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kimnjss · a month ago
buzzer beater | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: angst... and some fluff too!
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 4.6K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: uhm(?) he tries to look up her skirt... but she kinda likes it lmao . oh! and bits of emotional constipation coming from min yoongi.
⤑ A/N: hii! let’s just get right into it - let me know what you think x don’t be a silent reader, please!! 
Tumblr media
MAY 1ST, 2021 | 19:57 The sound of the buzzer cuts through the crowd's chants. It's silent for a moment, the ball swishing into the net breaking through. Loud cheers erupt, shouts and cries shaking the gym, Yoongi's won the game with a buzzer beater. It has been neck and neck all night and just a few moments before time ran out, he was making a three-point shot – stealing the lead.
115 to 113. His shot takes them to 116 and just like that it's over. His entire body is buzzing with adrenaline. Pumped that he was able to win, excited to finally meet the girl who has been plaguing his thoughts for weeks. He just wanted to see her face, hear her moan... feel her soft touch. It's been too much of the wishing and fantasizing, he was a man of action after all.
Yoongi is only half interested in shaking hands with the opposing team to congratulate on a good game. His mind is reeling with plans and scenarios of when he's finally able to meet this girl. He doesn't even join in on the shit talk with Hoseok and Jungkook as they make their way to the locker room.
Hoseok had a plan to talk to one of the cheerleaders from the other school and Jungkook felt the need to challenge his abilities. Normally, this would be a topic Yoongi was all over, standing with either side just to make things more entertaining... but tonight he had different plans to keep himself entertained.
He doesn't rush out to see Hoseok crash and burn, instead, he takes his time with dressing. Paying close attention to his shower damp hair and the clothes he strategically picked out this morning. He wanted to look good. Fuckable. It's not until the locker room has died down that Yoongi is stepping out.
Deep breaths filling and exiting his chest as he makes his way under the bleachers, waiting patiently for you to arrive.
When you had agreed to join Taehyung to the game, the only thing on your mind was meeting Yoongi. Whether or not you thought it would e a good idea to reveal yourself and all the things he could say when he found out it was you.
You had dressed for the occasion, wanting to look nice in front of your crush. Spent a little longer taming your curls and found a dress that hugged the curves of your body nicely. You wanted to impress him, but walking through the gym doors you still hadn't decided if you'd meet him.
He's the first one you see when you're settling on the bleachers. Dark hair bounces as he jogs up and down the court, receiving a ball at the end of it to shoot. He does that until the game is starting.
Taehyung chats mindlessly beside you with Jimin. Ignoring the blatant flirting from the older man and keeping his focus on the players sprinting in front of him. He's doing it on purpose, not dim when it comes to someone's interest. He just finds the struggle funny, so he keeps up with the facade.
Jimin was no quitter either. Each failed attempt was followed by another more thought of gesture. By the time the game has reached its final seconds, Jimin has taken to recounting the dance awards he's received in an attempt to impress. It does work. Taehyung finds any type of atheism attractive. And he was very attracted to Jimin. But for the sake of his entertainment, he's merely nodding.
Despite his uninterested demeanor, Taehyung is still agreeing to join Jimin for milkshakes after the game. They're walking out side by side as Jimin babbles about God knows what and Taehyung just nods along.
More and more people exit the gym and as the crowd thins, anxiety grows in your chest. You still haven't decided. Spent the entire game watching Yoongi dominate his reviles and his own team and you were stuck. You wanted him to know it was you, finally feel him the way you've been craving for so long. But on the other hand, what if he was so disgusted with the fact that it was you and you've been lying to him that he no longer wanted anything to do with you?
You're still undecided after the last couple has left the gym. Left sat on the top of the bleachers, scrolling through your phone when the locker room door shoves open. Yoongi steps out, looking extremely handsome and nervous. You spot the slight shake of his hand as he reaches up to push his hair back.
He doesn't even look up, calculated steps headed right underneath the bleachers you're sat on. He's waiting for you, nervous like that. And you've all of a sudden made up your mind.
'I'm sorry I've been lying to you. I didn't think you'd find the account, it was a joke! I never meant for it to go this far...I'm sorry. Please don't hate me.'
That's your mantra as you make your way underneath the bleachers. It took a full twenty minutes before you were mustering up the courage to move. And just as you're about to join him, he's stepping out with a confused look on his face.
“Yn? What are you doing here?” He's smiling at you. “Thought you hated crowds,” There's not even a bit of him that thinks you're here to meet him. Just a coincidence that you're walking toward the bleachers as he waits. And the coward in you takes the out, pushing a smile onto your lips to match his. “I came with Taehyung! He left, though. I was just going,” He ignores the awkward point toward the doors, moving to close the space between the two of you. He's naturally dropping his arm over your shoulders, leading you in the other direction.
“Did you see how amazing I was out there?” The nervous Yoongi you had caught glimpse of moments before was tucked away somewhere else. He was back to the cocky guy you knew so well, a grin to match as he walked the two of you around the perimeter of the gym. “Won the whole game, didn't I?” Head tilting to the side slightly, looking down at you.
He doesn't need you to say it because he already knows, but the way you nod strokes his ego nicely. After you've circled the gym twice, he's walking the two of you out of the room – the entire time filling you in on behind-the-scenes tidbits about the game that just ended.
Three sentences in a story about how he managed to shoot the ball without even looking, he's cutting himself off. Brows wrinkling as he takes a moment to study your features and he looks genuinely confused, you're about to ask what's with him but he's beating you to it. “You look pretty,”
His words catch you so off guard that there's actually a stumble in your step, air getting caught in your throat and forcing a cough from your chest. Of course, Yoongi has thrown compliments your way dozens of times. He was always calling you hot and making elaborate remarks whenever he saw you sitting at your desk...
But to call you pretty? With that look in his eye that had your body instantly heating up.. and not in the 'i want to jump your bones right here and now,' type of way, but in an 'i want to hold your hand and pull you close,' type of way. You're not sure how to react, so you don't. Brushing it off with a laugh that sounds more forced than you intended.
“Oh! Uhm. Thanks? I just wore this dress... it's a little short, though.” As proof, you're reaching to tug the hem of the dress further down your thighs. Which brings Yoongi's attention down to the exposed skin he had neglected to notice before.
That shocks him, normally that would be the first thing his eyes were zeroing in on. “I didn't even...” Sentence ending in his mind, he's quick to lift his gaze back up to your face. “I was talking about your face. It's kinda glowing? I don't know why,” He laughs it off, all at once deciding that he's done discussing the topic of your appearance.
His arm drops from around your shoulders, yet you're not even allowed a second to mourn it because he's reaching for your hand just as fast. “I know where they store the concessions after the games,” He says with a large grin as if he's just told you he has the detailed map to a pot of gold.
Either way, you're following closely behind him as he tugs you through the halls of the school. You're too focused on the feel of his hand in yours to think about where you're going. It's soft and warm, long fingers reaching well past your knuckles. You definitely didn't miss he was the type to interlock fingers rather than clasp palms. Something about had your stomach flipping.
Yoongi stops in front of the supply closet mainly used to store the old laptops and film equipment. The lock on the door is broken so he's able to pull it open with just a few jiggles, revealing several boxes of candy and chocolate, fruit snacks, and chips. He's dropping your hand only to step into the closet, picking out what he wants.
“Wait. Isn't this stealing?” There's a twinge of panic in your voice that he ignores, trying to decide between Doritos and Hot Cheetos. “There wouldn't even be a game to sell these at if it weren't for me,” He says halfheartedly, handing over both bags of chips to you. “My parents paid to remodel the gym. And majority of the money used to buy these comes from their donations,” He clarifies, proving that basketball wasn't the only standing he had with this school.
And you really couldn't argue with that logic.
One by one he's filling your arms with snacks until he's sure that he's got enough to feed the both of you until next summer. He's then grabbing one single bottle of Gatorade before he's kicking the door shut, reaching his arms out to scoop half of the load from your grasp.
“Let's go sit outside with these,” There was something about the way Yoongi did things. With so much certainty. Who's to say that you didn't have plans other than sitting around and eating snacks with him? He spoke like he knew people would drop everything to be at his beck and call and because he carried himself like that, he always seemed to get exactly what he wanted.
Exactly why he found himself playing on the court today instead of sitting on the sidelines like he should've been. Rules just seemed to bend when it came to him, people seemed to shift and mold themselves in order to be desirable to him. Which was exactly why you're following him outside without a word, adjusting your skirt so you're not sitting your bare ass on the grass.
“Ooh. Your skirt is really short,” He says in slight amazement, head cocking to the side to get a better view underneath the hem of it.
You feel your face instantly heat up, hands flying out to push his forehead back. “Don't look!” You try to sound serious but can't help the giggle that bubbles in your throat. There was just something about Yoongi trying to peak up your skirt that turned you into a blushing schoolgirl.
His brow raises at the lack of annoyance in your tone and he's immediately tempted to test his luck. Reaching a hand out, he's pinching the fabric between two fingers before slowly lifting. “Why not? My favorite color is red,”
Obviously referring to the underwear you've got on and that has your eyes widening, hands quickly batting his away. “Yoongi!” It sounds more playful than anything and he doesn't hesitate to join in with your laughter, a dramatic pout taking over his features as you plop down on the grass beside him.
“You're no fun,” A warm hand wraps around your thigh, gently lifting your leg into his lap and the other follows. He uses the excuse of not wanting you to sit fully on the grass in your pretty skirt, but his hand doesn't lift your thigh and you're in no rush to brush it off.
It's cold and he notices the shiver of your back as you lean back on the damp grass. “I'm always so damn hot after a game,” He announces a little too loudly as he tugs the zipper of his basketball jacket down, pealing it off and tossing it in your direction. “Wear that. I don't want it to get dirty on the ground,” Another excuse because no way would he risk getting cold just because some girl forgot to bring her own coat.
Though, he can't deny the subtle swell in his chest at the sight of you pulling the garment over your shoulders, instantly settling in the fabric. The urge to kiss you has never been as strong as it was right now. He's pushing through the snacks he's brought along, choosing a kit-kat out of the mix and tearing into it.
“You like these right?” Plucking a package of fruit snacks up, he flashes it up in your direction. And it's almost laughable, how much attention to detail this man paid. You had this same package in your bag during one of your tutoring sessions, you remember because he had rolled his eyes at the thought of you only having snacks for dinner.
They were for Taehyung, though, one among the many snacks he asked you to bring whenever the two of you shared a class. Yoongi had assumed they were yours, though, and that you liked them – so he was sure to grab them in his little snack raid.
So of course you're taking them with a smile, ripping into the package and digging the first few gummies out. And then it's quiet. Just the sound of the wind and the soft chomp of his chocolate cookie. He looks like he's thinking hard about something, staring in front of him with his brows furrowed.
Part of you knows what's going through your mind, while the other half desperately looks for other things that could be weighing on his mind. Anything that had nothing to do with the shitty way you stood him up. The tips of his fingers dance up your thigh, absentmindedly drawing patterns in your soft skin. Touch so subtle, you're positive he's not even trying to turn you on... but that doesn't stop the heat pooling between your legs.
He's staring out far ahead of him, heavy thoughts weighing on his shoulders. Lips formed in a soft pout as he chews, fingers finding the hem of your skirt. He manages to find a loose string, deciding it doesn't belong so he's tugging at it. You watch as his face scrunches when it doesn't immediately tear, his eyes dropping to watch his fingers.
Your breath catches as his eyes slowly lift, tracing over the dips and lines of your body until they're landing on your face. And he's hitting you with the most sultry gaze you've ever seen it has a shiver running down your spine, completely unrelated to the cool air that tickles your skin.
“You're looking at me like that again,” It's hard not to let his deep voice affect you, but you're trying your hardest as you reach down to swat his hand away from your legs. “Fuck off,” You're saying with a roll of your eyes and an adorable tint to your cheeks. It's weird, how much he liked it when you swore at him. So used to your polite tone and your calculated responses. Even though he's said much worse, hearing the words fall from your lips has crude thoughts bouncing around his head.
Wouldn't be the first time he's thought of you like that. He was no stranger to letting his mind wander as you went on and on about God knows what, faking an interested nod as you pointed at the colorful images in his textbook. Mind so far from what you were teaching, too busy imagining how your tongue would feel on his neck, tiny hands around down his jeans.
He'd probably have to walk you through it, teach you how to make him feel good. So inexperienced, innocent, of course, you'd need him to guide you. Probably never dealt with a dick like his, you'd definitely need him to walk you through it.
Yoongi's still got a loose grip on your fingers, staring blankly at you and it's been a few seconds of it. As soon as you're moving to pull your hand from his grasp, though, he's reacting, fingers intertwining with yours before dropping to rest on your lap. He liked the feeling of your hand in his much more than he was willing to admit.
“I know everything,” You probably look like a deer caught in headlights, eyes wide and jaw dropped. There's an apology ready on your lips, heart pounding in your ears as you try to form the right words. All you can think though, is how? And why was he bringing it up like this of all ways? “W-what?” You barely trust the word as it leaves your lips.
The smirk that plays on his lips does nothing to ease your nerves. “I know you talked to the dean,” Not at all what you were expecting him to say, but you play it off. Relief washing over your body, letting out a nervous laugh.
“I didn't...” You start, but quickly realize there's no use in lying about it. The jig is up. “How'd you find out?” Looking up at him sheepishly, you try your best to gauge what he's thinking and whether or not he's upset.
He doesn't give anything away, simply shrugging his shoulders. “There's no way they'd go against policy without someone like you putting pressure on it,”
“Oh.” You did have a bit of a pull when it came to the office. The hours you've spent volunteering for the school, organizing events, and just overall being an extra hand for the staff was enough, not to mention your grades that you were positive were used in the welcome brochure this year. They loved you in there.
“Don't worry, I'm not mad.” Yoongi actually looks at you as he speaks, eliminating any room for confusion on his feelings. Still, you feel the need to justify your actions. “I know you can raise your scores, Yoongi. Just realistically speaking, it won't happen in time.”
He's lifting a large hand, waving it in the air as if to literally brush the push away. “I know that. You're the only person who thinks I can, so I didn't doubt that” It sounds a bit sad to hear him say that, yet you're not sure why. He doesn't look sad, emotionless as he says it but that doesn't stop the heavy feeling you get in your chest upon hearing it.
So, of course, you're rushing to reassure him, even if he doesn't need it. “I'm sure that's not true. You have a bunch of friends,” The corners of his lips as he blows air through his nose, a short unamused chuckle.
“I do, don't I?” He says, but it doesn't sound the way it should.
You have no time to dwell on it, though, his hands reaching forward for the zipper of his jacket that swallows your frame. Attention shifting to his fingers as he grasps the metal, tugging it up until your entire body is hidden from the cold. “Keep that zipped. Do you want me to walk you home? I'm kinda tired.” He's gently brushing your legs from his lap, hopping to his feet before you've even answered.
Still, you take the hand the hand that he extends out to you, standing alongside him. He takes a moment to shove the remaining snacks into his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder before he's leading the two of you off of the field.
He's quiet as he navigates his way through the campus, taking your directions even though he doesn't need any help finding his way to the girls' dorms. Nothing is said between the two of you and guilt bubbles in your chest, knowing that you have something to do with this new silence. Either the you that tutors him or the you that gets him off, either way, it's your fault.
It's the flashes of disappointment you catch as he loses himself in his thoughts, most likely had hoped that you would've shown up at some point tonight, but it was getting too late to wait and there was no way he was going to let you walk back home alone at this time. He had no choice but to pack up and leave, accept defeat. You weren't coming.
Yoongi does, though, make one comment about crashing as soon as he gets home. And you're so desperate to lighten the mood that you're latching on to the small opening and using it as a chance to stroke his ego. That surely would be the reset button on him, right? “Your back must be killing you from carrying the whole team like that,”
A laugh actually leaves his lips and you feel the pride cruise through your body. “Right? You should learn how to give Nuru Massages, they work wonders.” He's hitting you with a cheeky grin and a suggestive lift of his brows, so you're deciding your work is done. A large smile spreading across your lips, proud of yourself for at least getting him to laugh after ruining his night the way you had.
He's catching on to the way your face lights up instantly, completely disregarding the lack of forced annoyance to his overtly sexual comment. Too taken with how your face looks. And then something's clicking in his mind. “I figured what was with your face earlier. You were smiling.”
“Oh, come on. I smile!” Eyes rolling up at him, but your smile never falls.
Yoongi's shaking his head in a real animated way, body swinging slightly with the movement. “Not around me. You're always so serious. You never laugh at my jokes,” He always tried so hard to distract you when it came to studying, hoping that you'd forget about the lesson plan and just chill.
Did you really have to quiz him each and every time he showed up? It just didn't make sense. “Your jokes aren't funny,” The deadpan tone that he's sure you only use on him is back. “I'm funny!” He's loudly defending, catching the attention of some students passing by. He's quickly locking eyes with one of them close enough to reach, tapping his hand against the guy's chest. “Hey. Tell her I'm hilarious,” He speaks with a large grin.
You quite literally see the stars forming in the kid's eyes as if he's been approached by a full-time superstar. “He's hilarious.” The words are directed to you, but his gaze never drops from Yoongi. “Hi, Yoongi! You were amazing tonight! I've never seen someone-” Words catching in his throat as Yoongi turns his attention away from him, directing it back down to you.
“See? I'm hilarious.” A triumphant sparkle in his eye, so you have no other choice but to agree.
You're reaching the front door of your dorm much quicker than you would've liked, hoped to see Yoongi's large gummy smile for a little bit longer as he recounted story after story to further prove how hilarious he actually was.
He stands in front of you, hands in his pockets and toe kicking at a random rock he's found on the ground. The unsure, nerve-wracking feeling in his chest is foreign and he has no idea why it's coming up now with you of all people. “You weren't boring today,” He says, but he really means to say that he had fun hanging out with him.
Thankfully, you're not offended by the constant way he's calling you boring. Instead, you just simply roll those pretty eyes. “If I wasn't boring, you'd still be sat on the sidelines.” His jaw drops, looking thoroughly scandalized. “That was mean!” He speaks through a laugh, reaching out to lightly push at your shoulder.
A string of giggles leave your lips and that has him wanting to laugh more. You two much look crazy, stood in front of the dorms laughing at really nothing. It's a few moments before the laughter dies down, smiles resting on your lips. “Thank you for talking to the dean.” He's sincere and he wants you to know that, looking you right in the eyes as he speaks.
“Nobody roots for me the way that you do,” Again. He doesn't even sound sad, but the words make you feel like he is. And you're rushing to take care of it. “Did you not hear the entire gym chanting your name?”
Never been to a game before, so you had assumed he was exaggerating when he claimed to be the star of the team. Boy, were you wrong. Most of the points made tonight were shot by him, hardly ever missed, and the way he ducked and dodged the much taller players was definitely something to awe over.
“That's different.” He's quick to shake your words off. “I know I can make the shots, they do too. You root for me in things that I don't know I can do, but you do.” It's the most serious that you've ever seen Yoongi before and you're not sure how to react.
So you decide not to think too deeply into it, pushing a smile onto your lips as you reach your arm out to rest a hand on his shoulder. “I can detect potential. It's a gift,” Taking a moment to stroke your own ego before landing two pats on his back and pulling away, distracting yourself to search for your keys.
He's agreeing with nothing but a nod, taking advantage of your dropped gaze to shamelessly admire you. He wasn't kidding when he had mentioned how pretty he thought you were. Tonight and when you first met. But, there was something holding him back when it came to making a move. Like he knew it wouldn't work on you. That you were different.
It's weird because he doesn't even want to try with the tricks and antics. Enjoyed the little study sessions filled with middle school flirting, slowly getting to know you, and moments like these where he got to steal glances when you were looking.
Until you were, eyes drifting up to meet his stare and you're instantly hitting him with a look of confusion. Before you're putting together why he's stood there staring at you. “Oh! Do you want your jacket back?” Hands moving to reach for the zipper, but he's quickly stopping you.
It's not much longer than the dress that you had been wearing and not made from the warmest of fabrics, but he liked seeing you wrapped up in something that he knew belonged to him. “No, you're fine. Keep it. I was just... goodnight?” He's taking two awkward steps back, nearly stumbling when you're flashing a smile up at him.
“I'll see you Thursday!” You call, but he can't even muster out a proper answer. Simply nodding his head as he backs further away from you, actually watching until you're entering the dorm. Not turning around until you're completely out of sight and even still, he has that awkward feeling in his chest.
What the fuck is going on!?
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nine - recording
ten - mp3
eleven - leaked my recording
twelve - babe
thirteen - back by unpopular demand
fourteen - protected
fifteen - everyone will love it
sixteen - who's the girl?
seventeen - music is a gift
eighteen - crazy
nineteen - wbk I'm a genius
twenty - shit
twenty-one - let me in (TW: abuse)
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dejayoonw · a month ago
Tumblr media
— More
recently divorced & looking for a new producer you’re inroduced to the seemingly stoic and hardworking min yoongi. at first it seems like he hates you but slowly he begins to warm up, showing you who he really is. how could you not fall for the caring, talented and amazingly devoted father?
Tumblr media
pairing: idol!reader x producer/dad!yoongi
genre: S2L, angst, fluff
type: social media au
mood: pinterest board & spotify playlist
side pairing: taekook
updates: daily @ 7pm cst
a/n: disclaimer! baekhyun is an absolute dick in this but i in no way think that’s how he really is or that he would do anything i’ve written! i use people i like as side characters. also, there are mentions of infertility & it’s a fairly major plot point but there are no mentions of miscarriage apart from one of the songs implying it.
if you’d like to be added to the taglist feel free to send an ask!
Tumblr media
part zero: profiles
part one: divorce selfie!!
part two: maybe: suga
part three: killing boys
part four: min barks
part five: we drank
part six: seokie best manager 
part seven: without me
part eight: celebratory dinner 
part nine: don’t speak 
part ten: drama queen 
part eleven: saving grace 
part twelve: dinner guest 
part thirteen: lady bits check up 
part fourteen: ahead of the hype 
part fifteen: sleepover 
part sixteen: suga prod. yn album 
part seventeen: mystery gang
part eighteen: the ol’ razzle dazzle 
part nineteen: confessions
part twenty: stuck with you
part twenty-one: hedric
part twenty-two: rapper suga 
part twenty-three: album release pt1
part twenty-four: album release pt2 
part twenty-five: lets talk about it
part twenty-six: no second guessing 
part twenty-seven: epilogue 1
part twenty-eight: epilogue 2
part twenty-nine: epilogue 3
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lysjeon · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
⤷ y/n and yoongi hate each other but end up together after a dating app makes them find out they have more in common than they thought. meanwhile taehyung is struggling to keep his feeling to himself when he sees yoongi and y/n together.
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kimnjss · a month ago
not finished | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: fluff... yeah, just fluff!
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 2.4K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: none!!
⤑ A/N: hii! it felt a little weird writing after such a long time, not even gonna lie.. don’t worry, i’ll get into the hang of things again! hope you like this tho, just a short little transition chapter!! let me know what you think x
Tumblr media
MAY 15TH, 2021 | 17:19
Yoongi is stood steps outside of his house when you're walking up. An oversized hoodie slung over his shoulder and a large shirt covering his figure. His entire face lights up when he spots you, arm waving in the air as you come nearer. If it was up to you, you would've stayed home, put in the much-needed hours into working on your project, and turned it in again tomorrow. Instead of meeting him for... whatever this was supposed to be.
There was something about spending time with Yoongi that always seemed to get to you. From afar, you have been able to keep your cool around him, even so, when you first started tutoring him. But the more time the two spent together and the more of him you saw, the harder it got to keep your composure.
He was constantly on your mind. Whether it was all the dirty things you wanted him to do to you or the sweet things that you were sure were above his pay grade. The number of times you've fantasized about him holding your hand was a little embarrassing. Yet you had no desire to stop thinking of him that way, as a boyfriend. Although, you were sure your boyfriend was the last thing Yoongi wanted to be.
“You're pretty,” He says it so casually, you're not sure if it's meant to have an effect. But, it does. Your heart jumps at the simple compliment, doing somersaults in your chest just from the simple utterance of the two words. So freaking embarrassing.
If he notices your flushed cheeks, he doesn't say anything. Instead, he's outstretching his arm to you, offering the hoodie that he had been holding before. “You never come out dressed for the weather,” He sounds like he's scolding you, yet there's something hidden in his features that have you convinced he likes the way your dress looks on you... just as much as he likes the thought of you being wrapped up in his hoodie to stay warm.
You take the garment from his hands, thanking him before quickly throwing it on. Not cold, but willing to go the extra mile to see the large smile that lights up that man's face whenever he's satisfied with himself. And that's exactly what you see when you're tugging the zipper up on the hoodie, followed by his arm dropping around your shoulders as he leads you down the sidewalk.
“Where are we going, by the way?” Humming at your words, but not giving up any true details. Yoongi walks you all the way to his car, a sleek black sports car that rarely even leaves its parking spot. He opens up the door for you, guards your head as you slip into the car and the entire time you're insides are screaming, trying to figure out if this was a date.
Dates required more planning, right? If he wanted you on a date, he would've asked, right? Something along the lines of: 'I can't stop thinking about you. Please, please... do me the greatness of going on a date,'. That was how you asked someone you were interested in out, right? Not... 'come out for a bit,'. And considering his invitation was closer to the latter, there was no way this was a date. Right?
He doesn't ask what music you want to listen to but manages to play all of your favorite songs. And not the favorite songs you tell people are yours because they're mainstream... but the songs you're sure no one else has listened to before. Well, no one else besides you and Yoongi.
Conversation flows so easily between you and Yoongi, he really likes to make you laugh. Going from shit-talking your asshole of a professor, to recounting every embarrassing moment involving his friends... he was strategic in the way he left himself out of his embarrassing moments.
And then came the questions he threw your way. Things that he's wondered since he's met you and things that he found himself curious about the more time the two of you spent together. It was nice. You could tell he wanted to get to know, unlike the times he's talked while you're studying... very obviously wanting to avoid doing any real work.
The car ride flies by, you hardly believe it's been an hour of talking to him. Hearing him laugh and grimace at the lame things you manage to say. The large blue building s the first thing that you see, pulling a tiny gasp from your lips as he turns into the parking garage. He's got this smug look on his face when you're facing him with a wide-eyed expression as if he expected this to be your reaction.
“You took me to an aquarium!?” 
He's faking this look of confusion, eyes narrowing as he peaks out the window. “Is that where we are? I'm just parking here,” He tries to sound nonchalant, but is terrible at hiding the grin that spreads across his features.
It makes sense why he gave you his sweater the minute you walk into the freezing building. Tickets that he must've purchased online ready on his phone as you reach the doors. “What do you want to see first?” His hand ghosting on the small of your back, allowing you to fully take in your surroundings.
You're pointing ahead of you, a way too cute giggle leaving your lips as you squint. “Take me to the fishes!”
Tumblr media
MAY 15TH, 2021 | 17:47
Yoongi has never been sure what love felt like. He knew lust, knew lust like the back of his hand. When he first met you, he knew that he wanted to sleep with you. That was a given, you were sexy in the way that he liked, and even though you were suspiciously green... there was still something hidden beneath the surface that he was excited to discover. 
Somewhere between plotting to fuck you and learning from you, Yoongi started to like you. Like genuinely like you. He found himself excited to study, proud of himself when he was able to make you proud. Thinking of you when he really shouldn't be, like if he was to see a cool rock, his mind would instantly go to whether or not you'd know about it.
And then there was your laugh. God, he liked your laugh way more than he liked to admit. Never heard it often, because you were so stingy when it came to it. But, whenever you were gracing him with the beautiful sound, his heart would skip a beat. A full beat, making you laugh was actually dangerous.
Today was no different. There was a very obvious stutter in his chest each and every time you would giggle, but of course, it's you so it didn't stop there. You'd gasp and his ears would perk up, cooing at the fish and his stomach would flip. By the end of the line, all he wanted was to hold you close and whisper sweet nothings in your ear which was so unlike him.
He didn't want to fuck you and it was weird. Stood in front of him, his large hoodie falling just above your knees and it's like he has to remind himself to think dirty. Otherwise, he's stuck thinking how cute you look and wondering if you like being wrapped up in his clothes. It's sick.
“Whoa! A sting-ray!” You're exclaiming, eyes growing large as you point above your heads. You've seen just about every sea creature in this place. Naming them and their preferred habitat, the tour guide was getting a little annoyed... but he thought it was cute. The way you had all these facts on the tip of your tongue and you weren't afraid to correct the minimum wage employee, no matter how many eye rolls it earned you.
Turning to him, you're smiling just as bright. “Did you know they have no bones? Their entire body is made of cartilage,” He's smiling a bit too large for someone who wouldn't care if a sting-ray was made out of pure gold. But, you're cute as you explain so that's the reason for the tint in his cheeks.
His hand lands lightly on your hip, something that he has found himself doing a lot throughout the day. Gently pulling your body closer to his, subtle enough that it looks like he's just guiding your steps. “They carry tons of fish on their backs to take them to school,” He's adding with a large smile.
“That's just in Finding Nemo!” Hand reaching out to push at his shoulder and there's that laugh again. Causing an annoying pounding n his chest and this overwhelming feeling to kiss you. Just from looking, he can tell how soft your lips would feel against his. Tongue probably tasting of the blue slushie you slurped down just moments before.
He had to kiss you, it's been too long of fighting it. He needed to take the first step, otherwise, the two of you would be stuck in this endless push and pull cycle. He needed to kiss you. And what better of a place than surrounded by all of your favorite things?
You've got your hand pressed against the glass, nose inches away from the surface as you watch the fish swim around in the water. He's still got his arm secure around your waist, but you barely notice it – so enthralled in the deep-sea life. Normally, he'd just go for it, say fuck it and go in for the kill. But, you weren't the 'fuck it' type of girl, he had to do this right otherwise it would end up blowing up in his face.
A compliment. That should set the mood. The words are falling from his lips before he has a chance to filter them. “I like the way you look when you're looking at what you like,” Could that even be considered a compliment!? He's mentally scolding himself for his lame choice of words and he misses out on the flush of your cheeks, the large smile that you try to hide.
“Thank you for taking me here,” And there it was. That pretty smile of yours that always hit straight in his heart. Facing him full-on, he can't help but admire the lines of your face. That slight look in your eye that you're quick to mask, but it gives away so much. It somehow feels like time has stopped, the people faded away and it was just the two of you underneath the glass water, sea creatures swimming around.
He's confident with pulling you closer, something he's been lacking since his feelings have become a blur. Taking his time with leaning in, but you're reacting instantly. Lips puckering as you wait. Teased enough with his coming in close, you had no plans in letting that happen again. You wanted him to kiss you, most likely since the first time you spotted him you wondered how his lips would feel on yours.
And now they were just inches away. A soft laugh leaves his lips at the way you've puckered yours, large hand lifting to cup the side of your face. And you're sure your heart's about ready to leap out of your chest from the simple contact. “Relax your jaw,” Voice low and hushed only for you to hear. 
Thumb pressed into your chin, he's easily parting your lips. Creating the smallest opening before he's leaning down to cover your mouth with his own. The sparks start at the tip of your lips and travel through your entire body. You're reaching out to clutch his arms, a desperate attempt to keep yourself grounded because holy fuck, you're kissing Min Yoongi.
Better yet, Min Yoongi was kissing you. A hand cradling the side of your face and the other palming at your hip. It's better than you could ever have imagined, soft lips pushing against yours. People awkwardly step around your joined bodies clearly in the way, but you can't bring yourself to care.
Neither can he because kissing you was exactly what he thought it would be. Perfection. Mouth molding into his perfectly. He doesn't even bother to mask the groan that falls from his mouth when he feels the tentative swipe of your tongue. Raising you one more, he's pushing his way into your mouth.
You taste sweet just like he thought you would, soft fingers pressed into the skin of his arm. He kisses you breathless, swallowing every pretty sigh that leaves your lips. He never wants to stop, finds himself chasing your lips as you start to pull back – already missing the feeling of your mouth on his.
“Was that your first kiss?” You're saying, noting the dazed expression on his face.
He's rolling those dark brown eyes of his, a chuckle falling from his lips. “It was my first kiss like that. Come here, I'm not finished.” Not too much time for protest is given as he reaches out for you again. Hand secured at the back of your neck as he pulls you into his, mouth instantly finding yours.
Tumblr media
MAY 15TH, 2021 | 18:35
There was no going back now. He's felt what it's like to kiss you and now he can't find it in him to stop. Soft kisses pressed to your shoulders as the two of you make your way out of the building, wet kisses to your knuckles as he drives back to campus, and sloppy kisses left on your mouth as you sit parked in front of your house.
Each kiss is more addictive than the last and you find yourself silently cheering each time he's leaning in for another one. “I really like kissing you,” He says through a mumble, leaning forward for another smooch.
Your fingers tangle in the hair at the nape of his neck, holding his head to yours as you return his kiss. Agreeing with his words with the eager push of your tongue. Not sure what this meant, where any of it was going. It was just kissing and today wasn't really supposed to be a date...
All you knew was you were in no rush to get out of his car and even though you haven't left yet, you were filled with excitement for the next time you'll see him again. So you could kiss him again.
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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yojeongin · a year ago
sleepless | m.yg
Tumblr media
part: twenty one
pairings: ug rapper!min yoongi x coworker!reader
genre: sex shop au, smut, minimum angst, ending fluff, mature content!
summary: annoyed and frustrated y/n makes her way to get to yoongi with a plan to scold him when it was safe, only to end up falling to his feet once again.
contains: thigh riding, makeout, fingering, handjob, protected sex, overstimulation, light mention of violence and blood: non descriptive!
word count: 10k+
a/n: guys honestly thank you so much for waiting for me. despite college not being the best atm, I feel comfortable enough to write as a way to relax myself. so once again thank you for being patient :)
Tumblr media
Whether it was anger or relief, those emotions coursed through your rain soaked body. Hating the fact that the metro was closed already and no damn cab or Uber wanted to give you a ride in fear of getting their seats wet.
As much frustration grew from those small bickering seconds, you’d huff in annoyance with a pout as you walked away from the talking person in front of you, his offended screams for you to go back becoming louder as you fixed the small umbrella that was doing nothing to keep you dry.
There was no time for arguments and those ten minutes spent with the driver you argued with, took longer than expected. With a loud growl of frustration and a small skip of anger from your heel— you rushed to where you were called, contemplating on whether to destroy the useless umbrella that made no effort to shield you from the piercing rain doplets.
The walk was roughly twenty minutes away from your home but the ideal view of this was to get there under five, safe and sound, warm and dry— yet life decided to test you and keep making the days shitty as they go by. Instead you had walked twenty minutes to the station, scared and soaked from the rain. Stupid thunder and the rowdy raccoons that fought over a moldy piece of blueberry bagel didn’t make this walk any better. On top of that the only few lights on were the ones of a McDonald’s and a Japanese Internet- Ramen shop that you always believed, was only a shrimp shack.
Sure your phone kept on ringing despite how wet it was at this point, but with not wanting to take it out from your pocket, you ignored it— continuing the rushed walk in fear someone or something would jump out the alleyways and scare you.
Muttering under your breath all the things you were angry about at the time. Midway through the low growls of anger, a feeling of warmth filled your chest. Excitement and fear swarming around making you grow a bit overwhelmed.
Blinding, that’s what the white lights in the police station were, made no effort to contrast the cold of the rain in the outside. It was no better to be inside there with silence of everyone else and noise of the extremely cold AC, making you shiver with no stop. At least your clothes weren’t dripping and now it was just dampness.
Yours steps were small and slow; reaching the counter, the officer at front looked at you questioning your doings there. If anything he probably thought you were a crackhead from all the shivering and disheveled exterior from where you just grabbed a jacket, wallet, and umbrella— walking out with your home slides in this cold rain. Of course they would think you’re a crackhead.
“Yes?” He’d ask, right eyebrow cocked as you got closer to the counter. “Umm… I want to bail someone out— Min Yoongi. I got a call earlier about it, is he here?” Your words were steady now and the shivering had gone down to simple fidgeting, messing with the button of the wallet.
His expression relaxed, glancing at you one last time before he turned around to continue chewing on his two hour old pale gum. The taste was gone but the trash bin had no bag for him to just spit it out. (He easily could’ve spat it out into a piece of paper and throw it later… humanity.) “Uhh yeah. Can I see your ID, ma’am.” So monotone and boring— what a man.
Even so, you pulled out your ID from your wallet, wiping away the water on the dry patches of your shirt. Sliding it to him, he typed in something that honestly you wouldn’t know what it was. The keyboard was nowhere in sight so at the end of the day, only wonder would reside.
For a police station it was very calm, sure the noises from detainees could be heard from both the right and left ends of the corridor you’d both follow shortly. Handing you your ID and a sticky tag to put on as a ‘visitor’, he muttered the words: “Follow me.” Your steps shuffling behind those of glossy dress shoes clanking against tile floor and rattling of all the items he had on.
As you got closer to those ends, the noise was becoming louder but not to the point where it was considered detainees arguing— at most it was loud chuckles and laughter of the great time they were having (at least some) or it could be considered a coping mechanism for being there.
There was another counter. This time it was full of papers laying around everywhere and the white lights were dull giving a morbid feel to the pale green walls of the floor. The doors to the rooms where the men and women were separated were well locked, only a small pvc window on them for officers to look inside.
“Min Yoongi for release.” Once spotting the bin with a plastic bag, the officer spat out his gum, handing the other man a paper he printed earlier with what seemed your information and amount for bail. Nodding to the officer, the man in front of you only typed away on the keyboard, speaking no words as he handed you some papers to sign.
“Cash or card?”
Seeing the amount made you go pale but at the end of the day it was your mother’s money you’d pay with, she should at least pay for those you love. It’s not like you would hesitate and walk away, you’d bail him out nonetheless. So when the card slid into the chip reader, a slight sigh left your lips hoping he could come out as of now. To come out now and embrace him in your arms, yet once again— things wouldn’t come out like you wanted, not when you weren’t destiny’s favorite child.
Motioning for you take a seat on the ripped cushioned chairs, the man made no effort to continue talking to you, letting you sit around for a good amount of time waiting for the one you were there for in the first place.
Minutes went by and four o’clock was rolling around the corner, more people in groups were being thrown off into cells, but no sign of Yoongi. It wasn’t worry that filled your chest, but more of desperation. To say you wanted him in front of you was an understatement, you wanted him with you, only with you!
Maybe the universe decided to stop punishing you for a few minutes, given that the bruised and bloody lipped man was being escorted your way. Your leg stopped shaking momentarily and your body shot up to walk towards him once the officer pointed at you. Yoongi stood there shyly as he watched you walk towards him, and though he believed you’d stop in front of him, he gave into shock feeling your cold arms wrap around his torso, holding him tight and burying your face in his chest.
Yoongi expected anything from you except this kind of treatment. He knew he didn’t deserve it but here you were giving him all the care you’d never disappoint in gifting him. So as he himself relaxed onto your touch and wrapped his own arms around you slowly, you huffed pulling away, grabbing his wrist and walking out the waiting area.
Your expression changed into a deep pout and furrowed eyebrows, Yoongi’s shock came again. He felt dumbfounded and in a way scared of what you would say next. In fact he was scared of you and your rapid mood change— never had he seen that before, but then again he knew to always be open minded when it came to your spontaneous acts.
“What is wrong with you?! What did I tell you about fighting?!” Your voice sounded so exasperated, ready to eat him alive and though you continued to scold him whilst making your way out the police station and having the front desk officer laugh at Yoongi only for you to glare at him— Yoongi hid his sly smile realizing you cared for him. Even after all the things he’s made you feel for the past month that for sure sped up just for this.
“Don’t laugh! I’m being serious, what the hell, Yoongi? Who did you fight in the first place?” Blood drained from his body, if he was to tell you— well it’s obvious you’d go full madness knowing the consequences of it all. “Who?” You asked again, quietly this time— your fingers gracing his as the two of you walked towards your apartment.
The rain had died down and only small puddles had been left off, your clothes were dry at this point but the experience will always be hated. So as he turned his head to look at your bundled and slightly damp hair, he took a sigh, head lowering. “Gup…py...” It was obvious by your rapid stop to turn and look at him, that you disapproved of what he had done. “Oh my… Yoongi why?” Taking your lower lip between your teeth, he studied the way your features contorted according to your feelings so as he saw as you kept bitting at it, he continued walking.
Following behind him, you waited for his answer. “He’s just an idiot. We were going at each other during the rap battles and he just… he kept saying stuff about you and it made me want to murder him-“ “Even so, you know not to fight.” Meek, that’s how your voiced sounded whilst your head hung low, walking behind him. “Yes it was, I’m not letting him say shit about you, or any other person in general. How trash do you have to be to simply objectify someone… Either way he threw the first punch when I called him small and useless to this world, not like I can be charged for it.” You had caught up to him now, taking his hand slowly to avoid embarrassment in case he didn’t want to hold hands, but when his grip became firm at the feeling of your hand, your muscles relaxed.
“Mani was there too… Actually before he threw the first punch he turned to her and then me. Said something about how I should choose my ‘bitches’ better before they end up doing me wrong. Then he just laughed and punched me. It was kind of funny not going to lie, the way he caught me off guard but that gained him a shit rocking.” Upon hearing your silent giggle, Yoongi smiled your way.
“I’m sorry for that as well. I should’ve kept my distance since the beginning and I regret everything that came since the first interaction… i should’ve known she’s the one your mom keeps comparing you to.” Your silence didn’t face him at first, it allowed for him to continue what he had started. “I’m sorry for blaming you, when at this point it’s obvious. There’s no way for me to try and justify how stupid I was for going that far… I just, I’m sorry. I really wanted to go to you that night after saying all that bullshit.”

Silence again.
“I understood why you said you hated me, I hate myself too… if anything— I only…love you…” Overwhelmed was an understatement. To hear such words from Yoongi was the only comfort you needed in such times and to hear him say something you longed for, for years— it rained down on you, causing for great relief, only to be expressed with silent cries as you both walked in silence to your apartment. Hopefully he didn’t hear your sniffling.
If he was honest, saying I love you was easier than he expected. He longed to say those words in better circumstances, but it seemed necessary for him to finally express his feelings— instead of just depending on the fact that you knew how both of you felt. And just like that, as he allowed your silence to get to him, he heard your subtle sniffles, making his head turn to you, eyebrows raised in confusion of your response.
“A-are you crying?” The quietness and concern in his tone only made it all worse, your sniffle turned into a soft sob trying to hide your face with your hair even more. As much as Yoongi would like to react by apologizing, a loud chuckle erupted from within him, making you sob a bit louder and pout at his actions. “Don’t laugh, asshole! You can’t just say stuff like that.” You tried to speed up, your thoughts were clouded by his laugh and loud steps to keep up with you.
He spewed apologies, that only made your pout grow and your eyebrows to furrow— yet at the same time, there’s no way butterflies didn’t flutter in your stomach and your heart wasn’t racing above the speed limit. “Come on, Bimbo. I’m sorry…” Muffled were his laughs, his hand gripped your wrist delicately despite the contrast of his pull on it towards himself, causing your body to slightly jerk back but not to where lingering pain would remain.
Facing each other with few inches of distance, Yoongi contemplated on cupping your cheek to make you look at him. Of course he didn’t, knowing well to make you decide on your own if you wanted to look at him. So with a final sigh, you lifted your head, holding his own wrist. “I’m sorry…” He repeated himself, moving away a loose strand of hair that stuck to your drying cheek. “Love yourself first… I’ll always be here either way.” At your words, Yoongi’s lips parted slightly. His eyes growing wider as he processed the statement.
How much love could you hold for him? Did he really deserved to be loved like this?
Of course you deserve to be loved, Yoongi.
Relaxing his facial features, his lips forming into a calm smile— Yoongi nodded, hand reaching for yours, looking into your eyes, his fingers intertwined with yours, and for once— you knew it would all lead to greatness. It was the start of greatness.
“As long as you love yourself first as well. I’ll be here too.” Shaking his free arm, the sleeve of his jacket slid down his pale flesh, pinky finger and thumb extending whilst the others were folded down. Copying his actions, you intertwined your pinky with his. Both heads lowering to kiss their own thumb. And so, the two strolled towards the apartment that at this point wasn’t as far, letting playful banter be the source of entertainment until reaching the glass building.
Compared to the darkness that ensued on your way to the police station, there were more lights turned on as of now. It was simply ironic how things worked out for the best of you both.
Upon arriving to the building with minimum chatter and whispers due to the quietness of the lobby, both you and Yoongi sped walked towards the elevator to which conversation could be a bit louder. It felt nice, to say the least. As if nothing had happened within the last month and their inner despondence of not having talked to each other, was never there.
So when reaching the door to your apartment, the feeling of familiarity rushed through both of you, even if your hands had to part momentarily for you to open the door to your cold apartment (it didn’t help that there was a large glass wall to work as a window to the living room). If you were quite honest, the only reason you were actually residing in that apartment you only liked when friend visited you— was mostly out of spite to make your mother pay for it. At least that’s the best sort of spitefulness you could come up with as you could never bring yourself to tell her all the truths.

Just like that, this cold and monotone Barney Stinsonesque apartment only became beautiful when those you loved were around and made you happy as well. Like now— another night you had been longing for. Those lovely nights you both often spent together talking about things that bothered you both, letting you reflect on your thoughts along gaining knowledge of the other.
Yoongi has closed the door behind when entering. Removing his shoes and putting them aside (like it’s his custom) he stood shyly by the entrance making you purse your lips, walking his way and wrapping your fingers around his wrist, him having no option but to follow you towards the restroom he’s being dragged to.
“You still need to get cleaned up. Don’t think I’ll forget.” Whining whilst he removed his jacket, Yoongi sat on the low counter, the one you often only used for placing creams and hair accessories (along clothes you’d only toss around, and though you’re thankful you had done laundry earlier in the week— it’s nothing Yoongi wasn’t familiar with.)
As he sat patiently, watching you gather the first aid kit, Yoongi admired all the thing you did for him. There was definitely no necessity for you to go bail him out when Namjoon or Hoseok could’ve done it themselves, yet again they weren’t even allowed to go ask for him. Not only that, you’ve spent many restless nights encouraging him when writing songs and even if he never showed them to you, his smile was enough to let you know he was satisfied with what he wrote. No matter what, Yoongi could never thank you enough for all the support and love you could have for him. If anything, he was glad you came into his life to make it chaotically entertaining with your persona.
“Stop staring.” You’d scold, pouting as you poured some hydrogen peroxide onto a cotton ball after washing your hands to make sure, nothing could infect the wounds. To be honest you doubted if you were supposed to use that in order to clean up his busted lip and some scrapes on his hands and face.
You’d say your mother used that when you’d get injured, but the most harm you’ve ever have gotten was small paper cuts and when you did, that’s what she would use to clean up the wound. Overall you went with your gut, dabbing it on his lip. “Ow, ow, ow! What is that?” Moving back from you, Yoongi held his lip to try and make the stinging go away.
Showing him the bottle, you removed his hand from his lip— not wanting for it to get infected. Along that a silent apology left your lips, holding his cheek to look at the wound. “You can just clean it with water, that’s mostly used for cuts.” Amused with his reaction, a chuckle left your lips nodding just to please him. Reaching for another cotton ball, you used water on it this time, dabbing it gently on his lip. “Ow!” He whined again, making you jump a bit from fright.
“Yoongi, it’s water!” You’d say, making him laugh at you reaction, not noticing how fast your heart was beating from his playful reaction. “Bimbo, it stings.” Pushing his lower lip out in a comically adorable pout, you’d try to sound serious when scolding him. “Stop whining, I’m almost done removing the dry blood. I still have to apply vaseline just in case.”


It’s pleasing to see him act this way. Yoongi often strays away from trying to show this side of him. The one that laughs and jokes around easily. A naturally funny guy that shows off his loving personality when allowed and comfortable.
“To make your lips even more cute and shiny, muah.” Yoongi’s cheeks began to burn up, making you the one to laugh at him now. Pleased with his quiet pout of disapproval you continued cleaning his scrapes carefully, especially the ones on his knuckles and face. “Ow.” He’d whine, holding your arm, whilst your free hand held his face so you could clean the blood near his eye. “How hard did he hit you, these are so small.” You’d mention continuing to rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the scrapes.
Yoongi only shrugged looking at you, “I think it was mostly done by his rings, his punches were actually kinda soft. For someone who boasts about rocking people’s shits on his own— he’s not that strong.” You hadn’t heard that before. All you knew of Guppy was from experience of being around him whether it was virtually or twenty feet away from him whenever Yoongi was performing and had taken you to the shed with him. Till this day you felt lucky he wasn’t in the building when his father was interviewing you, only being shown a picture of him by his father.
“Yes, I can see,” not minding much his words, your concentration remained on applying the jelly on his cheek. “Umm, let me just— tilt your head up a bit, I have to, umm, put some of the jelly on your lip…”
It was adorable. The way you became flustered easily. So it’s what he thought; his lips turned into a small smirk, tilting his head up a bit to where you found fit. Thanking him quietly, you took a hold of his chin, letting a small bit of jelly fall onto his lip, before delicately spreading it across his lower lip.
His breath fanned against the flesh of your finger whilst the pads of it danced across his lower lip, becoming easy to move around as the jelly was spread. His gaze didn’t help the way you were feeling at this moment, you wished to pull him in for a kiss, a tender one just to see how it felt to be kissed by him… again.
Noticing how useless it was for you to continue spreading around the already applied jelly, you looked away from him, moving back to signal you were done cleaning him up. “Here— take a shower so your muscles can relax. Your clothes are— well you know where your clothes are. I’m going to go get you a towel.”
He couldn’t thank you, you left before he could even part his lips. With a nod to himself, Yoongi stood from his position, walking to your bedroom at his own pace. It wasn’t much different from the last time he stayed the night, the lamps on your night stand remained on, the lights on the walk in closet were on, illuminating the fairly empty closet with only a few hangers actually on the rails. It was crowded with boxes instead of clothes— just your small quirks and memories stored.
Reaching the drawer where his sleeping wear resided, Yoongi oughted to get some sleeping pants and a plain white tee (one of many he’s left behind). If he was honest there were plenty of times he’d often leave his day-before clothes in your apartment, all due to him realizing how late he’d be to the manga shop if he didn’t leave at the moment he was done getting dressed with the clothes he’d bring for the following day.
Seeing how nicely his brief-boxers were lined up, a chuckle of embarrassment left his lips, with a red tint placing itself across his cheeks. Upon hearing the shuffling of your socks against the carpet of your bedroom, Yoongi’s head shot up, turning to look at you, you who only walked past, giving him a small smile when entering the closet.
“Do you really like me to the point of keeping my underwear? You’re kinda weird, y/n.” Your smile dropped, glaring at him, lips slightly agape. “I- Next time I’m just throwing out all your clothes.” You’d playfully say, looking through your own drawers to pull out new PJs that weren’t stiff or smelly from the rain. They most likely weren’t smelly or stiff as you believed, but things taught to you by your mother, tend to stay engraved in your brain— and this small thing did.
It wasn’t long until the shower began running, the sound of water hitting the glass door and tile floor was rather loud, especially as the restroom was only next to the bedroom. So as Yoongi continued showering, you looked through your drawers, pulling out shorts, underwear, and a shirt of his (one of a few you’ve stolen just to sleep peacefully), throwing them to the bed where you laid on waiting for him to get out.
It was such moments in which you’d face the ceiling and allowed the street lights outside to illuminate the bedroom, of course not overpowered by the warmth of the lamps in your room. It’s yellow hue, allowing the familiar feeling of comfort to make this showcase box— into something slightly cozy.
Your body relaxed against the mattress, the comforter devouring it to create the sense of comfort and warmth. Contrast to you, Yoongi’s mind was clouded questioning what would be of him with the ban from the shed, wondering what had happened to the guys, and if Guppy himself had gotten banned— what if Namjoon got banned?! No that wouldn’t be fair... Yoongi had finished showering long ago, but taking your advice (naively) he believed he could relax by being surrounded by the warm water.
Seeing that it didn’t do much rather than make him feel less sweaty, Yoongi turned the keys off. The water faltering as it followed the trail of being turned off. Droplets of water clung onto his body, for such he reached to grab the towel he often placed on bar right next to shower.
“Oh?” Startled by the lack of towel, Yoongi’s lips formed into an ‘o’ something he dismissed with the idea of just grabbing one that’s near— sadly to his luck, you had thrown them into the hamper and hadn’t done any laundry. Along that you had forgotten to hand it to him after his underwear comment.
Embarrassment filled Yoongi. How could he bother you even further for a towel? As much he had decided to just air dry, the moment he opened the glass door, the cold air pushed against his damp body, causing for him to close it once again rapidly before shutting his eyes tightly, hating the idea of yelling for you to bring it to him.
Nonetheless, the steam and warmth inside the shower was disappearing and his body wasn’t anywhere near dry. With a grunt and a shiver, he built the courage to call for you.
Sitting up from your position, you turned to the open door, taking you a few seconds to respond. “Yeah?” Your voiced seemed tired, you had been awake all night and as much as you enjoyed playing around with Yoongi— your body was giving out and all you needed was to fall asleep.
“Can you bring me a towel, please?” How cute. The shyness in his voice was evident it made you giggle, that was until you remembered you had to go in there and to be careful of not looking at him. Taking the towel along your clothes— you agreed, making your way to the bathroom.
The door had been unlocked, meaning you could just walk in there, but with caution you opened the door a bit until you knew when anything wasn’t showing.
“Sorry, I really thought I had brought it in.” Despite his back turning yours, Yoongi manager to understand how fast you were trying to leave, handing him the towel as he slightly opens the door, dropping your clothes on the counter he was sitting on not long ago, only to have the shirt fall to the ground. You didn’t really say anything other than hum as a response, closing the bathroom door behind you. It’ll be funny soon.
Not minding your fleeting, Yoongi stepped out of the shower with the towel already wrapped around his torso. He had managed to dry himself enough to where the cold wasn’t much a problem.
Upon noticing the clothes that that had fallen to the floor, Yoongi crouched down to pick them up. It was until his hand came in contact with the bundle, that the shorts and underwear fell together, causing some sort of panic. As he picked it up, he only gave a small glance to the pale pink undies. He thought they were cute, but knowing what not to do, he turned to the shirt in his hand.
The blush that had settled due to his clumsy mistake and peek— only grew seeing the shirt was his. It was softer than he remembered and to know you would wear it made his heart beat faster. Placing it over the rest of your clothes, Yoongi begun getting dressed wanting to leave the restroom already.
You had been laying on the bed playing a game of solitaire as you waited for him to be done. If it wasn’t for your will to shower already, you most likely had been asleep as of now. Yet hearing the creaking of the bathroom door as it opened, you shot up to look at him. Yoongi who came out looking rather relaxed and more calm than just an hour ago.
“I’m going to make tea.” He announced softly, placing his towel on the top corner of the door for it dry off. Nodding as a response, you stood up making your way to the restroom— towel in hand just so you didn’t have to ask him to bring you the towel.
The cabinet doors were shut at the sound of the shower running. Yoongi had found a box of Jasmine tea, it had been a while since he last had some, so at the moment it looked very appealing.
If being honest, you didn’t really drink tea that much unless you went out to get a tea shop for a cold drink (rarely a warm one). The main reason you had tea and coffee (something else you didn’t drink) was for visitors. Eunwoo enjoyed his tea whilst Yuta enjoyed coffee. Of course you didn’t want to seem like a bad host despite your playful treatment to either of them.
So as Yoongi allowed the water to become hot, he placed the tea bags on two mugs. One for you and the other for him. Compared to you, Yoongi really liked his coffee but at this time, tea seemed most appropriate (even though it was almost six in the morning). As you took your time, he stood by the stove watching the pot until steam would come out of it.
You had already gotten out the shower by the time the steam had kept coming out of the pot, your hair wrapped up with an extra towel you used for such purpose. Whilst you kept on getting ready, the male in the kitchen poured out the water onto the mugs that were already containing tea bags. (Yes, your lack of consumption didn’t allow you to spend money on tea leaves despite not knowing if it was cheaper than a tea bag or not.)
Never had he gotten you tea before, so as to ask if you wanted any sugar— Yoongi placed down the sugar container, putting the lid on, just to be met by you walking to the couch with a hairbrush in hand. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t seen you like this before.
Many nights he’s seen you in your natural state, but tonight it felt oddly different. Perhaps it was just the way his shirt looked on you and how flustered he felt to know you used it for sleeping. It was endearing, watching you brush your hair from his stance in the kitchen— it felt right, just at home.
“Do you put sugar on your tea?” Your head turned to look at him, nodding as a response. “How much?” “Three is fine.” That would have to do, though it’s more than he’d take, he just did as you said; making his way towards you on the couch with both mugs at hand.
Sitting beside you after placing the almost full mugs on the coffee table in front of you, Yoongi turned to you as you finished brushing your hair. “Come here…” Patting his thigh, you nodded standing up. You didn’t give much thought about it, sitting on Yoongi’s lap wasn’t anything new if you were honest. In many occasions you did have to sit on his lap when riding on Yuta’s or Hoseok’s car. They weren’t necessarily small cars, but most of the times it would become crowded if more people rode with them.
Yet it wasn’t just sitting on his lap, it was more of straddling his thigh and though you’ve only done so once, the feeling wasn’t that unfamiliar… Shifting around to where you felt comfortable, Yoongi held unto your waist until you just moved forward to rest your head on his shoulder.
Quite romantic.
His arms moved from your waist to around you, holding you as you held him. Just as your head rested on his shoulder, his head rested on top of your head. “I’m sorry…” “Huh?” Yoongi didn’t turn to look at you as he continued to speak. “I’m sorry for what I said.” Stirring around to look at his face, your eyebrows furrowed. “I told you it’s fine now.” You tried comforting him, letting him know it was all in the past and despite how hard it hit you— your understanding of the situation was clear and to forgive and forget was easier than holding a grudge.
“I know, but…” His fingers threaded through your hair, brushing strands away and in a sense used it for his own entertainment to process his thoughts. “I really shouldn’t have said that. I don’t even know why I thought it was you in the first place— I know better than that.” His leg began shaking, moving you with it. “If I’m entirely honest, Guppy didn’t have to tell me it was Mani. Hoseok saw her give it to him, he just wanted to get more evidence—“ You didn’t pay attention to anything he said as much as you tried. 
Every time he shook his leg, the vibration went straight to your core. You tried hard not to feel that way. You were going to tell him what he was doing, but the pleasure of his fingers running through your hair, gracing your scalp caused for you to hold off any words coming out of your mouth, fearing something else more explicit to leave.
Gradually as he continued talking and the feeling of him playing with your hair became harder to contain, you bit your lower lip, face getting closer to the crook of his neck. Tragic how thin the shorts you wore to sleep were, if they weren’t— you doubt you would find yourself aroused by the gracing feeling of Yoongi’s clothed thigh against your arousal point.
It also had been a while since you were last touched. Upon developing feelings for the man who was making you feel the way he was at the moment, no one else caught your eye nor did you feel the need to look for another body.
But to be touched by the one you adore and crave— that’s a total different experience. Sure if you didn’t care much for Yoongi, you’d feel some type of common arousal— this was different, years of lingering stares and touches were randomly popping up. The seemingly innocent actions were looking pretty lewd now, and the way his lips formed as he kept talking was doing things to you.
Balling up the fabric of his shirt in your fist, he continued to talk as you unintentionally ignored him. From the position your head was laid upon, you admired the beauty Min Yoongi was. His lips rather pink formed into pouts when talking and if he smiled he’d habitually run his tongue across his lower lip. It didn’t help at all that he was bouncing his leg, causing the friction of it all to go straight against your clit.
So as he kept moving his leg up and down at his own pace, his lips looking tempting from your angle, the feeling of his fingers caressing your waist as he held you, and the feeling of his fingers running through your ha— “Yoongi…” you moaned out his name, your lower lip buried under your teeth and upper lip as you hid your face against his chest. He had come across a knot on your hair, pulling the last straw on your restraints.
Yoongi turned to look at you, his cheeks red from what he had heard. Upon seeing his shirt being held by your fist, one of his hands holding you whilst the other ran through your hair, and the way his leg gradually stopped shaking— Yoongi realized the effects he held against you. How vulnerable you had become at the moment and all because of him. The warmth between your legs radiated to his thigh and with such he understood.
“Look at me.” His demanding tone made you shut your eyes fearing he’d scold you for these perverted thoughts, but as you met his naturally dark eyes— they shined with pride and dominance. His stare causing for the warmth between your legs to grow and he for sure felt it.
You sat up a bit in order to feel comfortable again, such position allowed for Yoongi to hold you tighter against him, faces closer than before.
“I’ll stop if you want.”
He tried hiding his enthusiasm at hearing your plea. His grip on you waist tightened and his face only got closer to yours. “Sure?” Nodding, you leaned closer to him as well, body relaxing as you held onto his thighs. The slightest move could cause for your lips to grace against each other’s, but it seemed neither Yoongi and you wanted to wait longer as both closed the distance between each other.
The feeling of his lips against yours was something you missed and had only experienced once’s (but that’s for another time (or perhaps an untold story). You could taste the tea on his tongue, the small sips he had taken to make sure it was the way he liked it. His lips were a mixture of chapped and soft— not completely chapped but not completely soft.
Yoongi hadn’t stopped moving his leg in the time being, as your lips moved against each other’s— the feeling at the pit of your stomach kept growing. Some sensitivity was beginning to build up and he kept going and you held unto him for support, your hands kept inching upwards. He didn’t stop you, he knew where he wanted your hand at the moment, after all the way you looked was making the restrains of his sleeping pants to grow tighter.
And so as your hand finally ended on top of his crotch, Yoongi groaned holding onto your waist, causing for the kiss to break and his gaze to fall upon yours. His face was adorned with a red tint across his cheeks, a beautiful way of littering. He bit his lower lip as you held onto him, hand crawling upwards until it met the hem of his bottoms. You leaned forward planting tender pecks on the corners of his mouth and center of his lips. Looking upwards to him as to ask for permission, he agreed lifting his hips upward and lowering the restrains.
It was glorious how smooth it was all going, no need for words as both of you knew what each other wanted. His hands had moved to hold your face, connecting his lips to yours once again whilst your hand took a hold of him, thumb gracing his tip in case of pre-cum. Spreading it around to make the pumping easier, Yoongi moaned against your mouth again, the wetness between your legs began to grow and even though he wasn’t moving his leg anymore, your hip started moving back and forth in order to create friction between the both of you.
Your focus was on him, the feeling of his hard cock in your palm. You’d lie if you said you didn’t enjoy the intimacy of touching him, of knowing you were the one to make him whimper from both arousal and sensitivity. Your wrist moved up and down, hand twisting from time to time to make some sort of friction.
Yoongi would throw his head back slightly almost every time he was to moan. It seemed overwhelming to feel your wetness against his thigh along the pleasure you were making him feel. Euphoric, that’s how he felt under you.
You removed your sight from his face, leaning closer to his neck to connect your lips to the warm flesh. Your lips wrapping around a patch of his skin, kissing it softly for starters only to change in suckling softly at it. He removed his grip on your shoulder and went back to your waist, pushing you down a bit forcefully, resulting for you to moan against his neck when feeling the hard pleasure of his thigh against your clit.
“It’s okay…” he’d state as he held your hips helping you move them with much easiness against his thigh. Your lips kept kissing at his neck, teeth softly nipping at the wet patch you had created, allowing soft grunts to leave his lips whilst your hand kept stroking at his shaft. It became easier as the minutes went on and instead of your lips being on his neck, they once again were on his lips.
They became sloppier, open mouth kisses were rushed as he helped your hips move back and forth to were the pit of pleasure in your gut was ready to gush. Yoongi himself wasn’t that far away, he was ready to cum but if he was to have an orgasm, he wanted to be inside of you first.
He allowed for you to keep on pumping at his shaft until he couldn’t edge himself any more. Along that your whimpers were getting louder, the friction of the cloth against your clit was becoming rougher and you were on the brim on coming, with only a few more moves you could come undone against his thigh, but as time did— he stopped you, hand going up to hold your face and look at the desperation in your eyes. “I want to be inside of you first.”

‘Fuck!’ You’d learn to scream inside your head. Fuck, how long you’ve dreamt of such scenario. How much you longed and as of now craved to feel Min Yoongi inside of you, feel him deep inside of you— as much as you both could. You didn’t speak, you only went straight in kissing his jaw, hands sliding up his shirt as affirmation that you wanted the same thing as Yoongi himself.
His hands would move to your ass, grip tightening as your kisses on his jaw and neck became rougher, making him tilt his head to give you more space in littering his neck (you weren’t safe either, in matter of minutes he planned on tainting your skin with his kisses and bites). “Fill me whole…” Your words came out as a whisper against his neck, his grip was much harder now making a groan leave your lips and causing the vibration of them against the shell of his earlobe to make him jolt up, ready to head towards the bedroom.
You stumbled a bit when you both stood up, but nothing the grip he held on your wrist couldn’t stop. The tea he had made was now cold, pitiful how it was made and soon abandoned.
Both of you had moved quickly when getting to your bedroom. The lights had been on since you’d both arrive and as of now, you found yourself removing Yoongi’s shirt, leaving him in only his sleeping pants— wet stain visible enough for him to throw a mocking smirk at you, for you pull at your shirt from both arousal and embarrassment.
You kissed his chest as you got closer to him, pulling his sleeping pants and brief-boxers down, crouching down as you got to eye level with his crotch. Your intentions were to please him— please him with your mouth, his tip already in your mouth as you tried going further in having him whole, but of course you needed to slow down first, nothing good came out of rushing.
Kissing the head of his cock, your tongue playfully ran across the slit of the tip, making Yoongi feel a bit sensitive— fearing he’d come with just your mouth. Therefore as you went in to try the same technique he stopped you, hand on your shoulder, watching your questioning eyes whilst your wrist had a mind of its own, jerking him off further more.
His chest rose whilst looking at you, hating how tempting you looked under his gaze. Throwing his head back and running his fingers through his hair, Yoongi took a hold of your arms pulling you up to greet you with a kiss. He could taste himself but not to any overwhelming state, it was subtle.
“Come on, I can’t hold it much longer.” He had sat you on the bed, making you raise your arms to remove your shirt. Laying you down to remove your shorts and underwear, Yoongi bit his lower lip looking at you, how you were spread out for him and only him. Lowering his body to where he hovered over you— your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him down to where your lips could meet again, sloppy kisses but at the same time just as great. His tongue messed with your lower lip, causing for you to allow him into your mouth; his hand moving from your hip upwards to cup your left breast, massaging it as you both kissed.
His leg between yours would come in contact with your core, his slight movement letting friction build up and a moan to erupt from your lips. Kissing you once more, he moved his body to lay next to you, right hand slithering down you both to lay where his leg was just laying upon. The simple feeling of his hand closer to where you needed him the most was causing for desperation to build up. Taking his hand with yours, you moved it to where he could feel the radiating warmth and the wetness you were creating from all he was doing to you. “Touch me, please…”
Yoongi didn’t hesitate, his hand pushed your thighs apart, giving him access as his index finger ran up your lips making you shudder a bit from the sensation. You giggled bitting your lip when he turned to look at you, kissing your chest whilst his lips lowered down to take your left breast into his mouth, tongue playing with your sensitive nub.
Your fingers ran through his hair, it was slightly damp from the shower but not to the point that it was as noticeable. The way his tongue swiveled around the nub made goosebumps form on your skin, the warmth of his mouth contrasting with the coolness your naked flesh had gathered. 
Nonetheless your core didn’t share the same temperature as your skin. It was warm and wet, his fingers teased at your clit and the touch sensitivity. His finger pads toyed with your entrance, softly gracing it but never putting a finger in you. 
You wanted to kiss him again, but it seemed his plan on littering your skin as well kept going as his lips now found themselves caressing the crook of your neck. His fingers kept on toying with your entrance whilst his thumb played with your clit, softly rubbing it. “Yoongi please...” 
Your pleas were his fuel, his lips traveled from your neck to your jaw, all to your lips, falling upon them to shut you up as his middle finger slowly inserted itself within you. Despite it being foreplay, the way your walls surrounded his finger signaled it was a good way to stretch you out after the long time. 
To follow suit, he inserted his ring finger, helping the other create scissoring motions inside you as he pumped his fingers in and out of you. While going at it the thought of how he didn’t need any sort of lube to get his fingers inside of you, made a smile form on his lips, smiling against the kiss as he kept his actions going. 
His fingers thrusted deep in you, his thumb trying hard to keep the same pleasurable friction on your clit but as he kept going and as your moans against his lips kept growing louder, he knew when to pull them out— trying to avoid your orgasm along his sadistic tendencies of edging you, took the best of him. 
As he pulled out his fingers, his teeth took your lower lip between his, a playful gesture that made you smirk his way as he parted, cliche-like taking his arousal coated fingers into his mouth, licking away your juices as he moaned to confirm how good you tasted to him. 
You’d giggle but at the same time it was highly arousing. To have him in front of you and take your taste so easily as if it was the last thing he’d taste—you. 
“Condoms?” He’d ask wondering if you kept any of the free boxes Linda gave every single one of her employees once a month. Even though you knew you wouldn’t have sex with a random guy, being prepared was always the way to go. 
“Yeah in my panty drawer.” Beautiful how natural and shameless that came out. You didn’t care for anything at all as long as you had Yoongi with you. So as he stood and walked away from the bed to your drawer (obviously digging around for them) a smile of satisfaction finally placed itself on your face. This was long overdo and to have him with you— it’s all you asked for. 
Yoongi’s face radiantly glowed, a smile placed on his lips as he approached you with a black foil packet in his hand, fingers ripping at it to remove the latex material that he roll down his cock just to finally continue what you both really needed now. You laid yourself down awaiting for him to hover over you.
His body towered yours as he lowered himself, thumb continuing to tease your sensitive clit that felt hot even after he removed his fingers. “Do you want me to continue?” Yoongi would ask, his lips leaving tender kisses on your cheeks and neck, gracing your own lips as they moved locations. 
Wrapping your arms around his neck to answer his question, you kissed him. Allowing his tongue to roam your mouth, as well to play around with your own tongue.
Your legs caging his torso whilst your heels pushed at his ass, letting him know that indeed, you were ready. Even so without words, he nodded adjusting his position before lower between your legs. Taking his right hand to guide himself when meeting at your opening. 
The feeling of his tip was in every sense so different than his fingers. The girth making the process slightly difficult but it wasn’t something you couldn’t endure. So as you held unto his shoulders and he kissed you to muffle your moans, Yoongi pushed through for what you both believe was good enough. 
Staying still for a few seconds to help you adjust, he held onto your waist just waiting for a signal to let him know when to move. As your heels dig deeper into his ass, Yoongi chuckled when leaning it to kiss you. 
His hips gently trusted against yours, slowly to create a pace. Noticing as your moans didn’t leave, his pace only picked up. His pelvic bone beginning to hit your clit. Sitting up properly, Yoongi made sure your legs weren’t wrapped around him anymore, instead he placed a pillow under your ass, lifting your hips. 
With a new position, his thrust became harder, hands falling upon your breasts as they groped them. His fingers twisting your nipples to harden them. “Yoongi…” that was the start of your soon louder moans, hands going to hold onto his forearm as he teased you. “Say it louder.” His words came out choppy but as his right hand left your tit, it traveled to mess with your clit again. Causing for your body to shake at how sensitive your clit had become. 
Amused by your reaction, Yoongi chuckled whilst leaning down to capture your lips into another kiss. His thrusts seeming to become rougher as he went. In fact him leaning forward when your lower half was supported by the pillow underneath you, helped him go deeper in you. 
You didn’t let such opportunity go to waste. As Yoongi snapped his hips forward, you helped by rolling your hips against him. He groaned against your lips as the two kissed, his left arm going above your head to support himself. “Harder— please!” You’d whine at the sensation of your clit rubbing in circles against his pelvic bone. 
With your request, he moaned against your lips. Picking up his pace, Yoongi pulled out of you only to slam harder at a pattern, making you moan loudly against his ear. Hands beginning to take a tight hold on his shoulders, nails clinging onto his skin to create crescent shaped figures from the pleasure he was making you feel. 
You felt him at your hilt. The clenching of your walls around him made you feel him whole and it didn’t help that he tried going deeper with every thrust he gave. Min Yoongi was extremely talented in this and he made sure not to leave a single detail out. Letting you moan as loudly as you wanted even if it was against his ear. 
Ironic how loud you were being by just his hard thrusts and pelvic rubbing. You always believed you weren’t a vocal person, never in the first two years of college had you found yourself doing such actions but if you’re to talk, no college kid would be experienced at eighteen. It’s one thing to compare sex with someone your age to Yoongi who has lived a few years more than you along the fact that he has lived his life as he pleased. 
Sitting up to his previous position, Yoongi took a hold of your thighs, his thrusts maintaining the pace as he had just seconds prior. Fingers digging into the flesh of your thighs. If he was honest, Yoongi was so close to coming and he just wanted you to do it first. Being in the position he found himself in right now, his left hand placed pressure below your stomach, pushing down delicately whilst his index and middle finger worked rapidly to rub at your clit. “Come on, cum for me.” He’d whisper at his actions, long hard thrusts making you moan his name again. 
Your head kept turning from side to side whilst you held onto a pillow below your head. The mixture of Yoongi’s rough thrusts, rapidly pleasing clit teasing, and silent groans, you were only seconds from coming. 
With such, you rotated your hips against his pelvis making his fingers catch up with clit. “Fuck, y/n,” He’d whine keeping his pace steady. With such feeling your legs began to give out on you, shaking at the feeling of Yoongi’s cock deep within you, your walls kept clenching around him. Wanting nothing else to milk him already. So as he kept his pace at both thrusting and rubbing at your clit, a loud cry left your lips, hand holding the arm that rubbed at your clit.
Your whimpers became louder, his hips slamming hard against you and as you were soon to come, your help pushed at him to get him deeper. “So needy, bimbo.” He’d comment making you moan when pulling him in for a kiss. “Please, Yoongi. I want to cum so badly…” it came out in a breath, his fingers rubbing rapidly at your clit and causing for you to shake. “Fuck, fuck… Oh my— Yoongi, please!” He held no protests in you coming, in fact if he kept you from coming he couldn’t cum himself. 
So as he rushed his pace at pleasuring you through rubbing your clit, he removed his hand, lowering his body so his pelvic bone would rub against your clit again. Sensitivity overpowering his motive. 
With your heels pushing him forward and his hard thrusts, you couldn’t hold it much longer, pulling at his hair whilst he coo’ed you to let go and cum for him. With a final thrust in order to get you off, a scream erupted from deep down you, feeling yourself clench right around him whilst he was still in you. 
Your body had tried to relax but he made no effort to do so, his fingers going to rub at your clit again whilst his thrust had stopped, making a build up of overstimulation to grow in you. Your whines were louder than before and the feeling of his pleasurable torture wasn’t helping your sensitivity. You couldn’t take it anymore in fact, you had enough to the point of holding his wrist trying to push it back when he just chuckled at your state, leaning in to give you apologetic kisses. 
It didn’t mean he was done, of course. Even if he had stopped your over stimulation, his hips jolted forward, causing you go moan against his lip. They were getting sloppy by the minute, his hand taking a tight grip on your waist as he kept going, but it only took one last rough thrust and you to squeeze him in for a loud moan against your ear to signal he was done and had finally cum. Of course the warmth of the condom that remained in you was a dead give away. 
It felt warm and full. Sure he hadn’t coated your walls with his cum, but it felt the part to have him covered still inside of you as his body had collapsed on top of you out of exhaustion. 
Letting a few minutes pass by before beginning to clean up, your fingers ran through his sweaty hair, his head laying on your chest whilst you caressed him. “I should’ve asked first.” Confusion surged at his statement. Looking down at him, he only shrugged kissing the corner of your mouth. 
“Asked what?” Through silent atmospheres, he turned to you again, smiling as he began to speak. “I should’ve asked you to be mine, first. To be my girlfriend finally so we can stop pretending we’ve never felt like this. I want you to be mine...”
His eyes had fallen upon yours, awaiting your answer as if he didn’t know it already, but sometimes confirmation was the answer. He wasn’t wrong though, it was time to own up your feelings and ignore your old stupid habits of neglecting feelings for each other. “I’d love to be your girlfriend...” it came out as a soft whisper. The activities and the time it had come to be were making you both grow tired but at least things with the man you loved, had finally come true. 
Filled with joy in his heart and chest, Yoongi sat up straight to hold your face for a kiss. He was ecstatic. You were finally his and he was yours. The love you both had tried to neglect for so long was finally here. With your lips separating and a smile in both your lips, he helped you sit up eventually stand up due to soreness. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” With a smile you nodded his way, holding his hand. 
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kimnjss · 28 days ago
petal | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: smut!! fluff… and hints of angst.
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 4.2K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: cursing, slight dirty talk, fingering, finger sucking, unprotected sex, clothed sex... yoongi finally uses his big brain!!
⤑ A/N: hii! i’m literally not going to say anything elsed bc..... let me know what you think!! x
Tumblr media
JUNE 13TH, 2021 | 09:28
He's never woken up this hard in his entire life. Sure of it. To be fair, he's never woken up like this before. An arm wrapped around your waist and face nuzzled in the crook of your neck. Ass pressed to the crotch, albeit, covered by the material of your shorts but the material was so flimsy it might as well not be there.
You're shifting in his arm a soft sigh leaving your lips and he's so in tune with you and your body that he's reacting almost instantly. Cock stiffening further as you push back against him.
Desperate to give his hands something to do, he takes to toying with the hem of his shirt that you slipped on before crawling in bed last night. As if he needed another thing to turn him on, you smelt like him and that drove him mad. In the most primal way it could possibly be put, he forever wanted to see you adorned in his attire.
Quickly, he's getting swept away in how domestic it waking up beside you, you in his clothes and fast asleep so peacefully next to him feels. He wanted every day to look like this and was not afraid to admit that. Yoongi has always been the 'all in' type of guy and that was exactly how he was feeling when it came to you. Fuck the obstacles and the games, if he could wake up feeling like this every morning he would.
He doesn't even realize the way his hands have crept underneath the fabric of your shirt, large hands grazing over the soft skin of your stomach. Slowly, he inches his way up your body until he's able to grip a handful of your breasts. Deep in his thoughts as he mindlessly kneads them, fingers rolling over your hardening nipples.
The soft moan that falls from your lips does very little to catch his attention. It's not until you're squirming against him, head hitting his bare chest does he snap out of it. Eyes widening as he moves to pull his hands away, but you're quickly covering them with yours – holding them in place. And you swear you feel him twitch against you.
“You're awake?” He mumbles, lip gliding over the skin of your back. Just from the tone, you're sure if you were to turn around you would catch sight of the blush of the cheeks. A face that seemed almost foreign when it came to Min Yoongi, but more frequent when it came to you.
With a nod, you're turning in his arms, chin hitting his chest. “Did you expect me to stay asleep?” He laughs at the dramatic roll of your eyes, hands sliding from your breasts to rest at the back of your neck to pull you into a kiss. It's slow and sweet, but it's not long before he's sliding his hand back underneath your shirt.
His words melt into your mouth and you're barely able to decipher what he's said, “I love that you're wearing my shirt,” The very shirt that he's very discreetly trying to peel off of your body. Arms circling around his waist, you're pulling back from his lips only to lay your head on his chest. The shift distracts his movements, arms wrapping around your shoulders to pull you closer.
“You insisted I wore it to bed,” A fact, but that didn't change the fact that you were wearing it. And you looked so good in it.
To avoid his cheeks darkening anymore or the butterflies intensifying in his chest, Yoongi decides to change the subject. “I have practice in an hour...” His own words seem to dawn on him, reminding him that he had to get up and get ready.
He's slow with the way he unwraps his arms from your body, reluctantly putting space between you. You're in the middle of making a mental list of things you can do to keep busy when he's speaking up again, sat up at the edge of the bed with his arms stretched over his head. “Come with me?”
Not even bothering to turn as he speaks, so you're forced to stare at the cute freckles scattered over his muscular back as you think over your answer. Not like you needed much time to think, it wasn't like you had a million things to do and the entire reason you came out here was to spend time with him.
Yoongi seems to quickly pick up on your obvious answer because he's no longer waiting for an answer. Mentally changing the question mark at the end of his words to a period, a requirement rather than a request as he searches through his suitcase for his gym clothes.
“Hurry up too, we can grab something to eat before.” That's all he says before he's disappearing into the bathroom.
It shouldn't be, but the certainty in his voice, the way he leaves no room for argument was extremely attractive to you. So much so, you're not even thinking twice when you're standing from your spot on the bed, picking out something you know he'll be pleased to see you in.
Tumblr media
JUNE 13TH, 2021 | 16:56
After practice, you're being hauled off to lunch with his friends. A new girl on either one of their arms. Sad to admit, but you take a little pride in being the same girl he had spent the night with. Almost as if this was an official thing between the two of you. His friends are more digestible now that you know what to expect, so you're not even hesitating when they're extending the invite to play video games in their room to you.
When you had agreed, the last thing Yoongi thought was that you'd end up playing too. Had it thought up in his mind that you'd sit back with his head in your lap and your fingers in his hair. Never did he think you'd be perched at the edge of the bed, cussing Jungkook out for being too slow with covering you.
It was more than hot, to say the least.
That doesn't last long, though because he's itching to get you alone. He's ignoring the jokes after excusing the two of you, leading you up to the elevator with the giddiest of smiles. When you're asking what he's so excited about, he replies with a shrug. “I like hanging out alone with you.” If you didn't know Yoongi as well as you did now, you'd assume that there was some type of ulterior motive in his actions. A separate reason why he wanted to be alone, but no, he meant exactly what he said. Tired of sharing you with his friends all he wanted was you for himself.
You can't help but find his selfishness cute. 
Crouched in the corner, Yoongi rummages through his bag while you scroll through the selection of movies on Hulu. You're being engulfed in darkness with the slight flick of his hand, surrounded by his scent. It takes a moment to realize that he's thrown something at you, reaching up to pull the garment from your head.
It's very clearly the jersey he wears for home games, but you still ask. “What's this?” He's plopping down on the bed beside you, tugging the controller from your hands to pick a movie himself.
“I want you to wear my jersey tomorrow,” He feigns nonchalance, but the flush in his cheeks is more than obvious. “What? Like we're dating?” It's hard to hide the smile that comes with the words. The thought of officially dating Min Yoongi, even though you were basically halfway there – didn't seem real to you.
He's dramatically rolling his eyes, letting out a huff. “What? Like we're dating?” Tone overly mocking and it has a giggle falling from your lips. “I just spent eight hours with my dick pressed against your ass,” The compromising position you had slept and woke up in reentering your mind.
Much harder than you thought to keep your composure when it was just the two of you alone like that. If his schedule wasn't packed and he was spending more time in bed this morning, there was no way you would've let him out of it. Still, he was still who he was so you can't help the words that leave your lips.
“You could've sent nine with someone else,”
Yoongi doesn't even bother to entertain the slight slander, shifting so his full focus is on the television. “Wear the jersey.” And there it was again, the no-nonsense tone that left zero room for argument. Only this time it's only because he's sure he'll lose. You weren't wrong. While he was dotting on you and giving you all his attention, right now, that didn't change the fact he was still entertaining someone who wasn't you.
Never mind the fact that it wasn't fully physical, how could he preach about being all about you and treat you as such when he spent the late hours of the night getting off to someone who wasn't you? It didn't make sense. And each and every time he thought about it, it had guilt building in his chest.
He needed to come clean.
Tumblr media
JUNE 14TH, 2021 | 22:39
There was something sexy about a winner. The energy they gave off whenever they entered the room, demanding attention without saying anything at all. You can't help but look, can't help but notice the greatness that surrounded them. How easily things went their way because that's how it was for winners.
Min Yoongi was a winner, on and off the court and he knew it too. Had no problem with sharing that information with anyone who'd listen. That's how the majority of his press interviews go that morning. Confident predictions of the game to come promises to bring home to gold so to speak.
From anyone else it would be seen as annoying, conceited, or cocky, but not for Min Yoongi because he was right. The backbone of his team and there was no denying that, no surprise when he was announced as MVP, the numerous shots he made to win the game repeated for emphasis.
Since the buzzer sounded, he's been riding the high of being the center of attention. Taking pictures, signing shirts, and chatting into microphones. And for the most part, it seems as if he's loving the sets of eyes on him. Which is why you're shocked when he's declining Jungkook's giddy invitation to the after-party in his room.
“Yn and I were gonna watch a movie,” He says instantly, the movie that you had mentioned in passing nearly slipping your mind. Yoongi ditching a party to stay in and learn about the unexplored parts of the ocean was a sight you thought you'd never see. His friends as well, the odd glances they shoot in his direction being proof enough.
He pays them no mind, stalking out of the gym with his arm around your shoulders. If you were to ask him why you're sure he'd shrug it off and say something along the lines of: 'I just like hanging out alone with you,'. Something he doesn't think holds much weight but makes your heart skip each and every time he's saying it.
Honestly, Yoongi had every intention to watch your lame movie when you're making your way back into the room. His mind only derails when he sees the casual way you pluck up his shirt from last night, slipping into the bathroom to change into it. Now it's hard to focus, no matter how loud the man talking is.
You're sat between his legs, back pressed to his chest in his shirt and an unbelievably short pair of shorts. So of course his hands are finding their way to your thighs, slowly inching their way higher while gauging your expression. You don't seem to mind, so he gets bolder, head dropping to the crook of your neck to place wet kisses against your skin.
It feels like middle school all over again, testing the limits and seeing how far he can go and he's pleased to notice that you've been letting him go much farther lately. Leaning back into him, tilting your head to give his lips more room – these were all signs of someone who wanted more.
So who would he be not to give it to you?
That's the last coherent thought he has before his brain is turning to mush. All full of you and your scent and the sound of your quiet moans. He's not even sure how you got underneath him, fingers tangled in his hair and soft lips pressed to his ear. Always so cautious when it comes to you, he's slow with the way his hands move up toward your chest. Brows raising as your back arches into his touch, he doubles down, swiping his thumbs over the peaks through the fabric and you're moaning again.
The sound goes straight to his dick, you can feel it pressed against your thigh and your greedily clenching around nothing – tired of being ignored for so long. “You're missing your show,” Arms on either side of your head, Yoongi looks down at you with a teasing smirk playing on his lips.
Any ounce of sanity you had before goes flying out the window at the sight of his face. You wanted him. So tired of acting like you didn't, his body fit so perfectly between his legs and you couldn't help but wonder how good it would feel without all of the clothes in the way.
It's tough to say it out loud. 'Take me, I'm yours.' felt a bit too dramatic for this situation. Never wanted losing your virginity to be made into a huge deal, it was just something that you hadn't done – there was no need for dramatics to surround it. You were sure Yoongi wouldn't be a huge fan of all that either.
So you don't say anything, instead, you're using the grip you hold in his hair to pull him down toward you. Legs spreading so he can fit a bit more comfortably between your legs, pelvic bone pressed to yours.
Of course, he notices the shift, the look in your eye before you're pulling him in for another kiss. Normally, he takes the lead, guiding the movements of your lips and setting the pace. 
That's not the case this time around, you've obviously been taking notes from the times that he's kissed you because you're almost exactly mimicking his moves. And even though he knows it's coming, he still feels his cock jump when you're pushing your tongue past his lips.
Slowly, you're peeling his shirt from his body – only breaking away for a moment to tug the garment over his head. A wet trail of kisses leading down his neck as your soft hands explores the ripples of his stomach. No idea what came over you or how far you were willing to let this go, but he was enjoying every second of it.
Nearly loses it when you're reaching for his hand, dragging it around your body to rest on your ass. He can't help it, palm squeezing around the flesh almost immediately. He holds back from dipping his fingers in the fabric, recounting the events of tonight to ensure you've had nothing to drink. Because this was so out of character and he hardly knew if he should believe it's real.
Easily sensing his hesitation, you're angling your hips up to meet his. “Touch me. I wanna feel you,” Your words hold so much promise that it has a stutter in his movements, eyes bulging as he over analyses what to do next. You're not like any virgin he's been with before, calling the shots and voicing what you wanted. It's nearly enough to drive him mad.
 Nearly. He still was who he was, so he's quick to regain his composure, fingers sliding past the waistband of your shorts to meet your bare ass. “You wanna feel me?” The cockiness is evident in his tone and it's much hotter than you'd guess. “You gonna let me pop your cherry?”
That's when the weight of what's about to happen hits you. Nervousness creeping in because you were going to do it, give yourself to Yoongi miles away from home in his hotel bed simply because you wanted to. No weighing your options or drawing up pros and cons, you were going simply on feeling.
Sadly, that doesn't stop your mouth from opening before your brain can interject. “Actually, nothing pops... or breaks. Hymens stretch during penetration and it shouldn't hurt either. Pain during the first time comes from inexperience or anxiety,” Reciting word for word what you had read when you did research.
Yoongi's letting out a loud laugh, head bowing and bumping against yours lightly. “You surely know how to kill a boner,” He jokes, but that doesn't stop the embarrassed flush from darkening your cheeks.
“Sorry... I'm nervous,”
He's hitting you with the softest smile you've ever seen him muster. “It'd be weird if you weren't. You want to, though?” It's the most serious you've seen him, eyes boring into yours as he searched for any sign of hesitance.
And you have zero plans of giving him any, eagerly nodding your head at his words. “Yes. I want you to pop my cherry,” A loud laugh escapes him, chuckles shaking his back and you're so distracted by the sound you don't even notice the way he's started to inch your shorts down. “It sounds weird when you say it,” Hands quickly getting rid of the useless fabric, his fingers hover over your covered slit.
Even still, you can't keep your tongue from moving. “Because it's not scientifically correct. I-” His fingers are finding your lips, putting a literal stop to your words and it takes everything in you not to stick your tongue out to get a taste.
“Shut up. Just kiss me,” No protests on your end, you're quickly leaning up to press your lips to his.
Kissing you was clearly a distraction for what he planned to do next, two fingers pushing their way past your walls. It's a tight stretch you hadn't expected, but your whines die on his tongue. He's slow with the pumps of his fingers, fascinated with the way you pull him in each time he tries to pull back.
The wet squelch is loud and if you couldn't feel just how hard he was right now, you'd be embarrassed. No matter how aloof you tried to act when the two of you were alone, the wetness surrounding his fingers was proof enough that all that was really just an act. And that's more than obvious to him, the small fact being saved in the back of his mind to tease you about later.
His fingers are hitting particularly deep, thumb expertly pressed into your clit. Your mouth falls from his as a loud moan sounds from your throat, ripples of pleasure shooting through your legs. “Shit, you're so wet.” He sounds desperate when he says it, fingers speeding up to match the movement of your hips.
“I want to taste you so bad. Make you cum all over my tongue. You'd like that, huh?” His words are hushed, breath hot against your ear as he speaks. All you can muster is a breathless: “Please,” Legs spreading in the most inviting way possible, all he does is laugh – placing a soft kiss on your lips.
Head shaking as he pulls away, Yoongi moves his fingers with much fervor. He takes the spread of your legs as an invitation to push another finger in, the tightness around his fingers has a groan leaving his lips. “So fucking tight. I can't wait, baby. I need to be inside you...” How he's able to carry on conversation while pushing you so close to the edge was beyond you.
Thumb rubbing fast circles into your clit while his fingers keep up with their steady pace. You're gasping out your release, wetness surrounding his fingers and he's never moved faster in his life. Fingers slipping from inside of you to fumble with the waistband of his shorts, his dick is out in seconds.
“Fuck, you look so good when you cum.” He's saying, but you can barely focus on catching your breath let alone the words coming from his mouth.
What does catch your attention, though, is the wet shine of his fingers. Coated with your juices and if you concentrated hard enough, you could see the way it dripped down his palm. You're moving before you can talk yourself out of it, hands wrapping around his wrist to bring his hand down toward your face.
Not a bit of hesitation in the way your mouth wraps around the wet digits, sucking your cum from them while he watches on with wide eyes. The last thing he expected from a virgin like you, but the familiarity of the way your tongue slides between his fingers is peaking his interest. Sure he's never felt this before... you're the first to shove his fingers in their mouth, but not the first to mention it.
The thought is fleeting, though, distracted by the sexy smile that spreads across your features as you pull his even wetter fingers out. “You're so fucking... and here I thought you were cute and delicate.” Your giggle is the prettiest sound he's ever heard, he's sure of it.
“I'm far from delicate,” You're saying through a laugh and it has to be a coincidence. There's no way, right? The feeling that he's had this conversation before was just a thing, right? Not to be taken seriously. Especially when he had his dick out like this.
So he pushes it aside, taking hold of his dick instead. He loves the automatic way you spread open for him, making it easy for him to line the head of his cock up with your wet hole. He takes his time with pushing forward, allowing you to adjust and feel every inch of him until his hips are resting against yours.
Much tighter than he had ever imagined even after just cumming. You've got your eyes squeezed shut, deep breaths lifting your stomach. Obviously trying to get used to the feeling and he waits, peppering soft kisses to your chest and neck as an attempt to soothe you.
He's not sure how long it is before you're giving him the green light, but once he sees the nod of your head he's speeding forward. A few stuttered thrusts are spared to fall into a steady pace that has both of your toes curling. It's like nothing you've felt before, pain melting into pleasure the deeper he pushes.
It's good for him too, so much so he can barely decide what to do with his hands. Going from your breasts to your hips around to your ass. He wants all of you at once and was doing very little to hide that fact. The tightness in his stomach comes much faster than he's used to and it has everything to do with the fact that it's you.
Somehow, he manages to hold on until you're squirming again. Desperate pleas for him to let you cum filling the room along with a whiny chant of his name. A sound that's all too familiar to ignore, he's heard his name like that before and if he were to scroll through his old messages, the evidence would be right there.
Still, he needs a little bit more convincing. Could be his mind playing tricks on him, karma for even entertaining someone else when he was like this with you. So he had to test it, “Fuck, petal. I'm gonna cum,” He tries not to make it obvious, eyes searching your face for any hint of reaction to the pet name.
And if he wasn't paying attention, he would've missed the slight shift in expression that you're quick to mask. He meant it when he said he was close though, so his mind is going blank after a few more thrusts. “Shit, shit.” He's pulling out a second before he's spilling his seed onto your lower belly, the warmth spreading throughout your body and has a moan falling from your lips.
The two of you lay like that for a few moments, trying to catch your breath while watching each other. He doesn't lean down to kiss you as you expect, instead, he's getting up to put a bit of space between you. Mumbling something about helping you clean off, but you're barely listening.
Too shocked at what he had called you just moments before. Petal.
It had to have been a slip up, there was no way he knew. But that small fact alone has the guilt growing in your chest. You felt dirty laying here wrapped up in his arms. And there was only one way to get rid of his feeling.
You needed to come clean.
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
↲ masterlist ↳
⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @itsrapmonstanotdancemonsta @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @iridescentstories @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tata @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @rlynotme​ @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia @knjkitten @tae165​ @chocobetterknot​ @ggukkieland​ @v3nti​ @kelitt​ @taejinminsu​
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A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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risk it — jjk | masterlist.
Tumblr media
↠ fic type: social media au, exes to lovers
↠ main pairing: tattoo artist!jungkook x salon owner!reader
↠ side ships: namjin, vmin (fwb), hoseok x makeup artist!oc
↠ genre: heavy angst
↠ warnings: explicit language, mature themes, smut, light pining, jealousy, alcohol usage, light violence
↠ status: ongoing
✧ a drunken text ends with you wrapped up in the arms of your ex-boyfriend. aka the man that you dumped two years prior, after he refused to marry you. suddenly, all of the feelings that you’d seemingly had buried come rushing back up to the surface, and you’re not sure how long you can ignore them.
a/n: if you’d like to be added to the tag list, send me an ask!
Tumblr media
character profiles. 
one: quote me on that.
two: dumb as fuck.
three: plastered.
four: pretend.
five: already forgotten.
six: try it and see.
seven: easy lay.
eight: most toxic two.
nine: one more chance.
ten: get our shit together.
eleven: i hate it here.
twelve: wicked witch.
thirteen: drop dead.
bonus: getting serious.
fourteen: men ain’t shit.
fifteen: the truth.
sixteen: moving on. 
seventeen: happy n stuff.
eighteen: character growth.
nineteen: risk it.
twenty: evil twin.
twenty-one: hong kong.
twenty-two: fake love.
twenty-three: baby emoji.
twenty-four: aunt or uncle.
twenty-five: my everything.
epilogue 01: the wedding.
epilogue 02: the marriage.
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yojeongin · 2 years ago
small written portion under images ★彡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist in bio
[pt.7: so sad, so sad]
pairings: ugrapper!yoongi x coworker!reader
genre: sex shop au, sm au, crack humor, fluff, angst, and smut
a/n: listen to so far away when reading this part 😔
Tumblr media
You could hear the chatter from the living room. It was Yuta and Namjoon agreeing to leave your apartment just so the well needed intimacy with Yoongi could take place without the worry of having to muffle your cries (and hopefully his).
It hadn’t always been like this. Your parents never really asked much from you before attending university. It wasn’t until you became friends with third year, Mani Choi that their expectation begun to actually form and their want of perfection coming from you to exist.
You couldn’t blame Mani herself, she’d always show discomfort when your parents tried comparing you to her or simply tried to defend you with the repetitive excuse of: “Everyone in their own have different ambitions and I’m glad ours are nowhere near similar.” Of course it would only be swept under the rug as they praised her dreams and plans in life.
It’s rather useless to even try and compare Mani to you. Mani’s dreams consist of helping children in need of education, to travel and give the aide they deserved— and as much as you adored her dedication and kindness, you just couldn’t bear being compared to that. It was too perfect, she was too perfect whilst you— well, there’s nothing to say.
You didn’t have any dreams and it isn’t worth trying to remember the ones you used to have as they’ve been long dead and thrown into a pile of oblivion. As hard as you tried, nothing in life was worth it. Everything you did was for the purpose of surviving and living the monotone life you’ve carried for ever since you can remember.
Perhaps that’s why you cling to Yoongi. Seeing him always come in tired and hungry, prominent bags under his eyes, and most of all— works hard to create what he loves: music.
Being with him wasn’t anything regular. There was always the thrill of the unexpected. Despite your relationship within the confines of work and the public eye— Yoongi and you were closer than believed so.
When you can’t sleep, he’s on the other line lulling you to sleep. If he needs inspiration or help with lyrics, he’s at your apartment with whatever street food he can find at such hours. When it’s clear that he isn’t taking care of himself or his body, you’d always make sure to be where he’s at no matter what time or location.
You were there for him and he was there for you.
The mere thought of having him being distant due to the ‘what if’ of Mani only caused a heavy weight to collapse against your chest. The lump in your throat not daring to leave as you held back whatever tears you had.
“Bimbo, open the door. Please…” his voice was soft and tired, raspy at that. It was obvious he hadn’t slept much. “Give me a second.” You’d speak as loud as you could (a mere whisper.)
Standing up from the cold tile floor, hitting your elbow on accident against the counter. Not daring to look at the mirror, you unlocked the door opening a bit just to his tired pale face.
He didn’t smile at you nor did you. The comfort of knowing it was just the two of you was fine within the silence of the apartment. All the lights excluding the bedroom lights and restroom where off. Yoongi sighed looking at you moments away from releasing all you had. “Come on.” His voice was groggy and his arm stretched to hold your shoulder.
His touch was soft as always. Comforting. That’s how it felt when you were with Yoongi. Peace and comfort was the only thing that filled your tired persona. In all honesty being with Yoongi felt like the greatest thing one could experience. The definition of happiness in which you wished to live your whole life.
It’s more than just that, but the rest can’t be explained. It has to only be experienced.
“Your shorts are in the last drawer.” Yoongi had sat you down on the bed as the two of you went inside. Looking to where you pointed at, he only nodded walking towards the drawers. His face demonstrated surprise, yet his lips formed into a playful smirk seeing how neatly his clothes were stored in the drawer. “Stop stealing my stuff.” He’d playfully hint, a smile growing at your lips as your head hung low, hair covering your embarrassment.
“Stop attacking me. It’s not my fault you always leave them behind everywhere.” Yoongi never seemed to remember his items if they didn’t hold a important value to him. In other words he’d never leave his journal behind.
From all the times he stayed at your apartment— many of his sweaters, caps, and even shirts were left behind making Yuta tease you despite knowing nothing happened.
Yoongi loved seeing the way he made you become flustered, his heart couldn’t take it when you’d become shy from just a simply touch from him. Regardless of his obvious demonstrations of affection and interest, he felt like there was nothing he could offer you. Yoongi was fixated on the idea that his ambitions wouldn’t allow him to treat you the way you were meant to. Along that he saw himself as less compared to what you already had. It was a cold case of lady and the tramp. Whatever he could offer, you’d already have.
But most importantly you both were stubborn to admit true feelings. Something Yuta, Eunwoo, Hoseok, and Namjoon took as an advantage for teasing and indirectly push either of you to talk about it.
“Close your eyes. I’ll sleep in the restroom if you peak.” Joking was the coping mechanism you both had, anger was never something either of you liked expressing and if you did, it was only through facial expression that made others stay back, but till this day you still had to see either angry.
“Just one peak, Yoongi.” You’d tease, hands covering your eyes and back facing him. “No.” Giggling you nodded, laying on your side with both hands still on your eyes.
It was awfully silent and the ruffling of his jeans seemed to be accompanying the AC. Staying in that position you could only remember the words your mother threw at you. The pain rushing back and anger of comparison getting to you once again.
Getting lost in those thoughts you didn’t realize he was done and the feeling of arms wrap around you with the bed sinking caused for your hands to become damp with the tears you harshly contained due to how hard your palms pressed at your eyes. “Was it your mom again?” He’d whisper against your ear, his warm breath caressing your ear lobe and his voice only making you come closer to him.
Your face was pressed against his chest, the musk of sweat and cologne intoxicating your senses. He went back to the Shed, that’s why he was down. It could only mean LGP was behind his own despondence. Nonetheless you felt comfort with being this close to him. It was new, other times he’d only hold you when the conversation was done and at that, it was a simple hug, maybe sometimes you’d wake up in each other’s arms but it was only expected when loneliness got the best of you both.
“What did she say?” His volume was normal now, your breathing trying to stay calm as you recollected all that she said, but the mere memory made you tongue tied leaving the silence to speak for you. “She’s just so… so demanding!” The crack at your voice made him pull you closer to him, his grip tightening for comfort and protection. “It’s always the same thing. To be like those she wants me to be. To follow their example and be them, but I don’t want to be them… at this point I hate them.” Your voice faltered as the sentence progressed and a sob left your lips as your hands held his shirt.
The hand that wasn’t holding you, stroked your hair, cooing for relaxation. “Earlier this week she sent me a list of companies I have to work at. Choose one and settle down once in for all. Quit the shop and force myself into the corporate world—“ your hand had left his shirt alone, moving under his arm to hold him as well. It took Yoongi by surprise, but the comfort of being held by you was enough to make him forget his own problems.
“I was supposed to meet with them today and go over my top three but I didn’t even spare a glance at the list. That’s why she called, wondering why I hadn’t visited them; she has this stupid rule of not letting anyone she doesn’t know into the apartment so when she heard you guys she went hysterical. I tried convincing her it was only Yuta— at some point I couldn’t handle her nagging and made her even more angry when I said I was tired of the treatment… I think at this point she’s disowned me.” Yoongi’s chest ached horribly thinking he was the cause of your pain.
A lump formed in the back of his throat and tears threatened to fall. From the times he’d comfort you, he had never seen you cry. You handled your emotions perfectly well so seeing you so tired in front of him only caused for him to give in. “I’m so sorry… I really a—“ “It’s not your fault.” At this point your body pressed against his, your arm draped around his torso as you held him like he held you. A comforting intimate hug.
“You’d think this is bad but I could just imagine the horror if she found out of all the things she’s caused within me. Doubtful that she’d care for my state of mind and only call me ungrateful like many other times… sometimes I envy y/sister/n. She never had to go through this, but thinking about it, she voluntarily obtained the life they deem perfect.” His hand against your hair, holding you as tight as he could. Letting you go was not an option and you were thankful you had him in your life.
Sighing, Yoongi thought of your words. It wasn’t as different from what he had to go with his father. After his mother left, his father tried forcing him into the clean cut perfect life, one that didn’t include music or the pains of it.
His brother followed the same path as your sister, yet the difference was that Yoongi’s father was neither disappointed or pleased with his brother’s decision. The only importance was that he was living a comfortable and decent life unlike Yoongi.
The last news Mr. Min had heard about Yoongi was the drunken voicemail in which he just told him to fuck off and prove him that he’d accomplish his dreams.
Dreams. That seems to be the reoccurring topic.
“What happened at the shed?” Getting him out of his thoughts, Yoongi shook his head, eyes shutting. “Same old as well. That bastard buying off the crowd and making me look like fool every time I go up against him— I don’t understand his fixation on making my life hell. Maybe if he worked for what he wants then he would understand why I didn’t sell my work to him.” Your head slightly tilted upwards, admiring the features you could see.
A smile formed seeing his face but the thought of how painful it must feel to be discredited for your hard work, only caused a frown on your lips. “The way I spill my emotions into these songs can’t just be given away when you’re presented with stacks of money, y/n. Those songs are my struggles, my pain, my state of mind, my fatigue, and eventually the end of me… I haven’t dragged these weights of pain for years just to give them away.” Your arm left his torso, hand caressing his cheek as he spoke, making him melt against your touch.
“The pain of the rich always seem to amuse me. It’s valid but at some points but at others— it’s evident they’ve never heard no. Despite my lack of struggles I’d understand that something that big is not to be given away at all.” Yoongi smiled as he heard you, his thumb caressing your clothed waist. “Your pains revolve around the unknown, y/n. You don’t know what you want in life and you see it bleak, but you also don’t want the cookie cutter lifestyle that can easily be handed to you… and I appreciate that because many would easily take it— but you want the feeling of being alive and thriving on your own terms, and I love that about you.” You felt your breath hitch at his words, your hand only holding his face rather than caressing his cheek anymore.
“And your pains revolve around achieving your dreams. You, out of a few have dreams and you’re going through hell just to achieve it, even if this idiot is testing your patience but he’s not worth your time or a second thought to doubt what you’ve been working on all these years. May your trails end in full bloom.” His eyes had widened the moment you spoke but as you gradually finished, they softened, lips forming a smile as he held you even closer. “Maybe one day I’ll show you something I’m working on.”
“Really?!” You perked up at the sound of that, you couldn’t really look at him due to the way he held you, but the feeling of his lips pressing against your forehead caused for you tense against him in surprise and bliss. Within you— you hoped this meant more than what your heart could take.
“May your trials end in full bloom…”
Tumblr media
taglist: @bts-reveries @sugapaste @im-emo-motherfuckers @hobisbeech @snowythellama @the-jackals @hobiheavenly @unbearable-fangirl @live-2-fangirl @labgeek @jiminieschilliepeper @maaayleee @gummygguks @parkjiminstan16 @fekitza @bidisaster1307 @http-softhoney @y-eehaw @officiallyjyptrash @uwukinawa @castellamas @mayumioutloud
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kimnjss · 2 months ago
cyberslut (sneak peak)
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— he has no idea who you are... up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
[ cyberslut: a person who will act openly sexual on the internet, yet in real life will act prudent and contained. ]
Tumblr media
pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: LMAO TBD.
genre: smut!! college au, secret identity, tutoring au, slight themes of infidelity... 
warnings: yoongi and his friends are dicks :/ - yn is way too horny all of the time... there’s a lot of sexting... no full nudity. 
coming: june 1st
updates: everyday.
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
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maravillamin · a year ago
Tumblr media
summary — life gets a little more complicated when your son befriends a kid whose father seems to hate your guts.
pairing — dad!yoongi x mom!reader
genre — angst, fluff
warning — there may be grammar mistakes, sometimes I unconsciously omit words
a.n. — hello, im back with a new story, hopefully this would be better. let me know if you want to be added to the tag list :)
thank you for reading xx
introduction: A and B | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen | sixteen | seventeen | eighteen | nineteen | twenty | twenty one | twenty two | twenty three | twenty four | twenty five | twenty six | twenty seven | twenty eight | twenty nine | thirty | thirty one | thirty two | thirty three | thirty four | thirty five | thirty six | thirty seven | thirty eight | thirty nine | forty | forty one | forty two (I) | forty two (II) | forty three (the end) | epilogue | extra.
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kimnjss · a month ago
at your pace | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: fluff… and hints of angst.
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 2.2K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: none!!
⤑ A/N: hii! not much to say here, LOL! we’re getting soooo close tho - i don’t want to give too much away. this chapter comes in two parts so keep that in mind as you read and let me know what you think! x
Tumblr media
JUNE 12TH, 2021 | 11:23
The fact of 'top players getting their own room' should've been enough to warn you of the special treatment you were about to witness and yet, you couldn't help but find yourself shocked at just how spoiled Min Yoongi was. While the rest of the team was subject to a stinky bus ride, a sleek Uber was pulling up in front of Yoongi's place to pick him up.
He doesn't even seem slightly phased handing both of your bags over before slipping into the backseat. It's comfortable, so he's falling asleep the moment you're hitting the highway. That wasn't even the height of it, very clear that the nicest room was chosen for him – complete with a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.
“You want something to eat?” Speaking as he carelessly tosses his bag onto the bed and reaching for the room service catalog that was neatly placed on his bed. As if this was the norm, not a second spared to marvel at the city view right outside his window or the electric fireplace that has conveniently been switched on.
Barely registering his question, you're too busy taking it all in. Oohing and awing at every turn, eyes nearly popping out your head when you're stepping onto the balcony and getting a close-up view of the pretty skyline. “Or we could go down to the restaurant and grab something... it's on the school,” He says through a chuckle, following you outside.
You're instantly being surrounded by his warmth, arms on either side of your body and effectively caging you between his chest and the railing. He's instantly resting his chin on your shoulder, nose nudging in your hair – a position you've quickly pinned as his favorite. 
“Are you happy you came along?” He's letting out a hum, the same sound he makes just moments before he's saying: “You smell so good,” Words laced through a sleepy sigh, the nap he took in the car catching up with him.
Normally, close contact like this would frazzle you, cause you to overthink, and disappear into yourself. There wasn't even a slight inkling of that when you were with Yoongi, though. Every smile, touch, and kiss felt so natural. Like you've been doing this for years like it's always been you and him.
And the last thing you wanted to do was ruin that. As selfish as it sounded, you'd miss being this close to him too much – which is where your hesitance of telling him about your account came from. What if he wanted nothing to do with you after that? Even if it felt like you've been like this forever – it only just started and you weren't the least bit ready to let it go.
The timing was off, so you'd just wait for a different moment. Another chance.
“Should we go see what they have at the restaurant?” Untangling yourself from your grasp, he's giving you the bit of space that you need to move. Which is not a lot since he's obsessed with being close to you. He's following your steps back into the room, watching as you slip your shoes back on.
He's right behind you like a puppy, mimicking your movements before he's shooting a large smile in your direction. An arm outstretched and fingers wiggling at you, you don't hesitate to take his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers. And he's instantly pulling you into his side before leading you out of the room.
You walk down the hallway like that, all the way to the elevator where he shifts to pull you in front of him. An arm secured around your waist and chin finding your shoulder again. Stood in comfortable silence with the older lady that scrolls through her phone. Again, it feels natural – you're not racking your brain for things to say or wondering what he's thinking. Just content tucked into his embrace, feeling the rise and fall of his chest against your back.
The ding of the elevator pulls you apart and he's reaching for your hand again, wishing the lady a hushed 'have a good day,' before he's leading you into the dining room. You recognize players from the team scattered around the room, his coach, and some cheerleaders that found themselves in the same position as you.
It doesn't take long before Yoongi is spotting Jungkook and Hoseok, tucked in the corner with a wide-eyed girl sat between them. “Do you want to sit with them? Or do you want to be alone?” Only then is it dawning on you that you've never formally met his friends before. Just in the passing or through stories that he'd tell you as a way to distract from his school work.
Was that normal? To be introduced to his friends like this if you weren't truly together? Granted, you all went to the same school so you'd run into them eventually – but did this mean anything? “You're thinking too hard about it, let's just sit alone.” Yoongi's cutting into your thoughts, ready to pull you in the other direction.
“Oh, no. It's fine, we can sit with them.” If you had known his face would light up like that, you would've made your decision sooner. “They're not that bad, I promise.” He's rushing out as he leads you to their table.
'Not that bad' was definitely generous. The moment you're sitting down, attention is shifting from their girl over to you. Taking you in as if you were prey that just stumbled into the Lion's Den. The one that you recognized to be Jungkook has not bothered to lift his gaze from your chest while Hoseok is looking you over as if he's two seconds from jumping across the table.
You've never wished for the presence of Park Jimin more, no doubt he'd be calling out their odd behavior unlike Yoongi who's focused has turned to the items on the menu. “So you're the sexy geek that's been taking up all of our Yoongi's time?” You're not sure to fawn over the fact that Jeon Jungkook just called you sexy, or be annoyed that the fact he tagged 'geek' on to the end of it.
The words catch Yoongi's attention, though, his eyes squinting as he stares in his friends' direction. “Don't call her that,” And you're not sure if he's referring to 'sexy' or 'geek', but the arm he slings over your shoulders does its job at getting his friends to back off and turn their attention back to the girl they had been talking up before.
Dinner continues like that, with Yoongi's arm wrapped around your shoulders. His friends manage to relax enough to carry on a decent conversation and you're quickly picking up on why Yoongi liked them so much. Jungkook and Hoseok fed off each other, loved trying to one-up one another which made for extremely entertaining conversations... once you got past the blatant fuckboy tendencies.
It was clear that they didn't take things all too seriously, not even themselves. It was almost refreshing, going from your friends who always made sure their plans had plans to a 'go with the flow' type of attitude. It was different and something you could see yourself getting used to.
“You wanna come swimming after this, Yn? Yoongi wants to see you in a bikini,” Jungkook is blurting out with a smirk, dodging the crouton that's tossed in his direction by the blushing man beside you. “What? Did I lie?” He says through a laugh, which Yoongi ignores, he'd bowed to pay special attention to his meal.
It's cute. The middle school reaction from someone like Yoongi as if he hasn't seen dozen upon dozens of girls in things more scandalous than a two-piece swimsuit. Yet, here he was acting all shy and nervous at the thought of seeing you in one. You'd be a liar to say that didn't make your heart tingle.
With a shrug, you're nodding your head. Silently agreeing to their plans and you don't miss the way Yoongi's face lights up.
Tumblr media
JUNE 12TH, 2021 | 13:47
Yoongi can't help the way his eyes drift to the glass doors as the seconds' tick by. Only half invested in the game of Tips with Jungkook and Hoseok, too busy trying to catch a glimpse of you on the way down to the pool. Like the gentlemen he was trying so hard to be, he left the room so you can get changed comfortably. When really the only place he wanted to be was sat on the edge of the bed with his eyes set on you.
Had half the mind to get out the water and head straight for the room, but he ignores the nagging ache in his legs with the reminder he had said you'd go at your pace. What had possessed him to say that was beyond him. How was he going to keep it together all weekend? Seeing you up close and sharing a room, surely he didn't think this through.
He's walking away from the game the fourth time he's being hit in the chest with the ball, moving to the edge of the pool at the same time you're making your way outside. Taking you in, he's not even half surprised at your choice of attire. A soft smile playing on his lips as you hang your towel and sink into the above beside him.
“What?” Speaking through a giggle, legs kicking out in front of you. He's swimming closer to you with a shake of his head, wet hands wrapping around your legs. A mischievous smile playing on his lips and you're certain the thought of pulling you into the water with him is bubbling in his mind.
He doesn't act on it just yet, though. “I like your suit,” Compliments from Yoongi always flow in like clockwork and they always have the same effect, a large smile spreading across your features. Two arms stretched out in front of you, your head dips down to check out your long sleeve one piece.
“Thank you. Divers wear them,” You beam, positive that this was the last thing he expected to see you in. Following his friend's comments about a bikini, yet he didn't look the slightest bit disappointed. Too focused on sneakily tugging you into the water, distracting you with the slow way his hands sneak up your legs.
You don't even notice you're waist-deep until he's turning you around, back resting against the wall while your body rests against his. Wet fingers pushing your hair off your shoulders as he falls into the steps he takes before kissing you. Always the same, but never failing to send a shiver down your spine.
Warm hand covering the back of your neck, thumb caressing your skin. His tongue pushes out to wet his lips as his eyes flicker down to yours. You notice the shift in his breathing as if he's preparing himself. And then slowly, with the grip he holds on your neck, he's pulling you down. All the way down till your mouths are touching, lightly at first... that's when he lets out the low groan – as if he's been waiting for this moment all day. He kisses you fully after that.
As always, his lips are soft – moving against yours slowly. Cautiously swiping his tongue over your lower lips and waiting. The shift happens when your jaw drops, allowing him to push his way through. He's quickly losing himself in the kiss, pulling you closer and daring you to keep up. Free hand set on your hip as he tugs your lower lip into his mouth.
Faintly, you hear the whoop of his friends behind him. Their chuckles and shouts for the two of you to get a room. And where you'd normally be embarrassed, you can't find it in yourself to care. Not when Yoongi is mapping a trail down your neck with his mouth.
“Tell them to fuck off,” He mutters into your skin, teeth lightly brushing against you. It takes everything not to let a moan slip, coherent enough to at least keep that piece of dignity. “Fuck off,” You sigh, not sounding nearly as intimating as you intended. Which pulls a chorus of laughter from his friends.
"My mini-me," You can hear the smile in his voice, even with his face buried in the crook of your neck. 
He's pulling back at the breathy tone of your voice, peaking up to take in the flushed look on your face, the dazed look in your eyes. A grin plays on his lips, obviously proud of himself for the way he's able to rile you up so easily. It had quickly become his favorite thing ever since he agreed to take things at your pace.
Never one to pressure or force you, but he was having a hell of a time pushing your limits. Testing the waters, seeing how far he can get until you were finally snapping. Paid close enough attention to you to know when to pull back or when you wanted more. And judging from the lust-filled gaze you poorly tried to mask, it wouldn't be long before you're begging for more.
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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irregular heartbeat — myg | masterlist.
Tumblr media
fic type: social media au
main pairing: surgeon!yoongi x surgical intern!reader
side ships: taekook, minjoon
genre: smut, angst
series warnings: fluff, crack, explicit language, sexual themes, pining, loss of virginity, more to be added
status: ongoing
— hot girl meets hot guy at a bar, lets him buy her a drink, then hooks up with him in the bathroom without even asking for his name. your typical friday night cliché. except for the fact that you’re a virgin, and the guy you drunkenly lose your v-card to is your superior at your new job.
if you’d like to be added to the tag list, send us an ask! 
Tumblr media
00: character profiles.
01: pussy wagon.
02: AMF.
03: decently clean bathroom.
04: ice cream.
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risk it | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: lmao idk fr... kinda angst(?)
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 3.8K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: hm... none?? jungkook is confused lmao nd yoongi is still a hoe :)
⤑ A/N: hii! thank you so much for waiting i love y’all! anyway not much to say except for i love them sooo much :(( - just let me know what you think x 
Tumblr media
JUNE 27TH, 2021 | 00:10
It's a full hour before you and Yoongi are deciding to rejoin the rest of the party. He takes his time with getting out of bed, constantly finding reasons to pin you down and pull you into another long make-out session. It's a wonder people are still scattered around when you're finally making it downstairs.
Hoseok is the first to spot you two, hands circling his mouth as he lets out a loud 'whoop!' His voice catches the attention of some of the people standing around and the obnoxious way he claps his hands together catches the attention of everyone else. They're instantly joining in on the applause, even though they have no idea why they're clapping. Sheep.
The attention has a blush creeping up the back of your neck, cheeks growing hot as the cheers grow louder. Yoongi's letting out a loud laugh, arm pulling your body tighter into his chest before leaning down to press a soft kiss to the top of your head.
He's leading the two of you down the steps like that, plopping down on the couch with your body tucked into his side. “You want something to drink?” You're just barely nodding and like magic, someone is standing to pour something out for the both of you. Red solo cups in hand within minutes.
Party still in full swing, music blaring and chatter overlapping. Yoongi's easily jumping into the conversation that's happening around him with people you've never seen before. He keeps his arm wrapped around your shoulders the entire time, your body tucked close into his. His warmth surrounds you as he speaks, the soft vibration of his voice tickling your back.
“Hey, Yoongi.” Voice sweet as honey, your eyes are instantly shooting up to the pretty girl that just sauntered her way over. The laughing fit Yoongi was in the middle of comes to a fast stop as his attention is stolen, eyes racking up her scarcely covered body.
She looks good, you can't deny that no matter how much you want to. Honey blonde hair falling in loose waves, pretty brown eyes, and a smile that dazzled white behind her perfectly glossed lips. The dress she's wearing leaves very little to the imagination, hugging her tight and stopping just below her ass. She's pretty, skin golden and glowing – Yoongi's obvious noticed.
“Hi, Paris.” He sounds a bit too chipper for your liking.
'Paris' doesn't even spare a glance in your direction, pointing a manicured finger at the small empty space beside him. “Can I sit by you?” She's talking all low and sweet and he's hurriedly scooting over to make more room for her to sink down beside him.
The tips of her fingers brush against his bicep as she scoots in closer and he doesn't even bother to flinch away. “You were great in the last game,” Yoongi's eyebrows are shooting up as if you hadn't told him that a million times as if he didn't have a whole stadium chanting that.
“You were there?” He says in slight wonder. She nods, a soft smile playing on her lips. Big deal. You were there too! Drove hours in the car with his dumb ass just to be there, did he manage to forget that now that Miss Paris was cooing in his direction. “I sat in the front row,” Her fingers are finding his arm again and his lips are lifting in a proud smile.
She shifts some more, causing him to scoot over some – thigh knocking against yours, and for the first time in five minutes he's remembering that you're sat right next to him. That his arm is still around you. His shock is clear on his features, brows shot up and jaw slack.
He's sputtering, trying to find the right words to defend himself. Anything to get you to believe he didn't just forget about you. But, you're not letting him get that far. “You're a dick,” Hand twisting to empty the contents of your cup onto him, staining his white shirt. You don't even stay long enough to catch his reaction, shaking his arm from around you and storming off.
Tumblr media
JUNE 27TH, 2021 | 00:28
Bored of the senseless chatter, Hoseok is slipping away just moments after you and Yoongi are joining the little circle. Friendly enough to bounce from circle to circle and charismatic enough to blend in with everyone no matter the topic. He can go from debating with the geeks to shooting pool with the jocks in a blink of an eye.
In the midst of mixing and mingling when his eyes catch sight of the floral print of a flowy dress that's two inches too short. His eyes follow the short-haired girl from the living room to the kitchen where she scans over the drink options. 
Lips pursed to the side, he can clearly see the deep dimple on her cheek. Eyes two round circles, lined neatly with black – he doesn't bother to stop himself from imagining how good they'd look rolled back, fluttering as he goes down on her.
Just a few feet away someone else watches her, over the brim of his cup like he wasn't being the most obvious. He's tall... too tall, choppy hair covered by a hat. Handsome in a less obvious way and Hoseok is sure he'd be able to win this girl over if he wasn't stuck watching her from the corner like the neighborhood peeping Tom. Although he could be reading the situation all wrong... maybe the two of them did know of them and the borderline-stalking was part of some freaky foreplay they had set up.
Only one way to find out.
Weaving through the crowd of dancing bodies, Hoseok is walking straight up to the watcher, lips stretched into a wide smile just in case he was actually dealing with a basket case. No need to freak the guy out and put the entire party in danger. “You know her?” He asks before even saying hello, always one to get right down to business.
Joon startles at the sudden question, only now realizing he had been staring. He thought he was being subtle, trying to work up the courage to go over and say more than just 'Hi, Luna'. He already used that one when she was showing up with Jin, smiling brightly up at him as she returned the greeting. And he could tell that she wanted him to say more, but he didn't know what so he was rushing off like he was late for surgery.
“I want to,” He sighs, the confession slipping out before he can even stop himself. Of course, he knew the boring stuff about her. Her name, the breakfast she always snuck into class, how she doodled all over her notebook when she should be taking notes, the cute she'd get on her face whenever she was confused. Knowing that that was fine, but he wanted to know her.
Hoseok is raising a brow suspiciously, eyes shifting from where Joon stands to where Luna is, picking through the snacks for something she likes. “You know that's not gonna happen from all the way over here, right?” He says through a laugh.
With a long sip from his drink, Namjoon is rolling his eyes at the shorter man. “No, shit. Don't you think I know that?” He's huffing out, eyes lifting to steal another glance at the girl.
“You just gotta for it, man. Or else someone else will,” Hoseok is letting his eyes wander back to the kitchen, taking in the length of the girl's legs and how they flex as she wanders around. He gives Joon a full thirty seconds to make a move before he's turning away, heading straight for the kitchen.
Namjoon watches in slight shock as Hobi makes his way up to Luna, crowding her as he speaks softly. He watches the way her face shifts from confused to please, laughing along with whatever stupid thing he's said. Anger bubbles in his chest as he reaches out to touch her, fingers dancing down the skin of her arm. And she doesn't push him away!
Hanging on to every word as if she just said 'Hi,' to Joon just hours before. And yes, he knew that a simple hi didn't mean they were heading down the aisle, but he liked to dream. But, this guy was effectively stomping on his dreams with his ridiculously bright-colored shoes.
He's deciding enough is enough when Hoseok is leaning in to whisper in her ear, lips just barely brushing against the shell of it. He's stomping over a scowl on his face, speech ready on his lips about how uncool whatever he's doing is. “Hey.” Hoseok is turning around, mock surprise on his face.
“There he is now! He's much more handsome when he's not scowling, trust me. You know Luna, right?” It takes a few moments before the pieces are coming together in Joon's mind. Was this how wing-manning worked? He wasn't sure, but Luna is smiling at him so he doesn't really care about much else.
The hammering in his chest only gets worse when she speaks, “Hi, Joon. I actually wanted to tell you I really liked the presentation you did...” He's sure she said more that, probably went over the details of what she liked, but it was hard to focus after hearing the way his name sounded coming from her lips.
The fact that she even knew his name at all.
Somehow, he manages a coherent response. Thanking her and fumbling to find a compliment that was deeper than a lame: 'you're pretty'. He likes the way her dimple appears as she speaks so he keeps coming up with questions just to keep her talking.
There were obvious signs of a woman being interested, the way she talks, how she looks at you... aimlessly walking around a kitchen so she's in your line of view. Obvious signs that Joon missed because he was so deep in his head. It only made sense that Hoseok, the more experience out of the two, stepped in to help the man out.
Never let a bro miss a lay, that was bro code 101. Seeing that he's no longer needed, Hoseok is excusing himself with a light pat on Joon's shoulder. He barely gets a head nod in acknowledgment, which has him shaking his head in slight disbelief. After all, he's done.
Tumblr media
JUNE 27TH, 2021 | 00:46
Jungkook is the most competitive out of all of his friends, can make a game out of almost anything, and even if it's completely made up by him – he needs proof that he's the best. And that very reason alone is how he loses the attention of Ayeong Lee, a random cheerleader he decided was the love of his life for the night.
Ayeong was more concerned about who was crazier about her, bouncing between him and Jin for the duration of the night. Soaking up all the attention from the handsome men she could get. Giddy at the first round of beer pong for her hand, her dream of being a princess who had two princes fighting over her finally being realized.
That's quickly fizzling out when focus shifts from her to the actual game. As if they forgot why they even started the thing in the first place. They don't even budge when she storms off, threatening that neither of them gets to spend a second more of the night with her. They're too busy arguing over whether or not a double bounce counts.
They've been hogging the table for over an hour and after Jungkook has lost more times than he can count, he's hungry to level the playing field. Room much blurrier than he remembered, he's suggesting a game he could play sitting down.
And that's how the two of them find their way into the den, secluded from the rest of the party-goers. It's where Yoongi keeps his games and the good alcohol. It's also where they find Taehyung with his hand down the front of Jimin's shorts, the shorter man panting moans into his ear.
An odd emotion washes over the youngest, one that he can only recognize as annoyance. Eyes rolling as he plops down on the couch beside theirs. “Can you not give it a rest? It's a party,” He's grumbling, not looking directly in their direction as he reaches for the controller on the table.
Jimin, who had planned to ignore the intrudes, is pulling back. Shooting a glare in Jungkook's direction that he misses with his focus on the buttons that he should already have memorized. “Come on, baby. Let's go outside,” A simple tug on his arm and Taehyung is following like a horny lost puppy.
The couch dips beside Jungkook, but he still hasn't looked up. Doesn't even give a suggestion when Jin starts searching through the selection of games. And if being drunk wasn't one thing, it was much harder to focus when he could clearly see what was going on outside out the corner of his eyes.
Damn those glass doors.
After the eighth time being beat at the game he downloaded, Jungkook is giving up – chucking the controller in front of him. “I quit. You just play,” He's huffing with a roll of his eyes. Jin is simply shrugging his shoulders, switching the setting to one player, and continuing with his timed button mashing.
Jungkook tries hard to find other things to focus on, counts the lights in the room, mentally alphabetized the books on the shelf, yet no matter what he'd do – his eyes would wander back to Taehyung and Jimin. They're just kissing and feeling each other up, something that he's done more times than he can count – but he can't stop stealing glances.
It's so bad that he doesn't even bother to fight it anymore, chin resting on his palm as he watches. It's quiet in the room, nothing can be heard but the low volume of the TV and the click of the buttons, so he if concentrated hard enough he could hear them through the glass door.
“Have either of you seen Yn!?” Yoongi is barging in, causing Jungkook to jump as if he's the one with his hand down someone's hand.
Jin's shaking his head, not even bothering to look up from the screen. He's sighing, shoulders sulking before he's pulling the door closed heavy steps sounding down the hall. And then it's quiet again, for a good three minutes before curiosity is taking over Jungkook and he can no longer keep his mouth shut.
He'd just start with a simple yes or no question, that was easy. “Hey, Jin. Are you gay?” No idea why he's all of a sudden whispering, but he's since forgotten what his voice in its normal tone sounds like.
“I did not spend the better half of tonight battling over a girl so I could NOT sleep with her,” He laughs the question off with the comment and a roll of his eyes.
It's only now dawning on him how that question didn't make sense. “Oh, right.” He says with a nod of his head. It suddenly becomes apparent to Jin that there's something working under the surface, a reason for his random question. And that the kid would really benefit from a serious answer, so he tries again. “I'm bi,”
Jungkook blinks twice before speaking as if he's searching the files in his brain. “What?” Jin doesn't bother to hide the way he rolls his eyes this time. “Bi... you know, bisexual. I like girls and guys.” He's nodding along, but it's obvious he doesn't exactly get it.
His next words are proof enough. “Isn't that just gay, though? I mean, you like guys.”
Jin can't tell if he's confused or stupid, but he treads lightly, holding on to the possibility that he just didn't know. “I like girls too, so it's half gay. And half straight. So bi,” He explains it the same way he'd explain it to a child, hoping the pieces will connect in his mind.
“Everyone likes girls, they're nature's gift.” He tries and Jin can't help the loud laugh that he lets out. “Everyone except gay guys,” He corrects, finally hitting pause on the game to give this conversation the attention it deserves. “Why are you asking? Are you gay?”
Jungkook's brow furrows as if the question doesn't make sense. “No? I can't survive without a women's touch.” He says it as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. “So, you're straight.” He's deciding, already tired of the circle he knows the words are going to flow in.
He really just wanted to see if he could beat this level.
Hitting play on the game and Jungkook doesn't say anything else, seemingly settled with the decision. He's only ever been with girls so how could he be anything different? Guys didn't even approach him... except for that one time he went to a bar with Jimin after his boyfriend of the time dumped him, but that was the atmosphere.
Was he even attractive to gay guys? Probably not, but...
“Okay, but... sometimes I look. And wonder. And I've had a few dreams... and there was this one time where I got too deep in my porn search. And just now I was kinda jealous of Jimin and Taehyung...” Jin would love to know what it was about him that made this man want to bare his soul so he could switch it off.
His distracting rambling causes him to lose focus, his player dying and the screen is painted red in the mock blood. He has no other choice but to give him his full attention. “So then, you like guys too...”
The blush that takes over the younger's cheeks is hard to miss, Jin acts like he doesn't notice, though. “I don't know?” He's shrugging and he looks really confused by it like this is the first time he's had a name to put to his thoughts and feelings.
Jin is quick to interject before he's thinking himself into a black hole. “Look. It's not that simple, honestly. Not everyone fits in a perfect box. You can just like what you like, you don't have to put a label on it,” Hearing that does help Jungkook calm down a bit, head bobbing at his words.
It's quiet again, for as long as two minutes and once Jin is turning around to restart a new round, Jungkook has more to say. “Have you ever kissed a dude?” Even though he knows he doesn't have to put a label on it, he still wants to. And he's still stuck on the question he had Jimin all those years ago.
How do you fucking know!?
“Yeah. Remember a second ago when I sad I was bi...” He's saying it like it's the most obvious thing in the world, though, he doesn't mean to. But, you know... common sense. “Oh, yeah. Right.” 
Jin's huffing again, realizing he's not going to be able to play another round as long as Jungkook is here with his plethora of questions. “You should go try it if you're confused. It doesn't hurt to explore.” He's about to delve deeper into his advice when movement at the doorway is catching his attention, Ayeong stood on the other side, waving cutely in his direction.
Jin's cutting his words short before they're leaving his lips, hand patting against Jungkook's thigh. “But not with me,” He's cracking a quick smile before he's standing from his spot, jogging toward the door to where Ayeong waits for him. She's leaning on him instantly, hearts in her eyes as they walk away while Jungkook sinks further into the couch.
Tumblr media
JUNE 27TH, 2021 | 01:09
Yoongi finds you after forty minutes of searching, house not even that big but he's certain you were dodging him. He finds you outside, a place he knows he's checked a least ten times. You're leaning against the balcony, a new drink in hand as you watch the cars speed by below.
“There you are,” He breathes, moving closer to where you stand.
He expects you to move away from him, he pissed you off so like, duh. But he doesn't expect the scowl that takes over your face as you down, a look that could no doubt turn him to stone if this scene was set in 3000 BCE. “Awe, Petal.” He coos the pet name, hoping it'll grant him some ground.
His charm never really worked on you, so he's not sure why he thought it would be any different now. You were always so good at ignoring his come-ons and keeping your composure, had him questioning whether or not you had a pulse. Charm and sweet talk didn't work on you, he needed to be real.
That's the only way you'll hear him. “Yn, I'm sorry.” He knew he had to say it the moment you were stomping away. Caught in the moment of attention, he didn't even think how it would make you feel, that was wrong. “I don't want you to think that I want anything from anyone else, Yn.” He slowly takes a step closer and when you're not moving away, he takes a few more.
“I'm crazy about you, you know that, right? I just... sometimes I get swept up in all the attention and dotting and I forget, but I'm working on that. I really only care about you, though.” His arm lifts hesitantly to see if you'd let him wrap it around you and his heart flips when you're letting him pull you in close.
It's gross that he's got so much control over your emotions. Just a few sentences and the anger is melting away, you feel the sincerity in his voice though so you can no longer find it in yourself to stay mad. “You just forgot I was sitting there,” Voice quiet and weak, it makes you want to throw up.
He's quick to shake his head, lips pressing soft kisses to the top of it. “I could never forget about you. You're my favorite,” For the first time since he's come outside, you're looking up at him. Pout heavy on his lips and you don't move when he leans down to kiss it.
Soft lips washing warmth over your body. You want what he's said to be true, so you believe him. Unsure if a change like that can happen overnight, but you want so badly to be with him that you're overlooking all the cons. If that meant you'd get to kiss him more and feel him close. You're willing to risk it.
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist in bio
[pt.13: romance is dead]
pairings: ugrapper!yoongi x coworker!reader
genre: sex shop au, sm au, crack humor, fluff, angst, and smut
a/n: these next future parts are gonna make me so fucking angry and sad.
taglist: @bts-reveries @sugapaste @im-emo-motherfuckers @hobisbeech @snowythellama @the-jackals @hobiheavenly @unbearable-fangirl @live-2-fangirl @labgeek @jiminieschilliepeper @maaayleee @gummygguks @parkjiminstan16 @fekitza @bidisaster1307 @http-softhoney @y-eehaw @officiallyjyptrash @uwukinawa @castellamas @mayumioutloud @maboiisuga @sunrisemcp @msunnsstuff @mrchoiholic @good-at-nothing @fromthewilderchildren @miserablywasted @lovmxrk @boostchan @sleepyje0n @lilbbychimchim @thenocturnalreadingotaku @crownily @hellboundblogger
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— love on top.
+ genre and warnings :: boyfriend!jeongguk + reader, college au, slice of life au, fluff, implied smut, there’s like a hickey or three but nothing too deep
+ notes :: a week or two ago when i was doing drabbles i got a request for cuddling with jeongguk, and so, here we are! it went a little past cuddling, but,,, it’s not explicit or anything it’s still /soft/
+ sides notes :: this is unedited as usual i’ll look at it sometime later in the week please disregard the inevitable typos and my inability to conjugate verbs correctly
Tumblr media
Admittedly, if Jeongguk ever found that someone was watching him sleep—especially for an hour or more at a time—he’d be a little creeped out.
Despite that, he doesn’t look away from your sleeping figure; in fact, spends all his time soaking it in. The way your chest rises and falls with his, the slight twice of your little toe when it’s hit by the draft caused by his shitty university dorm heating, the feel of your lips, just barely pressed into his exposed collar bone.
All in all, it’s nice. Watching you sleep. Having you sleep on top of him. It’s comforting, almost. He can’t really explain it—making sense of the unbridled joy he gets from tucking your head into his neck and just watching you be isn’t really possible. He just knows it’s a good feeling.
You don’t get to sleep over often (see: never). Between Jeongguk’s practices, your schedules, and the fact that you have more volunteer hours packed into your week than seemingly humanly possible, Jeongguk doesn’t get to do this a lot. So, when he does, he enjoys it.
His favorite thing to do is wrap his arms around you and squeeze, just a little bit—not enough to wake you, but enough to elicit the equal reaction; there are few things he finds as precious as the sight of you unconsciously hugging him back.
Sometimes, when he’s feeling cheeky, and the light becomes too bright for him to pretend to want to stay in bed any longer, he’ll poke at your face until you stir, swatting his hand away with a groan, and, literally, turning the other cheek. He’ll laugh, and do it until you reluctantly raise your head with a nose scrunch, and a half hearted squint in your eyes, before kissing him on the nose and heading to the bathroom.
Other times, he’ll rock himself back and forth, cradling both your bodies until you wake up, a little groggy, and annoyed, but happy to see him again all the same.
But, his favorite method of waking you up has the be this one.
When he doesn’t have to do anything at all—too caught up in making lists in his head, and thinking about his classes, and how much laundry he has to do that he doesn’t notice that you’ve woken up five minutes ago and taken to watching him, instead.
When you shuffle your body upwards, gentle enough not to jab him, but with enough friction to gain his attention, and press your nose against his jugular; and Jeongguk loves that he can feel your smile on his skin.
And you kiss his neck, with good mornings whispered in-between every peck, until he hooks his thumb and index finger under your chin, guiding your head upwards, just enough for him to dip down and meet you in the middle.
“Good morning,” he whispers back, hardly leaving space to speak before kissing you again. Slow, languid, like he has all the time in the world.
Jeongguk has a thing for you being on top of him; so he fixates his hands at the point of your hips, maneuvering your body so that your legs are straddled on either side of him, and lets you take the liberty to securing your hands on either side of his head.
He likes to roam the expanse of your back, stitch the slope of your back into his palms, memorize every curve and dip, and eventually voyaging back to your hips, and lower to your ass. 
You give the best hickies when you’re on top of him like this, hips swirling, agonizingly slowly on top of his crotch; and while Jeongguk burns red at the inevitable teasing by Hoseok, he thinks it’s all worth it to bear the purple marks indented with your teeth. He has no shame about spilling his moans into your mouth, he ought not to have any about bearing your hickies.
“You’re loud today,” you mumble, licking over the now red skin on his neck.
Jeongguk chuckles through a whine, large hands resting at the curve of your ass, “You’re feisty today.”
The comment makes you pull back, reclining to rest your bum atop him, back straightening fully. Jeongguk’s hand slide up, to the middle of your back; but yours work backwards, sliding down his bare chest, nails gently scraping against pectorals.
“You look good in the morning, you know that,” you smile, far too chipper for the comment that preceded it.
Jeongguk laughs, hearty and full, and you can see it in the way his diaphragm moves. He takes his right hand off of your body, places it palm-first on the mattress and propels himself forward to sit up, securing your body with his left hand, and pulling you closer.
He cradles your cheeks between both palms, forcing the bend of your neck to look him in the eye. Your hands find themselves draped over his shoulders, the palm of your right hand over the back of your left, behind his neck.
“You look better.”
And Jeongguk starts to stare again—but, he can’t help it, not with the way the light seeping through the blinds highlights every point on your face perfectly.
He kisses you again, slower than before, but with equal force, smiling when he feels you doing the same. You tug at the hair at his nap, taking the opportunity to lick across his tongue, and Jeongguk nearly growls. He pulls away, forcing your head down further in submission, “Don’t be a brat.”
“That’s grand, coming from you.” 
Jeongguk scoffs, but lets his toothy smile shine through, anyway. He knows he’ll start staring again, so he buries his head into your neck, peppering light kisses across your skin. “Do you have anything to do today?”
“Not—Guk—not really,” you exhale, breath becoming increasingly unsteady as Jeongguk works his way up to your ear.
“Good,” he smiles, pulling back with a half-sincere smirk.
Before you can ask why, he’s ordering you to spread your legs a little wider, and shuffling his body underneath yours, face directly below your center. With a single hand, he pushes your underwear to the side, a sly grin on his face, “Because there’s something I’ve been dying to try.”
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(bonus) fuck me | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: (??)
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 1.5K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: none(?)
⤑ A/N: hellooo! there’s really no point to this drabble lmao ., just some of their interactions nd a sort of feel on how yoongi acts when it’s just the two of them . either way enjoy !! let me know what you think ., don’t be a silent reader !! x
Tumblr media
“should i put a movie in?” lights dimmed to set the perfect mood, yoongi's hair sticks to his forehead – wet from his shower. sure to be fresh and clean by the time you arrived, he was hopping in the shower the moment you were agreeing to coming over. dressed in a plain white t-shirt and sweats from the dryer. a few spritz of his cologne, a scent he was sure was hard to resist.
you don't react the way he expects when he's opening the door, stepping past him without a second glance. he doesn't let that get to him, though, leading you into the living room where he was sure to fluff the pillows and set some blankets. “you shouldn't,” two words shattering his plans for tonight.
tugging the dramatically large bag further onto your shoulder, you're passing him to enter the kitchen. “where are your text books?” you speak while emptying out the contents of your bag onto the table, large binders, notebooks and your favorite red pens crowding the table.
with a shrug of his shoulders, he's moving to stand behind you. “left them at school,” when he had asked you over, the last thing on his mind was doing homework. obvious with the setup in the living room, he was hoping for something less educational to take place when you were coming over.
you were hot in a nerdy type of way. It had to be all the close contact and the way he caught you looking at him when you thought he wasn't looking... not that he was complaining, he knew that he was a good looking guy so the fact that you noticed too was the least bit surprising to him.
why you bothered to act like you weren't desperate for his attention was beyond him, though. “that's okay, i have some pages memorized.” you're slipping into a seat and gesturing for him to take the empty one beside you. he's moving to slump into the chair, thigh knocking against yours as he scoots closer to you.
“are we really just going to study?” maybe you're playing a trick on him.
you don't even bother to look up from your page, scribbling mock test questions onto the paper for him to later solve. “what else would we do?” keeping up with the façade was harder than you thought. you wanted so badly to just give in, say yes to the movie and what you knew came with it.
but, you had your image to worry about. you weren't the yn that could just sleep with whoever and do whatever, never been able to fully delve into your desires and it was no easier now. maybe, it would've been different if you lost your virginity when you were in high school like everyone else.
you've held on to it for too long now it felt like it would be a waste to just do it. waited this long, you couldn't just throw it away. no matter how much you wanted to.
yoongi doesn't bother to hide the roll of his eyes, head dropping to rest on the table a small pout forming on his lips. he looked cute, but you try not to stare. there were moments like that, when the intimidating sex appeal would melt away and he was just cute. it came in flashes and you'd miss it if you weren't paying attention... good thing you were always paying attention.
“are you sure you don't want to watch a movie?” the tips of his fingers tug at the sleeve of your cardigan, big puppy dog stare directed up to you. can't help but wonder what his friends would think if they saw him like this. it's so out of character and if you hadn't dealt with him like this before, you would've been shocked.
his nose is scrunching cutely as you push the sheet of questions in his direction, taking one look at the words scribbled on the page before he's pushing back from the table. “i need to go put my earrings in,” he's mumbling, not giving you much time to protest before he's stalking off to what you assume is his room.
yoongi's gone for a full ten minutes, enough time for you to assume that he's just not coming back. but when he does, he has a small collection of earrings in his hand. the mock test being pushed out of the way as he drops them on to the table. “i like to keep them in at home, i have to take them out for basketball.”
why he felt the need to deal with his ears now was beyond you. you've noticed his earrings before, the mix and match of hoops and studs that adorned his lobes. “how many piercings do you have?” you're asking before you can stop yourself, intrigue trumping the need to keep focus on his work.
“seven. four on my left and three on my right.” he turns his head from side to side for you to get a good look. two studs on the lobe of his left ear and two rings dangling from the cartridge, three hoops on the right. it just adds to the attraction that bubbles in your chest whenever you're close to him.
it's hard to look away from the way his long fingers tug at the rings that hang from his ears, cherry pink tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth, something that you've noticed he does when he's concentrating. his tongue would feel so good on your skin, you're sure of it. large hands mapping out the curves of your body until he's finally finding your chest. you've never noticed until now how perfectly his hands would feet over your breasts if you focused hard enough you could just barely imagine how it would feel to have the tips of his fingers toying with your nipples. hands so skilled, he'd probably be able to get you to cum just by doing that.
so focused on him and the thoughts that swirl in your mind, you miss the smirk that plays on his lips. it's not until he's letting out a chuckle do you notice the cocky look on his face. “what? do you think that's hot?”
deny. deny. deny. “no? what the heck? i was just looking,”
but because yoongi was never the guy to let something go, he's pushing on. “really? could've sworn you made a face.”
he could very much be telling the truth, no telling how you looked while imaging the taste of the cool metal of his earrings on your tongue. “a face like what?” you play dumb and hope for the best.
whatever he's thinking, he no longer wishes to share it with you. granting just a single shrug of his shoulders before he's reaching in front of him to pull the paper back into view. “a face like you were thinking..” he trails off dramatically, sucking his lower lip into his mouth as his eyes drag over your frame.
he looks as if he's moments from pouncing. the hammering in your chest only intensifies as he scoots closer, reaching toward you and for a second you're sure he's gonna wrap his hand around your neck. and you nearly tilt your head up to allow him the proper access. the warmth you were expecting never comes, instead he's plucking a ball of lint off of your shoulder and flicking it away.
still close enough that you can see the tiny specks of gold in his eyes when he's looking up at you fully. and then all at once he's scooting away, letting out a dramatic sigh before he's lifting his pencil and pulling the paper back in front of him. “too bad you want me to work,” he says with a dramatic roll of his eyes, lazily getting started on the first problem.
yoongi is quiet for all of six seconds, taking a quick glance at the sheet in front of him and further deciding he'd much rather do anything else. and his favorite thing to do when he doesn't want to do his work is fuck with you. “i know you want to fuck me,” he's saying randomly, barely lifting his head to look at you.
if he hears the gasp you let out, he acts like he hasn't – pencil scribbling shapes onto the paper while your heart thumps in your chest, convinced that you've been made. “w-what?” your face feels hot and it takes everything for you not to reach up and cover it.
his head lifts as he lets his eyes dance over your features, a smirk playing on his lips at the sight of your stunned expression. an amused laugh is falling from his lips and all you want to know is what he's thinking right now. he doesn't give away much, just shakes his head before turning his attention back to his paper.
“fuck me... with this work, you know? it's hard and i know you do that on purpose,” he complains a slight whine punctuating his words. you laugh it off with a roll of your eyes even though you're sure that's not what he was talking about in the first place. seemed almost as if he was testing you, gauging your reaction before pushing on.
and you have no idea if you passed or failed.
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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yojeongin · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist in bio
[pt.9: he jealous]
pairings: ugrapper!yoongi x coworker!reader
genre: sex shop au, sm au, crack humor, fluff, angst, and smut
a/n: I just keep getting softer and softer as this au goes on || I used the wrong ‘two’ jdjdn wow she can spell 😋✌🏼
taglist: @bts-reveries @sugapaste @im-emo-motherfuckers @hobisbeech @snowythellama @the-jackals @hobiheavenly @unbearable-fangirl @live-2-fangirl @labgeek @jiminieschilliepeper @maaayleee @gummygguks @parkjiminstan16 @fekitza @bidisaster1307 @http-softhoney @y-eehaw @officiallyjyptrash @uwukinawa @castellamas @mayumioutloud @maboiisuga @sunrisejoonie @msunnsstuff
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minsugapie · 2 years ago
Now You See Me 💬
Tumblr media
🧿 Synopsis:
You’re a content creator that is wanting to change up your brand a little bit.
Yoongi is a faceless musician. Well, he’s two people at once. He’s the faceless Agust D online and while performing, but he’s Min Yoongi in real life.
Who will he be to you?
• • • • • •
pairing: youtube musician!Yoongi x content creator!reader
genre: sm au, humor?, fluff, angst
status: complete
updates: x
a/n: I’m just going to explain something real quick, so it’s crystal. Yoongi does not show his face online. The photos of him that are in other profiles are not tagged, nor does he acknowledge that they are of him. Good day, Doll. :) Also - please send me an ask if you want to contact me because this isn’t my main blog! ❤️ thanks a bunch!
• • • • • •
🧿 playlist
🧿 character profiles 1
🧿 character profiles 2
🧿 part 1 • fangirls
🧿 part 2 • a bitch knew
🧿 part 3 • not like sexy thangs
🧿 part 4 • ramen emoji?
🧿 part 5 • haters gonna hate
🧿 part 6 • take your goddamn allergy pill
🧿 part 7 • why would I date you?
🧿 part 8 • a praying mantis
🧿 part 9 • yoongi’s voice is gonna get you what?
🧿 part 10 • I will vaporize you
🧿 part 11 • you are a fucking grandma
🧿 part 12 • duck this
🧿 part 13 • dress nice
🧿 part 14 • out of my circle of trust
🧿 part 15 • find a dick and ride that pony
🧿 part 16 • first a puzzle and now pictionary
🧿 part 17 • you had me at touché
🧿 part 18 • proof 10374682
🧿 part 18.5 • calling it a tramp stamp is so 2003
🧿 part 19 • it’s all about dinosaurs
🧿 part 20 • what the phoque?!
🧿 part 21 • a to the g to the u to the std
🧿 part 22 • 0/3 people
🧿 part 22.5 (w) • best thing since sliced bread
🧿 part 23 • but who is this chick?
🧿 part 24 • save the ducklings Jade?
🧿 part 25 (w) • I’m definitely not in a relationship?
🧿 part 26 • keps ma cogs coggin
🧿 part 27 • his friend
🧿 part 28 (w) • rap sex
🧿 part 29 • knock on wood
🧿 part 30 • ramen and cheesecake
🧿 part 31 • pray for y/n 2k19
🧿 part 32 • song request
🧿 part 33 (w) • are you still taking your meds?
🧿 part 34 • “dense”
🧿 part 35 • monthly books
🧿 part 36 • auntie Jin
🧿 part 37 • oof gotta zayn
🧿 part 38 (w) • just shut up
🧿 part 39 • exposed (it was a joint decision)
🧿 part 40 • finale (1 year after first meeting)
🧿 SP1NOFF • Mary’s Song (JK)
🧿 2PINOFF • Promise (JM)
• • • • • •
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kimnjss · a month ago
(bonus) turn the page | myg
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cyberslut
⤑ pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: idk man i just be writing...
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 1.5K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: none(?)
⤑ A/N: hiiii! quick drabble of their little study session at his house . nothing too crazy but lmao this is how yoongi acts when they’re alone . nd i can’t get enough of itttt !
Tumblr media
may 5th, 2021 | 13:17
“you write poetry!?” taking it upon yourself to browse around his room while he sprawled out on his bed, arms behind his head as he waited for you. the last time you were here, you had made it a point to stay out of his room. didn't trust yourself.
but with jimin taking up the living room with his loud music and even louder phone conversations (why he didn't do this at his own house was beyond you) you had no other choice but to agree to yoongi's suggestion in studying upstairs. and his room was filled with so many pieces of his personality that you wouldn't see if you didn't know him well.
you had also gawked at the sewing machine tucked behind his bedroom door. he was quick to tell you that it belonged to jimin and he just hadn't returned it. but, didn't have much to say when you asked him if he knew how to use it: 'obviously,' and a simple roll of his eyes as he dropped his body onto the bed. for the first time wishing that you'd just get on with the tutoring.
his poetry book is the next interesting thing you find in your snooping, underneath the balled up papers that you were positive were the worksheets you've printed out for him. you're snatching up the notebook before he has a chance to respond, body jolting up to a seated position – eyes wide. “that's not mine!” he says, a bit too fast and desperate and it has a giggle falling from your lips.
“then what's... 'min yoongi's, don't touch!!'.” reading out the words scribbled out on front of the book in his messy handwriting before you're turning it around so he can get a look for himself.
yoongi's rolling those pretty brown eyes of his, arm stretching out to beckon you over. “oh, so you can read,” not moving, you take to sticking your tongue out at his mocking tone, flipping the first page open on his book. “who's 'first love' about?” all you're reading is the title before you're lifting your head to look up at him.
“not you. bring it here,” taking slow steps in his direction, you take your time reading through the scribbles. his messy hand writing that you had to learn to understand these past few weeks. he wrote how he thought, scribbling over his words instead of erasing and circling boldly circling what he shouldn't scribbled over.
it was mess, but you could still read it perfectly and not only that you could feel it too. the words that he used and how he must've felt while writing them down were all right there on the page, nearly tangible. it was incredible.
you're stopping in front of him, knees pressed into the edge of his bed. his heart pounding in his ears because you haven't stopped reading, but at the same time he doesn't want to make you stop. never has he showed anyone his writing before, but he wants you to read it. to hear what you think. silently hoping that you like it.
“no matter where i am, you always defended that spot. but i didn't know that would be the last. you say don't leave like this,” hearing you read it out loud has embarrassment warming his face and the chance that you might think it's lame is creeping in, so he's reaching forward to take it from your hands.
but you're turning before he can even get his fingers on it. back facing him so of course he does the next logical thing, hands reaching for your hips, he pulls your body down on to the bed. in one swift movement your butt is wedged between his legs, back pressed against his chest. he's got an arm secured around your waist and your heart is fighting it's way out of your chest.
you've got this down to a science, thankfully, so it doesn't show on your face. going on with your reading as if you weren't secretly waiting to feel his dick brush up against you. “they're raps. not poems,” he corrects your earlier statement, managing to reach his hand up and pull the book from your hands without a fight.
“do you know what rap stands for?” turning your head to face him, you're shocked with how close your faces are. fully aware with how close you are and the fact that you're not supposed to be. he doesn't seem as shocked as you are, playfully poking his tongue out at your comment. you're not even able to come up with a proper remark, unable to focus on anything but the way his body feels pressed against yours. and how you wished there were less layers blocking you.
his grip tightens as you shift in his arms, effectively pinning your body between his legs while chucking his notebook to the side. the text book that you're supposed to be working out of is a few inches away, so he's able to reach it without having to let you go. dropping it into your lap, he's resting back against the headboard.
“read it to me,” so nonchalant as if he wasn't turning your brain to mush with each unfocused brush of his fingers. “like this?” how he expected you to concentrate on reading like this was beyond you.
but he's nodding, sitting back up to rest his chin on your shoulder, peaking at the pages of the book. “yeah. you smell nice,” he's so close, nose nuzzled in your hair and though it just happened, you can't piece how you ended up like this.
that was the thing with yoongi. nothing he did was calculated, he just did what he felt like when he felt like it. he felt like wrapping his arms around you and holding you in his lap, so that's what he did. and you were so weak for him that you didn't even think to protest (not like you wanted to). a subtle warmth crowded your chest from having his arms around you, the tickle of his breath against your neck.
you read the words out for him to hear, not sure if he's even paying attention. you're still focused as you read, keeping your mind off of the mindless way he fiddles with the hem of your shirt. it continues like that for a few minutes, words morphing together barely making sense to you.
then all at once, he's pulling his arm from around you, no longer able to ignore the way your hair tickles his face. he's having his own fight with your hair, each time he swipes it away it's hitting back with more. and you notice, pulling the hair tie from your wrist without slowing your words and handing it back to him.
yoongi's grabbing it right away, gathering the long strands in both hands, managing to create a bun at the back of your head. long fingers grazing the back of your neck as he moves the pieces he's missed out of the way before setting his head back down on your shoulder. shivers run down your spine at your touch, body going rigid as you turn to look at him.
as if all of that... all of this was just dawning on you. how comfortable it felt having him wrapped around you, naturally being without a second thought. when you were used to at least three thoughts, especially when it was in the romance department. he doesn't look at all bothered, pretty eyes boring into yours.
there's a split second flash of something else in them as he looks at you. like maybe you're not alone in the feelings of heat bubbling your stomach. thoughts you've been tucking away... saving for later, so clear on his face. it's hard to look away, completely wrapped up in his trance.
his large hand spread over your stomach as he leans toward you, heightening your senses because you're convinced he's gonna kiss you. why else would he be coming so close after looking at you like that for so long. the laugh he lets out vibrates against your back, cheeks lifting as he rolls his eyes.
“what?” couldn't place what could be funny about this situation, being so close to him and undoubtedly concerned for your sanity. his laughing doesn't settle, head tilting to point toward the book.
and your brow is furrowing, sending a quizzical glance to the pages as if you'd find the answer to his chuckles there. “turn the page,” his voice rings deep in your ear, setting of a pang between your legs that you choose to ignore.
he's leaning back all at once as if he didn't just turn you on to no end without even doing anything really. smirking at you without a care in the world, so you act accordingly. putting a bit of space between you in order to catch your breath, as you flip the page.
Tumblr media
— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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