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forgottenpasta · 2 years ago
Summary: Each day of the week was reserved for one member: Jimin on Mondays, Namjoon on Tuesdays, Hoseok on Wednesdays, Seokjin on Thursdays, Taehyung on Fridays, Jeongguk on Saturdays and Yoongi on Sundays. But when you accidentally ditch a Sunday night date with the rapper, things go downhill faster than you’d anticipated.
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, OT7 x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff
Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Creampie, Exhibitionism? (they all watch her have sex with Yoongi), Fingering, Squirting, Overstimulation
Word Count: 9.2k
A/N: I worked hard on this fic, agonising over a lot of it. So if you like it please validate me with likes and comments :)
Tumblr media
Pushing the door open with your shoulder, you slinked inside their practice room like a scared mouse bringing an offering of appeasement to an angry cat. The caramel macchiato in your hand complementary to the apology you’d practiced all night.
As you set the drink on one of the many side tables, you glanced towards the boys, all busy conversing with their choreographer to notice you yet. Taking a deep breath as you spotted Yoongi’s gleaming black hair, atop his favourite black hoodie to match, you squared your shoulders, entirely unprepared for how you were going to go about getting back on the rapper’s good side.
The rapper you’d stupidly (and irresponsibly) stood up last night on your scheduled Sunday date night.
Yoongi had you on Sundays. Each day out of the seven in a week were reserved for one member each. It didn’t always mean that you spent the entire day with them, but on stretches of time when they were at least partially free, it meant that particular day was reserved only for the member you all had previously agreed got you to himself on it.
And because Yoongi had been busy recording a new track last week, the previous Sunday you didn’t get to see him all day. The week before that, you had an important assignment, so Yoongi had left you alone. Just sending a succinct good luck text and ordering take out for you from your favourite Chinese restaurant, knowing that you preferred solitary confinement and often forgot to eat before an important test. And the week before that they hadn’t been in Korea. Some weekend music show, the broadcasting company insisted on having in Taipei for some reason.
And now they were leaving for their world tour in three days.
You missed him. And from his multiple reminders of the date leading upto yesterday night, the feeling was entirely mutual. You hadn’t been with him in almost a month and you had been going through withdrawal. Missing his humorous, cynical commentary on the chick flicks you insisted on watching just to see him grimace and cringe at every corny scene. The way he’d wrap you both up in a blanket burrito and fall asleep with his head on your chest, refusing to let you go, claiming he got a full night’s rest only when you were in his arms. And the way he’d fuck you senseless the nights you both were too impatient and too far gone to even utter a word of greeting when he arrived at your door, mauling your lips immediately and proceeding to christen every flat surface of your apartment. You often had difficulty walking straight the next day, the boys smirking at your obvious discomfort.
You didn’t know when you’ll get to experience it next. Because your messed up time management skills, laziness and your inability to say no to any of them had made you disappoint Yoongi for the first time.
When Taehyung had suggested you stop by to help him select a piece of artwork for his expansive collection, you’d thought you could squeeze him in before your 8 pm date with Yoongi at your apartment no problem. But somewhere between an argument about conceptual art, fighting over whose piece was better, Robert Ryman or Jasper Johns, where Taehyung accused you of having tacky taste in art, and him apologising for his rude comments by paying homage to your clit with his ever worshipful tongue, you’d lost track of time. By the time you hustled out of his room, wrinkled clothing, sex mussed hair, raw pussy and all, it was well past 8.
Yoongi was never one to wait for anybody, his punctuality one of the many moral compasses he lived his life by. So when you saw the long cold popcorn, a copy of a newly released mind-numbing romance movie on your coffee table and no sign of Yoongi, you knew you’d fucked up big time.
You weren’t afraid of his anger, he rarely ever displayed anger. You were afraid of his indifference, for you knew being ignored by the rapper cut an ego deeper than the wrath of all seven of them combined.
Hoping and praying Tae hadn’t told him what exactly made you late last night, you approached the group still deep in discussion about what sounded like the choreography for a section of their tour setlist.
Jeongguk saw you first, a big toothy smile lighting up his face immediately. He broke away from the rest, meeting you halfway by circling his hands around your waist.
“I didn’t expect to see you here this early. Hyung usually leaves you so exhausted that we don’t get to see your face before noon at least.” He smirks slyly, his thumb caressing the sliver of skin visible between your jeans and blouse.
A shiver runs through you, both at his deft handling and the reminder of your impending doom. You clear your throat. “About that, actually I—”
Jeongguk’s mouth covers yours, cutting you off. A brief taste of your lips and he pulls back with a pop, his tongue darting out to taste his findings. “Mmm so simple, noona. You really didn’t try today. It’s Cola.”
Pursing your tingling lips, you levelled a reproachful gaze on him. “It’s a miracle I even remembered to wear chapstick today.”
You and Jeongguk had this little ongoing game that he invented. Whenever he wasn’t away or busy, he’d kiss you each day and try to guess the flavour of your chapstick. Because of his bizarre talent to be eerily accurate in his guesses, you had ended up collecting a whole drawer full of even more bizarre flavours to try and throw him off. Ninety percent of the time he’d still get it right. And as a prize he got to choose which video game you both would end up playing on his designated day.
Or which position he’d fuck you in when he was feeling particularly demanding.
“Why? What happened?”, he asks, concerned.
“It’s a long story.” You shake your head, eyes catching the rest of the group breaking off over his shoulder. They were done consulting the choreographer.
You immediately sought Yoongi, trying your best to catch his eyes. Instead you caught everyone else’s, pleased smiles appearing on their faces as the five of them approached you.
All except Yoongi who didn’t even spare a glance in your general direction, moving to fiddle with the controls of the surround sound system, pulling up their tour playlist.
What were you? Medusa?
Taehyung flicks your forehead playfully, bringing your focus back on the boys around you. You smiled as Jin gave you a cute back hug. It vanished as soon a Tae opened his mouth.
“Thanks for yesterday, loser. Your horrible taste in art made me realise how right my choice was.” Taehyung made to flick you again but you slapped his hand away.
“You’re the loser.”, was your witty repartee. You brain wasn’t functioning beyond the point of making things right with Yoongi this morning.
Tae snickered, hooking a finger in your belt loop to pull you closer and out of Jin’s arms, ignoring the elders scowl. “That’s not what you were saying when I had my tongue in your puss—”
Your hand slapped over his mouth like an aggressive fly swatter. “You won’t rest till each and every one of the staff in this building has a thorough knowledge of how I’m like in bed, will you?”, you whisper yelled in exasperation, nervously eyeing the choreographer and Yoongi conversing near the stereo.
His random, vulgar word vomit in professional settings has made more than one Bighit employee get tomato red whenever in your presence. The receptionist still had difficulty looking you in the eyes after Tae had ordered her one time to arrange a car to escort you home because, “I’m surprised she doesn’t need a stretcher after the pounding I gave her.”.
Namjoon stepped in like the hero he was. “Tae knock it off. We don’t need a recap of how you made her cum four times last night.”
“He’s lying. I only came two times.”, you muttered absentmindedly, your breath catching as the fact that Yoongi already knew what you’d been upto last night registered. You should have known Taehyung, and his big stupid mouth, wouldn’t remain shut.
Gulping, you eyed the back of Yoongi’s black hoodie, feeling like a heel for the nth time. You’d fucked up big time and now you had no excuse. Not that you’d ever lie to him. But you knew Tae had likely exaggerated everything and the fact that you wouldn’t have a chance to explain away your stupidity smarted.
You pulled out of Tae’s arms, leaving him and the rest of the boys as Jimin accused him of being all bark and no bite, to which Tae responded with “Did you see the hickeys on her neck? Bitch I bite.”.
You groaned, guess your concealer wasn’t doing a good enough job. No wonder Yoongi didn’t want to look at you.
Clearing your throat when you reached him, you bounced on your feet nervously, waiting for him to turn around and acknowledge you.
He didn’t.
“Let’s do it from the top again. I feel like we need a couple more hours of practice before it’s flawless.”, he told the choreographer, ignoring your gloomy presence behind him.
You tried again. “Yoongi.”
Your cheeks flamed at the meek squeak that was his name. He was only half a head taller than you, not even that when you were wearing heels. His slight build allowed him to become inconspicuous when he wanted to, he looked particularly adorable when he curled up into a ball on your bed after an exhausting day. But his disappointment terrified you more than Ronald McDonald had scared the living hell out of you when you were a kid.
In reality he might not have turned around in slow motion but that was what it felt like to you as your heart boomed in your chest, your palms becoming sweaty. You couldn’t decipher his expression, he appeared calm, almost bored. But that was him majority of the time.
You had your work cut out for you.
“Can we talk?”, you asked softly. “Alone.”
Yoongi gave you a blank stare for a moment, before his tongue ran the inside of his cheek in a way that made an equal dosage of fear and arousal run through you.
You suppressed a shudder. “Please.”
After an excruciatingly long five seconds that felt like five hours, he gave a small shake of his head while looking deep in your eyes, as if saying “I can’t believe you”, before turning around to grab a water bottle from a carton on the table.
“No can do. We have a show in three days, we can’t waste time on useless drivel.”
Apologising for your fuck up was useless drivel to him? What did he want you to do to earn his forgiveness?
“Okay then maybe…”
Trailing off, your mouth gaped open as he left you there, talking to the big carton of water bottles on the table, as he walked off towards the centre of the room. You whirled around in disbelief and embarrassment.
Noticing his arrival the boys fell into formation as their choreographer called for a do over. You took a deep breath of mental fortification, making your way to one of the chairs placed near the door, fully determined to wait them out. Their practice could sometimes go on for hours on end without a break but talking to Yoongi was your top priority right now and you knew you had to be resilient.
Now and then you checked your phone to distract yourself from checking out the boys too much, you almost kind of zoned out by the time they’d gone over their routine thrice.  Each and everyone of them had thrown you a smile or a teasing smirk (Jin blew you the occasional kiss) when they took a break to drink water or wipe off sweat. Except for Yoongi who’d just glanced cursorily at you once and sighed irritatebly.
Whatever. You could handle his annoyance as long as he realised how sincerely sorry you were for ditching him like that last night. You understood where he was coming from. All the boys remained faithful to you and only you and you gave them your time equally. You’d barely been able to speak to Yoongi in the busy three weeks prior to your date which meant it was imperative you be there for him before he went off on tour. The fact that you’d foregone your night with him just because you’d become distracted with another member must have really hurt him.
It was a careful game of balance and negotiation, your relationship with seven men at the same time. Thankfully most of the time they understood that you were only human and bound to slip up in your quest to keep all of them pleased and happy, as they did you. But that didn’t mean that everything was smooth sailing all the time.
Misunderstandings happened sometimes, fragile egos got crushed because you were the only one juggling the feelings of seven. Like the time you had accidentally worn one of Hoseok’s comfy sweatshirts to Jeongguk’s game night. He’d been ridiculously moody the whole time, killing all your characters in Mortal Kombat so brutally that you barely had chance to land a hit on his. He’d been on a rampage mission that day and you’d only realised what had antagonised him so much when you caught him grimacing at the garment. Or the time Tae had sulked for a whole week when you’d baked a batch of cookies for Jimin after he’d recovered from a bout of fever and not allowed Tae to have any. He accused you of not taking care of him the same way when he was sick, to which you reminded him that he never fell sick.
Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi and especially Hoseok were more laid-back and rarely ever got jealous over anything.
But there were still some things that were inevitably out of bounds. Like blowing off a member because another was between your legs making you feel too good to remember any obligations.
Sighing, you laid your head on the side table you’d placed the now cold caramel macchiato on, Yoongi’s favourite. Anxiousness had made you forget telling him about the drink you’d brought him. Not that it mattered, he wouldn’t drink it anyway.
You watched his form dance in the smooth yet unhurried way that characterised everything about him, wishing he’d look at you. Eventually drifting off with your head on your arm.
“Baby, wake up. You’re going to cramp your neck.”
“Huh.” Slowly detaching yourself from the table, you rubbed your numb right cheek.
Jimin chuckled, carding his hands through your hair, fixing it or maybe messing it up more, you never knew with him. “You have sleep prints on your cheek. It’s adorable.”
“Where’s Yoongi?”, you murmured, looking around, confused. Only Hoseok, Namjoon and Jeongguk remained in the room and it looked like they were getting ready to leave as well.
“Tae and Jin hyung have a recording to finish. He went with them to the studio.” Jimin tilted his head, appraising you as your face fell.
Yoongi knew you were waiting for him. After two hours of practice he couldn’t even spare two minutes to let you talk to him? He’d walked right out after seeing you sprawled awkwardly on the table near the door, likely drooling in your sleep.  
If he wanted to hurt your feelings like you’d hurt his, he had succeeded.
“Let me guess.” Jimin spoke up, startling you from your pity party. “Tae made you late last night and you stood up hyung. And now he’s sulky about it.”
You shrugged. “We haven’t had a night together in a month now.”
“Oh, that’s bad.”, Jimin remarked, wincing. “He may act like he doesn’t care most of the time but he has an ego as fragile as Tae’s attention span.”
“I want to apologise.”, you sighed out, taking one of Jimin’s hand in yours and placing your cheek in his palm, nuzzling closer like a kitten. His presence was always comforting to you. “But he won’t even let me speak a word to him.”
“That’s how he is when someone upsets him. Shuts you out with his indifference and ignores you till you feel invisible and microscopic.”
“What should I do?”, you asked, pleading with your eyes for help. Yoongi had never been upset with you before, not like this and you didn’t know what the course of action was to get back in his good graces.
Jimin shrugged. “Well usually he comes around in his own time. He freezed me out when I misplaced his diary last month but bought me lunch exactly a week after. It’s like a timer of your punishment that runs out.”
“I don’t have a week.”, you whined. “You guys are going to America in two days and I don’t want things to remain unresolved between me and him when he leaves.”
“Understandable.” Jimin nods before a scary smile slips on to his face. You tensed, questioning wether you really wanted his help or not.
“Ambush him.”
“Corner him somewhere and tie him up to a chair or something, I don’t know. Then gag him so he doesn’t interrupt as you apologise.”
You blinked, proceeding cautiously. “Jimin.”
“Yes.” He smiled triumphantly, clearly confident in his advice.
“That would be counterproductive, don’t you think. It would likely piss him off more.” You let him down gently.
Jimin’s smile vanished as he tilted his head like a puppy. “True.”, he pouted. “But it would still be fun. I will even let you borrow my ropes…”
He trailed off when you raised an eyebrow, realising Yoongi wouldn’t be as receptive to being tied up and gagged as you were.
“Okay whatever.” He rolled his eyes, clearly put off that his brilliant plan didn’t pan out. “He’d likely be sulking in his studio the whole evening, so just go in and lock the door. Bam! Problem solved.”
Pursing your lips, you seriously considered the idea. It wasn’t foolproof but there were only so many places Yoongi could run from you. You wouldn’t exactly “ambush” him as Jimin put it, but waiting for him in his studio worked just as well.
“You know what Jimin, you are a genius. I knew there was a reason you were my favourite.” You cupped his face in you palms, squishing his cheeks.
“What? Seriously?”, he managed to ask, his plump doll lips puckering enticingly. So you smooched him like you meant it.
“Seriously.” You pulled back, keeping the fact that you said the same thing to all of them to yourself.
Your hands fell when you realised something, frustration creeping in. “Jimin, it’s your day today. I can’t ditch you too. That’s just repeating the same mistake all over again.”
Jimin shook his head. “It’s alright. I’ll let you off the hook tonight if you promise that next time you’ll let me play with the new nipple clamps I bought for you.”
“It’s a deal!” You jumped him, peppering kisses all over his adorable face as he laughed indulgently. “You seriously are my favourite!”
“I heard that.” Jeongguk grumbled from somewhere behind you.
At exactly 6:30 pm you slipped inside Yoongi’s studio using the code you knew by heart now. It was unsurprisingly empty, the guard on the ground floor had told you the rapper had left the building earlier in the afternoon. You had no doubt he’d be back any minute now. Yoongi was a hermit, a recluse who spent more time in this little room than was healthy.
In your hands you had his favourite lemon cupcakes with buttercream frosting that the little bakery two blocks from here sold only on Sundays. You had pleaded with the owner, a kind lady in her sixties who knew you by name, to make some on short order and your wallet had wept footing the bill for it.
The owner had obviously sensed your mission to earn forgiveness and gave you a complementary cup of brewed chocolate that she insisted, when paired with the cupcakes, could melt all frozen hearts. You hoped she was right. Armed with the delicious goodies and the apology you had practiced in your head on the way here, you felt pretty confident Yoongi would thaw. He had to, you had your puppy eyes on.
You contemplated where to set down the stuff, you had your purse and the cupcakes in one hand and the brewed chocolate was scalding the other, eyeing his desk comprehensively. Every inch of space was covered with audio gear, cartoon figurines and scrunched up notes and scattered stationary.
You came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good idea to place the stuff anywhere near his expensive equipment.
“What the fuck are you doing here?!”
Flinching in surprise, a startled gasp tore out of you just as your hand slipped on the cup. You both watched on in horror as it fell on top of his desk with a splat, liquid chocolate splashing out over everything.
The pristine white keyboard controller in front of his monitor was now stained brown and some square panel like gear that you couldn’t name looked like it had absorbed most of the beverage like bread in milk. The rest of his work space now decorated with pools and flecks of aromatic cocoa.
The cup rolled of his desk and made a hollow cluttering noise as it fell on the ground, the sound amplified ten times by the absolute horrified silence in the room.
You must have went into shock because your mind totally blanked at the wreckage in front of you, eyes wide and mouth gaping. All you could hear was your heart hammering against your chest and blood rushing in you ears. How had things turned this bad in a space of seconds?
You felt more than heard Yoongi take a deep breath, because you couldn’t get oxygen in your own lungs anymore.
“I just bought that NI Maschine MK3 two weeks ago.”
You figured he was talking about the square thingy with multiple controls and grooves that was now taking a deep soak in Kim Halmeonie’s Best Brewed Chocolate. You robotically turned to face Yoongi.
“No. Don’t say you’re sorry.” Yoongi looked exhausted, like he was done with you, done with everything. “I don’t care if you are.”
“Yoongi please.” You didn’t know what you were pleading for.
“Get out.”
“You heard me. Get out.”
Taking a few steps towards him, you looked him straight in the eyes. “Yoongi I know I fucked up. Yesterday, right now. But please at least let me apologise and talk to you for a minute.”
“For what?” He shouldered past you to inspect his ruined work space. “I believe things should always serve a purpose. An apology from you serves none.”
He turned back, his cold eyes sending a chill down your spine. Impenetrable wall, like he was with strangers. “I don’t need it. I don’t want it. Get out.”
A frustrated huff escaped you. “Why won’t you let me—”
“Who do you think you are?!” Yoongi roared, stunning you into a shocked silence for the second time this evening. “You think you can come around and just go, walk in and out of our personal spaces anytime time you fucking want?!”
“I…” Your voice trembled so you paused. Yoongi had never raised his voice on you. Your mind and body were rejecting everything about this situation. Still you said softly, “You were the one who gave me the security code.”
“I wouldn’t have if I’d known how you’d abuse my trust like this.”
You gasped. He’d never had a problem with you being in his studio before. Why was he acting like this?
“I didn’t know you didn’t like me being here.” Hurt dripped from your voice.
“I don’t.” Yoongi shook his head, the anger he’d let bleed through his impenetrable wall now clearly reflected in his eyes. It seemed like when he finally snapped it was all or nothing for him.
“I’m not even sure I like you.”
Your world stopped. “What?”, you breathed.
He shrugged. “You have no sense of responsibility, you’re naïve and you’re selfish. And you take everything for granted.”
If his goal was to cut you to the core, he was succeeding very well. You felt tears burn your eyes as you pursed your lips to stop them from quivering. As one fat drop managed to escape you felt the urge to scream at him. You did not take anything for granted, you thanked your lucky stars everyday that seven amazing men chose you as their partner. You were not selfish, you loved to please them and lived to see them happy. Maybe you were naïve but you took your responsibilities seriously.
Was just one slip up enough to send you to the guillotine?
Yoongi seemed to think so as his eyes slipped from your face, pointedly staring at the ground instead.
No. He should be able to see the pain his words had caused you. Actions have consequences but words can tear people apart from the inside, enough to leave bone deep scars that never go away. Why was he being a coward now?
There was no conviction in his voice when he softly uttered, “Go.”
You didn’t need to be told again.
Recalling the name from memory, you pulled up the Native Instruments site just to double check. Satisfied you weren’t buying a fake, you went back and added it to your growing list.
After ten more minutes, you were satisfied you had everything that you’d sullied in Yoongi’s studio in the cart. Dreading scrolling down to look at the price, you sent a prayer heavenward for your bank account. Biting the bullet, you chanced a peek at the total, wincing at the numbers.
You were just a student, you didn’t earn much being a teaching assistant to one of your professors and picking up shifts at a cafe on the weekends. You lived comfortably since you had a partial scholarship but your savings were definitely not enough to be able to afford professional audio equipment.
Clicking on the check out option, you hoped the cafe would allow you to pick up some extra shifts. You didn’t know how you’d make time for them or even if they’d be enough to save your credit score but you were optimistic.
And you had too much pride. Whatever your relationship with Yoongi going forward, you didn’t want to owe him anything.
Eyes watering again as his words replayed in your head, you wiped your nose with the back of your hand. You had no idea what was supposed to happen from now. Did he break up with you? Did you even want to see him again?
One thing was for sure. You didn’t want your relationship with the rest of the boys to be affected by this. But you knew things rarely ever went your way.
A knock sounded on the door as you were filling in your credit card info. Frowning, you checked your wall clock. It was past 9 pm and Jimin wasn’t expecting you tonight, so you were free. Not that you could focus on anything else after the blow out with Yoongi.
Getting up with a sigh, you approached the door, unhinging the chain and the metal lock before swinging the door open.
Seven familiar pairs of eyes focused on you expectantly, clearly looking for signs of distress and emotion.
Namjoon found them immediately. “You’ve been crying.”
Yoongi closed his eyes, then sighed. “Can I come in?”
“Can we?”, Hoseok corrected.
On autopilot, you opened the door wider, not sure how to refuse them. You never knew how to say no to them. You never wanted to, even at the expense of your own self preservation.
“Oh little bird.”, you heard Yoongi say as you closed the door after them, your form freezing at his endearment for you. Why was he doing this? Up until two minutes ago, you thought he was done with you.
Facing them, your cheeks flamed red as you realised that they were currently looking at your laptop on the coffee table, the screen displaying that you were about to purchase a lot of professional gear that you had no idea what to do with.
Jimin’s lips turned down as he looked at you sadly. “Baby, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have suggested that you go to hyung’s studio.”
You shook your head. Why was he apologising? It wasn’t his fault.
“I was going to come alone.” Yoongi speared you with a gaze you couldn’t quite decipher, you had never seen him like this before.
Jin took you by the shoulders, shutting the laptop and pulling you beside him on the couch. Brushing your hair back, he pecked your temple. “Hoseok heard you crying when you left the building and told the rest of us. We were worried about you,” he jerked his chin towards Yoongi. “And we couldn’t let him accidentally fuck things up even more for the rest of us.”
You wanted to tell him that you’d never judge them all through the actions of one but Yoongi cleared his throat.
He bit his lip, wincing before he even let the words out. “I’m sorry, little bird.”
“For what?” You threw his words back at him.
I believe things should always serve a purpose. An apology from you serves none.
He nodded, like he was expecting those words. The rest of the boys and you watched him like a hawk as he moved, circling the table in between before coming to stand in front of you.
You jerked in surprise as he unexpectedly kneeled down before you, taking both of your hands in his and catching your eyes with his unfamiliar ones. Unfamiliar because you’d never seen them so open, so contrite.
“I don’t have any excuses for my outburst. I lost control over my words and let some pretty despicable things slip.” He bit his lip and you realised this was uncharted territory for him as well. In your entire time with them, you’d never seen Yoongi apologise like this.
“Things that I don’t mean at all. Things that aren’t true. I just wanted to hurt you because I was hurting from my own assumptions and self pity.”
You were confused. “What do you mean?”
“I have an overactive imagination.” He let out a frustrated breath, chancing a glance at Taehyung who was seated backwards on your love chair, watching you and Yoongi with his chin on his arms. “When he came in this morning, all smiles and full of talk about how you’d spent the night with him, how he was going to buy the artwork you’d chosen as a gift for you and how he’d made you cum so many times, I just felt useless. Like you’d rather not be with me. Like you had forgotten about me.”
“C’mon, hyung. You know I like to exaggerate.” Taehyung paused. “Fuck you! You spoiled my gift for ____.”
Yoongi ignored him, pressing a light kiss on your knuckles. “I knew I was being childish, but we hadn’t been together in so long. It really felt like you didn’t need me anymore.”
You started to shake your head, about to question how he could be so stupid as to ever think such a thing. But he continued.
“And please don’t buy anything, little bird. You don’t owe me anything.” Yoongi chuckled self deprecatingly. “I’m not even mad about you spilling coffee all over my tech. I never was. It just gave me an excuse to take my anger and frustration out on you.”
“It was chocolate not coffee.”, you corrected like a fool.
“I dunked your stuff in Kim Halmeonie’s Best Brewed Chocolate.”
Yoongi smirked. “Excellent, baby. I knew you had taste.”
“You’re not mad about it?”
He shook his head. “Everything deserves a good chocolate bath now and then.”
You suppressed a smile, you were not done knocking some sense into his brain. “You’re an idiot.”
He shrugged. “It would appear so.”
“Shut up. I love you. How can you even for a second believe that I wouldn’t want you?That’s the most absurd bullshit I’ve ever heard.” You smacked his shoulder. He caught your hand and pressed a kiss on your palm.
“I got distracted and let time slip from my mind. But I was so regretful and angry at myself afterward. I had been looking forward to our night for a week and I’d fucked it up. I knew you wouldn’t be waiting for me when I reached home.”
Placing a finger on his lip when he opened his mouth, you narrowed your eyes with anger. “And you wouldn’t even let me apologise to you.”
He tugged your hand down. “You’re a bigger person than I am, little bird. So much smarter too. Please forgive me.”
“Why should I? What purpose would it serve?”, you retorted spitefully.
“None.” Yoongi smiled sadly. “I just love you so much, I can’t bear it when you’re angry with me.”
“Forgive him, babe.”, Hoseok piped up from where he was perched on the armrest of your couch. “Or he would be a grumbly pain in the ass the entire two months on tour.”
“Ugh, ____ you’ve got to now.” Jeongguk added from where he was rifling through your CD collection. “I can’t handle hyung when he gets ornery.”
Jimin nodded. “Same.”
Yoongi grit his teeth, clearly trying hard to refrain from commenting on the “help” the boys were providing him.
“Fine.” You gave him a once over, saving the image of him kneeling between your knees in your mind. You got a perverse sense of satisfaction watching him make himself vulnerable to you. Likely because he rarely ever did. “I forgive you.”
Yoongi smiled in relief, pushing forward to cup your face and bring your lips down to his for a deep kiss. You let him ransack your mouth with his tongue, nipping his bottom lip in return as you tasted each other to your hearts’ content.
“Yay!”, Jeongguk enthused rather unenthusiastically. “Now can we please watch this movie together. I haven’t seen it yet and I wanna.”
Breaking the kiss with a wet sound, you looked over Yoongi’s shoulder as he moved to trail open mouthed kisses down your neck. Jeongguk was holding your Blu Ray copy of Spiderman Homecoming.
“You didn’t watch Spiderman but you watched Infinity War. You gotta see them in order, Kookie.” You tilted your head to give Yoongi more space to work with. He nipped your collarbone.
Jeongguk snorted. “So? I haven’t seen Doctor Strange either. Oh and Winter Soldier as well.”
“Blasphemy!” Taehyung shrieked, going over to snatch the CD from him and putting it in the player. “You’re going to have an MCU marathon on the plane.”, he scolded the younger.
Jin squeezed your shoulder, getting up from beside you. “I’ll go make some popcorn.”
Yoongi stood up from the floor, tugging you with him. He smirked as he spun you around by the waist, taking your seat on the couch and pulling you down on to his lap. You nuzzled the side of his face as you settled in, pulling his arms around you.
“When you get back I’m booking a whole day with you.”, he murmured in your ear. “Just me and you and a bed I’m not going to let you get out of till you’ve screamed my name a hundred times at least.”
“Ambitious, are we?”, you teased.
“Nah, little bird. Just ___ deprived.” The movie started and all of them settled around your living room. Taehyung on the love chair, Jin and Namjoon on either side of you and Yoongi while Hoseok and Jimin occupied your other smaller couch. Jeongguk sat on the floor with his back against their couch.
Jin passed the bowls of popcorn, you and Yoongi foregoing them because your hands were otherwise occupied. He caressed your bare thighs till you shivered and you ran a hand through his silky black hair, his chest almost vibrating with satisfied purrs under your ministrations.
The movie went on but Yoongi had no intentions of watching or letting you watch it.  Everyone else had their attention on the TV while he showered you with his. With every stroke of fingers up your thigh, you could feel him nudging your skirt up and out of the way. Cool air soothed your bare skin with every inch exposed.
“Yoongi please.” You found yourself pleading for the second time this day, for an entirely different reason.
“I’m barely touching you, little bird and you’re already so needy. Are you wet for me?”, he whispered, growling low when you softly moaned an affirmative.
“Shall I check for myself?” He nipped your lobe, pulling your legs apart on his lap and moving his hands up to your inner thighs.
You let out a sound of frustration when he just left them there. “Please.”
“So greedy.” He muttered against your jaw, lining it with enticing kisses. His hands moved lower, just beside the crotch of your panties before stopping again. “Look up baby.”
You did. Your breath left you as you noticed Jeongguk’s eyes on you first. Then Jimin and Hoseok’s. Their matching hooded gaze shot a sting of arousal straight to your already soaked core. Jimin was palming a hand over the front of his pants.
In your peripheral vision you noticed Taehyung’s rapt attention on you and you concluded Jin and Namjoon had similarly noticed your predicament. Tony Stark lectured Peter on the screen but nobody cared, the movie was forgotten.
Yoongi was the proverbial devil on your shoulder. “Should we put on a show, little bird? The boys will appreciate it.”
“Just put your hands on me already.”, you moaned out loud when he brushed a thumb down your soaked crotch.
He chuckled. “Gladly.” His fingers cupped you in the next instant, pressing against your clothed slit as he pushed your skirt completely out of the way. Providing all of them a clear, unobstructed view of his fingers running up your damp panties. “Fuck.”, Taehyung cursed as you heard Namjoon’s breath hitch from beside you.
“You’re soaked through, baby.”, Yoongi growled. “You want my fingers in you?”
“Yes.”, you whimpered. He pressed his fingers over your clit, rubbing the wet cotton over it in excruciatingly slow circles. Your toes curled on the carpet.
“How many? How many fingers do you want?” His fingers picked up speed and your pelvis jerked up as electricity forked out from your pussy toward every inch of your body.
“Two? Three. Four! I don’t know! I’ll take anything!”, you whined, thumping your head back onto Yoongi’s shoulder as your eyes slipped close. You heard several curses around the room, each one of them no doubt enjoying your wanton display.
“Be careful what you wish for, little bird.” You barely had time to process his warning before he was pulling aside your soaked panties and shoving two long fingers inside you.
“Ah, shi—.”
His digits curled immediately, finding with expert ease the soft, spongy spot on your inner walls that stole your voice from your throat, your mouth hanging open.
“She’s taking your fingers so well, hyung. Such a greedy pussy.”, Hoseok hoarse words of praise made you whimper in delight. You wanted them all turned on out of their minds, you craved every bit of their attention. The sense of power you got being the reason the men around you were palming their rock hard dicks, was heady.
You spread your legs wider to give them a better view of Yoongi’s fingers jack hammering your pussy in an up and down motion, hitting your g-spot on every upward thrust.
“I can see her pussy dripping from here hyung. Fuck I can’t.”
Lifting your head with herculean effort, you saw Jeongguk unzipping his pants to pull his thick, hard cock out, stroking it in tandem with Yoongi’s fingers in you.
“Give her another finger, Yoongi. She can take it.”, Namjoon groaned from beside you, leaning forward on the couch to see between your legs better. Jin was in a similar position on your other side.
You usually took upto four fingers with Namjoon before he rewarded you with his dick, his impatience wasn’t surprising. 
“Please, yes. Give me more.”, you begged Yoongi.
“As you wish, little bird. Put your feet up on the couch and spread your legs for me.”, he commanded with a growl, slowing down his strokes to press the heel of his palm against your aching clit.
Moaning his name, you did as he asked. Pulling your legs up you placed your feet on either side of him on the couch, the position parting your thighs in the most lewd manner.
“Shit that’s so hot.”, you heard Taehyung grunt.
A third finger easily slipped pass your dripping entrance to join the other two and Yoongi resumed the assault on your pussy. His other hand slithered down your torso, pulling your blouse up and over your breasts before yanking down your bra. Your hardened nipples poked out like twin bullets above the makeshift shelf your bra made.
“Touch your beautiful tits for me baby. Pinch your nipples.”, Yoongi ordered as his hand slipped down to give your neglected clit some attention.
Bringing your hands to your breasts you palmed them like a temple offering, running your nails over your sensitive nipples. That coupled with Yoongi’s expert finger fraying the nerve endings in your clit and three of them massaging that magic spot inside your pussy, you felt your orgasm approaching like a train wreck about to destroy you.
Every inch of your skin felt hypersensitive and the eyes of all the boys on you just heightened your awareness and arousal. You buried your face in Yoongi’s neck. “Fuck, Yoongi I’m gonna come.”
“I know, little bird. I can feel your cunt closing up on my fingers, sucking them in.”
He sped up his hand, loud squelching sounds emanating from between your legs as he drilled your pussy with three long fingers. Normally you would have been embarrassed at how wet you were but at the moment you didn’t care about anything other than the pleasure shooting up in currents from your core.
“Aaah! Yoongi!”, you screamed his name as you felt the precipice approaching like a tsunami wave. Your hands automatically raised behind your head to shift through his hair and grab handfuls of it, your jelly legs falling open even more as your toes curled in delight. His rhythm didn’t falter once, continuing the double assault on your clit and your inner walls as you kneaded your breasts.
“Come then, little bird. Let go and fly.”, he growled in your ear, speeding up his hand even more if that was possible, pressing that magic spot inside you again and again.
Just two more flicks of his finger on your clit and you were done.
It felt like a mini explosion inside you, your vision blacked out for a second and you realised the scream your ears were registering was yours. Your pelvis spasmed, trying to meet his fingers for more and trying to get away from overstimulation at the same time. Your hands in his hair tightened, and you felt him wince beneath you but you couldn’t get your fingers to relax, waves of pleasure rolling through your being for who knows how long after your high subsided.
Moaning his name in protest when he continued to slowly pump his fingers in you, your eyes finally roamed the room. Jeongguk was jerking himself off so fast, his hand a blur in your vision. His eyes were focused on where Yoongi still had his fingers in you. Everyone of them were similarly affected, heavy breathing, soft curses and words of praise for you.
“You look so beautiful like this ____. Like a goddess. I want to kneel before you and taste you.” Jin’s softly whispered words of want turned into a plea. “Can I taste her, Yoongi?”
Yoongi pulled his fingers out of you finally, the wet squelching sound making you groan in embarrassment. He spread your folds with his index and middle finger, giving the guys a fantastic view of your inner cunt and swollen entrance.
“So pink and delicious. Fuck, baby.” Jimin had his hands inside his pants, stroking himself like Jeongguk was. You wanted to pout and tell him to pull it out as well. But then Yoongi answered Jin’s request.
“Not from the source. Her body is mine to do as I please tonight. And mine only.” He held his hand up, fingers wet till the the knuckles, your essence almost dripping from them, strings of it connecting his fingers like spiderweb.
He extended his fingers towards his hyung. Not saying anything, just offering them generously. Jin surged forward and captured two in his mouth, eyes rolling closed as your taste flooded his tongue. Circling Yoongi’s wrist, the eldest pulled his hand closer, sucking each drop of your arousal into his mouth like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted.
You watched enraptured, mouthing Jin’s name reverently when he finally let go of Yoongi’s hand, licking his lips and giving you a smirk. “You taste absolutely delicious, baby. Have you been eating pineapples?”
A snort of laughter escaped you but before you could answer his query Yoongi was pushing your hips up to unbutton his jeans. Hearing him unzip them and pull down his boxers sent a shiver of renewed arousal through you.
You had missed the feeling of his cock inside you and you wanted him to fuck you so well and thoroughly that you’d crave it everyday when they were away. Who were you kidding? You craved each and every one of them even when they were right beside you.
“Take off your panties, little bird.”
Looking down at yourself, you saw the useless fabric still on your body. You pushed it down immediately, dangling it off one leg before flicking it away.
Jeongguk swiftly caught it with his unoccupied hand, his deft reflexes impressive even when his red, swollen cock looked like it was currently storing most of the blood in his body. He brought the soaked cotton around his thick length, muttering curses as he used it to get off.
“Hips up, baby.” Yoongi nudged you to make space for his own rock hard cock and you obeyed immediately, watching with hooded eyes as he positioned himself directly beneath your entrance. “Put me in.”
Taking his heavy length in your hand, you stroked it once, twice. The ridges and veins bulged out and your empty cunt clenched around nothing, demanding to feel them against your walls. Placing the leaking tip against your slit, you spread his pre-cum all over your inner folds, even coating your clit with it.
Taehyung groaned at your dithering. “Don’t be a tease ___. Put him in.”
Levelling a smirk at him, you purposefully moved your pelvis along with your slow strokes of Yoongi’s dick up and down your slit, catching the swollen tip on your entrance on every downward motion, just to clench around it shallowly.
“Little bird, you’re playing a dangerous game here. Don’t make me put you over my knee and spank you in front of the boys.”, Yoongi warned in your ear, loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Fuck, that would be so fucking hot.” Jimin loved to punish you and the mental image of you over his hyung’s lap with your ass in the air, clearly did something to him.
But he didn’t dare encourage the idea. There was an implicit agreement in the room that this was you making up with Yoongi. Making up for lost time and making up for misunderstandings. All of them were your lovers yes, but right now they were just spectators allowed to witness the show you and Yoongi were putting on. If you had asked them to leave they would have filed out of the room in seconds but you didn’t. You wanted them here and you wanted them to watch. And so did Yoongi.
It wasn’t the first time you were having sex with more than one person in the room. They shared you regularly. Spit roasts, foursomes and even fucking one of them in the back of the car while the rest could hear, were regular occurrences. But this was the first time you were fucking one of them while the rest watched raptly and encouraged you with praises and groans of want. And needless to say you loved every second of it, wondering if you could talk to them about doing this more often.
Heeding Yoongi’s warning, you simultaneously pushed the head of his cock past your entrance and dropped down low on it. His sizeable girth stretching you out deliciously even after you’d taken three fingers up your cunt already.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”, you chanted as he slowly filled you to the brim, bottoming out when you were practically sitting on his lap again, stuffed full of his cock.
“Ah fuck, how are you so tight, baby? Your pussy is squeezing me like a vice.”, Yoongi grunted, kneading your breasts to distract himself from the urge to move, giving you time to adjust.
After a few seconds, you gave him the go ahead. “I’m ready.”
Yoongi set a languid pace at first, pulling you down by the hips as he thrust up into you. You hissed when your already sensitive walls sent shock waves to your nerve endings at the delightful friction. Meeting his thrusts with yours, the obscene sound of your ass cheeks slapping against his thighs filled the room, drowning out the sound of cocks being jerked, pants and groans as they all watched Yoongi pound into you.
“Faster, Yoongi please.”, you heaved, thighs throbbing with the effort of fucking in this position. But you loved it, your heartbeat increasing even more at the looks on the boys’ face. Lust, envy, pride and love shining in their eyes, watching as your breasts bounced up and down and your pussy swallowed up Yoongi’s cock again and again.
“You look so beautiful, baby.”, Hoseok praised. “You’re doing so good.”
You keened under his reverent gaze and because Yoongi speeded up his upward thrusts, ramming into you at the same time pulling you down onto his cock.
“Fuck, little bird, you’re going to make me come. Are you close?”
You could feel the pressure building up in your core. Placing your feet flat on the couch, you used them as leverage to bounce on his cock. The new angle making the head brush that delicious spot inside you repeatedly. “Yes!”, you cried when he sank particularly deep into you.
Yoongi grabbed your hair, yanking your head back onto his shoulder as you dug your nails into his thigh. He pulled you down to grind on his cock with a roll of your hips and you shivered when you felt the swollen head graze your cervix inside and your clit rub the fabric of his jeans on the outside.
“Can you feel me, baby? My cock’s so deep in you I can almost feel your womb.”, he growled, nipping your jaw before pulling you into a sloppy kiss. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too.”, you told him, looking deep into his eyes so he realised how serious you were. “Don’t ever forget that again.”
He gave you an almost imperceptible nod.
His long fingers found your abused clit again and you jerked at the jolt of pleasure. Resuming his harsh thrusts, he drove his cock into you at an even faster pace, pounding your battered pussy as you tried to match his strength with your own fast depleting one.
Angling his hips just right, he put pressure on your inner walls and you got the sudden urge to pee.
“Yoongi!” Almost panicking, you screamed his name. Not knowing what else to do, you tried to pull fingers away from your clit but he shook off your hand, circling your hypersensitive button in fast, jerking motions.
“Let go, baby. Don’t hold back.”
Getting your teeth against the overwhelming urge, you heard the others encouraging you to let loose as well. Yoongi snapped his hips harder, the friction and pressure on your g-spot and the constant overstimulation of your clit made a dam burst inside you. Both figuratively and literally.
Liquid gushed out of you in spurts, drenching Yoongi’s hand and cock. You yelled out as the most powerful orgasm you’d ever experienced overtook your body, making you quiver from head to toe, like a leaf during autumn.
“I’m so proud of you, baby.”, Yoongi whispered to you at the same time as Jeongguk asked, “Did she just squirt? Oh, damn fuck, I’m coming.”
And he wasn’t the only one. A few more rapid thrusts of his cock and Yoongi was spilling into you with your name on his lips like a prayer. Warm liquid painted your inner walls as your own release cooled on your skin. You felt so filthy, obscene, absolutely satisfied and so so happy.
Yoongi panted beneath you, trying to catch his breath. He pushed your hair off your shoulder, kissing your temple with a sigh. “You’ve ruined me, little bird. I can’t get enough of you.”
You smiled, closing your eyes and burying your face in his neck. Feeling uncharacteristically shy with so many eyes on you, now that you were no longer in the heat of the moment.
“Oh now you’re feeling skittish.”, Taehyung snorted. “Too late we saw you squirt.”
Pulling away from Yoongi’s neck, you attempted to shoot a glare at Taehyung, instead wincing as Yoongi pulled out of you. Immediately, a gush of his cum threatened to overflow your opening and you tilted your hips to keep it inside. Still, a trickle escaped you and slipped down your slit onto your ass.
“I need a picture.”, Jeongguk declared, rushing to kneel between your legs as he pulled out his phone from his pocket. Apparently, he was done jerking off as well, his face glowing with post-orgasmic bliss.
Your cheeks flamed as he took several pictures of your overflowing cunt, even moving back to take a full picture of you in Yoongi’s arms.
“Don’t forget to send me the pictures. I need a new home screen wallpaper.”, Yoongi ordered the youngest offhandedly, caressing the goosebumps on your arms.
You turned to narrow your eyes at him. “You need a new what now?!”
“Send them to me too.”, Jimin chimed in happily.
“Yeah same here.”, Taehyung added.
“Me too.”, Namjoon and Hoseok said at the same time.
Jin shrugged. “I guess I wouldn’t mind them either. We’ve got lonely nights ahead on tour.”
“What the fuck, guys?!”
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❝keep the change❞ myg ― m.            
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
― summary: typically an old man works the night shift at Greg’s Place. however, it seems there’s a new cute guy working the register at night now. and it just so happens it’s finals week...
yoongi/reader | cashier!yoongi | light humor, fluff, smut | 5.3k ↬ content warnings: unprotected sex, squirting, blow job, cunnilingus, dirty talk
a/n: this fic is based off of the yoongi from my fic 1-800-Music-Street, although it can be read stand alone!
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Tumblr media
Your whole life was an instance of mental breakdowns and running on caffeine induced autopilot. Your eyes were burning, probably bloodshot as you stared blankly at your laptop. Sitting in a dark room with the screen on full brightness, 'that's how you'll go blind' -- you can hear your best friend ranting about it now.
As you reached into the Cheetos bag that sat on your table, you dreadfully realized that you were completely out of them. You sighed, laying your head on the cool desk to think. You wouldn't be able to continue without feeding your addiction; but it was late.
Glancing at the clock on your laptop, the little numbers read 3:52am.
The only place that was open was the little convenience store located a couple blocks away. It was a privately owned shop named Greg's Place -- sounded more like a weird frat club to you. You'd go there frequently during finals week, it was kind of a sign that the stress to maintain your 4.0GPA had arrived.
You pushed yourself away from your desk and stood up. You were dressed in loose sweats and a black t-shirt that was much too big for your frame and quite frankly you looked like a slob but -- who cares? It's finals season, you had an excuse.
You slipped on a pair of shoes and grabbed a fuzzy jacket that was hung up beside your door. It was getting chilly, especially at night and since you were walking, you'd get much colder.
By the time you reached the little shop, you were regretting exiting your house. This was the most you'd been out of your house in the past week and it'd only been 10 minutes.
The little ring of the bell alerted the worker inside, which you assumed to be Youngho -- a middle aged man who you'd had the pleasure to know over the course of his 2 years working. He was a terribly boring fellow and you were positive he was going senile, not that you minded -- he didn't judge you and that's what was important.
You made a beeline for the aisle you knew contained what you were looking for; Cheetos. Just for kicks, you decided to grab the Flamin' Hot kind along with the original -- spice things up a little. You grabbed an extra monster and coffe since you were here. You were well stocked at home but more definitely wouldn't hurt.
As you made your way to the counter, you blew a stray strand of of hair that fell out of your bun from your face. You placed your things on the counter and that's when you noticed. You noticed the fact that Youngho was not the worker that was behind the counter.
You wouldn't be that lucky!
While you were standing at 4am looking like the devil had drug you to hell himself, there was an incredibly good looking man about your age sitting on a stool. His eyes were glued to his phone screen and he hadn't even acknowledged the fact you were standing there.
Usually, you would have held your tongue and perhaps it was sleep deprivation, the caffeine, or maybe both mixed with your sudden racing heart -- but you spoke to him.
"Shouldn't you not be on your phone with customers in the store?"
And then, without missing a beat or even looking up from his phone...he spoke.
"File a customer service complaint, Cheeto-Girl," You nearly bristled at the name he called you before you realized the fact that his voice was fucking hot. It was deep and melodic, holding a calm and slow tempo to it. Then, he finally looked up, placing his phone on the counter and you got a look at his face; dark bangs hanging in sharp cat-like eyes and incredibly soft, pink lips. You licked your lips subconsciously at the sight, watching how he scanned your items and god, his hands! They were the kind of hands that were meant to be wrapped around your thigh in the car or wrapped around your
while he --
"₩16,000.00," He spoke, sounding unbelievably bored. With trembling hands, you pulled out your wallet. You felt impossibly small underneath his intense gaze and you couldn't help but think he found you a complete idiot. This idea was solidified by your final moments of interaction with the hot guy.
You thought you had handed him the correct amount, naturally. Then, as he handed you your receipt, you made
physical contact
with his hand and you felt like you were going to throw up -- he was so warm and he smelled so good. So, you quickly scrambled to grab your bag and haul ass out of the shop but he called after you.
"Keep the change!" You whined, chancing a glance back at him to see him shrugging and shoving the extra bills in his pocket. You were pretty sure that was illegal but you didn't care as you tucked tail and booked it back home.
-----You wanted to spend a nice lunch with your best friend and try to forget the fact you had embarrassed yourself and that the hot guy probably called up his friends to make fun of you after his shift.
But as you relayed your story to Junkook, his wide doe-eyes fixed on you as you spoke. You felt your cheeks heating up as you revealed the way you actually ran away from him and Jungkook had the audacity to burst out laughing.
It took him far too long to pull his shit together and look at you with clear eyes again. It took him even longer to be able to respond to your story of pure shame;
“So, what you’re saying is,” Jungkook took a liberal sip of his bubble tea, obnoxiously gulping the liquid as you glared at him from across the grated table. “You made a fool of yourself?”
“You’re such a jerk!” You cried, resting your head on your arms as you folded them beneath you, trying to block out his giggles that erupted again.
Tumblr media
The moon was full, casting light over the outside world along with the normal glow of the city. You felt the lull of sleep biting at you and you stared at your empty can of Java Monster sighing. You needed to go get some more before you ended passing out before you could complete your self made study-guide.
Giving in, you pushed yourself off the chair and made your way to the front door.
The walk to Greg’s felt disgustingly short and sure enough, just like you feared, Mr. Hot Guy was behind the counter. Maybe you’d at least get his name today, you thought.
You placed your items on the counter, having thrown an extra bag of Cheetos in the mix.
“Hi,” You ventured, standing awkwardly as Mr. Hot Guy stared at his phone screen still.
“Hey there, Cheeto-Girl,” He replied, once again not veering from the device.
“My name is _____,” You offered and this time, he looked up.
“Min Yoongi,”
You mentally did a little happy dance -- you got his name!
However, your excitement was cut short when he scanned your items and it was time to hand him the money. Anxiety kicked in and before you knew it, you were overpaying him...again.As much as you would have loved to not make a fool of yourself again, naturally you couldn't even do that.Attempting to take the change resulted in physical contact with him, making you jump and before you knew it change was scattered along the counter making deafening noises in the otherwise silent shop. The look in his eyes was almost dead, staring blankly at the coins on the counter.“K-Keep the change!” You squeaked and, once again, tucked tail and booked it.
You were such a coward!
You’d dated guys before -- plenty in fact! But there was something about Min Yoongi that had your heart racing and you were pretty sure he saw you as nothing more than a weird girl who shows up at 3am to get Cheetos and coffee; just a wreck.Then again you were positive you'd never even seen a guy as hot as him in your entire life.
What was a girl to do?
Tumblr media
One thing was for certain in your life; and that was finals sucked. You felt the mounting strain of stress on your shoulders and you could barely get through a practice question without tearing up in frustration. You had bottled it up and now it was ready to burst.
Perhaps a break would help.
The second you stepped outside, you felt the relief wash over you as the cool night air touched your flushed skin.
You took your time walking to Greg’s Place, wanting to extend your break from studying for as long as possible.
The shock of seeing Min Yoongi working had long since passed and faded from your system. However, the heart palpitations his stupidly good looking face and careless aura gave you were still very much alive. You collected the things you usually got but also added a nice little bag of M&Ms to your list.
When you get to the counter, Yoongi is for once actually ready at attention behind it, eyes burning holes into you as you placed your items down. You, however, couldn't be bothered to even form a smile, just watching blankly as he rang up your items.
You pulled out your wallet, ready to pay when he suddenly slammed his palms down on the counter, leaning close to you.
"Alright," He sighed, shaking his head to get his bangs out of his eyes, looking straight at you with sharp eyes. "What's the matter?"
"W-What?" Your wide, startled gaze met his stern one.
"Something's bothering you," He stated, leaning onto his elbows now.
"How do you know?" You asked, poking your bottom lip out in a pout -- trying to make yourself seem more cheerful than you felt. He seemed to see right through it, however.
"Usually you're a stuttering, cute little mess," He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Now you're dead-eyed and...sad. It's gross."
You completely missed the fact he called you cute as you found yourself in a crying fit. Yoongi's eyes widened as he watched the tears travel down your cheeks, at a loss of what to do.
"Wh-Hey, no...don't cry, come on," He rounded the counter, heaving a sigh and awkwardly patting your back. It was almost laughable how bad he was at comforting you.
"I'm s-sorry," You sniffled, wiping your tears away; it was futile as more simply took their place. "I always make such an idiot of myself!"
"Huh?" Yoongi leaned down to look at your face, moving some of your hair out of the way to get a look at you.
"Y-You're cute and you make me nervous and every time I come in here I end up doing something silly like overpaying, dropping the change, running away, and now I'm crying in a convenience store at 3 in the morning!"
"We'll come back to the fact you called me cute," He chuckled, making your face heat up at your own slip up. "Don't worry, I know finals suck."
"How did you know it was finals?"
"I have a friend in college, he's been grinding like hell to prepare," Yoongi shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets. The mention of finals had your eyes tearing up again, which made him flounder once again. "Alright, look, how about I take you out and we can stuff ourselves silly, huh?"
"What about the store?" You asked, straightening yourself up now that you'd stopped sobbing.
"Ah, I don't give a fuck. I hate working the night shift anyway," He leaned over the counter and grabbed the keys to the store. "I know a place that's open at this time."
The place Yoongi took you to was just down the street from the store. He opened the door for you, the inside of the building smelling deliciously of bacon and syrup.
"Choose a seat," Yoongi commanded, waving his hand around the small restaurant.
You decided on a booth that was situated in the corner of the place, free from prying eyes and away from windows. To your surprise, there were a few more people inside, enjoying some late-night breakfast food; the scent of this place had you stomach grumbling eagerly.
"There's a menu," You mumbled, realizing there was already one sitting on the table. However, Yoongi didn't make any move to try and look over the menus, making you raise your brow at him in question.
"I'm here pretty much every night, I know what I want," He explained with a shrug.
"Night shift is pretty brutal, huh?" You chuckled, eyeing the breakfast platter on the menu; your mouth practically watering at the idea of that delicious bacon.
"Oh yeah, I used to just work the day shift," He fought down a smirk as he began to tell the tale. "I may have made a post on Twitter about him when Greg came to inspect and he put me on the night shift as punishment."
"Something tells me, this isn't going to make you stop posting on Twitter," Your words drew a laugh from him, giving you a glimpse of a cute gummy smile and you swear your heart stopped.
"Absolutely not,"
"Hey, Yoongi," A deep voice brought your attention to a tall bespectacled man wearing a red apron. "The usual?"
"Yeah, thanks Seokjin,"
"And for the lady?" Seokjin flashed you a charming smile as he waited for your order.
"I'll just take the House Special Breakfast, please," Seokjin nodded, smiling softly as he wrote down your order. "And orange juice to drink, please,"
"You got it," He tucked away his pad and patted Yoongi on the shoulder. "It'll just be a minute."
"Thanks," Yoongi mumbled, giving Seokjin a small smile before he walked away.
"Do you know him from your nights here or..?"
"Actually, we run in the same friend group," He replied with another casual shrug.
"Here you go, you two," Seokjin returned quickly with the prepared food, placing your plates down in front of you.
The two of you ate, making small talk. You were surprised how absolutely not-intimidating he was; from his sharp gaze and sharp tongue when you met him shortly behind the counter, you had the impression he would be terrifying. But now that you witnessed him laughing and joking, you could see the spark of life in his eyes.
"So beside eating Cheetos and studying until you cry, what other things do you do?" He asked, chuckling when you rolled your eyes.
"I go to convenience stores at 3am frequently," You responded cheekily, making him squint playfully at you. "What's your hobby?"
"Well, I like to make music," He seemed almost sheepish as he replied, ducking his head down. "It's a kind of expensive hobby so I work at the convenience store to make money. Producing underground only pays a few bucks...only enough for a package of noodles."
"I think that's really cool," Your words seemed to surprise him, his head shooting up to look at you. "I'm so absorbed in schoolwork I can't even enjoy my major anymore. It's really nice that you're following what you like even though you don't get much money for it."
You could swear his cheeks were dusted pink up to his ears at your words. But before you could really get a look, he was standing up, tossing a few bills on the table as tip.
"I'll pay, you go wait outside," He turned his back to you, shoving his hands in his pockets again. You didn't bother arguing, your college student ass needed to save any money you could.
"Let me walk you home," Yoongi said once he joined you outside. "You can't live far, right?"
"Correct," You folded your arms over your chest, tucking your hands under your jacket to keep them warm as you walked.
"It was really cool that you agreed to come out with me," He said, once you two stopped in front of your home.
"Thank you for taking me out," You could feel your face heating up at her met your gaze. "Even though I consistently make a fool of myself."
"I think it's endearing," He grinned, showing his gummy smile again.
"I think you called me cute earlier,"
"Hey," He turned his head away to hide what you assumed was a blush. "You called me cute too."
"Me and my loud mouth," You mumbled. " you...want to come inside?"
"Sure," He replied quickly before he realized how fast he was. "I mean...I already closed the shop so...I'll need a place to hide when Greg comes hunting for me."
You laughed, the way he said 'Greg' sounding particularly hostile. You opened your door, allowing him inside first. When you stepped in, he was already shedding his jacket and hanging it on the coat rack as if he owned the place. He seemed oddly comfortable, not that you minded. You watched him as you shed your own coat, he peeked into your kitchen and living room, giving a small nod of approval.
"So, what do you want to do now that you have me vulnerable and alone in your apartment?" He asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
"Wh--" You squinted, rolling your eyes but cut yourself off from engaging. From the look on his face, he was probably jumping at the opportunity to make fun of you. So you gracefully turned on your heels and began to sprint up the stairs, knowing he was hot on your tail.
"Oh, so this is your hermit hole?" Yoongi tucked his hands in his pockets, looking at the mess that was your desk; textbook, laptop and notebook open with pens and highlighters scattered around.
"Don't call it a hermit hole," You whined, flopping back onto your bed with a huff. "It makes me feel like a loser,"
"Hey, don't feel like that," You felt the weight shift as he sat beside you on the edge of the bed. "It's really great that you're tryin' so hard. You're gonna get far in life, better than me anyway,"
"Yoongi," You sat up and placed a hand on his back, comforting. "You're doing what you love. I'm just studying when in the end my degree won't mean shit and I'll end up having a shitty office job in corporate,"
"Why do you do it then? Why don't you do what you want?" He asked, looking at you face to face now.
"Mostly to make my parents happy, to be honest," You admitted, shrugging one of your shoulders halfheartedly.
"Hmm," He leaned back on his hands and looked up at the ceiling. "My parents...threw me out after finding out I wanted to pursue music. I could barely afford to live properly let alone actually try to get an education, I spent a couple years living on the streets. I managed to get a few gigs to produce a track and got some money; I used it to buy clothes and get an interview at Gregs."
"Holy crap," You mumbled, shaking your head in surprise. "You're doing well now though?"
"Well enough," He mumbled. "Things are a lot better than they used to be, that's for sure. I had a couple friends who lived on the street and I kind of had to take care of them...Taehyung and Hoseok. They managed to get jobs and better they lives and so I did the same. I'm certainly not rolling in the cash but I got a little apartment, clothes on my back, and food to eat. That's about all I could ask for,"
"What if Greg fires you!?" You cried, suddenly remembering the fact he shut the store down to take you out.
"Honestly," A small smile played on his lips as he looked at you. "Greg likes me more than he lets on, he won't fire me. I've charmed my way into his bitter little heart,"
His words had you laughing, tossing your head back while he smiles.
"Can I kiss you?" The abruptness of his word cut your laughing short to stare at him wide-eyed. He was staring at you as if he hadn't just asked to kiss you, instead looking like he had just asked what you had for breakfast. Quite the bold man.
"Y-Yes?" Your response came out choked, still not fully over the shock of his sudden proposal.
His fingers were warm and a little rough as he cupped you cheek, angling your head so he could easily slot his lips against yours. His lips were incredibly soft and the few guys you had kissed in the past were nothing compared to the skillful way he pulled you into the passion. You allowed him to ease you onto your back, laying beside you as he continued to kiss you, lightly nipping your bottom lip before he laved over it with his tongue. You clenched your thighs together, feeling a pressure settling in your core the longer he kissed you.
"You're so pretty," He whispered as he pulled away, licking his lips as he gazed down at you; his pupils were blown wide and you could feel the faint hardness of his member against your hip.
He was getting turned on too.
"Yoongi," You whispered, leaning up to brush your lips against his as he hummed in response."Can I...suck you off?"
"Holy shit," He choked, flopping onto his back beside you, covering his face with his hands. "Fuck yeah,"
You felt excitement flow through you and you forced yourself to not fist pump the air in victory. You shuffled your way between his thighs, the both of you scooting up the bed to get comfortable. You reached up, holding your breath as you unbuttoned his jeans, already feeling the way he was steadily hardening beneath the fabric of his jeans.
He spread his legs to make more room for you as you tugged the waistband of his boxer-briefs down enough so his cock popped out, slapping against his stomach.
He wasn't completely hard yet but the sight of him already had your mouth watering. The tip was a pretty pink and a vein on the underside; when you wrapped your hand around the base of him, he let out a soft sigh of pleasure. Giving him a few experimental squeezes, you could feel him harden the rest of the way, his thighs trembling at the pleasure. You couldn't hold yourself back anymore, you needed to taste him.
The tip of his cock was like velvet on your tongue, warm and a slightly bitter taste of his precum melting on your taste buds. As you swirled your tongue around his tip, his fingers tangled in you hair with a groan.
"F-Fuck, sensitive there, baby," He nearly whined and you could have creamed your panties right then and there at the sound. You didn't torture him with over stimulation, instead taking the head of him into your mouth, sucking him generously to hear his moans. At the urging of fingering in your hair, you took him deeper into your mouth. He wasn't incredibly long but the thickness of him was causing your jaw to ache already. The thought of having him stretch you out, coating him in your cum had your cunt clenching painfully around nothing.
You whined around his cock, making him stiffen and groan, biting his lip to keep himself a little quieter. You could feel how his hips twitched faintly, as if he wanted to thrust into your mouth but was holding himself back. Relaxing your throat, you allowed him to slip deeper -- your gag reflex fought a bit but you managed to sink down to the base. Tears trickled down your cheeks but Yoongi was in bliss, tugging at your hair and groaning as you swallowed thrice around him before pulling off.
"Fuck!" He growled, sitting up suddenly, fist wrapped in your hair before he pressed his lips to yours to share a sloppy kiss. "One day, I'll fuck your throat,"
The idea and tone of his voice had you gushing into your panties; the promise of a next time making you squirm.
"Will you let me return the favor?" He asked, voice deep and dark in his words. "Will you let me eat your little cunt?"
"F-Fuck," You whined, his hand that was in your hair traveling to your neck to push you onto the bed.
As he took his position between your thighs, he reached behind himself to tug his shirt up and off his body. Your eyes soaked in the sight of his lean body with pebbled pink nipples that you longed to wrap your lips around to test the sensitivity. You lifted your hips when he tucked his fingers into the waistband of your sweats, pulling them down along with your panties.
"God, so fucking pretty," He growled, dropping onto his stomach and hissing when his cock was trapped between him and the bed. You spread your legs for him, tucking your hands beneath your thighs to expose your soaked slit to him. He groaned, using both of his thumb to spread the glossy lips of your cunt, hissing when you gushed. Any self control he was trying to exhibit snapped his tongue was suddenly sliding into your entrance to taste you. You cried out, tangling your fingers in his raven locks; his hair was incredibly soft you noted through your haze.
Yoongi was way too fucking good with his mouth, swirling his tongue around your clit and sucking the little bud into his mouth. You were trembling, your back arching in pure pleasure as he very abruptly introduced two fingers; sliding them into your clenching hole, making your nearly scream at the feeling of
being filled. He seemed to know exactly what to do to find your g-spot, crooking his fingers up, making your hips arch as you whined.
"Ah, right there?" He cooed, lips detaching from your clit for a moment to watch his fingers fuck you. He spread his fingers, making you groan as he stretched you out.
"Yoongi, please," You whimpered, tugging his hair. He took the hint and kissed his way up your body to meet your lips; making you taste yourself as he slid his tongue into your mouth. His fingers didn't stop abusing your sweet spot, making you whimper into his mouth.
"Fuck," He groaned as he pulled away from you. "Can I fuck you, babygirl?"
You nodded, eyes rolling back in your head as he gave your spot one last stroke before pulling his fingers out.
"Use your words, sweetheart," He cooed, squeezing your cheeks between his fingers, making your lips pout.
"Y-Yes, please fuck me,"
"Good girl,"
He slid off the bed to shed his jeans and underwear; you took the hint and sat up to rip off your shirt, leaving your completely nude on your bed.
"Such pretty tits," He groaned, cupping one in his hand and pinching the nipple generously, taking the moment to indulge himself.
He climbed back onto the bed, grinning when you immediately spread yourself for him. Slowly pumping his cock, he got himself comfortable on his knees. Once he was situated, you sat up on your elbows to watch the way he spread your folds with his cockhead. You sighed in pleasure as he brushed against your clit, lightly slapping the bud to watch your thighs jump.
Finally, you couldn't take it anymore and reached down to wrap your fingers around him, directing him to finally sink into your entrance. He didn't stop you, following your lead and sinking into you until your hips were flush together. The girth of him stretched you to the point it burned, making you whine and moan. You clenched around him, arching your hips to fuck yourself on him.
"Fuck," Yoongi cursed, leaning over you to support himself on hands beside your head. He watched the way you ground up against him, your eyes rolling back into your head at the pleasure. "Dirty girl,"
Finally, he took over, pulling back and slamming himself back in, barely grazing your cervix in the process. His pelvic bone abused your clit every time he sheathed himself inside you. The way he caught your g-spot with every move had you tumbling incredibly fast to what you knew would be a mind blowing orgasm. Your thighs were threatening to close to save yourself from the overstimulation you were beginning to feel.
Yoongi, however, was having none of it. Strong hands gripped the backs of your knees and forcefully spread your legs, leaving your soaking cunt vulnerable to the torture his cock put on it. Your eyes filled with tears, your mouth falling open; you were teetering on an edge that you'd never felt before; he was going to make you cum without having to touch your clit.
It was becoming too much, the coil inside you winding tighter and tighter but not releasing. Your hands pressed against Yoongi's chest to slow him down, but he only grinned and grabbed your wrists with one hand and pinned them above your head.
"Fucking take it," He growled, leaning closer to you to make you look directly into his eyes. "You're gonna cum all over this cock, babygirl, go ahead. Give it to me,"
With him staring into your eyes, watching you, you finally came undone. You tossed your head back but Yoongi tangled his fingers into your hair to force you to look at him again; his hips never stopping as he fucked the forced orgasm out of you. Your walls spasmed and gushed, covering him with cum that he'd love to taste one day. The sight of you cumming so hard for him sent him off of his own end and suddenly, he was pulling out of you before he came inside.
However, having him pull out so suddenly had your orgasm flying to new heights and before you even realized what was going on, the both of you were being drenched in more of your cum as you squirted. Yoongi cursed, using the head of his cock against your clit to keep your squirting as he came messily all over your cunt. You couldn't take anymore and reached down desperately to stop him, trembling all over from the pure force of pleasure you had experienced.
As you were coming down, Yoongi leaned over your exhausted body and kissed you lazily. Neither of you really moved your lips, just enjoyed the feeling.
"You wanna shower?" He asked, voice breathy from his own panting. You peeked out of one eyes and saw the tiny smile on his lips as he regarded you.
"L-Let for a minute..."
"Damn, fucked you that good, huh?" He asked, growing visibly cocky.
As much as you didn't want to boost his already apparently inflated ego, you couldn't help but admit it with a nod.
"I don't think anyone's ever made me cum like that," You admitted, looking down at your body at the complete mess that covered your skin; both his and your cum.
"The first of many, babygirl," He promised, making you shiver.
If he could fuck you like that every time then you would be a very happy girl.
"Seriously, this cum is starting to dry so let's shower," He grumbled, rolling off the bed to stand naked before you.
"Geez, you're so pushy," You mumbled, letting him pull you to your feet no matter how much like literal jelly you felt like.
"I think you like me being pushy,"
"Don't hold yourself so highly,"
"I knew the second you looked at me, you'd be smitten with me, babe,"
"H-Hey! Me smitten with you?!"
"Don't worry," He cooed, wrapping his arms around your waist to kiss your nose. "I'm pretty smitten with you too,"
"Aw," You giggled, looking up at him through your lashes.
Tumblr media
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lucas-is-mine · 2 years ago
"I joined Bighit Entertainment because i thought Rap Mon hyung was so cool." - Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jungkook has stars in his eyes when he looks at his Namjoon hyung. He genuinely admires Namjoon so much, that he literally called him the leader of his life. I'M SOFT
Tumblr media
《i dont own any of these pics. ctto》
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jungshookz · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
→ pairing: min yoongi x reader 
→ genre: ceo!au, clumsy!y/n because that’s always nice, jimin is ur best friend, floofy fluff, a touch of nsfw aka office sex
→ wordcount: 21k+ so u should probably read this using ur laptop and not ur phone
→ note: inspired by my love for an intimidating yoongi in suits 
(gif isn’t mine!) 
(((and the read more function iS there so if it doesn’t work for some reason i am sorry don’t attack me))) 
“shit, shit, shit, fuck- ow, shit- fUCK”
you scramble around your apartment shoving things into your purse while simultaneously dressing yourself
out of all the days to wake up late
why did todAY have to be one of them???
you have your house keys dangling from your mouth while you wiggle into a pair of jeans aNd your phone is sandwiched in between your shoulder and your ear
“the new boss is going to be here any minute now, where the hell are you??”
“obviously i slept through my goddamn alarm, jimin! i- yes, i’ll be there in like… five minutes. i’m on the bus already”
that was an obvious lie because you’re still trying to find a decent shirt to wear
you end up going with a polka-dotted button blouse
“you better hurry, i hear this guy’s a bit of a hard ass. apparently he fired someone who was only two minutes late to-“
“you’re freaking me out, jimin!!!! look, it’s fine he’s probably just going to introduce himself and then hole himself up in his office so he won’t even notice that i’m late”
your own words reassure you and you slow down to take your time in choosing a pair of shoes
“okay, yeah but you’re his secretary, y/n. i think he’ll notice if his own damn secretary isn’T THERE”
…..he has a fair point
“if you don’t get here in the next ten minutes dinner’s on you tonight” the call clicks off and all you hear is the dial tone
by the time you get to the office it’s 9:23 so you’re officially 23 minutes late BUT you made a stop by the starbucks across the street to grab a soy latte for the new boss
the old boss (mr lin - he was pretty chill but he was alSo pretty old so that explains why the company decided to let him go) would forgive you immediately when you presented a soy latte and a muffin to him
you were sure you’d be fine
“ooh, hold the lift, hold the lift!!!!!” you slip right into the lift right as the doors are about to shut and you let out a sigh of relief because you didN’t spill the coffee thank god
“hey, morning” you turn to give a nod of acknowledgement to the (handsome, very very handsome) stranger standing next to you
he’s dressed in a crisp suit and he’s currently scrolling through his phone but he looks up at you and kind of looks you over before humming in response
his raven black hair looks awfully soft and it’s perfectly styled
and whatever his cologne is…. you’re digging it because he smells goOd
you look up at the little screen telling you that you’re only on the eighteenth floor
the office is on the fifty-second floor and this lift is literally as slow as a snail
you then notice that the stranger is also going to the fifty-second floor
a new co-worker!!
so either you wait in awkward silence with this hot stranger or you try to stir up some conversation
“y’know, i hear the new boss is a bit of a prick.” you snort, glancing over at the stranger. he tenses and his eyes leave his phone but he doesn’t turn
“oh, really? interesting” he shifts and tightens his grip on the folders he’s holding
“mm. and i’m his new secretary so hopefully he doesn’t chew me out for being-“ you look down at your watch “28 minutes late”
“his name’s yoongi. min yoongi. even his name sounds snooty, am i right?” you snort, glancing over again and just tryIng to get some kind of a reaction out of this emotionless person “are you, uh, are you new here?”
usually you’re like super charming but it doesn’t seem to be working on this guy
you glance up at the screen again and let out a breath of relief because you’re approaching the fifty-second floor
“it’s not good to be late, but i admit i’m a little behind on schedule as well. and yes, i’m new.”
“we better hurry otherwise mr min’ll have both our heads on sticks!”
“are you late because you stopped to get a coffee and food?” he raises an eyebrow and looks down at the starbucks cup
“hm? oh, well, kinda. it’s more like an apology drink and a chocolate chip muffin for the boss.” you raise the cup and the paper bag slightly “everyone loves muffins”
the elevator dings and the two of you look up
the doors open and you’re surprised to see… what looks like every single employee just standing in front of the doors
the stranger takes a step out but turns around quickly to face you and you’re kind of like ??
“i’d suggest doing a little more research next time, secretary. i’m not a muffin person.” and then he’s walking out and everyone’s bowing respectfully to him as he introduces himself
it doesn’t hit you until the doors slowly begin to close again and the last thing you see is jimin looking at you with so much pity in his eyes
“you’ve got to be kidding me.”
you would be so happy if in this moment the elevator just broke down and sent you hurdling down fifty two floors to your DEATH
you freeze when the doors slide open again but thankfully it’s just jimin standing there
“hey buddy” he approaches you slowly as if you were a ticking time bomb 
“….so you met mr min i see”
“and i’m guessing u didn’t know that was mr min”
“and i’m guessing u tried to strike up a conversation abouT mr min tO mr min”
jimin has to drag you out of the elevator and you’re as still as a statue as he fixes the collar on your blouse and makes sure your employee lanyard is straightened up
“i wouldn’t have gone with this blouse but i suppose this is presentable enough” jimin gestures towards the long hallway leading to yoongi’s office doors (with your cute little station set up by the doors) before he’s giving you a pat on the shoulder and heading back to his cubicle
you know that scene from the shining
the shot where it’s like a long, long hallway and there are those two creepy twins at the end
this is like that except instead of twins you have your new terrifying new boss’ office
you set your bag down on your chair before turning to the doors
you clear your throat a couple times and look down at the latte and the muffin sitting on your desk
maybe he’ll like the latte
so you pick it back up and you give yourself until the count of three
and then you’re knocking on his door and you hear a muffled ’come in’
you take a second to think over what the hell you’re going to say to him
“mr min i am sO sorry i swear i wasn’t trying to offend you i was just trying to be funny because i thought you-“
and just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse
things get worse
because yoongi just so happened to be standing right by the door as you opened it and of COURSE you knock into him causing the lid to pop off the cup and now the two of you are covered in latte but it’s more you than him thanK god
your face is so red you’re sure you’re going to explode
you don’t even know what to say at this point
“i am……. so-“
“sorry? yeah, i’m seeing a main theme here with you.” yoongi scowls and shakes some coffee off his hand before looking down at his stained louis vuitton button up
this was new but it’s okay because he has 10 ten more in his closet
“i’ll pay for the dry cleaning?” is all you can squeak out because you are just so horrified
yoongi rolls his eyes discreetly while he’s patting himself down with his silk handkerchief
what the hell is wrong with you??? you’re not usually this clumsy and you’re sure you’re like 1 more sorry away from getting fired
“can you just send me my schedule for today?” he sighs as he heads back towards his desk “i’m sure it’s easy enough for you to handle” he mutters condescendingly and you know what you totally deserve that comment so you’re fine with it
“yessir” you don’t even bother asking if he actually wanted a coffee or not because you just want to get out of his fiery gaze
surprisingly the rest of the morning goes by pretty smoothly
he came out of the office wearing a new crisp shirt and you were like dAng this guy’s prepared for any situation
unlike you
because you’re sitting here with your cardigan buttoned all the way up to hide the stain
you keep a smile on your face whenever yoongi passes your desk to head back to his office but after you hear his door shut the smile drops and you always let out a breath of relief
he’s just so…. scary
and he’s your age too
if he was a co worker instead of your boss you were 100% sure the two of you wouldn’t get along at all
and you get along with almost EVERYONE
you’ve never been happier when your phone goes off and tells you it’s your lunch break because you just want to rant to jimin and
“turkey sandwich on whole wheat. lettuce, red onions, avocado, chipotle mayo. the place is called the sandwich station. it’s a block or two down. i’d like a green juice to go with it as well- hold the cucumber. they know my order. you can just tell them it’s for me.”
what the
yoongi literally just materialised out of nowhere
“….i’m sorry?”
yoongi clenches his jaw and you want to CRY
“it’s noon. meaning it’s lunch time. meaning i want my lunch.”
the old boss never made you go out to get a fancy sandwich for him
there’s a canteen here for a reason
they’re serving spinach and potato curry today!!!!!!!! which is your favourite!!!!!! and your lunch breaks are only an hour long and by the time you get back the curry will be gone but maybe you can ask jimin to save you a bite
“is there a problem?”
“no! no sir.” you shake your head quickly and get up from your seat “but, um, just to let you know we do have a canteen here if you ever- okay, yep, i’m going”
jimin’s standing by the lift when you get there and he’s like why did you press the down button the canteen is Up you dummy
and you’re like mr min wants a fancy sandwich and a green juice what kind of sane person likes green juice???
jimin promises he’ll save you a bite of the curry as long as you make it back in time aka fifteen minutes before he inhales it all
you say goodbye to each other in the form of air kisses as you walk into separate lifts
so now you’re sprinting down the sidewalk trying to find this damn sandwich place that isn’t one or two blocks away it’s like TWENTY minutes away according to google maps
you would’ve worn a sports bra today if you’d have known you’d be running
by the time you finally make it there you’re all sweaty and red and you can barely speak
“h..hi, a sandwich and a green juice thing for, um, mr min yoongi??” you look at the notes you scribbled down on your palm even though all the words are smudged from your hand sweat “it’s turkey on whole-“
“for yoongi??? coming right up!!!!” the girl at the counter seems a little too enthusiastic to be making a sandwich and a juice for him….. and she’s on a first name basis with him….
but whatever at least she’s being speedy about it
you check the time on your watch
jimin’s probably already eaten everything
your lunch break ends in half an hour and it’ll take you 20 minutes to head back so that leaves you with like ten minutes
maybe you can get a sandwich from here
you look up at the- oH NO way you are not paying tHAT much for a sandwich
this place is bougie
certainly not for someone with your budget
maybe there’s like a hot dog cart nearby
a hot dog sounds good
“here you go! tell him i said hi. i’m lisa, by the way.” she smiles and you give her a smile back as you take the bag from her
you kind of pause to think and you’re like hMm what do you meAn tell him i said hi,,,,,,
does yoongi have a secret sandwich lover
you don’t have time to think because you are reminded that you are running out of damn time
“thanks for being so fast, lisa. uh, here you go. this should cover it.” you throw the bills that yoongi gave you on the counter before you’re zipping out the door and beginning your little jog back
you feel your phone buzz in your pocket and you already know it’s yoongi wondering where the hell you are
you make it back in tEn minutes thank god but your feet are killing you and you’re sure your blouse is drenched in sweat by now
as you’re walking briskly down the hallway you pick up your pace when you see yoongi standing outside his office and leaning against the frame of the door
“what took you so long??”
“there’s no excuse” yoongi snatches the bag from you and shuts the door in your face
you can already hear the chatter of people returning from their lunch breaks
your stomach grumbles and it’s your body’s way of reminding you that HEY quit neglecting M E
maybe you should have splurged on a fancy sandwich
you huff and plop down on your seat
now you’re just hangry and the next person who talks to you will FEEL YOUR FIERY WRATH
“by the way- reschedule my meeting with mr kim to next wednesday. he couldn’t make it today.” yoongi opens his door again and takes a sip of his obnoxious green juice
you spin around in your chair
immediately your lips tug up in a bright smile
“yes sir. i’d love to do that for you.” yoongi looks at you weirdly before he disappears into his room again
where was that fiery wrath
that wrath could barely light up a birthday candle sis
about twenty minutes go by and you actually feel like you’re dying because you’re honestly starving so you decide to text jimin and tell him to sneak some food to you
you technically could just get up and go to the vending machine yourself but yoongi could pop out of his office at any minute and if he sees that you’re not at your desk he’ll definitely have your head
so it’s too risky
to: chimchim - be a pal and bring me a bag of chips or something from the vending machine
jimin jumps when his phone vibrates loudly against his desk and he apologises to his fellow cubicle mates before checking the notification
he can’t help but snort after he reads your message
to: y/n - i’m busy! get it yourself
he’s not surprised that you reply almost immediately
from: y/n - too risky!!!! plus you’re closer to the vending machine
from: y/n - just pretend like you need to print something you can come and use ~my~ personal printer
to: y/n - why would i walk across the floor to use your tiny ass printer
from: y/n - PLEASE i am so hungry i will take care of the laundry this week just get me something to eat before my body starts eating itself
jimin immediately gets up from his seat and heads right to the vending machine
he hates doing the laundry
you want to cry tears of joy when you see jimin’s blonde head bobbing down the hallway from where you’re sitting
“don’t accidentally turn all our white sheets pink agaIN” he teases and he tosses you the bag of chips that you open greedily
he’s munching on an apple himself
he’s always been the healthier one out of the two of you
“how’s the boss?”
you’re immediately triggered
“omg i had to go to this dumb fancy sandwich place and pick up an overpriced turkey club and a green juice for him and then one of the sandwich workers was like obViously wanting me to say hi to mr min for her and i was like ?? what do i look like a messenger pigeon or something” you snort and shove a handful of chips into your mouth unattractively 
“and ALSO he totally got mad at me when i got back because i took too long but it’s not my fault your dumb sandwich place is like a million miles away and another ALSO i’m walking in HEELS-”
“you should invest in a pair of flats, perhaps”
there’s something else to add to your already shitty first impression
you swallow thickly when you realise jimin didn’t say that
you turn around slowly in your chair and you’re met with the intimidating gaze of yoongi
why do bad things happen to good people???
yoongi tosses his trash into the bin sitting by your desk before he’s looking up at a terrified jimin
“is there a reason why you’re here, mr park?”
“…i needed to print something” he swallows his bite of apple and hides it behind his back
“do you not have a printer on your side?”
“it was jammed, sir.” 
“what are you printing?”
jimin blanks and all that comes out of his mouth is
“contra..ct. sir.”
“what contract?”
“this one!! this one” you grab a random sheet of paper of your desk and stand up and shove it into jimin’s chest
“yep, this one! i’ll be on my way, thanks for letting me use your printer y/n!” jimin practically rockets down the hallway to head back to his desk
he barely made it out of there alive
he’s never doing that again
there’s a silence between you and yoongi for a couple seconds as the two of you watch jimin bolt away
you turn around a little to face him with a sheepish smile and you wobble slightly on your heels
“can i trust you to be more responsible and do your work instead of complaining to your friend about your awful boss?”
you open your mouth to reply but you dip your head down in shame
you deserve that one
“sorry, sir” you murmur under your breath and you don’t want to look at yoongi because if you do you’ll definitely burst into tears
and your face is sO hot
you look up when you hear the click of yoongi’s door shutting and you let out a breath before sitting down
time to actually work
you’ll find a way to make it up to yoongi
the next morning you make sure to set your alarm like an hour earlier than you usually wake up because this day has to go PERFEctly otherwise you will literally stab your eyeball out with a letter opener
yesterday night you already set up yoongi’s schedule for today so that when he wakes up and checks his calendar he’ll know exactly what’s going on
you even memorised his schedule
he has 2 conference calls in the morning (one starts at 8:30 and the other at 10:15) and 2 meetings in the afternoon (one starts at 1:45 and the other at 4:30)
you just want to prove to him that you’re not a total disaster and you’re capable of handling this job
and you made sure to dress yourself up a little more ~professionally~ although it pained you to leave your skinny jeans aside and slip into a pencil skirt instead
you hATe pencil skirts
they’re so tight and after you eat lunch you always feel like your tummy is going to buSt out
so yes you’re wearing a nice white button up long sleeved shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt along with a pair of shiny black heels that you polished last night
you also spray on some perfume and put a little more effort into your makeup
because,,,,, it’s no secret that min yoongi is an attractive man
you just want to look more presentable!!!
you texted jimin last night and asked if he wanted to get to work early this morning and he was just like lmao who do u think i am
so you pass by his apartment door and stick a note on the front that just says ‘good morning - see you at work!!’
it’s about a twenty ish minute walk and you’re definitely regretting choosing a pair of stiLETTOs to wear
so you take them off and proceed to walk comfortably to starbucks to get yourself and yoongi a coffee
you’re about to ask for a muffin but then you remember that he doEsn’T liKE muFfInS so you stick with a black coffee for him and a caramel macchiato for yourself
of course you’re hungry so you get a bagel for yourself with extrA cinnamon cream cheese
after you get everything you head on over to the building and greet the security guards good morning and they’re all pretty surprised because you’re never here,, so early
your heels click clacking on the marble floor is the only thing that’s heard as you make your way down the hallway to your desk
you check the time on your watch and you’re satisfied with yourself because you still have about thirty minutes until work starts
and you lean back against your chair and you give yourself a mental high five because uMMM,,, you’re kiLLING it and it’s not even 8am yet
you look around and
wow it’s quiet
you can hear the bustling of the city from outside and it’s oddly very calming
you kind of want to fall asleep
plus that bagel really filled u up and you always get sleepy after a good meal
uh oh
maybe you can take like
a five minute nap
you deserve it!
you can re energize yourself and then you’ll be even more efficient today
you rest your head on your folded arms and shut your eyes
five minutes
“good morning, sir”
“morning, mr min!”
“good morning, sir!!”
your eyes open and your vision adjusts to youryou shoot up from your desk and wipe the drool off the side of your mouth and stand up from your chair immediately
and you glance down at your laptop and see that you didn't take a five minute snooze you took a FORTY minute snooze
thank god you're a light-ish sleeper otherwise yoongi's shoes echoing down the hallway would definitely not have woken you up and he would’ve caught you sleePING
you look up to see yoongi walking down the hallway looking at his phone
so you quickly fix your hair and straighten yourself up
“good morning sir” you clear your throat to get the raspy sleepiness out of your voice and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear
he walks past you and goes straight into his office and you’re about to sit down but then you remember you have a coFfee for him
so you knock on his door clutching his now lukewarm coffee
“i have a coffee here for you, boss” you walk over to his desk and place the cup on his desk
“one cream one sugar?”
uh oh
this coffee is black
“….i will be… right back” and you pick up the coffee and walk out of his room calmly
once you shut the door behind you you’re immEDIATELy zipping down the hallway to the break room
this coffee isn’t even lukewarm anymore now it’s just cold sad coffee
daMN it
it was stupid to buy a coffee forty minutes beforehand
and you can just make coffee here!!!! you dingus!!!!!
so you dump out the coffee and you see namjoon about to pour himself a cup but you slip over and you’re like namjoon sweetie hi good morning can i take that i am sO sorry
and you take the pot from him and refill yoongi’s cup
he just blinks at you because you hand him back an empty coffee pot
“it’s for the big guy you know how it is” and you reach past him to get the cream and a sugar cube and you plop it in and give it a stir
and you pop the lid back on and you’re like thanks joon i owe you big time!! and honestly you were moving so fast namjoon's not even sure what just happened
so you’re practically sprinting down the hall in stilettos back to yoongi’s office and you spot jimin walking out of the lift as you past by and you manage to say goOD morning buddy!!! but all he sees is like a blur and he rubs his eyes
when you get back to the office you’re panting a little but you calm your breaths as you set the coffee down
“one cream one sugar, boss” and you straighten your blouse and clear your throat
yoongi types something out on his phone and blindly reaches for the coffee cup and you gently nudge it towards his hand
he takes a sip and then looks up from his phone and gets his first glance at you for the day and
yoongi chokES on his coffee and quickly sets it down
holy shit
you don’t even look like the same y/n as yesterday
“oh shoot- do you need a napkin?? i’ll get a napkin hold on” and you shuffle out of the room and yoongi isn’t usually like this but he can’t help but let his eyes flicker down because dAmn you look good in that skirt
he thought you looked cute yesterday with your polka dotted blouse and your jeans but today you look so
god damn
he needs to chill
you’re his secretary
he’s your boss
even more you’re his KLUtzY secretary who spilled coffee all over his shirt and talked smack about him
“…sir?” he snaps himself out of it and looks up and you’re standing over him holding a napkin
he thanks you quietly and takes it from you and dabs at his mouth
okay woO
keep it professional yoongi
“you've got a conference call in twenty minutes. i put everything in your calendar and it should alert you five minutes beforehand but in case it doesn't i'll come in and remind you. i filed the contracts you asked me to sort out yestreday everything's colour coded and also arrange alphabetically so it should be easier to find next time."
yoongi blinks up at you because... what happened to the y/n he met yesterday
“right. yes. good. okay." yoongi swallows thickly when he sees you suck your bottom lip in between your teeth which seems to be a nervous habit of yours "that's all i need from you then. you can go now."
you nod happily and see yourself out
this is a good start 
things are going to be greAT from here
it’s been about two weeks since yoongi took over the company
and all you have to say is
you want to jump out the window
you want to jump off the fifty second floor of this building because yoongi is working you like a dog
which is something that you obviously aren’t accustomed to because the most rigorous thing you had to do for your old boss was to walk across the floor and get him a snack from the vending machine
but yoongi doesn’t do vending machine snacks because it’s appArently all trans fats
he mentioned it to you when you were scarfing down a little packet of cookies because of course you didn’t have time to get lunch for yourself because you were getting his stupid fancy sandwich like a million miles away
and you were like :) and threw it away and he nodded satisfactorily and then went into his office
and you bent down and picked the packet back up and threw the rest of the mini cookies into your mouth
he’s your boss not your dad
he can’t control your diet!!
you’re so physically and mentally drained
you feel like a husk
your soul left your body the moment you met yoongi and it hasn’t returned ever since
you usually like being a secretary because you like organising things and colour coding things and going like ‘i’m so sorry- mr min will have to call you back’ and slamming the phone down because it makes you feel ~powerful~
but damn
you wish you had applied for an office job like jimin
he works in human resources
you would probably be really good in like finances or some other section like that
of course jimin isn’t paid as much as you’re paid so there’s that
you do want to continue having a roof over your head and food in your tummy so
you grin and bear it
to make a long story short
you strongly dislike yoongi and you’re pretty sure he hates you
here are some more things that have happened in the last two weeks
yoongi told you to photocopy 50 copies of a contract
of course you said yes and you went ahead to your little copying machine and made 50 copies
and when you went back and handed him the copies he looked at them and blinked and then looked at you and he was like this isn't the contract i asked you to copy
and you were like ?? you hANded me the contract
“this isn't the right contract”
“you were supposed to copy this one” and he hands you a DIFFERENT CONTRACT
so you end up shredding 50 sheets of paper and you make a brand new 50 copies and when you give the new ones to yoongi he’s like what took you so damn long??
and you were like
you wanted to SCREAM
and another time
yoongi was about to go into a meeting but before that he told you that as soon as mr kim calls for him you should tell yoongi immediately
and your concern was that mr kim would call during the meeting and you would have to interrupt the meeting which is noT what you want to do but before you can voice your concern yoongi's like okay peace out i'm leaving now
and of course because the universe is against you
mr kim called during the meeting
so you knocked on the door and opened it and there are like 15 businesspeople just staring at you blankly and yoongi's staring at you blankly at the front of the desk
“sir, um, mr kim called"
and he nods and waves you away so you shut the door
after the meeting ends yoongi literally goes like
you shouldn't interrupt another meeting like that again
and you said that you only did it because yOOngi said to tell him as SOON as mr kim called
“hm. i don't recall telling you that."
you had your hands balled into fists so tightly that your knuckles were starting to get white but of coURse all you say is
“you're right, sir. it was my bad. it won't happen again."
“it better not."
lisa the sandwich girl
it's like she's expecting you to hook her up with yoongi
everytime you go into the shop she hands you yoongi's lunch and is always like :) tell :) yoongi :) i :) said :) hi :) and you’re like :) let :) go :) of :) the :) bag :) i :) need :) to :) leave :)
and because lisa is the last thing you're concerned about you never tell yoongi she says hi but you don't need to because lately she's been writing notes on the paper bag like ‘i was going to write a pun about a sandwich but i was afraid you’d find it stALe’
when you read that you were like ?? what does that mean are you saying the bread you used in his sandwich today is stale
one time you decided you'd splurge so you treated yourself to a sandwich from there made by lisa herself
it was,,, the worst sandwich you've ever had in your entire life
the bread was barely toasted
there was like 3 pounds of mayo in there
she was skimpy on the turkey
she placed the tomatoes on the bottom making the bread all soggy
yoongi must really REALLY want to get into lisa's pants if he can continue eating this shit without gagging
the conclusion here is that you hate lisa’s sandwiches but not as much as you hate yoongi
:) and you’re allowed to say that because you’re only saying it to yourself and it doesn’t count if no one else knows about your feelings :)
“we’re going to have sO much fun tonight it’s literally been a century since we last got to go to a club and get wasted!!!!! i even bought a brand new shirt for the occasion.” jimin grins and takes a sip of his juice and you nod excitedly
“i’m so ready to get shit faced let me tell you mr min honestly wants to make me rip my-“
“miss y/l/n.” both you and jimin turn when you hear your name and you’re surprised to see yoongi standing there
why’s he in the canteen he’s never in the canteen
“mr min, what.. can i help you with?” you clear your throat and turn yourself around a little more to face him
“i need you to stay late tonight to reorganise some files that your old boss kept tucked away in the drawers. it’s frankly a mess in there.” you don’t even get a chance to respond before yoongi takes a bite of an apple and strolls away casually
wait what
he can’t just
okay technically he can do that because he’s your boss but
not tonight!!! 
“mr min i don’t-“ you stand up quickly to chase him and he whips around and raises an eyebrow
“is there something wrong?”
yes there’s something wrong
you have plans tonight!!!!!!!!!
you’re going dancing and you’re going to down shots like there’s no tomorrow and you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning with a hangover like never before so yEs there’s something wrong
“…i don’t know if you wanted me to colour code them or arrange them alphabetically.” you breathe out and you feel your soul leave your body
your first night out in weeks and now you have to stay late and arrange dusty old files
“of course, sir.”
“i’ll be here to keep you company you can get ‘shit-faced’ another time.”
you’re pretty sure you’re going to burst into tears when you see jimin and a couple other co-workers seemingly having a bLast at the new club downtown from his snapchat story
you let out a grunt as you get up from your knees
you’ve been organising these damn files for like two hours
yoongi was done with his phone call like half an hour ago and then he said he was going to get some food
your stomach grumbles at the thought of food
you h8 your boss with a burning passion
another twenty minutes pass and you’ve never been so relieved in your life when you finALLY are finished with the files
it only took like 30 years to dust things off and then colour code them and then re label them and then arrange them alphabetically
“good job, y/l/n” you give yourself a pat on the back and then plop down on yoongi’s cushy office chair
wow you feel powerful just sitting here
it only takes a second for you to start spinning the chair in circles because this is literally your only form of entertainment for the night
“if you break my chair it’s coming out of your paycheque.” you stop spinning immediately when yoongi seemingly appears out of nowhere
you’re about to apologise profusely and get up but from the way yoongi tilts his head and offers you the smallest of smirks you know you’re not in trouble
“i wasn’t going to break it.” you grumble and you’re about to get off his chair and let him sit but he sits across from you instead
you’re in the boss’ chair and he’s not
how the tables have turned,,,,,,,,
“here. eat. the only place open at this hour was mcdonald’s.”
“you bought dinner for me?”
yoongi plops a paper bag on the desk and your mouth waters when he pulls out a big mac and an order of large fries
“oh gosh, boss. you didn’t have to go all out for lil ol me” yoongi can’t help but smile before he shakes his head and pulls out a miLKSHAKE
“a vanilla milkshake? i thought you weren’t into sugar.”
“it’s for you. i know how much you love anything that rots your teeth.”
that’s like
oddly sweet
but also kind of insulting
but still sweet in his own way
“i also bought a couple beers if you’re interested you won’t get shit-faced like you wanted to but you’ll get a little buzzed.” he pulls a niNE pack of beers out of the bag and cracks one open for himself
at first the meal is kind of awkward
the two of you are kind of just sitting there in silence eating food and drinking
but yoongi breaks the silence when he sees you dip a french fry into your milkshake
what the fuk
u so nasty
“that’s disgusting.”
“don’t knock it til you try it!” when yoongi opens his mouth to give you another snarky comment you shove a milkshake dipped fry into his mouth
he chews thoughtfully and then swallows
“what do you think?”
it’s sweet
and it’s salty
at the same time
somehow this disgusting combination works
“it’s… it’s okay, but it’s still disgusting.” yoongi mutters and takes a swig of his beer “here, i can’t finish all of these on my own.” he hands you a can of beer and you crack it open
the two of you spend the next hour eating and drinking
halfway through eating your milkshake became yours and yoongi’s milkshake
yoongi’s really enjoying your french fry hack in case that wasn’t clear
you’re really enjoying this beer it’s surprisingly good quality coming from the corner store
“i’m serious! i turned all the white sheets pink because of one red sock and jimin didn’t talk to me for a whole week because the two of us had to come to work wearing matching pink button-ups.” yoongi throws his head back in laughter and you suppress your own laughter by taking another sip of beer
the alcohol coursing through your veins is making you become a little more talkative than usual
“i have a question for you, boss”
“why do you hate me?” you push your bottom lip out in a pout and yoongi looks up at you in surprise as he wipes his hands off on a napkin
“where did you get that idea?”
“because you-“ hiccup “because you’re always so mean to me! like i know i didn’t have a great first impression but you knOw i’ve already apologised like a triLLion times for what i said and you also know i only say things to be funny but you’Re such a meanie-bobeenie sometimes it makes me wonder what the hell i’m supposed to do to make you-“
“y/n, i don’t hate you. i’m just-“ yoongi pauses to think “i’m just like that.”
why was he so mean to you all the time? he didn’t have a particular reason
maybe it’s like that thing where when kids have crushes on each other they’re mean to their crush instead of
wa,,,,,,aaaaaait a second,,,,,
yoongi has to admit he’s taken an iNKLing of an interest in you since your first meeting but it’s not serious or anything
like yes you’re attractive and you’re his type but,.,.,.,.,. ya you’re just his secretary it’s not a big deal he doesn’t like you like that
“it’s, uh, it’s getting late - we should probably head home.” yoongi clears his throat and begins cleaning up the wrappers and napkins and ketchup packets
“thanks for treating me to an extravagant meal tonight, mr min. you really didn’t have to.” the two of you step onto the lift and you hit the ground floor level for yourself and the parking lot level for yoongi
“trust me, i did. i know how upset you were about not getting to go out with mr park and the others… and fast food makes everyone feel better. by the way - it’s after-hours. you can call me yoongi - mr min makes me feel like i’ve aged 50 years.” he nudges you playfully and you’re like i should get yoongi to drink more beers if he acts like this from it
and then ur like o wait that’s call alcoholism so maybe not
“touché.” the elevator dings and you look up “this is me! i’ll see you in the morning then, boss.”
before you get off the lift yoongi stops you
“sorry if i’ve been, um, a little hard on you since i started working here. you’re responsible and you’re hardworking i’m glad to have you as my secretary, y/n, even if i don’t show it sometimes. i promise i’ll try to be less of a… as you said, a meanie-bobeenie.”
that was,, unexpected
but aw!!!!
that’s nice of him to say
your lips tug up in a bright smile
“i’ll see you in the morning… yoongi.”you step out of the lift and you wave at yoongi as the doors shut
waking up in the morning for work feels a lot better now that you know yoongi doesn’t actually hate you
although your slight hangover doesn’t feel that great
you keep your sunglasses on when you walk into the office with yoongi’s coffee
and when you knock on his door and enter his office to see him also wearing his sunglasses you can’t help but laugh
“you’re having black coffee today, it’ll wake you up.”
“please tell me i don’t have any meetings today because i feel like death.” yoongi’s voice is all low and raspy and in ur head you’re like [h o ly shit that’s hot]
“i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have two. your first one is in ten minutes. and i suggest taking your sunglasses off before you head in there.”
yoongi groans and slams his head down on his desk
the next couple of weeks go by pretty smoothly
aside from like one or two-ish slip ups
“yes, sir?” you’re about to leave his office after giving him his morning coffee
you were almost late but after you took your heels off in the middle of the street and sprinted back to the office you made it right on time
the downside of getting there on timE is the fact that in your rush you literally forgot to pick up yoongi’s cup of coffee that was SITTING ON THE COUNTER neXT to youRS YOU IDIOT
luckily you picked up a little trick
in case something like this happened, you always bought two cups of the same coffee
like if you spill one cup it’s fine because you still have the other
but in this case you only have one cup
and this is your cup
and it says ‘call me sometime :-) -jungkook’
jungkook is the cute new barista that started working at your starbucks like three weeks ago?? he usually has the morning shift
and yeah you’ve been having fun like,,, flirting with him
because he’s an attractive guy
chestnut brown hair
cute round eyes
adorable smile
and he’s very very verY charming
so SUE you if you’re having a good time!!!! (although you’re like low key leading him on so you better cut it out soon)
but it seems that today was the day that jungkook decided he’d finally make a move
because when yoongi turns his coffee cup and points to the note
you’re like ….:) shit :)
“who is jungkook, and why does he want me to call him?”
“…business proposal?”
“and his form of communication is via paper coffee cups?”
“kids are getting super creative nowadays, boss”
“mm, okay.” yoongi takes a sip of his coffee and lets out a small sigh “you sure this wasn’t your cup?”
“nope. i need at least like five pounds of sugar and creamer in my coffee.” you laugh awkwardly and back up towards to the door “i wouldn’t get the same cup of coffee as you in case… something happened… oH is that my phone ringing pardon me!!” and you slam the door and plop down on your seat and let out a breath
yoongi smiles to himself and shakes his head
but he’s definitely going to need to call this jungkook and tell him to back off
yoongi’s definitely warming up to you
after one of his meetings he passed by your desk and placed a pack of those mini chocolate chip cookies from the vending machine in front of you and you were like gASP a GIFT
“what’s this for??”
“for actually getting to work on time two weeks in a row. keep it up and i might just treat you to a chocolate bar, too.”
one day as you’re coming back from your lunch break you see yoongi at your desk huffing and grumbling to himself
“mr min?” he looks up at you and then looks back down “what are you-“
“i’m trying to photocopy this contract but your stupid printer won’t-“ he pauses to smack the side of it and you gasp in shock because he just whacked your bABY “won’t work!! i think we need to get you a new one.” he scowls and scratches the top of his head
you roll your eyes before gesturing for him to scoot and then bending down to check out how much damage he’s done (somehow he created a small paper jam)
“it’s my printer and it only responds to my magic touch.” you punch a couple buttons on the thing and it sputters for a second before a fresh photocopy comes out the slit “here you go, boss!” you hand yoongi the sheet and he’s like i could’ve done it myself ur printer is just weird and you’re like mMMmm
you sit down on your seat and yoongi’s about to head into his office before
“by the way - i’m going on a date tonight, with lisa. can you jot that down in my schedule? the dinner reservation is at 6.”
“date with lisa at 6” you reply almost immediately and begin typing it out onto his schedule
he’s going out on a date?
your heart immediately drops to your stomach
all you typed in was date with lis and you’re getting up and stumbling into his office
you wrap your fingers around the frame of the door and peek in
“mhm” he doesn’t look up at you and you swallow nervously
“what,,, what do u mean you’re going out on a date”
yoongi looks up at you and is like ?
“it’s pretty self explanatory… have you never been on one?”
your cheeks flame up and you’re like “of couRSE i’ve been on one i just-“ you stop yourself and press your lips together because what exactly are you going to say to yoongi
oH i just thought maybe i had a shot with you because we’ve been spending so much time together lately and we’ve gotten preTTy close and i think nO i'm pretty sure i have a teensy weensy crush on you sir but enjoy your date!!!!!
you scratch the back of your neck awkwardly and feel your cheeks flame up at the fact that you…. definitely have feelings for ur boss
but he has feelings for someone else
“i just… wanted to remind you that you have a skype conference at 10 tonight. i, um, i’ll be working late so if you need help during the conference you know where to find me and stuff. uh, yeah. that’s it.”
“okay. what time is it?”
you peer down at your watch
“5:20. you should probably get going in the next 20 minutes so you won’t lose your reservation”
there’s a moment of silence and you take that as a hint to leave
“y/n, wait.” yoongi lets out a breath and he stops sorting through the papers on his desk
you spin around on your heels and you’re like yes???
“if i’m not back by 9:30 give me a call to remind me about the meeting.”
“yes, sir.” you sigh and shut the door
yoongi frowns once you leave
it'll be fine
he's going to have a great time with lisa
your chair squeaks under you as you plop down on it and lean back and look up at the ceiling
you feel pathetic
what were you thinking?
of course he’s not interested in you
he thinks you’re just a klutzy idiot of a secretary
you thought something had changed between the two of you considering you’d been spending sO much damn time together and honestly speaking you had completely forgotten about lisa
were you really that crazy to think that mAybe there was ~something~ romantic going on between the two of you?
why did you have to be such a hopeless romantic
you definitely need to cut back on the romcom binge-watching sessions with jimin
and now your fukicgn eyes are starting to tear up
just gREAT
no crying at work!!!!!!!!!!! you are a grown woman!! get it together for the love of god
you squeeze your eyes shut and curse to yourself when you feel a hot tear rolling down the side of your face and you use the sleeve of your blouse to dab it away
if yoongi comes out and sees you crying that’d be humiliating
just cry at home like a normal person
you calm yourself and distract yourself by scrolling through and organising your emails
soon enough yoongi’s door opens and he steps out and woW
he looks so dreamy
he fixed his hair and you’re pretty sure he changed into another shirt because this one has no wrinkles
yoongi adjusts his cufflinks before patting himself down to check for his phone and wallet
and before you can help yourself
“you look handsome, mr min.” you immediately look away when yoongi turns to look at you and you’re like hMMm let me take a look at this sticky note that only has a smiley face doodled on it
a small smile tugs at yoongi’s lips when he sees your cheeks warm a little
god u r so ADOrable
no! he scolds himself and reminds himself that dating someone you work with never ends well
he has to get over this stupid little crush of his and lisa is the perfect distraction
maybe he’ll end up really reaLLy liking lisa and then he won’t have to worry about you anymore
that’s a good plan
“buy yourself some dinner. i’ll see you later.” yoongi tosses a couple crumpled up bills onto the counter and then he gestures to the hallway and then he’s off
you watch wistfully as he makes his way down the hallway
lisa’s one lucky girl
the next couple of hours really give you some alone time to reflect on what’s happening
let’s see
you like yoongi
a loT more than you thought you did
and he doesn’t feel the same way
nothing ever works out for you in the world of ~romance~
even in high school and college
no one was ever interested in u
and when you thought someone was interested they were actually just being nice to you
of course after you graduated things were a little different
you used tinder and ended up losing your virginity to this guy you’d texted for like a month
he came after like two strokes and then kicked you out of his place and that’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you
you’re going to die alone
you groan and pinch the bridge of your nose in frustration
save the tears for home save the tears for home
you’re rarely at the office alone at night
usually there are other people on the level but tonight it’s just you
you would be creeped out but you’re too busy pitying yourself to be scared of any ghosts or demons potentially haunting the building
you finished work earlier than you thought you would and you were tempted to leave because you have nothing else to do but you told yoongi you’d be here
maybe he’ll give you a small raise for being such a loyal secretary
you just finished your dinner (fish tacos and french fries from the food truck across the street) and you’re just aimlessly scrolling through your facebook feed
it’s about 8:15 when you hear the faint ding of the elevator and you perk up
and then you hear yoongi
you recognise the sound of his walk
why did he come back so soon his meeting isn’t for like another hour and a bit
you get up from your chair and straighten yourself out and look up as yoongi approaches your desk
“back so soon?? it’s only- oh my goD” yoongi’s grumbling to himself while dabbing at his shirt that has a huge splatter of wine on it
no wonder he’s back
it’s fine you’ll get him another shirt and he’ll head back to the restaurant
how did he pour sO much wine on himself
“i’ll get you another shirt, boss”
you immediately go into his office and grab a crisp shirt for him from his little closet
you walk out and
oh sweet baby jesus
you squeak and instinctively cover your eyes as your cheeks flush because
yoongi is shirtless
“sorry, i just wanted to get as much of it out as possible” yoongi’s not looking at you but that’s good because now you’re basically gawking at him
he has his shirt on your desk and is rubbing pretty hard at the purple stain
he’s kind of bent over and you can see his bicep flex every time he wipes
and o hl o r d
his back muscles,,,,,,,,,,,
“are you, um, is lisa waiting for you at the restaurant? did you just come back to change?”
yoongi pauses
“she went home. the date didn’t work out. there was no spark. the meeting is more important anyways” he grumbles before getting up and looking down at the shirt
“what- you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but what… happened on the date?”
yoongi sighs as he slips into his shirt and you’re about to apologise because it’s really none of your business but then he speaks up
“i don’t wanna get too into it, but the gist of it is that she kinda just wanted me for my money and then when i accused her of that she threw her wine all over me” he shrugs as if that’s the most casual thing to happen ever
oh dang
that’s rough
that sucks!!!! lisa sucks!!!!! what sane person would be perfectly fine taking advantage of someone like that??
(you hated lisa the moment you met her)
“oh… i’m sorry, that sucks” is all you can manage because you’ve never been good with comforting people “if it… makes you feel any better i think her sandwiches are put together pretty sloppily i mean i could probably make better sandwiches with my feet”
that gets a laugh out of yoongi and he shakes his head
“yeaH i’m definitely going to take a break from sandwiches for a while”
he buttons his shirt up and fixes the collar before he moves past you and into his office
meanwhile you fold up his stained shirt and tuck it into your purse so that you can drop it off at the dry cleaners tomorrow
you figure you’d give yoongi a little alone time
you want to comfort him but you don’t know how
so you distract yourself by making a cup of coffee since it’s already pretty late
“you want a cup of coffee? i made extra” you poke your head into yoongi’s office and raise your brow when you see he’s not sitting at his desk
“i could use some caffeine.” yoongi’s standing at his closet and is currently trying to tie his tie but his fingers are not cooperating with him and he’s clearly struggling
you’re about to go and get his coffee but then you hear him mumbling about how dumb ties are and you can’t help it you need to help him out
“here, let me,” you click over to yoongi and slip in between him and the mirror before reaching up to fix his tie
he stares down at you as you wrap the blade around the tail of the tie and a fond smile twitches at his lips
there’s something different about you but he can’t point out what it is
your brows are knitted together in intense concentration and
wow you’re cute
“once around…” you mumble to yourself and pause, tilting your head in confusion
that doesn’t look right
“oh, wait. twice! twice around, sorry” you adjust the tie slightly and make sure it’s not so tight so that’s it’s cutting off his breathing lol
“twice around…” yoongi breathes out and his head lowers a little when you yank on the tie gently to tighten it
your eyes flicker up and your cheeks immediately flush when you realise how close you are to yoongi right now
you’re basically pressed up against the mirror and you’d only have to take like half a step closer and your nose would be touching his
you don’t know what it is but you find yourself tugging on his tie and pulling him down so that you can press your lips against his
yoongi’s eyes widen in surprise but his lips are moving on their own accord
and for the first time evER
yoongi’s heart flutters in his chest
he’s never felt this way before
not even with lisa
your lips are so unbelievably soft
yoongi can taste the strawberry chapstick that he sees you apply all the time and he can’t help but suck your bottom lip in between his teeth
and when you let out a little moan of his name his hands itch to pull you closer because god daMn…
and then it hits you
you’re kissing yoongi
you’re kissing your boss
you’re not just kissing him you guys are fully making out
what the hELL R U DOING
you immediately pull away and you are just,,, mortified
just because u haven’t gotten laid in like idk 8 months doesn’t mean you can go around KISSING anyone you like
get your hormones in check girl!!!!!!
this is not the way to comfort someone!!!!!!!
“oh shit- that wasn’t- i’m so sorry, i, uh- i don’t know why i did that but-“ yoongi’s about to speak up to calm you down and tell you it’s okay but then the skype ringtone echoes from his desk and the two of you are reminded that he has a very important conference call “okay, i’ll be out there, um, have fun??” you bolt out of the room and shut the door behind you and uGHHHH
for about forty minutes you’re just stewing in your own humiliation as yoongi takes his call
meanwhile yoongi can barely focus on what he’s talking about because all he can think about are your lips and how sweet you taste
you realise you’ve spent the last ten minutes just staring at a blank word document because all you can think about it WHY DID I DO THAT
you hear yoongi saying goodbye to whoever he’s talking to and you slap your face gently a couple times to snap out of it
maybe you can just act casual about it
haha yeah bro we just kissed but it’s fine it’s totally normal i kiss jimiN all the time
okay that’s not a very good approach to the situation
you don’t get a chance to come up with another brilliant solution because yoongi’s office door opens and he steps out before switching the lights off and tucking his phone and wallet into his back pocket
“c’mon, i’ll drive you home”
wha,,,, you don’t think you can survive a car ride home with yoongi because you’re still mortified about what happened
and he’s not bringing it up either so maybe he just wants to forget about it too
“oh, no, it’s alright! i can take the bus home”
“it’s a little past midnight it’s not safe. don’t be stubborn.”
“i’m not being stubborn! seriously, it’s fine” you wave him off before pointing to your laptop “i have some work to do anyway”
yoongi bends down to look at your screen and raises an eyebrow
“this is an empty word document.” he stands back up and looks down at you before nodding his head over to the hallway “pack up your stuff that’s an order.” he switches your desk lamp off for you before he’s walking towards the elevators and well you don’t have a choice now so
you shove everything into your bag and grab your cardigan off the back of your chair before quickly jogging over to the lift
the two of you step in and you’re standing so close that your arms are pressed together
but neither of you seem to be moving away
the two of you stare up at the little screen showing the descending floor numbers
“i’m perfectly capable of taking myself home”
“i’m aware”
“so i’ll just take the bus then?”
“mr min “
“yoongi. it’s after hours. you can call me yoongi, y/n.”
((his name is cute to you for some reason))
“yoOngi. i don’t want to inconvenience you, sir. my place is like a twenty-minute drive away and your penthouse is like five minutes “
“it’s not an inconvenience. come.” you figure there’s no use trying to argue with yoongi
he pretty much always gets his way no matter what
maybe that’s why he’s so rich
you trail behind him and he unlocks his car (it’s a sleek black range rover!!!!!!!!!) and he gets into the driver’s seat while you slip into the passenger seat
“are you sure about this, yoongi? i feel bad because you’ve already had a bad night like don’t feel obligated to drive me home because i helped you tie your-“
“i’m literally not even listening to you right now” the engine purrs to life and yoongi pulls out of his spot
he has his sleeves rolled up and his tie is loosened and his hair is kind of messy probably from him running his hand through it (a nervous habit you’ve noticed he has)
…..god he looks sexy
it’s also pretty late and his voice has gotten slightly raspy and is like an octave lower
your mind wanders and you find yourself wondering what he’d sound like while
omg get urself together
you’re tempted to just not say anything for the entire duration of the ride and just let the radio do the talking but
“…so you really don’t know how to tie your own tie?” yoongi smiles at your question as he keeps his eyes on the road
“it’s too much effort, tying a tie. that’s why most of mine are those clip-on ones” he admits and your mouth drops because LoL you have this professional ceo who terrifies everyone and he uses lil clip-on ties like a little boy
“clip-on ties??? omG that’s so adorable you’re so cute” you blurt out as you laugh at him and yoongi glances over at you for a second before he shakes his head and laughs along
the rest of the ride to your place consists of you sharing funny stories and yoongi mostly listening and focusing on driving but he laughs a lot and you feel good because you think you’re making him feel better about the she who shall not be named situation
((lisa doesn’t deserve him anyways))
lisa is the last thing on yoongi’s mind because of you
he never really liked those sandwiches anywho
you feel kinda sad when he rolls up to the front of your building because you guys were having such a nice time
like you’ve literally never been so casual with yoongi before
you like spending time with him
…you like him.
that was probably pretty obvious considering you kissed him
he hasn’t brought it up,,,,,, which is kind of concerning but
knowing yoongi he’s acting professional about it
“thanks for the ride, yoongs.” the nickname slips out accidentally and you look up to make sure he’s not like disgUSted with the new nickname you’ve given him
“c’mon, i’ll walk you to the door”
he gets out of the car before you can protest
you hop out and shut the door behind you and he locks the car
“thanks for everything, by the way. i enjoyed your company tonight.” yoongi murmurs and in the dim streetlights you can see his cheeks go a little pink
“i know. i’m amazing company, what can i say?” you joke and yoongi rolls his eyes because of coUrse you would say something like that “i hope i made you feel a little better.”
“you did” the two of you stop in front of the entrance and you turn to face each other
“good! that’s good. well,,,,goodnight, boss” you’re about to zip right into the building but you’re stopped by yoongi tugging on your wrist causing you to spin around and all of a sudden you feel yoongi press the ~softest~ kiss to your cheek
“goodnight, y/n.” yoongi smiles kindly at you and you beam at him with pink cheeks before you nod and go inside
you can feel his gaze on you as you wait for the lift and you’re bouncing on your toes for some reason
you feel super jittery and you want to scream so loudly but it’s like 2am lol
the next morning you have a pep in your step and jimin’s like omg slow down i know you’re happy about the whole yoongi thing but i have short legs!!!!!!
your arm is linked with his and you’re basically dragging him down the street so you slow down and you’re like sorry i’m just,,,,, really happy,,,,,
jimin lets you get away with it because he knows you haven’t gotten some romantic action in a while
and suddenly your happiness is replaced by nervousness the moment you see yoongi
jimin yelps when you duck behind the corner and yank him with you
you listen for the ‘ding’ and you peek out from behind the corner to make sure the elevator doors have closed
“what was that????”
“i….,.,, i don’t know!!!” you snap and walk over to the lifts and push the up button quickly
“i thought you and yoongi had a greAT time yesterday so why’d you basically piss yourself when “
jimin takes that as a hint to stop and the elevator ride up is silent
you’re so flustered you forget to blow jimin an air kiss and he’s like okay now i look like boo boo the fOOL blowing a kiss to nobody
you plop down on your chair and put your purse under your desk and let out a breath
whatever that panic attack was
it can’t happen again
how are you supposed to act around yoongi now??
you kissed him
he kissed your cheek
you guys had a great time
should you act more casual around him???
maybe you should ask him if he wants to go out for lunch
or is that too much too soon
oh god
“good morning, miss y/l/n.” you jump when yoongi walks past you and into his office
“good- hi, good morning boss!!!” you say a little too enthusiastically and you clear your throat
you stand up and clutch your iPad to your chest and waddle into his office
you curse to yourself and lean down to adjust your heels
“you surprisingly don’t have any meetings today but you do have to look over the rewritten company policies after that- um, incident that happened on the 45th floor and the financial precinct”
“okay. what’s for lunch today?”
“what’s for-“ oh no you weren’t prepared for this what’S THE PLAN Y/N WHAT’S THE PLAN “lunch is… with me. you’re having lunch with me.” is what you blurt out and you press your lips together when yoongi looks up from his phone and gives you this…. look  
“unless you… unless you want a… sandwich or something i “
“where are we eating lunch?”
oh okay he wants to eat lunch with you that’s a good sign
“i’ll get some takeout for us? there’s a really good sushi place a couple blocks “
“okay. you can use my card. i like the spicy tuna rolls with those crunchy bits sprinkled on top.”
“okay! okay okay that’s- yes, those ones are nice. how does lunch at 12:30 sound?”
“mm.” yoongi scribbles something on a post-it note and you take that as a hint to get the heck out
you shut the door behind you
so is yesterday just going to be an unspoken thing
you can do that
keeping it casual
you can keep it casual
you’re as cool as a cucumber
you’re as cool as the sunglasses guy emoji
jimin pouts a little when you tell him you’re not joining him for lunch but when you say you have a lil sushi date with yoongi he’s like……. hmmmmmmm okay i’ll get over it :-))))))))
the sushi place is a couple blocks away
and to get there you have to pass by the sandwich place which isn’t a big deal
and when you get there you’re about to just keep walking because who cares about sandwiches anymore but
well you can’t help yourself
you walk in and lisa looks surprised to see you
“lisa.” you smile at her and then look down at the display case
“y/n! i, um, hi. hey. what can i get for you?” she scratches the back of her neck and can’t seem to keep eye contact with you
in fact she seems to be a little scared
now you know how yoongi feels
being powerful…… makes you feel niCe
“i’m in the mood for… a nice, hot cup of tea.” lisa nods quickly and punches a couple buttons on the cash register
“english breakfast or green?”
“english breakfast, please.” you hum and rummage through your purse for your wallet and hand her a couple of coins and then you go over and wait for it on the side
but you’re not just here to get a cup of tea
oh nonoOonononono
“y/n, here’s your tea!” lisa chirps happily and hands you your cup of tea with a smile
“thank you,” you take a tiny sip and then purse your lips and lisa’s like !!! what’s wrong??
“oof, i hate to do this.” you sigh and shake your head “but could you add a little more cream and a sprinkle of go fuck yourself?”
“sure i’ll just-wait w-what?” lisa looks up at you with wide eyes and you stare blankly at her
“…a little more cream and sugar?”
you hand her your cup and she nods quickly and adds in a splash of cream and even stirs it for you the polite little thing
“h-here you go, y/n”
“thanks lisa.” you begin walking away but you turn back to look over your shoulder “have a wonderful, gold-digging day!”
lisa grows pale
you dump the tea into the bin the moment you leave the sandwich place and head straight for the sushi place
you give yourself a high five for avenging yoongi in your own twisted way
“i’m bAck and i’m ready to eaT” you shut the door behind you as you enter yoongi’s office and frown when you see him typing an obviously angry email
now the past y/n would’ve immediately excused herself and then leave the room but for some reason you feel like,,,, you’re the one holding the power
maybe you’re still on a high from your encounter with lisa
so instead of being like oH i’ll just come back in a sec you stroll over and shut yoongi’s laptop and then hand him a pair of chopsticks
“i was in the middle of something.” his eyebrows knit together and he’s about to open up his laptop but you use the chopsticks to gently whack his hand and he flinches
“i’m aware” you wave the chopsticks in front of yoongi and he sighs and takes it “but the only thing you had today was half a cup of coffee. so we’re going to eat and then maYbe i’ll let you get back to work”
you take a seat and proceed to take the takeaway containers out of the flimsy plastic bag and yoongi’s just sitting there like since when did you become so,,,,, bold
“a spicy tuna roll with the crunchy tempura bits on top for you and a dragon roll for meEE” yoongi perks up when you pop open the lid of your styrofoam box
your roll looks rly good
he looks down at his own spicy tuna roll
sure he likes spicy tuna but he’s not in the mood for raw fish today
“what’s in your roll?” yoongi raises an eyebrow when he sees that you’ve already shoved a roll into your mouth
the way your cheeks are filled resembles a chipmunk and he waits patiently for you to chew and swallow
“nice to see that you’ve got the eating abilities of a three-year-old toddler”
you roll your eyes and ignore his comment
“it’s tempura shrimp and cucumber on the inside and then avocado on top with a drizzle of spicy mayo i think” you pick up a sliver of ginger and pop it into your mouth and chew thoughtfully
meanwhile yoongi takes half a bite of one of his rolls and decides he’s over it
it’s good but it’s not tempura shrimp and cucumber with avocado on top and a drizzle of spicy mayo
“you forgot to shut the door.” yoongi uses his chopsticks to point over your shoulder and you immediately turn around and get up
didn’t you shut the door when you came in??
once your back is turned yoongi reaches over and snags one of your rolls before shoving it into his mouth
holy shit
this is SO GOOD
when you walk over the door… is closed
“the door wasn’t open” you walk back over and take a seat
yoongi swallows his bite and shrugs “sorry, my bad.”
okay he was originally just going to eat one and be done with it but he wants another one
“is that your phone ringing outside?” yoongi stops eating and leans forward a little bit as if listening to something
you turn back again and look at the door and try to hear for your ringtone
“i don’t hear anything”
“you don’t??” yoongi grabs another roll from your box and shoves it into his mouth
“do you think i’m going deaf or something because i seriously can’t hear a thing” you turn back just in time to see yoongi shoving one of yOUR rolls into his mouth
“did you just-“ yoongi wipes a dot of mayo off from the corner of his mouth and then swallows
you look down at your roll and count in your head
you only ate 1
but 3 of them are missing
you look up at yoongi slowly and he takes a sip of water
“…yOU!!! you THIEF!!!! that’s not fair now you have to give me two of yours so we’re even” you reach over with your chopsticks and gawk at yoongi when he blocks your chopsticks with his own
“you don’t have any proof”
“i saw you with my own eyes yoONGI”
next thing you know the two of you are fighting with your chopsticks and using them like swords
it’s when a droplet of soy sauce almost stains yoongi’s dress shirt that he stops whacking his chopsticks with yours and holds a hand out to stop you
“tell you what-“ he leans forward as if negotiating some sort of business deal “you give me your dragon roll.” and then he doesn’t say anything else
“that’s it. you just give me your dragon roll.” the playful glint in yoongi’s eyes tells you he’s just kidding but you can’t help but scowl at him anyways
“you’re a lousy negotiator how the hell’d you become a ceo??” you end up sacrificing your dragon roll and yoongi gives you his spicy tuna roll which honestly is also pretty good
at the end it’s worth it to see yoongi humming happily as he chews thoughtfully
he’s so cute uWu
yoongi, to put it bluntly
is completely and utterly fucked 
he like
kind of wants to bring up what happened between you two
but he also doesn’t know how
because he’s never been in thiS kind of situation before
so the kiss is kind of just a thing that’s been hanging in the air but the two of you act like nothing happened
all this relationship drama makes him feel like he’s in high school again
he just!!!!!!! wants to do something!!!!!!!! but he doesn’t know what to do!!!!!!!!
so when yoongi gets an email about the yearly company gala
a lightbulb appears above his head
“y/n i need you in my office” yoongi walks past your desk and into his office and you quickly spoon the rest of your rice into your mouth before wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and going in
“what’s up? um, i mean- what can i help you with?” you clear your throat and lick over your teeth in case there’s any food stuck in between your teeth
yoongi sits down and leans back against his chair while keeping his eyes on you
“you’re coming with me to the gala tomorrow night”
oh what
you squint your eyes slightly and wait for him to be like lolz just kidding get back to work
but he never does that
you’ve never been to a company gala before
your old boss had a wife so it’s not like he had to ask you to accompany him
“you- me? you want me to come with you to the “
“we’ll leave after work tomorrow, so make sure you bring something nice to change into.” yoongi’s flipping through some papers on his desk and he reaches up to lick his finger before swiping to the next page
“sir, you don’t think it’s a little bit-“ your phone rings outside and you turn to look at the door before looking back at yoongi “-it’s a little bit weird for you to be showing up with your secreta-“
“go and pick up the phone. might be an important call.”
okay well
apparently you’re going to a gala now
tomorrow comes a lot sooner than you thought it would because the next thing you know work is over and you’re changing in the disabled washroom with jimin as your lovely assistant
“c’mon, suck it in” jimin grits his teeth as he tugs at the zipper of your dress “i told you to go for that blue one”
it’s a little black dress
off the shoulder
sweetheart neckline
it ends a little above your knees
“but i’ve never worn this dress before and i wanted to take it out for a spin!!” you wiggle your hips to try and help jimin and he lets out a breath of relief when he finally gets the zipper to zip up in one smooth movement
now you know why you’ve never worn this dress before
it’s so damn tiGHt
well honestly it’s not that bad but it’s just,, tighter than things you usually wear
at least your boobs look perkier
“if you bend down, this thing is going to bust open” jimin snorts and bends down to help you into your heels and he scowls when you put your hand on top of his head to keep yourself from toppling over
“how does it look?”
“it looks good, you look sexy” and sure you’re just friends with jimin but that comment gets your cheeks to flush a little bit and you can’t help but bite back with a “keep it in your pants, park” and he raises his hands in defence
“alright, you go and enjoy yourself at a fancy ball while i go home and pig out in front of the TV” jimin sighs dramatically and you laugh but give him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving the washroom
you keep your eyes down as you click past the cubicles because you can feel everyone just staring at you and you hear jimin go like “i know her ass looks good but keep talking about her like that and i’ll knock u out” in the distance
you knock on the door to yoongi’s office and let yourself in and
you see yoongi wear suits everyday but for some reason tonight he looks ten times more expensive
his hair is styled to perfection
his lips look extra pouty and when he licks over his bottom lip and moistens it you audibly swallow
there isn’t even one wrinkle on his shirt
not only does he look sexy he also smELLS sexy
the entire room just smells like yoongi
he’s on the phone and is scribbling something down so he doesn’t notice you yet
“yes, i hope to hear from you soon.” he has his phone sandwiched in between his shoulder and his ear as he adjusts his cufflinks and woW you are totally heart eyes emoji right now “take care.” he hangs up and gets up from his seat while looking for his keys “ready to go?”
“yep! let’s get a move on because i don’t know how long my feet are going to last in these heels”
yoongi’s hand stops searching and his eyes flicker to your heels and then his eyes slowly trail up your legs and the rest of your body
“you clean up nicely” is all he can say because words cannot describe,,, how sexy you look to him right now
okay calm down yoongi find ur keys don’t gawk at ur secretary
he finds his keys and tucks them into his back pocket but then he’s like oH hold on before i forget come here
and he rummages through his bag and pulls out a velvet box from fuckign cartier
“this is for you. for tonight.” he opens it and your eyes nearly pop out of their sockets at the sight of this gorgeous diamond necklace and you don’t even get a chance to protest before yoongi’s taking it out and moving behind you to help you clasp it on
you reach up and pinch the diamond charm between your fingers and then you turn to look at him over your shoulder and you’re like yoongi i can’t just accept a diamond necklace from u
“fine i’ll take it out of your paycheque”
“i’m kidding i’m kidding c’mon let’s go”
the car ride there consists of you humming and bopping along to whatever song is playing on the radio
yoongi calls you out on not knowing the lyrics and you’re like u know whAt i could just leave you at this gala thing and go home
“then i’ll fire you”
“you’re mean”
“i’ve been called worse.”
“by who??”
“by yoU”
when you guys get to the gala
all you can say is woW because WOW
you’re parked across the street from this huGe mansion that literally looks like the white house
“a bug is going to fly into your mouth if you keep gawking like that” yoongi places a hand on the small of your back and walks you across the street and you feel all tingLy
“are you kidding me yoongi do you sEE this place it’s HUGE”
“there are like 1000 people here of course it’s huge”
that just adds to your anxiety
you clutch your purse tightly when you see some very veRy fancy looking people walk past you and into the building
you really don’t belong here
and it seems like yoongi can read your mind
“don’t worry, y/n. i’ll be glued to your side all night.”
“and why is that?”
“so i can make sure you don’t accidentally knock something expensive over.” the two of you make your way up the stairs and your feet are already beginning to throb from your stilettos
“you know what i’m not thAt clumsy” right as you finish saying that you stumble a little over your heels and yoongi’s grip around your waist immediately tightens
“…you were saying?”
you clear your throat and grab his arm and drag him into the building
this is…. this interior looks like it was ripped straight out of some kind of fairytale
huge glass chandeliers
marble columns
waiters and waitresses evErywhere
their uniforms look more expensive than your entire existence
and then you spot it
the f o o d table
“oh my god i see tiny baby sandwiches” you gasp and immediately head for the sandwiches and but yoongi grabs your wrist and tugs you backwards “whAt are you doing i’m so hungry i’m going to eat like 100 of those let me gO- “
“mr min! it’s so nice to see you!” you shut up immediately when the two of you are approached by an older looking couple and you put on your polite smile
“mr lee. it’s nice to see you again.” yoongi gives him a firm handshake and then turns to his wife “mrs lee- looking lovely, as per usual.”
“still charming, i see!” and you’re tempted to be like lol yooNgi??? charming??? wheRE
“and who’s this lovely lady?” the man smiles at you and you’re like whoops time to introduce myself
“oh, i’m y/n! i’m mr min’s secreta-“
“date. she’s my date.” yoongi wraps an arm around your waist and draws you in nice and close and you’re like ! ? ! ?
y/n.exe has stopped working
okay okay coolcoolcool keep it casual nice and casual
anyways you shake the guy's hand and you shake his wife’s hand too and offer her a smile
“gorgeous necklace! who gave it to you?”
time to keep it casual
“yoongi did!” you pat his chest gently “he knows i have expensive taste even though i’m only worth like 50 cents and a pack of instant ramen.” everyone laughs and yoongi laughs along too but he’s not really focused because he’s just so,,, entranced by you
you’re so unbelievably charming and witty
and god you look good tonight
you look like a million bucks even though you told him you got your dress for 70% off the original price
“could you excuse us for a second? i need some alcohol in my system otherwise i don’t know if i’ll be able to survive tonight.” you excuse yourself and yoongi from the couple and link your arm with his and now he’s like ! ? ! ?
“buddy system, yoongi. you can’t lose me in this crowd otherwise you’ll have to find a new secretary.”
“i don’t see the problem with that.” he earns a slap on the arm for that comment and he can’t help but smile at the way you scowl at him
you hand yoongi a flute of champagne and pick one up for yourself and the two of you clink glasses before taking a sip
this shit tastes frickin expensive
it’s like liquid gold
you’d drink the whole bottle if alcohol poisoning wasn’t a thing
“you should take me to more of these things” you hum and take another sip before wiping off a bit of your lip gloss staining the rim of the glass
“and why is that?”
“not only am i greAt at charming people i also happen to really really like champagne” you tsk and yoongi laughs lightly
“charming people? ah, yes. as proven by what you said when we first met.” 
“okay but if you weren’T min yoongi and you were some other person you totally would’ve thought what i said was charming”
the two of you spend the next half an hour just talking to each other
you’re having such a good time
yoongi’s a great person to talk to and with every passing minute you find your fondness of him growing and growing
and with alcohol running through your veins you feel,,, a tad more confident
the buzz makes you feel giDDY
so you reach over and fix a strand of yoongi’s hair “i didn’t know this was a date, by the way.”
yoongi’s not surprised that you’re touchy when you’re tipsy
“what are you talking about?”
“i thought i was here as your secretary!!!!”
“you’ve never been on a date before and i’m a good samaritan who loves giving to charities”
“wha- i’VE BEEN on a dATE BEFore!!!” you scowl and yoongi rolls his eyes playfully “okay well it was more like a hangout with a bunch of friends but i really liked the guy and i think he liked me back and you know what he sat next to me when we were watching a movie so-“
“you don’t have to come up with a crazy story to try and convince me that you’ve gone on a date - this is your first date, and it’s with me.” he shrugs and downs the rest of his champagne “i have to go and talk to someone, will you be alright alone?”
“why can’t i come with you?” you whine and lean against yoongi a little and you’re a little too tipsy to notice his cheeks flare up
“because they’re all going to look at you like a piece of meat and i’d rather that didn’t happen.” you look over your shoulder and see a round table with a bunch of older men
your heart feels a lil fuzzy at the realisation that yoongi is,,, being very very protective of u
yoongi hands you another flute of champagne and sets your empty glass down “you’ll be fine in the VIP section just enjoy the drinks and don’T move from this spot”
“but i don’t wanna stand here-“
“i’ll only be like 10 minutes, you whiney baby. here-” when you open your mouth to speak he pops an olive puff into your mouth and then pats your cheek and slips past you
you want to pout but it’s hard doing that when there’s foOd in your mouth so you just watch yoongi as he walks away
of course he turns back to glance at you and gives you a warning look that says if you move from ur spot i’ll shank you
you hate being alone at parties and now you’re alone at this fancy gala
so you resort to your usual solution
scrolling through your phone while standing by the food and drinks
about five minutes pass and you’re already getting bored of the tetris game you’re playing
and then you hear two voices belonging to two girls and they’re standing a little distance behind you
“you think she fucked mr min so she could come here? i bet i could’ve fucked him better.”
oh hELL no
you would nEVER do something like that to get a job you’ve always believed in earning a position through hard work and determination
you want to turn your head and look at the two girls and confront them but you also want to hear what else they have to say
“oh, definitely. what a slut! fucked her way to the goddamn top. that’s how this business works when you’re desperate, i guess.”
you’re clutching your flute of champagne so tightly that your knuckles are starting to get white and you’re surprised the glass hasn’t cracked from the pressure
you can feel your entire face burning up with humiliation and you try to calm yourself by taking a sip of champagne but even good ol bubbly can’t help you
this was a mistake
you should have turned down yoongi
“the point is that she doesn’t belong here. especially in the VIP section with us??”
they’re right!!!! u don’t belong here!!!!!!! you are noWhere as rich and successful as these people,,,, you’re tempted to just ditch yoongi and go home
“that dress was a choice. this isn’t a strip club, honey.”
“god, look at her necklace. there’s no way a fucking secretary could afford that shit. how many times did she suck him off for him to give it to her?” the blonde snorts to herself - and raises an eyebrow in your direction
the introduction of a third voice makes you perk up
because that voice belongs to yoongi
he stands in front of them with his hands clasped behind his back
“zero times, actually. i suggest keeping your assumptions - which are all wrong, by the way - to yourselves.” yoongi smiles and tilts his head and the two of them go pale and exchange glances before looking down at the ground
it’s almost eery how calm and composed he is when he goes “miss cho, miss pak -  i can destroy your pathetic little cupcake company with one phone call. have a good night, ladies.”
he walks over to you and you’re like >:-) when you see the security guards guiding the two girls out
“thanks for doing that”
“i don’t know what you’re talking about” yoongi downs the rest of his drink and sets it down on the table before taking your champagne and putting it down as well
“you didn’t have to be so mean about it, though”
“i still don’t know what you’re talking about.” he pauses “and yes, i did have to be mean about it. i never really enjoyed these gatherings, anyway. let’s get some ice cream.”
“don’t you still have business to tend to?” you gesture back to the table of men
yoongi shrugs “they’ll call me if they need anything”
you nod slowly and look around one last time “i thought you didn’t like sweet things though”
yoongi is very tempted to say even tho he doesn’t like sweet things he certainly likes you but
the cheesiness of it all makes his entire soul criNGE
“i can make an exception”
he google maps if there are any ice cream places near the event and luckily there’s one about a six-minute walk away
and so the two of you begin the mini trek
you should have brought your cardigan with you
you underestimated how breezy it gets late at night
yoongi obviously notices this and proceeds to take his suit jacket off before wrapping it around you
you turn and give yoongi a smile even though he’s looking straight ahead
“don’t look at me like that”
“like what?” you hum and link your arm with his and yoongi freezes for a millisecond at the contact
he grumbles something under his breath and you don’t bother asking him to repeat it
“sorry for forcing you to go to this dumb thing with me”
“it’s okay, i had fun! plus you’re treating me to an ice cream in four minutes time so that makes everything worth it”
a comfortable silence falls between the two of you
and it’s just the sound of your heels clicking against the pavement mixed in with the occasional car driving by
goD his suit jacket smells like him and it’s making you feel all woozy
when you get to the cute ice cream parlour yoongi opens the door for you like a true gentleman would and when you give him a little curtsey in thanks he can’t help but roll his eyes playfully while the tiniest of smiles tugs at the corners of his mouth
you’re adorable
and if it’s even possible you become even more adorable at the sight of the large selection of flavours of ice cream there is
“oH MY god red velvet cake ice cream??” your nose is practically pressed up against the glass and your eyes are big and sparkly
there are only like one or two other people in the parlour at this hour and yoongi’s glad because that gives the two of you at least a lil bit of privacy
he looks around a little and turns his attention back to the ice creams
“CINNAMON BUN FLAVOURED- you shouldn’t have taken me here boss the sun is going to come up before i make a decision” you shake your head and tsk and yoongi laughs at that “what flavour are you thinking of getting?”
“i was just going to get the low-fat low sugar vanilla frozen yogurt.”
“oh bOO c’mon live a little grandpa” you snort and shuffle a little to scan over the other flavours
“it’s not my fault-“ yoongi pauses and squints his eyes “-apple pie ice cream sounds like the nastiest thing in the world”
“how about you go and get us some seats and i’ll choose your flavour”
“if you don’t like it then i’ll let you get your low-fat low-sugar low-fun stupid vanilla frozen yogurt” you negotiate and yoongi’s like okay finE i guess
he’s about to reach into his wallet but you stop him and you’re like nope it’s mY treat go and find us a booth
of course before he goes and finds the two of you a seat he makes sure to slip the cashier a couple of bills and is like i’m covering for whatever she picks out
yoongi decides to go with a lil booth in the back
just for a little more ~privacy~
and now that he has a moment to himself
oh my god what the fucK is happening to him
he doesn’t do ice cream??
he doesn’t do arm linking??
giving his jacket to someone because they’re cold??? not his thing!!!! he ALWAYS puts himself first!!!!!!
but most importantly
he doesn’t do the whole
romAnce thing
like after the whole fiasco with lisa he was like lol i’m not going to put myself through thaT again and then you came along and RUINED everything by kissing him and making his heart go boom boom because he’s finally realising that you’re just so terribly sweet and nice and kind to him even tho he’s a grade A asshole most of the time
he literally can’t get you off his mind
he thinks of you before he goes to bed ( ;-) )
he thinks of you when he wakes up
and then he sees you most hours of the day and you’re always there with a bright smile and you’re like good morning boss! and he wants to EXPLODE because gosh darn it!!!! you are so cute!!!!!!
and now he’s having a crisis because right now in this stupid ice cream parlour at 1 in the morning he is realising that he 110% has feelings for you and wants to kiss the heck out of you
“i told you it was mY treat!!!!” yoongi snaps himself out of it when you slide into the booth to sit next to him and usually yoongi would be like um,,,,, why are you sitting next to me it makes sense for u to sit across from me u idiot
he’ll.,,,,,… he can make an exception for u
you slide his cup over to him and yoongi blinks down at it
this…. multicoloured monstrosity with tiny baby marshmallows and sprinkles and chocolate syrup on top
“what flavour is this?? diabetes??” yoongi frowns and twists the cup around a couple times to look at it from all angles
“haha, very funny” you stick a spoonful of your ice cream into your mouth (u went with blueberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream) “it’s birthday cake flavoured! it’s wild but it’s not toO wild”
“you call this not too wild??” yoongi takes a small scoop “i can tell u right now i’m not going to like this because birthday cake is a cake it doesn’t belong in an ice cream” he puts it into his mouth
and you watch him as he processes the many flavours swirling around in his mouth
o shit
dis shit is gud
“…eh” he shrugs “it’s passable”
you reach out to take his cup “i can always eat it for you and get you your froyo if you “ yoongi slaps your hand away from his cup and glares at you
and in your head you’re like lolz i toLd you so
“you wanna try some of mine?” you offer him a spoonful and yoongi takes it almost immediately
“i like mine better” he shrugs and holds a spoonful up for you “try some.”
as you’re leaning in to take the spoon into your mouth yoongi’s pulling the spoon farther and farther away from you and he feels his heart go boom boom again when you pout and go yOOooOngi pls
you hum when he finally feeds you the spoonful and you don’t even realise your hand is on his thigh and you’re practically pressed up against him
there’s a moment of silence where the two of you kind of just stare at each other
you’re about to pull away when suddenly
a cartoon exclamation mark appears at the top of your head when yoongi leans in and presses his lips against yours
you want to whine when he pulls away like a second later but you compose yourself quickly
“you had some ice cream there” yoongi clears his throat and focuses his attention back on his ice cream
you’re tempted to smother ice cream all over your face if it means yoongi will kiss you again
yoongi’s eyes widen in surprise when you lean in and plant a kiss on his cheek
“you’re cute, you know that?” you murmur and yoongi grumbles that he’S not cute but his cheeks heat up anyway
the point is
you two are now realising
that you like each other
: )))
[screams into the void]
the car ride home is spent letting the radio fill the silence
your tummies are filled with ice cream
both your hearts feel warm and fuzzy (although that’s probably from the insane amount of sugar you guys consumed earlier)
yoongi parks in front of your driveway and is like c’mon i’ll walk u over
you kind of want to invite him in?? to talk about things?? like if he kissed u that must mean he likes you back but what if he’s only doing it because he still hung up over lisa and blah bLah
but for some reason u can’t find the courage because what if it’s true,,, that he’s only using you to get over lisa…. and you’re really enjoying this little bubble that the both of you are floating in right now…..
“i, uh, i’m just going to come out and say it” the two of you are standing by the entrance
you nod slowly and wait for him to continue
oh god
here it comes
he’s going to tell u he’s not looking for anything serious and then you’re going to have to deal with your romantic feelings for him for the rest of your life
“i had a lot of fun tonight, and i… i think i like you.”
you don’t even realise you’re holding your breath but all you can say is
“you like me or you like-like me????”
okay he’s going to ignore that question
yoongi literally feels like he’s in high school again he’s far too mature for this shit
“i liked you the day we met in the elevator and you unknowingly told me how much of an asshole i am, i liked you when you whined about getting my shitty sandwiches for me, i liked you when you made fun of me for not knowing how to tie my own tie the point is i like you and i like-like you. don’t… don’t make a big deal out of this i don’t have a lot of experience with confessions like this but i just need to know if you like me back or not”
yoongi feels his body beginning to cave in on itself when you stare at him like :0
he can’t even look you straight in the eye he’s just staring at the space behind you
“this is the part where you kiss me, yoongi”
he looks at you and he swallows thickly when you take a small step forward
usually he’s the one in power but right now you definitely hold the power over him
and then it happens
he leans down in one swift movement and presses his lips against yours
this is your third kiss with yoongi and it’s your seCOnd one with him toNIGHT
at first it’s a relatively innocent kiss
nice and slow
makes your heart flutter
but of course
the two of you know exactly where this is going
you feel your tummy doing summersaults when he grabs your hips and pulls you in closer
you wrap your arms around his neck loosely and grin when you feel his tongue prodding at your bottom lip and yoongi groans in his throat when you tangle your fingers in his hair and give him a little tug
“you wanna come in for some coffee or something?” you smooth down his collar and he presses a kiss to your mouth smartly
“…one cream one sugar?” you giggle and pull him in and the two of you stumble to the elevator
yoongi’s hands are aLL over you the moment you unlock your front door
your purse and your keys end up on the floor somewhere because you’re too preoccupied making out with yoongi while he presses you up against the wall
“i’ve wanted to rip this dress off of you the moment i saw you in it” your back arches so that he can unzip the back of your dress while he’s planting kisses to your neck and your shoulders
he lets out a throaty groan when he sees the lingerie you’ve got on underneath
you felt like tonight was an appropriate night to go full bougie so you treated yourself to some ~lingerie~
thank god you did
you gasp when you feel yoongi tug at your panties and you hear a couple threads snap so you slap his hand away
“yoongi!!! this wasn’t cheap!”
“i’ll buy you a new pair, fuck, i’ll buy you ten new pairs” yoongi groans against your neck and pushes his crotch into yours and you automatically forgive him
meanwhile you’re blindly unbuttoning his shirt
articles of clothing are tossed on the floor leading a trail to your bedroom
“you gonna be a good girl for me?” the bed bounces underneath your weight as yoongi gently pushes you onto the mattress
and goD he looks like sin standing above you and loosening his tie while looking down at you with dark eyes and swollen lips
“yes, daddy”
oh,,,,,,,, o oh my god
he wants to wreck you
“naughty little thing” he purrs then leans down to kiss you while slotting himself in between your legs
and the moan you let out when he rolls his hips against yours is something he’d want to listen to for the rest of his life it was possible
and then he’s leaving a trail of wet kisses down your neck and your chest and your stomach until his head is in between your legs
the coffee can definitely wait
; )
when he wakes up the next morning he’s surprised to see your chin propped up on his chest and you have the brightest smile on your face
“you like-like me”
yoongi groans and smacks you with a pillow to shut you up but he can still hear your muffled you like likE Me biTCH
the two of you get to work an hour late because yoongi decided he wanted to strip you out of your pencil skirt the second you changed into it
and everyone’s kind of like ?? what…… the..,.,.,.,fuuuuuu when the elevator doors open and they all catch a glimpse of you adjusting yoongi’s tie and yoongi leaning down to give you a kiss
you’re not sure if yoongi wants the entire office knowing about the two of you so you move to the side to let him walk out first but he grabs you and wraps an arm around your waist and walks the two of you out
and you’re like okay i guess this is a thing now
“good… morning, boss….”
“morning, sir…!”
yoongi pauses and turns back
“good morning, everyone. i hope you’ll all work hard today.”
and then he pushes you gently and the two of you continue walking down the hallway together
oh shit
yoongi just
yoongi just said good morning back
and now everyone’s even more confused because literally whose mans is this
you push his hand back up to your hip when you feel it sliding down a little and you retaliate by pinching his bicep
yoongi smiles and pinches your hip
you turn and look over your shoulder and it looks like the entire office is staring at the two of you like they’re just crowded around the beginning of the hallway
and jimin’s in the front like THAT’S. MY. BEST. FRIEND. Y’ALL. and he blows a silent air kiss to you and you blow one right back
you love life
min yoongi and y/n y/l/n
b i g  d i c k  e n e r g y
yoongi joins you on one of your morning coffee runs because you spent the night at his place so he was like i might as well get coffee with u instead of u walking over here twenty minutes after we get to work
and ah
thIS is jungkook
handsome guy
he can see the appeal
“morning, kook” jungkook perks up when he sees you
you turned jungkook down one morning when he plucked up the courage to ask you if you wanted to grab dinner and see a movie sometime
he was heartbroken for like one minute but when you said goodbye and gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek and told him if yoongi was out of the picture u definitely would’ve ended up with him and he was like :-)))))
the two of you are good friends and he gives you discounts sometimes
“morning, y/n! i’m guessing you’re here for the usua……l…..” and then his eyes very slowly,,, trail over to yoongi who’s standing next to you
he can feel his fiery gaze through his sunglasses
“throw in a cake pop. kook.” yoongi coughs and gestures to the cake pops in the display case
jungkook almost shits himself at how intimidating yoongi is
“y-yessir. right on it… sir.”
after you pay for everything and go over to wait you turn to yoongi and you’re like stop staring at jungkook you’re scaring him
and yoongi’s just like >:-) on the inside because he loves scaring people
when jungkook hands the coffee over to you his grip around the cups are so tight you’re surprised the lids haven’t popped off them
“thanks kookie” you take the paper bag from him and shove your elbow into yoongi’s side because jungkook isn’t staring at you he’s basically staring at the counter
“yeah. thanks, kookie.” yoongi offers a smirk and jungkook’s just in a state of [E N DM YS U F F E R I N G]
you give jungkook an extra large tip to make up for yoongi’s presence
even though you and yoongi are officially together that doesn’t mean you can slack off during work
and you learn this the hard way
sometimes you and jimin are too lazy to text each other so you end up calling him
he moved to a bigger cubicle thanks to you and it’s in a more ~secluded~ area because you know he works best in privacy
“oh my god jimin the other night he fucked me so hard he nearly broke my bed like i woke up this morning and i found a crack in the headboard but honestly i don’t even care because he made me cum like three times and i am so sorry but mr min’s schedule is booked up for the next week i’m afraid i can’t slot you in until next month! yes, goodbye!” you clear your throat and hang up and look up at yoongi who is currently looking down at you with a very amused smile on his face
“…hi boss” your voice cracks and you clear your throat quickly
“miss y/l/n. who was that?”
“oh,,, just some… guy… calling about a meeting… did you…. need anything?”
yoongi shrugs and shakes his head “i’ll be in my office”
but of course
because he’s yoongi
he can’t help himself and he stops before going into his office
“i made you cum four times. if you’re going to gossip at least get the details right. tell jimin to get back to work. and i’m still waiting for the revised copy of the contract that you said you’d type up an hour ago.”
maybe u and jimin should go back to texting
“i have parts of it revised but i-“
“got distracted?” yoongi’s eyes flicker towards the phone “don’t let it happen again.”
“buT jimin was the one who-“
“don’t blame other people for your own crippling procrastination.” your cheeks burn up and you let out a huff because yoongi’s turned into an asshole boss again
“pizza at my place tonight? we’ll leave at 5.” yoongi swoops down and steals a kiss from you and you’re like hoW do you go from asshole boss yoongi to boyfriend yoongi so quickly “you’re sleeping over again, by the way.”
you cup his cheeks and keep him awkwardly bent over so you can give him another soft kiss and he hums
“you owe me a new headboard, mister” you boop his nose and he swats your hands away before standing up and adjusting his tie “the main reason why i’m sleeping over is because i’m scared that if i lie down on my bed it’ll snap in half”
“you know, you could always just move into my place, baby. i want the contract in the next ten minutes or you’re working overtime.” yoongi leaves you with that comment and goD HE’S SUCH A..,.,.,., he’S SUCH a yOONGI
even before you and yoongi got together he always stressed the importance of not disrupting any of his meetings
there are a couple exceptions like that time he told you ‘you hAve to tell me when mr kim calls’ and when you did you got in trouble for it (he apologised about that and admitted - he only did it because he liked watching you get all riled up)
yoongi cut your lunch break short because he wanted you to re organize your desk (which was something that you were going to get to aFter lunch) so yA you were feeling a little salty because you were really enjoying your noodles
and yoongi’s in the middle of a meeting right now but you just came up with another exception
yoongi’s leaning back against his chair and keeping his eyes trained on the gentlemen currently talking about the stock market and recent increases and decreases
thank god he has resting bitch face all the time otherwise it’d be obvious that yoongi was boRed out of his fuckign mind
his phone buzzes on the table and the guy falters for a second but continues to speak when yoongi waves his hand
it’s a text from you that just says : )
but something that’s more interesting
there’s a picture attached to the text
it’s probably just a meme you found off your Facebook feed
he should text you and tell you to get back to work
plus the guy isn’t even paying attention to yoongi he’s too busy explaining his pie charts
so yoongi technically isn’t being thAt rude
he unlocks his phone and opens the message app and
oh god
definitely not a meme
it’s a picture of u with your top unbuttoned exposing a sexy little bralette that definitely is not appropriate work wear
he didn’t see you put that on this morning whEn did youyou must’ve changed during work no wonder you took longer than usual to come back with his coffee
yoongi swallows thickly and lowers the brightness on his screen but looks back up at the presentation
he’s looking at pie charts but all he can think about is how badly he wants you over his desk
you’re slightly concerned when you see that yoongi’s left your message on read
maybe this was a bad idea
maybe you pushed it too far this time
you were probably going to get in a lot of trouble
you’re chewing on your nails nervously but you’re like noPe i’m not going to overthink it and you set your phone down
it feels like a million years have passed when the meeting finally ends
you peek out from behind your desk when you hear yoongi walking down the hallway
and you feel a twinge of disappointment and humiliation when he walks past you and straight into his office
and then
it happens
“miss y/l/n. i’d like to see you in my office for a second.” and he has thAt look in his eye so you know you’re in a different kind of trouble
instead of complying ur like oOf you know what i’m kind of in the middle of something i’m sorting out your-
“that was very clearly an order and not a question” and he disappears into the office and you’re just having the time of your LIFE
yoongi ends up fucking you on his desk with your skirt bunched up to your hips and your shirt completely unbuttoned so he can see this barely there bralette for himself
and you’re pretty sure he has a thing for your heels because he makes you keep them on
he has his hands pressed flat on the desk next to your head while your legs wrap themselves around his waist
“naughty baby, sending me a picture like that in the middle of a meeting…” yoongi growls and pushes your legs down and you let out a mewl at the pure pleasure coursing through your veins “say you’re sorry and i might let you cum”
“i’m- oh, god - i-i’m not sorry, though” even when you’re getting fuCked out of your mind you’re cocky and yoongi wants to fuck that smirk off your face
he delivers a particularly hard thrust that hits you right there and makes your back arch and your eyes roll to the back of your head
“i’m sorry - what was that? didn’t hear you, princess” and then he’s hitting that spot over and over and over and ovEr again and you’re gripping onto the edge of the table so hard you’re worried you’re going to snap a chunk off
“yoOngaaH! i’m s- i’m sorry i’msorryi’msorryplease i’m s so sorry” yoongi lets his head drop and he bites down on your shoulder as you claw down his back over his shirt
“good girl.”
this is like a 200 pound mahogany desk but he’s fucking you with such fervour that it begins to tremble underneath the two of you
after your mind blowing orgasm the last thing you expect is for him to turn you around and bend you over so your chest is pressed against the desk
yoongi bends down over you and you shiver when you feel his mouth against your ear
“you’re not getting away that easily” you whimper and the next thing you know yoongi is shoving his tie into your mouth to shut you up because he knoWs how loud you get when you’re overstimulated
he doesn’t bother teasing and pushes himself all the way in and lets his head drop to your back and just lets out this gutteral grOan
when you leave his office you’re all flushed and your shirt is wrinkled and buttoned wrong but yoongi isn’t any better
his hair is a mess and his shirt is mostly unbuttoned revealing the milky expanse of his chest that’s littered with splotches of your lipstick
he wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you in to plant a kiss on your cheek and then pats your bum and tells you to get back to work
one time you were going down on him and you freeze when you hear someone knock on the door so he makes you hide under his desk
it's jimin and he's like u..uh hey boss have u seen y/n?? i have to ask her to file this document for me but i haven't seen her anywhere
yoongi jolts when he feels you take him into your mouth again and he tangles his fingers in your hair when you start bobbing your head slowly
“sorry jimin, haven't seen her. come back in like... 20 minutes."
and jimin’s like okay yes sir and he shuts the door
after it’s all over jimin sEES YOU leaving yoongi’s office and he’s like oh y/n i was just looking for-
but yoongi said he didn’t see you and
you were in his office and
your lipstick is smudg,,,,ed,,,,….., your hair.,,.,.., is kind of tousled,,, more tousled than usual…..
you and jimin are kind of having a stare off and you’re waiting for it to happen
and five seconds later it hits him
when he opens his mouth you slap a hand over it and you’re like i’ll buY YOUR LUNCH FOR THE NEXT WEEK just don’T SAY ANYTHING
jimin’s like no i don’t give a shit about you going down on him at work what i’M freaked out about is the fact that he seemed so calm and composed while you were sucking him off
min yoongi is a man of many talents and one of them is being able to hold a poker face for eternity
you unfortunately are not as talented at keeping it cool as your boyfriend
which is something he both loves and hates about you
tonight yoongi’s working late again which means that you have to stay late too
you don’t hAve to but,,,, you like to keep yoongi company and also being completely alone while he’s working forces you to actually do your damn job
“who are you calling?” yoongi steps out of his office and tugs his tie loose before rolling up his sleeves
“mr jung’s secretary- if he’s ever going to pick up the damn phone. i’m trying to reschedule your meeting with mr jung because it overlaps with your meeting with mr kim this coming thursday.” you don’t even look at yoongi when you speak and scribble something down on a post it note before sticking it on your wall calendar
“which mr kim?”
“the…” you pause to think “the one with the hair” you gesture to the top of your head
“…they both have hair”
“i know i know i’m saying this one is the one with the blonde- hi! hi, i’m miss y/l/n, secretary of mr min yoongi. i’m so sorry for calling so late into the night but i just needed to…”
he loves watching you work so hard
his little busy bee
yoongi grabs the arm of your chair and swivels you around so you’re facing him and you give him a look that says what do u want i’m busy
your eyes almost pop out of their sockets when yoongi drops to his knees and settles in between your legs
“of course, i can wait for a minute-“ the second the secretary puts you on hold you put a hand over the receiver (just in case he can still hear you) “yoongi, no!!”
“yoongi, yes.” your body automatically listens to him as he taps the side of your thigh for you to sit up a little so he can push your skirt up
“i’m on the phone, yoongi. you can’t do this right now just give me like three minutes” you hiss but your legs naturally spread for him and he just smirks up at you and is like mmmmm your body is telling me otherwise
you reach over and push the speaker button and then hang up the phone and thank god the secretary still has you on hold because you are using a range of very colourful words to scold your boyfriend
“i’ve called mr jung’s office before- his secretary puts you on hold for like ten minutes you’ll be fine” you don’t know how he does it but the next thing you know your panties are gone and your boss/boyfriend’s head is buried in between your legs
“oh goD yoongi please don’t stop” you whimper
his fingers dig into the meat of your thigh so he can keep your legs spread because you keep twiTCHINg
“hello?” you want to scream when the holding music turns off and the secretary comes back on
“yoongi stoP you have to stop” you gasp and arch your back against the chair and yoongi’s hand snakes up to push against your tummy
“pick up the phone and do your job” yoongi presses a kiss on your inner thigh before giving you a small nip and you thank the lords above he’s going to let you take this call first
yoongi leans back a little and fixes his hair
“hi, yes, hello” you’re a little breathless as you unmute yourself and you clear the throat
“i’m having a little trouble with the scheduling here. mr jung can only do thursday next week, otherwise i’ll have to pencil you in for next month.”
“he can’t do friday or anything?”
you give yoongi a warning look when he begins pressing a trail of warm kisses from the inside of your knee to your inner thigh
“i don’t think so.”
“when does his- oH” you nearly bite your tongue off when yoongi suddenly attaches his mouth to your clit and your fingers immediately tangle themselves in his hair
“sorry, what was that? didn’t catch you.”
“his- whendoeshislastmeetingonthursdayend??”
“uh.. hold on, let me check here…”
you bite down on the inside of your cheek and your head flops back against your chair as you focus on the ceiling and try your hardest not to moan
yoongi can’t help but smirk when the smallest of whimpers slips past your lips
it’s when hE lets out a low moan against you that you gasp loudly and your toes curl in your heels
“his last meeting ends at 6:30 that day how about mr min?”
“five forty fiVE” yoongi throws one of your legs over his shoulder and oh my goD you want to die this feels amazing and you can’t make any sounds and your body is currently telling you that hEY i’M ABOUT TO HAVE AN ORGASM
so that puts you in a panic because there’s no way you’re going to cum and have a normal conversation with a stranger so “you know what give me five minutes to reorganise mr min’s schedule and i’ll call you right back”
you hang up the call and the next thing you know you’re seeing stars and yoongi’s name keeps slipping past your lips in the form of whimpers and moans and yoongi is just soaking it aLL up
“that was a close call, no?” yoongi looks up at you from in between your legs and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand
“i hate you.”
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httpjeon · 2 years ago
— show | yoongi (m.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
min yoongi/reader | smut | boyfriend!yoongi
Tumblr media
wordcount: 2.1k
contents: pure PWP, voyeurism, cunnilingus, dirty talk, daddy kink, light praise kink
― synopsis: yoongi decides to show the boys how he makes his girl cum with his mouth alone
note: this is a repost from my old blog byleo. it has been edited.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
©  httpjeon 2019. do not repost, modify, or translate.
Tumblr media
His lips were soft and warm against yours, sweet with the taste of Bacardi on his tongue. His fingers were tangled in your hair as you straddled his lap, desperate to pull you closer to his body. You were dressed in just a pair of shorts and a sports bra to fight the heat your almost-drunk stupor had caused over your body. Yoongi’s shirt was crumpled on the couch beside you two, forgotten in a desperate haste, paired with a pair of loose gray sweats on his hips, giving a subtle tease to what was beneath.
He was a vision of fucked out with a light sheen of sweat on his body and his hair a mess from you tugging on it constantly. His lips were swollen, red and pretty and he had several hickies already blossoming on his smooth skin.
He was rock hard beneath you, occasionally groaning into your kiss when you would grind down on him as you were desperate for some friction on your aching clit. Your blood was pounding in your ears, blocking out all other sounds in the room. Whimpering, Yoongi’s teeth caught your bottom lip, pulling it away before it popped back in place causing you to shiver in pleasure.
“You two sure know how to put on show,” You could barely register the voice through your haze, but you assumed it was Jimin.
Yoongi grunted in response, his hand not in your hair travelled down to cup your ass to hold your more against his cock. Whining, the soaked fabric of your shorts providing sinful friction against your pussy. You dipped your head down to trail yout tongue down Yoongi’s neck, nipping at the spot below his ear that made him hiss.
“Get your bra off, baby,” Yoongi growled, desperate to get his mouth on you.
You quickly discarded to fabric, barely having time to drop it off before Yoongi was cupping your breasts in his hands with his mouth attached to a pert nipple. His fingers pinched the other one, rolling it as to not leave it neglected while his mouth gave pleasurable friction to your other one. You pushed your chest closer to him, your head falling back as you moan his name as a shiver travelled down your spine.
Yoongi was gifted with his tongue, that was something you could not deny -- it was even better between your thighs.
“She sounds so sexy when she moans,” Namjoon’s whisper floats through your fog, making you smirk.
“When’s hyung gonna make her feel good?” Jungkook mumbled, tone almost having a biting edge to it, desperate to see some action.
“I think…she’s feeling pretty good already Jungkook…” Jin whispered, licking his lips as he watched Yoongi slip his hand into the back of your shorts to cup your ass directly.
“Filthy girl,” Yoongi growled when he pulled away from your breast. “You’re not wearing fucking panties.”
You heard various sounds of surprise and approval from the audience in the room. You bit your lip, gripping Yoongi’s hair to direct him to the nipple his mouth hadn’t given attention to yet. Adding a snarky, “Just for you, baby.”
With a smirk, his lips immediately wrapped the pert bud, his tongue lashing at it and his teeth scraped deliciously, sending shivers down your spine. He gave a firm suck, relishing in the low whimper you let out in response. His hand in your shorts slid further down until his fingers met your wet entrance. He pushed his fingers through your folds, enjoying the feeling of you soaking yourself and him. You whimpered, grinding down against his fingers as you eyes rolled back in your head at the teasing he was giving.
“Take your shorts off for me, babygirl,” Yoongi commanded, tone leaving no room to argue, so you quickly obeyed.
You stood up, the room spinning slightly from your intoxication. Yoongi sat on the couch, his legs spread, and his hands holding your waist to steady you. You could clearly see his cock hard in his sweats, causing your cunt to clench pathetically in your shorts. You hooked your thumbs into your shorts, tugging them down until they pooled around your feet with a string of arousal following and clinging to your inner thigh. The action gave the boys in the room a view of your ass and a peek at your cunt; you could hear their intakes of breath and a few groans.
Before you could crawl back into Yoongi’s lap to continue where you left off, a deep voice interrupted.
“You know, Yoongi-hyung, you talk all that shit about your ‘tongue technology’…but you haven’t…shown us,” Taehyung muttered, faint teasing in his tone. “Why don’t you uh…’take her to Hong Kong’.”
Jungkook made a soft noise reminiscent of a grumble before adding, “It can’t be that easy to make her cum with your tongue…”
“I’ve never been able to,” Jin muttered, earning a nod of agreement from Hoseok.
“I’ve been able to if I use my fingers,” Namjoon said.
“I’ve never even tried eating my girl out,” Jimin whispered, his cheeks a little pink.
Before the conversation could ruin the mood by turning into some long-winded story session, Yoongi spoke.
“Well, boys, enjoy the show. Maybe you’ll learn something,” Yoongi got close to you, his lips brushing your ear. “What do you say, baby? Wanna give them something to jerk off to for the rest of their lives?”
Whether it was the alcohol in your system or just being desperate to feel Yoongi’s tongue on you, you nod either way. You could feel your juice dripping down your thigh, so needy already.
“Lay down for me then, baby,” He whispered, giving a light slap to your ass which made you squeal and giggle.
You dropped onto the sofa, immediately sitting with your back against the back of the couch and spreading your legs with your feet on either side of you on the couch. All the men in the room zeroed their gaze to your cunt, dripping wet; your entire cunt was glossy with your juice. Yoongi licked his lips and dropped onto the floor between your legs, pupils blown wide in lust.
His hands gripped your inner thighs, forcing your legs to stay open -- not that you had any intentions of closing them. You could sense the boys were getting closer to you to watch what Yoongi was doing better. Without missing a beat, Yoongi licked up the creaming wetness that gathered at your entrance, moaning softly at your taste. His cock was throbbing in his sweats, precum wetting the fabric.
“Fuck, please Yoongi…” You whimpered. “Make me cum.”
Yoongi cursed softly, “Yeah baby? Want Daddy to make you cum?”
You nodded frantically, tangling both hands in his soft locks and tugging. He chuckled softly, dark eyes glancing up at you through his messy bangs. “Tell Daddy, baby,”
“Puh-Please Daddy…make me cum.” You whined, arching your hips towards him to entice him. “Make me cum in your mouth…”
“Shit baby, so pretty when you beg for me,” Yoongi whispered. All the other members in the room were tuned out, it became just you and Yoongi.
He held your cunt open with his thumbs, taking another lick up your entrance. He moaned again, your taste one of the most delicious things he’s ever experienced on his taste buds. His tongue quickly found its way to your clit, his lips capturing the sensitive bud and sucking. You whined, trembling beneath his tongue work. He released your nub from his mouth, using his tongue to begin licking slowly around your clit.
“Fuck baby, your little clit is so swollen. You’ve been wanting this this whole time huh? Wanting me to eat your fucking cunt in front of everyone?”
You couldn’t respond because he was already swirling his tongue around your bud over and over again. His tempo was slow, he was taking his time. He was building your pleasure up to new heights, making your body tense, trembling underneath every move he made.
He nipped your clit with his lips, licking your entrance again to get a taste of your juices. Suddenly, he sunk his teeth into your thigh making you cry out, yanking his hair so hard you were sure he lost some of it. Yoongi didn’t mind, the pain making his cock twitch in his sweats.
He was sure he would cum in his pants by the end of this, wouldn’t even need to touch his cock, he’d make a mess without ever being touched. Just your taste, along with being watched by his best friends was incredibly hot.
“This is…the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Taehyung whispered, voice raw with arousal.
All of them were shamelessly palming themselves either over their pants or had their hands stuffed inside to jerk themselves off. Yoongi smirked at that fact, knowing this was all they’d ever get to see of you in this way. Yoongi also knew they’d jerk themselves off for months using this as material.
Yoongi heard to rise of your cries, knowing that sound so very well; he alternated between hot swirls of his tongue, nips and sucks with his lips. Your back was arching off the couch and your fingers had found your breasts where you were pinching and rolling your nipples between your fingers. Usually Yoongi would punish you for touching yourself like that, but it was giving the guys one hell of a show so he let it slide.
“Daddy…it feels so good…” You whined, tears stinging the back of your eyes at the pleasure.
He pulled back slightly, licking his lips as he did to gather the lingering juices. “Fuck baby, Daddy’s gonna make you cum now,” He turned back to the boys, with a smirk, who were watching with lustful eyes. “Watch this, boys.”
He pinned your thighs open, leaving you unable to move them at all while also leaving you incredibly exposed. Then his tongue was on you again.,except this time, his pace was completely different since last time. His mouth was punishing, intent on pushing you to your orgasm terrifyingly fast.
It was going to be an intense one, you could feel it. Your body was instinctually locking up, fighting the orgasm. Yoongi always liked to give you the command to cum. But he didn’t take a second to pull away from you. He continued to lash your clit with his tongue, making disgustingly lewd slurping sounds as he sucked your juice from your dripping hole.
His lips wrapped around your clit, isolating it in his mouth so his tongue could swirl around it.
Then you were cumming-- hard.
Lights exploded behind your eyes as you squeezed them shut tight. His lips stayed wrapped around your bud as it throbbed in his mouth though your release.
“God, look at that,” Jin mumbled,bewildered as he watched, biting his lip.
“That’s so fucking hot,” Namjoon added, voice breaking off in a moan.
“I’ve never seen a girl cum so hard from being eaten out,” Hoseok commented, surprise obvious in his voice.
Your body was trembling, fingers tugging at Yoongi’s soft locks. His mouth released your bud, using his tongue to lick up the cum that leaked out of you to ease you through the ecstasy. You were whimpering and crying out, his name mixed with curses and pleads. When your orgasm finally began to subside, your eyes fluttered open, greeted with the sight of Yoongi slowly lick you, cleaning up every drop of cum off your sensitive cunt, which sent another wave of heat through you.
Finally, he placed a soft kiss against your clit, making you jump slightly and whine at the sensitivity you felt. You released his hair, petting it softly. He nuzzled his face into your stomach, smiling softly up at you.
There was someone clearing their throat in the room helping you zoned back into the fact that there were 6 other men in the room. Some had an obvious hard-on that they were trying to cover and others had clearly cum to the sight of your orgasm.
“Well uh…thanks for the…uh…how to…” Jimin mumbled, scurrying down the hall to his room.
“That was a sexy show, maybe we can have a rerun sometime,” Namjoon added, much less embarrassed than Jimin, before he and the rest filed out of the room.
You made eye contact with Yoongi and smiled slyly. “Want me to suck you off, babe?”
Yoongi chuckled at your crass way of asking and shook his head.
“It was so hot that…uh…I came in my pants to be honest babe,”
Tumblr media
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rmverse · 2 years ago
Upgrade || myg
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: yoongi x reader (slight taehyung x reader) ⇢ genre: smut literally just smut ⇢ word count: 4.1k ⇢ warnings: unprotected sex, spitting if ur not into that, choking, rough sex ⇢ summary: Your longtime fuckbuddy, Kim Taehyung, has always been the best you’ve ever had. You two always relied on each other when you were looking for some fun. However, one night with Min Yoongi was enough to ruin you for absolutely anyone else, including your (previously) reliable, designated fuckbuddy. A/N: kim taehyung i am SO sorry
Tumblr media
You know, you never would’ve thought sex with Kim Taehyung would actually become, dare you say it, stale to you. How could anyone find sex with this man unenjoyable? Handsome and tall with a lot packed down there. He was packing down there, and the first time you slept with him, you were actually scared it wouldn’t fit. He was adventurous, he was a giver, and he could last a decent amount of time.
He’s been your reliable fuckbuddy for the longest time now. Every once in a while, you both found yourselves partner-less, bored, looking for sex but not looking forward to having a one night stand and have it be very mediocre. Single and free, you both agreed that you were down to fuck whenever you both felt like it, and it worked great for the longest time. The sex was great, sometimes amazing even. On more than one occasion did Taehyung have you shaking after several orgasms during your nights together, and you definitely never failed to give the same treatment back.
It was strictly casual though. No feelings were involved whatsoever. This wasn’t some movie plot that had one of the two falling for the other; no, you two weren’t that stupid. So yes, you were both aware that you two slept around and explored whenever you felt like it because nothing was actually tying you down.
And to make it even clearer, you never mentioned a certain rule that forbade you from sleeping with each other’s friends…
Oh god, you knew it was wrong. It wasn’t too far on the wrong side though because you weren’t even dating. You agreed this was very casual and you could sleep with anyone you wanted, right? However, the inklings of guilt started to build when that one hookup happened and, for a lack of better words, ruined you for anyone else, even Taehyung. It was slightly frustrating to you how no one had managed to top Taehyung’s performance in bed for years now, not even some of the best guys you’ve dated, always opting to sleep with Taehyung and spend the night with someone who knew how your body worked rather than sleep with some random stranger who was only looking for his pleasure.
Min Yoongi. Min Yoongi claimed you and it was scaring you more than it should have. It scared you partly because for the first time ever, your designated fuckbuddy didn’t manage to get you off the other night, and partly because he was said fuckbuddy’s close friend. You dug yourself into a hole and you weren’t sure if you could get out of it. You kept telling yourself you were just having an off night and that maybe you weren’t feeling too well. It couldn’t have been neither Taehyung nor Yoongi’s fault. You were just overthinking it and Yoongi was just another one night stand that you would soon forget about.
However, that proved wrong tonight when Taehyung was on his knees between your spread thighs, giving you what you used to think was the best oral you’ve ever received, up until recently that is. He was doing the usual, fast and sloppy, wiggling his tongue and pushing deeper into you. On usual nights, you would’ve been fighting your screams back by now, pushing his head harder against you and losing your breath, but tonight seemed like another replay of the previous one. Overanalyzing everything. Thinking. Comparing. It was wrong but you couldn’t help it.
You couldn’t help but remember the way Yoongi had used his mouth on you. What Taehyung was giving you now seemed barely average; it felt rushed, messy, sloppy (and not in a good way). It seemed unpracticed and stale in comparison to what you were craving to experience. The slow but steady build that Yoongi gave you. He was an expert with his mouth and tongue, the age difference between the two very clearly apparent in this aspect. Yoongi gauged your every move and reaction, studied your body carefully for every sound you would make, committed everything to memory, and used that information to pull more reactions right of you. He had you falling apart from just his mouth, something no one had ever managed to do before, and the thought of that alone turned you on more than anything—
“You okay?”
You’re pulled back to current reality when Taehyung pulls his mouth off, opting for rubbing your clit instead as he stares up at you with questioning eyes. Shit. You couldn’t fuck him, not tonight. You’re sure you weren’t gonna cum and you don’t think your muddled brain can manage to conjure up the focus to fake an orgasm that convinces Taehyung he was, in fact, making you see stars. God, how you wished those days would be back.
“Yeah,” you breathe out, pulling your hips back from him and sitting up. He sits up as well, confused with why you were pulling away when you push him back against the mattress and settle yourself on your knees between his spread thighs. You smirk up at him and grip his more than hard cock, swiftly licking the head as he rests back on his palms, watching you with glazed eyes. “Just wanna suck you off.”
You manage to get yourself off the hook this night, sucking him and letting him cum in your mouth before telling him that you were gonna head home for the night because you had an early class tomorrow. He protested, reminding you that you hadn’t cum, but you faked a yawn and told him that you were tired already and that it was fine. And you drove home, dissatisfied and frustrated once again.
This was the sixth or seventh orgasm you’ve had to fake with Taehyung and your patience was running thin. You thought he’d know you like the back of his hand after several years of sleeping together, and that he’d at least be able to tell when you were faking it and trying to mimic the pornstars in all of their exaggerated glory. Clearly, you couldn’t have been more wrong because Taehyung was having the time of your life while you were just waiting for this to be over so you can go home and get yourself off for the nth time in the past month.
The whole situation frustrated you because the sole purpose of having a fuckbuddy was the fact that the sex was supposed to be good for both of you. However, this thing you had with Taehyung was unfortunately morphing into your previous relationships and one night stands with guys that couldn’t seem to give you an orgasm for the life of them.
And it was all Min Yoongi’s fault.
You thought size did give an advantage, especially in Taehyung’s case, but your views have long changed because Yoongi was definitely smaller than Taehyung but his cock managed to bring you to highs you’ve never experienced before. He knew how to work his cock, reaching places inside that Taehyung had somehow missed, moving his hips and angling your own in ways that had your eyes tearing up at how heavenly it all felt.
You’ve finally reached your end. You couldn’t take faking another orgasm. You couldn’t keep lying to Taehyung like this because even though your relationship was mostly physical, you still consider him a friend. You didn’t know what you would say to him though. Hey, sorry I can’t fuck you anymore because your friend fucked my brains out a month ago and you can’t get me off because he was way better.
Yeah, that seems about right, but you’re not gonna say that. However, you would figure out what you were gonna say later because at the moment, you were figuring out what you were gonna say now after having knocked at Yoongi’s door without previous announcement.
“Oh god, what am I doing?” You murmur to yourself. “I can’t. He’s his friend, this is gonna be—oh.” You cut yourself off the moment the door swings open to reveal Min Yoongi in all his casual glory.
This is unbelievable to you. Most of your close friends were always gushing to you about Taehyung, how you managed to land someone like him as a casual fuckbuddy because he was incredibly easy on the eyes. It’s not that Yoongi’s not handsome, but he was a stark contrast to Taehyung. Built smaller, face much softer than Taehyung’s sharp features, thinner, always dressed casually and comfortably while Taehyung was constantly adorned in flashy combinations of clothing.
Taehyung – energetic, lively, plays pranks on other, shouts too much for his own good, resembles an actual puppy at certain times.
Yoongi – relaxed, calm and collected, hates pranks, could be perceived as cold at times but that’s only if you don’t know him that well, eyes that resemble feline features.
You supposed it was the slight laziness in his attitude that attracted you to him so much. How mature he seemed at times, so put together in the sexiest way and how that was actually reflected how he was in bed. How he was a bit on the quieter side, focusing solely on you and working your body like an instrument he was well versed with. Manhandling you and maneuvering you how he pleased to give you the most pleasure he could. God, you were fucked.
“__? Hey,” he greets casually, opening the door wider. You haven’t heard his voice in a while. Shivers go down your spine because the last time you heard his deep voice, you remember him telling you to cum on his cock.
“Hi,” you greet back, shifting on your feet and clearing your throat. You’re about to open your mouth and speak, unsure what exactly you were going to say, but he beats you to it.
“Don’t keep standing there, come in.”
He moves back and makes room for you to step in, and you move forward to take off your shoes and you think you’re about to go dizzy at the smell of his cologne that is still very vividly engrained somewhere in your memory.
“Is Taehyung coming?” he asks and you’re glad you’re not facing him as you take a seat on his couch so that he doesn’t see the grimace your face forms into at the mention of his name. The living room is quiet save for the low volume of the TV, and Yoongi reaches for the remote to mute it before he sits next to you, making himself comfortable.
“Oh, erm, no…” you trail off. Fuck, you really haven’t thought this through at all. You have absolutely no idea what you’re gonna say next. How could you come here so impulsively? A month ago, you both had a little bit of liquor in your systems, you were out, atmosphere setting the right mood for you two and allowing everything to fall into place perfectly without any need for you to form the right words.
But now, now things were different.
“Hmm,” he hums, nodding his head. You swallow thickly and clear your throat, as if that’s gonna help get rid of the large lump stuck in your throat.
“I—er, I just wanted to…” Your words trail off once again, and your eyes are much more intrigued by the loose thread coming out of the couch cushion rather than looking up at the man sat comfortable in front of you.
“__,” he says once.
You don’t look up.
“__,” he chuckles this time. The couch dips and he’s shifting closer. “Is this about last time?”
The mention of it has your eyes snapping up and he’s staring back at you with a knowing look on his face.
“Does Taehyung know you’re here?” He asks all of a sudden. He’s even closer now.
“Wha—no, h-he doesn’t.” Stop stuttering, goddammit. “Why would he know? We’re not dating or anything…” Great, make it sound like you’re explaining yourself now, dumbass.
“Oh,” he looks amused now. His tongue flickers out to wet his bottom lip and you can’t stop your eyes from flitting down to catch the movement. “So, you wouldn’t mind if he found out that you’re here? At my place? After he just got done fucking you?”
Your gasp is loud, almost sounding like those of movies that were a tad bit exaggerated, but you promise it wasn’t.
“Yoongi I—“
His hand is coming up to your face and your words die in your throat, and you can’t even remember what you were planning on saying because he’s so close now. His warm, minty breath is hitting your face and his thumb is gently nudging your chin to tilt your head back a bit. Sharp eyes lock with yours in a heated gaze that tells you he knows exactly what’s going on.
“Tell me, __,” his tone is as calm as ever. “Is little Tae not treating you well?”
Your heart is racing and you shift a bit but his forefinger and thumb hold your chin just a bit tightly to keep your gaze locked on his. You swallow and keep quiet.
“It’s a bit funny, you know,” he murmurs. Your skin heats at the way his eyes trail over your form, and you think your cheeks are about to melt off any second now because of the way he’s swallowing you with his gaze. “He’s always bragging about this and that.” His thumb brushes against your bottom lip and your gasp is much softer this time but it hits differently than the last one, awakening something in Yoongi, similar to what he felt that other night a month ago. “But I don’t think he’s been taking care of you.”
You shake your head as a confirmation to his words, unable to speak because you were sure your voice would waver and you would sound pathetic because fuck you wanted him so bad.
“Need me to take care of you?” He asks a question he already knows the answer to, his hand leaving your chin to travel to the back of your head to tangle his fingers into your messy strands of hair and pushing your face closer to his.
“Yes,” you whisper, eyes fluttering closed as you wait for him to fucking kiss you already.
“Want a real man to fuck you, huh?”
You whimper and nod vigorously.
“Yes, Yoongi. I want you to fuck m—hmph.”
You don’t get to finish your crude request because his mouth is devouring yours and you all but melt into his arms as he pulls you on top of him, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist as he helps you straddle his slim thighs, allowing you to situate yourself properly as he slithers his tongue into your mouth.
This is it. This is when you completely lose your composure. Grinding your hips down against his desperately, digging your hands into his hair, moaning into his mouth – you’re already so overwhelmed at the knowledge that you’re about to reach release tonight from the man you’ve been fantasizing about and craving for a month now. And fuck if you weren’t absolutely desperate for it.
He takes you to his bedroom because the couch doesn’t have nearly enough room for what he’s got planned for you. Spread out on his sheets, cheeks flushed and hair fanned out, he gazes down at you hungrily before you plead with him to join you already, and he does.
He doesn’t kiss you though. He gets to work, he knows what you’re craving for right now and he’s more than ready to provide it. Kisses are littered down your body before your shorts are being ripped off and your panties are joining very soon after. You sigh out his name when you feel him beginning to place wet kisses all around your mound, some on your inner thighs, some on your abdomen, eventually landing on your already soaked pussy.
“Pretty pussy,” he murmurs, bringing a hand up and spreading your lips apart with his forefinger and middle finger. You’re watching him with dazed eyes and he looks up at you with a similar expression as he takes a languid stripe across your lips and your bottom lip is taken beneath your teeth. “Can’t wait to fuck it full of my cum.”
Your whimper is small and frail both because of his words; a crude promise, and the sensation of his tongue beginning to lap at you. Slowly building you up with his mouth, he delves his tongue deeper into you and gathers your taste, humming lowly in delight against you. Your breathing grows heavier, fingers threading into the soft strands of his dark hair as he wraps his arms around thighs and spreads them further apart for him.
“Yoongi,” you breathe out, feeling more of your wetness seeping out and he’s quick to lap it up, a large, veiny hand slithering up your body to fondle your breasts through your shirt. You gasp, back arching when his lips purse around your clit and suck harshly. Eyes fluttering closed for a second because they were starting to roll back into your head, his name escapes your lips in another whimper when he covers the expanse of your pussy with his mouth and sucks greedily.
Then he’s pulling away for a second and your eyes immediately flicker back open as you look down to watch what he’s doing and fuck his chin is shiny with your own slick and you can’t hold back a whimper at the sight. And in the next second, he’s pursing his lips above your pussy, a string of spit falling from his mouth and landing on your already spit-soaked center and fuck if you weren’t dripping down his sheets at that.
“Fuck,” you whisper when he does it again, the sight unbelievably hot and erotic to you as he rubs two fingers against you to spread the wetness across your mound. And he goes back to tonguing you down, head bobbing back and forth, left and right, doing whatever he can to push you to the edge. The muscle of his tongue stiffens as he pushes it inside you.
Your hips buckle and he lets you, flattening his tongue to allow you to get off on his tongue, and in the next few seconds, with a few sucks on your clit and some encouraging words, you’re gushing over his tongue.
The high you just experienced had you craving more. You weren’t completely satisfied. You wanted more of him and let him know.
“Fuck me. Please Yoongi, fuck me,” you plead.
You’re both bare of clothes in a matter of seconds and he’s tugging on his hardened cock as he positions himself at your entrance, barely giving you a look of warning before he finally pushes in.
“Fuck,” he breathes, pushing in all the way until he’s fully sheathed inside your warmth. Your moan is loud, relieved at feeling full of him and immediately grinding your hips up against his because you were more than ready for him to move. He doesn’t bother to set a slow pace and opts for a fast one, snapping his hips into yours and fucking you into the mattress.
“Y-yoongi!” You cry out, mouth dropping open as he fucks you open with his cock, nudging deeper into you with every thrust. Hair sticking to his forehead with sweat dripping down his temples, he looks sexier than any man you’ve ever laid your eyes on, pale skin flushed red and pouty lips parted to let out the most beautiful, erotic sounds.
“Fuck! Oh—god yes,” your back arches when he slows down just a bit and rolls his hips just right a few times, the pleasure blinding you as your eyes roll back. He does this a few times, giving you quick and harsh thrusts that jostle your body up the mattress and causes your breasts to jiggle just how he likes then switches back to grinding his hips incredibly hard into yours, managing to push even deeper into your pussy.
“Fuck, your cunt feels amazing,” he grunts. “That kid doesn’t deserve it.”
Fuck. Fuck. You were about to lose your mind any second now at his words. His words shouldn’t have turned you on so much but you found yourself leaking around his cock, walls tightening around him as you sucked him deeper into you. His smirk is sinister because he feels it, he knows it.
“Missed my cock this much, huh?” He chuckles breathily and brings a hand to your throat, gently placing it there to gauge your reaction. Your whine is more than enough approval for him to tighten his grip as he fucks into you harder.
“Fuckfuckfuck—“ You’re mewling and wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him harder against you. The sounds you’re making are absurd, the wet sound of his balls hitting your skin with every nudge of his hips doesn’t even compare to the slick sound of his cock fucking you open.
He squeezes your throat just the right amount and you’re cumming, shaking and writhing beneath but he’s not stopping. Oh, far from it. You’re drenched in sweat and your wetness is leaking down to your ass, most definitely ruining the sheets but that’s the furthest of your concerns because he’s rolling his hips again and his abdomen is nudging your clit—
“Hngh—Yoongi! Ahh, fuck.”
“Shh,” he shushes you, not slowing his hips for even a second, going back to his fast pace and your eyes are tearing up because it’s painful pleasure and you love it so much. “You can give me one more, right?”
“Yes. Yesyesyes.” You’re delirious with pleasure, nodding vigorously.
His hand moves up from your throat and your chest heaves as you suck in several deep breaths but he’s quick to grip your face harshly, and you see his eyes flicker dangerously.
“You love my cock, don’t you?” You choke out a weak, pitiful yes. “Such a slut.”
You whine for the nth time and do something you never thought you’d do. You part your lips and stick your tongue out, and for a second, Yoongi doesn’t fathom what you’re actually asking from him, slowing his hips down just a bit.
“Spit in my mouth. Fuck, please Yoongi, I—“
His grip once again tightens around your cheeks and your tongue sticks out once again as Yoongi lets out a sound near a growl at how submissive you seem right now. He’s leaning closer and pursing his lips to land a glob of sweat perfectly on your tongue that you immediately swallow without request, eyes rolling back at the new sensation. And as soon as you do, you’re parting your lips once again, asking for more. He groans loud and clear this time.
“Fuck, you’re filthy,” he almost chuckles before he spits into your mouth once again, doing it every time you requested it because you could ask him to do anything right now and he’d do it in a heartbeat.
When you’ve had enough, his hand is back at your throat and he’s pounding you into the mattress, headboard banging noisily against the wall as you squeal out your pleasure. His other hand is reaching for your clit and he’s rubbing furiously before you cum around his cock for the second time that night.
He releases your throat and grabs both your thighs, throwing them over his shoulder and looking down at where his cock is drilling into you, watching your creamy wetness soak his skin as he pistons his hips faster and faster, grunting and huffing as he focuses on getting himself there, and it’s only with your pleas and desperate cries that he manages to pump you full of his cum. Balls deep inside you, length twitching as his cum coats your abused pussy in warm spurts that have you mewling in satisfaction.
“Fuck,” he groans one last time before he slips out of you, lazily dropping his body on the mattress as you both stare up at the ceiling in amazement, trying to catch your breaths.
Then you’re both turning onto your sides and staring at each other for a few seconds before you both start chuckling. It goes on for a bit, and then you shuffle closer to him as he lifts his arm for you to cuddle up to.
“That was…”
It’s quiet for a bit, until he finally breaks the silence with a phrase that has your heart beating just a tad bit faster.
“So, um, do you think you can stop sleeping with Taehyung now…?”
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hueseok · 11 months ago
love grows where you go.
Tumblr media
synopsis: › determined to make you and yoongi grow closer for your upcoming wedding in two weeks, your parents plan a trip for the both of you that lasts five days long. you know you should be ecstatic about it, considering your longtime crush on your fiancé, but by how you're positive that he secretly despises your whole being, you don't find this mini vacation with him something to look forward to. that is until things take an unexpected turn and suddenly, he makes it apparent he doesn’t hate you at all as you reckoned.
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 11.4k
rating: 18+
content: angst | fluff | smut | arranged marriage au | pining au | ft. tsundere!yoongi
warning/s: swearing | alcohol | depictions of almost drowning | explicit sexual content | thigh riding | fingering | nipple sucking / play | handjob | idk what it’s called lmao but basically like rubbing your genitals together u know in a bare manner sjdksjd | virgin!reader | this is very vanilla and soft tbh 
→ fic preview
Tumblr media
opening note. hello! this is my entry for ‘the summer bucket list’ collab event by @jamaisjoons with the prompt “watch the sunset on a beach” !! i hope yall enjoy reading !!
Tumblr media
Yoongi turns his head sideways and sees you taking another photograph of the sunset in front of you two, lowering your camera right after to look at the shot you just captured before a small smile comes to your features. He could only admire you for a short while until you turn your head towards him and then he’s the one turning away, acting as if he hadn’t been paying you attention that much as the both of you stood there by the balcony of the restaurant you were dining in, enjoying the magnificent scenery while you wait for your food to arrive, your table a few steps away from where you are standing.
This was the third day, the third day of this five-day-long trip yours and his parents had arranged in another attempt to make the two of you closer now that your wedding officially scheduled to commence in two weeks.
You could say that this outing was completely unnecessary, since you and him aren’t exactly strangers anymore considering the amount of time you two have spent together in classes at school and the instances when you’d spend dinner together (with your families, that is). But you guess this is just one of your mother’s efforts in trying to play cupid, who being quite aware of your longtime crush on him, has done everything in her power to literally always force the both of you alone in any given situation she can think of.
Instead of being pleased though, you find yourself even dreading to be on this trip, knowing that Yoongi will just remain indifferent to you the whole time like he has been since you were arranged to marry, only proving your theory that your relationship with him is going to remain one-sided for the rest of your lives.
“Food’s ready,” he says and you avert your gaze from the ocean to him who is already walking to your table, a sigh coming out of yours lips as you gingerly follow him there.
Two days more, you think, and then you can take a break from feeling hated by your own groom-to-be.
“Yes, Mom, we’re doing okay,” you hear Yoongi talk to his mother by the balcony, looking annoyed and done for. “____’s okay, she seems like she’s having fun—no, I am not giving her a hard time.”
You scowl as you continue packing for today’s agenda, thinking to yourself that he was definitely giving you a hard time contrary to what he assumes. Maybe he just wasn’t realizing it because he never bothered even talking to you in the duration of this trip so far. He was always stuck with one liners, or nods, or just a stare of disbelief—it felt like you were just talking to yourself most of the time.
“Yep. I’ll make sure to do that.” You see him glancing at your way and you immediately bring your attention back to your belongings. “Okay, yes. See you when I get home. Yeah, yeah, I know. Bye.” He finally finishes the phone call and goes back inside the room, getting his bag which was on the table before looking at you. “You ready?”
You shove the case of your sunglasses and nod. “Yeah.”
You really weren’t sure what you were going to do for today. You’ve already gone sailing on your first day here; went fishing on the second; partook in sea caving yesterday. You were honestly drained out already and wanted to just give time resting back in your room, but since your parents have been generous enough to pay for all the expenses and the activities meant to be done within this outing, you just couldn’t abandon it all. Besides, it gave you the opportunity to be with Yoongi more, even if it did nothing for yours and his relationship as a couple who’s supposed to get married.
You’ve liked Yoongi since fifth grade, when you just transferred to the school he was studying at and was put in the same class as him. He has always been quiet even then, always been someone who got everyone’s attention despite not doing anything to gain it—and you were only one of those people who fawned over him behind the scenes, secretly hoping that maybe, just maybe, he’ll start noticing you as well.
He never did—well, not in a way you preferred him to. It was always just looking at your direction for a second in what seemed like an accident, or if it was on purpose, it was mostly just because you were saying something in front of the class or your friends had done an idiotic scheme to make him do so. Other than that, you and him were never considered as friends, much less than acquaintances too. You two were only schoolmates who knew the other by names, nothing more.
You were supposed to forget about him when you realized that there was just no way you and him could happen, but then something occurred in senior year that involved you almost drowning during swimming lessons in gym class and him surprisingly rushing to help you. Ever since that incident, you’ve begun liking him even more, your shallow crush turning into something more real.
You never told him that you liked him, though by how your friends teased you and how your mother had exposed you at lunch the first time you met with the Min, you think he’s already pretty aware of that fact, especially since you liking him was one of the main reasons why your parents was so keen on arranging you with Yoongi. Though not once after you were sure that he wasn’t oblivious to your feelings that he tried making it apparent that he felt the same. Maybe because he simply didn’t, but you at least expected that he’d be kind and considerate to you because of it, not pushing you away or making you feel like you’re just this big nuisance in his life. After all, he already made it apparent that he didn’t completely ignore your existence before.
“Two islands?” you repeat. “We’re going to two islands for today?”
“Yes, ma’am.” The tourist guide smiles. “You’ll be having your lunch on the first island we’ll go to, maybe stay there for two hours for some swimming and picture taking, and then for the next island, that’s where you can do activities such as jet skiing, or riding the banana boat, or paragliding. Another one of our staff will lead you there.”
“How long are we going to stay at the second one?” Yoongi asks.
“Only until 5:30 PM, since we don’t want to be there until sundown. It gets pretty dark in the waters.” He chuckles.
Yoongi nods. “Well then, let’s get going.”
He starts heading to the boat without even sparing you a glance, making you sigh as you follow him with the tour guide walking at the same pace. The mentioned tour guide was even the one who assisted you in actually getting to the boat, as the small stairs they provided was a little wobbly for you to go on without making a fuss about it, causing your face to turn red in embarrassment by the time you’ve reached the platform safely.
Throughout the ride, you tried taking pictures with the camera you brought along, though was mostly unsuccessful because of the lack of scenery your surroundings had. There was only the usual ocean and the mountains that you have been seeing for the past days, the occasional tourists too who seemed like they were going the same route as you were; nothing special about that either. At some point, you tried sneakily taking pictures of Yoongi instead, taking the opportunity of him looking at the opposite direction to make your move, but you only catch yourself hastily turning away last minute because of how he’d suddenly look at your direction, and then you’ll proceed on acting like you weren’t doing what you were doing so that he won’t catch on that you did.
“Want me to take a picture of you?” he abruptly asks when you once again try avoiding his eyes and you lift your gaze from the screen of the camera to him.
“A picture. You want me to take one of you?”
“You’d do that?”
“You don’t really have to. I’m honestly not photogenic.”
His lip twitches before he extends his hand out. “Just give it to me. Before I change my mind.”
So you do, awkwardly sitting up properly then and thinking of whether you should strike a pose or just smile at the camera. Yoongi didn’t really seem to care whichever you choose to do because once you’ve gone still and decided to do the latter, he clicks on the camera for about three times and then gives it back to you, not even bothering to see how the picture turned out.
“Uh, thanks, I guess,” you say but he’s already turning away again that leaves you no choice but to mind your own business again, looking at the picture he took.
You didn’t look horrible to be fair, but you hated how your eyes were blank, kinda lifeless, despite the smile you displayed in the photo. You felt sorry for yourself again for being on this trip, thinking that maybe if you really had just insisted on staying at the room and just let Yoongi be on his own, things would be better. After all, tomorrow was going to be the last day, and then the day after, you’re going to leave and be busy preparing for the wedding. You hardly think giving an effort on the remaining two days will make a difference anyway, so why even bother.
Once you’ve arrived at the first island, you enjoy an all seafood lunch unlimitedly just like what the tour guide said. You ate with Yoongi on the same table, but as per usual, didn’t share any conversation. You did try however, commenting how good the shrimp tasted and the baked clam you got from the buffet table. He just looked at you at each comment, eyes gliding at the center of the table where the dishes you were talking about were before having a try of his own. But did he even approve or like showed any signs of agreement? Nope. Absolutely none.
“Mind if I go to the shore for a bit?” you ask after a few minutes on being done, Yoongi still focused on the lobster he was cracking.
He glances at you and nods. “Sure. I’ll call you when I’m finished.”
You get your bag and hurriedly go outside the dining area, heading towards the ocean where the waves crashed gently against the shore. Being outside finally made you feel easier to breathe again, the breeze calming your nerves and putting you into ease, letting your mind drift away from the frustration of dealing with your no good fiancé.
Staring at your feet, you wiggle your toes a little when the water splashes against it, taking a deep breath as the scent of the ocean fills your nostrils. You crouch down and lightly touch the sand and the water, pursing your lips before you notice someone stand beside you, throwing a rock towards the ocean, the rock skipping for about three times before it sinks.
You raise your eyebrows and turn to look, seeing a young man who appeared like he was now looking for what you assumed was another rock, crouched down and attention focused on the ground. You watch subtly as he carefully reaches something by your side, causing your eyes to gradually meet when his hand stops centimeters away from your foot.
“Um, excuse me, but can you...” he gestures to your foot and you flutter your eyes lower, seeing that you were partially stepping on a large stone.
“Oh, yeah, sure.” You stand up hastily and move away, the stranger then picking it up and standing up as well, sending you a quick smile of thanks before brushing the sand off the stone and throwing it skillfully towards the ocean.
You watch as it glides across the water, hopping for about four times until it fades from view, and you can’t help but raise your eyebrows again, in astonishment once more, clearly impressed since you admit that you have tried doing what he just did before yet was never really successful. Though by the way he effortlessly threw it, it came off as really easy.
“Nice one,” you comment.
He turns to you and smiles. “Thanks.”
“How did you do it? I heard it’s like—something about your wrist but, I just never get it.”
“You flick it last second, before you let go of the rock.”
“I tried doing that before but I never really get it.”
He chuckles, somehow finding your puzzled expression cute as you talked. “Well, maybe your stone wasn’t flat enough.”
“Ah, good point. I wasn’t picky with the rocks I used in the past.”
He scans the area where the both of you were standing on and then suddenly crouches again, rummaging through a small mountain of rocks and picking up another stone that wasn’t as big as the others, a little flat like what he said was better if you wanted it to skip.
“Here,” he hands it to you, “why don’t you try?”
You grudgingly take it from him and weigh it for a few seconds on your hand. “So, I just… flick it?”
“Yeah, before you throw it, like flick your wrist so it spins.”
“Like this?” You make a demonstration with your hand and he smiles, a little too big of a smile for a girl he just met.
“Yup, like that.”
You nod dumbfoundedly before repeating the same movement with your wrist and then finally throwing it across the ocean. To your dismay however, it falls down in the waters the moment it lands on its surface, not even giving you a show of one skip or two.
“Well,” you sigh, “that was shit.”
He laughs at the bluntness of your words and so do you, tucking your hair behind your ear as the wind blew and made it fly on your face quite embarrassingly. 
“It’s Yeonjun.” He tells you once the two of you have gone quiet for a bit.
You smile. “____.”
You can tell that he was aiming to speak more but then your eyes shoot past his shoulder and you see Yoongi walking out of the dining area, head moving around in search for something or someone as you think you were the one he was trying to find.
“Uh, excuse me, it was nice to meet you but I have to head back,” you say.
Yeonjun tries to mask his disappointment but fails, face falling a little bit. “Oh, yeah, sure. Nice meeting you too.”
You give him one last smile and then walk hurriedly towards Yoongi not wanting to make things harder for him to find you since he’s probably just dying to go to the second island already to get this day over with. You bet you’re not even going to participate in any of the available activities there once you arrive, but just chill or whatever until one of you finally breaks and demand that you just head back to the main island earlier than planned.
As you’re about three steps away, Yoongi’s gaze finally falling on you, you see a girl with a big smile on her face running behind him, abruptly poking his shoulder that causes him to slowly turn around. She then hands him a hat, a plain white baseball hat that was undoubtedly his and what he’s been wearing for the past days, before letting out an amused giggle, Yoongi’s eyes widening at the sight of her in front of him.
“Wow, small world, isn’t it?” she reckons with a grin.
“Bora.” Yoongi breathes out. 
“It’s nice to see you again, Yoongi.”
You halt and stay in your spot.
“What are you…” Yoongi blinks. “I thought you were in the US?”
“Me and my family are staying for a month. A relative is having a baby and my mom’s one of the godmothers, but we decided to have a little trip first so…” She shrugs. “But anyways, hey! How are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”
Yoongi is so lost for words, really not expecting Bora to be here, so he has a hard time in actually thinking of a reply to her simple question. Though his mind goes back to reality once he feels your arm being linked with his, and he fixes his stare from Bora’s face to you who had your eyes focused on her
“Uh, this is ____,” he says upon your appearance. “My fianceé.”
Bora’s eyebrows raise. “You’re getting married?” She chuckles then before fixing her gaze on you. “Well, I’m Bora, by the way. Yoongi and I used to be neighbors.” 
You shake her extended hand gingerly. “____.”
“Pretty name.” She smiles.
You don’t find yourself smiling back, instead still thinking about how she said that Yoongi and her used to be neighbors. It gave you the assumption that maybe she was born from a rich family too, since the place that Yoongi lived in was an exclusive village resided by people who you were aware came from prestigious and well known families as well.
“Thanks,” you say anyway, clearing your throat awkwardly as you pull back.
Bora grins. “Um, anyway, is this like some sort of early honeymoon?”
“No,” Yoongi answers the question. 
“No?” you repeat, now looking at him.
He turns to you as well. “You don’t think this is the only trip we’re having, right?” 
His tone isn’t the usual bored or even annoyed tone, but you could still sense the sarcasm in it that makes you furrow your eyebrows at him. 
“Um, just didn’t think you’d agree to go to another one.” You purse your lips.
“Why not? It can be… fun.”
“It can.” Bora pipes in, noticing the slight tension in the atmosphere. “And I think it’d be good to go somewhere in Europe. Any country there just feels romantic to me.” She chuckles.
“Have you achieved your dream in coming to Greece?” Yoongi asks her and she grins, nodding.
“Yup, just last year. The sunrise there is really something else. It’s exactly what I imagined it to be—maybe even better!”
His lips curve up into an amused smile, a smile that you notice and sends a wave of jealousy inside you. You never saw him smile like that whenever he was with you. “That’s great, Bora. I’m glad you finally visited the city of your dreams.”
“Yeah. Wouldn’t have done it if—”
You automatically turn to look behind you because of the familiar voice and see Yeonjun running towards the three of you, and the sight of him again makes you blink your eyes multiple times.
“Dad said they’ll be having dinner with a business friend. So, it’s just us again later.” He tells her and then his attention drifts to you. “____?” 
“Yoongi Hyung,” he points at him next and a smile spreads across his face, “it’s been a long time. How are you, Hyung?”
“Wait,” Bora chuckles, “ before anything else, how do you two know each other?” She points at you and Yeonjun.
“Oh, just a while ago, by the shore.” He shrugs. “We were skipping rocks—well, technically, I was…” He glances at you with a playful smirk and you smile, rolling your eyes in return.
“Wow, small world indeed.” Bora grins. “Jun, she’s getting married to Yoongi.”
“Oh, really?” 
“Congratulations.” He tells the both of you, but was mostly meeting your gaze. “Should have known you were taken. Almost all the pretty girls I’ve encountered on this trip are.”
Yoongi tries to ignore that strange drop his stomach just did at Yeonjun’s comment since even if it was supposed to sound harmless, it also no doubt sounded as if he was flirting with you. And here you are, laughing at it and appearing pleased to hear that and he unconsciously steps a little closer to your side, tightening your hold around his arm as well that your eyes glance over to him for a second but you don’t give meaning much to it since he’s still looking at the two.
“Anyways,” Bora clasps her hands excitedly, “are you guys free for dinner later? I’d love it if you join us since our parents are going to be spending it with others too.”
You grow stiff. “Uh, I don’t know—”
“Sure,” Yoongi says and you take a deep breath. “We don’t have anything better to do, so…”
“Great!” She grins. “Then we’ll see you two later at, uh—wait, Yoon, do you still have the same number? Because if yes, I’ll just text you the restaurant.”
“It’s the same.”
“I’ll just text you then.”
And as they smile at each other and all, you can feel your stomach twisting in such an awful way that you’re certain your face isn’t doing a good job in preventing itself from contorting a little, jealousy burning deep deep down.
“Stop. Let me do it,” Yoongi says as he sees you struggling with the summer dress you were going to wear tonight for the dinner, attempting to tie the halter strap behind your neck but you were either tying it too tight or too loose for the past minutes of you doing it, and he was the one getting tired seeing you take too long in the wash room as the door was still open.
You shake your head, not even sparing him a glance. “It’s okay. I’ve got it han—”
“I’ll do it.” He cuts you off as he finishes buttoning his shirt, going to where you were and standing behind you, taking the two strings from your fingertips before tying them.
You frown and don’t say anything, just focusing your attention elsewhere and ignoring the way you’d feel little tingles throughout your body whenever his hands would make accidental contact with your skin. You were still annoyed at what he did earlier, as you don’t think he’s not that dumb to not notice how you were uncomfortable to be in the same space as Bora. But of course, he probably just assumed you were going to be fine with it because it was him who was calling the shots.
“Thanks,” you quickly say before leaving him there and heading to the bed to rearrange the contents of your purse, Yoongi left to stare at his reflection in the mirror which showed the defeated look on his face.
No words are spoken as the both of you walk all the way to the restaurant, a very fancy place you thought to yourself once you got a glimpse of it as you near the place, seeing glass walls, a bunch of decorative plants and lights, busy waiters walking around tending to every customer’s orders in their suits, and when you enter inside, you appreciate the minimal look of the overall interior with the design of the tiles and the walls, accompanied with the dining tables and chairs. 
“Just right here, Mr. Min,” the restaurant staff directs you to a vacant table for four people outside, a different section of the venue that had a pool in the middle with water lilies and lotuses floating on it, numerous other tables surrounding it yet majority aren’t vacated yet.
“Bora’s not here yet,” Yoongi states the obvious as he assists you on sitting down, something that he hasn’t done before but upon your grumpy mood, he thinks he should pour a little effort in pleasing you.
You nod, just folding your arms on the table and focusing your attention on the pool, fascinated by the way the water would ripple as the wind blew. He takes the seat beside you.
“You should’ve brought a scarf,” he speaks again and this time you meet his gaze. “It's cold tonight.”
“What are you doing?” You can’t help but ask and he raises an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?”
“Why are you acting like you care?”
“Like I care?”
“Yeah, you never did before.”
“How are you sure?”
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you never made it apparent?”
Yoongi stares at you, almost appearing as if he was scrutinizing your face which he might really be doing as of the moment. “Are you acting this way because of Bora?” he abruptly asks.
You huff a breath and look away. “No.”
“Which means you are, right? In your complicated language?”
“In my complicated language? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means that you’re lying about being mad—then proceed on acting like it anyways.”
The way he’s undeniably blunt annoys you further, and you can’t stop grimacing because of it. Yoongi, on the other hand, is surprised to see such a gesture coming from you, considering how you’ve always been all smiles and patience for the last days of being together on this trip. But he guesses you’ve probably reached your limit already, and you were beyond trying to act nice at this point.
“You shouldn’t have just told me,” Yoongi says, “if you didn’t want us to have dinner with them.”
“Well, it’s not like you asked for my opinion, right?” you sarcastically reply. “Besides, it’s too late now.” You look down on the table just as Bora’s voice gets heard.
“Hey, lovebirds!” 
He looks forward and sees the siblings walking towards your table with the same escort that led the both of you here. He smiles automatically then, Bora grinning along with Yeonjun who not so subtly already has his eyes set on you. When Yoongi glances at your way, he sees that you’re smiling at him already as well.
“Sorry for being late. Are we late?” Bora laughs as she sits down.
“Noona takes too long in picking her shoes,” Yeonjun jokes.
“Hey, every piece of clothing is vital to the whole look, you know?”
“I know.”
Bora giggles and looks at you. “You look wonderful, ____.”
“Thank you,” you force yourself to smile genuinely, “you look amazing too.”
You’re becoming more convinced that Bora always talks in exclamations.
“Let’s order?” Yoongi asks, looking at you and you nod without looking back at him. 
“Yeah, let’s.”
You unconsciously lift your eyes forward and when you do, Yeonjun’s glancing at you, being the person who’s sitting right across your seat. As your eyes connect briefly, he smiles and you do too, Yoongi noticing once again the little interaction that sets something inside him he can’t quite pinpoint—though if he was going to be honest with himself, he knows it might already be jealousy.
The night just naturally progressed right after the four of you placed your orders, the delicious food being served not too long and then you’re sharing laughs, stories, and lots of red wine. You, particularly, was drinking way too much than you usually do, consuming more than what even Yoongi thinks is way below your limit. But you aren’t doing anything remotely stupid yet—your eyes are just appearing drowsy and not only are your cheeks so red, but also your neck and a little on your ears. You’ve been grinning and chuckling more than the normal, and Yoongi’s been stealing the bottle of red wine from your grasp discreetly while still chatting up with Bora which you’d also subtly glare at him for.
“Wait, I totally forgot to ask.” Bora downs her drink. “When’s the supposed big wedding?”
You don’t answer, instead looking through your wine, and you feel your fiance’s gaze on your side before he’s the one who speaks.
“In two weeks,” Yoongi says quickly.
“Wow.” Yeonjun chuckles. “In two weeks, you’re going to be a married man, Hyung?” 
“It’s so weird having your friends get married,” Bora says. “Especially if you’ve known them since they were a kid.”
“Just wait until Yeonjun decides to get married then,” Yoongi nods at the boy in which Yeonjun laughs.
“Oh, no way. I’m too young to get tied down. Maybe I’ll live my life for a little way before I decide to settle down and make my own family, you know?”
“Good for you,” you butt in abruptly, the three of them turning their eyes on you for uttering a word again finally. “Unfortunately for Yoongi, he never had that choice.”
“He probably doesn’t have a problem with that,  ____.” Bora laughs.
“Oh, I doubt it. He probably regrets agreeing to marry me instead. Probably thinks he wasted all of his life being engaged to me too—and holy shit, once we get married, he has to waste more of his life then as well.” You’re laughing.
“Uh—” Yeonjun coughs awkwardly. “I guess that’s enough drinking for the night, ____.” He reaches for your glass but Yoongi beats him to it,  placing it on the far side of the table so that you wouldn’t be able to get it again.
“What? You guys think I’m drunk?” You still had that stupid grin on your face. “I’m not that drunk. I’m just—enjoying the night, being carefree, living the best of my moments until I’m always going to wake as a lone housewife.”
“Alright.” Bora clasps her hands and chuckles nervously. “Maybe it’s time for dessert. I’ll call on the waiter. What do you think, Yoongi?”
The hold you have on the material of your dress tightens, your annoyance and pettiness getting the best of you as you bitterly think that how come it is only Yoongi that she asks when you’re just right there too.
You suddenly forget what you even said about him, how you just made it certain that you’re positive Yoongi’s going to be a bad husband to you once you do get married, that looking at Bora now who has her attention fixed on him, all you can think about is how she can make a better person to be with Yoongi instead, and that perhaps he thinks so too.
“I think we’ll pass.” You hear Yoongi say and you abruptly snap your head towards him, maybe quite too fast to be frank since the gesture made you more lightheaded than you already are. “I think it’s better if we head to our room early.”
“Oh.” Bora blinks and glances at you. “Yeah, of course. It’s better to have ____ resting.”
“No,” you shake your head, “maybe I should just go and you stay here.”
You’re already mindlessly standing up which makes Yoongi grab your wrist. “What?”
“It’s okay. I mean, you three should catch up more. I don’t really need to be here.” You twist his grip off, quite unsuccessfully though as his hold only moves to your hand itself, fingers grasping yours.
“But ____, it’s better if you stay really.” Bora breaks off into a smile, eyes flashing to Yoongi then to you again. “Besides, we haven’t talked that much too. It’d be great if—”
“Um, I don’t think we need to.”
“____.” It’s Yoongi again. “If you’re going to go back, I will too.”
“You don’t have to. I’m capable of going there myself.” You finally pull your hand to your side, getting away from his hold before stepping away from the table.
Surprisingly, Yeonjun stands up and so does Yoongi, which causes the two men to share a look with each other.
“Uh, I was about to suggest walking her there instead,” Yeonjun says.
“I don’t think that’d be needed,” Yoongi tells him.
You roll your eyes and start marching towards the door you came from which would lead you back in the restaurant and then to the way of the exit. However, walking with a considerably huge amount of wine in your system was a bad choice, and you find yourself stumbling more than once, twice—desperately trying to make it to your destination without embarrassingly tripping on your own feet. Though after one particular hit of dizziness with your surroundings ultimately getting blurry, you—
The sudden cold and wet sensation of the water sobers you quickly, and you’re gasping for air the moment your head pops out of the pool for a second. How deep was this pool even? You can’t feel something beneath your feet, a fact that immediately sends panic in your mind because water is getting in your mouth and nose the more you’re being restless and you’re convinced that this might be ultimately your doom.
But as another splash of water hits your face, two hands grab a hold of your arms and lifts you up, bringing half of your body out of the water, pulling you until your hand lands on someone’s shoulders, neck, and then you’re hugging him, holding on for dear life as it’s the only thing you can cling onto, you legs embarrassingly encircling around his waist in instinct.
“Fucking hell.” Yoongi sighs though he nonetheless embraces you back, adjusting your position a little bit . “What the fuck were you thinking, ____?”
You don’t answer but just continue to blink and breathe hard, still unconsciously clutching his body for support, your heart probably close to being thrown out of your ribcage by how fast it was beating, you stomach along it still not feeling well and you’re having this slight urge to vomit.
“Oh my god—wait! I’m calling a waiter,” Bora tells the both of you.
Yoongi’s walking towards the edge of the pool, hands landing on your waist and you feel that you’re being lifted again, now off his body to instead have you sitting on the side. As you focus your gaze forward, you’re met with Yoongi’s stare, his hair falling on his forehead but it doesn't eliminate your chance to still see through his eyes that showed a mix of frustration and concern.
This moment makes you inevitably recall the time you swore you can never not like Min Yoongi. It makes you feel a pang of pain somehow, a nostalgic kind because you think that it’s been so long since that happened, and still, there was no progress whatsoever. This was still Yoongi saving you from being idiotic for a reason that you bet not because you were important to him as much as he was important to you.
“____,” a voice enters your ears again but Yoongi’s mouth remains closed, “here you go.” 
You glance behind you just in time to catch Yeonjun wrapping a towel carefully around your shoulders. You nod in thanks, forcing yourself to smile even just a little before he outstretches another towel towards Yoongi’s direction, wherein Yoongi finally comes out of the pool and gets it from his grasp.
“Let’s go back to our room,” Yoongi says as he places it around his shoulders.
You nod again, pushing your butt off the floor, Yoongi surprisingly assisting you in doing so with a gentle grip of your arm, his hand sliding to your palm once you’re standing.
You stare at your intertwined hands and he gives it a squeeze, making you flicker your stare to his face where you see that he still has his eyes on you.
“Come on,” he says, not even giving you a chance to decline as he tugs you to follow him.
You only manage to share a look with Yeonjun and Bora, who both looked apologetic and at the same time hesitant to possibly say anything else to console you or perhaps a friendly ‘goodnight!’. You feel embarrassed for them as well, but you too can’t find the words to tell them your apologies, so you settle to do what you think you can only really do in that moment without feeling more humiliated than you do.
You focus your attention to the ground and walk a little quicker behind Yoongi.
“Go ahead and take a shower,” he says the second you step in the suite.
You stay standing by the door as Yoongi walks forward and places the towel on a nearby chair, ruffling his hair more and looking at himself in the mirror before turning back to you, eyebrows furrowed since you still haven’t moved an inch forward. 
He’s trying to analyze your posture, staring at you while you cross your arms in a manner that appears like you were hugging yourself, your hair sticking together and the dress you wore for the evening sticking to your body too. Maybe that’s why he was being so urgent in bringing you back here, since the tightness of it along your curves didn’t leave much to anyone’s imagination. He doesn’t want to have another reason to be pissed tonight.
“Didn’t you hear what I said?” His voice is still calm, composed, though you can still determine a little bit of annoyance in them that doesn’t help you in not feeling guiltier. “You go be the first to shower, ____.”
“Why don’t we just cancel the wedding?” 
He pauses at the sudden suggestion, obviously surprised. “What?”
“Why did you agree to this? To your parents? You could be with someone like Bora, you know.”
“What?” he repeats.
“God, Yoongi—do you honestly want to be tied to me? For the rest of your life?” you say exasperatingly. “I mean, I know divorce is a thing, but why go through with that when you can just end it here? You don’t have to do this because you feel pity for me and my pathetic emotions for you. You know very well that this is just some dumb scheme by my mom.”
He approaches you and instead of cowering down like what you would usually do when you get a little bit intimidated, you lift your chin up. Y0u had nothing to lose right now anyway. You are already proposing the worst scenario that could happen—and that was losing him for the rest of your life. You think that it was fair, as for the past years, you’ve had him already, even if he always gave you the impression that it was against his will.
Yoongi stops in front of you. “Are you hearing yourself right now?”
“So, you’re aware of what you’re asking, huh?”
“I am—”
“Okay, then I don’t want to cancel the wedding. Discussion over,” he says immediately, removing the towel around your shoulders and throwing it to the wooden bench close by. “Now, go ahead and take a bath—”
“What?” It’s your turn to look outraged as you cut him off. “What do you mean you don’t want to cancel the wedding? I’m practically giving you a free pass now, Yoongi.”
“Free pass? Do you think that by cancelling the wedding, you’re doing me a favor?”
“Aren’t I?”
“You’re not.”
“I am,” you insist. “I’m giving you the freedom—”
He scoffs. “—please—”
“—to not spend your life with me. Fuck, Yoongi, can you just listen to what I’m saying instead of acting like a smartass?”
“____, I am listening.” He sighs frustratingly. “But what the fuck do you know, huh? All you base on are dumb assumptions and negative thoughts. You’re not thinking or even looking at the real thing.”
Your eyes flutter a little faster before you clench your jaw. “I think I know enough to be positive that you don’t want to be with me.”
Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, his forehead scrunching together as his gaze moves to every feature on your face, as if he’s memorizing it or he’s just so mad he can’t focus on one thing. Though just when you’re about to retort another reason that would help prove your point on why you should end this, he suddenly grabs your cheeks gently and tilts your head upwards.
You automatically close your lids, expecting the usual thing to happen—a kiss—but all you remain feelings is his thumb against your cheek, rubbing the pad of it softly on your skin in a manner that you almost deemed as comforting, if it weren’t for how things are at this moment, and you can’t find the will to breathe properly.
“What do you know, huh?” he repeats his question earlier, staring deeply in your eyes. “Do you think I put up with you because I’m an obedient son? Is that it?”
You grit your teeth. “Yes.”
“I’m not.”
“Stop it.” You hold onto his wrists, not really urging him to let go like what your brain was wanting you to do, but instead just letting your fingers cling unto him. “Stop this. I want the wedding off, you’re not changing my mind.”
“I’m not letting you.”
“Why? Do you just want to rub it in my face that you hate me for the rest of my life?”
“____,” he pulls his head away a little, just so your gazes can meet better, his forehead scrunching up as his tone becomes more somber, “I don’t hate you. Why do you always have to plant that idea in your head?”
“Because it’s what you always made it seem since we met,” you say, in a manner that came out like a pathetic whimper as your eyes turn glassy, your tears a single push away from washing down on your face. “You always make it seem like I’m just a big nuisance in your life—that being with me is such a headache and I’m no good. So… so fuck it, Yoongi. I, I don’t want to always be like this and just hope that you’ll love me the same way because I’m so tired. I’m so… I’m fucking tired and I don’t want to be with you anymore if all I’m experiencing is absolute bullshit.”
You’re expecting him to be mad at you once you’re done talking, to lash out on you too and hurt you more by purposely telling you that all the things you accused him off are 100% true. That you are just one big nuisance in his life and an annoying headache he wants gone. But Yoongi’s expression remains blank, possibly wounded as well, and it remains that way for an excruciatingly long time, accompanied with deafening silence and your heart thumping heavily inside your chest—
and then he kisses you. His lips are on yours and your mind is going haywire, along with your heart that seems to have stopped beating to instead drop down on your stomach, perhaps finally giving up on giving you life.
You know to yourself that you don’t actually want to push him away, because as stupid as it sounds and as pitiful it might be, you’ve longed for this moment for such a long time ever since you liked him, that now it’s being handed over to you, you’re not sure if you have the power to drop it all away as quickly as it was presented. 
One of his hands travel to the nape of your neck as the other goes to your lower back, pressing your bodies together while he dips his head lower to yours, kissing you deeper which you welcome without a second thought, your arms that previously lay limp on your side going to his shoulders in order to hold onto something for you feel your knees are about to buckle from the intensity of everything you’re experiencing right now.
“I never hated you,” he murmurs in between the heated kiss, as you’re getting turned around and led somewhere—somewhere you’re pretty certain is the mattress. “I never thought you were a nuisance, or a fucking headache—god, you just hurt yourself with ideas of me that aren’t even true.”
You stare up at him now that he’s hovering you, your gaze focused on his face until he’s kissing you again with so much passion that you’re next breath hitches in your throat, your hands going through his wet hair as he angles his face to kiss you deeper.
Though when you feel his hand go over to hike your dress higher, possibly aiming to remove it from your body, you hold onto his wrist in instinct and he quickly stops, pulling away from the kiss to look at your eyes, suddenly afraid that he might have crossed a like already, afraid that he was misreading your actions and that you didn’t want to do this with him.
“I’m sorry,” he says.
You furrow your eyebrows. “For what? For hurting me or for kissing me?”
“For hurting you,” he whispers. “I’m not… I don’t know how this works.”
“What works?”
“Showing what I feel.”
“And… and what do you feel, Yoongi?”
He fumbles with the material of your dress, wrinkling his forehead. “I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” You frown. “Then why are we doing this?”
“I just… I’m not sure what I feel but I… I don’t want you to go.”
You’re confused on what you’re supposed to say at that, not trusting yourself to speak, and so you keep your mouth shut, staring at his Adam's apple instead of his eyes.
“The only thing I’m sure of though is that,” he swallows hard, continuing his speech, “I want to keep you, and I want to marry you. If I don’t do that, I know I’ll make the biggest mistake of my life.”
“Because it feels wrong not to be with you,” he answers right away, both of you still not looking at each other, your gaze still on his throat while his focus remains on your cupid’s bow, his nervousness getting apparent at just the mere quiver of his voice.
“You just feel so right, ____. And maybe I’m saying this because you’ve all I’ve been seeing since high school, or… or that you’ve frankly grown onto me throughout the years we’ve been forced together—but whatever it is, I want it to keep being that way.” He exhales slowly through his nose, finally looking up in hopes of catching a glimpse of your eyes, and he doesn’t get disappointed as he meets them the moment he glances up.
“I just want you with me,” he adds, “for a long time, longer than this. So, please, can you—can you bear with me for a little more?”
You bite the insides of your cheeks, letting out a huge breath once he finishes. “That’s the longest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
Yoongi smiles despite the situation, gums showing as his lips turn up a little too wide at your claim, and you do the same, chuckling even.
“Desperate times, desperate measures.”
“I should have threatened cancelling the wedding a long time then.”
“No.” He shakes his head. “I should have been better to you instead.”
“You can start being better to me right now.”
It’s too late when you realize how suggestive that sounded but you can’t lie and pretend that you didn’t want it to sound exactly like that. With Yoongi still being so close, the thought of being with him in a completely different way is still present in your mind, not to mention the fact that as you have reminded yourself for the billionth time tonight—you’ve waited for this for so long.
Yoongi leans down and presses a kiss on your mouth, palm back on your waist, squeezing it again before he abruptly pulls back, only stopping  centimeters away from your lips though. “I can prepare you a warm bath, if you want.”
“Will you… will you join me if I do that?”
“If you want me to.”
“I do.”
“Then I will.”
“Okay,” he repeats, kissing you once more and standing up to go to the bathroom to do as he said.
While you’re left there on the bed, heart pounding heavily inside your chest, you begin to think of the possibilities of what might happen tonight. It makes your stomach churn in an unpleasant way because of the nerves suddenly kicking in, but you force yourself to get rid of any negative thoughts or anxiety that’s slowly creeping in. And it kind of works for a little while, until Yoongi’s softly calling you again to tell you that the bath’s ready and that you can go dip in, ultimately prompting you to think of it again.
“Just tell me when you’re done undressing,” he says as he turns around from you who’s standing there by the bathtub. “Or do you want me to leave?”
“No, just—it’s fine.”
You hurriedly remove your clothes, contemplating for a minute whether you should remove all of them but saw no point in keeping your undergarments on so you choose to go all nude, finally carefully hopping in the tub and sinking down, moving from off the bubbles towards you as you sit with your knees pressed against your chest.
“I’m done. You can turn around.”
He does, attention falling onto you. “Do you still want me to join you?”
You nod. “Yeah.”
“Alright. Close your eyes first.”
You snort at that but does it anyway, even ducking your head down, waiting patiently for him while you hear the rustle of his clothes being taken off, his feet stomping on the floor, until the subtle sound of splashing water enters your ears and the thud of his butt landing on the bottom of the tub. You open your eyes without his cue and crane your neck upwards, seeing Yoongi sit right in front of you, bubbles covering almost all of him just below his neck.
“Feel good?” he asks you and you nod slowly.
“Yeah, I guess.”
His eyes skim your face. “You look uncomfortable.”
You raise your eyebrows. “I do?”
“____,” he sits up straighter, “you know I’m not… I’m not really expecting anything to happen tonight, right?”
Your face flushes at the brought up topic, and you can’t help saying what’s on your mind too. “Well, I just thought, from where we were clearly headed earlier…”
“I was being way too straightforward, wasn’t I?” 
He sighs. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“Don’t be. I’m not saying I hate it. It’s just that, I’ve thought about it for a long time.”
“About us having—”
His finger scratches on the edge of the tub. “Do you want to?”
You flicker your stare to him. “Do you?”
“I’d be lying if I say I don’t.”
“Hey,” he scoots closer to you now, cautious and slow, reaching for your hand, “nothing has to happen. Don’t think about it.”
“But I want it to happen,” you murmur shyly. “I just… I just haven’t done it before.”
At the confession, Yoongi freezes, and you think you might have scared him away by how you just revealed the fact that you indeed are still a virgin. Is that supposed to be scary for guys though? You’re suddenly overthinking again and regretting saying that last bit but you feel him tug your hand and you’re back looking at him.
“Come here.”
You grudgingly let him pull you closer, your whole face seemingly burning in both shyness and embarrassment, but the way he’s peering at you doesn’t seem judgmental or bad as you thought. His expression still remained impossible to read even at this time.
“Can I sit you here on my lap?” he wonders out loud and you nod, soon feeling his palms land on your waist, lifting you up a little to position you in front of him, and you prevent yourself from being too stiff or as awkward as you feel deep down.
You have the urge to cross your arms over your chest, but you think that it’d be useless at this point if you do, and you’re appearing more confused and uncomfortable in Yoongi’s eyes that he tilts your head up with a hand on your cheek to bring your attention to him again.
“We can just relax and talk, you know,” he says with a smile and you chuckle.
“We can do that anytime though.”
“We can do this anytime too.”
“We can?” 
“Yeah,” he brings your head close and kisses the corner of your mouth, “anytime you want to. We don’t have to rush.”
Your breath comes out shaky as you exhale. “But I want to right now, Yoongi.”
You can tell that he’s about to say something again so before he can even utter the words out, you press your lips against his to stop him from doing so, gathering all the courage you have as you drag yourself closer to him and kiss him with more urgency and determination, throwing your arms around his shoulders at the same time, Yoongi’s hands falling to your hips to hold you steady.
He lets you have your way—lets you press your chest right to his, lets you kiss him as intensely as you want, even trying to keep up with your pace while also initiating things he assumes you’re still having a hard time attempting to do. His tongue softly swipes against your lower lip after a while, waiting for you to open your mouth a little for him, and when you do, he takes the pleasure of moving the muscle in, copying the small moan you let out with a groan of his own.
Goosebumps would rise on your skin on the places his fingers glided along to, a hand of his on the back of your neck while another still on your waist under the water. Your next breath hitches though at the sensation of his hold loosening, his palm slowly moving downwards to your collarbones, going lower and lower, until he abruptly stops.
“This okay?” he murmurs and you stop yourself from appearing fazed, not wanting to appear like you weren’t enjoying this when in fact you were, it’s just that the fear of humiliation was greater than actually enjoying the moment.
You nod.
“Relax,” he says, as if reading your mind once more, leaning his head back as his eyes fall down. “Just… let me, let me take care of you tonight.”
You bite your lower lip to fight a moan from coming out the moment his palm comes in contact with your breast, Yoongi watching you carefully as he gently squeezes it, thumb grazing against your already hard bud, and before he can think too much of it, he leans in and kisses your shoulder, nipping and pulling your skin between his teeth as he urges you to go even closer, mouth dragging itself west to capture a nipple between his lips.
Something immediately sparks beneath you, a foreign feeling yet a little bit familiar all at the same time—nothing uncomfortable though or distasteful. Instead, your curiosity to experience more of this sensation was more prominent than the initial thought of possibly prompting a humiliating action.
You unconsciously find yourself pushing down your lower half against his thighs where you are still situated, and upon the little gesture, your realization that your bare heat was gliding along his skin coming in late, Yoongi groans, his grip on your waist tightening as he lifts his head up again to place his lips along your neck, trying to find a sweet spot that would have you crumbling further.
You whine as his teeth travel to your earlobe, biting onto it softly as he helps you in really grinding down on his thigh once your urgency to get off becomes more obvious. You’re not really a stranger when it comes to knowing how close you’re getting in each move you do, and Yoongi’s not entirely oblivious to not try doing things to get you near your orgasm.
“Can I—” he looks down on his lap, fingers inching from its position on your hips to your middle— “can I… can I—fuck, want me to help you, sweetheart?”
You only nod and Yoongi immediately stops you from grinding further on his thigh, instead repositioning you so that you were back properly straddling him. He gives you one more look, making sure that you were alright, and once you give him the signal that it’s okay but nodding again, Yoongi gently glides the pads of his fingers along your folds, hissing at the texture of your slickness despite being underwater.
You mewl quietly, leaning your forehead against his shoulder at the sensitivity already, until he inserts a finger in slowly and then keeping his wrist still for a moment while kissing the side of your head.
“Feel good?” 
You sigh, running your hand along his nape. “Yes…”
He pulls it back for a second and then gently pushes it back in, letting out a shaky breath. “God, you’re so tight,” he says, voice huskier and deeper. “You take in my finger so well… can’t imagine how well you’ll take my cock too…”
You moan his name at the statement and the way he begins dragging it out faster, still so cautious yet still feeling so good all at the same time, Yoongi thrusting it back repeatedly in a languid and delicious pace, his free hand going up to one of your chest to add more stimulation to what you’re already wonderfully experiencing. He notices the prominent pulsating of your walls inside and he slightly lets his thumb press against your clint, in which you jolt and dig your nails to his shoulder.
“Fuck,” you whine and he nips on your throat, “I think I’m already—already so close—”
“Do you want to come?”
“No,” you say surprisingly that makes him turn and look at your eyes, “not until you’re close too.”
“But I don’t—”
His sentence gets cut off the moment you grab his shaft and he’s shocked at how that small touch got him so affected that he can really feel an all recognizable rush run to his dick and cause him to be even harder than he already is. He couldn’t even control himself or focus on pleasuring you the second you begin jerking him, your palm tugging the skin in match with the rhythm he has created in finger fucking you.
“____,” he groans, “you sure you have no experience?”
You laugh even if you’re getting more desperate for release, practically riding his hand at this point, Yoongi leaning on his back and watching you jack him, play his head, while he does things to you too. Your face heats up at his gaze, how he bites his lip and heaves and scans your body with a certain look in his eyes, adding to your arousal. His lust is getting more noticeable as well with how he’s inch by inch becoming a little rougher than a few minutes ago, murmuring if he can put another finger in that you answer with a hurried nod.
Soon your mouths are against each other as Yoongi brings you close to his body again, tongues moving in motion and hands moving quicker in eagerness. All of the sudden however you pause and grip his wrist, causing him to stop and open his eyes to see you shuffling even nearer to him, Yoongi pulling his fingers away that leaves you with an empty feeling almost immediately.
“What is it?”
“I want you.”
“Me too.”
“No, I mean—” you begin to do the brave move of positioning his thick shaft right between your folds, keeping it there before you place your hands on his shoulders, gliding your cunt along it carefully that has him grunting as soon as you do so— “like this.”
“Fuck.” He throws his head back, slowly grabbing you by the hips, guiding your movements. “You’re gonna make me come fast.”
“That’s what I want to do.”
“Yeah?” He chuckles, his focus on the way you’re moving your hips. “Why don’t I make you come first, baby?”
His suggestion sends you to the edge, and as embarrassing as it may be, you feel like you might as well just orgasm right there. That’s why you halt to calm down for a second which he catches on right away, his smile turning into a grin as he pulls you by the nape to capture your lips.
You spend making out with him, grinding on him, for the next minutes, your heart pounding so hard that it starts to be felt even right by your ears, this growing knot in the bottom of your stomach getting tighter the more you rocked your hips to him. Added with the feeling of his touch on your breasts, his mouth moving to your neck to litter it with long wet kisses, your self composure crumbles second by second.
“Come for me?” he says then, in such a way that seems so pleading and demanding, that you groan and like a switch flipping, abruptly let go, thighs ultimately shaking as intense pleasure courses through you, probably the best you have had yet, riding out your high that has him moaning along, the sensation of your folds pulsating against his dick weakening him.
As you finish, you lean your forehead away from his shoulder, snapping your gaze to Yoongi’s hooded lids, kissing him until you scoot back and return to holding his hard shaft under the water.
“Your turn?” you timidly ask and he grins, gums showing and all before he  literally attacks you with another passionate kiss that makes you think you’ll be staying here in the tub longer than reckoned.
“Should’ve known you were here.”
You glance up from where you are sitting on, a blanket on top of the sand, and see Yoongi looking at you with a small smile.
It’s officially your last day on the island, and you’re surprised that you’re finding yourself dreading to leave it despite wanting time to go quicker originally. But obviously, with the odd turn of events, with Yoongi proving you wrong and not remaining indifferent the whole time—proving to you that you’re not unimportant like what you always thought you were—you’re now here wishing you could stay with him longer.
“The sunset’s really nice,” you say with a chuckle before turning back to the view you’ve been staring at for the past five days of your trip, the sun slowly descending beneath the horizon with an orange and pink tinted sky surrounding it.
“You know what’s nicer though?” He crouches down and takes the spot next to you.
“If you say that it’s me…” 
He laughs and so do you, the both of you going back to gazing at the wonderful sight in front with this newfound peace you’ve established with him just last night.
It’s not like you two went all the way though after the first time when, erm, you can say the pleasurable incident in the bathroom happened, as Yoongi insisted that the real thing be saved to a much later date so that he and you can be truly ‘prepared’ for it (much to your dismay, if you were gonna be honest). But it did develop something new between you and him—something you can’t put into words but nonetheless is so comforting and has put you in ease to be with him further.
“Hey,” he abruptly nudges you and you’re turning to him again, “I want to give you something.”
You raise an eyebrow. “What?”
“I’ve been meaning to give it to you throughout the whole time we were here,” he starts to rummage through his pockets, “but I always chickened out and never got the opportunity to give it to you. Actually, I was gonna give you this when we were island hopping but then Bora and Yeonjun were there and—”
“What is it?” you ask again impatiently, staring at his pocket where his hand was still in.
Yoongi clears his throat, staring at you nervously before finally retracting his hand and showing you what he’s been keeping.
It’s a small red colored velvet box, that as he opens slowly, contains a ring with a huge glittering diamond, beautifully sculpted on the silver band covered with little gems as well. You blink rapidly at the gorgeous piece of jewelry in complete awe and in confusion, Yoongi clearing his throat once more and then slowly reaching for your hand that lays limp on your lap.
“I know it’s unnecessary to give you an engagement ring, especially since we’re about to get married soon anyways,” he starts with a humorless chuckle, “but I just want you to know that, that I’m—in case you still don’t get it after everything yesterday—that I’m serious about marrying you,” he says with an exhale. “I’m, I’m gonna try being the best husband to you, ____. I know too that I haven’t been someone I should have right from when we got engaged, but I promise that I’ll be the kind of person you’ll need from this moment forward. So… will you… will you—”
“Isn’t my answer to that already obvious?” you say with a cheek hurting grin before he can complete his question.
He frowns. “You didn’t let me finish.”
You roll your eyes. “Oh, well, it’s yes anyway so—”
He stops you from diving in to get the ring by pulling his hand back that held the box, knitting his eyebrows at you playfully. “Yah, let me ask you first.”
“Will you marry me?” he asks with a hopeful look, as if you haven’t been obvious all your life that your answer was never gonna be anything but yes—as if you never made it apparent that you’ve always been in love with him practically all your life, like you haven’t been pining over him and has been waiting for this moment right here to happen the moment you were sure that you loved him.
Your grin minimizes a little at that, getting replaced by a rather shy yet still bright smile, before you nod solemnly,  and Yoongi lets out a relieved sigh, taking the ring out of the box and holding your hand, gently wearing the ring on the designated finger.
“How’d you know my size?” you wonder and he shrugs.
“Asked your mom.”
“Figures why she kept on texting me for updates then.”
“Same with mine. Kept bugging me when I would give you the ring.” He laughs, rubbing his thumb along your knuckles, letting it brush along the diamond. “Do you like it?”
You stare at it, tears starting to form but you hold it in, finding it ridiculous to cry out of happiness but a tear still manages to escape which he quickly wipes away with the pad of his thumb.
“I love it,” you assure him, and you stop yourself from getting too surprised when he leans in to place a quick kiss on your lips and the spot where the tear landed seconds ago, instead speaking again in a joking manner to cover up your shyness once more. “Just sucks that you had to give it late again.”
Yoongi breathes out a snort, sitting straight. “Well, better late than never, right?”
“Is that going to be your argument all the time?”
“No, of course not.” He glares at you jokingly. “I’ll make sure to always be on time from now on.”
“And what if you don’t?”
“I won’t.” He presses. “I’m always going to be anywhere you’ll want and need me.”
You peer at him. “Always?” you repeat unconsciously and he can’t help but smile at your dumbfounded expression, Yoongi slightly biting his lower lip as he nods and steals a quick kiss on your mouth again.
Perhaps you looked too much of a whipped lover while you continued to stare at him, and perhaps he did too, still holding your hand and taking quick glances at the finger that wore the engagement ring he bought. Looking at it now, he wished he had given it to you the moment you two met up at the airport to go to this island, thinking that maybe if he did, it would have helped him express his fondness to you better.
“You hungry?” he abruptly questions and you laugh at the indeed spontaneity of it. “Let’s eat somewhere delicious around here before we go home tomorrow.”
“Is it going to be your treat?” You outstretch your hands upwards once he successfully stands up, Yoongi pulling you towards him upon the gesture.
“That’s another yes for you then.”
He rolls his eyes, automatically grasping your hand before leading the way, Yoongi glancing at you to see this shy yet undeniably happy smile plastered on your lips with your attention however focused on your intertwined fingers, particularly on the ring that is finally on its rightful place.
Twelve days more, he thinks, and then he’ll be getting married to the only person he knows he’ll forever want to be by his side.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading & feedback is always appreciated ! ♡(ˆ‿ˆԅ)
Tumblr media
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guksthighs · 3 years ago
Cuddles || myg
Tumblr media
Excerpt: ‘“I love hugs,” you mumbled into his chest to feel it rumbling as he laughed quietly. ’
Genre: so so so fluffy
Length: 1k
A/N: all the hugs pls
Tumblr media
“Are you awake?” Yoongi’s morning voice was lower than usual, his lips brushing against your ear, placing a hand on your shoulder and squeezing gently, to check if you were awake yet. You had been awake since he had started stirring, his legs and arms stretching before he curled back into a ball and then woke up with a long yawn.
“You are awake,” he laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist to turn you around and place a kiss on both of your closed eyes, watching them slowly open with a grin, “there’s my pumpkin.” You sighed and moved further into his arms.
The mornings were the times that Yoongi was at his cuddliest; his hair sticking up at odd angles and eyes barely open. These were the best moments for you, Yoongi happy to bury his head in your chest with small sounds sighs leaving his mouth or letting you wrap yourself in a blanket and roll into his arms; he put up with anything as long as you were in his arms at the end of your nonsense.
The sound of Taehyung’s shouting made you cling closer to him, not wanting your moment to be ruined but just as you had buried your head into his chest, smiling as he pulled the duvet over your figures as if it would shield you from the passing of time. “I love hugs,” you mumbled into his chest to feel it rumbling as he laughed quietly.
“And I love you, cupcake,” his fingers traced patterns against your bare arms, and just as you relaxed and felt yourself going  back to sleep, the door was shoved open and the cover was ripped off your bodies, causing you to yelp and burrow further into Yoongi who was already glaring at the culprit.
“Park Jimin put the cover down and get out.” His voice was void of emotion and cold, and you looked up to see Jimin grinning, placing the cover down completely unafraid of the older member. He looked like he had been up for a while, wearing tracksuits and a sweater to show he’d probably just gone for a run.
Jimin stood in the doorway with a grin, “Joon said breakfast was compulsory today, you can cuddle at the table, we all find it cute.” Yoongi threw a pillow at him, but Jimin had already run out with a laugh, turning on the lights to your room which made you grimace in annoyance.
You turned to see Yoongi frowning and as he looked at you he sat up and seemed ready to fight at Jin, so you quickly wrapped him in your arms, “let’s go have breakfast babe, I promise we can sit next to each other and you can hold my hand if you want.” An unconscious smile spread across his lips and as soon as he saw you smiling, he leant forward and pressed his lips to yours.
“You’re really are the best thing in my life,” he climbed out of the bed, tossing you one of his sweaters from the floor and walking over to help you put it on, sliding it over your head and kissing your nose when it peeked out. You were still wearing your pyjama shorts and Yoongi his tracksuits, but you preferred to sleep topless with him to enjoy the feeling of his muscle on your soft skin.
“Get your top on stud,” you laughed and watched his muscles flex as he pulled his shirt on and you silently thanked the comeback for forcing your boyfriend to go to the gym although you loved it when he was fluffier, cheeks a bit chubbier which made him, even more, clingier and huggable.
As you both stood up, Yoongi hooked an arm around your waist, pulling you into his side to make you laugh, chuckling you made a kissing sound, “my little baby is so possessive,” you squeezed his cheek and laughed when he pouted.
“No lovey-dovey business at the table,” Jeongguk groaned, as you sat down next to the youngest member, resting your head on Yoongi’s shoulder with a content sigh pretending not to notice Jeongguk pulling faces at you.
“We’ll do what we want to,” Yoongi laughed, and pulled you in for another kiss, slowly moving to press small kisses on your face, along your laugh lines and then on the forehead before moving to make eye contact with Jeongguk and sticking his tongue out.
“Stop being so childish babe,” you giggled, tackling him into a hug and swaying side to side as you let the scent of him overwhelm you and remind you of one of the many reasons you loved him. Then Yoongi kept pulling you closer, his hands wrapped around your waist until he pulled you onto his lap.
You happily sat there, turning around so you could eat the pancakes that Jin had just placed on the plate intended for Yoongi, and as the boys watched you tuck into the blueberry pancakes as Yoongi grumbled in annoyance behind you they all laughed at the way you had him wrapped around his little finger.
Finally, he moved you back into your seat, laughing when he saw how little was on his plate and quickly he began eating, determined to not let you eat more but you quickly scraped your pancakes onto his plates, pressing a kiss to his cheek before sinking back into your chair.
“I want to get you chubby again,” you laughed when Namjoon sent you a warning glare, “I want his cheeks back!” you shrugged and pinched Yoongi’s cheeks to prove your point, “it’s okay, I love him no matter what he looks like.
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taetaespeaches · a year ago
“I never would’ve thought Agust D would be so soft after sex.”
yoongi x reader (or oc) genre: smut; fluff word count: 3.1K
a/n: ok, so, Kid is ready to give Yoon that good good just after hearing like half the mixtape, our girl hasn’t even seen the damn mv yet guys, like, she’s ready to pounce after just seven songs from her man. And honestly, mood. I hope you lovelies enjoy this, I hope it lives up to your expectations lmao, and thank you for reading :))
Tumblr media
YOU paced back and forth from one end of your kitchen to the other as you waited for Yoongi to answer his damn phone. I mean, seriously, how long does it take to pick up the-
“Hello?” Yoongi’s low voice interrupted your thoughts through the phone’s speaker.
Gasping, you eagerly asked, “Can I start listening?” omitting a proper greeting.
“Oh hey, I’m fine, how are you?” He teased.
You rolled your eyes, fully aware he couldn’t see you. “You’re expecting a lot of self-control from me right now, Min,” you complained.
Yoongi allowed himself to chuckle before responding with a humored, “if you want, you can listen, Kid.”
You squealed in excitement, bouncing around in front of the oven. “You’re sure? I don’t have to wait for you or anything?”
“Nah, I’m almost there anyway,” he told you, and you could tell by the tone of his voice he was grinning. “Just no music video yet,” he said in a whiny tone which you knew must be accompanied with a pout. He enjoyed watching your reaction to his music videos.
“No music video, I promise,” you smiled, absolutely fond of the man. “Oh my god, I’m not ready for this am I?” You yelled out, Yoongi scoffing in response.
“Jesus, you’re ridiculous,” he groaned.
“Shush, I’m hanging up, I have a long-awaited mixtape to listen to, thank you very much.”
“Ok fine, fine,” he laughed, but before you could hang up, Yoongi added, “Hey, Kid?” You hummed in response. “Love you.”
You’ve heard the words a million times, but it never failed to make your heart pound. However, that didn’t stop you from teasing him a bit. “Yeah, yeah, love you, I gotta go, priorities, baby. I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Agust D just made a comeback.”
He chuckled into the phone once more before giving you a, “See you in a bit,” and then hung up.
Immediately, you were pressing play on the mixtape on Spotify, already having had it pulled up for five minutes.
The first song, ‘Moonlight’, started off soft before scratching records came in, and then your boyfriend’s voice. When he gave his iconic laugh with an “August D” you smiled in pride. That’s my honey boy.
You turned your attention to the meal you were preparing for you and Yoongi, one of his favorites, stirring the contents in a big pot on the stovetop. Bopping along to the music, you listened to the lyrics that talked about his story, starting in Daegu to flying high with his group, how he goes through feelings of confidence in his work to feeling untalented, the struggles of writing this exact mixtape due to the pressure from a larger audience, expectations, and self-doubt. You knew those struggles all too well. You were with him throughout it all.
You’d been given glimpses of the songs throughout the writing process, some tracks in full while others you only saw lyric scribblings on those yellow notepads he leaves around his studio and that littered your apartment. You first saw the chorus to ‘Moonlight’ written on one of those notepads that sat on your bedside table.
“I like this,” you told your boyfriend, holding the notepad in one hand as the other found its way in his dampened hair, his face resting against your bare chest.
“Huh?” He looked up at you, his hand gripping your waist as his eyelids fluttered. The sheets were in disarray around your still nude forms. “Oh, yeah?”
“Yeah, is it for D-2?”
“Maybe,” he told you with a yawn. “Not sure.”
“I think you should use it,” you told him, your finger outlining the shell of his ear as his lips curved into a lazy smile. “It’s beautiful.”
“You really think so?” He asked, uncertain and a bit more awake.
“Yeah, definitely.”
He kissed the center of your chest before nuzzling his face further against your breasts. “You always know best, Kid.”
You felt your eyes prick with tears as you listened to the song, feeling immensely proud of your boyfriend. Of how hard he worked, of overcoming the doubt and fear, and just simply for the talent, passion, and artistry he shared with so many people.
As the mixtape played, you went through phases of dancing around, squealing in excitement, gasping at lyrics and phrasing, and more bouncing and dancing. You tried your best to focus on the lyrics, though you knew it would take a few listens to catch them all as you were too excited to comprehend everything just then.
Completely invested in the music, you didn’t hear your front door open, unaware of your boyfriend’s presence until he appeared in your peripheral, catching you doing a little strut that resembled Yoongi’s swagger walk he did on stage. Your head snapping to him, you were met with his gummy grin, his shoulders shaking in laughter as ‘Burn It’ continued to play throughout the kitchen.
“Are you leaving me for Agust D yet?” He teased, walking toward you.
“Do you realize how sexy you are? Like do you have any idea?” You asked accusatorily. “Like what the fuck, dude?”
“Jesus,” he huffed, a smile still plastered on his face. “You’re actually ridiculous.”
“Yeah, and you’re ridiculously talented, Min. You’re not told that enough,” you told him seriously. Reaching you, he placed his hands on your hips as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, stepping further into his arms.
“I’m told that plenty,” he dismissed with a bashful grin.
“No, you’re not,” you told him as ‘Burn It’ continued to play. Instead of responding to you, he kissed you which you immediately deepened, Yoongi stepping back a bit by the unexpected force behind your actions, though his arms wrapped tighter around your waist so your body was flush with his.
Pulling away, he chased your lips, making you smile. “I don’t even have the words right now to tell you how proud I am of you,” you told him seriously, tears forming in your eyes. You watched as Yoongi took a deep breath, keeping his own emotions under control at your sincere confession. “Just know I’m really proud,” you said as tears threatened to fall.
He quickly nodded just before bringing a hand to your jaw as he caught your lips again, giving you several quick pecks as he composed himself.
Letting out a breath that sounded to be one of relief, Yoongi peered around your frame, inspecting the food cooking on the stove, as well as the food that had spilled outside of the pot, with a grin. “That looks good.”
“Hopefully,” you said with a smile as Yoongi nuzzled his face against your neck, refusing to let you go. With the overwhelming pride and love you felt, mixed with the fact that the man on the mixtape was all yours, and he was standing in your kitchen, in your arms, pressing sweet kisses to your neck, you had a sudden desire for him.
As ‘People’ started playing, you were instantly struck with the memory of coming to his studio as he was working on that very track. It was just the instrumental then, but it was interesting and different from the other stuff he had been working on. Yoongi must have been thinking upon the same memory as he lifted his head, a gummy grin directed to you as his eyes found yours.
“I remember the night you wrote this,” you smiled, biting your lower lip. That night, you had spent about an hour of it sitting on his desk as Yoongi sat in his chair in front of you, his chin resting on your knees as you both discussed your ideas of life, and people, and changes, and what it all meant, if it even meant anything.  
You had already been dating for well over a year, but it was a moment where you and Yoongi felt a closeness between you both that hadn’t really been there before, becoming more mentally and emotionally attune with each other.
The conversation eventually faded out, the intense feeling of understanding between you both leading to you having sex on his studio couch.
“Trust me, I remember it very well,” he chuckled, his mind running through every moment of that night, from the feeling of closeness, to the warmth of your body underneath his as he pressed you against the couch cushions, the way you moaned his name and whispered ‘I love you’s’.
As the chorus of ‘People’ sounded from your laptop, your eyes widened at the sultry soothe of your boyfriend’s vocals.
“Since when do you sing like that, Min?” You teased with a smile, your eyes bouncing around his soft features. As he let out a breathy chuckle, you slid your your hands down his neck to rest overtop his collarbones as you leaned toward him and kissed him deeply.
The action took him by surprise though he easily found his rhythm, his hands slipping underneath your shirt, feeling at the bare skin of your waist.
As you began backing up, he quickly felt around to shut the stove off before following you toward the bedroom, never breaking the kiss. Your hands found his waist as his moved to your face, taking control. You began lifting his shirt up, you both separating just long enough for you to pull it over his head and discard it somewhere in the hallway outside your room.
Eagerly, you unbuttoned his jeans, Yoongi helping you get the clothing off him as he released his hold on you to step out of them. Backing up, your legs hit the edge of the bed and you locked your eyes with your boyfriend’s. Smirking at him, you pulled your own shirt off before unhooking your bra and letting it fall to the floor at your feet.
Yoongi bit his lip, his eyes settling on your chest before slowly dragging them back up to meet your darkened gaze. Tilting his head at you, you quipped, “What are you waiting for?” Yoongi scoffed before approaching you and pushing your body so you fell against the mattress. He reached for the waist of your jeans, taking no time in unzipping them and tugging them down your legs, you lifting your hips to help him. Your panties were removed next, Yoongi dropping them to floor as he allowed his eyes to rake over your body, taking in every inch of you.
You sat up on your elbows, watching the man as he looked over your nude form. “For a man who brags an awful lot about being a king and a boss, you seem a bit timid, baby,” you teased in a sultry tone.
Your boyfriend scoffed again, a smirk forming on his lips. “Be patient,” he scolded, though he stepped toward you, nudging your inner knee with his leg, making you widen the gap between your thighs as he stared down at your center.
“My patience disappeared the moment I clicked play on that mixtape,” you smiled. “I want you.” With that, you sat up, your hands slipping underneath the waistband of his underwear, lowering them until they easily slid down his legs, pooling at his feet. You kept eye contact with him as you left a sweet kiss to his lower abdomen, just above his pelvic area.
He let out a quick breath as he smiled, lowering his body on top of yours, your back meeting the mattress. “If I had known Agust D would get you this worked up I would have released a mixtape two years ago,” he joked, your hands grabbing onto his sides as his lips found yours, kissing you passionately.
One of his arms was being used to prop himself up overtop you as his opposite hand slid down to your core, his fingers feeling between your legs. He groaned into your mouth at feeling how wet you’d become, and you smiled against his lips.
Not wanting to wait any longer, you used your strength to push against his body, rolling him over and straddling his hips. Yoongi’s breath was heavy and shallow as he anticipated being inside you, his large hands gripping your hips, his eyes eagerly taking in the sight of your form on top of him. He always did love you on top.
Placing one of your hands to his chest, your other found his hardened length. You stroked him a few times, Yoongi letting out a soft moan at the feeling, his hand sliding up your abdomen to your breast as he squeezed the supple flesh in his palm. At his touch, you guided him to your entrance, sharply intaking breath at the feeling of him slipping inside, letting the air out in a throaty moan.
“Fuck, Kid,” Yoongi breathed out, pinching your nipple between his fingers as you moved your hand from his dick to his chest, bracing yourself against him as you began slowly grinding atop him. Yoongi’s hand left your breast to your thigh, clutching the muscle as he bit his lip, watching your body move. “You’re so fucking hot.”
You held back a moan as you increased your pace, looking up to the ceiling before squeezing your eyes shut as he hit particularly deep. “Fuck,” you breathed out, lowering your gaze to Yoongi’s face, meeting his hooded eyes as he looked up at you in bliss.
His chest was like velvet underneath your hands and you wanted to feel more of his skin on yours. As if reading your mind, Yoongi moved his hands to your lower back, pulling you toward him so your chest was flush with his. He kissed you messily as he lifted his hips off the bed to move in and out of you as he held you to his body.
“I love you so much,” he confessed shakily against your lips, his breathing erratic due to the pleasure you were giving him.
“Oh my god, Yoongi, I love you,” you moaned, moving your face to his neck where you kissed and nibbled his skin lightly.
Wanting to treat him, you reluctantly pulled yourself away from him, sitting back up as you rocked back and forth on him, arching your back and placing a hand to his thigh to support yourself. Yoongi’s hands grabbed onto the sides of your legs as he watched you, looking more and more fucked out the longer you rode him.
Eyeing his thin but toned body, his smooth skin, and the flex of his abdomen as he took sharp breaths, you groaned. “You look so good,” you told him, admiring the man beneath you. Your man. All yours. “Feel so good,” you moaned.
One of Yoongi’s hands left your leg to find your hand that was pressed against his lower abdomen. He took your hand in his, intertwining his fingers with yours before bringing it to his lips and kissing your knuckles softly as he locked his gaze on yours.
The intimate action had your lower abdomen tightening. Sitting up straight, you brought your hand toward him which he grabbed with his other hand, helping you to support yourself as your motions atop him became hastier, approaching your high.
“Yoon, I’m gonna-”
“I know, baby,” he nodded, squeezing your hands as you neared your climax. “Me too.”
You let out a whimper, lowering your body to Yoongi’s again, your dewy chest meeting his, Yoongi wrapping his arms around your lower back as you both worked each other into your finishes. Yoongi buried his face in your neck as he let out small muffled grunts, you breathing out a moan in his ear. As he came, he hugged your body to his tightly, letting go inside you. The feeling of him releasing had you crashing into your own high, biting your lip as you moaned breathily, Yoongi kissing your neck sweetly as you came down.
You relaxed atop Yoongi, breathing heavy as his fingers toyed with the small of your back, soothing back and forth along the curve of your ass. You had a hand on his neck, slipping your fingers into his damp strands, your other hand on his chest, dragging your fingers along his pectoral.
“The mixtape is really good,” you assured him in a whisper, kissing his jaw. “Well, what I’ve heard so far.”
Yoongi let out a breathy chuckle, flattening a palm on your lower back. “Thank you, Kid.”
“No need to thank me, I’m just being honest.”
“No, thank you for always supporting me. In everything,” he clarified, emotion thick in his voice.
You lifted your head to peer at his face, catching the glassy shine in his eyes. “Always,” you assured him.
He nodded, looking at you with a soft smile. “I know,” he whispered, barely audible, giving away that he didn’t trust his voice, knowing it would break if he spoke louder. “It means- you mean the world.”
You lowered your lips to his face, giving his plush cheek a small kiss. “I never would’ve thought Agust D would be so soft after sex,” you teased with a big smile, Yoongi scoffing, though he couldn’t hold back his gummy grin.
He groaned loudly, stretching his arms over his head. “I’m starving,” he changed the topic, making you giggle.
“Well, lucky for you, your girlfriend made you a delicious nearly cooked meal that is probably very cold at this point,” you smirked.  
“Oh, lucky for me?” He questioned with a small smile.
“Mhmm,” you confirmed with a small chuckle.
Yoongi sucked air between his teeth, ticking his head to the side. “Remind me to wife you up later.”
You scoffed playfully, rolling off his body as you prepared to stand up and find some clothes. “In your dreams, Min.”
Scooping your t-shirt off the floor, you slipped it over your head before grabbing a pair of panties from your dresser drawer, all while Yoongi’s eyes followed your every move. Sending your boyfriend an air kiss from where he sat at the edge of the bed watching you, you walked toward the bedroom door. “Hurry up and get dressed, Gramps, I need your album commentary.”
You exited the room, turning toward the bathroom to clean yourself up. Yoongi shook his head with a chuckle. “Yeah, in my dreams,” he mumbled as he stood up to get dressed. Taking his sweet ass time, you walked back past the bedroom toward the kitchen, noticing him still stumbling around for a shirt.
“Hey, hustle, Min! I still have a music video to watch, my dude!” You called out to him as he looked to you with widened eyes. “Your shirt is out here, by the way.”
“Ah, what did I tell you about patience,” he whined out, a pout on his lips as he walked through the hallway, grabbing his shirt on his way, feeling full of appreciation and adoration for you.  
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lucas-is-mine · a year ago
Taehyung’s style
2015: "sweet & innocent frat boy"
Tumblr media
2016: "simple but eccentric"
Tumblr media
2017: "gucci model"
Tumblr media
2018: "i am the art"
Tumblr media
2019: "vintage bohemian dude"
Tumblr media
2020: "classy young granpa"
Tumblr media
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treasuretaeil · a year ago
— BTS Fic Recommendations
Tumblr media
↳ back to list
last updated: 02.01.21
↠ welcome to my bts fic recommendations! the list down below consists of a lot of stories so it’ll keep everyone reading busy. each fic has the word count + the summary (or parts of it) labeled to get a better idea of what will be read. also please give love to these stories and their authors, they deserve it so much!
⇢ key; fluff [✨] smut/suggestive [♡] angst [☂️] all [☾]
Tumblr media
↳ beauty & the bookworm ↣ by: @jungshookz ☾ [20.8k]
↳ phantom pains (m) ↣ by:  @fortunexkookie ☾
namjoon had lived his entire life a certain way - slowly, thoughtfully, and cautiously - and one moment of carelessness was all it took for it to end... [14k]
↳ better angels ↣ by: @lamourche ♡
everyone in this city is hellbent on getting drunk this halloween night. you just want to get home, but it isn’t like you to ignore someone who needs help. you just hope he’s worth the trouble... [9.1k] 
↳ threads of resurgent ↣ by: @magicalsalamander ✨☂️
that dress. it was all because of that tainted dress. the dress you found at a second-hand store wasn’t just a pretty thing on the rack... [31.6k]
↳ ghost in the machine ↣ by:  @jimlingss ☂️
kim namjoon is your android that’s modified to become the best serial killer in all of existence. but when he starts to learn about humanity, he begins to threaten your goals... [14.4k]
↳ ardor and antagonism ↣ by: @dreamyjoons ☾ 
high society can be harsh and fickle, and the people within it are no different. but you were never one to fit the mould, and a certain grumpy society gentleman with soft hands and soulful eyes wouldn’t sway you from your dreams... [13.7k]
↳ playing fiction ↣ by: @aroseforyoongi ✨☂️
for as long as you can remember, namjoon has been your best friend. he has been an absolute constant in your life and has never wavered. the problem is that in the world you live in, everyone is matched with someone they are never supposed to love... [7.3k]
↳ black swan ↣ by: @moononthejoon ✨♡
kim namjoon is the most feared entertainment critic is due to watch your dance company’s performance. as expected, he wasn’t impressed and wrote a not-so-nice review about the performance. but, he messed with the wrong one...[10k]
↳ out of the woods ↣ by: @angelicyoongie ☾
promising jihyo that you were going to stay away from your writing for one weekend had been easy in theory, but much harder to actually do once you reached the little cabin the woods... [series] 
↳ blithe ↣ by: @ilikemesometaetaes ♡
“blithe (adj.) -showing a casual and cheerful indifference considered to be callous or improper.” In which you face the consequences of not paying attention to your not-so-innocent behavior... [6.2k] 
Tumblr media
↳ club zombie ↣ by: @floralseokjin ☾
kim seokjin controls the underground of seoul. no one would dare cross him. that’s how most of the world goes these days. you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of a zombie now, would you?... [17.1k]
↳ half-baked holiday ↣ by: @ddaenggtan ☾
that seokjin, don’t get me started on him. He’s worked hard to open and run that bakery of his, you know, and I’m so proud that it’s so successful now. wish he would find a nice person to settle down with, though, he deserves it, as long as he’s been on his own.... [12.6k] 
↳ 16 happy endings later ↣ by:  @alwayschoosechocolate ✨☂️
Having been best friends with the Kim Seokjin since childhood is challenging enough in itself. Having been in love with him for years doesn’t make it easier.... [4.8k] 
↳ 2,561  ↣ by: @gossamie ☂️
two years of marriage could not stop the relationship from falling apart. As an attempt to seek closure before the divorce, seokjin and you retrace your seven years together... [7.1k] 
↳ headlines of the next ↣ by: @prolixitae ☂️♡
an opportunity for a groundbreaking homicide investigation presents itself in the form of a subdued teenager right at your doorstep. now you’re faced with working alongside your colleague-turned-ex-husband to get to the bottom of it before the perpetrators can strike again... [36k] 
↳ heart of gold (blades of ice) ↣ by: @ve1vetyoongi ☾
after a fall during figure skating practice dashes your dreams of competing at nationals, you vow to hang up your skates for good. that is until you cross paths with kim seokjin, captain of the ice hockey team... [20k] 
↳ last november ↣ by: @kithtaehyung ☂️♡
you two broke up on good terms. even seeing each other on your friends’ yearly end-of-november trip was never awkward. so why did this trip feel so different?... [23.7k] 
↳ no pain, no gain ↣ by: @onherwings ☾
all your life, you romanticized the idea of true love until a failed marriage taught you that it wasn’t as euphoric as you had hoped. but hey, it also gave you your greatest blessing, so at least you can say you did something right... [15.5k]
Tumblr media
↳ next door (myg) ↣ by: @personasintro ✨♡
your neighbor doesn’t respect your complaints about him being loud, but you don’t let it slide so easily... [10.3k]
↳ a boy like you ↣ by: @cinnaminsvga ✨
for whenever you are feeling low, always remember that there is a boy you know who would lift the sky for you... [11.5k]
↳ the redmail ↣ by:  @scriptaed ✨☂️
stoic, indifferent and aloof. you’ve always wondered what made that oddball yoongi the heartthrob of the school; that is, until one day, when you finally catch him red-handed... [11k]
↳ sugar ↣ by: @seokjxnnie ♡
executive assistant to min yoongi by day and secret escort by night, the two separate elements of her life spiral into entwinement when her boss accidentally walks in on her taking a sex call with her sugar daddy... [13.2k]
↳ the guardian ↣ by: @letspurpletogether ☂️♡
you have never meddled with hybrid affairs, not until the night you find a stray panther hybrid hiding behind some trash containers... [20k]
↳ tea and tourniquets - the beginning ↣ by: @softyoongiionly ☾
you were told never to venture into the forest after dark. Stories of people going missing and, an ancient darkness, keep most of your quaint village paralyzed with fear... [15.5k]
↳ no face ↣ by: @seokoloqy ☂️♡
desperate to save your comatose brother, you make a deal with an ancient demon who wears the faces of his previous masters. when you refuse to wish for anything else, what does a demon do when he no longer has orders? he learns how to be human... [11k] 
↳ at the rooftop ↣ by: @tataswish ☾
in which you look back at the memories you’ve made with yoongi, the neighbor who you once fell in love with... [5k]
↳ pound town ↣ by: @foreignfingers ✨♡
some say black cats are cursed, yet when your favorite resident of the have hope animal rescue leads you straight into the arms of renown cellist min yoongi, your luck is nothing but fortuitous... [7.3k]
Tumblr media
↳ the treasure thief ↣ by: @justimajin ✨☂️
the men that so graciously ask for your hand in marriage come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and yet each one of their proposals are as predictable as blinking your own two eyes... [16k]
↳ visions of you ↣ by: @underthejoon ☂️♡
you are not alone – of that, you are absolutely sure. when you sleep, you dream of a man whose face you don’t recognize. and yet, he feels oddly familiar. and even when you wake, his presence looms... [5.5k] 
↳ bump in the night ↣ by: @fortunexkookie ☾
you’d spent countless nights terrified of the beast that lurked in the shadowa, but as it would turn out, the monster haunting your home wasn’t a monster at all... [14.7k] 
↳ run little rabbit ↣ by: @readyplayerhobi ☾
jung hoseok - the alpha wolf of his pack and far out of your league. as a rabbit shifter who still jumps around predators, you fantasise about your dangerous crush from a safe distance, particularly as he doesn’t like you... [15.3k]
 ↳ forever or never ↣ by: @readyplayerhobi ☾
what do you do when your best friend of 23 years tells you that they’ve been in love with you for the last decade? hoseok sure as hell doesn’t know. But he’s trying, he’s trying really hard for you... [15k]
↳ a universe to you ↣ by: @readyplayerhobi ☾
life for you has always been dull and grey; not only because you grew up on the most over-populated and polluted planet in the galaxy but because you’re colourblind. you’re convinced it’s because you have a soulmate out there, but soulmates are a forgotten concept now that humanity has spread across the stars... [41k] 
↳ between heaven and hell ↣ by: @jimlingss  ✨☂️
the great war was started by one mortal. one man that was not blinded by prayer and devotion. a peasant who knew that the gods were cruel. and through his suffering, he had one ambition - to kill a god... [19.5k]
↳ moon magic ↣ by: @jincherie ✨
you’ve never paid much mind to the moon, but you quickly learn that even though you’ve never really thought of the her, she has always watched over you... [33.8k]
↳ matters of the heart ↣ by: @hobidreams ✨♡
it seems not even the passage of half a decade can diminish the hold of mr. jung’s on your heart... [13k]
↳ plant boy ↣ by: @gukyi ✨☂️
after seven years of doing it, you’d like to think you’re an expert at skipping class. stay hidden, stay quiet, and act inconspicuous. but when you accidentally draw the attention of jung hoseok while you’re camping out on the benches outside the greenhouses... [11k] 
↳ not by the moon ↣ by: @rookiegukie ✨♡
every three months, hoseok goes away from town to take care of himself as he undergoes in the state of rut, because there’s absolutely no way he’s going to be near you at such a time, especially when you’re the only one he wants... [6.8k]
Tumblr media
↳ under the sea || pjm ↣ by: @bloomsuga ☾ [16k]
↳  soliloquy ↣ by: @kinktae ✨☂️
jimin was a boy who had an affinity for flowers. You were a girl who liked to talk to them... [7k]
↳ epiphany  ↣ by: @mygsii ✨☂️
after the loss of your soulmate, you find that the universe has given you a second chance... [8.1k]
↳ dear, father ↣ by: @gukptune ♡
drowned in their belief that a demon has encased itself to your soul, your parents send you away to be cleansed... [8.6k]
↳ the last light keeper ↣ by: @magicalsalamander ✨☂️
a century ago the islands thrived with life and resources, but the minors became greedy and drained the island of its riches. when everyone left, you, a light spirit, were left behind to continue protecting the light in the lighthouse... [15k]
↳ something in the walls ↣ by: @prolixitae ☂️♡
it starts with a few bumps in the night you can pass off as faulty plumbing, but those whispers you begin to hear are a different story. perhaps this secluded cabin isn’t nearly as secluded as you’d once thought... [44k]
↳ into the wilderness ↣ by: gukyi ✨☂️
alright, so last summer’s camp was… disastrous. from the murky green showers to the wasps nests, it was all-around a bad time... [27k]
↳ peaches and cream ↣ by: @snackhobi​ ♡
you wouldn’t mind your cute neighbour being such a shameless fuckboy if a) the walls weren’t so thin and b) he didn’t seem intent on adding you as another notch in his bedpost... [9.1k]
Tumblr media
↳ away from the sun ↣ by: @inktae ✨☂️ [20.4k]
↳ a game of stolen glances ↣ by: @allmysticwords​ ✨☂️
neighbours who never knew what love was suddenly start feeling things they’ve never felt before. this new feeling changes their life and the lives of everyone around them... [5.5k]
↳ gods-blessed ↣ by: @kpopfanfictrash ☂️♡
you, a soldier dubbed gods-blessed; he, a half-demon indebted on hell. on what could be the last night of this world, you are reunited with your love... [5.8k] 
↳ like i can ↣ by: @thestorytellerofkpop​ ♡
through a chance encounter of circumstance, taehyung came into your life like a mantra. his mind was entranced with you, wanting to give you nothing more than his mind, his heart and soul... [10.1k] 
↳ to the sun and back ↣ by: @sugaxjpg​ ☾
your summer job as a receptionist at the apollo resort had the promise of being a safe getaway for your accumulated stress, but it all turned upside down when you met the charming surf instructor named kim taehyung... [18.7k]
↳ by chance ↣ by: @httpjeon ☾
on an adventure, you stumble upon a jackalope. the creature ends up saving your life, leading to an unexpected turn of events... [11.8k]
↳ the little string ↣ by:  @jinterlude​ ✨☂️
legend has it that the other half to your heart is currently out there, patiently waiting for their soulmate to surface. yeah…there’s a tiny problem with that… you love the idea of being alone... [5.8k]
↳ danse macabre ↣ by: @sugaxjpg  ☂️♡
as a newborn vampire, you still have a lot to learn ― fortunately, someone is very happy to teach... [13.7k] 
↳ fame & surrender  ↣ by: @taendrils​ ♡ 
ever the curious cat, you can’t say no when notorious rockstar V extends an invitation to get to know him better after your televised interview... [18.4k] 
Tumblr media
↳ haunted ↣ by: @mint-yooxgi ☂️♡ [14.1k]
↳ the lucky ones ↣ by: @today-we-will-survive​ ✨☂️ [19k]
↳ learn to love ↣ by: @knjoodles  ✨☂️
raising your daughter alone while simultaneously watching your ex-husband live the life of his dreams away from the two of you hurts. badly. it hurts a little less, though, when you find an unlikely friend while looking for help... [series]
↳ ode to safe travels ↣ by: @bangstanfics ☂️♡
it was a forbidden romance that was bound to end up in tragedy. you both knew that, and yet that didn’t stop you from falling hopelessly in love with your metaphorical and literal knight in shining armor, jeon jungkook... [4.8k]
↳ the sea & the storm ↣ by: @jamaisjoons ☾
the sea is a powerful mistress. she is calm and beautiful. she is mysterious and alluring. she is a force to be reckoned with. above all, however, she is lonely. until she meets him... [20k] 
↳ angel of death  ↣ by: @btssmutgalore  ☂️♡
working at the cemetery is a pretty mundane job until you meet a stranger...[17k] 
↳ awkwardly in love ↣ by: @strawberrynamjoon​
even if everything changed, yours and jeongguk’s friendship would always stay the same - at least you thought so. but jokes on you, cupid had other plans for the two of you... [20k]
↳ howling for you ↣ by: @fortunexkookie​ ☾
the way your little red riding hood costume lured over a fuckboy in a half-assed werewolf costume was a little cliche, but god damn was he beautiful... [14.2k]
↳ all the good girls go to hell ↣ by: @lavishedinjimin​ ♡
the angels made a deal with jeon jungkook, the son of Lucifer, to help them bring y/n back to her good, prim and proper self. even though jungkook grants the atrocious plan, he leaves a lesson that no one should give their trust to a wicked devil like him... [10k]
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army-author · 3 years ago
yoongi scenario | garden in my heart
Tumblr media
❝ Yoongi likes to destroy, and you like to create. But love blooms in unusual places, and between unlikely hearts. ❞
➸ prompt: I accidentally grabbed your sketchbook in art class, and it’s filled with amazing doodles… wait is that supposed to be you and me… and are we…???
➸ pairing: bad boy yoongi x reader
➸ requested by anon | 2.1k words | fluff
➸ author’s note: I strayed a little far from the prompt with this one, but... this is what felt right for the story... so here you go, fluff and bad boy Yoongi! A wonderful concoction I never knew I needed ‘till just now! Also, this was kind of inspired by ‘secret garden’ by oh my girl!
Floriography. Or the language of flowers. It’s another way to talk outside of the words you always find yourself struggling with, giving clumsy constructions and hesitating answers every time you open your mouth.
You’d much rather communicate with flowers. And drawings. Giving a sketchbook’s worth of your feelings, captured better than words ever could, is so much easier.
The flowers you draw represent the garden growing in your heart, and the flowers in that garden represent your dreams. In one corner are almond blossoms, which are your desire to share your art with the world.
Almond blossoms. Translation – hope.
In another corner are dandelions, with your wish to live happily, yearning to grow and improve, learning more about yourself as you do.
Dandelions. Translation – happiness.
And tucked away in a hidden corner, almost overgrown with bushes, where you can deny its existence, is your unwavering crush on Yoongi. He makes you feel like you’re experiencing life for the first time, air fresher, colours brighter, and with these emotions come free growing flowers in the untended reaches of your chest – all camellias, and carnations, and acacia blossoms.
Camellias – admiration
Carnations – fascination.
Acacia blossoms – concealed love.
These flowers fill your chest, your mind, your sketch book - a secret code for you.
But sometimes drawing the flowers isn’t enough. Sometimes, as you sit with a pencil in your grasp, and your mind fogging over, your hand will absently fall to sketching Yoongi’s gentle features - his soft eyes, pouting lips, and dewy cheeks, all disguised behind the dyed hair, the multiple piercings, the bright tattoos, and the perpetual scowl that has set him apart as the bad boy of your school with his punk airs, and devil-may-care attitude.
That doesn’t stop you from being drawn to him, or from drawing him, surrounded by your flowers – all red chrysanthemums.
Red chrysanthemums – ‘I love’.
But Yoongi will never notice your flowers, or your wayward glances when your eyes strike out to find him across classrooms and corridors. He’s too different from you – he’s brash, while you’re patient, he’s rebellious, while you self-consciously stick to the rules, and he crumbles down while you build up.
You think you’ll never have a chance with him. But the universe has other plans.
And so you find yourself paired up with him on the history trip, as fate stretches out your roots, twining them towards Yoongi, to catch hold of him, and pull him closer.
You find yourself by his side, at the train station outside the nineteenth century gardens you’re meant to be investigating for your history class, watching him carefully, while the other students drain off towards the gate leading to the flower beds and blossom trees.
Yoongi shows no sign of moving, just standing, wrinkling his nose at the grey of a cloudy spring morning, pulling his coat closer over his studded leather jacket.
You hug your clip board (given courtesy of the school) to your chest, aware of the twenty questions printed on it that you don’t really want to fill in, although the school gives them to you anyway, to make it feel as if you’re learning something rather than just staring at flowers and old statues. “Yoongi, we should go into the gardens and see if we can get the answers,” you say, although your voice lacks the enthusiasm you should have for school work – and also lacks the steadiness you were hoping for, losing your nerve around Yoongi, with gardenias blooming in your chest
Gardenias - ‘you’re lovely,’ not that Yoongi will ever know that.
Yoongi gives a sniff, mouth working around some gum (you know he only chews the strawberry-smelling stuff because it’s against school rules), and with a kick at some stones lying on the ground, gives a grunt which you interpret as “Sure.”
With a nod, not sure what else to say to him, you turn on your heel, and head towards the gate into the gardens, a small seed planting self-hatred at your lame lack of conversation, struck dumb around your crush. Now anemones grow.
Anemones - forsaken.
You can’t hear footsteps behind you, and casting a quick glance over your shoulder, you see Yoongi still in place, in front of the train tracks, scuffing the toe of his boot along the ground as he drags a sharp stone with his sole to leave scratchings on the pavement.
Part of you knows you should call him over. Part of you is too scared to.
You head on, biting down on your lip, and check the first point on your clipboard questionnaire. ‘When was this garden established?’
The answer is emblazoned across the gate in gold. Not too difficult. 1845.
Next question. ‘In floriography, what flower was used to symbolise a declaration of love?’
This one is easy for you. With your fascination with flowers, and your love for drawing them, you already know the answer. But you want to find the red tulips yourself, rather than simply writing down the answer. After all, that’s the whole point of this trip. To see the flowers that were arranged so long ago, planted, maintained, and replanted for so many years.
Now where to find them.
“Seriously… how are we meant to know the answer to that?” A rough voice by your shoulder makes you jump, and you snap your head around to find Yoongi only a few inches away, his nose so close that he blurs out of focus. He stares at you, almost as surprised to have scared you, as you are scared to find him close.
“Yoongi!” is all you can get past lips that seem to be sticking together, “I… thought you weren’t going to help me!”
He steps back, and gives a shrug, eyes falling to the gravel path. “Yeah… well… you made me feel bad walking off alone. You looked all sad and sorry by yourself...”
You bite down on a smile, seeing him embarrassed to be showing anything but a jagged exterior around you. But this softer side is exactly why you fell in love with him – because you know that even though he seems to like destroying wherever he goes, whether it’s smearing graffiti on abandoned alley walls, or staining his own skin with black tattoo ink, or that one time he burned the grass on your school’s front pitch to write some rather rude words about the school principle (although no one could ever prove it was him), there’s more to him that that. Because all this is his way of expressing himself, the way you do with your sketchbook – and while others might see it as destruction, you see it as another kind of creation. After all, this is the boy that you’ve caught helping stray cats out of trees, defending younger kids from bullies, and picking up rubbish that people were too busy to put in the bin only a few feet away. Yoongi isn’t bad. Just an artist – like you. But while your canvas is the pages in your sketch book, his canvas is the world around him.
“So…” he sniffs again, and scratches the bridge of his nose, “Where are we meant to go… what symbolises a declaration of love, or whatever?”
“I’ll show you,” you smile, and with a glance at the signposts in the garden, you turn and lead Yoongi down the twisting paths, past hedges and planted bushes, checking behind you every so often, just to make sure he’s following. Or course he is, always there, with an awkward smile back your way when you lock eyes.
At last you reach the tulip bed, seeing the bright flowers spreading out in front of you, a rainbow array of petals reaching up to the grey clouds, with drops from the earlier rain shower clumping in diamond clusters on the soft petals.
“Red tulips,” you tell Yoongi.
A declaration of love.
Yoongi looks to the flowers, and then back to you, squinting in the harsh sunlight that breaks past angry looking clouds. “How do you know which flowers mean what?”
You shrug. “I just like drawing flowers.”
“So you know what they mean? You don’t just… draw them?”
You wrinkle your eyebrows at him. “Well, what about you? Don’t all your tattoos mean something?”
His hand falls absent-mindedly to his wrist, where you see the colourful butterfly he has inked there. “Yeah… they do.”
“My drawings are like your tattoos, then,” you say.
He smiles, “I suppose that makes sense.”
You both look to the flowers, watching as their petals twist in the bracing breeze. Then, before you can stop yourself, the words come tumbling out: “So what does the tattoo on your wrist mean?”
“Hmm…?” he looks back, dragged away from his thoughts, and his fingers trace out the butterfly’s wing on his porcelain skin. “Oh… it’s…”
“Sorry,” you blush, “You don’t need to tell me if it’s too personal.”
“It’s for growth,” Yoongi says, before you can keep backtracking with your mumbled words, “I guess it’s like, my desire to grow into something I can admire. Metamorphosis, you know? It’s... cheesy, huh? You better not tell anyone... or my reputation at school will be ruined.”
“Your secret’s safe with me.” You smile at Yoongi, relieved that he doesn’t mind your pressing, and he smiles back. For one moment, you feel that maybe he isn’t as far from you as you worried. That his heart isn’t impossible for you to reach after all.
With that conversation over and done, Yoongi turns his attention to the flowers, and you take a few steps back to the bench. Sitting with your coat tucked around you, you pull your sketch book from your pocket, and stealing up glances every so often, you draw Yoongi yet again, surrounded by the red tulips, just as he appears in front of you – half smile, clear skinned, eyes watchful.
It’s been a while since you’ve drawn in such calm, sketching in the sounds of a spring breeze that promises more warmth than it gives, working with your pencil to keep your cold fingers warm.
Yoongi turns his attention back to you, as you add in the last details of the tulips with your red pen. “What are you drawing?”
You blush, caught in the act. You can’t hide it from him, so wordlessly, you hold out the notebook to him.
He takes it his hands, holding your creation with delicacy, like it’s made of glass; he scans his black eyes over the picture. After a few ticks of silence, with you fidgeting on the bench, pulling on the strings of your coat hood, he nods: “It’s good. You’re really talented.”
He passes your work back to you, and as you take it in your hands again, he points to the flowers spread out in a red ocean around your drawing of him. “That’s a declaration of love, right?’
You glance up to him, eyes locking together, in a bind you can’t get yourself out of, and you realise, with your heart rising, that he understands everything. You can’t hide the meaning from him, and the flowers in your chest well up, red roses, red chrysanthemums, red tulips.
Translation - Love. Love. Love.
With your words snatched from your throat, you can only nod, and Yoongi chuckles, taking the spot on the bench beside you, and you stare out at the space of red tulips in front of you, bobbing on waves in a crimson ocean, like the blood roaring in your bursting heart.
[One year, and one graduation later]
“I got a new tattoo,” Yoongi announces, as he crashes into your dorm at university. You glance up from your sketch book, where you’ve been working on your next portfolio, lips automatically rising to a smile when you see your boyfriend, despite the surprise of him bursting through your door in a rush.
“Let me see,” you swing around on your chair, arms stretching out for him.
He steps forward, catching your hands in his own, intertwining the fingers, and reaching over to plant a kiss on your nose, leaving a blush blooming, no matter how accustomed you are to his affection. Releasing you again, he pulls up his sleeve to show the butterfly he has, where below it, is a newly added tattoo: a red tulip.
“It’s a declaration of love,” he tells you.
You can only blush all the more furiously. “You’re ridiculous. We’ve been dating for almost a year, and you’re only now declaring your love?”
author’s note: sorry that I posted this later than normal! I’ve been trying to get into a better sleep schedule, so I went to bed early, rather than forcing myself to stay up and post this. I hope you don’t mind, and that you enjoyed it! 💖
also - side note - but I hope that I got the flowers’ meanings right! I was relying on this one website, so I don’t know if they’re all accurate... it was fun to research though!
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