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#yoongi reaction
sugajimin · 13 days ago
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his smile, i am so in love ♥️🥺
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justcallmenikki7 · a year ago
BTS Reaction To: Them Showing a Different Side When He’s with You (Mafia Au) (Hyung Line)
Summary: To their gang, they are their boss, but to you, they are nothing but your sweet boyfriend that you fell in love with.  
Warnings: language, mafia stuff, mentions of torturing in a way, and I think that is it.  
Request by: bloodsuckingsunshine and they said:
-Hey! Are your requests still open? If they are then can you do a bts mafia au where they behave differently with their s/o. Like they're cold and calculating with their team but very sweet and fluffy with their s/o. I hope it's not too weird. I love your blog ❤️. Also, how do I open your master list? It's not working. I love your work. Have a nice day!
Answer: i liked this request! it was a challenge though since I tried not making it like my mafia reaction to how the reader can calm them down! 
Notes: I am writing i promise, i just do not have a lot of free time anymore, so when i do have the chance to sit down and write, i use it to my full advantage. 
Tumblr media
The members of Jin’s gang are truthfully scared of him. Not because he is a bad boss – he is a wonderful boss – it is because they know what he is capable of. They know that he could make anyone disappear by the snap of his fingers. The new rookies of Jin’s gang have not ever seen him once smile, maybe a smirk when one of his best friends are around, but not a real, genuine smile.  
Like the one he is giving you right now.  
When the three new rookies (Chris, Mark, and Leo) walked into Jin’s office since they were scheduled a meeting, they were not expecting to see their boss staring at someone with so much love. The three men were frozen in both shock and fear, shock from the scene and fear from the possibility of getting yelled at. Their faces paled when Jin had noticed from the corner of his eye people standing by the door. His smile fell from his face at the sight of the three rookies, irritation covering his face and eyes turning into slits due to his glaring.  
“Jinnie,” you called out with a pout, noticing the anger that was radiation from him. “It’s okay. Remember that they had a meeting with you at this time. They did not know that I was here.” You explained softly to him, rubbing his shoulders.  
“They could have knocked.” He tried reasoning with you, the anger he was once feeling now gone, your touch bringing him a sense of comfort.  
Leaning down and giving him a kiss goodbye, telling him that you will see him once he gets home. As you were leaving, you gave the three rookies a comforting smile that said that they had nothing to worry about. They could not return it due to Jin glaring at them, warning that if they do anything then there will be consequences.  
Once the door clicked shut, they wished that you had stayed so they would not face the wrath of their boss.
Tumblr media
“Min Yoongi you better have a good fucking explanation why you left your bloody clothes on my carpet!” You stormed into his meeting room, not caring that he was in a middle of a meeting with his gang. The anger and irritation that you felt for your fiance was overpowering your line of thought.  
Hoseok was laughing into his hands, knowing what kind of trouble his best friend is in with you. As he was laughing, he notices the fear and confusion that the rest of the gang, besides Namjoon, on their faces. He knows that they do not know you, which explains why they fear for your life is because they do not want to witness a girl die right in front of them, or face the wrath of their boss because no one raises their voice at the one and only, Min Yoongi. So, the look of complete and utter shock that appears on their face when Yoongi did not kill you has both Hoseok and Namjoon chuckling.  
Min Yoongi is only a softy for you, no matter the situation.  
Sighing, the mint haired mafia leader stood up, walking over to you slowly. He could not help but smile at your angry state, which only fueled you even more.  
“So, you think this is funny, huh?” You sassed, putting a hand on your hip.  
“Kitten, I am sorry that I left my bloody clothes on the floor, I promise that I will clean it when I get home. I’ll even buy you a new carpet along with whatever else you want if it means that you will not be mad at me anymore.” He bargained, hating that he made the love of his life upset.  
A small smile crept up on your face, easing Yoongi’s worry of you not being mad at him anymore. It is clear that you have him wrapped around your finger. “Okay, but you will be cleaning it. And, instead of buying me something, I only want you to massage my feet for the next two weeks since work is having us be more active.” You smiled sweetly at him, knowing that he hates touching feet. The small shiver of disgust was evident to only you, causing you to laugh because how could someone who can kill a person with a smile on their face be okay but when it comes to touching feet be disgusted?  
“Fine.” He gave in, grabbing your waist and bringing you into a quick peck, whispering that he loves you before sending you off. As soon as the door closed, he turned and glared at his men, besides Hoseok and Namjoon. “If any one of you fucking says something to anyone about my girl, I will personally kill you slowly and make you wish that you were never born, got it?”
Tumblr media
The two newest gang members watched their boss, Jung Hoseok, slowly torture the poor soul who dared to go against the sadistic mafia boss. No one ever gets away with doing such thing. The two members knew that Jung Hoseok was a sadistic man who loves making people cry and wishing that they were never born when they were recruited into his gang.  
They also knew that he had a girlfriend of five years. They could not believe that someone, who they heard was supposedly the sweetest and the most caring and loving human being ever, be with someone like Jung Hoseok. Jung Hoseok, in many people’s words, was terrifying. The name brought shivers down people’s spines whenever they hear the name. A lot of people felt bad for you since you were dating the supposed ‘monster’ and wished that they could help you. There are also rumors that Hoseok tortures you and forces you to stay with him.
Oh, how they were so wrong.
They do not know that every night whenever Hoseok comes home, he always brings you your favorite flower. No matter how exhausted, irritated, or how bad the weather is, he will always stop by the little flower shop that is only a few miles down the road from your guys shared home. They do not know that as soon as he steps through the front door, you are immediately in his arms, squeezing him so tightly and feeling the relief being lifted off of your shoulders because you know that he is alive and safe. They do not know that Hoseok asks you about your day and helps you out with making dinner, only to somehow end up with flour and other ingredients all over you. They do not see the love that you both share for one another and how you both find comfort in eating dinner quietly, enjoying each others presence. And they do not know that you both get ready for bed together, sharing kisses, longing touches, and giggles as one of you somehow gets toothpaste on your night shirts.  
And they do not know that you are one of the best things that has ever happened to Hoseok and he will make sure that you will always be protected, even if it means killing someone in the process.  
Tumblr media
“Are you seeing this too or am I hallucinating?” Mark, a new guard for Kim Namjoon, asked his partner Leo.  
“No, I am seeing it too. I did not know that the boss had a girlfriend.” Leo confirmed, equally shocked as his friend.  
Kim Namjoon, one of the smartest and most manipulative mafia bosses in the world, had a girlfriend. Not that was a bad thing, but they never had seen him so full of love and looked at someone as if they are the Queen. They watched how Namjoon opened the door for you, helping you out of the car carefully, making sure that your sun dress did not get caught in the door (again) due it being breezy. What surprised them even more was how relaxed and carefree Namjoon was when he walked with you up the path to the front entrance of the Head Quarters where Leo and Mark were. They could not deny how beautiful you are as you smiled up at your boyfriend, eyes shining with the equal amount of love that your boyfriend held for you.  
“Oh!” You gasped loudly when you made eye contact with them, scaring the two guards out of their thoughts, thinking that they got caught checking you out.  “These are your two new guards, right Joonie?” Leo wanted to laugh at the nickname and at Namjoon’s flustered state since you called him by his nickname in front of his men.  
“They are, love. Now, no more talking, we have to get to my office so we can discuss with Jungkook about me buying you that island for your birthday that I promised you.” Namjoon did not have to say anymore, smiling to himself as you squealed and ran to his office, dragging Taehyung along with you as you explained to him on why you were so excited. Turning to face the two guards, a deadly look on his face. “I saw you two checking my girlfriend out. I know that she is one of the most beautiful human beings to ever walk this earth and it is hard not to look. But, if I ever catch you to doing it again, I will not hesitate to make you both, you know,” Namjoon did not say anymore before walking away with a smirk on his face.  
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kimnjss · a year ago
party favors | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: do it again
⤑ genre: smut, rapper!yoongi x model!reader, ex lovers au.
⤑ rating: explicit.
⤑ word count: 5.5K
⤑ warnings: jealousy, cursing, dirty talk, dom!yoongi, manhandling, semi-public sex, oral sex (m. receiving), (angry?) penetrative sex, detailed blowjob, some spit, biting, hair pulling.
⤑ A/N: hope you enjoy this because i had a lot of fun writing it! there’s a lot of things to uncover too, with their personalities so pay attention! aLSO!! pls, pls, PLEASE!! DON’T be a silent reader!! a lot of you guys are reading this story and i would love to know what you’re thoughts are! please let me know x
Tumblr media
Jealousy. One of Yoongi's weak points. He was never able to differentiate between an innocent encounter and you actually flirting with someone. In his eyes you were always flirting, always flaunting your cute smile and batting your pretty eyes. It was at the height of all your arguments because he never believed you.
 That familiar fire in his belly ignited as he searched for you in the crowd of drunk party-goers that didn't seem to know a thing about personal space. Who could you possibly be with, what were you doing? Why did you come dressed like that if you two were no longer a thing? Did you have someone here that you wanted to impress?
 Across the room, he spotted you. Head thrown back and face scrunched up as you laughed. He always loved the way you looked when you found something really funny. Slowly you brought your head up, showing your teeth as you smiled wide at the person beside you. A delicate hand slapping their shoulder as you leaned forward.
 That's when he caught sight of who was standing next to you. Taehyung. He could feel his body heating up, spreading to his cheeks and reddening his ears. Would his best friend really do that to him?
 It happened all at once: Tae's strong arm wrapping around your waist, hanging dangerously low as he pulled you into his side. Your giggles died down until soft sighs left your lips, sighs that could be mistaken as something sexual by anyone who didn't know you. You were saying something, grinning, before tilting your head up; lips finding the tanned skin of Tae's neck.
 Yoongi was elbowing his way through the crowd before he could decipher if what he saw wasn't just a figment of his imagination. Not even bothering to give a moment of doubt, his only concern was getting to you and yanking you away from the sleazeball he called his best friend.
 You had always found Taehyung to be hilarious. His dry humor and deadpan expression always seemed to tickle you in away. He was sweet too, kept contact with you even after the breakup with Yoongi. You liked that, considering how close the two of you had become while you were dating his best friend.
 So it was no surprise to you when Tae was walking up to you, offering the extra drink he had in his hand. You took it graciously, listening as he filled you in on all the reasons why this night was a bust. He had struck out not three but four times, twice with the same girl! He swore he didn't realize he had already hit on her and you decided that was his problem right there.
 His mention of hiring a hooker for the night, paired with his oh-so-serious expression had you cracking up. Head falling back as loud laughs left your lips. Your hand slapped at his shoulder and you caught the hint of a smile on his lips.
 “I'm sure if you-” Your sentence was being cut short by a strong grip on your wrist. Your body was able to register the owner of the hand before your mind, instantly you were relaxing. Yoongi's dark eyes stared down at you and you didn't miss the way Tae took a few steps back. “Come on,” He tugged you away before you had a moment to protest, weaving through the crowd that seemed to part just for him.
 People always seemed to praise the ground he walked on, put him on a pedestal is if he could do no wrong. He loved for it, lived for it. Felt like he deserved it for being the leader of RAPL!NE, taking the group to #1 countless times.
 At first, his confidence interested you, made you want him. The way he talked, handled people, treated you... as if he were the KING. It took you a while to realize that it wasn't an act and he actually believed that he was a king and you made it worse because you let him, never once checking him.
 Yoongi dragged you to the empty dining room. You were ripping your arm from his grasp the second your feet were steady. “What the fuck are you doing?” You spat, rubbing at your wrist as you stared at him.
 “What the fuck are you doing? All over my best friend like you're ready to let him fuck you in the middle of my kitchen.” You had to blink a few times, trying to piece together what he was talking about because what the fuck was he talking about?
 “What the fuck are you talking about?”
 “Don't play dumb, I fucking saw you!” Seeing the confusion on your face had Yoongi thinking he might've misread the entire situation. He wasn't one to back down and admit he was wrong, though. Especially if he was the one that started it.
 You laughed, right in his face and that pissed him off like crazy. He watched as you pushed your, usually chin-length hair out of your face. You had added extensions, messy dark waves falling past your shoulder blades. He had always liked you with long hair, hated when you decided to cut it.
 “So what? Figured pulling me away would keep me from doing what I want? We're not together anymore, Yoongi. If I want to fuck your best friend-,” His hand was in your hair, cutting off your taunting sentence.
 Of course, you'd never, in a million years even think about fucking Taehyung... or any of his friends for that matter. You had to be a different kind of low to do that just months after breaking up, you weren't that type of girl but apparently, Yoongi didn't believe that.
 He tugged you toward him with the hand he had in your hair, your nose pressing against his cheek as he moved to whisper in his ear. “You sure you want to finish that sentence?” Okay, it was no secret you were a big fan of the way he handled you. Just his hand alone had a gush of arousal pooling between your legs, you squeezed your thighs together... urging yourself to keep your composure.
 Useless, because he noticed. His smirk hidden but you knew he was doing it. Yoongi's strong arm wrapped around your waist, lifting your body and sitting you up on the table with little to no effort. “Is that who you got all pretty for? Wanted Taehyung to see how good you looked in this dress?” You shook your head, eyes finding his.
 Obviously, you didn't get dressed up for Taehyung. What was he on? You had no intention of voicing that he was the only one on your mind the entire time you got ready for this night. No way were you going to be the one to inflate his ego.
 “Or was it for me? You still love getting all pretty for me, huh? Even though all you whine about is how we're not together anymore, you still want my attention.” He smirked, this time where you were able to see. Your eyes rolled and he caught that, a frown taking over his features.
 A hand pushed the hem of your dress up your thighs, eyes dropping to the newly exposed skin. “Fuck.” He breathed. “No panties?” The tip of his fingers traveled up your thigh and he was pressing himself closer. You could feel how hard he was against your skin. You wanted him.
 “I didn't want anything to get in Tae's way,” But, you loved to tease him more. Yoongi snarled, staring up at you with fire in his eyes. You knew that that shouldn't have turned you on as much as it did. But you couldn't help it, Yoongi was sexy as fuck when he was pissed and right now he was livid.
 With his hand in your hair, he pulled you from the table and onto your knees. You were now face to face with his solid bulge at the front of his pants. You whimpered, memories of how well he filled you up flashing through your mind. Whether it be your mouth or your pussy, he seemed to always fit perfectly.
 On instinct, you were reaching your hands forward. Quick with undoing his belt and lowering the zipper of his jeans. He watched in amusement, but you were too driven by the thought of having him your mouth again, so you chose to ignore it. He was harder, heavier than you remember.
 Your small hand looked even smaller wrapped around his girth. Leaning forward you prepared yourself to swallow his length. Just as your lips wrapped around the tip, his hand was batting yours away, taking control of his cock. “So eager to have my cock down your throat,” He teased, holding your head steady so he could fuck forward.
 Yoongi tried to move his hips back, but your mouth chased him, not letting his cock fall from your lips. He let out a laugh, tugging your head back until his cock was slipping out. “You're so full of shit, Yn.” He laughed. “If you planned to come here tonight and fuck my best friend, explain why you're on your knees for me, hm?” 
 “Yoongi,” You panted, trying to get closer to him but the grip he held in your hair keeping you from doing so. He shook his head, that fucking tantalizing smirk only growing as he watched you. 
 “You know how this works, baby.” Despite his tight hold in your hair, his expression seemed to soften. The tip of his free hand brushing against your jaw gently. “Tell me what you want,” He waited patiently, his thumb stroking your once glossy lips.
 You knew he wouldn't do anything for real unless you gave him the green light. And you were too turned on to continue this little cat and mouse game. “Fuck my mouth, please Yoongi. I want you to fuck my mouth.” A sweet pout on your lips and innocence in your eyes. His whole body reacted, breath hitching. Satisfaction washed over your body, knowing you still had that effect on him.
 “Such a good girl,” He breathed. With his hand in your hair, he tilted your head back to look at him. “You're my good girl, aren't you?” You nodded without a second thought and he was grinning. He used the grip he held on his dick to push it closer to your lips. Your mouth dropped almost instantly, welcoming his head inside.
 Your eyes lifted, meeting his for a split second; a familiar warmth rushing through your body that you could only describe as being in love. His eyes squeezed shut, pushing more of his length inside. His fingers on your chin held your mouth open, the other hand holding your head steady as he began to rock his hips.
 It wasn't long before you were struggling, jaw aching from being slack open for so wide around him. He was moving too slow, searching for a proper pace that he liked, sliding deeper with each movement. You tried the best you could to swallow all he was giving you, hands bracing on his thighs as you slowly tried to move your head.
 His grip loosened in your hair, allowing you to move on your own. You pushed forward, easily taking him deeper but only by a few inches. With a huff, you pulled back breathing before trying again. This time able to swallow more of him down.
 You pulled back again, urged yourself to relax your throat before lowering yourself. You felt the familiar stretch of him in your throat, breathed evenly through your nose as you swallowed, effectively squeezing him.
 “Oh, fuck!” Heavy breaths left through his nose, the hand that once held your mouth open gripping the table behind you. He watched you were furrowed brows, the tip of his tongue rubbing against his lower lip before he was chewing down on the skin and God, he looked so fucking good.
 “That feel good?” You spoke after pulling off of him, licking gently against his length. He nodded, the quiet noises leaving his lips surprising you. “So good, baby.” He complimented and you grinned, leaning down again. It was no secret between you two how much you enjoyed having his cock down your throat, you could feel yourself growing wetter as the seconds ticked by.
 His hand was back in your hair when you had switched from swallowing him down to landing teasing kisses against his length. “You were doing so well,” He grunted, using the grip he held in your hair to push your head back down. Your mouth opened easily for him, his cock sliding down thickly.
 You hadn't been expecting it so quickly, your throat constricting and the sound of you choking filling the room. He grinned. His hips pushed forward, forcing another inch down before he was pulling back. Yoongi only allowed you a moment to compose yourself before he was pushing back in, setting a rough pace.
 A whimper left your lips as you desperately tried to accommodate the fast intrusion, your fingers tightening around his thighs. Tears were brimming at the corners of your eyes, streaming down your cheeks the harder he pushed forward. He was only slowing to take a look at your face. “So pretty,” He sighed.
 Picking up his pace back up, he held your head at an angle making for a smoother slide down your throat. You braced yourself, knowing what was next. Two hands tangled in your hair, Yoongi was pushing forward, pulling you toward him until your nose was pressed against his hipbone.
 He held you there, thrusting forward shallowly. You were so glad the distance this position warranted, knowing only embarrassment would come from his knowledge of how wet you were right now. Yoongi hissed out a breath, pulling your head back. “Such a good girl, you take my cock so well,” He praised and your body warmed at his words.
 Your eyes landed on his throbbing dick, just inches from your face, unbelievably hard, and wet with a mixture of your spit and his pre-cum. You leaned forward, mouth open, ready to swallow him down again.
 The sound of Yoongi's chuckle stopped your actions, his hand in your hair lifting you onto your feet. Standing face to face, he looked at you with the softest of expressions. You wanted so badly to drop back to your knees, just so he'd stop looking at you like that. There were already too many emotions floating around this room.
 His thumb brushed under your eye, wiping some of the smeared makeup from your skin. If you didn't know him any better, you would've guessed that he'd say something sappy. Something that could be considered romantic in the slightest bit. But you knew him way better than that.
 Yoongi's grip fell from your hair to the side of your face, holding you still as he covered your mouth with his. Your breath caught in your throat. His hands were dropping shoving your dressed further up your legs until your ass was on full display. Hands groping and kneading the flesh, pulling a whimper from your lips.
 “I want to fuck you tonight. Will you let me?” His words were murmured against your lips, he had only pulled back a few centimeters to speak. Nevertheless, you were understanding him, nodding your head at his words... a happy giggle leaving your lips. He smiled, dropping a gentle kiss to your lips before he was lifting your body off the floor.
 Your legs wrapped around his waist instinctively, arms hanging loosely around his shoulders. Quickly, he was tucking himself back into his jeans before leading you out of the dining room and up the stairs to his bedroom.
 You silently thanked him for not crossing through the crowded room of people, giving them a full view of your ass as he carried you away. With the toe of his shoe, he kicked his door open, using his heel to push it closed.
 This was so like you two. Sneaking away during a party just to be alone. The suggestive glances from across the room, how he'd disappear just moments before shooting you a text to meet him. Then he'd fuck you, urging you to be loud for everyone to hear, knowing you wouldn't really be heard over the booming bass.
 He was always finding a way to be with you, be around you. Even in the earlier stages of your relationship when it was a secret from everybody. It was like he could never get enough of you, no matter the risk. You felt the same. You still felt that way. Not so sure about him.
 Your body bounced as he dropped you onto his bed. His hands grabbing the neck of the collar of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. “Move up,” He ordered, watching you as his hand dipping into his boxers. Oddly, that's when it hit you.
 You weren't together. The three months you had spent trying to get over him weren't for nothing. Nothing and everything had changed, he was still the same and you were falling for it all over again. You couldn't fall for it all over again. He wasn't good for you, this relationship, being around him... wasn't good.
 The fact that he could so easily make you forget all the things you have been working on, scared you. You were sure you had done so well, that you were over him... but here you were. He was lowering himself onto the bed, his large hand wrapping around your thigh. And you hated yourself for still wanting him as much as you did even after everything.
 “Move up. I want to eat you out,” He repeated. Exes relapse, right? There was a name for this because it was a thing. Something like a congratulatory fuck, for doing so well for those months spent apart. You deserved this, right? You had done so well.
 There just had to be some rules. This was only a quick fuck. Exes hooking up because it was familiar, not because there was any interest in starting up again. Him eating you out was nowhere on that list. The memory of how good it felt, how talented he was with his tongue, no way you'd be able to stand your ground after that.
 “You're not eating me out. You take too long and this is supposed to be a quick fuck.” His brow furrowed, a laugh leaving his lips as he moved to hover over you. His elbows pressing down at either side of your head, his clothed cock pressing against your wet pussy.
 “Is it?” He replied, cockily and you rolled your eyes. “Yes.” There was a stern, no funny business tone in your voice and he grinned. “That's not fair,” He pouted, head dropping down into the crook of your neck. He planted wet kisses against your skin, licking a wet stripe toward your ear, before nibbling at the lobe. “You know how much I love how sweet your pussy tastes... especially after you've sucked me off.”
 You felt his cock jump against your thigh. He ground his hips into yours, sinking his teeth into the skin of your neck. You gasped, head rolling back as you reached up to grip his back. He stuck his tongue out, soothing the skin his teeth had just irritated. You moaned. “No?” He asked once more, eyes finding yours. You shook your head, earning a sigh from him.
 “Fine then.” Yoongi lifted his body to kneel on his knees. You watched as he pulled his cock from his boxers, stroking it a few times. The skin glistened still and he was harder than before. A bead of cum rolled down the side and your mouth watered; your pussy clenching around nothing.
 Yoongi was never a fan of teasing when it came down to it. He wasn't wasting a moment as he lowered himself onto you again, only stilling when your hands found his shoulders. “Do you have a condom?” Confusion took over his features as he stared down at you.
 “You stopped taking the pill? I know Sejin has been sending it to you.” It was just like Yoongi to be in control of even that. When you had agreed to go on the pill so he could stop using condoms, you didn't expect that his manager would be the one to take you to the appointment, pay for it and ensure you stayed on schedule.
 The whole situation was quite intrusive and very awkward, but he said it made him feel better about it so you let it slide. What you surprised you the most was the knock on the door weeks after you two had broken up, his manager holding the prescription bag and handing it to you before walking away... without a word.
 “I'm still on it.” You assured him, letting him know his money wasn't going to waste. “I just don't know what type of girls you've got running in and out of here.” You expressed honestly and he was rolling his eyes. With a shake of his head, he was reaching into his bedside table, pulling out the foil-wrapped rubber.
 It only took him a few seconds to roll it on, looking up at you with a bored expression. “Happy?” You rolled your eyes at him, shifting so you were more comfortable underneath him. “Ecstatic.” Your tone mocked his, the same with the look on your face.
 His fingers were dropping down, toying with your clit slowly. Your face melted into a twist of pleasure, soft moans leaving your lips. He smirked, loving how easily he could turn you to putty. Eyes finding yours, your jaw dropped as he began to push his way past your fold; bottoming out. “Ah, fuck.” You groaned.
 It had been... well three months... since you last had someone fill you up. The usually delightful stretch was uncomfortable and a bit too tight. Yoongi let out a sigh, sensing your discomfort, he shook his head.
 “You should've let me prep you.” He spoke in an annoyed 'I told you so,' tone and you rolled your eyes. “Shut up.” Yoongi laughed, his hand reaching between your body, fingers finding your clit and rubbing slow eights into the wet nub.
 His head dropped back into your neck, wet kisses landing on your clammy skin. He nibbled and sucked at the skin, making sure to keep his hips still as he toyed with your clit. You could feel yourself slowly starting to loosen up and Yoongi was quick to pick up on that, dragging his hips back before pushing all the way in. “F-fuck!” You squealed and he grinned.
 “So...fucking tight,” He fell into a slow but deep pace, loving the how your pussy sucked him in with each thrust of his hips. “Bet you haven’t let a single person inside you since me, huh? Is that right, baby?” He grunted while thrusting forward particularly hard, a gasp leaving your lips.
 You kept your mouth screwed shut, knowing he wanted to hear your answer to his question. Secretly wondering if you had been fucking around because, despite your earlier assumption, he had not. You didn't know that, though, and you refused to give him the pleasure of knowing you were still too hung up on him to move on to someone else.
 Your teeth bit into your lower lip at the next thrust, whimpering as he sped up his pace, fucking into you much harder now. “Don't even have to fucking answer... I know you,” It sounded like he was convincing himself but you stayed quiet.
 A hand shot up, gripping your hips to keep you perfectly in place as his thrusts turned rougher, each snap of his hips pushing your body up on the bed until your head was hitting against the headboard. “You're mine anyway, I fucking know that.” He spoke through gritted teeth. You were whining, barely audible begs for more leaving your lips.
 All at once he was dropping his body onto yours, surprising you with the sloppy way he captured your lips into a kiss. The feeling of how quickly your mouth reacted to him, distracting him from all the comments that were begging to slip through his lips. His reeling mind calming as you kissed him, your hand reaching up to grasp his jaw.
 His hips slowed as he pulled away, focusing shifting from his insecurities to pleasuring you. Getting you to realize that you didn't need anyone else but him. If only he knew you already thought like that. He kissed from your jaw to your shoulder, trying to concentrate on his deep thrusts.
 Low grunts would slip from his lips each time you would squeeze him particularly tight and the sound turned you on. Yoongi was biting down on the skin of your shoulder, the hand that had been on your hip reaching up to grasp your breasts. You moaned loudly, the contrast of pleasure and pain from his fingers and teeth getting to you.
 His head dropped lower, lips wrapping around your nipple. Your back arched as he sucked the bud into his mouth, gently rolling his tongue over it. He pulled his hips back, sliding all the way in slowly. Breathy moans left your lips as he kept up with that pace.
 “Like that?” He mumbled, allowing your nipple to fall from his mouth. You nodded, feeling yourself clench around him even tighter. He grinned, moving his mouth onto your other side. His teeth sunk into your nipple, his sped up all at once and you were yelping.
 His hand was wrapping around your ankle, pushing your leg as far back as it could possibly go. “F-fuck! Yoon...” Your voice trailed off, not being able to finish the sentence that hung on your lips. Yoongi had his head tilted down, watching as your swollen wet pussy, swallowed his hard cock. He was able to slide deeper inside of you with your leg up like this, your head was spinning. Leg muscles screaming from being bent so far back, but the feeling between your legs was too good to lose.
 “Wish you could... fuck,” Even he was starting to lose his control. “Baby...” He groaned, hips switching back to the slow thrusts so he could calm himself. “Your pussy looks so good,” His eyes met yours, causing a blush to spread across your cheeks. “wish you could see it. You take me so well,” He was speeding up again and you squealed, not expecting it.
 The only thing that could be heard throughout the room was the sound of skin slapping and the squelch of your wet pussy, taking him in. If it were any other guy, you would've been embarrassed about how wet you were, the way it dropped down your thighs shamelessly. But this was Yoongi, your Yoongi and you knew he loved it when you were like this. Not to mention, he was the only guy that was able to make you like this.
 His hand was dropping down between your legs, the tips of his fingers quick to find your clit. You whimpered, trying to spread your legs wider than what they already were. The grin on Yoongi's face didn't go unnoticed as he started to rub fast circles onto your clit. “Wish you could see how fucked out you look right now. Just for me,” He mumbled the last part, a soft chuckle leaving his lips.
 He was close. You could tell from the way he wasn't moving so quickly anymore. His focus now on getting you to your release before him. It was like he knew you were at your edge, all you needed was just a few brushes of his fingers and some strong thrusts and you were falling apart. He watched as you unraveled, hips lifting and bucking without your accord.
 Loud screams of his name falling from your lips and he loved the sound of it. Yoongi wasn't far behind you, fucking into you a few more times before wrapping your legs tight around his waist. He pressed his body tight against yours as he released into the condom, grunts, and groans of praise for you leaving his lips.
 Minutes passed and the two of you were finding your composure again. He was rolling off of you, hand reaching down to pull the condom from his softening dick. You watched as he stood to throw it away, shamelessly admiring his cute butt as he walked away. Your legs were numb, makeup a mess all over your face, hair even worse. But you were happy. You hated that he was able to make you so happy, but he did and you were.
 He walked with a washrag in his hand, wiping his dick off before he was sinking beside you on the bed. His fingers tapped your knee, forcing your dazed eyes up to his face. “You want me to run you a bath?” Your heart warmed at the offer. Such a minuscule detail, but you were surprised he remembered. How much you loved a bath after having sex. You nodded.
 Yoongi was standing once again, disappearing into the bathroom. As you stood, you became vaguely aware of the party that was taking place below the two of you. The music had been lowered and there wasn't as much chatter was earlier on. Was it coming to an end? Oh! Did they hear you? What if they had, oh fuck.
 Your hand went up to cover your mouth, hiding the giggle that threatened to slip out. Not being able to bring yourself to care whether or not they had heard. Especially when Min Yoongi was stepping out of the bathroom, leading you to the pretty smelling bath he had drawn just for you.
Tumblr media
 Yoongi's body was cold against your warm back. Unconsciously, you were reaching back to cover him up more with the blanket you were supposed to be sharing. A sleepy groan left his lips, his nose digging into your neck as he inhaled, pulling your body closer.
 After you had gotten out of the bath, you had planned to get dressed and go home. You two had hooked up and that was going to be it. There was no way you'd be getting back together because this was just one night. You were so sure of it.
 Then you were entering his bedroom, finding him asleep with your side of the bed open. He had pulled on a pair of sweats, them hanging low on his hips, revealing just the top of his dark pubic hair. How rude of you to slip out while he was asleep.
 You were rummaging through his drawers like you had done countless times before, finding a comfy t-shirt and pulling it on before sinking into the bed beside him. It didn't take long for him to realize you had claimed your spot, his arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you close.
 You fell asleep like that.
 There was a hard knock on the door, startling your eyes open. Two more knocks followed before whoever was pushing the door open. Tae's eyes caught yours and he was smirking, tilting his head to the side.
 “Good morning, Yn.” You wanted nothing more than to slap that shit-eating grin right off his face. You could just tell how badly he wanted to do his little 'I told you so' dance. And you were sure the only thing that was stopping his was the grumpy man shifting awake behind you.
 “What do you want, Tae?” He grumbled in the sexiest morning voice you've ever heard. He was sitting up, messy black curls laying messily on his head. The heel of his hand rubbed at his eye as he yawned.
 You fought the urge to reach over and pull him back onto you. “I'm gonna go grab some breakfast, what do you... two? want. Are you staying, Yn?” Yoongi didn't give you a chance to answer, slurring your usual breakfast order before snuggling back into the sheets. Cute.
 Tae nodded his head, turning only after shooting a knowing glance in your direction. The second he pulled the door closed, Yoongi's arm was wrapping around your waist, pulling your body into his. “You spent the night,” He mumbled.
 “I did,”
 His hand began to wander up the hem of your shirt, grasping your bare thigh in his hand. He separated your legs a bit, shifting himself behind you in order to press his morning wood into the back of your leg. You giggled. “You're wearing my shirt,”
 “I am.”
 He slowly began to rock his hips, effectively rolling his length into your ass. It was hard to mask your moan, head falling back onto his shoulder. “You know how much I like you in my clothes,” He groaned, his hand moving between your legs; fingers quick to find your clit.
 “I do.”
 You felt his grin at the back of your neck, turned your head when his free hand grasped your chin. His lips puckered and you smiled wide, leaning forward to cover his lips with yours. 
Tumblr media
– months after deciding to end their three year long relationship, a sex tape hits the internet. fans go wild speculating that rap star, min yoongi and aspiring model, yn are the stars. old feelings arise as the couple try to figure out a way out of this.
⥦ masterlist ⥦
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Oral with BTS
Ask:  Bts giving and receiving oral?
Tumblr media
Forcefull. Spreads your thighs and lets his lips do all the work. Namjoon likes looking up at you, wanting to see the fucked out look on your face. He wants you screaming and he doesn’t tease... much. He’d rather have you shaking from overstimulation than begging to cum. Though there are days where he wants to see you beg, but his main goal is to have you screaming his name. He wants to know he’s the only one who can pleasure you in that way.
So demanding. He has high expectations when it comes to you sucking him off. Namjoon wants to know your limits before hand, not wanting to push you too far. But nothing satisfies him more than feeling you gag on his cock. He likes it when you deepthroat him and he loves pushing you down further, until your nose is touching him. 
Tumblr media
A very attentive lover. He does it all to please and let’s face it, Jin’s lips would please. He teases a fair amount, littering your thighs with hickies. He’d rest your legs over his broad shoulders, using them as leverage to pull himself closer to your core. Jin is the type of man to eat you like a starved man and won’t stop until you’ve cum. He is also the type to hold your hand while doing so. 
Sweet, very sweet. Jin would constantly caress your face as you took him into your mouth. He would have a hard time not thrusting into your mouth but would do his best not to and just let you do what you want to. But he’d tangle his figners in your hair and he wants to cum on your face, it’s the only possessive thing he really does. 
Tumblr media
Agressive. Yoongi isn’t scared to tease you and he knows he’s good with his mouth. Oral is almost torture with him, on one side he wants you cumming and on the other side, he wants to push you. He isn’t scared to brign you to the edge and leave you hanging. He is also the type to use his teeth, not harshly but enough to drive you insane. Yoongi would push your knees up to your chest, so you can’t pull him closer or push him away.
Very relaxed. He leans back and let’s you do your thing. As long as it feels good, he is okay with it. A blowjob is relaxing to him and he uses it to destress, but we all know Yoongi can be a bit lethargic and he just wants to relax. If you tease him though, there isn’t a guarantee that he won’t push your head down on him harder.
Tumblr media
Hoseok is the type of man who would ask you to sit on his face and hold your hand in the whole process. He doesn’t tease, he gives and gives. He loves it when you squeeze his head between your thighs. Hoseok wants you to cum at least twice when he goes down on you and he grips your hips to hold him against you.
He prefers getting sucked off while standing, Hoseok wants you to hold his thighs as he face fucks you. He can get quite rough without knowing it and let’s out the most beautiful moans and groans. It really gets him when you lock eyes with him and take him as far as you can. Hoseok is the person who stresses out quite a bit, but doesn’t show it. When you go down on him, it’s one of the few moments he really releases stress.
Tumblr media
Attentive, to a certain extent. Jimin tends to tease a lot, with words and actions. He likes sucking marks onto your hips hovering his mouth over your core, knowing what you need. But Jimin doesn’t give in easily, he might even laugh at your begging before finally putting his mouth on you. He only goes for it if your begging is satisfactory enough for him.
A mess. He moans, he whimpers and he squirms. Jimin would have a hard time keeping quiet or still. You would have to pin his hips down if you want to properly go down on him. His full thighs would shake the closer he got to cumming and his sounds would get louder and louder. Jimin gets quite submissive when getting sucked off. 
Tumblr media
Another horrible tease, he can either be really sweet or kind of sadistic when it comes to it. Tae can be the type to tie you down and edge you for hours and hours with his mouth. Or he would kiss you gentle and worship every part of your body, making you cum at least twice before doing anything else. But it all depends on his mood.
Feels kind of awkward, at first. He doesn’t know where to put his hands or whether to moan or hold back. But when he gets the hang of it, he’s really relaxed. Holding your hair out of your face and watching your every move. He has a slight fascination for watching you swallow his cum, or cumming on your face. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook is a bit shy when going down on you. Mainly due to lack of experience, but one he gets the hang of it he’s ruthless. Jungkook is very into overstimulation and seeing how far he can push you. He is the type to leave bruises in your thighs from how hard he’s pinning you down. Jungkook doesn’t know his own strength. 
Like a lot of men his age, he loves the sight of you on your knees infront of him. He watches you a lot, loving you way your lips wrap around him. Jungkook isn’t scared to try deepthroating, as long as your open to it. He is new to certain things so he isn’t scared to experiment. But honestly his favorite sight is the way your lips wrap around him. Might even take pictures of it, if you’re okay with it. 
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evilkookie · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Fluff ✿
Girlfriend is BigHit’s translator [♡]
They steal your hoodies [♡]
Falling in love quickly - Hyung line [♡] / Maknae line [♡]
Farting in front of them for the first time [♡]
Confessing that they are bisexual [♡]
Meeting a goth girl [♡]
Going to the convenient store for their s/o [♡]
You’re taller than them in 10cm heels [♡]
You’re sarcastic af when angry [♡]
Learning Korean for them [♡]
Realizing you only listen to angst music [♡]
You get hit on in public [♡]
Randomly kissing them [♡]
Confessing that you are bisexual [♡]
Being your first kiss [♡]
Canadian gf being able to speak both English & Romanian [♡]
You speaking Filipino [♡]
You’re shy on your period [♡]
Falling for the manager [♡]
You’re in a rock/metal band [♡]
Tumblr media
Angst ❖
You get hate from “fans” [♡]
Yelling at you during an argument [♡]
Canadian gf getting hate for not being Korean [♡]
You getting kidnapped and hurt [♡]
Tumblr media
Smut ✔
S/o sets up a romantic bath for them [♡]
Overstimulating you [♡]
Giving them a boner [♡]
Caught receiving a blowjob [♡]
Being called daddy [♡]
Overstimulating them [♡]
Receiving blowjob for the first time [♡]
S/o asks to be choked and called dirty names [♡]
You say dirty things in English [♡]
S/o has a choking/breathplay kink  [♡]
♡ MTL ♡
Tumblr media
Bts mtl to listen to Cardi B [♡]
Bts mtl to date a girl under 5′0ft [♡]
Bts mtl to not mind helping you with your homework [♡]
Bts mtl to be clingy after an argument with their s/o [♡]
Bts mtl to like a motherly/caring s/o [♡]
Bts mtl to hit it from the back vs front [♡]
Bts mtl to do it in the shower [♡]
Bts mtl to date a 03 liner [♡]
Bts mtl to be vocal when doing it [♡]
Bts mtl to give you the silent treatment after a big fight [♡]
Bts mtl to date an anime fan [♡]
Bts mtl to date someone who seems innocent, but is not [♡]
Bts mtl to cuddle after doing it [♡]
Bts mtl to randomly get freaky with you [♡]
Bts mtl to prefer a tomboy over a girly girl [♡]
Bts mtl to cheat [♡]
Bts mtl to date a foreigner [♡]
Bts mtl to like playful girls [♡]
Bts mtl to date a non-famous person [♡]
Bts mtl to date a tall girl [♡]
Bts mtl to chose confident & witty over shy & innocent [♡]
Bts mtl to date a girl into EDM music [♡]
Bts mtl to date/ be best friends with a Jungkook or Taehyung doppelganger [♡]
Bts mtl to become best friends with a 05 liner [♡]
Bts mtl to date a black girl [♡]
Bts mtl to date a Hispanic [♡]
Bts mtl to date a white girl [♡]
Bts mtl to date a Trinidadian [♡]
Bts mtl to date someone who is Cuban [♡]
Bts mtl to date an Italian [♡]
Bts mtl to date a Brazilian [♡]
Bts mtl to date a Dominican girl [♡]
Bts mtl to stare at a person that caught their interest [♡]
Bts mtl to date an older person [♡]
Last updated: 09/13/2019
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kimnjss · 2 years ago
[ hickeys— ]
namjoon would have been nervous about their performance in japan. he would ask jungkook to help him perfect a routine that he had been struggling with.
the two would meet up after dinner where jungkook would immediately start teaching his hyung what he needed to know.
you sat in the corner of the room, a smile on your face as you watched your boyfriend learn from the maknae.
joon would do his best to follow the moves that jungkook was laying out for him. he was moving so much and so fast that the hood covering his head slid off.
which didn’t seem like all that big of a deal— until jungkook was moving to stand behind namjoon, hands adjusting his posture.
“hyung? what’s all over your neck?” he’d ask in confusion, the tip of his finger pressing against the bruise.
your eyes would widen in realization as namjoon would flinch away hand going up to cover his neck.
jungkook would smirk, “are those hickeys?” he’d grin.
“what? no!” you’d deny, creating an even more suspicious situation for the two of you. “i’m not dumb!” jungkook would retort.
he’d take another look at the older boy’s neck. “wow. y/n, you’re ruthless.” he’d comment with a laugh.
your cheeks would turn red as you proceeded to cover your face but not before seeing namjoon (playfully) shove jungkook back.
“of course she is, you should see how worked up i can get her.” he’d smirk, nodding his head in your direction.
Tumblr media
the boys would be hanging out in the living room. you’d be upstairs taking a nap, waking up to the sounds of their laughter.
throwing one of jin’s t-shirt’s and a pair of shorts on, you’d make your way down the stairs.
joon, hobi and tae sat scattered in the living room along with your boyfriend-- seokjin.
you’d grin when you saw him, easily sinking into the vacant space on his lap. he’d be quick with wrapping arms around you.
“what are we talking about?” you’d wonder, leaning back into his chest.
“how jealous your boyfriend is.” joon would answer quickly with a smirk.
jin would be quick to answer, “i’m not a jealous person, really!”
“...well you did yell at the delivery man the other day.” you reminded him.
“he was flirting with you right in front of my face!” jin would defend himself at the same time, hobi is leaning closer examining your neck.
“you even marked your territory! what? you want to make sure everyone knows she’s spoken for?”  he’d laugh, pointing a finger toward your bruises.
your face would instantly flush as the other boys leaned in to see.
“ahh, noona, you shouldn’t let his mouth near you.” tae would laugh, silently counting how many marks you had.
your hands would be quick to cover your neck, leaning back into jin’s chest. “stop staring at them!”
“hickeys don’t make you jealous, you should see the ones she leaves on me.”
jin would speak proudly, earning a nudge in the chest from you.
the boys would quickly star to wonder out loud about the hickeys you had left on jin, insisting that he showed them.
Tumblr media
“why is #vampireyoongi trending?” yoongi’s attention would be brought by the mention of his name.
“what?” he’d set down the text book he had been flipping through, his eyebrow arched.
your fingers would tap against the screen until you found the hashtag again.
“#vampireyoongi is trending worldwide.” you repeated, this time clicking on the words.
at first it was just a bunch of obvious bts stans weighing in their thoughts on the hashtag ‘wbk yoongi was a vampire.’
you couldn’t help but laugh at these tweets, still confused at why they were even happening.
“apparently you’re a vampire.” you moved to sit beside him, showing him the words on the screen.
as you’d scroll down the screen a very recent picture of you would pop up.
it was at least three days ago. you were on your way back from hobi’s house where you spent the night with yoongi.
for whatever reason, yoongi wasn’t able to keep his hands off you, especially after hobi fell asleep which resulted in the array of hickeys on your neck.
they were so clear in the picture. there were so many of them!
a particular post caught your eye, a close up picture with your neck on full display. a fansite had reposted it with the caption:
“pray for our girl, y/n... she’s on some bella from twilight shit.” you couldn’t help but crack up laughing.
you kept scrolling, most posts making light of the situation.
yoongi would read over your shoulder, laughing and joking along with you.
Tumblr media
you’d squirm underneath him, his hands palming your hips as he held your body against his.
his mouth would work over yours easily, you doing your best to match his intensity.
it felt like years since you last felt hobi’s lips on yours. in reality it had only been a week-- but even that was too long.
you missed him.
“it’s just me and you tonight.” he’d remind with a grin, his hand moving up to cup the side of your face.
you’d smile brightly, leaning up to press your lips against his gently. “i love that.”
hobi would move his head down to bury his face in the crook of your neck, both of his arms wrapping around your waist.
“i missed yo so much,” he’d grumble, his mouth opening to pull a bit of your skin in.
your potential sentence was stolen by a moan, your teeth quickly catching your lip.
without lifting his head, hobi would bring his hand to your chin using his thumb to pull your lip from between your teeth.
he’d quickly resume his assault on your neck. kissing, licking, sucking, biting at the flesh.
moans would fall freely from your parted lips, the sound of the front door opening being drown out by your voice.
his hand would find the zipper of your sweater, tugging it down as his mouth landed on your chest.
your hands would ruffle and tug at his soft strands of hair, head tilted back to allow most access.
“hyung, jimin wants too--” tae’s voice was heard before he was entering the room. not leaving enough time for you two to pull apart.
his stutter was heard next as he scrambled out of the room. “oh, crap... shit. s-sorry.” he’d mumble as he shuffled out of the room.
hobi would study your expression, looking for any signs of you wanting to stop. seeing the look on your face he’d be quick with covering your mouth with his once again.
Tumblr media
jimin and his best friends had left hours earlier to play basketball at the court not too far from the house.
in the time they were gone you were able to take a bath, moisturize, paint your nails and even start your favorite movie.
just as you began to doze off, the front door would slam open, heavy footsteps heading in your direction.
both tae and jungkook laughed loudly between each other as they reached you.
“why don’t you ask you?” tae spoke once he was close enough.
jungkook would shoot a knowing look in his direction before plopping down on the couch.
“ask me what?” jimin would walk in a moment later, hair wet with sweat. he’d have the shirt he had worn out slung over his shoulder.
you’d smile as he’d lean over the back of the couch to press his lips against yours.
“ask me what?” you’d repeat once jimin pulled away.
“they’re being childish, ignore them.” jimin would warn you. you’d urge the boys with a look. jungkook being the first to speak up. “tae wanted to know if--”
tae would be quick with cutting him off. “hey! it wasn’t just me.” he’d defend.
“i’m confused...” you’d glance back at your boyfriend who’d simply roll his eyes.
“they saw the hickeys on my thigh and have some twisted theory that--”
tae jumped up quickly, shushing his hyung. “come on, it’s embarrassing now!” he pleaded.
“how’d you guys... why’d you show them?”
jimin rolled his eyes at your words. “no idea, just felt the urge to flash my dick... whoops.” you could sense his sarcasm.
there was nothing innocent about the hickeys you’d left against his skin-- especially not the placement.
the strength of his thighs always managed to turn you on, you couldn’t help but put your mouth on them as you jerked him off.
and it was obvious the other guys knew too.
Tumblr media
with a strong hand around your neck, tae would press his mouth against yours. applying just the right amount of pressure to to your throat making you moan.
his tongue would explore the inside of your mouth as you tried to keep up, hands grasping at his forearms.
“oh, come on! get a room!” the annoyed shout would come from yoongi.
tae would pull back only for a moment to flick him off before turning back to your mouth.
“we’re going to be late.” hobi would remind with an exaggerated groan.
tae would take his time with pulling back from your mouth, grinning as he took in the dazed look on your face. “you’re so into me.” he’d give you a cocky smirk.
“shut up.” you’d roll your eyes, punching at his chest. he laughed watching as you began to step back. “call me when you miss me?”
“i should just call you now then,” he’d flirt and you’d blush.
he’d wait until you were out of sight before ducking into the front seat of joon’s car.
“you guys are actually gross.” he’d comment as he pulled off onto the road.
tae would ignore the comment, tapping the tips of his fingers against his knee.
“holy shit look at your neck!” jin would exclaim from the back seat, poking at the bruises covering tae’s skin.
“she’s my girl. what do you expect?” he’d retort with a smirk, tilting his head toward the mirror to admire your work.
Tumblr media
you and jungkook would be cuddling in the living room watching the office with his friends, hobi and joon.
jungkook would have his arms wrapped around your waist, head tilted back a bit as you snuggled close.
joon and hobi had been having their own side conversation that the two of you paid very little attention to.
it wasn’t until hobi was addressing you did you realize that their conversation was about you two.
“alright, i’m just going to ask.. what’s with the turtlenecks man?” you took a moment to look back at the black turtleneck covering your boyfriend’s torso.
“what do you mean?” his cheeks and the top of his ears were turning pink.
“you’ve been wearing them for days. not to mention that it’s seventy degrees outside.” joon chimes in.
“so? i like turtlenecks.” jungkook shrugged, trying to play it cool.
“we have reason to believe you’re hiding something.”
you’d decide to jump in and save him-- this was your fault to begin with. “i’m sure he’s not. he likes what he likes.” you tired.
hobi and joon shared one of their silent conversations before boy boys were springing up and tackling jungkook-- surprisingly missing you.
joon held him as hobi pulled the collar of his shirt down. the purplish bruises on his neck were on full display.
“knew it.” joon confirmed, taking a step back from kookie. “you owe me five bucks.”
you couldn’t help the laugh that left your lips. “you guys bet on what he was hiding?” hobi would nod, fishing in his pockets for his wallet. “i guessed he cut himself shaving-- didn’t expect our little one to have hickeys.”
“our little guy is growing up,” namjoon would feign sadness, wiping an imaginary tear.
jungkook would roll his eyes a smirk settling on his lips. “just ask her, i’m not little.”
Tumblr media
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kpurereactions · 4 years ago
BTS reaction to your american friends not understanding why you would date a  Korean
He'd be more than upset. Point blank. He would have created this whole idea of your friends loving him as much as you do and even spent the weeks in advance learning english so he could hold conversations with them. Although you defended him with all of your heart to your friends it didn't stop him from closing himself off in your room.
“Oppa, please come back out. Its not the same without you there.”
“Theres no point if they don't like me.”
“Well they're just going to have to get over it aren't they.”
Tumblr media
Anger is the only feeling he would hold. He knew the girls surrounding the two of you probably didn't think he understood them since a lot of the conversation was being translated by you, but he understood every word. Nevertheless he would stay by your side though and squeeze your hand as you told the girls to shut up. He so was thankful you decided to leave early where he was taken back to your house to your dad, who did his best to communicate without you. 
“At least your parents like me.” “They are the only ones who matter.”
Tumblr media
Since language wasn't a barrier everyone was really nice to his face. It wasn't until he excused himself from the kitchen did your friend start her interrogation. “But why? You could have anyone here, why would you choose someone not only thousands of miles away from us but also of a completely different culture.” Despite you shutting your friend down Namjoon stayed in the kitchen where your mother comforted him. He looked at you with sad eyes but still managed to press a smile as you walked frustrated into the kitchen. “Y/f/n is leaving.” You would say pulling him into a hug. 
Tumblr media
Hobi would be torn apart. Even though he tried his hardest to keep a composed smile while talking to your dad, he couldn't help but let his eyes continue to  wonder over to you and your friend in the middle of a heated argument “Don't worry about that, Hoseok. We like you more in the three hours you've been here than we have in the ten years of knowing that girl. You're here to stay.” Your dad would tell him poking at Hobi’s chest while your mom nodded beside him. You walked over after your friend had stormed out and wrapped your arms around Hobi’s waist, sighing when he wrapped one around your shoulders. “I love you so much you know?” 
Tumblr media
You wouldn't even entertain the conversation your friends were hinting at and when one said “But a Korean? Really? What about that guy you dated before you left. He was so tall and handsome”  you would ask your friends to leave before following him back to your room where the two of you were staying. He’d be pouting with good reason and would try to avoid your eyes but secretly appreciated it when you took ahold of his chin and forced him to look at you. “Forget them. If they can't see how happy I am right now and how head over heels I am for you then I don't want to be their friends.”
Tumblr media
The comments from your friends would probably go right over his head and he'd just laugh along with your friends while you crossed your arms and started to grow angry. As the girls continued to put down Tae you would eventually snap and tell them to leave, not caring if you made a scene at the welcome home party your parents had thrown for you. The rest of the party Tae acted concerned, not fully understanding why you were upset and would end up forcing you to tell him. “My friends are assholes and they can't see how much I love you. All they see is someone who isn't a college football player who goes by the name pork chop or something stupid.” You said throwing your hands up, feeling terrible as Tae’s face dropped and he thought about what you said. You waited as he shook his head and his sweet smile found his lips again. “You love me?” 
Tumblr media
Kook would just smile and excuse himself, leaving you to deal with your friends. He didn't think your friends not liking him would hit him this hard but he couldn't help but let his head fall into his hands. If your friends didn't like him maybe that meant you didn't really have feelings for him. He couldn't help his tears as the thought of you leaving him took over his every thought. When you walked in to see him so vulnerable all you did was kneel in front of him and wrap your arms around his shoulders. “Please don't leave me.” He'd whisper sniffling. You couldn't help but feel hurt. “Kookie.. Its them that need to leave. Im right here.” You said moving your hands to his cheeks to wipe a tear and place a sweet, loving kiss on his lips. 
Tumblr media
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justtextmeoppa · 3 years ago
❝ You are my paradise ❞
Plot: You and Yoongi fight and he says he hates you. So you decide to give him the silent treatment, but he tries everything to make you talk to him again.
Words count: 5,5k+
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader 
Genre: Fluff 
For anon, I hope you like it cutie! 
Tumblr media
The thump of the door closed behind your shoulder was the noise that welcomed your return home for more than three weeks.  
The door closed behind your boyfriend without you having time to greet him or spend a few minutes with him.  
At every comeback the situation worsened, you knew at the beginning of your relationship and you remember it again after almost two years. But this time there was something different and you couldn't understand. Your mind completely filled with thoughts, which annoyed you without interruption.  
The first few days you hadn't noticed the difference, but now it was impossible not to notice. Don't notice those little details. Like the absence of his good morning kiss or the complete disappearance during the day, without a simple message or even a quick phone call.  
Your chest was crushed under the weight of the consciousness that you would spend the umpteenth evening alone, with your dog trying to cheer you up and some melancholy song in the background. In short, the dream of every girl of 24 years for her evenings.. Especially when they have a boyfriend.  
"Hello to you too.." Your hissing scattered in the air and your little cub of Jack Russell, the dear and adored Agust D, began chasing his own tail to draw your attention. "Hello puppy," you whispered gently, lowering and running your fingers on his short and soft fur.  
He barked with happiness but you couldn't prove any spirit of sharing. Yoongi had disappeared for the umpteenth evening and this began to dig into your heart a bigger hole that was scaring you. In ways that you never thought possible, a fear that couldn't be explained.  
Since the evening was ruined, you dragged your feet to your room and changed into something more comfortable. The pajamas, a beautiful zebra printed pajamas, was the best solution.  
What could be better than warmth and softness and comfort?? You knew it, but you ignored to say the answer aloud otherwise your mood would have worsened further.  
"D, what do you want to do??"  
The puppy started barking, hopping around the house and dragging behind a little plush, making you smile slightly. At least someone in that house was happy, you found yourself thinking.  
The kitchen, the second place where you were more comfortable after the bed, greeted you as you lit the lights and started thinking about what to eat. You weren't starving, but from that morning you hadn't touched food and knowing if you skipped another meal, you would have fainted at the least opportune moment.  
"Hyung sent you some bibimpap and the cabbage kimchi, they're in the refrigerator."  
Yoongi's raspy voice caught you unprepared because you would never have expected to hear it so soon. Thinking that now your mind was playing with your mind to make you believe that everything went well, you wouldn't turn around and keep looking at the various packs of ramen you kept in the cabinet. For any eventuality, of course.  
Yoongi remained on the doorstep of the kitchen, astonished by the fact that you had totally ignored him. He was back to ask if you wanted to spend the evening with him in the studio because he knew.  
He knew it was going on as always, that he was neglecting you and letting you go. Just as he knew that it couldn't happen every time, despite living well with that situation your heart suffered the consequences. He had spent whole months to make you really trust him, months that were also useless to him to trust at least a bit of you, and every time he walked away he knew that he cracked that trust. That pushed you to think the worst.  
But now he was there, in the same room, and you didn't even spare a look to him. And he had to admit that it hurt, but without understanding that it was the feelings that you felt every single time you came home.  
It was the first mistake of the evening.  
He cleared his voice again, but your attention was still focused on your choice.  
The pack between your hands fell to the ground while you jumped, facing him and following your gaze you noticed him on the door. His annoyed look and the arms folded across his chest.  
The dark circles under his eyes, the black beanie and that fringe that now almost covered his eyelids, his clenched jaw, his black irises that seemed somewhat darker. He didn't seem very happy and you wondered if his feelings could reflect your own.  
"S-sorry.. I was thinki--"  
"What did you think? Ignore me," he took off the beanie throwing it on the table, "it wasn't pleasant for me. "  
You scoffed, feeling the skepticism open a gap in your mind. Really feeling ignored was unpleasant? You'd want to tell him he was welcome in your world, but you'd bite your tongue. A fight was the last thing your mind already full of negativity could endure.  
Agust D, feeling that something was about to happen, began to wander near Yoongi's feet, but he ignored him and didn't wash his gaze away from you.  
And you felt vulnerable. Under the indifference and repressed anger that those dark irises were showing clearly. The phone on the table gave a sound and you wanted to hide behind it while avoiding the way he was looking at you. 
And that was the second mistake of the evening. The moment you stood out your arm to grasp it, something snapped into Yoongi's mind.  
"Are you kidding? Y/N; I'm talking to you!"  
With your arm in mid-air, you froze and turn your head towards him, observing how the rage was transforming his lines. Angry, but for what? You couldn't understand, in fact, you weren't the wrong one.  
"And I came here to ask you to come with me. But apparently, my presence isn't welcome. "  
And that was the third mistake of the evening.  
Your arm fell limp, the strength with which you kept him lifted completely erased from your body. The tears threatened to burn on your cheeks, but forcefully you chased them back and swallowed the knot in your throat that had formed in a few seconds.  
"It's a shame that your presence is an ephemeral thing in these weeks. Since you're never here and you don't even deem to recognize the fact that I exist and live in this apartment."  
The air frozen, you saw him inhaled sharply and with your body, you turned towards him. You felt every part of you tense like a string of a violin, your heart was beating so hard to press against your ribcage as it wanted to get out and run away but you were so tired of his attitude that you had exceeded the limit.  
Yoongi looked at you, his mind now completely fogged. He couldn't figure out why he was wrong, but everyone knew that anger provokes and makes the worst out of any person.  
With quick steps he came up to you, you knew he could never hurt you, but you stepped back and lifted your hand.  
And that hand, open and slightly trembling, was the only stop for Yoongi. He stopped mid-way, feeling his throat going on fire for the desire to yell at you and the bile corrode his chest. He felt hurt, but he didn't understand how intense your feelings of loneliness and abandonment were. You didn't feel anymore that feeling of belonging and it was a feeling that you had hoped never to try.  
"Now I understand why everyone ends up hating you, Y/N."  
And perhaps that was the worst mistake of the evening.  
Your heart took a note of his words, which with hatred were putting their seed. Yes, many people you had given everything had ended up leaving.  
Making you feel like you were the mistake, the wrong side of the story. But Yoongi.. You never thought he could use your past against you.  
Even the fact that was the anger to make him talk was an excuse. He had no excuse.  
"Goodnight, Yoongi," you hummed and walked out of the kitchen, avoiding touching him as you passed by. The dog followed you, his ears low and the tail between his short and thin legs.  
He knew, unlike his master, how much you were suffering. He perceived it. Yoongi stood in the center of the kitchen, his gaze pointed where you were standing before. His hands began to tremble, but the error he had just made not yet clear for his mind gripped by anger.  
With a sigh, he stepped out of the room and then stormed out of the house, saying that if that was your way of dealing with a discussion, he wouldn't have been the mature part in the couple.  
The bed greeted your tired body when you threw yourself on it and the sound of the door didn't surprise you. Sighing you lured your pillow towards you, hiding your face against the soft material and letting the waves of pain begin to hit you. And you collapsed, slowly, accompanied by tears and the first real wound that Yoongi had dealt you.  
The sky was clear, the kids played and your nephew was having the time of his life with his buddies. And you were there, on that bench, to brood over the events of the evening before.  
The fresh air of November made you shudder, for this reason, you tightened stronger your arms around your chest, rubbing your hands on the fabric of the sleeves. Everything to have a pinch of extra warmth.  
Brooding was not bringing you much satisfaction, indeed threw more gasoline on a rage that wouldn't have glow more.  
"Auntie! Auntie!!"  
You smiled at Taeoh's voice, waving your hand slowly to reciprocate and giggling when you could hear "your aunt is really beautiful." At least, someone who still thought it existed, you muttered while your phone emitted three sounds one behind the other.  
Being aware that that precise sound was associated with his number did nothing but darkened your mood, but for the sake of your nephew, you kept smiling. Your smile was so wide that your cheeks pinched from the pain, yet that slight physical pain was better than what you had inside.  
-I.. -  
-I thought that.. -  
-I'll see you tonight. -  
Bitterness stroked your palate and slipped on your tongue like a hot liquid, reaching your throat. Clashing it and provoking you some difficulties in breathing for a few seconds.  
The fact that he hadn't apologized didn't surprise you, you were aware that he didn't know how to apologize yet you felt broken. Perhaps more from his inability to put aside pride and actually tell you "sorry" that from what you had been told.  
"Taeoh! Come on, your mother is waiting for us! "  
"But Aunty!!"  
Albeit with displeasure, you ignored his cute whines and you walked to your house, where your sister was spending her quality time filling your refrigerator with food.  
The little hand of Taeoh tightened your forefinger with force, while at every step the building was approaching and he was telling you which wonderful games he had done with his buddies. You were only partially listening and your body stuck when you noticed a boy dressed completely in black, a bucket on his head and a mask to cover his face.  
Yoongi noticed you and blocked, right in front of the large glass doors that acted as the entrance of the building. He seemed tired, his dark circles even more pronounced but the warmth you felt in your heart every time you saw him was missing.  
And the solution to his behavior was formed in your mind fast, a bit devious but necessary. Min Yoongi would have received the treatment he deserved.. Starting from that moment on.  
"Hey.. Hi. "  
"Uncle Yoongi!!" the little Taeoh yelled, abandoning you to your destiny and rushing towards the boy. Who smiled, you couldn't see it but the mask had moved and you knew how affectionate he was with the child. "It's nice to see you little man.."  
At that moment your sister opened one of the doors, covered by her new beige coat and with her blond hair moving to the light breath of the wind. You told her what had happened so a mock smile drew on her thin lips and Yoongi understood. He greeted her with education, letting her take the baby and you said goodbye with a small wave of your hand.  
"The park..?"  
The eye contact lasted a few seconds and he hoped in your answer, but he was disappointed when without saying anything you crossed him -exactly like the night before- and went into the building.  
That was the first stab and Yoongi knew, having spent a sleepless night on the couch of his studio, that he deserved much more.  
"Do you want Italian take away?"  
Yoongi's suggest remained unheard of while you kept arranging the documents for the next day's presentation. He sighed, trying to keep calm but it seemed almost impossible. It was three days that you didn't speak to him and he was starting to feel the weight of the situation worsening more and more. On his shoulders, as a boulder impossible to move and that he had created himself.  
He apologized, or so he believed. His "pretend that nothing happened" wasn't worth as an excuse and he was understanding at his expense the reality.  
Composing at home had become a habit of those three nights, but he was sorry because he couldn't avoid the practices with the boys. And he dragged himself to the room, under the worried gaze of the guys who couldn't figure out what was going on. He missed your sudden hugs or your singing in the shower. He missed your ginger biscuits, despite not loving the sweets, and felt the lack of your caresses on his face just before falling asleep.  
Yoongi sighed again and you lifted your eyes to the ceiling to that sound, pretending boredom. No, having Yoongi near was perfect but you had to keep on your way. It was too easy for him to pretend that nothing happened when he created a scar into you. A scar that, in those days, was infecting with fears that you thought you had driven out.  
"Could you talk to me..? Please? "  
The silence was his answer and he began to snatch his hair angrily, leaving the bedroom before worsening the situation. Agust D ran after him, looking for his attention and when Yoongi gave it to him, kneeling, he licked his cheek.  
The rapper chuckled, messing the fur of the dog that barked satisfied and disappeared again into the room. At least someone, Yoongi thought, gave him attention.  
"Don't you want to talk to me? Well.. Then I'll make sure you're forced to come to me. The war began, Y/N. "  
With a cunning sneer and on tiptoe, Yoongi reached the kitchen. His goal right in front of his eyes. A small adrenaline rush ran through his veins when he started with his plan and knew, he was confident at 100%, that it would be winning.  
After forty minutes your stomach proclaimed the surrender and began to grumble, you gave little patting on your belly trying to calm it but the sound became more vibrant and intense. With a sigh you would get out of bed and be careful not to bump into Yoongi, you ran into the kitchen.  
He was sitting on the couch and oddly enough he didn't try to talk to you, ignoring you and he kept watching television.  
"Yes, I understand, stop grumbling," you swear against your belly, resting your hand on it while you opened the refrigerator. Your favorite jam greeted you and joy began to crack inside your chest, anticipating the moment when the sweetish taste of peaches would invade your mouth.  
Resting the jar on the table, you also took the sliced bread and sit on the kitchen counter.  
And there came the first, strange, problem. With strength, you tried to unscrew the cap but your hand slipped and you risked to fall forward because of the sudden movement of your arm.  
"I didn't remember.. It was so difficult to open a damn jar."  
The second attempt went blank, it almost seemed like the cap and the jar had been glued together but you knew it was impossible. That morning you had loosened it without problems and now it seemed the most difficult challenge in the world.  
Surrounding at having to give up the jam, with a plop you slipped down from the counter and take the jar of peanut butter from the shelf. In short, it was your special delight, after you had tasted it during a trip to New York had been impossible to part, and perhaps it was even better than the jam.  
But with your high amazement, and a pinch of anger, you couldn't even open that jar.  
You tightened it forcefully against your chest, one hand on the glass of the jar and the other firm around the cap. One attempt, two attempts, your face began to redden because of the effort, three attempts and at the fourth, you cursed loudly giving up.  
You felt the sweat glue your hair against your neck and never in your life having a snack had been so tiring.  
Your last chance was Nutella. Your eyes lay on the jar on the counter, near the water kettle, and there was almost a moment of uncertainty. You didn't want to hope to have your taste buds caressed by the sweet and enveloping flavor of the chocolate and... then find out that was another flop.  
Your fingers felt a strange electric discharge when they caressed the jar of the spreadable cream. With waiting and the anxiety that shook your heart, you tightened the tip of your tongue between your teeth starting to turn the wrist with the cap hold tight into your hand.  
Nothing. The Void. Failure on all fronts.  
The frustration led you to throw the jar against the wall, sliding it on the counter, starting to walk back and forth to the room in search of a solution to that strange conspiracy that the jars seemed to have concocted against you.  
A light glowed after a couple of minutes. And you didn't know whether to be surprised or annoyed by the childishness that your boyfriend had just shown.  
A boyfriend who had listened to your cursing with a satisfied smile on his lips, ready to welcome with open arms your pleas to help you.  
The sound of your bare feet on the floor gave him chills, his gaze fixed on a program he wasn't following. He opened his mouth to answer, sure he would hear your pleading and miserable voice, flared it when he saw your figure go next to the couch and go to close in the bedroom.  
No word, no supplication, nothing.  
And that was the second stab, but Yoongi engrossed it, feeling more and more on the brink of despair. Because he didn't want to admit it, but he was starting to be scared. Terrified of ruining everything and that from one moment to the next you would slip away, leaving him to the misery that a life without you would be.  
"She really is sensitive to the cold.. So.. Yes, this could work," chuckled of his intelligence while altering the thermostat and making sure that the apartment was cold. He set it so that the temperature couldn't be raised if not a certain time-out, running in the bedroom when he heard the door of the house opening. 
He threw himself under the blankets, the computer immediately to fill the space on his thighs and the headphones well arranged on his ears. He had to pretend indifference, he had to succeed in his intent.  
In the meantime, you slid your coat on the coat hanger and rested the keys in the hallway cabinet.  
The difference in temperature was still elusive and in your ignorance, you went into the kitchen to retrieve a protein bar from the pantry. You had no time to prepare dinner, you were swamped with work and the table of the living room would be your companion for the whole evening.  
Munching you entered the room and a chill of cold ran along your back, but you shook the feeling of it off because you connected it to the tiredness.  
The soft cushions of the couch were a relief for your back, you sank on them with a sigh of happiness and despite the little desire, your computer had the best in your devastated mind.  
After fifteen minutes of crazy typing on the keyboard, your body began to tremble, but you were still too focused on your work by not noticing. It was only when your breathing began to condense into whitish puffs in front of you that you sensed something wrong.  
"What the heck.." You hummed, noticing the purplish of your fingernails and feeling like your hands were small popsicles. "I paid the bill, why the Fuck is so cold," your voice trembled, you grabbed the blanket on the armrest of the couch wrapping around your body feeling a rush of pure heat. But it wasn't necessary to stop your teeth from starting to beat them and your body from shaking more and more violently.  
Walking to the thermostat, your mouth wide opened seeing the temperature on which it was set and your heart dropped at your feet. How could you survive a similar temperature in the place where you could control the hottest heat level for you?  
The culprit was always him, you knew, but no, you wouldn't have succumbed that time either. Barely holding the waves of anger that were almost suffocating you, you went back to the living room and closed the computer. Useless working and slowly losing the sensitivity of every part of your body.  
You entered the bedroom and Yoongi, the most innocent expression that you've ever seen painted on that face that you wanted so much to punch, took off the headphones looking at you with an arched eyebrow.  
"Something wrong?"  
The hope of hearing your voice was so much that he would want to jump on the bed, hug you and fill you with kisses. He had so much desire to be able to keep you in his arms that he didn't even realize that you had begun to change.  
"Y/N..? Come to bed then? "  
"No. I'm going to sleep at Youngjae. "  
You answered coldly, without looking at him and hoping that your detachment would hurt him. As bad as he had done to you.  
For Yoongi that was the third stab, stuffed with jealousy just at the thought of you in your neighbor's apartment.  
"At least he doesn't make me die due to hypothermia and above all he doesn't hate me," what was you added just before getting out of your bedroom, threatening your heart to snatch it from his shelter if he hadn't stopped beating too fast.  
Yoongi stared at the door, letting your words fit perfectly into his mind.  
So while you were greeted by Youngjae's sweet smile and the warmth that you had hoped to find at home, Yoongi remained to look the door starting to prepare for the worst.  
Lose you, completely.  
"So between the lines, he said he hates you then he started doing all those little things that would have pushed you to him?"  
You nodded, a cup of hot chocolate between your hands and the smell of the boiling liquid that invaded your nostrils. It was like being in paradise, especially thanks to your plush pajamas and the blanket that Youngjae had wrapped around your shoulder a few minutes before.  
"And do you thought he just doesn't know how to apologize?"  
"He simply is a proud bastard who fails to notice when he makes a mistake," you spit with sharpness, then drinking a sip of chocolate feeling your mouth celebrating for that goodness. "Yoongi simply can't understand when he goes over the line and the one that suffers it's me."  
"Then why are you with him?"  
That question caught you unprepared. Your gaze wandered from the boy with black hair and crescent-shaped eyes to the cup that you started to squeeze forceful.  
"Because he's the only one to remember how I like coffee," your voice shattered against the cup while sipping, "because he's the only one to get up at four in the morning, although he loves to sleep, to bring me to take the train when I leave for my parent's house," a little smile stretched on your lips, "because he's the only one that when I enter the house and I don't salute our dog, he understands that there is something wrong. Because he's the only one who really spent his time to tear away the layers of fear and insecurity that stuffed the person who I am, " you sighed, resting the cup on the table and rubbing your hand on your face with dizziness.  
"Because he's the only one, Youngjae, who has ever looked at me with the eyes filled with the only thing I have always craved for in my life."  
Your neighbor looked you quietly, not knowing what to say but imagining the feeling that you had desired for so long. The tears that you had held back in those days began to fill the corners of your eyes and soon you felt them fell on your cheeks, but you didn't bother to dry them.  
You were missing Yoongi so much that the weight in your chest wasn't diminishing. Your silent treatment tactic wasn't working, because he was too dull to understand. He was too immersed in his world to really understand that he was your air and the only thought of his hatred broke you into a thousand pieces.  
"I think you have the proof that he's not as careless as you thought.." whispered an amused Youngjae, getting up from the couch and disappearing from your sight.  
You snuggled up into a ball on the couch, your knees tight against your chest and your chin on your knees. You would have wanted to disappear and not face that moment, but you couldn't lie to yourself. It was what you were waiting for, you couldn't make the chicken and get away.  
"YOUNGJAE DID YOU TRY TO STOLE MY GIRLFRIEND?" Yoongi's shouting was mighty, despite his voice usually so raspy and slow, and your eyes moved to the entrance of the room. Waiting.  
"Yoongi, I didn't hit on your girlfriend.. You might not scream, though?? "  
Youngjae giggled, pointing the living room and the rapper, controlled by a homicidal fury against the boy, ran to the room.  
"I am gay, Yoongi.." confessed the black-haired boy but Yoongi pretended not to hear it, shrugging his shoulders and blocking himself on the entrance seeing your condition.  
His heart was almost torn from his chest because he didn't deserve it.  
He didn't deserve a person like you since he could only hurt you.  
"I Leave you two alone," Youngjae's whisper reached both, but neither of you considered it.  
You're too tempted to hide beneath those blankets, hoping to disappear.  
Yoongi too destroyed by the sight of the woman he loved with all himself in that state because of him.  
His anger had completely vanished, leaving an empty space that was immediately filled with displeasure and approaching the couch, he knelt and rested his hands on your ankles. The only point discovered that he could reach, too scared to make too long steps.  
"Go away.."  
"Now you talk to me, huh?"  
Your eyelids closed to your command and you ignored his attempt to dampen the tension, the weight in your chest getting heavier. So heavy that your body was reacting by going tense and preventing you from breathing normally.  
"No, breathe.. Y/N, breathe and don't think," he whispered softly and the notch into you stomach loosened, albeit little, "think of the little Agust D, who is wagging waiting to be pampered by his gorgeous mommy. Think of Taeoh, that tomorrow will be with you all day long because you are too good to say no to those big and joyful eyes," the tone with which he was talking was slower than normal, his voice had lowered a few octaves and now it seemed almost honey, "Think of.. Whatever makes you happy."  
The heaviness of your eyelids pushed you almost to close them altogether, lie down on the couch and sleep, but something hot touched your forehead and immediately your eyes opened wide.  
He was stroking your forehead, moving the small locks of hair and his eyes were full of concern.  
"Breathe Y/N.. No panic attack will come back to haunt you, not under my watch. "  
"How do I breathe if you are so close and you’re invading my personal space..?" 
Yoongi interpreted that phrase in a wrong way, the disappointment immediately washed his smile and nodding he rose. The panic struck you in full and your hand grabbed his wrist, tugging him and he fell on the couch next to you.  
"Nononono.. stop, don't go away, nononono. "  
"What the he--hey, I'm here," every word dosed and cautious, as he lifted the blanket and wrapped both, "I'm here, Y/N."  
The warmth of his body against yours was useful, after not even a couple of minutes your eyelids started to close again but this time for weariness and not for a possible panic attack. And without noticing you fell asleep against his slightly edgy shoulder but that felt like the softest pillow in the world.  
"You know Y/N.. I've been taking everything for granted lately, at least.. I was taking you for granted. Am I a real jerk? Yes, I know.. And even those attempts.. " 
You turned around on the bed, snuggling more into Yoongi's arms who immediately went quiet afraid to wake you up with his random babbling. In his eyes, you seemed more than asleep, but actually, you woke up the moment he had taken you into his and you were back in your apartment, now warm and welcoming as always.  
"I don't even know why I did it, you know..? That is.. I deserved the silent treatment.. But I think I didn't manage well the situation.. And I feel a huge jerk for that," he said and gently stroked your cheek, while you carefully breathed slow and kept your eyes shut, "I was afraid to lose you, Y/N. And only now I realized that you're feeling these things for weeks, right? That I neglected you, that I neglected the person who gave me the strength to deal with everything. What an idiot I am."  
"Yes, you are."  
"Shit, I knew you were awake, fuck," he swore and the redness began to color those cheeks usually so pale, even arriving on the tip of the ears, "Why the fuck were you pretending to sleep, you petty person?"  
"Otherwise you would never have told me these things, you moron."  
"Hey, watch your language," he pouted and opening an eyelid you looked at him, grinding your teeth pretending a disgust that was far from what you really felt.  
"Ouch Yoongi, you're awful when you do that.. Please save my life and avoid it." 
"The truth is, you're jealous, that's all."  
"Jealous of an idiot, of course," you nodded, biting your upper lip, and he sighed, "I have a dumb girlfriend," he sighed again letting those words be stuffed by a despair that he really didn't feel.  
"This girlfriend can always leave you, you know?"  
The atmosphere quickly changed and the tension you saw on his face in Youngjae's apartment came back to drawing his lines. "Hey.. Yoongi I.. "  
"I deserve but I'll be honest, I don't remember how it was my life before you and.. I'd rather keep not remembering. "  
"Because I had the privilege of tasting paradise and I don't want to go back to hell Y/N. You are my paradise."  
And the sincerity in his eyes made you realize that no, he hadn't ceased to love you and that he would give up anything in spite of not losing you.  
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njssi · 2 years ago
imagine sitting on yoongi’s lap in his studio, watching as he diligently works on the track he made you promise to let him finish when you first arrived to his studio. he’s focused and calm, eyes fixed on the screen while you’re struggling to keep your breath calm and not bother him, his dick buried inside you to the hilt, your pussy clenching with need every single time he moves his legs around, your eyes darting to the clock on the computer: 12:18 am and yet yoongi shows no signs of stopping. you whine and attempt to move your hips but his large hand wraps around your middle and stops you and you just whine his name and drop your head on his shoulder. “move again and i’m starting on the next track” he deadpans and you whine again but sit still, despite the fact that you’re twice as wet as you were before his little threat. his hand on your waist dips down before it returns to the computer and he just momentarily flicks it over your clit, making you grind against him although you soon realize your mistake. “what did i tell you?” he whispers in your ear, his hand moving over to your neck. he removes his headphones and leans back in his chair, still holding you in place. “now move. and don’t you dare cum.”
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kimnjss · 2 months ago
cyberslut (sneak peak)
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— he has no idea who you are... up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
[ cyberslut: a person who will act openly sexual on the internet, yet in real life will act prudent and contained. ]
Tumblr media
pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: LMAO TBD.
genre: smut!! college au, secret identity, tutoring au, slight themes of infidelity... 
warnings: yoongi and his friends are dicks :/ - yn is way too horny all of the time... there’s a lot of sexting... no full nudity. 
coming: june 1st
updates: everyday.
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
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baehyukng · 3 years ago
Hey amazing person! Do you mind doing one as how you think min yoongi would be as you boyfriend?
Tumblr media
⇾ Min Yoongi, the sweetest boyfriend alive (he’s boyfriend material af, don’t even @ me)
⇾ Yoongi seems like the type to give everything to their s/o
⇾ I feel like even though Yoongi strikes me as the type to hate skinship when it comes to his s/o he’s extremely cuddly and clingy
⇾ He’d kiss his s/o whenever he’d get the chance
⇾ soft knuckle kisses
⇾ gentle kisses on his s/o’s nose when he cuddles them
⇾ k i s s e s
⇾ he’d probably spoil his s/o other and take them on sweet little dates everywhere
⇾ coffee shop dates!!
⇾ he loves leaving his s/o in a blushing and flustered mess
⇾ one day when he’s in his studio, he’ll write a song for his s/o and the other members will tease him about it because it’s sappy and corny but his s/o absolutely loves it
⇾ in the bedroom, I bet he’s no different
⇾ he makes sure that his s/o is getting the utmost pleasure and love from him
⇾ passionate sex
⇾ his fingers roaming over his s/o’s body, tracing over every dip and curve
⇾ he loves the soft little moans and whimpers that escape his s/o’s lips. It lets him know what kind of effect he has on them
⇾ r o u g h   s e x
⇾ don’t get me wrong, Yoongi can be a slow and passionate lover, but then he can also be hard and rough
⇾ Yoongi’s probably some sort of sex god when it comes down to it
⇾ an actual dom if you ask me
⇾ acts super cocky and smug when the members ask why his s/o has big angry purple marks across their neck and collarbone
⇾ the same thing happens when his make-up artists look at him with disappointed and unamused faces because of all the love bites and hickeys that his s/o left on his neck
⇾ he’d be such a whipped and cute boyfriend, honestly. Whoever ends up with Min Yoongi will be super lucky ♡°◌̊
Masterlists: BTS  // ASTRO
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kimnjss · a year ago
fix us | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: do it again
⤑ genre: smut, rapper!yoongi x model!reader, ex lovers au.
⤑ rating: explicit.
⤑ word count: 6.1K
⤑ warnings: cursing, mentions of violence, dirty talk, fingering, slight nipple play, biting, oral sex (m. receiving), handjob, shower sex, unprotected sex (stay safe loves!).
⤑ A/N: thank you guys so much for waiting so patiently for this part! i had started it, but kept scraping it bc nothing seemed to flow??? i hope you like this one! nd even if you don’t, let me know what you think... im o b s e s s e d with the feedback! x
The cushions on his couch had been organized and reorganized at least six times. He couldn't figure out what position he should be in when you arrived. Although, you would just knock so somewhere near the door would be ideal. Right?
 It was no use trying to act like he hadn't done anything. You'd be able to tell the second you saw him. You could read him like an open book, there was no way you wouldn't call his bluff in a second. Would you be mad? He did it for you, so there was no way you would be mad, right?
 Standing to adjust the pillows on the couch once more, Yoongi's shaky hands were frozen by the knock on the front door. He could feel his heart trying to climb up his throat, ditching him to deal with you on his own.
 Sock clad feet dragged as he made his way to the door, pulling it open as if it weighed two tons. The pounding in his heart slowed, skipped then began racing again just from the sight of your face. Your pretty face.
 Freshly cut hair pulled back in a short ponytail, big eyes bright and lined with... mascara? Your full lips were set in a frown though, nevertheless, he still had the aching urge to lean forward and kiss you. Knew all too well what your lips tasted like, especially when they shined with that gloss.
 “Why are you staring at me?” Yoongi was barely able to register your words, stunned from seeing you again after too long. Without a word, he was moving out of the way so you could walk in. The sweet scent of your perfume tickling his nostrils as you passed him.
 Fuck, he missed you so much. You were standing right in front of him and he still missed you. How you use to be. He wanted everything to go back, didn't want to have to live with this tension between you two. It wasn't like you.
 “You look pretty,” He found himself saying before he could even think. Like always, you could feel the blush creeping up your cheeks. It had been a long day, from working out with Jungkook, accompanying Jimin at dance rehearsals to running lines with Jin, you were beat. Hadn't really even looked in the mirror since you got out the shower, but here he was saying you were pretty.
 Yet, you forced yourself to ignore the warming of your heart. Things were different now. You were different now, at least you were trying to be. His sweet words weren't going to be enough to sway you anymore, he needed to know that. You weren't willing to just let things slide, not this time.
 “You said you had something to say to me?” With arms crossed, you decided it would be best just to get straight to business. No need for formalities, both of you were way past that. You kept your jaw set, expression stoic, not wanting to give anything away.
 Clearing his throat, Yoongi nodded his head. “Yeah, uh.” For a split second, his hand found your hip... but he was quickly pulling it away, you didn't even have enough time to register it had been there. “Why don't you sit down, I bought those juices you like.” He fixed you with a smile, dashing toward the kitchen before you could insist that you were fine.
 Sitting back on the couch, you waited. Heart pounding against your ribs and you tried desperately to calm it. It was just Yoongi, you've been with him countless times, on this couch, in his room there was no way for feeling so nervous. Why were you even nervous? Seconds ticked by before he was returning with a drink for you, your eyes catching his bruised knuckles as he handed it over.
 “What happened to your hand?”
 He lowered himself onto the couch beside you. From this angle, you could clearly see the darkening bruise underneath his eye, the split in his lip. Lunging forward your hands were on his face, turning so you could see him fully. “And your face!? Did you get into a fight!?” He was fidgeting, being weird with the way he refused to meet your gaze.
 “Yoongi.” There was a sternness in your tone, forcing his eyes to meet yours. “Did you go fight with Hyoseop?”
 He was batting your hands from his face, scooting back to create some space between you two. “It's not big of a deal,” His hands pushed through his hair, eyes focusing on the floor in front of him.
 “Not a big deal!? How did you even... is he okay?” A dark chuckle fell from his abused lip, dark eyes rolling as he stood. “Is he okay?” He mocked your tone. “Fuck the fact that the prick made a fucking fool out of you, no, fuck that because you want to know if he's okay.”
 Yoongi was right, but you knew how he got when he was pissed... especially if you were involved. Asking if Hyoseop was okay was the only logical thing to do. If Yoongi was walking away with a bruised cheek and a split lip, there was no telling how Hyoseop looked right now.
 “Of course I want to know if he's okay, Yoongi! You can't just beat people up!” You didn't even know why you were raising your voice. You weren't even all that mad because Hyoseop deserved everything that came to him.
 You could tell Yoongi was getting annoyed, frustrated. Yet, you were so use to seeing him like this, you couldn't bring yourself to care. “He fucking hurt you, Yn. What? Did you expect me to just be fine with it?”
 “I can fight my own battles. I don't need you to take care of me,” He was groaning, shoving his hands through his hair. Quiet for a moment as he went over the thoughts cruising through his mind. A heavy sigh left his lips as he settled into the chair across from you.
 “The fuck you don't.” His eyes were rolling again and you half hoped they'd get stuck that way. “It's like you live to make shitty decisions and I'm like some fucking cleaning crew that has to come to pick up after you!” He sure knew how to tick you off.
 “Remind me when I've ever asked for you to do that, Yoongi. Not once have I acted like I needed you to come and fix things for me and you know that.” Now standing, inches from him.
 You could feel your blood boiling like it always did whenever you were around him. He was just so good at getting on your nerves like it was some type of second nature to him. That and snarky remarks that never failed to remind you how brutally honest he always was. You hated that.
 The laugh that fell his lips was sarcastic and extremely frustrating. “I'm fucking in love with you, Yn. Do you really think you need to ask me to fix things for you?” Three years was a long time to get to know someone. By now, you were pretty much an expert on all things Min Yoongi, which meant you could tell when he just slipped up.
 Right then? Telling you that he was in love with you? That was a slip-up. Could tell from the upward twitch of his right brow, the slight hitch of breath- all quickly being replaced with that stupid stoic expression you had fallen in love with.
 Normally, you'd let his slip-ups slide. Normally, they were things that really shouldn't have been said out loud. But this, this was different. This was something he had never said to you, not once. Something you wondered for years. No way would you let this slide.
 “What did you just say?” You could feel your heart picking up in your chest because God! this relationship, this thing... wasn't one-sided. Of course, you always felt like Yoongi loved you, he surely treated you like he did, but there was something in hearing the words that solidified things. Until now you had been walking on cracked ice.
 “I didn't say anything,” But of course, your Yoongi was a massive idiot. There was a tint of pink on his cheeks, eyes lowered to concentrate on the floor again. “You just said you were in love with me.” There was no use to mask the grin that was pushing its way onto your lips as you closed the space between you two.
 “You're in love with me?” The crack in your voice couldn't have been avoided, there was still that possibility that he might deny it. Act as if those words had never left his lips. Being rejected by him was something you had never imagined, but at the same time, you had never full-on asked him if he loved you.
 “Are you kidding, Yn? We've been together for three years.” Your hands were reaching out, tired of the way he wasn't making eye contact. Those pools of rich chocolate that always seemed to make you swoon. Usually unreadable, told you all he was thinking. All he was feeling. You just needed him to say it.
 “I don't care. Say it,” You urged after he gone a few moments, just staring at you wordlessly. His mouth opened and you felt your heart jump, the anticipation of finally hearing those words getting the best of you. “I...” He breathed, frowned, lifted his hand to bath yours away from his face. “This is stupid.” He grumbled. “You obviously know how I feel about you.”
 Yoongi was walking away, but you were just steps behind him. Stopping in the kitchen as he rummaged through the drawers, most likely just trying to avoid having to look at you. “It's not stupid. Why can't you say it?”
 He didn't answer. “I say it to you all the time, but you've never said it to me once, Yoongi.” You felt like you were whining, but you hadn't realized how much this actually bothered you until now. He continued with his search through the cabinets.
 “I love you, Yoongi. Do you love me?” You could feel the tears getting ready to fall. Hated how emotional you got when it came to him, but you couldn't help it. The thought of him saying no, rejecting you, just that thought alone hurt you more than everything Hyoseop did. Just the thought.
 He had stopped in front of the fridge, hand hanging loosely on the handle with his back to you. Slow steps were taken in his direction, the palms of your hands finding the taught grooves of his back. His body stiffened under your touch, but you didn't dare remove your hands.
 “I love you,” You repeated, hands landing on his chest as he turned around. “I'm in love with you. Tell me you love me back,” You felt pathetic, begging a man to tell you that he loved you. But this was Yoongi. Your Yoongi. It was different.
 “I... really love you, so much.” You added emphasis to your words, loving the way his heart jumped underneath your palms. How fast his heart was beating. You moved closer, the tip of your nose brushing against his lower lip as you kissed his chin. “Nothing?” You wondered.
 His lips shaped into an instinctive pucker, a kiss being pressed against the tip of your nose. You smiled, landing gentle pecks on his skin. “Why don't you want to tell me you love me?” Eyes shifting to find his again, a sad pout printed on your lips.
 “It's obvious, Yn. I shouldn't have to say it.”
 “Why are you being like this? I just want to hear it. Only once,” He sighed, lifting a hand to push your hair back on your forehead. Lips lifting into a soft smile as he stared down at you. “I love you, you know that.”
 The confession had caught you a bit off guard and it showed in the way your eyes widened. Your breathing stilled for a moment, you knew he caught on. You see, Yoongi knew you just as long as you've known him; he had picked up on a few things in the past few years too.
 “Don't expect some long drawn out speech, okay? I love you and that's it.” You couldn't help but just stare up at him, lovingly. He shifted uncomfortably, wiggling out of your grasp. “Stop looking at me like that, it's weird.” He was blushing, trying to avoid your gaze again.
 Overwhelmed with happiness, relief, a giggle was slipping past your lips before you had a chance to stop yourself. “You love me,” You grinned, arms circling around his waist to pull him close.
 “Yeah, Yn. You knew that.” His eyes were rolling, but you didn't care. “I don't care, you said it. I loved hearing it, too. Say it one more time?” Yoongi hadn't realized how pretty you'd smile from just hearing three little words. Would've reevaluated his silent love treatment if he knew this would be the result.
 “Ugh, stop it.” He feigned annoyance, but you could see right through him. The faint smile that teased the corners of his lips, the gentle way he lifted his hands to cup your face. “I love you,” He mumbled, only loud enough for you to hear. Not giving you a moment to coo or reaction, he was leaning down pressing his lips to yours.
 Body leaned against the counter and hands braced on his shoulders, you kissed him back. He's warm around you, the intoxicating scent of him intoxicating you, going straight to your head... and your pussy. He feels the shift, tongue teasing your lower lip as he takes a handful of your ass, using his grip to lift your body onto the counter.
 There was no denying how much you wanted him, wouldn't even think to reject him if the circumstances were different. But, you didn't come here for this. You came here to talk and there was no way you'd be able to do that with the hungry way his lips trailed down your neck.
 Your fingers curled in his hair, a desperate attempt to anchor yourself as he sucked hickeys into your skin, hands groping your bottom and pulling you closer. Legs wrapped around his waist, you could feel him. So thick, hard and ready for you. Fuck.
 “Yoongi, wait.” You managed, causing an automatic still in the movements of his hands. His mouth releasing you, but not moving away. “I slept with Hyoseop.” The words sort of just fell from your mouth. Although you knew that he was already aware of this information, you hadn't planned to actually say it.
 He was pulling back, glaring at you with a set jaw and pursed lips. “Way to kill a boner,” He rolled his eyes. “I fucking know that.”
 Your fingers caressed the tightness of his jaw, soft eyes finding his. You didn't want him to be mad, you didn't want to fight with him anymore. “I mean, don't you think we should talk about it?” He was quick to shake his head, dropping it back into the crook of your neck. “Nope,” He mumbled, rolling his tongue over the dip of your collarbone.
 You shuddered, stifled a moan as you tried to keep yourself from pulling him closer. “You said...” His hands were sneaking up the hem of your skirt, lips catching your lobe. “Yoongi,” Gasping at the feeling of his teeth sinking into your skin.
 “You said you had things you wanted to say to me,” Your sentence was rushed, pushed out in hopes to beat the moan that was fighting its way up your throat. “Forget it,” The tips of his fingers tickled the skin of your stomach, stopping just underneath your breasts.
 “No, not forget it.” Your hands were stretching out on his shoulders, creating enough distance between the two of you where you could think clearly. “We need to talk, Yoongi. Sex isn't going to fix us, we need to talk.”
 He stares at you, studying your face. A hand slipping from underneath your shirt to grasp the back of your neck. Yoongi is dragging your lips to his, smiling faintly as he pushes his way into your mouth. He's going slow, in the way he knows you like, taking his time to map out each corner of your mouth with his tongue.
 A moan slips when his teeth nibble your lip and he's full out grinning as he pulls away. Looking at you, waiting. He cocks an eyebrow, a slight question if you had changed your mind. A little out of breath, but still feeling the same. His eyes roll, “Fine.” He grumbles, a hand around your waist lowering you from the counter.
Tumblr media
 You hadn't realized all the shit that was wrong with your relationship until now. The two of you sat in Yoongi's room for a whole hour, just laying everything out. No sugar coating, no beating around the bush, being as brutally honest as you two only knew how to be.
 It was nice, being able to get all that shit off your chest and to know that he was actually listening, willing to make a change. You were no saint either, a fair share of your problems were caused by you and you were more than willing to take responsibility, try your best to fix it.
 On separate sides of the room was how the two of you stared this conversation. Yoongi sat on his bed, while you stared at him from his computer desk. As time ticked, you had found yourself migrating to his bed. Your head finding its familiar position on his lap, he played with her hair as you talked.
 Yoongi's fingers twisted and pulled at yours, as he reminisced the time you had first introduced him to Jimin. The two of them bickered that whole night, Yoongi never missing a chance to prove Jimin wrong.
 How weird, your relationship had only been a month old, yet he had no desire to try and impress your friends. You didn't know it at the time, but thinking back you admired that. He was always himself, all the time.
 This was why you were so sure that you loved him, knew with your entire being that he was the one that you wanted to be with and you were willing to work through whatever to accomplish that.
 The months spent apart were torture because you knew in your heart where you belonged. With him, like this, with his hand in yours, your head on his lap. You were happy. You loved him and he loved you right back, what more could you ask for?
 “I love you,” Your words interrupted his rant on the way Jimin scowled at him all the time, catching his off guard. His eyes widened, stared at you for a moment as his cheeks darkened. “I love you,” He repeated and your heart fluttered.
 “I love you more,” You challenged, not even surprised with the way he rolled his eyes. “We're not doing that,” He laughed, the sound mixing with yours. With quickness, you were shifting on his lap, legs easily wrapping around his waist. His hands settled on your hips, head leaning against the headboard to look up at you.
 A chaste kiss landed on his lips, giggles slipping at the way he chased your mouth with his. “I missed you.” Fingers toy with the strings on his hoodie as you breathe out the confession. No matter how well you tried to hide it, in the past months. It couldn't be denied. You missed him like crazy.
 You could see the emotion in the way he looked at you. Pools of sweet chocolate expressing more than words ever could. Seconds tick by, silence falling between each other as you become completely absorbed in each other.
 Feeling the like you might drown in all these feelings, you break the contact. Open mouth finding his cheek, teeth gently sinking in. You laughed as you pulled away, catching his look of disgust as he wiped your slobber with the palm of his hand. A hint of a smile on his lips.
 “I knew you were gonna fucking do that,” Your laugh is drowned out by the sound of the front door slamming closed. Loud chatter filling the lower level of the house, a heated discussion about God knows what, being led by Taehyung. “Do you want to go down there?” He wondered, fingers tracing the curves of your back.
 You were shaking your head without a second thought, arms securing themselves around his torso as your head rested against his shoulder. “No, I wanna stay like this for a while,” He was being warm, kissing you, telling you that he loved you. You wanted to stay in your little bubble for as long as you could.
 A soft kiss was pressed to your forehead as he nodded. “Whatever you want, baby.” He was pulling you closer, if possible, back leaning against the headboard as his eyes began to close. You nestle further into his embrace, breathing him in. There was something about having his body close, feeling the steady beat of his heart against your chest, the warmth of his body under yours.
 Your lips seem to take on a mind of their own, finding his jawline and leaving wet marks there. He could feel him smile, but can't see it. His hands move to their innocent position on your waist, dropping to grip the firm roundness below it. You moan, teeth sinking into the conjunction of his jaw and ear in retaliation.
 His hand draws back, spread fingers landing a loud smack on your bottom, making your body jolt and a yelp to slip from your lips. He squeezed, using his grip to pull your body further up on his lap, the feeling of his hardening cock meeting your core. “Fuck,” You cursed hips mindlessly moving against his.
 “You two don't know shit! I'm gonna ask him,” Namjoon's voice boomed from the other side of the door, pushing it open just barely giving you enough time to release Yoongi's hair from your grip. “Yoongi, man... tell Tae-” His eyes became moons as he realized what he had just walked in on.
 “Namjoon!” You screeched, trying to hide the obvious blush on your cheeks. The second you were rolling off of Yoongi's lap, his hands were moving to adjust the bulge in his sweats. “What do you want?” The monotone of his voice made it clear that he wasn't the least embarrassed.
 Joon was wearing that annoying 'know it all' look, he loved to pull whenever he felt he proved something. Arms crossed over his broad chest as he looked between you two. “Are you two...?” He trailed off, wiggling his eyebrows in a way to fill in the blanks.
 “We would've been if you knew how to knock.” You were slipping out of the bed as Namjoon mumbled a halfhearted apology, sensing his best friends annoyance, but not really caring enough to leave the room. The argument he had been having downstairs was long forgotten.
 By him, of course. The heavy footsteps alerted you that Tae was on his way up. “What did he say?” He wondered, entering the room with Hobi close behind him. “Oh, shit,” He snickered, readying a snarky comment. You could basically see the gears turning behind his eyes.
 “Fuck off,” Yoongi warned, not giving him a chance. “I'm gonna go, baby. I'll see you later.” You rounded the bed, a hand landing on his chest as you placed a kiss to his cheek. “'Baby'?” Taehyung repeated. “Are you two back together?”
 Yoongi's hand caught your wrist before you could completely back away, ignoring his friend. “Stay the night.” He sat up, clearing his throat and shaking his head. “If you want. Please? Stay the night?” You smiled, noticing the effort.
 “Okay,” You were agreeing because honestly, you didn't really want to go home anyway. “This some weird shit,” Hobi pointed out, turning to exit the room. His footsteps were heard, signaling he went back downstairs.
 He was right, it was weird. But it was going to be your new normal. After hearing how much it bothered you that he never really asked for anything, Yoongi was determined to make a change. No more demanding, no more expecting, he'd ask and be okay with whatever you decided.
 Namjoon was turning, following Hobi down the stairs seconds later. “Come down then, Yn. We can order a pizza.” Taehyung called as he followed the other two boys. Yoongi standing from the bed as you pulled your shoes from your feet. A warm hand landed on your hip, body being pulled into his warm embrace. He stood there hugging you, holding you tight as gentle kisses were peppered on the top of your head.
 “I love you so much,” He breathed, pulling back to look at you as the words left his lips. Smiling, you leaned up to kiss him. You could definitely get used to this.
Tumblr media
 The steady sound of the shower was what pulled Yoongi from his slumber. The emptiness of his bed letting him know that you were the one under the water. Last night with you had been perfect, more than perfect. He knew that he missed you, but never knew how much until things were shifting back to normal.
 Hours were spent in front of the TV with the guys, loudly talking over the movies that played while filling up on pizza and chips. You didn't leave his lap the entire night. Not even when you were up in his room. Changed in one of his t-shirts and stripped of your uncomfortable jeans, your leg wrapped around his hips and head on his shoulder.
 You slept like that.
 Sleepily, Yoongi pulled the blanket from his body. Heavy steps were taken toward the bathroom as a yawn fell from his lips. He pushed the door open, eyes finding his shirt on the floor, your lace panties thrown on top.
 The sight had Yoongi's mind wandering, suddenly being hit with the desire to shower. A hand gripped the collar of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head before pushing his boxers down his legs. He peeled the curtain back, eyes scanning the length of your back landing on the swell of your ass.
 Blood rushing downward as his hand ran through his hair, wondering how he could've gotten this lucky to be able to see you like this again. He was stepping in fully, pulling the curtain shut just as you twisted around to look at him. You flashed a grin up at him, “You're awake.”
 He nodded, silently. A warm hand wrapping around your waist as he moved into the spray of water. His chest pressed against your back as he wet his hair. “You smell like Hobi,” He commented, lifting his head from the crook of your neck.
 You laughed, nodding your head. “I used his shampoo.” Yoongi nodded, barely listening to your answer. He used the grip he held on your waist to move you aside, taking your position underneath the water. He reached for his shampoo.
 Shamelessly, you allowed your eyes to scan up and down his frame. Taking all of him in as his muscles jumped and flexed with each movement, catching the flex in his arm as he squeezed a decent amount of shampoo onto his hand.
 Your arms were wrapping around his waist, bare breasts pressed against his back. He could feel the hardness of your nipples, his hands stilling in his hair. His eyebrows rose at the feeling of you placing soft kisses against his back. “I wanna wash your hair,” The second you spoke, his hands were dropping at his sides patiently waiting to feel your hands.
 Raising to your tiptoes, your fingers massing the shampoo into his hair. You could feel him relax against you, his eyes falling shut. Your nails gently scratched at his scalp, eyes widening at the moan that slipped through his lips. Just the sound alone was enough to have a rush of arousal pooling between your legs.
 In front of him, his cock stood straight up. You had always liked the way Yoongi's dick looked. It shined wet from the shower water, a little on the thicker side and generously long. The tip a blush pink, just begging to have your lips wrapped around. Without thinking, you were pulling your soapy hand out of his hair.
 He cursed at the sudden feeling of having your hand on him. Only a giggle acknowledge the effect you had on him. Your hand wrapped around his base, grip dragging up to his tip, watching the bead of precum that leaked out mixing the soap covering his length.
 Yoongi's head was bowed underneath the water, the suds being washed out of his hair as he tried to regulate his breathing, legs trembling just from the pleasure your hand was giving him. Your whole entire body was throbbing, pussy screaming for any form of friction.
 “Use your mouth,” He urged, in that sexy morning voice of his. You were quick to lower yourself onto your knees in front of him. His hand knitting into your hair as you rinsed him, not wanting any soap in your mouth.
 Teeth tugged on the skin of his lower lip, his once-sleepy eyes now dark and lust-filled. Your mouth fell open as you leaned forward, taking the head of his cock into your mouth. Yoongi's finger's twitched in your hair, the feeling of your warm tongue teasing his silt making him groan. Wanton moans fell from your lips, as you greedily tasted the precum that had collected there.
 “So fucking perfect,” He complimented. You opened up your mouth wider, taking him deeper into your mouth. Sinking down slowly with the help of the firm grip he had in your hair. Breathing evenly through your nose as he slid down your throat, tip tickling your gag reflex.
 You fought against it. Loving the groans and curses that he'd spew watching you swallow him whole. Every last one of your senses was filled with him, yet your tongue flexed, wanting to taste more. “Fuck,” He groaned, the grip in your hair tightening.
 Drool had begun to leak out of your mouth, flowing down your chin and onto your naked chest. The sight had Yoongi rutting forward, freehand lifting to brace himself against the shower wall. “You look so good... my cock in your mouth like that,” He could feel his orgasm approaching with each bob of your head, he wanted to feel the heavenly way your pussy wrapped around him, though.
 With much care, he was pulling your mouth from him. His dick falling from your lips and hitting his naked abs. He lifted you off the floor, meeting your confused stare with a gentle kiss to your lips. “I need to be inside of you.” His words were mumbled against your lips, but you heard him loud and clear, your walls automatically clenching around nothing.
 “Fuck me,” You all but begged. The slow, sultry smirk that took over his features held much promise. Yoongi lifted you off the ground as if you weighed nothing, pressing your back against the wall with ease.
 His lips are quick to find yours, tongue swiping across your lower lip before he's sinking his teeth into it. A hand pins your hips to the wall, his hips doing the rest of the work to hold you up. Freehand wanders down the front of your body, toying with your breasts briefly, pinching at your nipples before traveling lower. He licks into your mouth, twisting his tongue with yours and you breathlessly kiss him back.
 Blunt nails sink into the skin of your hip as you lift your hips, desperately trying to catch his finger. Yoongi's mouth falls from yours, head lowering to tease your nipple. Your back arches, moaning out. He grins, grazing his teeth against the hardened bud.
 Yoongi pulls off, moving to pay attention to the other side as his fingers continue the descend. A broken moan falls from your lips as he gently caresses your soaked slit. Hands burying themselves in his wet locks, tugging at the roots as he went on with his teasing. “You're soaked, baby. Did you like having my cock down your throat that much?” He groans out near your ear and you're nodding before he could reach the end of his sentence.
 He chuckles, darkly, fingers finally lowering to circle your entrance. Instinctively, your legs are spreading, silently praying that he wouldn't decide to be a tease. You wanted him so bad. Your head falls back at the feeling of him slowly sliding a finger into you, a labored breath leaves your lips. Yoongi's lips find the newly exposed skin of your neck, teeth sinking into the skin. A wet kiss quickly following, his tongue soothing the mark.
 Your moan bounces off the walls as he pulls his finger back, pushing two in this time. The thrusts of his fingers much rougher, your walls clenching around his fingers and your stomach tightens at the feeling of his palm brushing against your clit. He watches you like that for a while, loving the twitch of your hips each time he pushed his fingers in. But it was quickly getting too much to bare, he was pulling his fingers from inside of you.
 You whined, pouting at the empty feeling. He laughed, leaning up to press a soft kiss to your lips. “Don't worry, baby. I'm nowhere near done with you.” The blunt head of his cock, pressed against your hole punctuated his words. You moaned, thighs spreading to take him in. “Yoongi,” You panted, once he had bottomed out.
 He answered with a groaned out, “You're so tight, baby.” His eyes focused on where your bodies met. He pulls back slowly, but thrusts in hard making you cry out. He smirks, head lifting to watch your face as he starts to fuck into you. With enough force to have your body hitting against the shower wall. No doubt you'd be sore later.
 His head falls into the crook of your neck, the sensation of his teeth pulling and sucking at your neck making you weak. “You...” Your words are stolen as he pushes himself deeper, chasing the sweet spot deep inside your pussy. Screaming out a cruse when the head of his cock hits it, over and over again. “Fuck, you feel so good, baby. Squeezing me so tight, mmh...” His words are murmured against the skin of your lips, interrupted by the wet kisses and sucks he places between.
 “Like you're...” He groans, a second hand finding your hips to pin you in place. His relentless pace doesn't falter, not even for a moment. “You're fucking made for me,” You could feel your body tensing, the orgasm staring at the pit of your stomach and spreading throughout your limbs.
 “Fuck, Yoongi! Please-”
 “You're so fucking close, I can feel it.” He pins you to him with his hips, a hand lowering between your legs to find your clit. He's so deep inside of you, but the moment of his hips doesn't stop. The tips of his fingers tease your clit, in the way he knew would get you close to the edge. The way your pussy clenched around his cock was evidence enough. “Cum for me, baby. Fuck- I love you so much,”
 You had no idea if it was his confession or the feeling of his fingers against your clit, although you were pretty sure it was the former, but your body was being thrust over the edge. Orgasm washing over you as your hips began to buck, incoherent words of praise falling from your lips as you released around him. The sight, the sound, the feel of you falling apart had Yoongi falling apart with a loud 'Fuck!'. Ropes of cum coats your inner walls and your head falls forward to onto his shoulder as you tried desperately to calm your breathing.
 He holds you to him the entire time, cold water falling on your heated skin, but both of you too fucked out to care. A soft kiss is placed on the top of your head as he lowers you onto shaky legs. Even still you're standing straight, closing the space between the two of you as you wrap your arms around his neck. Your lips find his in a sweet kiss, teeth clashing at the lack of being able to contain your smiles.
 “I love you too. So much.” You breathed against his lips, capturing his smile once again with yours as he pulled you close.
Tumblr media
– months after deciding to end their three year long relationship, a sex tape hits the internet. fans go wild speculating that rap star, min yoongi and aspiring model, yn are the stars. old feelings arise as the couple try to figure out a way out of this.
⥦ masterlist ⥦
⤑ taglist: @randomkoalablog @hellotherehoneybee @goldenlilyz @strapsforyoonie @brilliantlybasicb @itsrapmonstanotdancemonsta @ratking101 @butterflylion @swanqook @jaiuneamesolitaiire @cultleaderyoongi @honeybeesrec @crzybtslove @bangtansbun @snaconakookie @bookoffracturedescapes @seoulgotmysoul @tae165 @jimintulips @korkanswers @softwithbubbles @hosucki @sayanne​  @heyitsbreeeeee @ladymidnightt @thecityrain @isimyazaki​ @crackhead1-800 @sailor-moons-butt @honeyoongles @neptu-pysch @ashleyjoyx @falsegodtae @osnapjenn @betysotelo18 @mochibabycakes @withlovestudyblr @hear-me-growl @dee-ehn @jeonkoookiee @comingjimin @purpleheartarmi @dammit-jjk @mermaid-vader @karissacranley @neptunejjk @morgsstudies-blog @mochiloverbts @mini-coop25 @angjeon @seungkwanismyaesthetic @sugashoneyy @moonlightmvrvel @tahaing @bluefaeriefury @super-btstrash-posts @infiredbychogiwa @softlyjins @eugeneliem @moarmynation @honeyspillings @thefiresfromheaven @houseofarmanto @peterrogers15 @rjsmochii @xxxanimangxxx​ @sku11z-n-r0s3z​
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shakchunni · 3 years ago
Reacting to catching you steal their money - BTS
~ requested ~
Taehyung: “babe... you could’ve just asked... I love charity. Here have my black card.”
Tumblr media
Jin: “I mean. That was pocket change anyway..”
Tumblr media
Yoongi: *gently envelops your hand in his* “Im so sorry that capitalism made you feel the need to do this baby”
Tumblr media
Jimin: “I can’t believe you would do that to me. I thought this relationship was built on trust”
Tumblr media
Hoseok: “what the fuck y/n??? How dare you even think of touching my 33k watch?”
Tumblr media
Namjoon: “I expect you to pay back the full amount with a 15% interest in 2 weeks with a 3% increase each day you’re late.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook: “my lawyer said you have to venmo me the exact amount within the next 24 hours or there will be consequences”
Tumblr media
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justcallmenikki7 · a year ago
Reassurance: Min Yoongi
Summary: Your boyfriends worries sets Suga, his alter ego, and you are the only one who can reassure him that you are never going to leave
Warnings: split!au, mentions of murder, mafia au so whats new lmao, fluff, and anxiety??
Notes: My goal for this reaction is to have it more realistic.. at first i wanted to write something different and more badass, but Split Personality is a real mental disorder and is something that is rare. I am doing research on it since it is something that really intrigues me. Not all of my reactions for a split au will be this .. idk, but my goal as a writer is to write something that is realistic but at the same time imaginative. 
Tumblr media
Waking up to a phone call from Namjoon, your boyfriends second in command, asking for you to come to the base because Suga was out, was not one of the best ways to wake up too. Why? Because it takes a lot to get Suga clear minded and not on a murdering spree. If you were wondering, no he does not kill his own men, he just goes to the dungeons and tortures the ones who hold information.
Sighing, you put your hair up into a pony tail because you knew that the next few hours will be hectic. As you walked through the doors of the base, you could see some of his gang members sitting quietly at the table, working on whatever work that your boyfriend assigned them. They knew not to do anything that requires them to talk to their boss since they do not want to be in the path of his wrath.
Namjoon was leaning on the wall beside the doors that lead to your boyfriend’s office, texting someone on his phone (probably his boyfriend Seokjin). Once he was that it was you walking up to him, the man released a heavy sigh, “He has not stopped destroying his office the past hour. I already have had Taehyung order one of everything in that office to be replaced.” Namjoon told you, rolling his eyes at your boyfriends’ actions.
As you were going to ask what caused your boyfriend to act this way, Namjoon had already beat you to it. “Truthfully, I do not know what set Yoongi off to have Suga come to the surface. I remember you saying how it has been a while since Suga has appeared, but this is … worse than ever before. He literally went and killed one of our suspects down at the dungeon because he said your name in the wrong one. No torture or anything.”
Eyes wide, jaw dropped opened slightly, the information was not what you were suspecting. Usually, Suga is much more controlled and not this destructive by a small action. Without saying anything, you nodded your head at Namjoon as a silent thanks and walked past him to get to your boyfriend. Opening the door, you cautiously made yourself present to your boyfriend.
“Suga, it’s me.” You called out, wincing when you heard another glass break. After that, you heard footsteps comes towards the door. Without warning, your boyfriend pulled you into the office and slam the door shut, causing you to jump from surprise.
“Who called you?” Was the first question Suga asked you.
“Namjoon.” You stated, looking up at your boyfriend, frowning at the anger that is apparent on his face.
“I told him not to call you.”
“Well, Im glad that he did because of your current state. Love, you should not trash your office out of anger, we built that safe room for a reason, so you won’t severely hurt yourself. Look at you! You’re bleeding on your hands and you have a cut under your eye! What if glass got into your eye!” You stressed out, upset that your boyfriend was too angry to notice his injuries. You are happy that it is not as bad like it was a year ago, but him hurting himself in general upsets you.
“I’m fine, baby. Its nothing new.” He rolled his eyes, but a small smile on his face showing that he has at least calmed down a bit.
Huffing, you brought your hands to his face to inspect the scratch underneath his right eye. “What set you off anyways, you haven’t been out in a while…” you softly asked, wiping away some of the blood with your thumb. You could tell that the question made him go back to his reserved side. “And don’t you dare try keeping this from me because this is serious.”
Biting his lip, he looked away from you before looking right into your eyes, “You know how Yoongi gets when he’s vulnerable – he worries and overthinks. Well, lately he has been keeping me away because he worries that you will someday leave him because of, basically, me. He is worried that you see him as a freak and shit, which is false. But him continuing to speak negatively soon started to have me think the same way and I just lost it.”
Sighing, you looked down with your eyes closed, trying to process his words. After a minute you finally spoke up, “Yes, dating someone who has an ‘alter ego’ or, ‘Dissociative identity Disorder’ is something that is a lot since it is rare, and also challenging. I do not know how it is for you both mentally, but I know you are you. I do sometimes get worried because I literally do not know what to do in certain situations, but I do know that I love you both. I love Yoongi just as much as I love you. You are Yoongi’s better half while he is yours. You both balance each other out. I love you both so much that I would not want to have it any other way.” You stated firmly, giving your boyfriend a teary smile.
“Really?” this time Yoongi asked, causing you to choke on a sob.
“Really. Leaving you has never crossed my mind, Yoongi. You’re my everything.”
At your promise, Yoongi let out a few tears before throwing himself in your arms, needing to feel your affection and mentally reassure himself that you are there. And this is why you love both Yoongi and Suga. Yoongi is the softer one of the duo where as Suga is the more rougher one, but still loving as ever.
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kimnjss · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nice change
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @itsrapmonstanotdancemonsta @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @iridescentstories @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tata @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @rlynotme @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia @knjkitten @tae165 @chocobetterknot @ggukkieland @v3nti @kelitt @taejinminsu​
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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