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thinking of asking my doc/therapist for antidepressants, any advice/thoughts/info about them?

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why am I so fucking depressed over someone who was so fucking bad for me?

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when someone demands that u open up to them and trust them so u tell them things uve never told anyone else and in the end they still don’t like u and they say terrible mean things about you

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ever go through a life event and just know it’s gonna impact u for a long time to come? it’s like u get +10 psychological damage

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people do not exist to fulfill your needs and happiness. do not expect them to. do not treat them like they have to.

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all of the metaphors in ‘would that i’. his past relationships being trees he sheltered underneath. “that the sound of the saw must be known by the tree”. being hurt so badly and being afraid of loving again but finding a fire, his new lover, and how he’s no longer afraid of love and how his love for her burns the rest of the trees down. “oh but you’re good to me”

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my relationship with my friends is truly the real love of my life

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i shouldn’t have ever opened up to u, u never deserved it

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