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#yoongi smut
sourkoo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
requested: yes.
pairing: dom!bts x fem!reader.
rating: 18+
genre: smut, fluff, some angst (I hate angst).
au: established relationship, pwp.
content: face fucking, sensory deprivation, use of sexual toys, spanking, punishments, degradation, oral sex (m. and f. receiving), overstimulation, choking, edging, orgasm denial, color system + tap-out method.
content warning: sensory deprivation, impact play, sexual punishment, degradation, overstimulation, breath play.
trigger warning: use of safe words, degrading words, physical impact.
disclaimer: every action performed in each scenario was previously discussed and consented to by both parties. please remember that consent is very important and you or your partner can withdraw it at any moment.
word count: 3.5k
note: it’s almost 4am. i’m falli ng asleep. pls enjoy. this isn’t edited nyw. bye. mwuah.
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
“Open yourmouth.” You oblige right away, opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue to welcome the heavy head of Seokjin’s cock.
You’ve wanted Seokjin to fuck your mouth ever since he admitted to thinking about it often, but every time you ask him to do it, he always declines to say he’s sure he’ll end up hurting you. He has no problem going from vanilla to making you cry for his cock, that’s for sure, but he does have some trouble controlling himself sometimes.
Either way, you don’t mind, not even one bit. You do what he tells you to as soon as he pronounces the words. You always aim to please and Seokjin thinks that’s both a blessing and a curse.
You flatten your tongue and wrap your lips around him, automatically raising your hand to hold onto his hip. He pushes you away and slaps your cheek with the head of his cock.
“You don’t get to touch me.” He looks down at you as if wondering whether you deserve to get a mere taste of him or not. “Hands on your back.”
You put your hands on your back and wait for him to make his next move, tongue out and eyes trained on him. Anxiety blooms in your chest as he takes his time to examine your features, and right when you’re about to close your mouth and complain he grabs your hair and pushes his cock past your lips, forcing you to swallow around him as you try to breathe in through your nose.
He pulls out then thrusts back roughly, hitting the back of your throat and watching you gag. The muscles of your throat close in around him and make him push his head back with a contained groan. He grips your hair in a messy makeshift ponytail and fucks your mouth so hard it makes you roll your eyes back.
“Look at you, you’re swallowing my cock and taking everything I give you, hm?” You swallow around him and he hisses at the feeling. “Such a pretty girl.”
His left hand keeps pushing you down on his cock as his other one moves to grip your nose, cutting your airflow and making your tears fall from your closed eyes. You’re drooling by now, and the mess between your legs is no better than that. You try your best to keep going cause, God, you’re horny, but even as Seokjin lets go of your nose and you can breathe again, you don’t know how much more you can take.
You know you have to back out when Seokjin starts fucking you so hard he hits the back of your throat each time, so you raise your hands but Seokjin glares at you, probably thinking you’re about to disobey him, but instead, you use your hand to tap on his hip with weak, shaky fingers. His hips stutter as he understands your actions right away, pulling out of your mouth and kneeling in front of you to look at your glassy eyes.
“Too much?” He asks, wrapping his arms around your trembling body to prevent you from falling. “I’m so sorry, baby. I told you this was a bad idea… are you okay?”
You close your eyes for a second and nod, letting your body rest on his arms in the uncomfortable position you’re in as you try to catch your breath.
“Let me take care of you now, alright?”
Noise-canceling headphones, satin silk blindfolds and thin yet soft ropes that Yoongi expertly tied your wrists with to prevent hurting you… Yoongi decided to get only the best of the best as soon as you told him you’re interested in sensory deprivation. What you like, he likes, what interests you, interests him too, what pleases you, pleases him as well. It’s as simple as that.
Now you’re getting what you wanted, but you didn’t expect to feel so anxious and self-conscious.
You try your best to focus on the feeling of his hands running up and down your body, playing with your boobs and pinching your nipples, parting your legs and teasing your wet pussy with some sort of toy. He’s sending shivers down your spine and you feel excited because you’re trying something new, but why doesn’t it feel as good as you thought it would? why are you trembling and feeling ashamed of Yoongi looking at your exposed, naked body?
He pushes his middle and ring finger past your hole and thrusts them in and out a few times before curling them right on your g-spot. You whine and try to find him with your tied-up hands to no avail.
You hear nothing, you see nothing and you can’t touch anything. You can’t stop focusing on the tight feeling in your guts. You feel so ashamed and exposed. This isn’t how it’s supposed to feel.
You’re grateful at the fact Yoongi insisted on not using a gag on you, saying you should be able to voice out what you want and need.
“Yoongi, please…” you can’t tell if he replied or even heard you, and that makes you all the more nervous. “Red. Please, this doesn’t feel right.”
You can’t hear him, but you can tell he moves away from you when the bed dips. He takes the headphones off and rises your head with one of his hands. His long fingers loosen the silk fabric that covers your eyes, taking it off and allowing you to see his face. He looks calm, but his fingers work fast on the knots of the rope around your wrists.
“I’m so sorry, baby. It didn’t feel good?” His voice is so gentle and understanding, it somehow calms your nerves.
You shake your head and you bring him closer to you, his forehead leaning on yours. “It’s alright, it’s all good. I’m very happy and proud of you for telling me. You know that, right?”
You close your eyes and nod your head, sighing in content when you feel his lips peck your cheeks, eyelids, nose and chin, and then finally stopping on your lips.
He pulls the bed cover over your body and holds you close to his chest. There’s nothing in the world that can hurt you as long as Yoongi is around.
“Why can’t you do as you’re told?” He pushes you on his lap and pulls down your leggings and underwear in one swift motion. “You have to be a fucking brat every time, don’t you?”
His hand collapses against the space between your ass and the back of your thighs with a loud slapping sound. He’s started off trying to hurt you right away, so you know this isn’t going to be a normal, pleasurable spanking session. You can hear your heartbeat ringing clearly in your ears and how your stomach twists in fear.
You did a bad thing.
Hoseok is a loving and caring boyfriend, but he has established rules that he has expected you to follow since the very first time you agreed with the way he does things in the bedroom. One of said rules being ‘You cannot distract me when I’m working’, and you’ve always been nothing but a good girl, you’ve always followed his rules perfectly, but lately it seems all Hoseok does is work.
You’re only human, and you have needs. Needs that Hoseok must attend to if he doesn’t want you to be a brat. Now he’s been neglecting you, so you can’t understand why you’re the only one being punished here.
Another hard spank shakes your body and takes you by surprise. You bite your quivering lip and convince yourself you can take this punishment like a champ, after all, Hoseok is finally paying attention to you, even if it’s not the way you wanted or expected.
He gives you three spanks in a row and you try your best to control your breathing and swallow the cry that threatens to come out cause you’re too petty to let him know his punishment is working.
“You’ve always been good for me,” he speaks up, ignorant to the tears spilling down your cheeks. “So, what the fuck is this attitude?”
A sob escapes your mouth and destroys your pride with it. Your backside hurts so much you can barely feel anything else.
“Stop, please.” You cry, hiding your face with the back of your hand. “Hobi, stop.”
“Oh, now you want to stop?” His voice drips with satire as he slaps your thighs. “Cause you stopped when I told you to, right? Tsk, that’s not how this works, sweetheart.”
But you need him to stop. You’ve never had to use your safe word but the pain in your behind is so intense it has you screaming out. “Hobi, stop, please! Red.”
Hoseok stops right away. He takes a second to process your sobs and the way your body is shaking because of them. He turns you around and lays you down on the couch of his studio, cringing at the pained expression you make when your butt touches the surface.
“Baby, I’m so sorry.” His dominant voice is already gone, replaced by incredulous whispers. “God, I hurt you badly, didn’t I? I’m so, so sorry.”
His hand comes up to touch your face and you automatically flinch, seeing the panic settle in his eyes. You don’t have it in you to tell him it’s okay, you can’t even bear to look at him any longer.
“Please just take me home.” You whisper as you try to focus on anything but him. “I just wanna go home.”
“Alright. I’ll take you home, okay? Come here.” He helps you stand up and fix your clothes, tears coming out of his eyes when he sees you squeeze yours in pain. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, baby. You know that, right?”
Even if you know he didn’t mean to hurt you this much, you’re too exhausted to reply, so you just nod your head and lean on his chest.
You’re hurt and sad, but you know that he won’t ever hurt you as punishment anymore, and that’s all that matters.
“You’re such a filthy whore.” His words ring in your ears as you stuff your mouth full with his cock and your hands play with his balls.
As soon as he came home, he told you to get on your knees. You assume he had a bad day at work or something, this wouldn’t be the first time he takes out his anger on you, something you told him he could do anytime he needs. You love it when he lets go and you have no idea of what to expect from him.
“My little cockslut. I bet you’d suck on anyone’s cock if they told you to.” You ignore the odd feeling his choice of words gives you. “Look at me, slut.”
You open your eyes and look up, he looks bored and annoyed. Your heart clenches at the sight and tears gather in your eyes, you don’t know if it’s because you have his cock down your throat or because you’re starting to feel uncomfortable with the way he’s talking to you.
He bites the inside of his cheek and you suddenly forget what he said, a shiver running down your spine at how hot that habit of his is. You hollow your cheeks and your tongue rubs the veins of his cock, slurping and gagging sounds filling the room.
“Shit, if you keep that up, I’m gonna cum. But isn’t that what you’re good at?” He pulls your hair and your scalp begins to burn. “That’s all you’re worth, huh?”
Alright, that’s another type of hurt, one that you shouldn’t tolerate. But you have a war in your head trying to decide whether you should stop or keep going. he looks so close to cumming you can’t bring yourself to steer away from the second option.
Tears stream down your cheek as you suck and drool all over his cock, bobbing your head to the point you feel a headache coming.
“Such a dumb bitch, all you know is how to make me cum, isn’t that right? You’re nothing but a toy.” You choke around him and pull away.
“Red.” You stand up and ignore the wobble of your knees. You push him away and raise your voice, a hurt look on your face. “You’re not taking out your anger on me, you’re just trying to hurt me.”
You walk away from him and head to your room, listening to his rushed footsteps trailing behind you and the sound of his belt.
“I’m so sorry.” You try to shut the bedroom door on his face, but he sneaks his hand in on time to prevent it from closing. “I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean what I said.”
You know he didn’t, but he still crossed the line and you can’t allow him to get away with that. You know hurting you wasn’t really his intention, he’s a thoughtful and caring man, but his hurtful words keep replaying in your head and you doubt they will stop soon.
Jimin takes more pleasure in giving rather than receiving. He loves to fuck you in positions he knows you enjoy the most, he doesn’t waste time pumping his fingers in and out of you, going straight for the kill on your g-spot, and he loves eating you out. Any time, any place, every time that you want it. He’s proud of his performance, actually, his plump lips devouring your clit as his long and relentless tongue thrusts in and out of your entrance…
You’ve never had to use your safe word in your 3 years of relationship, having agreed on it as soon as you started having sex. He knows your limits and you, his. But now, with his head between your legs, it’s starting to become too much and you suddenly remember the word you chose.
He’s been eating you out for hours, giving you orgasm after orgasm as he somehow keeps his stamina as high as when he began. Your body is shaking, your thighs attempting to crush his head and your nails dig deep on his arms wrapped around your hips to prevent you from moving your hips.
It feels so good and you don’t want him to stop, but the little black spots clouding your vision along with the spasms taking over your body are a clear sign that you should say something while you still can. You want to cum one last time, but it doesn’t seem like your body will be able to take it.
“Minnie,” you whimper. He hums with his eyes closed, not pulling away from you, focusing on sending painfully pleasurable vibrations to your core instead. “Minnie, ‘s too much.”
He pulls away for a second to catch his breath. “Hang in there, baby. Just one more time and you’ll feel so good, I promise.”
That’s the problem, you feel so good your whole body is threatening to shut down. You can barely talk, let alone breathe properly. You’re stumbling on your words and mumbling nonsense.
“Minnie, ‘m serious… can’t.” He ignores you and keeps up his sweet torture. You force your arms to move and wrap your hands on his hair, trying to pull him away from you. “Red,” you whisper, Jimin’s face frowning in confusion until he remembers what the word means.
He pulls away from you right away, gently letting go of your thighs and cupping your face with his warm hands. “I’m so sorry, baby. are you okay? Crap, I forgot what that meant.”
He looks so worried and guilty that you have to force a genuine smile to prove to him you’re okay, bringing your hand up to grab his as you close your eyes.
“Never thought I would want you to stop eating my pussy.”
It isn’t the first time Taehyung wraps his large hand around your throat. It’s a pretty common thing that you both can’t seem to get rid of since the first time you tried it. It makes you light-headed and so much responsive to his touch. You know he loves having so much control over your body, having your life metaphorically and literally in his hands.
His breath is hot on your neck and you delight yourself in his baritone voice whispering dirty yet sweet things in your ear. You’re gasping for air as your walls clench around his cock, your mind traveling through space far away from the mundane earth, allowing you to focus on Taehyung. That’s all you feel; Taehyung.
“You look so pretty, angel.” His thumb moves and digs deep on the skin of your neck, right on top of your jugular, making you breathless and on the verge of panic. “So pretty for me.”
He hasn’t noticed the place he’s applying pressure on and you convince yourself it’s fine, that you can take it, you’re both so close to your orgasm anyway it won’t matter once you get there.
Air is barely filling your lungs and you feel yourself quickly drifting away from your high. Now you can’t feel anything else other than Taehyung’s thumb pressing on the wrong place of your neck.
Your hands go up to claw on his arm as you try to whisper your safe word as loud as you possibly can. “T-tae… red.”
He takes a second to hear what you said, but as soon as he processes your words, he rips his hand away from you, stopping the pace of his hips and looking at you with worried eyes. “Fuck… are you— are you okay? Holy shit, I’m so sorry.”
You close your eyes and inhale as much air as it takes to fill your lungs, opening them after a minute to look at him with droopy eyelids. “I’m oka. You used your thumb on—”
“God, I’m never touching your neck again.” He lifts his upper body up with his arm and cups your cheek with his other hand, caressing the skin there and looking at you with remorse. “I’m so sorry.”
“I’m fine now,” your breath finally going back to normal. “Now you can say that you literally took my breath away.” Despite the lightness of your voice, Taehyung glares at you. “Too soon?”
The evening started innocent enough between you and Jungkook, so you honestly don’t know how or when you found yourself laying on your back on your shared apartment’s couch, your lips sucking the sensitive skin of his neck while his hand’s busy playing you’re you underneath your pajama pants. He’s been teasing your cunt for what seems like hours, but every time you get close to your orgasm, he stops his actions and ignores your annoyed whines and unsatisfied grunts.
“Let me cum, goddamn it!” Frustration takes over you as Jungkook denies you of your high for the 5th time in the past hour. Blood boils in your veins at his stupid smirk. “Let me cum and I’ll let you fuck my tits, I’ll even let you cum on them.”
He laughs at your attempt to negotiate an orgasm. “That’s very tempting.” He chuckles. “Be patient, baby, it’ll feel good and you’re gonna cum so hard.”
You sure hope so cause it’s starting to hurt. Your puffy clit is throbbing with over-sensitivity, but his fingers show no mercy on you.
His teeth bite your neck and his tongue soothes the spot there, his thumb and index finger closing in around your clit and twisting it softly in the most painful yet delicious way. You move your hips to try to escape from his touch, but Jungkook forces them back in their original position to keep playing with your pussy as he pleases.
“Jungkook, please,” you whimper, resting your hands on his shoulders to find something to hold on to.
“I’ll let you cum this time, I promise.” He’s not looking at your face, head buried in your neck, but if he did, he would see how uncomfortable you are and stop.
“You don't— fuck, you don’t get it, Kook,” The pitch of your voice goes an octave higher and so does the pain between your legs. “It hurts.”
He slows down but doesn’t stop. “Safe word?”
“Red.” you sob.
“Shit.” He pulls his hand off your pants and moves his head away from your neck to look at your eyes. “Are you okay? Was it too much? I’m so sorry, baby.”
You nod your head, a thin layer of sweat covering your body as you try to even out your breath. Jungkook mumbles apologies, leaving gentle kisses all over your face and resting his forehead against yours. He hugs your shivering body and kisses your cheek once more
“I’m sorry,” he looks at you with worried eyes. “I’m gonna run you a bath, alright?”
“Okay.” You smile. “We’re still gonna fuck, right?”
“God, you’re the love of my life.”
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
ㅤㅤㅤmodify, re-distribute or translate any of my works.
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taesinferno · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲. Even though you're not wearing the space jam shirt and your hair isn't up in two ponytails, Yoongi stills notices. 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠. yoongi × reader 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞. smut, pwp 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬. 18+, unprotected penetrative sex, breast/nipple play ig 𝐰𝐜. 1k
Tumblr media
— a/n this is for my lovely whores @kithtaehyung , @sugasbabiie , and @gcfkims . i love u babes <3 shout out to ryen for being the hottie that she is that inspired this fic, shout out to dee for helping me out w the premise !! , and shout out to sophie for putting yoongi saying "bunny" in my head 😑
Tumblr media
"Yoongi. I'm a shooting guard."
You still remember his outstretched hand that first day you'd met him. The bandana around his head pushing his hair out of his face. The cocky smirk he sent you as he tucked his basketball under his arm.
"So. You're gonna scrimage with us?"
You raised an eyebrow at the surprise in his voice, the absolutely obvious way he was pressing his tongue into his cheek as he eyed you up and down.
"Is that gonna be a problem?"
He chuckled as he let go of your hand. Finally. A trace of lightning lingered on your skin as you pulled away. He shook his head.
"Not at all, Lola."
It wasn't a clever nickname, really. And especially in the dismissive way he threw it at you. Indicating that you may be a good player. For a girl.
Or maybe he didn't mean it that way at all, and he was just an idiot. A flattering idiot that unfortunately made adrenaline shoot through your heart at the snide nickname... But a menace nonetheless!
And you didn't have time for any of that. Not him, or the view you got from watching him shoot from the three-point line earlier. Not the way he walked around like he owned the court, because he practically did. Not any of it.
"On the court." You rolled your eyes, pushing past him with a bump to his shoulder. "Let's do this, one-on-one, first."
Loud whoops and goads came from his friends, egging the competition on. Cheers for you erupted, calling out to Yoongi about "you don't know what you just got yourself into!"
He let out an amused scoff. You had heart, he had to give it to you. And you didn't take any of his shit. Cute.
He passed the ball to you, getting in position, meeting your fiery eyes as he faced you. A smile spread on his face.
"Whatever you say, doll."
Tumblr media
Fast forward an ass-whooping by you on the court, delivered fresh from the tips of your Magic Jordan fingers, and Yoongi was asking for your number almost immediately.
"C'mon, doll. You know you wanna give it to me," with an obnoxious smirk to boot.
You huffed, cocking your head, your hands automatically falling to your hips. "If you shoot a basket from here," you pointed to where the two of you were standing on the edge of the basketball court. "Fine."
He let out a chuckle at your joke, until he saw the seriousness in your face. His laughter stopped, replaced with a scoff. "You know that's impossible."
You shrugged, "then there's your answer."
"Wait- Now, come on, Lola don't be like that-"
No chance of a response when you were gathering your things and jumping into your car, ignoring the calls from the hot basketball star behind you.
So how were you ever gonna explain how you ended up here, at a party you found yourself at three days later. Tangled up in his sheets.
"Fuck, Lola. Squeezing me so tight-" He groaned, loud pants heavy in your ear as he engulfed your body with his, sweaty all around. His hips moved at a hard pace, making the headboard shake behind you.
"It's okay, baby." He titled your chin up to look at him. You met his eyes for the first time tonight. Dark, mischievous eyes with a a hint of arrogance. A smirk flashed onto his face. "Don't gotta hold me in. I'm not going anywhere."
You would've rolled your eyes if you could, or pushed him away if you had more pride. Instead, you just wrapped your legs around his waist tighter and gripped his back with your nails.
"Shut up." You whined. Couldn't help the high pitch in your voice, not with the way he was angling his hips inside you.
His breathy laugh tickled your neck, and he landed a loud, wet, teasing kiss to your chest. "Knew you had a thing for me, bunny."
You internally cursed at the heat shooting straight down to your core. Fuck. You buried your face in his shoulder to hide your reaction. But your body had already given you away.
"Like that?" Yoongi grunted cockily in your ear, nipping your lobe for good measure. "Like it when I call you my Lola Bunny?"
You let out a whimper, free of your own reign. You felt him smile against your skin as his mouth licked a stripe down your chest. Wrapping around one of your breasts, he took your tit in his mouth. Swirling his tongue, he explored your nub first. Going straight for the kill as you kicked your legs while he sucked on your nipple.
"Yoongi- please-" You begged, but you didn't even know what for. Your hands were tangled in his hair as you writhed under him. Completely under his control.
"Please what? Bunny?" He released your breast with a pop, coming back up to level you with a knowing look. One that dared you to say it. Swallow your pride, and make you completely his for the night. At least, for now.
"I-" Your face burned with embarrassment. You shook your head with refusal, not even verbalizing your discontent.
Yoongi tsked, and pushed your legs up higher, giving him a new angle. His hand reached down in between your bodies. Your eyes widened as he brushed up against the sensitive nub, threatening to spark your sensations.
"Say it," he leaned real close, a breath away from your lips. "And I'll make you cum."
Your eyes brimmed with tears from how bad you wanted it. You let out a frustrated cry as he started to pick up his pace, just to prove his point. Fucking jerk. And shit, if that if that wasn't a sign that your pride was gone and done with, it would've been the absolutely desperate way you crashed your lips into his, pulling him down with a moan.
"I'm your Lola," you said breathlessly, finding words in between your lewd kisses. "Fuck, please Yoongi. I'm your Lola Bunny. Just- please-"
"Good bunny. Now hold on tight."
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc.
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minyfic · 2 days ago
A drabble where all the glitters yoongi knew he fell for yn like the whole realization dawning on him? If not since I know you said “couples” for drabbles so maybe this wont count? That’s ok if it doesn’t :)
Maybe if that doesn’t count then a drabble where the day yn read what was in his diary / journal and her reaction and her confronting him before they obviously fell in love and got married LOL sorry just love the couple and series a lot that it has me whipped
Idk if these count once again because they are plot related but I’m just curious, I apologize if this doesn’t count as a drabble <3
𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚌𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚋𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𓃠
Tumblr media
gold - MYG
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing — yoongi x reader
genre/rating — PG | fluff, slight angst, bff2l
word count — 1.1K
warnings/tags — strong language, ATG au, producer!yoongi, roommates au, college au, pining, soft yoongi, no warnings except a very whipped yoongi & perceived unrequited love
a/n — of course it fits with the plot!! <3 so here’s a drabble about yoongi realizing that he’s in love with y/n (I didn’t think it’d be necessary to write the scene where she reads what’s in his book since he did tell her that he writes songs about her in there) this takes place sometime between part 07 & 08 of ATG. hope you like it!!
Yoongi watches you from his place in the lounge, fighting with a ball of dough with the coral sky kissing your cheek, hair dancing across your face as you’re hunched over the counter. He doesn’t know how something as simple as making bread could turn out to be so…poetic. Just because you’re doing it. If it were anyone else, he wouldn’t be inspired to write two songs in one sitting just by glancing over the short distance every now and then.
There’s not much to write about, but at the same time, he hasn’t written enough. His feelings are sprawled across the pages of his little book of secrets. His chest of feelings and emotions he wouldn’t dare let out into the world. When they would surely float around in the air only to come back to bite him in the ass.
He knows that it’d be selfish to approach you. How would he do it anyway? ‘Hey, we’ve been best friends and we’re now living together. But I wanted to say that I’ve felt something for you since…quite frankly, the first day we met. I don’t know it was love at first sight, because I don’t even believe in that bullshit, but I feel something. For sure. And it only gets worse with every moment I spend in your company. That day I heard you in the bathroom…You in a fucking towel. But anyway, the thing is, I can’t stay away from you. The tough guy act is just that. An act. I’m so fucking weak for you. This is the first time I’ve felt this way and it’s okay if it won’t be your first time but we’ll make it work. At least, if you want to. Do you even feel anything for me? Right. Of course not. I’m such a dickhead.’
“Huh,” he mutters, snapping his book shut when he sees that you’re approaching the lounge, mouth quirked to the side, “what?”
You giggle, dusting your hands on your apron with a kitten outline on the pocket, “you okay? I called and you looked like you zoned out.”
He clears his throat, adjusting his position on the couch because it seems like he melted all the way to the floor with his volcano of feelings, “yeah, yeah. What’s up? Need help?
Chuckling, you gesture for him to follow you into the kitchen. He watches the way your bun bounces on your head as you walk, the tiny motion endearing to him.
“That,” you sigh, pointing to the blob covered in flour, “how good are you with your hands?”
This would’ve been the perfect opportunity for him to insinuate something else but you haven’t reached that level yet. Will you ever reach that level?
“Uhm why?”
He attempts to avoid your gaze, stepping around the counter to take a closer look at the dough.
“I need you to knead that for me,” you snort, cracking your knuckles with your face scrunched up, “I’m supposed to knead it for ten minutes but my hands hurt already.”
He spins around to set his rings on the counter then rinses his hands, “sure.”
His breath catches in his throat when you stand at his side and pinch his biceps, your scent perfuming the air around him to have his heart thumping in his chest.
“Oof strong arms,” you laugh, eyes crinkling in the way that he loves and hates because it replays in his mind like a haunting memory.
He exhales a weak laugh, dusting his palms with flour and working on the dough. Obviously flexing his muscles even more to hear you go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah.’ And he loves it. Loves the way you’re looking at him with so much wonder in your eyes. Even if it’s not the kind he wishes you would notice in his whenever he looks at you. That’s impossible.
After seven minutes (only because he insisted that he can do it for a little longer) you drag a blade across the dough expertly and set it on a tray to pop into the oven.
“I hope it rises, this is the first time I tried this dough recipe,” you say nervously, peeking into the oven with impatience.
He laughs, “it’ll be delicious. It already smells so good.”
Turning around to hook up your apron, he freezes, heart stalling in his chest when your hands creep up his chest from behind and you pull him into a hug. He’s trying his best to keep his breathing even, to tame his thunderous heartbeat where your hands rest. He also attempts to not notice the way your boobs press into his back because you’re his fucking best friend and you’re sweet and this is the first time you’re thanking him with a back hug.
“Thank you for always helping out.”
“O-of course,” he puffs out, standing ramrod straight in your hold, “I e-eat too.”
Your hands linger on his waist as you pull away, and he misses your heat as soon as you return to staring into the oven. Would it be weird if he gives you a back hug? He wants to hold you too. You’re sitting there cutely, face lit by the golden orange light with your lip tucked between your teeth.
One thing Yoongi knows for sure, he feels too much for you. With your pure yet wounded heart, still yearning to give and give, he feels too much. An overwhelming amount. And it scares him when a simple look in his direction can affect his mood for the rest of the day. No one has that power except him. Until you. He would go to extreme lengths for your happiness. Even if it meant abandoning his own. Yet he knows that you wouldn’t allow him to do that. He loves you. He loves you so damn much and he’s terrified. You’re you and he’s not him. And for that reason alone he knows that you wouldn’t ever feel the same for him.
a/n — and I’m soft. I miss them
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© minyfic 2021 do not copy/repost/translate
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kookieswan · 2 days ago
How’s my baby girl doing today?
Here’s my first request 🤭
How the hyung line would react to: finding yourself having fun without them 😏😏😏😏
I’m doing good cutie! Thank you for asking 🌸 Hehehehehe I forgot how fun writing reactions can be ❤️
Warning for nsfw 18+ content! (Big time dirty talk, vaginal sex, pussy eating, fingering, overstimulation, slight breathplay, slight rope play.)
Jin - If he’s feeling soft he’ll end up on the bed, gently running his fingers between your wet folds. Your arms will be tied above your head no doubt with some silky fabric as the pad of his finger rubs against your sensitive clit firmly, his other fingers coming down to sink into your pussy. He’ll work you up, whispering sweet words and edging you just slightly until you cum hard for him.
“You’re so beautiful darling. So good all the time, can’t wait to see how pretty you look coming from my fingers.”
Yoongi - he doesn’t mind if you wanna get off by yourself, but he’ll want to join you once he realizes what you’re up to. He’ll find you, maybe watch for a bit, and then bury his face between your legs, tongue pushing into your sopping pussy. The man will put his tongue technology to good use, eating you out until you can’t handle it anymore.
“Always so sweet for me, aren’t you doll? Gonna eat this cunt till you cum, want to taste all of you.”
Hoseok - He’s be giggly about it at first, playing almost coy, but take charge pretty quickly of the situation. It’s clear to him that you’re looking for release, so he’ll give it to you. Gripping at your neck lightly, he’ll push himself into your cunt, fucking you languidly until you’re begging for more.
“You wanna cum, huh baby? Fine, I guess you can cum all over my cock then since you want to so bad.”
Namjoon - Good luck to you bud. Namjoon carry’s an air of dominance to him that easily crosses over to the bedroom. He’ll be really nonchalant about it, not mad but letting you know that he’s better than your hand. Don’t be surprised he’s got you face down on the bed in the next minute or two, either fingering you ruthlessly or pounding into to with his fat cock until you’re an overstimulated mess. Your “punishment” heh.
“On your stomach, I’m gonna give you my fat cock baby girl. Fuck you until you’re crying from pleasure… Until I’ve had my fill of you.”
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breakiebunny · 2 days ago
Angel Baby| Teaser
Tumblr media
Summary: Yoongi has nothing left to look forward to, at least that`s what he thinks.
Genre: Strangers to lovers au! 
Warnings: LIFE!, angst, health problems, financial problems, fluff,smut!
Words: 3.2K 
A.N: Hi, I`ve been wanting to write something about Yoongi for a while now so this is really exciting for me, please let me know what you all think and if you wanna be tagged <3
You were closing up your little book shop earlier today, reason? None really, you wanted to relax in the comfort of your home should be enough reason but it was mostly because no one comes around to buy books at this hour, it was dark now, street lights were flicked on, winter fog visible floating in the yellowish hue, you raise the collar of your coat up to your nose because at this rate you will freeze it off, cold hands trying to twist the keys in the semi rusty lock. I need to change that, you think. The keys clink in your keychain and a cat cries in the dark of the night. Your ears perk up looking around, winter nights are usually like this, not a sound, not a person insane enough to be out in this cold, well no one but you, like most of the days, you were so lost in a book that you lost the track of time and by the end you had put the book down to rest your eyes an audible gasp had left your mouth at the dark outside, making you rush out quickly. 
You start walking, your hands shoved in the worn out but comfiest and warmest long brown coat. I think I have some leftovers left from yesterday, dinner is a go! You grin to yourself and if not you always have options…ramen with some chilly oil and an egg. Muah! Your mouth waters. Thank god your house was not that far or else you would’ve frozen your legs and face by now. Like a rough gush of wind, a man stumbles in front of you out of nowhere, you almost fall back because of how close to your feet he fell, a hand is clasped on your mouth as you gasp at his state, he groans, in pain? Is he drunk? You can`t really tell, should you help him or just walk straight to your house? It could be dangerous but what if he needs your help. You look around to see if he was with someone but it looked like he was alone, you look down at him, he was shivering on the frosted side walk, dressed in nothing but a thin white button up, you gulp. He`ll die if you don’t help him.
“Sir…excuse me.” You bend to his level, scared for your life, what if he suddenly attacks you and then you are murdered and dumped in the garbage? The man grumbles, was he drunk? This is bad news y/n bad news, run! A voice inside you says, but look at him, he`s gonna end up dead in this cold y/n, can you let a human being die and be okay with it? Another voice says inside you. you stomp your foot, helpless in front of your nature of helping someone in need.
“Sir…are you okay? Can you hear me?” you move your hand to shove his shoulder a little, his shirt was crisp with the night dew, ice cold to the touch as he groans softly.
“Oh shit.” You hiss, sitting down in front of him as you try to lift his upper body up, he looked unconscious and pale as a ghost with blue lips but you could tell that he wasn’t completely out by the way he was protesting against your hold on him.
“I have nothing….nothing left…noth…” he mumbles when you make him sit against you, the man significantly bigger than you and that too almost unconscious, you had to take a deep breath to support his weight on yourself. The smell of alcohol fills your nostrils as soon as the male turns his head as if trying to shake off the affects of it. You shake your head, why did he drink this much if he can`t even get home safely. When his back is propped against your knee, you shake off your coat from your shoulders to cover his frozen frame with it, it was oversized on you so it was perfect to cover him just right, you adjust it over his hair, the black strands were hard to the touch, tiny shiny crystals were forming on some of them. How long has he been out here like this? Once he was completely covered, you take out your phone to call 911 and tell them the details, shoving your phone back in your pocket. A sigh leaves your mouth when you look down at the completely covered man pile in front of you. How careless, he could’ve died tonight in this cold. You feel your own back freeze now and you were at least wearing a sweater.
“I called for help, don’t worry okay sir?” you adjust the coat on him again, still holding him against your knee, it must be uncomfortable for him and it was for you too, but you couldn’t just completely hug a random stranger on the street. A part of you calmed down after you saw him almost knocked out, at least he can`t kill me in this state, you think waiting for help with him.
“No one c-can…help…m-e” his voice is scratchy, like sandpaper being rubbed on a surface. You wish you had a water bottle on you right now.
“They will help you, they will take you home, don’t worry, don’t worry.” You are still holding him in an awkward position because if you leave him to sit on his own, he will fall face first on the side walk, your couldn’t feel your legs or your hands at this point, sniffling a little. Fuck! A cold is gonna be your guest for sure now and at least for two weeks.
“You c-can`t…” he croaks weakly, he sounded tired and sick. You drop your knee behind his back making him fall back into your front; you stumble but quickly hold your composure.
“You don’t sound so good, don’t talk please.” Your arm is still around him and he listens.
Soon you hear a vehicle stopping a little farther from the two of you, two men hopping from the back door.
“Ma`am are you with him? Do you know him?” one of them asks.
“No, I`m not, I was walking home when he stumbled in front of me, please hurry up he sounds like he needs help.” You tell them, looking back at the guy who was on his side now, the coat not covering his legs. Both men jog over to him with a stretcher, you follow them, the coat falls from him when they lift him up to lay on the stretcher, you pick it up covering him with it once again. You look at his face to see his eyelashes flutter a bit as he mumbles something on his blue lips, he looked lifeless now and you were honestly scared for him. You move out of the way quickly so they could move him to warmer place as soon as possible.
“I hope you`ll be fine.” You press your lips together as you watch his stretcher getting shifted inside the ambulance. Soft white flakes land on your black sweater, the first snow of winter, you sigh, now he`ll be fine, you smile looking around believing in the magic of first snow.
He wakes up in a warmer environment than he had experienced in the past month or so, every joint, every muscle in his body screams in pain, he huffs clearly annoyed when his eyes sting adjusting to the light in the room. A hospital room? He looks around, how did he end up here? A yelp threatens to leave his mouth as he sits up, hands pierced with different needles, he turns to his left, a drip of some of clear liquid hanging providing him the nutrients he needed.
“You`re awake!” he hears the voice of his best friend, Hoseok his only friend. He knows what`s to come, a lot of lectures and a lot of nagging.
“Yoongi, I swear to god you`re so lucky you`re in a hospital bed right now or else I would’ve broken your nose.” Hoseok sighs looking him in the eyes.
“You scared the shit out of me.” He finally says and Yoongi chuckles softly.
“What`s so funny asshole? You almost got a frost bite! You could’ve died!” Hoseok hisses, he would’ve screamed but he was in a hospital right now.
“You`re just over reacting hobi, nothing happened I`m not that lucky.” He chuckles again, his chest moving with the jolt as he looks up at his friend, whose eyes turned soft now.
“Why are you doing this Yoongi? I told you didn’t I? We`ll find a way out of this and…” Hoseok says and Yoongi raises his hand to stop him mid sentence, his eyes scrunched.
“Hoseok, this isn’t some fairytale in which everything is going to be alright if you just “believe” and I know that and I also know that I`m waist deep in this quick sand of a situation, I`m done, everything is fucking done so why does it matter if I live or die?” His ear rings from how hard he is clenching his jaw, his eyes set forward on the small table in the room; a beautiful but small arrangement of flowers was the only color in the overall boring room.
“Yoongi, I never knew this person ever in my years of knowing you.” Hoseok points at him with a shrug, a hand going through his hair as he huffs.
“Well maybe its time you start getting to know him hobi or better how about you stop hanging out with this loser of a man? Huh? He`ll only bring you down with him.” Yoongi chuckles bitterly turning his face away from Hoseok.
“Don’t turn all soap opera on me alright, I told you that we are gonna get you out of this mess so that means we`re gonna get you out of this mess, you hear me?” Hoseok turns Yoongi`s face towards him again making him roll his eyes.
“Okay but first get me out of this room, it`s making me feel sick.” Yoongi says and on cue he coughs, a good thirty seconds of coughing, his face red from all the pressure that goes into coughing.
“You were saying?” Hoseok smirks.
“Oh so now we stay in hospitals for a simple cough mommy?” Yoongi chuckles, an authentic sound Hoseok heard after a long time.
“I can never win an argument against you so I`m not even gonna try, get your ass up.” Hoseok sighs and calls the nurse, she checks on Yoongi for a while and confirms that he can go home but he has to take his medicines on time for the cold and cough and stay warm. His stuff is brought into the room, it was just his house keys that he`s soon gonna loose, an empty wallet and a coat, a coat that wasn’t his, he feels the soft material in his hand, long fingers feeling it like they have some kind of memory attached to it.
“Hey hobi, this is not mine, I think they gave it here by mistake.” He raises the piece of clothing in his hands, the faint but alluring puff of jasmine hitting his nose a sense of ease washes over him with how rich and mild it was at the same time.
“Really? Okay we can just give it back on our way out.” Hoseok shrugs his shoulders. Yoongi nods.
A few joints and bones pop when Yoongi stands up, his eyes immediately going to check Hobi`s look who was judging him…and hard.
“I`m not gonna die, don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. Why is a property dealer in a hospital room with his friend when the world needs him for dealing properties?” Yoongi smacks his arm playfully.
“Because his friend is an asshole whose only job is to give him mini heart attacks in life.” Hoseok smacks his arm back with a plastic smile.
“You love me hoba” Yoongi gives him a gummy smile.
“God forbid” Hoseok groans.
They both head outside, the nurse that left the room was still outside, scribbling something on the clipboard in her hand.
“Excuse me” Yoongi tries to get her attention politely and she looks up at him. “I think you gave us this by mistake.” He holds out the coat in his hand towards her.
“But this came with you when you came in last night Mr. Min.” she frowns a little confused. “You were covered with it.” She says as she remembers clearly.
“but it`s not mine, I know that for sure.” Yoongi was getting annoyed for no apparent reason, did the world think he`s losing his marbles already? Hoseok steps closer to him as if to tell him to behave, he was behaving he was a calm soul by nature but the circumstances were surely making him grumpy and sensitive to the smallest things.
“Oh! Maybe it belongs to the lady who called us for you, yes it could be hers.” the nurse fixes her glasses on her nose.
“Oh.” Yoongi lowers his hand, the coat hanging close to his side in his hand.
“Thank you so much, we`ll figure it out.” Hoseok gives her one of his blinding smiles and shoves Yoongi forward to make him walk.
Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, last night a little foggy on his mind, the soft fragrance of jasmine was familiar though, he remembers someone holding him, he felt that for sure, he thought that it might be the hospital staff? But no, it was much more gentler now that he focuses on the feeling, someone`s sweet and energizing voice ringing in his ears as he walks with Hoseok, the coat neatly tucked on his arm. It was the only thing that kept him warm last night after a pretty long period of time. His phone dings making him look at it, an email. He sighs.
“What happened?” Hoseok asks.
“Evacuation notice, the papers are probably already at home.” One side of his mouth lifts up in a chuckle as he looks down at the phone.
“Yoongi…” Hoseok almost whispers, feeling for his friend.
“I know, I know, I`ll get through this.” Yoongi waves his hand at him.
“Yeah that too but I was saying you are always welcome at mine.” Hoseok squeezes his good shoulder and watch Yoongi dip his head, He knew what kind of a person Yoongi was, quiet, kind, walking the earth with a sense of discipline and a subtle self respect lingering in the air when he passes by, a self made man who had no godfathers, no one to owe the achievements in his life no matter how big or small and same with the failures, now that he is going through a rough patch in his life, probably the toughest in his life, no one is to blame but himself and that`s the only thing he`s happy about right now, crazy to some but pure happiness and satisfaction to him. Hoseok notices how his eyes waver to the ground not knowing what to do for the first time in his life, He changes the course of conversation to something lighter, a true friend.
“Your ass is always on my damn couch anyways so why not move in huh? About time if you ask me and maybe I`ll learn how to wake up at ass o clock in the morning from you.” He laughs his annoyingly loud but heart warming smile, Yoongi was just looking at him with a small smile playing on his lips, he wasn’t a kid he knew his friend was trying to cheer him up.
“You can never learn something you don’t really want to learn hobi” Yoongi shrugs lazily and starts walking.
“I will try this time I promise.” Hoseok catches up to him.
Min Yoongi, owner of the city`s most popular restaurant chain, an enigma, hottest news of the town is now stumbling in the streets, almost froze to death and now he is homeless as well. The twist and turns of fate shook him and his entire reality like it was just a dream and now he has woken up, in the bitter and ugly reality. Yoongi`s business was going in economic loss but he thought just like any other businessman, he thought it`s just a wave and when it`ll pass the business will be back in business but that risk of keep going on took everything from him and that was not just his money and assets but also a part of his own self, his…confidence. His father was also known as one of the most noble and successful men in the city and his problems could be solved in a jiffy but that would also mean he has given up, he has kneeled in front of his father`s words when he said he couldn’t do anything without his help, without his money. Yoongi has proved his father wrong in every test he had put him through. He was determined to prove himself and he did, earning a formal handshake from his father whenever he launched a new restaurant in the busiest spots of the city (many more scattered in different cities). And now that everything was gone and he was left with nothing, the only that keeps his heart free is that he never relied on anyone for any of the things he lost not even his own father. A father who treated him and his brother like they were just another business, his brother gave in to that but not him, never him.
“Hey, I think you might wanna put on the coat” Hoseok cocks his head towards the glass exit doors, the weather dark and gloomy much like the weather in Yoongi`s heart.
“I might return this Hoseok, it`s not mine so why should I wear it.” He says ruffling his black locks back.
“I don’t care how sick you are I`m not giving you my coat and catch pneumonia, that lady was seriously crazy or really really nice to give you her coat, it snowed last night.” Hoseok crosses his arms, warming his hands in his armpits. Yoongi looks around; the usual dewy roads were covered in snow. He sighs, he`ll wash it before returning it. He thinks swinging the coat around him until a soft whiff of jasmine and rich warmth engulfs him. This thing was comfortable, he thinks.
“Let`s go.” He tells Hoseok as he steps out, the cold air hitting his face like a slap making him hiss and shove his hands in the pockets of the coat, he feels something, something rectangular. He pulls it out, a bookshop card? He squints his eyes, turning the brown shiny card between his pale long fingers.
“Hurry up.” He hears Hoseok who was already shivering. Yoongi shoves his hands along with the card back in his pocket and then he feels it, the soft, cotton like flakes of snow land on the brown of his coat, he looks up for a second and then cranes his neck to the right to take a look on his shoulder, some of the froth getting tangled in his black locks by now.
“Yeah let`s go.” He straightens up, finally breathing a little better after countless days and months.
He was fine, of course he was fine.
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pinkcherrybombs · a day ago
Oh My Lucifer | 03 - Mother dearest
Tumblr media
♡Summary: In hopes of achieving a high mark in your final exam you’re willing to give up anything, including your soul. However, when your drunken joke of a ritual suddenly comes true, how do you even begin to explain your logic to the seven demon lords seated in front of you.
♡Genre: Demon Au/ Poly Au.
♡Pairing:OT7 x Female Reader
♡Word Count: 4.1K
♡TW for this chapter: Explicit Language, discusses Child Neglect, Toxic behaviour , forms of PTSD, discusses Trauma, discusses Abuse. Very emotional so be warned !!!
♡Updated: 11/28/2021
(prev) | (next) | (masterlist)
Transparent tears pierced your soaked cheeks like glass as they continuously dripped down, only disappearing once they've vanished into your pillowcase underneath. Chest aggressively heaving from the uncontrollable gasps of air that kept filling your lungs, even in your semi-conscious condition, your body still went into full panic mode. As the cold sweat immersed every inch of your skin, you could feel your heartbeat unforgivingly speed up. Laying in a paralyzed state, your dream was being tortured by the familiar images in your head, each cutting into your mind like a knife twisting its way in.
Forcing yourself to regain control over your body, your eyes snapped open, your body finally reaching its awakened state. The nightmare is finally coming to an end, at least for now. Realizing that you've been holding your breath since waking up, your body hesitantly began to draw in regulated breaths. Even with your mind racing, you knew the basic steps to calm down, you needed to breathe, you needed to remind yourself that you are safe, and you will be okay. In moments like these, you were beyond thankful you actually paid attention during your university's mental health seminar instead of reading Tumblr like usual. Without even realizing it, you somehow maneuvered your way into a seated position on the floor, back pressed firmly against the bed frame, knees pressed firmly against your chest. Though you can't recall when you actually moved from laying down to the floor, you're not surprised, considering this has always been your comfort position since you were a child. Something about the closeness of your body made you feel safe, as though an imagery bubble was placed around you, keeping you protected from anything to come. The cold wooden frame added extra comfort as it grazed the curves of your back and neck, allowing you to feel something other than your own body shaking. You couldn't help the scoff that escaped your lips; how were you still not used to this after all these years.
See, Trauma is a bit of a bitch. It can dress itself up and masquerade as any number of issues, all the while seeping out of you like an infectious rotten poison. From annoying twinges and anxious thoughts to full-on episodes such as panic attacks, Trauma always finds a way to present itself. For you, it comes in the form of painful nightmares, horrific images from your past corrupting their way into your peaceful dreams, forcing your vulnerable mind to relieve every single moment.
Of course, they're always accompanied by painful gasps, a burning throat and your personal favourite, the tears. To be quite honest, you didn't actually mind the tears as much as the other symptoms. One time in high school, your science teacher Mr.Mikato explained how the salt in tears had been proven good for acne, so even if you're mentally exhausted after each nightmare, at least, your skin was being blessed. Sometimes the terrors would only plague your sleep twice per week, while in other weeks, it would be back-to-back for days straight. No matter how many times they came through, they always appeared a minimum of once per week. But hey, at least they were consistent, though. Wherever you went, however life was going, or whatever you were doing, your nightmares always followed like a clingy ex who desperately wanted to weasel their way back into your life. Honestly, you found it hilarious how even when you somehow managed to end up in Hell with seven fucking demon lords or whatever, your nightmares still graced you with their appearance. If anything, the nightmares have gotten worse and more frequent for the past two weeks you have been here. Just your luck, right?
Carefully peeling yourself off the floor, you hesitantly rose to a standing position, hoping that the upright motion would help to regain control of your mental and physical state. Slowly the looming cloud of disorientation began to drift from the air, letting the lump in your throat release back to its original state, the nightmare slipping your mind in a ghostly manner. In typical Y/n fashion, you knew you'd be restless at least for the next hour or so as your brain attempted to recollect your thoughts and get itself into a calm headspace. Your footsteps felt light as you made your way across the room, heading directly towards the dimly lit walk-in closet. After discussing the second day you were here, they soon realized that figuring out your situation would take longer than they initially thought, maybe even months as Namjoon so gravely put it, hence the fully stocked wardrobe.
The majority was comfortable casual wear, almost identical to Jungkook's personal style. Still, there were some more elegant pieces scattered around, apparently given by each of the boys’. Before you could question why they all picked out individual items for you, you were quickly cut off, and the subject never arose again. Peering across the rows of clothes, your hands reached out for the grey oversized hoodie Kook had given only a week prior. Yes, it was insanely large for you, and yes, you had probably worn it almost five times already. But, it covered all the way down to your knees and did an exceptional job of keeping you warm and comfy. Slipping into the piece of clothing, you sluggishly head out of the closet and towards the entrance of the room, getting ready to wander through the massive estate halls until you find the area you're looking for.
Since your first night here, you found the central balcony to be a source of comfort whenever your terrors became too much. You found it during the night, after an unusually horrible nightmare. As you lay on your bed desperately trying to comfort yourself, the air around you became increasingly suffocating, and you had no choice but to leave for a walk with no destination in mind. Making your way through the multiple identical halls, you ended up stumbling upon the balcony by sheer luck. Something about the space drew you in, feeling as though its aura was pulling you into a trance. Without even realizing it, you found yourself laying across the soft outdoor couches and lazily listening to the rustles of the forest in front of you, in a pure and calm state. That was also the first night you spoke to Hoseok. You must've been sitting out there for at least a couple of hours as you watched the stars flicker kisses across the sky. No thoughts filled your mind as your eyes slipped into a closed state, only fluttering open when your body felt the couch's weight shift to accommodate a new figure near your legs.
Glancing over your shoulder to see who was invading your "me time," you found a serene Hoseok, whiskey in one hand, blanket in the other. Without any exchange of words, he carefully laid the blanket across your form, with the remaining dangling over his lap. For a while, you both just sat there, both being present in the moment but minds likely wondering. You were about to break the silence, but for once, he spoke first. "Hobi." was all said before his gaze moved to meet your perplexed expression. "Call me Hobi." you nodded softly while muttering the phrase under your breath, wanting to make sure you didn't somehow mess up the pronunciation. "Thank you for the blanket, Hobi." Subconsciously you nuzzled the warm material closer to your body, oblivious to the heartwarming smile that was creeping its way onto Hobi's usually tense expression. From that night on, any single time you had a nightmare, it seemed Hobi would find his way to the balcony with his whiskey in one hand and a blanket prepared for you in the other. Each night exchanging just a few more sentences till the previous one
By the weekend, you both were filled with conversations almost every night, him usually leaving you clutching your stomach laughing or you leaving him puzzled with your constant internet slang. You found it easy to talk to him, and though you weren't aware, he found it even easier to talk to you. You couldn't deny how nice it felt to have someone other than Kook to finally talk to, even if it only really was whenever you had a nightmare. It's not that he ignored you or anything; it was just during the day, the majority of the boys were busy, and you never really saw them. Occasionally you'd catch a glimpse of one leaving the room as you entered or another rushing through the walls, phone on hand seemingly yelling off orders, but for the most part, if you weren't with Jungkook, you were isolated in your room or silently just existing. The loneliness only got worse since everyone but the two eldest left for their business trip a few days ago. Now you'd didn't even have your nightly chats to keep you company. You had nothing.
Which is why you couldn’t even begin to mask the utter shock that plastered itself across your face as you turned the balcony doors open, only to find the two eldest men casually sitting in your comfort spot. Hesitation filled your body as you stood there silently, praying that somehow the universe was on your side and they wouldn't pick up on your presence. It wasn’t that you were scared of them per say, it was more that you were already in a vulnerable state and didn’t feel like dealing with Yoongi’s snarky remakes or Jin's normal indifferent attitude. Your breath and posture remained painfully still, but your mind raced, wondering what the best escape plan would be. Maybe you could just dash back to your room and pretend nothing happened, no obviously that wouldn’t work they’re fucking demons they could just teleport there. At this point, jumping over the railing and hoping for the best was becoming increasingly more tempting than staying here. Each scenario in your head was immediately shut up when a low chuckle cut through the air. “We know you're there Y/n.” It was Yoongi that spoke up first, voice deep causing vibrations to run through your whole body. “Heyyyy” you somehow turned into a valley girl the way your greeting came out, and you couldn't help but physically facepalm at the tone. Thankfully their backs were turned to the door, as they were facing the forest and couldn’t see the embarrassment on your face. “We saw that by the way.” Jin commented, slight amusement being detected in his tone. Apparently the universe really wasn't on your side tonight, or ever for that matter.
Realizing that you weren't going to escape this encounter, you chose to instead accept it in full stride. After all, if you can’t beat them then join them, right? Slowly you headed towards the couch across from them, wrapping yourself in the familiar blanket you’ve grown so accustomed to. Eyes fluttering from the ground to match their gaze, you were surprised to see a look of concern on the males' faces. Hearing the slight strain in your voice, mixed with the clearly bloodshot expression of your eyes, immediately caused the men to perk up, paying more attention than ever to your presence, their bodies being filled with the foreign feeling of wanting to comfort you. "What's wrong?" Yoongi's whispered voice showed a softer side than you were used to. Typically you only heard him speak either when he was scoffing at you, critiquing you, or insulting you, which he did way too often for your liking. Like Jimin and Taehyung, Yoongi was very high on your “annoying assholes” list, whereas Jin was more neutral territory. Not necessarily starting fights like the other three, but not close to you either. Him and Namjoon very much resided in the same area, and you for the most part didn't mind. "Nothing's wrong I just -"
Don't, we clearly see something wrong, please just tell us?" Jin cut you off with the firm statement, indicating there was no room for arguments. However, somehow still presenting it in such a calm manner that you couldn’t help but feel yourself leaning closer, feeling the emotional pull of the men. It wasn’t often you explained your nightmares to people, usually opting to keep it private as you kept most of your life. Even Hobi only knew that they existed, but not their origin. The Trauma behind them was painful and even just thinking about the subject was causing your chest to squeeze tight as the images began flashing through your mind. You can still remember telling Lee for the first time and watching her face twist and morphe into absolute pain and disgust, as you recounted the story. You remember how guilty you felt, as though even just by telling her the story you were burdening her with your issues. But you were vulnerable right now, and they looked so comforting, you couldn't contain the words as they spilled out in a hushed tone. "I had a nightmare." Yoongi's eyebrows knitted together in concern, while Jin quickly re-adjusted his posture to lean closer to you, "About?"
"My past." For the first time, there was no fire in your eyes, instead replaced with a cold distant look. The boys could quickly tell you were emotionally exhausted, the feeling of despair rushing from your body into their own. One of the shitty cons about being a demon is feeling the emotions of those around you. Jin noticed it first, this wasn't a random nightmare that left you in this state; this was something ongoing, this was something that had a cause. He didn't bother to ask about the dream's content, knowing that it would only cause you more suffering to relive it in front of them. So instead, he chose to ask what both of the men were thinking, "When did it start?" A chill went down the spines of both boys at your sudden change, a flash of anger then emptiness filled your body, as your voice became distant and unemotional, within seconds your entire demeanour became detached.
"With my mother.
"She had me young," voice barely above a whisper, as your gaze remained locked to the dark sky above you. Batting your lashes to combat the glossy haze that was beginning to seep over your eyes, you took a deep break needing to collect yourself before continuing.
"Not insanely young, but too young to be a mother by her standards at least," a bitter giggle left your lips as you lowered your eyes to now meet the two men's unreadable expressions. "She always reminded me of that, how I stole her youth away, since the day I was born." Jin stood up abruptly, walking the short distance to now be seated next to you, carefully placing your hand in his; he stroked the outside of your thumb, silently letting you know to continue whenever you felt ready. Your voice sounds gravelly like you were digging into the deepest pits of your soul to tell them this story. This was something that was meant to stay shut until your deathbed, but you couldn't help but press on.
"The day of my birth, she held me for a matter of twenty minutes before she passed me off to my grandfather, wrapped this bracelet around me and never hugged me again." You peered at the band that laid across your wrist, on instinct fiddling with it slightly as it only reminded you of the naive little girl who looked for some form of love, not knowing she would never find it. Deep down, you knew it was silly that you kept the silver linked chain on after all these years, especially since it was the last reminder you had of her. Still, you couldn't bring yourself to take it off, something stopping you every time. Maybe you still were just a naive girl looking for some form of love. After all, old habits die hard, especially for you. By this point, Yoongi had joined you on the couch, fingers grazing every curve of your back up and down, in as comforting as a manner that he could muster up.
"For a couple of years, my grandfather stayed with us and took care of me. She would either be out partying high out of her mind or locked away in her room. Either way, her only goal was to simply ignore my existence." You breathed in sharply, knowing the next part would truly hurt you to this day, "the worst part was I still fucking loved her. No matter what she did, she couldn't do wrong in my eyes. I still treated her as if she hung the moon and stars. Even when she was drunkenly passed out in her bed, I'd sneak in and nuzzle my way under her arms just to feel like we were cuddling. Just to feel like she loved me." The warmth of the blanket drew you in, as you just simply wanted this memory to disappear. The silence around you as you took in each breath ate at your mental state with every second that ticked by. You knew the boys were waiting for you to finish, but the quietness of their breaths mixed with their now concerned looks only made you feel worse. The idea of burdening another with your family problems always made you feel uneasy. Sure they asked, but did they really want to know or were they just being nice? Either way, you already pushed the door open and needed to continue, if not for their sakes, then for your own.
"After a couple years, my grandfather left, said he felt my mom was responsible enough and to just trust she'd come around. She never did. By the time I was eight, I was basically raising myself, from meals to getting to school, homework, everything was on me." Tears slipped across your cheeks, falling onto your neck and chest, "I was lonely, so fucking lonely, no child should be that lonely. I used to have this bear, right? I cut out a picture of her smiling with her friends that I found and taped her face onto the bear. I called it mom and dragged it everywhere with me." Yoongi had never seen someone so vulnerable before. Working in his circuit of Hell, he was only used to anger, never heartbreak. Tears of his own started welding up at your story, wondering how someone could be so heartless to such a loveable child. Your chest began to heave with wet sobs, tears spilling everywhere as the hiccups began. You had never been more thankful it was night, so at least you could pretend in your own head that they didn't see how much of a mess you were. A tugging feeling pulled you out of your thoughts as Jin wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you towards his chest, the pounding of his heart acting as a calming mechanism for you. Fingers ran through your hair as though you were a child being consoled, and you couldn't help but cling to Jin even tighter, scared that he might just burst. Unbeknownst to you, both of the men would break a million times just to see some comfort on your face. Your pain was now their pain. Your wounds exposed to them in a way they knew you never showed others, and they silently begged you in their minds to let them fix it.
"It was my tenth birthday when she left. She woke up so excited that morning. It was the first time in years I saw her smile. Even now, I can still remember how beautiful I thought it was. Running to grab my head, she practically stuffed me into the car, telling me she had a big surprise for my eighth birthday. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was two years late. I was just happy she remembered." Your heartbeat quickened, knowing that the next part was the worst of all. The only part you still couldn't come to terms with. "So we get to this beautiful park, a-and she places me on this bench and says she's going to go grab my present." Your voice cracked with each syllable as you tried to continue without bursting into a mental breakdown. "She smiled at me and held my hand as she told me I had to let her go so she could go grab it. The fucking bitch told me to let her go, and I didn't even know what it meant at the time. She left me there."
A sick feeling grew in your stomach, so emotionally drained you thought you'd faint right then and there. The images of her smile now flash across your mind, mocking you for being foolish enough to believe her. Your gaze became hyper-fixated on the table in front of you, losing yourself to your thoughts, forgetting the world around you. For a second, you swore it felt like you were back at that stupid park, just emptily waiting. "She never came back. I sat there for twelve hours before some woman found me and called the cops. I know I should've left after the first thirty minutes, but for some reason, I was scared that if I actually left, she'd come back and be disappointed in me." Fiddling with the bracelet again, your mind somehow shifted to being blank, all your emotions finally being poured out into the open for all to see. "My grandfather took me in after, we could barely afford to meet, but he tried his best."
"That's why school is so important for you, isn't it? You want to provide for him." Yoongi's voice came out hushed as though he didn't trust himself speaking up, but the sad smile that twisted itself across your lips provided the answer for him. "He's sick now. The doctor says he doesn't have much longer to live; I just want to show him I'm not the burden my mother thought I was."
"He doesn't think that Y/n, trust us. You're too perfect to be anyone's burden." Jin's eyes met yours as he spoke, husky voice wrapping around your senses like honey. "I was my mother's burden-"
"Don't call her that. She wasn't a mother."
"She may not have been a good mother, but she's still the closest thing I have to one." you quietly protested, indicating the subject of her role in your life was incredibly sensitive. Choosing to remain silent, Jin merely pulled you tighter as your hooded eyes suddenly felt heavy on your face. It was no wonder you were drained from the nightmare to this. Your mind and body had basically done a ten-mile marathon. Yoongi bent over to get closer to your face, taking in every feature as though this was the most beautiful piece of art he'd ever seen. "I want you to know, and if you tell anyone I was ever this nice, I'll deny it. But you're not a burden to us. We love having you around. You can always come to us to talk. We will always protect you. I promise, princess."
Too tired to comprehend the nickname, you simply offered a small smile and light squeeze of his hand that somehow found its way to being entangled with your own. It was silent as they held you; however, the silence didn't feel suffocating for the first time in a while, instead just providing comfort. You knew they obviously had more they wanted to say. Still, you barely were able to comprehend all your emotions right now, let alone discuss theirs. This was the first time you allowed yourself to thoroughly think about what happened, the reality that your mother never loved you sinking deeper and deeper. Up until this point, you always dismissed her abandoning you as her being confused or doing what she thought was best. You always gave her the benefit of the doubt, feeling as though maybe you did take her youth away from her. But for some reason, recanting the story to them showed you truly how horrible the situation was. You didn't realize your eyes had shut until you were breath swallowed out, and your consciousness slipped into dreamland, this time not worrying about what may happen. You felt safe in the boy's embrace, and that's all that mattered.
Jin and Yoongi shared a glance between themselves, then at your sleepy figure sprawled across them. They had to protect you. They had no choice. You meant too much to them now. They both thanked fate that they were sitting out there when they were, knowing without this moment, none of them would have understood how much you've suffered in the past. Neither thought about moving, instead just focusing on holding you tighter and letting you finally get the peace you so desperately needed.
A/n : The third chapter's is finally here! I know this one was one the heavier side, but I hope it helped provide some background context for OC. I promise we will be getting back to our regularly scheduled lighter content next chapter. Also I'm thinking for the next chapter, OC will finally get a cutesy moment with either Jimin or Tae so let me know if you guys have any opinions below! Of course thank you for reading and let me know what you thought about it, feedback is always highly appreciated! Other than that I love y'all bye bye <3.
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just looking ⊹
request : well... let's say i sensed that you wanted it < all my yoongi stans >
pairing : yoongi x reader
genre : uhm... something so different... just kidding...smut obviously.
warnings : possessive behavior, unprotected sex, car sex.
author's note : i couldn't stop myself. yeah. orange min supremacy. that's all i need to say. enjoy !
Tumblr media
" fuckkk y-yoon-gi " you moaned. he was thrusting you hard, big veiny hands holding your thighs tightly nd making you lock him between your legs. nowhere to escape.
currently you were in the car of your boyfriend. he couldn't even wait to have you in your bed. lips crashing to your neck, leaving delicious hickeys.
Tumblr media
you should've know that. that he was gonna get jealous after you blow every man's mind after their concerts after party.
there were too many celebrities nd everybody was drinking, having different conversations, vibing to the songs. so you didn't see anything wrong with spending some time with one of them after they came nd offered you a drink.
you two weren't even alone, him nd his friends were seemed interested to talk so you gladly accepted the drink. plus you were a friendly person so the conversation was going easily.
you were looking around time to time. to see what's everyone doing. nd it wasn't a secret that you catched people...uhm... staring at you.
your red silk dress nd big boots, the way you flip your hair, the friendly yet hot aura... they had the reason but they hadn't even have a chance. you only had one man on your mind when you gently reach out to your glass.
at the same time your boyfriend was chilling on the table at the corner, having his favorite drink to get more relaxed. hobi was talking to him with full energy. but his eyes were on the table most of the time. except he looked at you.
that was when he eyed you from head to toe in the most captivating way. you had a funny feeling on your knees.
' fuck. is it the new style doing me this ? 'you thought. it definitely had a big effect on you. but it wasn't just it. his aura changed nd this was the real reason of the dizziness on your knees.
you apologized quickly nd went to your boyfriend's table, knowing you're been getting lots of attention.
hobi's attention turned to you as you sat next to him, your eyes on yoongi.
you guys talked for some time nd yoongi kept eating you with his eyes. as you did the same. the electricity was too obvious. even hope noticed nd left you two alone.
" aren't you gonna say a word ? " you spoke finally. he played with his bracelet nd looked back at you.
" you probably know what i think, just like every other man thinks. " he replied and finished his glass in one sip.
" come on, they're just looking. " you said before he got up, held your arm nd slowly pulled you with him.
he quickly waved at someone nd got the keys of his car. made you sit on his thighs as he placed his hands on your bare legs, squeezing them before his hands moving under your dress.
" just looking, huh? " he said nd slid your panty while his hot breath brushing your neck. then his mouth started to move on your neck, giving hickeys. you were getting so hot nd wet.
" y-yeah. " you replied, trying to hard to bring the word out.
with a sharp move he got you under him, lifting the dress up to your waist, quickly getting his pants out nd pushing himself into your walls.
you moaned hard as you feel his big cock stretching you. he was hitting so deep nd leaving grunts as he bit your neck, collars, even the top of your breasts.
after he locked your legs behind his ass, you were feeling so full. he started to thrust you faster.
"'re so hot... all mine. say you're mine babygirl. " he said breathily between his hard moves. you were feeling too much. eyes going back from all the sensation.
" y-yours. " you replied as you feel both of you reaching your highs.
taglist : @nglmrk - @allora1233 - @sizzlebangtan4 - @youmyjhope - @raiiisstuff - @alexmin606 - @bookfrog242 - @athiesam ( send an ask to be added ! )
.·´ i'm slow but you can ask by going in my profile nd clicking the ask button 🦋
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤ͏͏🦢 𝗃'ᥲ꯭ꪱ𝗆ᦸ ❜ 𝗅ᦸs 𐐫꯭ᥙ꯭𝗋𝗌 ᦸ𝗍 𝗅ᦸ𝗌 𝖼꯭𝗁ᥲ꯭𝗍𝗌, 𝗃'ᥲꪱ꯭𝗆ᦸ 𝖻ᦸ꯭ᥲᥙ꯭𝖼𐐫꯭ᥙ𝗉.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤ͏͏ㅤꕀꕀ · ꕀꕀ · ꕀ · ꕀꕀ · ꕀꕀ · ꕀꕀ · ꕀ · ꕀꕀ ㅤㅤㅤ͏͏ㅤㅤ꒲ ꔛ 🧷 ҂ ...⃗ ꬼ꯭ᦸ꯭ꭐ 𝗅𐐫꯭ᥳᧉlɥ թเ꯭ꬻ꯭𝗄ꪱ꯭ᦸ թⱺs꯭ɬ ଓ
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caffekoo · 6 hours ago
persona non grata  ⊹  myg  ╱  mlist.
Tumblr media
per·​so·​na non gra·​ta: unwelcome or unwanted. not popular or accepted by others. also known as min yoongi, senior detective of the special victims crime unit.
⊹     listen to the playlist. ⊹     read the teaser. coming soon.
Tumblr media
⊹      pairing: myg x reader (f) ⊹      genre: thriller au  |  e2l  |  angst + smut. ⊹      word count: 5-8k for each chapter. ⊹      rating: explicit  |  18+ ⊹      content warning(s): discussions of murder, slight mentions of blood / depictions of physical injury, psychological thriller themes, mental distress and angst. more to be specified in each chapter.
Tumblr media
⊹      taglist. send me an ask or reply to this post.
Tumblr media
⊹⊹⊹         chapter navigation.
𝐈 .       coming up soon.
Tumblr media
⊹⊹⊹         drabbles & extras.
𝐈 .       coming up soon.
Tumblr media
⊹⊹⊹         series navigation.
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three tangerines (m) | myg
Tumblr media
title: three tangerines pairing: yoongi x reader rating/genre: m ; smut ; brother's best friend au, implied age gap au summary: throughout high school, you sometimes caught glimpses of your brother’s older friends: some of them were sweet, some of them were smart. but the one closest to him? that guy was a total f*ckboy from day one. after a foray of horrid relationships spanning years - ending with one that broke up with you for an alarming reason - you needed advice on what the hell you were doing wrong... and this wasn’t a conversation for anyone sweet or smart. (loosely based off one part of “the window” by silvershine) warnings: pov switch (just one), age gap implied, cursing, dirty talk, choking, hair pulling, thigh riding, oral (m/f rec), sl*t/wh*re mentions, spanking, size kink, hand kink, pussy slapping, penetration, protected sex, rough sex, fingering, breast play, slight ass play, daechwita yoongi should be a warning in itself.. i think that’s it? he keeps the chains on so there’s that, too lmao note: this is a super late birthday present for the wonderful @sketchguk​ <3 ily, teresa and i hope you have fun with this one lololol. and thank you endlessly to @taesinferno​ @chateautae​ and @lavienjin for being angel betas! you all mean the world to me and you know i got you if you need anything in return. note 2: ALSO.. thank you all so much for the level of interest bc that taglist was popping. i did not expect that turnout (or to laugh so much at all of your answers and screams LOL) so you gave me incredible motivation to keep writing. i’m also trying something new which you will see if you get to the end. seriously, ty ty!  total word count: 12k drop date: november 16th, 2021, 7:17pm est 20/11/2021 update: also posted on ao3
When Yoongi told you he would be there if you needed anything, this isn’t what he had in mind.
It’s strange to see you alone on his welcome mat, your rain-soaked shoes drowning the faded letters of a very unwelcoming phrase. He wonders if you read it before coming, before seeing him, before asking him what you just asked. Your manicured hand had knocked on his door with the strength of a mouse.
“What did you just say?” he asks. Because there isn’t another response he’s capable of other than clarification.
“I don’t want to repeat myself.”
But Yoongi has noticed exactly what you meant. You were quite clear in your statement, in fact. So clear that he was sure he was being pranked or tested by your brother in some screwed up test of willpower.
Your fingers are so delicate resting on his bicep, almost as soft as your inquisitive gaze waiting for his inevitable downfall.
Because why isn’t he going to say no to you?
Oh. Right. You’re his best friend’s younger sister. That’s probably a good enough reason.
“You know I can’t do that,” he rejects, not making a move to brush your hand off his sleeve. A hand connected to a body that has his groin tightening at the sight. Be it the fact that he can’t have you, or the fact that you’re being so bold—whatever it is, he’s already losing this fight.
And just when he thinks you’re smart enough to chicken out and leave, you surprise him. Not only do you slip a finger through one of the folds in his sleeve, but you also slide through a loophole in the form of two questions, “You can’t? Or you won’t?”
That’s a much bolder direction than he assumed you were going to take, and a corner of his mouth curves up in pride. What happened in the years you were gone?
He allows you to think he’s rolling the possible options around his brain, resting his head on the chipped doorframe that has been through many a drunken slam. “Where’d you learn that trick?” The curtain of bangs over one of his eyes is a flimsy barrier against his intentions, and he knows you see his gaze wander in places it shouldn’t.  
“You,” you simply reply before slipping your hand from his arm entirely. To say he isn’t upset about the newfound disconnect is a lie. “I wasn’t oblivious back then. I always saw you.”
Yoongi’s smirk grows. “Stalker.”
“As if.” You plant your hands on your hips before, as he predicts, you decide that’s not a pose you want to strike if you want to appear more mature. Cute. “When you stick your tongue down someone’s throat in a crowded garage, it’s kinda hard to not look, that’s all.”
He wants to laugh, and he does. It comes out in short puffs of amusement as mirth creases his eyes. “You’ve seen that?”
It’s been forever since the last time he saw you. You went off to university right after your brother graduated but, before then, he saw you every time he came over on the weekends his friend returned. After all, the parties around the neighborhood were too good for any of you to pass up.
And honestly, he’s surprised your brother even got a degree in the first place. Good for him. Nerd.
The way your eyes roll causes the slightest of twitches in his pants, and he is quick to adjust the falter in his grin. When you divulge more of what you have witnessed, you have no idea how warm the back of his neck is getting. “That’s the tamest thing I’ve seen. Pretty sure I can name three times I’ve heard you eat someone out in Jimin’s upstairs bathroom, and even more times I’ve seen your hand up a skirt behind the school.”
His smirk disappears by the time you’re done, surrendering to a frown. Back then, he knew he was getting around, but he didn’t realize how much you witnessed. Was he really that obvious?
Highly likely. He didn’t give a shit about anything, much less rules and manners. “Damn. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. I wasn’t a kid or anything. And it was…”
“It was hot.”
What the fuck? The hand Yoongi has in his pocket pushes forward to cover the second twitch in his pants, and he adjusts himself on the doorframe.
He needs to get out of this quick. Especially when you’re looking at him like an angel but have the tongue of a fiend. Obviously, you’ve grown in the years you’ve been absent. Experiencing things. Trying and failing and conquering whatever you want.
And it’s attractive as hell.
But there’s something else he detects in your face. Something heavy. Yes, you were downright demanding in your request. But what fueled it? What was the reason behind it? What made you walk through the pouring rain just to ask him something like that?
No. It doesn’t matter. He can’t entertain this, as much as he goddamn wants to. Wanting—needing—to derail the conversation, Yoongi switches back to deflecting your very direct and very inappropriate request. “Why me?”
“You told me to ask you if I needed anything,” you quickly respond, and he berates his past self for going soft on you before you left. He didn’t mean for this to happen when he said that to you during a hug before you drove off. He certainly thought your requests would involve fixing your car or beating up boys, if anything.
Not fucking you.
“Pretty sure I didn’t mean anything like this.” Yoongi pushes himself into an upright position, utilizing every ounce of his willpower to grip the door’s edge in preparation to shut you out. “You should leave if that’s all you came here for.”
If only you knew how much he wants to, how willing he is to break if you just kept asking. How ready he is to ruin all men for you down the line if you legitimately want this to happen.
But he knows you’ll regain your senses. You’re a good girl.
He’s almost got the door closed when you blurt, “I didn’t want anyone else.”
Yoongi stills, wondering if he heard you correctly. What do you mean by that? Are you serious? The door slowly swings back to reveal your expression, and it’s a mix of fear and frustration.
Your words stumble out, “I mean—I meant that I didn’t want to ask anyone else but you. That’s really why.”
“And why not anyone else?”
Yoongi notices the way your shoulders bunch, stress and anxiousness scrunched between them. He will not look at the way your shirt dips along your chest, the way it clings to your shivering body under your drenched head.
But he keeps waiting since your answer will determine how he’ll refuse you next.
“Because you would be honest.”
How the hell do you know that? When had he ever let you get this scary of a read on him? You said it yourself: most of what you’d seen of him had been shoving his tongue down someone’s throat. He was only interested in one thing other than music and basketball back then and it wasn’t something he was ever going to discuss with you.
Hell, the only conversations Yoongi remembered having with you were quick hello’s or your correcting him whenever he used the wrong words.
Which, admittedly, was hot.
But that’s besides the point.
The point is that you showed up at his door after years of separation with a single request. A request that he wouldn’t have given a second thought if you were anyone else in his life. But his friend’s younger sister? Rules and manners were one thing, but a code? He would never, ever forgive himself if something happened here.
But who the fuck is he kidding? Deep down, he’s already tugging you in and undressing you with his eyes. He can already see you bouncing on his dick and screaming his name, losing control in all the best and worst ways.
On the outside, his feet are rooted in place, hand frozen on the door. It’s taking more inner strength than he’s ever had in his life to make you rethink this entire thing and walk away. Tilting his eyes upward, he looks to the dark grey skies to avoid your pleading expression.
It’s still raining.
And you clearly didn’t dress to combat the current weather.
Maybe he can let you in and have you dry off first.
Yoongi tries not to give anything away when he finally responds, “Just because I would be honest doesn’t make this a good idea. But at least come in so you don’t freeze your ass off.” He turns away and leaves you to let yourself in, wanting to not witness the light in your eyes that he knows his invitation sparked.
God, you’re so easy to read.
And ever the avid reader, he could sit and read you all day.
As he ambles through his tiny living room and into his kitchen, he hears your timidness stop at his door as you remove your shoes. A ghost of a smile appears on his face when he watches you scan the room, and he doesn’t miss the way you seem confused at how clean it is.
When you don’t move from the small entrance area, Yoongi tilts his head, some stray dark locks swaying in the motion. More amusement from before pours into his comments, “You can sit anywhere. It’s awkward if you just stand there.”  
You become akin to a lost puppy at his words, surveying the whole area before walking up and taking residence at his small dining table. Raindrops slip from your hair, and Yoongi’s reminded of why he let you inside in the first place.
Walking into his room, he ignores your stare in his quest to get a towel from his closet, wondering why you didn’t ask for one already. Were you just so desperate that you didn’t want to ask anything else of him? You’re probably nervous as hell. Or feeling just as awkward as he is at the moment.
Because dear god, he hasn’t felt this weird in a minute. Forget the fact that you’re in his place by yourself. You’ve never been alone with him at all before this in all the years you knew each other. Your brother, your other family, or a combination of them and his other friends were always in the same room.
As he hands a towel over, he watches your curiosity with lidded eyes. “You could’ve asked.”
“I didn’t wanna bother.”
He shoots you a look, trying not to laugh. Why are you being adorable? This isn’t helping his already crumbling willpower. “But you asked me to fuck you?”
Your eyes widen exactly how he anticipates. “Don’t just say it so casually!”
“Why not? I’m stating facts.”
“Yeah, well… It’s still lewd.”
Lewd? Yoongi laughs to himself because you’re going to be the death of him. A distraction is of utmost necessity right now. In a quick decision, he starts to roam around the kitchen, busying himself by knocking randomly on the counters and looking for anything to snag his attention.
Suddenly, he spots his saving grace: a bowl of tangerines. Incredible how they’ve always been there for him, really. Busying himself with peeling and eating could get him through wherever the hell this conversation was going to lead.
Because he needs to say no. It’s just common courtesy. His friend—your brother—would have his head and his plums if he found out you were even there in a wet white top. Fuck, he can see more than he needs to now. But not as much as he wants to. Goddamn it.
He immediately sets the bowl on the table with a big thump, and you jump before sighing. “You seem a bit out of it,” Yoongi observes, sitting and trying hard not to look at your pebbling nipples through your bra and wondering if you’re wearing matching black panties.
It’s not the words you say, but the way you’re hunched over his table that softens him. “I am. But it’s not because of you.”
There’s one other thing he could do to try and avoid this. Something so stupid that it will throw you off but trap you in a bind. Besides, he can tell you’re absolutely nervous already, so what the hell would it even be like if he agreed? You would most likely explode.
So he decides to give you a way out. Right now. “Listen,” he starts, staring lasers into his beloved fruit as you turn to face him. “I’ll make you a deal.”
“A deal?”
Yoongi pushes the bowl closer to you with a long finger, letting the scrape of wood on wood fill the space. “If you can peel one of these without any of the skin breaking, I’ll do whatever you ask. If you can’t, you’ll never ask me for this favor again.”
When he’s done explaining, he shoves his hands in his pockets, watching you blink at him in pure confusion.
“These are tangerines,” you deadpan, the towel over your shoulders failing to cover your cleavage. Minx. “That would be impossible.”
“I wouldn’t say impossible,” Yoongi shrugs, though he thoroughly agrees. It’s why he presented this in the first place. For his own sanity and for your own sake.
As you take one in your hand, he watches as you brush your thumb over the dotted surface, contemplative. Something is rolling around in your mind, but what? Are you going to challenge him? Yoongi hopes that you do anything but that. He won’t resist at all if you suddenly tell him exactly what you want a second time. Hell, your first request damn near worked if he hadn’t been completely shocked to see you.
“Give me three chances,” you propose after a moment of weighty silence. “One isn’t fair.”
“Fine.” Yoongi cracks his neck on both sides, wondering why some of the atmosphere is settling into mild awkwardness instead of pure panic. Maybe it’s the way his towel is draped over your form, or the way you aren’t shivering anymore. Or maybe it’s the way you seem more at home at his table, the only concern you have being the way to get through this dumb shit and onto what you want.
Yoongi hopes to any higher power that you fail. You’re becoming more enticing by the minute.
As you start to peel the bright orange skin, he decides to stare down at the table, wondering what the hell to say. Does he keep the conversation going? Is there something he could talk about? What do you both have in common other than this heavy tension?
A quick curse flies out of your mouth. Shifting his eyes, Yoongi observes you lamenting a tiny scrap of skin that broke off from your first tangerine. “Two more,” he states, eyebrows furrowing when you scoff.
“This is ridiculous.”
“So was your ask.”
“Still such an ass.”
“Listen, doll. I could’ve just said no.”
“So why didn’t y—Fuck!” you curse under your breath as the second one tears in two, oblivious to the way you affected him under the table. If he recalls correctly, you would never be one to yell obscenities; you’re supposed to be the innocent one.
Shit. This isn’t supposed to turn him on so much.
“Sorry.” You shake your head as you start to reach for another. “I’m just so frustrated.”
“About what?”
“Why I came here.”
Finally, he’s getting somewhere. This is what he wanted. Shifting his body in his rickety chair—damn, he needs new furniture—he asks, “And why did you come here? Out of nowhere, too.”
“My ex.”
Yoongi stills. “If I’m just a rebound—”
You shake your head, some droplets flinging onto his floors. “No, it’s not like that.”
He keeps quiet as you reach for your third and final chance, your hand hovering over the bowl before deciding which one to place your fate in. Before he can say anything else, you launch into a long, drawn-out, verbose explanation,
“My ex told me I was a bad lay.”
Disbelief leaves Yoongi in a cough. “What the fuck?”
Now that’s rough. Even though he doesn’t know you in that capacity in the slightest, seeing you for all of five minutes makes him pretty fucking sure that’s not the case.
Not that he needs to find out. Or even continue this conversation. Or let you in and not bother to tell you that he can see everything.
“What a dumbass,” is all he decides to say. Because he can’t bring himself to say anything else.
You’re still diligently peeling your tangerine, going slow as to keep all the skin intact. “It’s not just him, either. All of them have said so.”
“All of them?” That wasn’t something Yoongi expected to hear. How many of these relationships did you go through?
“Yeah. All during college. Every single one would either tell me straight up or just ghost me after we’ve fucked a few times.”
This isn’t making any sense to him. At all. You’re beautiful, and smart, and demanding. How the hell were these boys treating you?
However they did, they were the ones not doing it right. He’s almost positive. “Lemme guess,” he drawls, ignoring the voice in his head telling him not to placate you, “It would last two minutes, they’d get themselves off, and be done.”
Your radio silence and frozen fingers are enough of an affirmation, and Yoongi throws his head back in a sigh.
You’re still young. The only thing you’ve experienced is immature boys with a degree from Pornhub University. There are plenty of chances for you to meet actual men with actual experience that will help you.
Before Yoongi can say anything else, you sigh in pure anger and slam your broken, half-peeled fruit on the table. “You know what? Screw this. They’re all probably right anyways, and it’s probably why you won’t even consider it. I’m so fucking stupid for coming here.”
His whole body straightens in his chair when his towel drops from your shoulders, and as you’re bursting through his living room and making a beeline for the exit, something in him snaps.
And snaps hard.
— — — —
You’re a ball of rage. Rage and frustration and every dark emotion lingering in between.
What a goddamned idiot you are. How did you expect this to go? When you slinked through the pouring rain on your way to Yoongi’s apartment, you reasoned with yourself that he would never turn down a quick lay.
How foolish. There’s no way he would ever say yes if it was you. Yoongi was the friend that always had a girl in his lap, or a text thread in his phone without a name—the stereotypical bad boy of your hometown and beyond. Compared to him, you couldn’t have been more plain. More invisible. More naive. You’re downright embarrassed for thinking someone like you could be involved with him at all. Yoongi’s probably breathing a sigh of relief seeing you leave without another word.
Your bones are rattling with fury—because of him, the situation, but mostly yourself—as you reach for your shoes.
Only to be swept into a strong grip and slammed against the nearby door.
Your senses are thrown as the slight pain pulses through your shoulders, so caught off-guard that you can barely make out Yoongi’s thunderous words.
“Tell me something.”
A quick exhale leaves you before you breathily answer, “What?”
An elbow comes up next to your ear as Yoongi cages you in, kicking all of your emotions into overdrive.
What’s happening? What happened to the guy that rejected you every step of the way? The smell of his cologne and the feel of his leg lodged between yours makes you dizzy, chest heaving as he tilts his head to regard you with slitted eyes.
“I want to know how serious you are.”
As you focus on the chains dangling from his neck, your reply comes out more confident than you feel, “You know how serious I am.”
“I don’t, actually,” Yoongi flatly parries, shoving his leg further up and getting dangerously close to your core. Your pants aren’t enough to hide how you’re already aroused from his sudden attack and low, warning voice alone. “I just need to know because, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it right.”
Yoongi forces a breath from you when his thigh connects with yours, grabbing your quivering chin at the same time. “And if I’m gonna do this right, then you better not half-ass it, either.”
“So what’s it gonna be?” The hand on your face slithers down to your throat, guiding your head upward with a slight press to your column. “You gonna leave? Or nah?”
You crumble, intoxicated by his aura and proximity and everything else he’s inflicting upon your senses. Tingling sensations are running along your limbs, competing in a race against your heartbeat—both losing to his lidded stare. You’ve never felt exhilaration quite like this.
When you force a swallow, confidence pushes down cowardice as you gasp, determined, “I told you… I’m serious.”
Immediately, Yoongi nudges his thigh up to your cunt, and the sudden touch has your eyes slamming shut.
“Then show me.”
His hand lets go of your airway, allowing the moan you’ve been holding in to shoot from your lips. For a mere second, you don’t move, overthinking what to do. But this is exactly what you came here for, so you demand yourself to start proving it.
Your silence doesn’t go unnoticed.
“Look at me.”
When you slowly peel your eyelids upward, you’re met with concern.
“If this is too much, you can leave and I won’t say a word.”
“It’s not that,” you mutter, swallowing nothing again. “I want to do this. I just…” What do you say? That you’ve never been this turned on before in so little time? That you’re already thrumming with excitement and he’s barely touched you? You’re certainly not fine admitting that you’ve never been in this position before. Is he wanting you to, what, hump his leg?
“Do what makes you feel good.”
You look down at his lips, set in a line of concentration, though you don’t know why he’s the one needing that. You’re the inexperienced—and apparently frigid—idiot here.
Looks like you need to do exactly what you think. Ride his thigh.
Deep breaths; go slow; feel it out. Yoongi is being incredibly patient with you as he waits, leaning in and simply watching as you curl your fingers around his sleeves. With one more inhale, you give an experimental roll of your hips.
But the action causes friction against your covered clit, tugging a whimper from your throat. Oh, shit, that feels good. Really good. And the fact that Yoongi is the one you’re grinding against makes it that much hotter.
Like a spark, the initial inkling of desire ignites something within you, your body defaulting to its deepest instincts.
After you start working his leg in earnest, Yoongi groans, his hot breath fanning your face and sliding down your chest. The sound encourages you to keep going and awakens an ancient hunger inside your core.
If you’re able to make someone like him—the neighborhood fuckboy, the one that every girl seemed to seek out at parties—react, then you must be doing something right.
Why does this feel so good? All you’re doing is sliding along his pants but you’re starting to spiral just a bit out of control. And what’s even more pathetic is that you’re already fine with this level of forbidden intimacy. You believe you can keep doing this without having to do anything else.
But Yoongi does something that has you immediately casting that thought to the wayside.
He squeezes his muscles, bunching them hard to give you even more of that contact you’re craving. Jolting, you bite on your lower lip to stifle a whine.
As you focus on the chains dangling from his slim neck, Yoongi simply chuckles in amusement. “You like that, huh,” he asks, knowing damn well what your answer will be. But when you nod in silence, he hums. “Dirty girl.”
Fuck, you can listen to this side of him all day. You’ve only heard this tone in passing, behind locked doors and always followed by breathy moans. Never had you heard it so clear, so close, so addressed to you. But you’re instantly turned on with each gravelly syllable and your movements become more desperate by the second.
You slide your hands onto his shoulders to brace yourself, his name falling from your lips in a whine when a jolt of desire shoots through your center. More. You need more more more—
Two hands slam the door next to your head.
And you freeze on a dime.
Shit. Did you do something wrong? Is everything you’re doing not enough?
If he kicks you out now of all times—hot and bothered, underwear soaked through, throbbing between your legs—you’re vowing to never see his face again.
Panicked, you cease breathing, unblinking and awaiting the most awkward rejection in history. You may damn well start crying on the spot.
But Yoongi looks just as stricken as you feel. His voice seems strained when he commands, “One more chance… Tell me… Exactly what you want.”
You gulp, the pulsing you feel in your core becoming unbearable. He’s asking again? Why can’t he see how serious you are? How confusing! One moment he’s groaning in your ear and the next he tells you to hit pause.
Damn it, you can’t give up. So much has been risked to even get here already. Your brother could be wondering where you are and would definitely start reaching out to people in a bit. Time and time again he’s proven that he doesn’t trust anyone in your neighborhood—maybe the man you’re riding was one of the reasons why.
So you push forward. Muster up the same mountain of courage you needed to knock on his door in the first place. “Please… Please fuck me, Yoongi.”
Shaking, you watch as he slowly shuts his eyes, and you can sense that he’s closing one of his fists against the hard surface of the door.
What’s happening now? Is he still going to say no? What the fuck are you even doing? God, he’s going to tell you to leave. He’s just preparing himself.
This was a mistake. One big, hopeless, stupid—
“Fuck it.”
The next second happens in a blur. All you know is that your lips are smothered and your back is thoroughly flushed against wood. Sparks of passion ignite on your skin and you can’t believe what’s happening, especially the way Yoongi is squeezing your hip and shoving his pelvis against yours so deliciously.
A tongue skates along your mouth and you react on instinct, letting him take control of your lips and groaning when he enters. And he seems to respond in kind, one of his hands grabbing the back of your neck and tensing.  
Oh, god. This is happening. Really happening. How? How? You don’t know. You don’t care.
Yoongi releases your lips only to dive into your neck, placing hot, open-mouth kisses down your column and licking dried rain off your skin. You shiver from each teasing suck he gives, and dark mirth spills from his mouth before he whispers,
“So fucking sensitive.”
You can only moan in response, grabbing at his garments, desperate. As much as you love what he’s wearing—goddamn, the dark colors complement his hair so well—you would much rather have him stripped. “Take these off,” you gasp, still under his attack.
“And bossy,” Yoongi observes, not breaking from your neck as he shucks off his jacket. “Cute.” After the heavy material thumps the ground, you notice the thin shirt he has on underneath, groaning at the sight. Why does a simple sage tee affect you so much?
Probably because of the demon wearing it.
Your thoughts are interrupted by a hand tugging the bottom of your own top. “You, too, baby girl,” he commands, smug like he knows how effortlessly he’s destroying you.
Biting your lip, you obey, stopping your movements to finally rid yourself of your wet clothes. It should feel awkward being watched as you strip but, with Yoongi, you find yourself enjoying the act. Maybe it’s the way he doesn’t hold back from looking where he wants to.
Which is interesting considering he wanted to look anywhere but you earlier.
“Goddamn, your tits.” Yoongi dives right back into the flesh of your neck after your shirt hits the ground with a wet slap. You groan when he gropes at your bra, squeezing one of your mounds with veiny hands. “So perfect.”
After a huff of amusement, you manage to reply, “And how many times have you said that before?”
Yoongi only slaps the underside of your breast. “Never dwell in the past, babe.”
You snort while one hand sneaks around to unclip your bra, and you immediately feel nervous again. Fuck, you’re going to be naked in front of him? Why do you feel so vulnerable now? What if he doesn’t like what he sees?
With a nervous laugh, you start saying random things as Yoongi wordlessly instructs you to assist in slipping your last covering off. “If we never dwell in the past, we can’t fix mistakes for the future, you know? Like, that’s what history is for—to know what happened. If we never look back then—oh, my god!”
At the first touch of Yoongi’s lips around a nipple, you arch your back immediately. Lust erupts from your center and into the rest of your body, and you suddenly can’t form one coherent thought. What were you just saying? Where are you now?
Then, once you think that you can’t take more, long fingers squeeze your other breast and a thumb brushes against its nub, flinging you into another state of euphoria. It feels like heaven and hell combined and your head kicks back at the multitude of sensations.
You don’t remember placing your hands on his shoulders, but they’re there now. You dig your fingers into his shirt as he keeps kneading your breasts, pinching your nipples, sucking and licking like a man starved. Breathily, you admit, “This feels… So good.”
Yoongi releases one of your nipples with a pop, straightening upward to claim your lips in a toe-curling kiss. When he moves away, he nicks your bottom plush before murmuring, “Oh, doll… You better keep up. ‘Cus this is nothing.”
Your mind is hazy and still processing his warning when he disappears from your vision. Before you know it, you feel hot hands grip your thighs before a kiss is planted onto the front of your pants.
A gasp escapes as you hunch forward. “What are you doing?”
Yoongi cocks a brow from his position on the ground, fingers slowly unbuttoning and slipping down your damp clothing. “I’ll give you two guesses,” he lazily responds, shooting a condescending smile when you try to clamp your legs shut.
Panic erupts in your brain. You’ve never been in this position before, much less had someone else see you down there. Every other guy didn’t put his mouth anywhere near your lower lips, which brought you to the conclusion that it just wasn’t pleasant-looking.
Oh god, Yoongi is going to flee at first sight. Your voice comes out high-pitched when you refuse, “You don’t have to do thi—”
“Relax,” he simply whispers, soothing your worry by rubbing his thumbs on your legs. “When’s the last time you’ve been eaten out?”
“Umm…” Guess you need to admit it now before he strips you completely. You can feel your pants bunched at your feet, but your underwear is still a last shield from his scrutiny. “Never...”
The look on Yoongi’s face is tragic. “What?”
You don’t even want to look at him as you bite back bitterness. “The only time a guy tried, he chickened out.”
The only answer you get is silence, and more silence. It’s almost enough to convince you to grab your pants when you feel the softest tugs on your panties, followed by a quiet, “What an idiot.” Two careful thumbs loop into the fabric at your waist, and you fold your mouth in to keep your emotions from quaking.
Well, you got this far. Awaiting to turn off even Min Yoongi himself, you close your eyes and hate the burning at their corners.
Instead of disgust like you were anticipating, only the darkest of laughs - raspy and deep and piercing through your bones - rumbles between your legs. Is he about to make fun of you? That's even worse; you’re completely naked and at your most vulnerable. Surely he won’t be that cruel?
“You mean to tell me I’m the first to taste you?”
Shocked, you snap your gaze down and are met with shadowed eyes that consume you whole, a mouth curved devilishly to one side. Words don’t present themselves, so you simply nod, trembling when he nears your throbbing cunt and hums his satisfaction.
“Then I’m not stopping until you come.”
Yoongi dives in immediately, and you clamp your mouth shut at the first contact. It’s electrifying the way his hot tongue feels rolling against your folds, swirling around the bundle of nerves that controls your every empty thought. Your muffled cries only grow in intensity as he keeps changing his pace—slow, quick, deep, slow—and your other hand shoots into his dark locks. Holy hell, how have you been barred from this for so long? You don’t think you’ll be able to move from this spot until he decides that for you.
The hands on your legs grip harder before they rise to the plump flesh of your ass, and you buck forward at the sensation when he squeezes.
A groan rumbles across your cunt as your essence starts to coat your thighs as much as his mouth. One more staccato laugh erupts before you hear him note, “You taste so fucking good.”
You shiver and quake against the door, trying to find things to hold onto before settling for his dark head of hair. Fuck, everything feels euphoric enough to make you lightheaded, and you can’t believe the noises you’re making. Thoroughly embarrassed, you slap a hand over your lips. Whining, begging, moaning—you’re drowning him in your wetness and muffled words all at once.
Just after you feel thoroughly wrecked, he gives you another reason to buck forward: a long finger enters your cunt, joining his tongue in your demise.
“Oh, my god!” Your hand temporarily leaves your mouth when you shout his name, clamping down again to hide your beautiful agony. It feels good. Too good. Absolutely sinful.
When Yoongi touches that spot within you that has you seeing stars, you feel incredibly wound, your body begging to release a burst of chaotic energy. Screaming his name again and knowing that you’re close to coming—even though it’s never happened to you, your primal instincts are enough—you grab the doorknob and fist his hair to keep from slumping to the ground. Tensing up is all you feel like you can do.
“Relax, pretty girl. Let it happen,” Yoongi commands. “Then I can show you what it means to get fucked.”
This isn’t it? He’s going to make you come and not even be done with you after? Is he going to take you in his bed? Everything hits you at once and as soon as you relax your muscles, the coil in you snaps and you are thrown by a massive pulse. Wave after wave after crushing wave washes through your core. Each limb locks into place for multiple seconds as your cunt throbs around his tongue and fingers, and you can only gasp in silence until you come back down from your high.
You’re so knackered in the aftermath that your slumped form barely registers Yoongi getting up and licking his fingers, eyes dark and blown all the way out. You feel his soaked digits grab your chin before he pulls you in for a sloppy kiss, and you taste something foreign on his tongue before you realize exactly what it is.
“Such a good girl,” Yoongi hums as he pats you firm on the cheek. “But from now on, you’re gonna let me hear you.”
He tugs you from the door and kisses you rougher, blindly leading you through his place and grabbing at your soft flesh the entire way. You assume you’re making your way into his bedroom, but all you can focus on are the filthy promises he’s speaking into your ear and neck, the way he’s alternating gripping your ass and slapping your cheeks.
“I shouldn’t be doing any of this,” Yoongi groans before shoving you backwards onto a mattress. Eyeing your shocked expression before shamelessly raking his gaze over your naked form, his next words rip from his throat, “But goddamn, I don’t give a fuck.”
Mellowed out from the fantastic orgasm he just gave you, it’s easier to be exposed in his presence. Comfortable. As normal as people in your situation could make it. Humming, you correct him through a smile, “You’re simply helping a friend in need.”
Yoongi’s snicker is enough to get you going again. “Yeah. That’s what we’ll call it.” Finally joining you, he yanks his shirt off before going for his pants, and your mouth instantly begins to salivate at his physique and sweaty bangs and the way he doesn’t move to unclasp the silver strands around his neck.
And when you see that he’s pulled down his underwear, your mind goes completely blank witnessing the thick cock that springs into view. What the fuck? You’ve never seen a dick so perfect before. Of course it would be Yoongi’s. Min Yoongi—your brother’s friend, years of experience on you, completely off-limits. Of fucking course.
Apparently, your staring is blatant. The man quirks an eyebrow at you before he can get his bottoms fully off. “What?”
“You’re so…” You gulp, eyes held captive. “So…”
“Use your words.”
At his tone, you blurt out, “Pink.”
Ever the hypocrite, Yoongi doesn’t use words of his own to respond at all. Instead, his expression speaks for him in the way that he barely holds back his amusement.
Which effectively shuts you up. You don’t want to appear even more awkward, face already heating several degrees. Positioning yourself so that you sit at the edge of Yoongi’s bed, you start to imagine everything that’s about to happen. Will it fit? Will it hurt? Will he hate fucking you?
Will he let you return a favor first?
Once again, Yoongi’s rasp kicks you back to the present, “Second thoughts?”
“No, not that.” You peter off until he raises a brow, stern. Gaining enough courage from an unknown place, you admit, “I wanna suck you off.”
Immediately, he throws his head back as he grasps his dick with one hand. “Fuck. Don’t say it like that.”
“Why not?”
“Because it makes me wanna fuck your throat.”
Your entire body buzzes at his honesty. If this was any other guy you’ve been with, you would’ve recoiled or hurled at the phrase. But him? For some reason, you want that exact thing to happen right this second. You were right in saying he would be honest, which is exactly what you need.
As you watch him bend his head back down to regard you again, you ask, “Is that a bad thing?”
“This is about you. Not me.”
“Then let me do what I want,” you assert yourself, pride blossoming in your chest when you hear him groan lowly in response.  
You’re good at this, and you want to show him exactly how good. Because your exes all wanted head from you, never the other way around. Never did they offer what Yoongi did without wanting anything in return. Never have you been so taken care of first—or at all—before.
Damn. You need to grind these thoughts to a halt before you end up getting in too deep.
But who are you kidding? The way Yoongi is stalking toward you makes you realize that you’re way past the point of no return now. You’re shameless in the way you stare at his pretty length, wanting it lodged up your stomach and crammed into your throat at the same time. Fuck, he’s making you greedy without even trying!
When he’s close enough, Yoongi levels his dick with your face before lifting a corner of his lips. “Then open up, baby girl.”  
And who are you to say no?
You obey, groaning with Yoongi as soon as his tip makes contact with your hot tongue. Closing your mouth around his salty, weighty length, you are determined to give him the same treatment that he gave you just minutes before.
Not only does his dick look pretty, but it also fits so well inside your mouth. You’re able to slide up and down its smooth ridges as you please, spreading your spit as far along as you want.
As you hollow your cheeks around him and work the rest of his cock with wet fingers, you also selfishly want him to remember this. Remember you. Because you certainly weren’t going to forget what the hell he just did against that damn door.
“Shit,” Yoongi stutters, hand fisting your hair. When he reaches down to fondle your tits, you arch your back with a whine. “Oh, fuck, like that.”
Knowing what to do, you kitten lick the bottom of his velvety skin before pushing it farther in than you had, gagging around him when it hits the back of your throat. When you keep it lodged inside your lips while moaning, you feel Yoongi tighten his fingers around your head.
“Holy fuck!” you hear him whisper, and you preen in pride. You may have been told you’re a bad lay but you’re steadfast in showing him you can at least fucking give head. Looking up at him while you start to feel the telltale tears in your eyes, you moan when you notice he’s already directing something strange your way.
What is that? The only thing you can compare it to is thunder.
As you keep pleasuring him, alternating sucking his tip and engulfing him, Yoongi breaks contact to throw his head back and rock his hips. His moans are low and elongated, piercing you and making your cunt throb.
It’s when you start to grab his balls that he swiftly pulls you off of him with a voice laced with frustration. “What the fuck?” Before you know what’s happening, he’s hauling you up from his bed just to push you back down, smothering you with his body and a rough mouth. His kiss this time is nothing but passionate, shooting lightning bolts all the way to your toes when he lodges his tongue inside your puffy lips. “You gonna explain how guys didn’t like shit like that?”
“Oh… That wasn’t the problem.” Trying to catch your breath between kisses, you gasp, “I’ve given… way more head… than anything else.”
At that confession, Yoongi leans away, the cool metal of his chains barely brushing your chest. “And here I was about to kick you out for hustling me.”
Your jaw drops, eliciting a laugh. “Rude!”
“You know I’m fucking kidding.” He covers you with his body again, kissing and licking along your neck while his hands roam. As he explores your body, it’s alarming how fast he’s learning what makes you react the most, pinching your nipples a certain way and grabbing at your backside just how you want him to. “God, this ass.”
He then slips his fingers between your legs, tapping your cunt just hard enough to make you tilt your hips. “And this wet fucking pussy.”
When you squirm with a whimper, Yoongi simply smirks at you. “Too much?”
“No! No no.”
The man appears smug before biting your ear, licking it before telling you how good he’s gonna fuck you while playing with your folds. He slides his sinful digits up and down before circling your clit, swatting your cunt when your desire starts to build.
As much as you want him to keep doing what he wants, you can’t take it anymore. The throbbing between your legs is borderline unbearable. “Please, Yoongi.”
“I need you.”
“Oh, yeah? Need me where?” He kneels to grab something from his end table—most likely protection, which you almost fucking forgot about in his presence. As he’s busy with it, you still find yourself struggling to answer, despite how little trouble you’ve had thus far.
You pout at his stubbornness. “You know what I mean.”
“You have to say it.” Yoongi positions himself on top of you again, but stops right at your entrance to frustrate you.
“Fuck! Please!”
“Say it.”
Brows knitting, you shout, “In my pussy, you son of a bitch!”
Yoongi blinks in shock at your sudden vulgarity, but his face quickly twists into something akin to pride. “There’s that dirty mouth.”
Quieted, he roams his gaze over your face, flicking his eyes up to yours in a silent ask to continue. When you nod, he bites his lip, staring down at your mouth before aligning himself with your entrance.
It’s happening. Never did you think you’d make it this far, much less to his door in the first place. You think you’re ready but your mind is still reeling.
No. No chickening out. You’re ready, ready, ready.
As he presses his tip inside your folds, it turns out you’re not as prepared as you thought because you immediately wince at the discomfort.
And it makes sense; you haven’t felt this intrusion in a minute since your last time happened awhile back. God, it was dismal, too. Just like all the other times. Not even half as good as—
“Do you need me to stop?”
You snap into focus. Oh, shit, you were zoning out. Fuck! That wasn’t his fault at all. Yoongi’s watching your expression with the utmost concern and, admittedly, it’s the hottest he’s looked all night.
Your head shakes before you answer, “No, god no.” Assertive, you bring your head up to kiss him before thumping back down on his sheets. “I just don’t wanna disappoint you, too.”
Yoongi just stares at you in response, his eyes roving over your face, silent. Damn it, did you say the wrong thing? Why do you keep ruining everything? If you manage to botch this, too, you’ll never forgive yourself.
“I’ve never been this hard in my life.”
You flick your eyes back up to his.
“And if that doesn’t say much,” he rasps, “I’ve also never wanted to fuck someone this bad before, either.”
…But he still asked if you wanted him to stop?
Holy fuck, you’re so turned on.
All of your worries wash away in his storming confession. Buzzing with excitement and something deeper that you should probably address never, your mood completely switches. Reaching out, you fist his necklaces in your palm, tugging them slightly. “Then fuck me,” you demand. “Fuck me until I can’t walk out of this room.”
“Easy, doll,” he warns with a dark smirk. “Or I might consider it.”
Yoongi starts again, slowly but surely letting you get accustomed to his size. When he feels you tense up, he kisses your cheek before whispering, “Breathe, baby.”
He places a kiss to one of your breasts before nipping at it and, when you arch your back, he goes in deeper and deeper until he’s fully sheathed.
“Goddamn, you’re so tight,” Yoongi groans, his abdomen flexing on your stomach.
Shit, it feels good. You feel complete, full, sated. Even though it’s a discomfort, the pain is slowly giving in to pleasure and you’re starting to pulse even harder around his cock. You think you’re good now—more than good.
“Okay,” you finally whisper, syllables coming out cracked. “You can move faster now.”
“Thank fuck.”
That’s the last warning you get before you feel him thrust incredibly deep. Yelping, you arch your back while your hands grab him for purchase, moaning again when he pistons in just as hard the second time. “Oh, my god!”
Unphased by your reactions, Yoongi starts to move faster and faster, his grunts mixing with your breaths and whimpers.
Whatever you thought felt good before, this feels thousands of times better. The way he’s spearing you while biting his lip launches you amongst the stars, and his jewelry rocks over your chest like a pendulum, lulling you into a trance you never want to break out of. He transformed you into putty in his arms, and it only took him mere seconds.
Yoongi goes back to attacking your neck, and you mewl from every little stimulation. Unwittingly, you claw his shoulders to rake your nails down his milky skin, which apparently turns him on because he squeezes under your touch.
Hissing, he mutters something before ramming you into the headboard, the wood banging mercilessly against the spackle behind it.
With one more deep thrust that has your eyes rolling back, he abruptly yanks himself out before ordering, “Turn over, baby. Ass up.”
Confused, you freeze before obeying, wondering whether to tell him that you hadn’t done this position before. What’s he planning? He’s not gonna do what you think he is, is he?
When you slide your knees up a little bit to raise your ass, you yelp at the rough tug Yoongi does to lift it higher. You don’t know what it means to be so turned on by that, but you’re sure you don’t care as long as he keeps handling you the same way. Fuck. Even though you’ve never done this, you’re so mentally ready that you’re already salivating. Being under his control while face first in his bed? Mesmerizing.
Cheek stuffed against his pillow, you moan as you feel a sharp pain to your ass, suddenly shy as Yoongi chuckles above you.
“I knew you’d like that.” He gives you another hard spank again before pulling your cheeks apart, and you’re mortified until you hear him groan. “Fuck.”
When he enters the hole that you most definitely wanted him to, you breathe out a sigh of relief that quickly evolves into a moan. Your back instinctively rises to meet your ass, but you feel a large hand half its movements.
“Uh uh, keep your back down, baby girl.”
“Fuck.” It’s so hard not to because of how good it feels, tears gathering in your eyes as Yoongi continues his hard thrusts behind you. There’s definitely drool gathering under your cheek, but you don’t care in the slightest, energy building in your core alarmingly fast. Your cunt is throbbing around Yoongi’s dick, and you hear him spouting obscenities onto your back between his kneading and swatting.
“Yoongi, I’m so close,” you warn, and he spanks you before gathering a bunch of your hair to yank. “Fuck!”
“So fucking tight.” He continues to penetrate deep, and suddenly you feel another intrusion between your cheeks. Oh god. Oh god. He has his thumb pressed against your asshole and it heightens the feeling of everything.
You’re a moaning mess now, body going completely limp in his hands. The end you want, crave, need is fast approaching.
Is this what sex is supposed to feel like? Or is this just what sex with Yoongi feels like?
Either way, you don’t want it to feel any different from now on. Never, in fact. You want to stay between his rough thrusts and his soft sheets until the end of time.
“I love how wet you are,” Yoongi grits between his teeth, “Making such a mess.”
Oh, you’re close. You’re incredibly close. Euphoria is rushing up towards your heart and just when you know you’re about to explode with shaking legs, Yoongi cuts your lifeline by pulling out.
What the fuck! “Yoongi, no!” Frustration buries your face. “Please!”
“Not yet, babe.”
Why is he doing this? Does he not want this to end, either?
His voice is as rough as his hands when he commands, “Get up. Sit on this dick.”
You feel him leave your backside to settle against his headboard, and you quickly obey despite how sore you feel. Feeling full again is all you want, no matter what you have to do.
But you pause when you straddle him, watching his throbbing cock with hesitance.
“Use your hand.”
You glance at him before doing as he instructs, holding him while sinking down. The initial discomfort is back as you feel yourself effectively speared, but it’s a position you find more interesting the more you settle in.
When you look at Yoongi again, his lopsided smile springs butterflies in your belly. “Is this new, too?”
You nod.
“Then do what feels good.” He has his hands planted on either side of him, and you run your gaze along the veins lining them and his arms. “You might like it.”
“I’m liking everything with you,” you confess without thinking, placing your hands on his shoulders and missing his shrouded expression.
It’s different being on top, but he’s filling you to the brim, every movement you make causing electric shocks along your limbs. His thick ridges slide against your walls when you rock yourself in any direction, and you don’t even notice how naturally you find a rhythm.
“That’s it, doll,” Yoongi grunts, hissing before leaning forward and grabbing your ass in his hands. He’s flushed all over when you get a good look at him, and you love how pink and angry his entire chest looks under his jewelry. Fuck, you can stay in this position all damn day.
When you raise your chest to his face, he quickly latches onto a nipple to give it a suck, lolling his tongue around your bud and making the lewdest noises right under your chin. Releasing it with a pop, he then gives you yet another instruction, as if he’s truly evaluating you from all sides. “Turn around.”
“Get up and face that way. I wanna see this ass.” When he sees you regarding him again, he gives you only smugness and light pats to your plump behind. “Trust me, you’ll enjoy it, too.”
It’s actually a reprieve to change positions—you would stay like that all day if your thighs weren’t burning from use. Settling into the new pose, you spear yourself on his cock while facing the opposite wall, finally noticing his dresser and a desk with speakers and equipment lying on—
Holy fuck, you feel even more full than before. You’re fairly certain he has full reign to reorganize your stomach contents, and hearing him groan behind you makes you realize that he feels it, too.
“Fuck, this pussy…” He spanks your ass, flinging your body into an arch. “Lean forward, baby.”
You will and you do, gasping when you feel his cock from this angle. Your hands dig into the sheets between his knees as you find your rhythm again, and when you go slow his cock is hitting a spot that has you going wild, prompting you to move faster no matter how exhausted you feel.
“That’s it… Goddamn.” His praise makes you feel incredible—confident enough to experiment. Swirling your hips, you allow your body and lust to take the reins, going on full autopilot. Emptying your head of all thoughts and worries, your only focus is pleasure—both his and yours.
“Oh, fuck,” he groans behind you, groping the flesh of your ass with sweaty hands before giving it a hard, wet spank. “You nasty girl.”
Dear god, you feel nasty. You are you are you are, and you love it. Your eyes slowly roll back with your head, your body high on him merely watching you from behind. Nasty and dirty and drunk on lust alone.
Have you always had this shocking level of carnal desire in you? Or did Yoongi just know how to yank it out of your very being? As you hear the squelches you make around his cock, you feel completely different than ever before. Powerful. Worth something.
“You really are hustling me.”
You throw a look over your shoulder, pouting at him but brimming with pride that he thinks so. “I’m not...”
Unconvinced, Yoongi grips your hips and thrusts upward, the smack of your ass hitting his pelvis echoing. “Liar. You’re riding it like a proper slut.”
Mewls spill from your lips, the sounds blocking anything other than short phrases. With your throat extended back, you gasp, “You’re just… making me… feel like one.”
“That’s all you, doll.”
You fall forward only to feel his hands slide up your sides to squeeze your breasts, and he hauls you up to slam your back right against his slick chest. Already buzzing from waves of sensation, you flinch hard when he brings a hand down your front to play with your clit.
Fuck fuck fuck! You can barely recognize your own voice when words spill out of your mouth, and you can’t even begin to make out what you’re saying or confessing or begging for.  
Whatever you’re saying, it has to be obscene because Yoongi seems both proud and amused when he growls, “I love how filthy you are.” When a whimper is all you can release in response, he laughs low in your ear. “Such a whore for me.”
“Yes,” you cry out, frightened at how good his words are making you feel as he has you limp and bouncing on his cock. “Just for you.”
The fingers Yoongi had lodged in your cunt are suddenly in your mouth, and your eyes blow wide as you taste a mix of yourself and his sweat. You don’t know why your first thought is to swirl your tongue around his digits, but you do, pulling a dark rumble from behind your back,
“That’s a good girl.”
You brokenly moan in response, trying to keep up with his pace but getting distracted by the absolute burn in your thighs. Both your legs are quickly becoming overcome with soreness, to the point where you admit through his fingers, “Baby, my legs. I can’t.”
Immediately stopping, Yoongi brings his slick hands to your hips. “Lie down.”
When he guides you towards the foot of his bed, you oblige and feel relief as your back nestles into the soft fabric. It smells like him; it smells like you. Sated and fucked out beyond your imagination, your mouth starts to mimic Yoongi’s signature look when you lift a corner in bliss.
As he hovers over you, he tilts his head in suspicion. Huffing out a breath through his nose, he asks, “You sure you’ve been told you’re shit at this?”
“Many times.”
“I don’t believe you.”
You pout.
“Stop that.”
You’re about to respond when he suddenly guides himself inside your dripping folds, and you release a drawn-out groan instead. “Fuck,” you gasp, digging your head into the bed when he resumes a blinding pace, the coil inside of you spinning and spinning and tightening. With every rough thrust, your body is shoved further and further, but you don’t notice until you feel like half your head is off the bed. “Yoo—”
A hand you don’t see closes around your exposed throat, and its light pressure immediately causes your cunt to throb. Fuck! How does it feel so good?
Pulse after pulse after pulse wrecks you through. If you didn’t feel euphoric before, you certainly do now.
“You gonna come, baby girl?”
Slightly lightheaded and drifting between planes, you try to nod your head, body limp and thrumming with pleasure. You’re close, close, close.
“Yeah? Prove it then.” When you peer down your nose at Yoongi’s face, you shiver at his sneer. “Come like the good little slut you are.”  
As soon as he releases the pressure off your throat, it’s like a dam snaps inside of you, your orgasm inundating your core and drowning his cock in warmth. His name leaves you in a long plea, your limbs locking at every joint as your thighs tremble underneath his weight, volcanic. Shockwaves ripple through you as your cunt squeezes his cock incredibly tight. Milking, squeezing, tugging.
“Holy shit.”
You barely hear him as a second wave fast approaches, and it hits you before you can come down from your first high, causing your vision to burst white. “Yoongi!” Your eyes roll as your back leaves the bed, your fingers latching onto anything anything anything as pleasure consumes every inch of your being. It’s too much. Overwhelming. Unbelievable. You don’t exist anywhere else anymore.
A hiss leaves Yoongi’s lips before he grits out a low curse into your neck, thrusts incredibly deep and languid. Filth pours into your ears as you feel his hot length twitch inside, and you realize only after descending from the heavens that he’s coming. Min Yoongi—the type of guy you always knew to avoid, the one that has made you weak in the knees just from his cocky presence alone, the only friend of your brother that you shouldn’t have approached—is coming inside you while you’re thoroughly fucked out on his drenched sheets.
When the tension settles and your heartbeat ceases its thunder, it is a strange feeling to be under Yoongi’s muscle and bone. You would think that the gravity of the situation or any lingering guilt from breaking unspoken rules should fill in the crevasses of your ribcage.
But none of it does.
However… Will he be burdened by those same weights? Will this one decision you both made result in never seeing each other again?
As you exhale and blink up at Yoongi’s expression, your chest caves in at what greets you. Because it seems like he’s already contemplating how to make you leave in the nicest way possible, and you don’t think you can bear that interaction—not at all. You got what you came for. Why overstay your unwelcoming welcome?
Like a snap, everything hits you and you abandon all notions of thinking it was okay.
Because this was a mistake. Oh, god. Oh, shit. This was a dumbass mistake.
What do you do? Do you wait for him to say something? Do you just… leave? What are you even supposed to say now?
Fuck. You just need to be strong and get yourself cleaned up before heading out, deal with the heavy awkwardness gathering on your shoulders as he—
“Damn. I wasn’t planning on coming inside you.”
Eyebrows launching into your hairline, you’re temporarily stunned. “What?” Terrified about what he means by that, you stutter out, “You had the condom on the whole time, right?”
“Oh, yeah. I mean”—he pauses—“I wanted to come on your ass.”  
Ah. He just... Oh.
Immediately, relief floods your body as you scoff, pretending to shove him off and away from you. As he obliges, Yoongi simply laughs while unwrapping himself, walking to his bathroom and shaking his head. You only catch part of what he mutters to himself, so you question while checking out his ass,
“What did you say?”
From beyond the doorway, you hear a cabinet opening and an exhausted, “I said you’re a terrible liar.”
It’s your turn to laugh as you roll onto a wrist, pushing yourself up and wincing at the soreness taking over your limbs. “How many times do I have to defend myself?”
“It doesn’t matter how many.” A hollow thud echoes throughout his bathroom before his naked form strolls out, a towel not letting you see what just split you in two. “I’m never gonna be convinced.”
Your expression is calm when you realize he’s nowhere near kicking you to the curb. Rather, Yoongi is being gentlemanly in the way he offers his hand, standing patiently while you struggle to plant both legs onto his floors. “I won’t take long,” you assure him when you remain slightly hunched, watching his questioning eyes. “You won’t have to deal with me much longer.”
He doesn’t respond for a moment. “Uhh. Sure.”
You wobble the entire way to his bathroom, smiling when you hear a huff of amusement behind your back. “Shut up.”
Cleaning up takes longer than you want it to, but you physically cannot go any faster due to the burn and warmth in your muscles. When you finally make it back out into the bedroom, Yoongi surprises you yet again with your clothes placed on his desk instead of scattered about his living room. And he’s already given you privacy with the door shut.
Don’t think about it too much. He’s probably just ready for you to get the hell out.
“Thanks,” you whisper to no one, moving to change and face the consequences of your stupid, brash, uncalled-for actions.
Yes, Yoongi seemed more than okay during sex and fine with what happened afterwards. But you know who he was back in the day. You said it yourself that you didn’t think he would ever turn down a quick lay—were you not just one of those times?
Because goddamn, you don’t think you’ll ever have sex as good as that again.
As you dress and smell the rainwater on your clothes, you hope it was at least decent for him, as well. His teasing about you being a liar is all nice and fun, but probably—most definitely—a joke. A simple tactic to calm your nerves, or something. After all, he never actually said you were good; he just expressed disbelief.
Was Yoongi deflecting that entire time?
That hurts to think about but, in the end, you can’t be mad at him. He went above and beyond what you were expecting and even showed a caring side of him you had never seen before.
You open the door to see Yoongi dressed in simple sweats and a white tee, the bowl of tangerines and the ones you tore through cleared from his table. He’s occupying the same chair he was before, eyes lifting from the table at your presence.
Breathing through your nose, you shoot him a rueful smile before making your way past him, thanking him and apologizing for even coming in the first place and being sorry if you sucked and saying you’ll let yourself out and—
“Come here.”
Your wrist is suddenly pulled, and you’re tugged back into a warm chest. Disoriented from the quick movement and wondering when the hell he stood up, you get no warning before your lips are captured and treated with the utmost care, a lazy tongue asking for entrance and a soft hand gripping the back of your head.
This kiss isn’t like the others before, or like anything you both just did. It effectively calms you and starts to scrape at the hardest pieces of doubt caked on your brain, not relenting until they’re fully dealt with. When Yoongi breaks away, he leans forward and whispers, “You said I would be honest, so here goes.”
“Oh, no,” you mumble back, shoulders tensing on instinct. The soreness between your legs is going to be no match for the guilt and shame and regret you’re going to feel when you walk out of his door. “You don’t have to say anything.”
“You’re, umm.. The problem was absolutely not you.”
“Anyone that says you’re a bad lay can eat shit.” He casts a look into his small kitchen before facing you again. “You’re pretty good.”
One eyebrow cocks while your arms fold. “Pretty good?”
You get a shrug in response, paired with the same lopsided smile coming back to haunt you. “For an amateur, yeah.”
“An amateur?”
Your tone pulls laughter straight from Yoongi’s belly, his teeth on full display as his shoulders shake. “Too easy to tease.”
“I hate you.”
“Nah,” he says with full confidence, tugging you flush against him yet again. “You don’t.”
When you roll your eyes, you try your hardest to not be affected by his scent—a mixture of strong cologne and sex. It’s to no avail, though, and you already want to push him back into his bedroom for another round.
But as soon as you start to spew a retort, a buzzing erupts in his pocket, startling the both of you.
Yoongi furrows his brows as he checks his phone, and his smile makes a certain cheshire cat proud when he notices who’s calling him. Throwing a smug look your way, he answers with a bored, “Sup.”
You have a sinking suspicion as to who he’s listening to, but when you try to nudge out of his hold, Yoongi only grips you tighter. It’s when he utters the next sentence that you freeze on the spot.
“Why the fuck would I know where your sister is?”
Eyes magnified, you try not to make a single sound as you wait for him to hang up. Goddamn it, you need to get your ass back home.
“I’m sure she’s just with friends or something. Chill.”
You huff softly, bold in the way you nestle your head against his beating chest. In this position, you can hear the rumbles of his parting words.
“Yeah. I’ll let you know if I see her. See ya.”
Yoongi finally cuts off the call, motioning for you to head towards the door. “You should probably head back before he loses his shit. Or at least text the idiot.”
Chuckling, you get yourself ready to leave, proud of yourself for getting through everything and grateful for Yoongi’s willingness to give you a chance. If it weren’t for those stupid tangerines, you may have ended up chickening out way before; you were on the brink of leaving until he practically dropped the bowl of them on his table.
When you stand, fully dressed and fully satisfied, you thank him. And he responds with his hands in his pockets that it really wasn’t a big deal. After you call him a liar, he smiles, and he quietly opens the door to let you out.
You turn, an infinite number of possibilities wavering in the space between your stares.
“I’m serious.” A head rests against a worn door frame. “You’re fine.”
It’s enough to pull your mouth into a happy curve. Never mind that you might get grilled when you get home, or that you might not be able to hang with Yoongi like normal ever again. None of that matters. What matters is that he made you forget years of being embarrassed. What matters is that you were shown self-worth that will never leave the marrow of your bones, nor the deepest recesses of your brain. What matters is how he showed you what to look for in a sexual partner and, dare you say it, a man in general.
Light cuts through the cloudy skies when you react, and you find boldness in your chest one more time. “What if… What if I wanna be more than fine?”
Yoongi’s lips slowly carve into his face, eyes casting downward before leveling with yours again. From their dark, hardened colors, you’re led to believe that he’ll brush you off. Once was enough. You can’t ask him for anything else.
But his words are holding meaning, and you blink multiple times before you understand.
“Don’t forget, doll. You still owe me tangerines.”
A/N: AHHHH hello everyone and welcome to the end! thank you so much for reading and for all of your support in general. i’ve had this in my drafts since january 1st of this year, so it feels good to finally have it out in the world. ++ feedback box (new!): ⇥ of course, any reblogs/comments/messages are appreciated! ⇥ for the ones that aren’t okay with reblogging with a review, commenting on this, or sending a message, i went ahead and made another anonymous form where you can send in what you think! ⇥ no emails collected, no need to put in a username. it’s literally just a feedback dropbox :D ⇥ here!   ++ ⇥ masterlist 
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kimnjss · 6 months ago
cyberslut | myg sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— he has no idea who you are... up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
[ cyberslut: a person who will act openly sexual on the internet, yet in real life will act prudent and contained. ]
Tumblr media
pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: (platonic...) vmin.
genre: smut!! college au, secret identity, tutoring au, slight themes of infidelity...
warnings: yoongi and his friends are dicks :/ - yn is way too horny all of the time... there’s a lot of sexting... no full nudity.
*BYR: yn knows yoongi is the guy she’s posting abt... yoongi does not know abt yns acct (until he finds out). yoongi nd yn have never talked before the start of this fic.
status: completed!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
bonus drabbles...
prologue: homeroom hottie
character profiles: yn, her alter ego, nd besties
character profiles: yoongi nd the boyz
part one: invasion of privacy
part two: private sessions
part three: pretty prints
part four: went viral
part five: malleable substances
part six: fellow fish nerd
part seven: long night
bonus: fuck me
part eight: fucking prude
part nine: under the bleachers
part ten: buzzer beater
part eleven: mentally fucking
part twelve: deductive reasoning
bonus: turn the page
part thirteen: teachers pet
part fourteen: surprise me
part fifteen: emotion sex
part sixteen: sexy mermaid
part seventeen: not finished
time jump: untapped ass
part eighteen: give a fuck
part nineteen: not dating
part twenty: away game
part twenty-one: at your pace
bonus: nervous and excited
part twenty-two: petal
part twenty-three: too messy
part twenty-four: drunk yoongi
part twenty-five: being stupid
part twenty-six: superior couple
part twenty-seven: iconic parties
part twenty-eight: twenty minutes
part twenty-nine: risk it
part thirty: reformed fuckboy
part thirty-one: nice change
part thirty-two: public event
part thirty-three: bars and clubs 
epilogue: on purpose
epilogue: fucking nerd
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kookieswan · a day ago
NDSKSKSNS i don’t know if you’re going to answer this but it suddenly come in to my mind and I just can’t stop thinking about it 🤭
How yoongi would react to you sneaking into his bed looking for something 👀👀👀 while he’s sleepy
Oh I’m going to answer it babydoll. I sure will, but I’m also gonna be a little mean lmao 🥰
Warning for nsfw 18+ content! (Reader is clearly horny lmao, implication of a handjob.) There’s also some fluff though because I’m soft rn.
It starts off with you rubbing his arm a bit, whispering his name to try and wake him up from his heavy sleep.
Staying up extra late to finish something for work, you’re feeling a bit… peckish after not getting to spend any time with your boyfriend.
“Yoon… Come on, wake up…”
He’s confused as fuck at first. Like, why the hell are you waking him up at 3am please let him sleep.
“Mmmh doll, it’s so late…”
Yoongi grumbles about it, but gets comfortable as you spoon him from behind to the best of your ability.
Running your hand up and down his naked side at first, you allow your fingers to Kim over his pretty skin. Then, you slowly slip it down to rub his tummy.
You swear you can hear him purring, content that you’re taking care of him while he’s all sleepy and soft.
“Feels good… don’t stop…”
And so you keep going, rubbing soft circles all over any expanse of skin you can find in your boyfriend.
His eyes crack open though when he feels your fingers playing with the hem of his boxers, your leg coming up to rest over his slightly, and wet kisses being left against his neck.
Processing slowly, he realizes your leg is completely bare, and can’t help but raise an arm up to reach back toward you. All he feels is soft warm skin in turn. Huh.
He won’t say anything though, curious of what you’re going to do next. You snuggle in closer, lips just barely brushing against his ear as you whisper into it.
“Can I….?”
Yoongi was tired before, but he’s wide awake now… and maybe a little turned on. Only a little though.
He hums out a quiet yes, and you slip your hand into his boxers, more than ready to take your prize. Encircling your hand around his already hardening cock, you can’t help but to giggle a bit.
“Gonna make you feel good Yoon, you deserve it baby… Just let me take the lead for once…”
…. Part 2? I’ll gladly write one 😅
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borathae · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Yoongi was a warrior in the Queen’s army, brave and loyal to his duties even if that meant protecting Her daughter, who can’t stand his presence in the slightest and who more often than not uses him as her way of taking out her anger. As one fateful night forces them to survive together, they soon need to learn how to live with each other.”
Pairing: Warrior!Yoongi x Princess!Reader 
Genre: Fantasy, e2l!AU, Smut
Warnings: LOTS of plot & worldbuilding, violence & fighting, wounds, deep hatred in the beginning, she is mean in the beginning but character development happens dw, slurs, cuddling for warmth *wink wink*, loss of virginity, they are both virgins fyi, kissing, missionary in a cave, Yoongi likes kissing her boobies and neck, Yoongi’s hands, also blonde Daechwita!Yoongi because he deserves his own warning
Wordcount: 21.7k
a/n: I always start one of these stories, thinking that I can’t love it more than the other ones, and I always end up proving myself wrong. Writing this story gave me so much JOY omfg please I would literally give my life for warrior!Yoongi. Also I know, I know :( it is once again so freaking long, but please :( give it a chance, I promise you that you will get lots of plot and Yoongi for your patience :(
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Tumblr media
Yoongi heard the whispers and felt the eyes on him. They all knew where he was going and what was going to happen.
The princess had a fight with her husband.
The news spread like a wildfire this morning, reaching Yoongi by the evening. He had just returned from the Queen’s hunt when one of her servants told him to see her in her chambers immediately.
She was furious so they said before wishing him strength.
Yoongi felt nothing as he made his way to the princess’ chambers. He walked this walk a hundred times before. What was to come doesn’t faze him anymore. It was the whispers and stares, which never became easier to bear, no matter how often he climbed the stairs to her chambers.
Yoongi knocks twice. He doesn’t expect an answer and so he enters.
“You sent for me Your Highness”, he announces himself, falling to his knees in an instance. He places his sword before his knees, keeping his head lowered.
“Where were you?” she spits.
“I was out hunting with your mother.”
Yoongi stays quiet despite the ache on his cheek.
“You kept me waiting, how dare you?”
“Your Highness, the Queen, she needed my company.”
“Who do you think you are? How dare you talk back to me.”
“Forgive me, Your Highness.”
She grabs a bundle of his hair and tugs his head back.
Yoongi doesn’t react at the feeling. He tries not to look into her eyes, but fails. She looks furious tonight. The fight with her husband must have angered her deeply.
Yoongi doesn’t like her husband. Not only was he a simple fool, but he angered her on top of that. And when she was angry she sent for Yoongi to bear the punishments her husband should bear in his stead.
“Look at you, you’re so ugly”, she spits, twisting his hair, “do people tell you that? Do they tell you that you’re ugly?” she asks, running her finger down the scar on his face.
Yoongi closes his eyes, shuddering in disgust as her finger runs over his eyelid.
“Yes Your Highness, they do.”
“Good”, she places her hand all over his face and pushes his head back roughly, “and I hope they never stop.”
Yoongi never got the answers of why she was hurting him instead of her useless husband.
Some servants say it was because of the prince’s powerful mother and that the Queen therefore forbade her daughter to hurt her husband.
Others say it was because the husband was an emotional fool, who cries the moment the princess raises her voice at him and that the princess grew annoyed by the constant wailing.
Yoongi believes that it was simply because he was at the wrong place and the wrong time.
It was two winters ago when the princess married the prince of the Sand Queendom. She disliked him from the beginning for the way he looked and behaved. He angered her one night and in a fit of rage she struck him. Yoongi made the mistake of helping him to his feet again and it was Yoongi, who received the next strike. Ever since that day she always calls for Yoongi when her husband angered her and he has to bear the kind of punishment a husband should take by himself.
“You know, I told him to stay home and yet he still wandered the mountains with his friends”, she spits as she connects her hand with his face, “why is he always defying me?”
“I don’t –“
 “Shut up, I’m not talking to you!”
Yoongi closes his mouth and accepts the next slap.
“He cried again today, he is such a pathetic man. Why did mother choose such a terrible husband for me?”
Yoongi allows her to shake his head roughly.
“Stop looking like that. Why are you so ugly?”
“Please forgive me, Your Highness. I’m tired.”
“Fuck”, she grasps his cheeks tightly, “you’re even uglier when you’re tired.”
She leans down and smells him.
“Disgusting, you stink.”
“Forgive me, I was on horseback the entire day.”
She pushes him, making him fall on his elbows.
“Leave, your scent insults me, it’s no fun tonight.”
“Yes Your Highness, please forgive me”, Yoongi says, grabbing his sword to leave her room on his knees.
Tumblr media
The Queen was on a hunt again. Yoongi rides beside her, scouting the area for dangers. The princess joined their hunting group today. She left her husband at home, but took her horrible friends with her. They were giggling the entire time. Yoongi felt his head ache at the sound of it.
“I heard that some of Morrok’s people were sighted in the north forests three moons ago”, the Queen tells Yoongi.
“Yes my Queen, my people took care of them”, Yoongi answers her.
“I never doubted that Sire, but it makes me wonder what they were doing so far up north.”
“Perhaps they were on their way further north, I heard of a man creating an army of men, who share his mindset. They call themselves the Ravens.”
“Yes, I heard that as well. It seems that these days more and more men become victims of madmen.”
“Yes my Queen, so it seems”, Yoongi agrees.
“Mother!” the princess rides up to her mother’s side, “mother we are bored, when can we kill something?”
“Patience and if you keep chattering like that you won’t catch anything today.”
“But mother, Luthia saw a deer back there. Please allow us to check it out.”
“Very well, but take Yoongi with you.”
The princess looks at him and scrunches her nose up in disgust. Yoongi feels the same. He doesn’t want to spend time with the princess.
“Do I really have to?”
“Yes ___ you do.”
She clicks her tongue, “fine. Come Yoongi.”
“Yes, Your Highness”, Yoongi obeys and turns his horse.
The princess gallops off afterwards.
“Sire”, the Queen stops him.
“Yes my Queen?”
“Please keep her out of trouble.”
“Yes my Queen, I will”, he promises before galloping down the forest path.
He catches up with the princess and her friends soon enough. They were giggling again, but that stopped when they noticed Yoongi’s presence. He can feel every single one of their deathly glares on his face as he rides to the front to join the princess’ side.
“___ what is that fool doing here?” Luthia asks, eyeing Yoongi with disgust.
“My mother insists I take him”, you answer her and roll your eyes, “she still doesn’t believe that I can fend for myself.”
It makes Yoongi scoff quietly, just quietly enough that you wouldn’t hear it. 
“And she has to send him out of all your warriors?”
You look at Yoongi by your side, studying his face. He is frowning, scouting the area as he was told to do.
“I’m not happy about it either, but let’s pretend that he isn’t here. Tell us Luthia where did you see the deer?”
“I watched it run down this path.”
“That leads to the ruins of Bruinnen”, Yoongi murmurs.
“So? Do you want to tell us something?” Luthia spits.
“There are spirits in those lands, angry spirits.”
Luthia laughs and soon the rest of her friends, including you laugh as well.
“Those are legends, you simple fool, there are no spirits in the world”, Luthia says, riding up to Yoongi just to slap the back of his head.
Yoongi reacts, turning his head to glare at her.
“People disappear in those lands and you want to enter them like a reckless child?” he spits.
Luthia frowns.
“Now I understand your anger with him ___ he is way too noisy.”
Yoongi scoffs, turning to you.
“Your Highness believe me, you don’t want to enter the spirits’ lands.”
You laugh, “keep your mouth shut Yoongi. We are going.”
Yoongi twists the reins in anger. The princess is such a reckless child, one day she will get herself killed and maybe, just maybe, he will watch it happen.
The path is welcoming for now. High trees with barks of silver and red crowns of leaves. The sunlight enters the forest through little holes in the canopy, painting the paths and the surrounding scrubs ruby. The air smells fresh as well, warming your limbs.
“Tell me ___ isn’t he the fool, who helped your husband after you disciplined him?” another friend of the princess asks.
“Yes he is. He is the fool who thought it was his right to step in between”, you answer her with distaste.
The friend studies Yoongi’s face.
“He is just as ugly as you told me. Hey ugly”, she stubs his arm with the dull end of her arrow, “where did you get that scar from?”
Yoongi stays silent. In moments like these he wishes that he could live a different life. He enjoys being the Queen’s warrior as she was a kind woman, but truly when he has to be alone with the princess and her horrible friends he wishes that he could live a different life.
“He probably got it from helping another woman’s husband”, Luthia jokes, making them cackle.
“Or maybe he got it from fighting spirits”, the friend jokes.
Laughter bounces off the high trees, taunting Yoongi.
“No, but please be honest where did you get it from, ugly?” Luthia asks.
He knows that she doesn’t want to hear the truth. She wasn’t interested in him, she just wanted to poke fun at him.
“I can’t remember”, Yoongi murmurs.
“Ha! He says he can’t remember. Did you hear that? He probably hit himself with his own sword.”
Their laughter rings in his ears and forces a shaky exhale over his lips. He truly wishes to live a different life in such moments.
The laughter stops.
“Look Luthia the deer”, you exclaim, pointing at the poor animal in the far distance.
“This is mine”, Luthia whispers and draws her bow.
She hits the deer on its shoulder, making it run away.
“Stay! You are not allowed to run away from me!” Luthia screams, kicking her horse roughly and galloping off.
“Luthia! Slow down!”
You turn to Yoongi.
“Go after her and protect her.”
“Yes, Your Highness”, Yoongi obeys as always, galloping down the forest path.
He meets the horrible woman at the end of the path.
Yoongi shivers, slowing down his horse. They have reached the border to the spirits’ lands. The once ivory path is corrupted by the black soil creeping out of the dark forest. The air was tense and the light sparse. The smell of death lingered on every inch of ground and the once proud trees were wilted and black, sparse of leaves and life.
Yoongi reaches the horrible girl. She looks at him and his fingers around the handle of his sword.
“What’s that? The forest looks so ugly here” she asks him in disgust.
“The border to the spirits’ land”, Yoongi answers her.
She looks at him.
“I didn’t ask for jokes right now, crip”, she spits.
Yoongi lowers his eyes in anger.
“I don’t make jokes, girl. Now let’s turn around and join the others.”
“No. The deer ran inside, I want my arrow back.”
“The arrow is gone, let’s leave.”
“Don’t talk to me like that.”
“I don’t work for you”, Yoongi growls and turns his horse, “let’s leave.”
He can watch the princess and the rest of her horrible friends ride down the windy path and he is in no mood to fight for five more people if the spirits decide to show themselves.
“I am still higher in rank than you. Now you will show me some respect.”
Yoongi felt the cold blade of her arrow’s head rest itself on his shoulder. He clenches his jaw. The princess watched it happening, telling her horse to go faster in reaction.
“Fuck”, Yoongi presses out under his breath.
“Luthia, why are you holding an arrow against my warrior’s neck?”
“My arrow is inside this forest and this fool refuses to help me.”
Yoongi knows that she was lying, but doesn’t say anything. His chest fills with anger when the princess’ cold eyes land on his face.
“You are going to do as you are told and retreat Luthia’s arrow.”
“She can go herself, I’m not risking my life for an arrow.”
Shocked gasps cut through the air. The princess lowers her eyes in anger. Yoongi can watch how she raises her riding crop, closing his eyes in anticipation. The hit is harder than he had initially thought it would be, leaving a dark red imprint on his cheek.
“This was a warning, if you disobey me again I will strike you with my sword.”
Yoongi clenches his jaw, staying on his horse.
“Go!” she yells at him, raising her riding crop a second time.
Yoongi catches it, almost breaking it between his fingers as anger makes his grasp iron.
He pushes it away, jumping off his horse afterwards.
“There we go, ugly”, Luthia spits.
Yoongi takes two steps and then he falters, staring into the darkness of the spirits’ lands. He knows the legends. Knows the stories of people losing their minds in those woods. Knows the stories of people getting lost on the windy paths. Knows the stories of the people dying in those forests, damned to a fate of being forgotten. Yoongi doesn’t frighten easily, but at this moment he is so scared that he can feel his knees begin to shake.
“Go on you’ve come so far already”, the princess encourages him with a dark smirk.
Then a sharp pain in his shoulder. One of her friends poked him with the tip of her sword.
“Don’t make us wait.”
He sends her a deathly glare over his shoulder, draws his sword and sets foot into the forest. His foot had to simply touch the soil and he felt his bones fill with iciness. The air made it hard to breathe and even his heart seemed to struggle with pumping his blood through his veins.
The laughter of the horrible girls rings in his ear like distorted whispers of death.
Yoongi tightens the grip around his sword, having to swallow deeply to get air into his lungs again.
“I-if there a-are spirits w-with me, k-kill the g-girls in m-my stead”, he stutters, “they would deserve it”, he adds under his breath.
“Hey ugly! Found it?”
“Or are you busy fighting spirits?”
Laughter, shrill and loud. The magic in those forests corrupts it.
Sweat, he could feel it run down his forehead. Air. If his lungs don’t work soon he will faint.
Laughter. Laughter. Laughter.
“Ugly where are you?”
“Don’t run away!”
Air. Air. Air.
“Fuck”, Yoongi stops, seeking support against one of the trees.
It burns. His hand burns.
He pulls back quickly, staring at the black goo on his fingers. It was smoking.
“What is that?” he exclaims, wiping it off quickly “get off of me.”
He raises his fingers, they are shaking uncontrollably. Blisters. They weren’t here before. The tree burned him.
Air. Air. Air.
Yoongi grunts, blinking quickly. His vision is blurry. Where is the path? Where is he?
Intruder. We have an intruder.
Whispers, hundreds of them. 
Intruder. Who’s that? Intruder. Death to him. Death. Death. Death. 
Hands, black fog, they are closing around his limbs and neck. They fight him, trying to drag him to his knees. 
"Stay away", he chokes out, cutting through the air around himself. 
He fights! He fights back! Death to him! Death to every human!
“Ah!” Yoongi yells.
An arrow had hit the tree right beside his head.
Yoongi turns.
The princess has her bow raised, wearing an amused smirk.
“Look you made the little cub frighten”, Luthia squeals and giggles.
Yoongi looks at the arrow. White body, red feathers. It is one of the princess’ arrows.
“Come back Yoongi and don’t forget to take my arrow with you!” she calls out and cackles.
Yoongi feels his blood boil. He rips the arrow out of the tree and runs back to the others.
Come back! Don’t run! No! No! No! Death to all humans!
The fog follows him.
Laughter. They are still laughing at him despite the danger.
Don’t run little tiger! Don’t run!
One more step. Yoongi jumps, feet landing on the ivory path. His knees give up on him in an instance, his body sinks in on itself.
“Stand up ugly.”
Yoongi feels the icy gust of wind on his skin. Whispers are in the air. The horses become restless. The laughter finally dies down.
“What was that?” Luthia asks, drawing her sword, “hey ugly what did you do?”
Yoongi doesn’t answer her for catching his breath is all he can think of. His lungs burn as if the fogs had poisoned them. Oh he is so scared that tears have formed in his eyes. He can’t cry, not right now, not in front of them. He can’t cry.
“Yoongi! Stand up you useless man!” the princess spits.
Yoongi lifts his head.
“We want to leave, it is so icy here.”
He grunts. His sword comes in handy for he couldn’t possibly stand up without its help.
“Give me my arrow.”
Yoongi lifts it to the princess' fingers. His hands are shaking, aching from the burns on his palms.
“Ew what is that black goo? No, throw it away. I don’t want it anymore.”
Anger fills his stomach. Yoongi breaks the arrow and throws it on the ground. She scoffs and laughs.
“Now get on your horse or we’ll just leave you here.”
They ride back to the Queen, laughing about how they scared Yoongi and how amusing he looked when he startled. Truly in such moments Yoongi wishes to live a different life.
Tumblr media
The bells were ringing. Yoongi never heard those bells before. He was not supposed to hear them. Nobody was. They were supposed to stay silent until time had taken everyone and nature reclaimed the castle.
And yet they did, shaking the entire castle awake.
“Breach! We have been breached!”
Yoongi is on his feet in an instance, grasping his sword and running out of his bedroom. He had no time to do his hair or put real clothes on. The castle was under attack, his duties were more important.
Screams echo through the hallways. Some originated in anger, some in pain, some were distorted in fear. Yoongi made no difference between them. The castle was never supposed to be filled with screams. People ran, barely even noticing when they bumped into him. Yoongi looked into their eyes and saw fear. He understood them. Most of them never learned how to fight for fighting seemed unnecessary in the safety of the castle.
“Keep running! Take the tunnels leading to the mountains!” he tells them.
“Master! Young master!” one of the Queen’s servants, his hands were covered in blood.
He stumbles, clasping Yoongi’s arms tightly.
“The Queen. She is in danger.”
“Where is she?”
“The ballroom, she locked herself up with some of her servants. They, they are trying to break through.”
“Keep running, don’t stop until you are in the tunnels”, Yoongi tells the young servant before he runs faster.
They are all running away. While he is chasing the danger.
The air smells of blood and burning flesh. The fight must be near. He can hear the shrill screeching of metal. Just round the corner. His soldiers are fighting bravely. Just like he thought, those are Morrok’s men.
“Fuck”, he presses out, leaving his soldiers. They will manage. He needs to make sure the Queen is safe.
Yoongi fights his way through the crowd. His hands were warm from the blood of other people covering them. He slices through all of them, leaving a trail of bodies behind.
Just down the hallway. Yoongi stops. Fire was illuminating the path. Shadows hid behind them, turning at the sound of Yoongi dragging his sword over the ground.
He tilts his head to the side, giving the intruders a menacing smile.
“What? Are we going to stand here all night?” he taunts.
They scream, storming up to him. Fools.
Yoongi changes his stance, lowering his eyes like a tiger watching its prey. He welcomes them all, punishing their foolery with precise cuts through their bodies.
They fall. Every single one of them falls under his punishing claws, they are just another addition to his endless path of corpses.
He listens. Silence. Thumping in the distance just past the fires.
“Fucking hell”, he presses out before running down the fiery hallway, “never like this element, way too hot for my taste”, he murmurs, shielding his mouth and nose with the help of his hand.
Thump. Thump . Thump.
It is rhythmic.
Just up those stairs.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Yoongi slays five more people.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Yoongi can see the ballroom. Five men are trying to break through. Yoongi quickens his steps.
Thump. Thump.
Then a punishing crack and the tall door falls apart.
He runs and runs. The screams are unbearable in his ears.
“My Queen!”
Yoongi reaches the ballroom just in time to watch one of the men pierce the Queen’s intestines with a spear.
“No!” he roars.
“Kill him! It’s just one, kill him!” Morrok’s men scream, pointing their weapons at Yoongi.
He slays every single one of them, granting them deaths so painful even the fairies of death weeps for their souls. He spared one of them. The one carrying the spear. He spared him after cutting off both his legs. 
“Somebody help!” the man screams, fleeing from Yoongi.
He follows him over the floor, dragging his long sword behind himself and through the path of blood the man leaves behind.
“You are going to pay for what you did”, Yoongi growls angrily and blinded by rage he raises his sword to rip him apart like a tiger would its prey.
It is done. Yoongi stands in the man’s blood, hands shaking by his side for he was filled with rage.
Yoongi turns.
“My Queen”, he is by her side in an instance, kneeling by her head, “my Queen don’t move.”
“Yoongi it was him, he let them inside.”
“Who did my Queen? Who?”
The Queen’s eyes flutter. She reaches for Yoongi’s hand. He grasps it tightly, soiling it with his dripping tears.
“My daughter…protect her…from her….husband…promise –“
“My Queen? My Queen?!”
Yoongi shakes her hand then her body then he touches her neck. No pulse.
“No, my Queen”, he presses out and whimpers, “my Queen forgive me, please forgive me.”
He closes her eyes with shaking fingers, forcing his tears down.
“I will protect her, I promise you”, he whispers, cupping her cheek, “farewell my Queen.”
He stands up with struggle for his knees wanted to give up in grief. He lost her, the woman who loved him as if he was her own flesh and blood. The woman, whose arms were wide open for him when he thought that the world didn't want him anymore. The woman, who gave him a chance at a new life and who taught him how to fight. And the woman he swore to protect with his life. He was supposed to die, not her. She was never supposed to die.
Yoongi sobs, fighting his way to the princess’ chambers. He didn’t know if his face felt warm from his tears or the blood of his enemies. Perhaps it was both, running down his cheeks and soiling his nightdress.
It was just over the courtyard. Yoongi felt his heart shatter with every corpse he passed. Those were his soldiers and his friends lying next to the enemy. All dead. It seemed as if he was the only one left alive.
He increases his steps. Was he already too late? Will the princess be dead already?
“Young tiger! Finally I looked for you everywhere! My wife, they took her”, the princess’ husband screams, running up to Yoongi with a dagger in his hand.
Yoongi felt blinding rage surge through his body. He let them inside. Safe her from her husband. The Queen’s words are ringing in his ears.
“You need to come with me please, I only have this measly dagger and I-I never learned how to fight”, he calls out.
Yoongi begins running. The husband smiles.
“Exactly, follow me”, he says excitedly, “it is just down by – “ his voice cuts off in a gurgle of pain.
Yoongi grunts and feels his sword pierce through the back of the traitor. He steps closer, forcing the blade through his stomach until his hand is touching the burning skin.
The husband gawks at him, asking him for reasons with just a look.
“This is for killing the Queen, you traitorous bastard”, Yoongi spits, twisting the sword and making the husband cry out his death screech.
Yoongi steps back, watching the pitiful corpse drop to the ground. He grunts, blinks his tears away and runs again.
Tumblr media
He finds the princess on his journey to her chambers. They are dragging her away. She is screeching, fighting against their grasps.
“My princess!” Yoongi runs.
He is not going to break the promise he made to the Queen.
“Yoongi?” she whips around, “help me, you useless man!”
Yoongi falters in his steps.
But then. There are six of them and he feels his arm begin to tire out.
“Help me! Please help me!”
Yoongi tilts his head to the side and watches her with lifeless eyes.
She never treated him well. Perhaps he could just turn around.
“Shut up you whore”, one of the abductors yells and slaps her cheek.
“No”, she screeches.
Yoongi watches as one of the men forces a piece of cloth into her mouth. It makes her cry miserably. His blood boils in anger.
They are going to hurt her. They are going to hurt her in ways he wishes not even on his deepest enemies.
Yoongi tightens his grip around his sword and runs.
He is not going to let them hurt her. He swore to protect her. The evil spirits in his head tested him and he passed. He is not going to run away, he is going to fight.
Yoongi fights bravely, slaughtering four of them.
“Get him Kentov.”
The tall man raises his hammer. It shatters Yoongi’s sword in an instance, forcing him to stumble back. 
“How?” he manages to get out and then fingers wrap themselves around his throat so tightly he sees darkness within seconds.
Tumblr media
Yoongi opens his eyes and gasps. He sits up, grasping for his throat.
“You’re awake, finally.”
He looks to his side then down at his wrists. They are tied up. Just as his ankles are. He looks back at you.
“My princess”, he croaks.
“Yes you failed, we got captured”, you spit.
Yoongi looks around. You and him were on a carriage, locked in a cage.
“What happened?” he asks.
You scoff and look away, “you passed out after failing to protect me, now we are locked in this cage on our way to heavens knows where.”
Yoongi shifts into a more comfortable sitting position, letting his head fall against the wooden stakes. He grunts, scrunching his nose up. His shoulder aches unbearably.
“I watched you hesitate.”
He turns, just his head. There is anger on your features.
“You hesitated to save me.”
Yoongi scoffs.
“Once we are back home I will tell mother of your disobedience.”
Yoongi grinds his teeth.
“Answer me!”
“Your mother is dead, Your Highness.”
“Killed because your husband betrayed you. There is no home to go back to.”
Yoongi watches your eyes fill with tears and he falters. He never saw you cry before.
“No, don’t say that. You’re lying!”
“I fear that I am not.”
“No”, you choke out and weep miserably.
Yoongi turns away again and closes his eyes. He won’t comfort you, instead he allows his own tears to run down his cheeks, keeping silent.
They feed you rotten bread that night. You don’t eat anything, neither does Yoongi.
They keep you close to the group by the horses.
“This is your fault”, you spit.
“My fault?” Yoongi growls.
“If you fought harder we wouldn’t be in this position right now. Hungry and freezing.”
“Ha”, Yoongi scoffs, grinding his teeth.
“You are just as useless as my husband. May the Morguls rip his soul apart.”
Yoongi clicks his tongue.
“Where is my husband? Shouldn’t he be with those traitors?”
Yoongi lowers his eyes in anger, “I killed him.”
“I cut open his stomach until I could watch life die out in his eyes.”
“How dare you? Do you want to be killed?”
Yoongi looks at you with dark eyes. You reach out and strike his face.
“Why are you hitting me?” he asks coldly, “I protected you.”
“You didn’t do shit. You hesitated, I saw you stop. You wanted them to take me”, you hit him a second time.
Yoongi grinds his teeth.
“If only my hands weren’t tied. I would choke the life out of you. This is all your fault, all of it.”
“My fault? I fought hard!”
“And yet my mother is dead. All of my friends are dead. Our people are dead. You failed to protect them. This all happened because of you!”
“With all due respect Your Highness, your words mean nothing to me and yes, perhaps I truly stopped for I remembered all the times you watched me suffer with amusement in your eyes”, Yoongi spits.
He watches your eyes fill with tears. Perhaps they were tears of sadness, perhaps they were tears of anger.
“Out of all the people and I am captured with you. Fuck, I should have just killed myself in my chambers.”
Yoongi scoffs and looks away.
“Perhaps you should have”, he murmurs.
Tumblr media
You had walked for seven days until finally taking a break. It was hard, your feet ached so terribly and your limbs felt as heavy as stone. The land changed. The forest became darker and the air tenser. They tied you to one of the crippled trees. It was wet around you, cold and the stench of rotting flesh was lingering in the soil.
“Where do you think they are taking us?” you ask Yoongi, barely keeping your eyes open.
“To Morrok”, he answers you dryly.
“Morrok? But I thought he lived south.”
“They are moving camp so it seems.”
“Talks of a strong leader in the north. They call him Rafkan.”
“Rafkan”, you repeat the name, “I heard whispers of that name.”
“Yes, Your Highness. He is one of the Nïuri. It is said that the Black Forest of the Night Queendom was once a forest of golden oak trees until Rafkan claimed it for himself six hundred years ago. His hatred poisoned the forest until it was the mirror of his dark heart.”
“But the Nïuri are peaceful people, they use their immortality to build forests, to nourish nature and to, to protect the history of this world. Why would one of them be filled with so much evil that his heart is able to poison an entire forest?”
Yoongi looks at you with dark eyes, “Spite, anger, perhaps he grew bored of being used as a woman’s punching bag.”
The silence, which follows is heavy on your heart. You lower your eyes.
“And you believe that Morrok wants to join Rafkan?” you ask quietly.
“Yes, I believe he does”, Yoongi answers you dryly, resting his head back against the tree he was currently leaning against.
You look at your captors. They are laughing and singing by a fire, feasting on the deer they had killed this morning. They looked like friends having fun. How can they be filled with such hatred? They killed everyone. Your friends, your mother, your siblings. They left you alone, murdered innocent people and now they are celebrating as if they were nothing but innocent friends.
“I hate them so much”, you press out.
“Me too”, he answers you dryly, fighting sleep.
They look at you then, talking quietly. You shiver under their glares. It felt as if you were prey watched by an unbeatable enemy.
“They are looking at us”, you whisper.
Yoongi tenses up and opens his eyes.
One of the men stands up.
Yoongi sits up straight, turning to you.
 “Put this on Your Highness”, he stresses.
“What? No! No, don't put dirt on my face”, you gasp, looking between Yoongi and his dirt covered fingers.
“I’m sorry Your Highness, truly”, he says.
“No, stay away, oh god the smell”, you say and gag, “no, where are you putting your hand? Stay away.”
“This is going to save you”, he says shakily, covering the insides of your thighs with the rotting soil as well.
“I will have your hands cut off”, you spit, wiggling away but to no avail.
“Hello hello”, the man announces himself.
Yoongi sits back, knee bouncing up and down nervously and eyes glued to the man’s face. He was pinning you down with his dark eyes, licking over his chapped lips hungrily.
“You know five months without a woman’s touch can make a man’s cock hurt unbearably”, the man begins, reaching down to twist your hair.
“I wonder how the cunt of a princess feels like. Is it tighter than that of a common witch?”
You squeak, heart beginning to race. You can see it. See it swell in his pants. Now you understand.
“Please don’t”, you beg.
The man smiles, “oh it’s always better when they are fighting me. Get up.”
He tugs on your hair, trying to get you to stand up.
“No p-please don’t do this.”
He chuckles, tilting your head up. Suddenly he stops, scrunching his nose up as he sniffles loudly.
“What is that smell?” he murmurs.
He twists your hair, leans closer and smells you.
“Urgh disgusting”, he exclaims, shooting away. His hand lands across your face harshly, “you dirty whore”, he growls, spitting on your face.
He turns, hurrying back to the others with curses leaving his throat.
“Oh god”, you choke out, reaching for your face. You feel for it, touch it despite the rotting soil on your skin, “you.”
You turn to Yoongi. He is looking at you, holding his breath.
“You saved me”, you whisper.
He lowers his eyes.
Yoongi stays quiet, ripping off a piece of his dress. He gets on his knees, turning to you.
“Please let me clean you, Your Highness.”
You nod your head, shivering when his fingers come to rest on the nape of your neck. He touches your cheek tentatively and begins cleaning you as best as possible.
“How did you know that this would work?”
Yoongi looks into your eyes for only a moment, faltering in an instance for looking at you was always paired with consequences.
“It’s what me and my sister used to do when the bad men came to our village”, he confesses quietly.
“Our mother taught us how to protect ourselves against people wanting to use our bodies. She always told us to be disgusting, to shit or pee or vomit all over ourselves because the people wanting us harm don’t like dirty people.”
He cleans the last piece off, discarding the fabric somewhere on the ground. He lowers his eyes.
“I’m sorry Your Highness, for touching your thighs in such manners and for covering you in dirt. I shall take my punishment accordingly.”
You touch his chin, making him tense up. You tilt his head up, making him look into your eyes.
“Thank you”, you whisper and smile.
Yoongi is puzzled, furrowing his brows and blinking rapidly.
“Your Highness…”
Tumblr media
Yoongi had been missing for too long. They took him, dragging him away from you until you couldn’t see them anymore. It has been too long. The shadows have wandered too much. They shouldn’t be gone for so long. He should be back by now.
He helped you again earlier that night. They tried to come for you again so Yoongi helped you, he tried to cover your face in some animal’s feces. He got caught and got dragged away in your stead.
Two men stayed with you. They watched you the entire time, talking with each other about what they would do to you if only the boss would allow them. It made you press yourself against your cage in fear. You had never heard men talk in such ways before, you didn’t even know that they were capable of such thoughts in the first place. Until now you had only really heard a few of your fellow women talk in such manners and yet it seems that men were just as cruel in their thoughts.
They brought Yoongi to you once the sun began to set. He clearly struggled with his steps, stumbling every so often. One of the men had an iron grip around his long hair, keeping him from escaping.
“You’re back?” one of your two guards says.
“He didn’t scream, tzt, he is no fun”, the man whose hand is in Yoongi’s hair says, “walk.”
He pushes Yoongi, making him stumble to the cage. He unlocks it and throws Yoongi inside.
Yoongi collides with the ground in a painful groan, rolling on his back and keeping his eyes squeezed shut as he breathes heavily.
“Sleep well fucker”, the man spits, locking the cage.
He walks off with the two other men, whistling a cheerful melody.
Now you are truly alone with Yoongi.
Tumblr media
Yoongi groans and sits up slowly.
“Fuck”, he presses out.
His eyes meet yours. He clenches his jaw.
“Did they hurt you?” you ask him.
“Tzt”, he looks away.
“Where did they hurt you?”
“Just leave me alone”, he spits, crawling into one corner of the cage to lie down again.
“I can help.”
“Keep it, your hands do more harm than good.”
That hits deep. You lower your eyes in shame.
“At least let me look at it.”
“You swore to protect me, didn’t you? I can’t have you die on me.”
Yoongi stays silent.
“Yoongi this is an order.”
He turns his back to you.
You gasp. They ripped his clothes open at the back.
“Are those burn marks?”
Yoongi doesn’t answer you.
“They burned you, didn’t they?”
He sighs an annoyance.
“I can help you”, you say, crawling to him as best as your tied limbs allow you to. You place your hands on his shoulder.
He flinches away.
“Don’t touch me”, he growls.
“Where else did they burn you?”
He turns around. Anger is distorting his face
“I said to leave me alone!” he spits.
“What good can cruel hands like yours do? You inflicted more pain on me than any other person and now you want to use them for good?” he lets his dark eyes run over your face, “I should have allowed them to drag you away.”
“Don’t say that”, you gasp, feeling your heart shatter in your chest, “please let me help”, you beg, cupping his ruined face.
He flinches away.
“This all happened because of you”, he growls angrily, “if you had been nicer to your husband he wouldn’t have felt the need to betray us.”
You close your mouth, falling against the cage with a painful laugh.
He clicks his tongue and scoffs, turning his back to you again.
“Is that what you think of me?” you whisper, waiting for an answer that will never come.
Tumblr media
You have been walking the entire day. The sun is sweltering, punishing even. Your throat is so dry that the taste of blood has been lingering on your tongue for way too long. You are so close to the end of your strengths. But you weren’t worried about yourself, you were worried about Yoongi.
His skin was covered in sweat and yet he shivered. It was pale, grey even. He stumbled more than he walked. The redness on his back has grown, spanning all over his shoulder blades. It is almost reaching his neck too, spreading through his veins like a curse.  
“Yoongi”, you whisper.
He stays quiet, barely keeping his eyes open.
“Yoongi how are you feeling?”
He glances at you and scoffs.
“He needs a break!” you call out.
The men snicker, but don’t turn around.
“Please at least give him some water!”
“Quiet whore”, one of them whips around and slaps you across the face so hard you feel your lip break. You can’t barely feel the pain which follows, you are too worried for Yoongi.
“Please just one sip.”
“He wants one sip? Fine he can have a sip”, the man spits, grabbing Yoongi’s chin harshly to force water down his throat.
Yoongi gags and chokes.
“Stop that! Stop it!”
Their laughter taunts you.
The man finally lets go of Yoongi, making him cough and fall to his knees.
“I hope you enjoyed your water, Sire.”
Yoongi grunts, twisting the dried grass between his fingers.
“Let’s get going!”
The group begins moving again. Yoongi stays on the ground.
“Yoongi stand up”, you order him shakily, “I’m ordering you to stand up”, you stress, looking behind you at the two very heavily armed men coming closer and closer.
“Hey you! Keep walking!” they call out, quickening their steps.
“Yoongi please stand up”, you beg, tugging at the sleeve of his dress, “they’re going to hurt you if you don’t stand up.”
Yoongi doesn’t budge, panting heavily.
“They’re coming Yoongi”, you fall to your knees, trying your hardest to wiggle your head between his tied up arms. You could lift him like that, if only he would let you wiggle inside.
“Stand up!” the man yells and whips Yoongi on the back.
Yoongi tenses up and lets out an almost inaudible whimper.
“Stop that! He’s already standing up!” you scream.
You tug at Yoongi’s arm, “please stand up.”
“I can’t”, he whispers shakily.
“What? No, you have to. He is going to hurt you again”, you whisper with tears in your eyes.
“Time’s over, stand up”, the man barks and raises his whip.
“No!” you exclaim, hugging Yoongi’s back to accept the hit in his stead. You whimper, grasping Yoongi’s arm tightly. It hurts like nothing you have ever felt before, forcing the tears to run down your cheeks, “why are you doing this to him? He didn’t do anything wrong! Hurt me instead!”
The man scoffs, storing his whip back on his belt.
“Don’t you get it princess? You are reserved for Morrok. We’ll just have to hurt your warrior in your stead.”
“You monsters”, you sob, hiding your face in Yoongi’s back, “Yoongi please stand up”, you beg.
“I can’t.”
“Hey Kentov help this fucker up, it’s no good if he dies here”, the leader yells from the front. 
“Yes my Lord”, Kentov grumbles and grabs Yoongi’s arms, “stand up Sire, seems like the boss still wants you to live.”
Yoongi can barely stand. You are by his side in an instance, holding him as best as possible.
“I’ll help you. Lean onto me Yoongi.”
“Walk, we don’t have all day", Kentov and the other man push you and Yoongi.
Yoongi stumbles, you hold him as best as possible, forcing down a painful sob as looking at Yoongi’s face rips your heart apart.
Tumblr media
They leave you far away from the fire, shackled to a tree and with hunger plaguing your bodies. They hit you again - Kentov and the other man - when their boss wasn’t looking. It hurt you, but you didn’t care, not when Yoongi was lying beside you unconscious and barely breathing.
“See you tomorrow princess, sleep tight.”
And with that they leave whilst laughing as if life was the greatest joy. You glare at them, cursing them silently. Yoongi moves below you, moaning in pain.
“Yoongi”, you gasp, turning him around, “no, Yoongi please wake up”
You drag him back to the tree with lots of effort. You allow him to rest his head on your lap. He rolls to his side, pulling his legs to his chest before whimpering softly.
“Why are they hurting you? Why you?” you ask shakily, caressing his ruined face with trembling fingers. It rips you apart inside for he was never supposed to bear your sufferings or those of your traitorous husband. You sob, soiling his face with your hot tears.
“I’m sorry Yoongi, I’m so sorry for doing this to you”, a whimper shakes your body, “I’m sorry.”
You tug a strand of his blonde hair behind his ear, stroking your hand over his cheek desperately.
“I will fix this. I, I can fix this”, you stutter and close your eyes, “I can fix this.”
Yoongi barely takes in the spells of your ancestors you begin to whisper. He feels that his face doesn’t ache as much anymore however. You sob, whispering shakily. The words are hard to remember. You never paid attention when your mother taught you the magic of your ancestors. You curse yourself for not being more attentive, maybe then you could have already escaped your abductors and Yoongi would have never had to suffer.
At least you paid attention when your mother taught you the healing spells of your people and while you remembered only one of the dozen spells you hoped that it was the one most effective.
Yoongi opens his eyes all of sudden, looking up at you.
You touch his back.
“No!” he squeaks and flinches away. He presses his eyes closed, trembling in fear.
“Please trust me”, you whisper and sob softly, “I will stop the pain.”
Yoongi listens to the words of ancient times, eyes filling with tears because he felt it hurt less and less with every word you spoke until it stopped completely.
You open your eyes, meeting his relieved gaze.
“Did I help?” you ask him.
He nods his head, furrowing his brows, “thank you so much”, he chokes out.
Your heart fills with relief and yet it keeps aching.
You whimper, cupping his cheek, “I’m so sorry, for everything.”
“Your Highness.”
“No, I’m not worthy of your respect”, you sob, “please call me by my name.”
Yoongi closes his eyes and whimpers quietly. You comb your fingers through his hair, hoping that this could lessen the pain in his mind.
“Forgive me Yoongi, I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please I am so terribly sorry”, you choke out.
Yoongi sits up with your help. He faces you, reaching out to cup your cheek and brush your tears away.
“We have to escape from here”, he whispers, “Your Highness, we can’t stay here. Who knows what they will do to you now that their restraints are gone.”
“I don’t care”, you whimper, “let them hurt me, at least I deserve to be hurt for all the cruelty I inflicted on others.”
“No my princess, you don’t want to live through this”, he insists, “you don’t know what they are capable of.”
“Why are you defending me? You said so yourself, I inflicted more pain on you than anyone else. They hurt you because of me. It’s my fault”, choke out and sob.
Yoongi grasps your face tighter, forcing you to look into his eyes. They were filled with tears, yet deep down you found comfort in them.
“I lost my sister to people like Morrok. I had to watch as they all took turns on her until she died from the pain and even then they didn’t stop. Don’t you get it? These people aren’t human and they are going to do the same thing to you once we reach Morrok.”
He rests his forehead against yours.
“I can’t let this happen to you. I made a promise to your mother to keep you safe and I intend on keeping it”, he whispers, rubbing the tip of his nose against yours. 
“Yoongi”, you whimper, twisting the front of his dress. Your tears feel heavy as they roll down your cheeks, but they were nothing against the heaviness on your heart as you opened your eyes and realised that he had his closed. They were nothing against the invisible hand around your lungs as you realised that he exhaled shakily before opening them. They were nothing against the unbearable flutter in your stomach when they finally met yours.
“I will find a way, please trust me”, he whispers.
“I trust you Sire.”
He nods his head.
“Now turn around, Your Highness, I need to see if your wound is infected.”
“No, you don’t have to. I can heal myself”, you say, running your fingers over your lip to heal your cut in demonstration.
He hums in understanding and sneaks a glance at the men far away.
“You should sleep Your Highness, I feel like tomorrow we aren’t going to stop for a long time.”
“What about you?”
“I will make sure that nobody hurts you.”
“No, you should sleep in my stead. I’m not tired.”
“Your Highness I – “
You silence him by cupping his cheeks.
“This is an order, Sire.”
He falters, furrowing his brows.
“I’m not going to repeat myself”, you say sternly and settle back against the tree. You part your legs, “rest against me, I will keep you warm.”
He is hesitant, studying you from head to toe. You are offering him kindness, a warm place to sleep. This isn’t like you. What happened to the cruel princess he so liked to hate?
“Come here”, you order.
Yoongi obeys groggily. He wiggles between your tied up arms and rests against your chest. Every fibre in his body is tensed. This can’t be happening. You rest your hands on his stomach.
“Now rest back and sleep”, you whisper.
He looks at you out of the corner of his eyes. He doesn’t want to rest his head back against you. This goes beyond his promise of protecting you.
“Rest”, you say sternly, forcing him to his luck with a gentle push with your hands.
Yoongi grunts, exhaling loudly the moment the back of his head collides with your shoulder.
You stay silent, abandoning Yoongi in his racing thoughts. The lines between reality and his memory of you are starting to blur more and more. Are you even the cruel princess or is your sudden kindness just a desperate act of survival now that you had nobody else but him? Did you truly want his best or were you simply trying to keep him by your side because you feared for your life? Did you care for him?
Yoongi drifted off to sleep before he could get his answers, snuggling into your chest and sighing softly.
Tumblr media
They are talking. Kentov and another man. They are talking a few steps away from you, having their backs turned to you and Yoongi. Yoongi watches them intently, studying them from head to toe to find weaknesses in their armour.
It was silent where they abandoned him and the princess, if they weren’t talking so much the silence would have been comfortable even. The princess was currently sleeping, resting her head against Yoongi’s shoulder. He felt her every shiver because of the cold night air, wishing for fire fairies to come to her rescue and warm her with their golden breaths. He knew that tonight must be the night of their escape. The whispers of Morrok became more. They must be close. He can’t wait yet another night and risk the princess’ wellbeing in the process.
The princess shifts beside him, pressing herself closer in search for warmth. He felt himself shiver less on the parts of his body she touches. She was warming him as well.
Yoongi lowers his eyes and concentrates on cutting through his ropes again. He watches his abductors as he works, planning his attack. The man next to Kentov is only carrying his sword tonight. What a fool. Kentov only carried a small knife, playing with it mindlessly. Oh what simple fools. It will be an easy task to overwhelm them.
He turns his head to the princess and nudges her with his chin.
“Your Highness wake up”, he whispers.
The princess purrs in her sleep, rubbing her cheek against his shoulder. He truly felt guilty for having to wake her. She fought bravely through her tiredness. Yoongi knew that her healing magic kept her alive, for every other person would have long died of exhaustion. But even magic has its limits and it seems that tonight was the night her body forsake her. She fell asleep on his shoulder the moment she sat down. He should allow her to sleep, but he can’t.
“Your Highness wake up”, he tries again, shaking his shoulder softly.
You groan, blinking slowly.
“It’s time Your Highness”, Yoongi says.
“For what?” your voice was heavy in sleep.
“They are speaking of Morrok again. We are getting too close, we need to flee tonight.”
You finally lift your head from his shoulder, looking at him with heavy eyes.
“Now? In this darkness?”
He nods his head, “it will hide us.”
“I understand”, you nod your head slowly, blinking your eyes, “How are we going to flee?” you ask him.
“I will do it.”
“But your limbs are tied.”
“Not anymore”, he says, revealing his untied wrists and ankles.
“How?” you gasp.
“They were foolish enough to place us next to those sharp stones. I used them to cut through the ropes”, he explains.
He gets on his knees and cups your face. You feel your cheeks tingle at the touch.
“Now stay Your Highness, I will overwhelm them”, he whispers.
Yoongi moves fast and silent. Like a phantom of white light he dances around the two men, striking them down quickly. One falls down with his neck broken. Kentov startles, turning to his now dead friend only to run directly into Yoongi’s blade. Yoongi twists the sharp blade in the eye socket of the man, muffling his screams with a suffocating grip on his mouth. Finally, Yoongi watches the life die out of Kentov’s eye. He drops his body without making a sound, pulling the blade free and wiping it on the man’s clothes.
Then he turns back to you. There was blood on his face and hands. He closes the distance between you and him, cutting through your ropes.
“That was astonishing Sire”, you gasp, grasping his arm as he helps you stand up.
“That was nothing”, he dismisses you, hurrying back to the bodies. He takes one of the men, looking at you over his shoulder, “help me Your Highness, we need to hide the bodies.”
You help him, grunting quietly as you drag the heavy body of Kentov behind some shrubs.
“Now let’s run, we need to put distance between us and Morrok’s people.”
Yoongi stops and turns. He watches you take off Kentov’s sword belt and strip the two men of their furs. You stand up, wrapping one of the furs around your body.
“Here take these.”
Yoongi strips the sword to his body and drapes the fur over his shoulders. The knife he stores in the belt as well, grasping your hand next.
“Now quiet, follow me.”
You run, using what little moonlight the tense forest allowed to shine through as your only guidance. Your legs wanted to give up on you. Sleep was still lingering in your veins, making your head so terribly dizzy. But you knew not to complain and to keep running. You weren’t just gallivanting through the forest on a moonlit night because it was fun, you were running for your lives. You aren’t allowed to stop. Yoongi said so himself, you and him needed to put as much distance between Morrok’s men and yourself as possible.
“I can see the end”, he calls over his shoulder, “hurry Your Highness it’s not long anymore.”
You watch his hair dance in the wind. Then the forest stops. The moon is blinding after the endless darkness, soaking his hair in silver lights and painting his skin in ivory. He turns, slowing down and touching your shoulders.
“Please hold on for only a little longer. You know this path don’t you?”
You nod your head, breathing so heavily you taste blood on your tongue. You have been running for too long, your healing magic is so close to forsaking you.
“We walked this path this morning, we just need to reach this forest and then we can hide in the shrubs”, he tells you, “hold on until then.”
Then you run again. You run over the endless fields, fighting the punishing winds. The furs are helping a little with the cold, but your eyes burned unbearably. You stumble and fall.
Yoongi turns, lifting you up quickly.
“Don’t stop now, it is not long anymore.”
“I’m so tired.”
“I know Your Highness, me too. I’m terribly tired, but please find strength in your legs. We need to find shelter in the forest. Those fields are too open.”
The sky burns in the fires of the rising sun once you reach the forest. Behind you the moon was still setting, disappearing behind the black forest which seems like a dark spot in the distance now.
You don’t go far into the forest and then your legs are already giving up on you, dragging Yoongi down with you. You and him roll down a steep hill of sharp gravel and wet dirt, colliding with a high wall of red rocks in the end.
You groan, rolling to your back.
Yoongi grunts, head aching from hitting it against the rock on impact.
“I think my leg is broken”, you press out.
“Don’t try to move it”, he chokes out, holding his aching wrist. He is sure that he broke it as well.
“Urgh heavens”, you groan, forcing your body to sit up one last time. You stare at your slanted leg, moving it slightly. You hiss and bite down on your own hand, “oh, it is most definitely broken.”
“Don’t move it Your Highness”, Yoongi answers you, barely keeping his eyes open. Exhaustion is catching up with him.
You touch your broken bone and close your eyes. The words of your ancestors come easy to your tongue these days. Relief is instant. You can feel how your bone shifts back into its place and how your words mend the cracks.
“I healed it”, you whisper, carrying shock in your voice, “Sire, I managed to heal my broken bones.”
“Mhm, that’s good Your Highness”, he breathes.
“Sire your wrist and head”, you gasp, dragging yourself over to him. You touch his head first, whispering the words again. Yoongi sighs softly, moving his head slightly now that it wasn’t aching anymore.
“Hand me your wrist next, I will heal it.”
Yoongi is too weak to fight back, allowing you to wrap your fingers around his wrist despite the pain it causes him. The pain isn’t of long however and then blissful relief follows. His bones and tendons shift under your fingertips, healing under your spell.
“How is that?” you ask him.
He peels his eyes open slightly, nodding his head.
“Your magic is getting quicker Your Highness”, he whispers with his voice barely there.
“I know”, you smile tiredly, collapsing on the ground, “it drains me so much however.”
Yoongi hums, scooping you up in his arms. Like this you are sharing warmth again, finding comfort in his chest.
You fall asleep in an instance, sharing a deep slumber with Yoongi as above your heads the sun moves over the sky twice before your eyes finally open again. 
Tumblr media
You walked for five days then you reached a river. It was clear, reflecting the blue of the sky. You were drinking some of the water while Yoongi was washing his weapons and hands beside you when your eyes caught something moving in the reeds on the other side of the river. You squint your eyes to see better and gasp. A human!
“Sire, look there is someone in the river!”
Yoongi whips around, eyes squinted so he could see better. He picks up his sword and runs to you.
“Stay here Your Highness”, he orders you, jumping into the river.
It isn’t steep where you are sojourning, reaching Yoongi by his navel. He can wade through it easily. He turns around.
“Your Highness I told you to stay back”, he hisses.
“Well, I decided that I want to help”, you answer him.
Yoongi looks at the big stone you are holding and scoffs.
“With that?” he asks and nods at the stone
You sneak a glance at it.
“Fine, if they move try to hit them with all your power”, he murmurs and grabs your hand, “don’t let go Your Highness.”
“I won’t”, you promise him, hating your skin for prickling at the feeling.
The body was stuck in sticks and high grasses. Yoongi squats down and turns it.
A man. Black hair. His face was handsome yet pale, his plump lips were blue and purple.
“Is he dead?” you ask.
Yoongi touches the man’s neck.
“No, he’s alive.”
“Then let’s help him!” you exclaim, dropping the stone to wrap your fingers around the stranger’s wrist instead.
Yoongi stops you.
“Why are you stopping me? Look, he is clearly hurt!”
You and him look at the bite mark on the man’s leg. Blood is dyeing the water red around the water. Yoongi reaches for the man’s chest then, pulling the ripped shirt away.
“What’s that mark? Is that a raven?” you ask, looking between the stranger’s tattoo and Yoongi’s face.
Yoongi seems worried.
“Just as I had thought”, he murmurs coldly and stands up, “come Your Highness it’s not safe here”, he says and grabs your hand.
“What? But we need to help this man”, you insist loudly.
“No. He is one of them”, Yoongi says, tugging you away from the stranger.
“One of them? Morrok’s people? But they don’t wear such marks.”
“Rafkan’s people, Your Highness. He is a Raven.”
You look at the stranger.
“But…he doesn’t look like one.”
Yoongi scoffs and tugs at your arm.
“We need to keep moving”, he says dryly.
“No, I want to help this man. Maybe they marked him against his will and he escaped.”
Yoongi looks into your eyes.
“Your Highness I – “
“This is an order, Sire.”
He grinds his teeth and sighs in defeat.
“Very well, we’ll help. But I’m not staying until he wakes.”
He walks back to the stranger and lifts him onto his back. He grunts, changes his grip on the stranger’s arms and walks back to you.
“I saw a shed a hundred steps from here, we’ll lie him down by the riverbed and then we’ll leave.”
“Thank you.”
Yoongi clicks his tongue, giving you one judgemental look before fighting his way through the water. You stay by his side, making sure that the stranger doesn’t slip off of Yoongi’s back.
“Do you think that someone lives in this shed?” you ask him.
“The chimney is smoking, so yes Your Highness”, he answers you.
“So let’s ask them for help. Or new clothes and some food”, you say. 
“We don’t know whose side they are on Your Highness.”
You huff out air.
“You’re right, I didn’t even think of that”, you murmur.
Thankfully the river didn’t become any deeper so it was an easy task to carry the stranger to the riverbed and then set him down on the safety of dry land. You put a stone under the stranger’s head so he would rest more comfortably, even if that made Yoongi shake his head in disagreement. He watches you stand up with his arms crossed in front of his chest.
“Nothing”, he murmurs. He looks at the shed, a little less than fifteen steps up on the hill, “let’s go, Your Highness.”
“Where are we going now?”
“They have clothes hanging outside.”
“What? Do you want to steal that poor person’s clothes?” you gasp, wiggling your hand in Yoongi’s tight grip.
“No. I’m not going to steal!”
“You don’t have to, I will.”
He sends you a glare over his shoulder.
“We need new clothes, the weather is going to get colder. We are going to freeze in those measly dresses.”
You huff out air, “fine, but place this on their steps”, you say and take off one of your rings.
Yoongi accepts it with a grumble before stomping off to steal the clothes.
You watch him with a guilty sting in your stomach, biting on your fingernails nervously.
He returns with a heap of clothes in his arms.
“Let’s leave”, he grumbles.
“I can’t believe that we stole that person’s clothes”, you say, looking over your shoulder at the ever smaller growing shed.
“We paid for them, that ring is worth more than hundreds of those clothes. They will forgive us.”
You huff out air and kick a stone back into the river.
“Do you think the wounded stranger will be found soon?”
“By the person in the shed?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you think they saw us taking their clothes?”
“I hope not.
“How long do you think we still need to walk?”
“Far enough that they won’t find us.”
“Do you know where this river will lead us?”
“Do you know where we are?”
“No Your Highness.”
“Do you think this is still our home country?”
Yoongi stops and turns around. You almost collided with his body in the process, stopping with a surprised squeak leaving your throat.
“Please, for just a moment be quiet”, he hisses.
You pout, “are you forbidding me my mouth?”
“Yes Your Highness I am. We don’t know where we are or what lingers in those forests and your endless chattering will alarm everything in a radius of fifty miles.”
You cross your arms in front of your arms and furrow your brows.
“You’re rude.”
“Perhaps, but I am trying to keep you alive.”
“Fine”, you give in and huff out air, “I’ll be quiet from now on.”
He nods his head in agreement and turns back around to lead the way.
You are quiet for the rest of the way, watching the back of Yoongi’s head most of the time. He is using a dirty rag to keep his long hair out of his face. He ripped it off his nightgown and the hairstyle was messy. He also dearly needs a hair wash, but you weren’t any better either. Your smell is disgusting you.
Tumblr media
You find your shelter after an hour of walking. An abandoned shed beside the river. The windows were missing and the door was almost falling out of its hinges. It seems safe for the night, dry too and it had a working bucket inside. It was truly a welcome change to the otherwise cold and wet nights outside.
You sit down in front of it with an exhausted sigh, watching Yoongi throw the pile of clothes in front of your feet and then sit down as well. He begins sorting through the clothes in an instance, doing so with a concentrated furrow of his brows.
“You should go wash up Your Highness, I’ll take watch”, he tells you.
He looks up with bafflement on his face.
“The river?”
“But it’s cold.”
He scoffs and looks back at the clothes.
“Fine”, you murmur, “I’m already going.”
You hide behind a big rock so Yoongi wouldn’t be able to glance at you. Not that he would ever look at you when you were bared. You know that he was way too stuck up and obsessed with his duties to think so crudely.
You sink into the water with a loud squeak.
“What’s wrong?” you can hear Yoongi’s worried call.
“It’s so cold!” you tell him.
You don’t hear anything from him afterwards, but you know that he is most definitely scoffing right now, or maybe he is clicking his tongue instead.
The water isn’t just cold, it is icy. Your body is covered in goosebumps and shivers make your muscles tense painfully. You hate every second of being submerged and yet somehow being submerged in cold yet clean water feels like luxury after weeks of having to sleep in your own shit and piss.
And while the bath would have been even more effective with the help of soaps, you finally feel human again once you leave the river. You wrap your dirty clothes around your body, walking back to Yoongi barefoot.
“Ouch, ah, ouch”, you grunt.
Yoongi looks at you in worry, eyes widening when he sees the half-naked state you were in. He turns around quickly, scratching the side of his neck.
“Those stones hurt on the feet”, you say and sit down next to him.
He turns around even more, clearing his throat before he stands up. He has his back turned to you.
“I’m going to clean up now. I put your new clothes on the log over there”, he tells you nervously, hurrying down to the river afterwards.
You chuckle. He is so stuck-up sometimes.
Then you turn to the pile of clothes and begin to dress yourself. They are a big change to your ripped nightgown. The fabric is thick and sturdy, warming your limbs. You look down at your body. It is so peculiar to see your legs in trousers. They aren’t really tradition in your lands, for neither women nor men. You liked them however. They feel so warm. You could get used to it. 
Once dressed you do your hair, tying it out of your face and neck. Your mother always told you that it was important to keep the wet hair out of your neck on a cold day, otherwise a terrible cold could take control of your body. The memory makes your chest ache. Oh what you wouldn’t give to experience it once again, if only so you could freshen up your memory of your mother’s face.
You finish the hairstyle by tying a tight knot.
“Finally, oh I feel human again”, you sigh.
You turn then.
“Oh”, you gasp.
Yoongi isn’t hiding behind the rock. He has his back turned to you, the water reaches just above his hips.
You should look away. It is rude to look.
His body is sturdier than it seemed in the loose dresses of your people. Broad shoulders and a well defined back. Strong arms with lean muscles tensing and relaxing as he rubs his body clean. His skin is fair yet covered in scars. You wonder what could have happened to him.
Yoongi lowers himself then, grunting as he does. He disappears for a moment, making you hold your breath with him.
Suddenly he emerges with a loud gasp, stroking his hands through his hair. He has his head tilted back, giving you a glimpse of his face. His eyes are closed, his lips parted as he is breathing heavily because of the cold temperature.
You should look away. You are such a dirty woman.
Yoongi stands up again. The water drips from his body, looking like stars against the sunlight. He is farther out the water now, giving you a glimpse of the beginning of his bottom.
Your heart flutters. You should look away. You have to look away. It is not your right to watch him bathe.
He turns then. Your heart races. Time allows you to see his toned torso just enough that you can notice the dozens of scars covering his pale skin and then your eyes have travelled far enough up his body that your gazes meet.
You feel like your eyes may fall out of their sockets because of how wide you rip them open. You turn away in an instance, feeling your cheeks heat up.
“What is wrong with me?” you murmur.
You can hear his steps as he makes his way back to you. He leans down to pick up his clothes, his hair is dripping water on the ground. Your heart is racing uncontrollably. Oh how you hope that he won’t call you out on your staring.
“Are you liking the clothes, Your Highness?” he asks.
“Yes, they are warm”, you answer him, touching your own cheeks to stop them from burning.
“Good”, he says dryly then disappears inside the shed to change into his clothes.
You look at him again as he leaves, running your eyes over his shoulders and down his spine to his legs.
You laugh nervously, touching your chest to feel your racing heartbeat.
“Have I lost my mind?”
Tumblr media
Yoongi steps out after a while. He is carrying his sword. Your eyes meet, your heart beginning to flutter again. He knows what you are thinking and you know what he is thinking, yet neither one of you speaks it out loud.
“I’m going to hunt”, he says dryly.
“I’ll come with you”, you say, stumbling to your feet.
“No, stay here and prepare the fire.”
He steps closer, wrapping his fingers around your wrist. Your heart skips yet another beat at the gesture.
“Take this, use it against anyone and anything that isn’t me”, he tells you, placing a big knife in your palm.
You close your fingers around the handle, pulse racing in your chest.
“If someone tries to attack you, stab them here”, he says, pulling you closer to his body. The tip of the knife is digging into his stomach, his fingers feel strong around your wrist, keeping your hand in place.
You swallow, nodding your head.
“And if that isn’t possible, try to stab them here”, he explains further, moving the tip of the knife to his armpit, “and do it hard”, he adds, grunting quietly as he makes you poke him with the knife.
Oh you must be losing your mind. You have never felt such sparks before. As if millions of fire fairies were crawling over your skin.
“This is also a good place. If you cut deep enough it will kill them within seconds”, he says, guiding the knife to his groin, making your eyes widen in the process. His fingers tighten around your wrist, his legs part so he could show it to you better, “cut like this and they can’t walk”, he shows it to you, sending your mind into a frenzy.
You nod your head in understanding, eyes flitting up and meeting with Yoongi’s. He is frowning, he doesn’t falter under your gaze but you do. You never falter. You must be losing your mind.
“Understood?” he asks.
You clear your throat and take a step back, twisting the knife in your fingers.
“Y-yes thank you”, you say.
“Mhm”, Yoongi says, turning his back to you. He looks at you over his shoulder, “I’ll be back at nightfall. Don’t go too far.”
“I-I won’t”, you stutter.
“Mhm”, he nods his head in contentment then finally runs into the forest.
He soon disappears behind high trees and tense shrubs.
“Ha”, you let out and laugh breathlessly, “I must be losing my mind. I must be losing my mind. I just must.”
Tumblr media
You had been trying for hours to light this fire.
“Come on, how hard can it be to light a fire?” you murmur angrily.
The door opens and in steps Yoongi, carrying two rabbits. He studies you from head to toe then looks at the unlit fire.
"I was out for three hours, what did you do in this time?" he asks, squatting down next to you to take the stones out of your hands. 
"Trying to start a fire", you hiss. 
Yoongi hits the stones together. Sparks fly, the dry grass is catching fire in an instance.
“How did you manage to do that?” you gasp.
He clicks his tongue, sneaking a look your way. Yoongi blows on the embers until flames swirl in his breath and reach the wood. 
"Oh why is it smoking so much?" you gasp, coughing loudly. 
"Where did you get those twigs from?" 
"The forest, I picked them." 
"Did you pick them off the ground or off the trees?" 
"The trees of course, the wood on the ground looked dirty." 
Yoongi scoffs, shaking his head. 
"The wood is too wet, pick up the twigs off the ground next time." 
You huff out air, crossing your arms in front of your chest. 
Yoongi sneaks a glance your way and scoffs. 
"You're belittling me." 
"I wouldn’t dare", he murmurs sarcastically and straightens up, "there we go, the fire should burn despite the wrong twigs. Come let's skin the rabbits." 
"What? Skin?" 
"Yes?" he quirks up his left brow, "unless you want to eat them with their fur." 
"No, n-no of course not I am just", you laugh nervously. 
"Have you never skinned a rabbit before?" 
"Of course not. Why should I have? I'm the princess." 
"Well", he clicks his tongue, "you're going to learn tonight”, he says dryly and throws one of the dead rabbits on your lap.
You gagged as you did it. You gagged and almost threw up. So Yoongi ended up doing the rest of your rabbit, giving you the task of fetching water from the river. You didn’t miss the judgment in his voice as he spoke.
You managed to fetch water, that task was easy enough for you. Oh you felt like such a useless idiot.
Yoongi in the meantime had stuck the rabbits into the flames to cook. He is staring into the fire when you enter the shed, lips pressed into a thin line and brows furrowed. 
He raises his head at the sound of the door closing. 
"You're back." 
"Yes I am and I got water."
Yoongi scoffs in amusement, looking back into the flames. You claim your previous spot next to Yoongi, placing the bucket of water between you and him. 
Yoongi fetches water, presenting it to you.
"Drink Your Highness." 
"Thank you", you accept it. 
The water is cold and tastes clean. After the torture you have been through you will always cherish this sensation. 
You prepare a bowl for Yoongi once you finish yours. 
"You need to drink too, Sire." 
Yoongi looks at the bowl then into your eyes.
"Thank you", he accepts it and drinks.
You look into the flames, watching the rabbits slowly turn brown. Yoongi cleans his hands in the remaining water, drying them on his ruined nightgown which he had crumbled up beside him.
"Do you think that we can return home one day?" you ask. 
"Yes, I truly hope you can." 
"And you?" you ask, turning your head to him. 
"I'll make sure that you will." 
"God, you are truly dedicated to your duties aren’t you?" 
"Yes, Your Highness, they are important to me."
"Is that why you accepted everything I did to you?" 
Yoongi sneaks a glance your way. 
You sigh. 
"I truly feel terrible for my past, I never should have hurt you. You truly didn’t deserve it." 
Yoongi stays silent, fumbling with his fingers nervously. 
"You know", you look at his face, "I never actually thought you ugly. I just said it because everyone else said it" you pause, studying his face, "I apologize, you aren’t ugly." 
Yoongi blinks rapidly, lowering his head before turning away. He laughs quietly, almost in disbelief even, shaking his head and scratching the side of his neck.
"Where did you get the scar on your face from?"
He falters, sneaking a glance your way. You seem honest in your interest.
"From my days on the streets", he says quietly, "I don't want to talk about it."
"Forgive me for asking." 
He dismisses with a quick shake of his head. 
"Is that where you got all the other scars from too?" 
Yoongi touches his torso, "some of them. Many I got from protecting the Queen." 
You inhale shakily. 
"Fuck", he presses out and lowers his head, "I should have been with her. If I ran faster I could have saved her.  It's my fault that she is dead." 
"No Sire, no. It's not your fault. It was Morrok's people who killed her. You did your best. And if mother was here right now she would tell you that you are truly her strongest warrior." 
Yoongi lets out a trembling breath and squeezes his eyes shut. He can’t cry, not in front of you.
"And also thank you for deciding to save me and for keeping me safe", you say.
“Mhm”, he hums and nods his head. He is squeezing his own fingers so much that his knuckles are turning white.
"Can I be blunt with you?" 
"I'm a pitiful woman." 
Yoongi looks at you in confusion. 
"I never killed something before, all the trophies on the walls are that of my friends. I just pretended that they were mine.”
You laugh painfully, “and without you I would already be dead, I have no idea of the workings of the world." 
Yoongi scoffs, "yeah I noticed”, he murmurs, earning himself a glare from you. 
"Fine I'll take that blow”, you murmur and pout.
Yoongi chuckles deeply, shaking his head. 
"And yet", your smile falls, "I can't help but feel guilty. My mother insisted I study the spells of our ancestors and yet I never paid attention in her lessons." 
You throw a small piece of wood into the fire. 
"She taught me many spells, powerful spells which could have prevented all of this. And yet I never even tried to remember them. If I had then –" you ball your hands into fists, "– if I had then perhaps we could have fled weeks ago and you would have never had to suffer."
Yoongi studies you. Regret. He thought that he would never see such an emotion on your face. 
"I'm such a pitiful woman." 
"No you’re not." 
You turn. 
"You’re not pitiful just…spoiled.“
He makes you laugh, truly and honestly laugh. It confuses Yoongi, who had never seen you so happy before.
“Oh Sire”, you say and chuckle, “you know? There was a time when I couldn’t stand your bluntness, but I must say you are truly a cheer to talk to.”
You give him a smile. Yoongi looks at your lips and knits his brows, looking away for your reaction is utterly confusing him.
“I want to be different from now on. I want to study the spells of our ancestors and I want to use them to restore our home and to heal and nurture and be good”, you say and smile, “and I want you to teach me the arts of fighting.”
Your eyes meet. Yoongi seems flabbergasted.
“Can you do that for me Sire?”
He blinks rapidly, “yes Your Highness I-“, he clears his throat, “-of course I can teach you.”
You give him another smile, it makes him look away in confusion again.
“Thank you, Sire.”
He picks up a piece of wood and throws it into the flames.
“Call me Yoongi, Your Highness.”
“Fine, if you call me by my name as well.”
“I – “, he sneaks a glance your way.
He stands up all of a sudden.
“Where are you going?” you ask him.
“I’m getting new water”, he murmurs and storms out of the shed with the bucket in his hands.
“Why did he seem so flustered?” you whisper under your breath.
Tumblr media
Yoongi returns when the rabbits have long finished cooking. You waited with eating, lifting your head once he finally returns.
“Finally you are back, the rabbits have finished cooking”, you tell him.
“Mhm”, he hums, setting the filled water bucket down between you and him.
He sits down with his legs crossed, picking up his rabbit. He begins eating it in silence, staring into the flames.
“You don’t talk much, do you?”
“No”, he says.
You chuckle, “fine, let’s eat in silence.”
Once you finished your meals and discarded the bones in the flames, Yoongi takes his nightgown and rolls it up. He lies down on his back close to the fire, resting his hands on his stomach. He keeps his eyes open, staring at the roof with his lips pressed into a thin line.
You do the same. Roll up your nightgown and lie down on the ground. You chose the spot between the fire and Yoongi, resting on your side to look at him.
Yoongi sneaks a glance your way.
“What?” he asks nervously.
“Nothing, you just have rabbit on your cheek”, you say and reach out to clean it off the corner of his lips.
He furrows his brows and moves his head away. He feels so peculiar in his chest. Your fingers aren’t supposed to be able to touch him so tenderly.
“Sleep Your Highness”, he presses out, closing his eyes.
“Are we going to walk again tomorrow?”
You shiver, pulling the fur over your shoulders.
“I miss our home”, you say, making Yoongi clench his jaw.
“I know.”
“I can’t stand the cold, it hurts.”
“Neither can I”, Yoongi answers you and tries to close his tunic as best as possible.
“Do you think that we will still have to walk for long?”
“Yes, the sun sets eight hours after rising. We are further north than I had thought.”
“How long does the sun take to set at home?”
Yoongi scoffs and laughs quietly, “you are asking me questions.”
“Well, do you know the answer?”
“Well that explains why it is always so warm”, you murmur, reaching out to touch his arm.
He tenses up under your touch.
“Can we hold each other again for warmth?” you ask quietly and watch his chest rise and sink in a deep breath.
“If you insist.”
You hum then scoot closer to drape your arm across his stomach. You grunt and wiggle, trying to find a comfortable resting place for your head. Yoongi sighs in defeat.
“Raise your head.”
You follow. Yoongi places his arm under your head, closing it around you to press you closer.
Now you are resting on his shoulder, lips inches away from his neck and heart racing in your chest.
“Sleep well”, he whispers and closes his eyes.
“You too”, you breathe, letting your eyes flutter closed. 
Tumblr media
Birds are chirping and in the distance the river gurgles. The air smells clean, carrying a faint hint of the fading embers of the once bright fire of last night. It is bright behind your eyelids, making the otherwise blackness seem glowing red. You are alone on the ground for your arms are holding nothing and your stomach is terribly cold.
Then you finally open your eyes, rolling onto your back with a soft sigh.
“Oh I truly miss my bed”, you groan, stretching your torso in an attempt to get rid of the ache in your lower back.
You sit up.
Yoongi isn’t here, as a matter of fact, he even left the shed door open.
“Oh dear, hopefully he didn’t run off without me.”
Tumblr media
He didn’t run off. He is sitting by the riverbed, legs crossed and with the sunlight warming his limbs. He was currently trying to tie his hair out of his face, seemingly struggling with it.
“Good morning Sire”, you announce yourself.
He looks over his shoulder, “good morning Your Highness”, he murmurs and returns to his task of doing his hair.
"Let me help", you offer. 
He shakes his head. 
You sit next to him, crossing your legs. Then you turn your head to watch him. He is trying again, lips curled into a concentrated pout and long fingers struggling with picking up his hair.
"I slept well tonight", you say. 
"Good, you need the strength", he answers you, grunting when his hair falls out of his fingers once again. 
"I also really enjoyed rabbit. I must say it is wonderful to eat again." 
"I think so too”, his hair falls again, “oh heavens! Will you stay!?"
You laugh, earning yourself an annoyed glare from him. He looks ridiculous with half his hair in a slanted bun and the other half hanging into his face. 
"Please just let me help, I can’t have you walking around looking as if you fought a Morgul by yourself", you say in a chuckle, closing the distance between you and him. 
"Do you even know how to do that?" he asks. 
"Yes of course I do. I am the eldest sister. Do you have any idea how often my siblings come into my room to ask for their hair to be tied? So let me help." 
He grinds his teeth and huffs out air. He hands you the piece of fabric in defeat. 
"I spent too many days braiding and brushing and tying up hair that I could work as a hairdresser if I wanted to." 
Yoongi chuckles quietly. It makes you smile as well.
You first open his attempt at a bun. You shake out his hair, thinking to yourself that it looks like strings of gold in the morning sun. 
Yoongi is twisting the fabric of his pants. The touch makes him shiver. It isn’t his place to shiver. 
"Now, the secret to a good bun is a good comb, but we can’t ask for luxury here", you say and begin combing your fingers through his hair, "my fingers will have to suffice." 
You pick up the strands of hair which are still hanging into his face. Yoongi is fighting against the urge to close his eyes for your fingertips felt like heaven as they danced across his forehead. 
“Perfect. Now I have all of your hair in a tight hold”, you say, “now our traditional ways would ask for a pin to twist your hair around, however we don’t – “
Yoongi raises a stick, “could that work?”
You chuckle, “I can work with that. Oh Yoongi, this is going to be a peculiar hairstyle”, you say, twisting his long hair around the stick in the traditional ways of your people.
Yoongi grinds his teeth, eyelids fluttering. The twist makes his scalp tingle. He shouldn’t feel such reactions.
“Now, let’s see if the stick can hold your hair”, you say and let go, “it does! How wonderful!” you exclaim.
You place your hands on his shoulders, digging your thumbs into his tense shoulders.
Yoongi forces down a sigh, fighting against the urge to roll his shoulders into your touch.
“We are done”, you let him know, stroking your hands down his arms. His muscles follow your touch, tensing and relaxing. You watch the vein in his neck twitch as his heart skips a beat. Your lips tingle in funny ways, almost as if they wanted to feel the twitch.
You touch his elbows, squeezing them softly.
“You look alluring with your hair like this”, you whisper.
Yoongi’s head snaps around, his eyes round and widened and his lips parted in shock. You look at them for only a second before nervousness makes your heart flutter unbearably.
“Ha”, you laugh breathily, pulling your hands away, “please forgive me.”
Your gazes meet in a second of braveness before breaking again.
“Ha”, he lets out, lowering his head, “we should keep moving, we can’t afford staying at a place too long. It’ll alarm people.”
“Of course, we should move”, you murmur, staring at your fingers in disbelief. You touched him.
Tumblr media
You walk a lot this day, following the river until crossing it over a wooden bridge and following the sun instead. You were further up north than Yoongi had initially thought so he told you. That was the only conversation you and him had on your long journey for your mind was racing with something else instead, repeating the imagery of his golden hair between your fingers over and over again.
You touched him this morning and told him that he looked beautiful. You feel as if you were losing your mind, for whenever you looked at him all you wanted to do was stare at him a little longer. Perhaps you spent too much time with him as your only companion. Perhaps you were losing your mind and all the time spent with him made your brain develop a magical attraction to him.
Yoongi disappeared inside a cave ten minutes ago, leaving with a quiet “I will make sure it is safe, stay here Your Highness”.
You were waiting outside for a while, shivering in the cold and watching the winds swirl over the lands. Then you saw a squirrel, red bushy fur and big round eyes. It was breaking some nuts on the rocks just a few steps from you. You decided to follow it down the path you and Yoongi had walked up before. The knife is clasped tightly between your fingers, the tip of your tongue is sticking out the corner of your mouth in concentration. The squirrel is going to be yours tonight, you will show Yoongi just how well you can hunt too. You are so concentrated on hunting that Yoongi’s worried voice is like a whisper in your ear.
Just a few more steps and dinner will be yours.
“Your Highness!”
You give him no reaction, tiptoeing closer and closer to the stone the squirrel is currently sitting on.
“Don’t go there!”
Almost there. It can’t escape now.
Yoongi tugs you back roughly, eliciting a surprised squeak from you. The squirrel jumps away.
“No!” you exclaim, whipping around, “you scared it away.”
“And you are inches away from dropping to your death”, he throws back.
Only now you notice just how tightly he is holding you and the beginning of the steep cliff under the tips of your toes. You shiver, taking a step back.
“How did I not notice that?” you gasp.
“I’m asking myself that too. Let’s go, the cave is safe for the night.”
He tugs at your arm, stomping up the path with his brows furrowed.
“You must think I am a complete fool”, you say, stumbling after him.
He sends you a look over his shoulder. You trip, stumble, catch yourself with the help of Yoongi.
“I was catching dinner.”
“Tzt”, he scoffs, shaking his head in disbelief.
“You have to stop belittling me. I did your hair this morning”, you complain loudly, slipping on a rock.
Yoongi whips around and tugs you back up. His eyes are burning in anger. You ignore it, straightening your back as if nothing ever happened.
“So I am better than you at something too. Without me your hair would still look like a mess”, you say, reaching up to poke your finger into his bun.
Yoongi blinks rapidly and moves his head away.
“Stop doing that”, he says.
“Doing what?”
“Touch me like that.”
Your eyes flit to his lips. Yoongi can watch it happen, wetting his lips in response.
“Ha”, you let out, eyes flitting to the side, “I don’t know what you mean.”
He scoffs and turns his back to you.
Tumblr media
The fire is burning an hour later, warming your frozen limbs and illuminating the little cave. Yoongi caught two elkbirds. They are big birds with purple feathers and an orange peak. They looked beautiful. Their screams however sounded like songs of Morguls, bone shattering and it can make even the bravest warrior tremble in fear. Their flesh also tasted surprisingly similar to chicken, however one always says that about foreign meat so it was to one to decide how much truth they want to see in such a statement. It nourished your starved body however and that was all that was of importance to you tonight.
You stretch out your arms, holding your hands above the flames. 
“Oh how I have grown to love the presence of fires”, you say.
Yoongi nods his head, wrapping his fur around his torso tighter.
You chuckle, “I never thought that I would hear myself say something like that”, you laugh, “or that I would eat a elkbird for that matter.”
You stretch out your legs, wiggling your toes to warm even the most hidden parts of your feet. You can hear the storm outside. It was singing, howling in the valley below and carrying the snow of the high mountain peaks with it. You know that it is because you can watch it cover the ground outside your cave. It was significantly warmer in the cave, yet nothing can truly beat the comfort of your castle walls when the fireplaces were crackling calmingly and your body was submerged in a nice smelling bath. 
"Do you know what I'm going to do first once I'm home again?" 
"I'm going to take a long and hot bath. And I want it to smell like vanilla. And I want to eat Harken Cake and drink warm apple juice while I bathe", you say and sigh in blissful memory. 
"Mhm, that sounds nice", Yoongi agrees. 
"What are you going to do first?" 
"Make sure the castle is safe." 
"No not - gosh Sire I meant after our duties are done", you say and chuckle, "what are you going to do once everything is safe again?" 
Yoongi sneaks a glance your way and shrugs his shoulders.
"Come now, you must have something you want to do." 
"Sleep. I want to sleep in the comfort of my bed again with five blankets and a soft pillow under my head", he answers you and shifts restlessly, "and maybe I want to eat Harken Cake too and drink warm apple juice."
"Mhm that sounds nice. Oh Sire, I truly miss home." 
"I know Your Highness. Me too."
You turn so your back would be facing the fire. You shiver at first, feeling goosebumps run along your spine and arms. The change in temperature feels so nice on your skin. You can look at Yoongi in this position. His naked feet are buried in the fur you placed on the ground, his hands are folded, rubbing each other for warmth and his head is lowered slightly, eyes half-lidded as well. A single strand of hair had fallen out his bun, hanging into his face. It ends right where his eyebrow arches the highest.
“Do think that Morrok’s men are looking for us?” you ask him.
“I can’t say, perhaps. We killed two of their men and you’re the princess. They lost precious merchandise.”
“They are not going to find us, are they?”
He shakes his head.
You study his face. The flames cast dark shadows on his features, illuminating the rest in warmth.
“You truly aren’t a man of many words are you?”
"I don't have much to say or tell." 
"Oh come now Sire, now you are being mean to yourself. I'm sure you have many stories to tell." 
Yoongi raises his head, looking into your eyes with a sort of bafflement. He squeezes his own hands and lets out a breathy scoff, turning his head away. 
"Tell me something, Sire." 
He exhales through his nose and shakes his head. 
"Come, anything you want to tell." 
He sneaks a glance at you, bouncing his knee up and down twice. 
"I enjoy music", he says quietly, clenching his jaw in embarrassment afterwards.
"Music? Oh that’s nice. I enjoy it too. Do you have a favourite kind of music?" 
"No. I don’t know…" he looks at you again for only a second then he looks away, "…I like songs which tell a story." 
"So the ones with poems in their singing?" 
He nods his head, "or with...emotion in their melodies." 
You find yourself smiling. That is something you truly hadn’t expected from him, yet it feels so perfectly fitting for him now that you know. 
"That's lovely, Sire. I shall hold a festival of song and dance then once we are home."
He furrows his brows in confusion.
"It will be my tribute to you. For keeping me safe and also for being such good company in those endless weeks." 
He flusters, shifting on the spot and touching the side of his neck. You know that he is not going to answer you. He seems too overwhelmed for that. So you turn to warm your stomach and face, closing your eyes in contentment. 
“Are you good at keeping secrets, Sire?”
He hesitates at first. You look at him over your shoulder. 
“Yes", he finally says.
“Well then I want to tell you something because I trust you.”
Yoongi glances at you from the corner of his eyes.
“I didn’t hurt you because you helped my traitorous husband, I hurt you because I was jealous of you.”
He laughs dryly. You turn and send him a glare.
“Don’t laugh, I am telling the truth.”
He stops laughing, looking at you with his face contorted in bafflement.
“Why would you be jealous of me?”
“Because my husband didn’t like what I have between my legs, but instead he liked what you have.”
Yoongi furrows his brows in confusion. You sigh loudly and turn back to the flames.
“I was never intimate with him because he couldn’t harden no matter how hard I tried. Later, I found him hiding behind the door to watch you train. He was touching himself.”
Yoongi widens his eyes and parts his lips.
“I hated you for it and I also felt ashamed”, you lower your eyes, “so I told everybody that I hurt you because you helped my husband that one time. When in reality I hurt you because I wanted revenge because you had what I couldn’t have.”
You sigh and laugh painfully.
“Perhaps that is also another reason why I called you ugly. I felt less ugly myself when I did it.”
Yoongi scoffs and lowers his head.
“Now tell me Sire, how often did you please him?”
“What?” he stares at you in shock.
You turn. There was no anger on your face, no jealousy or distaste. Just honest interest and perhaps childish hopefulness.
“You can be honest with me. Was it every night?”
Yoongi laughs dryly. He looks to the side, outlining the inside of his cheek with his tongue.
“I never pleased him, the only times I interacted with him was when I helped him up and later when I killed him.”
You let out a breath of relief and laugh.
“That feels good to hear. At least my marriage wasn’t as broken as I thought it was.”
Yoongi furrows his brows and grinds his teeth. He watches you throw a little rock into the flames and lower your eyes in sadness afterwards. Perhaps it was the long time he spent with you, but he didn’t like seeing you sad. Not anymore at least. He wants to see you smile. Perhaps he truly was losing his mind.
So he scoots closer to you, so close in fact that the fabrics of your clothes were touching. He drapes his fur across your shoulders, making you lean into him.  
“It wasn’t your fault”, he says.
You turn to look at him. He seems so tall in this position. You resting on the ground between his legs and him sitting on a log. You didn’t mind that he towered over you for the comfort in his gaze gave you the feeling that you and him were equal. 
“It wasn’t your fault that your husband liked the other kind of private parts. And it doesn’t mean that you are ugly.”
You blink rapidly and chuckle nervously. You turn away, staring into the flames with your heart racing in your chest. 
"Do you think I’m beautiful?" you ask him quietly, waiting for his answer with bated breath. 
Yoongi inhales through his nose and exhales loudly. 
"Yes", he whispers so quietly you almost missed it.
You turn, gazing up at him with sparkling eyes. He glances at you, looking up at the ceiling a moment later.
“You are going to fluster me”, you confess in a whisper.
He exhales in a nervous laugh and lowers his head. You study his features, finding magic in the way his nose curved. You draw closer until your arm touched his leg and he tenses up in nervousness.
“Are you like my husband too?” you ask him.
He shakes his head.
“But I never saw you with a woman. Most of my warriors found love with my servants. Why didn’t you?”
“Because they are fools. Love will blind one to one’s duties. If fewer of my men had their minds twisted by a woman then we could have protected the castle, but instead of following their duties they ran to rescue their lovers.”
“And you blame it on the magic of women instead of the human nature of wanting to protect the ones we love? Weren’t you also running to protect my mother?”
“Yes but I…” he falters, “…I did that because it was my duty.”
“Did you love my mother?”
He shakes his head, “not like my men loved their women.”
“But you loved her in a different way.”
“She saved me from death, I owed her.”
“Like a son owes his mother his life?”
You sigh.
“My mother was a great woman. Truly, her death carved a big hole into my chest.”
“It plaques me too”, he confesses in a whisper.
You rest your head against his knee, making him tense up even more. Perhaps it was the dim light of the fire, perhaps it was the privacy of the cave or perhaps it was your body’s desire to feel another’s skin, but you placed your hand on his other knee and danced your thumb over it softly.
“Do you sometimes wish to love like a man loves a woman?”
“Your Highness”, he begins and sighs, “you shouldn’t ask me that question”, he says, moving his knee away.
You sit up, resting on your knees. You are facing him completely, making him visibly scoot back.
“Why not?”
“You don’t want this”, he says and points at his face, “it doesn’t belong side by side with a princess.”
“What makes you think that I was asking this question in my own interest?” you ask, slightly flustered.
Yoongi looks into your eyes, bewildered as well.
“Why did you touch me then?”
“I truly don’t know. Perhaps I lost my mind.”
“Perhaps you did.”
You laugh breathlessly. Yoongi’s eyes race between yours, flitting to your lips ever so often.
He tenses up when you touch his knee again, freezing up more when you straighten up until you are face to face with him.
“Perhaps”, you begin, allowing your hand to slip to the beginning of his inner thigh, “perhaps I truly lost my mind. I think I like you, Sire.”
He lets out a loud laugh, moving his leg away.
“You confuse me”, he presses out.
“Yes!” you exclaim and nod your head, “I confuse myself for I swore to never like you and yet here I am, enjoying your presence and seeking your closeness.”
Yoongi’s eyes race between yours.
“And I understand now why my husband liked you”, you say and laugh, “you see Sire? I am losing my mind.”
Yoongi turns his head away, fumbling with his fingers.
“Your husband was a fool.”
“Yes, he was”, you agree, leaning closer to brush your lips over his neck.
Yoongi raises his shoulder to his ear and flinches away. Your gazes meet in shock.
“Your Highness, did you drink?”
You shake your head, “how?”
“Then stop that. All this walking is making you delusional, you won’t want this once we are home again.”
You lean closer and place a kiss on his scar, right on top of his cheek. You pull back, holding your breath. And while you were holding your breath, Yoongi releases it shakily, eyes looking everywhere but your face.
You kiss it again and again and again until you kissed it from its beginning on Yoongi’s forehead all the way over his eyelid and down to its end on his cheek. 
You pull back after stubbing it with the tip of your nose. Your fingers are hooked behind his neck, your eyes race between his. You have never felt your heart race that much before
“Stop that", he chokes out, closing his fingers around your wrists to pull your hands away. 
You fight his hold, reaching for his face again. He moves away, pulling your hands from his face. 
"Why are you doing this?" he asks, eyes filled with nervous anger.
You kiss the corner of his lips, resting your fingers on his cheeks. He turns his head in your direction for a quick second, gazing at your lips with his eyes half-lidded. Another kiss. It flusters him, making him turn away again.
“Truly, you don’t want this. I'm not a good lover, my hands are rough from fighting and my f-face and body are covered in scars. I'm too ugly for you."
"No you’re not Sire."
"Ha", he lowers his eyes, "yes I am. The court would agree." 
"They’re fools."
"No. You –“
You silence him with a kiss, short and hesitant. He pulls away in an instance, laughing nervously. You give him a smile and draw closer, cupping his cheek and pulling his waist snuck against yours with a strong arm. 
"Ha", he lets out, squirming in your hold and looking at where your body touches his.
You lower your head, claiming his lips in a kiss again. It forces him to lift his head and to close his eyes for you were not intending to stop. You kiss him and kiss him and kiss him some more, sucking on his lower lip until he can’t help but sigh and touch your face. He cups your cheeks with such tenderness that one could believe he was scared to break you. His shoulders are raised to his ears, his legs restless as he squirms in your hold. And still his lips danced with yours, using your sighs and the crackling of the fire as their melodies.
Perhaps you truly had lost your mind for when he tried to pull away you chased him and kissed him deeper until the tip of your tongue was outlining his lips.
Perhaps you truly had lost your mind for when his lips parted and his tongue met yours in the middle, a sound of pleasure slipped past your lips and your fingers reached up to open his hair.
It falls in soft waves, framing his face and twisting between your fingers as you run them through his locks. He shudders at the sensation.
Perhaps you truly lost your mind for when he did the same to you and opened your hair to hold it between his fingers, it drove you on top of his lap until your stomach was pressed against his and you felt his chest trembling in a deep sigh.
Perhaps however you didn’t lose your mind and experiencing the feeling of finally being kissed back made you so addicted to the sensation that you became greedy. And perhaps it made you just that greedier because it was Yoongi you were kissing and he truly had the best lips to kiss.
Yoongi runs his fingers down your spine, dancing them up your back in soft swirls. He cups your face, fingers resting on the sides of your neck. They felt warm on your skin, carrying a sheer layer of sweat on the tips. You know that he was nervous. You were nervous too, you noticed it in the way your fingertips trembled as you ran them along his collarbones and shoulders.
You don’t like Yoongi. You told that to all your friends, your family and you were sure your servants knew as well. You thought it to be true and that it would always stay true, but now as if magic changed your heart you like him. It was scaring you so much that your stomach twisted when he showed the first indicator of enjoyment in the form of a trembling mewl against your lips. Perhaps however your stomach also twisted because you never heard such a sound before and it made you feel warm between your legs.
You break the kiss, resting your forehead against that of Yoongi. You keep your eyes closed, so does Yoongi. His shaking breath is tickling your cheek, intermingling with yours. You touch his cheek, running your thumb over his scar softly. It makes him sigh and his fingers twitch in a gentle grasp.
“I feel there is no going back from here”, you whisper.
“No, there isn’t”, he answers you, tilting his head up to run his lips along your cheek until you turn to claim them in a kiss instead.
He trembles in surprise, pressing his legs together. The movement makes you scoot up his lap and press your core against his crotch.
You and him break the kiss at the same time, both gasping in shock because of what you found.
“Is that how this feels?” you ask, sneaking a glance down his body.
“So it seems”, he murmurs, hiding it behind his big hand.
“Why are you hiding it?”
Your eyes meet.
“Because you are married and my princess.”
You shake your head, “I’m not married anymore, you made sure that I was free of that burden.”
You touch his chest.
“It is so exciting to be the reason a man hardens”, you confess and run your hands down his stomach, “can you show it to me?" 
He hesitates. 
With a nervous sigh slipping past his lips he removes his hand, revealing the prominent dent in his pants to your eyes. 
"That looks so exciting", you whisper, rolling your hips over his thigh at the view, "ah, it makes me feel so warm between my legs." 
Yoongi swallows heavily, "I-I can feel that." 
You look up, cupping his face between your hands.
"Can you show me how it feels to be intimate, Sire?” 
Yoongi blinks rapidly. He shakes his head, “I, I don’t know anything about that.”
“Oh?” you blink vigorously.
He lowers his eyes.
“Well, then do you want to find out about it together?”
Yoongi falters in his answer. You speed up his decision by placing your pointer finger on the swell in his pants and stroking it softly. He bites down on his lower lip, inhaling loudly through his nose and furrowing his brows.
“Your Highness, we’re not of the same rank”, he chokes out, wrapping his fingers around your wrist. His hand is fighting your touch and yet at the same time it is pulling you closer. He has duties to fulfil and yet deep down his desire to follow them was lost the moment you kissed his neck.
“I don’t care, that is the great thing about being the princess, I can choose who I want to court.”
“And you choose me?”
“Because I like you, Sire.”
Yoongi closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He releases it in a surprised grunt as he feels your lips against his neck all of a sudden. You are holding his hair away, playing with it mindlessly as your lips continue their endless dance. You can feel his vein twitch as his heart skips a beat and for the first time tonight you are making a sound as well. It feels more exciting than you had imagined it to feel.
"Please Sire, I want to experience it with you", you plead, cupping his hardened length and rubbing it slowly. 
He grunts and trembles, big hands landing on your hips. He stands up with you then, carrying you to the fire to place you on top of the fur. You look at him. His golden hair is hanging into his face, falling on each side of your head and shielding you from everything except his features.
You reach up and trace his scar again. He closes his eyes and parts his lips in a shaky exhale.
Yoongi remembers many occasions where you touched his scar and yet he never felt such comfort from it as he does tonight. There was no disgust in your touch, no anger or coldness. Just tenderness and a certain awe, which left his chest feeling light. It also made it tingle as if fire fairies were fluttering inside of it.
He leans down and places a kiss on your neck in the same way you kissed his’. You shiver, picking up a big bundle of his hair. It tickles your skin, following Yoongi’s movements as he kisses along your neck to reach the other side.
You sigh his name and close your eyes, parting your legs for your middle burned unbearably. It allows his body to draw closer and for his hips to rest against yours. You can feel how hard he was, it rubs against your core and soaks your pants in your wetness. 
Kissing your neck comes so natural to him. He never did what his fellow soldiers did with their women. He didn’t even read about it, let alone talk about it to other people and yet in this moment he felt that kissing your neck was the only right thing to do. Not only for you, but also for him. Oh how many times he fantasized about wrapping his fingers around your neck and squeezing until you finally drew your last breath. Oh how many times he wished for you to slip on the stairs and break it in your fall. Those desires sound like those of a cruel madman in his mind now. He doesn’t want to destroy such a delicate neck anymore, not when he can worship it in kisses instead.
“Oh”, you let out and try to breathe only to end up choking on your air and having to laugh.
Yoongi lifts his head, looking at you in confusion.
“You made me choke on my own air”, you confess and laugh, “oh this feels so good. Do it again."
Yoongi licks over his lips and lowers himself again. He may know nothing about the intimacies between man and woman, but he knows that kissing your neck made you shiver beneath him. He knows that this was a good sign and so he continues what he is good at in fear that if he did something new you wouldn’t enjoy it.
You abandon his hair to touch his arms instead. They are tense in the position, holding up his body with little struggle. You run them along the ridges of his muscles until you abandon them for the sake of feeling his torso instead. First his neck, you run your fingers along the soft curve of where his neck meets his shoulders then dance them to the nape of it to play with the fine hair on it. For only a second you allowed your fingers to linger then it was already time for them to explore a new inch of his body. The movement made the strings of his tunic open at the front, revealing his heated chest to your fingertips.
He squirms above you, losing his way and kissing your collarbones instead of your neck. You sigh, slipping your hand into his tunic to caress his pecs. They were sculpted from the heavy fighting he had to do in his years as your warrior for the Glass Mountains with its Ruby Valleys and Emerald Lakes were always a conflict ridden country. It became worse with the arrival of Morrok the madman and Yoongi and his warriors spent many months away from the castle, ridding the land of his followers and keeping the peace for as best as possible.
You hope – as you run your fingers along every single scar – that you have enough magic in your fingertips to heal the memories they bear with them. After weeks and weeks of hunger, thirst and frozen limbs you know exactly the pains and discomforts he must have endured on his journeys.
You brush your fingers over his nipple, making him snap up in a shudder of his body and a shaky gasp. His eyes are widened, blinking rapidly. Your fingers rest frozen on his chest, allowing your warmth to soak even the deepest parts of his body.
“What?” you ask him.
“What did you just do?”
You repeat what you had done, watching how it makes his lips part in a silent moan. They close again a second later, the tip of his tongue coming out to wet them. Oh how rosy his lips are and how pretty they glisten in the shine of the fire.
You do it again. Feeling his nipple pebble and his chest rumble in a barely there moan. He exhales shakily, corners of his mouth curling upwards.
“What?” you stress, “why are you reacting like that?”
Yoongi moves without words. He opens the strings of your tunic and slips his hand inside. Your eyes widen. On the ceiling of the cave the flames make sceneries of dancing shadows appear and yet all you can truly take in is Yoongi slipping the tunic to the side, cupping your breast and then wrapping his lips around your nipple.
“Sire!” you gasp, fighting for air with your lips opening and closing repeatedly.
Such warmth. It seeps into your skin until it reaches your heart. You tremble as Yoongi flicks his tongue over your swollen pebble just this moment. You laugh and tug on his hair. He releases you with a quiet bop of his lips, flitting his eyes up in a silent question as to why you stopped him.
The truth was that the sensation scared you. It felt too good and you feared that if he continued you would lose control over your body.
“Did I go too far?” he asks with his voice slightly raspy in arousal.
You nod your head, “I fear that if you continue I might lose control over my body. I heard that it will subside again once you reach your high, but what if I am different and I will never be normal again?”
Yoongi scoffs, flustering you.
“Why are you laughing? What if you will never be normal either?”
“I stopped being normal the moment you kissed my neck, Your Highness, I’m not scared of losing myself.”
You lower your eyes, “now you are making me seem like such a coward.”
He chuckles softly, lowering his head to your chest. He darts his tongue out and flicks it over your nipple.
“Oh”, you gasp, widening your eyes for only a second before closing them. One more flick of his tongue and you let go of his hair to hold his shoulders instead. Perhaps you need to be braver. You survived being beaten and tied up in the cold, you survived having to walk for days without water or food let alone sleep. You will survive the unbearable heat of Yoongi’s touch as well, including all the consequences it bears.
Yoongi kisses the skin next to your nipple then follows the path his pointer finger paints until he is on your neck again. You shiver, hugging him closer so you could feel his naked chest press against your exposed breasts. You didn’t even know that another person’s skin can feel so good against your own.
“Yoongi”, you sigh.
“Yes, Your Highness?” Yoongi whispers, breath ghosting over the shell of your ear.
“I want to know how it feels to be breached.”
“Are you sure Your Highness?”
“Yes. Do you want to give me your innocence too?”
He looks into your eyes and then something happens to his face you thought would never happen to his face. The ivory of his cheeks turns the softest red. It spreads all across his nose as well.
“Yes, Your Highness”, he confesses, making your heart skip a beat in your chest.
So you and him undress messily, hiding under the fur not only to keep the cold out but also because it was too scary to share your state of complete nudity with each other.
Yoongi claims the spot between your legs, breathing heavily for his heart was almost giving up on him in excitement. While he never read about the intimacies between a man and a woman let alone talked to somebody about it, his mind still spent many hours imagining how it must feel like. And while a few weeks ago he never imagined to experience it with his princess, that image had changed ever since he snuck one fateful glance at your bared body as you bathed in the river.
Your eyes meet in a hesitant gaze.
“Are you just as excited as I am?” you ask him.
He nods his head.
“It will feel really good, don’t you think?”
“Yes, Your Highness.”
“Come closer and breach me, Sire”, you stress, grasping his hips and rolling your own up to meet his middle.
He shivers at the sensation, bucking his hips forwards.
He stops, eyes widening in surprise. He slipped inside, only an inch, yet it is enough to make his back tense and his legs shake.
“More”, you sigh, forcing him deeper by wrapping your legs around him.
Yoongi grunts and buries his face in the crook of your neck. This is better than he imagined it to feel. This is so much better.
“It burns a little. Does it burn for you too?” you ask him slightly out of breath.
He shakes his head.
“How peculiar, it feels so peculiar.”
Yoongi is fighting with his air. He truly didn’t think it would feel so good.
“Try to move”, you order him.
He moves his hips back and forth, forcing a loud moan to slip past his lips. He falters and stops, face feeling as if it was on fire.
“I apologize”, he whispers.
Oh your stomach is clenching so much. You have never heard him make a sound before. Yoongi can take every beating and torture life throws at him without making a sound and yet when he is buried inside of you, lost in pleasure, he can’t stay quiet. It is so exhilarating to experience.
“No, don't apologize. Hearing your sound made me wetter. Do it again Sire”, you encourage him. You run your fingers to his bottom and squeeze it gently, “move inside of me and make a sound, it feels so good when you do.”
Yoongi rolls his hips into yours smoothly and moans. You arch your back and wrap your arms around him.
“Yes, oh that feels so good”, you sigh and reward him with a clench of your walls.
He continues his slow movements, pausing in between to catch his breath. His stomach is tensing in such peculiar ways and while it tempted him to keep moving to see where this tension would lead him, he was scared that if he did he would reach places where there is no coming back from. So he pauses in between to leave sloppy kisses on your neck and gain back control of his body.
“Yes that feels really good, oh Sire this is so nice”, you praise him in soft moans, running your fingers through his long hair. It tickles your shoulders and parts of your face and short strands of it were sticking to his forehead as it became terribly hot under the fur. And while you felt pearls of sweat run down your own chest, you still hugged him closer with your other arm, making him lower himself until your breasts were brushing against his chest.
The new closeness makes his lower stomach rub against your core. It sends the most peculiar yet magical sensation through your veins. Warmth. Such incredible warmth.
“Yoongi”, you gasp, curling your toes and pressing your heels into the back of his thighs.
“Yes, Your Highness?” he asks, panting heavily afterwards.
“This feels better than good”, you confess and squeak softly. Your fingers twitch on his back until your nails are digging into his skin.
He grunts and sucks on your neck desperately. He rolls his hips into you, feeling you grind against him. You are so wet around him and so warm too. And oh so tight, he didn’t know that he could be squeezed that much. 
You pull him closer, burying your fingers in his hair. Your lips are pressed against his shoulder, your legs shaking uncontrollably.
“Oh my s-stomach is tensing”, you pause to gasp for air, “Sire, Sire I’m close.”
“Me too Your Highness”, he answers you and moans against the shell of your ear. It sends shivers all the way down to your toes. The shivers lingered in your middle for a while, making you squeeze around him.
Yoongi grunts and reaches for your hand. He presses it into the fur and squeezes it tightly.
“Don’t tense that much”, he chokes out, grinding his teeth.
“I, I can’t help – “, a gasp for air, “– help it.”
You squeeze his hand, Yoongi answers you by squeezing it as well. So tightly in fact that you fear he might break something.
“Your Highness, please relax”, he begs desperately.
“I…can’t…it’s…so…good”, you sigh and let your mouth fall open. A moan ripples through you then you grow silent as the tension on your stomach breaks in a second, leaving you to tremble and burn like you had never done before.
Yoongi grunts painfully and falters, hiding his face in your shoulder. You are squeezing him too much, he is too sensitive.
“Your Highness”, he chokes out shakily, feeling his mind become blank and his vision turn black as his body releases all the tension in a series of uncontrollable spasms.
You take his release with your eyes rolled back and your eyelids fluttering, basking in the sensations. So that is how it feels like when a man desires your body so much that an orgasm shakes him. It feels so exhilarating that a single tear of bliss escapes the corner of your eye and runs down your cheek.
Yoongi whimpers and shakes one last time, forcing a trembling breath past his lips. The pressure on your hand stops as he finally relaxes, a pressure on your chest replaces it as he collapses on top of you.
You close your eyes and relax under the weight of his body. You feel so warm again. After weeks and weeks of painful cold, you finally feel truly warm again.
“This was magical”, you whisper.
“Yes”, he agrees and nuzzles his nose against your neck.
“You don’t regret it, do you?”
“No, Your Highness.”
“Please Yoongi, call me by my name.”
Yoongi lifts his head. He cups your cheek.
“___, it feels strange to say out loud”, he whispers and smiles, showing you the shape of his teeth for the first time ever since you knew him.
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hello everyone here's a list of all my favourite yoongi fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs 🥺🖤 some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
set me free by @myooniverse f s a (arranged marriage au) ❣
noise complaints by @sugasbabiie s a (neighbour au bad boy yoongi)
earn it by @sugasbabiie f s a (college professor yoongi) ❣
you, among the others by @inkofyoongi f s a (enemies to lovers au college au) ❣
all the room in the world by @inkofyoongi f a (friends to lovers au)
the singularity theory by @dovechim s (college au) ft. Taehyung
catharsis by @dovechim s (roommate au)
does that make sense? by @floralseokjin s a (college au) ❣
aquiver by @floralseokjin f s a (idol au) ❣
undo by @yoonia s a (past lovers au post break au yoongi's pov) ❣
little do you know by @yoonia f s a (established relationship au possessive yoongi)
carousel by @yoonia s a (arranged marriage au) ❣
quirofilia by @minyfic f s (producer yoongi tutor reader)
snafu by @minyfic f (enemies to lovers au)
need to know by @minyfic f s a (sugar daddy yoongi) ❣
love roulette by @whatifyoulivelikethat f s (friends to lovers au)
backstage by @wwilloww s (idol au) ❣
noise complaints by @jkstompers s (neighbour au)
the raindrop prelude by @inktae f a (pianist au)
taxi by @honeyedhoseok s (friends to lovers au)
playing with fire by @houseofdemi-blog f s a (fake dating au) ❣
bonseong breakfast by @honeymoonjin f s a
strike a chord by @snackhobi s ❣
kiss it better by @jeojahari f a (enemies to lovers au college au)
tesselation by @grinnieyoongi f s (idol au)
somebody else by @jeonqukie s a (unrequited love au friends with benefits au) ft. Taehyung ❣
la douleur exquise by @junqkook s a (soulmate au unrequited love au ) ft. Seokjin ❣
playing with fire by @hollyxqx s a (idol au enemies to lovers au) ❣
scary love by @lysjeon s a
the equation of love by @kookingtae f s a (college au professor yoongi student reader) ❣
when the power goes out by @inkjam-moon f s (established relationship au) ❣
what am I to you? by @tayegi
all too well by @cupofteaguk s a (idol au exes au make up artist au) ❣
bad boys bring it to you by @yuengi s (tattoo artist yoongi)
Till I Met You Again by @streetlight11​ f a (soulmate au university au enemies to lovers au) ❣
let me love you by @meanyoongi f s a (enemies to lovers au) ❣
MicroWave by @btsmakesmehappy f s a (neighbour au agent yoongi)
First love by @clouditae f s a (college au tattoo artist au) ❣
americano kisses by @sunshinejunghoseokie f a (friends to lovers au coffee shop au)
34+35 by @hobiandsprite s (friends to lovers au friends with benefits au)
love language by @gukslut f s a (couple au) ❣
easy rebound by @ditzymax s a (college au) ❣
the back of your car by @joheun-saram f s (college au friends to lovers au)
miss dial by @versigny f s a (fratboy au) ❣
sugar and spice by @agustdjoon f s a (sugar daddy yoongi student reader)
love like that by @mintseesaw f (doctor au established relationship au)
stuck by @joonscypher a (arranged marriage au chaebol au) ❣
matchmaker by @suhdays f a (wedding au christmas au it's told through jungkook's pov)
heart haunting by @jamaisjoons f s a (angst okay you will probably cry but other than that it's a really good read) ❣
anyone but the groom by @yoonjinkooked f s a (based on the movie the wedding planner) ❣
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ggukkieland · 2 months ago
📚BTS Fic Reads - 2021 Aug Pt. 2
I enjoyed last month’s reading list 🥰. Variety of themes from genies to superheroes to hybrids to doctors to slice of life. I also think I said and commented a lot on each fic because I couldn’t help express how I feel 💖
Kudos to these authors for making my exhausting Aug a bearable one 🥰
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🌷 Aug 2021 Fic Reads Part 1:  Ongoing Series
all members
Tumblr media
🥕 [Completed Fics/Series]
Tip: If link doesn’t work, click on author and go to their masterlist S - smut | F - fluff | A - angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After Rain @rmverse - one shot | 12.8k | kind of supernatural, patient!namjoon x patient!reader, hurt/comfort, strangers to lovers, lucid dreams at one point | f, s, slight a
Are You Allowed to Tell God to Suck It + Blossom  @min-youngis​ - two shot | 3.7k | Angel AU, Angel!Reader, Human!Namjoon, CEO Namjoon, sort of established relationship, some philosophical talks | f
Competitive @jjksblackgf​ - drabble | 1k | enemies to lovers, college au (grad school?), rivalry turned sexy thanks to one hot namjoon | f
Hit the Back @ironicarmy (deactivated) - one shot | 6.6k | fratboy au, stem major!reader, college au, car wash au, summer au, friends to lovers | s, slight f (no updates yet if author will re-post but will put this here in case it gets posted again)
Hourglass @joonbird​ - drabble | 750 wc | strangers to lovers, strangers on a train | s
Inner Universe @donewithjeon​ - one shot | 6.9k | College AU, disability themes | a, f
Rental Series @moononthejoon (deactivated but on AO3) - one shot + drabble series | 30.9k | Fake Dating? (more of Rent a Boyfriend), Psychologist!Namjoon, Rental Drabble: Established Relationship, Boyfriend AU, Husband AU, Parenting AU | s, f, a (linked the AO3 in my reblog)
Tumblr media
29 + 1 @taeescript​ - series [3/3] | 21.9k | CEO!Seokjin, Seokin is the devil from The Devil Wears Prada (he was really mean T_T), slice of life, enemies to lovers, intern!oc, date/companion oc to gala (not really fake dating but seokjin needs her to help his image) | a, s, f
Code Blue @saladejin​ - one shot | 4.5k | doctor!seokjin x nurse!reader, hospital au, humor, lots of teasing | f
Exes and Superher-O’s @kpopfanfictrash - two shot | 59k | Superhero AU, Enemies to Lovers AU, Action, Exes AU, eventually Boyfriend AU (Part 2) | a, f, s
Gold Embers Touch the Blue Veil @magicalsalamander​ - one shot | 19.5k | Avatar AU, Fire Bender!Seokjin, Water Bender!OC, Enemies to Lovers, Military AU, Warrior!OC | a, s
Tumblr media
.Docx @yngpraisebot​ - one shot | 4.4k | CEO!Yoongi, dom themes, harassment themes (proceed with caution) | s
“Are You Flirting With Me” @rmverse - drabble | 1k? | barista!reader, prompt: “Are you flirting with me?” / “You finally noticed?” | f
2am @sunshinejoon​ - series [4/4] | 5.7k | established relationship, semi-break up au, she thinks he’s fooling around (?) | a
A Scam Marriage @xotoosweet​ - one shot | 4k | arranged marriage (marriage of convenience), grad school au, architecture major!yoongi, psychology!oc, college au, friends to lovers, some unrequited pining | f  
Breakfast in Bed @joonbird - one shot | 12k | IKEA Employee!Yoongi, bed display crasher OC, strangers to lovers, crack/humor, retail AU | s, f (really hot and yet tooth rotting fluff)
Helping Out @itsallabouthedetails​ - one shot | 2.5k | OC is Jin’s roommate, but Yoongi helping her with cramps | s
Mortalised @minyfic​ - one shot | 5.5k | dilf!yoongi, single dad au, bestfriend au, they live apart but Yoongi visited OC, a proposition… | s, f
Not Around @minyfic - one shot | 19.8k | best friend’s boyfriend, basketball player!yoongi x cheerleader!oc, college au | a, f, s
Off the Deep End @boymeetsweevil​ - one shot | 17.5k | kind of sci-fi?, mermaid!yoongi, fwb au, slice of life-ish | s, a, slight f
Petrichor @donewithjeon - one shot | 10k | barista!reader, coffee shop au, yoongi is not the type who stays | a, s
Post-it Note @couture-kookie​ - one shot | 6k | Neighbor AU, Enemies to Lovers, that turned sort of BDSM | s
Snake Kisses @peekaboongi​ - one shot | 8.5k | Hybrid AU, Snake Hybrid Yoongi, fluffy ending | s, f  
Tumblr media
Absolution @junghelioseok​ - one shot | 21.9k | action, secret agent au, secret identity themes, part of the crosshairs/budapest universe | s 🌷
Angsty Divorced Parents drabble @ughcore - drabble | 700 wc | exes au, infidelity themes, parents au | a 🌷
Golden Hour @snackhobi - drabble  | 2.6k | sfw, magic au | f
I Don’t Know What to Call This @httphopewrld​ - one shot | 16.4k | idol!hoseok, friends to lovers, sort of fwb au | s, a, f
Remember Me Not @taeescript - one shot | 14.5k | genie!hoseok, fantasy au, sort of star crossed lovers, bestfriend au, memory-alter themes, sort of reincarnation too? | a, f 🌷
Tumblr media
Blazing Arrows @kingminie​ - series [7/7] | 35.3k | Unrequited Love (for Jungkook). Love Triangle themes, Cupid!Jimin, kind of Roommate!Jimin too | f, a (wasn’t expecting this to be angsty T_T)
Spring Leaves @alilbihh​ - one shot | 11.5k | witch!jimin, witch!reader, arranged marriage au, kind of slice of life but world is more on fantasy, slow burn | f (tooth-rotting fluff 🥰)  
The Call to You @1lyhobi​ - one shot | 2k | werewolf au, alpha!reader, mating themes | s
You Have (1) New Voicemail @coepiteamare​ - one shot | 4.9k | epistolary (all through voicemail), mystery (because we don’t know where Jimin is), sort of falling out? | a (perfect angst) 🌷
Tumblr media
A Crow Without Wings @kissmetae​ - one shot | 5.8k | demon!taehyung (the sweetest demon), but dark scenario (must be in soul form for them to be together) | s, a
Apartment 512 + About the Boy @moononthejoon (deactivated, but on AO3) - one shot + drabble series | 41.3k | neighbor au, fwb au, sort of enemies to lovers, college au (originally), tattooed!taehyung, eventually boyfriend AU, husband AU, post-grad AU | f, s, a
Can’t Flaunt What’s Not Yours @turtletaemin​ - one shot | 6k | FWB AU, OC nonchalant about their fuckbuddy situation but got jealous (and bitchy) | s, a, f  
Corruption @95boysbe - one shot | 2.5k | established relationship, boyfriend!taehyung loves corrupting OC | s, slight f
Fantasies @anoddkpopfan​ - one shot | 2.7k | dom!taehyung, college au, gaming buddy!Taehyung | s
Friends @hobistagram​ - drabble | 1.7k | best friend au, idol au, oc suddenly revealed she had a crush on him before | f
Good Luck Charm @gukyi​ - one shot | 11k | Bestfriend AU, Unrequited AU (for OC), Roommate AU, Actor!Taehyung | f, a
Letters @bangtanocean​ - series [3/3] | 10.3k | historical au, soulmate au, feat Prince!Yoongi, chef!oc, soldier!taehyung (commander), war themes?, heavy angst | s, f, a
North Star @kainks - drabble | 1.8k | god AU, Fantasy AU, Christmas AU, Soulmate AU, Reincarnation AU | f
Once Upon a Boy @eternally-writing​ - drabble | 2.8k | rich!taehyung, strangers to lovers, Cinderella AU | f, a
One Last Time @softjaehyvn​ - one shot | 3.6k | actor!taehyung x actress!reader, break up au, co-worker au | a, f
Pluto Protector @kitsutaes - drabble | 2.6k | childhood friends, bestfriend AU, artist!taehyung, astrophysicist!reader | f
Poetry of the Stars @jjiimin​ - one shot | 25.4k | hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers, best friend’s brother, heavy themes (please check tags) | f, a
SPH @venusjeon​ - drabble | 2.2k | FWB AU, humor, SPH stands for ‘small penis humiliation’ 😂, bad parent themes but taehyung is such a sweetheart to make your world better | s, a, f  
When a Ladybug Meets a Spider @gxtsmxt-blog​ - one shot | 14.1k | College AU, Tarantula Owner!Taehyung, Dorm mate!OC, humor (really cute and quirky) | a, f, s  🌷
Tumblr media
↬ One-shots | Drabbles
12:49 PM @likeastarstar​ - drabble | 424 wc | bad boy!jungkook (or so it seems because people are judgers), a little plot twist on characters (who goes soft for wildflowers? who rides the bike?) | f 🌷
Apodyopsis @jeonsjiddies​ - one shot | 12k | Nude Model!Jungkook, Artist!OC, strangers to lovers, Kookie has a sad backstory but he’ll give you whiplash with his triplicity (boy with a story that makes me sad, cocky/flirty, feral!jk - take your pick) | s 🌷
Autumn: My Old Story @thedefinitionofbts​ - one shot | 9.5k | Werewolf AU, supernatural au, sort of childhood friends  | a (beautifully written angst) 🌷
Bunny @btssmutgalore​ - one shot | 17.5k | friends to lovers, shy!jungkook, camboy au, secret identity | s 🌷
Cheer @btssaysstudy​ - one shot | 9.9k | cheerleader!oc, athlete!jungkook, rugby, college au | f
Combative @smasmashin​ - one shot (with ongoing drabbles) | 6.2k | Fuck or Die AU, Assassin AU, kinda alien too? (feat Alien!Seokjin), Enemies to Lovers, Crack/Humor | S (pwp) 🌷
Fighter @eureka-its-zico​ - one shot | 4.8k | strangers to lovers, tsundere!jungkook, bartender!oc, bar AU, ex-fighter!jungkook, protective!jungkook *yes yes* | s, a 🌷
Green Room @honeymoonjin​ - drabble | 1.8k | idol au, jealous!jungkook, exhibitionist (because he’s so jealous of Hoseok 😁) | s 🌷
Hot Ones @yoon-kooks​ - one shot | 5.1k | FWB AU, Co-worker AU, idol!jungkook, sort of Bet AU (over array of deadly hot sauce samples) | f 🌷
Illusions of Choice @hobibliophile​ - one shot | 7.3k | heir au, arranged marriage au, supposedly arranged with the older brother but got arranged with jungkook instead after brother’s death | a, f, s
I Think I’m in Love With You and I’m Terrified @cupofteaguk - drabble | 1.9k | fake dating au, unrequited love for Kookie because he couldn’t say how he feels | f 🌷
I Want You @moonlightchildz​ - one shot | 13k | slow burn, strangers to lovers, eventual friends, virgin!reader (and only wants Jungkook) | s, f  🌷
Just For Tonight @jungkxook​ - one shot | 17.7k | strangers to lovers, dare au (inspired by the film Nerve), party au | s, f 🌷
Kinky Hours Drabble: Single Dad!JK and Babysitter!OC @lavishedinjimin - drabble | 1k | Nanny!OC, DILF!Jungkook, single dad au who is also sexually frustrated, age gap (consenting adults) | s 🔥 🌷
Koopid @gwoongi​ - one shot | 4.7k | feat. Namjoon (viewer), porn stars Jungkook and OC, established relationship, all the acts are seen through Namjoon’s viewing experience | s, kind of f 🌷
Losing Game @kookaine​ - drabble | 988 wc | villain!jungkook, dystopian, apocalypse | a (heavy)
Morning After @jmnjmnjmn​ - drabble | 1k | one night stand AU, friends to lovers, really cute | f 🌷
Mr. & Mrs. Jeon @taetaesbaebaepsae​ - one shot | 7.1k | assassin au, husband au, secret identities, Mr. and Mrs. Smith adaptation | a, f, s
Nothing Compares 2U + Since U Been Gone @burberryplaid - drabble | 790 wc | idol au, breakup au, themes of cheating (someone is rumored with jk) | a
One on One @thatmultifandomhoe​ - one shot | 3.1k | College AU, Sports AU, Boxer AU | f (really cute) 🌷
Pearls and Pastries @masterninjacow​ - one shot | 3.6k | baker!reader, pirate!jungkook, fantasy, pining, medieval au | f, a
Philtatos @sweetbunnykook​ - drabble | 2.1k | god AU, hades’ son!Jungkook, soulmate AU, established relationship 🌷
Quarter Life Crisis @heungtanbts - one shot | 25k | slow burn, bestfriend AU, idiots to lovers, OC experiencing quarter life crisis and they think the solution is for her to get a boyfriend, some angst from one silent bunny | a, f, implied s 🌷
Revenge is Brutally Sweet @yumeyooa​ - one shot | 14.6k | guitarist!jungkook, vocalist!reader, band au, high school au, post break up au, exes au | a, slight f
Sacrifices @jiminiethot - one shot | 4.4k | Gamer!Jungkook, Parenting AU, Husband AU, Unplanned pregnancy, really sweet and was part of my established rel fic rec list for jungkook | f, s 🌷
Sleeposal @joyfulhopelox​ - drabble | 2.8k | boyfriend AU, sleep talker!jungkook proposing in his sleep, really cute!, proposal AU | f 🌷
Snaps @cryxtal-moon​ - one shot | 10.3k | photographer!jungkook, assistant!oc, neighbor au, producer!oc | f (really cute)
Somebody That I Used to Know @imyourhobiii​ - one shot | 9.7k | childhood best friends, roommate au, fwb au, waterpark au, falling out type of fic, really angsty | a, s
Still With You @kooktrash​ - one shot | 4k? | Strangers to Lovers, summer romance type, sort of Exes (but not really because they weren’t officially together) | a, s, f 🌷
The Art of Cheating @justcallmenikki7 - one shot | 1.3k | soulmate au, soulmate marks (they see what is written on their skin except name, phone number, address) | f
The Big Cats @breakiebunny​ - one shot | 10.5k | Mafia AU, Hybrid AU, Amur Leopard!Jungkook,  enemies to lovers, last amur leopard hybrids alive (they need to mate) | a, s
The Cheetah Lounge @kookiecrumb​ - one shot | 2.3k | Kookie just got fired, OC is the girl he sees on the subway on his way to work every day, party/club setting | s, slight f
The Lighthouse @rubycoast​ - one shot | 12k | strangers to lovers, pining, tsundere!jungkook in the beginning, friends to lovers, kind of supernatural, plot twist | a, f  🌷
The Lines Between Us @chateautae​ - one shot | 10k | detective!jungkook, enemies to lovers, slight fantasy, FWB AU, coworker au,  | s, a 🌷
The Pool Boy @idolimagines - one shot | 8.1k | pool boy!jungkook, executive!OC, recently divorced OC, hired employee!jungkook, noona cougar vibes | s, f 🌷
This Time Around @alternateafterthought​ - one shot | 22k | strangers to lovers, hybrid au, both of them are rare snow leopard hybrids, forced to breed (rare hybrid type), kind of action (? when they were trying to escape), OT7 | a, s, f 🌷
Trick @blkjmn​ - one shot | 4.4k | Piercer!Jungkook, tattoo artist AU, OC getting a clit piercing | s 🌷
True Damage @krreader - drabble | 1.3k | idol!reader, rivals on the outside but friends but JK messed up | a
War of Hormones @babiekaykes​ - one shot | 5.6k | Werewolf!Jungkook, supernatural, Established Relationship, Boyfriend AU, Alpha!Jungkook who is scared of touching OC (afraid of hurting her and this is the point of the story because OC is ready to take their relationship to the next level) | s, f 🌷
You @breakiebunny - one shot | 10.7k | childhood bestfriend, former fling, idol!jungkook, OC in a relationship (but abusive one), protective!koo | a, f, s
Your Every Wish is my Command @jeonggukingdom​ - one shot | 13.6k | genie!jungkook, fantasy (a bit), sort of star-crossed? (not sure how a genie and human can end up together and that made me sad a bit) | s, f, a 🌷
Tumblr media
↬ Two-shots | Series
50% Cotton + 50% Polyester @perpetually-jungshook - two shot | 11.8k | Shy!Jungkook, virgin!jungkook, College AU, friends to lovers | f, s 🌷
All The Times You Knocked @taehyung-the-baehyung​ - drabble series [5/?] | 5k+ | neighbor au, slice of life, strangers to lovers | f, a (I don’t think it’ll be completed but it’s a good read ^_^) 🌷
Glitter and Disquiet @joheunsaram​ - two shot | 36k | heir au, ceo au, youtuber!oc, virgin!jungkook, gaming company, post grad au, enemies to lovers | a, f, s
Hiraeth @darlingwoes - series [15/15] | 54k | Royalty AU, Time Travel AU, Fantasy, Slow Burn, sort of starcrossed | f, s, a 🌷
Hot Summer @httphopewrld - two shot | 15.4k | Jungkook is the boy across the street, tattoo artist!jungkook, voyeurism (? OC could see JK and his ex-gf across), eventual established relationship, angst due to OC not admitting about seeing him through his window | s, a, f
Irrevocably Yours, Part 2 @eureka-its-zico - series [2/3] | 29.2k+ | Enemies to Lovers, slow burn, Rich!Jungkook but now adjusting to his situation, disability themes (jk had an accident which now affected his leg), hurt/comfort,, First Love type of fic, really cute | f, a 🌷
(also I realized this is not completed yet but it’s doesn’t have that cliffhanger-ish type of plot so you can still read and feel satisfied with how things ended so far)
Payback @thatsabae​ - series [12/12] | 21.8k | strangers to lovers, their partners are cheating on them, revenge au, comedy, friends to lovers | a, f
Somewhere Only We Know (Final) @qersona​ - series [4/4] | 21k | Hybrid AU, FWB AU, childhood friends au, enemies to lovers, college AU, unrequited (for OC), sports (JK) | s, a, f (this was part of my Aug 2020 reading list so we’ve come a full circle here 🥰) 🌷
Sweet Like Sugar @defsoulstation​ - series [3/3] | 4.5k | Werewolf AU, Noona!OC, a/b/o dynamics but OC is human, Jungkook is like one big puppy who likes Noona who gives him food 🥺(but went feral during his heat) | a, f 🌷
They Were Liars @kooktrash - series [8/8] | 23k | College AU, Neighbor AU, Fake Dating AU, sort of FWB AU, OC recently broke up with hoseok (caught him cheating) and concocted a “fake dating” plan with the neighbor | s, a, f
Tumblr media
The Switch @kookingtae​ - one shot | 9k | Established Relationship (Hoseok), Christmas AU, Poly AU, fantasy I guess? (members can switch during sex so she gets to try them all in different stages of smut *wink wink*) | s, f 🌷
Tumblr media
posted: 2021 Sep 04
link to other reading lists
other fic rec lists (by theme)
I love to read so feel free to message me about fics! 🌷
Tumblr media
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jxngh · 11 hours ago
just do this face on top of me nd i will d.e happily you gorgeous hawtie rapper genius boi
( is it just me or y'all are absolutely whore for him too ? )
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yoonpobs · 3 months ago
back-burner | myg
Tumblr media
sometimes you felt like you were the back-burner of a two-decade-long friendship. how could you ever compete?
PAIRING. min yoongi x reader
GENRE. sister's best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, sorta frenemies?to lovers!au, angst, *slow burn*, smut, fluff
WARNINGS. one-sided pining (?), longing, sibling jealousy, insecurities, miscommunication, family trauma (it's not as bad as it sounds!!!), explicit language, eventual smut, eventual fluff, MAJOR ANGST, sexual harassment, mentions of poor mental health, alcohol as a coping mechanism (minor), mentions of poor health, neglecting one's health [warnings to be added!!!]
STATUS completed
Tumblr media
BACK-BURNER PLAYLIST made by the lovely @purest-expressionofgrief
Tumblr media
01: drunk words can get you in trouble
02: some shine brighter than the rest but it gets dark sometimes
03: use your words
04: just for tonight, you'll try to forget
05: you give and you give until you have nothing left for people to take
06: you were a fire, and you burnt anything that came in your way
07: what you know, isn't always the truth
08: hidden conversations and truths
09: how much would you let yourself go?
10: two broken hearts
11: you were the sun; he'd burn to keep himself close
12: what is free, will sometimes hurt
13: do it for you, if not for anyone else
14: when one door closes, another one opens
15: [epilogue] to begin; again
Tumblr media
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lavishedinjimin · 12 months ago
kinky hours masterlist
Tumblr media
— all drabbles are 18+. for adults, by adults, about adults. all are for f.readers!
— do not repost anywhere outside of tumblr. 
Tumblr media
rules before sending a request 
mean daddy jk denies sub!reader of his touch/name-calling/degradation
OC asks for kisses during sex and jk finds it adorable
stressed jk getting pissed off at OC’s attitude/manhandling/ball gag
crybaby™ jk x reader/ jk licking the tears off of OC’s cheeks
criminal!jk x officer!reader/kidnapped/imagine butter era jk’s concept photo vr.2
brat tamer jungkook/punishes reader for being a spoiled brat lol
sub!jungkook is tied up/giving him oral/tracing his arm tats with your tongue
ex-bf jungkook/argument turns into hate sex/reader cheated on namjoon lmao
hand kink/making origamis with daddy!jk/gagging
single dad jk/apologizing that he fucked you too hard/babysitter reader
crybaby™ jk x reader but OC uses her safeword
daddy jk takes care of you after not having sex for weeks
he finds out that you’re a Little/daddy!jk
cumming inside you without protection/creampie kink
eating you out with whipped cream
dom!jk/dirty talk/window sex
reader squirts and jungkook’s “give me more”
atgggth™ jk/eating pussy/whiny reader
jk fucks you while standing
spitting in mouth/overwhelmed reader
dom!jk/bratty reader
crybaby!jk/anal play with sub reader/ddlg 
jungkook finding your moans adorable
softdom!jk/rainy ambience/dirty talk/cuddling 
chubby reader/rough sex/praise
horny jk comes home while you’re cooking
crybaby™ jk/reader wearing cat ears and tail
riding jk’s thigh while spooning
overstimulation/clit torture/squirting
dom!jk pinning you down as he fucks you
daddy jk and his corruption kink
soft jk but reader wants it harder, hmmppp >:(
clit overstim/tied to the bed
hard dom jk/rough sex/jk fucks reader ‘inhumanly fast’...haha
passionate sex/lotus position
jk fucks reader gently and deeply™
ddlg/first time riding dom!jk/praise
blowjob while on the phone/punishment/degradration/jk meanie 
hard dom!jk/humiliation/subspace/big dick jk haha
reader does jk’s makeup as she rides his cock
daddy!jk/small reader/praise kink/size kink/wearing his baggy shirt
daddy!jk is handcuffed to the bed by babygirl  
dom!jk is jealous so he gives you hickeys
slapping/spitting in reader’s mouth/degradation/rough/choking
jk catches reader humping her pillow with his jumper on
punk jk fucks reader on her parents’ bed
crybaby™ jk and his love for eating pussy/spitting/descriptive
thigh riding/degradation/choking/spanking/hair pulling/whatever
overstimulation/reader tells jk to stop but he doesn’t listen
cockwarming/”move and i’ll take my fucking cock out of you”
punishing you in front of the members/degradation
dom jk fucks you mercilessly in front of a mirror/rough
having your first time with dom!jk
jk comes home to reader fucking herself/punishment/size kink/daddy
fucking you roughly while the members are around
dom jk/cocky jungkook energy/slow down by chase atlantic/descriptive
cockwarming :D
punishing you after you came without his permission
reader says she’s ‘too heavy’ but jk proves her wrong/against the wall
jungkook trying his spanking kink out on you
holding your thighs while he eats your cunt
dom!jk manhandles reader/virgin kink
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
crybaby™ jk/reader got her nipples pierced/descriptive
testing out his pain kink on you/face slapping/biting/choking
taehyung finding the wet squelching noises cute iykyk 
bad boy™ tae gives you hickeys in public/possessive tae
dom!tae/mutual masturbation/voyeurism
werewolf!tae asking you to run because you disobeyed him
lactation kink/slight mommy kink
pushing your head against a pillow bc you’re too loud
sweet hot tub sex
taehyung uses his ties to play with you
reader cheats on jk while fucking taehyung
mutual masturbation but ends up fucking anyway lol
ddlg taehyung/size kink
bad boy™ taehyung teachers reader how to blow
the start of bad boy™ tae x young reader ;)
movie date with a remote control vibrator/dirty talk
dom!tae/nipple play/hand kink
tae fucks you while you’re asleep/spooning
ddlg/tae is jealous of you spending your time with other guys
cockwarming while he’s gaming
soft dom!tae/praise kink
bratty reader/rough/pissed from all the dating rumors
tae makes you wear a ball gag
taehyung fucks you in a pool
getting heated with tae in the pool
ceo!taehyung/secret relationship/some spanking
fucking you sensually while Singularity plays in the background
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
bisexual reader/jimin gets jealous from you fangirling over a female idol
jimin getting on his knees/you’re standing during oral
dom!jimin corruption kink/condescension/jimin and his kendo agenda
jimin edges you with a bluetooth vibrator in public 
making fun of jimin’s small hands until he shuts you up 
cockwarming with jimin while he works out
jimin releasing his pent-up stress on you
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
softdom!jimin/swallowing his spit/praise kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
truth or dare/bts taunting jimin that he can’t make his gf cum
softdom!jimin/cocky/reader says he’s the biggest she’s ever had
softdom!jimin/readers sits on his lap and he bounces her up and down
dom!jimin/use of vibrator/edging/denial/squirting
jimin and his corruption kink/small!reader
jimin makes you sit on his face for being bratty
controlling your vibrating panties at dinner
hard dom!hobi/pissed off that you accidentally said his name instead of ‘daddy’ during sex
hobi getting annoyed that you keep moving during oral
werewolf hoseok in heat/mentions of impreg/slight blood mentions
tattooed hobi x curvy reader/praise kink/loving degradation
daddy hoseok/trying to get his attention while he’s on the phone
softdom!hobi/fucking you in front of the practice room’s mirror
masochistic hobi punishing reader
namjoon discovering your pinterest board full of kinky shit
wolf namjoon x bunny hybrid reader/bunny gets lost in the forest o_o
dom!namjoon uses a spreader bar on you/squirting/degradation
giving joon oral under the desk bc he’s stressed from working
dom!namjoon x sub!reader x dom!yoongi/spitting kink/spanking
daddy namjoon fucks you while you’re both high/marijuana intake
namjoon spits in your mouth/wall fucking
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
namjoon and creampie... yum
namjoon punishing reader/overstim/degradation
softdom!namjoon/size kink!!
daddy!joon babies reader to be intimate with him 
edging with joonie and his babygirl
sucking him off while he’s on vlive
servant namjoon x princess reader/bending her over the desk
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
butt play wohoo/no peneration/just thumb on butthole typa’ thing
PUBLIC. BUS. SEX./cockwarming & grinding/slight exhibitionism/honestly this is just so hot
distracted by his hands/fingering you against his piano/hand kink
sitting on yoongi’s face + overstim
pet play/kitten play with yoongi
innocent s/o never masturbated before/virgin reader/size kink
dom!yoongi x sub!reader x dom!namjoon/spitting kink/spanking
breeding kink/pregnancy kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
hard dom yoongi
hand kink omfg
dom!yoongi/bondage/using a dildo on you
yoongi shows off his tongue technology/cunnilingus 
reader wears vibrating panties in public
seokjin ruining your orgasm/putting the vibrator inside your panties
yoga with seokjin/ahh yes, the downward dog/cunnilingus
dom!seokjin fucking you in front of a mirror
ball worship!!
lactation kink with seokjin aaahhhh
teasing seokjin until he snaps/big cock seokjin agenda
dry humping/cumming in his pants
daddy seokjin takes care of you after weeks of not having sex
asking jin if he can choke you
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