel something settle in the pit of your stomach.
Yura is the first to speak up, clipped tone breaking the silence. “Well then.”
“Yoooongi.” Everything was spinning, and your legs felt like jello.
“You’re so noisy when you’re drunk,” Yoongi groans, there to catch you anyway when you sprawl your limbs all over him. While standing up.
“You’re shooo noisy even when your sho-shoober,” you hiccup into his shoulder, head lolling back far enough to look at his unamused expression. A stream of giggles bursts through your lips, the sound muffled into fabric when you smoosh your face into the front of his jacket. Somehow, Yoongi makes it to your shared room with you still hanging on to his side and you roll off him, landing with a loud oompfh on the bed.
Yoongi pauses to catch a breath before he perches on the edge of the bed next to your flimsy mess of limbs, listening to your incoherent mumbles stringed from jumbled thoughts and driven from vodka. He only left to grab some punch. Who knew you could’ve been dared to down four shots in that time, but there you were, giggling and halfway hanging off the end of the couch dangerously when he came back with two mugs in hand.
“Yoongiii. Yoongi Yoongiyooooooongmffgf—” something soft suddenly covers your face, effectively muffling any noise from you but you were quick to swipe the offending item away, right back into the face of the boy you were calling out for.
The pillow slides off his face, but the narrowed eyes beneath pinched eyebrows and his frown remains intact. “I heard you the first time, didn’t have to be so noisy about it.”
“You’re always so grumpy,” you complain, sitting up to and poking both corners of his lips upwards in a smile before the room spins and you crash down into his chest. “Wanna play truth or dare?”
“No, I do not,” his answer is sure and immediate as two strong hands wrap around your forearms, prying you off of him. Most of your hair falls into your face, but you stick your lower lip out far enough for Yoongi to see the pout. “Go play with Hyunsik or something.” Yoongi didn’t mean for it to sound snippy, or like he was annoyed or like anything, but he figures it’s fine because you’re drunk and you won’t pick up on it anyway.
Apparently, he was wrong. Having been roommates for over a year, you were bound to tell apart every tone, pick apart every line or crease in his features and piece them together back again. And right now, he seemed ticked about something. You frown and say the first thing that comes to mind, no matter how ridiculous it sounded. But you were ridiculously drunk at the moment so –  “Are you jealous?”
Yoongi rolls his eyes, and you smile dizzily.
“I choose truth.”
“I told you I don’t want to play.”
“It’s just a game, Yoongi.” Somehow, it felt like you were talking about what happened. He watches as you try sitting up on your own and end up flopping backwards with a groan. Your head’s pounding and fuck – you have no filter on your mouth whatsover so you blurt it out: “I wish it was you.”
He pauses mid shrugging the jacket off his shoulder.
“Your turn now.”
“What did you say?”
You roll over to regard him through bleary eyes. “I don’t remember.”
A sigh draws from his throat, long and tired.
“Are you mad at me?”
“Liar,” you say. The alcohol is starting to fade, but it still humming in your veins like white noise, faint but still present. “You’re always mad at me. Why?”
This time Yoongi really does frown. “What are you talking about?”
Your mouth really doesn’t have its filter on now, and you’re still drunk, but you speak with unwavering certainty as you stare hard into the creamy whitewash of the ceiling. “I know you care about me… sometimes…but… I don’t know…” You trail off, and for a second Yoongi thinks you’ve fallen asleep, with your eyes open.
And then you blink. “I don’t know why I like you so much.”
Yoongi suddenly felt all the air leave his lungs all at once. “I thought you liked Hyunsik?”
“I liked him a year ago, you dim ass lightbulb.” Yoongi bristles at that, but you speak again before he can complain. “And then Yura dug her claws in and whatever and then we lived together and I had to see your sleepy soft eyes and hair every morning even though you’re so grumpy and always forget your coffee but I still like you so much and-“
“You look like you liked it when he kissed you,” Yoongi mutters, but it’s drowned out by your howling and rambling.
“Iiiiiii just want to take care of you.. and kiss you and bang and all that..but not necessarily in that order…”
“Bang?” Yoongi quirks a brow, not quite knowing what to make of that expression or in this situation, what expression to make.
“You’re so pretty when you smile.”
Yoongi bites down on the inside of his cheek, tamping down the smile and the blush spreading up his neck and fanning out to his cheeks. “You’re so drunk.”
“Maybe,” you laugh drily, the empty sound ringing hollow. 
“Will you remember in the morning?”
“Remember what?” Your head lolls to the side to face him, another sob-groan coming from you when your balance goes off kilter and your head drops heavily onto the sheets, blunt sharpness shooting through your head. “God my head hurts…”
“Truth?” you echo. What was going on again?
Yoongi’s voice sounded so faded, the image of him blurring into splotches of colours under your lids as you try keeping your eyes open. You see Yoongi’s mouth move and form words that you don’t hear as everything dulls out.
Morning rolls around too fast and bright, and you wake up the opposite of how you fell asleep with sunlight bursting across your lids and the hangover screaming in your head.
Yoongi was the first name your voice found, eyes looking for him. You find his arm draped around your waist, face pressed into the back of your shoulder. Yoongi looked ethereal sleeping, moondust still swept on his lashes and mouth parted slightly where his breaths buzzed out softly.
Attempting to sit up right away was probably not a good idea, but you were known for making questionable decisions, so. You tipped over, landing on Yoongi’s stomach and effectively punching the air out of his gut.
“Fuck,” he wheezes, coughing out the word as you mumble out a flurry of apologies, still crossed over his body like a limp noodle.
Yoongi groans, struggling under the combined weight of hefting the pair of you up.
“You’re heavy,” he complains. His voice is gravelly and rough with unuse, but you have no time to think about it as something twists in your stomach, acid rising in your throat before you make a run for it to the washroom.
You feel your stomach contract and flip and slingshot all of its content out into the toilet, tears pricking at your eyes at the bad taste and mostly disgusting sight that you quickly flush down.
Everything was shitty, and the only source of comfort you wished for was Yoongi, but you also wished he took the liberty to leave the room and save you and himself of the embarrassment you are. Tears and throat burning, you feel the warmth of a hand on the small of your back, then another gathering back your hair by the base of your neck to keep it away from your face.
“Yoongi? I feel gross. Don’t-” you lurch into the into the toilet again. Yoongi’s reply comes in the shape of a toilet roll that you can wipe your mouth with.
“I’m- don’t feel good.”
Again, he says nothing, just rubs the hand on your back up and down as you try not to throw up solely from the foul taste in your mouth. “I want to go home.”
The next time you opened your eyes, you find yourself wrapped in familiar floral sheets in your dimly lit room, while your head is wrapped in a band of metal feeling like it is constantly drummed with a percussion mallet.
“Yoongi?” You call, not actually expecting a response in the form of a groan coming from the floor. “Yoongi? Why are you down there?”
“Because you kicked me off the bed,” he mutters, eyeing you from under a messily swept fringe. You barely take in the familiarity of the grey rug and the parquet floor, to your own workdesk and Yoong’s pair of headphones sitting there that you borrowed (Yoongi considers it stolen) before you realise you were back home.
“When did we get back?” ask, squinting through the sleep to get a good look at the small clock sitting on your dresser, and then scraping the idea because it’s been months since you remembered to change the battery.
Yoongi doesn’t even try before he’s already lazily replying with an I don’t remember.
“For what?”
You slump back into the warmth of your bedsheets, slowly exhaling. He’s good at pretending to not know what you’re on about and like he literally does not give two shits, but you know better.
“I decided what I want.” Just like that, the topic is dropped and forgotten and you’re blinking at Yoongi.
“You owe me a favour.”
That effectively makes you roll over and away from the boy, a groan deflating out of you.
“I need you to be my date. Uh.. for my sister’s wedding.”
Yoongi feels his stomach churn when your reply is a heartbeat later than he expects. For an alarming nanosecond, he thinks you’ve figured it, figured him all out. A peripheral glance showed that you were squinting at your phone between the curtain of hair frazzling in your eyes, scrolling down and seemingly distracted and he averts his gaze just in time before you switch your attention to the raven-haired boy sitting on the floor.  
“Sorry? Sure, I’ll go with you,” you nod, and he hears the papery click of you locking your phone. The following groan was muffled from your burying your face into the sheets and when Min Yoongi sees a chance, he takes it.
Yoongi flees the room. The excuse of going to shower isn’t even utilised because you are too busy curled up in your blankets and wallowing in misery, rambling to yourself about being a fool for drinking when you know you have low tolerance.
“Yoongi?! You don’t have a sister??!?!”
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bangtanloverboys · 20 days ago
accidentally in love // myg
Tumblr media
summary - for years, everyone told you and yoongi that you should date. both of you tired of the comments, decided to fake a relationship and plan a break up to prove to them wrong. only now you’re starting to think they were right
paring - best friend!yoongi x male!reader
genre - fluff; friends to lovers, college au
prompt - fake relationship
word count - 480
warnings - kissing
authors note - yes the title is a reference to the song from the greatest movie of all time, shrek 2
bts ghostie drabble marathon
Tumblr media
Looking back on it, maybe fake dating your best friend as a way to get people to stop pressuring you two to date was a bad idea. Because here you are, 3 weeks into the plot and you’re pretty sure you’ve caught real feelings for Yoongi. Tonight was the icing on the cake because during a game of truth or dare, you were dared to kiss your fake boyfriend in front of everyone. The second his lips were pressed against yours, you knew you were a goner and you didn’t know what to do. 
The rest of the game went on and there was a weird tension between you and Yoongi. Neither of you had done anything further than maybe kisses on the cheeks or hugs, considering you two already did that before you started to fake date. But neither of you said a word to each other the remainder of the game, not even when the party was over and you both were sitting in silence in the car as Yoongi drove you home.
When he pulled up to your apartment complex, you didn’t make any move to leave the car. You simply stared down on your lap, fiddling with your fingers. You could tell Yoongi wasn’t looking at you, you know what his staring felt like. But you couldn’t tell if you were hurt or relieved by it. 
“So. . .” You said.
“So. . .” Yoongi repeated. “Do you. . . want to talk about it?”
“Do you?” You finally turned to look at him; he was still facing forward, staring out the windshield.
He inhaled deeply, his grip tightening on the steering wheel. “I-I don’t think I can do this anymore.”
You could feel your heart begin to break at his sentence. “Do what? Do you want to stop. . . this or do you want to stop being friends?” 
“No, no, definitely not that.” He clarified as he finally turned to look at you. “I know we didn’t exactly talk much about what to do if either of us caught feelings-”
“Before you say anything, please, just-just here me out-”
Your mind couldn’t even catch up with your body because before you knew it, you surged forward. Your arms wrapped your arms around his neck as your lips pressed against his. Yoongi was frozen in shock for a moment, before his lips began to move in tandem with yours. You could kiss Yoongi for forever, but your lungs burning in your chest were a reminder that you needed air. 
You pulled away slowly, reality hitting you like a truck. You just kissed your best friend, and not on a dare but an actual kiss. That you both wanted. The air was thick with silence as you both came to terms with what just happened again. His breath fanning across your lips brought you back to Earth, meeting his eyes. 
“Do that again.”
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btsficfinds · 26 days ago
hi! i’m looking for a yoongi smau in which yoongi and oc are exes to fwb to lovers ish. they’re super toxic and oc ends up with hoseok and yoongi ends up with someone else and he has a kid. hope this description was okay lol
hi, this is skin by omot7. they have remade as muniimyg but have not reposted the fic, so it’s unavailable.
thanks for helping @ggukkieland!
-admin rumu
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pars-ley · a month ago
The couples package
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yoongi x female reader
Summary: Asking one of your friends to pretend to be your boyfriend on an all expenses paid work trip seems like a great idea...until you discover couples therapy is also part of the package.
Genre: Fake dating au / friends to lovers / angst / fluff 
Rating: 15 + (SFW)
Warnings: Explicit language / Therapy session / Making out
Word count: 2K
Notes: This is a request from my milestone drabble game (all my requests for it have been in the works for a million years, sorry it’s taken me so long!) for @unoriginal-username15432 I hope you enjoy this!
Beta Reader: @bluewhale52 thank you so much for your helpful suggestions.
"A free holiday?" Yoongi asks you, turning his head and raising a suspicious eyebrow. "What's the catch?"
You wince, hoping he'd just accept without should have known better.
"Well, maybe it requires you to be my... partner."
"Huh? Your partner in what?"
You roll your eyes. "Life partner, Yoongi. My boyfriend, my other half, the love of my life you know."
His shoulders visibly tense. "I...I think that's weird, don't you?"
You pinch your nose, trying to ease the tension. "A little I guess, but Yoongi, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate. The role that opens up for promotion is only ever filled by someone who's gone on this couple's retreat."
He turns to you, leaning back against his kitchen counter, arms crossed over his chest. "Are you telling me, you can only go to this resort if you're in a relationship?"
"That seems really-"
"I know, its stupid, unfair, should be illegal, but that's how it works and I really, really, really need this promotion Yoongi, so please…" you clasp your hands together in front of you, begging. "I'll get on my knees if you want." you can't help the suggestive tone in your voice knowing it will make him blush. And there's nothing you love more than seeing him flustered.
"Fine. I'll come." he avoids your eyes as the crimson hue spreads across his cheeks.
"Thank you!" you throw your arms around his neck and lock him in an embrace. "You'll enjoy it, I promise and I'll make it up to you big time."
"Yea, yea." he says, arms winding loosely around your waist.
You savour the moment. It's not very often he's physically affectionate with you, much to your dismay.
"Ok, start packing. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning sharp." you order, "You're my bestest, best friend ever!" you call out the door. Once you’re outside, you can't help the excited flip your stomach does. Not just at the prospect of being in line for this promotion but also the idea of playing house with Yoongi, of pretending to be everything you actually want, of an intimate glimpse at a life with him at your side. That's better than nothing.
Tumblr media
As you step off the boat and onto the pale sand of the island, you bask in the warmth of the air, taking a deep breath and holding your face up to the sun.
A nudge in your back snaps you out of it. "You coming?" Yoongi’s voice by your ear sends a shiver down your spine.
You wind your arm through his, receiving an awkward sideways glance in response but you choose to ignore it.
Trudging through the sand, a guide leads you to the entrance of the resort. At the reception desk, a bell boy takes your bags and leads you up to your room.
Yoongi's jaw drops as you both walk in - a huge queen size bed, covered in delicate, red rose petals, is next to double doors that open up to the balcony, framed by thin, scarlet veil curtains billowing softly into the room. You tip the bellboy and he leaves with a smile.
"Wow, look at the size of this shower." Yoongi calls out to you. 
Turning; you see a large bathroom with a roll top bath and a shower big enough to hold a conference in.
"I think it's designed that way for more than one person at a time." you fight the giggle, picturing the shocked look on his face as you start to unpack your suitcase.
Clearing his throat behind you, he says, "We have a problem."
"What's that?" you ask, shoving your underwear roughly in a drawer.
"There's only one bed." 
"Oh no, disaster!" you mock him and laugh. "So what, are you telling me you can't share a huge bed like this with me for four days? There would be almost a whole continent between us in there."
He scrubs the back of his neck. "I guess so."
You had to admit, the idea of sharing a bed with him had excitement blooming heavily in your heart...among other places.
Yoongi heads outside to take a look at the view from the balcony, but a knock on the door distracts you from following.
Opening it, you see your boss' smiling face staring back at you. "Ah welcome, welcome!" she says pulling you in for a rapid, impersonal hug. "I'm so glad you're here. Listen, first thing on the agenda is couples counselling, so settle in briefly and meet us in conference room number 4, ok?"
She starts to head off but you pull her back by the arm. "Er, I'm sorry, couples counselling? No one mentioned this."
She gives you a sympathetic smile. "That's right, I forgot, it's your first time here! I'm so sorry. It's just part of the package here, you have a session once everyday."
You blink at her, picturing Yoongi's reaction to this added piece of news.
"Ok? I'll see you down there. Can't wait to meet him by the way." she grins, her eyes searching the room behind you before she heads off and leaves you staring at an empty corridor.
You swallow down your fear and close the door behind you, knowing this will be the first argument you have here but certainly not the last.
"Oh, Yoongi my dearest…"
Tumblr media
You prop your head up on your hand trying to look interested as you sit in the room full of strangers, listening to their mundane grievances with their partners. The chairs are all set out in a circle so wherever you look, you meet eyes with someone.
You glance over at Yoongi, who is slouching in his chair with arms folded and tension rolling off him in waves. You are  dreading your turn. He is definitely not an actor, he gets flushed when he's lying and he stutters. How on earth will this ever be convincing?
"Y/n, Yoongi, I'm sensing some friction between the two of you. Anything you want to discuss?"
You freeze, suddenly rigid in your chair as the counsellor directs his attention to you. 
"No." Yoongi's deep voice sounds beside you, low and unamused.
"I'm sensing some hostility about being here? Therapy can help the two of you bond and become closer." he clasps his hands together in dramatic fashion, making you inwardly roll your eyes.
"We're fine. Bonded and close as we can be." he mumbles.
"Y/n, do you agree with that?" The therapist turns to you, all eyes now on your face.
"We are very close, yes." you swallow, feeling like you're under interrogation.
"And are you happy with your relationship the way it is?"
No. The room feels hot, too hot, as you're aware it's not lying that's bothering you;  it's revealing the truth that's making your gut clench. You see Yoongi look your way from the corner of your eye, your silence must be confusing him.
"Y/n? You're in a safe place, you can speak openly here." 
You barely hear the counsellor’s words over the wild thrum of your heart, and suddenly a word leaves your mouth before you can stop it.
The counsellor leaps forward, on the edge of his chair, practically hovering in mid air, eager to get more from you.
"Honesty is the path to mindfulness." he says. "What are you not happy about, y/n?" 
"I want us to be closer." you say quietly. "I feel like he holds himself back from me."
The counsellor nods dramatically and looks straight at Yoongi for a response.
"How? I'm here with you aren't I, even though I didn't want to come."
Yoongi scoffs, turning in his seat to give you his undivided attention.
"What I'm hearing, Yoongi, is that maybe what you're offering isn't enough for y/n?" the counsellor says, leaning forward and  giving him a pitying look.
You see Yoongi's neck flush, knowing he's about to lose it as the vein bulges prominently in his neck.
"And what I'm saying, counsellor, is that I don't see how it's any of your business what I offer her." He says with gritted teeth, his low growl holds a powerful bite in his words.
The therapist holds his hands up in surrender. "You're right, it's not, but you're here in my session and it seems like it's y/n who really wants to know. And it's definitely her business." He leans forward in his chair. "So tell her, what it is you're offering her." 
"I'd offer her everything, anything I could. If she pulled her head out of her arse long enough she might realize that."
Your head snaps over to him, wondering if his acting skills have drastically improved or if…no, he must be acting.
"Have you told her this Yoongi, have you bared your soul for her?"
He scoffs again. "What difference would that make? She should know how I feel if she knows me that well."
You grind your teeth, annoyance running rampant through you. "I'm not a fucking mind reader, Yoongi. Am I supposed to guess what's going on in that big, dumb brain of yours?"
"For goodness sake, I want you to be my wife and have my kids one day! There. Are you happy? Clear enough for you?"
He slumps back aggressively in his chair, arms folded, face emblazoned with rage and embarrassment. All you can do is stare at him. You have no words to say as you're not entirely sure what to make of this heated exchange.
"Perfect. Guys, you've done really well this session. Unfortunately, time is up, but I'm going to enjoy working with you two. We've got lots to uncover, I can sense it." The man is almost vibrating with excitement and it unnerves you. 
Yoongi leaves first, making a swift exit with you hot on his tail, not wanting to be confronted by anyone.
As soon as the door to your room closes,  you find your voice again. "What the fuck was that?" 
There is no response as he drags his suitcase from under the bed and starts wildly shoving clothes into it.
"Yoongi, what are you doing?" 
"What does it look like? I'm leaving." He mumbles, eyes down and focused, body turned away from you.
"You can't leave after that!" You close some distance between you, fury boiling inside and bubbling over into the words spilling from your lips. "What about us!?"
He laughs a sad, exasperated laugh. "What about us? 'Us' will never be the same. I can't stick around to be pitied and pushed aside. I can't have you around me all the damn time not be able to hold you, I can't do it anymore, y/n. So please, don't ask me to." 
You see his cheeks turn a bright shade of fuchsia, his hands clasp his clothing so hard his knuckles go white as he still refuses to look your way. 
Your feet feel like they're rooted to the spot for a moment before you feel the ground come out from under you. A cloud captures you and floats you around the room, light and carefree. The words you think you'd never hear have finally been said and you cannot describe the pure elation and euphoria you feel.
You reach out to his shoulder, hoping to ground yourself as well as to offer comfort.
He sighs under your touch. "Please, don't."
His hands still and his shoulders slump. You grab him and turn him to you, lifting his chin till his gaze begrudgingly falls on you. Your heart is pounding hard in your chest from the promise in his words but also from the fear of being mistaken and rejected.
"I can't take it anymore, I need you. Right here. Right now." you whisper, voice husky and thick of want.
His eyes widen as he curiously examines your face.
"Please, Yoongi." you plead, hand drifting down to his, your fingers hesitantly entwining together with his. "I've waited so long for you."
His mouth crashes against yours in an instant and it takes your breath away. His sweet lips moving rapidly with yours, the taste of him enough to have your entire body throbbing violently with need. 
His hands find you and pull you closer, your body now pressed tightly against him. The heat rising from him drives you crazy and as his scent swirls your senses, it makes it impossible to think of anything but him.
"God, you make me crazy, woman." He whispers against your mouth.
You can't help but smile as your hands find anchor in his hair. "Yea, but you love me for it."
He kisses you deep, softly massaging his lips against yours, caressing them in the most gentle way. You feel like your worries and problems have dissipated, leaving you light and full of adoration.
"No arguments there." He replies.
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ggukkiereads · a month ago
Fic Recs | Fake Dating AUs
This is based on asks for fake dating fics. Most of these favorites are reblogged with reviews. Others are still ongoing series I am reading whenever there is an update.
Members are organized per number of fake dating participation 😂
Tumblr media
Mutual Help @personasintro​ - [39/?] | literally the only reason I visit Wattpad. | semi fake dating AU, Bestfriend AU, FWB AU, Slow Burn | F, S, A  
Aphrodite in War @jungblue​ - [2/?] | Exes AU, Fake Dating, Fratboy/Greek Life, Roommate AU, Enemies to Lovers  | F, S, A    (one of my favorite authors too! Like read all her fics)
Bitchin @kinktae​ - series [10/10 + 10 Years After] | fake dating, college au, jock!jk, smart!reader, E2L #holygrailfic (⭐)  
Blush @jhsbrat​ - JJK | one shot | friends to lovers, feat Jin (I remember looking everywhere for this because I thought the author deactivated 😭 so I was glad it got reposted)
The Proposal @hansolmates​ - JJK one shot | editor!jungkook x assistant, like the movie The Proposal
My Euphoria @moyochu​ - JJK | one shot | CEO!JK, Florist!OC, bought chocolate cosmos from her shop for his Mom and a plan ensues when OC needed a fake boyfriend (I reco’d this during one network’s JK’s week last year because I just adore how fluffy this fic is I binged on their fluffy catalog one time and I recommend their other works!)  
Proposals @pjxmin - JJK | one shot | pretend proposals to get free food from restaurants 🤭
Dating Plan @/jjkthclub - JJK | one shot | enemies to lovers, childhood friends, actually it’s more of a “Dating Trial” just so the moms will leave them alone (🥰)  
Piss Off Your Parents @littlemisskookie​ - JJK | one shot | Rich Kids who hate the pressure from their parents but JK is a rebel and OC roomed with him (and fake dated him) to piss off the parents (⭐)  
Love to Hate You @latetaektalk​ - JJK | series [4/?]  | fratboy! AU, fake dating! AU, college! AU, enemies to lovers! AU, rich kid! AU, angst, fluff 
Anpanman @honeymoonjin​ - JJK | one shot | fake date to get therapy (this is also hilarious?!?! like ridiculous premise but the author made it work. Anyway the link leads to my reblog and you can read my comments if you need convincing 🤭)  
Moonlight Melody + Part 2 @/gukyi  - JJK | two shot | 50k |  fake dating, orchestra AU (part of this fic rec list)
Coffee Shop Contract @/gukyi - JJK | one shot | 18k |  fake dating, college AU  
Better Late Than Never @rosaetae​ - JJK drabble, exes AU, fake dating (I love this scenario, there’s one funny moment here with Jungkook saying his feelings through a door) 
End Game @minyoongijjangjjangmanboongboong - JJK | one shot | 12.1k | soccer player x cheerleader, fake dating AU, ex-Namjoon  
One Thing Right by hobios (now on AO3) - JJK | series [8/8] | more on fake marriage than fake dating but I’m throwing this in because this is my #holygrailfic  
Play Pretend @seokoloqy - JJK | one shot | 8.6k |  Athlete AU, Jock AU, Soccer Player!JK, Fake Dating AU, Friends to Lovers AU | S, A
The B.S.T. Mission @singguks - JJK | 11.2k | Secret Agents AU, Fake Dating AU | A, F, S ~ ongoing [3/?]
ILYSB @rkiverse - JJK | one shot | 11.1k | idol au, broken-hearted jungkook, love clinic staff reader, fake dating but not really (more of part of therapy) | F, A
It’s All Fun and Games @/cupofteaguk - JJK | one shot | slow burn, set up on blind date so they pretended to be dating to shut others up 🥰  
Collar Full @minloop​ - JJK | fluff, smut, friends to lovers, college au, ‘fake dating’ au for Jungkook's love project  
True Care @joonsgalaxy​ - JJK | series [7.5/?] | bodyguard!jungkook fake dating   
Baby I’m a Fool @suhdays​ - JJK | one shot | enemies to lovers, coworker  
Blank Check @pantaemonium​ and @sugaxjpg​ - JJK |  series [5/?] | fake dating AU, college AU, fratboy AU, fuckboy AU, jock!jk (been following this fic for years 🥰)
Beautiful Confession @btsracket​ - JJK | one shot | Friends to Lovers, OC just lost her job + boyfriend and only childhood friend to turn to
It Takes Two @junghelioseok​ - JJK | one shot | Christmas AU, fake dating, roommate au
From Home @gyukult​ - JJK | series [12/12] | rich kid!jk (but he was cut off and has to learn how to earn on his own), baker!reader, enemies to lovers, fake dating   
I Wished I missed My Ex @angelguk​ - JJK | one shot | College AU, Fake Dating
The Wedding Date @jjungkookislife​ - JJK | one shot | fake date for wedding  
💜 Jungkook is Over Party (#JungkookisOverParty) @extravaguk​ - series [4/?] | 11k+ | Fake Dating, College AU, Himbo!JK, Smart!Reader | F (so far)
→ Fics with parts/chapters of fake dating:
Cream and Sugar @gukslut -  series [6/6] | Smut, Humor, Escort AU, Barista AU, Enemies to Lovers, Asshole!Jungkook (this is also a gem! must read)  🥕
Midas @/gukyi - one shot | enemies to lovers, magical realism, CEO AU, OC has invisibility and JK turns stuff into gold . (okay just a segment where they pretended in front of the parents  
Fuckboy Jungkook Who Quotes Gatsby Part 5  Part 6   @btsinspirationtakesme - drabble series [6/6] | Fuckboy AU, Nerd!Reader, Enemies to Lovers, using literary quotes to win OC (Shakespeare, FS Fitzgerald, Neruda, etc) (so this is actually surprisingly cute?!?! I don’t even remember how I discovered this fic. Anyway there is one chapter where they fake date) 
Tumblr media
Kismesis @jjkthclub​ - KTH | it’s pretend to be a couple during a wedding expo (for free food! like I would do the same lol)
The Holi-date @kpopfanfictrash​ - KTH | This neighbor!Taehyung is just...memorable you know? It’s a great romcom piece 🥰 
Love at First Oink @glodenclosetau - KTH | the only SMAU I’m putting here because this is a MUST READ. It has written parts and this is just the fluffiest cutest SMAU (also the first I’ve read in full because I have the tendency to read and miss on smau episodes before)  
Can’t Fake a Feeling @bubmyg​ - KTH, F2L, Fake Dating, College AU, Fuckboy  
Schemes and Tricks to Win Her Heart @crystaljins​ - KTH feat KSJ | series [5/5] | Fake Dating Chaebol/Rich Seokjin, Taehyung is Jin’s Little Brother, and OC is Tae’s bestfriend  (⭐) 
X and O @army-author​ KTH | fake dating, single parent, teacher AU 
False Pretense @v-hope​ - KTH | one shot | Fake Dating AU | F, slight A
La La Land by hoseokiehope (used to be on tumblr) - KTH | one shot | throwing this in because this is also a classic  
Crush Culture @chaangbin - KTH | fluff, angst, fake dating au, childhood friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, smut  
The Platinum Rule @taecalicook - KTH | two shot | you can read the JJK since this is a spin-off (but nor required), fuckboy!taehyung, fratboy  
Tumblr media
Playing with Fire @houseofdemi-blog - MYG | series [8/8] |  Fake Dating AU, Rich Girl AU, Producer Yoongi, Bad Boy AU (this is a classic. a really great fic)  
First and Last Love @floralseokjin​ - MYG | Christmas AU, Exes who needed to pretend they’re still together because they haven’t told the family yet about the break up (this is 👌)  
When The Stars Align @itskimtaehyung​ - MYG | one shot | College AU, Roommates, cuffing season
The Heart Holiday @vanaera - MYG | series [3/5] | 92.3k | Office AU, Enemies to Lovers, Fake Dating AU  
Switching My Positions @cupofteaguk - MYG | solo artist!yoongi, manager!y/n, fake dating au, friends to lovers au 
Maybe So @joonary​ - MYG | two shot? [1/?] | fake date someone you already have feelings for (you have to read this - just so fluffy) 
Everglow @dreamyjoons - MYG | series [4/4] vague fake dating au, friends to lovers
Veil feat PJM @ddaenghoney​  - series [20/20] | slow burn, unrequited love, love triangle, fwb (pjm), producer!yoongi
Ink Nemesis @scriptaed​ - series [7/7] | fake dating, paparazzi!oc, idol
Tumblr media
Better With You @ve1vetyoongi​​ - KSH | series [2/3] | help him inherit his trust-fund-baby-fortune  
Courtship Chronicles @/gukyi  - KSJ | one shot | friends to lovers, fake dating to show how fun dating could be  
Raspberry Truffles @gukyi​ - KSJ | one shot | F2L, fake dating
The Money Project @namjoonchronicles​ - KSJ | series [2/?] | fake marriage actually, they don’t like each other but Seokjin’s parents like her and he needs her to get on parents’ good graces  
Too Good To Be True @hueseok​ - KSJ | series [7/?] | college au, idiots to lovers, 10 things I Hate About You  
Taming of Bridezilla @cinnaminsvga​ - KSJ | one shot | fake date to least favorite cousin’s wedding
Tumblr media
Fake It Till It Works @glassbangtan​ - PJM | one shot | panicked and told Hoseok he has a GF and he’s looking for one who could pretend, Best Friend AU
Remedy for Mondays @dovechim​ - PJM | series [4/4] | Co-worker AU, Fake Pregnancy AU (lol), Fake Dating AU, fake baby daddy 😅 🥕
Happily Glazed @/bubmyg​ - PJM | one shot | fake date to cousin’s wedding, slice of life  
Call Me Baby @hueseok​ - PJM | one shot | friends to lovers, roommate au, college au
Tumblr media
My Blood, Your Tears @nottojay​ - KNJ | series [5/?] | fake dated Namjoon who is the rival of her brother’s gang, Mafia AU (it’s incomplete though but good for bookmarking)
Until You Make It @versigny​ - KNJ | one shot | Christmas setting, co-workers   
My Only Wish @ppersonna - KNJ | one shot | Christmas AU, E2L, idiots to lovers  
Tumblr media
Fakeation @theunknowncryptid​ - JHS | SMAU |  Inspired by the movie Just Go With It
Fake Love @aquaminwrites​ - JHS | Fake dating AU, enemies to lovers, fluff, smut, minor angst (you have to read all of the writer’s fics. her fics are just amazing. promoting her Taehyung fic Paper Cranes which is a favorite of mine too)  
*there is one Hoseok fic I really like but it was last updated in 2019 😥 so I didn’t include anymore but that’s such a great fic
Tumblr media
There are new fake dating fics I’ve seen recently but I haven’t read them yet. Once I get to read them, I’ll update this with ones I’d like to recommend
Tumblr media
🌷 posted: 2021 May 07 | updated: 2021 June 12 (indicated with a 💜)
🌷 other lists
🌷 I love to read so feel free to recommend a fic =)
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fave-bts-fics · a month ago
my heart flutters from the sugar high
BY: hoars
Yoongi and Taehyung sneak around together, cheating on their diets. The group? They've drawn different conclusions.
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ggukkiereads · a month ago
Hey! Congrats on making it through the week 💜
Anyway, how are you accessing playing with fire?? Every time I try to read chapter 2, it tells me no posts are found 😭
🌷 Hello, anonie! Thank you and congrats to us for getting through another week 🎉👏 
About the fic...Ahh it’s because the author’s link directs to their old blog. I reblogged the fic here and added the links (so you can see in the comment section and future readers can access it too since author is not active anymore)
Enjoy! 🥰
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bangtanficrecs-blog · 2 months ago
don't play no game that i can't win by misspamela
pairing: yoonkook
rated: explicit
status: complete (chaptered)
length: 52, 566 words
Jungkook accidentally stumbles into fake dating Seoul's rising hip-hop genius and it all goes to hell from there.
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 20. guess WHAT | end
a.n. the end 😿 thank you SO much for reading i love and appreciate you ALL
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @yoonssungs @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori-blog
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 19. babies | next
a.n. one more part 😿
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @yoonssungs @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori-blog
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 18. dumbass actions | next
a.n. it's almost over 💔 the end of an era ,,, give me feedback or else I'll eat ur eyes
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @yoonssungs @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori-blog
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 17. THE boyfriend | next
a.n. enjoy bbs 😽
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @yoonssungs @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori
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bangtanficrecs-blog · 2 months ago
Breaking the Cycle of Perpetually-Broken Hearts by hobiwanfics
pairing: sope (yoongi/hoseok)
rating: explicit
status: completed
length: 20,641 words
Dear Hoseok,
I know we didn't part on the best terms, but I feel like it's finally time to move past that. We both grew up and we are both different people now. I'd really like to see you again!
As you might have heard I'm getting married soon, and I'd like to invite you and your new boyfriend. Or are you single still? Don't worry, we have a whole singles table so you won't be alone!
Anyway, I can't wait to see you!
The invitation is in the envelope so please send in your RSVP soon.
After semi-unintentionally RSVPing to the wedding of his former flame, Hoseok is in dire need of a fake date at the last minute. He enlists the help of a reluctant Min Yoongi, a guy he only knows because they frequent the same bakery-cafe.
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 16. STOLE MY CAR | next
a.n. give me feedback 😻
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @yoonssungs @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 15. clowns license | next
a.n. enjoy bbs and give me feedback 🤩
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @yoonssungs @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 14. life's a circus | next
a.n. if you want to be tagged comment on this post and give me feedback or else say goodbye to your kneecaps 😍
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @nxtrogers @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori
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smaubts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
call me baby
part 13. no? yes? | next
a.n. if you want to be tagged comment on this post and give me feedback or else I'll steal your eyes 😻
tag list: @tremendouspirateninja @thecatinserendipity @kirbykook @jdkook @symmetricaleyeliner @draqonsblues @moon-and-solar-smiles @clockworkrosea @kirakombat @waddlebby @clownward @anpanman-sonyeondan @psiphidragon @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ichigou-ukiyo @tricethecharm @bulletproofjamjar @kelitt @aizuwusho @the-voids-going-to-get-us @thelifeof-electra-heart @chunghamor @unadulteratedlyunique @arya-di-angelo @fictionsbitch @azeugirdor @kaithezaftig @justmewondering-recs @japzalileo @lochness-butmakeitsexy @fromthedt @tae165 @mcusuperfreak @ggukkieland @94ser0da @youurkryptonite @jungkookspromise @loveyoongles @themoonlookslonely @nxtrogers @taegijns @simpinforyoongi @melindagrace31 @zaedynnn @ilillyshadow @deleteidentity @min-yus @notmontae97 @lidda @wallflowertori
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