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#yoongi fluff
bts7-journey · an hour ago
He did that things up side down😳😳😰😰
There is nothing that jungkook can't do😘😘 our bunny
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misscheesecakeee · 2 hours ago
Miss Managed : Reboot ( INDEX )
Welcome to the INDEX of the Miss Managed Reboot. If you plan to follow this story, please bookmark this post and check back every Saturday, 10pm KST to check for updates. But if you have an account on Archive of Our Own or Wattpad, following me there should notify you when new chapters are up.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
12 June 2021 Debut : 1st 5 chapters
Introduction • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
Track 01 : Baggage • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
Track 02 : Glorified Nanny • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
B-SIDE 01 : Sticker Shenanigan • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
Track 03 : Magical Makgeolli • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
B-SIDE 02 : Back to School • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
Track 04 : What's a Donlong? • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
Track 05 : Enough • Read on AO3 | Read on Wattpad
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bts-reveries · 7 hours ago
expect the unexpected | 16
(smau at the end)
Last night you got an emergency phone call from your dad saying that your mom was currently in the hospital. And because your sister just recently moved out of their house (to Canada to be specific), your dad called you to help out. 
Of course it was urgent, having you to hurriedly pack after the phone call and leaving the morning after.
Which is right now.
“Sohyun’s outside,” you tell Jin, holding onto your luggage. Sohyun offered to pick you up and take you to the train station since she was the one opening the bakery today. She said, and I quote: “Jin’s going to take you? Wouldn’t you have to bring all three kids with you? It’s 6 in the morning, I’ll just take you!”
A yawn escaped out of Jin’s mouth, he was sitting on the couch with Haneul on his chest. All three kids were awake to watch you off. 
“Okay,” Jin says, standing up from his seat. Minseok and Soojin get up as well, running to the front door. Minseok opens it for you.
“Mommy, when are you coming back?” Soojin asks, hugging the door frame as you walk past.
“I’ll be back in a week, don’t worry, daddy will stay and take care of you three,” you tell her, stopping right outside the door.
“Will we be going to work with daddy?” Minseok asks you. You don’t know why they’re asking you when Jin is right behind them.
“That or daddy will work at home,” you tell him. “Now give me a hug and kiss, I have to go so I don’t miss my train.” You let go of your luggage, kneeling down to hug your kids, giving them both a kiss on the cheek. “Be good and listen to daddy okay? This is his first time taking care of all three of you by himself for as long as a week, don’t stress him out.” This was also the first time you’ll be away from your kids for this long and this far. 
“We’ll be good mommy,” Minseok says, smiling up at you as you stand up. 
“I know you will,” you say, booping his nose. “But make sure your little sister and brother do too.”
“I’m always good!” Soojin yells, raising her arms up. 
“Sure,” you laugh, ruffling her already messy hair. You then face Jin and Haneul, walking up to them to give them a big hug. Jin wraps an arm around you, placing his cheek on your head that you placed on his chest so you’re then facing Haneul.
“Especially you, be good okay?” You say, raising your eyebrows at him. He responds with a few blinks. Then a big yawn. Jin pulls his head away from you to place a kiss on your forehead, making you look up and he presses another one on your lips. 
“I can take care of them no worries,” He tells you. “Now go, Sohyun’s waiting.” You nod, leaning over to give Haneul a kiss on the cheek as well. 
You gave Jin one more kiss before you pulled away from them, grabbing your luggage and walking off.
“BYE MOMMY!” Soojin yells. You turn around and wave at them. Soojin is frantically waving while all three of your boys are waving sleepily. 
Let’s hope that Jin remembers to take your two oldest to school today.
*ring ring!* 
“I’ll pick you two up later okay? Make sure you finish your lunch, I love you!” Jin yells out of his car window as he dropped off Minseok and Soojin at school. 
“We love you!” They both yelled before running off to their friends.
Jin rolled the windows up before picking up his phone, it was Yeonjun.
“Good morning sir! I stopped by to grab coffee before heading to the building. I’ll bring it up to your office when I get there. I also have your schedule for the day and--”
“Oh, Yeonjun, I forgot to tell you, but something urgent happened last night with Yn’s mom and she had to leave for Gwangju this morning. I’ll be working from home today, do you mind just sending me today’s agenda?” Jin says. He puts the phone on speaker, placing it on the passenger seat and driving out of the school’s drop off. 
“Oh, I see. Yes, I’ll send it to you right now sir. Do you want me to come over and help out?” Yeonjun says. Jin tilts his head to the side, thinking. He looked at Haneul from the rearview mirror and, for once, he was calm and quiet.
“I should be okay. It’s just Haneul I’m taking care of right now. Thank you though Yeonjun, I’ll call you if anything-- oh and are you already at the building?”
“Yes sir, I just pulled up umm I have your co--”
“You should give the coffee to our receptionist,” Jin says. You're sure that Yeonjun can see the smile Jin had on his face right now, just by listening to his voice. 
“You mean Miya? She’s just a friend-- coworker even,” Yeonjun responds, nervousness lacing his voice.
“Sure, sure she is. Well then you shouldn’t even have any worries giving them to her since she’s just a “coworker” right?” Jin says. 
“Good bye sir,” Yeonjun says, hanging up the phone. 
“Haneul-ah, do you want to stop by Auntie Sohu’s?” Jin says, looking at the rearview again. Haneul’s face instantly lights up and he starts smiling and kicking his feet.
“Yes yes!” He yells. Jin smiles, taking a left and driving straight to the iconic 24/7 Heaven. He figured that if he starts off the day well with Haneul, maybe he’ll be good for the remainder of the day. At least while Jin is working.
I guess you can say he’s bribing his son with dough.. cookie dough... baked cookie dough.. cookies, okay yeah he’s bribing Haneul with cookies.
Jin opens the door to the bakery, letting little Haneul run it.
Haneul waves at the workers, they knew him at this point. Although Haneul is raising his head, looking around for a certain someone.
“Haneul!” yelled Rina as she walked out of the kitchen. “Good morning~” She says, waving at him from behind the counter. Rina then looks up as she sees a figure coming closer.
She burst out laughing right when her eyes landed on Jin.
“What?” Jin asks, quite offended that that’s how she reacted to seeing him.
“Dude,” she says, pointing at Jin. “Did you mean to come in like that?” Jin frowns, looking down at what she was pointing at. His eyes widened when he saw what he was wearing. His blue pajama set with the super hero masks all over. He scratches his head.
“I guess I got caught up with making sure the kids got dressed and ready for school, I forgot to check myself..” 
Rina waves her hand in front of her, “no worries, Jungkook once walked out of the house without pants on to walk Sian to school. It happens.”
“Say thank you to Auntie Rin,” Jin says, carrying Haneul. He had his arms hugging a small bag of cookies.
“Thank chuu~” He says, holding up a little finger heart.
“You’re welcome,” Rina says, waving at them. “I’ll see you two soon.” The two walked out together and made their way back to the car.
“Can we go to Uncle Taetae now,” Haneul says, reaching into the bag. “I want to draw.” 
Jin shakes his head. “Daddy has to go to work now, you can draw when we get home.” Haneul pouts. Taehyung recently opened up a small art school where he gives little art lessons to young kids, maybe even adults. Anyone is welcome really. But it’s aimed towards kids. Okay in all honesty, it’s for kids. But Taehyung couldn’t say no to the parents who wanted to join.
And by parents I mean the moms of the group. 
Anyways, since The Scenery opened, you often took Haneul there while his siblings were in school. It felt like a little preschool as he was able to play with other kids and he was pretty good at listening to Taehyung whenever he was teaching him. He’s definitely going to be the artist out of them three. 
It was a quiet walk to their car, but all of a sudden Jin hears sniffles coming from Haneul. He furrows his brows as he looks down at his youngest.
Silent tears were streaming down his soft cheeks.
“Oh- Why are you crying?” Jin asks. They got to his car and Haneul wasn’t answering, but continued to sniffle. Jin opens the back door and places Haneul in his car seat, buckling him up. Haneul continued to sniffle, wiping his eyes with his little fists.
“Haneul-ah,” Jin says. Haneul refused to make eye contact with his dad, keeping his eyes down instead. “Haneul,” Jin repeats. “Why are you sad?”
“I want-- I want mommy,” he says in a low voice. Jin sighs.
“Is it because we can’t go to Uncle Taehyung’s right now?” Jin says, Haneul nods. Jin stood there for a bit, thinking.
He knew that he could just take Haneul to The Scenery and drop him off there, come back when he’s done with his meetings or when he needs to pick up his oldests, but it didn’t feel right. He can just make Haneul happy, taking him to Tae’s, and be able to do his work peacefully, but it felt wrong. It would be a win win for both of them, but deep down, he knew you wouldn’t want that. As much as possible he wants to be with the kids, even if he has to work at the same time. I mean, that’s what you do.
“Okay well why don’t we compromise,” Jin says, knowing well that Haneul has no idea what that word even means. “If you come to work with me, we can go to Uncle Tae’s after, deal?” Jin offers Haneul his hand to shake and Haneul grabs it, not knowing exactly what he just agreed to.
“Mr. Kim I sent you the link to your meeting, it should be starting in approximately ten minutes,” Yeonjun says over the phone. Jin was currently sitting at his desk with his laptop open in front of him. No longer in his pajamas by the way, he’s now in his white dress shirt and tie. 
“Okay, I’m logging in right now, thanks again Yeonjun.” Jin clicks on the link that Yeonjun sent him, entering the meeting that he had with Mr. Lee. They had to discuss his new location that was opening in Busan. 
“Alright Haneul, I set up your little table over there for you to draw. My meeting shouldn’t take too long so just draw for a bit and then we can go to Uncle Taetae’s,” Jin says, putting Haneul down as he was previously sitting in his lap. 
“Good morning Mr. Lee,” Jin says as soon as he got into the meeting, immediately seeing Mr. Lee’s face on the screen. 
Haneul walks to his small table, he looks over at his dad and sees him smiling as he is conversing with his business partner. He turns to the piece of paper in front of him and starts to doodle.
An hour and a half passes by, which in baby time is FOREVER, and Haneul begins to get bored. His dad was still not done talking to Mr. Lee. 
Haneul decided that he was over drawing and that he didn’t want to go to Uncle Tae’s anymore. He just spent an hour and a half doing what he would be doing at The Scenery and he’s tired of it. 
Haneul picks out his best drawing and walks up to his dad. 
“Daddy!” Haneul yells, holding up his drawing. It was a bunch of scribbles and shapes, but, if you looked very hard, it kind of looked like a nice house next to a big green tree. “All done!” 
Jin looks down and laughs, turning back to the screen. “I’m sorry sir, I’m currently on daddy duty so I have my son with me here.”
“Oh it’s alright, can I see him?” The older man asks. Jin nods his head, turning to the side to pick up Haneul and having him sit on his lap.
“Haneul this is Mr. Lee, he’s helping us open up another building in Busan. Say hi,” Jin says. Haneul shyly waves at the screen, then he turns around and wraps his arms around Jin’s neck. 
“Oh he’s a shy one isn’t he,” Mr. Lee says, smiling widely on the screen. “He reminds me of my youngest grandson. He’s just like that.”
“He’s usually not so shy, I think he just misses his mom and isn’t used to me being home alone with him like this,” Jin explains. “Haneul-ah,” he says, turning his head to look at Haneul. “Daddy’s just going to finish up okay, you can go finish your drawings.” Haneul whines in response, turning his head to the side, away from Jin’s face. Jin laughs awkwardly towards the camera. 
“I’m sorry about this,” he tells Mr. Lee.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s okay.”
“Haneul can you go down please?” Jin whispers to Haneul, he mumbles a small ‘no’. Jin sighs, smiling back up at the screen. “I’m afraid we’re going to just have to continue this meeting like this sir.”
Finally, Jin’s meeting ends and he closes his laptop shut. Fortunately, there wasn’t much left for him to do the rest of the day. Majority of today’s schedule was just photoshoots where he did not have to be in attendance. Other meetings were postponed to a later date, so now he was free for any father-son bonding. Although if he was at his office in his building right now, paperwork is what he would be doing.
Jin pats Haneul’s back, “you want to go to Uncle Tae’s now?” Jin waited for a response but all he could hear was light snoring. 
Haneul had his head resting on Jin’s shoulder while one arm was wrapped around his neck and the other was holding on to his drawing. Jin grabs the drawing from Haneul’s little hands, placing it on his desk. He then gets up from his seat and makes his way to the living room.
It wasn’t often that Jin was home alone this early with the kids. Actually, it was almost noon already, he should be preparing lunch for himself and Haneul. 
“Haneul?” Jin coos, patting his son’s back in order to wake him up. Haneul doesn’t budge, instead cuddling closer into Jin’s shoulder. “Aigoo~” Jin looked at the time and there were still a few more hours until they had to go pick up Minseok and Soojin. “Alright, maybe we could nap before we pick up your siblings,” he says, walking to the couch and slowly sitting down so he doesn’t wake his baby up. “Just for an hour,” he says, as he lays his back down on the couch. “Then… then we can get your siblings..”
Right when he shut his eyes, he was gone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
expect the unexpected
♡ part sixteen: just clingy ♡ 
pairings: ceo, dad!jin x interior designer, mom!reader
a/n: little disclaimer, i have no experience in the medical field, this was just a google search. to my medical field readers, i sincerely apologize.
also i just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who messaged me after reading my a/n from my last update. i really didn’t think much of you would read that, even more reply to it. thank you to those who understood me and are willing to give feedback to help motivate me post more hehe, it really does help a lot. idk if some of you read my replies to those asks, but i get excited whenever i receive asks from you guys, even if i don’t reply to them as fast as i see them, i read every single one of them! i have a lot of fun seeing what you all have to say and i also enjoy talking to you all. some of you even help me create the next updates! it’s really a lot of fun whenever i get to talk with you guys. having no asks or comments on my previous updates felt like i was talking to a wall😅 so im thankful to know that some of you are still out there🥺 please continue to give jin all the love! the same as the other members 💗
i also want to mention/clarify that i will continue this au until the very end! some of you have been confused in my last update a/n when i said i was hesitant to do what i had planned and that will depend on how well this au does and i was referring to a surprise i had for the end of this series this au will still have its ending when the time comes! but that surprise for the ending of tmbmil series is still tbd (to be decided).
and lastly i wanted to thank @justinetingball for naming taehyung’s art school💜
taglist: @silentlyimpractical @jillianmarie @waddlebby @cecedrake2217 @ddofa @samros95 @sope-and-shine @joonjoonsmiles @codeinebelle @aianloveseven @Chamchamcham @princessjazzyjazz @notvantaes @casspirit0705 @ramyagovindraj @brinnalaine @ephyra1230 @betysotelo18 @thoughtfultaledreamer @salty-for-suga @cosmicdaylight @dreamcatcherjiah @kookoo-kachoo @justinetingball  @josierosie @jayhope88 @butterflylion @hobiismyhopeu @momma-said-that-it-was-oke @ygbubs @catspancake  @somewhereofftheglobe @strawberryforever25 @rjsmochii @prdshobi @beeeb05 @eatjeanjin @taekookcaneatme @Cheeely14 @kookietsukkie @anpanman-sonyeondan @glitteringcoffeefreak @chocobetterknot @alpaca1612 @ohmy-fandoms @liljooniecutie @Jikachoo @preciouschimine @fan-ati--c @Joondala @httpmuffin @dammit-jjk @jikooksgirl19
to be notified when i post, please turn on my notifications! thank youu~
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brattybunforbts · 10 hours ago
Yoongi X Reader
Tumblr media
You were numb. Everything and anything went wrong today. First, your mom called telling you how much of a disappointment you were to your family and how you should be like your older more successful sister. Second, someone spilled your coffee on you staining your shirt. And third you caught your asshole boyfriend cheating on you with his assistant. At this point you stopped caring, everything felt numb but you didn't cry. You honestly wanted to end it all. All the pain and suffering you're going through. You silently walked up to them and left the necklace your ex gave you at their table without saying a word to either of them. You didn't have to say anything, your eyes said it all. How tired and broken you were, how all your insecurities surfaced. You then left and walked back to your apartment lost in thought. Yoongi was closing up for the night when he saw you. He furrowed his brows confused. What were you doing out this late? And why do you look so broken? Yoongi was your neighbor at your apartment complex. And he knew you didn't like to be out past 11:00pm. So he was very concerned. "Y/n!" Yoongi called and you looked at him pulling out your thoughts. You walked over to him and gave him a tiny smile. "Hey Yoongi," You said softly, afraid that if you spoke louder he could hear how broken you sounded. "What are you doing out this late?" he asked you. You looked away. "Today was not my day. I feel numb Yoongi." You said tiredly. Yoongi sighed and walked you to the apartment complex. Yoongi could tell you hit rock bottom and he hoped you wouldn't do anything stupid once alone. As you entered your apartment, you sighed. You looked at Yoongi one last time before shutting your door. "Everything would be better if I disappeared. My family hates me, what do I have to lose?" You mumbled to yourself. Would anyone care if you were to die? To end it all? No. No one would care, not even your sister. That's when the tears fall. Your parents only acknowledge your sister and never you. Always cast aside! Always overshadowed! Always the second choice and always the one ending up getting hurt. Were you such a burden that your own parents only cared about your sister? It's like you never existed. Always tossed aside like yesterday's trash. You cried harder sliding down the wall and wrapping your arms around your legs as you cried. Your parents barely noticed you existed, and if they did notice you it was only to belittle you. You want it to stop! Make it stop! You screamed in your head as your thoughts got darker and darker. That's when Yoongi slammed your door open, worry written on his face as he sank down to pull you into his chest and rub your back soothingly. You sobbed into his chest letting out all your emotions. Yoongi cooed at you and started to wipe your tears away. You looked at him with red puffy eyes and sniffled. You hugged him tight and told him everything that happened today. Yoongi listened to your rant and frowned. How could parents favor one child over another? Yoongi gave you a soft kiss on your forehead and told you everything will be okay. You wanted to laugh at that if anyone else told you that. But it came from your only friend and neighbor, who has been in your shoes. So you believed him. And for the first time that day you actually smiled.
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bangtanspeaks · 11 hours ago
BTS and Handholding
This one was for @bitesizedwizard​! Sorry this is probably like 3 years late lol
Not proofread so read with caution
Nams doesn’t seem like the kind of man to hold hands a lot. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, I think he’s actually a very big soft man, but he seems like the active boyfriend. The one who’s always like, we’re going biking, we’re going to hike up this mountain, we have to go to this exhibit where I will loiter around scratching my chin with or without you. Now maybe if you’re going for a laid back stroll or just walking through town, he will take the imitate to just take your hand. Like Yoongi, I think he would definitely make use of the, oh my our fingers brushed we better just hold hands now technique.
Tumblr media
I see Jin as a big romantic, to be honest. I think for him hand holding, like anything else, is gonna be about the timing of it all. If its the right moment he will not ask or hesitate. He’ll just take your hand in his, rub small circles in the back of your hand with his thumb, and go on with whatever you were doing. But, I think if you initiated the hand holding, he’d be quite surprised and a little flustered. Especially if you take him off guard. 10/10 very cute when his ears get red.
Tumblr media
Yoongi doesn’t strike me as a skinship kinda man, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate it or want it sometimes. The opposite of Jimin, Yoongi will never outright ask for it. His gestures will be much more subtle. I’m sure he’d find plenty of excuses to softly knock his knuckles against yours. Maybe he’s walking a little closer to you than normal, or when he reaches for something across the table your hands brush in that small slight way that sends your heart racing. And if you ignore all these hints, yeah he’s gonna get all cute and huffy and just take your hand. Not in a grabby way, but in a very soft kinda way almost like he’s trying to coo in a jumpy cat.
Tumblr media
Hobi is the kind of boy to make a lot of excuses to hold your hand. Some of them legitimate, “My hand is cold!” some of them really kinda stupid, “Let me show you how to use chopsticks!” I can use chopsticks, Hoseok “No, no, no like this!” Will grab your hand if he’s startled, or excited, or… anything really. Like, I can see him getting really puppy like about hand holding so please just hold his hand.
Tumblr media
Sis if you don’t hold his hand he’s going to grab yours and he's going to make a show about it. There’s no subtly hiding desires with Jimin, this is the man that openly says “But what about Jimin” as soon as someone else gets praised. He’s no stranger to openly begging for attention and he’s not slick about this either. If he doesn’t just outright grab your hand, he’ll whine for it. “Baby, let me hold your hand” and “Please pay attention to your boyfriend” and “I love you, hold my hand.” Jimin is a direct man. That commands respect.
Tumblr media
Taehyung seems like the quite type to me. Kinda like Yoongi, unless he’s in a goofy mood he's going to be pretty laid back. I think this is prime hand holding time for him. I mean, when he’s goofy Taetae he’s much to busy vibing to hold hands. Catch him when he's chill and ready to have a long conversation about art or life and this is when he’ll make his hand holding move. I think he would sort of tease your fingers at first before intertwining them. Just twirling his long fingers around yours for that little bit of electric skin touch.
Tumblr media
Jk, like Hobi, is gonna make excuses. “Oh babe, your hand just looked cold to me.” or “Oh you looked so lonely.” I do think he craves it tho, he seems like the very cuddly kind but also the kind not to admit it. He’s definitely the kind of person into a lot of pda, not enough to be gross, but enough to make it clear that you and him are very much together. He also is the kind of person to not really see and inappropriate time to hand hold. Even if you’re juggling your phone, a couple of drinks, and an ice cream cone he’s still going to come in trying to grab your hand.
Tumblr media
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kimnjss · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mentally fucking
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
↲ masterlist
⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @itsrapmonstanotdancemonsta @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @iridescentstories @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tata @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @rlynotme @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia @knjkitten @tae165 @chocobetterknot @ggukkieland @v3nti @kelitt @taejinminsu​
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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linyi-is-dreaming · 14 hours ago
The Drop Of A Tear - 14
BTS V x Y/N (Reader)
Summary: Tae meets a woman who is very manipulative. Before he even notices anything, she got him around her finger. He decides to leave his wife Y/N and his four kids to start a new life with the new woman. This perfect house of cards that he had just started to build, starts to unfold as she starts to show her true face. Piece by piece it makes him feel sick. Tae notices his wrong doing as his house of cards starts to fall apart. Regret and hate towards himself makes him wish to turn things around. Will he be able to safe his house of cards and to get back what he once threw away?
It’s been minutes since Y/N keeps starring at the ceiling. The words Jungkook said, felt like medicine to her soul. Even if he might have not meant it one hundred percent the way he said it, it still feels good to hear that she would still be looking good for a mother of four. A smile escapes her lips the longer she thinks about his words. It has been a long time since any compliment was directed to her looks positively. The insecurities about her looks are coming back into her mind as she sits up. Her eyes fall immediately towards the mirror. She tilts her head slightly as she brushes her right hand through her hair. As she steps out the bed, she sighs softly. Y/N puts on her slippers and steps towards the light switch to turn on the light. Her eyes immediately look into the mirror once again as she sits down on the corner of the bed.
“Where exactly, am I still beautiful?”, she asks herself as she looks up and down her mirror image. It might be a short question but it felt like a minute until she noticed that she did not care about her looks for a long time. Her hair is long, but the ends are damaged. Her nails are slightly broken and her nail polish is barely left on her nails. “I am surprised I even got the job...”, she says as she takes a closer look on her nails. Y/N’s eyes move from her knees, to the floor and back to the mirror. “I look so much older than back then...”, she sighs. “My eyes are still swollen. Even as a mother, I got those stupid pimples on my cheek. Why would Jungkook even say I am too beautiful to be an insect? He obviously did not look...” As her hand slides over her thigh, she gets up to step closer to the mirror. The eyes of her keep going up and down her legs. The shape, the stretch marks. Every inch of her body, she keeps looking closer at. “Those legs had better days.”, she comments as the memory of her honeymoon reminds her on how beautiful her legs looked like when they were crossed with Tae. The sunset above the sea, the only thing she heard was Tae’s heartbeat whilst she hugged him. All the memories come back at once like a wave rushing over her. In realization to where her head is heading, she shakes her head to stop  herself up from dreaming away.
It does not take long until she finds another spot on her body that she so deeply dislikes. “Stupid tummy. Why do I not get rid of you? Stupid fat roll...” Her hands find their way to her stomach and starts to squish it. “I was toned. I used to work out before I had a family of my own... I will have to start working out again. Next goal after everything has been taken care of, I will be getting fit again.”, she says confidently as she lets go of her stomach. “It would have been nice, if I went through with the surgeries that the surgeon suggested... I could look so much better today.” She keeps turning in front of the mirror as she stares at her butt. “The only good thing about my body change after becoming a mother. I finally have a nice butt but my breasts... God, I hate the way they look!” Upset of her current look, she takes the closest jacket next to her and covers up the mirror. “So much better.”
“Are you done?”, Jungkook asks as he makes himself being noticeable.
“Huh?”, she says surprised as she turns to look at the door, unaware that anybody had opened the door whilst she was in front of the mirror.
“I actually forgot one of my USB sticks over there.”, he explains slowly as he points at the USB stick next to her on top of the earlier washed clothes. “I brought it to the bedroom but forgot to return it to the studio.”
“Oh.”, Y/N comments as the redness in her face starts to show. Slowly, she picks it up and walks to Jungkook who just closed the door behind him. “Here you are.”
“Thanks.”, Jungkook says as he takes the USB stick from her. “Uhm, Y/N. Can I ask you something?”
“Why did you say those things about yourself?”, he asks carefully as he looks into her eyes intense.
“Sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about...”
“Why are you so judgmental with yourself? You were never vocally this judgmental to anybody around you. What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”, she lies again with a fake smile on her face.
“I think I already told you, do not use a fake smile on me. I can see that something is wrong and I think I even heard what it is about. Just tell me, why did you say that? You always courage your daughters to love themselves. You also tell them how perfect they are, why are you not saying the same thing about yourself to yourself?” Stunned by Jungkook’s words, Y/N clears her throat whilst she plays with her fingers.
“I don’t think that is any of your business.” Her voice sounds quiet and guilty. As Jungkook wonders what else he could say, Y/N looks away to sit down on the bed whilst looking almost everywhere but into his face.
“I think it is though.. I am here for you, which makes it my business.”
“But it is not your business. So, forget what you heard. It was just a ‘i-cannot-sleep-let's-talk-about-something-else-conversation with myself to get sleepy.”
“If I should forget what I heard, you need to listen to what I have to say. I can see on your face that you do not feel happy that I heard you...”
“Jungkook, my thoughts are my thoughts. You understand that, right?”
“Yeah. Yes, of course. Just as I understand that becoming older, looking older is a normal thing. Look at me and at the photos when I debuted. I am not the same person either. Not physically not mentally. That your eyes are swollen is normal due to the situation you are in. Not just that it is almost midnight as well and you are standing here hating your body.”
“Jungkook. You can stop as-”
“I am not done, so listen.”, Jungkook interrupts. Annoyed by Jungkook's words, she crosses her arms in front of her chest. “You might have pimples, but here is some news for you. Even I still get them. Your legs, they might not look like they did in your twenties, but trust me, they still look amazing. Your tummy? Oh, come on. It looks more than fine. When you sit down, there is barely a, how did you call it? Oh yeah, fat roll. You were toned, okay, it might have looked different back then. We can work out together if you want your toned body back. I have some weights here and trust me, the couch is great for training.”, he jokes. “But there is no fat that I can find on you.”
“What are you trying to say?”
“Don’t you get it? You are very beautiful. I noticed that people turn their heads when you pass them. Did you not notice that? Y/N, you are so attractive. Do you know what makes you look unpretty?”
“Jungkook, I appreciate what you are trying to do here but-”
“Answer. Just answer me. Do you know what makes your body look unpretty?”
“I don’t know. I seriously don’t know, Jungkook.”, she sighs as she wishes Jungkook would finally be quiet and just leave the room.
“Then let me tell you. You are feeding this poison to yourself.”
“Hey, I watch my diet!”
“I am not talking about your diet. I am talking about what you just did.”, Jungkook explains as he walks to the mirror to uncover it. “You cover up the mirror to not look at yourself. What does it tell your mind once it is covered? That is your poison, Y/N. The more you say those bad things, the more you feed yourself with this negativity, the more you will believe every single letter of those negative words. Stop asking yourself why anyone says something good or bad about your body. You are the one within it. Embrace it.”
“I am not telling you how to do anything else, because you got that figured out. But I am telling you, as somebody who cares for you, stop poisoning yourself with those thoughts. Do you have any ideas how pretty you actual are? Trust me when I say, that there are women who are adoring other women for their looks. You have no clue how many of them would like to have a killer smile like you. Do you know that there could be someone who would like to walk into a room and get everyone’s attention just by appearing? You do that get this attention!”
“Jungkook, thanks but if I do not see it this way... Thank you, thank you for your kind words but I do not see any meaning in what you are saying.”
“Maybe you should spend time thinking about my words instead of what you do not like about yourself.”, he says in a tone which sounds like a father who is talking to his daughter in a strict tone.
“Why are you talking to me like that? You are behaving like I am a kid. I am an adult like you and a friend of yours. Who do you think you are to talk to me in this tone?”
“I talk to you like that because it drives me crazy!” Jungkook takes a long breath before he steps back to her. “How can someone, who looks like you, not see how damn pretty you are.”
“I am sorry! That is just how I feel...”
“Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to yourself!”
“Why are we even having this conversation...?”
“God damn, Y/N. If I could just simply confess to you and show you how pretty-” As soon as Jungkook notices what he just said, he stops himself from talking.Y/N watches as Jungkook’s eyes get bigger as he freezes on the spot. Confused, about what he said, she steps closer to him to have barely any distance to him.
“Confess what? What did you just mean by that?”, Y/N asks puzzled as she looks at him with widen eyes.
“Good night, Y/N.”, Jungkook says quickly as he walks outside the room and closes the door behind him quickly. “I am an idiot!”, he curses himself. “Why, why did I say that?” As he leans his head against the door, he hears some steps coming from around the corner towards him.
“Jungkook, why were you in mom’s room in the middle of the night?”, Y/N’s oldest daughter asks.
“How much did you hear?”, he questions concerned with one eye brow up.
“Nothing. I just came out of the bathroom and saw you walking out of mom’s bedroom.”
“Good. Time for bed. Let's go!”, he says in a fast pace as he puts his hand on her back to lead her back to the bedroom.
“Are you okay? Jungkook, why were you in mom’s bedroom?”
“None of your business, princess.”
“Did you confess?” Shocked, he stands still and looks at her. “You did? Finally!”
“Shh. Keep it down. Princess, listen closely. I did not confess to your mom and if you remember our conversation, I told you that now is not the right time. If you say it out loud like that, your siblings will hear you and tell your mother and if that happens, your mother will not believe a single word I would say. You understand that, right?”
“Absolutely. But when will you finally...?”, she asks innocently.
“When the time is right, I will do it but until then, get some rest.”
“Why are you not asleep yet?”
“I have to work on this one song.”
“Maybe you could read a good night story?”
“I do not want to wake up your siblings.”
“We are all awake.”
“What? You all should be already be sleeping since at least last two hours.” Y/N’s daughter walks fast towards the kids’ bedroom door to open it.
“We could not sleep and stayed up to talk about a few things.” Still surprised by the girl’s honesty, Jungkook walks into the room and closes it behind him as soon as the girl is sitting next to her sister.
“That still does not explain why nobody is sleeping.”
“We could not sleep and our little brother wants to hear a good night story.”, the older girl explains.
“I will not even ask why your little brother is not in his own bed. Your mother won’t be happy about it.”
“She does not need to know.”
“Princess!”, he calls with a warning tone.
“Okay, I will not do it again...”
“Good. Why did no one tell us that you need a good night story?”
“Because he wants this book.”, the older boy says as he hands the book to Jungkook. “I am not in the mood for reading such a long book nor are the girls. Mom wouldn't have read this one as this one is for the afternoon reading and I thought you were too busy.”
“Okay.”, Jungkook sighs as he looks at the book. “Fine, I will do it but then you must sleep. Even you, Champ.”
“Wait!”, the younger girl whispers. “You have to lie down with us.”
“But then I can’t leave for the work that is waiting for me without waking you up.”
“That is not my problem, uncle Jungkook.”
“You are very friendly tonight.”, he comments with a smile as he turns off the light. “Alright. Here we go.” Jungkook turns on the flashlight of his phone as he walks towards them.
“Where are you?”, Y/N wonders as she checks the toddler’s room once again. “How can a toddler just disappear? Okay, I got this. It must have been princess who brought him to their room.” Nervously, she leaves the toddler’s room. Once she opened the kids’ bedroom door, she found her four children sleeping peacefully with Jungkook lying in the middle with a big book on his chest. “Good morning everyone.”, Y/N says softly as she walks closer to them. “Good morning, good morning.” As soon she holds her son to her chest, he hugs her and it feels to her as he would continue his sleep in her arms soon. “So sleepy, young man?”
“Morning, Y/N.”, Jungkook says in a deep voice. “I must have fallen asleep after reading them a story.”
“You read them a story?”
“Well, to my surprise they were all awake after our conversation.” Just as he finishes his sentence, Flashbacks of the end of their conversation pops up in his mind. Quickly, he jumps up and runs pass her. All the eyes within the room, seem to follow Jungkook.
“Is uncle Jungkook alright?”, her younger daughter wonders. “He never ran in the morning. I think I never saw him running except when we played soccer.”
“He probably must use the bathroom urgently.”, her older son jokes. Whilst everyone laughed for a moment, Y/N fakes a smile as she turns back to her kids. “Who wants pancakes?”
“You made pancakes?”
“I was about to make some.”
“I’ll help!”, her girls say in unison.
“Alright.”, Y/N laughs. “I guess we three will make it together. Clean your teeth first and wash your face. I will be waiting in the kitchen.” Y/N announces as she leaves the room.  As she sees that Jungkook is almost out the door of his apartment, she steps closer to him. “Jungkook, do you have a minute?”, she asks as soon as she stands in front of him.
“Uhm, no. Sorry. I have to, you know, with... With someone and I cannot be late. They are waiting and I... You know... So, I got to go.”
“We can talk later. No big deal.” Jungkook nods as he storms out the door. “Your uncle did not even clean himself before leaving... You know what we call that?”
“Dirty.”, the toddler answers.
“Yes, that is right. That is dirty.”, Y/N laughs as she pets his head.
Jungkook quickly runs into the building of Big Hit once he gets out of his car. He tries to greet as friendly as he can whilst he tries to get to the practice room. Once he is inside the practice room, he looks around.
“Who are you trying to escape from?”, Jin asks as he sees how out of breath Jungkook is.
“Are you the only one here?”
“No, Jimin has arrived too. The others might come in later.” Jin watches curiously how fast Jungkook finishes his water bottle. “Are you alright?”
“No. No, I am not. I am actually not alright.”
“Does it have anything to do with Tae?”
“Somehow it does.”
“Yep.” As the door opens behind Jungkook, both turn to the door.
“Uh, Jungkook is practicing with us.”, Jimin says happily. “What happened? You are so out of breath.”
“I tried to figure it out.”, Jin explains.
“The answer I got it has somehow to do with Tae.” Jungkook steps closer to Jimin with a glare that makes Jin and Jimin a little nervous. “Why are you looking at him like you want to tear him apart?”
“You will help because of you I am in the situation!”, Jungkook tells Jimin in a warning voice.
“Did something happen between you and Y/N?”, Jimin wonders.
“You confessed and kissed?”
“Just confessed and she told you she does not feel the same?”
“Worse.” Confused, Jimin looks to Jin.
“Worse? What did you do?”
“If I would have not have let her stay at my place, I would have not heard her and I wouldn't be in this stress.”
“Tell me slowly. What happened?”
“I heard her speaking badly about her body and it annoyed the hell out of me and I found an excuse to walk inside.”
“Sounds alright…”
“Yeah, but somehow between telling her to stop thinking like that I said that if I could confess…”
“Congratulations! You finally told her.”
“Not exactly...”
“What do you mean?”, Jin wonders. “Did you or did you not confess to her?”
“I think I did… I am not sure.”
“Hold on.”, Jimin says as he scratches his forehead. “What happened afterwards?"
"I said good night and stormed out.” Jungkook watches his friends who keep exchanging facial expression before they start to laugh.
“Okay, that was funny. But honestly, what happened?”, Jin asks as he holds his stomach.
“Guys, I keep trying to stay away from her.”
“Are you for real? You needed so long to finally tell her and now you try to stay away from her?”, Jimin questions as his facial expression changes into a focused one.
“Yes. The horrible thing is she wants to talk with me about it tonight...”
“What is horrible about it? Don't you want to know how she feels for you or if there could be more?”
“Not anymore.”
“Damn, you are starting to sweat again.”, Jin says as he discovers how sweaty Jungkook’s face is becoming. “She really means something to you! Sorry Jimin. I truly thought you might be wrong.”
“It’s fine. At least I am not the only one who heard it from him right now.”, Jimin says as he touches Jin’s shoulders.
“Guys, help!”, Jungkook begs. “I feel like I am dying.”
“Listen, we will practice a little bit and during the break we talk about this, okay?”, Jimin suggests.
“Maybe I can help you with something ahead of your upcoming conversation.”, Jin suggests. “I still remember talking with Namjoon and Yoongi, before I confessed to my wife. I felt similar to you. Trust me, if it does not horrify you to hear a ‘sorry, i do not feel like you’, then she ain't the one for you. I bet she feels something for you, I can sense those stuff trust me.”
“You only try to relax me, aren't you?”
“I sometimes hate you for doing that.”
“It worked, didn’t it?”
“Only until you came up with the sense thing.”
Y/N puts the fork down after taking a last bite from her pancake and continues to feed her toddler. As she hears how the conversation of the kids become louder, she clears her throat to get her kids attention. “So, now that you all have eaten. I got some news.”, Y/N announces happily.
“News?”, her older daughter asks carefully. “What kind of news?”
“I will start my new job this Monday.”
“You got a job, mom?”, her younger daughter questions cheerfully.
“Yes. I will work together with Uncle Jimin’s wife. Which is why I needed you all at the table. Because of my new job, me or her will bring you to school or bring you home from school. Depending on who has to work in the afternoon, you will always be at the house of the person who picks you up after school.”
“That’s cool. That means we can go to their house after school?”, her son wonders.
“Probably. That brings me to the next point; you will all behave, okay? It can happen that your little brother will be picked up from her as well. I do not want you to cause any troubles, got me?”
“Yes.”, her kids answer in unison.
“As usual.”, her older daughter says confidently.
“Mom, I know it is something we do not like to talk about, but dad texted me yesterday.”, her son mentions nervously. The eye roll of her older daughter was the biggest one she ever did. Whilst ignoring her, Y/N tries to make an eye contact with her son.
“Oh really? What did he say?”
“That he will not make it to the game... He meant they got a recording on the day and if we could film it for him.”, he explains sadly. “I told him no, because he will not watch it anyway.”
“He would watch it. Your dad loves to see you play.”
“I think dad only tried to tell me that he does not want to come at all. He probably has nothing to do on that day.” As a tear rolls down her son’s face, his mother gets up to hug him tightly.
“I understand why you think like that but I do think that he wants to see his boy shooting a goal after the other. He always talked about how proud he is that you are the number two of best players in your team.”
“Why can he not just come? He just has to be there. I do not even expect him to cheer anymore.” Hearing her son’s disappointment makes her feel bad as she did not know what to say to cheer him back up. Carefully, she wipes his tears off his face.
“I have to bring the divorce papers to your father next week. I will ask him if he sees any chance of coming even if he is just coming for twenty minutes.”
“Even if just for ten minutes...”
“Text him that you want to see him there for a minimum of ten minutes and I will talk to him when I see him if he has not answered you by then, okay?”
“Okay.” Y/N presses a strong kiss on her son’s cheek.
“I will give you a new plate. Your tears landed on your plate.” As soon as she was far away from her kids, she tries to take a deep breath as she takes a new plate from the shelf. If Tae would miss this game as well, she knows that there is no chance that her son will forgive his father for it. There are only two games left for this season. Tae never missed the most important games, which were the last two. “Here we go.”
“Thanks, mom.”, he thanks her as he takes another pancake.
“You are welcome. Eat up kids. There is still some left even though I am sure that uncle Jungkook would not mind to eat them.”, Y/N plays with her toddler.
Nine o’clock. It has been twelve hours since Jungkook has not shown himself in his own apartment. As Y/N leaves the bathroom in her pajamas, she thinks about how to speak to him without him running away from her. Y/N follows the sound that seems to come from the kitchen. The closer she comes, the surer she is that it must be Jungkook.
“Hi.”, Jungkook greets whilst he takes a pancake.
“Hi.”, Y/N says as she walks closer.
“I have to take a shower.”, Jungkook says as he puts the pancake back into the fridge to walk away from her.
“Jungkook, will you keep on running from me?” Just as he thought, he stopped in his track and turns back to her.
“What are you talking about?”
“You are avoiding me since last night.”
“I am not.”
“You are. Can we please talk this out like adults?”
“Let’s sit down on the couch.”, Jungkook suggests as he grabs two small water bottles. He places both water bottles on the coffee table before he sits down. He waits until Y/N has sat down before he turns his body towards her. Nervously, he plays with his fingers as he can feel the anxiety building up within him.
“So, let’s talk about it. Why are you acting so strange?”
“Look, I am supporting you as much as I can, I know you know that. If the kids need me, I am here for them, you know that as well.”
“Yeah, I am aware of that and I am super thankful about that.”
“The last months, were hard on you, but they were not easy for me either. Not because I was helping you, but with all the emotions.”
“I thought we might talk about that...”
“You know what I am trying to say?”
“I guess you want to talk about the pressure that I had put on you...”
“That is not what I want to talk about.”
“No? Sorry, I thought that might be the reason why.”
“No, that isn’t it... Please, answer me honestly about what I am going to ask you next.”
“How do you feel about Tae?”
“Tae? Why you are asking me about him?”
“Please. Just tell me.”, Jungkook begs. His face shows how emotionally he feels on the inside to Y/N’s surprise.
“I have a lot of anger towards him. I hate him for what he had put us through but on the other side, he is their father and I want them to have a father in their live. I know how hard it is to be without a father...”
“Do you still love him?”
“I don’t think so. Look, there has been moments in which I felt like I am becoming weak but then I remember what he did and I cannot forgive those things. But there are also moments which remind me on his old personality.”
“Do you want him back?”
“No.” A sigh leaves his lips as his hands wipe over his own lips. “Why are you asking me those questions?”
“Because I would have just died if you would have said that you still have feelings for him and that you think about going back to him.”
“I don't think that I could ever try to have what I had with him again. That train left months ago. Feelings might still be there but they do not mean a thing.”, she explains slowly as she notices the nervous and insecure facial expressions of Jungkook. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I am just in disbelief that you think you might be still in love with someone who treated you like that.”
“I cannot help it. Maybe it is me trying to forget what happened to move on that I get these damn flashbacks of beautiful moments we shared. I mean, it has been twelve years. Jungkook, thirteen years is not something that I can just forget.”
“Isn’t the pain killing you?”
“You have no idea how much it hurts. Especially when I look at my little boy, knowing that there could be a little brother next to him. You have no clue how much it hurts that I send my daughter to spend time with her father even though she doesn’t want. When I think about my son this morning, when he talked about Tae missing his game, I thought I die with him. When my little girl asks me why kids in school are so mean to her lately whilst she cries and I try to cheer her back up. It all hurts.”
“You never showed how much in pain you still are...”
“I couldn’t do it. The kids saw way too much of things they should not be involved in. Hold on, is that why you thought I would go back to him?”
“The option was always there, but I kept hoping that you would not do it.”
“Trust me. I am done with him.”
“You do look like there is something else... What’s wrong?”
“Y/N, I will tell you one thing and I do not want to make things weird between us but I need to get it off my chest. Not saying a thing is killing me even though I do not know how it will affect us.”
“Okay. I promise you. Nothing will change between you and me-”
“As I said, nothing will change no matter how you feel about what I am about to tell you.” Y/N nods as she leans forward to make sure to catch every facial expression to the fullest. “Y/N, the reason why I am asking you about Tae is because I do not want to push myself between you and Tae.”
“Your worries are unneeded. Tae and I are past. Promise.”
“Good. I do not think you got what I tried to say though... Okay, I will try it like that. The last few months, I do not know why but my feelings for you have changed. You are not just a sister to me; you became so important to me. Look, I... God, it is harder than I thought.”, Jungkook comments as he takes a deep breath. “Y/N, I fell in love with you.”
“You fell in love with me?”
“Oh wow. Since when are you in love with me?”
“Honestly, since Tae introduced you to us. That is why I was so distant until I had my feelings under control.”
“But the two girls you introduced as your girlfriends... Did you not love them?”
“I did not. But I needed to get over you as you were getting closer and closer to marry Tae. The feeling I have for you, it is stronger than what I ever felt for anybody else. The feeling I hid so well inside me, is coming back stronger and stronger by day.”
“I do not know what to say.”
“Don’t say anything. I am not expecting you to give me your answer to what I just told you right away. If you excuse me, I need to calm myself down. I feel like I am about to fade.” He adds before he leaves the room.
“Hyung, you know I will not appear this late if it is not necessary.”, Tae says. “Can I not do that all on another day?”
“Why did you not mention it earlier on? All the production has been set for those three days. Everything is organized by now. I talked with my son that I will not be able to watch the game as I have work to do.”, Namjoon answers. “I cannot cancel anything anymore for you. Sorry, but it is simply too late.”
“But this is the second last game for this school year! As you just said, your son is playing too, you must know that it is very important for our sons for us to be there. I missed the last two games. This is one of the important ones. Namjoon, please. Talk with our manager once again.”
“What makes you think that I can change our manager’s mind? He said no to you and even contacted me already about your request. I cannot believe that you complained all afternoon to him that you must see your son play.”
“I had no other choice... You were not able to do anything?”
“No. Not even that you could leave for watching him from the car for a few minutes. Absolutely no chance.”
“What about your son? Will you not watch him either?”
“My wife will call me and I will watch it via FaceTime.”
“That is a great idea! I will watch it with you.”
“Will your son believe you when you say you watched it without anyone proofing that you did? He wanted you there. Tae, this game has been fixed for at least six weeks… This shooting was settled four weeks ago.”
“I will try to get someone to FaceTime me during the game.”, he comments as he picks up his jacket.
“Where are you going? You have just arrived…”
“Shopping. Y/N said she will come over this week. I got to prepare some stuff before she comes.”
“She comes over to your place?”
“Yes. I do not know the reason but I do not want to miss a chance to make things alright between us. I got to go!”, Tae says as he winks at Namjoon as he leaves.
“He truly believes that he can get her back, huh?”, Namjoon’s wife asks when she notices that Tae left.
“You were listening again?”
“Could not help myself. I do not like him being at our house, Namjoon.”
“He is my friend and band mate. What do you think I am supposed to do? Plus, he did not even say anything about him coming over.”
“I know. But right now, it might be better to keep him away. I said to Y/N that she could come over anytime, any day. She will not do that when she sees his car in front of the house.”
“I get that. But if I tell him that that is the reason why, he will camp outside.”
“He still does not know where they are at?”
“He doesn't. I want to keep things like that at least until after the next comeback.”
“I understand.”, she says as a long breath leaves her lips. With a little smirk on his face, he hugs his wife. “He is such an asshole.”
“I know your friendship with her hasn't been the same since.”
“I feel like she only talks with Jimin’s or Yoongi’s wife. I have no clue what happened the last two days.”
“Oh come on. You could call her, what do you think?” Smilingly, she pushes him away.
“Hey, I got a degree in psychology. I am licensed and you think I did not think about calling her?”
“Just saying.” The silence might lasted a half minute as Namjoon’s phone starts to ring.
“Tae again?”
“No, it is Hoseok.”
“Pick up and I will get the kids to bed. I see you in the shower?” With a big grin on his face, he nods as his eyes follow her body. “Don't forget to pick up!” Reminded by his wife, Namjoon picks up the phone.
“Hey. Make it short.”, Namjoon says as he walks towards the window to look outside.
“Nice greeting. Am I calling at the wrong time?”
“Kinda. Listen, I finally got some alone time with my wife without us being super exhausted.”
“Ooh.”, Hoseok says as he laughs for a moment. “Okay, I’ll make it short. Why is Tae asking me about Y/N living with Jungkook?”
“He asked you what?”
“He called me a minute ago.”
“He was at my house like five minutes ago but he only mentioned that he will meet up with her this week.”
“Well, Jungkook is totally through the wind, I was barely able to talk with him normally and Tae is mad at Jungkook for telling him to stay away from Jungkook's apartment.”
“What else did Tae say?”
“Nothing but that he does not understand why Jungkook is taking Y/N’s side… the typical things.”
“You did not say a thing about her living with him?”
“No. I said that the wives know where she is at but they won't tell us.”
“Do the others know about your excuse?”
“No, not yet.”
“Text them to let them know.”, Namjoon tells him.
“Honey, the kids are in bed and I am about to hit the shower. I thought you might want to know.”, Namjoon’s wife whispers as she places a kiss on his neck.
“I am coming.”, Namjoon confirms. “Hoseok, please text the others. Thanks for letting me know but I got to go.”
“Yeah, I heard her… Another Bangtan Baby?”
“No, my kids are enough.”
“Yeah, especially Mini-Me Namjoon.”, Hoseok jokes.
“Okay. I really got to go. We will talk tomorrow. Bye!”
“Bye. Have fun!”, Hoseok says laughing.
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sh. | ot7 | chapter six
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader
RATING Explicit.
GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers.
SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no?
WC 3.8k
WARNINGS AND TAGS themes of exhibitionism. fingering. unprotected sex. creampie. sensitivity during sex. dirty talk.
AN: I have been stuck at this impasse of what's going to happen next for literal mONTHS and somehow in the span of one week I got the ball rolling again. Thank you to the incredible support you all have shown. I am so grateful for each of you. You bring a light to my writing.
Thanks to @lcksndkys and Calix for helping me waddle through my thoughts and to reach the finish line on this chapter. Much love to @jinpanman and @thatlongspringnight too, just for being incredible.
← || series m.list || →
©️ wwilloww do not repost, translate, or use my stories without my permission.
Tumblr media
Chapter Six
Present day.
“Something like this doesn’t need to be so extraneously complicated.”
Yoongi’s words spiral in your mind as Taehyung graciously picks up your breakfast dishes from your hand and you smile absently.
The images whirl in your mind. Seven friends, fucking. Unacceptable, some snotty voice in your head chides you, a voice you quickly shove aside. After all, it’s the 21st century. Emotional intelligence on the rise. Sexual education at its height. Self control… at it’s very lowest.
Back in January you would have run screaming for the hills. And that impulse, well, it’s definitely still there. But all there is to do is recognize it, take a deep breath, and instead of letting the panic take over, try to act from the place in your chest that feels safe and secure. The place in your chest that wants this.
The place that wants this: Your friends. Fucking. But a fluttering in your chest reminds you: it’s not just the sex. Well, it is. Undeniably so. But it’s also something more — you trip over the unspoken words in your mind — it's something about wanting them all closer. What is the word?
“You and Jungkook are on kitchen duty this morning,” Taehyung says as he fills up one of the huge kitchen sinks with warm soapy water, and you snap out of the forest of your thoughts.
You scoff. “I was on kitchen duty like, two days ago!”
“You might be surprised to know that two days later, it is again your turn.”
You huff. “Fine.” Dish duty was always your least favorite of all housework. But the reason things worked so smoothly around here in the first place was that you had all sorted out responsibilities, roles, and communication. The only way it worked was by sticking to that. With a grimace, you roll up your sleeves and prepare to dive into the soapy lukewarm water.
“I can do that,” Jungkook says from behind you, and before you can respond, he gently hip checks you to the side and snatches the sudsy sponge away.
“You sure?”
“I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t mean it.” He nods at the drying rack. “You can dry. I know you like it better anyway.”
This morning’s feast has produced an abundance of dishes - but even with that, you’re sure that Jimin and Jin used every single bowl in the very large kitchen to measure out each ingredient individually. It takes a bit of time before the kitchen is sparkling clean once more.
“Thanks for your help,” Jungkook smiles, some kind of shyness playing in his gaze. You stare a moment too long, trying to catch the elusive thought dancing behind his eyes. As you’re reaching up to put a mug on a counter, he bends down to wipe a comically large sudsy bubble off of the floor and looks up and he freezes.
“You-you’re not wearing…?”
You laugh. “I’m not.” He stands slowly.
“Why—?” Curiosity sings in those doe eyes.
“Jimin asked me not to. It’s a little game we’re playing.”
Jungkook’s eyes widen. “You’ll do anything he says, huh.”
“Not anything,” you say, running a finger up his chest. “But a good amount of it, yes. Wouldn’t you? Didn’t you?”
Even as he speaks, his ears redden and he tugs at one, eliciting a bubbling laugh from you. “I did.” He leans close as if he’s going to tell you a secret. “And I loved it.” He grins and then pauses, taking a moment to gage your expression. Your cheeks are already warm from his prying gaze and the mention of last night’s activities. He leans in close. “You like being told what to do.”
“I do.”
His breath catches in his throat. He hesitates and you let him. Let him take his time.
“Will you let me tell you what to do?”
You love his duality. It might seem surprising or even incongruous at first, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. There is something about his desire to simultaneously be cared for as the object of someone else’s desire and to indulge his own drive to play the game and be the spark that ignites your falling apart, to be the thing that drives you towards the edge again and again. You nod.
“Then turn around.” His voice has dropped lower. “Before anyone catches us.”
You do as he says, turning, arching your back just enough, and presenting your ass to him. Your hands rest firm on the counter. He bends down behind you, and before you know it you’re gasping as he licks a broad stripe up your pussy.
“Are you already this wet or are you still leaking all the cum Jimin stuffed you with?” The double edged sword of his meaning strikes straight through you.
“Why don’t you find out?”
You love the boldness that rises confidently to the surface under Jungkook’s careful but greedy hand. The untethered desire that slips from your tongue like water. How, despite everything spinning in your head, your friend finds a way to dive beneath it and serve delight. Jungkook too, seems to love it, as his eyes darken and drift over your body.
“I haven’t swallowed enough of Jimin’s cum to be able to tell quite yet,” he says casually.
“We’ll have to rectify that then.”
“We will.”
Jungkook slowly works a finger into you. Then two, the long digits stretching you. You do your best to keep your sounds of pleasure to the level of a contained whisper, but you can’t help the gasp that slips from you as he presses against your g-spot and a deep ache of bliss spreads through your abdomen.
“Shit,” you hiss, clenching your teeth and letting your nails dig into your palm.
“Such a needy little brat,” Jungkook says as he begins to draw circles around your clit. “Jimin lets you orgasm once and now all of a sudden you can’t get enough.”
He adds more pressure to his movements and suddenly the biting retort that had sprung to mind dies on your tongue.
“What? Nothing to say?” You can hear the smirk in his words, even as you squeeze your eyes shut, hissing in pleasure, trying to get your footing again. “I’m starting to think you’ve had enough. How much can you take, really? I wouldn’t want to push you too far.” He pulls his fingers from you and you gasp.
You spin around, your shirt falling back down around you again. Jungkook stands back, his eyes dark and hungry. You reach for him, grabbing his shirt to pull him against you.
You press your lips against his and he stills in surprise. His surprise stings through you like ice, slowing your motions, adding a question, a doubt, a — but then he’s kissing you back, kissing you with the fullness of resounding and final punctuation. There’s no room for question in the way his hands twine into your hair, teeth nipping, tongues wrestling. Within a minute, you’re out of breath.
“I can take you, I promise,” you murmur against his lips. “Please, Jungkook.”
“How could I deny you?” he whispers back. There’s a softness to his voice that you don’t quite recognize. A softness that leaves you thirsty for more.
He motions for you to hop up on the counter and with a skilled movement, helps you up. The bare and heated flesh of your bottom hits the cool granite, but the shock is quickly forgotten though as he slides between your legs, a large tattooed hand pressing your thighs wider for him. Bare for him.
“You really want this?”
You wrap your arms around his shoulders, pulling him as tight to you as you can.
“I really want this — you.”
With a swift movement, he pulls himself from his pajama pants and slots his cock against your sopping entrance. As you wiggle against him and try to pull him into you, he raises an eyebrow.
“One of these days I’m going to make you beg for it, you know that, right?”
“Another day?” You grimace at the whine that slips into your voice, but he chuckles at it.
“I like when you’re needy.”
And then he slams into you, his cockhead spearing through your wet folds in one go.
“Ah!” Your head falls back and a cry of pleasure spills from your lips before you can bite it back.
“Feel good?” He begins thrusting in and out of you and you have to grit your teeth to answer.
He grins.
Your previous two encounters with Jungkook had been fast. Needy. It was a race though, the two of you sprinting neck and neck towards the same end goal: release.
But today, the race is long over and you find yourself on a different trail. One where you can simply sink into your own pleasure. You relish in the sensation of his cockhead dragging against your walls. You let your breath move quickly and heavily, brushing against his shoulder as you pant. There’s not necessarily anything particularly graceful about this fuck, but it’s easier.
Delight fogs through your body as he hits all the right spots, his hips rolling against yours. You glide your hand beneath the collar of his t-shirt, fingers splaying against his warming skin. You love the way his breath catches in his throat when you squeeze around him and before you know it, both of you are edging your orgasms.
“Just,” Jungkook breathes heavily, “Slow. For a minute. We don’t have to rush.”
“Good—” you say, a kiss fluttering against his lips. “Yes—ah—” He chuckles at your inability to pull together a sentence.
His hand comes down to grip your hip and he moves you to his will, setting a slower, deeper pace. You find his pace and push against it, against him, your breaths tangling. This close, his pelvic bone presses against your clit and you grind yourself slowly against it.
A different kind of pleasure builds in your abdomen. One stoked slowly, carefully, tenderly. It builds to a height that quickness could not reach, it teases you at the edge of its altitude.
“Jungkook—” you gasp. “So close.”
“Good. Keep going.” His grip on you loosens enough to allow you to move freely against him, but stays firm enough to feel like you are so wrapped up in him you wouldn’t know where to begin to untangle yourself.
Your orgasm washes over you with a kind of warmth that is entirely foreign to you. Your breath stills in your throat as it seizes you, freezing you in its hold. Jungkook coos at you, pretty words falling from his lips and drifting somewhere towards your subconscious as you ride it out and finally collapse into his arms, your arms pulling him into a hug as you pant against him.
“Well fuck — that was ho—”
The last syllable is choked out of him as you grind your hips against him again.
“Want you to cum,” you say, your movements sloppy but determined in your post-orgasm bliss.
“Oh?” Jungkook thrusts once into you. Still sensitive, you wince at the overwhelm. “And I thought you needed a minute to recover.”
“So good for me.” You can hear the smile in his voice and the tension that you draw from him too, the way it laces through his voice with urgency. He’s barely holding himself together as you grind against him.
You can tell he’s getting close. His pace picks up, his forehead pressing in concentration, his face tightening in focused pleasure. “You know…I still haven’t cum in this pretty pussy.”
“Well, technically—” you begin to say, thinking of Jimin’s fingers last night scooping up Jungkook’s still-hot cum and filling your cunt with it. The way it had spilled down your leg as you walked back to your bedroom.
“Sh, just—”
“Yes. Do it. Cum inside me.”
That’s all he needed to hear. With a shuddering gasp, he presses himself tightly against you, a hand coming to cradle your head, the other pressing firmly against your back. He presses himself as far into you as he can possibly manage and cums, his cock twitching within you as he groans.
“Fuck,” Jungkook curses, his voice graveled.
“You sound rough,” you laugh breathily, tucking a piece of long, dark hair behind his ear as he recovers. He looks up at you, those large, round eyes too pretty for the deed he just committed.
He lets loose a long, shaky breath, one that turns to a laugh as he watches the smile bloom on your face. “What the fuck did we just do?” he says.
“We just fucked in the kitchen.”
“A second time.”
“A second time indeed.”
“What, you got a kitchen kink or something?” he smiles.
“If anything it’s a communal kink. A communal kink for communal spaces.”
“Really, if anything you’ve got a bit of an exhibitionist streak. Undeniably so.”
The heat that pours into your face doesn’t make sense when paired with your unabashed attitude about the act you and Jungkook just accomplished on the kitchen counter. “Maybe,” you say, tucking your head beneath his chin, pressing your lips to the little dip beneath his adam’s apple. “And so what if I do?”
“Then I would want to take every opportunity to explore just how far that specific interest of yours is able to take you,” he says. “How far it would push you, uh, us.” You can only imagine what he’s thinking of. “You know, as this keeps—” He pauses for a moment. Searching for the word. “Moving forward.”
Forward? Something in your chest stills and freezes. Whispers, run.
Your breath, too, turns to ice in your throat. Jungkook notices the shift in your countenance and brings his hand up to your arm, kneading the flesh softly.
But you’re quick. You know what to do when this happens. Even as the song of old fear sings in your veins, you know it has very little — if anything at all — to do with the man standing in front of you, the way he makes you feel, and the things that the two of you are — deliciously — doing together. So you look at it. Look at the fear that won’t quit. Know that it’s old, a visitor from the past, and take a deep breath.
Then another.
Then you press a kiss to the hard shell of his collarbone, just as you wanted to do, feeling the warmth of his body sink through your skin into yours, warming the freezing bits into something human, something present again.
“Forward?” you manage to say, breathe in, breathe out.
“Forward, yeah,” Jungkook says, letting his short nails skate up your skin and tangle into the back of your hair, raising goosebumps to your skin. “Forward. With us. This.”
“Jungkook,” you murmur as you kiss up his neck. “I don’t know what this is.”
“Do you need to?”
The answer comes automatically. “Yes.”
“I’m not sure you do.”
“I don’t know what you mean by that.”
“Well. Then, tell me. Do you want this to stop?"
In, out. It’s easier to breathe with his hands running over your body. With his presence so close to yours, his strange, calming individuality singing even in the silence. You know this. You want this.
"Well, that’s good to hear,” he chuckles, his hands still roving in lazy patterns over your body. “So then, whatever this is, does it need a name?"
You flounder. That's not what he's supposed to say. He’s supposed to push you. To ask more of you. Right? That’s how this kind of thing always goes. DTR: define the relationship. Give it a name. Put it in a box, like every other one of your previous relationships. Act by the script, because with each label there is a preordained script that everyone is supposed to follow. But without the name, what is left? The gap left by the question swallows you up. But it also promises something else: freedom. A loosened chain around your heart.
"What—" you shake your head. "What do you mean?"
"If you don't know what this is, that’s okay. If you don’t know exactly what you want, that's okay. You don't NEED to know what you want, especially not a month, six months, a year from now. You just need to know if you want this — me — right now."
You do want him. That’s undeniable. Looking at him, it’s almost impossible to manage all the different ways you want him. His softness, wrapped around you. His compassion, leading you forward. His unrivaled energy, like some furious and kind beast, always waiting around the corner with a new adventure. And not just all of the little pieces, but the whole too. You want Jungkook.
“I do, I do, Jungkook,” you say. And then you press in, letting yourself kiss him, a frown of confusion tugging at your lips. He can feel it. “I just… I don’t understand.”
“That’s okay,” he whispers. “I can explain what I mean. If I am what you want right now, if Jimin is what you want, hell, whoever — then take it. It’s okay for you to want like this. And when that want stops or it changes or it grows into something else, that’s okay too. Just… tell us.”
You swallow. Why is it that his kindness, his understanding feels like it’s ripping you open? It’s not as if what he’s saying is particularly new to you. It’s just that your history has held such rigidness, such control, that the airy taste of flexibility before you feels an awful lot like fear. But with Jungkook’s earnest eyes shining down on you, you know it can’t be fear. It has to be you, standing on the precipice of the unknown, knowing nothing before you but the next step: your own desire. And you’ve been doing it, letting yourself open up to it.
But when was the last time the world opened up to you too?
“What I’m saying is,” Jungkook continues, “I don’t need a name for this. I just know I like you and I really like cumming in that pretty pussy of yours and — if you’ll let me — I’d like to keep doing that.”
“Cumming in my pretty pussy?”
“Yeah. And maybe your ass sometime. Or down your throat. Or on your face. Or—”
“Okay, okay,” you laugh. “I get the picture.”
He takes a long look at you.
“What’s going through your head? You seem… concerned.”
You smile softly. “Am I that easy to read?” He nods, laughing, then lets you continue. “Well, then. I should… I should talk to Hobi. About, um,” you gesture between the two of you. “This.”
“Why?” He leans in close. “You wanna fuck him too?”
The question strikes something in your chest and you feel the blood rush to your face. For a split second, you let yourself imagine it: fucking Hoseok. How would he look, fucked-out? Would he be gentle? Intentional? Furious and fast and full of desire? But no. No, you have to stop yourself there, before thinking of these things turns to wanting them (although a small voice in the back of your mind warns you that you’re already there). Hoseok had already made his interest — or lack thereof — clear to you.
Jungkook notices your gaze shift and nudges you.
“It’s okay if you do. I guess, this is exactly what Yoongi meant when he said think about it. Right? But also—” Jungkook runs a hand through his dark hair, pressing his lips together as he thinks of the right words to say. “I know you two are close, but you don’t owe him any explanation of your sex life—” He chuckles, “Now that you have a sex life.”
You shove him lightly. “That’s not it.”
“Then what is it?”
You shake your head.
“I don’t know. It just feels… right. Like I’ve been keeping a secret from him.”
“Well, you’re not.”
“I know,” you say, even as the words feel like a lie on your tongue. “Do you know where he might be? At this pace I’ll find him by dinner time.”
“I’m pretty sure I saw him heading with Namjoon towards the library. Namjoon said he wanted to show him some new collection he discovered.”
“There’s a library?” Jungkook nods. “Of course there’s a library.”
“Not surprised you didn’t notice. You been spending too much time fucking me — or eyefucking one of our other friends. But I really shouldn’t complain about that.”
You scoff. Shove him a little. Brush your hair out of your face and stand.
“Well — thanks, dickhead.”
“You’re welcome, love bird.”
You startle a little at the softness of the nickname and look at Jungkook. His ears are reddened.
“That’s a new one. Usually it’s asshole or—”
He recovers quickly. “Well until you let me fuck your asshole or we find a strap-on for you to fuck mine, we’ll leave it at love bird.”
“Hmm. I like it,” you say, smile spreading across your features and you reach out to pinch his cheek. “I guess I’ll have to think of something sweeter for you than dickhead, huh?”
“Dickhead is fine. At least it means you’re thinking about something important.”
“Oh my god, I can’t with you!” you laugh. “Well, thanks. Really.” You reach out for him, a hand lingering perhaps a moment too long on his arm before turning towards the dark hallway where Jungkook pointed you, and you trip over nothing, giggling as you catch your step.
“You’re blind, you know!” Jungkook calls after you, laughing.
“Shut up! Stop saying that!”
Jungkook watches you as you leave. You’re always too quick to leave, aren’t you? he thinks, the taste of something like bitterness flickering in his mind. As he watches you round the corner, all he can imagine is the image of running after you, pulling you back into his arms, and fucking you silly until the sound of you screaming his name finally slips through the impossibly thick walls of the mansion.. Until everyone in the house knows exactly what you’ve been doing almost every day of the past week. Who you’ve been doing. The thought almost makes him laugh at the ridiculousness.
He shakes his head, a failed attempt to clear the build up of words, of things he’s not quite sure how to say to you, burning at the tip of his tongue. “Get your shit together, man.”
Tumblr media
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parkdatjimin · 17 hours ago
bts mobile masterlist
🤍 - fluff, ⚡- angst, 🍒 - mature
Tumblr media
J e o n J u n g k o o k
#drabble series
Caught |-> you're continuously caught in awkward situations with your much too attractive roommate.
roommate!au | 🤍 | drabble masterlist
#dialogue prompts
"I don't wanna ruin anything." "I do." | 🍒 | 3k
K i m T a e h y u n g
coming soon
P a r k J i m i n
Coming soon
K i m N a m j o o n
Coming soon
J u n g H o s e o k
Coming soon
M i n Y o o n g i
coming soon
K i m S e o k j i n
Coming soon
Coming soon
*all content is copyrighted ©parkdatjimin and NOT available for republishing, repost, or translation without my permission*
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1uckygold · 18 hours ago
Keys to the Magic Door
Summary: The Bangtan boys one night encounter a woman that looks exactly like the animation ARMY from "Magic Door" and "Dream ON." What if it's not a coincidence? What if it's actually the female from the animation video? Except she needs their help... she needs to go back into her universe before it falls apart. BTS agree to do anything to help, but what happens if they all start to fall in love with her? What do they do when... when it's time to say goodbye?
~Pairing: BTS x Human f!Reader
~Genre: Fluff & Humor, Alternate Universe - Bangtan Universe
~Word Count: 1.9K
Tumblr media
“Hyung! Look at what me and Hobi found! It’s a mini us!” Jungkook called out giddy as Taehyung walked into the room to find Hoseok watching a YouTube video of an animation them singing Mic Drop with the youngest of the group on a laptop.
“Yah! The female is said to represent army, isn’t that cool?” Hoseok asked with a huge smile while pointing at the female who was in a bakery watching the mini Bangtan boys.
Taehyung sat down next to the two in awe as they watched the video, it wasn’t until Seokjin called them for dinner did they rush out of the room. The laptop being left open and forgotten on the coffee table as everyone went to the dining room to have dinner together.
“Jin-hyung really out down himself today!” Jimin complicated as everyone hummed in an agreement, Jin smiling and laughing slightly at the comment.
After eating, everyone helped clean up the table and put leftovers away in the fridge. Each member tired and cheering that they have a day off tomorrow, “Finally, I can sleep!” Yoongi yawned out while they all made their way to their respectable rooms.
“You didn’t even do anything today, Yoongs.” Namjoon commented with a chuckle as Yoongi playful glared at the leader. “Yes! Someone had to distract Seokjin-hyung while you hide his broken mirror that you accidently caused.” He said before slapping a hand over his mouth as Seokjin gasped.
“Yah, that was you!! I thought I lost that mirror!” Seokjin shouted at Namjoon who smiled sheepishly as the maknae line laughed at their hyungs. Jimin comforting a sulking Seokjin with a wide smile, like if he wanted to laugh as well.
“It’s okay, Jin-hyung. We’ll get you a new mirror tomorrow.” Jimin said patting the oldest members back in comfort before everyone wished each other goodnight.
After an hour, the house was silent with no one awake, all the members sleeping peacefully. Suddenly the open forgotten laptop that was sitting there with the screen still displaying the music video glowed. The glow was a bright beautiful purple, the light shining throughout the whole room.
It wasn’t until a female shot out from the laptop did the light die down. You had landed on the floor with a thud, groaning at the pain and headache you were feeling. One minute, you were in your room and then the next you’re on the floor.
Looking up, your vision was slightly blurry but as soon as they focused on the fact that nothing around you looked familiar is when your senses started to go into overdrive. Eyes widening, hands and feet immediately scrambled to stand up.
What’s going on? This isn’t my room… or house for that matter, you thought panicking at the idea of maybe someone kidnapped you and they were going to do things that made you shudder in disgust.
Mouth opening to scream, but hands immediately go to your throat as fear creeped up inside. You can’t talk… how are you going to call for help?!
Hesitantly, legs moved quietly on their own to walk around and look for some kind of weapon. Your eyes brightening seeing a freshly clean pan on the dish rack in the kitchen, not even wasting any time to run and grip it in your grasp.
Taking a deep breath, you walked throughout the whole house, purposely ignoring any closed doors in case the kidnappers were sleeping. Soon enough you encountered a room with a keyboard laying around, your eyes could tell that it was well kept.
Biting your lip nervously while looking around the room, you hesitantly sit down in front of the keyboard as a single finger tests out one key. Flinching as the small sound echoed the room, letting out a breath of relief you didn’t know you were holding as no one came.
Deciding maybe they weren’t here is when you put the pan down next to you, hands slowly playing more keys as your eyes closed. A soft smile made its way on your lips as both hands moved more into the music, the comforting melody echoing throughout the room and hallway, the sound alerting the sleeping members.
“AHHHH!” Screams broke throughout the room.
Your eyes immediately snapped open to see seven most beautiful men screaming at the door entrance. You stopped playing on the keyboard as you fell off the chair in shock, only to grab the pan seconds later and run to a corner.
The pan being held into a defensive position as you whimpered, beautiful or not, they could still try something. Soon the screaming died down when they realized the girl was huddled in the corner, cowering in fear with a pan.
The members stared in shock at the strange female in their home, until Hoseok eyes widen in realization as he hit Jungkook’s arm lightly to get his attention. “Doesn’t she look… familiar?” He asked the maknae as Jungkook looked at his hyung in confusion only for Taehyung to gasp at what Hobi was saying.
“She looks like the girl from the video!” Taehyung practically shouted, the loud yell making you even more paranoid since you couldn’t hear their conversation.
“What are you guys talking about?” Namjoon asked seriously, seeing that Jungkook’s light bulb turn on as the three members seemed to know who this girl was. “The girl from that music video of a tiny animation version of us!”
Seokjin rubbed his face to shake sleep out of his eyes as all the members started arguing back and forth that they weren’t making sense. It wasn’t until his eyes landed on you that he saw you hold your head high with the frying pan but shaking with fear.
“Hey! Stop it! Your scaring her even more!” Seokjin sternly yelled at the members who he thought of as family, looking as his brothers as they suddenly shut up. “Sorry, Jin-hyung.” Everyone mumbled out an apology, looking at their hyung like a scolded child.
Seokjin gaze softened at his brothers, their kicked puppy face making it hard for him to be angry. His attention quickly changed however to you, walking slowly with his arms held out as a sign that he didn’t mean any harm.
Eyeing him with a frown, you swung at him anyways when Seokjin got too close making him back up in surprise at barely missing him. “She doesn’t trust us; I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing. Maybe Hoseok-ah should go talk to her first, he always has this gentle atmosphere around.” Yoongi stated with a frown at the encounter his hyung had with the strange female.
Hoseok perked up at the comment, smiling shyly at the compliment Yoongi just gave him before giving a nod. Immediately as Hoseok got closer, you narrowed your eyes in suspicion following his movements as he sat down in front of you but not too close.
“Hi!” Hoseok said brightly with a wide smile as you hesitate before giving a nod of acknowledgement making his smile widen if that was possible. The other members watched with interest as you slowly relaxed at the comforting feeling Hoseok was giving off.
“I’m J-Hope, but you can call me Hoseok or Hobi if you want!” Hobi said only to see you perk up at the first thing he said, dropping the pan on the floor slightly making Hoseok jump a little. Your mouth open to speak only for no words to come out, a hand immediately touching your throat with a frown.
Suddenly an idea popped in your head as you crawled to Hoseok who calmly sat there wondering what the girl was going to do. To his and the members surprise, you sat in front of him while grabbing one of his hands before tracing the word “J-Hope?” on his palm.
“Yes! I’m J-Hope!” Hoseok said excitedly as communicating with you.
Your eyes sparkled in recognition at the name, a large smile breaking out. “We should get her to the living room and talk there.” Namjoon suggested, the sudden voice breaking your eye contact with Hoseok making you startled to look up at the rest of the people in the room.
However, a certain member who looked on with sleep in his eyes and a frown caught your attention. Well he didn’t catch your attention but the black bandana headband he was wearing certainly did.
Everyone was suddenly surprised with you got up to run at Yoongi, who stared at you in slight shock with an open mouth. Slowly and hesitantly you reached up to trace the fabric, before doing the same thing you did to Hoseok, tracing “Suga?” on his palm.
“Yoongi-hyung, I think she likes you.” Jimin spoke with a teasing tone, the comment making you blush in embarrassment as you let go of his hand as if it burned.
“I don’t… I don’t think that’s it. That seems the only way she can communicate without paper and a pen.” Yoongi replied as he stared at his hand that you had traced his name on it a few moments ago.
“She even recognizes our names, Jiminie.” Hoseok shouted out with a bright smile jumping on Jungkook’s back who was standing next to Jimin. The youngest eyes lighting up like a child, wanting to know if you knew his name too. All of them completely forgetting that they were idols and famous around the world.
Taehyung looked thoughtful for a moment, “She does look an awful like the army from the video…” He spoke softly to himself while staring at you.
Seokjin smiled politely at you, ignoring the fact you almost hit his beautiful face with a frying pan. “What’s your name?” He asked gently as you looked at him with a head cute pout and head tilt, some members cooing at the action.
You looked at Seokjin, scrunching your face up to remember but only a blank coming up. You couldn’t remember your name for some reason, the idea almost bringing tears to your eyes at not being able to remember a simple thing as that.
“Hey… hey, don’t cry! It’s okay if you can’t remember!” Jimin rushed out saying with soft eyes seeing tears swell up in your eyes.
You nodded, whipping away your tears that started to fall only to look up and see a hesitant Jungkook towering in front of you, Hobi off talking to all the members who were in a group huddle.
He stood there silently before a moment as if he were arguing with himself on whether to do something or not. Suddenly a gentle hand was holding your face as a long sleeve was whipping away the fresh tears, “A pretty girl shouldn’t cry.” Jungkook mumbled out with a slight blush dusting his cheeks.
Suddenly… you didn’t feel so scared of these boys as your heart started to beat faster. The atmosphere they were giving made a warm feeling overcome you, and before you knew it… a cheerful giggle made your way on your face as you slightly hiccup from crying. The members stopping with what they were doing at the beautiful sound they heard, eyes widening before they all smiled at you.
Welcome to the Keys to the Magic Door!
This is only a taste of the story. If you want to read what happens next, you can read more on my Wattpad or A03 (Archive of Our Own).
Wattpad: 1uckygold
A03: 1uckygold
If you have any questions about this story, either ask on my question box, message me, or email me (
Stay Safe! <3
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fave-bts-fics · 21 hours ago
wake up where you are
BY: springwei
Yoongi tries to hit on his husband while still under the effects of anaesthesia. That's it, that's the plot.
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iwantuaround-ribbon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mygwarai · a day ago
Stop hating on TXT
No, its crazy how a really huge fandom is so hateful and insecure towards a 2 year old group because they won one award against their faves and I am not generalizing that everyone in the ARMY fandom is the same but let’s be real one of the fandom that hates TXT is ARMY and because what? They have shown how incredibly respectful they are towards them. This fandom bullied literal teenagers? This is coming from someone who has been an ARMY since 2013 and been with them from the start but stopped because of how shitty their fandom is. Y’all have been so incredibly disrespectful towards TXT because they came from the same agency and the audacity of trending txtdisband on twitter because they lost one award is beyond me. This is a account on twitter hating on TXT: @2seokily​ ​If you guys find more let me know.
I am using these tags to actually bring attention towards this topic.
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blu-joons · a day ago
Stuck In The Elevator ~ Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
You smiled politely at the man who was already stood at the back of the elevator as you stepped in, holding on tightly to your bag. You moved to the other side, looking away from his eyes, letting go of several deep breaths as you tried to keep yourself together.
“What floor do you want?” The voice asked, with his hand hovering over the buttons for the different levels of the building. “I’m going to floor number fifteen if that helps.”
“Twenty,” you muttered back to him, although as you said it, you began to doubt whether that was right after all. “I’m looking for the floor that deals with HR, I don’t suppose you know which floor that is, do you?”
“Don’t worry, floor twenty is spot on, no need to worry.”
Your eyes lit up, “perfect, thank you. Floor twenty for me then please.”
As the elevator doors closed, silence descended upon the two of you as you slowly made your way up, eyes focusing on the numbers as they went up one by one. You were calm as you moved, reaching the tenth floor, you were halfway there, until you felt the lift shake.
Your hands instantly reached back to hold onto the rail, feeling your breath hitch when floor eleven didn’t seem to appear. “Don’t worry, this lift has always been a little bit dodgy.”
“Really? Just a little bit?”
You couldn’t believe how calm the guy was in front of you, leaning back against the cold metal as if a jolt in the lift was something he was used to. You tried to act as calm as he did, but as the light flickered above you, you couldn’t hold back the yelp that escaped from you.
“Alright, so maybe the lift is very dodgy, but I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.”
“I have a job interview to get to you,” you informed him, struggling to keep yourself calm. “If I don’t get this job, I’m barely going to have the money to keep on living in Korea.”
“Don’t worry, I’m sure that the lift will get moving in a minute,” the man tried to comfort you. “I’m Yoongi by the way, just in case we end up being stuck here for a while.”
Your eyes widened in horror, although you could tell he was trying to joke, it only made your heart worse. “Why would you say that? What part of that is supposed to help me?”
“Sorry, just thought I’d brighten the mood. I’ll press the intercom, see what’s going on.”
You stood back as he pressed the button to reach the reception, flinching when you heard a woman’s voice. You listened on in fear as the woman informed Yoongi that they weren’t too sure what was going on, and that the elevator had never normally stopped for this long before whenever it did malfunction.
As he continued to inform her what was going on, the light flickered once again, as the left side of the bar stayed on, the right side cut out, leaving your side of the elevator in darkness. His eyes instantly looked to you, offering you a soft smile.
“Stay calm, I’m sure they’re getting help to us soon enough,” he comforted.
“Help is no good when my interview is ten minutes. Please, just tell them to hurry.”
The mentions of an engineer coming was the first bit of hope you could hold onto as the woman let Yoongi know they were trying their best. However, as he turned the intercom off, you knew it was just going to be a matter of waiting and hoping for the best.
“Why don’t we do something to distract your mind” Yoongi suggested, taking a seat on the elevator floor. “Unless you’d rather just wait in silence?”
Your head shook, slipping your feet out of your heels so that you could sit down on the floor opposite him, keeping your bag close to your side. You stared across at Yoongi, waiting to hear what suggestion he had to try and pass the time.
“I’m guessing by what you said just now, you’ve not been in Korea long,” he noted, “so why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself and what you’re doing here.”
Your head nodded at his observation, “I moved a couple of months ago as an intern, and then the company went bust. That’s why I’m so desperate for the job, to afford my apartment.”
His heart went out to you as you spoke, clearly luck hadn’t been on your side at all. However, as you spoke about your own struggles, he hated how he couldn’t find himself relating.
“What about you?” You then quizzed, “do you work here, or are you maybe a rival for the job?”
His eyes went wide as he realised the sincerity in your voice, quickly realising that you were clueless as to who he was. His face failed to resemble anything familiar to you, leaving you inquisitive to find out more.
“I work here,” he smiled, not wanting to make too big of a deal out of the situation. “I work as a rapper mainly, working on the music that the company produces, you might’ve heard some of my stuff.”
Your smile grew, intrigued by his role. “If I had better phone battery, I’d suggest putting one of your songs on, but I imagine this place isn’t great for signal.”
“It’s terrible,” he chuckled, making himself more comfortable, “but it’s nice not to have to worry about phones for a while and just enjoy having some proper human interaction.”
The two of you continued to get to know each other whilst you waited for help to arrive. Your mind was far too distracted to even notice that your interview time had gone, too fascinated by Yoongi’s stories which he told. After a short while, you heard banging from above the elevator, followed by the call of a deep voice.
Your eyes instantly looked across to Yoongi, noticing how wide his smile was too. “Seems like help is finally on the way,” he chuckled, standing up and calling back to the voice to let him know that the two of you were safe.
“Please, hurry up and get us out of this thing,” you whispered, standing up too, gripping back onto the bar as you had done previously. “I enjoy your company Yoongi, but not this place.”
“Likewise, if my workplace wasn’t so many floors up, there’s no way that I’d ever use this elevator again,” he laughed, “I just hope that you manage to get the job figured out.”
After a little while of waiting, the doors soon opened, causing you both to flinch at the bright lights that entered from the outside. You bent down to pick up your bag, sliding your heels back on as you stepped out of the elevator.
There was still a couple of floors to go until you reached HR, but more than anything, you were relieved to be on actual ground and get even the smallest of glimpses of outside once again.
Once you were settled, you turned back to Yoongi whose eyes were watching you closely. “I mean it, good luck for the job. The stairs are just around on the corner on the left, explain, and I’m sure they’ll understand.”
“Thank you,” you smiled, muttering a quick thanks to the engineer before following Yoongi’s instructions, turning to the left where you saw a sign for the staircase up.
As you walked, your eyes were drawn to several photos of artists that the company was home too. Your eyes flickered through most of them, however as you reached the end, one face particularly stood out to you.
You took a couple of steps closer to the post, instantly recognising the face. Your eyes went wide when you realised it was Yoongi looking back at you, unrecognisable from the relaxed figure that you’d just bumped into.
Your eyes looked back in the direction of the lift, noticing him stood in the middle of the corridor, keen to make sure you followed the right way. “This is you?” You called out to him.
“Of course, I’ll explain it all one day. As long as you get the job.”
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MicroWave | 4
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut (in the next chapter!)
Pairing: Agent!Yoongi x Reader (Agent au. Neighbor au)
Word Count: 8,6k
Rating: 18+ (M)
Warning: mental breakdown, mention of stalker, FLUFFY YOONGI, protective Yoongi, kissing and cuddling (just want to warn you), mentions of voyeurism, angst, insecurity. (is that all?)
Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | ongoing
Summary: Yoongi can’t help to worry about his neighbor. Not only that she almost burned the apartment down, she also trusts people too much, and yet she doesn’t want people to help her. She is just trouble written in bold and capital and he shouldn’t be acquainted with her. But yet, he makes it his mission to help her with all costs.
Series Masterlist: The Company
A/N: after days of procrastinating, I finally did it! And just one more chapter! This story will never been finished if I’ve never met @arizonapoppy I love you so much!! And also: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY DEAR BTS!
Go check the other series because *sst... It’s all connected!
Tumblr media
You tap the six-digit code on your door and rush into your apartment. Your handbag falls to the floor; you don’t even care that it isn’t closed properly and your belongings all fall out. The jacket that you use seems as if it is weighing you down, the warmth that it provides is too much for you, it is too warm. Quickly you throw the jacket to the chair next to  your bed, followed by the rest of your clothes, leaving you in nothing but your underwear. You should be feeling cold, but you don’t. Instead, you feel greasy as sweat runs down your back.
Luckily, you don’t wear any makeup so you don’t have to bother about cleaning your face first. So, you step into your shower, let yourself out of your underwear, and let the cold water run over you. You hope that the cold water can help you calm down and clear away your problems.
“Why are you quiet?” you asked for the fourth time that night. Your stomach grumbled as soon as the Gukbap was placed in front of you. It was the Gukbap store where Yoongi and you ate together before. You grew to like it too, and since that one time, both of you began to come more often to the point that you could name yourself a regular in the store.
The store owner placed the side dishes neatly next to your meal and smiled at both of you. “I put extra meat in your dishes, so you should eat it all, okay? The weather is getting chilly, you must eat a lot!” She turned to you and patted your back. “Especially you, you always look so tired whenever you come here.”
You smiled and nodded politely. “Thank you, I’ll enjoy it.”
“Thank you,” Yoongi said softly and began to stir his food. It was the first time he spoke since you went to the police office. You didn’t know what he was thinking about, only that he had worn a sad expression ever since he hugged you in the police station hallway.
You took a bite after blowing on it a little to cool it down. Still, your eyes were on the man before you. Yoongi gazed only at his food, not you, so hesitantly you opened your mouth. “Yoongi, what’s wrong?”
He made a small smile and finally looked up at you. “Let’s just eat first, okay?”
You sighed and ate in silence, letting the background sound from the crowded store fill the tension between both of you. Your eyes wandered the store, looking at the other guests. It was three in the afternoon, a little past lunch time, but this place was still filled with people. Maybe they were tourists, since the place was one of the popular ones, or maybe they were just like you, simply having a late lunch.
You found it hard to eat in this kind of situation. Not when Yoongi cautiously stole glances at you but averted his gaze whenever he met your eyes. You were confused and yet you kept eating. You knew he wouldn’t tell you anything if you didn’t finish your bowl. You knew him that well.
After the last scoop entered your mouth, you set aside your bowl and casually folded your arms on the table, waiting for his explanation.
“You know, you look like you’re going to break up with me.” You giggled, mindlessly spouting nonsense to gain his attention.
It worked, as he choked on his food and began coughing to clear his throat. His pale arm reached out for the glass of water beside him, drinking it in a gulp. “What? N-No. I-I don’t know that we’re dating…”
“I’m just kidding. You look so tense.” You laughed and poured him another cup of water. “Do you have to reject me that way?”
“That’s not what I mean…” He slid his bowl aside, not empty, but he just couldn’t finish it.
You tilted your head, amused with his reaction. “Sure, you must have a great standard for women….”
“Y/N... Listen to me,” Yoongi interrupted, hands grabbing yours tightly.
Your heart raced, trying to anticipate what he was going to say. “O-okay… I’m listening.”
He took a deep breath, “I’m afraid that Jaebum wasn’t the only one who kept following you.”
The smile faltered from your face. “Wh-what? That’s not funny.”
“The police are still investigating, Jaebum has always been at his job whenever the man followed you. He has an alibi.” The grip on your hands tightened. “I’m sorry, Y/N....”
You bit your lips to stop them from trembling, and gathered all of your power to speak again. “It-It’s okay, It’s not your fault. Really…” you said as you smiled weakly. “Everything is gonna be fine.…”
Yoongi looked once more at your face, and studied it quickly. Maybe he noticed a little tear in the corner of your eyes as he gathered your hands and pulled them closer to him, giving them a light kiss on your knuckles. “Yes. it’s going to be fine.”
You keep running the cold water over your head, but that conversation is still stuck looping through your mind. To think that there’s another man, an unknown man to be exact, who followed you for almost a year? It makes you anxious. You’re terrified. Who the hell is that man? And what does he want?
You turn the faucet off and grab the towel. The mirror reflection of you drying yourself off, tired and distressed, you just want to break it to pieces. You toss the damp towel into a basket under the sink, along with your used underwear, and walk over to your closet. Eyeing the shelf, you grab an oversized t-shirt and new underwear that catch your eyes and put them on. Again, silence envelops you. The only sound you hear is from outside, trickling rain and wind that tap at your window.
You cross to your bed, water falling from your wet hair, leaving a transparent spot on the back of your shirt.
What should I do?
Your head jerks to the door. There’s only a handful of people that know your apartment and you are not expecting anybody. You’d never invite anyone to your apartment by this point, it’s just too small, and honestly, you don’t want to. You just love to be alone.
But now, this silence and the loneliness are just killing you. Why is it that every time you hear bad news, you always end up alone? You want-- you have-- to see somebody.
You walk faster to the door and stop suddenly. Wait, what if it is that guy?
You gulp and tiptoe to the door, hand reaching for the blue umbrella sitting beside the door. You tiptoe and peek through the peephole, finding a certain man that you knew behind the door.
You sigh. Immediately relief washes through you, and you can’t stop the tears accumulating on your eyes when you open the door, revealing Yoongi standing in front of you.
“Sorry to disturb you, I just want to lend you my kettle. Yours is broken, right?” Yoongi enters your room, closing the door behind him. He smiles and proudly shows you his white kettle before he puts it on the counter. His smile falters when he looks at you: pale and wet. “Y/N?”
Subconsciously your hands find him and wrap around his shoulders, and again you begin to crumble.
Yoongi doesn’t talk, just lets you cry in front of him. His eyes fall on the umbrella lying on the floor, realizing that you were using, trying to use, it for your self defense.
“Let's just dry your hair first,” he says softly as he guides you to the side of your bed. You lose sight of him as he ducks into your bathroom and comes back with a dry towel. Yoongi kneels on the bed beside you, and covers your head with the towel, drying your hair gently as your tears fall down your cheeks. He sighs and holds the towel tightly with his hands.
And he leans in, pressing his damp lips to your left cheek. His mouth moves upwards until it meets the lashes of your eyes, kissing every tear away. He backs away only to do the same thing on your right side, sending shivers through your spine. With every kiss he gives, your face gets warmer.
His right hand steals toward your neck, lightly pulling you to him, as his lips move downwards to your lips. You let out a shaky breath when his left hand touches your waist, letting the towel fall forgotten to your bed. His thumbs draw soothing circles and with every stroke, you begin to melt into his touch. The only thing you want is his body, his hands, and his lips on you.
But his lips stop at the corner of your mouth, hesitating to move closer.
Sensing his hesitation, you turn your head a little, to attach your lips to his. “Please,” you murmur.
He is petrified by your sudden action, but begins to relax as your hands clench his shirt tightly.
You feel how soft his lips are between your cracked ones. How he moves so smoothly and slowly, like he wants to taste every part on your lips. You can’t hear the rain and approaching thunder outside, the only thing you hear is your heartbeats and the sound of a ticking clock: the proof that it is not a dream.
Your whole body tingles, your mind goes numb. Yoongi kisses his way to make you forget about anything but him. He kisses to tell you that every part of this is real. That all of these times, it has always been you, and you only. He kisses you to show that he is all that you need. He kisses you not a good-bye, but kisses you a hello.
He steals away not just your breath, but your problems.
Yoongi releases you slowly and rests his forehead against yours. His face is reddened and you’re sure that yours is too. Both chests heaving, struggling to breathe. The warmth around you becomes tangible.
“I’m not going to say sorry, but I didn’t mean to kiss you like this.” Yoongi sighs, gently cupping your face and tilting it to meet his eyes. You move your hands to cover his hands. He flinches with the sudden coldness. “Good grief, why are your hands so cold?”
You don’t say anything, and just move your hand to his back, letting your body fall toward his chest. Letting yourself be comfortable in his embrace.
He hugs you back without questioning. “You should go to bed.”
“Stay with me…” you whisper, tightening your hug. You don’t want to let go of him. “Please.”
He pushes you away and smiles, sending you a little disappointment. Standing up, he crosses to the wall plate beside the bathroom door and turns the lamp off. Without saying another word, he sneaks under the covers of your bed and pulls you with him, carefully arranging the covers so no part of you would catch a chill.
He struggles to find a more comfortable position and sighs, “Just for tonight.” He kisses your forehead softly. “Next time, we should do this in my bed. We need a bigger one.”
You look at him with widened eyes, heat rushing to your cheeks. You’re sure that he can see the panic in your eyes as he moves away from you.
“I-I mean, if this is what you want… I can sleep on the floor for now,” he stumbles.
But you pull him back before he sits up, tightening your hand on his body. “S-stay here. Of course if you also want this....”
Yoongi smiles and pats your head lovingly, letting you rest on his chest. “Sleep well, my little bug.”
And with each nervous breath you both shared in your single bed in your studio apartment, you close your eyes. With his warmth and musky scent around you, your heartbeat calms down. Until finally, you don’t feel alone anymore.
Tumblr media
 It is Saturday.
Usually you wake up bright and early in the morning. After you wash up and have some breakfast (meaning: anything you find in your fridge), you normally run outside and head to your first part-time job on the weekend.
But today is different. Firstly, who knew that the man sleeping beside you would make you want to stay on the bed longer? And secondly, you dropped all your weekend jobs and also the weekday part-time job, so you literally don’t have anything to do today.
That’s why, snuggling into Yoongi’s chest, with his arms wrapped around you, is a perfect way to start your day. Not to mention that you had an emotional breakdown last night.
His scent is calming, he didn’t use any perfume like he usually does, you assume, but you still smell a hint of musk coming from his body. There’s a little scent of tobacco from his sleeves, meaning that he lit one last night before he met you. It means that something is troubling his mind too. You’d wonder how troubled he was that he finally had a cigarette whereas he had quit for months.
“You’re awake?” he groans as he opens his eyes, his arms not leaving your body. “What day is it?”
“It’s Saturday. Do you have to go to work?” You tilt your head a little to look at his face. Your voice mixes with a little disappointment.
“Nah, I’m stuck with you.” He leans in and gives you a little kiss on your forehead. “But, you know, that doesn’t mean that I won’t investigate about that man, I just-”
You push your finger to his lips to shush him, “I know, I’m still afraid,” you sigh. “I just want to be like this for a little while, not caring for anything in this world. It’s been a long time.”
Yoongi smiles and tightens his hug. “I know. Maybe let’s just stay like this, then grab something to eat, and then we'll think about it later.”
“Sounds like a plan.” You smile widely. “Did you smoke?”
“Ah-ye-yeah. I smoked one last night. Sorry, do I stink?”
You hum and take his fingers to kiss them, “No, you smell nice.”
You both stay there in silence, just with each other's presence. Your bed is a single one, it’s fine if you use it alone, but for both of you? There’s only a little space between you. The heartbeat coming from his chest calms you, the warmth is not that too hot. It’s unfamiliar, but yet, it just feels right.
Until Yoongi’s eyes catch a photo frame on your nightstand. “I’ve never seen this picture, is that new?” he asks as he reaches for the photo frame.
“Yeah, my granny sent it with that lasagna, I took it away before you saw it.” You laugh a little as you take the photo. “They’re my parents, and me, when I was eight or nine years old, I think?”
“Why haven't I seen any of your family pictures before?”
“Because I don’t have one. They both died when I was ten, and I left with my grandparents immediately after that. No time to grab the photo albums or anything.” You look at the photo, reminiscing about your past. That photo was taken at your home when you first moved in, you don’t remember much about it. “This photo was sent to my grandparents before, I think they found it just now and sent it to me, because I don’t have any.”
Yoongi hums and strokes your hair. He takes the photo and puts it back on your nightstand. “Do you miss them?”
You shrug, “well, I’d be lying if I say I don’t. But I don’t have many memories of them. That reminds me, that antique store that I went to before, do you know what happened to it?”
He raises one of his eyebrows. “Not really. I think if he wasn't actually involved with the stealing, he’ll be sent home after some questioning, just like you. Why?”
“That man told me that he knew my father and apparently my father left his stuff with that man. That man offered to give it to me.”
“Do you remember that man? Have you ever met with him before?”
“I don’t think so. But I’m just curious about it, if that’s actually my father’s.” You look into his face cautiously. You know yourself that it’s just a weird coincidence, and it might be dangerous, but you can’t just act like you know nothing. “Is it safe if I go?”
Yoongi smiles, “I’m not really sure about it. But if you want to go, I’ll go with you.” He ruffles your hair and rises from the bed. He takes his phone that is sitting on your desk and makes a call. “I’ll ask around if the man’s been released or not.”
Tumblr media
An hour later, you step out of Yoongi’s car with an anxious heart. Yoongi follows suit, sending you reassurance from behind. The shop is dark inside and when you try to open the door, it is locked. From information that Yoongi got, the old man, Mr. Choi, lives in the shop and although he was in trouble for the stolen locket, he was released soon after with the condition to stay in the city for further questioning. So, Mr. Choi is supposed to be here in the shop.
“Is he there?” You try knocking several times but there’s no noise from inside. “Do you think he ran away?”
Yoongi peeks from a clear window, “that would cause trouble.”
Just when you walk away from the door to find another entrance, the door is opened a little, just for Mr. Choi to peek outside. “What do you want? We’re closed.”
“Mr. Choi? I’m Hyun’s daughter, do you remember me?” You step closer to the door to show your face, hoping that he’d remember you.
Mr. Choi frowns his eyebrows and quickly opens the door, “Ahh, I remember you. Come in!”
You nod politely and drag Yoongi inside, “Sorry, I should have called you first. I was in a little rush. I hope you don’t mind that I brought a friend.”
“That’s okay! I’m just bored, it’s like I’m imprisoned in my own home, y’know?” He laughs and shows you to seats near the counter. “Please wait here, I’ll bring your father’s things.”
And just like the other day, Mr Choi went inside, leaving you alone in the dusty shop, except today there’s Yoongi with you. He takes your hand in his to stop you from picking your nails. He silently mouths ‘it’s gonna be okay’ and calms you.
It’s weird how his presence can mean something to you.
A sudden ruckus comes from the room behind the counter and Mr Choi comes out a second after. “Phew, it’s messy back there. Anyway, here they are.”
In front of you is a black velvet box and a brown leather book. You have never seen either of them before, but you’re sure that the initials on the cover of the book belonged to your father. When you open the book slowly, a photo falls to the ground. And your heart just aches when you pick and look at it: it is a picture of you and your parents when you were one year old. The photo is stained and crinkled, but you’re sure that it is your photograph. Why did your father have something like this in his book?
“He left the book here when he ordered the necklace, but I never called him because, well, I figured he would come back here to pick up the necklace either way. But the day that he was supposed to pick it up,” Mr Choi looks at you hesitantly and clears his throat, “he died.”
Your hand reaches to the black velvet box, trembling. “So he was supposed to pick this up that morning?” You run your fingers over the soft fabric to calm yourself.
He sighs, “yes. He especially requested to call for it so early in the morning, but he never came… I’m sorry.”
You shake your head profusely, “Why are you apologizing... It’s okay.…” Your smile falters when you open the velvet box, to find a small gold heart necklace with your initials on it. And your tears stream down your face as you hold it near your heart. ”It really is okay….”
“I think your parents wanted to give it to you as a present.” He smiles and pats your shoulder. “I believe they will rest in peace now that you finally got it.”
Yoongi gently strokes your back as you let your sorrow flow away with your tears. He sits there beside you until you calm down.
It’s a complicated feeling.
After all these years, you resent your parents. You thought that they didn’t care for you. You thought that their love for you was just an illusion or a defense mechanism. But with the small gold necklace you hold for dear life to your heart, everything is so much clearer. Maybe you don’t get complete clarity, but you get some closure. Maybe you don’t get your parents back, but at least you get the proof of their love.
You feel happy and sad at the same time.
It is somehow satisfying.
And with Yoongi now holding you to his chest, everything seems perfect.
A sudden vibration from Yoongi’s pants breaks you two apart. With a quick swipe he then puts it to his ear. “Yes, Jin-hyung?” He nods to you and walks outside the store to take the call.
You can’t see his face completely, but it looks serious. Maybe from work?
“Is he your boyfriend?”
You turn to see Mr Choi grinning at you, which makes your cheeks turn redder. “I-I think so…”
“Hyun was a nice man, and your mother was too. Sure, I think because they were too kind and trusting, they got acquainted with bad people.”
“Bad people?”
He shrugs, “you know, politicians, businessmen. That kind of bad person. I don’t exactly know. That’s all in the past. The important thing is:” he looks at you directly in the eyes, his goofiness is missing from his face, “I hope you choose your partner well, Y/N.”
You use your sleeves to wipe your remaining tears, “partner? What do you mean?”
“I mean what I meant. Friends, boyfriends, husband, business partner, anyone. And that guy,” he points a finger at Yoongi who is still talking outside on his phone. “He’s hiding something.”
Your heart races as you hear how he described Yoongi. You do believe in him. Hell, you trust him with your life. But you know, deep down, that he is hiding something from you. You can’t quite grasp whether it’s bad or good, but hey, everyone has their own secrets, right?
That doesn’t mean that Yoongi is a bad guy.
The door opens and Yoongi rushes in. His face lost its color, making you nervous too. “What’s wrong?”
He tries to smile. “I’m sorry I have to go to work now.  I’ll drop you home for now, okay?”
“Alright.” You arrange the necklace back in the box and take the book with you. “Thank you so much, Mr Choi. I’ll visit again sometime soon for a chat.”
Yoongi nods politely, as he gently pushes you to the door. “Thank you, and again I’m sorry.”
“That’s fine. Take care, both of you!”
You walk quickly to the car in confusion. What makes Yoongi so troubled?
“I'll be back soon, so please stay inside your place and don’t open your door for anyone else, okay?” he says quickly as he fastens his seatbelt.
You gulp. “What is it? Is it that stalker?”
“No, little bug.” He laughs dryly. “It’s a work thing, that’s all. You don’t need to worry. But please promise me, do what I say?”
“Alright. I’ll stay in my room.” You study his face, cold beaded sweat on his forehead. “But are you sure you’re okay?”
Yoongi takes your hand from your lap and lifts it to his lips, kissing the back of your hand lightly. “I’m okay. Now, let’s get you home.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi paces from the elevator to the meeting room. He still couldn’t believe what Jin said to him. And even when Jin explained it on the phone so many times, he refused to believe it. It’s like he suddenly turned deaf.
So, when Yoongi opens the door of the meeting room on the seventh floor, he asks immediately.
“What do you mean Jiseok escaped?”
Everyone: Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, and even Namjoon also look at Jin in disbelief. Not only is it absurd, it is also impossible. The security in the building is top-notch and almost all of the people in the building know that Jiseok is a wanted criminal. Jiseok wouldn’t escape so freely.
“You know, that's nearly impossible for him, right?” Yoongi asks desperately. “I mean, we’ve got CCTV everywhere.”
Jin sighs and looks at the other agents. “We just discussed it, and we thought that Jiseok has someone on his side in this building.”
“And we think that the person would be among the higher-ups,” Hoseok adds.
“It all just makes sense! Do you guys remember Baekho’s case? Mr. Lee also wants us to close it quickly. It’s just so suspicious!” Jimin runs his hand through his hair in exasperation.
Taehyung rotates his chair as he looks at the ceiling. “But again, why did the higher-ups send us to Hawaii if they want us to cover up the case?”
“A trap?” Namjoon gulps. “Jiseok said it when we were on the boat, that he wanted her and he couldn’t believe that The Company would send her, that- that he wanted to kill her…”
“You mean he wanted that female agent?” Hoseok asks.
Jin shakes his head, “That’s impossible, our bosses wouldn’t do something like this… Mr. Bang said to me that he just wanted Namjoon and her to work together.”
“Just think about it, our bosses know that she had been investigating the Black for years. She was basically a nuisance. Maybe it is also why they agreed to let her go on therapeutic leave so easily.” Jimin hits the table furiously.
“Hey, it’s just an assumption...” Hoseok pats Jimin’s shoulder to calm the younger agent. “Wouldn’t she be in danger then?”
Jungkook shrugs. “She is literally one of the strongest agents in the Company, she’ll be okay. Besides, I just talked to her an hour ago.”
“Yes, she’ll be okay...” Namjoon takes a deep breath, a little relieved that the woman he loves dearly is okay for now. “The most important thing is we should track and find Jiseok ASAP.”
Jin nods. “Yes, Namjoon is right. And as we’re not sure about who is behind all of this, I’m afraid we can’t rely on the Company anymore.”
Yoongi gulps. “We are all on our own.”
“Yes. We are.”
Tumblr media
Your stomach growls for the fourth time that morning. You’re supposed to have brunch with Yoongi. But when he needed to go to work, he left you with an empty stomach and a promise not to leave your apartment by any means.
You wanted to make ramen an hour ago, but you still hope and wait for Yoongi to come home and eat together with you. And for the sake of that hope, you grab a glass and drink water to help you with the hunger.
You read the notebook from your father to distract yourself, and by the twentieth page, you’re bored. You don’t understand a thing about what he wrote. On some pages it is just some random words, on other pages it is just some doodles. And for the record, your father had terrible handwriting and drawing. But you recognize some of it: Yeri, your mother’s name, and it’s repeated a lot.
Yeri. Mom.
You don’t remember that much about her. All you remember is how beautiful she was. She couldn’t cook at all, so you always ordered out. She had delicate, long fingers, which suited her job as a piano teacher. She taught neighborhood kids almost every day to help your father earn some money. Their hard work paid off soon after, as you finally moved to a small house when you were eight or nine years old after moving from place to place. But their work became their habit. Even though you finally had your house, they kept working their asses off, until, well, they died.
You hate thinking about working that way after you grow older. What’s the point of working that hard when you die young? And ironically, you worked that way, even when you’re still in college, living paycheck by paycheck.
You open the next page with a yawn, another page with some random words, but on the top of it you see a date: it’s around when you’re five years old. You also recognize some words again, your name.
What is this book? Is it a diary?
Just when the thoughts start filling your head, you hear the sound of a familiar from outside. Yoongi! Closing the book, you rush to the window to peek, smiling when you find his car parked in front of your apartment. With the book in your hand, you walk to the door, wanting to see Yoongi very soon.
When you open the door, instead of an empty hallway, you find a man standing in front of your door. He looks like he’s around his early thirties, brown coat hanging on his shoulder, and scarf wrapping his neck. The corners of his eyes crinkle as he smiles.
“Y/N? How are you doing?” He walks to you and reaches out his hand to shake your hand.
Your eyes narrow to identify the man before you, and when you realize who he is, you take his hand and nod politely. “Oh my God, I almost can’t recognize you Mr. Landlord,” you giggle, teasing the older man. “What are you doing here? Wait… are you here because you want to raise my rent? You can’t do this to me, you know! I don-”
He laughs quickly and retracts his hand, casually putting it in his pocket. “No. I was just checking the building and just wanted to say hi.”
“Thank God.” You sigh in relief. Even though you’re going to have some money, that doesn’t mean you want to use it immediately, right? “I’m good, anyway. Studying is going well too.”
“Good to hear.” His eyes fall to the brown leather book that you hold in your hands. “That book looks nice. I’ve been wanting to buy something like that. Can I see it?”
You scoff, rude, hiding the book behind your body, “of course no. This is my diary. There’s something like this in the bookstore next to the station.”
“Really? I’ll make sure to check that.” He nods and smiles awkwardly. “Sorry, I don’t mean to look at your diary.”
“That’s okay!” You wave your hand. “By the way, I rarely see you in this building, especially since you’re the landowner. You’re going to make your mom sad, living in this building alone by herself.”
“I’ve been busy in my other building. That’s what rich people do, you know?” He laughs. “Anyway, I gotta go. Talk to you later.” And he goes to the emergency staircase before you even can say anything.
What a weird guy.
The landlord, whose name you always forget, was the one who showed you around and helped you move in. He introduced you to some people when you searched for a job. He was also a great son as he always handled the building’s problems, covering for his mother. Furthermore, he is good-looking too, even though you didn’t have the time for dating and flirting as you were always busy with your job and studying. But every time you see him, you always feel guilty as you always forget his name and always call him ‘Mr. Landlord.’
Footsteps echo from the stairs, followed with a familiar man emerging to your sight, breaking your thoughts. “Yoongi!” you yell happily.
“Y/N?” Yoongi raises one of his eyebrows. “What are you doing outside?”
You giggle. “I heard your car, so I decided to see you….” your eyes fall to the men behind him, who look at you curiously, some with grins on their faces. “But you aren’t alone, apparently.” You smile as heat rushes to your cheeks.
“Ah, yes they are my colleagues. We’re going to work from my apartment for the time being.”
“You must be Y/N!” A man with crinkled eyes smiles at you. “I’m Jimin, Hyung always talks about you!”
You widen your eyes, “really?”
But before Jimin can answer, Yoongi coughs and drags Jimin away, face reddening. “Sorry about that. I’m sorry I’ll have to take a rain check on our plan today.” He scratches the back of his neck.
“Don’t worry about me! You gotta do what you have to do.” You smile, pushing him away to go back to his colleagues. As you walk away, your stomach growls loudly, making the situation a little awkward. This is just so embarrassing. “I’ll go inside now!”
“Wait, do you want to come with us? We’re gonna have some lunch before we work.” Jimin suggests and looks at the other men. “Right? We have plenty of food too.”
You shake your head profusely. “I’m okay, I don’t want to disturb you.”
“Nonsense!” Jimin steps forward and pushes you toward Yoongi’s apartment. “We’ll be happy if you join us!”
“I don’t mind,” Jungkook says softly, which makes Yoongi blink in disbelief. Jungkook, who has never shown any interest in women before, except his girlfriend, actually wants to be with you, and Yoongi is seventy-five percent sure that it is because of the banana milk you gave him before.
“What are you doing, Hyung? Just open the door. I’m starving.”
Yoongi sighs and taps the six-key passcode to his door. He’s happy to be with you, he’s not gonna lie. But with the other men, especially these men? Who knows what Jimin is going to blurt out after this?
But again, if it means you’ll be eating something real and not that instant food, it’s a win for him.
Tumblr media
Who knew having lunch with seven grown up men would be this chaotic? Well, they are men; of course they eat that much. But the interesting part is when you find how they care for each other. Like when the oldest one, Jin, let Jimin and Jungkook take bites of his sandwich even before he got a bite of it himself. Or when the cheerful man, Hoseok, whines alongside Yoongi when the tallest man, Namjoon, tries to eat his pasta with some broken fork missing a tine. Or the charming man, Taehyung, who keeps wanting to flip the warmed up pajeon on the pan. Or how every minute the men always try to put some food on your plate despite it’s not being emptied yet.
It’s been a long time since you ate together with other people like this and you kinda miss it.
“Y/N, where should I put the glasses?” Taehyung asks from his position at the sink. The other have their own roles: Yoongi and Jin who prepared the food earlier go to Yoongi’s room to work, Jimin and Hoseok take care of the trash, Namjoon helps Taehyung wash the dishes, and Jungkook is supposed to help with cleaning but somehow gets called into the other room by Yoongi to help.
“Just put them on the counter first. I’ll put them up later.” You set your notebook that you brought with you earlier near the TV and pad softly into the kitchen. You wanted to ask Yoongi to help read it at first, but since he’s busy, you decided to ask him later. “Let me finish the cleaning, you should go inside and work.”
“That’s okay. A couple of minutes won’t affect our work either.” Taehyung giggles. He then leans in to you and whispers, “Actually, you should ask Namjoon-Hyung to join you in the living room, I’m afraid he’ll break Yoongi-Hyung’s plates.”
“I heard that!” Namjoon pouts as he rests his hands on his hips. “It’s true, but unnecessary. Still, I’ll take your suggestion.”
You tilt your head to Taehyung. “Why? Is he always that clumsy?”
Taehyung shrugs. “Who knows? Either that or he just loves destroying things.”
“Sorry! My bad!” Namjoon yells from the living room.
“I’m gonna check on him,” you smile awkwardly and rush to the source of the loud sound. There you find Namjoon kneeling on the floor with the DVD cases scattered. Not only did he knock over the DVD shelves, he also knocked some stuff off the TV shelf too. Thankfully, he didn’t tip over the TV... yet. “Are you okay?”
Namjoon doesn’t answer. He looks down at the scattered things in front of him without moving. “Namjoon-ssi?”
“What is this..?” He moves his hand to retrieve a piece of paper from under some DVD cases and then he freezes.  He whips his head to you, his eyes glaring. “Y/N, is this you?”
“I’m sorry?” Your eyes fall to the paper Namjoon holds out to show you. A piece of crinkled photograph. You’ve never seen that photo before, it’s different from what you saw in the store. There’s still you and your parents in that photo, but there’s another person in it. A boy to be exact.
It is your family with an unknown boy.
You take the photo quickly, looking at it carefully, trying to remember something. From the date on the photo, you know that you were five years old. But you don’t recognize that boy at all. “Sure, this is me. Where did you find this?”
“Who is that boy?” Namjoon asks coldly, as he stands up and walks to you closer.
Subconsciously, you step back from him. He looks mad and confused, different from what you saw earlier. You can’t help but feel a little intimidated by him. “I-I don’t know..” you stutter.
Namjoon grits his teeth, “Don’t lie to me!” he yells, making you flinch at the harsh tone.
“What the hell is going on?” Yoongi comes out from his room, followed by Jin and Jungkook. He scans the surroundings, but still, the only thing he is sure of is how terrified you are. “Namjoon-ah, what did you do to Y/N?” he hisses, stepping in front of you, hiding you behind him.
“Tell me who he is!” Namjoon steps forward, ignoring Yoongi, his eyes only focussed on you. Sensing the tension and how emotional Namjoon is, Jungkook and Jin each take an arm, holding him back.
There was a sudden ruckus as the other men poured out from the kitchen. “What’s going on?” Hoseok leads the way, followed by Taehyung and Jimin.
“This isn’t like you, Hyung,” Tae murmurs.
“Namjoon-ah, calm down first!” Jin pleads.
You are frozen in shock. What was the reason for Namjoon’s sudden outburst over the photo?
Yoongi turns to face you, eyes worrying. “Can you tell me what happened?”
“I-I don’t know-- your voice catches-- Namjoon knocked some things over and I asked him ‘is he okay?’ and then suddenly he showed me this photo…”
Yoongi takes the photo from your trembling hands and after he looks at it carefully, his eyes widen. “Where did you get this? Is this from that notebook?”
“I think so… I haven’t read the notebook that much…” you gulp. “I also don’t know who that boy is. Wh-why does Namjoon recognize him?”
“It’s Jiseok, I’m sure of it!” Namjoon yells. And with that sudden revelation, the room grows silent.
You look around to see the other men are tense. “Wh-who is Jiseok?”
Yoongi nods to Hoseok and goes back to his bedroom, followed by Jin. Hoseok steps forward cautiously, holds your shoulder lightly, and leads you to the couch.
“I’m sorry, you must be terrified.” Hoseok smiles. His eyes twinkle with sympathy. He looks up at the remaining crew. “Jimin, can you get her some water?”
Jimin nods, leaving the living room only to come back with a glass of warm water. “Here you go. Drink in little bits.”
You absent-mindedly sip the water. Thankfully it helps with your dry throat. But you still can’t help being confused about the situation. “I-”
“Before you ask anything, I want to ask you something and I need you to be completely honest.” Hoseok swallows, then continues, “you should know, that dishonesty can be seen as an uncooperative in the eyes of the law and can be served according-”
“Hyung!” Jungkook interrupts.
“Sorry, it became my habit.” Hoseok clears his throat. “Anyway, please answer honestly.”
You nod, hands fiddled nervously. “I’ll try my best..”
“That photograph, is that yours?”
“I think so. If it is from that leather notebook that I got earlier. That notebook itself belonged to my father.”
Hoseok nods, “and in that photo, are those you and your parents?”
“Yes, but I don’t remember who that boy is.”
“So, you don’t remember having that photo taken when you were a kid?” Namjoon adds, gaining a glare from Hoseok.
“N-no, I don’t remember.”
Hoseok smiles, “Good. Now, I want to ask: Do you know a name called Kang Jiseok?”
Kang Jiseok?
You shake your head weakly, “I don’t think I know anyone...”
The questioning continues for almost an hour, asking if you have a brother or a relative that possibly could be that boy, have you ever lost your memories; but the answer is still no. And you grew uneasy, as you know nothing, but it all involves you. You look around and finally get your courage, “Excuse me, can you please at least tell me who Kang Jiseok is?”
They look at each other hesitantly. Until finally, Taehyung opens his mouth. “He is a terrorist. A criminal.”
“Wh-what?” you stutter.
Taehyung shrugs. “What? She deserves to know that much after all of these questions!”
“I agree. Besides, since he’s missing right now, it’d be better if she can avoid him.” Jungkook takes his phone and sits beside you. After a few clicks, he shows you a picture of a man in a black shirt. “This is Kang Jiseok, If you ever see him, just run away..”
“You don’t know that man, do you?” Namjoon asks sarcastically.
Namjoon was being rude to you, and it was beginning to annoy you. You want to answer no, but as you closely look at the man on the screen, you feel a shock to your stomach of familiarity as you look into the eyes. “You’re kidding right? That can’t be Jiseok.”
Hoseok’s jaw tensed. “What do you mean?”
“That’s my landlord. Jisoo or Joohyuk, I think, is his name? I always forget his name. I just talked to him before you guys arrived in this building….”
“What?” Namjoon’s eyes widen and his hands turn into fists. “That can’t be…” quickly he runs to Yoongi’s room, to call the other men because of the sudden information.
Hoseok looks at you worriedly, “We aren't kidding, Y/N. That man is Jiseok.”
What? It can’t be happening.
“No, just ask Yoongi, he lives in this building, he should know who the landowner is!” You shake your head in disbelief. “He rarely lives in the building, but you can ask his mother, the landlady on the first floor!”
Jimin looks at Hoseok cautiously, “I’m sorry Y/N. The landlady is a single woman. She is actually my relative.”
“But that’s impossible! I paid my rent to his account! If he lied, shouldn’t I be kicked out of my apartment?” Your hands are shaking, then why did that man approach me? Why me?
Why did I always meet the wrong people?
I’ve never done anything bad in my life. Why me?
“Y/N-Y/N!” The sound of Yoongi calling breaks you from your inner turmoil. He cups your face in his hands, trying to gain your attention.
Why?? Is everything a lie?
You look around at the men before you, who are looking at you with some pity. And everytime you meet their eyes, they avoid you. Your mind wanders to the time you met Yoongi when you were interrogated for the stolen locket, and also how Yoongi got evidence for Jaebum and easily processed it to the police. You remember how the man from the antique store told you that Yoongi is hiding something. You trusted him before, but right now, you find him more suspicious.
You swat his hand away from your face, eyes glaring at the pale man before you. “Just who are you? Are you playing me too?” The room turns silent because of your sudden outburst. The other men look around at each other silently, they must be hiding something.
Jin clears his throat, “We’ll go outside, and we’re going to check with the landlady.” With another glare to the other men, he pushes them outside, leaving you and Yoongi alone in his apartment.
And again, Yoongi reaches his hand to you, trying to hold you before you back away. “Who are you? What are you doing with --- a criminal? Are you even named Yoongi?” you hesitate.
Yoongi sighs and lets his hands turn into fists on his side. “Y/N, please calm down first-”
“I don’t want to!” you yell, “just explain... Anything…”
He bites his lips hard. He understands how confused you must be, everything has been fake since the day you stepped on the city. Your mind is on the verge of breaking down. He does realize that and it makes him feel guilty. He sighs, “I- we work in the Company. We are agents.”
You look at him coldly, “and you want me to believe that?”
Yoongi runs his hands through his hair desperately. “I know this fact is hard to accept, and I can’t blame you.” He takes your hand harshly and drags you to his room, a room that he never lets you inside and closes the door behind him.
And inside, confusing is an understatement to describe the furnishings. In front of you is a black leather couch and across it, there are a dozen screens, showing footage of streets you know and the inside of an unknown building. The room itself is rather dark in contrast with the harsh light from the screens. And you see on the right corner of the screen, a sight that you’re absolutely familiar with. That cream paint, that oil painting of lilies that you painted in your freshman year hanging on the wall, that evident leak stain on the top of the ceiling, that university jacket splayed on a bed. Those are the exact things to be found in your apartment.
“What-what are all of these? Is that my apartment? Are you watching me this entire time?” You are appalled. Never in your wild imagination did you imagine this thing happening to you. Furthermore, you’d never have thought that it would be Yoongi.
“Y/N, please listen to me firs-” he explains, panic shows in his eyes.
“Since when?” you interrupt, and when you notice that Yoongi keeps his mouth shut, you grow even furious. “Are you fucking kidding me? Ever since we met?”
Yoongi gulps, “I simply watched it to make sure that you are safe, it’s basically my job.”
“That’s just nonsense! Are you sure that this is a job?” you confront him, hugging yourself. You feel disgusted and betrayed, again, “or do you just have some issues so you enjoy watching people’s life? Are you perverted or something?”
“I told you before, I work in technical stuff. This is what I do. What part of my explanation that you can’t understand?!” Yoongi sighs with annoyance. “This is all I can say regarding my job.”
“Why me?” you ask, voice trembling.
“Because I worry about you!” He walks to you again, hands trying to reach you, “It’s my job to make you safe, Y/N. I don’t have any ill meaning.”
“And why is it always your job to make me safe?” you snap. The question keeps repeating itself, why do you help me, why are you doing this. And yet you can’t grasp why he keeps doing that. He gave you hope and safety, but again, why?
Just who do you think you are, Y/N?
His hands fall to his side, his pale skin turns whiter as he balls his hands into tight fists. You turn to look at his face, to see that he looks hurt by your words, and bite your lips, unsatisfied with his explanation. “Don’t you think I deserve to know a little bit more?”
“No, it’s not your business to begin with,” he hisses.
You feel a pain stabbing in your chest. After all of this time, you’ve told him everything, and yet he’s told you nothing. Maybe there’s no you in his life, maybe you are only his neighbor, the one he met from time to time. Why would you think he will be there for you all the time? He only helped you because he is too kind and you’re pathetic. Why would you think ahead of yourself?
Your eyes fall again to the familiar screen, realizing something. Of course, Y/N. Why would you think someone like him is so kind to you? Men… they are always the same.
Hands turn into fists, lips trembling as you hold your tears. Anger and embarrassment scrape at you just like rubbing salt on your wounded heart and the pain of trying to hold you conscious. You take a deep breath, head downcast to hide your face. You muster your courage, push your shame away, hiding every last pride you had.
“Who am I to you?”
The words perch on your tongue. But again, conscience kicks in, holding your lips from muttering those words, and instead you ask, “So, who is Kang Jiseok?”
“I can’t say much, but I can only say that he is a wanted criminal by our agency.” Yoongi walks past you to the desk, back facing you. “As to why you had a photo with him, we’ll investigate it further.”
There is no warmth from his voice. It’s like the several months you spent with him meant nothing to him. And then you realize, he is pushing you away.
But again, have you ever been near him?
The pain in your chest just grows stronger, making it harder for you to breathe. You don’t deserve any of this. You want to run away. You clear your throat, “well then. Just tell me when you find it.”
As your hand reaches the door knob, Yoongi shouts. “I didn’t tell you this to protect you!”
You scoff and open the door. Protect? What a joke. You hurry through the door before he even says anything again, almost running. All you ever wanted is just to leave his apartment. You grab the notebook from the messy floor and walk outside, not even caring about bumping into the other men on your way to your apartment.
Jin grabs your shoulder, “Wait, Y/N…”
You grit your teeth and glare at him. “Don’t... Touch me. It must be fun, right? Watching my life from the screens? Maybe it gave you a good laugh?” Jin drops his hand quickly, followed by the other men rapidly clearing your way. “Also, just slide the photo under the door to my apartment after you’re done with it.” And before they can talk, you slam the door on their faces.
You throw the notebook on your desk hastily and head to the bathroom. Turning the faucet on, you step into the shower, letting the cold water hit you. And then you crumble. You finally let the tears roll down your face.
All lies.
No one to trust.
You have never been this lonely before.
Tumblr media
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buzzer beater | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: angst... and some fluff too!
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 4.6K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: uhm(?) he tries to look up her skirt... but she kinda likes it lmao . oh! and bits of emotional constipation coming from min yoongi.
⤑ A/N: hii! let’s just get right into it - let me know what you think x don’t be a silent reader, please!! 
Tumblr media
MAY 1ST, 2021 | 19:57 The sound of the buzzer cuts through the crowd's chants. It's silent for a moment, the ball swishing into the net breaking through. Loud cheers erupt, shouts and cries shaking the gym, Yoongi's won the game with a buzzer beater. It has been neck and neck all night and just a few moments before time ran out, he was making a three-point shot – stealing the lead.
115 to 113. His shot takes them to 116 and just like that it's over. His entire body is buzzing with adrenaline. Pumped that he was able to win, excited to finally meet the girl who has been plaguing his thoughts for weeks. He just wanted to see her face, hear her moan... feel her soft touch. It's been too much of the wishing and fantasizing, he was a man of action after all.
Yoongi is only half interested in shaking hands with the opposing team to congratulate on a good game. His mind is reeling with plans and scenarios of when he's finally able to meet this girl. He doesn't even join in on the shit talk with Hoseok and Jungkook as they make their way to the locker room.
Hoseok had a plan to talk to one of the cheerleaders from the other school and Jungkook felt the need to challenge his abilities. Normally, this would be a topic Yoongi was all over, standing with either side just to make things more entertaining... but tonight he had different plans to keep himself entertained.
He doesn't rush out to see Hoseok crash and burn, instead, he takes his time with dressing. Paying close attention to his shower damp hair and the clothes he strategically picked out this morning. He wanted to look good. Fuckable. It's not until the locker room has died down that Yoongi is stepping out.
Deep breaths filling and exiting his chest as he makes his way under the bleachers, waiting patiently for you to arrive.
When you had agreed to join Taehyung to the game, the only thing on your mind was meeting Yoongi. Whether or not you thought it would e a good idea to reveal yourself and all the things he could say when he found out it was you.
You had dressed for the occasion, wanting to look nice in front of your crush. Spent a little longer taming your curls and found a dress that hugged the curves of your body nicely. You wanted to impress him, but walking through the gym doors you still hadn't decided if you'd meet him.
He's the first one you see when you're settling on the bleachers. Dark hair bounces as he jogs up and down the court, receiving a ball at the end of it to shoot. He does that until the game is starting.
Taehyung chats mindlessly beside you with Jimin. Ignoring the blatant flirting from the older man and keeping his focus on the players sprinting in front of him. He's doing it on purpose, not dim when it comes to someone's interest. He just finds the struggle funny, so he keeps up with the facade.
Jimin was no quitter either. Each failed attempt was followed by another more thought of gesture. By the time the game has reached its final seconds, Jimin has taken to recounting the dance awards he's received in an attempt to impress. It does work. Taehyung finds any type of atheism attractive. And he was very attracted to Jimin. But for the sake of his entertainment, he's merely nodding.
Despite his uninterested demeanor, Taehyung is still agreeing to join Jimin for milkshakes after the game. They're walking out side by side as Jimin babbles about God knows what and Taehyung just nods along.
More and more people exit the gym and as the crowd thins, anxiety grows in your chest. You still haven't decided. Spent the entire game watching Yoongi dominate his reviles and his own team and you were stuck. You wanted him to know it was you, finally feel him the way you've been craving for so long. But on the other hand, what if he was so disgusted with the fact that it was you and you've been lying to him that he no longer wanted anything to do with you?
You're still undecided after the last couple has left the gym. Left sat on the top of the bleachers, scrolling through your phone when the locker room door shoves open. Yoongi steps out, looking extremely handsome and nervous. You spot the slight shake of his hand as he reaches up to push his hair back.
He doesn't even look up, calculated steps headed right underneath the bleachers you're sat on. He's waiting for you, nervous like that. And you've all of a sudden made up your mind.
'I'm sorry I've been lying to you. I didn't think you'd find the account, it was a joke! I never meant for it to go this far...I'm sorry. Please don't hate me.'
That's your mantra as you make your way underneath the bleachers. It took a full twenty minutes before you were mustering up the courage to move. And just as you're about to join him, he's stepping out with a confused look on his face.
“Yn? What are you doing here?” He's smiling at you. “Thought you hated crowds,” There's not even a bit of him that thinks you're here to meet him. Just a coincidence that you're walking toward the bleachers as he waits. And the coward in you takes the out, pushing a smile onto your lips to match his. “I came with Taehyung! He left, though. I was just going,” He ignores the awkward point toward the doors, moving to close the space between the two of you. He's naturally dropping his arm over your shoulders, leading you in the other direction.
“Did you see how amazing I was out there?” The nervous Yoongi you had caught glimpse of moments before was tucked away somewhere else. He was back to the cocky guy you knew so well, a grin to match as he walked the two of you around the perimeter of the gym. “Won the whole game, didn't I?” Head tilting to the side slightly, looking down at you.
He doesn't need you to say it because he already knows, but the way you nod strokes his ego nicely. After you've circled the gym twice, he's walking the two of you out of the room – the entire time filling you in on behind-the-scenes tidbits about the game that just ended.
Three sentences in a story about how he managed to shoot the ball without even looking, he's cutting himself off. Brows wrinkling as he takes a moment to study your features and he looks genuinely confused, you're about to ask what's with him but he's beating you to it. “You look pretty,”
His words catch you so off guard that there's actually a stumble in your step, air getting caught in your throat and forcing a cough from your chest. Of course, Yoongi has thrown compliments your way dozens of times. He was always calling you hot and making elaborate remarks whenever he saw you sitting at your desk...
But to call you pretty? With that look in his eye that had your body instantly heating up.. and not in the 'i want to jump your bones right here and now,' type of way, but in an 'i want to hold your hand and pull you close,' type of way. You're not sure how to react, so you don't. Brushing it off with a laugh that sounds more forced than you intended.
“Oh! Uhm. Thanks? I just wore this dress... it's a little short, though.” As proof, you're reaching to tug the hem of the dress further down your thighs. Which brings Yoongi's attention down to the exposed skin he had neglected to notice before.
That shocks him, normally that would be the first thing his eyes were zeroing in on. “I didn't even...” Sentence ending in his mind, he's quick to lift his gaze back up to your face. “I was talking about your face. It's kinda glowing? I don't know why,” He laughs it off, all at once deciding that he's done discussing the topic of your appearance.
His arm drops from around your shoulders, yet you're not even allowed a second to mourn it because he's reaching for your hand just as fast. “I know where they store the concessions after the games,” He says with a large grin as if he's just told you he has the detailed map to a pot of gold.
Either way, you're following closely behind him as he tugs you through the halls of the school. You're too focused on the feel of his hand in yours to think about where you're going. It's soft and warm, long fingers reaching well past your knuckles. You definitely didn't miss he was the type to interlock fingers rather than clasp palms. Something about had your stomach flipping.
Yoongi stops in front of the supply closet mainly used to store the old laptops and film equipment. The lock on the door is broken so he's able to pull it open with just a few jiggles, revealing several boxes of candy and chocolate, fruit snacks, and chips. He's dropping your hand only to step into the closet, picking out what he wants.
“Wait. Isn't this stealing?” There's a twinge of panic in your voice that he ignores, trying to decide between Doritos and Hot Cheetos. “There wouldn't even be a game to sell these at if it weren't for me,” He says halfheartedly, handing over both bags of chips to you. “My parents paid to remodel the gym. And majority of the money used to buy these comes from their donations,” He clarifies, proving that basketball wasn't the only standing he had with this school.
And you really couldn't argue with that logic.
One by one he's filling your arms with snacks until he's sure that he's got enough to feed the both of you until next summer. He's then grabbing one single bottle of Gatorade before he's kicking the door shut, reaching his arms out to scoop half of the load from your grasp.
“Let's go sit outside with these,” There was something about the way Yoongi did things. With so much certainty. Who's to say that you didn't have plans other than sitting around and eating snacks with him? He spoke like he knew people would drop everything to be at his beck and call and because he carried himself like that, he always seemed to get exactly what he wanted.
Exactly why he found himself playing on the court today instead of sitting on the sidelines like he should've been. Rules just seemed to bend when it came to him, people seemed to shift and mold themselves in order to be desirable to him. Which was exactly why you're following him outside without a word, adjusting your skirt so you're not sitting your bare ass on the grass.
“Ooh. Your skirt is really short,” He says in slight amazement, head cocking to the side to get a better view underneath the hem of it.
You feel your face instantly heat up, hands flying out to push his forehead back. “Don't look!” You try to sound serious but can't help the giggle that bubbles in your throat. There was just something about Yoongi trying to peak up your skirt that turned you into a blushing schoolgirl.
His brow raises at the lack of annoyance in your tone and he's immediately tempted to test his luck. Reaching a hand out, he's pinching the fabric between two fingers before slowly lifting. “Why not? My favorite color is red,”
Obviously referring to the underwear you've got on and that has your eyes widening, hands quickly batting his away. “Yoongi!” It sounds more playful than anything and he doesn't hesitate to join in with your laughter, a dramatic pout taking over his features as you plop down on the grass beside him.
“You're no fun,” A warm hand wraps around your thigh, gently lifting your leg into his lap and the other follows. He uses the excuse of not wanting you to sit fully on the grass in your pretty skirt, but his hand doesn't lift your thigh and you're in no rush to brush it off.
It's cold and he notices the shiver of your back as you lean back on the damp grass. “I'm always so damn hot after a game,” He announces a little too loudly as he tugs the zipper of his basketball jacket down, pealing it off and tossing it in your direction. “Wear that. I don't want it to get dirty on the ground,” Another excuse because no way would he risk getting cold just because some girl forgot to bring her own coat.
Though, he can't deny the subtle swell in his chest at the sight of you pulling the garment over your shoulders, instantly settling in the fabric. The urge to kiss you has never been as strong as it was right now. He's pushing through the snacks he's brought along, choosing a kit-kat out of the mix and tearing into it.
“You like these right?” Plucking a package of fruit snacks up, he flashes it up in your direction. And it's almost laughable, how much attention to detail this man paid. You had this same package in your bag during one of your tutoring sessions, you remember because he had rolled his eyes at the thought of you only having snacks for dinner.
They were for Taehyung, though, one among the many snacks he asked you to bring whenever the two of you shared a class. Yoongi had assumed they were yours, though, and that you liked them – so he was sure to grab them in his little snack raid.
So of course you're taking them with a smile, ripping into the package and digging the first few gummies out. And then it's quiet. Just the sound of the wind and the soft chomp of his chocolate cookie. He looks like he's thinking hard about something, staring in front of him with his brows furrowed.
Part of you knows what's going through your mind, while the other half desperately looks for other things that could be weighing on his mind. Anything that had nothing to do with the shitty way you stood him up. The tips of his fingers dance up your thigh, absentmindedly drawing patterns in your soft skin. Touch so subtle, you're positive he's not even trying to turn you on... but that doesn't stop the heat pooling between your legs.
He's staring out far ahead of him, heavy thoughts weighing on his shoulders. Lips formed in a soft pout as he chews, fingers finding the hem of your skirt. He manages to find a loose string, deciding it doesn't belong so he's tugging at it. You watch as his face scrunches when it doesn't immediately tear, his eyes dropping to watch his fingers.
Your breath catches as his eyes slowly lift, tracing over the dips and lines of your body until they're landing on your face. And he's hitting you with the most sultry gaze you've ever seen it has a shiver running down your spine, completely unrelated to the cool air that tickles your skin.
“You're looking at me like that again,” It's hard not to let his deep voice affect you, but you're trying your hardest as you reach down to swat his hand away from your legs. “Fuck off,” You're saying with a roll of your eyes and an adorable tint to your cheeks. It's weird, how much he liked it when you swore at him. So used to your polite tone and your calculated responses. Even though he's said much worse, hearing the words fall from your lips has crude thoughts bouncing around his head.
Wouldn't be the first time he's thought of you like that. He was no stranger to letting his mind wander as you went on and on about God knows what, faking an interested nod as you pointed at the colorful images in his textbook. Mind so far from what you were teaching, too busy imagining how your tongue would feel on his neck, tiny hands around down his jeans.
He'd probably have to walk you through it, teach you how to make him feel good. So inexperienced, innocent, of course, you'd need him to guide you. Probably never dealt with a dick like his, you'd definitely need him to walk you through it.
Yoongi's still got a loose grip on your fingers, staring blankly at you and it's been a few seconds of it. As soon as you're moving to pull your hand from his grasp, though, he's reacting, fingers intertwining with yours before dropping to rest on your lap. He liked the feeling of your hand in his much more than he was willing to admit.
“I know everything,” You probably look like a deer caught in headlights, eyes wide and jaw dropped. There's an apology ready on your lips, heart pounding in your ears as you try to form the right words. All you can think though, is how? And why was he bringing it up like this of all ways? “W-what?” You barely trust the word as it leaves your lips.
The smirk that plays on his lips does nothing to ease your nerves. “I know you talked to the dean,” Not at all what you were expecting him to say, but you play it off. Relief washing over your body, letting out a nervous laugh.
“I didn't...” You start, but quickly realize there's no use in lying about it. The jig is up. “How'd you find out?” Looking up at him sheepishly, you try your best to gauge what he's thinking and whether or not he's upset.
He doesn't give anything away, simply shrugging his shoulders. “There's no way they'd go against policy without someone like you putting pressure on it,”
“Oh.” You did have a bit of a pull when it came to the office. The hours you've spent volunteering for the school, organizing events, and just overall being an extra hand for the staff was enough, not to mention your grades that you were positive were used in the welcome brochure this year. They loved you in there.
“Don't worry, I'm not mad.” Yoongi actually looks at you as he speaks, eliminating any room for confusion on his feelings. Still, you feel the need to justify your actions. “I know you can raise your scores, Yoongi. Just realistically speaking, it won't happen in time.”
He's lifting a large hand, waving it in the air as if to literally brush the push away. “I know that. You're the only person who thinks I can, so I didn't doubt that” It sounds a bit sad to hear him say that, yet you're not sure why. He doesn't look sad, emotionless as he says it but that doesn't stop the heavy feeling you get in your chest upon hearing it.
So, of course, you're rushing to reassure him, even if he doesn't need it. “I'm sure that's not true. You have a bunch of friends,” The corners of his lips as he blows air through his nose, a short unamused chuckle.
“I do, don't I?” He says, but it doesn't sound the way it should.
You have no time to dwell on it, though, his hands reaching forward for the zipper of his jacket that swallows your frame. Attention shifting to his fingers as he grasps the metal, tugging it up until your entire body is hidden from the cold. “Keep that zipped. Do you want me to walk you home? I'm kinda tired.” He's gently brushing your legs from his lap, hopping to his feet before you've even answered.
Still, you take the hand the hand that he extends out to you, standing alongside him. He takes a moment to shove the remaining snacks into his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder before he's leading the two of you off of the field.
He's quiet as he navigates his way through the campus, taking your directions even though he doesn't need any help finding his way to the girls' dorms. Nothing is said between the two of you and guilt bubbles in your chest, knowing that you have something to do with this new silence. Either the you that tutors him or the you that gets him off, either way, it's your fault.
It's the flashes of disappointment you catch as he loses himself in his thoughts, most likely had hoped that you would've shown up at some point tonight, but it was getting too late to wait and there was no way he was going to let you walk back home alone at this time. He had no choice but to pack up and leave, accept defeat. You weren't coming.
Yoongi does, though, make one comment about crashing as soon as he gets home. And you're so desperate to lighten the mood that you're latching on to the small opening and using it as a chance to stroke his ego. That surely would be the reset button on him, right? “Your back must be killing you from carrying the whole team like that,”
A laugh actually leaves his lips and you feel the pride cruise through your body. “Right? You should learn how to give Nuru Massages, they work wonders.” He's hitting you with a cheeky grin and a suggestive lift of his brows, so you're deciding your work is done. A large smile spreading across your lips, proud of yourself for at least getting him to laugh after ruining his night the way you had.
He's catching on to the way your face lights up instantly, completely disregarding the lack of forced annoyance to his overtly sexual comment. Too taken with how your face looks. And then something's clicking in his mind. “I figured what was with your face earlier. You were smiling.”
“Oh, come on. I smile!” Eyes rolling up at him, but your smile never falls.
Yoongi's shaking his head in a real animated way, body swinging slightly with the movement. “Not around me. You're always so serious. You never laugh at my jokes,” He always tried so hard to distract you when it came to studying, hoping that you'd forget about the lesson plan and just chill.
Did you really have to quiz him each and every time he showed up? It just didn't make sense. “Your jokes aren't funny,” The deadpan tone that he's sure you only use on him is back. “I'm funny!” He's loudly defending, catching the attention of some students passing by. He's quickly locking eyes with one of them close enough to reach, tapping his hand against the guy's chest. “Hey. Tell her I'm hilarious,” He speaks with a large grin.
You quite literally see the stars forming in the kid's eyes as if he's been approached by a full-time superstar. “He's hilarious.” The words are directed to you, but his gaze never drops from Yoongi. “Hi, Yoongi! You were amazing tonight! I've never seen someone-” Words catching in his throat as Yoongi turns his attention away from him, directing it back down to you.
“See? I'm hilarious.” A triumphant sparkle in his eye, so you have no other choice but to agree.
You're reaching the front door of your dorm much quicker than you would've liked, hoped to see Yoongi's large gummy smile for a little bit longer as he recounted story after story to further prove how hilarious he actually was.
He stands in front of you, hands in his pockets and toe kicking at a random rock he's found on the ground. The unsure, nerve-wracking feeling in his chest is foreign and he has no idea why it's coming up now with you of all people. “You weren't boring today,” He says, but he really means to say that he had fun hanging out with him.
Thankfully, you're not offended by the constant way he's calling you boring. Instead, you just simply roll those pretty eyes. “If I wasn't boring, you'd still be sat on the sidelines.” His jaw drops, looking thoroughly scandalized. “That was mean!” He speaks through a laugh, reaching out to lightly push at your shoulder.
A string of giggles leave your lips and that has him wanting to laugh more. You two much look crazy, stood in front of the dorms laughing at really nothing. It's a few moments before the laughter dies down, smiles resting on your lips. “Thank you for talking to the dean.” He's sincere and he wants you to know that, looking you right in the eyes as he speaks.
“Nobody roots for me the way that you do,” Again. He doesn't even sound sad, but the words make you feel like he is. And you're rushing to take care of it. “Did you not hear the entire gym chanting your name?”
Never been to a game before, so you had assumed he was exaggerating when he claimed to be the star of the team. Boy, were you wrong. Most of the points made tonight were shot by him, hardly ever missed, and the way he ducked and dodged the much taller players was definitely something to awe over.
“That's different.” He's quick to shake your words off. “I know I can make the shots, they do too. You root for me in things that I don't know I can do, but you do.” It's the most serious that you've ever seen Yoongi before and you're not sure how to react.
So you decide not to think too deeply into it, pushing a smile onto your lips as you reach your arm out to rest a hand on his shoulder. “I can detect potential. It's a gift,” Taking a moment to stroke your own ego before landing two pats on his back and pulling away, distracting yourself to search for your keys.
He's agreeing with nothing but a nod, taking advantage of your dropped gaze to shamelessly admire you. He wasn't kidding when he had mentioned how pretty he thought you were. Tonight and when you first met. But, there was something holding him back when it came to making a move. Like he knew it wouldn't work on you. That you were different.
It's weird because he doesn't even want to try with the tricks and antics. Enjoyed the little study sessions filled with middle school flirting, slowly getting to know you, and moments like these where he got to steal glances when you were looking.
Until you were, eyes drifting up to meet his stare and you're instantly hitting him with a look of confusion. Before you're putting together why he's stood there staring at you. “Oh! Do you want your jacket back?” Hands moving to reach for the zipper, but he's quickly stopping you.
It's not much longer than the dress that you had been wearing and not made from the warmest of fabrics, but he liked seeing you wrapped up in something that he knew belonged to him. “No, you're fine. Keep it. I was just... goodnight?” He's taking two awkward steps back, nearly stumbling when you're flashing a smile up at him.
“I'll see you Thursday!” You call, but he can't even muster out a proper answer. Simply nodding his head as he backs further away from you, actually watching until you're entering the dorm. Not turning around until you're completely out of sight and even still, he has that awkward feeling in his chest.
What the fuck is going on!?
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skiiyoomin · a day ago
Yoongi as your boyfriend
warnings: fluff :))
Tumblr media
despite his seemingly apathetic vibes, he was actually a ball of nerves when he asked you out
i swear he felt like a bunch of weights lifted off his shoulders when you said yes
who could possibly reject him
he´s so gentle?? i swear he´s the softest and most patient angel ever
it only makes you fall for him harder
honestly, i think loving him is like an adventure with your best friend
one day you could be doing the dorkiest of shit like raiding walmart
other days you could be cuddled up in bed, not talking but enjoying eachothers presence as you stare at eachothers eyes for an eternity
y´all have sooo many inside jokes
like everyone else around you would be staring at yall like 🤨
he´s not big on PDA and would rather keep all the sweet moments for only you 2 to experience
but he doesn´t mind simple things like hand holding
h o w e v e r
if he sees someone getting a little too touchy with you then it´s a different story
he gets pretty protective of you and won´t hesitate to show the person who you belong to
honestly it wouldn´t even take that long to scare them off 😦
you should feel lucky cause you´re the only person who has the password to his studio
like you could barge in and he won´t mind
but his studio is so comforting and peaceful
he´s a pretty deep person who loves to have meaningful conversations
so deep talks are pretty frequent
can i just say he is the biggest baby when yall cuddle
like he´ll have his head on your shoulder while you run your fingers through the hairs on his nape
it lulls him to sleep so pls do it :))
talking about sleeping
there could be a whole ass war and he´d sleep through it
so waking him up is hell
but you get cuddles afterwards so it´s worth it
his cheeks are sooo squishy
you love to grab his cheeks randomly cause they´re so comforting??
and tbh he doesn´t really mind
he thinks you look adorable with a lil spark in your eye 🥺🥺
tbh, i don´t think you have serious arguments
i feel like he´s rational enough to fix the problem rather than avoid it
kissing him is the sweetest thing ever
they´re usually somewhat shy kisses
sometimes gets giggly in the middle of your kisses
so he´s just smiling while you kiss him
it´s the purest sight ever
he think is favorite kisses are cheek kisses
like i said before, his cheeks are really comforting
so cheek kisses always get him going
he´s obsessed with your hands and you can´t tell me otherwise
he´s always fiddling with them or holding them
it brings him so much ease being able to hold your hands
overall he´s really sweet and cute and there´s not one bad moment with him 🥺🥺
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Tainted Pt. 1
Pairing: TBD (fem!reader)
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 2845
Plot: Being a vampire is hard and confusing
Warnings: lot of talks/mentions of vampiric feeding, lack of eating/nourishment (she doesn’t like to feed), mc lowkey/highkey has something similar to an eating disorder, blood, injuries, mc is not happy with her life and expresses it, talk and mentions of death, mc’s death is described, guns, self-loathing, self-hatred, mc has a lot of internal issues due to being a vampire and all that comes with it, this is kinda dark and will delve into dark things, mc's death scene/how she becomes a vampire,
A/N: This is fully a self indulgent fic for me. I want you to look through the warnings carefully before reading. This is not going to be a light read. It will be heavy and dark and the mc will have a lot of self-loathing and hatred for herself. She is in a constant fight with herself about her vampirism and what that means. If you do tread forward with this story, I hope you enjoy. Thank you for giving it a chance. All of the members will show up at some point in the series ~Bagel
The chill from the winter air nips at your exposed skin. Snow was beginning to fall and you were stuck once again trying to find a place to stay for the night. It was definitely an option to stay outside, you didn’t feel like doing that tonight. You could feel the exhaustion settle in from the lack of feedings and sleep that you’ve been putting yourself through. It was your sign to find someone and eat even if that was the last thing you wanted. You hated devolving into the monster that you knew you were. The longer you went between feedings, the more human you could feel and sometimes you could convince yourself that you weren’t a vampire. That everything that happened that fateful night was a dream. That everything in your life after you met Yoongi was nothing more than a hallucination.
With a sigh, you take out your cell phone from your coat pocket. You couldn’t stay out in the cold for the night. Clicking through the various screens until you got to the contacts page. You didn’t have many numbers in your phone so it was easy to find who you were looking for. Your finger hovers over the name and you try to convince yourself to call. With a deep breath, you press down and bring the phone to your ear.
“Jin. Can I stay with you tonight?”
It doesn’t take you long to arrive at his shared apartment. It's a timid knock from you that alerts Jin to your presence. It was late and the snow had only gotten worse as you walked to the building. The snowflakes stuck to you and refused to melt until you were inside. The tall male smiles warmly as he opens the door and sees you on the other side. He brings you into a hug before you can register what is happening. A soft smile forming on your face at the seldom felt affection. Your arms wrapping loosely around his waist before he pulls away and gestures for you to enter the home. You’re immediately hit with three different masculine scents. Which made sense since three brothers lived in this space. But if you focused further you could pick up on at least two more feminine scents that still lingered. Although those ones were old and it had been a few days since they were last here.
Jin takes your coat from you to hang it up as you take off your shoes. Sighing in content at finally being able to relax. Your backpack filled with your few possessions was put near the couch which would serve as your bed for tonight.
“So, how are you? Have you been taking care of yourself?” He asks carefully. You knew him well enough to understand what the underlying concern of his was. You knew he meant well, but you hated that he was dragged into this to begin with. Let alone worrying about your feeding schedule.
“Jin, I don’t want to talk about myself. Calling you to stay here for the night was hard enough. I don’t need you to worry about my feedings as well.” You tell him. Trying to shut down the conversation before it can really begin.
“Well, I want to talk about it.” He says. Arms crossing over his chest and an eyebrow raising. “It’s been at least a month since I’ve last seen you and I know you fed not too long before then. I truly hope you’ve gotten something since.”
“I said I’m not going to talk about it. I just need to sleep. That’s it.” You push once more to end the talk before he pushes it further. Your patience wore thin and your voice was tense.
“Y/N,” his voice softens along with his expression. Reaching out to rest a hand on your shoulder. “I can tell that you’ve been starving yourself. Your face is gaunt and you’ve been looking at me like I’m a five star meal. You can’t blame me for being worried about a friend.”
“Get off my back! I’m fine. I’ve been telling you that I’m fine since I’ve gotten here. I will be fine for another week before things get dire.” You snap at him. Pushing his hand away from you. Your temper had always been short and due to your hunger it was even shorter. Jin’s constant pushing and refusal to stop causes you to break.
“You know you can use me. I don’t mind you taking my blood every few weeks so you aren’t starving yourself. Hell, you could live here if you wanted to. I know you won’t be a burden or a nuisance.” He offers. You’re shaking your head before he can even finish speaking.
“I’m not going to drink your blood again Jin. You’re a friend and shouldn’t even know about me being a vampire.”
“You have in the past and clearly haven’t hurt me. And we both know you wouldn’t kill me. Why not do it again?” He asks. “I don’t like seeing you hurting like this.”
“Enough! I will walk out this door if you don’t drop this right now Jin. I am fine for another week. Please just drop it.” You warn. The threat being enough for him to stop pressing you for now. Raising his hands in defeat.
“Okay. I’ll leave you be.” He begins to walk away. Gesturing to the pillows and blankets that he had grabbed when you first called him. “The offer is still on the table and you know where to find me if you change your mind. Good night Y/N.” He says softly. Turning to walk down the hallway to his room. You watch as he leaves your line of sight. Closing the door most of the way, but leaving it open just in case.
You sigh and grab one of the pillows. Placing it at one end as you gently lay yourself on the piece of furniture after turning off the lights. Closing your eyes as you place your head on the pillow. You could hear the soft snore of one person and the soft hum of a video coming from another room. You could also hear Jin walking around his room and doing whatever it was that he needed to do before sleeping. With a deep sigh you push away any thoughts or feelings that were lingering around. Finally getting comfortable enough to drift into sleep. Your mind turns off and you begin to dream.
The night starts like any other. You were walking back to the home you shared with your family. It was late and you were tired from the long day you had at work. The weather was beginning to cool down and you had to pull the jacket you had closer to your body to try to retain more of your body heat. Heels clicking against the stone of the side paths as you walked in near silence. Just the far off noises of the city filling the air as you made your way home as fast as possible.
It started out with muffled yelling off in the distance that you almost didn’t notice. You knew that you shouldn’t have followed it or tried to figure out what was happening, but your feet were moving before you could stop yourself. The path brought you farther and farther from the safety of the city lights. The voices became clearer as you moved closer. You were soon looking into the alley with several men. One was on his knees and bloody with a gun pressed to his head, as a handful of other men circled him. You couldn’t understand what they were saying nor did you care much by this point. The sight was too shocking to focus on what was being said between them. Your hand flies up to cover your mouth in an effort to hide any noises.
That didn’t help the scream that left you when the gun went off. The back of the mystery man’s head splattered against the brick wall as the gunshot reverberates around you. You’re frozen in place until a sharp pain hits your chest. A gasp falling from your lips as you fell to the ground. Your body collapsed painfully as you connected to the concrete. Another cry leaving you at the added trauma.
“What the hell?”
“What?! She saw us kill this fucking man! What was I supposed to do?” You hear the bickering between the men as you laid there. Beginning to feel warmth spread through your body despite the snow and wind. The world around you quickly becomes fuzzy and quieting down. The voices sounded far off in the distance. Flashes of your family filled your mind.
“Hey! What’s happening?” This new voice boomed in the quiet but chaotic atmosphere. Causing the men that shot you to curse and scramble to run away before they were caught. Leaving behind you and their other victim for whoever was continuing to come closer.
You heard the person curse when they found you and felt when they shook you lightly to get you to respond to their question. Trying to speak only made you mutter out something slurred and unintelligible. Your eyes barely open to see a man kneeling next to you. The brim from his hat shielding his features as he tried to assess the damage. His mouth turned into a tight and pained line before he reached forward to feel your weakening pulse. A sharp intake of air filled your lungs as you registered his freezing hands pressed against your skin.
Your gaze became unfocused as you fought against losing consciousness. The male biting into his own wrist and pressing it to your mouth. Begging you to drink from him before you began to fade fully into dark. The last thing you remember is the piercing feeling from his teeth as he bites into your neck as you scream into the night.
You wake with a start. The pain in your neck is still lingering by the time you sit up. Gasping out for breath and hand moving up to your wound. Eyes flying around the room to try to figure out where you were. Light was filtering through the room and there were sounds of someone in the kitchen. You calm down when you remember the previous night of calling Jin and making your way to his place. There was a blanket sitting bunched around your waist due to you sitting up so suddenly. A soft frown on your face as you try to figure out where you had gotten this blanket. The noises from the kitchen stop and you hear soft footsteps move towards the living room. The middle brother soon fills your vision. He was still in his pajamas, hair mused, and glasses perched on his nose as he held a mug of coffee. Pausing and smiling when he noticed you were up.
“Good morning Y/N.” He says. “I thought you might have been cold so I gave you the blanket.” You nod and look down at the fabric. Nodding and looking back up at him.
“Uh, thanks. You didn’t have to Joon.” You tell him. A soft and forced smile gracing your face. “I’m sorry to take over your space. I needed a place to stay and I knew that Jin would be willing to help.” You begin to explain. The male shakes his head before he sits in front of the impromptu desk he made out of the coffee table. His laptop opened up to something you weren’t sure of and several papers scattered around the surface.
“You don’t have to apologize. You’re a great person and I’m happy that we can help you. You’ve always been willing to help us when we need it.” He tells you. A sharp pang of guilt shot through your unbeating heart at that. It only felt like you were taking from them and never giving as much as they did. Hiding so much about yourself from all of them over the time that you knew them. “Do you want some food or some coffee or anything? I can grab you some.”
“No. Thank you for the offer but I’m okay. I’m not hungry when I first wake up, but I would love to steal the shower for a bit.” You tell him. Already standing up to grab your bag and walking to the bathroom once he gave you the okay. Sighing and relaxing when the door closes behind you.
The bathing and primping that you were putting yourself through wasn’t really necessary, but it always made you feel better. Helping you to clear your mind and mentally prepare for the upcoming days. Especially when you had flashbacks to the night you were turned, times like these were vital to recover from the hard memory.
You were staring into the foggy mirror at your reflection. You look sickly and tired. Your eyes were sunken in and the dark circles were prominent under them. Your hair hangs limply against your face and water droplets drip against the sink. You had been avoiding looking at yourself for the last week. You knew you looked bad, but not this bad. Prolonging your feeding for this long wreaked havoc on your body and this is how it manifested. Making you face the truth and start to figure out how you would fix this problem. A knock jostles you out of your thoughts and forces you back to the present.
“Jin! I need to shower! Get your ass out of there!” The deep voice from the other side calls out to you.
“It’s not Jin!” You call back. You could almost feel the embarrassment from the youngest male through the thick wood as he goes deathly silent. The soft grumbling coming from him even ceases after he hears you. With a hum, you open the door with a soft smile. “Hello Taehyung. Did you sleep well?” A soft lilt to your voice as you look up to the man.
He clears his throat and nods. Straightening his back before answering you. “Yeah. I slept fine. Did you? I didn’t know that you were here.” He admits.
“Yeah. It was fine. The bathroom is all yours.” You tell him. Brushing past him to make your way to the others. “Enjoy your shower.” You call back before the door shuts a bit too forcefully. A soft giggle leaving you as he mumbles to himself once again.
“Well, I’m going to head out boys! It’s been great and thank you for letting me stay the night but I need to get going.” You announce to the older brothers. Namjoon frowns and looks up from the book in his hands as Jin opens his mouth to begin to argue with you.
“Nope. You are staying here. You look like shit and I will not let you go. Not with all the snow outside.” Jin says firmly. Grabbing your bag before you can.
“You know better than anyone that I’m fine and that I’ll be fine Jin. A little snow is nothing.” You brush off the concern with a wave of your hand. Reaching out to try to grab your bag back from him.
“I know you’re beyond capable, but I have to agree with Jin. You really should stay. At least for a day or two. The weather is supposed to pick up after that and then we won’t feel as bad.” Namjoon tries to reason. Standing up after placing his book to the side and walking towards you.
“See! Two to one. It’s settled, you’re staying here.” Jin says. A huge grin on his face as he reaches out and spins you around to guide you back to the couch. “And while you’re here, maybe you can help Namjoon with his research. It’s about folklore with an emphasis on vampires.”
The mere mention causes you to tense up and your eyes widen. Your head snapping back to look at the man pushing you currently. The grin was still there and his eyes sparkling with mischief.
“You really don’t have to but it would be nice to have another set of eyes to look over it at least. Jin keeps saying that you are knowledgeable about all of this and as much as these two try, it's not the same as having someone that knows something about the material checking the paper.” Namjoon explains. You could hear him trying to justify the older’s statement and you felt any walls that you may have still had crumble around you. The academic was too cute as he became flustered and began to explain the premise of the thesis.
“Joon. It’s okay. I’ll help how I can. Although I don’t know how much I really can. I’m not nearly as learned as you are.” You tell him as you sit back down and lean over to look at the words he had written already. Settling in for the rest of the day.
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yoonglespringles10 · a day ago
Chapter 6
Tumblr media
Title- Desolation
Prompt- He thinks he found someone better than her, but is that really the case?
Pairing- IdolYoongi x Reader
Genre- Angst (So much of it), Fluff, Smut(¿), Divorce, Infidelity, MarriageAU
Word Count- 1.6k Words
A/N- I thought writing angst wouldn’t get me in my feels but boy was I wrong haha. Enjoy!!!
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Tumblr media
You've forgotten the basic human function called breathing. It feels like the oxygen has been sucked out of your body. You knew the reality already, but seeing it with your own eyes is different. The reality now is hitting you like a massive truck. You can see him smiling at her, it's the same as the one he used to have on his face when he looked at you. Maybe even brighter. Their intertwined hands are resting on the table as they are chatting and laughing without a care in the world. You used to do that with him. This was the place you had introduced to him. How dare he bring her here. How dare they sit in your favourite booth. How can he be this heartless? 
You are brought back to your senses when you feel Soojin's voice calling out your name, her hand on your shoulder shaking it softly. Your body is filled with rage as angry tears start to fall from your eyes. You try to let out a deep breath. You think you're going to have a panic attack any moment now.
"Let's go Soojin," You say breathlessly. As you're about to turn around you see that Yoongi has noticed you standing at the entrance. His smile turned into a deep frown. 
He gets up from his seat to come to you but you are already turning around and running towards your car. You hear him shout your name as you are getting in but you don't look back. You don't have the energy to face him right now. You ask your friend to drive quickly as you start to gasp for air. The panic attack is here. Soojin steps on the gas, pulling out the parking lot. She drives for five minutes and stops the car when the Pizzeria is out of sight. 
She holds your hands and calmly says, "Y/N, love take deep breaths. Repeat after me. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale." You both repeat this exercise for a couple of minutes before your breathing is back to normal. She holds both of your hands tightly and says, "Look at me." You slowly lift your head and look her in the eyes, her expression is one of concern. "Are you okay?" She asks carefully. Her soft voice hits home and immediately you break down, sobbing uncontrollably. She sighs, probably out of her sadness for you and her anger towards Yoongi, and rubs your back. She lets you cry knowing that you need that release desperately. She's been your best friend for as long as you can remember. She knows you better than anyone else in your life, probably even better than your husband and hence she knows that you've been holding your feelings in ever since you found out because you want to be strong for your daughter. 
You cry and cry for you don't know how long, sobbing so loudly it almost sounds like heart-wrenching screams of someone in immense pain. After about 20 minutes, which honestly felt like hours, you start to calm down. Your eyes start to feel heavy and you feel exhaustion take over. Soojin notices this and speaks up, "Hey, take a nap for a bit. I'll wake you when we reach home." You nod slightly and close your eyes, resting your head on the window. 
Tumblr media
While Soojin drives off to another restaurant, back at the Pizzeria, Yoongi is sitting in front of his lover Mirae. His head is in his hands. He feels angry. The reason for this anger is not anything but his own self. Even though he claims that he's not in love with you now, he still cares for you deeply and he hates himself for putting you through this. He hates himself for making you suffer like this. The image of your face from when he saw you outside the restaurant is stuck in his head. He loves Mirae. He really does, but he doesn't want it to be the cause of your tears. But how can it not be? His head is racing with thoughts. Why did he think coming to this place was a good idea? Because the restaurant is located in a lowkey area so it is usually hardly crowded and he didn't want people to recognise him and swarm him or maybe because he thought that you only came here with him so now you would run away from even the thought of coming to this place. What a stupid thought. It's his fault for being such an idiot. He wants to apologise to you but what will we he apologise for? For bringing his girlfriend to the place you thought was a symbol of yours and his relationship? Or for cheating on you and leaving you? The list of things to apologise for is endless. 
"You okay, love?" Mirae asks, her hand slowly wrapping around his wrist and pulling it softly so she can see his face. 
"Don't call me that" Yoongi snaps. You called him "love" all the time. Hearing it from someone else leaves a bitter taste in his mouth and he doesn't understand why. He looks up to see Mirae sitting in front of him with a shocked expression on her face and quickly apologises as the realisation hits him, "Sorry, I didn't mean that." He says, his voice low. 
"I understand, I startled you. It's okay" She says with a soft, comforting smile on her face. She knows that Yoongi saw you outside. She didn't see you but she heard him calling after you. Yoongi is in deep thought, there are thousands of things running in his brain altogether. He doesn't know if he's capable of sitting through this date now but he feels bad for Mirae too. Due to his busy schedule, he's not able to spend a lot of his time with her and that makes him guilty. He loves how understanding she is of everything. You were the same, always so understanding of everything. In fact, the night he told you, some part of him thought you'll understand then too but of course, that is a very foolish thought on his behalf. He may have fallen out of love but you were still utterly in love with him. Even after so many years. 
That night when he kissed you. He hadn't actually planned on doing that but you just looked so vulnerable and sad, he couldn't stop himself. The thought seems moronic now but at that moment he truly just wanted to make your pain go away, even if it was just for a few seconds. Again, he may have fallen out of love with you but he still cares about you. More than you think he does. 
"Yoongi, do you want to talk about it?" Mirae tries again, breaking him out of his chain of thoughts once again. He shakes his head in the manner of saying 'no' and replies, "No babe, It's alright." He pauses for a moment, recollecting his thoughts, diverting his mind from what had occurred a few minutes ago. He changes his expression into a small smile before continuing, "So, what do you wanna order?" 
Tumblr media
"Hey, Y/N? Bub wake up, we're home" You are woken up by a voice you find out to be Soojin's when you open your eyes. It takes you a few seconds to take in your surroundings and recall what happened. As soon as reality hits you once again for the nth time, your clueless, tired expression automatically turns into a deep frown. Soojin notices that and gives you a look of concern. 
"I got pizza from another place while you were sleeping. Do you still want to continue with our plan or do you want to just eat and go to bed?" She asks. You weigh the options in your head. You are exhausted, both physically and mentally but you know that if you are left alone right now, your thoughts will end up torturing you to no end. So with that in mind, you reply, "I don't think I wanna be alone right now, let's just continue with our plan." She smiles at you and nods, getting out of the car. 
You both spend the rest of the night watching both the "Sex and the city" movies, drinking wine, demolishing your pizzas slice after slice and thinking about anything but what you saw. The change in environment and having your closest friend does end up helping you in feeling better. You mentally pat yourself on the back for not bailing out on your plans with Soojin last minute. You would be lying if you said you weren't feeling awful, but being here and having someone who you know will be there for you if you need absolutely anything makes the awful feeling just a tad bit better. 
You both decide to call it a night at around 2 AM when you know you're going to pass out any second. You go back to your room while Soojin goes to sleep in the guest bedroom. You make a quick visit to the bathroom to do your night routine and change into more comfortable clothes. 
You get in your bed ready to descend to the dream world. You open your phone to check if you have any notifications from your mom since she has your daughter with her but you come across a text that makes you wish you never had a phone in the first place. 
Yoongi<3: I'm so sorry. 
Tumblr media
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