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#yoosung kim

TW: Anxiety


Yoosung knew that you were rather nervous about other people and it wasn’t something that you had any control over at all. Anxiety isn’t something that he has dealt with on a personal level but he sort of understands what it can feel like when you explain it to him the first few times you open up. It wasn’t something you made a big deal out of, and he didn’t think much of it since you reassured him a few times. 

When the party rolls around, he knows that you’ve had enough because your voice starts to quiver and there’s a hint of tears when you’re talking. He takes you by your hands to a much quieter area so you can cool down. He keeps your eyes trained on him, reminding you to breathe and only focus on him. Nobody is looking at you, or judging you, he’s the only one looking at you and he loves you. 


Jaehee has always grit her teeth when she was dealing with something and got through it no matter what it made her feel like. That wasn’t always easy, but she got through it. She doesn’t exactly have an overwhelming amount of worry as you do, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t understand what you’re dealing with on a bad day. You’ve told her a few times that it is rather hard for you with larger crowds, and she makes a note of that. 

Jaehee knows that something is amiss during the party because your breathing gets uneven, and you hurriedly leave the area. She finds you with your hands buried in your face, trying to calm yourself. She frowns and gently shushes your tears while she sits down next to you and runs her fingers through your hair. She will stay with you until you feel okay. 


Now, Zen doesn’t really understand how people can feel overwhelmed all at once by others. He’s used to being around people and he almost certainly thrives on the energy that comes from being around people. So, when you let it be known that you sincerely struggle with worry and being around so many people all at once, it is something he takes very seriously, even if he doesn’t know how bad you have it. 

Zen gladly chats amicably with everyone during the party and he wishes that you can be by his side the entire time, he loves showing you off to everyone. But, he knows real fast that something isn’t right when the others aren’t sure where you went. He figures that something isn’t right, and he finds you with your nails dug into your forearms, trying to ground yourself. He replaces your hands with his own and holds you close. 


Jumin is no stranger to being at the head of a room with all eyes on him. He isn’t overwhelmed by it and he isn’t wary of that. However, he is aware that for some people that is not an easy feat. He gets it. When you tell him that it’s something that you struggle with, he doesn’t judge you for that. He knows that it is out of your control. You worried it would change how he thought of because he is out in the spotlight, but it doesn’t. He doesn’t care about that, he cares about you. 

It’s quite tell-tale to him when you get overwhelmed. He doesn’t even flinch when your voice cracks, after having come to see him after being on duty with Jaehee for a while. He gently wipes away your tears and takes you outside so you can cool down and get a breather. Jumin wants you to feel comfortable and safe, so, he’ll wait as long as you need him to. 


He’s learned how to stomach his fears as fast as he can. Seven sometimes does not like being where everyone can see him and yet, he bites his tongue and does what he has to do. For the most part, he has energy for days and is not bothered at all. When it comes to you, though, he knows that you have a lot of issues with that, too. He would gladly hold your hand and reassure you of any worries that you have. He won’t let you feel unsafe. 

You had plenty to do and so did he, but the instant that he could come and see you, he did. You were keeping it together, but even Seven could tell that you were on the brink of tears. He let Jaehee know that you needed a break and took you outside for a bit. Seven will gladly sit with you under the stars on the trunk of his car while he talks you through your fears. 

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so I have FEELINGS and rather than deal with them like an adult, I’m going to write about what my perfect MYSME route looks like. Major spoilers so it’ll all be under the cut.
I really just want everyone happy and healthy.

this was really really fun to write and I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on the perfect MYSME route since it’ll be different for everyone depending on what they want their MC doing. 

my MC is a caretaker/mom friend TM (like me) she likes to work but gets bored if she has to do the same thing everyday plus Jumin is my favorite so i chose to have her marry Jumin and use all the free time she has because she doesn’t need to work a job to take care of the RFA. 

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Yoosung has never been all that great at other languages. He slacked off in his own studies when it came to English, so he hardly ever got very far in what he should have been learning. There are times when he gets lost in translation in his own life, so honestly, he empathizes with you. He knows what it feels like to not what the heck a certain word is. He knows what it is in Korean but he does not know how to swap something over at all. 

He won’t tease you about it. Yoosung knows what you’re trying your best to speak a language that isn’t as familiar to you as his own. He’ll probably help you with pronunciation, or help you find another word that you can use so you don’t feel as frustrated! 


Jaehee never really had all that much trouble with other languages. School was pretty much a breeze but that doesn’t mean that she knows everything. She has a great head on her shoulders and knows how to work fast in what you could call a wild situation that she may not have all the details for to work with when she needs it. 

So, when you struggle to tell her something that you want to say, she knows right off the bat that you must be having a tough time locating a specific phrase. She would have already been trying to learn your native language, so she would try to pin down what you want to say and what could be used to make up for that. She is methodical, so expect her to help you with a lesson, no teasing. 


He wonders if you’re tongue-tied because he’s so handsome, and that might be what he asks you when you’re straining to say something that is on the tip of your tongue but it just keeps coming out a bit wrong. He isn’t all that versed in many other languages, but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t try to lend you a hand when you look so very frustrated. 

You can jot down what you’re trying to say once you vaguely know the meaning of the word, and he steadily nods his head, with a little “Oh!” He understands that you may not have the ability or the easiest time to say something with ease in Korean compared to your native tongue. You guys can work out a solid system where you can pop in a specific word that doesn’t translate well, and he’ll learn how to filter through what makes you feel at ease. 


He knows that you’re having a hard time when you purse your lips, huffing and puffing when you can’t quite say what you want to say. It’s obvious that you want to say something but something is amiss. 

Honestly, this man knows quite a few languages as he was classically trained from a young age, so it would be a surprise if he didn’t have at least some sort of knowledge about your language. Even if he wasn’t fluent, he would know quite a bit of it. He’s got a direct approach to things when you clearly stumble and have a hard time saying something, he’ll either ask you if you meant “x”, and then repeat that word for you to confirm it. Or, he’ll immediately start either getting you some classes to help your skills, or he’ll start taking them because he wants to be able to speak with you seamlessly. 


There’s no way to know for sure how many languages are bubbling inside of his brain and the world may never know. He keeps changing the number and the sheer amount that he does know. So, when you try to talk to him, honestly, you don’t have to worry about chatting in Korean if that isn’t your biggest strong suit. He will just swap to your own language and happily converse with you without any semblance of trouble. 

However, if you want to be able to speak with more ease, he’ll give you whatever hand you want. He had a time trying to process all of them on his own, so he learned a lot of tips and tricks to make certain sounds come out the way that they are supposed to without a lot of hassle. He’ll play tutor for you if that’s what you want. 


He and Jumin are sort of on the same wavelength, but Jihyun is nowhere near as active in using other languages as much. That doesn’t mean that he can’t empathize with your plight. He knows that when he was younger, he had a real-time of it trying to make the right enunciation with words and it just did not click for a long time. So, he really gets where you’re going from when you narrow your eyebrows and groan. 

His first thought is to help you say the word that you’re having a hard time with, slowly repeating it so you have something to work from. If it’s a really hard thing, he’ll point out a word that is close but sounds a bit different on your tongue so you have something to work without that doesn’t peeve you off so much. He, too, would help you learn how to communicate. 


Honestly, this man is a beast when it comes to learning something with speed, and never once does he complain about anything. He whisked his way through coding without a problem, and he would have no trouble learning your own native tongue one he got started. It would have happened well before he really knew you because he wanted to be able to talk to you and impress you when he felt you the first time. 

He understands that sometimes, things don’t always translate over very well and it can be really tough to make a noise that really… doesn’t exist in your own way of speaking. He would help you with that, but if it was really hard for you, he would gladly just swap to whatever you prefer to speak with. He wants you to be comfortable. He just wants you to be comfortable speaking with him. 

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I know this isn’t marvel and that’s what i mainly do on this account but i got inspiration from 2 songs and had to write this. Stuff might be off because I only know what I’ve read online cause I haven’t done every route and stuff might be ooc but oH WELL

These are the songs I was inspired by:

I used the song lyrics for the dialogue I’m sorry (I also changed some lyrics to better fit this)

I also feel the need to put a trigger warning because this is DARK AF AND THERE’S A LOT OF DEATH I’M SORRY

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this is so wholesome i couldn’t resist <3 I

  • “Zen, if you make one more joke about me being drunk I swear I–”
  • “What do you mean about getting drunk!? Young man, you’re supposed to be focused on your studies!”
  • Yooung later found out the incoming call that said “Zen” wasn’t Zen at all. When he came to complain to the chat, Saeyoung couldn’t stop laughing and called it the best prank of the year.
  • It happened a couple more times. After Yoosung did his best to recover all the numbers and rightful owners, Seven still managed to hack his phone and do it a couple more times, to the point where Yoosung would wait until the other person in the line talked before starting a conversation.
  • Once, he saw an unknown number calling him at 2 am. Worried it might be something important, he answered it. A robot-like voice announced him it was 2 am and he should get to bed because he had classes in the morning. Yoosung rolled his eyes and ended the call, knowing well aware who was behind the call.
  • It happened again the next day, only it was at 1 am. It even reminded him there was a test Yoosung had completely forgot. He thanked the voice on the other line and started to study. He ended up getting a pretty good grade.
  • It becomes an habit for Saeyoung to send reminders to Yoosung about his classes. He stopped messing with his contacts and instead even programmed the voice to call Yoosung to make sure he was drinking enough water or eating enough fruits. 
  • It even reminds Yoosung he should lay off the computer so his sight doesn’t get worse.
  • Yoosung /knows/ it’s Saeyoung, but he won’t talk to him about it. They haven’t discussed it in the chat, but he’s thankful he finds time to take care of him.
  • That what friends are for.
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RFA + Minor Trio with a Mc who got left behind when Saeyoung tried to rescue V

Hey! It’s no problem for me to work on all members, please don’t worry!
Thank you for loving and supporting my work! It means a lot to me!
I hope you can enjoy this story! Please tell me your opinion!



  • Nervously, the CEO-in-line waited for Seven to give him updates and to keep him informed on your well being.
  • He wanted you to stay safe and healthy.
  • Finally, the call came and Jumin didn’t wait a second to pick up the phone and to respond to his red-haired friend‘s call.
  • However, he shivered when he got the notice.
  • He couldn’t believe it.
  • ,,We… separated… something happened and I wasn’t in time…“ Seven said apologetic.
  • Jumin sighed into the phone.
  • ,,I can’t believe you,“ he laughed and cut the call.
  • ,,Mr Han…“ Jaehee tried to say but it was no help.
  • That night Jumin couldn’t sleep.
  • He was way too worried about you and could just hope that you would be safe until he could come personally and get you.


  • ,,Please… I will trust you, Luciel…“ Zen managed to mumble into the phone.
  • ,,I will save them both, don’t worry…“ the red-haired promised and cut the call.
  • Zen inhaled in and out again, trying to calm down his poor heart.
  • However, it was no use.
  • ,,I will just go to sleep… and when I wake up, she will be next to me,“ Zen nodded, sure about the outcome.
  • Zen let his body fall into the soft couch and put his arms up, closing his beautiful eyes and inhaling calmly.
  • ,,JIHYUN!“ a loud cry echoed in Zen‘s head as he turned around his head, unable to stop the nightmare.
  • ,,Mc-” a voice known to him gasped.
  • Zen saw a picture in front of him. Three men were holding down a beautiful woman while Jihyun tried to grasp the woman.
  • Failing, as Luciel looked back and pulled away from her.
  • And then he woke up.
  • Cold sweat was dripping down his forehead as he gasped for air.
  • And then the message came.
  • ,,We… I failed… I need more time to get her out of that place,“ he read out loud. 
  • ,,No…“ he croaked and turned off the phone after deleting the RFA App.
  • ,,N… o…“ he sobbed.


  • ,,Take me with you!“ he begged.
  • ,,I-I would if Jihyun would allow me to… he said clearly to not take you along…“ Luciel whispered, not understanding either why he couldn’t take along the blond-haired boy.
  • It would have been easier for him.
  • But Seven also knew that Jihyun had his reasons.
  • ,,I‘m sorry,“ Seven mumbled and went in his car, starting the motor while the blond-haired boy just watched him leave.
  • Yoosung still didn’t know that later in the afternoon, bad news would await him.
  • The group chat was filled with messages when he opened his phone, which he closed while he thought about other things.
  • ,,I’m sorry. Jihyun was too weak. I had to carry him and she… she helped us out, supporting us. One thing led to another and we lost her,“ Seven wrote word by word.
  • ,,You promised me!“ Yoosung complained, leaving the chatroom after adding that he can’t trust the RFA anymore.
  • ,,I don’t know where she is,“ Yoosung hissed at himself as he prepared his stuff ,,but I will find out,“ he sobbed sadly and messaged you.
  • ,,Tell your kidnapper, that I want to join him. I want to be part of you guys,“ he quickly messaged and prepared for a notice.


  • The young woman believed that she had a pretty solid poker face.
  • That she was able to hide her feelings well.
  • But just now, she noticed how wrong she was.
  • Sitting in a little hut, observing the blue-haired man who tried to breathe calmly.
  • He was sick. She could see, but she couldn’t stop her inner voice from blaming him.
  • She couldn’t shut up that little voice in her head, telling her that it was his fault, that it was because of him, that he was partly the reason for all of this.
  • And the fact that he still didn’t want to spill everything made her furious.
  • ,,Tell me the place,’’ she ordered.
  • Her eyes were as cold as ice as she demanded information.
  • ,,I can’t… tell you… put you in dan… ger,’’ Jihyun managed to answer.
  • However, for her it wasn’t enough.
  • If he didn’t want to help her, she would do it on her own.
  • And she promised herself that she wouldn’t fail.


  • He was so happy when he could finally meet you.
  • Hold you in his arms and promise you that everything would be alright.
  • However, as he supported his friend, he didn’t notice the complications and before he could act in any way you were left behind and imprisoned again.
  • Saeyoung wanted to leave everything and go back, take you and escape, but he knew perfectly well that they would come after Jihyun and that would make it very hard to act in the future.
  • Saeyoung tried his best to stay calm, even though he was almost breaking down.
  • And when he could secure his friend’s safety, he didn’t wait and instead came to take you.
  • He promised himself that he wouldn’t fail this time.


  • ,,Go, Seven, go and help V… it’s serious!“ you mumbled and pushed the red haired man forward.
  • ,,But-” he couldn’t add anything.
  • The guards were surrounding them and Jihyun began to pant louder.
  • The poison was getting very serious.
  • He had to act immediately.
  • ,,I-I will come for you, I promise!“ he promised and escaped, leaving you behind.
  • From the distance, you could hear Saeran‘s hysterical crying.
  • ,,SHE‘S GONE! THEY TOOK HER!“ he cried.
  • A cry that was painful for you to hear.
  • But you approached him and followed the loud screams.
  • The white haired man stopped immediately when he saw you, not believing that you were still there by his side.
  • ,,You…?“ he gasped.
  • ,,I didn’t leave. I stayed, Ray, I stayed for you,“ you giggled and hugged him strongly.


  • His sight was blurry and his body was aching.
  • He could never guess that Rika, his past lover, could do something so horrible.
  • All kinds of feelings were mixing in his heart as you and Saeyoung finally appeared.
  • He was ready to go.
  • However, there was something he had to do before he went away. He needed to take care of Rika.
  • Saeyoung, however, didn’t give him the chance to fight and instead it ended in a huge fiasco.
  • ,,YOU’RE NOT GOING TO LEAVE ME!“ Rika yelled, making Jihyun shiver.
  • Her high voice echoed in the room.
  • Jihyun couldn’t see that well, but what he saw was clear enough for him.
  • Rika took out a weapon and was ready to fight the two of you… you were ready to protect him.
  • ,,Mc…-”
  • ,,We, we will take her later, Jihyun…!“ Saeyoung sobbed, guilt overcame him as he left you behind, injured and in that cold place.
  • ,,Mc…-” Jihyun moaned in pain as Saeyoung was freaking out.
  • ,,Agent 707, we can’t go in there anymore…“ Vanderwood whispered while Jihyun was in the backseat, begging to go back.
  • ,,I… understand,“ Saeyoung creaked and drove off.
  • Jihyun knew that now he had one more mission. And this time, he wouldn’t fail.


  • The short chat he had with you through Agent 707’s phone was pretty funny.
  • He liked you a lot and knew that you were in an unknown place which made him feel insecure.
  • He wanted to protect you and know you better which was something he’d never experienced before.
  • The time finally came when he and his odd co-worker would finally take you out of that place, together with the leader.
  • It was a very chaotic mission and a mission which was only half-completed.
  • Saeyoung could help Jihyun move and Vanderwood just had time to grab your hand, but had to let go when you stumbled and fell.
  • ,,Go on without me!“ you cried as you hurt your ankle.
  • You would be unable to walk on your own, risking them falling behind because of you.
  • ,,I won’t leave!“ Vanderwood still managed to say before you were taken back.
  • ,,I DON‘T WANT YOU!“ the white haired boy yelled, hugged you, and pushed Vanderwood.
  • The guards managed to take him out where Saeyoung was waiting for him and Vanderwood.
  • The red haired just drove off, not noticing that you were still missing.
  • ,,IT‘S YOUR FAULT! BECAUSE OF YOU AN INNOCENT PERSON -” Vanderwood yelled at Jihyun, pushing the sick boy in his seat.
  • ,,NOW STOP IT! WE WILL GET HER BACK, SOMEHOW!“ Saeyoung tried to calm down the brown haired man…




30.05.2020// 23.45 MEST

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2/2) I am the grandma of the friend group, i know many weird home remedies, I love hard candy, I give good advice, I can sew, cook, I love books, and I’m always cold. I love both old music and new music. I have pretty bad insomnia, when I can’t sleep I will read or do yoga, or watch tv. I’m a hard worker, and stubborn. I can make friends with anyone. I’m caring and loyal to my friends. I love affection and playing with peoples hair. Im a bubbly girl, who loves affection.Thank you!

I match you with…


You’re the kind of person that doesn’t back down from a fight. It doesn’t matter what people think of you, or how they may think less of you, you jump to your feet and show them how it really is. Judging a book by is cover is the last thing that anyone should ever do and you know that well. You look out for others as you know what it feels like to be at the end of things that aren’t so great. You have a big heart and nobody will escape the level of advice and affection that you hold so strongly for those that you care about. 

Your heart leads you to itself and that’s why Yoosung is a good fit. He thinks of you with a smile on his face. You were always there for him when he was having a tough time, and why wouldn’t he find himself falling for you? You’re kind, you’re sweet and you don’t let anyone leave crying. He loves that about it, and it surely does not hurt that you’re smaller than him. He loves to wrap his arms around you. He won’t let go when he starts. 

Play with his hair, he melts, like the good boy that he is. You both share a lot of the same hobbies, so that means you get to spend a lot of time together working on what you want to do. He’ll show you something that he’s done and vice versa, and even if it’s a little messy, or if it’s perfect, he’ll still compliment the hell out of you. He loves you, he loves you so damn much.

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yoosung: i have a tiny turtle!

mc: his name is tiny tim!

yoosung: i put him in the water to see if he could swim!

mc: he drank up all the water!

yoosung: he ate up all the soap!


mc: o h .

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