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sh. | chapter sixteen | ot7
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader RATING Explicit. 18+. GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers. SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no? WC 3.7k WARNINGS AND TAGS no gendered pronouns used to refer to reader. discussions about sex and sexuality. power play. punishment. dom!yoongi. oral sex. foot play. orgasm denial.
AN sixteen chapters? can you all believe it?! and can you believe that this chapter is one i had written at the VERY beginning of this series, and only NOW we're getting to it? the biggest of thank you's to the most wonderful beta readers: @vyduan @miscelunaaa @illneverrecover and of course @hesperantha who helped me piece this chapter together throughout the many many plot holes. i am so wonderfully and wildly appreciative to them for helping me along with this chapter and hopefully it is less hole-y now! (though only in the plot ways heheheheh) i hope you all enjoy this chapter and please know there is a new chapter coming very very soon!
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©wwilloww Do not repost, translate, or use my stories without my permission.
It has been a long, dry year. 
As you look out over the blue sky while you eat breakfast, you wonder when snow, rain, really any precipitation, will break through the endless blue. 
It feels odd. To feel so full of sensation—ache, desire, hope, confusion, and the hard edge of pain—while the sky stays empty. You wish she would mirror you, would show you a bit of yourself.
Your head feels murky. Maybe it was the influx of so many endorphins and hormones, but it also feels entirely contextual. Like you picked something up last night. 
Emotions, but sexually transmitted. 
Yoongi made you breakfast as the others had already eaten by the time the two of you had stumbled out of his bedroom, still entwined in one another, his quiet chuckle tickling in your ear as he sucked another hickey into your neck. Jungkook had caught you wrapped up in each other, and asked if he could join in too. You’d swatted him away, and asked for coffee. He had grinned and rushed to the kitchen to get you a steaming mug as you settled into the breakfast nook, wrapping a blanket around you to fight off the cold. 
Yoongi serves you eggs, piping hot and runny. You don’t think you can do better, so you thank him and dig in. You’re ravenous and everything that touches your tongue tastes especially vibrant today. You ask for seconds.
Jungkook waddles around the kitchen, following Yoongi, watching him carefully so as to pick up some new tricks. Jin and Taehyung eventually wander in. Namjoon follows soon after, and the rest come too. The last to join is Hoseok. 
“I thought the rest of you already ate!” Yoongi cries as his friends gather around him, looking hungrily over his shoulder at what he’s cooking up.  
“We did,” Jin explains. “But we’re hungry again.” 
Yoongi cries out with a groan, but acquiesces. “Fine, fine. Settle in and I’ll bring the food out in a moment. And Hoseok?” Everyone stops and turns to watch. Hoseok freezes, as if he’s about to be scolded. “You can grab some more eggs from the fridge.”  
A breath is released around the kitchen.
Your friends settle into respective spaces around the kitchen, Tae and Jin join you in the breakfast nook while the others more or less take turns hovering over Yoongi’s shoulder and bugging him until the food is ready. 
As you look around at them—laughing, smiling, acting like every moment of last night is perfectly acceptable and normal—you realize that you really, really don’t know these men. 
The realization and accompanying jolt of panic is thin and narrow, sliding like a sharp edge of glass against your mind. 
You’ve known all of them in the way of looking at something from only one side. With the introduction of sex to your relationship, it feels as if you’ve turned them all around and are finally seeing an entirely new, untouched half of them.  
Over the sink, the crystal suncatcher catches a spark of sun and suddenly the kitchen lights up with the near-magic flutterings of dancing light. You can’t help the smile that tugs at your lips. A more hopeful outlook, you suppose, is that you have an opportunity, not devastation, waiting for you. 
You, well, you just want coffee. None of these big thoughts. 
The rest of the day is spent lazing around, and for a while it feels as if the events of last night were nothing more than a hazy, divine dream. 
But while Taehyung flips through his phone on the couch, you realize his hand is resting on Jungkook’s upper thigh. Just laying there, oh-so casually.
And Yoongi’s neck is blossoming with a bruise that you sucked to the fragile skin of his neck. 
And Hoseok still won’t look at you.
It’s beneath the surface, inescapable: 
Sex, everywhere. 
Tumblr media
The day passes in a blur of naps, snacks, and lounging around. At one point, you wander into a room you’re supposedly not supposed to be in, as Namjoon and Yoongi sit across from one another in a kind of odd staredown. 
“You trust me?” Yoongi asks. 
“Of course I do, hyung.” 
“And you trust me to know your own boundaries too? To take care of them like they’re my own?” 
Namjoon swallows. “I’ve never done something like that,” he says, before clearing his throat and catching Yoongi’s gaze again. “I mean, yes. Yes. I trust you. Entirely.” 
The two of them smile at each other, like sharing a secret before they notice you in the room. 
“How long have you been there?” Namjoon asks, surprised. 
“Not long. Just long enough to know you trust and loooooveeee each other,” you schmooze, slinking into Yoongi’s lap with a laugh. The three of you laugh it off and though you’re left wondering, the situation is closed. 
That night, the question of bed is made null. You fall asleep on the couch, foot to foot with Namjoon as you watch your fifth episode of some philosophical drama he insisted on. 
“You good?” 
Your eyelids flutter open and you peer down the length of the couch to where the deep voice came from. The TV is still playing in the background, but Namjoon’s eyes are glued on you.
“Huh?” Sleep is weighing heavy on your lids, but you prop yourself up a little higher to look at him and to prevent yourself from drifting off into sleep again.
“You good?” he repeats.
“Yeah?”  you reply.
He chuckles. “I mean, today. After last night. With… you know, everything.” 
It’s the first time that anyone has spoken about last night since you left the oasis of Yoongi’s bedroom. 
“Are you sore?” he asks, a look of genuine concern flitting across his brows. 
“Not really.” Just emotionally hungover, you think to yourself.
“Are you okay?” 
What a loaded question. Are you okay? You feel fine, physically. None of them pushed your boundaries too far to leave you entirely inconvenienced today, nor did any of them cause any kind of debilitating, long lasting discomfort, let alone pain. But that’s not what Namjoon is asking. He’s asking if you’re okay. 
You decide to tell the truth. At least, the easiest truth:
“I’m fine.” Pause. “I had fun.” 
“Me too,” Namjoon says softly.
A long silence. 
“Are you okay, Namjoon?” 
The light of the TV flickers across Namjoon’s face, painting him in flashing blues and oranges. It almost reminds you of the way the sun sets at the ocean, a mix of liquid fire and soothing whitecaps.  His brow is lifted in question, in confusion. 
“I think so?” he says, his voice lilting upwards at the end, his uncertainty seeming to match your own. 
“You don’t sound so sure.” 
Namjoon sighs. Runs a hand through his hair. 
“I guess I just haven’t really done something like last night before. Not like that.”  
Your attention is piqued. You and Namjoon don’t really talk about sex, at least not often. When you were living together in the city, you both gave each other fair space around the discussion of hookups and sex. On top of that, both of you rarely brought home partners–let alone one night stands–to your shared apartment. The space was small, the walls thin. And on top of that, there seemed to be an unspoken agreement to keep that part of your life separate. Jokes were cracked, sex acts were teased, but talking? Not really on the table. After all, that’s what Jimin was for. 
“You mean you haven’t really done something…Like sex before?”
Namjoon rolls his eyes. “No, like an orgy.” 
“But also kinda—” 
“Are you a virgin?!” 
Namjoon’s mouth hardens into a fine line. “You sound surprised. But no. I’ve done stuff.” 
“Oh my god you’re totally a virgin.” 
“I am not a virgin,” Namjoon groans. “Not like there is anything wrong with being a virgin, goddamn it.” 
You get quiet. “I didn’t say there was anything wrong with being a virgin.” 
“You made it seem like that.” 
“I’m sorry.” 
“It’s okay.” 
Another long silence settles between you before you pipe up the courage to speak again. 
“So if you’re not a virgin…?” 
“Can I just say I hate the concept of virginity?” Namjoon says. “It’s dumb. It’s especially dumb for people with vaginas, whose state of virginity is tied to concepts of worth and social value. As if their bodies could be sold or take part in the economy. But also for people with dicks, like, there’s so much goddamn pressure to fuck as much as possible and show our worth by tallying up lays, as if I don’t have a brain or a single important thing to say. It’s so trite. It’s so heteronormative.” 
“So if you’re not a virgin…” you repeat.
“I’m picky,” Namjoon says flatly. 
“You’re picky,” you echo back, not totally sure what he means by the phrase. 
“Ugh, it’s hard to explain,” he sighs, running his hand through his hair and leaning his head back to stare at the ceiling. “It’s… complicated.” 
“Say more.”
He chuckles ironically, a note of frustration in his voice. 
“God, um.” It’s not like Namjoon to stumble over his words or grapple for the right meaning before you. “Like…I need to feel the right things? And even when I do feel all the right things sometimes that’s still not enough?” 
“Hm. Yeah. That makes sense,” you say. The two of you are quiet for some time. “So what do you like?” you decide to ask. 
“I like a lot of things. I like being close to someone.”
“Physically or emotionally?”
“Both? I like feeling connected to them.” He flushes a little. “I like being in control a little too.” 
“You’re always in control,” you say. “I’ve never met someone more buttoned-up than you. Maybe Jimin–in a different way, of course.” Then something mischievous pops into your brain.
“It might be a defense mechanism,” he says, his unexpected frankness surprising you. “Control feels more acceptable than whatever my bullshit pickiness thing is.”
It all starts to fall into place. “So the control isn’t really control at all.” You’re careful not to call it fear. “I saw the way you were with Yoongi. That was an interesting dynamic. Did you…” You’re not sure if you should ask the next question, but you do: “Did you like it?” 
“… Yes. Actually. I was kind of surprised.” 
“Surprised that you liked it?” When he says nothing, you continue on. “When he told you what to do with me?” 
He flushes. “Yes.”
You can feel your body warming with the progression of the conversation. It’s easy to fall into this with him, talking about sex like you’re navigating one of your more philosophical conversations. But this is different. Each of you is holding back. Each of you is staring at each other, faces warming. 
Namjoon is the one to break the silence. 
“You look like you’re either going to jump me or fall asleep. I can’t tell.”
“I don’t think I have the energy to jump you today.” 
“You don’t have to stay all the way over there, though.” Namjoon makes a space for you, opening his arms in a tentative invitation even if he didn’t outright tell you to come to him.
“Are you asking for a cuddle?” You perk up. “I thought you didn’t like to cuddle.” 
“I don’t mind… well. That wouldn’t be a whole truth. I guess, I don’t mind it so much with you.” 
You feel an edge of tension with that statement, but your need for touch wins out and you find yourself crawling across the couch unceremoniously, dragging your blankets with you, and settling into his arms. 
“This okay?” you ask. 
“More than okay,” he responds. 
He presses his lips to your hair. The TV lights the room multicolor and your eyelids get heavy. When you sleep, the night is dreamless.
Tumblr media
“Good morning,” Yoongi nearly sings as he walks into the kitchen, the room bursting with the smells of breakfast and hot coffee. Your eyes track him as he wanders into the room. You feel like you’ve been paying him special attention since yesterday, as if something has shifted, something has changed with him. 
Everyone replies except for Namjoon, who stayed up the whole night watching the drama and is now huddled over his breakfast, dark circles under his eyes. You’ve seen that look on his face before and know that it will be matched by a rotten mood. Yoongi notices, but without the special insight you have as Namjoon’s roommate, he doesn’t know better than to poke the bear. 
“Is someone cranky?” Yoongi asks teasingly, steam rising from his mug and fogging up his reading glasses. 
“No.” It’s curt, aggressive.
“That’s quite a tone for this early in the morning, Namjoonie.” 
“Shut up,” he mumbles as he shoves another bite of food into his mouth. Namjoon looks immediately guilty, but instead of apologizing, stays quiet. 
The silence in the kitchen is heavy. It’s not like Namjoon to speak like that. Not to Yoongi, not to any of you. Tae looks over at the two men at the large island, Namjoon hunched over his breakfast and Yoongi looking with a raised eyebrow at the younger man. 
“Is that any way to speak to your hyung?” Yoongi’s voice has dropped and he steps closer to Namjoon. He pushes on Namjoon’s shoulder slightly, not an aggressive move, but one of direction. Namjoon however, takes it as anything but, and stands from his seat, looming tall. 
The room holds its breath. 
“What – you think you can just waltz in here and everyone will be happy to see you?” Namjoon grumbles. “It’s fucking nine in the morning.”
But Namjoon is shocked into stillness when instead of pushing back, speaking up, or cutting him off, Yoongi listens, watching Namjoon closely, and then takes a step towards him. He’s so close to the taller man that he can’t get any closer. It’s an intimate positioning, one made even more so as Yoongi lifts his hand and places it gently on Namjoon’s stomach before letting it trail up his torso. The taller man watches on in complete shock, the touch unexpected. That is until Yoongi carefully wraps his hand around Namjoon’s throat and leans in closer. 
“Safeword is pomegranate. Use it if you need it.” 
Namjoon presses his lips tighter together. 
“I said, use the safeword if you need it.” Namjoon is still silent. Yoongi grins. “Nod if you understand.” 
Namjoon nods quickly and Yoongi’s grasp tightens, those long slender fingers pressing the lightest of pressure against the vein there. 
“‘Shut up’ isn’t very nice language to use with your friend, is it now?”
Namjoon stands still. 
“Answer me.” 
Namjoon nods. 
“I’m sorry hyun—” 
“It’s a little late for that kind of apology isn’t it?”
“No? So you’re going to talk back to me now?” Yoongi drawls. “Hardly a wise decision.” 
Namjoon’s eyes widen. 
“I mean—” 
“What do you mean? That you didn’t mean to talk back to me? That you didn’t mean to tell me to shut up?” 
Namjoon nods. “I didn’t—I’m sorry, I’m so tired.” 
“That’s all well and good but what are you going to do about it?” 
The entire room watches on in silence while, with one controlling arm, Yoongi tightens his grasp around Namjoon’s neck and slowly guides him downwards until he’s on his knees. You can’t take your eyes away from the two of them, and judging by the hush that has fallen over the room, neither can anyone else. You’re surprised by how easily he goes down. 
Eye to eye with Yoongi’s crotch, Namjoon gulps. 
“Hyung, you’re hard.” Silence. “Does my misbehaving get you off?” 
Suddenly Yoongi is dropping to his knees, staring Namjoon straight in the eye. 
“You’re so quick to speak back when you haven’t even begun to apologize. What’s that about?” 
Namjoon flushes. 
Yoongi reaches out and grips Namjoon’s cock through the thin fabric of his pjs, all while forcing Namjoon to look at him. 
“And what’s this? Did a little choking get you all hot and heavy already? I wasn’t sure if that was something you liked. But maybe you didn’t. Maybe it’s just the fear.” 
You can’t tear your eyes from them. It’s like watching the most beautiful train wreck, the two men struggling for a semblance of dominance over the other. You stop wondering if they’ve been in a similar situation before. The situation at hand feels somewhat at odds with the conversation you had with Namjoon the night before. Picky seems to be out the window as you look at Namjoon’s gaze, darkening with desire. 
But oh-so quietly you hear Yoongi say, “What’s your color?” 
And oh-so-quietly in return Namjoon says, “Green.” 
Yoongi stands again, and cocks his hips forward, pressing his crotch into Namjoon’s face. 
“You going to say you’re sorry like a good boy?” 
Namjoon’s eyelashes flutter. “I don’t like when you—” 
“But don’t you?” Yoongi presses his bare toes to the hardening length in Namjoon’s pajama bottoms. Strokes up, down, once. “Don’t you like this? Being on your knees for me? Being a good boy? I know I like it.” 
Namjoon doesn’t respond, just looks down and slowly pulls down Yoongi’s pajamas. Yoongi’s cock springs free, hard, hot: ready. For a long moment, Namjoon just looks at it, staring eye to eye. It twitches. 
Namjoon gives it a tentative lick before carefully taking it into his mouth, grunting as he does so. 
“Yorf wigger dan I dot—” he mouths around the dick. 
“You’re teasing,” Yoongi says, rutting his hips forwards just enough that his dick slips deeper within Namjoon’s mouth. 
“I don’ know wab—“ 
“You don’t know what to do, hm? You need me to tell you what to do? What? You’ve never sucked a dick before?” 
Namjoon reddens and it’s clear that he hasn’t done something like this before. You feel shocked that you of all people are the one to witness his first blowjob. If only you could take a picture for your scrapbook. 
“Get me wet,” Yoongi orders. “Your hand. Your mouth. Either way.” 
Namjoon, always one up for a challenge, does both. He wets his hand with his tongue, his eyes flickering briefly to everyone watching him, before wrapping his hand around Young’s length and spreading the wetness up and down. Then he wraps his lips around the head of his cock and slides down, perhaps a little too quickly in his eagerness–whether to please Yoongi or put on a good show, you can’t tell. 
“Christ, you’re going to choke yourself if you keep that up,” Yoongi says. 
Namjoon does choke. A chuckle echoes around the room. 
“Don’t mind them. Don’t you think it’s what you deserve after being such a cocksucker this morning?” 
Namjoon, slower now, has Yoongi’s cock slicked up so that it’s easier to go down on him. 
“Wrap your hand around me too,” Yoongi directs when Namjoon moves to remove his hand. “Like you’re jerking me off.” As Namjoon figures out the rhythm of that, Yoongi smiles. “See? When your hand is working it too, you have room for your mouth, your tongue to move a little more, like—“ Namjoon swipes his tongue across the underside of the cock and Yoongi groans. “Fuck, that’s it, just like that.” 
Namjoon seems to be getting drunk on the way Yoongi is beginning to spin out beneath his ministrations. His eyes darken, his cheeks warm. You can watch the way his head is spinning. This is just a new form of control for him. Control of pleasure. 
He continues in the way Yoongi had instructed him, his grip twisting, his head bobbing. That’s when you notice that you can see the spit is beginning to slide down Yoongi’s cock, slicking up Namjoon’s hand too.
He’s getting Yoongi messy. 
Namjoon finds a pattern that has Yoongi throwing his head back and grunting, gripping the corner of the island, knuckles turning white. When he speaks, it comes out all raspy. 
“Get up,” Yoongi orders all of a sudden, and Namjoon freezes for a moment before struggling to his feet, a look of confusion on his face. “Sit on that chair.” 
“But you’re not—” Namjoon glances down to where Yoongi is still clearly hard. Yoongi tucks himself back into his pants.
Yoongi slots himself between Namjoon’s thighs and peels the elastic band of his pajamas down. His cock springs free, already hard, the tip dark with need.  
Yoongi drops to his knees before Namjoon and sucks his cock into his mouth. 
Namjoon’s face is a look of pure confusion. 
Yoongi’s done this before; you know that immediately. He swallows Namjoon’s length down in one go, and you hear the slick sounds of him deepthroating him right off the bat. Deep, deep, then shallow. He pulls off to suckle at Namjoon’s balls, and Namjoon groans. 
You watch, enraptured. In fact, you might do well to take a note or two from your older friend, considering the agility with which Yoongi bobs, sucks, and  licks at Namjoon’s cock. It’s nearly an inspirational act. 
Yoongi hums around Namjoon’s cock and you watch the shiver that breezes up his spine. 
He lets his hand drift down and tangle in Yoongi’s dark locks, and Yoongi grunts at that. 
“Fuck, hyung, you feel so good, I’m gonna—” 
Yoongi pulls off of his cock with a pop, stands, and brushes off his knees. 
“What the fuck?” 
Namjoon’s cock is angry and dark and swollen as it bounces back against his abdomen, dripping with precome and saliva. 
“Didn’t I say I was going to punish you?” 
Namjoon throws his head back and groans. “Seriously?” 
“Now, I want you to get cleaned up, take a nap, and this evening I’ll meet you in your room.”
Namjoon looks at him, a question in his gaze. 
“Tonight you’re all ours.”
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Selfish | yoongi x fem!reader
Description: Basically just pwp...this is my first post, so let me know how I did!
Warnings: choking, degradation, unprotected sex, oral (m receiving), fingering (f receiving), semi? public sex (they're in a shared space when they know other people are home)
Word Count: 4.8k
Tumblr media
“About two hours until we have to leave, everyone.” Hoseok called to his bandmates as he did a quick run through the living room of their shared house. “Make sure everything is all packed up.” 
The boys were currently preparing to leave for America to do some performances and promotions for Permission to Dance. For now, though, they had a few more hours left in their shared house in Korea before they had to take off for the airport. 
You had been friends with Jin for quite some time, and you frequently traveled for work, which was how you had ended up being able to spend three days here at the house with them. It felt as though you had just gotten to Korea to be with him and his bandmates, and now they were slipping through your fingers already.
You had a very good friendship with the group, and fit in well. They were all very playful and humble and overall made you feel comfortable in their presence, which you can’t say for many groups of men. Of course, it was sometimes hard to keep your jaw off the floor and your heart from hammering when you were with them, but you wouldn’t make any moves because you were sure you were entirely out of their league. 
Any members who weren’t already in their rooms were now shuffling towards them to go pack. You lingered in the living room, pouting in spite of yourself, unsure of what to do with yourself now. You loved being with them, loved having their attention on you, but now there were other things to focus on. You still needed to book your flight back home. You turned to sit on the couch, prepared to do just that, only to see Yoongi. He was sitting and watching you linger, pouting, with an amused look on his face. 
You straightened your face quickly, embarrassed that you had been caught. It was too late, though. His pink lips copied your pout as he patted the seat next to him on the couch. He chuckled quietly as you made your way towards him.
Smiling at him, you came and sat next to him. He returned your smile as you got comfortable next to him, and he casually wrapped his arm around you. This was slightly unusual, as he was usually the one who seemed the least impressed by you. While the other boys winked and made comments towards you while you drank together - completely embarrassing Jin - Yoongi was always just silently watching. You knew he was an introvert, but since you were constantly telling yourself that none of them liked you like that, you figured he would be the last person you’d be in this situation with. Maybe he was just expressing that he would miss you?
This might have been a new thing, but you weren’t about to make it awkward by freaking out about it. After all, it wasn’t inappropriate. It could just be friendly, even. You didn’t want to overthink things. You snuggled into his embrace and pulled your phone out, beginning to scroll mindlessly to avoid his gaze, hoping he wouldn’t see your selfish sadness. 
"Why aren’t you packing?” You asked him softly after a few minutes, continuing to scroll. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw his head turn to look at you. 
"Someone’s gotta keep you company,” he responds, a slight smirk setting onto his features. “You look kinda pitiful. What do you want?” 
You raised your eyebrow slightly at the question, but nevertheless locked your phone screen so you could look up at Yoongi. You figured eye contact would make what you were about to say seem more genuine. 
"I’m just sad to see you go, is all. Wish we could all be together more.” Wish I could look at you like this forever, you add internally. Wish you all needed me more. His dark eyes and intense stare had you daydreaming. 
Yoongi seems to see through you, seems to understand the things you don’t say. Maybe your body language was giving it away, because before you could take in what was happening, your bodies were closer together than they had been before and Yoongi was leaning in to kiss you. 
You didn’t hesitate to kiss him back as his lips gently pressed against yours. Your heart immediately fluttered at the contact. Your lips began to move together in unison, and Yoongi’s large hand laid itself on your waist. 
In your excitement, you began kissing Yoongi with a little more fervor than you intended. You let out a short breath, and Yoongi used the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth. You whimpered slightly at how good he was at this, warmth filling up your body. You were blushing and nervous and quickly becoming aroused all at once, and it was making your body feel as though it were burning. 
He allowed you to run a hand through his hair before it came to rest on the back of his neck. You were kissing him with all the confidence you had, but your heart was pounding now and your mind felt like it had stopped. You pushed him away only when your chest burned from your lack of breath. 
“What the fuck,” you sat back, taking in a gulp of air. Not mad or offended in the least, but rather, surprised. 
Yoongi leaned in close again, his hand running up your arm and coming to rest on your shoulder. Goosebumps trailed in his wake, giving you an involuntary shiver. 
"I knew you wanted something,” is how he responds, lips brushing your burning ear, he’s so close to you. “Tell me what you want.” 
Something had changed in his demeanor now. His tone was still light, as if he were playing with you. He was barely speaking over a whisper. But the confidence and control behind his words was beginning to show through, and you were falling right into it.
This was all it took. And he knew that. He fucking knew that. And it seemed like he was hardly even trying. 
"Yoongi..?” is all you can manage for now as you try to process the sudden change in the way the air feels around you. You’re struggling to give in, even though your hammering heart is begging you to. After all, this seems to be coming out of nowhere…and there are 6 other men here, barely out of earshot. They could come out of their rooms at any time. You were feeling so conflicted. 
"Poor girl,” Yoongi is smirking again, his thumb stroking the bare skin of your collarbone. “So flustered, just over this. I see the way you watch us. You watch us drink, and dance, and laugh. You can’t focus on anything else.” 
And fuck him for being right. 
His hand slowly - painfully slow - moves over to your throat, and compresses it just right. The cool metal of his rings bites into your skin as his fingers constrict your breathing. 
"It just feels like we’re teasing you all day, doesn’t it, baby?” He asks as his fingers get dangerously tight, only to ease up moments later. “Must be like torture for you.” 
As air is allowed back into your lungs, you feel an undeniable tingle between your legs. You can only nod at him, admitting that he’s right. 
Yoongi has now totally flipped into a person you’ve never seen before. With every passing second, it was becoming more impossible to turn back. 
“Mmm,” he hums at your acknowledgement, hand moving away from your throat to slide back down - again, too slow - to inbetween your legs. 
Impossibly, your heart pounds faster, thundering so harshly that he surely felt it when his hand was on your neck. 
"Just makes you ache, right here. Doesn’t it?” He mumbles, applying slight pressure on your clit. You gasp at the contact, quietly, nodding again but unable to meet his eye.
He’s teasing you, and he’s being so stupidly nonchalant about it. He looks so unbothered, but he’s absolutely right about you. Your core is aching as his fingers move away, desperate for more. You’re not a virgin by any means, but you are shy. And the way he’s taken control over you so effortlessly, the way he’s tossed your dignity out the window, it’s making you feel pathetic under his gaze. 
"So tell me what you want.” He repeats again, biting softly on your ear as he pulls away, waiting expectantly. He’s been purposefully avoiding your breasts, purposefully placing the softest pressure on your core, just to rile you up this way. You didn’t think you could turn back now and pretend this wasn’t happening. 
Eyes shut tight out of humiliation, you let out a small moan and spread your legs for him, the one closest to him hanging over his lap. Please just take the hint, you beg internally. You should have known better. 
"Look at me.” Yoongi instructs. Your eyes flutter open, and his dark ones are waiting for you, taking in your nervous expression. “Now use your words.” Your cheeks are on fire. 
"Touch me,” it comes out as a quiet whimper, but if you didn’t use your desperation to spit it out, it never would have come. 
Yoongi’s smirk is back across his face in seconds. His eyes seem to get even darker.
“Ask me.” His gummy smile does not at all match the mood of this room right now. “And use your manners.” 
You arch your back in desperation, hoping to make some sort of contact with his hovering hand. You could have hit him, the humiliation and teasing made you feel so angry and helpless. You take in a breath, building all the courage you have left in you, considering your circumstance. 
"I want you to touch me, please.” It comes out clearer this time as you fight with your nerves. Yoongi’s smile grows. 
"Good girl.” 
In seconds he’s leaning you forward, peeling your shirt off from over your head and making quick work of unhooking your bra. Your stomach drops at feeling so exposed in the middle of the living room in a house your friends were all currently occupying. 
Noticing your wide eyes, Yoongi quickly tosses his shirt aside as well. 
"Even,” he mumbles, as if that’s supposed to make you feel any better. His hands begin to massage your breasts, the chain bracelet on his wrist dragging across your skin. You then become overly aware of the fact that you don’t know what to do with your own hands, so you place one on Yoongi’s wrist and grip the other onto his thigh. 
He leans his mouth down and begins sucking and biting on your nipples, taking turns between the two. His tongue feels good as it pokes out to soothe the area he bit. Electric pleasure swirls in your body, seemingly traveling through your spine. 
After a few minutes, he hooks a finger into your belt loop and orders, “Off.” 
Despite being embarrassed to be fully undressed - in front of Yoongi, or anyone else who might see - you comply. How could you not? He does the same, and then there you both are, naked on the couch. His dick is half hard, and as he leans in to kiss your neck, you wrap a hand around him, beginning to pump him. 
He’s roughly biting onto your neck between sloppy kisses, marking you and causing you to let out sharp yelps of pain, but you loved it. You loved the sting, the throb, the way he kissed it right after. You palmed him harder. 
As he was now fully hard in your hand, he pulled your wrist away, spitting into your hand for quick lubrication before directing it back to his dick.
Getting a good look at him made you feel as though you were going to drip onto the couch. He didn’t have abs, but his chest and arms were strong and his tummy was smooth. His dick was long and thick, and your core aches with excitement as you take him back into your hand, rotating your wrist around him. 
He lets out a huff of approval before roughly gripping your thigh to pry your legs open again. You moan before he even touches you, your anticipation clouding your mind. He smirks at this. 
Pushing between your folds, one long finger starts at your entrance, teasing it, before working its way up to your clit. The bundle of nerves is immediately reactive to his touch, and your hips buck forward. 
"Have you been this wet every day?” He asks, swirling his finger back around your entrance and coating it with your slick. “Just waiting for one of us to take you?” His eyes glance to your favorite pair of sexy underwear you had taken off, that you did in fact selfishly wear out of hope for a moment like this. You blushed furiously. 
Without warning, he’s sliding his long finger all the way into your entrance and begins to pump it, slowly. Too slow. You hum and grip his dick harder out of thanks, but it's not enough. 
"More,” you moan, eyes closed so you can’t see him laughing at you. “Please, more.” 
"Greedy,” he groans, adding a second finger. Now the friction of them moving back and forth begins to create a pleasure that makes your head cloudy. “If you want it, you can have it all.” Yoongi mutters. A third finger is added, and his thumb comes up to once again give attention to your clit. 
"Ah-!” You moan out at the intensity of the feeling. All of his teasing had made you miserably sensitive, and you were having a hard time keeping quiet. As you continued to jerk Yoongi - with the help of some precum - you were practically purring. 
His fingers were curling inside of you and the pad of his thumb was creating the perfect feeling against your clit. 
"Mmm, ah-...oh, fuck,” you moaned out constantly as Yoongi’s fingers worked their magic on you. That delicious feeling was building in your gut, but he was working at a pace that wouldn’t unravel you too fast. Because watching you enjoy his fingers so much was stroking his ego, and making his dick twitch. 
You began circling your hips on his thumb, desperate for a bit of a quicker pace, and he let you. 
"Yoongi,” you whine out his name, lost in the feeling his hand is giving you. 
"You like that?” He’s letting out occasional moans as your pace on his dick becomes erratic, watching you fall apart under his touch. His moans only make you melt faster. You’d been dreaming about what they sounded like. 
"Fuck yes Yoongi, feels so good,” you whimper between breaths, hips grinding desperately in an attempt to find release. 
"Good girl,” he moans, absolutely loving this. “Fuck yourself on my fingers. What a dirty slut.” 
The degradation sends a spark of electricity into your core, and you desperately begin to chase it. Your head is thrown back and you’re moaning loudly, uncontrolled, as you approach your high. 
Until the fingers that were making you feel so good were quickly snatched away, and shoved harshly over your tongue, instantly gagging your whine of frustration. His other hand halts your wrist. You feel desperately empty. 
“Just so you know, I’d shut the fuck up if I were you,” Yoongi breathes into your ear as you suck your juices from his fingers, shivers running down your spine. “Unless you want an audience.”
"Fuck you, Yoongi,” you whine as he removes his fingers. “I was so fucking close.” 
His wet, sticky fingers find your hair and pull, further embarrassing you as you think about how that spot in your hair will feel later. 
"Keep talking to me like that and you won’t cum at all,” his voice has now completely lost its light, playful tone. His grip is tight against your scalp. “Understand me?”  
"Yes, Yoongi,” you gasp out, wincing in pain. “I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry.” 
He lets up, satisfied with your startled apology. Without another word, he props your leg back where it was across his knees and roughly slides his fingers back to where they were.
He had called you greedy, and you proved it to him as you quickly adjusted yourself to give him the best access. You bucked your hips forward at the feeling of being stimulated once again. 
It took only seconds for the knot in your stomach to pick up where it left off. Overcome by it, you laid back on the couch, abandoning the hand job. You gripped the couch as you tried to quit squirming so much, doing your best not to further irritate Yoongi. 
"Fuck,” you whined, eyes closed and head thrown back. “It feels so good, Yoongi, thank you,” the words are tumbling out of your mouth. You hoped the gratitude would help you earn your orgasm. 
Yoongi groaned as a few more quiet “thank you”s came tumbling out, mixed in with your sweet moans that you were trying so hard to let out quietly. They came out breathy, desperate. 
"Good girl,” he said, increasing his speed slightly. “That’s so sexy.” 
Your slick had dripped down past his knuckles as you once again fucked yourself on his fingers, hoping to feel him deeper. While doing this, his fingers found that sweet spot against your walls, and you couldn’t help the loud noise that escaped you. 
Yoongi noticed this - he was so observant - and angled his fingers so that he would continue hitting that spot. Your body began to jerk, trying to escape the pleasure, and you tried to force your hips to stay still on the couch. 
“Mm! Oh my god,” you gasped, spreading your legs wider as you completely lost control of your own body. You could only imagine how pathetic you looked, his fingers curling around your most sensitive spot. 
“Oh fuck yes,” Yoongi groaned. His dick was now an angry dark color, clearly feeling left out of the fun. “Gonna come on my fingers?” 
"Please,” you nodded, breathing uneven. “I’m so close it hurts.” 
"Slut,” he smirks, his hooded eyes taking you in. “Even with just my fingers. Come on them.” He began fingering you faster, his thumb applying so much pressure to your sensitive clit that it was impossible to fight off the pleasure of it any longer. 
“Fuck, Yoongi I’m coming,” you moan miserably as a white hot feeling comes over your body, so intense that it takes your breath away for a moment. When you get it back, all you know how to do is moan, and all you know is Yoongi’s name. He didn’t stop fingering you, but he’s going at a sinful pace, working you through your pulsing orgasm so he can drag it out as long as he can. 
As you finally force your eyes to open, you see him looking down at you with a mocking smirk. You don’t want to know what this just did to his ego. 
“So pretty,” Yoongi mutters anyway, slowly pulling his fingers away. You watch them glisten, soaked thanks to you. You watch him put them to his mouth and suck them clean. Then, in the next moment, he’s kneeling on the floor with your legs on his shoulders. 
"Yoongi,” you wince as he begins cleaning you up with his tongue, groaning as he tastes you. The feeling is too much. 
"My name sounds so good when you say it,” he mutters, kissing your thighs as he takes his place back on the couch. He motions for you to take his place on the floor, and you comply. 
Your shaky legs fail you as you practically fall onto the floor, your eyes immediately looking up at Yoongi’s as you take your place in front of him. He guides himself into your mouth, and you take him happily, feeling sorry that you had been neglecting him. 
"So pretty,” he repeats as he watches you stuff your mouth with him, eyes still looking up at him sweetly. You break eye contact to take him as deep into your throat as you can, until your nose brushes against skin. 
He takes your hair into his hands, holding it gently as you repeat this motion slowly several times. Huffing, his hand locks against the back of your neck, keeping your nose pressed against him. Tears spring into your eyes as he holds you there until you’re out of breath, but the way he’s groaning quietly makes it all worth it. 
You take a gasp of air before going back to work, using your hands and your mouth to pump him and make him feel good. 
"That’s my girl,” Yoongi groans as you get your rhythm going. “I could watch you do this all fucking day.” 
The praise was making your core ache all over again. You got lost in the pleasure of it, his taste, the way he fucked himself into your mouth. 
Maybe that’s why you didn’t hear the door open at first. 
"Oh shit,” you hear a man say, in English. Then you hear a giggle. Hoseok. 
Your cheeks are on fire. You try to pull away, but Yoongi firmly holds you in place while he turns around to look at his bandmate. “Busy,” is all he says. 
"Sorry hyung,” Hoseok laughs, already halfway back into his room. The door closed behind him. 
“Fuck,” you whimper once Yoongi lets you go. You wipe the tears streaming down your cheeks, which had now been fueled by your sheer embarrassment. 
"He didn’t see anything,” Yoongi assured, stroking your cheek. “The back of the couch and my body covered you. He’ll warn the others, they won’t come back out.” 
Unfazed, he pulled you up onto his lap, kissing you again as though nothing had happened. You wrapped your arms around him, trying to get back into it but still feeling somewhat startled and distracted. 
"That means,” Yoongi continued between kisses, “that we can get to the good part now.” His large hands grabbed your hips as he guided back onto the couch to straddle his hips, positioning his dick underneath you. 
"Tell me you want it.” He breathes into your ear. At this point, you weren’t sure if he even cared. He knew you did, he just wanted to hear it, especially after the interruption. 
“I do, I want it,” you nod, making eye contact with him as you grip his shoulders. He slowly slides in about two inches, enough to make you both gasp, before he stops. 
Really, fuck him. 
"How long have you wanted this?” He teases, smirking once again. “How many times have you laid in bed dreaming about this, huh? You wanna know how my dick feels?” 
"God dammit, Yoongi, please fuck me,” you whine, too shy to make eye contact when your faces are this close. 
"Be patient.” He answers nonchalantly, having too much fun teasing you. “Have you touched yourself thinking about me? About my friends? Aren’t you like our little slut?” 
Feeling like your entire body is burning red, you hide your face in his neck as you nod. 
"Yes, Yoongi, yes. Please,” you plead, feeling desperate and embarrassed. 
"Shit,” Yoongi grins as he finally allows you to slide down onto him fully. 
"Fuck yes,” you muttered into his neck.
"Feel like you imagined?” So cocky. 
"Better,” you moan, beginning to grind your hips onto him. 
“Good.” Yoongi snaps his hips up to meet yours, fucking you. He was stretching you out so well, and you were still wet enough that this could happen without it being very painful. 
The feeling of him pushing in and out of you this way put you in such a state of bliss, your head was thrown back as your fingernails dug into his shoulders. The fuzzy, warm and pleasurable feeling blooming from your core to the rest of your body was so easy to get lost in. Basking in the feeling, lost in the sound of your moans mixing together, you weren’t sure how much time passed before you opened your eyes again.
When you did, you noticed that Yoongi had been watching you intensely, enjoying the sight before him. His eyes were dark, and you saw his chest moving up and down as his breathing became more rapid. 
That’s when you realized he’d been doing all the work. Snapping out of your daze, you began bouncing on Yoongi, taking control of the fast pace. A loud groan was snatched from Yoongi’s mouth as he tightly gripped your ass, forcing you down onto him to bounce harder. 
"Holy fuck,” he groaned, “look at you…taking it so good.” 
"It feels so fucking good,” you gasp, grabbing Yoongi’s wrists. You force him to stop bouncing you so you can grind yourself harder onto his hips. Feeling him go as deep as he possibly could into you, paired with the stimulation to your clit from his hips, it was hard to keep yourself in control. You knew you were being selfish, but it really did feel so good. 
Yoongi entertained this for a while. Then, seemingly coming out of nowhere, his hand was once again squeezing your neck. Hard. 
With the other hand, he quickly flipped you so that you were on your back on the couch. He straddled you with his knees, keeping himself inside you, and once again started fucking you at his pace. His skin loudly slapped against yours as his groans filled the air. Seeing his dark hair dangling in front of his eyes as his face bunched up in pleasure, you couldn’t keep yourself together. His hands tightly gripped your legs as you cried out, not thinking about anything else but your orgasm.
"You’re a good slut, huh? You like to be fucked like this?” Yoongi puffs out between groans. You can tell he’s doing his best not to lose control. Knowing that you were the one supplying him this pleasure, making his heart race, making him moan like that, it made you ecstatic. Even if there weren’t any feelings attached, you would let him spread you open like this any day. 
And you told him just that. 
"Yes, Yoongi, I love the way you fuck me,” you whine as friction builds up in your core. “I hope you fuck me more.” 
"Of course you do,” Yoongi laughs, but it comes out breathy. “I hope you touch yourself every night remembering this.” 
"Just the way you talk to me makes me wanna cum,” you whimper. You can both feel and hear how wet you are from all this arousal you’re feeling, and you and him both know your next orgasm can’t be far away. 
Smirking in satisfaction, Yoongi once again circles your clit with his thumb, and the sudden zap of pleasure to those nerves makes your body jolt. 
"Fuck! I am gonna cum if you keep doing that, Yoongi, fuck,” you warn him desperately. This seems to be what he wants, because he groans again and continues to do it anyway. 
"I wanna watch you cum on my dick,” he says just as you can’t hold it back anymore. 
"Oh my god, oh my god-” is all you can get out before the next round of overwhelming pleasure slams into you, leaving you unable to produce anything but lewd moans. 
"God, I should shut you up, but it sounds too pretty,” Yoongi whimpered as he quickened his pace even more. 
"Uh, Yoongi, I can’t take anymore,” you pant as you come down, realizing he’s not stopping. The pleasure was so intense it was nearly painful, and you’d never experienced this type of overstimulation before. 
"Take it anyway,” Yoongi shot back, holding you down so you quit squirming so much. After a few more short, quick thrusts, you heard Yoongi make one of the hottest sounds you think you’ve ever heard as warm cum began to shoot into you. 
You were in a trance watching him ride through his high, taking in his lewd noises, his slightly sweaty body, and his ragged breath. When it was all over, all that was left was the sound of you both trying to catch your breath. 
You were already bummed that it was over. This was such a sudden thing, and since he was a friend, you didn’t know where to go from here. Lean in and kiss him? Was that too cheesy, delicate? Just stand up and put your clothes on, and tell him to go pack? Isn’t that cold? Laugh in disbelief? Tell him you love him? 
In the end, you just went with what felt honest and right. 
You sat up enough to be able to reach his lips, and he gifted you with several soft kisses. 
"Yoongi?” you asked, looking up into his eyes, chest still heaving. 
“What?” he answered, keeping your stare. You plastered a big, dumb smile on your face. 
“I really liked that.” 
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likeastarstar · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
5:41 PM - Yoongi (A/N: for the anon asking for Yoongi laying back and letting OC go to town on him!)
Yoongi knew what he was in for when you slammed the front door on your way in, the sound of your shoes clattering on the floor followed by a dramatic 'thump' of your bag against the tile. He peered his head around the corner to make eye contact with you, raising his eyebrows slightly as you stalked towards him, a stormy look in your eyes. 
"I had the worst day," You mumbled, pushing your face into his chest and hugging your arms tightly around him.
You could feel the stress of the day building up in your body, balling up into a feral knot in your chest and threatening to explode at any moment. The entire day, all you wanted was to be left alone but now that you were home, you had other ideas.
"Yeah? You wanna talk about it?" Yoongi asked, running his fingers through your hair.
"No," You growled, looking up at him with wide eyes, "I don't want to talk, I don't want to talk at all- I want...I want-"
"You can take it out on me," Yoongi mumbled, giving you what he knew you wanted but couldn't bring yourself to ask. He could tell by the way you pressed your body into him, the bleary look in your eye and the blush on your cheeks.
It was good to relax sometimes.
Just completely unwind, focus on self care.
Yoongi sighed in your ear, throwing his head back against the pillows behind him.
Everyone had different ways of relaxing- yours just happened to be being on top of Yoongi.
You pushed your hips against this and rolled your body, rotating in small circles. Your ass pushed and pulled against his lap, swiveling around just to get the right angle against yourself. You fucked him recklessly, barely letting him lift a finger as you bounced on his lap, back arched deeply. It didn't happen often but occasionally, when you did come home to your boyfriend with a storm cloud hanging over your head- he knew what it meant. Sometimes, he didn't mind it- not one bit. He liked being a safety net for you to bounce off of, a tool to release the tension built up over the course of the day. 
He'd sit there and talk it out if he thought that's what you needed- and some days, you did need that. But today, you just needed him to lay there and be with you.
He closed his eyes, a vacant smile pulling up on the pink corners of his mouth and you preened, feeling his hands explore your body and push down on your pressure point. He knew you like the back of his hand, leaning into your touch as one hand sunk into his hair, soft strands sticking up in every direction as the other cupped his face. You pushed his face into the soft material of his pillow, thumb stroking his cheek gently before nudging at the seam of his lips, pushing into his mouth and down on his wet tongue.
"Do you like that I use you like this? When I'm stressed out- do you like that I take it out on you?" You asked him, enjoying the way he cracked his eyes half open to look up at you, hands rubbing intentional patterns into the flesh of your ass. You pulled your fingers out of his mouth and used the wetness collected on the tips to rub at your clit, smiling when his jaw fell open and flexed hard. 
"I love it," He said gruffly, smirking at you as you leaned down, hair cascading off of your shoulder and tickling his skin as you kissed the side of his chest where his heart was. "Whatever you need, I'll make sure you get it. You need a punching bag? Go ahead. Sounds like a win-win."
It was your turn to smirk up at him, pressing your lips to the thin skin of his neck and sucking a bruise there, stopping only when you feel his hips buck up into you, pushing out a moan. He thrusts hard into you, veiny cock pushing your walls to their limit but the pain feels good too. It cuts the tension and he knows your noises enough to know you like it, moving faster- fucking you faster because it's what you needed. 
You reached back and put your hands on his knees, rolling your entire body against him, exposed to his eyes. You threw your head back, losing yourself in the moment as the terrible day you had was replaced in your mind by Yoongi. He let out a shaky breath, brain short-circuiting at the site of you riding him to filth, pussy gripping his cock tightly. He didn't know where to look, enchanted by the dazed look on your face, sweet lips parted with peeks of your tongue slipping out every now and then.
You let him control the pace for a moment before forcing his hips to stop with a squeeze of your thighs and a hand at his throat, closing in just enough to cut his air off for a moment.
"Don't touch," You warned, narrowing your eyes and tssking at him like you were reprimanding a puppy. "Just lay back and let me."
Yoongi looked up at you with half shut eyes and you watched them roll back, squeezing them shut in a way that pleased you. He moaned and you leveraged your weight on him carefully, knowing that he was much stronger than you but you wanted to be in charge for this moment. The blood rushed to his head and he gave in, giving up completely as you took him over- owning him completely.
You drag your hips against his harshly, fucking him rough at a pace you normally would shy away from. You feel the band of tension in your body melt away and get replaced with something else, a sparking feeling that grew into a fire and sent you spiraling. You came and felt it in your entire body, hands tingling and slipping, falling forwards onto Yoongi's chest. 
He caught you quickly, slowing your fall and thrusting into you until he finished inside of you. Yoongi's cum flooded into you, warm and heavenly. You whined when he pulled out of you but let him take care of you, puttering around as he cleaned you up and tucked you back into bed, flopping down beside you after a moment.
You were exhausted from your day, lying there dazed and sedate as he kissed your neck softly.
"Thank you," You mumbled, rubbing your eyes sleepily.
Yoongi's grinning face entered your vision, rickety laugh greeting your ears and making you smile back at him, "Glad I could be of service."
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jjkeverlast · a day ago
Tumblr media
-> pairing artist!yoongi x female reader
-> genre fake dating!au, romantic comedy
-> summary what happens when you meet min yoongi at the club, or well accidentally use him as your pawn to not get hit on. not knowing your cousins friend overhears and suddenly your whole family knows.
-> word count 11 k
-> warnings swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, nude bodies, awkward meetings, cringy pet names, problematic family members, angst in the end :’)
Tumblr media
Lights flicked from each corner making the atmosphere more alive. The base booming so hard you could feel it in your feet. Swinging your hips back and forth to 'Work' by Rihanna, while your friend Amanda was hyping you up, making you laugh in the process but continuing letting yourself let loose for once.
Your family has definitely gone to your head. About the whole, 'isn't it time you settle down and find yourself a handsome young man?' talk which mostly consisted of your mom, but your dad was clearly on her side, agreeing with each point she had thrown at you.
You tried Tinder, but let's be honest, most guys on that app are just looking for a quick fuck, which yes sometimes might be fun, but it gets very boring in the end.
It's not that you 'don't believe in love'. No, you just didn't understand the point in seeking it. Growing up — romance novels, cliché movies filled a lot in your daily life. Your mother wanted you to create a romantic yet hopeful side of you when it came to love. But as soon as you entered college, that side of you, which your mother wished from you, were crushed. You fell into the hook-up culture at your college — you had your fun for a while, yet your mother maintained herself around your neck throughout your college years.
But now, it has gotten so out of control, resulting in you stepping out and go clubbing with your colleague Amanda. Both of you are working for  'Fashlance', a clothing designer firm. Mostly consisting of having to design clothes for certain celebrities. One of them being Kim Namjoon, owner of the art gallery 'Stigma' which had gained a lot of attention in the span of a few months. He was one of the kindest people you designed for. He occasionally, still dropped by the firm to thank you and Amanda for the help.
''Let's get one more drink!'' Amanda suggests, before dragging you towards the slightly crowded bar. Most people were sitting in booths in groups, others like yourself sitting by the bar countertop.
''Two vodka red bull.'' Amanda orders to the somewhat cute bartender. Amanda had quickly caught onto his good looks, her flirting button now being on — you, quickly catching on to it.
You grabbed your drink, letting Amanda flirt with the cute bartender. Now strutting your way back to the dance floor, drink in your hand.
Downing your drink in almost one go, made you slightly gag from the bitter taste, yet you remained on the dance floor, shaking away the bitter feeling on your tongue. Two hands were suddenly placed onto your hips, guiding you. You turn around being met with a tall stranger, with nothing but a smirk on his face.
''Sorry, not interested.'' You poke him in the chest, making him surrender his hands from you, mocking you lightly at your rejection.
''Calm down, just wanted to dance.'' He retorts. Making you roll your eyes at his best way to cover up the fact he wants a piece of you.
''Yeah? Well, dance with someone else.'' You snap back, wanting him to go back to where he came from. He shrugs you off, turning his back to you, before disappearing in the crowd of dancing bodies.
You caught a glimpse over at the bar, seeing the bartender now caressing Amanda's face with his fingers. You couldn't go back there, so you continued dancing alone.
''Hey, can I buy you a drink?'' a deep voice behind you asked, confronted with yet another total stranger who again was looking for a quick fuck. Okay, yes, you are at a club where most people just want to hook up, yet you don't want that. You've had your absolute fun — especially since that conversation with your parents about you needing to settle down has gotten to your head.
Which is why you politely decline any offers that could lead to meaningless sex, which you've had your fair share of.
''No, I'm okay.'' You decline politely, smiling a bit to not seem rude. The stranger doesn't get a hint of you turning him down, making him move a bit closer to you. ''Come on beautiful, one drink.'' He asks once again, semi-pressuring you when you've clearly said no. What a fucking jerk.
Not wanting to have to pull up with any guys' bullshit in this club, you come up with one stupid lie. ''I can't. I have a boyfriend.'' You reason yet laced with slight discomfort and awkwardness. You expected the guy to leave you alone once you've thrown the 'I have a boyfriend card' but it didn't seem to work.
''Well, is he here?'' He continues, now with a tight smirk plastered onto his face. Shrugging at his disgusting behavior, you went along with your lie, not thinking of the consequences that can be caused because of this.
''In a matter of fact, yes he is.'' You were now arms crossed. Not wanting to be put up with his bullshit any longer. ''Point me in his direction — need to see who I'm up against.'' He challenges you, now making the same movement as you, arms crossed over his chest.
You sigh before turning around, trying to get a good look at the people around you. Most of them were either in groups or already with a girl under the arm. Shit, this seemed absolutely hopeless, but you weren't going to give up just yet.
Scanning around the bar, you catch a glimpse of a very handsome gentleman, sitting at the bar countertop, looking down at his drink. Perfect.
''There he is.'' You point towards the gentleman, the guy quickly catching on making him sigh in defeat.
''Well, I'm gonna head back to him. I think he's starting to miss me-'' Getting cut off by the stranger in front of you, not expecting him to speak but to just simply leave you alone. ''I'll come with you. My friends already left like 20 minutes ago, could really use some company.'' You were just about to decline but he had already made his way towards the handsome stranger you had pointed at. That's embarrassing.
''I- give me just one minute alone with my boyfriend. He's uh- been feeling a bit down lately because of work.'' You explain as you had grabbed the stranger in the arm, not wanting him near your 'fake boyfriend'. You had to make him know about your stupid lie first.
The stranger nods, standing still near the dance floor, you excuse yourself walking towards the handsome stranger by the bar.
''I'm gonna need you to pretend to be my boyfriend. Just for tonight.'' You confess through gritted teeth, afraid the guy behind you would hear, ruining your uttermost plan to get rid of him.
He finally looked up from his almost empty glass of liquor. Fuck. He's really pretty. ''Your- wait what?'' He was obviously confused; you had just come out of nowhere asking for such a favor. It felt pathetic.
''Yeah- I- well, this creep won't leave me alone.'' you rubbed your hand on your right arm. 
He sighed, tilting his head to the side, trying to see the creep that has been bothering you. His gaze returned to you, adding a sympathetic smile, nodding his head. ''He's coming over-'' Before he could continue, the stranger had sat down next to the both of you. Fuck.
''Wassup man'' the bastard greeted your 'so-called boyfriend.' who's name you didn't even know. Well, this is definitely gonna end badly.
''Sup'' he answered short, keeping his cool as the stranger had now approached you, not wanting to leave you alone.
''So, you're the boyfriend?'' Fuck. This is where you die of embarrassment.
''Yeah.'' He kept his gaze on him, intimidating the fuck out of him. It seemed to work for a bit, until the rat decided to speak again.
''You guys don't look like a couple.'' He comments adding it with a slight scoff, trying to embarrass the both of you. ''Well we didn't ask for your opinion.'' You bite back with a bitter tone, earning a chuckle from the handsome stranger. ''That's my girl'' he praises you, both of your cheeks growing hot at the sudden praise and the fact he called you 'my girl', but it was just an act. You had to keep reminding yourself that.
You smile, resting your arm around his shoulders while nuzzling him in the nuke of his neck, side eyeing the creep who was actually looking like someone who wants to leave. Thank god.
''Well, you two have fun.'' He excuses himself, before finally getting out of your sight. A big sigh had released from you, needed after trying to get rid of him since he set his eyes on you.
''Thank you.''
He nods, taking the last sip of his drink, making you notice the silver rings wrapped around his fingers. He slightly coughed, making your head turn upward, not noticing you had lost your gaze on his hands.
''You can remove yourself from me now.'' He adds. You had forgotten how your arm was still resting above his shoulders.
''I'm so sorry about that- he just walked up to me, asked if I wanted a drink, I declined, no shit. And then this man had the audacity to continue after I declined? What a fucking jerk am I right? So yeah — had to come up with some sort of lie to get out of that one. So I looked around the club and you were the only good looking guy, well, not good looking. Wait, you're not ugly! You’re just-‘’ You paused, catching your breath before continuing, ''the first person I laid my eyes on and I didn’t really think about it so I just pointed at you aaaaand I can tell you didn’t even listen to a word I just said.” You finish. The handsome stranger didn’t spare you a glance and had walked away, leaving his drink on the counter. He had ignored you.
Great. You had tried your best to not embarrass yourself in front of that pig earlier and now you had, in front of the beautiful stranger instead.
You decide to run after him, as he had walked out of the bar not bothering to continue your conversation, okay so maybe you talked the most but hey! He could've just cut you off.
''Hey! Excuse you.'' You shout, finally gaining his attention which was needed much earlier. You just wanted to explain yourself and this idiot just left.
''Mhm?'' He hums, tilting his head, chewing on what seemed to be a piece of gum. He was so unbothered that not only did it piss you off, but it made him even more attractive.
''What kind of person leaves mid-conversation?'' You ask in disbelief, still in a loud tone to indicate that his behavior had pissed you off.
You expected him to answer you but no. He just scoffed before turning his back to you, disappearing through the dark alley.
Tumblr media
Running late was not your forte. It was ridiculous how your car found it hilarious to not start the minute you turned on the engine. You had to act quickly and decide to take the bus nearest you. Not expecting it to run ten minutes late which only made things worse.
Today was a very important day. Amanda had notified you that a new guest was arriving at Fashlance. You mentally cursed the entire route to work, disappointed in yourself for arriving late.
''I'm here!'' you shout, arriving at the main lobby where Amanda was standing with a male, his back turned to you.
Amanda quickly caught your stressed gaze and sighs in relief.
''Thank god Y/N!'' She exclaims, slowly walking over to you. The guest's back still turned, admiring the art piece hanging on the wall.
''Don't freak out! But our guest is very attractive.'' She whispers while hugging you, making it less suspicious that you were talking about him.
You grin while shaking your head.
''Hi! I'm Y/N.'' you introduce yourself to the guest.
He turns and your face immediately freezes.
It can't be-
''You.'' you mutter under your breath, him being able to hear and smirking a bit.
''Min Yoongi. I don't think we've met.'' He greets you, as a stranger, which sets a fire in the pit of your stomach.
You decide to swallow that anger and smile bitterly while shaking his firm hand.
Amanda slapped you in the arm, glaring you down with wide eyes. Shit- did you just say that out loud?
''Do you two know each other?'' Amanda blurts, causing you and Yoongi to turn your attention towards her.
Min Yoongi looks at you with confusion written all over his face.
You roll your eyes at his childish act.
''Okay, well we should think of some designs.'' Amanda suggests,  easing the clear tension between Yoongi and you.
You nod not wanting 'whatever the fuck is going on' to continue.
Amanda had already made her way towards the main office, you trail behind her, before a firm grip grabs your wrist, making you turn to see Yoongi with a yet relaxed expression plastered onto his face.
Amanda doesn't notice you and Yoongi and continues strolling towards the office.
When she's out of your gaze, Yoongi decides to speak.
''So, this is where my fake girlfriend works.''
You widen your eyes at his comment. He didn't forget.
''You-'' You whisper yell out of frustration, stopping yourself not wanting to cause a scene in front of your guest. Just stay professional, you kept telling yourself, mostly to remain calm and to act cold instead of bothered. Yet you were stunned because of how calm he suddenly was.
After all, you were at work, and yes, he's the last person you'd want to assist, but you had no choice.
He grins at your speechless response, retrieving his firm grip around your wrist, you don't even bother to wait for him, fleeting towards the office, before you lost your cool with him. This was going to be a long day.
''Ah! There you are.'' Amanda comments, already looking at a few designs you had sprawled around on the table.
The next twenty minutes were spent on trying to find the design Yoongi wanted for his suit. Kim Namjoon, owner of Stigma had eyed his work for some time, and had finally reached out to him, requesting him to showcase his paintings at his art gallery.
Namjoon had then recommended your firm, for his suit design, which he will be wearing for the exhibition.
It was mostly Amanda and Yoongi discussing each design. You just stayed quiet, keeping your anger hidden in a deep cave within you.
You felt a sudden buzz in your pocket, getting a hold of your phone, curious as to who might call you in the middle of the day.
It was your mother. Weird. She never calls, normally not in the middle of the day. Mostly when you already were off work. This seemed to be important.
You excused yourself, walking out of the office before answering.
''Mom?'' You ask out of confusion, maybe it was just a pocket dial.
''Darling! Why didn't you tell me?'' She questions, with a tint of excitement.
''I- Mom what is this about?''
''Your boyfriend!''
The spit from the back of your throat had now become a clump, causing you to suddenly choke.
''Sweetheart! Everything alright?''
You clear your throat before responding to the last thing you had expected to hear from your own mother.
''Where is this coming from?'' Was she dreaming? Did she dream that you had a boyfriend and thought it was real? This must be a joke right?
''Your cousin Marco! His friend saw you at the club, cuddling with a guy, and overheard a conversation about you two being a couple! This is great news. News I'd like to hear from you instead, young lady.''
What are the odds that someone who is in touch with your family is at the same club as you? Yes, absolutely zero. Well maybe like one percent. So why? Why did this have to land on you? Your life was already going down the drain, being single and having your parents poke you on and on about it.
''Mom-'' You start, wanting to explain yourself.
''But I can say that I'm very proud of you. For once, you've finally decided to take upon your father and I's advice.''
It wasn't often that your parents would praise you for something you've done. It felt somewhat comforting. A feeling you'd wish you could hold onto for much longer. But you couldn't. It's worse lying to your parents about a relationship which is very nonexistent, than having them poke at you more than once a week about your love life. You had to continue living with this, until you eventually found someone.
''But-'' You start once again, your mom is much quicker than you, as if she's planned the whole conversation already.
''No buts! I would love to meet the gentleman at your aunt's wedding next week.'' She insists, which caused a nausea to appear at the idea of having to bring someone, who well, isn't really a 'someone'. This was absolute hell. Your mother had always been very stubborn, causing this situation to worsen and your voice having absolutely no role in this whatsoever. As if you were having a strip of duct tape tightly sealed on your lips.
''Mom I don't have a-'' You were so close, yet again your mother was quick to interrupt, a habit she had which was stepping your buttons way too often for you to keep count.
''No excuses. I'll see you next week. Your father is calling me, bye.''
And with that the phone call ended. You froze. Not being able to move as if all your problems had crashed from the ceiling of the office onto you.
You were fucked. Utterly fucked.
''Y/N?'' the voice behind you woke you from your spacing out state.
You turned around being met with Yoongi, his eyes were set directly onto yours. ''You okay?'' The question startled you. Min fucking Yoongi wants to know if you’re okay?
You clear your throat before giving a quick nod, entering the office again.
''There you are!'' Amanda shouts in relief, as if you were gone for 3 hours.
''I'm sorry! My mom called- you know how she is.'' You excuse, not noticing Yoongi staring at you since you've both entered the office.
''Your mom? She called you? At this hour?'' Amanda questions, as if all the information you had put out was never said. You knew she was in shock; she knew your mother would never call you at this time of day and neither for some casual chit chat.
''Yes, yes and yes.'' You mutter, still swallowing the phone call you had.
She hums, not continuing it further, seeing your drowned out state. ''I'm gonna get you something to eat. You look like someone who's about to throw up their 9 am coffee.'' With that, she got up from her seat, speeding out of the office, leaving you alone with Yoongi.
''I'm fucked.'' You curse to yourself, covering your face with your hands, wanting to shut yourself out from the real world. The world where a 'rumor' has started in your family, about you. Fuck- that sound's terrifying, and it is. Very.
''I'm fucked, Yoongi,'' you exclaimed once again, pulling the roots from your hair out of frustration.
''Oh- did that rat from the club contact you?'' He grins, clearly joking with you to either cheer you up, or piss you off more than you already are.
You give him a dead glare, him quickly losing his smile. ''Okay, not the time for jokes, got it.'' He murmurs, looking down, showing his regret for whatever kind of joke that was.
''I need your help.'' Was the last sentence you wanted to throw at him.
''Aren't I the one who's supposed to get help?'' He smirks, lifting both his brows, stating his obvious point that yes, he's the one getting help from Amanda and you. But this was a different type of help, unfortunately.
''Just shut up and listen,'' you grew tired. Yoongi's irony, you and your mother's conversation, and now this awful idea which you were hiding from not only Yoongi, but also a big part of yourself. You didn't want this. You needed this.
To your surprise, Yoongi kept himself quiet, eyes fixated on you, indicating that you have his undivided attention.
''I'm gonna need you to pretend to be my boyfriend.'' There it was. That sentence once again.
Yoongi's eyes widened at your request.
''Again?!'' He shouts in confusion. Okay, maybe this actually was a bad idea. But it was the 'only' solution. No, okay, maybe the second-best solution to the whole thing. Of course, the first solution would be to tell your mom that it was all an act, but she never lets you speak.
You take a deep breath before nodding to Yoongi, yes, this was going to happen whether the both of you liked it or not.
''It's once.'' You respond with a sharp tone. You had to win this.
''Where is this coming from? Did the rat track you down?'' He asks, his tone laced with uncertainty. Now supporting his hands onto the table. Your eyes set on his hands for a split second remembering back to the night where you gawked at the sight of them. Now, was not the time-
''I don't even know where to start!'' You exclaim, throwing your hands around in despair. Everything seemed pointless.
''From the beginning.''
You nod, ''A friend of my cousin Marco saw us, that night.'' Yoongi closed his eyes, maybe it was his way of receiving such unpleasant information. He hums, signaling you to continue.
''So, now, my whole family thinks I'm dating you.'' You finish off, well this was just the beginning, but Yoongi needed to swallow that information first before you could allow yourself to proceed.
''Yeah- that's just the beginning.''
Yoongi freezes at your words, not knowing where this leads and you can clearly see the discomfort he feels about the whole situation. You wish yourself that this never happened. You should've never pulled that stunt in the first place.
''You- um, might want to sit down for this one.'' You propose, in which he does.
And so, you tell him, from you and your parents' often weird relationship to the conversation about your dating life involving your parents and ending it with the phone call from your mom.
''Yeah, would be great if you could help me out!'' You pleaded, needing this a lot more than you thought.
''What's in it for me?''
You chuckle, setting your eyes on his, ''An adventure you'll never forget.''
''So cliché.'' He retorts as if he didn't just use a cliché sentence himself. Asshole.
''Please. I'll do anything.'' Now you were almost begging.
''Anything?'' He parrots.
''Fine. Get on your knees.''
Your eyes widen at his order. Did this man really want head from you to play your fake boyfriend for one fucking weekend? This has to be a joke.
''I'm not sucking your dick Yoongi.'' You blurt out. Yoongi's lips start to tremble — is he really about to cry?
His mouth opens wide and he's laughing. Wow.
His laughter quiets down, ''Just do as I say.''
You carefully get on your knees, a bit far from Yoongi, still skeptical over what he precisely wants from you. You look up, indicating you are ready for new 'orders'. God that sounded wrong.
''Now, beg for it.''
''Please, please, please!'' you beg, still down on your knees.
''Please, what?''
''Please be my fake boyfriend again! I can't do this without you Yoongi.'' This had to be enough. You hope.
He sighs before revealing his answer, ''okay.''
You squeal out of happiness, before the door opens and Amanda walks in with a transparent white bag, the smell of fries erupts in the room.
''Why are you on your knees?'' You tilt your head in Amanda's direction, seeing a bewildered Amanda.
''I dropped something! Did you bring Popeyes?''
She nods, as you stand up to look through the bag of fried chicken and fries. You gave her a small kiss to her cheek and thanked her for the gesture.
Tumblr media
''Sit.'' you demand, while opening your laptop.
''Why are we here?'' Yoongi asks, noticing the small space you were sitting in.
You had invited Yoongi to come to your local library, as you wanted to clear the air about the whole fake dating thing. It had absolutely stressed you out, the thought of Yoongi certainly not knowing anything about your family. And if you had an actual boyfriend, he had to know every single detail, because you sure as hell ramble a lot about them.
''Do I need to remind you that the wedding is in two days?''
He scoffs, before sitting down in front of you. You turn the computer around showing him your handmade PowerPoint. You came prepared.
The title for the PowerPoint was, 'Everything you need to know about my shitty family,' Yoongi snickered at your ridiculous PowerPoint.
''You're kidding?''
''Shut it.''
First slide was an introduction to your parents, even though you've already made it clear that no, your relationship with your parents has been far from perfect. Ever since you moved out, your mother has given you certain advice, mostly involving men. You were her only child, so it wasn't hard to figure out why she was so uptight about the whole 'dating thing'. You were her one-way ticket for her to become a grandma.
Next is, your aunts and uncles.
''Let's start with Aunt Jennie, she can be a lot.'' You pointed out the slide showing a picture from your 18th birthday, where she had gotten so drunk, she started singing loudly 'Gangnam Style'. Everybody's attention had turned to her when that day should've been all about you.
''She's uh- well a bitch.'' You say in all honesty.
''Oh, do explain,'' Yoongi pressures, seeing your angry and pissed off face at the mention of her.
''You're not gonna believe me.''
''Try me.''
You took a deep breath, preparing yourself for a family secret to be revealed. ''She, how do I say this, well, I had a childhood crush, and she fucked his mother.'' You blurt out, Yoongi's eyes growing wide at the confession.
''That, I did not expect.''
You didn't want to go into detail, revealing how uncomfortable the situation made you feel. So, you moved on.
''Next is Aunt Pamela, she's very quiet. Don't expect much from her, but she is very kind. Probably my favorite aunt if I had to choose.'' You had picked a picture from her 30th birthday, where she had received her puppy, now named based on her favorite food. Kimchi.
''Kimchi is adorable!'' You didn't expect Yoongi to be a dog person. Well now you know more about him too.
''Moving on, Aunt Bridget. Let me just say this, stay away from her. That woman was born without a filter and will make you uncomfortable in a milli fucking second.'' You indicate, trying to show how serious you were about it, but all you earned from Yoongi was a stupid grin.
''Ohh, I'm so scared!'' He spoke in a terrified ironic tone. He can't seem to take you seriously, and you were about to lose your patience.
''Min Yoongi. I'm serious!'' You whisper yell, not wanting to cause attention around you, as you were situated in a public library.
He nods his head once or twice, motioning for you to continue. You press onto the keyboard, revealing your uncles.
''This is Uncle Sam and his husband Philip. If I had to give out an award for best couple, it would be to them. They have the best humor, and I would not mind if you spend more time talking to them than me.'' You explain in a cheerful tone. They always had your back no matter what. Always telling you the family gossip and being honest with you. Which made you guys grow closer over the years. Sam was your mother's brother, and he had scolded her once or twice for being so harsh towards you.
“Finally, two decent people.” He comments. You had a shitty family mostly, which is probably why Yoongi was surprised by the sudden compliment you had thrown.
“Ha ha ha. Okay, finally, Uncle Seokjin.” A slide showing a few posters from the k-dramas and movies he starred in. He was the definition of the cool uncle.
“Your Uncle is THE Kim Seokjin?” Yoongi’s doe eyes had become more prominent, indicating he had not expected that. You had no idea that Yoongi was a k-drama fan.
“Wow, might just date you for real to see more of him.” He throws in the open, making you gulp. Something about him mentioning you two dating for real, sent a few unexpected shivers down your spine. You decided to brush it off, instead throwing a comeback to his confession.
“So, you’d use me as your pawn?” You scoff.
Yoongi can’t help but laugh at your awful comeback.
“If I remember correctly, you’re the one using me as your pawn, instead of coming clean to your family.” A smirk now plastered onto his face, because he was right, and you both knew it.
Tumblr media
You were patiently waiting at the airport for Min Yoongi, or should you say boyfriend? Fake boyfriend? Pawn? No. Okay. Let's just get this over with. You sigh, still not catching a glance of Yoongi. Even after you had told him everything he needed to know, you still felt nervous. It was probably the fact that you're lying to your whole family. But you wanted to prove yourself to them, that you are capable of dating and don't just fuck guys from an app anymore.
You finally caught sight of Yoongi. He was wearing an oversized white tee, tucked into oversized black pants, added with a black cap. He looked good. ''And the adventure begins,'' you spoke first, gaining a grin from Yoongi as you both started walking towards security.
The plane ride was mostly silent, just as you were about to doze off, Yoongi decided to speak. ''Y/N?''
You shift in your seat, turning your face towards Yoongi, seeing a worried expression. You hum a yes, still a bit sleepy.
''We should set some ground rules.''
''Ground rules?'' You question, not knowing what kind of 'rules' should be set. You just have to act like a couple, it can't be that hard.
''Yeah, just like in every cliché fake dating movie, they set rules.'' Yoongi explains to you.
''Ohh- like in 'To all the boys I've loved before'?''
Yoongi nods. You didn't hesitate, asking the red-haired stewardess for a pen and a piece of paper — not long after she returned with it, you thanked her afterwards.
''Seriously?'' Yoongi comments, you are already scribbling 'Ground Rules' onto the piece of paper.
''Okay Min Yoongi, what is the first rule?'' You expect Yoongi to exclude disgusting pet names, or just plainly ask you to never call him something else than Yoongi — but that wasn't exactly the case.
''No kissing.'' He blurts out, his cheeks now a light shade of pink.
''No kissing?! How is my family gonna believe that we're together?'' You whisper yell, annoyed by such a rule. It's not because you wanted to kiss Yoongi — absolutely not. You just didn't want any suspicion to grow onto you and Yoongi this weekend. By not kissing or showing affection, it would be very hard to convince — especially your mother — that you are indeed dating.
''Hey, just not on the lips.'' He defends. Okay, that was at least better than nothing — if Yoongi and yourself just gave each other small pecks on the cheek, it might sell.
''Fine, no kissing on the lips.'' You repeat, writing it down under rule number one. Yoongi smiles in satisfaction.
As soon as you finish writing it down, Yoongi adds yet another rule.
''No matter what happens, after this weekend, the deal is off.'' Yoongi says sternly, as if something was bound to bring you in this situation again. You brush him off, not wanting him to worry.
''Second rule, deal is off after the wedding, no matter what.'' You parrot, while writing it down. Yoongi watched attentively, the pen leaving and submitting itself back onto the paper.
''Anything else?''
''No crazy pet names. I will gag on your shoes if you throw one at me.'' Yoongi threatens. You chuckled, before writing it down under rule number three.
''I knew you would say that.'' Yoongi laughed in the process, yet you knew he was dead serious.
''We should have a safe word.'' Yoongi suggests, you nod in agreement. For a minute, no words were exchanged, Yoongi and you were too focused to think of the perfect safe word.
Deep in your thoughts, the stewardess passed by the both of you, holding a tray with toast and avocado.
Yoongi noticed the tray too, looking at you before blurting, ''Avocado! That should be the safe word.'' You nodded in excitement before writing it down onto the paper.
''Okay, we're definitely ready now.'' You confirmed, Yoongi giving you a small smile.
The hotel was bigger than expected. For a minute you had forgotten how rich Aunt Jennie and her soon to be husband were. Okay, maybe not like 'Crazy Rich Asians' type rich, but definitely a close second.
Yoongi admired the details in the lobby where you two were standing, waiting for someone to assist you.
''I'm so sorry. How may I help you?'' A middle-aged man finally spoke.
''Hi, we're here for the wedding of Jennie Wong.'' you correspond, Yoongi still admiring the lobby ceiling being covered in ancient paintings.
''Name please?''
''Y/N L/N.'' Yoongi trying to hide a smile, now knowing your full name.
''Ah, room 206.'' The man checked you both in, handing you each a key card for your room. You both thank him, grabbing your suitcases, and now walking towards the elevators.
It didn't take long before you were standing in front of room 206, the numbers engraved in gold. You swiped the key card, opened the door, letting Yoongi in after you.
Just as you had closed the door, Yoongi shouted your name.
You don't waste another second, walking towards the bedroom.
''Fuck.'' you let out, seeing only a king-sized bed. How could you forget that your mother, who is quite invested in this 'very real relationship' would of course book a room, with only one bed. Now you felt like you were living in every book who included the 'there's only one bed trope'. You snicker at the comical scene in front of you. Yoongi's ears turn red at the idea of sleeping next to you. To your disadvantage, there wasn't even a couch to save you from this.
''Off to a great start!'' You declare in an ironic tone, placing your suitcase by the window. You started unpacking, not really having anything else to do — the rehearsal dinner first being tomorrow.
You unfolded your two dresses, not wanting them to be wrinkled, when you finally wore them. You turned around, seeing Yoongi place most of the pillows into some sort of barrier between the two sides of the bed. You scoff at his ridiculous act. ''Calm down, I'm not going to throw myself at you.'' You try to defend yourself, although Yoongi doesn't stop. ''Well, you never know what might happen if alcohol is involved.'' He points out, leaving you stunned that he even thinks you can't control yourself because of alcohol.
You don't think for another second when you pull one of the pillows away from Yoongi's grasp.
''Yoongi, for this whole thing to go as planned, you're gonna have to trust me.'' Yoongi's grasp on the pillow slowly softened. You took it as a sign that he gave you right. Almost sighing gracefully, Yoongi's grasp yet again tightened, you falling over onto the bed, landing face flat onto the sheets. ''Ow!''
''The barrier stays.'' Yoongi insists.
You lift yourself up from the covers, seeing a stable Yoongi, not daring to move.
You grunt in annoyance, your one arm swings, catching onto the pillow. ''Yoongi. Let go of the pillow.'' You demand.
Yoongi shakes his head, yanking the pillow towards himself, almost causing you to fall once again. ''Yoongi!'' You scream, still holding onto the pillow for dear life. He still doesn't bother, causing the both of you to yank the pillow back and forth, until one of you decides to give up.
And that isn't exactly what happens, instead the pillow rips into two, the feathers spreading all over the bed. You sigh in defeat, finally letting go.
''Okay, okay! Fine. The barrier stays.'' You exclaim, Yoongi cheering at the victory. ''Now clean this mess up.'' You add, before going to the bathroom to take a warm bath.
Yoongi grunts in annoyance, instantly regretting pulling the pillow too hard.
The night ends on a somewhat positive note. Still, as you laid in your shared bed, you could feel one or two feathers, which itched you throughout your sleep — you mentally threw a tantrum to Yoongi in your head, before finally drifting off to sleep.
Tumblr media
You woke up to the sun shining in through the window, blinding your eyes as you slowly opened them — now rubbing them to finally adjust to the light. You turn to see a sleepy Yoongi, mouth a bit agape, small snores escaping his lips in the process. You smiled at the sight, stretching right after, letting out a small moan from the pleasure of your morning stretch, hitting you just right. Yoongi doesn't notice the small moan escaping your lips — thank god.
You don't wake up Yoongi, letting him sleep in while you get ready. As you brush your teeth in the mirror, it clicks for you that today you're gonna have to push through all your family members. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
You lightly slapped both of your cheeks, hyping yourself in the mirror. ''Y/N, you got this. No one is going to suspect a thing.'' You kept reassuring yourself. You pulled yourself out of the bathroom, seeing Yoongi trying to comb his messy morning hair with his fingers.
''Morning.'' you spoke, Yoongi turning his head towards you, repeating your words.
You check your phone, once you've sat back down on your shared bed.
mom remember, rehearsal dinner at 5:30 p.m. [11:56 AM]
You don't bother answering, instead turning your head to tell Yoongi the information from your mother's text.
''The rehearsal dinner is-'' you pause, noticing the prominent bulge through Yoongi's boxers, as he stands to stretch his arms. Morning wood. Shit — don't look Y/N. You try your best to not look down at his boxers, making you look confused as your gaze searched everything else in the room than him, ''-it's... at 5:30.'' You finally finish, your gaze still trying to regain onto everything but Yoongi's boner.
Yoongi acted way to chill for your liking, did he know you could see his boner? Did he want you to see his boner? Okay, no. That's crazy. He's the one who came up with the no kissing rule and the barrier in the bed, so for him to want you to see his boner, would not make sense. You got so lost in your thoughts, that you didn't notice how Yoongi had left the room to get himself ready.
You face palmed yourself, letting your brain even reach the idea of Yoongi wanting you sexually — you didn't want him sexually so why even bother thinking that?
Up until the rehearsal dinner, you decided to start the crime novel you had brought from home, if ever you needed to pass time — or to stop yourself from thinking about the fact you've seen Yoongi's boner.
Ah yes, the rehearsal dinner.
Yoongi and you finally reached the main floor, your hands now clammy the closer you reached the doors, leading to the room or more so the arena where the wedding would be held. Yoongi must have noticed your sudden nervousness, his hand reaching down to yours, squeezing it lightly to reassure you. The gesture itself was sweet, but your mind was too occupied with what might happen as soon as you walked through those doors.
''Relax. It's gonna be okay.'' Now Yoongi was trying to reassure you with words, yet you remained the opposite of calm. You tried to recollect your hyped-up words to yourself, you've got this.
''Okay, let's go.''
And with that you both entered the dining arena, the first person that caught your eye was your mother. She quickly notices you, making you gulp from nervousness. ''Y/N! You came.'' She excitedly spoke to you, while Yoongi's hand was still intertwined with yours. You gave her a small peck to the cheek, her returning back to where she stood, getting a good look at Min Yoongi, your fake boyfriend for the rest of this weekend — you had to remind yourself.
''So, you're the fine gentleman my daughter has been hiding from me.'' She comments, side eyeing you in the process to scold you for it, without Yoongi having to notice.
''I'm Yoongi. Nice to meet you.'' Giving her a small smile, to show politeness and kindness as well.
''Honey! Come meet Yoongi.'' Your mother called out to your dad, a glass of champagne in his hand, talking with what seemed to be Aunt Bridget.
He excuses himself, walking over to greet Yoongi and you. ‘’Hi, I’m the dad.’’ He introduces in a silly tone, maybe to ease the clear tension between your mother and you. It doesn’t work that well, not until Yoongi cracks a light joke about the tables being ‘too’ round, you didn’t really hear as much, your mind being anywhere but at this rehearsal dinner.
Yoongi took quick notice of your behavior, squeezing your hand occasionally to make sure you’re here. You always brushed him off with a smile, not wanting to go into detail about how much your mother’s behavior affects you.
‘’Oh! I think Aunt Bridget would like to speak with the both of you, go on.’’ Your mother spoke, lightly giving you a push on your back, encouraging you.
When you reached Aunt Bridget, Yoongi side eyes you, knowing she is that one person you should stay the fuck away from.
''Y/N, how good to see you again!'' And now the official show begins. You put on a smile, pressing onto Yoongi's arm for more support.
''How are you?'' You decided to ask first, trying your best for Aunt Bridget to keep talking about herself, so she wouldn't throw an uncomfortable comment at you or even worse Yoongi.
She couldn't help but laugh, as if your question was said by a comedian at a stand up show.
''No, how are you my dear?'' Aunt Bridget, was of course smart about this, turning the conversation towards you. She wiggled her eyebrows when she caught onto Yoongi, with a half crooked smile not knowing what to say, as your words from earlier this week had gotten to his head.
You fake a smile, wanting this to end as quickly as it could, in reality that was 2 hours and 3 minutes from now; but you weren't counting.
''I'm fine, this is Yoongi, my boyfriend.'' The word boyfriend came out a bit too natural for your liking, you only took it as a good sign. It showed you were warming up to Yoongi and this whole fucked up plan you cooked up in your brain.
Aunt Bridget's eyes slowly moved from Yoongi's face to his feet, but shortly stopping at his crotch. You refrain yourself from letting out a loud sigh at her behavior; knowing this was indeed not new.
''Yoongi was it?'' Aunt Bridget let out, letting her hand roam on his arm, Yoongi only threw you a side eye, internally panicking over her behavior. You wanted to let out a laugh, especially since Yoongi didn't take your words seriously when you told him about Aunt Bridget.
''How good is it?'' She turned to you, with a smirk on her face. You knew what she indicated and Yoongi's sudden laugh quickly turned to a cough to cover up the fact that you were indeed embarrassed.
''Aunt Bridget! How much champagne did you drink?'' Quickly saving the both of you from more embarrassment, she only scoffs in response, looking down at her glass merely filled, eyes full of guilt.
You quickly apologize, taking Yoongi by the hand leading the both of you elsewhere. ''I'm so sorry about that-''
''No, don't be. You warned me. I just didn't think it would be that bad.''
Normally, you would say the classic 'told you so' but seeing how uncomfortable Yoongi was because of Aunt Bridget, you held yourself back.
''Oh, there's Aunt Pamela.'' Hastily you changed the subject, catching onto Aunt Pamela sitting by her table, not chatting with anyone.
While walking towards her, Yoongi's hand squeezed yours a little tighter for a second, as if he was afraid you would let go. You didn't dwell on the thought for too long, focusing on your Aunt in front of you.
''Y/N, my beautiful niece! How are you?'' Her eyes, smiling towards you as well as her pearly white teeth.
''I'm doing great! I want you to meet my boyfriend, Yoongi.'' Yoongi stepped forward, shaking her hand lightly with a bright gummy smile.
''Oh my! What a fine gentleman.'' Adding a grin, seeing Yoongi blush at her comment to his appearance.
''I've heard you have a dog named Kimchi!'' Yoongi excitedly mentions, remembering your PowerPoint, which made you smile at the thought.
You've never seen Aunt Pamela talk as much as she just did with Yoongi, them talking from Kimchi to art in a millisecond.
''Y/N, you've hit the jackpot.''
''I really did.'' You look up, being met with Yoongi's eyes already set on yours. It was a short moment of eye contact, but the longest you've had, noticing how brown his eyes were and the length of his eyelashes.
''Seokjin! I was wondering where you'd go.'' That made Yoongi immediately turn his head, seeing the one and only Kim Seokjin standing next to Aunt Pamela.
''I couldn't find the bathroom, have you seen the size of this hotel? It's like the Maze Runner.''
Yoongi grinned at Seokjin's joke, his eyes filled with hearts. Okay, yes he freaked out when you told him you were in family with Kim Seokjin; you just didn't peg him for a big fan.
''I'm glad my joke is appreciated. Kim Seokjin, it's my pleasure.'' Reaching his hand towards Yoongi's, giving him a firm handshake. Yoongi's mouth was agape, still processing when he touched Kim Seokjin's hand.
''Min Yoongi. It's an honor.'' You had never seen this day coming; Min Yoongi fangirling hard over your uncle.
''I'm sensing you're a fan of my work.'' Seokjin chuckling over Yoongi wildly nodding his head.
Yoongi starts rambling about every k-drama your uncle was in. Seokjin grinning, amazed how Yoongi remembered by heart every k-drama he starred in.
''At least someone is a fan.'' Seokjin's side glaring at you, to showcase that you'd want to get on Yoongi's level if you wanted to meet the hot k-drama actors.
The rehearsal dinner turns out better than expected. Yoongi and you were seated next to Aunt Pamela and Seokjin, grinning over Aunt Bridget's drunken state, her mumbling far too much TMI information to the whole family.
''Yoongi, what do you do for work?'' Seokjin asks, casually sipping on his white wine, being disgusted by the sweet champagne which Aunt Bridget seemed to like a bit much.
''I'm an artist, well a painter.'' He corrects himself, to be more precise.
''Impressive!'' Seokjin adds, raising both brows in the process.
''I'm having an exhibition next month, you should come!'' Yoongi spoke too quickly. In a month, your deal would be done for good and having Seokjin come to it would be difficult having to either explain a complete disaster of a story or just stretch out the deal for one more evening.
''I'll make sure to be there.''
Yoongi nervously chuckled, sensing your glare next to him. Giving you a 'I panicked, okay?' look, making you roll your eyes.
''Pumpkin is such a good artist.'' You were bitter, Yoongi had just broken one of his own rules so he needed a taste of his own medicine; cringe pet names is the way to go.
Yoongi choked on his rosé, when the nickname reached his ears.
''But nothing beats your designs, Muffin.'' Now Yoongi's hand landed on your thigh, giving it a firm grip which made you lightly gasp. He was too good at this.
''Stop it Poopsie! We've been over this.'' You rolled your eyes, seeing Pamela and Seokjin awkwardly chuckle at your act.
Yoongi fake grinned, leaning towards your ear, ''If you call me one more pet name, I'm taking the first flight home.'' You gulped, it was a clear threat and knowing you overstepped did give you a sense of victory over this little war, but now Yoongi warned you and you immediately stopped the silly act.
As the rehearsal dinner reached its end, Yoongi got more exhausted than he intended, wanting nothing more than a warm shower before bed.
''Hey, I'm gonna go take a shower. You can stay if you want.'' He whispers casually, while you were sitting with Seokjin chatting over his latest drama. You nod, before he disappears through the big entrance.
You continue your conversation with Seokjin. Him telling you all about his female co-star Park Min-young. They apparently had to film a love scene, the boom operator accidentally dropping the boom stick on Seokjin's head, making him fall flat onto Park Min-young. He processed to show you the deleted scene, you laughing till tears started forming.
''Y/N.'' Your laughter quickly dimmed, seeing your mother in a very stressed state. What does she want now?
''Take Aunt Bridget to her room. She's too drunk.'' Your mother ordered. You caught a glimpse of Aunt Bridget trying to force Aunt Jennie to take a sip of her champagne, Aunt Jennie quickly refusing with a red covered face.
You excuse Seokjin for having to leave, him nodding and smiling in understanding.
''Aunt Bridget! Let me take you to your room.'' She quickly agrees, locking herself to you, stumbling a bit on the way out. Aunt Jennie mumbles a low thank you to you, seeing as if Aunt Bridget had been a huge embarrassment for everyone.
''So how good was that champagne?'' You snicker at your own joke, seeing Aunt Bridget mimic your sentence in a high pitch tone with a lot of blurted words. Thankfully, the elevator was quick and you were already walking towards her room.
Her room was right next to yours, 206. The familiar letters engraved in the door in gold details. Aunt Bridget doesn't hesitate before trying to open, not even bothering to detect her room key. You decide to help, rummaging through her green velour handbag. You instantly lose all your patience, walking towards your room before you go back down to the rehearsal dinner and look for the lost room key.
So, the next best thing to do is take her to your room. You had forgotten all about Yoongi taking a shower and leaving earlier — until now. 
Aunt Bridget was the first one to catch sight of a naked Yoongi once you opened the door for the both of you. Her being already drunk off her mind, didn’t exactly help the awkward encounter. 
‘’Oh, so it is good.’’ A smirk grew on her face, after she’d caught sight of Yoongi’s dick. Yoongi looked like a deer caught in headlights, quickly covering his private area with his hands. You smacked Aunt Bridget’s shoulder, still stunned from catching a glimpse of it. 
‘’I couldn’t find the towels.’’ He explained, while you covered Aunt Bridget’s sight with your hand. You pointed in the direction of the towels, almost catching a sight of his butt when he slightly turned to reach for the drawers with towels. Until he found a towel, you remained with your eyes set on the ceiling. 
‘’Okay, all clear.’’ 
Aunt Bridget removed your hand, slurring mostly her words, ‘’I can’t believe you found a man with a good face and a long di-’’ 
‘’I think that’s enough!’’ You cut her off, not wanting her to say such a thing in front of Yoongi who’s probably still very embarrassed over not only you but your Aunt as well seeing him naked. 
To your luck, Seokjin had found Aunt Bridget’s key card, helping her quickly to her room. It left an awkward tension between Yoongi and you, and for the first time you were glad that the pillow barrier was between you. 
You were laying in silence, the only sound in the room being the AC and your breathing. You wanted to say something, anything. But you didn’t and it resolved into a night with almost no sleep and awkward silence. 
Tumblr media
Thankfully it was the wedding today, which meant one more day of this fake dating and you’d both be out of your merry way. The morning was as awkward as expected, only a good morning being exchanged between you. It was all quiet until Yoongi suddenly threw a tantrum. 
‘’Of course! Of course I forget a second suit!’’ He exclaims and you feel as if he’s talking to himself and not you – due to it still being awkward between the both of you. It’s first when Yoongi sits down and turns to you, his gaze begging for help that you speak up.
‘’Maybe Uncle Seokjin can borrow you a suit! Last I remember he overpacked three too many.’’ You had accidentally overheard Aunt Jennie gossiping to her soon-to-be husband about Kim Seokjin’s tendency of overpacking. He might just be the only solution for Yoongi's suit emergency. 
Yoongi looks at you blankly, his eyes blinking way too much, not knowing if you’re serious or not. 
‘’I’ll be back.’’ With that you walked out of your shared room and directly to Seokjin’s. Seokjin’s room wasn’t far away, just longer down the hall and you were surprised to see that Seokjin wasn’t standing alone. Aunt Jennie was there as well. 
‘’Ah, my favorite niece!’’ Seokjin caressed your back, seeing your uncomfortable state near Aunt Jennie. She looked stressed and it seemed she tried to find support through Seokjin. 
‘’Seokjin? Do you have a suit for Yoongi, he apparently forgot his second suit back home.’’ You explained and Aunt Jennie only looked down to her feet, trying not to laugh. You ignored her for now, not wanting to cause a bicker for nothing. It was her wedding day after all. 
‘’Of course! I’ll drop by your room in a minute.’’ You thanked him before returning to your room. Yoongi was reading your crime novel and seemed more invested than you’d imagine, him reading a crime novel was the last thing you imagined happening on this trip; yet again you don’t really know much about him. 
‘’Do you like it so far?’’ Yoongi swiftly turns his head up, his brown hair covering a bit of his eyes and he only shakes it, closing the book in an instant. ‘’I’ve already read it.’’ 
‘’You like crime novels?’’ 
‘’I would rather say love than like.’’ You only hum in surprise not expecting Yoongi to love crime novels as much as you do. 
‘’Oh! Seokjin will drop by with his suits.’’ That makes Yoongi finally relax as his shoulders slump and he finally exhales a long awaited sigh of relief. 
After a few time passing conversations, a knock is heard and it reveals Seokjin, standing with as said three suits too much. Yoongi becomes nervous whenever Seokjin is in his presence – his inner fanboy is screaming right now. 
‘’All right Yoongi. Strip.’’ Seokjin lays out the suit on the bed and Yoongi looks at you worried, while slowly unzipping his pants. He obeyed Seokjin too fast and you instantly got sent back to the night where you caught onto the sight of Yoongi wet and naked – with Aunt Bridget being drunk out of her mind. 
‘’I’m– I’m gonna go get ready in the bathroom! I’ll leave you to it.’’ You only heard a soft mumbled ‘okay’ from Seokjin before you grabbed your dress and scurried hurriedly to the bathroom. Your heart was pounding – quicker than it should. You were just scared for the actual wedding; not anything else at all. Your thoughts drifted off as soon as the warm water made contact with your skin. 
‘’You look great!’’ You heard Seokjin shout out of excitement, right after you were done getting ready. Unlocking the door you almost choked at the sight. Yoongi was wearing a classic black suit, his brown hair slightly parted. He looked good, like, really fucking good. You had maybe noticed for a bit too long, Seokjin laughing at your gawking expression towards your fake boyfriend. 
‘’You’re gonna have to wait till later to jump his bones, not now.’’ It was a lame joke by Seokjin and normally you would laugh but hearing Seokjin throwing a comment about you having sex with Yoongi, sent a rush to your heat and your cheeks grew hot. Yoongi on the other hand, laughed lightly at Seokjin’s joke, thanking him once again for the suit, all while you were focusing on not to drool over Yoongi in a black suit. Focus Y/N, just focus. 
Seokjin left the room not long after, sending a wink your way which you turned down with a slap to his shoulder making him grin before being out of sight. 
‘’Can’t believe I’m wearing Kim Seokjin’s suit! Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.’’ You rolled your eyes, pinching him in the arm making Yoongi wince yet smile knowing he was indeed not dreaming. 
‘’You ready to go?’’ He nods in approval and you both step out, walking towards the wedding ceremony. 
It was more crowded, seeming as if over a hundred people were invited, excluding you and Yoongi. To make sure you wouldn’t lose sight of one another, you held onto him firmly, his cheeks turning pink and you figured it was probably because of the heat in the room; although the AC was on full blast. 
‘’You look great Yoongi.’’ You turn, seeing he’s already looking at you. ‘’Thank you. You look beautiful.’’ His eyes roam your body, taking in the sight of you in a beautiful dress. You thank him and that’s when you see it, a tiny little sparkle in the corner of Yoongi’s right eye. You keep looking at it, being too mesmerized by it until you’re interrupted by your cousin, Marco. 
‘’Oh wow.’’ He comments, making you turn quickly and lose sight of Yoongi’s sparkling eyes. 
‘’Marco!’’ You remove yourself from Yoongi’s embrace, hugging Marco tightly knowing you haven’t seen him for over a year; due to him getting married himself and now awaiting a child. 
‘’Wow! You look great!’’ He notices your dress and you smile at the compliment. 
‘’This is Yoongi, my boyfriend.’’ You move aside as Yoongi and Marco share a firm handshake, both smiling gently towards each other. 
‘’Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N’s cousin, Marco. But you already knew that.’’ He smirks, knowing you too well. 
‘’I’m gonna have to say it. You two complement each other really well.’’ 
You take a hold of Yoongi’s hand in yours; to play along, ‘’We sure do.’’ You agree, smiling towards Yoongi who’s blushing – wow, he can really act well. 
‘’Seems like the ceremony is about to start, I’ll catch you at the bar later.’’ With a received nod from you, Marco is slowly disappearing between the big crowd in the hotel arena. You and Yoongi find your seats not long after, the violins begin to play and the wedding ceremony is officially in motion. 
Everything was beautiful, the dress Aunt Jennie wore, their vows to each other and mostly the details decorating the arena, mostly white and sage green colors. 
‘’Drink?’’ Yoongi asks beside you, when people are starting to move towards the tables to eat. You nod, taking his hand in yours; liking the warm feeling it gave you against your own palm. At the bar you catch onto the sight of your two favorite uncles, Sam and Philip. They wave excitedly at you and Yoongi is quick to notice your favorite uncles. You embrace them together, them hugging you firmly and Yoongi stands with a small distance, admiring the interaction, seeing you shine brightly by being in the presence of Philip and Sam. 
‘’Who’s this gentleman? He’s cute!’’ Phillip whispers in your ear and you laugh lightly while removing yourself. 
‘’This is Yoongi,’’ you pause, looking at him before continuing, ‘’my boyfriend.’’ Somehow your smile grew at the words and so did Yoongi’s. You were doing much better than expected at this fake dating act, you took a mental note to tell Yoongi later. 
‘’I’ve heard great things about you from Y/N. You guys mean a lot to her.’’ Yoongi tells naturally to Philip and Sam who seem in awe of this information, as well as yourself. Yoongi shakes both of their hands and they seem delighted to stand with him. 
‘’Y/N means a lot to us as well, which means you better not break her heart. If you do…’’ Philip starts off, Yoongi immediately feeling threatened by the change of tone in Philip’s words, but Sam finishes off, ‘’Just don’t.’’ With a pleasant smile, yet bitter to send a threatening warning. It doesn’t surprise you for your uncles to be overprotective. They know how hard it’s been for you in this family, especially your relationship with your mother, who’s always been troubling and difficult to handle on your own. She was your first heartbreak. Which does explain you not being able to date someone seriously, afraid of the hurt if they do decide to leave you. 
Yoongi only chuckles dryly, not knowing what to say, knowing the deal will be off after the wedding. The closer Yoongi has gotten to your family, the worse it gets. He's clicked with all your family members, especially Seokjin and Pamela. So for it to end so suddenly after, sends an unwanted rush and you immediately lose your smile. You’ve become anxious again. How do you break the news to them? Will they be disappointed in you? Will your mother step you down – more than she already has? 
‘’Hey. You okay?’’ Yoongi hands you your drink, noticing the smile from your face fade so quickly. You nod, drinking your drink in one go. Sam and Phillip look worriedly at you, asking you if you were okay once again. 
‘’I’m fine! Seriously, I’m okay.’’ You grunt in annoyance of them asking. You didn’t like bringing attention to yourself – even though they only asked because they care. 
‘’Let’s dance.’’ You don’t think for long, taking Yoongi by the hand leading him to the dance floor. Couples are dancing to the slow song playing in the background, you notice it, it’s one of your favorites, Pluto Projector. The version was slowed, making it soothe under your skin and create a slow ambiance on the dance floor. 
You saw Aunt Jennie and her husband dancing, with admiration in both their eyes, full of love. Your heart fluttered at the sight, although it sank right after, seeing this might never be you. Someone falling in love with you, your true self, it was… hard to believe. It was reality. You were never more than a one night stand, a fuck buddy –  if lucky. You were nothing – except the body you carry. You don’t know where all these thoughts came from, it was probably because of the song and the fact that this lie you brought upon yourself was slowly eating you up by the minute. 
‘’Hey, I know I already asked but are you sure you’re okay?’’ Yoongi was worried, anyone could see that. He saw how empty you suddenly looked, all the fun in you had disappeared and he was now met with someone who wasn’t you. Not the Y/N he’s been spending so much time with, laughing, bickering over stupid pillows. No, this was different. As if you realized a lot of things and it all came crashing down unto you. 
‘’I– I don’t know.’’ You wrap your arms around Yoongi’s neck, both of you swaying slowly to the song in the background. 
‘’Tell me.’’ 
‘’I’m sorry.’’ 
Yoongi pulls you closer, noticing the watery sparkles in your eyes. You look away, trying to push back your tears, not wanting attention to gain upon you and especially not from your mother. 
‘’Y/N, why are you sorry?’’ 
‘’For bringing you into this mess. I’m sorry Yoongi.’’ 
‘’Hey, hey it’s not all your fault. I agreed to this remember?’’ Yoongi tries to remind you of when the deal first started. He didn’t only agree because you semi-pressured you. He could see how much you needed help and some part of him just couldn’t help but say yes. 
‘’Y-yeah.’’ You look up now meeting his brown eyes, the sparkle reappearing. It made you want to look forever into Yoongi’s eyes, never seeing yourself grow tired of that beautiful sparkle that filled his eyes. 
As the song continues on playing, Yoongi and you find yourselves moving closer to each other. Noses almost touching and his lips so close to yours. Yoongi leans in a bit closer, your lips slightly brush and that makes you pull away slowly. 
‘’Thank you for everything. Your acting is really good, I’m surprised.’’ 
Yoongi tightly smiles, ‘’It’s- it’s no problem.’’ 
Yoongi’s expression made you shiver out of discomfort. He looked hurt and embarrassed. Shouldn’t he feel relieved that you didn’t break one of his rules? He was clear on the no-kissing-rule, so it only surprised you when Yoongi excused himself and left you alone on the dance floor, your heart slowly sinking as he walked out of your view. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
[part 2 is in writing!] -- please be patient, thank you. <3
© jjkeverlast 2022 [do not copy, translate or repost any of my works
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serenityslutt · 2 days ago
Yoogi threatening to cut his hair anytime the reader behaves like a brat because he knows how much she loves to grip on his hair when he's eating her out.
Thank you 🙂
mmm i see!!
Tumblr media
~Me Porto Bonita
Pairing: yoongi x f!reader
Genre: lovers, fluff, brat reader
Warning: f! receiving, flash backs, hair pulled, brat reader
“En tus manos yo caí, tienes control sobre mi”
“Pleaseeeee” he shakes his head you huff in annoyance rolling your eyes. “I say no and this is how you act” you turn your head to the side “I’m not acting in anyway” he gives you the are you serious look making you smile.
Your hands press down on his wrist as you sit on top of him “what’s wrong? I thought you like when I get on top of you” you smiled innocently “not that, that little attitude you got” he licks his lips “I-I just really want to go with you it will be such a beautiful experience” he smiled at your honesty “I know kitten but today I just want to chill and lay with you” your smile dies down “I promise tomorrow I’ll take yo-“ you shut him up “it’s not the same” you make a sad face. He nods “okay then” you smiled letting go of his wrist.
“R-“ no he shuts you up “but first we’re going to my barber” he lifted you off of him “for what” you frown as he stand up “to cut my hair” you shake your head
Yoongi smirks, knowing why you don’t want him to cut his hair and he likes to take advantage of that.
“Yoongi” you moan his name as he ate you out with so much passion. Your fingers find its way in his long hair tugging on it. You don’t know what your find so fascinating about his long hair. Maybe it’s because how sexy yoongi looked or how easy you can control his head by just using his hair or how soft it is you can go on all day but you just love grabbing oh his hair when he eats you out. Feels fucking amazing.
He hms licking and sucking on your sensitive pussy “t-to much” you arch your back as his tongue never stops pushing into you, you moan grabbing onto his hair pushing his head deeper in you he smirks as his hand tightened around you thighs loving how your legs squeeze his face.
You suck air through your teeth as you fuck yourself using his face to cum. Your fingers never leave his hair slowly pull on it just to hear his groans. You look down a him enjoying the view his sexy fuck me eyes stare back at you with a smirk on his face. The way his head is squeezed in between your legs as his nails dig in your thighs stopping you from opening them made you cum on his tongue. “Y-yoongi” you moan his name as he licked you clean. You lay back fingers still locked in his hair slowly running your finger through his soft hair.
“yoongi no don’t cut it you know I l-“ he shakes his head “no you like the new place a couple blocks from us” he grabbed his phone looking through his contacts. “Yo-“ stop when he brings the phone to his ear. You quickly grabbed him by his belt pulling his towards you “o-okay okay I don’t want to go anymore” he looks down at you unconvinced.
“Baby I’ll listen okay I’ll stop acting like a…” he smirked knowing what’s about to come out from your mouth. You don’t like calling yourself a brat because you’re not. You are one though. He sighs when you don’t say anything “hey man I w-“ you pull on his shirt lightly “I’ll stop acting like a brat, please” he smiled satisfied showing you his phone with no call he smiled.
“You lied” he nodded “that’s mean” you lay your head on his chest his hand slowly caressed you head “kitten that’s the only way you listen to me you brat” you slap his back making him laugh.
You look up at him “stop callling me a brat” he kissed your head “will you listen to me” you nod he bends down to kiss your head “okay then I won’t call you a brat” he leans down to kiss your head. You lay on your back pulling him with you, you hug his warm body rubbing your cheek against his “kitten should I remind you why you don’t want me to cut my hair” he kissed your lips as you smirk nodding.
Request are open <3
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pixieknj · 2 days ago
big poppa 3 | MYG (18+)
Tumblr media
♡parts: one // two // three //♡
❥pairing: weedman!yoongi X black!reader
❥genre: angst, smut, fluff
❥summary: Yoongi wants you to to try his new products…
❥!!warnings!!: sexual activity while under the influence of weed & edibles (high yoongi omfg😵‍💫), mentions of healthy weight gain being praised
❥other warnings: fingering, oral (male receiving), riding, first time raw sex (please use protection!), hickeys, hand holding💔, weed smoking & edibles
❥notice: Suga is Yoongi’s street name. Reader is 21 and Yoongi is 25 here. (Also, yes I did up their ages cause this series is over a year old so I let them grow with it). Ik it’s kinda long but cmon nowwww I know you missed these two so I made it like we were catching back up with them😮‍💨💔
-Did you know that Big Poppa by Biggie is in Yoongi’s favorite tracks on Spotify??????🥴 Yeahhhhhhhhh.
❥word count: 8.5k damn
-inspo: These screenshots from his VLive along with the FUCKING live itself and his AMAs look for the My Universe stage with that damn gray hoodie gave me all the motivation I needed for Big Poppa 3. Literally. Inspo also from a Yoongi edit I made over a year ago.
-song rec: big poppa - The Notorious B.I.G. (slowed)
-author’s note: There’s some mentions of how Big Poppa is tied to Want Me, @maddeinvenus suggested I do it long ago so I kind of connected them🤭
-This is probably the last installment of Big Poppa 🥹. Don’t worry though, I have a thing for revisiting certain tropes so there may be another weedman!member fic coming along or even another Yoongi one. Who y’all tryna see next? Hope you are excited for this and that you enjoyyyy!!🥰🤍
Your semester sucked ass.
Classes were hard, professors didn’t care about the horrendous work loads, and peers constantly made staying on campus a living hell. You’d lost count of how many times curfews were enforced and how many community service events were held to scrub spray paint off of brick walls. You’d went. Only because you didn’t have shit else to do and the credits would look good on your résumé that you had not been working on since you started university.
At least your first semester of your junior year was done. Final exams had rolled around again and so did the looming stress, but you pulled through. Getting good grades wasn’t your concern; As long as you’d gotten it out the way, you could relax. 
Or try to. Staying in your dorm or on campus in general was depressing to you, because the only person you wanted to see every day wasn’t there. In fact, he went missing for two months. It wasn’t intentional or like he didn’t inform you or anything… He’d went to South Korea with RM for something important to do with his business. He didn’t up and leave for no reason. And there were sweet messages on your phone every time you woke up. Still, he was missing to you. 
The only thing that keeps you sane in his absence is going over his house every day. He’d left you with his keys and asked to look over his place, which you did, but you just couldn’t resist bringing your things along and spending nights there. His sheets still smelled heavily of his cologne—along with the potent scent of weed—and it brought you enough comfort to sleep amidst worrying about him being across the world. (Plus, masturbating in the blankets that smelled of him got you off. He didn’t mind, per a few pictures you sent him that got jealous feedback.)
You missed Yoongi so bad. You missed the sex and the weed, too, but none of that compared to him as a person. He made you so happy, made you get butterflies when he crossed your mind hundreds of times out the day, made you really soft for him…
You were so whipped.
“Fuck you, Yoongi,” you mumble to yourself with a huff as you take a seat on one of the cool benches in the courtyard. The people you were walking with sit around, too, still hype from the frat party you all just left. It’s nighttime and past midnight. You went out for a night of fun, but you were hoping everyone else was ready to head to bed soon. You want to leave and go fall into a deep sleep in Yoongi’s blankets.
“But did y’all see the way they were moving though?” Some girl that you can’t remember the name of says, mentioning the frat boys’ raunchy dancing. “Grinding shouldn’t look that… bad.”
“Right? So many girls were screaming at it, too. Seems like all it takes is a little dry humping the floor to make females go crazy,” Lance says, and you roll your eyes at the cringey term while the girl laughs. Some men were still calling women ‘females’? Ew. Yoongi would never.
“Jealous?” you can’t help but to try him.
“Of resorting myself to a horn dog?” Lance frowns. “Don’t think so.”
The girl gives an annoyed look at you, and the rest of the group laughs at their antics. Nothing’s funny, they’re all pretty much wack, and you’re not feeling them. Ugh, you should have branched off from people you knew in your class and split with the nerdy ones. One of them recommended you anime flicks, and you should have took their offer on going with them to the rec room to watch. On the inside, you somehow think the night would have ended up the same anyways: being annoyed by men trying to play “alpha male” and women eating it up.
“What about you then?” 
It’s too quiet for a second, so you glance up to see Nick looking over at you, waiting for an answer. “What about me, what?”
“You liked watching those guys?” A smirk forms on Nick’s tan face. What is he getting at? You didn’t care for any of the frat boys, but they ate up their little dance routine. 
“It was good,” you shrug, and Lance shakes his head as if he’s disappointed. 
“Seriously,” the girl next to you scoffs in agreement. “It was so disgusting. And overly sexual.” 
“I mean… maybe if you both knew how to dance like that… or if you had just looked away from it, it wouldn’t be a problem,” you hold your hands up as if to say you aren’t trying to be offensive to them and make them out to be haters, but you really are. The girl is chuckling at your boldness. You don’t know why, but you want to slap her.
“Females are so picky,” Lance starts, continuing the conversation you are already done with. “They want someone stupidly handsome and athletic… who’s a dick. They don’t like the good guys. Unlike Jade here.” 
The girl, apparently Jade, nods. “True. They always want to run behind the bad guys when there’s so many good men out there. It’s so trashy.”
You sigh, not wanting to hear this “pick me” shit. Not from a dude you saw trying to hit on every girl at that damn party, including you. And especially not from a girl condoning their words. Lance and Nick are the typical “good guy” claimers yet constantly make misogynistic jokes and aren’t even entertaining personality wise. The bitch next to you… needs a reality check and a better “no-makeup makeup look” routine to be more believable. You’ll pass. 
Before another one of them can bring up anything else about “females”, a group you recognize from the party loudly walks by. Some track runners.
“Yo, what’s good Lance. Nick,” one of them handshakes with both the guys. “Saw the soccer game the other day, really good play.” 
You want to laugh so bad at how Lance and Nick are puffing their chests up to the track team. “Thanks, man, can’t wait til track season starts back next year to see you on the run. What you got there?” 
By time the track runner guy passed in front of you on the bench to handshake with Lance and Nick, you’d smelled it. Anyone knew the smell of weed from anywhere— the scent is always strong. But no one knows that signature musky and sweet aroma like you do. Except for the motherfucker that deals it. 
“Weed,” the guy cheeses, showing off the poorly rolled blunt. “Just got some from the dude in the parking lot.” 
Your body runs cold. It can’t be. You grab for your shoulder purse and dig around for your phone. 
“Terrance, crowned dumbest freshman of the semester,” Nick tsks, running a hand through his brown hair but taking the blunt when it’s offered to him. “Buying weed from someone random?” 
“There was a whole line and it seemed like everyone knew him. How were we just supposed to sit there and not go and get some? Plus, it wasn’t as expensive like that one guy who charges 40 for a gram.”
“Who’s selling other than B-Jock?” Jade questions. “The campus weed man has been gone for like two months.” 
For an uptight and innocent posing ass bitch, she’s surely invested in the school’s weed business.
“Sugar, right?” Lance asks.
“It’s Suga,” Jade corrects. “And his weed is top tier quality. No way he came back without giving his customers a notice. Shooting a text is so easy.” 
You sneer to yourself at her entitled comment. Yoongi didn’t owe anyone he sold to shit; He already gave discounted prices. You remember how pressed people were when he disappeared all of a sudden. He had a life, too, and none of them needed to be all in that kind of business of his. Maybe you weren’t mad like them, because Yoongi had told you about his little vacation… But whatever. If anyone had a right to know if he was coming back, it would be you, since you both text frequently and did things outside of weed… He would let you know, right?
Of course he would. And you’re hoping so as you’re waiting for your phone to power back on. The one time you turn your phone off to preserve battery, this shit happens. At least the device kept the 7% of juice left. 
“Oh, then, yeah,” Terrance shrugs, taking his blunt back and passing it on to another team member. “I guess that’s him in the parking lot selling. With the real nice Mercedes?” 
It’s him. 
Jade realizes that it’s him as well, because she hops up off the bench next to you. “Bye!! See you guys in class Monday!” and runs towards the direction of the campus parking lot. You can’t blame her pick-me ass. You’re about to do the same. 
Lance complains about how he was trying to get Jade’s number before the night ended, while you quickly click on the notifications that have finally loaded. Your phone’s light catches your smile when you see they’re all from Yoongi. 
[4] missed FaceTime calls from 🖤
🖤 [11:02 PM]: daddy’s about to be back in town and I’m being ghosted… 
🖤 [11:06 PM]: forgot you’re at a party :(
🖤 [11:08 PM]: I just saw the picture why are you looking so fine???
🖤 [11:09 PM]: god I miss you
🖤 [11:09 PM]: you’re so pretty what the hell
🖤 [11:10 PM]: fuck.
🖤 [11:11 PM]: wanna give you hugs and kisses
🖤 [11:11 PM]: and eat you out
🖤 [11:12 PM]: tonight… No now...
🖤[11:12 PM]: my cutie :((
🖤 [11:15 PM]: well have fun and be safe I’ll text when I make it 🖤
🖤 [12:34 AM]: made it but you’re still out and people are begging me to sell so I’ll be in the parking lot lol
Your phone time says 1:40. He was waiting for you to text back for two hours, shit. But it’s fine. You’re positive he’s still out there even if he’s done selling. You don’t bother to text back, because you know where you’re going by the time you stand up and start to walk away with the giddiest smile on your face.
“________? You’re gone for the night?” Nick asks. 
“Yup. Going to go smoke weed,” you flat out say, having a feeling that they have resentment towards girls who smoke. You live for the look on the guys’ faces, including the track team’s, so you continue. “And get my guts rearranged. In a car… See you Monday!” 
“O-Oh, okay!” Nick shouts back with an awkward thumbs up, and you laugh with a wave, hoping that this will cause them to outcast you even though you only “befriended” them for the night.
You’re pissed that you wore strappy heels with your off the shoulder sweater dress, more annoyed that you can’t get to Yoongi as fast as possible than you were when you walked around all night in them. However, you get there in less than 5 minutes. There’s not a line anymore, so you suspect that the people hanging around in groups have already bought from Yoongi and are smoking their buds. What there is left in the line though is a guy and Jade. You don’t know much about her to be clenching your hands up into fists like you do. 
Deep breath in. Deep breath out. And then you’re walking across the lot to Yoongi’s Mercedes. 
It’s parked in its usual spot in the back. His trunk is opened, and it’s facing the trees— an attempt to hide what’s going on. As you approach closer, Jade hears the sound of your heels clicking, looks at you, but then turns back around to not acknowledge you more. Oh. So she is one of those. 
The guy in front of her speaks, though you know it’s to Yoongi, you can’t see him. “Shit, man. I’m two dollars short. Let me run to my car real quick, I’ll be—“
“You good, man.” 
Your stomach clenches at the simple sound of his voice. 
“Here,” and then you see a hand give the college student a baggie holding about two grams. 
“Preciate it, Suga.”
The guy turns to leave, walking past Jade but noticing you from a community service event. You smile and wave as he does the same. Jade steps forward next, and, in the most respectful way, do you want to drag her by her ponytail when she greets Yoongi with the grossest voice you’ve ever heard. 
“Hi, Suga!” It’s so fakely sweet with a definite sensual undertone. “What do you think I should get tonight? And I love the rings. Are they new?”
Rings? Why the fuck is she assessing him so hard to notice what’s on his fingers? Then to compliment them? Fuck no. You hear Yoongi’s own fake laugh, and you have to look down to cover the smirk that crosses your face. He doesn’t want to entertain her ass. 
“They are new, and I don’t know,” he answers. “The two grams count of the new batch has been selling the most.”
“Ooh! A new batch?”
“Yeah, so sorry if the price is a little higher.”
“That’s completely fine for you, Suga… Hmm… I think I’ll take an eighth tonight,” she smirks. “It’s a lot, isn’t it? Wish I had someone to smoke with, you know?”
“It’s 40. And uh, yeah, I guess? Smoking with other people are fun.”
“Right?” Jade agrees and cuts right to the chase. “Oh, are you finally free tonight? I’ve missed you the past few months. I don’t like that you didn’t tell me you were leaving… and left me in the dirt after how long I’ve been asking.”
You roll your eyes, not believing that Yoongi really has to put up with some customers like this. You clench the strap of your handbag. 
“I don’t think I need to apologize about not informing you on my personal life,” Yoongi states, trying to be as nice as possible by leaving it at that. “And I don’t have that eighth ready right now, give me a second to package it.” 
Jade looks as if she’s about to move closer to him, so you take this as your chance to speak up. “Is a two gram pack ready?” You question loud enough. 
Yoongi answers without bothering to see who spoke. “Yep. I can get you real quick.” 
You and Jade eye each other as she steps to the side to let you in front of her, and you finally get the first glimpse of Yoongi searching around his organized trunk of goodies. You swear you’re about to pass out when you see he’s wearing a gray-toned fit. And are your eyes playing tricks on you? His hair is not as dark as it was before…
But right now, you’re too focused on how you’re about to tell Jade off, and what better way to do that, than to show her? It’s hilarious that she thinks you’re about to take your little baggie and leave them two to be alone. Not on your watch. 
“How much?” 
“Plus you?” 
Yoongi laughs, because you know he thinks it’s a good pickup line idea. “I’m not on the table.” 
You fake pout. “So funny you say that after you texted me a few hours ago about eating me out…”
His head shoots up so fast that he almost hits the hood of his trunk. The gummy smile that graces his face has you smiling like an idiot, too, because, holy hell is he so fucking pretty. He looks so much more gorgeous without having to see him behind a screen.
“You crazy ass woman,” he greets you with a bone crushing hug, head falling right to your neck to breathe in his favorite perfume you love to wear. “I was planning on acting pissed at you for not answering my calls, but seeing you makes me think otherwise.” 
You pull away with a laugh, “You’re so overdramatic. I told you I was at a party. I was going to…“ you pause mid-sentence, your eyes falling onto his hair. You knew it looked different even though it’s a bit dark to see. 
He bites his lip with a smirk in amusement as he watches your three stages of the surprise: amazement, betrayal, and anger. “What?”
You run your manicured fingers through his newly colored orange hair, loving how it looks so good on him with his growing mullet. You breathe out, “You’re out of your fucking mind for this.” 
“It’s just orange.” 
“No, this color makes me want to get on my knees right here, right now,” you admit, feeling your insides seriously twist again. “You didn’t even send me a picture.”
“Cause I just dyed it yesterday and wanted to surprise you,” he states with that toothy smile of his. “I took fresh pictures for you. I’ll show you them.” 
“Hmph.” You do a once over of him altogether, admiring his face—the scar on his eye nothing but a faint mark now—his skin glowing, body looking a bit buffer… His scent familiar and reminding you of his bed. 
You feel your eyes jerking with tears when you notice the new bling on his fingers, but your heart melts even more when you see the necklace plated in gold with your name he’s wearing around his neck like it’s a medal. He’s finally back. 
“Oh, let me get her her stuff, and then we’ll get in,” Yoongi pulls away to organize Jade’s weed. “I have something special for you, baby.”
You smile and lean on the back of his car as you watch him. “Other than what we’re about to do?” 
He smirks and nods. You want him to face fuck you so bad. This hunk of a man. “Mhm. You’ll like it.” 
“Love it,” you correct him. 
He finishes packaging Jade’s buds safely into a container and hands it to her while she hands him cash. No one else has come to buy, seeing as a good portion of the campus probably already has by now for the night. “It’s a new batch that’s a bit stronger so be safe while smoking it.” 
“Awe, I sure will, Suga,” Jade says with a pressed-lip smile. “Oh. And about if you were free or not, text and let me know. You have my number.” 
Did she not get the hint? She really stood here and watched you both and even listened to Yoongi call you baby and still decided to try and spit game at him? All while pretending you aren’t there? Maybe you or your name around his neck wasn’t clear enough for her to understand. 
You take a long, petty glance at Jade before pulling Yoongi into a kiss. Yoongi had obviously missed you just as much with how his tongue slips inside your mouth easily, hands falling to your waist to pull you closer. The moan he gives you has you moaning back, but you pull away before it gets too X-Rated. That’s for the car. “He’s busy,” you tell Jade as you wipe your smeared gloss from his lips.
She blinks dumbly. “I… can see that. Uhm…” You raise your eyebrows at her, ready for her to say something smart, but she realizes she’s not wanted here. “See you two later…” And spins around to walk away. Good. She’ll be just fine smoking that damn weed on her own. The fuck did she think this was?
“Bye, Jade!” You squeal and wave for good measure. “See you in class Monday, babes!”
When she’s far away enough, you sense Yoongi moving. “What’d she do?” He asks with a laugh while he grabs some things out of his trunk. You giggle at how he caught on to the fact that you don’t like her. 
“In short, she’s a pick-me,” you answer.
“Understandable. I can’t stand her either. She constantly blows up my phone.”
“That’s her?” You question, remembering when you’d asked one night why his phone was going off so much, and he said it was no one important. You trusted him about it. He was right.
“Yeah. She gets ignored unless she’s trying to buy,” he says, handing you a black, plastic bag to hold while he gets the others and closes the trunk.
“What’s this?” You ask as he guides you to the passenger side to open the door for you. 
“You’ll see.” You nod and bend down to put the bag on the seat. Taking off your purse to put it on the dashboard, you feel a hand at your backside. 
“You’re gaining weight on me?” Yoongi asks. You don’t think he means it in a bad way, but you react nervously as you stand back up to look at him. 
“During final exams, I was really stressed… s-so.”
“Oh, no, there’s nothing wrong with it, uhh…” he blushes with a lip bite, but doesn’t forget to squeeze the hell out of your butt cheek underneath your dress. “You look fucking amazing. I just know that it… wasn’t moving like this before—“
“Yoongi!” You squeal and hit him in the arm, nothing but bulging muscle hitting you back. You guess both of you gained healthy weight in the absence of each other. 
He moves his hands with a chuckle and lets you get inside. Closing the door, he jogs to the driver’s side to get in. You can’t help the familiar feeling of being with him again making you practically combust in your seat. Staying at his house wasn’t shit compared to this. 
“Are you cold? Hot?” Yoongi asks, and you tell him you’re a little hot. He bumps up the AC. Locking the doors and turning off the engine with a sigh, he turns to look at you. The blue accent lights in his car give enough light to admire each other after two months of not being face-to-face. 
You both stare for a while, basking in each other’s presence. The romantic and sexual tension is high. 
You speak first. “How was South Korea with RM?” 
“Aish, it was so fun, ________,” Yoongi grins as he reminisces. “Me and RM did some touring, and it was kinda cool to see the things that had changed and things that had stayed the same since we were last there years ago. I’ll show you the pictures. Oh. I saw some of my family, too. We mainly worked on the weed batches though.”
You stop him. “You saw some of your family? H-… How was it?”
“Of course it was kinda shit. I had only went to visit my brother, but he invited our parents last minute, too, cause supposedly they’d been begging to see me after all these years. They don’t like what I do, but the love was still there,” he states. “Well, barely. I’m not planning on seeing my parents again anytime soon. They pissed me off when I mentioned you, so.” 
You don’t need for him to go into any more details. You can already suspect how it went. “I’m sorry, Yoongi.” 
He shakes his head and reaches over to sweep a few of your knotless braids out of your face. “It’s not your fault you’re so unbelievably gorgeous, cutie,” he says softly. “My pretty girl.” 
You find yourself shyly smiling at his words to which he chuckles at how flustered he got you. The rings on his knuckles gently knock against your cheek, and you grab his hand before he can take them away.
“You really want to hurt me,” you mumble as he flexes his hand for you, the big letter rings that spell out SUGA on them sparkling. “These are so hot, Yoongi.” 
“Hm, you think so?” he asks. “Your necklace still wasn’t done, but he said it should be finished before Christmas. I think it’s cute that it’ll be like a present.”
Your gaze is on nothing but the damn rings on those fingers of his. “This… feels like my present.” Yoongi chuckles, practically having to snatch his hand away from you. 
“I’ll let you play on them later. I want to show you what I brought back.” 
Digging among the things he took out of the trunk, you see packs of items you’d never seen before. They looked like different types of candies with a variety of flavors and textures, including chocolates. You examine one of the bags to confirm your suspicions. 
“Edibles? I think you’re in love with me, Chucky.” 
The ginger haired man gives you the smuggest look, eyes crinkling up cutely at your assumption and nickname. “RM liked the idea of starting edibles as well when I told him you suggested it. So we hopped on it as soon as possible. Can’t wait for you to try it.”
As Yoongi opens a package for you, you question, “I thought you were only going over to South Korea to make new batches? You’re so sick for this.” 
“We did, anddd,” he pulls out a closed container that has a big label with your name on it. “This is yours. It was the first official batch we made, and only RM and I tried it.” 
The container full of weed is handed to you. “Can you smoke some with me?” 
“That’s not even a question, ________. I’d rather you smoke it with me first anyways.”
You grin and place it on the arm rest. Yoongi starts explaining the THC edibles to you, their flavors, and that they might not taste all that good since him and RM just wanted to try it out. The first candy that is handed to you looks like a sour gummy worm. You eat it.
“Mmm,” you eat another one.
“Can you taste it?” 
“A bit. It’s there but it’s not too strong. It does give the candy a different flavor, but overall it tastes good.”
Yoongi takes your good criticism to heart and has you try some of the other gummies. “I should sell?” You nod, enjoying some of the chocolates now to which he chuckles at. “Ah, don’t eat too much, we don’t know the intensity of the high yet. You ate already, right?”
“I don’t think they’ll hit me that hard,” you claim, sucking on one that has a cherry middle. Many people claim edibles aren’t shit, and you can prove that you’ve tried edibles that didn’t do shit to you. You know Yoongi’s products are legit, but you think you’ll be fine. “And yeah, I ate before the party. You ate?” 
He nods. “Right after I got off the plane. Even though you ate, I’m gonna need you to put these down before you wake up with the worst headache. I told RM you were gonna be obsessed with them.”
You take his advice and put the edible candies to the side. “You’re right. How is he doing, by the way?” 
Yoongi leans back in his seat to look at you as he talks. “Honestly, kinda shitty. You know his wife, SooHee? Uh, yeah, their cover got blown as being a fake arranged marriage thing back in SK, so a lot of shit is going down at the trap. You know he’s the leader now, so it’s much harder on him since he has to make most of the decisions. Along with that, he’s kinda crushing on this girl, I’m talking took her to his little spot on the hills and everything type of crush, but he’s such a dickhead and thinks a relationship would be too hard. Plus, he has this nonchalant ‘I don’t care’ vibe around girls he likes so I’m sure that’s making it worse.”
“Wow,” you blink. “Pretty sure that sucks for her. You think she’ll break him soon?”
“She already has. Apparently she’d sent him a long paragraph about him being an asshole, and he texted back some stupid shit, but they still ended up on the hills again. He doesn’t like being disrespected, so I’m surprised she’s not dead. He obviously cares.”
“He so cares,” you smile, loving the drama from RM’s side of life. 
“She goes to your university actually,” Yoongi smirks. “Probably know her.” 
“I probably don’t want to know her if she’s fucking RM.”
“She’s the complete opposite of what you think his type would be.” 
You just shake your head and laugh, not being able to picture what sane girl in their right state of mind would date RM, let alone want to be with him. He was really a gentleman, but he gave off such vibes that screamed a bit of toxicity when it came to being emotionally available with partners. He seemed like the type to be covered in mixed signals, relationship wise.
Yoongi asks how your exams were, and you tell him that you think you did good, but if you didn’t, then oh, well. College is so draining, and you’re not one to fret over tests like that. At this point in your university life, you’re just riding the wave of completing as much work as you can, not really learning the material. You assume you’ll be fine as long as you stay on track.
“It sounds like you deserve a smoke,” Yoongi suggests, and you grin widely as you see him open the sleek bag containing what you want so badly. Out comes the rolling paper, and the container with the first new batch of weed is popped open. The smell is loud, and you’ve smoked enough to know that it smells heavier this time. 
As Yoongi splays out the wrapper and grabs a bud, he tells you again, “Before we smoke this, I wanna make sure you realize that this is going to be much stronger, even stronger than what I sold today.”
“Are you trying to scare me?” You question with a cocked eyebrow. “I think I can take it.” It couldn’t be as strong as he’s making it out to be, right? 
Yoongi just hums with a little smirk playing on his pink lips. “I know you can take it. Just wanted to remind you.”
He takes the green bud between his fingers and squeezes, crushing it into flakes, spreading it evenly on the brown paper. Yoongi offers you to roll, but you ask him to continue instead, only because you want to see his dangerous tongue lick along the edges to seal it. He locks eyes with you as he coaxes the blunt closed, his pupils dilated and teasingly glaring your way. Your mouth is watering.
You feel like you’re already high off the scent of his weed, faded off the way the perfectly rolled blunt looks between his sexy, ringed fingers. He knows how much he’s affecting you with that cocky look on his face. “Wanna take the first hit?”
You blink out of your daze. “Y-Yeah. I can.”
Yoongi chuckles lowly at your stammering, and you have to fight the urge to cross your legs. You cannot fold this early. 
Yoongi holds the blunt towards you, and you open your mouth to let him put it between your teeth. He pats his jeans for a lighter—a fiery red one tonight—and sparks it a few times. It comes to life, he cups the flame over the end of your joint until it blazes orange, and the blunt is lit. 
You inhale that first smoke, and your body warms up instantly, your muscles relax. It doesn’t feel much different at the moment. The taste is much bitter than before, but still so sweet and too delectable for a drug. You take the blunt out of your mouth and exhale, passing it on to Yoongi across the arm rest. 
“Good?” He asks before he inhales his first pull. 
You lick your lips. “Mhm.”
He smiles after he blows out his smoke, handing the blunt back to you. A couple of more puffs are exchanged, and then he’s reaching for the radio. “It’s only right that I turn this on…”
You’re wondering for a second what is it that he could possibly want to play on the radio while you both hotbox, but as soon as you hear the beginning of that song’s addictive intro, your clouded mind is hooked.
“You’re so cheesy,” you tell Yoongi as none other than Biggie Smalls himself starts mumbling his adlibs throughout the car. 
“I had to play it,” Yoongi grins and turns up the volume. “I downloaded a looped and reverbed version while in SK, because I couldn’t stop thinking about the song. And you.” 
You hum softly as you breathe in another puff of weed, admiring the wholesome man in front of you. Your heart is flipping as you watch and listen to him. 
“Why blow up my spot cause we both got hot? Now check it.”
Yoongi only stops his rapping to smoke the joint, exhaling and passing it as he smooths back into the main chorus of Big Poppa. He continues, facing you as he gets all into the song.
“Plans to leave, throw the keys to little Cease. Pull the truck up front, and roll up the next blunt.”
You grin and dance a bit in your seat to hype his sexy voice, winding your hips a bit, trying to comprehend why he sounds like he could actually be a rapper. He knows all the lyrics by heart, too, like it’s his favorite song. It’s charming to think that he’s tied this iconic piece of art to you and himself.
Maintaining eye contact with you and leaning in, Yoongi raps lowly, “Conversate for a few, cause in a few, we gone do what we came to do, ain’t that right, boo?”
You pull the blunt out of your mouth just in time to do the adlib. “True!”
Yoongi smirks so hard at you joining in on the fun, his eyes falling to your lips while you take an extra drag. He leans even closer, mere inches away. 
“Forget the telly, we just go to the crib—“ your own eyes drop down to his pink lips now, the lyrics barely audible in your thrumming ears. “—And watch a movie in the jacuzzi, smoke L’s while you do me…”
Yoongi takes the initiative to capture your mouth as the chorus to Big Poppa hits. His hand comes up to cradle the side of your neck, and yours drops to his chest, making sure to hold the weed out of the way with the other as not to burn anything. 
His lips are moist and pillowy, so succulent that you have to bite and teethe at them. His breath smells of the honeyed marijuana when he sighs aloud, moving to lick his tongue up your jaw. Your eyes roll back, and you bite your own lips in anticipation as he nibbles at the spot underneath your ear, whispering his own version of the next line of lyrics:
“Cause I see a lady tonight that should be having my baby…” he rasps. “Baby…”
You gasp out with a grip to his shoulders, trying to stop the dripping you can feel between your legs. “D-Don’t say things like that…”
Yoongi just laughs again, still abusing the skin of your throat with his damp kisses and bites. “Like what, cutie?”
Your head feels like it’s full of fog, but you’re able to get your words out. “Things that infer that you want to fuck me full of your cum…”
“Watch your mouth,” he grumbles on your flesh. Another high laugh, and Yoongi moves his hand to your hip, his voice dropping an octave deeper as he whispers, “But I do.”
You suck in a breath. Super safe Yoongi who always has a condom on hand and wants to ensure you both have the most protected sex is suggesting otherwise. Maybe it’s because he missed you so much. You can barely focus with his cat-like eyes glaring at you up and down, checking you out as if he just met you.
He licks his lips and slurs in that deep voice of his, “Don’t act like it didn’t get you wet.”
Oh, god…
You roll your eyes despite your thighs clinging together. “Mmm, I don’t think it did.” It most definitely got you more soaked than you were at first. 
“No?” Yoongi asks, and you shake your head. He doesn’t believe you.
“No!” You laugh uncontrollably when he reaches for the hem of your dress, but you push his hands away and stick the blunt back in between your teeth to fuck with him. 
He leans in closely to call your bluff, even parting his lips, and you blow your smoke back into his mouth. The cloudy wisps of air are cut off as he kisses you again, snatching the mostly smoked weed out of your hand and stubbing it out in the ashtray underneath the radio. You sigh heavily and pull him nearer by the neck. He grips your thighs open, and you let him in this time.
“Fucking hell…” he groans at the sheer stickiness his fingers are met with when he touches the crotch of your panties. “Liar.”
“S-So?” You breathe into his neck. He starts rubbing tight, slow circles on your clit with his thumb, and your legs spread out more on their own. “You knew I was.”
“I did,” Yoongi hums and presses harder on your bundle of nerves, teeth nipping your ear. “My weed gets you so wet, right? Or is it just me?”
“B-Both.” You teethe your lip with a whine. “But mainly y-you, Yoongi, s-shit.”
The ginger haired man slides his fingers down your slit, the rings on them bumping your thigh as he toys with your panties. He grunts when he struggles with the thin straps of your thong, choosing to slip his fingers underneath the lace instead to properly touch you. A laugh and a moan bubbles in your throat at his thick digits struggling stupidly against the fabric but still massaging you just right. 
“You’re so fucking high,” you whimper into the kiss. He talked all that shit about the weed batch being too strong for you but fell victim to it harder.
“Shut up—fuck,” Yoongi growls, watching himself push a finger inside. Your mouth drops open, and you clench his graffitied gray sweatshirt at the feeling, bucking your hips, trying anything to get it deeper to ease the coil of pressure. The coolness of the U and G rings are deliciously searing on your wetness as he starts stroking, but Yoongi realizes the bulky jewelry is in the way. 
“Don’t wanna scrape you,” he mumbles and pops them off his veiny hand one-by-one, dropping them in the cup holder and putting those fingers right back where they belong. Your body curls in when he sinks them to the hilt, an embarrassingly noisy sucking sound following his deep thrusts.
He praises about how wet and warm you are as you grind your pussy on his hand, but he’s not really fucking you how you want him to, for he knows those devil digits of his can have you at their mercy instantly.
He’s trying to stretch you out more than let you cum, but you know you’re wet and spread enough to take him at any second now. So you guide his hand away from you and tell him to pull his dick out. You undo your heels, get on your knees on the seat, and bend over the arm rest while he undoes his zipper. His eyes are red and low as he observes you grabbing his hard shaft, you licking your lips at the first look of the angry, leaking tip.
You haven’t had good dick in your mouth for two fucking months, so you don’t waste another moment. Yoongi’s eyes roll back as you kiss the head of his cock, and an open mouthed groan gasps out of him. His velvet softness is licked and suckled on, your hands gripping the rest of his stiffness to stimulate him as much as you can. 
You pull back to stroke him steadily while holding eye contact, and high Yoongi looks so cute with blushing, red cheeks when you open your mouth and dribble spit right on his pink tip. He goes insane when you dip back down to glide it all over him as natural lube and let the droplets slide to his balls. You choke into a moan when his palm smacks your butt cheek as you deep-throat him.
“Shittt—“ he hisses, his hips thrusting up into your mouth. “Left you starving, hm?”
Yes. Like did he really have the nerve to think you weren’t going to force him to bust in your mouth in only a few minutes? High Yoongi can’t control his orgasms, and high you loves seeing him break.
You keep swallowing him down even though there’s the sound of a lighter flicking on and the powerful smell of weed again. You hear Yoongi inhale a pull, another hiss following when you use the tip of your tongue to massage his balls. The double stimulations of your fast, deep bobbings and the weed have him stuck.
You lift up again to catch your breath, whimpering at the sight of your weedman smoking the relit joint while you give him head. There’s a mixture of spit and pre-cum dripping down your chin now, but Yoongi doesn’t care and pulls you in for a sloppier kiss and licks his lips after. He brushes yours apart with his thumb to get you to open your mouth and breathe in your own cloud of the drug.
Yoongi’s lip-bitten smirk and piercing eyes watching you while you blow the smoke over his sticky tip and kiss down the length of him is about to make you cum. His dick jerks on your tongue in warning that he is, too, but he pushes you off of him and starts pulling you over the arm rest.
“I need to be inside you right now,” he grunts angrily, stubbing the blunt out again.
“Yoongi—“ You laugh as he maneuvers you to his side. “Yoongi, a condom—mmfph—“
“Fuck the condom…” he yanks up the back of your dress once you’re straddling his hips. “Just sit on it, shit.”
If you weren’t close to as high as he was would you be more inclined to argue him down about using protection. But instead, you let him move your ruined panties to the side. You reach back to line him up, the naked shaft reminding you that there will be no barrier. You two will deal with that later, or your birth control will finally have its chance to be useful.
You and the weedman maintain eye contact as you start lowering yourself onto him. You can’t think straight when the head of his cock touches your folds, the bare and wet contact making you both pant. Yoongi uses his other hand to wrap around your waist and help guide himself inside.
“You’re gonna be the fucking death of me,” he groans when he feels the resistance of how tight you are, but you angle down to get the tip to slip in.
It’s easier to slowly push the rest of him inside then, and you only have to stop for a few seconds to relax your core muscles. You finally sit down on his lap, and Yoongi makes the same anguished but pleasurable moan as you. He’s touching your cervix once you take him all in, and you whine even more when he entangles one of your hands together in his and holds it behind your back. Yoongi grabs your ass cheek with his other hand to get you to slide up, and the drag rubs against every part of your pussy.
“Y-Yoongi,” you whimper, trying to move your hand, but he holds it tightly and secure enough to not let you use it. You just grip his hand back for support and use your other to hold onto his shoulder, because high Yoongi is—
“About to ruin this pussy, baby,” he mumbles, the words rolling off of his tongue sexily, his hips meeting yours.
“Hmmm,” you moan and use your leg strength to start bouncing on his dick and matching his rhythm. Yoongi bites his lip as he watches you do your thing on top of him, low eyes appreciating your body and how it moves.
He looks up at you like he’s in love, and your tongues meet in a wet kiss that makes you press your torso flush to his. “F-Fuck, Yoongi,” you huff as you move to suck his neck, Yoongi’s own breath hitching in his throat.
He keeps his hand gripping and slapping your backside as he rocks you on his cock. His movements start getting slower but deeper, and you flip your braids over your shoulder to turn your head and watch.
Yoongi’s digging your pussy out. All you can see are your cheeks clapping, your weedman’s strong hand squeezing your flesh and spreading you for him, still holding your hand above your ass in the other. All you can hear is the wet sound of your privates connecting, Big Poppa looping on the radio in the background of you and Yoongi’s lovemaking noises. 
“Gonna make me fill you up so good,” he says against the shell of your ear. All you respond with is a high-pitched moan and clenching muscles.
“Ohh,” Yoongi’s chuckle is sinister. “She wants me to, huh?”
She—as in your pussy—does want Yoongi to cum inside. You don’t get this wet or desperate for anyone else.
“Yes,” you tell him with your quickening speed on his lap, nails scratching the hand that’s keeping yours captive. “D-don’t pull out.”
Yoongi chuckles at your wish. “If you… shit… think I’m gonna pull out after you’re fucking me like this… I would call you crazy, ________.”
You laugh and slow your hips a bit to speak, “I want you to—I need…”
“Need my cum in you?” He asks softly, letting your hand go and grabbing your waist. You finally get to wrap both arms around his neck.
“I do,” you answer. 
“Right,” he mumbles with a lingering smirk. “Show me how much you want my cum, cutie…”
You grin in acceptance of his challenge. You move back to pull the hem of your dress over your head, assuming that this will be easy when Yoongi grabs at your bare chest like it’s muscle memory. Your hands fall to his shoulders, you close your eyes, and you start fucking yourself on his dick like you deserve it. Because you do when it’s yours.
Yoongi’s flushed face ends up in your breasts, because he can’t stop himself from licking over your nipples. His sexy noises against your sternum has you holding him there, and it just feels so good added onto how you’re riding him. He goes to gripping your hips like before, tilting his head up to slide his tongue in your mouth, and fucking you from below even harder.
“A-Almost,” you wheeze, holding his face tight in your palms.
“I’m close, too,” he’s breathless against your lips. “L-Last chance to change your mind.”
He’s talking about not pulling out. Amidst your drugged mental states, Yoongi withholds his virtues.
“No,” you say. “Cum inside me, Yoongi.”
The moan he growls out makes your pussy clench dangerously around his length to the point that he couldn’t pull out even if he wanted to. His tight grip etches into the skin of your hips so that he can thrust faster, and two of his fingers fly down to flick your clit. 
You’re dazed and dopey as you orgasm, Yoongi having fucked you more senseless than the weed did. You ride him through his climax, too, swirling your hips around, shallowly stroking his cumming tip with your pussy. He tenses and shakes violently beneath you as he marks you with his seed next, thrusting slowly to help you through yours.
“Fuck,” he slurs against your neck, breathing heavily as he pampers you with kisses. “I fucking love you.”
“I fucking love you, too, Yoongi,” you breathe out.
He’s high. You’re high. It’ll be forgotten in the morning.
He doesn’t make a move to pull out of you, not bothering to put himself away. Just wants to have his arms around you and you as close as possible on his lap as he comes down from both of his highs.
“You know what we should do?” His voice is low but audible enough over the music.
You sit back on his lap, twirling your fingers in his damp, orange hair, ready to hear him out. “What?”
“Date.” Yoongi cutely grins like he figured out something so amazing. “I take you out—anywhere you want to go—and we do… fun shit. I buy you flowers and candy or whatever you want… all that extra shit… What do you think?”
You giggle. 
“You’re so hilarious when you’re out of it, Yoongi.”
He’s conflicted by your reaction. “That was not… what I was expecting.”
You laugh harder this time, rubbing under Yoongi’s puffy eyes and cooing at him. “Yoongi… we’re already dating…? We’re in a relationship.”
His eyes widen comically. “What? Since when?”
Leave it up to a weedman like Yoongi being horny and delusional when high.
“For months… I literally have the key to your house, Yoongi. You took me on a date and made me your girlfriend? You ask me out like this every time we hotbox.”
Your boyfriend’s expression lets you know he’s thinking really hard about this “new information” and interprets it in the funniest way.
“Do you know how fucking fine you have to be for me to make you mine over and over again when I’m high?” he questions.
“Pretty damn fine, I guess,” you grin back, lying your head on his shoulder. Yoongi holds you tighter.
You lay on Yoongi like that for a good half hour, swooning over the pictures from his phone that he took in South Korea and almost barking at the ones of the process of him bleaching his hair. You eventually pull your dress back on and slide into the passenger seat after talking some more about life in general. It’s almost four in the morning now when Yoongi revs the car back up and heads home. You two’s favorite song is still lively on the radio.
Yoongi steady rehearses the chorus even when you’re getting ready for bed after your shower, coming up behind you to sing it in your ear. 
“I love it when you call me big poppa,” he moves your braid bonnet to kiss your nape, gripping your hips afterwards and swaying you to his acapella rapping. “Throw ya hands in the air, if you’s a true playa.”
You brush him off with a giggle and climb into his bed with him right behind. He doesn’t let you escape the lyrics and drags you into his stern body for a cuddle, continuing the second verse and planting forehead kisses on you in between.
Just goofy.
But your heart warms as he finishes your song with the biggest gummy smile, eyes free from the haze of weed and clouded with love for you.
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btssmutgalore · 2 days ago
fwb with bts ♡ masterpost
What happens when you are friends with benefits.
Tumblr media
⤑ word count: 7k (around 1k per member) ⤑ genre: smut ⤑ pairing: bts x reader (a drabble for each member) ⤑ warnings: mentions of sexual topics, sexual intercourse (warnings will be added to each chapter) ⤑ rating: 18+ ⤑ read on AO3 ⤑ masterlist
Tumblr media
⤑ Jin [22/05] ⤑ Namjoon [23/05] ⤑ Yoongi [24/05] ⤑ Taehyung [25/05] ⤑ Jimin [26/05] ⤑ Hoseok [27/05] ⤑ Jungkook [28/05]
Tumblr media
you can find the masterlist here and share your feedback with me here, if you want to. if you enjoy reading my stories, please consider supporting me using buymeacoffee. thank you! :)
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sugakookitty · 20 hours ago
perfect moments || jjk ft. myg
Tumblr media
⇢ title: perfect moments ⇢ pairing: boyfriend!jungkook x female reader x yoongi ⇢ genre: smut ⇢ summary: Your birthday isn’t over yet; why end the party so soon? ⇢ rating: 18+ ⇢ word count: 1.7k ⇢ warnings: threesomes | unprotected sex | deep throating | face fucking | impact play | double penetration | potty mouth Yoongi back at it again | dom!yoongi | dom!jungkook | switch!reader | facial cum shot | dirty talk | degradation | name calling | breath play | gagging | choking | riding | mutual masturbation | naughty pictures(ooh wow) | hair pulling | nipple/breast play | slight edging | begging | oral sex(male receiving) | clit stimulation | cum play/eating | aftercare | i think that’s it. ⇢ a/n: this story was written for the lovely @yoon2k​​ ‘s birthday. it’s a repost from my old blog so some of you are already familiar. i’ve changed nothing lol. big shout out to @kithtaehyung​​ and Sophie who helped me with plotting and stuff. Sequel to @kookskingdom​​ ‘s Perfect Men but can be read alone...highly recommend you read part one first though.
Tumblr media
“Jungkook, is your girlfriend always this horny?”
The other men have departed and gone into their rooms, leaving you, Yoongi, and your boyfriend Jungkook alone in the living room. It didn’t take long for all hell to break loose; neither of you could wait to fuck each other’s brains out.
“Shut the fuck up–ahh!” Your backtalk is interrupted by a slap to your left tit, a reminder that you may be on top, but Yoongi is the driver of this ride.
Waking up this morning, it never crossed your mind that you’ll be on your boyfriend’s couch bouncing wildly on his best friend’s dick. You didn’t expect anything of this to happen, honestly.
However, here you are, being filled with another man’s cock while your boyfriend orchestrates the entire thing.
“What can I say?” Jungkook shrugs casually, “I do love a greedy whore.”
Your boyfriend grabs your hair and turns your head in his direction. If you had known you would be met with a big fat cock you would have prepared yourself mentally. His dick is already aligned with your mouth, while he sports an expecting look on his face.
You should be embarrassed how quickly your mouth opens to take him in, but due to the irresistible urge to have him invading your taste buds, you’ll have to say goodbye to your morals.
“Slow down, slut. Let me fix your lipstick.” He rubs the tip over your lips, smearing his precum everywhere he touches. Jungkook’s sticky arousal ends up all over your face due to the constant moving as you ride his best friend’s dick.
Suddenly, Yoongi leans forward and takes one of your nipples between his lips. Your mouth falls open when he suckles and nibbles the bud gently, teasing but not giving you exactly what you want.
Jungkook steals the opportunity and slides into your mouth in one long stroke; luckily, you’ve done this countless times, and you quickly relax your throat to accommodate his size. Yoongi makes you moan when he starts to suck your sensitive nipple harshly while rolling the other between his fingers.
The vibrations travel right up your boyfriend’s cock, and he curses loudly, earning a chuckle from the mischievous man beneath you.
“Dude, what the fuck was that?! I almost came down her throat.” Jungkook has no other choice but to move or risk blowing his load in the warmth of your mouth.
“Rookie,” Yoongi mumbles against your areola.
Your movements stutter when Jungkook thrusts into you suddenly. Yoongi has to grip your hips to keep the rhythm.
“I’ll show you who’s a fucking rookie.” Jungkook grabs the back of your head and begins fucking your mouth like he’s running a marathon.
Your jaw loosens so he can slide in and out smoothly, and the sound of you gagging fills the room every time he hits the back of your throat. Yoongi has taken over and is now fucking you from below, his balls slapping your ass repeatedly, creating even more lewd noises in the dark living room.
“Fuck! Oh, she does like getting her throat fucked raw. She’s gotten so damn tight!” Yoongi grunts as he continues to plow into you.
You feel like you’re on the highest cloud in the sky right now. You’ve had two hot men fuck you senselessly already, and just when you thought the night was over, your boyfriend and his roommate take you for another ride.
While Yoongi continues to attack your breast, Jungkook is burying his dick in you, cutting off your air until you’re patting his thigh to let him know you need to breathe. You’ve played this game before, and he knows it’s your favorite—which is why you came up with the ‘three taps’ rule.
You’re so drunk on cock that you don’t even realize how roughly you’ve started grinding on Yoongi, making him cease his movements so he can lie back and watch in awe.
“She’s so sexy, man.”
Yoongi’s comment makes you side-eye him briefly before turning your attention back to your boyfriend, who’s patiently waiting for you to look him in the eyes. You can’t help but feel like the luckiest woman on the planet to have a boyfriend like him who’ll do anything to see you happy. You’re glad that he’s enjoying himself too.
“Tell me about it,” he whispers, watching you suck him in.
Your left hand grabs Yoongi’s shoulder to balance yourself so you can fuck and suck like a pro. All three of you begin moaning, and pride fills your chest, knowing you’re milking two cocks at once.
“Careful, baby. I’m not trying to come before you do.” Jungkook’s voice oozes with lust.
“Yeah, same here, but the slut is pushing it,” Yoongi adds.
The derogatory term seems to change the mood quickly, something inside of you snaps, and your body starts to move on its own. Yoongi curses loudly when you start bouncing on his cock again, surely waking any unfortunate soul that rests their heads near these walls.
Your boyfriend has to lean and hold onto the couch because his strong legs began to wobble. He’s weak from the warm and wet feeling of your mouth squeezing his cock.
“Damn, baby. Do you have to look at me like that?” Jungkook wants to look away, but you know he can never tear his focus from the innocence in your eyes while you’re doing such an obscene act.
“Mmhm,” You moan around his dick, and he quickly grabs your hair and withdraws. Your mouth forms a pout, causing Jungkook to laugh breathlessly.
“I know what you’re doing, but I have other plans, birthday girl. Get her on the floor, Yoongi.”
Your boyfriend’s roommate hastily scoops you up with his dick still inside of you. He lies you on your back and starts fucking you again without missing a beat.
“Fuck, shit!”
The new position has you crying out in pleasure as Yoongi’s cock travels deeper into your heat. Jungkook stands over you, pumping his dick and watching his best friend wreck you like it’s his favorite show.
“You’ve got a filthy fucking mouth. You know that, slut?” Yoongi wraps his hand around your throat, making you look at him instead.
“You haven’t seen the half,” you tell him.
“Show me, then.”
You hear Jungkook’s soft grunts above you, and you know he’s about to reach his release. By the look on Yoongi’s face, he, too, is near his orgasm.
“Come on my face. Both of you.”
The two men share a look, and Jungkook gives Yoongi the okay with a simple nod. Your boyfriend knows how dirty you can get, so he isn’t surprised. Yoongi pulls out and settles on the opposite side of Jungkook, then begins jerking his dick at a rapid speed.
Your fingers find your clit as you watch both men get themselves off at the sight of your naked body. It fuels your ego, makes you feel like a goddess that they’re worshiping even though the act is beyond degrading.
The coil begins to tighten, and you beg them to come with you because you can no longer hold off the intense pleasure.
“Come for me. Please.” Your orgasm hits as the last word leaves your lips.
Your vision whitens, and your back arches off the floor. All sounds have been drowned out by the ringing in your ears, and the only thing that snaps you back into reality is the warm sticky splats of cum hitting your face.
Your eyes remain closed until the last drop is squirted out, but you can still hear both Yoongi and Jungkook’s moans as they ride out their highs.
You can make out the sound of them shuffling, and once you open your eyes you find both laying on either side of you. Jungkook smiles when you turn to him, like he always does after you’re done fucking each other’s brains out.
Yoongi clears his throat, and you’re then reminded of his presence.
“I’m still waiting for you to show me how filthy your mouth is, darling.”
You look him right in the eyes as you take your finger and gather both men’s sticky seed then pop them in your mouth. Your eyes close while you hum around your digits, letting them know how good they taste.
When you open your eyes, Yoongi is looking at Jungkook with his mouth open and his eyes wide. You can’t help but giggle at this reaction, knowing Jungkook has seen this a thousand times.
“I guess we know who the real rookie is. Don’t we, babe?” You look at your boyfriend, who’s searching for something under the small living room table.
“Yeah, Yoongi. I told you my girl can get dirty,” he tells his friend. “Are you ready to capture some memories?”
Jungkook’s camera comes into view, and a smile spreads on your face. This is another piece that binds you to each other; your love for erotic and post orgasmic photos. You have hundreds of these. Some of just the two of you and some when you invite a nice girl home, but none like this.
“Only if Yoongi wants to.” You bat your lashes at your boyfriend’s roommate, and he smirks in response.
“Fuck it. Let’s do it before I change my mind.”
All three of you snuggle close so Jungkook can get everyone in the frame. He snaps a few photos then you all review them and select which ones you like the most.
While Jungkook is busy cleaning the cum off your face before it dries, Yoongi goes to the kitchen to grab you some water.
“You know it was bold of you to call me a rookie,” he mentions, entering the room again. He hands you your water, and starts heading towards his room. “I’d have you both trembling like virgins if I had my way.”
Jungkook looks at you with a raised eyebrow, and before he can open his mouth, you chime in.
“And what is that supposed to mean?”
You lie on Jungkook’s lap, sipping your water as you watch Yoongi’s naked perky ass retreat down the hall. He opens his door, and looks back at you both before he enters.
“I don’t know,” he shrugs. “Maybe you should come in here and find out.”
You and your boyfriend share a look as soon as Yoongi’s door shuts and neither of you expect the other to say what comes out of your mouths.
“Can we?”
Tumblr media
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helenazbmrskai · 2 days ago
Show Must Go On – Coming Soon!
Tumblr media
Pairing – Cougar! Yoongi x Fem! Reader x Lion! Jimin
Genre – Hybrid AU, Circus AU, Smut, Angst, Hurt and Comfort, Romance
Summary – Getting a job offer immediately after getting out of college is every student's dream. You think so too at first but when you start working for a shady man and an even shadier circus as a hybrid medical examiner things are bound to go wrong. After the first glance at the condition of the hybrids, you should have just quit. Every normal person in your shoes would have done that but you must be crazy then. From the first day that you started working there, four eyes followed your every move. You’ve never seen so much hate in such beautiful eyes. Felt the need to save them but one must pay the price. The more you stay the more you get to know about the dirty secrets the circus’ four walls hold. No one gets out of the hatter’s iron clutches. Will you?
General Warnings – be aware that this fic will contain heavy topics such as abuse/mistreatment, injuries, blood mention, violence, hybrids are used in shows and as a circus attraction, hostile behaviour(s), caged hybrids, sexual content, abuse of power, bribery, prejudice, injustice, ownership of a full grown person (hybrids), mention of manipulation
Smut Warnings – threesome (mxm and fxm content), bite marks, possessive dirty talk, unprotected sex, double vaginal penetration, doggy style, scenting, anal sex (mxm), creampies, oral sex (both female and male receiving and giving), sloppy seconds, lots of cum, breast play, cum play, breeding kink, mutual size kink, vaginal fingering, anal fingering (male receiving), sex toys (dildo, vibrator), multiple orgasms, jimin has a tiny pain kink, big dick!yoongi and jimin, overstimulation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, no sub or dom role they’re all equally bossy, 
Word Count – (10k+); No specific release date! It is done when it’s done!
Let me know if you want to get tagged! Menu: Masterlist l Be part of my permanent taglist to recieve a notification when I upload a new fic or send an ask!
Creepy. There’s no other word that would describe this place any better. The colours red and white take turns building the tent's colour scheme it looks just as massive from the outside as from the inside. The tour started from the main tent where the stage and the empty beer benches took up most of the space. A circus built in the middle of nowhere is a weird choice of location but seeing how the tents almost make a small village in size could kinda answer that unspoken question.
The circus is quiet without its spectators you could only faintly hear the men chatter behind the scenes while you follow the hatter to a smaller tent. On your way, you can tell that every building has a direct purpose. The big auditorium tent is closer to the road for easy people access while the living space for the working staff is further down next to the opening of the woods. Almost in the middle is the hybrid’s tent. The hatter called it a barn the word choice immediately made your eyebrows rise in surprise but didn’t say anything as he fidgeted for a moment with the insignia keys. The heavy lock fell to the ground stirring the dust.
A shiver runs down your body as you step inside, the temperature change is palpable. Cold and dark like a prison. The whole scene that unfolds before your very eyes after you get accustomed to the dim lighting is dehumanizing. Cages in crowded rows as far as your eyes can see. The heavy smell of iron hits your senses at first you think it’s iron from the cages but it’s not the usual kind, it’s the red kind.
Hybrids are curious creatures. It’s no doubt they could pick up the new scent in the room but they don’t even look up to see who it is. They avoid your eyes as you look around, except. Except for that glowing yellow one at the far back.
Your body moves on its own to get closer, you can’t see shit in this weak lighting. Your heartbeat spikes when the hatter grabs your forearm and your eyes immediately connect with his. His scarred face is blank for ten long seconds – no one speaks or moves, even the hybrids seem to hold their breaths as they wait for him to do something – before his whole demeanour changed and a smile appears.
”Be careful of those two. Very dangerous animals.” His tone tried to hit a certain octave of concern for your wellbeing but there was more to it. The underlying message that your head decoded as ’leave them be’. It’s clear that the hatter is not very fond of those hybrids placing them the farthest away from the light.
You decide it’s better not to stretch the subject so you just nod.
The circus owner places his hand on the small of your back with the intention to lead you out of the tent, opting it’s best if you comply you look away from the eyes but their heat creates a hole in the back of your head. His gaze disappears after the heavy doors are closed and chained again.
You’re relieved when duty comes in the form of a rich patron who wanted to get a word with your employer. No longer feeling this uneasy presence of his. For now. You meet a much more pleasant worker named Namjoon who is tasked to wrap up the tour for you and get you the supplies you’ll be working with and show you your cabin.
Professional is the first thing that you could match him with. Don’t get you wrong he has a friendly smile on his face but it feels staged in a way. Not even one of your coworkers seem to care that you were here no one approached you to talk or even get an introduction in between their breaks.
”Here’s your cabin key.” You have the small cabin numbered 21 the closest to the woods hidden behind other cabins. You’re happy to learn that Namjoon’s cabin is 20, yours is just behind his house. He’s the first person that doesn’t give you the creeps. What have you gotten yourself into? – your sigh says enough when you close the door behind your back. At least now you’re alone.
You get one step into your new home when the door opens and Namjoon’s figure appears. You just said goodbye what would he want? Your eyes narrow when he looks around before he closes the door as if he’s checking no one sees him here. Why would someone watch him? Why would it matter if someone sees him? The fact that these questions took root in your head. You feel like there’s something seriously wrong with this place.
”You need to quit this place is dangerous.” He’s not wasting much time getting to the point. You don’t even know what to say to that it’s so sudden. Namjoon’s face is so stern you liked his dimpled smile a lot better. Not to speak about that it sounded like an order, not a suggestion.
”Dangerous? What are you talking about?” You have so many questions. You grab Namjoon’s hand when he tries to leave. He turns back to squeeze in one last sentence before he turns the doorknob and leaves you alone with your questions.
”Don’t trust anyone. They’re lying.”
You let out a frustrated huff when the room gets quiet. What does that suppose to mean and who is lying? Everything is so confusing. From the moment you shook your employer's hand, the inner voice in your head screamed ’fuck this shit’ but you’re still here. You already signed your contract for a year to be this circus’ hybrid caretaker and medical examiner. The money seemed good but there are things worth more than money. To be fair you think any normal person with a functioning brain would call it quits by now. It might be all in your head but after hearing Namjoon warning you of this place the rational thing would be to just get the hell out of here and never look back. They might be harmless maybe this whole circus is full of weirdos but if you’re wrong you might lose more than what’s worth the risk.
Yeah. Any normal person. You must be crazy then because you don’t start writing your resignation letter, oh no. You look for the insignia key that Namjoon handed you before that weird conversation took place.
No one pays you attention but from the corner of your eyes, you can see them looking when they think you’re not. Yeah, creepy. No one is near the barn so you take this chance to get a better look at the hybrids. They might be friendlier now that the hatter is not with you. It’s clear as day that they’re afraid of him. Don’t want to think about why for now you’ll only take one step at a time. It’s your first day after all.
The door has this heavy creaking sound when you finally pry it open. Some of the hybrids look at you now that you’re alone but most of them continue to lower their heads sitting silently on the dirty floor. Those glowing yellow eyes return as well. This time the hatter is not here to stop you from getting a better look at him.
”Hello my name is Y/N. I’m the new caretaker.” Thinking it's a good start to introduce yourself you politely reach out for the bar to shake his hand this way you can show him that you think of him as equal. Not an animal like the hatter called him. Wrong move though. He probably thought that your intentions for reaching out are bad or you frightened him with your sudden movement you’re not sure but he scratches your arm the moment you get close enough. The moment you feel the pain you pull your hand closer to your chest and step back. Your warm blood oozes from the wound with five very defined nail marks starting from your wrist to your fingertips. Some of the hybrids whimper then they smell your blood others growl. Only one thing that you are sure of is the smell that reminds them of their traumas. You wouldn’t get past the hatter to punish them after a poor performance.
”I’m sorry it was not my intention to hurt you.” You grit your teeth to keep your reactions under control. It hurts like hell. Fuck. This is your luck. You don’t have enough experience with abused hybrids and it’s not like you can rehabilitate them when this is the place they continuosly get hurt. You should really pack your bags and leave. This is not what you agreed on. This is beyond your field of expertise.
The hybrids can smell your stress which makes them more agitated. You should control yourself more. You have the whole night to think about what to do. This is where you will leave it for now and instead focus on the hybrid in front of you.
He finally comes out from the shadows. Yellow eyes then a pretty face. The first thing you see is his black ears party hidden behind ebony hair. His longer hair even obscures his view. He’s in need of a nice haircut.
Your heart is breaking to see the dirt on him he must be injured too because one of his shoulders is stiff and his arm is hanging numbly to the side. You were so focused on him that you didn’t see another body hiding behind the cougar until you suddenly feel another set of eyes on you. The hybrid that scratched you tries to make himself seem bigger and more threatening. You can tell he tries to protect the other one.
”Y/N?” It’s surprising that the other hybrid decided to speak to you. You won’t miss your chance to finally get something out of them.
”Yes that’s my name.” Your smile seems to encourage him to get out from his hiding spot even when the cougar hybrid growls instead when you smile. One wrong move and he’ll try to get you again. You need to be careful. ”What’s yours?”
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yoongsisbae · 13 hours ago
Spring Fling
Stories that Bloom; of love, of pain, of fight
Tumblr media
The Woman with the Black Cat on Her Shoulder | MYG
Fearful, they buried them, stomped them into the dirt. Underneath their boot, scared men were unaware the seeds of hope had planted by their own volition. From the dirt and grime, grew flowers, blooms so tall, eclipsing their hatred. You were strong and unwilling to be cut down any more. Shapeshiftercat!yoongi x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
You Asked for Help, He Asked Your Name | PJM
You ran away from your responsibilities, but they caught you and tried to lay claim to your body. If your life was never going to be yours anyways, you decided might as well give it away and make a deal. fairyprince!Jimin x reader. Blooming…
Tumblr media
Spring Day Still with You | JJK
You ran away from the cold, Jungkook ran with you, warming each other’s hearts. But within the cycle of life, there is death, and as spring blooms, the blood still lays soaked in the dirt. You ran and they chased. Sequel to Not a Creature was Stirring. Hybrid!Jungkook x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
Day Dream | JHS
The days are hotter, the nights are hotter too. You sleep, restless. Tired, you sleep more, you sleep and you dream and you meet the dream walker and things somehow become even steamier. Sandman!Hoseok x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
The Flower Bridge | KSJ
You couldn’t, you didn’t want to, not anymore, the pain was too much, you wanted it to end, so you visited the bridge. Standing at the highest point, the wind stung, but your problems were bigger, your pain was stronger than the whipping air and your anguish deeper than the water below. Tethered in the center, connecting the place you came from and the place you were going, you found another type of bridge and he found you. Ghost!Seokjin x reader. Blooming…
Tumblr media
Blooming Flowers | KTH
His moment of weakness had been you. Weakness was it? It wasn’t love? No, not love, not happiness, a mistake, a regret! For you, it was your last unraveled string, a creation of idolization that grew into a flower as beautiful as him. You had fallen ill to him, in the worst possible way. idol!Taehyung x hanahaki!reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
Moonchild & Springchild | KNJ
“Go back,” he said, “It’s not safe here, not for a human.” You can hear the men of your village, their angry jeers, the crackle of fire in their hands, yelling yet too afraid to step across the boundary. “It’s not safe for me, anywhere,” you say, “I’m a woman.” Faery!Namjoon x reader. Blooming...
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mischiefbarnes · 2 days ago
Sope x Reader
this honestly has been a long time coming but this is a part 2, to More? but you can read it on its own or go ahead and read part 1 as well. whatever the case may be enjoy you brats.
Embarrassed didn’t even begin to cover it. Too caught up with what just happened you hadn’t realized a certain someone had stopped by. 
“Maybe we should try it out.” a voice said behind you. 
Turning around all you saw was Yoongi and your mind began to spin. What did you get yourself into? 
“Huh?!” You said. 
You couldn’t think straight, surely you’ve thought about this moment multiple times but seeing it through? Never did you think it would happen. 
“Maybe we could try it.” Yoongi repeats himself. “You want this right? It’s something you dream about.” 
You open your mouth to speak but nothing comes out. It only takes a few short seconds before you contain yourself. 
“Yes…” you drag out. “But it’s n-“ 
You were cut off. 
“How would this work?” Hobi asked.
You look at him wide eyed.
“Say we did this,” he starts. “Where does that leave all three of us, where do we both stand in your life?” 
Having him put it like that made a very good point, you want Hobi but you also want Yoongi. You could have both right? 
As you stood up from the couch , you thanked yourself mentally for only wearing an oversized tee. Neither one knew what you were gonna do but as you made your way to Yoongi, it didn’t take long for them to find out..
You stood in front of Yoongi, studying his every feature. You could tell he was nervous but also judging by the growing bulge he had you knew he would be fine. Letting your body take over, you placed one hand on his cheek and caressed his face while the other one trailed down his body. Even with the layers of clothing he had on you could feel everything. As you got down to his pants. You ran a finger along the waistband, indicating what you wanted from him. Eager enough, he knew what you wanted and pulled his pants down. He went to pull his boxers but you stopped him. 
Looking up at him, you could see the look of confusion on his face. 
“She likes to do it herself.” Hobi said, smirking from the couch, watching you both. 
Looking back to Yoongi, you grab the ends of his shirt and lift. He runs a hand over his torso as the cool air hits him and slight nerves set in as he was in nothing but boxers. 
“Don’t be nervous, love.” You coo. “You’re in good hands.” 
He nods letting out a breath. Once he was at ease you dropped to your knees. You run a hand over his bulge feeling how hard it is, causing a shiver to run down his back. You stopped yourself and stood up. Taking his hand you lead him to your bedroom. 
“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” You smile, kissing him before walking out the room. 
“Are you joining us or not?” You smirk at Hobi, who is still sitting on the couch. 
He stands, smirking back as he walks towards you. You put your hand up telling him to stop. He raises a brow but stops.
“You've got too much on.” You motion at him. 
“Do I now?” He raises a brow. 
“Yes.” You cross your arms. “Strip.” Trying to sound stern. 
He smirks at you trying to order him around. 
“Just this once princess.” He points at you. “Just this one time.” 
You roll your eyes, “Come, we wouldn’t want to keep him waiting now would we?” You pout, walking to the room. 
Once in the room you stand in front of Yoongi who is now sitting on the bed. You feel a presence and turn to see Hoseok. 
He walks over to you. 
“I’m gonna be nice this one time, but roll your eyes one more time and you’ll be in deep little one.” He says loud enough so Yoongi hears as well. 
You bite your lip fighting the moan that wants to escape. You decide to straddle Yoongi’s waist. His hands stay at his side not wanting to over step. You can sense his hesitation so you bring his hand to your ass as an okay. Once they are there he gives your ass a squeeze making you moan. He finally is comfortable enough and brings you in for a kiss. One hand remains on your ass as the other comes up and grabs the back of your neck pulling you in more, deepening the kiss. Pulling away you move down to the floor, settling between his legs. You run your hands along his thighs before grabbing the waistband of his boxers. He lifts his hips and you pull them down with ease. His cock springs free, hitting his stomach. Your breath hitches. You are nearly drooling at the sight of him. He is the same size as Hoseok but definitely thicker. 
“Don’t keep him waiting now princess.” Hoseok says in a low tone. 
You didn’t need to be told twice. 
“Tell me to stop if it gets too much ok?” you looked him in the eyes.
He nodded eagerly, words not being able to be formed.
“Good boy.” you smirked.
You proceeded to run a finger along his length. Wrapping a hand around it you could feel him tense up, you didn’t do anything further until he relaxed. Once you felt him calm and relaxed you ran your thumb over the head, spreading the pre-cum that had leaked out of the now red tip. 
You pumped him slow and steady, the whines coming from him egged you on further. Licking the tip you swirl your tongue around a few tips before taking him into your mouth. You steady pace not wanting to tire out your jaw just yet but also not wanting to get him closer to the edge than he already was. 
“That’s it jagi…” Hoseok coaxed. “Look at our prince, you are taking such good care of him.” 
Looking up through your lashes, you are met with lust filled eyes staring back at you, mouth agape, brows furrowed. You knew he was close but didn’t want to speed up in fear of what Hoseok would do. 
You pulled away, still stroking him,” He’s close.” you softly say looking at Hoseok who is sitting in the chair observing the two of you. 
He puts his hand to his chin, you knew he was thinking. But would he let him cum is the real question. He didn’t say a word. He stood up and walked over to you both. 
“Be good and you both may be rewarded.” he smirks.
You are nodding in agreement before you realize just what he said. Making you look at him fast seeing he’s already looking at you with a smirk.
“Don’t even..” he warns. 
“But I-” he cut you off.
“Did you think I forgot the little stunt you pulled minutes ago?” he looked at you, brow raised.
You knew exactly what he meant. 
“That's what I thought.” he smirked. “Now up, on the bed.” 
You got up quick not wanting to piss him off even more. As you moved to the bed he stopped you. 
“Keep it up and you’ll be the only one who doesn’t cum tonight.” he whispers.
You nod. 
“Arms up.” he demands before lifting your shirt that keeps you from being completely bare. 
You gasp as the air hits your exposed skin, goosebumps soon appearing. 
He runs a finger down your back. “Join him.” he says, giving your ass a slap as you walk away.
As you make your way to Yoongi he looks to you like a lost puppy. You open your mouth to say something before Hoseok speaks.
“Lay down princess.” he orders. 
You lay there, head propped up by a pillow waiting for something to happen. Looking at Yoongi, you clench around nothing, he is drinking you in. Practically drooling and eye fucking you. You definitely are growing more and more impatient at the need to be filled up by one if not both of them. The hunger was growing stronger. 
“Go ahead princess, let him.” hoseok called.
You sighed with relief. You beckoned him with your finger. He immediately scrambled towards you, but you stopped him with your foot. You are surprised at how well he followed orders and that excited you even more. He was a sub and you were to use that as an advantage. 
Looking at him as you propped your body up on your elbows. 
“Crawl kitten.” you cooed. 
He let out a small whine at the command, causing you to smirk. He obeyed and began crawling. He soon settled at your legs, waiting patiently for you to give the ok. Meeting his pleading eyes you spread your legs letting him see you fully. His eyes went wide at the sight.
“Does the little prince want a taste?” you smirk. 
He nodded eagerly.
“Words kitten,” you said. “I need words.” 
“P-please, please let me taste you.” he whimpered. 
You nod, “Go ahead.” 
Before you know it he latches himself to your core, catching you off guard you yelp. He starts off slow, wanting to taste you entirely before proceeding to get you to the edge. Laying his tongue flat against your core he licks a long stripe upward. Stopping at your clit he flicks his tongue at it a few times before taking the bud into his mouth. You cry out from the sensation. Once he hears moans and cries fall from your lips he devours you like a mad man. Playing you like a piano he uses his fingers to get you right where you need to be and to make the most beautiful noise ever heard. You can feel yourself right there at the edge. You were about to come undone on his tongue when Hoseok spoke. 
“That’s enough.” He demanded.
Laying there breathless you become annoyed. Hoseok can sense your attitude change. 
“Watch it princess,” he warns. “Remember what I told you.” 
You pout but nod. 
“Good girl.” He praises. “Now on your knees, face the pillows.” 
You immediately get into position not wanting to piss him off.
“Now you get under her little prince.” He commands Yoongi. 
He then looks at you before doing as he is told. Trying his best to not knock you over he slides under you. You moan when you feel his length brush against your folds. You were growing hungrier by the minute. 
“Hold on a bit longer princess, you’ll get what you want.” Hoseok chimes in. 
You soon feel the bed dip, and a presence behind you. You knew it was Hoseok which didn’t catch off guard. What caught you off guard was cool liquid being poured on you. 
“This is what you wanted, princess?” He asked “you wanted both of us?” 
You look down at Yoongi who is staring right back at you. 
A slap comes to your ass causing you to buck your hips brushing against his member, causing him to moan. 
“Answer me.” He demands.
“Y-Yes sir.” You moan. 
“That’s better.” He smirked, “Behave from here on out if you want to come at all tonight.” 
He smacks your ass one more time. 
“That goes for both of you.” He looks at Yoongi who nods. 
“Now I’m going to let him use you first,” he says getting off the bed. “And you tell her when you are close little prince alright?” 
He looks to Hoseok, “yes sir.” 
Hoseok smiles at the eldest. “Go ahead.” 
Looking down at him you grab his length, and position him at your core before sliding down. You hiss at the stretch but the pain soon is replaced by pleasure. He waits patiently for you to get comfortable before slowly rocking you back and forth. Fighting the urge to take over, you fail. You stop his hands, and begin setting your own pace. You began bouncing up and down his length dragging moan after moan from him. You quickened your pace making him hold your waist with one hand while the other gripped and smacked your ass. You knew he was close. 
“G-Gonna, c-cum.” He whines out. 
“Come kitten.” You pant, picking up the pace more bringing him right where he needs to. 
You soon feel the warmth and slow down the pace as he comes down from his high. Getting off him you kiss his forehead. 
“Rest up we aren’t done yet.” You go to get up. 
“Keep right there princess,” Hoseok says, flipping you over. “We aren’t done until you are a mess filled with us both and are begging for me to stop.” 
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parkdatjimin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
-> Three years after dumping your toxic boyfriend, you decide it's finally time to try the dating scene again. What you don't expect is for a handsome and confident CEO to come to your rescue after being stood up.
"Just play along. My name is Yoongi and whoever stood you up is a douche.".
Pairings: CEO!yoongi x fem!reader
Genre: HEAVY angst, smut, lil fluff, slice of life, mutual pining, non-idol!au
Warnings: abusive themes/it’s mentioned that reader’s previous s/o was physically harmful and that reader saw a therapist afterwards, panic attack, reader has low self-esteem and some developed trust issues, multiple talks of sexual strife in relationships, sexual themes, blatant infidelity, explicit sexual content, grinding, marking/biting, soft sex, Yoongi and reader are both sweethearts in and out of bed, crying mid sex, cock riding, oral (f), squirting, praise kink? (really more like emotional affirmation), it's actually pretty vanilla, swearing;
Wc: 26.7K (rip mobile users)
a/n: based on this request by the lovely and inspiring @bangtanficsforyou this is the fic you didn’t ask for but I made it anyway <3 thank you to everyone who supported me and waited patiently while I wrote this, I hope it receives a lot of love <3 feedback is more than appreciated-- I've never written anything like this before so 👉👈
Taglist: @staerryminimini @unicornbabylover @kookieswan @sugarflywme @mwitsmejk @dvalitaes @still-with-koo @kookiecrumb @jeonsjiddies @hobipost @itsallabouthedetails @marilo11 @juju-227592 @notsooperfect @jinhitwhore @301925rkive @sugainmybowl @ashes69 @seokjennieee @englishrosetraveling @fairytaeel @knjkitten @apolloxxivmin @silentkei @raplinesmoon​ @belliebell @mrsparknamjoon @chimchimmarie @jiminandhislostjams​ @lilacboba​
You haven’t taken your eyes off the blanket of frost on the window separating you from the view of the city outside since the last time the waiter approached your table for two. The empty seat across from you only proves to create an unbearable tension between the two of you every time he visits to refill your free glass of water.
Strangers. But anyone can recognize a stand-up when they see one.
God, this is embarrassing. Your first blind date in 3 years and he doesn’t even show.
“Just…ten more minutes?” You ask hopefully when the waiter looks at your menu, unopened and sitting next to your empty basket of free breadsticks.
It’s been close to an hour at this point. He’s not coming. Why are you still sitting here with tears ready to spill? If you’re lucky the tears will fill your water glass so your impatient waiter doesn’t have to bring over that stupid pitcher that always pours too much ice again. Or maybe you’ll finally get the courage to walk out with your head held at least at chin level and retain an ounce of dignity after being stood-up so blatantly.
Three years ago, when your last relationship ended, nothing could get you out of your apartment. Well, technically it was your friend’s apartment. You couldn’t very well stay in your ex-boyfriend’s studio after dumping him, could you? You’re not that heartless.
Your best friend was extremely supportive of your decision to break up. She had been trying to convince you to end your relationship ever since she discovered bruises on your thighs during an impromptu sleepover. No matter how loudly you insisted it was nothing, no matter how thick your leggings, it couldn’t be hidden. Your relationship was toxic. It was only a matter of time before it began to show.
It wasn’t easy to convince you to go on a blind date. She had to practically corner you just to get you to consider it. It was actually your therapist who suggested going. A harmless dinner at a nice restaurant just to talk and start to get comfortable being semi-alone in a man’s presence again didn’t sound too scary. It wasn’t going to go anywhere anyway, and if you needed to, you could ditch at any moment and come home, your best friend assured you.
Being stood-up hadn’t even crossed your mind as you were too focused on what you would even say to the guy. You’re embarrassed to admit your most recent Google search history: “how to hold a conversation on a blind date without having a mental breakdown and scaring them away within the first 3 minutes?”
It was a valid search. Unfortunate results though.
In the frosty reflection of the window, you can see your waiter quietly discussing among who must be his managers while frequently glancing at you. He breaks away from their huddle and makes his way towards your table.
You know what he’ll say: “Ma'am, I’m sorry but we’re going to have to ask you to either order or give up your table for the next reservation.”
It’s too late to snatch your purse and leave, but you swear, if that waiter dares open his mouth, you’ll cry and you won’t stop.
He’s almost to the table when the most extraordinary thing happens.
“So sorry I’m late. Traffic was crazy! You would not believe the slowpoke I got stuck behind.”
Wide eyes are all you can manage when a total stranger suddenly sits down across from you and smiles. The waiter has halted a few steps from your table, truly slack-jawed.
Your expression obviously reflects the panic that’s developing inside your chest, because in the next moment this stranger is leaning in closer and whispering behind his hand, “Just play along. My name’s Yoongi and whoever stood you up is a douche.”
One thing is clear now. This is not the man you were supposed to meet tonight.
You’re not entirely sure what to say. It’s definitely odd to see someone sitting in the chair you’ve been staring at as empty for the last hour. He doesn’t hold himself like he’s thought this through, so he must be spontaneous on the daily if he’s interrupting blinds dates without so much as a blink.
Well, if you think about it, he’s not interrupting anything really.
“Did you order our regular?” he asks with a flat smile.
You end up blushing when he man-spreads under the table, his thighs welcomingly defined in his ripped up jeans. His sweater is old, ragged and clearly off brand. He definitely doesn’t look like he belongs but he’s….admittedly cute.
Laughter like bubbles fills the awkward silence before he waves a careless hand in the air. “That’s okay! I’ll order now and tell them to work double time for an extra tip. I really am so sorry for making you wait on me like that. How about I buy us your favorite dessert to share? Will you forgive me then?”
Before you can respond, Yoongi snaps his fingers and the waiter rushes to the table. The boy doesn’t seem all that younger than Yoongi or yourself. Actually, he looks like he could be about your age. You wonder why he’s running around like a dog when his obvious good looks could do most certainly something for him.
He straightens his apron and drops into a ninety degree bow. “Mr. Min, I had no idea you were going to be joining us tonight.”
Mr. Min? Wait, they know him here?!
Yoongi reclines in his chair with crossed arms and a raised brow. "Even so, you should be sensitive to every guest. You weren’t about to ask this young lady to leave, now were you?”
The waiter answers with a swift, “No, Sir! I was just going to offer her tonight’s special…"
Yoongi doesn’t blink.
“…on the house?” the waiter adds hopefully.
With a smirk and a wave of his hand, Yoongi finally allows the boy to relax. “Ah, I see. Well, just bring us two of the usuals and some red wine–ah!” He looks at you, “Would you like white instead?”
Your answer is a lowered head and hidden eyes.
Yoongi studies your timid posture for a moment and then gives a knowing smile. “Champaign then,” he tells the waiter. “That should be a good place to start.”
The waiter bows and quickly leaves to tell the kitchen.
“Hey,” Yoongi calls to the boy who whips around in attention, "you’re doing fine, Jungkook. Don’t listen to everything those older guys tell you. You’ve got yourself an extra tip tonight.”
The boy called Jungkook smiles and says a quick “thank you” before escaping through the kitchen door, a wide grin on his face showing off his pretty front teeth.
“Sorry about that. I hope you like parmesan chicken. I know it’s not fancy, but it’s honestly one of the best dishes here–oh! Do you have any allergies? I can tell them to make something else.“
You have to answer him quickly because he’s already lifting his hand to call some other waitress over. "It’s fine, but…do you own this restaurant or something?”
“Well, sorta. My best friend Jin and I co-own it, but this is really his dream. To own his own restaurant, I mean. But it was going to be too expensive without a partner and he wanted help getting started and he’s got a real talent in the kitchen, so it’s not fair if–I’m sorry, I’m rambling, aren’t I?”
Actually, you find his talkative personality endearing, especially when his eyes start unconsciously bouncing around the room, like he’s reading the walls and every so often, your eyes. It’s definitely a different feeling than the one you’re used to. People shine when they talk about things important to them, but you haven’t seen that shine in so long. Yoongi is…pretty.
“I don’t mind.”
He runs a hand through his dyed, dirty hair and sits back again, his shoulders sinking as he relaxes. Your waiter Jungkook brings the bottle of champagne and pours you each a glass. Yoongi allows the stem of the glass to pass between his fingers, lifting the rim to his lips and taking a sip.
“So,” he swallows, showing off another flat smile (they’re quickly becoming a trade mark for him), “sorry about the whole random stranger stealing the spotlight thing. I saw you sitting alone and figured you were waiting for someone. But when no one showed up, I thought it was because either you enjoy sitting alone in restaurants staring out frosty windows–which I don’t condemn at all by the way–or there’s a really stupid someone who gave up their chance to have dinner with a beautiful girl.”
You shrug, nodding after a moment of processing all of his charms. “The second one.”
He shakes his head and frowns. “Whoever stood you up is the dumbest person alive.”
You find some kind of comfort in his words, even if you don’t completely believe them.
“Well…thank you.”
You haven’t ruled out the possibility that this Yoongi guy is one of those predators who preys on vulnerable girls who have been stood up on dates, just waiting to swoop in and take the prize. The thought gives you pause. Are there signs to look for?
You start to remember the time your best friend came back from the club rambling about some guy who bought her like three drinks and then got mad when she wouldn’t sleep with him. He kept saying she owed him because he paid for her, but thankfully your best friend is sane enough to know a play when she sees one. Still, hearing about it and actually being in the moment are two different feelings.
You’re in the middle of deciding whether or not you’ll eat when the food is brought when–
“I just realized something!” Yoongi suddenly remarks as if he left cookies in the oven. “I don’t know your name!”
“Oh…” you sigh, more relieved than you’d ever admit. “It’s ___.”
“___?” he repeats sourly. “What kind of a name is that?”
You blink, unsure of how to answer. "The name my parents gave me.”
“We’re gonna have to think of a better name for you. A cuter name. You’re too cute for a name like ___.”
You mean to say something, honest you do, but nothing comes out but a stutter and some random mumbled syllables. Should you be flattered or offended?
Yoongi obviously notices, because he smirks at your bouncing gaze. "Just give me a few minutes, I’ll think of something perfect.”
The stare in his eyes and his words provide you with hope that you won’t be parting ways for forever after this dinner. For some reason, you’re finding it easier to be in this man’s presence the more he speaks, which is not normally the case with strangers. His voice is a lot softer than most guys you meet, and his features are softer like a woman’s. But when you take into consideration his chest, arms, and hands, there’s no doubt he’s fully and lethally a man.
You find yourself looking out for his signature flat smile and bread cheeks though. They make you feel comfortable.
Three waiters come out carrying silver trays with large dome lids and a roll out table with various choices of soup, bread, salad, kimchi, fruit and just about everything. Two plates of parmesan chicken are placed on the table in front of you, the covers on each dish lifted in such a manner you would think the waiters were presenting gold or something.
“Wow…” you breathe in total extravagance. This meal is like one meant for a king. Or a CEO. The waiters leave the rolling table beside you while the two of you eat, so you can have your pick of side dishes and whatnot.
You’re hesitant to eat but when Yoongi lifts his head from taking his first bite and asks “what’s wrong”, you instantly begin stuffing parmesan chicken past your lips with a small hum of deliciousness.
“So, if I can ask…” he says after a moment of enjoying the meal, “who stood you up?”
You almost choke but manage to hold yourself together. “A blind date. Nothing important.”
“Really? Oh.”
Yoongi plays with his food. The action makes him seem childish but it also sooths you. He sets the atmosphere to be so chill and it eases your anxiety. “Just not what I was expecting.”
“What do you mean?”
He shrugs and takes a large bite of food. When he gets done chewing, he sees you’re still waiting for an answer.
“Just…you looked properly upset, so I figured it was someone who means a lot to you like a boyfriend or girlfriend.”
“I don’t have a boyfriend.”
The man across from you nods and goes back to take another monster-truck-size bite of food. Odd, you were expecting a larger reaction, but okay.
This time you decide to ask a question, “Were you also waiting for someone or…?” because the last thing you want to do is steal someone as nice as Yoongi away from their predetermined plans just because you got stood up by (as he so graciously dubbed them) a douche.
He perks up. “My girlfriend called me right before I saw you and told me she’s working late tonight. I already got all dressed up and I didn’t want it to be for nothing. And then I saw you sitting all alone with what looked like tears in your eyes. You sat alone for a long time, and I just…felt like you needed someone to talk to.”
The word ‘girlfriend’ hits you like a dump truck and makes you want to cry unbeknownst the reason, but you still feel the necessity to be polite. The last half of his story was obviously meant to flatter you, even if the first half makes you ungodly uncomfortable knowing this man is in a relationship with another woman.
“This is dressed up?”
“Don’t I look nice?”
“Very nice.”
Actually, Yoongi knows how run down and sloppy his appearance is, but he also genuinely believes you think he looks nice. And that makes him feel nice.
The two of you share a smile. Not the first. Hopefully not the last.
“I know I didn’t officially ask you, but would you like to have dinner with me, ___?”
Shyly, you lift your wine glass to take a sip. “I thought you didn’t like my name.”
“I never said I didn’t like it. I said it wasn’t cute enough for you,” Yoongi corrects, clinking your glasses. “But the more I say it, the cuter it gets.”
It was about half an hour after you finished dinner and you were half-way through devouring a truly sinful dessert called Triple Chocolate Kill Cake. And boy, oh boy, it is sinful. You love it. 
Yoongi smiles, watching as you enjoy his favorite delicacy at his best friend's restaurant. 
Placing your fork delicately on your plate, careful not to make a sound, you swallow politely and nod. "Thank you." 
"You got some. Right there--" Yoongi gestures to the right corner of his mouth. 
It's hard in these cases to know if the adjacent person is talking about their right or your right. In the movies, the girl always cleans the wrong corner and then the guy is forced to touch her lip with his thumb...you know this because of your extensive adolescent history building unrealistic expectations of what boyfriends should be. So, just to be on the safe side, you wipe your entire mouth thoroughly. 
Yoongi smirks as if he can sense the inner workings of your reason. "You got it, good job." 
Placing the napkin back on your lap, you muster up the courage to initiate conversation further, "So if the restaurant isn't your dream, what is?" 
"I'm the CEO of Min Industries." 
"Is that your dream?" 
Yoongi blinks at you, a tilted head and frowning lips. "You know, every time I tell someone I own a modeling agency, they just assume that it's my dream. I mean, who wouldn't want to work with models all day, right?" 
"I would imagine lots of people," you say plainly. 
"Yeah, I guess so," Yoongi gazes at you, the corners of his smile slowly turning up again. You tell yourself it's not because of you, but the way he's watching you right now makes your lungs clench inside your chest. "Well, we're always looking for new talent, so if you know anyone who'd be interested let me know." 
"I'll keep a lookout." 
"Or, you know, if you were interested in--" He jumps when his phone vibrates in his pocket. "Good grief, who is it now? Sorry, one sec..." 
Pulling out his phone, you notice his annoyed expression shift when he sees the caller ID. 
"Hey, beautiful, what's up?" 
The other voice is muffled but you can clearly make out one thing. It's definitely female. 
"No, I just...I went to the...yes, I'm being careful...well, I just ate without you because you said work...ah, okay...I'll be back soon then...yeah...love you, bye." 
The call ends. 
You could ask who it was, but that doesn't seem necessary as it's kind of obvious. Anyway, you'd rather not remind Yoongi he's having dinner with an awkward stranger instead of his lovely girlfriend like he originally planned. 
The man, who doesn't seem so much like a stranger anymore, sighs and leans back in his chair before snapping his fingers. 
Jungkook comes quickly. "May I help you, Sir?" 
"Put the bill on my tab and let this young lady order whatever else she wishes. It's on me. I'm headed home for the night." Then he looks back at you with a charming smile. "I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly like this. But you know, when the girlfriend calls..." he shrugs to finish the statement. 
You shake your head. "Please don't apologize! You've done so much for me already. I should be thanking you." 
"Such manners." He smiles gently. "I wish we had met sooner. I like talking with you." 
Then Yoongi winks and pulls out a small white, business card from his jean pocket. "Here's my number. Call me if you get stood up again, okay?" 
You are aware this guy has a girlfriend, and no, you should not be feeling anything because that would be very wrong in every way possible...but every time he smiles or winks or talks your entire body stiffens in a good way. Heated cheeks and a tight chest. He's so gentle and happy, and while it could all very well be a rouge, you desperately wish it's not. 
"Thank you." You take his card, immediately standing and bowing in respect. 
Yoongi chuckles at your actions and grips your shoulders to pick you back up. "Please, that's not nec--" 
Your entire body instinctively flinches, unnecessary panic flooding your eyes and a loud heartbeat indicating your steadily rising pulse. Without a moment to register what's happened, your arms fly around your waist, encircling you in a defensive and barricaded position. 
Yoongi just stares at you, with his hands hovering where you were once standing but now have taken several steps back. 
"Oh, umm sorry, I didn’t mean--" 
You try to laugh it off, but your voice comes out shaky and scared, "Sorry, I'm fine. Thank you for dinner. I should be leaving too." 
"___?" he tries to ask again, but you're already walking out with a lowered chin and trembling fingers clutching your purse and Yoongi's business card. 
You don't look back even though you want to. Because you know what you'll see. A very confused, very shocked, and very handsome stranger waiting for the universe to explain who you are and why you did what you just did. 
Yoongi tiptoes into the house and carefully places his keys and jacket by the door. Treading quietly through the living room, past the stairs, and into the back bedroom, not daring to make a sound lest he wake the possible sleeping beauty in his sheets. It's been a rough week (that's what his girlfriend was telling him two nights ago at least), so it wouldn't be odd to find her dreaming on his pillow. 
Sure enough. When he turns the brass knob and peaks inside, there she is. Fast asleep in his bed, one of her legs exposed above the sheets while the rest of her stays snuggled out of sight. She's funny like that, insisting the room be cool so she can suffocate herself inside the comforter. Yoongi isn't a big fan of the AC blowing on him in the middle of the night, but it's a small preference to ignore for the sake of her comfort. 
Yoongi fondly smiles and unbuttons his shirt, throwing it to the side along with his shoes and jeans. He climbs into the bed and scoots closer to her, hissing under his breath when he realizes she's wearing panties...and nothing else. He may never get used to his girlfriend's newly developed habit of sleeping practically naked. 
"Hey, baby," he whispers with a kiss to her temple. 
Her eyes slowly open to peek at the clock on the bedside table. "You're back early," she hums. 
"So are you. Welcome home." 
"I don't live here," she chuckles sleepily. "Every time you talk you make it seem like I moved in." 
"Then why don't you move in with me already?" Yoongi whines, lightly running his palm over the bare curve of her hip. 
"Because," she grumbles with a teasing smile, pulling his hand back up her side, "I have my own place and my own bed." 
"Then why don't you ever sleep in it?" Yoongi asks with a seductive nibble on her neck, not that he minds his girlfriend's odd attachment to his bedroom, but he meant that to be a serious inquiry. 
The girl bites her lip and snuggles closer. "Maybe I was frustrated." 
"Really?" Yoongi excitedly presses his warm hand against the small of her back to pull her hips closer to him. "I am too." 
"No," she scoffs, pushing him away. "Not that kind of frustrated. I mean tired frustrated." 
Yoongi frowns against her skin and nuzzles a few more kisses against the crook of her neck, dying to entice any kind of need within her. "Baby, please? Come on, I want you." 
"Not tonight," she whines and innocently curls into his chest, immediately beginning to build that all too familiar wall between them. "How was work?" 
Yoongi can feel the pressure building in his gut. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time he's gotten excited and then shamelessly shut down. It's a common, frustrating occurrence that's been repeating for a while now. At first, he thought it was just stress. The both of them were just too tired after long days of work to do anything once they got in bed together. But as the weeks went on and their workloads fluctuated, Yoongi realized there had to be a different reason. 
"Hard. We're running out of time to find the last model for the winter line. It's not like we haven't gotten plenty of options but," he sighs, rolling to his back to watch the ceiling, "None of those girls have the right vibe and I just can't bring myself to settle. I mean, this could be a huge opportunity for the company. If this season takes off, we could be on the same level as the top of the top in the industry and it's all riding on me to…babe?" 
The girl looks up at Yoongi with one half-opened eye from where she's hidden in his chest, disinterested when there's sleep to be had. 
"Are you listening?" 
“Yeah," she yawns, stretching her legs before returning to her fetal position against his side. "Work is hard, I get it. Just relax and pick someone." 
"You know what might make me feel more relaxed?" 
"An orgasm." 
"I told you I'm tired--" 
"You don't have to do anything," Yoongi insists, swiping a tongue over his dry lips. "Just let me eat you out or something." 
"How many times do I have to say no?"
He has to say something about this. He should say something, right? But instead, he allows the conversation to drift away from the issues knocking in his mind. 
"Actually...been wanting to talk to you about something." 
"What now?" 
"Our sex life. Or rather the lack of it." 
The girl just sighs and goes back to cuddling. "You know I've been overworking myself lately. Can't we talk about this tomorrow?" 
"But, you said that last time and now it's been close to four weeks since we last talked." Yoongi pulls away and props himself up on his arm, forcing his girlfriend to roll away. "I'd like to talk about it now." 
She throws an arm over her eyes and groans. "Fine. Talk. I'm listening." 
"It's just that, it's been over a month since we've been intimate, and I don't want to pressure you or anything, but it's starting to mess with me. I'm imagining things, flirting with random inanimate objects, and all I want to do at the end of the day is make you feel good and to release some of my own tension, but it just keeps building and building, and that's why I'm like, I'm frustrated because--" 
"Yoongi," she interrupts him with a hand on his thigh, "you know you don't need me to release tension. You can do that by yourself." 
"I know I can because I have been. Almost every day!" Yoongi admits, shifting in his spot to lean further towards his girlfriend's unconcerned position. "But I feel kind of wrong because I feel like I'm not satisfying you like I should be doing as your boyfriend. I don't want just the thought of you, I want you. I want what we had before we stopped having sex." 
The girl sighs and wraps her arms around Yoongi's strong frame, slowly rubbing the bare skin of his side with soft fingertips. "I know you're worried about our lack of intimacy, but really I'm okay with it. You don't need to worry about satisfying me. I like things the way they are." She scoots closer. "But, since you've made it very clear that you're frustrated, I'll make the extra effort for you. Just not tonight, okay. I'm tired." 
Yoongi dramatically sighs before pecking her lips, making note that he didn't feel her return the kiss and the sting hits him deep in his stomach. 
"Okay, but please don't act like having sex with me is something you have to put 'extra effort' into. I know you like it." Suddenly, a tinge of fear creeps into Yoongi's chest and makes itself a little home between his ribs, "...don't you?" 
His girlfriend holds her breath before exhaling with a casual shake of her head. "Does everyone have to like sex as much as you do? So what if I don't want to fuck every day." 
"I don't mean we have to fuck every day," Yoongi explains, god forbid they end this conversation with another misunderstanding, "but a little more physical affection would be nice sometimes. You sleep in my bed more than anywhere else, but I still miss you." 
"Yoongi, I'm right here. You don't need to miss me." 
The irritated tone she uses is like an aching fire on Yoongi's skin. He pulls on her hip, rolling her onto her back and hovering over her lips with shallow desperate breaths. "That's the thing, I still do. Sometimes, I feel like we're not even in a relationship anymore. In the morning, you leave before me and come back before me, falling asleep again before I even get to tell you hello." Yoongi leans down and attaches his lips to the curve of her ear and deeply sighs at the weight of his hips pressing down on hers. "Baby, I swear I don't mean to push you, but I just want to feel like my girlfriend is still mine." 
Yoongi hears her annoyed huff and pulls his teasing back behind his teeth again, slowly lifting his kisses from her neck with a defeated expression hidden in the dark. 
He rolls away and onto his side facing away from her, feeling her run a hand over his back as she says gently, "We're okay like this. Let's just sleep, alright?" 
Yoongi closes his eyes, trying to will himself not to speak after being utterly embarrassed like he just was. But his will breaks, and his lips form the words. 
"Goodnight....love you." 
He waits for a moment but his only response is the faint sound of his girlfriend's breathing. 
You turn the clean, white card over and over in your hands.
Of course, he owns a modeling agency. Why wouldn't he own a modeling agency? 
Yoongi definitely has the physique to be a model. Or maybe he just runs the photo shoots, like a director or a producer? That address is actually pretty close to the smoothie shop you work for, and with this card, you could easily find him (not that you're going to). 
Quickly, you save Yoongi's number and address in your phone contacts. Then you rip up the business card and toss it in the trash bin. 
Immediately, those insecurities you thought you had started to overcome begin rushing back. But just like your therapist taught you, each time you start to have a negative thought, you tell it to shut up. 
Sometimes it works. 
He doesn't want you to call him anyway. He has a girlfriend, but even if he didn't, he'd never want to be with someone like you. Shut up. 
Sometimes it doesn't.
Work is slow today. Probably because of the rain. People never want to get out when it's so gloomy and gross. The downtime would be nice on any other day, but today, the lack of busy tasks has left your mind with the opportunity to wander in every direction. 
Unfortunately, the only direction it wants to go is to the phone in your back pocket, the one with Yoongi's number in it. 
He keeps popping up, and you don't know why. Not that you hate thinking about him. But the worst part is that every time Yoongi pops into your head, so does his girlfriend. 
It suddenly hits you while cleaning the blender, his girlfriend is probably a model. A beautiful one. Someone who doesn't have scars, or bruises, or metaphorical cuts and marks. Someone who doesn't have problems opening up their heart or trusting to the point of self-depreciation. Someone who is willing to wear a bikini during the Summer or who likes sleeping in the same bed with another body beside them. 
Yoongi doesn't deserve someone like you. Or rather, you don't deserve someone like Yoongi. A beat-up piece of trash who questions why she woke up that morning. A girl who hasn't been able to say "I love you" for over three years. A girl who hides herself like a child every chance she gets. 
And yet, you can't stop thinking about him. It's gotten to the point that you've dangerously started creating your own personal assumptions about his life and personality. 
You know, like psychopaths do. 
You like to think he probably owns a dog or two. Huskies. Maybe German Shepherds. He buys them that fancy dog food that's required to be refrigerated and toys, lots of toys. His girlfriend is allergic to dogs so she's never around, and he likes to send you random pictures of them digging up his girlfriend's garden in the backyard because he thinks it's funny. You like to imagine there are times when he's not so confident. Especially when it comes to romantic stuff, especially kissing. He probably blushes and stutters and asks before he does anything. 
It isn't long until the Yoongi you met over an impromptu blind date is morphed into your ideal, flawless partner, into someone he's probably not but you like the character you created out of him too much to stop daydreaming. 
Yoongi pops into your head so much today that you even imagine him walking through the front doors of your humble, corner smoothie shop. You imagine he's wearing a blue suit and brown shoes and his hair is dripping wet from the rain outside, combed out of his face to expose his forehead. He looks so handsome. You imagine he shakes his jacket out and hangs it on the coat rack to dry before scanning for a place to sit, another hand running through his hair for the third time since he entered but you're not mad one bit. 
"Hey," he greets you, the image of him walking towards the front counter with a friendly smile has you outwardly sighing, "I didn't know you worked here?" 
"Huh?" The miniscule sound escapes you when he continues to stare with expecting eyes. 
He laughs out loud, "I just came in to escape the rain, but didn't expect to find you handling a blender." 
In that exact moment, said blender slips from your hands and you fumble with it across the counter like an idiot, fighting to regain composure. 
"O-Oh well, yeah I mean, I just," you ramble until you're finally able to drop the blender back into its rightful place against the wall, "it's just a part time job. What are you doing here, Yoongi?" 
He points outside with flat lips. "Rain." 
"Right." Mental facepalm number one. 
He smiles at you genuinely. "You remember my name. I'm flattered." 
A nervous chuckle is not the smoothest response you could have used, but it's all you manage. "Of course. How could I forget?" 
"I guess it's safe to assume you made it home okay then," Yoongi comments, fixing the slightly ajar collar of his soaked, navy button up. "You never called me." 
He's upset at you. Shut up. 
It takes you a few moments to understand what he means, but then you remember his business card and a blush returns to your cheeks, a blush he's probably way too familiar with at this point. "Oh, yes. I'm sorry for running away like I did. I don't really have an excuse..." 
Yoongi just shakes his head, excusing your previous behavior with a friendly, "No, it's okay! Some people don't like to be touched and I get that. I should have asked before I just randomly grabbed you. I apologize." 
"It wasn't your fault, but thank you. I hope we can just put that behind us." 
"I'd like that," he smirks dangerously. 
Not that he was being suggestive in the slightest! Yoongi is a perfect gentleman in the way he keeps polite eye contact and smiles with every word you speak. But his smirk is dangerous because you find yourself magnetically pulled into the slight curve of his lips to the point where you're physically leaning against the side of the counter. 
His smile is so contagious. The way his eyes basically disappear, and the corners of his lips are kissed with smallest dimples. No doubt you're falling for his smile more and more every time you see it. Naturally, you subconsciously attempt to suppress those nasty feelings as much as you can. But for some reason, for the first time in three years, you're having a really difficult time. 
"So!" Yoongi says with a tap on the counter, "You do work here or you just think the green apron has potential to be the next fashion trend?"
You straighten your apron, running your hands over the monogram label. "What? You don't like the uniform?"
He shrugs. "You look better in black."
You cross your arms, trying to portray an air of confidence and playfulness. "I can pull off several colors. Green being one of them." 
Yoongi harshly hisses as if he doesn't want to offend you, but his next comment comes anyway. "I think, and I'm just a lowly model producer, but you would look much better in, I'm gonna suggest blue." 
After a long, careful examination of your apron, you shrug. "Okay, I'll give blue a chance. But if someone else walks in and tells me to wear purple, you're out of luck." 
Yoongi tries to keep a serious face, but ends up breaking down in giggles. "Deal. Thanks for at least acknowledging me."
"My pleasure."
Yoongi licks his lips, watching you for a second or two, eyes softly blinking as if he's considering something intensely. You're about to comment because you're beginning to feel rather small under his gaze, but he speaks up first, finally. 
"Would you like to have a smoothie with me? I'm going to be here until the rain dies down a little, and if I remember correctly, I really enjoy your company."
"Well," you consider, looking over your shoulder to where your only co-worker is sitting in the corner on her phone, zero concern for the world around them. "I would but I'm on the clock and already had my break."
He waves your excuse aside. "Eh, your boss won't mind. Come on, just one small smoothie with me. I'll take responsibility for any troubles. Promise." 
Glancing at the clock, your heart sinks because you do wanna sit with him, but if you ditch your shift, even just an hour early, you'll feel like crap and won't be able to enjoy Yoongi's company. The curse of obligation. 
"My shift ends in about an hour…" 
You're not worth waiting for. Shut up. 
You figure he won't; that's why you asked. Yoongi probably has someone to meet. Someone like his girlfriend. He'll say he doesn't have that kind of time, probably scoff at you for asking something so outrageous when you know he's a busy man, and then walk out and never talk to you again. It's for the best. Obviously Yoongi is not good for your health. 
He checks his watch and then nods. "I'll wait for you."
The shock on your face must be amusing, because as soon as Yoongi lowers his wrist and sees your face, he's bursting into a giggly smile. 
"You will?" 
He nods again, resting his hands inside his slack pockets. "I said I will." 
You answer him slowly, "Then...I guess one smoothie can't hurt."
Yoongi hasn't stopped smiling. He winks at you, a loud skip of your heart responding inside your chest. 
Conversations with Yoongi are a roller coaster. One second, he's talking about the superiority of sweet potato fries to french fries, and the next he's pouting because his girlfriend won't let him buy a puppy. He doesn't have a dog currently and, no, he and his girlfriend did not break up. Judging from the way he talks about her, he's a loyal boyfriend. A kind, considerate, happy, loyal boyfriend. 
He says she's perfect in almost every way. He likes her hair, her smile, her laugh. He really appreciates and treasures every part of her. This is the stuff your elementary friends said having a boyfriend was all about. The kind of stuff in movies where the guy always speaks kindly of his girlfriend no matter who he's with. It's all very childish in a way, but you do admit. You're jealous. Jealous of the way Yoongi talks about his girlfriend.
Not that you were expecting him to be any less passionate about his relationship than he is about producing. He also loves his job very much. Turns out Yoongi is in charge of managing behind the scenes of the photoshoots and the final produced cut of the photos. 
So, basically, he's a genius. 
Each time he talks, he impresses you. So much, you have to take a sip of your smoothie to keep from staring slacked jawed at him. 
Yoongi starts giggling, his cute laugh bringing you back to reality.
"What?" you ask, stunned at the way he suddenly sounds like a little kid.
He lifts his finger and brushes the corner of your mouth, pulling away with a small dot of pink smoothie on his fingernail. He smiles and tastes it. His lips are pink and they look very soft for it being so cold outside. 
Okay, is it just you or was that not the cutest thing that's ever happened to anyone ever? Your ex-boyfriend never did things like that. 
He nods. "No problem. I'm assuming you like your smoothie then?"
You copy his cute nod. "I always get this one." 
He sits back and crosses his arms with a furrowed brow. "Always? Why that one?" 
"I know I like it." 
"Don't you wanna try something different now and then?" 
"I haven't wanted to try something different in a long time," you answer, using your straw to play with the leftover smoothie at the bottom of your cup. “It’s safer to get what I know I like.” 
Yoongi blinks at you. Behind his eyes, he's processing, things are stacking in his mind and making more and more sense the more he talks to you. He can already tell you're no ordinary smoothie employee. There's something special about you, special and perhaps painful. He wants to know you more. 
"Can I ask you something?"
"Did you lose my card?"
Your eyes widen to the size of baseballs. Inside your chest, your heart screams at you not to answer. This is where the fairy tale ends and reality slaps you in the face.  
"Umm, to be honest, I-I threw it away," you reply with a guilty frown. 
Yoongi clenches his heart in pain, "Oh! You sure know how to hurt a guy's feelings," he chuckles.
It's things like this that really bug you. He's obviously joking but you feel like crying. You really like Yoongi and now you've disappointed him. 
He's disappointed in you for what you did. He hates you for that. Shut up. 
No matter how many times you tell yourself he's fine, your mind keeps plunging itself into darkness, beating itself up for being so useless and stupid. 
"I threw it away after I saved your number in my phone," you quietly tell him in hopes that he'll accept your excuse. "I have your number in my phone, I swear." 
You try to fake a playful smile but it's impossible. Your head hangs low, much lower than it was before, but he still manages to notice your eyes and the dim wetness in them. 
Yoongi stops and turns to rest his chin in his palms, titling his head to see you and kindly smiling. "Ah, so is that why you haven't called me?"
"The reason you haven't called me is because you have my number in your phone?"
The smirk on his face finds you practically speechless. "Well...no?" 
His lips smack and he flashes a warm smile at you. "Then why didn't you call me? Not that I was waiting for your call or anything, but I was kinda waiting for your call." 
What did he just say? You understand that some people are overly friendly or just have a flirty personality, but why does he keep saying cute things like this when he has a girlfriend? 
"You have a girlfriend," you finally say, "I didn't call you because you have a girlfriend."
Suddenly, his eyes realize and he leans back as far from you as possible. 
"Is that what you thought? Oh, no! I didn't mean--I mean, that's not what I was implying at all. Yes, I have a girlfriend, but I was hoping you would call me because I want to offer you a job."
"A job?" you ask timidly. 
"Yes, a job." Yoongi explains, "I think you have some raw talent hidden under that shy exterior, and I wanted to offer you a chance to audition for my company. But I also wanted to make sure your personality is as sweet as your appearance. I was hoping you would call me and I could see you again, so I could make sure I wanted you for the new winter line. That's all, I swear."
It all starts to make sense. His friendliness wasn't an act, but you also misunderstood him from the very beginning. He never intended to have a relationship with you, well, not a casual one at least. 
"I've never modeled before." 
"That's okay!" Yoongi says. "I don’t like to use professional models. They're too pompous and demanding. Plus, they don't look as natural as say someone like you. I like your style, and from the time I've spent with you, I really like the energy and vibe you bring too. I want to hire you."
"Hire? Me?"
Yoongi nods.
Flashbacks of times you've watched yourself in the mirror come to mind. Clearly, Yoongi is only asking you this because he's yet to see you in something truly form fitting. While a winter line doesn't sound nearly as demanding or scary as say a swimsuit line, you can't deny the amount of sheer terror just thinking about being in front of a camera does to you. 
"I can't."
"Why not?" 
I'm bruised. I'm broken. I'm scarred. I'm imperfect. Shut up. 
"I have a job here."
Yoongi scoffs, "Don't use that excuse on me. Someone just offered you a well-paying job to stand in place and you turn it down to blend smoothies for people? Come on, all I'm asking is for you to audition. Whatdya say?" 
"Thank you, but…" you nervously pick at your sweater paws wrapped around your cold, styrofoam cup, "I'm happy where I am." 
The gentleman sitting across from you narrows his eyes and sighs. "Are you? I mean, I know we don't know each other insanely well, but you can talk to me. If you want to."
"I know. Thanks." Your default response when someone offers to get closer to you.
Yoongi slowly nods and ganders around the store. "I guess you do have a little home here, huh? I get why you don't want to leave. Still..." he finishes his smoothie and stands up, "tell me if you change your mind?"
"Okay, sure," you say without looking up.
He stands there watching you for a minute or so before you hear his soft voice, "Hey."
You slowly find his gaze looking down at you and instantly you're locked into his eyes.
"Call me tomorrow? We can have lunch together on my break."
Immediately, you shake your head. "I'm not going to model for you, Yoongi." 
"I know, but who said we can't be friends? I'm just asking you for lunch not to marry me."
You can't help your blush. "Friends?" The word slips past your lips before you can stop it. 
He squats down next to you and smiles softly, little sparkles in his eyes you didn't know were there until you became this physically close to him. "I think you're really cool, ___. I'd like to be your friend, if you can manage that."
Your eyes find the ground like it's life or death. Did it suddenly get really hot in here or is that just you getting sick over nothing again? His eyes are so beautiful and it feels like they see into your deepest thoughts and insecurities when he looks at you like that. It's scary and nice and painful all at the same time. 
You take a deep breath and look up finally, unsure of what you're about to say, but your lips part and you decide whatever words come next must be your honest feelings. 
"Okay. Lunch. Just promise me there won't be a wedding photographer."
Yoongi laughs and crosses his heart. "I promise." He stands and pulls out a ten-dollar bill, dropping it on the table to pay for the smoothies. "See you tomorrow, ___."
You wave as he walks out the door, smiling back at you before stepping into the harsh world with exemplary confidence and positivity, the same kind you hope can find you again someday. 
"Baby? Is that you?" Yoongi hears the lovely sound of his girlfriend's voice come from the kitchen when he enters the house.
"Yeah, it's me." He sniffs, "Are you cooking?"
He hears her footsteps come around the corner and smiles when he sees her, sighing in complete and domestic satisfaction. 
"It's in the oven right now. I felt bad about our little fight the other night and wanted to make it up to you. Sorry, I used all your pasta though."
Yoongi sighs as he takes in the beautiful sight of his girlfriend. She's dressed in his t-shirt and boxers with a small white apron wrapped around her waist. She looks absolutely adorable. Yoongi can feel his heart swell at the sight of her.
"Baby, you shouldn't have."
She reaches out to him. Yoongi drops his coat and immediately goes to her, scooping her up in his arms and kissing her thin lips. She melts into his embrace.
"Hmm," she hums against his lips before pulling away, "well, I still felt bad. So, I put some lasagna in the oven and bought a bottle of your favorite merlot. How do you feel about having an Italian night?"
Yoongi smiles and kisses her nose cutely. "Sounds perfect." He begins to sway her in his arms while she sighs. "You look adorable by the way. I love it when you wear my clothes."
"I know," she giggles, "that's why I'm wearing them."
Yoongi raises his eyebrows. "Is that the only reason?" He dips his lips to her neck and begins to tickle her skin with kisses. "Sure there isn't another reason my girlfriend is wearing my boxers?" 
She only giggles and tries to keep Yoongi's fingers from tickling her ribs. "Uh no, there's not. Yoongi!" she exclaims when he swoops her into the air, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist. "I swear, Min Yoongi, if you don't put me down right now—"
"You'll what?" Yoongi interrupts. "What will you do?"
His girlfriend huffs a few empty threats which makes him chuckle. 
"I think we've established before-hand that I'm the dominant one in this relationship," he leads them to the couch before dropping the small girl on the cushions and climbing over her, "or maybe you need to be reminded."
His words reach her ear mere seconds before his lips do. They encircle her lobe before traveling down her neck to her collar. Each kiss he leaves with a sigh as his hands explore beneath his shirt which she stole the previous night. Without a second to spare, he rips her apron off and tosses it behind them. Even that small action turns him on like crazy. 
Fuck, he needs this. The feeling of her soft body under his. The sound of her moans as he drives her into the couch, his cock stretching out her warmth as her nails scratch down his back, bringing him that much closer to the edge. The way she grabs his hair when his teeth sink into her shoulder. The feeling of someone else's hot skin sticking to his like glue. The way her body writhes when he pulls her thigh over his shoulder, and he can find that one angle that makes her scream his name.
Just thinking about it makes Yoongi moan. 
"Baby, the lasagna will be done in like fifteen minutes."
"Fifteen minutes is plenty of time." He quickly reconnects their lips, licking inside her mouth and drawing out her tongue, partially because he needs to taste her and partially because he's nervous if she talks, she'll tell him to stop again. 
To Yoongi's pleasant surprise, she doesn't stop him. It could be because she made this whole dinner to apologize for stopping him last time, but Yoongi hopes it's because she wants him just as much as he wants her right now.
"Wait," she finally mumbles against his kiss when she gets the chance. Even though he doesn't want to, he pulls away so she can speak. 
She smiles up at him pitifully and runs a hand through his dark hair. "How about we just enjoy our dinner for tonight, okay? We have plenty of time to do all this stuff another day."
Yoongi freezes. He thought...but for a split second he could feel her responding to him. Her head was tilting to give him more access, her body felt warm and more welcoming than it had in weeks. Yoongi was gonna take his pants off and everything, so what happened?
"Yeah. Okay." 
His girlfriend sighs as they both sit up again. She pats his thigh and goes back to the kitchen, but she doesn't make it two steps away before—
"Do you find me attractive?"
She stops and turns around. "What? Of course, I do."
"Okay, but what I mean is…do you think I'm sexy?"
She just furrows her brow. "What the heck are you getting at?" 
Suddenly, Yoongi stands and strips his shirt, followed quickly by his pants. His breathing picks up pace, heart pounding and insecurities screaming. 
"Do you even want me?" His eyes look seductive, but his voice is shaking with nervousness.
"I..." his girlfriend swallows from nervousness as well, "why would you ask me that? What's gotten into you?"
"Just answer the question," Yoongi demands.
She doesn't speak. Instead she takes a step towards Yoongi and places a hand on his bare chest. Yoongi hates himself for this... but with how distant she's been physically, just one hand on his chest sends a chill through his entire body and a sensation to his gut that makes him crave more. 
"Are you okay, Yoongi?"
"No! I'm not okay, this relationship is not okay. That's the issue." He can't keep it in anymore. Not now. "And stop calling me Yoongi." 
She scoffs, her own voice raising to match his. "Yoongi is your name, what do you expect me to call you?" 
"You never called me by my name before, remember. Baby? Honey boy? Darling? Daddy? What happened to those nicknames, huh? Although, I guess you really only called me names in bed and since we stopped having sex you don't have a reason to anymore. Is that right?" 
"What the hell has gotten into you?" 
"I want you. So badly. We haven’t gone on a date in weeks and you always push me away before we can even get naked. Something is wrong, so would you please, just--" his hands reach out to her waist, but she backs away quickly, leaving Yoongi standing in the middle of the room practically naked and very confused.
"I don't want to have sex," she says plainly. 
Yoongi slowly lowers his hands. He's never thought anything like this before, but he feels the need to ask just for the confirmation. "Baby...are you asexual? Because if you are, we can work with that, but you have to talk to me—"
"What? No!" she immediately retorts. "I just don't want to do it right now."
"You haven't wanted to 'do it' in over a month, and I don't mean to offend you by asking, I just thought—"
She suddenly waves her hand in an effort to shut Yoongi up. "I promise I am not asexual. I just..." her voice trails off.
Yoongi pushes her to continue, "You just what?"
She sighs annoyed and turns to walk into the kitchen. "I just already had a long day and I'm tired, alright."
Yoongi slowly follows her, pressuring her to continue the conversation anyway. "Babe, if you're tired, why did you take the extra energy to make dinner for me? You could have ordered something." 
She shrugs and wipes little circles on the counter top with her hand towel. "Just because I wanted to," she mumbles but it's not cute like it was before. It's just frustrating. 
"Look, I can take care of myself later. But I don't think we should ignore this. What do you think about maybe talking to someone about it?" he asks, stepping closer to her and sliding his hands around her waist once she allows him. 
"What do you mean? Like seeing a counselor?" 
"A relationship counselor, yeah. There's clearly something wrong in our sex life or we wouldn't be fighting like this all the time. I feel like there's a lot of tension that we're not releasing." 
His girlfriend furrows her brow, clearly not impressed with the idea. "If you need to release tension that badly, why don't you do it before you come home?"
"You mean at work?" Yoongi almost can't believe she even suggested that. "I work at a modeling agency." 
She shrugs again. "Yeah, so?"
Yoongi takes a step back and shakes his head, very confused and somewhat offended. "I am surrounded by stunning, sexy women all day who would do anything to get on the producer's good side." He points to himself. "Do you understand how easy it would be for me to release my tension at work? Are you asking me to cheat on you?" 
That's when his girlfriend throws the hand towel across the counter and raises her voice louder than either of them have been all night. "Do what you fucking need to, Yoongi! Whatever, I just can't take this nagging about sex anymore! I'm stressed, alright?"
"Then let me help you destress! I need you, you need me. Let's just go back to how we were before. When we were both happy. When we were sleeping together. Now it's like…I don't know, I just hate how we are now." Yoongi steps back so he can run his hands through his hair.
"Well, I don't!" she replies with a stomp. "God, I don't want to have sex every day!"
"I'm not asking you to have sex with me every day, but I haven't touched you or been touched in over a month and it's messing with me! You just quit on me cold turkey without any warning, with no explanation, and now I feel more distant from you than I ever have, and honestly, it's really shitty of you to keep pushing me off without saying why!” 
She crosses her arms, and huffs a breath, popping her hip like one of those mean girls from high school. "Well, you're just gonna have to get over that because I'm done having this conversation with you." 
And right at that moment, the oven timer beeps, and Yoongi feels his heart drop. She pulls the lasagna out of the oven and places it on top of the stove before throwing her oven mitts next to the dish. 
"I think I'm just gonna head home," she says quietly. "Enjoy your dinner."
Yoongi sighs and rolls his lips between his teeth, telling himself he should stop her. But he doesn't, and she walks out the door with her hair blowing back a scent of lavender and missed opportunity.
He doesn't eat dinner that night. 
There aren't many contacts in your phone in all honesty. It's hard to scroll through them and not come across Yoongi's name. 
You're not sure you should be doing this, but he did make an effort to be friends with you and you've been excited about seeing him again, no matter how nervous his smile makes you. 
Calling people on the phone has never been your strong point. It's such a simple task and yet your anxiety spikes every time it rings against your ear, that staticky, muffled ringing that makes the air in your lungs bubble and bop like it's sizzling. 
He answered. Holy shit he answered. 
"Hey, Yoongi." 
"I know that voice," he sounds like his smile, if that makes sense. Just hearing it makes you blush. "So you decided to call me. Thanks for finally giving me your number. I was wondering when you were gonna come around." 
"Actually, that's why I called you—"
Yoongi's gasp interrupts you. "You're not standing me up, are you?"
You can't help but giggle. If that comment came from anyone else, it might put you into a straight panic. But with Yoongi, you can imagine the playful smirk on his face right now and it lightens the moods immediately. 
"I got caught up cleaning a mess for my coworker. They called out and I got stuck doing their side work. I'm sorry." 
"Well, I'd rather you be late than hurt or something." 
People who fall in love can usually pin point that one moment when they started really falling for the other person, that one action, or personality trait, or statement when they felt their entire body go weightless and everything made sense for once. 
For the first time in three years, as soon as Yoongi said that ridiculously considerate and not at all romantically intended sentence, things started to make sense. 
"So, where are you?" 
"I'm walking to the bus stop now," you tell him. 
"Should I come pick you up? You'd probably have a much better time if you didn't have to take public transportation."
"No!" you respond a little too quickly, and it makes you pause before you can even finish your thought. "I mean, I can't ask you to go out of your way like that. I'll just meet you there like we planned."
Yoongi scoffs. "Nah, it's all good. I don't mind at all. Just stay where you are and I'll be there in a few." 
But you don't have a chance to retort when he ends the call suddenly. Apparently he won't be hearing another word on the subject. Yoongi is on his way here and you have no choice but to wait for him. 
It's a bit chilly. Thankfully the ice on the road has begun to melt but there's still a biting breeze and plenty of reasons to wear gloves and a scarf. Too bad you didn't bring any. 
By the time Yoongi pulls up to the curb, you've begun to shiver. He pops open the door from inside and gestures for you to climb inside. Cars were never really your thing but you can tell just by the shape of the headlights this is not your run of the mill sedan. 
That and the door opens up instead and out. You don't even know car doors did that. 
Inside is already toasty and the passenger seat is warm. 
"Did you wait long?"
You almost didn't hear him over the feeling of all your chills melting away. 
"No, you made great time. I figured you would have been later because of the snow and stuff."
Yoongi puts a fist to his chest, proclaiming, "I pride myself on being punctual. But I hope you don't mind, I actually need to stop by my work and drop something off. I forgot I still had it and the marketing team needs it before tomorrow." 
Of course you don't mind. Yoongi is being more than generous, picking you up and taking you to lunch, talking to you like an adult, sharing with you, being kind to you, smiling at you, existing. 
He keeps driving and the conversation flows just as easily as it did the night at the restaurant and yesterday at the smoothie shop. Every minute you spend with Yoongi, you enjoy yourself more and more. He's very easy to talk to and you really appreciate all the little winks and side glances he tries to give you despite driving. It feels like he actually cares about what you're saying, which is kinda new for you to be honest. 
"So, tell me," he continues after you've finished comparing your favorite things about snow, "who is this coworker who dares to call out and leave you with all their work?" 
"Oh, they do it all the time. I'm used to it by now." 
"Doesn't the manager care?" 
"Pretty sure they're sleeping with the manager so...I'm guessing not." 
"Maybe you should sleep with the manager. Then you could get out of shifts too." 
"I don't know," you hiss, "double chins and back fat don't really do it for me." 
As soon as you speak, Yoongi busts out in giggles. He must have thought your comment was funnier than you expected because next thing he reaches over and places a steady hand on your knee. You thankfully manage to hold in your sudden desire to jerk away. Yoongi said he wouldn't randomly touch you anymore, but you get the feeling that's just something he does with everyone. It's one way he shows affection. You really like that about him actually, but you're also still learning how not to be controlled by your bruises. 
"So what does it for you then? If it's not double chins and back fat." 
He obviously meant it to be an innocent question but you don't know how to answer it without being totally and completely serious. 
"I guess, umm, I like guys who are more gentle. And honest." 
Yoongi nods, keeping his eyes on the road and his hands on the wheel. "Honesty can be hard to find these days. Sometimes, even when you're honest, the other person just won't be. And you don't know why and they just keep hiding stuff from you or refusing to talk to you, like you're some stranger. And no matter how much you try to be what they want it's like they don't want you anymore but they won't even tell you why, it's so stupid." 
He finishes with a heavy sigh, leaning his cheek on his fist against the door. For a moment, you're both silent. You haven't seen this side of Yoongi before, but it would be silly to assume he doesn't deal with frustrations or disappointments like you do. There must be something bothering him lately. You'd like to be his confidant but you're not sure exactly how to go about doing that. 
He ends up speaking before you can think of the words to say. "Sorry, I didn't mean to drop all that on you." 
"Trouble in paradise?" 
"Guess you could say that," he shrugs. "But it's all good. Let's change the subject, if you don't mind." 
"Sorry. Sure." 
That answers that question. Yoongi doesn't want you as a confidant. Curse you and your inability to initiate or carry decent conversations. The awkwardness steadily grows the longer you fiddle with your purse and study your toes. His car is so quiet when it drives, all you can make out is the occasional crunch of snow under his tires and his hands sliding over the leather steering wheel. 
"Is your work much farther?" 
"Yeah, we just have to cross the bridge after this light," he says with a flat smile as the car comes to a stop.
The red illuminates the inside of the car despite it being midday. Clouds litter the sky and block the majority of any possible sunlight. Winter is nice but you miss the sunshine on days like this. 
"What's your favorite food?" he suddenly asks you. 
"Umm, probably fruit. I also like rice dishes." 
"Favorite color?" 
"Favorite animal?" 
"Definitely dogs," you start to crack a smile. "Why the pop quiz?" 
The light turns green and he starts moving forward again. "I have to keep asking questions, so I can learn more about you. Plus, most friends know these things about each other," he points out.
"If you say so," you giggle, simply flattered that he wants to know things about you. It's been a long time since someone genuinely wanted to know you, and the fact that it's Yoongi doesn't make it easier on your heart either. 
Yoongi sees your shy smile and smiles back. "Glad we agree."
Shit, you really like this. Riding in a car, feeling completely safe with the person driving. Talking about absolutely everything. Learning new things about each other without fear. You're not sure how he's managed to create this safe atmosphere, but somehow Yoongi makes talking, something you've never found easy, so simple. 
He continues with the questions. "Favorite movie genre?"
"I like old timey romantic movies."
Yoongi raises an eyebrow. "Really? You mean like black and white movies?"
"Yeah, my mom and dad used to take me to drive-ins and we would sit in the car, throwing popcorn at random things, making comments about the actors. Just silly stuff, you know." 
Yoongi smiles, listening intensely to your every word while keeping the car straight. "Used to?"
Suppose now is as good a time as any to share a little about your past. You've never been willing to say this much about yourself before but with Yoongi you don't mind opening up so much. 
"My parents died right after my eighteenth birthday. I still miss them. Sometimes, I think if I could just hug my mom or get my dad's advice on what I should do just one more time...things would be so much better. Daz always said they're dead now so what's the point of wishing hopelessly. He's probably right. He was very adamant about these things."
You finish your little story and Yoongi doesn't say a word for another several seconds.
And then, he spoke, forcing you to pick up your hanging head and stare at his profile.
"Look, I don't know who this Daz guy is, but he has no right saying things like that. It's one hundred percent okay to miss your parents. And if it's hopeless wishing, who fucking cares? Wishing keeps your heart alive. It keeps your hope alive. And if you're not hoping for anything, then what's the point?"
Those words are the kindest you've heard in a really long time. So long in fact, you don't know how you're supposed to respond. Even if he didn't mean them in the way you want him to, you know he meant them to encourage you, and that in and of itself means so much. 
You honestly feel safer even just sitting in a car with him, driving down the snowy street in the cold of a winter afternoon. You could spill everything. Every little piece of yourself. 
Carefully, you watch his profile, paying special attention to your heart tugging in your chest. And not because Yoongi is the first guy to treat you this way in such a long time, although that's probably a factor, you just trust his person. You don't have to keep your guard up constantly or suspect him of lying to you or—
"And who the hell is this Daz guy anyway? He sounds like a douche."
"Uhh," you stutter, "h-he's my...ex." 
"Your ex said that to you?" Yoongi asks, totally shocked. Your heart jumps. 
It's time to confess. Yoongi has been honest with you so it's time to do the same. "Do you remember the first time we met?"
Yoongi nods. "Yeah, at Jin's restaurant. What does that have to do with this?"
You take a deep breath. "Remember how I told you I was waiting for a blind date? Actually, that was my first date since breaking up with Daz." 
Yoongi does a double take at your embarrassed expression. "Really?" 
You just squeeze your folded hands in your lap and stare down at your crossed ankles. Both your cheeks feel like they're a thousand degrees hotter now even with the snow starting to fall harder every second outside the car window. 
Now he knows you're a liar. You lied. He hates you now. Shut up. 
Yoongi lets out a long breath and looks straight ahead, but his hand finds its way from the steering wheel to yours in your lap. "Sorry, ___. I've been stood up before. It sucks, it really does."
You can't focus. From the way his palm feels pressed to yours, to the way his fingers wrap around your hand so softly, everything about his hand gives you an intense feeling of inviolability. His profile is shining, his jawline sharper than glass, but his eyes have a soft undertone to how they look out into the world.
"I'm sorry for lying," you whisper, still unable to convince yourself he's not about to kick you out of the car. 
Yoongi looks over at you, expression turning sympathetic when you can't look back at him. "You didn't really lie to me though. You didn't have any obligation to tell me anything. Besides, people lie all the time, and in comparison, you really don't need to apologize. I'm not mad at you."
"You're not?'
Yoongi shakes his head and chuckles. "Of course, I'm not. What, like I'm gonna pull the car over and leave you on the side of the road because I don't affiliate with liars? My job has me surrounded by liars every day. And they're much worse than you, believe me." 
"What do you mean?"
Yoongi explains, "Okay so, you've seen magazine covers and photoshoots, right? All that stuff is edited and polished until it's perfect. Most of those girls don't look like they do in pictures. In real life models are much more..." he takes a moment to think of the right word, "erroneous."
Yoongi glances your way and smiles proudly. "It's my word for the day. It means flawed."
"Oh," you stifle a giggle with the back of your hand, "well, I appreciate you not kicking me out of your car. And for your significantly expanded vocabulary. It's very advantageous."
Yoongi raises his brow, impressed and entertained by your equally extensive vocabulary. 
Conversations with Yoongi are turning out to be so refreshing. You never talked about things like vocabulary words, models, or even old timey romance movies with Daz. 
Actually, you haven't really talked with anyone since the last time Yoongi talked with you at the smoothie shop. That conversation has been replaying in your mind for the past few hours and his words haven't left your brain yet. For some reason everything Yoongi says gets stuck in between your ears. But it's kind of okay. You like having his voice in your head. It's calming. 
"Earth to ___?" 
"Huh? Oh, sorry," you immediately apologize. "I tend to zone out sometimes." 
"Stuck in dream world?" he asks with an understanding sigh. 
You shrug. "Something like that." 
"The dream world can be a dangerous place, you know. Careful how often you spend time there."
Some of the things Yoongi says catch you off guard. Sometimes you think you've got him figured out and then he says something totally unexpected and yet completely understandable, and it surprises you how well you resonate with his worldview and experiences considering you've only met him a few times. 
"Because," you continue his thought, "if you're not careful, you can grow complacent with your dreams. The only problem being nothing can ever live up to them. You'll only ever be satisfied when you're not in reality. Right?" 
Yoongi looks over to you slowly as the car comes to pause at the last red light before his company. You keep a solemn gaze fixed on the road ahead.
"Right..." he says with a soft blink, sliding his hands up and around the steering wheel.
"What do you do when all your dreams are nightmares?"
You've never asked anything like this to anyone, and this could potentially be very inappropriate, but you ask anyway. Maybe because for the first time, you think Yoongi could have a chance of having the answer. Maybe because you've come to the end of your patience and you're tired of dealing with unanswered questions. Whatever the reason, the words tumble out on their own. But you're not necessarily trying to stop them either. 
"Find something good."
Yoongi's words shock you, but you're also curious as to what he could mean by that.
"Something good?" 
He shrugs. "Yeah. Focus on the good. Everyone has nightmares from time to time. Probably because no one has a perfect reality and their daydreams are going to have some downsides too. The main point of a dreamworld is not to erase the hellishness from this reality. It's to create a whole new place to go when this reality gets a little too…" 
"Yeah. Real." 
He parks his car and for a moment, you just watch each other, as if silently understanding that whatever it is the two of you are separately going through, whatever trials, whatever pain, whatever struggle, whatever reality, you both just found someone you can confide in and trust. Something neither of you have had in a long while. 
"We're here," he sings and exits the car with you close behind. 
Your head falls back completely just trying to see all the way to the top of it. Standing on the sidewalk in your thrift shop jeans and sweater, you don't feel nearly rich enough to go in there. 
Yoongi leads you past the front doors, past security, past another set of metal detectors and into what you immediately realize must be the main hall. 
Everything is very impressive, from the massive cameras to the people behind them. You've never seen so many screens and all of them are flashing picture after picture in real time as the photographer takes them. 
Standing in the middle of a white sheet at the front of the room is a beautiful model. She's wearing what looks like very expensive clothes and high heels. Her hair is perfect, her smile is perfect, her outfit is perfect. She looks perfect. And she looks so at ease. You can only imagine if that was you, you'd never look that good. 
Yoongi taps your shoulder. "I'm stepping into that back office for a second. Can you wait here? I'll be right back." 
"Yeah, sure." 
As soon as Yoongi is out of sight, you try to get a little closer to the action. The whole thing is admittedly very very cool. The idea that the model and photographer work together to help influence thousands of people to buy a particular piece of clothing. 
The fashion industry always intrigued you but you never felt beautiful enough to pursue it. Part of that is your natural tendency to belittle yourself, but you also know a lot of your issues with self acceptance came from your past relationship. You keep telling yourself you've moved on and healed but the truth is there's still pieces of you that hurt on a regular basis. 
But watching this model do her job...wow. You have to admit, it looks fun. If only you had the guts to accept Yoongi's offer. 
"Oh, thank god, you're here!" 
Your head whips around and standing before you is a very tall, very flamboyant stylist. He's got a measuring tape draped around his neck, a crop top beneath his short overalls and the longest, prettiest eyelashes you've ever seen on any eyes. 
"Next time you're gonna be late, please have the decency to let me know. We're all trying to do our jobs here, same as you, okay babe?" 
"But I'm not--" 
He takes your wrists and ushers you towards the other side of the room where there's racks of clothes and about six or seven vanities. 
"No excuses, babydoll," he sighs, sitting you in a chair and pulling the ponytail from your hair. "Let's do this quick. You'll find out soon enough but let me give you a head's up, Mr. Cameraman over there is not known for his patience." He chuckles to himself before adding, "But he knows how to use his hips just as well as a camera so I'm usually convinced to let things slide, if you know what I mean." 
His comments make you giggle. Suddenly, you're very comfortable. He plays with your hair, fluffing it and styling it before moving onto your make up. It doesn't take him long. He says you're already so naturally beautiful he doesn't need to do a lot. 
"Makeup is meant to accentuate a person's natural beauty, not paint on a whole new face. That's why it's called 'makeup' not 'mask on', darling. Write that down." 
After scanning through his several racks of clothes, he picks out a few pieces and tosses them towards you. 
"There's a curtain over here, honey. Let me know if you need help." 
And with that he hurries his cute little butt to another station and gets to helping someone else. As you watch him, you realize there's not many people here. The set is big and appears to need many people to run it efficiently, but there's only maybe fifteen working bodies nearby. Maybe they're short staffed. Or maybe Yoongi is just picky about who he hires. 
Whatever the reason, Yoongi made a very good choice hiring that stylist, you think. 
The clothes he gave you look warm and cozy but definitely higher fashion than you're used to. Maybe you should try them on, just to be polite? 
With more excitement than you thought you'd have, you hurry behind the curtain and begin stripping. After double checking no one could see, you slip on the fancy pants and top and coat. 
As soon as you step out, the stylist comes running back over, hands over his mouth and what looks like tears in his eyes. 
"Baby, look at you!" he gasps. "You are so beautiful. Yes. Yes! This is it, Felicia! Oh my god, girl, everything about this is right. You look fucking amazing!" 
His compliments make you blush, pink cheeks only adding to the casual winter girlfriend aesthetic he's got you dolled up in. You wrap the coat further around your waist and smile bashfully. 
"I like it." 
"That's right you do! Now, go do your job and model that coat like your paycheck depends on it. Because it does. Go go go." 
"What? Oh no, that's not what I--" 
"Less talking, more modeling. Snap snap!" 
You're shoved in front of a blank backdrop, suddenly and forcefully. Scanning the room, you don't see Yoongi anywhere yet. He must still be handling business elsewhere. 
The photographer lifts his camera but he lowers it again before taking any shots. 
"Are you gonna pose?" 
"Uhh…" you start to panic, "I don't know…s-sorry." 
From the corner of your eye, you catch the stylist gesturing for you to do something. He puts his hand on his hip and mocks showing off his outfit with a confident and flirty smile. 
With nothing else to go on and no clear sign of escaping, you decide it's now or never. It does cross your mind that this is all Yoongi's doing, a last attempt to make you reconsider working for him, and while it's petty and a little invasive of your personal space, you might as well make the most of it. 
You try to copy the stylist's poses. A hand on your hip, a hand behind your head, legs wide and hips pushed back. But it doesn't look right and it feels awkward. The photographer takes a peak at the pictures and shakes his head. 
He's disappointed in you. You ruined his photoshoot. You ruined the coat. You ruined all these people's hard work. It's all your fault. Shut up. 
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," you mumble repeatedly, rubbing a hand over the back of your neck and refusing to look at the camera anymore. 
The photographer gasps, "Hold it right there!" He snaps a picture before you can move. "That's it. That is, oh damn, that's great. Do that again." 
"Do what?" 
"The shy thing," he mimics your hand on the back of his neck, "what you just did." 
With little assurance you tuck your hair behind your ear, glancing at the camera before looking away in embarrassment. 
"Nice," he encourages you, "keep it up!" 
You're not sure how you being shy and unconfident makes for good pictures, but you continue being your awkward, unsure self, and the photographer continues snapping pictures of you from every angle and side. He litters you with praises the whole time, some way too good to be true. But the more you hear how much he likes your modeling, the more willing you are to try new poses. 
By the time Yoongi returns, you've modeled two other outfits and had your make up redone three times. 
He walks out, hands in his pockets and an innocent smirk on his face as he watches you giggle at the camera. He thinks you're a natural, playing with the camera like that, teasing it by looking over your shoulder and shyly flipping your hair. Not only do your pictures come out flawless, but you make the clothes look remarkable too. 
"Ready to go?" he calls for you. 
As soon as he gets your attention, you hurry over to him, thanking the photographer and stylist on the way. 
You stop in front of him and smile. "Okay, fine. You win." 
"I win what?" 
"I know you asked to come here so I would get a chance to model and hopefully reconsider your job offer." 
He gapes, a hand over his chest. "___, whatever do you mean? I would never try something like that." 
You giggle at his reaction, playful hitting his bicep. "Oh, stop it! You know exactly what you did. And I admit, modeling is pretty fun." 
"And you're so good at it," he insists, pointing to the pictures on the monitor. "You were a natural up there. Just like I knew you would be." 
"You really think so?" 
"Yeah, I do. And if you enjoyed it that much, you should come back and be my winter model. If you want to. Please? Only if you want to. Pretty please?" 
This might be the second biggest mistake of your life, but right now, it feels like exactly what you need to do. Even if this all ends up being a waste of time, you want to experience it. It's been so long since you said yes to something new, something exciting. At least you know your therapist would be proud of you. And Yoongi's smile is influencing your heart in more ways than one at this moment. 
"Okay. I'll do it!" you say excitedly and almost immediately, he wraps you in a tight hug. 
Yoongi feels entirely victorious. Today was more of a success than he ever anticipated. You finally accepted a seasonal position helping him shoot his winter line, and if he's lucky, he'll be able to convince you to help out with the summer line too. 
Not even thinking about how much fun he had with you in the process too. He wasn't lying when he said he enjoys your company. If anything he was downplaying just how much he likes you. Your reactions are genuine, you're honest about your feelings, you can be funny, you can be serious. It's like he always knows what he's getting into and there's no guessing when it comes to you. You just get him. 
That's...really nice. You're really nice. 
Plus he got to come home early which hasn't happened in what feels like forever. He can actually cook something for dinner if he wants to. He has the time, the energy, and the ingredients. What the hell, why not? He can spoil himself for a night. 
He drops his stuff by the door and makes his way to his bedroom to change into comfy clothes. 
Weird. He doesn't remember closing his door this morning. 
Just as his hand closes around the knob, he hears it. A high pitched, desperate moan. He recognizes the voice but not the name it's currently cursing in explicit pleasure. 
Part of him doesn't want to open the door. If he does, he has to face it and envisioning the scene in his head is already his worst nightmare. The other half of him doesn't give a fuck. 
He pushes open the door and sure enough, there she is. With her head thrown back against his pillow, in his bed, covered by nothing but his sheets, in his apartment. Her hand is buried in the curly black hair of some strange guy who's buried himself between her legs. 
They both jump when Yoongi slams the door against the wall. 
He watches them, expressionless. 
"Yoongi, what are you doing here?" 
"My apartment," he deadpans. "What are you doing here?" 
It's such a sick, mean question to ask someone in her position but she couldn't earn his pity or his sympathy even if she wanted to. Not anymore. Not now. Not ever again. 
The douchebag who was just devouring her pussy sits up with a dazed, fucked out glass over his eyes and shimmering lips. He uses the bedsheet to wipe his mouth before attempting to say something. 
"Whoa, uhhh, hey dude listen, she didn't tell me she had a--" 
"Get out," Yoongi commands.
The guy doesn't hesitate. Without giving Yoongi's girlfriend another glance, he pulls his jeans over his ass, grabs his shirt and runs out the front door, stuttering as he goes. 
She sits there, naked and shamelessly dripping arousal from between her legs. 
She doesn't say anything. Not that Yoongi necessarily wants her to, but it would be nice to at least hear her try to explain herself. Her silence cuts through his skin like a knife, carving her obvious state of indifference across his skin and engraving every hint and voiceless sign he should have seen but chose to ignore for the sake of avoiding confrontation. 
There's no point in avoiding anything anymore. 
"You too." 
"You can't just kick me out--" 
"Now. Never come back." 
She shouldn't be shocked. Either way, she takes her time getting dressed and gathering her jacket which was thrown across the room earlier, no doubt during some heated foreplay. 
Just as she passes Yoongi in the doorway, she pauses. Still staring straight ahead, he grits his teeth and barely manages to keep himself composed when she speaks. 
"I liked you, Yoongi. It's not my fault you suck in bed." 
It's her lack of guilt or apology that burns more than anything. A million questions cloud his mind and judgment as she walks out, into the freezing world, the only consequence for her actions being the end of a relationship she clearly couldn't have cared less about. 
And Yoongi is left to clean up the mess she's made of his trust. 
He doesn't cry. She's not worth it. 
First, he strips his sheets and pillow cases and stacks them in his apartment sized square of green backyard. With a little motor oil and a match, he burns his best bedsheets to ash, followed by every physical picture he took with her and the scarf she accidentally left on his desk chair. 
Even with all the physical evidence gone, for now the memory of her voice, her laugh, her kiss, and her sighs are still fossilized in his brain. 
Despite having remade his bed and stacked it with fresh pillows, he still sleeps on the couch that night. 
(If staring at the ceiling and listening to the same song over and over just so he's not encased in humiliating silence is considered sleeping.)  
2 weeks later
"Hey hot stuff, ready for a new day?" 
Your stylist, who's name you've learned is Amber, tells you that you're beautiful every day. He's constantly praising you and pushing you to try new colors and hairstyles. Sometimes, when there's time before the shoot, you let him mess with your hair and play around with different makeup techniques. Amber is one of a kind and he's definitely your favorite new friend you've made since taking this job. But everyone in the office is nice to you thankfully, including the other girls. You're not best friends with any of them but they smile politely and let you use their spare hairspray when yours runs out. 
Modeling itself has gotten harder over the last few days. No longer do you envy the girls on magazine covers and commercials. The more pictures you see of yourself, the more you realize what Yoongi said is true. None of those models look exactly like themselves in the final product. Neither do you. 
But you're not quitting. You gave Yoongi your word that you would stay until all the shoots for his winter line are over. In return he offered to give you whatever outfit you like best in addition to your very generous paycheck. 
You admit the perks are nice and you get along with the staff, but it's disappointing how often you actually see Yoongi. 
Yoongi is a very busy man. You've only been modeling for about two weeks now and even you can see he's been putting a lot on himself lately. Sometimes he doesn't leave the office until early hours of the morning. You discovered this after the day you came in to surprise the team with coffee and he was still working from the night before. 
Needless to say, you made him promise to leave by midnight at the latest. And so far, he's kept to that promise, or so he texts you that he has. 
Not that you took this job because you thought you would be able to spend more time with him. But when you took this job for a totally responsible reason, you thought you would be able to spend more time with him. Luckily, you've come to discover something he has a very hard time saying no to. 
Lamb skewers. 
Knock knock 
"Come in." 
You slowly push the door open and peek your head inside. "Hey, Yoongi?" 
He looks up from his desk, his expression instantly lightens when he sees you. "___, what's up?" 
"Are you ready to go?" 
It takes him a moment to remember, but after a few blinks he catches on again. "Oh! Right, dinner. We're going to dinner, uhhh one sec." Scrambling for his things, he chuckles when he finally finds his car keys in his pocket. 
His smile is nice but something about it seems...off. 
In his car, you keep a close eye on him. Something happened. You can tell. As someone who's gone through deep shit, you've developed an ability to tell when someone else is also going through deep shit. 
Yoongi's shit is deep. 
"How was modeling today?" he asks you casually as he pulls onto the road. "I saw your newest pictures earlier. You're amazing." 
"Thanks," his compliments always make you shy. "I think I've got the hang of it but facing a camera isn't always easy." 
"Do you like it though?" 
"Yeah, I enjoy it. How's your work coming along, Producer?" you ask with a slight tease to your voice. 
He nods, as if his smile alone will carry the conversation. For whatever reason Yoongi has decided to overwork himself, whether that's to distract himself or avoid something, it's affected his social skills. He's not nearly as outspoken, confident, or involved as he used to be. The Yoongi you know is a great conversationalist and passionate and isn't afraid to save a stranger from being embarrassingly stood up on a blind date. 
This isn't the same Yoongi. 
You're not one for confrontation, but it's come to the point where Yoongi means too much to you to ignore him when he's not himself. 
"Hey, are you okay?" 
"Huh?" He glances at you innocently, as if broken from a daydream. "I'm fine." 
"You don't seem fine. Did something happen?" you ask gently, tucking your hands between your knees and shrugging as if that will make your question less invasive. 
Maybe it's not your place as his employee (technically) but you justify your actions because you're approaching him as his friend. 
Yoongi sighs, obvious conflict in his breath and subtle fidgeting. He bites his lip as if he's trying to keep himself from admitting it but he can't help himself. He really wants to talk to someone about it. And while he probably should be talking to a therapist, he really trusts you and part of him wants to share his personal life with you. 
"I broke up with my girlfriend." 
"I'm sorry." 
"Not what you were expecting, huh," he forces a laugh. 
"That's not it, I just…" you pause, thinking of the right way to form your words, "...can I ask why?" 
"She...wasn't the one for me," he hums. "I mean, things were fine at first but she thought I wasn't...well, I decided we weren't good together, so I ended things." 
You take that answer as an unwillingness to share the detailed reason of why he decided to end things with his girlfriend. Since you're in no place to push his obvious boundaries, you relax into your seat again and try to keep the conversation going without increasing the already settling awkwardness. 
"People usually assume it's hardest on the person who got broken up with. But I know what it's like to end a relationship. It's not easy. I think you're really strong for making that call." 
"That's right, you broke up with your boyfriend three years ago," Yoongi reminds himself. "I don't know much about your ex but from what you've told me, he wasn't exactly kind." 
"Not really. Sounds like your ex wasn't exactly kind either." 
"Yeah, not really," he admits with a chuckle, glancing at you with at least some form of an honest smile. "Damn, we really know how to pick em, don't we?" 
The atmosphere is lightening surprisingly well. The longer you talk, the more you share, the closer you become. Being close to Yoongi is something that you don't want to take for granted. Despite his supposedly extroverted personality, he's not the most open person when it comes to his personal life. Yoongi prefers to keep things to himself. He's a master at small talk and he's professional as hell, but he doesn't let people in very easily. You're honored to be someone who he considers trustworthy and you view him as someone safe. 
The car feels nice as you ride down the road, glancing out the window between stop lights and breaks in the conversation. Yoongi asks you about your last photoshoot and if things at the smoothie shop have wrapped up yet. He asks you lots of questions but he avoids being asked any more himself. Yoongi may appear chill on the outside, but you've picked up on a few conversational habits he has when he's trying to hide something. 
You're only two or so stops away from the restaurant when you take a moment to look out the window. 
It's instantaneous. The second your eyes land on his figure and your brain processes what it's seeing, you feel a sudden tightening in your chest and you can't breathe. 
Yoongi continues sharing about his desire to have an office karaoke night, but all sound is muffled inside your ears. You're suddenly very aware of where you are in space and what's happening around you. Every time Yoongi's elbow moves or his hand slides over the steering wheel, your whole body jerks. Your eyes stayed glued to the figure outside the car, sipping on something definitely illegal and laughing it up with a group of scruffy looking guys. 
His hair, his face, his arms, his hands, his mouth the way it moves when he speaks. It's all too familiar and it's all coming back like being hit by a three year long train. 
Daz. You thought you had emotionally prepared for the day you would inevitably see him on the street. You two live in the same city after all. But clearly, you were not ready. 
To anyone not paying attention, you seem totally calm. But when Yoongi parks the car a few minutes later and has a moment to properly look at you, he notices what's happened. 
Your cheeks are flushed pink, but not because you're cold or flustered. Your eyes are zeroed in on nothing, lips pressed thin and body frozen in place. Every few seconds, he sees the outline of your neck appear and disappear as if you're straining to breathe. 
"___," he tries to snap you out of it at first by calmly saying your name, "___?" But it doesn't work. 
He gently reaches over to you, but as soon as his hand comes into your peripheral vision, you jump out of your seat, mouth gasping for breath and eyes spilling tears as you instinctively slap his hand away. In a split second, you're cowering by the door, grip clenched onto the safety handle and body pressed against the cold glass. 
"It's just me, hey, it's okay." But no matter how many times Yoongi insists everything is alright, everything does not feel all right to you. 
After briefly discussing your ex, memories of your relationship and reasons for your breakup resurfaced. The feelings you had at the time of those memories also returned and floated at the surface of your emotional capacity. Looking out the window and unexpectedly seeing your ex on the side of the street, casually laughing and living life as if nothing had happened, sent you over the edge. 
Yoongi takes a long, hard look at his hand, the skin on the back of it turning red where you slapped it. 
"___, it's just me. You're okay. I'm not gonna hurt you." He carefully shows you his palms, offering you his hands before trying to touch you again. 
You nod quickly, still slightly out of breath but you're recognizing the situation now, so that's a good sign. 
"Breathe with me, ___," he leads you to take deep, gentle breaths, in through your nose and out your mouth. While it helps momentarily, you can still feel the panic in each veins of your body. 
His soft hand comes in contact with your elbow and he gives it a gentle squeeze. You don't jump away, so he feels okay leaving it there. 
"Can you tell me what you need right now?" 
"Remind me what we're doing." 
"I'm taking you to dinner, remember? Lamb skewers because they're my favorite. Your favorite food is fruit, right?" 
"I like fruit too. I'll buy some later, does that sound okay?" 
"Yeah." Your grip on the safety bar slowly releases just long enough for you to take hold of Yoongi's hand. You unbuckle yourself and take another deep breath. "Keep talking to me, please." 
"Okay, umm." Yoongi licks his lips while he thinks of what to talk about. "I fell on my ass this morning." 
"When I stepped outside, I wasn't paying attention and I slipped on a patch of ice. Landed right on my ass." 
You gasp and sputter, eyes misty with fresh tears. "Did it hurt?" 
"Oh yeah, I choked. The ice on the concrete cracked too," Yoongi chuckles faintly. But his expression turns confused when tears start spilling from your eyes again. 
Before Yoongi can even process what happened, you're crying in his passenger seat, face buried in your hands and shoulders shaking, you're so upset. 
"Did I say something wrong?" he asks hurriedly. 
You just shake your head, voice small and broken, "It must have hurt a lot to fall on your ass like that. I’m sorry you fell down. Falling down hurts a lot,” you sniffle, words barely understandable through your cries. “It hurts, Yoongi, it hurts a lot.” 
In a moment of something, Yoongi isn't sure exactly what, he pulls you into his lap and tucks your head into his shoulder, cradling you nicely against his chest and hushing words of serenity against your hair. 
"I'm okay now, I promise. I know it hurts but I’ve got you. I got you. You’re okay.”   
He really shouldn't be surprised. People can experience any number of emotional waves after a panic attack like that. He's just never seen anyone cry so seriously over something admittedly hilarious. 
After a few moments of him petting your head and rubbing your back, you start to feel yourself calm down again. With your legs straddling his waist and your chest leaning against his body, it's a comfortable place to catch your breath.
His touch is soothing and nothing like your ex's. He continues whispering into your ear, wrapping his arms around you to give you a secure hug every now and then. It only proves to instill a calmness and appreciation in your bones. Yoongi feels you take a final deep breath before you push off his shoulder to sit up, your head brushing the ceiling of his car. 
"...sorry," you mutter and try to crawl back into your seat. 
But Yoongi holds you where you are with firm yet gentle hands around your waist. "Stay right here for now. You're still shaken up." 
"Why are you apologizing so much? You have nothing to be sorry for." 
He opens the lid to his middle console and pulls out a spare napkin. After wrapping it around his finger, he carefully uses it to dry the line of tears on your cheeks. Then he wraps it around your nose. 
It's a little embarrassing but you're not in a position to turn his kindness away. So you blow. 
"There we go. Better?" 
You nod, sniffling when he tosses the napkin away and brushes the hair from your face. 
Yoongi sighs, relaxing into his seat and dropping his hands into his lap in between you. "Just breathe for a moment. We're not in any rush. Take all the time you need." 
You don't mind taking some extra time to steady yourself. It's the fact that this man has pulled you into his lap and now you're sitting here, flustered not only from seeing your ex but also because Yoongi's looking at you as if you're his entire world and he wants to take care of you. 
Something clicked in his mind and, while he may think you didn't notice, the subtle change in his facial expression suggests Yoongi just realized something he's not saying. 
"___, do you wanna go back to my place?" 
"I don't really feel like eating out anymore. Should we just order to go and eat at my place instead?" 
Really, you should give this more thought. But your mind and body are so tired. If this was anyone else you would have had to force yourself to think rationally, but since it's Yoongi, you feel safe letting your guard drop completely.
Guess once you walk inside his doors, you'll discover if abandoning rationality was wise or not. 
"Sure. That sounds nice." 
His apartment isn't exactly what you would have expected from a CEO who owns a car as fancy as his. It's uncharacteristically simple for someone so rich. Also the scorch marks in his grass out back must have a story to tell but you're not sure you can ask about that yet. 
Yoongi steps inside behind you. "Oh, hold on one sec." 
He slips around you and collects some spare slippers from the closet. Placing them in front of your feet, he helps you slip them on before standing and smiling at you. "Good?" 
They're several sizes too big but you can't complain. They're soft. "Yeah. Good." 
He makes his way to the living room with your food in hand and you follow. 
There's a chance Yoongi was smiling at the size difference of your feet in his shoes and the way you shuffle across the floor in an attempt not to trip over them...but then again, he could have been smiling at anything. 
"Do you like sauce?" 
"Mhm," you nod politely, now sitting on the couch with hands folded in your lap. 
Yoongi eyes your straight back and flat feet. He hasn't had to tell someone to relax at his place in what feels like forever. His ex never hesitated to take advantage of anything and everything in his apartment. You're not anything like his ex but he habitually expected you to be automatically comfortable. 
"Sorry," you apologize, as if the word is on standby on your tongue. 
Then again, he wasn't expecting to be this awkward himself. Suddenly, Yoongi drops his task of preparing the food and turns to face you on the couch. 
"Don't apologize to me anymore. You're always saying that word." 
He's annoyed. He seems really annoyed. Shut up. 
"Sorry. I mean--" you gasp, slapping your lips. "Okay." 
Shit, now you're even more stiff. 
"I just mean, you don't need to be so...professional around me." 
"Okay…" you reply slowly, eyes blinking while you try to process what he's implying. 
What's happening? Yoongi used to be so good at this; he's never struggled making people comfortable or conveying his thoughts before. Suddenly you're in his apartment sitting on his couch and he can't even articulate his words. You've made him increasingly nervous ever since he foolishly held you in his lap and cuddled you close to his heart. 
"Look, ___, I really like hanging out with you. It's crazy how easy it is to talk to you and I feel like we get along really well. You make me feel comfortable, so I want you to feel comfortable around me too." 
"I am comfortable." 
"Are you?" 
"Yeah," you answer, shyly tucking your hair behind your ear. "I'm sorry I have a habit of saying sorry. I'll try not to say it so much since it bothers you." 
Just from the way you said that makes Yoongi believe you used to say things like that to your ex a lot. Immediately, he harbors an even deeper hate for the word sorry. 
"No, I'm not nit picking, I just want you to feel good around me, like you don't have to apologize for anything. What I mean is, your ex was a jerk but I would never treat you like that. Fuck this, I want to be close to you, closer than we are now, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I haven't been single in a while so I might be out of practice at this sort of thing." 
As your mind translates Yoongi's words, you manage to pick out a message that he could have or couldn't have meant. There's a lot of ways to take the idea that Yoongi wants to be closer to you. Side by side on his couch, alone in his apartment, this late at night, your brain can only process so much at once. 
Yoongi shifts nearer to your side of the couch, his knee centimeters away from brushing your skin. 
With absolutely no warning, he leans into you and places a small kiss on your cheek. 
"Umm, yeah?" 
"This probably feels random, but please understand I've liked you since I met you so it's not really random at all." 
Your lungs fill slowly and then you shakily exhale, watching him carefully. Thoughts swim behind your eyes, thoughts Yoongi would give anything to read. 
"What about your ex?" you ask quietly. 
"My ex was a controlling, emotionally manipulative, dishonest bitch. You're nothing like her," he assures you. "You're human." 
"Yoongi," he manages to pull a small, breathless chuckle from your lungs. 
You hold your breath after saying his name, fighting the part of you that wants to fall head first into whatever this could end up being. "You just broke up. And yeah she was a controlling, emotionally manipulative, dishonest bitch but...you just broke up." 
"Two whole weeks ago, what's your point?" 
He gives you a simple, devastatingly beautiful smirk and tilts his head so you have no choice but to notice how undeniably adorable his bangs are flopping over his eyes like that. 
"The point is you're still healing." 
"You broke up with your ex three years ago and you're still healing," he urges, tempting you with a brush of his fingers against your hand. In his eyes, you can see a glistening hint of tears fighting to breach his usually cool exterior. "I don't want to wait until I'm okay because honestly I don't think I'm gonna be okay for a long time. But you make me feel like...like everything really is becoming okay again." 
His words break you to pieces, tearing down the logical part of you that screams this is a bad way to begin a relationship. There can't be any stability in being with someone just because they take your mind off the mental stress and trauma your last relationship left behind. Right? 
"You know I can't magically fix everything, right?" 
"I know that. But we could comfort each other? Nobody has ever understood me like you do, and I feel like I understand you too." He bravely takes your hand, double checking with his eyes that he's not overstepping any boundaries. He gives your hand a squeeze and says, "I promise to always treat you with respect and be there when you need someone to make you laugh or let you cry. I want to take care of you, ___. Let me." 
You swallow, purely drawn into his gaze and words, the way his lips move when he speaks, the breathy character of his voice. He's so vulnerable and raw right now. The sight alone makes your heart clench and each time his eyes rake over the delicate features of your face, you feel your insides flutter unhealthily fast. 
And you knew it would come to this. Eventually you were going to date someone after Daz and it would be hard and you would question yourself. But you never expected someone like Yoongi, someone so intellectual and present and gentle and willing. He's practically perfect, so perfect he scares you a little. 
There's an understanding here. If you let Yoongi take care of you, then you'll also take care of him. He's got a point, you do understand him very well. When you broke up with Daz, that's all you wanted. You just needed someone to make you feel like everything was becoming okay, because you didn't feel okay. You felt like hell. 
Right now, Yoongi feels like hell. His last girlfriend left him with a massive scar and it's still bleeding. While most of his offer comes from a place of pain and desperation for comfort, you do believe part of it is genuine attraction. There was a small piece of you that believed he liked you even before he broke up with his ex. That affection is no doubt still there, it's just currently being drowned beneath the waves of his break up. 
Is it enough though? Should you take this chance that you and Yoongi are meant to be, just maybe not meant to last? You can't see this being something stable long term right now, but perhaps it could be what you both need in the moment. Timing isn't kind, but you know Yoongi is. 
He's patient, eyes glued to you, wide and waiting. 
"...I'd really like that," as soon as you say it, you can't help but smile. "Take care of me, Yoongi. And I'll take care of you too." 
He mimics your smile, sighing deeply when you fall forward over his shoulders. His hug is a warm, safe place, and when his arms wrap around your middle, they're a strong fortress for the weak walls of your heart. 
His lips press to your ear and he whispers to you with the most sincerity you've ever heard from anyone, "I promise I'll protect you from whatever, ___. Lean on me and I'll hold you as tightly as you need me to, okay?" 
Never once did either of you mention the titles boyfriend or girlfriend. And much to your initial relief, Yoongi hasn't been acting as if you own the titles. Although he is more openly attentive and he's gotten more physically affectionate, he hasn't shown you off or gone around telling everyone about your new relationship dynamic. Which is nice. 
You feel much more at ease knowing Yoongi is okay with you hanging around. He's pulled you next to him on more than one occasion, commented on your modeling as more than just your producer, and it's become a regular expectation to eat together almost every day. 
Outside of the public eye, the two of you are pretty much the same as before except you spend a surprising amount of time at Yoongi's apartment. You've gotten comfortable napping on his couch--he never lets you sleep in his bedroom. As much as he insists he's over his ex, little things remind you he's not completely okay. He also keeps your favorite snacks in bulk in his pantry and a spare change of your clothes in the top drawer of his dresser. 
On the other hand, it's been a few weeks since you started…whatever you started together. It does bother you somewhat that there's no title for your relationship. You're used to being tied to the other person by either a title or at least some kind of label. 
Suppose the absence of a title is significantly less stressful. You both know that neither of you are seeing other people in the meantime. That's what matters. 
And while the emotional comfort is nice, you wonder why he hasn't attempted any more romantic affiliation when you know it's a core love language for him. Is it because of your lack of a girlfriend title or does he really only see this as a way to comfort himself since his last relationship ended so suddenly? 
You're not materialistic and you're not a hoe. But…it's confusing how much it feels like you're in a romantic relationship, just without the romance. 
He doesn't really like you as much as he said. Shut up. 
He doesn't think you're sexy. Shut up. 
You're not as pretty as his ex, that's why. Shut up! 
Amber greets you when you step inside the building, a welcoming grin and his trademark jazz hands. 
"Babe! You're early today!" 
"Early bird catches the worm, right? Is Yoongi here yet?" 
"He was," Amber says while watching the front doors. "I think he went on a coffee run or something. At least, I asked him to bring me back a vanilla latte when I saw him leaving." 
You reply simply and nod, not too much worry on the surface of your casual expression. Amber sits you down and starts on your makeup while you discreetly send Yoongi a good morning text. 
You're almost done being prepped for the photoshoot when the front doors part and in walks your producer with a single cup of coffee in his hand. 
He enters in slow motion, checking his Rolex like the flex that it is and running tempting fingers through his silky hair. His suit is pressed and dark and makes him look built and powerful. The sheer authority he exudes is unfairly sexy, every step he takes being your new favorite because it's bringing him that much closer to where you are. 
It’s taken you three years being single and three months of being Yoongi’s model, but you’re finally to the point where you feel ready for something really serious. And you want that something serious with Yoongi. 
"Hi guys," he greets with a confident nod and hands Amber his coffee. 
"Bless you, Min Yoongi," the stylist gawks. He takes a sip and you swear he would fall on his knees for Yoongi if he asked. 
"___, I need to talk to you before you leave. When the shoot is over, will you come into my office?" 
"Of course," you have no reason to refuse him. 
The shoot goes well. All the usual things you expect, bright lights, a flashing camera, Amber flirting with the camera guy. You've become rather comfortable being here like this. Several issues of the latest magazine have been published and, as weird as it is to think about, you appear on several pages. As far as you understand, the magazine has been well accepted and local department store sales have increased at a satisfying rate. 
It doesn't take long to finish today. Thankfully, you only had four changes and very minor makeup touch ups throughout. Amber finished his coffee about half way through and grew continually more grumpy as the shoot went on, but it was humorous. You know he could never hurt a fly but the way he talks big game is entertaining for sure. 
As everyone wraps up the day, you finish changing back into street clothes and make your way to Yoongi's main office. 
Knock knock~ 
“Come in,” you hear him through the wood and peek your head inside. He smiles when he sees you and immediately stands to usher you past the threshold. “___, yeah hey, are you done for the day?" 
"Mhm. You wanted to see me?" 
"Yes. Come on in, please. I need to discuss your contract with you.” 
This is producer Yoongi. He’s in work mode right now. So, you decide to hold onto your work persona for a few more minutes.  
"Right. What do you need from me?" You take your place in front of his desk while Yoongi sits back down, folding his hands politely and looking up at you. 
"Your seasonal position as our winter model will end come the 31st of this month. The company will move its focus to summer and we'll start interviewing and hiring models for the summer line." He pauses, waiting to see if you already can tell where he's going with this. "I know you said before that you wouldn't consider being a summer model, but now that you've been here for some time, I thought it couldn't hurt to ask you again. ___, what would you say if I offered you a full time position?" 
"For the summer?" you clarify. 
"For until you decide you don't want to model anymore,” he says with much anticipation. “Full time means this would be your primary job. You'd get a pay raise and more photoshoots on your calendar, not to mention you would have access to company benefits, so a personal nutritionist and dietary specialist, gym membership, paid days off, discounts, a retirement fund." 
You slowly nod, the list ever growing in your mind, and while they’re all great things, so far none of that stuff can beat down your anxiety about modeling for a summer wardrobe. 
"That's a lot of benefits." 
He drinks in your body language and translates your need for reassurance. Of course, he's more than willing to be that for you. 
Yoongi quickly moves around his desk and comes to you, gently taking your hands and interlocking your fingers. The distance between your bodies shrinks until he's so close you fear he can hear your heartbeat picking up pace. The Work Yoongi mask falls to the ground as he watches your face, eyes bouncing from your hair to your lips and back to your eyes. 
"If you don't take the job, our relationship won't change,” he whispers to you, “so don't worry about that. I'm offering you this position as your producer, because I honestly believe you're an amazing worker and model.” 
"Yes. And the public loves you too by the way,” he adds as a final attempt to entice you. “But if you don’t want to, just say so. It's your choice. I won’t be mad, I promise." 
The fact that he made that promise without any implication from you that that’s what you were afraid of gives you the surety for you to say what’s on your mind. Your heart beats a thousand times per second, being this close to him, sharing the same air, meeting his gaze, feeling secure holding his hands. If you weren’t so caught up in his proposition, you could very easily find yourself caught up in his ambiance. 
"I just don't feel comfortable doing the summer line. I'm sorry." 
"That’s okay,” he immediately responds, nodding along with you and smiling in spite of your no doubt disappointing answer. “Thanks for being willing to model the winter line. You were amazing and perfect." 
"Thank you for the opportunity." You step  back to bow very respectfully. 
He tries to keep a straight face but you're just so damn adorable to him and he doesn't have the will or resolve to keep his adoration for you to himself. 
"Now that all the professional shit is out of the way," he sings, "I have something very important to tell you." 
"What is it?" 
A shy smile starts creeping across his lips and he slowly sneaks his hands to your waist to pull you close again. He doesn't blush often but when he does it's beyond adorable and you feel like taking a polaroid so you can capture and keep it forever. 
"I missed you today," he confesses. "Like a lot. So much I thought I might die." 
That's it? That's his something important? It flatters you to the point of losing your breath. And it's not even his words that have your lungs spasming and your toes curling in on themselves.
Yoongi has complete disregard for the outside world. Right here, right now, it's just you and him. Everything else is inconsequential. 
His palms slide smoothly up the curve of your waist. They slip to your lower back, mapping your measurements and committing them to memory as they go. The second he has the opportunity, he jerks you forward, your chest colliding with his body and forcing you to stumble into him. 
Looking into his eyes now, hands clutching you balance in fists on his chest, you hear it. His heartbeat. It's so fast. 
"I missed you too." Your whispered confession only proves to make his heart beat that much louder. "Actually, I need to talk to you about something too. Can we have dinner at your place or mine?" 
"What's wrong?" 
"Nothing's wrong," you quickly assure him. "I just...have something on my mind and wanna talk to you about it." 
He seems slightly nervous, which is understandable. But nevertheless, Yoongi nods and agrees to have dinner at his place tonight. He even offers to pick up your favorite sushi on the way home, a gentleman's gesture as if to say he's not worried about your upcoming conversation. 
But maybe he should be. You're not exactly sure how this is gonna go. 
"What did you do?" you immediately ask when you step into his humble abode, the scent of lemon and pine filling your nostrils. 
He chuckles shamelessly, "What are you talking about?"
"It's so...clean." 
Cleaner than you've ever seen his place before. Even last weekend it wasn't this nice. Not to say that Yoongi is a slob, actually the opposite is true. But ever since he broke up with his ex, his apartment seemed to be taking most of the hit in terms of hygiene.
But now. Wow. 
"You know you didn't have to clean for me." 
"I know. I cleaned for me, well, for both of us," he shrugs. "Besides, it's nice to have a clean apartment again. Feels like things are back to normal finally." 
Yoongi follows you into the kitchen where you begin handing out plates and cups for dinner. He rubs a shy hand over his neck and mocks his earlier shameless chuckle. 
"I'm feeling a lot better," he says simply. His eyes on your profile suggest you're the reason why but he leaves that comment silent, to keep for himself for the time being. 
"I'm really happy to hear that!" You offer him a gentle smile and make him carry half the sushi to the living room where you'll eat together. "Come on, let's eat. I'm starving." 
Conversations with Yoongi are easy. Words flow off your tongue and into his ears effortlessly. And when he speaks, your attention naturally zeros in on his voice. Even with stretched cheeks stuffed with dragon sushi rolls and soy sauce, you both feel a sense of comfort in each other's company that you haven't felt with anyone else. 
That should mean something, shouldn't it? The longer you put off what you came here for, the more your mind wants to consider staying like this. Do you really need to have a conversation about your relationship? Can't you be happy in this limbo, reclining somewhere between friends and something more? 
The moment Yoongi doubles over, trying not to choke on his fried rice due to your sudden sarcastic comment, you realize that...no. You can't be. You want more. As scary as it may be, you're ready to move onto something new, something serious. 
Yoongi starts to clean up when you're finished eating. Taking a big breath, you stand as well, grabbing the last of your dishes. 
"So, about the thing I wanted to talk about--Oh! Sorry..." you giggle when Yoongi turns around only to run into you at the threshold of the kitchen. 
The two of you go back and forth, side to side, trying to avoid a collision but you're too in sync. Every time you move left, so does he. So you move right, and so does he. 
"Wanna dance?" he jests, making you smile again. 
"I'd love to." 
It was a joke. You were playing along as one does when awkwardness threatens to rear its ugly head. It was supposed to be a passing reply and then you continued on to the kitchen to help wash dishes. 
So, one could imagine your surprise when Yoongi suddenly snatches the dishes from your hands only to toss them aside. 
"My lady," he bows. 
But he just laughs and sweeps you into his arms, one hand clutched in yours and the other wrapped around your lower back. His feet begin gliding across the kitchen tile and you have no choice but to follow his lead. With a gasp, you grip his shoulder with your other hand and hang on for dear life. 
You're very much out of your comfort zone here, but you don't have the will to stop this, not when Yoongi looks this domestically happy. 
While you're struggling not to fall flat on your face, Yoongi is laughing. Precious, beautiful giggles like specks of golden music filling the space and landing softly against your ears. 
You step on his foot more than once but he doesn't say anything, despite your relentless apologizing. Dancing has never been your strong suit, but somehow Yoongi makes it enjoyable. Because he doesn't dance well either. 
There's no music, but that doesn't deter Yoongi. He fills the silence with soft la la la's and ba da da's to guide your terrible rhythm. And no matter how stiff or how unconventional your dance moves, he doesn't take his eyes off your ever growing smile. That smile of yours...that's his victory. 
He dances you towards the living room, getting faster and faster despite your inability to keep up with him. You gasp again when he suddenly spins you around only to bring you back to himself. His hands catch you by the waist and your world comes to a sudden halt. Instinctively, you grip his shirt as a lifeline when your chests collide, lost for breath but so is he. 
Everything is still for a moment. The funny part is that you don't even realize you're biting your lip in concentration. But damn, Yoongi does. 
"You're a terrible dancer." 
His comment breaks your daze. "So are you." 
But your lack of skill must not mean too much considering his hips begin to sway naturally, enticing you to do the same. Soon enough, you're relaxing into a slow dance, one much easier to follow than whatever polka waltz quick step chaos you were swept into before. There's still a lack of music but neither of you seem bothered by it. 
You sigh, finally able to catch your breath. He holds onto you as if he'll always be here and you're tempted to start believing in something totally reckless. 
"So," Yoongi mutters gently through the hypnotic atmosphere intruding on your minds and hearts, "what do you need to talk to me about?" 
Does he know? Can he read your mind? His smirk suggests he can. 
"Umm, well, it's something I've been thinking about lately...about us," you start with fluttering eyelids. 
"You have my complete and utter attention." Anyone can look at the focus in his eyes and tell he's being terrifyingly honest. 
Rolling your lips, you prepare the rapid beating muscle in your chest for the rollercoaster you're willingly climbing into.
But as hard as you may try to be concise, everything tumbles out as an incoherent stutter due to nervousness and the admiring look in Yoongi's gaze. "I think that…well, I know that I really like you and having you with me like this is really amazing, but...I feel like we've been dancing around something for a while and--at least I've been and...I'm scared but also I don't want to ignore it anymore." 
He smiles at you, innocent and ignorant. "What's that?" 
You bravely peck his lips suddenly and he freezes, stunned completely motionless. 
"The lack of romance in our romantic relationship. I mean, maybe I misunderstood what you meant when you said you wanted us to take care of each other and you didn't want a romantic relationship at all, but if I'm not wrong then I really really want--" 
His lips are on you in an instant, a deep inhale through his nose to bring you as close as physically possible and take in every part of you he can in a single moment. Pulling you impossibly close to himself, it doesn't take much encouragement to get your arms around his shoulders. 
He holds you steady there, supporting your body while his kiss makes a mess of your unsuspecting lips, milking every moment he can for everything it's worth because holy shit he's kissing you...finally. 
Not that he means to compare you, because it's impossible to measure how much you mean to him against anyone or anything else, but damn, the way you make his heart feel so full after it's been so emptied. Just the fact that you initiated this by kissing him first and the delicate, shy way you kiss him back--it feels as though you want him to kiss you, as opposed to tolerating his affection, and that is so special to him for so many reasons. 
When you decide to take a peak, you see his brow furrowed in intense concentration as his lips move professionally against your own. And when you push into his kiss, gripping his biceps to hang onto him, his expression reflects the absolute euphoria you instill in his bones, eyelids fluttering while closed tightly. Enamored by your wonderful person and ability to make him feel so strong yet so weak at the same time, Yoongi can't help but want you in every way possible. 
Your eyes float shut, completely encased in the feeling of his arms picking you up and supporting under your legs. You're sitting on clouds. 
Your kiss is separated only for a moment when Yoongi lowers onto the couch and proceeds to set you onto his lap, knees straddling him familiarly. He sighs when your body relaxes into him, chest on chest, your cute little ass on his thighs. He never thought to appreciate the tremors of warmth one gets from supporting someone else's weight on their body but now, he's committed it to memory. He's slowly committing you to memory. 
You haven't made out with anyone in three years but so far everything is basically the same. Desperate clinging of hands on hips and shoulders, sighs against kisses, nearly invisible smiles sneaked in-between delicate whispers of names and wishes. 
"I've wanted to kiss you for so long…" 
"Your voice changed." You didn't mean to point it out, the words just spilled as you took in every detail of his being. 
With lips still ghosting and bodies nearly floating, he smiles as if he's already aware that his voice dropped four octaves and it sends shivers down your spine. 
"Is it a good change? You like it when my voice drops like this?" 
You nod, pecking at his top lip to lead your two mouths back into a smooth rhythm. Like a dance you've been doing for years, you fall back into a comfortable pace. 
"That's just what you do to me, ___. Fuck, you're amazing." 
It's not his fault. It's yours. Because you're so goddamn irresistible to him and he can't help his human need to feel skin on skin, even if it's just his fingertips. His head gets high off the drug in your kiss, so his heart is all that's left to call the shots. And his heart has a direct line to his hands, they go where they feel you should be held. 
You jerk when his palms slide under your top, onto the bare skin of your ribs. It doesn't matter how gentle he is, how soft his hands are, or how special his intentions. You can't help but squirm. 
"Sorry," you immediately apologize when the kiss is forced to a premature stop, sighing in frustration at yourself. 
His hands have already removed themselves, hovering over your body now. "No, I should have asked before I just stuck my hands under your shirt like that. I'm the one who's sorry." 
"I just...I should say something." 
"Okay, say whatever you need to, baby." 
"This is the most romantic we've been since we became...okay, that's the thing. We promised to protect each other, but what does that mean?" 
He flashes you a confused but willing smile. "What exactly are you asking me for?" 
You swallow, fingers fidgeting with the loose strings of his sweatpants. With attempted courage, you look into his eyes and say, "A title." 
There you said it. Good god, you're terrified. The last time you held a title, it was mistreated beyond forgiveness. And yet here you are, asking for it once again. While some may say you haven't learned anything, this is actually you proving it is possible to come out of a difficult and painful trauma stronger and more sure of what you deserve. Because this time you're asking for it from someone strong but gentle. Powerful but compassionate.
"But you're already my girlfriend." 
"I am?" 
He blinks at you. "Of course, you are. We've been dating for weeks now, ___, wasn't that obvious?" 
You shrug, embarrassed. "We never said the words girlfriend and boyfriend, so I didn't know. I'm sorry." 
He nods, gently stroking the hair beside your ear. "You don't need to be sorry. This is just the kind of stuff you learn about each other when you're in a relationship. I'll work on being more direct about stuff from now on, okay?" 
His words relax you a bit, your legs falling lax across his lap and your hips rolling comfortably over his hips. 
Up until this point, Yoongi has attempted to keep himself to himself, for the sake of your comfort of course. He knows you get nervous about that kind of stuff and he wants to respect you more than anything because he feels like your ex never did. You're such a special person to him, more so than he's willingly admitted, and while you may not be aware of the mental battle he fights, you must be aware of how desperate he is for you. 
"Okay. Umm, Yoongi?" 
"Yeah?" he responds casually, still allowing you to sit prettily on his lap. 
"What do I need to work on?" 
He taps his chin and hums thoughtfully. "Taking initiative maybe? You're brave, I know you are, so go after what you want. Whether that's taking up some random stranger's offer to be a model--" you chuckle when he winks at you, "--or calling out your coworker for dumping their workload on you all the time. You know you deserve better, so you just need to trust yourself." 
"Trust myself," you repeat quietly, "go after what I want…" 
You lean forward to kiss him again, small fingers spread across his cheeks and jawline, guiding him into a sensual and tasteful rhythm. Only this time, your body rocks in time with your lips and your tongue flicks over his bottom lip, as if to tease desire into his heart and soul. 
He instantly reacts to taste you fully. It's hard not to smile when he parts his lips for you and releases an involuntary whine. It does loads for your confidence though, giving you that extra something needed to run your fingers through his hair. 
He's hesitating. Even though you initiated this, he's the one holding back. You can feel his fingers fidgeting with the edge of your sweater, slowly dipping beneath to feel your skin and then quickly pulling the fabric back down again. 
"___, we don't have to do anything you don't want to," he pulls away from your lips to say, "please don't feel like you have to do anything just because I advised you to take more initiative." 
"I'm trusting myself and I trust you. I'm going to go after what I want. I want this. I want you, Min Yoongi." 
You have to be aware by now of Yoongi's desire to protect those he loves. It's a part of his natural person, his overall character. The fact that you feel not only safe with him but that you're willing to expose your heart and body to him in this way means more to him than you realize at this moment. 
"Should we take this to the bedroom then?" 
"Your bedroom?" You're not necessarily nervous to be taking this step, you're more so surprised since Yoongi usually makes you avoid that space. "Are you sure?" 
Instead of answering, Yoongi scoops his hands under your thighs and stands up, bringing you along with him. 
As he walks to the back, you feel a sudden sense of wonder. He's so wonderful. The way he smiles so genuinely at you, the way he gently sits you on the bed, the way he kisses your forehead as he guides you to lay down. 
His shirt is the first piece of clothing to be discarded, followed by his sweatpants and then...then it's your turn. 
"May I have the honors?" Of undressing you. Of course he wants to undress you, sex happens naked. 
You nod, small but permissive. 
Sitting up, you allow him to strip your shirt over your head. As if he knew you would be self-conscious, he quickly dives in for a momentary kiss, barely giving you a chance to take in the world once the fabric is gone. He reaches behind your back to undo your bra, forehead leaning against yours. 
It's cold without your clothes, but Yoongi stays close enough to keep you warm. 
"Feeling okay?" 
You nod, grateful for his check-ins even if they do feel a little like you're in high school. It's the fact that he's willing to take this so slowly just for you, even when you can look at his boxers and immediately tell his dick is not wanting to take things slow. 
Your hand finds its way to his crotch, feeling him over the fabric and he hisses at the welcomed pressure. As if triggered by your touch, Yoongi hovers over you, grinding into your palm as his lips find your neck in sweet foreplay. 
But it's all he can do not to thrust into your hand because fuck how can a handjob over his boxers feel this damn good? 
Perhaps a little rougher than he intended, he pins both your wrists beside your head, opting to grind his cock between your thighs instead. To your instinctive surprise, your legs desperately split in an attempt to have him closer, your knee bending to create a smoother angle for him. 
Your gasp has him smirking, utterly obsessed with the cute sounds you make when he falls into the lines of your body. Your head tilts, immediately offering him all that you can while he slides your hands above your head. With a beautiful, proper, purple bruise branded on your skin now, Yoongi massages kisses over your collarbones and throat, down the valley of your breasts, until he's traveled the entire length of your torso. 
You may twitch and squirm, shift and jerk in his grasp, but you whimper pitifully when his lips ghost your sensitive nipple and his strong hands hold you exactly where you need to be. It's at this moment you realize, his kisses are not random. They've landed on each of your scars, caressing each stretch mark and each imperfection, not a single inch unkissed, because all of you deserves to be praised in this way. He honestly believes that. 
"Are you still okay, baby?" 
"Yes," you whisper softly as he comes to kiss your nose. That's when he notices the tears in your eyes. "Thank you for being so kind to me." 
"You deserve to be treated like this," he says plainly, hands carefully sliding your pants and underwear down your legs until they're tossed to the floor. "You're so fucking beautiful, ___. Inside and out. Let me show you how much I respect and care about you." 
With his head between your legs now, he uses his ridiculously strong hands to hold your thighs apart or else they may crush his skull. The first contact has you lifting off the bed, back arching and lungs filling to the max. He doesn't wait to dive in, no easing into this one. He makes a path with his tongue across your slit and sucks your clit between his lips, mouth moving as if he were kissing you like a desperate teenager tasting their first sip of addictively sweet alcohol. 
Pausing only to swallow, Yoongi ruins any chance you had left at modesty. If you were planning on being the cute, shy sub throughout all of this, those plans are long gone. The sounds coming from deep in your throat are borderline pornographic, his name mixed with every profanity you know spilling into the air and painting a picture of pure ecstasy. 
"Does it feel good?" he asks you between his brutal makeout. 
You can't barely form coherent words at this point but you manage a strangled, "Yes! It, mnhmm it feels really good. Your tongue is, oh fuck right there! Yoongi, that's my...ahh-h!" 
He smirks against your heat, humming satisfactorily and sending vibrations shooting through your muscles and pushing you closer to the edge with every expert move of his goddamn mouth. Your fingers grip his hair and pull until his roots are sore, until he has to forcefully remove your hand and pin it to the mattress. 
His teeth graze your clit, only briefly because in the next moment his wet sinful tongue penetrates your cunt, twisting and drawing disgustingly pleasurable pictures against your walls, fucking you agonizingly slowly with the thick, wet muscle. 
"Ah! Y-Yoongi, you can't just suddenly--shit, I'm gonna…I'm gonna cum." 
It doesn't take long to tip you over the edge. The first orgasm you've had in three years and it's on Min Yoongi's tongue. He draws out your moans professionally, drinking up your arousal like a man dying of thirst. 
You lay there, nearly completely spent as he crawls his way up your body, leaving damp trademarks in the shape of his lips across your skin. 
"How was that, babygirl?" he asks with a curve to his brow, cocky but there's a hint of sincere concern in his voice. 
"Amazing," you sigh, body still slightly trembling in the aftermath of your pleasure. 
"Really? You really liked it?" 
"Yes," you moan, pulling him down to kiss your smile just to reinforce how utterly happy he's made you. His lips on yours are the only things keeping you from confessing something potentially catastrophic right now. 
Despite there still being a hint of pleasure pulsing between your legs, your hips are already rocking and rolling in search of the friction they now know Yoongi is willing and more than capable of providing. Your hands end up trailing their way to his ass in hopes he'll press further into you. 
He sighs at the feeling, allowing you to hold him as close as you wish, resting some of his weight onto you and filling himself with your scent and taste until all that's left is you. You and your beautifully addictive essence. 
As you kiss the eagerness between your bodies grows. Yoongi strips his boxers, giving you the first look at his naked body and how mesmerizingly gorgeous he is. 
He places a small pillow underneath your lower back and one behind your head, brushing your hair from your face and leaving a few grateful and sensual kisses to your temple. His cock aligns with your entrance, teasing your clit for a moment and then returning to its tempting waiting place. 
"Ready?" he asks, already completely breathless.
"Yes, please," you reply with another kiss to his face, combing your fingers into his hair and brushing back his bangs so they don't hang over your eyes. 
But he doesn't move. He hovers over you there, feeling the urge to sink deep inside you but he can't make himself rock forward. 
"Sorry," he tries to play it off with a chuckle and takes another deep breath. "Okay, here we go." 
You feel the bare tip of his swollen cock penetrate you, the stretch barely starting to burn as he shifts himself deeper into you. You gasp, subconsciously spreading your thighs and closing your eyes as you drink in the feeling. 
But he doesn't get half way inside you before he's suddenly pulling out. 
"Shit, I'm sorry," he sighs, rolling to his back beside you, heels of his palms pressed to his eyes. 
Confused and with your body suddenly exposed and abandoned, your limbs curl in on themselves. 
His head shakes back and forth, frustrated and haunted by the disturbing sound of her voice echoing throughout his thoughts. 
"Yoongi?" You carefully roll to your side, legs closing and body cold without his warmth and weight over you. "What's wrong?" 
His arms drop to the sheets, punching the mattress in utter distress as a stray tear slides it's way down the side of his face. Your entire chest sinks into your stomach. 
"I can't get her out of my head." 
Somehow you know immediately who her is. 
"You're thinking about your ex while in bed with me?" 
"No!" he instantly corrects you, rolling to face you on his side too. "No, not like that at all." 
"Then what's wrong?" 
Remembering his promise to be more direct, Yoongi takes a moment to catch his breath, sitting up against the headboard. 
"The truth is I dumped my ex after I found out she cheated on me." 
"Oh no…" 
This is news. You were under the impression he dumped her because she was mean or, as Yoongi said before, she wasn't the one. Kneeling beside him on the bed now, a gentle hand reaching out to hold his fingers, you let him confess what he's kept from you up until this point, judgment free. 
"Apparently, my ex only cheated because I didn't, umm, I couldn't satisfy her. And now I'm really worried that..." His fingers fold around your hand but it's not lovingly. He's scared. 
"Why didn't you tell me before?" 
"I was embarrassed." He shrugs, eyes finding yours again but they're past the point of misty. "I thought I could get over it myself because in my heart I knew it didn't have anything to do with my abilities. She was just a cruel, unloyal bitch." His expression breaks, lips turned downward and head falling back like a thousand pounds. "But she still got to me and now I've ruined our first time together because I can't get her fucking voice out of my fucking head." 
You were haunted by the damage your ex left on your soul and heart for three years. Yoongi has barely had three months to heal from the wounds his ex left behind. And while some may measure his wounds against others and judge him for not being able to get back on his feet himself, you know it's not that simple. When someone you trusted, someone you thought cared shows their true, ugly colors to you, it's a sight you carry with you no matter how heavy and uncomfortable the baggage. Not because you want to, god no. But because they left their red string of lies around your wrists and it's tied to whatever weight they decided to drop on your shoulders. 
Even with his eyes closed, Yoongi senses the shift in weight as you climb over his lap, arms slipping around his neck. Your entire body encases him in a hug and he folds his arms around you too. Nothing suggestive, nothing enticing, just a hug to hold one another while the lies from your pasts simmer away. 
"I'm not sure exactly how to say this because I've never said it before but," you slowly pull away to look in his eyes, thumbs brushing beneath his eyes as you gently tell him, "you just gave me the best orgasm of my life." 
This manages to make him chuckle. He swallows his last few tears and rolls his eyes. "Yeah, okay. Thanks, ___." 
"I mean it! Fuck your ex. Don't really because you should fuck me instead, but forget about that bitch. She doesn't deserve any part of you. Not your heart, not your attention, not your embarrassment, and certainly not your cock." 
He perks up when you say that. The first time such a blatantly dirty word has come from your mouth and holy shit, it sounds hot. Yoongi tries to steady himself but he can already feel a warmth spreading between his legs. 
"You've already made me feel so good, baby, my body is literally shaking in anticipation for what you can do to me." You leave small pecks and butterfly kisses down his neck and across his collarbone, silently instructing him to sit back as you work your way down. 
His chest starts to rise and fall again, his breath glitching when your mouth grazes past his nipples. 
"You're absolutely amazing, every inch of you."
And with every kiss, your lips cut through all that useless red string and all that weight, all those lies she used to crush his spirit just to make her black heart look less repulsive, it all disappears. 
And then he just can't keep it inside anymore. When you return to his lips, it spills out, like a broken dam, or in your opinion, a beautiful waterfall. 
"I'm so in love with you, ___." 
It's not weird. It's not awkward. It's not out of place at all. It makes sense. It makes perfect, euphoric sense. 
"I'm in love with you too, Yoongi." 
Settling yourself directly over his cock, you allow his length to slip between your folds, rocking back and forth while your lips work a pretty, purple mark on his collarbone, one that will match yours. 
And when you feel the tension start to spark between your thighs, your need for him steadily rising, you will yourself to say it out loud. So he can hear you, so he can be sure to know just how good he makes you feel. 
You're not usually one for dirty talk but it's clear that your man is in need of some serious compliments, and you're not about to let him down. Not after he went through everything he did to make sure you felt beautiful and safe and pleasured. 
"Fuck, I could cum like this," you admit with a tight breath. "Your cock feels so good just riding you like this. Yoongi, baby, move my hips for me, please. Help me...harder." 
He does as you request, holding onto your body by your waist and guiding your loose hips to grind against his cock. Your arousal drips down his cock within the first few moments, evidence of your thirst for him spilling down your thighs and making an absolute mess of his lap and bed sheets. 
You weren't lying, you could reach your second high of the night just from the feeling of his cock between your wet folds, but it's not enough to satisfy your deeper need to be filled and totally become one with this man. 
You crash into him, kissing him like your life depends on it and moaning against his lips, his name spilling from you in sweet, desperate need. 
Lifting your hips, you sink onto him, immediately clenching around his sensitive dick and causing it to twitch when he bottoms out inside you. 
"___," he sighs your name, lips tracing yours and fingers drilling into your hips. And at that moment, with your forehead pressed to his, and his cock stretching you out so deliciously, his mind goes completely blank. All that's left is you and your voice and your smile and your body and your words and you. Nothing else. 
Slowly, your hips begin to roll. Just testing out the level of intensity you're both able to handle right now. Both your voices harmonize as sounds of pleasure once again threaten to fill the dimly lit room. 
"You fill me up so perfectly," you whisper to him, "see that? It's a perfect fit. Feels so fucking good. You make me feel so happy and loved and--fuck, right there, baby. Do that again!" 
Your wish is his command. Yoongi repeatedly bucks his hips into you, using his leverage to help you keep up pace and support your body when it collapses onto his chest. Your ass continues to bounce, teeth sinking into his shoulder while Yoongi fucks you honestly ruthless. 
Not that you have the brain capacity to think about anything other than the majestic way his cock hits that perfect spot inside you every fucking time. Not that you can focus on anything other than the shooting stars behind your shut eyes. Not that you can feel anything but pure bliss like waves through your entire body every time he thrusts into you, his fingers digging bruises into your skin but you couldn't care less. 
But how the actual fuck could someone cheat on a man like Min Yoongi? 
"Mmm," you moan, sound muffled by his shoulder, "so deep…so perfect ah-h, if you keep fucking like that I'm gonna--" 
"I got you," he hushes you, quite the contrast to the erotic and sloppy sounds of his dick pounding into your soaking cunt, "Hold onto me. Let's cum together, okay? Shit, babygirl, cum with me please." 
You quickly nod, aware you won't be able to hold on much longer, not at this pace and strength. Not with his hot breath fanning your ear, not with his deep grunts every time he lifts his hips and all around fucked up moans every time you suddenly squeeze around him. 
With very little warning, you body releases, back arching and jaw dropping so there's nothing to hold you back from repeatedly moaning Yoongi's name as he fucks you through your orgasm. He cums not a moment later. 
Both your hips falter, stuttering more than either of you were expecting as you let the intense pleasure wash over you. Yoongi clings to you, arms wrapped around your body now as he holds your trembling shape to his chest. Still buried hilt deep inside, you feel some of your mixed cum start to drip down your thigh, and while the feeling isn't exactly lovely, Yoongi holding onto you as if it's the end of the world really is. 
"Hey," his voice is tired, or maybe a more accurate description would be satisfied, "please don't leave tonight." 
You smile, still resting your head on his shoulder as your body attempts to process the amount of physical activity and stimulation it just experienced. 
"I don't want to leave." 
Yoongi helps you slip off his softening cock, the slight movement triggering enough overstimulation to make you squeak. After a hot shower, Yoongi drops his t-shirt over your head and helps you slip back on your panties. 
It's strange. These are the kind of moments you read about in stories or see in movies. The guy isn't ever really voluntarily this caring, is he? 
Well, at least you can say with certainty, Yoongi is. 
"What do you think would have happened if my blind date hadn't stood me up that day?" 
Yoongi pauses, allowing you to snuggle into his comforter and get comfortable before climbing in beside you. 
"I don't know," he replies, opening his arms as you scoot closer, practically disappearing inside his safe, warm, and loving embrace. "I'm glad he did though. I owe everything to that guy." 
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ggukkieland · 2 months ago
📕BTS Fic Reads - 2022 Feb
I know it’s already mid-March and I just got around compiling all the wonderful reads for the month of Feb. Sharing with the rest who usually go through archives for fic reading recommendations (though if you prefer going through archive or tags, that’s fine too! You’ll just see other fangirling content 🤭)
🌹These are not mine so please don’t hesitate in showing these lovely authors appreciation through commenting/reblogging their fics and sending them nice asks =). Thank you, dear authors! Sending you all big warm hugs 🤗💜
Tumblr media
Note: if link doesn’t work, click on author link and go to their masterlist
🥕 Ongoing - most recent chapter [as of date this list was posted]
🥕 Completed - drabbles | one shots | series
🥕 S - smut | F - fluff | A - angst
Mostly Mature, 18+ only please
I read different members, different genres so please take note of the** tags, description per fic**
Don’t forget to reblog/comment on author’s work, too 😊
Tumblr media
🥕 [Ongoing Series]
↬ Namjoon
Partners @btssmutgalore - series [8/?] | 72k+ | nerd!namjoon, virgin!namjoon, strangers to lovers, slow burn | a, s
Smokescreen @kimnjss - SMAU | ongoing | rapper au, photographer!reader, fuckboy namjoon, idol au, enemies to lovers, boss-employee dynamics | s, a
His and Her Rules @namjooningelsewhere - series [1/?] | 5.8k+ | sugar daddy au, BDSM au | s
↬ Seokjin
9 Months to Fall in Love @floralseokjin - series [1/8] | 5.1k+ | unplanned pregnancy, strangers to lovers, slow burn, romcom, based on a manhwa Positively, Yours (this got me checking the manhwa too) | s, f
↬ Yoongi
Out of My Leave @yoonoclock - series [1/?] | 5.3k+ | fallen angel!yoongi x guardian angel!reader, angel au, college au | f, a
I Have Listened to Every Lie @oppaimagines - series [7/?] | 27.4k+ | Divorce AU, Married but no love 😥, CEO Producer!Yoongi, trophy wife!reader, rich backgrounds (both of them), Infidelity themes (Yoongi), he’s a jerk really, OC’s road to independence and empowerment (and I’m waiting for this day) | a, s
but hating u is half the fun @ughcore - series [12/?] | 35.6k | enemies to lovers, co-workers au, fwb au, office au, publishers | s, a, f
The Specialist, Part 2, Part 3 @namjoonchronicles - series [3/?] | 10.9k+ | enemies to lovers, office au, coworkers, factory setting, machine specialist!yoongi, OC is one too (but new) | f, a
↬ Hoseok
All it Takes @yoongiofmine - series [18/20] with minor SMAU parts | 68k+ | tattoo artist!Hoseok, coworker au, tattoo shop au, receptionist!reader (who is pining for Hoseok), Hoseok is a dom (has bdsm stuff on the side), kind of bad boy x good girl vibes, BDSM AU (I guess that makes their relationship FWB) | s, f, a
House of Cards @mikrksmos - series [2/?] | 17.4k+ | fuckboy au, film student!reader, fwb au, dancer au, college au | a, s
↬ Jimin
Plot Twist @xpeachesncream - series [3/?] with smau parts | 10k+ | nerd!jimin x athlete!reader, college au, dating app au | f, a, s
Masked Shadows @ilikemesometaetaes - series [1/?] | 8.9k | supernatural au, soulmate au, mafia au, fantasy, strangers to lovers, shadow!jimin x shadow!reader | s, a
Truly, Madly, Deeply @leefics - series [2/3] | 9.9kk+ | architect!reader, feat senior/sunbae!hoseok, unrequited love, jimin is hoseok’s roommate | a, slight f
↬ Taehyung
[reading previously listed series whenever there’s an update]
↬ Jungkook
Shadow @jjungkookislife - drabble series [4/?] | 3k+ | supervillain au, humor, sort of established relationship, villain!jungkook x sidekick!reader | f, s (this is fun! 😆)   02 03 04
How Many + 01 @yoon-kooks - series [1/?] includes prologue | 8.2k+ | tattoo artist au, art student au, secret identity (OC), college au, bad boy!jungkook  | f
Sonder @your-miss-right - series [1/?] | 5k+ | slice of life, tattoo artist!jungkook, babysitter!reader, people feeling lost but finding each other, LA life | a, f
Tumblr media
🥕 [Completed Fics/Series]
Tumblr media
Case Reopened @joheunsaram - drabble | 1.6k | exes au, lawyers au | s
Hooked @joopiterjoon​ - series [15/15] | 102k | FWB au, strangers to lovers, one night stand | s, a, f
Love Language @rmnamjoons - one shot | 14k | soulmate au, strangers to lovers, disability themes (mute!reader), this is really endearing | f, s
Pardon @jjungkookislife - drabble | 2.4k | best friends to lovers, childhood friends, valentine’s day, birthday au, sweet pining | s, f
Ramen @solarwonux - one shot | 5k | humor, college au, a play on the Ramen euphemism in Korea | s, f
Tumblr media
The Discovery @noona-la-la-la​ - one shot | 4.6k | established relationship, kind of vanilla seokjin but OC discovered his porn and kink preference | s
Daydream @joonie-beanie - one shot | 8.2k | mind-reader Seokjin, professor au, OC fantasizing during class, college au, superpower au
Don’t Go Baking My Heart @candlewaxandp0lar0ids - one shot | 14.7k | slow burn, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, bakery coffee shop au, baker!Seokjin, valentine’s day au, OC never experienced Valentine’s Day dates | f, s
Gone Cold @aureumjeon - one shot | 6.1k | exes au, college au, hints of infidelity (OC), inspired by the 1975’s Somebody Else | a, s
Let Me Be Yours @glassbangtan - one shot | 12k | slice of life, small town feels, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, small town shop retail owners/staff vibes, got stood up on blind date/online date OC, feat. brother Jungkook and best friend Yoongi | f, a
Make You Scream @luxekook​ - drabble | 2.1k | monsters inc au, sully!seokjin, humor | s
Mr. Roboto @delacyrose224 - one shot | 8.7k | part of the Seven Tales Collab, strangers to lovers, secret identity, criminal au, hacker!seokjin x criminal!reader (thief), rich!seokjin, bad ass!reader | f
Second First Meeting @taleasnewastime​ - one shot | 12.6k | strangers to lovers, blind date, slow burn, valentine’s day, friends to lovers, friendship after being catfished | f, a, s
Strawberry Roses @peekaboongi - one shot | 7.5k | fantasy, cupid au, valentine’s day | f, a, s
Tumblr media
Eargasm 2 @lavishedinjimin - sequel to Eargasm | 14k | age gap, sex worker au, hotline operator!yoongi, virgin!reader | s, f
Into My Bones* @inkofyoonkoo - one shot  | 15k | fwb au, college au, slice of life-ish, producer!yoongi, dancer!reader | a, s, f (this is reposted by the author)
No Choice Next to You @gukyi - one shot | 13k | one night stand, fratboy!yoongi, frat au, neighbor au, enemies to lovers, college au, party themes | f  a classic gukyi and a wonderful swan song by the author (I miss reading and I might binge re-read every fic of theirs)
Pound Town @foreignfingers - one shot | 7.3k | volunteer!reader, pet shelter au, cellist!yoongi, strangers to lovers | f, s
Ruffled @prettywordsyouleft​ - drabble | 572 wc | demon au, fantasy, established au, soft and light fluff | f
Rumor Has It @jaykook - one shot | 3.6k | fuckboy!yoongi x fuckboy!reader, college au, kind of competitive (may the best f*cker win lol) | s
Stereotypes @kailleis-sunshine - drabble | 2k | College AU, Basketball Player!Yoongi, strangers/enemies to lovers, OC is kind of judgmental towards Yoongi | f
We Got a PAWblem @yoon-kooks - one shot | 3.5k | enemies to lovers, strangers to lovers, furparents au, doctor au | f (tooth rotting kind)
Tumblr media
*🎂* most are reblogs for his birthday 🥳🍾
A Silent Heart Still Beats @akinnie75 - one shot | 23.5k | hurt/comfort, disability themes (reader), themes of bullying, second chances | a, f
Cheap Wine & Second Chances @sunshinerainbowsbts - one shot | 8k | best friend au, the one who got away, valentine’s day, dancer!hoseok, second chances/reunion | s, f, slight a
Dalliance @sugaurora - one shot | 9.8k | BDSM AU, secret relationship but plot twist, role play themes, infidelity but not really | s
Defanged @jksangelic - one shot | 9k | werewolf au, alpha!hoseok, boyfriend au, established relationship, kinda bratty!reader, a/b/o dynamics | s, f
Defining Heaven @akinnie75 - one shot | 24k | slow burn, drama, themes of depression and grief, Hoseok lost someone, hurt/comfort | a, f
Flight 18 @noona-la-la-la - one shot | 9.5k | strangers to lovers, mile high club, idol!hoseok, but OC doesn’t know him, that iconic Airport post-CNS filming look (yes the no undershirt, unbuttoned jacket 🥵) s
Flower @readyplayerhobi - series [40/40] | 176k | shy!reader x tattooed!hoseok, online dating app, hurt/comfort | a, f, s
Grinchly, Yours @artaefact - one shot | 15k | part of a themed series Amourville, grinch!reader, bookshop owner!reader,  flower shop au, florist!hoseok, christmas au, strangers to lovers, hurt/comfort | a, f
Head in the Clouds @whitesparrows97 - one shot | 9.1k | strangers to lovers, Mile High Club | s, slight f
Jungle Park @jimlingss  -series [24/24] | 140k | slice of life, office au, boss-employee au, lawyer!hoseok, HR!reader moonlighting as a taxi driver, memory loss themes, falling out themes (plot twist which I can not spoil) | f, a, implied S
Just Practice 2 @lamourche - follow up to Just Practice | seriously one of my favorite Hoseok characterization + scenario so I was glad there was actually this summary for the planned sequel. This is just perfect 😢, established au, dancer hoseok, ex-fwb | f, s, a
Locks and Barriers @lemonjoonah - one shot | 7k | post-apocalypse (it’s not a dark though!), finding love in chaotic times | s, f
Midnight Confessions @snackhobi - one shot | 26.8k | mutual pining, best friend au, slow burn, idiots to lovers, web series hosts (buzzfeed unsolved type) | f, s
Movie Night @love-me-romantically - drabble | 1.4k | established relationship, netflix and chill x cockwarming | s
Run Little Rabbit @readyplayerhobi - series [3/3]  + drabbles | 43k | shifter au, wolf!hoseok x rabbit!reader, hybrid au, a/b/o dynamics, college au (initially), kind of one-sided enemies to lovers (hoseok doesn’t seem to like her in the beginning), turned established to parenting au | s, f, a
Saturday Night Fever @jinfizz - one shot | 11.5k | enemies to lovers, fuckboy!hoseok, dancer au, college au | f, s, humor
Slow Hands @jvnghxope - one shot | 5k | dancer au, relationship will be revealed in the end, studio smut | s, f
South Side @kimtaehyunq - one shot | 10.2k | strangers to lovers, bad boy!hoseok, one night stand, bar au, mafia au/gang au, from the east side!reader | s, a
Sweetest Crush @minjoonalist - one shot | 4.7k | brother’s best friend au, Hoseok needed a place to stay overnight, long-time crushes | s, f
Upbeat @fizzydrink698 - one shot | 12.6k | best friend au, idiots to lovers, rapper!hoseok (underground rap), college au, dancer au | f (super cute)
Werewolf!Hoseok drabble @hayjeon - drabble | >1k | werewolf au, enemies to lovers, turned mates, funny cute and hot | f, slight s
Tumblr media
Bal Masque @kittae - one shot | 5.4k | vampire!jimin, masquerade party, kind of escort arrangement between OC and Jimin | s, slight angsty tones
Cookies @clouditae - one shot | 3.2k | role play au, neighbor au, established | s, f
Esse Tuus @lavienjin - one shot | 9.8k | part of the Dulce Somnii series, CEO AU, incubus!jimin, office au, assistant!reader with lucid dreams | s, f
Hello @gyukult - one shot | 16.5k | exes au, one-sided love (from high school) to adult love, unrequited, slow burn, lawyer!reader (or studying) | a, f, s
Monday Morning @yoon-kooks - one shot | 2k | fuckboy au, fwb au, valentine’s day au, fwb who only meets weekend but suddenly meeting on a Monday | f
Peaches and Cream @snackhobi - one shot | 9.1k | fuckboy au, neighbor au, OC always hear Jimin’s sexual activities through the walls, Jimin teasing and slowly seducing OC using peaches | s, f
Serendipity @sopebubbles - SMAU with written parts [14/14] | 53.6k | unplanned pregnancy au, idol au, one night stand!jungkook, sweetest soul Jimin, feat rest of BTS, this is actually more of OC’s story (goes beyond pairing) | f, a, slight s
Tumblr media
7 Hours @hamsterclaw - one shot with drabbles | 4.8k | divorce au, break up au, environmentalist!taehyung, second chances related to marriage failing/breakdown | a, s, f (for the drabbles)
Pornstarche - beardtan!taehyung lol
Apartment 512* @seokjinish - one shot (originally part of a series, a repost too) | 14.1k | enemies to lovers, neighbor au, tattooed!taehyung, college au (eventually will cross post-grad and even domestic life), slight fuckboy!taehyung | s, f, a (this is reposted by the author)
Heartbreak Hotel @myooniverse - one shot | 10.5k | strangers to lovers, hurt/comfort, podcaster!taehyung with Jimin as his co-host, hotel staff!taehyung, hotel au, valentine’s day au | a, f
Outnumbered @namjoonchronicles - one shot | 6k | slice of life, established, parenting au, husband, career-driven!OC, househusband!taehyung | a, f
The Ex-boyfriend @hollyxqx - one shot | 2.8k | exes au, snowed in | s
Tumblr media
Absolute @v-hope - one shot | 4.3k | fwb au, tutor!reader, fuckboy!jungkook, college au, mutual pining, kind of idiots to lovers | a, f
Alpha & Omega @mygsii - drabble | 800 wc | established relationship, boyfriend, college, werewolf au, alpha!jungkook x omega!reader (fiery omega and calm alpha) | f, s
Ancient History @seokjinish - one shot (a repost) | 12.8k | exes au, actor!jungkook x actress!reader, coworker au | a, f, s
Backfire @mygsii - one shot | 4.1k | office au, boss employee au, CEO!Jungkook x assistant!reader | s
Bossy!OC x Fratboy Jungkook drabble @badbhye - drabble | 1.5k  | fratboy au, secret relationship, FWB AU, humor | s
Coffee @hyunnows - one shot | 6.2k | high school au, nerd!jungkook au, loner and awkward!reader | fluff
De-railed @bangtannoonavlg - one shot | 11k | college AU, strangers to lovers, food attendant!reader, friends to lovers, scholarship applications | f, a, s
Diamond in the Rough @kimvtae - two shot | 25.2k | star-crossed type, rich!jungkook, poor girl from Daegu, OC did odd jobs (dr*g selling, etc) to get by | a, s, f
Drabble: Library Smut with Shy OC @rmverse - drabble | >1k | boyfriend!jungkook, established relationship, study sessions with JK x library setting, shy OC wore skirt without any ** | s
Driving Me Wild Extras @koorara - drabble series for the Driving Me Wild series | 3.3k+ | humor, demon!jungkook, roommate!reader, soulmate au, furparenting au | always tooth rotting fluff with these two
Eat Me @7deadlysinfics - one shot | 3.3k | friends to lovers, best friend au, fwb au, Jungkook proving to OC that O is possible | s
Eight-year Ache @rmdently - one shot | 6.7k | based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion, rich girl x poor guy (or not good enough for the family) theme, exes au, ex-rich OC | a, f, s
Fear in Your Eyes + Forever and a Night @gukyi - two shot | 8.5k | supernatural, werewolf!jungkook, strangers to lovers, a bit spooky in the beginning but hurt/comfort eventually, major angst (☠️) | a, f
Gasoline @btsrunmylife - one shot | 11.8k | part of the Seven Tales Collab, action, hur/comfort fic, badass OC, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, criminal!jungkook, bartender!reader, bar setting | a, f
I Hate You, (but of course) I Love You @goldenscript - one shot | 10k | exes au, handcuffed, in their journey to find the key they got to communicate | f, a
I Heard a Rumor @taeshobipop - one shot | 8.1k | friends to lovers, college au, one night stand themes, mutual pining, campus crush!jungkook | f, s
Jock!Jungkook x nerd!OC drabble @rmverse - bulleted | 3.5k | jock!jungkook, football captain!jungkook, anime-ish OC (which is so cute 🥺), simp!jungkook (like voice cracking, hitting on furniture type of clumsy because he doesn’t know how to act around her. Super cute!) | f (tooth-rotting)
Love is Blind @satanssmuts - one shot | 8k | blind date au (reality TV au), choreographer!jungkook x graphic designer!reader, strangers to lovers (they literally couldn’t see each other during the reality dating series | f, s
Messy Reflection @lajibolala - drabble | 723 wc | meet-cute, strangers, OC fixes hair through the window using it as a mirror and Jungkook sees | f
Movin @mygsii - one shot | 3.9k | mover!jungkook, strangers, pwp | s
Pierce my Heart and Hope to Die @badbhye - drabble | 1.3k | ear-piercing gun scenario, piercing au, friends au, I think they’re roommates? | f
Pretty When You Cry + Part 2 @guksfile - two shot [2/2] | 16.7k | pwp, established relationship, strangers to lovers, OC is Taehyung’s roommate, Taehyung is Jungkook’s best friend, virgin!reader, chapters revolve around their smutty activities as a couple (daddy kink, dacryphilia, ddlg themes, etc.) | s, slight f
Ruin You @bts-bay-bee - drabble | 1.6k | virgin!reader, friends to lovers, teach me how to f*ck trope, OC has another date but want to learn | s
Salacious Ink @itzfool - one shot | 3.3k | established relationship. Idol au, doctor!reader, new year’s eve (NYRE), kind of Long Distance Rel (LDR), rare time to spend together and OC got called back for surgery | s, f (soft and sensual smut)
Something in the Heir @hisunshiine - drabble | 1.9k | saeguk (historical korean setting), knight!jungkook, mutual pining, royalty au (both are staff members of the royal household) | s, f
The Fifth @magicshopaholic - two shot [2/2] | 20k | idol au, office au, OC works at HYBE, bad date!jungkook, idiots to lovers | f
Thirty Four, Thirty Five @kookskingdom - one shot | 9.5k | roommate au, Jungkook ruined her fwb, mutual pining | s, f
Tongue Tied @jeonqkooks - drabble turned series | 5.4k+ | neighbor au, unrequited turned established relationship | f, slight a
Undercover @artaefact - drabble | 1k | CEO!Jungkook, childhood acquaintances, secret agent!reader, super tease/flirt!jungkook | f
Tumblr media
Yours to Keep @hybridfanfiction - drabble | 3.3k | hermit crab!namjoon x owner!taehyung, inspired by Pinocchio, fantasy, hybrid au | f, platonic
Tumblr media
posted: 2022 March 15
link to other reading lists
other fic rec lists (by theme)
I love to read so feel free to message me about fics! (leads to @ggukkiereads​​ 🌷)
Tumblr media
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chateautae · a month ago
hard liquor | myg. (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary: your dull evening at a bar becomes hopeful when your mysterious, handsome boss min yoongi shows you the ropes on everything alcohol, but shows you much more when he ends up buried deep inside you.
➵ pairing: executive boss!yoongi x employee!reader
➵ genre: business!au, age gap!au (5 years), smut, pwp
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 8k
➵ warnings: alcohol consumption, teasing, explicit sexual content, pussy fondling, semi-public fingering, exhibitionism, humiliation, dry-humping, begging, titty sucking, marking, manhandling, dirty talk, elevator sex, tipsy sex (consensual), cum-eating, impregnation kink, creampie <3
➵ a/n: HELLOO THIS FIC IS FINALLY HERE!! thank you endlessly to everyone who’s patiently waited and shown support for this before it was even written, i hope it reads well!! 🥺 a million thank you’s to my wife @amourtae​ for beta-ing!! your feedback is always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
“One more sangria, please.” 
“Haven’t you had enough of those?” 
Rolling your eyes, you prod the inside of your cheek with your tongue, annoyed beyond comprehension. 
You already despised grabbing drinks with your co-workers every Friday; a typical method of destressing after a week’s worth of crunching, and yet every one of your visits always transformed into a disaster. 
First of all, you despise the nature of bars. Nothing repels you more than drunk men making inappropriate passes at you. Second, you possess the single-most fickle relationship with alcohol in the universe. You never understood the drinking culture at all; sometimes you were convinced half the population was faking it. 
You understood the idea of drowning your sorrows, but that was nothing a warm cup of tea or a session with a juicy book couldn’t solve. 
So why were you here? Well, your best friend and co-worker Bit-na talked your ear off once she overheard that Chris would take her out on a date—oh so revolutionary. 
Chris was the happy-go-lucky, incredibly attractive assistant in your department with a myriad of women pining for him over his gentlemanliness. In reality, he was just overly nice. 
But once the news hit Bit-na, her energy levels sky-rocketed, and was convinced to make a move on him tonight. 
What better way to get laid than at a bar, right? 
Still, you could bonk her on the head right now, because currently, she was chatting up good ol’ Chris while you’re left an observing loner in a woman’s modern-day battle; fighting off intoxicated, grubby men. 
You’d already warded off many; you just weren’t in the mood tonight. So when you hear a male voice attempting to control you; something you despised, you whirl around to the source, tone sharp as ever. 
“Listen, dude. Whatever asshole you are, I don’t need you—” 
Right then, you panic. You focus on the last person you considered finding; the director of your department and prestigious boss, Min Yoongi. You internally malfunction. 
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Mr. Min.” 
“Don’t sweat it.” The impeccably dressed executive lifts a hand, his expression cool. “You’re alright, but I did mean it. Perhaps that should be your last drink.” 
Shocked by his suggestion, you tilt your head. Part of you wants to argue with him, but the other part screams to simply obey. He was your boss, after all, and crossing Min Yoongi was considered a capital offence at your office. 
It’s not that he was this wildly dictative superior, not at all. In actuality, he was calm, cool, and collected; the very definition of what the youth label as “chill”. 
Min Yoongi rarely ever shouted, kept a low profile, and was known for being a silently lethal genius. Your research department wouldn’t have made half the discoveries that it has without his expertise, and for that, he’d earned the highly acclaimed respect of everyone at your company. 
It was seen as an injustice to piss him off. 
You would rarely earn the opportunity to speak with him, so right now, you feel displaced, more so anxious.  
“I-um… why do you say so, if I may ask, Mr. Min?” You ask without your tone; you always were quite the argumentative type. 
“Hmm,” Your boss narrows his eyes a little, observing you. You realize that he’s taken it upon himself to recline against the bar counter, clutching a crystal glass of whiskey. “Let me guess, you hate bars. Here for a friend?” 
Impressed, you raise your brows. “Y-yeah.” 
He purses his lips. “You also didn’t like the way I just spoke to you, right?” 
Eyes widening, all you muster is the courage to focus on the bar. “I… wh….” 
Yoongi softly chuckles, and turns around to face the bar, forearms splaying across the counter. “My words did sound controlling, I apologize.” 
“Not at all, Mr. Min.” You dismiss him politely. “You’re honestly right, I should probably make this my last.” 
“Mm,” he hums again, and it’s then you realize Yoongi has a hypnotizingly rich voice you could become addicted to. 
The soft bass was almost soothing—downright illegal. 
“Funny how it’s only your second drink, though.” Yoongi muses, taking a sip of his whiskey. It’s then you realize… it in fact is, so why the hell did he instruct you to slow down? And why did you agree to it when he advised that you do? 
Were you already goddamn tipsy enough to be taking orders from people? 
“I… you know how many drinks I already had?” 
“I’m observant.” 
Feeling defensive, you become bold.  “Why’d you tell me to slow down if you know it’s only my second drink?” 
Yoongi suddenly chuckles, but doesn’t look at you. You’re mesmerized by his side profile as he smiles; you’ve rarely earned the opportunity to truly appreciate his beauty like this.
Min Yoongi was dashing, the sort of pretty that was unique and ethereal. His cat-like eyes accentuated his almost feline-like beauty, his small lips and soft nose to complement. But his striking hair, his rugged, veiny hands and that tongue of his he constantly prods the inside of his cheek with… he was certainly the male definition of attractiveness–fatally so. 
“I’ve observed you on these usual Friday outings for drinks. You’re a lightweight.” He outrightly declares. 
Appalled, you scold him, your face even becoming flustered. “What? I am-I am not a lightweight.” 
“Mm,” he hums mellifluously, and you despise that he stirs something inside your stomach. “You are.” 
“How have you even observed me enough to know that?” You question him with furrowed brows. “Why would you watch me of all people?” 
“You’re the only one I find interesting.” 
Flabbergasted, you nearly choke on your saliva. Did Min Yoongi really just say that to you? A mere run-of-the-mill, inferior employee? Your untouchable, gorgeous boss that not a single co-worker in your department doesn’t simp over? Even straight guys fall to their knees over his sexily intelligent brain. 
“S-sir, pardon?” You become flushed, yearning to hide behind your empty glass. 
“Sorry if I’m being too forthright,” Yoongi lifts a polite hand again, and you admire that he’s so courteous. “But you strike me as the kind of woman that’s… different.” 
His words leave your panties dampening. How could your boss ever find you interesting? “Why do you say that?” 
He chuckles, and despite his reputation of being reserved and sometimes rigid, you’re enlightened that his personality seems to be friendly. He’s just an insanely grounded, down-to-earth man. 
“You seem uninterested in the whole bar scene. I can tell there are times during our conversation you desire to say something else, but you choose to be polite instead.” He points out. 
“I-well…” You struggle to form words, impressed by his accuracy. “This is the first time I’m ever really… speaking to you.” 
“Mm,” he hums, stealing a swig of his whiskey. “You’re correct, I apologize, I should speak with all my employees.” 
You grimace. “Please, Mr. Min. You don’t have to apologize to me so much.” 
Yoongi then shifts his eyes to you, and they’re entirely impossible to read; so are many of his attractive facial features. He rather taps his glass of liquor, careful gaze on you. You feel glued to your spot, practically pinned by his gorgeous cat eyes. 
There was this invigorating, unshakable glint within his dark irises, and you could feel your usual confidence disintegrating.
He was just so powerful. 
“S-so…” You stutter; you might as well use this opportunity to get to know him better. Everyone should have a good relationship with their boss, right? “Why did you… um, come here?” 
You feel like smashing your head against a wall; how much more rude could you have sounded? “I-I mean, what brings you here-” 
Yoongi then stifles a little laugh before knocking back his whiskey. “You’re entertaining.”  
You furrow your eyebrows. “I’m-I’m entertaining?” 
“Mm, you choose your words very carefully based on who you’re speaking to, but often fail. It’s funny.” He points out, to which you lightly scramble.
“Well, you are my boss. So I’m trying really hard.” 
“Mm,” Yoongi hums, another swig disappearing behind his lips. How he so casually downed such hard liquor beats you, but what’s beating you even more is how sexy he looks doing it. Why is it now you’re noticing how thick his shoulders appear? How muscular and broad he is in a suit? “I’m only 5 years older than you, though.” 
You blink, purely shocked. “Wait, really?” 
“Mm,” he nods. “I’m unsure why people think I’m older. Am I that mysterious?” 
Mysterious; that’s the perfect word to describe him. “You are quite mysterious, Mr. Min. Though I believe your intelligence just intimidates people. You’re well-acclaimed for someone quite young.” You compliment, finding him amusing. It slipped your judgment that Min Yoongi had more to him than just being quiet. “I don’t think a lot of people know much about you in the first place.” 
He nods his head. “You’re correct. People only know that I love whiskey. I haven’t stopped receiving bottles of them on Christmas. I’ll be a drunkard soon.” 
You snicker as the bartender hands you your new sangria, and you’re completely sucked in by your boss now. How could he be so charming when he says so little? Perhaps that was his talent. “So you like whiskey, huh?” 
“Guilty.” He smiles, and you can’t help but find the curve of his lips beautiful. Did he always have such endearing teeth? You haven’t stopped staring at his veiny hands either; there’s a certain roughness to them that’s sending your mind into a frenzy. The way he grips his glass is intoxicating—you wonder how he’d grip you with strong hands like that. “I’m not an alcoholic, though. I just enjoy a drink.” 
You’re suddenly much more interested in him, captivated by the information he’s providing. Has Min Yoongi perhaps always been the talkative type? And his reserved presence only unjustly veered people away from him? If so, how are you being blessed by his company? “Funny, I’m quite literally the opposite.” 
“You don’t say?” He jokes, and shoots a playfully disapproving look over at you and your sangria, to which your jaw drops. He chuckles once you gasp, and you pretend to have taken a dagger to the heart. 
“Ugh, how could you do that to me, Mr. Min?” 
“All in good fun.” 
You attempt to hold back a smile as you slowly drink, feeling the alcohol course through your veins, even loosen up your guard. 
The heat of his gaze keeps you on your toes. 
“I don’t know… I just don’t find joy in drinking. On top of that, my tolerance is garbage.” You sigh. 
“Drinking is a developed skill.” Yoongi elucidates. “Socially it’s an efficient way to network and build relationships, similar to what we’re doing now.” 
Cocking a brow, you joke with a breezy tone. “Are you trying to build a relationship with me, Mr. Min?” 
He laughs a little, swishing around the remnants of his drink. “Mm, you really are different. Nobody would have made a comment like that to my face.” 
Internally face-palming, you remind your witty self that you’re speaking to your Godforsaken superior right now. You shouldn’t be joking with him! “Oh, I’m so sorry.” 
“No, I encourage it.” He lifts a hand, tucking the same one in his pocket as he faces you. Again, you despise that it’s now you’re realizing how large he is. He always appeared to be leaner, but when he’s inches before you, your erogenous zones can’t help but fire off observing his intoxicatingly masculine build. “It makes me feel less… superior. I don’t enjoy always being treated formally.”
Lightening up, you smile widely. “I see. Well, you’re welcome to stay with me if that’s what you seek. I do tend to speak my mind.” You wittily remark, and he beautifully chuckles. 
“I welcome that, Y/N. No need for a filter.” 
“You know my name?” 
“I’m observant. I keep an eye on all my employees.” 
“Well, since you’ve had an eye on me and know I’m not a great drinker, do you have any tips? I’d hate to lack in my social skills.”  
Yoongi sends you another subtle grin that strikes you through the heart. He then eyes your sangria, pointing towards the pink drink. “Mind if I drink some? I’ll assess the alcohol content.” 
You quirk an impressed brow. “You can taste how much alcohol is in something?” 
“Like I said, I like alcohol.” 
Giggling, you hand him your drink, and watch as his veiny hand decorated with a few rings clasps around the glass, clinking against it. 
You wonder how those rings would feel stuffed inside you. 
Mentally whacking yourself for the dirty thought, you linger on his hands a little too long until Yoongi clearing his throat awakens you. You meet his eyes, and nearly become flushed as he holds your gaze; so quiet and yet, so powerful. 
Cupping the glass, he brings it towards his lips, and takes a sip as he bores into your pupils. You feel your core gush as he does so, something so innately sexy about his resolve to keep eye contact with you. 
Bringing the glass down, he gently smacks his lips as he tastes the drink, gently grimacing. “Mm, sweet. About 20% alcohol.” 
Mouth falling agape, you’re coloured entirely impressed. Not that you would know how accurate he’s being right now, but his ability to sense the percentage was still hot as ever. “I-I don’t even know if you’re correct.” 
“I’m correct, doll.” You nearly choke when he calls you the pet name in his smooth voice. Rather than question him, you attempt to hide how flustered you are. 
Your boss merely smiles to himself, sipping his whiskey once again, and you become curious. “How do you even tolerate whiskey? I can never drink it straight or neat.”
“I’ve become accustomed to the taste,” Yoongi’s jaw flexes as he tastes his liquor once again, and you can’t help but find him blindingly sexy. He carries himself with such finesse. “I even try to make my own.” 
“You make your own alcohol?!” You marvel, instinctively leaning closer to him. 
“Sometimes. Practice mixology, too.”
“You seem to know a lot about alcohol.” 
“I do,” Yoongi proudly admits, before cocking one of his brows. “I could even help you with your tolerance.” 
Internally flustered, you attempt to maintain a facade of ease. Your boss offering to help you tolerate alcohol better? All while you suffer the damage of him being so incredibly sexy? You could feel your heart pounding in your ears with excitement. “And how exactly would you do that, Mr. Min?” 
Yoongi cracks a smile at the way you draw out his addressment. You may be crazy, but you might be safe in assuming he likes being called professionally. “Like this.” 
Your boss then leans over the counter and orders something from the bar, piquing your curiosity. The bartender returns with a glass of what you assumed to be fruit punch, and a half-drunk bottle of whiskey. Yoongi finishes off his shot, and pours more whiskey into his glass. Instead of bringing it to his own lips, he nudges the shot towards you. 
“Have a drink.” 
You nearly stutter. “F-from your glass?”
Yoongi chuckles, his teeth bright and beautiful. “Yes, unless you feel uncomfortable.” 
“No, no. I’m totally comfortable.” You brush him off, grasping the glass and swallowing as you eye the liquid. Your expression becomes a little nervous. “Listen, Mr. Min…” 
“Never had it straight, huh?” Yoongi’s soft, rich voice hums, and you consider whether it’s already the alcohol in your veins or his ability to entrance anyone. 
Perhaps it’s both. 
“That’s why I got you this,” Yoongi taps the glass of juice, and you hate that it draws attention to his thick, veiny fingers, especially his glimmering silver rings. Did he always wear rings? Why have you come to notice that now? “Try knocking the shot back. If you can’t stand it, mix your next one into this glass of juice and drink it slower.” 
Following his advice, you take a breath, and shoot him a wary look as you size down your glass. Yoongi reaches out and pats your shoulder supportively, to which you gain the electric shock of his cold rings pressing against your hot skin. You feel yourself gush.
Confident, you tip back the shot, and instantly cough at the crudeness of the liquor. Grimacing, you instantly reach out for your juice and take a large swig, still hacking up the sharp flavour. 
“Jesus, that could’ve practically been gasoline.” You hit your chest. 
Yoongi laughs, and you swear it feels like an accomplishment to be the cause of that effect. “You’re funny.” 
Sheepishly denying a smile, you pout. “C’mon, Mr. Min. I feel like I’m just terrible at this.” 
“Not at all, Y/N.” He softly denies you. “Building up tolerance takes time. You can still socially enjoy drinking by, say, mixing your liquor with another drink.” Yoongi indicates the glass of juice, pouring another glass of his strong whiskey into it. “Cocktails are counterproductive since they include more than one alcoholic component. Simply adding a shot of liquor to juice or pop is more efficient.” 
Your boss then proceeds to mix the liquor with the juice, and offers it to you. After sending him a disappointed grin, you still accept the juice and steal your sip. You wince a little once the alcohol’s taste hits you, but the fruit punch soothes your tastebuds. 
“Mmm,” you hum in appreciation. “This is so much better.” 
“Right?” Yoongi smiles. “All about taking it step by step, Y/N. Gradually add more alcohol at your pace. One shot can become one and a half, or two or three. It’s about dedication.” 
Impressed, you stifle a grin. “You really are serious about alcohol, huh?” 
“Like I said, guilty.” Yoongi smirks. 
Suddenly, you feel yourself loosening up, Yoongi’s smirk hitting a thousand times harder. This has to be the alcohol, right? Clearly your lack of food shot the potent liquid straight to your bloodstream, and now you’re experiencing everything in full swing. 
Every sensation feels amplified; the sight of the bar’s mauve lighting, the booming bass of the music, the feeling of your nipples hardening against your dress as you eye your boss down. 
To be quite frank, you always found Yoongi sexy ever since the day you first met him over a year ago. His cat-like eyes could reel in anyone, the elusive glint in them compelled any poor soul to search deep within them for answers. His elegant and yet, attractively masculine way of carrying himself was alluring. He was an enigma; a taste of someone calm, cool and collected, though held within him the ability to utterly ravage someone. 
And you got the sense that he didn’t just do it intellectually, but most of all; sexually. 
The mere idea of Min Yoongi tugging you close to his body, his thick fingers curling around your waist, his delicate lips grazing your ear as he whispers in his deep, warm voice. His hand rubbing your aching pussy, his mouth suckling your pulse point or his hot gaze permeating your entire body. 
You feel a buzz suffocate you, rattled to the very core as you attempt to shake the erotic images of your boss out of your head, but you’re a lost cause. Yoongi will not stop staring at you; his eyes are careful, calculated. He’s observing you, and you’re being as transparent as glass. 
You’re aching between your legs, and your only saviour is being able to shuffle your thighs together. Biting your lip as Yoongi glances down at your thighs, you clear your throat, hand lazily weaving through your hair. 
“So… do you think I can get better?” You try to make conversation. How lame, you internally wince. 
Your boss focuses on your eyes again, gently licking his lips. “I believe so. My lessons should do you well.” 
You swallow at the small innuendo you can find in his words; the alcohol’s surely corrupting your mind. His expression is unreadable, but the hint of amusement in his features tells you enough to feel horny. He’s your boss, but he’s only five years older than you, huh? 
Good thing you loved older men. 
“I feel like if you’re my teacher, I’ll learn anything.” Your sultry tone is laced with suggestion, leaning your cheek in your palm. The club was playing a provocative, sensual song that kept your blood pumping, your arousal rising and your heart beating erratically. 
“Mm,” Yoongi hums, his small grin exhilarating. “I am your boss, after all. You’d do anything I tell you, wouldn’t you?” 
His comment nearly leaves you winded, blinking idiocally. Your core pulses, your breasts feel hyper alert to his much closer presence, and your cheeks are hot under his tempting gaze. “Only if I like what you’re telling me to do.” 
Yoongi bounces a brow, rolling his tongue inside his cheek before his deep voice rumbles out. “Trust me, Y/N, you’d like anything I tell you to do.” 
Dampening your panties, you become restless, desiring his proximity. You shuffle closer, and suddenly feel a burst of intoxicated giggling attack you. 
“Don’t be cocky, Mr. Min.” You reach out and lightly hit his bicep, to which you feel how tight and thick it is. His eyes follow your hand touching him, until they refocus on you, an enthralling spark in his irises. 
He moves to speak, but his attention is called elsewhere when it flits towards some raucous behind you. He observes something evidently unfavourable, and he grinds his teeth harshly with frustrated eyes, tone vexed. “Fuck.” 
While you’re confused, Yoongi’s urgent expression finds you. “Y/N, are you okay with hiding?” 
“Are you okay if you hide somewhere with me?” He repeats, though with care and patience. “You don’t have to, but I’d rather have your company.” 
Blinking, you slightly malfunction. “Y-yes. I mean, if you need-” Before you can finish, your boss ensnares your wrist, suddenly tugging you along with him. You squeak as Yoongi navigates you both through the throngs of people mingling, drinking and dancing. 
His steps are so quick; you can barely keep up. “Mr. Min, why are we hiding?!” You need to shout over the music. 
Yoongi squeezes your hand tighter. “My uncle; head of the company. Not in the mood to talk to him.” Is all your boss grits before halting right before the black curtains draping the floor-to-ceiling windows; they overlooked an attached balcony. 
With your high-pitched squeal, Yoongi speedily conceals you both behind the curtains, tucking you underneath him. Your back lands flat against the chilled glass, and Yoongi’s caged you in, looming over you. 
You swallow as you peer up at him with widened eyes. His body feels sinfully hot this close, and you’re at a loss for words. There’s no way you’re pinned against glass by your boss, Min Yoongi. 
And there’s no way he’s staring down at you with dilated pupils, his breaths hot and heavy. 
“You’re okay?” He asks; if only he knew your heart is hammering against your chest. 
“I-I am,” you stutter. “But my… my dress.” You peek down at the side of your bodycon, having slightly torn up your thigh when Yoongi ushered you along. Your black, lacey panties are still thankfully covered, but your dress is ripped enough to bare a tasteful amount of skin. 
And you feel sweltering hot once you feel Yoongi’s warm breath fanning your cheek. 
His eyes shift towards the rip, and before you can cover yourself out of embarrassment, Yoongi’s soft, veiny hand drapes you with a light grab. Your heart roars exhilaratingly, peering up at him with warm cheeks. He keeps your gaze, searching your eyes meticulously. 
You can feel his rings… his goddamn silver rings you raved about touching you, and your skin’s burning up.
Incredibly horny, you squirm underneath him, restless that you’re even in this position with him. Your bodies are concealed by the curtains; it’s just you and him, and it’s dark. The alcohol is suffusing your brain with poor decision-making, instinctively craving him like an addict craves a drug, and you're experiencing euphoria. 
With your skin set ablaze, you slowly press your front against his, watching his expression carefully. Yoongi intakes a harsher breath, his eyes switching between your lip that you keep biting, and your hooded, tempting eyes. 
Your smaller hands curl around his biceps, holding onto them, a coquettish look upon your face. Yoongi eyes you with amusement, his vision hazing over with lust. 
The alcohol’s unlocked something carnal between you two. 
“What are you doing, Y/N?” 
His rich voice casts a spell on you, your eyes keen on his dewy lips. “Nothing.” 
Yoongi laughs. “Lying to your boss isn’t a good thing.” 
“And my boss touching my thigh isn’t, either.” 
Caught, Yoongi rolls his tongue inside his cheek with a scoff, irises glowing with mirth. His hand upon your thigh slowly, ever so slightly shifts from atop the fabric to slip underneath, enveloping your bare skin. 
He gently skims up your thigh, and you shudder underneath him, vying for his touch. The alcohol intensifies every inch he moves, the subtle grazing of his warm skin against yours intoxicating. The cold metal of his rings causes your core to pulse achingly, and your eyes give away your need, but your mouth begs to differ. 
“We shouldn’t be doing this… Mr. Min.” 
“Mm,” he hums, and you could’ve melted to the throaty, deep sound. “We shouldn’t.” 
And still, Yoongi painstakingly inches upwards. One, two, three, decreasing the space between your mouths too; the heat of his breath is invigorating. 
He glides across the lace of your panties suddenly, and you sigh erotically. Yoongi smirks, wetting his lips. “But you’ve been squirming all night, Y/N,” he rasps. “And I hate when people fidget.”  
Unable to respond, you feel Yoongi’s veiny hand canvas towards the band of your underwear, toying with it. He leans in closer, so close that you taste the whiskey on his breath, and suddenly, you adore the crude liquor. You know your eyes appear dumbstruck, his presence overriding your every system. 
His fingers slip past for skin-to-skin contact, and his touch to your pelvis enlivens you, shuddering. “Mr. Min…” 
“Do you like this?” He rasps, his unoccupied hand having slid down to your waist, holding at just the junction. His grip feels riveting, electrifying, hot. The tips of his fingers skim towards your core, and you anticipate his lewd touch to your wet clit more than anything. 
Flustered, you nod, your insides on the verge of exploding. 
Yoongi’s fingers slowly engulf your clit, and the heft of your body disappears. You feel light, airy, goddamn ascendant. Arousal rushes to your center pathetically, and you whimper in his hold, eyes a mess of need. 
Your boss grips your hip tighter, his grin amused. “Christ, you really needed to be touched, huh? You’re dripping.” 
Toes curling in your heels, you feel hot to the touch. Your desire to tease him takes the spotlight, however. “So… so unprofessional of you, Mr. Min.” 
Yoongi scoffs a laugh; the fact that you’re still unfiltered even in this position entertains him. “Liquor makes me a little unprofessional.” He admits, his fingertips circling your sticky bud as you shiver between him and the glass, your hands hooking onto his suit. “Especially around a woman like you.” 
“Do you do this… with all your female employees?” You breathe in between moans, leaning back against the glass to eye his smug expression as he fondled your cunt. You knew he was hiding something feral behind those unreadable eyes. “You know, since you keep such a close eye on them.” 
Your boss bites his lip, bringing his mouth inches before yours, his dark eyes pinning you in your place. “Like I said, you’re the only one I find interesting.” 
Yoongi’s fingers slip in between your puffy folds, and you capsize. You sigh so loudly when his cold rings press against your slit, and your boss lifts a finger to your lips, hushing you. “Shh, not so loud, doll. Or are you the type that likes to get caught?” 
Coloured slightly humiliated, you discern that you liked it. Especially when it was your boss with his fingers inside your panties. 
You grip his suit tightly to manage the pleasure he rubs between your thighs. He gathers your slick and constantly slides it around, lathering up all your folds with your essence. He teases your throbbing pearl, his rings adding a blissful chill to your sweltering hot skin. 
It’s hot, oh, it’s very hot. Being this close to your boss, feeling his breath against yours, and his heated gaze that never wavers is proliferating. Your boobs are squishing up against his chest, and your cleavage is revealing itself plentifully. Your body responds by riding his fingers, desperate to feel them inside you, to feel him inside you. 
Yoongi hisses at your grinding hips, watching it happen. “Fuck, move like that and I’ll have no mercy, doll.” 
You disobey this time, your pleasure far too suffocating. You move faster, head occupied by fluffy white clouds. Your center is electrifying and your gut is twisting, coiling so badly it’ll snap any passionate second. 
In your delirium, Yoongi speaks, his breaths rugged. “Fuck, usually I’m not phased by a woman that’s wet but you… you drip.” Your boss marvels, watching his fingers slide between your folds with such ease, and become amply coated with your leaking cum. “And all because of me? I didn’t even touch you.” 
Pride swelling, you smirk. “Guess I’m interesting, don’t you think, Mr. Min?” 
Scoffing with a smile, Yoongi plunges his two fingers inside your fluttering hole as punishment for your wit, and your body erupts with an erotic moan. Your boss covers your mouth instantly, and you moan into his palm, eyes fluttering shut at the sheer thickness of his fingers inside you. 
Couple in his silver rings, and you were a goner. 
You peer at him with hooded eyes, and Yoongi’s quick to press his crotch against you. You feel his clothed tip nudge your hip, and your insides ignite. 
He increases his pace, finger-fucking you against the hard glass. He pumps inside you deliciously, twisting and curling up his fingers to massage your walls like a god. Yoongi appears mesmerized by how much you squeeze him, groaning in accordance with your euphoric moans. 
Your boss nestles his thumb against your clit, and just as he moves forward to seal your mouths together, a drunk couple slams open the doors to the balcony just left of you, waltzing their way out. 
You panic, eyes widening with the fear that upon occupying the balcony, the couple’s on the opposite side of the window you’re pushed up against, able to see everything. Yoongi hushes you in that instant, his eyes calm and collected. 
“They can’t see you, only me, doll.” He assures, and maneuvers his body to conceal yours, while he remains in plain sight. Your dress’s skirt still covers your ass, and frankly, all anyone can really see is Yoongi caging you against the glass. 
Though the movement of his arm should be a dead giveaway of something explicit happening, and your chest fills with an odd sense of… arousal despite your initial shamefulness. You wish to speak as he covers your mouth, and Yoongi lets you. 
“Can-can they see you? Do they know what you’re doing?” Yoongi shoots a look above you towards the couple, before meeting your eyes again. His pupils are beyond dilated, his forehead slicked with sweat, and he glistens stunningly underneath the moonlight. 
“They see me, I think they know what I’m doing.” Yoongi tells you honestly, but his fingers never stop their addictive movement, softly fucking you underneath him as quiet whimpers spill out of you. “But I like the face you make when my fingers are inside you, I won’t stop unless you want me to.” 
His completely confident expression throws you for a loop, hyponotized by his cat-like eyes. You feel exposed, humiliated, but something about his intoxicating eye contact makes you believe it’s only you and Yoongi in this world. 
And the pleasure he provides you becomes your penicillium. 
Your boss sends you flying when he quickens his head-spinning pace, ramming his fingers into you. You moan incessantly, feeling the prying eyes of whomever is now on the balcony, but the weight of Yoongi’s broad body, his captivating eyes keep you grounded. 
Even then, the idea that you’re the one pinned against glass by him while others look on is almost empowering; you’re the only one who could disassemble the stoic genius of your department, Min Yoongi’s, self control. 
Though yours is in danger. It’s sinking with every hot second, your nipples begging to be sucked or exposed to him, to rut against his impeccable suit. Your clit is throbbing, your walls are molding around his thick fingers and rings, and all you need is to kiss him. 
You move forward, and he does, too. Your orgasm is impending, and you yearn to consume him like a five-course meal–feel your body press into his with all its might. You’re centimeters from the liplock, reviving your lost moment, feeling the heat of his mouth and tongue as he approaches you, before another bout of raucous party-goers open the balcony doors, too, shocking you two. 
The opening awakens your awareness; Yoongi instantly extracts his fingers from you, and your head returns to Earth. 
Your chest rises and falls as your orgasm melts away, your pussy soaked and achingly throbbing. Your boss also dons a semi-hard on, and every nerve inside you feels completely burned out. 
Yoongi stares at you, and you stare at him, the air between you two suddenly thick. What just overcame the both of you? How did you even end up in this situation with him? You let your boss finger-fuck you against a balcony window, in a public place. Have you completely lost your horny fucking mind? 
Embarrassed that his fingers are now coated with your juices, and that you still pathetically yearn for his touch, you avert your eyes, swallowing rigidly. 
Only Yoongi’s steady voice calls your attention back, listening to him clear his throat. “Y/N, did you eat?” 
Cocking a brow, you meet his gaze. “Huh?” 
“Before drinking. Did you eat before drinking?” 
You gently shake your head. “No.” 
Yoongi sighs, even dipping his head. “You should never do that.” 
Fighting the urge to roll your eyes, you merely cross your arms and lean against the glass, teeming with uncontrollable sensations–the denial of your orgasm was frustrating you vehemently. 
“Do you want to eat ramen at my place?” 
Dazzled, you nearly choke, meeting his completely serious gaze. Hold on, he wasn’t kidding? Did your boss really just ask you to eat ramen back at his place? First of all, this was an official invitation to your executive boss’ home. Second of all, is he even familiar with the sexual euphemism?
There is no way Min Yoongi is using this euphemism on you. 
“I should’ve asked you if you ate before getting you to drink. I’m partially responsible, I should treat you.” He simply says, and once you consider he may actually mean just eating at his place, you don’t mind the offer. You really didn’t eat before drinking, perhaps a meal could sober you up and deal with this situation more intelligently. 
You’ve already committed enough idiocy.
“Sure,” you nod, bewitched by the look in Yoongi’s eyes. He’s unreadable again, but you swear you can discern the glint of lust still swirling within his irises.
You hate that it makes you feel thrilled. 
“I would love that.” You smile. 
Yoongi grins beautifully, tongue rolling across his teeth. “My place is the highest floor of this building. Come along, doll.” He tells you before gently grabbing your wrist, and leading the way towards the elevator. Your stomach fills with butterflies as he squeezes you, recalling that it was with the same hand he’d fucked inside you. 
Tumblr media
You gulp as you stand next to Yoongi inside the compact elevator. 
He’d explained that the upper levels are all residential, and require a key from any of the owners to access them. He personally owns the highest room, a lustrous penthouse, and with a simple turn of his key, only yourself and Yoongi were headed up towards his home. 
You genuinely wish it was that simple, but it isn’t. All you can feel is how soaking wet you are between your thighs, the sexually-charged energy between you and your boss, and smell the mixed scent of your cum on his fingers and his cologne in the air. 
Yoongi was predominantly silent, merely standing with his fingers weaved together before him. He stares only in front, never stealing a look at you. You suppose the earlier situation truly woke him up to how insane it even was; he’s probably decided to completely remain at arm’s length with you. 
The idea makes you feel wounded; you’d never felt so hot with a man before, and your body still aches with need for him. If he could pump pleasure through your veins like that just by his fingers, how would his cock fare? Stuffed inside you as he pins you down into his sheets? His couch? Even the very walls of this elevator? 
You internally sigh at your delusional mind. 
Suddenly, Yoongi actually sighs next to you, even shakes his head. “Fuck,” he curses, and you’re the equivalent of a lost puppy. 
“God, fuck it.” 
Just as you turn to question your boss, he suddenly charges forwards and presses his mouth against yours, kissing you fervently. Shocked, the power of his kiss overwhelms you, but you instantly become taken by his lips, the powerful, sensual way he molds his mouth with yours. 
His dogmatic force shoves you up against the elevator wall, and you moan mellifluously into his mouth. His tongue teases your bottom lip before he pulls back, his breaths harsh and rugged, his hands resting either side of your head. 
He stares into your eyes, and you similarly breathe for your life; he knocked the wind out of you. 
“Can I continue?” he rasps, and his fiery irises spell your doom. You vehemently nod, and Yoongi dives in for more within an instant. 
When his mouth meets yours, you’re floating. He presses his broad body against yours, the weight of him exhilarating. His tongue is merciless, asking for more of you, consuming you for all you’re worth. Your hands travel up his chest, traversing higher to weave through his luscious locks.
Yoongi moans into the kiss when you tug at his hair, and you feel your core gush with your sticky essence. He truly was going to be the end of you, and to think he’s only been a mere office away. 
Breaking away from you, his school-laden breath fans across your cheek as he pants. You’re similarly winded, and can’t stand being without his mouth. Clutching his suit, you tug him back on your lips with demanding force, and Yoongi’s thoroughly impressed.
He lets out a surprised groan as you hook your leg around his thigh, yearning to feel his delicious, clothed monster wedged between your dripping pussy.
Yoongi immediately curls his hand underneath your thigh, holding you wide open as he begins grinding his hips into yours. You shudder when the heft of his erection teases your sensitive folds, your hands ruining the iron press of his suit.
“Shit,” he breathes between your kisses. “You are absolutely sexy.”
Proud, you breathe back. “Not as sexy as you.”
Yoongi groans with you as you both relish in this position; his cock slowly rutting against your warm pussy, your kisses sloppier and wetter than ever. He becomes insatiable, and his mouth travels towards your pulse point, sucking your sweet spot plentifully as you crane your neck.
“Fuck, Y/N” Yoongi curses, the slight growl in his tone riveting. “Are you wet enough for me to fuck you?”
Shivering from the inside, your pussy flares at just the question, and you whine like a dumb whore. “So wet, Yoongi, so fucking wet.”
Yoongi suddenly smacks his heavy hand against your bare thigh, his voice deep as you squeak “Don’t call me by my name.” He admonishes, his eyes darker than black. “Call me Mr. Min.”
Scoffing with delight, you glow with amusement. “Boss likes hearing his title, huh?”
“More like knowing he’s doing something he shouldn’t.” He smirks, and you smile to yourself thinking you had him figured out all along; he truly did hide something intense behind his unreadable eyes.
“Mm, Mr. Min likes fucking his employees?” You tease, an all-too-innocent pout painting your lips.
“Like I said, you’re the only one I find interesting.” Yoongi becomes tired of your separated lips and dives in once again, kissing you feverishly, his hips unforgiving as he repeatedly plunges his clothed cock against your panty-clad core.
“Interesting enough to fuck?”
“Interesting enough to break some rules for.”
With that, he shuts you up with a powerful thrust into your soaked sex, and you shakily moan so loud it echoes within the small space. 
“Fuck, Mr. Min… please fuck me.” You beg, your clit throbbing incessantly. He was driving you insane with some mere dry-humping; you truly were a goner. 
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Being stuffed full of my cock?” Your boss condescends. “So impatient, doll. We’re not even at my place yet.” 
“So you did mean the euphemism… earlier.” You moan in between, his hips rhymically driving into yours as his body presses into you. 
Yoongi cracks a smug side-grin, licking his lips. “There’s no way I’ll ever forget how wet you feel.” He dips down for another chaste, fiery kiss, his hands gripping your body roughly. His fingers clutching your thigh travel up to your underwear, hooking onto the soaked fabric. “I need to be inside you.” 
“Mr. Min… fuck,” you sigh, body buzzing with uncontrollable arousal. “It’s now or never, please.” 
He breathes a deep laugh. “You’re definitely my type.” 
Without a word, Yoongi quickly slides your panties down your ass and removes them, tucking them into his suit pocket. He returns for animalistic kisses as he helps you bunch up your skirt, his hands eventually curling around the back of your thighs. 
You don’t need further instruction and leap into his arms. Yoongi catches you flawlessly and drives you up against the elevator’s wall, the two of you deeply groaning as you make out shamelessly. His cold rings nestled against your skin feels enlivening again, causing you to lose all forms of control.
Your ass rests perfectly upon the metal handle running across the entire elevator, and your hands have never been quicker to dart towards a man’s belt. 
Fumbling with the metal clasp, Yoongi assists you, removing his belt and unzipping his trousers to reveal his taut boxers. He’s impatient to free himself, and your eyes widen at his absolutely stunning dick. Pretty and pink, the tip thick and wet with pre-cum. 
You practically salivate, and once Yoongi sees your expression, his voice becomes hoarse with pleasure, his lips merciless as he dives in for a kiss. “Condom?”
“Are you clean?” 
“I usually don’t sleep around. You?” 
“Tested a week ago, clean.” 
Beaming, your body operates on its own and kisses him blissfully, hands tugging his tufts of thick hair as he curls his veiny, ring-clad hand around his delicious shaft. He pumps himself, and the movements occasionally nudge your bare pussy lips, shivering to be fucked full of him. 
“Fuck,” you gasp. “Mr. Min, please fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy.” 
“Filthy fucking girl, to think you’ve been my type all along.” He growls as he aligns himself with your entrance, your eyes shifting towards where your bodies connect. 
Yoongi watches as he slowly pierces himself inside your warm, wet pussy, moaning out gloriously as he does so. Your body vibrates with incontestable arousal, heat bundling up inside your stomach. 
“Fuck… oh fuck,” he curses. 
“Mr. Min, oh my God.” 
You quiver pathetically–the sting of his cock invading you is glorious. Yoongi was thick, the kind of girthy that stretches you out like a spacer, and your mind was in delirium. You moan ferally as you dig your nails into his neck, legs clinging to him for dear life. 
When he bottoms out, your pussy practically squelches, dripping cum like honey from a hive. You both breathe unevenly, foreheads already sweating. With a chaste kiss, Yoongi pulls out of your sex, inch by inch, and inserts himself once again, ensuring he fucked deeper this time. 
You mewl, clutching him like a koala as your legs shake. “Mr. Min…” you whimper. 
“Jesus Christ, I never thought I’d hear you whimper my name like that.” He wets his lips, focusing on the way he pulls out of your pussy, only to draw back in. He tugs in and out, sliding effortlessly within your fluttering walls as your essence slicks him up to perfection. 
After one stroke, two, three, your boss indulges in completely fucking you up against his elevator wall. You’re surprised you haven’t reached his place yet, considering how much has just happened, but then again, everything felt so fast, too. So hot, fiery and intoxicating. 
You know the alcohol was causing you both to lack common sense right now, but to also intensify every second of his cock plunging in and out of you, your bodies on auto-pilot. 
Yoongi begins driving up into you from underneath, delivering delicious thrusts that leave your head spinning and your toes curling. You gasp as his thick length repeatedly fills up your empty canal, his throbbing meat the equivalent of being complete. 
His flesh is prominent with veins, and you can’t help but adore feeling him so bare. Your pussy walls smother him, in love with the way he fucks you into the seventh sky. 
“Oh god, Mr. Min… your cock.” 
“Mm, it feels good? Yeah?” You melt listening to his gravelly voice, body bouncing over his dick. 
“So fucking good, Mr. Min. Don’t stop.” 
“Wasn’t planning to, doll.” 
Yoongi grunts as he buries himself deep inside you, kissing your cervix as your eyes roll back. You lean against the wall, losing your mind as he crafts your very own paradise inside you. The action calls attention to your covered tits, however, and Yoongi becomes fascinated by their erotic jostling. 
His hungry eyes sweep all over you, and he’s consumed by lust. 
Yoongi moves without thought, tearing your dress down until your boobs spill out. You gasp, and just as you register his possible next move, Yoongi’s warm mouth envelopes your nipple, suckling on the pert nub as he continues fucking up into your sex. 
You wail, mind clouded by lust as your bundle of nerves throbs for friction, and his thick cock inside you unravels your insides with each drilling thrust. He grunts and groans, breathing hard as he delivers each delicious stroke, hips smacking into yours, his hard member gliding across your wet, velvet walls. 
“My God, Y/N, can’t believe you’ve always had a cunt like this.” He groans deeply, the tip of his tongue flicking your nipple as you cry out. “Tight, wet pussy. I could fuck you forever.” 
Cosmically proud, you purposefully tighten your walls around his dick, and he hisses. “Doll, don’t you dare tease me like that. I’ll punish you for it.” 
“But watching your self-control unravel… is the best part.” You speak between his powerful thrusts practically banging you into next week. 
Yoongi scoffs a laugh, his eyes conniving. “You’ll pay for that.” 
Instantly, Yoongi grips you so hard you’ll know you’ll adorn bruises, and begins harshly piercing your sex in his dick with tireless vigour. He’s hard and fast, fucking you so mercilessly you were bouncing. You scream out as he jackhammers you against the wall, the friction from his pelvis serving your swollen clit.
You see colours explode behind your eyes, head plunging into an abyss of sheer pleasure. Your body’s on white hot fire, sizzling gloriously as Yoongi pounds your cunt from underneath, your hard nipples rutting against his suit-clad chest as he hides his face in the crook of your neck, his breaths hot, and you hug him to you like your only lifeline. 
He fucks you so good you’re convinced you’re not on Earth anymore, your pussy broken and battered, but the constant stimulation to your g-spot spells your doom, coiling your gut tightly. 
“Mr. Min… Mr. Min!” 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Y/N, fuck!” 
“Oh God, I’m gonna fucking cum. I’m gonna cum!” 
“Yeah? You’re already gonna cum, doll? Did I fuck you that good?” 
“Yes, sir, yes.” You mewl, carding your fingers through his thick, black hair as you hang on by a thread, losing all composure. 
“Obeying me so easily,” Yoongi teases, his words breathy, his skin sweaty. “Only when my cock’s inside you, huh?” 
You whimper, pining for your release that pulses inside you. “Please, Mr. Min, fucking stuff me.” 
“Want me to breed you, doll?” Your boss speaks sweetly, pecking your pouty lips as he mercilessly fucks you. Tears collect in your eyes; he’s fucking you that good, so much so that you feel him in your lungs. “Want my cum inside your cunt? Want it dripping down your thighs?” 
You shiver, moans high-pitched as you nod pathetically. Your boss cracks a shit-eating grin, his laugh rich and deep. “As you wish, doll. Cum all over me, keep me inside you and never let me out.” 
Finally, his words help you reach your demise, releasing your powerful orgasm all over his throbbing cock. You hold hims captive inside you, squeezing his dick for dear life as Yoongi simultaneously lets his guard down, and spills his load inside you, softly stuffing his cum inside your heat. 
When his seed overflows and spills out of your sex, your boss is quick to swipe up the milky white liquid. He directs his fingers to your lips, and without instruction, you open up, enveloping him with your mouth. You swirl your tongue around his digits, tasting his cum with a delighted moan. 
Yoongi softly groans. “Fuck, you’re exactly my type.” 
Sheepish, you chuckle, and Yoongi joins, completely spent. You both breathe heavily, skin slicked with sweat, arms lazily tangled around one another. Your hooded eyes meet his as he lifts his head; you swallow to replenish your dry throat. 
“That was… insane.” You breathe, wisps of your hair loose. “My pussy… is done.” 
But Yoongi doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you, who wets his swollen, lightly lip-gloss stained lips with a playful grin. He appears as anything but tired, instead hungry for more.
“Not yet, doll. We still have my entire place to ruin.” 
The elevator subsequently dings, and the doors unveil your boss’ enormous penthouse, along with the numerous possible places he can fuck you. 
Gulping, you meet Yoongi’s darker-than-black eyes that gleam with sin, and your body buzzes with anticipation. You’ve never once been more thankful for alcohol; especially, hard liquor. 
Tumblr media
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friends (3tan) (m) | myg
Tumblr media
title: friends (the week, pt. 1) pairing: 3tan!yoongi x reader(f) series: masterlist | three tangerines | fireworks | house party | basketball | stay | sidewalk talk rating/genre: m (18+) ; angst , fluff , smut ; brother’s best friend au, implied age gap au summary: the week you get with yoongi has a few surprises. and one of them presents itself in the form of a phone call. warnings: cursing, tension, oc’s are introduced!!, oral (m rec), degradation, the amount of kiss scenes wow lol, power dynamics (cmnf), fingering, angst yeah i know, throat fucking, choking, rude yoongi :))), multiple orgasms, breast play, cum swallowing, the chains stay on😀😀😀, cunt slapping, sl*t/wh*re mentions, dirty talk, yoongi’s mouth in general, overthinking, doubt, head/hair pulling, body worship, praise, restraining via headboard a ha ha, this one is p angsty y’all😭 note: thank you to @sugakookitty​​ for being an angel beta !! i know this was super last minute i am so so sorry. i owe you some tangerines! note 2: and here we are again. i hope you all like this installment, and i wanted to thank everyone for being so patient and supportive. it truly means so much to me! if you haven’t gotten around to three tangerines yet, i highly encourage you to read the series first since this is from the same universe :D it would make more sense! word count: 15.6k drop date: april 26th, 2022, 7:17pm est
“Long weekend, huh?”
On instinct, you nudge Taehyung with your shoulder, hearing him laugh into his tea straw while the both of you amble down a dilapidated sidewalk. 
Despite its rugged form, the concrete path remains one of the cleaner ones in the city, hugging the longer side of an old shopping center filled with newer businesses. 
It’s one you remember walking down many, many times.
“I said shut up,” you emptily huff. “I’m not telling you shit.”
“You don’t have to, dude. The way you look tells me everything.” 
Afternoon traffic reaches your ears as you toss intrigue your friend’s way. “And what does that mean?” 
“You outshine the sun right now.” 
“Wow.” Taking a sip of your usual boba selection, you clear your throat to relieve yourself of the bits of embarrassment caught inside. “Shakespeare is quaking in his grave.”
Taehyung snorts. “Please. I’d run circles around that old man.” 
“Wouldn’t doubt that. You’re both lame.” 
“And you’re glowing but won’t spill. I dunno why you’re acting.” 
A fiendish smile slips between you before he replies, “I know you’re dying to talk about it.” 
Fuck Kim Taehyung for being so right all the time. 
Because screw it, you really are. So much happened between you and Yoongi that you’re almost bursting at the seams with giddiness. The only thing dampening your mood is the fact that you can’t possibly let this secret out, as much as you want to shout about it from the rooftops. 
If you release whatever you have out in the world—even if just to one person—it may have a way of traveling a lot further than you planned. And with that comes certain risks. 
Like the risk of your brother finding out.
However, the person wanting to know is Taehyung. And he already knows the juiciest part. 
“Okay, fine,” you blurt, hiding your smile with another sip. “But not out here.” 
Your annoying best friend slowly scans around the empty area with intention, his gaze landing on a patch of shrubbery next to his knees. “Right. I would hate for these bushes to know your dirty little secret.” 
“Ugh! Just not in public. Let’s go to your place.” 
“Ah… Let’s go to yours.” 
Quirking a brow, you watch his steady features before relenting. The excitement to tell anyone outweighs your curiosity—for the time being, at least. 
“Fine. But let’s get food first.” 
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, you’ve got it bad.” 
“Don’t rag on me for telling the truth!” 
You roll your eyes as you take another bite of your takeout. “You weren’t supposed to be so judgy.” 
“I’m not being judgy,” Taehyung laughs. “Just observant.” 
“Well, either way. It’s not true.”
Even though his mouth is full, you can clearly tell he calls “bullshit” through black bean noodles and meat. Watching the television in front of you, you decide not to offer any replies, simply observing the drama switch to another scene with telltale heart-filled filters. 
Admittedly, your vision seems to have that same effect. 
Because you can’t fucking stop thinking about Yoongi and the week you get him to yourself. 
You haven’t felt like this in ages, like your stomach can’t settle but your heart has it far worse—buzzing, tingling, fizzing all over. Thousands of butterflies occupy your chest, fluttering and beating so loud that they kept you up all of last night and carried you throughout your entire, otherwise shitty workday. 
Fuck, you wanna see him. 
“Like I said.”
Damn it.
“You got it bad.”
“Okay, okay,” you groan, setting your food down with a pout. “I may be into him a little bit.” 
Taehyung looks so affronted that you laugh, cheeks a little tighter than usual. 
At this, your friend regards you with scrunched brows and a grin, getting up from the floor to sit on the couch next to you. Cross legged and all. “Look at you! Okay, you’re hiding something. Spill.”
“I told you everything!”
“I swear.”
“Get real.”
You start to vacate your seat when a large hand shoots up and grabs your wrist.
“Ah ah. Tell me, miss guilty. Whatever you’re hiding from me is huge.”
Plopping back down, you think about exactly what you want to say, knowing that you’re not giving that secret up. You divulged pretty much everything else that happened over the weekend: the way Yoongi came over, the way he took you back to his place, and everything that went down while you were there. 
But there’s one thing you are not going to uncover. 
And it’s safely hidden away in a jewelry box in your room. 
“I know what it is.”
Cocking your head, you observe your friend with narrow eyes, horrified for a split second that he’ll be right yet again. “What then?”
“He asked you out.”
And Taehyung finally misses by a longshot.
“Hell no!” 
“He did, didn’t he! I knew it. He has it even worse than you do.” 
A laugh leaves your throat before you can stop it. Your friend can say whatever he wants but that is certainly not the case. There’s no way.
Besides, the dating stage is a pipe dream, so there’s no need to even entertain that. 
This week is just… a separate timeline. Broken off from the normal passing of things and sectioned off for the two of you to play pretend.
“He does not have it worse than I do,” you finally sigh, placing your chin in a palm and watching a love confession unfold in countless pixels. “And he did not ask me out. You said yourself he doesn’t do relationships.”
“Technically, no. But it’s not like he hasn’t been in one before.”
That’s true. You remember Yoongi had a couple more-than-flings, or regulars as all your brother’s friends referred to them as. But even then, it seemed he kept his options open. At least, from what you somewhat gathered by passing rumors on the sidewalk and in several cramped garages. 
But him? With you? 
Fairytales aren’t real. 
Opportunities are. 
And the both of you just happened to seize this particular one by the throat. 
“I know, Tae,” you sigh as you turn away from the screen. Love confessions aren’t exactly real, either. Not like the ones in shows that seem to be perfect and timely and precede a happily ever after. “But you know how he is.” 
“Apparently not really.”
“What do you mean?”
“He cooked with you.”
Taehyung shoots you a look that screams for you to get his point. “That’s some married life shit!”
“Stop!” you gasp, burying your head further into your hand. “It’s not a big deal!”
“When have you ever heard of him cooking with someone, let alone letting you stay after fucking?”
“I don’t keep tabs on him, Tae.”
“You should now. But ignoring that.” He flops his legs down on the ground and shifts himself forward, his turn to watch the aftermath of the confession. “I’ve never heard him do that with anyone ever since his last relationship.” 
“I dunno. I just…” Biting a nail, Taehyung keeps his eyes unblinking. “It’s interesting. Since he practically swore off them since then.”
You didn’t know that.
You also weren’t exactly privy to his last real relationship anyway, since it happened while you were still in university. 
But you do remember your brother getting irritated and slightly annoyed that he barely saw him once he was in one. 
You wonder what Yoongi’s like with someone he’s willing to commit to. And you wonder if it’s even better than what you experienced yesterday. 
Fuck. Your heart starts to hurt at the prospect of that being true. 
Because yesterday was one of the best days of your life. 
“You look happy,” Taehyung continues, snipping your thoughts in two. “I won’t deny that.”
And you turn back to face the television and admit, “I am.”
“But I’m also trying to stay realistic.” 
“So if you ever feel like the ride’s too rough, get off.”
Tumblr media
It’s nightfall when you finally decide to flip open the jewelry box in your room, taking out the top layer to reveal its hidden section underneath. 
And the key that you were given twenty-four hours ago.
Your stare is long before you finally decide to fish it out, feeling all the possibilities that come with it in your fingers. All the doors that have been opened with this one gesture alone.
The spare is heavier now than when you first took it.
Gnawing on your lip, you bring it all the way to your bed, halfway sitting on the edge and contemplating whether to even use it or not. 
Do you give in the first night? Is that being too eager? Too clingy? It’s possible that Yoongi would think so even if he never said anything. Even though you were able to get to know him a lot more than you expected, that man is still a walking enigma. You still don’t exactly know how he truly operates.
…But what if you don’t use it tonight and he takes it the wrong way? 
That’s also a probable case. Maybe he expects you to use it already and, if you prove him wrong, he’ll come home to an empty apartment. How would he feel then? Would he even care? 
Frankly, would Yoongi even care whether you used the key or not? 
A loud groan flies out of your throat and shoots through your ceiling, and you flop back onto your sheets, weighed down by the mountain of thoughts in your head.
There’s another reason why you haven’t reached a solid decision yet. 
Yoongi hasn’t texted or called since this morning. 
It was a quick conversation between the two of you, and the content wasn’t anything major. However, that was the last time you heard from him, even after you texted him to see how work was going, wondering if it was a hell of a lot better than your day.
And still, hours and hours later, nothing.
What Taehyung said earlier flashes in your mind with blinking red letters, but you shoo it away before you let it permeate further into your thoughts. Your week with Yoongi has only just started. No reason to get overworked with stress already.
In any case, maybe it’s best for you not to go over there until he texts back. Like he said before handing you his spare—though, you can only speculate because the entire night turned fuzzy after that—he didn’t know how the week was gonna go.
So it’s highly possible he’s just neck deep in work and can’t talk. And who are you to bother him?
You slowly get up to grab your phone before putting the key back in its hiding spot. Typing away, you create and delete and create and delete and finally decide on a message to send before getting ready for bed.
You [typing]: Next time!
You [typing]: You got this !!
You [10:33pm]: 😴
Tumblr media
Tuesday hands you yet another rough day at work. 
Nothing seems to move in a positive direction; the leadership decisions make no sense; people are getting snippy. Everything is puncturing your brain to find its breaking point and quite frankly it’s gonna be found soon enough. 
What’s worse: none of your texts to Yoongi have been read. Not the text from last night, nor the short ones you sent this morning. 
Essentially, everything sucks right now. 
The last few hours of your workday crawl by, and you’re practically bolting out the door when it’s finally over. Hoping that you hear back from any of the jobs you applied for over the weekend. 
Thank god Yoongi told you to—
Yoongi: Incoming Call
Staring at your phone, your heart leaps out to get to your car before you do. 
What the hell? How does he manage to catch you at the most ideal times? You feel incredibly relieved just to see his name. 
As you answer the call, you wonder if you could ever have that same effect on him. 
“Hey. Finally leaving the fucking studio.”
Oh, shit. He sounds downright pissed. 
Body alert, you open your car door and get inside. “Damn. You okay?” 
Hold on. “When you say finally…”
“We’ve been in there since yesterday. I would’ve called you but Kook snatched up all our phones.” 
Holy hell. That explains the complete radio silence, at least. Your shoulders feel much, much lighter, despite your concern for Yoongi and all the crap he’s going through himself. “Oh, shit. You let him do that?” 
“He’s just lucky you picked up.” 
You laugh while feeling a strange bubbling in your stomach. “He’s also lucky I’m a forgiving person.” 
“So am I.” 
“But damn, I’m sorry—” Words die on your tongue. You almost said baby at the end of that sentence. Oh, fuck.
Tae was right. You’ve got it stupid bad. 
Your eyes squeeze shut at the thought of actually saying that out loud, embarrassment from something that didn’t even happen coating your entire body. Recovering as best as you can, you look to humor by default. 
“I should’ve gone over and made food again,” you joke after clearing your throat. “Then you’d never win against me.” 
“Maybe I don’t want to.” 
“Giving up already?” 
“I do that a lot.” 
You blow air out of your mouth as you pull out of the parking lot, relishing the orange and purple hues of late afternoon skies. “Lazy!” 
“Less work. And more food.” 
“You know what, you can make your own damn dinner. I’m tired of you.” 
A light chuckle fills your car’s speakers before Yoongi responds, 
“Don’t lie.” 
“Mm. I was gonna come over but now I think I’ll just stay home.” 
“Is that right?” 
“Then I’m coming over.” 
Your fingers immediately grip your steering wheel. “Wait! People could see.” 
“It’s one or the other, doll. Better choose quick.” 
“Okay, okay,” you rush out through a growing grin. “I’ll come over for a bit.” 
“A bit?” 
“Yes, for a bit.” As you make your way through intersections, you shake your head at how easy it is for Yoongi to make your day. You feel like someone shouldn’t get to have this power, and yet you are nothing but grateful for him. 
On your way past a line of restaurants, an idea comes to mind. “Did you eat yet?”
“Nah. You?”
“No, I’m starving,” you sigh, starting to suggest that he meet you somewhere before realizing that you can’t quite do that. Damn. “I can get food then head over.” 
“You sure?”
“Yeah. You got it last time.”
“Suit yourself.”
Swallowing the slight sadness you feel, you tell yourself to stay in the moment. Take advantage of this time you have with him without muddying it with future worries. Your voice comes out quiet when you let him go, 
“See you soon then.” 
And his comes out just as soft. 
“See ya.” 
Tumblr media
It’s stupid. 
But you wanted to do it anyway.
Holding his spare key in your fingers, you rub its metallic surface, shaking your head at yourself for going all the way home just to get it before grabbing food. Doing so made the whole trip much longer, but at least it also gave you an excuse to change out of your work clothes and freshen up a bit before coming. 
Besides. When else will you get a chance to do this? When else are you ever going to get this opportunity again? 
Plastic bags rustling under your determined wrist, you slide the key in his lock, twisting it and hearing the mechanisms click.
Unlocking Yoongi’s door feels so significant, even though it’s such a mundane, everyday thing on its own accord. People do it all the time, and yet… Doing so gives you a feeling you can’t quite place. 
Swinging the entrance open, you expect to see it lit and have at least something happening. 
But you’re greeted with nothing. 
It’s enough to make you worry.
Were you gone for that long? Did he assume you weren’t coming anymore and already go to sleep?  
No response cuts through the dark of the living room. In fact, there isn’t even a hint of activity following your question. For a moment, you think he didn’t even make it back—until the faint light and sound slipping under his bedroom door pull you in. 
Your bags shift as you tiptoe across the front area and, with each ginger step, you’re hoping that whatever greets you behind that wooden barrier doesn’t make you flee. 
But when you finally near the blocked entryway, you freeze with your hand on the knob.
Because the muffled sound you hear is not just noise.
But a recording.
It’s him.
In all the times you wondered about Yoongi’s music equipment and from what he told you about his job, you rarely thought about him doing anything other than production. Sure, you entertained the idea of him on a mic, but nothing you imagined sounded like what you’re hearing now.
Do you even go in there? 
Honestly, it feels like you would intrude if you did. 
But, knowing Yoongi, he would probably tell you to do it anyway. Or at least try to. 
So you set your stuff down on his kitchen table before going back to the door, slowly opening it and peeking your head inside. 
Instead of seeing him tapping away in the dark on a keyboard or clicking buttons, all you see is his head buried in the crook of his sleeved elbow, his sleeping form faintly outlined blue by the light of his monitor. 
How long did you actually take?
Moving toward him, you try not to take in the looped recording too much to preserve that privacy he wanted. But damn it, the piece sounds incredible and you can’t help but feel proud of him for this one soundbite alone. 
When you approach Yoongi’s side, you swallow your selfishness and pause the music. 
And you already wanna hear him again.
Suddenly coated in silence, you lightly place a hand on his arm before whispering his name. After he doesn’t move the first time, you give him a gentle shake. “Yoongi?”
A deep inhale comes out of him before he lifts his head, and your brain practically resets when you notice he’s wearing the same glasses you saw months ago. 
He turns to regard you with sleepy eyes. “Hey, doll.”
“Hey,” you whisper, melting on the inside. “Come eat for a sec.” 
“Mmph.” Slowly, he turns his gaze to his monitor before squinting, bringing both hands up to rub his face afterwards. 
Giggling, your admiration for his groggy state comes through in your teasing, “Sleepyhead. Come on, it won’t take long. Then you can pass out.” 
Yoongi still doesn’t move, though he does offer you a nod. 
Looks like you gotta do this the hard way. 
Softly, you wrap your hand around his arm and pull upward, giving enough strength until he obliges and stands with you. 
And you don’t know why you do what you do next—the cute way he looks, the fact that it’s something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile now, whatever—but you do it without much thought. 
You slip your fingers down both his sleeves to take his hands in yours, telling yourself that you’re just doing it to get him across his room. 
From past experience, you know his palms are rough. But when you have them cradled in yours, you don’t expect them to also be warm. Maybe it’s all those hoodies and long sleeves he always wears. 
And it’s almost awkward to hold his hands, but a good kind of awkward. Just… different. New. 
With all these thoughts swirling around your head, you get thrown completely off guard when Yoongi takes your fingers in his and pulls you in and oh fuck his lips are on yours now what the—
Your surprise comes out muffled as you’re slowly backed up all the way to his open door, jumping a little in shock and something else when your shoulder blades hit.
But he’s undeterred. Yoongi’s deep, slow, determined kisses keep coming, even while he closes his fingers around yours and languidly pins a hand next to your ear. Breathing through your nose, you feel his beautiful weight on your chest and stomach, matching his lazy but full licks and sucks as best as you can muster. 
Why does this feel so good? Kissing had never felt this magical before. Every motion bends time itself and melts your legs into mush; heat and sparks erupt under your skin, your veins hot but never as molten as his. Smell, taste, touch. All of these are heightened and yet drowned in seconds. 
What is this feeling? What is this burning hearth in your chest? It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced, and you know this is a moment you’ll remember for a very, very long time. 
But as all other good things do, this kiss comes to an end, surrendering to heavy breaths and a forehead pressing against yours.
“I’m so exhausted,” Yoongi murmurs. “But I can’t stop kissing you.” 
Don’t give in. 
You just know it’s something he would say to anyone in your position. You can’t think you’re special. You just can’t. Not when your emotions are at their absolute peak after that stunning, incredible… 
Screw it.
“Then don’t.”
You initiate this time, capturing Yoongi’s lips so suddenly that he jerks back before gripping you harder. 
Whatever he attempts to say comes out in a groan instead, but he recovers to lean forward and pin you right back against his door. 
And the intensity jumps tenfold. The swipes he drags against your tongue, the thrust against your hips, the growls he slips into your mouth—all of them juxtapose how tired he looks. And you are absolutely caught in an inherent magnetism that only he can possess even on the verge of exhaustion. 
It feels like an eternity can pass and you would still be fine staying exactly where you are: right here, in his embrace, lips locked as tight as your hands. 
But reality starts to win as you both come down from your high—lowering, and lowering, and lowering—and Yoongi dips right back into his sluggish demeanor. 
Feeling his head droop onto your shoulder, you offer him a smile he can’t see as you pat his arm. “Eat. Then you can sleep.” 
“Come on,” you encourage through a whisper, and you once again guide him out of his room and to his kitchen table. 
Silently apologizing, you go to flip on the stove light to illuminate the area enough to see. As warm yellow spills into the small dining area, you walk back over to see Yoongi inspecting what you brought.
“I hope what I got is okay,” you say with little confidence.
You decided on a popular local chain, but you had to guess at what Yoongi would order there. Judging from the way he nods before digging in, you made the right choices. 
That’s enough for you. Smiling to yourself, you take a seat in the middle chair before unboxing your meal. 
“This is actually what I get from here.”
“Really?” you chirp as you smell the aromas coming from both dishes. “Dope. It’s what I get, too.” 
“You got good taste then,” Yoongi responds with a lift of his mouth, and you both huff out tiny laughs. 
At least a few parts of your day are going well. The kiss was enough to last you a lifetime, but getting Yoongi’s preferences right? Which happen to also be yours? You’re floating. 
But after a few minutes of silence go by, you start to sink back down to earth. Not because of the lack of conversation—it’s quite comfortable. You just start to move your food around more than eat it, thinking about your job and how you really don’t want to go back tomorrow. 
Normally, you would rant about work woes with your friends, or Taehyung. But can you do the same with Yoongi? Would he care to really listen to boring stuff like that? 
“You good?”
Snapping your head up, you see a concerned stare resting behind thin specs, fiery hair a bit dulled in the low lighting. 
“I’m good now,” you admit. “Work was just stupid.” 
“I feel that.” 
Nodding, you sigh before adjusting yourself in your chair, ultimately deciding to spare him all the dumb details about your day. 
Besides, he’s clearly tired. You don’t wanna give him more things to deal with. So you settle on something he already knows about and let it end there. “I just hope I hear from one of those listings soon.”
“You will,” Yoongi assures. “Give’em time.”
Not expecting any response from him at all, you trudge on before holding back. “Okay. I just don’t wanna be stuck, you know?” 
A small snort leaps from his seat. “Out of everybody I know? You wouldn’t let that happen.”
You can only stare at him before looking away. 
How is Yoongi able to quell your worries so fast all the time? Is he like this with everyone? If he is, no wonder he’s gotten so many people in the palm of his hand. No wonder every person on the planet wants to steal a bit of his heart. 
It’s one thing to be attractive physically. But Yoongi’s mental? It makes you have to stop yourself from launching across the table to attack him again.
Guarding your heart from getting ahead of itself, you put your chin in one of your hands. “Everyone should pay you for making them feel better all the time.” 
“You always know what to say to people.” 
Without missing a beat, Yoongi responds. 
“I hate people.” 
“Liar!” you laugh out, inwardly sighing at the shit grin he beams you with. “You can’t be this nice and not like anyone.”
He simply shakes his head. When he starts to explain, his voice seems to drag across the ocean floor, 
“I don’t think you get it, doll.” 
“I’m not like this with just anyone.” 
Roaming your eyes over his sure features, shyness quickly takes over and you become quite interested in the scratch marks in his table. 
“But I mean it,” Yoongi says. “Someone will be gunning for you any day now. Don’t worry about it too much.” 
A rueful smile slowly carves itself into your face. For someone that tends to overthink and wonder about every little thing, hearing things like this mean the world. 
Before, the only person that could really talk sense into you was Taehyung. But it didn’t even take a handful of times for Yoongi to fill that same kind of role, whether it’s been hours or months between the times you’ve seen him.
Frankly, it’s scary how quickly you’re able to feel this connected despite your different walks of life, and the overall feeling lodged in your chest is hard to describe. 
It’s like seeing a long lost friend that you were meant to find again.
Overcome with a swell of emotion, you stare at your finished food. Because there’s no way you can look anywhere else. The only thing you can get out of your slightly clogged throat is a tiny, 
“Thank you.” 
“It’s true,” Yoongi responds through a sudden yawn. Covering his mouth before rubbing the bottom half of his face, he exhales. “Honestly, I’m shocked you came back.” 
You regard him again. “Like this town?”
He nods, eyes already shutting.
And you hum in return, all the decisions you made in the past washing up in the forefront of your mind. 
You don’t think he’d want to hear any of that, either. So you simply sum it up with a much more succinct, 
“Me, too.”  
Closing your box, you put all the trash in one of the plastic bags, mind filled with your day and all the feelings you can’t come to terms with. So much is clouding your thoughts that you don’t realize that he’s dozing off in his seat until seconds later. 
Pausing in your movements, you whisper, “Yoongi?” 
Technically, it’s not late, but you know he still has to wake up pretty early. And it doesn’t help that he probably didn’t get much rest while camped in the studio. 
Concern laces your voice as you ask, “You sure you can wake up on time tomorrow?” 
He inhales before sighing. “I dunno. But I gotta.” 
Whatever they’re working on must be incredibly important if he’s this determined. The late nights, the lockdowns, the taken phones. All of it must be weighing on his shoulders and yet he is the one making you feel better?
Maybe you can help him out. You can be his strength just as he can be yours. 
“I can stay. I just need to go home and get my stuff.” 
Yoongi shakes his head, hair slightly parting in the motion. “You don’t have to, doll.” 
“I have to get up early for work anyway. I’ll just leave from here.” 
Silent, you plead him to let you help. You’ve done it before to make sure your secret wasn’t blown, but this time is purely out of selflessness. 
And Yoongi grants you your wish when he sighs out a faint, 
Tumblr media
The plan was to simply go home, get your stuff, then head back.
You did not plan to get a call from one of your friends on the way there.
Cursing at the caller ID, you compose yourself before accepting, eyes back on the road when not one, but three of them answer your greeting.
“Hey, babe!”
“Where are you? Come out!”
“We haven’t seen you in forever, bitch!”
Oh, shit. 
You tense, hoping they aren’t in a car and can see you driving back to your place. “I can’t tonight,” you finally remember to respond, mind whirling with possible escape routes because—
“Why not!”
“Where have you been!”
“You don’t have shit to do!”
Damn it, damn it, damn it. Gripping your wheel, you dart your eyes along the streets before swallowing your truths. 
If it were any other night, you would keep your secret under wraps and let Yoongi know the change of plans. You’d go out with them and make it up to him later. 
But not tonight.
Damn, why did they have to call now! 
Purposefully lowering your voice, you groan, “I’ve been sick. Stomachache… I’m sorry.”
“Awhhh, babe.”
“Wait, you sound like you’re in a car, though…”
“Yeah, just getting stuff from the store. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
The line has a bunch of hums and groans, and you know that some of your friends don’t buy it. But thankfully, they don’t pry tonight. 
“Alright, well let us know next time so we can get you soup or something.”
“Yeah, you know we got you!”
“Feel better soon, kay?”
You love them.
You hate lying to them.
“I’ll make it up to y’all, okay? Promise.”
“Oh, you’re good!”
“Feel better!”
“I’ll hold you to that, shit, forget about them.”
The laughs on the line welcome yours as you join them, and you thank everything out there that they let you go this time. 
But as you say goodbye and the line cuts out, your heart drops with a thud. 
This is what it would be like if the two of you keep seeing each other on the regular. 
You somehow avoided it for a couple days, but now reality is coming back to play. And next time, your friends may start to suspect something’s up. 
Which is why you need to make the most of this week while you can. 
Tumblr media
Being in Yoongi’s bathroom a few times now, it’s a lot different when you’re in there to get ready for bed. 
After your friends gave you mini heart attacks, you were so frazzled that all you did when you went home was gather clothes and all your toiletries before hauling ass back out. 
Which lead you to having to get ready at the same counter that Yoongi uses everyday—minus the times he’s forced to stay in studios. 
But you go through your nightly routine, head filled with several thoughts and worries and feelings, the most recent being the way your chest constricted when you unlocked Yoongi’s door to find him sleeping in his bedroom. 
What would it be like to have that as your normal? 
How are you in this position at all?
Looking back at the very first time you trembled for minutes on his rude welcome mat, you cannot fathom how it went from that moment to this one. 
He gave you a key to the door that you were terrified to knock on. 
You still can’t believe it. 
Brimming with butterflies, you finish up and vacate Yoongi’s bathroom, rounding his bed to gently nestle into your side—moreso the least amount of space that you can muster. Setting your alarms, you rest your phone down before slipping your eyes shut.
You almost think about settling in closer, but you don’t want to cross any other boundaries that he could have. Accidentally hearing his recording was egregious enough.
But Yoongi’s croaky voice startles your bones.
“You didn’t have to do this.” 
“I didn’t. But this is much better than calling you.” 
He huffs out a low laugh. “True.” 
And you think that’s the end of your conversation.
Until he speaks again. 
“You gonna hang off the edge like that all night?”
“Come here.” 
You turn under the covers to see faint moonlight reflecting in his drooping eyes, and you wonder how someone like him should even be allowed to exist.
Shifting forward, your chest rattles when Yoongi lifts an arm to bring you close, and he plants the softest kiss on your forehead before whispering gratitude again.
“No problem,” you sigh into the warmth of his covered chest, inhaling the scent around you that is purely him. 
Quickly after, Yoongi is lost to slumber.
So you couldn’t tell him how you just lied to your friends.
Tumblr media
Goddamn, your alarm is annoying.
But it works like a charm.
Sleepily tapping it off your screen, you twist in place. “Hey,” you whisper with eyes half-closed, “You awake?”
The power of your obnoxious alarm. You’re actually embarrassed to wake another person up with it, but you chose to do this in the first place. 
Both of your voices are heavy with sleep as Yoongi rubs his eyes. “What time is it?”
“What time you gotta leave?”
“By six,” you yawn, unwittingly snuggling into his chest and hearing him softly laugh through his nose.
You feel a hand on your thigh before Yoongi lazily slings your leg over his, and your brain lights up at his admittance,
“I like you like this.”
“Mm,” is all you manage before your post-sleep brain rebels and says something else. “What else do you like…” 
“You’re always asking me…” You breathe through your nose. “What do you like?” 
You only get silence, and it goes on for so long that you figure everything just happened in your own head. As you start to doze off again, Yoongi’s raspy vocals rumble under your cheek,
“Kiss me.” 
Lifting your head, you blink slowly before pushing up far enough to press your lips down onto his, breathing in deep through your nose. 
The same hand resting on your leg slips down to the curve of your ass, and you quietly hum before Yoongi pulls away slightly. 
“Kiss my neck.” 
Staring down at his lidded eyes, you nod before lowering your lips, feeling his heartbeat beneath your chest. As you latch lips onto his column, you shut your eyes and preen at the deep groan Yoongi releases. Its vibrations scatter across your covered skin, forcing your hand to come up and lightly clutch the front of his shirt. 
He cocks his head to the side to give you more room, humming low, “Mm. Just like that.”
His praise makes you bold, and you sleepily swirl your tongue over a vein before pressing deeper into his smooth skin. When he tenses, you keep swiping over that same spot, becoming more and more awake with each hiss he lets out. 
Suddenly, your hand is clasped before he lowers your fingers, and you flinch when you feel his hard-on confined by sweats. Your breath whooshes onto the expanse of his neck, and before you can grab at him, Yoongi guides your hand somewhere else. 
Somewhere much higher, and a lot more surprising. 
Pulling away entirely, you watch him with intent from above. At your curiosity, he simply explains,
“Choke me.” 
Did you hear him right? Or are you still sleeping and all of this isn’t real?
With your fingers resting on the silky base of his neck, you blink. “You like that?” 
“Uh huh.” 
Well. You didn’t expect him to admit anything close to that, and his matter of factness is frankly attractive. 
Instead of obliging right away, you slide your hand down to rake your nails over his nipple first, offering a tiny, miniscule, sleepy smirk of your own as Yoongi does the same. 
Biting a corner of his lip, he warns, “Careful, baby girl.”
You chuckle as you bring your fingers to the base of his throat. “Or else what…”
“Or else—Fuck,” Yoongi groans with a sharp tilt of his head, feeling the sudden press of your fingers around his neck. 
You don’t choke him completely, having never done this before. But the pressure you give seems to be more than enough for him, and your eyes blow wide at the way his eyebrows knit in pleasure. 
Goddamn, he looks absolutely incredible like this.
Shrouded in sleep and lust, you swoop your head down to lap at his column again, letting instinct take over. 
Curses and hisses fly out of Yoongi’s lips, and you drink them in until you feel legitimately drunk on his reactions alone.
You didn’t expect to enjoy giving him pleasure this much. If you are truthful with yourself, you don’t want to stop. You almost want to keep him here and never let him go. 
“Fuck, hold on,” he hisses, suddenly gripping your wrist in frustration. And you relent. Though you aren’t happy about it. “I gotta go soon, doll.” 
As much as you want him all to yourself, to explore this new territory he allowed you to have, there’s no way you can keep him from what he needs to do. 
So you pull away, reveling in the angry, flushed appearance of his upper chest. You sincerely wish you tore off his shirt before everything started. 
If you get the chance to continue…
Smirking again and wondering if he’s rubbing off on you, you airily joke, “That’s too bad.. Looks like you’ll have to wait for the rest.” 
“What a tease.” 
“Learned from the worst.” 
You smile and he curves his mouth up in return. A squeak leaves you when he turns the tables with a flick of his hand, grabbing the back of your head to kiss your entire soul out.
Your eyes are still swirling when he pulls away, and you rise into a sitting position as he gets up with a laugh. 
Grabbing a necklace from his nightstand, Yoongi looks at you taking up the middle of his mattress. But he doesn’t say anything before heading to his bathroom. 
As soon as he’s inside, you expel all the air that you had been holding. All the pent up adrenaline that built while you were caught up in whatever just happened. 
You want more of that. So, so much more of that. 
And you also wanna stay in his bed, but you know that would be a little too much. Too domestic. So you scoot to the edge of his sheets and start to get ready for your own day. 
As you reach for your phone, you gnaw on your bottom lip out of pure giddiness, thinking about when and how to continue what you both just started.
Until you see the onslaught of notifications on your lock screen.
jackson trash [12:30am]: open the door !!!
dpr doormat [12:30am]: biiiish r u home? u better b alive
bibi’s whore [12:34am]: we brought u stuff<33 
Taeee😪[12:57am]: You at home?
Taeee😪: Missed Calls (3) 
Taeee😪[1:30am]: Pick up!
Taeee😪[1:32am]: Where are you??? 
Taeee😪: Missed Calls (3) 
Taeee😪[1:51am]: Bro pick up ur phone
Taeee😪: Missed Calls (2) 
Taeee😪[2:50am]: You owe me :|
Stare burning into your screen, your jaw hits the floor as your shoulders push upward in fear. Immediately, you lock all the way up, your reaction whooshing out in a low, sharp,
“Oh, shit.” 
“You good?” 
Snapping your head up, you see Yoongi standing just outside his bathroom, scratching one of his elbows. 
And you almost say that it’s nothing, that there isn’t anything wrong.
But then you remember the countless times he’s told you that you can tell him anything. And in your panicked state, you decide to take the plunge and finally give into his wishes. 
“Well, uhh. No, actually. It’s my friends.” You look back down at your phone, gnawing your lip. “I’m a little worried.”  
Yoongi crosses the room, rounding his bed while swiping a hoodie from his desk chair. “About?”  
When he walks right up to you, all you can do is stare. Just for a bit. Because even minutes after waking up, he looks so handsome. 
And looking at him is enough to calm you down.
But suddenly, he tosses his jacket onto the bed before bringing both hands forward, holding your hips and bringing you closer. “About what, doll?” 
Fuck. Get yourself together, get your thoughts back in order. Clearing your throat, you let out the rest of your problems, hyper aware of the way his fingers rest on your sides, “They might think I’m dodging them. I said I couldn’t go out last night.” 
Instead of pulling away, Yoongi simply leans in, latching velvety lips onto your neck and kissing your tension away. Small breaths leave your mouth before he mutters, “What did you say?”
“That I felt sick.” 
Huffs of small laughter tickle your column. “Guess they didn’t buy that.”
You sigh as he keeps lapping at your throat, tilting your head to prolong not feeling so shitty. If it wasn’t for the hands gripping your sides—or the arms you clasp around his neck—you definitely would have collapsed to the ground by now. “Guess not... I wonder… if they tried the house.”
The moan you release spurns Yoongi to press your body back, and you feel the cool spackle of his wall instead of his door this time. As your back makes harder contact with the rough surface, you grunt into the kiss he plants on your lips. 
You don’t know exactly why he’s all over you like this. Is it to distract you from worrying like you assumed? Is it because you’re finally doing what he’s been asking this whole time? Or is it because he wants to continue where you just left off because you sure as hell want that same exact thing. Anything else be damned right now.
If only it were that easy.
Yoongi’s voice still has a hint of sleep as he continues to question you, and you appreciate his willingness to help in any way. Especially since his way involves wrapping his arms further around you and resting them on your lower back. “You park inside, right?” 
“How would they know you weren’t home then?” 
“Maybe they knocked? I dunno...” 
Yoongi pulls away. When his eyes roam your face, you wish you had some semblance of normalcy in your features instead of the sleepiness and stress you feel creasing your forehead. “You okay?” 
“I… No. But. We can talk about it later. You gotta go.” 
“Fuck, I do. But hey.” He gives you another kiss, as if he has all the time in the world. “Just tell me what you want. Okay?” 
Your vision remains cloudy from the pillowy soft touch of his lips, and your words float off your tongue, 
“What do you mean?” 
You can tell that Yoongi doesn’t respond how he wants to, but he’s already backing up and heading out. 
“I meant what I said.” 
“Okay,” you call out to his back, and you watch him make his way through his apartment, looking at you one more time before clicking the entryway shut.
Tumblr media
The rest of your day is slathered in anxiety and worry. 
You manage to make it home without falling apart, though choosing to leave your stuff at Yoongi’s for just a bit longer.
To combat the impending calls you have to make, you breathe. Focus on quelling the storm in your stomach. Latch onto anything that grounds you. 
The first thing you think about is being a kid again. How things were so simple, the only drama you encountered being playground fights. Then you think about other things, like memories and accomplishments and book quotes you’ve stored for safekeeping.
But slowly, the only thing that appears in your mind is a tidy apartment, with a kitchen filled with laughs and cold water all over the floors.
You can’t deny how at ease you feel when you’re in his place. Even when you were there alone, it was peaceful. It felt… 
Clearly, you don’t want to let go of whatever feelings you have harbored in your chest. You want to make the most of them.
Before things have to reset.
Of course, the dark side of this week presented itself like a bright red spot on a blank canvas. Taehyung’s texts and calls could mean a thousand things, and the only thing that kept you from outright panic was him saying that you owed him. 
Whatever happened was resolved. For now.
But nothing can stop you from feeling the guilt. The icky jitters in your stomach. The slight bit of shame from needing to tuck secrets away and wondering how to go about things. 
What’s worse: knowing that it can’t ever be real with Yoongi unless something drastic changes. Which is why you can’t let yourself feel this way for much longer.
But the fact of the matter is that the two of you have barely started whatever this is. It’s not like you have a hold on him at all, even if he confirmed that he wasn’t seeing anyone else. 
Maybe he operates differently now than he used to? You don’t know. 
Whatever. Right now, you have to figure out how to get your friends off your back because things can get sticky real quick if they decide to snoop.
But first: call Taehyung.
It has to happen eventually. Even if you text him, you’d get an incoming call before your message even gets through. 
So on the way to work, you brace yourself and do it, which turns out to be a loud mistake.
“You owe me big!”
“I know, Tae, I’m so sorry—”
“You know how hard I had to cover for you?”
“No… What happened?”
You hear him sigh before he questions, 
“You told them you were sick, right?”
“And you were just gonna stay home?”
“But you weren’t actually there, were you?”
You wince as you roll up to a red light. 
“Mm. Guess who had to lie and say you were at their place.”
Shutting your eyes in shame, you exhale. “I’m sorry.”
“Lemme finish. Guess who also had to weasel their way out of a videocall since people didn’t believe them.”
“Shit.” You feel so bad. He didn’t have to do all of that for you. “How the hell did you do that?”
“I’m not giving up my secrets to a sneak!”
“Like I said: you owe me.”
Your building comes into view as you agree, “I do. I’m really sorry.”
“Just let me know next time so I’m more prepared, yeah?”
“And you’re buying me lunch and dinner.” 
“I will. Promise.”
There’s a big sigh on the line, and you bite your lip in anticipation. You know he’s not done with you yet. 
But all Taehyung says is a soft handful of words, and your heart caves inward just a tad.
“We can handle your friends.” 
“I know.”
“But it won’t be the same with him.”
You are fully aware of who he’s referring to. Because you already thought about the same exact thing. 
As you park, you stare at your steering wheel but don’t quite look at it. 
“I know.” 
Tumblr media
The only good thing about the mountain of worries you have to deal with? 
They’re enough to dull your senses at work, and that’s saying something. 
Somehow, you also request to take tomorrow off. And somehow, your request is accepted. Whether it’s the fact that you almost never ask off, or the wound-up way you look, you’ll take it. 
After you make it back home, you carry your tired bones to your bed, flopping down and forcing yourself to clear your head as best as you can. 
Fuck, you hate feeling this way. 
You gotta fess up to your friends. 
Of course, not everything. But you have got to tell them some of the truth so that their concern doesn’t dissolve into suspicion. 
So you’ll confess a thing or two. You’ll just leave Yoongi’s name out of it.
After you take a nice, needed, absurdly long nap. 
Tumblr media
Taeee😪: Outgoing Call
“Come to grovel at my feet again? Or are you paying up?”
“Oh. Bye then.”
“Wait!” You shift under your blankets, sitting up and hunching over. “I’m gonna tell them.”
“I’m gonna tell them.”
“About him?”
“No, no. Not everything. Just… that I’m seeing someone.”
There’s a quick pause before Taehyung slowly questions,
“You sure?”
“Yeah. I feel queasy.”
“Ah. And that’s what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy, miss stomachache.”
“Shut up,” you groan. “But I just wanted to tell you first, since you worked so hard to cover for me.” 
“Be my guest, babe. I just look like a ride or die. And you already agreed to get me food.”
“Good luck.”
You hang up before looking at the threads you hastily apologized in earlier, wondering which one of them to call. Anyone would be a good choice. But anyone could also be a terrible one. 
Your fingers flex and curl, and you start to play with your nails while lost in thought.
But you finally decide and click on the top message to fake fairness, turning to bury your head in your pillow and hide from possible horrible outcomes. 
bibi’s whore: Outgoing Call 
Your name immediately crunches through your receiver. 
“Oh my god, are you okay? We were so worried!”
Lifting your head, you groan, “I know. I’m so sorry.” 
“As long as you’re all good.” 
“I am.” 
“Okay, good. Tae told us—”
“He lied.”
A swallow lodges in your throat. This is harder than you expected, but you keep pushing through. “He covered for me.” 
“...The hell does that mean?”
Well. It’s now or never. Hopefully she will understand. Or yell at you. Ugh. 
Sitting up, you confess to your phone screen, “I… I may or may not be seeing someone.”
A screech on the other line makes you jump, and you fight a wide grin of surprise. 
“Bitch! I believed you and everything!” 
Why were you so worried? Of course they would be elated. Your friends have been encouraging you to get around more anyway, so this reaction is one you should’ve expected. 
The taboo of it being Yoongi just kept you from thinking anything positive would come out of this. If you weren’t so giddy you would be gritting your teeth in pure frustration.
Pleasant shock pumping through your veins, you cover your forehead. “I know, I’m sorry. I just froze!” 
“I get it, I get it. Did you tell the others yet?”
“No, but don’t tell just anyone. Only you three can know. I’m just too tired to do this two more times.”
“Who is it? Do we know them? Is it J—”
“It is not him, but. This is all you get for now,” you lie while doused in a strange cocktail of relief and embarrassment, sticking with your earlier decision. You feel a lot better about this fib, since they’ll know part of the truth. “Just in case it falls through.”
“Mmm, that means the sex is fucking fire.”
“What! I can hear it in your voice, babe. Shit, you might be in love.”
You scoff at your window, noticing that it’s way past sunset already. “As if.” 
“But I get it. Sorry if we pressured you into spilling.”
“Are you kidding? I felt guilty the entire day. I love y’all too much.”
“Awhh… Don’t even worry about that. We’ve all been there. Yuri’s still sneaking around with that one guy even though she won’t admit it.”
“Yeah. And you know Dom and I are leaving our options open. Everyone’s got their own shit to deal with. So you do you.” 
Sighing, you play with your comforter, noticing how it’ll never be as soft and comforting as Reia. You can’t believe you worried all damn day for virtually nothing.
This whole overthinking thing is starting to get terribly old.
Huffing, you don’t know how else to express your gratitude other than a sincere, “Thank you.” 
“Of course! Are you seeing them again tonight?”
A giggle punctures your phone. 
“Just say yes, you sneaky bitch.”
“Yes.” You pause with a smile. “And yeah, it’s fucking fire.” 
“I knew it! Is it the same guy from last year? Fuck you!” 
“I’m not saying anything!”
“Gotta be. You didn’t say who that was, either.”
It’s true. While you told them about your mind-blowing encounter with Yoongi, you never disclosed a name. All they know is that you practically got your back blown out, and you won’t forget their shouts and praise and scoffs at your implied decision to keep it a one night stand. 
If only they knew that decision wasn’t exactly yours.
“About time you got another proper dick down. Wait, it is a guy, right?” 
“Ha! That narrows it down.”
“Damn it.”
“I’ll find out eventually love you bye!”
“Bye,” you say through a grin, feeling multitudes lighter than you had in awhile. 
Thank god. Or whoever or whatever’s out there. You owe them a drink. 
Exhausted, you flop back onto your pillow with a whoosh.
Tumblr media
Two calls is more than enough to drain your social battery, but you wanna make one more. 
After all, you feel a hell of a lot better about seeing Yoongi again. The urge is so strong that you feel like calling him just because.
But when his phone rings a few times without an answer, you hang up and watch your ceiling, awake and cocooned in your blanket. 
You can wait however long. Your mind is so much clearer now.
To your immediate surprise, Yoongi calls you back within minutes, voice wary after you greet him.
“You okay?” 
You smile. Of course that’s his first concern. If you hadn’t confessed just a few moments ago, your answer would have been completely different. “Much better. But you’re busy so I can wait.” 
“You sure?” 
“Ah, yeah. I’ll just be in bed.” 
“Yours or mine?” 
…What did he just ask?
“Oh,” you stutter out. “I’m at home.” 
But are you really? Where is home lately, if he isn’t there? 
And why did you just ask yourself that? 
“You threw away that key, huh.” 
“I have your key! I just.. I dunno. Using it when you’re not there is weird. Still feels like I’m intruding.” 
A laugh. 
“Then give it up.” 
“Gimme the key back. I’ll come get it tonight.” 
You can practically feel his stupid grin on the other line. There’s no way he’s serious, and yet you’re affected all the same.
“…Damn you, Yoongi.” 
Another laugh puffs out of him before he keeps teasing,
“You’re so… Ugh! Fine. I’ll keep it.” 
“It’s all up to you.” 
“Yeah? Then I’m going over there just to lock you out.” 
More hissed laughter crackles through, and you nestle into your comforter with a curve of your mouth.
“God, I love it when you’re—” 
“Yoong! Hurry up, man!” 
Oh, shit. That was Jungkook. He sounds… 
“Yoongi! Come back!” 
You freeze. 
Those voices were definitely higher in pitch. Truthfully, they were more like whines than anything.
There’s a muffled “Yeah, one sec!” before the receiver gets uncovered again.
“Hey, I gotta go. But I’ll be back tonight.”
“Am I gonna see you?” 
Well. That’s even more interesting. Your question is timid before tiptoeing out. “…Do you want to?” 
“Course I do.” 
You already knew what your answer would be. After all, you had left all your stuff at his place, so of course you were gonna go back at some point. But after hearing what you just heard, you needed to be sure of Yoongi’s answer. You needed to be sure if you were staying.
Appearing as unbothered as you possibly could, you respond, “Okay. I’ll be there.” 
“Thank fuck.” 
Damn it. You can’t help but puff at the relief in his voice. “Such a guy.” Deciding to cake on more encouragement, you fight the dark emotion in your belly while continuing, “But don’t leave until you’re done!” 
He’s there to work. Right? Yes. He wouldn’t be trying shit. 
Mind in another frenzy, you whisper, “I believe in you. You’ll finish.” 
“I dunno about that, but.. Thanks, doll.” 
Tumblr media
It’s later, when you rest in a bed that’s not yours, that you busy yourself with anything to distract you from rogue thoughts. Checking for emails from the job postings, flipping on Yoongi’s television, responding to the second text your brother sent asking if you were good. All of these are temporary buffers. 
But they aren’t enough. 
You think about calling your other friends, wondering how Yuri or Dom reacted to the news when Rea inevitably told them minutes after getting off the phone. But you don’t wanna deal with more of that, lest you have to make up another lie. 
So you decide on the ultimate distraction, a way to time travel without lifting a finger: sleeping.
Because Yoongi doesn’t show for hours. 
And hours. 
Tumblr media
You don’t remember when you fell asleep, but you know that something is pulling you out of your slumber. Something warm, and soft, and feeling like you’re coming home.
With a sharp inhale, you fling your eyes open to see that Yoongi’s kissing you awake, one of his hands cradling the back of your neck and his body warmth seeping into your side. 
Is this a dream? 
Your quick break is cut by another kiss, and you taste alcohol and citrus on his tongue before he pulls away. 
“You gotta be my good luck charm or something.” 
Eyes still adjusting to the dark of the room, you question, “Hmm?”
“We fucking finished.”
“Oh my god. Everything?” 
Yoongi nods, his hoodie sweeping the top of your head as he leans in close. 
One foot still in dreamland, you offer a smile of pride. 
Holy crap, they did it. Whatever hard work they poured into that project paid off. You can already see it. “I knew you would,” you sigh, loving the way it feels surrounded by his strong embrace. 
If only he didn’t smell like scents you know you can’t afford. 
Remembering the voices you heard earlier, you crash back down to earth and end up six feet deep in worry. 
Right. You wanted to distract yourself for a reason. You wanted to sleep away the anxiety for a reason. Because even though you and him don’t even have a solid label, you wanna know his stance. And Taehyung would tell you to figure that shit out right away, whether you’re keeping tabs on him or not.
“I dunno how,” Yoongi responds while you muster up enough courage to talk, “But you were right.” 
“Naturally,” you whisper. 
Say something.
Keep being brave enough to tell him what’s bothering you.
No overthinking this one.
As he leans in again for another kiss, you press a hand into his chest and take the first step. “Wait.”
Yoongi stops on a dime.
Unblinking and hoping his answer is one you can take, you sigh, “Can… Can I ask you something?” 
As you speak, you watch his eyes dart across your face in concern. “This is so stupid. But. I heard… people, on the phone. And I smell… perfume. I know we aren’t a thing, but. I don’t think I can do this if—” 
You’re lucky that Yoongi cuts in before you can finish. 
“Hey. Listen.” He sits up before telling you to follow suit. When you do, he looks toward his window, expression indiscernible as he watches moonlight seep through his blinds. 
Breathing in, he lowers his head before looking at the hands resting in your lap. “I don’t do that shit anymore. If I’m seeing someone, that’s it.” 
You let those words coat shoulders that drop with relief, wondering if he meant that in a general way or if—
“And even if I did…” Yoongi gazes into your eyes then, and you stare at his determined pupils hiding behind dark orange bangs. “I wouldn’t do that to you. K?” 
Oh. There’s a hummingbird in your ribcage, its fluttering wings stealing all the words from your mouth. 
You can only nod.  
“And,” he says, straightening to prop up your chin. “It’s not stupid.”
Ah. The hummingbird now has friends. Many, many friends. 
“If it helps,” Yoongi continues while fighting a guilty smile, “I kinda pissed’em off.”
“Huh?” Something like a half-laugh, half-scoff shoots out of your mouth. “What did you do?”
He aims a smug look your way before reminding you why people love to hate him.
“You ever been called your friend’s name before?”
Your jaw drops before you playfully nudge his shoulder with a gasp, and Yoongi grins with his nose scrunched. “Asshole!” His breathy laughs are unbothered by your affronted, droning, “Wow.”
“I know. But it works.” He winks before moving on to another, more favorable subject. “What time are you leaving in the morning?” 
“Whenever you need me to. I took tomorrow off.” 
“Then stay. I’m off, too.” 
Excitement bubbles up to join the adrenaline in your veins. You were hoping that was the case ever since he said they were finished, but you weren’t positive. “You sure?” 
“Yeah. Why?” 
Blinking, you wonder why you even asked in the first place. 
But then you remember: as much as you want a whole day with him, you think back to seeing him at his desk. How he used even a sliver of his alone time to work on his own music. If he wants to do that instead, you don’t want to stop him. 
However, you also don’t wanna catch him off-guard again by mentioning his private business. Maybe he even forgot that you could have heard his track. So instead, you joke, 
“I dunno. Thought you’d be tired of me by now.”
Yoongi regards you with a smile of disbelief, like he knows that’s what you weren’t originally going to say. But he plays along. 
“Not yet,” he teases. “Lemme shower.” 
Tumblr media
With running water serving as the background to your thoughts, you psych yourself up for everything that you want to do.
Whether this is something you can pull off or not, you aren’t exactly sure. But there’s no way to know unless you try. And you want to try very, very hard.
Because Yoongi damn well deserves it. 
He’s been nothing but accommodating ever since the weekend started. From making you get work done, to reassuring your spastic mind at every pass, he’s made an impression unlike no one has before. 
And honestly, he’s been this way with you long before then. 
So you want to be the one to please him this time. In a way that you never have for anyone else. It’s just daunting when you know you’re about to step out of your comfort zone. 
But to hell with it. You wanna do this. 
Getting up, you swipe one of the shirts Yoongi left on his chair, changing into it before taking everything else off. The soft but thick material drapes over your body, and you wonder if every single thing in this apartment is just made to be as comforting as its owner.
Maybe you should spend more time wearing his baggy clothes. 
Never mind all that. Focus!
Inhaling, you start to visualize your plans. Plans that were put on hold ever since this morning. With all of your day’s worries and fears resolved, the fog in your brain dissipates, allowing you to finally picture what you really want.
Hopefully it’s what Yoongi really wants, too.  
Light juts in front of your feet as the bathroom door swings open, and you stand in place as he notices, “Digging through my shit now, huh?”
“No,” you assure him, bones already vibrating with anticipation at the sight of his wet hair. 
And fuck, is he still wearing jewelry? 
Stop! Self-control. Patience. 
“This was on your chair.”
“I don’t—”
Self-control and patience be damned. 
Rushing forward, you catch Yoongi off guard with quick hands to his covered chest.
Backing him up one two three steps, you shove him onto his bed, blood pulsing at the sight of his wide eyes. 
Don’t stop, keep going. You can do this.
Heart skipping beats, you tug off his shirt before you can chicken out, and Yoongi groans when you reveal that it’s the only thing you had on.
And you almost catch the way his expression switches from desire to shock, but you mount him and dive right onto his neck before you can do so.
Something stronger than adrenaline comes over you then. Something dark, and primal, and absolutely divine. Breathing in the woody scent of his body wash, you lap at his column while your hands travel everywhere. You’re so focused on attacking him that you barely register the hands gripping your ass.
“Oh, fuck, doll,” Yoongi moans as you scratch down his chest, jerking his head back with a hard hiss when you pinch his nipple. 
Enveloped by lust, you let instinct guide your actions, pushing up to nip his ear while clutching his throat. A suck here, a tug of his hair there. Pinching, whispering his name, squeezing your thighs—every single movement seems to break him down while lifting you up.
And you finally get the chance to tell him what’s about to happen. 
“Lemme get a cond—”
“Uh uh.” 
When he stills underneath you, your bare chest slides down his front as you explain, 
“My turn.”
It’s simple. It’s concise. 
But Yoongi is smart enough to get what you mean, and a rough hum rips from his core as he watches you slowly sink between his knees. 
When you hit the floor, you realize. 
It’s almost been a year since you’ve been in this position. 
You want to show Yoongi what he had been missing.
But as your eyes shift up to see him already watching you, you’d like to think he already knows. 
Propped up on his elbows, Yoongi leers down at your determination, wet locks still dripping water onto his smooth cheekbones. Underneath his shirt, you can see all the little tics of his pecs, his abs—tiny jolts in the aftermath of your storm.
As much as you want to keep playing with the upper half of him, you continue in your quest, mouth salivating when you slip his sweatpants down bit by agonizing bit.  
God, how you want to be able to watch his reactions while you have him shoved down your throat. But you’ll make do with one pleasure at a time.
Starting with the cock that springs in front of your face. 
Impatient, you don’t waste time in taking his velvety girth in your palm, missing how it felt in your fingers and wanting it buried deep inside you for hours. 
Fucking hell. Out of all the dicks you’ve held in your lifetime, his is undoubtedly your favorite. In fact, you vaguely remember being upset at its perfection, hating how every part of the one man out of reach has the power to destroy you.
You want that power, too: bringing Min Yoongi to his proverbial knees.
Well. You’re sure as hell gonna fucking try. 
With one full, wet swipe along his length, you already see him thump back onto his mattress, hips flinching and fists gathering bunches of his sheet. 
Pleased, you take his tip in your awaiting mouth, lifting your head mid-suck to tug on him more. Intentionally, you release him with a sound you’ve perfected by watching videos you will never disclose. 
And it seems to resonate with Yoongi, for a dark laugh rumbles between sealed lips as a large hand palms the top of your head. 
“You nasty girl.”
Licking around his tip while squeezing the base, you give him a teasing suck before releasing with another perfect pop. Sliding your fingers to gather your saliva, you coat the rest of him before lapping at his balls.
His control. 
It’s slipping. 
You can tell from the breathy laughs he puffs to the ceiling. A slew of incoherent words tumbles after, and you decide that you quite like him like this. Like he finally doesn’t know what to say. 
Mirroring something you remember Yoongi torturing you with, you admit, 
“You taste so fucking good.” 
A deep hum is your only response, and you take that as a cue to keep going, tilting your head to swirl around his cock. Your own essence coats your cheeks as you feast, alternating between slurps and licks that travel along his veins.
From experience, you’ve learned how to judge reactions, how to tell what guys prefer or not. But all of those other times? You were never invested enough to truly care. If they never cared to pay attention to what you liked, then why bother?
But Yoongi cares. Sometimes, you wonder if he cares more than you do. 
So you pay extra attention to how he reacts, and you make sure to understand enough to heighten his pleasure to its zenith. 
Immediately, you pick up on the fact that he likes when you squeeze his sack. But also, it seems that he’s aroused by all the sounds you’re making in general.
You almost laugh. While you aren’t normally loud unless Yoongi wants you to be, this is where you won’t quiet down unless he stops you. 
But you aren’t the only one filling the room with vulgar noises. 
Beautiful hisses spring over your head, only to be joined by moans as you swallow more of his cock with each pass. He palms your scalp with a hand, trying his damned best to let you decide how much of him to take in. 
So you give him permission, knowing he’d catch on to the taps you make on his thigh.
When your eyes travel up his body, you can see him lifting his head to watch, and he looks to you for one more nod of consent. 
You pause your sucks to give him one, slathering your tongue around his shaft before taking him in again.
Yoongi’s groans are deep when he pushes your head down, and you feel your mouth stretch wide around his cock. When the tip knocks the back of your throat, you gag on instinct, expecting the moan that comes right after.
“Fuck, baby…”
You can go lower, so you let him push you down a little further, unfazed by the way your throat aches to accommodate his girth. Tears start to collect in your eyes, but you don’t mind those either, having done this many times before. 
For Yoongi, you’ll deal. To hear the way he slurs your name, you’ll deal.
Your breath cuts at a certain point, but you sacrifice it to prove you can take him all in. And when your nose brushes his pelvis, Yoongi’s outright moan is already worth the gamble on your lungs. 
Mercifully, you’re tugged all the way off his cock in a single motion, gasping for air as strings of saliva connect your mouth to his sex.
“You’re so fucking good at this. What the fuck.” 
Mouth coated in spit, you nod with little shame, cunt pulsing at the satisfied groan that it gets in return.
Yoongi’s voice is filled with lust and gravel when he grits out, “God, I wanna fuck that throat.”
“Do it,” you rasp with lidded eyes, smirking at the way he looks at you with disbelief. Replicating what he had said to you before, you croak, “This is about you.”
“You sure, doll?”
Heart beating a bit quicker at his concern, you hum in confidence. Your fingers tap his thigh when you respond, “I’ve done it before.”
A strange look comes over Yoongi’s face then, and you don’t know why he sits all the way up to kiss you. But you and your throat welcome the short reprieve, and he breathes through his nostrils before pulling away.
Just like that, the look vanishes, replaced by shadows and desire and impatience.  
“Then gimme that dirty mouth.”
Lost in his blown out eyes, you obey. But before he can even take over, you start a relentless pace, bobbing your head and hollowing your cheeks until they throb. 
It’s enough to make him stutter in his movements, and a hand pulls you up before he chuckles, “Breathe first, babe.”
Blinking, you realize, “Oh, shit. Yeah.”
Seeing Yoongi’s full grin while in the midst of pleasure? 
That has to be one of your favorite things. 
“Okay,” you nod, only slightly embarrassed. “Ready.” 
He only hisses out laughter while tilting his head back. “What are you doing to me…”
You don’t respond. Because you don’t know. But you wanna keep satisfying this man until he melts in your mouth, so you take his tip in to change the topic. 
This time, you give Yoongi complete control of your head, noticing that he starts with slow but full strokes. As he groans, you mewl when his other hand skirts over one of your breasts, causing him to quicken his pace. 
Concentrate. Loosen your throat. Breathe through your nose. All of these thoughts invade your mind as Yoongi thrusts in deeper and quicker, and your column bears the onslaught as tears roll down your cheeks in rivers. 
The sounds you make are far from innocent, and they serve as the moving line over Yoongi’s constant reactions.
You don’t remember him being this vocal.
But you’re starting to understand why he likes pleasuring you so much.
It aches like hell, but you want nothing but to keep going. You’re okay. With a hand gripping his thigh, you slacken your aching jaw and revel in the waves of curses washing over your naked back. You almost traverse into another plane entirely, eyes slitted and strings of drool slipping from your lips. 
Suddenly, you’re tugged up again, a long gasp escaping your numb mouth and eyes practically rolled back. Wheezing, you gulp in breaths like water, feeling air on the spit that accumulated on your chest.
Holy fuck, how drenched are you? You’re too dizzy to comprehend, let alone hear anything he’s saying. 
A hand makes its way to your cheek, the veiny back caressing your sweaty skin all the way down to your sore jaw. When he cradles your lolling chin in his sweaty fingers, you slowly open your eyes to be pinned by a look so dark you would think he was possessed.
And you have never seen him look so hungry.  
But you can’t mull over it for too long. Not because you feel thoroughly fucked out—though that contributes a good chunk of it—but because his wish shoots through you like lightning,
“Gonna come all over that pretty face.”
Even though you want that, too, it wasn’t the plan you had in mind.
Shaking your head, you move his hand away and give him a lopsided smile. “Not this time.”
Yoongi’s new expression is adorable, but you waste no time in clarifying—not without a slight hint of shyness,
“I want it somewhere else…”
Yoongi furrows his brows impossibly deep, his chest rising and falling with labored breaths. “Where, baby girl.”
Lowering yourself back down, you answer,
“My mouth.”
“The fuck,” he groans, eyes shutting as you seize command again.
Your hands and mouth cover him completely—sucking, pumping, twisting. You feel him twitching with an impending explosion, and you rake your nails down one of his thighs before moving them right to his balls. 
More curses shoot from his mouth as he arches his back higher than before, and you know he’s close before he even tells you. 
With one last thought, you clutch his sack with one hand while reaching up to twist one of his nipples, wanting every bit of his pleasure to come from you and you alone. 
And you moan around him when it works like a charm. 
Nothing but your name rips from his throat as he spills into your mouth, hot and milky and distinguishable on your tongue. Spurt after spurt paints your cavern, and you love the way his cock twitches with each angry release.
It’s yours. All yours yours yours and you claim it with a possessiveness you will deny in the morning. Globs slide down your gullet, and you twirl your tongue to gather everything you missed. 
Above you, Yoongi’s body locks, fists solid and creating taut mountain peaks out of his sheets. When you suck through his orgasm, a long, guttural moan is blocked by his closed lips, and he flexes his arms forward, feline and feral. 
You already know you can never have Yoongi, no matter what.
But this Yoongi—flustered, out of control, and fucked out of his mind—is the Yoongi you want all to your fucking self.
Breathing hard and watching him come, you’re positive that he is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen in your life.
Finally, with one last exhale, his high passes. And a realization floods your mind. 
Holy fuck.
You just swallowed Yoongi’s cum. 
Nothing but shaky breaths fill the room, and you take time to steady your pulse and relax your aching throat. Fuck, it’s gonna be sore. Damn, you’re lucky that you have tomorrow off because—
Something causes you to snap your gaze upward.
And any breaths you were going to take cease.
Because there have been many significant snapshots in your life, some of them only involving yourself, your friends, and more recently the very man in front of you. 
But this moment? With you stripped bare and on your knees while he worships you from above? 
Something in you clicks.
And clicks hard.
Yoongi’s voice has never been hoarser as he commands, “Open that goddamn mouth.”
You oblige, tongue out and all.
“Fuck.” He snags your chin with force, and the fervor with how he growls sends sparks along your skin, 
“Come here. Get the fuck up.” 
Bubbling with mirth, you rush to mount him as he hoists you by the arms, and you kiss him square on the lips with punished knees digging into his forgiving mattress. Fuck, the bends in your legs are sore. But you’ll live. 
Yoongi seizes the back of your head and looks at you, clenching his fingers with words on the tip of his tongue. But he says nothing in the end, simply shaking his head and kissing you one more time. 
Everything you wanted to happen happened. 
And you’d like to think he enjoyed it just as much as you did, so you can now sleep peacef—
“Get up.”
“Sit up.”
Confused, you wince at the sting in your legs as you’re situated in his bare lap. As your entrance rests right against his cock, both of you groan while most likely thinking the same thing. 
“What are you doing,” you whisper, watching his complete look of satisfaction at how ragged your voice sounds. The pout you make only widens his smile. 
Instead of responding verbally, Yoongi reaches behind his neck to unclasp one of his chains. And you don’t know where things are going until your heartbeat jumps ten paces. 
Because he slips the silver necklace around your neck before taking off the heavier one, admiring the view when both of them rest against your slippery chest. 
What is he doing?
This feels borderline intimate. 
It’s enough to render you speechless, and you can only breathe as he runs his fingers along the links, the back of his hand brushing the side of your breast. 
“They look much better on you.”
You still don’t know what the hell to say, feeling a lovely weight on your neck and an enchanting burden in your chest. 
“Hey,” Yoongi whispers, lifting your chin. “You okay?”
“Oh. More than okay,” you admit. “I just…” 
When you see him tilt his head and wait for your answer, you finally notice that you’re unbothered. Truly unbothered. About today, about your friends, about what you heard on the phone. 
But more importantly, you’re unbothered about being naked in front of him. You aren’t thinking about how you look, or how he thinks you look. All you’ve been focused on this entire time has been him, and you haven’t had this much fun in the bedroom. Ever. 
“I’m really happy right now,” you finally beam, and you want to bottle the feeling you have in your heart and shelve it for every rainy day you’ll ever live through. 
Right next to the bottle that keeps the look in Yoongi’s eyes.
You yelp as he suddenly tugs on his chains to pull you forward, and your lips are captured in a way that has your toes curling. 
Before you know it, you’re being lowered onto rumpled sheets, and a pair of fingers between your legs jolts you upwards. “Yoongi?”
“Who said we were done?” 
“But this was about you,” you gasp as you feel his fingers slide up your dripping folds with more pressure. 
“I know. This is still for me.” 
What the hell? You were already set on not receiving anything tonight. If anything, you could take care of yourself after he passed out. So what’s he doing? Why is he saying this is for him? “How?”
“I love seeing you like this.”
You can only blink. “...Really?”
“Yeah. And I love seeing you come.” 
“You do?“ 
Yoongi’s gaze lands on the jewelry resting on your chest. “So fucking much.” 
“Oh,” is all you can muster, lust coming back with a vengeance and twisting your core.  
And you wait until his eyes travel upwards, slowly but surely, until they connect with yours. “Let’s see how many times you got, dirty girl.” 
Oh, fuck.
He shifts to sit up, ordering you to change positions as he slips his sweatpants back on. “Slide up here for me.” 
Obeying, you wince at the discomfort in your knees as you make your way to the head of his mattress. 
Yoongi joins you immediately, his warmth pressing deliciously into your side. With a flick of his chin, he continues, “Hands under the headboard. Uh huh.” 
Well. You didn’t expect this. And you’re ten times more excited for what’s in store for you, especially since Yoongi decided to keep all of his clothes on. The pretty tension has you thrumming with heat and nerves.
Instead of going between your legs, he starts with fingers to your mouth. “Open up one more time, doll.”
You gladly take two of his digits in like you were built for it, slathering your tongue all over them and humming at the quick curse at your ear.
“So filthy,” he chuckles through a smile. As he slides his fingers out, he rubs them over your lips before clutching your chin. “I fucking love it.” 
You bite your lip before you can help it, knowing you won’t be prepared for anything he’s going to do to you. 
And you quickly learn how right you are. 
Yoongi seizes complete command of your body, fingering you at the perfect pace while latching lips onto your neck. Both movements cause you to tense up, your palms pressing into the bottom of his headboard and your back arching. 
Shit, it already feels so good and it’s only been seconds! 
Your legs are forced more open before Yoongi dips his digits in again, sliding up your drenched walls and laughing derisively at your throat.
“Sucking me off got you this wet, huh?”
Whimpering, you can only nod, shifting your hips to feel more of the friction he’s giving. You don’t know how aroused he looks as he watches your bouncing chest, but you do hear what he whispers. Because it emblazons itself on your neck. 
“What a whore.” 
“Fuck, Yoongi,” you whine, thoroughly turned on and shuddering at the way his laughs slide down your column. Shameful, you admit to yourself that you can listen to him talk like that for hours. 
When he suddenly slaps your cunt, you lose it, feeling the strain in your body as a moan tries to escape your clenched teeth. 
Holy fuck, how are you already this close? Did you really attain this amount of arousal just by giving him head? You knew you were outright delighted but damn, his fingers see no resistance at all. 
The silver around your neck slides a little towards your collarbone. As you wonder why he decided to don you with his chains, Yoongi takes advantage and leans down, latching lips onto one of your nipples and pulling a moan from your throat. 
“Oh, my god.” 
You want to throw your hands around his neck. Dig your fingers in his angry locks. But the way your hands grip the headboard, you’re too afraid to let go. They feel permanently welded, and you can only tighten them as you thrash underneath him. 
He fucking knows it, too, taking his time to lick around your breast before nicking again. And with so many sparks filling your body to the brim, you already see the edge. It’s so close close close and you’re trying to get the right words out to tell him. 
He has the audacity to laugh, staccato puffs in your ear. “I feel you sucking me in. You can’t hide, baby girl.” 
“Fuck,” you gasp, knowing he’s completely right. But you can’t help it. Your body wants every inch of his and the friction is feeding the thrums in your core.
Yoongi suddenly grabs the back of your neck, holding you in place and causing your jaw to slacken. 
“Whose pussy is this?” 
What the fuck! You didn’t expect that. And you know how you want to answer, but your words come out ridiculously slurred from lust. 
“What was that?” 
“Yours! Oh, fuck…” 
“Mmhmm.” With one final stroke, he agrees, “All mine.”
Pure light wipes your vision as you come, groaning through your lips as your body snaps into place. Your arms are taut, straining as you squeeze his headboard like a lifeline. Over and over and over, your cunt clenches around Yoongi’s fingers, and he hums above you, long and rough. 
It doesn’t matter that you end up a panting mess, nor does it matter that your legs are yelling to be closed. Because he’s already keeping an agonizing pace on your throbbing walls without reprieve.
“You wanna be a cumslut so bad? Prove it.” 
“Taking my dick and my fingers so well.” He slaps your cunt again, and the squelch it makes will embarrass you even days later. “Still such a whore for me.” 
You don’t know why the hell that turns you on, but it does. Goddamn, it does, and he knows how much it affects you by the way you milk his fingers despite already coming. 
He laughs even deeper this time, and it sends shivers down your chest all the way to your toes. Watching the way you writhe beneath him, he goads, “That’s it, doll. Fuck, I love seeing you in my shit.”
“Almost wanna show you off.”
Damn, you want that, too. Holy shit, you want the same thing, and just imagining that being a possibility gets you frighteningly close to another edge. 
And you need the plunge. No one will take that away from you. Even him. If he edges you even once, you’ll finish your goddamn self.
“Yoongi, I’m close.”
“Then come for me, love.”
Your coil snaps again, harder than the last and making you a shuddering mess. Later, you’ll think about what he said, but your mind is completely void for now. Tears start leaking out of your ducts from the onslaught of pleasure wracking your bones, and you let out a quick sob from feeling so overwhelmed.
Yoongi’s saying things in your ear again, but you really can’t discern them. Praises, insults, anything in between—you don’t know. All you know is that your brain is exploding with lust and satisfaction and you don’t know when the high will ever subside. 
But, after an eternity and a half, you start to float back onto soft, damp sheets. Your muscles relax bit by bit, and the fingers above your head unlatch from the dark wood of his headboard. 
Fuck. Your hands hurt. But you slowly close them to combat the strain. 
With your eyes slipped shut, you’re surprised to feel Yoongi’s lips on yours, inhaling shock through your nose at the second stolen kiss of the night. Instead of your palms, you reach to place your wrists on his shoulders, twisting your body to press fully into his front. 
His heartbeat…
It might be quicker than yours. 
Softly, one of your hands is cradled in his fingers before your palm is rubbed with care. One circle, then another, and another. Voice so deep that it’s more of a rumble than a sentence, Yoongi asks, “Do they hurt?”
“A little,” you admit. “But you’re helping.” 
You don’t know what time it is, but you don’t exactly care. It could be any hour of any day and you would still banish the rest of the world from your mind. Because it only exists in this moment. With him massaging your hand while carrying tiny moons in his eyes. 
He’s ethereal.
“You don’t have to stay tomorrow.” 
Blinking hard, you struggle to comprehend what Yoongi just said. 
What? What did he mean by that? 
Your heart rushes up your bruised throat before you squeak out, “Why not?” 
Yoongi kisses your forehead. “Your friends on your case. Spend time with them. Don’t worry just cus of me.” 
Oh. He doesn’t know that you took care of that.
Why does he have to be so considerate? This doesn’t make things easy.
“It’s okay,” you murmur, reaching with your free hand to cradle his cheek. “I was gonna see them… But after this week, since…” 
He just watches you. 
“Things’ll go back to normal.” 
Yoongi darts his eyes across your face, silent. When he only nods, a piece of you breaks, but you try your hardest not to let him see it. 
There won’t be time for walks, or water fights, or waking up to his arm around your waist. Because this week reserved a pocket universe in time—a space just for the two of you to have. And it’s one you truly don’t ever want to leave. 
From the way that Yoongi claims your lips, you want to think he feels the same. It’s at least nice to keep pretending.
But you know he’s doing it to make you feel better, though it devastates you all the same. 
Because a week is quickly not becoming enough. You want more time. You need it. 
Yoongi stops with a breath, and runs a hand along the side of your head.
“Get some rest, doll.”
“You, too.”
“I will,” he whispers. “And listen. About tomorrow.” 
He stares at you just a bit longer, caressing your cheek and keeping his mouth shut. 
It’s strange. You’ve only been able to read him a few times before. But now, you’re sure that you see a thousand thoughts run across his eyes, and they remind you of meteor showers you used to watch outside when you were young. When life wasn’t complicated. When the furthest thing from your mind was a broken heart. 
But at his next words, your heart swells. 
And you don’t need to worry about it breaking just yet.
“I’m all yours.”
…Maybe Reia was right.
tbc. :) 
A/N: ahhh. so. how did it go? LOL i feel like it’s been so long since Stay, but it’s only been two-ish months. whoa! also.. typing with acrylics should be an olympic sport and if you do this regularly you have my utmost respect LOLL that shit was so hard while writing a majority of this chapter! A/N 2: as always, thank you so much for all of the support. whether you’re new, or an OG, i truly appreciate you being here and going on this journey with me and the 3tan crew. and for the people wanting angst, welp. here’s a glimpse of what that entails dkldkjdjf see you all in “the week, pt. 2!” ++ feedback box: ⇥ of course, any reblogs/comments/messages are appreciated! ⇥ for the ones that are too shy to reblog with a review, comment on this, or send a message, i went ahead and made another anonymous form where you can send in what you think! ⇥ no emails collected, no need to put in a username. it’s literally just a comment dropbox :D feedback can be as short/sweet or as long as you’d like! ⇥ here! ++ ⇥ masterlist
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yoon2k · 12 days ago
family man | myg
Tumblr media
➙ SUMMARY | Min Yoongi is a family man, there’s no doubt about it. But which family is the question: his crime ring, looking up to their Don? Or you, his wife and kids?
➙ PAIRING | Don!Yoongi x reader
➙ GENRE | The Godfather!AU, 1970s!AU, mafia!AU, angst, smut
➙ RATE | 18+
➙ WC | 6.8k
➙ VOCAB INDEX | these are terms used in old-school New York / within The Godfather in association with the Italian mafia that aren’t as common presently, which I employ in the fic.
Caporegime: a high ranking member of a crime family, usually directly under an Underboss or Don
Cold Coffee: bad luck
Consigliere: an advisor to a crime boss
Don: The head of a crime family
Family: the regular kind, but can also mean a crime ring
Sleeping with the fishes: dead
➙ A/N | PLEASE HEED THE WARNINGS BEFORE YOU READ THIS! this has darker themes than any of my previous fics babes , make sure you're comfortable before you dive in.
Tumblr media
➙ WARNINGS | violence, m*rder, mentions of blood, mentions of a drive-by, explicit gory scenes, mentions of disembodiment, some gory imagery, guns, shooting, descriptions of fear, immorality, misogyny, gender roles, weapons, toxic relationship / marriage dynamics, manipulation, intimidation, fear, gaslighting, he makes her cry, scare tactics, smoking a cigarette, gun play, ring play, face grabbing, manhandling, rough sex, fingering, hickies, slight dumbification, degradation, humiliation, taunting, use of ‘bitch’ & ‘whore’, daddy kink, threat of penetration with a foreign object, primal references, breeding kink
Tumblr media
“IT’S THE NEXT big thing, Don Min. You invest now, and you’ll be reaping millions, just by the end of the month. Trust in the casino business, it’s the most reliable investment—besides brothels of course—” the man paused to titter at his joke, expecting to lighten the Don’s mood. But Yoongi’s face remained stoic as ever, piercing eyes and a head tilt his signature, “your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be set, I’ll tell ya.” 
There was a lull, silence meeting the man’s words. His excited proposition fell onto intimidating ears. Yoongi contemplated the man’s words with a hard-to-read expression. He was infamous for his poker face—the don’s steady demeanor, rarely fazed, was his signature. 
“It seems prosperable.” Yoongi said finally. The man before him physically relaxed, his tense shoulders loosening their iron grip. “What did I do to earn such a thoughtful gesture, Noto?” 
Noto laughed. “Is that a question? You’re my Don, of course. My first thought was to humbly ask for your support in this business endeavor.” He bowed his head, “I am grateful that you find value in my proposal.” 
Yoongi nods, a humorless puff of air leaving his mouth with a polite smile. He picked up the small glass of wine in front of him. “You’re right—and as your Don, I highly appreciate your respect. You know it carries weight with me.” He took a modest sip, slowly. He put his glass down, leaning back in his chair. “So forgive me if I’m a little confused as to why you already have a deal with Don Choi.” 
Noto was visibly frazzled at the confrontation. It was clear he didn’t think Don Min had any knowledge of his disloyalty—going behind his own Don’s back when he was approached by Choi’s people, after serving Don Min so loyally for so many years. Noto only wondered if the Don had any knowledge of the other deal between him and Choi…
The room tensed around Noto, pressure in the air building and pushing against his body. He loosened his necktie, finding oxygen hard to come by. His eyes darted between the caporegimes in the room, hesitantly landing back across the table. “Don Min, forgive me. But you know it’s just business, huh? Come on, you know me.” His intention is friendly, but his undertones panicked. “I’d never do anything to jeopardize your friendship. It was just, ah… bit of smart accounting, that’s all.” 
Yoongi nodded in understanding. “I see.” His hands clasped on the table as he leaned his weight forward. He shrugged. “It’s just business.” Noto nodded, keeping a nervous eye out for the other men in the room. “Of course, Don.” 
“Well, then,” Yoongi stretched his hand out—Noto flinched before he realized the absence of a threat—”count me in.” Yoongi’s expression was polite, with no hint of a smile or inviting gestures, but it was personal in a distinct Yoongi-like manner.
Noto let out a sigh of relief, reaching over vivaciously to shake the Don’s generously offered hand. “Thank you, sir. You won’t regret this, believe me.” 
Yoongi let the man clasp his ringed finger with both of his hands, shaking his appreciation. He nodded benevolently, patting Noto’s head. “I’m sure I won’t.” 
Noto bowed his head again to the Don, taking his cue to depart. He bid farewell to the other men in the room, nodding his head one by one—to Jung Hoseok’s handsomely stern pout, sat at Min Yoongi’s right hand; to Kim Namjoon’s stone cold expression, the Don’s consigliere; and finally to the youngest associate in the room, Jeon Jungkook. The Don’s newest recruit. Noto knew the boy well, having crossed paths with him at the house and the Don’s office, and never missed a chance to haze him. 
He reached over to Jungkook easily—he was sat closest, to Noto’s right—with the full intention of ruffling his respectable hairstyle into one of disarray. But his hand didn’t touch a hair on Jungkook’s head before the shots left Yoongi’s gun, dropping Noto to the floor. 
The body fell with a thud, chairs screeching against the tile floor as the weight pushed them away. Jungkook’s vest had caught a small splatter of blood, but the boy was quick to retrieve a small solution of laundry detergent from his inner pocket, dabbing at the fabric. 
Yoongi passed the gun to Hoseok, retrieving a handkerchief in return. “Shame. He was useful.” He wiped his hands clean, back to prim and proper, as always. “Traitorous bastard,” Namjoon spat. The blood pooled out of Noto’s body as the men all made to stand up. 
Yoongi didn’t spare a single glance down as he stepped over the body with his shiny leather shoes, shoes crisp to the ground as he carried on. “Find out who his contacts were. The proposition was good—he was onto something. And I’ll be damned if I let Choi get a hold of it first.” 
“Sure,” Hoseok was careful not to get any blood on his new, imported suit as he stepped around the body. “But how eager do you think they’ll be to switch? Surely that greasy Choi’s got ‘em under his protection.” 
Yoongi pushed his slicked hair back. “Make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse.” 
Tumblr media
The front door closing shut was followed immediately by two loud screeches and two pairs of small footsteps running to greet him.
“I missed you, papa.” Your daughter’s hands reached up as high as they could go, fingers wiggling to be picked up. His son was crowding his legs, next to his daughter, trying to talk over her. Yoongi scooped her in one fell swoop, but his eyes looked past the kids—and he saw you. 
You were in the kitchen with your apron on—tell-tale signs of the dinner he missed. You were busy with the dishes, but the sound of the door made you look up, spotting your husband for the first time that day. 
He saw the way you dropped your gaze immediately. How you busied yourself, feigning distraction in an effort to fend his eyes off. He could see the pout you wore deepening at his presence, a scowl forming as a result. Aimed at him—your husband who missed dinner. 
“Dad, look what I made,” your son was vying for his attention, eager to show him his paper mache airplane.
Yoongi tore his gaze away, turning his attention back to his children. “Show me how it works, bud…”
Tumblr media
Your drawer door slammed shut. “You’re always sorry, Yoongi. I don’t need your sorries.” Your robe moved as you turned around. “I need you to be here.” 
“I know.” His hands landed on your arms, rubbing comfortingly as he tried to catch your angry gaze at the floor, ducking his head. His sleeves were rolled up, his forearms on display, as he pulled you into his embrace, landing a kiss to the top of your head. Your arms stayed crossed, even as your cheek was pressed to his chest. “I’m sorry, baby. You know I don’t want to, but sometimes life’s some cold coffee. It’s for the prot—” 
“For the protection of the family. I know.” Yoongi was slightly taken aback by how you finished his sentence; even more so when you continued. “‘For the good of the family, for the protection of the family. I do everything for the family.’ I’ve heard it all, Yoongi.” You pulled away from his embrace, uncrossing your arms only to press your palms into his chest, and away. You retreated to the other side of the room, your back turned to him as you sat on the bed.
It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when you and Yoongi hardly went a moment without seeing each other, buzzing with longing if you two were separated. Before the kids, and the big house. Before the long work hours and closed doors. Before the secrets, and his rise to the role of Don. Before his father’s death. 
Yoongi was a different person back then, full of ambition and a hunger for honest-to-god, good living. He was on track to become a lawyer, or a senator. Something respectable. As the youngest of the family, this was never supposed to be his role—the head of the family would’ve always gone to his older brother when the previous Don’s time had passed. The plan was for Yoongi to lead an honest life. 
But he was a family man at heart. Showed up for his family when his brother was gunned down; comforted his grieving mother when his father passed of a heart attack. He stepped up, and assumed his responsibility. But along the way, that hunger and passion turned cold, and pivoted towards a more ruthless and unforgivable way of life. 
Though young when he’d been anointed don, he was smart; cunning. He gained respect and gathered power and influence faster than anyone had ever heard of. He was too good at his job, you always feared. And today, it was just dinner—but it’d build up, higher and higher until you were looking up at the man on a pedestal too high for you to touch. You could feel the Yoongi you once knew slipping away through your fingertips. 
“I saw the paper today.” Your voice was heavy after the lull of silence that had settled over the room. “You did it, didn’t you?” 
“You’re going to have to be more specific, sweetheart.” Yoongi sighed. 
“The newsboy, dead on Broad street. They said he got caught in a crossfire, but I know a drive-by when I see one. I heard Hoseok mention Broad street the other day, and—” you took a deep breath to calm your rising chest. “It was you, wasn’t it.” 
“Haven’t I told you not to ask about my work?” Yoongi’s voice had slipped into warning, a sigh on the tip of his tongue. 
But you didn’t stop. “You gave the order, Yoongi. To kill that boy. I don’t care what your excuse was, he saw something, he heard something. You came home … that night , and put our son to sleep with his blood on your hands, I—” a sob chokes you, your hand flies up to cover your mouth. You don’t want the kids to hear. 
“Stop it.” He crosses the room to you, pulling your hand away from your mouth. A sob breaks through, and he brushes a tear away with his thumb as he caresses your face. “I said stop,” he commanded. And you swallow the next sob—with nothing muffling you, the sounds could easily travel under the door and into your childrens’ rooms.  
Yoongi sighs and shakes his head, as if your reaction was an inconvenience. “I told you not to ask about my work.” His fingers slip away from your face, out of his caress. He sits down next to you purposefully, tilting your tear-stained face towards him. “But just this once. Okay?” 
You swallow, but the lump in your throat doesn’t go away. You’re scared for the whisper to leave your mouth, scared of his answer. But you have to know. “W-was it you?” 
He doesn’t break your eye contact, but his expression is unreadable. You search for any inkling, any hint. But he awards you none—it was his forte. After a few long, excruciating seconds, he answers you in a soft, firm, steady voice. “No.” 
You search his eyes for any other answer, any rogue feeling gone awry. But there isn’t any. You fall into his embrace in relief, unable to prevent your hiccuping cry. 
“Sh,” he pats your head. His voice is soft as he wipes the tears silently falling from your eyes. “Hey now, you’re alright. We’re alright.” He’s hugging you as her sobs shake your body, allowing yourself to be coddled and calmed by him. He was always a rock—a steady sangfroid against an ever volatile world.
“Please stop working so much.” You sniffle, looking up at him. “What’s the point of family if we don’t ever see you.” Your voice is tiny, but he hears. “One dinner. That’s all I want.” 
He looks down at you, his lips shifting into a soft smile. He kisses the top of your forehead. “How’s tomorrow?” 
Tumblr media
The office blinds are open, allowing for a shutter of light to drift in. Lamps are lit around the room, illuminating the presence of the caporegimes and consigliere seated purposefully. 
“The Kangs are one of the oldest families in New York. We should be able to trust them.” Hoseok argued. 
“The way Don Kim was able to trust them?” Namjoon shot back. They all knew what had happened to the Kim family—the old Don was shot in a drive-by by a car notably driven by the Kang family. No one was able to prove it, the oldest son, Seokjin, assuming power soon after. Seokjin had proven to be a strategist, focusing all of his efforts on moving out west and relocating his family to profit from a more authentic enterprise, cutting crime out almost entirely from the family. He’d gotten his revenge in the end, though. In the form of Kang’s youngest son’s head delivered to him on a shiny platter. 
“They wouldn’t dare try anything at a meeting on our ground, not even a piece on ‘em.” Hoseok countered, but Yoongi held his hand up, silencing the room. 
“Namjoon’s right. They can’t be trusted.” Namjoon smirked smugly. “But we can’t outright refuse a meeting. It’s a show of disrespect. We’ll send people to meet ‘em somewhere public, at a restaurant full of civilians and shit. It’s safer.” 
Hoseok nodded, turning to signal another man, who left the room promptly to carry out the don’s instructions. 
Yoongi turned his attention to the next matter, facing Hoseok. “Did you take care of that newsboy problem?” 
“Of course, sir. He’s sleeping with the fishes.” Hoseok confirmed. “I’ve got the package we intercepted safely hidden.” 
Yoongi nodded thoughtfully. “Good. And, hey. Be more careful next time, huh? Yn saw the papers, and heard you mention Broad street. I don’t need her or anyone else asking questions.” 
“He was in a rush to get home that day, sir.” Namjoon had a hint of a smile on his face, much to Hoseok’s chagrin. “His wife was ovulating.” The room broke into soft chuckles, the men’s shoulders shaking silently with laughter. Yoongi rolled his eyes. 
“Regardless,” Hoseok interrupted. “Those damn Amatas never knew what hit ‘em.” 
“Serves them right, pushing our borders like that,” Namjoon riles up. He leans forward, “I mean, what did they think—” 
“It’s bullshit,” Hoseok agreed.” 
“They’ve been eyeing our business for a while now.” Park Jaisang, a senior caporegime to the don, chimed in. “It looks like they want to use their Transport connections to somehow overtake our business by controlling our intake of goods. 
“I’ll tell you what. They can take their transport connections, and shove ‘em up where—” Namjoon was in the middle of making a fist with his hands and pounding it in an obscene manner when Jaisang interrupted. 
“Anyways, we’ll have to push back. Protect our goods without interfering with their business. Otherwise we lose our connection.” 
“Well what if we…” Hoseok started, and the room fell into discussion. Heavy “No fucking way”s and “Forget about it!”s followed almost every proposition. 
Yoongi sat quietly, thinking. The men, running through and out of ideas, turned to their don, asking for his thoughts. Park Jaisang spoke, “There doesn’t seem to be a viable way to go about pushback without losing our transport connection.”
Yoongi was quiet for several moments, his head tilting to the side as he pondered. The room fell silent as his low voice arose. “Then we’ll have to take it over.” 
More silence followed his words. They all look at the don in shock. Jaisang was the one to voice their concerns, “It’s a big operation, Don Min. Bigger than we’ve handled before.” 
Yoongi leans forward in his chair, using his hands as sound actions as he talks, pointing to various sports on the desk as he lists, “With their business, we could control all of New York’s shipments. We wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else.” His voice is calm, deep. As though he wasn’t just outlining a plan to overthrow one of the biggest shipping companies on the East coast. Almost as though he was just discussing the weather. 
“Yes, but we’re not equipped for it.” Namjoon reminded, raising an important point. 
“So. We’re going to get equipped.” His voice was definitive, uninviting to debate. The room fell into another lull as understanding dawned on the men—Yoongi’s plans for the operation were bigger than any of them knew until now. The young Don was hungry, and he had the ambition to chase it. 
“Well, we’d have to start with…” They launched into logistics immediately, taking the boss’ command and running with it, like proper caporegimes. 
Through the discussion, Jeon Jungkook had quietly gained the don’s ear, to his left, “Excuse me, Don. You told me to notify you at 7:00 PM.” 
Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed. “Why? What’s at 7 PM?” 
Jungkook cleared his throat. “Your family dinner, sir.” 
Fuck. Yoongi glanced up at the grandfather clock in his office. Sure enough, The clock was soon to strike 7, giving him thirty minutes to get back to the house in time to sit down for family dinner. Though, the lively discussion taking place wasn’t about to end soon. They were launching a full-scale operation. It needed time, planning. It needed his full attention. 
You’d have to understand. 
“Thank you, Jeon. Carry on.” 
Tumblr media
The moment he steps into your bedroom, he knows how this is going to go. 
You don’t look at him when he calls out a greeting, eyes pointedly focused on your book. He silently scoffs, shaking his head as he goes to hang his suit jacket up in the closet. A row of neatly folded clothes and freshly pressed shirts greet him—fruits of your labor today. 
“You missed dinner.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. He can probably guess your dialogue word for word. You missed dinner, how could you, you promised, you work too much. He sighs, rolling his sleeves up. He’s in the mood, not after the day he’s had. 
But you go on, as if on cue. “You promised.”
He knows you have a right to be upset, but hadn’t you two had this conversation, at least a hundred times, before? You knew his excuses, as he knew your nags. You knew he was at work, and that he would get caught up sometimes. He was a Don, for chrissake.. 
Women. Only concerned with their dinners and clothes. Throwing a temper tantrum when their husbands get caught up with real business. So busy spending his money you don’t care what it takes to earn it. So busy raising his kids you don’t know what it takes to keep them safe. 
“Now you’re not even going to talk to me?” Your voice drifts through his tired, irritated mind, just begging to be disciplined. The lack of respect you have for him as a wife is jarring. If a husband were to come home, exhausted after a long day, his wife is supposed to first greet him, preferably with food. She’s supposed to let him relax, put the kids to bed, and shut the fuck up while he unwinds, to award him some peace and quiet. 
She isn’t supposed to run her mouth. Like a filthy brat.
“Stop it.” He turned around, his gaze sharp on your thin slip, barely covering you up. “I mean it.” 
“We need to talk—” 
He strides towards the bed, footsteps loud on the wooden floor as makes his way to the dresser next to you, roughly pulling his necktie off with a warning evident in his eyes. “Shut up.” His voice is dangerously low and steady; the calm before the storm. 
You look back at him with your bottom lip threatening to jut out, like a child throwing a tantrum. Your brows are furrowed, your gaze indignant. Several moments pass as you stare at him, contemplating whether or not to open your mouth. You seem to be weighing the consequences. But your grievances win out in the end; you cross your arms over your chest, an attempt to look strong, but it only displays how weak the wall you’d put up was. 
“You parade around like a family man,” you taunt with a precarious voice, “But you’re a fake, Min Yoongi. A poser and a fake.” 
The thread keeping his composure together was thin to begin with, but with your perfectly targeted words, it snaps like a weak twig. He reaches over, easily grabbing your arm. Your eyes widen, darting to his hand, but quickly back to his face—anticipating his next move. 
He leans close, “And you’re the perfect mother? You’re a princess,” he spits, “sitting here at home all day, wearing pretty little dresses and decorating our baby’s room with bows and frills. But you want me to be a family man. You want me to sit at home playing dress up with you?” He grabs your face. “You wanna have quiet family dinners while bullets fly through our window? Because I was at home playing house? Because my wife threw a temper tantrum?” 
The whimper you let out is outside of your control, but it only makes Yoongi’s fingers tighten into your cheeks. “Who’s going to protect you when you’re out spending my money, huh? Who’s going to put a roof over your head, or food in your fridge?” He’s getting closer with each syllable—you can feel the spit flying everywhere, drops hitting your skin. He’s a breadth away from your lips when he says, “Who’s going to fuck those babies into you, the ones you wanted so badly?” His eyes are dark as he tilts his head, trailing his breath up your jawline. “Who’s going to pump you full of their cum, impregnate you like the bitch you are?” Blood is pounding in your ears, your breathing uneven as you try to hold perfectly still. 
He pushes you away, the force making you fall back into the bed. Your heart is racing, beating loudly from the intimate moment he just broke. Straightening up, he looks at your pitiful figure, “The disrespect you show me, when I’m all that stands between you and a bullet in your head.” He tsks, looking down disappointedly. “You have no idea what it takes. But I’m about to teach you, sweetheart.” 
He grabs your hand without looking at you, making your book fall from your lap as he pulls you off of the bed to follow him. Your breath is caught in your throat as you follow behind the man, weaving you through the house, and out the kitchen door into the backyard. You don’t realize your destination until he tugs you into the stand-alone garage, and locks the door behind you. 
He leaves you standing there, taking lazy steps around, as he lights his cigarette. The silence is eerie as he puffs, tucking his hand into his pocket and turning around to face you. He looks you up and down, standing meekly at the entrance with only your slip gown. He was in almost his full suit,  suspenders and all—he’d only gotten as far as taking off his jacket before…
He ends the staring contest with your body, leaning back against the garage wall nonchalantly. “Pick it up.” He nods over at the gun laying on the table in front of you. You take one look at the intimidating thing, and back up, where a target lay ahead of you—what the men used for practice—and your head whips back to him. 
“Pick it up.” He repeats, calm as ever, inhaling more smoke. Though his tone wasn’t turbulent, it awarded you with no room to argue—he isn’t going to ask again. 
Hesitantly, you reach a shaky hand out, feeling the cool metal under your touch as your hand wrapped around the gun. You’re sure you’re holding it wrong when you lift it up, surprised at the weight—it’s heavier than it looks. You turn it over in your hand, examining it up close. There was always a distance between you and guns, whether it was in someone else’s hand, or laying around in a room you never entered. This was the first time you had a good look at the deadly weapon. It wasn’t as scary up close. 
You feel Yoongi’s presence behind you before you hear it, his hand wrapping over yours. You look back, startled. “Put your finger here–like that—” he instructs, guiding your hands over the unfamiliar object. It’s slightly difficult when your body’s quivering, unaware of why he’s teaching you how to hold a gun. 
“Good.” He praises once you get a good hold. He reaches over you, his body pressing into your back, enveloping you entirely, to retrieve the bullets out of a drawer. And a second gun. 
“This is how you load ‘em.” His fingers work quickly, the gun clicking in the fearful silence you’re standing in. Once the barrel closes shut, he shows it to you. Leaning into your ear, over your shoulder, he nods at the gun in your hand, “Don’t worry, yours is already loaded.” 
You almost drop the gun in fright, your hand suddenly running cold. It suddenly feels as though the hand holding the gun didn’t belong to you, like its master was extracorporeal, simply attached to your body. But it wasn’t an alien presence—it was just Yoongi, holding the strings like a puppet master. 
“Stand here,” he grips your shoulders, moving you roughly to stand further back, directly in front of the makeshift target. His fingers run down your dominant arm, sending a warm sensation through your body. Once he reaches your wrist, he guides it upwards, making you point the barrel of the gun at the target. “Put your finger on the trigger.” 
Your heart starts beating rapidly in your chest, and you start to shake. He isn’t really going to make you go through with this? “Yoongi—” 
He doesn’t have patience, cutting off your sentence with an exasperated sigh and moving your finger over the trigger himself. “Fucks sake.” Tears well up in your eyes as your breathing is irregulated.
“Now, you wanted me to come home, so you have to protect the family.” His voice is low, his mouth pressed to your ear. “Shoot.” 
Your hand is shaking way too much, you have to support it with your other hand, grabbing it by the wrist. You shake your head, “Yoongi, I can’t—”
 “You can demand shit from me but you can’t pull a trigger?” He scoffs, holding you tightly at the waist to make sure you can't move away. Your eyes are teary when you shake your head, and he tsks. “Maybe you need a little motivation.” 
You hear the clicking of the gun behind you before you can register the feel of the cold metal pressed to your temple. On the other end of Yoongi’s hand is the barrel of his gun, pressing into you with a threatening force. His voice is steady as rock when he breathes, “Shoot.” 
Fear pierces through your heart, and your breath stops. Your tears break through the dam, running down your face as you silently weep. You’re afraid to make a sound, unsure of what’ll set off the precarious trap. You choke back sobs as you silently plead to Yoongi, hoping he’ll somehow understand. No such luck.
“Either you shoot, or I shoot.” Yoongi delineates. You chance a look at him, your eyes darting to his face—he’s stone cold. Not a hint of warmth to reassure you. You’ve seen this Yoongi before—the ruthless don who made difficult decisions. But you never thought you’d be on the other end of his gun. 
You wanted to believe your husband was a good man—that he’d never even consider blowing a hole through his wife, leaving his children motherless. You wanted to believe that he was a family man at heart, and that the softness you once saw in him was still alive. But deep down, you’d long accepted that the man you’d agreed to marry was gone. You didn’t know what this man was truly capable of. 
Maybe it’d never be a bullet in your head, but this was a test regardless—an allegory. Adrenaline shoots through your heart as you promise to yourself repeatedly that you’d never disobey him again. And you couldn’t now, either. 
You shut your eyes tightly as your hands tremble, but you tighten them further around the gun, lest you cause an accident with your unsteadiness. You send a small prayer up to the heavens before finding the trigger with your index finger. A sob breaks out of your chest, and the bullet leaves the gun in the time it took for a single tear drop to leave your ducts. 
The loud unexpected sound startles you, and amplifies this moment, the kickback even worse. You drop the gun immediately, not at all concerned about where the bullet landed on the target. You turn around to find refuge, sobbing as you throw yourself into Yoongi’s chest. Your whole body shakes as you grasp his shirt tightly with your fists, looking for something to hold you up before you collapse to your knees. 
“I can’t, Yoongi. I’m sorry,” you blubber, “I’m so sorry, please don’t make me do that again. I’m sorry—” 
Yoongi’s hand strokes your head as he shushes you. “Hey, it’s okay. Sh, baby, you don’t have to do it again.” He holds you close, safe. You nod as your shaking body winds down to a quiver, clutching Yoongi like a lifeline. He tilts your head up and makes your tear-stained face look at him, and the cold, soulless eyes you’d seen before were replaced with a soft look. He wiped your tear away with his thumb, and you leaned your cheek into his hand, a calming feeling meeting your veins for the first time that night. 
Until, “But you still disrespected me, didn’t you?”
You look at him with wide, teary eyes, wondering what fate would befall you next. You nod meekly. 
“What kind of husband would I be if I let that behavior fly, hm?” You want to point that he didn’t let it fly, that the reasons for your tears right now had to do with him not letting you get away with it. But you keep your mouth shut. 
His hand trails down your night slip, taunting the thin fabric. You let out a gasp when he reaches your core, a criminal smirk ghosting onto his lips. You feel his fingers pressing into you through the fabric, the indent of his rings making it clear. “You deserve to be punished, right?” 
You nod again without much thought, bowing your head. He has a right to punish you, you’d spoken much too boldly. A mistake you now have to pay for. 
“That’s what I fucking thought.” 
You suddenly find yourself clutching to his bicep for dear life as he pushes you backwards, towards the table in the center of the garage. Hoisting you up, he’s quick to tug your nightgown up roughly, surely ripping some of the seams. His tongue peeks out at the sight of your panties, running over his lips salaciously. “Whatcha put all the bows and frills on for? For me?” His hand runs up your thigh, and he leans closer over you. “Wanted to surprise your husband?” 
You gulp with a weak nod, now feeling pathetic about your earlier excitement. “So you do have a semblance of what it means to be a wife.” His fingers explore your garment, finding a protruding wetness seeping through. You burn in shame as his fingers press into you through the fabric, shutting your eyes at the squishing sound beneath his hand. 
“Your body knows it belongs to me, huh?” He drawls, pushing his tongue into his cheek.You can’t handle the eye contact, looking away in humiliation. He takes your exposed neck as an opportunity, hungrily leaning in to take a bite. 
You whimper as his teeth sink into your skin, his breaths loud in your ear as sloppily tongues your neck. You start to squirm with the sensations running through your veins, but he holds you still. He’s engulfing you with his body, hands pinned to either side of you, leaving you trapped underneath him. Like a hunter, who’s ensnared his prey and begins to feast. 
A tearing sound breaks through the room, the scraps of your panties throw over Yoongi’s shoulder as the culprit. He doesn’t pay any attention to your surprised face, just takes advantage of the new exposure and immediately cups your heat. His fingers run over your folds, like he was feeling them out—like you were his property, and he was doing a routine check. But there was nothing routine about the way he started rubbing fervently, his rings dragging across your folds. 
Your legs started to shake in anticipation as he explored, teasing your clit and your opening. When he finally sunk his fingers in, it was embarrassingly easy—something Yoongi didn’t fail to notice. “Look at how you suck me in,” he taunts with a pretty smile, the devil behind it. “I own you.” 
You cry out as the ridges of his rings nudge against your entrance. It doesn’t deter Yoongi, fully pushing them in and filling you to the brim. The metal feels cool against your hot walls, and you can’t stop kicking your legs. 
“Quit it.” Yoongi huffs, snatching your legs up in one fell swoop and pushing you down on your back. He holds your legs to his chest with one hand as the other pumps your cunt, your slick making it an easy glide. “Fucking brat.”
Your legs are quivering in his grasp, but he doesn’t let up. His iron grip is strong as his fingers move quickly in and out of your cunt. Your squishy walls are unaccustomed as the protruding rings penetrate you in invasive ways. You know one of them has his family emblem engraved into the metal—it’s like he’s branding you on the inside, too. A stamp to make sure you belonged to Don Min. 
His thrusts are ruthless, two fingers opening you up. You constrict around him, can’t help the way the metal makes you feel. You feel your end approaching quickly, not sure how much more of this stimulation you can take. “Yoongi, please, I-I’m—” 
He must’ve guessed the end of your sentence because he immediately pulls his fingers out, ignoring your cries as he wipes the essence on your slip with a sneer, soiling your clothes. He doesn’t have a care in the world about how hard you’re going to have to scrub tomorrow to wash it out. It’s not his problem. 
“This bratty shit, it never ends.” He scoffs, pushing your legs away from him aggressively. “Entitled as fuck.” You open your mouth, desperate to wail ‘no, i can be good! I promise!’, but he interrupts you first. 
“First it was the disrespect, and now this.” He shakes his head, his hands falling to something behind you. “You need to start taking me more seriously.” 
You don’t know how to tell him you do respect him, you already take the dangerous man seriously. You want to vouch for yourself, beg for him to see how good of a wife you were. Good and quiet, you can do that. But once you see what he’s retrieved in his hand, you’re shut silent. 
“See, baby, my job is very dangerous.” He moves the loaded gun, nudging your knees open with it. You see it all in slow motion as he moves towards your center. “More than I think you understand.” You choke back a gasp as you feel the barrel brush against your folds, afraid to take a breath. 
“Because I’d do anything to protect you. Because I love you,” he’s leaning in, his voice hushed with a hard edge as he brushes his lips against your ear. “But you can’t even appreciate that.” Your breath is shaky as he moves your head to look at him. “Can you?” You can’t focus on his words, too busy fearing for your life as the cold metal is pressed against you. You feel your entrance clenching tightly, preparing for the penetration. But it never comes. 
You nod, answering his question. “I respect you, Yoongi. I’m sorry.” You hold on to those words like a lifeline, hoping they’re the right ones. Several moments pass as Yoongi lets you marinate in the tense moment, unsure of where your fate lies. But he gives you a small nod of affirmation, disengaging the gun and throwing it to the side. You let out a big sigh of relief, dizzy with anticipation. 
Yoongi rolls his sleeves up, evidently not done with teaching you a lesson. “Who am I, baby?” His use of a pet name is laced with irony as he roughly tugged you closer by your legs. The jingle of his belt and zipper filled the room as Yoongi dropped his pants, wrapping your legs around his waist, his endgame evident. 
“My don,” you whisper, eyes avoiding his, and instead glued to the intimidating girth he’d just pulled out. His ringed hand wraps around it, pumping himself a few times, clearly satisfied with your answer. He is your don first. 
He nudges your entrance, “And what else am I?” 
You don’t have the chance to respond as he pushes in, crying out with the stretch of his cock. The rings are one thing—a new sensation. But nothing can top the feeling of Yoogi’s dick breaking you in two. 
His hand wraps around your face, pushing your mouth open with two fingers as he repeats himself. “What am I, sweetheart?”
“Daddy!” You cry, shaking as he impales you. He leans in close as he bottoms out, licking a stripe up your chin to find your mouth. He spits a glob of saliva into your open and awaiting hole, relishing in the way you swallow it down immediately, sticking your tongue out to show him it was all gone. 
“That’s right, I’m daddy.” He growls, picking up the pace. He holds you steady as he wreaks havoc on your battered cunt, making you take it. “I’m your family man. I’m daddy. Don’t forget it.” 
You give a weak nod, the best you can do in your state. Your hole is trying to adjust to the feeling of his cock after the cold sensations it was previously exposed to. But the way he ruthlessly moves his hips, slapping into you with each thrust, makes it more difficult. The power imbalance was clear, seeping in from your life. 
“Gonna fuck a baby into you,” he pants, driving his hips into yours, penetrating deeply. “It’s all you’re good for.” The way you tightly clench around him is outside of your control, and so is the moan you let out. There’s nothing more you want in life than to carry his children. 
“P-Please, daddy.” You beg, grasping at his shirt, hoping your need comes across. He reads your desperation like a book, feels how you pull him closer with your legs wrapped around his waist. 
“Yeah? Wanna carry my kids?” He quickens his pace and you know he’s close. What you don’t know is that he’s been edging himself the entire time, waiting for the moment he’d be able to empty his balls into your cunt. “Want me to fuck you stupid and get you pregnant again?” 
“Please, please,” you chant, dying to feel his seed fill you up. “I want your babies, Don Min. Please.” 
“Fuck, you’re a perfect little whore.” He kisses you roughly as he nears his end, rutting into you inhumanly as he builds himself up to his climax. It’s all tongue and teeth, your body jostling, as he claims your mouth as his. He stakes his claim in your pussy next, filling your womb to the brim with his cum as he reaches his peak. He lets out an animalistic grunt as he empties himself, lazily rutting and working himself through it. 
His head is thrown back and he looks like a god, damp hair sticking to his forehead, eyes shut, mouth open. The light behind him gives him a halo, topping the picturesque moment that you’d store away in your brain forever. 
He pulls himself out after riding his peak, pushing his hair back and pulling his pants up promptly, re-buckling his belt. He turns around, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lighting it, letting out a puff to the side, giving you a view of his side profile. He tucks the cigarettes back in his pocket, and without a second glance back, strides towards the door, walks out, and lets it close behind him. 
Left sitting on the table, his cum leaking out of you, you see the ruthless Don clearly now.
You know that the newsboy had died by his hand.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
requested: yes.
pairing: bts x fem!reader
rating: 18+
genre: smut, pwp.
content: unprotected sex, creampies, cock-warming, overstimulation, sub!jimin, baby-making, taehyung has an impreg kink, clit slapping.
word count: 4,2k.
disclaimer: this isn’t edited. it’d take me hours to edit every single thing i posted on my other acc. sorry. i’ll edit this one day.
note: i know you're all a bunch of cumsluts<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
"Baby...?" The contrast of Seokjin's voice calling out your name in a whisper and the silence of the night outside your bedroom window makes your blood coil. Shutting your eyes tight and staying completely still you hope he thinks you're asleep, although it's obvious you haven't been able to shut your eyes for more than a few seconds for the past thirty minutes. "Are you awake?"
'Just let me warm my cock inside your pussy. We will sleep, I promise.' he said after you made yourselves comfortable under the sheets. 'We will sleep' your ass. You know what he's going to say now, you should've seen this coming if the stretch of his cock snuggled inside your cunt is anything to go by. He's hard as a rock.
"Seokjin, go to sleep or I swear to God I'm going celibate." You warn and hear him huff, the air hitting the nape of your neck, and only now do you realize that he's hovering over you.
"I'll make you cum. It’s gonna take less than ten minutes," You open your eyes for the sole purpose of rolling them, smirking and imagining his handsome face as he pleads—oh, how you wish you weren't the little spoon so you could see him. "I promise."
"Your promises don't mean a thing." You groan and hear him sigh in defeat, allowing his body to go limp behind you with a soft thud.
You wish you could tease him more, but maybe your leaking cunt is the exact reason why you can't fall asleep and someone's gotta fix that.
You press your ass against his groin and clench your walls around him, hinting at him to do all the work by himself. He hurries to lift your leg with his thigh, stopping just to give you a peck on the cheek and whispering a little ‘thank you’ in your ear. You laugh at his eagerness before your laughter turns into quiet whines when his fingers find your clit, rubbing it before pinching it softly.
"I'm not wearing a condom; do I pull out or…?"
You know he’s been thinking of cumming inside for a long time, but even if you've been on the pill for as long as you can remember, you’ve never wanted to risk it. “Just fuck me. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”
Without wasting any more time, he pulls out until only the tip is aligned with your hole, slowly thrusting in and making you both moan in unison. Your walls give in and allow him to thrust deeper, filthy sounds coming out every time his hips collide against your ass.
Sure, the position is a bit uncomfortable, but you can feel him in so deep that you don’t care about the consequences it’ll have on your body in the morning.
His fingers work on your clit at an agonizingly slow pace, barely grazing it as to not overstimulate you. He moans wantonly in your ear, making you shiver at how good he sounds, he must look just as good, eyes shut tight, nose slightly scrunch and those beautifully plump lips breathing out labored puffs of air.
He's fucking you slowly and you feel him in so deep, your walls closing in on his cock and making you feel every vein. He’s fucking you so good, so hard, just the way you both like, and you can’t bring yourself to tell him to pull out, even when you feel his abs flex and his cock twitch.
“Cum inside me.” You moan. “Fill me up, please.”
“Fuck, you’re a dream come true,” he says, flipping you on your stomach and taking a hold on your hips, fucking you harder and faster.
You feel your slick dripping down your inner thighs, making lewd sounds every time Seokjin rams into you. You’re both gasping for air, moaning, whining, whimpering, groaning. The position you’re in has him hitting your g-spot with each thrust.
“Gonna cum— fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He says between gritted teeth, his voice low and breathless as he fights the fatigue to keep chasing after the sweet climax.
Your walls keep clenching around him, sucking him in and throbbing. With every thrust of his hips, your moans get louder and louder. Your hands grip the sheets at your sides as you begin to feel something in your lower stomach snapping.
“I know, baby, I know. Just let go, I got you, baby,” he says, mustering up the strength to keep up the same speed so you can reach your high. His fingers find your clit and rub it as fast as he can, triggering your orgasm. “Fuckfuckfuck. Shit, baby, I’m cumming.”
His hips move in short yet deep strokes as he focuses on his undoing, moaning in your ear and digging his nails in your hips. You’re just lying there, letting him use your body and begging him to cum, and just as the stimulation on your g-spot becomes too much, you feel him bite down on the skin of your shoulder, groaning as he spills his cum directly to your womb.
You’re both gasping for air, his chest pressed against your back as his lips peck the spot on your shoulder where he bit you. He pulls out carefully to not overstimulate you and groans at the sight of his cum leaking out of your hole.
“Any regrets? I think not.”
Tumblr media
Running out of condoms can lead to one or two things: going to sleep horny and frustrated, or fucking raw and dealing with the consequences later. You aren’t on the pill and you know very well this could lead to not-so-unexpected but still unfortunate pregnancy, so why don’t you and Yoongi give a fuck about it?
Baby? Baby comes second, fucking comes first.
“You’re gonna let me cum inside you, hmm? Let me stuff you full of my cum?” Yoongi’s voice is low and demanding as his hips pound on you like he’s got something to prove. “Filthy girl, I bet you want me to knock you up and show everyone how you let me cum in your sweet pussy.”
You mewl at his words and clench your walls against him. God, you want nothing more than to get so full of Yoongi’s cum that there will be absolutely no way you won’t end up pregnant with his baby.
“Fuck, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He laughs. “I’m gonna fill you up so much you’ll be dripping with my cum as you walk. You’ve always looked amazing in white,” he smirks and bites his lips, groaning as he sees his cock disappearing inside your cunt.
He leans away from you and one of his hands squeezes the plump flesh of your thigh while the other goes down to play with your clit, teasing your folds and gathering your slick before his thumb starts working on your clit again. You run your nails down his back as his pace gets quicker, your tits bouncing as he’s practically slamming in and out of you.
“I’m gonna cum, baby.” he groans. He looks at you in the eyes and you see how much effort he’s making. “You sure ‘bout this? I can still pull out, but I’m not gonna last forever.”
You nod so hard you get dizzy. “Wanna feel your cum.”
Yoongi groans at your words, placing his hands on your hips and using them to fuck you harder. Your head is pounding but you’re desperate to get your climax, and you can feel Yoongi’s is close too.
He curses through gritted teeth as he feels your walls clamping around him, basking on the feeling of you coming undone under him. “You’re a fucking sin. Fuck.” He leans his head on your shoulder and stills his hips, letting out a shaky breath as he shoots spurts of hot cum in your cunt.
How will you go back to using condoms when you’ve already experienced this? the answer is: you won’t.
“I’m gonna start birth control,” you say as you gasp for air.
“Fuck birth control, let’s make a baby.”
Tumblr media
“Baby, we shouldn’t be doing this here.” You can detect the panic in Hoseok’s voice, making you roll your eyes. “I’m serious!”
“Then why are your fingers still fucking me?” It’s true, he’s acting like you’re sinning by asking him to fuck you in your old bedroom at your parent’s house but he has a whole hand up your cunt. Hypocrite. “If you don’t want to then stop.”
Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.
He looks at you ashamed and resumes his job scissoring his fingers inside you to prep you for his cock. You smirk and push him up, your lips finding his in a passionate kiss to swallow down your moans, his tongue dancing with yours as his fingers rub your g-spot. He bites your bottom lip before leaning away from you by a couple of inches, his breath mixing with yours.
“Turn around.” He says, pushing his fingers out of your wet cunt to let you position yourself in front of him, your knees on your old pink bed covers and your head resting on the soft pillows.
“Should I… Where do I cum? I don’t wanna do it on whatever this is.” You turn your head to look at him and laugh at how his face is completely serious as he points at the cartoon character on your bed cover.
“Uh, mom does the laundry so I guess you should cum inside,” you say, resting your head back on the pillows and wiggling your ass to make him take a hint.
The truth is, you and Hoseok never use condoms, he’s always had the control to pull out in time. That and the fact you’re in birth control is enough to keep you from using those damn pieces of rubber.
“Baby, you’re offering yourself as a cum dump… that’s hot.” he groans and you whip your head back to look at him with your eyebrows furrowed.
“Do not call me a cum dump!” Oh, but you are. There is nothing you want more than to let Hoseok cum inside you again and again.
He looks down ashamed and hurries to dip his thumb in your entrance as his index finger plays with your clit, making sure you stay wet and ready to take him. You relax under his touch and let out a soft sigh. He begins rubbing the head of his cock over your folds and then you finally feel him filling you up, the tight fit making you both moan out.
He thrusts into you slowly, his dancer’s hips moving in smooth and deep thrusts. He rolls his hips and begins to move faster when you start clenching around him, both of you a moaning mess. Sex with Hoseok is always incredible, relieving, and loud.
“Shit, ‘m gonna cum already.” His words surprise you; he has great stamina and he sometimes spends hours fucking you. “Sorry, I got too excited when you said I could cum inside you. Fuck.”
Your laughter runs short as his index and middle finger find your clit, taking you by surprise, your back arching and your thighs trembling. He’s fucking you faster and harder now, determined to make you cum before he does. That mission proves to be easy when your whole body starts shaking underneath him, cumming faster than you usually do.
His hips work tirelessly and you can tell he’s pushing his head back, moaning loudly as his climax begins to explode. “Holy shit, baby, I can feel your pussy throbbing. Oh, fuck.”
His pace doesn’t falter, milking your orgasm for as long as he can. You feel his cock twitch a couple of times before he spills inside you, hot cum sending butterflies to your stomach.
Tumblr media
You and Namjoon went from talking about nature and life to talking about sex; specifically, ways to make sex more intimate. These conversations aren’t rare between the two of you, you’re both comfortable talking about anything and everything with each other, sex being a very much recurrent topic.
“You know what I think it’s intimate?” You begin, balancing an anti-stress ball in the palm of your right hand. You have his full attention, you always have. “Cumming inside. That’s like– a whole ‘nother level, don’t you think?”
He takes his time to answer. “Yeah. Yeah, I agree,” you feel the bed dip as you guess he’s sitting up straighter against the headboard. “We should, uh, we should have that kind of intimacy too, don’t you— don’t you think?” He sounds nervous, which is rare of him, he’s always confident in the words he uses and you know that very well.
“Very smooth, Joonie,” you smirk and throw the ball away, turning around and crawling to where he is. You look at his eyes with a smile on your face, the kind of smile a high school girl gives to her long-time crush. “But okay.”
He looks surprised, taking a second or two to close his eyes as your lips find his, groaning and then cutting the kiss short by leaning away from you a few inches. “Really?” You roll your eyes and nod.
His lips crash on yours and now you’re the one who’s taken aback, but you kiss him back with as much fervor as he does.
Neither of you wastes time to take off your clothes and position yourselves, his hips between your legs as your arms rest on his thighs, one of his hands on your hip, and the other lining up his cock on your hole. He pushes himself in and you both moan at the same time, so connected you feel the pleasure at the same time in the same way. You open up your legs a bit more to give him space, his hips thrusting out and then slamming into you.
You could say that Namjoon knows your body better than you do, that he knows exactly where to hit to make you feel like your head is on the clouds. Sex with Namjoon is not always earth-shattering like in porn or erotica, sometimes is short and messy, and that doesn’t mean it’s bad, you both know everything about each other, every kink, every whim, every sweet spot. You experimented with everything except letting him cum inside, and your stomach flips at the thought of finally having him the way you’ve always wanted.
His pace is relentless, as it always is, but this time you can see the fierceness in his piercing eyes. He’s determined to make you cum as fast and as hard as you can. You know exactly what that look he’s giving you means. His pubic bone hits your clit with every thrust and you feel him so deep inside, your toes curl and you cry out.
“You gonna cum, baby?” His deep voice wakes you up from the cloud of pleasure he’s put you on, only now noticing how your thighs are trembling and how your nails are digging on his forearms. “You’re such a masterpiece. I can’t believe you’re gonna let me paint you with my cum.” Poetic sex is also very common with Namjoon and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You cry out his name and his thrusts hit deeper inside you, his cock rubbing your g-spot each time. You feel yourself cumming, your mouth repeating his name like it’s the only word in your dictionary. He stills and groans in your ear, spilling inside of you and letting out a sigh of disbelief.
“You know, they say intimacy is the key to love.”
“Who says?”
"I say.”
Tumblr media
You’re only human, you’re only human and you bet that every single dom out there would bend their rules for Park Jimin too.
Park Jimin and his angel face, Park Jimin and his sparkling puppy eyes, Park Jimin and those pretty pouty lips of his. Just Park Jimin in general.
“I can’t cum again. Please, I can’t cum again,” he cries as you sit on his twitching cock. You comfort yourself on the fact that he’s begging— maybe you’re not going soft on him, you’re torturing him by fucking yourself on his cock after all… kind of.
“You can and you will,” you say as roll your hips, smirking at his desperate whines. “You've said it before—no safe-word, no stopping.”
He huffs and he hides his hands under his lower back. He knows he’s not allowed to fuck you, not allowed to move or attempt to thrust his hips up. He’s too sensitive and your heart swoons knowing he’s only doing this because he loves being good for you.
“You’re gonna cum one more time, alright? Just give me one more. Show me you’re a good boy. My good boy.”
“But I’m not wearing a condom,” he says, voice wavering as you hush him up.
You begin to move your hips up and down on his cock at a fast pace, not wasting time on torturing him since he’s been so good all evening, doing whatever you ask for.
He whines as he realizes you’re gonna let him cum inside you and suddenly you can feel him gain strength. “Are you letting— ah! Are you letting me cum inside you?”
You nod and he throws his head back with a moan. Your hips work fast, aiming to make you both cum as fast as you can. You place your hands on his chest to bring you closer to your edge, feeling his cock twitch inside of you, and you make an effort to push off your orgasm, determined to make him cum first.
Pride overwhelms you, Jimin’s hips are still and he’s biting his lip to resist the urge to touch you or help you ride him. He’s such a good boy.
Jimin lets out moan after moan, whimpering and whining about how good it feels. “Baby, ‘s so good!”
You smirk, pleased with his obedience, and start playing with his nipples, pulling and flicking the perky buds, bringing him to the edge of his orgasm, feeling his cum painting the walls of your cunt and making you feel whole.
You ride off his orgasm until your hips stop moving, leaning down to place a kiss on his plump lips.
“That felt so good— what can I do for you to let me cum inside again?” You try not to laugh, but he looks so hopeful you can’t help but chuckle. His eyes go wide in a second. “Wait, you didn’t cum.”
“Eat your cum off my cunt and we’ll be even.”
Tumblr media
“I’m cumming— Fuck, I’m gonna fill you up as many times as it takes to get you pregnant.”
After a year and a half after your wedding, and a lot of begging from Taehyung, you decided you were ready to become a mother. You thought Taehyung, being the romantic that he is, would light up candles and spread red roses all over the bedsheets, but instead, he ripped off your clothes and practically told you you’ll be leaking his cum for the rest of the week; and it’s only Monday.
You’re arching your back as he pounds on you from behind, one of his hands on your shoulder and the other on your hip, using it to keep up with his rough pace. “You’re gonna look so beautiful, your stomach round and your tits full of milk. Carrying our baby,” his words are dirty but they still make your heart flutter as you envision his words— innocently, of course.
His cum leaks out of your pussy and he pulls out of you, looking at the mess and groaning at your fluttering hole. He gathers some of his cum with the tip of his soft dick and pushes it inside of you again. You can feel how he’s not hard anymore yet he resumes his thrusts with a growl.
“Gonna fuck you till I’m hard again and then I’ll cum inside you some more.” His thrusts have no mercy and you’re begging, crying out his name and grabbing the sheets in tight fists. “I’m gonna make sure you’ll get pregnant tonight, you hear me? I’m gonna cum inside you over and over again, and you’re gonna go to sleep just like that; cunt full of my cum.”
You whine as you cum for the third time, your arms giving out and your head falling against the pillow. Taehyung readjusts your hips to keep ramming into you with all the strength he has. You’re drooling on the pillow and you keep begging, at this point you don’t even know what you’re saying, the only thing you want is for him to cum inside you again.
His cock twitches and spills whatever cum he has left. The noises your pussy makes every time he thrusts into you are so loud, you’re sure you’re leaking everywhere.
“You’re creaming all over my cock, baby. I’m never using a condom again.”
Tumblr media
“How can you not have a condom?”
Jungkook is currently on a world tour and you pretty much called your boss and pretended to be sick to catch a plane to a foreign country just to visit him. You did this out of love, you did not expect to have sex or anything, but as soon as you crossed his hotel room’s door, he said hi and pushed you down on his bed without saying another word.
“Why would I have condoms if you’re not around? Who else am I supposed to fuck? My hand can’t get pregnant or give me a STD!”
Part of you is still very much annoyed, but another part feels loved and irreplaceable.
“You’re a fucking dork,” you say, letting out a sigh and trying to accept the fact that you got your panties wet for nothing. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”
He smiles widely, showing you his bunny teeth and then looking down at you with piercing eyes all in 5 seconds. “What if I pull out? I fuck you, make you cum, and then I spill on your tits or something.”
“Has anyone ever told you you’re the epitome of romance?” You chuckle and kiss his lips as you weigh the options.
You trust Jungkook to pull out before he cums, but you know you could still get pregnant with his precum. “Okay, but you gotta pull out in time.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
He buries his face in the crook of your neck and his mouth wastes no time in tasting your skin; sucking, biting, and licking until he has you whimpering.
He leans away, helps you out of your clothes, and then gets up from the bed to get rid of his own. Laying you down and spreading your legs wide apart, his fingers gather your slick as he looks at your glistening folds with his mouth open, his tongue peeking out of his plump lips like he’s planning to get a taste.
His tongue licks up a fat stripe from your entrance to your clit and then back to your entrance where he sucks and tastes as much of your slick as he can. He lets out a painful groan before he pulls away with one last wet kiss on your clit.
He takes his cock on his tattooed hand and jerks it a few times before lining it up to your entrance, wasting no time in thrusting in. You both moan at the same time, staring at each other’s eyes in disbelief.
“Holy shit, I’ll never be the same.”
You want to call him dramatic, but the feeling of every vein and ridge of his cock is something you don’t ever want to miss out on again. His thrusts are sloppy but consistent, his eyes are screwed shut as he breathes in through his nose. You know he’s trying his best not to cum already.
He positions you higher up, your ass resting on his meaty thighs as his cock rubs your g-spot easily. His fingers find your clit and draw messy figures on it, making you squirm underneath him. He’s groaning and whining and you’re no better than him, practically screaming with every thrust he makes. He slaps your clit and you clench tightly around him as he resumes his task of rubbing it, more insistent this time.
“You have to cum, baby. I’m not gonna last much longer.” You’ve never seen him so out of control, he always knows exactly what to do and when to do it, but now he looks as helpless as you. “Your pussy’s so good, my God.”
“Cum inside,” you demand. You don’t know if it’s because you’re horny or because you’ve dreamt about him filling you with his cum countless times before, but it doesn’t matter now. “Shit, I want your cum.”
“Don’t play with a guy’s emotions like that, ____” He opens his eyes to look at you and you stare back at him, showing him you’re serious. “Fuck, are you kidding me? Holy shit, I love you.”
You close your eyes and hold your orgasm until you feel him getting dangerously close to his. Then, and only then, you let yourself go, everything feeling so much more intense as he cums inside you for the first time.
He takes a second to slow down his thrusts, ravishing on the feeling of your cunt full of his cum. “Best. girlfriend. ever.”
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Tumblr media
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taegularities · 2 months ago
sweetener | myg (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: You used to know how he sounded when you were wrapped around him, but circumstances have pulled you apart and sent you scattering in opposite directions. Feelings shouldn't reappear so easily by simple words, but when you find yourselves in the same place once again, this is exactly what happens.
⋙ pairing: Yoongi x female reader ⋙ rating: 18+ ⋙ genre: fwb/kinda enemies to lovers; fluff, smut ⋙ warnings: a misunderstanding, former fuckboy!yoongi, pent-up feelings, very light angsty bits buuuut mostly cute hot stuff, hobi – the frustrated wingman; explicit sexual content: dom!yoongi, sub!reader, making out in a bathroom, oral (f. & m. receiving), hair pulling, grinding, protected sex, dirty talk, teasing, pussy/tiddie slapping (i think), light spanking – yoongi slaps it all, degradation, praising, biting, he comes on her tits, spit, light choking, rough sex, manhandling, cum play, aftercare, some crack dialogue i guess, most of this is smut tbh. ⋙ word count: 10.3k ⋙ a/n: this was supposed to be a 5k pwp 😐 but anything for the BIRTHDAY BOY !! i adore this man, may only good things happen to him ever 😭 here’s my little love letter to min suga. genius. <3 also lowhighkey dedicated to @sugalaritae​ who brainstormed this w me (came up with this wonderful summary, too !!) and just, ugh – i just love her, she deserves to be spoiled <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You should’ve listened to your guts when they told you to stay home this morning. Maybe you could’ve avoided Yoongi’s presence for some longer that way.
Perhaps it’s a sign of growing old and daydreaming of quiet nights in the comfort of your bed – but you don’t think you’ve hated a party this much in quite a long time. You bought a skirt for this. Searched for no-make-up make-up looks for this.
And what you get in return is a room full of strangers you can’t assign names to, walking in circles until you land in front of the clothed table near the garden exit again. You feel out of place. Not in the mood to drink like everyone is.
There’s no one who’ll drive you home – and you’re not going to pay money for a cab just to step into the car drunk, pathetic and wasted in front of yet another stranger.
But it seems that things only worsen when you spot him here. Sporting a black suit jacket over a simple black shirt, silver hair parted in the middle, and a veiny hand holding a glass of water like it’s such a harmless thing to do when you’re–
Min fucking Yoongi.
You’ve successfully dodged his presence all night long, and the fact that he hasn’t noticed nor acknowledged your somewhat obsessive stares so far, fills you with pride. Only that you might be slightly off your observation radar.
Because right at this moment… he’s stepping closer. Undoubtedly to your form. Shit.
So much for success and luck.
“So you really won’t even say hi to me, huh?”
You almost forgot what he sounded like. Is his voice smoother now? A little crispier, softer, more mature? No. It’s not as though he grew from a croaky-voiced teen into a full adult. He used to be a college student – and right now, he looks just the same as he did back then.
Only that his hair isn’t pitch black anymore, and it doesn’t hang into his eyes but is brushed aside instead, his forehead on full display.
“Why would I?” you question back, crossing your legs as you lean into the table further.
“Because… we’re familiar with each other?”
“You’re familiar with a lot of people here, though.”
If you’re offending him anyhow, he doesn’t show, but laughs at your words instead. He stares through the blurry transparency of his glass before he looks up to you, asking, “How have you been all this time?”
“I’m okay.” Letting the nervous spot behind your lungs relax, you sigh. He did mean a lot to you once – and he’s being nice to you, at least. “How are you?”
“Bored.” An airy laugh escapes you by surprise, and you press your lips together as you watch his body step closer. “What? It’s such a lame party.”
“Right? What are we celebrating again?”
“Who knows. Their anniversary. Or was it a birthday?”
Despite your initial annoyance and reluctance to near him more than ten feet, his jokes ease the tension. Somehow, he still knows what to say to let your shoulders sink, relaxation flooding your chest as his voice seeps its way through your body and into your mind.
You hate that after three years of distance, his words and smile still don’t fail to ignite a little spark inside you that you thought you let go long ago. Yoongi captured your feelings and your heart the moment he met you, and it seems as if he never loosened his steadfast grip around them.
You wonder what he’s thinking. Wonder if he ever thought of reaching out to you again.
“Still not a fan of parties, are you?” you ask, tilting your head as you watch him shrug his shoulders.
With one hand buried in the pocket of his slacks, he clicks his tongue and reminds you, “We had that in common, though.”
“Explains why this interaction feels so out of place right now.”
“Right? It does, it does.”
One corner of your lips is still curled upwards as he looks at you with a smile so foreign, so familiar; but your heart soon drops, falling endlessly when he says, “I missed you.”
Three simple words throw you off guard, your eyes blinking fast, your stance straightening as your guts twirl and churn. This took a whole new direction very fast. He whispered it, merely letting you know what’s floating in some hidden chamber of his brain.
But god.
Too bold. Too sudden.
You clear your throat, gulping before you take a careful step aside. And before you know it, you’re nodding at him, walking away slowly with your eyes fixated on the staircase on the other side of the room.
Behind you, you hear him call your name, his voice confused and wondering. His steps sound close to yours, and you register one faint word, reminding you of when he still meant flowers and rainbows and not sorrow and gloom.
Tumblr media
“I’ve been waiting for ten minutes.”
“As if.” Yoongi shifted to his side fully, planting an arm under his face. “Three. Max.” 
You held his stare stubbornly. His eyes didn’t intimidate you anymore; you could gaze into them all day and night, if you needed to. You’d refrain from blinking if that was what his challenge consisted of.
You raised a brow, inhaling a deep breath before you asked, “What are you even doing?”
He shrugged, humming for a moment as he grabbed your cheeks and pressed into them, watching your lips purse in consequence as he cooed, “Can a man not appreciate a pretty girl in his own bed?”
“The fuck,” you laughed, pushing his nearing body away from you and into the mattress playfully. In his eyes, you were probably being feisty – in yours, you were trying to hide the loud thumping of your heart. “Here I was thinking you were gonna profess your love for me.”
“As if.”
Ouch. He didn’t have to be that blatantly bold – not that you didn’t expect it. But still.
“Alright,” you chimed, swinging your legs to lift your body and leave the bed for the first time in hours. “Gonna give you a break and get something to drink.”
His hand reached out for you, but you’d long discarded your spot on the mattress, sliding into the slippers he’d provided you. He ruffled his dark locks, yawning for a moment before he said, “I’ll do it.”
“I’m a big girl, and I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t worry. And don’t miss me too much.”
“No promises, kitten.”
Giggling your way out of his room, you flattened your hand over the shirt’s wrinkles that Yoongi had fished out of his closet, the other hand brushing through your knotted hair. Your laughter died when you nearly bumped into another body, flinching and gasping sharply as you heard him exclaim, “Woah, woah.”
As you met his eyes, you greeted him fleetingly, not bothered in the slightest when his gaze wandered from your bare legs to your face. Your body wasn’t covered in much; panties barely hidden, Yoongi’s shirt way too oversized for the both of you, and yet not covering your ass enough.
That’s fine, you thought. Nothing was worse than the one time Hoseok had walked into you when you were actually fucking like rabbits.
His hair was dishevelled, one of his tired eyes squinting shut as if he’d just woken up. Which he probably had – time was a social construct to him, and he enjoyed getting up around noon. He smiled at you, blinding teeth flashing as his freshly-woken-up voice mumbled, “Morn’.”
“How’s it going?”
He looked past you and laughed a little, ignoring your question before he asked back, “Y’all still fucking?”
Hoseok didn’t mean “You’re still going at it after this loud ass night?” – but, “All those months, and you’re still here? With Yoongi no less?”
Because Yoongi wasn’t one to settle on one partner for too long, always searching for new opportunities to get his dick wet. You were sure there had been flings now and then after he’d messed around with you for the first time, too.
That was how he waded through life; that was what he seemed to revel in. That is, until Hoseok had confirmed just a second ago that you were the first and last in ages to stay for longer than a one, meaningless night.
How flattering.
“Why?” you asked, wiggling your eyebrows with a tilted head. “Wanna join?”
“And if I said yes?”
With his fingers entangled behind his back, he closed the distance, teasing your shrinking self. You grimaced as your hands settled on his chest, shoving him back before you muttered, “Gross. Shut up.”
“You suggested it!”
You walked away with another delighted laugh, parting ways with him as you overheard him throwing sudden, vivacious greetings at his best friend.
You washed your face first. Then downed some of the leftover snacks that you’d abandoned on the kitchen counter last night. Gulped them down with a big refreshing glass of water before you strolled the short distance back to Yoongi’s bedroom.
And there, you halted, pressing your shoulder into the wall next to the ajar door as you heard Hoseok’s question sound from inside the room.
“Just curious why I don’t see your other chicks walking around anymore.”
“What other chicks?” Yoongi wondered, his voice dipped in playful mock and slight mirth. You could imagine the face he was probably making.
“C’mon. What’s with you two? I’ve not seen you hang out with other girls in, like, a really long time.”
“Is that a bad thing?”
“Nah, but… just curious. Feels new to me.”
You registered some shifting from inside, his bed creaking; and you nearly ran away, ready to act all innocent and oblivious to their conversation. But there were no steps approaching the door just yet; so, you relaxed, staying like that for just a little longer.
“So? She’s chill. And fun,” Yoongi argued, and you nodded, patting your shoulder mentally. “I don’t necessarily need my… other chicks.”
His voice was injected with a ridiculing lilt so clearly that you nearly laughed out loud. Smiled a little.
“But you’re still not official, though?”
Nope. Informal hook-ups, the bane of your existence.
Silence followed Hoseok’s question, and you faltered a bit, waiting as you pressed your back against the cold wall further .
And then, Yoongi eventually answered, “We’re not.”
Seemingly, it was Hoseok’s turn to shut down, nothing coming back as a response, and you thought the conversation was over. You tapped the glass in your hand quietly, taking a breath, ready to push the door open and step in as though you’d heard nothing, knew nothing.
But then, Yoongi spoke again.
“I don’t think I want a relationship just yet.”
“You know why. Long distance relationships never work.”
“Ever tried?”
“I don’t wanna try and be disappointed!”
Yoongi’s arguments were sharp and pointed, as if he firmly believed in what he was saying. He thought you weren’t worth a shot… was that it? And what long distance relationship was he talking about anyway? You weren’t going anywhere.
“I won’t be gone for just two days,” he then added, his voice quieter this time.
Ah. He was going away.
As the shuffling of your feet became too loud, you broke out of your stupor, finally knocking before you entered with a smile plastered on your seemingly clueless face. You placed the glass on his nightstand, plummeting onto the bed at the same moment as Hoseok rose with a sigh.
“‘Kay, that’s it. Gotta go.” Opting for the door you just came through, he waved you goodbye, a short explanation mumbled your way, “Lunch date with Joon.”
“Wait,” you called, eyes blowing wide as you leaned forward, “the guy you hooked up with?”
“My boyfriend.”
“Oh shit, it happened?” Your eyes darted to and fro, staring at the boys as you mouthed a wow, and then added, “Congrats!”
With a delighted thankful nod, Hoseok left the room and you alone with your thoughts. Your smile fell just a little, your mind soon blanking as you took in the quietude of noon. And you didn’t speak up again until Yoongi pulled you back into him by your waist.
Your heart raced at his touch, and he buried his face in the crevice between your neck and shoulder, asking, “Wanna get some lunch, too?”
You moved your head yes, but you were still too distracted to look straight into his face – something in you was certain he’d see the change in your expression. But he didn’t notice just yet after all; because his eyes were closed, and the sun shining through the window made him lazier, sleepier.
His hair tickled your neck, lips pressed against your skin and the hot breath escaping his nose warming your shoulder. In the serene moment, you cleared your throat, courageous hormones flooding your body as you threw caution out the window and questioned, “Where’re you going?”
He froze.
“You said you’d be gone.”
It took him a moment to make sense of your words, staring at one particle of dust in the air until he hummed and slurred, “You heard that?”
“Just this. When I came back,” you lied, hoping he didn’t catch the ingenuity in your words.
“Ah.” He lifted his head, his lips forming a thin line as though he was contemplating what the hell to tell you. Which explanation was short, informative enough? “Well… I’ll be gone for an internship. The place I applied for is pretty far, but I want to give it a try and then see what happens. Might not work there forever, though.”
An internship. A life changing decision full of opportunities. There was no way you weren’t going to cheer him on – if anyone deserved to explore his skills, it was him.
“Should’ve told you.”
“Yeah, maybe,” you agreed with a laugh, attempting to lift his worries – if there were any – and be happy for him.
“You’re not mad?”
“Nah. This is a great thing, and you don’t need to tell me everything.”
Admittedly, you were one of the few reasons that kept him shackled to home, dampening his mood whenever he thought of a two year long chance to leave. Not because you were being a hurdle of any kind or pulling him back on purpose. But because he’d grown used to you.
Unconsciously, unfortunately.
“True,” he then confirms, his grip around you tightening when you huffed in light, faux annoyance.
“You like me like that.”
Despite your cute, little pout, you pressed your body further into his, your words contradicting your touches when you said, “I hate you all the time, really.”
“Sure, sure.”
He laughed with you, thinking for a moment. He didn’t dare to meet your eyes, staring out the window instead as he took a route he wasn’t familiar with: keeping someone close to his heart; no one but them. “But. When I come back… you’ll be one of the first to know, yeah?”
“Oh… I’m honoured.”
“Please. You know I can’t go without this ass for too long,” he told you, his hand ghosting way too close to your butt as you wiggled out of his embrace with a snicker.
Pressing your lips against his briefly, you let your hand sneak to his arm, wrapping your palm around his as you said, “Lunch sounds nice.”
Tumblr media
“What do you want?”
Your voice sounds louder in the staircase, and you lower it once you realise how shrill your words must echo in his mind. But he doesn’t comment on it, following you closely with his hands still in his pockets. Whatever his interpretation of your miserable mood might be, he doesn’t seem too phased by it.
His tone is calm and collected, because he knows you can’t escape him forever. Despite meeting mere minutes ago, exchanging words again after years, he seems comfortable around you, laughing as he asks, “Where are you going?”
“What’s upstairs even?”
“Dunno. Let’s find out.”
He groans, but the glee in his words never dies; you imagine the little creases around his eyes the way they always used to appear, and you smile just a bit when he exclaims, “Ugh, woman.”
You flatten your blouse and your skirt, smacking your lips as you reach an unlit hallway, two doors on the right and one on the left side; you know that the closest to you leads to the bathroom.
You stop in your tracks, eyes scanning the walls for a light switch as you state, “Creepy.”
Yoongi comes to halt next to you, humming as he turns on the light with ease – he nudges your elbow, following your gaze. “Yeah, right?”
He begins moving when you do, and you raise an eyebrow, side-eyeing him before you ask, “Are you gonna follow me to the bathroom or what?”
“You want me to?”
“Gross, go away.”
His grin widens when you attempt to shoo him away, pushing the handle of the bathroom door down before he wraps his palm around yours. Wordlessly, he shuts the door in front of your nose again, and you turn around, fire burning behind your pupils as you spit, “What’s your problem?”
Yoongi doesn’t let it affect him – you wonder if you need to work on your intimidation skills some more. In his eyes, you seem like a lost puppy – but you want to appear like the hunting tiger instead. Why are you the prey, caged between him and the door?
Because. Because his gaze makes you weak. The cocky smirk makes you weak. His voice, his hand next to your head, the long hair at the nape of his neck, it all makes you weak.
A hint of confusion settles in his dark eyes as he asks, “Why are you mad at me?”
You scoff – but you don’t know the answer.
Your lips press into a line, and you blink at him, half pissed, half confused. And he seems to decode it perfectly.
“You’re just angry for the sake of it, kitten?”
Hell no. Not the old nickname resurfacing out of nowhere. It’s an attack you didn’t anticipate and it clouds your mind along with his body grazing yours. Yoongi is still so fucking bold – it’s unbelievable.
When you’ve collected your thoughts, you ponder for a second, your tongue poking the inside of your cheek as you seek an answer to his question. When did you start growing mad at him? When the both of you stopped being whatever you were back then? When you stopped holding onto some sliver of hope?
“You don’t know, huh?” he rustles, and your gaze wanders to a spot behind him, averting his eyes as much as you can.
Revealing to him what you feel appears easier when his stare isn’t piercing your heart, and you blend it out some more as you admit, “What if I said I missed you, too? We just. We never tried to like… do something about us properly. Even when you came back.”
“I called you. Not just once, by the way. And you shut me down with a new excuse every single ti–”
“Because,” you interrupt, shifting your weight from one leg to the other, “I didn’t know how long you’d stay this time.”
Confusion spreads across his face, and he backs away just a little. It’s as though he’s loosened his fist around your heart, giving you access to oxygen again as you breathe, “I know you said you wouldn’t work there forever, but… Hoseok told me you loved it there. And that they wanted to expand your contract and whatnot.”
For a moment, Yoongi focuses on inhaling. Exhaling. Watches you in silence, his jaw clenching. He still remembers the contract, still remembers endless nights spent laughing and working through projects with co-workers he’d grown fond of.
But he also remembers the loneliness that came with residing in a country without a friend with a familiar bond.
Hoseok wasn’t there. His cosy, warm, soft bed wasn’t there. The coffee from home, unsweetened, with the same old attachment he felt to it. Not there.
And you – the sweetener accompanying the bitter taste of his coffee in the morning. Tender kisses, saccharine and lovely; you weren’t around – and he thought back to you more than just once.
“Well,” he then begins, “I stayed.”
“I didn’t know.”
And then, life moved on anyway.
You grew busy with graduation; he stopped chasing you. You’re not pissed, because he hurt you. In fact, you don’t think he’s ever done anything to you that you deem unforgivable. He didn’t curse you with a memory of an unpleasant goodbye, but with thoughts of gentle touches you were afraid to lose – until you actually did.
Yoongi wets his lower lip, letting his hand fall from the door as he explains, “I turned it down, because I didn’t like being away from home.”
“And I wanted to see you again.”
The knot in your throat returns with an intense strength, his words punching you in your guts as you blink at him in confusion. You part your lips, surprised and shocked as you wonder, “You didn’t turn it down ‘cause of me, did you?!”
“‘Course not. But I still thought about you more than I should’ve.”
You fall silent.
In the golden light of the hallway, your eyes trail from the strands of his hair to his button nose, his round face yet again way too close to yours. Your jaw hardens and you keep your gaze locked on his lips – and for a moment, you think you might falter after all.
“You know.” He waits again, moving into you bit by bit. “In a country full of strangers, it’s nice to remember at least one familiar face to want to go back to.”
Tumblr media
“Had a long night?”
Yoongi nodded at his best friend, his face illuminated by nothing but the light of his phone. His room lay in darkness, and he munched on some snacks as he answered, “We went to some bar that Jin and Tae suggested.”
Hoseok pouted, humming as he leaned his phone against a stack of heavy books. He cupped his face in his palms, mumbling, “Your new best friends?”
“Shut up.”
Hoseok laughed, but Yoongi’s expression stayed firm and serious. Tired eyes stared at his phone and at the lagging video of his friend. If Yoongi hadn’t promised him to call tonight, he’d be sound asleep now, approaching yet another busy day at work.
But Hoseok never missed out on a call or left Yoongi hanging – the older man reckoned that the least he could do was show some appreciation for his friend back at home just as much.
“Why do you look like shit, though?” Hoseok asked, wiping the hair from his eyes.
“You guessed it already… long night.”
“What you do?”
Yoongi hesitated. He could already predict Hoseok’s upcoming words as the younger man shifted in his seat, laughing and shaking his head as if to reprimand his former roommate. A finger playing with his earlobe, he wanted to know, “Shit. Again? Do you never get bored?”
“She paid for the taxi ride.”
“Is that how to swoon you?” Hoseok laughed, and Yoongi joined him for a moment, pulling his blanket up to his chest. “Was it good at least?”
“Was okay. Nothing special. Talked about her ex a lot.”
Hoseok frowned, his heart-shaped lips falling as an expression akin to disgust laced his features. “Outrageous.” He shook his head again, leaning back a little. “Why don’t you sleep some then? Or got work to do?”
“So much work, man.”
Yoongi wiped his face, overworked as usual, but never faltering, never giving up until he was done, satisfied and ready to wrap things up. He brushed his damp hair back, still sleepy from the much needed, steaming hot shower.
And then, a thought occurred to him – one that didn’t surprise him much, considering that an old face kept trying to sneak its way into his consciousness a lot these days. The thought seemed omnipresent today – and no amount of work or hook-ups helped him refocus.
“Can I ask you something?”
In the following pause, Hoseok nodded; and then, Yoongi formed your name after all those months of separation and withdrawal again. Hoseok wished he could’ve been surprised – but considering your relationship before Yoongi left, he rather wondered why it’d taken his friend so damn long to finally spit your name.
But Yoongi did again, clearing his throat before he asked, “What’s she been up to?”
“Strangers in your bed, but you still can’t stop thinking about her, huh?”
“We just… we haven’t talked in ages. I was thinking of her today.”
Hoseok knew it wasn’t a matter of today. Anytime he’d mention you to Yoongi, his friend’s eyes would light up, his concentration fully shifting from whatever he was doing to the conversation as Hoseok rambled on and on about how fun or informative or fleeting some encounter with you had been.
He didn’t want to urge Yoongi to open up – but he was trying to pull something out of him at least.
“I dunno. I think she’s okay,” Hoseok said, his voice dripping in nonchalance purposely; careful not to prod, “she’s been talking to Joon more than me recently, but… I think she’s fine. Bet she’ll be over the moon once you come back.”
“You think she’d wanna go back to old habits, though? It’s really been quite some time.”
“Old habits? That’s what you want?”
Hoseok waited for Yoongi to shake his head; but the silence revealed more than he needed to know. Yoongi wasn’t looking to go back to old habits, but to expand them into something more meaningful – he was sure.
“Why, Yoon? What happened with the not-ready-for-a-relationship guy?”
“I’ll tell you then,” Hoseok chimed, preparing for a groundbreaking speech as he neared the screen, “you’ve abandoned him in an unknown corner in your new country and replaced him with the awakened, much wiser version of Min Yoongi. Who, by the way, craves nothing but the same lady for the rest of his life… all of a sudden.”
With each word that he added, Yoongi’s smile grew wider, a fond, tired laugh escaping once Hoseok uttered the very last syllable of his sentence.
Slipping down the headboard of his bed, Yoongi sniffled, wiping a nonexistent tear before he questioned, “Where did you get that poetic bullshit from?”
“Am I not a bard?”
“Totally. She’s not just any lady, FYI.”
“I know,” Hoseok confirmed, shrugging his shoulders, “she really is the greatest.”
As Hoseok slowly digressed, distracting the intern far away with new stuff, Yoongi’s focus fluctuated. Your activity on social media had increased in the last few weeks – perhaps the reason for your presence in his head was just that. But after the events last night, he’d realised a thing or two.
Most importantly: wasting nights with people he didn’t care about didn’t do it for him anymore. Their warmth didn’t suffice – it wasn’t yours.
But maybe he’d be able to bask in the heat you emanated once he came back again – if you let him.
Tumblr media
I wanted to see you again.
You must have been staring at him for minutes now. Hours? Years.
Yes - you’re not mad at him because he did anything wrong. You’re mad, because every opportunity to stay with him slipped out of your fingers way too smoothly. Misunderstandings. The fear of being left alone again. The suffocating stress of life and graduation and job-hunting and paying rent.
If you couldn’t have him, you wanted to drown your feelings in anger instead. And you realise – you were stupid, so stupid.
Quietly rethinking his words, you contemplate what to say or do next.
In a country full of strangers, he’d waited to see a familiar face again; counted down the days to feel their warmth again. It’s insane to you that you were the tender existence he’d needed. Insane that you let all the chances die.
And when your mind keeps blanking, he whispers, “I… I’ll kiss you if you don’t say anything.”
Is that a threat?
Because you’re way ahead.
You grab the collar of his jacket, pulling him close to you; he crashes into your body, tripping a little, and his hands plant back against the wooden door behind you reflexively.
When your mouths collide, you feel a sense of home and remedy wash over you immediately. His lips fit between yours perfectly, locking in place as they should. Like two puzzle pieces. Like a key to its lock.
Like a Yoongi to you.
The kiss doesn’t remain chaste and harmless for long, all your longing and year-long pining clear and discernible in your touch as his tongue breaks through the seam of your lips. This time, it’s him opening the door of the bathroom, pushing you in and against the wall again, once you find yourself alone with him in the comfort of the room.
His mouth stays attached to yours, and his fingers trail up and down your body, never settling anywhere. Fervently, his plush lips roam your face before sliding down your neck – he sucks and nibbles; then soothes the slight pain with his tongue. Entangles the fingers of your hands as he inhales sharply, grunting.
Fingertips graze your sides, journeying their way down; and when he squeezes your ass once, you mewl his name in a quiet whisper. A deep groan vibrates against the throbbing veins of your neck, and your mind spins and backflips when he asks, “You still on the pill, kitten?”
You’re really going there. Or are you? Can you?
“No… I’m not.”
Your answer catches him off guard, because – dammit. Blue balling in someone else’s house isn’t necessarily his favourite pastime.
“So–” you begin, but he lifts his face, lust written in his pupils as he interjects.
“Should I go and ask Jungkook if he’s got condoms in his bedroom?”
“Are you insa–”
“Totally kidding, but…”
You fast-blink at him, your eyes darting through the bathroom before you give up, nervousness spreading in your chest as you suggest, “I, uh– I don’t mind swallowing, if that’s…”
Yoongi freezes for a second, watching you incredulously. But once he snaps out of his haze, he laughs a little, brushing your cheek with the back of his fingers as he whispers, “No, baby. I won’t be the only one enjoying this.”
His words fill you with something that resembles a high school crush way too much. But you suppress your telling smile, waiting; thinking of possibilities as you trace the blood-vessels on the back of his hands with your thumb.
You think you could get lost in him, just by leaving an invisible trail of touches on his body. By looking at him, taking in his beauty.
But then, he interrupts your train of thoughts, asking with a mischievous smile, “Didn’t you agree that the party sucks ass?”
“I… yeah…”
“And uh… well, I have my own apartment now.”
You cock an eyebrow, trying your hardest to snap out of your daze and into your teasing, bratty self that he enjoyed so much, mumbling, “Oh, do we now?”
He’s waiting for an answer.
You know he won’t touch you or risk shit without your consent – but once you do give in, he’ll tear you apart. You know – you remember. All the nights you spent awake, waiting for his touch, waiting for his words… his heart beating against yours, his mouth whispering sweet promises to you…
Min Yoongi.
You’ve been patient for too long. And even if he’s become a stranger now, it doesn’t mean you can’t rekindle whatever you used to feel.
You can’t let this go again.
“Yes,” you finally breathe, your teeth gliding along your swollen lower lip, “please.”
And Yoongi would be damned if he didn’t hold onto you this time.
Tumblr media
There’s neither time nor motivation to glance around his quiet apartment when you arrive. From the lack of bumping into furniture, you reckon it is sparsely decorated yet cosy, much in Yoongi’s familiar style you still remember from the place he shared with Hoseok.
But he doesn’t give you a chance to take anything but his tongue in as he kisses and pushes your way to his bedroom. It’s dark inside, and he doesn’t bother switching on the light; merely the grey, dull shine of the evening shines through his blinds that he shut.
The summer day is coming to an end, and the heat and shiver mixing in the air becomes a sensation too ambiguous to define.
“Were you always this wild?” Yoongi asks as you fall onto his mattress with a faint thump.
You’re barely moving as you give your breaths a moment to steady; not that it’s possible with him floating above you, though – his hair falling like a waterfall, lips curled to a smirk. You put on your most innocent expression, questioning back, “What did I do?”
But you don’t think he buys your playful shyness all that much as he parts your legs, pushing his knee up enough to rile you up, but not enough to give you what you seek.
Min Yoongi knows how to tease; knows how to push your buttons.
“Think I’ve scratch marks on my back already.”
“Yeah… sure.”
“You think my burning skin is joking?”
You bite your lower lip, eager to see the light red scars emerge on his flesh with your own eyes. At the same time, however, you dig your nails into your palms with guilt flooding your chest, “Fuck. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. It’s kinda…”
He shrugs his shoulders, taking a deep breath with an expression you can’t quite categorise. You pout, eyebrows furrowed – you’re so cute to him; so dual, so confusing.
“Painful?” you ask carefully, ready to apologise yet again before he shakes his head.
“No. It’s hot.” Nimble fingers push down the shirt from your shoulder before he leans down. His lips kiss a trail along your upper arm and clavicles softly, angelically. The featherlight touch contrasts the words accompanying his actions. “You’ll get it all back tenfold anyway.”
His confession reaches a core deep down your body, but you giggle anyway – you don’t think you’ve enjoyed dirty talk like this in months. As he smiles at your joy, you pull him closer, asking with hooded, lustful eyes, “You gonna let me walk out intact tonight?”
“We’ll see, babe,” he answers, his hands pushing into the mattress further, “really don’t wanna let you walk out at all tonight.”
Oh. Damn. Damn.
Then you guess you won’t have to pay for a cab in the middle of the night either.
Reaching out, you sweep the suit jacket off his shoulders and tug at his thin shirt. There’s no time to waste – no patience left in any fibre of your being. And so you pull up his shirt and over his head, messing up his hair in the process until he follows your steps.
Impatient hands open the button of your skirt, shifting it over your thighs and down your legs along with your panties. His lips always find a way to stay busy – kissing your sides, biting into your flesh, distracting you as you rid your torso of your shirt and intruding bra.
“Someone’s eager,” you joke once his slacks land on the ground.
“Me and the guy down there, baby.”
You stare at the bulge forming under his last remaining piece of clothing. You feel incredibly exposed and vulnerable while he still kneels in front of you with his most precious part still hidden.
That won’t do.
Electrified and dizzy, you flash your most seductive gaze, whispering to him, “Need you naked for me.”
“I’m all yours, love.”
How dare he?
He backs away on the soft mattress when you sit up, covering one of your tits with one palm for just a moment before you attach your mouth to his stomach. He has your body trapped between his legs, and you stare up at him, your tongue licking its way down his torso.
Your fingers tug at his underwear, your lips sliding further South until they start placing tender kisses against his erection. His length rests sideways under the fabric, and your mouth travels along each inch before it wraps around his balls.
One blissful groan later, you move on again and pull his underwear down. You gape at it for a moment, yelling at your lungs to provide you with the air you so desperately seek. The moles, smooth skin, protruding veins and leaking pre-cum pull your face closer as if they’re putting you under a spell.
And then, your mind fucks up your thoughts as it comes up with the most embarrassing line ever uttered in the history of foreplay, and he starts laughing before you even get to finish the last word.
“You have such a magical dick, you know?”
Heat creeps up your face as you realise what you just said, and you let your head sink with closed eyes; ready to hurry, ready to distract him with the suck of his life. But he chuckles over you, placing a finger under your chin to make you look at him and – much to your pleasure – segues, “You don’t have to. I wanna pleasure you instead.”
“I want to do the same for you, though,” you answer.
Your smile resembles heaven, but your ask is as sinful as the devil can get.
When he nods as permission, you finally give in, letting the tip of your tongue paint a wet stripe along his pulsating cock. Your hands toy with his balls, your lips wrapping around his girth. With a deep breath, you take him in as much as your throat allows; and soon, his fingers push your hair back, his focus fixated on the way you gag around him.
You slurp and choke, moaning around him; your eyes can’t decide whether they want to close or watch him throw his head back. Taking deep breaths through your nose, you hollow your cheeks, blending out any background noise except the voice that states, “No one sucks like you do, kitten.”
Proud and satisfied, you back away, spitting onto his dick; you twist your wrist around his cock, adoring his groans, lip bites and low, whispered curses. Then, you lean in again, rolling your tongue around the tip of his cock; kissing away his sanity – toying with his patience.
And suddenly, his demon rages, growling through him as he remarks, “My baby knows what she’s doing.”
“Like that?” you whisper breathlessly.
“Like that,” he says, a laugh and a sigh mixing to a new sound before he adds, “feels like you got even better at this and… your mouth always felt so… so perfect.”
The moment could remain hot and sweet; but your thoughts drift when the neighbour’s dog barks, your body flinching before you pull back and snicker. You wonder if his neighbours can hear you, too.
Yoongi shakes his head in disbelief but finds amusement in the situation, too – how does everything with you feel so real, comforting and homely when you were apart for so long? How do you manage to drown him in consoling domesticity instead of fabricated, pornographic meaninglessness?
Is he really not used to affection like this?
No time to think about it now, though.
Instead, he focuses on you diving in again, fogging his mind and bringing back the blazing, unfiltered lust as he asks, “Why are you being so quiet?”
A string of saliva breaks when you detach your mouth from his dick, drool running down your chin, the filth indescribable. An image of your face covered in his seed clouds his senses, but he catches himself fast when you answer, “Neighbours.”
“Who the hell cares? Won’t you be a good girl and let me hear you, babe?”
He licks his dry lips, his piercing gaze intense and his voice fucked out beyond imagination as he tells you, “If it was up to me, I’d let the whole world know I’m fucking this pretty little mouth of yours.”
You’re not sure what you want to argue back, but as the dog on the other side of the wall repeats his scolding, your bubble breaks anyway. Yoongi breathes out a huff of air, and you grin at him as he lets his body fall onto the bed. He clears his forehead off his hair, patting your ass before he orders, “Sit on my face.”
The sudden command comes unexpectedly, and you feel the coil in your stomach tighten as you ask, “Really?”
Your pussy cheers and buzzes, clenching around nothing when his hands attempt to pull you closer to his body. He wants it. When he said he wants to pleasure you, he really meant it. You’re lucky – way too lucky.
Moving carefully, you straddle him, feeling somewhat powerful in your new position as you look at him and ask again, “Seriously?”
“Do I look like I’m joking?”
You squint your eyes at him, taking in his earnest expression, pupils flooding with hunger and want. And then, you answer, “You look like you’re gonna eat me alive.”
“Intending to. Get on my face, baby.”
So you do.
You’d be a fool to decline anyway.
You place your nether lips over his mouth, sinking down carefully as you balance your weight with your palms against the wall. As his hot breath meets your aching core, your eyelids flutter shut, and you let him do his thing for a moment before you realise that he might want you to lead for once.
And so, you begin moving in oval forms, your hands curling into tight fists. It’s crazy how much you missed these acts – being with him feels so natural that you almost forget what being apart from him meant to you.
You were alone just yesterday. Just this morning – heck, even two hours ago. And now you’re here, bare, riding the man’s face who you’ve dreamed of so often? Really?
“Fuck, Yoongi, I–” you begin, your chest flaring up when he dips his tongue into your cunt. Lips french kiss your core, not too harsh; soft and slow, just the way you love.
You whimper and wince, hiss and moan, cry and yell out his name.
Too much. Too good.
Yoongi’s eager mouth licks you drier and wetter at the same time, his thirst never subsiding as he grips your thighs tighter. His nose tickles your clit, bringing you close to your release. When his eyes open, your fingers are digging into your mounds, nipples perked and inviting.
If he was able to speak, he’d tell you what his dark thoughts consist of.
Because he wants you pinned underneath him, a knotted cloth holding your wrists in place, panties stuffed into your mouth as he watches you squirm – hears you beg. Every inch of his body irks him to fuck you into the mattress, ruin your make-up, draw out one orgasm after the other.
If he told you, you might think he’s crazy.
So for now, he holds back. To a certain degree, that is.
Because he’ll fuck you anyway – and he doesn’t bother waiting any longer. His lips pull at your lower ones one more time, licking along the entire length of your pussy before he finally stops – when he pushes you off his face, he’s breathless.
And his eyes – remembering how to decipher his little, unconscious signals, you understand immediately what he wants. What he’s waiting for.
You don’t don’t waste the tiniest of seconds as you slide down his inviting, warm body. You’re sure he’s been working out; the bulge of his bicep does not look the way you remember it – not that you’d ever complain.
Placing yourself over his rock hard, begging length, you sigh as your nerves touch his smooth, damp skin. You don’t claim the throne that twitches underneath you; don’t let him split your walls and ruin you the way you both deserve.
Instead, you slide up and down the hardness of his cock, rubbing yourself as you throw your head back and mumble his name. From where he groans, palms pressing into your thighs and lips parted, he whispers, “God, really wanna just. Slide in and… fuck you raw.”
You flash him a cocky grin, proud that your teasing skills have still not faltered – apparently, you still understand his body as well as you did almost three years ago. Your tone is bratty and challenging, your toes curling at the tantalising touch as you suggest, “Wanna risk it?”
“As much as I’d love to, kitten… better not tempt me.”
The way he warns you makes you want to disobey out of spite – but you’re not stupid. You watch him push open a drawer, rummaging through its contents until he fishes out a fresh package from the very back.
It’s almost as though he stuffed it there and then abandoned it.
“Face down, sweetheart. Now,” he orders, not letting you overthink the scene too much as he nods to the spot next to him.
You’re impatient and dripping – fast to oblige.
Readying yourself, you bury your face in his pillow the moment he lifts his body. You shift to where you think the middle of the bed might be, your breathing growing erratic, accelerating. For a moment, you wait in anticipation – but then, his hands pull you up by your hips; onto your elbows and knees.
Still his favourite position apparently.
“What a damn pretty ass,” Yoongi presses, grabbing a handful before he lets go again, “wanna bite into it.”
“What a starved man you are…”
Your weak whisper escapes with a stutter, showcasing Yoongi’s effect on you so clearly that he lets out the smallest, softest of laughs. But then, he speaks on, fueling the fire in the pit of your stomach further.
“You don’t fucking know how much I’ve wanted to fuck you all day.” He waits; chuckles on as you feel his knees inch closer; his hips near yours. “Scratch that. All those years.”
“Do it now then,” you provoke, gathering all your concentration to form words and not drown in excitement and lust. “Fuck me like you mean it, Yoongi.”
Oh, if you knew.
There might be very few things he ever meant as much as he does this.
Not even the want to accept the internship might come close to just how much he means his affection and desire for you.
And then, it finally happens. After all this time, after all the yearning and waiting and wishful thinking, the glorious moment has arrived and returned – now more phenomenal than ever. Emotions rooted deep inside you, everlasting, manifesting in his touches.
“How’s that?” he asks as he pushes in, going at an agonising pace until he’s bottomed out.
“Good. Great. Want the best of you, though.”
You’re already clutching the sheets wrinkled around your body, your moans broken and light. He squeezes your bottom again, pulling your ass cheeks apart as he shifts into position and finally…
“Tell me to stop, if you need me to, yeah?” Yoongi voices from behind you. It takes all your strength to still your spinning thoughts, processing his assurances before he destroys your mind again and adds, “Because I think I… won’t be able to once I start.”
You squeeze your eyes shut, your heart bursting when he pulls back and glides in slowly. Your soaked walls, overflowing with arousal, suck him in easily. There is no stark or painful burn; no need to adjust or wait.