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kookslastbutton · 17 hours ago
Yoongi x reader one-shot Marriage AU coming. Smut and a bit of angst 🌹, need I say more?
Sneak peek below ���
Still got it (M)
Tumblr media
Summary: "Say it again. I dare you to say that shit again."
On your 10th wedding anniversary you decide to voice out some slight marital concerns to your husband Yoongi. You also slip out that you don't think he can get you off given the fact that the last time the two of you got it on was months ago. Yoongi makes you eat your words.
Pairing: doctor!Yoongi x reader (f)
AU/genre: smut, fluff, slight angst, marriage AU, non-idol AU, aged up (Yoongi is 38)
Word Count: 396, full fic 1.2k
Warnings: for this sneak peek, just marital concerns and reader testing Yoongi's patience ;)
A/N: This was originally going to be a super angsty series but I decided to switch things around a bit haha. The full fic should be dropping tomorrow night or so.
Tumblr media
The look on your face was one he was familiar with. You had something to say and he wasn't going to like it.
"Our marriage is hitting a wall."
"What? That's not true. Where's this coming from? Our marriage is fine." The look on your husband's face was nothing short of confusion.
"How can it be fine? We hardly see each other anymore. You rushing in the door at 5am while I rush out doesn't count as quality time you know. We're like two ships in the night." Your voice grew harsh but Yoongi's stayed nonchalant.
"Honey we're busy adults. I know we haven't had a ton of time on our hands lately but-"
"Lately? Nothing exciting has happened between us in months Yoongi. Don't you see? I feel like I don't even have a husband anymore."
"Y/n, what are you talking about? Your husband's right here. I'm Min Yoongi and your Min Y/n. We don't need every moment of our marriage to have earth shattering romance for that to be true."
"I know we don't need constant romantic gestures but it'd like some. It shouldn't all just go away because you think it should."
"Since when did I say I want it to go away? Are we not on a date right now? Doing romantic things and all that shit."
"All that shit. Wow, how did you ever woo me?"
"Well, it wasn't that hard after getting you in my bed. You were all over me."
"Oh don't get cocky. It was my bed, not yours."
"Whatever, it was still me drilling into you while you screamed, 'Argh Yoongi faster, faster'. You were ready to marry me right then and there. And oh look, that's what happened."
"You know what? It doesn't even matter. Especially since we haven't had sex in months. You probably can't even get me off anymore it's been so long." You crossed your arms.
"You don't mean that." He scoffed, looking straight into your eyes.
"Have I ever not meant what I say?"
"Hurry up and eat y/n. We're leaving in 10 minutes."
"Have something to prove do you?"
"It certainly seems that way, given that my wife doubts me."
Wanting to rile him up more you smirked. "Well good luck convincing me, Dr. Min."
Any form of amusement left your husband in that moment.
"We're leaving. Now."
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poutyniall · a day ago
You're only partially aware of Yoongi presence next to you. Sitting silently near you, the only thing that gives him away is the slight warmth radiating from his body that, slowly but steadily, pushes away the cold that surrounds you. He came back to find you exactly where he left you: in bed, your posture the only sign you moved at all while he was gone. Back against the headboard, you're hugging your knees tight to your chest, gaze so lost in the void your vision is blurred. You know it's been a beautiful, nice day 'cause you heard the birds twittering and saw the mellow light' shade filtering through the curtains changing before your eyes. And it felt so wrong, so fucking wrong. Exactly the opposite of how you feel inside. Your whole being is unsettled, everything is dark and cloudy and foggy and viscid and it feels like you're both underwater gasping for air, hopelessly trying to reach the surface, and running around, stumbling and falling while you try to finally find your way out of the maze you're trapped in. Everything hurts. But not physically, you have no physical wound to take care of. But still, it hurts so bad that it paralyzes you, freezes you on the spot and doesn't let you move. You have to engage all of your energy just to not to sink. You're tired of caring and feeling and fighting and annihilating yourself, constantly at war. You know he'll wait there with and for you, for as long as you need and it's not right, you wish you could just spit out all the rotten inside you, turn into words all the mess you have in your head and in your body. You wish you weren't so goddamn stubborn and emotionally constipated so you can simply ask for help and talk your heart out. But every time you try words get stuck in your throat and your mind goes blank, rationality and intellectual faculties all gone. Only the pain stays. The painful sob that jolts your chest when you tried to open your mouth to speak surprises you more than him. His arms are immediately around you, holding you tight and pulling you in closer. His hands slide up and down your back and hair, trying to smooth the pain away while you soak his shirt with the hundreds of tears you've been holding back all this time. ''It's okay love, I'm here, right here. Sshh, it's okay…'' he whispers, a continuous chant, lulling you ever so gently back and forth.
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hard liquor | myg. (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary: your dull evening at a bar becomes hopeful when your mysterious, handsome boss min yoongi shows you the ropes on everything alcohol, but shows you much more when he ends up buried deep inside you.
➵ pairing: executive boss!yoongi x employee!reader
➵ genre: business!au, age gap!au (5 years), smut, pwp
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 8k
➵ warnings: alcohol consumption, teasing, explicit sexual content, pussy fondling, semi-public fingering, exhibitionism, humiliation, dry-humping, begging, titty sucking, marking, manhandling, dirty talk, elevator sex, tipsy sex (consensual), cum-eating, impregnation kink, creampie <3
➵ a/n: HELLOO THIS FIC IS FINALLY HERE!! thank you endlessly to everyone who’s patiently waited and shown support for this before it was even written, i hope it reads well!! 🥺 a million thank you’s to my wife @amourtae​ for beta-ing!! your feedback is always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
“One more sangria, please.” 
“Haven’t you had enough of those?” 
Rolling your eyes, you prod the inside of your cheek with your tongue, annoyed beyond comprehension. 
You already despised grabbing drinks with your co-workers every Friday; a typical method of destressing after a week’s worth of crunching, and yet every one of your visits always transformed into a disaster. 
First of all, you despise the nature of bars. Nothing repels you more than drunk men making inappropriate passes at you. Second, you possess the single-most fickle relationship with alcohol in the universe. You never understood the drinking culture at all; sometimes you were convinced half the population was faking it. 
You understood the idea of drowning your sorrows, but that was nothing a warm cup of tea or a session with a juicy book couldn’t solve. 
So why were you here? Well, your best friend and co-worker Bit-na talked your ear off once she overheard that Chris would take her out on a date—oh so revolutionary. 
Chris was the happy-go-lucky, incredibly attractive assistant in your department with a myriad of women pining for him over his gentlemanliness. In reality, he was just overly nice. 
But once the news hit Bit-na, her energy levels sky-rocketed, and was convinced to make a move on him tonight. 
What better way to get laid than at a bar, right? 
Still, you could bonk her on the head right now, because currently, she was chatting up good ol’ Chris while you’re left an observing loner in a woman’s modern-day battle; fighting off intoxicated, grubby men. 
You’d already warded off many; you just weren’t in the mood tonight. So when you hear a male voice attempting to control you; something you despised, you whirl around to the source, tone sharp as ever. 
“Listen, dude. Whatever asshole you are, I don’t need you—” 
Right then, you panic. You focus on the last person you considered finding; the director of your department and prestigious boss, Min Yoongi. You internally malfunction. 
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Mr. Min.” 
“Don’t sweat it.” The impeccably dressed executive lifts a hand, his expression cool. “You’re alright, but I did mean it. Perhaps that should be your last drink.” 
Shocked by his suggestion, you tilt your head. Part of you wants to argue with him, but the other part screams to simply obey. He was your boss, after all, and crossing Min Yoongi was considered a capital offence at your office. 
It’s not that he was this wildly dictative superior, not at all. In actuality, he was calm, cool, and collected; the very definition of what the youth label as “chill”. 
Min Yoongi rarely ever shouted, kept a low profile, and was known for being a silently lethal genius. Your research department wouldn’t have made half the discoveries that it has without his expertise, and for that, he’d earned the highly acclaimed respect of everyone at your company. 
It was seen as an injustice to piss him off. 
You would rarely earn the opportunity to speak with him, so right now, you feel displaced, more so anxious.  
“I-um… why do you say so, if I may ask, Mr. Min?” You ask without your tone; you always were quite the argumentative type. 
“Hmm,” Your boss narrows his eyes a little, observing you. You realize that he’s taken it upon himself to recline against the bar counter, clutching a crystal glass of whiskey. “Let me guess, you hate bars. Here for a friend?” 
Impressed, you raise your brows. “Y-yeah.” 
He purses his lips. “You also didn’t like the way I just spoke to you, right?” 
Eyes widening, all you muster is the courage to focus on the bar. “I… wh….” 
Yoongi softly chuckles, and turns around to face the bar, forearms splaying across the counter. “My words did sound controlling, I apologize.” 
“Not at all, Mr. Min.” You dismiss him politely. “You’re honestly right, I should probably make this my last.” 
“Mm,” he hums again, and it’s then you realize Yoongi has a hypnotizingly rich voice you could become addicted to. 
The soft bass was almost soothing—downright illegal. 
“Funny how it’s only your second drink, though.” Yoongi muses, taking a sip of his whiskey. It’s then you realize… it in fact is, so why the hell did he instruct you to slow down? And why did you agree to it when he advised that you do? 
Were you already goddamn tipsy enough to be taking orders from people? 
“I… you know how many drinks I already had?” 
“I’m observant.” 
Feeling defensive, you become bold.  “Why’d you tell me to slow down if you know it’s only my second drink?” 
Yoongi suddenly chuckles, but doesn’t look at you. You’re mesmerized by his side profile as he smiles; you’ve rarely earned the opportunity to truly appreciate his beauty like this.
Min Yoongi was dashing, the sort of pretty that was unique and ethereal. His cat-like eyes accentuated his almost feline-like beauty, his small lips and soft nose to complement. But his striking hair, his rugged, veiny hands and that tongue of his he constantly prods the inside of his cheek with… he was certainly the male definition of attractiveness–fatally so. 
“I’ve observed you on these usual Friday outings for drinks. You’re a lightweight.” He outrightly declares. 
Appalled, you scold him, your face even becoming flustered. “What? I am-I am not a lightweight.” 
“Mm,” he hums mellifluously, and you despise that he stirs something inside your stomach. “You are.” 
“How have you even observed me enough to know that?” You question him with furrowed brows. “Why would you watch me of all people?” 
“You’re the only one I find interesting.” 
Flabbergasted, you nearly choke on your saliva. Did Min Yoongi really just say that to you? A mere run-of-the-mill, inferior employee? Your untouchable, gorgeous boss that not a single co-worker in your department doesn’t simp over? Even straight guys fall to their knees over his sexily intelligent brain. 
“S-sir, pardon?” You become flushed, yearning to hide behind your empty glass. 
“Sorry if I’m being too forthright,” Yoongi lifts a polite hand again, and you admire that he’s so courteous. “But you strike me as the kind of woman that’s… different.” 
His words leave your panties dampening. How could your boss ever find you interesting? “Why do you say that?” 
He chuckles, and despite his reputation of being reserved and sometimes rigid, you’re enlightened that his personality seems to be friendly. He’s just an insanely grounded, down-to-earth man. 
“You seem uninterested in the whole bar scene. I can tell there are times during our conversation you desire to say something else, but you choose to be polite instead.” He points out. 
“I-well…” You struggle to form words, impressed by his accuracy. “This is the first time I’m ever really… speaking to you.” 
“Mm,” he hums, stealing a swig of his whiskey. “You’re correct, I apologize, I should speak with all my employees.” 
You grimace. “Please, Mr. Min. You don’t have to apologize to me so much.” 
Yoongi then shifts his eyes to you, and they’re entirely impossible to read; so are many of his attractive facial features. He rather taps his glass of liquor, careful gaze on you. You feel glued to your spot, practically pinned by his gorgeous cat eyes. 
There was this invigorating, unshakable glint within his dark irises, and you could feel your usual confidence disintegrating.
He was just so powerful. 
“S-so…” You stutter; you might as well use this opportunity to get to know him better. Everyone should have a good relationship with their boss, right? “Why did you… um, come here?” 
You feel like smashing your head against a wall; how much more rude could you have sounded? “I-I mean, what brings you here-” 
Yoongi then stifles a little laugh before knocking back his whiskey. “You’re entertaining.”  
You furrow your eyebrows. “I’m-I’m entertaining?” 
“Mm, you choose your words very carefully based on who you’re speaking to, but often fail. It’s funny.” He points out, to which you lightly scramble.
“Well, you are my boss. So I’m trying really hard.” 
“Mm,” Yoongi hums, another swig disappearing behind his lips. How he so casually downed such hard liquor beats you, but what’s beating you even more is how sexy he looks doing it. Why is it now you’re noticing how thick his shoulders appear? How muscular and broad he is in a suit? “I’m only 5 years older than you, though.” 
You blink, purely shocked. “Wait, really?” 
“Mm,” he nods. “I’m unsure why people think I’m older. Am I that mysterious?” 
Mysterious; that’s the perfect word to describe him. “You are quite mysterious, Mr. Min. Though I believe your intelligence just intimidates people. You’re well-acclaimed for someone quite young.” You compliment, finding him amusing. It slipped your judgment that Min Yoongi had more to him than just being quiet. “I don’t think a lot of people know much about you in the first place.” 
He nods his head. “You’re correct. People only know that I love whiskey. I haven’t stopped receiving bottles of them on Christmas. I’ll be a drunkard soon.” 
You snicker as the bartender hands you your new sangria, and you’re completely sucked in by your boss now. How could he be so charming when he says so little? Perhaps that was his talent. “So you like whiskey, huh?” 
“Guilty.” He smiles, and you can’t help but find the curve of his lips beautiful. Did he always have such endearing teeth? You haven’t stopped staring at his veiny hands either; there’s a certain roughness to them that’s sending your mind into a frenzy. The way he grips his glass is intoxicating—you wonder how he’d grip you with strong hands like that. “I’m not an alcoholic, though. I just enjoy a drink.” 
You’re suddenly much more interested in him, captivated by the information he’s providing. Has Min Yoongi perhaps always been the talkative type? And his reserved presence only unjustly veered people away from him? If so, how are you being blessed by his company? “Funny, I’m quite literally the opposite.” 
“You don’t say?” He jokes, and shoots a playfully disapproving look over at you and your sangria, to which your jaw drops. He chuckles once you gasp, and you pretend to have taken a dagger to the heart. 
“Ugh, how could you do that to me, Mr. Min?” 
“All in good fun.” 
You attempt to hold back a smile as you slowly drink, feeling the alcohol course through your veins, even loosen up your guard. 
The heat of his gaze keeps you on your toes. 
“I don’t know… I just don’t find joy in drinking. On top of that, my tolerance is garbage.” You sigh. 
“Drinking is a developed skill.” Yoongi elucidates. “Socially it’s an efficient way to network and build relationships, similar to what we’re doing now.” 
Cocking a brow, you joke with a breezy tone. “Are you trying to build a relationship with me, Mr. Min?” 
He laughs a little, swishing around the remnants of his drink. “Mm, you really are different. Nobody would have made a comment like that to my face.” 
Internally face-palming, you remind your witty self that you’re speaking to your Godforsaken superior right now. You shouldn’t be joking with him! “Oh, I’m so sorry.” 
“No, I encourage it.” He lifts a hand, tucking the same one in his pocket as he faces you. Again, you despise that it’s now you’re realizing how large he is. He always appeared to be leaner, but when he’s inches before you, your erogenous zones can’t help but fire off observing his intoxicatingly masculine build. “It makes me feel less… superior. I don’t enjoy always being treated formally.”
Lightening up, you smile widely. “I see. Well, you’re welcome to stay with me if that’s what you seek. I do tend to speak my mind.” You wittily remark, and he beautifully chuckles. 
“I welcome that, Y/N. No need for a filter.” 
“You know my name?” 
“I’m observant. I keep an eye on all my employees.” 
“Well, since you’ve had an eye on me and know I’m not a great drinker, do you have any tips? I’d hate to lack in my social skills.”  
Yoongi sends you another subtle grin that strikes you through the heart. He then eyes your sangria, pointing towards the pink drink. “Mind if I drink some? I’ll assess the alcohol content.” 
You quirk an impressed brow. “You can taste how much alcohol is in something?” 
“Like I said, I like alcohol.” 
Giggling, you hand him your drink, and watch as his veiny hand decorated with a few rings clasps around the glass, clinking against it. 
You wonder how those rings would feel stuffed inside you. 
Mentally whacking yourself for the dirty thought, you linger on his hands a little too long until Yoongi clearing his throat awakens you. You meet his eyes, and nearly become flushed as he holds your gaze; so quiet and yet, so powerful. 
Cupping the glass, he brings it towards his lips, and takes a sip as he bores into your pupils. You feel your core gush as he does so, something so innately sexy about his resolve to keep eye contact with you. 
Bringing the glass down, he gently smacks his lips as he tastes the drink, gently grimacing. “Mm, sweet. About 20% alcohol.” 
Mouth falling agape, you’re coloured entirely impressed. Not that you would know how accurate he’s being right now, but his ability to sense the percentage was still hot as ever. “I-I don’t even know if you’re correct.” 
“I’m correct, doll.” You nearly choke when he calls you the pet name in his smooth voice. Rather than question him, you attempt to hide how flustered you are. 
Your boss merely smiles to himself, sipping his whiskey once again, and you become curious. “How do you even tolerate whiskey? I can never drink it straight or neat.”
“I’ve become accustomed to the taste,” Yoongi’s jaw flexes as he tastes his liquor once again, and you can’t help but find him blindingly sexy. He carries himself with such finesse. “I even try to make my own.” 
“You make your own alcohol?!” You marvel, instinctively leaning closer to him. 
“Sometimes. Practice mixology, too.”
“You seem to know a lot about alcohol.” 
“I do,” Yoongi proudly admits, before cocking one of his brows. “I could even help you with your tolerance.” 
Internally flustered, you attempt to maintain a facade of ease. Your boss offering to help you tolerate alcohol better? All while you suffer the damage of him being so incredibly sexy? You could feel your heart pounding in your ears with excitement. “And how exactly would you do that, Mr. Min?” 
Yoongi cracks a smile at the way you draw out his addressment. You may be crazy, but you might be safe in assuming he likes being called professionally. “Like this.” 
Your boss then leans over the counter and orders something from the bar, piquing your curiosity. The bartender returns with a glass of what you assumed to be fruit punch, and a half-drunk bottle of whiskey. Yoongi finishes off his shot, and pours more whiskey into his glass. Instead of bringing it to his own lips, he nudges the shot towards you. 
“Have a drink.” 
You nearly stutter. “F-from your glass?”
Yoongi chuckles, his teeth bright and beautiful. “Yes, unless you feel uncomfortable.” 
“No, no. I’m totally comfortable.” You brush him off, grasping the glass and swallowing as you eye the liquid. Your expression becomes a little nervous. “Listen, Mr. Min…” 
“Never had it straight, huh?” Yoongi’s soft, rich voice hums, and you consider whether it’s already the alcohol in your veins or his ability to entrance anyone. 
Perhaps it’s both. 
“That’s why I got you this,” Yoongi taps the glass of juice, and you hate that it draws attention to his thick, veiny fingers, especially his glimmering silver rings. Did he always wear rings? Why have you come to notice that now? “Try knocking the shot back. If you can’t stand it, mix your next one into this glass of juice and drink it slower.” 
Following his advice, you take a breath, and shoot him a wary look as you size down your glass. Yoongi reaches out and pats your shoulder supportively, to which you gain the electric shock of his cold rings pressing against your hot skin. You feel yourself gush.
Confident, you tip back the shot, and instantly cough at the crudeness of the liquor. Grimacing, you instantly reach out for your juice and take a large swig, still hacking up the sharp flavour. 
“Jesus, that could’ve practically been gasoline.” You hit your chest. 
Yoongi laughs, and you swear it feels like an accomplishment to be the cause of that effect. “You’re funny.” 
Sheepishly denying a smile, you pout. “C’mon, Mr. Min. I feel like I’m just terrible at this.” 
“Not at all, Y/N.” He softly denies you. “Building up tolerance takes time. You can still socially enjoy drinking by, say, mixing your liquor with another drink.” Yoongi indicates the glass of juice, pouring another glass of his strong whiskey into it. “Cocktails are counterproductive since they include more than one alcoholic component. Simply adding a shot of liquor to juice or pop is more efficient.” 
Your boss then proceeds to mix the liquor with the juice, and offers it to you. After sending him a disappointed grin, you still accept the juice and steal your sip. You wince a little once the alcohol’s taste hits you, but the fruit punch soothes your tastebuds. 
“Mmm,” you hum in appreciation. “This is so much better.” 
“Right?” Yoongi smiles. “All about taking it step by step, Y/N. Gradually add more alcohol at your pace. One shot can become one and a half, or two or three. It’s about dedication.” 
Impressed, you stifle a grin. “You really are serious about alcohol, huh?” 
“Like I said, guilty.” Yoongi smirks. 
Suddenly, you feel yourself loosening up, Yoongi’s smirk hitting a thousand times harder. This has to be the alcohol, right? Clearly your lack of food shot the potent liquid straight to your bloodstream, and now you’re experiencing everything in full swing. 
Every sensation feels amplified; the sight of the bar’s mauve lighting, the booming bass of the music, the feeling of your nipples hardening against your dress as you eye your boss down. 
To be quite frank, you always found Yoongi sexy ever since the day you first met him over a year ago. His cat-like eyes could reel in anyone, the elusive glint in them compelled any poor soul to search deep within them for answers. His elegant and yet, attractively masculine way of carrying himself was alluring. He was an enigma; a taste of someone calm, cool and collected, though held within him the ability to utterly ravage someone. 
And you got the sense that he didn’t just do it intellectually, but most of all; sexually. 
The mere idea of Min Yoongi tugging you close to his body, his thick fingers curling around your waist, his delicate lips grazing your ear as he whispers in his deep, warm voice. His hand rubbing your aching pussy, his mouth suckling your pulse point or his hot gaze permeating your entire body. 
You feel a buzz suffocate you, rattled to the very core as you attempt to shake the erotic images of your boss out of your head, but you’re a lost cause. Yoongi will not stop staring at you; his eyes are careful, calculated. He’s observing you, and you’re being as transparent as glass. 
You’re aching between your legs, and your only saviour is being able to shuffle your thighs together. Biting your lip as Yoongi glances down at your thighs, you clear your throat, hand lazily weaving through your hair. 
“So… do you think I can get better?” You try to make conversation. How lame, you internally wince. 
Your boss focuses on your eyes again, gently licking his lips. “I believe so. My lessons should do you well.” 
You swallow at the small innuendo you can find in his words; the alcohol’s surely corrupting your mind. His expression is unreadable, but the hint of amusement in his features tells you enough to feel horny. He’s your boss, but he’s only five years older than you, huh? 
Good thing you loved older men. 
“I feel like if you’re my teacher, I’ll learn anything.” Your sultry tone is laced with suggestion, leaning your cheek in your palm. The club was playing a provocative, sensual song that kept your blood pumping, your arousal rising and your heart beating erratically. 
“Mm,” Yoongi hums, his small grin exhilarating. “I am your boss, after all. You’d do anything I tell you, wouldn’t you?” 
His comment nearly leaves you winded, blinking idiocally. Your core pulses, your breasts feel hyper alert to his much closer presence, and your cheeks are hot under his tempting gaze. “Only if I like what you’re telling me to do.” 
Yoongi bounces a brow, rolling his tongue inside his cheek before his deep voice rumbles out. “Trust me, Y/N, you’d like anything I tell you to do.” 
Dampening your panties, you become restless, desiring his proximity. You shuffle closer, and suddenly feel a burst of intoxicated giggling attack you. 
“Don’t be cocky, Mr. Min.” You reach out and lightly hit his bicep, to which you feel how tight and thick it is. His eyes follow your hand touching him, until they refocus on you, an enthralling spark in his irises. 
He moves to speak, but his attention is called elsewhere when it flits towards some raucous behind you. He observes something evidently unfavourable, and he grinds his teeth harshly with frustrated eyes, tone vexed. “Fuck.” 
While you’re confused, Yoongi’s urgent expression finds you. “Y/N, are you okay with hiding?” 
“Are you okay if you hide somewhere with me?” He repeats, though with care and patience. “You don’t have to, but I’d rather have your company.” 
Blinking, you slightly malfunction. “Y-yes. I mean, if you need-” Before you can finish, your boss ensnares your wrist, suddenly tugging you along with him. You squeak as Yoongi navigates you both through the throngs of people mingling, drinking and dancing. 
His steps are so quick; you can barely keep up. “Mr. Min, why are we hiding?!” You need to shout over the music. 
Yoongi squeezes your hand tighter. “My uncle; head of the company. Not in the mood to talk to him.” Is all your boss grits before halting right before the black curtains draping the floor-to-ceiling windows; they overlooked an attached balcony. 
With your high-pitched squeal, Yoongi speedily conceals you both behind the curtains, tucking you underneath him. Your back lands flat against the chilled glass, and Yoongi’s caged you in, looming over you. 
You swallow as you peer up at him with widened eyes. His body feels sinfully hot this close, and you’re at a loss for words. There’s no way you’re pinned against glass by your boss, Min Yoongi. 
And there’s no way he’s staring down at you with dilated pupils, his breaths hot and heavy. 
“You’re okay?” He asks; if only he knew your heart is hammering against your chest. 
“I-I am,” you stutter. “But my… my dress.” You peek down at the side of your bodycon, having slightly torn up your thigh when Yoongi ushered you along. Your black, lacey panties are still thankfully covered, but your dress is ripped enough to bare a tasteful amount of skin. 
And you feel sweltering hot once you feel Yoongi’s warm breath fanning your cheek. 
His eyes shift towards the rip, and before you can cover yourself out of embarrassment, Yoongi’s soft, veiny hand drapes you with a light grab. Your heart roars exhilaratingly, peering up at him with warm cheeks. He keeps your gaze, searching your eyes meticulously. 
You can feel his rings… his goddamn silver rings you raved about touching you, and your skin’s burning up.
Incredibly horny, you squirm underneath him, restless that you’re even in this position with him. Your bodies are concealed by the curtains; it’s just you and him, and it’s dark. The alcohol is suffusing your brain with poor decision-making, instinctively craving him like an addict craves a drug, and you're experiencing euphoria. 
With your skin set ablaze, you slowly press your front against his, watching his expression carefully. Yoongi intakes a harsher breath, his eyes switching between your lip that you keep biting, and your hooded, tempting eyes. 
Your smaller hands curl around his biceps, holding onto them, a coquettish look upon your face. Yoongi eyes you with amusement, his vision hazing over with lust. 
The alcohol’s unlocked something carnal between you two. 
“What are you doing, Y/N?” 
His rich voice casts a spell on you, your eyes keen on his dewy lips. “Nothing.” 
Yoongi laughs. “Lying to your boss isn’t a good thing.” 
“And my boss touching my thigh isn’t, either.” 
Caught, Yoongi rolls his tongue inside his cheek with a scoff, irises glowing with mirth. His hand upon your thigh slowly, ever so slightly shifts from atop the fabric to slip underneath, enveloping your bare skin. 
He gently skims up your thigh, and you shudder underneath him, vying for his touch. The alcohol intensifies every inch he moves, the subtle grazing of his warm skin against yours intoxicating. The cold metal of his rings causes your core to pulse achingly, and your eyes give away your need, but your mouth begs to differ. 
“We shouldn’t be doing this… Mr. Min.” 
“Mm,” he hums, and you could’ve melted to the throaty, deep sound. “We shouldn’t.” 
And still, Yoongi painstakingly inches upwards. One, two, three, decreasing the space between your mouths too; the heat of his breath is invigorating. 
He glides across the lace of your panties suddenly, and you sigh erotically. Yoongi smirks, wetting his lips. “But you’ve been squirming all night, Y/N,” he rasps. “And I hate when people fidget.”  
Unable to respond, you feel Yoongi’s veiny hand canvas towards the band of your underwear, toying with it. He leans in closer, so close that you taste the whiskey on his breath, and suddenly, you adore the crude liquor. You know your eyes appear dumbstruck, his presence overriding your every system. 
His fingers slip past for skin-to-skin contact, and his touch to your pelvis enlivens you, shuddering. “Mr. Min…” 
“Do you like this?” He rasps, his unoccupied hand having slid down to your waist, holding at just the junction. His grip feels riveting, electrifying, hot. The tips of his fingers skim towards your core, and you anticipate his lewd touch to your wet clit more than anything. 
Flustered, you nod, your insides on the verge of exploding. 
Yoongi’s fingers slowly engulf your clit, and the heft of your body disappears. You feel light, airy, goddamn ascendant. Arousal rushes to your center pathetically, and you whimper in his hold, eyes a mess of need. 
Your boss grips your hip tighter, his grin amused. “Christ, you really needed to be touched, huh? You’re dripping.” 
Toes curling in your heels, you feel hot to the touch. Your desire to tease him takes the spotlight, however. “So… so unprofessional of you, Mr. Min.” 
Yoongi scoffs a laugh; the fact that you’re still unfiltered even in this position entertains him. “Liquor makes me a little unprofessional.” He admits, his fingertips circling your sticky bud as you shiver between him and the glass, your hands hooking onto his suit. “Especially around a woman like you.” 
“Do you do this… with all your female employees?” You breathe in between moans, leaning back against the glass to eye his smug expression as he fondled your cunt. You knew he was hiding something feral behind those unreadable eyes. “You know, since you keep such a close eye on them.” 
Your boss bites his lip, bringing his mouth inches before yours, his dark eyes pinning you in your place. “Like I said, you’re the only one I find interesting.” 
Yoongi’s fingers slip in between your puffy folds, and you capsize. You sigh so loudly when his cold rings press against your slit, and your boss lifts a finger to your lips, hushing you. “Shh, not so loud, doll. Or are you the type that likes to get caught?” 
Coloured slightly humiliated, you discern that you liked it. Especially when it was your boss with his fingers inside your panties. 
You grip his suit tightly to manage the pleasure he rubs between your thighs. He gathers your slick and constantly slides it around, lathering up all your folds with your essence. He teases your throbbing pearl, his rings adding a blissful chill to your sweltering hot skin. 
It’s hot, oh, it’s very hot. Being this close to your boss, feeling his breath against yours, and his heated gaze that never wavers is proliferating. Your boobs are squishing up against his chest, and your cleavage is revealing itself plentifully. Your body responds by riding his fingers, desperate to feel them inside you, to feel him inside you. 
Yoongi hisses at your grinding hips, watching it happen. “Fuck, move like that and I’ll have no mercy, doll.” 
You disobey this time, your pleasure far too suffocating. You move faster, head occupied by fluffy white clouds. Your center is electrifying and your gut is twisting, coiling so badly it’ll snap any passionate second. 
In your delirium, Yoongi speaks, his breaths rugged. “Fuck, usually I’m not phased by a woman that’s wet but you… you drip.” Your boss marvels, watching his fingers slide between your folds with such ease, and become amply coated with your leaking cum. “And all because of me? I didn’t even touch you.” 
Pride swelling, you smirk. “Guess I’m interesting, don’t you think, Mr. Min?” 
Scoffing with a smile, Yoongi plunges his two fingers inside your fluttering hole as punishment for your wit, and your body erupts with an erotic moan. Your boss covers your mouth instantly, and you moan into his palm, eyes fluttering shut at the sheer thickness of his fingers inside you. 
Couple in his silver rings, and you were a goner. 
You peer at him with hooded eyes, and Yoongi’s quick to press his crotch against you. You feel his clothed tip nudge your hip, and your insides ignite. 
He increases his pace, finger-fucking you against the hard glass. He pumps inside you deliciously, twisting and curling up his fingers to massage your walls like a god. Yoongi appears mesmerized by how much you squeeze him, groaning in accordance with your euphoric moans. 
Your boss nestles his thumb against your clit, and just as he moves forward to seal your mouths together, a drunk couple slams open the doors to the balcony just left of you, waltzing their way out. 
You panic, eyes widening with the fear that upon occupying the balcony, the couple’s on the opposite side of the window you’re pushed up against, able to see everything. Yoongi hushes you in that instant, his eyes calm and collected. 
“They can’t see you, only me, doll.” He assures, and maneuvers his body to conceal yours, while he remains in plain sight. Your dress’s skirt still covers your ass, and frankly, all anyone can really see is Yoongi caging you against the glass. 
Though the movement of his arm should be a dead giveaway of something explicit happening, and your chest fills with an odd sense of… arousal despite your initial shamefulness. You wish to speak as he covers your mouth, and Yoongi lets you. 
“Can-can they see you? Do they know what you’re doing?” Yoongi shoots a look above you towards the couple, before meeting your eyes again. His pupils are beyond dilated, his forehead slicked with sweat, and he glistens stunningly underneath the moonlight. 
“They see me, I think they know what I’m doing.” Yoongi tells you honestly, but his fingers never stop their addictive movement, softly fucking you underneath him as quiet whimpers spill out of you. “But I like the face you make when my fingers are inside you, I won’t stop unless you want me to.” 
His completely confident expression throws you for a loop, hyponotized by his cat-like eyes. You feel exposed, humiliated, but something about his intoxicating eye contact makes you believe it’s only you and Yoongi in this world. 
And the pleasure he provides you becomes your penicillium. 
Your boss sends you flying when he quickens his head-spinning pace, ramming his fingers into you. You moan incessantly, feeling the prying eyes of whomever is now on the balcony, but the weight of Yoongi’s broad body, his captivating eyes keep you grounded. 
Even then, the idea that you’re the one pinned against glass by him while others look on is almost empowering; you’re the only one who could disassemble the stoic genius of your department, Min Yoongi’s, self control. 
Though yours is in danger. It’s sinking with every hot second, your nipples begging to be sucked or exposed to him, to rut against his impeccable suit. Your clit is throbbing, your walls are molding around his thick fingers and rings, and all you need is to kiss him. 
You move forward, and he does, too. Your orgasm is impending, and you yearn to consume him like a five-course meal–feel your body press into his with all its might. You’re centimeters from the liplock, reviving your lost moment, feeling the heat of his mouth and tongue as he approaches you, before another bout of raucous party-goers open the balcony doors, too, shocking you two. 
The opening awakens your awareness; Yoongi instantly extracts his fingers from you, and your head returns to Earth. 
Your chest rises and falls as your orgasm melts away, your pussy soaked and achingly throbbing. Your boss also dons a semi-hard on, and every nerve inside you feels completely burned out. 
Yoongi stares at you, and you stare at him, the air between you two suddenly thick. What just overcame the both of you? How did you even end up in this situation with him? You let your boss finger-fuck you against a balcony window, in a public place. Have you completely lost your horny fucking mind? 
Embarrassed that his fingers are now coated with your juices, and that you still pathetically yearn for his touch, you avert your eyes, swallowing rigidly. 
Only Yoongi’s steady voice calls your attention back, listening to him clear his throat. “Y/N, did you eat?” 
Cocking a brow, you meet his gaze. “Huh?” 
“Before drinking. Did you eat before drinking?” 
You gently shake your head. “No.” 
Yoongi sighs, even dipping his head. “You should never do that.” 
Fighting the urge to roll your eyes, you merely cross your arms and lean against the glass, teeming with uncontrollable sensations–the denial of your orgasm was frustrating you vehemently. 
“Do you want to eat ramen at my place?” 
Dazzled, you nearly choke, meeting his completely serious gaze. Hold on, he wasn’t kidding? Did your boss really just ask you to eat ramen back at his place? First of all, this was an official invitation to your executive boss’ home. Second of all, is he even familiar with the sexual euphemism?
There is no way Min Yoongi is using this euphemism on you. 
“I should’ve asked you if you ate before getting you to drink. I’m partially responsible, I should treat you.” He simply says, and once you consider he may actually mean just eating at his place, you don’t mind the offer. You really didn’t eat before drinking, perhaps a meal could sober you up and deal with this situation more intelligently. 
You’ve already committed enough idiocy.
“Sure,” you nod, bewitched by the look in Yoongi’s eyes. He’s unreadable again, but you swear you can discern the glint of lust still swirling within his irises.
You hate that it makes you feel thrilled. 
“I would love that.” You smile. 
Yoongi grins beautifully, tongue rolling across his teeth. “My place is the highest floor of this building. Come along, doll.” He tells you before gently grabbing your wrist, and leading the way towards the elevator. Your stomach fills with butterflies as he squeezes you, recalling that it was with the same hand he’d fucked inside you. 
Tumblr media
You gulp as you stand next to Yoongi inside the compact elevator. 
He’d explained that the upper levels are all residential, and require a key from any of the owners to access them. He personally owns the highest room, a lustrous penthouse, and with a simple turn of his key, only yourself and Yoongi were headed up towards his home. 
You genuinely wish it was that simple, but it isn’t. All you can feel is how soaking wet you are between your thighs, the sexually-charged energy between you and your boss, and smell the mixed scent of your cum on his fingers and his cologne in the air. 
Yoongi was predominantly silent, merely standing with his fingers weaved together before him. He stares only in front, never stealing a look at you. You suppose the earlier situation truly woke him up to how insane it even was; he’s probably decided to completely remain at arm’s length with you. 
The idea makes you feel wounded; you’d never felt so hot with a man before, and your body still aches with need for him. If he could pump pleasure through your veins like that just by his fingers, how would his cock fare? Stuffed inside you as he pins you down into his sheets? His couch? Even the very walls of this elevator? 
You internally sigh at your delusional mind. 
Suddenly, Yoongi actually sighs next to you, even shakes his head. “Fuck,” he curses, and you’re the equivalent of a lost puppy. 
“God, fuck it.” 
Just as you turn to question your boss, he suddenly charges forwards and presses his mouth against yours, kissing you fervently. Shocked, the power of his kiss overwhelms you, but you instantly become taken by his lips, the powerful, sensual way he molds his mouth with yours. 
His dogmatic force shoves you up against the elevator wall, and you moan mellifluously into his mouth. His tongue teases your bottom lip before he pulls back, his breaths harsh and rugged, his hands resting either side of your head. 
He stares into your eyes, and you similarly breathe for your life; he knocked the wind out of you. 
“Can I continue?” he rasps, and his fiery irises spell your doom. You vehemently nod, and Yoongi dives in for more within an instant. 
When his mouth meets yours, you’re floating. He presses his broad body against yours, the weight of him exhilarating. His tongue is merciless, asking for more of you, consuming you for all you’re worth. Your hands travel up his chest, traversing higher to weave through his luscious locks.
Yoongi moans into the kiss when you tug at his hair, and you feel your core gush with your sticky essence. He truly was going to be the end of you, and to think he’s only been a mere office away. 
Breaking away from you, his school-laden breath fans across your cheek as he pants. You’re similarly winded, and can’t stand being without his mouth. Clutching his suit, you tug him back on your lips with demanding force, and Yoongi’s thoroughly impressed.
He lets out a surprised groan as you hook your leg around his thigh, yearning to feel his delicious, clothed monster wedged between your dripping pussy.
Yoongi immediately curls his hand underneath your thigh, holding you wide open as he begins grinding his hips into yours. You shudder when the heft of his erection teases your sensitive folds, your hands ruining the iron press of his suit.
“Shit,” he breathes between your kisses. “You are absolutely sexy.”
Proud, you breathe back. “Not as sexy as you.”
Yoongi groans with you as you both relish in this position; his cock slowly rutting against your warm pussy, your kisses sloppier and wetter than ever. He becomes insatiable, and his mouth travels towards your pulse point, sucking your sweet spot plentifully as you crane your neck.
“Fuck, Y/N” Yoongi curses, the slight growl in his tone riveting. “Are you wet enough for me to fuck you?”
Shivering from the inside, your pussy flares at just the question, and you whine like a dumb whore. “So wet, Yoongi, so fucking wet.”
Yoongi suddenly smacks his heavy hand against your bare thigh, his voice deep as you squeak “Don’t call me by my name.” He admonishes, his eyes darker than black. “Call me Mr. Min.”
Scoffing with delight, you glow with amusement. “Boss likes hearing his title, huh?”
“More like knowing he’s doing something he shouldn’t.” He smirks, and you smile to yourself thinking you had him figured out all along; he truly did hide something intense behind his unreadable eyes.
“Mm, Mr. Min likes fucking his employees?” You tease, an all-too-innocent pout painting your lips.
“Like I said, you’re the only one I find interesting.” Yoongi becomes tired of your separated lips and dives in once again, kissing you feverishly, his hips unforgiving as he repeatedly plunges his clothed cock against your panty-clad core.
“Interesting enough to fuck?”
“Interesting enough to break some rules for.”
With that, he shuts you up with a powerful thrust into your soaked sex, and you shakily moan so loud it echoes within the small space. 
“Fuck, Mr. Min… please fuck me.” You beg, your clit throbbing incessantly. He was driving you insane with some mere dry-humping; you truly were a goner. 
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Being stuffed full of my cock?” Your boss condescends. “So impatient, doll. We’re not even at my place yet.” 
“So you did mean the euphemism… earlier.” You moan in between, his hips rhymically driving into yours as his body presses into you. 
Yoongi cracks a smug side-grin, licking his lips. “There’s no way I’ll ever forget how wet you feel.” He dips down for another chaste, fiery kiss, his hands gripping your body roughly. His fingers clutching your thigh travel up to your underwear, hooking onto the soaked fabric. “I need to be inside you.” 
“Mr. Min… fuck,” you sigh, body buzzing with uncontrollable arousal. “It’s now or never, please.” 
He breathes a deep laugh. “You’re definitely my type.” 
Without a word, Yoongi quickly slides your panties down your ass and removes them, tucking them into his suit pocket. He returns for animalistic kisses as he helps you bunch up your skirt, his hands eventually curling around the back of your thighs. 
You don’t need further instruction and leap into his arms. Yoongi catches you flawlessly and drives you up against the elevator’s wall, the two of you deeply groaning as you make out shamelessly. His cold rings nestled against your skin feels enlivening again, causing you to lose all forms of control.
Your ass rests perfectly upon the metal handle running across the entire elevator, and your hands have never been quicker to dart towards a man’s belt. 
Fumbling with the metal clasp, Yoongi assists you, removing his belt and unzipping his trousers to reveal his taut boxers. He’s impatient to free himself, and your eyes widen at his absolutely stunning dick. Pretty and pink, the tip thick and wet with pre-cum. 
You practically salivate, and once Yoongi sees your expression, his voice becomes hoarse with pleasure, his lips merciless as he dives in for a kiss. “Condom?”
“Are you clean?” 
“I usually don’t sleep around. You?” 
“Tested a week ago, clean.” 
Beaming, your body operates on its own and kisses him blissfully, hands tugging his tufts of thick hair as he curls his veiny, ring-clad hand around his delicious shaft. He pumps himself, and the movements occasionally nudge your bare pussy lips, shivering to be fucked full of him. 
“Fuck,” you gasp. “Mr. Min, please fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy.” 
“Filthy fucking girl, to think you’ve been my type all along.” He growls as he aligns himself with your entrance, your eyes shifting towards where your bodies connect. 
Yoongi watches as he slowly pierces himself inside your warm, wet pussy, moaning out gloriously as he does so. Your body vibrates with incontestable arousal, heat bundling up inside your stomach. 
“Fuck… oh fuck,” he curses. 
“Mr. Min, oh my God.” 
You quiver pathetically–the sting of his cock invading you is glorious. Yoongi was thick, the kind of girthy that stretches you out like a spacer, and your mind was in delirium. You moan ferally as you dig your nails into his neck, legs clinging to him for dear life. 
When he bottoms out, your pussy practically squelches, dripping cum like honey from a hive. You both breathe unevenly, foreheads already sweating. With a chaste kiss, Yoongi pulls out of your sex, inch by inch, and inserts himself once again, ensuring he fucked deeper this time. 
You mewl, clutching him like a koala as your legs shake. “Mr. Min…” you whimper. 
“Jesus Christ, I never thought I’d hear you whimper my name like that.” He wets his lips, focusing on the way he pulls out of your pussy, only to draw back in. He tugs in and out, sliding effortlessly within your fluttering walls as your essence slicks him up to perfection. 
After one stroke, two, three, your boss indulges in completely fucking you up against his elevator wall. You’re surprised you haven’t reached his place yet, considering how much has just happened, but then again, everything felt so fast, too. So hot, fiery and intoxicating. 
You know the alcohol was causing you both to lack common sense right now, but to also intensify every second of his cock plunging in and out of you, your bodies on auto-pilot. 
Yoongi begins driving up into you from underneath, delivering delicious thrusts that leave your head spinning and your toes curling. You gasp as his thick length repeatedly fills up your empty canal, his throbbing meat the equivalent of being complete. 
His flesh is prominent with veins, and you can’t help but adore feeling him so bare. Your pussy walls smother him, in love with the way he fucks you into the seventh sky. 
“Oh god, Mr. Min… your cock.” 
“Mm, it feels good? Yeah?” You melt listening to his gravelly voice, body bouncing over his dick. 
“So fucking good, Mr. Min. Don’t stop.” 
“Wasn’t planning to, doll.” 
Yoongi grunts as he buries himself deep inside you, kissing your cervix as your eyes roll back. You lean against the wall, losing your mind as he crafts your very own paradise inside you. The action calls attention to your covered tits, however, and Yoongi becomes fascinated by their erotic jostling. 
His hungry eyes sweep all over you, and he’s consumed by lust. 
Yoongi moves without thought, tearing your dress down until your boobs spill out. You gasp, and just as you register his possible next move, Yoongi’s warm mouth envelopes your nipple, suckling on the pert nub as he continues fucking up into your sex. 
You wail, mind clouded by lust as your bundle of nerves throbs for friction, and his thick cock inside you unravels your insides with each drilling thrust. He grunts and groans, breathing hard as he delivers each delicious stroke, hips smacking into yours, his hard member gliding across your wet, velvet walls. 
“My God, Y/N, can’t believe you’ve always had a cunt like this.” He groans deeply, the tip of his tongue flicking your nipple as you cry out. “Tight, wet pussy. I could fuck you forever.” 
Cosmically proud, you purposefully tighten your walls around his dick, and he hisses. “Doll, don’t you dare tease me like that. I’ll punish you for it.” 
“But watching your self-control unravel… is the best part.” You speak between his powerful thrusts practically banging you into next week. 
Yoongi scoffs a laugh, his eyes conniving. “You’ll pay for that.” 
Instantly, Yoongi grips you so hard you’ll know you’ll adorn bruises, and begins harshly piercing your sex in his dick with tireless vigour. He’s hard and fast, fucking you so mercilessly you were bouncing. You scream out as he jackhammers you against the wall, the friction from his pelvis serving your swollen clit.
You see colours explode behind your eyes, head plunging into an abyss of sheer pleasure. Your body’s on white hot fire, sizzling gloriously as Yoongi pounds your cunt from underneath, your hard nipples rutting against his suit-clad chest as he hides his face in the crook of your neck, his breaths hot, and you hug him to you like your only lifeline. 
He fucks you so good you’re convinced you’re not on Earth anymore, your pussy broken and battered, but the constant stimulation to your g-spot spells your doom, coiling your gut tightly. 
“Mr. Min… Mr. Min!” 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Y/N, fuck!” 
“Oh God, I’m gonna fucking cum. I’m gonna cum!” 
“Yeah? You’re already gonna cum, doll? Did I fuck you that good?” 
“Yes, sir, yes.” You mewl, carding your fingers through his thick, black hair as you hang on by a thread, losing all composure. 
“Obeying me so easily,” Yoongi teases, his words breathy, his skin sweaty. “Only when my cock’s inside you, huh?” 
You whimper, pining for your release that pulses inside you. “Please, Mr. Min, fucking stuff me.” 
“Want me to breed you, doll?” Your boss speaks sweetly, pecking your pouty lips as he mercilessly fucks you. Tears collect in your eyes; he’s fucking you that good, so much so that you feel him in your lungs. “Want my cum inside your cunt? Want it dripping down your thighs?” 
You shiver, moans high-pitched as you nod pathetically. Your boss cracks a shit-eating grin, his laugh rich and deep. “As you wish, doll. Cum all over me, keep me inside you and never let me out.” 
Finally, his words help you reach your demise, releasing your powerful orgasm all over his throbbing cock. You hold hims captive inside you, squeezing his dick for dear life as Yoongi simultaneously lets his guard down, and spills his load inside you, softly stuffing his cum inside your heat. 
When his seed overflows and spills out of your sex, your boss is quick to swipe up the milky white liquid. He directs his fingers to your lips, and without instruction, you open up, enveloping him with your mouth. You swirl your tongue around his digits, tasting his cum with a delighted moan. 
Yoongi softly groans. “Fuck, you’re exactly my type.” 
Sheepish, you chuckle, and Yoongi joins, completely spent. You both breathe heavily, skin slicked with sweat, arms lazily tangled around one another. Your hooded eyes meet his as he lifts his head; you swallow to replenish your dry throat. 
“That was… insane.” You breathe, wisps of your hair loose. “My pussy… is done.” 
But Yoongi doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you, who wets his swollen, lightly lip-gloss stained lips with a playful grin. He appears as anything but tired, instead hungry for more.
“Not yet, doll. We still have my entire place to ruin.” 
The elevator subsequently dings, and the doors unveil your boss’ enormous penthouse, along with the numerous possible places he can fuck you. 
Gulping, you meet Yoongi’s darker-than-black eyes that gleam with sin, and your body buzzes with anticipation. You’ve never once been more thankful for alcohol; especially, hard liquor. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
❃ Festivaled Away: Burned Memories hosted by @bangtanbathhouse​  
⤞ Ticket: Playlist ⤞ Main Event: Based on a Playlist ⤞ Games: fucking playlist | sensory deprivation | breath play | phone sex | oral fixation
Tumblr media
⤞ title: mu$ic fairy  ⤞ pairing: rapper!yoongi x podcaster!female oc ⤞ genre: smut   ⤞ summary: When Yoongi’s career started to kick off, he never imagined he’d have a secret admirer this early in the game. Sure, random women throw themselves at him all the time, but this one has a different approach when it comes to getting his attention.  ⤞ word count: 11k ⤞ warnings: strong language | sexual tension | pet names | dirty talk | guided masturbation | ball fondling | dom/sub dynamics | sensory deprivation | breath play | phone sex | oral fixation | mutual masturbation | protected sex | ruined orgasms | orgasm denial | hard dom!yoongi | sub!reader | blindfolding kinda? | rough sex | choking | degradation | face down doggy/ass shots | hair pulling | squirting | ass slapping | nipple sucking | multiple orgasms | blowjob | face/throat fucking | yoongi moaning(yes that’s a warning) | oral (male and female receiving) | face slapping | finger sucking | clit biting | gagging | bdsm themes | orgasm control | cum swallowing | praising | cum swapping | forced orgasms | kissing but not the cute kind | aftercare | yoongi’s harsh(no other way to put it) | crying(the good kind) | sex & music | manhandling | sex with no feelings | marking/biting/scratching | possessive!yoongi(like he’s obsessed with marking her up) | pain kink | you’re either going to love me or hate me for the ending | pov switches | lying ass heauxs | toxic behavior because they are wild lol | alcohol consumption | the oc is slightly curvy and brown like me😜 ⤞ rating: 18+  ⤞ a/n: This got way out of hand lol. I tried to write a drabble but it just didn’t work out. I need to first and foremost give a special thanks to my beta readers Bambi @agustdealer & Ryen @kithtaehyung​ for not only looking over this for me but listening to me cry and rip this story apart over and over lol(there may still be some mistakes because I’m a clown and added stuff they didn’t read). I really appreciate your dedication and faith in me. Also, praise needs to be given to the ever so talented Ryen @/kithtaehyung for this amazing banner. She slayed as always. Lastly, thank you Madame Amai @kkulmoon​ for hosting this event. I hope you all enjoy it. Don’t forget to comment, reblog, and leave feedback to let me know what you think.💖
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Tumblr media
Thank you for completing our questionnaire. Please stay on the line and allow us to find you the perfect match…
With a few basic questions and a two minute wait, he was paired with a woman that sounds rather beautiful. He imagines that she is, at least. Well, he hopes. 
He’s been chatting with her for about an half of a minute, and he’s feeling her. So he doesn’t hang up when the official timer begins.
“So umm…how confidential is this?” He can never be too careful. This could ruin his reputation if someone found out.  “You said you’ve done this before, right?”
“Yeah, it’s safe, love. Trust me.” 
He hopes you’re right. 
“After you complete the questionnaire, they pair you with a random person who has similar preferences.”
He pushes the worrisome thoughts to the back of his mind and proceeds to pleasure himself before time is up. He’s currently living paycheck to paycheck, so fifteen minutes was all he could afford.
“Should I lead or…?”
He scoffs out a laugh. “I got it, babe. Just vibe with me.”
“Okay.” Your response is through small labored breaths. You must be broke as shit too because you aren’t wasting any time. “C-Can you put on some music or something?...I umm, can’t do it  when it’s this quiet.”
He grabs his laptop and allows whatever track is next to travel through the speakers.
Fuck. He forgot about the beats he was playing for someone earlier. Hopefully, it doesn’t ruin your mood before he can change it. “Sorry,” he mutters a bit embarrassed.
“No, this is fine.”
“Yeah, it’s sensual,” you pant. His brows knit together in curiosity and he momentarily ceases his movements. “The bass complements your voice well, actually. Did you umm…?”
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“I like it.” The little moan behind those words has him standing at attention. In any second, he could blow his load.
“Yeah? What else do you like?...Tell me what gets your attention.”
There’s a pause. “Or would you rather me shut up?”
“The opposite. I wanna hear you…your voice. You sound hot,” you giggle and it’s one of the most soothing things he’s ever heard. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. You don’t sound bad either…Just hearing you laugh is making me hard.”
He hears a whimper; one of the sexiest, neediest whines to ever grace his ears. “Tell me what you just did. Don’t be shy.”
You hesitate, so he steps in.
“Touching your pussy, huh?”
He senses through the phone how worked up he’s getting you. You’ve started panting and moaning out your words shamelessly.
“Mmhm, my clit.”
He chuckles and whispers of curses come through the phone.
“Do me a favor?” you agree and he continues. “Move a little lower and dip your fingers in your pussy. Tell me how wet it is.”
He uses his spit for lubrication and tightens his fist around his cock. He imagines it was your walls snuggled around him, pumping his length as you bounce up and down. Something inside of him believes that you’re pretty, with a nice ass too. A really nice ass, that’s what his fantasies project at least.
“Fuck. How many?” you ask him.
Damn. You’re obedient as well. That’s hot, really hot. 
“As many as your pretty cunt can take.”
When he hears a muffled cry, his bottom lips tucks between his teeth while he concentrates on the squelching sounds coming through the phone. You both move in sync with the music and allow it to take away the nervous jitters the both of you had previously. His cock starts twitching in his palm when your sweet little moans move through his ears.
“How many did you use, sweetheart?”
You answer him in a high-pitched voice. You’re close too, he can hear it. Your eyes are probably screwed shut, trying to keep it together to prolong the call, but he has to go before his bill skyrockets. He needs to get you off—quickly.
“Two. Three, now. I needed more.”
“Greedy, aren’t we?”
“No…I’m just really horny.”
He has to smile at that. “Yeah? Me too. This is good, but I'd rather be balls deep in you.”
“Fuck, I’d like it.”
Sweat beads on his forehead, but he just wipes it away with the back of his hand and keeps going. The music has changed to something more upbeat and he knows this is his shot for home plate.
“Really? Is that why you’re making a mess? I can hear it, you know...you’re so fucking wet.”
“Shit, I wanna come,” your words are barely recognizable and you just keep begging him for more, “please help me.”
“Fuck, sweetheart. Take your fingers out and rub your clit. Spread that sticky shit all over it and get yourself off.”
He throws his head back and curls his toes, bracing himself for the impact of his orgasm. This has to top he sexual encounters and he’s not even touching you. It’s just something about you that’s driving him insane. He doesn’t even know your name, but he doesn’t need to, not when all that matters now is the pleasure of this experience. 
“I’d lick it all up too, eat you out until you cry and forget your own fucking name. You want that, sweetheart?”
“Yeah, I wanna feel you so bad.”
“I know, baby. You’d let me take you anyway I’d like, wouldn’t you?...I could bend you over? Dick you down with your legs pinned by your head. I fuck you up, princess and you’d never want another.”
“Fuck, I’m gonna—”
Dead silence. 
“Are you kidding me? Fuck!”
The phone hangs up just as you both reach your climaxes. Disappointment is thick in the air as his quick strokes gradually begin to slow. He groans and curses angrily at the loss, and grips fistfuls of his hair in frustration. Out of all the people for this to happen to; it had to be him. Just when he thought his luck couldn’t get any worse, this happens and proves that life is just out to get him.
“Something’s gotta give, man. I can’t keep living like this.”
So, he shrugs off his needs and does what he does best—work. He puts on his headphones and hopes that one of these tracks will be the one that opens the door to all of his dreams.
Tumblr media
Two years later…
“This is your boy Jay Millz, and you're listening to Q107.9. We got my man Suga in the motherfuckin’ building. This guy has the hottest track on the radio right now, bro. He’s gonna be chilling with us for a minute while we dip into the Rush Hour Mix with DJ Reign. Suga! How you doin’, man?...”
He nods and greets the guy behind the mic. They extend their arms for a brief handshake before he continues. “What’s good? Glad to be here, man.” 
Yoongi looks around the table and sighs. He’s tired of the same fucking questions. 
What’s next for you? How does it feel to be the hottest rapper out right now? Will you sign with SlaughterHouse Records?
As if he’d leave a crumb behind for the tabloids to fight over. Yoongi’s been careful; really careful. He’s worked hard to maintain a decent reputation; besides a few run-ins with the law. But overall, he’s avoided anything that could damage the image he’s created for his pseudo. 
Many have tried to tear him down, or trip him up. However, he knows how to handle those people, and that’s what he’s about to do when the woman across from him asks the question lingering on the tip of her tongue. He knows it’s coming; he can tell by the way her nails tap on the table. She waits for silence and then she goes for the kill.
“So…Suga, you know I have to ask.”
The other co host sighs with an exhausted eyeroll. “Bee, please don’t start.”
“I have to. The people wanna know,” she argues and Yoongi can feel his head starting to throb. 
It’s bad enough that he hates these things and they cannot stop themselves from trying to dabble in his personal life.
“Anyway, are you currently dating anyone, Suga? A fan? A girlfriend?...etc?”
Yoongi looks to his left and gives her a lazy smirk, just fucking with her mind a bit before he responds.
“Nahh, I’m good. Gotta stay focused, you feel me?”
He takes a sip from his cup and savors the cold liquor before he gulps it down, watching the poor girl slump her shoulders in defeat. However, he was a fool to think this was over.
“And what about Mu$ic Fairy?” the interviewer to his right asks.
“What about her?”
He sets down his cup and turns in the man’s direction.
“She dropped a new playlist last night. I know a lot of us would have gone to see about that by now.”
Yoongi scoffs out a laugh. “Well, I’m not a lot of us, am I?”
“Damn right,” Jay chimes in from across the table. He notices Bee shaking her head in the corner and he couldn’t agree with her more. This is ridiculous. 
This girl, “Mu$ic Fairy” or whatever she calls herself is nothing but a fucking distraction. No one can resist bringing her up when he’s in the room. There’s no fucking escape.
At first, it was cute. A few Spotify playlists dropped every once in a while with a rather risqué cover just to tease, but now it’s an entire movement. Some fans are even calling themselves fairies, and wearing themed attire to his performances. 
He fucking hates it. The wings, the glitter, the overly sweet tones in which they speak. Of course, he appreciates his fans and they’re fun to look at, but Yoongi’s a picky guy. And if that’s the kind of girl you are, then you aren’t his type.
“I would’ve probably hit her up after she dropped the [email protected] Ho @nthem! playlist.” 
Jay bumps fists with the other guy host after he says that and they have a “same” moment.
Bee adds her input after it quiets down.
“Well, I’m going to have to agree with—”
“Do not…say her name around me,” Yoongi intervenes.
He can’t; not when he has a show tonight. Just hearing her name pisses him off. 
Another reason he hates doing interviews is because someone always has to mention…
“Oh, are you talking about that podcaster?...Damn, what’s her name…”
Jay struggles to remember while snapping his fingers, so Bee attempts to help him out. However, Yoongi cuts her off before she can speak of the devil.
“Don’t you dare.”
The woman once again backs down and carries on.
“Well anyway, I agree with you know who. She makes valid points about how none of these people were after him before he started making industry music. They don’t really fuck with the real Suga.”
Yoongi only nods his head because the annoying bitch behind that podcast is right. This Mu$ic Fairy chick started showing up when he became popular and so did her followers. But that’s about one of the only things he agrees with. Everything else is out of line. This woman doesn’t know anything about him, but yet always has an input to give when it comes to his music.
One of the interviewers notices his change in demeanor and senses the hatred he has for this chick. He steps in and changes the subject quickly.
“Shit, we’re almost out of time. That’s what happens when you’re chillin’ with one of the greatest to ever do it.”
Yoongi shakes his head. “Nahh, man. Don’t put that on me yet. Give me some time.”
“Many would have to disagree with you there, bro. Matter of fact, you should ask them. Why don’t you tell the listeners where you’re gonna be tonight?”
“Yuh, tonight you can catch me at the Varsity. Tickets sold out, but yeah…fuck with me.”
The interviewers briefly share a round of applause before Jay concludes.
“Alright. You heard him. Tickets sold out, but who knows ladies…he might just take you home for the after party, right bro?”
Yoongi can only press his lips in a straight line because anyone that knows him, knows that a piece of ass is the last thing on his mind right now, but for the sake of some poor girl’s imagination…
“Yeah, we’ll see.”
And because of this, he’s probably going to have to fight his way out of the club.
Tumblr media
The rush Yoongi gets from being on stage always lingers in his veins even after the music stops. The crowd keeps the energy going and going. They scream his name, applaud his techniques, and praise his stage presence like he’s a king. He is, in a way. Suga is the king of this city; there isn’t a guy who doesn’t want to be him or a woman who doesn’t want to fuck him.
Typically, temptation is easy to resist since his career leaves him little time for extracurricular activities. However, sometimes he just can’t allow something to slip away. Not again.
“You killed it tonight, man.” 
Yoongi doesn’t even spare his manager a glance as he brushes past him. His train of vision is focused on that little black dress swaying through the crowd. If he takes his eyes off of you for a second, he knows he’ll lose you in the mass of people.
“Thanks, dude. I’ll talk to you in a bit.”
He doesn’t know what was said in response because he’s out of range within seconds. He’s a man on a mission, and he’s not even sure of why. 
You’re beautiful, there’s no denying that—and sexy. But something else about you is just luring him in, and he thinks he knows why. At least, that’s his excuse for following you outside of the club. 
It’s dangerous, of course, since anyone could be waiting to get him alone. But tonight he can’t let you just leave without a word. He’s done that too many times. You show up to show after show, stare him down as if he’s your last meal, then leave without even a wave or goodbye.
Yoongi’s had enough; this ends now.
You immediately stop in your tracks at the sound of his voice. He wastes no time trying to eliminate the distance between you, but you dash down an adjacent alley before he can get close enough to talk to you. 
He follows you, and calls out to you one more time before you halt and finally respond to him.
“Hey there.” 
Your voice is so dulcet, but edgy…and familiar. Where has he heard it before? 
“Looking for me?” The closer he gets the more clearer the sound becomes and eventually it clicks. He knows exactly why he knows your voice.
But you aren’t the person he thought you were, and you’re the last person he wants to see.
“You’re that podcaster, aren’t you?” Yoongi questions, approaching you carefully. At least his mind still holds the common sense to be cautious. 
When you look over shoulder, it’s like his breath leaves his body. He’s seen his share of gorgeous women, but you are out of this world. There’s no way you could be her. But everything is telling him that you are.
“Depends…who wants to know?” 
Yoongi doesn’t know where to look first. Your face or the body that comes along with it. “You or the bitches who want to be like me?”
The moment he’s close enough to hear the cockiness oozing from your voice, he knows it’s you without a doubt. He can feel the same aura radiating from you now that he does whenever he listens to those podcasts. You’re her; he’s a hundred percent sure of it.
“So you’re bold behind the mic, but now you’re too pussy to look at me?”
You turn around on queue, adorning a wide smirk that he’d give anything to wipe off your gorgeous face. “Better?”
Yoongi nods slowly and takes a few steps towards you. With every step he takes you move backwards, allowing him to corner you and in the dimly lit alley. 
“It’s funny because with all the shit you talk on air, I didn’t take you to be a runner,” he points out.
“I don’t think you know me well enough to assume that, love.”
“But you know me well enough to critique my music?”
You hum. “I do, actually.”
“Really?” When your back nearly touches the brick wall, he leans in a little closer. You show no signs of uneasiness so he plants his palm on brick structure and hovers over your shorter frame. “What makes you believe that?”
“Because I’ve been a fan for a very long time. Ever since your underground days. You’ve never noticed me…but I was there.”
When he gives you a look, you roll your eyes. Of course, he doesn’t believe a word that pretty mouth of yours spits out.
“Your first real gig was on your birthday. You were a senior in high school and you invited your parents to the show. You looked around and when you finally saw them you smiled like a fucking dork.”
Damn. You read him like a book, but that doesn’t make up for the negativity spilled on your behalf.
“So you’ve been following me to shows so you can build up the repertoire for your little podcast? For how long?”
You shake your head in denial. 
“I followed you because you’ve always been my favorite artist. I admire you, and I’ve been around since the beginning. Even when nobody was fucking with your music…your real music. The kind you’re passionate about.”
Yoongi scoffs. “Like you would know anything about that.”
“But, I do. That’s why I’m so pissed at you. All you make is industry music now, and I’m just…bored, I guess.”
You’re cute when you shrug your shoulders, but your eyes are lethal. He feels like he’s being stripped bare under your gaze. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say you were silently flirting with him, but they’d be a reach.
“So find a hobby,” he suggests.
“I did find hobbies. The podcast, the playlists, the—”
“Wait,” Yoongi’s face contorts with confusion at those words, believing that he’s misheard you, “...you said playlists. What playlists?”
Your smirk returns and Yoongi suddenly feels his cock slowly rising in his underwear. Why do the heavens place the demons in the most beautiful women; he’ll never understand.
“You know which playlists I’m talking about, love…” your hand makes a move to touch his shoulder but he grabs your arm to prevent contact, “they were made for you.”
“Made for me? What does…”
Oh, damn.
“Are you…?”
“Well, it sure isn’t the whore in there dressed like Tinkerbell. You think I’d wear that shit?” Your laugh is so intoxicating; he almost cracks a smile just standing there watching you. “I don’t need all of that to grasp your attention. I never have.”
Yoongi shakes his head. All this time you were right under his nose. Two women he could never stand to mention are placed right in front of him, hiding behind a goddess. It’s pure comedy; his reaction to the news should have him pulling away from you and heading in the opposite direction.
But can admit that he judges a book by its cover; you aren’t what he thought you were. You’re different, interesting…someone he’d actually like to have underneath him in the opportunity ever presents itself. But he’s confused…why him? Why go through all the trouble if the music is all you care about? That whole Mu$ic Fairy concept has completely fucked with his mind. 
How does he go from having no interest to wanting to see what it’s all about? There has to be more to it; otherwise, it makes no sense. You two are strangers. 
He shouldn’t crave the warmth beneath his palm while his hand grips your forearm, but he does. The skin to skin contact should not arouse him so easily, but there’s no denying the bulge forming in his pants. Despite all of this, Yoongi keeps his composure the best he can; you’re too cocky for him to just slip up and expose himself.
“Out of all the times to fuck with me…” he pauses when your beautiful glossed lips part to blow the strawberry bubblegum you’ve been chewing. Your tongue darts out to pop and collect the medium-sized pink bubble, and he can feel his knees buckle when you suck it back in. 
He’s usually not this fond of people and gum, but the way you handle it, the way you slowly rolled it over your tongue in preparation was a fucking sinful, and he can’t get enough of watching you do it. 
“Why tonight?” he asks you.
You bat your thick lashes, probably knowing good and well what you’re doing to him. He knows you’re taunting him, silently asking for him to make a move, but he won’t. You’ll have to beg him for it.
“Because…I’m horny, and I’m tired of waiting for your clueless ass to figure this out.”
Yoongi scoffs. “Bullshit.” 
He looks down as your finger loops underneath one of his chains and tugs him closer, something he wouldn’t allow anyone to do, but somehow you already earned privileges. You don’t know how dangerous of a game you’re playing with him, but he silently prays you’ll get to find out. He’d give anything to bend over the hood of his car and—
“And, I think you owe me something,” you inform, placing your other hand on his shoulder once he slides his to your waist.
“What might that be, love?”
Your smirk widens as you hypnotize him with your brown orbs. He can smell your perfume and flavored gum even better from this proximity, and your scent makes him feel like he’s in some sort of blissful haze—intoxicated by the smell of you. It’s no secret that he wants you bad; he just can’t let you know that. Not until you tell him why you’re doing all of this.
“An orgasm.”
Everything grows quiet after you articulate those words. It only takes him a couple of seconds to remember, and when his mind processes it all, his brain nearly malfunctions as he tries to speak.
“You’re fucking with me,” he insists.
“You should know by now that I’m tired of the games, Yoongi.” His body shutters when you use his real name. Something he’d normally go off about, but he never wants you to stop saying it. He needs to hear you say it again; for an entirely different reason. “You can tell me to fuck off, if you want.”
He blinks a few times, not realizing he was just standing there and not saying anything.
“No, no. I’m just–wow…I never expected you to remember me.”
“Why wouldn’t I? It’s not everyday you’re matched with your favorite rapper on a sex hotline,” you wink and Yoongi’s mouth falls open.
“You knew it was me the whole time?...and you didn’t say anything?”
You nod. “Yeah, I did. Your voice, your demeanor; I knew from the start, but I played along because you obviously weren’t on the call to talk about mixtapes. I just wanted you to enjoy yourself, I guess.”
“This is fucking crazy.”
Yoongi’s speechless. That was kind, and you kept it a secret all this time. Suddenly, all of this seems kind of sexy. It’s a secret he could have been in on if only he had read between the lines. However, he knows now, and it’s still technically still a secret…if it stays between you and him.
Your lips are once again his main focus; he’s so close to living the fantasies he had of you all those nights he wondered about how you handled yourself after the phone call ended. Did you come? Or was your mood ruined like his? He sure hopes not, because you were incredible and if anyone deserved to finish, it should have been you. 
He was right about you too. You are sexy, and the longer he stands here with you, the harder it is for him to hold back on his urges. But hearing your needy voice breaks him entirely.
“How much longer am I going to have to wait for it, Yoongi?”
All regards for his reputation goes out the window. He looks towards both ends of the alley before he makes his move. Anyone could be watching, but once he feels your hands sliding up his body, he decides that that is no longer his concern.
“Come here.”
Yoongi grabs you by your throat, but doesn’t squeeze or choke you. He just wants you closer, and your eyes tell him you understand where he’s going from.
“I live 20 minutes away from here, think you can wait that long?”
“Do I have a choice?” you reply and that sass is what gets him riled up.
He doesn’t think twice about kissing your pillow soft lips. He’s been staring at them, wishing he could feel them, taste them, and now he is and he already can’t get enough. The level of sweetness on his taste buds is sinful, but it’s one addiction he’d never give up. 
His tongue enters your mouth without any resistance from you, and he eagerly explores its depths, getting familiar with the woman wrapped in his arms as if he has all the time in the world with you. Your moans sends vibrations through his throat when he lifts your leg, nuzzling his crotch against your heat. 
Yoongi would fuck you right now while he has you pinned against this wall but that just wouldn’t satisfy his thirst for you. You’ve been teasing him for too long for him to just rush this. It took two years to lead up to this moment, a quickie would never do it any justice.
“I need you to be on your best behavior until we get to my place,” he tells you through his slightly labored breaths.
“And if I don’t?”
His features harden. 
“Then you won’t get anything, now come on. Let’s dip before one of your friends sees me without security.” 
Or…before he changes his mind. He’s had plenty of bad ideas, but this tops the list.
Tumblr media
It’s the only thing you can think about as your eyes scan over the sleek hood of the Lamborghini Gallardo. The man’s got some taste, you have to admit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be taking you to his place. You like the fact that he’s picky, but always chooses correctly.
You drink in the sight before—Yoongi standing there in his stage outfit, complimenting his car. The vehicle’s custom, all white except for the tires and the heavily tinted windows. You could only quiver at the image of him driving it, and when it actually happens, your mind and your mouth start to go in different directions.
He asks you basic questions like your name and where you’re from; you can only hope you’ve given him the correct answers because you cannot break away from the visual of him gripping the wheel with one hand while he’s laid back in his seat. His jewelry glistens and shines even in the darkness of his car, but your eyes still fight through the nearly blinding twinkle so you can watch the man behind it all.
You’ve wanted him since you first saw him. He came to a pep rally at your high school and you fell in love with his music and his sound—his voice especially. Sure he was a cutie, still is. But he had so much hunger, so much passion for music that you felt him on a spiritual level. 
He did so well on his first performance, and you remember telling your friends how much you wanted to listen to his Soundcloud when the event was over. Of course, they laughed and thought he sucked because he didn’t fit their visual standards, but now…they probably wish they’d been a little more invested in him.
“Can you stop doing that and answer my question?” 
There it is again. That voice. It drives you crazy; when he said hello to you on that hotline, you knew without a doubt you were talking to your favorite rapper.
“Wha–Doing what?”
“Eye fucking me and biting your lip like that. Do you want me to pull over?” 
You open your mouth to speak but he interjects.
“Actually, never mind. Don’t even answer that. Certain things I don’t need in my head while I’m operating a vehicle.”
Your neck and face heat up. If only he knew that you aren’t as confident as you appear. He’s hot, but the fact that he doesn’t know it makes him hotter.
“Sorry,” you turn towards the window so you can smile. You don’t want to feed his ego. No matter how much he denies it, he’s cocky as hell. If he knows you’re gawking over him simply driving, he’ll run with it. “...What did you ask me?”
A slow exhale leaves his lips, like he’s slightly annoyed and you should be offended, but damn—it was kind of sexy.
“I just wanted to know what you do for a living. How can you afford to travel and come to shows all the time? ...I’m just curious.”
“Why? You think I’m selling my—”
“I wasn’t going to say that.”
“You were thinking it, and the answer is ‘no’. And no, I don’t have an OnlyFans either…probably should, though. I’d make bank,” you shrug.
“Look, I know you aren’t doing any of that. Honestly, you seem kind of selfish with the goods anyway, but…tell me how you keep up. That’s all I’m saying. Podcasts bring in that much money?”
“No they don’t, especially when you do them for free. I’m a writer. I write songs and I sell them to some of your favorite artists.”
Yoongi whistles. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Name a few.”
“This isn’t roll call, babe. If you wanna look up my credentials, you know my name now…Google me.”
“Oh, I will.”
“Fine,” you scoff.
When you look forward, you notice that you’re entering a gated community. Yoongi lets down his window and waves at the on-duty guard before the older man opens the automatic gate. 
After driving past many luxurious homes, Yoongi pulls into a driveway and uses a clicker to open the garage door. 
“We’re here,” he announces.
His home is lovely, and you’re in awe by the set up and interior design once you enter. You’re impressed, most guys don’t spend much thought on this level of organization. 
Yoongi leads you up the stairs and into his bedroom. You can feel the butterflies in your stomach fluttering more and more as you get closer to the top of the stairs. Your knees buckle slightly when he opens the door, but your eyes still look in every direction once you’ve made it inside.
It’s dark, but you can still make out the colors that fill the room. Blacks and grays with white walls. His bed is draped with a dark set; you can’t help but find it inviting. And it’s huge; you imagine he must be a wild sleeper because you couldn’t imagine sleeping in a bed that large alone.
“I love your home, Suga.”
He waves his hand. “Thanks, but you don’t have to call me that. You didn’t call me that earlier.”
“I didn’t?”
“Nope.” He shakes his head and tells you that you can make yourself comfortable while he disappears into his closet. When he returns with clothes, you tilt your head with curiosity. “I’m gonna go shower, don’t get too nosey while you’re in here by yourself.”
“You’re leaving me? Why can’t I join you?”
Yoongi’s eyes widen for a second and a hand runs through his hair while he ponders over his answer. “Because umm…”
You crane your neck trying to coax an answer but he still stammers.
“It’s…you know.”
You smile. He’s kind of adorable, in a way.
“Too intimate?”
Your head lolls back while you laugh and Yoongi huffs in annoyance as he makes his way to the bathroom. 
“What am I supposed to do while you’re in there?” you call out and he stops to turn around.
You watch him get ready to produce a smart remark. However, he pauses before he can get it out. He puts his clothes on the bed and walks over to the nightstand, turning on his laptop and grabbing some Bluetooth headphones from the drawer.
“Here,” he says, pairing them to his computer and then handing them to you. You take them before you look up at him, wondering where he’s going with this, but he’s quick to fill you in. “Listen to this, I won’t be long.”
Yoongi puts on some music and gives you a wink that you embarrassingly clench in result of. He leaves you sitting on his bed, headphones in hand without another word. 
For the first minute you stare at the object wondering what’s being played, but your curiosity takes over quickly and before you know it, they’re coming over your ears. You don’t regret it the second you hear his voice. 
The music begins to travel through the speakers, you become obsessed with it from the very first track. You love that it’s similar to his original sound, but it isn’t the same track over and over again. They’re all so different yet so him. You can hear and feel the amount of dedication and effort he put into it. Like it wasn’t done out of obligation, but because he wanted to do it for himself. You can’t help but get up and sway your hips to the music. 
You feel so connected to him through his work, and that’s why you go on and on about how you wish he’d make another mixtape because this shit is fire. You wonder how long he’s been hiding it from the world.
You aren’t expecting him to be sitting on the bed when you turn around. Your hand finds your chest and you lower the volume on the headset.
“How long have you been sitting there? You fucking scared me.”
He shrugs. “Long enough to know that I want that dress off of you.”
Your startled expression turns smug. “Oh, really?”
“Hell, yeah.”
“So…you want me to take it off?” You raise an eyebrow.
“What do you think?”
“I think you’re going to have to use your words with me if you want something.”
Yoongi’s arms fold at his chest; his white tee strains against his beefiness. You remember how his clothes used to swallow him, but now he’s filling them up quite nicely, if you may. Either way, he looks good. It’s just a natural trait he possesses.
“I mean either you can take it off or you can leave. Doesn’t matter to me,” he shrugs his shoulders.
If you weren’t horny just looking at him sitting there in his boxers, you’d call his bluff. But you’ve already picked up on his stubbornness and you know better than to try him. “Fine.”
You sigh as you drag down the straps of your dress, rolling your eyes when he tells you to slow down. You flip your hair and twirl your body as you wiggle the fabric down your hips, turning around in the opposite direction to give him a peek at your derriere. 
Looking over your shoulder, you notice how his face becomes etched with approval. You give yourself a silent applaud for selecting this piece. You’re sure your thong leaves nothing for his imagination. It also doesn’t help that you’re topless.
You stop torturing him and turn around so he can see the front.
“Damn,” is all he can say.
You take off your heels before walking towards him and his eyes never leave your breasts the entire journey, even once you’re standing between his legs, preparing to straddle his lap.
“I want you.” You tell him as if he doesn’t already know. 
Yoongi’s hands find your waist while you place your knees on the bed. As soon as you’re on his lap, you can feel his bulge threatening to burst out of his underwear. It’d be so simple to pull your panties aside and milk him for everything he has, but not tonight. He’s the one who owes you a good fucking.
“How badly?”
His lips find your skin and make their way to your tits, making you clutch onto his damp curly strands while he sucks and tugs on your sensitive nipples. Your hands tug his hair, and you force him to look at your face.
“Yoongi. You’re either going to fuck me or I’m going to fuck you. What’s it going to be—”
He scoops you up and drops you on the mattress, making you squeak in surprise. The dark gleam in his orbs has your thighs rubbing and your fists clinging onto the comforter. He's finally had enough, and hopefully he doesn’t hold back anymore.
“You asked for this,” he warns you and you almost giggle with glee. He pulls his shirt over his head and is about to toss it somewhere, but then he changes his mind. Yoongi looks at you for a moment, contemplating before he speaks. “You trust me, right?”
“Well, I came home with you even though you hate me, didn’t I?...Why do you ask?”
“So a lot or a little?”
You groan. 
He chuckles and you feel the butterflies once again. Yoongi turns the volume up on his laptop before holding up a thumb to ask if it is too loud. Honestly, you’re glad it tuned him out because though you understand that safety is first, there’s little you wouldn’t try when it comes to this man. You’ve been waiting as patiently as you could to experience this and you’re ready to get started.
You nod and his devilish smirk is the last thing you see before he throws his shirt over your head. Darkness fills your vision but it doesn’t bother you as long as his voice is filling your ears. His cold hands slide up your thighs and spread them, wasting no time in touching your slightly sodden underwear.
Gasps escape your lips when his finger presses gently on your clit, and you can only hope the sound isn’t too awkward since you cannot hear yourself. 
The bed dips so you assume he’s climbing on and you release a breath when you feel his lips hovering over your body. He leaves kisses between your breasts and he doesn’t stop until your lace panties prevent him from accessing any more skin.
Yoongi quickly slides them off, leaving lying on his bed completely naked. Everything from the moment when his tongue dips into your center is one feverish bliss. Your back arches, your toes curl, and your fingers entangle in his hair. The sounds you’re making are probably feral and of an obnoxious volume but Yoongi doesn’t bother to shush you or stop his sinful movements. 
He draws circles over your throbbing clit with his tongue, moving in the same motion as you do as you swivel your hips. This song has you in the mood to grind your pussy on his face, and that’s entirely his fault for coming up with such vulgar lyrics. It’s filthy and you feel the muscles in your stomach tightening by the seconds. You scream his name over and over but he just keeps going until you release the pressure built up inside of you.
The shirt is snatched off your face as you’re at your peak and what you see between your thighs only intensifies your orgasm. His face is buried in your heat, sucking your bundle of nerves into his mouth and nibbling gently while you squirm in his iron grip.
Yoongi kisses your inner thighs once you begin to calm down to help you relax. When you back slowly droop onto the bed is when he carefully removes the headphones, turning them off and then setting them on the nightstand next to his laptop.
“I would go back for seconds, but that would only make me want more,” he tells you. He opens the bottom drawer and pulls out some condoms then throws them on the bed.
“I don’t know if I’d survive that.”
“Well, you better say a prayer because we aren’t done,” he laughs and excitement bubbles inside of you.
Yoongi switches the music to something else and you can’t help but pout. 
You sigh. “I pray you aren’t all talk.”
He glares at you for your comment and steps closer to the bed. 
“You’re a sweet girl, but…” he flips you on your stomach and pulls you up by the waist, positioning you so that your ass and pussy are directly in his line of sight, “you need to watch how you fucking speak to me.”
A shriek leaves your lips when he slaps your ass. “Yoongi…please.”
“Please? You want me to stop?”
“No!” Your voice is high pitched and shaky, almost unrecognizable to your ears. “Don’t stop, please.”
Yoongi finds humor in your desperation. “Ask me nicely.”
“Fuck,” you whine but it’s the wrong answer. “Yoongi, please do it again.”
Your breath hitches. “What?”
“I said no.”.
“Such a fucking asshole,” you mumble insults, thinking they’re too low for him to hear.
“What was that?”
You look behind you and notice Yoongi rolling a condom over his dick. You can’t tear your eyes away from the sight of those veiny hands stroking his cock slowly, preparing himself to dive into your wetness. You’ve always wondered what he looked like doing that, ever since that time on the phone.
“Nothing,” you lie.
He puts his knee on the bed and inches closer to you. You tease him by wiggling your ass a little but he places a hand on your hip to still you. “You know…”
You can feel his cock against your entrance and your body pushes back on him to try and get it inside of you yourself. However, your impatience makes you forget how petty the man behind you really is.
The tip slips past your folds and with the amount of arousal seeping from your opening, he’s able to slide in with ease. But it’s only a taste; the majority of his cock still remains outside of you, and quickly your frustration takes control of you.
“If you wanna meet an asshole…” he makes a loud gasp leave your lips when he, without warning, slams into your pussy in one smooth motion. You whimper; a harsh snatch of your hair makes you wince and grip the sheets. Your head is turned in an uncomfortable position, but the only thing you can focus on is the intensity of the stretch and the way his dick doesn’t leave any room to spare, “I could introduce you to one.”
Yoongi pushes your head forward and pins you to the mattress. Your teeth grit together because of your sensitivity. You could come just like this without him even moving. That’s how worked up you still are. You just need a moment to pull yourself together, but Yoongi doesn’t have the patience for that.
“Arch your fucking back.”
He pulls out but swiftly snaps back into you, causing you to let out a squeak. You try to cover your mouth but his large hand comes down on your ass before you can do so. Your moans turn into screams within minutes, increasing in volume each time Yoongi slaps your rear.
“I know you can do better than that. Straighten up before I do it for you,” he grunts through the lewd skin-slapping noises that fill the room.
You squeeze your eyes shut and arch your back like he demands. The position is only uncomfortable for a few seconds, but eventually it becomes familiar and the sensitivity ebbs away.
Yoongi lets go of your hair and starts rubbing his hands all over your ass, kneading the reddened flesh and giving it words of appreciation.
When you start to fuck him back he holds your waist and pulls you back on his cock. Your body begins to move naturally with the rhythm of the background music and he allows you to set the pace while he whispers obscene remarks.
“Look at you taking it just like a whore.” 
You can feel the arousal between your thighs, dripping and making a mess of the sheets. The squelching sounds are disgusting but don’t phase you in this heated moment. You have more important things to worry about. Like how long you’ll be able to keep this up. You weren’t expecting him to have this much stamina, but you’ve learned to never judge a book by the cover.
He’s strong, the grip he has on you is evidence to that. The way he’s handling you like you’re nothing but a fuck toy he can use at his discretion has you clenching around his dick. His deep chuckle fills the room when he feels your walls tighten.
“On your next podcast, you should tell them how I fucked your brains out to your own playlist,” he comments.
Yoongi’s thrusts have your knees trembling and nearly giving out, but he’s quick to assure that you keep up. “No fucking slacking, whore. Do better or I’ll pull out and use your throat instead.”
You’re sure your ass will be sore in the morning because Yoongi cannot keep his hands off of it. He strikes you every chance he gets and the stinging sensation from his blows push you closer and closer to your peak.
“Fuck. Yoongi…please.”
Tears roll down your cheek when his cock travels deeper, touching the spot that makes you unravel at the seams. It’s all too much and you beg him to allow you to surrender to the pleasure.
“Not yet. Shit, do you have any idea how juicy your ass looks like this?”
“But I can’t,” you sob into the comforter.
A slap to your left cheek leaves you a shaky mess. However, he shows you no mercy and does the same thing to the other side.
“That’s not an option. If you come, I swear—”
“Sorry…” Your muffled cries are the last thing you can recall before your body accidentally gives in.
Your juices leak onto the bed while you hold on for dear life, afraid you’ll float away if you let go of the fabric. But just as your orgasm reaches its peak, it’s ripped away from you  by one of the foulest humans on this planet.
“What the fuck did I tell you?” he growls as he drags you off the bed. Yoongi forces you to your knees, ignoring your pleas to regain what was stolen from you. He slaps your cheek a few times, snapping you back into reality and demanding your attention. “Answer me!”
“You…You told me not to come,” you hiccup.
His expression tells you how displeased he is, but it’s too bad that you don’t care. Something comes over you that has you sucking it up and wiping your tears. If he wants to play dirty, you can do it too.
“So why did you?...I never said that you could.”
You look up at him with innocent eyes. However, you have no intentions on being good anymore.
“Because it felt good and I wanted to,” you tell him and he grabs your face.
“You don’t get to decide what you want to do or what feels good. If you had the answers you wouldn’t have been begging for my dick for two years.”
Yoongi pulls off the condom and brings his cock to your mouth. You clench your fist to hold back the excitement when he tells you to open. You’ve craved the taste of him even though you’ve never had him. Your mouth waters as you wait for him to enter, and when he does, he doesn’t stop until reaches the back of your throat.
“Tap my thigh if you need air, and do not suck until I tell you to, understand?”
You mumble around him as best as you can. “Mmhm.”
Before you can prepare yourself for a pace you know will be relentless, Yoongi withdraws and slowly re-enters your crevice. Your eyes roll back from the fullness and addicting taste of him. You want more—need more to fulfill your desire.
Ignoring his instructions, you enclose your lips around him and begin to suck him in each time he tries to pull out. “Easy,” he warns but you keep going.
One of your hands comes up to fondle his balls and Yoongi’s deep moans begin to fill your ears. He throws his head back in pleasure while you give him, what you would consider, the best blowjob of his life. The sound he produces is the only music you want to hear. His voice holds so much lust and bass, arousal gushes from your cunt as a result.
“Fuck, I told you not to do that.”
You hum around him, sending vibrations up his shaft. The feeling brings him to his senses and he places both his hands on your head. You have to grab onto his thighs to keep yourself steady since he’s starting to take control. You try to maintain the suction but his wild movements make it impossible.
“You wanted to suck me off so badly. Keep it up,” he grunts, increasing his speed.
You choke on his dick and the sounds make him twitch in your mouth. Yoongi starts to intentionally go deeper, but he’s unsatisfied by the lack of space there is for him.
He pulls out of you, leaving you coughing and gasping at the sudden intake of air.
“Well, damn. Do I have to teach you how to suck dick too?”
Yoongi shakes his head as he looks down on you then uses his index and middle finger to open your mouth. He pushes the digits in and finds the back of your mouth with ease, pressing on the back of your tongue to make you open wider. “Stop being shy and open this pretty fucking mouth,” he demands, making you gag on his fingers.
Your eyes water and spit drips down your chin. You must look like a complete mess, but Yoongi cannot take his eyes off of you. 
“Now show me, and I’ll give you some more.”
You’re scolded before you can even wrap your lips around his fingers. 
“Stop being fucking lazy.” He gives your cheek a few more slaps before shoving his fingers deeper into your mouth. 
This time you slurp and allow your saliva to coat his digits. ”Fucking, right. Now open up and milk this dick.”
Yoongi removes his fingers and replaces them with his cock. This time you just open your mouth and let him in. He uses your head like a fleshlight and drills into you at a rapid speed. You try your best to keep eye contact and breath through your nose, but then out of nowhere he buries his cock down your throat.
There’s an intense burning in your airways due to lack of oxygen but it’s nothing you can’t handle. The rush takes you so high you become slightly lightheaded, sending a tingling sensation straight to your center. Nothing but music, the sound of you choking on his dick, and his sound of pleasure can be heard and the way he calls your name sends your ego through the roof.
“Shit, I’m gonna come. Stay just like this, sweetheart.”
Within five long thrusts, his warm seed deposits on your tastebuds. You try to swallow everything but he pulls out quickly and empties the rest on your lips and chin. Your tongue tries to gather as much as you can, but some places are impossible to reach. 
“Come here.” Yoongi pulls you from the floor and brings you closer, greeting you with a sloppy kiss once you’re on your feet. He laps up all the cum on your face and gathers it all on his tongue before he feeds it to you. You savor the taste of both of you as the kiss prolongs, and even after he pulls away you can’t help but remember how good he tasted.
If you had to guess which body part Yoongi favors the most, you’d say it was your lips. He can’t tear his eyes away from them. You bite them, he shudders. You lick them, his cock twitches. So you can’t control yourself when it comes to teasing him and pressing them against his soft skin.
“You must want another round if you keep that up,” he mentions as you make your way to his earlobe. You nibble on it gently before you whisper in his ear.
“I just wanna come one more time before you kick me out.”
“Who said I was kicking you out?”
“You aren’t?”
Yoongi ushers you to his bed and helps you lie down before he joins you. He hovers over you once again and his hand snakes between your thighs.
“I definitely am, but not right now. I’m not done with you,” he informs, fingers entering your heat while his thumb caresses your clit.
“Well, hurry up then.”
He frowns. “Do you ever shut up?”
“Yeah, whenever someone has the balls to make me shut up—”
“Interesting,” he states after his hand pins your neck to the mattress. “Let’s test that theory.”
Yoongi’s digits begin to move in and out of your wetness, producing more lewd noises and causing your body to shake with sensitivity.
His name flows past your lips like water. It’s the only word you can think of at the moment. Having been worked up all this time with no relief makes you desperate to satisfy the lingering desire that’s settled in the pit of your stomach.
“Feels good, huh?”
It feels damn good. Your hips buck off the bed to match his movements so you can chase your high. “Yes…more.”
His hand tightens its grip and restricts your air supply. He knows how close to the edge it takes you by now and he doesn’t hesitate to use it against you.
“Say please and I’ll make you come all over my fingers,” he chuckles, knowing you can’t respond like this.
You try to speak, but everything gets trapped in your throat. You can only claw at his chest, begging him to guide you to your release. He loosens his grip and through your coughs you manage to give him the answer he wants.
“Please. I can’t take it.”
Yoongi gives you a fake pout, squeezing your face between his fingers. “But you can…watch this.”
His fingers curl inside of you and you’re seeing stars. Your nails dig into his arm, body arching off the bed due to the intense wave of pleasure that hits you. You try to run, but he pins you down and forces you to accept the mind-blowing orgasm you were begging for.
“You talked a bunch of shit, now back it up, love,” Yoongi tells you while your walls clench around him. His hand covers your mouth, preventing your screams from waking up the neighbors as if it isn’t already too late for that. “Let’s see if this cunt’s worth the headache.”
The coil snaps and your body stiffens. Yoongi’s deep voice continues to degrade you as your juices squirt all over his bed. Even though you cry out from the sensitivity he fucks you until the last drop. Your body just falls on the bed once he’s done with you, and you move into a fetal position when he carefully slides out his fingers.
The aftershock of your release has you twitching, but the bliss you feel is superior. This is what it feels like to get fucked out, and you knew he would be the person to deliver. Satisfied would be an understatement because you weren’t expecting to be stuck like this after you were done. Usually, you’re able to get up and go before they can return from the bathroom, but tonight you can only lay there in silence while Yoongi cleans you up with a warm cloth.
“I didn’t break you, huh?”
“The opposite, actually,” you laugh weakly.
“Good.” He lays his body beside you and wraps his arm around your waist, enjoying the familiar beat that plays into the dark room. It’s your phone sex song; the beat he played to help you relax. “Remember this?”
“Yeah, how can I forget?”
“You keep saying that like I’m always on your mind.”
“Maybe you are,” you reply.
A soft scoff comes from behind you. “I hope you’re joking.”
“I’m not.”
There’s silence, then eventually a long sigh. 
“I want you gone before I wake up, okay?”
You shake your head. Not in disbelief because it’s what you expected, but because he can’t read between the lines. But you aren’t naïve and you know when someone wants you just as bad as you want them. So for now, you’ll be patient.
“Fair enough,” you answer.
Satisfied, he rolls over and drifts off into sleep, leaving you awake to wallow in your thoughts. It seemed best to just get up and leave then, but it takes nearly an hour to regain your strength. And just when you think it’s safe for you to slip away and consider this night one of the good memories, the warmth you felt before returns and pulls you closer—it is then that your eyes become heavy and you submit to the comfort you know you aren’t supposed to have.
Tumblr media
When Yoongi wakes up and finds a cold empty bed, he can only throw his head back in frustration. He hopes…no, he prays he didn’t say anything to make you feel like he wasn’t interested. He knows he can be a dick, but he was just pissed and horny last night. You’re not easy to handle, but he likes that about you. You aren’t afraid to put him in his place.
He rolls out of bed and the first thing he notices is that his laptop is still playing music, so he makes turning it off his first task. However, once he enters the password, he finds an opened document with a typed note in the center of the page.
If you ever think of me, just call...If you want?
Yoongi’s speechless, and out of his damn mind. That’s the only excuse he has for picking up his phone and calling the number you left at 9 am in the damn morning. The longer the phone rings, the more regret fills him. He can’t help but think you left that there to tease him for calling you so quickly. He tries to hang up but before he can remove the phone from his ear the ringing stops and your beautiful voice blesses him once again.
He panics, and doesn’t respond. He searches the room frantically and finds his excuse lying on the floor right in front of him.
“Yeah, you left your earring. Looks expensive,” he murmurs before he clears his throat.
“Oh, I’m wearing both of mine now. Must be for someone else.”
Embarrassment washes over him as he stands there naked in his bedroom. How could he be so stupid? That thing’s probably months old, if not longer. He wonders if you saw it. Maybe that’s why you left.
“I’m kidding, Yoongi. If it’s a gold hoop, it’s mine,” you laugh and he feels a weight left from his shoulders. 
The idea of you finding stuff that belongs to other women in his home doesn’t put a good feeling in his chest. He also doesn’t want you to think of him as someone who lets anyone in his home because he’s not that kind of guy. 
“Haha, you’re so funny,” he says once your giggles cease. 
“And you’re sarcastic.”
Still sharp as hell. He thinks to himself.
“Whatever.” He takes a seat on his bed and rests his back against the headboard while he checks emails on his laptop and uses small talk to melt away the awkwardness. “So…you left in a hurry, huh?”
“You told me you wanted me gone before you woke up, remember?”
Of course, he did. Because he’s an idiot.
“Yeah, I was just fucking with you, though. I would have given you a ride or something, you know.”
“No worries. I made it to my hotel room safely,” you assure and he releases a sigh of relief. 
“Well, that’s good. Glad to hear that.”
“Mmhm, miss me already, huh?...too bad you kicked me out.”
“Honestly, I thought I was gonna wake up to some tits in my face, but that’s fair.”
There’s some shuffling in the background like you’re moving something, but he doesn’t ask any questions about it.
“Can you remember anything from last night?” you ask him after a beat of silence.
His fingers run through his hair as he thinks about all the filthy images replaying in his mind.
“Well yeah, I remember you, of course. You were fucking incredible. But everything after that moment was a blur. Please don’t tell me I did something stupid.”
“No, you’re good. I had fun.”
So did he. He wishes it’d happen again, and again. “And you’re okay too, right?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. My ass is sore and I can barely sit down, but I feel good. Thanks for that.”
Thank heavens you are. He knows how rough he was and most women aren’t into that but you took it and enjoyed it. You were fun to play with, and now his cock twitches at the thought of what your ass must look like now, covered in his marks.
“What about you?”
“I’m fine, love. Bummed about having to work, but I’m good,” he responds.
“Well, I’m glad you’re okay. And I’m sorry I kept you up when you have to work this morning.”
“Don’t apologize for that. I enjoyed your company, and…”
He almost told you that he missed you, but caught himself at the last minute.
“And what?”
“Uhh, nothing,” he gulps. “I was reading something…Forgot what I was going to say.”
Yoongi can tell by the sound of your voice that you don’t buy it.
“Yup,” is all he can say in response.
After a minute or two of both of you just holding the phone, you finally say something to keep the conversation going. “Yoongi?”
“Are you busy right now or…?”
He places his laptop beside him because he can assure that whatever he has to do isn’t as important as this.
“No, what’s up?”
“Well, it’s about last night,” you admit.
Now, he’s kind of nervous. What else happened while he was in his post orgasmic bliss.
“Yeah, what about it?”
Yoongi stays on the line waiting patiently for your answer, and it’s one he doesn’t expect.
“Well, you still owe me, you know?”
“And what do you mean by that?” he questions.
Yoongi already knows where this is going and luckily he knows exactly how to handle this situation. “Not satisfied, are you, baby?”
“No, I am. But…”
He chuckles. “You want some more?”
“If it isn't too much trouble. And if you have time, of course.”
You’re as sly as a fox and you know how to get what you want. It’s hot, but he’s going to have to humble you before he does anything else.
“No trouble at all, baby. Do me a favor, and spread your legs for me.”
He hears some more movement and then you return, prepared to do anything he tells you in the hopes of pleasuring yourself. You tell him once you’re ready and he provides you with more instructions, in which you follow without question.
“Now, facetime me and place the phone between your thighs so I can see your pretty pussy.”
Within a second, his phone notifies him of an incoming facetime call. He answers it and finds you sitting in your hotel room. You’re wearing a large shirt but he can still see the fresh blooms from where he took your skin between his teeth the night before creeping up your neck. He can’t stop the smirk from spreading across his face.
He curses when he sees your cunt, all glistening and wet with your juices. His mouth waters but he pushes his filthy thoughts in the back of his mind.
“This is what you’re going to do,” he starts, watching in awe as strings of arousal snap while you’re scissoring yourself in his presence, “...you’re going to imagine me fucking your brains out and you’re gonna use that image to get yourself off…without me.”
He tsks. “I’m not your man, and making you come is not my job, baby.”
If he gave a fuck, he’d break hearing how desperate and needy your voice sounds, but you need to understand that he isn’t going to come every time you call for him. He’s a busy man and he doesn’t need distractions.
“But nothing…Now, bye. Have fun.”
He hangs up just as you start to curse at him and yell into the phone. But he knows this isn’t over; you’re probably getting a ride over to his place right now, and that’s exactly what he wanted. 
You were able to just walk out of here this morning without even waking him. That doesn’t sit right with him, and there’s only one solution for it really—
He’s just going to have to fuck you harder during round two…
And maybe, just maybe…get to know you a little bit after.
We’ll see.
Tumblr media
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strawberrynamjoon · 2 months ago
fuck being friends
Tumblr media
– pairing: yoongi x reader
– word count: 12k
– genre: friends to lovers / college!au
– summary: as if watching the guy you were hopelessly in love with hook up with another girl each weekend wasn’t enough, he also happened to be your best friend, making things extra complicated. and it only gets worse and worse once he finds you crying in the bathroom at a party one night.
– warnings: some angst, some fluff, a lot of alcohol, jealousy, yoongi being a bit of a fuckboy, crying, reader being in an emotional rollercoaster during the whole fic. not proof-read because i am that lazy, i’m sorry. 
Tumblr media
How the hell did you always end up in the same situation?
It was a reoccurring event by now: You on the dancefloor of some stranger’s living room, a drink in your hand and your friends by your side. That itself didn’t sound too bad, if it wasn’t for the knot you felt in your stomach. 
By now it was almost a familiar feeling; the pain and uncertainty have been ruining your last few Saturday nights out.
“What’s the problem?” you almost couldn’t hear Hoseok yell over the loud music but his facial expressions gave away that he seemed worried about you.
“I’m fine,” you promised and gave him a bright smile before raising your cup for him to toast with you – both of you knew you weren’t fine at all but after being your friend for years Hoseok knew better than to harass you into telling what was occupying your mind. 
You appreciated your friend very much for that, happy that he would never pressure you into saying out loud what almost everyone assumed anyways.
Though no one knew for sure what the reason for your mood swings was – it was okay for them to assume it, but you would never admit it. If any of your friends found out you knew they’d try to get involved and only would make things more awkward than they already were for you.
Instead of focusing on the fact that Yoongi was nowhere to be seen, you concentrated on the only two things that could help you forget about the images that forced their way into your head – cruel images of Yoongi kissing some random girl’s jaw in one of the rooms upstairs. Those two things being alcohol to numb your pain and dancing to distract you. 
It was surely not the healthiest way to cope, you knew that much just as good as your friends who constantly scolded you when you tried to drown your sorrows in alcohol. 
It wasn’t like you to get black out drunk, your usual self could hold their liquor, but your usual self also wasn’t helplessly in love with your best friend. 
Your usual self did not have to watch the man you liked vanishing in mysterious rooms with even more mysterious girls. Girls he didn’t care about, girls that did not know what he thought just by looking at him, girls that never met his mum, girls that simply were not you.
At least dancing with Hobi and Seokjin was fun – fun in the terms of chaotic and messy, but still fun. You were lucky that your friends were constantly around to distract you from the heavy thoughts clouding your mind. You almost didn’t think of Yoongi’s hand exploring someone else’s body. Almost.
“Slow down there tiger,” you heard Jimin laugh from behind you, his hands on your shoulder to stop your sloppy attempt of dancing, “You’re going to seduce all the girls’ boyfriends if you don’t stop with these sexy moves.”
“I’m not interested in their boyfriends, most of them don’t even know how to shower regularly,” you scoffed and meant it. It’s not like you didn’t try to fall in love with another guy, someone who actually liked you back – but none of them were Min Yoongi. No one could even come close to the way he looked, smelled, smiled. Yoongi has been your best friend forever for a reason. Both of you appreciated each other, your personalities fit – but never did you plan falling in love with him. 
But that’s the cruel thing about falling in love, isn’t it? You don’t get to plan when you fall in love or with whom. It happens without you having any say in it and you’re just supposed to accept it and suffer whenever you saw him with a person that wasn’t you, secretly kissing strangers in corners so no one would notice them. But you noticed. You always noticed.
The first thing you were looking for in a room was him and so was the last thing before you left. Your little, harmless crush has been gone for too long and has been replaced with serious feelings and heartache because Yoongi has never seen you in this way and he never will. 
You were his best friend so that meant you were allowed to chill on the couch in his studio for hours while his golden fingers were busy producing one song after another and he brought food when he came over. What it didn’t mean was that Yoongi would ever hold you close while you sleep or sneak out with you at partys to kiss you because he couldn’t hold back anymore. Being his best friend meant constantly being with him without ever getting the chance of actually being with him.
And as if your mood wasn’t gloomy enough in the first place, your eyes spotted Yoongi with a woman you’ve never seen before in the corner of the open kitchen, lips pressed to each other’s and you knew it was only a matter of time until they both would run away to a more private place. 
“And there he goes again,” Jimin chuckled when he saw where you were looking, “I only can aspire to be him.”
You forced a laugh at Jimin’s remark, knowing that if he wanted to he could be exactly like that – Jimin had boys and girls left and right but none of them ever enough to actually pique his interest. 
Hoseok’s worried eyes found yours and you hated that he caught you sighing. You might fool most of your friends but not Hoseok, he knew exactly what was going through your mind whenever you saw Yoongi with another girl.
Excusing yourself you went to the nearest bathroom you could find, not wanting to hurt yourself any longer. 
Oh, how pathetic you felt when your eyes started to tear up. 
You just wanted this to be over, at this point you really longed for those feelings to go away. A crush should be something lighthearted and fun, flirting at partys and sneaking glances in classes – not crying in the bathroom at every other party. 
What hurt the most wasn’t even watching him not choosing you, it was having to act like you were fine with it in front of him. You were never allowed to slip up or to be jealous even though it was eating you alive from the inside.
“Let me in,” you heard Hoseok’s voice from outside, taking a deep breath in hope your voice would sound somewhat stable.
“I am peeing, Hobi,” you almost sounded believable, even managing to let out a breathy chuckle but you weren’t sure if your friend bought it.
“Bullshit,” he scoffed from the other side of the door, “I’ve seen you cry over way more stupid things, now open it.”
Another deep breath as an attempt to not look too foolish in front of him, you stood up and opened the door, a reassuring and wide smile on his face as he let himself in.
Sitting down with his back against the wall he signaled for you to sit next to him – and you did as he asked of you, both of you next to each other in a serious mood.
“So, Yoongi?” Hoseok asked and you knew it was pointless to deny it any longer, “Since when has this been going on?”
You scoffed, head thrown back in frustration, “Nothing is going on – as you can see, Yoongi is having his fun downstairs.”
“While you’re crying upstairs in a bathroom,” he added, “so obviously something is going on.”
“Something very one-sided.”
It was the first time you admitted it out loud in front of one of the boys – before that, you only ever talked about it in front of Nana, your closest female friend and roommate, and well, your cat was there too and heard your emotional outbursts. 
Hoseok did not look very surprised though, he was aware of it without you having to tell him but you were very thankful for his quiet reaction to it. He just nodded and petted your back as a sign of support.
Knowing he was waiting for you to open up, you decided you might as well tell him, “I– I think it all started when he was producing this stupid song, the one about the milky way. I just sat on the couch in his studio all day and we ate ramen constantly and shared beers when it got dark. At first, it was just two best friends spending time, each doing their own thing but ever since then I started seeing him in a different way.”
“Wait, I had no idea it’s been going on for that long. Hasn’t it been over a year since he made that song?” Now Hoseok was actually surprised, clearly not knowing that you’ve been into him for that long.
You had to swallow to not burst out into tears right then and there, “Sucks to be me.”
The combination of alcohol, hurting and opening up to one of your closest friends was like poison to your heart and at this point, you couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down your cheeks. 
Hoseok knew how rare it was for you to cry in front of other people and you were thankful he didn’t mention it, instead he just pulled you closer, giving you comfort in the form of an uncomfortable yet calming side hug.
It was a healing moment, silently allowing yourself to cry about how much you did not want to like him, with Hoseok by your side, letting you know it was okay and that your feelings were valid. 
That was until both of your eyes went wide as soon as you heard the familiar laugh from outside the door – before any of you could react, Yoongi and the same girl you saw him with earlier were stumbling into the bathroom laughing, almost too caught up in each other to notice you. You prayed he just wouldn’t notice you.
But of course he did, before you could wipe the tears out of your face. An awkward situation unfolded; Yoongi staring at you, a mixture of shock and confusion on his face while you tried to avoid eye-contact at all costs.
“Can you leave?” it sounded more like a demand than a question from Hoseok but you were beyond thankful for him being there right now. You weren’t sure what you would’ve done if he didn’t come after you, “As you see, this room is already taken.”
“Are you okay?” your best friend dared to ask, bewildered when he saw that you were crying. You couldn’t hold it against him, how could he have known when you didn’t share your thoughts with him anymore. 
Nodding, you started collecting yourself slowly – it felt embarrassing, even though Yoongi would never judge you for crying in front of him, “I am. Don’t worry.”
“You’re clearly not though,” his eyebrows furrowed before he turned to his lover for the night, “I’m so sorry but I think I gotta stay here. If you want we can continue this later.”
Great, that was exactly what you wanted the least. This was the worst possible outcome. You did not want to be comforted by Yoongi now, not even being able to tell him your actual source of sorrow, only to fall in love with him even more before he leaves afterward to get his dick sucked by a girl he probably will never see again. 
The girl left, although she was upset about it, leaving the three of you alone. Yoongi immediately crouched down in front of you, his hand on his knee to keep balance, “Why are you crying? Who hurt you?”
Hobi let out a breathy chuckle beside you but did not say a word. 
“It’s really okay, Yoongi,” you promised him, hoping he would leave as soon as possible again, “I had a bit too much to drink and overreacted.”
With every second that passed, Yoongi became more annoyed that you didn’t want to tell him.  Sitting down in front of you with crossed legs, he let out a sigh, “I’m not leaving until you tell me.”
“This is gonna be a long night then,” Hoseok now decided to interfere, knowing you won’t tell Yoongi what is upsetting you for obvious reasons. 
“Just go and find that girl again, I am in good company,” you tried to reassure him but you did not manage to hide a tiny bit of bitterness in your voice.
And of course, Yoongi realized – he knew you way too well to not notice the change in your voice, even if it was just a small one. 
If you could take that remark back you would but it was too late and Yoongi scoffed, “Did I do something wrong? You’re mad at me.”
The last thing you needed now was a conflict between you and your best friend, especially when you couldn’t be honest with him.  
“I am not mad at you. Why would I? You didn’t do anything wrong. I was just crying because of stupid reasons and I don’t want to talk about those reasons. Especially not at a party,” you tried not to sound harsh but you felt like you had to be a little colder than usual because otherwise, you would just start crying again, “Can you just leave me alone please?”
Yoongi didn’t like where this was going, you could see it in his expression. 
“You want me to leave? Are you sure?” Yoongi didn’t hide the fact that he was confused and hurt, “If that is really what you want I’ll respect it but I’d rather have you talk to me about it.”
In all honesty, your behaviour wasn’t fair towards him – you were his favorite person and now, without any explanation you suddenly shut him out. But out of all the options you had, this was the only possibility. 
Trying to lie to him was pointless, he would see right through you, years of friendships taught you that much. And telling him the truth was also not an option, for rather obvious reasons.
It was unlike you not to let him in but this time you had no other choice. Yoongi left without saying another word when you nodded, not even managing to look him in the eyes. 
Feelings were terrible and you wished you could just magically turn them off when they get too overwhelming.
“Do you think he’s mad at me?” you asked, silently crying again as soon as he was gone, your head on Hoseok’s shoulder.
He laughed quietly, holding your hand as emotional support, “I don’t think he could be mad at you even if he tried. He’s probably worried and confused but that’s okay. He can worry about you from time to time. It won’t kill him.”
You don’t remember how much longer you sat there, crying your heart out until you didn’t anymore. 
A part of you felt bad for ruining Hoseok’s night like that, he probably didn’t plan to comfort his friend in a stranger’s bathroom that night, even if he constantly promised you it was fine. 
After a while Namjoon came to look for you, driving you home immediately when he realized the state you were in – you were thankful that he didn’t ask any questions, just offered you to talk if you wanted to which you kindly declined. 
Yoongi was nowhere to be seen when you walked out of the party and the thoughts of what he was doing kept you up at night. Wondering if he could just move on and make out with some stranger after seeing you crying like that. A part of you hoped he would not be able to.
But you couldn’t be mad at him because you were in no position to – he never got your hopes up or played with your feelings. Falling in love with him was your own fault and he could never find out. 
Tumblr media
Luckily, college assignments were keeping you busy throughout the whole week – never before have you been more thankful for a busy schedule.
You and Yoongi did text each other on the daily like you usually do (even though there was a weird feeling of awkwardness in each text) but you didn’t have the time to meet up – which you were somewhat thankful for. 
It’s been exactly a week since the incident happened and you would prefer if it didn’t repeat itself – so you decided to spend this weekend in the library with a book in your hand rather than at a party with alcohol running through your veins. 
Even though Yoongi was texting you earlier, asking if you want to pre-game at their dorm before they would go to a party tonight but you didn’t answer. 
You didn’t plan on going at all and if you told him, he’d just ask why not and that would mean you had to find another excuse that he would not believe anway – so you decided being silent was easier for both of you. 
Normally, people would never find you studying in the library – you were one of those people that learned in bed, pyjamas on and snacks right beside you, not caring if your textbooks would get dirty. But sometimes a change of scenery could work wonders so there you were, on a nice table next to a big window in your college’s library.
It was actually a nice view, you could see a big part of the campus through the window on the fourth floor. There was something calming about seeing the sun set and all the different group of friends walking over the middle of the campus on a saturday evening. You spotted all kind of little groups; couples, large and small groups of friends, some lonely people waiting to be picked up. Everyone seemed so small from up here. 
“Are you people watching?” you almost flinched, not expecting anyone to watch you while you were watching others. Especially not Yoongi, out of all people.
Your stomach turned when you saw him because there was no way you could escape him here. He looked a bit tired, his dark circles a shade darker than usual and you wondered if he had problems with falling asleep again. 
“You’re avoiding me,” he stated the obvious. 
Yes, you were avoiding him and you wished he would just let you. 
But then it wasn’t fair to be mad at him. In the end you just ghosted your closest friend for no particular reason – well, at least no reason he could know off. 
A slightly shy smile was on his lips, hoping you would finally talk to him again now that he caught you. 
Surprisingly, seeing him was not as bad as you feared it would be. It might have been because you got used to seeing him knowing he will never be more than just your best friend but it was nice to finally be face to face with him again, like your heart longed for exactly that.
“I was avoiding you, you’re right,” you finally answered, feeling guilty, “It was childish of me. I am sorry.”
Yoongi just shrugged, pulling out a can of your favorite soda of his bag and handed it to you, “Do you want to tell me what happened? It’s weird, usually you always tell me what’s wrong so I was a bit offended when I saw you talking to Hobi instead of me.”
It was insufferable how cool he seemed to be in that moment, so collected and still caring – you decided to ignore him and he still wasn’t mad at you at all, instead he bought you your favorite drink and just shrugged it off, not wanting to make a big thing out of it because that’s just the person he was. He was never resentful or annoyed with you, not even when you pulled unnecessary things like that. 
You tried to laugh it off, “Hobi just got dragged into it because he found me. That poor boy, I ruined his whole saturday night.”
Yoongi returned the laugh, “Not only his. I didn’t even manage to enjoy the rest of my night, I was so worried I did something wrong.”
Rolling your eyes slightly, you tried your best not to sound snippish but you couldn’t help it, “I’m sorry I ruined your chance to fuck. Next time I cry in the bathroom I’ll make sure to lock the door so you won’t see me.”
Not expecting that kind of attitude from you, your best friend scoffed in a mixture of disbelief and amusement, “So, you actually are mad at me. I knew I wasn’t just stupid.”
“Not mad,” you stayed stubborn, “I just won’t feel sorry for you not being able to fuck some random girl you don’t care about anyway.”
With every single word coming out of your mouth you felt more embarrassed. You should know better than to speak without thinking about it first but it just came out of your mouth before you could stop yourself.
“So, you want me to sleep with girls I care about?” the sound in his voice was teasing and he was clearly playful with you. 
You scoffed, trying hard not to let his nagging get to you – Yoongi was clearly enjoying this little bit too much. “You act like it would be such a bad thing to actually care about someone before sleeping with thm.”
“No, not at all, it would be nice,” Yoongi, who was still standing in front of you until now, finally sat down on the chair opposite of you, “It’s just that I don’t really care about any girls. Except for you, of course.”
“Of course,” you repeated quietly, trying to hide the dissapointment. It was so clear you’d always be just a friend to him, yet there was always this tiny bit of hope inside of you that one day he’d change his mind.
Luckily, he didn’t seem to notice you were hurt – or at least he didn’t mention it. Maybe he thought you were still avoiding him and that’s why you were silent. 
“Or is that what you want?” once again, he nagged you playfully, a smirk on his lips. For him, it was probably the most absurd idea ever, to actually sleep with you, “Should we take this friendship a step further?”
Over time you learned to be a good actor, so instead of saying yes or even worse as in starting to cry on the spot, you started laughing, shaking your head, “Don’t be ridiculous.”
“Scared to fall in love?” he grinned like the idiot he was, trying to break the ice between both of you gain. 
Too late.
You raised your hand, acting as if you were about to punch him and he started laughing out loud, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m joking. But it worked, you’re finally smiling again.”
Not even noticing that you were actually smiling you immediately dropped your smile just to annoy him a bit, face serious than ever before, “Leave me alone.”
“Not this time,” Yoongi laughed, things feeling more normal between you again and even though you were obviously still struggling you knew being mad at him would only get you into more conflicts, “I actually wanted to drag you along to Namjoon’s and Jin’s dorm, what do you think?”
Shaking your head, you waved him off, “Remember last time we were at a party? I don’t want to get drunk and cry again, thank you. But much fun to you.”
A part of you wanted to go. Their dorm was not far from yours so you could flee as soon as you were uncomfortable and you did love to spend time with all of your friends, not only Yoongi. 
To be quite honest, you also just missed spending time with him too. Never before did you not see each other for a whole week, it sounded extreme but usually you’d always at least sit together in some of your shared classes or meet for lunch but since you didn’t leave your room during the whole last week, you didn’t see each other at all.
The other part of you though, the bigger part, knew going would only end up in hurting again. Yes, you shouldn’t let your feelings come in the way of yours and Yoongi’s friendship but that was easier said than done. Especially if you had to watch him kiss random girls in the corner of the room one more time – your heart could take only so much and you owed yourself some time to heal.
Your best friend was dissapointed, but he wouldn’t let you go that easy, “Hey, come on. It’s just a few people. Not a big thing.”
Starting to pack your things in the big bag you carried with you, you sighed, “Maybe I have other plans? Ever thought about that?”
“Do you have a date?” Yoongi almost gasped, eyes wide – excitement in them. You wished you could share the same excitement for him whenever he went out on a date, “Seriously, you were so mad at me that you didn’t even tell me someone asked you on a date?”
“Not a date,” you informed him a bit sharp – your best friend being happy for you shouldn’t hurt that much.
“Oh, so you don’t have any other plans is what I’m assuming,” he laughed, “All your friends are at Namjoon’s anyway. So if it’s not a date and you did not magically make new friends within the last week, you’re lying to me.”
Why did he have to make it so complicated? Even though he just wanted the best for you, assuming the best thing was getting drunk in a small dorm with your friends, he wouldn’t let it go. 
“Yoongi, I’m really not in the mood, I’m sorry,” you finally admitted, much to Yoongi’s disliking. Knowing you, usually you’d never say no to a small sit in with your friends on a saturday night and it started to make him feel anxious.
The fact that he still had no idea why exactly you were crying last weekend only making it worse for him. The two of you talked about everything, he had always considered you something like a soulmate, even though he didn’t really believe in those. Not many people made him feel as safe as you, you being one of the few friends he would truly open up to – and until today he thought he was the same for you.
Normally you shared your concerns with him, small or big. After years of friendship he got so used to knowing what was going on inside your head that it bugged him when you stopped telling him about your thoughts and feelings. He was supposed to know how you feel, he was supposed to help you in bad times and laugh with you in better times but you wouldn’t let him do that at the moment and the worse thing of it all was that he was completely clueless why you wouldn’t.
The whole last week he was trying to figure out what he could’ve done that made you cut him out. But no matter how many times he replayed the scenario in his head he had no clue.
“I literally will not leave before you tell me why you act so stubborn,” Yoongi said sternly, determined to figure things out between you.
A sigh escaped your lips – if Yoongi said he will not leave he won’t but there was also no way you could tell him what was wrong. So the only other option was lying, something that usually went very wrong whenever you tried it.
There was only one time you lied to Yoongi and that was also the only time the two of you ever fought. It has been some time by now, around two years, since you promised him you were out with Jungkook only for him to find you on a date with no one else than your ex boyfriend.
Usually, he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it but after comforting you for weeks, drying each of your tears and even making sure your ex was blocked on every platform he could contact you, Yoongi did not tolerate this man trying to sneak back into your life.
The fight was loud and ugly, both of you screaming at each other in the middle of the campus – something very unusual for him, you’ve never seen him scream out of anger before. Back then you didn’t understand, still too caught up in your ex boyfriend to understand that your best friend was simply worried about you. But by now it was clear that he wanted to protect you. He always did.
“I–” you started, not really trusting yourself because you had no idea what to say, “I kissed Hobi and he rejected me. That’s why I was crying.”
For a second, his eyes were open wide, shock writing over his face while he was processing what you just told him. Right before the silence was close to becoming awkward he reacted to what you just said. A reaction you did not expect at all.
“I’m sorry,” he laughed out loud, not being able to hold it in, “You’re really bad at lying but that? That is just ridiculous.”
Of course he didn’t buy it.
A pout appeared on your lips, ready to just cry out of frustration. 
“Yoongi, please,” you almost begged him, “I wish I could tell you but I can’t.”
More than anything, he wanted to not let it go, he was beyond curious about what was the reason for your tears and the more you tried to hide it from him the more he wondered if it was really about him. 
For five more minutes he tried to convince you to tell him, both of you thankful that there was no awkward tension between the two of you despite the current situation, but you stayed strong, not telling him a word – it was not like you had any other choice anyway.
It would be easier to let him know what was bothering you, you could just tell him that you were in love with him and that your heart broke every time you saw him vanishing with random women that embodied everything you were insecure about. Still, you weren’t stupid. Telling him everything that was heavy on your heart would only lead to rejection and most likely, losing your closest friend.
Even when he was walking you home he wouldn’t give you peace, almost making you regret letting him walk you home. Bombarding you with a thousand questions, trying to guess what could have been the reason – none of them being answered by you. 
“I give up,” he almost yelled out in frustration but with a smile hidden in the corner of his lips as the two of you were standing in front of your dorm, “You’re acting like you murdered someone. Whatever made you cry, it cannot be that bad. But still, you’re net telling me. Why? Why won’t you trust me? Am I not your best friend anymore?”
You laughed, the conversation playful even though you were talking about something that made you cry just a week ago, “You’re right. That’s my secret. You’re not my best friend anymore and I just can’t get rid off you. That’s why I cried.”
Yoongi joined your laughter, “Come on, that is a bit harsh, even as a joke. I have feelings too, you know.”
Popping an eyebrow, you questioned him in a nagging tone, “Oh really? I bet if I’d ask any of the girls you slept with during the last months all of them would say the opposite.”
“Well, I have feelings, not for them. But for you,” he rolled his eyes slightly, burying his hands in the pockets of his sweater, “And for our other friends of course.”
Of course. Yoongi loved all of his friends, including you. Great.
After reassuring him one more time that you were sure you didn’t want to join their plans for tonight, he finally let you go inside. 
Without even greeting your roommate on the couch you went to your room, letting yourself fall down on your bed. 
You loved Yoongi. How tragic. 
Tumblr media
Your heart skipped a beat as movements in your room made you wake up drastically, for a second you were sure that you were either getting robbed or you had to leave your flat immediately because a fire broke out, expecting the worst.
Barely awake, it took you a good moment to realize that you indeed did not have to fear for your life right then – instead you were greeted with a smiling idiot standing in your door, happily as ever.
“What the fuck do you want,” you mumble was barely audible, still not fully awake, “How late is it anyway?”
“Around three in the morning,” you heard your best friend, pronounciation unclear and a bit too happy. If that wasn’t enough, the way he was walking over to your bed, almost falling over nothing several times, gave away that he was beyond drunk. 
Most of the times, Yoongi could hold his liquor very well, no one could compete with him – so he must’ve had a lot to drink.
You weren’t sure what he wanted or why he was here in the first place. His own dorm was even closer to Namjoon’s than yours so it wasn’t like it was just easier to stop by here. 
“Move,” he almost whined as he stood in front of your bed, waiting for you to make room as if it was the most obvious thing that he planned to sleep next to you. And to be quite honest, you would rather die than having to spend a night with drunk Yoongi in your bed. It would only make things worse.
“You smell as if you drank a whole club empty,” you mumbled in disapproval but Yoongi just chuckled as he laid down beside you in your rather small bed, impossible for the two of you not to touch, “What are you even doing here?”
You were now pressed against the wall facing Yoongi beside you – he smelled terrible and from what you could recognize in your dark room, he looked just as bad, eyelids heavy and hair all over the place. You wished you could hate this moment, you wished it wouldn’t make you long for more. But it did. 
Trying not to let it get to your head you told yourself over and over again that you were strong enough to not let this situation make you feel like Yoongi wanted anything more than being just friend. He was just drunk and clingly, not here because he actually wanted to be with you.
Yoongi’s leg quickly wrapped around yours, forcing you closer to him while he was visibly happy, “We have not been spending enough time with each other lately so I decided to come around.”
You couldn’t help but laugh, “And you thought three in the morning would be a good time to catch up?”
“If you were fully awake you’d just send me away again,” Yoongi mumbled with his eyes closed, “I had no other choice.”
He wasn’t wrong, that was most likely what you would’ve done.
For a second there was a comfortable silence, both of you enjoying each other’s company, eyes closed – it was a healing moment almost and you didn’t realize before just how much you missed your best friend. 
“I miss you,” he mumbles.
“I was just thinking the same,” you chuckled before freezing for a short second as Yoongi’s arm wrapped around you.
There were few things unusual for the two of you, but Yoongi cuddling up with you was one of them. Maybe because you barely ever shared a bed, especially not when drunk but for a moment, you allowed yourself to be weak and let him embrace you.
“Everyone asked about you. Wanted to know where you are,” he informed you, “I told them you’re mad at me.”
“Why would you lie?” you laughed, “I’m not mad at you.”
His chin was resting on your head, humming, “You keep on saying that but you’re acting another way. You’re being cold to me. I don’t like that.”
You were thankful that it was dark and he couldn’t see the endearment in your eyes – surely, even the biggest idiot could see it clearly in that moment, the love you carry from him. 
He was worried by your behavior and you kept on remembered what Hoseok had told you – it’s okay for him to worry about you every now and then. 
“It’s funny, isn’t is?” he chuckled – whatever he thought of must amuse him.
“What is funny?” you asked softly.
“How everyone asks me about you when you’re not there. Me, not anyone else. They know we belong to each other.”
Even though you knew this conversation would haunt you forever, you still let it happen. You were always strong and allowed yourself this moment of weakness. Words that you surely interpreted differently than Yoongi getting to your head.
“Well, we’re best friends. They know that too.” 
“Sure,” he shrugged, “But Hoseok is my best friend too, and no one ever asks me where he is. My mum never asks about Hoseok either, only about you.”
“Maybe she just doesn’t like him,” you suggested.
“Come on, everyone likes Hoseok,” Yoongi chuckled at you, “It’s not because of that. It’s because we’re more than best friends. We’re basically soulmates.”
More than friends, less than lovers – the same old game. 
A deep sigh came from you. He meant those words. And you thought the same. You and Yoongi surely were more than best friends. Surely were soulmates. Bittersweet how you thought the same thing, yet they had completely different meanings.
“I love you,” he sounded sadder now, almost bothered, “I miss my best friend. Can you please like me again?”
He pulled you closer and you let him – both of your eyes were closed and you knew he was close to falling asleep, his words even more unclear by now, a yawn coming from him.
“I love you too,” you told him and he pressed a small kiss to your head before slowly drifting to sleep. 
Tumblr media
“I didn’t expect you here,” Jungkook yelled out in excitement, noticing you the second you arrived at your destination – you’ve been here a few times before, every now and then Jimin invited your group of friends for a, as he liked to call it, healing experience brought to you in his parent’s garden.
Those evenings consisted of alcohol under the starry sky, tons of food and tons of new memories you’d always cherish very much.
Yoongi was right beside you in the matter of seconds, ruffling your hair playfully as a welcome. 
The two of you have not talked about his drunk visit last weekend and you weren’t sure how much of it he remembered. Even though nothing happened, your heart only longed more for him after that.
“I’d never miss an evening in Jimin’s sacred garden.”
Jimin laughed from his spot next to Seokjin, who was currently busy grilling the meat. The garden was just as beautiful as you remembered it – a big table in the middle of it, surrounded by several decorations and fairy lights everywhere. 
As you were sitting down next to Hoseok on said big table, you looked around – most people you knew, surprisingly. There were around thirty people – you’ve seen their faces before, even though you couldn’t put a name to all of them. 
“We missed you,” Hoseok gave you a bright smile as he was already busy opening up a can of beer for you.
Chuckling, both of you took a drink of your beers, “I’ve been gone for two weeks, you’re acting as if we haven’t seen each other in years.”
Smirking, he spoke a bit more quiet, just for you two to hear, “Well, I sure know Yoongi missed you. He kept on bugging me about you.”
Eyes going wide immediately you asked him if he mentioned anything about your feelings but Hoseok was quick to reassure you that your secret was safe with him. 
“He kind of forced me to come today,” you informed Hoseok, trying to be as lowkey as possible as you were talking about him, “Last weekend he suddenly stood in my room at three in the morning, more drunk than I’ve ever seen him before.”
Your friend raised your eyebrows at you, “Did you–?”
Within a second you shushed him, “No, of course not. He was way too drunk.”
“He didn’t even try?” Hoseok asked, forehead in wrinkles, “What a wimp.”
Laughing, you were forced to change the topic because Yoongi was approaching the table you were sitting on – he sat down on the free spot opposite of you, a smile on his lips.
“What’s so funny?” he asked, trying to engage in your conversation.
“(Y/n) just told me about your drunk visit last weekend,” Hoseok teased his friend even though he knew Yoongi wasn’t bothered at all by his nagging, “You have such a soft spot for her.”
Your best friend scoffed, opening himself a can of beer too, “She ignored me for  whole week. What was I supposed to do?”
“I’m right here, you know,” you interfered, making Yoongi chuckle slightly, “Just admit you’re soft for me.”
Rolling his eyes playfully, he shook his head, “What makes you think that? I think you need to be humbled.”
“You know my go-to coffee order, you always carry the key to my dorm around with you and you never get impatient with me when I eat slowly,” you listed only few of the many things that were unusual for him, “Enough evidence?”
“You always get mad at me when I take more than ten minutes to eat,” Namjoon joined the conversation, sitting down next to Yoongi with a plate full of hot, grilled meat.
A sigh escaped Yoongi’s lips as he picked some of the meat in front of him, “Fine, fine. I do tolerate you more than most people.”
You laughed at the half-assed compliment from him before you and your friends starting to dig in. The atmosphere was lighthearted despite quite a few people being around – you didn’t pay attention to anyone except for your own small group. 
Hoseok, Taehyung and Jimin were reminicising old memories, the rest of you glued to their conversation, laughter errupting every now and then when a funny story was told. Seokjin and Yoongi were constantly making sure everyone was drinking enough shots as both of them had to stay sober since they lost while playing rock-paper-scissors and were the designated drivers for tonight. 
Everything seemed to be perfect. At least until a random girl came over to your group of friends, or more precisely came over to Yoongi, sitting down right beside him.
You tried to ignore their conversation but the jealousy in you took over and even though you acted like you weren’t paying attention to what they were saying, you heard every word clearly.
“Yoongi, I haven’t seen you in so long,” she giggled, not sounding very sober anymore, “I was hoping our paths would cross again.”
She wasn’t as intrusive as she might’ve sounded, at least Yoongi didn’t think that way. 
“What a nice surprise,” you heard him answer in a specific tone, one you heard before, one he never used on you – that specific tone in his voice that he used when he talked to girls he was attracted to, “You look different. Still good of course, but you died your hair, right?”
He never mentioned it when you changed something about your hair before.
“Oh, stop,” the unknown girl laughed, playfully hitting his chest – his laugh breaking your heart, “You’re too much.”
Bringing you back to reality, you felt Hoseok pinching you carefully under the table. 
“Don’t listen to them, don’t do that to yourself,” his voice was nothing more than a quiet whisper, trying to be not too obvious. 
Easier said than done, but still, Hoseok was right. It would only hurt you more to pay attention to them, especially with Yoongi completely uninterested in the conversation his friends were sharing by now, all of his attention directed to the girl that sat down next to him.
Forcing yourself to not concentrate on what was going on opposite of you, right in front of your eyes, you started to engage in the discussion Jimin and Jungkook currently were having. 
“I’m sorry Jimin, but he’s right,” your voice sounded surprisingly unbothered – maybe the long practice of trying to ignore Yoongi with his girls was finally paying off, “Pikachu’s tail was always just yellow. No stripe.”
Jimin gasped, not expecting the betrayal of you, “Did you pay her to say that?”
As the others were busy discussing wether Jimin or Jungkook were right, Hoseok managed to give you a quick, secret pitiful glance. “You’re stronger than this,” he assured you and you took a deep breath. 
Despite Yoongi not caring about any of his friends anymore (instead he was deeply invested in his stupid little conversation with this girl he was most likely sleeping with sooner or later this evening), you were still trying to have fun. 
Everyone around you was getting drunk and even if you weren’t in the mood to drink anymore, their positive energy rubbed off on you.
At least tat was until you came back from the toilet to see that not only the girl Yoongi was talking to was missing but so was Yoongi himself.
Hoseok was already looking at you, his expression almost panicked. And you felt something you’ve never felt towards your best friend before, something deep in your stomach that was showing itself now after bottling your feelings up for way too long – you were mad.
“Where is he?” you only asked through gritted teeth, not caring if the others would hear you.
Trying to calm you down, Hoseok offered you another can of beer but you declined, asking once again where Yoongi went.
Without knowing what was going on, Namjoon answered for Hoseok, “He just went inside. Probably to Jimin’s old room with this girl he talked to.”
Not another word came out of your mouth before you were walking back inside, hoping no one would be stupid enough to follow you. 
Not a single clear thought was running through your head and you were not sure what you’d say once you found Yoongi but you wouldn’t just sit around and watch anymore.
Opening every door successless you finally found one that was locked, knocking against it constantly.
“Go away,” you heard Yoongi from inside, “Get another room.”
“You better open the fucking door right now,” you sounded more collected than you thought you would considering the anger that was making you shake right then and there.
For a second, nothing happened and you were about to knock again just as Yoongi opened the door, hair clearly messed up, “(Y/n)? Did something happen?”
Not knowing what exactly you were doing, you walked inside the room, right past Yoongi and looked at the girl that was sitting on the edge of the bed. It wasn’t her fault that she got what you wanted but you were still so mad.
“Can you leave, please?” you asked her as nice as possible in your current state and she glanced to Yoongi, waiting for his reaction.
He was looking at you, almost pleading you to leave with his expression but you stayed stubborn, clenching your jaw.
A sigh followed by a mumbled ‘I’m sorry’ to the girl was all he could say, the girl leaving the room in an awkward manner shortly after.
“What the fuck?” Yoongi asked you in shock as soon as the door shut behind you, “What is wrong with you?”
Scoffing, your jaw dropped, “What is wrong with me? You literally begged me last weekend to come to this stupid event even though you knew I wasn’t in the mood. But of course, I came for you because I thought we could catch up and things could become normal between us again. I thought we would spend a fun saturday night with our friends but instead you once again pay attention to no one else than a random girl you’ll never see again, you literally don’t care about, just to vanish as soon as she’s ready to let you fuck her. Is this your way of trying to make up with me?”
Never before did you yell at Yoongi like that, not even close, but you spoke before thinking and let the frustration and anger take over you. There was no taking back in what you said and you were still mad but at least felt a little bit better already. 
Yoongi on the other hand, did not feel better at all. Quite the opposite, he seemed to be just as mad as you were, his glance sharp as he yelled back at you. 
“You cannot be serious. What do you mean, my way of making up with you? You just decided one day you’re going to be ignoring me without ever telling me the reason why and now I am the one who is supposed to find a solution to your problem?”
Both of you didn’t like where this was going on but it was too late to go back, you started fighting already and now you’d finish it too.
A laugh escaped your lips, a mocking and sarcastic one, not believing what you just heard him say, “How are you mad at me when you are the one who wouldn’t give me space even though I clearly wanted it? You constantly pushed me to talk to you when it was so obvious I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Then, I open up again and you have, once again, nothing better to do than waste all of your time with everyone else but me.”
Yoongi was walking up and down the room, once again not sure what was even the trigger for this argument but he didn’t want to just let you scream at him when he didn’t do anything wrong.
“Well, as long as you don’t tell me what your problem is in the first place, I don’t think there’s any way to solve this problem,” he finally stated, still yelling at you.
“The problem is that fucking around is more important to you than spending time with your friends,” you yelled right back at him – it wasn’t a lie, that was part of the problem. It might not bother the rest as much as it bothered you because you were in love with him, but it still technically was true.
Your friend was closing his eyes, taking a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down – it didn’t work, the tone in his voice still filled with anger, “Stop acting like I don’t spend every single minute I can with you. When you’re not busy ignoring me for no reason, we have classes together and even if we don’t, I make sure that we eat lunch together. I come over even when I know you’re busy with studying, just so we can co-exist together. You’re the only one who has a key to my studio. We see each other all the time, so why does it bother you so much when I –”
He paused his rant for a second before his expression changed drastically, the anger in it being replaced with realization, followed by nothing than a short “Oh.”
You froze, trying hard not to panic but it was pointless. The anxiety was already present.
“You’re jealous,” he stated, more to himself than to you and you felt like crying, “But why are you jealous?”
This was exactly what you tried to avoid at all cost but you were never good at keeping secrets from Yoongi so it was only a matter of time until he would’ve found out. 
You had no idea how you should react but you had to react soon before things would get even worse. 
His gaze was glued to you as he was trying to puzzle the pieces together and you knew you had to do something, anything.
As you still felt like you were glued to the ground, your mind was running over possiblities – and sadly, there weren’t a lot. Your first instinct was to cry and run away but you were smart enough to know that it would only make things more complicated later on. 
Yoongi was about to find out what you thought of him and there was no going back for you. So, without thinking about it you did the only thing that has been on your mind for months.
Closing the space between the two of you, the adrenaline in you made you do something that was just so unlike you, you surprised yourself. Before you realized what exactly you were doing, your lips were on Yoongi’s, moving slowly and softly in the dark room you were standing in. 
For once, it wasn’t the alcohol’s fault that everything around you started to spin, this time it was because for a small second it felt like things were going to be alright for once. 
The moment felt surreal and your heart felt like it was going to burst – Yoongi’s smell that you loved so much was intoxicating you as he was kissing you back. He kissed you back. His lips were moving in sync with yours as his hand was wrapped around your back.
Somehow it felt too good to be true.
When you pulled away, trying to process your lucky you realized that it was indeed, too good to be true.
He didn’t have to say a thing, the way he looked at you spoke for itself. 
There was no sign of relief on his face, not even pity. Instead, his lips pressed into a thin line as his eyes bored into you, not being able to comprehend what had just happened.
Never before have you felt so embarrassed, being rejected was one thing but being rejected by your best friend who literally just kissed you back a second ago was even worse.
“(Y/n),” he sounded soft yet guilty and you didn’t want to hear what he had to say, didn’t want to hear his excuses but you were physically not able to move, “I didn’t know you feel about me that way.”
Not a single reaction from you. Your mind was screaming at you to react, any kind of reaction was better than just standing there but there was nothing you could do. You couldn’t even find the strength to run away – you felt defeated.
His face was blank by now, “That’s why you were crying in the bathroom, right?”
Finally, you could move again, the tears that were threatening to overflow making you come back to your senses. Yes, that was why you were crying. And the last thing you wanted to happen is to cry in front of Yoongi one more time.
“I have to go,” you managed to mumble before the first tear rolled down your cheek, “Don’t follow me.”
As fast as possible, you exited the room, not managing to look anywhere else than the floor as you stormed outside and passed all of your friends without gathering up the courage to look at any of them. You didn’t even get your purse and left with nothing but your phone – the fact that Yoongi was supposed to be your designated driver not making it easier for you to go home.
Thankfully, you heard Hoseok warn your friends to leave you alone as you left Jimin’s garden, not wanting to cross paths with Yoongi again. 
Tumblr media
Waking up has never felt that pointless before and if you could, you would’ve slept through the whole day. The last thing you needed was to be faced with the consequences of yesterday, not even gathering up the courage to check your phone.
The messages that your friends surely sent you, asking about you and what happened last night had to wait – if Yoongi didn’t tell them what happened anyways. 
A part of you wondered if Yoongi tried to contact you. Maybe he did, trying to do some damage control. Maybe he didn’t though, who knows, maybe he thought it was for the better to never contact you again.
“I assume something happened yesterday,” your roommate sighed with pity in her eyes as you walked to the kitchen, your eyes felt swollen from crying and you were sure your face was red, “I made you some eggs and bacon.”
“Thank you Nana,” you let yourself fall down on the chair, chugging down the glass of cold water next to your breakfast before handing her your phone, “Can you check if he texted or tried to call?”
Without pressuring you to tell her what happened, she took the phone and did as you asked her too and you were beyond thankful for that.
“Nothing from him,” she responded after a good minute of analyzing everything, “You kissed him?”
Groaning, you started staring at the ceiling, “Fuck. I did. I’m so stupid.”
As if being lovesick wasn’t terrible enough, being lovesick because of your best friend sucked ass. All you wanted was to talk to Yoongi about it and let him distract you but for the most obvious reasons, that wasn’t going to happen.
“You’ve done stupider things before,” Nana nagged you a bit, “And you’re probably going to do even more stupid stuff in the future.”
Too overdramatic to admit that she was right, you pouted, your fork playing with the food on your plate. How could you ever look Yoongi in the eyes again? And even if the two of you would somehow make up and try to be friends again you felt like it was kind of pointless. 
From now on, this incident would always stand between you. You’d always be the girl best friend that was in love with him and he’d have to think twice before he does anything at all, not wanting to get your hopes up.
There was no way the two of you could ever get back to normal, the elephant in the room too big to ignore it. 
When the tears once again started to overflow, you excused yourself – luckily, Nana was very understanding and would always let you do your thing, even if said thing was crying yourself to sleep in your bed. 
And that was exactly what you did, it felt like time wasn’t real as you were hiding from the rest of the world in your bed, going from crying to feeling empty to oversleeping to finally falling asleep, only to wake up a bit later and repeat that circle. 
“(Y/N)?” you heard Nana ask from outside your door before she came in, worry written all over her face, “I know we usually give each other space when we’re down but I think you should distract yourself a bit. I ran you a bathtub and I thought that while you take a bath I could set up the living room to watch movies? Popcorn, sappy romances and some wine included?”
If you weren’t so exhausted from crying all day you would’ve cried again because Nana was taking care of you. 
Before you had the chance to say anything, she was speaking again, “You can still drown yourself in self-pity on the couch.”
Chuckling lightly, you sat up and nodded, “Thank you.”
The bath was hot and even though it didn’t make you feel much better emotionally, it at least seemed to help your tired body and your swollen face to relax a bit. 
No matter how much you tried to forget yesterday night it kept on creeping up on you as soon as you closed your eyes – the high you felt during the kiss followed by the low when you saw the shocked expression in Yoongi’s eyes. The dissapointment as soon as you realized that he was indeed rejection you, just like you always feared.
You were wondering what kind of advice Yoongi would give you if he wasn’t involved in this scenario. Knowing him he would most likely tell you that it sucked and yet, there was nothing you could do about it instead of closing the chapter and moving on – it sounded exactly like a thing he would say but it wasn’t that easy, closing this chapter wasn’t even a possibilty. 
It wasn’t like you didn’t try before, you tried with everything you had in you to move on from Yoongi and just fall in love with someone else. 
But no one else had what Yoongi had – you liked him because he was making you laugh and you felt secure around him, you knew he loved you dearly without him ever having to say it. He was supporting you quietly while nagging you for every stupid decision you ever made loudly and you wouldn’t want it any other way. 
When the bubbles were starting to vanish and the hot water started to cool down, you decided it was time to join your roommate in the living room. She was probably getting impatient, waiting for you to finally come out of that bathroom to watch something with her. 
“I’m coming–” you yelled from the bathroom as you were putting on a fresh pair of pyjamas and some of the fuzziest socks you could find, ready for some much needed selfcare. 
“Wait,” you stopped immediately as you stepped into the living room, “I- I- What is going on?”
Instead of finding Nana on the couch as you expected, Yoongi was quickly standing up from the corner of it as soon as he saw you.
“We have to talk,” his eyes sparked with hope as he saw you and you suddenly felt small in front of him. 
Glancing up to the ceiling to avoid looking him directly in the eyes you shook your head, voice cracking as you spoke, “No. Not yet. I’m not ready for that yet, Yoongi.”
“I can’t even look at you right now,” you continued before giving him a chance to speak, not wanting to hear what he had to say – you were not ready to just get this over with, this was not a band aid that you just had to rip off.
“Believe me, I wished I wasn’t feeling this way towards you but there’s nothing I can change about that right now, so the last thing I need is having to hear you reject me right now. Please, Yoongi, don’t do this to me.”
Once again you tried to run away from the problem, just like you did during the whole last two weeks but everything else would be too overwhelming. Doing what your dramatic ass did best, you turned around to leave to your room, praying that Yoongi wouldn’t follow you.
Much to your suprise, he stopped you before you could walk away. Yoongi never was a fan of big, heroic gestures or being dramatic but something was taking over him, making him act differently than he would usually do. 
Taking your wrist before you could storm off, he pulled you towards him, almost making you stumble over your own feet. Before being able to process what was going on in that exact moment you tried to look into his eyes to figure out what he was thinking – but you couldn’t look into his eyes because they were glued to your lips and not even a second later you felt his lips on yours again.
First you thought you were dreaming, everything happening way too fast for you to understand but when you felt Yoongi’s hand wandering from your wrist to your lower back to press you closer to him as he deepened the kiss you let yourself go, let yourself enjoy the feeling of his soft lips and the thousand butterflies that were released in your stomach, going wild.
This kiss felt different, it felt less hesitant and more determined and best of it all, it felt loving. The way his other hand found your cheek, his thumb carefully caressing it as he deepened the kiss; the way you felt him chuckle lightly while kissing you – this kiss was different because this time it was Yoongi’s decision to kiss you.
As he pulled away carefully, he flashed you his gummy smile, “Are you sure you don’t wanna hear me out? I think you’d be very interested in what I have to say.”
Only then you realized that there were candles lit and a bouquet of flowers, studying the room carefully before whispering, “What are you doing, Yoongi?”
A few moments later the two of you were sitting down on the couch and even though the situation felt a bit awkward you at least didn’t want to cry anymore. 
“God, I have no idea how to start this so please bear with me,” Yoongi was nervous, the way he was rubbing his thumb and index finger together giving it away to you. Most people would probably not know about such weird little habits but you’ve seen him do this exact thing everytime he was thinking about what to say.
“You caught me off guard yesterday but when I said that I didn’t know you were feeling that way that didn’t mean I don’t feel the same for you. If I am honest, I didn’t think about you as anything more than a friend before but when you started to avoid me I realized just how much I care about you, more than I cared about anyone else,” still playing with his fingers he lightly chewed on his bottom lip. 
“And when you kissed me yesterday,” he continued, the slight sparkle in his eyes not going unnoticed by you, “It made so much sense suddenly. It was like I finally realized what was in front of me all the time. But you have to understand that I was overwhelmed too. You already knew about your feelings before that kiss but I didn’t – so I’m so sorry that I reacted as shocked as I did but it was a lot to process.”
First, you felt like he had to be kidding, as if you had to look for the hidden cameras because this certainly had to be a prank. But when he reached for your hand to hold it while giving you his little confession, you wondered if this was actually going the way you always craved.
“This is not at all easy for me. I have never before– you know yourself... that I... never really– not like this at least,” he stuttered and you were not able to hide a small chuckle, “I like you.”
“I like you too,” you couldn’t help but grin – how could you not grin like a fool?
Now he was grinning too, putting his hand over his heart, “The way you just kissed me yesterday. I didn’t know you had that in you.”
Out of reflex, you rolled your eyes and hit him lightly, “You will forever tease me about this, won’t you?”
His gums were showing, your favorite smile of his, “Yes. It’s so unlike you. I’ll tell our children about how their mother was the one to make the first step.”
Scoffing, you shook your head, “Our children? Don’t you want to ask me out on a date first?”
“I do. Many dates,” he promised, his smile slowly vanishing as he became more serious, “But first, I want to– no actually, I need to kiss you.”
With that, his lips found yours one more time, his hand holding your face before he placed a smaller kiss right beside your lips.
“Over and over.”
Another kiss a bit lower, “And again.”
Another kiss on your jawline, “And again.”
“I could get used to that,” you closed your eyes, enjoying the attention he was finally giving you.
“Oh, you better get used to it,” Yoongi smirked before placing another kiss on your neck, “Didn’t you complain about me never sleeping with anyone I have feelings for? I think I’m ready to change that.”
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jiminrings · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
wordcount: 3k
glimpse: shouldn’t this be the part where you tell him not to stay out too late?
alternatively, yoongi thinks you hate him because you don’t coddle him after a fight.
[ So Much Pining but they’re already in a relationship lol, some angst from a lil fight, yoongi likes being chased but u don’t indulge him this time, 10/10 wholesome ]
notes: a little something as i come back to writing <3 this is a new fic universe altogether and may be a slice of life series :O
as always, lmk what you think <3 send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! even replying to this post sends me over the moon :)
Yoongi relishes in being difficult.
He’s difficult in the way that he’s stubborn for whatever it is, no matter how low he could stoop. It’s definitely a working progress, but your boyfriend just stillhasn’t shaken the urge to always have the last say.
It wasn’t a deep control thing, honestly — Yoongi just really loves pushing your buttons. 
If Yoongi could find a route to piss you off, he’d take a million little detours in the process just for you to take the cake by the end of it. When you present to him a simple yes or no question, he’d find a way to shift the topic altogether for your conversation to go absolutely nowhere.
He’s annoying, there’s really no doubt about it. It was a learning curve at first because seeing your then-boyfriend (now your husband) become snarky at you for surprisingly no reason at all wasn’t exactly the best feeling. All it took was a simple call to Jin, Yoongi’s closest friend, to make you realize that he was just being playful. Your boyfriend being a brat to you, simply put into words, is his love language.
It’s the tiny accumulative moments where he purposely irritates you that in hindsight, it’s become oddly endearing. 
When you pick where to order take-out because Yoongi keeps saying whatever, he whines to no end once the food arrives because apparently, it’s not what he had in mind. You used to be so pissed about it that you’ll order what he wants, but nowadays, you just tell him to suck it up and put more food on his plate.
When you do all the laundry in one go (no, the colors don’t bleed together) and Yoongi insists that you do separate batches for each color that he could enumerate, you would try and appease him by pretending to separate each one. Now, all that Yoongi gets is a high-pitched sarcastic compliment for knowing all his colors.
Whatever Yoongi purposely gave you to incite a reaction, it all melted into your understanding that this was just him. You’re no longer affected by the tiny little things because weirdly enough, they no longer serve its purpose of annoying you. 
It’s just like taking care of Ginger, the spoiled little family cat you grew to take care of back in your childhood home. When she was still a kitten, she’d purposely go up your shelves, look at you in the eye before dropping an item, and you’re leaping after the orange devil to reprimand her. When she became an adult, she still had the same annoying tendencies, and yet you evolved enough not to even bat an eye when she does it now.
Yoongi being annoying to you now isn’t the same thing of him being annoying to you back then. What you used to hate, you now tolerate. What used to piss you off, now makes you endeared. When your husband pushes your buttons now, you’re reminded of how much more mischievous he used to be and the memories that came with it.
This is now your peak — there’s really nothing Yoongi could do that make you fazed anymore.
In a great bout of karma, this is Yoongi’s trough. 
You barely give him an adverse reaction nowadays and that scares him right to his core because you used to be soenthusiastic over him. There’d be days where he picks fights intentionally and you’d spend the whole night trying to make it up to him, even if he necessarily wasn’t in the right.
Yoongi thinks that he’s witnessing himself being old news right in front of you and it scares him. 
You’re more well-versed when it comes to this. You’re the more attentive, more vocal lover between the two of you. You’re the one who can read minds and interpret actions. You’re the one who tends to be more confrontational and he’s the passive one. You’re the one who makes sure that a night wouldn’t pass without the two of you making up.
Yoongi, who thought this was the best thing he’s ever thought of until twenty minutes ago, decides to rekindle your romance by picking a fight with you.
Twenty minutes later, he’s never regretted a decision more in his life.
“I’m going out.” 
He announces as the last resort, head pounding because the fight became bigger than necessary. It’s 9 in the evening and he isn’t even dressed to be going out, his matching pajamas with you too soft and too worn to be even seen wearing while driving in the comfort of his own car.
Yoongi feels tears pricking in his eyes because clearly you laid onto him just as much as he made digs at you tonight, but what’s even more hurtful is that looking at you now, you don’t even look as startled as he is.
Maybe it’s just his mind. His silly, smooth, little mind that thinks the fight was bigger than it actually was. It was just a tiny argument about him baselessly accusing you of not putting in any effort that went off-topic for a brief second. In reality, it really was just a casual fight that most married couples have on a rare weekend but to Yoongi, it was explosive.
It was far more hurtful than he anticipated because in his eyes now, you don’t love him that much anymore.
“Okay. Go ahead,” you mumble for him to hear, putting away leftovers like any other night. You meticulously wrap the plates with cling wrap, your back turned to him when you mutter. “I hope the door hits your ass on the way out.”
“O-oh?” Yoongi backtracks when he hears your go-ahead, literally shell-shocked to see that you’re not stopping him. He wipes away his tears before you turn your neutral gaze back to him, swallowing the lump on his throat. “I’m going now. To get some air.”
“Okay, Yoongi.”
He’s done this before. There’s been fights where you tell him not to walk out on you and he complies. There’s also been fights where he walks out anyways, but you’d always tell him I love you and not to stay out too late.
He’s attempting the second option because clearly, you’re not pleading for him to talk this out and later on could the two of you get some air together.
“I’m really, really going now.”
He looks at you with shaky eyes, clearly pleading for you to indulge him by making him stay. 
You see right through him. You see right through your husband and in any other day would you just laugh this off, but tonight isn’t working for you. You were tired from work, Yoongi picked a fight with you for no reason, and you neither have the energy to tolerate nor chase him.
Every now and then, you should stop coddling Yoongi and give him exactly what he claims to want.
“Okay. Bye.”
You leave no room for any more replies, sauntering over the stairs without looking back.
Yoongi doesn’t want to look like a coward for not following through what he said so he audibly opens the door with the creak being heard all the way up the stairs. He’s not even a fourth out of the door but his bottom lip already blubbers, legs trembling from another type of chill that his pajamas can’t protect him from.
Shouldn’t this be the part where you tell him not to stay out too late?
( ♡ )
It’s 9:30 on a Saturday, Yoongi’s at a friend’s club wearing his sleeping pajamas on, drinking Pocari Sweat because crying on the way here really dehydrated him.
Yoongi is not doing well.
Jin’s originally here to survey his club at a peak night, but that plan went downhill as soon as Yoongi spotted him and immediately clung to his back asking for electrolyte water.
“Call Y/N using my phone.”
Yoongi mumbles when the two of them are settled at a secluded booth, all the noise being significantly decreased but not enough for it to be unrecognizable that he’s at a club through a phone call.
“And why exactly would I do that?” Jin snorts, already having an inkling to know where this is going from having a quick run-down from your husband himself.
He’s just about to lecture him with the words he’s always been wanting to say; something along the words that Yoongi’s bratty tendencies were eventually gonna bite him in the ass hard.
Seokjin doesn’t get to do that though because a phone is thrust to his face that it almost punches him, making him faux spit into nothing and wave off his bodyguards standing at a distance from him.
“Quick. She’s probably worried sick about me!” Yoongi convinces Jin, or atleast tries to because he’s the one that needs it. You’re probably wondering where he is, right? There may be no texts in his inbox, but who’s to say that you’re telepathically texting him to ask what time he’s coming home… right?
“No she’s not,” he sing-songs. He plans to annoy his friend for about 98% the time he’s going to be here (he’s gonna send him home to you anyway before 10:30) and the other 2% for semi-sincere consoling.
Then an idea pops into Jin’s head.
“What should I say?” he suddenly and eagerly takes up Yoongi on his request, not waiting for an answer before the perfect scenario pops in his head. “Ah wait, let me be in charge of that.”
Jin’s already pressing to call you much faster to Yoongi’s expectations because he really thought that it would take more amounts of convincing to do this. The phone’s put on speaker and as soon as it rings, Yoongi feels the urge to duck. He’s steadily about to snatch his phone back but you answer your phone even faster than he could do that.
“Hi Y/N!” Seokjin beams and it makes you smile from the other end, a clue already being filled in your head where exactly your husband went to. “Whatcha doing?” 
Jin makes conversation with you on Yoongi’s phone, sleazily smiling as he takes it off of speaker as soon as his friend hears your voice. Yoongi clearly takes an outrage with that but he contains it when Jin fully extends his arm out, holding him back by the face.
“Ugh, did you make popcorn? No way, not one burnt kernel? I knew it-!” Jin yelps when Yoongi bites his palm, quickly standing up from his seat in the booth so Yoongi couldn’t catch up with him. “I told you- I told you that brand’s way better!” 
“She’s not asking why you’re using my phone?” Yoongi whisper-yells as he circles around Seokjin, hands anxiously attempting to grab his phone back. “She’s not asking about me?”
Jin hears him loud and clear but he pretends not to, only sparing a glance. “Did you use the microwave preset? Personally I recommend only popping it in for two minutes and fifteen seconds because- motherfucker!”
Yoongi pinches him by the nape quite harshly like how you’d do with a kitten and it makes Jin freeze for a brief second, stealing his phone back with the call on-going.
“Y/N!” he almost yells to the phone, the momentary silence making it sink to him that he’s finally talking to you after so long. 
Read: it has only been forty minutes.
“What?” you groan into the phone, pushing your voice to be further disinterested. You’re no longer mad at him anymore — you’re just having some bit of fun at this point.
“I-I...” the words dissolve quickly on his tongue, the taste being bitter once again even when he was certain that the Pocari washed it out earlier. Yoongi says the next best thing he could that first pops up into his head, the random blurting of words being amusing even for Jin’s bodyguards.
“I uhm, I have a splinter.”
“Then take it out.”
“It hurts,” he whines at another attempt, screwing his eyes shut at the secondhand embarrassment because from the corner of his eye, one of the three bodyguards is actually clutching at his stomach from laughing. 
“Have Jin do it for you then.”
“Jin and I are in the club, by the way!” he reminds you, perking up slightly now that you indirectly acknowledged where he is and who he’s with.
Just one last pathetic attempt of skirting around and if it doesn’t work, Yoongi will immediately come home to you.
“Is the popcorn good?” 
Read: it doesn’t work.
Jin steals his phone back before he could even hear your response to his dumb-witted question, getting a painful run-down from his friend instead. “You’re painful to watch, y’know that?”
He sighs disappointedly at Yoongi, rolling his eyes before pressing the phone to his ear. “So? What’s it taste like? It’s not really oily, I told you already. The cheese doesn’t smell obnoxious either. Because actually — exactly! It doesn’t stain your fingers!”
Yoongi… will lose it. But before he loses it completely, he gathers all his remaining sanity to continue your tradition while Jin keeps you preoccupied. He spots two things quickly and puts it into his arms with no semblance of shame, even if Jin’s bodyguards saw him technically shoplifting. Yoongi thinks it doesn’t count as such because Jin already knows about the tradition between the two of you, and as predicted, his friend just waves him off in acknowledgement.
It’s a tiny tradition.
Whenever one of you goes somewhere without the other, it’s a rule to bring back a souvenir. There’s no specifications to it, just whatever item you could bring back as proof that you thought about the other while you were out.
Some of the souvenirs you brought home to Yoongi: a pretty rock, a duvet cover, a liter of hand sanitizer, a designer card wallet, and a scrunchie with his name embroidered on it.
Some of the souvenirs Yoongi brought home to you: a fancy teaspoon, a hotel pillow, ten perfume testers at the same time, a remote holder, and a teddy bear with his voice as its squeezable heart.
Yoongi thinks that he doesn’t have shoplifting tendencies but in hindsight of some of the souvenirs he’s gotten you, there may be a pattern to it.
“You brought home... a shot glass.”
You look at the tiny glass, the remnants of electrolyte water still swishing around it.
“Wrong,” he sternly replies, bringing an item from behind his back that couldn’t be anymore obvious even if he tried. “I brought home a shot glass and a tiny potted plant.”
“Since when did bars have potted plants?” you mutter in disbelief, taking the miniature bonsai from him and looking at it in wonder.
“Since tonight! Jin’s, I don’t know, entrepreneurial like that. I wanted to show it to you so I brought it home.”
Your husband says it’s like the most obvious thing to do; his desire for you to know that he indeed thought about you while he was gone manifesting into bringing home one shot glass, and one tiny bonsai to prove it.
“You stole it, Yoongs.”
The amusement lilts in your voice and Yoongi catches on to it, but he just can’t seem to let it go, a little upset that you’re focused on him “stealing” it instead of the fact that he’d go through whatever lengths for you.
“Again, I brought it home because I wanted you to see it!”
“You could’ve just sent me a picture,” you giggle, setting down the pot on your side table. You peel back the covers you momentarily left, patting the spot beside you and Yoongi clearly could not have went to bed any more eager than this.
“How was I supposed to know?” he mumbles in defeat, a frown on his face. “You probably would’ve iced me out.”
“You didn’t even ask me what time I’d get home.” 
Yoongi sighs and even if the moment’s already been significantly lightened with the souvenirs, it brings you a greater relief now that your husband’s choosing to say what’s exactly bothering him instead of pissing you off.
“You didn’t even chase me through the door! I didn’t even want to go!” he’s almost one step into a tantrum and you have to hold him by the arm to not get too carried away by reminiscing, rolling your eyes when you hold him closer.
“You went out because you thought I’d chase you.”
“Exactly,” he affirms, albeit a little upset now that he’s confirmed you knew all along. “Can’t you just chase after me?” Yoongi asks innocently, soft eyes staring you down.
The moment’s too tender that it makes your shoulders hunch, hand automatically moving to the side of his face to guide him into nuzzling into the crook of your neck — a move he looks forward to especially after tonight.
“I’m not always gonna chase after you, Yoongi,” you confide, lips brushing on his temple. “You’re just so damn stubborn sometimes. Like, makes-my-jaw-clench type of stubborn.”
“I’m sorry,” Yoongi sincerely apologizes, his face still buried to your neck with his arms clinging around your middle. “I guess I’m just so used to you making amends with me that it makes me act out on purpose.”
Yoongi faults himself at the end of the night this time, without your prompting, and you can’t deny that it makes your heart full.
“I’m sorry, baby.”
He lifts his head up to look at you directly, lips puffed into a pout with his eyes in slow blinks. “Yoongi’s very sorry.”
Maybe you spoke too soon. Maybe Yoongi’s just always gonna be slightly annoying.
“Did you just talk about yourself in third-person?” you mumble, eyes suddenly snapping open when it sinks into you.
“Isn’t it cuter that way? Is it working?” your husband heartily laughs, stretching his arms out to put around you and invade your personal space even more. “Why, do you feel it working?”
“I don’t know what to feel about it, that’s for sure,” you chuckle, the atmosphere completely lightened at this point.
“I promise I’ll try not to be difficult anymore. Won’t piss you off either.”
“That doesn’t happen overnight, Yoonie.” 
Yoongi’s just… mischievous. His love language was to pull stuff with you and although it keeps you on your toes more often than necessary, you wouldn’t be tired of him.
“Tell you what, promise me this instead,” you turn right when Yoongi was about to do it himself so he could bury his face to the crook of your neck again, blinking owlishly to listen at what you have to say.
“Try to chase after me too. Let me be the difficult one sometimes.” 
Yoongi smiles, the switch being more than intriguing. “M’kay. That’s not as hard to promise doing.”
The concept of it makes him happy too much that it lingers there, reverting back to calling you his term of endearment for you and that’s when you know that there’s nothing left unresolved between the two of you now.
“I like that, bear. You should try picking fights with me too. It’s fun sometimes, trust me!”
“I can tell,” you hum, blindly reaching out your arm to turn off the nightlight at your side.
“Yoongi likes that.”
“Stop talking about yourself in third person.”
“I think it’s already growing on me,” Yoongi admits, tilting his head and knowing for a fact that it would take more than fifteen minutes to sleep tonight while in thought.
“Is it gonna stick?” 
The groan leaves you automatically and by the lack of response, you already know your answer.
“Bear,” you hum. “If you keep doing that, I’m gonna pick a fight with you tomorrow, alright?”
“M’kay! Remind me tomorrow what time you’re gonna start pissing me off, yeah?” he grins from ear to ear, not requiring a nightlight to see that your husband looks at you so fondly.
“Good night, baby,” Yoongi finally bids you, pressing a tender kiss right to your lips before tucking you with the comforter exactly how you liked it. “Loving you is my favorite part of the chase.”
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sxtaep · 3 months ago
oblivious - m.yg
Tumblr media
summary: do best friends normally have such lewd thoughts about each other?
Tumblr media
pairing — yoongi x female reader
genre — smut, fluff
word count — 594
warnings — bestfriends!au, dom!yoongi, sub!oc, kinda fluffy and soft at the beginning, teasing, hickeys, dirty talk, grinding, clothes on clothes action (i think that’s what it’s called)
a/n: rewrote one of my VERY old drabbles from 2020..
Tumblr media
You were currently on the couch, Yoongi’s arms draped over your body, as you straddled his lap and laid your head in his chest.
You could hear the pace of his heartbeat; calm and quiet, enough to make you zone out and fall into your own little world.
Your relationship with Yoongi was simple.
Best friends.
Nothing more, nothing less. 
But Yoongi yearned for more.
He wanted to take you on dates, take cute couple photos with you, buy you romantic gifts, go on a getaway with you, but he always thought that being with you was a long shot, so he never tried making a move on you.
What if the feelings weren’t mutual?
It would hurt his pride too much.
But do best friends straddle and cuddle each other like they do?
Unaware of his thoughts, you bury your face into the crook of his neck, smiling to yourself as you get a whiff of his natural scent; somewhat refreshing and calming.
Yoongi wraps his arms around you tighter, holding you as close as possible to him.
You trace your finger over the skin of his neck, causing him to shiver slightly and you to prop yourself up on your palms.
You look up at him and see him looking up at the ceiling, avoiding your gaze.
He was down bad.
“Yoongi, are you okay?”
He nods as he runs his hands over the silk fabric of your robe. “I’m fine, just... continue what you were doing.”
You cock an eyebrow and smirk, leaning in towards his neck, but this time, instead of using your finger, you use your lips.
You press your lips against his neck, softly kissing and sucking on the area, giving it small licks. You run the tip of your nose over his skin, moving down towards his collarbones and doing the exact same thing as before, making sure to leave a mark.
Yoongi’s hands move down to your hips, gripping them tightly and slowly moving them back and forth against his growing erection. He groans quietly as you let out a lewd moan, feeling his erection somehow slip past your robe and fit perfectly between your legs, rubbing against your soaking heat.
“Y— yoongi...” you moan breathlessly against his ear, your sounds driving him insane.
“Fuck Y/N, I’ve wanted you for so fucking long, you have no idea..” he groans, his hands moving south to knead the flesh of your ass.
Honestly, you weren’t surprised about his sudden confession, you always knew he fancied you, but you didn’t wanna act on it in case something went wrong.
“No, baby, I know..” you whisper.
How could a single pet name have his chest tightening.
“Do you really?” Yoongi questions, making you pull away from him, giving him a questioning look.
“What do you mean?” you ask, tilting your head to the side.
“For months, I dreamt about pounding your tight little cunt,” he says, pushing his erection harder against you, making you whimper quietly. “Do you know how hard it is for me to control myself around you? For me to not force you onto your knees and suck my cock?”
His words had knocked the air out of your lungs as you stared at him  gobsmacked. 
If you knew how he felt sooner, you would’ve approached him first.
“N— no..”
“Exactly, because you’re so oblivious,” he tsks.
He pulls down the material of your robe off your shoulders, placing a small kiss against your soft skin
“Now that you know, why don’t you get to work?”
Tumblr media
please do not repost my works onto any platforms.
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taetaespeaches · a month ago
“I was so good at keeping all of this a secret.”
yoongi x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1.9K
a/n: For my lovely @rkivedfiles​, and all the rest of you as well <3 This is simply Kid watching the That That mv with Yoongi for the first time. She’s whipped, we’re all whipped, the song is a bop, I mean what else is there to say? I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
p.s. I wrote this very quickly and I wasn’t planning on writing anything so ignore the fact that it may be poorly written xo 
Tumblr media
Sitting on your sofa, you impatiently tapped your foot as you glared at the empty hallway that led from the bedroom to the living space. You had less than two minutes. The countdown was ticking away, and your boyfriend was taking his sweet ass time. Huffing, you threw yourself against the back of the sofa in a dramatic fashion, despite no one being there to see your performance.
“Min!” You shouted in annoyance, accompanied by a groan.
“I’m coming, practice some patience for once,” he called back, a smile obvious in his tone. Rolling your eyes to no one, you bit back a grin of your own. You were briefly distracted from your boyfriend’s looming tardiness by your phone buzzing against the couch cushion. Looking down at the device, you were surprised to see your dad’s contact ID on the screen.
Pulling your eyebrows together in confusion, you unlocked the message to find: Watching this countdown thing, Yoongi and Psy fighting!
“What are you smiling at?” Yoongi’s voice sounded above you, making you look up at him, your grin only growing bigger. Turning the phone towards your boyfriend, you watched as he leaned forward to read the message. “Oh my god,” he said in shock before a gummy smile stretched across his features.
“Who knew my dad was a Psy stan,” you giggled, Yoongi’s shoulders shaking in laughter as he took a seat next to you.
“Hey, maybe he’s a Suga stan,” Yoongi suggested teasingly.
“Mhmm, that too,” you dismissed, sending your dad a starry eyed emoji before turning your attention to the laptop sitting in front of you on the coffee table. “You were almost late,” you lightly scolded.
“I’m right here with twenty seconds to spare,” he pointed out, the countdown running through the last several seconds.
“You know, I deserve some praise or something,” you told your boyfriend, looking at him with your eyebrows raised. When he returned your expression with one of confusion and skepticism, you rolled your eyes. “I was so good at keeping all of this a secret.”
“Oh, jesus,” the man breathily chuckled.
“I could have so easily leaked those selfies you sent me from set,” you noted jokingly. “I didn’t even brag to the girls about hearing the song before anyone else.”
“That’s literally not even true, and I know that because Peachy Keen came storming into my studio demanding to hear it because you had rubbed it in her face that you got to listen,” he informed you, making you flash a guilty grin.
When the video started on the screen you shushed him with a wave of your hand. “It’s starting,” you told him, Yoongi chuckling as he turned to the screen.
The song was good. Like really good. Which you already knew but goddamn, “it’s so good,” you groaned in appreciation.
“You’ve heard it before,” he reminded you.
“It doesn’t make it any less good,” you replied.
You knew Yoongi was showing up soon, and Yoongi knew you were excited with the way your hand found his thigh, simply setting it there in anticipation. When the music cut for a moment and a sexy Suga dressed in white dropped into the shot, you jolted back in surprise, letting out a shriek of excitement. You could feel Yoongi’s shoulders shake in silent laughter next to you.
“Ass! I know that ass very well,” you flirted, Yoongi snorting as he shook his head. “There he is, let’s go,” you yelled out as Yoongi walked toward Psy in the music video. The next few seconds were filled with silence as you anticipated his verse, your face stretched into a giddy beam. As soon as the man opened his mouth on the screen, your hand gripped Yoongi’s thigh in utter thrill.
Your smile widened as you squealed when the scene changed to a bar setting, the camera spinning around Yoongi as he continued to spit his expertly written verse. Hand slapping his leg, you screeched out, “oh my god, you’re so hot!”
“Ow,” your boyfriend chuckled, clasping his hand over yours to stop you from beating his thigh any further. Wrapping it up in both his hands, he sat watching you as you reacted to him on the screen, squeezing his hand tightly.
When Psy started slapping Yoongi, you gasped, thoroughly amused, your excitement only growing when Yoongi slapped the man back in accordance with the song. The moment your boyfriend said his own name, along with Psy’s real name, you clutched your heart dramatically.
“You should say your own name more often,” you noted, Yoongi smiling as he shook his head.
“Does that do it for you?” He flirted, you nodding back.
“So hot,” you beamed.
The next scene which displayed a beaten Psy lying on Yoongi’s lap sent you into fits of laughter. “Look at your acting,” you pointed at the screen with your hand that wasn’t wrapped up in Yoongi’s. “Oh my god, get this man in a drama stat!”
“Shut up,” he smiled bashfully.
In the next moment Yoongi and Psy were thrown into the intense choreo the man had been adorably complaining about for weeks. I’m not a dancer, I was supposed to just write and produce, he would say when he arrived home with a cute pout, only for you to tell him that he’s been a professional dancer since 2013.
“Come on choreo!” You shouted at the screen, squeezing Yoongi’s hand even tighter as you bopped along to the beat of the song. “I love the guns with the hip thrusts, that’s incredible,” you noted excitedly. “This is so fucking good, go funky little dancer man!”
The man was cackling next to you as you leaned closer to the laptop to get a better look at his moves.
“You guys look so cool, I was not prepared, Min,” you complained. “You didn’t prepare me for all- you did not just brush your hair back in slow motion,” you cut yourself off as Yoongi and Psy crouched on the roof of a car, your boyfriend looking stellar in his white fit and pushed back black hair. “Min Yoongi!”
“Stop it,” he whined through his gummy grin, completely not serious as he was living for your reactions.
When the song moved into the outro, Psy and Yoongi chanting the lyrics, do what you wanna, say what you wanna, do what you wanna, that that I like that, baby, you couldn’t contain yourself any longer as the choreo peaked and the scenes became more rowdy. “This is so fun,” you whined excitedly, bouncing in your seat as you made Yoongi swing his arms around with yours, unable to hold your body back from dancing along.
As the absolute bop your boyfriend produced came to a close, you turned to face him, your eyes blown wide, your smile even wider. “Amazing,” you said simply, beaming.
“Yeah?” He said reaching up to rub his neck shyly. Despite knowing his talents, he was still a bit doubtful when it came down to releasing new music.  
“Shut up, that was so good and you know it,” you squealed, reaching out with your free hand to squeeze his cheeks, smooshing his lips into a pucker. Leaning forward, you captured his lips in a sweet kiss, Yoongi letting go of your hand to place one of his at the back of your head, ensuring you didn’t slip away from him too quickly as he kissed you more firmly. However, the smile that curved on your lips triggered a grin of his own, both of you giggling into the meeting. “Again, again, again,” you chanted excitedly, turning to the laptop to start the video over. “Hey,was that ass shot just for me?” You teased him as Psy appeared on the screen once again.
“Of course,” he teasingly assured you. “I told the director, hey can you get a shot of my ass for my girlfriend, she would really appreciate that,” he joked, fabricating the story.
“And it is appreciated,” you smirked happily, Yoongi shaking his head as he stood from the sofa.
“I’m gonna get a drink,” he chuckled. “Want anything?”
“Yeah, I do,” you nodded, allowing him to catch the way your eyes glanced down toward his waist. When you pretended to attempt to peer around his body to sneak a look at his butt, he snorted in laughter. “Let me see it.”
“You perv,” he joked, refusing to turn around for you.  
“Yoongi,” you frowned. “I told you I deserve a reward for keeping all this a secret.”
Letting out a silent laugh, he crossed his arms over his abdomen. “You actually said you deserve to be praised.”
“Well now I deserve both,” you insisted, flashing him an innocent smile. Shaking his head at you again, he turned to start toward the kitchen. “I’m checking you out,” you called out to him. At your words, he paused walking, only to wiggle his ass at you cutely, sending you into affectionate squeals and giggles, falling against the back of the sofa as you clutched your heart and kicked your legs in glee. “I want more,” you whined happily.
“So greedy,” he replied, looking over his shoulder at you with a smirk on his pretty face.
“Hey! You’re the one who said ‘do what you wanna, say what you wanna’,” you repeated his lyrics back to him. When the man smiled fondly at you before turning his head back to the kitchen as he started walking again, you giggled, focusing your attention back to the music video.
As you watched Yoongi on the screen, for the second of many more times, your phone buzzed once again, your dad’s ID displayed. Opening the message, you found your dad praising your boyfriend for a job well done.
“Hey Honey Boy,” you called out, waiting for Yoongi’s grunt of acknowledgement. “My dad said, ‘Yoongi did great, very fun and catchy song, adding it to my playlist now.’ it looks like you may have stolen him from Psy,” you beamed.
Yoongi immediately laughed in amusement. “I told you he was watching it for me, Kid.”
“Yeah, yeah, ok, cocky,” you teased. “I’m just gonna tell him you say thank you.”
“I do say thank you,” he told you as he came back into the room, carrying a glass of wine in each hand. “I always have sincere gratitude for my fans, I wouldn’t be here without them,” he added jokingly, making you scoff. “I didn’t even know your dad had a playlist,” he chuckled, thinking about the text message.
Giggling at his comment, you took one of the glasses from him as Yoongi sat next to you once more just in time to see himself go into the outro again. “How do you do that move?” You pointed to the laptop, highlighting the dance move that included him and Psy waving their arms around in circles.
“I’m not teaching you,” he told you in a monotone, already foreseeing his fate.
“Yes you are, you are not even close to being done with this choreo,” you smiled at him. “I need to learn the whole thing.”
“I’m not teaching you,” he repeated, fighting back the smile that was threatening to curve on his lips.
“But you are,” you giggled.
As he sighed, his gummy grin finally broke through, the man averting his gaze from you and the screen and instead pointing his eyes across the room. Setting the wine glass down on the table, you leaned against him, wrapping your arms around his waist. “Seriously though, it’s so good. You did so good.”
Looking down at your face, he flashed you a small but sincere smile, appearing a bit bashful but very thankful. “Thank you,” he whispered, just before pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “Don’t try to soften me up, I’m still not teaching you the dance.”
“You so are!”
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chimivx · 2 months ago
vegas, baby. // myg.
pairing: Idol!Yoongi x Female!Reader ( ot7 at some point )
summary: Dating Yoongi as an Idol used to be easy, and effortless, like pouring you two a glass of wine after one of his shows... However, after the birth of your surprise baby girl, those effortless days have gotten a little harder, you being unable to travel with your daughter. After one lucky doctor's appointment though, things seem to shape up...
words: 6k
warnings: like none, fluff...?, a swear word here or there (not really), does Vegas need its own warning?, Yoongi is overprotective but it's cute, this is heavily unedited, they mention sex vaguely, DAD YOONGI, baby is unnamed ( you get to pick :) )
a/n: hiii, I was very much in love with this one night and it poured out of me, then I fell out of love with it, but I'm proud of it. I feel a fic coming of these two and their prior life, and then completing this one one day... Part 2? Not sure I like where I left this off at, I planned to write more but needed to get this out of my sight for a second, so here it is. :)
*gif not mine, cred to owner*
Tumblr media
Five teeny, soft little fingers wrapped around one of yours.  Driving peacefully for almost twenty minutes, you were grateful for the quiet ride, yet disappointed your seven month old sweetie didn’t take this opportunity to nap.  Instead, your baby girl was lifting her head out of her carseat to peer out the window, enthralled by the Vegas lights that were shining bright as the night grew closer.  She sang out an occasional coo when something was particularly interesting.  Usually it was just the street lights whizzing by, but this time she shrieked, making you jump where you sat beside her.
“Goodness,” You chuckle, bouncing her hand that was grasping onto your middle finger like it was her job.  You were relieved it wasn’t your necklace, or your earrings. Anything shiny and dangling was her favorite thing at the moment, and your poor ears paid the price.  At least she’d grown out of her hair ripping phase, you’d totally take broken jewelry over headaches any day.
At this red light she so happily squealed at, you followed her eyes to where she was staring intently and held yourself back from copying her screech.
 Vegas was painted fucking purple.  
Using your other hand, you pull out your phone and start a video, recording your girl's content expression before panning to the window, taking in everything Vegas had to offer.  It was beautiful, and filled you with absolute joy.  In just a few minutes you’d be back in your boyfriend's arms, and your girl in her father’s.
“Dada,” You say softly, catching her attention.  She turned her chin, giving you a big smile.  Always such a calm, happy little girl.  Her father thanked you for that, knowing damn well her smiley personality didn’t come from him which you were ready to defend every time.  If anyone was the calm, unbothered, unpredictably silly one it was definitely Yoongi.
“De… De…” Your baby stammered, trying to mimic you.  You’ve been working on ‘dada’ since Yoongi left two weeks ago, but she still hasn’t been able to pick it up.  She was fluent in ‘mama’s’ and the occasionally surprising ‘Kookie’ that sounded more like ‘Koo-hee’, but had come out clear as day one night while you and Yoongi were snuggled up with her in your bed.
Side by side in the center of the bed underneath the fluffy white duvet, Yoongi had your little one on his lap, making faces at her that had her belly laughing like you’d never heard before.  It was late, close to midnight.  Yoongi had gotten home later than expected from a rehearsal for Vegas with the guys.  At seven months your girl was on a schedule, and she was, again, like her father and adored her sleep, however tonight was special.  Yoongi was leaving for Vegas in a couple of days, and you’d both be without him for two weeks before you were flown out to see the show, so you didn’t mind keeping her up to soak up as much time with her daddy as she could.  Partially, you did it for yourself.  You knew that if she was up, he’d stay up, giving you more time as well.
“You are so silly,” Yoongi said, then stuck his tongue out and squeezed his eyes shut, getting her to crack another giggle, “Can’t wait for her to be around the guys again.” He sighs, bouncing her up and down for a second.  She ate it up, her big, toothless smile wide as she kept her eyes on him.  It goes without saying that she was a daddy’s girl, but he was just as much, if not more, of a sucker for her.
“She gets to see them,” You reassure him, knowing her bond with his friends was important to him, “Kook was here just last night.”
“I mean… all together, all of us.  While we’re being… us,” His eyes left his little girl for a second to peer over at his first girl, “She’s never been to a show, this is gonna be huge.” You smile, your heart warming over how much this meant to him.  Yoongi’s work was his life, his first love, his everything.  For him to start to share that with the tiny family he’s created, the tiny family that he adores more than life, was incredibly important.
“It is huge,” You nod, agreeing with him.  You hadn’t been to a show since you could last travel while you were pregnant, and even then it was one of the shows that was pre-filmed, edited, or a performance for television.  You missed out when Permission to Dance shows started, having your girl in September when the first live streamed show was about to happen.  Funny enough, your girl shares a birthday with Jungkook, who now has bragging rights for life and gets to claim himself as the favorite uncle.
She’s been so small, struggling to keep weight on her though she was born on time about a day after your due date, so both you and Yoongi were apprehensive about traveling with her while she was so young.  It was a hard decision that kept you up for nights at a time, shedding some tears together knowing you had to spend time apart during this major shift happening in your lives.  Her health was ultimately the most important thing.
There was a small chance that Permission to Dance LA would have happened for you, but your girl's weight was dropping again, so home it was.  Close to doctors, close to friends, in a familiar, comfortable environment for her.  Seoul was out of the picture, too.  That one hurt Yoongi.  However, under some miracle, your tiny girl was finally gaining some weight and sliding herself into a healthy percentile and keeping herself there.  
You phoned Yoongi the moment you were outside of the doctor's office that day, telling him the good news.  The first thing he said being, “You can come to Vegas.”  And so you were, both of you.
“I’m excited to watch you perform, I miss that so much,” You say, resting your head on his shoulder gently, knowing it was currently wrapped up.  Kissing the top of your head, he sighs, which was funny to your girl making her start to giggle again.
“What has gotten into you!” You laugh with her, taking in how she was sat here admiring her parents with the eyes, you guessed it, she got from her father.
“Tell Mama, my full belly makes me happy, makes me feel good, and makes me a healthy girl,” Yoongi’s voice stole her attention, her smile fading away as she watched him curiously.  Minutes prior to now she had guzzled down her entire bottle in Yoongi’s arms, satisfying all three of you. You sat in comfortable silence for a few seconds before she giggled.
“Mama!” She shouted, “Ma, ma, ma, ma…” She started to bounce again.
“Alright, alright,” Yoongi playfully rolled his eyes and shifted your baby over to your lap where she crawled up to sit on your belly instead of your legs.  That was her spot.  Like clockwork, whenever she wanted to sit with you she’d find your belly and sit there instead.  It’s like she knew she came from the scar on your pelvis, those couple inches permanently marked as her territory.  As insecure as you were about it, Yoongi never failed to tell you almost daily how beautiful it was, and that it was a reminder that the two of you created something so wonderful, sometimes muttered in the dark hours of the night when his lips brushed over it softly.
“You always are a little more silly after you see Uncle Kookie, aren’t you?” You coo, brushing a hand over her dark hair that was once held back with a bow that was ripped out hours ago.  Her record for wearing one was forty five minutes, and she was sleeping for thirty of them.
“Koo-hee,” She mimicked placing her hands on your chest, “Koo-hee!” Her voice went high and shrill, you and Yoongi cringing with laughter.
“Do you love your Uncle Kookie?” Yoongi asked, pleased with how fast she turned to look at him.
“Kookie,” Her voice was a lot softer than it had just come out.  Whipping your heads to look at one another, your jaw fell open.
“No way?” Yoongi stifled a laugh, “She just fully said Kookie.” 
“Koo-heeeeeeeeeeee!” Was almost a scream before she fell into a series of meaningless babbles, tiny fingers gripping at your chest looking for a necklace you knew to take off.
“He’ll never believe us,” You shake your head, and spend the next fifteen minutes trying to get her to repeat Kookie for a camera before putting her down for the night.
Rewatching the video you took, the car resumed its journey.  Opening your messages, you tap on the pinned thread with Yoongi he had named ‘#1 husband😮‍💨’ long before your baby was even born.  The two of you were only dating a month when he changed that.  You sent him the video giving him a little hint of where you were.  You told him you’d left the hotel, and you planned to keep it at that, maybe surprising him with your arrival, but the video was too cute not to send.
Typing bubbles appeared, then disappeared.  Appeared again, then disappeared.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: My girls my girls my girls my girls my girls
Was the first message to pop up.  Cheesing at it hard, you double tap it to give it a heart.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: You put her in purple Taehyung is going to go nuts
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: She matches the lights
[you]: I think she knows we’re going somewhere exciting.  She hasn’t slept since she woke up today.  Hope she doesn’t get cranky.
Glancing over to her while you waited for a response, your girl was already watching you.  You wiggle the finger she had her lethal grip on and smile.
“Gonna see Dada… Dada…” You try again, defeated.  You really wished she would say it, especially today.
“Gonna see… Uncle Kookie,” You tilt your head and she grins.  Uh oh, here it comes.
“Koo-HEEEE!” She shrieks, and you apologize to the driver who only laughs with you.  The buzz of your phone on your lap stole your attention.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: She’ll be too excited to be cranky
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: I know I’m a little cranky…….. cause I’ve been without you for forever
Your cheeks flush pink, wondering where he was to even get away with texting you like this.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: Six babysitters.  Empty dressing room….. Just saying
Actually thinking about it, it was deemed possible.  That’s how you guys used to go about it anyway, too hot for each other to wait until you were in the privacy of your own space.  Dressing rooms, public restrooms, his studio, an empty room at Hybe while he rehearsed… the list shamelessly went on.  It actually came as a very little surprise to some of the members when Yoongi told them you were pregnant.
Though you were still young, and still hot for each other in the same teenage fueled lusty way, you were parents now and you wondered if you should adhere to golden parent standards.  Plus, you’re a little shocked to see Yoongi say he’d let his girl out of his sight in a place she didn’t know.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: On second thought I can wait.  I’ll keep it together even though I know you’re wearing the jeans that kill me in every way shape and form
You smirk.  They were worn on purpose.  For this purpose.  It was no lie, you wanted him just as badly as he wanted you.  Yeah, you were parents, but that didn’t mean you weren’t allowed to tease him.
Sending him a winking emoji, you then peer over at your girl who’s eyes were back out the window, now checking out the masses of people surrounding the venue her daddy was about to bring to the ground.
“Hoooolyyy…” You mumble under your breath, having forgotten what this part of this life was like.  It’s not that you forgot, you remember quite vividly.  You actually used to wait in these crowds with friends to get the full experience, and it was always way too much fun.
Dating wasn’t something that was advertised for Idol’s, so it was very unlikely that one would go public with a partner, especially a member of BTS.  Rumors totally stirred every now and then, but you and Yoongi were never the culprits of any… Though, when you’d attend shows there were a few ARMY who’d stare a little too long, curiously.  It’s incredible how you would get away with it, attending every show without anyone wondering why or how you were at another one.
Your socials were completely private.  Instagram was the only platform you found fun anyway, using it as an archive (an idea that Namjoon will say he did NOT steal from you).  You followed a couple of friends, family, and all seven of the boys of course.  You were careful of who was following you, making sure you trusted them to their core before allowing them access to photos of your life, you, you and Yoongi, and now, you, Yoongi and your girl. 
Private’d accounts from Hybe and the team followed you, keeping tabs on all socials at all times for your own safety.  Even when posting photos of your baby you were sure to keep most of her face hidden in the slight chance that something could possibly happen.  Photos with Yoongi were abstract as well, keeping details to minimum, showing only the parts that mattered, and very rarely were the two of you fully in one together.  You liked to edit and post this way, your Instagram became more of a passion project for you, documenting your life and scrapbooking it onto a feed that flowed beautifully.
The crowd outside the stadium was flowing into the streets, there were so many people.  People of all ages, not just what someone assumes a fan of the boys would look like.  There were parents with their kids, groups of teenagers, young adults, and even families attending with their grandparents.
The younger side of ARMY were the ones who’d eye you up occasionally.  Waiting in the lines with them was exciting, you loved the atmosphere they created.  The chants, the way they’d talk about their biases (that you later would tell said bias about), the sea of voices singing their songs during soundcheck… It was invigorating to see that side of it, getting perspective on how huge it all really was.
You’d be sent out there incognito with a couple of friends you’d met through the boys and the team, and per Yoongi’s request, a member of security that they allowed you to dress up to fit in with ARMY.  The poor guard assigned that job quickly became Jimin’s biggest fan.  You got him a different Jimin t-shirt for each show, accessorizing him head to toe in other merch associated with the It Boy.
Maybe the girls weren’t actually looking at you…
“Pulling around, we are license plate…” The driver spoke into something that resembled a cell phone, and suddenly the windows fell dark.  Your little one looked at you with wide eyes, hers adjusting to the darkness.  “Yes, just her and the baby.  Approaching the gate now, confirming with code…” Life was so different now compared to how these nights used to go.  Sure, security was always this tight and strict, and sometimes you would try to challenge it a bit to see what you could get away with.  You never pushed too far, it was only just you and Yoongi seeing how long you could escape for before Namjoon and the team got ticked off, but now it was different.  Much different.  There was a tiny person involved, a tiny person you made with the person that probably requested his team go through this much trouble for.  You appreciated it, it definitely was relieving some of the anxiety you were keeping packed away.  You trusted ARMY to the fullest, but even they knew there were some uncertainties amongst those who only acted as if they were true…
Before leaving the hotel you checked your bag six times, making sure you had absolutely everything you could possibly need for your girl.  She had a change of clothes, plenty of diapers, her favorite snacks, formula, toys… She was ready for her first BTS concert.
“Oh, baby girl, you are in for it,” You whisper under your breath as the car pulls into a garage underneath the stadium after passing through a gate that loudly clanged shut behind the car.  The lights that were now shining bright outside of the tinted windows were making her squint, making you giggle as you hurried to undo her seat buckles before the car was even parked.
“Mamaaaa,” She sang sweetly, watching you.  Leaning over her, you kiss her forehead.
“My babyyy,” You copied her sing-songy tone that made her kick her legs and shake her hands happily, “Such a happy girl,” You smile, “Let’s go find Dada.” 
Once the car was in park, you scoop your girl out of her carseat, letting her make a biiig stretch that you had to comment on before tucking her and her purple fit into your chest.
That’s when she spotted it.  It was smooth, and giving off a chrome sparkle when the lights from outside would hit it.  It was in the shape of a small heart with a ‘Y’ on it in pretty lettering.  Her tiny hand went in the air, eyes on the prize, but you caught her fingers before they could reach the necklace Yoongi bought you for your last anniversary.
“No, please, no,” You hide your demise behind a short laugh and scoot to the edge of the seats, waiting for your door to be opened.  Per protocol, you were not allowed to exit the vehicle until the door was opened for you by a team member.  More safety precautions.
From around the corner, a group of people all dressed in black covered with headsets and wires appeared, spreading out in the garage, scoping the scene.  Your eyes scanned them at lightning speed, looking for a face that could be out here secretively.  You knew pretty much everybody on this team, and they knew you.
One of the tallest guys nodded to everyone else and turned his chin to speak into the walky-talky that was pinned to his shoulder.  You assumed that was confirmation they could come and get you.
Two members approached the car, one coming to open the door and the other going toward the opening trunk to grab your things.
“Hello! Welcome!” Was said your way as you stepped onto the concrete.  The garage was echoey, every single sound bouncing off the grey walls.  Your little one nuzzled her head into your neck, hiding her face from the bright lights and the sharp sounds.  Cradling the back of her head, you kiss her cheek, whispering comforting words to her to keep her relaxed.
Your bag was passed along, a team member carrying it as everyone started to follow you toward the doors.
“Do we need the car seat?” Was called out amidst the movement, and with a simple shake of your head you let them know they could leave it behind.  There were going to be plenty of eager arms to hold her here.
“Suga at doors three and four,” Was mumbled somewhere next to you, and your heart shot out of your chest, “Approaching that entrance now.”  You were about to see him for the first time in two weeks.  He was about to see you for the first time in two weeks.  You and your girl were here, at one of his shows, for the first time together.
Biting onto your bottom lip with force, the nervousness that was swirling with excitement inside of you was about to boil over as you rounded the corner to doors labeled ‘3’ and ‘4’.  God, you couldn’t wait to kiss him, or just simply put your hands on him.  He was going to get to cradle your girl and smother her in tiny kisses like he loved to do.  Doing that was the first thing that ever made her laugh.
Members that were many feet in front of you reached the doors first.  You swear you could feel your heart beating in your throat, that’s how nervous you were, and the feeling shot down through your stomach as they grabbed the door handles, but as soon as they were pulled open, every minuscule uncomfortable feeling you were feeling dissipated.
Rocking impatiently side to side, Yoongi’s head shot up once the doors had opened, locking eyes with you instantly.  Heart swelling, feeling overwhelmed, the sight of you coming toward him with your baby in your arms had him squatting down to the floor, covering the bottom half of his face with his hands that were iced out in jewelry.  He wasn’t allowed out of the arena.
“Min Yoongi!” You shout, holding your girl to you tight as you hurried toward him, passing three members on the way.  His eyes crinkled, hands still covering the smile that was growing with each step you took toward him.
More team members and stage hands stood behind him, working efficiently to get the show ready.  One of them paused to try and speak with him, but he sent them away with a wave of his hand, jumping back up to his feet to throw his arms around you as you passed over the threshold, holding you gently, carefully, telling you just how important you were to him.
He was dressed in his first outfit of the night, one of your favorites, all white down to chunky, red detailed sneakers.  It suited him, much like how he wore white to the Grammys, most definitely his color- though you wished they kept the original of this assemble, the all white everything.  
His hair and makeup were already done, a part of the process you adored to watch even if it made him a little shy at times, and he smelled fantastic.  A mixture of something musky along with something sweet.  Whatever it was, it was doing something to you.
“This can’t be real,” He sighed, tightening his arms around your back.  Slipping one around his waist, you giggle into his neck, placing a kiss there before taking a long deep breath.
“I missed you,” You breath, “We missed you.” Yoongi turned his chin to look down between you two, your girl already gazing up at him with a goofy big grin already smug on her face.
“My goodness,” He spoke quietly, “Who is this beautiful little lady?” His tone was playful, evoking a giggle out of her.  The two of you share a smile, then an overdue kiss that you wanted to melt into, but a babble from your girl brought you back into the room.  Yoongi leaves an arm around your back, but pulls away enough to shift his baby into his arms.  In a second her hands were attached to his jacket, curiously looking at the zippers and trying to figure out how to work them.
“How was the ride?  Was everything okay?” Yoongi asks you, eyes on your daughter.  Wrapping both your arms around his waist, leaning against his side, you nod.
“Was perfect,” You said, watching him watch your girl, “I can’t believe what they did with the lights!” His eyes went wide as he nodded his head.
“Incredible… Everyone went out last night to check it out,” He said, “I wished you could’ve been there.” His gaze shifted over to you, something that looked like sorrow written in his eyes.  Pouting sarcastically, you shake your head.
“Enough, stop it,” You playfully tap his back, “We’re here now."
“And I’ve never been happier,” He whispered, tilting his head to kiss you slowly.  The doors closing behind you was a sign telling you to get out of the way, though no one on the team would really tell you to do so.  Instead, Yoongi tightened his grip on you and started walking his family down the underground halls of the Allegiant Stadium.  The stylists that were passing by were excited to see you, Yoongi proudly showing off your daughter as she took in everything around her with wonder.  So far she was happy, and not shying away from the new faces like you thought she would.  Just as you were passing by a few more stage hands, familiar shouting sounded from a room at the end of the hall that you recognized immediately.
Memories of causing a scene, and making a mess in the dressing rooms came rolling back with ease.  Pausing before you got in front of the door, you motioned for Yoongi to enter with your girl first, eager to see how his friends were going to act.  Before he did, he took one last long look at you, up and down, and kissed you.
“Mamaaa,” Your girl said, and the dressing room fell silent.  You held in your laughter as you heard the guys whisper, trying to decipher whether what they heard was real or not.  Sharing a quick glance with Yoongi, a mutual decision was made.
“Kookie,” You whisper to her, and she loses it, arms and legs flailing away.
“KOO-HEE!” She shrieks, and you hear Jungkook lose his mind.  The chorus of six pairs of feet wearing the chunky sneakers sounded, barreling for the door, Jungkook being the first to appear outside.
"My GIRL!” He shouts, hurrying over to Yoongi to gently squeeze her cheeks between his finger and thumb, making her smile and squirm in her fathers arms, “Favorite uncle is ready to put on the BEST show for you.” He smiles toward you, holding his arms open to give you a squeeze.
“She missed you guys,” You said while he rocked you back and forth, “I can’t wait for her to see you all onstage.” They all looked absolutely breathtaking, their stylists knew how to do their job.  One by one they greeted your baby, leaving her in Yoongi’s arms for now, then you with a hug.  One member in particular was stuck on your girl, however, not even making it over to give you a squeeze.
“Oh no, Taehyung,” Yoongi shook his head, smiling. Your girl's tiny hands were latched to his, the difference in size melting your heart.  Tae was laughing, unsure of what to do as your daughter stared at him with a wide open gaze.  Jungkook popped his head in front of her to try to distract her and get her attention, but she was zoned in on Taehyung, frustrating the youngest member.
“You’re strong,” He continued to giggle, wiggling the fingers she was squeezing, “I like your outfit,” He spoke to her as if she wasn’t an infant, and it was hilarious.  Quickly, her hands sprung free and reached out for him, Taehyung looking up at Yoongi just as fast, questioning whether or not to take her.
“Go ‘head,” Yoongi chuckled, holding her out for his younger brother to grab.  His hands fit over the entire circumference of her back, they were probably as long as her entire legs right now.  He seemed unsure at first, only having held her once as a newborn, but Yoongi was quick to help him out while your daughter still gazed up at him.
“Jeez, we get it, he’s handsome,” Jin mumbled, getting everyone to laugh aloud, even Taehyung who’s cheeks turned pink.  Yoongi rolled his eyes, shaking his head half seriously.
“No, no, no,” He said, moving to stand behind you, sliding his arms over your shoulders, clasping his hands to his elbows.  Lifting yours, you placed your hands over his, squeezing them happily.
“No boys, sorry Tae,” You keep the joke going.
“Just cool uncles,” Taehyung nodded, bouncing your baby a bit as she babbled up at him, “Protecting and watching over you from everyone.” A soft smile grew on you and Yoongi’s face as you watched the six of his friends fuss over your daughter, trying to make her laugh, or steal her attention from Taehyung.
“She’s so loved,” You whisper, Yoongi agreeing with you with a hum, planting a kiss on your cheek.
Hoseok was next to scoop up your girl, getting her to giggle and kick her legs instantly.  All he had to do was stick out his tongue and she was gone.
“Oh! So cute! You’re so small,” Hoseok cooed, kissing her cheek three times, making her smile.  Yoongi squeezed one of your shoulders after watching your face falter at his words, giving you a knowing look.  Jungkook hurried over and snatched her from his older brother, spinning her in the air before giving her a squeeze.
“She’s perfect!” He sarcastically defended, but ultimately meant, knowing the most about her not long ago needed bi-weekly doctor appointments.  Looking up at her Uncle Kookie, she cooed softly, then laid her head on his chest.  She’s fallen asleep there before back at home when Jungkook would come to visit, and it looked as though there was a possibility she’d drift off comfortably right now, but Taehyung spoke, and the sound of his voice had her head springing up fast, eyes searching for him.  Teasing sounds erupted from the guys, Yoongi shakes his head again.
“Here,” Jungkook sighs, turning to hand Taehyung the baby that was already reaching for him, “You win.” As soon as she was out of his arms, Jimin tossed his around Jungkook from behind.  One of his  babies still wanted his attention.
The eight of you stood here passing around your girl for another ten minutes, you and Yoongi being asked question after question regarding everything about her when chatter and noise started to grow from the arena.
“I think I hear them,” You wiggle your eyebrows, making them smile.  A stagehand approached the group, tentatively trying to get a word in, letting you all know the doors had opened and the show would be starting soon.  Knowing the guys took these last moments together alone, you break out of Yoongi’s hold to his disappointment, and take your girl back from Namjoon, who was holding her like she was the most fragile thing he’s ever held.
“Let’s go, babe,” You smile at her, as she tries to resist you a bit, “Oh, I know, I’m not as cool as them… they have to get to work!” A few of them giggle, then they turn back into the dressing room after saying goodbye, leaving you and Yoongi to have a moment alone.  Kissing his daughter on the head, Yoongi then kisses you in the same spot, putting his arms around you.
“There’s another room around the corner here,” His voice was low, comforting, “They put both your things in there, and I know it’s got food and drinks for you, too.  It’s further from the stage, so if she needs to sleep it won’t be too loud… Oh! It has a private bathroom, too-“
“D,” You cut off his rambles with his nickname, his eyes pointing down to you, “Thank you,” You giggle, tilting your chin to press your lips to his, “I think someone needs to be changed,” You whisper as if your daughter understood what that meant.  Yoongi crinkled his nose, and chuckled.  The chatter from the arena caught your attention, and a thought popped into your mind, one you were kind of nervous to ask him.
“What?” He questioned, able to read you like a book.
“What?” You repeat, and he chuckles again at your obliviousness.
“What’re you thinking?” He asked.  You nibbled on your bottom lip, Yoongi lifting a hand to use his thumb to pull it out, kissing you there softly.  Your daughter had a tight grip on one of the zippers of his jacket.
“Can I go out? We? Can we go out? Out there?” You gestured to the arena with the top of your head.  Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed, looking from your girl, back to you.  He slowly opened his mouth as if to speak, but quickly shut it.
“Please?” You whisper, giving him a glimpse of your puppy eyes on purpose, knowing they had an effect on him.  Sighing, he glances away and nods.
“I don’t see… why not,” He says tentatively, “You’re not going alone, of course.” 
“I know,” You start to smile, “I got Branson a new Jimin shirt.” Laughing about the security guard you liked to dress up with Yoongi, he calms down first with a short breath.
“Nothing crazy,” He says, making sure he has your focus, “We’re in Vegas… Last night this city got a little wild,” You nod after every word, “I got the headphones for her, little purple ones back in that room for you… Take them now just in case,” He pauses, taking in the sight of his daughter.  If you were anywhere else you’d feel a bit silly letting Yoongi tell you what to do like he was parenting you both, but he knew his concerts best, so you appreciated his words. 
“I’m going to wear a mask, too,” You remind him, giving him another reason to be okay with you joining his fans, “She’ll be fine… I saw other babies while we were driving, so we’ll fit right in.  No one will suspect a thing.” Yoongi starts to smile, giving you a single nod before a long kiss that your daughter didn’t like.  He took her into his arms as he led you to find Branson and the group of friends you’d typically hang with at shows, then to your room to your things where he changed your baby’s diaper himself.
“Suga, you need to head out,” A stage manager poked his head into the room with his hand on his walky-talky.  Sharing a silent moment with you, Yoongi sighs.
“Be careful,” He said, handing you your daughter.  Standing to meet him with a hug, you nod.
“We’re gonna go experience Dada’s world,” You say softly.  Yoongi looks down at you, confused. “What?” You ask.
“You already do,” He says, “You two are my world.” The stage manager peered in again, beckoning Yoongi to leave at this point while tears pricked at your eyes.
“Alright!” He groans goofily, looking over his shoulder, “Bye, my love,” He kisses you, then your girl, “Bye, my baby.”
“Daaadaaa,” Fills in the following silence, your stomach doing a flip, “D-d-daaada.” Yoongi watches her in awe, then looks up at you in disbelief.
“That’s the first-“
“The first-“ 
You both try to speak at the same time, falling into a fit of giggles.
“Dada,” Yoongi says to her, and she repeats it clearly, “Oh, YES!” He shouts, making her laugh, “And now I have to leave?!” He bounced on his heels, rolling his eyes.
“Go,” You tell him just as the stage manager looked back into the room, “Please.”
“Mmm,” He hums, “You gotta stop saying that,” A flash of devil hints in his dark eyes.  Your turn to roll your eyes.
“Yooooongi!” You whine, “Go!” He grins, kissing you one last time before heading out the door, glancing at you one last time over his shoulder before he was gone, leaving you and your daughter to go explore the wonders of BTS outside of the dressing rooms.
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divinepleasantries · 13 days ago
A Way To Relax
pairing- Yoongi x Reader
wc- 3k
cw- unprotected sex, shower sex, oral (m receiving), fingering (f receiving), kissing, tiniest bit of dom!yoongi
a/n- I went through a little trouble while editing this so if something seems off please tell me!!
The sound of the door being unlocked immediately caught your attention. Your eyes were widening as you tried to suppress an excited smile. 
You hopped off of the unfamiliar bed, your bare feet being welcomed by the warm carpeted floor of the hotel room. You stood in front of the door as it opened, your giddy expression failing to be hidden. 
Slowly, the man behind the door stepped into the room, looking tired as usual. He was looking down, stepping out of his shoes with a deep sigh. Before he looked up, he rubbed his eyes and yawned, shaking his head as if to keep awake. 
You approached him, placing your hands on his shoulders, rubbing them. "Hi," you whispered into his ear, breathing in his musky scent. He mumbled a small greeting back, relaxing into your touch. 
You both stood there in comfortable silence while you rubbed Yoongi's tense shoulders and softly kissed the side of his neck. You rubbed your thumb into the muscle underneath his shoulder blade, causing him to groan and roll his head back. 
"Sorry, did I hurt you?" you whispered, ceasing your ministrations. Yoongi quickly shook his head, "No, it felt good," he assured you, leaning into your hands to try to get you to start touching him again. 
When you passed over that spot again, he let out another noise of content. "My legs hurt," he mumbled as you continued to work on his back. You pouted, "Is that your way of telling me to let you go lie on the bed?" you teased. 
"Yeah," he began to saunter over to the bed, immediately flopping down onto his stomach and sighing with delight. You followed close behind him, climbing onto the bed and straddling his lower back. 
His eyes were shut as he enjoyed his free massage from you. "The concert looked great, at least from what I saw on my phone." You comment lowly, careful not to make your voice too loud regarding the man below you. 
He hummed, his eyes still closed, "It was tiring. I wish you could have seen it live," he grumbled, his words slightly muffled from how he laid his head on its side. "Yeah? Maybe next time, "you chuckled, moving your hands down to his lower back. 
When you were almost sure that Yoongi was on the verge of sleep, you gave his butt a little squeeze, climbing off his back. You heard him whine, turning over onto his back, his eyebrows furrowed, "Mm, why'd you stop?" 
You chuckled and brushed back his bangs from his face, giving his forehead a swift peck. "Because you're still fully clothed and need to take a shower." He groaned at your words, covering his face with a pillow he had taken from the top of the bed. 
Your hand pulled the pillow from his face only to see his eyes drawn shut and his face screwed in an almost painful way. "Come on. Just a quick one?" you asked, patting his cheek. He shook his head again, making a noise of rebuttal. 
"You'll feel better, I swear," you promised him, stroking your thumb on the apple of his cheek. "I'll take one if you come with me," he proposed, one of his eyes opening to see your reaction. 
Shaking your head with a smirk, you sighed and closed your eyes. "Yeah, sure, that's fine," you agreed. Yoongis' eyes were wide open now. He sat up and grabbed your hand, pulling you out of the bed. 
You laughed when he pulled you into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. "I thought you were too tired." You smiled and poked at his side when he reached to twist the knob on the shower, making the water turn on. 
He shrugged, reaching for the hem of his baggy white tee-shirt, pulling it over his head, and revealing his pale and trim torso. He reached for his jeans next, having a slightly hard time with the button. 
Smiling, you copied his movements, taking off your shirt and pants. When Yoongi looked back up from his jeans to see you only in a pair of black panties, he smiled fondly at how comfortable you were around him. 
"Ready?" you questioned, taking off your last piece of clothing while he did the same. He nodded at your question, smiling as you struggled to take your foot out of the leg hole of your undies. 
You hummed when you finally stepped into the warmth of the shower, the water droplets hitting your shoulders delightfully. "Temperatures nice," Yoongi commented, coming up in front of you, letting the water soak into his hair. 
Agreeing with his statement, you let the comfortable sound of the shower put your mind at ease. You opened your eyes, watching how Yoongi stood with his back facing you, his shoulders raising with soft breaths. 
You smirked cheekily, reaching a hand down to his butt. You gave in a light pinch. When Yoongi snorted and reached back to swat your hand away from his ass, you chuckled. "So I've been told. multiple times."
With a shake of your head, you reached out and ran your fingers through his hair. "Tell me about the concert?" you hummed, continuing to run your hands through the locks of his hair. 
"Mm, well, it was a big stadium. Like always, filled to the brim." You nodded, listening intently. Joon almost broke a mic, again." He said it like it was old news, and while he continued to ramble on about some of the good and bad things, you couldn't help but notice just how much you loved this man. 
You felt at home with him; you could stand and listen to his voice for hours. The fact that you could stand in each other's presence butt naked and not feel any discomfort was something that brought you unexplainable joy. 
"Yoongi" you called out, the urge to see his face taking over your senses. "Huh?" he questioned and stopped talking about whatever it was he was talking about. "Turn around for me," you couldn't help but sound desperate.
"What's up?" he asked when he turned around, looking at you with concern written across his face. "Nothing just wanted to see your face," you said stupidly, staring at the handsome face in front of you.
Without a second thought, you took his face into your hands and said, "You know, you have the most attractive face I have ever seen?" You questioned him rhetorically, making his cheeks go a little red and his eyes fill with a gratified look. "I could say the same about you," he whispered, reaching around your arms and placing his hands on your face as well. 
He gave you a small, keen smile before attaching his lip to yours. Your lips moved together slowly, an emotion that could only be described as love taking place in the connection between your conjoined mouths. 
You smiled into the kiss, your hands moving to the nape of his neck to take a fistful of his hair and pull him to you deeper. The kiss had deepened; it was still not rushed, but it had fused with another emotion, none other than lust itself. "Mhm," you drew back, a slight pant and a smile on your face. 
"You're also a really amazing kisser," you laughed, as he did the same, a gummy smile taking its place on his face. You leaned your foreheads against each other, almost completely forgetting about the fact that you two were in the shower. 
"Again?" It was more like a command than a question, but you still answered "Yes" with a breathily chuckle. 
Yoongis' kiss was much more feverish this time, coordinated but sloppy. His hands slip down from your face to gently grip your waist, his fingers softly pressing into your skin. 
He quietly groaned into your mouth when you lightly tugged on his hair. You parted from his lips, moving your mouth to the side of his jaw, on the little spot beneath his ear. He sharply inhaled, squeezing your side with his left hand while the other roamed up to benignly palm your breast. 
You could feel him growing hard between the two of your bodies. So, with docile hands, you took his cock into your hands, stroking it slowly. He groaned with satisfaction as he felt you slightly twist your hand. 
Continuing the same motions, he gently tugged your head away from his neck. "You want to?" he gulped huskily, in hopes that those two words would somehow make sense to you, which thankfully they had. 
You nodded, a slight glint taking place in your eyes as you slowly knelt down onto the textured shower floor. He still rested heavily in your hand. You squeezed lightly, still giving him some sort of stimulation as you got as comfortably situated as you possibly could. 
You planted a small lingering kiss on the tip of his flushed cock, making him shiver. When you licked up one of the veins on the underside, he let out a low moan. You carefully put him into your mouth, letting the tip rest on your tongue as you gently sucked. 
"Mm, yeah," Yoongi groaned from above, his hands finding refuge in your wet hair. Slowly but surely, you began to take more of him in your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks as you went. You let your tongue slide underneath him, feeling the ridges of his veins along the top of your tongue. 
He was a groaning mess above you; his head was thrown back, his chest moved up and down in quick pants, and his face was scrunched up in the most attractive way possible. 
"God, baby," he pushed your head down a little more, whether on purpose or unintentionally, you didn't know or care. His tip touched the back of your throat, and you inhaled sharply through your nose, your eyes going wide. 
You kept on sucking, trying your hardest not to gag when he hit the back of your throat. All the while, you took the hand that wasn't currently occupied with the end of his cock that wasn't in your mouth and lowered it down to your clit, rubbing it in fast circles. 
"Shit," Yoongi warned, his cock twitching in your mouth. But just before he could come, he pulled you off quickly but with reluctance. You whined and looked up at him in protest, not stopping the movement on your clit. 
Yoongi huffed out a laugh, licking his lips as he watched your doe eyes look up at him in a silent plea. "Not yet, sweetheart. You gotta cum first. " 
He gestured for you to stand up, taking the hand that was between your legs and replacing it with his own. You gasped instantly, squeezing your eyes shut. "Oh my-" you squealed when you felt his fingers go faster than you were. 
"God. I-" He bit his lip, watching the way your face showed just how much pleasure he was currently giving you. You gasped for air, pleading for more, your back arching into your hand. 
"You what?" he mocked you, teasing your hole with his middle finger. You looked down at his hand, his slim fingers working fast against your clit. The string bracelet that hung loosely from his wrist tickled your inner thigh. You moaned at the sight, throwing your head back. 
"More please," you managed to pant. Yoongi smirked at your words and smoothly inserted his middle finger into your cunt. Your hands flew to his shoulder, trying to stabilize yourself. 
"Mm Yoongi," you whimper, pressing your fingernails into his shoulders. He groaned, watching the way your cunt greedily sucked in his finger. "Yeah, that's it. Want more? "he cooed, reaching his other hand up to your chin and forcing you to look him in the eyes. 
With a sharp breath, you looked into his eyes, not daring to look away. "Fuck. "You like this?" he smirked and licked his lips, moving his mouth to your collarbone and gently sucking a love mark onto it." Yoongi, " you let out, your hands anchoring into his wet locks.
He hummed, not paying much attention. You called his name again, pulling his head away from your neck, to which he pouted. 
You looked at him in his eyes, then glanced down to where his finger was still thrusting slowly into you. You choked slightly when his thumb rubbed your clit a little harder. "More," you said, as you looked into his eyes.
He chuckled and shook his head, his tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip. He grazed your folds with his index finger, readily pushing into you. You suddenly grabbed his wrist to stop him. 
Yoongi stopped and looked away from your bottom. "What?" he furrowed his eyebrows with worry, his eyes scanning your face for any signs of discomfort. "In, please," you begged, your eyes pleading with him as you shook your head and looked down at his still hard cock.
He groaned and placed both his hands on your waist, backing you both up until you hit the wall. As soon as you hit the wall, he immediately started attacking you with a harsh kiss. You whined into his mouth when you felt him rub his cock along your folds. 
With one hand, he squeezed your hip gently, getting you to part your lips away from him and make eye contact. "Ready?" he nodded, pressing his tip to your clit. You mirrored him and nodded your head frantically. 
He carefully parted your folds, pushing the tip into you gently. He hissed at the sensation. "Jesus, fuck," he groaned, making you squirm. "Feels good," you murmured when he was halfway in. "Yeah, " he inhaled when he was almost in all the way.
You whimpered, feeling extremely full already. "Almost there, baby. "Almost there. "he comforted you, stroking the side of your rib cage with his thumb. 
You buried your face in his shoulder, a muffled moan leaving your lips when he finally bottomed out inside of you. He moaned huskily and kissed the side of your head. "So big," you muttered into his neck, squirming around in an attempt to adjust.
It had always taken you awhile to adjust to him, no matter how many times you had sex. He was just too big. After a bit of adjusting and a lot of soft comforting whispering from Yoongi, you finally told him to move, to which he nodded in compliance. 
You moaned along with him at the first thrust. He started slowly, setting a pace for you and himself. "Ah, mm, Yoongi," you whimpered as he continued to gradually pick up the pace of his thrust. "Feels so good," he whispered mostly to himself, squeezing his eyes shut with a loud groan. 
"Fuck. My god", he rolled his head back, his thrusts getting harder and harder as time went by. You were sputtering nonsense into his shoulder when he reached his hand down to rub your clit, enhancing your pleasure by tenfold. 
You wiggled a bit in his hold. He gripped your hip firmly with one hand and continued to play with your clit with the other hand. When you clenched around him, he made a noise deep within his throat, something along the lines of a groan and a growl. 
"Shit. If you keep squeezing me like that, I'm going to cum inside you." He panted the words. "Maybe you should," you said dumbly. You heard him let out a grumble, "Don't say that." he said sternly, not wanting to come undone just yet. 
He reattached his mouth to your collar bone and suckled in the same spot where he was before, still playing with your clit. "Yoongi, " you warned, the burning of your hair approaching quickly. 
"You gonna cum?" he asked, breaking free from your neck. You nodded. A squeak left your throat when he fastened his pace on your clit. You wiggled around, this time without Yoongi really caring. 
Yoongi stopped sucking on your collar bone to place his mouth behind your ear and mumble, "Come for me." He felt your walls tighten around him and your breathing get more erratic. "Come on now. "You can do it." 
He coaxed you with the deep bass of his husky voice. When you finally felt yourself gush onto his cock, he groaned in pure pleasure. He shut his eyes tightly, his thrusts getting more sloppy. "That's good now." 
You were still clenching onto him so tightly, making his own high come dangerously close. "Yoongi," you huffed, feeling as his cock had twitched inside you.
Without a second thought, Yoongi quickly pulled out and jerked his hand fast before spilling his cum all over you and the shower floor. "Fuck," he exclaimed, spurts of cum still coming out of his cock.
"Shit baby. You're so good to me," he whispered, finally coming down from his high. You both leaned on each other, waiting to catch your breaths. 
When you had finally caught your fighting breath, you leaned into Yoongi's shoulder and he stroked your back lovingly. "That was amazing" you chuckled, feeling his shoulders move as he laughed as well. 
"Y'know," you started in a teasing tone, pulling back from Yoongi to look at his face with a small playful smirk on your lips, "You have a lot of stamina for a guy who claims to be tired beyond belief." 
Yoongi smiled, giving your ass a small tap, "Shut up. The waters already cold and we didn't even shower," he whined. "Well then, let's wash  ourselves and get out." You shrugged, making him pout and grumble. 
"Whatever," you chuckled, grabbing the shampoo from the bathtub's ledge. "Turn around for me," you said softly, to which he happily complied. You washed his hair quietly, a gentle smile adorning your lips. He truly was something else.
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hearts4joon · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
summary ⋮ high school sweethearts who no one knew were high school sweethearts. min yoongi wasn’t a man of many words, much less was he one to outwardly show any sign of love towards his other half. yln yn was the opposite. she wanted to spew her feelings every second she could, she wanted to hold her other half’s hand while walking down a street.
yoongi could never be that man for her and for that — she lets him go. two broken hearts, both completely different, yet oddly similar, are thrown back together years after graduation and their breakup.
pairing ⋮ myg x reader
genre ⋮ angst, fluff, 18+ content, ex’s to lovers
schedule ⋮ on hold until further notice! sorry <3
warnings ⋮ angst, yn is kinda dumb, yoongi is kinda dumb, but they’re kinda dumb together, curse words, 18+ conversations, dirty talk honestly, lewd behaviors, talks of infertility and running out of time for impregnation
📝 means theres a written portion to the chapter w chats, ✏️ means its only a written portion and holds no messages whatsoever.
authors note ⋮ this should be a pretty short and fluffy smau with its dribbles of angst! a lot of comedy or what i hope is funny LMAO. i hope you all enjoy!
! ׅ࣪ ✰︬ 🎈 ࣪ ׅ ☺︎ ׅ ࣪ ♡ ⃝🦴 ࣪ ׅ ᵎᵎ
one. the confrontation
two. the doubt
three. the silence
four. the breakup
five. yoongi and friends
six. yn and friends
seven. the transfer
eight. the dating app
nine. the awkwardness
ten. the meeting 📝
eleven. the mistake
twelve. the comeback?
thirteen. the grumble
fourteen. the proposal (kinda)
fifteen. the cherry popper?!
sixteen. the talk
seventeen. the decision
eighteen. the hallway couple
nineteen. the question
twenty. the beginning
the end.
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kookiecrumb · 6 days ago
yoongi + praise kink
myg || Mine
Tumblr media
warnings: smut (18+), horny grinding, praise kink, vocal kink, dirtytalking, fingering, a little fluffy, creampie, marking (possessive), unprotected sex* (don't do this)
tags: best friends to lovers, fem!reader
Tumblr media
You had both stayed up way too late, much later than you were supposed to.
Snacks and games were scattered all over the bed and the floor, and the lights had long been off, so the only source of it was the TV in front of you.
You swear that it was supposed to be an innocent hangout session.
You had liked Yoongi for years and planned on keeping it a secret, but as the night progressed, your comfort around one another only grew until your shirt was off and so was his...and his eyes were full of something wild and beautiful and it was contagious, even as that old TV show you were binging with him mere minutes ago reflected against them, beneath that was lust--unsolicited, illogical and hungry for the warmth of another body.
Soon, his hands were where they weren't supposed to be, and then his mouth was where it definitely wasn't supposed to be.
The sounds you were making were definitely not those that friends share.
"So...cute..." he pants softly, "so fucking cute..." he squeezes your ass while you're on his lap.
What was once innocent cuddling and keeping warm was now turning into something heated, and by the way you were breathing and the way his touches only got rougher, there was no sign of stopping.
"Use me~" you whimper.
Yoongi's eyes transform from desperate to determined.
"I will...just how you want," he rasps.
His discreet fingers tug your panties to the side and start swirling experimentally on you, finding all of your most important spots as you lean against his chest, buying your face in his neck.
"Ohhh~" you sigh, pushing your hips forward to ride them as smoothly as possible as your breathing gets heavier. You spread your thighs further on his lap, your nails scratching his back is he plays with your pussy.
"Ah~! Ahhh~ ahhh~ Yoongi-- Yoongi~!" you gasp as he plunges inside of you, twitching his fingers into your entrance and biting his lip, hard.
"That's my girl...all this time, you wanted to be my good little girl, hm, Y/N? All you wanted was my dick up your cunt," he teases, smirking behind your ear.
"Yes~! Oh, yes, yes, that's what I want, it's what I need from you~" you mewl, feeling his thumb tease your swollen clit with intention.
"Your pussy is so sweet. I love teasing it and touching it. Why did you hide it from me, hm?" He asks quietly as he pumps his index and his middle finger into you languidly.
"Ohhh Yoongi~" you moan, kissing his face in dumbified awe. "It's yours," you reply, sweetly.
He pulls your thighs back against him and kisses at your neck hungrily. His hand travels upwards and squeezes you. "I'm so horny for you...you make me so horny, Y/N..."
His cock is pressed against your back. You can feel it throbbing hard, obstructed by his soft pajama bottoms. It belongs in his best friend's cunt.
Your hands wander to the back, carefully stroking him through his pants. Yoongi notices and pulls himself out for you to properly touch him.
He's so incredibly warm. You thumb as his tip, watching his subtle reaction at being touched by you. You caress his underside with adoration, and he hisses quietly. "Ah- ahh..."
His eyes flutter up to meet yours, full of adoration. Without hesitation, he kisses you.
Your heart pounds against your chest as you chase the kiss, cursing every breath you take that you aren't on his lips.
He positions your body towards him, bringing your hips forward against his hard cock. You grind yourself on it mercilessly, moaning quietly at the contact.
Yoongi kneads your ass hard, his pretty hands manipulating your body to satisfy himself as you lose yourself to his touch. You pull him in again, kissing his lips in a tangent.
"You're so pretty, Y/N," he whines as he squeezes you, studying the way your body reacts to each and every touch. "You feel so so good, you're so sweet,"
You shake from pleasure, pulsing to be full of his dick. Fuck, you can't stand it. "Please use me~! Please," you mewl.
He's practically swallowed by your cunt. His girth is so satisfying, you feel truly full when he is completely inside of you, your clit twitches from the feeling of his cock pushing on your cervix. "Ohhh fuck~" you yell, euphorically. "Mmmm!"
Yoongi bares his teeth, adjusting a bit. "Ahh~" he squeezes his eyes shut.
You reach your hand out and touch his face, mesmerized by just how fucking good it feels like to finally have his dick inside of you.
His expression softens as he thrusts inside of you in shallow circles, holding you between his arms. "Mmmm~" you hum.
You fasten your legs around his hips and encourage him to fuck rougher, playfully. "Harder please~!..." you plea as he pounds into you, stealing flirty kisses from your lips.
You breathe deeply, your orgasm quickly building as he splits you beautifully across his bed, a intense pressure binding the both of you.
You tense hard, leaning your head back against his bed, giving him access to your neck. He bruises them with intention, marking you so that you understand what this means to him-- that, after the fog clears, he wants you. He wants you to be his.
His thrusts deepen, his eyes warning of his crashing orgasm as he staggers. You run your fingers through his hair, holding it from his forehead as he fills you with his hot cum.
You cum on his cock, coating it in clear arousal as you flutter around him.
Panting, he smiles playfully down at you. "You like me~" he teases.
"Shhhh..." you pout. "Yeah, I do."
Yoongi pecks your nose. "Mine."
Tumblr media
a/n: thanks @delugguk .
permatag gang gang: @kooliv , @koobsessed , @angelwonie , @carolynanderson , @hoseokgrecns , @bangsterz , @swyseren , @sxtaep , @koostarcandy , @hgema , @jjkeverlast , @armys-dna , @nglmrk @devilsbooksworld
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blu-joons · a month ago
When He Calls You Mine ~ BTS Reaction
His eyes widened as Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, keeping you right by his side. “Y/N’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving you around the room with him away from Jin.
“Y/N is mine,” Jin frowned, trying to reach out to grab a hold of you, but Jungkook swerved you away once again.
You couldn’t help but chuckle as the boys fought over you, “why are you guys doing this to me?” You smirked, not knowing what was going on between them.
“I’m stealing Y/N because you stole my snacks last night in the cupboard,” Jungkook explained to Jin, pushing you behind him to shield you from Jin.
“You said they were to share,” Jin protested with a huff.
Jungkook’s head shook, folding his arms across his chest, “I said that you could share with all of us, not finish the packet for yourself.”
“Y/N is worth a lot more than a bag of snacks anyway,” Jin told him, “I’ll buy you some more if you just give me what’s mind back again.”
“You promise?” Jungkook quizzed, “you should buy me two bags I think.”
“I promise, just leave Y/N alone.”
Tumblr media
Your smile was wide as you shook the hands of the new members of staff that Yoongi introduced you to. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” several of them told you, smiling at Yoongi.
“How can I not tell you guys about Y/N when I’m lucky to have someone so incredible as mine?” Yoongi asked them.
His question took you by surprise, a rare moment for you to see some softness in him. “I hope you don’t bore these guys by talking about me too much.”
“He has plenty of stories to share,” one of the managers told you before Yoongi could speak up, “he doesn’t shut up some days, you should see him Y/N.”
“Is that true?” You teased back across to Yoongi.
His head slowly nodded back to you, “I might talk about you every now and then, but that’s only because I love to tell people how great you are.”
“I never realised you felt that way,” you smiled, feeling your heart race, “how many more people do you talk to me about when I don’t know?”
“Everyone,” Yoongi laughed, “but I really can’t help that I do.”
“Don’t worry, I find it adorable of you.”
Tumblr media
His eyes followed the point of the fans to where you were stood, instinctively smiling as soon as he looked at you, scrolling through your phone. “Who’s she?” The couple of fans asked him.
“She’s mine,” Hobi proudly smiled in reply to them, turning his eyes back across to look at their expressions of surprise.
Their eyes were still on you, watching you closely. “Is that your girlfriend? The one that’s a secret?” The fan on the left side of the group asked Hobi excitedly.
“She’s still a secret,” Hobi laughed in reply to them, “please don’t let on to anyone that you’ve seen Y/N, I don’t want for her to get too much attention just yet.”
“She looks really nice,” one of them complimented.
Hobi nodded in agreement with them, “she’s very nice, which is why I want to keep her safe for a little while, until she’s comfortable.”
“We won’t tell anyone that we’ve seen the two of you,” they promised him, “but when people do find out, we’ll tell them how nice Y/N Is.”
“Thank you,” Hobi grinned, “I would love for you guys to do that for us.”
“Of course, we’ll support you like fans do.”
Tumblr media
The smile on Namjoon’s face grew as soon as the interviewer showed a picture of the two of you. “How would you describe your relationship with Y/N?” She asked Namjoon’s smile.
“She’s mine,” Namjoon began, feeling the smiles on the faces of those around him grow too, “I feel very lucky to call her that.”
The interviewer’s head nodded as she looked around at the rest of the boys too. “How would you guys all describe Y/N and Namjoon’s relationship as well?”
“She’s his,” Jungkook chuckled in reply to her, “that’s the one thing that makes sure to remind us every day so that we stay away.”
“Is that true?” She asked Namjoon with a chuckle.
His head nodded proudly, “I like them to know that there are boundaries with Y/N, plenty of them like to tease me from time to time.”
“We definitely know where we stand,” Jin assured everyone, “Y/N is his, but we’re definitely close friends, so it’s a good balance.”
“They adore Y/N,” Namjoon added, “but just to be sure, not as much as I do.”
“No one could adore her more than you.”
Tumblr media
Your smile was wide as Jimin grabbed your hands and pinned you down on the bed. “I’ve got to go,” you laughed, but Jimin’s head shook back across at you, “my friends are waiting for me.”
“You’re mine, I don’t want you to go out with your friends,” Jimin sighed, wanting to keep you to himself all night long.
Your head shook as his continued to shake too. “You know what Y/F/N is like, if she knows that you’re holding me up, she’ll make sure that you pay.”
“Y/F/N doesn’t scare me,” Jimin chuckled, “you’re not hers anyway, you’re mine,” he repeated, trying to convince you to cancel on your friends.
“I have to go, we’ve had this planned for weeks,” you sighed.
Jimin pouted down as he hovered over you still, “if you go, how long will you be gone for? You won’t be gone for too long, right?”
“Maybe a couple of hours,” you told him, only for Jimin to groan. “Surely you can occupy yourself for a couple of hours, you won’t even miss me.”
“I will,” Jimin clarified, “I miss you whenever I’m not with you Y/N.”
“I won’t be long, I promise you.”
Tumblr media
Your head glanced across as a figure appeared beside you, noticing the look of frustration in Taehyung’s eyes. “Hello?” Your colleague smiled, meeting Taehyung for the first time.
“Yeah…hi,” Taehyung trailed off, suspiciously looking across at him, “do I know you? Are you a friend of Y/N’s or something?”
Your heart sunk as you heard the bitterness in Taehyung’s voice. “This is H/F/N,” you told Taehyung, “he’s one of the newbies in the office that’s started.”
“I see,” Taehyung murmured, still unconvinced, “I hope you’re treating Y/N well in the office, she’s mine, so I like to make sure that she’s taken care of.”
“Y/N talks about you all the time,” H/F/N replied.
Taehyung nodded, tightening his grip around your waist, “so you know that she’s mine then? And that she’s taken too, right?”
“Taehyung,” you whispered, pressing your foot on top of his, “do you have to do this now?” You whispered, feeling the tension begin to grow.
“It’s fine,” H/F/N told you, “there’s nothing wrong with a protective partner.”
“I’m her partner, don’t you forget it.”
Tumblr media
You were a nervous wreck as you walked slightly behind Jungkook, meeting several new faces at his family party. “Who’s this?” His aunt asked as soon as the two of you approached her.
“She’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving a protective arm around your frame, “I’m just kidding, this is Y/N.”
Her eyes lit up as soon as Jungkook introduced you. “The Y/N? Oh, it is so good to finally meet you, I have heard so many stories about you Y/N from everyone.”
“I hope they were all good ones,” you joked, trying to ease your nerves as she laughed back at you and nodded her head, poking Jungkook’s side.”
“Most of the stories come from this one,” she teased.
Jungkook smiled sheepishly back across to you, “I don’t lie to any of my family members, I just tell them how amazing they are.”
“He does,” his aunt agreed, “I think he’s very lucky to be able to call you his judging by all of the things that I’ve heard about you,” she noted.
“It’s lovely to meet you,” you told her, “even though you’ve heard a lot.”
“It’s lovelier to meet you, trust me.”
Tumblr media
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sugakookitty · 2 months ago
the D is for Effort || myg
Tumblr media
Request: For your request! Can I have yoongi. and have coworkers/rivals that have to do a project together. and the sexual tension finally boils over and leads to smut. Please and thank you! (btw I reading your stories)
Tumblr media
➻ title: The D is for Effort ➻ pairing: coworker!yoongi x female reader ➻ genre: angst | smut | rivals/coworkers to ??? | idk what to call these two | office au | corporate au | pwp ➻ summary: You’re butchering this report, but your pride will not allow you to let Yoongi help. Too bad he’s had enough of your stubbornness. ➻ word count: 3.6k ➻ rating: 18+ ➻ warnings: inappropriate workplace behavior | unprotected sex | face fucking | hard dom!yoongi | sub!reader | bdsm themes | spanking | standing doggystyle | erotic asphyxiation | degradation | rough sex/hate sex | dirty talk | pet names | slight orgasm denial | light pet play i guess lol | groping | clit stimulation | mentions safewords | the tie becomes a prop in this story(spoiler alert: it’s a leash) | hand kink | panty sniffing | choking | another panty thief because i can’t help myself | very light aftercare because they’re in a public place | yoongi is as gentle with her as he’s capable of being lol but a soft ending regardless | mentions birth control | creampie | begging | spitting | light humiliation | name calling | yoongi’s big d*ck energy in the building because it’s actually huge | multiple orgasms | edging | the level of disrespect in this one is at an all time high | this...might be the beginning of a love story?(prayers for these two) | no mushy ending so don’t look for it lol | exhibitionism/office sex | gagging ➻ a/n: This written for the lovely @defenseofourdreams6277​ who has been hanging out for me for a very long time. Thank you for everything, love. I hope you enjoy. Also, thank you so much to Beezy @hobeemin​ for reading over this for me and on such a short notice. I really appreciate it. Your comments took me out lol. Well, y’all dig in. Tell me what you think. Btw, if your dirty minds understood the title right away, I love you lol.
Part of the Suits & Ties Sope Collab 😌👔💖
Tumblr media
“You’re formatting that incorrectly.”
The sound of his voice makes you automatically scowl. There’s no one you despise more than Yoongi, Mr. Perfect, who can do no wrong in your boss’s eyes.
“Will you shut up? I know what I’m doing,” you snap. 
You can see the annoyed eye roll through your computer screen. He stands behind you, arms folded, impatiently waiting for you to finish this report your boss asked you both to prepare for his big meeting on Monday. There’s no way you’ll allow him to take over. He’ll only claim all the credit and label you as incapable of a basic task. You aren’t a fool.
“Well, at this rate we’ll be all weekend.”
You don’t even bother turning in his direction. Why waste your energy on him when you can put it towards your work? Your boss is picky and likes things done a certain way. “If you have somewhere to be Min, you can always leave. I’ll handle this.”
“Yeah, and fuck it all up,” he mutters.
“Excuse me?”
Yoongi sighs heavily. “Nothing, look I know how she likes it—”
“I bet you do,” you retort.
His mouth forms a tight line before he shakes his head and continues.
“Anyway, I could have us out of here in no time. I’ve been working on that stuff for two weeks now and have already started putting things together. She always asks for things last minute, so I try to stay a step ahead. But if you know so much, be my guest.” Yoongi shrugs his shoulders and walks over to the nearest wall, leaning against to watch you from afar. 
Minutes pass of you typing and deleting before he complains again, this time triggering your patience. “Come on. Move out of the way and let me do this. Everything we need is on my drive.”
You blow out some air in an attempt to get rid of your frustration. 
“Why don’t you come over here and make me move, asshole?” you mutter to yourself.
Yoongi pushes off the wall and takes a few steps toward you. “What was that?”
“Nothing.” You sigh and place your head in your hands, wanting nothing more but for him to disappear.
“Thought so,” he scoffs.
You whisper to yourself. “Whatever, bitch.”
You zone out for a bit, trying to collect your thoughts, but a low husky growl rips you away from your thoughts.
“You wanna say that to my face, bitch?”
You instantly jolt from your seat, startled by the sound. “Yoongi, what the fuck?!” Your back is pressed against your cubicle wall, trapped by nothing but his broad frame.
“Aww, don’t tell me you’re all talk? With a mouth like that, you better be able to back it up, doll.” His chuckle creates a frenzy in your abdomen, and you look on in shock as his eyes check you out without a care.
“I umm…”
“That’s it. Talk to me,” he encourages, his arm extending to rest his hand on the structure behind you. You can’t stop yourself from turning to admire the thickness of his limbs. “I love a pretty girl,” his other hand raises and he slowly drags his thumb across your bottom lip, “with a filthy mouth.”
When you turn to look at his face, you’re immediately lost in his intense gaze. You shouldn’t even be this caught up; you hate Yoongi. But damn does he look good with his hair like this, his hoops dangling with every slight movement. The smell of his cologne is intoxicating and you want nothing more than to swallow him up right now. And you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering something like that.
However, when he retracts you feel a sense of disappointment rather than relief. “Well, I can see you don’t want to play. Another time, I guess.”
“No!” You quickly grab his arm and he looks at you with a smirk. “I mean, umm…”
“Hm,” he hums.
“You wouldn’t tell anyone, right?”
“Doll, we can take it to the grave, if you want.” You respond with a hesitant nod, not trusting him entirely but too horny to think about the consequences. But when he starts walking away, you become confused. “Can’t do it out in the open, baby. We have custodians, you know.”
You quickly scurry behind him, struggling to keep up with his long strides in your five inch heels but determination pushes you through. When you catch up with him, his arm snakes around your waist, making your stomach do flips from the feeling of his touch. You pray he doesn’t notice the excitement and eagerness in your step, but you can’t stop the rush coursing through you.
Yoongi guides you into the file room but only turns on a small desk lamp to illuminate the area you’re in. He sits on the desk and beckons for you to come closer, to which you oblige. “Do you have limits?”
“Y-Yeah, why?”
“Is being deprived of air one of them?” he questions as his thumb caresses your forearm with one hand and loosens his tie with the other.
“You wanna choke me?” You gasp when he gently pulls you closer.
“I just wanna take your breath away, doll.” His eyes are so low and dark the hue of his irises is barely visible. “If you let me, of course.”
“Candy canes and three taps,” you reply. His head tilts with curiosity. “Those are my warning calls.”
“You’re experienced?”
“A little bit, if that’s okay.”
Yoongi’s face forms a half of a smile. “That’s perfect, actually.” You come closer when his fingers call for you to come closer. “Are you gonna be nice and let me kiss you?”
You respond by wrapping your arms around him and throwing your leg over his lap, clinging on to him while your lips move in to seal the deal. Yoongi’s arm keeps you firmly against him, and his free hand grabs your face. “Make sure you keep your fucking voice down, doll.”
He pulls you in and makes your head spin. It’s like once he finally had a taste, he couldn’t get enough. His hands start groping your ass almost immediately and you can only release desperate moans into his mouth in response. Yoongi’s tongue all but forces its way inside of your crevice, and you accept it with no protest. He tastes like mint gum, something dangerously sweet, and cigarettes. It’s a combination you never knew you’d grow to crave.
When he finally pulls away so the two of you can breathe, he gives out an order before he can even catch his breath. “Damn, you’re so fucking hot. Get on your knees, hurry up.”
You drop to the floor and wait for him to unbuckle his pants, gawking when his dick comes springing out. You have to look at it from every angle. It’s so long and girthy with veins so prominent they’ll surely rub all the right places. You want to taste it, lick the raging red tip until precum weeps from his slip. But you know you need to ask for permission first.
“Can I touch it?” 
“A whore with manners, don’t I love to see it,” he applauds while stroking himself to the sight of you on your knees for him. “Give me your hand.” 
He moves it up and down his shaft, at the same pace, he was moving previously then let's go to allow you to get him off. “Just like that. I want to enjoy this for a bit.” 
When his head lolls back, you use the opportunity to admire his size. You’ve never seen one so well proportioned and you just hope he knows how to use it properly. However, the small ruts into your palm tell you that Yoongi might know exactly how to operate his heavy equipment. 
“I need to know what you feel like,” he tells you and you don’t need any elaboration. Yoongi slides into your mouth with no difficulty due to the saliva you’ve gathered in preparation. He whispers profanities quietly as he enters your throat, and your eyes drink up every bit of the pleasure etched across his face. “A pretty girl, with a filthy mouth, huh?” he winks.
He gathers up all of your hair and makes a messy ponytail then begins using your face like a fleshlight. Your mouth and throat relax to make room even though he’s hitting the back of your throat repeatedly. All the while, you keep your eyes on his face, and he finds pleasure in the sight of your runny mascara and globs of spit rolling down your chin. This is some of the messy head you’ve ever given, and by the time he’s satisfied, your head is spinning.
“Fuck, shit!” he curses when he hears the gurgling noises you make from gagging on his dick. You swallow, and he swiftly pulls out, leaving you gasping and choking on the sudden intake of air. “I was gonna come in your mouth, get up.”
He helps you to your feet and you grab his forearms for stability, impressed by the firmness. “Why didn’t you?”
You start to fix yourself, assuming Yoongi’s changed his mind and doesn’t want to take this too far. But he spins you around and traps you against the desk. He whispers in your ear, “Because I wanna know what this pussy feels like first.”
You shiver and he notices right away. You can feel the smirk spreading as his lips run over the shell of your ear. “It’s like that, huh?”
“It’s been forever,” you reply.
“Well, that explains a lot.” Your skirt gets pushed above your ass and your panties pulled down to your ankles. You step out of them carefully so you can spread your legs further apart. Yoongi snatches the lace material within seconds and brings it to his nose. “Do you taste as good as you smell?” he inquires after a long inhale. 
When you turn your head, you see your underwear nuzzled against his nose. You’re thankful he can’t see you clench around anything. You bite back a smile as he catches you staring.
“Why don’t you find out?”
Shoving your panties in his back pocket, he corners you again. You can feel his heavy breaths whipping the back of your neck while he’s leaning closer. He’s just as horny and eager as you are, and you wonder just how long it’ll be before he snaps and rips your clothes off. Secretly, you wish sooner than later.
“Now, that sounds promising.” He moves your hair and places kisses on your skin while he loosens his tie, making his way up to your ear. “But unfortunately, we need to make this one a quickie, doll.”
Yoongi takes your lobe between his teeth while his cock casually slips between your thighs. You try to fight your whimpers when your clit is intentionally probed by the blunt tip, but Yoongi tsks in disapproval. “Don’t hold back. I got you if you get too loud, don’t worry.”
“Are you sure?” Your words are drawn out due to the friction near your heat. Your pussy leaks arousal and coats his cock thoroughly.
“Mmhm, just like this.” Yoongi’s hand comes into view and his digits wrap loosely around your throat. Instead of sliding in a back and forth motion like he’s been doing, he enters your cunt without warning, making you cry out from the sudden intrusion. 
However, the sound does not escape and you’re left frozen and wide-eyed while his fingers squeeze tighter, only providing you with a small source of air. He rubs your clit in circular motions to help you relax and mold around him, but your wobbly legs make it difficult. Yoongi has to keep you up using only his body, pinning you against the desk.
Eventually, he slowly allows you to breathe and you can only say his name in response to the rush you feel. “Yoongi.”
“Easy, whore. Don’t get too excited…I haven’t even started fucking you yet,” he grunts in your ear. He removes his tie in one motion once it’s undone then places it around your neck. His fast hands knot it skillfully, humming in approval at his own craft.
“Candy canes and three taps, right?” he asks you.
Your head turns to have a look at him. “Yeah, that’s me.”
“Cute. Hold on tight, alright.”
With that comes a quick jerk and the tie tightens around your throat. He drills into you from behind, creating an echo of skin slapping noises throughout the room. You’re sure if anyone were in this hallway they’d hear and distinguish the sound right away. 
“You’ve no clue how many times I wanted to bend you over and fuck that nasty attitude right now of you, do you, slut?” No words can be formed when you’re this tongue-tied. All you can do is stare ahead and drool all over yourself because you’re really getting your brains fucked out tonight. Your head is empty, no thoughts are forming due to the minimum amount of air moving through your lungs. Just when you’re about to become dizzy and on the verge of reaching an intense orgasm, Yoongi’s movements slow down and he gradually permits you to breathe by loosening the fabric. He mocks you for your whining. “Uh, uh. You were begging for this and now look at you. Can’t even take it.”
“Fuck off, Yoongi. You’re barely fucking me,” you pant, trying to calm your racing heart, but his chuckle only pisses you off. He snatches your hair and pulls you closer to his chest, forcing you to look up in the most uncomfortable position. 
“That mouth of yours is a blessing and a curse. If you didn’t sound so sexy getting fucked, I’d stuff it with those wet panties in my pocket.”
“Just shut up and make me come already,” you grit. Your voice is strained and shaky due to being impaled by his length buried deep inside of you. Your body trembles with need, and you won’t be able to handle being robbed of another release.
Yoongi pushes you forward, making you lean over the cool wooden surface. He lifts your right leg and places it on the desk before he hovers over you to speak in your ear. His thrusts are gentle, but you know it’s only the calm before the storm. “I’m not being nice to you anymore.”
“I never asked you to.”
“You will in a second.” He drives his cock so deep you scream his name, and his hand quickly covers your mouth. He gives you everything you asked for and some; you’re left babbling obscenities into his palm. Your eyes roll back when his fingers enter your mouth and he uses them to pull you back on his dick.  As if it weren’t already humiliating hearing your juices squelch so lewdly, Yoongi just has to make it a point to let you know about the mess you’re making. One of his hands moves to your pussy to feel the stickiness between your thighs. He brings it to your face so you can watch the strings of arousal snap between his digits.
“So wet, huh? I thought you hated me,” he jests.
You manage to moan your words out even though he’s nearly drawing an orgasm out of you. If he were to just go a little deeper, you’d come all over this desk. “I do. I hate you so fucking much.”
Tears roll down your cheeks because you do. You despise him, but your mind can only think about how good he feels inside of you and how badly you want to reach your high. Your fist clenches and so does your pussy when he kisses your shoulder, soothing the feverish skin, but also making your blood boil with frustration.
“The feeling’s mutual, doll. But this pussy is god sent, so if you don’t mind shutting up for a few minutes so I can enjoy this, that would be appreciated,” he grunts while spreading your cheeks. You can feel his spit dribble into your rim. “I can feel you clenching like a whore, you know?”
“Fuck, Yoongi please just make me come. It’s been too long–ahh! What the fuck?!”
Yoongi slaps your ass and the sting sends another wave of arousal through you. When he does it again, stars form behind your eyes, and you squeak out his name in response. “Why are you—”
“Because you don’t know how to shut up. Now, I’m gonna give you what you want, but remember you asked for it.”
“Fine–Oh my god!”
Yoongi grabs your waist and starts at a relentless and unforgiving pace. You hold on for your life but he continues to push you further. By the time you form a solid grip on the table, he’s fucked you out of your heels and you’re left on your tiptoes. He yanks the tie and forms a makeshift leash-like tether, using it to help pull you onto his cock. The feeling bubbles in the pit of your stomach once more, leaving you tensed and ready to reach your peak with each of his hard thrusts. You can taste your release, and when the fabric tightens around your neck, your mind blanks and a ringing fills your ears. 
“Who’s the bitch now?” His deep voice turns on a switch and your body reacts immediately. The euphoria takes you out of your shell of a body and it takes what seems like minutes for you to come back down.
Once you register what has happened, Yoongi’s voice comes through your ear, and you become aware of his arms wrapped around you in a standing embrace. “Doll, are you good? I need you to answer me.”
“Fine. Just fine,” you manage to get out through your slightly labored breathing. 
He scoffs a laugh. “You sure about that?...I told you I’d take your breath away.”
“Mmhm, I’m alright.” You whimper when his fingers graze your clit, but he shushes you to keep your voice down.
“I heard the elevator. Can you handle a little more so we can dip?” You nod as your head lolls back and rests on his shoulder. Yoongi seems to relish in the soft moans that leave your lips while he fucks you slow. “I’ll take it easy, okay? I’m close.”
You hum as his teeth gently attack your flesh, not caring about the marks he’ll leave behind. His large hands touch everywhere they can reach, but he finds interest in pulling down your bra and toying with your nipples through your thin blouse. “Yoongi.” 
He twitches inside of you when you call his name. “Yeah, doll. What's wrong?”
“Come inside of me,” you request, making him curse.
“Fuck. You’re kidding, right?”
“No, please do it. I’m on the pill. It’s all good.”
He reaches between your legs and fondles your clit until he draws another less intense orgasm out of you. The tightness of your cunt has him emptying inside of you and holding you tighter than before. His face nuzzles in the crook of your neck while he rides out his orgasm, pushing his seed deep into your womb until he slips out of you. “That was so fucking good, baby.”
You stay in this position for a few seconds before he pulls away and starts looking through the drawers below. You can’t stop yourself from pouting and desiring to be held in a post-orgasmic embrace. 
When Yoongi finds some napkins, he cleans you the best he can with the three pieces of paper he found and helps you back into your shoes. You try your best to make yourself presentable but you’re sure there’s no hope until you find a mirror. “Still okay?” he asks you, retrieving his tie from around your neck.
“Yeah, I’m better now actually.”
Yoongi smirks. “I bet.”
Once again, he surprises you with a kiss, and this time it’s you that’s being greedy. He has to grab your wrists to prevent you from tearing his clothes off. “Calm down, doll. We need to get back to work.”
“Yeah. You’re right.” Your head lowers slightly, but he lifts it to look at your face. 
“Let me finish the report, yeah.”
You pause when he gives you a look and gives your ass a firm squeeze. “I didn’t ask, doll.”
You can only nod, too whipped to even challenge him right now. 
“I got you, don’t even worry about it…Sit back and play a game on your phone or something. Just don’t say a word, please.” He laughs, but you know he’s serious so you roll your eyes.
You notice his tie is just thrown over his shoulders so you start fixing it to distract yourself from his sharp eyes and handsome features. You can’t possibly like Yoongi, not even just a little. You can feel him looking down at you and when he clears his throat, you don’t bother looking at him when you hum in response.
“And maybe umm…find somewhere you’d like to sit down and have dinner or something if you feel like doing that,” he suggests.
“What?” You finally face him with a look of confusion, but he only winks and turns away, leaving you frozen in the middle of the file room.
“Just listen for once, doll. Everything isn’t always black and white,” he calls out before exiting into the hallway.
Your wobbly legs make slow steps to chase him but you pause right before turning the knob.
“Did Yoongi just ask you out?”
Tumblr media
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bonny-kookoo · 13 days ago
Yoongi: 𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐬 🔞
Tumblr media
In which Yoongi wears a hairtie around his wrist for a lot of reasons.
Tags/Warnings: est. relationship AU, hints at Idol!Yoongi but never specified, it's a smut-shot so lord forgive me for I have sinned, Oral (female and male receiving), yoongis hands because they need to be a warning, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, slight switch!Yoongi, I need a nap
Fic length: Mid
A/N: I blame @min-yoonified this time.
Against what one might believe, Yoongi loves holding hands.
He holds it when you're in the car together, casually driving somewhere you want or need to go. He likes holding it when you watch a movie together, his thumb running over the back of your hand in circles. He loves holding it while he sleeps, always pressing a kiss to your connected hands as a goodnight-gesture instead of words. He also likes holding it just to remind himself that you're there.
And he's awfully in love with your hands, just as much as you are with his.
Its not just the visual differences that fascinate him, but more so the way you touch him. It's gentle, it's caring, it's loving. It makes him feel special and cared for, fills him with a warm fluttery feeling inside he cannot describe properly.
And sometimes they're not so gentle- and in that specific situation, he loves them too.
He's got his hair tied back to keep it out of the way, your hand holding onto the little ponytail as if your life depends on it, while he eats you out skillfully as always. He likes the slight pull, the way you can't control it whenever he's like that with you. It let's him forget about all the expectations people have on him, because right now, only your opinion matters only you, no one else.
He's at your mercy.
Or at least until your first orgasm- because while you're trying to pull him off, he himself has other ideas, ignoring the way you tug on his hair, thighs trembling as he doesn't slow down at all. No, instead he let's his hand join in on the fun, giving him some time to catch his breath, lips red and glistening from his time between your legs. "Yoon-ngi-ah-!" you gasp out, head falling into the pillows below as your back arches, body unable to decide whether it's too much or not enough.
"Yoongi-ah?" he chuckles. "since when so formal?" he jokes, a couple of strands of hair having escaped the black hairtie by now, including the faint silver one's that he'd recently started to grow. His hand is eager to push you further, fingers pumping rhythmically while the heel of his palm keeps pressure on your overly sensitive bundle of nerves. It's agonizing and exciting at the same time.
"ple-ease-!" you whine, whimper when you're feeling your second high approaching rapidly, his pace quickening while he dips down to lick over one of your nipples shamelessly, eyes never leaving you. The sounds you make fuel his own growing arousal, dick in his boxers painfully hard. He can't help it, needs something, anything to take the pressure off of it- grinding against one of your legs, naked thigh providing enough friction to make him grunt in pleasure.
His hand is slower now, helping you calm down while he himself doesn't stop, can't stop. "ugh-" he groans, whines almost as his wet hand leaves your core, grips your other thigh, fingers slippery with your release. "please, I need-" he calls out, and you know, you always know, reaching out to palm him through the fabric of his underwear. He doesnt care if he cums like this, your hands feel great anyways. You know exactly how to work him, how to move, and then you do that thing where you just slightly run your nails over the tip of his cock-
And his mouth opens in a satisfied groan before he rests his forehead against your collarbone, kissing the skin with closed eyes.
He really loves the way you touch him.
"Hey Yoongi, have you seen my hairtie?" you wonder, walking into the living room where he's lazily sitting on the sofa.
"yeah, I have it. You need it?" he asks, and you nod, letting your hair fall out of your hand that had held it up for the moment. "come here, I'll tie it for you." he says, patting the front of the sofa between his legs. You happily sit down on the ground right there, letting him run his fingers through your hair to properly collect it all. "Did it get longer recengly?" he wonders to himself, and you shrug.
"I think so." you simply say, enjoying the way he carefully wraps the hairtie around your hair. He's always known how to do it, same with braiding. His hands are skilled in many ways- more than just musically, you'd found out over the course of your relationship. "thank you Yoongs." you say, turning around in between his legs, hands on his knees as you hold yourself up, pouting slightly when he leans away from you. "gimme a kiss!" you demand.
"give me five bucks." he responds teasingly, pecking your lips a few seconds after- though he makes it clear that a simple little kiss is not what he's after. "hm, I love you you know that?" he says, and you chuckle.
"you just want me to suck you off." you joke, and he laughs as well, smiling at you.
"well, will you?" he wonders with raised eyebrows, and you roll your eyes playfully.
"my god you're not even hard!" you respond, and he gets that dark look in his eyes, a devilish smirk on his lips.
"you know that changes with a single touch of yours, darling." he hums out, and you can't help but give him one thing; he's really good at smooth-talking.
"you and your fucking romantic words." you mumble, while you undoe the belt of his pants, popping the button of them before you pull down the zipper as well. And he actually seems to be right- because just that action seemed to have a very visual effect on him.
"hey, there's a reason I'm good at my job." he cockily replies, watching with hooded eyes how you palm him through his underwear, before pulling him out. "though a man must be fucking impotent or some shit to not get a boner with a girl like that between his legs." he praises, hand reaching out to tuck some hair behind your ear. The moment you start to teasingly suck on his head, his hand moves however- holding onto your ponytail, a good grip now controlling your movements instead of yourself.
You relax your muscles while your hands give the rest of him attention- everything you can't fit not being left out of the fun. "hah..~" he moans under his breath, head falling backwards for a moment as he just let's himself enjoy the pleasure for a second. "god fucking hell you're so good to me." he tells you, breathing picking up as your tongue moves distinctly around his length- something he's never experienced prior to being with you. "ah fuck-" he whines, and then he catches your gaze.
He absolutely loves that sight.
His grip on your hair tightens, now actively controlling your movements as you let him chase his high and use you, and it's not until you swallow around him that he cums down your throat with a scrunched up expression that only relaxes once he's finally shot his shot, holding you in place for a second or two, his head thrown back in bliss, before he let's you go again. "hmm come here." he pats his legs after, signalling you to sit down on his lap, and at first you think he wants to cuddle- but then he helps you situate yourself on his thigh instead.
"Yoongs I don't need-" you giggle, but he just smacks your butt at that, before his fingers grip your hips.
"shut up, I need to see you cum." he growls out, helping you ride his thigh eagerly, wet cunt soaking the material of his pants- but they provide lovely friction, just enough to rile you up, not though to hurt.
"Yoongi-" you whine, and he knows, he always knows, helping you come undone under his watchful eyes, gaze never leaving you as you come down from your high.
"I really want to fuck you right now." he mumbles against your neck, hands wandering up and down your sides while you laugh.
"always such a romantic." you sigh dramatically, and it's then that he manhandles you to lay on your back on the couch, before he gets up to fetch a condom from the bedroom. When he returns, he's shed his clothes, uncaring by now of his own nudity because it's you, and he feels comfortable enough around you to be himself, no matter what.
"you know I love being romantic sometimes." he laughs at you when you giggle.
"and by romantic you mean screwing me on the couch?" you challenge, making him smirk above you, hands holding down your wrists.
"by romantic I mean fucking you stupid so all you can think of is me." he lowly tells you, and you can't help but laugh- him joining as well.
Oh how romantic Min Yoongi can be.
Tumblr media
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jiminrings · 5 months ago
perpetual datejust
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
wordcount: 19k
glimpse: when the general public hears the name min yoongi, they know him as the world-famous model who’s beyond talented in his craft. when the modeling industry hears the name min yoongi, they remember you: his resolute, firm, and sometimes rude manager who always puts yoongi’s best interests at heart — no matter what.
alternatively, you’re yoongi’s manager and for the first time ever, you take a break away from him.
[ a lot of angst (not all the way thru i promise!!!), love is mutual but unrealized at first, wholesome heartwarming moments, emotional constipation + hint of codependency, yoongi does some rlly stupid things, so much yearning, mentions of sex tape + intercourse (not between the main pairing), jealousy, swearing, redemption arc (i swear!!!) ]
notes: first fic of 2022 <3 thank you so much for waiting patiently for this piece!! i have to say that although this is one of my angst-heavy pieces, this is perhaps the warmest fic out of all of them (take five, heartburn, hlwwf, lyiaik) !! this is my new favorite since you could see more of the emotional growth and development from the characters <33
as always, lmk what you think <3 send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! even replying to this post sends me over the moon :)
Yoongi is the second-most respected person in the room.
He knows it by the way that people go out of their way to come close to his personal bubble of space to greet him. They bow respectfully and give him smiles whenever his eyes meet theirs, some of them meek but never the one to break the eye contact first.
He knows it when people crowd around him to get his attention one way or the other, and even if he barely reciprocates any, not a single person from his audience comes home disappointed.
He knows it by the attention he receives — the entirety of it is focused on him even if he’s not the only one in the room.
Yoongi knows to himself that he’s only the second-most respected person in the room because if he was otherwise, none of it plays out this way.
The most respected person in the room has people clearing out of the way to be given space, even if unasked for. They bow deeply but suck their breaths in whenever they’re in the receiving end of said person’s gaze, instinctively gulping.
If he is the most respected person in the room, his inattention for the people in the room would mean the world to them. His disregard would comfort them endlessly and even lull them to sleep in peace.
Yoongi is not the most esteemed because if he was, he would have all the attention to him even if none of them are looking. He’s not the most eminent because it’s not him whom people bend backwards for to please, nor the one who makes or breaks the atmosphere in the space.
Min Yoongi’s manager is the most respected person in the room and everyone knows it.
“Stop staring off into space,” Yoongi nudges you by the shoulder, a little winded to go all the way because while he’s sat in the foldable makeup chair, you’re the one sat on a leather, cushioned stool right beside him. “You’re scaring them.”
“Should they have anything to be scared about?” you roll your eyes at such a trivial concern that he doesn’t suffer from, a little perplexed at his tiny suggestion that you know wouldn’t change your image at all.
Yoongi swears that he just heard someone’s teeth chatter at your quip.
Years ago, you wouldn’t have expected that people in the modeling industry would label you to be someone so intimidating. Yoongi used to tease you at first because even he thought that those assumptions were a load of shit. He was sure that he knows you to the decimal with how often and how long you’ve been at his side.
It was just at that moment, that one specific moment years ago wherein an intern spilled coffee on his shoes and went on her knees to apologize to him and plead to not tell you that it all made sense. It makes much more sense to him now that even if he wasn’t that big back then, remembering how the room fell to a hush. He remembers you emerging out of nowhere with your angry footsteps, the Yoongi from years ago completely unaware on how you would decimate someone for dirtying his favorite pair of shoes with the hot brew.
Yoongi knows you’re protective of him and he thought it was only normal for everyone’s managers to do the same. He thought it was normal for managers to call casting directors out on their faults and still have a job (or even a better one) after that. He thought it was protocol for managers to fight designers for forcing a diet on him and still be the frontrunner for the collection. He thought every model and artist he knew of would have their managers to be in your standard, but at every shocked and yearning face he sees from people who want to be under your care, Yoongi knew.
“Not that I know of.”
He laughs in reply, covering his mouth sheepishly as he bows his head to the makeup artist working on his eyebrows, willfully ignoring the way her hands tremble as she hears your whole conversation.
“You just like seeing me do my job,” you hum in return, fixing your posture on the chair to see if there’s any nick on his skin from the eyebrow razor that the makeup artist’s using.
He looks the best at the moment with his bare face, a sight that you only see now and then in-between his perpetually packed schedule. His cheeks are shiny and his lips are plump, eyes still a little droopy with how late he slept just this morning.
You’ve already fed Yoongi his favorite burrito early this morning but you know he likes his snacks in between takes so he doesn’t crash with fatigue later on, about to stand up from your seat to fix him a plate from catering when you hear eager footsteps towards your direction.
The perky junior assistant on-site thrusts a plate into Yoongi’s direction, neatly-arranged to the point that when he accepts it from her, he’d be able to feel the sticky note placed underneath the ceramic with her cellphone number on it.
“Are you out of your fucking mind?”
The girl’s eyes widen comically when she hears your voice, all of her supposedly-lucky courage being flushed out of the drain as soon as you direct your attention to her.
Yoongi coughs to his hand as he puts a hand on the small of your back to just let it go, feeling your hand gently put his back on his lap, making him sink to his seat when he sees you stand up from your chair.
“You trying to kill him or what?” you tilt your head to her once before looking down at the sandwich in sheer disgust, nudging the plate back to her arms and away from Yoongi. “Mr. Min’s allergic to peanuts.”
She stutters her sincerest apologies and it’s not only embarrassment that makes her cheeks redden, the fear in her eyes unable to evaporate with how your eyes stare her down the harshest.
Just when you think that a shoot could go the smoothest without you interfering, someone just had to endanger Yoongi and his airways in an ambitious attempt to flirt. The fact that he could’ve gotten hurt badly still doesn’t fly over your head, even if all the higher-ups of the production team are in front of you apologizing to no end.
You don’t immediately move on from it even if Yoongi’s nonchalant, knowing deep-down that he’s in disbelief as much as he’s relieved for dodging a bullet that comes in the form of a thick, no-crust, slightly toasted peanut butter sandwich.
The worry doesn’t escape your system even if you get him food that would make his mouth water instead of his throat close, keeping a keen eye on him to double-check.
Yoongi’s no stranger to your worrying but if anything, he knows that if not more, you’re just as spooked about the scare as he is, purposely joining you on the one-seater couch to calm you.
"Say ah," he offers his own spoon from his snack, his own mouth open to demonstrate on how you should do the same and not make him wait. He throws an off-hand comment on how his shoulder would act up and it gets you to finally take the bite.
"You're not allergic to fruit cups,” you say with your mouth full, having to yet take another spoon that Yoongi jams narrowly because he hasn’t seen you eat breakfast yet.
"I know I'm not," he mumbles, taking a napkin to wipe at the corners of your mouth before reminding you to chew. “I just wanted to feed you."
( ♡ )
Yoongi tolerates a lot of things.
He tolerates the repetitive questions thrown his way and answers them just as sincerely as the first time around. He’s calm when he’s asked who he wants to work with for the hundredth time, and even calmer when he throws a vague answer to not jumpstart any rumor with a random celebrity the interviewer links him with.
He’s tolerant towards paparazzi and keeps his eyes stable underneath his sunglasses, not a single hint of annoyance present in his expression.
In your opinion, Yoongi is annoyingly too tolerant for the sake of neutrality, that he often overlooks how he’s being taken advantage of.
He’s not afraid to voice his concerns to you because after all, you’re perhaps the only other person besides his family that he’d entrust his life with. He knows how to stand up for himself, even if it means standing behind you.
Yoongi doesn’t like to think that he’s become too dependent on you, much more the fact that he starts to forget what his life was like before you.
He knows how to go to the casting director to correct them for the butchered pronunciation of his name. He knows how, but he’s accustomed to you rectifying the mistake right then and there, regardless of who is around.
He knows how to talk to the hotel manager to remind them that none of the staff posts his whereabouts (especially when he sees an employee discreetly taking pictures of him), but he’s used to you marching to them with a written agreement that his privacy isn’t leaked, with more or less a threat looming on your tone.
You know that Yoongi doesn’t and wouldn’t always need you, but with the way he freezes beside you and his hand almost squeezes your forearm out of instinct, you’re certain that you’re needed.
The swimming pool in the middle of the set grinds the gears in your head, the clench in your jaw unmistakeable that the director who’s come out to greet you stops in her heels.
"This wasn't included in the brief."
You grit your teeth in the absolute stupidity she’s in charge of. The deep water Yoongi’s afraid of doesn’t become shallow under your gaze, but the thought of how you’d dump a bucket of it on everyone responsible remains.
"I don't care if you already poured your whole year's budget just for this concept — change it."
The director, who’s been in this industry earlier than Yoongi did, stutters over nothing. She’s heard some talk about how nothing ever comes past Min Yoongi’s manager, and yet she only dismissed the concerns with a laugh. Sure, it’s far from a miniscule adjustment in the brief, but she even swore then on how you wouldn’t intimidate her in the slightest.
Turns out she’s wrong.
She’s been in this industry longer than you could fathom and it’s only now that she feels genuinely affected by someone’s assertion towards her craft. Even if you aren’t the first manager that defies her, you’re the only one who makes her want to backtrack completely.
"Mr. Min is uncomfortable with what you request of him,” you articulate sternly, about to give her a piece of your mind when you feel Yoongi tug at your arm lightly.
"I think I can do it, Y/N," he mumbles under his breath and it makes you stop. He peers at the indention on the ground with curious eyes, flickering towards yours to get the assurance he needs. “The pool's wide, right?"
Yoongi's a little afraid of deep and narrow waters.
There’s not anything deep behind it other than he feels afraid when his feet can’t touch the floor. He wants to feel grounded, and with the way that he’s lighter underwater but there’s not anything that reminds him of being weighed down? He’s scared shitless. He knows how to swim but it intimidates him unlike any other, his limit stopping when his chin hits the water.
"This wasn't what you signed up for," your voice softens automatically, assuring him that he shouldn’t feel pressured to take on the change.
“The director said it was only a two-feet plexiglass pool," your gaze pierces her at the emphasis of her job. “Why would you switch it to a seven-feet swimming pool suddenly?"
The director expresses her apologies but they just don’t hit the right note with you. If she didn’t want to make Yoongi uncomfortable in the first place, she wouldn’t have altered the brief without getting his approval. It bothers you that no matter how famous or big Yoongi could get, the circle of people who would try to sabotage him doesn’t get any smaller.
You’re silent throughout her words and your blatant lack of acknowledgement just pushes her further, only stopping (although the nervousness never leaves her) when she sees Yoongi pull you to the side.
"I can do it,” he licks his lips, way past the point of convincing himself because his mind’s already set — under one condition. "I-I just need you to get in the water with me."
You only linger for a second longer in front of Yoongi just so you could be sure that he wants exactly what he’s told you, walking to the director who’s glued to the ground at anticipation.
"Should Mr. Min suffer in the slightest because of your abrupt change of plans," your finger points intimidatingly close that it makes her cross-eyed. “I’ll see to it that your publication disappears the next morning."
You should be perplexed. You know you should.
You should be puzzled at the request of your artist, literally pulling you through the water so he wouldn’t feel scared for his job. You know you should be baffled that the lifeguards who are present on the set are gonna need to sit this one out, because the model they were tasked to look over, already has his manager doing what was supposed to be their job.
You should be confused when you let him hold your hand in between takes, even if he asked so he wouldn’t feel that he’s alone underwater.
You dry him off first even when you're dripping wet yourself, not feeling dumbfounded that even when you get your own towel, you add it to the one on his shoulders because he’s trembling.
With Yoongi, you don’t think twice.
"You have a cold because of me."
There’s the feeling of guilt that makes Yoongi sniffle, the pitiful sound surely not connected to how he’s had to shoot in a cold pool for half an hour.
"Don't take all the credit now."
He sees your eyes narrow at him and for a moment, he hears you chuckle.
He hears you laugh deeply even if the rasp of it is clearly tainted with a cold that he brought to you. Your laugh doesn’t bother him, not at all! What bothers him is the look of confusion that encompasses your features after.
His arms are outstretched and perched on them is a fluffy, burnt white towel. Even if it’s neatly folded, you could see the outlines of the iron and smell the distinct scent of singed cotton.
You’re not confused over why and how it’s burnt; you’re confused over the kindness.
"Don't look at me like that,” Yoongi mistakens your gaze as something that critics his good deed, a smile creeping to his lips in his attempt to explain himself.
"I tried my best to look for warm towels, alright? This was the next best thing."
"You ironed it while it was still damp," your head shakes at the well-thought yet poorly-executed effort, still peering at it because he hasn’t given it to you yet.
Yoongi’s cute. He tries. He attempts to take care of you and although it’s not the best, it’s good enough for you.
"I tried drying it with a fan at first but I couldn't wait because I heard you blowing your nose all the way from the lobby. Sue me."
( ♡ )
Yoongi thinks you’re a lightbeam.
He thinks you’re pure energy that bounces off and passes through whatever material simultaneously. You get through him the most, and he would never deny that.
There’s a certain glow to you that he gravitates towards and he only gets warm and energized at the most, but never burnt. You’re bright but never too blinding for him; you fill all his senses at once but the sensations don’t become overwhelming.
Yoongi’s not a speaker, much less a writer. He can’t enunciate his feelings for you the way he’d want to and it frustrates him endlessly. You do so, so much for him and not once does he comment on his appreciation.
He tries, though. He doesn’t know if it would ever be enough, or if any of his care for you would be equal to what you give to him, but he tries.
“So you just saw this and thought of giving it to me, hm?”
You hum at the article of clothing he’s put in your hands delicately, the soft knit material of the navy blue cardigan calming your strained eyes. It’s new to you — from the way you’ve never seen a knitted cardigan before with tiny sheep on them all over the place, to the way you’re not used to Yoongi gifting you things out of the blue.
“Does it even suit me?” you mumble under your breath, holding it up against your body to look at the mirror. The design of it was cute, unique even. It’s familiar to you for some reason but you don’t dwell on it, chalking it up to how it makes you happy just by looking at it.
“Every color is your color.”
Yoongi scoffs with his arms across his chest, a little huffy that you’d even doubt your image. “I’m not talking bull,” he exclaims a little more loudly when you shoot him a quizzical look, holding up his hands in defense. “I do mean it.”
You know that Yoongi isn’t the best with his words. He could be passive and defensive amongst all his other self-admitted weaknesses with his words in contrast to his actions, but you don’t mind. Yoongi means what he wants to mean, and you get his point every single time.
So when he tells you that he means sincerely that every color is your color, you believe him. You rely on yourself for assurance but with the reiteration coming from him, the (occasionally) least decisive person you know, you know better than to deny.
The halls in the company building aren’t empty but you choose to walk in the dead center of it, receiving courteous smiles from the mix of staff members before they scramble to not be in your path.
Your fellow employees in the company don’t necessarily fear you, but word comes around of what happens. Most of them are in awe of you from what you’ve heard but sometimes they respect the distance that you put. There were only a handful of people in the company that you like being around with and not just tolerate for the sake of it, and it’s more than enough for you. You didn’t come to make friends — you’re here to be competent. With or without them, you’re here for Yoongi, and Yoongi only.
Sometimes for Jimin too.
The actor from the same company has somewhat weaseled his way into your care, his plus points of being Yoongi’s best friend from high school contributing greatly. He’s not difficult to handle and even if he already has someone else as his manager, you wouldn’t mind buying lunch for him if he asked very kindly.
Jimin bumps your shoulder on purpose to walk with you in the hallway, having some time to kill by annoying you before his schedule resumes for the day. He looks awfully suspicious; half-amused and half-shocked to see you.
His eyes flit over your figure up and down like he didn’t just see you this morning, the ambiguous look on his face making your eyebrows furrow in confusion. “What are you looking at?”
"Oh?" he exclaims, whistling as he does another once-over that just makes you more irritable than confused at this point. He clears his throat when he senses that you want an answer from him, playing it cool by shoving his hands into his pockets. "Where did you get that?"
He gestures to the cardigan you’re wearing, eyes squinting to make sure his vision isn’t playing tricks on him.
"Yoongi gave it to me,” you shrug carelessly, eyes suddenly brightening since you have the energy in you to tease him. "Why? Do I look pretty?"
Jimin’s face doesn’t fall and in fact, he even giggles in reply. He giggles and yet his eyes feel apologetic for some reason, making your head tilt in curiosity.
"You're pretty for sure," he coos, making your worry dissipate instantly.
The worry dissipates for a second but it comes back twofold when Jimin comes closer to you to remove the cardigan from your figure, the sudden act making you freeze that you just let him do so. "But you shouldn't wear secondhand."
"Yoongi and I share socks, a cardigan wouldn't be a problem,” your eyes roll at his trivial excuse in removing your knit.
The cardigan you’ve only had for a matter of hours is tucked to his arms and you make quick moves to snatch it back, but Jimin is even quicker in turning his body away from you.
How exactly should he break this to you?
"This is Sohee's cardigan."
If Jimin’s learned one thing from you, it’s to be direct and immediately cut to the chase.
"You're wearing Yoongi's ex's cardigan."
The familiarity you’ve once felt over the cardigan is no longer there, turning into the ugly type of affinity instead. It once smelled like Yoongi’s perfume to you but now you realize that it overwhelmingly smells like the forgotten depth of a cabinet.
The navy blue knit now looks patchy to you. It looks like it has the remaining dust of mothballs and the splotches of bleach. The sheep pattern on it looks sad to be even there. The material feels scratchy like a scouring pad and feels even dirtier than it. It’s hideous.
"Don't be mad, pretty," Jimin presses his thumb to the middle of your brows to ease the furrow, dropping in your nickname seamlessly to calm you. “Remember, you didn't hear that from me, alright?"
Yoongi had forgotten the feeling of someone literally throwing clothes at him (the last time was when he was a teenager and his mom was fed up with him not putting his laundry in the proper basket), but now, he relives the feeling.
"I don't want this."
He peeks through the cardigan you’ve just thrown him, confused on why you would be mad.
It’s rare and come to think of it, Yoongi can’t think of a time that you got angry at him. You get mad at directors who change the brief and casters who mispronounce his name and paparazzi who get in his face — you get angry for his sake, not at him.
"It's tacky. It's ugly," you spat, breaking eye contact to angrily organize his things in time for his next schedule. “It's Sohee's."
Yoongi had never angered you in a way and as much as you retain your patience for him, this one just bothers you like a tick. It just makes you itch and drains your blood and gives you unnecessary pain, the angry slew of words uncontrollable on the tip of your tongue.
"Seriously, why would you even give me something that belongs to your ex?"
"She's not really an ex," he exhales unsurely but he just wants to have the last word. He can’t help not being honest, even if being truthful doesn’t help his situation at the moment. “You see, we're kind of hooking-"
"Quit it!" your jaw clenches at the admission, your eyes about to roll to the back of your head from the raw annoyance that fills you. “Do I look like a charity shop for all the run-downs from your fuck buddy?"
Whichever way he puts it, Sohee’s his ex-girlfriend that cheated on him.
She’s an ex-girlfriend that was seeing someone behind Yoongi’s back and no matter how painful their split was, he still chases her after a lost puppy. Her months-long infidelity was forgiven with only a week’s worth of apologies, and it’s always Yoongi that doesn’t want to break off from her completely.
"Don't talk about her that way," he mutters, rolling his eyes at your misplaced protectiveness. You weren’t the one who was cheated on and yet you act like it. You’re not supposed to hurt on his behalf, but he remembers distinctly how you said that you would always rally behind him on his happiness.
Sure, being fuckbuddies with his ex-girlfriend isn’t as good as being committed to her the way a boyfriend would, but it makes him happy. You’re not supposed to hurt on his behalf but you do — you’re supposed to be happy with his joy but you aren’t.
"I just thought it would suit you. She left it in my closet and hasn't looked for it since," he sighs defeatedly, already knowing that you’re barely listening to him.
Yoongi doesn’t apologize simply because it’s not in his nature. He’s not sorry that he gave you his ex-girlfriend’s cardigan, but he’s sorry that you feel angry for whatever reason.
Yoongi’s sorry, but he would never say it.
"I wasn't trying to upset you or anything."
( ♡ )
There are only a handful of times that you get to sleep peacefully.
Those instances only happen when Yoongi’s schedule finishes early in the night and starts late the next day. Your body’s used to the work that fatigue only feels like second-nature, the tiredness hitting your system only when you don’t move.
For the first time in what felt like years, Yoongi’s schedule finished earlier than 5 PM today. You were so excited to come home and have time for yourself that you don’t regret rejecting Yoongi’s offer in getting drinks with him. It probably didn’t hurt him as much as his expression fell blank when you declined his offer for bonding outside work, but you already know that he too would kill to have time for himself.
Normally you would just take a night shower and head straight to bed without even drying your hair completely because you’re just that tired, later waking up with a headache. But god, today was just different. You take a shower for enjoyment rather than necessity, taking the time to break out the scrub you have to leave on in order to fully reap the benefits.
You take the time to dry your hair and put your work phone on silent, finally being able to wear the expensive pajamas upper management had gifted you two Christmas parties ago. You’re able to scroll through your watch recommendations without feeling pressured for time, even taking the time to watch trailers instead of blindly clicking a random title.
You have the time to do nothing and be liable for nobody that it all feels so good. You’re ultimately relaxed and go to bed without calculating for tomorrow, tucking yourself in before 9 PM.
Until your personal phone rings so loudly in the middle of the night.
The shock jolts you awake, accepting the call even if you can barely make out anything from your squinted eyes. Your voice is cut off before you could even say anything, the raspy needy register hitting all your senses at once.
"Come over."
Yoongi fills you up as a whole. He’s overwhelming in nature and if you couldn’t be any more delirious with what’s happening, the scent of his perfume fills your room. It’s unexplainable and doesn’t exist but you could swear that you smell his perfume.
There isn’t anything coherent in your mind that you can say but there’s only purpose somewhere in there, just a tiny bit of purpose that wants to be with Yoongi in that way, at this moment.
"I missed you so much, baby."
Maybe he’s drunk. Maybe he went for drinks by himself and only called you accidentally. He must be, because you’re not his baby.
Is this even for you? Maybe he does genuinely just miss you and the endearment is loose on his drunk tongue. Maybe he’s just slurring his words and he didn’t even call you the name, only being conjured up by your rudely-awakened mind.
"I want you so bad right now, Sohee," he practically moans to your ear, hearing his breath heave through the phone. “My cock's so-"
The moment his name leaves your lips in your voice is what makes him come out of his lust-driven senses, the beads of sweat on his forehead turning into the sensation of cold water on his flushed body. He was originally lying in bed when he pressed on Sohee’s number at his phone, at what he thought to be his work phone, instead of his personal. Sohee would always be the top-most contact in his personal cell, and his work’s frequent contact would be-
The realization makes Yoongi squeak for all the wrong reasons, hurriedly hanging up and unable to look at the phone on his hands that he chucks it to the wall next to his bed.
Neither of you sleep peacefully tonight.
( ♡ )
The shame in his system is what keeps Yoongi this jumpy early in the morning, not the three espresso shots he drank in one sitting.
His coffee intake isn’t the culprit to his heart palpitations and trembling hands, that much he could make out. He’s just so nervous to be in your presence after his innocent mistake last night. The train of events of him essentially asking you to come over while he sounds fucked-out, then calling you Sohee, and then eventually realizing that it’s in fact you, his manager, who he called up at 2 in the morning — it’s a long shot from being innocent. He didn’t mean to call you, but he didn’t mean to unknowingly hurt you either.
Yoongi doesn’t fear you but maybe he does now by the way you don’t utter a single word to him at all, too preoccupied with your job. Had you always been this busy? He knows that you’re busy superlatively but somehow, you’d always fit him into your process. You were the type to have your nose buried in your cue sheets while asking him at the same time of what he wants for lunch.
There’s only four of you in the lounge anyway; you, him, Jimin, and Tiger– the stray cat who ended up becoming the company feline.
“So how did you sleep last night?”
Jimin looks up from his phone, gauging to see if he was the one being asked. You’re sitting beside him but you’re busy nonetheless, leaving the question unanswered. Yoongi’s looking at Tiger now and it’s clear that he wouldn’t answer the question anytime soon, so of course Jimin’s about a hundred percent sure that he’s the one being interrogated.
"Eh. I slept at five in the morning."
Yoongi screws his eyes shut because this is clearly not going the way he wanted to, but stopping abruptly now just seems awkward.
"It's really quiet at 5 AM. How was your sleep?"
Jimin doesn't think about it, really. He doesn’t wonder how Yoongi basically asked him the same question twice. He’s just here answering whatever came to mind, oblivious to the tension (literally one-sided based on Yoongi’s perspective) that was filling up the room.
"Oddly enough, it was deep. Come to think of it, the later I sleep, the more sound it is."
"Jimin, over here!" Hoseok, his manager, hollers outside the lounge that it has him immediately standing up, leaving the two of you alone together.
Three if you count Tiger.
Yoongi feels like he’s fucked now that there’s no buffer state between the two of you, thinking about the next big thing before clearing his throat, petting the cat on his head.
"You should eat well today.”
You’re not clueless to know that Jimin’s already left the lounge. You see clearly how Yoongi looks like a fool talking indirectly to Tiger in order to make conversation with you.
He’s not as swift and smooth as he thinks but you’re sure that he doesn’t realize it, just like how he doesn’t realize loads of things. He doesn’t realize the gravity of your anger even if you’ve already said what causes it. He doesn’t realize that Sohee is the worst thing to happen to him, both in his professional and personal life, coming from you both as a manager and a friend. He doesn’t realize that you’re intentionally not indulging him this time.
"Your sunglasses look nice.”
Yoongi still gets no reaction from you, coughing to the back of his hand. He looks at you slyly, turning his attention back to Tiger to distract him from the overpowering humiliation he feels.
"I'm talking to you, by the way. Not the cat."
You deadpan to your notes, not budging in the slightest bit when you respond.
“You don't say."
You’re angry and sleep-deprived and you’re dangling by the edge on keeping it all together. You already want to call it a day but it’s just barely started. Seeing Yoongi makes you tired and you think that it would pass eventually, the feeling of it only stuck for today.
You pet Tiger lovingly before you leave the lounge, only making the note to come fetch Yoongi when needed. You don’t want to be around him and it’s a rare feeling, but it’s only for today.
It should only be for today.
"Your shoot starts an hour from now."
( ♡ )
Yoongi can’t stand the thought of you getting anything less than what you deserve.
He doesn’t have a weak stomach but it churns when people make fun of you. Your reputation precedes you and in the few times that your cutthroat attitude leaves no room for screw-ups in future projects, you get mocked by people who haven’t even met you.
Maybe it’s because they haven’t seen you in person that they haven’t been humbled yet. Yoongi thinks it’s pathetic of them to make a caricature of someone who carried him on their back, the main reason of why he even got this far.
They wouldn’t know you like he does and Yoongi loves it because that way, he feels special. Your interactions and warmth in general are exclusive to only the two of you. No one would know how talkative you can get and how bright your smile could get — only he gets to see that.
They wouldn’t know you like he does and Yoongi hates it. He hates it because that way, no one gets to know who you are as an individual because being his manager is a bigger identity than yourself. No one gets to know how kind and loyal you are in your true nature.
“They’re looking at your watch.”
He grits his teeth, eyeing the snotty friend group who’s gathered in a tiny circle and are laughing, their eyes constantly looking at you. He knows for sure that you get a lot of looks, but there’s just something about how they each take mischievous glances at you and laugh obnoxiously at the next second.
Yoongi models for a living, of course he’d know how to read people. He knows how to read body language from years of observing and expressing; he knows how to read lips from waiting between glass panes to see if he would be casted back in his rookie days.
“They’re making fun of you.” Either you don’t hear him or you chose not to pay attention to him, but he repeats it more sternly this time. He comes closer to you with a scowl, crossing his arms as he steps in front of you slightly to cover you from their eyes. “They’re looking at your watch.”
You look up from your phone, tucking it into your pocket. You heard Yoongi the first time but now he sounds more urgent than the last, finally indulging him.
He gestures his head slyly to the group that’s not that far from you in the first place, definitely out of earshot but still completely visible to look at their shadows. “Them.”
Not a second passes that you look at his line of sight, boldly staring even if you catch one of them looking at you. She was laughing at first but it registers belatedly that you’re looking directly at her, making her turn her head away. You recognize her.
Yoongi’s eyes widen to realize that you’ve basically just let them know that you’re aware they’re talking about you, the heads-up coming from him directly.
“The one in the red shirt,” your chin points, looking back at Yoongi to see if he’s catching up. “She’s been stuck as the coffee runner for years. She applied to become a manager five times last year and look where she is.”
He could grasp slightly why you’re telling him this, but the point doesn’t completely sink in. He knows that you’re easily one of the highest-paid managers in the whole industry and you could really put the girl in place if you wanted to.
“But she’s making fun of you.”
At his frown, you sigh. The both of you know that he wouldn’t let this go not unless you get redeemed in some way. Whether that some way would be standing up for yourself or him doing it for you, Yoongi simply wanted to have her karma one way or another.
She meets your eyes again, you motion her to come over using just two fingers, and she does.
She looks more catty and arrogant the last time you saw her, even if she is neither of those things when she’s scared shitless in front of you. You don’t remember insignificant faces but you only manage to remember her because the last time you crossed paths (in the same luxury store while you were getting Yoongi’s necessities), she was hurling profanities at the store manager simply for running out of stock of her desired bag.
“Run to the next block and get me twenty drinks.”
She’s dressed poshly in her tweed jacket and yet her eyes blink dimly, tripping over her words. “R-run?” she repeats, “twenty?”
“Do you expect any of us to let you use our company vehicles just to go to the next block? To get drinks?”
“N-no, ma’am,” she shakes her head earnestly, swallowing the lump of karma in her throat. She’s beyond embarrassed to see the glances towards her, most especially her friends’. She was just talking smack about you and the things she’s heard and at the next blink later, she was being summoned by none other than you.
She swallows her pride, internally cussing herself for being so obvious and so dense. It was true what she heard about you — you don’t let anything go past you.
“What should I get for you?”
Your mouth curves into a small smile, nudging the model beside you.
“I’ll let Yoongi decide for me.”
His mouth falls on why he’s suddenly being dragged into this but there’s just something, something that just plasters his mind as fast as it was formed. He’s not necessarily vindictive, but he is fair.
“Vanilla bean crême frappe, heavy cream, half-cup soy milk, with cream in the largest cup they have, no ice, no water, with honey drizzle, protein powder, no whip, with sweet cream, add chocolate chips, blueberry toppings.”
You have to suppress your laugh.
You’re trying so earnestly to keep yourself composed and the way your chuckle tickles your throat is making it hard, opting to bite your lip instead. He’s funny — something about him coming to your side in the form of a serious, obnoxiously long drink order is just so amusing to you.
“A-and uhm, and the other nineteen?”
She’s the only one who isn’t entertained by the situation of it all, eyes widening at the gravity of her own question.
“Ask around.”
Yoongi snickers to himself quietly, waiting to see her go to the other staff members before finally chuckling out loud. He can’t contain himself, shaking his head repeatedly at what you just did.
“You’re evil.”
“And you helped me,” your tongue clicks to the roof of your mouth, laughing alongside him. “Besides, I’m giving her a job to do.”
Come to think of it, you’re not unnecessarily rude. You’re quick on your feet and even more on your tongue but you don’t go to excessive lengths. You could be snippy and snappy but only within grounds. You’re not rude until you’re provoked and Yoongi knows that.
You tell him briefly how you knew the girl and it doesn’t take much explanation why he would do the same if he was in your position, nodding earnestly while you ask him.
“Who’s making fun of who now?”
He laughs breathlessly, smiling to himself before keeping his eyes on the ground. He peeks up at you, eyes glazing your wrist first in deep thought.
“You’re the only manager I know who doesn’t use a smart watch.”
“I’m the only manager you need to know.”
“It’s so scratched up,” he reasons, circling his hand around your wrist to hold it up. He pokes at the hardware, a slight pout on his face. “The clasp won’t even close.”
“It could still tell me the time.”
“You had to replace the batteries twice this week.”
Yoongi surprises you at times. He sometimes renders you speechless with the random things he remembers about you and the mementos he remembers you by. He’s liquid light at your fingertips, always flowing and never stagnant.
He surprises you when you’re oblivious to the fact that his hard gaze on the camera is not to appease the photographer but because he’s actually in deep thought.
He surprises you that in-between takes, he peers at you to see what way he’s going next. He does extra well to have a break called earlier, no longer able to have his thoughts to himself.
Yoongi surprises you while you aren’t looking, unwinding as you eat your lunch before you check in on him again. He take off his own watch from his wrist, swiftly removing your own to replace it with his.
“Wear this starting now.”
“I really don’t care if they make fun of me, Yoongi.”
You mean it sincerely — a random, insignificant person’s opinions on you, much less the watch you wear, doesn’t really matter. You’d continue wearing it whether Yoongi gave you the heads-up about it or not.
You’d fight him on it and return the watch, but with the way he’s just gripping you softly to remind you that his watch isn’t the only thing that’s hugging your skin, or even the way he pleads you silently to accept something of his — you don’t object.
“But I do,” he says sincerely, pocketing your old watch in the meantime. “I care.”
It’s not everyday that you grab lunch with the company’s CEO, but it’s also not everyday that you have to pat his back repeatedly after almost choking on his food.
“Oh that’s hard.”
Namjoon remarks while you grab him a napkin, his eyes instantly catching the glint of the timepiece on your wrist. He’s casual with you just like he is with Yoongi, seeing to it that his company was just barely taking off when the two of you were signed in. He has an eye for detail and he’s certain he could never forget, head tilting in wonder.
“Didn’t you use to wear a watch that was a little more… shabby?”
The huff leaves you faster than you could repress it, rolling your eyes playfully. You don’t know why it’s such a big deal because at the end of the day, you don’t even flaunt it around. Ever since Yoongi gave you his watch for you to wear, things just felt differently.
“It’s just a watch.”
“That’s a Rolex.”
You sigh in acknowledgement, knowing the brand well considering you’d see the insignia every time you look at the time. “And a Rolex is a watch.”
Namjoon chews through his salad quickly, adamant to correct you.
“No, that’s the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch,” he shakes his head eagerly, holding up your wrist to point out the craftsmanship. He goes about the tangent on what makes it timeless, on his way to his eighth point of defense before you start growing sick of the jargon.
“Are you being paid to say this or what?” you chuckle, snatching your wrist back. “I didn’t buy this anyway. Yoongi just gave this to me.”
You continue eating but Namjoon stops in his tracks, mouth parting open to try and grasp what you just said.
“He did?” he curls his voice, not wanting to believe it at first. He looks back at the timepiece and he could immediately tell what makes it to be truly Yoongi’s, heartily chuckling once it clicks into his mind. “Huh. Interesting. This watch means a lot to him.”
“Yeah, his first paycheck,” you nod, knowing that he knows about the story too, “but apparently not so much. He told me that I needed it more than he did so he just gave it away.”
How endearing.
“I was with him when he bought that watch,” Namjoon pipes in, genuinely surprising you because it’s the first you’ve heard of it. He smiles at your awe, mumbling to himself when he catches you looking at the watch in wonder. “That’s probably why it doesn’t look weird on you. It’s always been yours.”
“Huh? What do you mean by that?” you catch his words instantly, your eyebrows furrowing with what he just said, “this watch has never been mine before.”
Namjoon doesn’t elaborate, instead just smiling at you. It isn’t his place to tell, but no one really said that it isn’t his position to be happy watching from afar.
“If you say so.”
( ♡ )
If you’re not worrying about Yoongi’s today, then you’re worrying about his tomorrow.
Sometime between his hectic schedule, there were days that opened up the opportunity for relaxation. By relaxation, you mean his rest.
Perhaps the two of you have been desensitized to working extremely tiring workdays that a slightly less tiring day already feels like a vacation. The motions of caring for Yoongi made you realize that you could never properly rest until you’re working on something, whether it would be peeling tangerines while watching your shows or crocheting while getting your pedicures.
You’re so used to the idea of not allowing yourself to rest and it’s taking its toll on you slowly but surely. You aren’t necessarily in denial because after all you know you’re cut out for this job, but sooner or later, you know that this would end one day. You’ve saved more than enough and as much as you aren’t worried about the financial aspect of taking a break and perhaps retiring early, you’re scared shitless.
There would come a time when you have to stop taking care of Yoongi.
Now is not the time though.
"I have an idea,” Yoongi bursts into your office carrying nothing but a paper bag, his smile too wide that you have to take your eyes off of your spreadsheet to savor it fully.
He skips past your tone of indifference, sitting at the chair in front of your desk without his grin faltering.
"I'm gonna dye my hair orange,” he announces confidently without any room for doubt. He cheers, even, “It's gonna look so good on me, I swear. Plus my hair's longer now too!"
It suits him, just now realizing that he had a haircut to give shape to the length he’s been growing out; only his sides being buzzed. His bangs are pushed away from his forehead and he looks too pretty this way. A little more rugged and a little less prim, the silhouette of his hair complimenting his features nicely.
You’re only reminded of how you’ve been too silent for too long when Yoongi tilts his head, prompting you to clear your throat as if it never happened.
"That's not a bad idea," you shrug, thinking far ahead of the reactions when his new look gets revealed. His hair has been a faded blonde for quite some time now, but he was easy on the eyes regardless. “It's been awhile since you did something new with your hair."
"I'll fit it in your schedule," you conclude, pulling up your phone amongst the many devices you have a copy of his schedule in. “Are you free on-"
"Now. I'm free now."
There goes Yoongi again with the endearingly eager tone, the one that lulls you to let go a little. He seems excited about it and as much as you don’t want to spoil the mood, you atleast want to let him know about the downsides before you need to rein him in.
"You're doing it yourself?" he hears you wince, scratching your temple unsurely. "I don't know about that, Yoongs. Box dye makes your hair crunchy. Remember when you tried red?"
"One step ahead of you," he beams, taking out item after item from the paper bag he couldn’t seem to let go of when he first entered. "I got what they would use on me in the salon. They even wrote the instructions by hand, look!"
Yoongi’s cute.
"You did something by yourself?" you gasp dramatically, receiving the energy right back because he’s in a good mood.
"Shocker, right?" he hums, purposefully taking out the gloves from the bag as the last item. He pulls them out agonizingly slow, making your eyes squint until you sense the material being pushed to your hands. "Least I could do because you're the one who's dyeing my hair."
"What?" your mouth falls open, “you already went to the salon to get these yourself. Couldn't you let them do it instead?" It’s not like the thought of dyeing Yoongi’s hair repulses you, but it just makes you nervous for a reason. It’s too domestic, too intimate because knowing the difference of your nature from being in the hairdressers, the two of you are close. Conversation flows freely while you do such a thing for him.
Being domestic with Yoongi doesn’t scare you — mistaking his definition of normalcy as your intimacy does.
“Silly," he coos, "I'm making you dye my hair so in case it goes bad, I won't blame myself!"
You thank the heavens that Yoongi is himself.
It’s half an hour later until you get everything sorted out, turning your office into a makeshift salon for the meantime with your main priority being ventilation, your door already opened with numerous fans turned on.
Yoongi seems giddy — in his salon cape with a drink on his hand, even coercing you to look into the mirror in front of the both of you so he could take pictures.
Before you could even do it, he removes his own cap from his head, placing it on yours gingerly.
"Keep it."
He’s used to you asking why but this time around, there’s no grand motive to it. You’re not shivering from cold pool water nor are you being made fun of for your watch. There’s no cause-effect tangent to it this time.
"No reason. I just feel like giving it to you."
You’re used to Yoongi not explaining.
He could enunciate himself well, you know it. But being with him for so long in a way wherein you’re heavily involved, sometimes, Yoongi doesn’t need to explain. You know what he wants and you know what he means before he could open his mouth, needless for a grand explanation.
"You're either a cat or a crow."
The observation you keep at the tip of your tongue slips seamlessly when you see his eyes closed, looking ahead at the reflection to see that you’re still wearing his cap even if he isn’t looking.
"Are you high?" he peeks one eye open, a snort leaving him at the suddenness of your words.
The chuckle that leaves you is warm enough to soothe Yoongi’s cheeks, automatically making him smile.
"Sometimes you bring me your hunts.” Just like Sohee’s cardigan, or better yet the entire concept of his ex-girlfriend. Yoongi could be the cat and Sohee could be the rabbit, but in all honestly, you can’t really tell who is which.
“Sometimes you bring me shiny things." She grounds him to what he’s used to, and he restricts his flight to all he’s ever known. Somewhere along, you’ve just been the designated feeder of the crow for him to come around at times, dropping shiny gifts on your lap; case in point the very watch you wear now.
Crows and cats don’t have a lot in common but one of their similarities is the love for the game — the hunt for what’s normal. One gifts, and one scavenges.
"One day, you'll be putting a dead rat right on my hands and I won't be surprised."
"Ew. I hate rats." Yoongi almost gags in his mouth, the mention of the rodent making his skin crawl.
"If I were to give you a rat, I won't put it in your hands," he clarifies, taking your own analogy to fit his. "I'll just bring you to the rat instead!”
"How romantic."
"I know right," he grins cheesily, obviously pleased with himself. “That way, you’re surprised with something so off-putting.”
( ♡ )
Yoongi has the eye for spontaneity.
He tends to be on the impulsive side, but as far as he knows (emphasis on as far), none of his rash decisions ever resulted into harm. He only wants within reason and after two minutes of just pure critical thinking, he knows what he wants.
To go to the rest stop just wearing his sleep shirt and pajamas, buy three packs of ramen and two freshly-toasted corndogs, split it with you evenly, and eat and talk with you by the spinning high chairs.
Yoongi rings you only once at 9 in the evening, you pick him up, and by 9:42, you’re already cracking eggs and blowing on noodles.
“God, this just hits the spot,” Yoongi moans against the hot meal. He’d been craving for the specific experience for awhile now, missing the atmosphere on going on late night drives and stopovers. It reminds him of the family trips when he was a kid, thoroughly enjoying it even if he was an only child. His dad would fill up the car, his mom would go to the clerk to get the keys for the bathroom, and he’d finally walk with no urgency on his step once it’s over.
Just like his family, you ask him what else he wants to eat. And even if he says there’s nothing else, you grab additional snacks you know he would like. He would just read labels upon the racks of things he can’t normally see in a grocery store, take note of what he wants to buy later, and reserves a seat.
“It’s good that you called me. I was fucking craving for the same exact thing,” you grunt in delight when the hot meal instantly takes you aback, the first bite of it never failing to hit the mark.
You like evening drives and rest stop adventures. There’s something so warm in seeing car windows fog up because of the airconditioner and doodling on the moisture. There’s something so cool in draping makeshift blankets and cramming your hands inside sweaters as soon as everyone talks about the gameplan to not stay for long in the stopover.
There’s something so homey in Yoongi asking you to join him into a distinct experience you wanted to go through again — even if you never told him how much you want what he wants too.
“You took your earrings out?”
He comments when he waits for you to finish the remaining bits of your meal, looking at your side profile when he noticed the lack of jewelry on your ear.
“Mhmm,” you hum in confirmation, eyebrows furrowing when his fingers pinch your lobes in curiosity.
“Here, have this.”
Yoongi removes his own earrings without a second thought, using the overpriced wet tissues to clean them thoroughly.
Perhaps it’s because you’re already used to him and his split-second decisions that you aren’t surprised when he nimbly takes off his own jewelry while you’re eating, focused on his own task.
Yoongi uses his hand to cup your jaw, keeping your side profile faced to him. He knows that you aren’t hurt with piercings but he takes great care anyway when he puts in his hoops on your lobes. He does it closely that you feel hyper-aware of his warm palm on your chin to turn your head the other way, putting in the last earring for you.
"It's white gold," he chimes, flicking your hoops. “Protects you from all the bad things, apparently."
You distract yourself from the incredible warmth you feel by making conversation, turning your attention to the table first before gaining the courage to return the eye contact.
"Bad things?"
Yoongi nods.
"Evil things. I don't know, things that hurt you, I guess. Just bad things."
"You believe in these?"
There’s no malice to your question to at all, the both of you knowing that you wouldn’t ever cross such ground.
"Correction, my mom believes in all these," Yoongi rectifies, laughing in recollection of the random things he knows.
One time during a trip to the rest stop, when his ramen was unbelievably hot and his mom was cooling it down for him, she told him of the little tidbits about white gold to keep him preoccupied. His family wasn’t well-off but he distinctly remembers how all the jewelry he had growing up was all real and pawnable.
"I think believing in these trivial things don't matter that much, honestly. As long as no one gets harmed, it isn't so bad," he shrugs. It takes one, two seconds before he pinches his fingers, finally admitting. “okay, maybe I do believe a little."
"Your earrings better work on me,” you joke, borrowing his overpriced mirror that he bought at the cashier to look at your earrings. “As long as I wear them, I won't be hurt?"
"Well I can't promise that you won't ever be hurt as long as you wear my earrings," Yoongi rolls his eyes as expected, making you do the same.
"Isn't it bad luck to wear secondhand jewelry?"
You point out in realization, holding out your wrist and gently tugging at your earlobes, waiting to see if he has any more tidbits that he knows.
You’re cute.
"First off, I gave these to you and you already know me. You didn't buy them from a stranger," he emphasizes, “it's a bit of a grey area but it's only bad luck if the person you got it from had bad intentions."
"And you-"
Yoongi smacks you at the back of the head before you even get to finish your question, being quite the paradox when he does so.
"Of course I don't have bad intentions!" he exclaims, then soothing the back of your head with his warm palm rubbing in circles. "I'll never hurt you, y'know?"
"Hm," you hum, looking away so he wouldn’t see how flustered you are. “If you say so."
You’re about to eat another bite of your ramen when Yoongi surprises you by taking your utensils, putting the portion closer to him so he could blow off the steam.
You almost burnt your tongue, he reasons, making you part your mouth open to feed you.
"See?" he whispers knowingly, flicking both your watch and earrings that were once his. "Good intentions only."
( ♡ )
Every once in a while, Yoongi takes you along with him to his parents’ house.
He’s being a good son by constantly giving back to his parents and recognizing that their upbringing of him tremendously helped him to remain humble in the industry.
He’s being a good son by indulging their giggly requests if he could sign some things for a friend’s daughter or a colleague’s son, even paying attention to his handwriting.
He’s being a good son by keeping his feet on the ground no matter how high he gets because regardless if he’s in his childhood home or not, he would be still be as humble as Min Yoongi, his parents’ son, before he became the renowned personality he is now.
His parents always gush over you and an interaction never passes without them thanking you because in a way, you made their son grow in ways they haven’t. Through it all, they would never forget Yoongi introducing you to them as his manager — a bright-eyed, headstrong individual who in reality, has never become a manager to someone until Yoongi came along.
He’s a good son who is always sincere but you don’t know anything when he pipes in the dinner table when the focus was shifted to you, being frozen in your seat while the coos remained around.
"Girl of my dreams right here.”
Yoongi speaks to his food as if he didn’t call you the girl of his dreams right then and there in front of his parents.
He says it casually as if he was talking about the weather or going on about his tire pressure. He says it so easily as if he’s extremely familiar about it and it makes you warm.
He makes you warm but you always get stiff as if you’re frozen, your eyes unable to remain still through the entirety of dinner.
You’re not sure if it’s Yoongi staying with his filial son role but as soon as the first drop of the heavy rain hits their roof, until realization hits that you only came here through Yoongi’s car, until traffic updates say that there’s zero visibility on road — Yoongi asks you to stay.
"Just sleep in my room."
There’s no argument to it with the way he sternly looks at you, knowing that you’d always avoid being a “burden” even if you aren’t seen as one in the slightest bit; especially where he is– even in his childhood home.
"Where would you sleep?"
"Guest room," he answers nonchalantly. He takes the opportunity to joke, sensing your hesitancy on staying the night even if you knew it was technically impossible to leave. “Why? Thought I was sleeping next to you?"
He wiggles his eyebrows in teasing and as much as it loosened you up a little, you whine in complaint. "But I'm the guest."
"I'm sleeping in the guest room because the AC is much quieter," he whispers in admission, "My bed here is softer but the downside you have is that," he points to the airconditioning unit, “that thing's a mammoth."
Of course, there’s no other reason behind the room assignments besides Yoongi wanting to sleep in peace and quiet. But he senses the way you’re silent over it, rambling nonsense to fill in the void.
"Like seriously, the room shakes and you'd think the cold that comes out of it is proportional to all its heaving. It's like-"
If he was being honest, Yoongi wanted you to sleep in his bedroom because it would help him sleep at night knowing that you’re safe.
He didn’t want to say it out loud but really, he didn’t want you to sleep in the only guest room they had because he had just found out that there was a leak in the ceiling. He wouldn’t make you go through that (and his parents don’t either) which is why even if he had already given his room to you, the moment you turn into bed, he’d be going with his dad to the garage to see if they could patch it up before morning comes.
"Night, Yoongi."
He smiles, hoping he didn’t hurt you drastically this time.
"Good night."
( ♡ )
A manager should always be on-guard.
It was reasonable to think about the worst of everything and everyone in order to gauge the best you could care for your artist. It isn’t exactly hypocritical to do so considering the stakes at hand; you need to do whatever it takes.
You aren’t sure when your level of complacency started. You’re still on the tip of your toes each time you’re working with Yoongi, your quality of work never wavering. You had no problem living up to your reputation.
Your complacency in thinking that nothing would ever hurt Yoongi is far bigger than you expected it to be. You held both him and yourself to the highest degree — there’s sincerely nothing bad to be said about him. His track record’s clean and you intend keeping it that way.
There was no room for error in your management for Yoongi, that much you knew. You know to yourself that you’re the most thorough, intricate, and nurturing they could ever come.
You just don’t know where you went wrong in caring for Yoongi.
“I need you.”
Yoongi calls you on your rest day at 8 in the morning, his calls relentlessly growing in number when you don’t immediately pick up at the first ring. You were supposed to sleep in but at the sight of his name on you personal phone, you already know that the few hours of additional sleep are down the drain.
“What for?”
“I just need you to come.”
His voice is trembling, panicky even. You ask nothing but the address of where you need to go to, hanging up as soon as he mumbles in a daze of where he is now.
By the time you hung up, you were still in bed. You have every intention to get ready as soon as you can, and you’re gonna stand up any second now! Any second now and you screw your eyes shut, exhaling loudly to attend to him. It’s getting harder to wake up for Yoongi’s needs.
By the time you arrive at the broadcasting building he directed you to, you’re already escorted inside in a hurry by guards who saw you coming. Yoongi already gave them the heads-up to let only you in and no one else, catching your breath when you take the elevator with them.
They’re trained to be professional as it was a given. None of them break a sweat but you could see their chests rising, their earpieces giving feedback every two seconds with the way they respond urgently. It must be serious, you think.
You’re escorted into a dressing room that doesn’t have Yoongi’s name on it, being met with said man when you’re practically pushed inside. Your dressing room’s barricaded and you have no time to think when Yoongi pulls you to the corner, your eyes momentarily fleeting to the people inside.
They’re all unfamiliar to you besides Sohee. Several of them lend their gazes to you but they’re all back to being frantic as it seems; some drumming their fingers nervously on the couch, some pacing around the carpet with their phones pressed to their ear.
“Sohee’s bag was stolen.”
Yoongi announces it to you and he gulps the lump in his throat, putting his hands on his hips while he tries to calm down his breathing. Sohee was in the main studio filming an interview for her upcoming drama, he was watching her from backstage, and the rest of the staff were getting lunch in the cafeteria — in turn, no one being left in the dressing room.
“Sohee’s bag was stolen?” you repeat. Your eyebrows knit in confusion, stating the obvious. “That’s not your bag.”
He nods like he understands but you don’t think he understands. There’s not a single explanation of why you’re called here other than his ex-girlfriend’s bag was stolen.
“How does this concern me at all?”
He squints his eyes, surprised why you’re even questioning him. Normally you just do what you’re asked but his mind’s too panicked at the moment to even call you out for it, resorting to pleading. “Because her laptop’s in it. Please. Y/N, you have to start calling who you need to call-“
You’re still lost and you won’t even pretend otherwise, reaching out to grab his arm for him to stop pacing and start explaining instead.
“The studio’s been on lockdown, there’s no one in or out. The one who took it must still be in the building.”
“She could buy a new laptop for fuck’s sake,” you reply crassly, forgetting that Sohee’s still in the same room as you. You don’t know why you’re even summoned here on your rest day. “Why would you call me for something you’re not even involved in?”
“But I-I am involved in it.”
Yoongi swallows the lump in his throat and he could visibly see how your eyes are much more focused now, the nervousness ticking in his spine while you probe him to go further.
“There’s sensitive information of me, of us, in her laptop.”
Your composure starts the clock for its erosion, sucking in a breath while you try to figure out how you’d go with this. “Bank account details? Your home address? What’s in there?”
“Sensitive information.”
“Tell me specifically,” you counter, trying to refresh your knowledge about the people you could connect with to deal with a possible security leak. You start to look for names in your contacts and search for who could get you a direct link to someone who’d be of great help, waiting on his answer
“It’s just — i-it’s sensitive,” he doesn’t help his case at all by being shy about it, pushing you to become more frantic. This whole ordeal is time-sensitive and if he trips on his words more, the aftermath of it would be far more tensioned than the room is now.
“I can’t help you if I don’t know, Yoongi!”
Yoongi sucks in a breath and he feels tears pricking at his eyes out of the pressure in his stomach, cracking his fingers. He shuts his eyes to try and compose himself, grounding whatever’s left of his sanity by looking at you.
“Sex tape.”
He didn’t know what reaction to expect from you and to be honest, he doesn’t even know if he’d like any of them. Admitting it to you is far more painful than thinking about the possible repercussions of this whole thing.
You don’t know what your face does. You can’t tell if it dimmed with anger or if it fell with disappointment. You can’t discern if your mouth falls open at surprise or if it fell in surprise. You wouldn’t know what you feel even if someone placed a mirror in front of you.
“Sohee and I have a sex tape in there.”
You gather every last bit of your resolve, call out for Sohee’s manager in the room, and go to work.
You go to work immediately about retracing every last person and interaction they have been exposed to; be it Yoongi and Sohee themselves or the staff members. You direct the room and distribute numbers for them to call, under the strict instruction that they contact these people under your name and no one else’s.
You pick up and bark replies at everyone who’s responded to your request for help, Sohee’s staff (who you didn’t even know of until ten minutes ago) calling your attention as soon as they get a definitive answer from their contact.
You direct the building security to look for every cranny that both Yoongi and Sohee’s party went through the moment they went through the studio. You get a radio to be informed about any suspicious movement that went in and out of the dressing room upon their ongoing review on the security cameras.
You ring up Namjoon due to the gravity of the situation. He does the work himself, getting his driver to hightail through the red lights to get to where you and Yoongi were as fast as possible. He calls the people he knows on the inside; a high-ranking police officer to speed up the operations in retrieving the laptop and for the upcoming charges, and a bigshot lawyer in case everything goes to shit and the sex tape ends up hitting the internet.
Everything is fast-paced for the next half hour that as soon as you get the acknowledgement in your end of communication, the tension of everything that unfolded not immediately melting even when you get the good news.
“It was a stalker that started working as an intern in advance when he heard Sohee was doing a new drama. He guessed that you’d get an interview here during the promotions because the show you went on is famous. He’s been caught already — he already had previous charges before this.”
Sohee’s manager breaks the good news, making the people inside the dressing room visibly deflate in relief.
“Nothing was touched. Your laptop couldn’t be opened anyway because the battery was out.”
“Was the battery out the last time you used it?” Yoongi asks her just to make sure, the rest of the people listening in because he did make a good counter.
Sohee eagerly nods her head, swiping the sweat from her forehead. “Yeah, yeah! I was meaning to charge it.”
That was the end of it.
That was supposed to be the end of it but Yoongi barely feels relieved.
“That was a close one.”
Namjoon broke the terse silence with the small comment and as if on cue, both Yoongi and Sohee apologize deeply with a bow in front of their staff. None of them had a reason to stay any longer in the building considering what had just happened, Sohee and her team being the ones to pack up earlier.
Namjoon’s bound to have a long talk with Yoongi but he excuses himself for the day, giving him nothing but a stern instruction to see him tomorrow, before leaving.
Yoongi drove on his own to the studio and he could head home right at this moment but he sees you hanging back in the same dressing room, your expression unreadable.
He has every resource and reason to leave right now — to reel back from what happened and save himself from a scolding. He could and can do that right now, but oddly enough, Yoongi feels like he deserves this.
He deserves your blank gaze at nothing in particular before it grows angry at the realization that he’s still not leaving the room.
Seeing Yoongi infuriates you.
He doesn’t know where to start but he professes his honesty first, his stinging tears not holding back this time round.
“I-I have nothing to say for myself,” he shakes his head. “I’m sorry.”
You don’t say anything. You stay silent and withhold any fibre of attention from him. You can’t even look him in the eye and Yoongi can’t deal with it for the life of him.
“The tape’s from last year a-and we thought-“
“I don’t fucking care if that sex tape was from last year or yesterday.”
You grit your reply through your teeth, every last bit of your patience running out at the exact second he decided to defend himself.
“You’re so stupid, Yoongi!” you exclaim in sheer disdain. “Fuck whoever you want but you do not make a sex tape! You don’t film it in laptops! You don’t film yourself cumming on Sohee!”
You can’t even stomach what had and what could have happened in the last hour. It physically makes you sick and you can’t wrap your head around how come you’re the most shaken of them all, barely able to hold it together.
You’ve held it for the last hour but you can’t even try to pretend you’re composed. You’re the furthest thing from being level-headed right now and your loss of grip makes you spiral, unable to grasp even a single straw.
“Do you know how much this could’ve hurt you?”
Frustrated tears spring out of your eyes and throughout the years he’s known you, this is the first time Yoongi’s ever seen you cry. This is the first time he’s ever seen you so wrecked and upset that his mind blanks on how he could help you. You always know what to do for whatever happens to him, today being a clear example — but you’re crying. You’re crying and it’s a cake walk against all the shit about him you’ve had to solve, but Yoongi can’t do anything.
“Her laptop’s backed up into the cloud, for god’s sake! Anyone could’ve hacked her, even!” you point out further. “Everything would be over for you just because you wanted to film your dick getting wet.”
You’ve never had such a drastic release of emotions. You’ve never cried this hard and this frustratedly to the point you whimper and wail to your hands unintelligibly. You’re so, so spent and for once, you focus on no one but yourself.
You focus on nothing besides the rapid rise and fall of your chest, the sobs you’ve never heard coming from your own mouth wracking your ribs.
You focus on nothing besides the way your head feels like it’s splitting open from all off your accumulated stress.
In respect to the time you last did it in years, you focus on no one but yourself.
“Think, Yoongi! Wouldn’t it hurt to just fucking think sometimes?”
“I-I’m sorry! I already told you I’m sorry!” he cries in between hiccups, trying to get you to look at him.
“You’re not sorry enough,” you grit. “What would you have done if it was leaked, huh? You think I can clean up your mess this time? You think I can just bitch at everyone again so they forget your screw-up?”
You save yourself some dignity by aiming straight for the door, another set of footsteps trying to trail after you.
“Don’t be like this,” he pleads, his voice hoarse as he begs to get you to stay. “W-where are you going? Y/N please!”
“Get out of my way.”
Yoongi is neither a cat or a crow, but he is himself. And as what he once promised, he brings you to the rat; something so off-putting and gut-wrenching.
In your rush to get out, your earrings get caught at a hook by the door. You’re desperate enough to leave that you push through, barely feeling the pain.
Your ear burns and although it's not torn, you feel the sting of the tiny tear of your– Yoongi's earring on your lobe, the warm sensation of red making you shiver for a vague second.
You're hurt.
( ♡ )
For the first time ever, you take a break.
You grab an overdue two-week break you’re entitled to but have never used, and you make the most of it.
Namjoon granted it for you instantly without asking any questions, even going as far as telling you that you could charge everything on the bottomless company card.
Both your personal and work phones were turned off, only responding to urgent situations through email which you thankfully had none of so far.
It’s at a Monday night when you go to a high-end club you’ve only seen from the outside, the scene indoors still as frisky and dirty as other places, but this time with a little more tact.
There’s more than a handful of familiar faces you see but none of the interactions you see now are for the camera. You came here simply to be a part of the environment, not to necessarily get wasted. Oddly enough you crave the busy environment even if the people here aren’t in a rush to go somewhere; and neither are you.
“I know you.”
Someone beside your bar stool chimes and you have to rely on the dim glow of the bar to identify who it was, waiting for the aid of the flashing lights to illuminate the figure.
He’s as handsome as it goes with his sharp, refined features — plump lips and kind eyes with an athletic figure, his jet black hair slicked back prettily.
“I know you too,” you reply just as surely.
He chuckles heartily, his broad shoulders coming along with him as he tilts his head. He’s charming, really.
“You’re the pretty girl backstage who told me someone was taking pictures of me while I was changing,” he reminisces, remembering your goodwill of informing him. He didn’t even know he was having his pictures taken by a perverted intern, but before he could even thank you, you call out the intern loudly and publicly until he gets taken by security. “I only caught your name after I walked the runway. I didn’t get to thank you back then.”
Your eyes glaze at Kim Seokjin’s honesty because the moment he opened his mouth, you thought you would be known for one thing only — you thought he would define you as Yoongi’s manager.
The surprise encompasses you that during your first interaction outside of work, and even throughout, Seokjin would always know you as the one who gave him a heads-up from years ago. He remembered the small act of kindness back when you were a rookie manager and he was a rookie model. In fact, that whole incident almost slipped your mind if not for his memory. Now that you recall, you were only there backstage for Yoongi but in your nature, you couldn’t help but to look out for him too.
“You’re the pretty boy who gave me heat packs in that outdoor shoot.”
It was Seokjin’s turn to be awed, lips curling over the fact that you remember the tiny act of service from years ago. It was after his changing incident, but he didn’t get to thank you properly because your guard dog (read: Yoongi) kept hounding him away from you, so all he managed to do was put heat packs on your lap in a hurry.
In that moment, you didn’t know each other as your reputations.
In Jin’s eyes, you weren’t Yoongi’s manager.
In your eyes, he wasn’t the esteemed rival that Yoongi hated the most.
You knew of their history briefly. From Yoongi’s retelling, they were high school buddies whose friendship turned sour when they were vying for the same big modeling agency who only had one slot left for its roster. Seokjin was the one who got accepted and Yoongi swears to you that his ex-friend must’ve sabotaged his application. It turned out for the better because he ended signing with Namjoon instead (and look where he is now!) but he still won’t let go of what allegedly happened.
Now that you think about it, Yoongi’s dislike for Seokjin just seems one-sided. It was all based on assumption, and you know well how the logic of it is flawed.
You came here to unwind, and just by the karma of goodwill, you come home with Seokjin.
He’s attentive with the way he kisses you deeply, mouth trailing hot against yours and he isn’t shy to show you just how much he wants you, where he wants you, and how exactly he wants you.
He’s addictive to the point you only think what he wants you to, nothing else but your pleasure and him who gives it. He’s selfless with the way he takes his time to not half-ass anything with the pretty girl he came home with, skilled in every which way.
“You haven’t been getting what you deserve lately, have you?”
Seokjin asks in the middle of leaving hickies on the inside of your thighs, his warm palm pressed flat against your clit — rubbing almost lazily to give you a break before pushing you to another high again for the night.
“And what do I deserve, hm?” you ask him to humor you through heavy-lidded eyes, the unreleased tension you’ve harbored finally getting released little by little.
Seokjin thinks you’re hot; admirable. You’re a little mean but he loves it just like that, licking his lips in sincerity amidst lust. “Worshipped.”
“Don’t worry, baby,” he fucks you unlike any other, undoing all the sexual frustration you’ve had because of your busy career. He gives you everything in the same way you bare yourself, and you don’t mind if it’s only for the night. “I’ll take good care of you.”
( ♡ )
The plan was to resign, pack up your office, and get your last paycheck from Namjoon.
It was meant to be a smooth transaction, double-checking with him and the stand-in manager that you wouldn’t bump into Yoongi and have an unnecessary confrontation.
You’ve only opened both of your phones now after two weeks and not a second later upon opening them, hundreds of notifications started flooding in. You couldn’t even scroll past without your phone glitching, sometimes even freezing in between messages that get previewed.
You aren’t scared of seeing Yoongi — you simply just don’t want to see him if you had the chance to. Your anger for him no longer remains but you know you can’t stomach the sight of him either.
He became listless starting two weeks ago and just at the signal of a security guard he’s tipped off (to notify him if you enter the premises), he immediately comes to you.
You don’t even get to finish packing your desk and drawers because Yoongi bursts through your door in a hurry.
He looks haggard; way unlike him. He looks distraught and that’s because he truly is, stopping at nothing to try and contact you during the time you’ve been gone. He’s relieved to see you, he really is, but that feeling of solace completely leaves him when he realizes what you’re here for.
“Was that it?” he blurts out, eyes already stinging just from seeing you.
“Was that the plan all along? You take a two-week leave from being my manager and then suddenly, you resign?! You resign and you become Seokjin’s manager?” he says the last part in a whisper, unsure if he hears correctly what he’s even saying. “The whole point of your break is to leave me?”
You’re calm but it doesn’t placate him, the genuine confusion over what he’s last said apparent.
“Where’s this coming from?”
“And that’s the first thing you say for yourself?” Yoongi’s eyes widen. “I’m over here losing my shit because you’re replacing me with the person I hate most, and you’re asking me where’s this coming from?”
He knows where’s this coming from.
He knows that the reason for the feeling of betrayal looming in his chest is a couple of pictures, supposedly a blind item article of Seokjin. Out of all people, he would know how the paparazzi are extremely invasive of celebrities’ privacy. He hates being the center of them and hates reading them even more, but it’s you.
But it’s you and him.
“There’s pictures of you online having lunch with him. You have your mask on but I could spot you from anywhere. What else could you possibly be meeting him for?”
He knows it’s bad of him to jump into conclusions and rely solely on assumptions, but it’s not as if you were denying them now. You know about his distrust for the guy and you’ve been with him for years. Shouldn’t you be on his side?
“I’m not his manager. I didn’t meet him for that.”
He knows he should feel relief but at the same time, the unease that comes with it overpowers. If it wasn’t business, then it was personal. It’s the thought of the latter that makes him weak on the knees, swallowing his fear when he dares to ask you.
“Then what else could you-“ he goes straight in, “you were meeting with him outside of work?”
“Yeah, I was.”
Yoongi always tries to be lovable.
He always tries to not look at anyone the wrong way and makes it a point to be kind, distinguishing himself from the attitude of his manager. Although not once did your attitude get him in trouble, he wouldn’t lie and say that he gets embarrassed to be linked with you sometimes.
Sometimes, he wants to crawl into a hole underground when you confront someone over something he could easily overlook.
There are times when he wants you to just let him take the beating, to let him take the unfairness of others’ actions instead. He doesn’t want you jumping to his defense all the time because he doesn’t want to be known as someone who hides behind their manager’s back.
But now, now that he tastes the bitter feeling of what tastes like betrayal, he’s not so sure if it was right of him to feel embarrassed of you.
“Why would you meet with my enemy?”
There are times when you don’t want Yoongi to be the artist you manage.
He tends to be too full of himself at times, so much so that you get culture shock when you interact with someone who isn’t a celebrity in the likes of him. He associates you with himself all the time and as much as it flatters you, it could be annoying just like what he’s doing now.
You and Yoongi aren’t the same person.
“My problems don’t revolve around your problems, Yoongi!”
“Well they should!” he spits, looking down on you. “That’s the whole reason you’re my-“
“Manager? Again? My whole life should only revolve and stop in the name of yours because I’m your manager?”
The slow build of your anger speeds up at the word. Manager. Manager. You’ve heard it too many times in your lifetime and it’s sickening. It makes you want to throw up in the inside of your mouth and you want to purge itself clean. It’s no longer a title you adored but instead, it’s become an entity with a shadow bigger than yourself.
“My life revolves way too much around you, Yoongi. I’m getting sick of it!”
He swallows the hurt at your insistence of separating your life from his, even if you’ve spent the prime of your years with each other. The both of you grew up too fast but you grew up with each other, your lives getting entangled in the way.
“You don’t get to complain because you stuck around for it. Your job is to take care of me.”
“I know I accepted the job. I know it was my job to take care of you,” you emphasize the past tense but he tries to rectify it quickly, head insistently shaking no.
“Is. It is still your job.”
Yoongi clinging to you used to be a good thing. It used to remind you of how good you are and how compatible the both of you go along with each other, but this was different. Yoongi’s clinging to you because he refuses to accept no other choice, not even seeing past the work you’ve undertaken that’s becomes detrimental to your wellbeing as a whole.
It hurts to say but the words slips out of you regardless.
“But you’re too much, Yoongi. You are too much for me.”
“Oh, I’m too much?”
He’s fighting his tears but he knows he’s not feeling you. You’ve seen him vulnerable too many times to count but he’s stubborn. He’s stubborn and he fights with you because it’s the only thing that would keep you here. tongue against the inside of his cheek.
“Yeah, I said what I said,” you reply but your voice trembles. “But you don’t tell me that I don’t have the right to complain because it’s my job to put up with you.”
The offense you take to his words grow bigger because in hindsight, all that you have endured have basically been fit into a single nametag — all the burdens you have gone through and all the hurt you carried being reduced to a job you easily could’ve abandoned in the first place.
“I’m sorry that I complained because I was cleaning up after your messes and you don’t even apologize to me once about what you’ve caused. I’m so sorry for getting frustrated because I could move mountains for you and you wouldn’t even thank me once because it’s my job, right?”
You’re crying and you hate it with the pride you try so hard to protect, but if you were to be honest with yourself, the concept of pride had long been gone the moment you signed up to take care of Yoongi.
“I’m sorry that I got short with you because I was preventing your sex tape from hitting the internet.”
The mention of it hits deep and he visibly recoils, hot tears falling on his cheeks to the point that they get red under the sting.
“You have everyone and everything! I take care of you before I take care of myself. I bend at your will and act for your own good but you can’t even take no from me as an answer. I get tired taking care of you and the moment I let myself go, you won’t let me?”
Somehow, you knew the reason all this time of why you felt sluggish every time you wake up. You wake up for your job, for Yoongi. He’s the reason you wake up but frankly it hasn’t been enough for quite some time, the task of being there for him feeling like an obligation more than it is a passion.
“I can’t go home for my mom’s birthday because you need me to deliver flowers to your ex-girlfriend. I can’t take my nephew to school because you need me to fetch your suits for you. I can’t do anything for myself without feeling guilty that I’m not putting you first!”
By now you’re crying like the last time you saw him, but you don’t crumble underneath him. You’re hurt but you’re trying to will your knees in taking the weight of your heart.
“Do you know that I go to work even if you don’t? I take care of you even if you’re on break. I take care of you even if you’re celebrating your mother’s birthday abroad. I take care of you even if I’m not beside you.”
You’re exhausted. You’re spent. You’re burnt out and you can’t see the end of the tunnel. You’re not fire — you don’t ignite all of a sudden after being extinguished just because of a random chunk of ember.
“Wanna know why I met with Seokjin?” you ask him, not waiting for an answer. There’s no weight in admitting it, but your chest oddly feels lighter saying it to Yoongi. “He fucked me.”
“He fucked me silly, and then took care of me good. After that, he took me to lunch, asked for my number, then drove me home.”
Yoongi’s chest tightens and he doesn’t comment because he physically can’t. His throat feels like caving in and there aren’t any words he can force out of his windpipe.
“Seokjin isn’t anyone to me besides a friend but he sees me,” you gently tell him, going awestruck again because after a long time, someone recognized you as your own self, not an attachment to Yoongi.
“He doesn’t know my favorite color but he knows how to apologize when he wakes me up by accident in the middle of the night.”
Sorry I didn’t know you were asleep!!! Just pretend I didn’t call, it’s not urgent anyway. Good night :)
“He doesn’t know my favorite meal but he knows how to thank me when I do even the simplest of things for him.”
You’re unreal :O
Did you seriously find the book that I was talking about??
“I’m not Jin’s manager but if there was a chance to, I’d take it.”
You whisper in admission and for a fraction of a second, you regret your words.
It takes one, two seconds to look at Yoongi. You look at Yoongi and you see a reflection of you, someone who never stops in the name of his success. You stay behind his shadow even if your care for him surpasses it in enormity and frequency, because even in the dark, you’re there.
But you’re always there.
You don’t want to be in the dark with him anymore.
“I’m tired of you, Yoongi.”
You say outloud and it hurts you unlike no other to admit it. Saying it honestly takes the life out of you and not once did you think you would be ever coming to this; to be stopping at a point. “I’m tired of taking care of you.”
“Yoongi, if you want to eat ramen in a convenience store at night, you don’t look for your manager — you look for your girlfriend,” the sigh that leaves you turns into a whimper, a silent plea to your heart to stop working the way it is now.
“You don’t give away your precious watches to your manager, Yoongi — you give them to girlfriends,” the whimper that builds up in your throat is too big that you have to swallow it down, a pitiful sob breaking out from you.
“You don’t bring your manager to your childhood home, ask her to sleep in your bedroom, and call her the girl of your dreams in front of your parents. You do that with girlfriends, Yoongi,” and finally, the sob you once let out turns into a cry.
“I must be as fucking crazy as you are,” you shake your head, laughing in disbelief.
You must be truly losing it at this point, baring your all to someone who always did to you, but you regret only admitting this now.
“At one point, I thought I was yours.”
“At some point, I started taking care of you like it wasn’t my job,” you nod to yourself and you’re oblivious of how Yoongi has his face planted on his hands, choking in quiet sobs. “And that’s on me. That’s my mistake.”
“You’ve exhausted every single thing I’ve had to keep wanting you,” your words are out there already, unable to be taken back. “I’m so, so tired, Yoongi.”
There’s no grand ending to your argument. None of you take it beyond far with your yelling. The both of you are quiet, defeated even.
There’s no fight in it left,
or so you think.
“I think I’m outgrowing you.”
( ♡ )
Namjoon’s on the phone when Yoongi knocks on his door.
Yoongi looks more composed this time, seeing to it that he’s wearing new, clean clothes and he has the energy to take a shower. Apart from that, he still looks like a mess. He looks and is fatigued.
“I’m going on a hiatus.”
He announces thickly into the air as if he just relayed this afternoon’s weather forecast, making the CEO lay the telephone flat against the table.
“Excuse me, what?” Namjoon enunciates, eyes blinking wildly. “You don’t give yourself a hiatus, Yoongi. That’s not how it works.”
“That’s how it works now.”
He shrugs carelessly, exhaling heavily.
“I’m on an indefinite hiatus until Y/N comes back.”
Namjoon’s not surprised about the ultimatum but he’s curious. His annoyance for Yoongi is trumped by his curiosity. His voice has always been full of conviction but now it’s soft, feeling pity automatically lace his tone.
“If she doesn’t?”
It’s clockwork.
“Then I’m not coming back.”
“If I don’t grant your demand for a hiatus?” his head tilts, gauging just how far he’d go for you.
“Then I leave.”
Yoongi’s unsure why Namjoon would ask these things even if it’s clear as day. He indulges the questions but it doesn’t mean he’s letting the course steer away from his intention.
“I’m only going where Y/N’s going.”
“Look, I don’t know what entirely happened between the two of you. My assumptions could only go so far,” Namjoon professes, running his fingers through his hair in thought, “but it doesn’t take a genius to see that your relationship isn’t strictly professional.”
Anyone could see through it.
Anyone could see how you and Yoongi are in love with each other and how the two of you do nothing about it.
“I’m not gonna go on a tangent about it. You’re my best talent and Y/N’s my best manager,” he reveals his practical sense of thinking. “I’m speaking to you as a friend, Yoongi.”
“You’re putting your career — everything you’ve worked for — on Y/N,” Namjoon says solemnly, treading lightly on his weighted words. “You don’t even know if she’ll come back.”
“It’s only right,” Yoongi surprises him with his answer. If you don’t come back, then neither does he. “I honestly wouldn’t have even worked as hard if not for her. Everything I am now, where I’m at,” he smiles gently, “it’s because she was there.”
There’s a comfortable silence between them, the both of them knowing what would come out of this.
“You’re going in on this blind.”
“I’m as good as blind without her.”
“Yoongi,” Namjoon stresses, “what you’re doing is basically penance.”
“Is it?” his head tilts, genuinely curious. “This hiatus won’t hurt me. They’re all nothing but cancelled schedules to me now.”
“Then what are you doing this for?”
“I don’t know what to call it.” For the first time, Yoongi feels at bliss not knowing. “It just feels right.”
“No matter how big I get, it all means nothing to me,” there’s nothing but a clearer truth for him. “Y/N’s my roots.”
Yoongi’s rooted to you, his existence running deeper when you’re there. You ground him in the same time that you make him grow. You make him lose his bearings in seasons but you’re definite in making him bloom brighter after. There’s seasons when he’s dried up and you let him stay that way but you make sure he bounces back to his peak, if not better.
“Okay,” Namjoon concludes. “I’ll have someone draft the announcement for your hiatus this afternoon.”
Yoongi leaves the room lighter than when he came there. There’s no bounce to his step but he walks a little less glumly now; a little less lost.
“Still there?” Namjoon checks up on the other end of the call, a chuckle leaving his throat.
“Yeah,” you confirm albeit a little choked up. “Still here.”
( ♡ )
Yoongi’s drunk on a Monday evening and it’s Jimin who has to pick up the pieces.
It’s only been a little more than a month since Yoongi went on hiatus. He’s doing better compared to the last time he was on shambles, but he’s just a tiny little insignificant human without a Y/N on his side, so yeah — he does have those off-days.
“Y/N hates me.”
“She doesn’t hate you,” Jimin repeats, swearing that this entire conversation had already happened three times before in the span of tonight.
“I’d hate me too,” he agrees, bringing up his shot glass that’s just water Jimin switched it out for. “She’s sick of me.”
“She’s not-“
“She told me,” he whines. “And I said mean things to her. I put her through so much shit and I gave her shit when she was simply just feeling,” he deflates to the cushions, sinking further and further into the stick floors that Jimin has to reel him back in. “I’m so mean.”
Yoongi keeps throwing back shots (read: water) that Jimin keeps giving him, going the extra mile of wincing as the liquid hits (read: hydrates) his throat.
“I’m the asshole,” he points to his face, pouting. “Through and through, I’m the one who hurts her.”
“Have you seen Y/N since y’know... your fight?”
Yoongi shakes his head no.
“Do you know where she lives?”
Yoongi nods.
“Then why won’t you come to her?”
It’s a no-brainer question for Jimin, really. The reason why not doesn’t ever cross his mind and he fears he’ll never get it because it simply makes no sense.
“Because I always come to her,” Yoongi says, a little less drunk but not less sincere. “I don’t wanna upset her further.”
“Don’t wanna hurt her more than I already did.”
“I don’t wanna force myself in if there’s no space for me,” he continues, “it suffocates me to be away from her but this would be better for her sake.”
Jimin has a small smile on his face, already knowing the answer before he asks.
“And who decided that?”
“I did.”
“Why would you?”
“Why would I show my face to someone who doesn’t want to see me?” he sing-songs, the reason being as suspiciously transparent than the “shots” he’s been throwing back. “To someone who thinks they’re outgrowing me?”
“What if she wants to see you too?”
Jimin purses his lips, trying not to give himself away. Yoongi can read through him and one look at him as all it’ll take to sense that he knows something, but Yoongi’s gaze is elsewhere. He’s looking at his lockscreen that’s been set to the two of you, already years since he’s last changed it.
“Then I’ll crawl back home to her.”
( ♡ )
Half a year has passed and Yoongi emailed you everyday.
When the weather is cold and the car windows fog from the outside, you give Yoongi a call.
Half a year has passed and you find yourselves sitting shoulder to shoulder at the rest stop you last went to, waiting for each other’s ramen to cool down.
The both of you are healthier and look the part, a lot more light shared between the two of you.
Neither of you would lie and say you didn’t feel the passage of time nor the distance because you felt it every single day without fail. Not one of you would pretend and say it’s as if the two of you weren’t apart for half a year.
You’ve felt each month, each day, of half a year.
When Yoongi parks next to your car, the first thing you do is embrace him. You don’t suck in his warmth but instead you add to it, not a single space of the cold air flowing between your bodies.
Yoongi missed you so much.
Halfway through his daily emails, you started to respond from time to time. You’d write back to him to answer questions and acknowledge written apologies until eventually, you start to ask him if he’s eating his meals and if he’s sleeping well. You’ve been lax for the past six months and so has he, keeping up with the flow of his hiatus.
The second thing you do after seeing him is apologize. You’re flawed and you don’t doubt that you’ve contributed your own mistakes to your fall-out, and you own up to it fully.
There’s something so warm in being next to Yoongi whose hands are as cold as ice, bursting out laughing when he resorts to sitting on them to try and have the temperature up. It’s the weighted, needed warmth; neither is it suffocating nor overwhelming.
There’s something so cool in spontaneously buying a blanket from the rest stop (you each have one in your own cars but you intentionally don’t say it) and sharing it between the two of you, draped on your bodies while you sit as close as you could to each other. It’s a gentle breeze (maybe it’s the airconditioner directly above you) but it’s cool on the skin; it’s neither nippy nor bitter.
“When someone’s too vast to occupy the space in your heart,” you speak tenderly, “you don’t call that outgrowing, Yoongs.”
You’re in between sharing your meals that you decide to address all that you’ve been through, specifically your words that have admittedly made a home in the back of his head.
“You call that love.”
Love terrifies you and so does the overwhelming pressure of commitment but with Yoongi, it’s a little less scary.
“You’re a little too much for me, I’m not gonna lie about that,” you laugh playfully and you make sure Yoongi reads your tone, assuringly patting his thigh before pinching his cheek. “But it isn’t so bad.”
“I choose to make space for you everyday.”
The both of you have always known but now feels the only time you deem is perfect to profess your love. There’s no other moment, no other scene fitting to the two of you that’s just raw and genuine as this would come.
Yoongi grins and he finds no need in trying to contain his happiness, scratching the corner of his eyes before he prods you gently.
“Take off the watch.”
“This is mine now,” your eyebrows defensively furrow, instinctively taking the watch closer to yourself because you’ve grown to love it a lot.
“I’m not taking it away from you,” he laughs heartily before trying again, circling his hand on your wrist. “Look closer.”
Yoongi looks at you in anticipation, nodding at you when you give him an unsure look.
“W-well I’ve never had a Rolex before so I’m not really sure what I’m looking at,” you chuckle nervously, curious to know if he’s talking about a defect you don’t know about. Yoongi waits again this time with a knowing look, prodding you to look even closer and just take the second to see, knowing you’ve caught the sight when your eyes suddenly narrow before widening.
“Wait, you had this engraved?”
Your eyes feel deceived for a second because not once have you ever inspected it this closely, a gasp leaving your lips when you look to Yoongi in confirmation.
If lost, return to Y/N.
“Why not you?”
The watch was his, the watch is his. There’s no sense in having it engraved in the name of someone else’s when he bought it for himself.
“Everything goes through you,” he says simply. “And I won’t have it any other way.”
Yoongi loves you more than he can ever say.
“I had it engraved the day I bought it.”
“But that was-“
“My first paycheck,” he confirms with a smile, “years ago.”
You remember the year distinctly, even recalling how Namjoon came with Yoongi to buy something for himself from his first ever paycheck.
How Namjoon said that the watch, specifically in his own words and emphasis, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, doesn’t look weird on you because it’s always been yours.
“Five years ago.”
He nods at your memory, shifting his hand to hold yours.
“Even before we made it big. Even before I had all the proper headshots you’d have in an actual studio. Before anyone even wanted me,” Yoongi laughs, his eyes proving all his sincerity. “Well I didn’t exactly have the money for a watch in those times for me to engrave your name on, but I’d scribble it here and there.”
Here and there — every item he deemed important.
“The corner of my résumé. The back of my portraits. The tag on my wallet. The soles of my shoes. Everywhere,” he giggles at how far he’s went, how far the two of you went.
When you put the black cap he’s given to you under the light, you could see return to Y/N in black marker you’d miss if not for the change of lighting.
When you remove the earrings he gave you, you could see your initials engraved by the inside groove.
When you take the time to look at the luggage tags of every backpack, every duffel, every suitcase he’s ever owned — you’d see the return address as your own instead of his.
Yoongi thinks there's no other time, no other place than now– in a rest stop, sharing an overpriced blanket between the two of you and in the middle of eating ramen– to profess his love for you.
“I’ll always remember my way back home.”
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taleasnewastime · 2 months ago
Dating advice
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s been months – ok, it’s been years – since you last went on a date. And you’re sick of it. Sick of seeing couples kissing and holding hands in the street. Sick of your friends settling down. Sick of everyone buying houses and having families. You’re going to do something about it. You’re going to snap up a man, you’re going to tie someone down, you’re going to finally commit, you’re going to – you’re going to need a bit of advice.
Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: fluff; angst; smut
Status: Parts will be released on Saturdays at 5pm (BST), I haven’t actually finished writing this but hope to keep on top of it enough to release weekly, I will try to keep this post updated with dates.
Warnings: Relevant warnings will be posted on each part. Drinking, low self esteem, swearing, explicit sexual content (towards the end).
Authors Note: Each part is around 2k words, and I have enough written and planned out to hopefully keep on top of it to release weekly, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve put a rough idea of chapter numbers below, but as I haven’t finished writing yet this number may change.
Part one 
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven
Part eight 
Part nine
Part ten
Part eleven - 2nd July
Part twelve - 9th July
Part thirteen - 16th July
Part fourteen - 23rd July
Part fifteen - 30th July
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cultleaderyoongi · 2 months ago
Opposites Attract – pt.1 | myg
Tumblr media
☆ pairing: Yoongi x f. reader, (Namjoon x f. reader)
☆ genre: s2f2l, hints of e2f2l at first if you squint (one-sided sentiment though), love triangle • angst, fluff, eventual smut
☆ word count: 12.7k
☆ warnings: bro-code violations (it's up for debate if reader is fair game); mature language; mentions of alcohol; virgin shaming to some extent; the word wh*re being mentioned
☆ synopsis: You're Namjoon's girl – kind of. So why does Yoongi, who has never been too fond of people in the first place, get that weird feeling in the pit of his stomach around you? And most importantly, why can't he seem to stop himself from falling for you when you're supposed to be off-limits anyway?
☆ navigation: pt.1 | pt.2
☆ playlist: Chase Atlantic – Friends | The Neighbourhood – Heaven | Chase Atlantic – HER | The Neighbourhood – Nervous | Joji – SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK | Juice WRLD feat. SUGA – Girl Of My Dreams | J. Cole – Wet Dreamz
☆ a/n: Hi there! I'm back after an almost 6-month hiatus, and this was supposed to be out for Yoongi's birthday, but I guess this is my gift to you in celebration of my birthday now as well lol though also a week too late to that lmao And since it's gotten kinda long, I spontaneously decided to divide it into two parts which also gives me more time to finish up the last few lines oops As always, I hope you enjoy reading. If you do – thank you! Lmk how you like it, I love feedback ♡
(P.S. special shout-out to whoever can guess which album they're talking about in the record shop scene!)
(also P.S. I'm part of a fun, little Discord server created by the dearest @kooala​​ where we share our favorite fics, simp over our biases, etc. and we'd love for it to grow. If you're looking for a cool place to connect with people and discuss anything K-pop, feel free to join here ♡)
☆ taglist: @bangtansjonas
© cultleaderyoongi on tumblr | do not repost or translate on any platform
Tumblr media
There aren't a lot of things in the world that catch Yoongi's attention. He's most interested in music, creating his own little world as the beat becomes one with that of his heart. Basketball is another interest of his, the satisfying swish of the rubber globe falling through the hoop like music to his ears.
One thing is for sure though, and that is people aren't at the top of his list – meeting new people, that is. There's only a handful of people he actively cares about in his own aloof kind of way. Human interaction isn't his forté, so he's more than thankful that the people he does hold dear to his heart understand his weird antics. He would have a hard time admitting it, but losing even one of them would tear him apart. Breaking his hand-signed vinyl copy of Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. in half would hurt less, he concludes.
Having his set group of friends also means that the idea of adding another person fills him with frustration. For as long as he can remember, it has always been him, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Seokjin. No one else but him and his three best friends since childhood days. He convinces himself it's already too late to add another person into the mix anyway, almost two decades of friendship making it impossible for anyone to feel remotely comfortable among the four of them. But not everyone shares the same belief from the looks of it.
"I hope that's okay," Namjoon probes, hands buried in the front pockets of his chino pants as he leans against the red-brick façade of the faculty building behind him.
"More than fine by me," Hoseok drawls while running a hand through his chestnut hair. "Maybe you should worry about Grumpy Cat over here." His lips pull into a half-smirk.
At the mention of the all-too-familiar nickname, Yoongi peels his gaze from the concrete steps he's sitting on, turning towards his friends. "Why? Think I'm gonna rip someone's head off with my sharp fangs?"
"The risk is minimal, but never zero," Seokjin states in amusement, the hand curled around his iced coffee lifting into the air in emphasis.
The eldest's comment draws a scoff out of the man in question. Yoongi has grown used to the light punches at his reserved persona and granted, he would feel weird if the teasing stopped at some point. No matter how old the jokes have gotten.
"What am I? The mom in the group that tells you no all the time and grounds you for no good reason?" he grumbles, fixing the snapback covering his platinum-blond tresses.
"No," Hoseok retorts, "you're more like the uncle with the shotgun that everyone's secretly afraid of."
The group exchanges words in agreement leaving Yoongi with nothing but an annoyed glare. As the commotion dies down, he sighs in defeat. "It's fine or whatever. You already invited them anyway."
Namjoon nods, his face lighting up ever so slightly. "Okay, cool. You won't even notice she's there."
"She? You invited a girl?" Yoongi exclaims in confusion, loud enough to catch the attention of other students lingering around.
"Ah, Yoongi... You weren't paying attention again, were you?" Seokjin playfully nudges his friend in the elbow with the tip of his suede shoe. "Namjoon invited this girl to hang out tonight because he has a thing for her but is too afraid to ask her out on a proper date."
"Hey! That's not what it is," Namjoon grumbles, adjusting the black-rimmed glasses sliding down the slope of his nose.
"But you think she's hot?" Hoseok probes with a raised eyebrow.
The youngest barely responds, a breathy chuckle and a hand scratching at the nape of his neck enough of an indicator.
"That answers that."
Yoongi absentmindedly toys with a pebble, creating white marks as he scrapes it across the concrete surface. Who in the world invites a random girl to hang out with a bunch of strange dudes? he thinks to himself, the scratches becoming harsher until there's nothing but wild scribbles.
Tumblr media
"Can you stop fussing around already?"
Namjoon mumbles out a quick apology to Hoseok beside him, immediately halting the shaky movement of his leg.
It hasn't even been five minutes since the quartet arrived at the movie theater, awaiting the arrival of the youngest's secret date.
"It's not a date," he fends when Seokjin teases him again, a hand running through his short – notably freshly cut – hair. "She's a friend, and I invited her out because– Oh! She's here." As he practically jumps up from his seat on the black leather couch, Namjoon storms towards the entrance.
"Not a date my ass," Hoseok comments, earning an affirmative chuckle from the eldest.
With the rest of the group rising from their seats, Yoongi reluctantly follows lead, hands immediately finding harbor in the pockets of his jeans.
"Oh, she's pretty," Seokjin muses to which Hoseok hums out in confirmation.
As Yoongi's focus finally shifts from the dark blue carpeted floor to his friend and the stranger standing next to him, he raises a brow. Yeah, she's pretty, he thinks to himself. At first glance. Yoongi isn't one to be easily swayed by looks though, so he mindlessly trails behind the other two.
"Guys," Namjoon turns towards the others, "this is _____. _____, these are my friends."
You beam a friendly smile at Seokjin who is the first one to extend his hand out to you, shaking it lightly before letting you move on to Hoseok.
Yoongi is slightly taken aback when your eyes land on him, nothing but warmth emitting from them. Usually, no one ever even dares any attempts at approaching his cold exterior. When he gives you his name, he swears your grin grows impossibly wider. Who in the world has the energy to be this friendly?
"Alright," Hoseok starts, "why don't you guys"–he nods towards you and Namjoon–"go get some snacks while we buy the tickets?"
The group separates as suggested with you and Namjoon heading towards the snack bar while Yoongi follows Hoseok and Seokjin to the ticket booth. Stealing a glance at his friend, he silently scoffs at the sight. You're deep in conversation, head lolling back in laughter at something Namjoon says. He finds your reaction so over the top. Sure, Namjoon can crack some jokes from time to time, but it almost looks like you're losing it. It's such a weird sight, and your clashing outfits underline that. You stand out in your yellow, ruffled top and cherry-red Vans against the beige and white hues of Namjoon's ensemble, the same shade of red showing up on your nail beds and the tint on your lips. This is definitely a date, he concludes. And now we have to play wingman. Great.
When the group gathers again to exchange tickets and snacks, Yoongi slightly flinches in surprise as someone thrusts a bag of popcorn in his face.
"Another salty popcorn enthusiast, I heard?" You smile up at him, the telltale rustling noise of popped kernels sounding as you lightly shake the bag.
Taking it with hesitant hands, Yoongi manages to muster up a nod, murmuring out a quick Thank you.
"Salty popcorn is barbaric," Hoseok's voice blares, breaking the unknown tension. "All it does is make you thirsty."
"Oh, allow me to prove you wrong," you counter with a wicked grin, eliciting a laugh from the man.
Throughout your discussion on why salty popcorn is superior, Yoongi doesn't realize he's been behind you this entire time until the five of you are looking for your respective seats in your assigned row. Now he has no other choice but to sit in the middle with you to his right. Fantastic.
Once the movie commences, the entire room falls silent lest the occasional rustling and crunching noises surrounding Yoongi. Absentmindedly taking a big gulp from his blueberry slushy, he proceeds to put it into the cup holder compartment of his chair when suddenly his hand comes into contact with another one.
"Oh, I'm so sorry!"
As he retracts his hand in a flash, he turns his head towards the source of the voice, the outlines of your facial features becoming visible via the blue flashes reflecting off of the screen. "Ah, you're fine," he manages out, the hold on his plastic cup tightening.
His focus is back on the opening sequence when someone invades his space once again.
"Do you want some?"
With furrowed brows, Yoongi's vision steers to the side, your hand holding a package of strawberry flavored Pockys coming into sight. "Uh..." Hesitantly, his eyes flicker from your hand to your face, then back to your hand. "Y-yeah, sure." He takes two of the chocolate sticks, mumbling out a stunned Thank you while he munches on them.
It's an unusual scene – not once has Yoongi come across someone this unhinged and outgoing without inhibition towards him as a stranger with what people call a resting bitch face. Usually, people don't even dare an attempt at building some sort of a connection with him. This leaves him wondering about you: are you always like this or is this all an act in order to stay in Namjoon's good books?
Tumblr media
The setting sun outside serves enough light to guide the group through town, yet not enough to cause any discomfort after having spent the last two hours in complete darkness. Namjoon with his sensitive eyes in particular is thankful for that.
"Anybody else hungry?" Seokjin inquires, craning his neck as he takes a look at everyone individually.
"How can you be hungry again?" Hoseok blurts. "You had part of my half of the popcorn after annihilating yours – and then an entire pack of...what was it? Skittles? M&Ms?"
"Both," Seokjin announces proudly. "These were to tend to my sweet tooth though. Now it's time to satiate my savory needs."
Hoseok rolls his eyes at the eldest's response. "Can you believe this guy?" He turns to the rest before a sigh passes his lips. "Alright, I could go for something."
As everyone else hums out affirmative answers, the group settles on their go-to diner for classic burgers and fries.
"So, _____," Hoseok starts, a hefty sandwich haphazardly lodged in between his hands, "how come you know this guy over here?" With a tilt of his head, he gestures towards Namjoon.
You hum as you take a bite of your portion of fries. "Oh, we have the same major. We're also tutoring a class together this semester."
"Someone who matches his intellect, I see," Hoseok answers, a hint of a smirk hidden behind the large patty.
You don't get a chance to chime in when Seokjin continues, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
How subtle. It comes like second nature to Yoongi, a roll of his eyes a common reaction in a situation like this. It's when your eyes meet for a second, the corners of your lips curling upwards in an amused manner that he realizes his rather obvious slip-up.
"No," you chuckle with a shake of your head.
"Girlfriend?" the eldest follows up shortly, several expressions going around the table ranging from awkward laughter to annoyed sighs, the latter most notably sounding from Namjoon and Yoongi.
"Also no," you simply reply.
Seokjin shrugs his shoulders. "Can't hurt to ask."
"Why? Are you interested?"
Yoongi can't help but cackle at how the words leave your lips in such a deadpan yet entertained way, and for a second he's worried the others notice his change in demeanor. Your counter has the eldest choking on his drink though as he erupts into his characteristic windshield-wiper laugh, catching everyone's attention as Seokjin furiously wipes the bottom of his chin covered in soda.
"What happened to the standard ice breakers like What do you like to do in your free time or What's your take on mint chocolate ice cream?" you probe further, lips curling around the straw of your drink.
"Mint choco? Not a fan," Hoseok retorts, his face contorting into a disgusted grimace.
"Also hate it," Seokjin chimes in now with Namjoon following suit, the youngest going as far as mimicking puking noises.
As Yoongi makes no move of joining in on the conversation, you carry on, "Am I the odd one out here again? Guys, this could determine the future of our entire friendship if there's ever gonna be one."
The group erupts into laughter at that until Yoongi decides to come to the rescue. "I like it," he mumbles out nonchalantly with his arms crossed in front of him on the table.
"Thank you!" You turn to him, eyes sparkling in surprise at his sudden contribution. "At least someone with taste."
For the rest of the night, Yoongi can't help but steal glances at you and his best friend across the table, studying your interactions. They look cute together, he thinks to himself. As far as I can tell. And from what he can see it's easy for you to engage in conversation with the other guys as well,  effortlessly exchanging quips and revealing facts about yourself. Yet, Yoongi can't seem to figure you out. Namjoon invited you out to hang out with his friends. Of course, you're going to be nice to everyone including him. Nothing to worry about, and as far as he's concerned if you happen to fake it he doesn't care. He never cared.
When you catch sight of him inspecting you, your lips curl into a small smile causing him to avert his eyes as fast as humanly possible. Awkward.
After everyone finishes their meal, you step back outside to say your goodbyes, the cold breeze of the night air brushing past.
"You sure you don't want me to walk you home?" Namjoon inquires, his stare set on you.
"Nah, it's fine," you decline, shaking your head as a shiver runs through you. "My friends are around in the area. They said they can pick me up."
He solemnly nods at your words, pulling you into a half-hug before stepping aside.
"It was really nice meeting you, _____. And hopefully, we'll get to see you again soon," Seokjin notes.
You send the eldest a pleasant smile, waving him off before doing the same to the other two.
When your eyes land on Yoongi, the man in question musters up a meek smirk and when you practically outshine him with a bright beam, he catches himself almost cursing. How are you so fucking friendly?
"So," Namjoon turns to the group once your silhouette disappears into the backseat of a black car pulling up at the curb, uncertainty clear in his features, "what do you think?"
"I like her," Hoseok is the first one to answer.
"Yeah, me too," Seokjin joins in.
It's quiet for an instance before everyone's eyes turn to Yoongi in anticipation.
"What?" the man grumbles, hands burying into his front pockets. "You need my blessing or something? She's alright, I guess."
Hoseok huffs, patting the youngest on the shoulder. "That's the most you're gonna get."
Tumblr media
The mellow sounds of some lo-fi hip-hop song paint the perfect atmosphere while Yoongi scours around the store. It's like a safe haven for him, a place where he can replenish his power after a straining week of classes and assignments, unbothered and undisturbed. With swift fingers, he browses through the plethora of record sleeves in search for –
"Oh, hey!"
A somewhat familiar but also not-so-familiar voice startles him. Lifting his eyes from the rows of vinyls before him, you come into sight, cheeks risen into globes as you send him a bright smile. "H-hi," he croaks out, slightly confused. For some reason, the record shop is the spot he least expects to run into you. He's not sure why, but you don't strike him as a person to enjoy these things – though he knows little to nothing about you.
"Any good finds?" you inquire, head tilted to the side as you roam through the selection on your side.
"Uh..." he trails, "yeah, actually." Eyeing you for an instance, he ponders whether to elaborate or not. But why would you ask if you weren't interested? "I was looking for"–pulling out the record in question, he holds it up for you to see–"this one."
"Oh my God!" you exclaim as your eyes land on the colorful cover, splotches of pink and orange mingling with blue and purple hues. "It's such a good album. I waited ten years for this, but it's so worth it."
Stunned, Yoongi sends you a look he's sure he's never given anyone before. "You know it?"
"Yeah," you answer nonchalantly, "track number seven and eight are my favorites. Oh, and also–"
Yoongi flinches slightly when you lean forward until he catches onto your action, flipping the record around to let you check the tracklist on the back of the sleeve.
"–track number four. I'm a sucker for movie sound clips." You beam him a bright smile before continuing, "I'm a fan of Act I and II especially, and the features are expertly chosen." Retreating to your initial position, you finish, "Overall, one hour of excellence I can only recommend."
Yoongi regards you as if you just found the solution for world peace. He didn't expect you to be so enthusiastic about music – let alone hip-hop. You don't strike him as a person to enjoy this type of genre, but who is he to judge a book by its cover? "More of a reason to check it out then," he finally replies with a light chuckle after listening to your rambles. When you grant him another smile of yours just to return to your own business, he continues, "What have you got there?" A little small talk shouldn't hurt, right? After all, you're being exceptionally nice to him, so he should reciprocate.
Your eyes dart down to the vinyls lodged in between your folded arm. "Oh, just a random mix. Some rock, some pop, some R&B." Pulling your shoulders up into a shrug, you finish, "All kinds of things."
He nods in understanding. It's such a superficial thought, but he never imagined you to be so enthusiastic and versatile with your music taste. Not that he ever wondered in the first place, but he knows essentially nothing about you. Hearing about your interest in music piques his interest in you in turn though – on a friendly level, of course.
It comes naturally, falling into conversation about your favorite artists and albums, giving each other recommendations, and it's not long before you step out of the store together after paying for your purchases.
"Which way are you going?" you ask with a hand shielding your eyes from the midday sun, the light adorning your face in a yellow glow.
Yoongi hums out in thought. "I gotta stop by Namjoon's and Hoseok's, so this way." With an outstretched thumb, he points to his right.
"Oh, okay," you answer, cracking a small smile. "Is it fine if I walk with you part of the way? I'm supposed to meet up with Namjoon for a project tomorrow, and I need some books from the library."
"Uh..." The male studies your features, your eyes set on him expectantly, lips slightly pursed yet not losing their curved shape. Despite your outgoing and to him somewhat outlandish nature, you seem to make sure not to overstep any boundaries. He grows fond of the thought, letting out a light chuckle at that. "Yeah, sure."
Throughout the entire way to the library, the two of you converse mostly about music. Yoongi is specifically interested in the fact that you own vinyls as well.
"My brother got me into them," you explain, fingers carding through some strands of your hair being swayed by the breeze. "He has this huge collection he's been accumulating since he was like sixteen."
He listens attentively to your words, soaking them up like a sponge. It doesn't dawn on him at first, but there isn't a single moment of silence – and he doesn't hate it. Usually, it takes him a great amount of effort to stay energized during social interaction, to not feel like he's either faking or half-assing it, or even the need to take flight. As soon as you arrive at the library though, he figures the contrary is the case here, a huge power drain suddenly coursing through every crevice of Yoongi's body.
"I guess I'll see you around?" You turn to him, hand curled around the iron door handle of the entrance.
Yoongi nods leisurely, a small smile forming on his face.
You mirror his mimic though tenfold in vivacity, offering him a wave of your hand in addition. "Tell them hi for me."
Lifting his own hand into the air, he answers, "I will."
And with that, you're gone and an indescribable feeling follows Yoongi to his friends he can't seem to shake off.
Tumblr media
"Dude, that was whack!" Hoseok's shrill voice blares across the court, harvesting the attention of several onlookers.
"Yeah, okay. I know," Namjoon fends, watching the basketball bounce off the backboard onto the ground. "Everyone and their dog knows. Fuck!"
The group grows silent as they watch the youngest strut over to the bleachers, rummaging in his backpack.
Seokjin scoops up the ball from the gravel, shuffling over to the remaining boys gathered in the middle of the court. "What's up with him?"
Hoseok sends the eldest a simple shrug of his shoulders.
"What's up with you?" Seokjin shouts across the place but receives no response from Namjoon as he plops down on the bench, swallowing his water in big gulps.
"Okay, water break," Hoseok huffs out, trudging over to his friend followed by Yoongi and Seokjin.
As they reach Namjoon, said man simply shoves his water bottle back into his backpack before springing back into a standing position.
"So, are you gonna tell us what your problem is?" Seokjin tries again, locking eyes with the taller man.
Namjoon sighs in defeat, running a hand through his sweaty strands. "I'm a little on edge, I guess."
"You don't say," the eldest retorts, taking a swig of his water bottle. "But what's the reason?"
It's quiet for an instance before Namjoon continues, "I'm not sure how to go about things with _____."
"What do you mean?" Hoseok takes over this time, drying off the droplets of sweat on his forehead with a towel.
"We've been meeting up here and there. Sometimes for school, sometimes to hang out. But..." He stalls, crossing his arms in front of his chest.
"It's not going anywhere?"
The youngest nods, his jaw set and tongue pushed into the inside of his cheek.
Yoongi zones out halfway through the conversation. Over the course of time, get-togethers with you and either Namjoon or the whole group have become a frequent occurrence. Whether that be in between classes to have lunch or hang out later that day for a drink or two – Namjoon has been making an effort of incorporating you into the clique. And from the looks of it, you and the guys are getting along well.
In addition to that, Yoongi ran into you at the record shop again once or twice. He wouldn't necessarily deem it a notable fact as you parted ways to go on with your days every time, but the moments spent in there remain valuable nonetheless as both of you walked out with new discoveries each visit.
"Have you made any moves on her?" Seokjin questions now, leaning back onto the row of benches behind him.
The man in question tilts his head to the side. "Not per se, but I give her signals."
"What kinda signals?"
This entire time Yoongi remains silent, watching the scene unfold in front of him like an outsider. It's somewhat of a familiar sight, a memory of Namjoon trying to confess to his high school crush coming to the forefront of Yoongi's mind. The boys practically had to push the poor guy into her arms before he could chicken out for the umpteenth time. And though the course of their relationship neared its end sooner or later, Namjoon has at least gained the experience instead of giving in to his doubts. What a shitshow that was, Yoongi thinks to himself.
"I compliment her whenever she's wearing something nice or did her hair and make-up differently, and I bring her coffee and snacks." Namjoon's voice pulls Yoongi out of his daydream.
Hoseok musters his friend with furrowed brows. "You're doing the bare minimum, man."
Seokjin agrees with the former, adding, "You could spare all the second-guessing and straight-up tell her."
At that, Namjoon exhales loudly through his nose. "But she's not showing any signs, you know? At first she did, but now not so much."
Yoongi can see the disappointment in his friend's eyes, and if he could help him he would. But the others are only right – Namjoon has to stop playing around and come clean about his feelings. Yoongi knows he would if he were in Namjoon's shoes. Even with the nearly non-existent experience and abysmal enthusiasm for romantic relationships he has.
"We're not sixteen, seventeen anymore," the eldest blurts out. "If you wanna get the girl, you gotta tell her."
"I know, I know. But..." Namjoon trails, his hooded eyes darting towards the distance. "I dunno. It's obvious something's off. Maybe I came on too strong? Just gimme some time to figure it out, and – oh shit! She's coming."
All heads follow Namjoon's line of sight, a familiar figure coming into vision.
"Hey!" You greet them with a wave of your hand and your signature bright smile. "Heard you guys were here, so I thought I'd come with refreshments." As you pull out a cup carrier from behind your back, the boys let out sounds of surprise. You hand out the drinks to each individually. "I hope I did okay. I got the usual for Joonie,–"
The man in question accepts the beverage from you, a wide grin splayed across his face at the gesture – and most likely the nickname as well – as if the conversation from mere minutes ago is already forgotten.
"–watermelon for Hoseok, pink lemonade for Seokjin, and–"
As your hand curls around the last cup, Yoongi blinks up at you with wondrous eyes.
"–I remember you mentioned Iced Americanos once, so here you go."
Yoongi's lips part, closing and opening again before he mutters out a small Thank you. His hands shake slightly as he takes the cold drink from you. He remembers pointing out his go-to order about a week ago when you joined the clique for a quick coffee break after morning class. You wore your hair up in a bun, minimal make-up yet your face looked as bright as ever, and an oversized–
Hold up. Why does he remember all of this and why does it matter? What the fuck? Yoongi mentally slaps himself on the back of the head.
"So, who's winning?" You plop down onto the bench in between Yoongi and Seokjin, the former going rigid when your arm shortly comes into contact with his.
Everyone's eyes go around the group before landing on Namjoon.
"Last time I checked, we were on a losing streak," he sighs, nodding towards himself and Hoseok.
The remaining boys raise their eyebrows in confusion, not expecting the youngest to paint himself in a bad light in front of his crush.
"I'm the problem though," his teammate follows up quickly, defusing the situation. "I pull him down like a rock. Today's just not my day."
Your lips pull into a pout before curling upwards again, giving him an understanding nod.
"But hey," Hoseok continues, snapping his fingers as if he came up with the perfect idea, "how about you two play together? I could use a break, to be honest."
You lean in further at the proposition, your elbows propped up on your knees with a mischievous smile creeping up on your face. "I'll tell you what – you two go 1v1 and I'll play with whoever wins against these two." With outstretched thumbs, you point to Yoongi on your left and Seokjin on your right.
Hoseok's eyes widen ever so slightly and his lips curl into the shape of a circle.
"Please? I just wanna see you play, Joonie," you add with a slight lilt to your voice, gaze lingering on the tall man.
Yoongi almost spits out his drink, splurting a little as he sucks the caffeinated liquid through the straw. That's not showing any signs? My ass.
"Okay then," Namjoon states cooly though a hint of a smile can be spotted on his features. Retrieving the abandoned ball from the floor, he tosses it into Hoseok's hands. "First one to score ten points."
The two exchange looks with each other before jumping into action, jogging back to the court.
"Oh, thank God," Seokjin sighs loudly from beside you, head slumping sideways onto his shoulder. "I needed to catch a breath. My legs are killing me." He stretches out his limbs as a means of demonstrating his fatigue.
"How can you be tired? I did almost all the work, old man," Yoongi suddenly chimes in, a hint of annoyance yet amusement laced in his tone.
"Yah! I'm only three months older than you," the older male retorts, hoisting himself into an upright position. "I'm exhausted because you're hopping around the place like a rabbit on steroids. You always play like your life depends on it." Seokjin lets out several other humorous remarks that have Yoongi chuckling when a muffled vibrating sound interrupts him. Reaching into one of the pockets of his backpack, he pulls out his phone. "I gotta answer that real fast. It's my mom."
"Tell her I said hi," the blonde comments nonchalantly, adjusting the headband holding back his bangs.
Seokjin gives him a confirming nod before standing up with a groan, finger hovering above the screen ready to accept the call.
It's silent for a few seconds once Seokjin disappears down the line when suddenly a low cackle leaves you.
"What?" Yoongi asks, eyes shifting from Namjoon dribbling past Hoseok and landing a lay-up to you.
You shake your head slowly. "Your friendship dynamic is kinda weird but cute."
"Cute?" he blurts out in disbelief, repeating the word in his thoughts like an echo. Cute... Not in a million years would Yoongi have thought anything remotely in regards to him could be described as cute. "Care to elaborate?"
A shrug of your shoulders serves as part of your answer. "I dunno. I just find it interesting how different you are around each other, but all fuse so well." You rest your head in the palm of your hand. "You and Seokjin, for example, are the bickering type yet you treat each other with so much respect."
Yoongi laughs at your analysis. "Yeah, I guess so."
"It's kinda endearing to see," you add with a small smile.
He reciprocates it with an equally shy smirk. Wow. No one has ever made the effort to look beyond his quote-unquote stone-cold persona. People usually write him off as rude and aloof, and most of the time it doesn't bother him – but hearing someone point out the opposite fuels him with pride.
"Hoseok matches your coolness, but he's more of a happy-go-lucky type compared to you which is a good balance."
Yoongi just smiles to himself at this point, listening to your ramblings. Cool. You called him cool.
"And then you and Namjoon–"
He clears his throat, unsure of what to expect next.
"–are more on the same wavelength intellectually. Like you talk about this and that on an equal level, but he looks up to you like an older brother."
The man regards you with utmost attention, rendered speechless. He's unsure what it is about you as he would usually brush it off, pass the words off as bullshit, but looking into your eyes he can see the honesty, the truth behind them. A mix of emotions comes crashing in like a storm, settling in the core of his stomach, nestling there and leaving him nauseous. What is this feeling?
Before Yoongi can make sense of things, you speak up again. "I can't give you a full breakdown of our friendship yet."  
His eyes widen as he lets your words sink in. "Our f-friendship?"
"Yeah." You lean back on the bench behind you. "I'd like to think we're friends." When he doesn't answer, you probe further, "Don't you?"
It doesn't go unnoticed, the barely significant change in volume and pitch of your voice, and it has Yoongi in silent panic. "Yeah n-no, of course we're friends," he stammers, his hand shooting up to brush through some damp strands of his hair.
At that, your signature smile returns, serving as a stark opponent to the orange light of the late afternoon sun. "Okay," you simply reply, licking your lips as you drop your gaze to a patch of grass on the ground. Yoongi does the same when your voice grabs his attention again. "How'd you like that Bryson Tiller I recommended, by the way?"
Swallowing down the lump in his throat, he muses, "It was really good. R&B isn't usually on my radar, but I really liked it."
You beam him a grin that grows wider by the second. "For real?"
Yoongi hums out in confirmation, accompanied by a nod of his head. "I can see why he's one of your favorites."
It's apparent you're trying to form words to speak when a loud roar sounds from across the place, followed by Namjoon sprinting towards the two of you. Hoseok trudges behind him defeatedly, seemingly out of breath.
"I did it," Namjoon announces proudly, pectorals on full display through his sweat-soaked shirt.
You spring up from your seat, cheering and clapping for the male before you engulf him in a tight hug.
The sensation in the pit of Yoongi's stomach intensifies, growing into unbearable stages when he watches Namjoon wrap his strong arms around you. This is unfamiliar territory for him, the force of this inidentifiable feeling brewing inside of him, the unexplicable longing for an answer to something he has never experienced before. Is it possible that he's... No, he can't be. This can't be, Yoongi tells himself. No.
Then he realizes that he hasn't spared one single glance at the game – and neither have you.
Tumblr media
"Why the fuck would you do that?" Seokjin utters, his torso pressing further into the backrest of the sofa with each passing second, tightly clutching a pillow in comfort. "Don't look back! Run for your fucking life!"
Everyone's attention is on the lead actress of the movie, her struggle to escape the creature chasing her leaving the group on the edge of their seats.
For tonight, the boys decided on drinks and movies at Yoongi's and Seokjin's place, and despite a democratic vote against a horror movie, you managed to convince the opposition – most notably Seokjin and Hoseok – otherwise.
In his peripheral view, Yoongi can spot the latter grabbing onto his hair in tension the longer the chase continues, mouth falling agape when the main character barely dodges falling into the hands of death.
"_____, why would you make us watch this?" Hoseok whimpers, leaning closer to Seokjin beside him, the elder clawing onto the other as they both cower in fear.
With a lifted pointer finger to your lips, you signal him to shut up when suddenly a loud screech sounds from the speakers, causing you and everyone else to flinch.
Yoongi's hands clench around the armrests of his recliner in shock, a low chuckle leaving his lips once the aftereffect of the jumpscare subsides. When he turns his head to the side though, his expression falls just as fast as it came.
Your hands are clutched around Namjoon's biceps, your forehead resting on his shoulder before you look back up, sharing a laugh with the man seemingly embarrassed at the frightening scene.
Throughout the remainder of the movie, Yoongi's mind wanders elsewhere, the horrifying acts happening on screen serving as mere background noise for his thoughts. Why does he feel so hollow witnessing you together with his friend? He shouldn't care about any sort of physical touch between the two of you. He should be cheering for him now that he's becoming closer with his crush instead. So why is Yoongi internally conjuring up an image where he's the one sitting beside you in Namjoon's place? Why does he wish it was him that you're looking at so sweetly with that sparkle in your eyes? Why– No, stop, he mentally slaps himself. Stop it – now.
The ending credits roll when Seokjin springs up from his seat, a slight wobble apparent in his legs. "That was...something. I'm gonna need another beer. Anyone else?"
Hoseok is the first to give an affirmative answer, followed by you and Namjoon which forces Yoongi to opt for one as well.
"Let's watch something more lighthearted next?" Hoseok pleads as he scrolls through the plethora of movies, and once everyone is equipped with another cold beer, you agree on a comedic drama this time.
Yoongi has a gradually harder time trying to ignore the soft whispers and the glances stolen at each other, so he accepts sleep with open arms once he senses his eyelids growing heavy – the last thing he sees being your eyes facing him.
About an hour passes when Yoongi wakes up from the flickering lights of the TV screen as it shows recommendations after being inactive for so long.
Rubbing his eyes, he looks around the room. Everyone is dead asleep with Seokjin having settled for a makeshift bed on the floor, leaving an entire couch spare for Hoseok. Namjoon occupies one half of the other couch, legs resting on the coffee table – and then there's you next to him, hugging a pillow almost as big as your body in your curled-up state. Yoongi can make out the folded fashion of your legs covered under the throw blanket. You can't possibly be comfortable in this position, he concludes, but yet you look so peaceful, so tranquil – so beautiful.
He barely registers your eyelids fluttering open, deep in thought yet no thoughts at all, so he finds himself flinching once your focus sets on him.
Confusion seeps through every crevice of his being when all you do is stare at him, eyelids still heavy from sleep, wispy eyelashes brushing your skin with every blink. Yoongi should feel uncomfortable locking eyes with you so intently, so intensely, but all he feels is a meaning behind it.
Neither of you break eye contact, the tension growing palpable in the silence of this room, only the ticking of the clock on the wall and the light breathing of your sleeping friends to be heard. It's like only you and him matter at this moment, and when your lips curl into a small smile, he reciprocates the same, watching your eyelids fall shut again.
Yoongi wakes up once more to the now black mirror of the TV screen an hour later – and a light fabric draped atop of him. Running his fingers across the knitted pattern, he realizes it's the blanket you were wrapped up in from before. As his head whips around to the spot to his right, you're nowhere to be seen.
She might've gone to the bathroom, he tells himself, running a hand through his tousled hair. As his throat feels somewhat dry, he rises from his seat in the recliner, trudging over to the kitchen to find the lights on.
You're sitting facing the door, so when Yoongi enters, you're quick to greet him, surprise evident in your features. "Oh, hey."
"Hey," he replies, voice still thick from slumber. "You're up?"
"Mhm," you mumble. "Couldn't fall back asleep."
With shaky hands, he pours himself some water before settling down onto the chair adjacent to you. It's quiet for a while – not the same kind of quiet as back in the living room though. This time, the buzzing sound from the ceiling light and the droplets of water from the tap render Yoongi queasy, the scene transpiring just an hour ago playing on a loop in the forefront of his mind. To break some of the tension, he says the first best thing he can think of at the moment. "Thanks, by the way." When you look at him in confusion, he clarifies, "For the blanket."
"Oh." A light chuckle escapes your lips. "Yeah, I figured you might need it." Fiddling with the cup you're cradling in your hands, you continue, "I don't get why you always walk around in short sleeves."
Yoongi lets out a low hum. "It's not like I'm immune to the cold, but I'm less prone to it."
"Really?" you question him with interest. "I feel like I'm freezing all the time. Here, look."
"Ah–" Yoongi winces in surprise when one of your hands curls around his, the surface of your palm frigid against his skin. Like hypnotized, his eyes are fixated on your fingers laying loosely atop of his, the delicate flesh of your digits brushing against his calloused ones, your meticulously manicured nails a shocking juxtaposition to the rough edges of his. He's taking in the soft pink of your nail polish, a similar shade to the tint on your lips and a stark contrast to the prominent purple veins raking across his knuckles like vines.
Despite the clear collision of different worlds, all Yoongi can think about is how this looks right and how this feels right. Your hand might be freezing cold, yet he's fighting the urge to intertwine fingers with you until the temperature of your limb matches his – but then he remembers who you are. "Yeah..." Slowly retracting his hand from yours, Yoongi's vision steers to a cracked tile on the floor, the memory of a clumsy Namjoon in drunken stupor coming to the forefront of his mind. "You're really cold," he murmurs.
As if some sort of spell was lifted, you empty the remnants of your water in one go before slowly rising from your seat. "I should probably get going."
"W-what?" Yoongi stammers with a slight delay, processing your words. "It's like"–he squints at the clock on the wall–"two in the morning."
"Yeah, well..." Placing your used cup in the sink, you turn back around to face him. "I have some things to do tomorrow, so I should probably get some good rest in my own bed instead of breaking my neck sleeping on your couch." You finish your explanation with a hint of a smile.
Yoongi watches you with caution, searching for any sign that might give away your innermost thoughts. He doesn't remember you talking about any plans earlier today. "Let me walk you home then."
"Oh no, it's fine. You don't have to." Vigorously waving your hands in front of you, you politely deny his proposal. Why are you so adamant about it?
"I think I do." He's unsure where his assertiveness is coming from, but the thought of you returning home in the dark all alone renders him with discomfort.
"Really, it's not the first time. I'll be fine."
The male scoffs at that. Even more of a reason now, he thinks to himself. Who in their right mind ever made you walk home by yourself? "I don't think so."
"It's really not that far and I have–"
"_____, I'm not letting you walk home alone at this hour. Over my dead body." Pushing his tongue into his cheek, Yoongi declares, "It's either that or I'm waking up one of the guys to take you instead."
When you look up at him with wide eyes, he's concerned he might have overstepped a boundary – but he's merely being sensible. What if something happened to you? The thought alone sends shivers down his spine. He would never be able to forgive himself.
Your small voice softly rings in his ears, barely noticeable but enough for him to be able to finally breathe again. "Okay."
The walk to your apartment is dead-silent most of the way except for when you mumble out directions. Once you arrive at your apartment complex, you send him a small smile, thanking him before turning on your heel without wasting another breath.
"_____!" Yoongi calls after you.
You halt in your steps, facing him again.
"Did I do something wrong?" He knows he didn't, but something must have happened that caused your change in attitude. There's no way you can be angry with him for wanting you to arrive home safe and sound.
When you walk back towards him, a weak smirk stretches across your face before you shake your head. "It's nothing," you reassure him. "It's not you."
The space in between his eyebrows furrows at your words. What do you mean by that? He's trying to study your face under the dim streetlight though all he can see is the faint outlines of your features.
"Thank you for walking me home."
The action catches Yoongi off-guard, but when you wrap your arms around his waist, cheek coming to a rest on his collarbone, he acts as if on autopilot, leisurely draping his limbs across your back. Man, despite you laying it down on him so strongly that you're cold all the time the hug feels pretty damn warm and cozy. He can sense your heartbeat through the layers of fabric, the swell of your breasts pressed against his chest –
Oh God.
Unfurling his arms, he releases you from his hold, stumbling a step backward before things can escalate any further. He's not supposed to have these thoughts – not about you.
You take the hint, your own limbs dropping to your sides as you send him one last look, the corners of your lips tugging upwards ever so slightly. And then you turn on your heel, leaving for good.
He waits until you've entered your apartment, a light igniting on the fifth floor an indicator that you have, but even then he can't seem to set foot until several minutes have passed.
It's still pitch-dark inside when Yoongi returns, the slivers of moonlight shining through the windows serving as his sole guide. Silently hanging his set of keys onto the keychain holder, he shuffles his way back into the living room.
In the meantime, Seokjin must have moved to his bedroom as no traces of him or the pillows and blankets on the floor are to be seen. He usually does that when the boys are over and they end up falling asleep with not enough space for everyone.
Steering his gaze to the left, he witnesses Namjoon's tall stature splayed out on the now entirely vacant couch, back turned towards him.
Realizing there's no need for him to retreat to the recliner, Yoongi stealthily moves past the sleeping bodies of his friends in search of his bedroom.
"Thank you, hyung," the deep timbre of Namjoon's voice suddenly sounds, just above a whisper but enough to startle him.
"What for?" he inquires, confused at his friend's words and the fact that he's still awake.
"For taking care of _____."
Tumblr media
Clubs aren't Yoongi's terrain. He avoids them like a disease, the sole thought of being surrounded by sweaty strangers grinding on each other to shitty, repetitive music so loud it almost bursts your eardrums forcing him to gag. Yet here he is, sulky though dressed to impress – in his eyes – as he patiently waits for the rest of the group to finish up. He's well aware that he could have declined, but at the same time he didn't want to. She's gonna be there.
It's minutes later when the front door finally opens, revealing Hoseok first, followed closely by Namjoon – and then there's you.
This has to be some sort of fever dream. He's at high risk of being caught, but Yoongi can't take his eyes off of you. Your pearl-white dress paired with the matching heels sends his head reeling, the hemline of your skirt stopping about mid-thigh causing a blush to creep up on his cheeks. But he can't lose his cool in front of everyone. That would be stupid and weird – and not to mention outright treacherous.
"Ready to go?" Seokjin questions, clutching his car keys as the designated driver of the night.
Everyone quickly assembles at the front door except for Yoongi who takes a second to gather his thoughts.
"Are you coming?"
Yoongi lifts his head at the inquiry. When he realizes it's you who posed the question with your frame turned towards him, his heart starts pounding in his chest like a pump gun. If only you understood the insinuation behind those words... "Y-yeah, sure," he chokes out before clambering off the couch, and so the group steps outside to Seokjin's car.
"Hyung." Hoseok puts a hand on Yoongi's shoulder. "We already pre-gamed a little. You gotta sit in the back, or I get car sick."
Yoongi peers behind Hoseok's form, eyes landing on you. They're gonna make you sit in the middle because Namjoon would block the view through the rear window. He's fucked.
Without posing any further questions, he climbs into the right backseat. When you settle down next to him not even a second after, it's like all signs of lifeform leave him – his breathing becomes shallow, his heartbeat flatlines. Not even a single muscle moves.
Your bare thigh comes into contact with his when you squirm around in search of the buckle. "Oops, sorry." A small smile flashes across your face when you notice. "I think it's on your side."
Yoongi tries his hardest to avoid eye contact with you. He wouldn't survive it in this close proximity. "A-ah, yeah..." he mumbles, maneuvering his legs closer to the door, giving you enough space to fumble.
The entire ride to the club he remains silent, his racing thoughts drowning out the chatter in the background. He's so unbelievably fucked.
The majority of the time Yoongi spends at the bar, downing beer after beer to wash away the chaos inside his mind – though what he deemed his remedy at first turns out to be his poison instead. After the third beer, it's impossible to ignore the way your hair sways along with your movements, how well your snug dress hugs your silhouette, and how smooth your bare arms and legs look.
"Alright," you pipe over the loud music after swallowing your shot of tequila, "I'll be back on the dancefloor again." Sliding down the bar stool, you shoot a look at the boys, both Hoseok and Namjoon tagging along with you.
Seokjin sends an affirmative nod your way before turning back to the bartender, engaging in their current conversation.
Even among the crowd it's easy to spot you, the satin fabric of your garment causing you to stand out like a sore thumb. In Yoongi's eyes you easily lighten up this sleazy place though, this pit of hell where everyone devours each other with indecent looks. You're like an angel among demons, wearing that sweet smile of yours like a halo, glowing with understanding and genuine interest – only it isn't directed at him but Namjoon in this scenario instead.
He watches your face turn into something darker though when his friend leans in closer towards you, whispering something in your ear.
Oh... Fuck.
He can't do this right now. Not now, not like this.
Without giving it much thought, Yoongi gets up from his seat. "I'm gonna step out for a second," he informs Seokjin before trudging towards the backdoor.
Once he sets foot onto the asphalt of the back alley and the door shuts behind him with a loud thud, an exasperated sigh escapes him. The air is cold and crisp with a hint of humidity from a prior rain shower. "Fuck..." The curse comes out audibly this time. Walking around in circles, his hands come up multiple times to run through his tousled locks. Why does he feel so strongly about this situation? You're just a girl, some random girl, that one of his closest friends since childhood happens to have a crush on. Yeah, you're kind and you're smart, beautiful and funny... But why does all of that matter to him? Why does it bother him so much seeing you with him that his insides churn at the sole thought of it?
He fell for you. He actually fell for you.
The realization has Yoongi forcing out a laugh in disbelief.
"There you are."
A familiar voice brings him back from his manic trip.
"I found you."
Looking over to the side, he almost regrets his decision. Even underneath the dim streetlights and the red hue of the neon sign plastered on the concrete wall you look stunning. Pull your fucking shit together, he tells himself. So he musters up the faintest of smiles at the source of the voice.
Your heels click on the asphalt as you make your way over to him, the surface still wet from the rain as it emits a splashing sound with each step. When you lean next to him against the wall, you let out a soft whine along with a chuckle before retracting from the surface in lightning speed. "Ah, it's cold."
Yoongi can't help but react with a soft chortle. "And wet," he adds, shrugging off his leather jacket in an attempt to throw it over your shoulders though you don't comply.
"Oh no," you fend. "I'll just go back inside where it's warm. I only wanted to cool off for a bit."
For some reason, your words render him even more eager in his proposition. "Don't be ridiculous. Put it on, please."
"Really, I came out for a breather, and that's what I got. Besides," you gesture towards him, "you're wearing short sleeves again–"
"And you're practically half-naked, so don't try to argue with me." It takes him a second to register what came out of his mouth, so when you look up at him with a dumbfounded expression, he immediately backtracks from his statement. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I'm just–"
"You're just trying to be nice. I know," you finish for him.
Even though he would usually word it this way, there's more to it that he refrains from revealing. The alcohol coursing through his veins serves as a strong opponent though, clouding his senses.
With outstretched arms and pouty lips, you let him drape the heavy clothing over your torso, carefully looping your limbs through the sleeves. The sight of you standing there like a sulky child has him suppressing laughter.
"What?" You eye him, a glint evident in your glare before it softens again.
A small smile stretches across the man's lips, hinting at a confusing blend of endearment and disappointment. "Nothing," he simply states. He's in it – deep in it – with no way out. God, he wants to tell you that you're the most beautiful thing he's ever laid eyes on even though it would be wrong to admit.
"Can I ask you a question?" you finally break the palpable silence.
He gulps, unsure of your possible inquiry, but ultimately nods his head yes.
"It's two questions actually." Licking your lips, you shift your focus to a nearby puddle, the reflection of the light coming from the neon sign gifting it with more depth than it probably possesses. "Does Namjoon happen to have a crush on me?"
You come in straight with the facts, so Yoongi is taken aback, confused over how to go about it. "Uh..." he stammers, hand shooting up to scratch at the nape of his neck.
There are so many possible outcomes to this conversation. If he tells you the truth, things end right here, right now. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars. Does he think Namjoon should've confessed a long time ago? Yes, absolutely. Does he have it in his heart to shorten the process and do it himself instead? Absolutely not. First of all, it's Namjoon's wish to keep it a secret until he musters up enough courage to do so (which Yoongi can only so much as scoff at but still respect), and second and most important of all, there's this lingering fear of you reciprocating his friend's feelings – which isn't too far off of reality from the looks of it.
Realizing he hasn't given you a proper reply yet, Yoongi continues, "Well–"
"So it's true then." You cross your arms in front of your chest, your eyes finding his again boring into them with intent.
"I didn't say that," Yoongi counters, his glare holding yours in an attempt to ignore that glimpse of your cleavage framed by his jacket. It's not an easy feat as your folded arms give it an extra push, the pendant of your necklace sitting neatly atop of it.
"Yoongi, it's not like any of you are exactly subtle about it."
The words leave your lips in such a deadpan way, that trace of indifference within your answer shocking Yoongi as if you don't share the same sentiment. "Then why do you ask if you're so sure about it?" he fends in retaliation, finding no energy in himself to fight against your rebuttal. There's no reason to backtrack now. "Why do you ask me and not Namjoon?"
"I guess I..." The space in between your eyebrows creases. "I don't wanna have to break his heart."
Now it's Yoongi's turn to look at you in confusion. "W-what do you mean?"
He doesn't miss the way you roll your bottom lip in between your teeth, your eyes once dead set on him now avoiding the intensity of his. "Don't get me wrong. I like Namjoon, I really do – just not in that way."
For a second the world seems to stand still, your words slowly sinking into Yoongi's mind. He had it all wrong this entire time since you were dead convincing. Were you just playing some sick, twisted mind game all along?
You continue, "He's a great guy and everything, and I'm probably stupid for not seeing something that could potentially be there. But it's not him I'm interested in." Running a hand through your hair, you let out a loud huff. "I know I'm gonna have to tell him eventually. The thought already stresses me out."
"Namjoon appreciates honesty. Just right out tell him how you feel," Yoongi explains calmly despite the chaos raging inside of him. Honesty. His and Namjoon's friendship has never been of the complicated type, built on nothing but trust. Now he's committing the biggest crime in their twenty years of brotherhood, his eyes lingering on the sparkly sheen of your lips for a second too long wondering what they would taste like contradicting every principle he's trying to uphold. But wait – what do you mean it's not him I'm interested in?
"Yeah, you're right." Your words pull him out of his trance. "I'll talk to him as soon as I can."
Yoongi mirrors that weak smirk spreading across your face. "What's the other question?"
"You said you had two questions," he recalls.
"Oh, yeah..."
It's quiet for an instance as he watches you deep in thought, struggling with whatever occupies your mind before you shake your head.
"Come on." His brows furrow at your curt reply. "Tell me."
"No, it's stupid," you counter, an embarrassed expression taking over your features.
"Nothing you say could ever be stupid." He doesn't think twice about the words leaving his lips, ignoring this weird mixture of regret and shame surging through him. "You brought it up, so just–"
"Do you have a crush on me, too?" you blurt out, eyes set on Yoongi's like your life depends on it.
It's almost as if all sense of being leaves him, his limbs growing rigid and his breath being knocked out of his lungs. How the fuck is he going to go about this? "What?" he merely responds, still in shock.
You blink up at him a couple of times, lips trembling as if you're about to elaborate – though you retract instead. "Forget it." Still facing him, you take a step backward before turning on your heel.
It can't be more than a split second, but within that time frame a million thoughts cross through Yoongi's mind. You have to suspect him for you to ask this question in the first place which poses several questions: how obvious has he been this entire time and why would you want to know the answer? Is it to ridicule him? Is it something entirely else? Whatever the answer may be, Yoongi needs to know – no matter the cost. "Don't," he croaks out, almost unconvincing in the way his voice wavers. "Don't go."
You watch him with wistful eyes as you turn around again, arms still crossed in front of your chest.
"What would you do if I said yes?" Usually, he would set the record straight right away, but this is unlike any other situation Yoongi has ever experienced before. Your presence alone renders him insecure yet the alcohol coursing through his veins causes him to come up with somewhat courageous statements like these.
Taking another step closer towards him, you lean against the wall beside you, one leg leisurely resting in front of the other. "I guess you're gonna find out."
With an incredulous chuckle, he mirrors your movements though his hands bury into the pockets of his jeans instead. You're not even two feet apart from each other, enough for him to feel the heat radiating off of your body. "What makes you so sure about that?"
Despite the shake of your head, the man can still make out the smirk stretching across your face. "Two things: one, you're stalling. If you wanted to say no, you already would've said so. And two," you lick your lips before drawing them into a thin line, "simple intuition."
"Intuition?" he repeats.
"Mhm," you hum out. "Maybe."
Another chortle escapes him. How has this turned into a cat and mouse game? And who is who?
"Or maybe you're just insanely obvious," you fend, a mischievous grin finding its way onto your features.
"Me?" He scoffs. "Obvious?"
A sole nod of your head seals your answer, and maybe his mind is playing tricks on him, but Yoongi swears he can sense some sort of chemistry brewing in between the both of you. But then again, why would you show any signs of interest in him? He's him and you're...you. Perfect, stellar _____ whom his best friend is pining for. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to deny his feelings yet the idea of Namjoon's heart being crushed comes to the forefront of his mind. Although the sheer thought of losing you tears him apart equally as bad as hypothetically losing his closest companion since childhood.
In hindsight, he wonders if things would've turned out different, if things could've been avoided, had Namjoon confessed to you and had you reciprocated. Yoongi wouldn't have developed feelings for you – at least he believes so. Now he's so deep in shit he doesn't see any way out of it without someone getting the short end of the stick. Either way someone's going to get hurt, and he decides it rather be him instead.
"Cat got your tongue?"
Yoongi comes back to life at the sound of your voice, the soft lilt alluding to your ignorance.
"Would it make things easier for you if–"
His brows furrow in surprise when you step closer to him, so close that you're almost chest to chest.
"–I said I liked you back?"
Did he hear you right? Did you just imply that you– There's no way. This can't be real. "What kinda sick joke is this?" The words leave his lips without much thought.
Now it's your turn to look at him in confusion, eyebrows creased with a deep-set frown. "What?"
Huffing out in frustration, Yoongi declares more deadpan than he prefers, "You're right – I like you, _____. And you say you like me, but..." He stalls, the residue of alcohol complicating the process of keeping his emotions in check. He can't have an outburst happen in front of you. The situation is already complicated enough as is. "Why do you act like that around Namjoon? I don't understand."
You look like you're about to reply with the way your bottom lip quivers, a hint of tears forming in the corners of your eyes, but a rusty creak along with a loud slam of metal and an all-too-familiar deep voice have you both turning your heads towards the door.
"Namjoon," you two mumble in unison before rushing back inside.
Tumblr media
Yoongi can already hear the commotion when you enter the hallway connecting the back entrance with the main room.
"Dude, calm down. What's going on?" Hoseok holds the younger man by the arm to stop him from storming past the crowd.
Namjoon looks back at the two of you. His nostrils are flared and his jaw set – Yoongi is scared he might pounce on him any second.
When his friend finally releases himself from Hoseok's hold and stalks over to you, he instinctively pulls you behind him. He knows Namjoon would never hurt anybody, but the thought of you being in this mess in your vulnerable state sends him into protector mode.
"I should've known," he starts. "It was crystal clear this entire time, but I didn't wanna accept it. Well," running a hand through his dirty blonde strands, he continues, "now I have proof."
"Joon, let me explain." Yoongi tries to defuse the situation. "It's not–"
"It's not what it looks like? Is that what you're trying to say?" Letting out a scoff, his stare shoots even more daggers at the shorter male now. "So I didn't see you confessing your feelings to the girl I like just seconds ago? This was all in my imagination then?"
Yoongi's mouth turns dry, a lump forming in his throat. "Joon, just hear me out–"
"Oh, I think I've heard more than enough." Clasping his head in his hands, he continues, "I didn't think you would stab me in the fucking back like that."
"Namjoon!" It's Hoseok's voice now calling the male's name in warning.
Another curse escapes him before he leans in closer towards you.
He might be mistaken, but Yoongi's hand suddenly feels heavier, another set of fingers weaving their way through his in search of comfort.
"Good luck with the virgin," Namjoon snarls, his eyes traveling from you to the male beside you.
"Kim Namjoon!" Seokjin steps in this time, fury evident in his face before said man can make his way to the exit, leaving everyone in shock.
Yoongi's ears fall deaf after that, a pit opening in the depths of his stomach, every fiber of his being becoming numb. He's neither particularly ashamed nor proud of this fact, but the way the words came out of Namjoon's mouth has him almost toppling over in disbelief.
He doesn't understand what's happening around him, but when what he believes to be your head drops onto his shoulder, he comes back to his senses. The contact is fleeting though as you detangle yourself from his grip.
"I'm sorry," you murmur, and without taking a look back, you disappear within the crowd, someone calling your name over and over again without an answer.
It's then that Yoongi realizes he and Seokjin are the only ones left.
"Stay here," the elder signalizes him, following your trail through the club.
Fuck. Fuck! How could things have gotten so uncontrollably out of hand? There's an uncomfortable tightness forming in Yoongi's chest, wrapping around him like a rope. Is this going to be the end of his and Namjoon's two-decade-old friendship? Is he going to lose one of his closest confidants because of a girl? The thought leaves a bitter taste on his tongue. You're not just some random girl – you're far more than that. He despises himself for even thinking of diminishing your worth, his heart clenching in disgust, yet there's no way this can be the end of things. He should've never fallen for you.
Your mind must be racing as well though, Yoongi concludes. You basically confirmed that you have feelings for him as well – if what you said was the truth because, after all, you have been heavily flirting with Namjoon in front of Yoongi. If so, how are they going to hold up after this mess? And – the idea has him swallowing down hard – are you turned off by the fact that he's a virgin?
His priorities are all over the place right now. Is he going to have to make a choice between you and his friend? Or are you both going to abandon him maybe? Fuck...
"Yoongi!" The familiar sound of Seokjin's voice appears at the perfect time, catching him before he can fall deeper into despair. "Let's go home."
"What about _____?" he inquires, not realizing your name slipping off his tongue first instead of Namjoon's.
"She's in the car," the elder explains. "Hoseok and Namjoon are taking an Uber home."
There's nothing much Yoongi can offer besides a solemn nod before following Seokjin outside to the parking lot.
The dusty green of his roommate's old Honda Civic comes into view, and for a second Yoongi considers taking the seat next to you when he catches a glimpse of you through the window, head hung low and hair falling in front of your face. The sight has him opting for the passenger seat instead.
Most of the car ride remains calm, not even the radio playing any sort of music. An incoming call from Hoseok informs everyone that he and Namjoon arrived at home safely and that the man – though still somewhat in distress – will be alright and won't do anything stupid in his drunken state. Yoongi is more than thankful for the eldest's sobriety and clear mind in this situation though it only does so much easing the nervous shaking of his leg and the incessant picking of his cuticles.
It's not long before you arrive at your apartment complex, once the car comes to a halt your fragile voice filling the silence. "Thanks for the ride. Goodnight." And without sparing one single glance, you climb out of the vehicle, shutting the door with a loud thud.
Silence settles again, no one daring to speak until Seokjin moves to ignite the engine again. It comes to life with a spluttering roar when suddenly the door to the passenger seat opens.
"Yoongi!" Seokjin calls out for the younger male only to be answered by the door slamming shut again.
You're already rummaging around for your house keys when his voice stops you in your tracks.
"_____, wait." He breathes out, a cloud of mist forming in the air. It's only then that he realizes how cold it has actually become – and that he's still without his jacket.
You slowly turn around, your arms wrapped around you for comfort.
The look you send Yoongi hits him straight in the chest. It's dim under the light of the entrance to your apartment complex, yet he can spot the streaks of runny mascara around your eyes. "Are you okay?" he asks, his voice small and unsure.
Your arms fall to your sides lethargically. It's quiet for a long time before you speak up. "I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm sorry, I messed everything up."
Yoongi vehemently shakes his head at your apology. "You have nothing to apologize for. It's not your fault."
At that, you mimic his gesture, a small whimper resonating from you as fresh tears start to form again. "Earlier, you asked me why I act that way when I'm with Namjoon..." You stall, visibly swallowing down a lump in your throat. "At first it was because I wanted to give it a serious shot. I could tell he liked me, and I was actually considering it. But my heart just wasn't in the right place."
The first tears trickle down your cheeks. "So I thought if I ended things early I wouldn't have a reason to stick around anymore."
The space in between Yoongi's brows furrows at your explanation, but he lets you continue without interjecting.
"I was scared I wasn't gonna be able to be around you anymore, so instead I led Namjoon on and then this whole mess happened." In between heavy sniffles, the tears flow uncontrollably now.
Never in his life has Yoongi been so dumbfounded, so struck to silence by a hurtful truth. Words don't even come close to describing what he's experiencing in this moment, a mixture of frustration and disappointment concentrated in the core of his body, but something tugs on his heartstrings at the sight of you. Your presence comes across as frail, that damn black leather jacket almost swallowing you up entirely, engulfing you in darkness. It's kind of ironic, this comparison of images: Yoongi in his initial head-to-toe black attire if it wasn't for the white, slim-fit t-shirt on his torso, and you in your skimpy, white dress as your centerpiece though it's now being dominated by that foreign black piece of clothing. It's as if you traded pieces of each other, innocence and corruption cohabitating within the two of you – no one entirely good, no one entirely evil.
"God, I feel like such a whore!" you suddenly exclaim, your whines becoming louder. Burying your face in your hands, you cry with reckless abandon.
Yoongi is stunned at your response – and heartbroken that you would call yourself names like that. It wasn't an ideal approach, but at the end of the day everyone had their wrong-doings. He should've never given in to your advances, and Namjoon should've confessed to you.
It takes you a while to regain composure, and Yoongi feels compelled to console you though he refrains from it when you strut over to him, shrugging off the jacket in the process. "I'm not sure what kinda outcome I was expecting, but I didn't think it would tear you two apart like this." A huge question mark appears in Yoongi's head when you elaborate, your fist thrusting the heavy leather towards him which he takes with a slight delay. "I don't wanna take part in this if it means your friendship's on the line."
His soul leaves him in an instant, that unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach tightening, tenfold in severity now. The worst-case scenario has come to life – he lost his best friend and he lost you.
"I'm so sorry," you murmur for the umpteenth time this night, and with that you turn around, unlocking the front door and leaving Yoongi alone in the dark as it clicks shut behind you.
Seconds upon seconds pass by as Yoongi tries to come to terms with what happened, a lightheaded sensation creeping up on him, causing him to collapse at the knees. Now he's in a crouched position on the concrete platform, dismissing the freezing cold nipping at his exposed skin. His elbows come to a rest on his bent joints, his hands clasping around his head as if to shield himself from the outside world. Fuck... Fuck! There's no way things are going to go back to the way they were. Everything's fucked.
"Hey, man." Yoongi discerns Seokjin's voice beside him. "Come on, let's get you home."
The elder hoists him up by the shoulders, retrieving the leather garment that lifelessly lies on the ground to throw it over his shivering form.
"Hyung..." Yoongi mumbles out. "I fucked up."
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kimnjss · 6 months ago
how happy (cyberslut christmas) | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut ⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader ⤑ genre: angst, fluff... and lots of smut! ⤑ rating: explicit ⤑ word count: 12.2K // unedited. ⤑ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, hickeys, oral sex (m), slight somnophilia, mentions of riding, shitty parents, yoongi and yn are lowkey the same, unprotected sex (stay safe, y’all!), fingering, nipple play, a new kink for yoongi, cum inside, creampie, subtle cock warming...  ⤑ A/N: this made me miss them lmao :( nd this was a lot of fun to write - pls let me know what you think ! x 
[ feel free to buy me a coffee! ]
Tumblr media
DECEMBER 17TH, 2021 | 10:20
You've become familiar with waking up with his bare chest pressed to your back, large hands wedged between your legs (he swears it's for warmth). He keeps his face buried in the crook of your neck, breathing in the sweet smell of your shampoo, arms secure around your waist. His grip is always tight, keeping you from drifting away from him in your sleep, a groan of protest leaving his lips if there's even an inch of space between you.
It's how you've slept and woke up for the past five months, whether you were holed up in his room for the night or knocking out at yours after a night out with your friends. Without a word, you're falling into your positions. Yoongi's convinced himself that it's the only way he can fall asleep and although you roll your eyes each time he says it, you can't help but agree.
This morning is no different, sunlight bleeding through the spaces of his blinds and beaming onto your cheeks. Eyes blinking slowly adjusting to the light. He feels the way you shift, arms instantly tightening around your body to tug you closer. You're letting out a sleepy laugh, hands dropping down to cover his.
“I'm not going anywhere,” You assure his sleeping figure, sinking further into his embrace. “Good. Go back to sleep,” Not expecting the low grumble of his voice, you're turning in his arms to peek at his face. His eyes are closed, but you notice the annoyed furrow of his brow. “Are you awake?” You're whispering.
His head shakes slightly, eyes blinking open to look down at you. It takes a moment for him to focus on your features, amazed at how good you looked this early in the morning. Long hair pulled back into two even longer braids, but the shorter hairs at your forehead shape your face cutely. Your skin seems to glow in the morning sunlight, pink lips plump and begging to be kissed.
He's too tired to do anything about it properly, lips puckering out to you in a lazy attempt to send a kiss your way. “I'm still sleeping, turn around.” He says, despite the fact that he's looking right at you and talking. The giggle you let out is the prettiest sound that he's ever heard, it's the truth.
“I'm hungry. Can you make me breakfast?” His hands glide from the small of your back to spread onto your thighs, easily lifting a leg up and over his waist. He's slotting himself between your legs, face nuzzling into the crook of your neck. “No, I'm asleep.” His breath fans over your skin, causing goosebumps to rise.
Your warmth surrounds him and he's melting right into it, wet kisses landing on your skin as his hands make their way back up your legs. Long fingers tracing the lace pattern of your panties, you're stifling the moan that arises when his fingers are flexing around the globes of your ass. “How are you playing with my ass if you're asleep?” He's tugging your body further onto his at the end of your sentence.
His tongue drags over a specific spot of your neck, loving the way you squirm in his grasp. “Somnambulism,” He's mumbling, teeth sinking into your skin. The yelp that you let out goes straight to his dick, hardening it immediately. He's pushing his hips toward you, searching for more of your warmth.
You're giggling, hands finding their way into his messy hair. “You've been looking at my flashcards?” You've been spending the past few weeks studying for the final that revolved mainly around REM sleep. For the most part, he seemed annoyed whenever you were interrupting your time together to study, never noticed that he had been paying attention to what you were actually studying.
He's too busy sucking hickeys into your skin to answer your question, hips rolling into yours slowly. His fingers creep underneath the waistband of your panties, groaning at the feeling of your soft skin underneath his palm. Seconds from sneaking his hand underneath the hem of his shirt that you're wearing when he hears the way your stomach grumbles.
His head is lifting from your neck, dark eyes focusing on your face. He doesn't fight the urge to lean down to press his mouth against yours, lips curling into a smile with the warmth that spreads throughout his body from the simple contact. He kisses you slowly, sweetly and it makes you lightheaded.
His hands move from your ass onto your thighs, holding your body tight to his as he moves his mouth over yours. It's different from all the heated, desperate kisses that you've shared in the past. One of the slower ones that he rarely bestows on you, the type that gets your heart hammering in your chest and heat rising in your cheeks.
Yoongi takes his time with pulling back, eyes dazed once he's focusing on your features. Wearing the prettiest smile on his lips as he leans down to press a final, chaste kiss to your lips. “Should we go get waffles?” He's using the grip he has on your body to pull you onto him, back pressed into the mattress with your legs on either side of his body.
You're quick to sit up on his lap, hands reaching down to cover his pecks. His cock jumps with the way your thumbs brush over the brown of his nipples, grip tightening on your thighs. Your head bobs in a nod at the mention of the delicious breakfast. “We can do Christmas shopping after,”
His eyes are instantly rolling, body rolling onto his side and knocking you off of him. You're letting out a loud laugh, latching onto his back before he's fully able to curl into a ball. “I've already bought you something,” He's grumbling, reaching for the blanket to pull it further upon his body.
Quick to tug it from his body, you're able to nudge him onto his back so he's facing you again. “We need to get stuff for our friends, babe. And there's the white elephant party your team is doing,” he's letting out a groan, facing his back to you as he moves to tuck his legs into his body.
“All I said was waffles. Christmas is next week, Yn. If I haven't gotten them a gift by now, they're not getting one,” He expects you to sink right back in bed, allowing him to roll your body onto its side to tuck you into his favorite position. It's a part of his spoiled boy nature to just wait for you to do what he wants.
So the confusion that riddles his features when you're not is a given. Head perking up when he feels the bed dip behind him and you're standing with a shrug of your shoulders. He watches the way you move around your room, searching for a fresh pair of clothes to change into. Eyes glued to you as you peel his shirt from your body, tits bouncing with the movement of your arms.
Quick to snap your bra on, stealing away the view that he had been enjoying. His eyes drop to take in your ass, bent forward to tug your pants over your ankles before your standing. It's cute the way you have to jump to get the tight waistband over the roundness of your bottom. Cheeks bouncing until they're being tucked into the tightness of your pants.
He's letting out a sigh, forcing himself into a seated position as his hands run through his hair. “Are you really going to go without me?” You can hear the pout in his voice and it's embarrassing how adorable you think he is. Internally cooing once you've turned around to take in the jut of his lips.
“Do you want to come with me?” You're saying as you tug your t-shirt over your head, the tight fabric shaping nicely at your waist. It's amazing how childlike he acted, had been against the idea of Christmas shopping just moments before, but he's lighting up at the invitation after realizing you had no intention of not going. “Obviously, I'm coming. Give me a minute to change,”
Yoongi's quick to pull himself from his spot on your bed, heavy steps taken toward your dresser. In the past months that you two spent together, you've accumulated quite the collection of clothing. Whether it was shirts he took off and forgot to take, outfits that he left behind that you've washed, or sweaters that you've snuck out of his house. It was enough to fill an entire drawer and instead of going through the headache of separating, you figured you'd just keep them safe for him.
Especially since you've taken up more than half of his closet at his place.
Now, Yoongi always looked delectable in your eyes. Whether he was hovering above you, panting while sweat drips from his forehead, his cock working its way in and out of your walls... or if he was curled up in one of his comfy sweaters in front of the TV, forcing himself to stay awake through one of your docu-series. 
But, the Yoongi that you loved the most? A look of his that was simply unmatched would have to be what was forming right before your eyes. 'Annoyed-but-I'm-doing-this-for-my-girlfriend', boyfriend Yoongi. Messy black locks tucked into a baseball cap, a large white t-shirt that you're sure you had stuffed at the bottom one of your drawers covering his frame. A mixture of silver hoops and studs adorning his ears.
He's wearing the ripped jeans that you loved so much, tugging his army green jean jacket over it all as you're reaching to brush your teeth. He's sneaking into the bathroom behind you, chest pressing against your back as he reaches for his own toothbrush. Your apartment wasn't huge, but there surely was enough space in the room where you didn't have to be pressed together.
In love with the way, your body fit against his, though, so he makes no moves for more space. It almost feels crazy, how things turned out between the two of you. Going from having such an embarrassing crush to this domestic day-to-day and feels natural. As if his hand had always belonged on your waist, eyes staring at you through the mirror as you brushed in sync.
You're turning in his arms once you've finished, toothbrushes back in the holders and hands free to set on the sides of his neck. “You look very handsome,” He's flashing a wide smile down at you, showing off his freshly cleaned teeth and you're meeting the action with a dramatic pucker of your lips.
Yoongi grants you one quick kiss before he's pulling away, pretty eyes searching your features as his hands settle on your hips. There's so much that he wants to say, feelings seeming to constantly bubble in his chest in moments like these. He's pushing it down, though, summing it up to adjusting to the relationship life.
He's never a girlfriend before, well not like you. Of course, he's fucked around with the same girl more than once or even called someone his 'girlfriend'. But the things that he did with you? The way that he felt with you, was different. It surprised him how he could spend hours with you, doing nothing... and not get bored.
Sitting around and watching your shows or driving around talking about nothing, he was excited about those things. And it wasn't something that he was used to. He hardly felt the need to fill the stretches of silence because even those were comfortable. Just being around you was enough and he never really craved more. All of that is so new to him.
And he didn't know what to call it, so he's deciding not to call it anything at all. Instead, he's reaching a hand up, playfully tugging at the end of one of your braid's and grinning at the glare you send up at him. Hand lifting to swat his away from you with a roll of your eyes.
 He's chuckling softly, leaning down to press a soft kiss to the tip of your nose. Before he's, he's moving back to put some space between the two of you, hand extended out for you to take. “Ready to go?” 
Tumblr media
DECEMBER 17TH, 2021 | 14:57
Despite the fact that Yoongi had seemed so uninterested in going Christmas shopping in the first place, he was still extremely helpful. You hadn't realized how well he knew your friends, but each gift he was suggesting was a perfect match. And it's becoming really obvious that he's gotten much closer to them than he was willing to let on.
He's finding a first edition book on expanding your mental horizons for Namjoon. No idea how he spotted it, but he's plucking it up the moment you're entering the store and announcing that it'll be perfect for your annoyingly buff friend. They had a bit of a love-hate relationship.
For Taehyung, he picks out a shirt that very much looks handmade. Interesting shapes and patterns around the whole thing and the fit of it feels artsy. He doesn't even look at the tag when he's tossing it into the cart, grumbling about Jimin's oversharing as he scans the isles for something else.
“Jin wants that new game that just came out. We could probably order it when we get home,” He says in passing while dumping an arm full of clothing into the cart. “You don't have this sweater, right?” He's pointing at a cropped one that he had picked out and it's cute, but you're rolling your eyes.
Most of the time spent in this mall has been him finding new things that he wanted to get you. Claiming that one Christmas gift just didn't seem like enough and when you were protesting about knowing what he was giving you ahead of time, he was hitting you with a deadpan: “I'm not wrapping them either,”
Among the sweater are a few pairs of jeans, some shirts, and perfumes. The thing about Yoongi shopping for you was he never really went with something he thought you'd like, always going for things that he wanted to see you in or something that he liked. Luckily, the man had impeccable taste. Take a look at his girlfriend, for example. Everything he gifted you was something that you ended up loving (whether it was solely because they were from him was up for debate), but, he gave you too much.
“I don't need any more clothes, Yoongi.” He's ignoring you, focused on the selection of shoes in front of him. “Why don't you have any of those stripper heels?” His eyes search over the racks and you're sure he's in pursuit of a pair to purchase himself. A pretty red lingerie set sat underneath the pile of clothes and it doesn't take a genius to put together his plans.
Quick to take hold of his hand, you're leading him away from the rack with a loud laugh. “They don't sell them here. Bummer. Come on, baby. Let's go pay.” Words rushed as you're tugging him along.
He's instantly wrapping his fingers around yours, a hand pushing the cart in front of you as he moves toward the registers. You hear the smirk in his tone as he speaks, punctuating his words with a cocky laugh. “That's fine. I can just order you a pair online.”
Tumblr media
DECEMBER 22ND, 2021 | 17:49
Yoongi loves his naps, that was no secret. He'd find himself curled up in your sheets, drifting to sleep as you sat on your desk studying. Calling you over after a long day of practice just to fall asleep with you next to him. And he was always feeling so content after waking up from one. A thing he loved more than taking a good nap in the middle of the day was waking up from said nap to something delicious for him to eat.
And since you know him like the back of your hand, you know these two things very well. Which is why, the moment you're ending the nerve-wracking phone call, you're searching for something to put together for him in the kitchen. He's asleep in your room, fluffy pink blanket tucked under his chin and an even fluffier pillow underneath his head.
The two of you had been in the middle of binging your top Christmas picks when he started yawning, insisting that he was the least bit tired. He was fast asleep before The Grinch was finished robbing the Who's. You stayed cuddled in his arms, head on his chest until your phone was ringing loudly underneath you.
You're grabbing it with haste, careful not to wake him as you slip out of his grasp. Who'd dare call you while you're wrapped up in your boyfriend's warmth, the sound of his snores drowning out the green guy's insulting theme song? It's your mother. A ten-year-old version of yourself grins back at you, sat on her lap wearing matching robes, and showing off painted nails.
The phone conversation is quick, officially on break for school – so there's nothing to fill the silence between her demands. Another Christmas spent apart from her and your father was not on her itinerary, she wanted you there. And hearing her say that is almost bittersweet, you might've let yourself enjoy it if she wasn't following it up with: “And bring that little boyfriend of yours,”
No room for protest because she's rushing off the line after she's said what she needed to. Not like you would've been able to argue it either, she was right... moving away and avoiding them was no way to go about life. No matter how easy it was to act like you just spawned into existence and just started going about your life. You could handle one day... one dinner. It wasn't the end of the world. It would be fine.
You just needed to figure out how to convince Yoongi.
Which brings you to right now, the meal that you had thrown together for him cooling on the counter as you slip back into his arms. He shifts the moment you're nearing him, tucking your body further into his embrace, nose nuzzling into the top of your head. He's huffing when you're moving again, brows furrowing as you wiggle from his hold.
Not fully awake so he's sinking into the sheets after a moment, heavy breaths falling from his lips. Nervous would have to be an understatement for the feeling in your chest as you lower yourself under the covers, one goal in mind. 
Now, Yoongi loved having his dick sucked just as much as the next guy, you look of pure ecstasy on his face each time you were on your knees for him was proof enough. But interrupting his sleep for it? Just to soften the blow of the news that you had for him. That part had you feeling the nerves. But, not enough to keep you from tugging his shorts down his legs.
His cock is as pretty as it always is. Thick even when soft, resting against his thigh. The tip a soft pink, pretty veins wrapped around his length, and all you can think about is how good he feels sliding down your throat. Heavy balls hanging underneath, seemingly begging to feel the warmth of your hands. Even the unkempt hair at the base looks good to you.
A soft hand reaches out to cover his tip, thumb swiping over the velvety skin. His hips twitch, eyes shut when you peek up to check. Slowly, you're moving your palm down his shaft, teeth coming out to tug on your lower lip feeling the way he starts to stiffen beneath your hold. It takes four full strokes to get his cock standing up and you're forever amazed by the size of him.
Grip dropping to secure around his base to hold him steady, you're slowly leaning down to wrap your lips around the tip. It's warm against your tongue, salty and you don't hesitate to roll your tongue over the tiny hole there. You notice the way his hips jerk feeling the soft suction of your mouth. 
Your own eyes flutter as your tongue works over the head and you don't even register the pressure on your head until more of his length is being forced past your lips. Gaze lifting to find his sleepy stare, fingers buried in your hair. He had woken up slightly from the feeling of your hands tugging his shorts down. Thought he had dreamt it up, but feeling the warmth of your mouth had him coming to his senses.
No idea what he had done to deserve this treatment, but he wasn't complaining in the slightest bit, a matter of fact, he was greedy for more of it. His hand doesn't lift until he's feeling the tightness of your throat around him, eyes rolling as his body falls back onto the pillows. With two hands set on his thighs, you work his cock in and out of your mouth. Low grunts fall from his lips, hips setting a pace of his own.
“Fuck!” His body jolts when you're suddenly wrapping your palm around his balls, squeezing with your eyes focused on him. He can see the teasing smirk on your lips, despite your mouth being full of him. Hand toying with them while your head bobs over him. It's not long before he's feeling the numbness kicking in, warmth spreading throughout his limbs.
Jumbled sentences fall from his lips, hands searching for something to grip. He goes for tugging at your hair, using his grip to move your mouth against him. And then he's moving onto the back of your neck, thumb stroking against your throat just barely feeling the tip of his cock. He settles for your cheek, holding your head steady as his hips lift off of the bed.
Dark eyes trained on your features and you make a show of pulling back, allowing him to see the wetness your mouth left on him, spit and precum coating his length. You do the same when you're taking him back in, eyes on his until your nose is pressed against his pelvis, swallowing around him.
“Yn, what the-” Words cut off by the loud gasp that cuts through, the pressure in his stomach snapping and he's all at once filling your mouth with his warm release. It's a shock to the both of you, most times he's more aware of how close he is – usually giving you a warning before, but he was sure he had at least a few more pumps in him.
Hands set on his hips, tongue coaxing the underside of his cock, you take him all in. It's salty and thick and literally your least favorite thing to have in your mouth, but because you know how much he loves seeing you swallow, you make a show of that too. Mouth open wide once you've pulled back, showing off the emptiness.
Yoongi is letting out a low chuckle, lazily reaching down to pull your body up the bed. He looks dazed, eyes hooded and cheeks flushed. Still, he's reaching toward you, taking a moment to wipe the wetness from your mouth with his thumb. His smile is huge and you can't help but notice how pretty he looks.
How happy.
“What was that about?” He's asking through a laugh, arm reaching out to wrap around your waist. Easily, pulling your body into his and it's so natural the way your leg lifts to wrap around his waist. A shudder runs through your body at the nudge of his cock against your thigh and if you weren't so nervous about what you were about to bring up, you'd be sliding down onto it.
Tilting your head up, you're planting a soft kiss on his chin. One he meets with a quick peck to your lips, laughing when you're not letting him pull away. You're being weird, he can tell just from one look at you. Something was on your mind and he had no idea what it was, just that he could feel how nervous you were and he didn't like it.
It couldn't be good either with how dotting you were being. Not like you weren't super sweet to him on a regular basis, but this was different... you were obviously trying to soften him up for something, and the millions of possibilities of what it could be made him anxious.
He's slow with the way he pulls away, dark eyes searching yours and he hates the way your gaze drops, focus shifting somewhere behind him. “What happened, baby?” He tries softly, pushing away the nagging thoughts of what the problem could be. Reminding himself that he doesn't have to worry when it came to you. You were perfect. Surely, you wouldn't do anything to hurt him... right?
You seem to catch yourself, eyes blinking and a smile shifting onto your features as you look up at him. “Are you hungry? I made your favorite,” You're smiling and he can't even revel in the fact that you cooked for him, because he's so damn worried.
“Tell me what happened.” It's hard to keep his tone level with the way you're beating around the bush. If something happened he needed to know right away, none of this guessing shit. There was something you weren't telling him and he needed to get to the bottom of it.
Sensing his annoyance you're perking up, hands reaching up to push your hair out of the way. “Nothing happened,” You're clarifying, trying another smile to soothe his worries. It doesn't work. He just stares at you expectantly. “My parents want to meet you,”
Now you've told Yoongi about your parents a few times before in passing and without much detail, he never really pushed... figured it wasn't something he wanted to get into and left it alone. It wasn't like he was pulling out his family tree either, so it wasn't that big of a deal. But, from what he did know, your awkwardness made sense.
Your parents were strict and overbearing, which as he thought about it, made sense with your personality. Your mother was the best heart surgeon in your small town and your father was a highly respected criminal defense lawyer. And even though you've never flat out said it, he knows they planned for you to end up with someone well... not him.
The last thing he wants to do is sit through a dinner while two people who should love you unconditionally express how disappointed they were in you. “We're gonna be at Vmin's opening gifts, remember?” Not wanting you to think that he doesn't want to meet them (he doesn't) and hoping that the reminder of your prior plans will be enough.
“That's Christmas Eve, baby. They're doing something Christmas Day.” You're sat up beside him, too anxious to lay comfortably. He's looking up at you from his mountain of pillows, an arm resting around your waist. “Yeah, but... don't you think we should hang back? They're gonna need help cleaning up.” Those had been your exact words when you were telling him about the party, which he rejected with the excuse of not being able to sleep comfortably squished between all of your friends.
You're rolling your eyes down at him, hand reaching to brush his hair back. “It's just for a few hours, dinner and then we're on our way home.” You try with a small smile, with his hair swept back you can see the furrow of his brow just before a frown is settling on his lips. “I don't want to spend Christmas being picked apart by your parents, Yn.” He's sighing, looking up at you with pouted lips.
And your heart swells, body sinking into the sheets beside him. Your head is finding his chest immediately, fingers brushing over his arm. “You have nothing to worry about, they're gonna love you.” Not sure if exactly who you're trying to convince, but you don't even believe your own words.
The look on his face is proof that you're not doing that great of a job. Sighing, you're reaching up to run your fingers through your hair. “I don't want to go either, but I've dodged every invitation this year. And it's probably going to suck, but I need you there with me. Can you at least think about it?” Just one look at your face has his heart softening, a small smile spreading across his lips as he tucks you further into his arms.
He's never seen you this stressed before. Not even when you were heading to finals with less than four hours of sleep and only half of your study guide memorized (all of his fault, by the way). And the last thing he wants is for you to feel like you have to go through anything on your own when he could be there with him, so even though he knows he's not going to like it – he doesn't have to think about it.
“It's alright, I'll come.” His smile does a lot to ease your words, the soft kiss he presses to your forehead warming your heart. Lips trail from your forehead down the bridge of your nose until he's finally reaching your lips.
Yoongi's easily able to roll you onto your back, tongue pushing its way past your lips as he slots himself between your legs. You feel the way the kiss shifts from something innocent to a sinful twist of tongues. He kisses you breathless, pulling away to suck a trail down the length of your neck. Then lower. A wet path of kisses that has your body squirming and he doesn't stop until his nose is nudging the lace of your panties, cheek resting against your thigh.
His cock jumps at the wet patch staining the fabric. And the way he's looking at you has a fresh wave rushing, deep voice enough to have your thighs clenching as he says, “Now, let me return the favor,”
Tumblr media
DECEMBER 24TH, 2021 | 21:43
It's a wonder Yoongi hasn't kicked you to the crib yet. Forever presenting him with new issues that would surely stress him out and he was always handling them with such grace... as much grace as your spoiled boy could muster. You were getting another call from your mother early this morning, a long-winded lecture on how she shouldn't have to prepare all of Christmas dinner on her own. And before you knew it, you were agreeing to heading over tonight to help.
Pure annoyance riddled your boyfriend's features when you were explaining to him how a few hours turned into a sleepover. He didn't put up much of a fight though, shrugging it off as he went to pack. Each bit of praise you send his way is being met with a large grin and a nod of his head. And even though you're sure he knows, just telling him doesn't seem like enough.
Which is why you're showing up to Jimin's with a dull ache between your legs and a grinning Yoongi, the back of his hair mussed up from spending so much time on it. He keeps an arm around your waist through the whole party, holding you in his lap despite Jimin's new obsession for indoor seating. He loves the way having you close makes him feel.
Yoongi's sure to keep you close while watching your friends tear open the packages to see the gifts that await them inside. Jimin yelps at the sleek black boots sat in his lap, wide eyes lifting to meet Yoongi's proud smile. “How did you know I've wanted these?” He's shrugging, leaning back into the chair with a quiet, “Merry Christmas,” It's cute.
For Hoseok, he bought a jean jacket with stars littering the sleeves. And the man's shocked to find that his friend remembered and actually went back for the garment he had been debating on purchasing. And for Jungkook, a pair of silver hoops to add to his quickly growing collection. They're all great gifts and you're shocked to find out he pays this much attention.
It makes you excited to see what he got you.
You both had decided to wait until Christmas night to exchange gifts. After the party, after you made it through dinner, when you were back in the comfort of your homes, that way it could be special. Just the two of you. That was Yoongi's idea, by the way. And that's what you've been looking forward to all day, wanting to speed through the disaster you knew dinner would be so you could be alone with him again.
You're leaving the party early, shouting goodbye's as you make your way to the car, Yoongi's hand in yours. The plan is to head straight to your parents', clothes packed in the backseat. The quicker you get there, the quicker you can leave – that's your mentality and while Yoongi does what he can to calm your nerves, he can't deny that he's just as nervous.
The drive is not as long as you wish it had been. Soft music playing in the background, filling the silence because neither of you talk. Every worst-case scenario bounces in your heads. You wanted them to like him because you liked him... but you knew how they were and it made you feel heavy bringing him all the way out here.
As for Yoongi, he wasn't worried so much about whether or not your parents liked him. He was more so concerned for you and how this night would turn out. Of course, he wanted to be there for you, support you – but he had no idea how to. Especially when he can feel your mood dropping the closer you get to the house.
He's shoving the car in park, turning to you with a soft smile on his lips, “Are you sure you don't just want to go home?” He says jokingly and you're rolling your eyes, reaching over to nudge his shoulder. “Don't tempt me,” You laugh, leaning over the middle console to press a soft kiss to his cheek.
“Thanks for coming with me,” He's quick to return your smile, lips finding yours in a soft kiss. Words mumbled into your mouth, “Anything for my baby.” 
Tumblr media
Your father has every intention to make Yoongi eat his words, third-degree on the moment you're stepping through the front doors. His hard stare zeroing in on the arm he's got around your waist, the other clutching your bags. He doesn't say anything, the wrinkle of his upper lip doing all the work for him.
It takes you to break the silence, “Hey, Daddy!” You beam, gently wiggling from Yoongi's hold to greet your father. His face shifts immediately, a smile melting onto his features as he pulls you in for a hug. “Hey, baby. How was the drive over?” He's asking, not sparing a glance to the man behind you.
“Not bad. Just a little over an hour,” You're stepping back to stand by Yoongi, an arm wrapping around our torso. “Daddy. This is my boyfriend, Yoongi. Yoongi, this is my dad.” He's extended a practiced palm, waiting patiently to feel your father's palm. And you hold your breath, knowing that him rejecting the handshake was a huge possibility.
He eyes his palm slightly, brow lifted slightly and you're sure he's going to ignore it. And Yoongi thinks the same, so he's ready to drop it but just before he can, your father is reaching out for him. No idea what changed his mind, but you're thankful he spared Yoongi's ego. “Nice to meet you,” He says, just like you practiced, the prettiest smile on his face.
Your father doesn't return the sentiment, pushing his hand in his pocket the moment he has the chance. “What's your major, son?” He's asking right away and you had told Yoongi the question would be coming, but you at least thought you would've gotten your shoes off first.
Yoongi doesn't look the least bit phased. “Physical Education.” He had no plans to lie, no need to erase himself for the benefit of your father. He liked what he did, more so after he started tutoring with you, he was actually excited to get started in his field if the NBA didn't pan out.
A displeased snort leaves your father's list, but before Yoongi has the chance to ask what he meant by that – the sound of heels clicking loudly from the kitchen fills your ears. An intimidating click-clack, slowly making its way closer. “Is that my beautiful girl I hear?” She appears from the kitchen with her arms outstretched.
She's a picture of perfection. Loose curls cut short just below her chin, makeup done in a way to give the illusion that she's not wearing any at all as if she woke up that way. A three-piece pant set hugged her body, long robe fluttering out behind her. Long arms wrap around your frame, pulling you into a tight hug.
“My princess,” She sighs into the hug, eyes searching over your features the moment she's pulling away. “You've been eating well I see,” Her condensing tone is so subtle, you hardly recognize it. Two perfectly manicured fingers lift to pinch your cheek, then she's moving on from you, standing in front of Yoongi.
She takes a moment to size him up and despite the nonchalant expression on his face, you know he's feeling the pressure. She's humming softly, tight-lipped smile directed at you. “He's cute,” She says shortly, losing interest right away, stepping back with a loud clap of her hands.
Flashing a dazzling smile at you while leaning back into her husband. “You two must be exhausted. Should we show them their rooms?” The last part of her sentence is directed to your father and he's nodding along. “We changed your room up a bit, baby.” He says as he turns, leading the two of you up the steps. Gaze flickering to Yoongi that follows closely behind you.
“You can sleep in the guest room. By me.” Despite the sternness in his tone, paired with the hard look on his face, Yoongi is shaking his head. Instantly rejecting the thought of sleeping away from you. “No, actually we usually-”
You're quick to cut him off, hand reaching out to pat against his chest. “Thanks, Daddy. That's perfect,” You're smiling for the both of you, ignoring the way he eyes Yoongi daring him to say something before he's nodding his head, shifting his attention to you with a sweet smile. “Make sure you go down to help your mother,” He's saying before turning to leave the room.
Yoongi is turning toward you the moment the door is closing, arms crossed over his chest. He's frowning, lips fixed in a small pout. “You know I hate sleeping separate from you, Yn. And I'm already stressed out,” He's huffing, plopping down on the bed in the guest room.
“Do you want to die!? We can't sleep together at my parents' house,” Arms crossed as you move to stand in front of him, a look of bewilderment on your face. They had already started turning their noses up at him, the last thing you needed was them finding another reason not to like him.
He's sighing, reaching up to snake his arms around your waist. Tugging you into his lap easily, a hand reaching up to push your hair off of your shoulder, large hand resting on the back of your neck. “But, I miss you when I don't wake up with you right next to you,” Lower lip pushed out for you to see.
You're letting out a laugh, eyes rolling as you lean down to press a soft kiss to his pout. “You'll see me at breakfast, okay?” You try to reassure him, thumb brushing over his lower lip to wipe the gloss off. He's shaking his head dramatically, leaning up into you. “I want to see you before breakfast,” Words murmured just before his lips are finding yours again.
It's crazy the way you're melting in the kiss, fingers finding the hair at the back of his neck while your body slumps in his arms. The stress and anxiety of the day slowly drift from your mind, the deeper he pulls you into the kiss. Warm tongue teasing your lower lip, pushing past the moment your jaw is dropping. He's groaning, as if he hasn't kissed you a thousand times before, free hand sliding down to meet the swell of your ass.
Fingers flexing around the flesh, he's using his grip to tug your body further into his lap. A soft whimper dying on his lips from the feeling of his hardening cock brushing up against your thigh. For a second you forget where you are, hands sneaking underneath the hem of his shirt, but the second does not last long, your mother's call for you, breaking through the haze.
You're jolting to a stand as she's stood right behind you, eyes wide and face hot. Yoongi looks up at you with hooded eyes, lips sticky with your gloss. The last thing on his mind was whatever your mother was on about, getting his hands up your skirt being his only focus. It's the opposite for you, standing in front of the mirror and frantically tugging at your clothes, acting as if you needed to cover the fact that you were in here fucking, rather than some high school making out.
Which reminded him. “Why don't you sneak over here tonight, huh? It'll be just like high school,” There's a mischievous glint in his eye at the memory and you don't have the heart to tell him that's not something you can relate to. You were definitely more stiff in high school than you are now.
He's moving to stand behind you in the mirror, arms wrapping around your waist. Your body is flush against his chest and you can feel the bulge hidden under his pants. And if you couldn't hear your mother making her way up the steps, you would've been bent over begging him to fill you with it.
Instead, you're turning in his arms – hand patting lightly against his chest. “You'll be fine, baby. I promise,” Flashing a pretty smile before you're leaning up on your toes to press a soft kiss to the tip of his nose. “Why don't you hop in the shower, I'll come say goodnight when I finish,” Dark eyes rolling, but he's nodding his head anyway. Leaning down to kiss you sweetly, before he's stalking off toward the bathroom in the corner.
Not in the best mood, especially with all of these restrictions, but he doesn't take it out on you. Reminds himself why he's doing this in the first place and knowing that him being here makes it easier for you, he doesn't gripe as much as he normally would. But the man only had so much patience and sleeping without you was already pushing it. Now he had to wait around awkwardly in this room for you to come turn out the lights like some kid on punishment.
He doesn't say anything, though. Just watches you walk out with a quick call over your shoulder. He's replying back, not sure if you heard over the rushing sound of the water. The silence after being his answer, he's letting out a sigh. He hates how clingy he feels, used to go days without talking to the girl he was with, but with you? Impossible. He finds himself, mentally counting down the seconds until this is over and you're his again.
It's a little embarrassing.
Tumblr media
DECEMBER 25TH, 2021 | 19:20
When you're poking your head in to check on Yoongi, you find him fast asleep. Body curled on his side with his hands tucked between his own legs, a frown on his lips. You want nothing more than to cuddle up beside like you've done a million times before – but the fear of getting caught is too strong. So you're turning to spend the night in your own room.
The moment you're waking up you're rushing to get to him. He's sat up on the bed, toothbrush hanging from his mouth as he scrolls absently on his phone. “Merry Christmas, baby!” His head lifts when he sees you, lips pushing up into a smile. It's so sad how much you missed him after one night like you couldn't breathe until you were next to him again – despite the fact he was just down the hall.
“Merry Christmas, you look pretty,” He smiles, taking a moment to take you in. Hair pulled back in a neat ponytail, a cute set of Christmas pajamas hug your frame. You're twirling as you thank him, following him into the bathroom where he finishes brushing his teeth. A wet kiss planted on your lips once he's finished. And you marvel at how content his lips on yours make you feel.
That was hours ago, though. The initial high that came with kissing him was long gone and replaced with the anxious feeling that only comes with spending a long stretch of them with your parents. For the most part, they weren't that bad. Fed you when you were hungry, clothed you, bought you the things that you asked for... they were great parents on the surface.
They just wanted things a certain way and found ways to control the outcome of every situation. It used to go unnoticed, why boyfriends they didn't like would suddenly stop talking to you, how clothes they didn't agree with seemed to just disappear. They made things happen, which was probably how they managed to become so successful. They weren't exactly bad people, just lacking in a lot of worldly functions, like social skills... which is exactly why you're sat in the middle of this very conversation.
Sat around the dinner table for less than twenty minutes and your dad is saying, “Did your mother tell you about the nice young man she met at the market?” It had been all she could talk about last night. How he helped her take her groceries to her car and wished her a Merry Christmas with a smile that would make a dentist jealous. Then she was casually slipping in the fact that he was studying to be a dentist.
You're nodding, eyes focused on the plate of food in front of you. “Yeah. I'm not interested,” Yoongi is shooting a quizzical look in your direction, which you're meeting with a simple shake of your head, telling him not to worry. He's been pretty quiet the entire day, fingers laced with yours whenever he had the chance. He was just as wound as you, had spent the morning answering all of your father's questions wrong.
It was like he wanted to impress the guy, but it would be nice if he at least thought he was good enough for you. Or was better at hiding the fact that he wasn't. You're offering comforting strokes of your thumb, which makes the situation a bit more livable, but he's more than ready t get back in the car and go back home.
And this was starting to feel like the last straw.
“That's probably because you haven't seen him. He's very handsome. A dentist, too! Your kids would have perfect teeth,” Yoongi's choking on his mouthful of macaroni at the sentence, low coughs falling from his lips as he reaches for his glass of water. Unconsciously, you're rubbing a soothing hand on his back, an action that has your father glaring.
They pay him no mind, teamed up in selling this stranger to you. “Oh, they would! I'm sure you'll change your mind once you meet him. Should we invite him for New Years? You'll be here, right?” Your mother asks, but she talks in a way that leaves no room for protest. The last night you want is to go through this again.
“I'm not sure, we might-”
Your father is cutting your words short. “We? How long is this little thing going to last?” He's shooting a bored expression over at Yoongi and you don't like it at all. You can feel the anger bubbling in your chest, but you can't find the proper words to defend yourself. It's like you're sixteen all over again, scared to ask permission to hang out with your friends.
The silence gives your mother the perfect chance to jump in. “I'm sure you're a nice young man too,” She says to Yoongi with a smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. “However, I'm wondering the same thing. You're not getting any younger, Yn. You need to think about the future,”
Yeah, 'cause the fact that you were top of your class, studying to be a Marine Biologist, meant nothing for your future. “Mom. My future is fine and I'm with Yoongi. We're happy so please don't-” She's disregarding your words, attention shifting back onto Yoongi.
“I'm not trying to be rude, but... our daughter has a bright future ahead of head. Don't you think it would just make sense for her to be with someone... in the same league?” She doesn't even blink when she says it, hard eyes trained on the man next to you.
You feel something inside of you snap, hand hitting against the table. “Mom!” You're shouting, ready to tear her a new one for being so disrespectful to your man. Yoongi doesn't look at all phased, knew what they had been thinking, so hearing it out loud doesn't make that much of a difference to him.
He doesn't like the way that you look, though. How you haven't been able to sit still since you got here. The way their words affected you, made you feel smaller and he can tell by the constant bow of your head. He hated that. And he knew that it wasn't your fault, that you were trying your hardest, but it was all for naught with these two.
All he wanted to get you out of there, fuck how they were making him feel. It's in that moment that his feelings for you are clear. How much he felt for you. And it all started to make sense. He wouldn't sit through any of this for no one else, but not only that it's the neediness he felt when you weren't around. How he was always looking for you in crowded rooms, the hammer in his chest whenever you'd laugh or smile. The smell of your hair alone was enough to calm him.
He was in love with you. Like entirely. No idea when it happened, somewhere between you rooting for him like no one else and now. He was insanely in love with you and nothing else mattered. So he's speaking up before you're taking any shit for raising your voice at your mom.
“We appreciate your concern, honestly. But, you don't have to worry, I love her and I plan to be with her for a long time. We'll figure the rest out, I'm sure. And I'm sorry if that's not what you want, but she's the one that I want so you're going to have to deal with it,” He doesn't stutter or falter, eyes set as he speaks.
And you can't even acknowledge the fact that he just told your parents to 'deal with it', words that you've only fantasized about uttering. You're stuck on the casual way he threw in his love for you, the sound of it replaying in your head. “You love me?” You have to ask, just to hear him say it again.
Yoongi's looking down at you, features melting into a sweet smile that calms your nerves. “I'm so in love with you. Wouldn't have sat through all this just because of how much I love you,” He speaks softly and it makes your heart flutter.
Which of course, is unacceptable. Your father's booming voice shatters the moment. “Well, I don't give a care. Your mother was very nice in thinking of you when she met this boy so you'll meet him,” He's speaking sternly, but you're still floating from Yoongi's confession to feel any fear from it.
“No, I won't.” You say coolly, watching as your father's eyes grow twice their size. “What!?” He's just as shocked as you are, daring you to repeat yourself. And while you normally wouldn't, taking back your words as soon as you said them, you're not backing down. Not this time. “I won't go. Yoongi is my boyfriend. He's the only one I want to be with and I'm not looking for anyone else. You'll just have to deal with it,” The words feel foreign on your tongue, but in a good way. 
You can almost hear Yoongi calling you his 'mini me' in his head, a proud grin on his face as he moves to stand. Large hand extended down to you and you're taking it instantly, allowing him to tug you up. “The food was delicious, YMN. Thank you for inviting us,” It's all he says before he's turning to look at you, “Are you ready to go?”
He doesn't even have to ask really, could sense your need to escape just sitting by you. You're nodding anyway, allowing him to lead you out of the room. You follow him all the way out to the car, bags already in the backseat, and it becomes obvious that he had been ready to go since this morning. 
“Are you alright?” He's asking once the car is started and you're a few blocks away from the house. Head nodding instantly, you're reaching over to take his hand in yours, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. “I'm perfect. You love me,” You're grinning, earning an eye roll from him.
He's looking down at you quickly, a quick kiss pressed to your lips before he's shifting his focus back to the road. He tries to sound nonchalant, but you notice the blush on his cheeks when he says, “I was in the moment. Don't let it go to your head,”
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DECEMBER 25TH, 2021 | 22:01
Yoongi's undressing on his way to the bed, shedding the pieces of his outfit until he's left in his boxers. Body flopping onto the bed and stretching out his arms with a satisfied huff, “I love being home!” He's shouting with a loud laugh. The fact that he's sprawled out on your bed calling it 'home' warms your heart.
“Don't fall asleep, I've got something for you!” You're calling from the bathroom and even though he claims he wasn't, you hear him scramble to sit up. He moves from his spot on the bed, reaching into the nightstand. Hidden underneath the miscellaneous items, from hand cream to a box of tacks – is a small blue box. His gift to you.
In the bathroom, you're stripping out of the dress you had been wearing and entering the warm shower. Taking your time lathering your body with soap, shaving, and scrubbing until your skin is left soft and shiny. 
The red lingerie set he had bought for a week ago laid out on the sink. It was cute and Christmas-themed a red two-piece with fuzzy white trim. It fit nicely, hugging your curves in all the right places and giving your breasts an attractive lift. That's not even the highlight of the fit, though. A pair of white platform heels that you had tucked away in the back of your closet, that has his jaw dropping the moment you're stepping out.
“You've got to be fucking kidding me,” He breathes, leaning back on his hands as he fully takes you in. The sway of your hips as you make your way toward him, long legs carrying you until you're a step in front of him. He's quick to reach out, hand set on the small of your back. “Did you get all dressed up for me?” He's grinning.
Two hands set on his shoulders, you're bobbing your head in a nod. Knees moving onto either side of the bed, so you're straddling him. “Do I look good?” The way his cock jumps underneath your ass is answer enough, but you love the excited nod of his head. “So good, baby.” He's groaning a hand sliding down to meet your ass.
Your body settles into his touch, back arching slightly, your face nearing the skin of his neck. He's pulling back before he can feel the wetness of your tongue, free hand lifted between the two of you, the blue box held up in front of your face. “Open this first,” You're sitting back, ass pressing against his crotch as you reach for the box.
A soft giggle leaves your lips as you take it into your hands, the famous label staring back at you. “Ooh, for me?” He just nods, setting his palm down on your thigh. Eyes trained on you, the entire time you're pulling the lid up on it. 
He watches as you pull the silver chain from the box, an open heart pendant hanging from it. And seeing the way your eyes sparkle makes dipping into his savings account to get it, worth it. “It's so pretty,” You're gasping, fingers turning the jewelry in your hands and you're quickly finding the best part. A tiny engraving on the back of the heart.
'You have my heart, -Y.' It's corny in his own type of way and it has a grin spreading across your features, eyes lifting to look up at him. “I have your heart?” You giggle teasingly and he rolls his eyes to mask the way his cheeks darken. “Shut up. Let me put it on you,” He's reaching for the chain and you're leaning into his chest so he can reach behind you.
His hands work the clasp, patting your hair back in place when you're finished. You lean back to in his hold, chin lifted to show off the pendant. “Do you like it?” You're asking and he's laughing, “It looks very good on you. Do you?” His hands clasped behind your back, body sat up in front of you.
You're nodding, reaching up to touch it. “I love it. Thank you,” He looks proud of himself, head tilting up and lips puckered. “I get a kiss for that, right?” You don't hesitate to lean down, pressing your lips to his. His mouth is warm against yours, hands taking purchase on the roundness of your ass. Fingers flexing around it and pulling a whimpered moan from your lips.
Wet muscle pushing its way into your mouth as he uses the grip on your ass to move his body against his. You feel the hardness of his cock against you instantly, the thin material of your thong acting as a useless barrier. Wet arousal rushing between your legs from the friction, long fingers tangled in his soft hair as you move against him.
Sharp teeth tug at your lower lip, pulling it back as he puts some space between your faces. A sinful look in his eye as he leans down to bury his face in the crook of your neck, lips exploring the clammy skin until he's settling on the spot he knows will have you squirming. Sucking a litter of kisses around it as his hands glide back up your body. He has no idea where to put his hands, wanting to have all of you at once and nothing feeling like enough.
Fingers curling into the edge of your bra and tugging at it, groaning at the feel of your tit spilling out his palm reaching out to cover the skin. “So perfect,” He's sighing, neck craned so he's able to watch the way his hands move. You're panting above him, hips twitching with each tug of his fingers around your hardened nipple. “Feel good, baby?” He asks, taking a moment to look up at you.
He's pulling a soft gasp from your lips from the way he pinches the bud, back arching and pushing your chest further into his hand. A sexy grin spread on his features, head dipping down to wrap his lips around it, wet tongue moving slowly. “Fuck, Yoongi-” You're sighing, hips rolling up into his.
His cock grazes over your clit with each buck of your hips, forcing a warmth to spread throughout your limbs. Low grunts fall from his lips, muffled by your chest. The hand on your hips guides your movements, deliberately pressing himself against your clit to hear the pretty sounds you let out.
A thin line of spit connects his mouth to your chest when he's pulling back, moving to give the other side the same bit of attention. All while your hand is traveling down the front of his body, fingers curling into the waistband of his boxers and tugging them down. Just low enough to reveal the dark hairs there, he's pulling back before you can do anything else, hand finding yours.
“Stand up and turn around,” Words murmured against your skin, but you hear him loud and clear. You don't waste a moment following his orders, hopping to a stand, and turning your back toward him. He takes you in greedily, eyes tracing every dip and curve, admiring how good you look in the set he picked out.
Locking it in his memory before he's reaching up from the clasp of your bra, tugging it open with ease. You're letting out a giggled yelp, the garment falling loose around your shoulders surprisingly and you're reaching up to catch it before it falls. “Drop it and come sit,” He says, hands on either side of your waist.
You do as he says, lowering your body back into his lap, his chest pressed against you. His hands travel up the front of your body, chin rested on your shoulder to watch the way they fit around your breasts. He's back to toying with them in his hands as your hips move against him, ass smushed against his throbbing length.
Wet kisses land on your shoulders, trailing a line to the end of your neck and then back again. “I love you,” His words are breathy, panted against the shell of your ear and it has a shiver running down your spine. The fact that he's saying it again is reason enough. And you feel it too, so there's not an ounce of doubt when you're turning to look back at him.
“I love you too,” He's grinning, the weight he hadn't even realized he had been carrying drifting away. You loved him back and even though he had a pretty good idea that you did, hearing you say it out loud feels better than he could ever imagine.
His lips find yours in a wet kiss, hand sliding down the front of your body until his fingers are meeting the trim of your panties. He loves the way your legs instantly spread for him, making it easy for him to push his way past the fabric, fingers meeting the wetness of your slit. “Fuck. I love how wet you get for me,” He's groaning, middle finger reaching down to swipe between your folds.
You're letting out a whiny moan, eyes fluttering as your head falls back onto his shoulder. It makes it easy for him to look down at your body, watching the way his fingers move beneath your underwear. He spreads your wetness with his fingers, expertly ignoring your clit with a smirk on his lips. You don't realize he's toying with you until the fifth time he's missing the sensitive bud.
“Yoongi,” You try to sound stern, but the moan that coats your words keeps that from happening. He's letting out a low chuckle, head tilting to peek at your furrowed features. “What's up, baby? Want me to play with your clit?” His fingers ghost over it slightly, causing your hips to buck up.
Letting out a huff when he's moving his hand out of reach. “Please,” You try, head tilting to look at him and show off the way your lashes flutter. You look so cute, he's nearly rushing his fingers down just to please you. He works hard to keep himself from doing just that, gaze dropping from yours. There's something else that he wants to hear first. “Tell me how much you love it,” 
His words have laughter bubbling in your chest, hand dropping to meet his fingers, guiding them to your clit. “I love it so much when you touch me, Yoongi. You always make me feel so good, I love having your hands on me.” You're sure you just unlocked a new one of his kinks from the excited jump of his cock underneath you.
Fingers springing to life against your clit, rolling it around and pulling breathy soft whimpers from your lips. Your hips move along with his touch, an arm reached back to hold onto him, grounding yourself as you feel the pleasure building. His hands drop lower, the tips of his fingers finding your entrance. Not even a moment is waste before he's pushing past your walls, the shout you let out going straight to his cock.
He buries them to the knuckle, curling them to move in a 'come-hither- motion that has you squirming in his arms. The end of his palm stays pressed against your clit as his fingers fuck into you, it's a numbing feeling that has you convinced your floating. Mind turning to mush the closer you get to your release.
And he feels the way you tighten around his fingers, which has him speeding up the movements of his fingers – determined to have you barreling over the edge. Blunt nails dragging over the skin of his back, wanton moans filling the room. You feel the knot tightening in your chest, heat rising in your chest. 
“I'm gonna cum, Yoongi- shit, please... I love it when you make me cum. Please, let me-” Babbling in his ear and it only eggs him on, working to feel the warmth of your cum around his fingers. And it's not long before your words are being cut off by a loud shout, sentences laced with whimpers as your orgasm washes over you.
He works you all the way through it, hips bucking up into yours. Your ass rubs against his length deliciously, low grunts fanning over the skin of your back. His fingers stay pistoned inside of you until your body is relaxing and she's sure he'll burst if he spends another minute pressed up against you like that.
Strong hands rolling you onto your back, his body finding purchase between your legs. You're quick to wrap your legs around his legs, heels resting heavily on his back. He doesn't bother to remove your panties, lazily nudging it to the side. His body fits so perfectly between your legs and fingers instinctively finding their way into the messiness of his hair.
Your free hand moves down the length of his body, sinking beneath the waistband of his boxers before he has the chance. He watches you with his head bowed, teeth cutting into his lower lip as you guide the tip of his cock to your entrance. “Shit. I love it when you do that,” He's groaning as your legs tighten around his waist, pulling him closer to you.
He loves the giggle that you let out too, but his mind is too foggy from the way you squeeze around him – he doesn't say it out loud. Your walls resist when he's drawing his hips back, but open up nicely when he's pushing forward again. Like you're made for him. His face finds the warmth of your neck as his hips rock into you.
“Fuck, baby- you feel so good... Love the way you feel inside of me,” You're panting in his ear only for him to hear. “Oh my God...” He's whispering, pace speeding up at the sound of your voice. He fucks into you with so much force, your body is being pushed up on the bed. And he's quick to tug you back down when you're pushed too far.
The lewd squelch of your pussy sucking him in fills the room, paired with the sound of his hips snapping into yours. His mouth sucks wet hickeys into your skin, using the grip on your hips to move your body against his. “I'm gonna cum,” He's whining and you've never heard him sound this needy before. 
Linking your legs around his waist, you hold his body tight against yours – keeping him from pulling back. “Inside, inside, inside,” You're chanting and it's enough to push him over the edge. Hips pinned to yours angled so the tip of his cock brushes against the rough patch of skin deep inside of you.
You feel the way his cock twitches inside of you before your body is going numb, sharp tingles running through your veins. You cum with a loud cry, fingers tight in his long strands of hair. And the feeling of your walls clenched around him coaxes him to release, hot cum filling your body in thick spurts.
His thrusts are untimed and uncontrolled, heavy groans fanning over the clammy skin of your neck. Warm body crashing onto yours once he's finished, no longer able to hold himself up, and you're welcoming him happily. Arms and legs latch onto his body as his face nuzzles into your neck.
And you stay like that for what feels like minutes, but a whole hour has gone by. With your fingers running through his hair, soft breaths tickling your skin. His cock has gone soft, but he stays buried inside of you – plugging up the mess of cum he's left behind. Neither of you feels the need to move and you'd stay like that forever... if he wasn't starting to get heavy.
He takes his time with pulling out, feeling the way his cum leaks from your body and it almost has him pushing his way back in. Instead, he's rolling onto his back, arm lifting to cover his eyes as the other reaches out for you. When you're not melting into his side, Yoongi lifts his head, looking up at you with a furrow on his brow.
“Let me go get your gift,” You say, pulling yourself from your spot on the bed. He's shooting up at the sound of your words, the confused look on his face deepening. “That wasn't it!?” You're laughing at his surprise, reaching into the back of your closet to pull out the bag you had prepared for weeks.
The giddy grin on his lips as he reaches for it warms your heart, watching excitedly as he tears the bag open. You wait for his reaction, nearly bouncing on your feet as he pulls the box out. “No way,” Jaw dropped slightly as he turns the box in his hands, the soundboard he had been wanting seeming unreal in his hands.
His head looks up on you, disbelief written all over his features. “How'd you get this? They've been on backorder for weeks,” You climb onto the bed in front of him, tucking yourself underneath his outstretched arm. “Of course, I pre-ordered it when it came out,” You say like it's the most obvious thing in the world and he's rolling his eyes. “Of course you did,” Leave it to you to be thinking of Christmas gifts in August.
“I figured you could finally turn your poems into real raps, you know?” You tease, but he's too deep in his feelings to come up with a snarky remark. “I'm so in love with you, you know that, right?” He's saying instead and the confession catches you off guard, cheeks heating up as you're giggling.
You make a show of rolling your eyes, feigning nonchalance. “Of course I know, you keep telling me about it,” He catches the way you try to mask how his words affect you and it amazes him how alike the two of you are.
“You're so fucking annoying,” He's laughing, setting the gift down on the edge of the bed, he's turning to engulf you in his arms, laying your bodies down on the sheets. He's automatically tucking you in his arms, hands finding their place between your legs and face buried in your hair.
Effectively, surrounding himself with you. It's where he feels happiest, the most content so it's no surprise how quickly his eyes are getting heavy. How shitty he slept last night catching up with him and he's more than ready to make up for it, a sleepy smile on his lips as he says. “Come on, let's sleep.” 
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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moonchild1 · 11 months ago
min yoongi fic rec list (Ⅱ)
Tumblr media
hello everyone here's a list of all my favourite yoongi fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs 🥺🖤 some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff
set me free by @myooniverse f s a (arranged marriage au)
you, among the others by inkofyoongi f s a (enemies to lovers au college au) (on wattpad)
the singularity theory by @dovechim s (college au) ft. Taehyung
does that make sense? by @floralseokjin s a (college au)
aquiver by @floralseokjin f s a (idol au)
undo by @yoonia s a (past lovers au post break au yoongi's pov)
carousel by @yoonia s a (arranged marriage au)
need to know by @aquagustd​ f s a (sugar daddy yoongi)
playing with fire by @houseofdemi-blog f s a (fake dating au)
kiss it better by @jeojahari f a (enemies to lovers au college au)
somebody else by @jeonqukie s a (unrequited love au friends with benefits au) ft. Taehyung
playing with fire by @hollyxqx s a (idol au enemies to lovers au)
scary love by @lysjeon s a
the equation of love by @kookingtae f s a (college au professor yoongi student reader)
all too well by @cupofteaguk s a (idol au exes au make up artist au)
MicroWave by @btsmakesmehappy f s a (neighbour au agent yoongi)
First love by @clouditae f s a (college au tattoo artist au)
sugar and spice by @agustdjoon f s a (sugar daddy yoongi student reader)
stuck by @joonscypher a (arranged marriage au chaebol au)
catharsis by @dovechim s (roommate au)
little do you know by @yoonia f s a (established relationship au possessive yoongi)
quirofilia by @aquagustd​ f s (producer yoongi tutor reader)
love roulette by @whatifyoulivelikethat f s (friends to lovers au)
backstage by @wwilloww s (idol au)
noise complaints by @jkstompers s (neighbour au)
the raindrop prelude by @inktae f a (pianist au)
taxi by @honeyedhoseok s (friends to lovers au)
bonseong breakfast by @honeymoonjin f s a
strike a chord by @snackhobi s
la douleur exquise by @junqkook s a (soulmate au unrequited love au ) ft. Seokjin
when the power goes out by @inkjam-moon f s (established relationship au)
what am I to you? by @tayegi
bad boys bring it to you by @yuengi s (tattoo artist yoongi)
Till I Met You Again by @streetlight11​ f a (soulmate au university au enemies to lovers au)
americano kisses by @sunshinejunghoseokie f a (friends to lovers au coffee shop au)
love language by @gukslut f s a (couple au)
easy rebound by @ditzymax s a (college au)
the back of your car by @joheun-saram f s (college au friends to lovers au)
miss dial by @versigny f s a (fratboy au)
love like that by @mintseesaw f (doctor au established relationship au)
heart haunting by @jamaisjoons f s a (angst okay you will probably cry but other than that it's a really good read)
anyone but the groom by @yoonjinkooked f s a (based on the movie the wedding planner)
Tumblr media
↬looking for other myg fics or the other members check out my library
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