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#yoongi scenario
alpacaparkaseok · 2 hours ago
Heartbreak Ave.
When they’re in love with you but you have feelings for a different member (Hyung line)
→ tags/warnings: SFW, angstyyyyy (like, I’m sorry but at the same time I wanted to write something sad), no, there’s not a happy ending really idk so read at your own heart’s risk, but like really. I was listening to “Manos de Tijera” while writing this so it’s a wee bit heartbreaking
→ a/n: I don’t really write reactions very often but this seemed fun when @sierra-fics​ brought it up! I actually have one of your suggestions in my drafts, just haven’t finished it up yet. Thanks for the push, though! I love exploring different styles!
Let me know if you guys would be interested in a maknae line version! (are we surprised I’m starting off with the hyungs? I’m Hyung line trash™)
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
he’s not surprised
it’s probably the worst part for him, the fact that he’s not surprised when your eyes light up as Taehyung waltzes in the room. 
he had been in the middle of plucking up the courage to invite you to try out that new Thai restaurant you’d been chattering about when Tae walked in
and you tried - you really did - to pay attention to what Jin had been saying, but you faltered a bit as Tae greeted you warmly and plopped down beside Jin
and Jin just watched, not surprised. 
although what does surprise him is how much it hurts
that pain where your heart literally, physically hurts? it’s an exquisite pain, one that takes his breath away
and it doesn’t go away
it doesn’t fade
so he ends up in Namjoon’s studio later that night, and Namjoon knows to wait for him to open up
Jin just stares for a while, blankly at the wall
“Does Tae like her?”
Namjoon already knows who he’s referring to. He’s known about Jin’s helpless crush on you for ages, he knew before Jin himself figured it out
but it’s the way that Jin asks the question so softly, so carefully, that Namjoon realizes with a start that this is so much more than a crush
and Jin looks at him, misery clear in his eyes but also clear resolve visible  even as unshed tears glimmer 
“Would you really let her go?” Namjoon counters gently. Because he knows. He knows that if Tae got the green light, you'd be swept up in a matter of seconds.
and it’s the way that Jin stares down at his feet, and the tears begin rolling down his cheeks, that has Namjoon sick to his stomach
Jin nods, and when he speaks, his voice shakes but he sounds so earnest that it breaks Namjoon’s heart
“I’d do anything for her.”
no words are exchanged after that for a long, heart-wrenching moment. it’s just Jin, staring down at his feet and quietly sobbing, and Namjoon, pulling him into an embrace. 
“I’m sorry, hyung.”
it’s surprising to Jin, just how much that soft phrase cuts through him. It sounds so final. 
because at the end of the day, it’s the only solace that can be offered to him. 
he lost. 
he loved, and he lost.
Min Yoongi
you’re sitting beside him in his studio when the realization hits him like a freight train
sprawled sideways in your designated swivel chair while you stifle a yawn and rub your eyes, Yoongi wonders when he let his emotions get so out of hand
because you’re offering him a shy smile and asking him a question that he numbly answers, but on the inside he’s a total clueless mess
when did he fall in love with you?
it’s something that will haunt him long after you leave that night, rushing out when you get a call from Hobi
for the second time that night, he’s hit with another realization
he’s still reeling from the fact that he’s pretty sure he’s in love with you, so when you gasp and grin when your phone light up with a call, he falters
it’s like being doused with a bucket of ice water, the way you whisper, “oh, it’s Hobi!” and politely ask if you can take the call before rushing out into the hallway
“oh,” he mumbles to himself as the door closes. “it’s Hobi.”
and he laughs. 
quietly, darkly. he laughs to himself, at himself, whatever. 
because of course it’s Hobi. his best friend, his vitamin. you two deserve each other. of that much he’s certain. 
he doesn’t waste too much time feeling sorry for himself; he’s logical enough to see that you two are probably a better match. it’s nothing personal.
so why does he stay in his studio all night, ignoring any calls or messages sent his way?
he’s not sure when he fell asleep, but next thing he knows he’s sprawled out on his little couch and you’re gently shaking him awake
“Yoongo? Did you stay here last night?”
his eyes crack open at the sound of your voice, just enough to be met with your sweet smile
and he, in his half-asleep state, smiles back. he reaches one hand up to gently brush back a strand of your hair, and he swears you lean into his touch
and when you mumble something about Hobi bringing breakfast up, Yoongi is hit with the third realization in less that twenty-four hours.
it’s startlingly simple: 
he wants to cry. 
so he excuses himself to the bathroom, and cries. sets a five minute timer so nobody gets worried and comes looking for him, and allows himself that time to cry. 
then, with machine-like precision, he washes his face and puts some eyedrops in, and goes back out to pretend like everything is fine.
and whenever Jin or Taehyung bring up acting, Yoongi knows. He knows, deep down, that he’s the best actor of all. 
because he still loves you
and you will never know.
Jung Hoseok
hobi has never been the most forthcoming with his emotions
he keeps them on lockdown
monitors them with military-like focus
so he knows the exact moment he begins developing feelings for you
(it’s when you brought Bang PD a bouquet for valentine’s day, just to make him blush)
and he knows the exact second when he fell in love
(it was when, after a grueling day at work, you silently walked through his door with his favorite goodies and left without a single word)
(you were wearing a yellow cardigan that day)
(he’s never looked at the color yellow the same way)
if he’s completely honest, he’s sometimes trying so hard to stay on top of his own feelings that he forgets to watch out for where your attention may be drifting
to be fair, you kept your own little crush on Jimin a secret
so when Hobi decides to get over himself and just shoot his shot, he decides he’s all in
and when you arrive at his apartment that night for a movie, you’re shocked to see a bouquet of yellow flowers in Hobi’s shaking hands
“hey” he breathes
you stare at the flowers, then at him
“hello...?” then, with a sinking felling, you point at the flowers. “are those for me?”
hobi smiles broadly. “yeah, they are.” and he hands them to you, allowing his fingers to brush up against yours 
it’s electrifying, that small touch
and again, he’s so focused on how electrifying it is that he misses the way you look like you might be sick
pale face, concerned expression
he misses it all, because he’s so nervous but so stupidly in love that he’s just barreling ahead.
gotta get this out of the way
ugh, feelings
and so when he leads you to sit with him out on the balcony, he takes a deep breath and looks at you with wonder in his eyes
and that’s when he notices the way you’re fiddling with your bracelet
not a problem, except for the fact that it’s the one he saw Jimin carefully choosing from an online collection
so when you keep fiddling with the bracelet and avoiding Hobi’s eye contact, he gets it
he takes a long look at all those emotions he keeps in check, and allows himself a moment of self-pity before reaching out and laying a hand atop your own
you immediately stop fidgeting and look at him with wide eyes. he can see with a pang how you’re trying to come up with the best way to let him down easy
so he does the job for you
“I just wanted to say thank you for the other day,” he says, forcing a light tone. “when you brought me those goodies after work. It really meant a lot.”
you blink, confused. “Oh. uh, you’re welcome.”
“and,” he drawls, a well-rehearsed smile clawing its way onto his face, “I wanted to snoop and get the inside scoop about Jiminie. I know he got you that bracelet. did he finally cave and confess to you?”
you look shocked, but you burst out into relieved laughter. “how did you know?”
he didn’t. “how could I not? he’s absolutely whipped.”
and you blush under the stars and begin to ramble, lost in your excitement and joy. 
and Hobi watches. smiling. supportive. laughing at the right spots and asking all the right questions. 
later, when you give him a tight hug and thank him for the fun night, he lets the words sting as you call him “such a great friend.” he lets them sting, relishing in the pain. 
he reminds you to take your flowers home, and you begrudgingly admit that they’re your favorite type of flower. 
he didn’t know. but that hurts, too. the fact that he got it right. 
Hobi never looks at the color yellow the same way again.
Kim Namjoon
he’s told you he loves you a million times now
every night, in every dream, he tells you how much he loves you
adores you with everything he is
you manage to find your way into his music, his musings, every piece of artwork he comes across
he's never been like this before
never, he’s sure of it
and everyone knows, except for you.
it becomes a strange game for the boys to play, dropping hints at every opportunity, laughing at your confused expression
Jungkook and Taehyung especially enjoy the chaos that they create, making Namjoon groan and grow embarrassed
but you have no idea
or are you just willfully ignorant?
all Namjoon knows is that he’s swimming in his feelings for you, completely lost and on the verge of drowning
but, oh, what a way to die
he’s never been able to stop himself when it comes to you
and he considers himself rather disciplined, but the way you make him feel he could throw caution to the wind and give it all up
so when you end up staying late one night at the apartment, the boys manage to convince you to stay
“there’s plenty of room” Jungkook muses, feigning deep thought. “besides, it’s too late for you to drive back tonight. just stay.”
and while Namjoon wants to kill them all for the way they offer up his bed to you, he thinks he might actually die when you reluctantly agree with a yawn
he knows he should offer to take the couch, but something stops him
it’s like he physically can’t
“I don’t mind sharing the bed” you state, squinting at him while wearing his basketball shorts and oversized t-shirt. 
you look adorable. he’s unsure of how he’s even functioning right now, to be honest. he’s melting.
“just keep your snoring in check, loser”
and he’s back to laughing, turning off the light and hopping into bed
you’re so far away
why are you so far away?
“hey” he whispers, the sound so loud in the quiet. the only other sound is the muffled voices of the other members, no doubt down in the kitchen gossiping about the events of the night
“hey yourself” you whisper back, turning to face him
he can see you in the moonlight, his eyes having adjusted just enough.
and he wants to kiss you so badly
so he smiles, heart leaping when you smile back
and he reaches out, gently tracing your jawline. 
you say nothing, heart thundering in your chest
because to be honest, you’re confused 
why is he looking at you like that?
but you don’t ask as Namjoon takes a deep breath, steadying himself before propping himself up on one elbow and looking down at you with an adoring expression
your eyes flutter closed as he brushes his thumb against your cheek, and he can feel your heartbeat racing
your reaction gives him all the courage he needs as he leans down, lips capturing your own in a long, sweet kiss
and he’s going out of his mind because he finally kissed you, didn’t he?! finally!! 
but those are your hands on his chest, and instead of pulling him in closer you’re gently pushing him away
he’s never hated his name so much.
“I’m so sorry- I- I thought that maybe-” he stutters, pulling himself upright as you do the same, and he launches out of bed, hands in his hair “I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable-”
“Namjoon.” you repeat, and he notices now how utterly distraught you look. 
because you’re still confused, but there’s one name rolling around in your head even as you can still taste namjoon on your lips. 
“I...” you shake your head, unsure of what to say. “It’s just...”
and he’s looking at you with big eyes, taking in every single word you say. and you want to take it all back, want to let him kiss you until you’re breathless, but your heart won’t let you. 
“Just what?” he asks quietly, afraid of the answer. so afraid
two syllables, and his world comes crashing down around him. 
namjoon is silent, avoiding your gaze as he grabs one of the pillows off of the bed and a spare blanket, heading toward the door. 
“I’ll sleep on the couch. I’m sorry.”
and he’s gone before you can utter another word. 
sure enough, the boys are still downstairs, and they all fall silent as Namjoon appears, throwing the pillow down on the couch. 
“Hyung!” Jungkook asks, scrambling over. “Hyung, what happened? What are you doing down here?”
Namjoon can’t bring himself to look at the maknae, not when he can still picture how it felt to kiss you. not when those few seconds of paradise are still on his lips. 
“Didn’t wanna wake her up with my snoring.”
because how could he ever be angry at the boy that looks at him like he’s his savior?
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blu-joons · 3 hours ago
bts mtl to take you on a shopping spree ✨
Taehyung – This boy loves spending his money and keeping up with the trends, he loves taking you shopping, especially to places that you can’t necessarily afford so that he can treat you. Whenever you go shopping together, it’s a mission to get back to the car with so many shopping bags weighing you both down from your adventures.
Jimin – Another member who definitely enjoys shopping, Jimin can’t help himself if he sees something he likes for himself or you, he’ll get it. Like Taehyung, he doesn’t mind too much about the price, and whilst you might be a little doubtful about buying certain items, he’ll throw it straight in the basket without even a second thought.
Jungkook – Rather than taking you shopping for clothes, Jungkook will love to take you to the toy store and buy plenty of random items for your home. The other members voted him as the member most likely to spend money randomly after all, and around you on a shopping spree, plenty of random things will end up going home with the two of you.
Hoseok - He’s a little bit more sensible with his money than the other three, but Hobi will still be another who loves taking you shopping. Out of the two of you, you’re usually the one exhausted, begging to go home whilst Hobi runs into the changing rooms yet again with another outfit to try on and to receive your opinion on too.
Seokjin – Shopping sprees are rare with Jin, but when they do happen, the two of you will always end up spending more than you intended to. Just like Jungkook, he’s more likely to splurge on gadgets for around the house, often ignoring your sensible voice to at least think about whether the item is really something you need or not.
Namjoon – As the leader, Namjoon tends to take control of situations more often and be smart about things. When the two of you go on shopping sprees, he’ll know his limit and not spend too much. He’s not someone who hugely enjoys shopping either, he’d much prefer to get in, get what you need, and head straight back out again.
Yoongi – The least likely to take you on a shopping spree would probably be Yoongi, it’s not something that he particularly enjoys, and if you really wanted something, he’d probably just order it online for you. Shopping is not a fun time for him at all, and whilst he’d humour it for you for a while, it wouldn’t take long before he wanted to leave.
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circus-babe · 5 hours ago
My girlfriend | Yoongi, Hoseok One shot
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yoongi, Hoseok x Reader 
Sypnosis: Giving his friends a favor can cost more than he expect. As now his bestfriend wants to fuck his girlfriend all over again.
Warning: mature language, mature content, cheating
Genre: Smut, fluff, angst
Word count: 5k ( Some unedited)
a/n: Please don’t take this seriously. Just a fanfic. Don’t put too much mind into it. By the way cheating isn’t and will never be okay. I don’t support cheating, this is just for fun. Anyways you can continue.
“Come on y/n, it’s just a small favor” He said while pleading you with his hands. Just what is he thinking. There’s no way you’ll fuck his friend in front of him. He is your boyfriend for the love of God. 
“Hoseok no is no. I’m your girlfriend do you know how weird and insane that sounds!?” You told him while giving him the death glare. Throwing his head back in frustration. All of the sudden he comes up to you with this crazy idea. He’s full of them, but this one is just out of the ordinary. 
“Please! You know yoongi hasn’t had any sexual activities before. And I’m worried for him” He said as he looked at you with sadness. “And what does that have to do with me!? Can’t you pay someone to do that for him?” You told him firmly. Why didn’t he go to a club of something? 
“I suggested that, but you know how Yoongi is. He just doesn’t like one night stands.” He said while grabbing your hands and looking at you. You and Hoseok have been dating for 4 years now. You both got together while both of you were in your first year of college. And well you have been dating ever since. 
You love him and adore him so much. He’s the best person you have ever meet. And you would do anything just for him, but not this. 
“Just no hoseok, Can’t you tell one of your others friends to look for someone?” You told him in frustration. There’s no way you’re doing this with him. “I did, but yoongi already knows them. And he figure it out before we even told him. And well he didn’t want to.” He said while looking down. You just can’t understand him sometimes. Hoseok is the nicest person you know, and he would do anything to help anyone. Mostly if it’s his best friend Yoongi. You had small conversations with him, but that’s it. Not that you need to.
“And why did you come to me? Why didn’t you go to anyone else?” you told him while crossing yours arms. And that’s when he goes silent. Looking up at you with a suspicious smile. Just what did he tell Yoongi? 
“Well I might have told him that you accepted to have a one night stand with him. And well he actually agree to you.” He said while smiling at you. Hitting your face hard with your hand as frustration grew faster. “Hoseok” You yelled out as he chuckled awkwardly. 
“Just this one time, and then no more. Just do him this favor please” He said as he went on his knees begging you. And you immediately roll your eyes at him. Looking away as he kept on begging you. 
“Fine” You yelled out
And he quickly gets up. “But with one condition” You said to him annoyed. “Anything” He responded quickly. 
“Just this one time, no more. And after that I don’t want you to ever ask for any favor of those. You got it?” You told him firmly as he nodded quickly. “Yes you got it?” He said as he kissed your lips. 
“I’ll call him and tell him for tonight” He said as he grab his phone and walked towards the bathroom. Why does Hoseok have to be this nice? 
As night time came quicker than expect, you sit there in the bed patiently. You can’t wait for this to be over. “Over here” You heard Hoseok. As you heard the door open, getting up quickly from the bed. Yoongi enters and shyly smiled at you. As he sits in the small couch in the corner. 
Hoseok comes close to you and kisses your lips. Pulling back as he smiled. “I need to go to the bathroom but I'll come back.” He said as he smiled at you and Yoongi. “You guys can get started” He said as he entered the bathroom. Looking at Yoongi as he looked at the ceiling. He looks more nervous than you.
“Come here” You tell him as he looks at you quickly. Getting up from the couch, he went towards you. Standing in front of you, and you kissed him. You want this over as quick as possible.
 As he returns the kiss and holds your waist. Slowly going towards your neck, making you gasp. Taking your robe off as he reveal your body. Which hoseok told you to wear lingerie. It was a nice black set which you loved. As he watches your body and gulps. 
“You can touch me” You tell him as he looks at you hesitantly. But slowly starts to move his hands towards your breast. Giving them small and soft kisses. Carefully as he takes it off your bra. Cupping your breaths as he circles his tongue around them, making a slight moan come out of your mouth. As you unbutton his shirt off and unbuckle his pants. As he takes them off revealing his boxers and a already harder cock. And you smirked at that.
You decide to lay in the bed, spreading your legs for him as he licked his lips. Quickly taking your underwear off as he smiles. Carefully putting his mouth in your entrance, making you gasp loudly. And he smirked at that, moving his tongue and making you moan loudly. As he kept contact with your womanhood he took his boxers off, reveal his already hard cock. It was big pretty big. Bigger than what you’re used to. But you liked that. He looks at you. 
“I’m on the pill” You tell him as he nods. Slowly rubbing his tip on your entrance making you moan. As you hear the bathroom door open you feel Yoongi slammed himself in you. Making both of you gasp.  As your wall immediately wrap around his cock, making him groan.
“Fuck you’re so big” You said while grabbing the bed sheets, while he smirked. He wasn’t even fully in as well. 
“I be rough” He said while pulling out. And you just nod. As he got the signal he slammed himself back in you, making you moan loudly. And without wasting time he went faster. 
“You feel so good” He said groaning. He grabbed your waist and slammed himself faster and rougher, making you yelled. He just knew how to pleasure you. 
Going in and out rougher making you see stars. He just knew your g-spot. Pulling your legs up to his shoulders as he went deeper inside you. “Fuck just like that” You said while arching your back. He leaned closer to you giving you a sloppy kiss. As you dig your nails in his back while moving as pleasure kept hitting you. At The speed his thrusting into you, you’ll definitely be sore tomorrow.
He kissed you forehead as he went faster making eye contact with you. “You look so hot” He whispered in your ear, making you even more turned on. He just smiled and slammed himself faster as you moan. He just perfectly hit your cervix. It was amazing how much pleasure he was giving you. 
“I’m going to cum” You yelled. Grabbing the bed sheets even tighter. You couldn’t focus on anything. All you cared about was him fucking you. It was all you worried about. Your mind was too foggy, and full of lust. 
“Fuck” You yelled out while you cum all over his cock. Finally relaxing as he kept thrusting into you. Leaning into you as he kissed your breast. “I’ll be quick” He said as he groaned in pleasure. As he finally cum in you making throw his head back. 
Heavy breathing as he looked at you. And smiled. A big smile. His gummy smile. As you look to the side you see Hoseok watching the both of you. You were too focus on getting fucked that you forgot Hoseok was here. But he didn’t look mad he looked happy instead. 
As he got up and pat Yoongi’s back. And hit a smile to you. Putting your robe back on as yoongi put his clothes back on. 
“Alright yoongi, A deal is a deal. You get to find your partner now” Said hoseok as he wrapped his arm around your waist. You obviously didn’t expect for him to fuck so good, but you’re glad it’s over. 
“Yeah, thank you” Said Yoongi while smiling at hoseok and turning to you. He had an expression you haven’t seen before. It was a mix of smiling and smirking. But you don’t put too much mind into it. 
And with that he walked out of the room. Hoseok turning to you and he kissed your lips. “Thank you for the favor, I promise I won’t ask for anything that crazy” He said with a smile. You’re happy to help him, but this idea was crazier than usual. You just nod. “I’ll take a shower” You told him as he nodded. 
“Hoseok I said the spicy one” You complained to him. He wanted to buy chips for todays movie night, and well he bought the opposite of what you told him. And the guilty face he made was so cute. 
“I’m sorry, I'll get you the right ones” He said, walking towards the door but you stop him. Touching his face with your arm and smiling. “It’s okay. I like this one too” You told him, earning a giggle from him.
“Okay then movie night here we go” He said as he lead you to the living room. Sitting in the couch as he pulled you closer to him and putting his arm over your shoulder. “I love you” He said while looking at you. And you couldn’t help but giggle. You love him so much. 
“I love you too” You told him, immediately kissing his lips. After the dumb favor of his everything went back to normal. It has been 2 weeks. Yoongi and hoseok never talked about it again. And well you have been the same around yoongi as he has done the same. 
You expected for it to be weird and awkward but it wasn’t, it was the opposite actually. Which was a relief. Maybe you started to overthink a little too much. 
“Fuck Hoseok” You yelled out as he went faster. Slamming himself in and out roughly. Just perfectly hitting your g-spot. Grabbing your waist as he thrusted himself deeper making him groan as you moan loudly.
Fuck I'm going to cum” You yelled out as he smirked at you. And kept the fast speed. “Cum for me baby” He told you as he slammed himself in you. Grabbing the bed sheets for your dear life, as you were seeing stars. He always knew your spot. He perfectly hit it every time which made you go crazy. 
“Fuck” He yelled as he cum in you making you do the same. Bending on his knees as he watched his cum mixed with yours drip from your legs. As you were trying to close your legs but he pulled them apart. 
“Fuck you look hot taking my cum” He said as he touched your entrance. Which made you gasped. Getting up from his knees as he leaned for a kiss.
Your body tensed and full of sweat. As you were trying to calm your heavy breathing. “I need to go to shower, work won't do itself” He said laughing. And you just nod. 
You were too tired to respond verbally to him. You told him to take the morning shift and well he did the opposite. You barely get to see him in the afternoon because of that. And he knows that but he tries his best to be able to come early. It hurts you, because with the amount of work he still makes time for you. 
For the past week he has been busy. He has rarely come home because of work and his business trip that he just left. It’s seven days without him and even though It hasn’t been a day since he left, but you already miss him. As you were cleaning the living room you heard the door bell. With confused you look towards the door. “Who could it be?” You said putting the broom on the side. Opening the door as you see yoongi with a letter. 
“Hello! Do you need anything?” You told him while looking at him. And he nods handing you a letter. “Hoseok told me to give this to you before he left.” He said, grabbing the letter from him. Quickly opening it as you start to read.
“Hello my beautiful y/n. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to you. I was just too busy with work and it was an unexpected trip. I hope you can forgive me. I love you and I miss you very much. I'll see you when I get back. And please take care of Yoongi for me. He got the flu recently and has been really sick. Love you”  And at the bottom, sincerely your love Hoseok. You smiled at it. You have been feeling sad since you didn’t get to see him or he didn’t even say goodbye. But now you know he didn’t do it un purpose.
Looking up at Yoongi who was starting to walk away. “Wait yoongi” You called for him. He slowly turned around. “Come inside. I heard you were sick. I can make you soup” You told him while giving him a smile. 
And he just shakes his head. “No that’s okay. Thank you though” He said while smiling and walking back to his car. But you can’t just leave him, hoseok trusted you to help him and that’s what you’ll do. Walking towards his car as you hold his arm. 
“Come I’ll make you some” You said while pulling him towards the house. You know that if you ask him again he’ll deny again. So it’s better if you just pull him in the house. 
“Sit on the couch” You told him and he sigh, but listened. While cooking you heard the house phone ring and you quickly went to get it. 
“Hello?” You answered. 
“Ugh I missed your voice. How are you baby?” And you quickly smiled recognizing the voice. You miss his voice as well. It’s only been one day since he is gone and you already miss him. 
“Hoseok! I’m good now that you called. How are you?” You replied with excitement. And you could hear him giggle. 
“I’m good now that I called you, but I hate how busy I am. I miss you and want to be there with you” He said with a sad tone. And you felt guilty and sad. You also miss him and want to see him. 
“I miss you too, but when you come I’ll make it up to you.” You told him. While he laughed. 
“Is that so? Are we going to fuck when I get there?” He said giggling, and you look over to yoongi, which he was paying attention towards his phone. Focusing back on the call.
“Bingo!” You told him as he laughed. You miss him so much. As he kept laughing you couldn't help but laugh with him. 
“I can’t wait. But I have to go, work is calling me. I’ll see you back home.” He said. And you already felt sad ending the call. You want to see him again. And you hate how much work is stressing him out. 
“Alright I can't wait for you to come home. Take care” You said while you hung up the phone. And you couldn’t help but sigh. Going back to the kitchen to finish cooking the soap.
“Alright here you go” You told him while putting the bowl down on the table. As he got up, heading towards the table. “Thank you” He said with a shy smile. As he started eating immediately. You walked back to the kitchen to clean the dirty dishes. 
“You can sleep here. It’s our guest room” You told him with a smile. You can see how sick he looked and letting him go this late at night wasn’t and option. He would stay here no matter what. He deny and said that he was fine but you just couldn't let him leave like that, so you insisted until he agreed. 
“Have a goodnight” You told him as he walked towards the room. And you headed to yours. Putting your pajamas on as you head to bed.
“Good morning” You told yoongi while he was coming down from the stairs. Looking towards your direction and smiling. 
“Good morning” He said while smiling towards your direction. “Are you ready for breakfast?” You said while putting the plate with eggs, bacon and waffles down. With shock eyes he looks at the plate. 
“For me?” He said happily. 
“Of course who else is in this house besides me.” You said while smiling at him. He quickly sits down and starts eating. You sit on the other end of the table and eat. 
“How did you and Hoseok come friends?” You asked Yoongi as he looked up at you and laughed. You always loved when someone tells you stories about their lives. You always asked Hoseok about those things and he’s always happy to tell them to you. 
“Well it’s a long story, but I'll kept it short” He said as he took one more bite. 
“We both liked the same girl in freshman year of high school, and well we would make competitions on who would win her heart first. We would fight or even treat each other horribly.” He paused as he laughed which caused you to laugh with him. 
“Turns out the girl didn’t even like us, but she liked namjoon” He said as he laughed which cause you to laugh as well. Namjoon is always the one that gets the girls. 
“After that we both apologized at each other and started to hangout more. And we became friends ever since then.” He said taking another bite of the food as you do the same. Their friendship is honestly cute and humble. And that’s something you always told Hoseok. 
“That’s honestly really cute though, because in the end you both figured it out” You told him as he nodded. 
“Yeah even though it took us a long time” He said while finishing his food. Getting up as he headed towards the sink to wash the dishes. “I’ll do-”
“No I'll do it.” He said while giving you a smile. And you chuckled while continuing to eat your food. 
For the past few days Yoongi has come to visit you. Even though you told him it was not necessary he thinks otherwise. And well you have got to know him better, but of course you kept your distance. His your boyfriend’s friend. You love and care for Hoseok. And Yoongi knows that as well. You have even told him how much you love Hoseok. He even asked how your relationship with Hoseok started and you told him the details and the story which he found amusing. He’s a pretty funny and entertaining guy. 
“Yoongi can you put this plate up the there?” You told him as yoongi immediately grabbed the plate. After eating you both did the dishes. And you found surprising how well he can cook. He just hides it. You love men that can cook. You think it’s amazing. 
“I’ll take a shower since I have work soon” You told him as he nodded and went for the couch. And with that you head upstairs. Taking your clothes off and you washed your hair. 
Finally getting out and you wrap the towel around your body. You grab the phone and realized you spend 30 minutes just showering. Quickly getting out of the bathroom and getting your clothes. You accidently drop the towel, trying to keep it up as you hear the door open and yoongi comes in. And when he sees you he goes eyes wide. “I’m sorry, it’s just hoseok wanted for me to tell you he will be in LA for an extra day.” He said as he kept staring at you. And you quickly nod wanting for him to get out. Quickly grabbing the towel and you wrapped it on your body again. 
“Thank you for telling me” You said hoping he would get out. But instead he comes closer to you. And he smirks. What is this man thinking!? 
“You know, I couldn't stop thinking about the first time we fucked” He said while grabbing your face with his hand, caressing his thumb on your cheek. You were trying to get away as he pulled you closer to him. This is wrong in so many ways, but for some reason your body couldn’t move. 
“Yoongi stop. This isn't right. I’m Hoseok’s girlfriend” You told him and he just smiled. Leading his hand under your towel and close to your entrance, making a gasp escape your mouth. “You felt so good, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about you” He said as he inserted a finger in you, making you moan. The way his long finger went in an out felt so good, but wrong. As he grabbed your towel with his other hand and tossed it on the floor while exposing your body. 
“I want you again, I need to feel you” He said smirking at you. Does he realized what he’s saying? 
Inserting his finger in and out faster, making you needy. “Say you want my cock” He said smirking at you. You didn't want to do this. It’s not right. 
He quickly inserted another finger making you moan even louder. Just say you want my cock” He said smirking as you kept moaning. Pleasure was hitting you hard. You couldn’t control your body. “Just say it” He said moving his fingers in and out roughly. Moaning as he moved them faster each second. And with frustration.
“I want your cock” You said loudly, making him smirk. And with that you entered  hell. 
He immediately smashed his lips against yours. He was quick and fast. Just with his movements you could realized he was needy. Wrapping your arms around his neck. Which each second that went by you felt even more wet. He shoved his tongue inside while his hand was in your right breast. He slowly started to pinch your nipple, making you moan in the kiss. He loved this. He had been waiting to have you like this. He had been too needy for you. And now that he has you he’ll do everything he been imagining. He knew it was wrong to do this, but his pleasure for lust got over him. 
You couldn’t think straight. You were making decision that weren’t right. Lust took over you, as you starts pulling his shirt out. Starting to suck on your neck making you gasp. His belt was unbuckling by you and quickly tossed on the corner of the room in just seconds. Yoongi decided to not waste anytime and pushed his pants down. Since you were already naked it really wasn’t a struggle for the both of you. Juices were already leaving you, and sticking on your thighs. It’s honestly embarrassing how wet and turn on he has you. 
“That’s all for me” He smirked while pushing you softly on the bed. He quickly brough his attention back towards your breast. Circling his fingers around your nipples, as he bought his lips to your left nipple. His warm tongue circling and licking the sensitive bud. 
“Teased” You tell him while spreading your legs wider for him. You need to feel him inside you. You’re too needy for him. Wrapping your legs around him and pulling him closer. You could feel his cock harder than before. And that thought of having him inside you again makes you go wild. 
“I like to take my time.” He said as he removed his boxer freely. the sight of his throbbing cock made you even more wet. As he stared at your woman hood and smiled. “One day I'll taste you, but right now I need to be inside you” He said while pulling you closer to him. And without wasting time he slide into you. Gasping at his length as you curled your toes, while he curse under his breath. He only made it half way with how tight you were. Grabbing your waist tightly as he pulled himself out just for him to slammed himself back inside. Streching you out harshly as you open your mouth wide. 
“Fuck you’re to make me cum that quick” He said while thrusting himself back in. The noises the both of you were making was enough to say how much lust was going on. Your body felt so warm with him inside you. He felt so good, larger than you are used to. Your walls pulsing to feel him. 
“Say you want me, and only me” He said while making eye contact with you. 
“I want you and only you.” You whined. “Please I want you to fuck me” You moaned as he started to move. As he starts to slowly thrust in and out. And you were needy. You want him to destroy you. “Fuck please go faster” And he smirked at that. Picking up his pace as he thrusted inside you. His cock was hitting your cervix once again. Every time he thrusted he went so deep that you were seeing stars. 
He reached out for your right breast while keeping the fast speed. Playing with your nipples as he thrusted even faster. At some point you felt like he would break you apart. “I’m going to fill you up with my cum”
“Please” You begged. And he loved it. Yoongi loved the way he has you begging just for him. His ego growing stronger as he decided to govern harder on you. And with only fucking you two times he realized you like to be manhandle. Something he enjoyed to know. 
He focused on bring you to the edge. He wanted you to himself. All the moans and screams you were doing were only for him. As you kept thrusting harder, you kept moaning. It was hard to keep quiet. Your lower abdomen was getting tighter with all the pleasure. Everything was driving you crazy. The way he slammed himself harder into you and grabbed your breast. 
With all of this you came to the conclusion that you’ll be sore and have bruises by tomorrow. He leaned closer to you, reaching untouched nerves that you didn't even know he could reach. Hitting the same spot as you were crying at your loudest. He was going to stop until he saw you twitch and full of cum. 
But it honestly didn’t take long as you came. and you came hard. Harder then you have ever cum. He had finally felt your juices all over his cock, which made him smirk at the thought. But for some reason he stopped. He looked at you with a smirk as he bended down to his knees. It didn’t occur to you that he didn’t cum.
He starts to lick your folds as you felt pain. You were still sentive after all. “I’m sensitive” You told him. But he didn’t care. He kept going. His tongue licking your stripes up and down. His warm tongue making you gasp as you suddenly began to suck on your womenhood aggressively. Your clitorisi was getting violated by his tongue. You felt warm tears leave your eyes from pain as he thrusted his tongue in you. 
“It hurts”
He didn't care he just repeated his action all over again. Licking your folds up and down. As you tug his hair to pull him away, but what you earn is a finger inside you. Your entrance burning, but it soon turned to pleasure. And without warning another finger was shoved inside you. Curling inside you and thrusting his tongue. So much was going on. Body was weak and it couldn’t take it. As you were reaching your second orgasm which was much faster than the first. More tears ran down your cheeks as you felt your body malfunction. You were seeing stars all over again, and without thinking you squirted all over Yoongi’s face. 
As you look at yoongi with his mouth open, while his fingers still circled your clit. And you realized you also sprayed his chest.  Your whole body was trembling and shaking. As whines left your mouth. He then licked your womanhood one last time as he got up and kissed you. Making you taste yourself. 
Your were a sweaty, sticking and with tears on your eyes. You were just a mess. “You liked it, didn’t you? Never took you for a squirter” He said while licking his lips. 
“ I didn’t know that could happened. Or that my body could do that.” You said while feeling exhausted. “It was fucking hot” He told you as he pulled you up into your feet. As you felt weak. “Why don’t we take this to the other side of the room” He said as he carrying you there.
“More!?” You said loudly. You never went this further. You haven't even had a second orgasm before. And you realized he stilled hasn't cum yet. 
He gave you sometime to relax. As you pulled his by his neck and kissed him. It was amazing what this man was making you feel. He unraveled parts you didn’t even know could happened. And you wanted his load. You wanted what he gave you once. You want him to cum. As he helped you, you want to help in return. 
And without warning he shoved himself inside you. Immediately started ramming his cock inside you. He kept thrusting as he was chasing after his own orgasm. Meeting your lips as he kissed them roughly. Pulling away as he slammed himself harder. He was about to reach his orgasm are you were about the same. Your toes curling as you were about to reach your climax. Dragging his nails down his back, as Yoongi finally lost it. 
He slammed himself deep inside of you, while holding his position as he sprayed hot cum all over your walls. He filling you up completely, as some of his cum left the said of your legs. As he pulled himself out making all your cum and his fall out of your entrance. As he bit his lip while watching. You reached your third orgasm. Your heart racing sweat all of over you and the smell of sex all over the room. You unwrapped your legs around Yoongi. As you flop back in the bed, as he does the same. Just wow, you really had no words for what you just experienced. 
As he pulled your naked body closer to him. Adrenaline could be smelt from far away. As the both of you hugged each other in silence.
a few months have passed. To be more specific 3 months have past. Everything went back to normal. Or at least some what. Hoseok came back home and you celebrated that with him. Yoongi and hoseok friendship got even stronger. And well for you. You’re still making horrible decisions. You have been cheating on hoseok ever since that day. When hoseok goes back to work, yoongi comes over and you guys fuck all over again. The decisions you’re are taking should’ve  stopped long ago. But for some reason you can’t stop it. You love fucking with Yoongi. But you hate how you’re hurting not just Hoseok but yourself as well. 
You have been cheating with him for 3 months already. And you haven't said anything. 
“Please say negative” You said while hugging your knees and looking at your hand. You have been feeling nausea, and you missed your period by a week. You got scared and bought a pregnancy test. And now you’re sitting in your bathroom waiting for the results. 
As five minutes passed you finally dare to look at the test. Taking a deep breath as you focus. And there it was, two lines. Shaking you slowly drop the test, as a tear fell from your eyes. 
“I'm pregnant” You said while covering your face with your hands. You couldn’t believe it. As you wipe your tears and looked in the mirror. And you looked at yourself and your stomach. 
“But who’s the father?” You said with wide eyes.
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luvrchoi · 5 hours ago
10 : 43 pm — min yoongi angst (gn!reader)
repost from @/bratzchoi, member switched !
Tumblr media
you never hated family gatherings than you did right now. you were tired of the constant questions from your family members. ‘oh but yoongi was so good for you,why did you break up?’ ‘what did you do for yoongi to want to leave you?’ and ‘surely you won’t be able to find another man like yoongi.’ little did they know it was little, perfect yoongi that fucked everything up, not you.
it hadn’t even been a week since you broke up and everyone was already hounding you for what happened. but what you didn’t want to do was ruin the image of yoongi they have; no matter how much you hate him right now, you were still in love, and having your family see him as anything else but the pleasant gentleman everyone though he just didn’t seem right. sometimes you feel like he deserves it, he’s a cheater after all, flirting and sleeping with someone else behind your back for the final two months of your relationship, and it was only your best friend who knew about it.
you pull out your phone and text the best friend in mind, asking her to come pick you up as you were tired of hanging with family members you either didn’t know or just didn’t feel like talking to. “mom, i’m gonna go, i’m feeling tired and i’ve got work tomorrow,” i smile to my mum. both things were a lie, i didnt have work and i definitely wasnt tired, i was most probably gonna be watching movies with my best friend for the entire night.
“okay darling,” she hums gently, giving you a gentle hug before letting you leave.
it was cold outside, but you’d rather be out here then having to listen to your family ramble on about so many things you, as interesting as they might be to them, didn’t actually care about.
and that’s when you saw him. yoongi. he was walking down the street with two other boys, you recognised one of them; you’re pretty sure it was namjoon. you try your best to hide your face by lowering your head and tapping away at your phone.
“y/n?” a voice in front of you asks. ‘shit’ you mentally curse before looking up to see yoongi stuff directly in front of you. he gave you a gentle smile that soon faded when you didn’t return it. “hobi, namjoon, you two go on, i’ll catch up in a minute,” he speaks to the two boys behind him, and so they slowly strolled off, murmuring to themselves. “so….. i haven’t seen you in a few days,” yoongi hums, causing you to scoff.
“try a few weeks,” you speak back coldly.
“look..” yoongi sighed “i know you hate me… i know you really do, but i hate myself more for what i did to you. i still love you….” he trails off, his voice as sweet as honey, almost pulling you in.
“yoongi… please dont…” you whisper, turning your head “you’re not good for me.. not anymore.”
“but i can be,” he speaks up, moving his hand to your cheek, tilting your head so you were looking back at him, directly into his eyes. “i’ll be better this time,” he continues, his voice sounding oh-so-desperate.
“that’s what they always say.”
“but im saying it because i mean it, i wouldn’t be here trying to win you back in the freezing cold if i really didn’t mean it,” he explained, gulping slightly.
“but i-” you start up, but couldn’t finish your sentence due to being tongue-tied from his words. “i really cant… yoongi… i-”
“you cant what?” yoongi asks gently “i know you still love me too, i can see it in the way you look at me, despite the fact you didn’t smile back your eyes lit up when they saw me. your beautiful eyes are still looking at me with so much love.”
“and that’s what hurts…” you mumble “that i still love you, that i cant remove you from my thoughts no matter what.”
“you dont need to remove me,” yoongi coos, stroking your cheek “we can be the way we used to be, the perfect couple once again.” you were close to giving in, even the thought of everything going back to normal made your heart warm, it almost brought a smile to your face but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.
“yeah you could be, if it wasn’t for your cheating ass,” you hear a voice come from behind yoongi. your best friend. “you’re hurting them by doing this, just let them forget about you and move on.”
“i’m trying to get them back…” yoongi trails off quietly
“don’t you think you’ve done enough? dont you think you’ve messed her around enough?” the huff, reaching out to take my hand. “goodbye yoongi, i would hope you’d never try to contact them or do anything stupid like this again.”
as they pull you away towards their car you turn back to look at yoongi, you could swear there were tears in his eyes as she watched you be taken away from him. because that’s how it felt in yunho’s mind, like you were being robbed from him all over again, when he wanted nothing more but to have you back. as much as he wanted to, as much as he didn’t want to keep pestering you and finding ways to contact you, he couldnt what your friend asked, he couldn’t stay away. not until he knew you were his again, no matter how long that may take him.
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blu-joons · 6 hours ago
When Another Member Gets Caught Staring At You ~ BTS Reaction
His eyebrows furrowed as he noticed Jimin’s eye glancing across in your direction. “She looks good, right?” He asked causing to Jimin to jump, muttering a quick apology. “I know she looks amazing.”
“I wasn’t looking at Y/N,” Jimin tried to defend, but the shade of red in his cheeks very quickly gave his game away. “Alright, so maybe I was looking at her, but it wasn’t like that, you don’t have anything to worry about.”
Jin’s head shook, hitting against Jimin’s arm, “I can hardly blame you for looking at her, she does look nice today, well, she looks nice every day.”
“Yeah,” Jimin muttered, unsure as to what was the correct way to respond. “You’re very lucky to have Y/N, just make sure you never take her for granted.”
Jin nodded back to him, “I guess I’ve got to be extra careful about how I treat her now when I know even my closest friends like to look at her. I never know who my next competition will be, right?”
“I really wasn’t looking at her like that,” Jimin tried to defend.
“Chim, don’t worry. I’m only messing with you.”
Tumblr media
His arm slung around Taehyung as he noticed him staring off in your direction. “One day you’ll get your own girlfriend to eyeball,” Yoongi protectively whispered into his ear, making him look away.
“Sorry,” Taehyung quickly mumbled as soon as he noticed who was stood beside him. “I wasn’t looking like you think I was though,” he tried to argue, but Yoongi’s head was already shaking, refusing to listen.
His eyes were heavy, “I thought I already warned you guys several times not to look at Y/N, she’s mine. And I don’t want her to be uncomfortable around you.”
“I know,” Taehyung continued to sigh, “and I really wasn’t looking like you think I was, it was a few seconds, that’s it. She didn’t even notice that I was looking.”
Yoongi’s head slowly nodded, “just make sure you keep your eyes away from my girlfriend from now on, or better still, get your own girl that you can admire rather than having to admire mine instead.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t look at Y/N anymore,” Taehyung assured him.
“I’m keeping my eye on you from now on.”
Tumblr media
As another sigh came from Hobi, you glanced across at him to see a pout on his face. “What’s wrong?” You asked, noticing his eyes staring away, following his gaze to where Namjoon sat.
“He just keeps staring at you, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve caught him today,” he frowned, turning his eyes to look at you beside him. “Do you think I should go and say something, see if he’s got a problem?”
Your head shook, grabbing onto his hand to stop him. “I’m sure it’s nothing, he’s the leader, he’s probably just making sure that I’m alright as well as you.”
“It’s unlike him,” he frowned, glancing back to him again, “I know he worries, but he never normally stares like this. He only does it around you, and I can only think of one reason why he would.”
You stared wide eyed at him, “do you really think Namjoon is that kind of person at all? Have you heard yourself? I’m sure it’s nothing, no big deal at all.”
“I’m going to watch him for now, just in case,” Hobi whispered.
“That’s fine, but trust me, it’s nothing to worry about.”
Tumblr media
A hand hitting his chest caused Jungkook to jump, bringing his eyes and his attention back to the group around him. “Could you make it anymore obvious that you like Namjoon’s girlfriend?”
“I don’t,” he quickly scoffed in response to Hobi’s question, “I was just thinking about how sweet they are together. Don’t you agree that it’s so nice to see Namjoon so happy, I’ve never seen him so in love before.”
Jin’s head shook, “don’t even try and pretend that you were looking at Namjoon. You had those eyes of someone in love, and you only have those around Y/N.”
“Just be quiet, please,” he hissed as the two of you approached the table, “even if I did like Y/N, which I don’t, I would always be respectful of Namjoon.”
All of the boys let go of a groan, “first of all, by the way you were just staring at her, you definitely like her. Second of all, it’s because of Namjoon that we won’t say anything to either of them.”
“I don’t like her, the two of them are happy together,” he protested.
“Tell your face that, it’s making things too obvious.”
Tumblr media
His hand snatched the photo out of Yoongi’s hands, studying it closely. “How come you’re looking at Y/N and not the camera?” He asked his elder, feeling slightly uncomfortable with his eyes.
“I don’t know,” Yoongi sighed as he took a look at the photo for himself too. “Maybe she did something or said something funny as the photo was being taken that caught my attention, it’s no big deal really.”
As Yoongi went to take the photo back, Jimin continued to grip tightly onto it. “If she did that, more than you would have noticed, don’t you think?”
“Are you really trying to blow this out of proportion?” Yoongi challenged, finally taking the photo. “I’ve told you that it’s no big deal, I don’t fancy your girlfriend if that’s what you’re worried about.”
Jimin’s head nodded, trying to calm his mind down, “you’re right, of course, you wouldn’t like Y/N. I guess I’m just overreacting about something that’s nothing.”
“I would never break the bro code,” Yoongi quickly added on.
“Yeah, I know. Just ignore me, it’s no big deal.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes were instantly diverted to Taehyung leaving the table, following behind him, you called out his name, desperately trying to catch him. “What’s going on?” You asked when he stopped.
“He keeps looking,” Taehyung sighed as you bumped into him. “Every time I look across the table Jin has his eye on you, I know the two of you get on, but it’s beginning to make me feel uncomfortable how often it is.”
Your hand rested gently against his shoulder, “I’m sure there’s not as much behind it as you think. Maybe it’s just coincidence that you catch him at these times.”
“How?” He shrugged, “it’s too much to be coincidence. I always wondered if one of the boys would like you too, and I’m beginning to think that maybe I’ve got my answer.”
With a shake of your head, you pulled his eyes to meet yours. “You’re talking nonsense right now because you’re feeling upset. Jin is my friend, and I am his, there’s no way that he’d like me.”
“How can you be so sure about that though?” Taehyung questioned.
“I just know, it would be impossible, really.”
Tumblr media
The way in which Hobi froze as he made eye contact with Jungkook instantly made him sceptical, glancing questionably back at him. “What are you looking at?” Jungkook quizzed with intrigue.
“It’s nothing,” Hobi smiled back at him, scratching the back of his neck. Jungkook stepped towards him, not quite convinced. “Really, I just saw something funny in the sky that made me smile, that’s it Kook.”
His eyes looked around, landing on you behind the cameras. “What happened? Did Y/N end up flying high into the sky to capture your attention, did she?”
“It’s not like that,” Hobi dejectedly sighed, “I just overheard her laughing and took a look over to see what it was, I wasn’t watching her for that long, honestly.”
Jungkook wasn’t quite convinced, although he tried to trust his best friend. “I hope you weren’t staring at Y/N for any other reason, I brought her on set today to be able to show her around.”
“I know you love her, I would never,” Hobi quickly informed him.
“I know, I’m just careful, that’s all.”
Tumblr media
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gamerwoo · 6 hours ago
Yoongi: Westfield Apartments (Fourth Floor Residents)
Tumblr media
Room 401: Min Yoongi
Yoongi’s just moved into Westfield Apartments following a breakup with his roommate/ex-girlfriend. Westfield Apartments was a cheap option that wasn’t too rundown, so he took it. His only wish is to not have to interact with anybody, so he keeps to himself.
Room 402: Vacant
Room 403: Jung Hoseok
Hoseok is a friendly, outgoing person who knows everyone in the building and seems to know everything that goes on. He’s somewhat of a gossiper, but he’s at least nice to everyone. He used to live on the fifth floor prior to renovations.
Room 404: Kim Seokjin
Jin has somewhat of a god complex, looking down on everyone else in the building and not speaking to any of them -- well, unless he wants something from them. He’s known for inviting random people back to his apartment to sleep with them and then kick them out as soon as possible. His ego’s big enough to pay half the rent.
Room 405: Vacant
Room 406: Lee Jihoon
Jihoon’s become somewhat of an outcast. Him and his sister had lived in the apartment together, but rumor has it that his sister was sent away to a mental hospital for hallucinations, and that Jihoon suffers from something similar or worse. There’s plenty of other rumors about him and his sister floating around, so residents tend to stay away from him.
Westfield Apartments Masterlist
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yoongimoons · 11 hours ago
UNINTERRUPTED 🔞 ➳ when he convinces you to stay home on your day off ➳ [original] | [masterlist]
Saturday mornings waking up to Yoongi is the most perfect thing. With the sun shining through the blinds to light the room, the birds chirping outside to fill the silence, and him nuzzled in your neck, arm around your stomach while you lay warm in bed it can’t get much better. It’s so cozy, making you relaxed and completely comfortable as long as he is next to you.
That is, until your boss starts ringing your phone to interrupt the perfect moment, the both of you knowing he is calling you to come in and work overtime. Yoongi shakes his head against you, not wanting you to leave the bed for at least another few hours.
“I’m sorry,” you whisper, reaching for the phone. You always were a bit of a pushover and Yoongi hates how you run anytime your boss needs you for even the smallest thing. “Hello?” You answer, trying not to sound disappointed while not looking at Yoongi to make it easier to ignore his pouting.
“Don’t do it,” he says, but you quickly hush him by holding up your hand.
“Um, hi,” your boss starts, but you know where this is going, “is it possible for you to come in today? We ran into some problems last night and we need all the help we can get.”
Yoongi can hear the man talking, already getting aggravated and wanting to take the phone himself to say no. He knows that will piss you off, though, so instead he thinks of a way to make you change your mind about letting your boss ruin your day off.
As your boss rambles on and on, giving excuse after excuse to guilt you into coming in, Yoongi sneaks beneath the covers, letting his hands guide the way over your hips and to your thighs to part them. Your eyes widen, catching on quickly to what he is doing and screaming at him in your head not to go there while you are on the phone. A simple ‘no’ would have made him stop his devious convincing, but maybe in the back of your mind you wanted the distraction. Yoongi instantly makes it easier to tell your boss to find someone else when you know your work is taking advantage of your generosity. 
“Um, well, is there any way that it could wait until Monday?” You try to dodge the request, now feeling Yoongi brush a finger over your slit through your panties, up and down until finally resting on your clit to rub in a gentle motion. You bite down hard on your bottom lip to keep from making noise, not wanting your boss to think something is wrong. Jerking the covers up, you glare at Yoongi, but he is quick to pull the sheet out of your hand and back down to hide himself, as if he were a child. You stifle a giggle behind a bitten bottom lip. 
“Well, see…” Your boss begins again on a long rant about how no one else does as good of a job as you just when Yoongi decides to push your panties to the side before flicking his tongue over your clit. The moan you want to release becomes difficult to hold back, hearing your boss in your ear and feeling Yoongi between your legs. He begins tending to the increasingly swollen bud, drawing circles and making your thighs tremble around him.
“I’m, um, a little busy this morning though, sir.” Your mind can’t even come up with an excuse, too focused on how good his tongue feels at the moment and knowing you never want to leave the bed for him to stop.
And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Yoongi slides two fingers inside your center that begins to drip from his tongue’s endless motions. A whimper escapes your body, causing you to shut your eyes tight and pray your boss didn’t hear.
Oh, but he did. “Are you okay?” His question makes your skin flush with embarrassment, or maybe it’s from the way Yoongi pumps his fingers in and out while continuing to lick, and now suck lightly on your clit. You can hear him groan down below from the satisfaction of teasing you, knowing any moment you are going to cave. The two of you already know it’s in your best interest to fully enjoy your day off.
“Yes.” Your voice squeaks a reply, now gaping and rolling your hips against his face before pulling the covers back to see him lock eyes with you, mouth buried deep between your legs and tongue diligently pleasuring your pussy. The sight before you is so hot and such a turn on, there is no way you are leaving him today. “I’m sorry. I really can’t come today.”
With that, you press the big red button on your phone to end the call, tossing the device to the side. Yoongi finally pulls away and you can’t help but whine now that you are off the phone and he has your undivided attention.
“Don’t worry,” he says, crawling up your body with a smirk on his glistening lips to whisper in your ear, “you’re definitely coming today.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Always [Hobi x Reader] - 27
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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criceofpain: masterlist
nothing to see here–yet.
notes from space: series masterlist
headcanon: enhypen reacting to your fish dying | requested by anon
meteor shower | fluff (still working)
supermassive black hole | fluff, angst, suggestive
jay taking a risk for his relationship | requested by @/crispin-kreme
stellar | fluff, fantasy, possibly suggestive (still working)
astronomy | angst (still working)
earth to bella | fluff, fantasy (still working)
pluto projector | angst
fly me to the moon | fluff (still working)
nothing to see here–yet.
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BTS Reaction: He’s Ashamed of You
Rating: angst 🌺
Warning: self-deprecation, mentions of sexual themes, implication of toxic relationships
a/n: this is my first reaction in a long time so request away if you want ;-; feedback is welcome i guess?
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
I can definitely see Seokjin being ashamed of his partner if he knew they acted a certain way in public, as harsh as it sounds. I think he has a particular image of his partner in his head, where they must act a certain way around his family or his members. Mostly because those are the most important people in his life so he would want to impress them. If his partner was too different from his lifestyle and couldn’t adapt well to it, I think he would have a problem with that. 
Today was your sixth anniversary with Jin. Part of you couldn’t believe how much time had passed since you both began dating and the fact that despite his schedule, he still made time to prioritize you for so many years. The idea of dating an idol was still somewhat foreign to you since it wasn’t the ideal job you would’ve preferred for a partner. But as they say, true love can withstand every hardship and the relationship between you and Jin was a true testament of that.
The only problem you faced came from the consistent nagging of your mother, who couldn’t believe that a man could live in the same home with a woman and treat her as a wife but label her as a ‘girlfriend’. You tried not to feed into your mother’s negativity, you knew that it could be difficult for Jin to bring up marriage because of his profession. You were more than willing to wait, no matter how long that would take.
Jin had met your family plenty of times. Each time you invited him to an outing with them, he was more than happy to accept the invitation. But when your mother had questioned if you had ever met his parents or were even brought up as a possible marriage partner, you unfortunately could not answer her question.
Although part of you hoped that he would have brought you up to his parents, you knew that there was a possibility that it never happened. For one, if he did in fact mention you to his parents, why have they never met you in the past six years?
You agreed to spend this year’s celebration at your shared condo where you both reside. As he placed your home cooked dinner in front of you, you decided that today would be the perfect opportunity to ask your boyfriend the very same question on your mind.
“How come you haven’t introduced me to your parents yet?” You asked as he placed your plate in front of you, his body slightly jolted at the sudden question as if he was afraid to answer.
“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about doing that.” He tried his best to shrug off your question but you could see that he was truly perturbed by it.
“How can you not invite your girlfriend of six years to meet your parents?”
“Listen, (Y/N), I haven’t had the time to do that. You know how busy I am.” He tried to defend himself but you wouldn’t back away from your argument. “I never even introduced my other exes, so don’t feel singled out.”
“Excuse me? Have you been with any of your exes for longer than a few months?” You kept hurling questions at him despite his attempt to remedy the situation. “It’s been six years, Jin. Do you even see a future for us?”
“Of course, I see a future with you everyday. Just not right now, okay?” He sighed and slumped his back against the dining chair, seemingly losing his appetite. “Please don’t tell me you’re talking about marriage, you know I can’t do that right now.”
You listened as he kept rambling on about his life and how a ‘good girlfriend’ would be understanding about his situation and won’t question him all the time over stupidity like marriage.
“So why waste my time if you weren’t even planning on marrying me?” Although you tried to sound tough, your voice slightly trembled at the end of your sentence.
“My parents want me to be with someone… better? A person that knows my lifestyle.” Again, he exhaled a bit after his sentence as if a weight was released from his shoulder. “If I bring you to them, they might disown me…”
You couldn’t bare to hear anymore words come from his mouth so you raised yourself from the dining table and to a guest room within your condo. Each step you took was a reminder of the past six years of your life that was ultimately thrown away by the selfishness of your so-called boyfriend.
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Yoongi won’t necessarily be ashamed or embarrassed by his partner unless they did something around other people that he didn’t agree with. Like blurting out his personal information with others around, especially things he didn’t want people to know. He likes privacy and he’s not one to wave his relationship in front of everyone around him to see. Nor will he mention his partner to those who don’t need to know, because that’s simply not their business. His partner might take offense to that, although it’s most likely unintentional. He’d never purposely hurt anyone but his actions may be misinterpreted since he’ll most likely do what keeps him safe at the end of the day.
This type of setting was not the ideal place for you two to go on a date together. Hearing the fan chants backstage as thousands of people awaited your boyfriend’s performance was definitely intimidating at the least. Yoongi tried to assure you that staff and the boys would care for you, but obviously that was not happening right now. Other idols surrounded you, faces that you only saw on your phone or television screen were standing around you. Originally, it was you who desperately wanted to accompany him to his award show today, which he reluctantly agreed to. You said it was a way for you to see his life, and why he was busy or unavailable at certain times.
Yet as you analyzed your environment and noticed the differences between you and other idols, a wave of insecurity flushed down your spirit and part of you wished you were in your apartment watching the award show on TV. You tried your best to blend in amongst the other idols present, but it was obvious with your cheap clothing and poorly done makeup that you were nothing but an outsider.
Glances and whispers were the only attention you received that night, no one dared to approach you. But when you saw him standing in the corner outside his dressing room whilst waiting for his other members to finish preparing, the tension throughout your body subsided. Your body moved to be by his side, his aura pulled you in closer and provided a warm feeling that you missed for the longest time.
“You don’t know how relieved I am to see you.” You clinged tightly to his arm and nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck. He was partially taken aback as he gently removed your hands from his arm.
“Likewise.” He said as he returned a soft smile to you. He shifted around his spot uncomfortably for a few brief seconds and looked around like a lost child without saying anything else.
“So… uh, how has your day been so fa-” Before you could finish your sentence, the sound of loud footsteps abruptly interrupts you as the voice of a male is heard behind you.
“Yoongi, where are the rest of the members? We start in a few minutes.” You recognize the man as their manager, who you had seen a few times before. Never in person, but you knew that he accompanied them frequently. He saw you standing next to Yoongi, too close for his liking. “Who are you? There aren’t supposed to be fans backstage-”
“She’s my friend, I invited her here.” Yoongi finally stated after some time of remaining still. The word ‘friend’ caused you to shudder as a chill ran down your spine.
“Yes, that’s who I am… a friend.” You smirked back at the man as he stood visibly confused by your words. “And his friend has some business to take care off.”
You backed away from the two men and looked around for the nearest exit, not caring that a few of your belongings were still left backstage. The only mission on your mind was fleeing from that scene. As soon as you felt the cold breeze of the outside air against your cheeks, you let a singular teardrop escape from your eyes, knowing that there would be more to come.
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
Again, I can’t see Hoseok in this situation either and that’s simply because part of me believes that he would not feel too bothered by his partner if they did something that he deemed embarrassing. Not that he would get over it, but he would feel extremely upset by it and question his devotion to that person. On the other hand, I can see him unintentionally treating his partner differently if he was embarrassed by them, but he probably wouldn’t realize it. His energy for his partners would differ depending on how much he liked that specific person. So, for one individual, he would feel more inclined to introduce them to his members because they get along really well. Where as one person that he did not get along that well with or did not have enough enthusiasm for, he would be less motivated to treat them better.
You squinted your eyes tight as the glare from the sun strained them. The sound of your annoying phone alarm had awakened you from your slumber. Next to you, your boyfriend, Hoseok, was fast asleep in your bed and did not seem too bothered by your constant stirring. The soft comforter rubbing against your exposed skin brought back memories of the intimacy that occurred last night. You recalled, in the early stages of your relationship, how thrilling and long-lasting your love making was. How your thighs trembled and shivered after each orgasm he brought you to and the pure ecstasy written on both of your faces. The thought of those nights was enough to draw you nearer to arousal since your body has missed the same touches that soaked your entrance and left you like putty in his hands. 
But last night was not the same and it hadn’t been for a long time. He stumbled into your apartment, always at the exact time for the past few weeks. He seemed exhausted or too lazily to initiate any sort of romantic behavior. Burying his face into your neck whilst his hands grasped your chest and ass, always saying the same phrases: “Baby, I need you so bad...” “I missed you so much...” “Be a good girl and take care of daddy’s cock for me, please?”
As soon as those words slipped from his mouth and his hands caressed each sensitive part of your body, you submitted. Letting him do as he pleased with you for the next forty-five minutes. You laid beneath him as he thrusted his member at an uncomfortably fast pace, wincing in pain for a few times. There was no foreplay, no oral, or any other form of pleasure for you to enjoy. You were slightly surprised at how wet you became as he penetrated you. As if it had become a routine, he came on a part of your body, usually on your stomach or thigh and collapsed on the bed to regain his strength. 
There was no pillow talk, you cleaned the mess he made on you as he scrolled through his phone and messaged other people. After a few minutes, he put his clothing back on and walked straight out of the door, not even bothering to say ‘goodbye’. 
So, you were visibly confused when you saw him in bed with you the morning after. He finally awakened from his deep sleep and was partially surprised when he saw your gaze on him.
“Morning, baby.” You said in the most loving tone that you could make, although you knew that it was not genuine.
“Morning...” He avoids your eyes and sits up from the bed while looking around for his clothes.
“Are you leaving already? I was just about to make us breakfast, I hoped that you would stay a little.”
“Babe, you know I don’t have the time for such things...” He puts on his black boxers and plain white t-shirt before checking the time on his phone. You knew he was lying since he finally got a short vacation from work, in fact his schedule was completely empty for the next six hours. 
“It’s just... lately, you’ve been running away after sex. I thought today would be slightly different.”
“Well, I’m sorry but what you thought was wrong.” He finishes dressing and stands on his feet to head for the door when you desperately yell back at him.
“Hoseok, you never show me any affection anymore... what’s wrong? All you do is come over to fuck me and then drive away!” He stops walking and turns around to meet your slightly bloodshot and teary eyes. “I don’t even remember the last time we went on a date together...”
He was simply speechless and visibly shocked at the words you uttered to him. Not exactly surprised that you had yelled at him, but more so because he realized every word that came out of your mouth was the truth. He hadn’t remembered the last date you both had either, only driving to your apartment while he was slightly drunk and expelling all his frustrations on your body before leaving. Hoseok wanted to apologize for making you feel unwanted but he couldn’t move nor speak when he saw the pain of the past few weeks on your face and the bruises on your body that he made himself.
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
In all honesty, just like most of the members, I can not see Namjoon in this scenario. I think if he ever did feel embarrassed by his partner, he would rather discuss your behavior in private than humiliate you in public. However, I do think that he cares sincerely about his reputation. Since he is the leader, he is a representation of the group and his partner would have to be a model of it as well. In a way, he would mostly want approval; as long as your relationship seemed perfect in the public eye and only revealed flaws when you both were alone, he wouldn’t have a problem.
The silence between you two became suffocating as he waited patiently for you to respond to his words. This was the fifth time in the past few weeks that he canceled your dates and insisted that you both stayed in your apartment instead. You tried to overlook it; you knew that his schedules became busy as the group’s popularity rose each day and you did not want to be a selfish girlfriend who ignored the needs of her partner. Each time was the same excuse: “I don’t want to be noticed, sweetheart.” “It’s easier if we stay inside.” “Let’s just relax at your place.”
But this time, something within you had snapped. Your heart swelled and threatened to spill out all your frustrations that you kept inside each time. The money that was wasted for each restaurant reservation, the double date with your bestfriend and her boyfriend that was inevitably canceled, the hours you spent planning a vacation that never occurred. Each time, you listened to him and swallowed your pride and insensitivity. This time, you forced him to hear you.
“Joonie, you can’t be serious. How many more times will you tell me the same thing?” Your voice raised as each word was said. Subconsciously, your fists tightened together in a firm grasp as the veins in your hands protruded through your skin.
“Baby, I’m sorry…” That was his only reply in the past five minutes. You stayed quiet but you were determined to make him explain himself.
“Is there something wrong with me? You don’t want anyone see us together? Is that it?” Although you tried your best to keep your tears from pouring, it wasn’t enough. A single drop glided down your cheek as you stared back at his emotionless face.
He turned away, too embarrassed and too guilty to face the reality of what was happening in front of him. He never expected you to get like this, especially since you two haven’t even been dating for a long time.
“If you think I’m lying, I’m not.” Those were the only words he had the courage to muster out of his mouth. “Think about what people might say if they see you with me…”
“And? What will they say?” Again, you waited for him to respond, yet you were only given silence. The same silence that plagued your conversation in the beginning.
He lowered his head in shame, a motion that was enough for you to understand that he did not want to be seen with someone like you. He can leave his dorm, entertain his members and even female idols, but there was something about you that set you apart from the rest, and he even saw that in his eyes.
“Namjoon, just leave.”
No other words were spoken as he gathered his things and left you in a state of misery. Tears streaming down your cheeks, smudging the makeup you wore in case he actually did agree for a date, but of course that was a waste as well.
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Jimin could go to either way in this scenario, on one hand he would try his best not to feel ashamed or embarrassed by his partner but on the other hand if it was a threat to his career or how people perceived him, he wouldn’t be reluctant to break it off. Of course, he does strike me as someone that is very loyal to his partner, so this would be his last resort if he simply could not find any other solution. Just like Namjoon, if he didn’t like anything his partner did he would not hesitate to address it in private. He would be more demanding in that regard though, mostly saying things like “Can you please stop doing ——” “I get embarrassed each time you do ——” He tries his best not to hurt their feelings but that is inevitable since it will almost always come off as harsh.
You pulled into the parking lot of your boyfriend, Jimin’s, dance studio with homemade food and other gifts in the backseat of your car. Today marks the first year since you both began officially dating so it was hard for you to contain all the excitement you had for this special day. The memories you made together in  twelve months was endless, you could recall every little detail of them and each day that he never failed to put a smile on your face. You cherished each moment that was made and hoped that the gifts you brought was a representation of the love you have for him. Part of you wondered what kind of surprise he would give you, since you hoped that he would remember today’s date or else you would look like a fool holding gifts for someone who didn’t even care.
You tried to push down those thoughts as far as you possibly could since you didn’t want to spoil your day with negativity, but as the hours passed and you did not receive a single phone call or text message from him you couldn’t help but feel agitated.
Dismissing that thought, you made your way inside the tall building carrying the food and presents you brought, which was not an easy task, and found your way inside the large practice room. Upon opening the door, you noticed that Taehyung and Hoseok were the only members around. You smiled up at them but they only stared back at you dumbfoundedly.
“Did you order food, hyung? I was starving, I haven’t eaten all day.” Taehyung said as the aroma filled the entire room.
“Oh no, this isn’t delivery. It’s just a gift for you guys.” You set the food and presents on the ground next to the front door of the practice room. You noticed that your explanation didn’t soothe their confusion. 
“And who might you be?” Hoseok finally introduced himself into the conversation.
“I- I’m Jimin’s girlfriend...” The two of them shared a confused glance at each other. Taehyung let out a small chuckle, as if he didn’t believe the words you said.
“You’re joking, right?” Taehyung finally said after some time. At first you thought it was just a prank that Jimin was doing, but the seriousness on both of the men’s faces was enough to wake you from your fantasy.
“Um, well-”
“He brings home a new girl to the dorm every week. If you were his girlfriend, we would know.” You stood emotionless in front of both of them. You would’ve left the room by now but you had no idea what to do since there was no way you could defend yourself. As you froze in embarrassment, a familiar voice breaks your trance.
“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” Jimin stood in the doorway of the practice room, his eyes widened as he saw you in front of the members.
“Today is our anniversary, Jimin…” Your voice weakened at the end of your sentence while tears welled in your eyes. His eyes scanned around the room and he noticed all the things you brought for them.
He didn’t try to console you, he didn’t even address you as his ‘girlfriend’ near the members. He looked as if he had a secret that was exposed and didn’t know how to address the situation.
So, you fixed his mess for him. You gathered your things, leaving the food and gifts behind, and pushed passed him through the door. All he could do was watch as you ran away from the embarrassing moment. You swore that you could hear the boys inquire to Jimin about you, but they did not say anything nice: “Jimin, you could do better than that...” “I can see why you didn’t want us to know.”
Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
Some people might disagree with me, but I can envision Taehyung in this situation. Specifically if he had a partner that did not see eye to eye with him on certain things. If they didn’t have they same style or weren’t like minded on certain topics, he would definitely be upset. I think that Jin and Taehyung are similar with the idea of having a certain vision for their partners. If they didn’t fit into those ideals, then he would be less motivated to publicize or show off their relationship because of the differences. Eventually, he would just break up with that person completely. He’s attracted to someone who can match his routine and won’t complain or try to stray away from it.
He stared blankly at his credit card transaction history and some charges that he was genuinely not aware of. His expression changed frequently in a short span of time; initially, he was simply confused, which later turned to annoyance and anger. Now he became unexpressive as his eyes read over each line continuously. For a second, you felt a slight feeling of pity. You recalled each purchase that you made in the last few days: One withdrawal to pay your rent, another to buy groceries, the new designer clothing and shoes, and a plethora of other new things that managed to fill up the small space of your apartment.
Of course in his eyes, it was not as innocent as you had thought. Even though he was one to spend an excess amount of money on things that weren’t necessities, the total amount of money that was gone still put him at a loss for words. However, it wasn’t completely your fault, at least that is what you convinced yourself. Your landlord had threatened to evict you after you missed the last two months of rent, which you were unable to pay after being fired from your job.
Taehyung insisted that you live with him until you were financial stable again, but you denied, too scared that you would only be an inconvenience for him. That didn’t faze his worry for you and instead he forced you to take one of his credit cards and promised to deposit some money every month for you to care for yourself. What he didn’t consider was the possibility of you misusing his money for useless and materialistic things when you had other responsibilities to focus on. He peered up at you one more time before returning his gaze to his phone.
“You look like you have something to say.” You began as a way to help initiate the conversation. “Tae, if your mad about the money I’m sorry. I can repay you once I get my job back...” 
“(Y/N), what I make in one hour, you make in two weeks...” He scoffed at your comment and lightly giggled to himself. Although you were in no position to combat the person who was currently providing for you, you couldn’t help but feel offended.
“I was only trying to open the conversation since you were being so quiet... I was being serious about paying you back, though.”
“I don’t need your money, babe. I think you need it more than I do...” He sat back against his seat in the couch, his smug face only caused you to boil with anger. “For someone who couldn’t even afford a few snacks from the convenience store, you sure have a wise way of managing your money.”
“You offered to help me, Taehyung! Besides, what’s the problem if I buy a few things that I like?” 
“I’m not angry at you, (Y/N). At least you have these so you can go outside with some decency instead of the rags you wear...” The last part of his sentence was mumbled out in a whisper, so low that you could barely hear what he said. But you knew it wasn’t something nice...
Shame, guilt, and regret loomed over your body as you lowered your head to the ground. You couldn’t bare to face his eyes but you knew that he was watching your movements carefully. In fact, he regretted what he said to you after seeing you break under his words. If it wasn’t for the tears cascading down your face, you would’ve demanded him to apologize since he knew how rough your life has been for the past few months. He wanted to pull your body in his embrace but drops falling from your face was enough evidence for the damage he had done.
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
 Jungkook is a hit or a miss to be honest. Not that he would never be ashamed of his partner but he wouldn’t stay in a relationship where he felt embarrassed by someone. I feel like a situation like that would cause him to lose the love he had for that person, especially if it’s a consistent problem that he has with them. I wouldn’t say he has a vision of his partner like Jin or Taehyung, but he definitely has standards and limits that he doesn’t want to be crossed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to end the relationship because of that.
After weeks of pleading with your boyfriend, Jungkook, to take you to the dorm and meet the rest of his members, today was the day that it finally happened. You honestly weren’t sure why he kept disregarding the topic each time you asked to meet them. You thought that he could’ve been jealous or he wanted to keep his attention on you all the time. But with a two-year long relationship, that wasn’t leading to a break-up any time soon, it was a little perplexing when he kept refusing to allow you to meet them.
As you two pulled into the driveway of their luxury dorm, it was hard to contain your excitement. You wanted to make the best impression on them, you brought home made food from your native country and Korean meals, and personal mementos for each member to keep. He must’ve noticed how happy you seemed in that moment because he stretched his hand across to your thigh and caressed it gently to relax you.
“(Y/N), can I tell you something before we go inside?” You looked up at him somewhat confused but slowly nodded. “You know that thing that you do sometimes?”
“What thing?” He stares back at you as if he would rather not finish his sentence and hoped that you would understand right away.
“You know, when you say stuff that… can be really weird?” You still had no idea what he meant by ‘weird’, so all you could do was keep staring at him with the same confused expression your face.
“Kook, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You said while let out a soft sigh before continuing.
“Remember when I took you shopping with one of my friends? And you kept making comments about her body and her dating life?” He stares at you intently as your eyes widen when you remember that moment clearly.
“She didn’t see any harm in it, she knew I was joking. She even laughed along with me.”
“I know but...” He shut his eyes briefly and looked away from you. “Try not to do that in front of the members today, alright? In fact, try not to speak too much…”
Before you could respond to his comment or at least defend yourself, a knock on the window of the car’s passenger seat broke the two of you out of your conversation. You looked through the window and saw Taehyung waving his hand and peering back at the two of you. Kook lowered the window for Taehyung, who seemed a little taken aback when he saw you.
“We were getting worried since you were in the car for so long.” Taehyung said to Jungkook before greeting you with a small bow. “And who is this?”
“This is (Y/N), she’s my girlfriend. We just wanted to stop by and eat with you guys.” Jungkook took your words straight from your mouth, not even allowing you the time to respond.
“It’s nice to meet you, (Y/N).” He stretched out his hand and you happily shook it while smiling up at him.
For the rest of the night, you did as he told. Only saying a few words at a time and only speaking when one of the boys invited you into their conversation. Although your heart wrenched inside of you, the façade that covered your true emotions was enough to keep him at ease. The bright side of that night was how you finally calmed your mind and thoughts to reevaluate the sanctity of your relationship with him.
Tumblr media
a/n: got carried away with some members hehehe, hope you enjoyed :D
*this does not reflect the true personality of the members in any way*
credit to the gif owners
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When The Two Of You Co-Parent Your Child ~ BTS Reaction
His eyes looked back to you as he buckled your son into his car seat, noticing the slow steps that you took back towards your apartment. “Y/N,” Jin called out, catching up with you. “You could come with us today if you want to?”
Your glance looked to your son who was looking intently around at Jin’s fancy car, much better than yours. “I don’t want to get in the way of your time with Y/S/N, he’s been looking forward to time with you for a while.”
“I think he’d enjoy having his mum and his dad with him,” Jin smiled, nervously twiddling each digit of his hands. “We can be civil for a day at the zoo, can’t we? If for nothing else, for Y/S/N’s sake to give him a good day.”
Your head nodded, staring down to the ground. “Are you really sure that you’re happy for me to come? You don’t have to be nice Jin or feel sorry for me because I’m going to spend the day at home by myself.”
“It’s nothing like that,” he quickly assured you, “come on, I’ll give you ten minutes to get yourself sorted and then we’ll give Y/S/N the best day between the two of us.”
“I’ll be there in five,” you grinned, running back into your house to get sorted.
Tumblr media
Neither of you quite knew what to say as your daughter ran into your apartment, leaving you both stranded on your front doorstep with one another. “Did you have a good weekend?” You asked, unsure of what to say,
Yoongi nodded, tapping his foot against the ground anxiously, “I took her to the studio, and she got to see the boys, I think she enjoyed that,” he informed you, clearing his throat cluelessly. “And they enjoyed it too.”
“I bet she won’t stop talking about it all night now,” you replied, trying to at least bring some normality between the two of you. “It’ll be a challenge getting her to sleep for school tomorrow now after her adventures.”
An apology was quickly muttered by Yoongi. “Maybe next week we could try and do something with her together, we don’t have to just spend time with her separately. It might make things a little less awkward for us too.”
“What if it doesn’t?” You questioned, leaning against the doorframe. “I don’t want Y/D/N to see how awkward the two of us are, she at least has to think that we’re getting along.”
“I don’t want things to be awkward,” Yoongi admitted, “we’ll just make it work.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes looked in the mirror to check on your daughter as you drove along the main road through the city. “Where are we going?” She called out, recognising a few of the high-rise buildings that filled much of the landscape.
A soft sigh escaped from you, “we’re going to daddy’s, don’t you remember?” You asked, noticing how quickly her smile lit up at the mention of her father’s name. “He’s going to spend the weekend with you.”
“Daddy!” She cheered, throwing her arms into the air. As much as you knew Hobi was her parent too, you couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous over how excited she got to know that she was on the way to visit him.
Still, you smiled, not wanting for her to see how bothered you were. “You’ve got to make sure that you’re well behaved, and then I’ll come and get you on Sunday to bring you back for another fun week at school.”
“Do I have to go to school, can’t I stay with daddy?” She questioned innocently, unaware of how her comment made you feel. “School isn’t as fun as time with daddy.”
“You have to go to school,” you responded, looking back to the road with a deep breath.
Tumblr media
A small hand tugged at his shirt as the two of them watched you walk away from Namjoon’s apartment. “Where’s mummy going?” Your daughter questioned to Namjoon, confused as to what was going on.
Namjoon bent down and picked her up, pressing a kiss against her cheek. “Mummy’s going home,” he smiled, trying to reassure her. “You get to spend the weekend with daddy, and then go back to mummy on Monday.”
“How come you never spend time together anymore?” She then asked, still slightly unsure as to why her time with you both had suddenly changed. “We used to do things together, and now I only get to be with one of you.”
His head nodded back at her, “sometimes mums and dads just can’t be with each other anymore, and unfortunately, people like you get caught in the middle. Just know, we’re doing what is best for you right now by being apart.”
“Will you get back together again?” She continued to quiz, leaving Namjoon speechless as she stared back at him. “Did I say the wrong thing?” She then asked, studying his face.
“No, who knows sweetheart, maybe one day,” Namjoon tried to assure her.
Tumblr media
Your stomach knotted as you saw Jimin’s name flash up on your phone, even more so when you heard what he had to say. “With tour next week, I was wondering if I could have Y/D/N for a few days before we go.”
Your eyes flickered across to your daughter who played mindlessly with her dolls in the middle of the room. “She’s got school Jimin, it’s not going to be like the weekends, can I trust you to make sure she gets to school?”
“Of course,” he sighed, “you can trust me Y/N, I’ve done nothing to make you think otherwise. All I’m asking for is a few more days with my daughter before I have to leave her. But if you don’t want to, then that’s fine.”
A loud sigh came from you, “it’s not that I don’t want you to have her, I do. I just want to make sure that her routine doesn’t become unsettled. She might get her hopes up that you’re sticking around when you’re not.”
“I’ll make sure she knows exactly why she’s with me,” he continued to assure you, “and I’ll stick to her routine as best as I can too to make life easier for you when I’m gone.”
“Let me check my diary, and we’ll sort out dates in that case,” you replied.
Tumblr media
The pout on your son’s face instantly caught Taehyung’s attention as he drove, he tried to ignore it for as long as he could, but eventually, intrigue got the better of him. “What’s wrong buddy?” He questioned to him.
Your son looked forwards at Taehyung as he focused on the road, “do I have to go back home?” He questioned. “I’m having a good time with you daddy, and I don’t want to go back to mummy just yet, do I have to?”
“You should know how this works by now,” Taehyung sighed, unable to meet his son’s eyes. “I’ll come back next weekend and pick you up again for a few days, but whilst you have school, you have to be at home.”
His head shook in refusal, “it’s not fair that I don’t get to choose where I want to be,” he argued back to Taehyung. “I don’t see why we can’t all just live together like we used to, why do we have to go to all these places?”
“Because things change,” Taehyung frowned, trying not to overshare too much at his young age. “You’ll understand why we’re having to do this one day, don’t worry.”
“Why not now?” Your son challenged, only to be met by silence from Taehyung.
Tumblr media
Your smile softened as you made eye contact with Jungkook, slightly unsure as to where to look next. “He was good,” Jungkook smiled, scratching the top of his head. “I might have given him a few sweets too.”
Your eyes rolled, letting go of a chuckle. “I bet you did it on purpose to make my life difficult,” you joked, bringing a laugh out of him too. “I told you to feed her properly on the day you give her back to me, so many times.”
“You know what she’s like, she does that smile, and then I just can’t help but say yes to whatever she wants,” he laughed, relaxing around your company. “I’m sure by now she’ll have run out of most of her energy anyway.”
Your head shook back at him, “if she’s running around going crazy, I know exactly who I’m going to blame for it. And I’ll make sure I get my revenge when you pick her up next week too, you just wait and see.”
“I’m sure she’ll be fine,” he tried to assure you, “and if she’s not, I give you permission to get your revenge. She’ll gladly take any sweets you have to offer anyway.”
“She definitely takes after you when it comes to food,” you replied, rolling your eyes again.
Tumblr media
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When He Gets Caught Staring At You In A Bikini ~ BTS Reaction
A hand against his shoulder made Jin jump, turning around, his smile dropped when Taehyung stared back at him. “I know she’s your wife, but there are other things that you can look at too.”
“How can I not?” He sighed, pointing across to you in the water, a huge smile on your face. “She just looks incredible in that bikini and seeing how happy she is to be at the beach too is just too much for me to handle.”
Taehyung’s eyes rolled, “I’ve seen you obsess over Y/N plenty of times before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you obsess over her as much as this.”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to take my eyes off of her all day,” Jin admitted, glancing back across at you, “you’ll understand one day when you get a girlfriend.”
Taehyung pushed against his shoulder gently, “I wonder if Y/N would be as happy to know that you’re watching her every move. If you want to be around her that much, go and join her.”
“I’m better over here, I can enjoy the view better,” Jin teased.
“You really are impossible sometimes; do you know that?”
Tumblr media
His body jumped as Namjoon stood before him, blocking the view that he had of you walking along the sand. “Take a picture if you want to remember what she looks like,” he teased, shaking his head.
“Sorry,” Yoongi mumbled, barely realising that he had been staring at you for so long. “You weren’t talking to me or something, were you?” He asked, relieved when Namjoon’s head shook back at him in response.
He rested his hand against Yoongi’s arm, “it’s a good job that I wasn’t, because you were far too distant to even attempt to pay attention.”
“I can’t help it,” Yoongi blushed, looking back across at you again past Namjoon, “I know I get to see her every day, but when she looks that good, I just feel like I have to pinch myself sometimes.”
Namjoon’s head nodded, understanding where his best friend came from, “you’re lucky to have her, and she’s lucky to have you as well.”
“But you think I’m a fool for staring at her?” Yoongi chuckled.
“A little, but you’re in love, it can’t be helped, right?”
Tumblr media
Your hand waved across Hobi’s face as he failed to answer Jimin’s question, jabbing gently into his side to wake him back up. “Jimin spoke to you,” you sighed as his eyes refocused to look at you.
“Yeah,” Hobi muttered, although by his clueless expression, both of you knew that he hadn’t heard a thing. “I promise, I was listening, but do you reckon you could just repeat the question, so I’m sure of my answer.”
Jimin scoffed in response, “if you spent less time staring at Y/N you would have heard my question the first time instead of lying about listening.”
“Have you seen her though?” Hobi muttered once you were out of earshot, “surely even you can forgive me for not paying attention to you when Y/N’s walking around looking like that.”
Jimin’s head shook, “she’s your wife, I’m not going to say anything. But what I would like, is an answer on whether you want to play volleyball?”
“That depends, will you get mad if I start staring at Y/N?” Hobi asked.
“Of course, admire how good my body looks instead of hers.”
Tumblr media
His eyes widened as Namjoon looked around, noticing how every member stared back at him. “Do you plan on answering our question at some point today?” Jin asked, speaking up for them all.
“What was your question?” Namjoon asked, trying to pretend that he was at least a little bit interested in what the boys had to say. “I’m listening, just repeat it one last time and I’ll answer this time.”
Jin’s eyes rolled, “we were going to get ice creams, we wanted to know if you wanted one, or if you have a snack already?” He asked, pointing to you.
“That’s my wife you’re talking about,” Namjoon quickly scolded, “and although she does look incredible, I would like an ice cream too. I’ll even pay for making you wait for so long.”
Jin’s head nodded, “I would ask you if Y/N wants one, but if you go, we’ll be waiting all day, so I think I’ll go over and ask her instead of you.”
“I’m not as bad as you think I am,” Namjoon tried to argue with him.
“No, you’re actually a lot worse than we expected you to be.”
Tumblr media
His smile widened as he noticed Jungkook approaching him, preparing himself for what he was about to say. “You know, there are other people around the pool that you can look at too?”
“But none of them look as good as Y/N,” Jimin proudly smiled back as Jungkook took a seat beside him. “I know you’re going to come over and tease me, but I’m not going to apologise for admiring how good she looks.”
Jungkook’s head shook, “I wasn’t going to tease you, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t strain an eye socket or something with how badly you were staring.”
“Is that even something you can do?” Jimin quizzed, only for Jungkook to shrug back at him. “My eyes are fine, they’re better than fine, they are very much enjoying the view in front of them.”
Jungkook’s hand wrapped around his arm, “I know she’s your wife, and forgive me, but looking at Y/N now, you’ve done very well for yourself Chim.”
“I’d normally beat you for that, but you’re really not wrong,” he smiled.
“I’m happy seeing you happy, that’s all you deserve.”
Tumblr media
The presence of Hobi suddenly beside him caused a gasp to come from Taehyung, instantly looking away from Hobi’s eyes. “Your cheeks are a give-away; I wouldn’t even try to pretend right now.”
“You saw me staring,” Taehyung questioned, unsurprised when Hobi’s head nodded back at him. “Do you think Y/N saw me?” He then quizzed, sighing softly when yet again Hobi’s head nodded in response to him.
He chuckled gently, “we’ve all been watching you for ages, your tongue has been hanging out of your mouth for the past hour as you’ve watched.”
“Damn,” he muttered, feeling his cheeks darken even more, “I can’t help but just watch her, there’s something about her in a bikini that just makes me happy, even after all these years together.”
Hobi’s smile grew, “there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s cute. But it would be cuter if we all didn’t have to watch you obsess over your wife like that.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll stop staring, you guys don’t have to worry,” Tae smiled.
“When Y/N’s around? We’re all always worrying about you.”
Tumblr media
The moment you stepped out into the garden, Jungkook’s eyes followed you, leaving a frustrated Yoongi suddenly talking to himself. “Hello,” he yelled, waving his hand across Jungkook’s eyes.
“You want to get the song done by Friday, I was listening,” Jungkook repeated, only as he looked across to Yoongi and noticed the angry expression on his face, he realised he hadn’t quite been as smart as he thought.
Yoongi stared across at him, “I said I wanted to get it done by Wednesday,” he clarified, “although I think your brain is focused elsewhere to remember that.”
“No, Wednesday, I’ve got you,” Jungkook smiled, desperately fighting the urge to look back across at you. “Is there anything else you wanted to talk about to do with the song whilst we’re here?”
He was relieved when Yoongi’s head shook, “you’ll give yourself a headache if you stare at Y/N any harder, so go over, we’ll talk about it on Wednesday.”
“I’ll be there, don’t worry, it’s stored up here,” he smiled, tapping his head.
“Your brain is too filled up by Y/N to even remember this.”
Tumblr media
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II. Script of the Angel
Tumblr media
𝔰𝔶𝔫𝔬𝔭𝔰𝔦𝔰 >> This is the story of three very different people. A successful novelist, a blossoming artist and a dedicated cop. They seem to have nothing in common. Yet, they are continually drawn to each other. It is as if their fates have been intertwined. Written. That they must meet.
𝔭𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 >> ft. jungkook and jimin primarily.
𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔢 >> policeman!jimin, author!jungkook, painter!reader, serialkiller!XXX; a classic game of cat and mouse
𝔴/𝔠 >> 6.6k
𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 >> mature themes depicted. due to the explicit nature of the topic (serial killers, murders, violence, sexual content, infidelity etc.) scenes are graphic. this is rated 18+. to spare storytelling: please consider yourself warned.
𝔞/𝔫 >> i’m so glad to see people enjoyed the last part! this part is a little shorter but i hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless. will likely be making a masterlist post for this soon as i’m having too much fun writing this and it’s getting long. feedback and comments always appreciated. as always, enjoy! (: 
previous part || next part (coming soon!)
Muscles and bones. The primary architecture of the human body. It allows us to stand and walk; sit and run; jump and spin. But what really keeps us alive? Blood. It carries the nutrients our body needs. It carries the defenders our body requires. So integral to our survival, blood can tell a story of its own. Looking at the direction of travel along with the width and length of the spatter, a single droplet is its own author, spinning a tale of its origin and its birth. A good spatter gives us more information than just a large overlapping pool. “Come again?” Jimin says in disbelief. Taehyung shrugs. He is the unit’s spatter analyst. In one latex covered hand, he holds a cotton swab and the other is pinching his nose. “There are traces of blood everywhere,” he repeats. “Yet I don’t see a single stain of red anywhere,” Jimin rubs his temples, “Are you telling me that the killer had enough time to wipe the whole room clean?” “I’m only telling you what science has told me,” Taehyung says. He carefully dances around another coworker to reach his open kit. It shuts with a loud snap and the younger turns back to look at his commanding officer. “Can I please get back to the lab? This smell is killing me.” Jimin can only wave half-heartedly at him before turning his attention to the scene in front of him. It is eight in the morning. They had received an anonymous call about fifteen minutes ago describing a horrific murder. The station had forwarded the call to him and after hearing the detailed account, he left the station with his team. “Fuck me. What in the world happened here?” a new voice enters the scene. It is too much even for him to handle this early in the morning. Jimin utters a “you tell me”, then excuses himself from the room. He pushes past the crowding officers and curious residents until he reaches the front of the hotel. There, his stomach dislodges everything it can. Even as he wipes his mouth, the black spots do not cease dancing in front of his eyes. Deeper in his vision, the picture is all too clear. She hangs from the ceiling with her arms stretched wide. Her feet are wrapped together in rope and her body is naked. Attached behind are two massive wings. The feathers have been stitched carefully together to create an impressive wingspan and if they were not speared into her back, Jimin may have thought they were beautiful. Yet there they were, dug into her shoulder blades, ripping into her muscle and tissue. That was not the centerpiece of it all. Missing from the body were all its abdominal organs. They had been ripped out, cut out… forensics would tell him how they were taken out, but they were gone. Replaced inside her was a large bouquet of red roses. They glistened in the sunlight and when the team had arrived, there were still dew drops on its velvety petals. The grotesque memory causes his body to expel its contents again. “Boss,” the voice from before returns, “You alright?” Jimin turns to face his partner. Namjoon stands in front of him, a worried expression which contorts his face. Namjoon is one of his only friends at the work force, being the only one similar in age. The other agents were all much older than him so with common interests, the two were naturally drawn to each other. Jimin liked Namjoon well enough. He was smart and quick on his feet. More than once, Jimin had reached out to Namjoon for advice, whether it be for work or personal life. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. “Yeah, I wasn’t prepared to see that this early in the morning,” Jimin says. Namjoon nodded. He too has dark circles under his eyes and his lips were hardened into a thin, straight line. “Makes you imagine what a sick motherfucker could create this,” he comments. They stand in silence for a quick second until Namjoon speaks again, “What do you think we should do?” Jimin resumes his commanding role. “Take down the body. Have somebody sweep it thoroughly. Send a couple of the lab geeks in to scan the room. I want everything put into evidence, even if it’s a speck of dust. Everybody leaves something behind, and we will find it.” “What about the civilians? We’ve got a growing, curious crowd spreading like cancer.” “You’re Lieutenant. Do something about it,” Jimin light-heartedly teases Namjoon in his new role. Namjoon slightly flinches at the address. Although Namjoon had been promoted to a position higher than Jimin’s, Namjoon only ever treated him in the way they had always been working together: as partners. “Fuck me,” Namjoon curses with his favourite two words. Jimin grins. “Maybe later. I’ve got a shit ton of paperwork to get started back at the station. I’ll see you,” he pats his distracted friend’s shoulder. Taking a last scan of the building, Jimin strides towards his parked car. He is ready to hunt down the person who dared mess around in his town.
Jungkook watches the scene before him with mild interest. His ears pick up the voice of an officer that is instructing the crowd that everything is under control; to return to what they are doing without a worry. “What’s going on?” the housewife asks beside him. She is still in you pajamas and had seemed to wander out due to the hubbub. He smiles at her. “Murder.” She regards him with wide eyes. Her feet stumble backwards and she scurries away. The officer had finished his speech and the crowd was now dissipating. Jungkook took it as his cue to exit as well. As he walks out of the hotel, he feels vaguely irritated. At the end, his script is not perfectly carried out. He had needed to modify it slightly although the end result is what he had planned it to be. Even the timing of the police’s arrival after his call had been as he predicted. The world was too easy for him to guess. Now, it is time to return to Krystal. Even without using his vast knowledge of facial cues and body expressions, he knows exactly how she would react. Nostrils dilated, lower lid tensed, brows lowered and lower jaw jutting out. He reads her like a book and its title screamed “anger”. “Where were you all last night?” she questions, hands placed on her hips. He sighs while placing his jacket on the hanger at the entranceway. His feet ache as they pad across the tiles towards the bedroom. “I was out doing research. I told you yesterday,” he says. She bites her lip. When he walked past her, she could smell a faint hint of perfume mixed with a lemony clean scent like soap. Her jaws clench tighter. “Yes. But you had said you would be out late. You never said you’d be gone the entire night!” she follows him closely behind. He does not turn or wait for her. Once inside the bedroom, he throws off his shirt and pants, trudging to the showers. “Don’t you think you could have given me a call at least?” she asks. His figure is a faint silhouette through the shower curtain. She can see him scrubbing his face. She waits for him until the water is shut down and he steps out of the box. Water drips from his hair and his skin is still a flush pink from the heat. The room fills with steam and he brushes past her on the way out. Still, she relentlessly follows him. “Jeon Jungkook!” she calls out, “Say something!” He pulls out a new pair of boxers from the drawer and put them on. Once they snap against his waist, he turns to finally look at her. “I’m tired, and you’re annoying me. We’ll talk when I wake up,” he says. Tears sting her eyes but she cannot allow him to see any type of weakness. She whirls around on her heels and stalk out of the room, leaving him to himself. The door slams shut loudly behind her and makes his ears slightly ring. The sheets are cold and inviting on his body. The wrap around him like a silky cocoon and his eyes are heavy the instance he hits the pillow. There is only one last thing to do before he can allow his body to rest. With delicate fingers, he pries off the paper-thin gloves from his hands. They slide off smoothly and if there was an onlooker in the room at that moment, they would have been reminded of a snake that was shedding its skin. These are special gloves just for his hobbies. They disguise his hands so that they are void of fingertips. They are so lightweight he cannot feel them at all. They blend in with his body so perfectly, only the keenest of eyes would be able to notice the thin line above his wrist where the material ends. They are perfect for him and allow him to do what he does without a worry. He leaves the material out on the top of the drawer. He knows that Krystal would not be back in the room for a while so it is safe sitting there. They are like contact lenses, shriveling and drying up due to the exposure to air. In about fifteen minutes time, they would look like shrunken autumn leaves and be the size of a walnut. The room-keeper would find them if he had still not thrown them out, and discard them thinking they were candy wrappers. He lets his body drift into nothingness, content with the day’s work.
Besides having a good eye for detail, a coroner should be able to work under extremely stressful conditions. They could be asked to visit crime scenes, identify human remains or supervise the transportation of corpses. Working often behind the scenes, a coroner is an integral part to this unit. It is sad to say that we are low in numbers and are extremely interested in people joining our team! If you have taken subjects like biology, chemistry and forensics, in addition to law and humanities, we encourage you to apply to our graduate program! We would love to see you working beside us! Jimin’s eyes scan the announcement that has been placed on the door of the coroner’s office. He is scheduled for a meeting with the elder man on what may have been found and as a man of time, he is early for it. “Park! You’re here,” the coroner steps out of his office. He has patches of grey hair and a scruff of facial hair that he now scratches with his fingers. Dressed in his usual white lab coat, his black shoes peek out from beneath his pants and they lead the way towards the morgue. “How’s it going, Fernando?” Jimin greets back, “I see your wife has been feeding you well.” He eyes a popped button on the stomach of his coworker. Fernando laughs. It is loud and bounces off the white walls of the building. It is a laugh that is jolly and hearty; a strange sound to hear in the location they currently are. “Maria always has a full meal whenever I return home. I swear, she’s trying to fatten me up like the witch from Hansel and Gretel,” he chuckles. He and Maria, a linguistic analyst also working in the police force, had been married for years. They had invited nearly the whole station to their wedding and wanted to celebrate for another week before a case had dragged everyone back to work. The two turn a corner and the black door of the morgue greets their face. Fernando hands Jimin a pair of gloves and a mask before they enter the room. The body has already been laid on the table and labelled after Fernando’s inspection. “I’ve already submitted the full report. You’ll find it on your desk by tomorrow morning,” Fernando speaks with a muffled voice due to the mask. The material itches Jimin’s nose and he wrinkles it. His fingers carefully pick up the sheet that covers the body and he scans the female underneath. “You know I like to see the victims personally for each case. Do you mind giving me an overview?” he asks. The other man shrugs. This is not the first case he’s worked with Jimin. While he was not a hard man to work with, he was extremely meticulous – borderline obsessive – in details to the point that it was tiring and burdensome. “No signs of struggles. She evidently took care of her body and skin; probably went to the gym in the times between work. Besides the large opening on her abdomen, the rest of her is intact.” “What is missing from her?” “Mainly her digestive system and portions of her excretory system. Everything within her ribcage has been preserved and unmoved.” “So nothing out of the ordinary then.” “Aside from the gaping hole? No. My best guess is that she knew her attacker. Or if she didn’t, then she at least didn’t sense any danger from him.” “What makes you say that?” “I found seminal fluid in her body.” This new information made Jimin turn his attention away from the body and back to Fernando. He had finished circling the table while mentally confirming everything Fernando had been saying. “You’re suggesting our killer may have had intercourse with our victim then?” “Jane Doe, technically,” Fernando inserted, “We haven’t made an ID on her quite yet.” Jimin waved the comment away. “Maybe,” Fernando recognized Jimin’s piercing look, “I sent a sample of it to the lab geeks. It could be from the killer or it might be from when she last had sex.” Jimin knew how long these types of analyses could take. He didn’t want to wait several weeks for results so he told Fernando to put a rush on it. Fernando stood wordlessly and watched Jimin as he continued to encircle the body. Every so often, his fingers would reach out and lightly tap a part of the body. With each tick the clock on the wall made, it seemed to drive its sound into Fernando’s skull. When he could not take the silence any longer, he let out a cough. At the sound, Jimin remembers that he is not alone in the room. It happened every time he got absorbed in a case. He would become trapped in his own world and forget everything that was around him. “Sorry, Fernando. I’m going to be here a little longer. You’re free to leave. I’ll read the report tomorrow morning and if I have any more questions, I’ll find you again,” he dismisses him. Fernando bows politely and exits the room. High cheekbones, full lips and a perky nose. She was attractive enough to gain a few extra glances when she had walked down the street. Was that how she got the attention of the killer? That would make sense to why he maintained her facial features and took out her organs. Perhaps it was an interpretation of keeping her beautiful exterior shell. It could also explain why a bouquet of flowers was put inside her. Jimin shook his head. He was thinking too much. Who knew what went on in the mind of a killer? Well, besides the killer themselves. He observes her face a while longer and notices that it is not as perfectly symmetrical as he had initially thought. In fact, her right cheek bulged out in a way similar to after a person had their wisdom teeth pulled out. Bringing the overhanging light towards the mouth of the girl, he shines the light inside. There were a couple of metal tools that were placed on a tray nearby and Jimin used this to pry inside her mouth. He pushes aside the meat of her cheeks and peers at the gums. There was nothing unusual there. Something continues to urge him to look further so he turns his head slightly and checks the inner cheek. Deep at the bottom of the valley where muscle meets gums, he notices markings that stand out from the normal. He is unable to make out what they are and so he pushes away the bright light. Opting for a smaller flashlight, he drops the piercing ray of light to where he had been looking before. Four squiggles. 2-0-something-1. Or was that an I? He rotates his head further. The originally illegible third Jimin becomes an A, and the two looks more like an S at this angle. If these were letters, then the second Jimin could potentially be an “O”. The last symbol was still inconclusive as it could be either a one or “I”. Consumed with his new finding, Jimin nearly forgets to record the new information. It is not until a few seconds later that he then whips out his cellular phone and snaps a picture of it. He cannot decipher whether the symbols could be anything more than letters and numbers so he peels off his mask and throws it with the gloves into the trash bin. As he walks out of the coroner’s building and back to the main station, a feeling continues to burn in his gut. His intuition is telling him that there is something oddly familiar with what he had just saw. It wasn’t the girl or the markings themselves, but rather the position he had found them in. He felt like he had seen something like this before. He scratches his head the entire way back until he sits at his desk. That is when he remembers.
The light takes him by surprise from the slight crack of his curtains. Warmth from the afternoon sun hits him directly at the eyes and its rays creates a band that gives him the illusion akin to Cyclops from X-Men. He stretches and feels his muscles straining from last night’s activities. With a roll of his neck, he bounces off the bed and throws his legs onto the floor. The cold from being out of his blankets send a shiver down his spine that makes him curl his toes. Everything is strangely quiet around him. He does not hear the clatter of plates nor the running of water. There are no soft paddings from footsteps. The world is silent. He grabs a shirt from his suitcase and throws it over his head, bringing a small bit of warmth to his body. With each step around their hotel room he sees nothing. Her clothing is gone as with it her toothbrush and shoes. In fact, her entire suitcase has disappeared. With miniscule curiosity he returns back to the bedroom and unplugs his charging phone. There is one unread message and he opens it. “I know you’re tired but I don’t think that’s an excuse for your outburst this morning. Regardless, I will respect your need for personal space. I’m flying back to LA. I’ll see you when you return. – Krystal” Her words are curt and straight-forward. He reads her frustration between the words but doesn’t carry it with him. He knows she is waiting for an apology but he is too engrossed with his newfound freedom. He had not planned for the research on this trip to be completed with such speed and so his return train ride was not scheduled until the day after tomorrow. She will have to wait. He had a whole city to walk and sights to see. She will be waiting regardless. Ever so slightly he forms a smile with his lips. He walks over to the curtains and throws them open, allowing all the sunlight to enter his room. It bounces off the white sheets and covers the rug. Dust particles float around after being stirred from their slumber. With a hand pressed against the window, Jungkook peers down from the height of the hotel. He watches the automobiles that zoom beneath his gaze and traces the pathway of each person that passes by. It is a good day.
Fingertips graze her lips with a type of tenderness that sends small vibrations through her entire body. He holds her gaze and she peers shyly into his half-moon eyes. A smile dances on his face while she caresses his face with tremoring hands. He grabs them and holds it in his own. “You’re shaking,” he says with a light teasing tone. She wants to pull away but he holds them only stronger. He traces the lines on her palms to soothe her, but it only makes her shake all the more. “Is this real?” the question brushes your mouth much like the autumn wind rustling through leaves. It falls from your lips and floats gently to reach his ears. “Do you want this be real?” he asks you. His eyes never leave you, starting from the top of you forehead to trace to the tip of your nose and finally landing on your cherry stained lips. You faintly hear the sound of laughter in the background and the pattering of feet running but you are only consumed by the man who sits in front of you. Your nod is but a slight shift of your head. He smiles at you and cups your face in the warmth of his hands. Pressing his lips affectionately on yours, you inhale and take in everything from him. “I love you, Y/N” he confesses with all of his heart. You can feel your heart tugging towards him as he stands and offers a hand. You take it and he lightly pulls you to his feet. A rush overcomes you and suddenly, he seems taller than you remember. You look down and sees him standing a few centimeters off the ground. Your brows furrow and you peer up at him again. He has turned and is now starting to run forward. “C’mon, let’s go!” he calls back towards you. You try to move your feet but they only propel you forward while he runs upward into the vast blue sky. “Hyun!” you cry, reaching out to him. He doesn’t seem to hear you but you see laughter bursting forth from his mouth. “You’ll have to run faster or you won’t catch up!” Pressing your feet firmly on the ground, you push off but gravity brings you back down. “Hyun, I can’t! I can’t get into the sky like you!” He has now risen further than ever, growing smaller in your vision. “C’mon, Y/N! Come fast, before you can’t catch up!” his voice is faint but you hear him calling to you. You run forward faster than ever but you are never able to leave the ground. Tears spill from the corner of your eyes in frustration at the fact that you are behind him. “Hyun, don’t leave me!” you scream between your sobbing, “Baekhyun!” Your dream is shattered at the sound of metal clattering to the floor. You are jolted awake and your heart bolts at the sudden sound. The metal can which held your wet paintbrushes were now spread across the floor after falling from the table. Your friend stands at the door with an embarrassed look on her face. “Sorry,” she says, bringing a finger from her forehead towards you in apology. You feel the rise in your heart rate. You conceal it by slowly getting up out of you seat and rolling you head to get rid of the kink. Together, both you and Min clean up the mess off the floor from where she had knocked over the art supplies. “Are you okay?” Min asks softly, not quite meeting your eyes as the two of you straighten out the other half completed canvases which balance precariously on the table. You blink in confusion, causing a tear to roll down your cheek. You reach up and brush it with your fingers. They return wet and tinged with green. You let out a small laugh. “I slept on paint again, didn’t I?” you muse. You and Min are standing at the art studio where you had spent all last night in. Your completed painting stands at the corner and Min walks over to it. Min tries to read what you are thinking, but the other has her head turned away. “You stayed here all night to complete this?” Min inspects the painting closer. It depicts a girl standing shyly in front of a boy against a background of red, pink and purple. The boy had his back towards the observer and he stood with his hands behind him holding a bouquet of flowers. The painting showed an innocent love between the two but when Min squinted her eyes, you noticed two circles that were put on the back of the coat the boy was wearing. Min raises an eyebrow and points it out to you. “Are those bullet holes?” You in the meantime had stood hypnotized in front of the painting. A strange feeling is stirring in your heart as you look at what you had painted. It brought forth the memory of Baekhyun standing in front of you with flowers after their first date. It led to the memory of your first shy kiss after. It made you remember the pain you felt from your dream. Another tear perches at the corner of your eye and you turn to brush it angrily away. Min is still standing in front of you, now watching you with concern. She could guess why you are crying and trying so hard to mask it. You had only ever shed tears for one person and this painting brought back the reminder that this person was no longer around you. “I’m not sure what that is,” you laughs nervously, “It was quite late last night. My mind does weird things when I am sleep deprived.” Without further explanation, you grab your bag and head out before any other memory can shake you. “I’m going home to shower,” you say without looking back, “Sorry about the mess of the studio. I’ll be back later to clean it.” Your last words choke and you escape before Min can see the tears that fall consciously down your cheeks this time.
3. 2. 1. Boom. Making the entrance of the century, the three horses gallop into the square where the three beings are strapped on. White. The stallion neighs and throws his head back, unsure of where to go next. But a loud snap makes it head to the right and it brings its hooves down on the ground. Its rider’s body has been punctured with holes and the smell that emits from it is horrendous. For the first horsemen is called Pestilence. Red. Its mane has been dipped in the blood of its enemy. It limps as the giant beast follows in step behind the stallion, a battle scar from its recent fight. His rider flails at a sharp right turn, causing the spear attached at the arm to clash with the helmet. For the second horsemen is called War. Black. The man is but naked, showing his skin pulled taut over the ribcage and bones. He carries the pair of scales with his stomach plastered on one end and the other tipped with bread. For the third horsemen is Famine, but this man can no longer fill his hunger seated upon the black horse. There is a final horseman. The fourth’s name is Death. But why does it need to exist, when it is so very much alive in the other three? Excerpt: Written - Three Horsemen Everything from his desk was moved into the presentation room that allowed him more space to work. Papers of the current case overlap with the papers from the older file. They are grouped in a way only the creator can understand and it is Jimin who stands before it. Picking at his lips with a hand, his foot taps rhythmically on the floor as he continues to scan what he has laid out in front of him. He knew something had been bothering him since he returned from the morgue. Now it was clear. He had remembered a case he had taken part of when he had been temporarily stationed in Los Angelos. The case had remained unsolved but the victim was similar to his Jane Doe. In that case, the man had TH3C scratched into the inner part of his cheek. Matching the picture he had taken earlier to the picture in the old file, they were even scratched in the same place. After digging around a little more, he found two other cases that were similar. It could be coincidence but if they were all related, this was not a simple kill any longer. They had a serial killer in their hands. However there is trouble with the cases. Besides the one he is holding, the other three are from Los Angeles. He technically no longer had any jurisdiction over them. Jimin was contemplating on calling up his colleague when his own phone interrupts his thought process. He answers the phone promptly. “Hello?” “Jimin?” your timid voice reaches his ears. His name uttered from you relaxes his tense shoulders. “Hey. What’s up?” He can hear shuffling from your side as you think about what to say. “I just wanted to call and see if you were okay. You didn’t return home last night.” “I went home for a bit but was called out pretty early for a case this morning. Wait, how did you know I didn’t go home?” “Ah… Well, I’m standing in front of your place right now.” “Why are you doing that?” He can basically hear your body language through the phone. You are gnawing on the inside of you cheek and probably tugging at your shirt, a habit you had when you were nervous. “I forgot my keys again. I thought that you might be home and I could use your shower.” Laughing at how sheepish your voice is, he says to you, “That tells me you slept over at the studio again. And very likely have paint on your face.” “Hey!” you huff, “I don’t wake up with paint on my face every single time!” “But you did this time, didn’t you?” he continues teasing you. You mutter something unintelligible, causing him to laugh at you again. “Unfortunately, I can’t step out of the office but if you don’t mind stopping over, I’ll hand you my keys.” You agree to his proposal and tell him that you’ll be there in twenty. Once their call ends, he chuckles silently to himself. You never seemed to change. When he and Baekhyun were roommates, there were multiple times he’d return home and find you standing outside their flat. You would tell him the same story of how you forgot your keys and of whether you could wash up at their place. And each and every time you would have a blotch of paint on you face where you had fallen asleep at the studio. He had teasingly got you face wash in a paint bottle for your birthday a long time ago as a joke. The last time he went over to your place, he had seen it standing in your room. His mind continues to wander to memories of his college days with Baekhyun and you until he is interrupted by Namjoon. “Whoah. What do you have going on here?” he asks, stepping towards the multitude of papers. Jimin takes this break to grab himself a new cup of coffee as the one sitting to the side had long since turned cold. “I was at the morgue earlier and discovered something strange. It reminded me of an old case,” he told Namjoon. Namjoon flipped through a couple of the pages but he was not as patient as Jimin to read through all the details. He scrunched up his nose and breezed past Jimin again. “I wanted to tell you we have a name for our Jane Doe,” Namjoon said, leaning against the doorframe. He is actually quite impressed at what Jimin has discovered in the span of the short time since they discovered the body this morning. Generally, he was impressed with how fast the department had gathered information. Perhaps as this was their biggest case in a while, the team as a whole was interested in solving it as soon as they can. “Sara Michel,” Namjoon continues on, “Female. 25. From Los Angeles. She’s a fine arts curator. She was in town for a meeting with the local museum about transferring a couple of new sculptures over. It’s been confirmed that the room we found her in this morning is the room her company booked for her while she was town.” “Los Angeles,” Jimin repeats. His eyes dart to the papers. Again, their neighbouring city is mentioned. “Yeah. What of it?” Namjoon picks up on Jimin’s sudden interest. He watches as the other walks over to the piles of paper and brings up a folder. “The old case I was talking about,” Jimin says, “It was from when I worked in LA last summer. A bit unusual that Ms. Michel is from there, don’t you think?” Namjoon scratches his chin. “Well, LA is a big city. And we’re only a train ride away….” Jimin shakes his head. “I don’t like it. Something weird is going on here.” Somebody outside the room yells out for Namjoon. He groans and Jimin throws him a sympathetic look. Jimin never told Namjoon, but before Namjoon was offered the promotion as lieutenant, Jimin had been approached by the captain. He had declined the position as he knew all the responsibilities that came with the new role. Besides, he enjoyed working as a detective; it allowed him hands-on access to all cases. “I’ll keep you updated on anything else I find,” Namjoon says as he turns to leave. Jimin replies, “Same here.” “Alright, well see you around. If I don’t get lost amongst all the conferences I have to start pulling…” his voice trails off as he exits with a dejected curve of his back.
“Hi,” your voice interrupts his nap. After Namjoon had left, Jimin had sat down at the desk fully planning to do some more research. However, his fatigue got the better of him and he ended up dozing off. He rubs his eyes sleepily and rises to greet you. You urge him to sit back down. You may have spent the night at the studio, but you looked more put together than he was. Dressed in the first pair of jeans he could find and an old tshirt, he was in a contrast to your outfit. You wore a pair of black and white polka-dotted overall shorts that you paired with a slim fit quarter sleeved shirt inside. A necklace hung around your neck, and you had thrown your hair into a messy bun. Tendrils of hair had fallen out, but it framed your face giving you an overall effortless but fresh look. Walking up to him, you sit gently at the edge of the table while he remains seated to your side. He gently reaches up and smudges the shadow of green paint on your face. “What a way to greet me,” you pout. He smiles at you, then yawns and stretches. Remembering why you had arrived, he rummages through his pocket and retrieves the key to his apartment for you. You thanked him for it and then rotate in your spot to take in the entire room. You were similar in this way, where the two of you had an eye for minute details. It intrigues you to see the pictures that had been laid out. It is true that they are morbid but being around Jimin all these years had made you accustomed to seeing images of a crime scene. “Are you going to be coming home tonight?” you ask him. Your back is still turned towards him as you walk up and study a picture up close. He walks up to you and stands behind. You were looking at the picture of the markings on one of the victims. “TH3C,” you whisper. “No,” his voice rumbles from behind you, “This case is pretty big. I’ll most likely be spending the night here.” You spin in your spot to face him again and your noses nearly touch. He stumbles and takes a step back at the close proximity. A frown starts to crease your forehead and you nervously chews on your fingernail. “What is it?” he sighs. It takes him a moment to gather himself while the scent of you lingers around him. “I feel bad that I’m barging into your place again,” you mumble, “What if I bring you dinner tonight?” “There’s no need. I’ll order take out from nearby. Besides, you’re always welcome at my place. It’s not a bother.” “Jimin…” He sighs, defeated. “Sure. I’ll wait for your meal.” You delightedly clap your hands together. “Perfect! I’ll make your favourite dish tonight! How does carbonara sound?” Nodding he feels the usual smile that appears around you on his face. It was strange. Before you came, he had nearly fainted with tiredness but now that you were here, it was like you had transferred you energy to him. “I’ll see you again tonight, then!” you quip animatedly. Taking his keys off the desk and into your pocket, you makes your way towards the door before stopping again. “TH,” you begin, “It makes me think of Three Horsemen.” “What’s that?” he asks you, distracted by the thought of delicious homemade food. “Three Horsemen. Remember the novel I was reading? It was just a random thought. And then maybe the number three for the third one? I don’t know what “C” would mean though. Perhaps it’s the horsemen from set C,” you continue to ramble on. You notice that Jimin is now staring at you with an intense gaze. You wave your hand in front of you, as if the simple action would cause you thoughts to magically disappear as well. “Forget what I said. I’m an artist,” you laugh nervously, “Besides if it was a set C, there would be a set B and A. And that would make… nine total kills. My mind is just overactive with the books I’m reading.” Jimin laughs nervously along with you. But inside, he mentally makes a note to investigate the possibility of what you have said, however miniscule that may be. You thank him once again for his hospitality and wave him good bye. When he is left alone again, he sinks back into his seat. It makes his bottom ache as he had been seated for a while, so he paces the room. Three Horsemen – Third Horsemen – Set C. TH3C. It wasn’t an unreasonable conclusion to draw. It was scary to imagine though. Eight other victims that were not found. His thoughts are interrupted once again when the phone in the room rings. Namjoon is on the other end when Jimin picks up. “We found a witness.”
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Hobi: I dunno, hyung, they kinda scare me. You never know what they're talking about, the maknae line.
Jin: I know. They could be planning to prank us all right now.
Taehyung: Dude....why aren't shorts half the price of pants?
Jungkook: Duuuuude.
Jimin: *sobbing*
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bts-scenarios-br · a day ago
Scenario - Ele namorando uma fotógrafa famosa.
(gên. Feminino) 
No começo, ele não sabia que você era famosa, apenas que era muito boa naquilo que fazia; quando descobriu o tamanho do seu nome, ele ficou orgulhoso, mas lá no fundo, não estava surpreso.
Ele gosta que você tire fotos dele, sem nem mesmo tentar esconder isso, sempre pede que faça isso quando tem a oportunidade, mas quando faz sem ele perceber fica ainda mais contente.
Está sempre elogiando seus trabalhos, especialmente aqueles que não se sente tão confiante assim, como quando fotografa algo que não está acostumada.
"Como assim você acha que tá ruim?" Ele perguntou, te olhando indignado. "Isso está perfeito, jagi, é claro que vão gostar, olha pra isso aqui!"
Tenta sempre convencer a empresa à te contratar quando eles vão ter sessões importantes de fotografia, sempre garantindo a todos que ninguém será melhor do que você para o trabalho. 
Tumblr media
Ele é simplesmente apaixonado pelos seus trabalhos, e gosta de olhar para eles quando pode, por isso as vezes enquadra as fotografias favoritas dele, ou as coloca como papel de parede.
Por mais que ele não tenha o costume de elogiar muito em geral, ele faz questão de dizer o quão bem você foi em algum projeto, quando vê que está insegura. 
Ele tenta esconder, mas sempre fica meio emburrado quando você viaja para longe para trabalhar em algo, e ele não pode ir junto, mas no final continua te dando suporte, te mandando mensagens de texto sempre que pode. 
Ele faz propaganda sua sem nem disfarçar, retweetando suas coisas ou mesmo dizendo para fãs em lives para irem dar uma olhada no seu trabalho.
"A S/N vai fazer uma exposição em Tokyo, esse final de semana." Ele diria, bebendo um pouco de água enquanto falava com as fãs em uma live. "Eu não vou poder ir porque tenho coisas pra fazer aqui já Coreia, mas se vocês conseguirem ir lá dar um apoio ela ia ficar muito feliz."
Tumblr media
O Hobi gosta de te irritar dizendo que só namora com você porque você tira fotos boas dele quando ele quer, mas a verdade é que ele é completamente apaixonado, tanto por você tanto pelo o que faz.
Ele sempre, sempre mesmo, elogia o que você faz, por mais que seja a fotografia mais simples do mundo, pode ter certeza que esse homem vai falar dela como se fosse uma revolução artística.
"Wow, como que você conseguiu tirar isso?" Ele perguntou, olhando para a tela do seu computador enquanto você editava uma simples fotografia de pôr do sol. "Está linda, jagiya, vai enviar ela pra algum lugar? Se não tiver o que fazer com ela me manda porque eu quero!"
Ele ama quando você é contratada para trabalhar com ele e com os meninos, e fica contente sentado em um canto e observando você interagir com os demais, se sentindo feliz por ver vocês se dando bem. 
Ele fica orgulhoso quando vê seu nome por aí, seja quando citam em uma entrevista ou quando te vê sendo exaltada na internet, ele sempre vai abrir um sorriso no rosto.
Tumblr media
O Namjoon tenta evitar, mas ele gosta de pedir e para que você tire fotos para ele (não necessariamente dele), e sempre as posta no Twitter ou no Weverse, te dando todos os créditos e se exibindo um pouquinho por namorar alguém tão talentosa. 
Ele também gosta de exibir seu trabalho por aí, e tem várias de suas fotografias favoritas em pequenos porta-retratos espalhados pelo estúdio dele.
Ele ama, e tenta sempre ir quando você tem uma exposição; ir a esse tipo de evento já é uma paixão dele, e ser sua torna tudo ainda mais maravilhoso para ele, que gosta de te dar o maior apoio possível.
Às vezes ele esquece que você é famosa, por isso quando está lendo uma revista de arte e se depara com trabalhos seus, ele costuma se assustar, até perceber que você é um dos maiores nomes dentro da fotografia contemporânea, então é claro que ia estar lá.
"Olha, é uma foto da S/N na capa!" Ele disse empolgado para o Hobi, que apenas ficou o encarando sério. "Ah, é verdade, isso sempre acontece." Disse um pouco envergonhado, procurando em qual página estavam falando de você.
Tumblr media
Desde a primeira vez que ele te conheceu, quando você foi fazer um projeto com ele e com os meninos, o Jimin já se encantou, especialmente pela sua forma de trabalhar, mas também por você em si.
Às vezes, quando você precisa ficar até tarde trabalhando, o Jimin gosta de ir até você e te fazer companhia até que possam ir embora (especialmente se você tiver trabalhando ao ar livre).
"Juro que não vou atrapalhar, vou só sentar ali no canto!" Te disse quando chegou no estúdio. "Fighting, jagiya!"
Você é apaixonada por tirar fotos dele quando ele não está vendo, e por mais que ele reclame por estar com o cabelo bagunçado ou sem maquiagem, ele não consegue esconder a alegria ao ver que você colocou a fotografia em questão como papel de parede do seu celular.
Ele tem uma foto favorita tirada por você: foi da primeira viagem que tiveram juntos, você arrumou a câmera e vocês correram para aparecerem na paisagem; essa foto nunca mais saiu da carteira dele.
Tumblr media
O Tae na verdade já conhecia você e seu trabalho antes de se conhecerem realmente, e sempre foi um grande admirador do que você fazia, sentimento que apenas cresceu depois que entraram em um relacionamento.
Ele sempre pede que você tire fotos dele, quando se depara com um cenário bonito, mas sempre recompensa se dedicando a tirar fotos suas também, ouvindo atentamente às suas dicas.
Ele gosta quando você é convidada para trabalhar com ele e os meninos, e fica especialmente orgulhoso quando ouve falarem bem de você na empresa pelos dias seguintes.
Às vezes ele se preocupa quando você trabalha muito tarde, mas sabe que pode te atrapalhar se for com você, por isso é comum que quando você saia de um estúdio ou um set, se depare com o Tae quase dormindo no carro dele do lado de fora, enquanto te espera.
"Eu não tinha mais nada pra fazer, não se preocupe." Ele disse quando você reclamou por ele ter ido te buscar. "Sem contar que já é quase meia-noite, como que eu ia deixar você voltar sozinha?" 
Tumblr media
Ele está sempre pedindo para você avaliar as fotografias que ele tira, assim como está sempre querendo que você o ensine técnicas e truques para tirar fotografias melhores, por mais que você insista que ele já está ótimo para alguém que não é profissional.
"Eu sei que está boa, não tô falando que está feia." Ele choramingou quando você disse que ele não precisava mudar mais nada da foto dele. "Mas sempre tem alguma coisa que pode melhorar."
Ele não pode mentir, fica levemente enciumado com certos trabalhos que você faz, especialmente aqueles que são com pessoas muito atraentes e possuem um conceito mais sensual, por isso não é raro que ele apareça nesses ensaios para levar o seu almoço, e decida ficar matando um pouco o tempo lá.
Mas, ironicamente, ele não tem ciúmes quando trabalha com os meninos, na verdade ele ama ver você mandando nos membros, ainda mais quando eles começam a dar regaço regaço e você começa a dar bronca. 
Se não soubesse que ele é seu namorado, diria que ele é dono do seu fã-clube, já que ninguém fica mais empolgado e orgulhoso que ele quando vê uma fotografia sua exposta, além de ter várias das favoritas dele espalhadas pelo próprio apartamento.
Tumblr media
Oii, como estão?
Desculpa pela demora (como sempre k) mas eu espero que tenham gostado, e me desculpe por qualquer erro!!
Até mais, e fiquem bem!
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btsscenariosworld · a day ago
How is BTS so famous? What makes them different? What makes them so special? Even they dont know the secret to their sudden success in the kpop/music industry. One day a Jimin member of BTS is found out enchanting in secret.
His voice seemed different than usual, it was more angelic and soft, its what had made their succes grow, how many people fall for them. Its their secret to success! Jimin is a mythical creature
???: "What are you?"
Tumblr media
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yonkimint · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Always [Hobi x Reader] - 26
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bangtanfanficarchive · 2 days ago
Namjoon x Hoseok Royalty AU
Prompt: namseok, royalty au, "you really need to go"
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 3.8k
Summary: Hoseok is a Prince and Namjoon is his stablehand. And they're hopelessly, stupidly in love, much to the King's distaste.
Tumblr media
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bangtanhome · 2 days ago
thinly veiled desires | an ot7 drabble series
Tumblr media
Description: All he could hear is the thrumming of his heartbeat; of blood roaring in his ears. All he could smell is the sweet and musky scent of a candle being lit on the bedside table, a familiar signal to indicate the start of the scene. The scent is clouding his brain with heady desire; a shiver running down his spine from the cold. And all he could see… is nothing, darkness blooming behind his eyes.
A quiet chuckle causes him to gulp. You're about to begin.
Tumblr media
this series of works are 18+ and is not suitable for younger audiences.
first of all, huge thank you to @sugajimin for giving me permission to use her gifset from the mots photoshoot as headers for each member! second of all, these are drabble series for each individual member x reader. lastly, this is to celebrate a bi milestone on tumblr, so thank YOU for reading through my work.
the story is told in each member's pov and you, the reader, are an enigmatic and very sexy individual. i wanted to try my hand at writing a gnc reader since i'm gnc myself! please do tell me what you think, i'd love to hear some feedback!
oh as a bonus challenge: i limited myself to only writing each fic in 800 words or less!
individual warnings are written for each member though these are the overarching themes: bdsm themes • blindfolded • sub!ot7 / dom!reader
general m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
namjoon: bound
seokjin: gagged
yoongi: marked
hoseok: beckoned
jimin: whipped
taehyung: leashed
jungkook: begged
Tumblr media
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all works are © bangtanhome
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